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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 27

    I was eating out my girlfriend -25 - as we were staying the weekend at her mom's place, keeping an eye on the place while her mom was gone. As you tend to do, we lost track of time - so we forgot about her mom arriving home. I made her come as I gave her oral, and being super horny, I told her to roll over and began banging her from behind lying prone. I pumped away for a good 20 minutes, mumbling dirty talk to her and smacking her asscheeks before busting a huge load over her ass. Imagine my feeling as I go to grab water, out of breath and my girlfriend's mom sits there with a huge grin.

    She smiled and said "you seem to take good care of her" and chuckled softly.

    I wanted to die.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    As a female, I get off watching gay porn.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 19 my G/F at the times mum was a open forward woman in her 40's, who I found a complete turn on, she was toucher, and constantly had her hands on me when I was around, more and more I found myself with her and not my girlfriend, so after a mad night on the piss for my girlfriends birthday, the crowd had made its way from the club back to my girlfriends mums place for early morning drinks, the birthday girl had passed out, and her mum offered the small group a lift home, me and three mates and one other chick who was dating one of the guys in the car, I reached from behind and started fondling the mums tits while she drove, the other chick got all competeive and pulled her top down for us to grab at as well. Next thing we new we were parked in a car park at a park, then my girlfriends mum lead us into the female toilets, were both women got bent over and us 4 guys just banged the arse off them both,,,we teamed up, took turns just went to town on them both. Was a mental trip home

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 34

    I can't sleep because I'm ashamed, but also still very excited.
    Last evening I visited my neighbor, a chubby widow of 62. I am a man of 34, 7 months ago divorced.
    It was a pleasant evening and we had just stand up because I had to go home and were talking about my divorce. I'm all over it but is again discussed between my neigbor and me.

    Suddenly she grabbed my arm and said with a sigh: "I would know it if I were 30 years younger, I would r**e you on the spot". She looked at me with a special look and a smile.
    I hugged her and I spontaneously got a hard on. Well, it's month I hadn't sex, you can understand?
    I grabbed my chubby neighbor extra firmly and rubbed my hard on against her round belly and gave her a French kiss. The next moment we lay on the carpet in her living room and I f*cked her extensively.
    When I finished and lay next to her, my neighbor said to me: "It was actually a joke of me, but you were so excited that I hadn't the chance to interrupt to say it to you."

    I blushed huge and didn't know what to say or where to look. My neighbor rubbed my head and said: "I thought it was sweet of you that you want me that much, I like to do more often such a joke with you!".

    I didn't know how fast to get away and it still haunts my head because I dare not to see her again out of shame.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 23

    When I was 15 I began wondering about how boys would look without their clothes. By pictures I had seen in dirty magazines, I knew they had a penis and balls that look like small eggs. Although I never saw any depicting an erection, I felt it when I wrestled with my cousin Andy. I always used to beat him at wrestling because he was 13 and I was stronger and bigger than him. End up on top of pinning his down and feeling his hard dick against my tommy and so did my girl friends when they wrestle we him. I guess being in close contact with a girl excited him. Of course it was something we talked about and the only boy around we could convince to show it to us. They only way was turning it into a joke and touching it while wrestling with him, witch ended in a tag game tagging each other in the right places. He trying to lift our skirts and we trying to grab his penis. A innocent game we all enjoyed with hidden sexual intensions, that ended with me pushing my hand down the front of his pants and rapping it around his dick. He usually wore elastic band shorts and amazed at how easily my hand slid down all the way over his penis. Watched his face turn red while I had him pinned down squeezing his dick and almost purple when my girl friends yanked off his shorts and underwear. We finally got the thrill of looking at a boy's dick sticking up like a banana and so ashamed of girls looking and playing with it, he didn't make the slightest intention of breaking free. I guess the shock of having his clothes taken off and having girls inspecting his dick, balls and even his pee hole was enough to paralyze him with shame. Andy became our private toy boy that we could strip naked any time we felt like it over the promise of keeping it secret. He didn't want anyone to find out. We not only got hot an horny with him, but also found out how boys played with themselves. It was our first sexual experience and it felt good to touch and be touched and arousing to be doing dirty things we shouldn't have been doing in the first place.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    My boy friend is a police officer who works night. He couldn't get my birthday off. Our friends took me out because they felt bad and we had a great time. Our group is made up of people of a lot of different ages who are all cops who hang out together.

    We all drank and I was shitfaced. I was supposed to go home with my friend but her husband left early so one of the guys my husband works with said he'd drive me. I wasn't thinking and eventually it was me sitting beside him and another cop my husband works with in the front seat of the guys car and we stopped to keep drinking.

