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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    My earliest childhood memory was sucking my grandfather's cock. I think I was three or four years old at the time but I am not sure. By the time I was in kindergarten I had been a full participant in our frequently family orgies. My grandfather didn't start it. I found records a few years ago showing that for several generations prior to my grandfather had engaged in "unnatural acts" for which several were either prosecuted, committed or run out of town. It is amazing what one discovers on internet genealogy sites. I had all my life suspected such things had gone on that long in my family. I suspect it may go back centuries.

    Most of the sexual things I enjoyed. We weren't tied up and gang raiped every night. We were made love to though granted that was just as illegal. My mother has always been quite beautiful, so has my sisters, aunts, cousins, even my grandmothers. While I am not especially attracted to the older males in the family, most of them are in pretty good shape and above average cocks seem to run in the family so I have not minded sucking them off and eve taking it up the ass from time to time though honestly I quite prefer doing it with the younger members of the family, something I think I inherited from previous generations. I don't know when I lost my virginity. I don't remember a time when vaginas were not fucking my cock.

    When I got older I started to appreciate the superior beauty of little girls and boys. I took my daughter's virginity when she was two and my son's anal virginity when he was three. They both had nice orgasms when I did it. I think that is part of what makes it work in my family. The kids in our family tend to sexually develop at a very early age. My sister had her first daughter when she was 11, my cousin got his aunt pregnant when he was 12. My second daughter is 9 and has had her first period already and we have been trying to get her pregnant for the last few months. She desperately wants a baby and I don't blame her. It was only a couple of years ago when she got to watch her 13 year old aunt give birth to twin girls. She was there in the room and I thought she'd orgasm just from watching the babies pop out of her aunt's pussy.

    Most in our family are also bisexual. My wife, who is also my cousin is only interested in cock though if you get her drunk she will let a woman eat her out. My oldest son only likes guys as well which has some of the female members of the family upset because he is really pretty. I don't mind. I've been fucking him since he was three and he pretty much goes insane if he goes a day without a load of my sperm up his ass.

    One way a family can make this sort of thing happen is never wear clothes in front of each other and another way is to only have one bedroom. If you fuck in front of the kids from the time they are babies, at some point they WILL want to join in. I didn't fuck my two year old daughter until she grabbed my cock and pointed between her legs and chanted "fuck fuck fuck" repeatedly. I got the hint, let her get on top and she proceeded to bust her hymen on my cockhead.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 22

    Just wanted to share a quick story. Going afew years back i had this friend and he likes preteen models that model in them panties and stockings etc.. he says its great to see little girls taking up modeling. He also has a little niece and he buys her new outfits and so on but one day when i came over to his place, he had his niece in black stockings and a very thin g-string posing for him in a exotic way. I wasnt thinking clearly and it came as a shock and i just stood there. And he said its ok we are practicing and then he said hey want to see something nice? without me saying anything, he says: now pull your panty to the side. she was in the rear view bending pose and then got her to lay back holding her legs in the air and have her panty around her ancles and to spread it open. I got to say that was the most cutest thing i have ever saw and so small and tight. so his dream was to see his niece in nude with panties and all that which he did but then he took it abit more than that where he laid down and got her to sit and to rub up and down on his penis, i was on a hard so hard that my dick was about to jump out so i couldnt hold back and took it out and started jerking off and we both blew on her.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 20

    My Dad m****ted me from birth. He r**ed me from the age of three. He did this every day, sometimes more than once a day until I escaped. Mom died when I was a baby. Dad called me his little wife. He home schooled me and frightened me into hiding our secret from any official that came to visit to check up on us. He had me memorize speeches to cover up what he did. He taught me how to act well adjusted and hide my pain. When I was 12 he got me pregnant. I knew it within a few weeks. He had taught me enough about reproduction that I knew I was pregnant. I knew that he would do to our child what he did to me. I knew he liked both boys and girls because lots of times he brought boys over and had r**ed them in front of me or made me have sex with them. Some I liked if they were cute but I could never be alone with them and I hated being gang r**ed on my dad's make shift state while the rest sat in the audience jerking off cheering the rapists on.

    I knew there was a world beyond my Dad's compound. I just didn't know the extent of it. I had snuck into my dad's office enough times when he wasn't home and read books, magazines and checked out the internet to figure out what was what and that what my dad was doing was monstrous. I probably would not have tried to escape had my dad not gotten me pregnant but I was not going to let him fuck with my baby even if it was his baby too.

