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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 47

    This morning I am walking about in a little terry towelling nappy. 2 weeks ago, she embarrassed me. She said that she had done the washing and seen pee dribble stains in my underpants. She suggested that she ought to put me in a nappy and I laughed it off.
    This morning, we were fooling around in bed and she started rubbing me with baby lotion and then she pinned me into a fluffy white nappy, so soft and comfy. It feels wonderful and for some reason I got immensely aroused. We made love and I have the nappy on again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I was 18 and fresh graduated from high school I moved into my own apartment, deciding to focus on the work force rather than going straight off to college. I moved about an hour away into a college town (and about 10-15 minutes from my actual job) and moved from part-time help at my place of employment to full-time, making pretty decent money for someone just starting out. I was single, not too many friends to speak of (I had some, but they were all back home) and at the time still a virgin. It wasn't because I was some outcast or anything. It just didn't happen yet and the few times I could have I didn't take it. It just seemed like it would complicate things in a life that was already pretty uncomplicated.

    So I had met a guy living in my apartment building who was divorced and in his late-40s or early 50s (I never asked) and we would sometimes bullshit about random stuff from time to time. You could say we were friends as I spent more time talking with him at this point than my actual friends. I knew he was into guys. He didn't hide it but he never came right out and stated it, either, but a couple times I caught him looking at me and he would just smirk and say "admiring the view". Stuff like that never bothered me.

    One day he asked me about girlfriends and all that and I was honest about it, that I was a virgin and single and that dating just hadn't yet became a priority in my life. He asked me how I managed and I laughed and told him a lot of porn and hand lotion. I then laughed and said I don't use hand lotion. We had been smoking some stuff in his apartment and I was feeling pretty relaxed so when he asked if I had ever wanted something other than my hand and I was like sure, but I didn't want to deal with the drama and all that so I could just fantasize for now and be content and the rest would sort itself out when it did. He asked if there wasn't drama would I and I was like probably, sure. We were sitting on his couch and he handed me the J and told me to close my eyes and relax. I kind of knew where this was going, but I did as he instructed. I felt my pants loosen as he pulled down my zipper and I started getting a tingling feeling as he reached into my pants and pulled me out through my boxer-briefs. I wasn't hard, but I hang pretty good so there was a bit there for him to grab onto. I didn't move or freak out so I guess he figured it was okay and then I felt his mouth on me. He went right for it. I immediately sprung to full-mast in his mouth and heard and felt him give a little chuckle. I felt him bobbing up and down on my shaft with his mouth and before I knew it I was at peak excitement and my body tightened as I felt my climax reach and I shot up into his mouth. He laughed as I spewed across his tongue and swallowed it all. I won't lie, it felt really good having someone else get me off and I told him as much. He asked me if I wanted to return the favor and I was hesitant. I told him I wasn't gay but he just told me it wouldn't leave his apartment if I wanted to try it out. I was pretty wasted so I hesitated and thought about it and while that was happening he pulled himself out of his pants. He was big. I mean, he wasn't even hard and it was long and thick. I just went wow. He put his hand against the back of my neck and pulled my head to his lap as he leaned back so I figured I was doing this. I'll admit, I was curious.

    I had a hard time fitting him in my mouth. I didn't really know what I was doing so I sucked on him and before long he was completely hard. He was patient and it took him much longer than it took me to get off but when he did I couldn't keep bobbing like he did and instead just had the tip in my mouth. He kind of stroked some and shot a massive gob into my mouth. I didn't swallow. I went into the bathroom and spit it in the sink. I apologized, but he said it was fine. He still was hanging out of his pants and I took a long look at what had just moments ago been in my mouth. I told him I should get back and he told me maybe tomorrow we could get together. I didn't what to say or how I felt so I told him sure.

    I thought about it all night. I watched some porn but quickly came to find myself focusing on the cumshots and then eventually I laid in bed thinking about when he came in my mouth and how amazing getting head felt. I decided it could be okay to do for a while so the next day I went back over there and knocked on his door. He smiled when he opened it.

