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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    A couple of months ago I went to a gay bath house for the first time. I've always had fantasies about doing it with another man, especially a day dream about undressing a woman only to find out she had a cock, and being so horny I had to go through with it. I also enjoyed reading stories of men together, many on here.

    I had never acted on these urges and they've become stronger over the years, so I decided to find out once and for all.

    Walking around in the dark wearing only a towel I saw what I expected to see, men getting hot and personal. I was aroused but didn't fancy the glory holes or the dark room. I spent a fair bit of time in the sauna and steam. It felt nice in the heat watching things I'd only seen on video .

    I refused many advances. I was beginning to wonder if I could go through with it. So much male flesh and nothing enticed me, I was so choosey.

    After 2 hours, I was thinking it was time to go when some one sat next to me on this wooden bench. My heart started to thump. He was slim and blond and good looking. Casually he rested a hand on my knee. I felt a bit dizzy. After a few long seconds I opened my towel and his hand reached up and stroked my raging hard on, the first male hand to do so.

    I put my hand on his lap and he guided it in to his cock. Another first. It was solid as well but the skin was soft and smooth. We kissed and I was impressed by how gentle and loving it was.

    He invited me to go into a cubicle with him and I agreed. Now I was naked with another naked man in a tiny room with the door locked. He gave me a beautiful blow job. I didn't blow but I wanted to experience other things so we laid down.

    I wanted to suck him and knew this was the moment. I was unsure, would I like it or be disgusted by it. I was very anxious about taking his cock in my mouth but I did it slowly. Oddly I didn't feel an electric shock of pleasure or revulsion either. It just seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do, no different from kissing lips. I enjoyed that smooth skin on my tongue.

    He shot his semen onto his stomach. I was fascinated, watching it for real. I touched it, it felt so warm. Then licked it, tasting a bit funny. I knew I could do this, suck off a cock.

    We talked a bit and I confessed. Maybe he was sceptical but didn't show it. I was married and in my late twenties and this was my first ever gay encounter. He seemed a bit disappointed I wasn't single. He was the one to ask me about anal and I said I'd love to try it with him, he being the bottom, and he agreed.

    He made me swear it was true I'd never done it before, which I was glad to do, then agreed to do bareback, saying it was only right we make it a special occasion.

    I don't know what I thought or expected about anal. I had dreams of it being somehow different. It was a pleasurable shock to find it was just a great fuck. I could close my eyes and think it was a pussy I was doing.

    I liked it when he was on his back and I was on top, fucking him and feeling his hard cock against my stomach , so hard and hard. It excited me so much.

    We were in there so long, slow fucking, another 2 hours I guess. So I had to hurry then to get home, something I was embarrassed about, leaving my new lover like that.

    My problem now is, instead of satisfying my curiosity it has now left me wanting more.

    I've read some hot stories on here. Mine is not one of them but I felt I had something to say.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 20

    Okay, let me start by saying that I'm a 20 Year Old Virgin. That being the pretext I would like to know whether women still prefer honest, pure and untouched (never been kissed) virgin men to be their life partners or simply a man with experience because I know for a fact that most of us men would prefer virgin women to accompany us for life.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I'm into some weird shit. So first off I have a big knife fetish. Kivesknivesknives I love knives! For me, the more deadly they look the more sexy they are. I like those big mean looking butcher knives but my favorite kind are the thin wicked looking razor kinds. Also knives made for show are usually hotter. I've got 2 knives that are my favorite to cut with, and those are my 14 karat good plated butterfly knife and my slicer that has a beautiful tie-dye thing going on with red, purple dark blue and green. I fantasize about getting cut with sexy knives, attractive people holding them, and having sex whilst my partner cuts me and holds a knife. Also I love cutting myself with my knives.

    Second I've got a blood fetish. This goes really well with my knife fetish... In fact some of the fetishes I'm going to mention go really well together. Anyways, I love blood. The sight, smell, taste, its sooooo hot! My favorite part of blood though, is the texture. There is nothing quite like it. I love its feeling in between my fingers, on my tongue, when I use it to masturbate, it hot as hell. When I cut myself, I not only love the cutting part, but I also use the blood that comes out. I want to drink other's blood though. I wonder if it tastes any different.... Also I want to have sex with my partner and I covered in blood, I get to feel it on their body, lick it off.... Sooooo hot.

