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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 22

    All through my school life, I had known a grand total of 6 girls, having been in an all-boys school. I was a shy guy in general and, due to this, especially shy around girls. You know how guys can be. College was nearing, so I decided to gather some courage and talk to girls just so that socializing would be a little easier in the coming four years. I gained confidence ever so gradually, but it still is hard for me to strike up a conversation initially.

    The second month after admissions saw a friend from school, who also was in the same college, dating a girl who lived near by. She was outgoing and nice, albeit a little loud. They were in a relationship for a good two years before they broke up. Throughout, all could see that he was miserable. Outgoing became bossy, nice became nosey, and loud just became louder. She'd pick fights with everyone and try to get things her way at all times. People began to dislike her, but since they were too nice to tell her about it, she tagged along and brought with her the same misery she'd been dishing out to people around her.

    I'd seen a fair share of my friends get hurt by her behavior. My aversion to being around her helped as I was never on the receiving end of her tantrums. But watching my friends and their ruined moods riled up my irritation towards her. My girlfriend, Katie, didn't like her either. I'm a nice guy in general (had one minor physical fight till date), but any time that she was around, my thoughts would drift to taking collective revenge for all those people who she's constantly bitched out at. Let me clear that there's no pent up attraction here. Just pent up aggression.

    One day, me and a bunch of friends are staying over at someone's place. Katie is there too. Me and her have had the night planned out well enough. The guys hang around with the guys for a while, smoking a joint, while the girls do the same by themselves. After an hour or so, we all gather to drink a bit in the living room. The night rolls on with us playing games, singing, while that girl never stops her loud, incessant talking. After a few pegs, bodies start to heat up, and so do the present couple's passions. You could see them sit really close a while ago, but now they're more drunk with wet passion and lust than cheap alcohol. I'm not much of a singer, and I wasn't drunk enough to become one, so I looked around at places the others were too busy to look at. The guy slips his hands into his girlfriend's top through the back. I couldn't really see that, but the expression on her face changed as she bit her lip and shivered with sudden ecstasy. I nudged Katie and told her to have a look at them, and to my pleasant surprise, she'd already been and was as horny. The couple took leave and walked out rather briskly, giggling and heated up. Me and Katie want to get up too, but we remember our plan.
    People began sleeping about 2 hours past midnight. The girl was the last one to remain awake apart from me and Katie. We give each other the signal, after which I get up and excused myself to use the washroom. I instead go into one of the empty bedrooms and look into my bag. The ropes, the whip, the clamps the gag and the strap-on are still there, untouched, waiting to be used. I went down the stairs, pumped up and ready for action.

    The girl's back was facing the stairs that I got down from. Katie looks at me quickly, also pumped up and ready for the night. I sneak up behind this mildly inebriated girl, who's name is Monique, by the way, and quickly cover her mouth with my hand. Simultaneously, I hold both her arms behind her back and pick her up to drag her up the staircase into the waiting bedroom. She kicks and lets out a muffled scream, but realizes that everyone is lost in their dreams, while she's stuck in our's.
    I drag her into the bedroom with relative ease as Katie shuts and locks the door behind us. Monique is still trying to escape my tight grasp, when Katie comes forward and lands a slap on her face. The shock shuts Monique up while they gaze at each other. I get an instant hard-on, never having seen, in person, such a side of Katie.

    "Shut up, or I keep slapping till you do"

    She takes the ropes out and begins to tie Monique's arms to her legs while I hold her down. She lets out a whimper, to which Katie lands another slap square on her face. She takes the gag out of our bag, pushes her onto the bed and puts the gag on a struggling Monique. I've never had a bigger hard-on, to which Katie responds by slowly kissing my neck and biting my ears. After a lovely five-minute make out session, we turn our attention back to Monique, who is confused and shocked at the turn of events. We take Monique's clothes off piece by piece as we kiss, letting her know that we're okay about anything today. We make her sit in an awkward position, leaning against the headboard, so that she gets a full view of what we're doing.

    "You love to get attention, don't you, you little bitch?? How's this for attention, huh??"

    We take each others clothes off in an excited state of frenzy, till we're also completely naked. Monique's eyes reveal an expression of unease while we touch, grab, bite and nibble at each other.

    "Your turn, sweetie. Teach her a lesson"

    I choke Monique slightly and take her gag off. She tries to let out a scream, but before she can, Katie pulls her hair and whispers into her ears, "Now you suck his cock good, do you understand?? Take it as deep as he gives it. Be the slut you've always been".
    I take the back of her head and slowly guide my throbbing cock into her mouth. She's unwilling at first, but sees no escape option but to comply. I let her move her head back and forth, but I suddenly remember why I dislike her so much. Memories make me grab her head and shove my cock into her mouth. She coughs and gags. I slap her, look straight into her eyes, and shove it in her mouth again. A few minutes into this, Monique stops gagging.

