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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    As far as my husband Marcus is concerned, the rent just seems to get paid. It's like magic, without him working and me having too, (Part time) Things just mysteriously get bought, whoosh there's the money! And we and our nine month old baby daughter, have a roof over our head. Marcus hasn't worked in over a year and this is genuine, he thinks "Normal" jobs are for idiots, fools and nobody's.
    So when our landlord Kevin called by early in February, for the two months arrears we owed him, Marcus did his usual thing, he disappeared to his mates house, to come up with some strange and miraculous plan, to get some money out of thin air.
    I on the other hand, had to face Kevin with our daughter, who'd luckily only just gone to sleep. I told him as he sat on our sofa oposite me, we didn't have the money. But I was working every hour I could to pay him. Unfortunately, he informed me politely as he could, we'd probably have to be evicted by the end of the month.
    I was desperate, and in a concerned worried state, I asked Kevin if there was any way I could pay him by maybe doing some kind of work for him. Kevins response was quick and to the point "We could work the rent out each month in kind, if you're up for it".
    Low paid people and desperate times, call for what I thought would be desperate measures. After agreeing with Kevin I could pay our way with my sex, I nervously stripped myself and then watched an athletically built fifty two year old man undress. I can tell you now, I was utterly astounded by Kevins awsome fully erect, ultra veiny thick cock.
    Over the next hour and a half I sucked greedily on kevins cock, all sense of any kind of guilt gone, the moment his cock entered my mouth. I had him lick and suck on my pussy and clit, until his expert attention to my sexual needs were met, making me cum in ever increasing intensity as our oral sexual time passed slowly and with unrivalled passion. And then I had the most wonderful sexual time of my life, as kevin showed me new ways to orgasm. From a man who really knew how to sensually make love to a woman, using his hard thick cock to penetrate my pussy and asshole. To a man who knows how to fuck one to hard dirty squirting cum drenched climaxes which seemed to never end.
    The bizzare thing is, I thought it couldn't ever get any better than that first time we spent together. I was totally and completely wrong. Kevin has each time we've made time to share ourselves with each other, shown me what an older more experienced man can do to pleasure a woman my age. He's got so much more patience and sexual knowhow, than Marcus. I'm even starting to think of ways of ending our relationship, as Marcus doesn't look as though he's even bothering to get employment, leaving me to put a roof over his head, even if it is by having an amazing time with kevin.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 31

    So the other day my wife and I were setting each other and she started sending me pictures of lesbians in pantyhose and threesomes of pantyhose. I never really thought about it but it all started turning me on. I asked her why all the pantyhose pictures and lesbian and threesome sex. She said do you remember when we went to that party a few weeks ago and I wore those sexy shiny pantyhose and you said how sexy I looked in them. I said I do, you looked hot! She said for some reason wearing them make me feel so sexy. She then said I have thought about having a threesome for about a year but didn't know how you would feel. As I'm reading this my dick was hard as a rock. I said so what you want to leave me for a woman? She said hell no, I love you more than anything and love our sex life and would never cheat on you but something about when we watch porn once in a while and seeing a woman eat pussy or get eaten while being fucked or sucking dick does something to me. She said wearing a sexy pair of hose and seeing a woman in shiny hose and heels is just so sexy. I told her if you really want to have a threesome I'm in, I just don't want to lose you. She said never.

    She started doing some research on pantyhose parties and we found one that they were having in Florida. We live in North Carolina so it seemed like a bit of a reach but I thought we could make it a three day weekend and we decided to go. We signed up for the party and away we went. We arrived at the hotel and had a few drinks and decided to get ready. I was dressed and ready and decided to go down to the bar for a drink. My wife came down about a half hour later wearing a white short slutty dress with a pair of the silkiest and shines those ever. She had on 4" fuck me heels and my heart about jumped out of my chest. I wanted to bend her over and feel her legs and fuck the shit out of her. I grabbed her ass and started kissing her and rubbing her legs and I was so hard I couldn't stand it. She kissed me back and grabbed my dick and then stopped me. She handed me a pill and said eat this because I want you hard all night. I didn't have problems getting hard but I also knew I didn't want to miss any of the action tonight. It was only about 7:00 and the party didn't start until 9:00 so we had a few more drinks and then headed off. When we got to the party there were sexy women in ahiny pantyhose everywhere. I was kinda of concerned going in that it would be a bunch of freaks and ugly ass people everywhere but it was quite the opposite. There were dr.s, lawyers, you name it. I have to say my wife was the finest one there though. We stood there talking to each other when a woman about 40 came up and said to my wife that you have the sexiest body and legs in here. You should be proud to have her the lady said to me. I said believe me I am and she's my best friend. They lady looked great, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had on a short black skirt that was skin tight with a great set of tits and shiny hoss that looked just like my wife's which she paid about $ 50.00 for. The last asked what brought us here. I said we were just curious and we both love pantyhose so thought why not. My wife was a bit more open and said, honestly he's right but I have been thinking about a threesome for sometime and thought this may be the place to find it. The lady said this really isn't a pick up place but I happen to be bi and both of you are very attractive. She said lets get to know each other and see what happens. I got us some drinks and we sat at the bar with my wife in the middle.

