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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    So,few days ago,my girlfriend and I took a ferry ride from our hometown to an island 15 minutes driving away.An Island is not overcrowded because it only has two rides per a day so last three years since we've been together we always go there three or four times per summer to take a rest. Haven't seen each other for a while during our job circumstances we were horny as rabbits. We found out nice spot to stay and seen her in a nice new g-string costume and toplles,my cock was already ready to explode.We put our hammock beetween two trees and went to the sea but there were these boats nearby so we could do it beneath the water.With lots of touching and teasing,I took her g-strings down and told her go out and dry herself.She first told she would not without her panties but I told her that a middle age guy from nearby boat could not take his eyes off hear(he was there with fishing and diving equipment,but he lost his eyes on my girfriend) so she should tease hom a little bit. She went out and lie on the rocks waiting for me but i decided to stay awhile and look at her from the sea.When I went out from the sea,that guy decided to start diving so we could't see him anymore.She told me that she is so horny and that we should go to find a place to fuck.We dry ourselfs and went to lie in a hammock,Been closed from the possibly views by the trees we started touching eachother as she took my cook out of my swim boxers and start to sucking it.I was done in a minute as she licked every drop from it and it was my turn to please her,She was so wet that i put 2 and then 3 fingers in her and start to fingerfuck her.She was moaning pretty noisy so i put my other arm on hear mouth.My cock was already hard so I get myself out of hammock, took a look around and start to eat her wet pussy. I was standing beside hammock and told her I was going to fuck the hell out of her.I turned her to the middle of the hammock,put my cock in her wet pussy and told her to look behind my back and I will look in front so that nobody disturb us.She started to moan loudly again and told me that she don't care anybody see us as they can look as long they want and maybe even join in.Hearing her say that(and we never swing partner or cheated) I started pumped her like animal. Having sex for a minute or two,her eyes cloesed as i put my fingers in her mouth her sucking them i saw that guy from a boat whit 3 meters away beetween threes whit dick in his hands. I told her that he was jercking of but didn't stop pumping her pussy,she told me let him watch but I show him with my finger to come over closer.She seemed a little bit suprised with his cock just in front of her head jercking,and with a look full of lust she took his dick in her mount start sucking him.I was so horny to watch her that I exploded in her pussy like vulcano.She squirrmed in orgasm also but continued to suck him deeply.I took my cock out and told him to serve himself with her pussy. He rammed her pussy even more and in his age(probably around 55,60),he could fuck her. As I was standing on his early place behind her and have her my cock to clean it,it was so hot to see her moving in extacy as he rammed her pussy full of my cum.He exploded cuming all over her and then came and put his dick in her mouth for her to clean it,She cleanded every drop from it,he put his swim boxers on and thanked us and went to his boat and drove of.As i was watching her full of cum,we could not believe what we expirinced.I took her out of hammock and went to the sea to clean ourselfs but i could not take my hands of her.She told me that we should do this more often if we have a chance like this and i could not agree more...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    When I was 14 my sister had her mate Nicole round for a sleepover. I was masturbating in my room and Nicole was looking for the bathroom when she walked in on me. I was so embarrassed and she closed the bedroom door and told me to carry on. Nicole took her knickers off and handed them to me and told me to use them while she fingered herself. I came quickly into the crotch and Nicole had two orgasms while I got hard again. She was still horny and Nicole said she wanted me to f*ck her but we were only 14 and we didn't have any protection so I said we couldn't do that. She did suck me off though and I came in her mouth.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    This actually happened when I was 22 years old. I've only told a couple of people who think it is extremely erotic and it should be shared - anonymously.

    I won't bore you with the details as to what lead to my dad divorcing my mom after 23 years. It was nasty, lots of things came out and I was in the middle, as I am an only child. It was between my Junior and Senior year at college when dad decided it was time to start a new life (one which included sex). Knowing it was also hard on my dad promised me a trip to Europe of I graduated with academic honors, as I did.

    Three days after graduation we left for Greece where we took a number of tours before striking out on our own - it was marvelous. The last night in Greece dad and I were in a bar and this gorgeous Greek with long flowing black hair did her best to r**e my dad in my presence. She even offered to take on both me and dad but we declined as she was just too damn pushy. On our way back to the hotel we talked about how overt she was and how open she was to having i****t sex with a dad and his son. We were at the hotel bar having a night cap before we turned in as we were to depart for Italy the next afternoon. Dad was drunk and I was buzzing big time when dad said, she had him so turned on he was a ready to let her blow him right there in that other bar. I said, so now your going to corrupt your only child by getting a blow job in front of him. Dad said, your damn right and then she could have blown you. We laughed as we left for our room.

