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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    So I've been with this girl for 3 years and we have broken up our relationship for a month...Now we are together again and during our sex we've been talking dirty and she told me that firsth evening during our break up she was outside clubbing in this club near the river and let a guy older than her (in his forthies,she is 25) fuck her on the nearby bridge,fuck her pussy and fuck her in her ass for about an hour and left her on the floor full of cum in her pussy,ass and all over her face only said nice to meet you you dirty slut,if I've ever meet you again you'll be used like this... She talked and talked about it, that she enjojed being such a used slut girl and that was the best sex of her life... I cummed like a fuckin horse leaving myself and her breathless but in the end she said sou you like me being a slut,don't you...

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    My name is Barry and I have confessed my embarrassing moments on here before, usually having to do with my extensive cock-sucking. There is some cock-sucking in this confession too. The neighbor couple come over to my place to "play" with me sometimes. They came over this past weekend and started with the girl asking me to strip down to my panties. As a side note, I have been wearing panties for several years. The details of why and what could be a different confession.
    When I stripped down to my panties for her, I happened to be wearing a tiger-print thong. She thought it was really cute and wanted me to do some tiger imitations before we got started. So, I prowled around on my hands and knees making growling sounds and clawing at the air. She then told me to freeze and pouch my ass in the air. That is when she began to spank me and her boyfriend approached me from the front and shoved his cock in my mouth. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, she panty-pounding me into oblivion and he face-fucked me into total mindmush. This little tiger really enjoyed that cock-gagging and my poor little tushie was so sore. YIKES-A-RAMA!!!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 26

    My wife and our nice gentle Lab have been having sex for about 2 years they adore each other and really enjoy it, initially we stretched my wife with large butt plugs and dildoes along with plenty of lube so she could comfortable accept him and take his knot it took about three months to have her ready for the initial mounting, in between times my wife would get nude and play with him so he would be randy and blow in her hand, when she was ready we showered dried each other off and she went to the lounge mat where I lubed both her and him then she lay with legs raised and I guided him in he humped her for quite some time and she had three nice orgasms then he knotted and gave her a large load I held him in her till he subsided and was ready to pull out it was very sexy, they used to only do it when I was there because one time he got excited and swung his leg over and they were stuck bum to bum I had to pour cold water over them so he could release however now they are very experienced and she can do it whenever they like just the two of them but I do like watching, my wifes young girlfriend came over and my wife put on a show for her she liked it so much she asked if she could have the dog do her so currently she is in training preparing what a lucky dog she is a real looker with a wounderfull body we both inspect her and see how large she is taking the toys and she is nearly there for her initial mounting I will attend in the same capacity as with my wife it will be just so great watching them, that dog is ever so lucky

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 47

    It's been months since we had sex...drunken anniversary missionary sex.

    Last week, however, after getting rejected, I lay awake reading erotic stories. I started stroking my cock right there in bed, and started getting seriously aroused. She rolled over and her ass was warm against me in loose, silky shorts. Usually, I'm considerate enough to leave when I get to that point, but that night, I was feeling lazy and suddenly aroused by her sleeping body...maybe I could wake her up gently and get her to play along...

    I gently caressed her ass, story forgotten, trying to bring her back from sleep to meet my aching cock.
    She kept snoring, even when my hand dipped lower, sliding along the soft hairs of her pussy.
    The tips of my fingers slid along her opening--my other hand stroked my cock steadily.

    Curling my middle finger up, I got the tip wet with her juices and circled her clit. I thought that would do it for sure, but her breathing never changed. I slipped one, then two fingers inside her as far as I could, pumping them gently in and out...nothing. I imagined it was my cock in that clasping, wet pussy, though, and started to feel myself climbing toward orgasm. Turning on one side, I pumped her pussy with the same urgency I was using on myself. Within a minute, the dual action of m****ting her sleeping pussy and stroking myself drove me over the edge--I exploded with cum like I haven't in a long time!

    For two days, I wondered why I wasn't feeling guilty. I knew that the word "m****t" was accurate. If I did that to a stranger or an acquaintance, I would be charged with sexual assault. Same for my wife, but I didn't care!

