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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 27

    After I got out of the service I moved home before deciding what to do. My father suggested that I take some courses at the junior college and get at least an associates degree and I could live at home as long as I was working towards a certification or degree. I had some savings and I had a car so I got a part time job waiting tables and enrolled towards some sort of business degree.

    There were maybe twenty five people in class, men and women. One guy came on to me in the beginning finance class and he broke the ice and we talked every Tuesday and Thursday night when we met. He told me he burned hair. We went to eat after class a couple of times and he invited me to his apartment. His apartment wasn't like any other one I had seen, it was fully decorated and on the side hutch in the dining area was an 8X10 black and white photo of an erect penis. As I looked closer you could see the precum drop. He saw me looking and he told me it was him and he just loved the picture it was taken by a close friend of his who did erotic photography.

    He offered me a beer and we sat on this overstuffed love seat, he sat beside me and put his hand on my knee and welcomed me to his house. To break the silence he told me he had binder with some more pictures if I wanted to see them and before I answered he got up and went into the bedroom and came out with this binder. Each picture was an 8X10, each in its individual sleeve. Each picture was a penis picture, from soft to hard, to fully erect, to a fully erect penis with an asshole under it, moving on to pictures of a naked ass, hairy and each capturing the asshole with several close ups. All him, he was proud of them. He had his arm around my shoulder and his other hand on my crotch as I was going trough the binder, he had me in an erection and after he put the binder down on the coffee table he undid my pants and zipper and took out my cock and leaned over and sucked me.

    He was very experienced not like the guys in the Army, he helped me get my shoes off and my pants and he undid his pants and took them off and his erect cock shone in the light, my hand reaching for it and my mouth starving for it. I hadn't sucked a cock in a long time, since I was discharged. The last cock I had sucked was a Sergeant who was a known mother fucker. His cock pictures didn't do him justice, he really had a picture perfect cock. By then we were totally nude and we went into the bedroom and he offered for us to take a hot shower and in the shower we lathered each other down and he paid a lot of attention to his anus, asking me to wash him carefully because he wanted me to enjoy myself and he did the same.

    He said he was a rimmer, he really enjoyed having his ass rimmed and enjoyed reciprocating. It had been some time since I had rimmed a guy, going back to my first month in the Army and it wasn't pleasant and it wasn't my choice, but now it was my choice and he had a sweet ass and I rimmed him for a while and he returned the favor. We went back to sucking cock, and then to full body contact, making out and getting ready to fuck. He offered to fuck me and I accepted, I was so hot right then that I really didn't want to miss out. He had a nice selection of lubes and after discussing it a little we settled on one he recommended and it was so nice, he glided in and I was back in heaven. During my stay in the Army I had this one fellow who really knew his business and my new friend was living up to that reputation. We laid back afterwards and told stories of prior encounters going back to our first time in our early teens. He liked my story of my friends Dad who did me in, and he told me about his first time with the track coach in school.

    He and I have stayed together now for two years, I finished my certification and am in college working on a degree in Finance. He opened his hair salon where he burns hair all day and sucks cock all night. Our joke but not far from reality. Meeting up with him helped me transition out of the Army where I had been lucky to find lots of guys who liked the adventure. I keep that picture of his penis on my nightstand, it is such a great picture to wake up to even if he is laying right beside me. I never had a boyfriend before, in the Army everyone is out for themselves, no one expects to wake up next to the same guy every day.

    One funny thing, at least to me. Before my boyfriend became a hairdresser he worked as horse groomer at this horse farm where he grew up. We joke about horse cock, but he knows what he is talking about.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 25

    I have a child with my stepfather. I was a freshman in college and I got dumped by my high school sweetheart and I was in pain and he comforted me. It felt so good being in his arms, when his little kisses became one big kiss on the mouth I gave into his hand rubbing my chest and when he took me to the room I let him undress me and I had what is the most memorable sex experience for me. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared and I had an unexpected pregnancy.

    It caused a lot of problems with my mother and it almost caused them to get a divorce but once the baby was born all the anger faded away and the baby became the best baby in the world. I am teaching school now and I live with my mother and my stepfather and my child is a first grader. I know the look and my mother knows the look and no one has to talk. He comes to my room when the house is quiet.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 48

