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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 46

    The house next door fell to need a lot of repairs. Then I her at the mail box and a moving truck in the yard. I ask if she was moving out? She said no, her husband had left her eight months back and her girlfriend was renting a room.
    The friend was a hard looking woman who looked at me pretty nasty. She called for Carol to come in the house.

    Weeks later Carol walked out to me while I was mulching leaves, Would you come in the house for coffee please?
    I did and Carol hit me with some info that shocked me. Her husband left her when she told him to get a job and stop playing poker with her friends all day. he picked leaving her and living with one of his relatives. She had been contacted by her room mate and ask if she would let her rent a room. Shortly after the room mate offered to spend a lot of money on the house, and take her on some trips. The key part of this was a lesbian relationship.

    She was not lesbian, but the woman was mroe into her satisfaction than her own, but now and then liked a little oral. She did not want to miss the trips and she wanted her house fixed up. Mostly she was tired of being alone. There was a huge BUT in this, she had problems with her own sexuality with this arrangement. She missed the feeling of a man in her and the feeling of a real penis. Would i like to do her a favor and just let her try sex again with out any conditions or stings.

    We had almost an hour that day and we got right to it. We have had several days after. Now she wants me to keep coming over, and wants me to not tell her room mate. She is scared her wealthy lesbian room mate will leave her all alone. I told her I was not interested in a relationship,

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 23

    I am a simple girl with secret fetishes.. Fetishes that nobody but him know about.. Now he is married and settled down with his wife.. Yet i miss us. I am stuck.
    In the 10th grade, i realized i really want a relationship where my partner will worship my boobs.. That he would want to suck them morning, evening, night. And that someday i may start lactating for him. I kept having this dream all the time.. That i am wearing a very alluring sheer white lingerie gown and my man is sitting on a sofa chair and I'm walking toward him.. I straddle his lap. His hands on cue move away the sheer fabric from my nipples.. Now barechested.. He buries his head in between.. And kisses me in the valley of my tits.. Softly.. Then he swirls his tongue around one of my taut peak and licks the tip..and takes my nipple into his mouth.. His hot amazing nipple is pressed up against his pallette and he is suckling me in earnest.. I am moaning.. Watchin him and alternately throwing my head back just with the sensations.. I feel him growing hard.. And its made me wet.. A few minutes later he pauses and pops my nipple out..its glistening with his saliva in the low light of our apartment. My breasts are tingling.. He latches back on and pulls.. I hear his moans gettig louder and it feels like im flowing for him.. But how is that possible.. So i retract back and see a milk droplet on my tip.. My other tit has made a wet patch on mt gown. I can't believe my eyes.. Finally! And i hear him 'come here milky.. Feed me.. You are so sweet..warm soft vanilla sweet..hmm milk.. Milk just for me' i moan and whimper and pull him back to my leaking boob.. His suckles are louder now.. My other boob is also flowing now.. And my alarm rings..
    I yearned for this all the time.. Every night.. I hugged my teddy between my breasts.. And touched myself beneath the covers..pulling on my nipples trying to imitate my imaginary lover's hungry mouth.
    Then one day i gathered courage to express my desire on the Internet.. On one of the forums.. Anonymously.. I got many requests and replies.. But all of them came too strong.. Nobody thought of what i want in the way i want.. I needed a man who is subtle.. Who would not just need me sexually but emotionally too.. He would love me and we would have a bond that no other had.. I would be his solace anytime he would breasts would give him peace.. Anytime he felt vulnerable..or anytime he didn't understand what to do in life..
    And also i would be his wild milky goddess and he would wake up everyday to see tits leaking milk and yearing for him and only him.
    Out of all those replies.. There was only a single person who asked about me.. As a person.. We became friends first.. Although this was a purely virtual relationship.. He became a part of me.. Forever.. We would wait for each other's texts.. Chat all night long.. We never did a video call for some reason.. I don't think either of us wanted to.. But we fell in love.. Deeply wity each other.. He was my man.. The man i yearned for.. And i was his milky goddess.. His princess his milkmaid..his wishes were like counterparts to mine.. He craved for this too. I waited each night for his text in my most sheer lingerie.. He named my boobs.. He was playful and would say 'oh baby.. I love you so much..'and i would imagine him kissing me frantically.. And then slowin down near my tits.. Softly caressing them.. Just the way i wanted.. Then he would command me' give me your milk'and my flood gates would gush open for him.. We would make love.. Wild raw sex.. All our juices flowing.. I would touch and squeeze my boobs for him and tell him what I'm doing.. He would tell me that he is so hard for me.. Every night.. All night.. He would tell me everything about himself.. And i would too.. We had our own small little world.. It was beautiful.. It was our escape from reality.. But my boobs ached for him in reality.. They needed him so badly.. Sometimes i would cry. His caresses the way he described them were beautiful.. I was his angel.. He often would say.. That he still doesn't believe he found me.. The woman of his dreams and yet sadly we can never ever become one. We ended our relationship just a week before he was supposed to marry. I didn't want to ruin his real life cause of some virtual relationship. I will miss him forever.
    The day my milk comes in.. I will let out a drop in his name.. And i will imagine him waiting for his fill because he asked me to do this and think of him.
    I don't know if i will ever meet him in my life. But i will never forget him and i just hope he is happy wherever he is.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 21

