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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    For all those guys who fantasize about watching their wife fuck another guy, I convinced my wife to live out this fantasy of mine and my advice to you is to NOT do it. I found an older guy on craig's list about 41 who was advertising to do this in his hotel room while he stayed in the area. We exchanged pictures and e-mails and finally decided to meet. My wife liked him because he was very muscular as I am tall and skinny and he also had an 8 inch cock where mine is only 6 inches.

    I thought it would be hot to watch and she would enjoy it and spice up our sex life. We all went down to the hotel bar to drink and get to know each other. He seemed like a nice guy and was very laid back and said this was our fantasy so he would be good with whatever. However when we got up to his room his personality completely changed.

    He told me to sit the fuck down in a chair and to play with my little dick while he fucked my wife right. I told him that we were not into the verbal humiliation but he slammed me down in the chair and told me to shut the fuck up. My wife had alot to drink and really pissed me off because she was laughing at the way he was talking to me. I felt helpless to do anything and since I initiated this fantasy I just watched and let him fuck the shit out of my wife.
    She was such a whore for him and made me feel like shit. He face fucked her, came all over her face, took her anal virginity, and came in her pussy without wearing a condom. She loved every second of it and humiliated me the entire time she was being fucked. DO NOT live out your fantasy. Sometimes it is better just being a fantasy in your head because my wife wants to go back and see him again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    My friend and I are both 32 and recently went to a concert to get away from our husbands and kids to have a good time. We were really wasted and high after it was over so we decided it would be a good idea to get a hotel instead of trying to drive back home. On our way out we were talking to two young black guys who lived near by and told us we could stay at their place for the night. They were both cute and had nice bodies and it would save us money so we decided to take them up on their offer.

    As you can imagine in our state they pretty much had their way with us when we got back to their place. Not that we cared though, since we don’t have many opportunities to have sex with two young hard bodied black guys in our neighbor. In college we had many hot sexual encounters together and this brought back a lot of those memories.

    We first stripped naked and gave them both lap dances. Afterwards I took both guys over to the bed and alternated sucking their dicks while my friend masturbated and watched in a chair. They both took turns fucking me while I sucked the others dick and then they double penetrated me which was a first for me and really hot. They did the same to my friend while I watched before we finished them off and sucked them dry.

    We all fell asleep afterwards and in the morning we took turns riding their dicks before finishing them in our mouths again. It was a fucking great time and we decided to get out more often .

