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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 26

    There's a plump woman, you know, big boobs, ass and belly at my church.

    I first went to her place to cut her grass when she asked me about 2 years ago.
    She started out cooking for me and making me cookies to take home. Eventually, she asked me one day what else she could do for me. I told her I need nothing and she said every man needs something. I told her yes you are right but I think we are talking about different things. She then said that I was the only person in the church that had every helped her and she would do anything I wanted her to do. She looked me deeply in the eyes. I told her be careful what you ask for. She smiled and once again said she will do anything I want her to do. I knew what that meant.

    I went inside her kitchen, I remember it well. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled me dick out. I slapped her face gently with him dick and told her to suck it. She got up, came over and put the pillow that was in her chair on the floor and got on her knees and started sucking.
    Boy she changed my life. I have only had one blow job better than this one.

    I started fucking her one week later. I bent her over her kitchen table. It was so funny I started pounding her and she told me she was old and I could break something. She now sits me in a chair and plays with my dick in her mouth instead. It has been great.

    Since then we are doing this regularly. She became so fond of it that oral is all we I ask for. She told her sister about it and I guess her sister is jealous.

    Don't knock it until to try it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I guess I always had a sort of goody-two-shoes quality but I used to be really naive when I was younger. To illustrate I once went out on the ocean with a guy 35 years my senior. He was like 50 or 51, tall, but pretty thin, though I would not say he was necessarily fit. I lived less than a mile from the beach and harbor so it was pretty common for me to head down there for a couple of hours. I mention that because when he offered to take me out that was my rationalizing for doing it. But at the time I thought it was just a boat trip. Like maybe an hour, hour and a half around the area and weâd be back.

    It was about twenty minutes and I could not see the shore or any other boats. He dropped anchor and asked if I wanted to take a swim. I was nervous and told him no and he said he was going below deck. We went down into the little cabin and I sat on the sofa type thing. He was smoking a joint and asked if I wanted some. I told him I had never tried so he did this thing where he inhaled, then held my head and got close like he was going to kiss me and blew the smoke in my mouth while I inhaled. He did it a second time only this time after he blew the smoke he covered my mouth with his and then gently bit my lower lip. I started to cough and he laughed and asked if I was feeling it. I was. And it felt good. I was kind of tingling all over.

    His arm was across me and gently caressing my side by my boob. He commented how pretty I was and how well I filled out my bikini. I was a C cup at the time. He kissed me, his hand moved up to hold the back of my head. I did not know what to do so I went with it. He told me how turned on I made him and how he wanted me to help. I asked what I could do and he stood in front of me and took his penis out. To describe it it was long enough that it flopped out when he pulled it out, he was uncircumcised, and the head of it was big. I did not know what to expect so when it flopped out I accidentally said oh my god. He told me to stroke it and I did. He felt me up a few times, moaning and telling me how great my body was but mostly stood in front of me as I sat on the sofa, one hand holding him at the base, the other stroking towards me. It did not take long for it to glisten and get sticky with pre-cum, which not knowing what it was I rubbed it over his penis and he seemed to enjoy it. Eventually he made these really loud groans and arched his back and these long strands of cum shot out, covering my chest and bikini top.

    He had his hand on the side of my face and I had let go of his penis. He was half-mast but had this long string of cum kind of hanging off it and connecting to the mess on my chest. Then he pulled my head towards his penis. I didnât know what he was doing so tried to pull back but he told me I needed to clean him up and he grabbed the base of his penis with the other hand and like fed me his cock. It is the only way to describe it. I instantly tasted the salty and bitterness of his ejaculate as it passed over my tongue. He held my head in place as he sat down and made me continue until he was hard again. I continued to give him head as best I could until he got to another orgasm. The large head of his cock was in my mouth and I slowly stroked him until he started shooting. I let it gather in my mouth while he came before I swallowed it because I did not think to swallow as he came so I swallowed a whole mess of it.

