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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My girlfriend and I have a very open sexual relationship. She is already bi and we have invited other girls that she has picked over to fool around. We have been discussing having another man over and she has asked me more than once if I will do stuff with the guy. Her perspective is that If she's willing to go down on another woman, why can't I be willing to go down on another man.

    Anyway, I think that I'm going to do it. I know I said bi-sexual male, but this will be my first time.

    So, ladies...or men. What is it like sucking a dick? I get to have some say in who it will be. Should I go young or older; big or little dick. should I asked them to groom themselves first etc etc etc.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 40

    So I've been thinking a lot about my living situation lately. I don't have a wife, or kids, and frankly, that does not bother me one bit. Was never big on the idea of children, and I like the single life. Right now, I have a maid service who cleans up after me, and I do the sugar daddy thing for sex. But it would be nice to have something more stable, and someone who could look after me. So I've been thinking of mail order brides. Not that into Asians or Africans, but a South American women would be nice, though someone from Eastern Europe would be good.

    But here's where it would be different for me. I would not go through the normal agencies I can contact through Google. Those women want to marry you for a green card, then divorce you, and next thing you know I am paying alimony. I would prefer something shadier (for lack of a better word). When I pay them for a women, it would not be for a wife, it would be for a slave. Have a woman who follows my orders, cooks, cleans, and will fuck me on command. I don't know if I would have to break her in myself, or if she would come broken in. It would be nice to have a household slave.

    Obviously, younger would be better. But I am willing to get an older woman in her late 30s if she had a teenage daughter as part of the deal. Might even be fun breaking them both when they got here. Hell, I might even be willing to go through a normal mail order bride agency if I could swing that.

    Anyway, this is of course all just a fantasy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I have my bou friend and we work on same office. We had christmas party and me and my bf went together. When we reached the venue, everyone was drunk so we grabbed a couple of drinks and were enjoying our night. Then i went to dance floor and while i was dancing there was this one girl from other deparment of my office who was drunk but was being near to me. And at one point she tried to kiss me and then i ignored her. After the party, we along with some of our colleagues went to club and then we were all drunk and the girl was there at club as well. She was hitting on me since no one knows about my bf and my relation so i decided to just get along with it. I always wanted to have threesome or have some girl lick my pussy but I had never shared this with my bf. So i decided to talk to him and he agreed since he dint want to disappoint me.
    So we three decided to head over home. On way to the place, the girl tried to kiss me but i dint want that instead i flashed her my pussy and showed her way to it😉😉. She then tried to touch it and gently massage my pussy. When we reached home, bf went to freshen up and the slutty bitch and I were in room. I was horny as fuck so i undress myself and her as well and then gave her my pussy to eat it out. She really liked my pussy i guess so she was licking like she didn't have one in a while. I really felt good and was grinding her face onto my pussy and arse. Then my bf came inside the room and seeing us at that position he simply undressed himself and began to suck my titties. I am busty girl and my bf liked my titties more than any thing.
    As I was all wet, so my bf put his dick inside me and started to stroke me deep and hard. I was moaning with all pleasure and seeing that the girl was arousing and fingering herself. I grabbed her tities and sucked it while my bf was pounding me with his straight thick dick. After some time, my bf came and then i told him to lick her and he did as I said.
    I sat on her face when my bf licked her. I love facesitting so I was rubbing my pussy on her face and she was asking for more of it. My bf knew i am squirter so he told me to give my pussy juice to both of them. So i lie on bed and both of them were eating my pussing... One was fingering me and other was touching my clit with tongue. And after some time, i squirted like never before.
    My bf dnt take all of the squirt most of the time. But the girl licked me until i was clean.
    So i thgought of returning the favor, then i fingered her pussy and clit and did her until she came.
    My bf had already fell asleep by then but i was still horny so we went to the living room and i put her on couch and then face fuck her until she couldn't breath more and then squirted again.
    After that we went to sleep. The next morning, when my bf and I woke up, the girl had already left. We never saw her at the office but i got to know she was working in some other branch of our office and had came for some client meetings and attended the party.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    From 13-19, I was attracted much more to same sex. I always got crushes on the older boys. I ended up doing favors sometimes for older ones who made me feel safe. I was always the skinny boy. I wasn't a fighter & I was bullied a lot. I was the prime target no matter what because I looked so fragile. I'd given head to four other boys by the time I was 18 & all of them are straight. They only wanted to get off. They did nothing sexually in return. I had low self esteem & hated my body although, everyone outside of school said I looked like a model. Maybe in a lot of clothes, I looked okay but I was the tall, skinny, blond boy. I did have a rather large dick but I'd never got to use it. I loved how some girls were. More than just looks. I mean, that total fem quality only a female has. Even a female who is tough still has that special quality. I had some female friends but one really close friend & I thought I was gay so I told her. She didn't care. We told each other all our deepest secrets. We were hanging out together a lot. We totally loved each other as friends. I would have done anything for her. I know that was true on her side for me too.