    I joined the army after High School did my basic and my AIT and then was sent to Germany. I had two girlfriends in school and broke up with number two a few weeks before graduation. I had not had a lot of experience sexually we had felt each other up I fingered the one girlfriend and she tried to suck me but did not like it. So I was pretty wet behind the ears in that area. I was in country a few weeks when some of the guys took me to a fish bar. A fish bar is a bar where girls will tease the shit out of you while you buy them drinks but only thing you may get if you buy them a bottle of Champaign is a hand job. Also they showed me where the red light district was. That is where you go to pay a woman to have sex with you. A week later I found my way back there and picked out one of the girls and went with her to her room. She told me the cost of everything so I said I wanted to fuck. We started with the rubber it did not feel right so I reached down to find she was clamping my cock between her legs and I was not in her pussy. The whole thing made me go limp it was not sexy like I thought it would be in fact it seemed sad. She and I sat and talked and I paid her anyway with a good tip. I walked home feeling sort of sick over the whole thing.
    The room I was in had 4 guys in it two were home on leave so I had not met them yet. My other roommate was younger than me and was always ready to party. I had become a home body just did not leave the barracks much. He dragged me out one night to a club and we drank and had a good time. We got back late and almost missed formation the next morning. Well my other roommates had returned from leave and right off I did not get along with the one guy he was an ass hole big mouth jerk. We ended up in a fist fight one night and I ended up being moved out of the room.
    I was put into a two man room with a guy who had been there a year or so. he seemed ok and we seemed to get along he did not talk much and was a neat freak. Anyway I was a pretty horny guy and would sneak off and beat my meat when ever I had a chance. One night I was in the toilet spanking myself to a porn magazine when I heard slurping noises and moaning. I looked under the stall wall I could see someone on their knees and someone standing. It was not a woman on her knees. I was like fuck what is going on. I can say I was not very savvy about the world and what people got up to. I stayed very still until I heard them finish with the one guy groaning and the other gagging a bit then whispering and then the doors open and shut as they left.
    I later told my roommate what I had heard and seen. He said oh that's probably SP4 Franks he is the barracks cock sucker. What I said how do you know that? My roommate said like it was no big deal everyone knows if your hard and need help just call Franks. I asked if he had he said sure a hole is a hole and he gives great head. I was shocked but a part of me was intrigued.
    I ended up on guard duty with Franks that weekend and the whole night it was on my mind but I just could not bring myself to ask him. he seemed normal like any other guy not what I had come to know a gay guy was like. All I had seen was on TV guys in pink suits flapping their hands around and talking funny. Franks and I chatted about sports etc. None of the other guys seemed to treat him different or care what he did in his off time.
    Well it was a few weeks later I was in my room and there was a knock at my door I opened it and it was Franks I was in my boxers relaxing. He came into the room turned shut the door and locked it. Without saying a word he was on his knees and had my shorts down before I say a word. In my mind I wanted to say no but a part of my horny side wanted to get sucked off. He knew what he was doing and had me hard in no time. he licked my balls and sucked and god damn it felt good. he pushed me back on my bunk and worked my cock like a pro. I did not take long and started to warn him I was going to cum he put his finger to my lips to stifle me as he worked his throat and mouth on my cock and drained every drop out of my seed out of me. He lingered after sucking and fondling my balls. I felt all the pent up sexual tension leave my body. he stood up turned walked to the door unlocked it and was gone not a word. I lay there my boxers around my ankles my cock still wet with his saliva. Wow I thought what the fuck just happened.
    Soon all I had to do was drop him a note and a place to meet me and boom there he was ready and waiting. That guy sucked so much cum out of me in the next few years I was there. I wonder just how he did it cuz I was not the only swinging cock he was sucking. I heard he took it up the ass also but I never got into that but I let him drain me when ever I needed it.
    When I got out of the Army I started working at a factory and soon was afternoon shift foreman. I had an hour drive in to work and an hour drive home. One night I stopped at the rest stop on my way home to take a leak and a guy asked if he could suck my pretty cock right there at the pisser. It had been a while so I followed him to the woods out back of the building. He took my cock and sucked me dry I zipped up and walked back to my car. He followed and said here is my number if ya need any help again. well I do need some help now and then so I have him come over and while I watch porn in my chair he gets down and sucks my cock and licks it until I tell him to suck my cum out. he leaves after no chatting nothing just sucks and goes. I have to say its real nice to get your cock sucked without any bullshit talking just suck it and go. I like pussy and still get some now and then but it just seems more hassle than its worth. Just my opinion on that.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 50