    Dad was laying on his bed in his white jockeys when I came back from the bathroom in my white jockeys and laid down on my bed. Dad said, I am not going back to the state without some sex, so something has to happen in Italy even if I have to buy it. I said, you don't have to baby sit me, so whenever you get the opportunity or want to go solo go for it. Dad said, after watching that bitch rub my crotch like she did in front of you I don't think you'd been upset has she blown me. I said, absolutely not. A hard dick has no conscience. Dad raise his head as he opened the waist bank on his jockeys and said, Mr Dick, you don't have a conscience when your soft, do you? With his right hand he groped his dick on his shorts and replied in a difference tone, I just want some attention - pussy, head, ass or your hand, David. Dad said, Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters were my best friend for 15 years and they never have a head or a religious excuse not to help a brother with a heavy load. Dad set on the aide of his bed, facing me, and said, I need to go to bathroom this thing needs attention. Dad stood up but his legs were wobbly so he set back down.

    I had never thought of my dad in a sexual way until that night as I watched a very forward women rub all over him including rubbing his crotch. I mean when they danced she mad sure her legs were on each side of dad's leg so he could feel her pussy and she made no bones about rubbing her stomach on his crotch. I saw my dad's hard outlined in his tan shorts and it was turning me on. My dad had no idea I was bi and that I preferred dick to pussy. Dad laid back on the bed but his legs were still hanging off and I could see the outline of his semi hard dick in his white jockeys. His black curly leg hairs and treasure trail accentuated his tidy whities. I was hard as a rock an d experiencing so many emotions I didn't know what to do.

    My dad was showing a nice bulge and he wasn't good and hard and I could tell as I was not sitting on the side of my bed looking really close at dad's crotch. I called his name but he didn't respond so I took the gamble an d reached for his dick. I slowly rubbed my dad's hardening cock through his jockeys and it was getting up there. My heart was pounding a thousand mile a minutes and I thought it would burst out of my chest. Several times I set back on my bed as I was experiencing second thoughts - I mean that is my dad. I knew he wasn't homophobic and knew dad had some gay friends and one gay cousin who he was close too. I had decided I would stop when dad reached down with his right hand and began to massage his dick. After a couple of minutes he placed his hand under his waist band pushing his jockeys down exposing the most gorgeous dick I have ever seen. Mine was a mirror image in thickness, length and the big mushroom head.

    I set back on the side of my bed as my dad began to jack his dick, real slow. I thought for a second I was going to cum without touching myself. Dad began to moan and roll his head from side to side and I slipped to the floor on my knees between his legs to get a better view. Dad licked the palm of his hand and rubbed it over this cock head and moaned real loud. Then dad began to talk nasty and kinky things I was so close to him that I knew he felt my breath because he said, suck it for me. Like it like a candy cane while you massage my nuts. Then, he called my name and said, its okay if you don't want to play with it...and it's great if you do. I was frozen as dad pulled himself up on the bed in a sleeping position and began to stroke his cock. I pushed my jockey's off and set up on the side of my bed as I began to stroke my cock.

    I looked and my dad's head was turned toward me, his eyes open and he was smiling. He told me to stand up and walk to the side of his bed, which I did. My dad reached for my dick and guided it to his mouth. He licked the head, the shaft, my balls as he pulled me over him - sitting on his chest. He raised his head and took my dick into his mouth and the instant the head hit the back of his mouth I blew with such intensity it felt like electricity running from the bottoms of my feet, up the back of my legs, back and to my head. I thought I was going to pass out and my body quivered as I collapsed onto my dad's face.

    Once I composed myself I pulled my semi hard dick out of dad's mouth as he laid me beside him. Dad knelt at my head and I took his cock in my mouth and in about 3 or 4 strokes dad let out a torrent of cum down my throat as his body shook just like mine. Dad said it was the most intense orgasm of his life and I know it was for me. I lay in my dad's arms and fell asleep. I was awakened with my dad in a 69 position sucking my dick with his right at my mouth, which I opened most willingly and we busted a nutt again.

