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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    My wife Elaine came home from work late again last month. So I did something I'd wanted to do for some time to test her reaction. Throwing her onto our bed, I ripped off her panties and buried my face into her pussy. It immediately tasted different and I suspected as I had for some time, she been fucking another guy. His taste, his cum was still on and around her puffy looking c**t. Thinking she might stop me I pulled back, I got the opposite reaction. Elaine forced my face back into her pussy and held me there, forcing me to lick her already cum laden pussy. I tongued and sucked on her pussy and clit and could feel his cream all over her inner folds. lapping away at her pussy, I soon had Elaine on the verge of cumming, then suddenly stopped to ask her if she'd fucked another man. Through a breathless voice my wife of four years finally admitted she'd just been fucked by her boss. Sucking in her clit again I had my wife orgasm all over my face and neck.
    Spinning her over, I sank my five inch cock into her and fucked Elaine as if she was a hooker. She didn't complain, all she said was "He's much bigger than you". I shot my load within a couple of minutes and resigned myself to knowing she was probably going to carry on fucking him whether I liked it or not.
    Elaine doesn't hide the fact she fucks her boss anymore. Indeed when they do have sex, usually three to four times a week, I'm now always given a text message to tell me she needs my services when she gets home. I'm always waiting and a willing husband, ready to lick out her pussy and asshole, making sure she's clean. And sometimes if she's still feeling very horny, I get the bonus of fucking her sloppy cum filled holes without first taking his cream away with my mouth.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 48

    My first time sucking a penis was in an adult book store. I was looking through the glory hole and say the man in the booth jerking off so I stuck my penis through the hole, and awaited but nothing happened. so I pulled it out.

    Fantasizing about sucking a dick, I knelt on the floor and put my mouth to the hole with I masturbated. In a few seconds my mouth was full of his cock. It was wonderful and I could not imagine that I was finally feeling a mans penis in my mouth. I sucked on it carefully and ran my tongue around it feeling the head and the shaft and was so happy. Unfortunately he pulled out before coming and is just cried.

    Although I didn't get to taste cum, it was awesome and I new I needed to do it again and again. That night I told my wife I didn't want to fuck her anymore. My penis was so hard as I did that and I masturbated in front of her admitting that I was gay.

    Over the next months my interest in women faded and I accepted being gay, and never had sex with a woman ever again. That was 40 years ago and I have never missed women at all.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 43

