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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    This was a few years back when my sister in law still lived with her parents, almost every time we would visit, I would go to her bathroom to "take a shit" and then I would go through her dirty laundry basket and pick out her dirty panties and smell them as I jacked off. This is my wife's younger sister. Sometimes I would stuff one pair in my mouth while using another to stroke my dick. I even came in them sometimes, I would bury those in the basket. It was so hot. Unfortunately my wife and her had a falling out and she moved to another state. I sometimes fantasize about her when fucking my wife. I almost called out her sister's name one time during orgasm.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 43

    I was in a cult from high school to my late 20s.

    I grew up in a fucked up family. Not sure who dad is, mom in and out of jail a few times a year and eventually ended up running away from home. Went to stay with my friend, Shawn, and his siblings and dad.

    2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. They never talked about their mom and I never bothered to ask. Their Dad, Mark, owned a local restaurant and was the Christian type. He was crazy about it too. He believed he could talk to god or some crazy shit like that.

    As I later found out- Mark, and his family too, thinks that their sisters are old enough for sex. Since I slept in the boys room, I eventually noticed that my friend and his brother would be gone in the middle of the night sometimes.

    It didn't take long before it was confirmed that they were going to the girls bedroom. To fuck them. Something about the bible, something about mom being gone so the girls have to fill in. I was like "So your dad too?" and I was shocked, but not for long.

    I was living in a cult. And they told me I could join in their ritual. Apparently, there was a "roster". Who got to fuck which girl and when, all on a schedule by the week. They added me to it because I told them I believed in their "family church". Started with once per week with one of the girls, then once per week with each, and eventually 6 nights a week.

    We even went to the same high school, since there was, and still is, only one in town. Everyone including the girls, Sophia and Liz, were completely "normal" in every other way. Went to school, had friends, did sports and every thing normal. No one acted weird even at home. Just normal family things like dinner, watch tv, go to the park.

    Then, there was the crazy angry sermons Mark gave and the girls getting their young twats fucked raw almost every night.

    Can't lie to 'ya, my favorite was definitely Sophia. Smart girl, got good grades at school, ran cross country. A cute bubble butt and tight pussy to go with. I loved holding her small frame down on the bed and shoving my thick cock in and out of her. I was told not to worry about nutting in the girls since they were put on the pill. I loved pumping Sophia's tight hole and filling it up with my hot cum.

    Mary was Shawn's favorite. Whenever it was his turn with her, he would be gone for at least an hour and easily longer. Whatever he did, he would always come completely drenched in his sweat and pass out right away and snort like a pig. Every single time.

    Their only rules were no anal and no oral. And never both girls at the same time. That wasn't "Christian" acoording to Mark. One was always "allowed to rest." Porn was also banned around the house.

    My friend's brother later found a job and girlfriend so he moved out, which gave me more time on the nightly visits schedule.

    I did the same thing a couple years after that. Last I heard, Mark died in his sleep and my friend and his siblings sold the house immediately after the funeral. Some people said they moved away. I have never heard from any of them for years myself. Or anyone else in our town for the matter. This is a very small town. Like a thousand people small.

    I still drive past that house at least a couple times a week since it's on my way to the grocery store. I have only seen the same car in the driveway all the time but never anyone coming in or out of the house. It's a bit strange.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    A few years back when I was living with my mom and step-dad an embarrassing moment happened. My good friend Becky and I was wanking my little brother on the sofa. We was bored and thought it was kinky cool thing to do. My step-dad came home real early from work and caught us. My little brother scooted out of the house quickly. "What in the world was going on girls!" he yelled out. "Especially you Sarah, you was performing an immoral act on your brother!" He said when mom comes home he was going to tell her about me. He went to take a shower as usual when he gets home from work.