    We lived out in the sticks, a perfect p**ophile's lair. Our closest neighbor's house was half a mile away. When I was about 6 months pregnant and had a huge belly one day my Dad had to go on a trip and would be gone for two days. That was my chance. I got together some clothes and went for a walk. I got to a neighbor's house and recognized the guy there as one of the guys my dad occasionally invited over to r**e me so I hid and kept walking. I ended up walking about three miles until I got town. I had never been there. The only doctor I had ever seen came to us and then my dad let him fuck with me. That would have been the only reason I would need to go to town but dad took care of that so I had never left his place in my entire life. Then I saw an odd vehicle. It was a van with a huge strange thing stuck on top and the word's "News Channel 9" on the side of the van. I was searching for either the police or maybe a lawyer's office but wasn't sure what either would look like or where to find them and didn't know who I could trust. But I saw one video on the internet once of a news reporter reporting a story about a guy who r**ed a kid and she seemed very eager to tell the story. My gut told me that this would be the person to ask for help. So I walked up to her and said "hello" She said hello back to me and looked at me very strangely. Then I said "My name is Slut and I'm 12 years old and I am going to have a baby. I think my Dad is the father but one of the men he charges money to have sex with me might be the father, I'm not sure. I just ran away while he's away on a trip. Can you help me?" I didn't know she was reporting live. The whole thing ended up live on the noon news. About five minutes later a helicopter landed and fifteen minutes later I was landing on a hospital roof.

    The hospital did a r**e kit on me. I was so used to lying in that position with things stuck up my pussy I hardly noticed. I saw a whole bunch of doctors and stayed at the hospital for a week. Lucky for me someone at the news station had been r**ed as a teen and reached for a switch and went to commercial a few seconds into my little confession. They edited the video and aired an edited version on the news that evening blurring out my face. So the doctors told me I was indeed pregnant and with twins which explained why I was so huge. Before I got pregnant my boobs were just starting to grow, the day I went to the hospital I was a C-cup but I had never worn a bra before. Social services found a really nice family for me to stay with, they were an older gay couple who had two foster daughters already. I was nervous at first until I found out they were gay. I new what gay meant, it meant they weren't interested in r****g me.

    I had my daughters two months later. They were born one month premature but were quite healthy. My foster Dads helped me take care of them and in fact they acted like they were their real dad's. I was so lucky. Going to school took some getting used to. I was 12 but was at a 3rd grade level no thanks to my dad. It took six years to catch up just in time to graduate from high school 2nd in my class. The twins are eight years old and we still live with my foster dads who let me stay there until I finished nursing school which I recently did. They didn't have to do any of what they did but showed to me what true love is. So now I have a job and contribute to the household and in fact since I am a nurse now I am the official house "medical officer." both my foster dads are ex navy so that is what they call me.

    So I guess you are wondering what happened to my dad. Well he was apprehended the day after I escaped. The police were all over the house searching through his computer and stuff and figured out here he went and the cops there picked him up. He will never get out of prison. We found out that he is my biological dad though I had my doubts. We also found out that my mother had been kidnapped by him when she was around 7 and that he had r**ed her for years. They found her body buried behind the house. She was around 15 years old when she was murdered. They found two other bodies of young teen girls. The police identified my mother and I met my grandparents but they oddly don't want any contact with me. They never identified the other two girls. A lot of this never made it to the news. The police also found a lot of pictures of the people who participated in gang r****g me and my dad's other victims. Several of them are doing time. ONe was a teacher, another a cop, another was a business owner. They had all either paid my dad or exchanged favors with him. A number of others have not been identified. One thing I know is that eventually my dad would have killed me not long after my daughters were born. That was his MO

    It turns out my dad had some assets. He had about twenty acres where we lived. I knew he owned some land but didn't know the extent. The house was torn down and the entire property was bulldozed in search of bodies then the property was sold. The cost of bulldozing was almost as much as the property was worth so after the land was sold to developers I ended up with $60k. My dad had a 401k. That account with about 120k in it is frozen until my dad dies at which point it will automatically become mine. He's in his sixties and gets assaulted a lot in prison so I'm guessing I won't have to wait long. He also had a coin collection I didn't know about and I got that in trust until I turned 18. I know have it in a safety deposit box. I decided I like coins. I think they are worth about 10k. So my story had a happy ending. I wish I could say the same about my dad's other victims. I think he has been doing this a long time and I think there were more victims but I don't know for sure. The only thing I have left to add is that he had the audacity to send me birthday and Christmas cards every year forwarded to me by children's services who thought it would be good for me. Ha! I tore them up without reading them and tossed them in the fire. After a few years I told my foster dads if they get anything else from him feel free to burn them without bothering to tell me.

    So the reason I put this in revenge is I got my revenge by surviving and by having a good life and by seeing him rot in concrete and steel room. I hope his new neighbors are having fun with him. I hope they ram baseball bats up his ass. I hope they make him suffer the rest of his worthless life.

