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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 32

    In a Rugby Scrum

    I recently joined a rugby club for a short while I was surprised by some of the things that happened in rugby scrums
    at first I thought I was by accident but after a while I knew it wasn't, hands up the leg of my shorts my privates squeezed and felt at, plus hands down the back of my shorts my arsehole being fingered and shoved up my arse, generally being groped by the guys, I thought rugby players weren't that way inclined, or is it just dirty tactics, most of the guys are big macho men is this the norm for rugby players


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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    There are so many men, boyfriends and husbands out there, who are in denial about their wive's, girlfriends, and themselves. I was one of those men until I faced up to and embraced the fact, I couldn't keep up with my wife's insatiable appetite for sex. Indeed my wife's need for sex/orgasms lead me to buy her a series of dildo's and vibrators.
    The thing was, I knew deep down the sex toys weren't enough. We'd fuck and fuck all night sometimes, and I'd still find her using a dildo after we'd finished to excite herself again. So it was no surprise to me when she suggested during sex one evening, if we shouldn't include and invite someone we both knew fancied her, to have sex with us.
    Not wanting to brag too much, but my wife who's seven years my junior, is a very attractive slim horny looking woman. She's a very straight person outside of our home. And no one who knows her professionally, family or in our social life, would think of her as a nymphomaniac, yet she is.
    Chris is a neighbor of ours. He's nineteen and has from what I've now discovered has a massive cock. I first caught him checking out Renia my wife at a barbecue we held for my wife moms birthday last year. Chris was eighteen then and full of sexual desire for my wife and it showed. Renia also saw him checking her out, and in her own words "I teased the hell out of him". By the time the barbecue was ending, he'd approached me and asked me if I knew Renia had stroked his cock in the kitchem. I hadn't known, but I grew hard just thinking of her doing it. I told Chris I did know and then went to speak to Renia. She dragged me into our upstairs bathroom and blew my cock, getting me to lick out her pussy and ass iuntil she came al over my face.
    Three weeks later during an early evening sex session, she asked me as I was fucking her asshole, if I'd like to invite Chris to fuck her. Half an hour later I got a text reply from Chris saying "Fuck, yeh man I'll be right round". Watching that young mans huge cock slide down my wife's throat was in a way a little unnerving, and yet also extremely exciting. He was young and is young, so he had absolutely no inhibitions about anything to do with sex. And he also took no time at all, to be balls deep up my wife's asshole.
    They fucked and fucked for quite some time, without me joining in. Then Renia asked Chris to suck my dick. He didn't bat an eyelid taking my already erect cock into his mouth. Renia was sucking on his dick at the time and we all ended up on the bed giving each other oral sex as I moved to lick in and suck on my wife's swollen clit. Over the next hour or two we all enjoyed some form of sexual contact with the other, with me eventually sucking off Chris's cock after it had been fucking my wife's pussy to orgasm.
    Over the next couple of months, it became normal for me to walk in from work to find his large cock pounding my wife's pussy and asshole. I became less and less involved and eventually they brought in another guy, an older guy called Tony who Chris knew from college. With one evening walking into my home to find Chris fucking Renia's pussy, as Tony was thrusting up her asshole from behind. they all saw me and it was Tony who shouted at me to lick his ass. Getting out of my business suit and underwear, I was ordered to lick each of their sexes and assholes in turn. Then in a turn of events which has changed the whole dynamic of my marriage, Renia told Tony to fuck me. He made some protest at first, but like me, she ordered him around and like a puppy he followed her suggestion.
    Lay on her back with Chris's cock sliding in and out of her well fucked pussy, she had me lay next to her also on my back, and watched Tony's cock disappear up my asshole. It wasn't pleasant at all at first, but Renia told Tony not to give me any time to get used to him. So he didn't and I was fucked hard from the first thrust of his cock. And that's just how I like it now.
    Chris and Tony often visit our home, but I'm no longer THE cuckold husband. Our relationship has changed, yet I still fuck my wife whenever I want. The difference now is, when she's being fucked by one of her four different men, I'm often getting fucked myself, by one of the three men I now exclusively have to myself. Tony still fucks me when he's around with Chris, but his cock isn't the only one to keep my wife and moreover, me happy.
    And to make things even better for me at least, Chris has this past month began to slide that monster cock of his, up my willing asshole, when Renia's at her new place of work. Happy days...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I have never suck cock before but would love to learn how and the right way to please a man. I always wonder what it be liked to suck cock. I was told start with a dildo or a banana and see if I like it or not. Well I did but I have mix feeling and it feel weird any suggestion from anyone would be helpful. I love to try sucking on something close to a cock or as real as a cock before I go sucking a real cock.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 50

