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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 40

    When I was 23 I hooked up with 'the man'. He is a dominant 'don't take no shit from a bitch' type and I was the lock to his key. Bitches came and went, but his one constant is me.

    I am 40 now and he has a preference for young bitches that need to be put in their place. At my work a 21 year old Puerto Rican girl came to work. She walked in with an attitude and she got under my skin from the first day. After putting up with her for six months it dawned on me that this girl would be perfect for 'the man'. She is the first girl I took to him, he handcuffed her to me so she couldn't go anywhere and took his sweet time breaking her.

    I had been around when other bitches were broken, but this time she was stuck to me and I had orgasm after orgasm as he slowly broke her and she came around to him with her ass in the air. She is the first girl I slipped my tongue in, she is the first girl I sat on. All these years of watching I had never gone for the girl, but that is over now. I ate her ass while he face fucked her and it sent me into a round of orgasms that don't want to stop.

    It just feels so good to own a bitch.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    In a semi drunken state a fortnight ago, my wife asked me if I thought her mother was good looking. When I told her she was, she then asked me if I thought she had a nice body. Not sure of where the conversation was going, I kept my answer conservative telling my wife her mothers figure was similar to hers (Actually my mother in law has a fantastic figure at 47). Her next question totally threw me. She asked me would I fuck her mum as a favour to her.

    Leaving the conversation there, not really knowing what to say, we both woke up the next morning horny. Fucking her arsehole from behind after spending a long time licking her pussy and arse, my wife turned her head and said "My mums been wanting you to do this to her for years". I was about to say something when she added "Please will you fuck her for me". Within seconds thinking of fucking my wife's mum, I came up her daughters arsehole.

    Sat in the kitchen a little later, my wife said she was serious about what she'd spoken to e about. Al I could think to say was "I'll think about it" When in truth I wanted to say I'd been dying to fuck her since we met. The subject got dropped until two days ago. My mother in law had just been round although I'd missed her getting held up at work. No sooner than I'd sat down, my wife handed me a note from her mother. It reads "Hi **** I know ******* has spoken to you about the possibility of having sex with me. Sorry I missed you as I wanted to ask you myself. It's been a long time since John died (Her husband died two and half years ago) and I've not had a man since. I'd/we'd love you to be my way back into sex. Think on it please ****** x"

    My wife said she wrote the note rather than text me, to prove they were both serious and that I wouldn't think someone else had text me instead. As soon as I read it, my wife kissed me and said "Please honey, just think about it". I had already thought about it and believe me I wasn't going to let them both know how much I wanted to fuck my mother in law. As calm and casual in a way as I could, I told my wife I'd have sex with her mum. Over the next half an hour my wife sucked my cock, had me lick her pussy and arse, and then had me fuck her on our kitchen table. With my cum dripping out of her pussy, she text her mother and got an immediate reply.

    Next weekend my mother in law will be coming round. My wife has already arranged to go out with some of her friends and I've saved every drop of cum for her mother. I'm not sure how this will all end, or if it will be a one off. what I do know is, I'm going to make damn sure I fuck her as long and as hard as she can handle it. And hopefully it won't just be a single fuck. The text I got this morning from her suggests it won't be just a one off. I certainly hope that's the case.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 26

    My wife is 24 years old. Iâm the first guy she has ever had sex with. Well she has a thing for anal sex. We tried it the night we got married almost a year ago and ever since then she constantly wants anal

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 41

    I am 37 now, married, 3 kids, and a fatty. I wasn't always this way. I kept thin until about a year after my marriage. I could have been fat as a teen, but I wanted to stay desirable to my neighbor Sam. I first met Sam and Dorrie when they moved into their house across the street with their 2 year old son. I was 11 at the time. I and my whole family became good friends with them. First my older sister then I, would babysit for first their one child, then their second. I loved going over to talk with them, especially Sam during the summer. I could dress in light clothes and if Dorrie and the kids weren't there I'd find my way into the house using some excuse or another and always went without a bra and without wearing panties. I let Sam see my tits and my pussy many times. He was actually trying to be very proper, and never looked intentionally, actually never let me in the house intentionally if Dorrie wasn't there, but I would find a way to get in. One day he had come back from a particularly sleepless job out of town, he was passed out in their bedroom and Dorrie had me watch the kids while she went out. She set an alarm and asked me to wake Sam up at the correct time. As soon as she left I went in the room and saw a sleeping Sam. He was in a pair of loose shorts, no tee shirt, his chiseled chest showing and the sheet had come off his body. I could see his hairy cock and big balls up through the leg of his shorts. One of the legs was pulled up and about 2 inches of his cock was hanging out of it. I was swooning. I peeked at what I wanted for so long, and for many times that morning. I woke him up at the time and that was that.

