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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    This happened to me last September:

    I'm a professional, masculine, white collar bi-male who doesn't flaunt my sexuality. Occasionally I go to the gay bars on weekends to see the drag shows and socialize. If I make a contact it isn't with the fem gays as they are a turn off to me. No offense, as each has the right to be themselves. However, they do not appeal to me sexually. For me, if is swishes I want it in a skirt with a real hole that gets wet when I touch them. A personal preference and what makes When I want pussy I go to straight bars where I fit in just fine and score a lot more than at the gay bars. There is this one very fem gay guy who is at one of the gay bars from opening to close. After years of me turning him down he has given now he settle on grouping me and just wants a hug, which is fine with me. His name is Dennis but he refers to himself as, Denise, even thou he is not a drag queen.

    I had a 9am appointment with a car dealership to look at the new models. I'd been over kicking tires a time or two so this meeting was to see what type of deal they offered. The salesman, Kyle, wore a wedding band, was very friendly, charismatic and handsome and I figured to be in his early 40's. I walked into the show room where he was waiting and we chatted before we went on the lot to look at inventory. After a few minutes I found one (already had gone after hours and picked it out) so we went inside to do the paper work for me to take a test drive. While he is gone making a copy of my driver's license and to get a gas ticket I hear my name screamed and it was indeed, Denise. He came running over grabbed me (sitting in a chair) explaining he was with his mom who was there for service, and he saw me from the service waiting room. Kyle came back and Denise was flipping his wrist, asking if I was coming to the club that night. I stood up to leave with Kyle for the test drive, which he had also pulled to the front and Denise is hugging me again and swishing off to the service waiting room.

    Kyle and I walk out to the car and I feel the tension. I get in the driver's seat as he stands beside me pointing out features. When he gets in and we pull out of the lot he asked, is your friend gay. I said, any and everyone body the sees Dennis knows he is a flaming Queen. He gave me directions and said, I'm not putting him down just curious. I said, your curious as to how I know him. No he is not a relative and I met him at one of the gay bars a couple of years ago. A nice guy, harmless, loving and has the fucking balls to be exactly what he wants to be. Dead silence, then chatter about the car and directions and silence again. Kyle said, I have a couple of gay friends but they are not flamers - no one would suspect they were gay. I have no problem with gay people even Dennis I was just shocked when he came running to you and asked if you were coming to the gay bar. I said, I am bisexual but I do not sleep with flaming gay men. When I have sex with man I want him to look like, act like, and smell like a man. Silence when Kyle said, I am the very same way. I've never had a female give a blow job like a man. I said are you trade only or do you return the favor? He said, I can take as good as I give and he put his hand on his crotch.