    Afterwards he told me he never came that hard before and now his balls were sore. I used one of his towels to clean up with and then he told me to strip. I was like what and he said he had to see all of me before we headed back. I did so. He approached me. I was really nervous. He felt my tits and squeezed my ass. Then he took his middle finger and inserted it in me. I went up on my tiptoes. It was the first time someone else did that and his fingers were a little thick. I gave a little squeak. He smiled and said if that made me squeal imagine his cock. I told him next time. Then I got dressed and we headed back because he had to get home to his wife.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I confess I keep my small cock locked in an amazing chastity cock cage, the amazing feeling of my large balls pushed up by the ring is like having a hand massage me all the time, my pre-cum flows sometimes and I will take the cage off when I know there lots of cum inside ,and I can feel it going down my leg,
    I slurp the cum into my mouth, ummm taste so good!!! I confess I want someone to catch me in my cage, I want them to make me a bi sub, I want to taste a dominant manâs cock, taste his cum load and become so submissive that I let him piss in my mouth any time he wants and swallow it all, total sub

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 41

    I know that there are a lot of girls out there who have bladder problems. Who have to pee every five seconds or wear pullups/diapers to bed.

    They are still single (for the most part) because they are too embarrassed by their little problems. And itâs so sad.

    I am a very sweet and caring guy who would love to help you go potty because you going alone is too scary for you. You need to have company.

    Maybe your dad or mom dressed you or changed you but now it is hard to do it alone and it is tough being a grown up and you wish you had someone to do everything for you so you could be the happy little girl you have always wanted and deserved to be.

    I am that guy! I want to dress you, change you, help you go potty, cuddle and help comfort/soothe you when you get upset. To carry around spare princess panties/clothes in case you have an accident. Or even wipes and pullups or maxi pads because you HATE and never want to use a tampon (or because youâre just too tiny) to be able to use one.

    I will never yell or get mad at you for accidentally wetting and will hug and wake up any time of night so you donât have to spend it in wet panties or pullups.

    I will change you anytime you need regularly for that time of the month and will keep you completely hairless as all girls should be.

    I will take you shopping and help change/try on clothes with you/for you.

    I love under developed girls (smaller) and who love NOT dressing slutty â- cute â- is so much more of a turn on.

    Wearing cotton character panties, tights, leotards, dresses, pullups, nighties etc.

    Yes I am a Daddy Dom. And I hope you either loved or wanted to love so badly, ballet and gymnastics or cheerleading.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 26

    Last summer i went to spa resort for a weekend.

    In the bar i met a woman (39 years). She was married and had 3 kids. We talked till late evening. She told me, that she was alone. She enjoyed spending some time away from the family. We also had a few drinks.

    After some time she wanted me to see her to her room. I complied.

    When we got there, she asked me, what i wanted. And i told her.

    We had sex that evening. I gave her everything, and she took all of it. It was hot, steamy and sexy as all hell.

    Our affair continued throughout the weekend. We shared drinks in the roman bath, had long walks by the beach and in the woods. We even had sex in the gardens, hidden in the bushes. She was always playfull and teasing.

    By the end of sunday we parted ways, and that was it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35


    This Puerto Rico town was locked down since last week and from day before yesterday a curfew was imposed. My 18 yo old maid could not leave my apartment to her home 8 miles away as no transport was running and so, I asked her to stay back till things get normal. I was fond of her and she took good care of me. In fact, I liked her developing body since she joined her job about 6 months back. I provided her new dresses, lingerie and cosmetics from time to time.

    After supper in the evening we had literally nothing to do but watching TV. During lockdown, she would come to my room before retiring to her room to inquire whether I needed anything. Last Saturday night I was watching a porn movie on TV. I was too engrossed stroking my erect cock to masturbate to notice that she was at the door and trying to say something. Turning my head back I was a little bit embarrassed. But that was too late. I asked her to join me watching the movie. In a short while I noticed her hand under her skirt. The movie ended at about 11 and she returned to her room.

    The following night she was working in a more or less unmindful state. However, at night she asked whether she could watch movie with me before retiring to her room. Of course, I said. This time it was a porn between older man and younger girls of her age. All of a sudden she commented: âmy body is better than herâ!! The movie was over in a short while, the old man moved on his back and the girl was panting after heavy climaxing. Her comment startled me and could guess what she had meantâ¦.

    I took her hand and told her to get undressed in the bathroom but to leave her panties on. I could hardly stand the suspense, waiting to see her naked body. She came out of the bathroom and stood next to where I was lying on the bed. I gasped as I saw her perfect figure. She had a pair of B-cup boobs with darkened small areolas and beaded dark nipples. The bikini-cut panties hugged her hips, and I could see a perfect cameltoe in her vulva nestled in the gap between the slender thighs.