    By the time I was 15 Sam and Dorrie had a pool. My entire family, especially my sister and 2 brothers and I had use of the pool anytime we wanted, didn't even have to ask. I tried to find time to be with Sam in the pool. One day it was he and I and I bent over in the pool and the water pulled my bikini top down enough so that he had a perfect look at my chest, both boobs totally visible. I wasn't trying but it was a happy accident. Sam finally took notice. I was afraid that my boobs were too small for him. I've never even had a B cup, but I was very shapely with a very round butt and nice legs and overall shape, just not much on top. At that age that made me very self-conscious.

    He finally stared and said "Hmmmm, you'd better watch that, you might be showing more than you want" I said that I didn't mind as long as it was him, he could see everything I had and anything he wanted, any time he wanted. With Dorrie inside with the kids he asked me to have another accident. I bent over and again the weight of the water revealed my boobs to him. "Just like Dorries, I love it, that size is my favorite, of course I normally like to see all of a woman". I was standing next to him in about 4 feet of water and I pulled my bottoms out in front and a bit down so he could see my hairy pussy. "Now the other side" he said, and I turned around and let him look at my naked ass. I stood next to the pool wall with him, our backs turned to the house windows and he reached inside my bottom and felt my pussy and my ass. I felt incredible, I felt like a woman. These little encounters occurred at random times when they could. One day I was with Dorrie, we decided to go for a swim and we went together to their bedroom to change. Sam was right, our tits were near duplicates of each other, in fact our entire bodies were just about the same, down to the color and shape of our pussy hair. Her pussy lips were spread out and bigger than me, I had thin pussy lips. I decided that had a lot to do with having babies. Sam came home, got in the pool with us, and Dorrie had to leave, pick up the kids and do some errands. When we got out of the pool, Sam and I both started for the bedroom and he backed off. I told him my clothes were in there and he motioned me in, and started to close the door. I opened the door and told him that if he had to change he should come in too. After all, there was nothing he hadn't already seen before, even felt.

    That was the first time I was totally naked with a man and there he was naked too. I went to him he held me tight and we kissed, his cock was getting very hard. He was feeling me all over, I was getting so wet and he interrupted saying that he couldn't do it to me because of my age "not to mention the cliché of you being my babysitter" he added. He did suck and lightly caress my tits, then laid me down and licked me to my first orgasm. He spread my pussy apart and said "I've never seen one before" meaning my intact hymen. He licked me all the more and I had three orgasms before he stopped. I grabbed his cock and wanted to suck it but after a few strokes in my mouth he stopped me. I asked if I could use my hand and he agreed. His sperm started shooting out and on my tits and I put the tip in my mouth and took the rest. I scooped up the mess on my tits and swallowed it. Nothing more said, we got dressed, I went to the door hearing "thank you, you are amazing, it's not that I don't want to do it" as I left.

    All stopped with us at that time, and then when I was 20 and had been fucked by 2 guys, starting at age 18, I went to work for Sam. We worked out of town mostly, and one night with a bad storm in L.A. with his room next to mine, I phoned him at 1:30am I told him I was scared and wondered if I could unlock the connecting door and come over. He told me that it wouldn't be a good idea, because he slept naked. "I'm naked too" I lied. He asked if I was sure, and I was. We both knew we were going to fuck finally. I quickly took off my nightie as I heard the door unlock. I unlocked my side of the door and went into his room naked. He was in bed under the sheet and I drew it back to see his incredible naked body and the cock I tasted 5 years before. I finally got to be fucked by Sam. We went on like that for 2 years, I did let him initiate me into anal sex. I finally married my first boyfriend who was the second guy to fuck me. So now I'm older, a fat mom, and I think of Sam every time I need to think of something to get me off. It was about 8 years or more after first meeting him, first feeling that youthful crush on him that I finally got to be his woman for a couple of years. Well at least share him as a woman.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 36

