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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My wife is going through the change and her sex drive has fallen of the face of the earth. She doesnât crave sex at all and weâve discussed it. She was giving me daily handkobs just to keep some sort of thing in the bedroom going and she hates when I masturbate.

    She knows when I was a teen I had sex with a guy and she told me a month ago I can get a fwb as long as it is a male. No women fwb. I agreed to the terms and asked if she wanted me to wear a condom. She told me as long as heâs clean and itâs just us two having sex then no, cum in him if you want. Oh and she wanted to know everything time we had sex and would like to watch on occasion

    So the kids were staying at her parents this past weekend. I had been having sex with a 20 year old college boy for two weeks. Told him what I was looking for and he was into it. When I told him my wife wanted to watch he said heâs gay and that doesnât bother him at all.

    Invited him over Saturday evening and my wife was surprised I found a cute looking 20 year old as my regular. He was completely smooth and a tight body. I had him in just his briefs sitting in the couch as I got undressed down to my briefs. He pulled mine down quickly to start blowing me. My wife said that was very hot. She wanted to see us compare dick sizes. Iâm a good thick 7.5â and the 20 year old is 6â. My wife asked the boy how does your ass handle such a big cock! He told her Ive had bigger ones and itâs just easy for me to take them once Iâm used to them.

    Bent him over on our bed and fucked his ass. My wife was actually fingering herself at that point. Them my wife asked if I get fucked. So for the first time since I was a teen I was getting fucked. That 20 year old rarely topped but he sure was good. He came in my ass and then I flipped him over and came in his ass.

    After he got dressed and left my wife was very turned on. I ended up having sex with her for a few hours. The whole time she was saying how hot it was that I had a guys load in my ass

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    My own mother's sister, who is older than she is, has gotten into taking good care of my morning wood. I'm now hooked on the special attention. Unfortunately, it's only Saturday A.M. when she comes to stay over on Friday evenings. I think Mom knows about it. They are very close.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 36

    Earlier this year, my husband Kane asked me as we having sex, if I'd love to have a younger guy with huge cock fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole. My answer as he knew it would be "I love you honey, why would I want anybody else". I also knew what his next reply would be "Because I'd love to watch the video of you being fucked".
    It's something we'd been going over for the last four years, on and off during our marriage.
    Last month he told me about a work trip he had to take in March. That trip is next week. Yesterday my husband introduced me to a twenty year old neighbor called Jack. Without talking to me first, he told Jack I wanted a younger man with a huge cock to fuck my pussy and ass. Then as if they'd agreed to do it, Jack exposed himself to me in our hallway.
    Jack's cock was flaccid, yet even being soft, it was still much longer and far thicker than my husband's dick when erect.
    I saw the smile on both their faces, and they must have seen my jaw drop as they both then laughed. Jack pulled his shorts back up, grinned and said "It's all yours Mrs R*****. I'd love to fuck you".
    Kane and Jack shook hands, then my husband as Jack walked away, said "I've told him to call by when I'm away. He's already told me he fancies you. Please think about it honey. I'd love you to fuck him and film it".
    On Monday I'll drop my husband off at the airport. Monday night he's asked me to let Jack enter our home. He's also just this past hour, set up three digital cameras. One in the lounge, one in our bedroom, and one in our bathroom. They're both linked to the computer, and then to his lap top.
    He's desperate for me to be fucked by Jack, and to watch it live, as if he was there. I was totally against it, but now think I should do as my husband wishes. My only concern, is will I then always want to have Jack or someone like him, fucking me in future ?...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    My wife has always liked me to be quite rough and forceful in the bedroom, sometimes even asking me to pin her down by the wrists. One night I questioned her about this and she explained the reason to me.

    We have known each other as friends since high school, but only got together a year or so after we both left.
    She confided that during the summer break of her final year, two of her classmates had forced her.
    One day after her mom had left for work someone rang the doorbell. She was in the shower, so ignored it at first, but they kept on ringing, so she eventually she came down to answer the door still wrapped in just a towel. When she opened the front door it was two boys she knew from her class. One of them had been pestering her for weeks to go on a date, but she had declined.

    As soon as they saw what she had on, their eyes widened and they pushed passed her into the house locking the door behind them. They soon had the towel off and were eagerly kissing and groping her naked body.
    She struggled at first, but knew that no one would be home for hours, so thought that if she let them do what they wanted, they would hopefully leave once they were satisfied, but they were not easily satisfied and kept her naked taking turns with her for most of the day.

    I could sense her arousal as she was describing the experience, so I asked if they made her cum. She admitted that she could not help herself. When I asked if it had happened more than once she looked embarrassed, admitting that once they realised that she hadnât told anyone, the boys visited again whenever they knew she was alone in the house.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 25

    My girlfriend broke up with me at a party. An argument followed and she tried to hurt me further by hooking up with some other guys at the party. She was drinking far too much and was barely able to walk without assistance from one of the group. I noticed that the guy helping her was also copping a feel of her tits every chance he got and so were his friends. It was very clear that she wasnât making any attempt to stop them; she knows how jealous I get, so I assume that this was for my benefit and that she was actually enjoying the attention.
    Sometime later a friend came over and told me that she was completely wasted after playing a series of drinking games with them and that everyone was trying to get in her pants.
    I tried to speak to her and get her to leave, but she just told me to mind my own business.
    It wasn't long before some of the older guys at the party got wind of her condition and quickly took control of the situation and I watched helplessly as she went upstairs with them
    She was really out of it and they started on her straight away. I still can picture her limp in their arms being laid down on the bed. They quickly took off her top and played with her tits. I could hear her protesting but not with any conviction. One of the guys pulled down his pants and pushed his hard dick towards her face. I saw her open her mouth and take him in. As he pumped his cock in her mouth the other started pulling down her shorts ready to work on her pussy. She saw me standing there in the doorway and just. I canât believe that she was prepared to sacrifice her self-respect, just to hurt me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 42

    When I was 18 my parents did not know what to do with me so they sent me to spend the summer with my grandmother in France - just around the corner from her house was a nude camping. I started hanging out at the beach and made some great friends.

