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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 19

    Last year i sucked off i guy a barely knew and was in no way attracted to in exchanges for concert tickets to Coldplay. I let him play with my boobs while i did it. He tried to finger me but all would not allow full access of third base. But he did get to see me topless and give him head and i did swallow.
    Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed the concert but only because he did not know how i got the tickets. He thinks they were a birthday present from a relative.
    It has been a fully year and i still feel guilty. I have never in my life done anything like that before. I mean, i having only had sex with one guy in my life (my boyfriend) and honestly only a few times because i don't want to get a reputation. I saw the tickets for sale on craigslist and we met at a coffee shop. The guy was shocked at was so young (18 at the time) and he was in his mid to late 20's i guess. The ad said, 150 or best offer for the pair. I did not quite have the full amount and hoped to swing a deal and well the guy had his own idea of what the best offer could be. We did it of all places in the unisex restroom at Starbucks and i have never felt so cheap and dirty as i did that day. He was rubbing my boobs, saying how pretty and young i looked and talking really dirty to me, and he keep trying get his hand in my pants or pull them down but i refused and he came pretty fast and without warning, hence the reason i swallowed.
    I never told my boyfriend, but i still feel guilt over a year later, should i tell him?? And i can't dare ask my friends because they may thing i am a worthless slut but is it normal for pretty girls to do stuff like that for favors (like tickets). I read on line about other girls doing it but i come from a conservative back ground and don't want my friends to think i am a whore. But does this kinda may me prostitute (i hope not!) it really was not my idea. It was his and i did not want to feel like some scared loser, because made it sound like no big deal and the girls do it all the time they just never tell people so i had to know because the guilt is still here so i am glad i found a site like this to ask. How bad is what i did, again i belong to a very conservative family and friends.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 33

    My husband has a porn file he thinks I don't know about on our computer. There's thousands of pictures on there he has in different categories. One is lots of pics of white women having sex with black guys. He seems to like that. At least a year age I snuck a pic into that file of a close-up of a huge black dick sliding out of a white women's pussy while his cum leaks out. It's a picture of my pussy from ten years ago when I was sleeping with a lot of different guys including a few black guys. My husband has no idea what a slut I was. I wonder if he thinks the pussy looks like mine when he looks at the picture.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    My Dad has been fucking me for 15 years and I have loved every second. My only regret is that we have not been able to convince my prude mom to join in.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 42

    I'm a maintenance manager for a large motel that has 132 units in Florida and have worked here ten years. The original owner left it to his son four years ago and I do get along well with him and his wife. A little over two years ago they decided to live there and brought in a contractor to make an apartment out of two units next to the office. It was a mess fo a long time and I ended up finishing the plumbing work and tile work for their bathroom. In the rear is where all the pool equipment is stored and the only place I had to hook up their hot water heater. the contractor did a lousey job studding the back wall and I had to drill through to connect the plumbing to the toilet , sink and shower. There are several gaps that I didn't have time to fill in right away and now am glad I didn't. The bosses wife is georgous and I get to see her naked several times a week. the bonus is that I also see her sister naked most weekends when she visits. I did fill in some of the areas but left enough of an opening in three different spots. When I go in there I lock the door with a dead bolt just incase the boss or one of the other workers try to come in for something. There are two spare refridgerators there and I use one to hide the openings into the bathroom.

    I can see directly into the shower with one opening and the other two allow me to see every part of the room. Both the bosses wife and her sister are beautiful with great but not large breasts. The bosses wife shaves her pubic hair but her sister don't and it only looks like she trims it. My bosses wife is 30 and I think her sister is two or three years younger. I see the boss wife shower a few times a week and see her sister every time she comes for a weekend. I like watching them dry themselves and masturbate each time I see them. The sister is at the pool when there and also looks great in her bikini as does her sister. I am careful about it and by now know just about the time one of them will be in the bathroom.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Female / 21

