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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 32

    Ny best friend, my most solid friend I've had throughout my life is in a relationship that isn't going well. He's cheating on her and not attracted to her. He is my friend first and foremost so my fantasy is just a fantasy, will never be reality

    He's not affectionate with his current girlfriend, they're together for the kids. She wants his love so bad and he is beyond the point of giving that to her.. but I see this blonde, blue eyed, nice tits 25 year old girl starved for affection, you can tell she's just needs to get fucked, some to kiss her and seduce her, make her cum.

    I know she's attracted to me, not just physically and actually moreso emotionally, I try to give her advice with my friends best interests, middle of the road unbiased mediatory but I can't help to want to just grab her, kiss her with passion, suck on her tits and tell her it's okay to fantasize, be dirty,. Get Intouch with her inner perversity.

    I know how bad she needs it, I know how good I could give it to her but it's a line I cannot cross.

    As bad as it sounds, if she wasn't stupid enough to eventually confess then I would tell her come over secretly and give her what she's craving..

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I kind of laugh about this now but years ago when I was between 9 and 12 or maybe even up to 13, I was intentionally humiliated by my legal guardian and her kids. My mom and dad were never married and separated when I was a toddler. My mom and one of her boyfriends I have never met got arrested for stealing credit cards and drug distribution. My moms best friend Rachael became my legal guardian and I was stuck in her house for almost 4 years. My mom got me back but it took a couple months after she was paroled. Rachael's kids were Linda, Brian, and Erin and they were all teenage but Erin might have been 12 when I first moved in. I admit I was no angel and probably a brat and Rachael wasn't the type to put up with it. I'm not sure what I did but Rachael grabbed me, pushed me over the back of the chair, pulled down my pants and underwear and spanked the hell out of me. I didn't notice at first but she did it in front of Linda and Brian. Over the next 3 plus years not only Racheal but Brian, Linda and Erin purposely intimidated me and caused me extreme embarrassment and humiliation. Rachael often smacked her kids but I never remember her ever spanking them. Linda was the oldest so when Rachael was out or at work she was just as obnoxious as her mother. At first it was only Linda but eventually both of the girls would barge into the bathroom as I showered or was going to the bathroom. There were times Brian would pull my pants down and other times he would strip me naked in front of his sisters and hold me down for a long time or tie me outside. He did this often and many times when other girlfriends of his sisters were there. He not only did that but many times pushed me out into the yard naked and lock the door. The girls would just make fun of me and Linda would often smack my bare butt and tell me how tiny my penis was.

    When my mom was able to get me back we moved to my grandma's house in Delaware. I have only seen Rachael and her kids twice since then both times at funerals one of which my grandma. I barely spoke to them when I did see them remembering the misery they put me through. I've been married for 12 years, have a great wife and 2 fantastic kids. I haven't seen my mother in more than 3 years and haven't seen my father since I think about 3 or 4 years old. The last time I saw Rachael she looked like death warmed over. And Linda has turned out to be a fat slob. Brian is a drunk and the only one that turned out good is Erin who is a nurse. When I think back about it now I actually laugh sometimes and have told my wife just about all of it. To them it was a big joke seeing me naked as much as they did and I doubt they ever cared how embarrassing it was for me. I can remember 2 times when Rachael spanked me naked and so many times when Brian stripped me. There were times he tied me naked to my bed and I'm not sure how many times he tied me naked to the back porch with the girls and some of their friends there. It was so humiliating I was in tears most of the time and they just didn't care. When I saw Brian at my grandma's funeral I thought about beating the crap out of him. I just ignored all of them instead as did my wife.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 18


    Not allowed to poo!

    First off, personal bio: I'm a 16 year old girl who is average height and reasonably skinny. I love to read the posts, Megan so sorry to hear about your story xxx. Well here's mine... 

    It Was a Sunday night and my mom was having guests over for dinner. I had been constipated for the entire weekend and my last stool i did was the Wednesday before the weekend. So on the Saturday i decided to take loads of natural laxatives like herbal tea and spinach. By Sunday night the need to poo was destroying me so i got my book that i always take in the bathroom to read and made my way to the toilet quite anxiously when my mom stopped me because she saw the book that i always take when i go for a poo. She said to me "i hope your not going for a number 2" I just shook with fear and desperation and said no. She walked away while saying "good because the Johnson's will be here any minute and i don't want you to embarrass me" I just slowly walked upstairs thinking to myself what am i gonna do! We only have one bathroom and I'm not to leave the house as i have guests coming. I was panicking so much as my butt started rumbling violently. I thought i might as well try asking so i went down to my mom and said "seriously mom, i really need to go i haven't gone since Wednesday!" she simply said "sorry but you'll have to wait its not my problem you held it in all this time." I was so angry. Next thing i know they arrived and after a few moments of greeting we were sat at the dinner table. From basically all of the meal i was fidgeting trying to hold my huge load in. 