    He said he figured I'd be okay with things and I said I was and he asked if I wanted to do more. I asked like what and he led me to the bedroom and started taking off my clothes. I helped him, thinking I was going to get more head and was fully hard even as he took off his clothes. We then got on the bed and he started kissing my neck. I told him that was fine but I wasn't comfortable kissing on the lips and he said that was fine. I let me stroke me some and he licked and bit my nipples and I was so enticed I probably would have came the second his mouth was on my cock, but that didn't happen. Instead he put me on my knees and turned me around. I was nervous and asked what he was doing even as I felt him close behind me and his equally hard cock poked at my ass. He spit in his hand and lubed himself up and then I felt him put it against my asshole. I didn't resist but I let out a loud groan as he pushed himself into me. My cock tingled and it felt pretty good, which is the main reason I didn't resist but soon he was about halfway into me and I knew it wasn't going to take much more for me to cum. I didn't know what to do but by the time he was completely inside me and pumping away I felt my orgasm begin without me once touching myself or him touching my cock and I cried out loudly before I shot huge strings of cum across his bed. It actually felt really good and I fell onto my hands and knees laughing after I finished and he just kept pumping away until I heard him moan oh god yes and felt his cock thicken and then release into my ass. I just smiled at the feeling. Afterwards he convinced me to shower with him and he cleaned me up and himself and suggested we take a nap so we napped in the nude in his bed.

    I woke cuddled him to him, my hand and head on his chest and one leg over him and he held me close. He was still out and I was immediately horny so I slid down and sucked him awake. He was like again and I climbed on top of him like I was a girl and put his now hard cock into my ass. The feeling gave me an instant erection and I grinded my ass on him enjoying how it made my cock tingle and before long, once again with no hands, I came, shooting my load across his chest. He held my hips and helped me grind him until he came into my ass again. Afterwards, we showered again.

    After that and for about the next year before I moved back home I was basically his boy. We sucked each other and he came in my ass so much (I always got off from him being in me so I guess he was basically the top). I spent a lot of nights over there. It was the only gay experience I ever had and it was complete sexual but yeah I was basically he sex toy. I don't wish to have a similar experience with anyone. It was special just being with him and I guess I'm happy that I only shared that experience with that one guy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 46

    Years ago I had taken my family into a bank to conduct some business. My wife and I decided that our kids needed bank accounts. I wanted them to learn about finances. Our son was 13 and our daughter was 11. We were sitting in the waiting area for one of the bank officers to come out and help us. There were about a dozen bank customers waiting in line and three tellers.

    Suddenly three armed masked men came into the bank brandishing guns. They told everyone to lay on the floor. We were scared but I figured they would get their loot and book. But that isn't how it went down. They had everyone strip naked and then they began paring up hostages and telling them to start fucking. They paired me up with my daughter and my wife up with our son. I refused at first but the guy pointing the gun at my head switched to pointing it at my daughter and told me I had about thirty seconds to take her virginity or he would blow her brains out all over the marble floor. Cindy looked up into my eyes scared and whispered "it's OK Dad, do it." I got on top of my daughter. She reached down and grabbed my cock and squeezed it making it hard. Then I pushed in and fucked her. I kept fucking her until I came inside her pussy as per the robber's orders. Meanwhile my wife fucked our son who came inside her. Everyone else was fucking in a surreal orgy of hostages fucking for their lives. The robbers were laughing their asses off then when they were satisfied they took off. The whole thing took less than ten minutes.

    Of course the cops didn't charge any of the hostages with any sex crimes but my family never fully recovered. You can't unfuck your kids. The cops decided not to mention the sexual part of what happened to the press so it never got out. A few months later they caught the guys who did it. The cops executed them on the spot then planted weapons on them. They did that so that the families didn't have to testify about what happened.

    Meanwhile, what happened really fucked us all up. My wife and son became lovers and my daughter and I became lovers and we have been fucking ever since. My son got my wife pregnant a few months later and I got my daughter pregnant when she was twelve.

    In a bizarre twist, both our kids have said they were glad it happened. The fact is, so am I and so is my wife.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I teach fifth grade in an all girl's Catholic elementary school. I've been there since I got my teaching degree. Over the years many girls have playfully flirted with me. For the most part it is a harmless game and I usually gently scold them and try not to make too much of a deal out of it.

