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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 32

    When I was in my mid 20's, I had been with my girlfriend for about four months before she got knocked up. I did what I thought I should do, I married her. We had to live with her parents until we got our own place, and really it wasn't too bad. I'm a foot guy, I've always had a foot fetish. I also love woman in sandals, especially flip flops and the flip flops that have the strap around the gawd those are hot.

    My (ex)wife had great feet, and knew of my fetish and enjoyed it. She always painted her nails the color I liked (hot pink) and wore flip flops all the time. Her mother, who was in her late 40's at the time, was the same way. She loved getting her feet done and wearing sandals, and basically, I lived in heaven.

    After about a month of living there, I found myself alone in the house. My (ex)wife and her mom went out to lunch and shopping and my father in law was at work. I worked overnights so typically I slept all day and people went and did whatever. I woke up in the afternoon with everyone gone and was feeling horny, so I did what I normally did in that situation, I picked out a pair of my (ex)wife's shoes and jerked off onto them.

    I loved jerking off onto sandals and heels, because I get to see the girls wearing them after, not having a clue as to what I did. There was something hot and dangerous about having to jerk off before anyone caught me and then watching them walk around in my cum stained shoes.

    That night my (ex)wife and mother in law came home and they had gotten their feet done, and holy shit they were hot. My mother in law always had nice feet, especially for an older broad. She also tanned, not too much, but just enough to have a golden brown tone, and she got hot bubble gum pink toes to boot. I stared at those things all night while we all sat in the living room watching TV.

    The next day I found myself alone again in the house, and said fuck it, time to check out my mother in law's shoe collection. She had everything! Flip flops, slingbacks, mules, strappy sandals, strappy heels, you name it she had it. I searched through box after box, always checking the window in case they were coming home. Finally I hit gold, she had a pair of white t-strap leather sandals.

    They went between the front and second toe and wrapped around the back. The straps were solid white and the flat was leather, my absolutely favorite kind of sandal. They were worn too, you could see her toe indentations on the leather and underneath you could tell she wore these a lot.

    I took them to our room and took my time, cleaning the leather with my tongue and just tasting her feet. My god they tasted so good, I got diamond hard after a few seconds, and then it was time. I put an old shirt down and the shoes on top, I normally cum a lot, so I wanted to make sure there was nothing left on the bed.

    I sat them on tilted on another, almost as if I was showing them off, and then I began stroking. It took maybe ten seconds and I shot loads of cum all over them. Like I said, I cum a lot, but this time was just crazy. I cleaned myself off and then shook the shoes, to shake off the excess cum. The rest I smeared around the shoe, keeping as much as I could on there without leaving too much, they had to dry before she wore them

    I put them back in the box and put them back under the bed, but left them up front in the row. The next day, here my mother in law comes downstairs wearing the shoes. Her feet looked amazing in them and I just sat there trying to enjoy it and not give away my hand.

    This became something I did for the next week or two with different pairs of flip flops. It was so god damn hot, and it's one of the few things I miss about being married.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    I was at a party with a lots of people, some I knew but a lot I didn't know.

    I was sitting on the couch talking to a guy, when this girl got on the coffee table and started dancing and stripping.

    I was sitting there with her naked pussy right above my nose. Whatever came over me, I leaned forward and knelt on the coffee table and pushed my face up into her pussy and ate her out in front of everyone.

    I made sure I got fucked by a guy that night and I took his dick as deep as I could in my mouth. I wanted to make sure that what had happened in the living room was just the alcohol.

    I have eaten her pussy out so many times since then, I love to eat her out and I love for her to eat me out, I love to make out with her, and I love just being naked in bed with her, I shower with her, I stroke her hair and snuggle her up when we watch tv. I have confessed to her that I love her.

    Turns out I am a God Damned Lesbian shit head, pussy lover bitch. I run back to her and eat her pussy and kiss her and apologize for being late and tell her I won't go out without her permission any more. Because I am a GOD DAMNED LESBIAN.

