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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    My father pastored a large church until his retirement a few years back. So, I am known as a, "PK" - Preachers Kid. My brothers were 9, 11, 13 and 14 when I was born. By the time I was in 3rd grade they were all either in college or on their own. My parents had always made our home available to those who were in need - regardless of the needs or the cause. So, dozens of different family members, church members and the like had once lived with us - for some period of time.
    When I was 14, my 23 year old cousin came to live with us while he divorced his wife of 1 year, and got on his feet again. There were only the 2 of us upstairs in 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, so we had our own privacy. Since I never closed my door until bed time he would stop, stand at my door and talk. He was (is) a damn good looking man who any female would be glad to claim as their own. We had attended a church activity that evening which last into the night. Mom and dad asked my cousin to let my ride home with him as an emergency came up and they needed to join some members at the Emergency Room. We got into my cousins car and on the way home someone pulled out in front of us and he slammed on the brakes - he avoided a collision so no one was hurt. However, something came out from under the passenger seat and when I looked down I saw magazines. I picked them up, while he was saying, "don't worry, kick them back.". That is when I realized they were porn magazines. To be exact, there were five magazines and I was holding them in my lap. He tried to grab them, but I held them tight looking down to XXX Rated straight, bi and gay magazines.
    All the way home he was apologizing and begging me not to tell dad and mom. I assured him to do so would cause them to stroke out and I didn't want that on my conscious. Then, I said, "It's not like porn isn't a mouse click away." he asked if I watched porn, and I said, "I have, So, now there is no worry that I would say anything." By the time we got home he admitted he loved porn and had done lots of things while in the military. Not sure how long we talked but he was very open, and explicit about sex and his love for variety - women and men, and both. I told him I was a virgin and not because my pussy wasn't screaming for attention and got sloppy wet when I saw pictures of guys cocks.
    Over the next few weeks our conversations became more erotic and open, to the point I could see his hard dick pushing up his pants. I knew he went to his room and beat off and finally asked him if he did, and he admitted so. It was not uncommon for us to do things together or go places together and no one knew we were having some very intimate sexual discussions as the sexual tension between us heightened. One night while out on errands I saw his hard cock and asked to touch it. He said, "No". After his 3rd, "N0" I reached over and felt it. He pushed my hand away, so I pushed my shorts down and began to rub my pussy and moan. I took his hand off the steering wheel and guided it to my sloppy-wet pussy as I felt his finger separate my pussy lips. He stopped and said, "we've have gone too far." I looked at him and said, "I want you to be my first. I want you to teach me to do all the things other women have done for you." He said, "we have gone way, way, WAY too far."
    Several weeks passed and he was not stopping by my room as much and our sexual conversations had ended all together and he was avoiding me. Then he came to my room one Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to go with him to his friend apartment so we could go swimming. I grabbed my swim suit, some towels and off we went to his friends apt. On the way over he asked if I still wanted him to take my virginity and I said, "YES". He said, his friend was out of the apt to give him and I time to have some fun. He said we had an hour and he would be back, knowing well I just lost my cherry in his bed- and then we would all go to the pool.
    That was, and is, the best experience of my life - loosing my virginity to my movie-star-good-looking cousin. When I saw his 9 inch dick I was scared, but I trusted him and it was am amazing, very special time for me. It was so turned on I didn't want to stop but we had to as it was getting time for his friend. I just stepped out of the bathroom in my swim suit when he came in and we all three of us went to the pool for a while. The friend left first and my cousin told me his friend was envious of him being my first. That is when he said to give them some time alone and he would come back for me - as he and his friend wanted to blow each other.
    A few minutes later he came back down for me and on the way to the apartment he asked if I wanted to fuck again and I said, "YES". Then he asked if was ready fort my first 3 way?
    I spent the next hour of so with dick in my ass, mouth, pussy and sucked my cousin while his friend fucked his ass and vise versa. That experience ignited a fire in me, which 3 ways, especially with bi guys, is the only thing to satisfy me. No one in the family understands why my handsome cousin has never remarried or why I haven't found the right man. Now, I am not on the middle or low scale of looks, or personality, so it isn't because I've not had plenty of offers either. My cousin and I live 250 miles apart and when we can get together we have lots of one-on-one time, as well as 3 parties - male and female. We have met at Swingers Gatherings as a couple and I've found a few dicks larger than my cousin and some hot females who eat pussy better than any man.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    My mom died only weeks after I was born, and my dad wasn't capable of looking after a baby, not with his drinking binges. So instead of me being taken into social care, my aunt and uncle took me in. They already had a daughter who's two years older than me, so I was brought up as one of their family.