    I started feeling her legs and rubbing on her kissing her neck. The beautiful lady came and stood between us and kisses my wife and started rubbing my dick. She then kissed me and said maybe we should go. I had my hand in her crotch rubbing her pussy and I could feel the wetness through her pantyhose. We went back to our room and my wife and her started making out. I dropped my pants and started rubbing my dick. I have an average dick, nothing special but my wife likes it. The girl looked at it and said that's the perfect size. I sat on the bed while they kissed as she undressed my wife. She left in only her hose and heels. She the sat my wife on the bed and grabbed a pair of scissors cutting out the gusset of her hose. She laid my wife back and put her fingers in my wife and started fingering her and eating her pussy. My dick was so hard it hurt. She then started sucking my dick which I thought would piss my wife off but she was being fingered at the same time and seemed to enjoy watching her suck her man off. She was going back and forth between my dick and my wife's pussy. My wife said to her I need to taste your pussy. My wife told me to undress her so I did down to her hose and heels and my wife cut a small hole in her crotch. My wife started eating her pussy and told me me to put my dick in her! I sunk my dick into my wife's pussy and started fucking her while she ate our new friends pussy. Our new friend had her feet on my shoulders while I fucked my wife and my wife ate her. My wife's ass looked fantastic in her hose and our friends legs and feet looked so so sexy. I was feeling both of their legs which was driving me nuts. My wife told me to now fuck the girl while she sat in her face! I was pounding her wet pussy while she ate my wife out. My wife was kissing me during this and it was so fucking hot. They then went into the 69 position and I went back and forth between fucking them. My wife came and then our new friend came. They continued eating each other and cumming a few times each. I was now about to cum and wanted to cum on the girls face and have my wife lick it off. I told them to both go to their knees that I was gonna cum! I actually shot my load on both their faces and they locked and kissed it off each other. We went at it for the next couple hours then fell asleep. I woke up around 8:00 am to our new found friend eating my wife's pussy. I shoved my dick in my wife while she was being eaten and she had her biggest orgasm ever. I sucked their pantyhose feet and ate their pussies all morning. my wife and I got dressed and went to the beach. Before we left our new friend asked if we wanted to see her tonight. My wife said leave your number if you want but not tonight! It's all about my husband and I tonight. What a wife I have

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    My most embarrassing moment came one day when someone I thought was a friend hacked my computer. It was my fault really because I chose an obvious password and he guessed it. I was 15. A few weeks earlier I had gone into a video chat room for gay men and jerked off on my web cam while telling a couple of the guys how much I wanted them to come and fuck me. I told them I was hot for a gang bang and how I liked really big cocks and how I loved it when guys laughed at my tiny little clit dick. I got lots of laughter and jerked off and came. Well my so called friend found the file on my drive and I didn't even know it had recorded. Well he burned it to disc and distributed it to the entire school. He literally emailed a copy to every email address at school which meant every student and every teacher, even the principal got a copy. By 2nd period kids passing me in the hall were mocking me repeating the words I had spoken in the chat room. Every where I went in school there was ridicule and mocking awaiting me. By fifth period the principal had called me into the office. He told me he had been given a copy of the video and asked what I knew about it. I was too embarrassed to even answer. In fact I burst into tears. I thought he was going to expel me. Instead he got up and walked over to me and put his arms around me and told me not to cry. He calmed me down and told me that everything would be OK. He told me that when he was in high school a person he thought was a friend had outed him and that he had to change schools due to the unrelenting torment. He said that was an option and he could arrange it but asked if would be ok for him to try to fix the issue so I could remain in that high school.