    The only lesbian experience I had itwas when I was 8 years old whith an older cousin of mine(she was 13 years old) that came to my house wanting to learn me to have sex.So she pushed me into the bed pulled my top of and my skirt and panties and starting kissing me and touching my breasts rubbing his crotch to mine and inserting a finger into my vagina.This experience didn't affect me much,I didn't turn gay or bi ,many people will think that if you'll have a lesbian act you'll turn gay,so very wrong I wasn't into girls,I only like men and had a relationship with a man.Haven't told anyone what happened back then though.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 42

    Hi I luv wearing panties. Last night I put my girlfriends vibrator all the way in my ass until it fully disappeare inside my ass.
    I then fucked her with the vibrations at top speed we both came intensively .
    Now I can't help but put it in my ass n mursterbateat the same time.
    Sometimes I feel liked being fucked by a large cock!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 30

    Chris was my best friend, but I kept dating other guys and never 'dated' him. We were having dinner down in Malibu. The waiter was openly flirting with me. I was stupid, didn't notice how upset Chris was and flirted back. We finished our meal and left.

    He was silent as we drove through Malibu Canyon.I tried to apologize; explain I loved him as a friend. He replied ' and you love a string of idiots who use you. Well it's my turn Jessica!' He pulled off onto a dirt fire road and half dragged me from the car. I felt his hands on my blouse and in seconds buttons were flying and silk ripping as my breasts spilled out ( I am 5' 6" 38 DD 22 33,blonde Pilates instructor) My nipples went bullet hard in the cold. he pushed me onto the dirt and pulled my short dress above my waist and ripped open my panties.

    I felt his Hand groped and fingering my pussy. He grabbed a knot of my landing strip and ripped it out. I screamed as he straddled and forced his cock in my mouth. It was HUGE! I was gagging as he pumped and pulled my head up and down on him. I confess, it tasted wonderfull. Then Chris mounted me and began pumping very roughly. He was biting my nipples an d kissing me real hard. I expected him to orgasm quickly like all my loves. But he kept pounding my pussy until I began screaming and twisting underneath him in uncontrollable multi orgasms. I heard a pack of coyotes howling back at us. After what seemed all night he finally exploded inside me. I've always insisted on condoms and the sticky goo of his semen was hot on my flesh.

    He kept me pinned down and over the next few hours raped me two more times. I was now raw as he began to fuck me a forth time. I begged him not to.

    He obliged me, by flipping us into the doggy position and sodomising me. I've never had a man in my ass and it really hurt at first. but I relaxed my muscles and it began turning me on. he was milking my tits and masturbating my raw pussy. We climaxed TOGETHER in final explosion.

    He got up and said 'I'll take you home now.' We drove to T.O. and he walked me to the door. I was half nude and he once again pushed me top my knees and made me suck him off. It was almost daylight and two trash collectors across the street were staring at us.

    So we walked to the side door behind the fence. He fucked me AGAIN and I was really sore now. We were by my mother's window and I heard her getting up. He sprayed me down and without a word left me standing there.

    I somehow made it inside to my bedroom seconds before she knocked. I answered and pretended to be just waking up. I showered and walked around with a raw pussy for a week.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35

    My wife is from another country and she has many friends from her youth. Anyway, she has this relationship with a best friend of her youth via Facebook. He recently moved to Canada and now we live about 5 hrs drive from his home.

    Recently my wife has been telling me her fantasies and one of them is to have a 3 some. I mention to her about her friend, but she does not want to do it because of the friendship. She told me she feels uncomfortable and would not want to cheat on me. The other thing is that she thinks that I am going to ask for the same thing. After further discussion, I told her that is not considered cheating if I allowed it.

    We plan to visit Canada one weekend. She posted the information in Facebook her friend made plans to meet us. We got a room at a very nice hotel in Vancouver (Canada). He meet us at a local bar. The guy was really nice. He was definitely a good dancer. My wife and her friend were having a good time, remembering their youths and recalling old friends. They mostly spoke in Portuguese, so I was having a hard time understanding everything. But, I had a good time as well.