    OK back to happy thoughts now.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    When I was little, the bitch formerly known as Mommy divorced my Dad, got half his assets, got alimony equal to 2/3 his income and married secretly which if that was known would have stopped the alimony except as I said, she did it secretly. The bitch formerly known as Mommy also surrendered her parental rights leaving Dad to take care of me. I barely remember the bitch. I had a photo of her when I was little but I think I flushed it down the toilet. I never saw the bitch again. I heard she had more children with her second husband and left him with kids as well and eventually married a few more times but the details are vague. Eventually my dad was able to stop paying alimony but not until I was in my teens. He never got any of it back.

    Dad and I had a small apartment. It had two tiny bedrooms, one bathroom, an eat in kitchen and a tiny living room. about 600 square feet or so. It was in a run down neighborhood though we had nice neighbors, most of whom rented. We stayed there until Dad stopped having to pay alimony then he bought a house in a nicer neighborhood.

    But I am getting ahead of myself. I love my dad. He is the most wonderful man in the world. But some people might not think so. You see, we are lovers and have been for years. when I as very little I was scared of thunder and other loud noises and I also had nightmares a lot so every time one of those things would happen I would run into my Dad's room and climb into bed with him and snuggle. Dad would wrap his big strong arms around me and make me feel safe. Only then would I stop being scared and I fell asleep and had nice dreams.

    Dad was a medical technician but before that he had gone to massage school. So he gave me the most wonderful massages. I don't remember whose idea it as, but when ever he started to massage me I just automatically stripped naked and laid down and let Dad's magic hands work their magic. I also don't have any idea who started the other thing we did but I remember he would massage my whole body until I was a big ball of tingly jelly riding waves of ecstasy and euphoria but he always skipped over my butt and pussy. When the massage got to that point I begged him to massage me down there too. That was the best. He would take a single finger and just gently caress and tickle me all over around and around until he zeroed in on my pussy and clit and I would start to spasm and shudder and convulse in pleasure. I don't remember a time that I didn't have an orgasm during the massages Dad gave me. I think I was around seven when it occurred to me that Dad might enjoy similar treatment so one night after I snuggled up in bed with him for a while I started to massage him everywhere I could reach. I could feel his goose bumps growing and he moaned and breathed heavily. I knew exactly the affect my fingers had on him because that was the affect his hands had on me. I also knew that the very best feeling was getting massaged between the legs. I knew Dad had a penis and testicles because we frequently took showers or baths together though not as often by the time I was seven. I don't remember if I had ever touched his private parts up to that point but at that time I just wanted to make Dad feel really good like he made me feel good. I loved him so much and would have walked through fire for him. So I reached into his shorts and felt around until I found his penis and started to tickle his penis and balls all over like he tickled me down there. I was thrilled when he told me how good my hand felt. His moans of pleasure fueled my obsession to make Dad have an orgasm. By then I knew it was called an orgasm and my agenda, my mission, my quest was to give Dad an orgasm. I just didn't know how so I just made one plea. "Dad, teach me how to make you have an orgasm, please." I emphasized the word please the way kids usually do when they beg for something they want. He just took my hand and wrapped it around his cock and slowly jerked up and down. He took my other hand and told me to massage his balls. So I did and in about two minutes he was groaning and squirting and got it all over my face then he went limp and silent and I knew I had succeeded in my mission. I made dad cum. I was elated. I had done something very grown up. It was my idea and with a little help from Dad I figured out how to make him squirt his sperm.

    Dad had explained to me a couple of years earlier about reproduction. He told me in language I would understand. While I didn't really fully appreciate the details I got the gist. The Daddy puts his penis in the Mommy's vagina and rubs in and out and it feels really good for both of them and the man squirts his sperm inside Mommy and it swims and finds an egg and the egg and sperm turn into a tiny baby and that grows into a full size baby and it comes out of Mommy's vagina and then Mommy feeds it with milk from her boobs. I didn't need to know much more than that other than learning how to make it feel good which dad told me just took practice. I figured I really wanted to practice it a lot.

    After I made Dad cum that first time he rested for a short while than sat up and asked me if I would like a massage, as if he ever had to ask such a silly question. I was naked about three seconds before he finished the question laying there on my back with my legs spread hoping he would skip the preliminaries and go right for my private parts. Dad's a bit of a tease because he rolled me on my back and tickled my back and ass for about an hour which was almost orgasmic just that alone. Finally he rolled me over and did the front side again saving the best for last. Then he just barely touched my lips. It was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing his hand and humping it. but I trusted my dad. Then he asked me for the first time ever if he could have my permission to taste my vagina. I thought that an odd question but trusting Dad I enthusiastically said yes.