    I was a skinny feisty red hair girl and the boys seemed to like me.

    It all began, when I sucked a cute boys cock ! He told a friend and a few days later, I sucked one of his friend. Then a friend told another boy and I was being approached to suck more cock. Within a week, I had performed oral a dozen times on five boys.

    French teenage boys are horny !! God !

    I was sucking cock in the beach change rooms, in the woods, at the showers, at the park and at one of our hangout place which we called "la roche" the rock...because of a large rock.

    After a few weeks of sucking, I began craving cock as soon as I get up in the morning ! French boys are sexual and their attitude, their smell, their ability to look at sex as just what it is...was intoxicating. I have to say, there were a few fine specimen that were beyond beauty.

    I began to let boys cum in my mouth - some I would swallow - most I would spit out - some insisted on cumming on my breasts. (I refused to let anyone cum on my face)

    It was an endless summer of boys, cock, cum and exploration. Sex is supposed to be fun and not taboo - oh my mother would have a fit if she ever found out ;)

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    It seems like there are ten thousand dramas in my life. My sister is my number one drama. My older sister was number one in her class, got a full ride scholarship to a prestigious university, graduated with honors, has a masters and is now working in New York. She is a virgin, she has never been fucked. I am ten years younger and I fucked in the eighth grade.

    I am a freshman in college, I go to a non prestigious state university and my parents with the help of student loans are paying my way. I have fucked three guys since I got here. To me if a guy can't get to me and fuck me, then he is not dating material. Needless to say my sister is wholly against this, she thinks that I am ruined for life, and that no sane man will ever want me. All the time she is working 70 hour weeks and she is still a virgin.

    My dream is to hire somebody, like a sex hitman. Some guy who works on the docks, or is a bus driver, or some other similar low end job. Some guy who is not circumcised, so maybe an immigrant. Pay him to stalk her and fuck her. Just fuck her with his nasty old penis and make her shut up.

    That's it, my confession.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    Guess I was a bit of a dummy kid. My friends and I likes to get in trouble. We got caught trespassing and some other stuff and the county judge knew us and especially me. He made me go to juvenile detention center for my whole summer break from school one year. Claiming it would keep me out of trouble and teach me a lesson. Juvenile center was rough near me but I figured whatever, itâll be fine.

    Yeah spent my whole summer there getting my ass fucked by three older kids that had been there for almost a year. All started the second night I was there when I was out in a cell with them. Never got into anymore trouble after that

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 51

    I'm a horny big-dicked man in my fifties and my "wife" Carmen is a panty fag who I had anal sex with in a men's bathroom a few times. I live in a small, prudish town and queers in panties are unheard of around here! We've lived together for a couple of months and pretend we're a married couple, but I'd be so embarrassed if anybody knew my wife has a big dick in her panties! The first time Carmen pulled up her skirt for me was outside a men's bathroom. When I got a peek at a hard cock and balls bulging in a pair of pink nylon panties, I realized he was a queer and that I had a big hard-on for him. Nobody was around, so we went into the men's bathroom together and he sucked my cock in a toilet stall. I'd have been so embarrassed if I'd been caught with some fag in panties with my penis in his mouth! But he gave me such a good blow-job! And I gave him a creamy mouthful! He wanted me to suck on his hard cock afterwards, but I didn't want to be caught sucking off a panty fag.

    One thing led to another over the next few nights in the men's bathroom and I ended up with my cock in a panty fag's bottom, and I fucked him and came inside him. I fucked him doggy style right there in the men's bathroom. With my hard cock stuffed between his bare buns, I happily squirted my warm sperm into his hot, sweet asshole. When I was finished, I left a creamy mess between his buns and I was his fucker. It was my first time fucking a fag in panties in the ass and I liked it a lot! I was his "boyfriend" after that. We made wet, creamy love in the men's bathroom a couple of more times until we nearly got caught, and then I had Carmen move into my apartment with me.

    I love to go to bed with him when he's wearing a frilly little nightie! He's so flirty, and when he pulls down his panties and his big pink boner is sticking up between his stockinged thighs, I get so hard for him! We don't kiss or anything, we just suck each other's dicks there on the bed until we're good and horny. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I like having Carmen's cock in my mouth. He gets too excited sometimes and squirts in my mouth almost right away. He loves it when I eat his cum and lick his penis off afterwards. And then it's his turn. He lovingly takes my cock in his mouth and sucks on me. Panty fags are such good cocksuckers! I'm always afraid I'll squirt in his mouth before I get to butt-fuck him! Carmen gets on his hands and knees and I cuddle up behind him. The next thing I know my hard, throbbing cock is inside his bottom and we're grunting and fucking just like any pair of fags in love. Carmen's creamy-soft buns jiggle and bounce in front of me. I squirt and unload my balls in that panty fag's ass almost right away.

    I'll bashfully admit that Carmen's put his cock in my ass and fucked me a few times. He likes it when we take turns fucking each other. I never expected I'd feel some queer in panties squirting his warm sperm in my asshole!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 26

    She's 30 years older but we are at it almost daily and can't get enough of it. My question is, is this a natural pairing? I'm not complaining at all, just amazed.

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