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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    My girl friends and I returned back from a short Spanish holiday, this time last year. It's in a place where hedonism is kind of expected and sort after. And before we went, we nearly all agreed we'd have sex with as many guys as possible, keeping score. All except my older sister Amy, who was with her boyfriend of two years.

    Within the first few hours I had a Spanish guy checking me out near the pool. We'd not long unpacked and my room mate Lucy was telling me he couldn't stop looking at me as I lay next to my sister. Thinking of our challenge, I walked over to him and told him to meet me in our room in ten minutes. After sucking on his above average sized cock for less than five minutes, he came all over my face and that was it.

    Over the next couple of days, each of the girls, except Amy, went with lads around our age or a little older and had casual sex. My angle was to pick out older men after the debacle of the lad at our hotel pool. And I must say I had some really hard sex one night with an older Brazilian man in his forties.

    The last night there, Amy was ill and stayed in. We all persuaded Ryan her boyfriend to come out with us and he said he would, but only for an hour or so. My friends began their man hunt, drinking in bar after bar, but I really felt bad on Ryan, so I asked him if he'd like to remain in the first bar with me. We chatted as we drank and out of nowhere he asked me if I'd enjoyed having sex with any of the men I'd been with. I told him I'd bragged a lot, but I'd actually only had full sex with one person, explaining the failure to have intercourse with the Spanish guy. Ryan put his hand to my face stroked along my neck line and told me he'd never allow himself to be so selfish with a beautiful girl like me, and if he took me to bed, he'd have me orgasming all night.

    Telling him it was the drink speaking, my sisters boyfriend then told me he'd fancied me for a long time, but never had the chance at home to say anything. Moving closer whlst still holding my face, we kissed.

    We saw the girls in a bar close to the beach as the clubs began to open. Ryan and I were headed to the beach and for only one reason. Outside of the bar we'd been in, we moved around the side of it, kissed some more and then I dropped down to meet the biggest cock I'd ever seen poking out of his shorts. Amy had made mention of Ryan's attribute in the past, but I just put it down to her trying to make me feel jealous. She hadn't been exaggerating. Unlike the Spanish lad, Ryan fed me his cock with confidence and I'd licked, sucked and even bit slightly along it. Sucking in his huge mushroom shaped cock head, I heard him telling me I was much better than Amy.

    Having reached the beach and moved on up past the breakers into the dunes, I was so full of sexual need and feeling so horny for his cock. Sucking it back into my mouth as he'd taken off everything except his flip flops, I greedily sucked on his fully erect cock. His breathing changed and I knew like many before him, he about to cum. So I stopped held his balls and rose up. lifting my short flowing dress up and over my body, leaving it next to us on the sand, I offered up what I knew to be my bare sex.

    The Brazilian guy had been good, really good. Yet my sisters boyfriend when he slid his bare cock into me from behind, was simply on a different sexual level. Right from the first thrust up my dripping pussy, Ryan sank it so deep inside of me, making me gasp with desire and sexual feeling. Everything became focussed on what we were doing and I orgasmed within a couple of minutes. After shuddering through my first, we moved onto the sand itself and over the next hour, we fucked in all kinds of amazing positions. The crunch for me, the absolute sexual mind blower was going to impale myself on his cock and feeling it slide past my pussy into my arsehole. It was a mistake, but one I was never going to let him know. Gritting my teeth, I felt Ryan arch upwards forcing his cock deep inside my bowels. His face changed to, to one of sheer wonder and delight. He knew he was in my arsehole and to him, and me I guess, it was a first.

    Close to three in the morning I kissed him goodnight at his and my sisters room door. I'd orgasmed so many times with him fucking my arsehole, I was literally drained. He'd cum twice and the second time I'd let him toss his cock over my face. Opening my mouth I'd watched as it flew over my tongue and I gratefully swallowed every drop.
    Sat on the transfer coach waiting for Amy and Ryan, being the last of our group, I thought they might have argued. I
    was wrong, as they appeared together holding hands. It made me feel relieved and wanting them to be ok with each other. With Ryan sitting directly in front of me, Amy sat next to me. My sister smiled at me, held my hand and said "Ryan said you loved it up your bum, that's not for me. Maybe you two should be an item".

    I sat in total shock all the way to the airport and on the entire journey home.

