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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    When my husband asked me, I thought he was joking. Well as of yesterday morning I now know he wasn't.
    I woke up feeling Johns thick cock entering me again, this time up my asshole as he spooned me. The night before had been my first ever anal sex and I absolutely adored having John fuck me there, making me cum twice as he thrust his cock deep into my rear hole.
    When he'd made me cum again as the light began to stream through the drapes, I felt him tense up and then unload spurt after spurt of his hot sticky cum inside my asshole. I knew form the previous night what to expect and he didn't let me down.
    Uncovering us, Mitch, my husband rolled John over, took in Johns cock into his mouth and sucked his entire shaft and cock head clean. I watched with eager and total fascination of my husband sucking on another mans cock and also anticipation of what was to happen next.
    Finishing sucking every morsel of my anal juices mixed with Johns cum, off Johns cock, Mitch turned his attentions to me. Making me stick my ass high in the air he spread my ass cheeks and buried his face between them. licking and tonging my hole until I too was fullly cleansed. Like a scolded boy, Mitch returned to the small bed that was set up for him and watched his wife and her lover fall back to sleep.
    Mitch had breakfast made when we finally rose and as I gave John a blow job in the kitchen, Mitch was just serving coffee. Half swallowing half retaining Johns watery cum, I kissed Mitch good morning letting him suck in Johns seed.
    After breakfast and just before John headed off to work, Mitch thanked him for treating me right with his much larger cock. Johns response was to tell Mitch and I love this "Make sure your cock doesn't go anywhere near her bitch".
    I laughed at the remark because Mitch is six feet two inches tall, muscular build with a five inch cock. John is five feet nine inches tall, skinny build with a huge nine and half inch thick cock.
    Mitch wanted to be cuckolded more than I wanted to be fucked by a man with a larger cock, but now at Mitch's insistance, I'm so glad he's becoming my own personal cuckold.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Last weekend after my bachelor party my best man and I were chatting and drunk. He asked if I still wear panties like I did as a kid. I said sometimes. He asked if I still sucked cock when I do and I laughed and said no. He walked out and came back quickly and tossed a pair of sexy hot pink panties at me. I don't know why but I put them on. He came over and pushed me to my knees and put his cock to my lips and I don't know why but I opened up and sucked my best mans cock hard. He pulled out and said bend over the sofa. I went total submissive ad I did as a kid and asked him to be gentle it's been a long time. He was and did me like a pro filling me 3 times. Next morning I woke up in bed next to him wearing the same panties and him grinding me. I pulled my panties down and he did me twice more. My fiancé was coming over later that afternoon to pick me up. He fucked me twice more before she got there and once in the garage while she waited. Since last Friday night he has totally owned me. My fiancé is smoking hot and great in bed but I only want my best man/friends cock to suck on and fuck me.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 32

    We had our girls only trip last weekend. A concert we all wanted to see, a band we have seen many times. We partied with the band before I got married. Becky fucked them one at a time in front of everyone. We were wild girls.

    We stopped all that and all by Becky got married. Talking about the old days and desire to let loose, we planned one more trip. Our husbands and Becky's BF went to fishing camp. We rented a motor home unit and stocked it with everything. We hired an old bus driver to take us there and back. We drank some moon shine drink apple pie and told stories on each other. The driver was nice and laughed with us. We offered him drinks, he would not take one.

    Half way there we stopped, the driver needed sleep. he took the back bed and we kept waking him up. On his way out of the toilet Becky ask him if a blow job would help him relax?? Ah I Ah I don't know. He was a bit confused and bashful it seemed. She took off her clothes and followed him to the bed. Could hear her slurping and him moaning, finally his moans of completion. She let him play with her tits while she sucked him off.

    We finally passed out, Becky on the floor nude. The sun woke me first and I looked around. We looked like shit. Becky once had magic tits, now a saggy mess. I had gained weight and not as pretty as I once was. I worried I would not only look young enough for the band, my own husband might get turned off by my looks.

    I had a depressed feeling the rest of the trip. Drinks did nothing to fix this, actually made it a little worse.

    we arrived and early enough to see the roadies setting up. Invited band members over to party. memories of us helped, we got a mercy visit. Becky and Vicky fucked the drummer, did a little three some action. he left right after, not sticking around to have more of us. I had not planned to fuck anyone this trip. Be the wife and just enjoy the back stage fun, watch the others and maybe a young girl do what we once did.

