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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 51

    I hate my neighbor, for the past two years this 23 year old punk has made my wife and I serve him as his cum sluts. we have to do all kinds of nasty perverted things because he caught me opening his mail. he even got his dogs in on it.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 23

    13 at a public beach with my parents. I was changing in the changing room and this boy talked to me and asked me if I liked dick. He showed me his dick and said he would really like me to suck him. He offered to suck my dick too and to follow him to the back stall in the bathroom.

    I sat on the toilet and he stood in front of me. He let me suck him for a while, he then jacked off until he was ready to cum and he shoved his dick in my mouth and he let go.

    No need to suck my dick, I had cum in my pants.

    Still sucking dick, I hang out at convention halls or hotels and get picked up by men who are from out of town. I eye their bulge and smile and lick my lips. Sooner or later I get an offer.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    On Fridays, my immediate supervisor at a large bank takes me to dinner
    along with his wife over at one of our best hotels. They are five star and
    have linen tablecloths, fine dinnerware and excellent food. It was a habit he
    developed to ease out of the tension of the long day and to ask a few questions
    related to the job.

    He has a trophy wife whom I avoid staring at in his presence. She is not a bimbo of
    any kind and is slim and classy, apparently from a wealthy family known to his family.

    She is a bit of a harpy and will sometimes pass right through the edge of insulting me
    where my supervisor has to tell her to "back off".

    Wha t he does not know is what has been happening under the tablecloth where she
    almost from the first dinner, took her shoe off and started rubbing my cock through
    my pants. When she first realized its erect size she became excited and jerked around in her seat
    like a freshly caught trout.

    Through the months she has learned how to give me a perfect foot job until I cum
    and often, ny knees widely spread, the stream hits her foot and ankle. She often sighs loudly when she
    feels the hot stream. She will then casually take her large linen napkin and
    wipe her foot and ankle. Once, she brought it up to her mouth and nose, momentarily,
    I thought, to tease me but also...who knows? Maybe her mouth is now wanting, badly.

    That's all that has happened so far but I can tell she wants more. I recall once when
    she was insulting me and my supervisor said, "Norma, why are you being such a bitch"
    while her toes, wrapped half-way around my girth, collided with a torrent of cum.

    All I can think of right now is slamming my tool into her slim, rich ass hole, hard, from behind, while I
    bite her wealthy neck and shoulder bloody, but for now I will stick to the under the table Friday dinner

    If my supervisor catches us fucking, I will just shout for him to wait his turn. If I know
    him, and I think I do, he'll just calm down and flog himself while waiting, like a good little boy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    Dog cock

    I am a straight male but something that really turns me on is a dogs cock I want to play with one and maybe more is there any girls out there that can give me advice on how they feel and so on?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 28