    "You're getting used to this already?? More of a slut than I had imagined, fortunately!"

    Katie came up to me and kissed me passionately again for a minute before going back to the bag. I pulled Monique and pushed her on to the bed and positioned her on the edge with her back on the bed. Katie comes near the edge, slaps Monique on her bare breasts and says, "Lick my pussy clean. I don't care if you can't breathe".
    She puts her pussy on Monique's face, to which she lets out a whimper. Katie grabs her neck, sending out a message. Monique gets it and begins licking her wet, pink pussy. I climb onto the bed, position myself near Monique's ass, and put my throbbing cock into her surprisingly super wet pussy. Katie moans and holds my head for support, while I thrust in and out of Monique's pussy. Katie grabs my hair tight and bites my lip as she reaches her first orgasm. Her juices flood Monique's face, who gags and spits out what went in.

    "First your cock, now my pussy! She knows how to work them both, doesn't she??"

    Katie's body looks gorgeous on the dim light of the room. It reflects off the sweat on her breasts, her stomach and her legs. Her ass looks heavenly in the orange light as she turns around and bends to get her strap-on out. She puts her finger to her lips and makes a 'shhh' sound, as she puts it on.

    "You know what to do, sweetie."

    I lie on the bed and pull Monique up over me. Katie puts the gag back on her mouth while I hold Monique by her spread legs. Katie lubes up her fingers and puts one into Monique's ass. She tries to scream, but she moans instead. She moves her finger in and out. Finger becomes fingers. Katie then lubes up my cock, and guides it to Monique's stretched but hole.

    "Alright, let's go"

    I insert my cock at the same time Katie shoves her strap-on into Monique's pussy. Her body tightens from the shock. Katie pulls out the small whip, and hits her breasts. She puts her face beside Monique's and whispers, "A whip on each for every sound you make, bitch. Take it like the slut you are."
    Katie grabs Monique's neck with the other hand and keeps moving back and forth. I have never been more turned on in my life. Seeing my calm, beautiful Katie dominating this bitch with me sends my in a frenzy. I grab Monique's butt tightly and begin fucking her hard. She tries to scream again, but a few whips shut her up. To add to the excitement, Katie has her head pointed upwards, sweat all over her, also pounding Monique's pussy wildly. The bed is now shaking quite a bit as I near climax. A surge of pleasure washes through my cock as the pent up aggression slowly makes it's way out of me. Looks like Monique is shivering as she receives the aggression from me and Katie, both.
    I can't hold it in any longer. I explode in Monique's ass just as Katie and Monique have explosions of their own. We keep moving till we can't feel our legs.

    "How'd you like that, bitch??"

    Katie pushes Monique off me, and whips her ass a few times till she's shaking, after which she falls on me. I hold her on top of me with my arms around her, feeling every inch of her quivering body on me. The smell of raw passion, instinct and lust permeates the room as we make out gently this time.

    "Honey, we forgot to use the clamps"

    "Yeah, I know. I'm not quite done yet. Hope you aren't", she says, with a wink.

    She gets up, drinks some water. I drink some too. She takes the remaining water, and spits it on Monique, who is too stunned by the circumstances of what may have been her best orgasm. Katie lightly kicks her ass and comes over to the bed. She looks over at her...

    "Round two in a half-hour, bitch. And I don't care if you can't breath"

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    All the dominate guys that like sissies should comment on my post it's # 21311