    The concert finished around midnight and we got our back stage passes. The band had busses and I ended up on the roadie buss. Looked for the others, could see no one. I was about drunk now and drinking more. These guys were smoking pot and doing coke. Wanted me to try it, I DONT DO DRUGS. just booze. The smoke was choking for me and I think it effected me. Young guy with huge muscles and nasty looking hair ask, you married?? Yes, just having fun with my friends.

    He gets undressed and told me I looked hot. This made me feel good and in my condition it triggered my brain. I hit fun mood and stupid brained. He took my clothes off and fucked me on the bus seat. The other guys were doing coke and cheering him on. Kurt was his name and he was preforming for the guys. Had been here before many times, just long ago. When Kurt finished I reached for my clothes when some guy stuck his cock in my face. Give me a blow job, I said no, he said how about some ass hole, I sucked his cock. Have been hurt by cocks and bottles stuck up me. I don't want that again.

    while I am sucking him I feel my legs going up and a dick going in me. Do as I had in the past, I do as a good woman should, I work my body my stomach muscles and my pussy feel so good he wants nothing else. If I don't I know what will happen. I become an experiment. Wine and beer bottles in every hole I have. few pictures and I am the bus bottle bitch. In todays world I could be an internet smash. Don't need my husband to see that.

    The guy who wanted ass fuck me got a good blow job as well. Once he pops he will be finished pretty quick. It takes a long time for this guy to cum, he is pretty high. In this time I have finished one guy off and now the third guy is in me. None wearing condoms and each more nasty than the last. I hear the guys complement my pussy and how good I am to fuck. Now its dark but not that dark. this guy is black, I don't like this at all. I don't care for this shit. he takes his turn and he goes to work on me. Like the others he tells how good the pussy is, Kurt said get some of that ass Rodney. No, this is what I want. Thankfully he does not last long, each have not worried about cumming in me, no worry about following the other.

    I worry I will take some STD back home. I also worry about the sex getting far to rough. Have seen girls get fucked up and beaten pretty bad. Yet another takes a turn and they don't say this guys name, not a band member, he is a stranger. Seems one of the roadies found some guys to just come fuck me. I am not as drunk as I was, I want to survive the night. I push the guy off me and he accepts it. I look at Kurt and ask him to fuck me again. Can we go to his bunk and be alone. Oh yes, lets go have some private time. He takes a his of coke and dives in the bunk. I get on top of him. He is fired up and wants some rough sex. He sticks his four fingers in me, I want to fish you bitch. Tell him I need to get something from my pants. Its for him, some meth to try. He pushes me out, Get it we can party.

    I get my clothes and don't stop walking. I get out the door and run nude to our motor home. the driver lets me on and locks the doors. We are missing Becky and no one has seen her. Other two were kicked off the band bus after told to blow everyone on the bus. We got some knives from the bus and looked for Becky. We ask if anyone had seen her, some girl said she was behind the stage. They were pulling a train on her. Told the others to stay put, I went to get her. She was passed out on the crate with beer bottles sticking up her. I got a security guy to help, we got her on the bus.

    We each visited the Dr and got some test done. She gave us some powerful antibiotics, waiting for tests results. I told my husband I had been raped, worried I may have something. He is pissed and wants to kill the band members. Vicky's husband kicked her out of the house. Said she knew what would happen, she wanted it. He would never see her again. She is living with us now. She is torn up. Becky is not the same person at all. She told guys were in line and refused to allow her to get up. Some guys held her arms and legs. She pissed in the floor and on the crate while they fucked her.

    Will not do this again,

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    My nephew and two of his friends helped me move this past week and last night I paid them for it by allowing them to take advantage of me sexually. We went into the bathroom to share a joint after a few drinks and I let them undress me. I was kissing one of them while another sucked on my breasts as my nephew knelt in front of me licking and fingering my soaking pussy. I thought I was going to pass out as it felt so good. I collapsed to the floor after having a mind blowing orgasm and with my head against the wall they proceeded to literally fuck my mouth one after another. I never swallowed so much sperm in my life. The one friend had a large cock and he nearly choked me to death trying to fit it all down my throat. My nephew was much smaller but what he lacked in size, he made up for in willingness and his skilled tongue.
    We went into the bedroom and for the next four and half hours they screwed me one, two, three at a time in every way. They really loved my mouth and they kept it filled for most of the time. After years of being a priss, especially in the bedroom, the treatment I recieved last night was karma I guess and I really enjoyed it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    When I was a kid i was swimming in the pool with my cousins. I was about 12 and they were like 10. Anyways. I pooped in the pool little balls of poop then grabbed one of them and chucked it at my cousins face. She started throwing up in the pool. Then we all just swam in the mixture of poop and vomit (ok this last sentence didnt happen they actually ran out of the pool)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    I was just beat up by my "friends" because I disagreed with their religion.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 23

