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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    So here's the nasty truth about my family. My brother who's a year younger than me and I have been homeschooled forever and live in a strict household. We live far the fuck away from anything in a ungodly large home. We have a beautiful maid from Ethiopia. Our parents our international business reps who do well but are totally fucked. We are the children that were an accident. They make money, travel, and when they're both home they fuck like wild animals, including our nympho maid and occasionally hold swinger parties. My brother and I obviously don't have the same father, probably do to our parents lifestyle. We don't get out much, and do to be cast out by our parents we are each other's best friends. We do everything together and pretty much raised ourselves with the help of our lovely but dirty maid who does most of our homeschooling education.
    This house is huge, scary huge and very lonely. For the most part my brother and I share a room because it's so lonely and empty in all this space. Many of times growing up over the years my brother and I have often shared the same bed falling asleep together, innocently. We usually hide away together during our parents erotic parties.
    Well about two years ago when I was 16, things changed a bit. My brother and I were spooned up together in bed during one of our parents orgies watching TV trying to drown the sound of sex out when my lil brother happened across a dirty adult channel. Out of my own surprise I told my brother to stay on this channel, and we watched quitely as a man began to seduce a woman and eat out her pussy. I felt a warmth come over me and my heart began to pound. My brother must of felt the same way because I could feel him get a rather strong erection against my bottom. All he had on were some gym shorts and I was laying there in boy shorts and sports bra. I could feel his penis growing thick and heating up and flinching against me. I don't know why to this day I did it, but I pressed and rubbed my bottom against his vieny Boner and accidently made it slip out of his shorts. I could feel his bare penis against my butt and I started to breathe harder and my boy shorts became very wet. I couldn't help myself, I rubbed my bottom more against his cock, and I could feel his body heating up against mine. He began to press back! My God forgive me for what I did, but I let my 36c breasts out of my bra and move my brothers hands to them, which he began to rub slow and squeeze gently. My brother and I had never lost our virginity and were for the most part clueless except what we had spied on a few times during our parents orgies. I whispered to my brother asking if he would do what the guy in the video would. He very softly whispered back saying just, "yes". With that I took off my boy shorts and he slowly move down, and began running his tongue between my lips. He said I tasted sweet and nothing more. He lick me like a melting ice cream in the summer and I couldn't hold back the moan. The man in the video pushed himself inside the woman and she mildly screamed, my brother looked at me for approval to which I grabbed his hips and brought him in. My brother for the first time ever was exposed in all his glory. I only later found this out after measuring him that he was just over nine and a half inches. At the time he was gentle, nervous but carefully place his tip between my lips. I kissed him on the lips and whispered for him to push. Without hesitstion he began to slowly maneuver into me. It was so terribly painful at first but I pulled my brother the rest of the way into me. We paused, both scared and excited, and I could feel his vieny hard cock flick inside me, and I knew he wanted more. He began to pull out slowly when I grabbed his hips pulling him harder into me. He quitely said we shouldn't be doing this. I couldn't let him go now. I kissed him passionately and moved my hips whatever way I could to keep him inside of me. He pulled out, his wide tip still against my lips, and glanced at me a moment, then he changed. He was a new man. He pushed deep into me, it was so painfully pleasuring. I began to cry and moan at the same time and he began to rhythmically stroke in and out. We kissed heavily. Pausing only to look into each other eyes or at him penetrating me. It looks as if he would turn me inside out but we didn't care. He began to stroke faster and hard and I could stop what felt like convulsions through my body, he drove hard into me grunting loudly and I felt like I was going to scream and then I felt a rush of hot fluid from him spraying into me and I grabbed the pillow and screamed into it. My body tightened furious around his cock, my muscles felt like electricity, it felt like nothing could pull us apart. Then he slowly pulled out of me, his penis going soft, his ejaculation dripping from my lips.
    We spooned again, but now as lovers. We had become just as bad as our parents.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 39

    I always walk around naked at home but anytime my mother-in-law would come over I would always get dressed. A couple of months ago my wife asked me why I always covered up when her mother came over. I told her it would be inappropriate to be naked in front of her mother. My wife told me she had mentioned it to her and her mother said she wouldn't mind if I was naked around her. I asked my wife how she would feel about her mother seeing me naked. My wife said she didn't mind as long as I was fine with it. The next time her mother came over I remained naked. Me and her mother were both awkward with it at first but soon it was no big deal. One time my wife was out and her mother came over and let herself in with the key she had to our house. There I stood with not only her looking at me but one of her female friends. Her friend took a quick look and covered her eyes apologizing seeing me this way. My mother-in-law said I was always naked like this when she comes over now and that I don't mind her seeing me this way. I wasn't expecting one of her friends seeing me naked but it happened and figured what was the big deal and told her friend I had no problem them seeing me this way. I had to use the washroom and I could hear them talking in the kitchen. Her friend told her she was telling truth she said I walk around her naked. My mother-in-law said that she knew I wouldn't mind her seeing me nude as well. Her friend said seeing my cock in person was a very nice surprise. Her friend said all she did was show pictures of her son-in-law on a nude beach but seeing the real thing in person was much better. I was hearing this and I now found out my Mother-in-law brought her friend over just to show me off. I then began to hear them talk more and her friend asked if she had ever she me with a erection and my mother-in-law said not yet but she figures it may happen at some point. I flushed the toilet and joined them in the kitchen. I was sitting with them having a coffee and knew what they were talking about earlier I was going to make happen and show them. I started to think about things that began to get me aroused. I stood up and got us some cookies and they noticed me semi erect. I talked with them a little longer and now I was very hard. I stood up and asked if they wanted more coffee. Their eyes were focused below my waist and I just stood there making no effort to cover up or hide it. I put more coffee on and it was a turn on having them see me this way which caused me to get even harder to the point I was as hard as I could get. They looked but made no mention of what they were seeing and looking at. I left the kitchen and heard them talking about my cock. Before I came back into the kitchen I fluffed myself up and sat down. It was her friend that made first mention of my erection. I told her it was natural and I can't really help it so why hide it. My mother-in-law quickly mentioned I was right and these things happen. There I was still sitting with them and with an erection. They stayed a little longer before they left and on their way out it was her friend who said thanks for the coffee and being comfortable enough to left her see me naked and also be on display in all full size.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 20

