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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I got introduced to sucking cocks and getting my ass fucked last weekend in front of my older woman friend. She and I have had sex since I was 15. She watched me have sex with one of her gay friends, an older man. She made me up, and got me dressed in sexy undies to do it. They guy called me again yesterday, and I went to his house, I got fucked 3 times, sucking his cock hard each time. Today he had two more guys over and I let them all fuck me multiple times. I've only had cock since Sunday and now here it is only Tuesday afternoon and I've had 4 guys fuck me already.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I was wondering who I could tell about my issues and there is really no one but a site like this, which is probably mostly fantasy from people. I've read on here from girls who are horny. Each of us believes they are the worst case and that is certainly me. I'm actually slightly above average in looks but with makeup and the right clothing I get horny guys trailing after me. I began fucking these guys six years ago, tossing them aside after I found a newer, hotter model.

    I have fucked as many as five different guys in one day, who were not a gang-fuck I know pros do much more but that is just normal relationships and the guys don't know each other. I know I am addicted to sex and one of my recent partners was, too. I tired of him quickly and tossed him aside even though I never saw him without a hard-on. Finally, I did try gang-fucking, even did some porn shoots for regular producers. My crotch is ever starved for stiff cock and I have no idea where it will lead. Fortunately, I'm terrified of STD's so I take extra precautions. Out there is the perfect tongue and cock waiting for me. I have to hold on to that thought.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 24

    when i was 14 my older brothers friend offered me 20 bucks to give him a hand job. Stupidly I did it because that was a lot of money to me and i had already been giving them to my boyfreinds anyway for free and i liked it anyway. Then a few other guys too. For awhile i was giving hand jobs and making a 100 bucks a week lots of times more from the rich kids but later everyone knew so i stopped becasue i was looked at as a piece of shit. I'm still thought of as that girl who gives handjobs.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    Some people who really don't know him call my brother, Richie, a freak. He's heard all of it and doesn't care. He is gay and has always been from the time when we first talked about sex. He's also highly intelligent and has been a sort of mentor to me because I like guys but like girls more.

    Richie went to work at a private gay/lesbian club as a bartender and part of the stage show that comes on twice a night. Richie has a large, long penis and his specialty on stage is actually sucking himself off and fucking his own asshole. A few of the folks, men and women, from the audience come up for close up looks. Some of them go to touch him or suck and fuck him but the manager, who is also the bouncer, will not allow it.

    Although I don't go with Richie to his club often, when I do go, I'm noticed sitting with him at the bar by some girls and they come up to us, curiously. When I explain I'm Richie's sister they seem to warm up and for reasons beyond my conception, they tell me they are hot for me. If they are hot enough fro me to look at (some look like male apes) we pair off and go to one of the private rooms and we ball for a time. I love it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    After a particularly bad argument with my husband about my high sex drive, he said I should abstain from sex for a while and refused to fuck me, stating his church and religious values. I genuinely tried to stick to his mandate, but I really do love cock and having my pussy and arsehole tongued. Pleading with him for sex, he told me it was still another few weeks off until he'd stick his willy in me.
    Desperate and feeling so low, I literally dragged a guy I didn't know at all, out of our nearby pub one afternoon, took him the seventy yards to our home and fucked him stupid for over an hour. His cock was amazing, curving sharply upwards, and it was so thick and meaty.
    Sucking on his dick in the pubs toilets after we chatted about sex for about five minutes, I then persuaded him to go outside, pulling him along to our home. My husband was working in Wales at the time, so I knew I had the house to myself for at least another few hours.
    Sucking on his gorgeous dick again in our lounge, I had him go down on me and we ended up in a sixty nine. It was really exciting having sex with such a handsome well endowed man, a man I didn't even know the real name of, I climaxed multiple times before he even slid his cock into my pussy.
    It was his turn to drag me up to my marital bed, and then we did everything you can imagine sexually. Every position, every dirty way of pleasuring each other and then I had him fuck me all over again, only taking my arsehole over and over again.
    Throughout he didn't wear a condom, and he came three times, each time deep inside my pussy or arse.
    By the time he left to meet his mates back in the pub, I'd had more orgasms with him in one afternoon, than I'd had with my husband in the previous six months. We'd swapped numbers and I thought to myself when we did, I was just going to be polite and take his number, never meaning to get in contact. But a few days later with my husband yet again across the border in Wales, I text him and had him call by.
    That day we stayed in my home pretty much all day having some of the best sex I can ever remember having. If I was a little drunk, which I was, the first time we fucked, then I was stone cold sober when we had sex the second time. And throughout I wanted and needed his cock like no man I'd ever had sex with.
    I might seem strange, but it wasn't until I was sucking on his cock after he'd just fucked my arsehole, cumming deep inside me, that I asked him what his real name was, and not his nickname which I had in my phone.
    Kevin calls by most weeks now, sometimes more than once and we have such a horny time doing such dirty sexual things with each other, things I know my husband just wouldn't entertain.
    I know I'm cheating on my husband, but if he won't give me what I want and need sexually, then a girl like me is only going to find a man who will.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 44