    Next up is my fetish for insane, crazy psychotic women. The idea that my partner has killed before is really hot, even more so if they enjoyed doing so. I love it when women get off to others suffering, its so hot and psychotic! The sexiest smiles are the crazy wide ones, with crazy giggling and wide eyes and insane laughter as they hold knives and are covered in the blood from the people she enjoyed killing... So fucking hot!!

    Fourth I've got a thing for BDSM.except, unlike most guys, I wanna be strapped up. My favorite kind of bondage is leather straps, but straightjackets are sexy too. I love when I'm unable to move and a t the full and complete mercy of my insane partner. Also with this I love the pain. I wanna get beaten, cut, slapped kicked bitten(bites are especially hot) forced r**ed and a whole bucket list of others. And of course, I love it when they enjoy hurting me, laughing as they torment me with absolutely nothing I can do about it- their toy that they can use as much as they want, goddamn I love it!!

    Finally I have a fetish for inanimate objects being cleaned to complete, utter and absolute perfection. Kinda out of place, right? But yeah, this dosnt affect me much in everyday life, I don't have OCD or an a germophobe. But ill occasionally be cleaning something and get that special tickle and all of the sudden it must be cleaned beyond all reasonable standards. I've spent hours on a peice of glass or something(it must be a hard surface) to achieve that coveted perfection. Sooo sexy. It has caused me to subconsiously rub a lot of surfaces with my fingers to inspect them, but nothing I've encountered so far has turned me on.

    So yea my weird crazy fetish stuff.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 37

    A small town girl I went off to college upstate. The second week there I went with some kids to a party. A guy I met there got me outside and took my virginity face down on the hood of his car. I couldn't even see his face as he was doing that to me. The rest of the evening he kept me as his girlfriend and groped me and kissed me and promised me more of what I had gotten outside. He got horny again and this time he took me on the couch as a lot of other kids watched. I was his girlfriend, like it or not.

    He lived off campus and I had girlfriend duties which included doing his laundry and cleaning up as well as allowing him to have sex with me. As his girlfriend I had to keep his apartment clean and neat. Everything my mother had never gotten me to do at home I did for him. No one was going to criticize me for not keeping a good place for him. We had sex three or four times a week and he taught me what he liked and how to please him.

    I learned to cook, I bought a cook book and taught myself. My boyfriend was not going to be treated like other girls treat their boyfriends, he was going to have a proper girlfriend, one that knew how to cook and keep his place neat and clean so he would want to come home for her. The one thing that scared me was that he was going to have sex with another girl, so I made sure that he always wanted to be with me.

    But no matter how hard I worked I could never get him to call me a woman. I was always a girl. I was desperate to be considered a woman. I did everything a woman does, everything, but he still called me a girl, because he said I wasn't grown up yet. He would let me know when I became a woman.

    So I got pregnant. I did it without asking him. I quit taking birth control and I got pregnant right away.

    Becoming a mother was both the best thing in my life and the worst thing in my life. My boyfriend placed all the responsibility on me. I got pregnant, I take care of the child. And him, and the apartment, and everything else. I wanted to be a woman, well I became a woman in the mother sense and I wasn't twenty years old yet.

    Somehow I juggled the baby and school and him and I was in my last year to graduate and I just got the urge to get pregnant again so I did. I wanted to graduate pregnant, I wanted to walk across the stage with a maternity look. I planned my pregnancy so I would be seven months on graduation. My idea was to hold my three year old in my arms and walk across the stage pregnant. I wanted everyone to see that I was already a woman and a mother. I wasn't another college kid graduating.

    My third pregnancy were twins. At the age of 26 I had four kids and a man and he finally told me that I was a woman, a not so smart woman for getting myself pregnant so often and a reminder that they were my kids, but a woman nonetheless. It had taken over seven years from the day I met him for him to call me a woman. I had made it, I had finally graduated. After that he called me a woman when it was convenient, like when he wanted me to fix him something he liked for dinner, and he called me a girl because in many ways I wasn't grown up yet.

    I was in my mid thirties and he still treated me like a girl. His son was getting his Eagle Scout and he told me that when I grew up I would understand things better. I surrendered. To him I was always going to be that girl at that party that he got stuck with.