    We didn't know what to do. Becky was afraid she would be banned from seeing me at my house and I was afraid I would be grounded for a long time and really get hell from mom. We figured we offer a hand job to my step-dad to keep this quiet. We went into the bedroom where he was putting clean clothes on. "What do you want?" he said to me. I told him what if I and Becky stroke him, will he keep quiet about what he saw to mom. "Are you nuts, no way! he answered. I didn't know what possessed me but I removed my top and Becky's top. He stared at our breasts. "That's not enough to keep me quiet." Then Becky blurted out, "What if Sarah and I put a show on for you?" "What kind of show?" he asked. Becky told him girl to girl play and I nodded. "Alright, but a real good one." he answered.

    Becky and I undressed as he looked at my fuzzy snatch and Becky's smooth slit. We started to kiss and fondle each other. I went down and started licking Becky's slit. My step-dad lowered his pants and was stroking a good size dick that I didn't know he had. Becky was eating me while I was laying on the bed. My step-dad took off his pants and offered it to my face. I grabbed it and started wanking it. "Suck it, suck it good, don't stroke it!" he yelled. While I was giving him a blow job, He told Becky to sit on his face and started on her kitty. I stopped giving him head and wanted to try his dick in me. I had to slowly and carefully lower my self on that shaft, while Becky facing me, watched me take it in me. Becky and I started fondling each other tits as I slowly started bouncing on the shaft. He told me he was about to explode and for us girls to lay close side by side to each other with our legs spread slightly. We watched his junk shoot out onto our kitty.

    I knew then that my step-dad was putty in my hand. He couldn't say anything to mom because I threatened him that I would tell her what he has done. For a period of time there, Becky and I would wear a strap-on and bang him with it saying abusive things to him.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 26

    My girl friend and I got caught by four teenaged boys in a sport complex shower we used to go too. We were both standing bare ass naked in open stole shower when we saw them sitting on the bench looking at us. When we found out our towels and bags were gone, we knew they walked in for a cheap thrill. I remember them laughing and making comments about our tits and pussies whiel pointing their cel phones at us. There was nothing we could do but stand there spread out in front of them getting touched and fingered. It was that or being left stranded naked brain storming about how we were going to get home. I remember thinking it was better to get fingered rather than shouting out the door for help and save ourselves from public humiliation. I think giving us our clothes back was a way to get off easy. Smart because we both weren't about to tell our story.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 22

    I wish I had a bear boyfriend that I could milk every last drop of cum from his cock every night. Heâll wake up in the morning to a warm mouth around his shaft, working it until he shoots his load down my throat.

    My cute fuzzy bear, I wanna kiss him as he explores me with his giant rough hands. Giggling and moaning as his beard brushes the inside of my thighs as he tongues my little cunny, his soft lips sucking on my clit. Soaking wet and aching for his beercan cock to impale my pussy, his swollen balls slapping against me until he dumps everything heâs got. He shoves in all heâs got and we cum together, my walls gripping and molding to the shape of his penis.

    And he collapses on me, a good night. We cuddle with him going soft inside me, leaving it for the time being. As we drift off, I wonder if next time heâll fuck my ass.

    Thank you!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 24

    Good morning, afternoon or whatever the time is where you are! It's a beautiful day here in Wales on the third leg of my backpacking tour of the UK.

    And what a tour it's been starting in Scotland and working my way down through the sites, foods and culture of the wonderfully weird and welcoming cities and countryside.

    Wherev er I have had the chance I've hit up the gay pubs and clubs to meet delicious men of the UK, so many accents, looks and bodies for me to enjoy.

    So far the men of Scotland have some incredible staying power, the grunts and words in their accent really got me going, the men in the north of England were polite and charming but so down with the dirty it was heavenly.

    But Wales, well I hit the jackpot; I was recommended by the hostel receptionist I hooked up and spent time with in Manchester to visit friends of his a nice couple whilst in Cardiff.

    I checked in at one of the hostels in Cardiff, not too costly but had all the basics I needed and with a quick power nap and refreshing shower I started to tour.

    I rang the couple in question the following morning, who were eager to meet as they had heard all about me from their friend. We arranged to meet at a cafe near to where I was staying, a short bus ride for them.