    I'm waiting!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    When i was 15, the airliner lost our luggage so they said they would ship it the next couple of days. We ave them a description and stuff, but later when we got it we received a very similar suitcase but not ours. We checked the name tags and phoned. She didn't have ours but was glad we found hers. She said she would pick it up the next day. I searched the woman on face book and was greeted to find her profile pic to be a group picture. I went through her photos to be drawn in and in. She was a very hot brunette. 23, and has a very nice picture of her ass on fb. At midnight, i snuck to downstairs and brought the suitcase up with me. I locked the door and began to fuel my fetish, woman's clothing. Luckily there was no lock. I took a picture so i could replace it properly. On top were some books and gifts. Then some hoodies, and jackets which i wasn't interested in. Then jackpot, at the bottom were a pile of panties, stockings, and yoga pants. On the zipped up section there were a bunch of dirty clothes!!! :) and a bag of toiletries. I opened it all up. To my great luck, i found a small pouch inside. Feeling the baggie, i knew i was gonna be very happy. I opened to be greeted with an VIBRATOR! It was a mini rabbit vibe. One which i knew too well(my mom owns one) I was licking clean all the crotches of the panties, except one pair. There were 5 dirty panties and 2 clean ones. One pair of yoga pants, and 3 tights. One that was skin colour, and two black. Sucked on her vibe till it was clean then inserted it into my ass. I put on a pair of pink thongs from the clean pile. I made a small pillow of her dirty panties and buried my self inside. I also put her yoga pants over mouth and inhaled the scents of her workout sweat. I turned in the vibe and pretty much came instantly. I made a huge mess in her panties which made it turn pretty much soaking, plus her yoga pants had a nice cum rope on its leg. I spent all night wacking off and cumming on her: toothbrush, all her panties, in her mouthwash, and a huge load on right on the crotch of her yoga pants. I didn't clean up and fantasized about her putting my cum all over herself. I kept one pair of her dirty panties in a ziplock bag. The one i didnt lick clean. It was a purple gstring that had its crotch all white and crusty, with a nice brown mark on the string. I also kept a pair of er tights. It had these heart patterns on it which was really cute

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Never told ANYONE about this before but I am just gagging to get it out and tell someone and this seems like a pretty good place to do so :)

    I'm a 22 year old straight guy, fairly good looking, had a couple of girlfriends and I love women. However for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the idea of having sex with other guys. I'd never told anyone, or tried to act on it, but a couple of years ago when I was 19 curiosity got the better of me and I posted an ad on craigslist.

    I got a bunch of replies (probably because of the pic I posted with my ad lol) but most were either one liners or pretty aggressive seeming guys who seemed to be into some weird shit, but this one bloke stood out and seemed to be a nice genuine guy who also wasn't that experienced, so after a couple of emails and picture swapping he gave me his address and within an hour I was knocking on his front door.

    It hadn't really seemed real up until then and as I suddenly realised what I was getting myself into and was half considering weather or not to turn around and run away the handle turned and the door opened to reveal a fairly relaxed, friendly guy; about 35ish, quite chubby, and wearing a dressing gown. We shook hands, said hello and he invited me in.

    I followed him through the hall and into a long narrow room. At one end was a couch and a tv and at the other a dining table, and the floor was covered in kids toys. I noticed a photo of him and a women on the wall and on the table lay a laptop open with gay porn on mute.

    We made some awkward small talk for a couple of seconds and then he blurted out, "well, shall we get to it??". I loved how direct and blunt he was being and I slowly pulled my shirt over my head. He stood and admired my smooth white body for a few moments as I undressed before undoing his robe. I was bent over pulling my jeans from around my ankles when I looked up and saw his cock for the first time. It was shorter than mine but much thicker, but was dwarfed by a pair of big juicy balls. As I looked at them I couldn't wait to taste the cum inside.

    He walked toward me as I stood back up, both of us completely naked now and I couldn't take my eyes of his cock bobbing gently between his thighs, the first one I had seen in real life, other than mine of course. He stopped inches away from me and lifted his hand up, taking my dick in his palm.

    I feel myself getting harder as he played with me and I took a deep breath before reaching my hand out and grabbing hold of his now erect penis. He let out a deep groan as I stroked his dick and when I pulled his foreskin down between my finger and thumb he pulled me closer and started rubbing the tips of our hard cocks together. It started getting wet and slippery between our dicks and I couldn't tell if it was his pre cum or mine.

    He leant forward taking my nipple into his mouth, sucking and gently biting until I moaned out load and he started to leave a trail of kisses and licks down my body until he was kneeling with my cock in his face. His tongue slowly reached out to me and softly ran up the underside of my shaft and onto the head, tickling the hole with the tip of his tongue and flicking it back and forth on the end of my cock as if it was a just a big clit and I was his little girly slut.

    He grabbed hold of my balls, squeezing and fondling in his hand as one finger started cautiously creeping up my crack towards my ass hole. I didn't stop him so before long I had his finger firmly rubbing around the entrance of my ass hole and his head bouncing up and down on my dick so deep I could feel his chin stubble on my balls. I knew then that this was by far the greatest blowjob I had ever received.

    In fact after about 30 seconds of this I already felt like I was about to cum so I pulled out of his mouth and then pulled him up to his feet as I sank to my knees and without a moment of hesitation ran my tongue right around his head making him nice and wet before greedily sucking almost the entire length of his fat, hard, manly tool into my mouth. I loved it! The taste, the smell, but mostly I just loved feeling like a dirty little whore. Kneeling between his legs licking, slurping, and sucking right down to the base just all felt so natural to me. I was sucking on his balls and jerking his cock with my hand when he told me to go and lie on my back on the couch.