    I was stunned. I had no idea the principal was gay too. His kind words made me feel a bit better but I was still humiliated. I sat there alone in his office while he left. He came back a while later with the IT teacher and my former friend. The principal had gotten the IT teacher to find out who sent the emails. I already knew who it was but they had evidence. Then my principal told my former friend they knew he was the one who sent the emails. Then the told him that if he did not want to go to prison for life and be on the sex offender list forever he would get up at an assembly in front of the entire student body and confess to creating the video with CGI and that the IT teacher would confirm that he indeed got the software by stealing it from the IT center. He then told him he would apologize to me in front of the entire class. Further, he would confess that he did it because he asked me out on a date and I turned him down. My former friend refused at first but then backed down and agreed to the terms.

    So the next morning at the beginning of school we were all called to an assembly. I sat in the audience between the IT teacher and the principal. The assistant principal and my home room teacher sat behind me. Both of them kept a hand on my shoulders reassuringly. Then the superintendent got up to the podium and announced that my former friend had an announcement he wanted to make. My friend dejectedly mounted the stage and confessed. He confessed to sending the emails. He confessed that he had created the video with cgi and he confessed that he had asked me out on a date and I rejected him and that was why he did it. He apologized to me and the entire school and begged for my forgiveness. He was then escorted off the stage and off school grounds. He was transferred to another high school. Meanwhile the principal got up to the podium and asked the student body to let me know how they felt about me. Almost everyone got up and gave me a standing ovation. The ridicule and mocking had ended. But then something strange happened. People started coming up to me telling me that if I was gay it was OK. They weren't being sarcastic. They really meant it. Then something even stranger happened. Several really cute boys approached me and told me they were gay and some asked me out on a date. Several gay boys offered their friendship and in the next few weeks several came out. Two gay boys on the football team came out and all but dared anyone to say anything about it. One appointed himself my part time body guard. Suddenly I had a lot of guys ask me out to school dances. The next school dance the principal came out to the entire school and announced that gay and lesbian couples would be welcome at ALL school functions and that discrimination and hate speech would not be tolerated.

    While I was slow dancing with my date at the school dance the quarterback on the Varsity football team asked to cut in. I was shocked. I thought he was dating the head cheerleader. He then told me that he was not gay but if he was he would want to date me and then he passed me back to my date. I was told by several players that night that they had my back. It was all I could do not to cry.

    Later I found out that the IT teacher was gay and that one of the janitors was also gay. I found I had a lot of friends I never knew I had.

    The IT teacher taught me how to protect myself on the internet and how to keep unwanted files off my drive. He didn't mention the file that got passed around but I knew he knew I really made that file accidentally and I really did and said those things in the video but he never said a thing. He merely taught me how to protect myself in the future. I was much more careful after that though I still visited that gay video chat room. Interestingly, after that, I often found my IT teacher, the principal and several gay students hang out there. But I avoided showing my face from then on.

    Two years later I had two dozen requests to take me to prom. I went with the boy I had been dating for a year. But I danced with a dozen boys at the prom. I even danced with the principal and his husband as well as the IT teacher. There were 160 couples and 12 were gay and 15 were lesbians and there were three "triples" as well. I was nominated for prom king but came in third which qualified me to be a member of the court. Among the prom decorations were several rainbow flags.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 37

    Frankly I don't know what section to put this in. There is sex, and I suppose to some it is bad sex, it is about authority, which I know to some is hard to accept.

    As a seven year old I heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. My mother told me it was a story told to little girls about going out alone, because if you were alone a man would steal you and have sex with you, and when you are little it is not good for a man to have sex with you, especially a man who hides in the woods. The wolf was supposed to be the man and the wolf stole Little Red Riding Hood and took her to his lair and had sex with her.

    I was not able to put away that thought, I started to play with myself and I was under ten when I would put my rear up in the air and pretend that the wolf was coming to have sex with me. I knew about my vagina and I found all sorts of things to insert in my vagina while I fantasized about the wolf. I was around twelve when I first came across my clitoris and would find the biggest thing in the house to insert in my vagina, get on my knees and bend forwards with my legs apart and masturbate my clitoris. I could reach orgasm, but if I had something big in my vagina I reached orgasm much quicker and much deeper. I would fall down on the bed and close my legs tight around the object in my vagina and sometimes it was 10 or 15 minutes before I gently took it out.

