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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 21

    Right this moment, i just want to blow a massive load right on my wife's face. I love it, and wish she loved it more. Something about seeing her pretty eyes staring st me while i release rope after rope of white cum, seeing it drip down her face. It makes my whole body shudder. I want her to feel me and tadte me.

    I dont see it as domination, but an intensely erotic kink.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 48

    I have been looking for new friends to help me get my N.E.Ohio wife back fucking other men. I have watched her being fucked before and enjoyed watching and joined in. Like watching her sucking on the guys cocks and see their cum going into her mouth then leaking out. Like to watch a nice big cock fucking her wet pussy going in and out of it then watch him cum in her pussy and see his cum leaking out Do you think I could find some new friends to help me get her fucked?

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 35

    I can't stop playing with my the office...I'm in my pants or up my skirt under my desk...or in the ladies room, tiptoeing against the stall door, terrified someone I know will walk the the morning, when I go, it is deserted...I sit on the bench press and watch myself cum inbetween home...well, just forget it...where don't I play with my pussy? I need a really good fucking, and if I don't get it soon I'm going to get busted...ooooh! Just the thought of that makes my lips tremble! Well...guess it's time to scoot to the ladies room for my 4th orgasm since lunch...later!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 36

    I got depressed and gained a lot of weight. My husband did not like it and he left me. I was a size 2 and became a size 12. I had the boobs for the size 12 or larger, he wanted the girl he could hold in his hands and fuck like a toy.
    I had no money and the excitement for me was the landing board walk close to home. My cousin ask me to join them for a family picnic. I put on my swim suit and headed down there. The teen boys came around and made me feel good. Told me how good i looked, and they looked hard. one of them was the brother of my cousins wife. he was a teen boy and I think around 16. He held me in the water and tried to dunk me. When we played games I sat on his shoulders.
    I ask him if he wanted to get out of the water for a while. He told me he had to wait, being on his shoulders holding my legs made him a bit excited. I ask if I could feel it, he said ok. It was a very nice one. Much larger than I expected on a boy his age, it was larger than any men I had seen. When it went down I ask him to walk me to the dressing rooms. I needed the bathroom and did not want to go alone. When we got there I opened one of the rooms and pulled him on with me. Locked the door and I used the toilet. while i sat there I ask to see his cock. I pleasured him and he wanted to pleasure me. I laid back on the toilet on my back and pulled my legs up and held them. It made it easy for him to get to me. He pleasured me orally and then he plunged his rod in me.
    he made me feel like a woman in that dressing stall. I made sure to thank him. He drove me home that day in his car. I had him in where he pleasured me in many ways for a long time.

    I think him for giving me my confidence back. I dated after that and met my husband who I am happily married to now.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Hello! I am available to talk with you on the phone and fulfill every fantasy that you could ever imagine. I also can get on Skype cam and chat with you too. And I write sexy stories that are custom made just for you. Let me know if you would like that. I'm onyxsharpe @@ gm ail

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 40

    Smack my pussy with your hand, and then, when the sting is still hot, flick my clit. Smack it again, harder, and I will raise my hips to meet your displeasure. Push my thighs as far apart as you can, and bind each ankle to the heavy wooden legs of the table that I am sitting on; practically straddling. Pinch my nipples inbetween your thumbs and middle fingers and pull them straight up as you slide your forefingers into my mouth so I can taste my own pussy. I lick them clean, eagerly showing you what my talented mouth can do.

    Pinch my nipples harder as you pull me forward, so that I am bent over at the waist with my big tits dangling in front of me. Sit at the chair at the head of the table, like the master of the house, then suck and bite gently on my tits. I try to stay quiet, like you've instructed me, but I cant help small noises from bubbling into my throat. You scowl at me and I stop it, half swallowing the sound, looking at you with a mixture of apology and desire. You push me back, and stand up in front of me, glowering with distaste at the noise I let escape. "Shhh. You don't need to look so know the punishment for that. Open up.". I lick my lips and open my mouth. You walk slowly to the side of the table, standing just behind my shoulder where I can't see you. You reach around my hips and shove two fingers roughly into my open and vulnerable wet pussy and then just as quickly, pull them out and shove them into my mouth. In and out of my mouth and pussy and my mouth and my pussy and my my mouth and pussy and my mouth again until all I can taste is my cum and I'm dripping wet onto the table.

    Suddenly, you stop and walk back to your spot at the head of the table. "Can you stay quiet now?" You ask. I nod. "Good little slut." You praise me and I shiver and smile at you. You smack my open wet pussy again, this time harder. I writhe with pleasure, but can hardly move my legs as I am spread so wide over the table. You put your hands on my thighs, with your wrists closer to my knees and your fingers close in on my pussy. You use your fingers to pull my pussy open and flick my clit, again and again, until I am sweating with the pain and pleasure you are sending into me through that smallest part of me.