    I loved having him tell me what to do and feeling so vulnerable at the hands of this big strong man whose balls lay in my mouth so I did as I was told walked over to the couch and lay down, even swaying my butt a little for him when I walked over.

    He followed me over and when I was on my back he put his knees either side of my head and bent forward to my suck my cock as his swung right above my face. I stretched my neck up, desperate to taste him again. We sucked each other like this in a 69 position for a while and I loved it; his weight on top of me, his balls flapping in my face and the smell of his ass hole twitching right above me. I was loving sucking cock so much I wasn't even thinking about the fact that I was getting a blowjob as well.

    After a little while of this he started to fuck my face, slowly at first but but gradually harder and faster until suddenly and without warning wave after wave of his hot cum burst into my mouth. I swallowed the thick creamy goo as fast as I could but so much was filling my mouth that I let quite a lot spill out my mouth and down my face and neck.

    I lay back to enjoy this man's lips around my cock with a mouth still half full of cum and his cock above me still dripping on my face and chest. He picked up his pace, sucking me like I've never been sucked before or since, and then I began to feel a wet finger prodding against my tight little hole, and then popping inside of me, first one knuckle deep, then two.

    By the time he got three knuckles in I lost control. With this big, strong, older man finger fucking my little boy butt and his lips locked around my dick I turned my head and buried my face in to the inside of his big hairy legs and shot load after load of my hot cum into his mouth.

    He got off me and stood up and just looked down on me laying there with legs wide open, his cum all over my face and my cum dripping down my softening dick into my pubes.

    He eye balled me laying there from my feet up to my head and as we made eye contact I wiped up as much cum from my face and neck as I could with my finger before licking off every last drop.

    would love to hear what people think about my first gay experience and if anyone (M or F) fancy's a bit of erotic chat then message me at

