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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    During summer break when I was sixteen I spent a lot of days laying outside by the pool tanning. I had a gorgeous bikini, and when I would lay on my stomach I'd untie it in the back. I spent many hours doing that, reading a book or listening to the radio while I got some sun. It wasn't long before I started to notice that my neighbor always seemed to be doing a lot of yard work every day I tanned. A friend once joked that he had to have the cleanest neatest yard in the neighborhood thanks to my tanning by the pool.

    He wasn't a bad looking guy and had never been any sort of a perv. My parents thought he was a great neighbor and he often brought us fresh fruit and vegetables from his garden. He was probably in his mid to late thirties, and handsome enough that I didn't mind him looking.

    One weekend in July my parents had went out with some friends on a boat. I stayed at home and went out to tan as usual. With no parents and no annoying kid brother around, I laid back on my back, pulled off my top, and put my headphones in. I decided to close my eyes and take a nap and get rid of the pesky tan lines. The privacy fence assured that the neighbor would have to work really hard to even get a glimpse, so I relaxed and fell asleep.

    When I finally came too, I could see my neighbor on the other side of his yard. He had a ladder propped against a tree and was at it's top and sawing at some tree branches. He hadn't cut many down, so it became obvious he'd climbed up to enjoy the view. It felt absolutely awesome to know I had that sort of power over a man, just with my tits.

    I went to the privacy fence and got up on my tip toes so I could see over the top. I called the neighbor "Hey Joe!" He turned off the saw, looked over at me, and waved. He climbed down and came over.

    "A little hot to be cutting trees in the middle of the day, isn't it??" I asked, pressing my tits against the fence where he couldn't see them. He leaned against the other side, and the only thing that separated was those slats of wood.

    "It's not too bad," he said. "Have to get it done at some time."

    "What about that one??" I asked him, leaning up farther against the fence so he got a good view of the top of my breasts, smashed together into impossible cleavage. There maybe even have been a slight bit of my pink areola exposed. His eyes took awhile to look at the tree, and he stumbled over his words for a few seconds.

    " Ye...yeah..." he said, pointing off to the tree. "I'll have to get to that one too." Every time I looked over at the tree, he looked down at my tips. I could see him casually trying to lift himself up on his toes to see more, and I was starting to get a little turned on. Just a little. I backed up barely an inch, and could feel my little nipples barely touching the wood. I was sure he could see.

    There was a knothole a bit to my right and just at my knees, and I playfully stuck my finger and thumb through and pinched at his hip. He jumped, and I laughed. He shook his head and started laughing to and said "Don't do that."
    I backed up further, as if I was scared he might do the same, and gave him the full view of my tits and bronzed body. All I had on was my bathing suit bottoms. They weren't skimpy or sexy. They were cute, but they hugged my hips and skin enough to show off what I wanted others to see. He didn't try to be coy at all. He leaned up over the fence and took a good long look.

    "You guys have a great pool," he said, trying to make it seem like that's what he was looking at. I was absolutely hot and bothered by how much I was working him up.

    "Yeah," I said. "It's got a lot of leaves and stuff in it right now." When I said it, I bent way over at the hips to pick up the scooper with my knees apart just enough that I know he could see the shape of my mound through the bathing suit. I imagined his penis was so hard it might bust the buttons on his pants. I pretend to scoop a few leaves out and made sure when I shook them out of the net that my breasts and butt bounced and jiggled.

    When I turned back around, he was staring, mouth open. I laughed a little. "What??" I asked, giggling. He didn't say anything. Just closed his mouth and blinked a few times. I went back over to the fence and immediately stuck two fingers through the knothole, and caught his belt loop. "What's wrong, Mr. Tulley??"

    " ;You probably shouldn't be out here exposed like you are," he said, his fingers reaching down to peel my hand off his pants. "Anyone could see you."