    I fucking moved in with her and she wants a fucking wedding with me. When my father finds out I am a God Damned Queer Lesbian he is going to have a heart attack.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 22

    Ok so I'm a 22 year old guy and I live with my 21 year old girlfriend. My girlfriends older sister lives a few doors away and she has a 13 year old daughter. For the last six months or so the daughter (beccy) has been spending a lot of time round our the point where everyone has started saying that they think beccy has a slight crush on me. I usually laugh it off but she's really starting to push the bounderies now. She's constantly looking at me and a few times I've caught her looking directly at my trouser area. When I've caught her she looks me in the eye and gives me the biggest smile.

    Now I'm a red blooded male and I've stared to take notice of the way she acts around me and the way she looks at me. She's very slim but from the clothes she's wearing I can see just how much she's developed. Let me say right now though,I'm very happy with my girlfriend and I'm also not stupid enough to do anything with beccy but OMG she's testing me and teasing me so much now.

    The other day she was doing showing me some of her ballet and dance MOVES and she was deliberately bending over in front of me with her cute little ass inches away from my face. After a while she came and sat on my knee. Then she did something that totally shocked me. She said that my knee was too boney and took my hand and placed it on my leg palm up then sat back down on my hand.

    My hand was now cupping her pussy. For a few seconds I left it there, more in shock than anything else. I then pulled my hand out but she looked at me with sad eyes and told me to leave it there. I didn't...

    A few days later she walked in our house. I think she knew I was alone. She asked if she could use our shower because hers wasn't working. I said no and she should wait till my girlfriend is home as it's not really right.

    She went back to her house, I don't know what she said to her mum but a few minutes later I get a call from her mum asking if I mind if beccy uses our shower as she's going over to her friends later and that their shower don't work so I agreed.

    So there we are. Our shower is downstairs, I was in the kitchen getting a coffee and beccy comes out the shower wearing one of my tee shirts she had found in there. She asked me how to run the shower so I went to walk in to show her when she bends down in front of me and shows me her bare ass and pussy.

    I pretended that I hadn't seen anything but I think that pushed her further cos then she turned round and pulled my tee shirt off and stood naked in front of me. I was instantly turned on and she quickly noticed.

    I led her into the shower and jokingly said that she shouldn't be doing that and told her to get on with her shower. I shut the door and walked away. After a while I heard her leave the shower. She called my name and I turned round. Again she stood naked in front of me but this time she threw her arms round my neck, pressed her beautiful young naked body against me and asked me right there if I would like to lick her freshly washed pussy and then she would suck my obviously wanting cock.

    I looked at her put a towel round her and asked her to get dressed. But OMG how much have I dreamt about sliding my cock in that sweet looking pussy. How the hell I've kept the strength to resist her is amazing. My only worry is what she might try next. And how and if I should tell her mum..

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    Its amazing how my wife taught me to appreciate her. For a long time, we have loved each other but only got involved in very "normal" sexual activity. She has tried to persuade me to go down on her but I have resisted because her panties are often stained, wet or a bit of both.
    A few months ago, I walked into the bedroom after my bath and she pulled me to her on the bed where we kissed, cuddled and fooled around. She turned around and sat on my chest with her dress up around her waist. She asked what I thought of her new panties. They were beautiful white tie-side panties, made from soft silk and lace. She pulled the little ribbons at each side, knelt up and pulled them off.
    Then, she shuffled backwards and stretched her legs backwards. Her pussy was only a short distance from my nose. I decided to roll her over but her thighs had my arms pinned. She shuffled backwards. I tried to find something to push against with my feet but soon realised she had me pinned to the bed. I was really embarrassed and the more I struggled and kicked, the more helpless I felt. Then, I felt the soft silk and lace on me. While she had me trapped, she was dressing me in her lacy panties.
    I struggled and kicked and my moaning was soon stifled by having her pussy lips in my mouth! She had that strong musty smell and tasted slightly sweaty, slightly of pee and was wet and sticky. I felt her tie the panty ribbons and rub me through the soft silk. The soft feel of the silk and the pretty lace on my legs made me feel effeminate and as she continued, the taste of her pussy became diluted and more acceptable. She soon had an orgasm and so did I.

