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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I was still baby sitting when I was 16 and in school. One of the girls I had, Poppy, was borderline, where she was almost too old for anyone to baby sit, at 13. However, her parents paid good money and were more than happy to have someone with her when they had a full night out. Poppy's body was amidst entering maturity and she complained that her budding tits hurt a lot. Still, she was skinny but developing a world-class ass.

    As it turned out, unknown to anyone, Poppy turned out to be my first sexual experience with a girl. It began watching an old movie on TV with her snuggling up and before I realized what was happening I felt my body in full response to her moves. Soon we were into full sex, and both nude. We did sex every time I baby sat for her and after a while I began to fear discovery so I made an excuse one day and asked Jim, my older brother, then in college, to baby sit her in my place and I would give him the entire fee they paid me.

    Poppy started asking for Jim so he gradually replaced me as her "baby sitter". One day, Jim confessed that he and Poppy were fucking like crazy almost the entire length of time they were together. It began the first day Jim had replaced me and he father (yes, her dad) handed Jim a dozen condoms and said, "She's very demanding but don't you dare do anything without these." Jim said that she would wait only 20 minutes or so before climbing on him again after he came. She eventually asked for anal sex from Jim. He noted unspoken stuff about her and her father but never got up the balls to ask.

    I never baby sat Poppy again but Jim continued, basically getting paid to fuck Poppy, until he graduated college. After that he still fucked her for a time, unpaid, until he realized she was quite promiscuous and, fearful of STDs, dropped off her list. Jim and I once exchanged information about our intimate moments with Poppy and each other. We were both amazed how perfectly bi-sexual she had been. Neither of us had imagined that she went both ways.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35


    About a year ago, at my lowest point after my divorce, I met Renee. I had been married for ten years, worked hard and got promoted a few times, and was living pretty well when my wife's depression began to show and ultimately tore us apart. The things she did under the banner of depression to me, which I won't go into here, were absolutely awful and I suspect may have been more of a midlife crisis for her than actual depression. But again, I won't go into that here.

    So I moved closer to home, Chattanooga, TN. I grew up there, visited every few years, had some friends living there, it was a really easy decision after everything fell apart. I got another decent job, got my own apartment, and decided to start living life again. Chattanooga is a great city, whether you are into night life, outdoors, or even geeky stuff like comics and board games, video games, and sci-fi. It's actually rediscovering those things that led me to Renee and my current situation.

    Browsing comics at a con (yes, Chatt has a few cons that come up throughout the year), I notice this strawberry blonde with glasses and a cute little flannel shirt next to me looking through the box next to me. No ring, no hovering boyfriend, no tagalong girlfriends. She's got freckles and a cute nose (not something I normally notice). Skinny, small chested, but a cute little ass in jeans. And I had completely overstayed my staring welcome, because she says "I don't think there are any comics there," catching me checking her out. I apologize and ask what she's looking for. "Anything with Starfire." Neat, a DC fan. We start talking, end up walking all over together, and I end up buying her a stack of comics (after much ado, which I will address shorrtly). Come to find out that she's also a divorcee rediscovering herself - coincidence. :)

    With the mindset I'm in, my goal is not sex right away, so we date, getting together pretty regularly, albeit at weird hours. I come to find out she works two jobs - one as a waitress, one at a hotel downtown on the cleaning staff. She's really sensitive about money, and seems to disapprove at how much I try to shower it on her when we're out (I have no kids, divorce only took a little out of me financially, so I can swing it no problem). And she wont' show me where she lives. I'm getting a "Pretty in Pink" vibe out of her, and after a couple of months she tells me she lives in a trailer with her mom in kind of a rural but rough part of the area, on the Georgia side of the city. And then doesn't talk to me via text or phone for a week.

    When I do hear back from her, she tells me she's ashamed and doesn't know if we can keep seeing each other. It hurt to hear that, a lot. I really liked her and thought we had something, comic hunting, checking out Marvel movies, playing board games (something I really missed), and meeting some of the strange denizens of the city at all these hobby shops and gaming locations. It was fun. I asked if we could meet to talk and after a bit she agreed, but I had to come to her place. I'll admit, that made me nervous. I agreed, and grabbed a bottle of wine and a nice little necklace on the way over. I was going to put it on the line, see what happened.

    It was a Sunday in November, cold. Damn cold. I drove through her neighborhood and got worried. Broke down cars in yards, stray dogs, dilapidated houses. Some areas of the city, or just around it, are really in poor areas where manufacturing has moved on. Rossville, GA, for example (a place I lived as a kid for a short time) was decimated when the Borg plant left in the mid-nineties and never recovered.

    Her trailer is gray, behind a full yard with a chain link fence. I see her car, and old Acura (clean but definitely on its last legs), and a beater truck. Looking in the window as I walked toward her house, also clean but not in great shape. No dogs, little garden in the back behind the place. She opens the little screen door and lets me in, house slippers and blue jeans, cute little pink and white tee with no jacket. I grab her arms as I walk up the fiberglass steps and try to warm them as best I can with my parcels, we go inside.

    Yep, she's poor. Just like her car, the house is clean but it's run down. She and her mom have done pretty well for what they have, and there's some pride in what they've done, but everything is dated and you can see it. I meet her Mom, who is about to head to work herself, so I move my car and we chat outside for a little bit before she leaves. "Nice car," she says. Mom is like the middle aged version of Renee's, by the way, just with shorter hair. It's weird, but lets me know Renee will age gracefully. "She really likes you," mom says. "You'd better be here for the right reasons." Southern guilt, works so well!

    Renee and I sit on her couch, watching old movies for the better part of the day. It's awkward, something is bothering her. We touch lightly while watching, my arm around her, sipping wine (not in wine glasses). She smells like vanilla sugar, my favorite. Cheap but inviting. She feels so good in my arms, perfect fit. I can feel her cute hips and ass against my side. At once we both blurt out "I like you." Then we laugh, awkwardly. I lift her chin, and kiss her, against the backdrop of some old anime from the 80s about ninjas, lots of blood. Perfect, right?