    My wife has always been an ardent feminist, as have I, although she needed some convincing of this. We got drunk one night, and somehow I ended up agreeing to be a "house-husband" and to wear the most restrictive Burqa we could find, permanently! She has a well-paid job, and is by nature extremely dominant, which I absolutely adore! We ended up spending several hundred dollars on a custom made Burqa of thin but strong black canvas, rubberized on the inside, and with multiple pin-holes over the eyes, plus a small nylon zipper across the mouth. It is chained round the neck and padlocked, so no matter how unrestricted I may be temporarily, from the neck down, my head remains sealed away, except for a brief hygiene/feeding/hydration break. I can do the housework a little clumsily, although I have all day, while she's at work. When she returns she savors finding fault with my work, and insisting on it being redone, to her satisfaction. We make love, in bed, although, often with a belt locked round my waist, trapping my arms above it, at which time it feels more like r**e, although that feels good too! She also loves extreme orgasm delay or denial, and can reduce me to a whimpering, begging pleading idiot, in an hour or two, promising ANYTHING for the come I think I will die, without! All this amuses her greatly. We have been doing this for years now, and neither one of us foresees any change, for the rest of out lives, unless she follows through on her hint that she might take a lover, who would be at least okay with my situation, at best love it, and encourage her in her treatment of me!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 22

    My girlfriend and I were invited to a party a few weeks ago. Well the day before we had this big blow out and my girlfriend refused to go anywhere with me because she was still pissed off over a family matter that she and I didn't agree on.

    Since I had already said we would be there at the party I went ahead and went alone. Turned out the best night of my life! But.............

    Her name is Marla and she is a much older woman. Obviously Marla won't say exactly how old she is, doesn't take a genius to know she's in her 50's. Very nice face and even though her body is not an hour glass, she still looks damn good for whatever age she is.

    We struck up a conversation during the party and basically hung out together for most of the night. They had a DJ at the party and the very first thing Marla wanted to do was dance. The woman was awesome on the dance floor, Marla knew the latest dances and she rocked the floor in her high heels and demure attire.

    Usually I don't drink a lot when I go out knowing I have to drive home. I got lucky a few years ago and the Cop gave me a break since I was about a mile from home. I didn't like to push my luck. But I was having such a good time with Marla I suddenly realized I had a damn good buzz going on.

    I told Marla I needed some air and grabbed a bottle of club soda and outside I went. I didn't realize how loud it was inside until I walked out into the back patio. The night air was warm but there was a slight breeze, a few swigs of the club soda didn't hurt either.

    Marla came out a few minutes later to check on me. She actually thought she had done something wrong and I was embarrassed to be dancing with her. I told her I was having a great time, just needed to clear my head a bit.

    The next thing I know Marla and I are making out, not sure who kissed who first. I tasted her lipstick on my tongue as our mouths seemed locked together now. It wasn't like a first date kiss where you test the waters to see how to proceed, it was a kiss like two lovers in heat.

    By the time Marla pulled away I had a raging hard on in my jeans and Marla's face was a slight crimson color, no doubt in my mind she was turned on as much as I was. I do remember going in for the kill, our tongues teased each other without mercy until my throbbing cock ached for release.