    I started to spend a lot more time with my best friend. I was staying at her house some on weekends. Her parents knew I was gay so they figured I was very safe as male friend. No sex was going to happen if we went in her room to watch movies or anything. We talked about sex a lot. She asked me what I was looking for in a guy. What did I think it would be like & would I be bottom or top or what did I think. I wasn't really sure but I had sucked dick before. It was okay but I knew those guys didn't care about me. Maybe it would be a 69 in a relationship. I didn't know for sure. I was sure I wasn't interested in anal sex though. I know it's medically not dirty & the mouth is the dirty area but it wasn't something I figured I'd not be into. My friend had broken up with her BF a while back so there I was five years ago at age 19 staying at her house & we were drinking some. Sneaking some stuff into her room. That night, she asked if she could see my dick. She just wanted to see what it looked like. I was really shy about that. It took a while for her to talk me into pulling my pants down to show her. When I did, she touched it & it went from totally soft to fully hard. I could feel my face getting red since I was embarassed by that. She pulled me on top of her & she took my jeans & underwear all the way off. She took her clothes off too. We didn't say much but I was on top of her & hard. My face was down between her tits while she was holding my dick & aiming it to go inside her. It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever had. I didn't expect that. No lube needed & it was a different type of lube feeling. For some reason, I insticivly started sucking her nipples while I went ahead & thrusted while inside her. I remember her holding my buns & we kissed. She told me she wanted to feel me cum inside her & it was okay to do that. It was safe. She wasn't going to get pregnant.

    We did it four times that night. My dick just kept getting off. Each time it came, it wasn't long before it was fully hard again. I wanted to keep feeling it inside her. The next day, I woke up in her bed but I woke up with this weird feeling I'd never had. I was in love with her. I can't explain how I went from love as in friend only to this other new feeling but it happened. Since that weekend, I've never done it with anyone else & neither has she. We live together now & are going to get married in a year. We have been taking some things slow but we have a lot of sex & I really love her. I'm not in some closet or hiding behihnd her & she knows totally about me. I have noticed females & guys in a sexual way but there's no way I'd cheat on my woman. I love her too much for that. I'm not the skinny boy anymore. I'm rather muscular now & I workout a lot. None of those guys from HS would ever want to mess with me these days. I'm not the guy to bully anymore. I'm also totally cool with gay guys. I'm cool with everyone insofar as I'm not a bigot & I believe in you let people live how they are or need to. So long as no one is harming a kid or anyone else, I say leave things alone.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 44

    There is a world out there that I keep in the dark. I say this poetically, the world of cock. Yes, cock, hot and hard cock. At church we are anti-cock suckers, anti-gay if you wish although we don't talk about that out loud any more. After all I was a church Deacon and I can assure you that when the Deacons get together they do not talk about the world of cock.