    1998 24 years old doing deliveries all day alone in the truck horny as fuck and fantasizing about the nice looking housewives I was meeting constantly wishing one would pull a porn move and initiate a fuck session. Some guy actually did one time but I chickened out. He and his wife were 40ish and she looked nice. Great body and pretty. He talked about their swinger trips and threesomes and said they like younger guys like I was at the time. I was thinking shit if we do it is he going to watch? She showed me her tits which were beautiful. Implants but so what I didn't care. So the guy is talking about a threesome and asks me if I like sucking dick? I was confused then said ah no and that was it. He tried to talk me into it saying I'd enjoy it a lot but I ended up bailing. Later I wished I'd gone for it. Thinking of her tits and ass and then his dick I was thinking how bad could it be?

    I thought about them a lot, fantasizing about fucking her and then about sucking him and as a fantasy it was no big deal I started kicking myself for not going for it. I started getting really horny at the thought of sucking a dick. I didn't think of guys at all. Just girls and dicks. I didn't know what was going on with me but I was lusting to suck a cock.

    Months later, maybe even a year, I was doing a delivery to a guy who lived in a gay area who was about thirty, nice guy, nice apartment but there was art of cocks everywhere. He had small statues with hard dicks, paintings of guys with huge dicks and a few pictures of real cocks on the walls as art. I had to go in his bedroom and was down putting his order together and noticed through his pants that he was hard and had a huge dick. I had trouble not looking at it. I finished up and gave him the slip to sign and he had me hold a calendar he used to write on. The calendar was of naked men with big dicks. He apologized and said he hoped I wasn't uncomfortable. I said something and left but all I could think of for days was sucking hard cocks. I started thinking that the guy wanted me to blow him and again I was wishing I'd done something just to see what it was like.

    Then I had to go back, very early on moring, to swap out. I was there at about 6 in the morning. He acted happy to see me. He was wearing lose shorts and a t shirt, walked me to his bedroom then stood there as I went through the process. He started asking how I felt about his art and the calendar and again was saying he hoped I was ok with it. I said I was then he asked if I liked guys. I said no. He said oh I got the feeling last time you were turned on by the calendar. I said no I like girls. He said, how about just cocks then, do you like cocks? I said I wasn't sure but they don't bother me.

    He stood up and pulled his shorts aside and let his half hard cock dangle about a foot from my face. He asked if I've ever touched one. No was the answer. He said well here's your chance. Touch it, suck it, do what ever you want, satisfy your curiosity.

