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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    Sex on the mountain.

    My girlfriend, Linda, had just moved to Carlsbad, CA and we were anxious to explore the area. One beautiful Thursday we decided to go to Palomar State Park.

    We first went to the observatory, then hiked and looked at campsites. We stopped at the picnic area and had a couple of beers. When we returned to the car, she realized she had locked the keys inside. I got the door open with a stick. We kissed passionately in the parking lot.

    Then we walked to a grassy, but slanted and secluded area on the side of the mountain. We laid our towels out and talked for a while. She took off her bottoms and said she wanted to get some sun on her ass. We kissed hard and got excited. I got hard right away. I kissed her neck and went for her tits, but she said she wanted to leave her top on in case someone came. She rubbed my crotch and I took my shorts off. We made out passionately.

    She said she wanted me inside her. I rolled over and got on my knees. She spit on her hand and lubed my cock and her pussy. I entered her and we fucked (me on top) on the side of the mountain. She was crazy and hot. I kissed and sucked her tits, squeezed them, too. We kissed hard. I fucked her hard, banging her c**t. I could see my cock sliding in and out. I pulled out and raised her hips and went down on her. I licked her clit and c**t and stuck my tongue in and around her pussy. She went crazy. I fingered her a couple of times. Then I re-entered her with my cock and we fucked hard some more. She came at least once.

    We stopped and turned around. She wanted me to fuck her doggie style. I did a little bit, at the same time squeezing her tits and rubbing her clit. I pulled out and went a little soft. I then fingered her c**t and rubbed her clit from behind. We laid down and I guided Linda's hand to my cock and had her start stroking and jacking it off. Next, she lowered her head, went down on me and started sucking my cock. It was medium deep but I was getting real excited. I told her to suck the top part and then I said, âI'm going to cum, I'm going to cum.â I arched my back and came in her mouth, squirting a big load of cum down her throat. I know it was a lot of cum. She swallowed almost all of it.

    She laid back beside me. Cum ran down my legs. Linda said, âMr. ********, you are incredibleâ and talked about feeling me real strong inside her. The sun was hot so she took one of her socks and put it over my cock and said, âWe don't want it to get burned.â

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 20

    My father died when I was young and my mother never really got into another relationship after him. Every once in a while I'd see her with a guy but for the most part she was too busy.

    Because of this, she apparently got into self bondage, which she would do on days where she wasn't working so she'd be home alone.

    Well, I came home early one day while she was doing this. I thought she was at work when I came home so I went into her room, which she forgot to lock, to get my laptop.

    She was tied to the foot of her bed face down, bent over, wearing thigh high boots, a corset, and nothing else. She had it set up so that she could get out but only after a certain amount of time, which was supposed to be up about an hour before I got home so she'd have enough time to clean up everything before I got home.

    Instead, when I got home it was still a few hours before it would release her. I know this because I didn't untie her myself. I did something else entirely.

    She was in this predicament and I thought about untying her at first once I realized what I was looking at. She tried talking to me but she had a thick gag in her mouth so I couldn't understand her. As I got closer I was looking at her bare ass, and the metal thing sticking out of it, an anal hook I learned later, that was tied with a rope to her ponytail. And I looked at her pussy. She had a small vibrator like a little tic tac taped to her clit, but she didn't have anything in her pussy.

    I wasn't thinking anymore, not with my brain anyway. I think she tried to move once she realized what I was doing but she couldn't.

    I fucked her like that, for the first time. It seemed like too much to pass up. If I hadn't been horny I would never have, I never thought of my mom sexually before then, she was just my mom.

    I fucked her, and I got into her toys and used some of them on her. Dildos mostly but also a paddle and a riding crop, and I put a nipple clamp on her clit.

    When she was able to untie herself I realized what I had done and I worried that I was in serious trouble. I didn't know what she'd do but I figured she would do something. At first she looked angry, too, she told me to sit down and she asked me why I came home early and why I went into her room if I thought she was at work.

    I told her, and once her anger wore off she told me I wasn't in trouble, but we weren't going to talk about what happened. She said she needed to think. And we didn't talk at all for a while.