    I moved into my new place about 5 months back and the neighbor across the street was very sexually deprived of the kind of naughty rough sex she needed and didn't get from her husband (She's 29). Her husband is always away for work and we start texting and I'm drunk at home and she texts me "I'm horny" so I immediatly go over there and she opens the side door I immediately grab her by her hair and force her onto her knees and she takes my 8 inch dick all the way down her throat I tell her to stand up and I brnd her over and fuck her in the kitchen and then I send her to her room where I take her from behind I make her tell me how much better I am than her husband then I tell her I'm cumming in her pussy and I fill her up. It was fun while it lasted but she moved away unfortunately

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    For eight months it was only oral sex and it was only with him. After being caught (Or so I thought at first) having oral sex eight months ago by a biker friend of his, it's now developed into a three way (Once a month) where invariably I'm the one taking cock in my mouth and up my asshole.
    It started when Frank my father in law walked into the same steam room I was in. At the time I had a mouthful of an older mans cock (I didn't know him). It would have probably taken a course for the worse, if Frank didn't have a younger guy in tow. We did argue (Frank's a big man who is very imposing and has a reputation for extreme violence), which lead to us being asked to leave the gay friendly sauna. Following him in my car as he rode his motor cycle back to his apartment, I then entered his home.
    Frank demanded an answer of me, to why I was cheating on his daughter. The only answers I had, were his daughter doesn't have a cock and that I'd never been with another woman whilst being with his daughter.
    I really don't know why Frank did what he did next, I've never asked him (If you knew Frank, you wouldn't). On the spur of the moment his tone changed and he told me I was only to have gay sex with his cock from then on. He dropped his shorts to reveal a fully erect cock which was already leaking pre cum. Dropping to my knees in front of him, I took my father in laws cock into my mouth and began to suck him off. Over the next half an hour, I licked and sucked Franks cock and balls, and also licked and tongued his asshole when he ordered me to do so. He face fucked me nearing the end of my oral lesson, as he forced me to gag on his large thick cock, thrusting it down my throat. When Frank unloaded down my throat, I thought he'd never stop cumming as his cock spurted load after load after load.
    Finally empty and with every drop swallowed (I wasn't given a choice) he pulled me up to his face and then kissed me with such tenderness it felt as if I was kissing a girl. Before I left his apartment five minutes later, Frank turned to me and said "Now go home and treat my daughter right". I knew precisely what he meant and that evening I made love to my wife, making sure she orgasmed three times from oral, vaginal and anal sex.
    Things settled into a pattern after that day. Each week I'd travel over to Franks apartment and each week I'd perform oral sex on him. Not once did he then want to fuck me, as he told me that's what the sauna was for. Then one afternoon, after only ten minutes of being naked in his apartment and lovingly sucking on his cock, we turned round to see Marcus a friend of Franks staring at us. Frank was so nonchalant, as he held my head and began fucking my mouth again. Marcus said something about him not letting anyone in the club know. Frank TOLD him he would keep it secret, and then ordered Marcus to fuck me. I tried to make some protest, but Frank held me head so tightly and began to ram his cock down my throat. The next thing I felt was a cold smooth substance being smothered over my asshole. A couple of seconds later I felt Marcus's cock driving into my ass.
    I'd been fucked before, but it was long time since the last and in terms of anal acceptance, I was basically a virgin again. The thoughts going through my head at the time were "If Frank can make a big hard guy like Marcus, fuck another guy, then what was I thinking of cheating on his daughter". Marcus had been fucking me for about five minutes with Frank telling him and me to "get it on" when he told Marcus to change positions. Frank had not once wanted to fuck me in the past eight months, but seconds later I had Marcus's anal juiced covered cock sliding over my tongue and Franks cock thrusting its way up my broken in asshole. As Marcus was fucking my mouth, I heard him say "Thanks for the invite, he's so good at giving head". It was then I realized it was all a sham. Frank had invited Marcus around, I think to get past his own guilty feelings over cheating on his daughter. Fucking me was the next step and I now know he'd wanted to fuck me all along.
    Both men took turns over the next half an hour fucking me, having me suck their cocks, or licking their assholes. Something Frank adores having done. They didn't ask and I didn't try to stop them when they both unloaded up my asshole one after the other. Marcus took a quick shower as I made us all coffee. Then dressing after his shower, he told Frank it was the most fun he'd had sexually in a very long time. Frank turned to Marcus and told him firstly to keep it all to himself and secondly I would be at his apartment the same time the following week (It was news to me). The moment Marcus left, Frank put his coffee down, walked to his bedroom, a place we'd never had oral sex and asked me, to please join him.
    The sex we had over the next hour was totally different. It was slower, more intimate in a loving way and the anal sex was more love making than fucking. Franks ability to remain fully erect over long periods is amazing and I now take full advantage on our weekly get together's at his apartment. Marcus does join us once a month, then it's full on gay sucking and fucking. I do enjoy those days as they're always awesome fuck fests, but increasingly, it's the times I now spend with Frank alone.
    Frank knows I treat his daughter right, and in that respect his paternal instincts kick in. Yet when his cock is deep inside my bowels and he's kissing the back of my neck, I know his daughter is the furthest from his mind.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 20

