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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    I am a single mom and have barely dated anyone for several years. When my teen daughter started bringing home boys I started to get excited myself. She is built just like myself and has no problem attracting guys. So when I caught a couple of her guy friends checking me out I became aroused. I couldn't help but be turned on by the fact that these young men found me still attractive as I am nearing 40.

    Well one day my daughter had a few friends over and Tyler was not bother to hide his attraction for me. He flirted with and laid on the charm. Needless to say it worked. Before long I was worked up pretty good. The moment that I decided to fuck him was when he made the effort for me to see his erection through his shorts and i was impressed. My chance to fuck him was basically served to me on a silver platter just an hour later. My daughter and some of her friends decided to go to the store. Only Tyler said he wanted to stay behind claiming he just didn't feel like going to the store. I knew right then that I couldn't miss the opportunity.

    My daughter and friends hopped in the car and left. I knew I had a minimum of 45 minutes of just drive time there and back plus however long they decided to shop. I didn't waste a moment. I sat down next to Tyler on the couch and laid my hand on his thigh with my fingers itching towards his crotch.

    I called him out on his flirting and obvious desire for me. He tried to stammer out an excuse but I was already unbuttoning his shorts and he just sort of trailed off mid sentence. I told him that he had better fuck me good to make the whole day worth it right before I engulfed his 8inch cock In my mouth.

    I sucked his cock for several minutes before he asked to see my pussy. Laying him down on the couch I planted my pussy on his face and proceeded to deep throat his cock while he plunged his tongueinto my pussy and clit. It was pure ecstasy.

    After several more minutes and an orgasm on my part, we switched position and he was just as eager as I was for his cock to enter my pussy. We fucked hard for 20 minutes before he announced that he was gonna cum. We were currently in doggie so he pulled out and I wheeled around to drop onto my knees. I sucked his cock again and he shot his cum down my throat and filled my mouth. I couldn't swallow fast enough and some of his cum leaked out onto my chin. I made sure to milk him for every drop before releasing him and licking his excess cum off my fingers.

    He said I was the sexiest fuck he had ever had. I told him he could come back anytime as long as he never told anyone else and that if I found out that he had told someone then he would never even get close again. To this day, almost a year later, he comes over at least once a week when my daughter is gone but what he doesn't know is that he is not the only one anymore. I have a different young stud cock for almost every day of the week.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 29

    My friend was at my house today with his girlfriend, I stepped out into my apartment to "use the bathroom", leaving them in my room. We take off our shoes at the door to save the carpet. I've been thinking about this for a while, so i made my way straight to the door. They just arrived mere minutes before, so her boots where still warm as I carried them to the bathroom. I fucked those things so fast, trying to be as quick as possible so noone would wait for me outside. I managed to nut in both shoes in a matter of minutes with the help of a little smelling and a lot of imagination. I cleaned my cock with the shoes inner heel and tongue, putting them back when I was done. I felt my cock grow hard as I watched her slip on her shoes, complaining about the "rain" that had been coming through the poorly weatherproofed door and falling in her shoe. Now, that happened often when it rains but it hasnt for a while. I just love knowing she had cum soaking in her socks the whole time. Just hope she doesnt smell it.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Male / 21

    today i fucked myself in my ass with three different dildos then put one in my pussy while fucking my ass and squirted all ove my bathroom. now im holding my virator on my clit trying not to cum. i wish i had a verbal dom to tie me up and degrade me while using my holes and torturing my clit with a vibrator.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I love this site! I love reading about i****t stuff, and I decided to put my own confession here because its not like i can tell anyone anyway cause my daddy would go to jail!

    So Im in love with my daddy and i have been since I was 12. My mom ran off when i was little so my daddy took care of me himself, even though he hurt too since she just left a note and took off. What a bitch! That was when I was 8 and i cried a lot and my daddy did too except he cried in his room and he thought i didnt hear him.

    I started liking boys when i was like 10 but all the boys at school were jerks and none of them were as nice as my daddy. He called me beautiful and his little angel and he was patient when i had a bad day, hugging and cuddling with me and making me my favorite food which is macaroni and cheese with hotdogs and peas in it. He would call me his little angel and said that no boy in the world was good enough for me because i was the most beautiful girl in the world. and when he said things like this I believed him because he was my daddy. It made me feel so happy that I would just sit on his lap and we watched cartoons while he held me in his arms. Maybe I fell in love with him when I was 10, but it was different when i was 12 cause I had my period and my daddy said i was becoming a woman.

    He never got a girlfriend in all that time after mom left and when i asked why he said i was the only girl in his life and he liked it that way. I liked it too and i think that was when i started having fantasies where id be sitting on his lap and hed hug me and start kissing me and id giggle but then id start feeling funny like i wanted him to do more and it was my fantasy so of course he would do more, touching me on my boobs cause they were starting to gtow or between my legs cause i was growing hair down there and he said i was becoming a woman so why couldnt I be his woman?

    It was frustrating cause Id get all wet between my legs but I didnt know about playing with myself yet so I finally told my daddy that i was having fantasies. I was embarrassed cause i thought he might think i was gross for thinking those things about him but he just smiled and said "Well you are becoming a woman so its natural i guess for you to start having fantasies and stuff."
    Then he asked me if i knew about masturbation and i said no so he tried to explain it to me.

    I thought I understood but then i asked him to show me how. he said "Im your dad and its not appropriate for dads to do things like that with their daughters."
    But I begged and said that i dont care because hes my daddy and i love him and i dont wanna ask nobody else, so he said he'd show me how to masturbate but that was it.

    He made me keep my underwear on the whole time, but he started by rubbing my boobs and making my nipples all hard and then he rubbed between my legs and i got all wet and tingly. he explained what he was doing and how i could do it myself, but then he really started rubbing down there and i was so wet and then i sorta locked up and i was humping his hand hard! after a minute it was over and he said i had an orgasm which was the whole point of masturbating and i was so happy i asked him to do it again so he did and i had another one and it was so awesome i almost fainted.

