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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 44

    I am a divorcee its me and my son at home he is 20, I am sex starved my finger is my best friend, know I shouldn't but I do watch him wanking in the shower, I know ime not the only mum to spy on there son wanking it does a lot for me, I feel excited and bad after, how about a comment from other mums

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    In my early teens I baby sat for a young couple, only about ten years my seniors. The mom, Betty, asked me if I was a virgin in front of Tim her husband. I lied and told them, "no" (but I was then a virgin and a very horny one if truth be told). They were physically beautiful and I kept staring at them so much that they knew I was really attracted to them.

    These things really happen but the two of them introduced me to the world of "grown ups" and we met for three-way sex long after I stopped baby sitting for them. No one ever found out, thank God.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Every inch of my body has been thoroughly, repeatedly explored by my twin sister's tongue, and vice versa. We've done pretty much anything either of us has wanted to do with another woman sexually with each other.

    When we get together with another person, man or woman, we like to indulge their twin fantasies, and often that includes at the very least making out with each other if not more. We always pretend to be reluctant at first, like we're embarrassed thinking about each other sexually. Sometimes one of us (usually me) pretends to be more reluctant than the other. So like I'll pretend like I don't think it's a good idea and she has to push me into it, she has to convince me to go along with it or she has to be the one to kiss or touch me first while I pretend to be uncomfortable with it.

    In all our exploration and experimentation we've figured out some differences between us, sexually. She tends to be more active/dominant than I do, for one. She likes boobs and nipples. She likes giving handjobs. She really likes vaginal. She likes getting eaten out and sitting on faces. She loves using a strapon, on anyone. She likes tickling, especially me. She doesn't like the taste of cum, she doesn't like cum on her face. She likes eating girls out but only if she's like, in control of it, like if we're doing 69 she's on top of me. She also likes spitting on people?

    I like butts. I like giving oral in general, I like cum, I like swallowing and having it on my face/tits, and of the two of us I'm the only one who can deep throat. I like being tied up, I like being spanked, and I like being choked/suffocated. I like anal. I like feet for some reason but like pretty much exclusively women's feet. I like being toyed with, like, laying there while someone else touches and plays with my body. I like being naked or exposed especially in front of someone who isn't.

    We both know that many twins hate this stereotype and would never do what we do, we respect that they find it disgusting, and so we're not open about it, but for us we don't see anything wrong with it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    My mother always rub his pussy. When my friends came i m feeling very bad.she wear panty also.she caught me one time during masterbate with his bra panty.i found always condoms under my mom dad bed. Once i saw my father mother during sex in horse position.
    My mother is slim.his pussy always may be juicy thats why my dad fuck her moreshe has too much hair on pussy area.she always change clothes in front of us.her pussy rubbing is big problem.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 40

    Last night I found myself taken into a friend's bathroom and spanked hard by my husband.
    I begged him to wait until we got home but he said we needed to handle this now.
    I back talked one too many times.
    Once in the bathroom he told me to pull up my skirt and drop my panties. He sat on the bathtub and took me over his lap.
    The slaps were hard and very loud.
    After what seemed like a long time I was let up and told to fix my clothes.
    I washed the tears off of my face and we went back to our friends. Everyone was quiet and looking at us when we went back in the room.
    Hubby told me to go sit down and slowly the conversations started back up.
    I was embarrassed thinking that everyone heard me getting spanked.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 45

    an evil omen is being encouraged by dark bad forces. a counsellor was saying things to me that my great grandfather used to say to the man who m****ted half my family including me. I didn't like it and it has been feeling like a evil spirit and evil omen around me. I am nothing like that predator in my personality and I don't abuse children and I don't put my hands in children's pants all day long like he did to me and must have done to my family. and sure he had some good points to him but no one else in the family was like him and we feel someone is doing witchcraft on us and its been going on for some time now in the name of nick, and others deceased. how can I protect myself and my family from this evil omen and bad wicca, we can't get any more broken then this, we have none no wrong ourselves and just want it to go away. we just want the good things to happen to us. has anyone else experienced this sort of thing were demonic words and voices are coming through others and remind you of the abuser and trying to accuse you of what they did to you when you you never did those things and never would do those things? does anyone know how I can help from a light-worker to stop the dark abusive forces hurting my family? so only goodness and light and the good things come in? I don't know about black magic I am a christian, but I can sense a evil spirit talking through the living and doing things that are bad. how low can a frenemy get to do this? opposites all the time rotating the fraud on fraud, how much playing with your head can a demonic sicko go, reversing anti turn complete 180 and flip. you sure show your low to the world abusing people with witcraft. how much more can they mess with our heads di? and lilbeater?

