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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 35

    It's late and I just got my three year old to fall asleep. I never thought I would end up being a Mother. Or that it would make me feel the way it does.

    This is my story, I am a 35 year old Social Worker in one of the largest cities in the United States. I am degreed, I have a Masters degree in Social Work from one of the top universities in the United States. I can make it as a Social Worker because my family is wealthy and I have an allowance. I don't really get along with most of my family because I am a lesbian and they are embarrassed about me. Which gets me back to why I never thought I would be a mother.

    My mother never accepted that I was a lesbian so when she came up to help me move into an apartment, out of a dorm, I introduced her to my girlfriend and I kissed her on the mouth in front of my mother and told her we wanted one bed in the one bedroom apartment and I wanted her to buy it for me. I wanted her to buy me the bed I was going to sleep with my lesbian lover, the bed where I was going to make love with my lesbian lover. I told her I wanted a firm mattress because when lesbians make love they are all over the place and it lasts a long time and soft beds just suck when you are banging with your girlfriend. Oh well, that is what caused her to turn her back on me for a while. I was just so fed up with her holy attitude and her lack of respect about me and my girlfriend.

    I left college and went to live in lesbian heaven on the west coast. I got into art, I am not that good but that is what other lesbians with allowances do, art. I had a couple of lovers and they were both bad. My college girlfriend finally decided to come out and live with me. Be my girlfriend, and let her parents know. After that my life got better. My girlfriend and I decided that we needed to go back to school, get masters and do something good with our lives instead of being crazy lesbians. I got a Masters in Social Work and she went back and got a nursing degree and a Masters in nursing and my parents paid for it, every last cent of it and they came to her graduation and they brought her a real nice graduation gift. And they saw the room we sleep in, one bed for two women who make love.

    At the age of thirty I met this guy, the father of my son. He thought how cool two lesbian girls, now that would be fun, fuck them both, keep them tied down with kids and enjoy them for a lifetime. That is how we ended up with kids. My son is three her daughter is eighteen months old and she is the stay at home Mom. It is a sort of Poly thing, we live together, she is the stay at home Mom, he lives down the street and he picked up the total cost of her salary and more, I work for the City in administration, I am better at that than working with people, we have dinner together most nights unless he has to work late which he hates more than anything, he stays over many nights, most nights, and we have this Poly lifestyle, FFM, we didn't give up our lesbian lifestyle, we just picked up a man in our life. We don't make love for him, if we make love while we are together it is about us and if he is there we share. Same thing when he wants to make love, we make love with him, if we are all there we share. But there is no kinky stuff, we have little kids now and the last thing we need is having my son who now comes and gets in bed with us to find some weird sex toy in bed from the night before.

    Going back to being a mother. If you had asked me pre-pregnancy if I would want to be a mother I would have said no, in fact I said no a lot of times when the subject came up. When he asked me to be a mother I could not say no, he was asking me, I could not say no, I didn't even try to say no. It is the most significant piece of my life. It is so significant that I told my girlfriend to get off her high horse and join in, he was going to be with us for a lifetime so lean in and try something that will turn your life around. She chose to stay home, never went back to work. To those who knew us when we lived in Oakland it is a bit of a surprise that we would go Poly and have kids. Better late than never, we are not that young anymore so we have little time to play, the clock is real and I feel it every day.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 22

    Following three years of experimenting with another girl I am pretty sure neither one of us was experimenting, well we admitted we may have a problem when we graduated in June. We have a problem, two months of separation, the loneliness of being alone hurt so much some nights I literally cried myself to sleep. How can you be so stupid as to not recognize that you are so much in love you are hurting so bad every minute of every day. Thank almighty God that he woke me up and showed me that she has always been "the one". I trembled calling her, you don't know how much, she lives in Kentucky and I live in Texas and we cried. My Mother bless her soul drove me to be with her. Do not believe people that tell you there is no such thing as being love sick.

    We are together, she moved here and we are living with my parents. We both have jobs we are saving so we can move to our own apartment, my Dad wants to pay the deposit but we have to show them we can stand on our own.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I grew up on a farm and from the earliest memories my lady parts tingled and got wet watching the farm animals mate. If he was a large male with a small female I was mesmerized, and that night I could only imagine his penis in her. In college I had the opportunity of being in the same room when an incoming freshman was bottled up and fucked by one of the large graduating senior football players. After he let her go I made eye contact with her and I felt an orgasm run through me.