    Always, I went into the dream of the wolf getting on me and slobbering on my back while he inserted his wolf dick inside of me.

    I went to a friends 14th birthday party and she had a German Shepherd. I will call him Max, my fantasy name for him. He was big, really big and he looked like a wolf. I started to fantasize about Max. I would go over to her house and wrestle with him, I could put my arms around him and pull him close, I could feel his breath on me, I could get on his back and rub myself against him, and then I would go home and masturbate. When I did I could smell my friend's dog, and feel his fur against my back while I pretended that he was having sex with me.

    On one of my visits, we were watching tv and Max was on the floor and his penis came out. I asked my friend if that happened often, and she said sometimes, and sometimes he would lick his penis. So we watched him to see if he would lick his penis. He didn't, but I wanted to. We got down on the floor and my friend showed me that if you rubbed his sheath thing, and were gentle he would stick his penis out, so we played with his thing, laughing at his penis. My hand around his sheath gave me deep stimulation, feeling his penis inside as he let it out and then it would pull in, I did everything I could not to just lean over and put his penis in my mouth.

    That night I masturbated, I used my mother's rolling pin, which had a large handle and I could hold on to the roller part while I pretended that it was Max who was putting his penis inside of me.

    I kept up my masturbation habit, went to college and returned home. At 23 I had no boy friend, I didn't care for boyfriends, but my family was desperate for me to meet someone and I was introduced to a man who a young lawyer. He was 37. Not my type at all, he was not friendly and he and I came from different backgrounds, he was a real city boy and I was small town, shit kicker type of girl. But under pressure I dated him and we go married. I had two kids.

    Sex with him was boring, it was all about getting it over with, if it lasted two minutes it was because he had drank too much beer. Many times he didn't even take off my underwear, just pushed it aside did his sex and get out. I was frustrated, and about a year after my second child was born I started to masturbate again, I would take them to mother's day out and go home and masturbate. I had ordered some 'sexual aids', a penis shaped dildo about twice as big as my husband's penis, and a pair of nipple clips. I would put the nipple clips on, which hurt and burned, and then insert my fake penis and get on my knees leaning on my shoulders and with my rear up I would masturbate my clitoris with one hand and with the other I would fuck myself with my rubber penis.

    One day a friend of mine, who I had met a day care, was at my house and I asked her to help me straighten out my drawers. I had forgotten about my rubber penis, and in emptying out one of the drawers we found it. I had some explaining to do, and told her I did it with that penis because my husband had a little penis and I needed to feel something more. I went on to tell her about my fixation with the wolf, and Max, and how many times I fantasized about just being taken by Max.

    We got real descriptive in what I wanted from sex, how I wanted to be taken and just fucked. She was divorced and our kids were at day care, and she was holding my rubber penis and she said for me to get in position and she would use it on me and then I could use it on her. I said ok, and I got naked and got my nipple clips and put them on, and got into position and she started to really give it to me, she leaned over my back and breathed on my back, and growled, she stopped for a moment to take her shirt off and she rubbed her breasts against my back while she fucked me with my rubber penis. That is how my husband found us, me naked being fucked and she half naked fucking me.

    I was divorced, I lost my kids because he accused me of being a pervert and a lesbian, and I didn't have the money to defend myself and I had to move into an apartment, he kept the kids and the house and got a nanny. I had supervised visitation.

    I got a job as clerk in a car insurance agency, and met a woman who was around 40, she was latina, and we became friends. Through her I met her brother, he was around 45 and a mechanic. One Sunday afternoon I was over there and he told me to get him a beer and I told him to get it himself. The next thing I knew I was being taken to the bathroom by my ear and him calling me a puta gringa and in the bathroom he forced me on my knees and forced me to eat his cock. My husband was not an oral sex man, so I had never really done oral sex, and now I was being fucked in the mouth and my ear was being torn from my head. I went into an orgasm, I couldn't control it, he was more fucking my mouth than me giving him oral, and then he came, some in my mouth, some on my face and my hair. He called me a puta gringa and through me on the floor. I was still recovering from my orgasm, and it took me several long minutes to get cleaned up and go back out. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him and told his sister that I was a puta gringa and I liked dick.