    "Someone has," I said, trying to be sexy. I pulled on his belt loop toward the fence, summoned all my courage, and decided that if I had the power, I could use it. I'd been with guys before, but not an older man. Some of the girls at school said college aged boys made way better lovers. If that was the case, then the neighbor would make even a better lover than that. "It's okay that you looked Mr. Tulley. I'm not going to say anything."

    H e stopped trying to pull away. "I didn't mean to look. It wasn't like that. Please don't tell anyone. They wouldn't understand."

    I had him hook, line, and sinker. I wiggled my fingers through the hole and tickled at his side, laughing. "It's okay. I promise I won't tell anyone anything at all. It's no big thing, right??"

    "No big thing," he said.

    "Let me see your dick," I said. He looked astonished. "C'mon. You've seen me. Let me see yours." I wiggled my fingers in the hole. "I dare you to stick it through here."

    Mr. Tulley looked around and muttered "I can't." I wiggled my fingers some more and found some skin under his shirt. I tickled at it with my nails. "I promise I'm not going to say anything," I said. "Promise."

    I heard him unzip his pants, and he glanced around to be sure no one was watching. Suddenly, I could feel his hard-on against my fingertips and pulled them back. He pushed his cock through the hole and it was absolutely rock hard. It was long and thick and pretty, and I giggled when I saw it, but then wrapped my hand around it. He tried to pull away but I stopped him.

    "Don't move," I said. I slank down behind the fence where he couldn't see me and decided I was going to have some fun. I rubbed his cock all over my tits, teasing it's head with my nipples. He couldn't see me, so I reached into my swimsuit and rubbed my clit. I could hear him groaning on the other side of the fence as I wrapped my fingers around his cock and gave him a slow hand job. After a minute or so I leaned in and licked the tip, and he nearly jumped out of his skin. Then I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked on him like he was a melting popsicle.

    "You have to let me come around the fence," he said.

    I moaned around his cock in dismissal. I had him right where I wanted him. I sucked as much of him into my mouth as I could and rolled my tongue around his shaft, and then slid him slowly back out of my mouth with a pop. "Nope," I said. "You stay right there and don't move." He did as he was told and I stood up to see how high up his cock was poking through the fence.

    I had to drag over the chair I was laying out in, and Mr. Tulley was awfully nervous. He kept asking what I was doing. I pulled the chair up against the fence, got onto it on my knees, and started sucking his cock again to shut him up. He begged to come around the fence. I moaned "nnnn-nnnn" around his hard on. I pulled him free and wrapped my tits around his cock and fucked him with them. I decided I was going to fuck him. It's not like he could tell anyone. No one would ever know and we'd both hopefully get ours.

    I stood up on the chair and balanced. Now we were face to face right above the fence line. I was giggling. He looked around nervously. "Relax," I said. "I'm going to bend over and slide you into my pussy. Don't freak out and pull away. Just pretend like nothing is going on and no one will notice a thing." He started to protest but I ignore him when I saw he sure as hell didn't pull his dick away.

    I turned around and balanced myself on the chair, and pulled my bikini down to mid thigh. I eased backwards slowly, one hand on the fence for support. I could hear him muttering about how wrong this was and it distracted me. I felt the head press against my tiny little asshole and jumped forward, almost falling over. "Ooops!" I said. "Almost in the wrong hole."

    I heard him groan and saw his dick jump, but I wasn't going to do anal for the first time with the neighbor out in the open. Even I wasn't that daring. I slid back and held my lips open with two fingers until I felt his cock head press into my warm hole. I was dripping wet on the power trip. He was like a slave.

    I pushed my hips back slowly, taking a tiny bit in. I moved forward and then pushed back deeper. He groaned everytime I did it until at last my ass rested flush against the fence. He was really thick, and it was very filling. I found a great balance and started rocking back and forth on the chair, and my free hand was diddling my own clit. I was so wet I was dripping against my hand. I heard the back door of his house slam and heard his wife talking to him, and I stopped for a second. I couldn't hear what she said.

