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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I'm just here to shout my most recent cringe-worthy fantasy scenario into the wind.

    Sometimes I find myself really into diaper porn, usually of women getting embarrassed and forced to wear diapers (preferably after a kinky discipline session or so). I like the humiliation aspect, or even the secret thrill of a girl who is forced to degrade herself by messing the diaper in public.

    That is NOT the most recent cringeworthy fetish-fantasy that's been plaguing me. No, instead this one is about to get a whole lot more cringe, primarily because of the person involved.

    As of late I've been joining a few Facebook groups mocking the shit out of right-wing memes. A frequent target of these groups is the notorious right-wing student organization "Turning Point USA" or TPUSA for short. TPUSA spokesperson Charlie Kirk is often the butt of these jokes, and both he and the organization are routinely mocked (much to my amusement) for their infamous 'diaper protest' at Kent State. Kirk and company were so thoroughly lambasted for this stunt that the fellow conservative student org Young America's Foundation used it as a point of critique against the man. So far, so good, a few chuckles at the expense of TPUSA and Kirk were had.

    Then I found out about Candace Owens, a black Conservative vlogger who later joined up with TPUSA and seems to be at least professionally close with Clark and Shapiro. Now, at worst I find her politics repulsive, consisting mostly of talking down to others and towing party lines. Let me clear that if I met this women in real life, I would quickly find excuses to exit her company. Unfortunately, Candace is reasonably good-looking, at least as anybody who presents themselves as a public figure.

    So we come to my politically compromised boner.

    In full confessional mode, I wish to take Candace Owens and diaper her. I want to plug her mouth with a ball-gag, stopping that torrent of filth she spews forth, and strip her down to her panties. I yearn to wipe that condescending, smug, obnoxious look off her face by spanking her on the ass. I want to tie her up helpless and slowly take off her panties, and to fuck her right in both ass and c**t, until she's left with a filled gooey cream-pie. I want to diaper her, lifting up her legs to slide a girly diaper underneath, plopping her butt down and wrapping it up tight in plush, crinkly, absorbents.

    I wouldn't put Candace (assuredly mortified by this point) in those ostentatious puffy pieces, though, I'd find something a whole lot more subtle. I've always been more of a fan of diapers which upon first blush can be mistaken for panties or something like that, so that there's more of a thrill in the girl going undetected or hiding her embarrassing undergarments. I would want to place her spanked, punished ass in a pair which couldn't be easily seen or detected underneath a tight pair of jeans or a skirt.

    I'd force her to mess them, or to walk around all day with a plug up her ass. I'd want to tease her, strapping a vibrator where she couldn't easily reach it, keeping it on until she came for the umpteenth time. I'd like to keep her tied up, bound and wrapped, until her diaper fills with poop or pee. Then I'd change her, smacking her ass all the while. The point stands: there are many humiliating things I want to have done to Candace Owens, all of them diaper related. Last but not least, I want to see her admit to a self-loathing diaper fetish, hating herself for being exactly what led to widespread ridicule of her organization.