    We had a professor from a local college in town work with us at the church on a program for youth. After all the same kids that were in church would be going to college and we wanted them to have access early on to a college professor, to ask questions, get answers, help them with their plans. And their parents too, we felt that the parents would get a lot out of talking first hand to a professor. He was an expert in the classroom, he had been a professor for over twenty years, and he had worked with placement personnel and school counselors to working with us at the church was an easy assignment.

    I noticed when we talked to the kids that he focused heavily on the boys and answered quickly to girl questions. Not that he wasn't nice to them, I am pretty sure they didn't notice the subtle difference. He just gravitated to the boys more than to the girls. We had a couple of nice handsome boys who were all state athletic boys and they were used to getting a lot of attention and he gave them a lot of attention. And as a Deacon I had the opportunity to be at the church at any given hour in the afternoon and that afternoon I went to the church for some business and I walked past the room where the professor was meeting with the kids and for that split second I noticed that he was with one of the all state boys. It stuck in my mind, the professor sitting on the desk and the boy standing right up to him, way to close. I went back and yes the professor was sitting on the desk and the boy was standing right up to him, they were definitely in each other's personal space. And the professor was rubbing his leg and they were speaking of private matters. I left.

    That night I had a dream, it was a wet dream, I got hard that night thinking of the professor with the all state boy, touching him, taking his cock out of his pants and sucking him, I came that night because I was dreaming of fucking the boy, I had the pillow under me and I came in the pillow. Bright, colorful, realistic dream. I hadn't had a boy dream in a very long time. I have to say that I had a tiny bit of guilt, but it went away and I started to look at these all state boys different, something you should never do. I noticed that the professor was getting along real well with that boy and he told me that he had convinced the boy to stay in town and go to school there and not go to a big college where he would be lost. I had another wet dream, and another. And just coincidence I was in the men's room and the boy walks in and stands beside me and unzipped his pants and I saw him pull out his cock and start to pee. I stood there pretending to pee and didn't put my cock away until he was done and he put his cock away. He had a perfect cock, I dreamt of his cock and I got jealous of the professor to think that he was sucking that cock. What a beautiful cock, what a beautiful boy.

    The all state boys graduated and one went off to the big school out of town and the other stayed in town and went to the local college. When I saw him in church which was far less often I asked him how things were going and he was happy to be where he was. When I spoke with the professor I was sure to talk to him about the all state boy and help him out whenever he could. It was in his voice that when he said he kept up with him that I knew that he had found someone special. I know about someone special, when you have someone special your voice gives it away. But as a Deacon I had to pretend not to notice.

    In this world of the dark where I live I have someone special, he is a young man who came up from Central America and he works as a groundskeeper for the city park service. He has a brown cock, it is a little big for a young man his size, and he sometimes gets a little ahead of himself, much like a horse that wants to run but you have to keep him in check. Sometimes he gets excited and I have to give in and put the pillow under me, the same pillow I have my wet dreams with, I put the pillow under me and the young man takes things into his own hands and I have to surrender to him. I always seem to have a wet dream when he is with me, but this time I was thinking of the all state boy and his nice white cock, perfectly circumcised, peeing in the men's room. I was thinking about that while I surrendered to the young man from Central America.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 25

    I have loved cock ever since I was old enough to masturbate. I may not be that great looking but I was blessed with a rather large cock. I have fucked girls when I was younger but after I saw my first gay porno video I knew what I really wanted.

    What I really want is to jerk off on another big cock like mine. I have no desire to be fucked or fuck another guy. It's his big cock that holds my interest. The two of us standing face to face, stroking our cocks, taking turns stroking each other until we can't hold back and just shoot our hot cum all over our cocks.

    Then one day I would meet someone online that would take my kink to a whole new level of excitement. His name was Jim but his online tag was "Foreskin Fucker." Jim sent me a picture of his cock, it was ungodly big! Jim was also uncut, I had never been with a guy that hadn't been cut.

    Jim was a long haul truck driver and he traveled all over the country. Jim told me if I was interested he would let me know if and when he would be near my city and maybe we could hook up. I told him yes and I gave Jim my phone number. It would be many months before I would hear from Jim.