    Just before I can cum, you stop. I am breathing deeply as you turn to the sideboard and open a drawer. You pull out a slim, vibrator, but slide it inside of me without turning it on. You leave it there, resting in my slick c**t and push me onto my back on the table. You bring long leather cords out and stretch my arms over my head and time them each to the other legs of the table.

    You walk slowly around the room, picking up various phallic objects and lining them up where I can see them, a candlestick, a serving spoon with a carved handle, a slim bud vase made of pewter and finally a small porcelin figurine of a naked woman in the classical style. You bring a shallow champagne glass to your lips and drink swiftly. The last few drops, you allow to drip onto my parted lips.

    You bring all of the found objects back to the masters chair and line them up. You touch my pussy, gently, as if checking to make sure it is as wet as it looks. You slide the vibrator switch to on and leave it as you go into the next room to refill your champagne glass and bring the bottle closer.

    When you return, I look at your bulge with longing, I want your cock so badly in my mouth, but know that if I ask for it, I won't get it. I lower my eyes as you return to your spot at the table, setting both the glass and bottle with the found items I hope you are going to fuck me with. You pull the vibrator out, and I open my mouth, wanting something, anything to suck on. You smack my pussy hard. Really hard. "No!" You reach up and cover my mouth. "You get nothing you want today, only what I want to give you." Without warning, the buzzing vibrator, dripping with my pussy juices, is shoved into my ass. I gasp, not having had that sensation in years. You leave the slim tool inside of me and grab the serving the handle. You dip the spoon into my pussy 3 times, and stir the sweetness into your glass and then drink it in one swallow. You slide the end of the bottle inside of me and it pushes against the vibrator, making the noise louder. After a couple of thrusts, you take it out and lick all of the juices from the rim. You refill your glass, and turn your attention back to the items on the table. You choose the figurine first and push the time naked woman into my now soaking wet and eager to be fucked pussy. After a moment, you pull her out and slide the candlestick into me, pushing it as deep as it will go. I feel the spoon bowl on my thigh, and then more pressure, as the handle is slide into me, next to the candlestick and stretching my pussy to its limits while the vibrator hummed away in my ass. You sit back in your chair, looking at my stretched and dripping pussy, satisfied that I am primed and ready for your true test of my obedience.

    Well, a woman can dream, can't she?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Just at work...should be focused on the dildo I just slid into myself at my cubicle...rocking on my chair feels like I'm fucking and yet I have to keep my professional face on and talk on a conference call....dripping wet, and so many deadlines...

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 27

    Twelve months ago, next month, I got married to Fiona. Up until last month I was still very much in love with her, and had even booked to fly out on a surprise anniversary vacation. That was until I found out by total luck, she'd sucked off and then fucked a guy three weeks before we wed. I know for definite she did, because the guy who she had a night of "Horny anal sex" with, used to work for my company. One I set up a couple of years before Fiona and I married. During a night out with some of my employee's, he bragged about fucking a woman a year ago, who was about to get married to a logging businessman. When he went into detail about what they did, what she looked like and then told me her name, I froze with anger. She'd told me she was visiting her mom that weekend, when in fact she'd arranged to have one final night of sexual freedom, letting this guy do anything he wanted to with her.
    The following week I made sure the guy got sacked, amongst other things which befell him. And then drove over to my wife's moms home. Louise is my mother in law and she's what you might call, one cock hungry slut. She's divorced, after Fiona's father caught her in bed with two teenage guys. He beat them up and dumped her. Even though I'd had many opportunities to bed the bitch, when she'd almost weekly at one stage asked me to fuck her, I'd always refrained from doing so, telling her I was marrying and then married to her daughter.
    The week after I found out about Fiona and her pre marital anal fuck fest. I pulled my car onto Louise's drive, got out and walked directly into her home. Taking her by the hand when she asked why I was there, I lead her to her bedroom, pushed her onto the bed, spread her legs and ripped her panties off. Her smile was like a Cheshire cat as I buried my face into her already wet pussy. I'm no Casanova, or very well endowed at seven and half inches. But when I'm horny or like last month, horny and angry, I remain erect for a hell of a long time. In the two and a half hours I was in her home, I must have fucked Louise in every conceivable position known. And in every orifice. I fucked her mouth making her gag. I fucked her pussy until she came, I lost count how many times, and I took great pleasure in brutalising her asshole until I'd cum up her rear fuck hole twice. By the time I walked out, Louise was begging me to call back round another time.
    Back at home I waited for my wife to get in from work. I was going to have a shower, but decided against it. That's because as soon as Fiona walked into our bedroom with me being naked, I had her sink to her knees and take my cock into her mouth. The same cock which had not long been fucking her moms mouth, pussy and especially her asshole. I took immense pleasure watching her gag on my cock, as I forced her to deep throat me. Then when I was ready to fuck her, I threw her onto our bed, ripped off her panties as I had her mother earlier and thrust my cock straight into her asshole. I listened to her moaning about not having used lube, but I didn't care. Pushing her face into the bed I fucked her harder, until I had the image of the guy she'd fucked in my mind. Telling her she was MY slut, I spurted my cum deep inside her ass.
    I left her lay on the bed wimpering about me being too rough. Rough isn't what I'd describe what I'm now doing with her mom each week. Downright animal fucking is what we get up to. I treat her like a whore and I genuinely think she loves it. There is nothing we haven't done. From drinking my piss as I pee all over her, to having me fist fuck her asshole after I've fucked it and cum deep inside her. Having my own company which I've worked damn hard for, gives me lots of time to escape the office to drive the forty minutes to Louise's home. She's always ready to have sex and I never now dissapoint her. I've even got to the point that if Fiona found out, I'd tell her if she doesn't want me pleasing her mom, she can fuck right off. Because I'm going to continue screwing her piece of dirty shit mom, until I get bored, or I decide to leave them both.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 37

