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  • — Men Only —
    Transsexual Female / 19

    Is it weird that I want to suck my girlfriend's breasts all the time? I mean, even when I'm not wanting anything sexual in return? I feel like I could spend hours just sucking on her breasts. She lets me do it from time to time, but it really doesn't last long since she has things to do. She usually doesn't mind it, but I still feel weird how much I want to do it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have to admit that I am having sex on a daily basis with my son and I can't resist it
    I think I am addicted to his cock

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 44

    My 22 year old son came home after his divorce to live with me I have been single for the last 4 years and needed the company.
    He wasn't there long before he started peeking at me dressing and walking into the bathroom when I was in the shower. I had a hard time believing that my son would do such a thing he was always such a good boy.
    One night I was in the living room and he called to me and I turned my head to look at him and he was standing in the hall nude and his cock was hard and sticking out at me I turned away and told him to get dressed.
    A couple of nights latter I was in the bathroom on the pot and he came walking in nude and came right up to me and pointed his cock at me. I told him to get out I was busy. He turned and left I was having a problem with him doing this so I talked to my girlfriend about it and the first thing she asked how big is he. I told her you are no help I hate to tell him to leave, but I don't know what to do.
    She said the next time he does it ask him what he wants and see what he says.
    Two days later I was in the bathroom and he walked in on me and came right over with his cock out. What do you want me to do with that thing I asked him.
    He said I remember how you used to suck Dads cock for him how about sucking mine.
    I was married to him I am not married to you I told him.
    He moved closer and put his cock against my mouth when I said stop he shoved it into my mouth.
    He grabbed my hair and said start sucking my cock right now.
    For the first time in my life I was afraid of my son.
    I started sucking his cock and he let go of my hair and said suck it all the way down your throat.
    I sucked as much as I could into my mouth and he said suck my balls.
    I began sucking his balls and then went back to his cock.
    I want to come in your mouth and you swallow all of it you got it he yelled.
    I didn't stop to talk I just keep sucking him wanting him to come.
    Get up and bend over so I can fuck you he said.
    I took his cock out of my mouth and told him I didn't want him to do that to me.
    He slapped my face and told me to bend over and spread my legs.
    I was afraid he would hit me again so I bent over and opened my pussy for him.
    His cock was wet and he began pushing it into me open that fuck hole he yelled at me.
    He keep fucking me and talking dirty then he asked if I liked it I was afraid not to tell him how good it made me feel and how big he was.
    I was thinking I should shove it up your ass he said.
    No please don't do that it feels to good right where it is I lied to him.
    I had not had sex in a long time and I was tight and he just rammed his cock in there.
    He pulled his cock out of me and said turn around and sit, I did and he put his cock into my mouth and said suck that pussy juice i'm going to come in your mouth. With in the next minute he started cumming in my mouth his cock was almost down my throat as he pumped his juice in me. I started to gag he shot so much, but I was afraid to stop sucking him off. I swallow every drop and still keep sucking on him as he got soft I had his whole cock in my mouth.
    He said when I get up from my nap i'm going to give you a good fucking in that tight hole of yours.

    When he laid down I called my girlfriend and she came over with her husband and his brother and they kicked his ass out of my house and told him if he came back he would go to jail.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 25

    I know a lot of you will laugh or have something negative to say, frankly you can say whatever you need to. All I know I'm having great sex and that's all that matters to me.

    Her name is Sandy and she is sixty years old. She looks every bit a grandmother but she is still a very attractive looking grandmother. No she doesn't have the hour glass figure but she is far from being fat! She has some lines, a few wrinkles, but her face is still lovely.

    We met by chance at my nephew's wedding last year. After hanging with the family I suddenly found myself talking with a group of people that knew my nephew. There was a woman, which was Sandy, we just hit it off from the start. We started talking about movies, she loves horror movies as much as I. She loved to dance, she liked all kinds of music. Her husband passed away a few years ago, she hadn't dated anyone.

    I don't know why but I asked Sandy if she would be interested in seeing a horror movie that was about to come out. I hated going to the movies alone, and she actually said she would love to go.

    From that night, Sandy and I became friends. I took her to the movies, sometimes dinner, and we even went dancing a few times. She even wore heels when we went dancing, and knew how to work her body on the dance floor.

