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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    My brother and I are and have always been very close although he is almost five years younger than I am. As long as I can recall, we had wonderful, meaningful conversations about life and society. That includes sex. Our parents are professionals whose work extends to after hour involvements so Teddy and I are often home alone. Teddy is my brother but also my best friend and I have told him everything.

    So came the day when we both sat (can't believe it was years ago now) and saw the Lannister brother and sister on TV's Game of Thrones, fucking away on screen. He was doing her doggy style and Teddy an I looked at each other and blushed, each realizing that we were just then wondering about fucking each other, a thought that has played in our minds almost daily.

    Almost in one voice, we both said, "GEEZ that is hot." After the show, we discussed fucking each other and in terms of both discovery and the possible psychological result to our lives.
    The discussion has now gone on for years and I'm writing this to confess that we have taken it to first base. We finally decided to masturbate each other and see what if anything happens to us psychologically. We are no longer fearful of discovery. Nothing we can determine happened.

    When I held his nicely sized, erect penis in my hand, stroking it up and down, I almost had an orgasm. I could also tell that Teddy was also enjoying our limited sexual activity. We have not done it yet but I am going to have Teddy's hard penis pumping inside me. I think that after these years, we're ready for it. However, when it happens, I am probably not up to posting it here or anywhere else, like Reddit.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My Mom is still pretty hot for her age, and at 39 she's been divorced from my Dad for 8 years. I've had a lot of "Uncles" who lived with us for periods of time. Mom's current bf is about 35 and a built construction worker.

    I guess Mom thinks I can't hear her from upstairs when they're doing it, but she's never been quiet. Now with Mitch, the sounds coming from her room at night sound like a porn shoot. I lay in bed fingering my self while I fantasize about me fucking Mitch. My boyfriend lasts a couple of minutes and Mitch fucks Mom for a long time!

    In the morning, me and my younger brother say nothing, but you can always tell when took it in the ass. She won't sit down for coffee, and she goes to the bathroom every few minutes.

    Some day, I'll get Mitch to do me, but until then I have all the toys Mom has hidden in her closet to enjoy!

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    Sheâs Still My Best Friend (Part II)
    At the pace he was battering my hole it wasnât long before I became oblivious to the pain as it suddenly turned into the most heavenly sensations Iâd ever felt. I screamed to the top of my lungs obscenities of pleasures as I pleaded with him shoot his load. His hot, his young black seed into my willing and ready to receive unprotected still yet fertile womb. Though young he had enough presence of mind left to know that may not be such a good idea but I wanted it. I needed it and was determine to have it. To feel it and at that point! I didnât give a damn about consequences. I locked my c**t muscles around his meat! The heat the passion the raw Taboo of it all had me on the edge of what was certain to be the most powerful orgasm of my life! I was so close. I knew it was going to be earth shattering and I wanted Teray not only to cum with me but deep, deep inside me as well! Finally he gave me the single most powerful thrust of cock meat Iâd even known. It was desperate; it was devastatingly brutal so much so that I screamed as I sternly believed heâd knock my cervix out of place! At the end of the thrust and his striking against the absolute depths of my c**t, he began to shutter violently. Leaving his cock stagnate inside me he spewed a cataclysmic eruption of hot volcanic black seed chest deep into soul! After which we both collapsed from a minding blowing episode of Forbidden exhaustion. We fell asleep entangled, right there on the cool concrete patio floor..

    To Be Continuedâ¦â¦ â¦..

    Part 2:

    In the middle of that night early the next morning I was awaken and pulled again by my hair to my knees. Upon opening my eyes and gathering my senses I found myself face to head with Terayâs steel hard black cock. Instinctively I reached out to take hold of it this wasnât rocket science. I understood he wanted his dick sucked and though still a bit groggy and unfocused. I was more than willing to oblige him but the reaching out of my little white hand for his oversized black rod was meet with a sharp stinging sensation. Teray slapped my hand away telling me that he hadnât given me permission to touch his dick. âPut your hands behind your back bitch! Iâll tell you when you can touch my dick slut!â were his exact words to me. As I obeyed his young yet commanding voice he began to slap that big hard thick black meat of his against the sides of my face. From one side to the other, from forehead to chin, he used his cock as a whip striking me with arrogance and malice. In between he would taunt me by lightly rubbing it across my lips as if he wanted me to open my mouth.

