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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I've been really unfaithful in my current relationship at the request of my partner. It's the sort of thing he likes, so I'm indulging him and having a lot of fun in the process. He doesn't know about all of my lovers, only a few. He's caught me in the act of cheating on him several times, and I sometimes let him stay and watch as someone else stretches my pussy. However on my wedding day with him, I went the extra mile. My favorite lover fucked my pussy before the ceremony and I let him cum inside me. After we were married, I told him what my lover did, and then told him I'd be spending the night with my lover instead of him. I wound up pregnant from that, and since then I've decided it's not going to be the last time I let one of my lovers knock me up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    Last month I learned that the woman who gave birth to me was not the woman who raised me. The people who raised me who have been dead for over a year are my grandparents, and the woman I thought was my older sister was my mother.

    Not only that, but my mother told me that at the time I was born, she had never had a boyfriend. The only person she had had sex with was her father. The man who raised me.

    She said her mother never knew about that, that she told her it was a boy from school who had gotten her pregnant.

    She told me that it didn't stop once she got pregnant and gave birth. She had a sexual relationship with him until the day he died.

    It took me most of the past month to fully process this before talking to her again yesterday.

    Yesterday she told me that family means more to her than anything. That she never regretted being with him, and she didn't regret giving birth to me because of it. And before we hung up, she asked me to honestly consider whether I wanted to have sex with her. She said it was up to me, and that the offer stands if I ever decide that I want to.

    I spent 23 years looking up to her as my older sister, and while I may have had fantasies about her every so often, I've heard others say that that's normal for a little brother. Now I know she's my mother. She's 35, and she's beautiful.

    Maybe I'm just thinking with my dick but if she was not related to me and she gave me this offer I would be at her house right now, and even though she is, it's getting harder and harder not to get in my car and go see her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    Last week I was at work as receptionist at a big dental office working beside my lesbian lover Sally who lives with me at my mother's made the day seem longer.All three of us really love to poop in our panties when we get the chance and have done for years.On Friday morning I realized that I had not pooped since Sunday and now I was feeling like I could be ready to do it today,but I was a little worried that it might be a firm one which I don't like as it can be difficult to push out.I told Sally that I wanted to get messy tonight and she smiled with a sparkle in her eyes and said that she felt ready for that too as she had not done it for a few days.I called home to mom and suggested a pooping expedition after work and she was all in favor of that,saying that she was holding a couple of days of poop too.We all agreed that when we finished work at 5pm we would go home and change into more suitable pooping clothes and then go out to the mall.

    As the day passed it became more exciting as we thought of the evening's pleasures to come and it made the day seem longer,but eventually 5pm came and Sally and I jumped into my car to drive home.By now I could feel that I was going to have a big poop and as I wanted to be sure it would be soft,I rushed into our home and took a good dose of liquid stool softener. Normally this would work in three hours,but when I am already feeling a need to poop it works faster,sometimes in one hour if it does not have a lot of work to do.All three of us selected our clothing for our trip to the mall;snug fitting slacks over white cotton full cut panties that covered our asses well and would hold our poop in place as we walked.Sally and mom also has a little mouthful of the stool softener just to be sure of a soft poop later.

    We took mom's car as it is bigger then mine and she always has a stock of plastic shopping bags in the back seat to cover the seats if she needs to poop in the car.She grabbed three old towels from the rack and threw them in the back seat as we set off for the short drive to the mall.All the stores in there are open until about 10pm so we had plenty of time to wander round as we waited for the softener to work on us.We love to hold it as long as we can as it starts to work and we begin to feel more and more desperate.On the drive to the mall we had all had one can of Pepsi to fill up our bladders and increase the excitement as we held that in too.Mom parked near one of the mall entrances and as we got out we each places plastic bags and towels on our seats ready for when we came back with poop filled pants,so we could get right into the car and drive home for more fun.

    As it was now the 2nd of December it was dark outside and the Christmas decorations were up in the mall for us to wander and look at as we went from store to store.We did not intend buying anything on this trip but it was a good reconaissance for a later trip when we would be buying gifts for friends and family.We had been at the mall for about 45 minutes when I felt my bowels give me a warning that I was going to poop very soon,as I had to stop for a second and clench my cheeks.I nodded to mom and Sally and they smiled and nodded back to let me know that they too were ready as our softener was working on all of us about an hour after taking it;just about right for when we were not actually constipated.