    Then he said i should go practice or whatever and i went to my room and I tried but the only way i could have an orgasm was when I imagined him taking all my clothes off and rubbing me down there. But even though i had an orgasm it didn't feel as good as when he did it so I went to tell him but he was in his room so i went in and he was on his bed and his thingie was out and all hard. he had his hand on it and was pulling on it!

    He put it away and told me i shouldve knocked but i didnt care cause i saw his thingie and it was so cool! I told him that i couldnt make it feel as good as when he did it.
    "Angel I shouldnt do that to you I could get in trouble."
    So I told him Id never ever ever tell on him no matter what and that i loved him more than i love anyone in the whole world and that i wanted him to rub me and make me have an orgasm because he did it better than me.
    "I love you too angel and i want you to be happy but fathers arent supposed to do that with their daughters."

    I said I don't care, ill do anything you want if you do this for me and so he gave in and told me to get up on the bed with him. i asked if i could take my panties off because theyre wet and uncomfortable so he said yes and I took them off. I asked if between my legs was ugly or anything and he said no its beautiful just like the rest of you. So I opened my legs and he started rubbing on the slit like last time but his finger was rubbing in the slit a little too. i was so tingly and it didnt take long to have an orgasm but once i was done i didnt want him to ever stop! So I begged him to do it more and he did.

    I had three orgasms and he was almost laying between my legs by then so he asked if he could try something different and i said he could do anything he wants. he leid between my legs and had me lift up my knees and he began kissing me down there and then he licked in the slit and i had an orgasm right there and he kept doing it. he was licking up all the wetness but my body was making more and more. I asked him if it tasted gross and he said no it was the best taste he ever tasted before. i asked what it tasted like so he came up and kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth and it tasted weird but not bad weird.

    he told me that if i really wanted him to he would lick me there whenever i wanted but we had to keep it a secret because its illegal and he could go to jail and theyd call him a sex pervert. i of course said id never tell anyone no matter what because i love him so much and hes the best daddy in the world! i then asked him if we could do more because i wanted to see his thingie again so he took off his underwear and his thingie popped out. he explained to me why it was hard and that he had been rubbing it so he could have an orgasm so i asked why it was so hard and he said it was because he had such a beautiful young lady in his bed so i asked if i could play with it so i could give him an orgasm too and he said okay.

    he showed me how to do it and which spots were sensitive and i did my best to make him orgasm. then he ssid he was close and that stuff would come out and that it would be messy. then he moaned and whitish stuff came out of the tip and got all over his chest and belly and my hands. because he licked up mine i started licking all the stuff of him and it tasted different from mine but i told him i like his stuff and i did. i even licked some off of his thingie!

    he said its called a penis or a dick if its hard and that mine is a vagina or a cunny. I liked cunny better than vagina so i said so. his penis got soft after his orgasm so he lay down between my legs and started licking my cunny again even sticking his tongue in it which felt really good. i had another orgasm and then he had me like sit on his face but not real hard and he rubbed my butt and licked my cunny til i had another orgasm and then another.
    After he was done he said he loved licking my cunny because it tastes so good and that he loves me so much. i asked if i could be his girlfriend because i was the only girl in his life and he needs a girlfriend. he asked me if i wanted him to get a woman to be his girlfriend but i said no i want to be your girlfriend because id get super jealous if he had a woman girlfriend so he said okay i can be his girlfriend but only in our house when were alone.

    so every day when he got home from work i would get naked and wed go in his bedroom and hed lick my cunny while i played with his dick. he taught me how to suck on it since he could just shoot his semen right into my mouth so i could swallow it and there wouldnt be any mess. i love sucking on his dick and feeling his stuff shoot right down my throat! but the best part ever was the night we first had sex. we were cuddling and we were both naked and his dick was hard and rubbing between my legs. i asked him if i could rub it for him and he said he wanted to try rubbing it on my cunny so of course i said yes you can do anything you want.

    So he got on top and put my legs up so they were on his chest and he started rubbing his dick on my cunny and it felt really good because it was rubbing my slit and my clit at the same time and i was soaking wet so his dick was wet too. he looked like he was having a lot of fun and then the tip was rubbing my slit and it went in just a little and he said sorry but i said keep going. he asked are you sure and i said do it please so he put just a little bit more in and was rubbing it around and then he started to put more in. it felt so good! it barely hurt but it felt really good so i didnt care i told him to put it all the way in and he looked surprised but he did really slow so it wouldnt hurt me more.

    Once it was all the way in I told him i love him so much and i wanted him to do it to me now and he started moving it and telling me i felt so good and that i was so tight and that he promised he would make me feel so good. And it did feel really good and it was even better because it was my daddy and not some stupid boy because my daddy knows how to do it right. he made me orgasm so much that i was shaking hard but i begged him not to stop because i wasnted him to orgasm too. he said he couldnt shoot his cum in me because then id get pregnant but hed take me to get birth control and then once it was working he could do it inside me all we wanted. i told him okay but hes gotta shoot his stuff in my mouth then so it would still be in me but not get me pregnant.

    he kept my legs on his chest for a while and then had me get on my hands and knees and he did it to me from behind. he said "My sweet little angel you feel so good and youre so sexy I love you so much."
    Then he started doing it in me harder and when he was gonna orgasm he took it out and i put it in my mouth and tasted my own stuff and then he shot a bunch of his cum in my mouth. i swallowed it all even licking his dick all clean and then we lay down and rested for a bit.

