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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    Iâm a 30 year old wife and mother of 2 children. And what happened 1 month ago is something thatâs been on my mind for a long time. At 14 I lost my virginity to my neighbors dog. I was asked to care for Bruno heâs a black Lab for 3 days while they were away. I jumped at the chance it was summer and they have a pool. I was 16 blonde hair green eyes and I was told Iâm pretty hot.

    I fed Bruno and let him out back and I jumped in the pool. I got out and laid out on the chaise lounge to dry Bruno was next to me and licked the water off me, I told him to stop but he came back for more this time he licked my inner thigh and sent a wave thru me and before I could stop him the next lick was between my legs and it pulled the thin material to the side and his tongue ran across my clit. It was electric and felt very good so I let him have a little more and in no time I took him inside and removed my bikini bottom and sat on the floor with my legs spread as far as I could and Bruno was at me in a flash he was licking me and I opened my pussy lips and his tongue was inside me and making me crazy. When I looked at him his penis was out 3 inches and I was fascinated by it so I reached out to touch it it was very warm and wet Bruno had given me a couple of orgasms and I was getting up he pushed me over and quickly jumped me and fucked my brains out.

    After the first time with Bruno I would sneak out at night when Bruno was put out at night I jumped the fence and wait behind the shed for him. He never made any noise when I was there he knew my scent and as soon as he was out he ran to me, Iâd be naked on all 4s holding my hole open and his tongue hit the bullseye every time and have me coooing like a dove. Bruno always knew I was ready for a good fucking. And gave it to me every time. When I was tied with him Mr Albertson called Bruno and Bruno went to him with me being dragged out to the middle of the yard in full view trying to hold back my screams from the pain.

    When Mr A saw and realized it was me knotted with his dog he had Bruno drag me behind the shed so his wife didnât see me. Not saying anything until behind the shed. He told me to be here at 9 am and went back to the house. I was so embarrassed and scared of what he would tell my parents.

    I was there at 9 sharp Mr A opened the door and told me to get in the kitchen I had no idea what to say and was so nervous and scared.
    I asked where his wife was? She volunteers at the homeless center all day today. He asked me where I told my mom I was going? I said to a friends and that friend is on vacation so she wonât find out Iâm not there.

    You like being Brunoâs bitch. I told him it was the first time I ever he stopped me and pointed to something on the carpet look at that, I went to it and saw two 5 inch dark circles about 2 feet apart and knew it from my knees and Brunoâs cum that ran down my legs. I turned and looked at him, he said he knows Iâve been fucking Bruno for a week and when Bruno didnât come and scratch at the door to come in I had to see you and I got more than I thought. I broke down and cryed hysterically and begged him not to say anything to my parents or anybody else about it.

    He said that he had no plans to say anything because what he had in mind was something I was gonna be doing for him.
    Now Iâm getting very scared looking at his smile, first youâre gonna put on a little show he grabbed my arm took me out back to the shed and pushed me in and said get out of those clothes now! I looked around the shed itâs more like a wood shop the center was open and a padded bench in the center with a few chairs.Mr A came back and closed the door. He told me to get on the bench on my back he grabbed some rope and while heâs tying me heâs pointing out the camera heâs put on the wall when he was done tying me up is when he said heâs got a couple of friends coming to see the show and I donât want to use this ball gag I think the cocks in your mouth will keep you quiet so you better be quiet and not scream and everything will be fine and I should enjoy the fuckn Iâm about to get.

    I should be scared and nervous about having his friends there but I was getting hot thinking that these guys were to see me doing something that was so nasty. I asked who they are? All I got was youâll see I think you know 1 or 2 of them. Now my heart is racing and Iâm getting very wet and I say what if they tell someone? I donât think theyâll say anything because itâs not gonna be the only time you do this we have plans youâll see. I was getting so excited and so hot the bench was soaked and my mind was going in all directions.

