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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I live at home with my folks. I've been bi since I was 13. I experimented with a friend of mine who wanted to try something, and I liked it. She liked it. We did stuff off and on for almost two years. I didn't even have an experience with a guy until I was almost 16. And that really sucked. We were fooling around one night, drinking with some friends, and we got into it pretty heavy. He didn't even as much as have his cock out, with me touching him a little bit, and he blew his load. It was really sad. He tried to tell me that he normally doesn't go that quick, but it was really sad because when we tried fooling around later, I couldn't get anything to happen. I found out later, he'd had that same thing happen like two other times with different girls. I think he's gonna have kind of a rough life unless he gets better.

    The funny thing, when I finally did end up doing it with a guy later that year, I was 16, almost 17, and I finally ended up with a guy that was about 5 years older than I was, he hesitated to do it, claiming he didn't want to get busted, and all that. It finally happened after making out a few times, a lot of playing around, and then getting really horny one night. It wasn't bad. It took a couple of tries to actually get where I liked doing it with a guy. I guess the girl experience was just a lot better.

    But here's what's funny. Last night, I was in my room, listening to some music, and I hear my dad in the other room. Him and my mom got divorced about a year ago, and he's been doing his thing off and on. I've seen him with different chicks, and he says they are just friends and he's friendly dating. I'm not dumb. He can do what he wants. At least he's not trying to find me another mom (I have one and we get along good). But his thing is, he's always said he gets lonely. I suppose I get it. He's a guy, he's like 40's, and he wants to make sure he's not going to be alone forever. And I know guys get horny, so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

    Funny thing is, I was curious last night, listening to him and one of his girlfriends. I live at home, go to college, have a pretty good social life, and yeah, I get horny. But I'm not into doing random guys. I don't want to end up with crap, and I don't want to get pregnant, so I watch what I do. I can't help but getting horny, so I take care of it most times myself with a couple of toys, and sometimes just myself.

    But when I heard them making noise, and laughing and giggling, and I heard him say that they have to be quiet, because they don't want me hearing what's going on (not like I can't already), I snuck into the other room, and got through into the bathroom. They have a window in the bathroom, and the door can stay shut, so nobody knows anyone is in the bathroom, and you can see right through the window. No, I'm not a pervert, but I'd never really checked out someone else doing each other. I figured it was kind of hot anyhow, because I like girls, and the one he brought home was pretty hot.

    When I looked through, I see him on his back, and she's blowing him. And I mean really getting into it. I'd never gone out of my way to check out my dad. That's just gross. But watching her? Wearing this cute pair of panties and no bra, all I could see was her boobs hanging over, and it got me hornier. She was going down on him pretty hard, so I kept watching. And the funny thing is, as he sits up, he's about ready to go, as I could hear him tell her. She just keeps going. He half sits up, and I'll be damned, I know he saw me, from the look on his face. He was looking right at me (I didn't know if you could see one way or another, or through both sides of the window), but he gets this really crazy look of shock on his face, and then by watching him, I could tell he was blowing his wad in her mouth. She kept going at it like a crazy porn star or something, and like a minute later, I watch him fall on his back. I"m in there, turned on, wet as hell, and then I see him say something to her, and she moves. He was getting up, so I got out of there, and headed into my room and closed the door.

    I figured it was over (come on, who's dad is gonna confront someone like that), but he knocks on the door. I don't hear or see her. I hear him. And I said come in. He comes in, and you could tell (it was funny) he's got his hair all messed up, and he's pulled on his clothes pretty quick. I just laid there smiling and said "yes?" and he looked at me. I could tell me didn't know what to say. I was ready to crack up. And he was just standing there. And finally said "do you think we should talk?" and I just outright asked him "well I don't know. Unless you want to talk about banging her. Was she good?" He just stood there, his face all red, blushing, and didn't say anything. He looked at me and said "I know you're old enough, and obviously without wanting to hear details, you have experience. But I just guess, yeah, I wasn't expecting that" and I had to answer honestly. I figure it might weird him out. But I just shrugged and said "I dunno. I was horny. I won't lie. I like girls. She's kind of hot. And I figure if anything, I was curious, so I thought I'd see what was going on". That stopped him. He said "excuse me? You like girls?" and I just shrugged again and said "yeah. I've had experience. I don't talk about it to you and mom, figure you don't wanna hear it. But yeah. I like and have been with girls" and he just stood there looking.

