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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 20

    Sex under Moonlight

    This went back in very cold weather,I was living away alone on rent.
    One horny night I was so aroused,I was aroused as now I want my pussy to get drilled and filled. My every nerves need sexual nice massage of huge cock. I love the adventurous sex as it have fear of getting caught and
    Pleasure of called slut. I got naked and went on my terrace at midnight rubbing my clit hard.There was no one to see me but feeling of getting naked in open is amazing. Suddenly I heard the some sound,I was shocked but it was thrilling. The boy next to my Terrace saw me naked rubbing my clit. It was night but moonlight was naughty that night. The boy tried to show as he saw nothing,but I can see his nice bulge in his pants. I want that bulge to get quite by my pussy. He also got naked and started stroking his cock, moaning .I bited my lips moaned harder,it was signal for sex. He jumped at my terrace and came closer to me. I went on my legs as slave for his master. I was searching that huge cock,it was face turning cock too big too handsome.
    I took his cock in my fist it was so hard and hot full of cream for me.He said this cream is all yours.I was in such a shock as I found my oath in desert and water for thirsty bitch.Yes I was too thirsty for his cream.
    I move his cock to and fro it's moving sound was amazing. I spit on his cock rubbed hard with my hand. Now I took his cock in my thirsty mouth,it was amazing feeling. I sucked it too nicely as I was too thirsty,i was sucking it like mad. Then he grabbed my hair and start drilling my mouth under moonlight.
    He was moaning my sound of sucking cock aroused me. What the nice fucking slut I am .I was sucking while looking at his eyes.He took his cock out and started stroking on my face. Wow! Nice hot cum covered my face in such a cold night,I took his cum in my mouth wow i liked his hot tasty cum. he squizzed my boobs and cover them too white.I want my pussy to get fucked he drilled me hard all my nerves relaxed. I want his cum in my pussy. He cummed inside me he squizzed my ass and lied me on floor and covered me white as much as cum he have. He ran back as we could get caught. I lied there painted white relaxed under the moonlight,my pussy got filled by strange cum...

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 18

    In my family all the girls have very neat, nice looking pussies. It how we were born. I have a girlfriend, same age, she has the ugliest pussy ever, her skin hangs out like an inch, dark ugly skin. She is white but her pussy is very dark.

    I went with her to talk to a plastic surgeon, why live with your feature being repulsive. I know it costs money, I offered her my college savings once she is 18. She can't date like this so I hang out with her. It's not a boob job, or a nose job, but her self esteem is at an all time low. I will give her my money but it's not enough.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 55

    I watched my step daughter shower once. There was a big gap in between the door and door frame to the bathroom. She has really nice big tits and a shaved pussy. She was always running around, since she was 14 wearing low-cut tops so her big cleavage would peek out. I was always getting hard around her! I would have jerked off, but my wife was in our bedroom which was right next to the bathroom, so I couldn't.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 37

    "Your husband is a very lucky guy." My wife has told me many variations of this so many times. Our marriage evolved into a Hotwife relationship long before she or I even knew such a thing existed. To us it was just my high libido, uninhibited wife enjoying as much sex as she could get and me getting a thrill out of her outside sexcapades.

    She started out full filling a few fantasies and ended up about as slutty as a good woman can be. Then one night after she spent a few hours in bed with a very well hung man she told me, he said "your husband is a very lucky guy" while his dick was pounding my wife's pussy. He explained that he'd never been with such a perfect pussy in his life. He texted me a few days later praising her pussy, tight, smooth, so wet and stays wet. That's her pussy right there. As tight as she is her pussy can adjust to just about any size cock and she can cum and cum and never dries up. She's soaked many a bed sheet and thrilled many a guy with her gushing orgasms.

