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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 46

    I realized I was gay about 10 years ago after having numerous gay sex over the course of about 40 years off and on and in between girlfriends. After my last hetro relationship broke apart I went back to having sex with men which was mostly giving oral and sometimes bottoming ( as I have never topped ) and come to find I truly loved pleasing men. A little about my appearance I am 5'7 and never been a big guy and rarely ever got over 165lbs, I keep myself active and in pretty good shape and I am also not a big fan of having hair on my body so I keep it shaved pretty much head to toe. I also am not hung at only about 5 1/2" and on the thin side of average.
    I live in a small town area and off the beaten path, so finding men to hook up with is not that easy and far and few in between. I guess most are afraid to actually meet for fear they may know me and then their secret would be out but I personally would not put someone out that does not want to be so their secret would be safe with me as for real I am not really out myself. Anyways about a year ago I was checking out men's underwear online and decided it was time to get away from boxer briefs and I haven't worn whitey tighties in years so I was seeing what was new and checking out Mensuas dot com and came across some Daniel Alexander Brazilian cut bikini underwear and I liked the style and material (85% polyamide/15% spandex) so I ordered a few pair and once I got them and tried them on I fell in love with this style as the shape to my ass like bikini's shape a women's ass.
    I didn't think about it and when I was taking my dog for a walk one day we got out to the main road (which don't really have much traffic) I never gave it a thought but I was wearing a pair of purple Brazilian bikini's under a pair of some Russell basketball shorts that were white along with a purplish colored t shirt (as I always match my underwear with my shirts) Anyways I guess the back of my t shirt was kind of caught in the back of the waistband and as I was walking the dog a pickup drove by and slowed down a little and as he drove by he was looking at me but kept going.
    About 5 minutes later the truck was coming back from the other direction and slowed down and I figured he was looking for some place and was stopping to ask me where it was (not uncommon) He stopped and we said our HI's and me being on the other side of the road I started walking towards the truck and when I got to the door he said he liked my purple panties. I was a little off because I wasn't expecting that but after I collected my composer I said they weren't panties but men's Brazilian cut bikini underwear but I was unaware that they showed through my shorts until I looked behind me the best I could and noticed the color difference.
    I asked him if he needed help with something and as I got to the right next to the door I noticed he had his cock out and was stroking it. He said yeah I need help with this and looked down at his cock. He wasn't hung but was a nice 6 1/2 or 7 and a little on the thick side. I smiled and said nice cock. We talked a few minutes and I told him to turn around as there was a logging road just a bit down the road. As I walked he drove off to find a place to turn around and came to the logging road about the time I got there.
    My dog went off into the woods a bit the guy got out of his truck and put the tailgate down and he pulled his pants and underwear down then sat on the tailgate. I got between his legs and started playing with his cock which became rock hard my now. I played and licked and kissed it and was enjoying worshipping his cock and he shifted around a bit so I could kiss and lick his balls for a while. Then he started getting a little demanding telling to suck his cock. I do enjoy men taking charge and I started sucking him and playing with his balls and about 5 minutes later He said swallow that cum and with that he grabbed my head and held me (which he didn't have to because I love swallowing) and then he let loose with 4 or 5 sprits that filled my mouth and even though I was swallowing as fast as I could some still came out the sides of my mouth.
    When he was done shooting he pulled out and rubbed his cock like he was using his finger to get the cum that was on the sides of my mouth then stuck his cock back in my mouth and told me to suck and lick his cock clean. Once we were done he got up pulled his pants up and closed his tailgate and said WOW! you really do love sucking cock, that was a great blowjob and he thanked me got in his truck and headed out.
    I never would have thought this would ever happen but I am glad it did and now any time I know I am walking the dog out on the main road I wear an eye catching color of my Brazilian's and my white shorts but it has been a couple months since that happened and it hasn't happened again and as close as I ever got was twice I had vehicles honk their horn going by but that has been it. I do love my new style underwear which I now have ever color DA makes as well as Cover male but my favorite are my Daniel Alexander's

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 18

    Hi everyone,
    Well, where do i begin. I am 18 yrs old now and have been sexually active since i was 14, nothing big i suppose. But the thing is i lost my virginity to our family dog. I still continue to have sex with him every chance i get.