    We had no plans to do anything else. However, since we were at a bar - I made sure that my wife was drinking. She is not a drinker and tends to do crazy stuff when she's tipsy. I kept ordering drinks for all of us. However, I made sure that she did not get too drunk. Two hours into the night. My wife was definitely flirting with her friend. She was grabbing him. While they were dancing, she was grabbing his bulge and ass. So, I knew she was ready! I stop ordering drinks. I asked if she wanted to follow through on her fantasy. She said she couldn't. I told her - - how about if I just watch you. She looked at me puzzled and said "Let's see where the night takes us". The next dance, I could see that my wife was more aggressive and at this time did not care I was there. They were whispering things to each other and he was using his hands to caress my wife's body.

    They came to the table and it was my turn to dance with my wife. However, she said - - Do you mind if we go?? I did not have an issue and we started to walk to our Hotel. My wife, her friend and I were laughing and talking all the way back to the room.

    As we arrive to the room, I sat on the chair and was going to turn the TV on when my wife took the remote and threw it. She told me - - "Do you really want to watch?? Watch this........" She walked towards her friend and began kissing him. I could see his arms holding my wife and rubbing her ass. I admit to getting jealous. I did not think that my wife would do this fairly easy. However, I did provide the drinks and the circumstances. Anyway, my wife friend's pull down her zipper and her dress quickly fell to the ground. My wife was wearing a g-sting which usually she does not wear, stockings and a matching bra. She looked goo! As they were kissing his hands keep moving up, caressing her back and ass. They must of stood there for about 5 minutes just kissing as if they were catching up! My wife pull her bra slightly off as to reveal her nipples. He immediately took notice and began caressing them softly with his lips. My wife arch her back and began moaning. He grab her from the waist as she arched her back even further. She had her eyes close and I could see him going from one breast to the other. My wife said something in Portuguese and they moved down to the bed. He took his shirt off and pants as my wife was looking at him at the edge of the bed. Once his underwear came off! He revealed a very large and thick cock. Again, I think my wife as surprise as I was. She leaned over and began sucking it. She started to lick the tip of his large cock as to barely touch his head. His tool began to get more erect! I was just sitting there now watching this. My wife has always been a little timid on the oral sex arena. However, by the way she was moving her tongue, you could not tell. He grab her head and pull it. She almost swallow his entire cock inside her mouth. I was impressed. As my wife keep sucking his friends cock, he started to caress her tits. By this time her bra was around her waist and her very nice tits were showing. He took his dick out his mouth and put them between my wife's tits. She squeezed them together as he began thrusting his cock. My wife would lick his dick head as he thrust his penis forwards between my wife's tits. He grabs my wife's tits closer and closer while my wife began rubbing her own pussy. I could tell that he was not going to last too long. He was moaning as my wife put his cock again in her mouth and began sucking it like if they was no tomorrow. At this time, I could see his stomach muscles tightening and he let out an "Ah" of relief. I knew that he just came inside my wife's mouth which is something that she does not like. However, this time was different. My wife swallow his friends come and kept sucking his cock to make it hard.

    Then, she turned around in all fours. Her friend still at the edge of the bed, kneel down and began licking her pussy. I could tell that she was enjoying it very much. I got a glimpse of what he was doing and not only was he licking the entire pussy, but he was also adding anilingus to the act. I know this is the first time my wife had this, but she did not stopped him. He continued as she moved her waist in rhythm with him. This was very exciting for me; since, now I knew what else I could do with her. He began spanking my wife in the ass while eating her pussy and ass. She was moaning and said "Estou ansiando por seu pênis" which I now know that she asked him to fuck her. He stood up and slowly penetrated my wife's pussy. She moan like never before! I was somewhat jealous, but I was enjoying watching her have pleasure.... He was very aggressive from behind and began thrusting himself inside my wife. She said "foda-me mais rápido" and he comply. Within a minute my wife had an orgasm. She turned around and finished sucking him off. Again, he came all over my wife's face and she licked his semen with no problems.

