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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Since I noticed my dad gets a boner when I wear skirts around the house, i stopped wearing panties.

    He tries so hard not to look but i know he sneaks a peak.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 52

    I guess I have fought gay desires all my life,been married, dated women and very often needing to think of cock to cum when I was with a woman.My name is Mark and I am 62 yrs old.Many times I thought I had some control of the desires and could live some sort of straight life.Lately it feels inevitable that I am turning to men for good.Of course I have had anonymous affairs with men and gay interludes when all I could think of was cock.Somehow I would will myself to return to women and swear I would give up these urges.

    I suppose I just did not want to be gay and refused to accept it.Yesterday however everything just fell into place.Leaving my apartment I walked through the local gay area.Knowingly I checked out men's crotches and felt this was not just another cruising experience.It hit me finally that I was gay and I may as well live the rest of my life as a gay man.Just as I was thinking this I noticed this older gay man staring at me.He was outside this gay bar smoking a cigarette enjoying a deep drag.I had seen him before many times and he often smiled and checked me out.I never stopped but felt a stirring in my groin.He was about 70 or so weathered face a bit of a belly and looked like he had been around a long time in the gay lifestyle.In the past I would never have compared myself to him but today was different.I knew that I was becoming more and more like him without realizing it.I was smoking my cigarettes with a slow sensual elegance.I was looking at men's bulges with lust like he did every day.I was hoping to be with men and have sex with them.This time I stopped and went up to him.Hi my name is Mark could I bum a cigarette off you I said.He offered me his pack and I took one.I put it in my mouth and he flicked the lighter for me and I inhaled the smoke deeply.I noticed his short white hair and moustache. Likely the Marlboro man look of the 70's .I took another deep drag and he spoke.Why don;t we get out of here and go to my place he said matter of factly. My name is Bruce by the way.He started walking and I went with him. My heart was pounding.He knew what I needed.After a 10 minute walk we got to his hi rise building and took the elevator to his floor.Inside his apartment I noticed gay videos and magazines and a bottle of poppers on his coffee table.He took his clothes off and I removed mine. It was all inevitable like I no longer had control of it.I said Bruce I am a gay man and this is what I need.He smiled and said I know Mark. I have known you were gay for years.When I saw you looking at me and other men we just know.You have always been one of us now you can admit it.Then he said okay faggot get on your knees and suck this dick.My heart pounded hard as I took his 7 inch cut cock in my mouth.I kissed and licked it with so much lust and desire that has been with me all my life.Before he was even close to coming he had me get on all fours on the living room carpet. Snort these he demanded as he placed the open poppers in front of my nose.I snorted until I felt that rush of heat go through me and the strange waves of lust that poppers induce.Bruce fingered my loosening asshole and put some lube in it from a tube he had nearby.Then he got behind me and slowly entered my assc**t bare.The head of his cock parting my anus easily.Her started fucking me with confident deep strokes.God it felt good.He fucked me like thjat for I do not know how long but it was intense.My body started shaking with the beginnings of a full body orgasm which I had often experienced with dildos and anal play on my own.Now it was his cock making me orgasm like a woman inside my body. I was moaning and crying out.Then he groaned and let loose his seed breeding me with a flood of his semen.He pumped quite a load in me.After he withdrew he said tomorrow you and I will be standing outside that bar watching other men walk by,lusting after them, and smoking our cigarettes contentedly.A couple of gay men just being themselves.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 29

    Through a totally unrelates series of events a girl came to live with me, first she was there on the couch for a few days while she found another job. But after several weeks of frustration she begged for another week. One night I felt bad, why I don't know and told her she could sleep with me in the bed. The couch was so bad, hand me down from who knows who. I made room for her and we slept ok, the bed was a queen and we are small. She looked for this job and that job and never found a job and she kept up with the apartment and groceries and laundry and I worked and basically supported her, buying clothes for her, shoes and taking her on vacation when I went to see some friends on the West Coast.