    I slide my left hand on my crotch and began to rub. Kyle turned in his seat reached over with his right hand pushing mine away and rubbed my dick. I took my right hand off the wheel and reached for his crotch. 5 minutes later we were on a back road and had gone down on each other. We went back to the dealership he gave me an amazing deal and I drove off the lot at lunch time. While I was sitting in the closing room Denise brought his mom to meet me. She was a nice, very good looking, sophisticated women. When I left the dealership I went to a nearby park and waiting on Kyles call. He arrived on his lunch break and we sucked each other. Since then Kyle has been to my condo a number of times for some really hot, wild, kinky sex. We managed a couple of 3 ways- with one of his friends and one of mine. I would have never suspected Kyle was bi and vise versa had it not been for flaming Denise. Kyle is 49 with three grown children. I took a day off work to spend it with Kyle on his day off and we fucked and sucked until we were experiencing dry orgasms.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I was 13 my friend and I took a short cut thru this wooded vacant lot to do something we had only talked about up until this that day. We found a real private spot and took down our pants and took turns bending down enough to put our lips around each others dicks for a few seconds. It felt great and we started doing it to each other longer each time we bent down.
    He went to his knees and started to suck my dick and I wanted to do the same to him but he wouldn`t stop so I was looking down watching my dick slide in and out of his mouth and that excited me so much I started to cum and after the first shot went in his mouth he quickly backed off and started to complain about why I didn`t warn him. We had a few words then I went to my knees and sucked him off and to be fair I let him shoot a little cum in my mouth too.
    Every day after school we went to that same spot to suck each others dick and got used to the taste of each others cum fairly quick and would take it all in our mouths then we would spit it out. Eventually that stopped and we just swallowed it. We figured out how to 69 one day and couldn`t do it enough. We started sucking each other off as much as possible in different positions and letting our hands roam all over each other as we were sucking on each other.
    When summer came and school was out we were old enough to stay at home by ourselves and since we were always at each others house we had all day and all the privacy we needed to do anything we wanted to so we never wore any clothes during the day and sucked each other off many times every day. We would do it in every room of each others house and try every position possible and both of us liked doing it in front of a mirror so we could watch. we could both take each other down to the nuts and we always liked to cum in each others mouth with our nuts pressed to each others chins and it always felt so good in a 69 to both swallow at the same time.
    We were addicted to sucking each others dicks and it was only a matter of time before we wanted more and I talked him into fucking me in the ass one day. It was wonderful and felt so good once he got his dick in my ass I laid face down in the floor underneath him as he fucked me then he came balls deep in my young tight ass. He wouldn`t let me fuck him at first so I asked him to fuck me again and it was even better than the first time and I couldn`t wait to feel his cum shoot deep in to my ass again. That first day he came in me five or six times and every day after that for a week or so before he let me fuck him. He didn`t really enjoy it but I came in his ass but he didn`t like it as much as I did so for years he fucked me up the ass as often as he wanted to.
    In High School there was another friend of ours that we felt comfortable enough with to share our private little secret with so we told him about it one day and he wanted to try it with us. We had to sneak around and find some place to do it with him and ended up in this old vacant house quite a ways from my house. It was a little strange for us at first but once we all got our clothes off and he watched us suck each other a minute or two he joined in and we all got each other off. He had a fairly large dick. Quite a bit bigger than either of ours and neither of us could take all of it in our mouth and his was a little thicker also. what we both noticed right off was how much he could cum. He could really shoot a lot of cum.
    He wanted to see us fuck so we let him watch me get fucked in the ass and he couldn`t believe I took the cum in my ass and really wanted to fuck me so I let him. It wasn`t easy to take him in my ass at first but once I did it felt great after he fucked me a few seconds but what really felt good was how fat his dick was and how far it went up my ass. It just felt different in a very good way and when he came there was a lot more cum than I was used to and it felt great. The two of them fucked me almost every day after that and on weekends they fucked me several times a day when we could.
    I`ll never forget the summer I started driving and my Dad gave me his pickup to drive. That summer the three of us went every where together and since we knew so many places out in the country we went there a lot just to suck each other off but mostly I took them with me so they could fuck me and shoot a bunch of cum up my ass because I liked it so much. Nothing ever felt as good as being penetrated by a nice hard dick then getting fucked hard and the feel of their warm thick cum shooting up my ass. There were quite a few times back then when one would fuck me while I sucked the other one off and once we learned how to time it so they both came at the same time it was really good. Nothing ever felt so good back then to have a big dick cum in my ass while I was swallowing the other ones cum.
    I got addicted to their cum and wanted it all the time and always wanted to feel both their hard dicks inside of me. The more we did it the more things we tried and eventually I was able to allow them to both get in my ass at the same time which was not easy at all the first few times we tried it and having two hard dicks in my ass at the same time and feeling both of them cum in me was the biggest thrill ever. We talked about things and always tried doing the things we talked about. I would have been willing to let a group of horny guys fuck my ass back then and thought about it often. I always wondered what it would be like to let about a dozen guys take turns on my ass and take as much cum up my ass as they could give me and just be their slut for the night but that never happened.
    Eventually we all grew up and went our separate ways but I like to think back to those days and all the wild sex the three of us had together and it still makes me horny as hell thinking about it.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I have been married to my wife for over 23 yrs now, and I own more dildos than she does, ive got 4 butt plugs and 5 dildos, I luv sticking a big fat dildo in my ass, I think about fucking my self a lot, there is just something about a big hard cock that really turns me on, my wife don't know it but ive cheated on her with men, I luv sucking cock, I luv the feel of a big hard cock sliding into my asshole, although I haven't had sex with a man for a number of years, I still want to please men, suck their cocks and let them fuck my asshole, I just got done using my favorite dildo, its 9 inches long and 2 inches wide, if my asshole can handle that, my ass is ready for any big cock that may cum along, Everytime I masterbate, I will eat my whole load of cum, I luv eating cum. my ultimate fantasy is to be pissed on and cum on by several men at once, that sounds so fucking hot to me, have a cock in my asshole while I suck another cock at the same time, yummmy

