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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 37

    My wife and I have a sexually open marriage. Basically this developed through our foray into swinging where she quickly lost interest in swapping or dating couples and all that. We went to an event where single men were invited and more than a few men showed interest in her. She loved the attention. I was focused on meeting a couple and she was caught up with this single guy. He was nothing like anyone sh'ed been with before. He was a little black guy who was making her laugh and telling her what he would do to her if she let him get into her pants. I was coming and going but noticing their obvious attraction. She was glowing and focused only on him. I started thinking why not? I mean we'd swapped a bunch on times with other couples sometimes in separate rooms sometimes in the same bed so I'd seen her fuck other guys and enjoyed it so it wasn't much of a step to consider her fucking a single guy rather than us swapping with a couple. I stood back and had a couple drinks and ended up chatting with a very attractive English woman who was about forty who seemed to know exactly what was going on. She said Hi and asked if I was ok. I asked why and she said well you keep staring at the cute blond talking with Ben so I assume she's your wife and from the look on your face this may be your first time. I explained our past history, and she laughed and said get ready. She and her husband started out swinger, she moved onto to sex with single men on her own and never looked back. She said she only attends parties where single men are allowed and that she isn't interested in white guys as sex partners other than her husband. She said she has romantic sex with her husband and recreational sex with black guys because it's a bigger turn on for her. Then she said that I should encourage her to have sex with Ben, the guy she my wife was talking with. I asked why she explained that she'd known Ben y==for a few years and had sex with him many times. Said he's fantastic in bed, a really nice dick, very big, very black and that he has great stamina. He can also cum and be ready to go again right away. She laughed and said if I let her go with Ben just know she's be hooked and will end p like her looking to fuck single black guys when she plays. Well, she was right because that's what happened. I ended up encouraging her to fuck Ben that night and despite a lot of reluctance she ended up going off with him to his room. A few hours later she met me at our room and was embarrassed and very pleased at the same time. Two weeks later she wanted to meet another single black guy and after some work online we met the guy and off they went. A year later she was a regular. She was very comfortable meeting single guys. It got to where she'd exchange number, talk with a guy a bit and off she'd go. She met a lot of guys and loved her sex life. I enjoyed how much fun she was having and how happy she was. Plus it's a real turn on when your wife is sexually adventurous.

    She met a bunch of guys so one or two fucks then moved on. A couple guys though she became friends with and developed ongoing relationships with. She'd see these guys frequently. Two in particular. Right around Christmas,she asked if one of these guys could come over. She said the two of them were hoping to get together for quick sessions in between their hotel stays. They'd been doing this a lot meeting to fuck in his car or for her to give him a quick blow job. They couldn't go to his place because he lived with his children so she asked if it would be ok if he stopped by our place when I was out sometimes. I was hesitant then came around and asked if there was any chance he'd ever come over when I was home and if he did could I watch? Now she did not like the idea of me watching. When we were swapping she was always hesitant to really let herself go. She said that she wasn't comfortable with me seeing her that way. After some thought she agreed to let me watch one time after her guy friend said it was ok.

    The night it happened my wife was excited and looking really hot. She's a pretty blond with large round breasts and a nice round ass and thick thighs. She was napping on the couch when the guy arrived. He shock my hand, thanked me for letting him "fuck your wife." and for agreeing to let him stop over when they wanted to get together. he said that she has the best pussy he's ever fucked and that he can't get enough of it and was hoping to stop by a lot. He asked if there was anything special I was hoping to see. I just said to pretend I wasn't there and do what they normally do.

    We went to where my wife was on the couch and before saying anything he pointed to a chair for me to sit then he took out his dick. He was a very dark fit guy whose my wife had always described as having a perfect cock. About 9 inches long, very think, gets really hard and stays that way. He was about half hard standing over my wife. He leaned over and pressed his dick against her lips. My dick sprang into action. This was nothing like the swapping we used to do. This was way hotter. My wife opened her eyes, saw that dick and smiled sitting right up then froze and took a deep breath when she saw me watching. She looked and me, kind of bit her lip then gave me a bit of a sexy look and took his cock into her mouth. She told me later she tired to put me out of her mind and be herself. She gave him fantastic opening head. Several times taking his cock to the root, sucking his balls, kissing his cock head, making him moan. I was so horny watching this I wanted to stroke myself but wasn't comfortable enough.