    It was while we were on vacation and at a party that my friends had for us to meet their group that this guy was hitting on 'her'. I got jealous, my heart was running, my stomach hurt, I went totally impulsive and walked over to them and said that I wanted to borrow my wife back and took her by the hand to where I was talking with my friends and another couple. Everyone heard me call her my wife. She didn't say anything right than so she wouldn't embarrass me but that night, of course we were sharing a room, we had been sharing a room for over a year by then, she got into her night shirt, she had on this pair of very tight panties that night, her breast were tight in the nightshirt, she could see that I was staring at her, she walked over and asked me if she was my wife was I her wife?

    She took off her nightshirt and stood there in front of me with nothing on but those very tight panties and looked at me and told me to make her my wife. That was the first time we had sex, real unabashed sex. It was my first lesbian experience, my first lesbian kiss, we tried to be quiet but who knows what my friends heard from their room. I called her my wife after that trip, we slowly let it be known that we were not just friends or roommates, we made love or had sex intensely for weeks afterwards. She is my wife, she stays home and I work, we did get married in a simple ceremony with some friends and parents present. We have a king size bed now, we used a gift certificate from our wedding, we have also moved into a small house.

    I love that she is my wife, that we live the way we do. I do not mind at all working to support us, I love that she takes care of me. We have had several conversations with my brother and his wife and he is willing to provide his services for us, his wife wants total clinical insemination but we want natural insemination. It is not like it was he and I, my wife is not a blood relative, but still my sister in law hasn't agreed to a natural insemination and that is what we are discussing. Regardless it will be 'clinical', my sister in law and I will wait outside the room until they have success. I am not downplaying this, it is just that a doctor's office seems so impersonal for such a thing like having our own child, maybe children and my brother is the closest thing to me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    When I was seventeen all the moons aligned one weekend and after a bizarre chain of events I wound up in bed with my Mom one Saturday afternoon and we fucked until the next morning. It was an amazing one time thing. We make inside jokes about it to each other to this day. Well, my Dad passed away unexpectedly and after the funeral and luncheon everyone had left except for me and my wife and kids. Mom asked my wife Kim if it was okay for me to stay for a night or two and Kim said goodnight and went home with our three young boys. As soon as they turned out of the drive I turned from the window see my Mom standing right behind me. She gently took my hand led me to her bedroom. And without any words we made passionate love in it's wonderful variety all over her bedroom and the shower the next morning. My mom's ass has always been perfection to me and when I came deep in her ass the first time it was the most intense orgasm of my life, I almost passed out. That was about four months ago and so far only some new inside jokes.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    This one is not about me so much as it is about my uncle. This man is what I aspire to be. While it may sound like he was a small time hustler and pimp, this man had a good life, no real worries about anything, and lived on his terms.

    I'll talk about some of his time in the 70s, and if people want, I'll make other posts about his life through the years. So he was in his 20's back in the 1970's, and lived in a trailer park. This was by his choice, he grew up in a nice suburb, and when I asked about it, he told me living there was cheaper and had better opportunities for him. He was a hustler all the way, never worked an honest job in his life; but he was always willing to bust his ass for a dollar. He did cigarette smuggling, late night break ins, loan sharking, ran women, and all kinds of work. He shied away from violent crime, said it brought too much attention. And his area was a bit more rural, and he didn't have to deal with organized crime too much. He was living not too far from an interstate highway, so the rural organized crime guys did not get too close for fear of bringing down the mafia from the cities.

    So, while living in the trailer park, his steady everyday source of income was selling weed and running an illegal bar. Illegal in the sense that he never asked anyone for permission and had no permits nor paid any taxes. he paid local women to be bartenders, with the uniform being a bikini. If you were a customer and felt the need, you could arrange for some private time with the ladies. Some of the women worked for him on their own. Others, were the wives or daughters of men he loaned money to, and they worked for him until the debt was paid. Let's just say he never asked fro proof of age. He eventually expanded his services to include being able to hire a bartender to work at your trailer for an hour or so. He really started running women a year after he started running the bar. He told me the best way to get women for that was to get them or their man into debt. My uncle could pay a local tough guy to beat the shit out of them, and intimidate them into working for him. He made sure to loan money to women or to men with wives and daughters.