    The door opened and 3 men came in I recognized 2 of them from the neighborhood they were all Mr A age around 70. Immediately I heard sheâs a hot bitch Bruno is one lucky dog! I like how you got her head hanging off hey look at this the chair on wheels is perfect height for cock to mouth Anderson you think of everything. Bruno came in and the guys took their seats and he was at my dripping c**t licking me into extasy one guy said look at her eyes there rolling around her head gotta be spinning like a cyclone. One guy asked if I was enjoying the dog tongue yes yes I love Brunoâs tongue I love how he gets hips are grinding trying to get that wonderful tongue inside me itâs so rough and he rubs my gspot my legs are so spread Iâm trying push my pussy to the tongue deeper into me and I was babbling Bruno fuck your bitch now.

    Mr A put Brunoâs front paws on the bench and Bruno fucked his bitch and gave a great performance for the audience I have never been fucked like that day. They asked do I like getting fucked by dogs? I screamed I love being a dog whore, they said youâre our dog whore and we think you need 4 or 5 dogs at one time. I said yes yes bring them now.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 52

    I am involved with a young woman at work and she likes to roll in the hay. I am a lot older than her and she gets turned on by me telling her stories of other women that I have had sex with. "Fuck me like her", then we fuck.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    So I have a confession. I look up pictures of large penises, like, all the time. I guess you could say it is a fetish. Not even my boyfriend knows. And I do not particularly like this about myself but if I ever saw a big, thick one in person I would really want to suck it. I do not know how that would happen as I would not be in a position to find out but I know that when I look at the pictures I get really turned on and want to suck them. So, yeah, that is my secret.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 49

    When I was in my early 20's, my Dad remarried. My step mom was 39 years old. She was a beautiful, full figured brunette. I had a crush on her from the first day I met her. My relationship with her was very strong. My real mom past away when I was 6 years old. So Janet was truly like my own mother. The first couple of years Janet and my Dad were married, they seemed happy. But that soon changed. My Dad was never home. I was closer to Janet than I was with my own Dad. We talked a lot. I would tell her she deserved better than my Dad. It was clear they were going to divorce . On Janet's 42nd birthday they got divorced. Janet moved to another state, and I really missed her.

    We made plans for me to go visit her, and that's what this confession is all about.From the moment I got to her apartment something was different. Not in a bad way. She was very touchy. Later that night we started drinking wine and I admitted to her that I always had a crush on her. She told me she kinda knew that already, and she said she had a crush on me to that very day. She told me she also knew that I "borrowed her panties sometimes". I admitted to her that I would sneak into her bedroom and take a silky pair of panties from her drawer and masturbate with them.

    That night she dressed up in a black corset, black bra, black panties, and stocking held up with garters. She made me call her Mommy. And she pretty much was my sex slave. It was the greatest night of sex I had ever had. She was like a dirty porn star. She was totally driven by a cum fetish. It was like she couldn't get enough. She loved when I would cum on her face, and in her hair. She would say " Wash Mommys hair". I asked her if I could fuck her. She told me " Dont ask me IF you can do anything to me, you TELL me what your going to do to me."

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 53

    For what it is worth my name is Joel. I am 63, recently retired from the Utility company where I worked as an Electrical Engineer for 43 years. I married a girl 20 years ago, a then secretary in the procurement department that showed up pregnant, both getting her pregnant and marrying her were a mistake that I have paid for dearly ever since. The kid is mine, proven every which way, as are the other two kids she wanted.

    My private life has always included time with boys. I started in high school, I was on the swimming team and got involved quite actively with a senior boy, I developed a very strong taste for cock, lots of cock, the more cock the better. At that time I really liked getting it straight up my ass.

    In college I had a relationship with the undergraduate History professor, a man in his forties who had a strong like to college kids. He was my kind of man, always hard, always wanting to fuck, and he liked having his cock sucked. I would say that I fell in love with him, knowing full well that it was a college thing and when I graduated he was going to replace me.

    During my first years working for the Utility company I grazed, had a lot one night stands, I experimented with guys my age and men who were a lot older. The comfort of an older man competed with the pure juice of the younger man, in the end I settled for an older man who worked for the City and stayed with him for close to fifteen years until he got pretty sick. It was during his illness that I went out with some coworkers and fucked this girl and she got pregnant on the first bang and my life got changed in ways I never imagined. I can't say that I ever enjoyed fucking her, but I did out of obligation, but I craved cock which I had to find on the side.