    My mom had gone to visit her sister who had just had a baby and was not feeling well. That left me and my Dad home just the two of us. My Dad was a jerk drunk most of the time and mean always knocking me around and calling me a pussy girly boy etc. I was skinny and small for my age at 15 I was what some call a pretty boy not manly but not fem just skinny and clumsy. My Dad never seemed to have anything good to say about me and let me know every chance he got what a disappointment I was. He had been a big jock in school football star basketball and forced me to join the teams I sat on the bench most of the time. The thing I liked most about playing sports was the locker room I got to see all the boys nude and check out their bodies.
    Well Mom was away and the old man was off to the bar leaving me alone in the house. I had hidden some Playgirl porn mags I had found in an old abandoned house with nude men. I would get them out and look as I jerked off. I was just about to get down to it when I heard a knock on the door. I freaked pulled up my pants hid the mags and tried to push my hard on down. I opened the door hiding behind it. Standing in the doorway was one of the jocks on my football team we will call him James. The light from the porch made him glow almost standing there looking so well hunky is the word that comes to mind. I had secretly had a crush on him and would always wait to shower until he got in after practice and always take the shower next to him. I had watched him soap up so many times and wanted to take the soap and help him but all I could do was suffer in my mind the torture of just being able to look at him.
    I must have been lost in thoughts about him there had been a long pause. It was raining and he was soaked his shirt and pants clung tight to his body outlining every muscle and bulge. I blurted out what is up? He looked out of sorts and said his car had stalled down the road and he remembered I lived just up the road. I opened the door wider and motioned him to come in he entered dripping wet. I said I would get him some towels. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed some towels and returned to find him standing there in his underwear his clothing in a ball on the floor. I handed him the towels and he dried himself. I said I could toss his clothing in the dryer and left him in the living room in his underwear. I hurried to get back to him he was now wrapped in a towel and setting on a chair legs spread like guys do when they sit. I asked if he wanted to use the phone he said man to tell the truth I am a bit drunk and went off the road I don't want to get busted for drinking and driving. He asked if maybe he could stay over and get the car in the morning. OMG he was going to be staying at my house I felt a shiver run up my spine as I said sure that would be cool. In school he was always nice to me but never talked to me much other than to say hey or what's up as he walked by.
    So here I was alone in the house with my crush in his underwear legs spread so that from where I sat I could see his bulge under the towel. My mind raced so many scenarios went through my brain. I said do you want some dry clothes? Hve to be some of my Dads cause you wont fit in mine. He smiled and said that would be cool. he followed me to my room I grabbed some of dads clothing and brought it into him he had stripped down and was standing there nude. I stared at him for what must have been forever it felt before I handed him the clothing. he grinned at me as he took them and slid them on. he said thanks and plopped on my bed. He had only put on the pants I gave him he sat there with no shirt his arms and chest not overly pumped but toned just right. we chatted a bit about school people in school etc. He lounged on my bed bare foot and shirtless took two pillows and propped himself up. I kept glancing at him trying not to look to long.
    He told me about a party he was at and how the girl he was dating had a big fight and she had left with some other guy. He seemed very relaxed he was one of those guys that seemed so chill and comfortable to be around. I asked if he wanted something to eat and went to the kitchen and made him a sandwich and brought it back. he had flicked on the TV in my room and was clicking the channels. I came in with the sandwich and he said dang bring me dry cloths and a sandwich you would make a hell of a girl friend if you only sucked dick and he laughed. I turned red blushing and could not think of what to say. As if he picked up on it. He said I was just yanking your chain buddy. I laughed and gulped and climbed on the bed setting Indian style. he said man thanks for being so cool I got a bit buzzed and should not have been driving. I asked him about the party and as he talked I felt so at ease with him. He soon got around to talking about sex and that he was one horny guy started talking about how many times a day he beat off and how he fucked this chick or that chick. I had not done anything other than suck on my cousins dick once. He finished his sandwich smiled and said well that was great now how about that blow job? I sat there not sure he was joking or serious. He then unbuttoned the pants and pulled them down and that's when I knew he was not joking. he smiled and said go ahead buddy I know you want to I see you checking me out in the shower. I sat there frozen he reached over took my hand and placed it on his now semi hard cock. I did not pull away as my hand touched it it felt warm in my hand. I looked in his eyes they seem to plead me to do this for him. I started to said I never but his voice interrupted me as he said its ok buddy we can go slow. My hand started to fondle his balls and ran my fingers over his now swollen shaft. He lay back spread his legs and let me feel him up. I stroked him a bit and then leaned in and licked the head. he said of yes buddy so I licked down the shaft and licked on his balls stroking him with my hand. He made moaning noises and started to tell me what to do and what felt good. yes do that oh yes right there. I soon got up the nerve to take him in my mouth he was thick not huge maybe just short of 7 inches. he started to run his fingers through my hair and guided me to go down farther on his thick cock. he had a mushroom head cut but still had some skin that hung over it so as I sucked the skin pulled back and his cock head swelled even more. OMG my mind was in a spin was this a dream or one of my jerk off fantasies no it was real. His voice was husky and hushed and made me so horny as he talked to me as I did my best to suck his cock. I had been sucking for some time and was lost in his scent my hands exploring his body his arms his legs his six pack. He started to thrust his hips and hold my head soon he was pumping in and out of my mouth and groaning I was gagging a bit but that did not seem to slow his thrust. He called out he was going to cum or as he said I am going to cum in your hot mouth. I braced myself not knowing what to expect I had never had cum in my mouth I had tasted mine but here was my jock crush about to flood my mouth with his cum. He thrust deep and I felt him release the first shot it struck the back of my throat and before I could react he pushed his cock in shoving the cum into my throat. Then the cum seemed to cum in waves some as he went deep some as he was pulling back. When he shot pulling back the taste filled my mouth it was sour and sticky and choked me I gagged a bit and felt as if I may throw up. He held my head down all the way on his cock as he emptied every last drop. When he let up I pulled back chocking and I had tears running down my cheeks. He looked at me and said oh god buddy sorry it felt so good I lost it are you ok? I swallowed and said yes with a raspy response. Suddenly I started laughing AND kept saying wow. he smiled and asked if I liked that. I said yes I did and could not stop laughing. I looked at him and said that was awesome. He said yes it was you just gave me the best blow job I have ever had. I sat back up Indian style and looked at him laid there nude on my bed his cock still hard as a rock. I started telling him how I had been thinking about doing that for a long time. Damn he said wish ya would have let me know sooner could have been doing this a lot more. he asked if I had gotten off? I had not noticed but I had my pants were wet in the front wow I had cum and was not even jerking myself.
    We went into the bathroom and got into the shower and at last I was able to soap his body. Me soaping him had him ready for more in no time. he leaned back I went down on my knees and sucked him again this time he let me have control. We must have been in the shower a while as we ran out of hot water. as we were getting out of the shower he told me by the way I been thinking about this for a while also. He dried me off and we walked back to my room. I went to check on his cloths they were dry. I brought them in to the room but he reached for me and pulled me into the bed. He snuggled up to me and said buddy I am not gay but something about you made my cock hard. We feel asleep him holding me spooning me his cock resting between the cheeks of my ass. I could not sleep I lay there in his warm strong arms and never wanted that night to end.
    I finally fell asleep when a woke the next morning he was gone. I could hear my father snoring in his room. I got up thinking did I dream that? I made something to eat and still could taste him and smell him on me. I had not noticed but the shirt I threw on was his he had wore my Dads home and left his. The shirt hung on my small frame in the pocket was a note. Thanks for saving me last night buddy cant wait to spend some more time with you. We did spend time together and got up to all sorts of fun things. he was such a sweet guy but upfront that what we had was buddy sex not gay. So I took what I could get and inside had fallen in love with him. I knew he did not feel the same I was more than a hole I was his buddy. he was my first in many ways and will always hold a special place in my life and heart. after he moved away I went with many guys and men one night stands and what I called regulars that would come to me for release then get up and leave. I liked being free to suck or fuck who and when I wanted but as you get older you feel a need to have someone there all the time. They call it cum and go pump and dump etc not until many years later that I found a man like him and that one I would spend my life with. I spent so long looking for someone like my first but there can never be another like him and that's ok with me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I was 19, and a very sheltered shy person from the south. I grew up in Christian conservative values. So struggling with my feminine side always made me feel guilty. I had a camera, and a personal computer, and took pictures of myself mostly bent over in a doggy position. I loved receiving praise online over my fat bubble butt.

