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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have been visiting my gynaecologist for routine check and annual pap smear since 2010. Dr.K was in his late 60s, gentle, soft-spoken and often gave me advice when I told him about my sexual activities with my partner. I was always very comfortable and spared no details. I revealed my desire for sex, how much I enjoyed playing with myself when I was alone and he would listen with much enthusiasm.

    Last year, I had irregular menses and had to visit Dr.K frequently. On one follow up, he did an ultrasound, examined my pussy as per normal, palpated my breasts but to my surprise, his fingers flickered both my nipples and squeezed them. I felt a jolt of electricity shot right down my clit. I blushed a little and smiled to myself.

    What happened next was crazy. Dr.K told his nurses to leave us and they quickly did. He put on a glove on his right hand and told me to spread my legs. I obeyed like a child. Two of his fingers entered my hole. I gasped. He was fingering me with his thumb massaging my swollen clit. My pussy was soaking. Our eyes met, he repeatedly whispered, "Relax, it's okay, just relax" and thrusted his fingers in and out vigorously.

    I was in ecstasy. My hip moved rhythmically as he continued to work on his magic fingers. I could hear myself moaning "Ohhh, doctor, ohhhh, please doctor". I started to sweat and was very close to orgasm. He must have felt my pelvic muscles tightening because he bent over to suck on my nipple. I moaned even louder. It was so sexy. I came immediately and my pussy was pulsating as I tried to catch my breath. My pussy juices was all over the examination couch. It felt so good, so good. He cleaned me up and we sat back on his desk.

    Dr.K called the nurses into the room. They saw my flushed face, satisfied with the session we had. Before I left, Dr.K told me to come back in two weeks and do not forget to make an appointment. He assured me that he will keep a longer slot for me as we need to be thorough with my check up. I cannot wait for our next session.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 41

    Just two hours ago I watched as my husband fucked one of neighbor's daughters. Kelly is nineteen and a slut who from what I can gather, enjoys sex with older men.
    Well my husband is older than me by eleven years, yet has a libido of a twenty year old. He's also got a really nice large cock which I often enjoy myself.
    Yet whilst watching him fuck Kelly without them even knowing, I couldn't help but get incredibly turned on. Seeing him fuck her mouth, pussy and especially her asshole I found myself frantically playing with my pussy and clitty. Then hearing Kelly orgasm for the second time, I myself came in a flood of squirting spurts as my climax reached its peak.
    They never once saw me watching them, but now I wish they had. Because just maybe, I might have been brave and horny enough to join them. That's if they'd want me to of course.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 40

    This is basically a confession to Steve, who's wife I had an affair with for almost 10 years.
    But maybe it will answer questions or put some closure to anyone else who thinks their wife
    may be cheating.

    Firs t of all - your wife still loves you. She has told me that, and she is not interested in
    losing you or your marriage.
    She just needed "more"....and no, I am not just talking about cock size. For what its worth,
    you have more girth than me which she loves, and I am about an inch longer. She had the best
    of both worlds between us.

    You never got "sloppy seconds" from me. Ever. Your wife always made sure there was at least
    a 12 hour gap between when we had sex and when she was intimate with you.
    On the other hand, there were dozens of times where she initiated sex with you in the
    morning, and then I was at your house a short time later after you left for work. And
    yes, I ended up enjoying eating her out, tasting your cum, and then replacing yours with
    my own. Thank you for all the times you went first and warmed her up for me. All the
    cream pies you left me were just icing on the

    I will admit I did a lot of mean things against you during the first year or so. I was
    young and the thrill of having sex with a guys wife in his own bed was very intoxicating.
    Before I left the bedroom, I would sometimes wipe my cock off on your pillow.
    Your wife sometimes allowed me to make a little "mouth" with the slit of my penis, and I
    would actually put the diamond of her wedding ring inside my cock.
    I would see a book on the nightstand that you were reading, and change the page you had am sorry, but that had to drive you crazy.

    Your wife has told me hundreds of times that she loves me as we laid in your bed - but its
    not the same kind of love you and her share. For that, I am jealous of you.
    You get to take vacations with her, spend holidays with her, and basically slept with my
    girlfriend every night. There was one night you were at a tradeshow in Denver I think
    it was, and I spent the night with your wife in your bed. For that one night at least,
    I got to be her husband, make love to her, wake up with her, have her make me breakfast.
    You are a lucky man.