    Psychologically , being dressed in panties mixes my mind. I feel like a raging bull because of the softness and the prettiness of the panties, but because my first time, being forced into panties, I also felt like a helpless little girl. But now that she knows that she is able to take charge and I know she is able to pin me down and panty me when she wishes, I have learnt to be obedient. When I enter the room at bath time since that episode, she sits smiling with panties in her lap ready and waiting. Once she has put the panties on me, my attitude changes, she lifts her dress and puts me down to suckle her pussy for as long as she wants to.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 46

    I don't know what category this would fall under exactly, but I guess I just want to make a statement. I'm probably as big of a pervert as the next guy, but what the fuck is up with all of these fuckin' child m****ters on this site. I mean there are women who will dress up, and act like little girls. I'm sure there are some who will wear a diaper, and piss themselves for you. So why the fuck are these assholes fucking little girls. I mean there are young WOMEN 18 and up, who are willing to do fucked up perverted shit. But at least they are of age. I like younger WOMEN as much as the next guy, but LITTLE GIRLS? You fuckin' assholes need to seek counseling. Personally I would like to capture you dick heads, and torture you. S-L-O-W-L-Y, to death. As fucked up as I may be, I would NEVER harm an innocent child. I love children, and anyone who would harm a child is lower than whale shit! And I would gladly FUCKIN' KILL, anyone who would rob a child of their innocence. Now all of you fuckin' assholes can leave comments about my post. But if you think i9ts OK to fuck little girls, I would gladly meet up with you to settle this matter!!!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    This happened back when I was 16 years old.

    My mother was going out with a few of her girlfriends for a girls night out. When she came home she was really drunk and so was one of her friends she came home with. They both crashed out pretty quick. Her friend was in our guest room and she didn't even close the door or turn off the lights. On the chair in the room was her dress, bra, stockings and panties. I now knew she was under the covers wearing nothing and thought it would be nice to see her but knew if I took a peek and got caught she would kill me. She was face down when I first came in but rolled over on her back which caused the covers to come down a little exposing one of her breasts. This wanted me to see more and I began to pull the covers down a little more until both her breasts were exposed. She didn't move at all and I wanted to pull the covers further down but knew it was too risky but I had an idea. I called to her asking if she wanted the lights off a few times and she didn't respond at all. I then pulled the covers right down and was looking at her naked body. I pulled out my iPhone and took a few pictures. I called to her again and she was still out like a light. I positioned her legs for a better view of her pussy and she didn't even budge. I took a few more pictures and then decided to get a few close up shots of her. With her legs spread I pulled her lips apart and took shots of her pussy and her clit. I was tempted to do more but figured I had done enough so I pulled the covers back up, turned off the lights and closed the door. In the morning there was my mother and her friend having coffee in the kitchen. I come in wearing just my underwear and her friend mentions I may want to cover. My mother mentions I usually walk around like this in the morning and sometimes wear even less. Her friend says she could never walk around in just her underwear or less even if she was at home alone and added it would be too embarrassing if she ever got caught that way. I just chuckled to myself thinking that she didn't know what I did last night. My mother asked her if that meant she never slept naked. Her friend said she doesn't and my mother apologized for undressing her when she put her to bed. Her friend said under the circumstances she understood and was wondering why she woke up naked. My mother went on to say she was really drunk and figured there wasn't much of an option. Her friend again said she understood but admitted she still felt embarrassed and uncomfortable that even my mother saw her naked. I realized that it must have been my mother who left the lights on and door open and I felt a little guilty. I guess I wasn't too guilty because I kept the pictures and used them for my own personal use. It was a turn on every time I saw her because I had seen parts of her that she never knew I did.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    Hello, this is all true and just started about two days ago. I am being watched as I type this. My daughter just had a baby two months ago and her tits have gotten huge. I have started thinking about her tits non stop and get so horny I have to jack off. I have also started looking at lactating tits on the web. and thinking about how hot it would be to suck on my daughters huge tits and fuck them maybe even slap them a little. One day I was in my office at home and my son in law came over and I did not hear him come in the house as I was watching a nice set of tits being tied and slapped while I was jacking off. he came into my office and caught me jacking I almost passed out. he saw what I was watching and he knew right away what I was thinking but he ask anyway. "are you thinking about -----
    tits ? I told him no I just like looking at huge tits. he got all rough sounding and told me to get up so he could sit at my p.c. so I got up and he checked my history only to find my daughters name there. I wanted to see if any one has posted some nudes of her. He then told me I was sick and that he was going to tell my wife and daughter about all this. So I ask him what it would take to keep him quite. He told me he had to tell them because I need help. I started to beg him not to tell and said I would give him money or anything he wanted. That's when I got a shock he said my daughter would not give him head. so he said he wanted me to suck him off. I tried to talk him into some other deal but he said no that's what I want or I tell. so I told him to stay in my chair and I got on my knees and helped him get his jeans off. his cock was soft but maybe 4in. I just looked at his cock and him and ask if he was for real he slapped my face and told me to get sucking. so I started stroking his cock and licking the head he told me to suck it so I took it in my mouth and he started fucking my face. his cock got hard really fast. it was about 6.2/6.5 in. when he was hard. he told me he was going to cum and that I needed to drink his cum down ALL OF IT. as he started to cum he held me in place so I had to drink it all. he filled my mouth up and I drank it as he was pumping more in me. after he was drained and soft he let me up only to inform me that he had videoed some of his cocksucking father in law taking his cock. I have sucked him off a number of times since then and he said I will keep sucking his cock or he will tell my wife and daughter and show them the video and post it on line. I don't know how this will turn out but I am starting to like the way he forces me to serve him. it has me thinking of even kinkyer things. that I would love for him to make me do. I guess we will see what happens.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    My daughter's friend spent the night last weekend. And after two years of flirting, joking, making dirty comments, and going back and forth, I fucked her in my bathroom.

