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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    SIL #2 (and Niece) by request

    All of the women in my wife's family are blessed with DD tits or bigger. My other SIL is a beautiful 5'10" blond with the standard set of large boobs. The other women in the family are very attractive, but #2 got the model looks and height.

    The back story... She lived in a small town in Georgia, went away to college and came back home after she graduated. She found a basic, low paying job that underutilized her degree and went to work. She settled on marrying a boy who was way under her league, he was an insecure control freak and the older and prettier she got, the more controlling and paranoid he got.

    A few years later a new large company opened moved their home office to town and needed people with her degree, she switched jobs and enjoyed the work. She reported to the CEO, an executive 20 years older than her that was very well off. They worked closely together on projects, including a lot of late nights.

    Naturally her Hubby started giving her more and more shit about working late even though nothing was going on. The more he tried to control her, the more it was starting to drive a wedge between them. She confided in the CEO, so what started off as friends and a boss, turned into emotional cheating which lead to physical cheating while they were at work.

    Her hubby started pressuring her to quit or he was leaving. She was thinking about it but he kept demanding an answer right away, so she said "screw it, im leaving". The CEO was in a bad marriage too, so knowing she was available it made it an easy choice for him, so they both left their spouses and got married.

    So it's a 50 something executive and a 30 yr old hot blond. He got a transfer to get away from their ex's and now he's on their Board of Directors and she's his arm candy and trophy wife.

    She's got long legs and a nice jiggly set of tits. She also forgot about the house's inside security cameras and she visits and watches the house for us a lot, so I've seen her nude as well. Her tits are big and floppy, her nipples point down at a 45 degree angle, but for those of us who like natural boobs, that is hot. Her's aren't as firm as my wife's, she doesn't work out as much, so they have a nice sway and jiggle when she walks.

    Her CEO Hubby has given me the drift that she's fairly conservative when it comes to sex, which isn't surprising considering their upbringing, but what is surprising is that she totally shaves her pussy. I'm thinking "so if Hubby isn't getting that shaved pussy, who is?" Lol.

    Probably the kinkiest thing I've seen her do on the videos was she one time lubed up and fingered her ass, which really surprised me. Either CEO was giving me a load of BS or he's not getting all that she has to offer. Of course there is a large age difference, so who knows? I also linger on hugs with her too, but it's nothing like SIL #1, lol.

    I'll just throw in one more thing...

    She also has a daughter who is a hottie. She's got the same 34DD set of tits but a hot tight body. Her tits stand straight out and have a sweet jiggle to them. We have a pool and I've seen her plenty of times in her little bikini and nude as well, she too has a shaved pussy.

    The crazy thing about her is, I'm about 95% sure I ran across a video on XHamster of her getting herself off. I couldn't believe it at first. It was a video from her bedroom. I'm guessing she cammed with an ex boyfriend and he taped it and uploaded it. I thought there's no way at first, what are the odds with the thousands of videos on the net that I would find this, but I had stayed over at their house in her room when we visited and it looked like her stuff and bed. Then I compared her jewelry with other family pics we had of her during the same time period and they matched. I just couldn't believe it.

    I've never told her I saw it, she would freak out and her mom would disown her. I contacted XHamster and asked them to take it down and they said no, they said the guy who posted it would have to take it down or she would have to contact them, so since I didn't want to tell her, there was nothing I could do. The guy who posted it had deleted his account so I couldn't contact him.

    Yes the video is hot, she's completely nude and her tits and pussy are in full display. She fingers her ass for a little bit (like Mother like Daughter? LOL) and then fingers her pussy until she pulls out a small vibe and finishes herself off. No I won't tell what video it is, just search on teen webcam and you'll find the category.

    All of the above is 100% true. Damn the women in the family have great bodies... Lol

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 35

    Generally I have taken time with my wife, helping develop her sexuality at a reasonable pace. We've come a long way actually. In the past couple years we have ventured into anal.. Training with butt plugs etc. We practice light bdsm, and she is submissive to me. We've attempted anal sex a few times, although as intercourse it has not been often, usually just fingers and tongue which she likes. Until recently we've never had full anal intercourse where it was long enough for me to cum properly. The pain usually stops us from going the distance.