    I think I did it as a shock thing. I said "I'd do her too. She's hot. And she's definitely good in the sack". I think honestly it got him turned on. I was staring at him, kind of smirking, and looked, and it looked like he started getting hard. He just stared at me. Yeah, it's freaky thinking about checking out your dads junk, but I'd just seen his girlfriend or whatever she is get him to pop off in her mouth. He just shook his head, and said "I think we'll have to talk another time". I just smiled and said sure. And I said "better get back to her. I think after her doing you good, you owe her one". He turned around and stared at me, and just laughed. Laughed. Not kidding. He laughed. And walked out of the room. I'm sure to go fuck his little thing.

    Now I know it sounds kind of nasty and gross, but after watching that, I was really into it, and watching her and him go at it, I got intrigued, wondering what it would be like to tap his girlfriend, and maybe watch them fuck while we were in bed...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 27

    When I was at university, there was a black feminist society. I am a white male btw. I was convinced to go along by one of my feminist female friends (who was actually white) and as a total beta male, I went.
    I sat through all the socio-political chat and items up for discussion, noticing that there were some unbelievably hot black girls there. Loads, in fact.
    There were a small number of guys, including one or two white boys like me. I much later on that year learned that my friend had brought me along for a very specific reason. The girls at this society had an unofficial aim as part of their black feminist agenda- to get white boys to go down on them.
    They considered it an excellent way of establishing a measure of domination and humiliation over not just males, but white males. They apparently had a secret tally of their successes and even a collection bank of incriminating photos of boys they had used.
    Needless to say, they never allowed these boys to have sex with them or offer them any kind of pleasure in return. And although it was mainly cunnilingus they wanted, if they got a boy to lick their asses as well, that was considered the ultimate achievement.
    I was introduced to some of the girls in the society afterwards by my friend. They chatted me to death, mainly pressing their ideas of the power and beauty of black women and how shamefully white men had behaved to them in the past.
    In the end, a group of them who lived together asked me to come back to their house so they could teach me more about their views. They were very forceful and manipulative, and were visibly excited when I submissively agreed.
    Once back at these girls' house, they spent another hour lecturing me, getting gradually more insulting and derogatory towards me. Eventually, the leader of their group took my hand and led me upstairs telling me she was going to show me exactly why black girls are superior to white boys.
    Once in her room, she told me to strip, and kneel in front of her as she sat on the edge of her bed. I was a virgin still at this age, and I was a little scared but also very very turned on. She proceeded to make me lick her pussy for the rest of the night, and at some points her ass as well.
    I was regularly used by many of the girls at the society for the rest of my days at university, and I loved every waking moment of it. That pretty much started my life as a submissive to women.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 27

    I want to be kidnapped by a complete stranger (or strangers, doesnt matter how many) and used as an actual sex slave, not just for fun. I want to be held against my will(tied up, caged, etc.) and tortured. I don’t want this to be a fantasy any longer. As a lonely housewife I spend everyday playing out this fantasy and won’t feel satisfied until it becomes a reality. I want to see first hand how inhumane someone can treat me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    here is what is on my mind. i am not into fucking my mom. not into fucking kids, my sister, or letting another suck my dick, no way and what the fuck. i am into the pussy and only the pussy. pussy over the age of 21 to 100 of age. i think a lot of those stories are B.S and people dreams of what someone once to do. ask i get older i get more sexual boldness and go after what i want. pussy is pussy, black, whit and other women that fall in between. i love to suck the breast right off , enjoy eating a wet pussy from start to finish. love fucking slow and deep . yes ladies i take my time. to the younger men out there, take your time when fucking . don,t go on looks because you could be passing up a great some great pussy. since i was 21 or older i have fuck many women who aren't in the top 10. so what its the pussy i need and a good nut. let me name 3 females i knew. 1- Maryann. she was a total dick suck who would suck my dick each day, dam i miss those lips she was kind of chubby. 2- Susan was kind of thin but had great tits, she had the thing of having a tits orgasms when i would suck her tits. great fuck that would beg for some dick, she was fun looking. 3- Tina was a BBW she had a thing for putting ice cream around her pussy so i could lick it clean also love taking a bath together. now i look and would like to find a fuck friend in her 40,s or 50,s only time will tell. thanks for reading.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 49