    Thanks for reading xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    At boarding school I was a member of a "secret society" who met in an old attic storeroom, and talked about sex. I had more money than most, and I used to bet them $5 they couldn't tie me up and make me come. I always acted revolted at the whole thing, begging them to stop and whining about how much I hated it, which of course at that age only made them worse, and my chances of escape about zero! It was well worth $5, and when they discovered fellatio, the money was less important, as long as they could force me to do this, about endlessly, since the first one was ready again by the time I finished the fifth one....This pretty much flavored my life in the future, and turned me into a willing rubber-slave, married to, and owned by, a woman twice my age, who controls my life 24/7/365. I am very happy and often think back to the early days...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    BABY GIRL.... BACK in october of 2007 when i was 11 years old my father who rarely was ever in my life growing up decided to take me trick or treating though he was extremely drunk and often annoying with that old grandpa machismo nonsense of acting tough while in the presence of others.the alcohol seems to make men like my father think their superman ready,willing and able to take on the world in hand to hand combat.he was raised in puerto ricos culture of woman belong barefoot and pregnant to serve mens every whim and desire.on my mothers side i'm ecuadorian/american and was raised in the south parents are divorced thus i was constantly between homes with weekends and summertime spent at my fathers 1 bedroom apt where i slept on a nice sofa-bed while my father snored his ass off in the nearby bedroom.his abuse of alcohol really angered me but there were rare times he talked gibberish and acted like a total clown to the point where i'd literally laugh while he tried to focus and not stumble half-way across the floor.he was tall and well toned with muscles and had the habit of calling me his baby-girl. that night of halloween i wore a two piece genie costume that pretty much showed my fat perky tits,cameltoe and and round young butt through the flimsy satin fabric.being a lazy 11 year old i often waited for my mother to wash my cloths and dirty panties which would explain why i had no panties underneath my genie pants.truth was i was at that age where i was starting to notice boys especially black negro boys in my neighborhood and school though the feeling wasn't exactly mutual since they were attracted to the older teen girls.back then it was the older men who showed interest like the super don emilio who lived in the basement rent free and was always trying to engage me in conversation when i would go to the back to throw out the garbage.then there was mr. anderson who lived across the hall from us on the fifth floor.the one thing i respect above all else in a persons character is honesty and mr. anderson was bold and often risky when he would follow a simple good morning liliana [not my actual name] with a straight in your face comment like..damn i'm ready to get with you little lady...these were men in their late 40's/50's that were not afraid to sexually flirt with little general my mother always advised me that all men/boys were perverts of one kind or another thus i learned from the early age of 9 years old to never let any man touch me saxually and report anyone who attempted to or talked sexually to me.the truth is i never said anything because i was somewhat curious though at the time i barely knew proper hygiene much less how to clean a simple set of dishes in the kitchen sink. my father took me to all the nearby stores and homes of people he knew and of course there was a shitload of candy and money in my pumpkin basket by the time we reached his apartment on the 2nd floor not too far from my mothers simple call later and it was decided that i would be spending several days at his home.i was used to these arguments between my parents and kept cloths in both their homes.long story short it wasn't long before i started to feel somewhat uneasy by the way my father often seemed to stare at me as he ordered me to get him another beer from his fridge.quite frankly i'm not gullible nor naive to the point that i couldn't notice the way he'd glance momentarily at my butt as i walked towards the kitchen,bathroom or his room to get something.i pretended to ignore his baby girl this,baby girl that and baby girl whatever because he was drunk and practically sprawled across the sofa-bed with a heinekin bottle pushed up against the crotch of his gym pants. then he began the WHAT game when i sat next to him on the sofa because i would stare at him with annoyance and un-easeness so much so that i began to laugh and respond back with WHAT until we both were laughing nervously.the truth is i was starting to see a man and crazy thoughts of finally seeing what a penis looks like just seemed natural if i just didn't freak out.a young girls curiosity at least in my case back then was not exactly off limits even if he was my father.there in the privacy of his home we made eye contact that spoke louder than words while the question WHAT going back and forth between us kept us from making the first move.though i was only 11 years old he suggested i have a drink which tasted bitter yet i actually managed to drink two hienekins and felt a nice buzz that helped to ease my father isn't exactly an attractive man but the alcohol seemed to distort his appearance or something like that.i remember the room was spinning when i suddenly fell face-down on the sofa and felt my fathers hand pulling down my genie pants,my eyes felt heavy..sleepy yet i fought to stay awake noticing when he got up and went to his room to get something.upon his return i was not too surprised he was completely naked yet his huge penis made me extremely uneasy and he must have sensed my reaction because he was soon pinning me down on the sofa and using his fingers to lubricate my tight rectum and vagina with vaseline.i'd often used this lubricant when i felt raw or chafed from riding my bicycle and obviously knew it's strange scent and comfort,with my genie pants held firmly around my knees and still weak from the alcohol in my system i was unable dislodge my fathers huge member wedged between my butt. my fathers body felt heavy as he leaned into my back and soon began to thrust slowly until due to his sexual experience he was literally poking the bulbous head of his thick penis at the entrance of my stained anus.the initial penetration aided by the moist lubricant enabled my father to stretch and painfully enter the length and thickness of his 8.1/3 penis if only for a few seconds because despite my shock of such extreme pain my father felt the painful sensation of being locked and gripped within me.i passed out as my father dislodged and nervously hurried to get towels to sustain the blood and clean the liquid feces that flowed from my torn anus.i spent the better art of 8 days recovering unable to walk normally,sit for long periods of time and manage to only defecate bits of feces every few hours.strangely though my father worried yet i found comfort allowing him to massage my butt with lubricants and warm soaked hand towels and took pleasure when he pushed his thick tongue in my vagina.quite truthfully it wasn't all his fault because indirectly i was a willing participant though surely inexperienced in knowing the difference between young boys and actual grown men.the painful sexual experience didn't deter me from my curiosity which later found me seeking out mr. anderson who patiently took my virginity and painfully stretched my vagina with his 9.1/2 inch black penis after several days of carefully became a constant sexual habit staying with my father several days out of the month and urging him to anally fuck me despite the pain and going to mr.andersons apartment after school.don emilio was too risky because he was a married man.due to my age at the time privacy and secrecy was extremely important,today my father is happily married and mr. anderson moved away back in early ex-husband was never able to sexually satisfy me and we divorced in 2012 and today i only date black men that have huge thick anacondas.i don't have any regrets and love my father dearly though not all young girls are capable of these psychological sexual experiences with adult men much less their own fathers..THE END