    "Just looking at the pool," he said, cool as ice. "Wondering if we have enough room in our backyard for one like theirs." She said something else I couldn't hear and he said "No, they aren't even home. They won't care." She started talking to him, and I got sick of listening. I started rocking again, sliding his cock in and out of me faster and faster. He and her were still chatting when I finally came, and I made sure to stay ultra-quiet. I heard his voice crack and felt his cock throb, even as he was talking to his wife, and I pulled off of him and started jerking him off. He came so hard that it nearly shot across the cement and into the pool. Just as the last torrent spurted out over my deck chair, I heard his wife go back in and shut the door.

    "Holy fuck," he said, gasping for air. I leaned up over the fence and saw him with his forehead pressed against it, desperately trying to get his cock back in his pants. "You can't tell anyone about this," he said. "Please, I'm begging you."

    I never did. Not until now. I never told about the two other times I fucked him either. Once when I was 19, and again just after I'd turned 21. On those three occasions, I lit up his life, and it was harmless physical sex that got us both off.

    I only feel a little bit guilty.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 54

    I feel guilty about something I did. My best friend growing up and I became business partners, best men to each other and have been like brothers our whole life. He was there for me when my wife passed and we've always looked after each other's families.

    His daughter Julie is a senior in college hoping to move onto to Harvard Law. She came to me because she was in trouble, real trouble. She needed money, an attorney and my influence. She was asking for a lot. I've watched this girl grow up into in incredibly attractive, if irresponsible, woman. I was reluctant to help her because she was asking to take take care of a problem of her own creation while hiding it from her father and keeping it quiet so that it won't hurt her future.

    While we debated my objections, she started to come onto me. She eventually made it clear that sex was on the table. She ended up in my bed, this girl whose diaper I used to change, wearing nothing but a necklace and see threw panties. Her breasts were magnificent, her skin almost alabaster. She was beautiful and sexy. Her vagina was bare and could be seen through her panties.

    I was angry at myself for my arousal and disgusted with myself when I saw the look of resigned fate on her face when I climbed on the bed. It was obvious she was offering herself to me sexually in trade for favors rather than because she wanted to. I saw a look of self loathing on her face when I removed her panties. I should have stopped but couldn't. She was just too attractive to resist. Her long blond hair spread out on the pillow and her breasts jutting out so round and firm, I had to touch them and suck them.

    She settled in and allowed me to do whatever I wanted. I made love to her with both my mouth and my penis and as soon as I came in her I felt shame and regret for my actions. I'm certain she felt the same way about her own actions. Our relationship is damaged beyond repair and I've betrayed my closest friend all for a little sex.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 43

    Finished a three paper hanging job the paint store got me yesterday. Would get me $150 for two days work, When the man came in and told I had put the paper in the wrong rooms. I sat in the floor and cried my eyes out. The paper for one room cost over $150. he helped me up, gave me a hug and held me. I looked up at him and batted my eyes, I need this money to pay my car insurance bill. If not I loose everything.
    He was nice to me, took me In the kitchen and gave me a soda. He ask if I needed anything in my soda, he put some rum in his. Sure I said, he poured and I stopped him. Not to much or I will be passed out in the floor. I don't drink much at all.
    That's not so bad, I could have my way with you. He laughed and said I am just kidding with you. Please don't take offense to my statement.
    He is a talk nice looking man with pretty blue eyes, I blurted out, you don't need me passed out. he looked at me, are you serious??; yes, your a nice looking man. He told me how he enjoyed sex but seldom had it. His girlfriend lived with him, seldom home. He fixed us another drink, I turned my radio to a more romantic station. Into the bedroom we went. He kissed me and I did not need foreplay. the first drink and the excitement of a man of his quality had me going.
    he pulled the sheets and the display comforter off the bed and I jumped on. Pulled off my pants and opened my shirt. it did not take long before he had it in me. It was exciting for me, have not done this in years. The feeling hit me and I was floating In the air with my vagina being pampered with feeling. he ask me if he needed to pull out, I had no idea what he said, was floating in the air. he took this as keep going, he did. Was not long before I could feel him pulsing and swelling in me. I knew what this was.
    I made a mistake here, I have not taken anything in years. we had no condoms and I never thought about it. I hope it will be ok, I counted my days, I think I ma in the clear.
    I enjoyed the afternoon and the evening. he told me to not worry about the paper. let the buyer worry about it. he just wanted to cover the paint and old wall condition. the house was being sold. His family left it to him.
    I got paid and some great sex. now I have paint work at his apartment next; and more good sex. I will be prepared for the next time.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 23