    I'm a heterosexual male, happily married with a sister-in-law eleven years younger than I. Three years ago I had surgery to remove a cancerous growth on my kidney. That all went well and I have checked out clean since the surgery. as usual after surgery you have a lot of visitors that you don't really want to see. In my case it turned out different.

    My sister-in- law, Kersti, visited with her husband two days after undergoing the knife. That night I had the first of many dreams about fucking her. The sex was really hot and in every instance I fucked her c**t, ass and throat. Kersti had been an anal virgin up until then and also a very reluctant swallower of cum. In my dreams everything was a go.

    The dreams continued unabated even after I was discharged and no longer of drugs which might make me fantasize. The first sessions were in our bedroom which progressed to the back of my SUV because Kersti was a screamer when she was getting rammed. Her father was living with us at the time and while we fucked in the house when her sister was gone, her father was always there and a concern for overhearing our activities.

    These dreams continued for the better part of a year, four or five times a week and sometimes more than once a day. They were so vivid that I often awoke to check if she was in bed with me. I should mention that since the operation my wife and I slept in separate rooms. Most of the time I sweated through the sheets which were soaked with cum from our encounters.

    About a year and a half after my operation Kersti came to visit her father and stayed to chat afterwards, my wife not being at home. Lighthearted banter about nothing at all led me to confess my dreams to her. The "oh really " response was not what I expected. She asked me if I would make her a drink since this was getting as she put it "interesting". She pumped me for more details and I noticed that her breathing had deepened and her face had become flushed.

    After about half an hour of my describing the various ways I had fucked her she put her glass on the table and said very calmly " I guess we should separate fact from dream." We proceed to my bedroom where we undressed each other and got into the real thing.

    Just like in my dream her pussy was completely shaved and I commented on how I would have dreamt that fact. Her pussy was already sopping wet as I fingered and licked her c**t while she was sucking my cock and taking it balls deep swallowing all that I blew into her mouth. This was followed by pure and simple fucking both doggy style as well as cowgirl. I blew several loads into her which did not seem to phase her, simply begging for more while her voice got louder and louder asking to be fucked harder and deeper. Finally we collapsed and for quite a while literally could not do anything more.

    After a recovery period I would guess of around fifteen minutes Kersti rolled her upper body on top of me and while in the motion of grabbing my recovering cock asked me, " do you want to fuck my ass?" This was something that in my dreams was the culmination before I awoke and now it was going to happen. Some lube and finger play and we were ready to try it. Once the head had penetrated her anal ring the rest was just smooth slow stroking. Her ass was extremely tight that first time and her control of the spincter muscles was such that she could restrict my withdrawl whenever she chose. I blew a big load deep in her ass whereupon she turned and took the cock that had been deep in her ass and sucked it clean.

    That was the first of our many couplings and probably the one that is the most vivid in my memory. In the roughly two years since we have fucked nearly every chance we have had, from our house to their house, in my toolshed bent over the riding lawnmower, up at their cottage and yes even once we rented a room in downtown hotel. That only happened once because my wife became curious about the charge.

    Hopefully these interludes will continue for a long time more.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    When I was 16 years old I was, like most teenage boys, horny all the time. Unfortunately, I was socially awkward, especially around girls so I was not only a virgin, but also completely inexperienced. I hadn't so much as kissed a girl much less fuck on.