    My wife finds enjoyment using a strap on on me. She bought herself a strap on one day when she wanted me to stop at a adult book store. I thought she was just buying another dildo but when we were in there she picked up a strap on. I was like whatâs that for. She said me to use on you. She bought it close to the size of my own cock.

    I let her get it and since we had no kids at home she used it on me that night. It wasnât bad Iâll admit. Come to find out she told me a couple were friends with does it too. She told my wife she should try it on me. As long as our kids never walk in on use doing it Iâm cool with it. My wife enjoys it so once or twice a week I let her go st it.

    One day I was hanging out with my buddy and I asked him how he liked his wife using a strap on on him. He looked shocked and said how do you know. I told him well your wife talked my wife into using one on me! We laughed and talked about it a little bit and both agreed if it makes the wife happy weâll do it. Although he told me I better watch out, it started off with a strap on close to his size and he said my wife keeps wanting to go bigger and bigger. He told me heâs currently at one that is 8â and thick meanwhile his dick is only around 6â.

    I told him well arenât you lucky. My dick is a little bit over 7â so my wife already uses a big one on me! He laughed and said our poor asses lol

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I guess you could say my mom is a bit weird. Sheâs a nurse by profession. And she hates pubic hair.

    She got laser hair removal when I was younger and so did my dad. She always had my dad shaved but he got tired of it so he got it lasered off like she did.

    When my sister hit puberty my mom encouraged her to shave too. My sister ended up just getting waxed because she liked that better.

    Around the time I was 14 I got pubic hair. I had quite a bit too, it was growing into a full bush. My mom saw it one day and encouraged me to shave it. She said itâs much cooler and less sweaty without it. So she gave me a razor and shaving cream and told me how to do it. It was my first time shaving so I took my time. I shaved it for a few months but I got stubble like crazy. Finally my mom asked if I wanted to get waxed. I decided Iâd try it. I went to my moms friend who also waxed my sister. She waxed me and it was a bit embarrassing the first few times but she waxed other men she told me so I was comfortable with it. Waxing felt great. I loved it. Then when I turned 18 I got my pubic hair and butt hair lasered off.

    My sister had hers lasered off too. We are a pubic hair free family thanks to my ocd mom.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    My wife of six years cheated on me with a younger guy she met at work. They had a ten month affair before I found out, and as soon as I did find out, I kicked her out of our home. I was in bits for quite a while and it took some getting used to living on my own again after our divorce. I'm bisexual and always have been since I first sucked cock at the age of thirteen. yet I hadn't had any gay sex since I begun dating my wife. Free from any restraints, I had a few one night stands fucking younger guys. And also having sex with a female colleague of mine for a couple of months. But it still hurt to think of what my wife had done to me knowing she'd eventually gone on to marry the guy. Then five months ago I met a guy at hotel I was doing some work in. He was there transiting between fights and we just hit it off. Joining him in his room I spent two wonderful hours sucking and fucking with him. I couldn't get enough of his tight asshole and screwed him as much as I'd ever fucked anyone. Over the next couple of months we met constantly and we fucked like life long lovers. Meeting up with him at another hotel a month back and having such mind blowing sex, he told me he thought he was in love with me. He also told me he was married, something I didn't know about as he never wore a wedding band. Even after he told me he was fairly recently married, we still had sex and I ended up letting my feelings known to him as I came up his ass again. Then only a week ago he turned up on my doorstep and told me he'd left his wife. He admitted to me and himself he was in love me and we spent the whole night having sex. The following morning he told me who his wife was and that he was once her fling. Only it to him, he finally realized had always been false. Yesterday I told him who I was in relation to his wife. I told him we'd both been married to Louise. Tomorrow after a long chat last night between us, he's going to tell Louise who he's moving in with. It's her side of the bed he now sleeps on, and its our old marital bed I now fuck her husband every night in. Life a bitch, but then there's always revenge.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    I am a health nut, workout as often as I can. I do have a full time job, living on my own. I have had girlfriends off and on, more off than on, no time for them. My mom is widow. Ever since my dad passed she had let her health and body gone to hell. She was very good looking then. She went to her yearly check-up and the doctor said she need to lost some weight otherwise she will have problem.