    You can say what you want about a girl in her teens, and the fact I'm in my 40's. I really don't care. She'd been with a couple of other guys, so she had "experience", and knew what she was doing. We talked before the actual act itself happened, and yes, I took a risk by not using protection, considering I knew she'd been with others. But I've always been tested, and have always been clean. And I know she's not into having kids or doing anything stupid.

    But in truth, the sex was the most amazing, raw and physical I'd had in years. She has an amazing fucking body. Skinny flat stomach, 36 D boobs, big and round and firm, and sexy nipples that I sucked on for what seemed to be like an hour. Kissed all over her naked body, and God, I was so fucking hard eating her pussy out. She's got the thickest blonde pubic hair that I've ever seen. It covers her entire pussy, and I ate it, licked it, played with it, and I stuck my face in it for the longest time. Longer than I think I've eaten pussy in years.

    When I stuck my dick in her, I swear to God I could have cum immediately. I held off. I wanted to make it last as long as possible, and initially, I had plans to pull out when I was going to cum. It didn't happen. She pulled me up against her, and her pussy lips wrapped my dick so tight that when I exploded, I thought I was going to scream. It felt like I came for an hour.

    When I got done, I literally just fell on top of her, and laid there for a second. My dick was limp inside her, and I didn't want to move. We were laying there kissing, and she finally laughed, and whispered, I gotta get upstairs before they catch me.

    When she stood up, we had a towel under us on the floor, and this big huge gob of cum plopped out of her pussy. She looked at me, and looked at me, and said "Holy shit" and we both laughed. She got dressed, I did, and she went up. Hung out the rest of the following day, and she went home.

    We sent a couple of friendly text messages back and forth as we typically do. We're friends outside of being friends of my daughter and although my wife doesn't like it, I've just done what I've done. I have my friends, and just ignore the bitching.