    We move to her room, and slowly I undress her, pulling that shirt over her head to reveal no bra, those cute little tits at perfect attention. I unbutton her jeans, cotton panties, light blue, bikini cut. They are a little worn, but fit her well. She says nothing but gets on her knees, unbuttoning my pants and skillfully finding my cock through my boxers. In no time it's in her mouth and she is sucking slowly, that free hand pulling my pants down the rest of the way, boxers after that, than finding my balls and stroking them. I lean over and lift her chin up again, kiss her and linger a bit, looking her in the eyes (pretty brown eyes). I sit on her bed, and she crawls over, slowly across the dark red carpet in her bedroom. She sits back on her knees right as she gets to me, then leans back, licks two fingers, and slides them right down her panties. She laughs at me, I'm in shock at the filthy look in her eyes and how intensely she's going to town. I get in the floor with her, get behind her, and wrap my arms around her, feeling her tits, her ribs, her hips, her ass, anything I can touch. Kissing her neck, ears, back, moving her head a bit and kissing her mouth from the side. Vanilla sugar, the smell is almost overpowering. My fingers in her hair, massaging her neck right where her hairline is, pulling her hair a little bit so her head tilts back, making her gasp a little and open her mouth. I say into her ear, low "you're absolutely perfect." And she starts spasming, having an orgasm right there. I put my hand on top of hers in her panties and push into and around them, feeling her hairy pussy, and she cries out as she rides it down. She leans forward, rises up so she's pressing her ass into me. I raise up to and push her forward so that my cock presses against those blue panties hard. I could be content humping those panties at this point. As she comes down finally, sitting back against me, I hold her and we both withdraw from her pussy. Breathing hard, she turns to look at me, and presses her fingers against my lips, into my mouth. "Taste me" she says. And I do, tasting her tangy pussy on her fingers, greedily. She turns around all the way and kisses me on the mouth, lots of tongue. Then she promptly grabs my cock and takes it fully in her mouth, jerking me hard and swaying her ass from side to side. Sitting back on my knees, hands behind to brace, I lift up just a bit and cum like a fountain. She does not stop, letting me erupt into her mouth and fill it completely. She raises up, opens her mouth slightly to show me what I did, then swallows the whole load, never breaking eye contact but pushing her glasses back into place. I pull her to me and just hold her tight, feeling her tiny body against mine just perfectly on the floor of her bedroom. We move to her bed and I just hold her until we both kind of nod off.

    She's perfect, perfectly agreeable and a perfect little slut for me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    When I was a fourteen I was in a car accident and I lost an eye, and I had some nerve damage and have lived with a crooked smile. I was self conciuos, wore glasses to stop people from focusing on my eye and hid my face. I was otherwise in good shape and have a womanly figure. In college I dated once but that didn't work out and I found myself socializing with my roommate from my freshman year. We bounced back and forth around other living arrangements and finally settled into sharing an apartment in our senior year. She never dated and her excuse is that guys took up too much time and she had to keep her grades up.

    We graduated and we both moved to the same city, with jobs for different companies and we moved in together and ten years later we were still living together. We socialized together and kept house together. Yes, we did slip into affection and the primary affection was sleeping with her and cuddling up in her arms. Our hands wandered and we experimented but mostly we cuddled. We did not consider ourselves gay, we were more like why date if guys only want one thing and they take too much time. I turned 32 and I was still a virgin and so was she.

    We went to this happy hour for this guy that was leaving the company. Mid thirties, divorced. The night went on and some people left and I found myself in a booth and he sat beside me and pushed me up against the wall and put his arm around the back of the booth and leaned on me. He whispered in my ear and asked me if she had floppy tits. Or were her tits firm with nice nipples. What about her pussy, was she one of those shy types that kept her pussy hidden behind an untended bush or was she one of those girls who was proud of her pussy and showed it to me every day for my pleasure. What about kissing, was she a sloppy kisser or was she a good kisser. When we kissed did I feel her up, or did she feel me up. Which did I like better, the taste of her pussy in my mouth or the feeling of her mouth on my pussy.

    I was so tight against the wall and I wasn't able to get a word in edgewise, I tried telling him we weren't that kind of roommates and he put his arm around me and held me and whispered that he wanted to see my pussy, he wanted me to trim my pussy for him so he could enjoy my pussy lips, he wanted to suck my tits, for me to hold my tits in my hands and use my thumb and index finger to get my nipples hard for him to suck, he wanted to lay me out in a big X on the bed, with my naked pussy for him so he could push his cock up to my throat. That is what he wanted to do and he wanted me to know it and that is what he intended to do now that we didn't work together and he knew I was sucking on my roommate's tits.

    He kissed me opening my lips with his tongue and pushing his tongue into my mouth and he told me that next he was going to push his cock into my pussy lips and play hide the weenie with me. I don't know who much time had passed, or that my roommate was standing there watching all this, or that I was so wet I was scared to stand up, or that I wanted another kiss which he gave me while groping my tit. I didn't want him to let go of me, I looked up at my roommate and got embarrassed that she was watching. I didn't know how much she had heard. She just looked at me and told me it was time to go home.

    When he called me I agreed to meet him. He told me about his new job and how much he wanted me to be there with him, but it was better if we didn't work together because he was going to be fucking me. That evening he came over and he put me on the bed in a big X and used scissors to cut away my underwear and my bra and told me to rub my nipples with my thumb and forefinger and get my nipples hard and he used the scissors to trim away at my pussy until he said he liked nice fat pussy lips to look at. He fucked me, it wasn't at all like having his tongue in my mouth, he fucked me and left me on the bed and stood at the end of the bed telling me to lay in an X so he could see my pussy.

    I love showing him my pussy and I love to play with my tits and letting him suck on them. I love getting fucked and sometimes I enjoy giving him oral sex. It is not my thing but I do it and show him I will do it if he wants. I live with him now and he trims my pussy the way he likes it. I haven't worked full time since I moved in with him and he taught me to cook and now I teach other women how to cook full meals for their homes. My old roommate is our third wheel and she socializes with us.