    This time I didn't chicken out. My cock was rock hard and dripping when I reached over to touch him. His skin was soft but his cock was hard and getting harder. I played with it, stroked it, he held it inches from my mouth and I was just about ready to suck it when he put it away and said I should finish up. It was painful swapping out with a raging hard-on but when I was finished and everything was put away, he signed again on the same calendar after which he asked me to tell him which cocks I liked. I pointed out a few that were big and hard. He liked those too. I realized he had his cock out again standing there. Sticking straight out. I was frozen but then he said follow me. He sat down on the edge of the couch and motioned for me to sit between his legs. He said take your cock out, it was a relief to free it from my pants. Then he reached down and stroked me, it felt good but the excitement was more in the situation.

    He asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. I said yes. He positioned me saying go ahead. I licked his cock head a few times then started sucking like crazy. He told me to slow down, take my time. So I did. He told me to stroke myself as I sucked. I was lust crazed but I followed his instructions, sucking the head, using my tongue, managing to deep throat him, tough at first but then pretty easy, and then I used the rhythm he wanted and eventually he grabbed my head, pushed himself down my throat and he came, slowly rocking his cock in my throat he shot his load right down. I wasn't trying to make myself cum but I did anyway right after he finished and his dick was still in my mouth I came on his floor. After he pulled out I could taste his cum in the back of my throat actually tasting it there all day. We talked for a few minutes, him asking what I thought and if I'd ever do it again. I said I would like too but I never have. Twenty years later and it's never happened again. I fantasize occasionally about it but I only like women and I'm not going to go looking for it so I guess it's just going to be a one time thing in my life.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    I was the college girlfriend, and my boyfriend had graduated and was living in the city where he got a job. I went to visit for spring break. He made arrangements for me to stay with a female coworker. At her apartment, I was sleeping in the extra bedroom, he stayed well past dinner and got hot and heavy chasing his coworker. A lot of running around the table, and grabbing her and humping on her and she went and hid in her room, but he got in anyway and he had sex with her on her bed. Everything was ha, ha.

    I was pissed, and she was pissed. He wanted us both to come and get in bed with him. We put our foot down and told him to go you know where and we locked ourselves in the spare bedroom, where she and I slept in the same bed. He woke us up demanding that we go to him, he told us through the door that he had a real bad hard on and he needed one of us. It was then that we started to hold hands, we were looking at each other, whispering that we didn't need him, that we could do without him and it served him right.

    When we did come out the next morning we announced to him that we were no longer interested in him, that we could do well enough without him. After breakfast, he screwed me. It was really good. And after it was over I went to her and she held me to let him know that he wasn't the only one. It felt amazingly good to be in her arms, rocking back and forth. That night after we had sex with him we went to the extra bedroom to sleep, that night we slept in a spoon.

    That he is our boyfriend is understood, but we are in our thirties and at some level deep down inside we are lesbians. We live together and even though he has moved out we still sleep in the same bed and now that he is not around we make love. It is very sensual and starts with long embraces and warm kisses and most of the time ends with one of us having an orgasm from manual stimulation. We have taken on oral stimulation, as much as anything out of sense that we need to do this, but orgasms are entirely from embracing and manual stimulation.