    Things got financially tight for them when we moved to a small farm. It didn't go well for them at all at the start, and everything was on the agenda for saving money. I was fifteen by then, nearly sixteen and everything possible was thought of to save on money. Even bathing got the money saving treatment. Although living on a farm it was difficult to share a pre used bath tub. My aunt devised a thing whereby the girls would shower together every other night, and then the boys would follow the days in between.

    It was a little embarrassing at first, as I got to see my uncles cock. But with each shower we kind of got used to sharing. That was until, I got a boner. I couldn't help it as my uncle was washing my back and ass. I'd slipped outside and was especially muddy, so he washed my body. Like most things that happen this way, it was purely an accident that first time. I moved too much and his hand slipped in between my butt cheeks, which made my cock rise immediately. When I turned around my cock was pointing right at my uncle and it had an affect on him. My uncles dick rose too and before we knew it, we were stood cock to cock. Reaching down to my cock with his soapy hands, he took hold of it and began to masturbate me. He told me we couldn't leave the shower with boners, so he asked me to the same for him. As my uncle tossed me off, I grabbed his thicker longer cock and began to wank him too.

    I'd already been masturbating for some time, but never with anyone else present. And especially not with someone tossing me off. The fact it was my uncle didn't pass me by either. That's because I already knew he had a very high sex drive. His and my aunts bedroom was right next to mine and most nights I'd hear him fucking her. Or at least I used to, as they'd not been fucking for a while.

    The feeling of his hand wanking me, as I yanked on his larger cock, soon had my orgasm building. So telling him I was about to cum, he pulled on my dick faster. Shooting my cum all over his legs, he quickly followed suit spurting his seed all over my cock and balls. Washing ourselves off, we exited the shower, but not before he told me to say nothing to his wife or my cousin. A little later his wife told us we'd been too long in the shower and it would cost money. My uncle explained I'd fallen outside and was full of mud. She let it go, but you could tell she didn't like it.

    The next time we showered was two days later. My aunt had told us we needed to save even more money. Even though it was a dirty place to be on the farm, we still stuck to her regime. School in the morning, work in the afternoon and every second day a shower I shared with my uncle. And each shower was a growing chance to explore our masturbatory needs. He'd begun to stand behind me, wanking my cock that way. And because his cock was also erect, it often slid in between my butt cheeks. Yet it wasn't until I turned sixteen a few weeks later, anything happened anally. And it wasn't him fucking me.

    I'd also begun to toss him off from behind. Reaching around as the water washed over us. Another thing we'd began to do, was shower before my aunt finished her chores, giving us more time to pleasure one another. That particular day, my cock was throbbingly hard, and with the soapy suds everwhere, plus beins so close as I tossed off my uncle, my dick slid inside his butt. Instead of having me pull out, my uncle backed onto me and had me force my cock further into his asshole. That was it, I was losing my cherry to my uncle up his very slippery ass. Bending over, making let go of his cock, he told me to fuck him harder. He also began to toss himself off. I didn't need asking twice and fucked him for all I was worth. But being that excited I didn't last long and came within a couple of minutes. My uncle however wasn't anywhere near cumming. Spinning my around, he stood behind me, got me to bend forwards and impaled me on his soapy dick.

    It hurt like I'd never been hurt before. But I'd just fucked him and didn't think it fair to refuse him. So I held my breath and let him carry on sliding his cock deeper and deeper up my ass. It was when I finally breathed out and relaxed a little, his cock slid up me easier. And the pain went. Replaced by a growing feeling of total and utter joy. Telling him what he was doing felt so amazingly good, it spurred his on to fuck me harder and faster. Unfortunately just as my cock was getting hard again, he came deep inside my ass.

    That was the defining time for us. We both knew we enjoyed being together sexually, and we both knew that the shower time wasn't enough for us. Even though we still had mutual masturbation and then latterly oral sex in the shower, I wanted him fucking me for longer. Then during a long day down by the creek, I knew my aunt would be over at a neighboring farm selling some of our live stock. Asking my uncle if he was horny, we spent nearly two hours wanking, sucking and fucking. The shower we took together that night wasn't like all the others, we actually just washed each other. My aunt even commented on how quick we were, slyly mentioning we'd probably been too tired to do "anything bad" in the shower.