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    Every man I've slept with has had one of two reactions to my rather large clitoris. Revulsion as it looks like a small penis, or absolute passionate delight. Thankfully most have been the latter.
    My husband did used to enjoy sex and especially cunnilingus, but as he got older (He's now 52) the oral side of our sex life deminished. Now I'm lucky if we have sex at all and I seriously began to miss it terribly.
    I never wanted to cheat on my husband, and I did try using sex toys as a way to curtail my sexual urges. Then in spring this year we took in a lodger to help pay with the bills. His name is Stefan, he's 23 and he's everything my husband used to be. Young, virile, good looking, a fantastically fit muscular body and a sex drive that nearly matches my own.
    I'm not going to lie and say it just kind of happened, it didn't. I wanted sex with Stefan within minutes of meeting him. I also got to see his naked body two days after he moved in. He was lay on his bed just about to put on his underwear when I walked in. I know I should have knocked, but never having had anyone other than my husband and I living at home, I didn't think. Stefans body and flaccid cock looked stunning to me. It was from that point on I decided I would try to seduce him.
    It took me two weeks to get the right timings. To have my husband working and Stefan at home taking a bath. Once again I walked in on him, but this time I purposely walked in naked making out I'd wanted a bath too.
    Stefan didn't take his eyes off my slim body, especially my pert medium sized breasts and my enormous clitoris which had become excited. Looking at him lay there it was going to be now or never. Stepping upto the edge of the bath I asked Stefan if he'd seen a clit like mine before. When he said he hadn't, I asked him if he'd like to lick it.
    As he sat up reaching for my hips, I put my right leg up on the side of the bath and leaned in. Stefan put his mouth to my pussy and began to lick at my engorged clitoris.
    If I wanted to find a young man who litterally begged me from then on to sit on his face, I couldn't have a better, more enthusiastic person, than Stefan. Each day after that first time I joined him in the bath, we either had oral, vaginal, anal or every type of sex, that time would allow. And each time he devoured my pussy and clitoris making me cum multiple times.
    Unfortunately my husband became suspicious when he came home early and nearly caught us fucking. I was taking Stefans cock deep up my asshole when we heard my husband pick up pull into the drive way. Allthough we did make down to the lounge, Stefan had a huge boner in his shorts and I'm sure my husband noticed. Four weeks later after Stefans rent period had gone by, my husband asked Stefan to leave.
    I did see Stefan ocassionally after that for about two months, until he moved back into his parents home in another state.
    Because I missed Stefan and the sex, I got myself a computer tablet. Finding a local sex contact site, I put on my profile with naked pictures of myself showing my pussy and large clitoris, along with my expectations of a man. I was inundated with requests and still am. It's been a constant round of meeting men since then. Some want full on sex, being able to fuck my mouth, pussy and asshole, but surprisingly most only want to perform cunnilingus on me and it's something I'm definately growing to love more and more.
    One man in particular, an older guy with quite a large cock in fact, only wants me to sit on his face and fuck it as he licks out pussy and sucks on my clitoris. After I cum and I always do, he always wants me to pee all over his face, something i've been doing for him over the past two months.
    I know cheating on my husband isn't right, but how else am I to get the sort of sexual release I crave for, if my husband won't consider any kind of sex anymore.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    We only married six months ago, but already my pre existing sexual perversion has taken hold and has lead to where I am today. That perversion was to use ordibnary everyday items to fuck my asshole with.
    I genuinely didn't think I was attracted to men, and only thought I wanted the sexual satisfaction that anal stimulation gave me. The first time I did it was with a cucumber at the age of 17, I remember cumming so hard I was shaking vioelntly. After that I'd use all sorts of things to get myself off.
    Meeting my wife at the age of 25 stopped my urges as our sex life was amazing. After marrying her six months ago she and I were having sex on our return from our honeymoon. I was fucking her in the missionary position when she reached behind and slipped two fingers up my butt. When I came deep inside her pussy, I came like I had before I met her and it kick started my anal urges again.
    I'd find time when she ws at work to anally pleasure myself. A couple of months in I ordered a dildo on line and started to use that to have longer and longer sessions fucking myself. It was during one of those sessions I was disturbed by a guy selling items out of bag going door to door. He saw the large bulge in my bath robe after I'd answered the door and the rest they say is history.
    He basically asked if I was horny. I could hardly deny it, so when he asked me if I liked sex with guys I didn't hesistate, I invited him in. The man who's name I didn't get had his cock out within seconds and I was on my knees sucking on my first ever cock in seconds too. He was horny, I was desperate by that stage and it seemed totally normal to offer him my asshole to fuck. Now inside our bedroom, condom on, the one I'd taken from the bedside draw, he bent me over the end of the bed and thrust his cock into me in one go.
    Nothing, not one thing I'd used before, prepared me for how much I was going to adore having his cock being thrust deep inside my butt. It felt totally fucking awsome and I told him so. It only made him begin to fuck me harder, which in turn made me want it more. As his thrusts began to get deeper inside my body, my orgasm began to build and his cock started to throb.
    I came first, my cock erupting all over the quilt on the bed. He was litterally shouting at me that he wanted to unload up my butt, I told him too and even with him wearing a condom, I could feel his hot cum shoot from the huge head of his dick filling the end of the rubber.
    I knelt down removed the condom from his cock and took his shrinking cock into my mouth. The taste of the condom and his cum mixed in my mouth, and it's a taste I now love.
    Five minutes later he was gone, minus his cum load and a few items he sold me. I've had two other experiences since then, but neither matched that first fucking I recieved for real. I don't know if I'll ever stop wanting to have my asshole filled from now on. I still love fucking my wife and everything else we do sexually, but I also have my secret need to be fucked too.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I live a fake regular life, but I participate sexually with other men. I don't like that I do sexual things with other men, but I cannot bring myself to stop. The night my son was born I sucked the dick of the security guard at the hospital. He was a big ugly black man, and I sucked him hard enough so he would cum on me. When I went to see my new born son, I had the taste of cum in my mouth.

    My sexual activities started when I was in the ROTC in high school and I was fucked by the upper classmen. For whatever reason, I was the one they fucked. I sucked them off one by one behind the parade ground, until my mouth and jaw hurt, and still I had to keeping sucking them off. Someone would usually fuck me after that and leave me on the grounds to crawl back to my room. Whenever they called I went.

    In college I would go to this diner at a truck stop on the by pass to get picked up. I was a regular and the clerk at the desk knew that I gave head and I would either go back into the bathrooms or I would follow them out to their trucks to sucke them off. The clerk was an old Polish man and he would fuck me and make me give him head under the counter while he was checking people out. I later found out that he collected money from the truckers he sent me to.