    He ended up stripping her nude, eating her pussy to get her wet then fucked her from behind. She was standing up bent at the waist, holding herself steady by gripping our ottoman. He slowly forced his dick in, her pussy very resistant at first as she moaned while he pushed in. He slipped in and out until she was lose then fucked her fast and hard. It wasn't long until she was gripping the edges of the ottoman and moving he ass in time with his thrusts. His balls were slapping home and she was stealing glances at me looking like she was about to cum but trying to control herself then she just burst out "ahhh" dropped her head and came like I've never seen her. He finished pumping after she was done cumming, dragged her onto the couch, set her up in doggie and fucked her harder than I ever could have imagined. She moaned "Jesus" over and over as he slammed his dick home. I couldn't see it going directly in and out but it was wet and slick with my wife's juice. I don't know how he held of cumming. I was ready to just from watching and touching myself through my pants. Two more toe curing couch gripping orgasms later he asked where our bedroom was and off they went.

    He got her on the bed, she lifted her legs and rested her heels on the small of his back while he slowing pushed his cock all the way in and out, over and over, so slow. He was just grinding deep and she was loving it. I couldn't see her face and still couldn't see his cock actually going in and out but he started talking about how much he loved her pussy. How wet she gets, how she can cum so many time,s how she can take his dick and never push him off. Talking about how no other woman he's met can take dick like her. He said she's on the edge, I can make her cum so hard right now, isn't that right baby. My wife groaned "oh yes please". I'd never seen her like this but he was right. He lifted her legs higher by pushing up under her knees and then slammed his dick home hard as he could three of four times and she screamed and came. She came so hard during it and moved her hard and looked me right in the eyes in the midst of the sexiest orgasm face I'd ever seen. She's so fucking hot.

    He wasn't done. He rolled her over doggie before she'd even recovered and fucked her at a faster pace than the slow fuck from before but not super fast. He said to me, "come over and take a look at her pussy." I scrambled over and there it was, his jet black dick slipping in and out of my wife's wet pussy. Her pussy lips were gripping his dick and stretching and pulling every time he withdrew from her body. She was panting and I was dying to cum watching his cock working her pussy. The he asked me if I wanted him to cum in her. I said yes and he sped up pounding her with long strokes as I watched from up close. Her wetness was soaking his cock, her thighs and our bed. He started thrusting upward, she was pushing her pussy back on his dick and she came again, her whole body shaking then he calmly said he was going to cum. He talked through his orgasms, saying "yeah baby milk my cock, and lots of ahhs, and something about loving her pussy and he was finally done, slowly slipping in and out of her immobile body. He finally pulled out while I watched, his cock coated with pussy juice and cum and her hole and lips all wet and cummy.

    It was amazing to see. He left. My wife was worried. I told him it was amazing. She said she still hadn't really let go making me wonder what the fuck she's like when they're alone. We went right to fucking I last about a minute. I'm surprised I lasted that long. He comes by the house now all the time. I used to leave when he showed up but now I just hang out doing what ever while they go upstairs. He wants to let me watch again, she's not ready so whatever I enjoy the noises and seconds.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 55

    I took a couple of courses the summer of my freshman year. I met a guy there, he was 28 starting college after two tours in Vietnam. He was very quiet and didn't share very much. We got to be friends in class and I hooked up beside him after our morning class and asked him why he didn't pay attention to me. We walked to the student center cafeteria and I sat down with him to have lunch. I asked him if he had any of those girls while he was in Vietnam. He looked at me hard and asked if I thought that is why he was there. He then said he killed them he didn't fuck them.

    He was a Corporal, very serious. I apologized, asked him if he had gotten a girl when he got back. He answered by asking me what I was offering. I got as serious as nineteen year old could be, I told him if he wanted a girl he could have me.

    At the end of the six week session we were walking across campus to the parking lot. I wasn't wearing a bra and he asked me if it hurt to have my tits swing like that. I asked him if his dick hurt swinging like that. I stopped, turned in front of him, I asked him if he got his dick shot off. When he said no I asked him if he liked boys, if not why hadn't he fucked me.