    If it wasn't for Jason my boyfriend, I probably would never have met Pete. Jason insisted we move to the sun beds close to where the surfer dudes were hanging out. Not that Jason surfs. We'd been on holiday for four days when I first saw Pete. He was on his own reading book on a sun bed, the row in front of ours. After being on our beds for about an hour Jason did what he did the whole holiday, he fell asleep. I sat up watching everyone around us and then noticed a much older man in front of us turn over. Oh my god! was my thought. His cock bulge in his swim shorts was huge. I didn't know I'd been staring, but when he sat right up turned directly to me and smiled, I tried to make out I'd been looking elsewhere. The thing was I couldn't help but look at his cock bulge every chance I got, and he soon moved so I could see right up the left leg of his shorts. His flaccid cock, which I could see quite clearly, was massive. Far bigger than my boyfriends when his was fully erect. Lay there getting turned on, I decided to take a walk up to a series of rocky outcroppings.
    No sooner than I'd arrived at the rocks, I turned to see the guy walking up to me. Introducing himself as Pete, I was about to tell him my name when he moved us around a large rock and dropped his shorts. His cock looked even bigger than when I first saw it. I didn't know the guy, I'd never met him before in my life. Yet I found myself on my knees in the sand, taking hold of his semi hard dick and letting him slide it over my tongue. It was so big I had trouble trying to get even a quarter of it into my mouth, but his cock still became rock hard all the same.
    Where he got the condom from I don't know, but by the time his cock was fully erect and believe me it was huge, I stood up, moved my bikini bottoms to one side and waited for him to penetrate me. I was soaking wet, so when his cock touched my pussy lips and on past my labia's, it lubed his cock shaft as it entered me. And was I glad I was so turned on. His cock stretched me like no boyfriend I'd had. Stood on a mediterranean beach in September this year, I was fucked buy a man, a complete stranger, who's cock took me to three orgasm in the space of five to ten minutes. And it was the best sex of my life so far. Holding onto the rocks in front of me I was fucked hard and fucked fast. Even when a couple walked nearby and watched for a few seconds, I couldn't have cared less, probably because I was cumming at the time.
    Reaching round me, the guy took hold of my breasts and really began to pound into my pussy. Around a minute later I felt his cum spurting into the condom, so deep inside my pussy it felt like he was peeing into my womb.
    He walked me back to our sun beds. Talking as we walked he asked me why I'd agreed to have sex with him. I didn't remember agreeing anything, but the question was valid anyway. Pointing at a still sleeping Jason when we got near, he smiled and told me he'd be back at the same beds the next afternoon. Even though Jason was hugely hung over, I made him pick the same part of the beach as the day before. Sure enough Pete was lying there. It took Jason all of five minutes to crash out. Asking me if I wanted to go to his apartment, I followed Pete up to it and entered. Over the next hour I had such an amazing time with a fifty two year old man. A man who taught me just how much my arsehole can take a massive cock and enjoy it.
    That night with a refreshed Jason, I made sure his drinks were doubles. We did have sex earlier on after we'd gotten back from the beach, but Jason came in about a minute flat. I pretended to orgasm, but in reality I didn't get close. Just like the day before I went back to Pete's apartment when Jason pased out on the sun beds. Pete told me it was his last day on holiday, so texting Jason's phone to cover myself, telling him I'd gone shopping if he woke up, myself and Pete spent nearly two hours having sex. It was two of the best two hours I'd spent with anyone. Pete was and is such a good lover. His cock size definitely helps, but he was so prepared to listen and give me exactly what I like sexually. Something I've found younger men just don't do.