    We didn't talk until the next time.

    I came home at a normal time this time. She was in the living room, sitting on the couch completely naked except for a chastity belt, a collar around her neck, and a gag. Her wrists were locked behind her.

    There was a note taped to her chest. She was giving me a choice. If I wanted to dominate her again, to do more of what I did to her before, there was a key in a block of ice in the freezer I could use to unlock the chastity belt, I could start right away if I wanted. If I didn't, though, I should tell her so and go to my room for a while, she would get the key to her handcuffs where she hid them and pretend this never happened.

    We've been in a dom/sub relationship ever since.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    When my daughter turned 13 I noticed that she became very interested in my penis. She used to try wrestle with me and as soon as I grabbed her she would turn around with her bum in my direction and push back against my crotch. I would immediately get a hard on which she rubbed her arse against making me feel very uncomfortable. She would do this almost everyday and then run off to her room.

    After one of these regular incidents I decided to follow her to her room stood at the closed door to listen to what she was doing. After a few secons I would hear her make moaning noises amd realized that she was masturbate, proberly thinking about her daddy's nice hard cock.

    Totally turned on I would go to the toilet and masturbate thinking what it would feel like to enter that nice tight wet pussy of hers. I came very quickly and immediately felt embarrassed about thinking about doing it with my little girl.

    One evening she told me that her neck was stiff and asked if I would not massage it for her. I agreed. She had her pajamas on which consisted of a top and a panty. I put some oil on her shoulders and started massaging her. She sat on her bed and I stood behind her. She said my hands were big and strong.

    While I was messaging her I could see down her top and noticed her nice small breasts and saw that her perfect little nipples were nice and erect, she was obviously getting turned on. I was very tempted to reach down and touch those lovely little buds but for obvious reasons did not. I left her room straight to the toilet, took out my nice hard cock and masturbate. So turned on I came after just a few strokes. I thought I heard something at the door of the toilet.

    This continued for a few days, her asking me for a neck massage every night. One night she said her back was sore too and asked me to massage it through her clothes. As I rubbed her back her pajama top move up exposing her panties and nice tight arse. She had put on a normal white panty a d I could see the wetness of her pussy juice on the panty.

    I so wanted to slip my cock into that nice wet pussy and had to fight hard not to. I left her room, she asked me to close the door behind me as I left. I stood by the door and heard her fingering herself to an orgasm. I was tying to imagine what that nice little wet pussy looked like. I just had to see it!

    The next day I decided to peek through her bedroom doors keyhole to see if I could get a glimpse of that nice tight wet pussy. Luck for me she had just taken off that white panty of the previous night and beant down to put on a school panty, what a lovely sight to see her beautiful tight pussy with a fluffy bush of black pussy hair, I came without even touching my cock.

    Needless to say I wanted to, needed to, fuck that nice tight pussy. Her being so young I decided to not destroy her young life by acting on my lust for her. I did not. Years later she moved out of the house, I had seen that nice, arse, pussy and tits on many occassions but never crossed the line.

    One day she came to visit, my wife was not at home, and we we in the TV lounge just chatting. She stood up and said she was going to the toilet to have a pee. She had a nice tight denim pants on and I noticed her nice toght arse. I decided to follow her and take a peek through the keyhole as I had done many times. Fortunately the toilet door and the toilet bowl were directly inline and I could clearly see her pussy when she dropped her pants. (Had also peeked on my daughter in law and many of my wife's friends that had come to visit)

    I heared that she had stopped peeing and she started wiping herself off. My cock was in my hand by this time amd I was busy masturbating, my heart rate was up could hear my heart pumping . She started rubbing her clit she must have heard me and realizes that I was peeking at her. She was stairing at the door and lifting her pussy up for me to see. She stood on het feet gving me a full view of her wet pussy and I could not hold out anymore and came. She came at the same time.

    She pulled up her pants and walked towards the door. I had put my cock back in and ran back to the tv lounge. She came out and said thanks Daddy that was the best orgasm I have had and asked me if I enjoyed it too?