    But honestly, our relationship was all about the sex. We could never really go out
    on a date for fear she would be seen with me. If you were home and she needed me,
    we would meet at a park or a secluded forest preserve and have car sex or sex on a
    blanket. You do not know this, but one time your wife and I were parked in the parking
    lot of a medical building that was closed on a Sunday. You rode your bike right by us!
    Luckily my car was in front of your wife's car and you did not see hers. I sometimes
    wonder if you rode your bike up to us, what it would have been like for you to see your
    wife, 1/2 naked, bouncing up and down on my cock in my car.

    Your wife told me you are strictly a missionary position kind of guy. Steve, she needs
    variety! She went crazy when she was on top of me, or when I took her doggie style.
    Can you please mix it up a little for your wife's sake? Do you even know that you
    can get her to squirt with the right clit stimulation??

    Your wife and I had anal sex one time. I know she never let you there, mostly because
    of the thickness of your cock. I was able to get about 2/3 of my cock inside her butt,
    but she did not enjoy the experience all that much. I will admit, it is still kind of
    exciting to think that I came inside another guys wife's ass. I guess that is one part
    of her that will always be "mine" at least.

    Our affair ended shortly afer your wife went back to work full time. I miss her.
    Its up to you to give to her, by yourself, what she needed from both of us.
    Try different positions!! Let her be on top! Be a little aggressive with her!
    You guys still have your marriage, and you still seem so happy together.

    I do feel a little guilty about my affair with your wife, but she needed something.
    At least do me a favor now though? The next time you give your wife oral sex, just
    think about the hundreds of times my cock was there, cumming inside her, satisfying her.
    You own me that much.

    I will always love your wife - and she will always have a secret love for me.
    We made a good team working together, satisfying her needs, even though you did not
    know it.
    I will miss taking my turn with your wife.

    I do wish you and her the best!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    In between Christmas and New Year my husband Tom (Who I have to almost beg for sex nowadays) and his two brothers decided they were going on a lads night out, but actually went out mid afternoon. Around five pm I'd already drunk three quarters of a bottle of wine and was going to open another after filling my glass again. Filling the bath, I decided to take a long soak and drink my wine whilst listening to some music. Just about to get in, I heard the door bell so I wrapped a large towel around myself and answered the door.

    It was a delivery driver unable to deliver a parcel to next door, as they were away. Asking me to sign for it and take the parcel in, I was just scribbling my name down when the towel unwrapped itself and I stood in my hallway naked. The young guy stood staring at my tits and then at my neatly trimmed pussy. Whether it was the wine, his leering looks and his handsome young face, or just the fact I'd become incredibly horny, I asked him if he liked what he saw. Not saying a word, he stepped inside, closed the door to and cupped my pussy, whilst kissing me hard on the lips.

    Not knowing why, I responded and found myself kissing him back and also feeling his rising cock through his trousers. Before I knew it, he'd dropped his trousers and boxers, and I found myself sucking on his cock. It wasn't big or anything, just a normal sized cock. But it was rock hard and it felt amazing in my mouth. Asking me if I was on the pill, I told him I was, and again as quick as a flash I found myself knelt up on the bottom step of the stairs with him entering my pussy from behind.

    The fuck wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was one of the most forceful. The young man (I now know is called Jacob) absolutely hammered away at my pussy, and it wasn't long before a huge climax tore through me. Then grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, he really started to pound into me. Grunting and groaning loudly, I knew he was about to cum and feeling his cock pulse in my pussy, I had another orgasm, only seconds before he bucked up me hard and came himself filling my pussy with his love seed. Pulling out of my pussy, he asked me if he could have my mobile number and told me he'd have to go. Still naked and dripping cum from my pussy, I wrote down my number, passed it to him, then watched him walk down our path after he'd dressed himself.

    Forgetting about the bath emptying the water, but grabbing my drink, I spent the rest of the night reliving what I'd just done and wondering if I'd do it again. When Tom staggered in around midnight, he was drunk and he was apparently horny. Getting him to lay on the couch, I sat on his face and had him lick out my pussy. A pussy I no doubt had remnants of the delivery drivers cum still in and on it. Not able to raise a hard on, I left Tom falling asleep on the couch and covered him up before I went to bed.

    Two days later and the night of New Years eve, I got a text from Jacob asking me if I wanted to have some more fun. Last week when Tom drove over to see his father, I had a young van driver call by. Spending more time this time, Jacob and I sucked and fucked for over an hour, before he left me with a pussy and arsehole full of his hot sticky cum. I don't know if it will last or if I'll want a third taste of his young cock, but one thing I know for sure, if Tom doesn't fulfill his husbandly duties from now on, I'm going to find younger men who can.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    I've never had sex, only jacked off since I was 12, that was 4 years ago. My older cousin told me there was an old woman in the area who would suck cock and let you squeeze and suck her titties, even show you her pussy. It wasn't great, and she was very old but at least it was a way to get off with another person. She paid $5 for every load a guy would dump in her mouth or shoot on her tits or her face. I let him introduce me, and she told me it was all true. I left and he stayed to get his money. I understand that he got $10 that time. Which means he came twice.

