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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 34

    So you might have seen my little tale of my sister-in-law catching watching heredrunkenly piss.
    Well that night we all went to bed as normal. I barely slept though! I kept thinking about my filthy sister in law winking at me after she pissed.
    The next morning we all went swimming as a family. My wife took our son into the infants pool whilst I helped with my nephew in the splashpool. My sis in law and her daughter went on a few slides before my Neice got out with my sis in laws bf. I suggested that we take a trip to the outside on the swim route (current pulls you along). She agreed. On the way round there were some side pools you could swim into. Which I did and S.I.L followed.
    Soon as we got into the secluded and empty area S.I.L got straight to the point. "Did you like seeing me piss last night?"
    Shocked, bright red in embarrassment I stayed quiet.
    "I saw you watching" she whispered in my ear.
    Struggling with a reply and knowing in S.I.L and wife were close I shook my head.
    "It wasn't on purpose" I pleaded
    "Bull shit!! you watched me piss and you loved it" she barked into my ear
    I nodded, "so you know then?" I coyly asked.
    "Know" she said loudly and surprised. "I've seen your history on the net. It got me into watersports"
    My jaw dropped but I pulled myself together long enough to give her a reply. "Your sister doesn't know I'm a dirty perv"
    She miscoevously smiled and added
    "Yes you are.
    Slightly less embarrassed I explained my fetish. She added that she and her bf were different in the bedroom. He, straight laced with love facials wasn't appealing to my S.I.L. But like me she loved piss and watersports. She even liked scat when the mood took her. She swam over to me straddled me with no warning and whispered "has the water got warmer and yellow?". Sure enough Ot had and her cloud of piss was reaching my cock too. Needless to say I was hard.
    As she stopped she whispered again "Bri (he bf) and the kids were out in the afternoon and my wife and so. Were taking a nap. And maybe we could go for a walk in the local woods......TBC

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 36

    I own and live in a small attached house in a not so good neighborhood for over five years and tried to sell it a few years ago with no success. Aside from the location it is old even though I have improved it somewhat over the years. As it has turned out, since February 12, 2014, I have allowed myself to be ruled and frequently abused by Joyce and Brenda. Thats the day I let them move in which was supposed to be for a couple months but they are still here and I continue to let them control me. I put up with it because of the sexual satisfaction I get from them yet it has become apparent that they get satisfaction out of humiliating me and often cause me pain which I continue to permit them to do. Joyce is 45 and Brenda is 48 and I am sure both are bi sexual since they each have a boyfriend and I'm sure they have sex with each other. There are three other women they bring to the house a few times a month and two out of the three seem to be strictly gay. Maryellen is the youngest, I think about 38, both Carly and Marissa are in there forties and both seem to be completely gay and all of them have had sex together at one time or another. I never see it but certainly can hear them especially late at night. I have known Joyce most of my life since she was a friend of my oldest sister in grade school and high school and thats the reason I let her move in even though I didn't know Brenda at all. I work 5 days a week so most of the time its the weekends when things get crazy but its often on a weeknight also. Joyce is the most demanding and controlling one but when it all started it was Brenda who instigated everything. She was the first one to masturbate me and she is the one who always supplies the drugs and especially the pills. The first few times they actually undressed me and just played with me finally jerking me off which I was naturally happy with. I don't have a large penis and think I was a little embarrassed at first since my erection is less than six inches. As each weekend went by they began doing more and eventually began shaving me and as long as I was a little high it didn't bother me and I never told them not to do anything. Joyce was the one who began spanking my butt with a paddle but not hard enough for me to complain about. I always had some kind of a buzz when they did this and willingly undressed when they told me to knowing that they would eventually jerk me off a couple times. By the end of April that year Brenda began using their sex toys on me the first few times with a dildo penetrating my rectum and then began using a vibrator also. Before doing that they would always make sure I was aroused first and again I never tried to stop it even though it became quite humiliating at times by the ways they had me positioned. Even now Brenda makes sure I have enough oxy or other drugs making me more relaxed so I don't object to anything they desire. Around that time is when Joyce began using a strap on dildo and began to simulate screwing me anally as Brenda would jerk me off. They took turns doing this afterwards and at times was painful but I still never objected or told them to stop. I am always high and they always have me aroused no matter what they do to me. The only time I think of it as abuse is when I am sober and can't figure out why I am humiliated but not when they are doing all this. Just the things they say to each other while its going on is proof to me that they enjoy ridiculing me and most of all subjecting me to embarrassing situations which aren't until I'm sober again.