    We made our way to the food hall and got a coffee which we sat at a table and drank,knowing that this would make us more desperate to poop and also to pee,and this was about as far away from our car as we could get,so it would seem like a long walk back for three desperate girls trying not to have an accident and pretending they did not know where the toilets were to be found.By the time we had finished our coffee I could see that mom and Sally were really needing to go soon and I was too.I knew that I could not hold it in much longer as we all got up and started walking slowly with short stops to look at the store windows.As we walked along arm in arm there were not too many people around so mom whispered that she really had to let some out right now.We stopped by a nice window and looked at the pretty things as mom relaxed a little and I could see a soft bulge suddenly appear at her bum.It did not stick out far but spread fairly wide.

    She giggled and said there is more to come soon.Sally and I looked at each other and I eased off clenching my cheeks for a few seconds as I felt a lovely warm soft smooth poop gently sliding into my panties.I tried to stop it but it felt so good as it filled my panties and spread all over my bum while I stood there,so I just let it keep coming.It went up the back of my panties quite a bit so I leaned my back against the window and made it flow to the front of my panties and it felt so exciting as it slipped over my pussy making its way up toward my belly a sit was such a big load.I knew we were going to have lots of fun later at home.Sally turned her back to us and we could see her soft bulge appear and spread well over her bum too as she smiled,and now mom pushed more into her pants so we were all ready to head back to the car.We walked slowly each feeling the soft warm poop spread with each step we took,as it found its way all over our bums.

    Soon we reached the exit door and walked outside into the darkness.By now the Pepsi and coffee were ready to be released,so as we walked all three of us started to pee,not forcing it but just letting it go and it felt so nice to feel the warm flood fill our panties and then flow down our legs.It was only a few steps to our car,so it was still wet and warm as we got in and sat in our seats,moving our bums all round in the seats to feel the warm soft poop being squashed all over us.Mom drove us all home and we rushed straight into my bedroom where mom had prepared my king size bed for our return.The mattress protector was under the sheet and the heating was on to keep us warm as we stripped off our tops to reveal three sets of nice tits waiting to be played with.Our slacks came off too and were thrown in a pile on the bathroom floor leaving us all in just poop filled panties, and boy were they filled.Each of us had hardly any white left showing as the poop had been pushed all over inside them,so now we all got into the big bed.

    Each of us reached into the panties of one of the others and brought out handfulls of poop which we then proceeded to spread over our tits and belly,and when that was done we all got together for a group hug and slipped over the soft poop as we slithered,careful not to get it on our faces as we don't like that.There was such a lot of kissing and stroking and then poking as fingers found a pussy to play with that was not their own.This continued for quite a while as we moaned with such pleasure as each of us orgasmed over and over until we all collapsed in a large brown mass of satisfied female flesh.When we had recovered some energy we made our way to the shower room,still exchanging kisses and strokes.We stepped in to the shower room,closed the door and turned on the spray of warm water,not helping each other to clean up with many hands running over the three bodies until eventually we were clean.Mom then quickly stripped the bed and threw the dirty stuff in a tub to soak until morning when she would wash it.We helped her remake the bed and then all three climbed in to sleep together as we kissed some more and gently touched each other full of love.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband and I lost our home over his stupidity drunk driving. I am living in my cousin's travel trailer parked behind his farm. I have helped him on the farm to keep my mind occupied.

    Today I fixed us lunch in the trailer and talked. We talked about how we had sex in our teen years. It sounded so good that he and I had sex again.

    I feel guilty but I so enjoyed it. my marriage is over and has been hell since my husband will not stop drinking.

    Please forgive me for what I did, and what I will do again when the opportunity arises

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 44

    I am 44 years old, married and a good mother (I hope I am, at least). I have 4 children, but the younger 2 were both fathered by a teenage friend of my eldest son. He was in high school when he began to first flirt with me, I figured it out but put it down to a teenage crush like boys have on teachers.

    He was already tall and quite strongly built, my family are mostly shorter and nice-looking, but not football player types. My son would go to baseball practice, his friend (I will call him J) to football and then they would both come over for some food before heading home. My husband suggested my son (they are not biological father-son) start some extra credit evening classes to help get into a good school, so he started going to the local community college. My younger son was always at the neighbour's house with his best friend. When my husband told J he was welcome to keep coming over for food and drink, it would be just the two of us home (my husband had a long commute and worked late anyway).

    Afte r this J's flirting became more pronounced. Earlier he would just tease and stare, now he began to talk about his experience with girls, and even to brush up against me any chance he got. At first I was firm but polite, and careful to keep a distance. But one day he ground his crotch up against my ass, and I felt his hard cock. Even through my skirt and his shorts I could feel it was huge - much bigger than my husbands. I chided him a bit, but couldn't get the thought out of my head. That weekend, I masturbated thinking of J in me.