    By now it was getting late and honestly I had orgasms as well. They were laying down in the bed kissing each other, when he began eating her pussy again. My wife spread her legs again and used her hands to keep her legs spread wide open. From where I was sitting, it was a delightful view. I could see his large penis getting harder. My wife pulled him and ask him to "foder minha buceta novamente". She asked him to fuck her again. He used his hand to rub his cock by my wife's pussy and slowly put his head inside of her. It was very exciting to see another's penis inside my wife. My wife was moaning with pleasure, I could see his hands grabbing my wife's ass and squeezing it as he put her nipples in his mouth. My wife began to tell him to "foda-me mais rapido", to fuck her faster. With my wif's legs spread apart as far as she could - - he put all his inches inside of her. She moaned loader every inch! She kept saying "foda-me , foda- me", "foda-me , foda- me" over and over. He had his head buried on her breasts as my wife keep moaning. I was hoping no one came knocking on the door as she was getting load and my wife's friend thrusts were very hard almost moving the bed.....This lasted for a few minutes.

    Then, my wife tells him "por favor lamber minha bunda e foda-se" to lick her ass and fuck it. At this time, I wanted to stop it; since, we have never done this before. Yes, I was jealous now - - However, the only thing I could do is to grab the body lotion as to use for lubrication and gave it to him. He forcefully move my wife on her stomach and began licking her ass. Again she was moaning loudly! After a couple of minutes, he squirted lotion on her ass, put one finger inside of her and added more lotion. He squirted lotion on his cock and began penetrating her. It took a couple of time for his penis to go in - - However, once it was in - - he began fucking my wife. She was moaning again. They both slid back and now she was almost on top of him. This position allowed me to see everything. She was mounting his large cock and every inch of it disappear inside my wife's ass. She began riding his cock! My wife moving faster every second and moaning as his inches disappear!! Soon my wife body stiffened and quivered - - I could see that he was having an very deep orgasms. They both relaxed into the bed.

    My wife naked almost straddling her friend was just laying there satisfied. She had cum all over her! You could see dry cum on her tits, face, pussy, and ass.... My wife and her friend keep doing it all night until the morning. I woke up a couple of times to see my wife riding him or sucking him... The were pretending to be quiet as to not to wake me up. I can't wait to fuck her, make her swallow my cum, and have her say those dirty words in Portuguese... well......

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    I am a "biker type". I'm not in a club but I'm big, tatted up and wear leather and all that and I love to drink and fuck. And I have a big dick. 9 inches and thick and it never fails me.

    I was in a minor accident a few months ago. A young girl, 19, sweet and innocent, bumped my bike and dumped it. It needed some work and her attorney father wanted to stay away from insurance so I went along. The first time we met he tried to nickle and dime me, looking at me like I was filth and trying to keep his daughter from even speaking to me. He tried to fuck me over at ever turn.

    I saw the girl while getting a coffee and spoke with her for a few minutes. She was actually very pleasant and down to earth. And attractive. A thin tight blue eyed blond with full perky tits and a tiny tight little round ass. During our conversation I noticed that she kept leaning in and laughing and touching my arm. After I went on my way I started thinking about fucking her.

    The next time I saw her father he paid me for the word that was done shortchanging me a couple hundred dollars and giving me a take it or leave it attitude. I decided to take it in more ways than one.

    I started texting his daughter. At first just to say thinks for having my bike fixed even though I certainly didn't feel that way. I noticed that she kept texting. We talked for a few weeks about all kinds of things and I got a handle on her schedule. I purposely bumped into her a few times. She was obviously hot for me. Normally she'd be too young for me but I wanted to fuck that asshole's daughter something fierce and she wanted it.

    I started talking sex with her and she ended tell me about her experiences and how unsatisfying it had been being with guys her age. She wanted rough hard sex and wasn't getting it. I finally invited her to meet me at my place. She agreed immediately. A few hours later she shows up as promised still looking like an innocent young girl. A couple of beers later and some flirting and I was taking her clothes off. She was as hot nude as she was clothed. Such a tight little body topped off with long hard nipples and a sweet bald pussy.

    Once I got her naked I sucked her tits and fingered her tight wet pussy until she whimpered and came. I gave her a minute then got her on her knees to watch her suck my cock. She was visibly shocked by its size but did her best. I loved watching that shit fuck's little girl suck my big cock like a slut. When I was ready, I lifted her up, lined my cock up with her hole and impaled her on it. She slowly slid down deep as i penetrated her. I slowly bounced her until my cock was buried. She said it hurt which made my cock throb as I used it to loosen her up.