    Since that night when he put all those questions to me I look at her totally different. She doesn't have floppy tits and she does shave her pussy now since I asked her to. She has long legs and my favorite view of her is her butt and how her legs join up and she flashes her pussy at me by bending over. She is a good kisser, and she likes to take my tits in her hands and use her thumb and forefinger to get my nipples hard and kiss them and bite them. It is not that we get naked all the time, but we do get naked once in a while. I love getting naked and laying on the bed for her, and I love it when she gets naked and walks over to me telling me that she is going to get me and not let me go. She doesn't like it that I like having a guy in my life that takes up all my time and she has to fit herself into the time I have available. But that time is so much more time together than we spent when we lived together for those ten years. She didn't overhear him that night, but I have told her what he said that night over and over and she asks me the same questions, whispered in my ear while she kisses my neck and face and mouth.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    1 / 28

    Ðен ;ÑиÐ&fr ac12;Ñ Ð¡ÐРмогÑ&Nti lde; полÑÑ ;иÑÑ ; ÐÑажда ;нÑÑ ;во ÐзÑÐ °Ð¸Ð»& Ntilde;. ÐÑак. Ðожн ;о ФоÑÐ&frac 14;ал&Ntil de;нÑÐ ;¹. ÐаÑан&Nt ilde;Ð¸Ñ 100%. ÐоÑогР;¾. ÐбÑаÑ&E TH;°ÑÑ&Nti lde;Ñ Ð½Ð° поÑÑÑ ; znakfortune@@g***l.**m

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 27

    My brother always said that the first 2 years of his growing up was the happiest, cause I wasn't around! Lol's, then I came along to complicate his life!

    We had a very happy childhood growing up together, we went on holidays with our parents and even went to the same school, it was a happy time, I remember having fun fights with him when we were young, the fact I was a girl didn't really matter but I gave as good as I got! I guess we became aware sexually about the same time, girls do younger! I was 14 he was 16, I had heard the words wank and spunk at school and asked him what they meant as I was not going to ask my parents!

    He said I was a little too young but I persisted and eventually he gave in but told not to say anything to mom and dad! he took me into the bathroom and I was really exited, he dropped his trousers and underwear showing me everything! his cock was on display in front of me, he said wanking was doing this, he took his cock in his hand and started moving his hand along it's length and he started to get bigger, he said that was wanking.

    I guess I should have embarrassed or something but I wasn't, I was totally fixated by his cock! I said what about the other then, what does spunk mean, I'll show you but for gods sake don't say anything OK, OK I said, he moved over to the sink and played with his rather large cock for 3 to 5 mins I'd say, he gave a Ahhh and he orgasmed in the sink! there that's what spunk is, he said!

    A few days went by, I couldn't get it out of my head what he showed me, our parents were having a night out leaving us too in the house as he was 16, I started talking about what he had done and surprisingly he said he enjoyed doing it in front of me, I was pleaased cause I enjoyed watching him!

    He wanked off for me lots of times after that but soon I got tired of watching and I wanted to do it for him, I first time was thrilling for me, holding his cock until he twitched and shot his load into the sink, I gradually got much better in a short space of time and could even tell when he was about to come cum! I had been doing this for him for I would say 7 month and decided to change, one day I decided to sit on the bath in front of him and do it, I don't Know what came over me but I leaned forward kissed the end of his cock! what made me do it, I have no idea but I did! that ended up in me sucking him and eventually letting him cum in my mouth and loved his taste.

    I reached 15 years two month! my periods started! I became a woman in natures eyes! first one was messy, I wasn't expecting it but then you can't predict it, luckily it was a weekend and mother went and got me some pads, she knew tampons were no good! this elevated my feelings some what! and then when they went out instead of going to the bathroom we went to his bedroom, making sure none of our friends were going to call, it was more comfortable in there laying on his bed, head to toe and this day he touched me, I liked it, I never stopped him and in fact I wanted him too, reaching down I put my hand on his and guided his hand all the way to my crotch, he didn't need any more hints, he gently stroked my virgin pussy through my knickers causing me too close my legs trapping his hand, the feelings were so intense, he cum in my mouth and I sat up, I said sorry for reacting that way and please do it again, he did, I lay there while he caressed my pussy through my knickers making them wet!

    Next time it happened he hooked his finger inside my knickers, I decided to take them off after that so there were no barriers for him as touched me, I ended up on top of him giving him oral sex while he did the same to me giving me little orgasms to boot! I loved feeling his tongue going inside my lips and would often react by bucking my hips on his tongue.

    I remember this night in particular, we gave each other oral but it wasn't enough, after he came I lay on the bed next to him, I kissed him and he responded to me, before long we were kissing like real lovers, we both reached down the same time, him to finger me and me to play with him, he got hard again really quick and rolled on top of me, almost instinctively I opened my legs, his cock was touching my pussy, I think we knew at that point there was no stopping it, he never asked me and I never stopped him, he pushed his cock inside me taking my virginity, a felt a sharp pain as he went through my hymen, and after a couple of mins that pain had turned to pleasure, we made love properly for the first time, it was two weeks before my 16th birthday, I felt his cock throb inside me as it pumped me full of cum, I came hard myself, by god there was a price to pay though, his bed was a mess and soaked, we quickly got fresh bedding and put the blood stained cum soaked ones in the wash.

    I went on the pill after that as soon as I was 16! my brother lived at home for another two years and we fucked each other passionately, then he moved out to into his own place, which made life easier for us, we could fuck every night if we wanted too!

    One day he got a call, our parents were on holiday in France, there had been an accident, Mother died instantly but Dad was still alive, we rushed over to Saint Nazaire as quickly as we could but to no avail, our Dad had passed away before we got there, we were devastated beyond all believe, we made the arrangements to bring them home, informed everyone and arranged for them to be brought home.

    After the funeral we were left on our own, relatives asked us if we would be Ok and we said yes, my brother moved back in and we stayed there for a few weeks wondering what to do, it was me who came up with the idea, our parents had left us extremely well off and our relatives lived so far away they hardly if ever visited, I said we should look for another home, a home for the two of us, pretend we are married and live as man and wife, after all we have been having sex as that anyway in secret!

    After he had thought about it he agreed, we started looking for a new home, somewhere miles away from where we are now and where no one knew us, we would be total strangers, we found a place 280 miles from the family home, it was on it's own with some land, we put our house on the market and it sold and we moved, now this was the ingenious part of it, we had some wedding pics took! just us too for us to display! in case anyone asked we were there in full wedding outfits!

    We have been very very happy, life resumed as normal after a little while and we started having sex again, I came off the pill and fell pregnant! I had a baby daughter, 18 months later I had another baby girl, we are a proper family now, we are so happy where we are, we have new friends and neighbors and two wonderful children and going for a third, my one regret is us not being able to say goodbye to our parents and arriving too late, we gave them wonderful grand children.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    This was some years ago I was laying naked at the edge of the sand dunes watching the sea .When a young lad walked past. He came back a minute later closer this time asked me the time i got my phone told him the time. I asked if he had to be somewhere No he said ,would you like to join me I asked.He said he would , when I said he could strip off if he wanted he went bright red.