    The next week, he was watching me, and I was waiting for him to touch me again. A few days passed and he didn't. On Thursday he surprised me by coming in the afternoon, saying practice was cancelled and could he please have some lunch. I went to the kitchen and began working, when he grabbed me from behind, cupped my chin and turned my face and stuck his tongue down my throat. I struggled, but he was far too strong. After a long time, he stopped kissing me and gripped my hands behind my back. I was so dizzy and confused, I couldn't speak, just stared at him and he just stared at me. With his other hand he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties off, then pulled his own pants down.

    I couldn't see it, but I felt it when his dick entered me. I had never had one that big (I later measured it as over 7 inches and very thick) and I began to gasp. He clapped a hand over my mouth and thrust hard. Luckily my pussy was wet from all the kissing, and I was able to take him without too much pain. I don't remember how long it lasted, but I had an orgasm very soon and he came inside me as well. I was still in a daze when he let me go, when I turned around he was standing over me. I know I had just been r**ed, but at that moment on a kind of autopilot I put my arms round his neck and kissed him.

    He was hard again and picked me up in his arms like I was a doll, and began carrying me upstairs. I asked him not to take me to my marriage bed, so he took me to my eldest son's room. That afternoon, I just kept cumming while staring at a Metallica poster above my son's bed. After that day, every day J would come, kiss me like he was my husband coming home, carry me upstairs and make love to me.

    I was 36 at the time and still very fertile. My husband used condoms, as I had thyroid troubles with the pill. J did not use condoms, and for some reason I never asked him. About a month after we started, I found out I was pregnant, and the next year gave birth to Js daughter. To my lasting shame, I concealed everything and tricked my husband into thinking it was his.. J and I continued our liaisons all through my pregnancy, but after that I became busy with the baby and the frequency of our trysts decreased.

    A year or so later, my eldest son went off to college, my younger was awarded a scholarship to a residential prep school and moved out too. J was still in town, intending on taking a gap year. With the house now empty, my baby still too young, J once again began coming over daily and I was unable to resist. This time I insisted he use condoms, but sometimes he would just ignore my protests. In November, J left for a job in South America, and shortly afterwards I discovered I was pregnant again. This time I seriously considered an abortion, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I went through the whole charade again, and gave birth to J's son.

    This caused a lot of friction in my marriage, as a 2nd unplanned pregnancy was a great strain on our finances. I decided to get a job as soon as the baby was older, which conveniently helped me avoid J when he did come back, and later when he was home from college as well. When he did catch me, we did have some fun (he wouldn't take no for an answer, and I couldn't resist him really) but after he got a job post-college, we have not met.

    I am happy with my two young babies, and I know my husband loves them deeply too. It's a gut wrench to deceive him, as he is a wonderful man, but at the same time I feel very liberated and a secret part of me is almost exultant that I had a great affair and came out of it happier than I was before.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    I have become known at the parties as the girl who will suck any dick. And that is pretty much true. All a guy has to do to convince me to suck his cock is pull it out and put it in my face. And all I have to do at parties is sit down somewhere and guys will practically line up waiting for their turn. I always do my best to swallow every drop of cum too.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I love wetting myself in public and being caught. My husband is very vanilla so he doesn't understand my kinky side. It turns me on so much. My jeans are soaked and I'm walking down a side street in Philly in my pee soaked jeggings hoping to be seen.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 23