    âOMG! I didn't know what was under your regular working dress, but I now you've got a gorgeous body.' I responded. She blushed a little and said, 'Thanks, Mister.'

    Still lying on bed, I pulled the covers back to reveal my nakedness to her. She in turn gasped as she saw my erection. I invited her to lay down beside me, and I put my arm around her. With her head in the crook of my shoulder we kissed. As I opened my mouth to admit her tongue, I felt her hand grasp the shaft of my cock.

    I couldn't wait any longer, I cupped her breast and, my thumb caressed her areola, feeling its puffiness. A shiver of excitement ran through her body and I saw her small tits, sexy, swollen, dark-brown mound topped by small nips. As I slid my hand down across her flat, taut tummy and inside the waistband of her panties and cupped her plump pussy against her clasping thighs, I moaned in appreciation. I pressed my middle finger into the tight furrow formed by fleshy labia, feeling her wetness.

    The tip of my finger found the very hot, very wet opening of her vagina causing more moans and a tightening of her grip on my shaft. She gasped as I pushed my finger inside her up to the second knuckle. I was sure she had never had her g-spot massaged. I curled my finger and began rubbing the inside of her vagina. Her body began to tremble and jerk. This went on for a few minutes, and I sensed that she was almost to reach orgasmâ¦â¦.

    I removed my hand from inside her panties and got up. Hooking my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, I drew them down. She lifted her buttock, allowing me to remove them fully. My face was inches away from her gorgeous pussy with sparse hairs on her mons and the folds of her inner labia showing through her tight slit. Her mixed Afro-indian-white skin color added new luster in her tout pussy, It was all different from a white pussy which I now considered similar to stale piece of pinkish steak!

    As I pushed my tongue in between her plump labia and tasted her juices, I became a little light headed. I finally coaxed her clit out of its hood and began to suck it and flick it with the tip of my tongue. At the same time, I curled my finger inside her vagina and massaged her g-spot. The combination of the two was having its desired effect. She began to tremble, and her whole body seemed to come alive as she slowly started to reach her expected orgasm. Her body shuddered as her abdomen started to quiver in waves, and she clenched hard my head with my final quick flicking of my tongue on the engorged clit.

    "Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God Ummmmmmmm!" she cried as she dropped into the seemingly endless abyss of her orgasms. Her thighs snapped shut on my head, and she had her hands on the back of my head as she pushed her crotch into my face grinding her clit into my mouth. It was if she was having an epileptic fit, she was shaking so much. This went on for two long minutes until she began to calm; her body became limp, and her legs and arms fell to her sides. Small jerks and tics like mini aftershocks came and went.

    She finally opened her eyes, looked at me and burst into tears. I moved up beside her and put my arm around her and pulled on to my chest. Her tears fell off her cheeks onto my chest as she hugged me. She finally stopped crying and looked up and me and smiled. We lay there entwined for 15 minutes or so. She finally realized I was still hard as a rock and had not climaxed. She moved down and took the shaft of my cock in her hand.

    She put the head of my cock in her mouth and began to suck it and swirl her tongue around its tip. At the same time, she stroked the shaft. I've never done this before, so tell me if I'm not doing it right," she said. It was OK I only could whisper!!

    After five minutes of fellating me, I had to stop her because I was about to cum. I said, "I want my cock inside your pussy."

    I got back between her legs and swiped the head of my cock up and down her red, engorged cleft, juices oozing her plump pussy. After positioning its bulbous, purple head at her entrance, I pushed. As I kept up the pressure, I could feel the tight ring of skin slowly dilate, and with a small whimper, I entered her tight, hot pussy - slowly. It felt so good so good, I love how tight but soft and smooth she was! I should have fucked her earlier.

    I pushed some more, and in one continuous stroke, I buried all of my cock inside her. I put her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck, and she pulled me down on top of her almost squashing her firm breasts against my chest. I was so aroused at bringing her to first orgasm that I knew it would not take long for me to cum.

    "Are you on the pill or anything?" I asked not wanting to get her pregnant. "No, I'm not, and I got lucky with my boyfriend who gave me pills." I went back to thrusting in and out of her tight, wet pussy. A few minutes later, I felt my orgasm closing in, so I pushed in hard and released all thick rope of white viscous liquid in gushes deep into her c**t. I was breathing heavily as I collapsed upon her, empty but happy and contented.