    Yes I am sexually attracted to little girls but I have always kept my hands to myself. I have been able to satisfy my urges first by hiring prostitutes who, while over 18, look closer to ten or twelve. They dress up in a school uniform that I supply and then pretend to be a preteen and student and then I fuck them. Later I met my wife. She was a former student and looked me up when she graduated high school. She hadn't changed a bit since she was in my class and we fell in love and got married. She looked eleven, and we continued pretending she was my student while we were married. She was the perfect wife, four feet six inches tall, slender, flat chested, long blond hair and she ALWAYS called me Mr. B. even after we got married. She told me that she had masturbated while fantasizing about me fucking her all the way back to when she was in my class. She said I was her first masturbatory fantasy. When I confessed that I had jerked off while imagining fucking her while she was my student that was pretty much all she needed to hear. She jumped my bones that night. We had our honeymoon at Disney World and we pretended it was a class trip and I was her chaperone.

    Unfortunately we didn't stay married long. She met some guy who was a dozen years older than me who she called "Gramps." Seems I wasn't old enough for her.

    Since my divorce I have succumbed to the seductions of three different students. The first two had the same agenda, trade their bodies for better grades. I compromised and agreed to give them extra tutoring so they could get the better grades by themselves. They agreed and I fucked them both, regularly though only while they were my students and not at the same time. They were two years apart and didn't know each other.

    The third one is my current girlfriend. She will be turning twelve in a few weeks. She was already a straight A student so I was surprised when she got really affectionate with me the first week of school. At first I thought she was just one of those children who are naturally affectionate and friendly. I stopped thinking that the second week of school when she hiked up her skirt and spread her legs and showed me she wasn't wearing panties, in the front row. I spent most of that day sitting down. By the end of that second week she was playing with herself under her desk for me and kept smiling at me.

    On Friday she came over to me after school and sat on my desk with her skirt hiked up and legs spread giving me an up close view of her bare pussy and looked down at me and smiled and asked if I had a wife or girlfriend. I told her no and didn't even bother trying to talk her out of what she was obviously trying to do. I just asked her if I could taste what she had been showing me and she leaned back and spread her legs wider. I licked her for a few minutes. She's been my girlfriend every since.

    It turn's out that Courtney's Dad is serving a couple of dozen life sentences for some pretty horrible violent crimes and has had no contact with her since she was about 7. Some of those crimes he committed against Courtney. her mom is a drunk, druggie and whore and has on a few occasions rented her daughter out to her johns. So Courtney isn't exactly a babe in the woods as it were. She told me all this as I was driving her home that Friday. That is when I met her Mom. She stumbled her way to the door higher than a kite. Courtney told her I was her teacher and was there to tutor me and her mom mumbled "whatever" before stumbling to the sofa and passing out.

    Courtney led me to her bedroom which wasn't really so much a room as the back porch of the trailer she and her mom lived in. She had a daybed and some junky old furniture and not much else. since the school isn't free and her Mom didn't look like the sort that would be able to save up enough to pay tuition I asked her about that and Courtney said she attended on a full scholarship and had straight A's since kindergarten. I happen to know that even kids with straight A's didn't usually get full scholarships and that is when she confessed that she had given more than one blow job to the priest who was the principal at the school. I suppose that would do it.

    So she laid back on her day bed and spread her legs inviting me to lick her and I just went down and licked her pussy for the next few hours. I didn't stop until her mom interrupted us by asking what was going on and then telling me I had to pay for it. Courtney told her I was her teacher and that she was trading her body for straight A's and to leave us alone. Her mom stumbled off mumbling about how smart her girl was.

    That's how it started.

    When I called and asked her mom, the next week, if I could keep her daughter for an over the weekend stay at my place she said "sure" and hung up. Courtney was all smiles with a full back pack of stuff on Friday.

    After school I drove her to my place and into the garage and closed the garage door and gave her the nickel tour that terminated in my bedroom. Courtney asked if she could take her clothes off and then when she was naked asked me to get naked as well. I climbed on top of her and she leaned up and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we kissed and felt each other up for an hour or so before she worked her way down to my cock and started sucking. That was NOT her first blow job. She proved to be an expert cock sucker and looking down into her eyes as she sucked and seeing her pig tails bounce around was her head bobbed was too much to withstand and I shot my load down her throat. She smiled and swallowed and told me I was delicious. A short while later she gave me her virginity. She climbed on top of me and sat down on my cock and pushed down and fucked me hard. She didn't hesitate. She winced a little as my cock cut through her hymen then sat for a moment with me buried all the way inside her. Then she moved off then up and down and soon was groaning and before I knew it she was squealing and screaming and obviously having a very nice orgasm.