    I thought about it and went by her house last night. She had an old house dress on and nothing under it. It buttoned down the front and she opened all the buttons and sat in a chair. She told me I couldn't have sex with her but could touch her between her legs, and her tits. Then she told me to get undressed. I really didn't want this to be my first but . . . I guess any port in a storm. She was 75 years old, had gray hair, and had brown hair on her pussy but not a lot of it. Her tits in their day were probably a big D cup, but were very saggy, with meaty nipples that were dark brown. She was a bit chubby, with wide hips and pretty thick thighs. I was hard and walked over to her naked, and she started stroking me, and I touched her nipples, then made my way with my hand to her pussy. I rubbed it, then separated her big lips and rubbed on what I assumed was her clitoris. I got a good look at my first opened up pussy, then stuck my fingers inside her.

    I started sucking her nipples and she liked that, encouraging me while my fingers were pistoning in and out of her wet pussy hole. She pushed my head to her pussy and I took a few licks. I liked the taste of her juice. Then she pulled me up and while standing there next to her chair she took my cock all the way down her throat and started fucking me with her throat. I only last a couple of minutes and then blasted a load in her throat. She was moaning like crazy during it. I felt relieved and she told me to sit down and got me a cold glass of juice. She moved to the couch next to me and started lying on her back pulling my head to her pussy. I started licking and she gave me some instruction and I did it. I think she must have had an orgasm because she was shaking and practically screaming and yelling, bucking her hips up and down. It was hard to keep up my tonguing her.

    I was hard again and she stayed lying down and I took my cock to her mouth and starting playing with her nipples while she sucked me. She told me to tell her when I felt it was going to happen and when it did, she took me out of her mouth and I blasted all over her 75 year old face. I looked at her, she was smiling with my sperm all over her face. Before I left she got her purse out and gave me $10 and I took it. She invited me back over again, any time I wanted. When I left she had buttoned up her dress and walked me to the door with my sperm still all over her face. I want to go back this afternoon, I don't care if she pays me I just want to cum some more. Now I wish I could get some pussy even more than I wanted it before. Feeling her wet pussy on my fingers and tasting her pussy juice, I'd love to see what one of those sluts at my school are like.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    I really, really,really want to fuck my step daughter just once before Trump ends the world.She is in college but I'm going to make a real effort to get her back home and fuck as soon as I can. And yes I honestly believe she wants me to fuck her too. Any ideas or questions...I am serious about getting balls deep in her.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Two to three times a month (Sometimes more) I travel down to head office and have to stay over. My wife stays over at her mums house when I travel down, but does drive me over to the train station before we say goodbye. We've been doing the same thing now for over six years, and in all of those years I've been arriving to the same hotel and the same room.
    On arrival the old concierge used to ask me if I'd like the same service as last time. And each time I'd say yes.
    That's because after finding an advert for gay escorts in my room once, I phoned up and booked a young guy called Eric.
    In my teens I'd experimented with my sexual world and soon realised both females and males adored my cock.
    My cock isn't overly large at seven and half inches long, but it is wonderfully thick. And in my teens I had a queue of both sexes wanting to either suck my cock or be fucked by it. Only when I got serious with a previous girlfriend to my wife, did I stop having sex with guys. Then getting married to my wife, it had been over eight years since I'd had sex with a male.
    Married to my wife for nearly ten years I got a promotion, which meant I had to travel to head office to give in reports and to work on departmental issues.
    Eric arrived a little before nine that first time, and by half past I was balls deep up his tender tight cute white arsehole. I'd fucked his expert mouth for over ten minutes and had tongued his gorgeous fuck hole before donning the condom he gave me. Watching my cock slide up his arsehole, my first arsehole since I got married (My wife doesn't like anal) was unbelievably good. The sight of his balls slapping against mne as I fucked him from behind brought all the old memories back and from then on, I screwed that young man for all I was worth.
    Eric came well before I did, and then took me deeply up his rear as I fucked him missionary, making his cum slide between us as we fucked. Eventually cumming deep up his arsehole, I knew from then on each time I traveled down I'd want him to share my bed.
    I did once book another young guy from the same agency, but found I didn't enjoy him or the sex as much as I did with Eric. I also invited another man back to my hotel room to share Eric one night, but again it didn't appeal to me as much. And only a few months ago with Eric now twenty five, he brought a young guy he knew to experience my cock as I fucked them both. That was a great night of sex, but by then, and for some considerable time now, I haven't been paying Eric for sex, as he's given up working at the agency.
    Eric and I have become extremely close lovers. In love would be the right thing to say. Yet we both know I won't leave my wife. The new concierge knows I'm married and knows Eric used to be an escort. But then I know he's fucking at least two of the maids, one of whom is married.
    Thinking and the real reason for my confession today, my times with Eric might be over as my position in the company has recently changed. I've told him we might be ending our six year relationship. He told me he'd not accept that and was prepared to move closer to where I live (He's now a freelance journalist). When I responded it wouldn't be practicle as I wouldn't staying in a hotel, he said "Well I'll have to stay at yours then. Why not, your wife knows you've been fucking me for years now". When he said it, I thought he was joking. I was wrong.
    My wife had without telling me or saying a word, discovered I was indeed having sex with a young guy. She didn't know his name until she found a few texts I'd sent him over a year back. Texting him and this is the baffling thing, they had a text conversation where they chose to not let me know, she now knew everything about our gay love affair.
    In all the time she's known, she's not once hinted she knew and in many ways now looking back, she encouraged me to travel to the head office, even when I've wanted to celebrate hers or my birthday together.
    I've not spoken to her about what Eric has said, or about her knowing. We've even had sex together with me now knowing she knows, and she still gives me the same love she has always given me.
    It's a strange situation to be in, and one I'm going to have to figure out what to say and do.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 41