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 51

    My wife has always been very tight lipped about her sexual past. She told me that she had fooled around with a few boys but that I was her first. I always trusted her at her word even though I told her about rumors I had heard, she always insisted that they were lies.
    We moved back home after living abroad for years to take care of our aging parents. The second years we were home happened to be her 30th High School reunion. I had graduated the year before her and knew many of her classmates, but I almost had to force her to go as while she had talked about seeing them she showed a great reluctance to take me along. That is until she was told of all of the attendees. Then she agreed but said I didn't have to go, but finally agreed when I said that I'd be in the back talking with some of the spouses of her classmates that I knew well.
    When we got there she went over to greet and talk to her classmates, I noticed that she often glanced over to see who I was talking with. I guess that once she was sure I was sitting with the spouses and involved in conversation she sort of disappeared.
    A woman from her class, that I had known quite well in school sat down by me. I was talking to her husband and she asked me who I was as she couldn't place the face. When I Told her who I was, she was surprised and apologized for not recognizing me. Then she asked what I was doing there as I wasn't in her class and I said that I was here with my wife. A gained she had a surprised look and sort of blurted out that she was surprised that I was still married. Now it was my turn to have a surprised look and asked her what she meant.
    It didn't take too much promoting on my part to ave her rehash years old gossip. Mostly because she always was gossipy but also because my wife was more than a bit of a bitch and snobby because she didn't like preppies. It seems that While we were engaged and I was off at school she was fucking a classmate. They were really hot and heavy until they had a pregnancy scare and he told her that he couldn't marry her.
    I took this all in and then excused myself and went off to see where my wife was. Now this reunion was at a campground, so I sort of went into the shadows so I wouldn't been seen. Low and behold she and her old flame were off behind this van, in each other's arm. They were talking in whispers and nuzzling with a kiss here and there. I watched for awhile, I was getting really mad, all of these years of her dishonesty, still I didn't cause a scene but went back to the pininic table, sat down and thought. She came back and asked me how I was and if I wanted to go that was alright as she'd get a ride home. I asked what she was doing and she told me that a couple of her old girlfriends were there and they had been reminiscing and that she was going back to talk with them. I asked her if she had met anyone special and she looked me right in the eye and said oh no, just her girlfriends.
    Okay, now I was really pissed but kept my self control. Told her if that was what she wanted then I was going home. As I drove home, knowing what a good liar she is a plan began to form in my mind. So I put spyware on her computer to see what she was doing. Facebook had just started and she was all into that. She started messaging him that week. They talked about everything, all hours of the night and day, after a week they started to relive their sexcapades, then sexting which including nude selfies and finally skyping while each other masterbated..
    I let this go one for about a year and half, collecting it all. Occasionally I'd ask her if she was still happy with our marriage. Monthly sex had dwindled off to nothing. She always had a explanation, she always followed with a why would I think anything other. All this time I took to get my finances in order, getting ready for my move, because their relationship was building too and they were making plans as he was getting a divorce and they wanted to wait for that to be done before she started anything. Oh they were going to be so happy.
    Now her lover was a Assit District Attorney, and lived in another state. He could afford any scandal and his wife was a very successful Corporate Lawyer and he was going to get a big settlement from her.
    All my ducks in a row, everything that I wanted was at my new apartment, I came down stairs, I had just read her last text, how much she missed him and when could they have their next love fest and hard it was to even look at me anymore. She was startled as she didn't hear me come down the steps, and quickly closed her laptop. I asked her if there was anything that she wanted to say. She said nothing special but why because I didn't talk to her anymore anyway. I said whose choice is that anyway as it seemed to me that she was alway on her computer and she is the one that thought she didn't have enough freedom. Oh she said are we going to have a fight. I said no that I'm going to clear the air.
    I confronted her about what I heard at the reunion. She didn't bat an eye and said they were all old lies. Then I told her that I saw her and him, and then she began to attack by saying was I just a spy. Okay that where you want to go with this, I have all of your messages and pictures, and if that is the game you want to play I'll just send them to his wife as I am sure that she'd like them for her divorce. She called me a fucking bastard, and I might be one but I am not a lying whore and that she'd be getting her papers tomorrow.
    I am free of that bitch now. I gave her the house but don't spend a penny on support or alimony. I am not responsible for any of her large credit card debit. I have kept my word and not told anyone. My revenge is that after 32 years of never having to work, living a good life with many processions, she is now a prep cook at a chain restaurant, a job which I hear that she hates. Our Daughters don't see her often, They are puzzled why she wanted a divorce. Her Lover has dropped her and that generally most people now see the real person that she is hateful spiteful shrew bitter about life.
    I will not lie and say that I have any love interests, I don't. Still getting my life together. I have finally reached the point where I don't gloat. I am sure better things are ahead for me now.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    In the last two years my life has really changed. I am a nurse and I work for a medical group managing insurance billing. A woman came to work for us, also a nurse. She is Brazilian and divorced.