    Marla lived close by thankfully and we barely made it inside her front door. We practically tore each others clothes off when we got to her bedroom. By the time I got Marla down to her stockings and panties I couldn't wait another moment and pushed my hard cock into her quickly

    She was soaked between her legs, even my girlfriend never got as wet as Marla was now. Marla cried out as I hit bottom and began to fuck her. She looked up at me from below as I thrust my hips against her.

    Marla's eye's glared into my own with every thrust, her long red nails clawed at my back as my cock moved back and forth. The color of Marla's cheeks and neck area became reddish once more as she moaned with pleasure below me. She wrapped her stocking legs around my waist and I couldn't hold back much longer.

    Marla's body quivered as she had one orgasm after another, never had been with a girl that could cum so many times that quickly. Her nails dug into me to the point it hurt but I didn't care one bit, in some way it was almost exciting in some weird way.

    Marla's ample breasts, her engorged nipples had me drooling. I squeezed them and pinched her nipples to the point of making her climax by doing that. As soon as my mouth clamped onto her breast Marla bucked under me and cried out loudly, I could actually feel her warm cum coating my hard cock.

    I couldn't hold back another moment and when I came inside of Marla I thought for sure my back would need stitches. Her nails raked my back from my shoulders down to my waistline almost at once.

    I didn't stop fucking Marla until I knew I was totally spent and my hardness began to subside inside of her. Marla pulled me down so our lips met, we began to kiss again. Marla was still cumming and I slid down and put my fingers inside of her. Marla's hips thrust upwards and I buried my fingers inside of her wetness.

    I finger fucked Marla for several more orgasms, not believing what was happening. For another half hour I licked and sucked and fingered Marla until she was finally spent. When I was done I had four fingers inside of this woman. She lay next to me in bed, her body still quivering for quite a while afterwards.

    We both crashed a short time later until the sun came up and we went at it again for two hours straight. Marla was soaking wet all over again and I went at her with everything and then some. My back looked like it had been through razor wire with scratches and tiny marks from Marla's nails. There are times I can barely wear a shirt the marks are that raw on my back but I find it exciting at the same time.

    Since that night Marla and I have become lovers. I basically told my girlfriend about it and I wasn't going to go through the bs of having to lie to be with Marla when we were both ready for sex. That didn't go over too well of course and I got the finger from my girlfriend as she slammed her apartment door in my face.

    My folks have no idea about Marla and I don't think they would be too happy to know that a woman of many years is fucking their Son, and doing it better than I had ever imagined. We do our own thing but talk or text daily until we can get together.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    Andy and I met through a third person. We'd both advertised on a well known website for sexual contacts. Andy's ad read "Looking for older slut, to fuck when I want and in any hole I want, see picture for size of cock. Only fit dirty women reply".
    My ad read "Looking for younger well endowed man, who knows how to use his cock. Not looking for vanilla sex, only for guys who want rough hard horny sex".
    It was an older guy looking through the ads for tittilation who contacted me, telling me to check Andy's add.
    Sending Andy a message, we agreed to meet at a cafe we both knew the following day. In my husbands car (Mine was being serviced) I sucked Andy off in a multi story car park, and knew there and then we'd make a wonderful sexual duo.
    His cock is as big as he'd described and shown in the picture (Almost nine and half inches) And over this last year and a half, he's definitely shown me he's one dirty horny fucker, who adores nothing more than to screw me hard in all my holes.
    We never have more than an hour together and it's mostly at my home. He arrives two to three times a week on his motor bike. I strip naked for him, or am wearing something he wants me to wear, and then I suck his huge cock until he's ready to fuck me. It's never just normally the one of two positions we fuck in, and it's never the same room either. The sex is hard from the start and he dominates all my holes, until he's fully satisfied with screwing me the way he wants, teeling me to hold off from cumming.
    Only then when he's cum, does he eat out my pussy and arsehole, making me orgasm in a series of amazingly good climaxes.
    More recently though, he's been using a dildo he had me buy, to fuck my pussy as he screws my arse. I can't control the orgasms then, and cum from his pounding every time.
    Also during this last summer we've been having sex outdoors at a well known massive country park close to my home. I drive us there and we take a walk to find a spot for him to set up his camera. When we're happy we're alone, we have such a great time fucking one another with not a shred of clothing on. Andy films us fucking and sends me the copies when he's edited them. So far I have nine copies of the sex we've had.
    Obviously my husband has no idea I'm cheating on him with a much younger man. But then if he could fuck me the way I wanted in the first place, I wouldn't be having Andy screw me whenever, wherever and however he wants.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 28