    One day I was at neighborhood get together and I sat to the side and watched the people, there were men and women, and there were some men who were boys and some women that were girls. I was one of the girls there. My husband was one the men there. I will always be his girl.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 39

    LIL-LADY WAS A YOUNG CHUBBY black bitch that most motherfuckers in the hood would kill just to mate with her and mama gibbons make sure lil-lady don't get no trouble like that,most times lil-lady too dumb know difference because she born with down syndrome and doctors told mama lil-lady gifted with a high tolerance to then big-boy this neighbor live down the hall get seeing lil-lady playing by the stairs and swore to himself to get some pussy from lil-lady,if you ever saw the comedy film [lil-man] starring the wayans brothers well big boy at 42 years old fit the role of the lil-midget and look like he some 12 year old kid with muscle tone from working out in the gym.lil-lady mama think big-boy just a kid so she don't mind letting lil-lady play with big-boy in the hallway while she cook,clean and smoke some weed making sure to leave the door open for lil-lady when she get tired playing in the hall.lil-lady according to some neighbors was about 10 or 12 years old [no-ones exactly sure] and liked to wear really small polka-dot dresse's that literally gave any man the cold sweat when she bend over or do a spider crawl up and down the stairs.big-boy sit and watch lil-lady dress ride up to her waist exposing her see through panties,lil-lady plumped ass and extremely wet fat pussy get tightly wedged in those pink and white disneyland panties she wear and big-boy get thinking lil-lady need a good dick to fuck all that sweet chocolate pussy...big-boy bid his time to get lil-lady play wrestling with her and chasing her up and down the stairs,though lil-lady noted the huge bulge in big-boys shorts she didn't tell her mama big-boy being too friendly with a grown man dick...big-boy knew his only chance to fuck lil-lady was when her mama was high from smoking too much weed and forget lil-lady in the hallway,good fucking jamaican weed get her mama going on a three hour high so big-boy knew on a good day like that lil-lady's bald plumped pussy was going to feel fucking sweet humping and sliding on big-boys 9 inch hammer.the few tenants who lived in the building including ms.rivers on the 1st floor who was a school teacher never suspected that big-boy was an adult though ms.rivers on some occasions had accidentally noted the huge bulge in big-boys tight shorts when he happen to let go of lil-lady from one of his many bearhugs,she often wondered how could such a little boy be so well endowed yet she considered lil-lady an extremely lucky little girl to have big-boy as a play-friend...lil-lady certainly didn't mind the constant bearhugs though that hard thing in big-boys shorts had already ruined her mickey mouse,minnie mouse,donald duck,and daisy duck panties due to all the poking and stroking when they played wrestling.her mama don't have money to be buying new panties so lil-lady just go on wearing the same ones though the crotch area where the cartoon mouths used to be have holes in them wide enough to let her pussy juice drip right who lived on the 3rd floor and often heard big-boy and lil-lady playing on the stairs would sneak a peek out his door to watch lil-lady with them holes in her panties and feel envy that the young boy playing with her was blessed with a big dick judging by the bulge in his shorts...contrary to ms. rivers on the 1st floor he didn't think lil-lady was lucky to have big-boy as her playfriend,SHIT...he'd mumbled to himself as he watched big-boy grab the little fat girl from behind in their usual game of wrestling and bearhugs...DAMN,LIL-LADY...thought mr. jeffreys WHAT YOU GONNA DO WITH THAT LITTLE FAT PUSSY IF THAT YOUNG BOY POKE RIGHT THROUGH THEM HOLE IN YOUR PANTY AND SHOVE ALL THAT MEAT UP INSIDE YOU...SHIT,BET THAT BOY DON'T EVEN NEED TAKE OFF THEM SHORTS AS THIN AND STRETCHABLE THEY LOOK JUST GO IN YOU LIKE A KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER...lil-lady could feel there was some difference when big-boy did the playful pokey-strokey when he grabbed her around the waist,the hole in the crotch of her panties seem to stretch and it felt as if a really thick doorknob was trying to force it's way up in her pussy and though she physically had a high tolerance to pain she had to moan just enough to calm herself...from a short distance where mr.jeffreys peeked through his door he could see lil-lady's eyes pop wide open as if shocked and heard the sweet moans that surely meant her playfriend was wrestling at a more adult level.strangely it didn't seem to bother the young girl too much because her moans sounded pleasant as if she were off somewhere taking a warm bubblebath yet she grunted in just a bit of pain when the young boy practically lifted her off the floor to hump her really was amazed by the strength the little boy posessed because though the little girl was a bit shorter than him she certainly was a fat sweet bitch at about 200 or 240 pounds which was damn good female meat to be lifted by a little boy...surely mr.jeffreys a retired merchant seaman would have been shocked were he to know that big-boy was 6 inches deep having torn lil-lady's panties wide open at the crotch and trying to lift her to get all 9 inches of black bull dick up inside her.those momentary grunts of teeny-weeny pain he heard was lil-lady's pussy being stretched beyond it's limits because big-boy was determined to fuck the young girl with all 9 inches of his black meat though the little bitch was tighter than any pussy big-boy had ever fucked...SHIT BOY...thought mr.jeffreys GO ON STOP HUMPING THAT FAT LITTLE NEGRO GIRL,SHE DON'T GOT A WOMANS VAGINA AND YOUR DICK LOOK TOO BIG TO GET IT UP IN HER...but big-boy lifted her one final time and by the sound of her grunt mr.jeffreys thought the young boy could certainly wrestle because the little girl was kicking the air with her buster brown shoes and grunting damn fucking loud...WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-AHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHH-UNNNGHH-MUUUUUUUH HHH-AAAWWWWWWWWW-HUUUUUUUUGGGH HH...big-boys 9 inches of black iron steel pushed up into her practically impaling lil-lady's soft fat pussy past her cervix and up into her womb,had they been naked mr.jeffreys would have seen big-boys thick dick bulging and filling lil-lady's stomach and what looked like ordinary little kids humping was actually big-boy fucking the little girl like boss...DAMN..thought mr.jeffreys HOW LONG THAT YOUNG BOY GONNA KEEP LIFTING THAT LITTLE FAT GIRL HE PLAY WRESTLING TOO MUCH AND LIABLE HURT HER must have seemed like the longest hour and 34 minutes to mr. jeffreys but to lil-lady it must have felt like an eternity when suddenly big-boy shouted out loud...FUCK YEAH...and let go inside her,lil-lady felt as if he had peed hot water up in her pussy and her panties were all wet and ruined.surprisingly there wasn't too much blood when big-boy let her go and lil-lady wanted to keep playing though she had a dirty little mess in her in her panties.she ran with big-boy chasing her down the hallway and up the stairs,the hole in her panties left a streak of cum and several drops of blood all up the hall floor and certainly didn't want the neighbors to see the messy puddle and went got rags and mop to clean it up though he was damn wondering how the fuck that fat little girl got all dirty that way just playing and wrestling because there's no way that negro boy gonna get any pussy from her with that big dick the little boy had in his shorts...big-boy having chased lil-lady up to the roof went at her again bearhugging her tightly and pushing his stained shorts with his 9 inch penis up her fat pussy,she gasped and grunted letting big-boy fuck her while her mama smoked weed and watched reality shows on tv....NOTE; SOME EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE BASED ON FACTS THOUGH LIL-LADY WHO IS 39 YEARS OLD TODAY AND WORKS IN A PHARMACY HERE IN THE SOUTH BRONX DIDN'T WANT TO GO INTO FURTHER DETAILS,HER NAME AND OTHERS WERE OMITTED TO RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY...THE END

