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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Every Friday night for the past couple of years, myself and two of my friends, Tom and Colin play cards at Tom's house. Or that's what we tell our respective wives. Tom's wife spends every Friday at her sisters doing their weekly accounts, for the business they have together.
    The fact is for the past two years we haven't played cards once. Instead we all put together and hire a male escort (Rent boy) to suck and fuck with. We've all known each other since school, and we've all been aware of each others liking of fucking a young tight arse. Throughout our marriages we'd all together been unable to indulge in something we all get a thrill out of. That was until Tom's wife and sister bought the business.
    The first young man was actually someone Colin knew. He was twenty years old and if truth be known, he was a crap fuck. That's why we decided to book a professional escort the following week. He was entirely different. Such a confident young man who knew how to carry on taking cock after cock in his mouth, and deep up his beautiful arsehole. Each one of us managed to dump two loads into his mouth or arse over the two hours he spent with us. I even for the first time fairly recently, slipped my cock up Colin's arse as he was fucking the young man missionary style. It was only Colin's second ever time being fucked. But later on he told me he thoroughly enjoyed the sensation.
    In the two years we've been hiring young men for sex, we've all fucked twenty two different, very horny and very eager cock sluts. And as of six weeks back, I've been visiting Colin's home to fuck him bareback during lunch times. Fully tested and free of STDs we've now decided to only fuck one another. Helped by the fact in two weeks from now Tom and his wife are moving to other side of the city.
    His and my wife have decided to use our home to do their books, so it's Colin's arse during lunch breaks, which will be taking my dick from now on. I thought at first Tom would be annoyed, but yesterday he told me why he's cool with everything. He told me his seventeen year old step son Ryan, loves being fucked.
    Lucky bastard.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    It might now be a toss-up as to whether I should list as straight or bi. Dan, one of the top executives in my company, and an heir to part of the company that is actually family owned, took a liking to me from day one. He is a tall, handsome dude in his 50's and dresses meticulously. He is also well groomed and wears a manly and interesting cologne. One can easily tell he is from old money. My being from a blue collar background made the fellow fairly alien to me in most ways.

    Through a number of years, Dan invited me to lunch many times and began to invite me to dinner at his stately home. Once in a while I would bring a date with me. I noted that Dan was always a bit cold toward anyone with me, but still friendly and a good host. His wife was closer to my age but still a bit older and beautiful, a trophy wife for a richer than Midas gentleman.

    In time, when I had reached a level of personal friendship, Dan approached me. He was blunt and frank. He said his wife was dying to fuck me and he wanted to watch. I recall that in the beginning I actually thought about it. I liked my job and was earning excellent money so it could radically go one way or the other. I consented and seeing his wife, Esther, nude and stretched out in a plush bed, definitely sold me.

    After this became a ritual, dinner then fucking his wife with him sitting by, wanking hard. Esther, his wife had a wonderful c-u-n-t and style of intercourse that was memorable, as she used sexy language. Dan said he would love to lick and suck my asshole while I fucked his wife. Esther pleaded with me to allow it. She said, "You'll love it while you plow me, we've done it with others. We know it's great."

    As it ended up, he talked me into allowing him to also fuck me up the ass and I ended up doing it even without Esther beneath. She loved watching and masturbating while Dan fucked me doggy style. He ended up sucking my cock with Esther joining in, taking my cock deeply into her mouth and also letting Dan eat her out as he fucked me. It was a free-for-all three-way eventually, but always enjoyable. I always loved getting double teamed on my hard cock by this good looking rich couple. Eventually, I fucked him but always with a condom. When I would cum up his ass like that, Esther would yank off the condom and suck on my cock, sometimes bringing on a second climax in her vacuum-like mouth. She also took me up her ass but I still wore a condom for butt-fucking. Dan loved yanking off the condom and sucking on my still hard cock after I came up his wife's asshole. We did all that our freakish imaginations told us to do.

    At work, Dan grew very close to me and I began to appear as if I was also born with a gold spoon stuck up my ass. However I know my origins and am amazed how far one can go if lusted after by wealth. I realized that women who fucked their way to good positions are not alone in doing so.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 33

    She was on her knees, a nice pillow on the floor so it didn't hurt so much. Sir thinks of everything, doesn't he? She had sucked his cock like a good little girl, and his cum was all over her tiny breasts, stomach, even on her satin panties, staining them. She was so happy to please him.

    Sir was very happy with her performance, he let her sleep in the bed with him that night. She was excited; normally she slept alone and dreamed all night of climbing into sir's bed, which wasn't allowed. So this was a treat indeed. Sir took her panties off, held them up so she could see the mess on them and in them. Sir told her she didn't deserve it since she made such a mess, but he would let it go this once, using the panties to clean the rest of the cum off her. Sir told her to go finish up, then come to bed.