    Never in my life had I considered my dad as a sexual object even though he is one handsome man and a great sex partner. Neither of us meant for that to happen but it did and we have no problem with it. Dad and I live in the same town not far from each other and get together often for a one-on-one, we like 3 ways with other jock men and we have also shared pussy. We are very guarded as to how we bring into our dad and son activities but those who do say its the most intense, satisfying sex of their lives.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 55

    Well I am 94, my Gracie passed away in 2013 after 69 years with me. I have outlived one of my children and two of Gracie's. I feel alone.

    My grandson put a park bench beside Gracie's grave so that I can go and sit and be with her. He also recorded songs from our era for me to listen to and be with her. One day I will be with her again and I will be able to put my hand on her sweet face and kiss her goodnight again. In the meantime I wait for the Lord to do his will.

    In 1944 Gracie and I met, we were singers and dancers for a small town band, we entertained the troops when the train stopped. Gracie and I were brought together by Arthur, he played saxophone. Arthur had us both on a leash and he was sure to keep us on a short leash, lest one of the boys passing through got any ideas. Gracie and I performed together but we had our issues with Arthur. When we got out of hand or got in argument he would pull the leash up close and give us what for and tell us to behave and get along.

    After the war, we played the local theater. Arthur got into electronics and eventually sold his business to General Electric and made a good amount of money, enough that we never had to worry again. Along the way we had our children. We lost Arthur in 1973, he was 66 then, way too young to pass away. The two of us continued to live together after his passing, and had a pretty full life.

    Only Arthur really understood us and knew we were two that needed to be together. In those days there wasn't much tolerance for girls like us. He ran cover for us and was our wingman in time of need.