    I asked too much, back in my apartment I got fucked in the ass, no lube, just a hard dick digging into me, tearing into me, when he lost control he pulled his dick out. I bled for a week, finally I went to the campus clinic, the doc told me I was torn and could use a stitch, if I could tolerate it. I didn't answer and he told me I had been torn a new asshole, to take the stitch and stop fucking like that. He wasn't nice at all, he stitched me, he told me when it started itching real bad to come back. When I was dressed he grabbed my arm and told me he was serious, don't fuck like that again.

    After that I didn't chase that guy. We saw each other off and on, but other than being polite I never dated him or had anything to do with him. When my first kid was born I tore pretty bad, took a couple of stitches. The pain wasn't as bad.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Was just messing around with my wife yesterday, making out and manhandling her. She was scrunched up on my lap on the couch and I sneaked my hand up her shorts and was fingering her backside. She's tall and slim and has a cute little round ass that's just a handful.
    Eventually I got her shorts off and had her kneel up and feed me her musky little crack. From the erotic smell to the bitter taste I knew I was licking and rimming her and tasting sweat and shit.
    My dick was throbbing and I stuck my tongue as deep as possible. I fucking love eating her ass out.
    I was begging her to open wider and to give it to me. I didn't give it any thought but could feell something pushing at my tongue. It was a small bit of her shit and I was afraid and excited at the same time.
    I didn't know if I could really do it, but I held my lips tight around her hole and heard her groan, then felt it pushing past my lips and onto my tongue. The taste was very strongly bitter and slightly metallic.
    I can't believe I've gotten so far out of control that I actually ate her shit. Just a tiny piece, but still...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was younger my parents moved and just like in my old school there were vey few blacks. At my new school there as only one other blac boy. He was tall and good looking. He did well in school and everyone liked him. It was sort of only natural that the two of started to become friends. He was nice and his family was very religious and he was going to become a preecher.
    One afternoon I was over at his hosue and it was just the two of us. He strted being kind of chummy, telling me how nice it was to have a black friend. I agreed and he surprised me and said how it would be nice if the two of us were closer. I wasnât quite sure what he meant, and then he kissed me. Of course that told me xactly what he meant. For some reason, with him, I sort of didnât mind and I kissed him back. The two of us sort of mildly made out for a little bit and actually I thougth that it was sort of fun doing that together as boys, although I had never thought about doing anything like that with another boy before.
    Over the next week or so we got together at his house and we made out some more, and enjoyed being loving and affectionate with one another. It wssnât like I had this desire to be gay with another boy, just that I liked doing that with him.
    After we had done this a number of times, one day he told me what a boner he was having, and I admitted that I was having one, too. So we took our clothes off and got naked. While I was lying there on the bed starting t jack off, he sat astrid my legs and started to jack off his large penis, too. It was pretty exciting doing that together and I ejaculated. Then he ejaculated and he put his wet seed all over me and I loved it. It was a feeling of privilage doing that wih him as another boy.

    It was maybe a week later the two of us were naled and playing around, and he was fndling my balls. Then he slipped his finger down to ickle my buut hole, and he gently pushed in a little eays. I found that quite stimulating. After a moment he got up and came back with a small bottle of lubrication which he slicked his bner with. I was lying on my back and he had me put my kees up and my laegs apart. He got on his knees between then and slowly started o push his erection into my butt. I was surprise and I just laid there letting him doing that. He pushed slowly and gently all ghe ay in and ghen he started to fuck me. It was really incredibly looking up and seeing the smile on his face and letting him kae love to me like this.

    He fucked me for several minues while e mastrubated my erection. Finally Ie jaculated and then he ejaculated in me. It it was wonderful and I was mezmorized by the maleness of the mment.

    After that the two of us started to fuck pretty regularly and we both enjoyed it. He told me how his parnets, being very religious, of course, would have never appraoved of his doing something like this with another boy. I knew hat parents would pobably be shocked if they found out. So the whole time that we were in school together we remaned secret lovers and it was so neat and so nice.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 25

    I âve been having a male affair for over a year now with an older man. Iâm twenty-four and heâs fifty-six. Dave is divorced and has been a friend of my parents and Iâve known him for years.