    I was silent the whole evening. But when i went to clean up the dishes, i had so much gas and it was pushing its way out of me. I was alone in the kitchen and our dinning room was a few rooms away from our kitchen. So i decided to fart to relieve the pressure. I did so and because it was so relieving i started farting constantly. My face probably looked like i was having an orgasm because it felt so good!!! While letting the wet farts loose my mom came in i didn't realize. I was in the middle of letting off a really gross enduring wet one that came out slowly sperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I had the face on this one too, my eyes squinting and my mouth wide open. Then my mom shouted "Ruby! That is absolutely foul! Go to your room until the guests have gone, we'll talk later." My face was so red. I quietly made my way to my bedroom crying. I was sobbing on my bed in embarrassment and desperation. I thought to my self at least i can let off gas here. So i began and after about 5 i decided to stop because i didn't want to fill my knickers. Time went slowly as i layed impatiently. 

    The next thing i know it was the next day i must of fell asleep, i don't know how i managed that. But when i woke up i treated it as a normal day until i stood up and the enormous urge to poo hit me. I made my way downstairs to the bathroom and then noticed my sister was in there. She must of needed to go last night too, because she was taking her time plus i could hear her. She must of had something wrong with her too because what i heard weren't pretty. 

    S he was taking far too long for my patience, so i got my bag and left for school, thankfully my school doesn't require uniform. I was walking on a small narrow pathway. I had fart trouble again so i did to relieve pressure and after about 20 (no exaggeration) i had this one that lasted quite long and at the end, it shot out a bulk of poo! Leaving me to hold my bum with both of my hands and stand still in shock for a moment until, another rumble came that brought some gross mushy poo. After that it started to spray, loosing control of my legs i ran into a bush violently shoving my cloths down and then squatted as my wave of crap literally sprayed out also with a lot of gas. I was lucky that no one really used the footpath because i don't think anyone heard and saw me. When it was all over i had another problem my cloths were covered in shit. So i just wore my gym kit to school and put the crapped on ones in a plastic bag. 

    Then in school the urge was bad again. It was my 4th lesson and i was fidgeting again on a chair. I was trying not to fart so bad! The bell rang for lunch and i made my way to the girls bathrooms. I had made it! I released the most relieving torrent of diarrhea and mush that i have ever experienced. All i could do was just let it out holding my head high with legs wide apart. A few minutes later it was getting ridiculous i had let so much out and it was still coming in waves. My hands were gripping my stomach as i moaned quietly thinking of how disgusting i felt. But it's good to get it all out of your system as they say. I got home after a long day and my mom was on the couch, she said "hey sweetie how was your day?" I ignored her i went upstairs to my room. I think she got the idea of why i was angry at her. I didn't speak to her properly for like a week! Too right in my opinion though. 

    Has anyone else held in a dump for ages like that? 

    I feel so gross and ashamed about the whole thing, to this day i regret it... even though it was only a couple of weeks ago. 

    Ruby x 

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    Currently 21 (Sex: male)

    If my memory serves right i was 9 going on 10 staying over at my grandparents' house with my cousin (Jordan) who was 11 going on 12 at the time however hit puberty early.Never quite having a close relationship we usually every friday use to just sit and watch movies as was our weekend tradition. One night however he didn't show up at his usual time having stayed out later than usual, this being he had decided to hang out with a family friend.Always being the smug somewhat athletic smugg sort he shrugged off any complaints from my grandparents and went up to their spare room where they had fold out beds on the floor next to a broken bottomed bunked my cousin had claimed for himself.Me being the quiet sort was already upstairs playing on the old Playstation 2 we use to own, never quite able to stand up to him at the time he usually did what he wanted flinging his shoes on the floor and making himself comfortable.

    About a few hour's passed with him on the top bunk resting and me on the console went bye until it was time to go to bed.Having barely spoken with him over the course of theses hours i started a conversation with him as he had been quieter than usual.This was around 10 ish at night As we began to joke around as kids do.

    The room lights were off having decided to watch a movie when he began telling me what he had been up to with his friend the very same day.Having been stuck with his mate at a bustopp began getting looks from an elderly couple who he said kept staring at them as they waited for the bus.This is were as a joke he told me he grabbed his mate by the hips and proceeded to dry hump him which they bofe proceeded to laugh as the elderly looked away in discussed.