    I realised he had a hard on, I told him not to worry I was starting to get hard too.He stripped revealing a beautiful c
    ock I reached over and slowly stroked him then got down and suck him till he came in my mouth.That didnt take long,

    I lay stroking myself then he just started sucking me he wasnt the best but he made me cum.We met at the same spot till he must have found better he fuck me but wouldnt let me fuck him.That didnt bother me as even now I love to be fucked.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Female / 45

    I didn't know what category to put this in so I just put it here.

    My Mom always wanted a daughter. She got me instead. So she decided to make me into a girl or at least as close to one as she could get. Since she couldn't have any more kids after me I was an only child so I was her last chance at having a daughter.

    I was born in 1972. My Mom was 16 and married to a Navy pilot who was shot down over Vietnam when I was 2. I have no memory of him at all. My mom put all his stuff in trunks and put them in my closet and kept them there until I was old enough to appreciate them. Today I have a shrine of sorts with his last Navy portrait of him recently promoted to Lt.J.G. above his framed flag and all his medals including his two purple hearts and bronze star in a shadow box. He was a real hero who died saving American lives. But he wouldn't have liked me at all as he was a military man's man and the only feminine thing he liked was his wife, or so my uncle once told me.

    Despite the category I chose to describe myself here, I am not a woman. I am not a female and don't consider myself to be. But they don't really have my category on this web site so that's as close to what I am as I could find.

    What I am is an extremely feminine and voluntarily emasculated boy. I have NEVER qualified to be an actual man. I eagerly embraced everything my mother did to me. I loved every frilly dress and girly toy, the whole thing.

    Now in 1972 most boys had long or longish hair, or at least they did in urban areas. So my having long hair didn't itself single me out as girly. It was everything combined. But by the time I was 12 in 1984 my blond mane was down to my knees with the lower third always permed into big soft feminine bouncy curls. I'd become an expert in doing my make-up having studied under my mom who graduated from beauty school after my Dad died. We had a three bedroom house so mom had one room set up like a salon on the second floor but since she didn't like stairs she kept the other second floor bedroom for herself and gave me the giant master suite on the third floor. Of course I loved it up there. She did the whole thing over in pink when we moved there and that included a princess canopy bed, pink and white furniture including a vanity and a curio cabinet with my grandmother's tea set. My bedroom was as girly as you could get.

    While I had boys clothes, they were the girliest boys clothes she felt she could get away with dressing me in. She sent me to first grade wearing pink and white and lavender three piece leisure suits with bell bottom trousers and white patent leather platform shoes, a year or two out of date but at 6 I didn't know any better. I was the only boy in the first grade who routinely went to school with my waist length hair in a French braid or a pony tail held up with a pink ribbon. I also had a large collection of pierced earrings that I wore in both ears at a time when it was uncommon for teenage boys to wear even a single earring. I kept my fingernails a bit longer than most girls but not ridiculously long.

    No doubt I was seen as a sissy from the start. Combine that with my effeminate mannerisms and being very soft spoken an I was very vulnerable to any bully I might encounter. Or I would have been had my mother not prepared me well for this. You see, before my father died he trained my mother, a tiny little woman of 4 feet 9 inches and 79 lbs, in marshal arts. He was a black belt in Karate before he went to officer school and he had also trained in other forms of self defense so he trained my mom as well. She was a very confident woman despite her size and she trained me. While I'm no expert I can handle myself. But I found out that I didn't have to handle myself if I did two things. First I made friends, mostly with girls and second I excelled in sports despite my otherwise girly persona.

    In those days kindergarten was not required and so was not offered in our school system. My mom loved the idea of sending me to school as a little girl so she enrolled me in a private all girl's kindergarten two towns away of course as a girl. They had a uniform that consisted of a pink plaid kilt, white blouse, pink sweater, pink socks and either pink, white or black shoes. I got to wear my long hair in pigtails held up with pink ribbons and that's when mom got my ears pierced. It was a catholic kindergarten so Mom gave me a pink plastic crucifix to wear around my neck. I even had a pink Barbie pocket book and a pink Barbie back pack for my school supplies. She didn't tell anyone at the public elementary school that I had gone to kindergarten as she didn't want them to know I was known as a girl there.

    So that summer between kindergarten and first grade she signed me up for pee wee little league. Everyone thought I was a girl. Girls were allowed to play in little league but not after the age of 12. When I told them I was a boy I got bullied, verbally at least, a lot. But then when we had our first game and I got a grand slam at my first at bat the bullying stopped, the teasing stopped and I was hoisted on shoulders after I won the game on my last at bat with my second home run breaking a 5-5 tie. I batted 530 that season and had the highest tag outs of any boy my age in the entire league so pretty much nobody cared that I my hair was permed to make the curls bounce or that I wore my pony tail in a pink ribbon or that I wore pink heart earrings or that I was more flamboyant than Rue Paul. I won games and that won respect.

    It wasn't until I hit Junior high school in 7th grade and was thrown in with a lot of older kids who didn't know me and had to take a communal shower for the first time that the bullying returned despite having several classmates that knew me come to my defense. First day of school, 7th grade, 1985 I was dressed in pink ladies patent pumps with 4 inch heals, pink three piece silk men's suit with a pink tie and handkerchief and a pink dress shirt of a lighter shade with French cuffs that I wore pink sapphire cufflinks in. I also wore earrings with pink heart cut sapphires. I had my grandfather's gold pocket watch with a double Albert chain and a very elegant gold and pink sapphire fob. My knee length hair was in a French braid tied with a three inch wide pink silk satin ribbon tied into a large bow with tassels that came to my knees. I wore a pink patent leather lady's belt and I work a pink back pack with a rose print.

