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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 35

    I cheat regularly on my husband. I am involved with a man I first met at work (I don't work there any more because of our relationship). I see him pretty often, mostly at lunch. I work at an office with fairly relaxed standards, and I run errands during the day. He usually sends me a message of where and what time to meet him and I go the motel and knock on the door and we get it on.

    Because it is at lunch sometimes the whole thing lasts less than 15 minutes, I just go, and he does his thing, and then I go back to work. We have hooked up later in the day, but these are well planned meetings, he arranges to have some business meeting, tells his wife where he is going to be and I also plan a seminar or something like that, and we meet up for a longer get together.

    The quickies are fine with me, he is in and out in no time, and back to work. The more planned meetings are harder because he wants the whole attention trip. This is when he wants me to show commitment to him, and tell him how much I love him and how if only we could be married we would have family of our own, and we would live in a house and all that. Of course this is fantasy, he is married for over 30 years, and he is not going to leave his wife for me, and I am married and I have two preteen girls and I would never divorce my husband to be lonely at the dirty end of an affair.

    There are days when I just can't imagine how his wife doesn't know that he is messing around. I have met her, had lunch with her and nothing, not a missed word or anything that would give the hint that she knows I am active sexually with her husband. As for my husband, he is and always has been a passive individual. He believes anything. I don't think he has the ability to imagine that his wife gets screwed regularly by another man. I go weeks without having sex with him, sometimes months. I get so much sex that I just can't go home and have more. The truth is my husband does not turn me on, when I married him it was convenient and I needed someone to cover up the affair I was in. Being totally honest with myself, I know both of my kids belong to my lover. But I don't know for sure. Both my husband and my lover are O+, not be design, but it means that we would have to do DNA tests to make sure.

    I will 'celebrate' my tenth 'anniversary' with my lover, ten years from the fist time he took me and had sex with me. The funny thing is that most marriages don't last ten years. I would guess that I will be with him for ever. By now I am not going anywhere and he is stable personality and stays on track with his life. He is not going to break up with me, his whole life revolves around me.

    Maybe I should test the kids, but with what excuse. I guess getting some material from my husband is not hard, and test to see if there is a match, if there isn't then my lover is the father, if there is then my husband is the father. But I don't want to know, I prefer to think they are my lover's and it would devastate me to find out that my husband fathered one or both of my children.

    This is my sad life, a wandering soul who is attached at the hip with a man that can never be my husband.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    I've ended my 8yr sexual relationship - becky was 46 when she 1st seduced me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I had quite a few sexual encounters by age 10. I don't think of them as dirty, just the normal curiosity of kids. I'm male but grew up in a neighborhood that was all girls. There were about 14 of them up and down the street, ranging in ages from 14 to 3. The largest group was from 6 to 10. My younger sister knew all of them and would invite me to play with them but mostly I was into 'boy' activities. One day I went looking for my sister because my mom told me to get her. There was an abandoned house at the end of our street. A group of girls where playing at the end of street in front of the empty house. It was a dead end street, I think I was 7 or 8. I approached them and asked if they knew where she was. None of them said they had seen her. I decided go look in the empty house. The front and rear doors were gone, some of the windows were broken, but there was no major damage to the structure.

    I went through the familiar rooms, all of them empty, seeing the familiar wall paper and a bit of trash here or there. I came back around to the front and one of the girls, Janet was standing inside door way. "Did you find her?" she asked. "No" ,I said, "only ghosts!" "Don't say that!", she exclaimed. She looked scared but I don't know if it was an act or not. I walked over to her and put my arms around her, saying "It's alright". I was suprized, she hugged me back for a few moments, then we looked at each other and kissed. Not a quick smooch, but all the passion two 8 years could muster. She took my hand and said, "Let's look for her (my sister) back here." We moved to one of the rear rooms of the house and embraced again and kissed.

    We were tightly pressed up against each other and so I slid my hands up her skirt and down into her panties, cupping her butt in my hands. She let out a soft "OH!" and started grinding in to me. I could feel my little weenie tingling. We separated to arms length, but my hands still in her panties. I slowly slid them down. She closed her eyes and let me pull them below her knees. I stood up and she fumbled with my belt, which I had to undo. Then I unbuttoned my jeans and she pulled down my pants and underwear. I had an erection which was incredibility hard. She looked at it and asked, "Can I touch it?" "YES!" I said. She took it in her hand, "It's hot but feels like a stick, it's hard." When she rubbed the tip I almost passed out. Neither of us knew how to have sex but knew basics, be naked and rubbing against the other. I lifted her skirt and put my erection between her legs. We began kissing again and grinding.