    By the middle of June the only hair I had on my body was my head and they have continued to shave me at least once a week. I don't even have underarm hair and when I look at myself in a mirror it is humiliating that I let them do all these things to me. June 2014 was also the first time they let Marissa join in and during the summer of 2014 is when Carly and Maryellen also started coming over on weekends. The worst part about this is that none of these woman are what any guy would call beautiful and just the opposite. Who am I to degrade their appearance since I'm not exactly good looking either. I do look a lot younger than my age and many times have heard them talk about that aside from the other stuff they say. The only one who has a decent figure is Maryellen and the only ones I have ever seen naked is Joyce a Brenda a few times. Its very seldom that all of these woman are here at the same time but on weekends there is usually at least one of them here with Joyce and Brenda. Maryellen masturbates me sometimes but Carly and Marissa never have. They all have spanked me with the paddle and they all at one time or another have penetrated me anally either with the dildos, vibrator or strap on which Joyce, Brenda and Carly seem to like best. Everyone of them has helped shave my body and most of the time its two of them doing it. Brenda gives me the drugs each time and once they tell me to undress I am high enough to let them do what they please. I hear them talking about me as things go on and never say a word. Once I sober up and remember what they have said about me its not only insulting but totally humiliating and I have still not ever complained to them. They seem to be able to have me aroused for the longest time and I always ejaculate at least two times. No matter what they do with the sex toys and no matter how deep they penetrate me one of them is always holding or playing with my genitals. I have an erection almost the entire time they do this and the main thing I dislike the most is when one of them is penetrating me with the strap on. Brenda is the most violent one and Carly also causes me pain at times. I don't understand what it is that makes these women want to punish me like that and its my own fault because I never say no to them. If three or more of them are here at the same time and one is screwing me anally the other two are playing with my penis and scrotum as I am being subjected to it. Its tough to explain how being basically abused anally how I can also be aroused and able to cum. When they use the dildos and vibrator I seldom get any pain and it seems to stimulate my prostate making me even more aroused. The strap on they use are sometimes to large and often they go in and out of me to fast especially when it is Brenda. There are times when my anus hurts often for a few days mostly when one or more of them use the strap on. Any humiliation during this is long gone no matter which of them are here. Once I get to work I can't help feeling used and just knowing what I let them do is very embarrassing and I can't tell anyone about this. I haven't dated anyone since Joyce and Brenda moved in and my sex life now is having them jerk me off or masturbating myself a few times a week. I met Brenda's boyfriend once but never met Joyce's and wonder whether they do anything to them like they do to me or if they tell their boyfriends about what they do to me. Part of it is also selfish since I am completely sexually satisfied when they are done with me. I am sure to that the humiliation and domination they put me through somehow arouses them. It seems they always go to Brenda's room when finished with me and I can clearly hear signs they are having sex of some type. There have been nights when four of them are in the same room and I know sex between them is going on. I never had a women even suggest anything like this and assume the way they treat me and how they display and intentionally try to humiliate me turns them on. Even when they are only shaving my body I am aroused and aware that they position me in the most degrading ways possible. They talk the entire time mostly in a degrading manner knowing I can hear every word only trying to embarrass me more. I can't figure them out but also don't have the guts to say anything. By the time they are finished abusing me I always have to shower before anything else. Between the KY, oils and lotions they put on me they often hold my penis so I ejaculate on my chest and often my neck. Brenda many times rubs semen on my face after I cum and many times has made me taste it which for some reason amuses her. I guess I am a fool and doubt many guys would put up with this but I have become so use to it now I don't mind the insults as much as I use to and have only concentrated on the sexual satisfaction I get from it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 40