    I stopped by his house one morning to tell him that mom and dad wanted to invite him to a barbeque that week. He said how that would be great, and he invited to hang around for a while after he went and took a shower. So I did, and I was a little surprised when about five minutes later he came back from his shower and walked into the kitchen naked. He just grinned and said how it was nice to be relaxed and I grinned back and agreed. As he was standing there having a mug of coffee he started to get an erection. I just watched as his penis stiffen handsomely. He grinned some more and asked if I felt like getting naked too and having some fun.

    I guess that I was feeling in an uninhibited mood, because I said sure. So I got my clothes off and was quickly having an erection as well. We smiled at one another and we did a naked embrace which felt good, and then he kissed me. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I did the same to him. I had never done anything like this with another guy before, but with him it felt really good and there was a genuine sense of privilege in getting to be male like this with him.

    Well, he sucked on my dick a little so I tried sucking on his. Then he told me how he would really like to get his dick into my butt, so I let him. There was no rubber or anything, he just used some lubrication. It was so incredible letting Dave fuck me like that. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this experience and especially his ejaculating in me like he did. Afew days later I went back over to his house and let him fuck me again.

    Now this has been going on for a little over a year. My mom and dad have no idea that Dave and I are having sexual relations, and Iâm not sure if they would approve. But since I am over twenty-one I figure that itâs really just my business and no one elseâs. I had never thought about having an affair with another guy before, but with Dave itâs so wonderful.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 49

    With this lockdown and staying omw, I have busied myselfwith doing yard work. My son stopped by, and after working out in the garden my back was feeling a bit stiff, so I asked him he wanted to rub my back for me. He was agreeable, of course. Feeling uninhibited I smiled and said how I could just take my clothes off if he wouldnât be too embarrassed. He assured me that he wouldnât be. So in the bedroom I got on the bed and got undressed. Then I teased him and asked if he was going to be naked, too. He looked modest but went along with it and took off his clothes.

    He gave me a very nice twenty minute back rub and when he finished I saw that he was having a rather pronounced erection. Charitably I asked if he wanted to take care of that wtih me.

    Well, we had sex several times that afternoon and we were both thoroughly delighted. I found it so wonderful to feel my own sonâs stiff penis in my vagina and it was so completely satisfying when he shared his sperm with me. We had never done anything together like this and had never been intimate in this way way before.
    Much to our mutual pleasure we have been having sex since that time and we both thoroughly are thrilled with this new aspect of our mother and son relationship.

    When he was younger I was divorced from his father, and I would never have dreamed of doing something like this with my son. Now that heâs older, and over twenty one, it just seems the most natural thing, and Iâm sure that there are a lot of moms out there who have being physically intmate with their son who would agree with me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 35

    This happened when I was a kid. There was a lot of undeveloped land and a small crek close to where I lived, where I would go all the time. One day during the summer I went up to the creek and there was an older boy sitting there naked with his clothes near-by and his feet in the water.

    He just grinned and didnât look at all emabrrassed. He remarked on what a hot day it was and asked if I wanted to join him. I was a bit shy but it sounded like fun. So I took off my clothes and sat there next to him with my feet in the cold water. It was after maybe a couple of minutes he started to get an erection. I just watched as his penis pushed up large and stiff and red. He just grinned some more and seeing his boner I started to get an erection, too.

    Being enyiely casual about it, and without saying anything, he reached over and started playing with my penis. I just sat there not quite knowing what t do, aside from to enjoy how good that felt. After a moment his hand started playing with my balls and then he strated to tickle my butt hole with the tip of his index finger. I was surprised by how stimulating that felt. Then, very slolwy, he pushed his finger into my butt and began to slide in and out a litte bit, and that was so incredibly stimulatng when he did that, I began squirting and all of this clear liquid pulsed out again and again in the way that felt so good. It was like he ahd total control over me and knew just waht to do. I remmber him just griinning as he watched me ejaculating. When I finished he took a hold of his big hard dick and quickly jacked off, producing a fountain of white liquid.