    He got me on birth control and then a month later he started shooting his stuff deep inside my cunny and i love it! weve made love so much that i cant even imagine doing it with anyone else but my daddy because hes so good and makes me feel so good. hes even done it in my butt and that doesnt feel as good but he likes it so i dont mind as long as he uses a bunch of lube. Im his little angel and ill never be with anyone else but him!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 26

    At 16, I was the typical straight boy dating a girl. We had sex some but it wasn't easy since we had nowhere to do it. I looked at porn & fapped a lot. I'd seen gay porn & although, felt sure I was straight, I was getting turned on by one thing in gay porn. The guys on the top. At 18, I knew fantasy didn't equal orientation so what you jerked off to didn't mean much. I was dating again & getting more sex but still fapping a lot. My porn of choice was gay. I knew what gays still don't. No straight guy takes it up the ass. In fact, no straight guy is fucking another guy. I'd see things like straight fucks gay ass but I knew that was bull. It was a gay or bi top yeah but not straight. In BB porn, you notice that ass on the top most. His ass is the one that always looked best to me. 9 out of 10 times, he looked like the better looking & he wasn't screaming like some woman faking it. I still don't understand why bottom gay guys scream as many do. Some really sound like women which must be a total turn off to most tops. I knew I wanted to try gay sex. I realized I'm not straight if I wanted to do that. I found out about a versatile, top & bottom. Most are bottom but many like to say they are versatile. A real top is not versatile but he will bottom some in the right situation yet never with a bottom gay guy. A bottom wouldn't want him to. I had my eyes set on someone that I'd gone to high school with & that's how it happened.

    I knew I guy from high school PE. We both played hard in football. We both loved it. We were both manly men even though we had just turned 18. I'd heard he was really gay but a total top type. He'd had a boyfriend before who is great looking & neither fem nor masculine. I knew who the top was & I wanted his ass. I wanted to fuck him so bad that I was fapping every night thinking of it. We became more friendly in social terms. I invited him to come to my house on a Saturday night. He did. We talked about things we had in common. Sports, video games, movies & more sports. We started to talk about sex & I put some porn on. I came out & asked if he was gay & I remember him asking if I had a problem with it if he was. Nope & you could turn me kinda gay for a night. I found out he was a top. He'd never been a bottom. He'd never had his own finger up his ass but I'd not done that either. That night, we ended up sucking each other's dicks & I got to fuck his ass. It took a while for him to let me even try to do that & then it was hurting him at first. It ended up feeling good for both of us. He said he'd never cum so hard. I know it was the best for me too.

    We did fuck once in a while & it was almost like we were dating but he needed a bottom for a relationship. We both loved to fuck top style for it to go too far. Probably how it would be for two bottoms together. I ended up fucking a lot of top gay guys who were similar to that first guy. Most had never gotten fucked. A few had only tried it once. I'd realized even with dating more women that I wasn't straight & then I fell in love with a man who once was a total top in relationships until we met. He was versatile all along. We don't just fuck. We do other stuff too but being in a relationship five years now, there is that once a week we fuck like dogs & I'm on top. The rest of the time we love 69 or rimming each other. I've done it all with him other than I never want to get fucked. He's okay with that. I don't know why I'm like I am. I'm sure it's an ego thing or low self esteem or needing to be in charge but I have a good relationship with my lover. I don't need pussy. It now reminds me of tuna in oil gone bad. I need a dick & ass.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Gay Male / 19

    I wish I didn't have all these gay feelings. I am in college in a fraternity and all I think about is getting together with this guy or that guy. I don't act out on my feelings for obvious reasons. I have only had sex twice both times with the same boy. I want to feel that again, I want to be kissed and feel a dick again. I sometimes go to the library because I heard that is where gays go to hookup but I haven't had any luck. I wish I was more assertive about it but I am pretty sure I am a bottom.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Around 8 years ago, I was introduced to porn magazines by my older cousin. He's about a year and a half older than me. He showed me a porn mag which had images of women who were posing naked.

    After he showed me it we went into a small shack or something his dad built him ages ago. It was small, had a window on the side, a window on the front like it was a kitchen or something, with the door in the front separated by a single board or wood.

    After we went inside it we covered the windows and doorway with some styrofoam panels. There were holes in them in some places, but there was one in the one blocking the doorway which came in handy.

    We got naked and stood there looking at each other's dicks. After awhile I went down and sucked his dick. After wetting it for a bit I bent down and looked out the hole to "keep watch" so to say. He thrusted his dick in my ass, which I admittedly liked at the time.

    He thrusted in me for a few minutes before he asked me if I was enjoying it. I answered saying yes, it feels good. He pulled out of me and bent down, looked out the hole and I thrusted my dick inside his ass. I did this for awhile until his dad shouted asking where were we. I pulled out and we got dressed.

    He was dressed quicker than me so he moved the panel to the side as I was pulling my pants up. Luckily I was behind the panel that covered the front window, so he didn't see me.

    As the day went by we didn't do this again for awhile. We went outside and jumped in the pool that was above ground. As we were swimming he made a comment about his dick being hard. So I went under the water, pulled hos shorts fown to reveal his hard dick and started sucking it. After a short while of this I came up to see his dad standing on the font porch.

    The porch was a fair height up off the ground, but the pool was also a good distance away. So he luckily didn't see anything. He pulled his shorts back up and after awhile we went back inside, dried off, and changed clothes.

    We went into another room and got undressed. We were naked, and both of us were hard. I went down and started sucking him off, after awhile we switched to him sucking me off.

    Once we both sucked the other he bent over the bed and I thrusted myself into his ass. I enjoyed the tightness he was giving and eventually we switched with him fucking me. I enjoyed the feeling of his dick in my ass.

    After we stopped and got dressed I started gaming, until one of us got the idea for one of us to suck the other while the other plays the game.

    He went down and started sucking me off, but after awhile I let him have a go while I sucked him off. We had a blanket over us, just in case. As there was no lock on the door or anything.

    At some point in time my mom walked in and caught us, as I came out from under the blanket to late.

    Some time later he was telling me about how he was supposedly had sex with his girlfriend. As he told me he told me to lay down and he straddled me, cowgirl style. He went on to tell me she did that to him and yada yada yada.

    To this day neither of us have spoken, hinted, or mentioned when we did this. I was quiet young so, maybe he thinks I forgot about it or just wants to forget it. I'll never know.