    However when Iâd open my mouth to receive it he snatch it away from me. In all my thirty âsomethingâ years no man, before that night, before my youngest suitor, had ever dared to treat me with such humiliation and disgrace. Nevertheless the more this black stud continued to do it: the more I wondered, âwhy in the hell not?â I LOVED IT! I WANTED IT! MY GOD IN HEAVEN, I NEEDED IT! My body, my soul, my Spirit, seemed to crave it. It was as if I was born created for this very purpose! To be used as an instrument for this black boyâs sexual deviance. Finally, as I opened my mouth he inserted his cock and began fucking my face. He took a strong firm grip of the back of my head locking it in his desired position and used my throat as an orifice designed solely for abuse. With powerful rapid thrust he plowed away with abandonment, until his black balls had emptied themselves of what seemed like yet another endless supply of adolescent protein.

    âIâm hungry Aunt Margie whatâs to eat in there?â were the next set of shocking and surprising words to penetrate my ears. âNow ainât that a blipâ I thought to myself. In a flash without warning I reverted from his and I quoteâ Nasty Ass White Bitchâ being force feed his aggressive seemly angry black monster dick back into âAunt Margie.â Uncertain how to take it I went with the flow and told him I wasnât sure but we could go look. There was of course plenty of food however as usual most of it was frozen. We decided on some bacon, eggs and coffee. As I stood over the stove putting our meal together I couldnât help but notice, as Teray was walking. Around the kitchen and dining area as we both were still naked. How after all that fucking and sucking and cum blasting his dick hung longer, thicker and heavier than Billâs did hard. We sat next to each other at the table and began a casual but adult to adult chat. After all that had happen and from what I could see going on between his legs was bound to happen again soon. There was no need in acting or pretending he was anything less than a full grown man at least when we were alone anyway.

    Though the young man sitting next to me ate like a growing boy. I couldnât help but notice that the dick between his legs had once again grown into a beef connoisseurâs paradise. A bit perplexed I asked him if he realized or had any idea, any true concept of the weapon he had. âAunt Margie, Iâve been told I have a big dick and sometimes itâs ok. Other times itâs notâ he said. I asked him what he meant by that. âI donât know Aunt Margie. Most girls when they see it want to touch and suck it but the majority of them make up some excuse and run when itâs time to fuck and those that I have fucked, except Cherry and â¦., well never mind. Say I turn into some kind of monster during sex and refuse to come back. Do you think thatâs true Aunt Margie, Iâve fucked you. Will you come back; do I turn into a monster?â He replied and enquired. I thought to myself before answering, âIf he fucks Cherry the way he fucked me there must be something in our bloodline that makes us crave the abuse, some sort of submissive gene seeking to be dominated and used as fuck toys.â Then I answered him, âTeray I wouldnât call it a monster. Iâd say you more or less become dominate. You know, take control of the situation and go after what you want. Exactly how you want it. I quite frankly love it and from what I can tell so does Cherry, do you treat and fuck her the same way as you did me?â his answer was of course, âYes I do. Sheâs the one who started me by daring me to treat her like my dirty white whore. Instead of someone I cared about when we fuckâ he answered.

    âIs she also the one who taught you your way in and around a pussy? How to fuck, when to go slow, when to speed up, when to pound hard and when to use gentle strokes?â was the next thing I asked him. âNo my â¦â¦ well no I learned that elsewhere Aunt Margieâ he answered. âSo it was this other girl the one you fuck other than Cherry. Who is she? Do I know her? Is she a young girl or an older woman like me?â I asked. I pried and pleaded to no avail. He refused to tell me. Eventually I left it alone. Besides looking at that hard black telephone pole staring up at me begging for more of my undivided attention started to get the best of me. As Teray was steadily wolfing down his meal like a marathon runner I got down on my knees, crawled under the table and started giving his cock that attention it was calling for. âOH GOD, AUNT MARGIE, IâM TRYING TO EAT, DAMN THAT FEELS GOODâ. Looking up into his eyes with a wicked conceited smile and a mouth full of cock I mumbled, âMe Too!â