    Deep and Lovely Dark - Chapter 3

    Rachel awoke in a dark room lit by candles on a four poster bed. Her head was banging, she took a moment to look around. Suddenly she recognised the room. It was the room where she had the most pleasurable and terrifying experience of her life. This was Vlad's bedroom. She was wearing a red silk gown that was almost see through. She wondered why she was wearing this and then remembered her clothes being torn off by a rapists. Then she remembered seeing what Vilas had done too him. Rachel became very scared but before she could think, Vlad appeared behind her as if out of thin air. She stumbled away from him not saying anything. What could she say? What could she do?

    "Rachel please, don't be afraid. I swore to protect you, I'm not going to hurt you". Rachel realised if he was going to hurt her he would've already. "Sit down, we have much to discuss" said Vlad. He sat in a chair near the fire place and motioned Rachel to sit in the chair opposite him which she did never breaking eye contact. "I imagine you have many questions! Where do you want to start?" said Vlad. Rachel thought to herself for a moment. She had a hundred questions but no idea where to begin. "Are you really a Vampire?" she said in a mumble. "Yes!" Vlad replied with a stern facial expression. "How old are you?" Rachel asked curiously. "I've lived for over 300 years". Rachel's jaw dropped slightly even though she had heard of vampires living for hundreds of years. "Why did you bring me back here?" This is the Quest in she wanted to ask most. "I'm doomed to walk this earth for an eternity, but it doesn't have to be a curse when you have someone to share it with. From the moment I saw you I felt a connection to you hat could not be ignored". Rachel looked slightly confused and yet relieved. She felt the same connection with Vlad from the moment she layed eyes on him. "I knew that you were the one and was determined to do whatever it took to have you and keep you safe". "What exactly do you want from me?" asked Rachel. "I am the most powerful being to walk this earth since the Christ. The man with power is king, what does a king need most? A queen. In exchange for my love, protection and riches I want your unconditional devotion to me. Be my bride. Rachel was overwhelmed she hardly knew this man and yet he was asking her to marry him on their first date!?!? "What will my role in your life be?" she asked. "You are welcome to leave the house anytime you want. For work, for friends, for shopping. I will always know where you are, I can sense your presence. That's how I was able to find you tonight". As time went on Rachel's fear subsided and was strangely being replaced with excitement. "Rachel I beg your forgiveness!" Said Vlad falling to his knees and clutching her hands."i didn't want to scare you, I only wanted to show you what I really am. I am a good man" he exclaimed. "how do I know I can trust you?" she finally asked. Vlad looked at her puzzled for a moment. After a moments silence Vlad got up out of his chair and walked over to a safe hidden behind an ancestral portrait. He recovered a box from within and returned to Rachel. He handed her the box and sat back in the chair.

    Rachel opened the box to reveal a solid silver chain with a crucifix. As she removed the chain from the box, Glad went pale. He struggled to breathe and he nearly fell out of his chair. Rachel realised that she had been given the key to Vlad's weakness. The silver worked like kryptonite against superman. From this realisation Rachel suddenly trusted Vlad completely. She put the silver back in the box and sealed it. Vlad regained his strength and composure. "I have given you my only weakness, because I trust you Rachel please do not leave it in the open unless you plan to use it. I swear to protect you, but I can't protect you from myself. That is why I give you the silver." Rachel by now had processed everything and was considering Vlad's offer. "i'll stay with you Vlad. But I have some conditions". "Name them" said Vlad. "First I will not be your slave out side the bedroom". "Of course" Vlad replied. "Second I am not selling you my soul, I want the freedom to walk away if I choose". "Done" said Vlad. "and thirdly no killing, control your thirst. I will not be associated with a monster". "Rachel I have long since contained my evil. It is true that I drink blood but I steal blood from the blood banks, I will never take the life of an innocent". Rachel felt reassured at this point. Vlad promised to follow her conditions and finally she was ready to settle down.