    I left the party and walked back to my dorm room barefoot. I ran into a classmate, a big boy from Alabama and I invited him to walk with me, I asked him up to my room and if I didn't through myself on him I don't know what you call it. I had sex, it was real, and during my first time I kept the girl from the party earlier in the evening.

    Nothing gets me aroused like watching a girl have sex, not on the internet, live right there beside me, smelling her sweat, smelling his sweat, feeling her tremble by my side, hearing her breathe, tasting her lips after she goes through her orgasm, I love it.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 28

    I am 28 and I have a degree in the Sciences and I work in research for a large corporation. I like my job. But that is the not why I am writing. My problem is that I am unable to walk away from him. I have tried so many times that I have given up. He is the husband of my mother's best friend. He gave me my first man kiss, he gave me my first man hug at the same time. There is a huge difference between a man kiss and hug and any general ordinary kiss or hug. He shook me up and had sex with me soon after. When he was hugging me having sex with me after it was like the most normal thing in the world, hugs and kisses, pressing me against him and then having sex what can be more normal than that. Maybe I am making it up in my head but I had sex with him too, I am sure I had sex with him too.

    Go on for all the years since then, I have had sex with him, I have been kissed by him, hugged by him, held by him, loved by him, you name it. My mother had a scare which fortunately turned out to be benign. I went to see my mother because she needed emotional support. This was last weekend. He came with his wife and he took me into his arms right there in the living room and gave me this enormous man hug and long, long man kiss. I just did what always happens, I lost my ability to resist and he held me in his arms for so long telling me that I was his girl and he just wanted to hug me right then.

    Later I apologized to my mother and she asked me why I was always apologizing I had been his girl forever and was always going to be his girl, if I loved him I loved him and who should tell me not to love him. I was very confused. I stayed in town that weekend and the four of us went out to dinner. He didn't come see me to be with me until the next morning and we had sex in my mother's house for the first time. He took me out to a brunch afterwards and when I got home and got ready to leave to go back to work she pushed a broach into my hand and told me it was my grandmothers. As she held my hand she told me to love him and stop beating myself up.

    I am home now and I keep thinking of all those times I had sex with him when I was a girl and my mother has to have known. My secret was never a secret except to myself.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 48

    Once upon a time I was single and focused on school. This day or night really I was taken by a fellow student and I woke up with him. I didn't cry in front of him, but I did breakdown after he left the house I was in. A girl came into the room to find out what was wrong and she sat with me until I was able to compose myself. I found my purse, she helped me get my stuff and she walked back to campus with me. After making sure I was back in my dorm she gave a hug and told me to call her if I wanted to talk.

    Right before the end of the semester she looked me up. We went for coffee and a doughnut. She became my best friend and we are friends today. We were in our mid twenties nursing new babies and she suggested we swap. Giving her my baby to nurse was extremely emotional, and letting her baby nurse from me was equally emotional. It was a one time thing but the feelings of closeness never went away.

    Her daughter is now married to my son. I believe that day when we cross nursed them their souls came together.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 45

    One night while at community college I found a vibrator on the floor in my toilet stall. I was alone in the bathroom. Even when I wasn't looking at it I kept thinking about it. After I was done with my business I put it in my purse. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with it. Lost and found, toss it, wash it or...

    The whole time I was in my night class I kept thinking about it. What kind of woman keeps a vibrator in her purse? What kind of young woman even owns one? I mostly assumed it fell out of her purse, but what if it didn't? Did she almost get caught? My mind was buzzing so much over it I couldn't learn anything. When class was over I searched for the right bathroom. I dared not use one near my class or the one I found it in.

    Once inside I went straight into the stall and got busy with it. As a nursing student, I knew I should have washed it first, but using it while dirty made me feel like I was having sex with it's last owner. The arousal was too strong and I couldn't help myself. In the dim stall I couldn't figure out how to turn it on so I just used it like a dildo. It didn't matter to me. I was terrified of someone hearing it and catching me. I wondered if the last owner was used it like me to keep from getting caught.