    I actually didn't care if I was bullied a bit because I felt very confident. First period that first tuesday after labor day was boy's phys. ed. I was expecting to catch a lot of flack from the older boys and I did. Two older boys, upper classmen, one 16 and the other 17 grabbed me and told me that girls weren't allowed in the boys locker. I laughed and told them that I understood their confusion but assured them I was indeed a boy and invited them to watch me change into my gym uniform if they were in doubt. That pissed them off and the older one accused me of inferring that they might be gay and then accused me of being gay. I hadn't really thought that much about my sexuality up to that point as I hadn't even learned to jerk off and don't recall yet being horny for one gender or the other though I did generally prefer the company of women since they tended to be softer and more calm then boys were. The older one took a swing, I ducked and his fist slammed into a locker. I apologized for avoiding his punch resulting in his bruised knuckles and offered to kiss it and make it better. That only served to infuriate him more and he took a second swing and I ducked and he lost balance and fell over onto his face. So I reached down to offer to help him up and he called me a faggot and told me to get away from him. By this point half the gym class was cheering me on, the younger half that is, the half that was accustomed to being bullied by the older boys. So then his buddy grabbed me from behind and put my into a full Nelson which they thought would incapacitate me. It didn't. So going for one more try at punching me my bully pulled back and put all his might into punching me in the gut. I knew exactly what he was going to do so I did that my mother called the Houdini maneuver. I stiffened my already strong stomach muscles and smiled as his fist slammed into my gut. All he accomplished was making me fart. He was even more pissed that I maintained a smile throughout and he began pummeling me until the Phys ed teacher came around the corner and broke up the "fight."

    I politely asked the teacher to forgo detention for the boys and that I was merely demonstrating Houdini's ability to take a punch to the gut without injury. I even let him have a go at it and he was stunned that despite being twice my size and having a decent punch, he didn't knock the wind out of me. That day I made friends with two former bullies and earned a lot of respect.

    Oh and I didn't even tell you yet about what we actually did in gym class that day. As a junior marshal arts expert at 12 and being a brown belt on my way to black belt in karate and having had some hand to hand weapons training with my mother along with throwing spears, the use of bow and arrow and other medieval weaponry, I was a pretty fair archer. I even knew some trick shots so I was elated when on our first day of phys ed we had archery. I was handed a long bow and three arrows. The targets were moved to 5 yards. I was mildly irritated and so I went to my target and pulled it back to 20 yards which was the closest I attempted to hit a target since I was 9. I then knocked my bow, set my arrow with the rest of the class and shot it right up in the sky. I quickly shot the 2nd and 3rd arrows and hit the bull's eye one to the left of center and the other to the right of center before the first arrow landed in the ground between the 2nd and third arrows arrows. That was a trick shot my mother taught me. My phys ed teacher was not amused and scolded me for putting an arrow in the ground and taking a risk that the wind wouldn't change. It didn't . So second round I decided to just make a neat triangle of three arrows within the center half inch of the bull's eye at 25 yards and then repeated at 30 yards. My phys ed teacher couldn't even hit the target at 30 yards and none of the other boys including the seniors hit their targets at 15 yards. After that nobody even said a word about my pink satin bra and panties or the fact that I died my jock strap pink or that I called all the boys "Darling" and used the word "fabulous" way too much.

    My 7th grade math teacher was a retired Marine drill instructor who then went on to college after twenty years in the Marines and got his degree in math and a teaching certificate. He was a generally nice if misunderstood man. Before he met me he hated and was disgusted by faggots and sissy's. He stood at the front of the class in his military style hair cut and barked out commands like a drill instructor on the first day of boot camp. He stayed just on the correct side of being abusive but I could tell he didn't like me from day one. That is until he figured he'd make an example out of me Marine style by having me attempt to solve a far more difficult equation than he had just taught us a moment before. What he didn't know is that I was pretty good at math and that in the sixth grade my math teacher, a very nice older woman who happened to think it would do all boys some good to spend a year or two living as girls, tutored me in 7th and 8th grade math and that I was actually ready for second year algebra not pre algebra but that school didn't believe in advanced placement for younger gifted students. So I easily solved the problem that he hadn't actually taught us how to and he did a double take and sent me back to my seat. I tried very hard not to smirk. He didn't like me but he respected me. Before the end of the year he liked me.

    The only other teacher that didn't like the way I looked or acted was my history teacher who was also a retired marine having gone to France on D-Day and thought all men should be men. What he didn't know was that next to Art, History was my favorite subject and that I had already read dozens of college text books on the topic and it was nearly impossible to stump me. I read my 7th grade U.S. History text book in three days not finding a single thing I hadn't already read elsewhere and even penciled in a couple of dozen corrections where the text had factual mistakes. When I pointed them out to the history teacher he got pissed and told me that since I was such a smart ass faggot (yes teachers could say that in those days) I could write him a separate report on each of the "errors" and have them turned in by Halloween. I had them turned in by the end of September, typed and double spaced with source citations like my mother taught me to do. I used my new computer as a word processor and a daisy wheel printer to print up my reports. He looked dumb founded when I turned them in but wrote an A on every one and turned to me and said "Don't bother taking the mid term or final, I've already put you down as earning an A in this class and I wish I could advance you to freshman history but they have a rule against that so I am just going to let you spend the rest of the year at the library reading any topic in history you want as long as you tell me about what book you read and summarize what you learned so I know you actually are reading history." We ended up good friends and I also made good friends with the school librarian who let me access books usually reserved for faculty and upper class men.

    So that was school life for me up to 7th grade and pretty much high school went the same way. I graduated 2nd in my class only because I was in a coma my last three months of 12 grade. I had been hit by a car in a cross walk and the guy took off. He was eventually caught and sent to prison and Mom sued him and won and got his house, car and enough for my college fund to pay for my B.A.

    But I am getting ahead of myself.

    When I was 12 I met my future wife. Now I bet up to this point you figured I was gay and was going to one day marry a man. Well I'm not gay, at least not by the strictest sense of the definition. I am in fact very bisexual. I absolutely adore girls and not long into the 7th grade year I discovered I didn't just like having female friends, I wanted to have sex with girls. I was very attracted to them, so much so I aspired to be even more girly than I started with. Now most girls don't like sissies. But Linda isn't like most girls. She too is bisexual but with strong lesbian leanings. She also likes her boys young and girly. So basically she doesn't care too much about gender as long as they look and act girly and are pretty and have long nice hair. I met all those qualifications. Oh and Linda was a senior. She is five years older than me. We were in Art class together. She thought I was a girl at first until I told her my name and even then at first she just thought I was a girl with a boy's name.