    We fucked all weekend long and have been doing so every weekend this year. She turned twelve in November and has just started sprouting pubic hair and her nipples are getting bigger and very sensitive. She loves when I lick them.

    For Christmas break I took her to Disney World for two weeks. We had fun in the park during the day and had fun in the hotel room at night. Unlike previous girls, Courtney likes to call me Daddy and it is sexy when she says "fuck me Daddy" while I am going in and out of her pussy. We tried to sneak a grab at each other every time we could but mostly saved it for the room. Nobody suspected we were fucking at night. Some times I take her out on my boat and we go to an island that few people visit. It has a beautiful beach where we collect seashells naked and make love on the beach.

    Last week Courtney asked me if I'd like to marry her. I reminded her that the guy is supposed to ask the girl and give the girl a ring. She giggled. I didn't know she felt that strongly about me. So Thursday I bought a diamond engagement ring with two birthstones flanking the diamond and this morning, in the middle of a thunderstorm at the beach I got down on one knee and proposed and I thought she was going to strangle me she hugged me so hard and just screamed "YES!" over and over. The whole time I have been writing this she has been sucking my cock and playing with my balls.

    I'm gonna have to stop now, I gotta go fuck the sweetest little angel in the world now.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 52

    To say I hate my neighbor is an understatement. More accurately I hate my neighbors. Across the street is an undeveloped parcel of woods. To my left is a cemetery. To my right is my asshole neighbors and behind me is more undeveloped woods. I moved to this spot because it was isolated and quiet. You can't have nicer neighbors than the ones buried in a cemetery. But then a couple of years after I moved in the land to my right was sold to a developer who built a McMansion there and sold it to the first yuppie couple who threw a million dollars at them.

    So why do I hate these assholes? Because I wanted peace and quiet and they are as noisy as they come. When they aren't running power tools or the lawn mowers or some other noise maker they are running their ghetto blasters at fifty thousand decibels. I'm not exaggerating. All my windows facing their side have shattered and I have had to wall them all up. Sound proofing my rooms has done nothing to keep the sound down. Even with ear plugs and sound dampening head phones I still get head aches from the loud noises.

    Calling the police has done nothing. They have made friends with the cops who treat me like a crack pot. So I had to get rid of them. My first thought involved committing a series of felonies. I decided against that as I cold not figure out how to do that without leaving evidence behind. But then I saw a show on TV about new sonic weapons. I searched the internet and found a few possible candidates for what I wanted. I narrowed it down to two possibilities. One was far too big and way too expensive. the other was small and inexpensive but would not have either the range nor intensity that I was seeking. So I purchased a dozen of the smaller ones and set them strategically at the property line and aimed them at their house at windows, two to a room. I wired them to my outside line and then went in the house and put in earplugs and on the sound dampening head phones and turned on the switch. They had been so busy with their party and loud ghetto music they didn't notice me at the property line installing the sonic weapons. It didn't take long. First their guests started to trickle out of the house, some staggered and some vomited and some did both. Then my neighbors themselves staggered out. So I shut off the device and waited. Sure enough they came back with the police who looked around, shrugged their shoulders and left. They hadn't even bothered to look in my direction. I know, I was monitoring them with binoculars. The moment the cops were gone I turned the devices back on. Sure enough my neighbors staggered out of their house again. The wife was holding her head screaming. I didn't shut if off until they were in their car driving away.

    I camped out in the living room which faced their property. I kept my lights off. They brought the cops back again who just walked around the house and their yard but didn't look my way the whole time. As soon as they were gone again I turned the device back on.

    Over the next couple of weeks they came back with various official looking experts. Some times with people who looked like technicians holding various devices walking all around. One looked like a state trooper. I think one was a medium, they were dressed in a kind of goth dress and again nobody even looked in my direction the whole time. Every time the expert or cop or whatever left, I turned the devices back on.