    I had found my wolf, I became his she bitch, I have bruises on my breasts and my butt, I have orgasm after orgasm, I don't have to masturbate, his unshaved face and his hot breath on me drives me crazy, he has a big dark penis, he likes to mouth fuck me which gives me an orgasm every time, and I lay on my back and he fucks me twisting my nipples in his hands until I cry. My ex-husband uses my relationship with him as an excuse to keep my kids away, and I tell him to fuck off and tell him just how my wolf fucks me and how he was never able to give me an orgasm.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    Long haul trucker

    I'm one of those college grads who was a 3 time casualty of the down-turned economy. Fortunately we didn't have kids so when my last good paying job evaporated my wife looked for greener pastures, which was fine with me. My dad is a long haul trucker and has always made a very good living for the family. So, desperate for employment stability I took a Truck Driving Course and went to work for a local company with day runs. When an opening came with the company dad has been with for 30 years I went to work on modified long hauls (on the road 2 to 3 days at a time).
    One weekend dad and I were alone watching the game and sharing some brews. Dad had warned me about the hookers who worked the truck stops and told me to leave them alone as their pimp was always close by and too many truckers got "rolled" (robbed) and they knew would never report it because they were married and had someone in the company vehicles could cost them their jobs. He was right as I had been approached many times in the truck stops, in the truck and even waking through the parking lots.
    I am 6'3", 220#, good looking and told may times "not your run-of-the-mill" trucker so I seem to be a magnet for hookers and gay men too. I have been letting dudes blow me since I was in high school but that's no ones business but mine. I have never let a dude blow me in my rig but have been taken care in their vehicles and rest rooms and woods when it is safe. A few times I have wondered if dad let guys blow him since he is usually gone a week at a time. To my shock, dad who was buzzing, asked how I was handling the hookers. We talked about some events and then he said, have the gay guys hit on you? I didn't expect this and was speechless when dad said, I know they have. They hit on all truckers - including me. When your horny your better off getting head than taking risk with the hookers he said. I asked if that the voice of experience. Dad laughed and said, yes and you been driving too long not to have had your knob polished. Then he told me there was an opening coming for 4 to 6 day cross country long hauls if I was interested he would put in a good word, not to mention it was a lot more money.
    A few weeks later I am on my first long haul with as a co-driver who was a 65yo, fat, jerk; it worked okay even thought we had little in common. He was one of those holy-rollers, so the opportunity for action on the road was impossible. Then I got a new route with another driver who was black, 53yo, married, granddad who knew my dad. We were in the mid west when he got up from sleeping and came to sit beside me. He told me there was a stop about 1 1/2 hours west were he would like to stop - to eat, shower and get some head. I laughed. He said, time to get comfortable with each other; I know someone who will suck our cocks if your cool with a man? I said "hell yeah". he took out his phone and made a call.
    We had just finished a shower and meal when he got a call and we walked out and got into the van with a nice looking man in his 30's. He drove 2 exits to an house where we went in and stripped naked. I'm only 7 inches but I am beer can thick but my black bud is 9 1/2 and thick. We were sitting naked on the sofa beside each other and this good looking man was on his knees between us going from one cock to the other. I was so turned on and man did I want to try some of the black meat but was hesitant. The man took us to a bedroom where we laid beside each other on a California King bed as the man took turns on our cocks some more. Then he got up and came back with two condoms and some lotion. He lubed his ass as I put on my condom and, facing me, he sit down on my dick. My friend stood over me and fucked the guys face as he rode my cock. Then we swapped positions, but I had to get a close look at that black cock in that white ass and it was sooooo hot. For 30 minutes we took turns on this guys ass in every imaginable position and we cum on his face for the finale.