    Dad pulled me over to the edge of the bed, pulled up a chair and holding my ass cheeks in his hands and spreading them with my legs over his shoulders he lapped at my asshole and pussy like a puppy dog lapping away at a treat. I was thrashing about in convulsive ecstasy in about a minute as wave after wave of multiple orgasms coursed through the very depth of my being. Time stood still, the universe twisted itself into a grotesquely beautiful little ball and I went absolutely insane with pleasure. I remember wrapping my legs around his head and violently humping his relentless tongue. I think my eyes rolled back to the point I was looking back into my own brain. My nipples were tingling so intensely I thought they would start to squirt milk. I was screaming and babbling incoherently but I remember trying to form words begging my dad to put his penis in me and make me have babies. But that was only a vague thought compared to the primal hunger for more pleasure and for my Dad to be the one to give it to me. At some point I passed out. I remember having the most delightful dream that my Dad had been turned into a boy of around 12 and that I had grown up to be a girl of 12 and that we had married and he was making babies in me. I had another dream that Dad's penis was inside me and squirting sperm in me and I watched my belly get really big and then a baby came out and sucked milk from my boobs. Then I woke up.

    After recovering and regaining my strength while dad caressed me all over I sat up then lunged at Dad wrapping my legs around him and kissing him all over his face like a puppy licking a little kid. Dad was laughing and giggling like a kid being licked all over his face by a puppy. I didn't know how to express the intense love I felt for my dad at that moment but I would have done anything to make him happy.

    The next night I started to think about the events of the previous night and I realized that I never properly thanked my Dad. I was so awash in the pleasure I felt that I never reciprocated. I wanted to make things even. Plus I wanted Dad to feel what he made me feel because that is what you do when you love someone. So I waited until Dad got into bed with me and I just opened up his shorts and pulled out his dick without even asking. I started to do what I did to make him cum before but I wanted to incorporate my mouth into the action. I knew from our previous play when he squirted onto my face and got some in my mouth that it didn't taste bad and in fact kind of tasted nice so I figured I would not mind that again but was unsure how to proceed. I had heard a boy at school describe a blow job and at the time I thought that bizarre but thinking about it I figured maybe people really did that so remembering how Dad's tongue made me feel I leaned down and licked his penis. He throbbed in my hand and twitched and bobbed and his balls tightened and he grown and ran his fingers through my hair and said I didn't have to if I didn't want to and then added that I was beautiful and he loved me. I licked him all over his dick then remembering what my friend said I took the head in my mouth and sucked gently while licking my tongue all over. I tried to lick inside his pee hole but it was too small for that. Dad groaned some more and I kept sucking trying to get as much into my mouth as I could. I started to worry about hurting him with my teeth and thinking about it I figured I should probably cover them with my lips and tongue and just slowly sucked up and down while jerking him off like he had taught me. With my other hand I tickled his balls like before while he ran his fingers through my hair telling me I was beautiful and sexy and grunting and suddenly my mouth was full of so much of his cum that it dribbled out of my nose. I was prepared for the experience of having sperm in my mouth and was even planning to swallow it since dad had explained that doing so would not make me pregnant and would not hurt me but I was unprepared for the sheer volume of sperm overflowing in my mouth. Dad went silent and went limp and his penis shrunk in my mouth, something I was also prepared for. It took a couple of minutes to swallow everything in my full mouth and wanting more I licked the rest of his penis.

    After dad came too he reiterated how much he loved me but this time he told me he was in love with me. I told him I was in love with him too. I understood what in love meant. It meant that dad felt about me the way a man feels about his girl friend or wife. I felt the same way about him.

    For the next three years we did this almost every night. Then one night when I was ten and rubbing my crotch all over him writhing in pleasure after a long session of exchanging oral sex I realized that I was rubbing my pussy on my Dad's erection. Then I realized what it was my body was doing without my head being in control and I let my body take complete control of the situation and just did what felt good and what felt good was pushing down on his cock. I tried hard to force as much of myself onto his erection as I could. I was on top and I needed him in me badly. I had had several orgasms already and it had been over an hour since Dad last came in my mouth and I knew he was ready again and I just felt myself go insane with lust. I was in heat and needed his cock in me more than I needed life. I pushed down as hard as I could be I was just not strong enough and demanded he get on top and put it in me. He rolled us over and got on top and finally I felt the wonderful pressure of his cock head against my hymen. he asked if I was sure and I just reached up and pulled his mouth to mine and screamed "do it" into his mouth. A second later he plunged all the way inside me to the hilt. I wrapped my legs around him and like a cowboy spurring his horse I dug my heals into his ass and urged him on by kicking my heals repeatedly into his butt cheeks. He got the message and started to fuck me violently. The harder he fucked me the harder I wanted him to. I felt the orgasm begin to build and finally explode as he pumped harder and faster and deeper. I screamed my pleasure into his mouth while he tongue fucked my throat. My arms were around his neck holding on for dear life. I was fucking him back almost as hard as he was fucking me as orgasmic wave after orgasmic wave overwhelmed me again for the best cum of my entire live. I was a mindless horny animal in heat. the bed was drenched with out juices. I was limp, exhausted from pleasure but Dad bless him kept pumping over and over. Finally I felt his sperm gush into my cervix and fill my womb. I had the vague thought in the back of my mind that he had just put a baby or perhaps better still more than one baby inside me and the bliss was more than my ten year old mind could take and I passed out again into dreamland where I dreamed more beautiful dreams.

