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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I got back from golfing this afternoon and found my wife in bed with the neighbor boy, graduated this year. We often have a 3some, but this is the first time I caught her in bed. She said he moved the grass, it was rreshly cut, but then she found she didn't have cash, so she offered to let him spend time in bed with her.

    She is a great looking 37 yo 36c 118 lb 5'4". When I got home he was balls deep in her and cumming. He pulled out when he saw me, and I told him it was fine, my wife could choose who she wants to fuck. When he stood up I went down on my knees and took him in my mouth. He was still rock hard!

    I sucked him for a few minutes and could feel him getting read to shoot. I slipped my shorts off and got on the bed, my wife lubed me up good and told him to fuck me deep. She encouraged him and I soon felt that kid's long thin cock slides all the way in.

    He started pumping me and had a great angle, my cock dribbled and squirted the entire time. He shot his load into me and my wife can around and had me clean her out. This kid dumped a lot of cum in her.

    We ended up inviting him to join us until he heads off to college the end of next month.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 20

    My gf is 19 and we've been together for almost 18 months. My friends thought I was fucked up for going out with Paige because she's very plain looking and dosen't have a lot of curves.

    What I've learned to love about her is what a beast she is when she gets dressed up. It started on our 2nd date, when we went to a nice Sushi Bar and she wore a very tight black dress, black stockings and some very high heels. Her ass looked great, and I told her so. Paige blushed a little and thanked me. When we got to the car I pushed her against the car and kissed her. As we kissed, I reached under her short dress and grabbed a handful of naked ass. Her thong was up her crack and she didn't stop me at all. We went right into the back seat, and I fingered her as we made out.

    Paige loves to play dress-up, and the wilder the outfit, the better the sex. The first time she gave me head, she was dressed as a kitten and said she wanted some milk. She crawled on all fours and licked me all over until I came in her mouth. The first time we fucked, I was sitting on the couch in her parents basement and she came in dressed as a maid. She said she thought the room was empty and begged me not to tell the manager. She would do anything to keep her job. Paige has a good job at a dentists office and will wear her scrubs and play nurse when we're alone. For her birthday, I bought her a black leather corset with drawstrings on the back and a pair of fishnets. I can't wait until her birthday!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 30

    A Mexican girl came to work at our company. She started as a clerk in the warehouse. She was pretty in a Mexican girl way but she was really quiet. I wanted to make friends mostly because she was the only other person my age.
    She was very reserved and I found out she had a child. She also had a man. He was a lot older than her, she lived with her mom and her daughter and her man came to see her and she cooked for him. Counting back she had her child when she was sixteen.

    I guess I pried, I had never met a girl who had a child when she was a teen and I didn't understand how she had a man who was so much older than her. I also had to be close to her, she was Mexican but she was so pretty, I loved just looking at her. I forced the friendship, she never said anything voluntarily but the more I asked the more she told me. I also found a tattoo on the inside of her wrist, it was a shape like Gothic or something. Her mother worked in housekeeping for a hotel downtown and she had five kids, four daughters and one son. Her brother was in jail after a break in where a man was shot. Her father was in jail as a habitual offender. Her older sisters had dropped out of high school and went to work at a men's club. Her man was the landlord of the house she lived in with her mother. She was rent.

    She had been the rent since her father was sent to prison. Her man didn't want her older sisters because they were whores and in any event I imagine because she was the prettiest girl. Her man put her tattoo on her so that everyone knew she was reserved. He has the same tattoo on his arm.

    I worked with her for four years and I have been in love with her the entire time. It wasn't a puppy love either, I fell in love with her so deep it hurt. Maybe three times since I met her has she let me hug her. She wasn't very affectionate with me or her man. She cared for her daughter but only after we started hanging out did she start hugging her. I longed to be able to kiss her but the opportunity never came up. I went to her anyway and declared my love to her. When I told her out and out that I loved her and not as a friend she stood and looked into my eyes until I had to break away. I never wanted to hold her so much as I did that day. She quit work after that.

    Her daughter is now twelve and she stays with me after school. I guess I want her to have the experiences I had growing up. We go to the museum, and I took her to the zoo for her first time. Every time I see her I tell her I love her. I tell her mother I love her too. I am not shy about that anymore, I want them to know that I love them from the bottom of my heart. The good thing is that her mother let me put the girl into a parochial school where she is getting a good education.