    We had just started back onto the interstate when he was talking about how much he loved 3 ways; especially with all men and how he enjoyed seeing my thick dick in that ass. I shared the same sentiment and he told me we would stop again if the guy was not working. We began to share experiences and he told me about a guy in LA who likes to have you piss in his ass and he would work it out for us if I would be interested - and I was. He was unable to coordinate us on that trip but it did happen a month later; we pissed in the guys ass after we fucked him.
    There were trips we had sex with guys several different times a trip and times it would be several trips we never had any action.
    A few weeks later we were with a guy in his early 20's who was a power bottom and worked his ass muscle like nothing I have never fucked. We were in a motel room and that guy was riding my magic pony and talking some real nasty stuff and my bud was standing beside us with drool hanging off his cock like sap from a tree. I knew he was turned on and I wanted so bad to suck it in my mouth, but didn't. The kid riding my cock facing me with his little 6 incher hard a steel, bouncing up and down and drool began to drip on my abdomen. The kid reached up pulling my bud to his mouth and they were lipped locked, and I was about to blow. Then I saw the kid guide my buds hand to his cock and he began to milk that lily white dick with his big black hand. I called his name and told him to suck that kids cock and his mouth was on that cock before I got the words out of my mouth. I reached and touched his black snake for the first time. The kid started to cum and he pulled off and he shot all over my chest. His ass muscle clamped on my cock like a vice grip as I pulled that black cock to my mouth and he white washed my tonsils.
    There's nothing more erotic than a small, good looking, white guy, in his early 20's, with a black man and white man both old enough to be his daddy taking turns on his ass and mouth. Every time that kid rides up on either of our cocks his tightens his ass muscles milking us better than any pussy or ass I ever had. I have had that fine black snake in my ass and had my beer can in his, and it is always HOT. We have shared pussy and lots of dick and dude ass but never one the road without sharing each others dick.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Well I'm 25 and married have been for a few years. Well I had to work this Sunday which sucks. I work retail. We are always slow on Sunday's so to pass the time I text a guy I have hooked up with a couple times in the past. He stopped by and we went to the backroom. I sat him in the chair back there and started sucking. 3 different times I had to stop to go up and help customers after having a dick in my mouth 10 seconds prior. Because we got interrupted so many times it took about 30 minutes, he'd get close then customer so then I go back to square one. Well I finally got him to cum. First time anyone has ever cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all. A minute after we finished I get another customer. I wonder if he could smell the cum on my breath?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    White male, 33. I have a black shemale dominatrix. It is so totally awesome. I also crossdress, and my domme loves feminizing me. She has a hot 8" cock [almost twice mine!] and my job is to suck it and swallow every sweet drop. My reward for being a good sissy sub is licking her size 12 feet clean!! I also keep her apartment clean and am used as a footrest. She has started really slutting me up every time we are together and sometimes brings me to S&M clubs, in drag, cuffed, gagged, and on a leash. I have sucked her cock in front of a few dozen people in the club, which is so intensely humiliating. She also makes me stand for the entire time we're there, in 5+ inch heels, which is total, but erotic torture.