    He went on about how great the 70's were for him. The trailer park owners never cared about what went on, so long as everyone paid up on time. Cops rarely ever bothered him, and on the rare occasion that they did, he bought them off, and he had all the pussy on tap that he could ever want. What he said was a godsend was when he was able to get heroin from contacts in the mafia. That cinched his control over the park's women. People would eagerly give him their daughters, women would do anything for the next hit. However, when he eventually moved away from the park, he got away from serious drug dealing. Said the drug game was getting too dangerous.

    But think about how great that life was, work when you want to, making enough to never have to worry, and the whole area is your personal harem, to use or sell as you pleased.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 28

    I had a roommate, and we shared a car. The car was in my name, and we carpooled to work together since we were both in manufacturing. One night on our day off I told him I'd be in the town over with my girl going glow-bowling, and spending the night. Howbeit my axle blew on the way there, so I called a tow, and took it to a mechanic. I got a taxi service home, and to my surprise, an aesthetically alternative emo looking twink was in the apartment as I arrived. My roommate was both flustered, and irate, and I put the pieces together.

    After explaining the situation he decided to fix the car on his credit since I didn't have the funds to. I would pay him back was the deal. Over the course of months it grew into arguments, and he punched my glasses off one time. He got used to getting physical with me pinning me against the wall, holding my throat, and even hitting me sometimes. I felt trapped because I couldn't just leave, and I felt obligated to pay off the debt. I didn't want the cops involved either because I relied on him a bit to live.

    I couldn't take it anymore, so one day I proposed that I would do anything for him to stop hitting me. I don't know what frame of mind I was in.. But seeing that twink, and getting roughed up all the time probably had something to do with it. So immediately I'm sprawled over my bed on my tummy getting my pants removed. Once my rear was bare it was getting spanked, and caressed. I let myself loose with moans to pacify him in hopes this was the key to not being treated like absolute dog shit anymore.

    I'm in doggie position, and he eats my butt, and gives me a reach around. I glance at my alarm clock, and after 30 minutes of the ass play, and reach around I still haven't came... So he putts me on the floor on my knees, and I see his cock. It couldn't have been more than 3 inches. It was laughably small. But girthy as it was thick around. He says I'm sucking his cock. I rebuttal "not without a condom" The condom goes on,and he's more passive now. Leaving me to do the work. I take him into my mouth, and use as much tongue as I can. I bob, short little bobs on his stub, until he starts thrusting into my mouth. I could feel drool leaking out my mouth, and down my chest, and stomach. I can't stop looking at the clock this goes on for an eternity. His cock is soaked in my spit, and once again he orders me doggy style on the bed to be fucked.

    My butt is somewhat bubbly, and it's just not going in. He's thrusting, but it's not actually penetrating.. So.. Not to humiliate him I improve, and start moaning. I rock myself back into him, and my butt starts clapping his hips. This goes on for an hour before he's done with me. At this point he switched condoms, and orders me on my knees again...

    I suck him off for another 45 minutes, and he cums into the condom. My tongue at this point tastes like burnt rubber. It was really a strong, and bitter rubbery taste in my mouth from so much friction on the condom. Our relationship escalates because he blackmails me because I have a girl-friend... So now I am an exhibitionist for him, and he takes nude pictures of me on his phone.