    That all changed one night when I connected to a phone chat line for adults. I had recently come to the realization that I was bisexual so going on the ladies side and pretending to be a woman and talking to guys about sex was a turn on. But that particular night I didn't feel like pretending and I am glad I didn't. I just said I was 16, bisexual and a guy. I fully expected to be kicked off the line but that didn't happen. What happened instead was an older guy, in his forties, hit on me. What the hell I figured we could beat off together over the phone and maybe it would be hot. So we connected and started to talk. Mostly he wanted to know how I felt about little girls. Frankly I had never given little girls much thought up to that point. When it came to girls, my primary focus was tits and the bigger the better and little girls didn't usually come with tits. But then he described his seven year old daughter and she sounded like a perfect angel. I started to get hard hearing him tell me what he would like to watch me do to his daughter. Then he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He invited me to come over and play with his daughter. He said I could do anything I wanted under two conditions. First was he could photograph me doing what I wanted to do to her. Second was he got to do whatever he wanted to do to me sexually and that included taking my oral and anal virginity. Well I had practiced with a dildo up my ass and thought I was pretty well prepared and figured it was a reasonable price to get me some pussy, even if it WAS only a seven year old pussy.

    It was about 9pm and I had already turned in for the night so my Mom wouldn't even notice if I snuck out which occasionally I did. So I took a quick shower, put on some clean clothes and snuck out the window and hopped on my bike and met him in a nearby park. I was too horny to be smart enough to realize just how dangerous this was. I was nervous but I was more horny than nervous. I met him in the park and he helped me put my bike in his van. He introduced me to his daughter who was far prettier than he described. Long blond wavy hair down to her ass, blue eyes, the face of an innocent sweet little angel. I wanted to fuck her the moment I laid eyes on her. She was strapped in to the back seat. I got in the front passenger side and belted in while Frank got in the driver side. The ride to his house took about half an hour. The entire time he had his hand on my crock making me hard while he told me of all the various things he intended to do to me and force me to do to his daughter while he took our pictures. I was hard the whole time.

    When we got to Frank's place he gave me the nickel tour and then took me down to the basement which I instantly recognized as an S&M dungeon. I had seen pictures in porn magazines and read stories about them but I mostly thought it was a myth porn magazines invented to titillate their readers. I was wrong. This was a full fledged dungeon with all kinds of crosses and frames and bondage tables and equipment. I was so horny just seeing all the equipment that it took no effort for Frank to convince me to strip naked and let him bind me up in leather shackles and a bondage chair he had custom built. It looked frightening but it was actually the most comfortable chair I had ever sat in. He secured me in with the shackles supplemented with rope, chain and additional leather straps. When he was done he had me so tightly bound I couldn't even wiggle a finger. It was only then I started to feel a little scared.

    Then he calmed me down again by telling me the only pain I would feel was the kind that made little boys cum good. I relaxed a little with his words. Meanwhile his little daughter, Jesse, sat on a bench watching calmly while humming and kicking her legs back and forth like you see little kids do when they are sitting on a chair that is slightly too high and they are bored. When he was done getting me all tied up he put a leather harness on my cock and balls which did hurt, quite badly actually, but somehow I liked it and it just got me all the hornier. He put a cage like device on my balls that had a bunch of pointy knobs in it that dug in sharply into my balls as he secured it into place. I felt like I was being stabbed in my balls. It hurt like hell, the pain was so bad I was close to passing out. I was breathing heavily and I could feel my cock and balls turning blue from the pain and I could feel them throbbing in unbelievably pleasurable pain. Then he attached nipple clamps to my nipples and tightened them till it felt like he was ripping my nipples off. They were on fire with agony. The more my nipples hurt, the hungrier I got for more pain. Then he reached down and tickled the flesh of my cock making it bob up and down violently on it's own.