    I was sixteen at the time. Almost seventeen. I was in with the wrong crowd and making stupid decisions. One night at a parking lot party, I met an older guy. He was nice. Bought us beer and cigarettes. I even did a few lines with him (first time). We talked a but and he wrote down an address on my forearm and told me to look for him the next day if I wanted to make some money. I'm sure he knew I was underage but neither one of us brought it up.
    The next day, my older brother dropped me off at the bus stop like any other monday but instead of going to school, I decided to ride the bus a little longer. I rode the bus into the city. Deep into the city. A real bad neighborhood too. I must have walked eight blocks before I got to the address the man had given me the night before. It was a combination of curiosity and wanting to make some money (although I didn't know how I would be doing that yet).
    It was an old brick building with a red door. I walked in and a big, long haired man at the end of the hall was guarding the curtain. I was sure he wasn't going to let me in but he didn't even think twice as he opened the curtain for me. As I emerged into the club, I saw a beautiful naked woman dancing on stage and the captivating music thundered at my feet. I took a seat at the bar and waited to see if I can spot the man I was looking for.
    "Are you looking for hank?" Asked the bartender. She was a pretty blond lady with her tits out. I said I was and she directed me toward the office. I knocked twice and then let myself in slowly. I see the older man from last night on the phone with a cigar between his fingers. He signals for me to take a seat and I nervously did so. And I waited.
    Eventually, he hang up and we began taking. He mentioned he wanted to hire me as a dancer and that he thought I could make tons of money for him. I told him I was sixteen but he told me he wouldn't tell if I didnt. And if anyone asked I was nineteen. He said there was two other girls my age but nowhere near as pretty. He explained how things worked. I would be paid for every dance I gave. Topless paid $10, full nude paid $25 and vip paid $100 plus any tips I get I can keep. I was hesitant but also tempted.
    Once I agreed, he said I would have to audition like all the other girls. He had me stand up and explained that before he hired me to dance nude, he'd have to see what I look like without clothes. I had never done anything like this and my hands were shaking as I removed my shirt. I want wearing a bra that day. He stretched his arm across his desk and groped my big tits. He moaned to himself quietly then he told me to turn around and pull my pants down slowly. I did so, again nervously. He tried using a soothing tone but I was still slightly shaking. As I slid my panties down to my ankles, he had me bend over and arch my back. Again, he reached across and began grabbing me. I really wanted the job so I wasn't about to stop him. He said he was going to test my fluid levels and put his finger inside me. I squeezed my stomach muscles as he did. I had never been fingered by another person until then.
    I was still nervous but conflicting with arousal. He was fingering me vigorously as I bent over the chair in his office. I was pretty much his at this point. He had get up on his desk with my knees and bend over with my butt up in the air. He said he was going to do coke off my ass. He put come on my butt hole and snorted it as he licked and kissed my pussy. Wasn't long before he was licking my butt hole too.
    By this point I was fairly new to sex and hadn't done any of the things he was doing to me. It was all new and exciting to me.
    "You know what I'm going to do next?" He asked. "You're going to fuck me?" I replied. He called me a good girl as he put his head up to the opening of my pussy. I asked him if he was going to put a condom on but he laughed and said he doesn't wear condoms. The length of his penis disappeared inside me as my jaw dropped and my insides quivered.
    I was still on my knees over his desk with his dick pounding at my raw pussy without protection when another older man came in and sat down at the chair next to us. He and the man fucking me talked as if they were at a meeting. Like I wasn't even there. Getting fucked.
    The second man walked over in front of me and unzipped his pants revealing the biggest dick I'd ever seen. Flaccid, it was still a good seven inches. He just dangled it in front of me but I didn't know if my boss would want me to. I look back at him as he's thrusting at me with his hips, all sweaty and out of breath. His shirt was now off I realized I didn't know how hairy he was until then. Before any sign of permission was given, the second man forced his cock passed my lips and I began sacking him off. He pulled my hair and made me deep throat him. My eyes were watering and my make up was running but he didn't seem to care.
    I felt my boss start to slow down and he started to moan louder. He grabbed onto my hips and thrust forward real hard as he came inside me. I wasn't on the pill but there was nothing could have done. I was his. His dick was pulsing inside me and I could feel his hot semen running out of my pussy and down my leg.
    As he cleaned himself off, he gave permission to the other man for sloppy seconds. The other man then got behind me and slowly slid his throbbing cock inside me. Once he was in, in could feel him hitting my cervix with every thrust. My boss stepped in front of me with his cock still twitching and put a line of coke on it. I turned away but he slapped my face mildly and whispered for me to do it. I snorted the powder off his cock and then cleaned it off with my tongue. I found it really difficult to suck cock and get fucked from behind at the same time but I'm guessing I did a good job because my boos came again. He squirted cum in my mouth, on my face and on my hair. He told me to swallow but I was hesitant. I ended up doing it though.
    The second man was still hard at work behind me and only stopped every few minutes to catch his breath. It wasn't long for before he relieved himself inside me too.
    My boss told me not to move until he tells me to. I stayed there kneeling on his desk with my butt exposed all sticky with two men's cum when I realized the office door was open. Everyone in the club could clearly see my butthole and pussy had just been fucked.
    He tells me I am hired and i will ave to do this for him and his partners regularly. I will also have regular clients who will pay for the vip dance and pay him extra just to fuck me and I wasn't allowed to say no. I agreed and he wiped me down with a towel and had me get dressed and that I start that same night. He gave a few hundred dollars to buy some lingerie and sent me on my well fucked way.
    I worked for him for two years until he went to prison for murder. I haven't seen or heard from him since but I am forever addicted to the slut life he introduced me to.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I worked as a physical therapist at this office some of my female clients comes in dressing in their yoga pants turn me on. There was several women I wish I could just take them home and fuck them. The yoga pants they have on is so tight I can see their camel toe. Some have some thick bush and smooth in front and some don't wear any panties because I can't see any panties line.