    Friday night, things got better--or worse. She went to the neighbor's house for a women-only party. They do it once a month at someone's house so no one has to drive. She ate too little and drank too much and came home at 11:30 wasted. She was asleep in minutes, and I was in bed a few minutes after that.

    There was no erotica this time--I went straight for her pussy. I worked two, then three fingers inside her, my thumb steadily grinding on her clit...she didn't stop snoring. With my slick fingers, I caressed her crack and slipped my middle finger into her ass--something she'd never stand still for during our usual sex life, or even in the good old days! It was incredibly tight, and my cock jumped with every clench.

    For a while, I alternated attention between her ass and pussy...she stayed tucked on her side and never changed her breathing. Feeling greedy for more, however, I rolled her on her back. She snorted, but lay peacefully once she settled into the new position. Pulling her tank top up, I sucked each of her nipples, and getting no response, I bit them gently, flicking my tongue across the tips. They got hard as little rocks, but she didn't react otherwise.

    With trembling hands I pulled one leg up to the side, spreading her wide enough to get between her thighs. My tongue dipped into her pussy and lashed her clit--the taste drove me wild! She never lets me finger her pussy deeply, but that night, I licked her from top to bottom and pushed so deep inside her that I bumped her cervix.

    I had a moment of panic then--her breathing changed, and she pulled her legs together. I barely got out of the way! When she settled, she was back on her side with her ass facing away from inconvenient! On the plus side, though, her snoring returned to a steady rhythm. After a moment of consideration, I got out of bed and walked around to her side. I tugged her shorts down over her ass again, thinking to stroke my cock and shoot onto her sleeping body. As I stroked, however, my hand returned to her pussy, and my thoughts started racing ahead...

    If she doesn't notice my fingers, I thought, how will she notice my cock? Her pussy was already slick with juice, and it took only a brief slide along her lips to wet the head of my thick seven inches. The head slipped inside, and I held still, waiting to see what happened...which was nothing. I stroked experimentally, but she kept sleeping peacefully in her stupor. I pumped deeper, feeling that clasping ring inside her that always grips the head of my cock so perfectly. Soon, my hips were tight against her ass, my cock bumping her cervix...and still, she slept.

    Slowly, with long strokes, I fucked my passed out wife. I pinched her nipples again, and reached down to tease her clit from the front. I even moved to once side and fingered her ass while my cock was inside her, feeling the pressure through her pussy wall against my cock. When I felt close to coming, I pulled almost all the way out and popped just the tip in and out of her pussy, feeling her lips grabbing at me with every stroke. Fortunately, I kept enough sanity to pull out when I came, shooting jets of cum across her silky skin...

    When I was done, I slipped back inside her to enjoy the shrinking. Whipping my T shirt over my head, I wiped up the cum before it dripped onto the bed. When my cock softened and popped out of her pussy, I wiped her gently, drying her pussy and ass, then tugging her shorts and tank top back into position. A strand of cum glistened at the tip of my cock, and I wiped it up with my finger, then let it drip between her parted lips and onto her tongue...she licked her lips and kept on snoring.