    Before we parted for the day, I let Pete teke me back to the rocks where we'd first fucked by. Standing in the same spot with my pussy dripping with anticipation, I had the fifty two year old guy fuck me again and it brought about another series of orgasms. Pete's final orgasm was fucking me without a condom up my arsehole. It was such a thrill lying on my sunbed later talking to Jason, as Pete's cum dribbled out of my arse.
    I haven't seen Pete since September, but after texting each other constantly over those months, I know he's going to be travelling up to where I live with my parents, close to Christmas. He's going to book himself into a hotel and guess who'll be visiting him each day.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    My husband thinks I call by his fathers house each Monday and Friday, to help him around his home after his mild stroke. It was the stroke which first had myself and Don having sex together. He asked me if I'd take care of his sexual needs as he couldn't masturbate at the time. It was simple question if not a little off field, but one he asked when his son wasn't present obviously. As Don sat in his arm chair, I opened his trousers and pulled out the most gorgeous looking cock I think I've ever seen. An eight inch long beautifully veined cock shaft, around six inches in circumference and a large bulbous mushroom shaped head. It was leaking pre cum when I lowered my head and I instantly fell in love with the taste of it, as I stuck out my tongue to lick it off the tip of his cock. Don relaxed back as I took his cock into my mouth and began to pleasure him. That first time took no more than five minutes to have him cumming hard into my mouth. Not wanting to cause a mess, and loving the feel and taste of his cum, I swallowed the lot. The following week I did the same, only I too had an orgasm after I'd played with my pussy sucking on his cock. Don lasted longer and I found myself wishing he'd ask me to mount his cock. He didn't so like the week before I sucked his cock to completion and swallowed his cum.
    On the Monday morning the following week I didn't even bother to dress properly. I drove around to Dons home dressed only in a short skirt and a loose fitting top. No underwear at all. I also didn't bother to ask him when I'd gotten his cock hard, if I could fuck him. Lifting my skirt, I put my knees either side of his legs and mounted his cock. He tried to say something but I leaned forwards and kissed him hard. For the next ten minutes I rode my father in laws cock like a common slut and listening to him, I knew he was loving it just as much as my pussy and I were. I can't remember just how many times I got close to cumming before I stopped to let my feelings subside, but when Don came filling my pussy, I just let go and had the most thrilling orgasm ever.
    That has been the pattern over the last eight months. Every Monday and Friday I call by and we have such a fantastic time licking, sucking and fucking. Don's health has improved much quicker too. And I put it down to the sex we're having. Even if he said he was ok tomorrow, I know we'd carry on fucking, as I'm definitely having the time of my life fucking a man, who I think I'm now in love with.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    I live in Boston, but come from New Jersey. A few years back, my Dad died and my mom was struggling a bit with finances. I would send her money when I could, as her job did not pay that well. She eventually sold her house and moved to a smaller place, which helped a lot, but she still needed money here and there.