    It took three years of practice before Dad finally got me pregnant. He is the most wonderful man in the world. He is my god and I worship him with the depth of my being. He is my lord and master and I am his grateful slave. We live as husband and wife, slave and master. There is no command he could give me that I would not eagerly jump to obey. I have consciously and deliberately chosen to fanatically obey and please Dad in any way he wants. I reverently interpret the slightest suggestion as a commandment by my lord, master and god. My body, mind and soul are his for eternity. I would kill for him. I would kill myself for him if he told me it would amuse him. He is the only reason to exist. Every word from his mouth is a religious experience. He created me and he molded me into a lump of quivering euphoric bliss. There is no god but dad and I worship him more than I have words to say how.

    Our son is now 11 years old. Dad has told me that one day he will be dead and our son will be alive. I told dad that I will kill myself on the day he dies but he commanded me instead to devote myself to our son beginning on the day he dies and that I should worship our son the way I worship him. Dad is wise. Wiser than I shall ever be. I love our son and while I do not look forward to the day Dad dies, when he does I will become my son's slave and worship him like I worship Dad.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I wish laws prohibiting sex with children would be rescinded so I could fuck babies. They are so sexy with their tight little pussies. I hate that I had to do three years in prison for fucking a 2 year old. That baby was shit out of it's mother's k**t just for me to fuck it. It was tight as hell which felt awesome to fuck. The only thing I regret was that I got caught and could not continue to fuck that sweet little fuck toy until she got too old which would be around ten. I wish I had started to fuck her when she was born, that would have been even hotter but I didn't meet her mom until the little fuck hole was 2.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I'm a part-time actress. I've made three commercials so far. I spent two days away from home filming a commercial a few months ago. I played cheerleader number two. Me and another "cheerleader" basically just fawned over this famous football player while he struts and talks. There was no heavy lifting.

    I had a room at a shitty hotel and jumped at the chance to go out the first night with the girl playing cheerleader number one. She's a really attractive black girl who's a year younger than me. We were friendly on set and spent a lot of time together making the best of it. She invited me out that night and we grabbed a few drinks. She was dressed very sexy as was I. I don't get a lot of freedom like this so I was really enjoying myself.

    Around midnight she was texting with someone. She told me she was invited to a party and asked if I wanted to go. I said sure and we went. Well the party was actually just going to the football player's hotel suite. It was just him and us. I was like "oh shit" and whispered "wtf" to my friend but she laughed and said it would be fine.

    Well this guy is really good looking and sexy. He's very tall, has beautiful eyes, is so well built and has the most gorgeous caramel skin I've ever seen. I was worried he'd be upset I had tagged along. It was obvious he was interested in my friend. He was a perfect gentlemen though and even flirted with me as much as he did my friend. When I had a second I told her I could grab a cab if she wanted to be alone. She said no, that he knew we were together and had invited both of us. She said he wanted a threesome. She squeezed my thigh and smiled when she said it then gave me a sweet kiss on the lips.

    Now, I'm a closet bisexual but no one I know is aware I'm attracted to women. I've only had two sexual experiences with women and both were awkward. I had pretty much written off ever experiencing a positive experience with a woman. And here I was alone in a town where no one knows me, with a beautiful woman I enjoyed being with offering herself and the beautiful man we were with. When she asked me if I was into it I nodded yes.

    As soon as I agreed she started kissing me. I kissed her back and her hands were holding me, touching me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. She sat on my lap facing me and I just held her tight kissing her neck, enjoying her body warmth, her softness, her tenderness. I held her tight just rubbing her body while we softly kissed for several minutes. It was such a good comforting feeling to finally hold a woman like this in my arms.

    The guy sat down to watch as we became more passionate. We removed each other's clothes. It was good that I was a little buzzed and that my inhibitions were lessened or I might have been too nervous with a man watching us. She was so great though, her fingertips gently goading my nipples before she softly starting sucking them. She was taking the lead and I was happy to let her. The things she did to my breasts were so comforting and arousing I just let her go as long as she wanted. When she had her fill she slid up and gave me what amounted to a sensual lap dance, brushing her breasts across my face, nipples scr****g across my mouth, me kissing them, kissing her tight stomach, her belly button down to her panties then she'd slide back up to give me her breasts again.