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Before three months ago, I would have definitely described myself as straight. Recovering from a bad bout of illness and being at home alone as my wife was at work, I opened the door to a young delivery guy. He had a package for my wife she'd been expecting. The package contained a sex toy, a small clitoris vibrator, but the package was half torn apart and you could easily see what it was. The delivery guy smiled at me when he handed it over, and I don't know why but I couldn't help becoming erect. He noticed my cock bulge and instantly asked me If he could help me with it. When I asked him what he meant, he said "I'll either suck you off, or if you want, you could fuck me".

    Normally I would have dismissed him right away. Whether it was the illness or me just being horny, I invited him in and lead him into our kitchen. No sooner than we reached the island in the middle of the kitchen, I dropped my comfy shorts to reveal my fully erect seven inch cock. Not wasting a second, he was on his knees and my cock was sliding over his warm wet tongue. It was totally surreal. There I was a straight married guy, having his cock sucked in his own kitchen by a stranger who was a delivery guy. My cock obviously wasn't the first he'd ever sucked, as he gave head better than any woman I'd been with. He was so good He had me on the brink of cumming within five minutes. As soon as my cock began to pulse hard he stopped and stood up. Not saying a word he turned around dropped his trousers and boxers and told me if I wanted to, I could fuck him, if I had some lube and a condom.