    I am the owner of a successful business but it hasn't always been that way, When I was 18 I got a job in the offices of a large engineering firm, My job was easy taking dictation rarely I spent more time answering the phone than anything else, The owner of the company was a pot bellied man in hid fifties and balding hardly the type to set a girls pulse racing, He would often letch and leer over me grabbing my ass whenever he could, A big order came in one day and he asked me to stay on late in a panic as some important papers had to be typed up signed and sent off by courier, After three hours everything was done and he thanked me and offered me a drink I accepted as I sat at his desk drinking he sat back in his chair then he made me an offer he put a small bundle of notes on the desk and said there was £200 there it was mine if I'd give him a blowjob, I was shocked at first but the money was more than I earned all week I'd sucked my boyfriend off so I thought why not?, I went behind his desk and knelt between his legs as he unzipped himself his cock wasn't big but it was already hard, As I took him into my mouth I felt so dirty and wrong which in a weird way turned me on, He didn't taste too bad either so I gave him a really good sucking until he shot his load into my mouth I swallowed it quickly while he groaned and grunted above me holding my head in his fat fingers hand, As I stood up he smiled and gave me another drink, This was the first of many times that I sucked him I even let him fuck me often he always paid me and we'll too I was even paid to fuck his clients too once bent over his desk as he watched, One client was a much older man in his sixties and a regular visitor he'd always seal a deal by fucking me hard his cock was a big one that I grew very fond of he alway's made me cum hard, As the years went by I made a lot of money both from my boss and his clients so that when my boss retired I bought the business that I now own, I don't feel guilty that I whored myself out in fact I am secretly proud of myself of how far I've come.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 34

    There I was. Sat in the lounge area of the holiday cabin playing monopoly with my wife, brother in law and inlaws. But my eyes were drawn to the hissing and stream hitting water sound. My drunken sister Inlaw pissing with the door open. Why did I notice and no one else did. Maybe because I secretly love watersports and couldn't resist the familiar sound of golden wee hitting the toilet water.
    Trouble is I got hard. Throbbing, aching and uncontrollable hard.
    As her stream subsided she stood up slightly into a squat and dripped dry. Dirty bitch! I was struggling to continue with the game. Then she looked up. Shit!! She caught me!! What was I gonna do. Pass it off she imagined it as she was rat arsed?!
    But she gave a smile, a wink and turned around to pull up her pj bottoms. WTF?! Her hairy (hairier than my wife's) glistening slightly with pee before being covered by her pj bottoms.
    This was just the start of something that continues to happen to this very day.
    My frustration over restraining myself from telling my wife I love so many filthy and deprived acts as she is inexperienced and straight laced, was about to come to an end.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 28

    My work has an exercise room that I use regularly after work. One night my boss said he had to step out for an hour and his wife might be showing up to get a ride home. He said if she shows up before he gets back to tell her to wait. I finished my workout and went into the men's washroom to use one of the showers. As I am showering the curtains get pulled open and it is his wife. I am naked and she is just standing there looking at me. She apologized saying that she thought it was her husband showering. She continued to apologize and asked where he was. I told her he would be back soon. She continued to talk and stand there looking at me more. She wasn't making any effort to leave and just kept up a conversation as I was standing there naked with everything exposed to her. Normally if anyone else had walked in on me like this I would have asked them to leave. I guess it being my bosses wife I didn't want to offend or piss her off being she was married to my boss it could cause issues at work. Instead I just hoped she would go away. She just kept talking to me and looking at me naked longer. I finally told her I better finish my shower. She closed the curtain and I finished up. When I stepped out and went to the change area she was sitting there waiting. I thought the best thing to do was just to quickly towel off and get dressed. I began to do so and once again she began talking to me. She was still getting looks at me but I was just ignoring them. However, one time I saw her eyes really staring at me. I didn't even realize it but I had an erection and she was not taking her eyes off of it. That was awkward but I was pretty dried off at that point and quickly began to get dressed. As soon as my clothes were on she finally decided she better leave.
    I don't know if she ever told her husband she saw me naked and I wasn't going to bring it up.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 26

