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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 33

    I have several dream and wishes that I dream about doing. But scared to do so.

    1. I want to dress in short dress with just above my butt cheecks with tiny thong and bra, I want to go dark movie theater and I want to take my bra and thoung off exposing my breast and pussy and touch myself. After I'm done leaving my thong and bra behind for someone to have.

    2, I want to ridevon very crowd train very short dress with no panties and bra and want someone to grope me and strip me naked completely, to everyone to see.

    3. I want to dress like a total slut and go to the park want to have my photos taken of me stripping my clothes one by one.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 33

    Hi everyone, I'm a horny Gujarati girl from Leicester. My confession is I've been having wet dreams about my sisters husband. I'm sure I caught him looking at my peachy ass and sexy body last time they came to visit.
    My sister thinks he's such a decent man but I reckon if I showed interest that I could fuck him. What you guys think? Should I fuck him and make my sister regret ever introducing us? I've fingered my self many times imagining us going at it without anyone ever finding out.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 39

    I want to fuck my great niece who is 21 years old. She has a tight body, big tits, a tight ass, and a smile that will get you hard anytime. I want to make love to her. I want to marry her and make babies with her. I love you Adrienne! Cum to your uncle.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I am very thin, wider at the hips than the waist, only 5ft 8in tall, and I have an older man as a lover currently. I am pretty effeminate, he asked me several months ago to grow my hair long, and now I have shoulder length brunette hair. I wear make up for him and almost all the time when I'm with him I'm dressed as a girl for him. He gets very excited by that and at 55 he has trouble getting his cock hard for his wife, but not for me. He enjoys my mouth, my clit, and my boipussy. He has cum buckets in me in the last 18 months.

    With bikini weather upon us, he took me to the islands to show me off. But before he did, he had a friend who is a doctor, who has prescribed hormones for me the past 12 months, giving a bit of a blossom to my little boobies, come by the house to do something to me. I have no ideas where his wife was, I think out of town as we've been fucking in their bed for over a week. They told me that the doc would be mounding me for my trip and all the bikinis I would be wearing.

    I had no idea of what they were talking about, I though maybe he was going to try to cut my parts off but that wasn't it. They explained and I agreed. Using some clamps, and super glue, I look like I have a pussy mound now. He pushed up my testicles inside me, pulled my very small cock down to the back between my legs, and then as my sac was held together he put a kind of skin glue, like super glue along the "seam". After it was all over my sac looked like a pussy, and my little cock head was peeking out the bottom so I could pee. I gave the doc 1 of 2 blowjobs he gets for his trouble, and then my lover fucked me silly.

    I now am totally passable, can't get hard as it hurts, and I sit gingerly but I look really good in a bikini and can go to the womens room and not worry about someone seeing me. It looks like I have a pussy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    I'm 16, not 18, and I have a chance to have my first time sex. It's this friend of my sisters. My sister doesn't know about it. The girl is 18, pretty but fat, has really big tits and a big belly and butt. She said I could fuck her all I wanted and she would swallow my loads, take them in her pussy and I could fuck her in her ass too. I want to try it all. She has asked me to not use a rubber as she wants a baby, and said I have nothing to do with the baby, I just need to fuck her and can have as much fun with her as I want, anytime she is home and I want to stop by I can. She is really a fat girl, but she got naked for me and let me feel her up. I am so hard thinking about it. It's the first time I got to feel a real pussy, she got so wet it was incredible. I didn't know pussy got that wet. I put 2 fingers inside her and she liked it. She said I can start fucking her this weekend. I want to arrange with a friend to say I'm staying at his place then fuck this girl all weekend, in every hole.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    This is a true story that involves Older/younger Gay sex .