    After I was done I washed it in the sink. I washed it even more when I got home. I still can't believe I did something that gross. I still have it. It was my first vibrator and, because of how I found it, it is still my gross and guilty favorite

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27

    Going back to the awakening of desire. My younger sister and I were never separated from each other and she has codependency issues. I was a college sophomore and my sister was a college freshman. I had met a boy in class and we were hanging around our dorm and he was sitting on my bed and I was sitting with him in his arms and my sister was on her bed in front of us. During the whole conversation my sister kept looking at me, then she put her hands on her boobs giving me this look as if I didn't realized the boy had my boobs in his hands. I wasn't going to all of a sudden jerk away so I sat there and my sister and I traded faces. After a while my sister suggested we go get some pizza so we got up to leave and on the way to the pizza parlor the boy puts his arm around my shoulder and keeps me there while we walked.

    At the pizza parlor my sister calls me to the bathroom and tells me to cool it, I had already let him feel me up and now I was walking around like I was his girlfriend. Well during the pizza he put his hand on my thigh and I let him staring my sister down, she was so upset she got up and called me to the bathroom again. She asked me if I was going to let him fuck me. Why not? I let him fuck me in my dorm with my sister kicking the wall yelling at me for being stupid. I don't remember so much if I liked it or not, certainly I did not feel bad about it. My sister was very upset about it and sat on her bed and cried. It was college, what else can I say. I hurt her feelings that evening, more than I thought, hurt her real bad. I have spent the rest of our grown up lives making it up to her.

    Sometime later, after we were both out of college and we had gone boyfriend free since that evening in my dorm, I told my sister that I had met a guy at work and he had asked me to go out. She agreed but she wanted to come to make sure I didn't lose my mind. We went to dinner at an Italian restaurant, not pricey but nice, he then suggested that we go down to the city park and that on weekends local bands played. My sister doesn't just tag along, she gets between me and any date I may have, she calls the shots about when to leave and if the guy we are with gets even a little bit friendly she is sure to call him out. That evening was no exception, except that I liked the guy and I told him about her and he was very respectful. When he took us home he did ask for a kiss and I gave him a well earned kiss.

    I invited him to lunch the next day at our apartment, we would cook for him. He was on time and he brought flowers for both of us. My sister controlled herself and when he and I sat on the couch she sat in the chair with her usual long face. She then got up and said she was going to go do some work on the computer and left us alone but not without staring at me. He was polite and nice and we did get close and we kissed on the couch. At work where my sister was not around to get between us I told him about her and he said he understood. He kept courting me and he was always OK with her coming along, she had to accept that he kissed me and we held hands and I sat with him and his arm around me. One day we went to bed and my sister had to sit in the living room to wait. She was very upset, again she cried.

    My new boyfriend put his foot down with her and told her that being a sister was fine but being possessive like that wasn't. She could either belong or not belong, she was in or she was out, but he wasn't going to be fighting her. He wanted her in but she had to accept the conditions. She says she allowed him, he says she was asking for it, she says he is bossy and domineering, he says she needs a lot of work, she says that is not what she expected, he says she will learn, she says it is not fair, he says why not. She gets in the middle, she has a hard time not being the focus of his attention, she is all over the place looking after him in the house, she hides her face from me when he is having sex with her, she likes to make love and I like her making love. For the first time since we were kids her focus is not solely on me. She still has a disapproving face when I make love, but like he says she will learn.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I am the rubber slave of a dominant gay couple, in their fifties, who are health freaks, and incredibly horny! I am locked in a heavy total enclosure latex suit, with a zippered opening at the three places that matter.

    Thus I can be face-fucked endlessly, turn about, butt-fucked endlessly, turn about, or masturbated to the point of insanity. What submissive could ask for more? They are true control freaks, and their mind-games are terrifying and effective. Zippered eye slits allow me to perform my housework duties effectively, and prepare meals.

    Other than a hygiene/toilet break, one hour a day, I am trapped in latex 23/7/365, and my greatest pleasure is to sit on one lap, his eight inches fully inside me, while he torments my seven inches, and my mouth is full of the other's nine inches, pounding in and out slow and deep, until his load hits the back of my throat, triggering a swallow reflex. Then the zipper seals me into total silence, with survival air only, not enough for the mainly-forbidden luxury of speech.