    I used to live in bad section of town and worked in small supermarket three block away in rented apartment. Lived there because I could never afford a bester place to live. I knew bad things happened but thought it was something that happened to other people. One day I was walking back home, got pick up and thrown in a van with four guys in it. I remember the van had no rear windows, they were talking in English but mostly in Spanish so I wouldn't under stand what they were saying. I did know Spanish enough to figure out I was going to be r**ed and plenty of time to decide if to struggle or just let it happed. I remember being dragged through the back door of a house, pinned down on a table, stripped with one of them saying "hears your chance to suck her pussy" in Spanish. I remember this pervert sucking my pussy all the way down to my ass and sticking two fingers in it commenting about how tight my butt hole was. It was hours of guys feasting on my pussy, sticking fingers in my anus, shoving dicks into my mouth sucking my breasts till they hurt. I remember two of them ejaculating in my mouth and the other two force fucked me in de ass. I'll never forget how painful it was having a penis shoved up my anus. Felt my anus stretched out to the limit, then a hot gush of sperm after he finished and on to the next one. I never had sexual pleasure at any moment of my r**e, I guess it was so brutal and disgusting sexual pleasure was the last thing in my mind. I just wanted to garb my clothes and leave but getting rid of me meat putting my back in the van, driving me threw a park and dropping me and my clothes on the side of the road. I remember dressing behind brushes, the long walk home recalling the humiliating stories of reporting r**e. What did I do? Nothing, convinced myself that it was just sex in a wild party and kept to myself.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    My parents got a divorce over a year ago and since then, my mom started dressing a little more slutty. She goes to the bars to find men just to fuck but what she doesn't do is watch how much she drinks. Since it is just the two of us living at home, I wait up for her when she goes out, even though she sys not to.

    The first time she went out, it was almost 2am when she was literally carried through the front door by a younger man probably only 24 years old. My mom is 40. I couldn't help but notice how attractive this guy was, my mom picked good. Unfortunately for her she had drank so much that she passed out drunk. He carried her to her bed and laid her down. Since I wasn't expecting anyone to come home with her, all I had on was a night robe. I pulled her shoes off and put the sheet over her.

    I closed her bedroom door behind us and stopped by my bedroom. I told him that I really appreciated that he had brought her home and would like to thank him some way. He said that wouldn't be necessary. I said I know he must have spent a lot on drinks for nothing, I grabbed his hand and led him into my bedroom straight to where my purse was set hoping he was thinking that I was about to pay him cash. I untied my robe, turned to face him and let it fall to the ground. My idea worked as he was suprised. He stared at my body, following every curve from top to bottom. I take after my mother in almost every aspect of my body and he was loving what he saw from my shaved pussy to my c cup breasts.

    I said he might as well get what he came for and I would be happy to oblige. He didn't argue this time. We spent almost 2 hours fucking in several positions and places around my room until he had me bent over as he was pounding me from behind. He said he was gonna cum and I told him to cum in my pussy. He did not object and a few solid thrusts later he was squirting tons of cum into my pussy and I orgasmed hard for at least the fourth time.

    We collapsed on the bed for a few minutes breathing heavy. He eventually got up and got dressed, before he pulled his pants up I stopped him and sucked the last few drops of cum out of his cock. He left a few minutes later after thanking me for everything.