    I had to share this true confession .I work in a pet shop. One of my regular customers (Chris) comes in with his Rottweiler (shadow) to the back for a drink and chat, over time it got to very sexy banter eventually me actually giving him blow jobs but although he fingers me getting me worked up nothing can happen at work (in case a customer comes in )every time shadow is always prancing around me with Chris saying that he must fancy me obviously I always think he is joking, also during our talking I've admitted to having threesomes with my husband and his mate and flashing although I am quite chubby and in my late 20s Chris asked me if I tried bondage and I did admit yes and that it turned me on being controlled . Chris dared me to go along with him being in total control of me no matter how perverted he wanted and with him living just around the corner from where I live it wouldn't look out of place him calling. I actually found myself getting turned on with the thought of being controlled so during the following week the ground rules were set with me saying I wouldn't back out of anything he ordered the only condition I said was that he wasn't to leave any marks obviously because of Stuart (husband) seeing them. He would phone the night before to make sure I would be on my own. He phoned Tuesday night while Stuart and my teenage sons were in fortunately Stuart didn't ask who it was anyway he told me to be wearing my work uniform, also telling me to leave the back door open but have the curtains shut and remember NOT to back out of anything. It seemed an eternity waiting for the back door to open but what was a surprise Shadow was with Chris anyway he straightaway demanded me to completely strip and to take shadows collar of put it on myself saying thank you to shadow for coming ordering me to fill a bowl of water and get down on all fours like shadow and drink the water making fun out of my hanging tits and belly then putting shadows lead on making me crawl around the bungalow all the time Chris saying to shadow did he like their new plaything obviously meaning me after about 10 min we went back to the living room where I was ordered to cuddle shadow and generally play fight with him and all the time Chris mocking my size openly wanking himself and although obviously it felt very humiliating being naked I was secretly enjoying being ordered about before Chris actually came he ordered me to stop what I was doing and crawl to him and suck his Dick While I was in this position Chris reached over my back and started to smear some sort of cream around my fanny and bottom at first I just thought it was another sort of lube but now shadow was really prancing around but with Chris also holding onto my shoulders there was nothing I could do but I could actually hear Chris encouraging shadow to get up meaning my back I couldn't actually believe what was just about to happen but I could actually feel shadow mount my back and now I could actually feel his Dick prodding against my fanny. Within seconds he was right inside wrapping his front legs round my waist and with no foreplay he was actually shagging me going faster with each push while this was happening I could feel his actual Dick really swelling inside me until it felt like a fist but now the actual "Humping stopped" because he started actually Cuming inside me which felt like a lifetime but this "knot" was now I could feel getting smaller and shadow eventually getting off my back but still inside me but now bottom to bottom until the knot shrank small enough for him to get out. I could actually feel his spunk running down out of me down my legs needless to say I couldn't believe what had just happened but Chris all the time I could remember him actually telling shadow to "go for it" also "get in there boy". I couldn't believe what had just happened and it was a mixture of sheer embarrassment and humility but also strangely realised I was out of control of my feelings and it didn't stop there because Chris demanded that I hugged shadow and thanked him for having me and that they are now both my Masters and while I was still obviously naked I had to lie down legs spread on the carpet while Chris wanked openly over me saying he didn't want to come where a dogs been he would leave that to Stuart needless to say obviously I didn't tell Stuart but Chris did say he would call at the shop the next day then leaving me to get cleaned up myself. While I was showering I realised I was drawn into something I actually found exciting but definitely Taboo needless to say sex with Stuart that night was definitely different because I was terrified in case he realised I was acting different and in case I felt different but I came lots and all Stuart could say I must be worked up over something obviously I didn't say what but I actually was looking forward to Chris coming in the shop soon but look out for another confession

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I have a thing for buttplugs. Especially big buttplugs. I have a penchant for sextoys in general and I also love to masturbate. I do it almost everyday for at least a couple of hours. I use ballsretchers, cockrings, nipple clamps and sometimes I wear panties, thongs, brief sexy halter tops, retro seamed hosiery with french heels and garter belts and (usually black) pantyhose. They are great for holding a vibrator or buttplug in place for long term wear! I'm a bit overweight and because, I suppose, of genetics. The excess weight has mostly gone to my round, girl-jiggly and ptotuberant posterior and my large someewhat flbby thighs. I have a generally soft sedentary body very pale skin and long ginger hair. Seen naked from behind I look like a hot female ginger with a big, smooth round ass with sort of long legs, a little thick in the thighs. Being bi, lots of hot hung guys want to fuck me and I love being well fucked. Especially with a big cock on a top who really knows how to use it. They tell me there is a major shortage of tops in the U.S. but I've never noticed it.

    Working, preparing for and commuting to work exhausts me so I usually only connect with guys on weekends. With women, I regularly see a hot dominatrix. She seems inordinately interested in my very plump, pale ass, as well. She particularly loves to see to it that its well caned, whipped or paddled before she releases me. She also loves to enthusiastically fuck me with huge ocean liner size dildo's. Her enthusiasm along with my liking for being roughly used makes up for the fact that she doesn't own the original equipment! She is very nasty and creative about torturing my fat low dangling balls ,as well. Also my cock which she says reminds her of a fat limp noodle. Being a bottom its no big deal but though my soft cock dangles down nearly five inches it doesn't grow much longer than that. And it might best be described as more like ( barely) firm and flexible rather than a rock hard cock or a a raging boner. Lol.

