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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    Itâs been a few years since my mom and dad got divorced. I stayed at the house with my mom and my brother went with my loser father. So itâs been just me and her for awhile and since the divorce my mom has become smoking hot! This is due to her very long workout sessions every day which given her this big beautiful tight ass and her tits are still so perky at age 50. My mom is very bad at covering herself so I get looks at her perfect tits constantly and because she mainly walks around in a big t-shirt and a thong i get to see her ass practically daily.

    Weâre very open to each other and I will always give her a compliment as she walks by which I get laughs in return. She likes to show off her ass to me and will let me even feel it at times. My boner becomes very obvious when she finishes up and she always makes a little comment about it. Even one time I told her I was going to have to take care of this thing which caused her to get an evil grin while she went towards her room. Just when I payed down to jerk off a minute later I got a text from my mom that said hereâs some help and it was a beautiful booty picture she just took. In my horny state I immidiately took a picture of my rock hard dick and said thank u. It was the 1st time my mom saw my hard dick and just responded laughing emojis and said itâs about time I got to see that thing.

    One day while getting out of the shower my mom passed by and started talking to me and I decided to just pull my towel off like nothing was happening. Without stopping her sentence she just stared directly at my dick not even trying to hide it. She took her sweaty gym shirt off leaving her with just her bra on clearly on purpose because she then mentioned that I have such a pretty cock which caused it to shoot up to life. We both laughed and she admitted she would like to see it around a little bit more. We laughed as I promised her I would and even asked if she wanted to give it a test ride. We both laughed and she said she may have to soon.
    I really hope sheâs not joking

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    I am a single father with two daughters. I have had a nylon/pantyhose fetish since I was a young boy. I often times let the girls fall asleep with their tights/pantyhose on then take pictures and have a wank. I feel guilty, but the thrill is incredible....