    Teray stopped eating and relaxed back in the chair allowing me to suck him at my own pace. Every so often Iâd look up to register my efforts by his facial expressions. It wasnât long before I could feel his balls tense in preparation of giving me yet another load but I. Wanted to savor the moment; I wanted this to be the best blowjob of his young life. He stood up and leaned back balancing himself against the table. Already freed from any and all of my former sexual hang-ups and or inhibitions, I sucked his dick as if it was the last one on earth. Oh by the way in case you hadnât already guessed a love for cock sucking also seems to run in the bloodline. Cherry got it honestly. Less than a handful of people know the secret the truth about me and dick sucking that is. Iâve been sucking cock and loving it every since I was eight years old; but thatâs another story. The point is though I love sucking dick! Unfortunately my upbringing, my economic and social standings throughout my life always demanded. I carry and present myself according to certain standards and unwritten rules at all times. I was forced to suppress my innate oral fixations.

    I could feel Terayâs cock began to throb inside my mouth. He was about to blow his load ready or not! I resigned myself to this fact and braced myself for what was about to come but this time. I wanted to see just how much cum those balls held in a single load. I pulled away and told him âBust your sweet chocolate nuts all over my slutty white face! Iâm your whore Teray, treat me like it!â He screamed with the loudest most eerie âOOOOOOOOOOFUUUUUUUUCK!â and hot powerful stream after stream after stream after stream of cum began splashing, covering my hair and face. The force of it was awesome; it splashed against my skin hard enough to produce a slight sting with each bulls-eye hit! By the time he was done I was saturated in his fluid. It was time to take a shower!

    We retired to the upstairs area. I took my shower in my bedroom and Teray took his in Cherryâs. We took them separately because I believed if we took them together weâd never get it done. After drying off I returned to my sleeping area. Teray still naked and with a still semi-hard dick was lying on my marital bed. To be honest my throat and pussy were tired and sore. Frankly Iâd had enough cock to last me for at least a couple weeks. Teray had other plans. He reached for my arm and flung me like a rag doll down on the bed. I too am petite, 5foot one inch in my heels and weighing in at a solid 115lbs. Once he had me in position, he started to kiss me genteelly. He began to caress me with the skill of trained veteran lover. I started to speak or at least tried too but he motioned for me to be quiet. His tongue tactfully traveled from my face to my toes. All most demonically he would spend just enough time at all the major stops in between. Purposely he denied my pussy any direct attention.

    After taunting me so exquisitely he stopped suddenly and began to look around the room. I again tried to speak but he forbad me. He rose up from the bed went into Cherryâs room and re-entered my own with a red pair of her stockings. He commanded me to roll over on my stomach then he walked to the head of the bed tied a stocking to the bed post. Then to my arm and repeated the actions from the other side. Then he began his slow tongue assault from the back of my neck down to the small of my back. Again, he did so with the precision of a well indoctrinated soldier specializing in covert operations. His skills were far, far, to advance for someone of his age. Hell, I was twice his age and had no idea what he was doing. All I knew was I didnât want him to stop. Still he did. Once again he stopped and walked away. Only this time I was tied face down to the bed. I called out for him but there was no answer. Then all of a sudden I felt strong hands began to massage my ass.

    Those hands then parted my ass cheeks like Moses parting the Red Sea and then. It happened! Crackling, Thunderous Bolts of Lightening, began to roar and flash through my brain. Teray suddenly began to shoot his tongue in and around my forbidden rosebud with quick deep stabbing jolts. My backside, my butt, my asshole was before that instance absolute virgin! Yes, Iâd done him but that was in the heat of passion, a reflex action, an act of obedience, if you please but this was premeditated! No one had ever done anything like this to me, ever. The thought of that part of me being used for anything other than natureâs call, never crossed my mind but whatâ¦.. was happening to me. What he was doing to me unleashed someone inside me that never knew. Instantly I began to buck wildly like a never before saddled mare, torn between defiance and submission. Only my defiance was short lived every circuit inside my brain had been utterly blown! I had no understanding of what was going on inside my head. All I knew was that a new world had been opened up to me. A world that I never wanted to leave, a world of ultimate bliss and a world in which Teray was master and I, his eager and willing slave.