    So that was it she knew, or suspected anyway. For the next five years I had sex with my uncle whenever and wherever we got the chance to. Their farm through hard work and some luck, began to become extremely profitable too and my aunts regime became a thing of the past. Having said that when she wasn't around, we still showered together fucking one another to our hearts and asses content.

    Now at the age of twenty nine, I still visit my aunt and uncle farm. She's a very quiet woman around me now, and I know they don't have sex anymore. We still have sex when I visit and I very much look forward to having my uncles cock deep up my ass. But I've also over the past two years been living wit and having a hetrosexual relationship with, someone who I'm not going to mention overly here. It's someone I've known a long time and she's the reason my aunt hardly ever speaks to me now. Even so my female partner knows all about my relationship with my uncle, and accepts lovingly its part of my life.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have always loved pornography and have come to the realisation it's the cocks I love. I've just done a sexuality test and it came up as straight/bi curious. One of the questions was:- would you like to suck a cock before you die? Without hesitation I replied yes. How would I go about doing this without anyone knowing? I'm white, fit with an eight inch cock

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    When I was seventeen, myself and two other friends of mine used to visit a house where the husband Phil wanted us to fuck his wife. Helen was okay looking if a little overweight, but it was her insatiable appetite for being fucked, we all enjoyed. As each of us took turns to fuck her whilst the other two more often than not, had Phil sucking on our cocks to get us ready for his wife. Occasionally myself and one of my friends would fuck Helen together, as she liked anal sex too. But mostly it was us visiting her in the bedroom one at a time, to fuck any hole we wished.
    Then one afternoon, I turned up on my own after a text from Phil, expecting to see Helen and Phil together, but only Phil was home. I was horny as fuck and really wanted to screw Helen. A couple of weeks before I'd had my eighteenth birthday, and Phil had had Helen fuck me all night. Wanting the same thing I'd turned up full of sexual testosterone. Phil invited me in and asked me if I wanted a drink. Sitting down on their massive leather couch, he passed me a drink, then sank down between my legs and took my cock out. As I've said Phil liked to suck our cocks, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Sucking on my cock like he'd never done before, Phil began to deep throat me and I got as close to cumming in his mouth, than I'd ever done. Feeling my cock pulsing in his mouth, Phil released my cock, stood up and removed all of his clothing. Bending over the arm of the couch, he told me to get the lube from the side and to fuck him.
    I'd never minded him sucking my cock and didn't see it as gay or anything, but I'd not once considered fucking him. Why would I, I'd always had his wife's mouth, pussy and arsehole to fuck. Nevertheless, I was so fucking horny and with him sucking on my dick, I was already dying to fuck someone. Getting up, I retrieved the lube, smeared over my cock and then his rear hole. Looking back at me, Phil told me to fuck him as hard as I wished. Then for the first time in my life, I buried my cock in one long thrust, up a mans arse.
    I was like a raging bull fucking Phil's arsehole. Any thought or doubts about fucking him went as soon as my cock bottomed out up his arse. I gave that man one hell of a pounding that afternoon and was still balls deep up his arse when the living room door opened. We both heard Helen's voice as she said "About time you let him fuck you". With that she walked out, and I heard her putting the kettle on. Returning to fucking Phil's tight arse, I slammed my cock deep up his hole as hard as I could, driving my cock well into his bowels. Just as the door to the front room opened again, I came up Phil's well fucked hole and shot every drop I had up his bum. Looking around I saw a naked Helen placing three cups of tea down on the coffee table. Pulling out of her husbands arse, I sat down next to her and kissed her mouth. Breaking the kiss, she told Phil to pleasure her. Picking up my cup of tea, I then watched as Phil went down on his wife stroking his own cock. Still drinking my tea, Helen bent over took my cock into her mouth. And as Phil licked her pussy and clit, I had my cock cleaned of my own cum and Phil's anal juices.
    By the time Helen was getting close to climaxing from Phil's tonguing, I was rock hard again. Getting up I slid my dick back into Phil's arsehole, forcing his face deeper into his wife's pussy. Helen came a split second before Phil shot his load all over the carpet below him, and then watching them both orgasm, it had my cock exploding with my own orgasm.
    Sat with both naked, I was given a wrapped parcel which was my birthday present from them. That and having Phil's arse to fuck.
    Until they left to move over to Spain a year or so later, I fucked both Helen and Phil. My mates had stopped going round as they'd begun to date girls our age, but I couldn't get enough of having both sides of the sexual coin to fuck. And on the eve of their departure, I had them both pleasuring me in bed, fucking them both in a very horny all night fuck feast.