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Years ago on the Forth of July I went to San Gregorio Beach in California. I'm a Christian man, but I like the nudist lifestyle and have gone to places like Baker Beach, Black Sands Beach, Lupin Lodge, Sequoians, and Laguna del Sol and when given the chance, I will return to those places with my wife. I'm married now, but was not then.
    I was struggling with a lot of sexual desires at the time and was hoping for a sexual encounter at the beach. I sat on the beach nude for awhile and walked over to one of the wooden coves (or whatever you call those wooden structured areas on that beach). Another nude man walked over to me and we started talking. I gave him a false name and I think his name was David. During our conversation he occasionally touched his cock. He told me he found me attractive and I said he did too. I wasn't sure if he was attractive or not honestly. I just wanted to try gay sex.
    He asked if I was clean and I said yes and I asked the same of him. He then started stroking my cock which I started to let get hard. He got on his knees and started sucking me. It felt strange but good. I have had sex with about 25 different women but never with a guy. A blow job given from a man is really good. He knew exactly how to make me feel good.
    I then sucked his cock for a bit. It was salty but thinking back on the experience I liked it.
    He led me over to his own little cove and I laid down on the beach towel he had as he started sucking me again. I rubbed his back and couldn't believe that I, a Christian, was letting another guy suck me. He then put on a condom with some lube and put his dick in me slowly starting to fuck me. I really liked it. I had a girlfriend finger me in the ass during sex before and I enjoyed it then, but this was intensely more pleasurable. I orgasmed a few times and the last time he was stroking my cock with his hand while his cock was fucking me and I shot cum all over. He handed me a towel and I cleaned myself up. He then offered me a condom (he had a few sizes with him) and I started fucking him. I felt amazing and I liked stroking his cock while I fucked his ass.
    While I was fucking him I looked around and saw two nude men walking our way and I panicked. I quickly pulled out, rushed over to grab my clothes and put them on, and then made my way up off the beach to my car.
    On the drive home I questioned myself if what I did was right. How could a Christian have gay sex.
    I had sex with a girl I knew the next day to "feel better." I had sex with three other girls until I met my wife and we had sex a few times before marriage. By no means was I living how I should have been.
    My wife doesn't know. No one but my female coworker knows about what I did years ago on that beach. However, from time to time, I do wish I could have sex with a guy again. The sex is more raw and uniquely pleasurable. I beat myself over what I did, but looking back on the experience I did enjoy it and really wish I could have sex with a guy again. It would have to be secret and a one time affair, but part of me is strongly considering it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    I dated my wife for about 2 and a half years before we got married. We met through a mutual friend in San Francisco shortly after she graduated from college. I originally came from Missouri and she and her mom came here from Hefei, China. My wife came for school and her mom came a year later to be with her.
    After the third date my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I had sex. We had been with other people before we met each other and agreed that there was no point in waiting. Unfortunately, the first night we had sex her mom had come home early and caught us in the middle of the act. They had a small apartment in the upper Sunset and I lived in San Mateo. I went up to SF each time to date my girlfriend and we were at their place when we decided to have sex for the first time. Her mom was upset and yelling at us in Mandarin. I quickly got dressed and left. I seriously thought our relationship was done at that point, but my girlfriend called me back the next day, apologized for her mom's freakout and wanted to meet up again.
    We kept having sex most nights that we met up and decided to have sex at my place in San Mateo, but after two months we got a bit too wild and had sex at her place again and were caught... again. Honestly we should have seen that coming. My girlfriend and mom argued in Mandarin while I tried to grab my clothes across the room. Her mom saw all of me in the process even though I tried my best to cover myself. Later my girlfriend explained that she and her mom argued about her having sex. She said she was old enough to make her own decisions and her mom eventually gave in and accepted us having sex, but said that we can't have sex at their place.
    Later that week my girlfriend began traveling for her new job at one of the major tech companies in the Peninsula. She travels 2-3 times or more per month with many of her trips lasting from 4 days to a week each domestically and internationally. She left for a week long trip and the next day her mom texted me in Mandarin. I had to translate it as I barely spoke any Mandarin. Her mom can barely speak more than a sentence or two in English (I mostly rely on my wife to translate). She was asking me to come over to their place.
    After work I headed their apartment. She greeted me at the door in a silky robe. She let me in and I asked if everything was okay and hoped she understood. She took off her robe to reveal a very sexy transparent nighty. She had no underwear on and I could see her shaved pussy. Her daughter had shaved hers, but didn't realize her mom had done the same. I was taken aback and started stammering asking "What?" and "Why?"
    She said in broken English that "You fuck my daughter. You and I fuck." I asked "What about your husband?" Her husband was still back in China working and they video chatted a few times a week. She shook her head and said "no worry. You and I fuck." She came close to me and placed her hand over my jeans on my cock and smiled. I paused and hesitated, but her mom was very attractive. She was in her 50s, but still looked amazing and was thin and had small breasts like her daughter. I gave in and took off my shirt as she unbuckled my pants and slid them off with my underwear. She grabbed my cock and started sucking. After she sucked me for awhile we kissed and then got on the bed. I didn't have any protection and she was the first women I ever fucked without a condom. We fucked every night that week until my girlfriend came back. She had no clue what happened.
    Her mom and I made it a habit to have sex almost everytime my girlfriend went on a business trip. I actually had more sex with her mom and prefered her over my girlfriend who I saw very little of due to her job. The language barrier was challenging at times, but never was an issue when her mom and I took off our clothes and fucked.
    I proposed and within 6 months after we got married. The only time I ever met my wife's dad was during the wedding. It felt awkward, but he had no idea the affair I was having with his wife. After we got married, my wife and I got a larger apartment in Redwood City and her mom moved in with us. My wife kept traveling and I was able to start working from home more often which gave my mother-in-law and I more time to be intimate.
    Last year my wife got pregnant but had a miscarriage. It was hard for her and we have decided to hold off trying to have kids for awhile. I'm still having an affair with her mom six years into our marriage. One of these days we might get found out and I don't know what I'll do. I consider myself lucky though to have fairly regular sex with my beautiful mother-in-law. Part of me wishes I could have married her, but part of me still loves my wife. I will keep on having this affair until we decide to stop or get found out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 52

    I was 13 or 14 years old when this happened.