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 18

    Well, so far this is not embarrassing, but it has the potential to be the worst! My mom and I have the same name, and recently I got a very explicit text from my step dad. I know he thought it was my mom he sent it to, because of what he talked about and to her. I hear them having sex at night, but I used to be able to put it out of my mind, but now after that text, I just lay there thinking of them, and I start caressing myself, and much more.

    My mom had me young, so she is less than 40, and my step dad is a little younger, so he's maybe mid 30's? And he it totally hot. I am between BF right now and since I hear them almost every night, I have been thinking of him a lot.

    He's a businessman and wears a suit almost every day, but I have been able to catch a glimps of two of the outline of his "bulge", and he appears to be very well off in that respect. He has my mom moaning all the time when they have sex.

    Anyone know how to get his out of my head? I started listening to my MP3 when they are going it, but I still know they are going at it, so it doesn't really help, I still think of them, especially him, doing it. And I find I am wishing it was me he was doing it with!

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    pulled up in my van as I needed a wee. in from the road with my cock out I heard a crackle of leaves. 3 men were approaching. was my fantasy about to come true, was I brave enough? mid stream I had no choice but to finish. I was flanked on either side and one behind. a hand appeared between my legs and shook my dick. god I got an instant hardon. this must have been the sign for a free for all. the men led me to a clearing, striped me naked and enjoyed my body. it started with one man sitting on my stomach holding open my legs for the second to suck on me. oh dear it felt so damn good. so good that my mouth opened only to be filled by cock number 3. i'd never felt like that, pinned down, sucked and face fucked my mind hazy, sensations heavenly. number 3 spunked in my mouth and withdrew. the guy on my belly shuffled upwards his heavy balls and big cock dragging over my chest, chin, nose( I could smell his excitement) and eyes. the only time he paused was when his big testies passed over my mouth and I stuck out my tong to lap at them. now his turn to face fuck me. he was rougher than his buddy and took delight in throating me making me gag. about to climax he wanked his seed over my face. I was so close to orgasm but the man working my cock was very experienced and kept edging me, he had other plans for me! he was not yet disrobed, he wanted me to release it from his pants. bloody hell it was a big one as it sprang into my life. I went to suck him but that wasn't going to happen, my roll was to watch that cock enter me. ahhhh my 1st cock stretching me wide. my teeth clenched I watched as he fucked me pushing more and more into me until I had to push my hand against his stomach to stop the pain. the other 2 were like animals egging him on to use this submissive gift that had presented its self. his pace quickening I braced myself. one of the men grabbed my stiff shaft and pulled my foreskin back over the head and stretched it open. the god at my ass removed his meat and placed the tip inside my foreskin and emptied his load. I witnessed my foreskin expand to overflowing. then they just got up and left. used but still horny as I hadn't been allowed to cum I reached down to masterbate. 'let me help you with that', a voice barked. a man probably in his 70's walked over entered my arse whilst jerking me off. I gathered my clothing and off I went.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 35