    Just then we heard someone and turned to see three of the other girls in the door way, their eyes wide with suprize. Janet pushed me away and quickly pulled up her panties. With my pants around my ankles, I fell backwards. "What are you doing?" giggled one of the girls. "Just kissing!" Janet said. Two of the girls approached her, and the 3rd rushed over to me. "Are you alright?" she asked, the whole time staring at my penis. "Yeah", I said. I could feel her staring at me. I was all for letting her look as long as she liked. She finally looked up at me and asked "Can I touch it?" Feeling emboldened I said, "If I can touch yours."

    The other girls heard this and came over and we stood in a circle. I half heartedly pulled my pants up. Leslie asked about our kissing and asked Janet if I was a good kisser. Janet, still embarrassed I guess from being caught, didn't reply. The tension in the air was heavy. Leslie stepped up to me and kissed me square on the mouth. She moaned, pretending passion. Then another girl pulled us apart and she gave me a quick peck. I let my pants drop and waited for the 4th girl to kiss me, which she did.

    It was almost by mutual consent that the girls all pulled down their panties and I kissed each of them in turn like I had with Janet. Putting my penis against their bare vaginas and grinding while kissing. I don't know how long this went on, but I didn't want it to end.

    I look back now and clearly remember Janet and Leslie were enjoying it. Both were breathing heavily and panting and when it was their turn each tried to be more passionate than the other. The other two girls I think were just curious or going along with the group.

    One of the girls, or two of them pushed me down and I laid down on the floor. They took turns touching me and inspecting me, fingering my penis and balls. I in turn, stuck my fingers into Janet, Leslie and then the other two girls. I remember the last was positively dripping wet, but it was not Leslie or Janet. I remember how she screwed up her face and tensed as slid my finger into her. The warmth and wetness were incredible. I wiggled my finger and some minutes later she started shaking and squirming. I thought she was having a fit. "What's wrong?" one of the girls asked. "I don't know," the wet girl replied, "I have to go" and she left. The remaining 4 of us continued, touching, inspecting and kissing. Janet seemed the most interested and we kissed the most and touched each other more. I even touched her butt hole and she did not jump but smiled. I wish I had known about licking the girls vaginas or blow jobs for I would have liked to try it.

    We all heard my sister calling my name and hurridly got dressed. We all walked out the front and my sister said it was time to come home for dinner. We had been in there for few hours but it seemed like minutes.

    My sister gave me a suspisious look, but none of us said what went on. I had a few more adventures with Janet and some other girls from the neighborhood in that house and the park over the years, but those are stories for another time.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 37

    In 1994 my mom, who worked as a flight attendant, was offered a stay at a condo on the beach. So she and I took off for the beach and got settled in. Next door was a man, in his early 50s, and he started to make passes at my mom. My mom was 38 then. He was a likeable guy and pushed his way into my mom's space and he ended up sleeping with her. This was the first time my mom slept with a man after she got divorced.

    On the third day, we were eating pizza and everyone was drinking wine and there was a lot of kidding and it came out that I had not had sex. Sort of kidding he offered to unburden me, all I had to do was tell him I was ready and he would do me the favor. Well we got drunk and one thing led to another and the next thing I know I was getting screwed by him, with my mother telling me to just let go and enjoy it.

    When he was done, she told me how take care of him afterwards, to show him how much I had enjoyed it. This involved cleaning him with a towel and sucking him. It was also the first time I sucked a man. The rest of the week, he slept with both of us, my mother told me to just enjoy my body, that he was very experienced and I would learn a lot and to give myself and enjoy the sex.

    When we got back to Miami, we just agreed it was a great vacation and I should see it as a life experience. Well it was a life experience because I got pregnant. We agreed to take a couple of weeks to think about it, and if I wanted to I could get an abortion, it was up to me.

    During those two weeks, he called and spoke to my mom and she blurted out that I was pregnant. The next day he was in Miami and after a lot of discussions, mostly between him and my mother, it was decided that I would definitely have the baby and my mother would help me raise it and he would support the baby, whatever it was boy or girl.

    After the baby was born, a boy, he asked us to move to Chicago where he was working, so he could look after us. My mom transferred her work and we moved to Chicago to live with him. She slept with him, not me. Well after a while, they agreed that my mom should have a baby because she was already taking care of my son, and that way he might get a girl. But my mom had a son, so two years later, my mom had a daughter.