    I was elated the day I saw the "for sale" sign go up. I kept the device off every time a real estate agent brought potential buyers over. Meanwhile the couple moved out. The night they moved out I pulled my devices out of their hidden spots and packed the gear up and stored it in the attic.

    Happily the new family that moved in is very quiet. It's a nice couple in their thirties with two little girls. One girl sits in the back yard for hours at a time gardening and the other is a reader. Best of all the only music I hear from any of them is classical and they keep it down fairly soft. I've actually been tempted to go over and ask them to turn it up a little since it is so pleasant. We've since become pretty good friends and I hope they never move out.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    I used to spend summers in Mike's aunt farm house when I was a kid. I was a skinny 14 year old kid, Mike was my same age but bigger and heavier than I was. Used to play with two other boys and four girls for around the area. I also remember going swimming in the lake and Mike taking my bathing suit off in front of those girls. Mike was a bit of a bully and his friends did whatever he said, mostly because they were intimidated by him. As for the girls, they just fallowed us everywhere because like flirting with boys. It was no secret that Mike had a crush on girl named Becky and I had a crush on blonde blue eyed girl named Nancy. The other two weren't as pretty as Becky and Nancy, but they still were cute. It was a private lake in Mike's aunt's farm about five minutes walking distance and we all took the walk down to the lake in our bathing suits and towel in our hands. It was the perfect thing to do in a hot summer day and the most embarrassing day of my life. I guess flirting and showing off with girls is a normal thing boys do, especially if your have a crush on one of them. Well Mike began telling Nancy I was dying to kiss her just to make me blush. I went cold when he began trying to pull my bathing down, girls screaming "let's see him naked" and his friend decide to help him do it. I remember Mike laying on top of me holding my arms, his two friends pulling my bathing suit off and my hard dick popping up out in full view. I remember those four girls looking down at me, giggling and saying "look at that boner" and his friends swung my bathing suit up on a tree. Almost died when I felt myself stark naked with those girls looking at my stiff dick sticking up to my belly button. With Mike laying across me I could see witch one of the girls was flick my dick, but could hear them saying "peel it down to see his pee hole" All I could do was swallow my shame hear them say "nice" and throw his towel up on the tree. My embarrassment seemed to provoke everyone's laughter and those girls having the sexiest time of their lives. They looked and touched to their hearts content and once Mike let me go I suffered the humiliation of being left naked wondering how to get my towel and bathing suit down from the tree. It must have been so funny and sexually arousing watching me climbing up that tree to get my stuff down. A humiliating moment that I never manage to forget.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    I watched my mother have sex with many different guys over the years and it has had a funny effect on me. All I want to do now is have sex with her now. Everytime I look at her I can picture her naked and having intercourse. Mom would go out and get drunk and bring home different men to have sex with. After she would pass out I would sneak into her room and feel her up and finger her. I never got up the nerve to have sex with her and now I regret it. I wish she would get drunk again so I could have sex with her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    I never said anything about my cousin Kathy touching my dick. I was 13 and that sort of thing was just to embarrassing to tell anyone. I used to play with her and her girlfriends because there were few boys my age in the neighborhood. I remember she was 15, bigger and stronger than I was and always beat me at wrestling. It was also and excuse to touch my dick. The fact that she would touched me there wasn't really shameful, it was having her hand on my hard dick and telling her girlfriends about it what embarrassed me. Erections used to embarrass the hell out of me and wearing elastic band shorts didn't make it any less embarrassing. One day she pinned me down, slipped her hand down the font of my shorts, under my underwear and almost died when I felt her hand rapped around my hard dick. I remember getting my pants and underwear pulled off while Kathy sat on my chest covering my mouth with one and squeezing and stroking my dick with the other. "I think he likes it" as she stroked it to the point of sliding my foreskin completely down. It was so embarrassing hearing her horny friends looking at my pee hole while watching Kathy jerking it up and down. I was so shocked and embarrassed even if I could have done something about it, it would having useless. I was half naked with my dick stuck up in the air and nothing to stop them from watching, touching and having fun doing it. I guess it was the firsts sexual experience for all of us and hard to pass up. As for me, I guess it was embarrassing, humiliating and pleasurable all rolled into one.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 36

    A confession no less.