    Linda is beautiful. She had long dark brown straight silky hair and dark brown eyes and sultry lips and the most amazing long black eye lashes that did not need mascara. Her lips were a dark shade of red and she wore matching nail polish. Acrylic nails really weren't a thing in those days, at least not that I knew of. We were assigned to work on an art project together and it was love at first sight for both of us. I felt a constant tingling in my nipples and groin every time I inhaled her intoxicating perfume or felt her silky hair brush my arms. We joined the art club together which was after school and then she began offering me a ride home from art club and next thing I knew she asked me out on a date. when I couldn't spit the word YES out fast enough she knew she had me. She told me to wear something pretty.

    I told my mom about my date and that it was an older girl who had a car (immediately giving away that she was at least 4 years older than me) and that she told me to wear something pretty. She was unenthusiastic until I got to that last part then she perked up and made it a project. It was Thursday when Linda asked me out and that night Mom took me shopping for girl's clothes. I already had girl's clothes but mom wanted me to have something special to wear. So she got me a flowing pink dress with a plunging neckline a new pair of earrings, a new pair of pumps and some very slutty lingerie to wear under. Garter belt, crotchless panties and stockings with a seam up the back finished my look. She did my hair in a glamorous wave, my nails in sultry red a few shades lighter than Linda's and she did my make-up. I looked like a Playboy centerfold model without tits. She even got me a bottle of expensive perfume. Linda picked me up Friday at six and the look on her face was priceless I introduced her and my mom and she said I was the prettiest girl she had ever seen. Then she turned to my mom and asked "You don't mind your daughter dating an older lesbian do you?"

    "Why should I mind, I AM an older lesbian."

    Linda took me to dinner then to a dance club I was too young to legally get into but she knew the bouncer and didn't bother telling him that I was not a teenage girl but instead a 12 year old boy in drag. it was mostly retro 70's disco music a la studio 54, but I didn't mind because they also had a lot of slow dancing which I preferred. I was just barely tall enough, even in heals, to get my face between Linda's boobs.

    After dancing she took me to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show but not until she switched my stockings for black fishnets and added black lip liner to my lips and some darker eye shadow. I didn't' understand why until I got there and found half the guys in drag. She bumped into one of her friends and introduced me as her friend Melissa and explained that I was trying to look like a drag queen but since I was a girl I was failing miserably. Her friend Jen had no idea that I wasn't actually a girl. So I was a boy pretending to be a girl who was pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl.

    That was our first date. Of course she took me home and taught me how to kiss on my front porch. Mom considerately shut off the porch light after the first minute. I think she ran off to bed to masturbate. Our kiss lingered for about an hour. That's when I learned what it was like to be a girl having her date reach up her skirt to feel her up and that is when Linda discovered I was wearing crotchless panties and that is when I learned that wearing crotchless panties is extremely convenient.

    We finished up our kiss and I went inside desperately wanting to invite Linda up to my bedroom but I didn't want to push my luck.

    Linda took my virginity on my second date or I should say at the end of our second date. We were doing our porch make-out thing when Mom opened the front door, told us we looked adorable and then said she was going to run a few errands and would be back the next afternoon. I had no idea what errands she could do at 2 a.m. but I didn't care. I invited Linda in and ten minutes later she gave me my first blow job followed by taking my virginity. We kept our dresses and lingerie and even our pumps on removing only our panties which we both wore outside the garter belts. Mom told me to do that and said I would find out why later. Mom is a friggin genius. Being made love to by a girl as a girl or at least as a sissy is incomparable. losing one's virginity that way is indescribably wonderful but then when Linda told me she was also a virgin and offered, just before I took the plunge, to show me her hymen I put my tongue in and licked it and then got on top and put my tiny little clit dick in her and fucked her for all I was worth. It seems that all I was doing was rubbing her down there not really fucking since my cock at the time was only two inches long but then to a 17 year old small extra tight virgin that was just as well. We both came and we both became lovers.

    A year later she proposed to me offering me her mother's engagement ring. My mother was thrilled. When we told her that we were going to be a lesbian couple and were BOTH going to wear wedding gowns she was elated. Of course two girls could not legally marry in those days and I was only 13 when she proposed but we had a nice 3 year long engagement. Then shortly after my sweet 16 birthday we got married. Of course by then I was wearing strictly girl's clothes to school and I had developed breasts and no I didn't take hormones to grow them either. It seems that despite having a slender figure, I developed a severe case of gynacomastia. If you don't know what that is look it up. By 16 I had full C cup breasts, and required a bra. With all the nipple sucking that Linda was doing I was lactating on my wedding day to such an extent that I had to wear special nursing pads in my bra. I was so turned on from producing milk for Linda to drink. As it turns out I also had a second medical condition, microphalia. That one is relatively common. It means I have a tiny dick. On our wedding night my cock had only grown to three inches in length and was less than an inch thick.

    My Mom bought me my wedding gown, it was a similar style to the one wore by Princess Diana, a a still popular style in 1988. She rented a crystal tiara and loaned me her diamonds to wear. Mom wore a tux and walked me down the aisle. Linda wore a mermaid style wedding gown and let her hair flow down to her knees. I had my hair up in a huge up do with only a narrow tail that came down to the floor so everyone could see how long my hair was. It had a tiny pink bow at the end. So what church would let two "lesbians" marry? Our Unitarian church did. They are very progressive and were the first church to offer commitment ceremonies to same sex couples back in the 1980's. They thought we were two girls at first. Those were the days when in that state even a M2F Transexual could not legally change their gender to female and had to carry an I.D. that specified male. But to everyone else we were a lesbian couple getting married.

    We honeymooned in Provincetown. Google Provincetown to find out why.

    So despite having only a three inch dick that never got bigger and naturally occurring c-cup tits that eventually grew to d-cup tits, it seems I was quite able to make a girl pregnant. I'd been fucking her since 12 but it seems my sperm didn't become viable until I was 17. We had three lovely kids. Two girls and a boy though that eventually became three girls.

    Now as I said earlier I don't consider myself female. I am a fully emasculated sissy faggot. There is a difference. I can't get pregnant. I won't entertain arguments about the whole transgender thing. That is just my belief. If you want me to use female pronouns I will and if you want me to call you a girl if you have one x and one y I will. But I won't actually think of you as authentically female.

    But as part of my extreme emasculation fetish that I had developed early on I eagerly agreed to have bottom surgery and go on hormones right after the youngest was born. It was Linda's idea but she knew despite my never saying it that I wanted to be fully emasculated. So she made the arrangements and I was castrated and got my vagina. They kept my dick head intact and used my foreskin to make a clitoral hood.