    Vlad stood and reached for Rachel's hand. Rachel stood and knew exactly what she wanted. To be Blade's dirty little slut. To be fucked raw and treated like the whore she really was. Rachel raised her head towards vlad's and their lips met. Vlad's tounge poked through Rachel's lips exploring her mouth. His lust was growing fast, he couldn't hold back much longer. Rachel wrapped her arms around Vlad's and pulled him tighter whilst sharing the most passionate kiss she'd had in years. Vlad gave in to his desires and grabbed Rachel by the hips, lifting her off the ground he threw her across the room and on to the bed. In the blink of an eye Vlad appeared by her side and was ripping the robe from Rachel's body his speed was phenomenal. Each rip caused a moan from Rachel. In another flash Glad appeared the other side of the bed and was tying Rachel's hands to the top of the bed. FLASH!! Vlad was between Rachel's legs eating Rachel's Pussy like a starving man in the dessert. "OOOOOooooh shit yes! Oh god duck". Rachel began thrashing on the bed as an orgasm hit her. Her body began to shake and she was panting hard. She was already beginning to sweat.

    Vlad withdrew from Rachel's legs and stepped over so that Rachel was facing his crotch. Vlad unzipped his pants and his 10 inch beast was released. Rachel's mouth began to water, she wanted his cock in her mouth, she needed his cock in her mouth. She opened her mouth and began to suck it. Vlad began rocking his hips back and forth fucking his new brides mouth. Rachel began to gag, drooling on her chin. Tears began to form in her eyes. She was lost in pleasure and pain, she was in ecstasy. This is all she ever wanted from her lovers but they just didn't have the courage to cause her any kind of pain. Regardless of how much she asked for it.

    Vlad pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood beside her untying on of her hands. "rub your Pussy for me slave, don't cum until I tell you to". Rachel began to rub her Pussy ferociously in a circular motion. After a few seconds, she was screaming at Glad. "OH OH OH GOD MASTER I'M SO CLOSE NOW......". "STOP!" said Vlad in a booming voice. "You wanna com don't you slave?" "Yes master Yes I wanna cum, please let me com". Vilas kneeled down beside her taking her left tit in his mouth sucking with vigor. "mmhhmmmm oh yh master please let me com please!" Vilas inserted a finger into Rachel's pussy thrusting in and out before inserting another and then a third. "Cum for me slave" Rachel's orgasm went off like a bomb squirting across the room. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT YES OOOOOOOOH FUCK".

    Vlad grabbed a handful of Rachel's hair and pulled her head up. "what do you say slave" asked Vlad. "Thank you for making me cum master, your slut is ready to be fucked now". Vlad untied her other hand and lied down on the bed. Rachel straddled his lap and placed Vlad's cock on the entrance of her hole. In one thrust Vlad's entire length was pressed into her making her scream as she reached the peak of pleasure. Already Rachel felt another orgasm building. She began to ride up and down on Vlad's cock. "mmmmhmmmm oh god yes yes". Vlad's orgasm was beginning to build as well, he sat up and began to suck Rachel's tots greedily.

    When Vlad felt himself getting close he threw Rachel off him and rolled her onto her hands and knees. Rachel began to stroke her Pussy as Vlad entered her from behind. He began fucking her hard with one hand on Rachel's shoulder and the other pulling her hair. He started to grunt and moan as he pounded her faster. They were both so close now. Finally Vlad erupted inside Rachel's pussy triggering her orgasm. The pair fell back onto the bed and just held each other. Right now Rachel had never felt safer then she did right now. Vlad was equally happy. After 300 years he finally found his true soulmate. Maybe now he would have peace. They held each other tightly and fell asleep.

    Chapter 4 coming soon...

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 23

    After a night out drinking my boyfriend of 2 weeks had me bend over the dining table, the fingers of one hand tangled in my hair pulling so my body arched back, the other hand holding my waist as he slammed into me. Screaming out in animal pleasure, every muscle in my body tensed as I had an earth shattering orgasm and farted.. I was so embarrassed I ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    When I walked into the seventh grade I saw her. She was sitting there with her hands on her desk waiting for the class to start. I sat off to one side and behind her, but all I did was look at her. I found out when they read the roster that her name was Mary Jo.

    In the ninth grade I finally had the opportunity to get close with her. We found ourselves as the same junior varsity basketball game and I asked her if I could sit beside her. I could feel the warmth of her body beside me, I could smell her hair, I wanted to lean over and kiss her every time she turned to talk to me. He older brother was on the basketball squad and she talked about him.

    I didn't sleep that night, all I did was dream about her. All I wanted was for her to be with me.

    In the tenth grade we had gym together. She was shy, and even though I always sat beside her to suit up she never let me get to see her. I on the other hand 'showed' her. She told me to be careful, because there were weird people. By then we had lunch together every day because we shared several classes together. She also helped me with math, any excuse to get her to be close to me.

    For prom that year when she was asked out I told her that he wasn't right for her. So she and I ended up going together as friends without dates. After prom we went with a group of kids to IHOP and I made sure she sat close beside me in the booth, real close, so our legs were touching the whole time. I put my arm around her to talk to her, I told her I thought she was the prettiest girl in school. She was uncomfortable, but I wanted to kiss her more than anything and I kissed her in the booth in front of our friends and announced to them that she was my girlfriend.

    She didn't deny it, when we walked back to the car I took her hand and made her hold my hand when we walked. In the back seat, all up against each other I whispered to her that I loved her more than anyone and I wanted her to love me back. That I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I told her I wanted her to wear a promise ring. I went all out. I also kissed her again in the car, while the other girls watched.

    That night I held her face and told her I loved her and I wasn't going to go home until she told me she loved me back, as my friend honked the horn for me to hurry up. I kissed her on the porch, and didn't leave until she said I love you too.