    I share an apartment with my cousin (we're both college students). My cousin sometimes gets constipated because his poop logs are usually big and solid. Yesterday he was constipated. He read somewhere that when you're constipated, you should poop lying down, so he pooped lying down. He lay down and spread his legs wide apart in the air. He put his legs on his shoulders and I held his legs in place. He grunted each time he was pushing out a log (he grunted, curled his toes, and twisted his face). Each time he pushed out a log, he moaned with relief and said "ohhhhhh". I saw his poop hole stretching and his big logs coming out. He grunted like a bull while pushing (he said "nggggg, sweet Jesus, nggggg"). He farted a lot too. His logs smelled so bad. After he grunted out all his logs, he said he felt so good. He grunted out 5 big solid logs.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    Only time will tell if what myself and Callum are doing is wrong. Did my husband, Callum's father tell me he didn't find sex appealing anymore, yes he most certainly did. Was I at that stage of our marriage, already fucking a younger guy, yes I was. Yet by then, Callum's father and I hadn't had sex in over nine months.
    That morning Callum had returned home from college early. I was on our marital bed taking Kyle's cock up my asshole, when Callum's face appeared at our bedroom door. It took a few seconds and lots more wonderful thrusts of Kyle's cock up my ass, for us to stop. Mainly because I was enjoying being screwed again.
    Callum went mad and promised to expose me to his father, telling him I'd fucked a guy younger than himself. Kyle got scared, quickly dressed and was gone in less than five minutes. Still naked on the bed with a aching to be fucked, instead of covering up, I spread my pussy lips and dipped a finger into my wet pussy. Callum's face was a picture of disbelief, but also one of lustful intent.
    Backtrack here a little. I married Callum's father when Callum was eleven. He's now twenty and was eighteen when he walked in on Kyle and I. Callum's dad was fifty three, when he told me sex to him just didn't float his business minded boat anymore. You could say we married for convenience in the first place, as I was seen I'm sure by Callum's father, as a good looking woman to keep on his arm. And for some years the sex was ok, if not thrilling.
    Callum's dad's lack of sexual desire eventually drove me to have an affair with a guy who played golf with my husband, but he too ultimately lacked in the bedroom department. Lusting after harder more dirty sex, I found myself allowing a young guy at a concert I went with my sister with, to seduce me. Meeting him at a motel the next morning, I had such a fantastic time being fucked like a lust and loving every minute of it. Alas the young man, was just that too young to carry on a lasting sexual relationship.
    Kyle was/is the son of a female friend. He and I met at her birthday party and I had some oral fun with him there. It snowballed and we ended up meeting at our house for sex over a six month period. Callum caught us just as he was beginning to understand that I liked sex hard and horny.
    Stood facing me just inside my bedroom was a moment which could have backfired on me, but I sensed Callum wanted to fuck me. Suggesting to him he should take up where the young man had left off, I was staggered to see Callum undress and then remove his boxers. Callum's father's cock is six inches fully erect, his son's cock is nearing nine inches and much thicker. And stood in front of me that morning his cock was stood upright and pulsatingly hard.
    There was no fore play, no intimacy that first time. I'd asked Callum to take Kyle's place and that's exactly what he did. Turning me over and using my own pussy juices to ease his cock into me, Callum proceeded to fuck like a common whore. I'm not saying it was the best sex in the world that first time, it wasn't. But what it was, was raw instant dirty sex and it felt fucking awesome to have his cock deep inside me. I orgasmed on his dick twice before he groaned out his own climax, telling me I was his slut from then on.
    Two days later with his father on the golf course, Callum and I played our own game. Taking him to his own bed, I had him lick and suck on my pussy and asshole as I sucked on his impressive cock. And it just went from there. We've never had conventional sex. It's always been sordid anything goes sex which suits us both. Sometimes we fuck even if his father is in the house, as he often crashes out from too much whisky. But mostly now, we fuck when his father is at work, or on one of his long days playing corporate golf.
    It's a non formal relationship that works for the both/all of us. I get to have all the sex I need and keep the household as it should be. My husband still has a good looking woman to attend business functions and meals with. And his son's sexual education is being taken care of in every room of the house. And it is that very phrase that my husband recently used to hint he knows all about his son and I. Saying "Think my wine cellar could do with a clean, get Callum to clean it up with you, after you've educated him again".
    So are we doing anything wrong. I personally don't think so, do you ?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 51