    It all started off when i stayed home from school one day because i was sick. My mom is a single mother so she had to go to work. As i layed in bed i started to get horny and decided to play with my clit, as i day dreamed of how it would feel to have a boy touch me and lick me. While i was lost in thought, my dog jumped on top of the bed and ruined the moment. (He is a black lab mixed, and is medium size i guess you would say. ) he sat down next to me licking my face and hands and i guess he smelled my pussy on my hands and started to lick them over and over. I just stared at him as he did it and it actually felt really good. I had these crazy thoughts " wow..i wonder how that tongue would feel on my pussy" then i thought.."nooo...thats wrong i couldnt do that".. but as he kept on.. it was turning me on more and more.. i started to play with my clit as he did it. I was soo wet.. horny. I pulled the covers down and pulled my panties off and just layed with my little shirt on and rubbing my clit, fingering my self.
    I started to pull his head down towards my pussy and see if he would do it, and he did! Omg.. my knees shook and it was the best feeling ive ever experienced. I dont know if its because he was licking me or just the thought that it was a dog. Either way..he started to lick me and i rubbed my clit and i came sooo hard..i will never forget it. It was the best thing ever. I let him do that 2 more times before my mom came home.
    I thought about it all day and even when i was at school i thought about it. I was obsessed with it..the feeling. It was like i couldnt get enough of it. I would get mad when the school bus came late because i would try to hurry and get home before my mom would so i could let him lick me and cum.
    Finally one day the girls at school and i where talking about another girlfriend that had just had sex with a boy and how it was amazing. I was a little jealous of her because i wanted to try it..but was scared.i didnt want to get used and talked about at school like i was a little slut.i am a good girl. I do my homework, behave, i dont do drugs or sleep around. Even to this day i have not slept with a man.
    Anyways, as time passed i continued to run home and get my pussy licked and then one day while i was at home with my mom, when i seen my dog start humping a stuffed animal he liked to play with.. we laughed at it and said he was nasty and then i seen his dick coming out..i thought "wow..its big." Kinda scary. I remembered my girlfriends talking about cock sizes and the boys that they slept with. Saying " hes this big, or that big". And i dog is bigger. So i wanted to measure it and see it up close. I had never touched his cock or really seen it. It was always in its " sleeve"? Lol.. i dont know what you would call it. But i thought.. tomorrow i will come home and play with it. See it up close. The next day i rushed home and as luck would have it my mom called me and said she was going to work a little late so she would be home ablut 2 hours later.. i was happy! Not only could i get my pussy licked but now i could see his cock up close.. so as i layed in my bed naked and just got thru cumming i sat up and layed the dog down.. i pulled back his sleeve and his bright red dick slide out.. it kinda grosse me out at first. I giggled and touched it and pulled the sleeve all the way back and measured it. It was 6 inches i remember, and i thought " thats the same size or bigger than the girls described thier bf dicks. After awhile he got up and shook off, then i stood up and showered. While i was in there showering i day dreamed of getting fucked by a boy again..picturing him sliding in and out of my pussy and me just moaning in extacy.
    I went to school the next day and of course we talked about sex and boys and how they had tried different positions. One that caught my interest was " doggie style" it reminded me of my dog and the stuffed animal.. it hot me horny as they talked about it and how it felt and i just fantasized about it. Getting bent over and having a boy pound me from behind grabbing me pushing me towards him pulling my hair. I couldn't wait to get home and cum.
    Well, as i got there later that day ..i was in shock. There my dog was humping the stuffed animal again, but this time his dick was huge!! Bigger than 6 inches and he had this huge ball at the end of it. I was like omg!! I rushed off and got a ruler and thought i have to measure this. With the ball and dick it meaured 9 inches. From tip to end..i was like "woaaa.. this is bigger than any of the boys". He was just cumming everywhere, constantly shooting.. i had to get a towels to clean up his i was like "calm down nasty". Finally his cock went back in and i just stared at him wondering... remembering the story my friend had said earlier in the day about being fucked doggie style. I thought for a moment " how would it feel being fucked by dog? And what is that ball? Can i get pregnant by him? Do i need to get condoms?" All thess thoughts ran through my mind. But i was excited!!! I finally wanted to try get fucked. I had gotten my pussy ate from him for about 2 months now and now i was ready to try it. But i was scared..lots of un answered i decided to look things up on the internet. First was could i get pregnant.answer: no, next, what is that ball? Its was called a "knot". It swells up inside to "tie" or to "lock" the other female dog together so it could increase the chances of getting it pregnant. I seen a few different videos and i got scared, because some of the women screamed in pain while other enjoyed it. So it made me think a little. Well, i thought." Sex is gonna hurt regardless, some of my friends said it hurt the first time, so i thought, " this will be the same", except i wont have the rumors at school about this guy fucking me like my friends did.