    Basically we were dating, even though neither of us considered it that way. I was busy with work and trying to date anyone never worked out because of my schedule. Sandy didn't seem to mind. When I had a chance to go out I would call her and she was ready for anything if she had enough time to get ready.

    Sandy always looked great wherever we went, she would dress up just to go get a burger. She had her makeup and hair done nicely, her red nails always manicured. Sometimes I would change plans because she looked too damn nice to go to McDonald's.

    Valentines Day came and I took Sandy a dozen roses just to be nice, she mentioned her husband would always get them for her on Valentines Day. I called her to say I was on the way over but not why I was coming over.

    When I got to her house Sandy looked like she was ready to go out, her makeup was fresh and she had this very sexy dress on with heels. I gave her the flowers and she practically pulled me inside. Sandy loved the flowers and she put them in a vase right away.

    I was about to leave when Sandy brought her red lips to mine and kissed me. That was the first time she kissed me on the mouth. She would always kiss me on the cheek when we got to her house after being out, when I got ready to leave.

    Her mouth lingered, it wasn't a peck on the lips by any means. I opened my mouth a little, her tongue pushed into my mouth quickly. Suddenly we embraced and our mouths were sealed in a passionate kiss. I could taste her lipstick, Sandy kissed me deeply, The woman knew how to kiss, and suddenly I felt that tingle between my legs.

    I pulled Sandy against me and kissed her almost brutally. She just melted into my arms and my cock was rock hard within minutes. I had never thought about having sex with Sandy until this moment, I know she could feel my hard cock through my jeans.

    Sandy pulled away and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. We were on the bed and I was all over her within moments. I kissed her and fondled her ample breasts through her dress and she squirmed under me.

    Suddenly Sandy froze and started to push me away. It was if she thought she was doing something wrong. It wasn't me it was the idea of me seeing her naked, she didn't want me to see her older body. Honestly I wasn't going to worry about it, I tried telling her that I didn't care. She wouldn't relent and I slid off the bed with a raging hard on from hell.

    Sandy apologized over and over, she could see my excitement in my jeans. I left a short time later and went back home. It was about 10pm and I was considering going to bed. There was a knock on my door suddenly and I peeked out to see Sandy standing outside on the porch.

    I opened the door to see Sandy standing there in a fur coat. Well the weather was pretty chilly but a fur coat seemed a bit much. Sandy asked to come in and she pushed by quickly and I closed the door. Sandy walked to the sofa and put her purse down. She stood there, a lot of makeup on for this time of night.

    I started to walk to her but she put her hand out and asking me to stand where I was. Sandy had her hands at the front of her fur coat, she seemed to be distressed in some way. I was about to say something when Sandy opened the front of her fur coat.

    My mouth dropped open when I saw what she was wearing. A black sheer semi see through lingerie outfit. A black bustier with matching panties, garter belt, stockings, and patent high heels. She was embarrassed, I could see her expression. She stood there with her eyes closed, afraid to look at me.

    I walked over to Sandy and pulled her against me, her fur coat tickled my arms. We just stood there for several minutes, neither of us saying anything. I pushed her back gently, taking her hand and walking to my bedroom.

    We stood by my bed, Sandy wouldn't look at me in the eye yet. I found some candles and lit them nearby. I walked back to Sandy and put my hands on her shoulders. I didn't say a word I slid the fur off her shoulders. The weight of the coat slipped down her arms and silently landed on the floor at her heels.

    The only thing I knew to do was to lift her chin upwards and kiss her, just the way she kissed me earlier that day. At first her arms hung at her sides, her tongue barely moved at all. But I didn't give up and soon there was a movement, her mouth began to respond. Sandy was kissing me back now, her arms came around my neck a moment later.

    Within a few moments we were kissing like lovers do. Sandy's mouth pressed against mine hard and I tasted her red lipstick once more. We stood there by the bed and kissed until Sandy could barely stand in her sexy heels.

    I laid Sandy on the bed, just like before in her bed, my hands on her breasts as we kissed passionately. Sandy didn't stop me now as I pulled the bustier down, exposing her ample breasts. I kissed her nipples and Sandy moaned loudly with pleasure. I spent time on her breasts after I managed to undo the bustier. I licked and nibbled her nipples, she squirmed with delight.