    It's all sorts of fucking cringe, not in the least to myself. Thank goodness for an anonymous forum such as this, because typing it out really did help a lot!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife cheated on me but we worked it out. My wife lead me to believe she was masterbating for years. I finally picked up that on Thursday she had a half day at work that she was off limits for affection from me. She would wash the bed sheets and have the house cleaned up some. I set up the cam recorder in the closet. I hope to get a good recording of her masterbating with her toys. Her toy turned out to be her boss. They had foreplay and sex for an hour. They licked fondled and did most sex positions. He really used her pussy. I really was surprised when she let him cum inside her. I understood she we never had used birth control. We have 1 child. I always pulled out and cum in my hand. This really hurt me to catch what she was doing. I planned my discussion with her and it went well. Our son was at in-laws we both were watching tv. I asked her how she keeps from getting pregnant by her boss. This really caught her off guard. She finally replied why I asked her such a question. I didnât reveal how I knew but I told her she has been having sex on Thursday with her boss a long time. After crying and losing her emotions we discussed it all afternoon. I agreed to lose about 50 pounds and have sex more than a couple times a month. We never mention divorce. My wife said she got on birth control after a couple of pregnancy scares. She said she would stop the affair and admitted to having sex with him for two years and most weeks 2 to 4 times a week. She was worried about losing her job which paid well for her qualifications. We decided she would try to end it without telling him I knew. After a month she admitted to continuing sex with him and said her boss had no intentions of quitting sex with her. The affair stopped when her boss was promoted to another state. This was a difficult situation to work through but we did. I ended up losing 70 pounds and am staying fit. We have sex often now. We even joke about the affair. She comments sometimes and says letâs go to bed and screw me like her boss. This affairs still bothers me sometimes but I think it also made us stronger. I am glad it is ended.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    My stepdaughter Tracy is 24 years old and presently back home after her latest relationship ended. Her mother agreed that she could come back home temporarily until she got back on her feet.

    Tracy's mother and I had drifted apart and I wAS SURE THAT SHE WAS HAVING an affair. Every day she was spending a lot of time on the phone and when I would be in the area she would end the phone calls with, "I'll call you back". Quite frankly I pretty much didn't care as I had felt no love for her. I am a lawyer and my law firm kept me so busy that I didn't really care what my wife was doing.

    One weekend my wife was going to New Jersey to spend some time with her sister. At least that is what she said. For all I knew she could be meeting up with a lover.

    After she left for New Jersey her daughter Tracy asked me if I was concerned that her mother might be having an affair. I acknowledged that I suspected it. Tracy told me that she also suspected it. Tracy then told me that she knew that her mother and I were no longer in a loving relationship and she couldn't understand why. She then told me that if she was married to me that she would be fucking me every day. I had often times fantasized about having sex with Tracy and I told her that if I was married to her that I would be fucking her every day, as well. With that Tracy put her arms around my neck and planted a passionate kiss on my lips with her tongue probing my mouth. Tracy then said that with her mother gone for the weekend that we should live out our fantasies

    Needless to say, the next three days were the most passionate sex that I haVE EVER HAD. We sucked each other to one passionate orgasm after another. Tracy told me that the fact that I was her stepfather made our sex that much more exciting.

    For the next 6 months Tracy and I took every opportunity to enjoy each other. I have since filed for divorce from her mother and I am not sure how this will affect Tracy and my sexcapades. I have moved into a rental property that I own and Tracy will always be welcome to stop by anytime.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 28

    It is a miracle... I went outside and just happened to catch my neighbor watering her flowers. For the past few months, I have tried to be outside early when she waters her flowers. As is usually the case, she is braless. Today she was braless with some skimpy thin Greg shorts and her ass cheeks were hanging out. We stood at the fence talking and before she left, she joked that I always happen to catch her before she can put on a bra. I just smiled and said that is by design.

    She is mid 30âs with a very nice set of tits and amazing hard nipples. Sure hope this can turn into something more...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    When I was around eleven I started to get feelings down there and started to touch myself. The only big mirror was in the bathroom and I would stand on the vanity and look at myself. My grandmother had a makeup mirror and when I went to her house I used it to really look at myself. I found my hole and fingered myself. I was thirteen or so when I found my clit, really found it and played with it at night. I couldn't wait to go to bed to play with myself. At my grandmas I put her makeup mirror between my legs, turn on the light and examine everything.

    I got older and everything got older, I have a lot of pubic hair and I didn't shave until I got to college when I was embarrassed by other girls. I bought a makeup mirror with a light, and I also bought a smaller hand held mirror. I can't say the number of things I used to fuck myself, but mostly I used my fingers. I was too embarrassed to buy a sex toy. I let a girl I met in class finger me, she let me finger her and we examine ourselves and kissed her and licked her. Once I got fucked by a guy. In the end she liked a guy while we were in college so we only played around.