    She has also brought in a guy friend to watch her dominate and humiliate me. About 3 months ago, she tied me up and made me suck his cock and now it is a regular thing. She also gives him foot-jobs, and after he comes on her feet, I lick it all up. She only lets me come once a month, and its a foot job, and I lick my mess from her feet. One time, she tied her guy friend to the rack, naked and gagged, with weights hanging from his balls. She cuffed my hands behind me, and linked a 12 inch chain to my ankle cuffs, so I could take only small steps. She put my cock in a chastity device. She then went out. Me and the guy were helpless, but at least I could mince around, but my cock was really uncomfortable. And I wasnt gagged. I could see he hated being tied to the rack with weights on his balls. Since I was dressed and made up hooker slutty, I stood near him and posed, like a little bitch. He made muffled noise thru the gag. I felt bad for him, and did something I never thought I'd do voluntarily. I knelt before him and licked the tip of his cock. He went erect in a shot, so I kept licking the tip, and he was grunting thru the gag. So I sucked it like a good little slut. I even licked his trapped balls. He was going wild cos I stopped sucking without letting him come. I didnt know how close he was when I sucked it again, cos he came in my mouth and on my face. Eventually, my domme came back, and saw his jizz all over my face, and she knew. She ordered me to suck him off again, and swallow all of it. His last load was still on my face! After a while, I got tied to another rack, bent over, gagged. Both of them took turns fucking me. What a night. And she didnt remove my chastity device for a week! She is a total drug for me. I need whatever she dishes out. Plus, she's 5'10" and 160 lbs, and I barely 5'4" and 115, so she can overpower me easily. She is having a bid News Party for her friends in the scene, and I cant wait cos I'm going to be the waitress. She's thinking of having me wear just a bra, a thong and spike heels. I adore her.!!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    For all of my resolute promisses to myself, I wouldn't do it again now that I was married. I found myself in work and alone with a young guy who pretty much begged me to fuck him. I'd stayed back late to fix one of main machines which needed my immediate attention. Luke is a nineteen year old kid who just so happens to know one of the last young men I fucked before I got married. I had no idea he worked for the company I work for, as he works the late shift and in the offices.
    He found me working on the machinery and asked me if I was My ?. I told him I was and then he asked me straight out if I knew Gavin, a twenty three year old guy who used to go to a particular college. When I asked him why, he said "Because Gavin says you've got a big cock and you love fucking young guys with it". I knew Gavin, I knew he would likely tell people about us, as he loved to retell me after we'd fucked, what he liked us doing and what he'd like us to do next time we had sex. Even so, I tried to tell Luke I was married, but before I could the statement out, he'd dropped his trousers and was showing me his cute tight looking white butt.
    Luke is no more than five feet six inches tall, slim and very good looking. He's also a anal cock slut as I found out. Leaning against the machine I wass upposed to be fixing, luke looked round at me and told me "It's all yours". When i didn't move he said "Please Mr ? I need to be fucked". My cock was solid by then and bursting for release. I tried to look away, I tried not to give in to my promise, but his butt looked awsome and I was horny as hell.
    I didn't put a condom on (Didn't have any anyway) I didn't get Luke to suck my cock, although he wanted to. I feared someone would disturb us, so I spat on my cock and onto his asshole, put my bulbous cock head to his rear hole and thrust in.
    I buried all nine and half inches of my fat cock up his shit box in two long thrusts, and boy did Luke love it. I wasn't the first guy to have entered his fuck tube and I won't be the last. But at that time next to that piece of machinery, that nineteen year old kids asshole was all mine. There was no "getting used to my size" or "being gentle with his rear hole". He wanted it, I was fucking horny and for the next five to ten minutes in that one position, I fucked Lukes asshole deep and hard.
    He was moaning so loud, I had to reach forwards and cup my large oiley hand over his mouth. His tiffled grunts and the fact i was bending over him, pounding his asshole, started to bring me to orgasm. Before I could, Luke bit into my fingers, moaned a loud gutteral grunt and ejaculated all over the machinery's switches. Not one to be outdone, I gripped his hair, pulled his head back and pounded into him until my cum erupted up his well fucked ass.
    I let go of Luke and expected him to drop, but he didn't. Luke spun around, took hold of my softening cock and slipped it into his mouth. No one had ever sucked me after I'd fucked them, so it was a new experience for me. As was finger fucking my cum out of his asshole as we kissed, just before he left me to carry out the maintenance on the machinery.
    The next day, one of the operators asked me if I'd used some kind of lubricant on the switches. I'd forgotten all about Luke cumming on them and that's what the operator had found.
    Myself and Luke have an understanding now. I will fuck him, but it has to in work hours and it has to be on our breaks, which we sort out to the minute. We are going to meet outside of work, but only when my wife starts her new job and I get time to meet him, at his and his friends apartment.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    i m a 22 years old i m looking for a gir who have a big chut and tight boobs so please help me out my range is from 10 70 do it fast if u can