    We travel and do inventory at a drug chain. We hot the smallest store we have, its a small town store and the only one there. For lunch worker sent me to this small store. Plump woman ask me what I wanted sweetie, I told her what i truly want is not sold here. She ask what I truly wanted. I did not answer and gave her the order for lunch.
    She made the sub and my fries, Before she handed it to me, NOW what do you really want?? I bet you might be shocked. Told her I should not answer this, she try me.

    I wanted my cock sucked and then some nice tight pussy to ride it.

    I get off at 3 today, can you be here??

    I can,

    Will fill the rest of your order.

    She was waiting for me and I followed her to a shack home. She tossed the dog out and invited me in. She filled my order, well done. We will meet again today.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I work in a large department store selling clothing and household goods. I mainly work in the clothing department which gives me plenty of oporunity to give and receive from gay, bisexual and more often than not, married men, blow jobs. When they ask to try on more than the permitted amount of clothing, we have to accompany them into the changing rooms. It's at this time I judge if a guy is, not only willing to have some fun but horny enough looking to me to try. I always sneak a view of them undressing and if I'm confident all is well, I quickly whip out my dick and making a noise, to let them see it. Sometimes I get told to fuckoff, but my judement has become so good, I nearly always end up with a meaty cock to fill my mouth, or have mine taken care of. Only last week I sucked off guy in his forties, making him cum down my throat as his pretty wife waited outside. When I'd sucked every last drop from his impressive dick, I stood up and kissed him hard and full, letting him have some of his own cum as we circled tongues. I watched as he left, giving his wife a kiss, knowing he would back for more.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 53

    I am alone today and think of my past mistakes. Had a booming flower shop and great employees to give me free times. Men told me just how good I looked, but I had a husband and two sons. I volunteered at the church three days per week for the minister. Tom was a grand man and wonderful preacher. He had a wife fringed at ice. he prayed to God to help her get over this. How it hurt him to desire a woman and be put off by his own wife. I heard his prayers as I worked in the office.

    One day I told tom I had a calling to help with his problem. I would reduce his stress and allow him some peace. He prayed on it for a day and agreed, if I could do this and not risk my own self. We made these connections at my house. I had never had sex like this. His passions made him a wonderful lover. The best I had experienced in my life.

    I had it all, my Co and a husband executive with NASA; and my two boys. Then the phone call one of my sons had drown. That nearly killed me, I had feeling God had punished me for what I did. I told my husband and he left me. My life fell apart and I with drew my self. I sold my shop and my house. I moved my son to a city near by. The news spread the small town pretty quick. I drove thirty five miles to shop. No chance of meeting someone there. Calling me a home wrecker. by the way the minister left the church and his wife. Ask me to go with him, I had bad feelings of this. I choose to date a man to be a positive roll model for my son. My sons real father was not much of one, ever.

    This man was our neighbor and very nice. Until I turned him down for sex; he was not so nice. Told me he could take another boy fishing and spend time, his mom had no problems with him. She had made many offers, she could see my son doing well with him. So I relented and did as he wanted. he took the other boy, and got some of her as well. I had whored my self to better my only child, I think it worth it. I had given up on God when he took my son, it was just an act for me now.