    Somewhere between the far away distance travels of my mind and my bodyâs involuntary spasmic bucking. I heard a faint familiar buzzing sound. Before I could focus enough to identify it my clit was being vibrated as Terayâs tongue was being twirled around deep inside my anus. For the first time in my life the instant my mind connected that tongue in my ass and the stimulation of my clit as one simultaneous event. I rather my pussy began a series of violent orgasmic squirts that caused me to scream so loud I frighten myself just before I apparently blacked out! I say that because I donât remember being untied or getting on the floor on all fours but I have vivid recollection of hearing myself screaming âOH MY GOD NO!!â As I felt the golf ball sized head of Terayâs cock breaking through and penetrating my anal opening! Before I had time to mount a true protest heâd already had enough of his dick up my ass for even me to know. He wasnât about to stop until heâd accomplished his goal! Like it or not, pain or not, my little petite white asshole was being taken. My essence was being claimed as the property of my best friendâs son! Like it or not my previously conservative soul was being manhandled. Not to mention I was being ass fucked and talked to as if I were some back alley gutter trash slut!

    My mind automatically switched to survival mode. Realizing that even if Teray did have some sense of mercy, some inkling of compassion, anything at all inside him that would cause him to stop and not cause me anymore of the ungodly pain I was experiencing. The dick up my ass would certainly overrule any such thought. It wasnât going to happen and if. I was going to survive, live to see another day. It would be in my best interest to relax as best I could and try to adjust to size, the feel and the rhythm of the big black horse dick that was pounding and was certain to continue to pound away at my bowel lining until those always over- loaded youthful black balls of his emptied their burdensome lava where no man ever been before!

    He thrashed my depths with an unyielding defilement of my core. I had no choice but to scream the death squeals of consumed beast. Fortunately, the once unbearable pain eventually subsided. The powerful thrust of the youthful athletic buck mixed with his authoritative words vulgarity suddenly became my reason for living. Several times heâd demand I tell him where his dick was. To which Iâd joyously respond appropriately. Hearing the words come from my own mouth excited me beyond description. I began to literally beg him to fuck my ass even harder. I urged him to fuck me in the ass like I was his bitch, as he often called during our fuck sessions. Though I didnât know or realize it at the time. Doing so was the best thing that could have happened to me anyway. Those words, my words of fuck my ass and make me your bitch. Was exactly what it took for him to go get his nut.

    The feeling of having wicked rivers of g riotous semen gushing through your rectal subway for the very first time is; definitively an indescribable revelation of pure bliss. It is beyond any known words of human communication. He collapsed on top of me with his semi hard big dick still lodged and pulsating in the remoteness of my no longer virgin asshole. Though he remained motionless on top my anal sphincters involuntarily continued to milk that cock dry. â¦to be continued

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 31

    I usually look at porn on the internet but my wife caught me before and has made it clear she doesn't want me doing it. This one day I get surprised by her and her mother and they caught me looking. My wife was extremely pissed and her mother witnessed how angry she was. I agreed not to do it again. About two weeks later I am doing the same thing again and who do I get surprised with but the two of them. They were not supposed to be home for hours. My wife was even more pissed than before and her mother once again witnessed how angry she was and helped calm her down. I knew I had to be more careful and was in the future.

    It was about a week later and my wife was out and I was home alone with her mother. we are just casually talking and she tells me to get undressed. I asked her to repeat herself because I didn't think I heard her right. She tells me to get undressed once again and I refuse. She tells me to do it or she will tell my wife she caught me surfing porn. I tell her that wasn't true. She tells me it wasn't important if it was true or not and asks who my wife would believe me or her. With the recent incidents my wife was more likely to believe her. She tells to undress again or else.