    Craigslist m-m personals was something I engaged in for over a year. Until I finally decided to meet up with a man I been talking to a while. He was 6'4 48 years old with a huge mushroom, and girthy cock. It was like a soda can in circumference. I was a virgin at the time.

    It was a Wednesday afternoon, and I drove to his house. He answered the door naked, and immediately started grooming, and complimenting me. I removed my pants at his request, and sat on the couch. Gay porno was playing on his T.V. he jacked off... I tried to but couldn't erect. I was very timid, and nervous. Though I somehow managed to ask him if we could do our business in the bedroom.

    He laid down on his back, and I tried to blow him. He couldn't fit in my mouth, so I turned around in doggy position. He left the room to get his lube, and came back. My head was at the edge of the bed, so he stood at my face, and slid his cock in my mouth. I opened as wide as I could to accommodate his wide circumference. His cock sat in my mouth, as he grabbed a handful of my hair. I moaned, and rubbed his cock with my tongue. He entered, and exited my mouth a few times before going around to my rear.

    Liking cock in my mouth was a surprising revelation. At that point I knew I was now gay.

    I was equally surprised by a flick of his tongue against my taint, and hole. He fingered me with a lot of lube to stretch me out. He was massive in every way. Tall, fat, huge cock. I was the opposite. A short twink at 5'3 and 130 lbs.

    His cock pressed against my taint for a few minutes. He had trouble finding my hole. My butt was really big, and his gut was really fat. I looked over my shoulder, and felt dread he was going to do this raw... I was too shy, and timid to speak up for myself..

    After a couple tries his cock slid in stretching my tight hole to a gaping "0"

    I moaned to every thrust, and was turned on by the sounds of squeaky bed springs, and my ass clapping against his thighs, and hips.

    I was both... Fearful that I was now a homosexual subject to Gods wrath. But in bliss over getting my prostate milked by a fat cock.

    After he came in me he rubbed my butt, and thighs with a warmly damp towel, and dried me up with a clean towel.

    He was so big, and the sex lasted so long I felt his cock still inside me for days. Even a week.

    That was my first time

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    I don’t understand why women need to mastuerbate while there is plenty of men to give us what we want. I was sexually active in college. I got pregnant so my husband wanted to marry me so we did. I didn’t tell him the baby may not be his. Turn out it was his child. Our parents would keep our son during the day while I finished college. I attended classes and have sex at college guys apartment. I was careful to make sure condoms are used. We both started working after college. We moved to a nice neighborhood. I would come home for lunch and my neighbor would come over for sex. I was worried our second child wouldn’t be fathered by my husband but we had another son who was my husbands. I then got my tubes tied so no more children. Some of my college acquaintances lives in our city so I could get with them when opportunity allowed. I got my good figure back. My husband likes me to dress revealing when we go anywhere. He gets aroused seeing men look at me. He doesn’t know it charges my sex drive to the point I cheat on him. I keep my husband drained so he stays satisfied. I prefer a dick with a big head over a well hung guy, my husband has both.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 55

    My name is Hattie. I am 82 and I am still very interested in sexual expression. Today I mostly read and write about it. I like to think that even at my age I can enjoy the attention of a man. For sure, when I need to be serviced by a virile man I pay and I pay well. None of this bing bang and they are on their way. I want to enjoy it, I enjoy a hard penis more now than I did when I was young and a young man with a hard penis well what is better than that.

    But let's go back, it was the later forties right after the war. My family was in manufacturing and our plant had been busy all during the war and my father was quite well off. I was sent to this camp for young ladies where we were supposed to learn all about being a lady, no one in my social circle cooked or cleaned we had maids for that. No we had to learn how to dress, how to dance, how to be nice, conversation skills. It was called a finishing school and all the girls were like me, rich girls from Connecticut because we lived in Connecticut. That's where I first talked about sex with another girl. She told me that she had sex with the boy who helped with the landscaping. She told me about his hard penis and what it felt like to have a hard penis open your tender pussy and fuck you. She said it to me like this, "he fucks me and it feels good".

    I spent my days there talking to her about his hard penis and how he put it in her mouth and how he put it in her pussy and how she had to get down on the floor and worship him. She described his penis in words and she made sounds and she used her hands and she showed me how his penis fit in her mouth. She showed me how his penis would go into my pussy, she put her fingers in my pussy and it felt good. When I got back home, all of my fourteen year old body was crying for a hard penis.