    I don't want to sound depressive, which is what my daughter tells me. I am just ready to with Gracie. To dance again, and hold her in my arms, and swing to Arthur's sweet saxophone.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    I have a cousin who I am still very close to today. When we were young boys around 8 or 9 years old he liked playing with my dick late at night in bed when we spent nights at each others house. It felt good so I started playing with his too. One day out behind our storage shed he sucked my dick on his knees with my pants down. I couldn`t cum but it sure felt good. Later on that same day I sucked his dick in the very same place. After that we would sneak around all the time sucking each others dicks.
    We started taking off our underwear late at night and would sleep naked together but we didn`t sleep much because we were sucking each others dicks most of the night. The room was always dark and we had to be quiet but we would get out of bed at times and take turns on our knees sucking each other off and learned how to 69 after awhile. One night he wanted to get on top of me naked so I let him. I was laying face down and he got on top of me and before the night was over he stuck his dick in my ass several times and even tried fucking me.
    My Parents moved to this place way out in the country and he was at our house a lot. We would run around outside all day long when school was out and we found a lot of places that were very private and we would take off all our clothes and suck each others dicks often and I always got him to stick his dick in my ass and fuck me. It felt so good and we both liked doing it so we did it all the time. The very first time he ever came was in my ass and I really liked it. For over 10 years I let him give me anal sex and cum in my ass. We both enjoyed swallowing each others cum and sucking dick so he and I were sexually active for years and had a lot of sex very often.
    One day it just stopped and he would never do it with me or want to talk about it. He got serious with this girl he was going to marry and didn`t want to have sex wit me any more. I got married two years later but would have still enjoyed sex with him if he would have wanted it. Years later he got divorced and was going thru some rough times so I hung around with him a lot and we drank together most of the time going fishing and hunting like we always did.
    One day out fishing we decided to go over to this bar we always drank at and we stayed there until late that night drinking and went back to his house to continue drinking. I was shocked when he started talking about back in our younger days and us having sex again. Right away I began to wonder if he wanted to do it with me so I kept up my side of the conversation and knew if he wanted to I was willing. He finally came right out and asked me to stay the night and I called my wife to explain. She understood but had no idea I was about to have sex after all those years with my cousin.
    We showered and went to his bedroom naked. Got in bed and I went down on him right away. I couldn`t believe how big his dick was since I hadn`t seen it in years. What else I couldn`t believe is how much he came ad how I could still swallow pretty easily. I went to the bathroom to find something for lube because I was going to get him to fuck me some how. I shoved some Vaseline up my asshole and hurried back to his bed and went right back to work on his dick getting him nice and hard and when I told him I really wanted him to fuck me he said he wanted to also.
    I laid face down and spread my legs waiting for him to put his big dick up my tight ass that hadn`t had a dick in it in years. It wasn`t easy at all and it was a bit painful at first but once his balls were pressed against mine I knew he was all the way in but it still hurt quite a bit and I had to ask him to give me a minute to get used to him before he fucked me. He humped me slowly and it felt like his thick dick was up in my stomach he was so long. He was so thick that before he even fucked me I came like crazy between my body and the sheets and my cum was all over me as he started to fuck me. I was glad no one was in the house with us because I made a lot of noise as he plowed my ass deep and hard for such a very long time before he shot his huge thick load deep in my ass.
    Once he lost his erection it slipped right out of my ass and a stream of cum poured out of my asshole and ran over my nuts to pool between my legs and he fell asleep. I laid there letting his cum run out of my ass then got up to go shower and think about how much I had just enjoyed him fucking my ass. I jacked off in the shower thinking about it and still had a little cum leaking out of my ass. I got a hot wash cloth and went back to bed and washed his dick off getting it very clean and while he was passed out I licked and sucked his huge dick for a very long time and once it was nice and hard I wanted it back in my ass so I squatted down over the top of him with my back to him and held his dick in my hand and touched it to my asshole then slowly lowered my ass down on his dick and slowly fucked myself while he was passed out. I took my time and was enjoying it very much and he woke up just in time to cum in my ass a second time.
    we showered again after that and hung around the house naked having another beer or two and as he stood in the kitchen I went to my knees to suck on his dick and wanted him to cum in my mouth. It took for ever to get him to cum and he had both hands on my head fucking my mouth making me gag on his dick several times and that seemed to really excite him so I let him keep doing it and had both my hands on his ass rubbing and squeezing his ass cheeks as he kept fucking my mouth making me gag more often then he shoved his dick down my throat for the first time ever and once it went down my throat I didn`t gag and he locked his fingers behind my head and started to cum moaning out loud for me to swallow his cum. I was about to smother to death when he let go of my head and pulled his dick out of my throat. It was jut hanging there in front of my face as I tried to catch my breath and cum was still dripping from the head of it and I licked it off then stood up and backed up to him just to feel his dick on my ass once again.
    The next morning when I woke up he was up close behind me trying to stick his dick in my ass and he shoved it all the way up my ass really hard and fucked me really hard for awhile then pulled out and put me on my back and had my legs over his broad shoulders when he shoved it back up my ass and looked right at me as he fucked me hard and deep telling me he wanted to cum in me again. I kept telling him to fuck me harder and to cum in my ass and he got very excited and was looking right in to my eyes when he shoved his dick as far as he could up my ass and filled my ass with a huge thick load. He kept shoving it up my ass hard telling me to fuck him and telling me to take his dick then told me to make him cum again and we fucked again taking his big load up my ass again.
    He went to shower then I showered and my wife called so I talked to her and when I hung up I needed to go home for awhile. Before I left he asked when I could come back. Later on that week I stopped by to let him fuck my ass a couple of times and now every other day if possible I stop by to get fucked up the ass and suck his dick. He seems to enjoy the more kinkier sex and I have let him tie me to his bed to fuck my ass a few times and he likes trying new ways to tie me up to fuck my ass and has even tied me on my knees with my hands behind my back to fuck my mouth and I have gotten used to taking his big dick balls deep in my throat pretty often and like the way his nuts feel on my chin when his big thick load is going down my throat.
    He has got me watching porn with him now and it`s always gang bang porn and X-dressers getting fucked and twice now I have put on his Ex wife`s panties for him. He gets kinkier and kinkier as the weeks go by and who knows what is next. I am open to whatever he wants as long as he keeps fucking me up the ass. I hope it never stops.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I was in the 8th grade I let my best friend fuck me up the ass. we talked about it a few times but I never thought he really would do it. we were at his house one day while no one was home when we decided to try it. We used Vaseline to help get his dick in my tight ass as I was bending over the side of his bed. Both of us naked my chest on his bed sheet holding my ass cheeks open as he stood behind me forcing his dick up my tight asshole.