    I pooped in the pool

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 48

    My wife of 4 years, is ten years younger than I. Though not perfect, I love her full figure and sassy attitude. Lately, I've begun to act out on an outrageously sexy act with her. She suffers from a medical issue that requires her take valium. I have begun to experiment with adding other sleep aids and have found that if I grind up 2 ****** in her tea at night, she quickly passes out once in bed. Last night I violated her. She was passed out on her side, her thin and worn underwear her only attire. As I looked at her knowing what I was about to go, my cock grew to its fullest and thickest. I quickly undressed and laid behind her. Spooning her tight with my cock pushing into the fabric of her underwear covering the crack of her fleshy ass. Our body heat quickly made it sweaty where we touched and I slowly forced myself to relax. Then it happened. A tiny squirt of pee. Quickly absorbed by the thin week fabric of her cheap underwear. Emboldened by her lack of response, I fought through the excitement and released a small stream onto her panty covered ass. I could feel the wet heat trickle between our thighs. With no noticeable reaction I pushed my swollen manhood a bit further down to the entrance of her panty covered pussy, and again relaxing let a good stream of piss loose to soak her pussy in my salty urine. Driven by desire, I pulled her wet panties to the side exposing her sloppy c*** . I pushed into my wife with my 8 inch piss covered cock. Slowly and deeply penetrating her I soon climaxed deep within her hot pissy walls. I have made love to my wife many hundreds of times yet this was new territory. With my c** full in her I relaxed, pushing my pelvis tight to her ass and relaxed. And I felt the most amazing feeling I've ever had. I filled my wifes worn out c** soaked pussy with hot piss. It took me by surprise when I could feel my piss pumping out from her well used pussy. A pool of hot urine collected at our joined hips. Soon, too soon I was empty. But the idea that my wife what is now full of my piss kept my cock hard and fully inside of her. Knowing how effective the concoction I have made worked, tonight I'm going to piss on her head and soak her hair and face with my smelly salty nasty piss that I've been holding in since this morning.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    When I got home my husband was up and angry and had been drinking of course and was drunk. He demanded to know where I'd been and didn't believe that I was out with my girl friends. He was convinced I'd cheated on him. When I tried to get into bed he was really angry and grabbed me and kept yelling at me that I was cheating on him. He held me down and tried to pull my panties aside. I kept my legs closed while we struggled. He kept saying "I want to see, I want to see." Then he yelled "I know his cum is in there, I know it." He finally managed to get my panties aside and started yelling that he could "see it" and that he "knew it."

    I struggled and finally got away from him. I locked myself in the basement and spent a sleepless night down there. The next morning he barely remembered anything and thought that we had argued over his being really drunk. I didn't say anything about his accusations or our wrestling match.

    I feel bad because he was right. I had cheated on him and had allowed a man to cum inside me. I don't think my husband really saw any cum while we were wrestling but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe he did. I just know that I'm going to cool it for awhile.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 40

    I have been having an affair with my friend's wife for 4 years. He lost it when she became pregnant with one of his children, and he had an affair. I don't know if it was guilt on his part, wanting to justify his continued affair, or excitement that his wife was attractive to other men but he gave me tacit approval to sleep with her. If you want to imagine an awkward conversation, talking with an old friend about screwing his wife is right there.

    I don't think he could imagine what he opened up with his sweet little wife when he gave me the greenlight. We live in different cities, but she has visited me at my home for weekends, met me on vacations, I've met her one numerous business trips, and she has even sent him away for a time when I came to visit.

    She has become my slut. I have fucked her in restaurant stalls, hotels, in her living room with her kids sleeping in the next room, my place...everywhere imaginable. I have flown her into town for 24 hours just to use her body. Her pussy, mouth and ass are mine whenever I want. She has gone on the pill for me, and I love filling her with my cum and sending her home sore to her husband.

    She just texted me that she'll be visiting NYC for a week, and "can she stay with me??"

    I don't feel bad about it. If he was so willing to give this up, I'll gladly take advantage of it.

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