    Almost a year since that first time, my mom still get way too drunk, still has to be helped to her bed, and still always picks attractive men who usually have slightly larger thank average cocks. She really has missed out on several of them who were amazing fucks and had me screaming into my pillow which I am not a screamer normally.

    As long as she continues bringing them home, I will continue thanking them in the best way I can. They don't mind at all.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 21

    i met a boy on snapchat he have a super awesome dick omg:P we had so much sex chat i want other sexy girls should add him on snapchat his id is abhi1313 on snapchat we both enjoy the sex chat i thought other sexy girls should have fun with him .he is best

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 20

    I was at a coworkers house for a party, I was using the WC but I must have not properly locked the door. My boss walked in on me. He apologized and walked out and guarded the door. Mow I have this open relationship with him. I had a bad head ache one day and confessed I was on my period. I've told him my bra size, I have told him when I am needy, I've called him at home when I have been upset, I've cried in his office. I kissed him on the cheek. At another party I sat in his lap. I have never felt so close to anyone, I talk to him about everything.

    I think I have a daddy issue with him. He gives me spending money, and has purchased clothes for me. I dream of giving up and just let him be a man with me. I wish I was already with him, reaching for me at night and just ravishing me.

    P.S., I am a virgin.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Gave and got my first blow job from a friend the same age 13.
    At first I only did it to get it. I had to go first. I didn't like the thought of his cock in my mouth. That is until I felt his cock grow full hard in my mouth and looked up to see him looking down while I was sucking him. I felt so dirty and perverted, because I liked the way his cock tasted and felt filling my mouth. We agreed to suck each other until pre-cum. NO more in the mouth.. Although I loved him fucking my ass and cumming in it.
    Well we kept this up [pun] between us and a secret for some time. Until, after some talk we decided to get another guy involved. My cousin [same age group] was staying over one night when He did. Ed my friend and I went to the back yard into the play house to suck. Well both of us NUDE, me on my knees sucking his cock, when my Cousin Charlie came in and saw us. Ed said how about a blow job ? want to get sucked off ? Charlie said No man thats so queer. Ed grabbed him, I pulled down his shorts to see his cock full hard. I took him in my mouth.. Oh man so tasty pre-cum right away.
    Charlie resisted enough for me/us to stop. But the seed was planted. [Another story is how he and I a day latter at night I made him cum from his first queer sex]
    So any way, Ed and I talked about how great it was and we need at least one more cock. Ed found the perfect target. A sissy type of guy 15 [Ben] who he knew and had jerked each other off. We set him up by him stopping at Eds home [ obviously his family was not home] Went skinny dipping in the pool. Ed just began to suck me, while Ben watched.
    I grabbed his Bens nice thick cock . Oh man hard and thick, not long but fat.. Ed finished me off by hand, as I finished off Ben by hand. Then I sucked Ed off until he came in my hand.
    Last chapter I told my cousin Charlie about it and would he like to join in a 4 way. We all met at Eds place , skinny dipping at first. As you guys know, one hard on leads to another. Took turns stroking and sucking each other.
    Oh man pure cock heaven. Ed came right out and said to me. I want to fuck you. So first I sucked him hard and wet.
    Bent over, legs wide open. Fuck he just shoved his steel hard cock right in. In 2 or 3 thrusts he was buried in my ass.
    Charlie and Ben were in front of me. I took Charlies cock first then Bens cock next. THEN both in my mouth at the same time. Oh my fucking god, this was so fucking dirty and perverted. For the first time I not only wanted cock, but need cock. I wanted every wonderful drop of there cum in and on me. Ed came in my ass. I don't care what anyone says. I felt it.. I dropped to my knees, I made Charlie cum in my mouth first [ fucking heaven] the Ben shot his spurt of in my mouth then the rest of cum on my face.
    This not the only 4 way. But my first.
    100% true. Yup I am a Sissy cock sucker.

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