    He was not the lover I had enjoyed so much, but he met his and my needs. I came out of the funk and started feeling like a woman. He did me well and got what he called top shelf sex from me. he wanted oral sex, I could not bring my self to do this. With in a short time I worked to become better in bed. better try to keep what I had set up. Then my son hit collage and I no longer needed to keep this going. I did have sex with him, just not as much as he demanded in the past. No more meeting him at work and no more midnight letting him in the back door. My son told me he knew, he had head the sounds at night. So much for hiding my sins I guess.

    I wanted to better my situation and did not care how it happened. Had whored my self for my son, I could now do it for my future.
    Attended a funeral of an old friend and comforted her husband. His children told him I was the church whore, he saw a piece of ass, he told me this before he died. A piece of ass he 3ould not touch until he put a ring on my finger. His wealth was pretty good, his wife's settlement and Ins made him a nice catch. He ask for a prenuptial agreement, I flew hot. He backed off and we were married. I gave him sex once before the wedding and once a week after. he was horrible man in bed. He laid on top of me and worked so slow it got to me. I faked an orgasm to help him finish. He insisted shooting in me, I hate that. hard to clean out and smell problems. But he insisted and he held the cards.

    His sex drive made him a pervert, I had all that I wanted. So we bought another home in FL. If we lived there tax savings could buy another home for my son and his wife. Worked well for us, I moved back to Md and he stayed in FL. he screwed some of the widows but I did not care. I did not want him. Then the strokes and finally death, YEA, I am finally alone. Tom called me and ask if I would meet him. I had him over for dinner. He was alone and been alone. Worked a job and had a home. he wanted to have a relationship. most of all he wanted the relationship of our past. I could feel his power again and consented to sex at that moment. It was as it was years before, intense with a lot of passion. I never thought of ejaculates with tom, just the pleasure he gave me.

    We talked about a living arrangement and our future. A trip to just be alone and enjoy. I heard nothing from him after he left. and wondered what happened. Filled his answering machine and finally gave up. I guess he wanted a one night and some dreams to make me not feel used.

    My Dr called me in and told me I have lung cancer. Its so advanced I will not make it three more months. I cried in bed for three days. My son arrived to see what was wrong. I told him about Tom coming back, and now I will die. He told me Tom's Obituary in the paper yesterday. An auto accident, the night he left my house. He was inured o nthe way home, he died days later at the hospital.

    I think I will now pay for my actions.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 30

    Another hotel story:

    I flew to upstate New York for an important meeting between officers of our firm and another firm we were buying out. Everything went well, and before and after I was chatting up and older woman who was absolutely gorgeous. She seemed really receptive to my flirtation, and I was sure she was flirting back. I invited her to come out with me, telling her since she lived in the town she'd know the best place to celebrate.

    We ended up in a cozy little bar with several other people from our outfit. I chatted her up for what seemed like hours, and we discussed business as well as our personal lives. I was getting more and more drunk as the conversation went on, so I didn't remember much of what we discussed, but I know I was desperate to get her back to my hotel room and into my bed. When I invited her back, she gladly agreed, and off we went.

    Back at the hotel, she sat at the little table in the room and seemed only to want to discuss business. I figured she was nervous, so I poured us both another drink from the mini bar. Eventually I was tired of hearing it and decided to make my move, so I excused myself to the bathroom to gather my thoughts. Inside, I decided it was just her nerves keeping me from jumping my bones, and in my drunken stupor, decided the best way to get her was just to strip and walk out.

    I did, boner in hand. She took one look at me and gasped in shock. She started laughing as she tried to explain that wasn't what she was here for, and when I asked why she was, she said I'd agreed to listen to her presentation on various measures of the take-over. I was absolutely embarrassed at misreading the signals and got dressed quickly. I apologized profusely and she didn't seem to be too flustered.