    Can I explain what, how and where we did everything, yes I can. Can I tell you just why it all began, not really. All I do know we are extremely happy together now, and don't ever want to stop.
    When your son tells you his girlfriend, someone he adored with all his heart, dumped him because of his so called lack of experience with girls. You either tell him to learn through his own ways, or you take an interest. Why I chose the latter of the two I cannot say exactly, all I know is I saw my son really hurting and I wanted his pain to stop.
    His way of telling me was crude, not really what you should speak to your mom about. He told me he'd always had a problem with cunnilingus and she wanted a more aggressive type of sex too. I was embarrassed for him as he told me those things, but I was also kind of pleased he thought he could talk to me about such intimate sexual details.
    One evening last spring like any other evening, other than the fact I now knew about why he was down, I'd had some wine and was myself feeling horny. Not having a husband for eight years (He was killed at work in an accident) I was used to using my fingers and a dildo I'd bought myself. Thinking of my son (I'll call him Tim, close enough) and his predicament instead of getting the dildo out, I lay on my bed naked and shoted for him to come into my bedroom. I'd spread my legs and was playing with my clit when Tim walked in. His reaction was to say "Mom what the fuck are you doing". My response was to tell him I wanted him to learn. That was the pivotal moment, the moment we'd both discover if anything at all would happen between us.
    Tim didn't walk out, he turn away. What he did do, was to walk over to me and tell me my pussy looked way nicer than his ex girlfriends. Not wanting to stay the moment, I asked my son, the one person who has always been there for me, if he'd let me be there for him. I asked him to kiss my pussy.
    The feeling of his hot breath on my pussy lips, then my labia's and finally my engorged clit was and is something I will always remember. But like a kid not understanding what he was doing he dived in too hard, to fast and with no understanding of what a woman likes orally. Asking him to undress I told him I'd teach him everything and I meant everything. Once he was completely naked and I saw his wonderful manhood stood straight up and out in front of him, I knew we were going to have a marvelously sexual time together.
    When he got between my legs a second time, I told Tim to slowly circle his around my pussy, to lick me gently and to take his time. I wasn't going tobe going anywhere and he could lick and tongue all night if he so pleased. Just talking to him changed his perception of his needs to pleasure me quickly. And his response was immediate. If he'd been too eager to pleasure me at first, then as soon as his mouth began to taste my pussy again, he became a wonderfully slow intimate oral lover. It was like chalk and cheese in his approach and he had me on the verge of orgasm within minutes.
    Things changed again when I told him I was nearly there. He reverted back to being too hasty, and it took another spoken lesson in how to bring a woman fully through an orgasm with his tongue.
    Making him build up my orgasm again, I had him insert a finger into the hole he emerged into the world through. Letting his finger sink all the way in, I squoze my pussy hard down onto it and had my son, suck in my clit. The orgasm was totally fulfilling sexually. I was in utter sexual rapture and had Tim continue to suck on my clit and finger my love hole. That true and wonderful sensation women get when they're taken through an orgasm to it's completion, was my first for eight years. and I told my son he was amazing.
    But I had my son carry on. I didn't let him fuck me yet. No I wanted him to know it's perfectly ok to satisfy a woman with just his tongue. Over the next hour I had Tim work wonders with his tongue and mouth and taught him just much pressure, how deep to penetrate both my pussy and asshole with his tongue and how correctly finger fuck both holes too. it was about him giving me oral pleasure and how to sustain his appetite for a woman's sex.
    Once I'd had my third climax, I made Tim lay back. He thought I was going to suck him, but instead I mounted his face making him tongue my love juices out of my pussy. He was such a quick learner, I wondered why his girlfriend hadn't taken the time to show him what she liked, then I remembered she wasn't the most patient girl around.
    Te joy had Tim give me was absolute. I had him licking my asshole next, showing him some women, me included love anal stimulation just as much as vaginal. His tongue probed my asshole and I had him inserting two fingers up my ass. Dragging my ass back, it gave Tim access to my clit again. So with his fingers drilling into my asshole and his lips sucking in my clit, I did something I'd not ever achieved before. That's because when I came, I squirted all over his face.
    Settling down beside him, I kissed my son. Not a s amother but as his lover. He wanted to fuck me, but I told him that was for later. I told him to calm down and to enjoy the pleasures he'd given me. To think about how he'd achieved those pleasures and to see if he wanted to it all again.
    A few minutes slater Tim's tongue was inside my pussy again. Only that time, I too tasted his sweetness, as I sucked in my sons cock for the first time. We shared one another's oral skills and I had Tim on the verge several times before I let him cum in my mouth. His cock wasn't the largest I've had sex with, but it was by far the most heavily veined. And during our mutual oral love making, I traced every inch of them all over his cock, showing him he too should be pleasured slowly. His seed was beautiful, sweet, hot and very sticky. I savored it for as long as I could, before I swallowed every drop. The feeling of it sliding down my throat and Tim's growing expert ways of tonguing me, had my pussy erupting with juices, as I orgasmed all over his face again.
    We slept then. A long relaxed sleep with my son cradling me from behind. His hands didn't let go of my small pert breasts once, and I didn't want him to either. The following morning we showered together where I had my son go down on me again. His response was to take his time to give me what I wanted and then, he took control. I'd just cum when he spun me around and in one long thrust entered my pussy. I thought he was going to revert back to hasty ways, but Tim had learned. Instead of fucking me into oblivion is seconds, he took his time to build up his rhythm and he was kissing me at the same time too.
    His cock felt wonderful inside of me, it felt right and it also had the abilty to arc around to my G spot. I was in total awe of my sons sexual prowess. His cock drove past my G spot time after time, and no more than five later I was cumming on his cock. He asked me if he could cum inside me, but before I could answer his cock erupted up my pussy and I felt his hot cum fill me up inside.
    Turning to kiss each other, I asked my son if he'd enjoyed the last twenty four hours. Dropping down to his knees he put his face to my freshly fucked pussy and tongued out his own cum.
    It was a perfect start to our ongoing sexual relationship. Tim has become my lover as well as my son. We rarely go a day without one or the other offering and giving the other sexual pleasure. He's become a wonderfully kind and generous lover too, often taking hours to show me he loves me. He no longer needs my teachings and I'm sure he'd make a fantastic lover to any woman out there. But for now at least, we're going to carry on having sex and carry on learning with each other our sexual boundaries.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    My wife has a part time job and is out every day for about four and a half hours. In that time with the aid of some porn I masturbate between four and six times. Is this normal?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Years ago, I went to the doctors for my checkup. When I got there, I found that my doctor had left the practice and moved to another location. My new doctor was a young man who was soft spoken and very polite. When he came in, he had me strip down to my underwear and sit on the edge of the table. He gave me a general examination. Then he spent time just sitting and talking with me, he said he wanted to get to know me. Doctors don't do that much nowdays. He started to ask me about me history, which eventually lead to me telling him I was sexual abused as a child and that I always feared that I was going to develop some kind of health issues from the sexual acts I participated in. The whole time we talked, I was sitting there in my underwear.