    I managed to take it all the way up my ass but it hurt quite a bit then he fucked me and pulled out to shoot his cum on my ass. I wasn`t expecting it but after he came on my asshole he shoved his dick up my ass pushing his cum up inside of me. He started fucking me again and this time he fucked me hard and didn`t pull out to cum and shot it deep in my ass. When he pulled out his cum ran down my thighs and right then I knew I would be wanting him to fuck me again.
    It was days before he would fuck me again after asking him countless times to fuck me. He did it to me again at his house in the same position and came in my ass two times again. About a week later he asked me over to his house again and once he and I were naked and he was fucking me again bent over the side of his bed and had came in my ass the first time two other boys I knew from school jumped out of his closet naked with their dicks hard as a rock and I tried to run but they grabbed me and two of them held me down as one stuck a dick up my asshole and fucked me hard shooting his cum up my as then the next one fucked me but his dick was much bigger and it hurt like hell but he fucked me any way and shot his load up my ass then before I left they all took another turn on me and all three came in my ass again.
    For about 6 months or longer the three of them took turns on me when ever they felt like it and even had me suck one dick while they fucked me and made me take their cum in my mouth. I never told any one and it got worse each time they had sex with me and once they even forced me to take two dicks in my ass while the other one fucked my mouth and all three came in me. That happened more than once and they made me do other things that were pretty painful during that time and even tied me to the bed two different times and they all fucked me then stuck the end of a coke bottle up my ass and fucked me until I cried. It hurt bad but they kept doing it and making me suck their dicks then tied me up on my knees to the end of the bed and took turns fucking my mouth and made me swallow their cum.
    Finally my parents moved so my Dad could take another job and it was over. After all these years now I lead a normal life married with children very happy and very normal but I still think about what happened back then and sometimes as strange as it may seem I jack off thinking about how they used me and made me take their cum a in my ass and throat and when I get really horny I like to stick something up my ass and jack off thinking about my past and I always get so turned on I like to eat my cum and remember swallowing their cum years ago.
    I think if the opportunity came up I would do this again even after all these years and I think about letting a group of men use me and force me to take their cum in both my holes. I don`t know if it could ever happen again but think I would do it if it did.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    The other night I was lying on the sofa watching a movie after. my parents had gone to bed. It was after midnight when i heard a key turn in the front door and my 18yo brother came in with a couple of friends. They had all had quite a bit to drink judging by their behaviour. They all flopped down , my brother, Simon, and one of his friends, Chris, on the sofa and the other guy, Dean, on a chair. They were quite loud so i tried to get them to be quieter warning them what mom and dad would say if they saw. They asked me to get them something to drink from the kitchen and to keep them quiet i did. when i came back they all grinned at each other and my brother said they would only be quiet if I showed them my tits. i was shocked at first but then i thought there couldnt be any harm as my brother had seen me in a skimpy bikini. I undid the buttons on my blouse and took it off so i was standing in just my bra and a pair of tight shorts.
    Dean and Chris whistled when they saw my tits (34c) and my brother said something about his hot older sister. They started chanting to take off the bra which i did. By now i was actually getting horny especially when I saw Dean try to cover his crutch. it was obvious he was getting an erection. Suddenly my brother said that I should suck Dean's cock and Dean and Chris laughed. I looked at my brother and then at Dean who nodded, whilst Chris checked the door was shut properly. He started to undo his zipper as I stood there and then he took out his cock. He was about 7 inches and thick. i walked closer and then knelt down. he was breathing hard as i just kissed the head and then his shaft. I was giving little tiny kisses and my hand stroked his stomach and then held his balls. i started to lick all up his shaft and round the head even poking my tongue into his pee hole which had him groaning as he begged me to suck him harder. at last I swallowed his cock and he gripped me by the hair as i took as much of him in my mouth as possible. as i continued to suck him i heard my brother say "I told u she was a slut didn't i? I know she blows all her boyfriends." To be honest, it was a turn on hearing him talk like that and it made me suck harder when he said Chris was next.
    I could taste precum from Dean's cock and then i felt a hand push my head down so i was gagging on him. then the hand stroked down my back and started to feel my ass through my shorts. i shifted my legs apart as I heard my brother continue to call me a slut who just loved the taste of cum. Dean tensed and then i felt him explode in my mouth. I swallowed as much as i could and then he pulled out of my mouth and wiped the last drops of cum over my tits. Chris had already dropped his jeans and his cock stood straight up, looking longer than Deans. I rubbed Deans cum into my tits and then licked my fingers clean as Chris took a seat and beckoned me over. as i leaned down to suck him again i felt a hand on my ass but it wasn't deans. i knew it was my brother and I stopped for a moment but when i then swallowed Chris my brother slid his hand between my legs. I'm sure he could feel how wet i was as he rubbed my pussy through my shorts. If anything it made me suck Chris harder and it wasn't long before he also came, puling out to shoot his cum over my face and tits.
    They were all calling me a slut and a fucktoy as i turned towards my brother who was now stroking his own cock. it was the biggest of the 3 and for a moment we both looked at each other before i groaned and then reached out a hand to stroke him. he said "suck it slut. nobody else will know." so there I was sucking my brother whilst Dean and Chris made crude comments as they watched. I felt Dean kneel behind me undo my shorts and squeeze his hand in to finger fuck me. I was so wet as I tried to deepthroat my brother who was thrusting into my mouth. I was gripping him pulling him in to me and he had his hands grasping my head saying he had always wanted to fuck his older sister.
    He pulled out of my mouth and said he was going to do just that. Dean and Chris were watching and stroking themselves as Simon made me kneel on all 4s and she slid my shorts down and off to see i wasn't wearing anything else. He rubbed his cock against my pussy and then entered me. i gave a scream and he pinched my ass and told me to be quiet or else one of the others would stuff my mouth so i couldn't make a sound. The next thing I knew Chris was feeding his half hard cock into my mouth and i tasted him again. My brother was speeding up and isaw that Dean was also hard again. Simon pulledhis cock out of my pussy and turned to the others saying"Shall we fill this slut everywhere?" I gasped as Chris lay flat on the carpet and Simon lifted me onto his cock. Dean came round to the front so i could suck him. Then I felt Simon finger my ass and knew he wanted to finish there. He asked "Can I ?" and i muttered yes round Dean's cock. He pushed in slowly and so i was being fucked everywhere. I started to cum almost immediately and the three guys just kept pounding into me. It was amazing as I felt them all cum. Simon was first filling my ass and then the other two came for the second time. we finally collapsed in a sweaty pile with me surrounded and full of their cum. I have fucked my brother again since then but thats another story.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 39