    I got there first and bagged us a table near the window, so I could keep an eye out for them; I had a picture of them on my phone from their friend and apparently theu had one of me.

    It was too long before they came in and I stood up and waved them over, I've never been short on confidence; heck I've been travelling on my own for ages now visiting various countries.

    Ordering us some drinks, we started firing off questions too each other and generally getting to know what was happening, my plans for Wales etc...

    We spoke of my travels, they told me about life in Cardiff, both of us spoke about our now mutual friend.

    So as time moved round the clock, they offered me a tour round the city and drinks after at one of the local pubs.

    We spent the day touring the sites, having some drinks and then the flirting from them began; it was pretty clear they were hoping to get me to join them and I couldnt think of a reason not to.

    So we hit a club, flirting turned into light touching to them groping me pretty forcefully.

    asked if I wanted to go back to theirs, we got out pretty quick in a cab and in their bedroom in record time.

    I wont lie and say I'm not a cock slut cos I am, but I always pride myself on being clean and healthy and get tested to be sure.

    I took both of them several times that night, them fucking me hard till my legs were jelly. Being spit roasted was new to me and so much fun.

    Having my mouth full of cock and semen whilst I feel the force of another being pushed deep in my hole is exquisite; deepthroating whilst my balls are slapped and pulled as one cums and the other blows his load deep in me is such ectasy.

    The men of the UK really know what they are doing and I still have southern England to go before hitting London on my last stage in August.

    Cum to the UK and enjoy the fun!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I've always been a sex addict with many fetishes. When I was around 14 I would wear my 16 year old sister's things, and let the family dog mount me in the woods. Inconstantly inserted things into my ass too. I traded blowjobs with a friend down the street. In college I would go to the local adult book store to get blowjobs.

    As an adult I would always have a girlfriend, but meet guys on Craigslist. The first was about 60. He couldn't get hard, but would lick, and toy my ass while he gave me expert head. I met a couple of army guys that I traded be blowjobs with.
    I then hired a tranny hooker and she took my ass. Very sexy. The last one was about a year ago. I met a guy in his office with my wife's lingerie on underneath my clothes. I sucked him, and he fucked me bent over an office chair. He blew a massive load into my ass. I'm looking for that next great experience now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I pulled my spent cock out of her 3 month old baby pussy having just had the best fuck of my life. Wait, before you call the police, my little baby sex slave is actually a very expensive doll. I can't tell you where I got it from because they advertise that they will NOT make any dolls that appear to be children. But I offered extra money and they decided to make my special doll after all.

    The company makes upscale fuck dolls, mostly for men to enjoy. They have flesh that looks and feels very realistic. The faces are very beautiful and very realistic as well. You can get one with synthetic hair or real human hair. I paid extra for her to have real human hair and in fact I procured the hair myself.

    I found a young woman who had never had a hair cut and I offered her a ludicrous sum of money for the privilege of cutting off her 11 foot long mane and keeping it. She reluctantly agreed and so I carefully snipped her hair off right up close to her scalp. Then I shaved it the rest of the way off. I like fucking babies but I also enjoy humiliating pretty girls. Not many things more humiliating for a beautiful girl than having no hair at all and then being required to walk around in public showing off her bald head. I made that a condition of the sale just for kicks. So I took the hair to the wig maker who looked at me with astonishment. He said he'd never seen a mane that long before. He trimmed it even since it was pretty ragged at the ends and in the end it ended up about 8 feet long.

    I had requested a doll that appeared to be a baby of around 3 months old. I said I didn't want it to have teeth and that I wanted the throat, vagina, ass and pee hole all to be as realistically tight as possible but not to the extent that fucking those holes would cause them to tear. I got mine from the latest generation of their fuck doll line except it was custom made as a baby so they had to come up with molds to do that. They found an employee willing to let them make a mold of their baby in exchange for a nice bonus. They made the skull realistic out of some sort of hard material so that when I let her drop to the floor as my cock plopped out of her and she hit her head on the floor, it made a realistic sound. They also made my fuck doll to do two special things, cry and scream bloody murder and smile and giggle incessantly as I did all sorts of evil things to her. Now their fuck dolls are not indestructible. I jammed my four inch long one inch diameter little cock up her pee hole and it did tear. I had to send it back to the factory for repair and it was gone for a month.

