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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    When I was in college my dorm mate and I were friends well still are but I know a secret he don't know. Almost every weekend we would go to parties and somehow he would get his hands on some drugs and pass out or go loopy (depending on the type of drug he gets). I take us back to our room which is hard cause this guy is huge all muscle, over six feet tall sports guy. I throw him on his bed and I crash on mine. Sometimes on those nights he wakes me up thinking we're still att a party and somehow mistakes me as a girl, crawls into my bed and proceeds to push his luckily average dick into my ass without lube and fucks me. So here we are in our room me trapped in my bed under my hulk of a friend who is plowing my ass in his drugged up state thinking he's got himself a girl from one of our classes, always calls me different names when he fucks me.

    Sometimes its the nerd Suzan, or the cute lunch lady chelsie, or some girl from his hometown. But either way I'm enjoying his escapades not knowing he's fucking his friends ass and unloading his spunk into me or sometimes on me if he's just so eager, then he passes out on top of me. Then I gotta fight him limp body off mine and throw his ass into bed. Next day he starts bragging to me how he got some pussy last night at the party and keeps telling me I should loose my virginity soon or I will have a hard time getting any later in life. (Heh arogent prick)

    Well few years later and here we are we both got families of our own, we work at the same factory, I'm head of maintenance and he is the son of the CEO who writes my checks.... and I see how funny it is that he's all redneck hating on faggets, this and that, but only I know how much his dick really liked my ass when he is drugged out of his mind ;)

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    I had an after-school job at the local supermarket, on weekdays from 16:00 thru 18:00, Wednesday afternoon and all day Saturday. Wednesday afternoon I was always behind the counter.

    Every Wednesday a plump old woman, she was almost sixty, came shopping. After checking out, she always gave me $ 10 and dropped her shopping bag at me. I knew I had to bring it to her home. With a nod of her I knew there was waiting an extra bonus for me.

    After the store was closed, I always hurried me with the groceries to the old woman. The old woman always received me in her bathrobe and after I put the groceries in the kitchen, I was expecting in the bathroom where we took a shower samen.

    The old woman had always made a lot of work to soap me and dry me off. I was very excited and after a quickie with the plump old woman we had often had two or three times sex with each other, depending on how heavy her orgasmes were.

    After I left school and had another job, I continued to visit her every week until she became seriously ill and was put in a nursing home.

    I was 16 then and I learned a lot from that old woman.

    Often, when I see such an old plump woman walking on the street, I think again with warm feelings about her.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 27


    I hadn't pood in five days and I was busting for a poo for most of the day at work. By the time I finished work I was desperate to go and I as I was walking home I was tempted to do it in my knickers but I was scared someone might see me so I held it but it was a struggle. The more I walked the more desperate I got and I couldn't see anyone around so relaxed for a couple of seconds until I felt a turd poke out into my knickers. I lost my nerve and clenched which cut it off at about an inch long. I'd pood myself now and I figured what the heck and pushed. It filled my knickers and I wet myself as well so there was no hiding my accident but the relief of it was so good I just kept going until it was all out. When I got home I took a towel out of the cupboard and laid it out on the sofa and took my pants off but left my knickers on and saw on the towel, spreading the poo all over my bum. It felt amazing and I masturbated to a huge climax. Afterwards I showered myself clean and threw my soiled knickers out in the rubbish bin and got dressed.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    The Dr tells us that my wife has an allergy to my semen. When we have sex and I ejaculate in her, she itches and breaks out in hives. Dr gave her steroid injection and some pills to take.
    The pills make her sleepy and do not make the itch go away. The Dr says we must use a condom and when we want a baby, We need help. Harvest her egg and my sperm then place the fertilized egg back in her.

    That process cost thousands and our Insurance will not cover this.

    I have been dealing with this for a year and half. I hate wearing condoms, and once a month or so she will take the pills and give me two days to do what I want as much as I want. Then I get none for a week due to itch and the pill making her sleep.

    I do not like this, but she's the woman I agreed to marry. Had we not used condoms before we got married, we would have known this.

    Our receptionist at work is a retired RN. She helped explain this and allowed me to bitch about the condom problems. I had sex with the receptionist a few times before I got engaged with my wife. The Retired RN and receptionist gave me an open invite. No condoms needed, she can not get pregnant.

    I feel guilty about being newly married and still having sex with someone else. People might think I am an ass, but the other option would be a divorce and heart break.