    He came to see us last weekend and he fanned the old flames and I ended up having sex with him. This is often and not a one time thing. From time to time, if things are really hot we both get in bed with him. He can have sex with us, all he wants really. We just can't live together anymore. We need our own space, if he is around we never make love together. We are on or off in that sense. Sometimes the feelings of loneliness make us cry out for him. But at other times we need our quiet time. It is hard to explain, we don't feel that we have sex, we have something different. It is a closeness that comes from being together. We tell ourselves that we make love, but we have sex with him. Sometimes we just need to make love. Sometimes we don't want him around. Sometimes we just need to be together. Sometimes the best thing in the world is just having a cup of tea in the morning with her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    Sorry for such a long story. It was an experience I remember like it was last week and also one I'll never forget.
    When I was 14 and my friend Danny was 16 I used to sleep over at his house maybe once a week. We were best friends growing up and lived across the street from each other. He had a sleeper sofa in the living room that was uncomfortable but a decent size. On this particular night we watched a VHS tape of the movie Flashdance and marvelled in the hotness of that chick in the movie over and over in slow-mo. Danny had already gotten into bed, but I was fixated on the dancing chick on the TV and her little bodysuit swaying in slow motion that I had to take care of something before I could fall asleep. I sat in a chair next to the sleeper sofa and started to masturbate. At this point I was so horny I didn't care what Danny thought and I must've made a little more noise that I realized. Danny woke up, sat up on the bed and "caught" me masturbating in the chair next to the couch. I was a little nervous letting him see what I was doing, but I wanted him to catch me. He looked right at my dick, didn't say anything and went back to bed. I turned the TV off and followed a couple minutes later, not knowing if he was still going to say anything about it.
    It was pretty damn quiet in that bed. I laid there for probably 10 minutes and not a peep out of either of us. I laid there and quietly rubbed my dick which was still hard. I asked him if he was still awake and he didn't answer. He had his back turned to me and was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. I had on a t-shirt and shorts. I can't explain what the hell I was thinking, but I touched my fingertips to his back and lightly ran my hand up and down. I felt such a rush! I was unsure and nervous and scared all at the same time, still not knowing exactly why I was touching my best friend in his sleep. I did this for less than a minute and whispered to him "Does that feel good?". There's no way to put in words the feeling I got when he replied, and he said YES! Holy shit... My heart is pounding. My emotions are all over the place. Panic, relief, satisfaction, and my dick is so hard right now I could pound nails with it. I lifted the back of his shirt up and did the same to his bare skin for a couple minutes.
    Treading lightly, I slid over right behind him, reached around and lifted up the front of his shirt and lightly slid my fingertips all over his chest. I know he could feel my dick stabbing him in the rear, sweatpants or not, but he didn't complain. He seemed to be very comfortable. After a couple more minutes, I told him to lay on his back and I continued to scratch his chest. With my left hand I slowly touch myself and feel that an orgasm could come at a moment's notice. Yeah, it's that hot in here. I move in a little closer and now my bare penis is rubbing off the side of his sweatpants. I've never felt anything like this before. My mind is racing, my heart is racing. What the fuck am I doing? My dick is rubbing on my best friend's pants, My hand is fondling his bare skin - on a sleeper sofa in his living room - after he saw me jerking off in the chair... and only one single word out of him in the last hour. WTF?
    Where is this heading? What was the point of all this? Why did I touch my best friend in his sleep? Fuck it, I keep lightly scratching his chest and then move on down to his legs. I'm not sure he could even feel it with his pants on, but I didn't care, I did it anyway. It was like I felt in control, yet I was making him feel good. While still touching his legs and moving back up to his chest, I nonchalantly swept my hand over his dick and couldn't believe it - it was hard and pointing straight up toward his chest! Wow, he was really enjoying this I guess. My heart was beating FAST. My hand goes back up to his chest, then back down to his legs, then back up again, each time rubbing over his really hard cock. Finally, I said fuck it and on the way back up or down (I forget), I grabbed his cock through his pants and rubbed him for about a minute and decided he needs to take his pants off because I REALLY WANT TO SUCK HIS COCK. I actually said to him to take his pants off and he doesn't say a word. He gets up, goes into the bathroom and comes back in a pair of boxers. He gets back in bed and I am as nervous as I've ever been. He's on his back and I start doing the leg rubbing thing again, then move up to his chest. Before I get to his chest I brush over his cock and now I can really feel it through his thin shorts. Up to the chest, then back down and - oh fuck yeah! He has the boxers with the trap door. I reach in with a finger and touch it. I have never touched anybody else's private parts before. Ok, we're done with the back/chest/leg touching thing. It's all about the cock now. I can't really see it well because it's dark, but the more I touch it, the more I want to suck on it. It's bigger than mine. My heart is pounding. I reach in and pull it out the trap door. Holy shit, I can't believe I'm doing this. My hand is wrapped around my best friend's bare cock and I'm pulling it out of his shorts! I can't tell if Danny is watching me or if he's pretending to be asleep. He's laying totally still. I know he never did this with anyone before now. I wonder if he's as nervous as I am. I want to suck his dick so bad, but i don't know if he's on the same page or if he just thinks it's ok that I jerk him off. What if I go for it and he calls me a faggot and kicks me out of his house, or beats me up, or pees in my mouth? What if he really is asleep and wakes up with his cock in my mouth and freaks out? I laid next to him and pondered the possible outcomes. I reached back over and took his cock in my hand. I explored with my hand for a minute, checking to see if his stuff is the same as my stuff. I stroked him for maybe a minute, but couldn't control myself any longer. I sat up in the bed and repositioned myself onto my knees, then lowered my lips onto the head of his cock. Fuck, was I nervous. Licked my lips and stuck it in my mouth again. Oh my God. What a feeling. It felt bigger in my mouth than I thought it would. The head felt spongy and super soft. I went up and down real slow a few times, trying to see how much of it I could suck. I figured out that I could wrap my hand around the base of his cock and still have enough to suck without gagging.