    When it got back and I tried it again it didn't tear and it felt to me like I was fucking a real little baby in her pee hole. The doll is made so I can cum or piss in any hole. I can push my cock against her eyeball and push my cock all the way into the eye socket squishing her eye (or so I imagine while I'm doing it) and then when I pull out it simply pops back into position. She has extremely realistic eyes that look almost like glass but are soft to the touch. She has real human eye lashes but I don't know how they sourced them. Her eye brows are also real. While she is not indestructible she is really tough. I have hung her from her clit while fucking the living shit out of her left nostril. I have jammed my cock into her left ear and pushed it out her right while crushing her face. I came with my cock sticking out of her baby ear and then pulled it out and her face just popped back to normal. I love tying her to a bondage frame and whipping her while she just hangs there giggling. That is a huge turn on. I like that I can fuck her ridiculously tight baby ass without having to worry about getting poop on my dick. I like that I can lay her on the changing table and smash her face in with my fist over and over and she doesn't stop giggling. And I love that when I push a little button in a secret spot on her back that she will say yes in response to my every question which is a turn on when I ask her if she wants me to torture to death.

    I have been informed that the next generation is going to include a lot of upgrades such as full AI capabilities just like what comes with certain electronic communication devices. Only the voice will be that of a newborn baby. I will be able to hold conversations with her. She will be able to call me Daddy when I abuse her. She will look and feel even more realistic. I can set her verbal age to anything I want. So I can order a baby doll that will be morphologically identical to a one day old baby but with a mane of hair as long as I can procure and flesh that feels more real. She will be able to talk at whatever age level I set and react spontaneously to what I do to her instead of me having to press a button choosing between crying and giggling.

    My doll as I said is ludicrously expensive but not nearly as expensive as a prison cell. Any man like me with sufficient means who prefers the company of babies can choose this option which frankly gives me nearly the same satisfaction as fucking the real thing.

    When I was 12 I was caught fucking my neighbor's two year old daughter. I went to kiddy prison until I turned 18 then released into the free world with $100, a bus ticket and a letter of introduction to the Salvation Army. That was the one and only time I ever actually fucked someone younger than me. I will confess that I got the idea from a female adult relative who fucked me when I was 5.

    I'm lucky that I didn't end up on the sex offender's watch list. I am lucky that I had a mentor in prison who taught me to find a substitute for my perverted pleasure. I am more lucky that he only asked to fuck my mouth as the price of his mentorship and I am lucky that I actually enjoyed his 30 year old cock in my 12 year old throat as well as the flavor of his delicious cum.

    One day they will make little fuck dolls that are so realistic that nobody will be able to tell the difference between one and a real baby. They are pretty close to that now. but it will be even better one day and they will be the best little indestructible hyper masochists ever. Just imagine being able to strangle a newborn baby to death while you fuck her tightest hole and when you are done and let go of her and throw her lifeless little body against the brick wall she falls to the floor hitting her head which makes her giggle hysterically and then she crawls to you with that insatiable look of lust in her eyes and you know you are now in <P> Heaven when she says "Murder me again Daddy that hurt so good!"

    So when I got out I started a business. It was mid spring and I got a job in a commercial kitchen and used my third paycheck to buy a lawn mower. I went from door to door offering to mow lawns and by the end of the summer I had over 40 customers. By the end of the second summer I had over 300 customers and by the end of the third season I had 1200 customers, several trucks and ride on mowers and a team of employees. Now I have one of the largest landscaping/snow plowing businesses in my region and it has been barely 6 years since I got out of kiddy prison. This means that if I want to spend six figures on a highly realistic and anatomically correct synthetic baby to abuse any way I want, I can. Oh by the way, I've pre ordered three of the next generation, an adorable little Japanese baby, a gorgeous Norwegian baby and a very pretty red headed Irish baby with freckles. But it won't stop there. They informed me that they are working on yet another generation of dolls that will fuck back. I can't wait. When they get them perfected I'm also ordering a harem of young teen studs with giant equine endowments to do me while I'm doing the babies.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    I recently got married for the second time, and I have literally never been faithful to him.