    Back in August last year I had a very brief but extremely exciting affair with a younger guy called Bradley. Technically I was separated from my husband, as we'd split up after arguing over finances and he'd told me it was over. We couldn't afford to for one of us to leave, so we slept in separate bedrooms with our daughter sleeping in the bedroom between us. And over the next eight weeks I kind of avoided him.
    Within that time, I met a young guy in his late teens whilst out with some girlfriends. To cut a long story short, I ended up going back to Bradley's place and having a wild time sexually, in and out of bed with him. The sex was some of, if not the best sex I'd ever experienced. And throughout the three hours I spent at his place, I did nearly everything my husband wouldn't try sexually, or wasn't able to satisfy me with his smaller thinner cock.
    The following day Bradley text me and asked if I'd see him again, so over the next two to three weeks we had an affair with the sex becoming wilder and wilder as we tried new and exciting things together.
    Then one afternoon when he was supposed to be meeting me, he didn't turn up. He later told me he'd started to date a girl around his own age, and really found himself falling for her.
    After lots of discussions with my husband, we worked out our differences and his need to spend more than we were earning. And in a turn of events, some of the things Bradley and I had been doing sexually, I introduced my husband to. The sex was great and things got much much better between us.
    Over the Christmas and New Year period, my daughter told me she'd been dating a guy for some time and asked if he could visit us to have a family meal, so she could introduce us to him.
    When my daughter walked into our home that weird and embarrassing evening, I came face to face with the young man who'd given me such a fantastic time sexually. Bradley couldn't played it cooler, but inside I was absolutely cringing and blushed uncontrollably. Not from embarrassment about us, because no one knew but us, but from something my daughter had said a few days earlier. She told me just as they'd begun their relationship, he'd confessed to having a fling with a really attractive older woman, and let it slip when my daughter pressed him, the woman was a real slut.
    That woman was me and looking at Bradley, I knew and he knew I had been a slut for him in every way possible. They've continued to date and things between them are extremely good. However only the other day my daughter asked me if she could talk as we sat drinking coffee in the kitchen. She basically told me, Bradley is amazing lover with a really big cock, and if she wasn't mistaken she thought he fancied me.
    Now to the real weird bit. As we chatted away, she finished up by saying "I think Brad would love to fuck you, and if he wasn't with me and you and dad broke up again, I think you and he would have a fun time".
    She doesn't know that we already have (Or I hope she doesn't) and given the chance, I'd have his cock fucking my mouth, pussy and asshole all over again.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 32

    About a week ago I shared a story about a coworker calling me up in the middle of the night after a fight with her boyfriend and ended up blowing me in her car while she finger blasted herself to orgasm. Well, due to poor timing and an even poorer grab at my phone when a text came in, my fiancee Aimee found out and now we're done. She moved out, even had her dad come down and help pack her up. I really thought I might die - ever been around someone for four hours of angry silence that seems to intensify every thirty minutes? Yep, that was my experience, culminating in the last thing she said to me in the house, "I'm keeping the ring." Great, still paying on that. I'm less angry at most of this, mostly heartbroken and wishing I'd never met Chloe (girl at work). But I let her blow me, didn't stop her, completely enjoyed it and did nothing to block further advances and texts. She and her boyfriend split up over it, ultimately, though she cited the fact that he wasn't interested in marrying her. Nothing physical happened, just a lot of innuendo and conversations about what it would be like to be together. So I've been drinking a lot lately and playing a lot of Battlefield 1. Fuck it.