    His penis was hard, I held it and it was hard. I put it in my mouth and it was hard. And he put it in my tender pussy and it was hard. His penis was hard and I fell in love with his penis. He was the bookkeeper that came to the house to bring my father the books. I didn't think about how old he was, he was certainly not fourteen and had worked for my father during the war. What I remember most is that he had a hard penis and I wanted his hard penis in my pussy, I liked being fucked it felt good. And we got caught by the upstairs maid, I liked to open my legs far apart and bend over and touch the floor with my open hands and he would stick his hard penis in my pussy and fuck me. That felt good. I was very limber then. The upstairs maid had been sent to get me because I was supposed to go see my grandmother and she caught the bookkeeper fucking me in my room.

    The year was 1949. The choices were few. He married me or he married me, never mind that I was fourteen years old. Never mind that he was thirty five. The only thing that mattered to me was that he had a hard penis, after he married me I made him fuck me morning afternoon and night. The doctor said I suffered from promiscuity. He was my first husband and he is the father of my two children. After I had my two with him I didn't have children again, I wish I had but in those days once you had your family that was it. My children were born before I was twenty, they are grandparents in their own right now and both of them are stuck up prudes who don't want me to talk to my granddaughters because they are afraid I am going to tell them to go out and fuck.

    I married two more times, both real gentlemen but I had to be pleased on the side and it was this pleasing on the side that caused me to get divorced. I just like a hard penis as the doctor said I am promiscuous. According to my sources ladies aren't supposed to like a hard penis because it gets you in trouble. To hell with them. I paid then, I kept the young men, one was the tennis pro at the club, another was a Wall Street broker and another was a waiter at the Astoria. They all had one thing in common, they had a hard penis. My pussy isn't so tender any more but it is tender enough to enjoy a hard penis. Now I pay for it outright, pay for the service. They take their pills and they can be hard for hours, the harder they are the more I like it. I remember by roommate from finishing school, down on the floor looking up at a hard penis to worship, that is the only true way to worship a hard penis.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 23

    Some time ago while at the Movie Cinema I arrived by myself and while sitting and watching the movie. I peed myself! It mostly went into the seat but I stood up for a moment while I was still pissing and it rushed down the back and sides of my legs before I sat down and still kept on going in my pants.

    I must confess I did something that I should probably feel very guilty about! It's not like I was in a rush and I had no time to visit the restroom. If I wanted too I could have got up from my seat. Than went to the woman's restroom to pee.

    It was not an accident! And not only was it not an accident but I purposely went into the movie already with my bladder full, purchased a large size Coca-Cola to take into the theater to drink planning to deliberately wet myself completely. I made such a mess and only for my own sexual fetish. But I don't know if I should feel that guilty or not? By the time I got up and left the seat could no longer absorb much so it kept dripping into the puddle of my urine on the floor. By that time my bladder had already been fully emptied.

    There are no excuses for my accident because I arrived early before the movie started and even went into the restroom to wash my hands. All the stalls where empty at the moment. None of the toilets were in use preventing me from using one. and I really needed to pee. I thought about using the toilet I even entered a restroom stall and looked down at the toilet. I decided that I was going to piss myself during the movie. So instead of using the toilet I went into the theater sat alone an wet myself during the movie because I wanted to.

    We all know it's probably wrong to do this that is one reason I enjoy doing it. You can't have fun without breaking some rules right? But should I feel bad? I made a huge mess but no one was directly hurt. If I am paying for the movie I should be able to have some innocent fun right? I sort of felt guilty. I guess it's a fetish. But I don't know if it is against the law? Probably. It was embarrassing walking out of the theater with wet pee stains all down my blue jeans. If I'm caught I can lie and say it's an accident. After all what girl would wet herself on purpose. I don't think I was seen because it was early and I move quick.

    Remembering back while I was sitting in the seat. Heart pumping away because I was nervous I knew I was being bad. After I started to pee my jeans and kept it going for a while. The warm feeling was out of this world. It felt good not having to use a toilet and just deciding that I'm old enough to wet myself if I feel like it. I won't lie I slipped my hand down there and rubbed my little pussy but only until I got distracted again with the wetting. The worst thing and it's almost a good thing I wanted to poop my jeans too. I pushed and tried but I could not poop myself. So the theater seat would not be messed only wet that day. It's okay the wetting was more than enough to get off to later when I got home.

    I'm knew to this fetish. It mainly sparked in my later teen years. Some time ago I once peed a bed on purpose. But never my own bed. It was only once but it was a Hotel bed. I posted here before. I have only wet myself a few times in my whole life. And I had only pooped myself twice once in the hotel bed. I was naked. And when I got home from that trip I had no choice but to relive that hotel moment and put on some pants and poop myself. I tried to do this a 3rd time at the Cinema but failed.

    But out of the few times I had done bad things like this! One aspect always remained the same? No one caught me red handed. At first that was a blessing. But my thoughts kept getting worse my fantasies were having an accident and someone seeing me. But I knew that would never happen. I never actually wanted to be caught. One day not that long ago I was finished humming and hawing in my thoughts I decided to myself I'm going to have an accident in front of people. I never really believed those thoughts at first.

    It was only a while later that I said TODAY it's going to happen. The work week was over it was now my weekend. Of course when you realize what your planning to do. Your going to be very scared. I defiantly was! So I tried not to think about it. But that made it worse. If you don't think about. You can't come to terms with it. I would never be able to wet in front of people without thinking about it and convincing myself to do it. And that it was okay to do it. So I thought about it. Decided that I would regret not doing this. I woke up. Had my morning coffee. Took a laxative even though I hardly needed one. Since I skipped using the toilet the previous night anyway. I really had to go. I could almost not hold it. Today I was going to mess my pants completely. I won't kid around. Never have I been seen peeing or pooping my pants. Not even by my parents when I was young. I was indeed scared and thinking about quitting. Was my fetish worth this? Was masturbation I would get out of it later worth it?