    The next morning, she apologized for passing out...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was 13 at the time and school was out for the summer and there were 5 of us all pretty much the same age that hung out together. Most of the time we hung out at Jeff's house mostly because both his parents worked and was gone from about 7 until 5 Monday through Friday. Sometimes we would go down to the school and play baseball or speed ball but on rainy days we would just hang out at the house and play board games or cards (as there were no video gamers back in the early 70's.
    Well it was a rainy day and we were hanging out at the house and decided to play truth or dare and if you got caught not telling the truth or back out of a dare you got 5 whacks with a fiberglass paddle. While playing it got to where there were some kind of sexual type dares from dropping your pants and showing your ass or dick and some extra things. Well it came down to me and I took the dare and was dared to put Bills dick in my mouth, didn't have to suck it but just put it in my mouth for 30 seconds.
    I hesitated but did it as it was soft and not that big. Mike was dared to stroke his dick for about a minute and it got pretty hard and I remember I kept staring at it because it was bigger then mine but then we got back to the game. The next time it was my turn I has dared to stick Jeff's dick in my mouth and let him hump my mouth for 15 seconds which I did and I felt him getting hard while in my mouth. Steve had to let me hump his mouth and I remember he actually sucked it a little while I humped his mouth which got me hard.
    This went on for about 2 hours and by the end of the day I actually was dared to (which I found out later to be what is known as 69-ing) lay on top of Bill and we each put our dicks in each others mouth and we actually started sucking each other while the others watched and of course started saying things. we pretty much ended the day there with neither of us cumming. Nothing was said over the next couple days the Jeff and I were down at the tracks hanging out when he asked about the other day and said it looked like I was enjoying sucking Bill's dick? I thought about it for a minute and said it wasn't bad. Jeff asked if I would try it with him because the most he ever done was stick his dick in someone's mouth.
    After a couple minutes of talking about it I said okay but it was between us which he agreed and I got on my knees and he pulled his dick out and I grabbed it and started stroking it and as it was getting hard I put it in my mouth and started sucking him, after a couple minutes I found I was liking it and started going faster and the next think I know he was shooting cum in my mouth which I spit out. He said that felt really good the we went about goofing off the rest of the day.
    2 days later Bill comes to me and says Jeff told him what I did and wanted it also which made me mad being Jeff said it was just between us. Well Bill kept bugging me about it so I finally agreed and sucked him off also but when he started to cum he grabbed my head and held me there and in turn it made me swallow. At first I thought I was going to gag but then it was over and it didn't seem so bad. Before the summer was over I guess I became to local cock sucker as there was at least 10 kids I would suck off pretty much whenever they asked and even dis 4 or 5 of them together one at a time while the others watched and would make comments.
    Over the next couple yrs I sucked a lot of guys off and got into letting a few top me and found I really like having a cock in my ass and shooting his load deep inside me. I guess it playing truth or dare has become my most favorite game I ever played and I know I wouldn't have changed a thing and have no regrets and now that I am no longer married I prefer dick over pussy

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Male / 40

    I need locking up I love underage school girls, I've fantasized about them and done some stuff please lock me up

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Male / 40

    Please lock me up I'm into children I'm a fuckimg weirdo, I love underage girls please lock me up there

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    About 5yrs ago my wife had to go out of State to spend a few weeks with her Mom that was having surgery. Thankfully I couldn't take that much time off from work to go. For one thing my mother in law and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, usually there ends up being an argument between us.

    The second reason is the fact that I lead a double life that my wife didn't know about until that fateful day. The fact is I'm a closet CD and have been for many years. I won't go into how that got started, just the fact that I am.

    My wife has a lot of family and she is always going to see them for a few days or a week or so at a time. Sometimes I'm stuck and have no choice but going with her, sometimes I really can't get the time off from work to go, thankfully!

    When my wife is away I have "parties" at my home with some of my CD friends I have met over the years. We get together and for the sake of time here, anything and everything can happen at times.

    The reason I have the parties is the fact I have a rather large home and a bit of property as well. I have lot of large shrubs and trees in the yard which allows some of my CD friends to arrive already dressed up for the evening. No looky-loo neighbors to see who comes and goes!

    On this particular night our party was in full swing so to speak, we even had several video camera's set up in rooms just in case some action take place. Normally action was happening in just about every room, depending on who wanted a little bit of privacy at the time.

    I was in the bedroom with Dani and we were having a bit of bdsm fun. Sometimes I enjoy the submissive role and Dani made sure I was going to get everything I wanted and more. Dani had me tied to the bed with my wrists bound on the headboard and my legs spread very wide and my ankles tied at each corner of the bed frame.

    I was wearing this black vinyl outfit with stockings and boots. Of course I had the makeup and red wig with thick curls cascading around my shoulders. Dani had already spanked my ass pretty well and it had to be cherry red by the way it stung now.

    Dani had just buried his hard cock into my ass and was fucking me like crazy when everything suddenly got stone silent. Dani's cock was still inside of me but he wasn't fucking me now for some reason?