    Flash forward to last Friday. I've been pretty cold toward Chloe since Aimee left, even downright rude to her on several occasions. Our supervisor pulled me aside after our morning meeting and said I needed to knock it off, has no idea what has happened between us. I got a text from Aimee asking me to meet her outside our office, that she had something to return to me. This can't end well. Sure enough, Aimee has nothing to return at all and proceeds to berate me on the sidewalk in front of where I work. She starts off saying she needs closure, and that turns into shouting, crying, and at one point she just grabs me and kind of claws at me while messing up my shirt. At that exact moment, who comes out of the building but Chloe and our supervisor, getting ready to leave for lunch. How can this scene be any worse for my masculinity? My supervisor (also female, though a bit older) asks if everything is okay and Chloe of all people steps in between us and says, forcefully, "Aimee, you need to leave."

    Time stops. I'm flat-out convinced we're all dead. The look on Aimee's face, contorted like some kind of dying demon in a video game, then the clomp of heels on the sidewalk as she storms off. Wow. Chloe, bad hair, too skinny, ugly crying Chloe just saved my ass from whatever in the hell that was. My fucking hero. She invited me to lunch and the two of them tried to cheer me up.

    Things have taken a weird turn that night and over the weekend. I met up with Chloe at her request, we had some drinks, and ended up fucking each other senseless at her sister's place (where she's been staying since separating from her guy). And it's actually been fun since. She used to annoy me so much, I kind of thought of her as the unwanted little sister. Now she's my personal fucking post, and she's been doing crazy stuff like making me shout "Aimee's a fucking c**twhore" while nailing her. She wrote on my chest with lipstick "Chloe's cock," with an arrow that landed on my shaft. Last night we burned pictures of Aimee in the firepit she and I built out back behind the house, then went inside for another round on my couch that started with a lapdance and ended with her in nothing but her panties pulled aside getting her pussy absolutely filled with my cum. I was trying to not creampie her but when a woman shouts "your cock is mine" while wiggling sideways and barking like a small dog and digging her nails into your thighs, something's gotta happen. I've never had a girl so into me like this before. It's unnerving.

    As I'm writing this, she sent me a picture of her humping her pillow, naked save for some knee high Fallout 4 socks she's wearing. She's got that bad haircut all splayed over her face, head cocked to one side, mouth open, free hand covering her small tits. Caption reads "Can't sleep, this smells like you so I'm fucking it. Get over here and give me cum." I'll see you guys later.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was a teen, I went to the family farm, run by my uncle''s family. While there I could tell that my two cousins, John and Josh definitely wanted me. It was impossible to miss when they were constantly checking me out, taking peeks, making occasional comments on how sexy I am.

    Well to be honest, it turned me on, so I made it obvious that I was no virgin. This only got them more excited. Then after a couple nights, we decided to have a "camping trip" into the woods. We hiked a good ways from the house, set up a tent and lit a fire. Spent the afternoon just hanging out like teens. After dark, and a little bit of alcohol, they finally worked up enoughere courage to see how I would react to their advances on me. I played like I was interested but unsure because we're family but in reality I was dying for their cocks.

    After a short while I told them I needed to change into my night clothes. They looked confused and John asked what night clothes I could need when camping. I said "come on in the tent and find out."

    They followed me into the tent and I told them to turn away. They did. I slipped off my tank top and short shorts that had been all the clothes I was wearing and told them they could see now. The looks on their faces were perfect. The erections in their pants were even better.

    They looked over my body for a few seconds then took off all their clothes also. I started sucking Josh's cock and switched back and forth for a while. It wasn't long until they were begging for a turn at my pussy. I gladly turned around on my hands and knees and presented my round ass to my two cousins. John got there first and slid his cock in deep.

    We didn't sleep much that night, John and Josh just took turns fucking me in various positions most of the night. We didn't stay in the tent very long either. I orgasmed a lot and they each had a turn erupting in my pussy and then my mouth. We all mostly just fucked until we asset out from exhaustion. The last thing I remember was sucking John's cock while Josh thrusted in and out of me from behind. At that point we were all laying down anyway.

    The rest of my stay on the farm was a lot of sex and a little sleep.

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