    When she was finally ready, I pushed her against my wall and fucked her hard against it. I twisted her nipples, squeezed and fingered her ass, bit her tits, choked and and fucked her as hard as I could. She had tears in her eyes from my deep thrusts slamming her cervix but I didn't care. She ended up cumming again a couple times practically screaming while I power fucked her tight little snatch. She mumble to me that I should pull out but i ground my cock deep and hard when I shot my cum into daddy's little girl's pussy. It was fantastic.

    I had her get cleaned up then had her go to my bedroom. She went home the next day. She sucked my cock swallowing my cum, riding my dick, me fingering her and using a vibrator til she came so much she begged me to stop. I tried to fist her but she was too tight. Her trying to ride my big dick was a sight to see. The little slut couldn't help but rub her clit.

    I fucked her again the next morning before she left. I made her jerk herself to an orgasm while I watched the I rolled her doggie style and fucked her ass. It took a lot of spit, a lot of effort and a lot of pain on her paret to get into her ass but once I was in I managed to fuck her senseless. I took her anal virginity and managed to pound her ass going balls deep again and again. Pulling her her, twisting her nips and spanking her while I fucked her ass made little miss innocent scream and whimper as she came. I finally buried my cock as deep as I could while my cum spurt deep into her. I set her home to daddy as one well fucked bitch.

    The best thing is that she keeps coming back. Not only do I fuck her silly whenever I want but I've let several of my equally unworthy friends fuck her senseless as well. We've tagged teamed her or she just lets then fuck her when I'm not around or she needs more. Every time I fuck her I think of her dad's smug fucking face.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    Me and my wife ran into some financial difficulties and needed to take some extra jobs to get cash. I was offered a modelling job that would have me photographed but in the nude. I had never posed nude before so I was reluctant but my wife convinced me to do it. They told me I would be posing with another model who would be a female and it would be sexually themed. I told my wife thinking she would not be too pleased but she was fine with it. She said I was only going to be posing nude and since they only said it would be sexually themed it was not like I was going to be having sex with her so I should do it.
    I went to the photo shoot alone and when it came time to undress I did and so did the model I would be posing with. She could see I was nervous and asked if it was my first time and I told her it was. She made me very comfortable as we were being photographed. The photographer told us how to pose and the poses were pretty tame compared to what I was expecting since he said it was going to be sexually themed. Then came the request that was to change that. He told me to put my cock in her pussy. I didn't know what my wife would think if I do this so I hesitated. I had a hardon so the model just went ahead and put me inside her. I had my cock inside another woman and I knew my wife would flip is she knew this. The photographer told us to make love and he would take pictures. I didn't think I could go through with it but the model I was with made it very easy and soon my wife was no longer on mind but her now. We were fucking and she was very receptive to what we were doing. The photographer told me to pull out when I was ready to cum. I did as he asked and came on her stomach. He took a few more pictures before he told us we were done and we could go shower. We showered together and that is when it began to sink in that I just fucked another woman.
    When I go home my wife asked how it went. I had to lie to her and told her it was akward when in reality it wasn't. She told me under the circumstances she understood as it was my first time being photgraphed nude but we did need the money. She then asked when she could see the pictures as she would really like to see them. I was told the photos would be ready in a few days and I could get a copy of the ones they were going to use then. I was given a copy but all the photos were only of us having sex and I knew I couldn't show my wife those pictures. I used our financial situation to say that if we wanted a copy we had to pay for it as it wasn't included in the agreement. My wife said that was too bad as she really wanted to see how well the photographer captured me. I continued to lie and told her it was too bad but in reality could not let her know that I just fucked another woman.
    After seeing the photos and only being of our fucking I asked the photographer where they would be used. He mentioned they would be appearing in a future edition of a porn magazine. There was no mention of this before but I think that was my fault for not asking and only thinking about making money. I never expected to appear in a porn magazine but now I had to worry about my wife possibly seeing the photos in a magazine that you could pick up at most corner stores.

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