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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adult Confessions?

The heart of Adult Confessions are our confession boards, in which you can anonymously post your confessions on a wide range of juicy adult or non-adult topics. Readers can visit our confession boards to find out what kinds of things people need to get off their chests, and then post their anonymous responses to the confessions. If you find that you need to get something off your chest, this is the place to do it. Only the juiciest of secrets hit the front page, so make sure you have something good to tell!

"Secrets are made to be found out with time." — Charles Sanford

How does it work?

If you have a story, secret, or confession that you'd like to share, simply visit the confession page and confess away! Your post will instantly show up on the upcoming page. If enough people think that your post is juicy enough, it will make it to the front page, where everyone can see it.

Lots of new submissions will hit the front page each day, so be sure to check back often for new material.

Why hasn't my submission hit the front page?

Currently, it takes only (1) "That's Juicy" vote for your post to make it to the front page. Your post must be voted on at least once by a visitor of Adult Confessions to be deamed juicy enough to be bumped to the front page.

Are people's confessions really anonymous?

Yes, as much as they can be. We track nothing for posts made on Adult Confessions -no IP's, names, e-mail addresses, or cookies. Unless a confessor puts identifying remarks in his or her posts, there is no way for us to tell who is who. The only tracking we do, is for the post "ratings" (ie. That's Juicy! ) at the bottom of each post. There must be an IP address associated to each rating because that is the only way we know of to avoid someone rating a confession over and over again - known as "ratings spam." If you do not rate posts, you will remain completely anonymous. If you choose to rate a post, why would you care anyways? Afterall, it's a "rating," not something that you wrote.

On that note, if you are looking to avoid Internet tracking and defend against surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, please investigate a 100% FREE program called TOR (

How can you be sure the confessions are real?

We can't. Other than asking that exaggeration be kept to a minimum because the posts are anonymous, we cannot verify the authenticity of any confession made on Adult Confessions.

A confession I read the other day is gone now. What happened?

We scan the boards frequently looking at all new confessions. If a confession is found to have violated the conditions outlined in the Terms of Service then the confession will be deleted. We also use a community reporting feature called (Remove This) which is a clickable link located at the bottom of each confession. Clicking on the (Remove This) link allows visitors to the website to instantly report a confession for removal. When our removal threshold is reached, the post will be promptly removed from our database.

Should I tell my friends about

Are you kidding? Of course! In fact, we make it easy on you - use our "Share This" feature (at the bottom right of all confessions) to post juicy confessions to your facebook, myspace, and many other social networks. - Our thanks!

Can I link to

Of course you can! Thank you very much for your support! =)

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I have another question...

You can direct any questions to the Webmaster using our contact page.

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