    The next day at school as we sat together i wondered more and more about it as they talked about sex. How good it was and so forth. They asked me when i was going to get a bf and try sex and so forth. Lol. I went home that day and decided to try some of the things that the girls said they did. "Different positions" i always would lay down on my back when he ate me out, so i decided to change that around and get on all fours and let him lick from behind. Something new i thought. Maybe itll feel when i got home i went to the room and pulled my pants and panties off and got down on all fours. He came up to me and started to mount me.. i shook him off, and said " no". I fingered my pussy so he could smell my fingers and lick me like he always did..but he just kept trying to mount me.. i got frustrated and pushed him away and seen how he started to dry hump the air.. he was horny.. i thought" hmmm.. maybe i'll let him fuck me a little, just to see how it feels" i got down on my hands and knees again.. and he ran up to me all excited and hopped on top of me humping away. It felt good to have him hold on tight to my waste..pulling me towards him.. he was trying to find my pussy but he kept missing and i just laughed and thought " omg.. this is crazy..what am i doing?" So i got up because my mom was about to come home and said to him " next time buddy, moms almost home. We dont have time".
    Later that night i was laying in bed playing with my pussy and fantazied about my dog fucking me, amd not a boy. I thought. " i want him to fuck me." So i decided right then and there i wont go to school tomorrow and play like i am sick so i could stay home with him and have all the time to get fucked.
    The next morning i faked like i was throwing up and said i didnt feel good and my mom said "stay home, call me if you need anything" and she left. I watched her leave and then ran to the living room to get him, i was all excited..butterflies in my stomach..this was actually going to happen.
    I ran to my bed room with him and closed and locked the door. I got undressed and layed down as i always do to let him lick get me started and horny. It didnt take long before i was ready. I wanted to feel a real dick inside of me for the first time. I got down on all fours and let him mount me.. he was all excited jabbing away and i finally reached back to guide him in after a few funny attempts to get it in. Once he did find my pussy ..OMG! He went crazyyyyy! It hurt like hell! I pushed him off and screamed a little. I sat down for a minute waiting for the pain to go away a little and thought.." shit, i can do this. Its gonna hurt the first time..i told myself. Just hang in there, im sure itll feel better after a few minutes." So, i waited a few more minutes and got on all fours again and decided to let him go at again. He ran up behind me..mounted my hips and began humping me. I reached back to guide him in again but this time he went straight in.. and he went to pounding me.. i clinched my teeth and tried to focus on the pleasure...and at first it did hurt..then i just relaxed and let him enjoy himself and got into it as well. felt soo good. I arched my back and moaned in eyes rolled felt soo good. I didnt cum i remember that..maybe because i was scared and nervous but it did feel amazing. After he was through fucking me he just layed on top of me still clenching my hips..i pulled a little to get out from under him but he just walked with me..i laughed and said "ok get down".of course he didnt so i tried to push him off and he unlocked his front legs from around my waist and put them on the ground next to me and lifted up one of his rear legs. Looking like he was going to piss on me. Lol. I felt a pull in my pussy as he did this and i became a little nervous. I reached between my legs and felt my pussy and dipped my fingers inside to feel that huge ball just swollen inside of me. I thought "wow..its big! And all of a sudden i started to feel his dick squirting cum inside of my pussy walls. I could feel it throbbing inside of me. It was a weird yet very hot feeling. I got so horny when i felt it. I started to rub my clit and felt my tongue sticking out..getting into to it. Then all of a sudden the phone rang and i forgot i had it on the night stand. Immediately i freaked out! I knew it was my mom and if i didnt answer shed be worried and come home to check on me.. i tried to drang my dog with me but it hurt, i wa going one way and he the other. We were ass to ass with one another. Stuck! I finally reached the phone and seen it had been my mom and she called me back at that moment. I answered her and she asked me if I was "ok, and why didnt i answer"? I said i was taking a shower and had just got out to grab the phone. And yet here i was, on my hands and knees, with a 9inch dick and huge balls stuck inside of me, unable to pull away. Stuck together with a dog at the other end!! Crazy!. She finally hung up and i just stayed stuck with my dog, for what seemed like forever! 10 min went by.. 20 min.. then 30!! Omg!! I was freaking out!! I got scared and thought. "Omg..why didnt i look up to see how long the dogs stay stuck inside".i started to panic and tried to gently pull away..but it did no good. We were stuck. Finally after like 5 more minutes he pulled away on his own and all i heard and felt was a hard pull and a pop and a lot of mushy sounds coming from my pussy. It was a relief to get him out after being so long inside of me. Let me tell you all. There was sooo much cum coming out. I stood up quick and ran to the restroom to sit down and it just kept coming out. Tons of a fountain,as if i were peeing. I reached down and touched it and it was slimy and felt good when i rubbed it along my lips. I started to masturbate and was finally able to cum like this. It was an amazing first time for me.