    I woke up in the bedroom of a one nite stand, after taking one look at what was beside me I tried so hard to sneak out of bed, but it caught my arm-- good lord I must have been wasted, I remember thinking as it started touching me and talking...............I was planning my escape when she said something that made me stop and look at her in a different light,,,,she claimed after only knowing me for 1 nite she would devote herself to being my sex slave, then asked me to test her,,,,,,,,so I did.

    First up- I simply fucked in the arse then as I was about to blow I rammed my shit covered cock down her throat and finished off by pumping her throat full of my chunky spunk,,,,,arse to mouth was an important part of the relationship I explained to her as she went with it.......

    Next after a long shower I had her go top up the beer fridge and get in contact with any sluts she knew to bring back to her place for me,,,,,,lol while she was out her mother stop by to see her and found me instead,,,I actually thought it was a slut mate for me so I treated her mother as I found out a week later to a mad fuck session aswell

    I spent the the next month fucking her friends and setting up swinging dates more Mandingo but worth it

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    I'm a 53 yr. Old white male, 200lbs.
    I don't consider myself gay or bi. I really don't know how to describe myself. I don't find men attractive, just their cocks.

    Recently I discovered the M4M section of Craigslist, and enjoy viewing photo's of men showing their cock. I fantasize about them as I stroke my cock from time to time.

    I created an account with CL and on occasion write to "mystery men". We sometimes discuss meeting but usually one of us chickens out when it comes down to actually meeting, but this changed and this is my story.

    I work out of town, and where I work, puts us in trailer homes for our hours off. My room is in the front of the trailer. It's separated by the living room, the kitchen then in the back there are 2 other bedrooms. Some guys work at night and other's like myself,work days, so there are always someone in the house at all times.

    One Friday night I had quite a few beers, and when I got home, I went and showered, then got in my bed to watch some TV. I turned on the porn channel and the scene was of a hot chick down on her knees, pulling out a porn sized cock and sucking it.

    Instead of getting turned on wishing that slut was sucking me. I began wishing I could trade places with her and wrap my lips around that big fat cock.

    As I laid there watching,I had the idea of making a CL post which I titled, " Cock Curious ", and explained I was a 1st timer curious in sucking a cock. I received a couple of replies, but nothing that interested me, so I fell asleep.

    The next morning, I woke and got dressed and headed to work. As I was driving, I heard a email alert on my smartphone.

    When I pulled into work, I opened my mail and noticed I had 5 new messages and began opening them. None excited me, and I finally got to the email I heard the alert from.

    I read it and his response was he had a cock he'd let me try and attached 2 photos. I opened the first and it was his cock soft and nothing too special, so I opened the second attachment.

    It was a photo of his hard cock out of his jeans. It was long and it had a big bell shaped head on it. His balls were shaved, and he had a patch of reddish blonde pubes and it looked nasty!

    I became horny and wrote him back that his cock looked tastey. Shorty I got a reply from him. " I bet it is, you want to taste it"?

    "Sounds tempting, but I'm not sure" I replied back.
    "What's the problem? It's here if you're really considering sucking a cock" he replied.

    The more we emailed and me more I stared at his nasty cock photo the hornier I became, and he finally asked if I had a place to host. I told him it would be tricky, because there was someone where I stayed and I couldn't get caught.

    He then asked me what turned me on?
    I thought for a second and replied back."I'd like to sneak a man into my bathroom and cut a hole in my shower curtain, and have him stick his cock thru for me to wash and suck!"

    He replied back that it sounded like a great idea. He had never had another man wash his cock for him.
    He then told me he had errands to run and he'd get in touch with me later to wash his cock for him,if I could make it happen.

    Next thing I knew, I was telling my boss, I wasn't feeling good and getting in my pickup and driving to my trailer. I stopped at a discount store in town, and bought a shower curtain and 2 candles and went to my house.

    I walked in and checked for any coworkers that might be awake. The only guy there was in his room, and the hallway door was closed. I found a pair of scissors and went in my bathroom and hung the new curtain. I measured where I wanted the hole cut and snipped it out and placed the candles on the lavatory and waited.

    I thought in the back of my mind, that the chances of him coming over and me having the courage to suck his cock where slim, but I couldn't help but think about his nice nasty cock.