    She's told me many variations of "Your husband is a lucky guy" and I've received shit tons of texts and email testimonials to her awesome pussy. It's become part of the thrill. Sometimes I'll ask a guy how her pussy was and off they go talking about it. Some guys ask if it's ok to take pics to remember it by. Of course! Some send me copies which I always save. A few guys have asked to post pics of her pussy on line and I say yeah as long as her face isn't in it. I've gone and seen it in it's glory more than a few times as I hope many other men have too.

    She's out tonight. Met a new guy at Applebees for drinks. Then to a hotel. They've been there almost an hour. Right about now he's thinking "What a pussy" and before long she'll be hearing "Your husband is a lucky guy!"

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 39

    My worst experience happened when I was a new freshman just accepted into my sorority and our first party to meet our counterpart fraternity was going on. A game started, new girls wore their room number and freshman frat boys had picked numbers at random and that's how you met. My boy was black. He felt that he had rights, he touched me and I yelled at him to keep his N hands off me.

    Up till that party I didn't know I had those feelings, but I did, and do. It created so much stress that I quit the sorority.

    I have a fifteen year old daughter, the school is shoving black kids down the throat of white girls. It is a shame campaign. Blacks have their own girls, keep your hands off our girls. I am moving my daughter to a private Christian Academy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    My girlfriend a while ago was super into sex .
    She started by licking my butt and always being into toys .
    She wanted threeway as did I so we started with her friend make lives out of town.
    With drinks ended up watching her get doggie style .
    For some reason I got into that and 69 her as he entered and let my mouth be used by both .
    This ever happen ? Comment more detail ?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 50

    When I was in my late forties dealing with a slow sex life at home with my wife and feeling the power of my high sex drive, I posted a CL ad reaching out to a younger man for sex, many responses came in ,but one caught my eye, my wife was out of town and I chatted with this 26 yo black soccer.
    After some chatting he gave me his address and apt# ,he told me his GF was out for the evening with her girlfriends
    One I entered his apt, the light where off and the tv was the only light in the room, exchanged a few words before he dropped his gym shorts, pulled the t-shirt over his head and his beautiful dark skinned silhouette in front of the tv
    Caught my attention!
    I undressed and he said oh daddy you are hot! Well that made this guy swell up with lust!
    He had a great body and a nice black ,slightly turned up, cut and shaven smooth, about 8”!!!
    I’m white, married, almost 50 at the time, 6ft and 200 lb ish ! Nice thick cut cock 6”
    He was soft skinned life a woman ,sexy as hell with a great body and cock, the next thing I knew we were kissing which was new for me ...
    I will say I got so turned on, he took my cock on his mouth and wow it was amazing, so much so as soon as o could I returned the favor!!!! It was so good..
    Then he got up and I followed him to his bedroom we’re he placed his daddy on his knees and began to tongue
    My clean hole, I was on fire and my pre-cum was pouring from my cock, I felt him positioning himself between my cheeks just as he entered me!!!!!

    Daddy loved that day with his dark skinned boy 😈

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 22

    I just want someone whos into all the things Im into. I wanna be pegged, pissed on, shit on my chest, spit in my mouth, let me eat your ass and fuck you until we both bust the best nut ever. Can someone help me please

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 46

    My friend and her husband were going away on vacation for a week and they didn't want to leave their 18 year old son home alone. The last time they did he had a party and they didn't want a repeat of that so he was going to stay with me. His parents made it quite clear he was to listen and do everything I asked or there would be consequences. The first night I told him I wanted him to shower before going to bed. He told me he showers in the morning and I told him he still could but I also wanted him to shower before going to bed too so he didn't go into a bed dirty. He said he would and waited for me to leave the room. I asked what he was waiting for and he told me to leave so he could get undressed.I may have overstepped my authority when I told him there was no need to be modest as I had seen many men naked and reminded what his parents said. I could see was very hesitant to do so but eventually did. He was trying to cover himself with his hands and I told him there was no reason to hide himself from me. He told me he was a grown adult and he shouldn't be doing this. I reminded him his parents had him stay with me because they didn't feel he was a responsible adult and he was to do everything I said. I could see he was extremely nervous and soon he stood there naked in front of me with everything exposed. It was nice to see a young man naked but I think I enjoyed the power I had over him. I surprised myself by not giving in and taking away his privacy.