    Back at home, my sister explained they'd decided before we went, if Ryan and I had gotten close, she wasn't going to stand in our way. What I didn't know, is they'd been sort of split for a while, using the short break to see if they might want to carry on. Only he'd expressed to her how he felt about me. I also didn't know, the Spanish lad who I'd sucked off in my hotel room, was from the very start actually interested in my sister. I'd jumped the gun thinking it was me who he was interested in. Lucy had gotten it wrong and helped that I suppose.

    The real reason she'd not joined us that night, was she was having sex with the Spanish guy in his home. Something Ryan already knew about. As Ryan and I had been kissing outside their room, she was till bouncing up and down on the Spanish guys cock.

    Myself and Ryan are still together and loving our very sexual relationship. My sister is now living in part, half of her year here in the UK, and part of her year in Spain. It was a funny way for us to find out what we all wanted, but I now wouldn't change how everything worked out.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Before Russ ever caught me smoking his cigarette's, I'd already had run ins with my moms husband. I used to bum cigs off of my mom, but after her health scare, she'd given them up. Russ and I didn't get along too good, as he'd try and hit me when I'd done something wrong. But with him being my step dad, I didn't care and try to hit back.
    Telling me when he first caught me smoking his cigarette's, he'd make me smoke his cock the next time, I thought he was just trying to scare me. Russel caught me out back in the yard and my mom wasn't home. I knew straight away with the way he approached me, he intended to carry out his threat, but I was quicker than him, wasn't I.
    Not a chance. He had me up against the fence in seconds and in no time I saw him take out his cock. Pushing me at first, he then struck me and gripped my face so hard, it really hurt my jaw. Opening my mouth as he requested, I reluctantly let him slide his cock over my tongue. Laughing down at me he told me I could smoke his cigar as much as I wanted to.

    It really wasn't pleasant at first with it being my first ever time sucking cock, but Russ had no thoughts to how I felt and just rammed his dick into my mouth over and over again. Six inches, that's how big my cock is. Russ's cock is eight and half inches long and at least twice as thick as mine. It didn't matter none as he fucked my face, telling me I was now his when he wanted sex. Tasting his pre cum, I actually thought he'd cum and it was all over with, but he had other ideas. Punching me in the stomach, making me double over, he lifted me easily onto the saw bench he uses and pulled my shorts right down. Next my boxers were ripped clean off and I instantly felt his warm breath on my asshole. It was hot out there, but even so his hot breath made my asshole feel kind of good, and so did his tongue as it snaked out and licked my butt hole.

    The sensation of his hard thick cock entering me will remain with me for the rest of my life. It felt like a hot poker spearing up my rear and it carried on feeling painful for some time. I don't quite remember now just how it changed for me. What I do know is, as the feeling changed from pain to total and utter joy after maybe ten minutes, I looked up and saw my mom looking down on us from their bedroom window. There was no anger or hate in her face, only a resignation of allowing her husband to fuck her child. And fuck me Russ did.
    Moving me from the reverse fuck position we were in. I was willingly placed on my back on the table, and he looked up at her when he reentered my asshole. The smile they exchanged was one of love, and I knew then they spoken about him chastising me this way. Moving his cock in and out of my ass, then grinding it deeper and deeper until finally and without me noticing, my cock throbbed a few times and cum spewed from it. Russ never once stopped fucking me, yet he did let out a yelp of pleasure, seeing me cum.

    Holding me down roughly, although by then he didn't need to my moms husband of three years sank his cock right up my shit box and came flooding my insides with his sticky mess. When he withdrew, he looked towards our home and said "Your mom thinks you'll learn now". That to me was confirmation of their collusion in him fucking me.
    The very next day, I took his whole cigarette pack. I figured if he was goiing to fuck me, then I was going to make sure it was for everything I could take from him. Waiting for me like a prowling lion, he walked past my mom as I entered and gripped my arm. Leading me into the kichen, I was made to sink down as he forced his flaccid cock into ym mouth. Only he didn't need to force it that hard, as I'd already resigned myself to giving him head.
    The kitchen table was lower than his saw bench, so it gave him much more purchase when he fucked me. Unlike the day before the pain only lasted a minute and after wards I found myself telling him to fuck me harder. And so began our real fuck. Having bounced up and down on his cock facing away from him, in the last part of our fuck, I saw mom stood in the doorway. She grinned said nothing and went back to watch whatever it was she was viewing on the tv.
    I'm now twenty. I could have moved out by now, but over the last three years he's ben fucking me, almost daily, i've grown to to love his hard thick cock up my asshole. Mom and he hardly if ever sleep together now, and I doubt given her health, she'd be able to satisfy him anyway.