    During all this time, he has his time with me, sometimes he is with me for several months, and then it cools off, but never to zero. Not them and not now. He still wants attention, and we give him the attention he needs.

    I went to college in town and after college I went to work. My mom stayed home and raised the three kids. I was just that daughter that never left home. Right now my son is in college and so is my half brother and my half sister is finishing high school. To everyone my son is my mom's son, all three of them have the same last name. My son knows I am his mom, but he treats me like a big sister and my mom as his mother.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    When I was a growing up in the mid 60's, there was this woman, Mrs. Campbell, who was really nice to all of the kids in our neighborhood. It didn't matter that we were a lot younger than her son or that we were never his playmates, she just treated us all as if we were. She'd give us pieces of watermelon or ice cream cones in the summer, lots of candy at Halloween, and hot chocolate in the winter. She even played baseball and touch-football in the road with us a couple of times when a team was short a player.

    All of my friends noticed that she seemed to treat me a little bit better than the rest of them. I always got the biggest or the most of whatever she was giving out to us. My friends teased me sometimes, saying that Mrs.Campbell was sweet on me, but I just told them that I had better manners than they did, and that Mrs.Campbell liked that. I never did tell anyone that I really did have a crush on her. She was pretty, maybe the prettiest mom in the neighborhood, and she always smelled really sweet. She was always ruffling my hair, and once in a while she would stand next to me and give me a hug with one arm around my shoulders. I loved how my body would sink into her hip, and she always felt warm and soft.

    Then one summer Mrs.Campbell and her husband sent their son away, to some sort of military school we were told. He'd be gone for a few months, come home for a week or two, and then leave again. When he first went away, we saw a lot less of Mrs. Campbell.

    Then one hot Friday I was hanging out by myself. One of my friends had gone away to visit relatives, a few others had baseball practice, and I think another went to our local park to go fishing. Everyone else was sort of gone, and if their family was lucky enough to own an air-conditioner, they were in their house. Anyway, as I rode my bicycle past the Campbell house, Mrs. Campbell came quickly out of the front door and called to me. It was great to hear a friendly voice because I was starting to feel real lonely.

    I quickly circled back and I saw that Mrs. Campbell seemed to be really happy. She asked where everyone was and I told her what was up. She then said that she was all alone too and told me to park my bike around back and to come inside for some ice cream. I happily did as she said, hiding my bike under the back porch because I didn't want any stranger trying to steal it. It was a cool bike back then. It was called a "Sting-Ray". It had "monkey bar" handles, a "banana seat", hand brakes and three speeds.

    Mrs. Campbell had the back door already open for me as I climbed the stairs. I remember that she locked the door as I entered the kitchen, and then went to the refrigerator to get me a creamsicle. She sat across from me, smiling and not taking her eyes off of me as I ate. When I finished she quickly went to get me another. When I was done we talked, I don't remember what about, but I do recall her saying that she really missed her son. That's when she asked me if I would like to see his train set.

    Now there had always been a rumor passed on by all of the kids in the neighborhood that Matthew Campbell had one heck of a railroad set assembled in his basement. No one had ever seen it, but we all believed the rumor to be true. We all had tried to look into the Campbell basement but curtains covered the small basement windows. That simply added more fuel to the fire that every boy's dream railroad was down there.

    I was really nervous as she led me down the steep steps and into the dark basement. I couldn't believe that she was going to show me the fabled train set. I felt like I was going to meet Mickey Mantle. And when she flipped on the light switch at the bottom of the steps, I couldn't believe my eyes.

    Before me sat a menagerie of Lionel trains, sitting three feet above the floor on top of a huge wooden table. A two foot aisle allowed a person to walk around the perimeter of the table. Three trains, each with two engines pulling seven cars, were spread out on tracks that had bridges, tunnels, a station yard, a town, and even a small river...with water! At the far end of the basement was a platform where the transformers were located, and that's where Mrs. Campbell took me.

    My hands shook as I took control of the trains for the very first time. Mrs. Campbell had shown me the basics, and then she let me take over. She stood behind me at first, and as I guided the second train out of its holding place, I got so excited that I started to get a hard-on.

    I was so wrapped up in watching the two trains circle the table that I never noticed Mrs.Campbell as she moved to kneel by my side. I only became aware of her movement when I felt her wrap her left arm around my waist. My eyes briefly left the tracks to look down at her. She was smiling happily up at me, her right hand now resting on my thigh. I remember her asking me if I was having fun and I told her yes. She then said that she was going to have some fun too.