    A few days after when i wasnt sore anymore, i was sitting in class and i decided to try it again. I wanted to be more prepared this time and now i had the experience to be able to enjoy it. I had planned to do it again on a friday but my mom had been seeing this guy and he would stay at the house a lot. It bothered me because he was there when i would get home from school,he would spend the night and worked a second shift job so i couldnt stay home either to let the dog lick me, It seemed like he was always there..days turned to weeks, and weeks to months. I hated it! After a few months my mom was telling me that she wanted to move to a house. At first i was pissed off because of school and leaving my friends and then she showed me the neighborhood and i became happy. It was a new neighborhood still under construction, new homes being built. It had a park and swimming pool. I thought this could be a nice place, compared to the apartment in which we stayed at, plus there could be new boys maybe some cute ones too!
    We moved and this is where i currently stay now and it's been wonderful,and let me tell you why.
    When we first moved here a few months back i took my dog for a walk to get to know the neighborhood. We walked into several empty half built homes, I would look at all these homes and realized, "hey"im finally alone with my dog in a place where i could get my pussy licked again" we were alone, new neighborhood, no one is around, no one can see us. So, i had this brilliant idea in school. I thought "When i get out of school tonight i am going to let the dog lick me and see how things go, its been omg! Forever!!"i had been soo horny these last few months!" And i knew i couldnt do anything at the house anymore. My moms boy friend would already be at the house when i got home from school, he worked a second shift job and was home all day, and im not allowed to have the door to my room closed, well i can now, but i dont want to be alone with the dog in there, i dont want anyone thinking nasty thoughts,(im just paranoid)lol. so what i planned to do is , when i get home tonight after school because my mom gets home around 6pm, i will wait until 7 or closer to 8, right after dinner, then i will grab the dog and tell my mom im going for a walk. Then me and my dog leave together.
    I found this house that is open but still being built about 2 blocks away. Im go there with my dog and we walk inside and i lock the door. Just like as if it were my house. I walk around inside to make sure no one else is around, checking every room and behind everydoor. By now the sun starts to go down so its getting dark. I lock the doors and go to one of the bed rooms that is facing the street, so i can see out side in case someone does come. I lay down on the new carpet and pull my clothes off and let him start licking my pussy..omg! He had missed this as much as me, he was super excited jumping around, making noises like all anxious. all the windows in the house already have blinds, so i open the ones in the room slightly, so i can see outside.