    I was getting roughed up still, but at least not beat up. I'm out of the situation now it was years ago. But I find myself thinking about our sessions as I jack off today.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    My wife and I divorced just over 3 year's ago. No problem we went our separate ways. There week's ago I had to ask her if I could stay in her spare bedroom for awhile until the house I just purchased was ready. I was laying in bed bed the other night and listened to her new boyfriend pounding her I mean he was destroying her pussy. The sounds were so intense I couldn't handle it and started getting hard. Then I jacked off listening to them. Since then I have been standing right outside their bedroom door and filming myself jerking off listening to this guy go at my ex-wife. The sounds in the back ground are amazing. I hope they take forever to finish my new house.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    My boss kissed me one day and told me he loved me. I was 27 and he was 63. I have a two year old baby now, he is perfect in every sense. The first thing I have to say is wow, sex is amazing. The second thing I have to say, older men can and do have babies. Arm candy, May December, cradle robber, plaything, I've heard it all. I love him now and I'm happy to be his wife and have this beautiful baby boy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    I am 60 now and all this happened 44 years ago, I was an only child but it didn't matter, considering what happened then it was maybe just as well.
    We were happy family with really nothing to worry about, typical family that took holidays together and everything, I was about to leave school and go to college, thats was until the 8th of march 1979.

    I was only 16 at the time but I remember that day with particular clarity, the phone rang, I answered it, it was my Dads works and they asked to speak to my Mother, my Dad was an electrical engineer at the Golborne colliery, in Lancashire, there had been an accident, it was bad, my Dad had been killed instantly by a methane explosion.

    I remember the look of disbelieve on my Mothers face as she beckoned me towards her and just hugged me crying before she told me what happened, a short time after someone from the pit knocked on the door to speak to Mother.

    The funeral was planned and even the Mayor of Wigan launched an appeal for money, for the people and family's affected was raised, as I remember it was quite a lot but we didn't really need it at the time.

    The funeral over with I thought we would settle down to some kind of normality but we didn't, my Mother would spend a lot of time crying and worrying but what was more worrying, she had turned to drinking and more often than not she would smell of drink most of the day and this was not her, I am not ashamed to say at 35, she was an extremely attractive woman and could pass easily for someone at least 10 years younger, she kept herself in shape too and had a lovely figure, but after that happened she just went downhill with vodka and I had to resort to the local chip shop most of the time.

    At night lying in bed I used to here her crying, she missed my Dad so much but there was nothing I could do to take that hurt away except to be there for her and it began to affect me too, I would go out drinking with my friends because it would hurt me so much to see my Mother like that.

    My friends were no help either, they got used to seeing her drunk and it sort of became the norm, one day I decided to stay in, there was a film I wanted to watch and I got one of my friends to me some cans of lager, that night was to change my life totally.

    I had a shower, put a tea shirt on and a pair of football shorts on with nothing underneath, I started watching the film and enjoying the lager but I fell asleep on the settee, I never heard my Mother come down the stairs or into the living room but was woke up in the most sensual way and the biggest shock of my life! she had her hand down my shorts feeling my my penis and balls! and I had gotten an erection!

    I jumped up in total shock pulling my shorts back up, I didn't know what to say or think at the time, it seemed a total mind block! I went upstairs to my room and went to bed, I heard my Mother come up the stairs and she knocked on my door, I didn't answer so she knocked again calling me by name and asked to come in so she could talk to me, Ok come in Mom I said, she cried and apologized for what she had done and explained all she could see was my Dad laying there, I didn't say a word except for Ok and she left, apart from the shock of finding my own Mother holding my penis and balls, there was no harm done and it actually felt good! and I couldn't help but go to the bathroom and masturbate into the sink.

    The following morning I knew Mother had not got much sleep cause I didn't either! I had been thinking about what had happened all night and it actually turned me on enormously! I mean totally illegal but it had actually kept me hard most of the night! almost to the point where I thought I would have to stand on my hands to pee!
    I decided to be honest with her about it if she asked, I knew she would anyway.

    I went downstairs, got myself some cornflakes and a cup of tea, around ten minutes later my Mother came downstairs, the first thing she said was she that she was sorry, Biting my tongue a little I said it was ok and I shouldn't just left like that and it actually felt nice but I got a huge shock!
    I didn't know quite what to expect to that! all she said was Oh, it felt nice last night did it, I said yes but I wasn't expecting to find her doing that! and with that she was ok, it's out little secret then sweetheart and she came over, kissed me on the cheek and patted my crotch! I didn't really want to admit that my Mother was the first to touch me there! although I suspect she knew already! that I was still a virgin!