    He instructed Jesse to remove her panties which she did casually and handed them to her Dad. Then he asked if she had to pee yet and she said yes and he handed her a glass which she held between her legs and filled half way with her pee. Then her dad took her panties and pushed them into the glass saturating them with her pee. When they were soaked with her pee he told me to open my mouth and I did and he stuffed them into my mouth arranging them so the part that was on her ass, the part with a shit stain on it, was on my tongue. then he told me to suck the pee out of them while he took some rope and tied them in place.

    Next he instructed his daughter to suck me. She began by kissing all over my cock and balls softly followed by licking and finally she sucked on the end of my cock. I was almost about to cum when he told her to stop. Then he made some adjustments to the controls of the chair and a motor turned on and the chair slowly tilted back I could feel the motor vibrate in my nipples and balls. When I was tilted back at a forty five degree angle he lifted up his daughter, hiked up her pink night gown and sat her down on my cock. I could feel her ass press against the head of my cock but then he re-positioned her so her pussy was right against my cock. He told Jesse to push down until I was in her pussy. She pushed herself down on the head of my cock which was coated with my precum and her saliva. She kept rocking back and forth working me into her pussy until I felt my cock rupture her hymen. She kept working at it following her Dad's instructions to get herself all the way on my cock. It took a while but she managed to get my four inch cock all the way in her. She was far tighter than I imagined a pussy could be, even tighter than I imagined a seven year old child's pussy could be. As soon as she was fully mounted on me and moaning in pain her Dad began strapping her in, putting shackles on her and more rope and chain and before long she was almost as immobile as I was. I didn't know what was going to happen next but so far I was happy to remain Frank's prisoner and sex slave forever.

    Once we were both secured and tightly bound and mated to each other, Frank turned the motor back on and this time we tilted forward. I figured it would stop when we got back to the original position but it didn't. It kept tilting forward until instead of sitting in the bondage chair I was hanging from my bonds face down with Jesse hanging from me and the chair with my cock still buried in her. we were both in a sort of suspended doggy position with me fucking her and spooning her face down.

    Then I felt a slippery finger invade my ass. It was soft and gentle and well lubricated with what I figured was either vaseline or crisco. Frank took his time lubing my ass and gently and gradually stretching me. he took far more time getting me ready for him to fuck than he did with his daughter. After a while he got a second then a third finger working around in my ass. Finally I was ready to be fucked. He introduced his massive erection to my asshole and gently pushed his way all the way into me. It took about a minute and he did it in one long smooth movement. It felt like I was shitting in reverse a painfully huge turd.

    Frank then began to fuck me. I could do nothing. If he wanted to take out his cock and ram his arm up my ass and grab hold of my heart he could have and I could do nothing to stop him. With every plunge into my ass I would lurch forward slightly and push into Jesse. When he pulled out that would cause us to rock back and I would pull out slightly from Jesse's pussy and with each stroke she and I grunted in unison. My ass hurt at first but after a while it started feeling pretty good. Then it felt really good. Then it felt so freaking good I almost couldn't stand the pleasure. Jesse began to scream and at the same time her pussy crushed my cock to the point I thought she was cutting it off with her pussy lips. My ass felt like it was being rammed by a telephone pole and my balls felt like they were being repeatedly stabbed. I felt my orgasm well up deep inside me. I was absolutely certain I was going to be fucked to death and I was eager to embrace it. Then I came. The whole universe went into slow motion, my orgasm coursed through me radiating tingly explosive pleasure from my groin and nipples and ass. I went insane with excruciating ecstasy. My body convulsed in the most delightful agony. Then everything went dark. I could hear Jesse screaming at the top of her lungs just as I lost consciousness.

    I woke up some time later naked and wrapped in a silk satin sheet with naked Jesse cuddling up next to me. Frank was busy licking my feet which felt heavenly.

    "OK, I've had my fun and I got it all on tape, now you can have your way with my baby girl."

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I just turned 18 about a month ago, and just shortly after my birthday, not really planned, I ended up fucking one of my friend's uncles. It just kind of happened. I'd like to say I regret it, or I feel bad, but it's kind of hard to. I know he's got a family and kids, but I just think that it was a mutual thing. I didn't really go looking for it, considering I was staying at her house, and he'd been over all weekend staying while her folks were away.