    It was during the summer months when this girl who was 16 was spending a few weeks with her aunt and uncle. Since she was the same age as my friends sister they spent a lot of time together. I remember this girl swearing a lot and she had brought over magazines that my friends sister and her would look at. The magazines were porn magazines and of naked guys. They never actually let us read the magazines with them but regularly flashed us some of the pages and joked about if we looked like them and to show them. My friend was more vocal than me and would always be the first to say there was no way we would. My friend did say to me he was curious to see the magazines but there was no way he was going to do what they wanted. He suggested they may let us see the magazines if we stripped down to our underwear for them and asked how I would feel about doing that. I was curious myself about seeing the magazines but was a little nervous about stripping down even though it was to just to my underwear and told him so. He said we should just do it. I remember mentioning to him that his sister sees him in underwear, and even naked sometimes, so it was easy for him as it was really only one new girl who would see him for the first time but for me it was me going to be 2 girls. He convinced me to do it and suggested we make them the offer to strip to our underwear next time they ask us to show them.

    The next time they asked us to show them we said we would strip to our underwear which seemed to surprise them. They said they still wanted us naked but eventually agreed to let us see a magazine but only one magazine. We went to his sister's bedroom where we locked the door and my friend and me stripped to our underwear. They let us look at one of the magazines while they looked at us. I felt weird looking at the men in the magazine especially with them being so naked and posing the way they were. They asked if we wanted to see another magazine and both of us said we did. His sister and her friend said if our underwear came off we could look at all the magazines. My friend immediately said there was no way we were doing that. I surprised my friend, and probably the girls too, when I asked if I could see all the magazines if my underwear came off. The girls said yes and my friend asked if I was really planning to do it. There was something about seeing the naked guys in the magazine that made me more open to the idea. I stood up and took them off. My friend was very shocked and the girls seemed to be surprised I actually did it. Once they got their first good looks at me the girls suggested I pose like the the guys in the magazines. I was now mimicking the guys in the magazine and remember being very comfortable in doing so. The girls, and even myself, tried to convince my friend to take his underwear off but he was refusing. I knew I was doing something I shouldn't be but for some reason once I was naked I felt more comfortable than when I had only my underwear on. I had never felt like this before and I liked the attention I was getting. When we heard my friends mother calling for us we all ended up in a panic. We quickly got dressed and that was it for that day.

    For the remaining time the girl was around I would get naked for the girls when they asked. I found being naked was very comfortable and didn't mind being that way in front of them. I don't know what my friend thought of all this because when the 4 of us were together, and they were all fully clothed, I was fully naked.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    I love older women and always have. Looking for a married woman 55 to 65 in Kent county RI for some oral, I like giving and receiving.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Looking for an older bi curious married guy in Kent county RI for a jerk off buddy and some oral.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I am a "straight" married male and to all that I present to but secretly, I have sucked my friend's cock more than a dozen times or more. I tried with another guy, but I wasn't as into as with my friend and didn't get off. The guy I blew did. I just sucking and jerking off my friend's cock. The first time was great, he keep saying he was going to cum as if I would stop, I didn't and let him cum in my mouth. After that it was bkowjibs for the both of us for a while over the course if years. I really want to suck his cock again. I loved the smooth skin, his secnt, and having him cum in my mouth.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    Every weekday afternoon if we get chance to, my sons friend Chris fucks me in what I call a quickie. It's all I need to orgasm so intensely from his large cock, and he's not bothered which hole he fucks me in either. I'm not the prettiest woman out there yet better than average, or have the best body, but I am slim. I however do adore sex which is something my husband can no longer keep up with me for. He tries but fails to even make me orgasm most times. So Chris one afternoon this time last year, said yes when I offered him my pussy and asshole in our kitchen. He's no stayer, and often cums relatively quickly. But he does have a really nice long thick cock, and hammers away at whatever hole he fancies fucking that particular day. I always climax hard and usually more than once in the ten or so minutes he gives it to me. I wouldn't say we make love or anything close to it, yet I do have him lick me out these days after he's fucked my pussy and ass. It's not something that will last, but whilst it does, I'm going to have his cock deep inside me as much as I can.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 18

    I got laid for the first time a little over a year ago. I was 17, she was 16 and I only got to fuck her twice. Her parents found out she was having sex, called her a slut and whore, made her stay inside all the time, then her dad got a transfer to another city and for over a year it's been me and my hand. A friend of mine who is 22 with a super hot girlfriend, has a girl on the side that he said would fuck me if he said to do it. But . . . I was waiting for this - she is fat, unattractive (read that buttugly), has smallish for her size but floppy tits and is a total cock and cum whore. We met and his description wasn't wrong. He told her to let me fuck her whenever I wanted. She is 24, 5ft. 4in, weighs 235, short black hair except that on her pussy, her hair is very thick and probably 5 inches long or more. I really wasn't interested, my friend I know would have her gangbanged while he watched by up to 12 to 15 guys sometimes, mostly 5 to 8 but still. He said that she'd been fucked by over 125 cocks and admitted it to anyone. I just couldn't bring myself to get with her, but my friend was about to dump her soon, and knowing I needed to get into her before he did that, and couple that with the fact I was a little drunk and a lot stoned two nights later, I ended up calling her and going by her house.