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 38

    Last month I fucked my neighbors daughter because he's always going on about how perfect she is, how special and how pure her religious beliefs are. His other annoying trait is to tell everyone who's in ear shot, just how fucking well off he is.
    Chloe is eighteen. She is as he says, very attractive and she was very virtuous. However I caught her staring at my cock bulge last month, during their annual autumn harvest barbecue. And it made me wonder if she was having thoughts of sex.
    Pulling her to one side a little later, I asked her if she'd ever been fucked. Rather than give me scripture and verse about me being foul mouthed and rude, Chloe told me her ex boyfriend used to fuck her, but his cock was tiny. Looking me in the eye, she asked me if mine was big.
    What I said to her was, if she called by the following day around lunch time, I'd show her just good it'd feel to have a real man fucking her with a big cock. She did call by and by mid afternoon I'd taught that young woman just how good it is to take eight and half inches of pure man meat down her throat, inside her sweet tasting pussy and with her asking me to, dep up her tight oh so perfect ass.
    Chloe really was a slut in ewe's clothing.
    The next day, as I was parking up from work, my neighbor popped his head over the fence and told me how much he'd made that day, and then bizarrely told me Chloe had been humming some pop tune, and not a christian church tune. It turns out the tune was a well known rap song about a girl getting properly fucked for the first time.
    I smiled at him and said "It's probably just a phase, you know how kids are". He grinned at me, but his grin lasted too long and I thought to myself, he suspects I've fucked his daughter.
    Chloe hasn't just left it at a one off time though, as she's been a regular visitor to my bed and gets ever more inventive in how she wants to be fucked. We even fucked doggy style the other day with her facing out into their back yard. I was ramming my cock up her gorgeous ass, as her father was telling one of our other neighbors just how perfect his precious little cherub is.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 22

    The only one I have told this to is my bestie, Anne. She said, "WEIRD, sorry." Before that I had not ever thought it weird. Briefly, I nursed from mom's breasts as a child and we both loved it so much that it kept going on, and eventually we did, and do, other things. Mom said that she sucked on her own mom's breasts for years, too. How weird can it be?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    When my wife turned me down sexually yet again during a holiday over to Greece recently, I decided to go back down to the pool bar which was still open. Chatting away to the young barman as I was the only one left in the bar, he asked me why my wife wasn't with me. I told him she had another head ache. Smiling at me, he said "You can always fuck someone like me".
    I'm not sure why I didn't just walk out because before Yannis I hadn't had any form of gay sex. But I didn't walk out. Instead I sat on my bar stool and allowed him to pull my shorts down. Taking hold of my rapidly rising cock, he opened his mouth and began to give me what I can only describe as the best blow job I'd ever received. It was so good I was nearly ready for cumming within five minutes. Which if you knew me, you'd know it was a total unknown as it normally takes me ages to cum.
    Holding his head I pulled him up and asked him if what he said was true. Smiling at me again, he stripped of naked, moved me off the bar stool and bent himself over it. Telling me to use some hand cream he said was at the end of the bar, I smeared his arsehole with it and my cock and slid my dick into my first ever mans rear hole.
    I can't remember now just how long I lasted but we stayed in that one position during our whole fuck. He began to toss himself off as I thrust into him time and again. Then telling him I was on the verge of cumming, he shouted out in Greek and and came all over the bar stool. Seconds later I was about to pull out and cum all over his back, when he told me to cum inside of him. Pumping my cock a few more times, it exploded up his arse and I slumped onto his back.
    I was totally drained in more ays than one and I leaned back against the bar. Yannis moved around sank down and took my cock back into his eager mouth. This time I did last as he sucked and sucked on my dick. It must have been at least twenty odd minutes later when I felt my second orgasm rising. Telling Yannis, he just carried on sucking and I eventually came forcing my cock as far as he could take it, down his throat.
    Back in our room, my wife asked me if I was drunk after waking up. I told her I'd taken a walk as well as having a drink so no I was sober. Al she said was "Good, now you won't snore".
    We stayed another three days after that and each night I honestly tried to have sex with my wife. She did suck me off once, but that was on the last night. The other two nights I ended up fucking a young Greek guy in a bar and had the sexual time of my life. I was even a little annoyed she wanted to suck my dick that last night, but it didn't stop me from going down later to fuck Yannis one last time.
    May next year, I've already booked to go back. Only I've booked knowing my wife might not be able to stay the first three nights (Ten night stay). It's a special week for her that week and I'm not normally involved. She knows about the booking but so far hasn't said anything about me flying out before her. Indeed my wife mentioned only last night that I should make sure I had enough money to cover myself for the first three nights. It's not money I need to cover myself with, it's Yannis's cute (Now) nineteen year old arse.
    Maybe before then, I might just try and find a young guy to have fun with here.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 28