    We also practice domestic discipline, which includes spanking and different punishments for poor behavior at times. A few weeks ago she was due for a punishment, in this case it was about her not swearing. I don't like my woman swearing, unless its during sex. I generally find it disgusting when women have a sailors mouth... what a turn off. This is something that I've had to address with her too many times, and even though overall she is a good woman and doesn't quite have a sailors mouth.. I had to get her to stop.

    I decided to raise the bar on her punishment, and I took her to the bedroom and made her undress. I had her lay on her stomach at the end of the bed so I could stand behind her. I lubed my dick, held her down so she couldn't move and brutally fucked her in the ass. She cried with her face muffled in the sheets, but eventually stopped making loud noise even though she didn't like it. I got closer on her, so that I could wrap my arm around her neck while I fucked her. Most of my weight was on her as my stomach pressed into her back. At this point, I had her in a full prone bone position while in a head lock. Usually I would go slow or not be so forceful right away, but this was in fact a punishment. I continued to smash her from behind, giving full powered thrusts to her ass.

    She eventually shut down, as she was fully dominated and accepted it. I could feel myself getting close, so I squeezed the last thrust deep as I could and exploded in her. I rode the wave of my "aftershock" ejaculations as I rested still on top of her. After things mellowed down, I pulled out of her and sat her up on the bed. She was defeated. You could completely see that in her face.

    She is my wife, and as part of domestic discipline this was out of love, and holding her accountable for her behavior. I embraced and caressed her as she lay her head on my chest... ran my fingers through her hair. I followed up with reassurance.. told her that she took her punishment well, and let her know that I care for her, and even though it was hard she is now forgiven and provided she doesn't continue to swear we will move past this. She agreed, we hugged and made out for a min.. She went to the bathroom to fart out the cum in the toilet, and then to the kitchen to prepare dinner. She had been humbled... I felt, and still feel so good after doing this. The past few weeks, we have been a lot closer. What some would demonize me for, has actually strengthened our bond.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 40

    I'll keep this short and to the point. When I was young, me and my mom always watched movies on Friday nights. We'd go to the video store, rent a couple movies and eat popcorn on the couch. It was a weekly routine that we both enjoyed. My mom is a decent looking lady but far from a model. I saw her countless times nude while she was either getting in out of the bath or changing clothes. She never cared that I saw her nude because I never really cared. I am not one of those guys that write on here about wanting to have sex with their mom. One night we come home the video store and mom takes a quick bath like she usually does. I get the popcorn, drinks and movie ready. Mom comes out with her night gown on and sits in her usual spot on one side of the couch and sit on the other end. By the time the first movie is over, mom is laying down with feet on my lap. That happened pretty regularly too. We are halfway through the second movie and mom falls asleep. Not the first time she'd done that and I keep watching the movie. She tosses a little to get comfortable and pulls one foot closer to her butt. Knee bent leaning against the back of the couch, the other foot resting on my leg. I look over and see her completely naked hairy pussy sitting there staring at me. Like I said, I have never been attracted to my mom and I'm still not, i was 14 and that was the first time I ever saw a real pussy up close. It seemed like I was hard as a rock within seconds of staring at her. I wasnt thinking that is my moms pussy. I was thinking that's a real pussy. She was sleeping hard so I ended my dick out and started jacking as softly as I could while I stared at her pussy. It didnt take long and I was cumming like I had never cum before. What I didnt realize was that I just shot a load all over my moms foot that was still on my leg. She opens her eyes and there I am holding my hard cum covered cock and staring at her exposed pussy. Needless to say she freaked the fuck out quickly. From a dead sleep to screaming and running for the bathroom in seconds. That was the first and only time I did something like and it couldn't have blown up in my face any worse. By far the most embarrassing moment of my life.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 34

    When my wife and I got married we were both virgins. She was completely innocent and had no idea what most things related to sex were. I on the other hand had watched more than my fair share of porn and had developed a messed up view of what sex was supposed to be. Within the first week of our marriage we had both tried oral and vaginal sex for the first time, and I had brought up the idea of anal sex. Within a month we had tried anal sex for the first time, and since I had only seen porn I didn't understand that she might not like it. I loved it and orgasmed really fast after getting inside of her. I was hooked I loved the feel of my dick deep in her ass. She didn't like it so she said she didn't want to do it anymore. I would still try every once in a while but it usually didn't work. I say usually because when she is pregnant she is more willing to try new things so with each of our first 4 kids she allowed me to have anal sex with her.