    I lay back close my eyes and go to pussy being eaten again.. my toes curl, and i roll my eyes back moaning in pleasure. Its been a long time since he had done this to me and all ive been able to do for months is just masturbate. Not even close to the same feeling. As he is licking me i start masturbating and i cum really fast.. omg.. i shook because it had forever to have anyone or anything else touch my pussy. I layed there and looked at him and he started to dry hump the air. I felt sorry for him and thought " that was pretty selfish of me. He wants to come i reached under and jacked him off, he started to go off on my hand. Lol. I was able to see how that dick of his went into my pussy and watch it grow!! Omg!!! I could believe the amount of cum shooting out and not to mentiom the size of that thing. And his ball?? "Knot" was huge!!!!! No wonder i couldnt pull it out of me. It started to turn me on as i held his huge dick. I went down to lick it. it was all salty tasting. I didnt really like that. And i just sat there naked and holding it. Touching it.. i thought "maybe i can ride it?" Its a new position we might enjoy it.. so i rolled him over and strattled him. I reached behind my ass and grabbed that huge dick and slide it inside of me. Instantly my eyes rolled back..i felt soo good. Went in all the way to the ball. I ached my back, moaned in pleasure and started to grind on his dick. I could his cum shooting inside of me was warm his dick was hot. It felt so good. I wanted to do this everyday forever!! I loved the feeling. I came again riding him.. i leaned towards him while i was cumming and he started to lick my face..such a fucking turn on. I thought, " im going to do this again tomorrow and let him fuck me from behind again. I WANT to get stuck to him again". To be locked together in lust. Really animalistic feeling. I wanted him to know i was his. That he could take this pussy whenever he wanted to. So, with that in mind i got dressed and cleaned up. And we went out the door making sure no one seen us. It was dark by now so no one else was around to see us. I came home and my mom asked how everything went. I said " great! I love this place its so pretty, relaxing, and i feel safe walking around the neighborhood at night. Plus, i said " Rex" will protect me". Lol.. she tells me " yes i know, hes really close to you. Hes always stuck to you here at home, doesnt leave your side." Lol...i just thought to myself. "Hes also going to be stuck inside of me again tomorrow mom!!" lol im soo bad.!!
    Well, the next day i couldnt stop thinking about me and my dog. Finally the routine had been set up, i have a place and i can start having sex again. Im loving it!! I wake up happy! i go to school happy! I get off of school even happier!!!
    So today was the day. I get home and wanted to eat dinner before my mom and her boyfriend, so i could take a walk with the dog sooner. I knew it took forever for his ball to go down so i was prepared this time. I will have my phone next to me this time too! No interruptions, just pure pleasure.finally!!! So i get through eating and i grab the dog and tell my mom that we are leaving and we would be back later. Shes like "ok! have fun and Call me if you need anything, be careful!" I thought" oh..i will have fun!! You just dont know mom"! So we take off and i walked immediately to the house, checking it to make sure no one is inside. I walked to our little room where we always go together a d i get undressed. I let him eat me out to get me all horny and wet.. omg.. i want to cum so fast.. i shake and i pull him away. I want to cum while he is fucking me. I havent experienced cumming while he is actually fucking me. I rode him and made myself cum, but i wanted to cum while he pounded me from behind. So, i let him lick me a few more times u til i couldnt stand it anymore. He would just touch me and i would want to cum.that how horny i was. So i walked around the house one more time naked, to make sure no one was around or near the house and went back to the room. I locked it. Check my phone and even texted my mom that we are ok, just enjoying the walk, so i wouldnt get interrupted again. I waited for her to text back and she did ." Ok honey, see you later". She wrote. So that was my Q to get started. I let him lick me a few more times. My knees where shaking, i got the butterflies in my stomach and i pushed him away right before i came. I turned around and arched my back and he ran up behind me al grabbed my hips starting to hump me..looking for my drilping wet pussy. It was throbbing.. waiting for him to fuck it. Finally without helping him, that hard red dick slide inside of made my eyes roll back and i moaned in ecstasy. i remember hearing him breathing hard right next to my ear, i turned my head next to his and licked his mouth and tongue as he fucked me from behind. It didnt hurt at all this time. I soo wanted him inside of me. I wanted to get stuck with him. I wouldnt get interrupted this was just him and me, no one else. I was lost with pleasure..he kept pounding me i could feel his dick getting bigger and bigger i aide of me..i could feel his ball swelling up inside of me..i could feel his hot cum shooting inside of me, throbbing and shooting. I could hear it inside my ears..the rush of cum inside of me. Omg!!! Im going to cum! IM GOING TO CUM!!!!! HOLY SHIT!! I cum soo hard that i drop down to my chest on the carpet.shaking...and i cant stop shaking...eyes rolled back in my head..i cant catch my as if thrown into some cold cold water. All i hear is him panting, clinched on to me still. Stuck by passion and lust deep inaide of me. Filling me up with his cum. All his 9 inches of dick and balls, buried deep inside of my tiny pussy. Making me his.. i belong to his dick..this is his pussy. I got back to my hands and i am on all fours now. Doggie position. I tell him. " youre such a good boy" i love you so much". We stay stuck together for about 40 minutes again and i steady cum like 2 more times, reaching between my legs and maturbating with all his cum oozing out of my pussy. It was pure heaven for me. Finally when he pulls away i got to the rest room and clean myself off. I went bacj to the room and just layed on the carpet with him. I wondered how else we could try it next. Maybe him on too? But i didnt know how to do that. I would have to have some type of bed or something to down on yet high enough for him to fuck me. I will come up with something i thought..also, i thought about maybe i will try anal with him. I want to lose all my virginity to his dick. I licked it, he fucked me in my pussy and took my virginity and now i want him to be the first inside of my ass. Im going to plan on this too. Maybe later on during the week.