    Am I a bad person for doing what I am doing?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    Me and my bff stole a bottle of wine from her house and went to the park. A guy saw us and followed us. He masturbated in front of us. He kept squeezing his cum out until he couldn't get another drop out. His penis was dark red. It was the first time I got totally wet. I was fourteen.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 49

    A 'family' moved into the house across the street from my high school. A girl came into our class. She was sort of pretty, but obviously poor. I befriended her, she was new and I took her to my house. She stole one of my bras. My mom told me to not invite her over, but to understand that I had everything and she didn't have anything, not even a bra.

    She kissed me on the mouth. She put her arm around my neck and wrestled me to the ground and told me I was going to be her girlfriend. She moved up and sat on my face and I held me by the hair and I had to eat her. She got really horny and she got around to my feet and took off my pants and ate me. We were sixteen.

    She made it clear at our school who I belonged to. Not dating her was not an option. Every football game and later the basketball games I was with her. Her favorite spot to nail me was inside her house. Her mother worked and we would go to her house after school and so I could show her how much I loved her. That time of the month was always a problem, but the rest of the time we had sex on her bed.

    One time, it was after gym, she decided to surprise me, and she came up from behind me in the dressing room and put her hand up between my legs. I had to bend over while she 'petted' my kitty and she made me say out loud that I loved her. After that I was undateable. My reputation was sealed and through some of the girls the word got back to my mom.

    I was prohibited from seeing her. My mom even talked about me spending a year with my grandparents in Michigan. We communicated through a message system from other girls. I went out with other friends and we hooked up at houses or sometimes at a pizza parlor or a MacDonald's. Being separated from her was painful. All I did at home was stay in my room.

    She was my first love, and probably my strongest. I have never really fallen for another love quite like I fell for her. I know it was teenage stuff, but I think about her almost every day.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    Driving home from a business meeting more than 100 miles away on a lonely
    interstate my only thought was to stay awake as the sun set in the western
    sky. For that reason, I skipped dinner with the guys and brought a quart of
    coffee in a vacuum container along. I stopped, ran around the car, drank
    some of my hot coffee and took a leak, then started out for home again.

    About half an hour later, I was surprised to see a spotlight blinking
    on and off and a row of emergency lights. It was a state police cruiser.
    Since I was moving at speed I had no concerns but was surprised when
    I realized the trooper was a woman. She had a crew-cut under the large
    Stetson and a fairly rough appearance, easily close to my height, around
    six feet tall.

    She said, "just stopped you to see if everything is o.k. here. You were weaving
    left to right." "Just wanted to break the monotony, officer." "Trooper," she
    joined. She ran her flashlight in the front of my car, a large Lincoln, and
    asked, "Is that coffee?" I said, "Yeah, how about some?. It should be hot."

    Wi thin minutes, we were grinding our faces together. She had half her
    tongue in my mouth. She said, "Shit, you're a gift. I am so fucking
    horny. I get like this on the job. I masturbate like crazy on patrol."

    "Wanna go for some?" She asked. I was out of breath and just managed a groan that
    was meant to affirm. She opened the door, went to her car parked behind
    me, put her red blinkers on again, came back, went to my back seat and
    removed her gun belt and pants. I was back there in a flash. She stood
    up on top of the seat and pushed a neatly shaved pussy into my mouth and
    face, grinding away, my thump working her already soaking vagina from behind,
    another finger up her asshole. Her thighs were total muscle.

    I went to town on her. She was moaning and saying, "yeah, yeah, like
    that." Then she slid down to her knees and without any help, kept going
    until I was balls deep in. I said, "Holy shit, that's good." She said,
    "deep, deep, I like it de-e--ee-p"

    The event lasted only around 15 minutes but it was so unexpected and
    successful I was enjoying it on a psychological level as well as
    physical. My heart was pumping like mad and we were both breathing
    hard. I thought of all kinds of scenarios to keep from cumming and
    then felt her give way, she blurted, out, C-c-c- aarghh - I'mmmm safe,
    go ahead. I blasted off, shooting deep into her. I kissed her and went to sit in the
    front as she replaced her pants and gun. That sounds weird but
    that's what it was. She told me that the guys on the job claim they get laid
    like that all the time then return to the barracks and whisper it around,
    but always near enough to be sure she hears it. She had grown increasingly
    horny as the stories mounted so I have a number of unknowns to thank.

