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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 46

    I am in Arkansas and I am Matt / Matilda and I love secretly being a sissy faggot cum gulping cock sucker - I also love it up my ass but sadly so far I've only been able to take thin 5" or less cocks so far - I love the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth and of lots of nasty talk from the guy I'm sucking but my favorite moment is when that cum gushes into my mouth and I gulp down every last drop and he says that was the best blowjob I've ever had! Yummy! I am ggulpie@@y***o.**m if you want to communicate

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 20

    Help!!!! A few day ago when I got home from school for the summer I saw my 19 yr old stepbrother, Dylan, masturbating. He doesn't know I saw him. I can't get his long, thick, gorgeous cock out of my head. Ive masturbated several times imagining him.

    For the last couple of days I've been trying to provoke him, Wearing sexy, revealing clothes. Bending over from the waist so he can catch looks up my skirt. Leaning onto the breakfast bar across from him so he can look down my shirt.

    I know he's looking, I know it's getting to him. I've seen him readjust when he gets a erection. But how do I get him to do more? I don't want to scare him off by being to obvious,jumping in his bed one morning after the parent's leave for work and saying, "Fuck me! I need your cock."

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    All my adult life I've been secretly bisexual, and only the death of my wife two years ago has allowed me to fully indulge in my love of cock and ass. And with someone who in a million years I wouldn't have dreamed of fucking. In the town I live in gay men aren't looked on kindly, so I decided to confess on here to somehow release my pent up frustrations.
    The reason I say it's with someone who I wouldn't have thought to have sex with, is because that someone is forty two years younger than me and part of my family. Indeed Luke is my very beautiful grandson. Before anyone gets all precious about me taking advantage of him, believe me when I say, it was and still is Luke who drives our relationship.
    It was Luke who discovered his grandfather masturbating to gay porn eight months ago. And it was he who told me that day he wanted to experience what my cock would feel like sliding over his tongue and deep up his ass. You see what no one other than my wife and a young college student I spent time having amazing sex with aged nineteen, before knew, is I'm a very well endowed man.
    At ten and half inches long and about six inches in circumference, Luke looked at me with total lust on his face. I tried to cover up, but was nearly at the point or orgasm when I noticed him watching me. Luke made no attempt to hide his fascination for my cock and told me immediately he wanted sex.
    Going through the denials and trying to get him to see we couldn't as were are family, Luke crossed the twenty feet between us, got hold of my aching cock and began to stroke it. As I've already said, I was close to orgasm, so it was too much longer that I came with Luke tossing me off. As soon as he felt my cock pulsing he lowered his head and took my full load over his tongue and face.
    It had been well over two years since anyone had touched me sexually, so to have someone I love dearly give me sexual release was so special. But Luke wasn't finished. Looking up at me, Luke took my cock into his mouth and began to suck in my still very hard cock. Again I tried to tell him it was wrong, but his oral manipulation of my dick only drove me to hold his head and begin to fuck his mouth. Before I knew it I was sexually engaged fully with my grandson, and loving it.
    Getting totally naked together after briefly stopping his amazing blow job, we sixty nined and I had my first cock in my mouth in over forty five years. On and on our oral love making went and I was soon in that zone again. Wanting to bury my cock up a receptive hole, as I'd done countless times to Luke's grandmother. Letting Luke know how I felt, he challenged me to fuck him to orgasm.
    My grandson knelt up on the floor and positioned himself spread eagled over the coffee table. Using some hair conditioner I quickly got from the bathroom, I looked at Luke still waiting for me to fuck him and wondered if i could go through with it. It was his words again that had me drive my cock up his rear hole, when he said "Look granddad, I want your cock so badly, so please fuck me". Smearing his asshole with the hair conditioner, I thrust my cock into him and experienced a purely thrilling sexual moment.
    It had been so long, so many wasted days, months and years of denial. Telling myself I was a married man with a family to care for, to seek out men for sex. All those years challenging myself to stay straight, when I knew deep down I was at the very least bisexual. So with Lukes love and his obvious want of my sex, I fucked him like I'd never fucked anyone. In an half hour long sexual session I gave Luke what he said he longed for, and much much more. And did my granddson take every inch of my dick. It was clear I wasn't the first to have fucked him, yet his ass felt so tight on my cock. Every position change we kissed, and kissed passionately. Every time I drove my cock deep into his bowels, I heard the joy in his asshole acceptance, expressed in his sexual moans. We were one, a complete whole and in every way we were perfect together.
    With Luke mounting my cock, fucking himself on my dick, he came all over my stomach and hairy chest. I quickly followed suit and rammed my cock hard into his as, as my cum flew from my cock. Leaning over Luke kissed me hard, then broke away to tell me he loved me and wanted to carry on our secret lust for one another.
    Lay next to him I promised him I would think about it. It's a promise I've kept, and we're still having amazing passionate sex together to this day. Made a whole lot easier now he's moved in with his confident, lover and granddad.
    And to hell with what the world might think.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 28