    The guy was enjoying watching us, not saying much but humming when we did something he really liked. He really liked when she slipped off her panties then started kissing my still panty covered pussy before kissing her way up to my mouth where we French kissed before she went further, giving me her breasts, her stomach then her pussy. She was so soft and smooth, the little goose bumps standing out on her brown skin, her slit thick and hiding her lips. I kissed her softly between her legs then she slowly spun around and slid back down. Her left breast was at my mouth. My hand was on her stomach.

    I gently sucked her nipple into my mouth massaging it with my lips and slid my hand down between her legs feeling her silky softness. I rubbed her slit after she opened her legs. She was warm and her slit was tight. I rubbed her clit then her slit again. My fingers finally managed to split her lips just a little letting me rub between them and I finally felt her wetness. The more I sucked and rubbed the more wetness I felt. She lifted her right leg in the air so that her pussy was exposed to my fingers and to our man friend's eyes.

    I looked at him and smiled seeing his eyes focused between her legs as I played with her pussy. She was moaning and starting to move her hips. Her leg grew tired, it would sink then she'd lift it. I reached and grabbed it to hold it up for her giving me full access to her pussy. I was still rubbing her slit then her clit and she was starting to drip. I let my middle finger find her hole. It popped in but she was really tight. I slid it in deep then fingered her as she loosened up. Then I got a second finger in and I slowly fingered her feeling he tight soft wet hole.

    We were both breathing hard while I fingered her like this. I was in heaven. I went back to her clit and she was ready. She was moaning and gripping my neck, squirming her hips, rolling them. He came over to take over holding her leg for me. She spread her other leg across mine and I kept rubbing her hard little clit. She started gasping and death gripped us both when she came, clenching her jaw and breathing hard through her teeth she had a body shaking orgasm for me. I was thrilled feeling so accomplished lol.

    After she had recovered she kissed us both laughing and happy. He took us both by the hand and walked us to the bedroom, her nude and me in my panties. When we got to the bed he slid my panties to the floor and stripped in front of us. His body was long, muscular and lean. He dwarfed us. He was semi-hard and hung. He was painfully sexy. He started kissing me and pushed me down to the bed. While kissing, she moved between my legs to eat me out. She was so good, teasing me to the point of orgasm, then fingering me, back to my clit to lick me to the edge then slipping her tongue in my hole she kept me on the edge while he replaced his lips with his now hard cock, brushing my lips with the wet tip, my tongue tasting him, wanting to suck him. His cock was the largest I've experienced and was a challenge but I managed. It was hard to concentrate on pleasuring him while she was teasing my clit so deliciously. He pushed deeper and soft fucked my mouth while she pushed me to a massive orgasm. This time she stayed on my clit. I screamed around his cock which was deep in my mouth as I came so hard for her. She sucked my clit til my last spaam was finished then kissed and cuddled between my legs.

    He pulled out of my mouth and went to her while I rested. He fucked her as I lay beside her brushing her hair and gently playing with her breasts. It was amazing to watch him fuck. He was so big and so hard. He was in such great shape he had amazing moves and never slowed down. She was in ecstasy as he pumped three quarters of his amazing dick in and out of her again and again. She grabbed me and came again, harder this time, louder, wetter, her pussy squishy and misty as he pumped her, his stamina letting him pump from above so I could watch his caramel cock fuck her. He said "oh shit" and sped up. She groaned as he fucked faster and faster lifting her legs and she came again just as he yelled "yeah" and went faster before pulling out to spray cum all over her stomach. He rolled off after to rest. I grabbed a warm cloth to clean them both up then we all snuggled for awhile and rested.

    I thought we were done and was a little disappointed I hadn't experienced his cock but he wasn't done. After a rest he sucked on my breasts and really got into it, fingering me and sucking. Then he rolled me over and I was like oh oh. His cock was steel when he slid into me from behind. He took his time and it was uncomfortable at first but he kept wetting me and my own juices were flowing and in a minute he was fucking me from behind. His thickness felt wonderful stretching my pussy. I managed to find a great position that allowed him to fuck me hard and deep. It hurt but the pleasure was too good. He was slamming his balls against my clit. I was surprised I was taking his entire cock but I was doing it. I am always sensitive in doggie and it was worse with his big dick and stamina. I came three times before he took it easy on me slow fucking me and enjoying it. I recovered and noticed that she was right next to me with her pretty pussy right there. I wanted to eat her at that moment. I'd never eaten a woman to completion and this was probably going to be my last chance.

    I pulled her over to me. She spread her legs and settled in while I devoured her pussy, sucking her lips, her clit, licking her wet slit, tongue fucking her, flicking and licking her clit. While she enjoyed my tongue, I realized I was enjoying his cock. He was fucking me hard again and I was close. She was close too. I focused hard on getting her off and I did. She grabbed my head and grinded my tongue and I was there too still licking her clit when I came.

    He kept fucking me for another few minutes before he too got off. This time he didn't pull out but came inside of me filling me with his warm cum which was a wonderful finish. We spent the night, all three of us, asleep in his bed.