    Whenever I returned to that run I hoped and prayed she would show up but no
    such luck. Later, I realized I was in such shock that I did not even think of
    getting her number. I wanted so much more.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Last night I watched my father fucking his new girlfriend. My mother passed away when I was eight, so my dad and I have always been close. Yet I don't think he realizes just close I wish us to be. Watching his large thick cock fucking his girlfriend as she lay naked on the rug in our lounge, I was so horny I slipped my right hand inside my knickers and began to play with my pussy. Seeing my dads arse bucking, as his cock thrust into the lucky bitch, had me sliding two fingers deep inside my soaking wet pussy, and that's how he saw me when they changed positions.
    Instead of becoming angry, my father winked at me as he continued to fuck his girlfriend from behind. Only when his girlfriend noticed me, did I move away and climb the stairs to my bedroom. On my bed I furiously fingered my pussy and played with my engorged clit, thinking of my father's gorgeous cock. Climaxing as I listened to my father's girlfriend reaching her orgasm.
    My father has said nothing to me so far this morning. His girlfriend left earlier before I got up, so I'm waiting and hoping he let's me know he enjoyed me seeing him fuck her. I just wish it was my pussy and arsehole he was fucking.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    As a teenager I was struggling with my education, and wanting to enter a specific college, I reached out to a teacher who I knew didn't like me. I'd been a bit of a dick in his lessons, but knew he'd helped other students improve massively. His initial answer was to say the least blunt, as he told me to fuckoff. But I pestered him and then found something out. I found out most if not all of the male students who'd made the grade with his extra tutelage, so the rumors said, had sex with him.
    There wasn't anyone else I knew who'd put up with my cocky youthful self, so I gave it a lot of thought before I entered his class room that day. After all I was a bad boy, a gang member and someone most other teens didn't fuck with. Walking in as he was marking students papers, I was as blunt as he'd been. I told him I was desperate and then let him know I was willing to do anything, anything to improve my prospects. His look was still of one who doubted my will to do everything needed to get the grades I so desperately needed. So closing and locking the door I walked back over, dropped my trousers and underwear and leaned across his desk. His demeanor changed instantly. "Well. well. well, you really do want to change". They were the only words spoken over the next fifteen or so minutes. Moving around from where he'd been sat, he placed a large warm hand on each of my arse cheeks and pulled them apart. I didn't see him do it, but I did feel his hot breath, then his warm wet tongue probing at my arsehole. It felt totally alien to me, yet not unpleasant. And the more he lapped away at my arsehole, the more I knew I was prepared to fully engage with this man sexually.
    There was no lube, no time to protest and no going back once I heard his zipper being opened. Within seconds his cock head was nudging my rear hole, and only seconds later I was completely impaled on his wonderful cock. I'd not even seen it, I had no idea how big it was or if I could take a cock up my arse. Yet there I was a young supposedly hard gang member taking his teachers cock, and unbelievably taking it right up his arsehole straight away.
    There was some discomfort, but nothing like what I read about subsequently. For me it became pleasurable almost from the moment his cock bottomed out up my rear fuck tube.
    Hearing me gasp with pleasure, my teacher held my shoulders, pulling me back and began to slam his cock into me. Every single nerve ending in my lower body became alive and I cried out with joy, relief and with a knowing feeling of acceptance. I shouldn't have been in that situation, or so my peers would have thought. Yet there I was leant over his desk, taking a pounding and totally loving every thrust of his cock up my arsehole. Each time his cock entered me I felt a rising sense of complete fulfillment, a realisation of what my true sexuality was. All those years I'd fought against the "Gentler" side of my true self, leaked away in those beautiful minutes of being fucked.
    Then he pulled out suddenly. Moving us around and clearing one side of his desk, he removed his clothing, so I copied him. We still hadn't spoken, but I did let a gasp escape my lips as I saw for the first time, his extremely large cock. It was glistening with his saliva and my anal cream, and the large purple mushroom shaped head looked commanding at the head of a heavily veined thick cock shaft.
    Climbing onto his own desk, he lay back and pointed at his cock. The point of no actual verbal communication, only highlighted I was doing everything by choice and not persuasion. So knowing what he wanted, I climbed up with him, then facing him I lowered myself, impaling my arsehole onto his glorious cock.
    It was a totally different feel to our fuck then. I was in charge. I was the one who set the feel, pace and depth of how he fucked me, or me him for that matter. And only then did he speak.
    Telling me to drive myself to orgasm he also said "You'll learn everything I want you to know, everything".