    We also discovered that my wife has a pee fetish. She enjoys rubbing her clit on my dick while she pees on me, or while I am peeing on her. All through this I had continued to look at porn and had delved in to odder and odder items that turned me on.

    Now for the story.
    About a year and a half ago I lost my job because of my porn addiction, this led to some marital issues and insecurities with my wife. When I cam home after getting fired we went in our room to talk and decided that we would figure out what was needed for me to get over my addiction and make our marriage work. The next day as we were spooning in bed and I started to play with her nipples, I could feel my wife's asshole twitching. It felt awesome, so I pushed a little on her ass and she moaned. With that I was all in, I stated to play with her clit with one hand, while still playing with her large DD breasts. I was also slowly grinding my dick against her ass. She started rocking back into me and using her unusually wet pussy juice as lube I slipped in her ass. At first I froze, we were still in a no anal stage so I was afraid that she was going to get mad at me, then she pushed back hard against me and I felt my dick go all the way up to my balls in her ass.

    We slowly moved with my fingers going like crazy on her clit and my dick stuck in her ass until I could hear her breathing start to change. Then I felt that familiar clenching sensation on my fingers as my wife had her first orgasm during anal sex, the clenching was even stronger on my dick and I was in heaven. Almost instantly I orgasmed in her ass. We didn't talk about what had happened, but since I was home we had sex again when we put the kids down for a nap after lunch.

    Again I was spooning her and started to pay with her nipples, the same things happened again slowly she opened up and I was balls deep in anal sex heaven. This time she didn't orgasm while on my dick so I rolled her over on her back after I finished in her ass, and started to lick her pussy. I always like to return the orgasm if I had one so I did the same as usual, only this time instead of just fingering her pussy as I licked her clit, I used my other hand to finger her freshly fucked ass. I didn't have to do anything for the lube on her ass because my cum was still running out of her ass. Again after we put the kids down for bed the some pattern followed, but she couldn't orgasm for a 3rd time that day.

    After we were done she finally talked about what we had done sexually that day. I admitted that I wanted to have anal sex as often as she would let me, but I still wanted to have vaginal sex. She seemed okay with this compromise and we went to sleep. The next week we did the same thing, I fucked her ass 3 times a day and no one seemed to care. After taking my load in her ass 3 times a day for a week she asked if I would at least not orgasm in her ass because it was doing weird things to her shit. I was more than happy to not orgasm in her ass as long as she was still going to give me unlimited access so I agreed.

    Over the next 9 months we had anal sex at least once a day if not more and I was starting to crave some of the other items that I had seen in porn even though I hadn't looked at any in 9 months. I wanted to explore some of my other fantasies that took things farther. I asked my wife one night if we could try something else that I knew she would be very reluctant to do. I wanted to eat her ass. It was that simple I had seen the videos and I just wanted to have my face buried between her checks and my tongue dancing on her brown hole.

    After asking her repeatedly if I could do it she relented. I asked her to roll over on her side, and I positioned myself behind her so that our bodies were parallel and my face was right by her beautiful ass, then I spread her cheeks. I started by licking her pussy and her lit to get her a little more relaxed, then I went for my prize. I was so excited that I was finally licking her ass that I almost couldnât contain myself. As I was licking around her hole I was still slowly probing her pussy with my fingers. After circling her asshole a few time I went for the middle and ran my tongue over her puckered hole. Slowly I started to work my tongue into her ass as far as I could.

    I had my fun I thought, but I wanted to 69 with her and to keep going. I laid on my back and my wife straddled my face and pressed her pussy against my waiting face. As she bent over to take my dick in her mouth I could see her cheeks spread and I was in heaven, my dick in her mouth, her pussy on my mouth, and my nose pressed against her asshole. I then upped the ante and asked her to pee on my face, something else I could never get her to do. I felt her body tense as he was pushing to try and pee. Then there was a new taste in my mouth and I orgasmed in her mouth. I had just had 2 more fantasies fulfilled.