    My first man cock [ not my first cock, had a few my age group] I was 14, he [Jon] was like 36 a Bi-gay friend of my Moms who she had sex with. I loved peeking in her Bedroom, seeing them both nude, watching her suck his cock and being fucked. Really liked his smooth body and shaved cock. Was actually a bit jealous that Mom got to play with his cock. Jon was a hair dresser with a salon in his Home. While I liked girls, every once in a while I needed a cock, enjoyed another boys cock growing hard in my mouth and one of them I let fuck me.[liked that too]
    Jon had often cut my hair, was a little forward and suggestive, very touchy feely but nothing that could get him in trouble. So I got up the nerve went to his place real horny for cock, figured I try to seduce him. Loose shorts, no undies. So this time when he became touchy I made no move to stop him. Just hands on my shoulders at first , then my chest. He was in parachute pants , and a sheer white Tee shirt, tight enough that I saw his large pierced nipples. I saw he got a hard on. I moved the cape [ the hair cutter thing they put on you to keep the hair off] up enough to show him my cock got hard too.
    This is where it got tense. It obvious that we wanted each others cocks ,both of us were nervous. But who would make the first "real" move. He said "I should wash your hair first" Went to the sink [ the kind you put the back of your head on to] Instead of him on my side, he stood in front of me. I put my hands on his legs first. Then I just reached up to his pierced nipples. He said you going to make me lose control. So I pulled on the rings and said yea so. He looked me straight [ no pun] in the eyes and said your a real cock tease. I reached out and rubbed his cock bulge said No I'm not. At that point I needed his cock, wanted it more than anything in the world.
    For a second or two he looked at me, then said are you sure??? I took his hand and put it right on my hard boy cock and said "YES, Very Sure that is why I came here" I picked up my hips and pulled down my shorts. My cock was average size for my age, but I have a very wide cut cock head and big balls, I shaved off the little pubic hair I had,because I knew he was shaved and wanted to look Sexy for him. He said I see you already shave your cock. Do the girls like it.? I said the boys do ! That is all it took. I was nude in a second . He rubbed my cock and balls, pinched my nipples, then real hard. I moaned yes, more feels good. Even with all of this he said mind if I take my clothes off? I said Please do ,I want to see your cock too.
    Loved his purple thong panties. Then his shirt. Wow his pierced nipples were so sexy and large , then off with his thog. MY god what a beautiful cock. 6" long sort of thick,
    Nice wide plum shape cut cock head, UUMM big full balls and NO body hair.
    He got right down between my legs, took my entire cock in his mouth in one motion. He licked and sucked my cock and balls. Pinched my nipples then bit them. Then back to my cock. I thought it was perfect until he worked a finger in my ass. I moaned yes, feels good , do it more. I reached down and pulled on his nipple rings, easy then hard, real hard. He moaned and said I want you to suck them. I stood up next to him, bent my head over and sucked them, then bit them , he said harder, make them hurt. Oh did I ever. All the while playing with his rock hard cock. Then without being asked or forced. I went to my knees , looked at his beautiful wide cock head for a second, then opened my mouth wide and took it in. Instinct made my tongue work all around the head and shaft. The taste and feel of it in my mouth was wonderful. I tried to get all 6" of it in my mouth. Gaged a few times, but kept trying. His cock felt so perfect in my mouth, just like it belonged there, I even licked his shaved balls while
    wondering if I was ready to drain them in my mouth. [something I never did before.] I'll tell you what I liked the best so far. I was nude with a Mans cock in my mouth, rubbed it on my face, looking up at him looking at me . And he knew I wanted his cock. Christ this was pure lust cock heaven because I was sucking the same cock that my Mom did.
    I kept sucking him , he even said bite my cock. I did easy at first, he said harder. I tasted his pre-cum, knew it was no or never. He said I'm gonna cum I held his hips and pulled him deeper into my mouth. He said yes baby, that is it, suck my cock dry. OMFG He started to inject his queer cream in my mouth then on my face. I gaged and spit as it ran down my chin and On my face. As much as I liked the taste and sticky feel of it in my mouth. I loved it on my face. I felt so dirty and perverted. I kept his wonderful cock in my mouth until it went soft. He said I told you I was gonna cum. I said I know, but I wanted you to be the first to cum in my mouth. I wanted you to make me a real cock sucker.