    Its fun for creative dommes with lots of rope and for masturbation and oral but not so good for penetration, in pussy or ass. I also do two way skype with hot dominant camgirls I get off so good when they humiliste me. Lately though its gotten less verbal and more physical. Its still fun cause they are wstching and I see them.One younger hottie in particular makes racus catcalls and lewd , rude remarks while she gives me j.o. instrucions. She has made me tie and pull and stretch my balls and smack them sharply with a wooden spoon while she giggles and watches me. And also pull and painfully pinch and twist my nipples. Lately she had me sit on a very large buttplug. Bigger than I'm used to. Though I used poppers it still hurt my ass. She enjoyed the show and though I should've known better, the hot little vixen seduced me into going beyond the pain for her. When I was near the rim she had me exhale and draw up my legs putting all my weight on the huge plug. It was well lubed and before I could stop my asshole stretched painfully and obscenely wide and went over the rim and down to the base. I screamed like a hard spanked slut and she giggled and laughed at my intense anal agony.

    I was ass stuck on the heavy wooden chair because it had a powerful suction base. The hard sharp, burny pain I felt only lasted a couple seconds then quickly subsided. The huge plug really stretched and filled my ass. My cock got as turgid as it ever got was all itchy,twitchy needing to cum bad. I hoped she wouldn't make me ruin my orgasm or do something painful and just give me permission to cum. She was happy after wstching me painfully impale my ass. She just had me pull and strech my bloated cum filled balls then she made me jerk off for her. I greased my cock and my hand was racing up and down the slick shaft at like 90! My itchykoo cock geysered out big gouts of steamy splooge all over the room and Jessica giggled with cruel satisfaction !.

    She signed off cause my time was up and she had another guy scheduled. Cumming hard was good but I was still ass impaled on that monster plug and it was beginning to hurt. It was really big and I should've used a thick oil based lube instead of a wster based one. It was drying fast and lifting my tortured ass up and off it was even more agonizing then working all of it up in my ass in the first place! And the burning pain lasted a lot longer.Yeah it was way to big to do it all the first time out or really, anytime! Hottie Jessica got her cruel kicks but she got me off and I really can't complain. I had a very sore, swollen and blistered asshole for almost a week afterwards. I'm going to be a lot more careful about buttplug size, in future. Unless Jesdica or some other minx somehow seduces me to do otherwise.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 33

    I'm a building contractor and when things are slow I have a side job with a real estate firm getting abused homes back into living condition. My boss is Sarah, a middle aged woman that wants to be young again. Fake boobs with overdone makeup and heels high enough to give her a nose bleed.

    Sarah will call me to meet at a house that needs repairs. We walk from room to room and she will point out what she wants done. I take my notes and I admit my eyes will take a peek at her toned legs in those heels she wears when she's not looking.

    Now I know Sarah likes me because there are many times when I get to the house she will be waiting with a Starbucks coffee in hand. Our eyes will linger on each other as we have a sip of our coffee before we go into the house.

    Sarah is not one to be at a loss for words, usually she's talking pretty much during the walk through and a bit of conversation as we return to our vehicles. Lately when Sarah is done telling me what she wants done to the house there is a awkward silence as we stand at our cars before leaving. I can tell she wants to say something else but lets it go.

    I won't lie and say I never thought about fucking Sarah because I was married to a woman that was married to her job more than me. My wife spent long hours at the office and many times I needed her, she wasn't there or too tired. With that said I wasn't going to make the first move because I was married.

    Christmas came and I met Sarah at the house she wanted me to work on. It was cold and Sarah was bundled up in a winter coat and boots. Sarah had a Starbucks in her gloved hand and it was welcomed for sure.