    i grew up but my vagina stayed a child

    i have a secret that the doctors told my mom when i was little they said i am not fully developed in my vagina meaning that i can never have sex or have a child of my own

    and after growing up i found out that what they told mom was right because right now i am 28 years old with the vagina of a child's my body has developed in to a women's, but my vagina stayed a child, so i am a child in a womens body and that is my secret no penis can fit in to my vagina i cant only halfway put my pinky in and that hurts like hell i have only tired to have sex once and his penis did not fit in and i felt like i was dying and because of this secret about me i have found out that i cant ever have sex because no penis is small enough to fit inside of my vagina

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    So I'm a girl and I have this fetish. I'm not sure how normal it is though since I haven't heard of it much.
    I really want to fuck a guy, probably using a dildo. I've always liked being dominant in my relationships and the thought of him screaming loudly and begging while I roughly pound his ass really turns me on. I'm a bit into S and M stuff too so it'd be great to whip him and deny his orgasm. Not until he's begging like a wild animal who has been tamed.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 36

    My 1st Milf was my best friends mum.... My best friend did not know, still has no idea, non of her family suspected,
    Kim was easy too look at, and Kim was a flirty woman....however she was a mother and when she walked in on me with her daughter when I was 16, I found myself in a situation, where my best mates mother was intent on helping me fuck her duaghter right,,,,,,,she unexpectedly walked in on us, we skipped school and expected the house to ourselves, me and Cathy were on our fith root for the day in her room when we were cuaght....Kim walked over and sat beside us as she smiled, asking us to show her our stuff. So we did, and we fucked like porn stars for a solid hour in every position we could. As soon as I blew Kim sucked me hard again while explaining what she wanted and swapped spots with her duaghter and coached me through another hour or more of a solid ramming session inside her, then helped her kid suck me hard after I blew, then the girls tag teamed me, Kim gave me her number and arrange for me to be her contact,,,I got another year of that

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I was in the 7th grade my best friend and I were at my Parents house out in the country. It was a Saturday and he and I were going to camp out down on the creek like we did almost every weekend. He and I were very close and had known each other for a long time. We were both very curious and comfortable enough with each other that we liked seeing each other naked when we went swimming in the creek.

    Not only had we seen each other with a hard on many times we had experimented with each other a few times by stroking each other until we came and that had us curious enough to even try sucking each other a little a few times. We got very close to making each other cum with our mouth but stopped just short of having the cum in our mouth. We both looked forward to our Saturday night camp outs because we wanted to get naked together late at night and make each other feel good.

    It was no different this weekend and we couldn`t wait for it to get late enough for us to get naked and get in the same sleeping bag and try sucking each other again. Both of us liked being naked together and found it very exciting to make each other cum. We were just two young very horny and curious boys that saw no harm in making each other feel good. And since no one would ever know about it that seemed to make it even more exciting. We hurried down to the creek got the tent set up gathered fire wood and set up the camp site as usual then waited for it to get dark to go for a swim naked.

    Once we knew my Parents were asleep and Dad wouldn`t be back to check on us until morning we got in the tent took off our clothes and both of us were hard and anxious to get in the sleeping bag and suck each other some more. We have went up in the bushes earlier that day and took turns on our knees sucking each other and made each other cum once already but were eager to do it again right away.