    It was at this point I was finally starting to get comfortable. My dick is still hard as a rock and my shorts were still on for some reason. Hmmm, Danny's cock is still looking out the boxers trap door too. I tore both our shorts off in about 4 seconds.
    With all the jostling around to get his shorts off, I had reassurance that he was awake and loving every second of this. I knelt beside him in the bed and positioned my lips over his cock once again. His hard cock lays on his stomach so I decided to lick it all over. It was neat to explore it this way, because I could feel things with my tongue like the outline of his head and the shape and size of his balls. He had one of those urethral channels running under the bottom side of his cock that was so thick and pronounced, when I sucked him, my saliva would run down both sides of it.
    I spread my knees apart, took his hand and introduced it to my cock. Again, never have I had someone else's hand on my cock. What a feeling that was. He knew right away what to do. He got a good grip and stroked me, causing my mouth to suck on his cock again. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing but it just felt so good. I then realized that my dick was feeling real good and since Danny had a mouth around his, that his was probably feeling better. What if he cums in my mouth? Is he going to say something? He hasn't said two words since he caught me jerking off. Ok, at least I'm prepared now that it could happen.
    So, I'm sucking Danny's 16 year old cock and he's got my cock in his hand. I'm licking it like a popsicle and stroking it and licking his balls. I think I'm a pro now. Danny puts his hand behind my head and pushes his cock into my throat. Wasn't ready for that, and I gag. But I find that I can suck him a little deeper now that I know my limit. So I do. I also apply some suction and I can feel his head swell in my mouth. Wow, this is getting really good. I'm really starting to get into this cock sucking thing and I am really enjoying it. I think Danny is liking it too. In fact, I'm enjoying it so much that I had to pull my cock out of his hand because there would have been cum all over every wall in the livingroom in 10 seconds flat. Holy shit, that was close!
    I position myself at the bottom of the bed and move up between his legs. His cock looks a lot bigger from down here. I lick up his balls, then up his shaft and take his cock into my mouth. It feels better in my mouth at this angle than it did from the side. I realize that I can move my tongue with his cock in my mouth, so I move my tongue from side to side as he's sliding in and out of my mouth. I seal my lips tight and pull some suction so I can feel his head swell up again. Now I'm really getting into this, sucking a little deeper and faster. I'm starting to make moaning noises now, and so is Danny. More suction. Danny starts moving his hips and is fucking my mouth. I almost gag. More tongue. More suction. He's moaning more and more while he fucks my mouth. He thrusts faster and faster. The bed is making noise. He lets out a sigh and I feel his cock swell bigger that before with each thrust. I could feel his cum filling up my mouth. He's still fucking me and he's still cumming in my mouth. I swallow as much as i can while he's going in and out of my mouth and I feel more cum around my tongue. His thrusts get weaker and slower. I continue to suck him for another 30 seconds or so, still with his cum in my mouth. I release his cock from my grip and swallow the last of his load. He is silent. I lick the last of his cum off his cock and lick my saliva off his balls.
    Honestly, I don't think I would have enjoyed sucking his cock so much if I had an orgasm first. I'm glad he caught me jerking off in the chair. Otherwise, I might not have had my first mouthful of cum that night- or ever. Yes, I'm 14, and I'm still hard as a rock.
    My turn!
    Danny turned away when I stuck my cock in his face, but is still willing to give me a hand. That's ok. This all happened so fast. I didn't mind. I laid next to him and took his right hand. He knew what to do from there. He was doing a good job. He knew just where to position his hand. He only jerked me off for maybe a minute. I was already jacked up and ready to blow. He could tell when I was getting close by the increasingly frequent moaning and heavy breathing. I was in awe. This kid was jerking me off and I could just lay there and enjoy it. And it was fucking good. I raised my hips as he jerked faster. I felt like I was cumming even before I had an orgasm. That point of no return was something I'll never forget. The feeling of euphoria got higher and higher, more than ever before. My best friend was bringing me to an orgasm. With one last thrust of my hips, the first stream of thin cum shot completely over my head and onto the rug. The next few streams pelted me in the face and hair. With 8 or 9 powerful blasts, I was a fucking mess. I had to wipe my face on the sheets. I had to wash my shirt in the bathroom sink. I can say without hesitation, 35 years later, that that was probably the most powerful orgasm I ever had.
    Over the next year and a half I sucked his cock at least 4 times a week- in various beds, in front of open windows, the garage, the backyard, at the woods- swallowing every drop of his cum every single time.
    We then went on with our lives, got jobs, married our wives and had children, and hadn't seen each other since. Maybe we'll run into each other again someday and pick up where we left off.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    "My Cheating Heart," isn't truly accurate. In my case, it should be titled, "My Cheating Ego."