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I am attracted to cute men with mid length to long hair but was always in denial about it. A guy at work hooked his brother up with a job in my department and he(the brother) fits that description. Soft facial features, tanned skin, tall, slender had smooth. He has innocent-looking brown eyes too but I hid my attraction and hung out with him and his family. One day, his family went to the beach and I went over to play video games. I stayed up late and eventually threw off my clothes and slept on a bed. I tend to sleep naked and I have the body and face of a model. I felt someone kissing on my back and opened my eyes. It was him. I told him I wasn't interested and he just kept kissing on the parts of my body that I didn't cover in sheets. I covered my penis up and he slid his hands under the sheets and rubbed all over me and kept trying to gently move my hands while kissing on me. He said he'd change my mind about being interested. I rolled over to protest but he kissed my lips and kept on kissing them. I breathed heavily . He said, "mmmm you like that." I denied it and then let him guide my hands away from my penis. He then took some aloe lotion and lubed up his hands before he began to stroke my cock. He stroked me while sliding over the he'd in a circular motion. I was beginning to love it and he kissed me again. I kissed back and came close to cumming. He stopped and we kept kissing. He tried to skip his tongue in my mouth and I stopped him. He gently grazed my lips age said, "Open your mouth. You'll like this." I did and he slide his tongue in. I dropped my guard and slid my hands up and down his body. He kissed on my neck, sending me to the edge. He then kissed all over my chest, biting, licking and sucking my nipples. I almost came from it so he began kissing me until I cooled off and then worked his way down to my cock. He teased the head and I begged him to take it all in his mouth. He only took in the head and it felt amazing. He then took it all in and I nearly exploded but held my cum back. He sucked me a while and began to lick my asshole. I said I wasn't ready and he just kept licking. I got up and ran some bath water and made sure I was clean then climbed back into bed with him. I laid face down and let him rim me. He jerked me as he did it. I loved the new sensations. He told me to wait and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he had Vaseline. I said no but he rubbed my body until I relaxed and then lubed up my ass. He worked a finger in and it was uncomfortable but I started to like it. He kept adding fingers until he slipped in 4. I was in pain gut then it felt really good. He stopped and rolled me over on my back. He said he wanted to look into my eyes as he fucked me. He then slipped his cock in me in place of his fingers. It hurt although I got used to the fingers. I screamed in pain the first few thrust and it felt good as I got used to having him inside me. I was in ecstasy, growing more and more attached to him as we went. He then gripped my cock and jerked me as be fucked me. I felt pleasure all over my body and came hard shooting rope after rope of cum. It was that biggest load I have ever blown in my life. He then came inside me. We both were unable to get up so we laid there holding each other and kissing. It was a highly emotional experience and I sucked, rimmed and fucked him later on. We still see each other and have sex every chance we get. Our coworkers and families don't hand the slightest suspicion of why we hang out so much either. He grew up in a Christian home and was homeschooled as a teen so I was his first experience while He was my first gay experience. Lovin' it!!! ;)

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 21

    This happened recently. I was watching the movie November Man, alone. It was a pretty small showing so i was in a theatee with maybe 10 people in the seats. I took a seat near the top middle. Before the movie started i saw 2 girls and 1 guy enter late. They sat 3 rows downfrom me. But the blonde girl, was just pure beauty. She was the type of girl i would just hope for in life. I changed seats behind the brunette girl so i had a side view if the blonde. Sadly it seemed like the blonde was on a date with the guy and the brunette was a tag along. I since no one was here, why not rub one out before the movie started. I began rubbing through my jeans, but seeing tht noone was even close, i pulled my cock free of the zipper. I was jeling off with a great veiw of the girl. After about 5 minutes, i changed seats soninwaa behind the blonde. I leaned forewards and shot my load onto her hair. I wasnt much of a shooter but it was perfect so she would feel anything but it was strong enough to unload all into her hair. I watche the rest of the movie with my cock out, everytime it would get stiff i would do the same thing. By the end of the movie i expexted i had came like 4 times. But as soon as thw movie ended and thw lights turned on. On the brunette there was my last load. It wasnt too big but very visable due to er darker hair. Then on the blonde. I saw a gooey mess in her hair. It was dripped down hwr shoulders and there was a huge clump resting on te middle of te head. I couldnt believe it, luckily i left before they did. And beforethey foud the cum