    Those days with Helen and Phil have long gone. But I'm still very much into fucking men and women. Joining a web site recently, I've met another couple who like to swing both ways. They're both in their mid forties and both enjoy cock up their respective arseholes. I've only spent one evening wit them so far, but all the signs are there for us to explore the boundaries of what we all like. Tomorrow evening should be fun as they're joining me at my place. Must remember to drink lots of Pineapple juice...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Around this time of year, four years ago, I was out with my wife shopping. I needed to pee, but the toilets in the supermarket we were in, were closed for refurbishment. Telling my wife I was nipping out to the public toilets across from the supermarket, I entered them and stood to take a pee. No longer than ten seconds later a younger guy came and stood right next to me with his cock all ready out. He wasn't taking a piss, but instead stroking the smallest most skinny cock I'd ever seen in my life. I'm not sure to this day why I stared at his cock, but I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Looking down at the smaller young man, he smiled at me, looked at my cock and said "Can I suck it".
    Inside the stall it was grubby and smelled bad, but all the same I found myself watching him squat down, taking hold of a strangers cock, mine, and then watched him slowly slide it over his tongue. It wasn't I have to admit the first I'd had my cock sucked, but it was since I was fourteen and experimenting sexually. And even then I'd disliked the school caretaker who sucked me off.
    My wife can and does suck cock, but nothing like the way this young guy sucked on it. It was if he was making love to my dick, and making sure I got the maximum pleasure from each time he dipped his head, taking most of my cock down his throat. His tongue worked wonders all along my cock shaft, as he sucked in hard on my cock head. And on and on he sucked on my dick. I really began to get sexually excited when he let my cock go and told me to fuck his mouth. So gripping his long curly blonde hair, I forced my cock back into his mouth and literally face fucked him.
    Pummeling his mouth and throat, he made all sorts of noises, most of them ones of pleasure. Then wanking himself fast and hard, he made a load of grunts and came all over the toilet floor. Seeing his tiny cock cumming, had mine on the brink. Holding his head tightly, my cock let go and it erupted in his mouth. His response was to suck on my cock harder, swallowing down each glob of cum which shot from my cock. Releasing my cock, he stood up and said "Thank you". Passing me a scrap of paper, I looked at it see a mobile number written on it. It also had his name Alex and three xxx.
    Five minutes later I was back with my wife and paying for our shopping. At home as she put the shopping away, I pretended to go to the loo. Texting the number to see if it was genuine, I sent a message "Enjoyed your mouth Alex" He instantly text back "You can have my arsehole too if you like".
    Over this last four years Alex and I have become gay lovers. I'm still married and enjoy my life with my wife. I still fuck her as much as she wants sex, which these days isn't too much at all. But it's when I'm with Alex, a person who I love in my on way, is when I enjoy myself the best. He's moved into a private flat and soon will celebrate his twenty sixth birthday. Only last week Alex told me he's in love with me, just as I was sliding my cock up his arsehole with his legs rested on my shoulders. Yet and these were his words "I can't live with anyone right now, love my own space. Now fuck me".
    It was two hours and two loads of cum deep inside his arse later, when I left his flat. I'd responded to Alex's statement about loving me when he was sucking in each of my balls, as we sixty nined. I told him what I've said here. I told him I love him in my own way. And to me that means, he'd be my only gay lover and one I'm prepared promise my heart to, but I won't leave my wife. Sucking on my cock and then begging me to fuck him again, told me he accepted our arrangement just fine.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    An interesting thing happened to me about a month ago with me, my wife, and one of our mutual female friends. Our friend, I'll call her Allie, talked us into going to a weekend convention and sharing a hotel room with two queen beds. Allie has never got my attention sexually before, she's built kind of like a softball player and can't hold a candle to my wife's gorgeous slim hips and perfect tits. They're night and day different, my wife is petite and girly, Allie is thick and kind of clumsy and loud. So she's perfectly safe to hang around. She really likes my wife, and my wife keeps her around so she feels better about herself. Symbiosis, right?

    So anyway we arrive at this place Friday afternoon, do our thing, go to dinner with Allie, keep her company. She meets this dorky guy (we were at a nerdy convention, stands to reason), and they exchange numbers. Again, nothing major other than watching this girl flirt in the most awkward way possible. Saturday morning, this guy (I think his name was Aaron) joins our group and we spend the day hanging out, checking out the sights, getting to know each other. No big deal.