    When he finished he told me how good tha had felt, and then he got dressed and left. I was really amazed by what had happned. I spent the rest of that summer going up to the creek hopng to see him again, but I never did. I had no idea what had happened to hi, and I even thought that perhaps he was worried about having done that with me because I was so young. Today this day I still donât know, but that is one of my best memories.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    I turned thirty just recently. A boyfriend of sorts, we had sex, he had just left and I was alone in my apartment. I started thinking about my sex life. I started at fourteen, our school had many sex parties at lake houses. By the time I graduated from high school I went through an abortion, had several STDs, a nervous breakdown, arrested twice.
    From high school till now I have had several boy friends, and many one off men.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 35

    This is more about being overwhelmed than about sex. Backstory, I was a mid level accountant in a top ten industrial concern. A senior executive bad returned from an overseas trip and I was sent out to his home to have him sign some papers before he left for Asia. My boss told me to dress appropriately even if it was Saturday, stay professional.

    I drove out to the address, a part of town I had never been to, the address was a large gate, I gave my name to the intercom and drove half a mile through a forest to a very modern house. I was let in by a woman in uniform, escorted to a garden room which overlooked a pool and tennis court. She offered me something to drink and I asked for water, I stood.

    He came in wearing shorts and a Polo shirt and sandals. He was very nice, asked me to sit and go through every document, what it was, why did he need to sign, did I agree with it. I apologized for not knowing, I was the courier. He patted my hand and called me sweetheart, if I was bringing documents to sign I needed to know what they were, he depended on me to guide him. I started to figure out that maybe he thought I was an attorney. He stood, patted my hand, sweetheart again, he was going to go shower and for me to read and guide him. If I didn't approve he wouldn't sign.

    While he was gone I called my boss, she called him an asshole, just tell him to sign she needed the papers signed before he left for Asia. No clue about what the papers were for. I tried to read them but I didn't understand what they were for. When he came back in the room he asked his housekeeper for a cup of coffee, asked me what the papers were, I confessed I didn't know and couldn't advise him, I told him my boss needed them signed. Sweetheart again, a pat on the cheek, he refused to sign, told me again he depended on me to know. On the way out he told me I was a lovely young woman, a real gem. Tell my boss he would get with her when he returned from Asia.

    My boss was furious, she blamed me. When he returned she had fight with him, he called for me, told my boss to get her affairs in order and she was fired. He told me he liked me, he wanted me to work for him, he needed someone to watch his back for him. He later told me that my then boss had pulled that stunt before, never sign a document you didn't know why. Then again sweetheart, "you take care of me and I will take care of you".

    Sweetheart, precious, lovely lady, baby girl, your cute, what a gem, beautiful, face touching, hand touching, hugs, and then kisses, then love hugs, then sex. He made me his personal assistant, 'his' personal assistant. At his home and in the office. He wrote me poems, love letters, called me everyday when he was out of town, he had long conversations about business problems, issues, negotiations, he wanted, needed my opinions. I dealt with department heads, board members, customers. I was 28 and he depended on me for everything. Including sex, being with him at home, traveling with him, in a word that came to me I told him I wasn't his Mommy. His answer was "don't you love me"?

    I broke it off on my 32nd birthday, I resigned. The money, everything, took a month off and rented a cabin in the mountains and tried to decompress. I didn't answer his calls. I lasted four days before I called him back and crawled back. I don't work for him now, I am just his sweetheart girlfriend. I travel with him, have sex with him, Mommy him, but I don't work for him and I found a fifty year old married male lawyer to be his contracts manager. Not my job any more.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 44

    Got my ass fucked for the first time today. Was at harbor freight buying some car polish and wax and struck up a conversation with an older gentleman. One thing lead to another and I was at his house looking at his old car. It needed a bit of paint correction.

    Just talking to him I noticed that he was fully erect in his shorts! I wear briefs with shorts so my dick wasnât visible as I got hard. He invented me inside his home.

    15 minutes later heâs naked and Iâm on my knees sucking his dick. Isnât the first dick Iâve sucked, Iâve sucked a few in the past.

    By that point all I have on is my briefs and heâs telling me to take them off and lay on my back on his couch. He walks into another room. Comes back with a bottle of lube.

    His dick is big so it hurt going in! But once it was in it felt amazing. 5 minutes later he was cumming in my butt. Damn it felt great!

    As Iâm driving home I can tell some cum was leaking out into my briefs. And as Iâm buffing my truck I could tell it was definitely leaking out of me!

    I eventually went in and fucked my wife real good

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