    I flew home two days later, back to my normal life. My normal married life. To my sweet loving supportive husband. I felt guilty for weeks and still do. But our families came over to watch the commercial when it aired. They cheered me on and wanted to know what the football player was like in person. I had to tell them he was a nice guy to work with. I said it with a soaking wet pussy as seeing the commercial had made me horny and wet. I still get wet whenever I see that commercial even when it's with my husband. I've snuck off to masturbate more than a few times because of that commercial.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    One of my best friends arrived back two weeks ago from a fifteen month trip, working in another city. He returned with a beautiful woman in tow, his new wife Holly. What my friend doesn't know is, when I was 19, I and another friend had an amazing overnight fuck fest with Holly in a hotel, at her older sisters engagement party. She is still the dirtiest slut I've ever fucked. What we didn't do sexually, you could write on the back of a postage stamp. We both skull fucked her hard making her gag. We licked and sucked on her pussy and asshole, finger fucked her pussy and asshole. Fucked both her pussy and ass. Then we double fucked her and had Holly lick and suck off our juiced up cocks after we'd cum up her ass. When my friend fell asleep, I took Holly into the shower and had her lick suck on my balls asshole, before I power fucked her asshole again as I forced her up against the shower wall, until we both came. Then Holly wanted me to try something new with her. She wanted me to fist fuck her. I did so, firstly up her soaking wet pussy, slowly and gently. Then using some soap, I fist fucked her where she really wanted it, up her asshole, also gently at first, then as her ass got used to my fist, harder and harder until she had a fucking awsome orgasm on my hand and wrist. My friend woke up after we got back from the shower and it all started again. By the time we left the hotel, my friend and I were sexual wrecks. We left Holly curled up and sexually contented in the bed fast asleep, with cum oozing out of her pussy and ass.
    The reason I've put this confession into the cheating section, Is that Holly briefly called by my apartment on her way home last night. Smiling a dirty smile, Holly asked me if I remembered the night in the hotel. She knew I had by what she said next "I think when ***** visits his mom next week, I should call by again, only, then I think you should invite me into your shower, with you". Holly stepped upto me, kissed me hard on the mouth, gently rubbed my cock through my sweat pants and winked as she walked back down to her car.
    ***** is one of my best friends, but I'm so tempted to text Holly to let her know she's more than welcome to share a shower and my bed with me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I awoke in a motel three mornings ago. I'd been stranded overnight trying to get home to my wife and family, but the weather had defeated me and many others. I literally got the last room available, otherwise I'd have been staying in my car. With nothing to do, I ventured out in the stormy weather, walking about a block into a bar. I had probably one too many drinks and don't really remember walking back to my motel room in the snow. The following morning I woke up having my cock sucked, and it felt fucking awsome.

    I knew it wasn't my wife, and looking down I came to see a young mans head bobbing up and down on my dick. I started to think about the night before and kind of remembered talking to him. I didn't however remember seeking sex or offering any. All the same he was giving me one hell of a blow job and I wasn't going to stop him. Holding his head I began to fuck his mouth and was very nearly on the verge of cumming. He pulled away, leant over to the bedside draw, took a condom off the top, opened it and then unravelled it down my cock. He didn't even ask me if I'd fuck him. All he did was slide upto me so I was spooning him, gripped my cock and put it to his asshole. I pushed forwards and my cock slid easilly into his rear hole. I didn't even know his name and didn't remember how or why I'd decided to fuck another male, but fucking him half asleep and still half hung over, was amazing. Each time my cock bottomed out up his asshole, he cried out, not in pain, but in pleasure.

    It was he who came first after I'd been fucking him for about ten minutes, as he'd been masturbating his small cock. His shaking as he orgasmed tightened his asshole around my cock and I flooded the condom up his ass. Moving himself off my shaft, he spun around lowered himself, removed the condom and took my softening dick into his mouth again. It was covered with my cum, so he greedily licked and sucked off every drop. When my cock was free of my own goo, he flopped onto his back and I saw him properly for the first time. What a very handsome young man. We spoke for the first time, that I remembered anyway, and I found out having not remembered hardly anything, what had happened the night before. How he'd come onto me, knowing I was drunk and knowing I was from out of town. How we'd fucked all over the motel room and in the shower. And how I been only to eager to do so. I also found out he'd only just had his eighteenth birthday. Apparently I was his present to himself

    For what it all was, not more than twenty minutes of remembered sex that morning, it was such an awsome time. And truely one of the best spontaneous times sexually I'd ever had. Before he left, he asked me if I passed his way often. I didn't as it was a detour to try and get out of the traffic the storm had brought. But I told him if he wanted to, I could meet him earlier in the day, as I had to be at head office twice a month. Swapping mobile numbers he smiled and walked out.