    She is my love, my one and only love. And we are going to get married and she is going to be a bride and she is going to wear a ring and she is going to say out loud that she is my wife.

    I love her, I loved her the day I first saw her and now she is going to be my wife.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    I was 10 when my father popped my cherry, and 12 when he got me pregnant. That was what got him thrown in prison. My son/brother was given to my oldest brother, who was already married, to raise. He moved out of state, and I only got to see my son "Jimmy" on holidays, and even then he thought I was his aunt.

    One Easter when he was 10 "Jimmy" was trying to look down my top and up my skirt. I flirted with him, we felt each other up, and we exchanged addys. After he went home, we began a cyber-realationship that quickly became heavily sexualized, inclusing nude pics and phone-sex late at night. So next July 4th when the families got together again, we found excuses to be alone and we got hot and heavy and I took his virginity in his family's RV. When that vacation was over, we were very reluctant to part again. I know he was my son and brother and thought I was his aunt, but I literally ached for him.

    Two weeks later I got a phone call - "Jimmy" had run away from home. I drove a hundred-plus miles to the bus station where he had ended up and took him home.I discovered I really had no self-control that night, as I was sucking his cock in my car in the parking lot of the bus station and I let him finger me and get me off in the booth of the IHOP where we got breakfast.

    "Jimmy&qu ot; stayed at my place a week before I called his parents. In that time he used my body every way possible, more than our father ever did. It was glorious. when he went back to my brother's home, we were both heartbroken that it was over.

    Our cyber-sexing and torrid stolen moments during vacations continued. Thanksgiving (a 3-day visit) and Christmas a whole week) were the best times, as we could get the most time together. Our relationship became more romantic, too, as well as sexual. Some of my family noticed and joked about it, but only the ones who didn't know who "Jimmy's" real father was.

    I got pregnant the second Valentine's Day of our relationship - silly of me to visit on Valentine's Day, but I craved him so much. And when I told the family that it was "Some Guy" who knocked me up, my brother and mother figured it out almost immediately. There was yelling, there were tears - and there was "Jimmy" all ready to tear his adoptive father a new one and calling me "his woman", he was so noble and cute. In the end, it was decided that it would be better if "Jimmy" went home with me, as he was becoming a discipline problem.

    I didn't find him a discipline problem, in fact he was the sweetest fellow in the world. He helped around the house, he did his schoolwork, and of course he fucked me blind. Our first son was born that November, and the twins were born next December. And for all their official disapproval, my brother and my mother certainly doted on those grandkids.

    Althoug h my brother was so disapproving of me giving birth to my own grandkids and he absolutely hated our father, when his bitch of a wife left him he had no reluctance in letting me comfort him with my mouth and ass. In fact his dick seemed to love the idea. A dozen years later had an affair with my daughter, who as also his niece and grandniece and by adoption his own granddaughter - fucking hypocrite. I guess in his mind family fucking is alright after some arbitrary age.

    After he got out of school and we moved I was able to fake "Jimmy" being my live-in boyfriend. we had a number of kids then, and my oldest "James" was sniffing around girls. It was "Jimmy's" idea I "train him up", and "Jimmy's" idea I take fertility drugs and time my lessons with him. So I ended up being a great-grandmother before I was 35.

    "Jimmy" had us get a place out in the country, where we and all the kids could relax. It was also his idea to home-school all the kids. It's great. Some days it's just me and "Jimmy" as romantic as we were when we were younger, other days all the boys get their urges and I can't even get dressed until after sunset. We not only have our own kids and grandkids, some of the kids have their own husbands and wives (not legally married but the same thing).

    The only bad thing is the police constantly snooping, and some of the neighbors calling us a "cult". which is ridiculous. It's not our fault that things worked out the way they did. And if we were, I've fulfilled the commandment to "be fruitful and multiply" and we'd be no more sinful than Noah's family or Adam and Eve or Lot and his daughters. And we're not even all related! Little Cissi has a black common-law husband who lives with us, and two of my younger kids have married Mexican girls! So we're not at all like that Australian bunch.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    When I was 12 years old the house next door caught fire. I smelled smoke from my bedroom window. It was late at night and my family had gone to bed hours earlier. I looked out the window and saw smoke streaming out the bedroom window of the little girl next door. I don't know what made me do it but I had to go next door to make sure she was OK. I put on my shoes and ran next door and broke in the window at the porch and there was smoke everywhere but I could still see and breath. I ran up the stairs. I found the little girl, she was five and woke her up and got her out of the house. She told me the only other person at home was the baby sitter. Her parents and sister were away on a trip. She told me her grandmother's sister had died.

    I ran back in and looked around calling out her name but I could not find her then I ran back upstairs and checked the other bedroom. There was smoke coming out from under the door and the door was very hot so I went downstairs and out. by then the little girl, Alison, had called 911. I'd forgotten all about calling 911. By the time I got back out onto the front lawn the house was fully involved on the second level. Five minutes later the fire department was there but by the time the firefighters were all set up and spraying water on the house, the whole thing was engulfed in flames and smoke. by this point my parents and little brother were on our front yard. Alison and I were in the back of a rescue van getting oxygen. I hadn't even noticed I had some burns. They weren't extreme but they still hurt some. So they took Alison and me to the hospital and my mom rode with us.