    Earl ier this afternoon, she sent me a message, and asked me what I was doing. I told her at home chilling. She asked if I wanted to pick her up and we'd go see a movie, head out of town, or go to the mall or something (we've done this in the past. Even though she's the same age as my daughter, and I'm old enough to be her dad, we've never let it bother us. We get along good, so we have fun). I told her yeah. And then she asked where everyone was. I told her. My wife was at work, and both kids spending the night with friends. She text messaged me back, and said "well, nobody is here, you can get me anytime"

    I headed over there about a half hour later, and she said to me, "want to go to your house? If nobody will show up unannounced?" and I said they wouldn't. Told her I knew for sure that I'd be solo all evening. So we headed back to my house.

    I don't think we were in the door 5 minutes, when she came up to me, and kissed me. We started making out right there in the living room, and my dick got so fucking hard I couldn't control it. I finally stepped back and said to her, "God Emily. I want to fuck you so bad. Last weekend? Shit. That was amazing" and she looked at me and laughed. I said to her, "what's so funny?" and she told me. She said "well, the entire next day, your jizz was dripping out of my pussy. I had to keep wiping". That was so fucking intensely hot. I just looked at her, and said "God. That's fucking sexy"

    It took all of about 2 minutes to get her naked. I took my shit off, and she said "I'm gonna do something for you" and shit if she didn't get on her knees and suck my dick right there in my living room. I felt it get intensely hard, and she kept going. Then she pushed me back on the floor. I was laying on my back. She climbed on, and I said "what are you doing?" and she giggled, and said "what's it look like". She took my dick in her hand, and slid it inside her pussy. She was soaking wet. And I mean totally drenched. When it went inside her, I heard her gasp, and I said "Holy shit. You're like totally soaked" and she gasped, and said "Fuck. And I'm gonna cum" and I felt it. Her pussy wrapped my dick, pulled me, and she started gasping, panting, moaning and shaking.

    I don't think I've made a girl cum that quick in my life. She was just laying there, her boobs hanging over me, and I was so fucking hard. I started sucking on her hard nipples, cupping her boobs, and my dick got harder inside her. I kept going at it, and I heard her gasp again, and say "OH FUCK" and then she says "God. I'm gonna fucking cum again" and I felt it. Just squirted all over my dick. I was so hard inside her and she was pushing so hard against me.

    As she straddled me, rocking her hips, I started moving back and forth. Grabbed her skinny little ass, and I shoved my dick as hard up inside her as I could. And she started panting and breathing really heavy. I was amazed. I looked at her, and said "holy jesus, are you gonna cum again?' and I saw her go "OH GOD. Yeah" and I just said "I'm gonna blow inside you when you do it" and she started moaning.

    I thrust. And I heard her go "OH SHIT" and I came. I felt my dick just explode. It started erupting inside her. Squirt. Squirt. Gasp. Squirt.

    The sex lasted about 25-30 minutes. But I don't think I've had a girl cum that hard in my life. No oral sex. just sucking on her boobs. Sucking on her nipples. And fucking her with my dick. I didn't even finger her this time.

    After laying there for a bit, she says to me with a laugh, "I think I need a shower. I have a change of clothes" so I said sure. We headed into the bathroom, I got the water ready, and I saw her standing there naked. I'm staring at her little ass, and God, i started to feel my dick get hard.

    As she climbed into the shower, I said "want some company?" and she giggled and asid yeah. So I get in there, and we start soaping each other up. I have her boobs all soaped up, her little flat stomach, her pussy hair, and I'm soaping her legs. I'm so fucking hard by now, she's just standing there, and starts soaping my dick. She's rubbing it softly, and I finally gasped, and said "Fuck. If you keep doing that, you're gonna make me cum" and she smiled and said good.

    It took her stroking, and kissing me about 3 minutes, and I squirted cum all over her hand, all over her stomach, all over her pussy bush, and all over her hands. She kept going until I was trembling, and my dick went limp. She stood there, kissing on me, her tongue in my mouth, and said with a smile, "best fuck I've ever had. You're incredible" and I just laughed and said thanks.