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    Straight Male / 49

    MEXICANS LOVE TO BE WATCHED.... SINCE early 2012 i've taken to observing people/neighbors who live in the buildings/residency nearby and notice quite an interesting pattern as per-ethnic computer is near my living room windows and it's where i conduct my tech/art graphics work daily and it was by chance i happen to see a young girl playing by her window across the way on our fifth floor viewpoint.she would often glance towards my window and wave hello which seemed innocent enough until what appeared to be her older brother started observing me as well.several days passed when one day perhaps out of boredom or attempting to get my attention he casually pulled his sisters shirt up to expose her little titties in plain view of their window.back then she appeared to be around ten and seemed to be developing rapidly because she obviously had full breast and of course i noted they were mexicans.i'm american/puerto rican and wasn't too shock by their behavior because i had observe many situations that were similar some that even were worthy of shock value.perhaps due to differences in sexual cultures,religions and upbringings different races respond,act and behave well..differently. african/americans walk around their homes naked but late at night close their curtains,white americans love to have sex near open windows but oddly dress themselves afterwards...dominicans though considered hot lovers NEVER expose themselves near open windows,the growing numbers of muslims residing in our neighborhoods due to their strict religion would never attempt it.puerto ricans to be fair and honest of my people don't mind exposing themselves but only in the bathroom.personally i enjoy walking around my apartment naked because it's comfortable to do so yet it opened a pandoras box when the young mexican girl and her brother took my nieghborhood their is a sense of freedom to just be yourself in plain view of opened windows including where young children are concerned.these young mexicans duly noted that i wasn't overly impressed with their sudden games of exposure and clearly took their boldness to a whole new level of creativity and often dangerous levelplete nudity,touching each other even engaging their dog a great dane in their childish sex play though there was never any intercourse between them leading up to this very year.their intent was to gain my attention and compared to the other nieghbors open window activities they often got it that is when i could take time from my busy schedule to do so. strangely enough even an incident back in early 2013 when they got caught by their mother showing their nudity to an adult man across the way didn't stop them,on the contrary their mother gave up on the closed curtains rule but from then on watch my reaction to her kids sexual mindgames.for the most part these mexicans seemed open and comfortable with their sexuality and love to invite friends/family every weekend to party more often than my puerto rican people and seemed to have a hoarding fetish for collecting cloths.but when they started waving as if inviting me over and suddenly up until several months ago someone began ringing the bell downstairs i didn't find it amusingmon sense dictated it was them since i live alone and rarily if ever invite people to my home.and those that do visit call me to let me know they are stopping by since i'm a very private person.i tend to value people from a distance and will admit to having a sexual preference towards young girls especially african/american girls between the ages of 12 to 14 legally i don't need the headaches.traditionally in mexico it is a custom for mexican girls to marry when they reach puberty and the same holds true for puerto rican girls and it isn't uncommon for them to marry older men and even men within their families.sincerely there were moments and opportunities to engage young girls in my meighborhood throughout the years so the mexican girl across the way who consented to exposing herself to me was not impressive.the whole concept of LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH was a level i was comfortable with and she certainly enjoyed the shock value of seeing my huge erect penis more so than i enjoyed seeing her expose her plumped little girl pussy from the distance of our windows. psychologically perhaps as i get older the idealogy of LESS IS MORE seems somewhat conforting since the same holds true for porn on the internet and even the movies i watch today.there just isn't any real shock value for me anymore..necrophilia,philia,bestiality,snuff,s adomasochism i shrug my shoulders and wonder what is it with societies issues and judgemental does impress me that the young mexican girls mother chooses to allow her daughter the freedom to just be herself and it's certainly a pattern we should ALL respect...THE END.

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    Straight Female / 47

    Because of my attitude and domanant personality I've driven away two husbands and numerous men I have dated over the years. I don't hate men but I have a terrible desire to control, dictate and even humiliate them. I am a big woman, not that I am obese but 6 ft. tall and always seemed to prefer small men who I am able to control. Unfortunately my over aggressive behaviour sooner or later chases them away most of the time quickly. I always wanted to punish them for anything I thought offensive or for that matter things I myself blew out of proportion. I insisted on spanking them and there were three that put up with me for many months but most who couldn't tolarate me at all. It wasn't always mean things but I always had the desire to have men undressed in front of me and in many cases insist I bathe them and masturbate them. For me it was to humiliate them although most of the men didn't mind me doing that. I forced most of these men to submit to my penitrating there rectums with dildos and often vibrators as I masturbated them. There were some who seemed to like it but others who I knew hated me doing that to them. I only had sex with about half these men but did masturbate and spank all of them some many times other only a few times. All of these men were afraid of me and that always pleased me when I had that much control over them no matter how short lived it may have been. I would act angry even when I wasn't just to intimadate them more ordering them to strip naked for me to whip them with a strap. One guy I spanked three times in two days and when I got home from work the following day he was gone and I've never seen him since. I tried to change a few times but my desire to do these things is so strong I can't. It got to where I couldn't keep a man more than a month and sometimes a week or two even when I let them move in with me. Aside from the two husbands I've had seven other men have lived in my house. I have only had two who lived here more than seven months except for Eric who has lived with me now for over two years. What I have learned is that the younger and smaller they are the easier they are to intimadate and control.