    As we were cleaning up she asked if her butt was clean, and I told her that in all the years that we have had sex and especially in last year and a half I had never felt any shit in her ass. This did trigger one last fantasy that I wanted to have fulfilled. I proceeded to tell her that the idea of having anal with her when she needed to poop was a huge turn on. She was not up for that at all, and I dropped it. Over the next week we continued our anal sex, and one my time of rimming with her sitting on my face rubbing her clit on my beard. Then one afternoon while the kids were laid down for a nap and I was spooning behind her with my hands on her chest, I thought we were going to do our normal spooning anal, but I was so wrong.

    As I was taking off her panties, she mentioned that she needed to go use the bathroom before we do anything. I was disappointed and told her that we still had the mattress protector on so if she peed when she orgasmed this time it would be fine. Then I saw the look of hesitation on her face, and I knew it wasnât pee. I asked if she needed to shit and she just blushed, then I squeezed her nipple and licked the other to make her moan. I asked if I could please take her ass before she went to shit, with an extra squeeze of the nipple for good measure. She said yes, but she wanted me to eat her pussy first.

    As fast as I could I had my face between her legs and was eating like I hadnât eaten in days. As I was licking and fingering her pussy I could feel her juices really start to flow and run down her ass. I ran one finger over her asshole as she tweaked her own nipples and let out deep moan. Using her excess juices I pushed my finger in, and less than a knuckle in I hit something I had never felt before, shit. Not sure about how to proceed with my hand I pulled that finger out and just focused on external stimulation of her ass as I kept licking away.

    In no time at all she had orgasmed so I decided it was time for my fun. I went straight from licking her pussy to sliding my tongue across her asshole. She shuddered because of the extra sensation after orgasming. I decided that I may need to wait a few minutes to let her recover, but she said to put my dick in if I wanted to feel her shit against it. So I got back in our normal spooning position and slipped the head of my dick in. Again the shit was right there, and I wasnât sure how to navigate this new arena.

    Slowly I worked my dick back and forth and with my fingers in her pussy I was slowly able to get my dick next to the huge piece of shit in her ass. After getting myself into position I started to hump her ass slowly, then my wife felt the need to push. I was in heaven as I felt her colon clench around my dick and try to push me out. Next thing I know there is a warm stream of piss shouting out of my wifeâs crotch onto my hand as she pushed as hard as she could to shit. I stopped moving and just held my ground until she was done with that push and then I started humping again. We did this probably 4 times before she asked if she could be on top. So I rolled over on my back and she got on top of me facing my feet so I could watch her ass as she tried to shit my dick out. It was much easier to get my dick to slide past the shit when I went in this time and she pushed again. From this angle her pee went straight on my nuts and the warmth and the pressure from the stream felt amazing.

    I watched as her asshole really started to stretch and I could see space around my dick forming as her shit was being pushed out next to my dick. With a whimper she stopped pushing and her asshole clenched back around my dick before any shit had come out. The next push started the same, and as she was pushing she rocked forward. The pressure and friction of everything made me orgasm hard in her ass. She kept leaning farther forward and out popped my dick followed by a cum covered piece of shit. All that was said was that we needed to shower and that was it.

    The next afternoon as my wife was getting ready for work we talked about some of the things that we did the day before and I mentioned that I really enjoyed licking her pussy while she peed. With a wicked smile on her face she said that she needed to pee. We went in the bathroom and I sat on the ground, and she lifted one leg up on the toilet. I closed my mouth around her pussy and started licking hard. Then I felt that extra wet sensation as she started to pee. I was loving everything and then I slipped a finger in her ass.

    I felt more shit, when she finished peeing, with my finger still in her ass I mentioned the shit in there, and that I wanted to fuck her ass again. She asked me how I wanted it. With my head exploding with lust I told her to just bend over the bathroom counter. I quickly got behind her and pushed my dick into her ass. This shit was much softer than the day before, and slid smoothly past my dick. As quick as I was in, I felt her clench and start to push again. I felt the pee running down my legs and I orgasmed. As my dick slipped out the cum shit mixture dripped out of her ass and onto my dick and the floor.