    I'd never slept with a random guy like that. I'd always been involved in relationships, dating someone, or it was a pretty serious FWB with understanding that we're not going to go out and sleep around with everyone that we don't know.

    When this happened with Melanie's uncle, he was at the house staying, and she was sleeping. Her folks had gone out of town, and him and I were talking one night in the basement. We were sitting there watching TV, after she'd gone to bed, and I don't even know how one thing lead to another. But he'd made a joke about being horny, and I laughed and said that's why he's got a wife. His response of she doesn't put out enough for me just made me laugh. And I called him a dirty old man for trying to find someone on the side. He just shrugged and said that he's a guy, every guy has hormones, and that they get horny like every normal person. I'm not sure what made me do it, curious I guess, or having only been with one older guy, but I'd just kind of cracked it was too bad we were in Melanie's house, and we couldn't keep it quiet, because I'm sure I could help him out with his problem.

    He looked at me, all serious in the face, and came right out with the question, asking me if I'd ever consider fucking him. I shrugged and said yeah. I'd do it. I mean, it's just sex. It's not like a commitment, an attachment, a long term relationship or getting married. And he said to me how about right here? While everyone is sleeping. You help me, I'll help you? I shrugged, said that I don't normally have sex with random guys I don't personally know, especially not without protection. And he asked what if he had some? I looked at him and asked why he'd do that, if he's got a family. And he was honest. He said he'd looked on the side, gets horny on occasion, always had protection, hid it well in his wallet with hopes that maybe he'd get lucky sometime, but so far, it just hadn't happened. I guess I was curious, so I said yeah. I'd do it. And he said right now? I said yeah.

    We didn't get into a lot of personal intimate stuff. Not any real heavy kissing, making out or anything. We got into a lot of playing, some touching, and a lot of pushing and rubbing on clothes. I wanted to see if he'd go through with it, so I unzipped his pants, and unbuttoned them. And damn if he didn't have a big cock. He was hard as a rock, and already ready. I just kind of backed off, and took off my shirt and pants, and stood there. And he just kept staring. I finally asked him what was the matter, and he kind of laughed and said not a damn thing. He just said you've got a fucking hot body. Seriously. No lie. I just shrugged and said well, I guess if you want to put it to use, let's see what you have.

    I sound like a slut. I'm sure I do. But seriously, after we lost our clothes, we kept looking at the door to make sure that nobody was going to come down. Not like it would help at that point. But seriously, he asked me what I wanted, what I liked, didn't like, and asked if there was anything in particular I'd like more. I asked if he was clean, he laughed and said yeah, considering he's with one chick, who rarely does anything. And I said oral. He said really, and I said yeah. And damn if he didn't eat me for like 15 minutes. Got me off three times fingering me and going down on me. It was pretty intense. And I asked him the same. Figure I owed him. He shrugged and said head. I said sure. And when he pulled it out, I about gagged. It was huge. Thick and long. I couldn't get it in my mouth all the way, but got it far enough to get him going. It was pretty intense. He was getting loud, and I finally had to say shh and shut him up. He laughed and said sorry, he's not used to getting such a good suck job like that. Felt kind of nice. Dirty but nice.

    We were laying there, the awkward uncomfortable, and I see him reach back, get the condom, and unwrap it. I just laid against the couch, watching him roll it down his cock. And he moves up towards me, kind of nudges me, and I kissed him. Couldn't help it. He ended up going heavy on me, pushing me down on the floor, and holy jesus, I feel his cock just about tear me apart. I'm not lying. It was huge. He got it about halfway in, and had to stop. He's pushing slowly, and then pulling out, and it felt like it was ripping me up down there. I told him he had to slow down, because I wouldn't walk in the morning. He kind of laughed and said sorry.