    However, that was the first sexual experience I ever had in my life.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Most weekday afternoons during the past summer, I cruised a well known gay hook up place for sex. In total over the whole summer, I didn't once walk back home without having my cock sucked, or fucking a guys arsehole. I'm well endowed and have a very high libido, which my girlfriend cannot match. Always playing safe I guess over the summer I fucked over twenty different men, and had twice that suck me off. Most of the men were older than me and I'd say at least two thirds of them were married men. It's slowed down now as it's cold, yet even now in the winter I meet up with regulars who suck on my cock, or men who take my cock up their arses. None of this is probably confession worthy I suppose, unless you now take into account who I've been fucking at least twice a week down by his old works sheds. He's someone I know well. I should do, I fuck his daughter most days, as he's my girlfriends dad. Catching him down by my regular cruising place sucking another older guy off, I basically asked him if he'd like to suck me too. I watched as he finished off the other man and then fed him my cock. Since then we meet up at a place he used to work at and I bang him until each time I bust my nut up his arsehole. It's an arrangement I hope carries on, as he's the only guy I'll fuck bareback. We'll see.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 26

    I was super sexual from a young age. I would always try and talk my friends in to letting me play with their cocks. Grabbing, squeezing, jerking and sucking. I loved it all. I was playing with one of my close friends out in a fort we had made in the back yard. Ricky, an older boy from next door, had wandered over to see what was going on. He was peeking threw as I sucked(literally) on my friends small limp dick. When my friend noticed him he quickly zipped up like nothing was happening, and took off to go home. Ricky told me not to worry he was not going to tell anybody. He said he was bored, and I should come hang out. Long story short, we ended up in his room with his dick in my mouth. He was instructing me on what I should be doing, and it was my first really hard dick. It was also the first real load of cum I tasted, not just dribble at the tip. Most of that time he was stroking off and having me fondle his balls while occasionally trying to keep my mouth open wide enough not to scr**e his hard dick with my teeth.

    Months went by and I got much better at sucking off Ricky. He had shown me gay porn sites and videos. He talked me first into fucking myself with a carrot (which I liked), and later his dick(also liked). My code phrase for when I wanted to get fucked was I think I need carrot juice. Once while camping (more than a year later) with his family his Moms boyfriend got suspicious when I said that more than a few times over the week. He caught us and waited till Ricky was finishing to let us know he was watching. He made this big scene about how we need to be careful, and he wanted to make sure I was really ok with it and not being used. Over and over I said I wanted to, it was my idea. He said he wouldn't tell but wanted to make sure I was physically ok. Ricky left.

    He had me bend over and spread my cheeks. He slowly put one finger in. I was tense and he told me to loosen up. He started to twist and bob his finger. I moaned and he stopped. He said I was full of cum and we should go wash it out. The campground had showers and he took me to the handycap one. The door locked and it felt cold inside. He turned on the shower and told me to undress. Once the water warmed he had me step in to the walk-in shower. He had me bend over and grab the rail so the water would run over my ass. Then he started to finger bang my ass hole. It was incredible and intense. He kept asking if I was ok, and I could barely answer because I was on the verge of orgasm. He patted my cheek, and I stood up sporting a huge hard on. He asked if he should check more and I said maybe and offered my ass. He started with one but went to two fingers. I started to really moan. I barely touched my dick and I blew all over the shower floor. He wrapped up washed his hands and said I was fine. He watched as I showered off and got dressed. He said I can fuck with Ricky but his Mom wont like it so keep it a secret. That was that.