    Saturday night things took a turn, though. Drinks were poured and we all ended up back in our hotel room, each couple on their respective bed. Allie and Aaron start doing a little heavy petting, and at one point I glance over and she's sucking his cock, had pulled it right out of his pants and was going at it. My wife, Claire, and I look at each other, exchange a few glances, and she starts rubbing my crotch. She says "two can play at this game." So now we have some kind of blowjob contest going on! After that, I quit paying attention to Allie and Aaron, other than hearing his balls slapping her ass. Claire and I get comfortable and once I get inside her, I could care less what's going on in the world. She straddles my lap and we slow fucked until I came in her. She runs to the bathroom, I roll over and promptly start to doze, only to feel Claire as my jetpack a few moments later. She mumbles something dumb my ear, then starts to snore herself (liquor always makes her sleep). Aaron and Allie's noise dies down, too, then awhile later I hear the door to our hotel room close, assumingly he's gone.

    I wake up to movement next to me, glance over at the clock. It's been hours since our little side-by-side action and I see Claire's head illuminated by the clock light. So who in the world is on the other side of me, snuggling herself into my chest? It's fucking Allie! I start to freak out a bit, and Allie sleepily says to me, "it's okay, Claire said it's okay if you hold me." So I've got a girl on each side of me, albeit one that's a bit heavier and insistent then the other, if you get what I'm saying. I gotta pee anyhow, so I tell Allie that and she let's me head to the bathroom.

    After I go, I turn around to find her behind me! Guess I forgot to close the door and didn't hear her come in. "Shh," she says, and drops to her knees, pulling my cock out of my boxers and without hesitation popping it into her mouth. I check her out in the mirror from the side, she's sucking blissfully with her eyes closed, twisting her hand a bit around my cock while she sucks it, moaning just a little bit and breathing heavily. She's pretty good at it, though not as good as Claire. Regardless, a few minutes and I go right in her mouth, and she slows down and swallows it all. She stands back up and says in my ear "Next time, I want YOU to fuck me, no condom." She's got a hand on my cock, and her other hand in my hair. She kisses my cheek, I smell my cum on her breath. She leaves for bed.

    I go back to bed, a girl on each side of me. Claire rolls over into my arms on one side, and Allie on the other. My mind is racing, but soon enough I calm down and go on to sleep.

    Next morning, I wake up with the girls. Claire and Allie wake up a little while after me, chat a bit on either side of me casually like nothing's wrong with this scene whatsoever. Later on in the day Claire tells me that Allie was really upset after Aaron left and she'd woken Claire up to talk. She really didn't like her one night stand, it made her feel dirty. Claire told her to get in bed with us to calm her a bit; she knew I wasn't interested so figured it wasn't a big deal. I didn't say a word about what happened, was terrified to even bring it up!

    That's where we are now; Claire and Allie and I still hang out, nothing's really been said about what happened. Allie gives me a little look occasionally when we're together and she's been more affectionate towards me than she was before the trip - little hugs, a little more eye contact, a lot of compliments about things like my cooking or whatnot - but Claire just figures we all bonded since she's doing the same thing to her. My sexy little wife is so much better overall, but I guess if things go poorly I might have a backup, or at least a rebound, in our dorky little friend.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 53

    i recently moved my 68 year old Mother in with me after my father died. He was 10 yrs older than her. I live two States over and am her only child. She still is an attractive woman. She hurt her leg recently & had to have surgery. I have to help her get around. When helping her to the bathroom to get a shower I found I was sexually attracted to her when I helped her undress so she could shower.

    She likes her Bourbon so one night I made her 3 strong doubles to get her tipsy. It worked. She was in her PJs, a teddy, & I was in my sleeping shorts. I turned on a porn channel & got a ragging hard on which my Mother noticed.

    I started rubbing my Mother's inner thigh & working my way up. She made no attempt to stop me. Got to her panties and started rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs and lay back on the couch. I pulled her panties off to play with her & finger her. She pulled my Dick out from my shorts and started stroking me. i took her back to my bed, stripped her naked, went down on her & fucked her all night. Best pussy I've ever had.

    People assume we are married as I am only 15 yrs her junior and we are holding ourselves out as married. Fuck her constantly & we can't get enough of each other. Have laid more meat in her & pumped more sperm into her than my father ever did!!!! Women in her family usually make it to their early 90s so I am looking forward to many more years of erotic Incest Sex with my Mother-Wife.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 22

    I recently discovered something I didn't know I liked. I was watching porn the other night, and the girl in it called the guy fucking her Daddy. I've heard it before, but never liked it, in fact I got turned off by it. But now I guess it just started to grow on me or something, because when I heard it when watching porn I immediately got turned on.