    She jumped in the shower and asked if I had enjoyed myself. I stammered yes, and went to clean up the mess on the floor. All I heard as I left to grab a towel out of the closet was âGood because it will never happen again.â

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    I got off work at 11pm and I needed to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Most grocery stores in Las Vegas are 24/7. There were only a hand full of cars in the lot when I pulled in. Walking to the entrance, from the other direction was a twenty something girl walking towards the entrance as well.

    Nothing unusual except for the fact she was wearing a miniskirt and white knee high boots. I got to the door first and I heard the heels of her boots on the tile flooring right behind me.

    Going down a couple isle's I saw her again, she was bent over, picking something off the bottom shelf. As I walked up behind her I realized I was looking at her pussy, not a stitch on underneath that miniskirt.

    She knew I was there, no doubt she wanted me to see her pussy. She stood up and smiled at me as I walked past her. A few isle's later, there she was again. She saw me walk down the isle towards her.

    Just about time I got halfway, she bent over once again to the bottom shelf. She made damn sure I got a good look at her pussy as I walked by. I had all kinds of crazy ideas of dropping to my knees and burying my face into her pussy.

    I finished up and went to the checkout line. Since there is usually only one cashier that time of night, there are usually several people in line. I heard those boot heels on the tile before I turned to look and see her standing there smiling at me.

    I was about to say something to her but I decided against it. I have been around long enough in Las Vegas to know a piece of ass like her is nothing but problems. I checked out and walked to my car. I saw her walk out a few minutes later, she glanced over and waved with a big smile on her face.

    My phone rang and I was sitting in my car talking when a car pulled in front of my parked vehicle with their bright lights on. I was pissed because they sat in the car with those high beams blinding me. I started the car and moved to the other side of the lot. A few moments later the car pulled in front of me with the high beams on. I told the guy I was talking to I would call him later, I got out of the car and banged on the limo tinted drivers window.

    The window came down and it was the girl in the miniskirt. She looks at me and says she wants to fuck, am I going to do it or what? Suddenly in the backseat of her car I hear a baby start to cry. I looked at her in disbelief and walked back to my car and drove away!

    I really wanted to fuck her........

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    My original parents were divorced when I was young. My mother remarried a couple of years later. Growing up it was just the three of us. It was the normal household. I had plenty of friends, was on the honor roll, played sports etc.

    Both my Mom and my stepfather had problems sleeping and took meds for it. Ambien I believe. I learned about this and it's strange side effects when I was 13 going on 14. I also learned that I could manipulate the situation when they were "under". Under is what I started calling it because they would take these pills and 20 minutes later they would be totally out of it and would never remember shit.

    Throughout school I used this to my advantage by having them sign forms and say "yes" to stuff they would normally so no too and they had no recollection.

    On many nights I would go into their room and the TV would be on lighting up the room. One of them would sometimes see me and get up to go to the bathroom not realizing they were totally nude. On the way back they would see me and come over to talk, hugging me and saying incoherent things.

    I was starting to fill out and I certainly was starting to get a nice bush going but I could see my moms body and I could see what was in store for me. My little boobs would get bigger thankfully. She had a huge bush and I wasn't sure I wanted that. That was my first sighting of a penis too. My stepdad would be like hey are you looking for something? My eyes were glued to his penis. Now I know that it was regular size but then it seemed bigger. He'd hug me goodnight and it would touch me then he'd say can you turn off the tv and fell back into bed.

    I found myself doing this more and more. It was causing new sensations in me and soon I learned about masturbation and how to do it. I swear I should be blind by now. Whoever said girls don't do it is full of shit.

    one night I came in and the tv was on and they were lying over the covers and nude. I backed into a dark corner and watched for a while. When my mom would turn towards him her hand almost instinctively seemed to grab his penis. She would squeeze it and stroke it up and down for about 10 seconds then stop. In turn, his hands would almost always go to her boobs like they were great big magnets.