    I'm back at head office in a fortnight's time. He's already messaged me to tell me I'm more than welcome to empty my balls up his asshole again. I replied by letting him know what time I'd be at the motel for. I won't have been drinking then, so I'm going to make sure I understand what's going on and to explore my new found gay sexuality in every way I can.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 43

    I went to a company dinner dance with my husband Jack, and got seated with Jack on my right and a very dishy, single red headed young guy, he was very well mannered and at first I thought a bit shy. My husband was deep in conversation with who ever was on his right, as the evening continued and we all had some glasses of wine, I realise that the young guy is flirting with me, and I like it ! He asked me to dance, and was well mannered enough to ask Jack if he minded. The dance floor was so packed, all we could do was dance close and shuffle along. After a minute or 2 I could feel his cock up against me, just gently at first, but then harder. I thought I would tease him a little and thrust my pussy up against him, he wasn't shy at all, he pushed his cock hard against me, I responded, I loved it, and then he whispered to me that he wanted to fuck me, to tongue me, to suck my tits, and that he wanted me to suck his cock and come in my mouth, he said more, it was filthy but I felt my pussy getting juicy wet, by now he had a real hard on and it was nestling lovely against my c**t. After a few minutes we made it back to the table. As soon as we sat down I felt his hand on my leg, I smiled at him to let him know it was ok, he felt my stocking tops.
    I told Jack I was going to the bathroom, he was still talking. In the bathroom I took my panties off, when I went outside the young guy was waiting. He walked outside and I followed, there was a little wood at the back of the car park and we went in, it was dark enough. I leant against a tree, he knelt in front of me ,I spread my legs and he tongued me, deep, I held the back of his head and ground my c**t against his tongue, I came, the first time ever that I came that way. I bent over and he slid his cock up me, it wasn't that long but it was very thick, I could feel his big balls slapping off my bottom. He said he was gonna come and he did, deep up me, his cock was still hard, he told me to suck it, I knelt in front of him, he was leaning against the tree, I sucked his balls and put a wet finger into his bum hole, all the time he was saying how good it was, that he had a black friend who had a huge cock and he would love to watch me being fucked by him while I sucked his cock and other stuff too. I told him I wanted that and I still do. That night I would have done anything for him He came in my mouth, I had to swallow it all , I didn't want any on my dress. He pushed my top down and began to suck my nipples. My tits aren't huge or anything but I do have very big nipples and he loved them , I was juicing up again, I had his cock in my hand and it was hard again. He had his fingers in my soaking c**t, then he pushed a wet finger up my ass, I had forgotten how good that was, he worked his finger in and out, I rubbed my clit, I came, he told me to kneel down in front of him and then he splattered his cum over my tits. We walked back in, he said he was going to the bathroom, I wanted to sit next to Jack the way I was. He was still talking. I never saw the guy again, sometimes it's better that way. I wish the black guy thing could have happened though. I had been away from the table for half an hour. He had come 3 times, Jack can't do that in a month. There will be another dinner party next year, I don't think I'll top that. If I do I will confess it on here, writing this has been like living it again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 39

    I am a 39 year old stepmom! I teach dance and I wear shiny tights and leotards to my classes daily! This is hard to say so I will just get to the point! I want to tell you first this is completely true! I want my stepson! He is 17 and hot! Great body! Two sport athlete! Plays basketball and baseball! He is a very good baseball player! All the girls love him! He was dating 3 seniors in the 8th grade! I tease him all the time in my shiny tights and leotard and I know that he wants me too! I try to touch or get close to him every chance I get! He has rubbed my pussy through my jeans while he thought I slept on the couch, my pussy was so wet! It was actually running down my leg! When he finally stopped and left the room I went to the bathroom and I was so wet it went through my jeans! I want him to rub his cock on my pussy while I have my tights and leotard on! I want to jerk h off with my feet while I have on my shiny silky tights! I want to watch his cock throb for me! I want to feel his mushroom head in my mouth while I suck him off! I am waiting for his father to go away for a week in two months and I going to seduce him with my tights and leotards in high heels! I see and feel him looking at me all the time when I wear them! I have went into the bedroom when he's come home and not knowing I know was out with his buddies drinking. I would wait for him to pass out and I would have on only my shiny tights and I would sit next to him and rub his cock while I put my fingers deep inside my pussy! I have even out my pussy juice on his lips! When his dad goes out of town I am going to ask him if he could look at some of the outfits that I am wearing for the dance recitle! I am going to put my tights on and tease him until he can't take it anymore! I will then ask him what his favorite leotard is I wear and when he says I don't know I will tell him let me try them all on for you and you can judge! When I get to the red one with long sleeves that is very shiny I am going to start running my hand up my legs from my ankle up to my pussy and then I'm going to stand right in his face and rub my pussy right in front of him! I hope that he throws me down and ravages me!

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