    His ass looked so inviting, pale brown, tight looking and well and truly fuckable. The condom was easy, I had some in the front room. The lube I didn't have, so telling him I'd use some spread, I first put the condom on, then smeared the cold spread all over his asshole. Entering his asshole was a sheer amazing delight. It was tight yet, giving. It was also very very horny to watch my cock sliding up his asshole, a guys asshole. I didn't wait for him to get comfortable with my cock inside him, instead I drove it hard and fast almost straight away and listened to him groaning with pain and pleasure. Gripping his hips tightly, I rammed my cock in and out of his ass as hard and as fast as I could. Those doubtful sounds he made at first soon turned into ones of complete and utter pleasure. Moving my hands up to his head, I grabbed his hair and pulled him back towards me. I didn't mean it to happen, but as his face reached close to mine, I bent forwards still fucking him, turned his head and we kissed. It just seemed the right thing to do. I was fucking the guy, so I should at least show him some tenderness right. Seconds after I'd begun kissing him, he made a muffled groaning sound and came all over the kitchen floor beneath him. That sound and knowing I'd fucked him to orgasm, soon had my cock twitching again and I came filling the condom deep inside his butt.

    Using some kitchen towel he and I cleaned ourselves up. He dressed and I pulled on my shorts. Walking out the door only twenty minutes after first knocking on the door, he asked me if he could see me again. I told him it was a one off as I was married. Before he drove off, he said "Your loss then".

    Over the next fortnight, I struggled with what I'd done. But and it was a big but, I really enjoyed fucking his tight pale brown ass. A Thursday evening a week later, my wife told me she'd ordered some things for her nieces birthday and they would probably arrive on the Saturday morning. And could I make sure I was in, as she'd be out with one of her female friends all morning and late into the afternoon. No sooner than she'd told me, I phoned the delivery company and asked them if they could to send the same guy who delivered the package (I gave them an order number) as I thought he'd dropped a charm on our pathway. I was lying of course, but it worked. He smiled so big when he arrived on the Saturday morning, telling me I was his last delivery of the day. He also asked me "What charm". I replied by tellng him "Your mouth and ass". In our front room I experienced sucking cock for the first time as we sixty nined. His small cock a perfect size to learn with. Then over the next forty five minutes, in the front room, on the stairway up to our bedroom and on our bed, I fucked his super cute asshole in every way you can imagine. He insisted on a condom and rightly so. So over the time I had my cock fucking his beautiful ass, I filled two condoms.

    This past couple of months though, as we've both been checked out, when we get the time to meet up (Which is usually at a motel on the other side of town) I've been fucking his ass bareback, and boy what a difference. It's far more intimate and way better when he's riding my cock for him, as he tells me he can feel every vein in my cock sliding up his ass.
    We have fucked three times at our home and once down a trail road. That was so horny being naked in the open air, fucking him bareback and cumming inside his body. In a first, I even at his request, licked out my own cum from his asshole and fed it to him as we kissed. We continue to this day to have sex, probably once a week, and I've realized I'm now most definitely a bisexual man. A man I might add who still fucks his wife two or three times a week. The best of both worlds, you bet ya!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Course: Human Sexuality and Sexual Health.

    I'm a 60 year old, divorced, business owner who is also bisexual. I was only married for 5 years and have two very good looking and very intelligent sons. This confessions is not about sex with my sons because that has not happened. However, it is about an open, life-long honest dialogue with my sons as it relates to sex and sexual identities.
    My oldest son graduated law school last Spring and is now practicing his profession here in our home town. My youngest son is in Medical School several hundred miles away. I am one proud father !!! Last Friday I was in the same town attending a builders conference and, as much as I wanted to spend the entire weekend with him, I knew study time was an imperative. So, we only met Friday evening for dinner and some one-on-one catch up time. During our time together my son shared the following, which I find extremely interesting:
    The medical universities, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health teaches the course: Human Sexuality and Sexual Health. As part of a research study that department solicited medical student volunteers for a series of on-going surveys during this Fall term and my son volunteered. At dinner was not the first time one of my sons had thanked me for being so honest with them regarding human sexuality. In early September 204 medical students, interns and residents gathered for their orientation and the first of a series of surveys. My son showed me his copy of the results of that first anonymous survey. He explained: no names or student ID's on the answer sheets and all questions are answered by circling an answer - impossible to identify anyone.
    Questions: Identify gender, Sexual orientation, masturbation details, age ranges of first sexual experience with another individual and gender of that individuals, Number of sexual partners and genders identities , 3-way and or group activities - gender combinations, married, single, age range, children, last time you had sex and classification of gender, did you have an orgasm, time frames of last masturbation. You get the idea, because this was a 320 question survey on sexuality. Results: 61% of those participating in the survey were female, which is a mirror reflection of medical school students across the nation. 73% admitted to having sexual contact with the same sex - with 73.9% of those being male. 14% had no sexual contact with the same sex - with an almost even number of male and females. Of those who had no sexual contact with the same sex 11% had considered it - heavy majority female. With .02% who did not answer the question. Why have more men than women participated in same sex activities? I know what that survey revealed and its dead on target - as it relates to me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 43

    In my down time I like to relax and lay on my bed and watch tv or a movie and many times my step daughter will join me and lay with her head on my stomach or on my thigh and I get aroused as she is very attractive and usually wearing a t-shirt or tank top braless and shorts that are bordering on being a little too small for her. She is only 13 but she's got very full c cups and a very nice body.