    I got more daring after a while. I found that I could take her hand and put it on his penis and she would stroke it and he would mumble "that feels great sarah" I could put his hands on her pussy and he would fondle her too. I thought that I could get them to have sex but I wasn't able to get that to happen.

    Although, one night when I came in they were not quite asleep yet and she was giving him a blowjob. The said hello as always but didn't stop. I walked to the bathroom and stayed in there for a few minutes and they apparently forgot all about me. I came out and watched him get behind her and have sex with her doggie style.

    I kept getting more and more daring as time went on. Eventually, I got up the nerve to put my own hand on his penis. Just like every other time he calls sarah's name (my mom). It felt kind of soft and smooth and his balls felt heavy. I found it very interesting that he would be soft and I could make him hard.

    I found out about the masturbation from the internet. So it didn't take long for me to see what happens when a guy cums.

    I wanted to see this for myself and played with his thing to get it hard and after a couple of minutes I watched my first dick shooting off. It felt warm and gooey on my hand.

    Fast forward six months. I had tried all kinds of stuff. I now was wondering could I simply whisper a command and they would act it out. One night I said in a deep voice. Sarah, please put your mouth on this. She didn't move so I helped by pushing her head in that direction and said it again. She just rolled over and started giving him a blowjob. After a couple minutes he made some sounds and I knew that he was actually cumming in someones mouth.

    I tasted it myself one night and I thought it was strange by somehow good. On another night I talked to him like I was my mom. "let me suck you". He grabbed his dick and said ok. just like always, two minutes in and he came i my mouth just like moms. Having all that cum in your mouth at one time was totally different than tasting it with you fingertip. I grew to like it and am a swallower to this day.

    I never did have the nerve to fuck him. I wanted to feel what my mom felt but I knew how girls go pregnant and I definitely would have ended up that way. This dog eventually had her day somewhere else with someone else.

    I miss those days and it really has affected me. I am majoring in psychology and want to become a therapist and want to continue my testing to see if I can still manipulate people into fucking and doing whatever I command. I've started with my college roomy and her BF. So far...100% success rate. In the year and a half I've been here, I've watched a dozen people doing things they had no control over. This data could be skewed because we are in college and fucking in the same room or in from of people has become normal. My next patients will be ones that are virgins...yes, there are still some of those in college.

    I have kept and recorded all of this data and will someday love to publish my findings.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 32

    When we were on vacation this past summer with my husbands family my father in law caught me masturbating. I was naked on the bed with my legs spread using my magic wand vibrator and in the middle of an orgasm when I saw him watching from the door. I thought everyone was down at the beach and did not here him come in.

    Anyway he ran out when I saw him and we didnât say anything to each other for the rest of the day. The next day I went back to the room from the beach and about 5 mins later he came back and said he wanted to apologize. I told him it was fine and to forget about it. Thatâs when he told me while blushing that he has not been able to get me out of his head. I told him it kind of turned me on that he was watching me and if he wanted to come up and watch again.