    My mouth trailing down her stomach, finding the flesh above her stocking legs. I licked them too, Sandy's voice urging me not to stop. Her sexy french style panties were the only thing between my tongue and her pussy. I pulled them aside and was shocked to find she was shaven clean.

    I was in total shock when I put my mouth to her pussy, Sandy was soaking fucking wet! I had heard older women were dry, not Sandy! I could have put my hard cock into her pussy and never used a drop of lube.

    I licked and sucked on Sandy's pussy, she was almost screaming from excitement. Sandy climaxed, her hips bucked wildly as she came, she dug her red nails into my neck and shoulders. I didn't stop, I made her cum again, and then one more time. She came like it was her first orgasm, I found her clit as hard as my cock. I sucked on it, bit it gently, Sandy climaxed again. Her nails raking my shoulders deeply, I kept licking and Sandy just kept on cumming. By the time Sandy pushed me away, I had made her climax seven times, she was still soaking wet.

    I wasn't able to control myself any longer, I slid off the bed and ripped off my jeans and got between Sandy's legs. My cock was dripping precum already as I pushed Sandy's stocking legs apart. She was wearing strappy sandals, I wasn't going to take my time to remove them.

    I pulled her panties off and knelt between her legs and shoved my engorged cock inside of Sandy's pussy. A single thrust and I was balls deep inside of Sandy. She cried out loudly and gripped my arms as I began to fuck her.

    I tried to go slowly, that didn't last long. I began to fuck Sandy and she clawed me savagely and I was so fucking turned on I knew I wasn't going to last very long. I fucked her pussy as hard as I could, slamming into her pussy. Sandy's voice urged me on, begging me to fuck her.

    It was too late to even think about wearing a condom, I felt my cock explode deep inside of Sandy. She felt my cum and her eyes opened wide and she climaxed again, both of our voices echoing off the bedroom walls. I kept fucking her until every drop was spent inside of Sandy.

    I collapsed on top of her, my bare chest against her breasts. She wrapped her arms and legs around my tightly as if not to let me go. She feel asleep soon after, I wasn't far behind either. She spent the night, we had sex again in the morning. It was just as intense as it had been a few hours earlier.

    Since then we have been having sex three to four times a week, not sure who cannot get enough of each other. Sandy loves to play games, especially role play. We have dabbled in a bit of bondage play as well, the sex is hot and never dull.

    I always dreamed of having a woman like Sandy, I will admit I thought about it being with a younger woman. We just got back from a cruise, a few remarks were made about Sandy and I being mother and son, lol. Sandy just tells whoever asks that we are lovers, you should see their faces. We enjoyed the cruise, we enjoyed fucking on the cruise mostly.

    It's something that just happened between us. Not sure where this will go, neither of us looking past today and the sex we are going to enjoy in the meantime.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Well this all started when I was 16 years old living with my dad who was seldom at home for he worked 2 jobs and slept with his girl friend leaving me home to tend for myself and no one to talk with.
    Lived in a small house boat on Lake Union in Seattle and two older men moved into the vacant house across the dock where I lived and right away one Morris started in talking with me asking me where my dad was and I told him I haven't seen him for 3 weeks and I told him I needed to get home and patch a hole in the roof where someone thru a rock off the Aurora Bridge and crashed right on our roof knocking a 8 inch hole plumb thru landing on my bed, luckily that night I slept on the floor watching the little TV I had.

    Morris seeme3d really nice and I began talking with him asking him questions that I should have with my dad, then one afternoon as I was walking down the dock heading home a big boat went by really sturing up a large wake knocking me off the narrow walkway into the water pinning me between the two logs. I tried to get out on my own but the logs were to slippery and somehow I hurt my back and then I saw Morris standing and talking with another neighbor and I hollered at Morr4is to come and help me out which he did and he saw where my back had been scrapped by probably one of the logs and he asked what happened and I told him about the big boat and he said yea at times they even rock our house and asked me to come over and he'd clean and dress my wound so I did.