    This is my confession and just reading my story makes me so horny. Its so hot and full of pure lust and passion.
    Maybe, not everyone will agree with what i am doing, but i enjoy it, and my dog loves it. We are not hurting anyone. I am not forcing him to do anything he doesnt want. And if you dont like it..then dont read my artictle. Lol. Life goes live your life..and we live ours.
    Thank you for reading.i hope you enjoyed it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    Last night my friend next door was entertaining her college age son in their TV room well after 2 A.M. She has a 62 inch screen which faces my dining room window. The shades were not completely drawn shut and the images I saw on the set were that of the adult nature. D. is divorced and younger then me being rather attractive. Whenever her son visits he dominates her attention and I was always curious to the fact that there relationship was more then the normal mother and son by the way she would mention him in passing especially when she had too much wine.
    As my husband slept I went down for a glass of water and took notice of the son sitting and watching a dark haired woman on the screen giving fellatio to a man who was standing in front of her. I nearly dropped my water when the son raised his arms and my friend's head appeared and then lowered onto his lap with the motions of going up and down by the movement of his arms. I found myself touching my privates as I imagined myself on the other side of him on the couch. I don't know if I was more turned on by her son receiving or her giving him what appeared to be and obviously was oral sex.
    I actually felt jealous of him with her as my friend had brought out feelings inside of me that I would never want to admit to. I have never been with a woman before but would be so wiling to try it with her as I did see her half naked once and that day I masterbated to the sight of her lovely breasts more then once after returning to my empty house.
    Once she told me, after a few glasses of wine, that she was done with men and joked about needing to find a woman who knows just how to please another woman orally. To this day I regret not making a move on her as the circumstances were absolutely perfect for me to do so.
    Back to what was unfolding before my eyes through the windows, the son pulled her up as to face me sideways exposing his erect penis. She was wearing a red bra and held her breasts together as if to invite his hard on between her lovely cleavage when she turned towards the half open shades and quickly leaned over to close them shut. I was ever so disappointed and decided to deliver a self made orgasm right there holding on to my dining room chair.
    After nearly fainting from my intense orgasm, I went back to bed giving my husband a pleasant surprise by sucking him hard before climbing on to ride his erection like I was possessed. I then did something out of the normal by getting off of him and going down on his sticky cock until her erupted in my mouth.
    He was so in shock afterwards demanding to know what had become of me and I promised to tell him later. I woke up a few hours ago with his face buried between my legs and he finished inside of me before showering and leaving to hit the golf course.
    I am still not sure whether I should tell him about our neighbor and her son as he has had eyes for her in the past and frankly who wouldn't. I am not sure that he would not use this bit of juicy information about her to his advantage because I truthfully thinking about using it in the same fashion after her son leaves and I have her alone.
    I am so enamored by her right now I just want to go and purchase some sexual toys and use them on her until she screams her pretty little head off. I so want to see her doing to me what she did with her son but do not think I could ever purchase a strap on dildo and not feel embarrassed about doing so. I wonder if she may already have one? I really can not believe the things going through my mind right now and am trying to get up the nerve to actually go through with my perverted fantasies and some how keep the lid on it from my husband.
    I guess I must soon find out if she is attracted to me enough to allow something like this to possibly happen.