    Outwardly I'm the sweetest, nicest devoted wife there is. I'm a fourth grade teacher, well likes by staff, students and parents. I volunteer for anything and everything, I am the best neighbor, as is my husband. We welcome everyone to the neighborhood, hold parties inviting everyone and generally step up and take care of whoever needs taking care of.

    What know one knows is that I can be incredibly slutty including sleeping with other men. In high school I had one boyfriend who took my virginity. Back then, I avoided sex like it was a disease until I was with someone for a long time and finally gave it up to my boyfriend in the most cliched way possible, after prom. After that a whole summer of fucking where I was by far the more aggressive and adventurous. He just wanted to cum and I wanted to try anything and everything. We were so in love and we were going to get married and have a family. He went off to school with promises of visiting every weekend. Three weeks later having not seen him and his calls and texts dried up he dumped me a week before I went off to school.

    After a week of terrible sorrow and self-pity, I was suffering through day one of orientation when another freshman asked to sit with me. Two hours later I was sucking his dick and then he lost his virginity with me. Later that night a second boy lost his virginity to me. I loved the fun of it, the pleasure of it and the boost it gave my ego. I felt alive again. I went a little crazy that first semester, sleeping with a couple dozen boys and struggling terrible in class. My parents threatened to pull me out and I fixed things my second semester. I fixed my grades while still managing to sleep with a dozen different guys. It got out that I was down for casual sex and i was popular as you can imagine.

    Second year I discovered seniors and became a time management and organizational expert mastering juggling my classes, extra-curriculars and all the dick I wanted.

    Third year I discovered men. Real men. Fucking three professors, graduate students, married men I met here there and everywhere. I was with men who could satisfy me and were not nervous about fucking a woman who liked to take charge or get kinky. My last two years I fucked men from thirty to fifty. I was tied to beds, spanked, brought to sex parties where I was gang banged, sucked twenty cocks in a night and managed to graduate with honers and entered an excellent post-graduate program on the government's dime. My sex like became more refined, less frenzied but still amazing and I took advantage of the opportunities that interested me.