    I didn't know what she meant by that but as I turned my attention back to the trains, I suddenly felt Mrs. Campbell's hand begin to rub my hard cock through my pants. Panic prevented me from moving or saying a thing. I continued to stare at the tracks, hearing the trains as they rumbled on their course, but not really seeing them. In my minds eye I only saw Mrs. Campbell's smiling face.

    I remember feeling the cool air of the basement as Mrs.Campbell unzippered my pants and fished my hard cock out. I felt her fingers as they wrapped around my small cock and gently caressed it and I remember her telling me how handsome it was, what a mature boy I was, and how much she wanted to make me happy. Once again I only heard the sound of the trains rumbling on their path as Mrs. Campbell brought her face towards my crotch.

    The next time that I was aware of my surroundings I saw Mrs. Campbell wiping up a few wet spots on the floor of the platform that we were on with some tissues. The trains had stopped running, my cock was back in my pants, my zipper was up, and I was no longer hard.

    "D id you have funny Davy?" she asked.

    "Yes ma'am," I said sheepishly, not knowing if it was the right answer, but knowing that it was probably the answer that Mrs. Campbell would want to hear.

    "That's good sweetheart," she replied with a smile. "I had fun too."

    She patted me on the head and then led me upstairs. When we got into the kitchen Mrs. Campbell told me to wait because she wanted to give me something. I thought about running out the door, but I didn't. When she returned she was carrying her purse. She opened it up and dug inside and then reached out and gave me four shinny new quarters.

    "What's this?" I asked.

    "A dollar," was her response.

    "Why are you giving me a dollar?"

    "Because I want you to have it," she replied. And the she went on. "You're a good boy Davy, and I like you a lot. But I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone about today. You can't tell anyone about being in the basement with me. Understand? If someone finds out that you were downstairs we'll both be in a lot of trouble. It has to be our secret. Yours and mine. If someone else finds out me and my family will have to move, and you don't want that to happen, do you?"

    I shook my head no.

    "That' s a good boy," she said smiling and giving me a gentle hug. "I knew I could count on you."

    She followed me outside and waited until I got my bicycle.

    "Would you like to play in the basement again Davy?

    "Maybe," I answered quietly.

    "That would make me happy," she said, and then she blew me a kiss.

    Instead of going home I headed up to the corner to Leon's Deli. I filled my pockets with candy and still had fifty cents left. Then I went to see if I could find any of my friends. I shared my candy, but nothing more. On Monday I went to play in Mrs. Campbell's basement again, and by the next summer I had another new bike. A five-speed Sting-Ray.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    If your female, if you want to flirt and talk sexy to someone new. And if you want someone who'll help you with any problem then message me adipose123@@@@y***

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    My mom and dad have just told me I'll be staying with my aunt and uncle this festive season, as they will be visiting my older brother Mikey who's had an accident abroad.

    I'm totally looking forward to it, especially if my aunt decides to drink as much as she did last time I was at their home. She got herself wasted and me and my moms youngest brother Lee, decided to find out if I could fit his monster cock in my mouth and up my pussy. Lee's cock isn't the longest I've had fuck me, that's my boyfriends at nine inches. Lee's cock is about eight inches. It's the girth of Lee's cock that makes it a monster cock for me, as it's so thick and veiny.

    We only manaaged to have sex briefly, as my aunt somehow woke up and staggered downstairs. I'd managed to suck the head of my uncles cock until he became erect, then as I lay on my side he slid his fat cock into my soaking wet c**t. It stretched me so wide as he began to fuck me, I came almost instantly. Maybe it was me crying out from my orgasm that woke my aunt, but Lee didn't manage to cum up me before she came down.