    At that point no state had yet made same sex marriage legal so we had to get a divorce. You see Linda insisted that I legally become female. Then a few years later when Massachusetts made same sex marriage legal we got married all over again as two women. Of course Linda wears the pants in the family.

    Oh I left out the part where Linda came up with the idea that I could not possibly be a true sissy faggot until I had gay sex so she fixed me up with a couple of cute boys to "spit roast" me. That was my birthday gift the second year we were married. She loves seeing gay men fuck me so it happens a few times a year. usually she surprises me by setting me up with a couple of her friends. For my thirtieth birthday she arranged for 12 men who all looked like Chippendale strippers gang banged me while she made a video of the whole thing.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    It was World War II. My Dad successfully faked an illness so he could stay home where it was safe. Then he got a good job building ships at a place called Four Rivers. In those days most Moms were "stay-at-home" Moms and mine was no exception. I was seven when it started. I was also an only child. Dad was in his Thirties and Mom was still in her twenties.

    So one night after I'd already been tucked into bed and fallen asleep, my Dad showed up in my bedroom naked. He woke me up and asked if I'd like to help him and my mom make a baby. Being a curious boy I agreed without hesitation though I was perplexed why my Dad was standing there naked. I'd never seen him naked before. He made me take off his clothes and holding my hand he led me to his bedroom where my Mom was also naked, tied up in the bed with her naked ass and pussy up in the air. Dad picked me up and put me in the bed right between them and told me my job is to tickle Mom's pee pee. That's what started it.

    By the time I was ten years old I was fucking my Mom in her pussy, ass and mouth and Dad was fucking me in my ass and mouth and I was licking mom and tongue kissing both. The war had also ended and my baby sister was a little older than two years old. Oh and I'd moved into my parent's bedroom sleeping naked with them every night.

    When my sister was three I took her virginity while my Dad took pictures. He had developed an interest in photography by then and had his own dark room. I suppose he didn't want anyone seeing the photos he took of my fucking my baby sister while getting it up the ass by Dad and while eating Mom's pussy.

    Unlike my Dad I was eager to sign up for the Navy the moment I was old enough. But by the time I turned 18 the war had just ended so they were not as eager to take new recruits. I ended up getting a job in the factory where my Dad worked right after graduating high school. Mean while I had two more little sisters and I had just gotten my oldest sister pregnant for the second time.

    Now what I have't told you is that my parents weren't married when I was born. My Mom's divorce from her first husband wasn't finalized when I was born. Mom had only been married to her first husband for a few months but the divorce took a few years. So my birth certificate has my Mom's first name and her old married name and has "father Unknown" on it. When my Mom gave birth to our three daughters she put down her new married name and her maiden name but she started using her middle name as her first name from when she married my Dad. So our daughters have a different Mom's name on their birth certificate and my Dad's name on it. I also didn't discover this entanglement until our parents died.

    So in the 1950's my parents were in a car accident and both of them died. I inherited the house but after everything I decided that it would be best to move away and take my sisters/daughters with me. So I sold the house, cashed in the life insurance, empty the bank accounts and move us to another part of the country. When I found out that my sisters had a different set of parents on their birth certificates than I did I got an idea. I asked all three if they wanted to marry me and all three said yes. So we went to three different towns in three different counties and got hitched. Then we moved into a big house together. It was 1964. I was 29 and my sisters were 17, 15 and 13 and yes in that state it at that time long ago it was legal to marry a girl over 12 if she signed a consent form at the clerk's office as long as there were two witnesses to countersign. That was one reason I picked that state. So while bigamy and marrying one's sister/daughter was illegal, we could still live as husband and wife without anyone bothering us about it.

    I fucked all three regularly but only the oldest ever got pregnant. I thought for sure I'd have all three pregnant by the age of 12 but some girls just aren't able to until older. So my oldest sister got pregnant two years after we married. We had a delightful little baby girl. I was only slightly disappointed that it wasn't a boy. I really did want a son to carry down the family name but she was so gorgeous I forgot all about my desire.

    Two years later we had another girl. Meanwhile my two younger sisters lost interest in our arrangement so they both divorced me. I didn't contest it and they agreed not to seek alimony. That was 1968 and the girls were 21, 19 and 17 by then. The two younger ones moved out and moved to another state as soon as the younger one was 18. They went to beauty school together and ended up opening a beauty parlor together and stayed single for the rest of their lives. It turns out they'd been having lesbian sex together since they were 12 and 10 and I never noticed. They'd have gotten married if they could. They ended up moving to Rhode Island where having sex with your sister is still legal.

    My oldest sister/daughter popped out two more daughters by 1972 and I was very successful as a master machinist. Then my sister started to get weird. She started to experiment with prescription drugs. She was sleeping with a doctor behind my back, got pregnant and then got an abortion behind my back as well. Her timing was perfect. She was three months pregnant when Roe V Wade happened and was the very first legal abortion patient at the clinic where she went. Since she had put on a lot of weight in the previous pregnancies I just didn't notice a baby bump.

    Of course when I found out I was very angry. Turns out despite my paying sexual attention on her almost exclusively she thought she wasn't getting enough affection from me. But the drugs also fucked up her mind. She began to have bizarre sexual fantasies that got more and more extreme and finally she came to me and confessed that she wanted to know what it was like to die. She wasn't particularly interested in what happened after death. She just wanted to experience dying as a sexual thrill. She tried to talk me into killing her and while I may like to fuck family and kids I draw the line at murder.

    So when I told her she'd have to do it herself, she took me seriously. Pretending it was a sexual game, she talked me into letting her tie me and the girls up naked in the kitchen. She tied me up first making sure I was very secure in the chair. Then she did the girls who were 9, 7, 4 and 2 years old at the time. Then she sucked me off for the very first time. Doing it in front of the girls was not special thing. We'd been having sex with them in bed with us from day one and as each developed an interest in participating we would invite them to do so. Up to that point the three oldest girls had lost their virginity to my cock.

    Then once she had us all secure she confessed that she had been a very naughty slut and needed to be punished. Since Daddy, that's me, wouldn't punish her the way she needed she would have to punish herself. At that point she tongue kissed her daughters good bye one at a time and walked over to a small plug in vibrator that she had dissected and then re assembled with a copper coil wrapped around it. She shoved that up her pussy in front of us making sure the girls could all see the thing buried in her pussy. Next she took a second one done up the same way and shoved it up her ass. She had a pair of alligator clips on her nipples that she simply had attached to a partially stripped extension cord. None had been plugged in yet. Then she got out a safety razor and right in front of our daughters she started to slice up her nipples around the alligator clips. She was obviously on some kind of drug but I could not for the life of me guess which one. She showed her wounds to four hysterical little girls and then bid us all farewell.