    In September, she told me she did not need money anymore a she was doing better with a part time job, which she did not go into details about, rather strange for her.

    Then in October she asked if I could pet sit her dog as she was taking a long weekend trip with a friend to Washington.

    I agreed and met her on Friday and she told me she would be back on Columbus day evening, the next Monday.

    Friday evening, I was sitting around, a bit bored and decided to do a bit of investigating as to this mysterious part time job. I looked around her house with no real clues. I turned on her computer, and after a couple of tries, and remembering something I read that women almost always use their children's birthdays as passwords, managed to get on. I checked her browser bookmarks and found, to my surprise a sex webcam site bookmarked. I opened the page and saw she had an account. As soon as I opened it I got messages in her message box from guys, saying very explicit things to her. I wrote down her handle and closed the page. I thought could it be really true that my mom was making money on this webcam site?

    She came back Monday, and I drove back to Boston. I set up an account on the webcam site, but did not find her there. I thought maybe it was a one time thing. Tuesday night I logged on again, and did not see her but looked around at other cams to get the idea as to how this site worked. I saw women basically doing shows, for free, but guys would give them tokens which they purchased as tips. There was also a thing called private shows, for more tokens that I assumed gave more options.

    As I was looking around, I searched once more and found she was online. I was very nervous, but opened her page. There was my mom, in a very sexy lingerie outfit, bra, panties, garter and stockings, joking and chatting with guys. Now, my Mom is 45, but still very hot looking, slender, small but nice boobs, a great ass. A guy gave her a tip, which I calculated to be five bucks based on the token costs. She took her top off and gave a sexy look as she rubbed her boobs. I could not help but feel a surge in my cock. I quickly went through the steps to buy some tokens, and went back to her page. When I got back, with a bunch of tokens now, she was standing up joking with the guys, wearing only the garter and stockings. She had a nice pussy, big lips, and shaved clean. There was a banner at the top of her page that said cum show when 500 tokens was reached. There was a counter that said the current token count was 350. I hit the button to donate 10 tokens, basically a dollar to see what happened. She said thank you to my handle name on there and turned around and bent over to show a hot view of her pussy from behind. She ran a finger right between her lips.
    That did it, I had my pants off in a flash, my cock harder than I think it has ever been. She turned back around and continued chatting with the guys. I dropped another 10 tokens. This time, she sat back on her chair, opened her legs wide, spreading her pussy lips looking into her camera licking her lips. I got a private message from her asking if I wanted a private show. I sent one back asking what it costs and what happened in a private show. She told me the price, about a dollar a minute, and said she would do anything I wanted within reason, and would view my cam if I like. I told her I would think about it.

    She continued her show, spreading and acting nasty when guys gave tips. She reached out of camera sight and came up with a big dildo. She rubbed the tip of it on her pussy lips. You could hear it buzzing from a vibrator. I knew right then I had to see that dildo go in her c**t. I hooked my camera up, and aimed it down so all you could see was my cock. I sent her a message that I wanted a private show. I was shaking in anticipation. She said great and told me how to pay, I paid 50 dollars worth of tokens, making sure my microphone was off, as I did not want her to hear my voice.

    She did something on her end and then told me we were in private now. I sent a message saying my mic was not working, but my cam was. She turned on my cam and said mmmmm sugar you have a real hot cock. She asked what would I like to do, and I instantly answered I have a fantasy about my mom. She did not bat an eye, it seemed this was a common thing for her on here. She sat back on the chair, spread her legs wide, and started fingering her c**t, saying "do you like mommies hot pussy?" I typed yes. She said mommy loves your big hard dick and wants to suck it, taking the dildo and sucking it like a cock. I don't know what turned me on more seeing her act like this, or knowing she was looking at my hard cock as she did it.

    I typed back I want to fuck mommy's pussy. She sat back, spread her legs and slowly slipped that big dildo in side, moaning and saying yes, fuck mommy good baby. She started slowly, then gradually worked her way up to literally ramming it in hard loudly saying es, yes, yes, fuck my hot c**t. Her pussy was really wet now, dripping as she fucked herself good. I exploded and she said, yes, cum for me baby, fill mommies hot c**t with your cum.
    Knowing she was watching me blow my cum all over as she fucked herself gave me the biggest orgasm I ever had. She took the dildo out and I could see how incredibly wet her pussy was, and she licked the dildo. She told me she hoped to see my big dick again on here real soon.

    Damn, I know I shouldn't, but she probably will see my dick again.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    In many ways I've been lucky in my life. Firstly having the parents I had, then through hard work after taking over my families business from my late father, being as I am now, very comfortable financially. Marrying Kate was also to me a lucky event as she's such a wonderfully beautiful woman inside and out. However marrying someone who's thirteen years older than me, has now played its hand so to speak. As I've said Kate is a wonderful person, it's just that Kate decided this time last year, she's no longer interested in sex. Not that we ever had a nightly sex session.

    Not wanting to ruin our life together, or more to the point, not wanting another woman in my life, I looked through the local "Craig's list" advertisements for a younger man who would accommodate me once or twice a week. I knew what I wanted, I wanted a quick suck, fuck and go. Seeing Billy's ad seemed perfect for me. So I got in contact.