    I heard heels on the hardwood floor and I assumed it was someone from the living room coming to watch the action. Everyone was wearing heels or boots, so I didn't think much about it until I heard my wife's voice behind me.

    I couldn't help but groan when Dani pulled out of my behind and climbed off the bed. I heard Dani's heels on the hardwood floor leave the bedroom. I waited for my wife to speak but she said nothing and also left the bedroom a moment later. Dani had really tied me good to the bed there was no way I could escape without help.

    I heard my wife telling everyone to get the hell out of the house, the heels on the floor sounded like a stampede almost. I could hear cars being started and soon there was total silence.

    I don't know how long I lay there on the bed tied almost in a spread eagle position, I was just glad that Dani had put a pillow under my stomach for support. Dani had also put a ball gag in my mouth, not able to speak or call out.

    Finally I heard my wife's heels on the floor behind me, I could almost tell she was standing at the bedroom door. There was no doubt she was looking at me, I could only guess what was going through her mind now.

    I heard her take a few steps into the bedroom, turning my head I could barely see her standing directly behind me at the foot of the bed. Then she spoke finally. At first her voice was soft but I could hear the tone of anger that raged just below. How could I possibly do something like this, and what made me this way? The questions were a string of statements that she wasn't ready for me to respond to.

    Suddenly without any warning a there was a sound of leather meeting the roundness of my bare ass. This insane amount of pain ripped through my body, my wife had struck me with the riding crop that Dani had used on me just a short time ago.

    My wife screamed at me her embarrassment to find a house full of cross dressers and her husband tied to the bed like a dog. The riding crop struck my other cheek and I cried out as I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. She kept asking me if I liked it and demanded that I answer her. How could I answer, my mouth gagged by the red ball shoved on my mouth and held tightly by the strap around my head.

    Dani had laid out assorted toys to use on me during our playtime together. There were dildo's and vibes and a small key, my wife saw it all. My wife wanted to know what the key was for, obviously I couldn't speak and my wife wasn't in any hurry to removed the ball gag. So I had to gesture as best as I could with my head. After several minutes my wife got the idea to look between my legs. In her anger she hadn't noticed the cock cage chastity device that Dani had locked around my cock.

    I heard her say "Oh my God!" and she walked out of the bedroom quickly, her heels hitting the floor and down the hallway. I was left to face more humiliation than I ever imagined. I tried again to break free from the ropes but Dani had tied me secure, at the time I wanted it more than anything.

    My wife returned again and took the riding crop to my ass again, I had tears running down my face when she suddenly appeared off to the of the bed near my head. Her voice was a bit more controlled for a moment when she dropped my phone down on the bed and told me to give her the password. She proceeded to tell me before she untied me that I was going to tell her everything she wanted to know, all of it was going to come out or I could stayed tied to the bed the way I was.

    I knew why she wanted my phone. When you find your husband in these compromising situations there are usually pictures involved, obviously my wife considered it after seeing the video camera's when she walked into the house. With the ball gag secured I had to spend a great deal of time telling her the password. The phone opened and she walked out of the bedroom once more, leaving me there to suffer even more. I already knew the pictures and video's my wife was going to find on my phone, most of them I had memorized and she would see them too.

    Her heels hit the floor and I felt the crop on my bare ass once more, she was screaming at me this was far from being over! I was in so much pain I barely heard anything else that she said. Then I felt the insertion of the dildo into my ass, my wife asking if that's what I really wanted more than her? I couldn't respond and basically collapsed onto the bed. It felt like she yanked the dildo out and tossed it onto the floor a few moments later.

    Then I felt her hand against my wrist, she untied my one hand and told me to figure the rest out on my own! Her heels walking out and back down the hall and then silence. I freed my other hand shortly after and had to almost contort myself trying to free my ankles several minutes later, oh the pain on my ass cheeks was overwhelming.