    Russ is still just as abrasive as he's always been, only now it's me who seeks him out for his cock. Oh yeh, and his cigarette's.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    I believe sex with one just man can be great but limited. Sex with two men or more i think it's perfect. When i masturbate i must fantasize myself in threesomes or gangbangs if i want to turn on. If i think of one guy i can't turn on. It's wonderful to feel that your body is desirable by lot's of men and the attention you get and all the orgasms. The fun thing is i never was a part of any threesome or gangbang. But if i met a guy i like and he wants to have sex with me i would want to bring his friends too. I don't know if i was asking him to bring them, probably not, but the idea would make me so horny. If that makes a slut it's okay, deep down i want to be a slut.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 51

    Horniness took over. We were at a party at a cu de sac house and we got bored so my sister and I and two guys went out to his car to listen to music. We kissed and they felt us up and my guy asked for tits so I gave him tits and my sister followed and we both got banged in the car. It wasn't the first time we got banged together and it wasn't the first time we got banged by the guys. But we were fourteen and fifteen and the guys were in their mid twenties and we were at the party without permission and the cops caught us naked in the car.

    When the cops found out how old we were the problem went from bad to real bad. Our parents were called and our guys were handcuffed and in the back of the police car, another police car came to help and the party people on the inside were watching everything, and I am sure that every girl got dressed and the alcohol was poured down the drain and M was flushed down the toilet. These parties were of all adults, over 21 we were the only two underage girls there. Buy since we were caught outside the house the cops didn't go into the house.

    Our parents were disappointed in us, not that this was the first time we were caught without our clothes on, but the problem was the guys. Our father was an attorney, he practices corporate law but he had friends and he got them to come to the rescue. The cops did not witness sex, they only witnessed that we were naked, so the charges were dropped to being naked with us and they got probation and a warning. After they were released on bond my sister and I gave them our full attention.

    It was the era of peace and love, and long before the social issues of today. Our parents were not so much OK with it, but they didn't put a lot of store in how bad sex was for kids. We were on the pill and the guys were known to my parents and they had gotten us naked before and you don't get naked to just look. Just keep it within our group.

    We grew up eventually and my sister and I have always enjoyed sex together. Our guys kept us happy for the longest time but we needed more and after we got started with other men our guys said sayonara and they left us. That was a mistake, but once made there was no turning back the clock. We became well known, that was something our parents did not like, but we were well past 21 at that time and who and where we went to get what we needed was our business. We both found husbands in our later twenties and had families and we continued to enjoy sex together, and our husbands learned to make it happen that way.

    We are now going to turning 60 and we still enjoy sex and we enjoy sex together like we always have. We have expanded to other couples and we get together once or twice a month for a group gang bang. We have met couples that are into the same sex thing but we are not, we are strictly men with women. We live in Florida and we have some friends that have a nice pleasure craft and we go out past where the fishing takes place and we enjoy some naked times on board and we taste of the forbidden fruit with other couples. We are all in the same age group between fifty and sixty and it is a far cry from the parties when we got caught naked in the car, but it is a party and we get banged together while the husbands watch.

    We just thought it would be nice to let people know that sex is fun and the more sex you have the more fun it is.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Transsexual Male / 21

    Iâm a bi trans man, possibly just gay but figuring it out lol. I have a few dildos I use on myself and I use for topping if and when I top. Recently Iâve discovered the wonders of anal. Iâve fucked myself in the ass a lot since and itâs truly amazing. Way more intense than PIV sex for me. Add a vibrator to my clit.... crazy. Now I really want to but a hitachi wand and a dom to torture me with it while fucking my ass. Iâm interested in being tied up and being completely at his mercy. That would be in the future though lol.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Male / 21

    Iâm a bi trans man, possibly just gay but figuring it out lol. I have a few dildos I use on myself and I use for topping if and when I top. Recently Iâve discovered the wonders of anal. Iâve fucked myself in the ass a lot since and itâs truly amazing. Way more intense than PIV sex for me. Add a vibrator to my clit.... crazy. Now I really want to but a hitachi wand and a dom to torture me with it while fucking my ass. Iâm interested in being tied up and being completely at his mercy. That would be in the future though lol.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Male / 21