    I told this story to a good friend a couple of years ago, close to the time it took place. By the look on his face I decided to keep the story to myself in the future...that is, until I found this website.

    By 22, I was already tall and looked older than that age so when I offered my brother help in his import food retail business, which interested me since working there might promise some paid travel, Danny took me on. A week after I began, Danny introduced me to one of his earliest customers, Penny, a woman in her 50's, thin as a rail and almost as tall as I am. She was the sort of woman who when walking by on the street, you take little or no notice.

    She would come in every week or so and outside of a courtesy greeting there were no words passed between us. I certainly did not find her attractive. Also, I figured her to be Mom's age...or older.

    About two months after I met her, she started to give me long looks and a quiet, Mona Lisa type smile, as if we shared a secret but this was all feelings I had. One day, she purchased enough goods to need help so I carried some of her foods and drove her home. I stood just inside her kitchen by the door as she put things away. Then, she said, "Just wait a minute" and ducked out of the room. In a few minutes she came back and said, "He's soundly asleep from two beers, let's be quick about it." I had no idea what the devil she was talking about but then she lifted her skirt up to her waistline and DUH! I got it. Surprisingly, my penis got hard and I unzipped my trousers, watching my handful of junk pop out. We moved close to each other, wordless as usual, and she closed her eyes. For some reason she seemed prettier and almost angelic with her eyes closed.

    Witho ut guidance or help, my cock slipped into her vagina easily. It was wet and warm. I easily entered her fully and my thrusts were long and slow. I was not terribly experienced but I was not a virgin. I had never felt anything like that. Her vagina slowly pulsated and vibrated, sometimes strongly so. Despite all, I found myself enjoying a fantastic fuck from this skinny, elderly lady. She would grab my hip and pull me deeply into herself, meeting my thrusts with equal vigor. In a few minutes she whispered, "I hope you're close because I'm about to come." That said, we had an unbearably passionate, simultaneous climax and I could feel my anus pulsating hard as I thoughtlessly shot strings into her. She whispered not to worry about coming into her.

    For the next two years, Penny and I fucked standing in her kitchen almost weekly. The more we did it, the hotter it became until I found myself wanting to bite her neck and shoulder while engaging her. After a few months she handed me a condom and whispered, "Get into the back door." Quickly, the condom slipped on and I slid inside her rectum, almost seeing stars. The "back door" became a sporadic part of our kitchen door routine. Her climax was just a strong from anal sex.

    Into our second year of standing trysts, while in the store she announced that her husband had been transferred so she had to leave town. I was crestfallen but she said she would call and perhaps we could arrange something once in a while. So far, it has not been more than phone sex but this old. skinny gal has pretty well ruined me for other women. We did it all without ever removing our clothes or sharing more than a few words. Yet, it was vividly memorable.

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