    I know she notices when I get hard, it would be impossible not to. My cock isn't enormous but I'm not small either. Sometimes she will move her head so she almost has her face resting on it or like last night lay beside me and put her leg across me so that her calf lays on my hard on and I get super arounsed and my cock throbs and twitches. Then she moved and layed on her side across my stomach, bending her elbow and resting her head on her hand. We pretended to watch tv but I'm sure she layed like that so she could just check out my hard on for a while. I was really turned on and I couldnt help my cock twitching.

    Anyway, she got up abruptly and went to her room. I looked a minute or two later from my bedroom doorway her bedroom door was open and she was in bed completely under her blanket. Her knees were obviously spread wide open and her hand was between her legs rubbing rhythmically in circles. I stood with my hard on raging in my jeans while she masturbated for several minutes and then she must have cum really hard because her rhythmic movements became jerky and spastic and her legs, knees still spread wide, looked like they started twitching involuntarily and her butt arched up. Then she stopped and lay there.

    I closed the door, got back into bed and jerked off and blew a huge load all over my chest and stomach.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 30

    I have the biggest crush on the girl I used to work with, she is the girl of my dreams. The only problem... Im married and have kids. She is super hot, like my jokes, shes the coolest person Ive ever met. The only thing Ive done with her is a hug. I love my wife and kids, but its a struggle every day. I think about her all the time. I know the feelings are mutual, but I kind of want her, and not my wife. Any advice? Too bad I wasnt a polygamist!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 47

    Blackmail is blackmail. It may not be for money but this could have cost me a bundle.
    A very good Friend of mine was marrying the "girl of his dreams". They had the perfect Wedding, went on the perfect Honeymoon and returned to the perfect Home. They just could not wait to start a Family. Six months go by and no "bun in the oven". They go to a Doctor who tells my Friend he has a low sperm count and the odds of him having childern are not good.
    He and I went out drinking to kind of drown his sorrows and I had to carry him home. I put him to bed and was ready to leave when his Wife asked if I could stay and have a drink with her. I knew I was "safe" because she just wasn't my style. I like a woman with a little meat on her bones. I like long legs and Large Breasts, she had none of these. She would have to gain twenty pounds to be called skinny. She just wasn't my style.
    You know it's a funny thing what you will do when you are drunk. I fucked her on the table in the front hall. Licked her pussy to get her wet and stood up and rammed it home. Didn't take long. She was so damm skinny I felt like I was going to split her in half.
    I didn't know they had a security system with a camera focused on the fronr door. She played me the tape the next day. I am feeling so bad that I could not control myself and I screwed over my buddy. She explains to me that she set me up. The dumb look on my face must have shown her I didn't understand what she ment. She planned on me fathering her first child. If I didn't do as I was told she would play the video for her Husband.
    Her Husband worked three nights a week, he worked the 11 to 7 shift. I was to show up at midnight and have sex with her. Honest, that is all it was. There was no kissing, no hugging, no show of affection. It was just pure raw sex. She wanted two loads a night. If I had a problem performing a second time she would give me oral sex until I was ready to service her again. She knew what she wanted and I was just a tool to get to that goal.
    I was in my early twenties and usually had no problems performing twice. One night I showed up a little drunk and hammered her pretty good. The second time I was hard but I just could not cum. I had never had anyone shove their finger into my butt hole that hard. I enjoy the tip of a girls finger on the outter edge but not rammed in so deep the remainder of her hand was spanking my ass. I never showed up drunk again.
    It took three months of twice a night, three nights a week but the seed was finally planted. My buddy never found out. He was soo proud that he proved the Doctor wrong. He went out a got a Vanity plate for his truck that bragged about what a Stud he was.
    Looking back they are both very happy. I walked around with my nuts totally drained for three months and when she finally gave birth I did the math and figured out she had used me for about six weeks for nothing.
    She just smiled and told me to stop bitching.

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