    Arriving at his small apartment across town the following day, as arranged I let myself in after giving him the pre arranged word to buzz the lock. Walking through the small apartment, I found the slim, small twenty year old naked and blind folded on his bed. I took off my business suit, removed my boxers and fed him my already rising cock. Billy was/is a natural cock sucker and he soon had me on the verge of wanting to cum, but his mouth wasn't where I wanted my seed to be. Taking the condom he'd placed on the bedside cabinet, putting it on, I then squeezed out some lube, easing the lube over his beautifully cute tight asshole. Without a word having been said, I put my cock head to his rear hole and pushed in.

    It was such a thrill to be fucking someone again after five months of absolutely no sex. His was the first male asshole I'd looked at closely, never mind fucked, but that first experience was amazing. In all I fucked Billy in three different positions, with us finishing with him on his back and his legs on my chest. I watched him cum hard without him touching his small thin cock and then blasted my cum up his asshole. Pulling my cock and the condom out of his ass, I told him I wanted more of the same. The next day I went back.

    Billy was waiting for me just as he had the day before. But unlike the day before I lifted his blind fold and let him see the man who was about to fuck him. Billy's been looking into my blue eyes ever since, every time we fuck. He no longer lives in that crappy apartment, as I've moved him over to a far bigger much nicer place closer to where I live. His studies have improved too, and he looks as though he'll be a great addition to the business, when he's graduated. I visit his apartment every other day now and have him visit my home at the weekends. Kate knows he stays over when she travels for her photo shoots each weekend. All she says is "Have a good time honey and make sure that boy eats". She thinks Billy's too skinny, but I tell her to look at the girls she photographs.

    It's funny I still don't think of myself as being bisexual, just alternative. But I guess that's just what I am. Billy is a fantastic young man who knows what he wants from life, and with my help I'm sure he'll achieve it. He's also one hell of a sexy guy, one who just loves my cock plowing his asshole. As he often says "I want you inside me, my whole life". I think we'll always find and have time to enjoy one another. As for kate and I, we've worked out our relationship where by we allow each other personal space, but believe me when I say this, I love her with all my heart.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    My wife and I have had a great sex life and enjoyed a few threesomes with friends of mine. We hangout at a bar restaurant and got friendly with the bartender, one night when nobody else was around he told us he did a stint as a male stripper. After we left we talked about Jason and his past, my wife said she wasn't surprised based on the size of his package and the rest of his body wasn't bad either. We had sex when we got home and Jason's name came up, she said she would like to see him perform. Fast forward a month, we were in the bar late, talking and invited Jason over for drinks after he got off. He accepted, my wife could hardly contain herself on the drive home and changed into some sexy shorts and a t shirt before he arrived. We headed for our bar and after a few drinks he was loosening up and she asked if he missed dancing, he said it was a blast but he quit when he got a steady (now ex) girlfriend. She said she would enjoy a show, he looked at me, I smiled and said what the hell, I'd go for anything. I turned some music on, he had another drink, got up and started dancing, peeled his shirt off and handed it to her, slowly slipped his jeans down, then motioned her to join him. They danced some and he said it was her turn. With that she peeled her shirt off, bra next, motioning to him. Down slid his boxers revealing a big cock, she asked if touching was allowed, he said it worked both ways. Soon they were dancing close, grinding and she went down on him. I was hot watching her suck him, she pulled him to her barstool, he slipped her shorts off revealing her pussy and as she pulled him closer he asked if we were ok with this. She said she wanted him, and guided his huge hardon to her. She winced as he started to enter her but kept pulling him closer. I had a hard time containing myself as he buried his dick in her, fucking a little faster, she came at least 4 times before he exploded inside her. She held him there until his cock went limp and slipped out, oozing cum. I couldn't take it, came around the bar and slipped my hardon in her soaked pussy while he sipped his drink and watched while I unloaded. We were all exhausted, he got dressed and left, we haven't had a rematch yet but might.

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    I remember seeing her naked often. I saw her fucking my dad. She was riding him. She used to walk from the shower naked. They got divorced. I saw her give a guy a bj. Lucky guy. She has them big milky tits and nice ass. I guess i have oedipus complex. Normal right?

    One time i was laying on my bed with a massive hard on sticking out of my underwear. I was almost asleep. She opened the door looked in and closed it. She came back in. I didn't move. A few seconds went by.i turned over and she was staring at my dick with a confused look on. I said what are you doing and she left.

    Later that night i went to the bathroom and she was in there. I looked thru the crack in the door and she looked like she was wiping herself. I looked in again and her hand was still there. My mother was masturbating. She stroked herself to an orgasm. What do you think she was thinking about?

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