    I was impressed. He was honest I felt, and told me that him and his wife didn't do it a lot. But seriously, he lasted for about a half hour. He was on top for a bit, and asked if I'd get on top. I like that. It's hot, so I said yeah. Had him straddling my hips, and riding my ass for a bit. He wanted to do doggie, and I took it for a couple of minutes. And then when he rolled me over, he's fingering me, gets me to start going off, I'm having a massive body shaking orgasm, and he's inside me part way, and I hear him go "I'm gonna cum" and he blows. I watch his face as he's making me cum, and I can tell he's squirting in his condom. It went on for quite awhile. He stops, I can feel it inside me, and he just hovers on me. Good. Really good. After a bit he pulled out, got up and out, and went into the room to clean up.

    We sat for about a half hour after, and talked. I went back upstairs to sleep, and home the next day, laughing, thinking I just fucked him. And not a damn person knows.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Most girlfriends don't like to play with their boyfriend's ass and I find that a lot of "curious" guys that want to explore are actually curious about someone else touching their highly sensitive ass.

    My fun is to meet "curious" or "straigh" guys on gay web sites and to invite them over my place for a few drinks. When I get them to bed, I've noticed that you just have to touch their ass and their cock gets really stiff.

    After a bit of foreplay, my fun is to put a pillow under their stomach to get their little hairy buns in the air and I slowly kiss my way down their backside to their ass. I get their hole really wet with saliva and I eat their ass out like if it was pussy !! I give their hole all worked up ad wet with my tongue and spend a good 20 minutes pleauring.


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    I knew a real nymphomaniac woman and she was my cousin. I did not have sex with her, but I think i might be the only one who did not. She loved me and loved to play with and watch me. Going back to memories of her and knowing she was not just right. Neither was her two younger brothers. The youngest was the baby of the family and just about nuts. And speaking of nuts he got a huge set of those and the cock of a horse. She liked getting that cock of his. By the time I had memories all three of them were in their late twenties and all lived at home.

    I slept in her room and remember her on the bed in the summer time and her long big dick brother just wearing her out. She laying back enjoying it. When he had finished she would hold him there and work hard to get him hard again. When he could get it hard no more, she would push him on the bed (she was almost 6 feet tall about 200 lbs. had a big set of hanging tits and the pubic hair that three woman could have used) mount him hold his armrs and put the cock in her and then ride it. She would lay back and in the light of the window I could see her riding him until he would orgasm get weak enough and he push her off and run.

    The other brother was the most sane of the three, he worked a job but a bit slow. Not hung like the other one, but she loved his as well. she would jump up and down when he would get home from work. She would want to take him to the barn. he wanted a beer and some food. she usually won the argument. and old bed with a mattress and moving blankets, she would pull a blanket back and lay there. pull up her dress and start running her self in anticipation. She would make a loud moaning sound when he put it in. She laid back saying yea yea yea. It was about the sex act with them. no kissing no tit play and no romance, it was pure fucking.

    She wanted my older brother pretty bad. He knew if my mom found out he screwed her, my mom would kill him. She did suck his dick once that I know of, and wanted him to have sex but he ran off after.

    She ran away from home many times. Usually found her at a bar down the high way. Once out back by the dumpster laying on cardboard. Her dress was gone and she was waiting for the next guy to take a turn. Some of the guys knew who she was, and what she was. They usually got to her first, then they would watch guys take turns and see who could make her cum and who could do it the longest. At no point in time did she ever leave satisfied. She left wanting more every time.

    The put her in an institution years later and she screwed every man she could get with there. Then the medication calmed her down. She could come back home and be with her mom and dad. She was still very sexual but not as bad as she was.
    She stayed at our house for a week. I could hear her masturbating and moaning her the spare room. I never wanted to have sex with her, but I enjoyed looking at her when she was nude. As a kid I would touch her pubic hair and play with her large breast.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 26

    My bf insist on having sex and will not wear a condom ever. I have to get a pelvic exam and the night before he will cum in me three or four times. So I douche to clean up and my Dr tells me that is wrong. he wants me to not have the sex the night before. But my bf will not go a nice with out it. So the Dr gave me some condoms and told him to use them.
    He will not and keeps messing up my exam and test.

    How do I make him stop this?

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