    Five hours ago I was on a golf course with two friends. It began to rain heavily and one of my friends ended up walking off. The other guy, a man called Ian in his late thirties, stayed with me in a brick built storm shelter. After around twenty minutes he suggested we make our own entertainment. I'd known Ian for around eight years and never once suspected him of being gay, but in that shelter, he asked me if I wanted my cock sucking.
    It really was hammering it down outside, and our golf bags were blocking the entrance to the shelter giving us complete privacy. Not really knowing why (I have had a gay experience when I was 14), I opened my trousers and lowered my underwear revealing my growing cock. Ian knelt down on the wet floor, took hold of my cock and sucked it into his warm wet mouth. It had been a long long time since my wife and I had had sex, so to feel his tongue working miracles on my cock, was so enjoyable.
    In no time at all I was ready to cum and told Ian that. Yet he carried on sucking on my cock and I let go. My cum flooded his mouth but he didn't let one drop spill from his mouth. Looking up at me still with my cock in his mouth, he swallowed the lot. I thought that was it, but Ian just carried on sucking on my cock until it became hard again. Gently squeezing my balls, he let my cock fall from his mouth, licked and sucked on his middle fingers and sucked in my cock again. Then as my cock began to pulse in Ian's expert mouth, he slipped a finger right up my arse. It's the first time anyone had ever done that, and if I'm honest it felt fucking amazing. Ten minutes later after constant sucking from Ian's mouth, I came again. Only the second time he let my cum fly all over his face.
    Using our golf towels to clean up, with the rain having stopped we made our way to the next tee. Stood on the tee were three men. As we approached one of them said "We saw you guys having too much fun to stop and ask if you were in front of us, so we decided to tee off, hope you don't mind".
    Ian and I finished our round, but missed out the 18th just in case, going straight to our cars. We'll leave that course for another season I think (We're not members there), but as for Ian and I, he's asked me if I'd like to play next week. Telling me he'll bring the condoms if I'd like to fuck him.
    I've already booked us on a golf course, where I know there are places I could fuck him.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    This past six months I've discovered the beauty of having a "Boy pussy".
    A friend of mine Troy, since our school days, had been showing off his latest buys. Expensive watches, designer clothing and shoes. Then just over six months ago he drove into a restaurant car park I'd just pulled up in the old vehicle I had, with my then girlfriend. Troy was driving a brand new top of the range BMW, and had a look of complete satisfaction on his face.
    We chatted for some time, then he quietly asked me to visit him the following day at his relatively new apartment. And what an apartment. Again Troy had the best of the best, and it surprised me just how much he'd done not only to the apartment, but also to himself in the past year. He'd been training every day to turn his body from an average frame into a muscular sleek new look.
    We spoke about his new life style and his apparent new money. It was when I asked Troy how he was able to afford the things he had and the apartment, he said and I quote "My cute tight ass". I already knew he was bisexual and I also knew he'd sold his ass for cash, but the things he had and the apartment were on another level. Smiling at me Troy went onto tell me he'd been putting it out for a certain guy and his "Friends" along with another young guy. His sexual benefactor had told Troy, so long as he was able to stay healthy and fit, they'd look after them. And to them, looking after Troy was just a mere drop in the ocean.
    This is where things got a little off cue for me. Troy told me his other play mate was no longer able to satisfy those conditions because he liked "The wrong things". So given what I was looking at and knew, would I like to join him in earning lots of money.