    The house was actually in very good condition and the wall to wall carpeting was new, I could tell easily. We walked through the house and Sarah didn't say hardly anything, I saw nothing that needed to be done.

    We walked downstairs to the family room and once again there was new carpet and nothing to be seen of needing repairs. Sarah stood there a few feet away and I asked what she wanted me to do with the house?

    She looked at me for a moment and then extended her hand out with the coffee for me to hold and then began to unbutton her fur trimmed winter coat. When she undid the last button Sarah opened her coat and I stood there looking at almost nothing covering her body. She wore a black bra and matching panties with stockings leading down into her booted legs.

    Sarah said "it's not what I want you to do to the house, it's what I want you to do in the house." I had coffee in both hands, I wanted to just toss them aside but I sat them down against the nearest baseboard. When I turned back, Sarah was there only inches away from me.

    Think of the Movie "Fatal Attraction, the elevator scene. That's the way our initial sexual experience was for us. Our mouths locked onto each other and the kiss was so intense I'm not sure either of us could breathe.

    We slowly went to the floor and I was all over Sarah, my cock throbbing inside my jeans as Sarah reached for my belt. Soon I was naked and Sarah was down to her stockings and boots, I could wait another moment and took her that way.

    The sex was raw and passionate, Sarah clawed my back with her long nails as I filled her up with a single thrust. She was soaking wet and that really turned me on even more. I brought her booted legs up and slammed my cock into her like a mad man. Sarah had one orgasm after another and that drove me even more crazier knowing I could do that to her.

    The excitement was too much and I knew I wasn't going to last very long. I pulled out and Sarah suddenly got on her fours to suck my throbbing cock. That's not what I had in mind because for sure I was going to cum now. I tried to tell Sarah I was about to unload but she her mouth worked me even faster.

    I put my hands to her shoulders and my head lulled back, I made some kind of animal noise as I erupted into Sarah's mouth. I barely heard Sarah make a choking sound but I swear her hot mouth never left the head of my cock.

    I pumped my load into her mouth and Sarah took every drop I had to offer. I was still worked up and I pushed Sarah onto her back again and dived in between her booted legs. My tongue was like a machine and I licked, sucked, and bit on her clit. The heels of her boots dug into my hips as she came again and again.

    Finally she put her hand to my shoulder, I knew she was finally spent. I crawled on top of her and kissed her. The taste of my cum was on her lips and tongue but I didn't care. We made out for several more minutes until we had nothing left.

    February rolled around and I gave Sarah a gift card to Victoria Secrets. A few weeks later she would surprise me with the things she bought and we would have sex again at a vacant house.

    When we aren't fucking we are Sexting with each other. I have lost all interest in fucking my wife. I go through the motions when she does want it and all she needs is her one orgasm she is done for the night.

    I felt guilty for a while fucking Sarah but now I don't. The sex is incredible and it's what I want from a woman. I don't know how long this will continue but I'm in no hurry for it to end.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    not long ago, I got off the bus from out of town and it was raining. I did not
    have an umbrella and ran to the nearby storefront to duck out of the rain. A car
    on the curb honked it's horn. I looked and saw two middle-aged women waving.
    They asked if I needed a lift and I said, "Yes" I'm in the U dorm. They waved me
    to come in.

    Soon, they passed the dorm and I said, "There's my dorm". The one who drove said,
    "You look wet, tired and cold...we want to give you a hot chocolate at our
    place, is that ok? I said, "Sure, o.k."

    These two ladies must have been in their late 40's and very soon we were all in
    their king-sized bed naked, rolling around, fucking and sucking. In the morning, upon
    waking up we started in again. They dropped me off at the dorm and said, "see
    you again some time." I said, "I hope so, thanks for the memories."