    She came back to the bedroom, still naked for sir to enjoy, and climbed into bed carefully so as not to disturb him. She turned over on her side, and cupped her hand over her sex, pressing her fingers against her opening. Sir stirred next to her, and she released it for fear of punishment. She wasn't allowed to touch unless sir said it was okay. Once sir settled, with a lazy hand that stroked her short black hair so that she pressed against it and felt so good, she returned her hand between her legs, and began pressing her fingers against herself and releasing it over and over, stretching and relaxing her aching sex. Soon, her fingers were wet; she tasted them cautiously, again fearing disturbing her mister.

    She didn't sleep well at all, sir knew it was best they slept apart. By sunrise she had only slept a few fitful hours and had a pitiful orgasm at some point that nearly work sir. As she throbbed and tried not to gasp she looked over her shoulder at him, nearly touched him, though better of it. So she spent the night, frustrated.

    As sir woke, she felt his touch on her hip, and soon felt his hard cock against her ass. She smiled. Soon enough sir would make that long night worth every frustrating minute. As his arms slid around her, she sighed and pressed her backside against him, moving her sex a little bit, feeling it and the ache therein. She was going to enjoy this.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    I breastfeed my girlfriend on a daily basis. What started out as her fantasy, I can't get enough of myself. Gives us both very strong orgasms.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 27

    Last night was the best night of my life.

    This girl I used to work with and kissed a few times, who later became a stripper, came to see me. She quickly gave me an amazing handjob, leaving my cum dr**ed all over the towel she laid out. Then she did it again, until I was begging, but she didn't let me come. Then another friend showed up; he wanted in on the action (understandable) so she jerked both of us simultaneously. I was in heaven and she was still fully clothed! He left, but I hadn't had enough yet despite that at this point my cock has received anough attention for weeks worth of spank bank material.

    I knew she had wanted to blow me years ago, but never had the oppportunity to take advantage. This time I made damn sure to get her sweet lips wrapped around my hard cock. She sent me to another plane and back again, before finally swallowing my load. It was unreal what the girl could do with my dick, she was like a magician bringing it back to life again and again. I was spent and she wanted to cuddle, so we took a quick nap. Later when I woke up she was naked, sitting like a golden goddess on the end of the couch grinning at me. I knew it was time. I can hardly remember everything at this point.

    I'm a virgin. 27 years old, but I really did kiss this girl when I was 22. She really did become a stripper. But we never went past a little light fondling. She had a boyfriend. I refused sex when she offered, because I knew she was still with him. That's the only time a woman has ever shown me any sort of physical affection. We haven't spoken in years. But last night, my dreams made reality all of my fantasies from the last 5 years of what could have been. Last night was the best night of my life.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    Just for the info: I am 18 and I just graduated. That said, I come from a pretty religious home even though I went to public school and I'm still a virgin. However, all through High School, and probably a little before, and even to this day I can't stop touching myself or thinking about sex. I masturbate like 6+ times a day and watch porn and... yeah, it's pretty all consuming.

    Being a petite girl I watch a lot of videos that feature women of similar body type to my own and took kind of a liking to the old/young videos. So... the real confession... I replied to an ad. The guy is in his 50s, married, and willing. I get turned on thinking about doing it, talking to him about it... but I'm kind of nervous about it all. I just want to have fun and have lots of orgasms... but really I just want to feel a penis penetrate me or the first time and feel the ejaculation.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 24

    so I've always wanted to fuck white girls ...I lived in Ethiopia and I think I am a porn addicted that's why I want to fuck white girls anyways one day to full fill my dream (fucking white girl) I try to work with travel agents so that I could find foreign girls to fuck ..unfortunately I was placed to guide a white man then he ask me to join him in the place where he and me booked in the hotel..then he asked me to fuck him so I did fuck him but still I need to fuck white girl if someone is ready to help me yohannew085 at g mail is my address

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Every time he calls by I can't help myself, and end up having amazing mind blowing sex with him. We both know we shouldn't be fucking one another, but the sexual energy between us is electric. It certainly helps he's extremely well endowed, and it also helps my husband is often away from home working.
    Before I met him I'd never once considered having sex with a much older man. Having said that I did lose my virginity to a man who was in his mid twenties, when I was seventeen. But that age difference is nothing, not compared to the man who's erection takes me to ever better orgasms each time our bodies join. As we're twenty six years apart in age.
    Meeting him wasn't planned as such, as it was part of my natural daily life. But I instantly knew there was a sexual attraction between us. Then the more we met, the more I became enchanted by him and before long he was visiting our home. Which again isn't too out of the ordinary, being as we live right next to the church.
    Only yesterday he called by to pass some leaflets on to me. I'd already picked some up from church, but he called by anyway. And within minutes I was taking his huge penis into my mouth and sucking on it as if my life depended on emptying his testicles.
    Vaginal sex is just awesome when he slides his large erection deep inside me, but it's when he thrusts his manhood so far inside my back passage, that I get ultra turned on. For a man his age, he has the ability to carry on giving me immense pleasure for one powerful earth shattering orgasm after another. Never once climaxing himself, before I'm fully sexually satiated. Then and only then, does he feed me his beautiful seed. And when I say feed, I mean just that, as I always have him withdraw and ejaculate in my mouth. To taste his luscious semen, and feel it sliding down my throat, never fails to have me climaxing again. That and two fingers furiously energizing my clitoris.
    As I've already mentioned we know we shouldn't be having sex together, but then if it wasn't with him and his awesome phallus, I'd seek out others who might not give me everything I need spiritually.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    I'm not sure this is a "confession" but I felt like sharing it. Admittedly, I have strange sexual desires. Considered good looking and with a natural physicality that makes it seem as if I weight-lift (I do not),
    I've never had trouble attracting women, even some men, but I'm not so disposed. The personnel manager in our company is a woman around ten years my senior that looks like a longshoreman, has one eyebrow and weird short hair. She is exceedingly bright and clean although she looks like a giant ape. She has powerful looking legs and the calves alone are as muscular and powerful looking as my thighs.