    We became friends and this one night a year ago she and I went to a club after work. At the club, maybe the drinks, but we found ourselves talking about intimate things, and I told her that it had been a while since I had been in bed with a man. She kissed me and told me that in Brazil you did not always have to be with a man, that sometimes you could be with a girl and that could be as much fun. She took my hand and we went out to dance, her body was everywhere, and she danced very close to me with her arms around my neck. We kissed several times while we were dancing. After a while, she told me we should go and she wanted to show me why a girl was a lot more fun.

    At her apartment she immediately took all her clothes off. She was strikingly beautiful, she had much fuller breasts that I guessed and butt and crotch were amazing. I was on the couch and she walked over and took my face in her hands and put her crotch up to me and pulled me into her. I had never done more than kiss with another woman and I was eating her, I fell to my knees off the couch and holding her by her thighs I ate her until she told me to stop and get undressed so she could see me naked.

    She took me to the bedroom and I got on the bed and she went down on me and gave me oral until I had an orgasm. Then she climbed on top of me and used her whole body to massage me while she kissed me and told me she liked my pussy. We took off and massaged our breasts and ended up in a 69 and we both came and after recovery we went at it again.

    This was our only full blown sexual experience with her. We basically just became real good friends. Until last weekend. My old boyfriend was in town and the three of us went out. The entire evening he was all over her and she asked if I minded and I said no and she gave him head under the table. In the restroom I asked her not to lead him on unless she meant to follow through and she told me that she really needed to get fucked.

    We ended up at my place and the three of us ended up in bed and he fucked with us until she and I just got going and repeated our night from a year earlier. Somewhere in our moment we realized that he needed to be paid attention to and I gave him pussy so he could finish and then returned to her until we both finished. He left the next day and we stayed together for the rest of the weekend. We had sex again all Sunday afternoon, broad daylight and we experimented and tried lots of different things.

    She gave me a long kiss the other night when we left work. I gave her a long kiss back. Going back to my boyfriend, when I got hot for him it was all about pleasing him, but with her I get hot and want the pleasure for myself. I definitely have crossed over and enjoy being with her and hope she enjoys being with me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 19

    My first sexual experience was with a dog. I was 14 at the time. I am a guy, but felt more feminine and dressed up in my sister's clothes when no one was around. I had seen part of a porno with the woman on all fours getting screwed in a doggy position. I wondered what it would be like to get screwed, but didn't want it getting around the school that I was different.

    So I acted out that scene alone several times with me as the woman on all fours and wearing my sister's clothes and her tampon slowly moving inside and finally plunging inside me.

    A few day's later, I noticed a dog hanging around. It was very friendly, but had no collar. Someone had left it. I also noticed it was a male dog that hadn't been fixed.

    I snuck him up to my room. I quickly dressed in my sister's clothes and got on all fours and pulled the skirt up to reveal my panties. The dog seemed to know what I wanted and mounted me and started thrusting. I moved the panties out of the way and his prick found my asshole and nature took over.

    I looked over in the mirror to watch the action. The dog was thrusting hard. I could feel his prick moving in and out as he fucked me. I know why that woman seemed to be enjoying getting fucked in the porno. It felt wonderful.

    Soon he stopped fucking me and laid on my back for a bit. He then shifted his weight and stepped off my back. I felt something inside turning when he did. He had knotted with me.