    I put on a pair of my lightest blue jeans hoping they would show as much wetness and mess. Because I wanted to get caught. I drove to the beach someplace far away I won't be going back too. It was a hot day but before noon. The main group of people have not arrived. This was great because I would only be seen by less people. I felt relieved at first thought 100 people may see me. Now it's 15-20 people probably. My plans was to hide out behind many of these tall trees at the wooded area by the park. The same park that is next to the beach. On the way walking to the trees were I had planned to wet and soil myself in public. The nerves in my body were telling me don't do this! For a moment I stopped where I was. I knew I had to go badly. I could make it back to my car. I could probably also find the restroom.

    I overcame the shame and my fears and started to walk again. No I told myself your going to do this like you planned. It's okay everyone is allowed to have an accident. They don't know it's intended right? It's time to have my accident today! It's only fair that I can have my "Accident" too no matter how many times I call it that I know it's not an accident. I probably can only do this once. As the rumors may spread if this became a repeated thing.

    And that's when it did dawn on me! The mistake I was making....... I'm going to spend my one legit accident hiding behind some trees where very few people would see me until I stepped out into the public and walked back to my car. A lot of people would see me than. But the actual accident would mostly be in secret. I'm wasting my one opportunity to for fill my fetish of purpose shitting myself like a child in public. If I'm going to have an accident. And do it on purpose to be caught red handed. I'm going to do my whole piss and BM into my pants directly in front of people. I'm even going to deliberately grunt even if I'm faking it so they know I'm shitting myself. I could swear that I had already began to wet. But it was only because I was so wet of the thought of going though this. I wanted to touch myself but that would come later. Sure it would be degrading that was part of the thrill right? But no the main aspect was just being a bad dirty girl getting her kicks off by doing such a bold act.

    Where I was standing right now was on the paved walking pass. Nearby water fountain, benches, I could see the beach. Over thirty people were around me. I gulped and thought I should do it right now? Before I can change my mind. Enough people they will easily see the whole thing. I already has a few eyes on me as I looked around. People of all ages both man and woman. Mostly about my age but not everyone.

    I felt that I needed to sit because of a nervous twitch in my leg like having a charlie horse but without any of the pain. I don't think I could start peeing because I was to nervous. Not being able to stand for to much longer I walked and sat down for a moment? Okay what now I thought. I took a drink of an ice cold water I had with me. Not to fill my bladder that was already accomplished. I also needed to take a huge dump. Should I have my pee & poop here on the bench? No I thought I wanted to do it standing. I knew it was all going to come out into my pants very soon even if I changed my mind I may not be able to get out of here without having an actual accident. Well I knew that was not true I had never had issues holding it. I could easily reach the near by restroom. It was right there. But it was urgent that I had to go now! I could barely hold any of it. The BM needed out. But I came here for one reason. I could not calm down enough as even more people arrived as I waited. It got worse...

    Maybe I can't do this in front of all these people? I'm okay if they see me after but not during. Not this many people. So after a moment it clicked into my head though the pain of holding it! The RESTROOM! It would have people in it. But at most like what ten woman? And that would be if it was very busy. I can do this in front of about that many people. I would just have to walk back to my car after. I had no time to think about it further my bowels sent me rushing to the restroom. It was only a moment's walk away. As I was walking I focused on breathing and keeping calm. I knew what was coming but it did not feel real just yet? Of what I planned to do. I was sweating not only with the fear but because it was a little hot. But mostly because I desperately needed to poop. But human bodies are complicated. One moment later before I even reached the restroom. Most of the urge went away. I still needed to piss badly. And I could easily shit if I wanted to. Like if I gave a push I would poop no questions asked. But it was not throbbing anymore I could hold it long enough to make it out of there and back to my car. But the thought of stopping never crossed my mind. Not even for a second now I was ready.

    Only seconds later I reached for the restroom door. And it opened someone was just exiting. I looked nervously into their face knowing what I came here to do. Omg I though is this it? I walked in pondering how bad this was going to be? I knew it would be very rough. I won't look pretty when this is over! I may be attractive but most people don't find woman who just had an accident hot. From how badly I needed to pee and poop it would be a mess! As I got inside almost every stall was taken. I started to realize what I had gotten myself into! Now I was more nervous again. But on the walk to the restroom I came to terms with it. I knew what I wanted! Not only were all but one stall taken. There were many woman at the sinks too. I think there was six stalls. This was the critical moment! Time froze... my lips went numb! Throat went dry... My heart rate was extreme! I could make it to the stall no problem. Heck if I wanted to I could pull my pants down, sit and use the toilet like a regular person. I made it in time!

    The sexual pleasure I got out of wetting at the Cinema has lead me to this? I could not stop thinking about getting caught that time. I needed to have this at least once in my life. And while I was still young.

    At this point I was still stepping towards the empty stall. Another problem came up! If I make it to the stall? What is my plan? Sure I kind of hoped they would all be taken. It was busy! So my accident would seem more beliveable if I could not reach a toilet in time. But the stall door was open I saw the shiny corner of the white porcelain toilet and white plastic seat. If I enter this stall and close the door it's over? And credibility of an actual accident goes out the window! I can't really stall and let anyone else take it? I could maybe wash my hands first! But would anyone desperate enough to crap herself do that? No... So this was the it! IT!!! I had to choose now if it was okay to piss and poop myself. I wanted it! But could I do it? This was no longer a fantasy!