    We tried again when she went back upstairs, but Lee was too put off as she kept on shouting for him to go to bed with her. I know from his texts this last week, he's wants to fuck me. I replied by sending him pictures of me naked and with my fingers playing with my pussy. And with him buying her a case of Vodka we'll be definately trying to have sex. Then I can enjoy my uncles awsomely thick cock again.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Next July Im getting married to a beautiful woman. She's a real head turner and a horny bitch in bed, someone I'm genuinely in love with.
    Then why after our Christmas party last week, did I allow my manager and his assistant to fuck me. My first ever gay sex. And why did I thoroughly enjoy taking both their cocks so deep up my asshole. It wasn't as if I was drunk or not fully understanding of what was happening. I actually knew they wanted sex at the start of the night and agreed to go with them to a motel, in the full knowledge both fifty plus men were going to fuck me.
    It was their discription of the orgasms I'd have, and I suppose if I'm being truthful the promotion on offer, that swayed me to at least try male male sex. But it certainly doesn't explain why I became so cock hungry, sucking greedily on their dicks and then wishing for each of them to bury their cocks up my tight ass.
    From the get go I cannot relate to you just how much I enjoyed being fucked. Almost as if I was born to be fucked. Every nerve eneding up my ass was firing and making me want to be fucked harder and for longer, as each man took turns to feed me his cock.
    At the end of the night it was me who was asking them to fuck me to yet another anal orgasm. Something I now know to be a totally different type of cumming to me fucking my fiance or by masturbation.
    I'm still don't fully understand what and why it all happened. What I do know, is I want it to happen again. And I'd love to be fucked by a man or men with larger cocks.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 43

    My wife surprised me or I should say shocked me today. She handed me a package from under the tree and told me to open it. Once opened I looked at it with surprise and a sick feeling come over me. There in the box was a pink teddy with matching stay up nylons. I looked at her with some fear in my eyes as I asked her if this was hers given to me by mistake. She smiled looking back saying, no it is yours to wear.
    With more disbelief I started to blush and did not know what to say or do. I was froze like a dear in the headlights of a car. She told me to take it out and hold it up. I did as I was told and before I knew what had happened she snapped several pictures with her phone. I put it back into the box immanently saying I am not wearing that. She looked me in the eyes and said I know all about your cross dressing with your ex-wife. She told me all about it and I have seen what sights you frequent on the computer.
    You will wear it and you will put it on right now as she continued to look sternly into my eyes. Stand up and put it on or you will have embarrassing presents to open in front of every on Christmas day. I felt sick to my stomach knowing that she meant what she said and I knew she had been talking to my ex-wife at this point. I stood and disrobed and stepped into the teddy. I was pulling it up as my cock become erect. My wife said, I see you do like it and you seem to really enjoy it don't you? Sadly as I was looking with my head down I replied, yes.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 34

    MY BROTHER.... THIS HAPPENED in the south bronx back when i was 14 years old and my brother was 23...growing up i used to spend a lot of time at home because my grandmother was strict about me playing outdoors,we were a very close hispanic family so much so that my father lived next door and one of my uncles lived across the hall with his two young daughters since the death of my brother was the only one allowed to take me outdoors after school and he would take me to his girlfriends place or that other girlfriends place since back then he had a few but there were times he just liked staying home and going to his favorite hide-out on the roof where he smoked weed and drank beer.there were times i didn't like being alone with him because he liked to ask me personal questions...very personal.nobody went up to the roof and i had suspected that he was interested in me sexually because on several occassions when my grandmother wasn't home he would annoy me by disrespectfully going through the dirty hamper in the bathroom to find my dirty panties to finger and sniff them in my presense,back then i often got punished because i'd go one or two days without taking a bath and my set of panties were always stained with smelly pussy scent and butt fudge as i used to refer to my shit stains...though i never told my grandmother or anyone about my brothers behavior i just didn't trust being alone with him.there were certain boys in my neighborhood and in school that i liked but wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend so my brother knew i was a virgin and i would be lying if i said that back then i didn't think about boys and sex,my father would often say to my grandmother that in puerto rico most girls my ages would be already engaged,sexually active or pregnant so of course the rules at home were no boyfriends or even male brother having several girlfriends and sexual experience would ask me personal questions and talked to me as if i were not his under-aged sister,he'd attempt to hold my hand and get me to relax because i was always nervous when alone with him,one day it just happened though i was menstruating heavily and it was raining outdoors...i had failed to note how excited and sexually aroused my brother was until i felt his huge dick half-way up my torn vagina,he'd stop momentarily to get a better hold on me and insure that i feel every painful inch of his huge dick...barely able to walked i told my grandmother it was due to my female menstruations.i never allowed my brother another opportunity to be alone on that roof with him and during the years he lived in florida with his wife i never wrote,visited or called family get togethers and funerals to this very day i avoid him and though it wasn't r**e since i had consented my ex-husband and father of my children as well as my current husband believe my unforgivable lies that i was r**ed when i was nine years old by my uncle who lived across the hall back then..yes,i know it all seems wrong but today i'm in too deep to admit the truth...THE END

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