    I undressed and she gave me a full once over look at me. She then tells me we can start having some fun. This was the first time her seeing me naked. She was always a very nice reserved woman and I was completely surprised by her actions and demands. She was single but I was married to her daughter and wondered what she had in mind. She said she wasn't like me by looking at nude people on the internet. She said she liked seeing them in person and doing things. I asked how often she does this and was told it was her first time. She told me to get it hard. She had to ask me twice before I did. I stood there stroking it to get it hard which she seemed to enjoy watching. She told me to stop and stood up. She began to undress. I was surprised by this and wondered if she was thinking for us to have sex. She was on a chair, legs spread, rubbing her clit. I just stood and watched her. She stopped and told me she was ready and to basically get to work. There I was with my cock in my wife's mother. I knew this was not right but figured if I was doing it I might as well enjoy it. Everything I did she was more than welcoming with.

    Once done she tells me she hopes this stops me from surfing porn. She tells me she knows I probably still do it and goes on to say there must be something lacking sexually in my life and she was there to assist with whatever I needed or whenever I needed it. She tells me she didn't want me and her daughter breaking up which is why she did this. She also said we should keep this just between us because she didn't know how my wife would take it. I think her mother did this more for her own benefit than anyone else's because she was the one always initiating the sessions. I did enjoy our sessions and it did cause me to surf porn less.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    Growing up in rural Indiana really was nice but kinda boring since there wasnât a town for miles. Nothing but farm land for miles. When I was 13 I started helping a farmer down the road so I could make a little bit of money too. Farmer always wore bib overalls with a white t shirt and white briefs underneath. I started giving him blowjobs for a little bit of extra money. Heâd lower his bibs down, Iâd hold his briefs down and suck his uncut hairy sweaty cock at the end of the day sometimes. I never let him cum in my mouth though. That went on for years. When I was older he had me bend over some hay bails, he grabbed a globe of some Vaseline he had in his barn and he fucked my virgin ass there. Big did that hurt but kinda figured it would. Felt funny walking home with my butt full of cum and my hard dick leaking precum in my briefs. I sucked his dick more than he ducked my ass. Iâd let him fuck my ass once a week to once every other week. He has the most hairy cock I had ever seen but I thought it was hot. Havenât seen that guy in 10 years and havenât done anything with a guy in that long and have no desire. I think my mom may have seen me bent over a hat bail one day when she was coming to pick me up one evening, if she did she never said anything about it. Because I remember that evening, he just started fucking me and my mom pulled in the drive, he asked if I wanted to go and I said no just finish. It only took like 3 to 5 minutes for him to cum since my ass is very tight. Pulled my briefs up, my jeans up and got in my moms mini van lol.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 47

    Every year since we were eight we were sent to a summer camp. I was then sixteen and summer camps sucked, I went to space camp, to wilderness camp, to chess camp of all things. That summer I was sent to a science camp. We were at a university and we slept in a dorm. Two to a room, with a shower and bathroom down the hall. I was sixteen and woke up with a hard on almost every morning. So did my roommate, he would stand up and hold his hand towel up with his hard cock. He would tell me that he was so hard that I could do a handstand on his cock. We started to sword fight, whack our cocks together until we went down and we could go down to the bathroom and pee.

    He showed me his asshole. He bent over and let me see his asshole. He asked me what it looked like. I showed him my asshole. He touched me with his finger and he asked me if it felt good. He bent over and asked me touch him with my finger. He laughingly told me to kiss his ass. I was looking at his asshole, I kissed him, I put my mouth on his asshole and kissed him and licked him with my tongue. He stayed bent over while I kissed him and I got this unbelievable hard on. He didn't agree to do it for me, so I sucked his cock.

    I sucked his cock and kissed his ass. Of the two I got hard when I kissed his ass. I would hold on to his cock with my hand between his legs, my cock with my other hand and suck and kiss his ass. Then I would suck his cock until he spit his cum out. I started to taste his cum with my finger and then to suck the cum off his dick and then let him cum in my mouth and on my face.

    Our science camp was two weeks. On the night before our last night there, I asked him to fuck my ass. I got on my hands and knees and he got behind me but he couldn't get it in. His cock up against my ass felt good, all I wanted was for him to fuck me. We tried several ways until we settled on me laying down and he got on me while I lifted my hips up and using his body weight and he managed to get it in. It hurt, because it really did, but the pain was worth it, he kept shoving it in. He was hard, and then I felt his pubic hair on my ass and his balls against my legs and I knew I had taken it all in. Without practice, being the first time for both of us, he mostly stayed in while he humped and he came. All the pain was gone, only this unbelievable feeling. He pulled out, I felt him leave and then my asshole started to twitch, I could feel it.