    She has to look after her man. She is not just rent, she is his woman. I know that just because I love her doesn't mean that she loves me, not in the same way. But she let's me help with her daughter, put her in a good school and help raise her. I see her most days because her daughter goes to school in my neighborhood and I pick her up after school and look after her until her mother comes to get her, so I get a chance to see her mother and tell her I love her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 28

    When I was in high school, I was shy, short and overweight. Although most people were nice to me, there was this one girl who was pretty mean to me. She wasn't much taller than me, but she was outgoing, slim. She had a boyfriend, who sat next to me in a few classes. He was the complete opposite to her. Very friendly to me, always trying to make me laugh. After graduation, where we were from a smaller town, I decided to go to college in a nearby bigger city. It was a new start for me.

    As time went on, I lost weight, became more out going, and started dating. I was now the complete opposite of what I was when I was a teen. I eventually went on to get my dream job and had a good life going for me.

    One day, out of the blue I get a friend's request on facebook. It was from the boyfriend of this girl. But now they were married with a few children. I accepted the request, and looked at his photos with his family. I was shocked, his now wife was bigger than I had been in high school. Now I know it's wrong to take joy in something like that, but considering how she use to treat me badly for my weight, it was kind of funny.

    So the guy and I started talking off and on for a couple months. I got to know more about him. He then told me that he was going to visit his brother to help him out with some things one weekend. Turned out the brother live in the same city as me. So I thought I'd be friendly and suggested we get together for a drink. He said he might take me up on the offer. I figure nothing would come of it. But on the Saturday evening, I get a text message from him. His brother had to work the next morning and was wondering if offer was still open. So I said yes, picked him up at his motel and went to a local pub. We caught up on old times, and I got the impression his marriage wasn't all the best. Eventually we decided to call it a night. I drove him back to his motel. As we got there, I made a comment about the motel not having the best reputation. He thought I meant that is was because it was for drugs, etc. I said no, it was because it was a place where people came for hooking up and having affairs. His reply what, "oh. Well I could never be that lucky." I said, "oh, you think so huh?" I preceded to get out of the car and pulled him to his room.

    As soon as we got into the room we started with a lot of heavy kissing and touching. Slowly some of our clothes came off. He was feeling my breast and I whispered to him "I've been wanting to do this with you for so many years." Truth was, I was doing this mostly because I was getting revenge on his wife. But there was part of me that felt bad for him. He seemed like a broke man. He was so full of life and now was a shell of a man. As things progressed, I started to give him a bj, then we switched places and he went down on me. One this about me, I love changing positions while having sex, so I kept getting him to change it up every so often. I'm pretty sure whom ever was in the room next to us enjoyed listening to us. lol. As we were resting, he told me that was the first bj he had gotten in almost 10 years. I was shocked. So he went to have a shower, I soon followed him into the shower and gave him a full bj, start to finish. First time for that I heard. I ended up spending the night. And even though I had an affair with a married man, I have to admit it was fun and passionate.

    He eventually went home, and we stayed in contact. Soon after I was completely shocked, his wife sent me a friends request on facebook. If only you know the things I've done to your husband. lol. Anyways, him and I are planning his next trip to help his brother. lol

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    When I was 14 I spent the summer on my Grandparents farm my aunt was 2 years older that me. She was always talking about her girlfriend who lived on the next farm how she thought that she had bigger breasts that her and a nicer ass.
    I told my aunt that she was better looking then her and she said I love you for saying that. Things went well for the next 2 weeks and then her friend came over she had on a halter top and her tits looked bigger that my aunts.
    When she left my aunt said come into the barn and I did she took off her top and said aren't my tits nice. I had never seen a girls tits before and just stood there looking at them. She said well are they nice or not and don't you think they are bigger that Barbara's. I was speechless I didn't know what to do I wanted to feel them, but I was not sure how much she would allow me to do. I said they are the biggest I have ever seen and she said thanks.
    The farm house was 2 floors the kids that came always sleep on the 2nd floor and Grandma and Grandpa sleep downstairs. There were 2 rooms on the second floor one for boys and one for girls and a half bath so you could pee without running up and down the stairs at night, that was not allowed.
    A couple of days went by and we worked in the garden and every time my aunt bent over all I could think about was her tits and ass. I think she knew it because a couple of times she said what are you looking at my ass. I said no I was looking to see how much more work we had to do, I was lieing and I am sure she knew it.
    That night we each took a shower and I put on just a pair of shorts as it was hot on the second floor and went up to bed. Sometime during the night my aunt came into my room and crawled into bed with me. She reached under the sheet and started sliding down my shorts and said I want to feel your thing. She took hold of me and said put your hand between my legs I did and felt her pussy, but what I really want to feel her tits. She said have you ever put your thing in a girl before, I said no she said get on top of me and you will. I got between her legs and she worked my cock into her hole, she said you are not real hard I said can I suck your tits she said sure, but don't leave a mark on them. I started sucking them first one that the other and sure my cock started getting harder. She said your thing is getting harder just don't come in me, when you think you are going to come put out and come on my stomach.
    I pulled out early as I was afraid she would get mad at me and beat my ass. I shot my cum on her stomach after I jerked off for a while. Each time we did it I got braver and stayed in her pussy a little longer.
    To this day I am not sure why she didn't get pregnant that summer some times I pulled out in time other times I shot
    my cum right into her she knew when I was coming in her pussy and would push me off before she took the whole load inside.
    Two years later she got married and told me not to ever tell anyone that we had sex that summer, but I know now that I was not her first or her pussy would not have been so easy to get into.
    I still think about her and I guess you always think about your first pussy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 38