    I don't know if it's more common that people like calling the other person "daddy", or people like being the "daddy", but now I've been looking for that kind of porn just to hear it. I don't think my girlfriend would be into it, though. She knows I like being called Sir, which I don't think she has to much of a problem with, but I think it's a whole different thing using Daddy, even if I'd totally be into it. Maybe that's just my opinion though.

    Anyone out there like being called Daddy? Anyone else like calling their partner/lover/fuck buddy Daddy? I'm interested to hear, especially because I used to cringe when I heard it. Thanks!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    Last Saturday I walked into my father in laws Eric's, expecting to find my husband Lee and him discussing the purchase of our new home. Eric is actually my husbands step father, but brought Lee up from an early age with Lee's mum, who's now sadly no longer with us, after her death three years ago.
    Instead of seeing them going over an offer on a house, I found my husband lay on his back on the couch with his legs high in the air, and Eric was naked between his legs fucking his step son.
    They didn't see me, but I could see everything clearly from where I stood. It was obvious straight away from what they were saying to each other, it wasn't the first time they'd fucked. As Eric was telling Lee to "Take my cock like the slut I know you are". As for my husband he was responding by telling his step dad to fuck him harder.
    It wasn't easy at first to watch them having sex, but strangely I became more and more into what they were doing. Although tempted at first to burst in and challenge them, I stood back and began to enjoy the very real scene in front of me as they continued to fuck.
    Eric began to slam his cock really hard into my husbands arsehole, and seconds later Lee's cock erupted, spurting cum all over himself. Eric told him he was nearly there and it was then I realised I was so turned on, I'd begun to touch myself. As Eric came deep inside my husbands arse, I so wished I could have been a part of their extremely horny sex.
    Sneaking out before they noticed me, I drove back to our rented flat, got undressed and played with my pussy and clit on our bed. Furiously frigging my love button until I came in a torrent of pussy juices, thinking of them fucking one another.
    When Lee got home I didn't say a thing, but I so desperately wanted to. I still haven't said anything, but knowing Lee is visiting his father on Friday, I'm now wondering if I should let on if know all about them, and see where it leads.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 32

    Hands-on Experience:

    I crave my husband's fingers in my pussy; not his mouth, or even his cock, but his perfect first and middle finger stroking my insides until I orgasm. I think about it constantly, dream up situation where it can happen, and masturbate pathetically with my vibrator when he's gone because I can't have it (that doesn't even feel all that great unless his fingers are in there!). The pressure, the strokes, the way he hooks his fingers up around my g-spot, all of it drives me crazy, makes me sweat and cum, leaves me a mess for him to hold afterwards and do whatever he wants with so long as I've had those fingers inside me. I love it, losing control like that. Being his, and only his.

    For a little background, I've been with him a long time; he bought me my first vibrator when we were 19, he was the man who took my virginity, and the only cock I've been interested in over the years. I learned how to suck, jerk, and ride his cock from being with him. Over the years he's gotten more and more creative, and a handful of years ago I started having regular orgasms with him. Every single time we're together. It was like a floodgate opened and it's all I want to do now. I feel like a child who's discovered masturbating for the first time and I can't keep my hands off of it. When I'm on my period I'm moody not because of Aunt Flow, but because I can't have sex.

    Here's what I love to do most, my little trick to get him inside me. I love being naked, and will go into the other room and strip, then walk out to him on the couch or in his office. I always start by standing over him and press my tits into his face and pull his hands to my ass for a squeeze. Then I push him back and get his cock out, I love sucking it (he turns me into a little porn star if he's particularly reactive, I get so noisy and sloppy with his cock in my mouth). I get into a position where he can stroke my pussy, teasing me from the outside while I get wet and swollen, his cock never leaving my mouth. That's where it belongs. After it feels like he's going to cum, I ease him back down and back off, laying with my legs spread in front of him so he can see my red swollen pussy, turn on my vibrator, and tell him "finger me. Now." Then I climb the walls and moan like an animal in heat. After that, I either ride him or lay on my stomach and let him take my pussy from behind till he fills it with cum. Feels so good.

    No ones knows how much of a slut I am for this man or how much lust I have for him. He's the fire in my loins.

    Right now, my pussy is so hot and wet. I'm going to go wake him up for a little early morning quickie. He'll love it!

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