    When Jim called me I had no idea who it was. Foreskin Fucker, was all he said and I remembered him instantly. Jim told me he would be driving through our city and would be staying at a hotel near a truck stop on the interstate. I knew where he was going to stay and I met Jim at the hotel two nights later.

    When I arrived at the hotel, Jim had just showered. I could smell bath soap and aftershave as well. Jim had a white terrycloth robe on and untied the belt and let the robe fall open. My eyes just stared at Jim's massive cock hanging between his legs. It was beautiful and not a hair on his big cock or balls to be seen. My cock began to twitch inside my jeans.

    I undressed and Jim and I stood toe to toe and began to play with our cocks to get them hard, which didn't take either of us long. The head finally protruded from Jim's foreskin after he got nice and hard. When he stroked his cock he could make the head disappear back into the sheath of thin skin.

    We took turns stroking each other, his thick cock felt wonderful in my hand. We did this for many minutes and my cock ached for release quickly. Then Jim took my cock in one hand and his in the other, guiding the head of our engorged cocks together. Already the precum from my hard cock trickled out and Jim smiled.

    Then Jim let go of my cock and took the foreskin of his and stretched it open, telling me to push the head of my cock into the foreskin. I looked at him and he just smiled and nodded at me. I did as he wanted and after some work and some spit the head of my cock disappeared into the foreskin of Jim's big cock.

    He pushed my hand away and he pulled and pushed the foreskin downward. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was like our cocks became as one, joined together in this erotic way I never ever imagined.

    Jim wrapped his hand around our cocks and began to slowly masturbate us both. My legs instantly turned to jello, the feeling was unbelievable. I just watched his hand go back and forth and I felt my loins on fire with excitement. Then Jim nodded at me, wanting me to take the place of his hand with mine.

    There are no words to describe the feeling of holding both our hard cocks within the foreskin of his huge cock. I began to stroke us faster, Jim closed his eyes and made a sound of pleasure. I couldn't control my desire, fisting us a bit faster, squeezing our hard cocks a bit harder.

    Jim didn't try to stop me or slow me down, maybe he wanted to cum as much as I did. I wasn't going to last much longer I knew that. Then Jim made a little grunt and suddenly the head of my cock was drenched in hot cum. I squeezed our hard cocks tightly and thrust my cock into the foreskin as deep as possible.

    Only a few thrusts and I released my pent up load into Jim's foreskin. Globs and strands of cum squeezed out and rained down onto the towel we stood on. I pulled my cock out of Jim's foreskin and jerked my cock feverishly, Jim did the same also.

    Both our hard cocks coated in cum, a few squirts and I felt the warmth of his cum just above my belly button. I returned the favor almost as quickly, both of us jerking our cocks and spewing cum in every direction. When that intense moment finally passed, we switched off and stroked each others spent cocks for a few more moments before it was time to get cleaned up.

    I was hoping Jim would stay another night but truck drivers don't make money unless they are on the road. Jim told me if he was ever passing through again he would let me know. It's been months and I cannot get that night out of my mind. When I think about it my cock gets hard and I masturbate and visualize that night all over again......

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 19

    I am 19 and my grandmother calls me a fledgling that has to leave the nest. I don't want to go out and live on my own. I had sex with a guy the other day, he is a man and not a boy. He is my 'boyfriend'. He said he feels uncomfortable coming to my grandmother's house to see me. He wants to spend the night, not just have sex in a hurry. I know my grandmother knows that I am having sex with him. My grandmother called me a 'woman'. I don't feel I am ready to be a 'woman' yet. I like my room, I like my house, I don't want to go live in an apartment and have a roommate. I don't want to grow up. I don't want to find out what is on the other side of the hill. I just don't want to leave home.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    ok, I confess. I do not have a huge dick. I would like it to be bigger at times but for the most parts its the right size.