    Two years ago, I took my daughter, my son and two of their friends to the water park and amusement center for the weekend. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. I'm divorced, two kids, a boy and a girl, and I often hang out with my kids and their friends. Their mom on occasion will on her own, but not as much as I typically do. I'm into water parks, water skiing, boating, and stuff like that. I also love roller coasters, and anything the kids want to do, I'm pretty much game for. The only difference was, this time, things happened that I had never expected would happen. It's not like I planned it, or even thought about it prior to what happened, expected it, or even considered something like this would happen.

    My daughter at the time was 16. Her friend at the time was the same age. My son was 14. And his friend was also the same age. We had two rooms booked at the hotel, next to each other, separated by a wall, but accessed by a door so we could move from room to room. We'd done this before, because it gave the girls privacy, and it gave the guys privacy. With the two boys, two girls and me, we had roll away beds in the room, so we didn't need a third room. On the first night, we'd hung out, had pizza, watched some movies, and ended up going to bed really late. Slept in, woke up the next morning, and we were going to head to the park (right across the street). Only problem was, the boys were ready to go early, and the girls weren't quite ready. The boys wanted to head off, and I'd said yeah, figuring there wasn't any worry about them getting lost, or having any problems. They had the wrist bands to get into the park, and I told them I'd meet them at a certain ride in an hour or so. My daughter got around, and was getting kind of antsy getting ready to go. I told her if she wanted to, I'd stay at the hotel with Kate, and she could head off, and ride the water slides with the boys, they could hang out, and when Kate got some breakfast (she was a late sleeper), and got around, we'd meet them at the park in a couple of hours. She hesitated, and said yeah. Kind of upset and angry I think, but she said we'd have a great afternoon, and we'd spend the rest of the day hanging out. I told her it was a plan, and she went off. About 20 minutes later, she called me from the security booth at the park and said her and the boys were going to be on the water rides, and that I could come find them when we got there.

    I went back into the hotel room looking for Kate, and as she turns around in her bikini, I'm caught staring at her tits. I'm not kidding when I say I've never seen a girl her age with tits that big. Not saggy or gross, but big, round, firm, and at least a 38D if not bigger. For a 16 year old girl, you get what I mean. She looks at me, smirks and says "what are you staring at?" Yeah. Busted. Not like you can help it. I just said "nothing" and she laughs and says liar. I just shrugged and said yeah. Sorry. You caught me. I was standing there, and I kind of was looking her up and down. Probably about 5 foot 3, about 170 or so, a bit heavier, but fuck, I could not get my eyes off those tits. I finally looked up into her face, and she smirks again and says "you have the look of a horny guy" and I couldn't help but laugh. I just said laughed, and shrugged, and said are you ready? She says not yet. I just said well OK, let me know.

    As I turned around, I was sideways, and I see her unhook her top, and she's got another one in her hand. She's moving it up to her chest, and I know she catches me looking. I turned around and I'm staring right at her big ass tits. Her nipples are big, round and firm. She just stands there. I said "holy shit Kate, you gotta put something on" and she smirks and says why? You look like you like it? I said well yeah, I'm a guy. What's to not like? She stares at me, looks at the door behind me, and pulls down her bikini bottoms. I stand there, speechless, shocked, staring at this naked 16 year old girl. I said "what the hell are you doing?" and she says to me "what I wanted to do" and walks up to me. I feel my dick getting hard. I couldn't control it. She's got a set of big ass tits, she's got a hairy bush covering her little pussy, and I hadn't gotten laid in probably 3 months. It'd been awhile. I look at her, and said "we gotta get to the park. They're out there, and expecting us". She looks at me, and says "come on. We have time. Nobody will know". I wanted to say no. I desperately did. I knew it was fucked up and wrong. But I was so goddamn horny, staring at her big round ass, her big tits, and that fucking hairy pussy. I just stood there and stared. Without a word. She yanked down my shorts and underwear, and we wound up on her bed.