    Moving home to start my career I was the sweet virginal girl next door again. The only time I cut loose was an occasional night out on my own in the city where I found strangers to fuck. It was pretty frustrating but worth it. During this time, I met my future husband. He was local like me, I'd known him casually for years him being only a few years older than I. We've been married two years. While we dated and were engaged, I still slept with other men, went to a few sex parties as a single and got my fill of good, hard, wild sex then went home to him, Mr traditional in the sack.

    At our wedding, on my knees praying I promised not to stray, to become the housewife of his dreams, to make sex less of a priority and more of a part of a marriage. I did this for awhile, following his lead, letting his call the sexual shots and it was fucking boring and physically and emotionally unsatisfying. I tried to pull him out of his sexual shell, sucking his cock at every turn, waiting in the kitchen nude with my fuck me boots on, down on my knees when he walked in, masturbating for his entertainment, dragging him to a sex shop to buy dildos and lube, giving him porn for Christmas. Its was all momentary, he never caught on and took over, it was always me pushing the envelope, he would revert to boring Bob if i wasn't dragging him along. After awhile, it felt like I was married to a robot whose cock I used like a marital aid to get off. He didn't much like the slutty me and I hated sucking and fucking the fake sex fiend I was trying to turn him into against his nature. One day I was sliding up and down his dick backwards letting him watch, talking as dirty as I could and I saw his disinterested and somewhat disturbed face in the mirror. I felt exposed, humiliated, had he felt this way all along? I think he did. I was done riding him like he was a piece of furniture.

    We settled back into his version of a sex life. Him grabbing my ass occasionally as a sign of affection, feeling my tits at night while we watched TV in bed, a couple of quick missionary fucks a month. The kinkiest thing he wanted from me was to keep my pussy waxed as he hates pubic hair which I was happy to do for him as I wanted to be smooth just in case. Just in case an opportunity to have real sex presented itself. I didn't want to cheat, masturbated a lot to keep that edge off but I knew, I knew of the right guy pushed it I'd be spreading my legs and that's exactly what happened.

    I felt the guy looking at me in the supermarket. He was shopping with his wife, looking for whatever but his eyes would linger on me again and again. I caught him looking at my ass, my tits, he looked me in the eyes with a confidence I never see in my husband. As one point I leaned down to get something and peeked over and we locked eyes. He was so bold and sexy. He was a lot older than I. I later found out he was fifty-three years old. He was tall, bald with a shaved head and muscular and so fucking confident. I remember being surprised his wife hadn't noticed that he was seducing me right in front of her but he was amazing. He took and opportunity after they veered off from me and came back and was standing alone when I rounded a corner. My pussy was wet when he handed me a folded note and his fingertips brushed my hand then my breast. The note said "message me" and there was a number.

    After agonizing for two weeks I messaged him. He had a wonderful personality. He explained that he and his wife were open and that he rarely took advantage, actually being with other people far less than she. He seduced me all over again with words this time then I invited him over my own place for "coffee." My husband works in town so on my next off day I planned on getting this guy over and going off. The anticipation heightened my lust and as luck would have it my husband was in a dry spell having not initiated sex for weeks.

    Before coffee, I showed him around the house, finishing in my bedroom, then in my bed. Three hours of fucking and sucking later I was spent and thrilled. He was happy as well. We've been fucking ever since on an occasional basis, and it's still great. I meet him when my husband goes on trips or on my off days and it's such a rush.

    Fucking him opened the door a bit as well. I've met two other younger men in their thirties who are kinky as fuck. I met each on-line so I knew what they were about. I get with them occasionally as well, always away from home where no one knows me. One guy loves public sex, me sucking him off here, there and everywhere and making me cum in all sorts of interesting places like dressing rooms, stairwells, and even in a museum. The other guy is into bondage and discipline, introducing me to whippings, fisting, both pussy and ass, and sharing, both my body and my photos. My face is never exposed but my pussy often is.