    We both laughthed at this for a few mins, but me at the age i was though more knowledgable than most my age on the matters of sex, asked him what dry humping was egsacle. He laughed as he tried to explain it getting ready for bed as he did so. This proceeded to make the conversation more eccentric as he sleeps in his underwear as I do as well but at the time was covered by blankets as it was cold.As a goke with me lying on the fold our bed and on my stomach looking at the tv screen with my back to him as we talked I felt the edge of the fold out bed sink as he stood over me at the time unaware that i was laid on the fold out mattress positioned between his legs.

    This realisation came quick however as his joke reached its height he flung the bottom half of the blanket over my head to reveal my almost bear lower body covered only by a fin layer of underwear as i felt his knees hit the mattress joking that he could show me what dry humping was. A bit in shock and curiosity i jokingly said "ok" In which i got a reply of a nervioso "realize ?". Thinking that he would back off due to the situation being originally a joke I wasn't ready for him suddenly sitting on my legs as he then leant forward laying on top of me sweat now filling the air as he rested his head next to mine using his neck as support as he lowered his waist onto my ass. His fin underwear doing little to stop the sensation of his currently flaccid cock and sweaty balls sliding between my ass with no aim to them whatsoever.

    This is where he began jokingly frosting into my ass even to go so far as to sit up and slowly hump me as he whispered into my ear the position we were in. This continued in silence with the occasional giggle as he went through different speeds of frosting laying his sweaty chest on my back as he proceeded to dry hump me for 5 - 10 minutes.

    Things didn't start to escalate till i felt him lift his chest off me and reposition himself, quieter and more focused nothing really happens for a minute till i felt him reposition his waste with my ass again only to put both his arms on ever side of my head and with the full force of his weight slam into my ass with sudden vigour. His cock this time i felt accidentally realign itself in one of his pelvic drops into my ass slide in his underwear upwards towards my lower back causing his balls to slap against my own and causing his dick to start getting hard.

    Now comfortable he started moving slower this time i could feel his dick getting hard dragging his half flaccid cock through my fin underwear covered ass crack and slowly grinding his testicles across my own. Unable as of that day to get an erection i didn't know what was going on at the time and was a little confused yet strangely enjoying the situation.

    This lasted for a few more minuites till i could feel his erct cock now between my ass cheeks as he slowed down to a stop he wispered into my ear that if he wanted he could fuck my in my ass. In the heat of the moment I buried my head into the sheets staying quiet a little scared and curious as he leaned his cock with my ass and jokingly pushes forward until he found my asshole pressing with a bit of pressure with his cock's head into my guts through the fin cloth.It was here I first felt his pre cum leaking onto his underwear.

    He proceeded to do this for a minute till he sat up, unable to see him due to the blanket over my head he said to me he wouldn't mind trying it as he began to stand up.Even to this day i don't remember what made me say it but my only reply was do what you want. Half way off me at this point he stopped leaned back over my head and asked in my ear of it was ok.His once joking demeanor gone replaced with the mindset of a horny young teenager wanting to cum i merely nodded my head in quiet silence.

    Faster than I wasn't expecting he began taking off my underwear sliding his hand over my own flaccid member ignoring it entirely only focused on taking care of my underwear.He then got off me in which I could hear him morning around as i laid their nacked unsure what he was doing.

    The silence was only broken by the noise of him suddenly throwing his underwear aside and repositioning himself on me, this time without his underwear on putting all his weight on my lower back as he sat on my ass nacked feeling his own ass cheeks against mine wasn't the issue.What was the sudden warm sack of testickles now on my lower back as he made himself comfortable using my as a seat I could feel his balls huge by comparison to mine at the time as he began jacking himself off to full mast on me.

    Laughing as he did so and occasionally meaning for a few minutes as he reached his peak of erection was the moment i heard him spit not on me or somewhere in the room at first, eventually realizing he had spit on his cock (Didn't know what spit lube was as the time). He began to lift up his waist not hugh another as i felt his balls drag down my back as he positioned his waist over my ass his balls now hovering over my own the hair on his sack that had begun to form tickling my own as he rested his cock in my ass crack like a hotdog and a bun dragging his balls across mine I became painfully aware at the time that his balls were 3 - 4x bigger than my own having hit puberty early.The sweat on his balls causing mine to stick to his but this was nothing, unaware of how big he was or what was about to enter me my only indication that I was about to be fucked was the piping hot spit covered pole that now probed for my asshole intent on dumping its heavy sack load in my ass.

    It was here I started getting heavy doubts as I felt the soggy member slide further into my crack on it mission to cum. His weight now heavy over me both still turned on and terrible scared and lost in thought and sensation as his flereing cockhead slid through my crack once more this time sliding over my at the time 9 yr old unspoiled asshole finding its objective.