    The last to come off was the ball gag and I just laid on my side gasping for air it seemed while I tried to process all that had just happened to me. I found myself praying it all had been a very bad dream and everything was fine. It wasn't a dream and I had no idea what to do

    I stood up and the weight of the cock cage got my attention. I looked over at the table where Dani had put the key with the toys, the key wasn't there now. I made my way to our bedroom and began to undress. Usually I took another minute to look at myself before I put my male clothes back on, not this time. I slipped out of the black vinyl outfit, removed my fuck me boots and black stockings. I didn't see my wife again until I was dressed in the clothes any guy would wear. At some point I had to break the silence about the key to the cock cage. It wasn't going to come off without the key. My wife said she had the key and I was to wear it since I seemed to enjoy those things, she would give me the key when she was ready not before

    I started to walk out of the room when my wife asked me where my clothes were that I had taken off. I told her I put them in a bag and figured I would dispose of them. My wife turned and told me "No" I was not to dispose of those things until she told me too! In fact she had me bring the bag to her. Ball gag, boots, sex toys, in the bag? she wanted to know. I said it was all there.

    That was the end of our conversation for the entire week. We didn't eat, sleep, or have any conversation until the following Saturday afternoon. I got my phone back and of course all the pictures and video's were gone from my phone.

    Saturday I was in the back yard and my wife walked out with the bag I had given to her the previous week. She told me she was going out and when she returned she expected me to be wearing everything I had been wearing that day. I asked her when she was going to be back and she told me it didn't matter, just be dressed! I watched her walk into the house and heard her car pull out of the driveway a few minutes later. I looked at my watch and it was 3pm.

    It took me a while before I could bring myself to get dressed in those things I loved so much to wear. Usually I would be so hard by the time I got my stockings on, it was all I could do not to masturbate. This time my caged cock hung almost lifeless after everything that had happened. My wife informed me that she had better not find out I had removed the cock cage until she gave me the key to remove it.

    6pm came and went and then 9pm as well. I had been dressed since 4pm with no idea how long it would be before my wife returned. At 10pm I decided to lay down, I was mentally exhausted and just wanted to forget everything.

    At some point I felt someone touching me, almost pulling at my arm. I looked up to see my wife attaching a wrist cuff. She told me to give her my other hand without barely looking into my eyes. She was very dressed up, not the way she left home earlier in the day. She had a lot of makeup on, more than I had seen her wear in years. She also had a rather short skirt with patent heels and black stockings.

    Once my hands were pulled behind my back she had me get out of bed and sit down in a wingback chair. She took some ropes and tied my booted ankles to the front legs of the chair. Still not making eye contact she told me to open my mouth and inserted the ball gag and making sure it was secured tightly.

    For the first time she stood back and looked at me, but not with love as much as it was distaste. She told me that since I had embarrassed her she was going to do the same to me and tonight she was going to see how I liked it.

    Then she turned towards the bedroom door and called Jack. Suddenly a young man appeared in the doorway of our bedroom. He looked at my wife and then over at me and then at my wife once more. He was young, early 20's I was sure. very good shape, no doubt that he worked out. My wife told Jack about what she had come home to one week ago. She didn't leave much out and even walked over to me and lifted my vinyl skirt to show Jack the cock cage I was wearing. I felt not only embarrassed but humiliated in a way I never expected. Jack stared at me with a smug smile on his face.

    My wife turns and crawls onto the bed, heels still on. She tells Jack to come over and show my husband what it's like to make love to a woman. Jack looks at me and starts to remove his shirt. Solid bare chest with a perfect tan, he crawls onto the bed with my wife.

    They began to make out and soon my wife is breathing hard. Jack has his hands all over my wife's breasts, his mouth pressed against her's in a searing kiss. Their clothes start to come off but my wife tells Jack the heels and stockings stay on because she knows how much I must love them.

    My wife pulls Jack's briefs down and this long slender cock pops out. She glances over at me in my chair and slides her freshly painted lips over the head of his cock. Jack groans as my wife services his throbbing member. They roll into a 69 position and then Jack goes down on my wife with passion. My wife moans loudly and squirms on the bed as Jack puts his fingers into my wife's pussy.

    She begins to climax instantly, begging Jack not to stop licking her as she cums. Jack kneels up and takes my wife's legs and spreads them wide apart, his long cock is steel hard. Jack gets between her stocking legs and pushes his long cock into her wetness. My wife almost screams with pleasure, her hands on Jack's shoulders with her nails digging into his skin.