    I would masturbate thinking about that experience a lot. After Ricky's Mom split with the guy both him and Ricky moved away. I started seeking out older guys who reminded me of the boyfriend. I never knew his name.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    ÙÛØ&plus mn;ا Ùا٠طاÛ& Oslash;± ÛÛ Ø§Ùر ÙÛÚº ÙاÛÙ&Osla sh;± Ú¯ÙبØ&plu smn;Ú¯ کا رÛÙÛ Ùا٠;ا ÛÙÚºÛ ÙÛر Û ÛÛ Ú©ÛØ&sec t;ÙÛ Ø§ÛÚ© سا&Ugra ve; Ù¾ÛÙÛ Ú©Û ÛÛÛ ÙÛØ±Û Ø§ÙÙÛ Ú©Ø§ Ùا٠اÙÙ ;اس ÛÛ Ø§Ùر ÙÛ Ø§Ø³ÙÙ ;ت 39 Ø³Ø§Ù Ú©Û ÛÛÚºÛ Ø§Ø¨&Ug rave; اÛÚ© کاÙÛ& Oslash;§Ø¨ بز&Ugrav e;سÙ&Uci rc;Ù ÛÛÚº اÙر اÙÚ&cop y;Û Ø¨Ûت Ø³Û Ø¬Ø§Ø¦Ø ;¯Ø§Ø& macr; ÙاÛÙØ&plusm n;Ø Ú©Ø±Ø§&Ua cute;Û Ø§Ùر اس٠;Ø§Ù Ø¢Ø¨Ø ;§Ø¯ ÙÛÚº ÛÛÛ ÛÙاØ&p lusmn;ا اÛÚ© ÙاØ& plusmn;Ù Ûاؤ&Osla sh;³ ÙاÛÙØ&p lusmn; بÛدÛØ&s ect;Úº رÙÚ Ù¾Ø± ÛÛ Ø¬ÛاÚ&or dm; Û٠کبÚ&fr ac34;Û Ú©Ø¨Ú¾&Uc irc; Ø¬Ø§ØªÛ ÛÛÚº&Uci rc; ÙÛÚº اÛÚÛس ٠کاÙج ÙÛÚº Ø§Û ÙÛÙ٠کا سٹÙÚÙ&Ugr ave;¹ ÛÙÚº اÙر ÙÛÚ© اÛÙ&Uac ute; ÙغÛØ±Û Ù¾Ø± Ùار٠ÛاØ&curre n;س جات&O slash;§ رÛتØ& sect; ÛÙÚºÛ Ùگر اÛÚ&mac r;زا Ùز ÙرÛ&Os lash;¨ ØªÚ¾Û ØªÙ ÙÛÚº د٠تÛÙ ÙÛÛÙÛ Ø³Û ÙÛاÚ&or dm; ÙÛÛÚº Ú¯ÛاÛ
    ÛÛ ÙاØ&plu smn;Ú 2018 Ú©Û Ø¨Ø§Øª ÛÛ Ú©Û Ø§ÛÚ© د٠اÙÛ ÙÛ Ú©Ûا ; طاÛر اس ÙÛÚ© اÛÙ& Uacute; پر Ùار٠Ûاؤس ÚÙت&Uci rc; ÛÛÚº ت٠ÙÛÚº ; ÙÛ Ú©Ûا اÙÚ&c opy;Û ÙÙØ§Û Ø¬Ùع Û Ú©Ù ÙÛÚº اب٠اÙر اÙÙÛ ; Ùار٠Ûاؤ س Ù¾ÛÙÚ&Uc irc;Û ÙÛÚº ت٠پÙÛ Ø§Ø³Ù¹&Uci rc;ش٠پر ; Ú©Ú¾Û٠رÛا تھ& Oslash;§ اÙر ÙÙا اÙØ&p lusmn; ÚÛÚÛ Ù¹Û ÙÛ Ú©Û Ø³Ø§ÙÙ ;Û Ø¨ÛÙ¹Ú&frac3 4;Û ÙÛسک&Uci rc; کا شغ٠کر رÛÛ ØªÚ¾Û&Ucir c; ÙÙا ÙÛ Ø¨Ù¹Ù ÙÚº ÙاÙ&Uc irc; ÙÛÙÛ Ø¨ÙÛ٠سÙÚ© Ú©Û Ø´Ø±Ù ;¹ اÙر بÛج Ú©ÙØ&plusm n; کا ٹراØ&curre n;زØ&plusm n; Ù¾ÛÙا ÛÙا ØªÚ¾Ø ;§Û ÙÛ ÙÛائØ& ordf; Ø®Ùبص&Ugr ave;رØ& ordf; عÙرت ÛÛÚº رÛÚ¯ÛÙ&Ugr ave;ر ج٠ÛÙزØ&plusm n; اÙر ÚØ§Ø¦Û Ù¹ کا Ø®Ûا٠رک& Uacute;¾ÙÛ ; ÙاÙÛÛ 34C 26 35 پاÙÚ ÙÙ¹ Úار اÙÚ Ùد بÛض&Ug rave;Û ÚÛØ±Û ÙÛا&O slash;¦Øª Ø®ÙØ& uml;صÙ&O slash;±Øª ÙØ§Ú © اÙر Ùاز&Uacut e;© Ø³Û Ø¨Ú¾Ø±Û Ø¨Ú¾&Osla sh;±Û ÛÙÙÙ¹ Ø Ø¨Ø§Ù ÙÙا ÙÛ Ú©Ø¨Ú¾Û Ú©Ù¹&U grave;اØ& brvbar;Û ÙÛÛÚº ÙÚ¯Ø&pl usmn; بÛت ÙÙØ¨Û Ø¨Ø§Ù ÙÛÛ&Uacut e;º ÛÛÚº بس ÙÛÚÛÙ ÙÛÙÚ&mac r;تÚ&frac3 4; Ú©Û ÛÛÚº&Uci rc; ÙÛÚº Ù¾ÙÛ Ø§Ø³Ù¹Û Ø´Ù Ù¾Ø± Ú©Ú¾& Ucirc;٠رÛا تھ&Osl ash;§ Ú©Û ÚÛÚÛ Ú©Û ÙÙÙ Ú©Û Ø¨ÛÙ Ø¨Ø¬Û ÙÛ ØªÚ¾Ù&Uac ute;Û Ø¯Ûر تک ÙÙ٠سÙت&Uc irc; رÛÛ Ù¾Ú¾Ø± اÛÚ&c opy; کا٠ÙÙائ ;Û Ø§Ùر Ú©Ûا ÙدÛ&U grave; ÙÛÚº ÙاÙÙ¹&Ugr ave; Ù¾ÛÙÚ Ø±Ûا ÛÙÚº ت٠ÙÙا&Osl ash;¦Ù¹ Ú©ÙÛ&O slash;¦Ø± Ùس Ù٠آج ÛÛ Ø±Ø­&Uc irc;Ù Ûار خا٠جاÙا ÛÛÛ Ú¯Ùر&Ugr ave;ر Ø³Û ÙÙاÙ&Osl ash;§Øª ÛÛÛ ÙÙ٠رکÚ&fra c34;ا ت٠ÙÙا کا ÙÙÚ Ø¢Ù ÛÙ ÚÚ©Ø&sec t; ØªÚ¾Ø§Û Ø¨ÛØ&plus mn;حا Ù ÚÛÚÛ ÛÙÛÚº اÙج ;Ùا&Oslas h;¦Û کرÙ&U circ; کا Ú©ÛÛ Ú©Ø± ÚÙÛ Ú¯Ø¦ÛÛ