    I AM! I AM gonna do it I told myself. I walked to the stall. Gripped the stall door... I probably did not need to act and look panicked like I was going to have an accident. I already knew I looked like that from the emotions, stress, excitement and fear. This would look so genuine I thought. As much as I may regret it I will regret not doing it. Do I really have no willpower? I do! So I'm going to mess myself now I thought in my head. It's what I wanted! And now I was going to get it.

    As I had the stall door in my hands I stopped myself from going inside and closing it. I came here specifically to be seen. All I had to do was take a deep breath and start!? Not as simple as the those words make it seem. Not only am I leaving the stall door open! But I'm going to stand outside of the stall! Even I can't explain the emotions of doing something so taboo!!! Before I could even have a moment to hesitate I heard to girls all around me in the restroom... A stall opened right next to me too and as a woman came out before I could change my mind... I pushed with everything I had and focused mainly on controlling my breath. Real tears filled my eyes but I was not sad.

    Immediately I felt my urine pour out down my legs my jeans took a moment to dampen, the urine was past my knees and my jeans were still dry looking, urine seeped though them before they started to change color and darken. I pushed very hard by the way! Every bit of strength went into allowing my bladder to relax and empty. I was pissing harder than I intended too. I kind of wanted to rush and get this over with. That's what my mind and body wanted. I wanted to savor it! I was doing such an amazing thing I thought to myself.

    With the small amounts of control I had left in me I turned a tiny bit barely at all and made sure my back was facing the sinks were many woman were. I needed my bum to be in view to enjoy it the most. I had yet to hear anyone notice but to be honest all sounds went silent except my own thoughts. I just wanted to continue peeing forever. I never wanted to stop this taboo act. Wetting in public! But I knew I came here for more than just that. I can't get lost on just the sensation of urinating. It felt so great as my bladder emptied because of were I was doing it, how I was doing it and also because I REALLY had to pee! Woman were watching me! But the part I really feared was not the wet accident I was already having. Only a few seconds later after the splashing sound became loud and filled the restroom. I saw a glimpse of a puddle spreading and tons of urine still traveling down and leaking though. Without even intending my eyes closed.

    Probably a reaction from the fear of knowing what I was doing. And also what I was about to do. I bent over a little. I pushed and now I was shitting myself! All on purpose none of it came out by accident. I continued to purposely push and peed and focused on my bowels and emptied them again! Another mass of shit came out! I shuttered a little. Taking deep breaths as I defecated. I felt it tent out behind me facing all the woman. You can't imagine how it feels. And while it did feel great it also felt like a mountain full of dread and fear! I can't stop it... I can't hide it... And I'm purposely doing more and more! Eyes still closed I could hear and feel the urine! Pooping a little more the mess spread out in my panties. I felt it ride up into my pussy in the front a little and it tugged down on my panties inside my pissy wet jeans.

    I don't remember if I had grunted up to this point! But I remember planning to do that. So as I pushed some more I grunted along with it. It was obvious of what I was doing! At one point I was not even really pushing and I was still grunting a little it was faked but probably sounded like the real thing. Lost in a trance I just continued. I was still in control but I was not really there I was in a trance for a moment. The reality of my actions were not being processed. Up to now every push was deliberate but than couple of them came naturally I could not stop. I don't think every grunt was totally fake but I kept grunting. I needed it to be clear that I'm wetting and messing and it was pretty clear! So by regular reflex not even fully deliberately now I push and more poo came out. Again my body made me push a little more. By now most of the easy shit was already on the outside resting in my panties. I would have to really try harder to go anymore it felt almost done.

    My eyes opened and people were reacting on it. I even heard some comments. I think I heard an are you alright in a comforting way? But I'm not sure? I know for sure others were kind of like OMFG....... some small laughs and I heard the restroom door opening a little. And a stall door opening or closing a few times. I was not doing this directly beside anyone. So everyone except myself was out of the splash zone. But I took a tiny quick look around and I was still kind of bent over having just pushed multiple logs out into my pants. Pee still dropping around my pant legs onto the piss soaked floor even though I was not peeing anymore at that exact moment. The puddle spread out all the way to the near drain that was like two meters away! This was the biggest piss puddle I have ever seen! oh my god... I did this and it was no accident! The urine glistened a little yellow on the white and black speckled marble floor.

    I made sort of eye contact with one person she was probably 10 years older than me. The look on her face is burned into my mind. I felt so embarrassed when I made eye contact? Why did I have to look her in the face? I blushed and teared up a little. Before I felt like I still had to go. So I put my effort into finishing and it took maybe another 10 seconds yes more urine trickled to the floor before my bladder was dry. I had hoped it did not look like I did that last piss fully on purpose after already coming to a stop? But my pants were still dripping the whole time I don't think anyone was paying attention in that kind of way. What girl does THIS on purpose? No one really! But I had really pissed myself completely! My senses were coming back. Even though it was a restroom I knew what I was smelling was me! This smell was not there a moment ago. I defiantly stank. I was hoping I would not smile or look like I was enjoying it. But the fear kept me in check! I was thinking what next? Now I did push one last time and pooped myself a little more no one but myself would have been able to tell. But I did not have the time to keep at it! It seemed like I was done anyways but either way it was time to get out of there!