    I remember going down in the sleeping bag and taking him into my mouth and hearing him moan as I began to suck on his hard dick and how his hands were on my head and his hips were moving. The whole experience felt better than any of the times before. I liked having his hard dick in my mouth and the feel of his nuts pressed to my chin and I wanted to suck it even harder and keep all of it in my mouth. I could tell he really liked what I was doing and that just made me want to please him even more and I got my hands under his smooth young ass and was squeezing his ass cheeks as I sucked his dick like never before. He was moaning even louder and his hips were moving to force his dick in to my mouth and then I tasted something that I knew was his pre cum because I had tasted my own many times.

    I couldn`t believe that I hadn`t stopped because I knew he was about to cum but it was just way too good to stop and I talked myself in to letting him cum with my mouth on his dick and knew I could spit it out if I couldn`t take it. He warned me but when I didn`t stop he got even more excited then forced my mouth down hard on his dick and pushed his hips up then it happened. His cum started shooting in to my mouth and I started to gag a little but not enough to stop and before long I had to swallow. Once I did I swallowed all of it and continued to suck his dick and it was so exciting I had to play with my dick and as soon as I touched it I came too and since I was on my stomach between his legs my cum was all over my stomach and now I was sucking his balls and playing with his dick.

    After I came out of the sleeping bag he couldn`t stop talking about how it felt and kept asking me how it felt to swallow his cum. We talked awhile and he said he wanted to see if he could do it too so he went down in the sleeping bag and started to suck my dick. He did the same thing to me as I had done to him except it took longer to get me to cum because I had came earlier but he made me cum and swallowed my cum like I did his.

    We laid there talking in the dark and neither of us could believe we did what we did but agreed that it was much better than stopping at the last second and it didn`t taste bad at all. I guess we both got pretty excited because in a half hour or so we were at it again with the sleeping bag unzipped and while I was sucking his dick he got turned around so that he could suck my dick while I was sucking his and we rolled around sucking on each other like crazy stopping a few times just to tell each other how good it felt. When it was time for us to cum we both had our dicks balls deep in each others mouths and I happened to be on the bottom and it was the most exciting thing either of us had ever experienced and we sucked on each other a long time after we came and both of us took each others nuts in our mouth a few times and we made sure we told each other what felt best as we licked and sucked on each others dick and balls for a very long time.

    We fell asleep later on and I woke up just before daylight with him on top of me humping my naked ass and when I asked what he was doing he just kept on humping on me and later asked if I liked it. I told him t felt pretty good then he asked if he could keep doing it. I told him he could and the longer he did it the more I liked it and he came on my ass. I did the same to him right after that and then we went for a swim to wash off. We had to get dressed because my Dad would be around to check on us in a little while.

    He came by and stayed awhile then left. It was too risky to do much during the day if we stayed near the tent so we took off walking thru the woods looking for a good place out of sight so we could get our clothes off and go at it some more. We found a good private spot and once we were naked I asked him to lay on top of me again so we spread our clothes out on the grass and I laid down for him to get on top of me and his hard dick was in the crack of my ass right away and he started humping me as we talked.

    It got pretty exciting real fast and he asked if he could try something else. I asked what he wanted to do and he said just tell me if you want me to stop. I said OK and the next thing I felt was the head of his dick poking at my asshole and just about the time I was going to tell him to stop it went in my ass and it stung like hell but he never stopped pushing as I thrashed around underneath him with my asshole burning as his dick went up my ass. He got all of it up my ass then just laid on top of me both of us moaning and moving around thenn he started working it in and out but couldn`t go for very long before he stuck it in me really hard and shot his cum up my asshole which made me cum like never before and right away I started asking him to do it some more.

    It took a few seconds but he started doing it again and it felt even better and it took him awhile to cum the second time. Once he took his dick out of my ass it felt weird and his cum was leaking out of me as we sat there talking he said he wanted me to do it to him next. Later on we changed placesand I got on top of him and got my dick in his tight ass and I fucked him and came in his tight ass twice like he did me. We were going to leave and stood up and he hugged me and I hugged him and we rubbed our dicks together awhile then went for a swim to wash off.

    Both of us had a little cum leaking out of our ass as we swam and talked and grabbed each others ass and played with each othes dicks until we were both very hard and we both wanted to suck each other off again so we eased over to the edge of the creek in the knee deep water hidden under some tree limbs hanging over the water and took turns sucking each others dicks before we went to the house to eat lunch. We called his parents to see if he could stay another night and they said he could so we were excited to have another night to play with each other.