    I said we should just spend that night in together and talk if she wanted and she ok, it sounds good, should I rent a film for us to watch later then, yes ok but you pick it mom.

    That night came and as promised we stayed in, she had not been drinking as much that day, if fact she seemed quite sober, I can't remember what film she got or if she even put it on cause we talked and talked about how much we both missed dad, we talked as adults and drank, about last night she said, I know I shouldn't have done that and I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me, it's really ok and I shouldn't have acted so silly either just running upstairs the way I did, this morning when you said you enjoyed it, did you mean it she asked, I knew I was being railroaded but I was at least honest and said yes.

    She admitted to me she did too, also that she wished I has stayed where I was! I wasn't stupid, I knew where this was going but I liked her now the way she was, sober! I said if it were now I wouldn't run upstairs I would just sit there and let her! Hold on she said, I'll be back in moment, she went upstairs and when she came back she was in the most lovely nightgown, white and silk, thats better she said and sat down beside me, isn't this nice she said, just the two of us, after a couple of minutes we both talked at the same time! you go first I said, Can I do that again then if you liked it? in these jeans I said! you can try! that was all it took, she reached over and loosened my belt, undid the button and pulled down the zip, her hand went into my underwear right down into my crotch, I was squirming around a bit and she said if it was uncomfortable just take them off!

    I did just that, naked from the waist down! at first it felt like it did last night, weird but then it felt nice, really nice, she held my balls with one hand and played with my penis with the other, I got a huge erection and it was not long before I wanted to come, my mother didn't care she kept on until I did! all over myself! my first orgasm with a girl!!!!

    After that she still played with me and kept me hard, she took my hand and put it inside her night gown, no bra as I touched and played with her breasts, I couldn't help myself, my hand went down to her thigh, I touched and stroked it working my way towards her vagina, she never stopped me, she helped by opening her legs slightly, she was just as apprehensive as me but it was too late, she wasn't wearing any knickers either, I touched my first naked vagina! all wet and hairy, it was nice rubbing it, I felt her hand touch mine and push my finger inside her, I felt her vagina grip onto my finger and convulse, the smell was like, a warm fishy pissy smell, the smell of sex, eventually she got up, over the top of me, she directed my penis into her very wet and warm vagina, she took my cherry ans she knew it!

    She started gently riding me and got a little quicker, I was thrusting up inside her too, the feelings was indescribable! I knew she was coming, I could feel it running between my legs and there was a lot of it, I couldn't take anymore and let my load go, much better than any wank!

    We went to bed after that, and made love for most of the night! the difference in her was almost immediate, she took better care of herself, she dressed nice and she stopped drinking except for social, I had replaced what was missing in her life, I watched her change back into that beautiful woman again from the brink of alcoholism.

    My mother died last year, I don't regret anything anything I did with her, we made love up to the day she died of a heart attack, at least I gave one person in this life their self respect back so they could live happy again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 44

    I have done this four times now, the last time was this past weekend on Saturday night. I picked up a young, but very used street hooker and went to a notel/motel. I gave her $40 to get sucked hard, then fuck her. She had no tits, was thin as can be, tiny outer pussylips, but a really big gaping fuckhole. Her pussy had wisps of black hair growing out. I got on top of her and was fucking that used up cumhole, and asked for anal. She got adamant that she didn't do that and I asked her to go doggie. She got on all fours I stuck it up her useless, gaping c**t again and with all my weight pushed her down on her belly. I pumped a few times then pulled out, held her head down and took off the rubber and rammed my cock up her shit hole. By now my hand was on her mouth and I covered her screams. I pumped her about 3 minutes and shot my rocks off in her pooper.

    I got up, smacked her one on the back of her head and told her not to say anything. I pulled up my pants and left the whore with my cum up her ass.

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