    He soon was coming in me trying to get me pregnant, while I enjoyed his knot pulsing. When he was done and had pulled out, I put in a tampon and planned for our next mating.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I've been really unfaithful in my current relationship at the request of my partner. It's the sort of thing he likes, so I'm indulging him and having a lot of fun in the process. He doesn't know about all of my lovers, only a few. He's caught me in the act of cheating on him several times, and I sometimes let him stay and watch as someone else stretches my pussy. However on my wedding day with him, I went the extra mile. My favorite lover fucked my pussy before the ceremony and I let him cum inside me. After we were married, I told him what my lover did, and then told him I'd be spending the night with my lover instead of him. I wound up pregnant from that, and since then I've decided it's not going to be the last time I let one of my lovers knock me up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    Last month I learned that the woman who gave birth to me was not the woman who raised me. The people who raised me who have been dead for over a year are my grandparents, and the woman I thought was my older sister was my mother.

    Not only that, but my mother told me that at the time I was born, she had never had a boyfriend. The only person she had had sex with was her father. The man who raised me.

    She said her mother never knew about that, that she told her it was a boy from school who had gotten her pregnant.

    She told me that it didn't stop once she got pregnant and gave birth. She had a sexual relationship with him until the day he died.

    It took me most of the past month to fully process this before talking to her again yesterday.

    Yesterday she told me that family means more to her than anything. That she never regretted being with him, and she didn't regret giving birth to me because of it. And before we hung up, she asked me to honestly consider whether I wanted to have sex with her. She said it was up to me, and that the offer stands if I ever decide that I want to.

    I spent 23 years looking up to her as my older sister, and while I may have had fantasies about her every so often, I've heard others say that that's normal for a little brother. Now I know she's my mother. She's 35, and she's beautiful.

    Maybe I'm just thinking with my dick but if she was not related to me and she gave me this offer I would be at her house right now, and even though she is, it's getting harder and harder not to get in my car and go see her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    Last week I was at work as receptionist at a big dental office working beside my lesbian lover Sally who lives with me at my mother's made the day seem longer.All three of us really love to poop in our panties when we get the chance and have done for years.On Friday morning I realized that I had not pooped since Sunday and now I was feeling like I could be ready to do it today,but I was a little worried that it might be a firm one which I don't like as it can be difficult to push out.I told Sally that I wanted to get messy tonight and she smiled with a sparkle in her eyes and said that she felt ready for that too as she had not done it for a few days.I called home to mom and suggested a pooping expedition after work and she was all in favor of that,saying that she was holding a couple of days of poop too.We all agreed that when we finished work at 5pm we would go home and change into more suitable pooping clothes and then go out to the mall.

    As the day passed it became more exciting as we thought of the evening's pleasures to come and it made the day seem longer,but eventually 5pm came and Sally and I jumped into my car to drive home.By now I could feel that I was going to have a big poop and as I wanted to be sure it would be soft,I rushed into our home and took a good dose of liquid stool softener. Normally this would work in three hours,but when I am already feeling a need to poop it works faster,sometimes in one hour if it does not have a lot of work to do.All three of us selected our clothing for our trip to the mall;snug fitting slacks over white cotton full cut panties that covered our asses well and would hold our poop in place as we walked.Sally and mom also has a little mouthful of the stool softener just to be sure of a soft poop later.

    We took mom's car as it is bigger then mine and she always has a stock of plastic shopping bags in the back seat to cover the seats if she needs to poop in the car.She grabbed three old towels from the rack and threw them in the back seat as we set off for the short drive to the mall.All the stores in there are open until about 10pm so we had plenty of time to wander round as we waited for the softener to work on us.We love to hold it as long as we can as it starts to work and we begin to feel more and more desperate.On the drive to the mall we had all had one can of Pepsi to fill up our bladders and increase the excitement as we held that in too.Mom parked near one of the mall entrances and as we got out we each places plastic bags and towels on our seats ready for when we came back with poop filled pants,so we could get right into the car and drive home for more fun.