    Jack fucks my wife hard and she's cumming over and over again, sometimes Jack looks over at me and smiles. They go at it for almost an hour before Jack tells my wife he's about to shoot his cum. She begs for him to fill her pussy. Jack thrusts into my wife and throws back his head and groans, I know he's cumming inside of her now.

    Several moments go by and Jack slowly pulls his cock out of my wife, the head coated in his white cum and it's still hard. My wife lays there flat on her back, her ample breasts rise and fall with every breath she takes. Jack slides of the bed and walks over to me with his cock dripping cum on the hardwood floor. He reaches around and removes the ball gag and asks me if I want to clean his cock.

    My wife suddenly rises up on her arm from the bed, I can tell by her expression this part wasn't her idea. She asks Jack what's he doing and he tells my wife that her husband would probably enjoy this. The indisputable truth was I did. His young hard cock covered in his and my wife's cum made me drool. My cock pent up in the metal cock cage ached and my wife watched Jack put his cock into my mouth.

    With my hands secured behind my back I had only my mouth to use and I made the most of it while I had the chance. My wife sat up on the bed, her nipples were still rock hard from the sex she just had with Jack. She watched Jack feed me his cock, saw my mouth feast on the flesh and sticky cum from their sex.

    My wife called Jack's name, he only smiled down at me before he finally pulled his cock from my mouth. After a moment they gathered themselves and walked out of the bedroom leaving me there in the chair with the taste of their climax in my mouth.

    At some point my wife returned and untied me without saying a word. She started to walk out of the room but quickly turned and came back. She handed me the key to the cock cage and then left the bedroom.

    So now years later my wife and I are still together but we lead our own lives for awhile anyway. She goes out with other men and I assume they have sex. We show up together as a couple when we need to. She tells me when she going away and when she will be back, she told me to never expect her to arrive home early...................................... ....

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 51

    My next door neighbors have a 20 year old son that plays college basketball. He's black, about 6'3",and always cut lawns around our neighborhood as a teenager. I'd always thought he was a great kid. They're the only black family in our neighborhood. It's not a wealthy neighborhood but most of us earn in the $150-$250K range.
    I'm 51 yo white guy,my wife's a 41 filipina, and have been married for 15 years. We have two kids that are 12 & 10.
    I came home from work early last Friday.
    I walked in on "Derrick", the 20 yo, reclining on my couch making out with my wife "Julie" while her married blonde friend "Jenny",who lives three houses down, sucked his cock.
    He had a cock like an elephant trunk.
    My wife was completely naked and her friend only had on her panties.
    He saw me and just smiled. He knew I knew that he could kick my ass. He motioned towards the door with his head and I just walked out.
    I came back two hours later and my wife and her friend were cooking some food.
    They acted, and so did I, as if nothing interesting had happened that day.
    Later that evening the kid puled out in his car and smiled at me and waved as he drove by.
    I calculated there's at least 5 housewives on our street he's probably been fucking for several years now.
    I waved back like a doofus.
    I was afraid to confront him or my wife.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    We're married for 45 years, I'm 75 and my wife is 68.

    We've always had a good life together and a very satisfying sex life untill 3 years ago.
    Because of a prostate surgery I can't perform in bed anymore and I can't use viagra because my eye infection.

    My wife always was very sex addicted and after we've tried several things she couldn't deal not being penetrated by me. She became depressed and then we've decided she could take a lover for now and then.

    I didn't expect she found herself a young student of 24 who is fond of her old, much overweighted body. She calls him a few times a week and it looks like he doesn't study at all because practically every time he's here within a hour to be with her. She gives him financial support, perhaps that's the reason why he visit her right after she'd called him.

    I'm in the living room now and I can hear their moanings and groanings, they are almost two hours in her bedroom and it seems they still have not enough of it.

    I know I should allow her because I can't satisfy her anymore but I don't know how long I can deal with this because you might understand I'm very jealous of them have so much fun together. Anyway, she's not depressed anymore.

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