    She had a robe on and was naked underneath it. I went into the house, and the robe came right off, and she told me to come on back as I followed her into the bedroom, watching a massive ass wiggle on top of thick thighs as I went. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy as we walked and she just told me she was getting herself wet so I could get in easier. No kissing, thank heavens, no foreplay, she got herself wet and I'd get to fuck, cum and get outta there. She laid on the bed spreading her legs and reached down to spread her pussy lips showing me a wet, opened hole in that pink pussy. I mean OPEN, it just hung open about the size of a quarter or bigger. I kept my tee shirt and socks on, took off my pants and underwear, jacked off a bit and she told me to come up to her. I put my cock at her head and she started sucking. It felt really good, she was an expert. I got hard and she pulled it out and asked me if I wanted to cum in her mouth first, or go inside her. I pulled out, got between those huge thighs and stuck it inside the wet, open, well-used pussy. I laid over on top of her big belly, which put my head near one of the reddish colored nipples of her tit and I closed my eyes as I started sucking her tit and fucking her. She was talking a streak, dirty shit talking, it was actually hot, she was begging for it, begging for cum, thanking me for giving her cock, begging me to cum in her c**t. She called it a c**t. Eyes closed I imagined I was inside my friends hot girlfriend, I blew off in 10 minutes or less. As I shot up her she was practically crying as she was thanking me for cumming in her.

    Eventually I rolled off her and she immediately started sucking my cock and licking my balls, cleaning my dick and balls totally of all her juice and my cum. Most of the cum spilled right out of her and she licked and swallowed it all off me, and licked me clean of her pussy juice and there was a LOT of that. I'd never heard of a woman licking cock after and cleaning up that way and I got hard again. She asked if I wanted to fuck again, and I put my finger between her ass cheeks and said that I would love to fuck her. She said sure, and got on all fours, fingered her pussy juice up to her asshole and I mounted her shoving my cock hard and fast into her asshole for my first anal fuck. Again all the dirty talk was pretty hot. She fell down off all fours as I was pumping in and out of her with all my power, and I was laying on top of that fat ass and just pummeling it while she was telling me to fuck her shithole, ram her raw, make it so she couldn't shit right for days. It only took me about 20 minutes to cum the second time. With that, I laid back again and she again, used her mouth to clean my messy cock, and it was messy. She licked it all up even tonguing my taint and butt to get anything off.

    I pulled on my pants and said thanks that it had been over a year for me getting any pussy. She admitted that I was the fourth guy to bang her that day. Inviting me to stay or to come back, I told her I might be back again. I found myself the next morning at her door and inside her asshole again this time with her bent over the back of her couch in her living room. I didn't wait for the bedroom, she was naked, I told her to bend over the couch and get her ass wet and spread 'em. She obeyed like the slut she is. I tried talking dirty too and was calling her a cockwhore, a cumslut, making her admit that she loves cock, she did it all. I made her tell me about her first BJ, her first fuck - which was with 3 guys when she was 13 - and her first assfuck. Afterward I laid her down and licked her pussy, something the other girl I fucked wouldn't let me do. She was practically crying and thanking me. I realized that with a cock whore/slut like her I shouldn't have done it but I did, nothing else to say. She offered to let me do anything I wanted to her, anytime, any place. Not being that experienced I really didn't know what kink I'd like to explore, but couldn't pass up the chance. I am going back later today, I want her to let me watch her pee. I used to "accidentally" walk in on my sister and even my mom peeing and want to watch. I asked her on the phone if she wanted her cumwhore pussy licked again and she jumped at the chance. I told her not to let anyone fuck her before I eat her and she agreed. Then I told her to start drinking a lot of water and tea to prepare for the bathroom when I get there. I thanked my friend for telling her to fuck me, at least I can get some relief until I get a girlfriend.

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