    Eric is 23 just about 5'5" and I don't think he weighs more than about 125lbs. He's from Ohio and from what I've heard from him he grew up in a disfunctional home. He's a high school drop out and works at a local gas station where I always buy my cigarettes and first met him. I only knew him a few months when I began offering to let him live in my house sensing his naivety and lack of education. Not that he is stupid but by his demeanor I could tell he would be easily controlled. Before he moved in I warned him I am a strick woman and telling him he was a child to me. I think he decided to except my offer because I was sure he was only making minimum wages at his job. The first few days I was subtle with him but told him in no uncertain terms that I would spank him if he broke any of my rules. He smiled the first few times I said that but soon was aware it was no joke. I let him have the back bedroom since that door never had a lock and the bathroom door hasn't had a working lock for fifteen years. The first week I walked in on him twice which I knew embarrassed him but I only told him theres no privacy in my house. I only charge him $50 a week which barely covers the food he eats and I do make him dinner each night insisting he do the dishes afterwards. During the first month I never spanked him but I did walk in the bathroom 11 times seeing him naked. Aside from his short and thin stature he also has a small penis which I think made him more embarrased when I saw him. Day by day my tone of voice with him became more harsh and I could see he was both afraid and intimadated by me. I began critisizing him for the way he made his bed, did the dishes and other meanial things to instil fear. He was living here 7 weeks the first time I spanked him. Two dirty forks he didn't wash was my excuse and after showing them to him ordered him to my bedroom where I keep the strap telling him as we went up the steps I was going to spank him. When in my room I acted furious and told him to take his clothes off. I doubt he believed me serious at the time and actually started crying. I repeated it over and over also using the word strip. Even then he didn't realize I meant fully naked because he hesitated when down to his jockey shorts. Thats when I said if he didn't take them off that I would. There he was naked covering his penis with his hands and I made him lay face down on the bed. I only hit him 8 times but each swat with the strap gave his rear end welts. After I whipped him I told him to fill the bathtub and get in it. I think by then he was in a state of shock but did as he was told. Once in the tub I walked into the bathroom telling him if he was going to do things like a child he would be treated that way. His humiliation excited me and after I washed his hair I wet his back and chest with a wash cloth and made him stand up in the tub. Again he had tears as I washed his body head to foot paying special attention to his genitals. At one point I purposely held his penis as I washed his scrotum and he did get an erection and I knew right away he was so humuliated he probably wanted to scream. I was suprised since his erection was about five inches but I didn't maturbate him or say anything about it. I finally told him to rense off and go to bed. Then I went to my room to masturbate myself.

    I know I sound cruel but this is what I have been looking for, for many years. He's the youngest I ever had any control over and now is completely submissive to me. It only took me a few months to acheived what I could never do with any other men. He became and still is totally obedient to me. I always find a way to spank him a few times a month but in other ways am very good to him. Depending on my mood I usually bathe him 3 or 4 nights a week and began masturbating him within the first 6 months he was here. He is not nearly as embarrassed as before but I think it is still humiliating to him when I see his limp penis. I have also been shaving his pubic hair for over a year and a half. That used to really get him embarrassed but now he gets erections when I shave him there. About that same time is when I began penitrating him anally with my dildo and vibrator. I expose him naked in the most humiliating positions I can think of and still doubt if he likes me doing that. Thats when I touch and play with his scrotum and penis and when I put vasiline around his anus he flinches knowing he is going to be penitrated that night. I do masturbate him when I penitrate him and do know he likes the masturbation part of it. He has never seen me naked and I am certain he doesn't realize how aroused I get when doing all this to him. As soon as I'm finished with him I go to my room and masturbate myself often having numerous orgasms. No matter what I tell him to do he does it without complaining knowing if he talks back to me or gives me a hard time he will be spanked. I can usually get him to ejaculate twice and often am able to have him get an erection a third time but he seldom cums again when I do this. He no longer ever tries to resist my wishes and only obeys my commands. When I first began the anal penitration he used to say "please no" but he no longer says a word about it or the ways I position him. Its like he just gave in to me and as much as I am fulfilling my desires I find a lot of what I do to him pleases him also. He still blushes often but as much as it use to embarrass him I think he likes me bathing him and know he likes being masturbated. Sometimes I make him masturbate himself and think that is still humiliating to him as the anal penitration is. He has two friends that I know of but I'm sure they have no conseption of what I do to him. I have told him many times in the past that he is free to move out whenever he wants but he hasn't. He probably thinks I'm a crazy old lady without understanding that he is satifying my sexual needs as strange as they may be. I think about having sex with a man but the way things are with Eric I am satisfied.

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