    I live alone. As for guys, I prefer to be fucked and dumped, if at all. I am obsessed with pussy, hers and mine. We have various mirrors that we use and we have various toys that we use. Some are pretty obscene. The only pussy I will eat is hers, we get together to eat pussy and mess around. I love eating her pussy, we take a bath together before we get on the bed. I love eating her and she lets me enjoy her open pussy. I have made a screen saver of a picture I took of her, but I only turn it on when I am alone and thinking of her and I need to masturbate.

    When it is her turn she likes to kiss my mouth. She uses her fingers and the toys and her mouth on me to get me excited and when she gets me to come she kisses me on the mouth and keeps kissing me until I settle down. After sex I lay on my back and she caresses my boobs and kisses me. She knows how to make me feel like her girlfriend.

    In the seven years that I have known her we have never met a guy who is taking one of us out. For me it is once and done, but for her she gets into seeing the guy until she gets over him and come back to me. That is why I live alone, I don't want to meet any guy she is seeing.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Step sister pood in front of me.

    I was 14 at the time and I was walking home from school with my step sister Stacie when she said she was desperate for a number two and a wee. I got quite aroused and I soon got a raging hard on. She couldn't help noticing the bulge in my trousers and she asked I fancied going to the woods which were on our way home. I guessed she was planning to go in the woods and I followed her. As soon as we got into a secluded spot, Stacie pulled her skirt up and her knickers down and squatted right in front of me. She wasn't bothered about me watching her her and I could actually feel my penis get even harder in my pants. She peed a long forceful stream as a large amount of semi solid poo piled up under her bottom. She wiped with some tissues she had in her school bag and she stared a the bulge in my trousers and said she would help me take care of that. I felt my heart racing with excitement, not really knowing what she was going to do and she took her knickers off and unzipped my trousers and took my erect penis out of my pants and I got so excited I nearly came in her hand. Stacie wrapped her knickers around my penis and I could feel her wetness as she rubbed me off to the most intense orgasm I've ever had. She told me to keep her knickers and I didn't hesitate to take them.

    When we got home Stacie went into her room and closed the door and I went to my room which is next to hers. I could hear her masturbating and after a couple of minutes she was moaning as she orgasmed. I started masturbating in her knickers and she walked in on me. I carried on as I couldn't see much point in hiding it and Stacie closed the door and got on my bed with her legs open. She whispered to me to f@@#k her and she said she was on the pill so it was safe. I got on top of her and slipped my erect penis into her wet vagina and as soon as I started thrusting she came hard and I came inside her. Then I hear her mum walking up the stairs and we quickly got dressed but her mum didn't come into the room and she went to the toilet so we had time to compose ourselves so no one would know what we were doing.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Woke up yesterday morning with an arm across my chest, and instantly recognized the fact it wasn't my bed. It took a a couple of minutes to register my thoughts properly, but I soon began to recall why I was there and who's bed I was in.
    My wife was away on business and I'd gone over to her brothers home. It was his bed I'd slept in and it was his arm across my chest. His movement brought me back to my self and he casually lowered his arm and stroked my cock.
    It rose quickly, and just as quickly he went down on me. Maneuvering around, we got into a sixty nine and began to suck on each others cocks. After only a few minutes he stopped sucking me and asked "Will you fuck me again".
    Not bothering to react to his question verbally, I spun him around and over, then plunged my rock hard cock straight into his beautiful twenty four year old ass.
    We fucked for over half an hour, changing position twice, ending up with me kissing him as I fucked him missionary. Cumming deep inside him as I had the night before, he groaned his own orgasm as he too came in between us.
    When we showered together a little later, he sucked on my dick again and I had an almost dry climax, cumming slightly in his mouth.
    Eating breakfast, we chatted about this and that, then I decided I only had him for the rest of the morning before I had to pick his sister up from the airport. When I unloaded up him again on his couch, it wasn't a dry fuck and I made sure I fed him my cream, after licking and sucking it out of his juicy ass.
    My wife goes away on business again next week. Dylan's mouth and asshole will mine all over again, I can tell you.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    Many years ago I married a woman who had been married 4 times before. She told me she had sex with 8 guys in high school and cheated on all 4 of her husbands. I liked her honesty and married her. She said I was the lousiest sex partner she ever had and was going to cheat on me. I was not surprised and accepted it. She brought black men home and had sex with them right in front of me. She got me to go down on them and become a bitch. She divorced me 2 years later, leaving me a bi-sexual submissive for black men.
    Would I change anything? No, I am satisfied with who I am and what she turned me into. I am now single.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    Sorry for the rant, I have to unload. I have been waiting for this to happen, it finally did.