    I love blowjobs, but most girls can't deepthroat most things over 7 inches so if I can't get a good blow job then what's the point. Also, most girls don't want to be fucked in the ass by a giant porn star dick however, I can do it and most girls don't complain.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 49

    I have some injuries that caused some problems for me maintaining an erection. Despite that, I have a high sex drive and masturbate almost everyday. When it first happened I bought my wife a vibrator feeling I could not always please her. I got to use it on her several times. I know she masturbates but she would never admit it. I place her vibrators in a position and they are different when she puts them back. I get off thinking about her masturbating and I cum in no time.

    I have masturbated once in bed when she didn't feel like fooling around. I think she liked it. I check the vibrator positions and they were different the next day. I have even told her when I masturbate I think of her masturbating. All she said is you better be with a laugh. She's not picking up on the fact that I want to watch masturbate.

    I love giving her oral pleasure. It is almost an a must for me to eat out before we have sex and I have taken the infamous blue pills to get my cock hard. She wants me to just straight up get on her and fuck, no foreplay, no eating her out, just fuck. I don't mind, but I love her red haired pussy so much. I love the scent, the taste, and little bit of cum that squirts ever so little. I have a secret fantasy of fucking her and eating her out afterwards and yes, I have tasted my own cum before, who hasn't.

    Been finding myself masturbating watching online porn. But lately I try to find website where you don't have to register and just masturbate with random strangers. Most have been guys which does not bother me, we are there for the same reason but the women are few. This morning I was going through a sit a started masturbating with this younger guy, got bored and ended with two chicks on the same web cam. One had her tits out, but just watching me masturbate, it was so hot to be watch by a female. I lasted maybe 3 minutes.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    So I am a 40 year old man who likes to wear women's clothes in public. The is almost no way without a ton of makeup and a few dozen razor blades that I could ever pass as a woman so I don't try to. I generally will wear women's jeans, tops, & shoes. Nothing too outrageous, but if you look it is obvious that I am wearing women's clothes. Today I was dressed in these amazing cropped skinny cargos with a back zipper at the cuff. Also a woman's 3/4 sleeve black ribbed crew neck sweater and a pair of side zip white quilted high tops.

    I went to a Cirilla's across town which is a toy/lingerie store and started looking at the woman's lingerie. The woman working there asked me if I need help and for the first time ever, I said yes. She asked if I knew what I was looking for and if it was for myself. I told her I am not sure what I want but it is for me. We started going over some things and she pulled a few pieces and invited me to try them on. On our way to the dressing room, she asked me if this was for a special occasion . I told her no, that I was a closet dresser and my wife wanted nothing to do with this side of me. We started talking about that and then her life as a sub. We literally spent about 45 minutes just talking. She was so interesting and nice. Finally the phone rang so she went one way and I went the other to the dressing room. After trying on 6 or 7 items I narrowed it down to two. I brought those out and asked her which she thought I should get. She actually asked me to try them on for her. I enjoy exhibitionism as well so I jumped at the chance. I went back to the dressing room and put on this little black chemise. I called her over and was standing there in lingerie and my own black satin panties for the first time ever in front of somebody else. She said she liked in but wanted me to try on the pink one. She started to leave and I told her she has already seen everything so she might as well stay. I tried the pink one on. She came over and adjusted the straps for me and told me she loved it and I should definitely get that one. I got dressed and we both walked to the front of the store and I bought the pink one. I still have butterflys in my stomach and this was 4 days ago.

    I plan on going back to try on some more and am already planning my wardrobe. I may wear black seamless sheer pantyhose with a thong, a pair of black leggings with a sweater with lacy sleeves and a really cute pair of t-strap flats. Or maybe some slacks with with 2" heeled mary janes and a wrap around striped blouse with a lace cami underneath. Or instead of slacks, white jeggings that totally show panty lines and are nearly sheer - they leave nothing to the imagination. There is just too much to choose from! I know I want to be more feminine than I was the other day. I feel safe there and would eventually like to wear a skirt or dress in public for my first time ever.

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