    Sitting up I felt his hand grip the base of his dick and align it with my ass hole he began wiggling the tip of his cock up and down as he pushed forward into my crevasse his foreskin dragging across my asshole trying to find the entry into my guts telling me as it did so. Trying not to laugh due to the sensation I was brought back to the warm wet feeling of him drooling spit onto my ass hole as he held my cheeks apart he was now fully aware of where my asshole was and with intent he repositioned himself a final time, aligning the head of his cock with my ass he grabbed the tip and began applying weight.

    Stretching my cheeks apart as far as he can with his hands he aligned his cock with my ass hole and began aplieing pressure to little avail applying tons of spit lube as he could.Having not been too gentle for the past 10-15 mins he surprised me when he told me to relax more as he leaned into my ear to do so.Giving into his request i did so and feeling this he went back to applying pressure with his cock head against my young asshole. The fear still their until mere moments before I was gonna ask him to stop the copiose amount of spit that now coated his cock,my ass and ball sack were the last he needed as I relaxed.

    My first sensation was the feeling of his foreskin peeling back as his cock very quickly and suddenly forced its way into my guts burning a path right down to the root of his cock, his balls crushing my own and leaving them in his sweat as he hit his base. The sheer force of entry knocking the air out of my lungs as he entered. As though out of instinct he put his hand on the back of my head and forced it into the sheets before I could cry out as our grandparents were drunk and asleep downstairs on the couch.

    The sudden intrusion hurt but not as much as i thaught (proble due to spitlube),as he stayed still grunting and moning as he got comftable in my guts.This however didnt last long and with me muthelled under the sheets and breathless he began moveing at his own pase the sensation of his cock going in and out of me at the time made it impossible to argue as i was impaled on a warm cock of unknown size fucking me. His pase increasing over a few minuites from a grind to a consantrated fucking without care for me my cousin at the time only cared about his own pleasure. His balls useing my own and flaccid dixk as a shock obsorber to the now feverish fucking i was reseaving fast but quite soggy slappping noises filling the closed of room and my gasps muthelled by the hand on the back of my head being pushed into the matress.

    This continued for 15 minutes, my cousin only pausing for breath as he fucked me mercilessly for what seemed like ages began feverishly frosting as fast he could. Yet unaware at the time this happened he removed his hand of my head and finally able to breathe properly gripped my hips and laid on my back.Forcefully lifting my hips a bit and with my own penis dangling i was brought back to my senses as he hilted in me with all his weight a low growl i remember emitting from my cousins through, as he pulled slowly out then slammed in hard and fast (I now know this is a mating press) about 5-7 times my ass cheeks doing little to cushan the deep thrusts he was doing.

    After the last heavy frost he put all his weight on my back exhausted and with his cock still in my guts, too numb to feel much i could feel his penis twitching in my ass a loan groan escaping his mouth as this feeling faded. Ylast feeling of this ordeal was after 10 mins of laying on me he pulled out with a wet popping noise as he got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up.A warm wet gooey sensation flooding out of me slowly i turned onto my now numb back to see the cousin who had been in me moments before as he switched on the light I saw his cock for the first time covered in a whight goo and still rock hard as he let it dangle freely, all 8 inches of it as he disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up. This was the last thing I remember from that night other than waking up in the morning numb and with my cousins rock hard member pitching a tent in his underwear on the top bunk of the old bunk bed.


    ...Bonus Incident...(Around when i was 12)
    Around when he started high school he walked past my grandparents with his mates deciding to drop bye and get changed upstairs before he went out.At this time i was trying to sleep in the room when he came in and began to change whilst his mates waited in the garden. Seeming stressed he pulled down his school trousers and layed on me useing spitlube to stick his dick in me warlst i was trying to get to sleep.He the proseeded to ruthly fuck me for 5 mins until my nan shouted up to him asking what he was doing and that his freinds were waiting.His replie was simple "looking for my trainers ill be comeing in a minuite" all warlst balls deep in my ass, mere moments later he proseeded to empty his load in my guts. Then pulling out and gathering his things to go hang out with his mates, leaving me to clean up.


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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    I havenât been able to do it very much but thereâs something very arousing about sucking a hard dick. I have sucked my younger brothers dick when we were kids up until he was probably 18 or so. I also sucked a guys dick at The porno shop. He came into the booth where I was watching a movie and I sucked him off. He shot his load in my mouth it was great, I sucked out all of his sperm and spit it on the floor. With my brother, sometimes I was there and sometimes I would swallow it. As I think back on it now, I wish I had swallowed all of the cum. I donât know why itâs so arousing to me Iâm not romantically attracted to guys but I love sucking hard dicks. I have been trying to figure out how to be able to suck some more dick without taking too much of a risk. It would really be a turn on to suck off some young guys. Right now Iâm sitting at a skate park. I would love to blow a guy right now. Donât get me wrong, I love pussy. I love fucking my wife and eating her pussy and I love having my dick sucked. I just like sucking young dick and making them cum in my mouth.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Transsexual Female / 28