    I really do appreciate this site to allow me to type out my feelings as maybe me just writing about will be enough to satisfy my deep, lustful desires concerning another woman who I see almost every day.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 38

    We had a neighborhood block party last month the night of July 4th and I got totally wasted.
    We have two kids, 11 & 6, and I rarely get to drinking like that any more.
    I hadn't gotten that drunk in years. I was completely fucked up and was staggering around the neighborhood having a great time that I'd pay for with a massive headache the next day.
    I had stopped at one house a few doors down from ours, went in the yard, and sampled their barbecue and had to piss.
    So I walked in the house and there was like 10 people waiting to use the john downstairs.
    I had to piss really bad and was pretty fucked up so I just went upstairs to find a bathroom to use before I peed my shorts.
    I walked into a bedroom and my wife, a slim blonde, was leaning over a dresser completely naked, with our neighbor Tony standing directly behind her banging away with his shorts and drawers around his ankles.
    I stood staring at them, they were unaware of anybody being present, for several moments and the next thing I remember was waking up a few hours later in my bed with my wife sleeping next to me.
    I thought maybe I'd been so fucked up that I'd had an erotic dream about them but I moved my hand over, noticing my wife had no panties on, and touched my wife's pussy hair while she slept and it was sticky and wet still as if she'd just had sex.
    I never mentioned it to her but I've been keeping a close eye on her and Tony the past month especially on social media.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 51

    I was 10 on Christmas Eve 1975.
    I woke up late at night, unable to sleep, and walked towards the kitchen.
    I heard noises from our family den, where our Christmas tree was located, and thought that maybe I'd catch Santa delivering presents for me and my siblings!
    When I stepped into the den I saw my Mom, a slim brunette, on all fours completely naked with our next door neighbor Frank kneeling behind her banging away while he held onto her hips.
    He was sweating and totally focused on her.
    My Mom was 33 at the time and my Dad, a state trooper, had to work an overnight shift that night and she was totally focused on him.
    I clearly heard my Mom, as she turned her head to look back at him, say "Fuck me Frank! Fuck me like that!Oh my God!!!" and she let out a series of low moans as he pounded her.
    As he neared finishing Frank noticed me and smiled as I stared blankly at him.
    He smiled widely and winked at me and I turned and returned to my bedroom.
    I've never told anyone.
    Frank never mentioned it to me growing up.
    My parents are still married.
    Maybe it was a one time fling between them.
    I don't know and probably never will.
    My Dad is 76 & my Mom is 74.
    Frank is 72 now.
    But every year,at summer barbecues at my parents house, my Mom insists on telling the story of how Frank saved the Christmas of 1975 by coming over and assembling bikes for me and my little brothers while my Dad worked overnight.
    She always smiles and looks at him and says "Thank you Frank!" and it annoys me. Everyone smiles and some say what a great guy he was for doing that and even his wife thanks him not knowing what really happened that night.
    This year she said it and after she thanked me the old bastard turned and smiled and winked at me just like he'd done that night.
    It ruined Christmas for me forever.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 51

    I married an Asian (Chinese) woman almost twenty years younger than myself. I came home from work a few hours early yesterday, Friday, and the young black guy that does the bug spraying at our house was just walking out of our house. We exchanged greetings and I walked in the house. I didn't hear my wife so I figured she was out back or upstairs. I sat down and had a sandwich real quick, I'd been hungry, and went into our bedroom to use the bathroom. I picked up my 33 yo wife's shoes that she'd left on the middle of the hallway floor for some reason, and went in our bedroom.
    My wife was asleep on the bed, with a sheet on her up to her waist, completely naked and her clothes were all over the floor. The alarm clock next to the bed was turned on and set to 45 minutes before I usually get home, I'm usually the only one to use it, I use it as a backup in case my cellphone alarm doesn't go off.
    As I looked on the floor at her clothes strewn about I noticed a pair of men's socks.
    They weren't mine.
    He's been spraying our house, inside and out, for three years.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 42

    Unable to sleep last week around midday, after my night shift with my wife already out at work. I walked down stairs and discovered my step daughter Natalie totally naked, sat bouncing up and down on her boyfriends cock, taking it up the ass.