    The next morning I bought her breakfast and listened to her presentation. She told everyone about the night, and luckily I wasn't reprimanded. I earned the nick name "surprise-dick" out of it though.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 30

    I had to go out of town for business one time, and flew across the U.S. I stayed in a really nice hotel in the middle of nowhere, and there was only ever one other car in the parking lot. I never saw a maid, and rarely even saw the front desk clerk on the way out. It was like staying in an abandoned hotel, and I got pretty used to the feeling.

    One of the meetings I was supposed to attend was canceled on the day I was supposed to fly out. They told me not to worry about it, to relax and enjoy myself before I flew out that afternoon. There was literally nothing to do in the town, so I rented a movie and lounged about. I was miles away from home and my wife, and feeling lonely by the time the movie had ended, so I grabbed my laptop and surfed the web for some porn. Since I knew the hotel was abandoned, I cranked up the sound and enjoyed myself. I must have went after it for twenty to thirty minutes watching various videos and enjoying myself.

    Just as I was in the midst of my orgasm, I glanced up and saw the made standing in the doorway. She was a fat old white trash woman with her eyes glued to my dick as I shot my load. I immediately jumped up off the bed and shot a bit across the carpet and some on the television. I wrapped myself up in the bed sheet and apologized.

    She didn't say a word. She just shut the door and left, and I eventually boarded the plane and never saw her again. Talk about embarrassed though.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Female / 26

    I used to work at this lesbian bar. I'm straight so I got hit on all the time because the lesbians wanted to see if they could turn me out. We'll it worked. I used to work with this really really hot lesbian. We both have huge boobs. Mine are 38DD. Hers were 36C and she has a small build.
    She always said she wanted to see what my tits looked like. I would laugh it off and just do my job. One night I got drunk on a night I didn't work and I brought my friend and her wife in to party at my job. I had been drinking for a while when my big breasted really hot lesbian coworker tells me she has to show me something in the office. So I follow her to the office. There was nothing she wanted to show me. After she closed the door behind she pulls me close to her and starts kissing me, I start kissing her back. This is my FIRST time getting with a girl! My pussy is getting so wet while we're kissing. She got me open so quick. She put her hand under my mini skirt and starts fingering my pussy. We aren't saying anything, just kissing and she now her fingers are all inside me and I'm sooooooo wet. She's getting more turned on the wetter I get. I'm not even thinking about where my friends are bc my pussy is dripping wet and I'm about to come all over this hot lesbians fingers. She knows it too. I came soooooooooo hard and she licked the cum of her hand and put her fingers in my mouth too. She had me so open. She suggested that we go on my bosses desk and spread my legs. I said no bc I was paranoid my boss or someone would walk in (which honestly happened another time with the same girl). We both went out separately and would hook up occasionally after. I even have a boyfriend and he doesn't care if she eats my out sometimes either.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    I masturbate almost constantly. I am from a very religious family and masturbation is wrong. Sex is meant for a husband and wife and only for procreation. I am a virgin and have never even kissed a boy. I didn't even really think about sex until I overheard two girls at school talking about it and suddenly I found I was horny. I went home and touched myself but the horniness didn't go away. I started masturbating between classes, during bathroom breaks at work, and any chance I had for a moment alone. When that wasn't enough I discovered I could make myself cum if I squeezed my thighs together a bit until I was wet and then squeeze them together and bounced one of my legs. I was on my way to church when I figured that out, and my sister, my mother, and my father were in the car. I closed my eyes and pretended to take a nap while I came but the orgasm was so intense I could barely keep it hidden. Now I find that the orgasm is better if I masturbate with people around me who don't know it's going on. I woke up two hours ago, have class in an hour, and I've already masturbated three times. When I get to class I'll masturbate again and have an orgasm while the professor gives his lecture, surrounded by cute boys who have no idea what I'm doing.

    I don't feel very normal but I can't seem to stop. It seems harmless though, so I'm not sure I need to.

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