    The hospital decided to keep me for a few days. I guess it was worse than I thought. Alison's parents and older sister got back later that night and came buy the hospital to take Alison home. They all came by my room too. I was surprised they made such a big deal about me getting Alison out of the house. They acted like I was some sort of hero. I was upset that I hadn't gotten the baby sitter out. I found out after I got out of the hospital that she had been smoking in bed in Alison's parent's bedroom and fell asleep. I was told the baby sitter was probably dead before I smelled the smoke from next door.

    Andrea, Alison's sister was seventeen. she hung back for a moment after her parents and Alison left. She came over to my bed and smiled. She said I was really brave and a real hero and then she bent over and kissed me on the mouth. She was so beautiful and sexy. She was super model material, the kind of girl you might expect to find in centerfold of Playboy. I had seen a Playboy magazine once. Not the whole thing. Someone had torn out most of the good parts and discarded the rest. But there were a few decent photos left that I got the gist of what the magazine was about. Seeing Andrea bent over like that kissing me I got a nice glimpse of her cleavage. I got the same feeling from that, that I got from looking at that old Playboy magazine.

    Andrea left after her kiss but not before she said "Thank-You!" to me.

    The next day they took me to Shriner's hospital where I spent three days and then I went home. When I got home the whole neighborhood and the fire department was there and they had a party for me. The people from the news was there and they made a big deal about it. I told them I just did what anyone would have done. I was still upset that I couldn't get the baby sitter out even though she was dead before I got there. The party was like a kid's birthday party except my birthday wasn't until months later. There were a lot of girls there and that kind of surprised me. Andrea is on the varsity girl's basketball team and the varsity cheerleader squad. She brought both teams with her. My cousins were there. About 50 kids from school were there. Alison's entire kindergarten class was there. We never had so many people over. Of course Andrea and Alison's house was completely torn down as it was gutted by fire. The party spilled over into their backyard. They stayed at a relative's house until their house could be rebuilt but they came back for the party.

    I never particularly liked crowds so even though I was supposed to be the guest of honor I kind of hid out in my kid cave i the basement. My dad had set aside a corner of the basement for me and it was like my own private little den. I had my own TV and stereo down there and later got my own computer. When I became a teen I ended up making it a bedroom since I got more privacy there. When there's over a hundred people having a party in your place it's easy for one person to just disappear. But Andrea found my in my boy cave watching X-Files. I had a thing for Scully. I had just been working up a nice hard on imagining I was Mulder. Andrea walked in to my inner sanctum. Normally I don't like people invading my little private space but I was willing to make an exception. To say Andrea was hot would be an understatement. She plopped down on the couch next to me and asked why I wasn't mingling. I told her I didn't like crowds. She asked if she counted as a crowd and told her no. I was getting kind of flustered and nervous. She leaned in and put her arm around me and nearly caused my balls to explode when she told me she thought I was kind of cute. She asked if I had a girlfriend and I stuttered "no." She put her other hand on my inner thigh about two inches from my crotch. Then she leaned in a little more. At this point I would be trying not to let her see me stare at her cleavage but she was in about the skimpiest string bikini so her tits didn't quite qualify as cleavage so much as a pair of giant pink beach balls. She was way taller than me by a good six inches so when she sat on the couch her tits were up to my face. So when she leaned in her tits were pretty much in my face. I could not help but stare. She repeated how cute she thought I was then she leaned down and kissed me on the mouth again. This time she didn't pull back after three seconds. This time she stuck her tongue in my mouth and made out with me. She moved her hand right on my crotch and gave it a squeeze. I tried really hard not to cum in my pants. We made out for about ten minutes when he asked if I ever had a blow job and I said no which was true. So she got up and then got on her knees, unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and sucked me in. Heaven lasted about five minutes. When I was done she got into my lap, pulled off her top and told me I could play with her tits. I did.

    About then my mom called me from the top of the stairs. The news crew anted to interview me and the newspaper wanted to get photos of me and Alison. I didn't really want to but my mom said I had to. After all that was over I had to mingle for a while but I was glad my Dad stepped in and made an excuse about me having to heal up from my burns. I still had some bandages on my arms and face.

    Andrea and Alison volunteered to escort me up to my bedroom. I didn't need escorting even though I was a ways from being healed up from the burns. Andrea and Alison both helped me change into my PJ's. Andrea copped a feel or two then Alison wanted to tell me a bedtime story and I thought that was kind of cute and so I let her. It was a sort of blending of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. She substituted my name for the hero. It was sweet of her. After that she kissed me on the cheek and then went downstairs. Andrea stayed behind. She got up, locked the door and got on top of me. She leaned down hanging her breasts over my face and asked if I'd like to suck on one of her nipples. I nodded and she popped her tits out of her bikini top and put a nipple to my mouth. While I was sucking she told me that she was very grateful to me for saving her little sister's life. She told me that she hadn't noticed how cute I was until she saw me in the hospital a few days earlier. She then just asked if I wanted to lose my virginity or wait until I'm older. My mouth was full of nipple which was just as well. I'd have mumbled my response. She then pulled my pj's down and pulled off her bottom and was now completely naked. She positioned herself over my erection and just sat down on my dick. It felt hot, wet, soft and tight and wonderful. She said that when a guy lost his virginity it meant he was becoming a man but then she said I became a man when I ran into her house and saved her sister. I didn't care that this was a gratitude fuck. All I could think about was I was fucking a woman and I was only twelve. It took some doing because my little 12 year old cock was kind of getting lost in her 17 year old vagina but I got enough friction to get me to cum in her. I think her repeatedly telling me I was making her cum helped put me over the edge. Afterwards she licked me clean and gave me a good night kiss on the forehead. Then she offered to massage me until I fell asleep. I drifted off to sleep while she did.