    I Was Caught Crossdressing By My Boss
    I got caught cross-dressed by my boss. It was a Saturday night in March (2017). I had decided I wanted to go out and have a drink at a local bar where other crossdresser's go. I had gotten completely ready and was dressed very sexy, short dress garters everything. When I went to leave I realized I had forgotten and left my cell phone at my office. I decided since it was late and a Saturday night no one would be there and I would just pick it up on my way to get a drink. I arrived at the building and the parking lot was empty as I had expected. I parked and went inside to get my phone. When I got to my office I had a note on my door from Diane saying a friend of mine had called and wanted me to call him. I was not in hurry so I decided to call him. I had been talking to him for about 20 minutes when I decided to say goodbye and leave to go out. As I opened my office door to leave I nearly ran over my boss. He had come in for something too. I just froze and could not even talk. He stood back and looked at me. I tried to say something, but he told me to not talk. He just looked at me. Then he said that he could not believe what a convincing woman I was. He told me to sit down and "We need to talk". I was totally caught and knew I had to do as he said. He started to ask if I came to the office dressed after hours often. I assured him this was just a onetime thing and I was never going to do it again. He laughed and told me he could see I shaved my body and had noticed my plucked eyebrows for quite some time. He said there were a few other guys there who had commented on how feminine I looked. I knew he was probably telling the truth as I am only 5'9" and weigh less than 150lbs. I also do have a very girly butt that several times I have overheard the other guys kiddingly remark that they wished their wives had a butt like that. He said that maybe he could find me a job as a secretary if I wanted to show up in a dress every day. I started to get emotional and he said not to cry. He got up and got me a Kleenex from the desk and brought it to me. Then he started to wipe my eyes and say don't cry girl. I looked at him and he leaned down and said he was going to kiss me. I did not dare say no so I just let him do it. It started to kiss me a lot and was French kissing me. I started to react to his kissing when he started to push me onto my knees and told me to suck his Cock like a good girl. I unzipped his pants and started to suck his Cock. He was calling me nasty names like Sissy, Slut, Cunt, and Whore as he held my head and used my mouth. After a few minutes he pulled me up and pushed me onto my back on top of my desk telling me to spread my legs like a good company Whore. He pushed my legs apart and pulled my panties to the side. He used his saliva to make me wet and started to finger me. Soon I was slippery and was unable to stop myself from moaning. He then pulled me to the edge of the desk, putting my legs over his shoulder and pushed his Cock inside me. He Fucking me hard calling me names and making me tell him how much I loved getting Fucked and admit to him over and over that I was a Whore. Finally he pushed hard into me and moaned loudly, filling me with a huge load of Cum. He pulled his Cock from me and got dressed. I pulled my panties back in place and was leaking his cum from my well used Pussy. He told me he would talk more about this with me on Monday and left. I did not know what to do but felt glad he was not going to out me to everyone.