    Some of the movements I have them do is so reviling I had to turn my head and pretend I wasn't watching them doing it but I still could see it from the corner of my eyes. It such a turn on and I wonder what it would be like to be bed with them. I could only dream and wish !!!

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 19

    As incredible as this may sound I am today totally obsessed with allowing a 59 year old man examine me once every month. This man is my stepfather and it has been going on since I was about 12 years old. I'll be 20 this coming Janruary and even though I realized for many years that it is abuse I now let him do this simply because it is sexually stimulating to me. He and my mother raised me from the time I was only 3 but up until I was 10 or 11 I don't remember him trying to do anything sexually abusing to me. It started mostly with him continually trying to see me naked and slowly was able to have me tolarate his invasions of my privacy. I suspect because of the way he spoke to me always flatteringly telling me how lovely I was and how beautiful my body was that I got to the point where I didn't care if he saw me naked. It was almost always when my mother was out of the house but even sometimes when she was at home. My mother became very ill about the time I was 12 and that was the beginning where he somehow convinced me to let him give me physical examinations since I had just gotten my first period. At that time it was usually a weekly exam where he would have me naked and the way he touuched my body was probably similar to a massage. The first half dozen times were embarrassing but he had me at ease and I had no fear of him. By the time I was between 14 and 15 my mother became so ill that I moved in to my aunt Brenda's house who lived less than a mile away. I would visit my mother a few times a week so my stepfather continued with the "examinations". By that time I not only complied when he wanted since for many months before that he began arousing me enough that I began having orgasms. My breasts had developed well and he often had me aroused by touching them claiming it was only a breast examination. When I was 17 my mother died and after a few months went by he wanted me to visit him. The second time I went to see him was when he mentioned I should still have the exams on a regular basis. I was old enough then to know he was using me for his sexual benefit but I still allowed him to do it because I to shamefully liked him to touch me. I was very open with him and began going for a visit, which meant an exam, twice a month. He did question me often asking if I was still a virgin and I had already admitted to him a couple years before that I did masturbate. By the time I was 18 I no longer layed in the bed for the exams because he bought what I assume is a massage table. That year I finally admitted I wasn't a virgin and thats when the examinations became much more intense since never before had he actually penitrated my vigina. All the sudden I was having strong and frquent orgasms. I'm sure he had to be aroused by what he was doing with me but he never disrobed and never exposed himself to me. There were times when he was in PJ's and I could see he had an erection but even now he has never tried to have sex with me or even have me touch him.

    I live in a dorm at school now but I still go see him once every month where he always has me get an exam. He either knows I enjoy it or thinks I'm a complete idiot for letting him do this to me. This past summer I saw him twice a month and for the first time allowed him to shave me down there. My boyfriend was supprised but naturally thinks I did it myself which I do now until I see my stepfather again. He only ask me if I would like him to start shaving me and I instantly said yes. I've had my boyfriend masturbate me a few times but for some reason I am not as excited and don't orgasm as often when he does it. When I visit my stepfather I have no modesty and undress right in front of him. Once I lay down on the table its far from an exam and more like a frenzy of stimulation where I am almost instantly aroused by the way he touches my body. He doesn't penitrate me right away but there are times I orgasm before he does. Over the last couple years he also began penitrating me anally and remember the first time he did I was so aroused it never bothered me. My boyfriend has never done that to me and I can honestly say I enjoy it and it is arousing to me. My stepfather has been doing this for so long now he knows exactly what to do to get me aroused and even more so knows how to have me orgasm. There have been many times I have orgasmed 4 times in one session and has never used anything more than his fingers and hands. Just the way he rubs inside my thighs and over my vagina I often orgasm and he surly knows when I do. I'm sure my mother never knew anything about this and I have never told anyone mostly because it is so indecent to let a man that age satisfy me the way he does. Its clear that years ago it was out and out child abuse on his part but now I not only permit it but also look forward to seeing him. Being in the dorm I often masturbate with thoughts of it and sometimes when having sex with my boyfriend think about my stepfather. I question my own morals and when I really think about it all I know my relationship with my stepfather is shamefull. During classes when I know I'm going to visit him that week I start getting excited and feel myself getting aroused just thinking about it. I know I have been manipulated by him but am obsessed with the way he stimulates me and how I so easily orgasm so many times.

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