    The doctor assured me of confidentalality between us and to feel free to discuss anything I wanted with him. He began to ask me what kind of sexual acts I did when I was younger. I told him that my best friends father would always have me lick him all over between his legs. The doctor started asking me more detailed questions, like: "where exactly did he make you lick him?" I told him that he really liked to be licked on the sides of his ball sack and on the head of his penis.

    Then the doctor asked me if he ever made me suck on his penis. I hung my head in shame for a moment, I noticed that my dick was getting hard real fast because I was talking about all this stuff. I quickly covered my crotch with my hands as I got up my nerve and said yes, I sucked on the head of his penis many times. The doctor got up off his stool and locked the door, then he he said that he wanted me to feel comfortable in speaking with him and that he was making sure no one was going to walk in on us and hear anything personal that we were discussing.

    As I kept my crotch covered up with my hands, I could not believe how hard my dick was pulsating in my underwear. The doctor asked me if I wanted to keep talking, and I said yes. Then he came over r and knelt down in front of me, he put one hand on each thigh and said, "there is no reason to be ashamed about what we are talking about or about the way it makes you feel.

    I nodded, and then he said: "there is also no reason to feel ashamed about your penis getting hard when your in this office with me, and there is nothing wrong with me seeing your penis when it is hard as well, ok?
    I said ok, and then he slowly reached
    for my arms and removed my hands from covering my crotch. So here was my doctor kneeling in front of me, starinG at my bulging underwear. Then while he was there, he asked me if I ever liked the taste and smell of sucking on my best friends father's dick head? He never looked up at me but kept on staring at my crotch. I told him that I was ashamed to admit it, but I did like doing it and that I always masturbate to the memories. He told me that he would like me to have peace of mind about my own health, but that meant he would need to take a sperm sample. Then he told me that he could clearly see a wet spot in the front of my underwear, and it was a clear sign that my penis was feeling very horny and that I had some sperm to release. Then he said, do you mind if I collect a sperm sample from you? I said, "no I don't mind, but how do you do that?"

    He reminded me that the door was locked, and that what he was going to do was just between me and him as a doctor and patient. I said ok. Then he had my get up on the examination table on all fours, on my hands and knees, then he stood next to me as he wispered in my ear, "now just relax and tell me what feels good to you and how your penis is feeling, ok? So I nodded ok.

    My doctors hand started feeling and lightly squeezing the back of my underwear. Then his hand slid down my backside and up between my legs as he gently started to feel and rub the bulge hanging down in my underwear. My underpants were old and worn out, the leg holes were stretched out also and while he was feeling my bulge, I could feel his fingers sometime go up into my leg hole a lightly brush the side of my nuts. When this would happen, I would catch myself start to groan.

    My doctor asked me how my penis was feeling, I don't know why, but I started to cry a little as I told him that it was feeling so horny and throbbing hard. Then he leaned forward and gently kissed me on the side of my face and said, " then it is time for me to pull down your underwear and take them off, you will be totally naked in front me with your horny throbbing penis hanging out, is that ok if I see you like that? I slowly nodded yes.

    Then as I was on all fours, my doctor slowly walked around behind me, and began to slid my underwear down. I was looking down between my legs when my penis popped out of my underwear, the head of my dick was so swollen, it just hung there bobbing up and down. When he got my underwear off, he started lick my balls. I had never felt anything like it. Then he hand went around the shaft of my dick and he bet it downward and backward! Then he told me to keep my hands on the table, but to raise up off my knees and onto my feet, and speak my legs apart. So I did, but it was a very humiliating position, kinda like I was gEttinger ready to hike a football in the nude while my doctor has a death grip on my dick.