    On Monday I went to work and things seemed normal. Just before lunch my boss came in and told me he wanted to talk to me in his office when everyone had left after 5pm. I was nervous and it was hard to work the rest of the day. Finally when I thought everyone had left I went to his office to see what was to happen. When I knocked on his door he came and let me in. I sat down and he started by telling me he had enjoyed fucking me the other night and asked me if I had enjoyed it as well. I admitted to him I had. He asked if I liked being a girl and if I would like to get fucked more often. I admitted that I did like being a girl and yes I would like to be fucked more. He smiled and said good. I have something in the bathroom for you. He took me by the hand and walked to the ladies bathroom with me. Inside was a complete outfit from wig to heels for me to put on. He had bought complete makeup for me as well. He told me to get ready for him and come to his office after I had gotten dressed. I told him I would and he left me to get dressed for him. I was feeling Extremely girly as I put on the makeup, new lingerie, and a very nasty dress that made me look like a Whore. I finished put on the high heels and went to his office, my heels clicking on the floor as I walked. When I got to his office I knocked and said his girl was here for him. He told me to come in. I went into his office where he was waiting. He had me dance for him a little and then said he wanted to me to wait there. He left the office and shut the door. I heard him come back and he opened the door. Then I see 2 other of the guys who worked in the office walk in behind him. I did not know what to do. I was Caught and I had nowhere to hide. He said not worry that both of them knew about me and wanted to see what a Sexy Girl I was. They all started to walk around me and asked me to dance for them. I felt completely vulnerable and started to dance. They all watched and was telling me what a nasty girl I was. This only made me feel more slutty and girly. Then my boss took his Cock out and started to jack off. Soon all 3 of them were stroking their Cocks and talking dirty to me. Steve, my boss said to show the boys what a good little Whore I was and how good I could suck Cock. He motioned for me to come over and suck his Cock. I went over to him and got on my knees and started to suck his Cock in front of the other 2 guys. He told them not to be shy, that I love being a girl and would do whatever they wanted. Soon I had all 3 Cocks in front of my face and was being told to be a good Whore and suck them all. I took turns sucking them until they were all hard. Then Steve said to get on my back so they could Fuck me. I did not resist and lay on my back across his desk. He started to Fuck me as the others used my mouth. He kept asking the other 2 guys if they agreed that I needed a promotion and new job description over and over. They just kept saying he was right. Finally Steve filled me with his cum and then the other 2 guys took turns fucking me until they too had filled me with their Cum. I was completely drained and had cum leaking all over the desk top. Steve told me to make sure to be a good Whore and use my mouth to clean up the Cum. I got off the desk and could feel their cum running down the inside of my legs as it leaked out of me. I did as he said and licked up the mess on top of his desk. When I had finished I asked him if I was done and if I could get dressed. He looked at me and asked me if I wanted to know about my new promotion and the raise in pay I was going to get. I was more than curious and told him yes. Steve told me that they had agreed that the company needed a full time Whore that could be used by the guys in the office and also would take care of keeping other potential clients who may want to fuck me happy as well. He said I would get a nice raise on my check and that I had no choice in the matter so I had might as well agree. I looked at them and thought about it for a moment. I knew I liked the way I had just been used and thought about the money. I agreed and asked if there were anything else he wanted me to do. He then told me I was to start taking female hormones so my breasts would develop. I had been wanting to do this any way so I agreed. He then told me that within the next year he was going to pay to have me receive breast implants, and any plastic surgery necessary to completely feminize me. I agreed and also told him that if after a year should want me to have a sex change I would also agree to that. He told me he would have a legal contract giving him the right to do these things on my desk in the morning and if I still agreed I was to show up dressed as a girl and sign it. On Tuesday morning I got ready for work as Sherry and went to the office. Steve had told everyone of my lifestyle and that they were to refer to me as Sherry and to treat me like the girl I had chosen to be. Everyone was supportive and I have had no problems. The hormones are starting to work and Steve has paid for me to have a private trainer at Curves to help feminize me. I still am used by all 3 of them at work and have also been on several dates with men Steve has lined for his new company Whore. He has also made sure I have been paid well for my extra hours work. I love my job and I am so happy I was Caught.

    Just a little update to my readers. 
    Today one of the girls at the office had Steve ad her to the list of people that I am to service. He had me eat her Pussy and she also used a strap on to Fuck me while Steve watched and cheered her on. Being the Good Whore I Am I made sure she was satisfied several times. She said she is sure that she will be using my mouth every day. She said her husband does not do oral. 
    She rry

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I was a young lad of 14 and I was always doing odd jobs for money as often as I could to save up for things I wanted like a new bike and things my parents couldnât afford, It wasnât easy but I managed it and had a few regular people that Iâd do odd jobs for, One guy in particular would often throw jobs my way, Heâd chat to me and always paid a little extra if I did a good job, One day he asked if I wanted to earn more money than usual, I was keen to earn more money so I asked him what Iâd have to do he surprised me by saying that he wanted me to model for him in his photography studio that he had in town which I knew about, He said it would be for some catalogue style pictures so he could show potential clients what he could do Iâd have to wear a few outfits for the shoot and thatâs all, I agreed thinking it might be fun and anyway I felt flattered to be thought of model material we arranged a time and day that I would call at his studio the next weekend as I was off school and he usually shut his shop and did the odd wedding photo booking if he had one, I arrived on time that Saturday and he showed me into his large studio he showed me around and showed me the clothes I was to wear mostly jackets T-shirts and jeans there was a changing room that I used and the shoot went really good and he paid me and asked if Iâd like to do more work the next Saturday I agreed as it was so easy, The next week he said Iâd be modelling swimming trunks mostly speedos I was a bit nervous being almost naked in front of him and his camera but I soon relaxed and posed how he told me to with him positioning me occasionally his hands on my back hips or even a leg so Iâd be just right each time his hand stayed a little bit longer, After a while he asked if I would like to earn a lot more but I didnât have to do it if I didnât want to but the money would be good, He said Iâd have to pose nude for him so he could sell the pictures to a client who lived abroad and he assured me the photos would not be seen in this country, I thought about it after he told me how much Iâd be paid it was more than I earned in a month so I said I would, He told me to get rid of the speedos and heâd shoot there and then, Shyly I dropped them on the floor and stood naked in front of the camera as he told me how to stand and move, He kept touching me moving me this way and that his hands lingering and brushing against my backside and crotch, I started to get hard he smiled as he noticed it and told me it was ok his client liked to see a boy like me excited and he told me to stroke my dick a little while posing my dick got harder as I did it feeling both good and wrong at the same time his touches getting much more bolder eventually stroking my dick himself and touching and squeezing my bum which he photographed a lot both in close up and on all fours my dick and balls too were photographed in close up, He stopped taking photos and started to really play with me using his hands and mouth I was too far gone and horny to stop him I just relaxed and let him do whatever he wanted to, He undressed too and taught me how to suck him his cock wasnât huge or anything special just average and didnât taste bad as. Knelt in front of him sucking away on him he held my head tightly and came quite quickly as I swallowed it as much as I could only a little escaped down my chin, Then he sucked me to my first orgasm with a man, I was payed very well as I was at every session after that I ended up doing full porn shoots with other men and boys my own age and younger some a lot younger but it paid well, I had a steady relationship with him too often sharing his bed after telling my parents I was staying over at friends houses, I even did a couple of porn movies for him including some kinky stuff with me being tied up and spanked that paid a lot of money, I earned my money this way until I turned 16 and he became too ill with cancer to do it anymore, After he died he left me some money.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    I just loving being naked in public.I change my clothes standing in the verandah and i love the eyes of my neighbours fixed on my tits and pussy.I love it when i walk in the streets naked and random people come and suck my boobs.I love it when a groups a men ask me sit on my knees and they pee all over me.When the courier boy comes to our door,i just cover myself with a towel and open the door,and when he hands me the parcel i just pull out my towel and there i stand naked in front of him.I enjoy when they suck my boobs and lick my pussy.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 23