    I asked him to bit my nipples , he did just enough to hurt. Then my cock was in his mouth. MY god, felt so great. He sucked, licked I asked him bite my cock. [ love being bit]
    Again he worked a finger in my boy pussy. I opened my legs to let him know I wanted more. Oh man 2 fingers were in. That made me cum in his mouth fast.. When all was done, while standing there nude looking at the beautiful cock That I just sucked dry. He said if you keep this a secret between us I could come back if I ever wanted more. Then said "If there is anything else you would like to do just ask." I knew what he wanted me to say. So I said yes there is.
    I want you to Fuck me, just like you fucked my Mom. He asked if I had ever had a cock in my ass before. I said yes twice by my friend Still nude we talked for about 15 minutes about gay sex and what I had done. I started to get hard again just from talking about gay sex and seeing that beautiful cock that was just in my mouth. I just reached out and stroked him. Looked into his eyes and said " I want you to fuck me now, I want to be your girl friend." He spun me around, bent over the salon chair, legs wide apart. He spread my ass cheeks, giving my boy pussy hole a lick. I felt him squirt KY right up inside. First 1 finger, then 2 worked to loosen me up. I felt him between my legs, Felt his cock head rubbing all around my ass/pussy.
    Then slowly he pushed the cock head in. OH god it hurt, burned more than my friends cock did. I said OH god go slow, but don't stop. He stayed like that for a few moments, then very slowly, more man cock was pushed deeper into my ass. I moaned please easy. He said want me to stop. I said NO fuck me, it hurts so good. I can't tell you fantastic the mix of pain and pleasure was. After a bit he slowly pushed his cock until it was all the way inside me. My ass felt so open and so full. He stayed there holding my hips. He pulled back and again slowly thrust his cock back in. OMFG it still hurt and burned, but I wanted his cock in me. This was so much better than my friends boy size cock. I accepted that the pain of being stretched open was giving me waves of pure Queer pleasure. He went slow, I could feel every inch of his cock filling me. Got to the point There was so much more pleasure than pain. I moaned as he thrust faster and harder. He moaned out loud I'm gonna cum. I said Please cum in me. I came with touching my cock as I felt his cock swell and twitch as his queer cream filled me. I actually felt his cum drip out of my now well fucked open ass when he pulled out. In a way I was glad his cock was no longer in my ass, but I felt so empty.
    Yes I did go back A week latter, called first so we could be alone. The next time was even better, said he had saved all of his queer cream for my ass/c**t [ as now called it]. After some fantastic cock sucking, it was so hard not to have him shoot his queer cream on my face after he Said I was a better cock sucker than My Mother.
    I Started by sitting on his well lubed cock, taking it a little at a time until I got used to the wonderful pain.Then he put me on my back missionary with my legs over his shoulders. I felt so trapped as his beautiful cock filled and stretched my ass/c**t open with repeated hard thrusts, The pain turned into sheer queer pleasure. Oh man what a huge fantastic load filled me as he called me his Queer bitch. [ loved it] He was the first one who made me Want and Need cock. So much so I came all over my belly with out being touched. We had a few other "meatings" after that , like every 2 months or so. I loved being used by him , loved being called sissy, fag, queer cock lover. Yet I was using him for his cock and cum.
    The only things he wouldn't do was pierce my nipples, so I did them my self with safety pins. And let another guy or girl my age or gay friend of his join for a 3 way. I so wanted to be watched worshiping his cock with my mouth and ass/c**t. Said he couldn't take the chance until I was of age . [16 in my state]
    This mostly true. I left out the more Naughty parts.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    I let a boy screw me every way possible, he came all over my body at various times, and inside me too. I let him take pictures even had sex with about 8 of his friends one night in a cheap motel. Then he put me in the bathtub and peed on me taking more pictures. He called me a "cumwhore, piss slut" and left. I've never heard from him again, and he won't answer my calls.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I am a working woman married for nearly eight years and have two kids. I love my husband and having a very happy life. I am still confused and mad at myself for cheating on my husband for no good reason. It just happened and was a stupidity.