    The whole next day, our last day there, I sat as hard as I could on my chair, I needed to feel it. When we were packing our stuff up to get on the bus, I sucked him one last time.

    All the way back to my home town I could feel my asshole, I poked it with my finger when I got home, that night at home after telling my parents about science camp, I used a pen to poke up into my asshole, but it wasn't the same.

    I was always in the academic programs, and it wasn't until I was in the 11th grade in debate club that I met a senior who liked to have his cock sucked, I taught him to like having his ass licked, and he learned to fuck with me. I would lick his ass after the debate club recessed. I would lick him and suck his sweet ass and show him that he was the boss. I would bend over the large desk in the room and he used Vaseline to fuck me, he liked having his cock in my ass. It takes two to tango, he is a natural top, and I am a natural bottom, we were a perfect match.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 47

    I was in the sixth grade and she was in the fifth grade. We were friends because our fathers knew each other. On the particular weekend her father invited my father to go out with him to see some land. He told my dad that he was taking Stephanie and maybe I should come along. We left around noon, stopped at a roadside café for lunch and arrived at our destination around two o'clock. Following them around was boring. There was a pond there and her father told us if we wanted we could stay there and maybe go swimming, but to be careful.

    We hung around and it was hot and she said that we should go swimming and I said we had not brought a bathing suit, and she said not to be such a sissy, we would go in our underwear. She embarrassed me into taking off my clothes except my underwear and then she got out of her clothes except for her panties. We held hands and walked into the pond. The water was cold, and we stepped carefully, bit by bit until we had to dunk under water and stand up.

    My underpants, those famous all embarrassing boy whitey tidy underwear clung to me and my penis, she laughed and said it was one thing she didn't have to worry about. We swam around for a good while, she wanted to be held with my arms around her chest, and she leaned back and kicked while I held her. She turned around and wrapped her legs around my waist holding on with her hands around my neck. I could feel myself get an erection, she held on tighter and asked me if she could see it.

    We stood up, the water wasn't that deep and my erection was pushing hard against my underwear. I let her see and she held it with her hand. She asked me if I liked girls, she wanted to be my girlfriend. We slunk back down so we were underwater out to our necks and she held on with one arm and held my penis with her other hand. She asked me to repeat after her, that I promised never to let another girl grab my dick.

    After a while we got cold and decided to go lay out on the grass, she lay beside me holding my hand, catching the sun. Her panties were wet and tight on her, her unmistakable slit clearly marked. I asked what it felt like to have a pussy and she said she didn't know. What did it feel like to have a dick? She then turned and got on me, straddling me with her legs, her hands on my chest and her face on her hands. She looked at me, she asked me to hold her, to put my arms around her waist and hold her and she lay her head on my chest.

    By the time our father's returned, which was a little over an hour later we had dried off enough to dress. When her father came up she kissed him and told him that I had agreed to be her boyfriend so I could come over whenever I wanted.

    I rode my bike to see her, drove my mother's car to see her when I got my DL, she was always given permission to go with me, wherever we went. We didn't have sex until we were senior and junior in high school, and she laid on me afterwards and put her hands on my chest and laid her face on her hands and asked that I hold her tight.

    We have been married twenty two years now, and every year it is the same, I fall in love with her one more time.

    She is also a terrific Mom.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    I broke off with my b/f because he kept pestering me for sex. It was not couched in any terms of endearment, either, just angry demands. After month or so, by myself, I relented and prepared myself for my entry into the adult sex world. Still having a key to the front door, I went to his apartment unannounced.

    Hearing a loud slapping sound, I tip-toed to his bedroom and there he was, on top of a woman who must have weighed 400 pounds. Since I was quiet enough, they did not hear me or see me. I mention the obesity only because my ex-b/f looked comical banging away on her. He was easily just one fourth as large as she.