    I am a married sexy Latina with kids.... And I can't not fight the yearning I have to be with a woman...

    I have had small experiences with woman before nothing crazy... Kissing, touching etc... I am looking to satisfy this desire/ fantasy....

    I am an attractive, woman, good shape get my share of attention from both men and woman.

    Looking for a woman in NYC area, a sexy woman... I work in Manhattan maybe we can have drinks... And see what happens??

    Serious inquiries....

    I set up an email address

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 34

    There is a girl who goes to my gym that catches my eye everytime I see her. She is just shorter than me and obviously hits the weights a fair bit. Not to the point where she is a huge she-hulk who could probably beat the shit out of you, but she looks strong, the type of strong that could be mistaken for stockiness at first glance.
    But its her legs and ass, they are absolutely powerful looking. She looks like she could crush a melon between them and her ass sticks proudly straight out the back of her. To make it worse for me, she wears tiny little gym shorts that barely cover her buttocks and often has to pull them down.
    So if her ass and legs are that powerful looking why do i want my head amd face in there? I want her to ride my face so i can suck on that pussy and let me worship that rock hard ass all she wants.
    Any weight lifting ladies out there like the sound of doing this to a fit male?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    Dreams do come true sometimes!

    When I was about 10yo my mom's best friend Brenda would watch me sometimes. My Mom was divorced and she was a Nurse at the Hospital. My Mom would work a lot of hours trying to
    buy a house for us.

    Brenda was single and I didn't mind having her watch me. Brenda was funny and even though she may have not had a Barbie body, her face was beautiful I thought. Brenda was a makeup artist and she was always trying new things on her Face.

    Sometimes I would just watch her do things to her eyes with liner and Mascara, she would even ask me my opinion what I thought of her eyes after she was done. Brenda would then apply the rest of the makeup to her face and then we would just hang out. Once I told her she was just too pretty to be watching me. She smiled and gave me a hug and kiss and said if I was her boyfriend she would make me very happy.

    About a year later my Mom found a house and we moved on the other side of town. I really did miss seeing Brenda and sometimes I would ask my Mom to go see her. Mom was still working a lot of hours to pay the bills, there wasn't enough time to see Brenda.

    Years went by and my life went on, school, dates, and then a job. I was at the Airport for a flight to Chicago when I heard a voice from the past behind me in the check in line. I turned and saw Brenda several people behind me in line. Even though it had been about 15yrs since I had seen Brenda, I knew her face instantly. Brenda looked almost the same the last time I had seen her. She colored her hair blonde, which made her look even better. Brenda had the same body, slightly curvy and other guys were checking her out in line as well.