    My husband's twenty two year old cousin came to visit. She is his second cousin, but never mind they are cousins. She came because she was having problems at her parent's house because she is not employed, she has a college degree and prefers to party. This is an old story and I am on her mother's side. I have know this girl she was eleven years old. And I have kept her during the summer breaks. We took her with us on our first summer holiday to the beach. I bought her first big girl bikini. Her mother is my best friend. To me she is family, no matter that she is a second cousin. I know her heart can only see her cousin and she is his favorite. But now the chickens come home to roost.

    She gets to my house, I am nursing a two month old baby, I have two toddlers. I am looking forward to having her help me, I can really use it. Her attention is on my husband. She is there to serve him, make him a sandwich, get him a beer, keep him company. Anything I ask of her she does but with a deep breath and a don't pick on me attitude.

    So, I am upstairs putting the babies to bed, nursing takes an hour or so, I go back downstairs to our room and she is on the bed talking to my husband in her underwear. Her bra can't hold her in, and her panties are a G-string. They are having a private conversation. He is entirely blind to her, she sees me and gets off the bed and goes and sits on the arm of my husband's recliner. If I can see inside her underwear so can he, but like I said he is blind.

    One in the morning she comes and wants to get in bed with us. She wants to be hugged and held. I ask her to please think of what she is doing, she pulls her night shirt up to get in bed, crawls into the middle and settles in under his arm. I got out of bed and asked him if he thought this was appropriate. Yes, I made the mistake of letting her sleep with us when she was younger, but she is a full grown woman now and I would have thought she was no longer in need of being comforted.

    I left, I went upstairs to sleep with my daughters. In the morning she is laid out on the bed, half naked meaning no panties, he is in the shower. I confronted him, yes he had sex with her. His own cousin. He had been out in the cold since I was eight months and I am not ready to return to sex. But that doesn't excuse him having sex with her, no matter how attractive she is and how nice she looks and how attentive she is to him.

    I asked him to send her home. He asked her to stay. He told her that she could stay with us until she found a job. Move right in and be part of the nuclear family. She is sorry, she says. It won't happen again, she says. But she is fully attentive to his needs, her mind is only on him. As sorry as she feels she can't turn off her heart. As angry as I am, I can't ask her to leave. This day has always been a slow motion wreck waiting to happen.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    From the age of Sixteen to Seventeen and a half, my dad sold my mouth and ass to older paying guests of our home. They'd stay for days at a time, or sometimes for a couple of weeks. During their stay I'd either visit them in their room and suck them off, or if they paid more, I'd sleep with them and they could fuck me.
    One time a married couple arrived, who were about to take jobs and arrange permanent accommodation. In the meantime I had my mouth and asshole serviced by the guy as his wife watched on. On one of te nights I lost my virginity to her, fucking her missionary as he fucked me from behind.
    Only my father dying in a car crash stopped our unusual way of earning extra money. Even so, when I moved in with my uncle Tony, I gave up my mouth and asshole to him for free.
    I don't live with my uncle Tony anymore, but every so often he visits our place and we end up having sex. He still loves to fuck me with his bent cock, and I always swallow his load before my wife gets home.

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