    A few years ago I started a new job. Last year I was assigned to work on a project with Nancy. Nancy is about fifteen years older than me. We hit it off and went for drinks a few times. One thing led to another and now we fuck all the time. She is married and so am I. But, my wife and family live about 75 miles away. Her husband works in the same town as we work. Nancy had to run something to her husbands work one day at lunch. I had no idea and she made me go in and meet him. Some of his coworkers and him went to a restaurant, so Nancy wanted to go to the same place. Nancy and I sat at a table while her husband and the other guys sat at a table. It was weird. But it only got stranger.

    When Nancy plans to see her husband during lunch, she has me fuck her and make sure to cum inside her. She keeps the cum in while we eat and he is at the next table.

    Just the other day she drove her vehicle to a place her husband and coworkers eat at a lot. We didnât have sex before we went in. Her husband showed up and as normal, Nancy and I sat at a different table. She was upset we didnât fuck before. So, when we left, she had me drive her car. The windows are tinted and she began giving me head while in the parking lot. We pulled away and in the mirror, I could see her husband and the other guys leaving the restaurant. He didnât see us, but it was close.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    Couple of weeks ago, drunk wife wanted sex.
    Being the husband I am, I told her she was gonna get it up the ass!

    Stripped her down, face down, ass up, my thick cock went in her brown hole and she immediately wanted it out!

    Much me thrusting and her crying out âit hurtâ, I blew my load deep in her sore asshole.

    She swore it wasnât going to happen again....

    Two things I know, a couple of bottles of wine and she will be screaming into the pillow again....

    And I love it when sheâs yelling it hurts when Iâm in her asshole, I cum
    So much harder when she is taking it up her shitter!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I'm just here to shout my most recent cringe-worthy fantasy scenario into the wind.

    Sometimes I find myself really into diaper porn, usually of women getting embarrassed and forced to wear diapers (preferably after a kinky discipline session or so). I like the humiliation aspect, or even the secret thrill of a girl who is forced to degrade herself by messing the diaper in public.

    That is NOT the most recent cringeworthy fetish-fantasy that's been plaguing me. No, instead this one is about to get a whole lot more cringe, primarily because of the person involved.

    As of late I've been joining a few Facebook groups mocking the shit out of right-wing memes. A frequent target of these groups is the notorious right-wing student organization "Turning Point USA" or TPUSA for short. TPUSA spokesperson Charlie Kirk is often the butt of these jokes, and both he and the organization are routinely mocked (much to my amusement) for their infamous 'diaper protest' at Kent State. Kirk and company were so thoroughly lambasted for this stunt that the fellow conservative student org Young America's Foundation used it as a point of critique against the man. So far, so good, a few chuckles at the expense of TPUSA and Kirk were had.

    Then I found out about Candace Owens, a black Conservative vlogger who later joined up with TPUSA and seems to be at least professionally close with Clark and Shapiro. Now, at worst I find her politics repulsive, consisting mostly of talking down to others and towing party lines. Let me clear that if I met this women in real life, I would quickly find excuses to exit her company. Unfortunately, Candace is reasonably good-looking, at least as anybody who presents themselves as a public figure.

    So we come to my politically compromised boner.

    In full confessional mode, I wish to take Candace Owens and diaper her. I want to plug her mouth with a ball-gag, stopping that torrent of filth she spews forth, and strip her down to her panties. I yearn to wipe that condescending, smug, obnoxious look off her face by spanking her on the ass. I want to tie her up helpless and slowly take off her panties, and to fuck her right in both ass and c**t, until she's left with a filled gooey cream-pie. I want to diaper her, lifting up her legs to slide a girly diaper underneath, plopping her butt down and wrapping it up tight in plush, crinkly, absorbents.