    Ok Im going to be totally honest here and say that Ive always benn kind of homophobic. I never wanted to, like, beat up gay dudes or anything but I always figured being gay was kind of sick and pathetic. Ive called gay guys names behind their backs forever, mostly "faggot". Ive never even felt bad about it until now.

    Anyway, I was always proud to be straight. Im 23 and have been with a few girls and only watched straight porn and stuff. Sure I preferred the dudes to have big cocks but not because I wanted to look at their cocks or anything.

    So I have an older brother who I always figured was as straight as me. Im staying with him for a few weeks over the summer and when I got there a couple of days ago I got there in the morning instead of afternoon when i was supposed to. I cant find him when i get there so I go upstairs to look. When I get there his bedroom door is open and I hear a lot of moaning. I sneak over and look in and I see my brother on the bed on his back with his feet up on some dark skinned dude's shoulders and the guy is fucking his ass hard.

    Just looking at this guy from the back I can tell that hes lean and muscled and I realized I was staring at his clenching ass and jiggling balls. I got hard and almost came in my pants. All i could do was get out of there as quiet and fast as i can.

    I ended up driving around the city for hours but my erection wouldnt go down. Twice I had to pull into a back alley and jerk off until I came. Im even touching my dick as I write this in my brother's spare bedroom. When i close my eyes I can still see him getting fucked by that dude. I have no idea what to think or what to say to him.

    The worst thing is that now Im thinking of my brother as a faggot and Im calling myself one inside my head too. I shouldnt but thats what im thinking. Does this mean Im gay?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    My name is josh and this story happened about a week ago when my friends and I went camping. To give some background Iâve known I was bi since I was about 17 and by bi I mean Iâm sexually attracted to women but I also love dick. Iâm an ass and dick guy all the way but Iâve never actually done anything gay before and people donât know Iâm bi because why would I say something if itâs only for dick? Iâm not attracted to guys in any other way (okay and if they have a nice shaved ass) so itâs only a sex thing. The only person who does know is my buddy Joe who actually was the one that made me realize it. Essentially what happen is we were talking over Skype one night and talking about sex and ass like guys do and Joe started saying he has a girl bubble butt and I obviously called his bluf, so he turned around and pulled his shorts down. I couldnât believe it he had a really nice ass. I told him how nice it was and I canât remember how it happened but eventually he just showed me his dick and I fell in love with it it was bigger than mine and just looked perfect. Like me he was perfectly shaved and I eventually admitted I liked it and he was really cool about it. We always would watch porn together on skype, not show anything but talk about what we were watching and what we were into and he was so interested in the fact that I didnât like dudes just Dick. This obviously led to me loving tranny porn which weâd always talk about and heâd even try to get into and watch but he just did not like dick. But he would always send me dick and ass pics when Iâd ask so I could jerk off to them he thought it was funny and was just a good friend. At some point I offered to start sucking his dick but he said he didnât even think heâd get hard which obviously I understood.

    As time went by and we got older and busy we stopped really doing the jerking off on skype thing especially because like myself women were in love with his dick and he was fucking women constantly. I did okay Iâve been with about 4 women and I was really good in bed so they were all multiple times. Deep down I knew I wanted to try a dick and jerked off to the thought of his which Iâd still see time to time when weâd piss outside together and he knew I loved it.