    Now I am retired, I met a fellow retiree and we hit it off. Our wives don't get along in part because of the large age difference and my buddy and I have to find time to go down to the man cave, put on the TV and suck and fuck, after all these years I still prefer to have a hard cock right up my ass. I just enjoy it.

    Now all cooped up in the house I can't get over to my buddy, I have had to resort to masturbation, fucking my wife and watching stupid TV. I really miss my buddy right now, I could really use an afternoon down in the man cave.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 44

    Had a baby with my son's friend

    When I was 39, I felt strong urges coming on to have another child before it was too late. I had 3 children already at that time, and my husband was not very keen to add to the family. Plus, his drive had diminished.

    My eldest had a good friend, who had basically grown up half in our house. A tall, very attractive teenager, he was popular with the girls and a sort of leader of their little gang.

    It started when I came home early from work one day. The boys were all in the den playing games and horsing around. I went up to the laundry room to pick up some clean clothes, and saw my son's friend masturbating with my panties.

    I was shocked, so was he. We stared at each other, then I just turned and walked up to my bedroom, washed my face, and when I came back down, he was back in the den and we both acted normally. But I had seen him, he was attractive naked and had a nice c***. After this, being baby minded, naughty ideas about him began to circle in my head. And I knew he was clearly attracted to me.

    Nothing happened for a few more months, until the family was away camping. I was supposed to go too, but had sprained my ankle and decided to stay back. On that day, my son's friend visited me, with some excuse of wanting to borrow something.

    It was the first time we had been alone together, and things were a bit awkward. Finally, I indirectly started talking about desires and hormones and how such things were natural and to be grown out of. But as soon as I started on this, suddenly he started talking about how sexy he found me, and how he'd fantasised about me for years.

    He was bold, and I got a bit tongue-tied. I also enjoyed the flattery, and got my panties in a twist when I realised I was getting wet. I opened my mouth to reply, when suddenly he kissed me. Not a gentle peck, but his tongue down my throat, with one hand on my back and the other gripping my bottom. Just how a woman should be kissed, in fact.

    Almost without thinking, I let my tongue fondle his and his hands run over me freely, and we stayed like this for a bit. When his hand reached my c***, I managed to pull back a bit, but it was too late: he pushed a finger in, and felt my wetness. That was when he knew I was his.

    I protested, but he just picked me up in his arms and began carrying me to the bedroom. I had never felt so feminine in my life, and that was when my desire came back to me. A little devil whispered: fate's given this chance, why not take it?

    He laid me on the bed like a princess, and got over me, kissing me passionately while undoing my dressing gown and gently stroking my c*******. I was impossibly aroused, the taboo act, the youth and handsomeness of my partner, my own wish of becoming pregnant, all had colluded.

    I helped him remove my gown and bra, and he began expertly licking and kissing my b******. For a young man, he was clearly experienced. Soon, I was ready for him to penetrate me, and I told him so. He slipped off my panties and first licked my c*** for a bit. This made me wetter and I literally began to beg for his c***.

    At this moment, he broke off to strip, his c*** was long and rock hard, and I spread my legs willingly. But, then he pulled a condom from his jeans and I realised this wouldn't do. I asked him to f*** me without protection, hoping he would just jump at the chance.

    But he didn't. He asked me if I could get pregnant, and I just said we'll see about this later. Then he shocked me, he confessed he wanted to impregnate me as well! I waa delighted, but I tried not to show it, instead giving him my most seductive look and daring him to knock up an old woman if he could.

    That did it, and he jumped on me and was soon pistoning away like an engine. I soon forgot my plans in sheer pleasure, and had an o***** before he began to spurt his seed deep inside me. I guided him in keeping my knees up and placing a pillow under my hips to have a better chance of conceiving.

    Onc e this was done, his young p**** was up and ready to go and he promptly entered me again. This time he lasted much longer and I had several o****** before he unloaded in me again. Then we slept for a while, just holding each other.

    It was a long weekend, and long story short, we had s** almost all the time. Of course all of it was unprotected, and very pleasurable for both of us. I swore to him secrecy, and to his credit he upheld it. On monday, I made sure to ply my husband with drink, then seduce him, it went badly but just enough to make him think enough had been done.