    I looked out the window to make sure everyone was still down at the beach and we went upstairs to the bedroom. I stripped off my bikini and pleasures myself to two orgasms with my vibrator while he watched. It was so hot having him watch me cum and naughty. I of course did not leave him hanging and after I finished I saw his huge bulge and pulled down his swim trunks to give him the best blwojob of his life. We have never talked about it since but i know he still thinks about it lol.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    we flew across the seas to our island paradise, and at the beginning I hated the idea but grew to like it. That was when I had a few run ins with my step dad at the age of 13 and then finally, or fine anally he rode me like a wild horse and tamed me. Since getting my mother pregnant he started to take notice more of me and its like a lovers dream here, my mother doesn't know what she did the day she found out she was expecting triplets to her half uncle and cousins kid, that her mother doesn't know is related to her late husband. But so it happens that after some digging we found out the truth why mother and co, wanted to come here to the island, and she had been having a full blown affair with this guy and its not like she had ever said "oh that is a bucket lista" to visit in the future so we thought it was strange she wanted to move here so quickly, we had holidays here many times and her relationship was well under way. Mother has been very busy and now it seems step dad has found out some treacle about the cove herself. I make no bars about it, my mother is a jail bird like her mother and father and she was the one getting dad to banana me to screw me up so she could have an excuse to run out of town and away from our dad. Well when I found out she was pregnant and I would have a step sibling I was shitty. I cussed and whined and wanted to live with my dad and I might still but since a few months now have past and mother is showing hugely pregnant he was been making eyes over at my legs, playing games of emotional chase me catch me and wanted me to embrace the step daddy thing and I resisted. Then I saw a way to beef my mother and I wanted to, for many a reason for all she has done to her other family members. Now I have the pussy power and no doubt he will be making eyes at my older sister who he was teaching to drive and she was mean to him. I am just 12 when this started of leg tickles and games that maternity fatz thought was sweet family bonding while older sis was out shaking pussy with her twinkies gang bangs and drugging it up. I could get pregnant before my older sister? that might shock them both and I feel like the race is on inside of me as sexually my step daddy turns me on like a rocket. a few weeks ago a serious incident happened with him falling over in the field while fatz was in town and my older sis and I were frolicking sexily around in mini skirt school dresses and we decided to play out that porn scene and we both fucked our new daddy and he pretended to lay unconscious. My bad older sis as wild as she is rode him first but I was riding new daddy before she was and I used to love watching fatz and him have sex often in the windows like the farmers daughters porn and it goes on a lot here on the island afterall, not much else to do then, chase some wilds, have a cone or two or bong or ice is huge with sis, and fatz, and watch others fuck and check out some new hot banger tourists. sure fatz and step daddy big daddy have a drug scam going on here plus other porn making. so I have watched and seen their party nights turn curbs of sexual decadence in costume that wouldn't plough the field harder and longer then my big sis!

    anyway, since that afternoon, my sis and daddy I think are on as well, she knows I am pregnant and so is fatz mommy and she is so so so jealous. so naturally she started showing more ass around him and grabbing his dick in the pool when fatz mamma thinks we are one big happy fam, she so busy in the shed with the livestock wat would she know is going on, til daddy and us get caught ! sis will get caught in the sheds at night when her and new daddy sneak out. they find new spots every night, we used to make excuses to go take some tourists to town for the night and then I was 12 and he would pork me nicely til my pussy was pulsing wet in the back seat down by the arches and watch the sunset waters and no soul around. we sure did find paradise.

    what will fatz mamma-baby triplet drama do when she catches big sis in the sheds with big daddy. I am not as jealous now as I was because we are all having babies to him now. and big sis might come around too and she will leave or she will end up murdered by fatz, I keep my secrets but big sis don't, anyway, we agreed if we get pregnant we can hide it and go back to our real dad or grandma or aunty and have the babies and it be covered up, or sis knows someone near by on main land who will take us in but she runs a brothel and I don't know if I want that. my sister is wayward more then me, she is the fighter as well. let her run to dad knocked up because I had his banana and she might as well too.

    fatz mamma drama is gonna get her shocking briefs blown off like dad wanted her underpants draws, soon and I hope it hurts her. I do. sorry mamma but I do! I want that cock too! it means war! his cock is our war! it will be no fuckers islands for you mamma but work with babies and livestock and tourists to shake up for.

    I put my age 18 here and I am bi- like sis and mamma and granmama. bi is part of the play of our folk. its so sexy its naughty but nice fucking step daddy behind fatz mammas back. sis knows it too! she knows the feeling how good it is. fatz mamma always said to us chicks, "you go stuff up them relatives lives and make em look like turkeys and chickens cuz we are bunching along with rolling in our cashhhh, devils praise" and all, she wronged so many people she knows how good it feels to hurt some one bad and sexy it is. oooh, mi, ooh yeh, fatz mamma done fucked good to all, so that I watch her laying out for daddy and step daddy and I was so horny and wanted some too like sis, then she know hurt too! I just say now "I love my new daddy ma, I do " and hug him and she don't even know what we do! haha! she say "we one big happy family now here in paradise" and I say "hey really honey honky happy ma" and wink at step daddy. and sis was so jealous til she was getting some cock. so its war for all. cock for all or for won (wongy) and all?