    I ended up with my tits out in the front seat with the guys playing with them while we drove and they ended up tag teaming me. I sucked and fucked them both. Ugh one is 34 and the other 48 and they are my boyfriends friends and co-workers.

    They dropped me off and I was all drunk and happy. Then I woke up. WTF. Thank god my bf never asked much about home I got home. I can't believe I did this. Every time I see these guys I'm gonna feel like puking and what happens if someone says something about them driving me home. Fuck me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    She had come home late from an office party pretty lit up and flopped on the couch. We had a glass of wine and talked for a while and she became sleepy. I moved over to her and undid her blouse and exposed her perfect breasts over her bra. I pinched and sucked on her pencil thick nipples, teething and licking them. She began to stir and instinctively spread her legs. I pulled her skirt up around her waist and pulled her pantyhose and panties to her ankles, leaving her heels on.

    I brought her to three orgasms eating her out. She alternatively pushed me away then pulled me face first into her hot crotch. She kept saying I could not fuck her so I stood up and made her kneel before me. I forced my cock into her reluctant mouth. She tried to keep my cock out of her mouth by pretending to lick and kiss it's rock hardness. I held her head with one hand and forced my cock through her lips and teeth. Once in I held her head tightly with both hands and began to skull fuck her. She slowly took more of me into her mouth gagging on its girth. She began to bob on her own so I released my hands from her head and was a bit surprised to have her suppress her gag reflex, taking my cock into her throat. Without warning I unleashed a huge spurt of cum which made her gag again, she pulled off my dick, three ropes of cum flew in her eyes, hair, and chin. She was coughing and sputtering with cum in her throat and jumped up and took a small sip of wine.

    I pulled her back onto the couch and got behind her, determined to fuck her. She fought a little but I held her hips tightly and easily penetrated her warm, wet pussy. I pushed hard to the hilt making her whelp. I eased out slowly and began fucking her in gentle, slow, deep penetrations. I slowly worked my thumb into her ass, intent on capturing my most coveted desire. I was nearing another orgasm, I slowed down so I wouldn't cum in her pussy. I had worked my finger into her ass and withdrew from her pussy. I very gently and lovingly began to work my dick into her pink puckered asshole. By this time she had given up struggling, she squirmed and moaned as I surged deeper into her ass. When I was balls deep in her ass she became breathless as I held still deep in her. My cock exploded leaving another hot load deep in her ass. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek as I withdrew from her ass. She smiled and sighed and quickly fell asleep.

    I left her on the couch as she was and threw a comforter over her. I turned off the lights and before heading upstairs I turned to her and whispered, "Goodnight, Mom."

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    my entire childhood I was extremely sexual. I'm not sure if it had to do with how early I learned about sex (my parents never censored anything from me, sex, vaginas/penises, profanity,shows with nudity and sexual nature, etc. have never been restricted.) or maybe with the fact that I walked in on my parents more than once but I do remember sexual events before that.

    First one I remember was when I was 4 and a boy walked in on me using the toilet. I pretended I didn't see him watching me because honestly, I liked him watching. I even remember spreading my legs more so he could see.

    Next I was 5 and a boy I thought was cute showed me his penis in class and asked if he could see my "parts". I said yes and was incredibly excited and proceeded to reach over and touch him while he did the same with me. Another student then saw so we stopped and luckily he kept quiet.

    After that I remember an incident when I was 7 where there was a boy of the same age who I liked that lived next door. One day I took him into my room, laid him down behind my bed and got on top of him. We sloppily made out for a bit before I started undoing his pants and my own. I then instructed him on what to do since it was obvious he was lost. I told him to basically eat me out and placed myself on his mouth. he did, and guess just the idea of it made me enjoy myself because I doubt it was any good. My grandmother almost caught us on that one and I'm glad she did because If it hadn't been for her trying to open the locked door I probably would have lost my virginity as a 7 year old.

    That was probably my last sexual experience with a boy for a while, If you have read this far I'd like to quickly apologize for all the terrible grammatical errors I've made and will be making in this post, I haven't slept in 2 days and I honestly could care less considering this is anonymous. Anyway, I realized most of my "fantasies" and dreams that involved boys where only for when I was fantasizing and didn't really interest me in real life (probably because most of them involved teenage boys like that kid who played Peter Pan in the 2003 version or Leonardo in Titanic). This was when I became extremely fascinated by women, especially girls my age because something about the innocence excited me.

    Through 9 and 11 I probably played around a dozen of "truth or dare" games with girl friends which all ended in me teaching them what sex was and how it worked and felt good and how being attracted to other girls was okay. I don't remember any girl ever being hesitant to experiment, and the ones I do I also remember me stopping what I was doing completely because of the fear of a grown up finding out. But what would happen when they where interested, involved first kissing of course, then I had this way of making it into a game so it would be more exciting.