    I didn't see the end of the party. I really was tired and I really didn't like crowds so I didn't care. When I got up the next day and went down into my boy cave I found it had been completely remodeled. My 19" TV was replaced by a new 27" model. My old stereo was replaced by a home theater. Someone had added some new computer equipment to my desk including a modem so I could have internet. I had a new sofa and two recliners. the room was carpeted and there was a dorm fridge. Someone had dropped off a new bicycle and some baseball equip. Baseball was my favorite sport and I was in little league but we couldn't afford much so I had been using old used equipment. I was to say the least elated. I also found something that I am pretty sure my mom would not approve of. In a locked cabinet, the key to which I found taped to my bathroom mirror with a note, was a stack of adult magazines and a very explicit how-to book on sex. The note was anonymous but I suspected either my Dad or Andrea had something to do with it.

    The next weekend my parents went out and hired Andrea to be my baby sitter. As soon as my little brother was tucked away in bed she invited herself to my bedroom and she made love to me again. She told me that if I told my parents that I liked Andrea as a baby sitter she would probably be hired regularly. She then said that would be an opportunity for us to have sex. Naturally I gave a glowing report the next day.

    So Andrea and I ended up doing it pretty regularly for a few years. She often brought Alison with her and even though she was a lot younger than me it was still cool to hang out with her. She was always so grateful and was always offering to wait on me hand and foot. I tried not to take too much advantage of the situation. I could have had her doing chores but just made up little things she could do that would not take much effort and make her feel like she was paying me back. Like every once in a while I might ask her to fetch me a can of soda.

    This went on for a couple of years but then I was too old for a baby sitter and Andrea and Alison just thought up reasons to visit. My parents and her parents didn't question any of it. Neither did I. When I was 15 I constantly brought Andrea to all my school dances. I was a freshman and brought a beautiful 20 year old college girl as my date. I was the envy of my classmates.

    By the time I was a senior in high school Alison was 11 and still hanging around me. She was like a little sister and I had long since become her primary baby sitter. Andrea had gone off to graduate school and so we didn't see much of her for a couple of years. We spoke on the phone a lot and exchanged emails but she was hundreds of miles away. I missed her company and affection. I had fallen in love with her but I was also kind of falling in love with Alison a bit too. Alison had always been affectionate with me and when I baby sat her she always hopped into my lap and snuggled, even when she got older. Even though I never tried to do anything sexual with her I wanted to and we did go as far as two people could without crossing any illegal lines. She hopped into my lap and ground her ass into my groin and curled up and snuggled and I ran my fingers through her hair and rubbed her back but that was about as close to sex as it got.

    Then it was my turn to go off to college and Andrea had returned to town having finished her advanced degree. Meanwhile Alison was in middle school. I figured that we would probably all drift apart and each find their own love. But I kept getting letters and cards from Alison and she called me frequently. I came home for Christmas and Alison had meanwhile turned twelve and in the few months I had been away she had gained some curves. She flew into my arms when I got home. She and Andrea gave me a "love sandwich" meaning Andrea got behind me and hugged me from behind and Alison hugged me from front. I could feel her budding breasts against my torso. I felt Andrea's hands on my ass, or at least I thought they were Andrea's hands.

    Five months later I came home again for the summer and Alison had gained some more curves and that included some prominent breasts. Andrea, Alison and I hung out a lot all summer but mostly it was Alison and me since Andrea now had a job. I just didn't care to date anyone else at that point. Andrea and I had sex together at least once a week. Alison knew about it and told me she didn't mind sharing me but expected to get her turn when she got older.

    This continued every holiday and Christmas until I graduated. That summer Alison was sixteen and she took it upon herself to pick me up at the train station. When we got back to my parent's place we all had supper together then she invited me over her place. Her parents had long since rebuilt and the new house was far bigger and nicer than the old one had been. Alison's room was more of a suite. She had a bedroom with en suite bath and walk in closet but also she had another room that included a kitchenette and little dining table. she could survive for days without leaving her room. It was also at the opposite end of the house. Andrea had moved out a few years earlier and had her own place and now that Alison was sixteen she didn't need her parents around for a lot of supervision. In fact her parents made it a point to tell me that they were going away for the summer and would not be back until late summer. The last thing they said to us when they left was "have fun you love birds." That was the first time her parents had acknowledged that there was anything going on between Alison and me.

    So after the three days between the day I got home and the day Alison's parents went off for the summer she invited me over for a sleep over. She had set her room up in a very romantic way. She had flowers all over. She had candles burning and made us a nice supper which was set on the table. Oddly, she had dressed in a nightie virtually identical to the one she had worn the day I rescued her from the fire. Her hair was in pigtails.