    I had a married colleague of my age and we used to sit close to each other,. Many times he would be talking to me and telling me cheap jokes for a laugh, he was hilarious at times but he never made any advances as such. He used to portray himself a guy in love with his wife but also used to flirt around with girls in subtle way except me. Infact I was the one who used to tease him how he behave with females and made fun of him. Then he resigned and was on a notice period for six weeks. He also started to flirt with me, saying I dressed so sexy on some day. The other day praising me on my figure so on and so forth. I just laughed it off but yes who doesn't like to be praised. It was hard to believe but I expected him to say good things about me and he perhaps realized it. He gave a comment or two every time he got a chance.

    Just before he was leaving he invited me to show his renovated house, I went there and found that his family was gone for few days. He showed me all the rooms and then offered me drinks. He started praising me that how sexy I look, my boobs my bums everything is just perfect. He said that he masturbated many times thinking of me. He then started to touch me and then requested for a kiss. I was half drunk and enjoying his admiration. I didn't say anything and he started to kiss me. Then he slipped his hands under my blouse and started fondling my boobs. It just felt so good. Then we were both naked exploring each others bodies, I was doing things I would not ask my husband to. He was so passionately licking me, I also sucked him thoroughly and then he was thumping me like anything. We remained together for two hours and then he dropped me off. Few days later he left the office and never contacted again. I also felt good about it. I still wonder why it happened as I never liked him but yes he was able to arouse the darker side of me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    Used, abused and very much so far, loving every second of it.
    Once Billy my husband invited two men around to have sex with me, the whole sexual power base in our marriage changed. He knew I'd had sex with men who were far larger, cock wise, then him. So after he'd pestered me for month upon month about having someone round to fuck me, I relented.
    Chris and Josh weren't what I expected once Billy had told me to get ready to be fucked. I expected men around our age to turn up at our home. Chris eighteen and Josh had just had his nineteenth birthday. Both boys are extremely fit athlete's and both believe me, are what you'd describe as extremely well endowed.
    Five months this coming weekend Billy invited them both into our home. And ten minutes after they'd said hello, I was sucking on their impressive cocks alternatively as they sat naked on our couch. I was treated to two hours of literally non stop sex. Oral, sucking on their beautiful cock. Them taking turns to feast on my pussy and arsehole, licking me the like of which I'd never experienced before, as my pussy and arse were spread wide with their fingers probing each hole. And when I'd reached my multiple whatever climax it was, Billy had them first fuck me in turn as he took pictures, then in a first for me, I was double penetrated. Sitting on Joshy's cock and then having Chris slide his huge dick up my arsehole from behind. I went orgasm crazy and carried on reaching that wonderfully strong climactic zenith over and over again.
    Then if the sexual landscape wasn't altered already, it certainly changed when both boys empted their balls deep inside my holes. I was literally oozing cum, when Chris who's a big guy ordered Billy to lick me out. My husband balked telling them it wasn't something he did. But Chris insisted and so did I. I basically told Billy if he wanted my pussy ever again, he'd have to lick and suck my pussy and arsehole clean.
    With Billy lay on his back on the rug, I had Chris and Josh help lower me over my husband's face. Squishing down onto it, I forced my husband to tongue me. And it wasn't a quick fix for him either. That's because both boys decided I'd suck them off as I stayed planted on Billy's face.
    Suitably satisfied and having cum all over my husbands face, Chris and Josh took me up to bed and had my husband drive out to get us all food. By the time he got back, I had another cum load up my arse from Chris, and had Joshua's watery cum sliding down my face onto my medium sized breasts.
    Both young men left just before eleven that night, with assurances from me we'd do it all again soon. But no sooner had they gone, Billy told me that was the only time anything like what we'd just done would happen. I agreed, but inwardly I smiled. That's because upstairs after they'd fucked me again, I put in both boys numbers into my phone.
    Billy I thought, believed I'd stayed faithful to him and our marriage. But then it was Billy who opened Pandora's sexual box for me. I was an extremely faithful wife to him, even though I'd often get chatted up by men of all ages. But in my eyes Billy's changed all that, and so far I've met the boys together around half a dozen times, and met up with Josh at least once a week since our first night where my husband was sexually humiliated.
    This isn't a confession of cheating though, as I've recently found out Billy's has been in contact with Josh this past couple of weeks, and from what I now understand he knows we've carried on having sex. Three days ago with Josh fucking my arsehole from behind in my car, he told me it's time to fuck in our home again. Telling me just before I began to orgasm, he might just cum in my husband's mouth directly. Now that's something I'd love to see.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    Stick with me on this.
    My step daughter's mother in law and her husband, along with others, were round at my wife's daughters home yesterday for a barbecue. As we were getting ready to leave later on, she cornered me upstairs and began to give me a "Family hug". However the hug changed into her sliding her hands into my shorts and stroking my rising cock. At the same time she turned my head and kissed me hard on the lips. Responding to her, I kissed her back and slipped a hand up her shortish skirt and into her knickers. She was so wet, two of my fingers easily slid inside her. And it was in that position her husband found us. I thought all hell was going to break loose, but instead, he smiled at me and simply entered the toilet. Kissing me again, she slid my dick right out of my shorts and was just about to drop down. That's when her husband walked out of the toilet and said "No time dear, we've got to go". He grinned at me, took her hand and walked them both downstairs.
    I was left wondering what the fuck had just happened. Which got even more bizarre today when I got a text of my step daughters father in law, asking me if I'd call by one afternoon this week as his wife would like to "Chat".
    Nothing has ever happened like this before, yet I've always kind of known, my step daughters mother in law likes me. Now I'm wondering if her husband is giving me permission to fuck his wife. Because believe me she's one hell of a sexy stunning woman.

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