    There where Levels:
    1: kissing
    2: kissing with tongue
    3: kissing with tongue naked
    4: feeling each other up while kissing with tongue naked

    and so on. I'd keep going but honestly, we would drag each step out for as long as we could so we wouldn't run out of stuff to do (it was all in the foreplay I guess).

    the farthest the levels would go, where usually our attempts at 69, scissoring, and oral, with a couple of girls I'd also show them porn I'd looked up which was usually lesbian porn. I'd also found my fathers porn magazine stash and we would spend lots of time flipping though those. With most of the girls it would end after a while when they'd start realizing girls didn't do these things with girls and that was usually the end of the friendships too.

    at 11 I started insinuating things with a friend I'd had for about a year and considering she was a year older than me, (12 big deal) she kinda felt where it was going but I think she was also into the whole dragging it out foreplay so she would go along with it, but once we got to where it would usually end with other girls, we still wanted to do more. This is how our friendship became just a normal friendship around others, sexually fascinated pre-pubescent girls trying to find the next best way to get off when alone. What I am still amazed by to this day is that no one, not even our other friends, ever found out what we would do when we where alone.

    So this girl and I started discovering ourselves as in depth as we could (pun intended). We started watching porn videos more often for inspiration on what to do next. we first found cucumbers and slowly worked with each other to try and get them in without permanently hurting ourselves. long story short, It didn't work. so we started small and worked our way up. we started with putting dove soap bars up there (which is also how we started doing most of our "sessions" in the shower) then adding in the fingers until we could take each others fists. eventually we worked ourselves up to the cucumbers and to trusting them. For a while I would get on my knees while she sat with her legs open and I'd hold the cucumber between my legs and vaginal lips while trusting into her to simulate a penis I guess.. but we then figured out how to double penetrate each other with both ends of the cucumber so we would do that. We did all this in either the bath tub or anywhere we could be alone, one time we actually got to do stuff in a bed which took a while since we both had strict parents who didn't like people staying over, until the one day no one was home so we took advantage of that. we soon discovered the wonderful massage vibrator which we would take turns using a lot. I also started taking the vibrator places with me. I'd put it in my backpack and use it in changing rooms at the mall or in the stalls at school.

    Eventually, she turned 13, discovered her interest in boys, and told me she was feeling ashamed for all the stuff she was doing with a girl(me). That's how that ended. We stayed friends for years after that. She would sometimes tell me about the stuff she'd do with her boyfriends but she completely blocked out everything we ever did. When we stopped being friends it was for different reasons. We never had feelings for each other at all so it was fine, but I was disappointed because I knew I probably wouldn't feel comfortable going through all that with another person again for a while.

    Around this age (12-13) I started dating boys too, but I never did anything more than kiss them and I was actually considered a prude among the boys which now that I look back is super fucked up since we where after all only 12 to 13. I dated over 10 guys, longest relationship lasting 2 years over the course of 5 years since I'm now 18 going on 19. at this age I realized that my disinterest in anything more than kissing with men was probably due to my sexuality. I now only have normal sexual relationships with women though I do still consider myself pansexual and hope one day I'll be able to push myself to have experiences with men. I know this was long but I thought it was about time I let it all out.

    If you have any similar stories or stories involving sexual fantasies and acts as a kid please share so I can feel a bit better about my disturbingly advanced sex life at such a young age. Also if you have any advice on how I can overcome the anxiety I have towards sexual relationships with men I would really appreciate that as well.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 43

    I love wanking myself in a very sexy chiffon layer babydoll nighties and the nighties have to have lots of ribbons and bows I just playing with long nylon ribbons and wanking on them I have this nightie with a big bow round my neck and all these ribbons comming off the neck ribbon so its just ribbons ribbons ribbons and I love it.The more ribbons the better I love saying ribbons ribbons ribbons,ribbons ribbons ribbons sounds great so ribbons ribbons ribbons,the wider the better.I've just been wanking myself in a blue and green nylon nightie and cum all over them. I still playing with my cock in the nighties and ribbons so its ribbons nighties and cum.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 42

    I am in a vintage babydoll nightie and I love to cum in them I love to lick my cum off the nightie and I love nighties with lot of long nylon ribbons I love to play with my cock in the ribbons and tie my cock up with the ribbons into sexy bows then play with my shaft along with all the sexy ribbons whilst saying ribbons ribbons ribbons.

    I just have have baby-doll nighties with ribbons as I said I'm a real sexy man and just love long ribbons on nighties and constantly playing with them its a case of ribbons ribbons ribbons, and nighties, nighties cum cum cum,and chiffon chiffon chiffon.I love e'm all them the better. Also I love to cum onto and over the long ribbons as well then licking my cum off the ribbons MMMmmm its great.just cum and ribbons .

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