    جب ÚÛÚÛ ; Ú¯Ø¦Û ØªÙ ÙÛØ³Ú©Û Ú©Û Ø¨Ùت& Ugrave; تھÙÚ&Uc irc; ÛÛ Ú©Ù ÛÙØ¦Û ØªÚ¾& Ucirc;Û ÙÛÚº Ú¯Ûا&Oslas h;±Û Ø¨Ø¬Û ØªÚ© Ú©Ú¾Û Ùت&Oslas h;§ رÛا Ù¾Ú¾Ø&p lusmn; سÙÙÛ Ú©Û ÙÛÛ Ø§Ù¹Ú¾ Ú¯Ûا&U circ; ÙاؤÙ&Osla sh;¬ ÙÛÚº Ø¢Ûا ت٠ÙÙا صÙÙÛ Ù¾Ø± ÙÚÚ&fra c34;Ú© ÚÚ©Û ØªÚ¾Û& Uacute;º اÙر بÙت ٠خاÙÛ ÛÙ ÚÚ©Û ØªÚ¾ÛÛ ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا ک٠بÙا&Ucir c;ا Ùگر ÙÛ ØªÙر&Ucir c;با ٠بÛÛÙØ&acu te; تھÛÚº اÙÛ&U grave;Úº ÙÛ Ø¨Ûت Ø°ÛاØ& macr;Û Ù¾Û ÙÛ ØªÚ¾&Uc irc;Û
    Ø ®Ûر ÙÛÚº ; ÙÛ ÙÙا ک٠باÙÛ ÙÚº ÙÛÚº اٹ&Uacu te;¾Ø§&Ucir c;ا اÙر سÛÚ& Uacute;¾ÛØ ;§Úº ÚÚÚ¾ کر اÙÚ& copy;Û Ø¨ÛÚر ÙÙ ÙÛÚº ÙÛ Ø¬Ø§ÙÛ Ùگا ;Û ÙÙا Ú©Û Ø³ÙÚ© شرٹ Ú©Û Ø¨Ù¹Ù Ø³ÛÚ Ú¾Û&Osla sh;§Úº ÚÚÚ¾&U grave;Û Ú©Û Ø¯ÙرØ&sec t;Ù Ú©Ú¾ÙÚ Ø§Ø¤ Ø³Û Ø§ÛÚ© اÛÚ© کر Ú©Û Ú©Ú¾Ù Ú¯Ø¦Û ØªÚ¾Û Ø§ÙØ ;± اÙکا ; سÛÙÛ Ø¨Ø±ÛÙ&U circ; ÛÙ Ú¯Ûا ; ØªÚ¾Ø§Û Ø¬Ø¨ ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا ک٠بÛÚ Ù¾Ø± ÙٹاÛ&O slash;§ ت٠اÙÚ©Û Ú©Û ÙÙÛ Ø³Û ØºÙÚº غاں Ú©Û Ø¨Û ÙعÙÛ Ø¨Ø§Ø&o rdf;ÙÚº Ú©Û Ø³Ø§Ø&or df;Ú¾ ÚÛÚÛ Ú©Û ÙÛÛ Ø³Ù Ø¢Ù Ø¨ÚØ Ø¨Ø§Ø³Ù¹& Oslash;±Ú اÙØ&plu smn; Ùادر&U acute;Ùد جÛØ³Û Ø§ÙÙا ;ظ Ùک٠رÛÛ ØªÚ¾Û Û ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙØ&sec t; Ú©Û Ø´Ø±&Ug rave;¹ Ú©Û Ø¨Ù¹Ù Ø¨Ùد کرÙ&U circ; Ú©Û ÙÛÛ ÛاØ&ord f;Ú¾ بÚÚ¾&Os lash;§ÛØ&se ct; ت٠اس&Ugr ave;Ùت اÙÚ ©Ø§ اÛÚ© ÙÙÙ&Osla sh;§ Ù¾ÙرØ& sect; ÙÙگا ØªÚ¾Ø ;§Û Ù¾ÙÚ© Ùپ٠جس Ú©Û Ú¯Ø±Ø ¯ پاÙÚ Ø±ÙÙ& frac34;Û Ú©Û Ø³Ú©ÙÛ Ø¬ØªÙ Ø§ اÛر&Ugrav e;Ùا ÛÙÚ©&O slash;§ سا Ù¾ÙÚ© ÙظØ&plusm n; Ø¢ رÛا تھ&Os lash;§Û ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا Ú©Û Ø§Ùپر ; بÙÛÙÚ©&Ugra ve;¹ دÛØ§Ø Ø§Û Ø³Û Ú©Ù ØªÛس ÚÚ¯Ø±Û Ù¾Ø± سÛÙ¹ Ú©ÛØ§Ø Ø§ÙØ&p lusmn; Ùائٹ ÙÛÙÙ¾ جÙا کر Ø§Ù¾Ù Û Ø±ÙÙ ÙÛÚº Ø¢Ú¯ÛØ ;§Û
    &Oslas h;¨ÛÚ Ù¾Ø± ÙÛÙ¹& Oslash;§ Ùگر Ø±Û Ø±Û Ú©Ø± ÙÙا کا سÛÙÛ ÙÛر Û Ø®ÛاÙÙ ;Úº ÙÛÚº Ú¯Ú¾Ù&U grave;ÙÛ ÙÚ¯Ø&sec t; اÙر ÙÛرا ÙÙ Ú©Ú¾Ú& Oslash;§ ÛÙ Ú¯ÛØ§Û Ø§Ø¨ Ú©Ûا کر٠ں کبھ& Ucirc; ÙÙ Ú©Ù ÙسÙØ ;ªØ§ کبÚ&fr ac34;Û ÙÙا Ú©Û Ø¯ÙدÚ&frac 34; جÛØ³Û Ø§Ø³Ú© Ù Ú©Ù Ø°ÛÙ Ø³Û Ø¬Ú¾&Ug rave;¹Ú©&Ugra ve;Û Ú©Û Ú©Ùشش کر تا&U circ;