    We got dressed. Were hanging out in the living room for a bit, and watching TV. Got a snack. Sitting there talking. And she asked me about hanging out. I told her I always like hanging out with her. Even before we started doing this. She said she liked it, and always had fun with me. And wanted to know if we could do this regularly. I looked at her, and said "what? This?" and she laughed, and said "hang out. And well, this too yeah"

    About a half hour later, I was hesitant, felt kind of nervous, I have no idea why, considering all the shit we've done, but looked at her, and said "Question?" and she said sure.

    I said with kind of a laugh, "Want to fuck again?" She looked at me, laughed, and said "No disrespect. But I'd always heard, you know, guys when they get older" and I just said "well, I'm hard again. If you wanted to know. And yeah. I can do it again" and she looked at me, and said "Fuck Yes. I loved every goddamn thing you did before. So yes"

    The third session of sex lasted a long time. In quite honesty, I couldn't cum. She'd pretty much emptied out my dick in the last two sessions. So we kept going at it, and going at it. And I kept fucking her. We did like 5 or 6 different positions before I knew I was going to do it. And I finally said "Want me to?" and she gasped, and said "God yes. My pussy hurts. I've never had a guy fuck me like this" so I squirted. It wasn't much. But I knew I'd cum the last bit I could. And even when I was done? My dick was still semi hard when I pulled out of her.

    We laid there, and finally got dressed. Talked for the longest time, and she kissed me on the mouth when I dropped her off, and said with a smile "Can't wait to do this more"

    Honestly? Regardless of age, she's the best fuck I've ever had. Ever.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 31

    I didn't know if this should be put under this category or "My Family"

    I was at my mother in laws helping her move a few things. My back became a little stiff and she had me lie down, pulled off my shirt and began to massage me. At one point she stopped and had me remove my shoes. She then took my socks off. After a few more minutes of massaging me she I felt my pants and underwear coming down. She told me she had to get at some lower back muscles that were still covered. My ass was half exposed to her and she went back to massaging me. She adjusted my pants again while continuing to massage me. Soon my pants and underwear were at my knees and my ass was fully exposed to her. She mentioned she was going to massage my legs too and with that off came my pants and underwear. I was fully nude, and not knowing how to handle the situation, I just let her continue. She then grabbed one of my legs and put it on shoulder and massaged it. Doing this had me rolled sideways slightly and I knew she was seeing my cock and balls. I wondered if she did this deliberately and soon found out she did. Her hands were rubbing over parts of me they shouldn't be but instead of saying anything I thought it be best to say nothing. Then she had me roll over on my back and I was fully exposed to her. I had an erection which she stared at and then told me this part of the massage can be awkward the first time we do it. I thought she was referring to see me naked and with an erection for the very first time but I was wrong. She stood up and began to remove her clothes leaving just her bra on. She got on top of me and placed my erection inside her. My mother in law had taken this further than I had ever imagined and I was in shock. She had me reach around her and unhook her bra. Her large breasts fell into my face and I instinctively began sucking on her nipples. I was getting more aroused and maybe getting into it more than I should have because I rolled us over so I was on top and her on the bottom. I began thrusting into her and pounding her hard. It felt like no other woman I had fucked before. We both climaxed and my MIL asked if I was always this energetic. I told her not really but it felt really different with her and she asked how. I told her she was the first woman I ever had sex with without a condom and the sensations were amazing. She said we couldn't tell anyone about this but added that it didn't mean it couldn't happened again. It has happened again and my wife is totally oblivious to it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 23

    This isn't really all that strange, I suppose; but I really, really, really enjoy lightly biting at the thighs of dark skinned black women.

    They are so gorgeous, and their skin is so smooth and rich. I don't know why, but I can get immense satisfaction from chewing on their thighs and licking the parts that lie between them, and sometimes I crave that oral play more than regular sex.

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