    Alison told me that she had never had a chance to properly thank me. She said tonight she was going to do exactly that. She told me she wanted me to be her first lover. She said she'd been waiting for years to give me her virginity and now at sixteen she was old enough so tonight is the night. We didn't finish our steaks. She took me to her bed and just gave herself to me. Andrea had taught me how to fuck and eat pussy so I took what I learned and made love to Alison. We didn't leave the room for a week.

    Finally Andrea dropped by and demanded juicy details. I sat there naked watching a baseball game while Andrea and Alison compared notes and worked out a schedule of sharing my penis.

    By the end of the summer we were fully involved as a "triple." I ended up moving in with Andrea, Alison moved in with us before the end of September. Their parents were delighted that we were living together thought I don't think they fully realized the relationship we had. Their parents ended up putting the house up for sale and bought an RV and traveled the country. The rest of the money from the sale of the house went to Alison's education and they gave me a little to help pay off my student loans.

    Alison, Andrea and I still live together but Alison and I got married and we now have two kids of our own. Andrea isn't interested in Marriage to anyone. She doesn't want kids since she is so involved in her career.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 32

    Once a week throughout college and for a couple years after, I had sex and role played with my wealthy uncle in exchange for tuition, living expenses and expensive gifts.

    Dressed in sexy little girl outfits by body smooth, soft and hairfree I'd call him "Daddy" and pretend to be an innocent eager to learn and please little girl. Following his instructions I'd lick and suck his cock, bend over tables, counters, etc and let him run his hands over my body until he couldn't stand it anymore before I'd beg him to fuck me with his "Big Daddy cock in my little girl pussy." and "Fill my little girl pussy with Daddy cum."

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 46

    I know this may sound like I'm conceated but I know I am attractive for my age. I'm 5'3", 109 lbs., have light brown hair and have a very nice complection. My body is such that I still wear a bikini and I have a boyfriend for the last three years who I see several nights a week and we go away together some weekends. I was married and had several boyfriends over the years but never had children. About 16 months ago I had severe back pain from a fall that lasted for about three months. That is when I puposely got myself in an embarrassing situation. Not embarrassing as I have it done but humiliating to talk about it or tell anyone about it. Allen is a young man who for over two years has been cutting my grass and always washes the windows in my house. At times he has done other chores especially when I fell and hurt my back. He began coming over everyday to see if I needed anything like groceries or just to help. He's 24 yrs.old and a handsome young guy who is naive, timid and I believe an introvert. He is also the kindest young man I ever met. Two weeks after I fell was the first time I became devious with him asking him to check on me daily. I go so far with it I use a walker for support when he is here which I never needed. I was always a woman who liked to show off and always wore clothes that complimented my body never fearing to wear a bikini. There were times over the last couple years that Allen saw me less than fully dressed and once a few weeks before I fell he saw me naked and profusely kept apoligizing. He was more embarrassed than I was and I told him not to worry about it. He's the type of guy who is easily manipulated and I began having him do more for me, of course paying him well for it. I exagerated my back pain to him and started by helping me walk around then about the second week after my fall I only mentioned to Allen I had trouble getting in and out of my bath. He didn't reply when I said that so the next day I had him sit in the kitchen with me and make a pot of coffee for me. As we talked I mentioned a second time how I had trouble bathing when my boyfriend Rob wasn't here. Again he said nothing and thats when I mentioned to him that I would appreciate his help. First I said I would pay him for the extra time it would take then reminded him of the day he saw me naked. I could tell he was embarrassed when I said that to him when his cheeks turned pink. Then I just told him I was an older lady and could use his help. All he could say is that he wouldn't know how to help me that way and I just told him to let me figure it out. Rob wasn't coming over that night so I told Allen to come back at 7pm. My sex life isn't the best with Rob since he is almost 68 and often impotent. I suppose my initial reason to lure Allen back that night was to expose myself to him again. The first time he saw me naked I remembered how it excited me and I think it trilled me enough that I wanted him to see me again.

    When Allen came back that night I was only in a bathrobe and asked him to fill the tub for me which he did without question. I intentionally arranged my robe so my breasts were partically expose then had him help me up the stairs. As we got to the bathroom I began telling Allen not to let it bother him when he sees me naked again only mentioning that I had to have my robe taken off. At the tub I had my walker and just stood there a moment holding on with both hands. He said he didn't know what to do so I just told him that he had to take off my robe and help me into the tub. He hesitated but finally began taking it off and for a short time I just stood their naked aware of how he tried not to look at me. I then had him take my arm exaggerating how hard it was to get in the tub exposing myself to him at the same time. Then he bolted from the bathroom saying he'd wait in the hall while I washed myself. I washed and kept trying to think of ways to get him back inside and just called to him and asked if he would wash my back. He finally did and although he was behind me I think he looked at my body more and it was arousing to me. He helped me out of the tub finally and I was able to get him to dry off my back and told him not to be afraid to dry my rear end and the back of my legs. After he got my bathrobe back on me he helped me into my room and went home. By that time I was excited enough that I spent a long while mastubating. Two nights later I told him I needed him again and he willingly came over at 7 knowing why. Again in my bathrobe he got me into the tub but this time I told him to get a folding chair out of the hall closet and bring it in. As soon as he did I told him to open it and sit down which I could tell he didn't want to do. He was sitting right next to me in the chair noticibly not looking at me. I began by telling him to get used to seeing me undressed because I was going to need his help for a long time and that it was perfectly ok for him to see me that way and I didn't mind. I just told him he was a good guy and how much I appreciated his help which I think made him feel a little more relaxed. I did notice him looking at my body more but mostly when I wasn't looking at him. He mentioned going out of the room a few times but I told him to just stay. I did have him wash my back again and help dry me before getting me back to my room. This time I was aroused long before I got out of the tub and couldn't wait to satisfy myself.