    She got off the bed and went to my bathroom and cleaned up. A few minutes later she got back into bed, pulled the covers over us and snuggled up to my side. We dozed off for a couple of hours and made love again. Finally, at two o'clock in the morning, after I had spurted a small amount of semen into her mouth, we both fell into a deep and satisfying slumber.

    Puerto Rice is now under lock down due to coronavirus pandemic and curfew has been clamped during the night. My sweet maid is being completely interned in my apartment and there is no bar to our having unlimited fun. From yesterday we have decided to roam indoor completely in nude!!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I never really thought of myself as gay or even bi up until 2 days ago. We all have gay fantasies at times but I never thought Iâd actually swing that way. About a week ago me and my buddy who is my roommate weâre forced into quarantine due to exposure to covid 19. The lack of women and sex has clearly caused some kind of horny outburst because 2 days ago after a couple of beers I found myself riding my friends cock reverse cowgirl while he grabbed and smacked my ass. It was honestly amazing and he got me to cum 2 times without even touching my own dick. He fucked me for 30 minutes and neither of us were that drunk. We tried a ton of positions the more I got into it. I honestly loved missionary with my legs over his shoulders it made me feel so dirty. I guess Iâll update with any progression but I can confidently say Iâll be riding his dick many more times in the weeks to come

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    Two years ago, my niece and her three sorority sisters needed a ride from their college to an out of state event (I can't remember exactly what the event was). I was asked to drive them as I was going to that city anyway on business with my passenger van and I agreed. My niece always was a pretty girl, but at this point in her life, I observed that she had blossomed into a beautiful sexy young woman of 20. When I visited her family as she was developing, I think she noticed me checking her out an awful lot.

    Her three friends were pretty, but the one that got my attention was the nerdy looking one. The others, imcluding my niece, were outgoing, but she was quiet, shy and reserved. I found myself glancing and smiling at her repeatedly through the rear view mirror, with her smiling back at me. My niece seemed to notice this, giving me a strange look, so I tried not to overdo it.

    As the drive was about 500 miles, we stopped along the way at a hotel for the night. I got two adjoining rooms (one for them with 2 large beds and one for me) with a common door between the two rooms. Before retiring, I took them all to a nice restaurant where they all drank several alcoholic beverages. I didn't really care whether they were of "legal" age or not and no one at the restaurant asked, so I let them drink as much as they wanted to. As the night went on, they got drunk and quite boisterous, talking and commenting about each other's sex lives. One of them even asked me how I was in bed. I said something like "there's only one way to find out" and they giggled uncontrollably. I looked at the nerdy girl as I said that and she smiled back at me, embarassed. My niece noticed that exchange and she gave me that look again.

    Back at the hotel, I left my niece and her friends in their room and I went to mine. When I told them that I was leaving the common door unlocked "just in case" (I really meant that in an innocent way!) -- they laughed and giggled. In my room, I got undressed and took a shower. As I showered, I jacked off, thinking of the nerdy girl. She was really cute, with her glasses, dirty blonde hair and pert little titties. At first I thought of her sucking my cock and my fuckIng her as her sorority sisters slept in the other room, but then I thought of doing my niece instead. Those images turned me on more.

    As I lay I bed naked watching tv, playing on and off with my cock, I could hear the girls in the next room, jumping around, squealing with laughter when one of them said something (I couldn't hear what). I figured they would calm down at some point, so I just let them do their thing. After a while, as I tried to doze off with the lights off and the tv on with the volume very low, I noticed that the girls were suddenly very quiet. Then I heard the common door open. I pretended to be asleep but watched through squinted eyes as one of the girls, totally naked, approached my bed. She quietly pulled up the bed cover and gently wrapped her hand around my cock. It was the nerdy girl! I couldn't believe it! She seemed to study my cock as it grew in her hand. She slowly stroked it and lowered her head onto it, taking it into her mouth. As she sucked it, I put my hands on her head. She looked up at me, a bit startled to see me awake. I told her to keep going and she did. At that point, the other girls came in through the common door. They were wearing tee-shirts and pajamas. As they were obviously aware of what was going on, I asked them what was going on. One of the other girls told me that the nerdy girl was the newest member of their sorority and that she was told to have full sex with me as part of her initiation. They were there to watch and make sure that she really did it. Feeling bold, I said that it was okay with me, but that they would all have to strip naked if they wanted to watch.