    I started work at a large fabrication plant and my predilections took me around until I had a guy I could suck. Like the other men I sucked he was a loud and domineering, asshole who would spit in my mouth and then ram his dick down my throat. I wanted to be fucked by him so bad, I kept going back to him but he wouldn't fuck me, he thought that made him gay.

    It was at that plant that I met my wife. She pretty much chased me and she was the one that suggested that we get married. I got married thinking that would stop me from fucking with other men. It never stopped me, I would work late, go out to the mall where there was a restroom that was the pickup point for motels nearby. I got fucked in just about all the motels in the area. She has never figured out what I do. We have my one son, and his father is a worthless cock sucker.

    I personally don't think I am gay, I am a man slut who needs to suck cock and get fucked. After I do my thing, once I am have been satisfied, I drive home and go to bed and masturbate. But I don't want to have anything to do with those men, or even see them again.

    I am a sick shit, out of town tonight, and I am going out to the horse track to find someone to suck so that I can come back and masturbate and then pick up my own cum with my finger and eat it all. Same thing I do most every night. My wife just thinks that I don't love her any more, I just don't get any desire for her.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I'm naked as I write this and I'm horny. My back passage is lubricated with baby oil as my lover strokes my buttocks and pushes his finger into my anus, readying me for a bout of anal intercourse. I've sucked him to full hardness and now he is pressing his erect penis against my boy pussy. Stretching my pouting anal slit wide as he enters my willing body. I'm such a gay whore. I fuck for free and love the sensation of my partner achieving orgasm and Cumming deep in my ass. Is your penis hard as you read this?? Do you want to buttfuck my fag ass?? Come over to my place and my tight rubber hole will grip your shaft as you fuck my anal hole.

    I love pulling a train, and I am your ever-willing gayboy fucktoy. Come over and bring a friend. I promise to suck your cock and bend over so you can mount me and push your swollen manhood into my soft white ass. Fuck me. Use me as your pleasure object. Satisfy your sexual needs and leave me with a semen-filled ass. My crush has just finished and he is watching his sperm dribble out of my ass. He tells me he's going to rent my anus out and teach me to be a 5 dollar fucktoy. Tell me how you would like to satisfy yourself in my oiled cummy anal c**t...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    You should comment you darkest fantacies in my other post (number 21917) I constantly read them and imagine them happening.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 39

    How many men can say they've fucked three generations of the same family. After finding out my wife had sucked off a guy at a Hen night party eight weeks ago, I have.
    Firstly my wifes mother, Helen, who's not long had her 58th birthday. She was more than eager to have my cock, mainly because ever since I married her daughter, she'd been implying sexual inuendos towards us having sex (Didn't know that did you dear). Calling round to her flat two days after I discovered my wife infidelity, all I had to say was that I had a bottle of Vodka and that I was horny. She'd drunk half the bottle before I had my hands inside her clothing. One hand feeling her huge tits and the other finger fucking her sloppy wet c**t. I fucked her as she was still half dressed, over the arm of her sofa. She didn't want me to fuck her arsehole, but I did it anyway after first banging her loose pussy. I even made her swallow my dick and then cum, straight from her arse. (Your mother is such a slut honey)
    My wifes daughter Kelly wasn't that much harder to convince either. Kelly is my 17 year old step daughter. Once again buying her something did the trick. A pair of shitty cheap designer sunglasses and lots of alcoh pops was all it took for her to agree to suck my dick. Once she was horny enough from blowing me on her mothers and my bed, it was relatively easy to get her to agree to take my cock up her sweet tight pussy. Cumming all over her small pert tits was amazing. She even came back for more after she'd showered. I was in the kitchen by then, but it didn't stop me from fucking her over the kitchen table as she drank another alcoh pop (Kelly is a much better fuck than you darling).
    The icing on the cake for me at least, was getting my wife to suck my dick later that night, even though I'd not showered after fucking Kelly. (Hope you liked the taste sweetheart)
    So Sarah when you read this after I leave a copy lying around not too long from now, and you will because you're a nosey bitch. You'll know my cock has fucked your mums mouth, pussy and arse. Your mouth, pussy and arse. And Kelly's mouth pussy and hopefully tomorrow night (27th Nov) when you go out, her beautiful arsehole too. (She's a slag just like you, I'm sure she will)
    I'll be taking the car Sarah and heading off. Oh yeah and the money we've saved up together too. You can have the dog, hated the little fucker anyway.
    Tat ta then :) x

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 55

    People fuss too much about sex. Since I was 10, I played with men's private parts and they have played with mine. They sucked my cock and I sucked theirs. It was just sexual release.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 55

    I've never wanted to suck a penis except my own. I tried but was never able to. But once when much younger I managed to put my feet high over my head and masturbate, ejaculating into my mouth.

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