    I was making out with her, my hands were all over her, and I was going fucking crazy. Seriously, I'd never done anything like this before. Ever. I started kissing on her, heard her panting, moaning, and that's all it took. I sucked on her big ass nipples, played with her big round tits, and ended up fingering her. Got my fingers soaking wet in that pussy of hers, her hairy bush was covered with her juice, and I was laying there while she's cumming. Then I heard her say to me "go down on me?" - I didn't hesitate. Honest to God, I don't think it took 2 minutes to get her off. She was jerking, shoving her pussy into my face, and I heard her say "God I'm doing it again". I think I got her off 4 or 5 times eating her out. Problem was, that's about as far as I knew we could go. I don't carry condoms, and I figured that I'd just finish there and get off later.

    She was laying there on her back, legs spread, and I heard her say "God. Please fuck me. I mean it. Fuck me. Please". I told her "Kate I don't have protection" and she said "Don't worry about it. Please. Just don't" and I didn't even hesitate.

    I shoved it inside her, thrust a couple of times, and I felt it building up intensely inside me. I heard her go "oh fuck. I'm gonna cum again" and I thrust inside her, and I grunted and told her I was gonna cum. All the sudden, I feel her hands squeeze my ass, and I let go. I just busted a nut up inside that teenage pussy. Kept squirting and grunting and panting heavy.

    Finally finished, and just stopped. She looked at me, and said "well goddamn, that was awesome." and we both kinda laughed. We got up off the bed, and wiped up and off. She put her bikini back on, I put my shorts and t-shirt on, and we went to the park for the rest of the day.

    That was the first time I'd ever had sex with someone her age. I wasn't concerned, as she's legal where I live, but honestly, i was paranoid for awhile, worried the wrong person would find out, and I simply didn't want the reputation. Over the next couple of years, off and on, I knew Kate had boyfriends, etc, but when she'd come over, even as I was dating other chicks, some closer to my age, we'd fuck on occasion. I won't lie. She was the best sex I'd had. Young, fun, experimental, and yeah, at times, we'd have to sneak it in quick when she was spending the night. Right after she graduated high school, we got together for a weekend, and ended up fucking a half dozen times. That's the last time we'd had sex, because she's now in college right now, and I haven't seen her in 6 months. Do I want to fuck her again? Absolutely. Will it happen? I don't know..

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 40

    I have always wanted to be tied up and dominated, but only have just started trying to learn more about being a good submissive and really discovering that it's more about respect and trust than humiliations and spankings.

    My husband doesn't know all of this about me and I think it scares him, but I know he will be an amazing master if I help him, so, for the last week, I've been playing the part of the submissive, giving, sex-hungry wife that be loves, without the satisfaction of being bound or spanked even once. I actually let that work into my own private game of being denied what I, he's been enjoying all the extra head he's been getting, and I've made a real effort to take his huge cock into the back of my throat like I've never been able to do before.

    Like a good master, he was sooo gentle, barely pushing my head down until it was time for him to let loose and fill me up and it was so incredibley hot that just thinking about it makes my pussy wet. He helps me give him better head, instructing me and guiding me, but for years, I have ignored his coaching and did it my own way...this way is so much better, holding his cock in my mouth, feeling him getting hard...ooooooh! I need it now and I'm at work...sigh...

    Anyway, he's allowed me to give him 2 bjs a day, morning and night since I have started, and I've tried hinting at what I want him to do to me, but he's not really inviting me to, I keep at my game.

    This morning, I was laying in bed with him and he rubbed my back as I was waking up. I slowly shifted so that he could see my side boob under me and then of course, he started slipping his hand down to feel it. I finally rolled over and he stopped playing with me, for a bit, but I started by grabbing my fits and pinching my nipples hard and pulling them straight up into painful peaks, which is something I know he loves. He reached over then and as he started pinching my nipples for me, I moaned softly to let him know that I liked the little hurts...he doesn't like me to Really hurt, so that encouraged him to be a little rougher.

    While he continued to squeeze my nipples, I pushed the covers down to reveal my panties and pulled them to the side. My slit was dripping wet and I couldn't help but slide my fingers in and get them all juicy before rubbing my clit, and pulling on it, mirroring the pressure and rhythms he used on my big tits. It only took a minute for me to cum, and when I did, I immediately slipped under the covers and took his big hard cock into my mouth.

    I licked the head, pushing my soft lips over it, while he gathered my hair up so he could see my lips as they moved up and down his shaft. I could feel him wanting to use force to push my head down, and I do, loving the push in my throat. He came quickly, and I swallowed his cum, savoring every drop.

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