    I don't feel guilty. I was terribly afraid that the guilt would be overpowering but in all honestly I've never felt any. I'm very careful not to pursue even the most desirable sexual relationship if it would even remotely threaten my professional reputation or my marriage. I see these three guys only; except for when the one guy shares me but he knows and respects my boundaries. I feel that I can stick to this to meet my sexual needs and in turn it makes for a happier marriage for both my husband and I. I also feel that when we start a family I'll be able to break off all outside sex and concentrate on our children. This I'm not so confident in. I can see being easily tempted as there will be many times where I will be in close quarters with single and married fathers some of whom will catch my eye and who will respond in kind. I'll find out eventually which way I'll go but for now I'm simply a dutiful housewife/elementary school teacher and a closet slut. Don't judge me too harshly.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I've been going to bookstore gloryholes for twelve years. Started out just watching and getting frustrated for the first eight or so years, finally sucked a cock, made it cum, then another and another finally let a guy suck me off and I've been enjoying it ever since. I was at a place with great booths one time where they have two holes in the walls so you can play with two cocks at once or other people can watch you suck cock. I was hanging around and heard a guy and girl who worked their talking about a guy who had been in a booth for 6 hours. It was a busy place so i was caught up wondering how many cocks he had sucked that day.

    A few years later I decided to see how many cocks I could suck on a saturday. I got to a different place at about ten thirty it was decerted just me. Found the best booth for sucking. It was small, comfortable, no gymnastics to get at the cocks and it was easy for the guys on the other side to stand and slide their dicks thru.

    I waited until I heard the door slam and knew someone else was there and put in fifty dollars so I had 250 credits. I was thinking wow I'll be here awhile. I decided to stay right there offer to suck any cock that showed up until the credits ran out.

    That first guy never even entered the booth opposite mine. I started hearing some traffic. A guy entered the opposite booth, peeked in an left. A few more false starts and then a bigger guy started a porn and pulled his dick out and stroked for awhile. He was long and thick and hard. I had my mouth up to the hole so he could see. I couldn't see but was waiting and hoping then I felt the tip of his dick pushing into my mouth. I took it and sucked as he pushed all teh way in. he was big so it was easy to suck him. His cock was perfect for sucking and deep throating. I worked at it for about ten minutes, he pulled out, stroked for a minute, pout it back and shot a nice thick load that I swallowded down. I cleaned him up, gave his cock a kiss and away he went.

    A few more false starts and I watched an older white guy jerking himself for ahile then he hustled over to the hole, stuck his dick in and I sucked for about ten secnods and got a huge load from him. AS soon as his stopped spurting he was gone. A few guys came in, got sucked for a few minutes each, then left. A black guy with a long skinny dick came in. Had me suck him for awhile but every time he was about to cum he pulled out, waited then put in back. I suck this guy on and off forever befoire he left.

    A young white guy came in, was instantly hard, stuck it in, two minutes later he came and was gone. He was replaced by a guy with a brown cock who pulled out as he started cumming and shot it through the hole on my mouth then put it back. I had to clean up a bit.

    A bunch of guys came and went. Most just looking, some stroked while i watched. A few came on the floor, a few let me suck them a bit, One jacked uptil he was going to cum then stuck it in my mouth to finish. Then ther was a lull. I still had a lot of tiem left so I waited and watched some milf porn. Another black guy with a massive cock came in. Right into the hole and I sucke dthat guy for 40 minutes before he finally came. He was replaced almost immediately by another black guy with an average cock who came in two minutes but had a much bigger laod than the hung guy.

    At some point the black dude who wouldnt let me finish him off finally came back and let me take his load.

    Mixed somewhere in there were a couple of old guys who came, a guy with the smallest cock ever ever seen who came in seconds, a bunch of guys who let me suck been then wanted to fuck me, and some cocks I don't even remember. I was there about five hours and sucked more cocks than I can remember and probably a couple dozen loads. It was a lot of efforts but it was a great perverted day.

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