    Ù¾ ;Ú¾Ø&plus mn; اٹھØ&sec t; اÙر ÙÙا Ú©Û Ø±ÙÙ ÙÛÚº ÚÙا Ú¯Ûا&Ucir c; دÛÚ©Ú¾&Osl ash;§ ت٠ÙÙا کا بÙÛÙÚ© Ù¹ زÙÛ٠پر گر& Oslash;§ ÛÙا تھا اÙر ÙÛ Ø¨ÛØ&s up3;دÚ&fra c34; بÛÚ Ù¾Ø± Ø¢ÚÚ¾Û ØªØ±&Ua cute;Ú¾Û Ù¾ÚÛ ÛÙØ¦Û ØªÚ¾Û&Uacu te;ºÛ ÙÛÚº ÙÛ Ú©Ø§ÙÙ¾ ;ØªÛ Ûات Ú¾Ù&Uacu te;º Ø³Û Ø§ÙÚ©Û Ø´Ø±Ù&s up1; Ú©Û Ø¨Ù¹&Ugra ve; Ù¾ÙØ±Û Ú©Ú¾&Ugra ve;٠دÛØ¦Û Û Ø§Ø¨ ÙÙا کا اÙÙ¾Ø&plu smn;Û Ø¬Ø³Ù ÙÚ©ÙÙ ÙÙگا تھØ&se ct;Û ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا Ú©Û ÙÙ¾Ø ;³ پر اÛÚ© ÛÙÚ©Û Ø³Û Ú©Ùس Ú©ÛÛ ÙÙØ&sec t; باÙÚ©Ù ; ÙÛ ÛÙÛÚº Û Ù¾Ú¾Ø± ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا Ú©Û Ø¯Ø§Ø¦&U circ;Úº Úھا ØªÛ Ù¾Ø± اپ&Ugr ave;ا Ûات&Uac ute;¾ رکھ دÛØ §Û ÙÛ Ø¨Ûت ÙÙائ&Ug rave; ØªÚ¾Û Ùگر Ø³Ø®Ø ;ª Ø¨Ú¾Û ØªÚ¾ÛÛ ; اب ÙÛرا ÙÙ ÙÛØ±Û Ø¨Ø±Ù&U grave;دØ& sect; ÙÛÚº Ù¾ÙرØ&se ct; سخت ÛÙ Úکا تھا&Uci rc; ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا ک٠سÛد&U acute;¾Ø§ ÙÙ¹Ø §Ûا اÙØ ± اÙÚ©Û Ù¹Ø±&Osla sh;§ÙØ&sup 2;ر اتا ;ر دÛÛ Ø§ÙÚ©&Uci rc; ÚÙت ØªØ§Ø²Û ØªØ§&Os lash;²Û Ø´ÛÙ Ú©Û ÛÙØ¦Û ØªÚ¾&U circ; اÙر بÛت Ù¾Ûا ;Ø±Û ØªÚ¾&Uci rc; بÙد Ùپس ÙاÙÛ ;Û Ø´ÛØ·Ø&s ect;Ù ÙØ¬Ú¾Û Ø§Ù¾ÙÛ Ø´Ú©Ù&Os lash;¬Û ÙÛÚº Ø¬Ú©Ú ÚÚ©Ø& sect; ØªÚ¾Ø§Û ÙÛÚº ÙÛ Ø§Ù¾Ù&U circ; Ú©Ù¾ÚÛ Ø§ØªØ ;§Ø± دÛØ&brvba r;Û Ø§Ùر ÙÙا Ú©Û ÚÙت پر اپ٠;ا Ù٠رکھ دÛا& Ucirc; ÙØ¬Ú¾Û ÙÚ¯Ø&sec t; Ú©Û Ø§Ú¯&Oslas h;± ÙÛÚº ÙÛ Ø§Ùدر ÚاÙ&Os lash;§ ت٠ÙÙا جاگ جاØ&brv bar;ÛÚº Ú¯ÛÛ ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا Ú©Û ÚرÛس ;ÙÚ¯ Ù¹Ûب Ù Ø³Û Ø¢Ø¦Ù Ø§Ù¹Ú¾&Os lash;§ÛØ&se ct; اÙر اپÙÛ Ù٠پر بÛت سا تÛÙ ÙÙ ÙÛاÛ
    ÙÙ&Os lash;§ Ú©Û Ù¹Ø§ÙÚ¯&Uci rc;Úº Ú©Ú¾Ù&U grave;ÛÚº اÙØ ;± اپÙØ&se ct; ÙÙ ÙÙا Ú©Û ÚÙت Ú©Û Ùپس Ú©Û Ø¨ÛÚ Ø¯Ø¨Ø§ Ûا ت٠ÙÛ Ø¢Ø³Ø§Ù&Uci rc; Ø³Û Ø¯Ù Ø§ÙÚ Ø§ÙØ&mac r;ر ÚÙا Ú¯Ûا&U circ; اب ÙÛÚº ÙÚ©ÙÙ Ø·Ùر پر ابÙÛØ&sup 3; Ú©Û Ø´Ú©&Ugra ve;Ø¬Û ÙÛÚº تھ&O slash;§Û ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙتاØ&brv bar;ج Ø³Û Ø¨Û Ù¾Ø±Ùا&U circ; اÛÚ© دھک&U circ; Ø³Û ÙÙ Ú©Ù Ù¾Ùر&Oslas h;§ اÙدØ&plusm n; Ú©ÛØ§Û ÙÙا ÛÙÚ©Ø § سا کراÛ&U circ; Ùگر ÙÛ ÙØ´Û ÙÛÚº دھت تھ&Ucir c;Û ÙÛÚº ÙÛ ÙÙا کا Ùپ٠اپÙÛ ÙÙÛ ÙÛÚº ÙÛا اÙØ& plusmn; اÛÚ© ردھ ;Ù Ø³Û Ø§Ù¾ÙÛ Ùاں Ú©Ù ÚÙد&Ugr ave;Û ÙÚ¯Ø§Û ØªÛÙ Úار ÙÙÙ¹ ÚÙدÙ&Uci rc; Ú©Û Ø¨Ø¹&Osla sh;¯ ÛÛ ÙÛر ا ÙÙ ÙÛØ±Û Ø§Ø®Øª&Uc irc;اØ&pl usmn; Ø³Û