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 21

    When I was about 12 I found my mom's sex toys. At first I thought, 'How the hell can she get those in there?' looking at a nine inch dildo. There were two others one about seven inches and one inch in diameter and the other an even balance between the two. Out of curiosity I grabbed the smallest one when no one was home and ran to my bedroom. I wanted to try it just for fun, but I also didn't want to break my hymen with a dildo. Soooo I put it very gently up my ass. I had masturbated about once by then, but after I was able to bury the small one to the hilt I touched myself whenever I had something in my ass. I worked my way up over the next few months to the bigger ones until at age 14 I was able to suck the nine inch one into my throat and put it straight up past the popping point and wiggle it around at the base.

    At that point I actually discovered that I could climax without even touching my vagina as long as the dildo was deep and wide enough. Unfortunately nine inches in length and one and a half in diameter became not enough. One day my nail polish remover ran out and I was about to throw it away when i realized that it was ten inches long and two and a half inches thick. I stared at if for a moment drooling. Later when I had the chance I walked to the pharmacy and bought a large pack of magnum condoms. I was a little paranoid because it was a bottle of burning substance and the cap was ragged and I didn't really feel like cutting or burning my insides. When I tried it for the first time I was way to fast and ended up crying on my bathroom floor for ten minutes.

    After the pain finally went away I was about to give up, but I decided to go for it again only MUCH slower. After trial and error I was able to get the top in. After that the rest was the same width it was really just getting the length in which eventually I did. I had to lube that thing like crazy and don't even get me started on how hard it was compared to a soft dildo.

    For a few years or so I would start by working my way up to the nail polish remover bottle and that seemed to to the trick. I would come so hard that I drooled and I'm a natural screamer so I had to make sure either no one was home or that I was quiet. When I was about 17 I was washing my face and my face soap bottle ran out. I had a moment of deja vu and held it unsurely in my hand. That night I warmed up to the nail polish remover bottle still a little scared. The face soap bottle was shorter in length, but about three and a half inches in diameter. That bottle terrified at first. I condoned it and lubed it before popped past the cap and slowly stretching my outer rim. I had to stop and let my body adjust about a hundred times before I was finally wrapped around it. It was SO wide I couldn't breathe, my spine had chills, I was sweating, and I think at one point my vision tunneled. Since it was shorter-only about six inches really-I was able to bury the whole thing up my ass and have my sphincter close around it! Unfortunately the first time I did this it came out with blood. Not dripping, but enough to make me paranoid. I had to stop for about a week before I went and did it again. It was a lot easier the second third and fourth times. I was actually able to do it easily. I never got to a point where I didn't have to warm up, but I could do it without ever bleeding again.

    Once-or a few times honestly-I buried the empty face soap bottle up my ass as dryly as I could without hurting myself, closed my sphincter, got dressed and held it in there for a but while living my life. The first time I just did it right before dinner smirking the whole time. My mom kept asking me what was so funny, but I would just say that I was remembering something funny. I'm very easily amused to it wasn't unbelievable. After dinner I took it out, but a few months later I had it in all day Saturday and a while later all day at school! The whole day ones taught me how exhausting it is to be clenching your rectum all day. After doing it about ten times I trained my Kegels to just hold things tight and neat. I have issues.

    As a side note I should tell you that I was very adamant about my anal and colonic health. I actually used my mom's benefiber more than she did and I even ate less greasy just to make it cleaner. Can't do enema's all the time.

    When I turned 18 my mom asked me why I never got sexual with my boyfriends. I'd had a few and one of which i got really close to having sex with, but when I asked if he would try my ass first he decided against it. Turns out the one guy I ask to fuck me in the ass turned out to be a die hard conservative. Luckily for me after we broke up he was too embarrassed to tell anyone.

    I got a part time job while I was finishing up high school and when I had money I also had an idea. I went onto SexToy.**m and looked for something interesting. I saw some fun things and got one called Three bangs for your butt. It was four inches wide and eleven inches long, but since it was pliable and soft it was easier to master.

    I decided to not waste money and just to the get one more. The biggest anal toy on the site. One foot long and five inches thick. After much time and patience I got it all the way in.

    When I stopped being concerned with width because . . . seriously the average penis length was the width in my ass. I laughed so hard when I realized that; anyway I started working on length. I started with a liter sized smart water bottle. I've spend so much money on magnum XL sized condoms. length was easier than width, but somehow stranger. Meaning that the bottle was eighteen inches long and when I stretched my sigmoid colon the strangest thing happened. I got to the base of the bottle and wiggled it a bit. I felt it in my gut. I looked down and saw it inside my abdominal area like an alien. At first it creeped my out, but then I wanted to feel it under my ribcage. Issues remember.

    I did some research in porn sites to see if anyone had gone that far and found a video of a star named HotKinkyJo who made me look like an amateur when it came to length. With that level of help I actually did it (avoiding internal organs.

    The funny thing is all the Kegel exercises and eating right kept me in relatively good shape. I'm not super toned, but I have nice abs and butt . . . obviously.

    The thing is now I'm all out of goals, so sometimes I wait a work or so for my ass to close a bit before I start again. For some reason the rectum closed back up if neglected.

    Eventually I found man who after several months was perfectly fine with starting with my butt. He-my nameless husband-was the man who broke my vaginal virginity. For a LONG time I was addicted to sex. I would transfer him between my vagina and ass. Sometimes I'll bury a toy in my butt while he's plowing my vagina like a field. THAT circumstance is the hardest I've ever climaxed.

    Anysway, I really just wanted to tell someone this who wasn't my husband, so yeah that's a brief story of my psychotic anal fetish.

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