    We fucked each other in the ass twice that night and sucked each others dicks quite a bit and the next morning we fucked again then went for a swim and made plans for the next camp out. Years later we are both married with kids and are still sneaking around to suck and fuck one another.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    When I was in the 8th grade my friend and I were at his house one Saturday night while his parents were out partying. He and I were looking at his Dads dirty magazines and got so horny we started talking about having some type of sex with each other.
    We talked about it off and on until we had to try something and I don`t even know why but I asked him if he would fuck me. He didn`t waste any time at all saying he would and I really wanted to try it so we did it. Once we were buck naked he was hard as hell like I was and he tried to fuck me dog style but came in the crack of my ass pretty fast and he pushed me down on his bed and stayed on to of me trying to stick his dick in my asshole. By then I wanted him to fuck me so bad I spread my ass open wide and pushed my ass up towards him until it had to go in and once it did as I was kicking and screaming he forced the whole thing up my ass and fucked me hard while I was still screaming from the pain and he came up my ass like a water faucet and kept thrusting his big dick up my ass until his nuts were drained and his dick finally slipped out of my ass and cum ran out of my ass like a river.
    I couldn`t believe I had just got fucked up the ass and took his cum in my ass but what I really couldn`t believe was two hours later I was asking him to fuck me again and he did and came hard in my ass two more times. From that nighnt on until we were in our early twenties he fucked my ass all the time and we both loved sucking each others dick and swallowing the cum. If we weren`t in a 69 he was fucking my ass filling me with cum. I miss him ant thinmk back to those days often.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    My mother-in-law was going to be staying with us for a couple weeks. Her first day with us she has a talk with me about how she appreciates me letting her stay with us and that she doesn't want to be any inconvenience or disruption in our lives. She then tells me my wife told her that I walk around naked a lot and that she has no problem with me doing that while she was here. I didn't know what to think but was a little pissed off with my wife for telling her this. I spoke to my wife later and she admitted to telling her that and asked what her mother said. I told her she had no problem with me doing that while she was here. My wife said if she was fine with it then I was free to do it. I didn't know what to think now and figured I would wait and see whether I would. The next morning I wake up and go to the bathroom like I always do but this time in walks my mother-in-law seeing me naked. I forgot she was staying with us but now the ice had been broken. I saw her taking looks at me but it was expected. She made a comment about how she was glad I did as I always did as it made her feel like we were a close-knit family. She left the bathroom before I did and after I left I found her in our living room. The robe she had on earlier was off and she was wearing nothing. Her legs were spread and her breasts were in full view. One leg was up which gave a very good view of her hairless pussy. She saw me looking at her and replied that if we were going to be naked we might as well show it all upfront and not be shy. During her stay we both walked around naked in front of each other and my wife knew and didn't mind. It was her last week staying with us when we actually showered together. I don't know how my wife would have felt about this but she was at work and we figured not to tell her. It was innocent enough but we did touch each other in some spots that may have been deemed inappropriate. The next day with my wife getting dressed for work her mother came into the bathroom with me in there about to have a shower. She had me turn my back to her and I felt her reach around and grab my cock. She began to stroke it. I told her we shouldn't be doing this. She told me if I wanted to stop to just tell her to stop. I repeated we shouldn't be doing this and she asked if I wanted her to stop. At this point I was close and the next thing I was doing was shooting my load against the wall in the shower. She let go of me and told me to shower. The next day my wife left for work early and her mother called me into her room. She asked for me to give her a massage which I began to do. I did he back first and then she rolled over to do her front. I was rock hard and she told me she was very wet and ready. I knew what she wanted and I knew I should have restrained myself but in I went. There we fucking. Once done, her mother said what we just did was sort of taboo but she told me she knew we both wanted and needed it.

    The next day we talked about and agreed we went too far but did admit to each other that we did enjoy each others company more than we should have. We agreed to keep the incident just to ourselves. Since then we have done some sexual stuff in front of each other but no intercourse or touching.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    It's half time, England are getting beaten, my wife's just popped out to the late night shop to get some wine. So I'm going to suck off our fifty two year old neighbour to cheer myself up. And him too. He's been watching the match with me. God his cock is amazing. He's just flopped it out and wants my mouth wrapped around it. If we're quick enough, I might just have him fuck me.... Hope so!!!

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