    A little about me. I'm twenty two now, but was twenty one when this all started. I'm a very fit six foot one inch tall athletic guy, and one who has had more than his fair share of girls. I've been called handsome, attractive and many other positive things in my life, but the one thing that has always stuck with me, was a huge muscular gay guy calling the "Perfect piece of ass". And Troy knew from our sporting times together, I did have a fantastic body, a cute tight ass and a large uncut cock.
    Troy went onto describe his male fuck partners, and told me they were very appreciative of a guy who was prepared to do almost anything whenever they wanted sex. He went on to say they were in town over the following weekend, and that he was looking out for a guy to share "The load". Looking at me Troy said "Do you think you'd like to earn some real money".
    The look I must have given him, said I was unsure and probably not. It was only when Troy said to me "I'll school you, I'll teach you everything you'll need to know for the first time".
    The thing with Troy knowing about my attributes, cock wise. Is that I also knew he was well endowed too. So when he took off his shorts, t-shirt and boxers, it didn't surprise me to see his large mix raced cock poking out at me. I was about to tell him I wasn't interested, but my cock told him and me, I was. I'd become erect and my cock was bursting to be released. Troy looked down at my shorts and said "At least free that thing, so I can suck it for you".
    The whole thing had gone from me wanting see his new ish place, to him offering me a blow job. And I let him do it.
    Removing my own shorts and boxers my cock sprang up and forwards and Troy gave me a look of pure lust. Not wasting a second he pushed me onto a chair, sank down and in one go, sucked in half my cock.
    This was a guy I gone to school with. Not the best looking guy, but one who'd also fucked many many girls. And yet here he was sucking on my dick like it was so natural to do so. His muscled body flexed as he sucked on my cock, getting into pleasuring me in ways I'd not experienced before from any female. He truly was an unbelievably good cock sucker and before long I wanted, needed to cum. But Troy had other ideas. Releasing my cock, he went and lay down on the rug by the fire. Motioning for me to join him, I walked over and was about to lay face to face. Troy moved us around and said "Copy exactly what I do to you, exactly".
    In a sixty nine position, one I'd done with countless girls, I felt my long time friend take my cock back into his mouth and begin to suck. Looking at his pulsing dick, I opened my mouth and let him slide it over my tongue. It felt strange at first. Hard yet soft at the same time, and it tasted amazing. It tasted like everything sexual I've ever wanted to have.
    Over the next twenty minutes or so, Troy and myself licked, sucked, nibbled and deep throated one anothers cocks. It soon became apparent, I was able to take his cock down my throat without choking or gagging on his dick, and Troy came up for air to tell me I was a born cock sucker. Feeling my cock throbbing in his mouth, he released my cock and said "I'm going to swallow what you're about to give me, so fuck my mouth". Holding his head firmly, I began to thrust hard into his mouth and throat, then my balls let go and my cock exploded. The orgasm I was having was in my experience, the best I'd ever had. I pumped and pumped all of my seed into his mouth and Troy took the lot. Not only allowing it to flow down his throat, but sucking it down with total joy.
    Spent he let my cock flop from his mouth and moved on up to be behind me. Kissing my ear he said to me in a very quiet but firm way "I'm going to fuck you now, you must be able to take me, because some of the men have large cocks". I didn't even protest. I knew right there at that time I wanted him to fuck me. So feeling him spread lube all over my asshole, I then felt his bare hot cock push at my rear opening. Holding onto my shoulders and pulling them backwards, Troy entered me.
    There was pain, pain which at first I thought I wouldn't be able to take. Yet underlying the pain was a feeling I was familiar with, it was the feeling of unbridled joy. As Troy began to fuck me, deeper and harder with every stroke of his large brown cock, I began to feel that sensation coming through and the less the pain took hold. Soon Troy was fucking me the way i like to fuck women, hard and fast giving them every inch of my cock.