    Okay fast forward to last week me and about 20 friends a mix of guys and smoking hot girls had a 3 day camping trip in an isolated part pretty deep in the woods next to a lake it was fun and beautiful. Now the catch and what ultimately leads to the cause of this story is of the 9 girls there 5 had boyfriends and 4 were people we had been friends with since elementary school and it was unlikely of hooking up with them. So a bunch of dudes just had to ogle at these beautiful women in tiny bikinis all day leaving us horny with no release.

    On the last night me and joe went for our classic drunk midnight walk in the woods. We actually stumbled onto this path we hadnât gone down and traveled deep into the woods which was probably stupid but we were just talking and didnât care. We eventually started talking about how hot the girls were and how horny we were agreeing the 1st thing we were doing when we got home was jerking off. At this point we were about 25 minutes away from camp when we stumbled upon another little area leading right into the lake. We both decided to go skinny dipping which joe suggested probably cause he loved showing off his ass and dick to me which of course I was all in for seeing. He stripped down and I didnât even hide it I locked my eyes on his big soft dick. We joked about it and he spun around to show me his ass which I immediately slapped he laughed then went on the lake at that point I took my shorts off and followed. We swam around a bit and it was like old times with him asking curious questions about what I would do with a dick and having me explain why his dick was so nice to bump his ego Iâd assume. I jokingly said his dick was small which led to him essentially betting me he was bigger than me and we agreed to compare.

    Now we had both seen each otherâs dicks a lot but never both hard in person. I knew he was bigger than me for sure but I wanted to see up close and Iâm not sure if it was because he was drunk or horny or both but he was in and said we should make a bet. He tried to bet money but I played it off saying he still owes me from another bet, I realized with those 2 factors of him being very drunk and horny this was my shot. So eventually I got him to agree that the one with the smaller dick has to jerk the other guy off. I was so excited I was shaking we got out of the water to do this I was got rock hard right away and admittedly I have a small dick only at 4.2 inches to be exact. I noticed joe having trouble getting hard so I just started talking about how nice his dick was which got him there. I knew because he has told me before heâs 6.7 inches and his dick towered over mine. He laughed and said to pay up.

    My dream was coming true I went right to work jerking him off on my knees face inches from that beautiful dick. He was trying to get into it and telling me he knows how bad I want this dick and I just kept agreeing with him and telling him how much bigger he is than me and that I was a beta and he was alpha he definitely loved it but the fact he was getting jerked off by a guy definitely set in and he began going soft. He said he wasnât gonna be able to cum but he appreciated me trying. My moment was slipping away and I wasnât gonna just let it go. I told him let me try one last thing and without saying anything I wrapped my lips around his dick finally. To my surprise he just looked shocked. I rolled my tongue around his tip and could feel him getting harder. I told him to lay down on his back which he did while looking confused, I went to his side and went back to work on his dick but this time I showed off my secret weapon I had worked so hard on, my big tight shaved bubble ass that I had spent 2 years working out to crest so when the time came to get fucked I would look hot from behind. I never would have dreamed it would be used for this moment, I poked it straight up in the air and wagged it. Within seconds Joeâs dick grew to full size in my mouth. I felt his had smack against my ass and I nearly came. He clearly didnât want to talk he just wanted to focus on this incredible blow job and ass shaking. I was in heaven it was roughly 10 minutes of a dream come true, I realized we had gone this far and I thought I could convince him to fuck me doggy style. I was technically a virgin anally but I had a dildo at home so I was loosened up and had lake water to use as lube. I knew he said before he canât come from blow jobs and I told him I didnât want to leave him with blue balls and got on all fours in front of him. Hesitated at 1st but finally gave in and just said not to tell anyone which I said obviously too. It honestly felt so right be face down with a man with a bigger dick that me fuck me and slap my ass around. I came 3 times in the next 15 minutes which he loved that he could make me do with out touching it. I felt his pace quicken and begged him to finish off owning me forever by cumming on my face, he made me beg and tell him he owned me which we both loved and then pulled out and I swung around mouth open Tongue out and was greeted with 3 days full of cum that covered my face. We both sat there catching our breath and me swallowing and licking his cum from my lips and letting the rest drip on my face. We looked at each other and just laughed our asses off. He told me he couldnât believe how good he was and said my ass was a game changer. He said thatâs free ass and he can obviously have it whenever which I assured him it was his. As we walked back I laughed and kind of seriously told him that he absolutely owned me I was his beta, I said âu literally had a way bigger dick had me on my knees sucking your cock and my ass in the air I while he took my ass and finished it off my cumming on my faceâ he agreed and then stopped pulled out his cock and told me to get on my knees. I happily listened.

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