Ø¨Ø§&Uci rc;ر ÛÙ Ú¯Ûا اÙر ÙÛر& Ucirc; ÙÙÛ ÙÛØ±Û Ùاں Ú©Û ÚÙت ÙÛÚº گر٠;Û ÙÚ¯ÛÛ Ø§Ø¨ ÙÛÚº ÛاÙÙ ¾ رÛا تھØ&sec t;Û ÙÛÚº ÙÛ Ø§Ù¾Ùا پا&Ugra ve;Ú Ø§ÙÚ Ú©Ø§ Ù٠ج٠سک&Uac ute; کر د٠اÙÚ Ú©Ø§ Ø±Û Ú¯ÛØ&s ect; تھا اÙÙÛ Ú©Û Ù¾Ú¾&Osl ash;¯Û Ø³Û Ùکا٠ÙÛا اÙر ٹش٠پÛÙ¾ ر Ø³Û Ø§ÙÚ©Û ÚÙت Ú©Ù Ù¾ÙÙ&Ua cute;Ú¾ کر صا٠; کردÛ&Osla sh;§Û اٹÚ&frac3 4; کر Ùاش رÙÙ Ú¯Ûا اÙØ&plu smn; اپÙÛ Ù٠ک٠گر٠پاÙ&Ucir c; Ø³Û Ø¯Ú¾&Ug rave; کر صا٠کÛØ§Û Ùاپس Ø¢ÛØ&sec t; ت٠دÛÚ&co py;Ú¾Ø&se ct; Ú©Û ÙÛر Û ÙÙÛ ÙÙا Ú©Û Ù¾Ú¾Ø¯Û Ø³Û Ø¨ÛÛ Ú©Ø± باÛ&Osl ash;± Ø¢ رÛÛ ØªÚ¾ÛÛ Ø¯Ùب&Oslas h;§Ø±Û ; اÙک٠صا٠کÛØ& sect; باتÚ&frac 34; رÙÙ Ø³Û ÙÚ¯ ÙÛÚº پا&U grave;Û Ùا کر ٹاÙÙ Ø³Û Ø§ÚÚ¾ Û Ø·Ø±Ø­ ÙÙا Ú©Û ÚÙت ک٠صا٠کر دÛØ&s ect;Û Ø§ÙÚ©Û Ù¹Ø±& Oslash;§Ø¤& Oslash;²Ø± اÙØ ;± شرٹ اÙÚ&co py;Û Ø¬Ø³Ù Ù¾Ø± ÚÚÚ¾&Osl ash;§ کر اÚÚ¾Û Ø·Ø&plusm n;Ø­ Ø³Û Ø¨Ù¹Ù Ø¨Ùد کر Ú©Û Ú©Ùب٠; اÙک٠اÙÚÚ ¾Ø§Û ا اÙر Ø¢Ú©Ø ;± اپÙÛ Ú©ÙØ& plusmn;Û ÙÛÚº س٠گÛاÛ
    سÙ&U grave;Ùا ر Ú©Ù ÚÛÚÛ Ùاپ&Osla sh;³ Ø¢ گئ&Ucir c;Û Ø§Ø³ رات ÙÙا اÙØ ± ÚÛÚÛ ÙÛ Ø®Ùب Úدائ ;Û Ú©Û Ú©ÛÙÙÚ©&Uc irc; صبح ÙÛÚº ÙÛ Úسٹب&U grave; ÙÛÚº د٠ÛÙØ²Ú Ú©ÙÚÙ&Ugr ave; دÛÚ©Ú¾&U circ; تھÛÛ
    اÛ&Uacut e;© ÙÛÛÙÛ Ø¨Ø¹Ø&ma cr; ÙÙا ÙÛ ÚÛÚÛ Ø³Û Ú©Ûا ت٠پھ&Osl ash;± Ø³Û Ø¨Ø§Ù¾ بÙÙÛ Ùا٠;Û ÛÙÛ ÚÛÚÛ ÙÛ Ú©ÛØ § Ú©Ûا Ú©ÛÛ Ø±ÛÛ ÛÙØ ÙÛÚº ت٠ÛÙÛØ´Û Ú©ÙÚ ;Ù٠اسØ&or df;عÙ&Osl ash;§Ù کرØ&o rdf;ا ÛÙÚºÛ ÙÙا ; ÙÛ Ú©Ûا ÛاØ&pl usmn; Ú©ÙÚÙÙ Ù¾Ú¾& Ugrave;¹ Ø¨Ú¾Û ØªÙ Ø³Ú©Øª&O slash;§ ÛÛÛ Ø®Ûر اب Ú©Ûا ÛÙØ³Ú ©ØªØ&s ect; ÛÛ ÙÛØ³Û Ø¨Ú¾Û ÙØ¬Ú¾Û Ø§ÛÚ&co py; اÙر بÚÛ Ú©Û Ø®ÙاÛØ ´ ØªÚ¾Û Ù¾Ø± ت٠ÙÛÛÚº ÙاÙ&Osl ash;ªÛ تھÛ&Uc irc; ÛÙÚº ÙÙا ÙÛ 9 جÙÙØ±Û 2019 Ú©Ù ÙÛر& Ucirc; بÛÙ¹Û Ú©Ù Ø¬Ù٠دÛØ§Û ; ÙÙÙ ÚÛÚ Ø¯ÙÙ ÙÚº Ú©Ù ÙÛÛÚº Ùع٠ÙÙ Ú©Û ÛÛ ÙÛØ&plusm n;Û Ø¨ÛÙ¹Û ÛÛ Ø¬Ø³Û ÙÛ ÙÛØ±Û Ø¨Û٠سÙج&Uacu te;¾Øª&Ucir c; ÛÛÚºÛ
    Ù ÛÚº ÙÛ Ø³Ø¨ Ø³Ú ÙÚ©Ú¾ دÛا ÛÛÛ Ø§Ø³ اسٹ&Ugr ave;Ø±Û ÙÛÚº ; Ú©ÙØ¦Û Ùصا&U grave;Ø­Û ÙÛÛ&Uacut e;º اÙر ÙÛ ÛÛ Ú©ÙØ&brvb ar;Û Ø¬Ú¾ÙÙ&s up1;Û ÙÙا شرا ;ب Ú©Û ÙØ´Û ÙÛÚº ØªÚ¾Û Ø§Ùر ; ÙØ¬Ú¾Û Ø§Ø¨Ù&Ucir c;س ÙÛ Ø¬Ú©Ú ÙÛا تھا& Ucirc; ÙÛÚº بÛت Ú¯ÙÙ¹Û ÙÛ٠کر& Oslash;ªØ§ ÛÙÚº& Ucirc; ÙÛÚº اب ÙÙا اÙر ÚÛÚÛ Ú©Û Ø²Ùد&Uac ute;¯Û Ø³Û Ø¯Ùر بÛت دÙØ& plusmn; جاÙا ÚØ§Û ØªØ§ ÛÙÚº Û Ø´Ø§Ûد ÛÙرپ ÚÙا جاØ& curren;Úº اÙر ; Ú©Ø¨Ú¾Û Ø§ÙÛ&Ucir c;Úº اپÙ&Uc irc; ÙÙØ­Ùس Ø´Ú©Ù ÙÛ Ø¯Ú©&Uac ute;¾Ø§&Osl ash;¤Úº&Uci rc;

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