    Only a week later, I missed my period. An initial test confirmed pregnancy, but I waited another two weeks before going to a doctor and confirming it. My husband was exasperated but good natured over my "manipulative ways" (if he only knew) to get what I wanted. My lover was excited and nervous, but I made it clear to him he would play no part in the baby's life, and he was quite happy with that.

    I was already past 40, hence it was a difficult pregnancy. Possibly, if I had not conceived with a young and virile man, someone of my husband's age might not have been able to impregnate me. Yet, after 9 months, I held my beautiful baby girl and was as happy as can be.

    I continued my affair with my son's friend, now with proper protection and precautions, throughout the pregnancy and afterwards. As far as I am concerned, his is the sperm, he is the father, and he has rights over my body as someone he had a child with. These rights I still enjoy giving up to him whenever we have the chance.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Since we are all home locked on I have found myself thinking of sex, my wife would never have these needs and desires at a time like this, like most women....I normally donât eat my own cum ,but for the last few days I have found myself in the garage with my clock and amazing balls in my hand, paints down around my knees, with kinky thoughts on my mind, I fantasize a hung man is behind me pleasuring himself at my expense ,jacking to the thoughts, then it just happens, I cum so hard...I catch the warm cum and str8 into my mouth, Iâm learning to enjoy the flavor of cumðð

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    My sexy wife is 45 but looks at least 10 yrs younger. She's tall and slim and has nice curves. Her tits are small but very perky and she has little silver hoops in her nipples. She's always been a very oral girl and loves sucking cock better than anything. She says it makes her feel prettier and sexier when she has a man's cock getting hard in her mouth. She is very subby too and likes when a man takes charge and uses her like an absolute whore, just holding her hair and face fucking her, using her to get off. She loves cum and has always swallowed no matter what.
    She says if you're not gonna swallow there's no point in blowing a guy.
    I love kissing her and knowing that she's had dozens of cocks cum in her mouth and quarts or even gallons of cum in her cute little tummy.
    I want her to be as slutty as she likes and someday I wanna kiss her while she's got fresh cum on her tongue and lips. Cumkissing my slut would be a dream come true.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I love having my wife tell me about her previous encounters when we are In bed:

    My wife has told me about how she would show herself to teachers in school when she was 13. She said the other girls and she would not wear panties in gym class. When they would stretch before activities, the teacher stood in front of them and could see up those old fashioned wide legged gym shorts we all used to have to wear. He could see their beavers and it turned them On that they knew he was watching. My wife has a thick blonde bush that she got very young and he positioned himself in front of her especially often.

    One day after class, he asked her to stay and help put away equipment. In the locker room, he started kissing her and feeling up her little titties and then started fingering her. He laid her down on the bench and took off her shorts and fucked her right there in the locker room. That story especially gets me off.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    With all the Covid-19 virus stuff going on and required self isolation one of my friends suggested we play online games together. We each logged into a Skype meeting with our webcams turned on so it was like we were virtually together as we went to game sites to play.

    There were 9 of us who played. During one of the games someone brought up playing strip versions of the games. I was surprised when we all agreed because as all of us were guys except my wife and a friend's wife. Most of us did end up naked because of the games we played but soon we stopped playing games and it turned into a masturbation fest. One by one we each took our turns masturbating for everyone. Those who weren't naked before did get naked now. It was weird doing this as we were all guys except my wife and my friend's wife who I thought might refuse but they masturbated too. I was proud but also not too pleased with my wife doing this and all my friends seeing her. They got to see what they were missing but now got to see what they were missing. It was the first time we all ever did something like this and seeing each other naked.

    We are planning to do this again sometime very soon. My friend's wife asked the other guys to invite their wives and girlfriends next time and suggested that instead of masturbating the couples could just do it in front of each other. My friends wife is usually pretty conservative but she was showing a side of herself I had never seen before. I asked my wife what she thought about her suggestion about the couples having sex in front of everyone and was a little surprised by her answer. She said she would do it if at least one other couple did. I don't know if the other guys will actually invite their wives and girlfriends or even tell them what they did and what might be expected from them if they accept the invite.

    Anyways, it's looking like my wife and me will be showing off to our friends soon.

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