    Did I say anything? I can't remember? Probably not...... I took one last look around and everyone was looking at me. They said a couple things even to each other. But it was quiet. I made my way outside and as I walked I felt my mess squishing around in my pants. My eyes filled with tears as I got outside and moved past a lot of people! The hot sun and light hit my eyes. But the tears were from shame and enjoyment not the sun. For a bit I may have really been full on crying! To this day I'm not sure if I was crying for real or out enjoy and excitement. It was sexual bliss but at the same time the absolute worst moment in my life. I wanted to explode! I wanted to undo all of this. But it was already done. This woman here, ME choose her pants over the toilet and now I had to deal with the after mass no matter what would happen. I also knew that some of the fear or tears was the reality of it all sinking in as I came down from the main rush! Now I had to face everyone outside. But I told myself this is what I wanted? I did not feel like a full grown woman at that moment in time! Why did I choose to do this as an adult? We all know why! And I'm glad I was able to do it but it took a moment to realize I was glad. But I got a lot of looks from people of both sexes. And various ages. I was paying attention now. People were like Oh my god. And another voice did she pee herself? I don't know how easy it was to see the BM in my pants? Probably not to easy. But the wet pants was all too obvious. I did not hide it either. I thought about hold my hands or walking in a way to hide it. Or to use my purse to cover up! But I resisted that.

    But I proudly and quickly walked though the somewhat crowded area the quickest path back to my car! I could smell what I had done in my pants! Both the urine and feces. It turns me on... I started to really enjoy it more than be scared. The worst parts were over. But that made me a little sad as the best parts were also over. People were still looking in my direction even as I got to my car but I don't think anyone followed. But people around the parking lot noticed. Before I sat in my seat I looked over my shoulders both at the people and secretly down at my bum. The jeans were sagging & bulging and did appear a little brown. As I stood still the smell got worse. I totally smiled a little. I just got away with going potty in my pants! It was kind of too easy. But what did I expect to get arrested or stopped? No accidents happen? Just mine was not an accident and probably only I knew it. I got inside I sat down and all the shit spread everywhere it was a mess and I loved it. Even the overwhelming smell turned me on because it just reinforced the fact of what I did. Before I drove away I imagined what it would have been like to see me? Standing there and messing like that right in the open not even inside a stall. The nerve I had doing such an amazing thing just for fun. It would take a while to get the smell out of my car. Now I'm finished sharing this confession. If you were there and are reading this? You know it was now on purpose? The worst part is? Will I do it again? Can I give in to the temptation? Before I said that it was once in a lifetime. Rumors would spread if I kept doing it. But I can still do this a few more times. And not in the same city twice. And only a few more times in my life. I won't likely do it in front of that many people though. I'm embarrassed to this day. And I somewhat regret it. The mess I also left. But will I ever work up the nerve to do that again? I still don't know. If I can work up the nerve I will. I decided not long ago that I'm going to do it again if possible. But in a place where only a few people are around to see me. But even if it is only a few people next time. I will make sure that those few people who are around see the whole "Accident" next time as well.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
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    I've been thinking back about this a lot lately, due to something that came up with daughter. I was always the good girl. Sweet, quiet, girl next door type. I was never the drinking or partying type. My husband and I did sleep together before marriage, and he was only the third man I had ever slept with. I've been married for about 15 years now.

    We decided to spend about two weeks mostly apart before our wedding. I worked the first week, but was going to start a new job after the honey moon so that last week I was on my own, nothing but free time. I was told to go, have fun, let my hair down and all that for that week. I had a hotel booked for me in a town about an hour from home and I went with it.

    After a lot of encouragement from friends back home, and even my family, I decided to get dolled up and hit a bar. I had never really made myself up like that. Seemed like it didn't take ten minutes after going to the bar for guys to start showing up and hitting on me. In what would become the regular routine for me for the next week, there was dancing, lots of drinking...and bad decisions.

    I had lots of sex with lots of strangers that week. It was an incredible rush. Being desired, feeling strange men touch me. Feeling all those new guys inside me. Most of it is a blur. Most days were several in a day, pretty sure that first night was the only time it was just one. There was at least two occasions where it was more than one guy at a time.

    I was someone else for an entire week, and that me was a total slut. I had sex in dirty alleys. In public bathrooms. I woke up in random hotel rooms. It was a rush of naughty, slutiness and pleasure unlike anything I ever felt. Before, or since. I truly have no idea how many men I was with that week. Best guessing and all, at least fifteen...possibly more than twenty. Just remembering that, knowing I did that in a week, is enough to give me a tingle of desire even till today.

    A month after my wedding, I discovered I was pregnant. Yes, we got all of her info and all at the time but we never paid it much attention. Or maybe I didn't want to. Of course, I knew then that most likely she was not my husbands. Recently, we had cause to see her blood type after a minor accident and some minor surgery she had to have. Her blood type makes it impossible for her to be my husbands. He saw what I did, but said nothing. I just hope he doesn't ever research blood types and finds out the truth.

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  • — My Family —
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    Is it something and nothing, my husbands sister was staying with us for a week, it was after lunch I was on my way out shopping, I shouted ime going now, I was by the front door I could see through to the kitchen my sister in law was sat at the table finishing her lunch, my husband was stood talking to her when he undid his pants pulled them down his underpants as well and rearranged his clothing I have see him do this in front of me whish is ok, but he fully exposed his private in front of his sister with a semi hard cock, there was no reaction from her at all, my brother has never done that in front of me, I am only speaking of my own experiences, comments please.

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