    He threatened to tell his parents what I made him do. I laughed and told him I would tell them it was all lies and that he was the one who decided to run around naked and then asked him who he thought they would believe. I think he he felt trapped and I decided to push things a little more with him. I told him he needed to get over his fear of being naked in front of me and that unless he was leaving the house we was going to wear nothing. It seemed like he was going to reply and fight that order but figured it was going to be futile. I had a young naked man in my home for a week which was a very pleasant exciting experience for me.

    Could this get any better? I caught him in the bathroom once masturbating. He was panicked being caught and immediately stopped. I ordered him to continue which he adamantly fought but eventually gave in and I watched as he did. I could tell he was very embarrassed with what he just did so I pushed the envelope further with him. I told him that was going to be a daily routine for his stay with me and I was going to watch him every time. He called me a pervert. I told him name calling wouldn't change the situation.

    His whole stay had some impact on him but I don't know how much or how. I sensed the second time he masturbated for me he was a little too willing to. It almost seemed like he was an exhibitionist and he may have been playing me. He masturbated more than once a day and called me each time to watch when he could have easily done so in private and I wouldn't have even known. Whatever the reason I didn't really care as I was getting a regular show from a nice young man.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    I had the opportunity to do this in a hotel I have stayed at for business with an interesting outcome. They have a hot tub out by the pool. I went in and there was an older couple in there. They looked like they were in their 50's. We started talking and they mentioned they wished the sauna was out where both sexes could use it together. There were 2 saunas with one located in the men's change room and one in the women's change room. Given it was pretty late and there were only 2 other people around, both women, who were swimming, I mentioned they should just go use the sauna in the men's change room. The seemed a little concerned about going in there and the wife getting caught where she shouldn't be. I told them I didn't mind if she was in there and I doubted any other guys would be coming in at this hour. They spent a little longer in the hot tub before they left and went to go use the sauna in the men's change room. I said I would see them in there soon.

    I went into the change room but before I went into the sauna I slipped off my swimsuit and wrapped a towel around me. I walked in and they were in their swimsuits sitting together. I sat right across from them and opened my towel. They seemed a little shocked but there were warnings prior to entering the sauna stating that nudity was allowed as long as you sat on a towel. Given that it was a men's change room you would normally only be exposing yourself to other men but in this case a woman was seeing me. They didn't say anything and didn't leave. They accepted it. The husband only stayed for about 10 minutes and was going to have a shower but both the wife and me stayed in there for close to a half hour.

    Once the wife heard the water running in the shower she slipped her arms out of her one-piece swimsuit exposing her breasts. She didn't say why she did it and I didn't ask. Once she heard the water stop she put her arms back into her swimsuit, covered her breasts and left the sauna. I heard them talking with the wife mentioning she was going to quickly rinse off and asking the husband to take their stuff to the room. I heard the door to the change room close so I figured they had left. I left the sauna and heard water running. I assumed someone else had actually shown up but when I went to go use the showers myself the wife was in there and she was naked. I asked where her swimsuit was and she told me she gave everything to her husband to take back to their room. I wondered how she was going to get back to her room and figured I would wait and find out. She had more than a quick rinse and we both talked as we showered. She didn't mind washing her naughty bits in front of me and it caused a reaction from me. I think she deliberately was doing it more and more as it was causing a rise out of me.

    Once done we toweled off and she then took a towel and wrapped it around her. I was about to put my clothes on when she asked why and suggested wrapping a towel around myself like she had, so I did. I put my clothes and shoes in my bag and she walked me to my room. She gave me a kiss right on my lips and a great big hug where her towel dropped off. During the hug I felt my towel fall resulting in our naked bodies being pressed right against each other. She told me she better leave before she does something she would regret.

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