    A few weeks later I found out that they were the mother and aunt of one of
    my team mates on the varsity basketball team. I know no one will hear anything
    from me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am a fat white girl who loved being degraded online by men of all legal ages. I have a hairy pussy. I like to be used and abused on kik messenger. Id is awesomerawr28

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    Every time my husband goes on his business trips now, I find myself desperately needing a quickie. Before I started having men visit me for a quick hard any hole goes fuck, I used to masturbate using dildos my husband bought to keep me sexually happy whilst he was away on business.
    However, I found it increasingly difficult to not accept some of the advances parked I'd get whilst out and about, or indeed when we have people around working on our home (There always seems to be men working on our extremely old home). Eighteen months ago as I was leaving a clothing shop, two young men made a comment to each other about me. I heard what one of them said to the other "I'd fuck her so hard". So instead of doing what I would have usually done, ignore them and walk away, I turned around and asked the good looking young man if he was man enough to go through with what he'd just said. A little shocked, but still able to sound positive he asked me when and where.
    In the multi storey car park where I'd parked, was a small opening used I think for storing equipment. Dropping down I took out his cock as his mate looked out for us, and sucked in his smallish cock. Once he became hard, I stood up turned around a lifted my skirt. I'd already removed my knickers, so getting him to stand up to me, I guided his cock into my extremely wet pussy.
    As much as I wanted to jetsam and enjoy the sex, unfortunately he shot his load all too quickly.
    Driving home a few minutes later after hearing him telling his mate how good of a stud he was, even being slightly frustrated sexually, I was still incredibly turned on.
    Arriving home, I saw the van immediately and knew I'd messed up. We were having work done on part of the rear of our property, and had completely forgotten the guys were calling round. Getting out of my car, I walked over and was about to apologise to the builder, but it was a younger man sat in the drivers seat. Telling me his boss had to go to check out another job, with me not being home, I asked him if he would working on his own. Entering my home he accepted my apology in a very big way.
    As I lay face down sprawled across our kitchen table, I let the builder take out his annoyance at having to wait for me, firstly inside my already briefly fucked pussy, then after my insistence, deep up my arsehole. It was myself who came quickly this time as I was still sexually buzzing from earlier. And my moans plus my arsehole clamping down on his much larger cock, had him pumping his cum far into my bum.
    And so it has been now for the last eighteen months. The young builder and I carried on fucking over the next few weeks when his boss wasn't around. And I soon found I enjoyed the hard quick fucks, rather than long drawn out sessions. My husband then had a series of trips after the building work was finished. But he'd hired an electrician to work throughout our home on various jobs that needed doing. And it was with him whereby we were fucking almost daily for four weeks, that I kind of learned my husband almost it appeared wanted me to have sex with different men.
    I'd just fucked him as he sat on our bottom step on the stairs. Sitting on his cock bouncing up and down until we both came, he told me my husband was such a liberal man allowing his wife to fuck other men. But he also added "If you were my wife, I'd never ask another man to screw you".
    From then on, I took it that not only did my husband know about me fucking other men, he actively encouraged it. And it gave me the confidence to have more fun. Finding eager willing men to have sex isn't that hard. I'm an attractive woman who's looked after herself. I know from comments men make, and some women, that I'm considered "very fuckable". So I play on it.
    Like four days ago whilst out eating lunch with a female friend. We'd just paid the bill, when I noticed two guys checking me out. Telling my friend I needed the toilet, I winked at the good looking one and signalled for him to follow me. Ten minutes later I walked out of the ladies bathroom feeling well and truly fucked, had cum dripping out of my arse, and had made one lucky guy very happy. Arriving home later my husband told me he'd arranged for the kitchen fitters to call by next week. His next comment was "You are off next week aren't you". When I replied "Yes" He added "Good, they'll be three of them at first. But just the most experienced over the last three days finishing off. Make sure you take good care of him honey and I'll sort out the payments when I get back next Friday, they might be giving us a large discount". Winking as he said the last phrase. Now you tell me what he's driving at ?. I take it to mean, the two younger less experienced guys will be leaving the older more experienced man, to enjoy three days of me earning my husband and I a discount.

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