    She plugged all three into a four way outlet in the kitchen wall and then started to slowly rotate the dimmer switch until she let out a loud scream. To this day I cannot explain to you why my dick as so hard watching all this unfold. How she survived long enough to continue I'm not sure but I suppose there was not enough juice available to electrocute her right away. She masturbated herself to a screaming orgasm with the dimmer at it' lowest setting and just as she was maybe half way through what was probably the most powerful orgasm of her life she cranked the dimmer all the way up as far as it would go. At that point she fell to the floor and just thrashed about like a condemned prisoner in the electric chair. She screamed her self horse as flames came out of her ass, vagina and breasts and finally she succumbed. The place stunk of burnt flesh and it would be hours before the girls stopped screaming.

    We didn't live close to any neighbors and I was very securely tied and despite my best effort I juts could not get loose though I confess I was more interested in jerking off than doing anything else about what had just happened. So the lack of neighbors meant we were there until the next morning when the milk man came and I was able to get his attention.

    You can imagine how the police reacted to find a father and his four little daughters tied up naked with their naked dead Mom all burnt up still stinking the room like a crematorium with poor ventilation. Once they interviewed all four girls, even the two year old and myself they concluded my insane drugged out wife really did her self in, in front of her family and that she really did tie us all up naked. They never asked any questions about our personal life outside of the suicide and I'm grateful because had they, they might have gotten an earful about what a great lover Daddy is.

    ******************* **********

    We moved again. I just couldn't get the stench out of the house. My sister/wife/daughter was cremated and we scattered her ashes in her favorite public park. The cemeteries in town all refused to let her be buried in them due to her suicide.

    I bought a house way out in the sticks where no prying eyes would learn what we all did together. I took the baby's virginity and kept all my daughters well fucked from then on. having the youngest one sitting on my cock, the next youngest one sit on my mouth and the two older ones sitting on my hands all of us naked and then me cumming like that is an experience every Dad should get.

    For the next several years I fucked all four regularly. Each girl had her own favorite things to do. For example the youngest became obsessed with licking my asshole when she was five. I don't know why. I don't care why. You don't question a beautiful five year old obsessed with licking your butt. You just lay down and let her have at it. My oldest one loves being tied up naked and being erotically tormented. The two middle girls seem to be mostly interested in more vanilla sex, one liking oral more and the other just plain loving the missionary position and kissing.

    Shortly after the youngest one turned 18 our state changed it's laws to eliminate the statute of limitations for prosecuting sex crimes. Prior to that, the statute of limitation was three years for any felony other than murder. Since I was grandfathered in, all I had to do was wait three years after that. In 1994 we found out about Rhode Island not having laws against insest so we moved there and have lived there since. By then I was nearly 60 and not so much losing interest in sex but rather changing my interest in sex. I had never had sex with the babies those four had until each turned 16 which in our state at the time was legal, or at least the part about their being under age was. Insest was still insest which was why we moved to Rhode Island.

    Now that I'm 83 years old I don't fuck any of them as much as I used to. Oh I did finally get a son. The oldest of the four girl got pregnant at 12 and gave me a son in 1977. He's now 41. Each of the girls gave me children so I now have 11 children or grandchildren or great grandchildren depending on how you count it. The most surprising thing is that other than they are a little bit crazy they are all normal healthy people.

    Now in my waning years,as I have said my sexual interests have evolved. I'm really not interested at all in fucking babies. Been there and done that. Believe it or not I have had sex reassignment surgery and now identify as a female. my family gang fucks me pretending it's not consensual. They tie me up and whip me. The girls sometimes use me as a toilet. Just before I had vaginoplasty we even fulfilled my fantasy of being ritually punished by all my "victims" in one great big three day long ritual castration. Al my children except the two oldest girls who became lesbian lovers took turns torturing my exposed testicles and finally each took a bite while they were still attached so I could feel every bite. They just kept repeatedly scolding me telling me what a "naughty p*d*file" I was. That was my best and last cum as a man. Last year for my birthday, all my male progeny gang r*p*d me to celebrate. Best birthday yet.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 43

    I work in a factory and have for a few years. The pay is O.K. but not spectacular though it has recently gotten better, for me at least. I seems that years of kissing up to the boss has finally paid off with a promotion. Now over the years I have had trouble with many of my co-workers. I won't go into details but I think everyone reading this has at least one and perhaps more than one co-worker who is an asshole and needs to be fired but for some reason the boss won't fire them.

    So I found out that with my new position comes a little bit of power. While technically I can't fire anyone, I can document what they do and don't do and if I do that just right I can clean house and get rid of anyone I don't like. I found it works very well. I also took a page from Trump's play book and so I just make stuff up and combine it with just enough truth that the boss swallows it hook line and sinker. I have gotten the boss to fire 13 people in the last two months. I only have one more to go, my boss. OK he's not really that bad, after all he did promote me. But I want his job and I now I can do it better than he does.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 30

    My wife found out that I had been cheating on her for over a year with several different women but kept it to herself till one night when we got into a fight over sex. When we calmed down she told me she wanted to get kinky and I was ready and willing and let her tie me spread eagled to our bed. She spent the next four hours sucking my cock and jacking me off till just as I was about to explode,,then she would stop till I cooled down ,then she started back up again . I was about to cum and she stopped and left the room and returned with a bowl of crushed i8ce that she poured on my raging hard cock and balls and my cock went totally limp immediately. Next she went to her dresser and pulled out a stainless steep chastity device and slipped my soft cock into it and locked it securely on me. After doing that she explained how she had known all about my fooling around and this was my punishment . Our marriage has changed drastically in the year since she locked my dick up. She ties me up before removing it to clean me and locks me back up immediately and I am so horny that I am about to go crazy . We still have sex,,but I am not allowed to use my cock,she bought me a strap on that I fuck her with now. She isn't totally cruel to me ,,she bought me a vibrator and showed me how to massage my prostrate so I can still have orgasms . My wife loves to watch me fuck myself with my dildo and teases me

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