    This is my life, and I love it!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 26

    So ive always been curious snd have tried things with guys ive posted on here a few times, sucks craigslist casual encounters went down, i finally realized its not gay if your a girl.... or at least dressed like one and believe if while a dick is in your mouth or ass....its so hard to find a guy who can keep a secret in denver...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Out of every month that went by after mom died, my uncle Joe would invite three or four men each month to enjoy my young body. He said it helped to pay the bills, and for him to enjoy his favorite whiskey. All I knew, was the men's cocks seemed enormous in comparison to my own. It was the same men each month who frequented our home, yet each of them enjoyed different sexual fun. One of them only liked me to lick his asshole and jerk him off, which he did very quickly. Another only wanted me sucking on his cock as he played with his won nipples. After a while he had me bite his nipples for him before I sucked him off. The oldest man, a farmer from the next farm, liked to lick and suck on my small cock, he also liked to tongue my asshole jerking himself off the whole time. The man who only visited every so often, but paid by far the most money to my uncle, wanted my asshole for his cock. My uncle wouldn't allow him at first, saying I was too young. So I sucked on his fat dick for almost a year before he upped his offer and my uncle said yes. It was painful for quite some time. Even so he carried on fucking me all night long it seemed. Then like my prayers had been answered, the pain went and I began to feel so wonderful. Before I knew it, my cock exploded and I had my first real orgasm. After that first time, he visited more often and I began to enjoy him fucking me. So much so, I'd often stay all night in bed with him, often with me mounting his cock when I'd sucked him to full hardness.
    My uncle never once touched me, saying I was tainted. I know for sure he liked fucking boys, but he didn't ever have sex with me. Not that he knew of anyway. One night he got himself as drunk as a skunk, and bizarrely became erect when I touched his cock through his boxers. He was passed out by then, so knowing he had a stiffy, I moved him around and backed onto his cock. I know he didn't wake up, but he did buck somewhat as I fucked him, enjoying his cock for the only time. The next morning he mentioned something about me watching him toss himself off, and I denied having seen him do it. I was seventeen when I moved out, and by then I'd decided I could fuck men and make my own money. Using what little monsy I'd saved, I moved into a rented room. My first client was a doctor who's wife he said didn't like sex anymore. He paid me double what I asked and told me I should charge much more because I was good. The owner of the house began using my services too. His wife was disabled and before long I was living there rent free.
    From there I earned enough to move over to my own apartment, and then onto a place I put a deposit down on. By the age of twenty I had bought my own house and was servicing some very wealthy and powerful men. Each of them paid for my cock sucking skills and my ability to fuck them all night if they needed and wanted it. Before long I began to vet who I had sex with and only with those who could afford my prices. Doctors, Dentist, lawyers, politicians and wealthy business men were my main clients and the vast majority were married. All the same the all enjoyed just how much I made them feel special. And they were.
    The I met Hanah and in a little over a month, my days selling my mouth and asshole were over ???. A real job and marriage ensued and we loved one another ???. But as I grew to know, Hanah loved the money I had more. Once she couldn't spend the way she had when we first met, it all came crashing down. Throughout our marriage, her father Eric, a very respected businessman, sought to find out if I was the young man who used to help some of his co businessmen sexually. When I found out why, I knew he wanted me for himself. It was his decision that I stay married to his daughter when we both argued for divorce. And the reason why. So he could fuck me at the drop of a hat. He still does to this day, and to this day I'm still married to his daughter. We no longer live together as Eric did and does want me for himself, buying his daughter a place for herself. Only he doesn't have me to himself anymore, as his co businessmen have become my clients once again. And once again my finances are my own. It's an agreement Eric's lawyers made up and Hanah signed. She now spends daddies money again, and daddy gets to fuck her estranged husband, even sometimes with his wife in the same house.
    It's a long long way from my days in my uncles place. And sometimes I wish it was as simple as it was back then. But then I wouldn't have my wonderful home, my money and lots of wealthy well endowed older men who adore fucking a beautiful young man like me.

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