    Without hesitating, the two other girls stripped. My niece gave me a hard look, but because everyone else was naked, she was compelled to do the same. She slowly removed her pajama top and bottoms, looking me in the eye the whole time. I enjoyed her discomfort. My fully naked niece was even more beautiful to me at that moment, with her perfect breasts and dark patch of pubic hair. To help the nerdy girl with her initiation (and myself), I opened her legs and began eating her out. She was soon hyper-ventilating as I licked and sucked her pussy, running her fingers through my hair, thrusting her hips at my face. The other girls were giggling and as they whispered to each other. When I got up to position myself to fuck her, I saw that the other girls, including my niece, were touching their pussies. With the nerdy girl's legs wide open, I gently pushed my hard cock into her. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in. We started slow, but were soon fucking like wild animals. As we fucked, I kept looking at my niece, who locked eyes with me. I imagined that it was HER I was fucking. She masturbated as she watched me go, discretely licking her lips and wiggling her tongue at me. That really turned me on!

    After fucking for a while (I purposely held off coming), I disengaged from the nerdy girl to take a break. She laid back on the bed. I told the other girls that before I could come, they would each have to suck my cock. I didn't really expect them to go for this, but I gave it a shot anyway, mainly because I wanted my niece right there and then. Laughing and giggling, the two girls took turns sucking me off. Then it was my niece's turn. Looking at me straight in the eye with that look again, she took my cock and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. I could see her hand between her legs as she sucked me. One of the girls commented on how hot it was that she was sucking her uncle's cock! The sight of my beautiful niece naked before me sucking me off was a fantasy come true, but I wanted more of her. I then told them that before I could come, I would have to lick their pussies. More laughing and giggling, but the two girls got into position and I ate them out for just a few minutes each. It was my niece that I wanted! Looking deep into my eyes, she slowly laid back as I dove in. At first, she pushed my head away as I licked, though she was writhing with her head moving left and right, deep breathing. She seemed conflicted, enjoying something that she shouldn't be doing, but that made me want to keep going. Soon, she was pulling my head onto her thrusting pussy. She was digging it as much as I was!

    At that point, I didn't care about going through the charade of doing the other girls first. I climbed on top of my niece, my cock shaft rubbing against her pussy. We tongue kissed passionately and I licked and sucked her neck and face, nibbling on her ears. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding my ass as my cock was finding it's way to her slit. I didn't push it in -- I wanted her to make it happen. She reached down and guided my cock into her wet pussy, looking deep into my eyes. It was pure heaven! The other girls were gasping. They couldn't believe that we were actually fucking each other in front of them! Finally, I was ready to explode and I said so. As I was about to come, I pulled out. My niece quickly sat up and jerked my cock, catching it all on her mouth and face. Then she licked the come off my cock and put it in her mouth. That erotic sight made my orgasm more intense.

    [freelover290 at aol dot com]

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    My partner and I wanted to buy a house, we are lesbians in a LTR, five and a half years. She has a steady job, I work from home doing proofreading for University papers. We got really enthused with this house we saw, we called the realtor on the sign, she met us at the house and when she realized we were lesbians she told us that she was pretty sure we couldn't afford the house.

    My Dad went ballistic, he bought the house cash for us and got the realtor run off. We hate the neighborhood, the house is nice and all but the neighborhood is not us. Our next door neighbors are Mexicans and won't let their daughters talk to us, on the other side we have a retired Grandfather who doesn't believe we can mow the lawn, he does it because we are girls.

    I don't think there is another lesbian couple within five miles, the commute for my partner is getting to her. I cannot tell my Dad that we hate living here. Right now I don't want to get married, I am seriously reevaluating my life. The only person who 'accepts' us is our retired neighbor next door, but he is not going to let us do anything that in his opinion isn't for girls.

    Trapped is not the word.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 24

    My senior year in college was the year I first had sex, I moved in with a guy, I found out that the girl cooks and cleans. I hooked up with a guy I met at work, we had sex and now he wants me to go to his place and cook and clean. I know that it will never change, ever.

    I was angry but I think I've given in, if I want a relationship with a man I am going to cook and clean. One day, hopefully in the relative near future I will be married and start my family. My boyfriend is under a lot of pressure to man up and get a better job so he can support a family. Cooking and cleaning is easy, I could never be the one responsible for supporting a whole family.

    My focus has to be making the family, his focus has to be providing for our family.

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