    I'm not sure how much longer I fucked my teacher for. What I do remember is the growing feeling of utter joy. At no time in my life up to then had anyone given me so much of themselves to pleasure me, and I took that pleasure to its fulfilling end. Grinding down onto his thick cock shaft, I built up to what I now call my seminal orgasm. It was so beautiful, so magnificent, I actually cried as I came all over my teachers stomach, chest and partly his face. The huge grin on his face as my sperm flew out of my cock, told me he enjoyed my orgasm just as much as I did.
    Once I'd calmed down, I slumped forwards and that's when we kissed for the first time. It just seemed right, it felt right and I knew then, anything this man wanted from me, educationally and sexually, I'd perform for and with him, with everything I had.
    Sliding out of my arsehole for a second time, he turned us over so I was beneath him. Moving up, he presented his anal cream coated cock to me and I instinctively took it into my mouth. Sucking on his dick as though I'd done it my whole life, I tried to suck on his cock, the same as I'd had two girls suck my dick in the past. And it wasn't too much after I'd begun to suck on his cock, that he gripped my head and forced his manhood further down my throat. Fucking my mouth now, I was given no choice but to gulp down his dick, and then to swallow what erupted from his fuck tube, as he pumped his cock dry down my throat.
    We sat naked together at his desk. He asked me if I was prepared to put as much effort into studying with him, as I had in allowing him to fuck me. My response was to prove it to him over the coming months. Studying hard to obtain my grades, I left the gang and promised myself I'd become the person I should have always fought to be.
    My wonderful life changing teacher, not only took me from the brink of a life of crime and possibly prison, but he also made me into the man I am today. And throughout our discoveries, educational and sexual, I fully engrossed myself into each role. I became his cock whore and enjoyed every single second of our time together. The sex just got better and better the more we experimented with what we both liked. By the time I graduated, we were having sex at least three to four times a week, and each time I gloried in his sexual presence.
    But as many things in life, all good things come to an end. Our liaisons became less frequent, and I began to date a very special and beautiful young woman. He accepted our relationship was nearing its end, but decided we'd have final fuck. Taking me on a drive out, we had an amazing time having sex on the top of a very famous hill, which overlooks the whole of the city I now live in. I took his magnificent cock deep up my arsehole until he'd cum twice. By then I was orgasmic wreck.
    My life with his enormous incalculable help went from strength to strength, even though my relationship with the beautiful young woman ended a year or so later. Even so two years ago after dating a few more girls, I met and subsequently married another wonderful woman. Our sex life is fantastic as she enjoys time between the sheets just as much as I do, but she also knows about and completely accepts a part of my life that doesn't include her. And that fantastic added benefit, is that her uncle is called Pete. A gorgeous man, who who just so happens to be my ex teacher.
    Pete's now fifty six, yet his sex drive hasn't diminished one iota. We get together at least once a week at his place, and spend extremely happy hours sucking and fucking. My wife knows about what her uncle and I get upto, as I tell her everything. She doesn't want to be involved, which suits me, but does insist I tell her every detail as we me make out. It's something that works for us, and long may it last.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    So I married this kink bi women who is in the Army. Told her before hand I enjoy having sex with me, she was cool with it. I've always expressed my struggle with her to find a solid girthy cock. Well she talked to her girlfriend, she suggested my wife and I start "pegging" where the woman wears a strap-on and fucks the guy. The first time we tried was a little twisted. My wife had me thinking I was getting tied to the bed again on my stomach and getting a reverse prostate massage and jerk. Nope, she tied me to the four corners belly down, next thing I know her friend is lubing my asshole as my wife sat in the chair watching and rubbing herself. Her friend knew exactly what she was doing. With my head turned back when she stood up I could see the massively thick and long strap-on she had. In moments I was feeling what felt like a damn basketball being shoved into my asshole. I raised my ass a little higher and gripped the bed. As she work that monster into me I could help but to let out a loud slightly painful moan, I could feel my hard cock dripping all ready. She continued to push that beast into my butt deep into my chest it felt like. I couldn't help but to clench and every time I did I dropped cum. My wife was wetting the chair at this point. Her friend grabbed my hips and started long slow deep strokes that began turning into fast harder pounds. I felt a prostrate orgasim and let cum go. Seeing this my wife came over and started to stroke me, I was moaning louder and sweating and dripping and after 15/20mins I lost it and came so amazingly hard. I payed out stomach down in my cum. Her friend still in me. I could feel my cum underneath my cock. The whole experience has been amazing. Now my wife and her gfs come over on the weekend, dress me up all pretty like in sexy lady garments and see who can pound my ass to completion the fastest with the biggest strap-on. I'm lucky!

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