    I stood and watched for some time, getting the hardest boner I can ever remember having. They changed position so Natalie was facing where I stood. She didn't first see me, but eventually as I was rubbing my cock through my bed shorts, she looked up. Smiling at me, she turned her head and told her boyfriend to really give it to her. He began to hammer into her ass, and Natalie began to moan. Looking back at me as I moved backwards a little, just enough so her boyfriend wasn't able to see me at all, Natalie slowly motioned for me to masturbate whilst licking her lips.
    Taking my hard erect cock out, I saw her grin and then lick her lips again. Stroking my cock I tried to stroke at the same rhythm as she was being fucked. Then Natalie bucked backwards and climaxed hard, just seconds before I saw her boyfriend cum up her ass. It was all too much for me and I busted my nut all over the floor in front of me. Again Natalie grinned widely watching me cum and then winked my way.
    I returned to bed after wiping up my mess, and eventually fell asleep, but not before I re ran the whole thing in my head.
    Later that day I was in the kitchen making myself some coffee, when Natalie walked in and kissed me on the cheek. It was something she never did, nor was the movement of her right hand down to my cock. Rubbing it hard she said "Maybe you should have joined in, .... wouldn't have cared less". Before I coule reply the front door opened and in walked Natalie's mom.
    Since that day I haven't seen much of Natalie and when I have my wife has been there. But I did see her briefly yesterday and she smiled before she said "Moms out tomorrow night with my aunt. ....'s away playing football, wanna visit my room and see up close what you missed the other day".
    I answered the only way I could seing that was how my cock reacted. I told my eighteen year old step daughter, before I held her to me and kissed her hard, I'd love to fuck her.
    Now we'll see if she's up to her word tomorrow, won't we!!!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I must have been 12 years old when I was at my aunt's house and found some magazines. They were Playgirl magazines and had pictures of nude men which I had never seen before. I remember after seeing them I became very interested with nudity and being nude myself. I managed to get myself a porn magazine myself and began imitating the guys in it. I did it all in the privacy of my room but when my parents went out I did it every where in the house. I even slowly began to even go outdoors when they were out and made sure that neighbors could not see me. I knew if my parents ever found out they would not approve. When I was 15 I went for a bike ride and came across a spot with a couple of guys naked. It was a private spot and I remember when they noticed me they were a little alarmed and quickly put their bottoms on. I had seen them naked and decided they probably would mind me naked. I wasn't planning to but decided to be naked in front of others for the first time. They saw me undress and after seeing me do so took their bottoms back off. Soon both of them came over and talked to me. There the 3 of us were naked and I didn't mind being seen that way. I began to go to this spot regularly and never saw anyone again but went nude every time. My nudity took the next big step when I was with 2 girls one time and I ended up naked in front of them just because they asked. I was very aroused being seen naked by the girls. Since then I became even more carefree with my nudity including do things that would be considered sexual.
    This progressed even more as time went on and all because of a magazine I saw at my Aunt's house when I was 12.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50


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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    my wife picked me up from work this particular friday,said we are going to her mothers.her dad had died a few months ago we called in to cheer her up when we could. we had tea and were sitting watching some boring show the women liked and i fell asleep . next thing my wife is telling me to go and rest on mums bed [there was only one bedroom]. i did and drifted off , next i could hear the mother inlaw saying leave him there pick him up on your way home tomorrow .and the wife saying give him some jobs to do in the morning then she asked where her mum was to sleep oh ill sleep on the sofa . my wife left then mother inlaw comes into the room taps me saying get yourself in bed your staying the night. i didnt argue she then said she was going to shower. i striped naked as thats the way i sleep got under the covers and just lay sthere . she came in with a towel round her said she came for her nighty , cheekily i said sleep naked its better, are you naked she said .iam i replied show was her answer so i threw back the covers .mmmm was all i heard.then she droped the towel and told me to move over got in with me .wewere both a bit stuned at what had happened.we talked for a while well mostly she did she told me she hadnt had oral sex or given it. so i pulled her sideways on the bed knelt on the floor with her legs over my shoulders my hands spreed her c**tls and i tongued her clit till she had a shuddering climax i cuddled her till she s poke again saying that was her t cum and she 55 there is more to thisstory just ask and ill continue

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