    Then I watch him looking down between my legs as he slowly started sucking on my dick as he held it pointing backwards. I felt so unbelieveble that it did not take me long to start squirting my cum! My doctor just kept sucking as hard as he could as I squirted all my sperm into his mouth. I saw it start to run down his chin, but he did not stop sucking. When I was done cumming, he let go of my dick and it slapped upward and hit my stomach. He went and spit my cum into a clear little cup. I remember thinking that there was alot of sperm in there.

    Later that night, My doctor called me at home and told me that I may have to come back next week for another

    While I was typing this story, I ended up masturbating and eating my own sperm, it was very salty and sticky, I loved it.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Jack isn't like any other person, male or female I know. He's fifty two years old, extremely muscular, relatively small at five feet seven and has to be the most virile man ever. His libido is endless it seems. His wife who's a lot younger than Jack just cannot keep up with his sexual appetite, so he looks elsewhere. He won't fuck other women, as he says that's to risky (Pregnancy, them falling in love with him, or just being dependant on his time) Men however are different, especially young men like me. That's because we don't want relationships per say, we just want sex.
    All my friends and family think I'm straight, as does my girlfriend. In fact since the age of fifteen I've been having sex with men much older than myself. At first it was meeting them in a park close to my parents home, to suck their cocks. And believe me there are lots of men, gay, bisexual, but mostly married closeted older men, who adore having their unloved dicks sucked until they shoot their load.
    After a couple of years of sucking mostly strangers cocks, I met a guy who was in his early forties, married and very fit. His job enabled him to travel around and he always stayed at hotel not too far form my parents home. Having sucked his cock in the park, he asked me if I'd meet him later at his hotel. His cock was the first to fuck my arsehole and it fucking hurt like crazy. But I went back a week later to try again and my anal heaven was reached. With him fucking me hard and fast from behind, I had my first ever anal driven orgasm. And it was so incredibly strong, I actually cried tears of total joy. He became my first regular gay sexual partner and for a while, we were having sex once a week at his hotel.
    I met Jack last year (Mid July) at work. He doesn't work for the company I work for. He was delivering a large parcel. Taking the order at the rear of the building, Jack asked me straight out if I fancied taking his cock up my arsehole, in the back of his van. I couldn't understand how he knew about my sexuality as I'm very straight acting, or I didn't know until he later told me. All the same I followed him to his van and jumped in, Closing the doors, he told me to suck his dick. Getting onto my knees I helped him lower his work trousers and came face to cock with a really thick cock. It wasn't/isn't too long, about seven inches, but it is truly one very thick heavily veined cock. I struggled to open my mouth wide enough to have him slide his cock over my tongue, but I managed it and began to give him a blow job.
    Sucking on jack's cock for about five minutes, I heard rather than saw him tearing open a condom packet. Pulling me up he told me to turn around and drop my trousers. I did as he asked and hoped he'd at least spit on my arsehole. He actually did much better. Reaching into the front of his van, he brought out a large tube of lube and smeared my arse with it. He also covered his cock too. And then Jack tried to drive his lubed up cock straight up my waiting hole. We both struggled at first. Him to force it far enough into me, and me to take it. But Jack being the horny bastard I now know, he persevered. And soon I was being fucked in work time in the back of a van by I guy I thought I didn't know.
    It was a crazy fuck. Very hard and very fast strokes at first, but also because of his cocks girth, it was also very very enjoyable. I came without touching my dick within two minutes, a first for me. And then I actually felt his cum shooting into the condom up my arsehole. I thought that was that, but Jack wasn't finished. Sitting on top of a large box, he told me to ride his dick. I knew he'd taken off his condom, but I desperately wanted him back inside of me again. Sitting down onto his still erect cock facing him, my arsehole enveloped his hard dick and I began to bounce up and down on his super thick shaft. Jack reached up, took hold of my head and brought my face next to his. As he continued to fuck me, we kissed. Jack's thrusts became longer, but slower. He was grinding his cock into me and it felt utterly amazing. Still kissing, he gripped my arse cheeks and pulled them apart hard. With another hard deep thrust up my rear hole, Jack spurted his second load deep inside my bowels.
    With his cum leaking out of my arsehole, I'd just taken his mobile number when my manager walked up to us and asked where I'd been. I made some story up about having to sort through the order and he walked away happy enough. I didn't tell him thirty seconds earlier, I'd just jumped out of Jack's van after being fucked twice.