    Morris told me to go in and take a bath to get the lake water off of me and he handed me one of his bath robes and asked if I needed help washing my back and again accepted his offer. I got into the tub and really started to relax standing getting all soaped up I called out to Morris to come in and he did and he went right to washing my back then one hand took hold of my semi ridged cock and began sliding himself up and down like he was jerking me off but it sure felt different than when I did it and I got hard harder than I think I ever had before and I moaned then he asked if I lied and I didn't answer for awhile and he asked again and I said yes then he turned me to face him and he kissed me. Holding me against him I could feel his cock growing and before ling I was stroking him as he did me and that was the first time I ever came and god did I ever all over him. Morris took a bit of my cum and tasted it telling me I tasted really good and next time he was going to gobble me up and I kinda laughed it off.
    Well he rinsed me off taking a towel dried me off and told me to go lay on his bed and he'd dress my would, God I almost forgot about that but it still hurt bad and kinda burned.

    I layed down on his bed he came in still nude from getting out of his cum soaked clothes and dressed my wound telling me he was going to rub me down for I was so tight and he started and I fell asleep.

    Three3 hours later I awoke and Morris was holding me to him up against my back and his hard cock was in my ass and he was fucking me slow and deep and I said Oh god Morry what are you doing he told me kissing my neck to relax and enjoy, Oh Jesus Morry damn just then he came in me and every squirt I felt and his warm cum felt good and I told him so my breather became hard and deep and he continued to fuck me telling me I had the tightest ass and he loved it and then he told me he's fallen in love with me and I said yea my ass.

    We must have laid together for four hours and during that time he fucked me three more times and he told me that his friend would be home soon and if I wanted to get dressed I could, but there was no need to. at that point I was laying on top of Morry and he was kissing my neck which I totally love and holding me tight against him then he started in talking about Tim his partner as he called him and telling me4 he has a much bigger cock and asked if I'd like it to kissing me several times and I answered lightly yesssss. About that time there he stood naked and showing me his hard cock a good 10 inches and quite thick compared to Morris and he got over the top of me and started in rubbing himself against my ass, I was well lubed form Morris's cum and he pushed the head of his cock into me making me grunt and just held himself telling me I was one tight kid and pushed more into me then all of him and he started in fucking me slow and deep pushing all of himself into me and in no time he filled me with his hot cum and I said oh god you feel so good giving me your cum he kissed my neck sucking on it telling me I could have him any time I wanted him and I told him and Morris that they could have me any time they wanted me for as long as they liked then they both asked me to spend the night with them. I did and they both fucked me several times and Tim's cock I fell in love with especially the seven strands of hot cum he'd pump into me.

    Thee next day was Saturday and I knew dad would be home around 12 and I told them that and I also told them I'd return right after he left they both kissed me and Morris took one of my nipples between his lips began sucking, nibbling and I told him he'd better stop that's when he sucked rather hard pulling most of my budding man breasts into his mouth and his toung stared in teasing my hard nipple and I started in moaning again and my cock grew and became hard and Tim took it into his mouth sucking me making me cum again and it was nothing like theirs.

    For five years I became theirs to do with what ever they wanted to for I loved it all including setting me up with others and they all had their way with me time and time again.EjErgoQ

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45


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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I want to find another man who lives close to me who wants to wear panties with me. Seeing a nice cock bulging in some sexy panties (limp or hard) drives me crazy! A cock bulging in panties makes my mouth water. I always get sooo turned on and sooo horny whenever I wear panties. I'd love to find another panty wearing man close by to get together with at his place on a very regular basis. Playing with other as we're both wearing panties all day long. Taking turns reaching into each other's panties, giving each other slow and intense handjobs making each other soak our panties. Taking turns teasing each other's cock with our finger tips. Watching and feeling each other's cock growing harder and harder in our panties. Then slowly pull each other's panties down and sensually suck each other off. Take turns fucking each other while both of us are wearing our panties. Modeling our panties for each other, playing with each other all day long! Changing panties and make each other cum hard over and over, again and again all day long! Now if I could only find someone...