    The whole scenario changed for me then. I gave myself to Troy and told him so. I told my long time friend to take me as he wished and for over half an hour that's exactly what he did. He later told me it was never meant to be a casting couch for me talents, just two mates having sexual fun to see if I was interested. But the more he fucked me in different positions, the more he wanted to and the more he was sure I was perfect for his little venture.
    What sealed the deal for Troy, but more for me, was being lay on my back with my ankles resting on Troy's shoulders, and his cock pounding my asshole deeply. He pressed down forcing my ass to open further admitting him deeper inside my body, then he kissed me.
    Having my cock sucked and my ass fucked in many ways was pure physical sex. No emotion or sense of passion, just animal lust for that release. Yet when Troy kissed me, in many ways it was far more difficult to deny a gay connection. And also to put aside my feelings. Because I returned the kiss with total passion for the man who was so far into my body with his cock, we were joined then in those moments of the kiss, in more ways than one.
    Building up his speed and force, kssing like time lovers, Troy made a few low grunting noises and came flooding my bowels with his hot cum. It was such a beautiful moment, I pulled away from the kiss and yelled out loud "Oh fuck yeh man give me it all".
    Sweating and breathing hard we separated. Troy's cock was still ragingly hard and glistening with his cum and my anal cream. Looking down at his cock and then at his face, he smiled at me. I knew precisely what to do, as I'd had many girlfriends do it for me. lowering myself, I took Troy's cock into my mouth and gave my life long friend the most of intimate blow jobs. Taking my time to pleasure him, and to show him, not only was I available for his "friends", but more importantly I was going to be his if he wanted it so.
    In a very lucrative hotel the following weekend, I met some of Troy's friends. They wouldn't have anal sex with me at first, just having me sucking them off as Troy became their center of attention. Each of them fucked Troy, then two of the four had Troy fuck them as I entertained the other two with my mouth and hands. It went that well, all four of the men paid Troy and I extra and Troy was promised further "gifts". After a testing program which was done privately, I was given the all clear and had a date set to meet the men again.
    Troy and I spent a whole day with them and some more gentlemen at a private home. Their wives were off spending money at some of the best shops and restaurants, as their husbands sucked and fucked with two very eager young guys. And over the course of the day I learned that every person their, had taken a pill or two to enjoy themselves. The day was full of sexual surprises for me, not least having two men's cocks up my asshole at the same time. I also learned Troys cars and apartment were on lease and not owned by him. Nevertheless and this is the case now six months on, those men are very loyal to those who satisfy them completely. Indeed one of the younger men (There are eight of them in total) was in my position ten years ago. He's now a partner of two of them in business, and is a relatively wealthy man in his own right.
    In my private life I now too drive a nice car and live in a beautiful apartment. I exercise daily now and live as clean a life as I can. My new girlfriend knows about and understands I'm bisexual and how afford my life style. She's not averse to having fun with other females herself, and I've had plenty of fun in that direction too. But I always make sure I'm protected and safe, as Troy and I have become just as involved with each other sexually.
    At one point we were going to move in together, but "The group" wanted us to have our own places. Mainly so if they wanted to, and five out of the eight regularly do, visit myself or Troy privately for some private one on one late night entertainment.

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