    As I sat in my room, my phone alert went off. It was him, and he told me he was in town. My mind began to race with all kinds of thoughts, and my heart began to pound. I could ignore him and nothing would ever happen, but I began typing. "Come to the liquor store and email me when you get there"

    I am trying to ask myself, if I'm going to go thru with this when my email goes off again. "I'm here, what next?"

    I still had one more chance to call it all off at this point, but the visual of his cock was planted firmly in my head. Next thing I knew I typed. "Walk across the street to the 3rd trailer, I'll check for my housemate and if the coast is clear, I'll leave the front door unlocked and wait for you in my bathroom, also I have some candles lit so turn the lights off and I'll guide you to the hole with my fingers." There was no turning back now!

    I checked once more for my housemate, unlocked the front door and rushed to my bedroom to take off my clothes. Then I walked into my bathroom turned
    On the shower and walked in after the water warmed.

    I hid behind the curtain, my heart was about to explode. My whole body was shaking and then I heard the front door open then close. I peeked out the curtain as I heard his footsteps get closer. I saw his shadow under the door. I saw the doorknob turn. I closed the curtain and hid behind it as he walked in and the bathroom door closed.

    I stuck my fingers thru the hole and invited him closer. He didn't turn out the lights like I'd hoped and as he approached I could see his silhouette thru the curtain. Then I heard him undo his belt and unzip his fly.

    I stared at the hole and he grabbed the curtain to pull it tight. He pushed his soft cock thru the hole. I stared at that fat bell shaped cockhead. I didn't quite make the hole big enough because he couldn't get his shaved balls thru too.

    I dropped to my knees and reached up and touched his fat stubby cock and began playing with it. Then I grabbed my wash cloth and squeezed soap on it and began gently washing his nasty cock. I felt so pathetic as I was down anonymously washing another mans cock.

    His cock was still soft and he groaned. "The hole isn't big enough!" I almosted panicked and whispered," shush not so loud, you'll wake my housemate up." I tried helping him get his balls thru the hole and wash them too. Then I laid the cloth down and stared at his cock.

    I moved close and kissed his dick. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked his cum slit. He moaned and I opened my mouth and watched as his fat soft cock entered my mouth and my lips sealed around it. My tongue had his fat cockhead resting on it and I began to work my tongue tasting a cock for the first time.

    I again tried getting his balls thru the curtain. I managed one and gave it a lick. Suddenly he grabbed the curtain and said,"fuck this" and slid the curtain open exposing me naked on my knees.

    I felt so humiliated as our eyes met. He was rough looking and I was on my knees like a woman. I stared back at his cock and it was now hard. It was long and fat and that bell shaped head was pulsing.

    He told me to wash it, so I picked up my washcloth and began washing his nasty cock and balls for him. Then I moved to it and opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his fat cock and began sucking on it.

    I began bobbing back and forth wetting his cock with my saliva. I nursed on that fat nasty head and worshipped it like a porn slut.

    He moaned more and more as I did my best to pleasure him. He reached for his cock and moved it towards his belly and grabbed the back of my head and forced me into his balls. I licked his balls for him like a good little cock sucker. He rubbed his cock over my face and I helped by moving my face from side to side, until I had his cock smeared all over my entire face.

    I opened my hungry mouth again ready to taste that cock I'd cleaned so well for him. I loved the feel of his fat cockhead. It felt so spongie in my mouth. My tongue was working back in forth savoring that cock.

    Soon he moaned and told me he was ready to cum. He asked if I wanted it in my mouth or on my face. I asked for it on my face and reached up and grabbed his cock and began jacking him off.

    Then strings of cum began spurting, covering my face, as I stroked him for all he had. When he was done cumming on me I opened my mouth again and gave his cock a final taste telling him how big his cock was.

    He laughed as he grabbed my towel and wiped his cock off and stuck it back in his pants. He then dropped the towel for me to wipe his cum off my face and dry off.

    He said thanks as I wrapped the towel around me and hurried him out the door before my housemate woke.

    I still have his email, and sometimes I'm tempted to contact him and see if I can suck his cock again for him. I think I'd like to eat his cum this time. And that's how I became a Craigslist Cock Sucker

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