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 40

    I am forty and I am in an extramarital relationship. I got involved with him in my mid twenties and he was in his late forties. He was bored at home and I was his way of bringing excitement back into his life. I am in this on my own, I love him and so you are the mistress. He is on medication for BP and he hurt his back and is on pain treatment. So he has ED really bad and nothing works, his Dr. says the pain meds are probably the cause. I love him and I can't help him and he is so frustrated. I have to be strong and wear my big girl panties and just love him and reassure him. I really don't care if we can't have sex anymore, I am going to stand by my man regardless.

    I also have to look after his wife, I am praying that she goes into remission but her cancer took everything out of her. I have never been so close to how bad cancer is and the treatments. I pray for her everyday. She needs me right now, and he needs my help. Sometimes it is better for women to take care of women. I took a ninety day leave to look after her and take her to her chemo and sit with her.

    I am just out of energy, I hold myself up, I want him to be proud of me. I want her to get well and stop being sick.

    I am sorry, I just need to cry, I don't want her to die.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 31

    Innocence lost. I was an incoming freshman in our small college and my dorm roommate convinced me to go to a party. There were lots of people there and the only person I knew was my roommate. A girl started talking to me and we ended up in this long conversation. When I realized it was past midnight I told her I needed to find my roommate and she asked my why. In any event I didn't find my roommate and I reported back to her worried and she told me to get a grip, she probably had hooked up with some guy and was getting screwed as we talked.

    She asked me if I had screwed and I said no and she teased me that I was a lily white virgin. I said I was and so what and she laughed and came up to my ear and said she was a virgin, she had never been screwed. To tell the truth I didn't believe her and she whispered again in my ear that she ate pussy instead. I really didn't understand what she had said, and she kissed me on the lips and said she liked pussy, she liked girls and maybe I liked girls but didn't know it and why didn't I go home with her and we would find out.

    She was on me holding my face in her hand and looking into my eyes and she said she meant it, for me to go home with her and we would make sweet love and eat pussy all night. Every time I tried to say no she put her fingers on my lips and told me that was the wrong answer, the only right answer was for me to go home with her. I lost my ability to resist and she was so insistent that I went with her. We got in bed and after a lot of prodding she got me to eat her and we fell asleep. We woke up naked and she took me by the hand to the bathroom and we peed and she brushed her teeth and loaned me her toothbrush and brushed my teeth for me. We were still naked and in the light of the bathroom she ran her hands all over me approving of what she saw and she had me touch her.

    She lived with her older brother who was a Vet student and she told him to keeps his hands off because I was with her. Our campus was small and there must have been other girls who were getting it on together but we never met anyone. We just did our thing. She was right, I loved pussy and when I ate her I gave myself to it. The more time we spent together the more and more we got into breast play, laying for what seemed like hours groping our breasts and making out. We left going down until the end, instead of fucking we ate each other out. I fell in love with her and she was in love with me. We had early onset lesbian feelings.

    After we graduated we moved together and set up house and went to work. We were older in our mid twenties and I went to a company after work party and a guy screwed me. It was spontaneous out in the parking lot. I was drinking and I had let him take me out there and he screwed me. I went home and the first thing I did was confess. It was really hard on us, it changed everything. Even if I hadn't cheated on purpose the damage was done and we drifted apart more and more. Lost without her I started to fall into the hands of the guy I had sex with in the parking lot and that just confirmed to her that I was serious about him and we broke up.

    Only two people have been inside my pussy. I live a conventional life, I have a decent job, I have two kids now and my husband and I go to church. When he makes love to me I think about her. I don't let him eat me because when he does I get upset. I go to therapy for anxiety but I am really there because I am in love with someone else. I see her and we are having this virtual affair. She is willing to accept that she judged me when she shouldn't have and pushed me to be with him. What I want more than anything is to make intense love with her and it hurts to have to go home.

    Breaking up my marriage and being divorced with two little kids is something I can't do. Not being with her is something I can't do. I am caught between my feelings for her and my guilt about my family. For now I am emotionally cheating on my husband and family and I feel I am cheating on her by sleeping with him. I don't want him getting close to my pussy but I have to let him. That's what happens when you let a girl take you home, you fall in love with her.

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