    As it was now the 2nd of December it was dark outside and the Christmas decorations were up in the mall for us to wander and look at as we went from store to store.We did not intend buying anything on this trip but it was a good reconaissance for a later trip when we would be buying gifts for friends and family.We had been at the mall for about 45 minutes when I felt my bowels give me a warning that I was going to poop very soon,as I had to stop for a second and clench my cheeks.I nodded to mom and Sally and they smiled and nodded back to let me know that they too were ready as our softener was working on all of us about an hour after taking it;just about right for when we were not actually constipated.

    We made our way to the food hall and got a coffee which we sat at a table and drank,knowing that this would make us more desperate to poop and also to pee,and this was about as far away from our car as we could get,so it would seem like a long walk back for three desperate girls trying not to have an accident and pretending they did not know where the toilets were to be found.By the time we had finished our coffee I could see that mom and Sally were really needing to go soon and I was too.I knew that I could not hold it in much longer as we all got up and started walking slowly with short stops to look at the store windows.As we walked along arm in arm there were not too many people around so mom whispered that she really had to let some out right now.We stopped by a nice window and looked at the pretty things as mom relaxed a little and I could see a soft bulge suddenly appear at her bum.It did not stick out far but spread fairly wide.

    She giggled and said there is more to come soon.Sally and I looked at each other and I eased off clenching my cheeks for a few seconds as I felt a lovely warm soft smooth poop gently sliding into my panties.I tried to stop it but it felt so good as it filled my panties and spread all over my bum while I stood there,so I just let it keep coming.It went up the back of my panties quite a bit so I leaned my back against the window and made it flow to the front of my panties and it felt so exciting as it slipped over my pussy making its way up toward my belly a sit was such a big load.I knew we were going to have lots of fun later at home.Sally turned her back to us and we could see her soft bulge appear and spread well over her bum too as she smiled,and now mom pushed more into her pants so we were all ready to head back to the car.We walked slowly each feeling the soft warm poop spread with each step we took,as it found its way all over our bums.

    Soon we reached the exit door and walked outside into the darkness.By now the Pepsi and coffee were ready to be released,so as we walked all three of us started to pee,not forcing it but just letting it go and it felt so nice to feel the warm flood fill our panties and then flow down our legs.It was only a few steps to our car,so it was still wet and warm as we got in and sat in our seats,moving our bums all round in the seats to feel the warm soft poop being squashed all over us.Mom drove us all home and we rushed straight into my bedroom where mom had prepared my king size bed for our return.The mattress protector was under the sheet and the heating was on to keep us warm as we stripped off our tops to reveal three sets of nice tits waiting to be played with.Our slacks came off too and were thrown in a pile on the bathroom floor leaving us all in just poop filled panties, and boy were they filled.Each of us had hardly any white left showing as the poop had been pushed all over inside them,so now we all got into the big bed.

    Each of us reached into the panties of one of the others and brought out handfulls of poop which we then proceeded to spread over our tits and belly,and when that was done we all got together for a group hug and slipped over the soft poop as we slithered,careful not to get it on our faces as we don't like that.There was such a lot of kissing and stroking and then poking as fingers found a pussy to play with that was not their own.This continued for quite a while as we moaned with such pleasure as each of us orgasmed over and over until we all collapsed in a large brown mass of satisfied female flesh.When we had recovered some energy we made our way to the shower room,still exchanging kisses and strokes.We stepped in to the shower room,closed the door and turned on the spray of warm water,not helping each other to clean up with many hands running over the three bodies until eventually we were clean.Mom then quickly stripped the bed and threw the dirty stuff in a tub to soak until morning when she would wash it.We helped her remake the bed and then all three climbed in to sleep together as we kissed some more and gently touched each other full of love.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband and I lost our home over his stupidity drunk driving. I am living in my cousin's travel trailer parked behind his farm. I have helped him on the farm to keep my mind occupied.

    Today I fixed us lunch in the trailer and talked. We talked about how we had sex in our teen years. It sounded so good that he and I had sex again.

    I feel guilty but I so enjoyed it. my marriage is over and has been hell since my husband will not stop drinking.

    Please forgive me for what I did, and what I will do again when the opportunity arises

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