    I got through Security and waited for Brenda to come through. She was slipping on her high heels when I walked up to her and said hello. For a split second I didn't think Brenda knew me and then a big smile appeared on her face. She put her hand on my shoulder and put her other shoe on and gave me a huge hug and kiss just like I remembered from years ago.

    Not only was Brenda going to Chicago but she was on the same flight. We tried to get the guy next to me to swap seats but he was a prick and refused. When we got to Chicago Brenda told me she was there for a makeup artist convention, new products and other styles from people in the same business as Brenda.

    I told Brenda where I was staying but our Hotels were several miles apart. We took each others number and said we would talk while we were there. The Business meeting I was there for was boring as hell, and my mind wandered thinking about Brenda from time to time.

    The second evening I was just watching tv in my hotel room when there was a knock on my door, checking my watch it was almost 10pm. I looked through the peephole and didn't see anyone in view, but I popped the lock and opened the door.

    At first I thought it was a hit and run, and then Brenda stepped right in front of me. She had been standing off to the side. At first I almost didn't recognize her, her hair was now a different color, very dark and a bit shorter. Brenda hugged me and smiled in that familiar way I loved.

    She asked me what I thought of her makeup, she remembered how I would sit and watch her for hours when I was at her home. Brenda said she wanted my opinion, just like years ago. Brenda had a lot of makeup on and her eyes were encased with a sultry mix of mascara and liner. Her eyes looked like those Egyptian women, the color went slightly to her temples. I told her she looked hot and she smiled with her slightly painted lips.

    I let Brenda in my room and then noticed she was wearing a very sexy dress for a woman of 50yo it was rather high above the knee. Brenda had great legs and I took several glances at them as I threw on a nice shirt.

    We made our way to the Bar downstairs off the lobby. It was rather dark, almost intimate in a nice way. We took a table with a candle flickering in the center. The candlelight really set her makeup off and I was almost hypnotized just looking into Brenda's eyes. We only had two or three drinks when Brenda just looked at me, she didn't have to say anything, I just knew what was supposed to happen next.

    It was all I could do to contain myself on the elevator going back up to my room. I could barely put the card into the door reader. I followed Brenda into the room and walked over to the picture window, drawing back the curtains completely. I reached over for the table lamp and switched it off. The lights of the city poured into the room instantly.

    We kissed almost at once. The taste of Brenda's lipstick sent chills through me. Brenda put her arms around me and we locked into a searing kiss. My cock responded almost at once as our tongues teased each others. Even in her Heels Brenda was still a bit shorter than me, but our mouths locked on each other with no problem.

    I don't remember getting onto the bed, I was just on top of Brenda now still kissing her as my heart raced inside my chest. Her blouse was now unbuttoned, her ample breasts contained by her black bra only. Somehow we removed her dress with her barely moving off the bed. Brenda was down to her bra, stockings, and heels.

    I was so hard I ached, I can't remember the last time I had felt that hard for any woman I had been with before. Brenda's bra had a clasp in front and I allowed her to undo the tiny clasp. Her breast were perfect, not too large and her nipples were already hard. I took them into my mouth and feasted on them.

    Brenda lay below me squirming as I teased them with desire. I could barely get out of my clothes fast enough. And I took Brenda quickly, not even taking the time to remove her heels or stockings.

    I fucked Brenda slowly, but inside I was dying to pound her savagely. Brenda's nails clawed my shoulders as I moved within her loins. She was soaking wet, her heat tormented my already aching cock. I looked down at Brenda, those eyes almost glared back at me in the most sexual way. I thrust my hard cock into Brenda and she moaned deliciously, her nails raking my back as I moved within her faster.

    I heard myself asking Brenda to stay the night, she smiled and I began to cum inside of her a split second later. We made love two more times during the night, Brenda working my cock over and over and then taking me inside of her. The more we fucked the wetter she got, I was over whelmed with desire for Brenda, thrusting into her harder until I couldn't hold back my cum another moment.

    The next morning Brenda was awake before me and left me a note before she left. Brenda said she wanted to see me again when we got back home. I had to go back before she did, I thought about her all the way home.

    I picked her up at the Airport and went to her home which was closer. We made love most of the night. Here was a woman twenty years older and she had the sexual hunger of a girl in her twenties.

    We get together whenever possible. I had been dating a gal on and off but I can't get Brenda out of my mind, I don't want to fuck anyone else.................

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