    Sneaking off, I had an expansive feeling of having dodged a bullet.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 38

    My sister and I are one year apart. My mother was quite old when I was born, she was 41 and my father was 61 at the time. My mother taught Fabrics at the local college and my father was an Electrical Engineer. I spent a whole lot of time alone. I started masturbating at 14. Serious masturbating, like very night. No one said anything. All of a sudden a towel was under my sheet and the mattress. I would leave my wet and dirty underwear on the floor, my sister who is older by one year picked them up and washed them. She also washed the sheets every day. She never said anything. Her duties included the laundry at our house.

    One Saturday morning I didn't get up on time because I was in bed masturbating. My sister came up to get me and she stood in the door until I was done. I hadn't heard her. She came over to me after I was done, helped me stand up and she pulled my wet underwear off. I was standing there naked with my still wet penis and she picked up my undershirt off the floor and she wiped my penis clean and sent me to get a shower. When I came out the bed was made and the sheets had been changed.

    She started to come over to my room, she would get under me and let me masturbate on her while she held me between her legs. I would empty everything out on her stomach. She would clean me up, make sure that the sheets were dry, if not she would lay a small towel over the wet spot. She would make sure my penis was in my underpants and she would kiss me on the cheek and then go to her room and go to bed.

    One of those nights, after I had done my thing on her stomach, she used her finger to lap up the cum and she ate it. We were fourteen and fifteen. She loved keeping my penis clean, loved having me cum all over her, she started to masturbate by having me rub her clit with my hand, or wear thin panties and have me masturbate by rubbing myself against her while she played with her clit. She would clean up all the cum with her finger, off her stomach, off of me, off my penis, she didn't want to waste any of it. I stopped having wet underwear or wet sheets and she started to have wet panties.

    I was seventeen when she came over and used her hand to jack me off. By then she had become very adept at it, she could jack me off and would eat the cum. There was almost never an accident to clean up. But that day after she got me hard, she straddled me and rode down on my penis until it was deep inside of her. She rode up and down, holding on to my neck. She pulled herself up and would examine my penis, hold on with one arm, and use her other hand to rub my penis against her clit, then stuff it back inside and ride again. When I came, she hugged on tight and just let me come inside of her. She told me not to worry, now that she was eighteen she had been able to get on the pill down at the public heath clinic.

    It was a good while before she laid out on her back and had me fuck her that way. She complained, she said that was her bad luck that she was the girl, the guys always got to fuck and the girls had to take it. But it was her bad luck, not mine, so she wanted me to fuck her, so I did. She still jacked me off, she liked to get a mouthful of cum.

    My father died before either one of us got serious enough to contemplate marriage. On my wedding day, I got married before she did, she jacked me off so that I would last longer on my wedding night. She was in our apartment a whole lot, my wife complained that we were still tied together, why couldn't she have her life and let us have ours. My sister finally met a guy to marry when she was 30. It didn't stop her from spending most of her free time with us.

    To this day she jacks me off, she says she doesn't like to jack off her husband, it doesn't feel right, and she won't eat his cum, only mine. She gets me to go off with her on some made up errand so that we can fuck. We fuck several times a month. She is pretty good at straddling me and stuffing herself with my penis and playing with her clit. She says that she only has missionary with her husband, she wants him to get on and get off. My wife still complains, why do I have to spend so much time with my sister? She and I have sex, but like my sister's husband, my wife is primarily missionary and my wife does not jack me off or blow me, which she is ok with, she thinks its gross.

    Maybe our mother could explain why, maybe because she never raised us, my sister raised me even if she was really only one year older than me. And she raised me right.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 19

    Ow I super embarrassed. My dad walked into my room without knocking and I had my dildo in my ass. I was horsy and masturbating but was craving anal so was laying on my bed naked and fucking my own ass. Just what I didnât wa t to happen happened, now I canât look my dad in the eyes. Oh not to mention I have a big bush since Iâve been too lazy to get waxed in almost a year so my asshole is also hairy.

    Well I did catch him masturbating a few times in the past few years so I guess weâre even now. Iâm more embarrassed because I had my dildo in my ass, if it were in my vagina I wouldnât worry. Itâs been a week and he hasnât said anything about it. Maybe Iâll mention it tonight to him

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