    I began having him come three nights a week aside from his visits in the daytime where he would help around the house and do my grocery shopping for me. The only job he had and has is delivering the newspaper in the early mornings. Four or five weeks went by and by this time I not only had him washing my back but also got him to wash my feet and the bottom of my legs. He no longer avoided looking at my body and I was better able to expose myself to him. As innocent as I thought Allen was I began to notice he would get erections which thrilled me knowing my nudity was arousing a young man. I wanted more though, not that I wanted sex with him, it was more like I wanted him to pay more attention to my body. I longed to have someone really look at me naked. Not that Rob didn't see me naked often enough but when we did have sex its just different. I thought about it for weeks and one night I was putting hand lotion on and thought what a thrill it would be to have Allen put body lotion on me, perhaps my whole body. The next time Allen came over, while sitting in the tub, I asked if it would bother him to do it. I lied telling him my doctor wanted it done and that it was such a struggle for me to do it myself. I added that Rob does it for me the nights he isn't here. He only said he would try but said he didn't know what to do. I responded by telling him I would explain how Rob does it which he really doesn't. As Allen got me out of the tub I had him spread four towels on my bed then he helped me back to my room. I think he was dumbfounded but I had him take my robe off and help lay me face down on the bed. The lotion was on my night table and I just told Allen to rub it on me head to foot. I could tell he was apprehensive and I repeatedly told him not to be shy. By the time he began rubbing my butt I was not only aroused but I could see he had an erection even though he had jeans on. I even had my legs spread apart somewhat and after he put the lotion down to my feet I told him to help me roll over. As many times as he had seen me naked by then this was the most I was ever exposed to him. I only said not to be shy about touching me anywhere and it was like he was obeying me. He never hesitated putting the lotion on my breasts which made my nipples hard right away. He did hesitate when getting near my vagina but I didn't have to say anything to him. All I did say was to rub it inside my thighs at the same time bending my knees up and opening my legs wide. After he was finished I had him wipe the excess lotion off me with a towel and as soon as he went home I masturbated twice having several orgasms. I would assume at Allens age he mastubates and think he must have that night since he did have an erection throughout the time he was rubbing the lotion on me. I still have him help me even though my back pain is long gone I still act as though I'm in pain and I now never have to coach him about what to do. He no longer hesitates to do anything I ask and it seems obvious now that he likes helping me bathe, washing my back, feet and legs. Just by the way he does it now I know he especially likes rubbing me down with the body lotion. He has no fear anymore of touching my breasts and although he has never tried to finger me has no qualms about touching my vagina. Sometimes he wears shoert but most of the time has jeans on but either way I can see when he has an erection. I never say anything about it and never let on how aroused I am when he is doing these things. When Allen goes home I always mastubate and have more orgasms than I do when I have sex with Rob. I let Allen think I am still injured just to satisfy this sexual need I have to flaunt my body. I've thought about having him mastubate me but because i know his mother it would be to embarrassing if she even knew how far this has gone already. I doubt Allen tells her about it but she knows about all the chores and shopping he does for me. She has even called me many times telling me how grateful she is that I am so generous the way I pay her son. It would be totally humiliating if anyone ever found out how I have manipulated him or how perverted I have become.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    Not only "I did it for the money" but I still do it for the money and the position.
    The first time it happened I was seventeen and about to lose my part time job. Bill my boss at the time told me either myself or another female colleague of mine, were going to be let go. I desperately needed the job to pay for tickets for the pop group I idolized and followed. So
    I offered Bill a blow job to keep my job, and at first he looked angry and shocked.
    Half an hour later he pulled me into the back room of the shop, dropped his trousers and underwear and offered me his relatively short but fat cock. I sucked him dry within five minutes and cheekily asked him for a pay rise.
    Moving on to my present employer. In the five years I've worked here, I've had one form of sex or another with five different men and one woman, who is my immediate boss now.
    The men have all helped me rise in the organization, starting with a guy who's job I eventually took over. It was he who interviewed an innocent looking twenty two year old. After the interview in which it was he a married man, who suggested I "put out" to ensure I got the job. I sucked his cock that day and let him fuck me over the next few months to make sure I got through the probationary period.
    There was a succession of moves up the ladder after that, with one notable middle management position gained. The man who first interviewed me complained when I put in for promotion for the position I have now. He suggested to my female boss, I'd used my sexualness to move up the ladder and had indeed seduced him to get the job in the first place. After an interview with my new boss, she called him in and told him, not only was I being given the new position, I was also taking up most of his role in the company. He left two weeks later when his wife found out he'd been fucking office juniors.
    The thing that sealed my position that particular day, was putting my head between her legs and tonguing her clit, pussy and ass until she came all over my face. It's something I've been doing at least twice a week over the two years, that I've been her very personal secretary.
    Next spring I'm going to be marrying someone very close to my boss. Keeping it in the family also means moving up in the organization and makes sure my future mother in law and I have more than enough time for sex.

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