    Very masculine married white male. Straight acting but enjoy occasional dildos up my ass watching gay porn. Back in my school days years ago I was actually on the receiving end of some anal sex with different friends at different times. I don`t know why or even how it happened but all I know is that I loved the feel of a hard dick going up my ass and really loved being fucked. I will never forget the first time a friend came in my ass. I was used to having them pull out and cum on my ass but this one guy couldn`t take it out in time and shot a huge load balls deep in my ass and after that I always liked the feel of warm thick cum in my ass.
    I enjoy anal penetration still today and when I travel with my job I always find the local adult toy store and purchase couple of nice long thick life like rubber cocks with suction cup bases on them a bottle of lube and treat myself to some very good very deep ass fucking with some nice thick toys. My favorite that I buy is a very thick 10" rubber cock with big thick veins huge mushroom head suction cup base huge nuts and it shoots fake cum. I love to fuck my ass really hard and deep and feel the huge fat mushroom head go up and down in my asshole and shove my ass back hard on the huge nuts many times before I shoot glob after thick glob of the fake cum up my ass and let it cum in my ass many times.
    Over the years I have been very selective and careful in my choices but I have actually had three different very well hung men give me good hard deep anal sex to completion. All were married safe clean disease free and all a different race. One White big muscular man like myself One huge muscular Mexican man with a very fat dick and last but not least a very well hung muscular black man. I seclected these guys and have been very particular who I let fuck me but I like to be stretched pounded and fucked very deep and have huge thick loads shot deep in my ass and all three could cum more than once and two stayed all night and fucked me in different positions but I like it best face down flat on my stomach getting fucked very hard and like being talked dirty to with a huge cock in my ass and a lot of cum. The Mexican guy was by far vthe hottest and nastiest fuck ever. He had a very thick 9.5" dick fucked like a ,machine and talked very nasty while he fucked my ass and came hard in me several times before he had to leave the next morning.
    Some day I will get brave enough to set up my first ever gang bang but it won`t be easy to find three or more well hung safe clean sane men that are willing to take me some where private and pound my ass for hours but I hope I can set it up some day.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    Me and a friend I knew back in Jr. High had oral sex one day in the shower at my house while my parents were at work. I don`t know why we tried it but all I know is the subject came up we were both horny enough to try it and no one was aroud but the two of us that day so we did it.
    I went first going to my knees and had his dick in my mouth in no time sucking his dick like crazy until he came and I spit most of it out then he went down on me and let me cum in his mouth. We did it two other times that first day and many times after that and both of us learned to swallow fairly easy.
    I got him to fuck me in the ass one day shortly after we had been sucking each others dicks and it was great. He fucked e on the carpet in his Parents Den face down with my legs spread like a girl. He fucked me good and we both wanted him to cum in me so he did nd it was great.
    He fucked me two times that morning and two more times that afternoon and came in me every time in different positions. Once in the shower from behind as I bent forward and his cum ran down both my legs while he was fucking me. It felt so good that I jacked myself off and ate my cum out of my hand while he came up my ass.
    after that day I was always asking him to fuck my ass and cum in me and for several years he kept my ass full of cum and his older brother caught him fucking me one day in his bedroom. We didn`t hear him come in the house and he watched his brother fuck me and cum in my ass then he said he would tell on us if he didn`t get to do it too so I let him fuck me and he had a big dick that hurt the first few times he fucked me and he came a lot more than his younger brother. Months later his older brother told me he had two friends that wanted to fuck me and I told him no but after e threatened me a few times I agreed to do it and they took me to one of his friends house while no one weas home and all three of them fucked me in the back bedroom more than once each that day and I could hardly walk to the shower after the finished fucking me upthe ass.
    They were much older and had pretty big dicks and came a lot. They made me go back there quite a few times over the next few months then acted like they didn`t evben know me later on. I liked it after the first time and didn`t mind letting them fuck me when ever they wanted to but they just stopped for some reason or another. It was just something that happened when I was younger and it wasn`t that bad.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    So on Friday night I had a few work drinks followed by a few more and then went to a bar with a friend. Instead of going home I took myself off to another pub for a dance. I ended up dancing with this very tall sexy man for a couple of hours. There was a little playful touching and it was hot and it seemed like he had a nice package in his jeans! The lights came on and his wedding ring become very clear! we spoke a little and I decided to distanced myself, he left and waved goodbye.