    That was ten months ago. Every other day almost from then to now, I've met up with Jack at various places for sex. He's always ultra horny and he always fucks me at least twice. Some times we fuck in his van, other times we'll go back to his place and fuck there, but obviously only when his wife is out. And when the weather has allowed, we've also fucked an awful lot outdoors. And it was outdoors I actually first met him. It was in the park close to my parents home. I'd drank half a bottle of vodka like an idiot. (first time drinking alcohol and I soon realised I wasn't very good at taking my alcohol). A guy who's cock I'd sucked off a couple of weeks prior to the drinking session, wanted me to suck him again, but I wasn't feeling well. He tried to force me and I being only seventeen and slightly built, tried to tell him I didn't want to know. Then he just disappeared, or so it seemed in my very drunken state. In his place was a heavily muscled man who kind of lifted me out of the bushes I'd been pushed into, and escorted me home. That man was Jack and he'd heard me trying to resist the guy. The reason I thought he'd disappeared, is Jack had thrown him out of the bushes, down a steep bank and into what was at the time a high running stream. I didn't remember much the next day as I had the mother of all hangovers and my parents weren't sympathetic either. It was Jack who filled me in with the memory and also filled in my arsehole at the same time. We were at a place we know outdoors. I was leaning over a felled tree, somewhere Jack and I have fucked quite a few times now, and Jack was pummeling my arsehole from behind. It was moments before he came up my arse, when he told me how he first met me. I do remember some of it, but not all. Having him fill in the pieces helped, as has his ever needy libido in giving me the best sex of my life so far.
    Jack really is insatiable and always wants to fuck me whenever were together. We're not a couple and never will be. I know I'm his young fuck piece, his daily male bitch who helps him get his rocks off. And am I glad he asked me to get into his van that day.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    My husband Jason obviously doesn't know about any of this, if he did he wouldn't have just booked the same apartments on the same Island we visited last September, and we'd probably be getting divorced.
    We both got drunk on our third night on the island, only Jason was far worse after we returned from the bar/club we'd been in. He crashed out on the bed with air con going full blast, as I sat on the balcony.
    I must have fallen asleep, but was awoken by having my pussy licked. It felt so good I didn't at first open my eyes and just enjoyed the orgasm that was building in me. When I did orgasm I opened my eyes to see, not my husbands erect cock right in front of my face, but a young Greek guys huge cock.
    He works at the apartments, and has a small room just below the one we stayed in. I'm not sure how he got onto our balcony, climbed probably, but what I do know instead of telling him where to go, in my drunkeness I turned around, lifted my dress and presented him with my arse and pussy. Only then did I see my knickers were hanging over the balcony rail. He must have removed them, but I didn't care. His cock looked huge compared to Jason's, and it was as far as I was concerned there for me to enjoy. So telling him to, I let him fuck me bareback from behind.
    I might have been drunk, but I do know this, it was in the ten minutes or so he fucked me, the best and most climaxtic sex I've ever had. I orgasmed three times and when I say orgasmed, I mean so hard I remember trembling like never before. His cock was like large piston fucking me over and over again, and I simply loved every second of his cock being inside of me.
    When he wanted to cum, he withdrew and had me drop down. I opened my mouth and accepted everything he had before swallowing what cum entered my mouth. Pulling up his shorts, he said thank you, kissed me, then he put one leg over the balcony, then the other and climbed down to his own balcony.
    I sat there for some time before going to join Jason on the bed. And awoke late the next day. Jason asked me where all the cum had come from in my hair and on my face when he saw me in the morning. I lied and told him I'd given him a blow job. He just smiled and turned back over to sleep.
    I didn't see the young guy until we were on our way home after our seven day break. He smiled at me and asked Jason if we'd be back. I'm sure it was his comment that has had Jason booking the same place. Now I'm wondering if the same thing might happen. Hope so.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    Just so ready to fuck her again best in my life

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Girls how would you react if your husband or boyfriend admitted to you he got horny at the thought of you fucking other guys, and gave you a free pass to try any other guy you wanted, but he wouldn't ask for the same freesom back?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    So my boyfriend just came over unplanned, he walked in with lust in his eyes, picked me up and threw me on the bed. Long story short, it was the best sex I've ever had and his cock is the biggest I've ever had! He was pounding me so hard and deep from behind whilst his balls slapped against my clit. As I rode him he slapped and grabbed my ass. My bed sheets are now soaked from the multiple times he made me squirt! Best day ever

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