    I wouldn't put Candace (assuredly mortified by this point) in those ostentatious puffy pieces, though, I'd find something a whole lot more subtle. I've always been more of a fan of diapers which upon first blush can be mistaken for panties or something like that, so that there's more of a thrill in the girl going undetected or hiding her embarrassing undergarments. I would want to place her spanked, punished ass in a pair which couldn't be easily seen or detected underneath a tight pair of jeans or a skirt.

    I'd force her to mess them, or to walk around all day with a plug up her ass. I'd want to tease her, strapping a vibrator where she couldn't easily reach it, keeping it on until she came for the umpteenth time. I'd like to keep her tied up, bound and wrapped, until her diaper fills with poop or pee. Then I'd change her, smacking her ass all the while. The point stands: there are many humiliating things I want to have done to Candace Owens, all of them diaper related. Last but not least, I want to see her admit to a self-loathing diaper fetish, hating herself for being exactly what led to widespread ridicule of her organization.

    It's all sorts of fucking cringe, not in the least to myself. Thank goodness for an anonymous forum such as this, because typing it out really did help a lot!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife cheated on me but we worked it out. My wife lead me to believe she was masterbating for years. I finally picked up that on Thursday she had a half day at work that she was off limits for affection from me. She would wash the bed sheets and have the house cleaned up some. I set up the cam recorder in the closet. I hope to get a good recording of her masterbating with her toys. Her toy turned out to be her boss. They had foreplay and sex for an hour. They licked fondled and did most sex positions. He really used her pussy. I really was surprised when she let him cum inside her. I understood she we never had used birth control. We have 1 child. I always pulled out and cum in my hand. This really hurt me to catch what she was doing. I planned my discussion with her and it went well. Our son was at in-laws we both were watching tv. I asked her how she keeps from getting pregnant by her boss. This really caught her off guard. She finally replied why I asked her such a question. I didnât reveal how I knew but I told her she has been having sex on Thursday with her boss a long time. After crying and losing her emotions we discussed it all afternoon. I agreed to lose about 50 pounds and have sex more than a couple times a month. We never mention divorce. My wife said she got on birth control after a couple of pregnancy scares. She said she would stop the affair and admitted to having sex with him for two years and most weeks 2 to 4 times a week. She was worried about losing her job which paid well for her qualifications. We decided she would try to end it without telling him I knew. After a month she admitted to continuing sex with him and said her boss had no intentions of quitting sex with her. The affair stopped when her boss was promoted to another state. This was a difficult situation to work through but we did. I ended up losing 70 pounds and am staying fit. We have sex often now. We even joke about the affair. She comments sometimes and says letâs go to bed and screw me like her boss. This affairs still bothers me sometimes but I think it also made us stronger. I am glad it is ended.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    My stepdaughter Tracy is 24 years old and presently back home after her latest relationship ended. Her mother agreed that she could come back home temporarily until she got back on her feet.

    Tracy's mother and I had drifted apart and I wAS SURE THAT SHE WAS HAVING an affair. Every day she was spending a lot of time on the phone and when I would be in the area she would end the phone calls with, "I'll call you back". Quite frankly I pretty much didn't care as I had felt no love for her. I am a lawyer and my law firm kept me so busy that I didn't really care what my wife was doing.

    One weekend my wife was going to New Jersey to spend some time with her sister. At least that is what she said. For all I knew she could be meeting up with a lover.

    After she left for New Jersey her daughter Tracy asked me if I was concerned that her mother might be having an affair. I acknowledged that I suspected it. Tracy told me that she also suspected it. Tracy then told me that she knew that her mother and I were no longer in a loving relationship and she couldn't understand why. She then told me that if she was married to me that she would be fucking me every day. I had often times fantasized about having sex with Tracy and I told her that if I was married to her that I would be fucking her every day, as well. With that Tracy put her arms around my neck and planted a passionate kiss on my lips with her tongue probing my mouth. Tracy then said that with her mother gone for the weekend that we should live out our fantasies

    Needless to say, the next three days were the most passionate sex that I haVE EVER HAD. We sucked each other to one passionate orgasm after another. Tracy told me that the fact that I was her stepfather made our sex that much more exciting.

    For the next 6 months Tracy and I took every opportunity to enjoy each other. I have since filed for divorce from her mother and I am not sure how this will affect Tracy and my sexcapades. I have moved into a rental property that I own and Tracy will always be welcome to stop by anytime.

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