    Iâm a bi trans man, possibly just gay but figuring it out lol. I have a few dildos I use on myself and I use for topping if and when I top. Recently Iâve discovered the wonders of anal. Iâve fucked myself in the ass a lot since and itâs truly amazing. Way more intense than PIV sex for me. Add a vibrator to my clit.... crazy. Now I really want to but a hitachi wand and a dom to torture me with it while fucking my ass. Iâm interested in being tied up and being completely at his mercy. That would be in the future though lol.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I have read stories here for a while, but never confessed so I'm not sure where to begin.
    I guess I'll start with, I'm about 5'4, 150, long red hair and green eyes. I am a happily married young woman. The sex is great, for the most part at least.
    See, the thing is, I absolutely LOVE it when a guy comes. It turns me on so much. I love watching a cock stiffen, and then begin to twitch as it shoots or dribbles come everywhere. I also love feeling that happen in my pussy..... especially if it floods me. It's a fetish, I guess.

    My problem is, I believe it's becoming more than a fetish. I want more. I want to be fucked by multiple men and make them come in me, on me, wherever... because I like it that much. I want them to come in my mouth and make me swallow it, I want them to fuck me and pull out to come on my pussy and shove their cock back in and keep pounding away, I want it sprayed all over my tits and stomach, anywhere they want.........
    But, my husband isn't the sharing type, so I guess it will remain a dream... at least for now.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My name is John, and when I was 16 years old I was a very horny kid. When ever my parents would leave me alone at home, I would strip down and parade around with my hard, cut white boy cock sticking out in plain veiw, finding pleasure in exploring my naked body. I have a younger brother named Max who is 5 years younger than me. My parents were very religous, so I would be in a great deal of trouble if they knew what I did, but that is part of what made me so horny.

    One night, my parents went out to dinner, leaving me to watch my little brother. I was really horny that night, but it was going to be difficult to fufill my sexual desires and watch Max, unless I got him to join me. He was watching TV in the living room, so I walk up to him completly naked, stopping when my cock head was only inches from his face.

    "What are you ... why are you naked?" asked Max with a nervous giggle.

    "D on't you see," I said. "Since Mom and Dad aren't here, we don't have to wear clothes."

    & quot;Ok" he said, procedding to drop his pants, allowing the cool air to grace his preteen cock.

    We sat and countinued to watch TV, but neither of us were focused on it. I was enthuesed by Max's cock, as I had never seen a penis that wasn't mine before. He seemed to be alot bigger than I was at his age. Max was incesently staring at my erect freiend.

    "Why do you have hair there and I don't?" he inquire, running his hand through the jungle of pubes that covered my crouch.

    "You'll get some when you get older" I tell him.

    "Why is yours hard?" he countinues.

    "I'l l show you" I answer. I get up and get my lap top and pull up a picture of this naked blonde girl that I had jerked off to many times before. I show him it and I watch as his dick slowlly starts to straighten out and expand. I then reach down and start stroking it, and soon cum starts to drip out from his tiny head. I then switch to an image of this black hair chick giving a guy a blow job.

    "I could do that to you" Max says.

    I am not one to refuse a blow job, no matter who it is from.

    I lean up against the wall and let Max go to town, feeling the inside of his mouth with my dick, and being tickeled by his very naughty tongue as it moves all over my shaft. I close my eyes and think about what is happening. I was getting sucked off by my naked preteen brother and it felt fucking amazing. I feel the largest load of my life spray out from my cock and fill Max's saliva filled mouth.

    Then I hear a gasp. I open my eyes and see Mom and Dad standing in shock.

    Max turns to my parents to say hi, but when he goes to talk, my ejaculate come flowing out of his mouth.

    Since our parnets now thought we were both gay, they sent us to an all boys conversion "class". The "all boys" part would be very counter intuitive, as me and my brother would soon find out.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Male / 48

    I am a crossdresser I live in Lakeland fl. I love to have sex with men and I do it all the married men seem to want a crossdressers and the sex is out of this world and I love the sex and I have more orgasms then I ever did before and I love when they cum inside me its so hot and when it runs down my legs I feel more like a women everyday and I hope it never stops I am also on hormone therapy male to female and been on that for 5 months now I have a whole closet full of women clothes and shoes I have a small dresser full of bras and panties and pantyhose I wish this was online for everybody to see I feel sexy and it makes feel like a women

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