    I signed her up at the local health club I go to. She came in for the first two session and she didn't show up for the rest of the week. I was concern and call her up that night. She said she was sore and didn't want to go. She didn't have the drive to push herself. I told her I will pick her up when I go to the gym and we can workout together.

    I went to pick her up she wasn't ready. She said she still sore and couldn't get her yoga pants on. She ask me to help her. Seeing mom completely nude getting her yoga pants on got me horny. I didn't want to show her I was. After I helped her we were on our way to the gym. The whole time we were working out I couldn't get my mind off from her naked body. After we finish working out we head on to her house. She didn't feel comfortable taking a shower in the public place, neither am I.

    On the way to her place she thank me for helping her and she feel much more comfortable with someone working out with her. I said I can continue doing it if she want and we did.

    We got inside her house she strip down and went into the shower. I ask can I shower to. She said sure come on in. We wash each other down. As she was washing my cock it got hard. She said honey you got a nice one here. My face turn red and said mom your pussy is nice to. She said, I haven't had sex ever since your daddy passed away, would you like to take care of your mommy. I was shock and said okay if that is what you want.

    After we finish showering we dry each other off standing in the bathroom fingering her pussy and she stroking my cock. I wasted no time but to go down on her. She straddle one of her leg over my shoulder and I just dive right into her sweet smelling pussy. I was like a kid in the candy store. She moan as she was holding onto my head. I kept eating that pussy and she said lets go lay down on the bed so we can be more comfortable. I kept eating her pussy until she said is my turn to give you blowjob. We were giving each other oral sex for a good hour before we fucked.

    When we finish, she ask if I was going to spend the night at her place. I said sure. The rest of the day we both walk around naked in the house. I slept with her that night and we have sex. She like being cuddle in bed so I lay on top of her with my cock inside of her pussy. It was hard to go to sleep. Than we switch having me lay on the side behind her with my cock in her pussy and my hand holding onto her tits. That seem to work out and she was happy. She had mention she wanted me to move back home so I can save rent money for my apartment. I may just do that.

    Some of you think sex with mom is wrong but I don't look at it that way. Is called taking care of mom needs and we all have our needs.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    Not getting any sex at home because he's always "Tired" I decided to enjoy myself with some extra marital fun. In the eighteen months I've been putting myself out for sex, I've had nine different men and four women enjoy all my love holes. Most of the people I've had sex with have been through work, as I work for a hotel chain. Some have been employee's (I'm a manager) but most have been clients. The vast majority of the men have been married businessmen attracted to my slim figure and good looks. As for the women all but one of them I've met when I take my gym classes. The other one is an employee who's nineteen and we're still having sex most weeks when I visit her hotel. In a weeks time I'm taking a four day business trip over to Sweden with two young male employee's. One had already tasted my pussy and fucked all of my holes. The other young man will learn when we're away, there are benefits to looking after your manager. I just wish I'd have begun this years ago. But I guess we're all clever with hindsight.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 23

    I always had a love for looking at dicks. Even at a young age I'd stare at mine and any friends who would pull out theirs. When I was a teen and my buddies would show me porn. I'd be checking out the guy's cock and not the girl.

    Once I started having sex I was addicted to cock. I was an outlet for many classmates curiousity then. I didn't mind the name calling as half of the bullies were the ones approaching me for sex later.

    Now in my 20s I'm an even bigger cock slut. I post adds on Craigslist, back pages and any online source I can find. I just can't get enough. Dicks are so amazing to look at, taste, ride.

    I love how many married men meet me in my town. Being a slutty faggot doing thief wife's job better than she does turns me on.

    I even managed to get fucked by my uncle last year. I don't care who's cock it is. I live to serve any cock.

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