    My first marriage was messy. I ended up moving in with a friend and her new boyfriend to help with expenses for us all. The boyfriend, Chris, is an absolute a hole. Yes, he is tattooed, muscular, well built all that but he is a total prick. Borderline abusive, physically and emotionally.

    He of course came on to me too, many times. Groped me a few times. Eventually, my friend decided to break up with him. She was upset, crying, but had to she felt. She went to stay with her parents for the time being. The problem was, I had nowhere else to go.

    I met my now husband Connor, and it was instant attraction and chemistry. He has a warm smile, strong arms, and is so loving and passionate, yet calm and cool. He is an amazing man, and I do not deserve him.

    Our first date went amazing. We we had wine, we ate, we laughed. As he was dropping me off at the apartment, we had a goodnight kiss in the car that was electric. He is an amazing kisser. I was turned on, it had been awhile. The kiss turned in to more kissing, making out, touching and rubbing and I wanted him. I invited him in. He considered it, but declined. He said he very much wanted to but he is interested in something more with me, and didn't want to ruin it by having sex with me before we get there. It was sweet. I loved that.

    But...I was still very worked up, and a little buzzed from the alcohol. So, I come in the apartment to Chris sitting on the couch, watching porn with his dick out. This wasnt the first he had done that, but it was the first I went over and watched with him.

    He asked about the date, asked if I fucked him. I said no, I'm not a slut. He laughed and said yeah, but here you are watching me stroke my cock. I turned to him to say no I was not but then I looked at it, and him stroking it and then I was watching him. And I kept watching him. And I was getting very wet.

    He told me to come sit by him. I said no, thanks I'm good where I am. He said I didn't ask, slut, get your ass over here. For some reason, I did. I sat next to him as he stroked his cock slowly. He said looks good doesnt it. I didnt answer, just watched. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down on it. I didn't resist. I let him shove it in my mouth, and I sucked on it like automatic.

    I let him face fuck me there on the couch. After a few minutes he pulled my hair again and threw me back on the couch. He nearly ripped my dress off and put a hand around my throat as he entered me. He commented how wet I was. How he always knew I would be a slut.

    He fucked me hard, his hand around my throat most of the time. Telling me how worthless I was. What a whore I was. How I should be thankful he even bothers to use my pussy to take his cum. I don't know why being talked to that way made me cum.

    After he finished with me, I went to my room and cried. I felt awful. For some reason, he has this hold on me. Every time he calls me names, grabs my hair or throat its like my brain shuts off and I just...let him have me. From then on, he was fucking me regularly.

    It was a month before the first time Connor and I had sex. But I had been fucking Chris regularly. Several months later, Connor and I got engaged. Chris took me as soon as I told him. He came on the engagement ring and made me lick it off. I moved in with Connor. Chris volunteered to help me move my things. Ended up talking Connor to go get some food to celebrate the new apartment, and when he was gone Chris took me first in the new bed Connor had bought. Chris fucked me the night of my bachelorette party and...he fucked me on my wedding day when I went to change out of my wedding gown to a more comfortable dress late in to the evening.

    I absolutely hate Chris. I despise him. But, I still let him fuck me whenever he wants. He just has to call me names, grab me, whatever, I can't say no.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Came home from work a few days ago and found my step dad and mom having sex in the front room,very hot but I couldnât let them now that kinda did the omg thing and went to my room. Later that night they wheee at it again the sounds coming from there room was to much to take so I got up went to there doorway and watched my mom on top of dad riding him,after a few minutes my noticed me there and motioned me over,she took my hand and put it on his cock I began to stroke him while my mom watched and couches me along,I got finish him off in my mouth,Mom finches me off, now itâs three times a week we all get together love family

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