    In the five years I've worked there I have never seen her with anyone but the word out is "dyke" and who knows? As for me I could not care less. I would drop by her office and bring a bite or coffee for her for some months and we became friends who enjoyed chatting it up. After some time she admitted that she was bi but favored women. Not long after that, my yen for her weirdness got the best of me and I stood up, walked to her office door, locked it and took out my already hard cock, so stiff I could hang her desk lamp on it. She went, "Oh, really? Well, o.k. why not?"

    Our routine changed. Now, I bring her snack or drink, then we have hard-driving sex. I love her calves and hump them once in a while. We fuck all over her office. She loves feeling my hard cock on her huge calves. We love fucking each other. We also do it elsewhere with just as much ferocity. Yes, we are weird, but we are like two ships adrift on a lonely sea and we found our own small island for some R&R. There's much more but that's the general drift of it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 33

    When my husband told me Nine months ago he wasn't sexually excited by me anymore and that he'd been fucking a nineteen year old girl, I was absolutely heart broken. It wasn't as if I didn't like sex and wasn't adventurous, because I adore horny dirty sex.
    Four days after he told me, he had a massive motor cycle accident and was extremely lucky to have survived it. Even though he'd been on his way back from fucking the girl when he had the accident, I stuck by him and nursed him after he eventualy came out of hospital. The girl was long gone, as was my husbands ability to have sex. My libido however was if anything was growing and growing.
    Taking my husband two months back, to yet another rehabilitation session in his wheelchair, I met a young male nurse who made it perfectly obvious to me, he found me attractive. I'm not exactly sure why, but as my husband was in a pool going through some upper exercises with another nurse, I followed the young man into a small side office and smiled when he closed the blinds. Turning to me he quietly said "Not had in a while have you". As he said it he dropped his white cotton trousers and blue boxers and out sprang his very angry looking cock. Within seconds I was on my knees and had his cock in my mouth. It had been months since I'd tasted cock and to me, it meant everything and nothing. What I mean by that is, Everything because another, younger man, had found me attractive and Nothing because sucking on his cock meant my husbands comment and condition weren't going to stop me enjoying my sexual life.
    Knowing we didn't have too long, I was desperate to feel his dick inside of my pussy and asshole if he wanted to fuck me there. Releasing his cock, I stood up lifted my loose flowing skirt and moved my panties to one side. Grinning at me, he stood up to me, put his cock head to my pussy opening and in one hard thrust, rammed his dick straight into my waiting hole.
    On and on he pumped his cock into me and in those few minutes my sexual nture was reborn. i'd held off for so long after he'd told me about the girl and hadn't had sex since then. I'd masturbated, but that's just not the same as having a hard throbbing cock fucking you. So with his youthful energy and forceful style of fucking me, I was soon orgasming. And kept on climaxing as he battered my love hole with his dick.
    I'm not sure if he meant it that way. But from one thrust deep inside my pussy, he pulled out and instantly slid right up my asshole. The joy of his cock driving so far up my ass, was so overwhelming, I actually cried a little. Not in pain, but from the sheer pleasure of having a cock punishing my ever sensitive anal tube. If I orgasmed quickly before, then having him fuck my asshole, had me cumming all over the place. Then just as I was building to yet another climax, he made lots of short grunting noises and came flooding my ass with his sticky mess.
    Within five minutes I was back sat outside the pool area, with cum leaking out of my asshole and into my panties. I sat there watching my husband swimming on his back using his arms, as his legs and cock for that matter were and are now useless.
    Back at home he told how good it felt to have exercised. I smiled and agreed, only my exercise was far more thrilling. And taking it on another level, I've been having sex at least three to four times a week (Depending on his college days) with a relatively young guy who lives literally seconds away from our home. My husband now has an adapted car, which he uses to drive himself to his new job. As I work from home, I now have visiting me, a twenty year old young man who's home is right next door. As soon as I got my head around the nurse fucking me, I realized for me that was how I was going to play it from then on. Having my fun outside of our marriage, but making sure in every other way my husband was looked after.
    Having Ryan fuck me on the days we get together is simply wonderful. He's not possessive or in any way in need of a relationship. We both know it's sex in it's rawist form, and we both get what we need from it. It's hard normally filthy sex, and I for one, personally love it.

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