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    When I was 11 I used to suck my cousins dick! He loved it!! And every so often he would suck mine! We did until we were about 12!We both loved it!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    My boy friend introduced me to outdoor sex. I had never been naked outside and much less having sex out in the open in broad day light. Every time he asked me to do it I would tell him "I'll think about it" I had to admit the idea of being nude, having steamy sex under the trees and sky was kind of a turn on. I wanted to do it but scared to say yes. He brought it up once in while and got me to say yes over a few drinks. I was drunk and having sex with him but aware of what I said. That weekend we drove to the country; a sort of small national park with dirt trails lined up with scatterd pick nick tables. He had asked me to wear one of my short skirts tied around my neck with nothing underneith. Just the feeling of being naked under that skimpy dress and what we were about to do, was making my pussy wet. I remember walking far enough up the trail and stopping on one of the pick nick tables. We began kiszing, he was hard, I was dripping wet and just a soft tug at the strings around my neck sent my skimpy dress sliding to the ground. It was a jolt to sendently find myself stark naked in the middle of a public trail. I remember sitting on that wooded table, he on the bench between my legs diving his tongue into my pussy and getting so aroused I couldn't open my legs wide enough. I was so hot and horny being seen naked was the least of my worries. He turned me over fucked me doggy style and then knelt and sucke him off. I sucked that dick like a whore and loved it. It was then when he zipped up his pants, picked my skirt up and told me "I'll wait for you in the parking lot" He made me walk after him naked down the trail as a joke, but the joke backfired when two couples appeared around the bend. I remember they went bye me saying "nice pussy" and wanted the earth to swallow me. I know they checked me out from head to toe as walked passed me. So humiliated don't even remember when my boy friend slipped my dress over my head to cover me. I think I reached the parking lot in record time. If there was ever an embarrassing moment in my life that would be it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 48

    4 years ago I left my wife and family. It was a hard decision for me, but it was something I had to do.

    My wife and 3 daughters were and are a disrespectful and trifling bunch of women. So one day, I left them and moved on with my life. I was very content and was enjoying every aspect of my new life.
    18 months ago, my 24 year old daughter came knocking on my door and said she really needed to talk to me.
    I didn't hate any of them, but I didn't want to talk or deal with them at all anymore. But she insisted and I let her inside. She began to apologize for all the bullshit that she, her mother and sisters put me through over the years and placed most of the blame on her mother, who she said had constantly, every single day told her and her sisters various things about me that she and her sisters now realized were lies. They were wondering how I could afford a new house and cars and how I was able to maintain a lifestyle that was successful but yet,they were barely making it. They soon realized that everything their mother told them was a lie.
    And she told me that she wanted me back in her life and that she would make it up to me by being a great daughter. Well, I was not interested and told her that I really liked my freedom and didn't want to be around them anymore. She cried for a little bit and then got up to leave. About half way to the door, she stopped and turned around towards me and said, I love you and I disagreed with you most of my life, but I am ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy. I will not only be the model daughter that you want me to be, but I will also be your total servant and do anything and everything that you would want, I will be yours, mentally, sexually and physically. I was taken aback by this comment and she immediately dropped to her knees and began taking off her blouse and clothes. I was shocked! Never in a million years would I have thought she would say something like that.
    My sweat pants soon came down and my erect 5 inch penis soon was exposed.
    She grabbed it and slowly began to kiss and lick it, soon the warmth of her wet mouth began to engulf it,I was amazed at her skills and ability. I slowly began to pump into her mouth when she pulled back and told me to fuck her mouth and treat her like a slut. I grabbed the back of her head and started thrusting deep into her mouth at a furious pace. She placed her arms behind her back and she sucked like a vacuum, the slurping sounds she was making pushed me over the edge and I came fully into her mouth where she gleefully swallowed.

    She came by to see me every single day and I wanted more of her head game as well as every hole. In the beginning, it was like a grudge fuck. I would fuck her roughly and treat her like shit, I would even fuck her in the ass and make her suck me clean, but after about 3 months, I relented and started treating her like my daughter again, no revenge or grudge fucking, but still fucking her every day. After 5 months of continuing fucking and sucking, I let her move in with me. She has been here ever since and she is no longer a trifling woman. She cooks, cleans and does everything needed to maintain a house. I don't even have to ask for blowjobs, because she makes sure that I get at least 4 a day,even while I am driving. I love my daughter and I am happy that she came aknocking at my door.

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