    The trouble is I haven't had sex in so long he really got me flushed!

    I've considered Craig's list but meeting from the Internet makes me nervous.

    All I know is that masterbating twice a day isn't cutting it anymore! Why o why did be have to be married!!!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Transsexual Male / 39

    I just showed s young girl my cock, so wanted to put it in her pussy. I took her legging down and her pink psnties, I put my tongue up her number, she tasted yummy, I want her shit in my mouth the

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I keep my pastime to myself, indulging only when I am out of town.

    I got an assignment that took me to Mexico several times, I am a quality control inspector, so I travel quite a bit.

    The guy who received me was a German who was at the assembly plant on behalf of the home office and we got down to business. He was all business, not a joke not a moment of fun. I did notice during one moment when we both excused ourselves to go the restroom that he was definitely what I liked.

    We stayed at this motel/hotel close to the plant and found ourselves having breakfast the next morning and he had to lower his guard and talk. I ventured out and asked him if he had plans for dinner, if he new a place that was descent perhaps I could join him, as I was new to the area. He went on about eating in his room and he didn't go out to eat. I responded, without thinking, and I said the only men who stayed in the room watched porn and masturbated and that masturbating alone was a drag.

    After work he walked up to me, never making reference to our earlier conversation, and said he heard that this small restaurant within walking distance from our motel/hotel had a descent meal. So we went.

    All I wanted was to suck his cock. I did everything I could to broach the subject, I even asked him if he liked to watch porn of guys sucking cock. Quiet, no response, I put my hand on his leg and told him outright that I wanted to suck his cock. That I was very good at it, and had been sucking cock for a very long time and I was sure that getting his cock sucked was far better than masturbating.

    He was uncomfortable, but I pressed my position and when we got to our rooms I asked him to come in. If he didn't like it he could leave. I fell to my knees and rubbed my nose and face up against his pants, I was hungry, I managed to get his cock out and had it in my mouth and sucked hard on it, I got him hard, I undid his pants so that his cock to be free and sucked. His cock was so good, he was big enough and he was hard, for a man his age, he was hard.

    I got off my knees and sat on the bed so I could suck him better and played with his balls and handled his cock with my hand, always sucking on him. I told him to kick his shoes and pants off, I got undressed and helped him out of his shirt and sucked his nipples, and went back to his cock. He was totally passive, he was a masturbator but he had no experience doing what he always wanted. I told him to suck me, which he did but without enthusiasm, I told him to finger me, I love that when I am sucking cock, I wanted to be fingered, to feel his finger all the way up to his knuckle, I love getting fucked and fingering and cock sucking first gets me ready for his cock.

    I gave him my ass and told him to fuck me, he couldn't or he wouldn't and I told him not to leave me like that, I got my lube out and lubed myself and his cock and pulled him down on top of me and grabbed his cock and positioned it so all he had to do was thrust. I had to order him to fuck me, but once he started there was no holding back, he wanted to fuck and he got off in a wild ejaculation.

    I helped him clean up, and suggested a shower for us, but he showered alone and wanted to leave. I let him out the door but told him that from now on we were getting naked together and I expected him to fuck me, to go to his room and watch his porn, but now he new what it was like to get his cock sucked and to fuck a man's ass.

    The next night we had pizza delivered and we sucked cock and fucked.

    This old German went home a changed man, and I went home fully satisfied with myself. Bringing him out into the world, a 57 year old man getting his first cock sucking.

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