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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My husband is 52 and I am 24. I married him for his money and he's pretty good at sex. I cheated and I got caught, that was a year ago. I could leave with nothing as in the pre-nup or ... I took the or! I do anything he wants sexually, he is very into degrading me and humiliating me naked. I am now tattooed with his name above my pussy "Michel's Pussy" and "Anal Slut" split across my butt cheeks very low so I can't wear a bikini without it showing. I endure more anal sex than vaginal sex now, and he has my pussy stretched so much his hand very easily fits inside me now. Every morning after he has his pleasures, I am lubed and he puts a 1 liter Aquafina water bottle in me. I lay there with it inside me for 30 minutes minimum or until he finishes shaving, showering, dressing etc. Then he yanks it out, throws it on the bed. It is my job to clean it up for the next day and put it on my nightstand with the bottle of lubricant for the next morning. Sometimes he uses it in and out of me during the night for sex. He's used it on me for up to an hour. He says this is my punishment so I'll never be able to satisfy another man.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I grew up not knowing much about sex and I still haven’t done literally anything I haven’t even had my first kiss I discoveres porn as a teen and his in my room and watched I wasn’t a fan of fingering or clit running so I kind of got bored and I used to use water pressure on my vagina to get me off and I would sneak into my moms room and use her dildos and vibrators even though I knew how gross it was

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 48

    well I was at home had a day off work so a friend calls me ask if I was busy I said no why he said would you sucked my cock I said yes he I have a friend who needs his cock suck too can he come to I said sure so I am thinking two guys to suck off and a hour gose by then a knock at my door I answered it and there wore 5 guys standing there and they all smiled so I said come in and take a seat we talled and then my friend put his cock in my month and told me to suck it and I was on my knees then they all go up and circled around me and I suck there cocks to but when the first guy put his cock in my ass and started to fuck me then it was a free for all I got fuck with five different cocks and each one cummed inside me and this lasted for about 10 hours my jaws and asshole where so fuck sore It hurt to talk and walk but it was worth it I would do it again in a heart beat and in all this sex I had these guys called me a sissy faggot boy all the other guys left but my friend stayed he said we should had video tape it I said ya and out it on the internet he said wow u want to be exposed I yes I want to be exposed for who I really am I AM A SISSY FAGGOT BOY and I love that name I love to suck and fuck cocks my name is Scott H. from Lakeland Florida ad I am a very good sissy faggot boy I love big dicks

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I’ve been cross dressing ever since I can remember. I love dressing up as slutty as I can.

    What I really love is to be degrated and humiliated. For some reason it really turns me on.

    I live to do things like drive at night while only wearing lingerie, or walking on a dark road at night dress all slutty. I love the fear of being caught and publicly humiliated for the little whore slut I really am.

    If anyone wants to e-mail me to humiliate or degraded me, my e-mail is [email protected]@g***l.**m

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    When I married my second wife a few years back, I was in my 40s and living and working on a livestock farm, and she was a slim attractive city divorcee with 3 kids and she was looking to settle into country life. A couple of years later, we were drinking and talking about sex and she told me about when she was a young wife and mother in the city and her hubby would go to work each day, and when the baby was asleep she would let their old dog lick her pussy on the back porch nearly every day until the dog died.
    Her story made me so fucking horny that I couldn't forget about it, and eventually, with alcohol, I talked her into doing it with my 2 male farm dogs on a rug in a remote part of that farm. What started as a licking session moved to her sucking their cocks, and ended with me helping both of the boys get inside her one after the other, and her pussy was on fire for dog cock and cum. After the dogs had emptied inside her, I climbed on her too, and fucked her red hot pussy until I blew my load, then she rubbed herself in a drunken frenzy until she came loudly.
    It happened several more times over a few months, and always with the help of 2 bottles of wine, but it was the craziest, wildest, kinkiest and hottest thing that I've ever been involved in. We divorced over other things a few years later, but those memories are wonderful.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 32

    My next door neighbor is a teacher and as soon as the school year ends she takes off traveling to some part of the world for almost the full 2 months. She has been doing this for at least the last 6 years. During this time she rents her house out so I have met may people some of which were from all over the world. Last year was a little unique. There was an older German couple staying there and when I saw them out in the back yard they were naked. The husband was fully naked and the wife was topless. When they saw me they came over to the fence and introduced themselves. After some conversation with them they asked if I was fine with their nudity. I told them I was but I didn't know how the other neighbors would feel about it since it wasn't legal to naked outside. They told me they would take the chance and pointed out that I was the only neighbor that could see into their yard. I was told I was a nice guy and was invited over for a drink.

    I was in their yard and the topic of nudity came up. I was asked if I ever went nude in my yard. I told them my yard was too visible to too many neighbors to do that. He told me this yard wasn't and suggested I give it a try. I said I might try it sometime and was told to just go ahead and try it now. I had always wanted to try it and looking around could see that it was only my house that could see into this yard. I told them I was a nervous about trying it and with some convincing ended up doing it. I was now outside naked in the presence of others which I figured I would never do around my home. They were going to be staying for a month and for the rest of the month I joined them in their yard naked for most of it. The wife seemed a little shy about no having bottoms on but as time went on she began taking them off. Her husband stated that she doesn't take them off until she gets comfortable with someone first.

    When it was time for them to leave they asked for my email address so we could keep in touch. They said they would email me once they were back home. A few months went by and I heard nothing from them and figured I never would. My neighbor approached me to tell me that the German couple had emailed her asking if I had a new email address as anything they sent me was returned undeliverable. I told them it hadn't and gave my neighbor my email address to send to them. I felt awkward talking to her because she kept looking at me weird. She CC:ed me on the email to the German couple and I noticed they had misspelled my email address. Looking at his email it contained a lot of information that maybe my neighbor should not have seen or read. The German couple just kept forwarding the original failed one to see if it would get through so there was a trail of everything they said, or wanted to say to me if it got through, and I guess they only included my neighbor to have her check with me what was going on.

    The email mentioned me spending time with them nude which was a little embarrassing that my neighbor now knew this. They included a link to a website to the pictures of their trip and sights they saw. I took a look and found myself being among those pictures. I didn't know they had taken any pictures of me so I was in complete shock when I see lots of nude pictures of myself. These pictures had been posted months ago so I had unknowingly been exposed for that time. The website didn't have any restrictions who who could see them so I was exposed to anyone who chose to take a look. It made it worse when all my pictures where under one folder with the heading "Our New Nudist Friend". People were able to post comments on all the pictures they uploaded. One comment explained a lot. It was a comment from my neighbor. She basically said you never really know someone and it can be a surprise as it was a surprise to find out I was a nudist. Then there were a few comments from her about my body and stuff that could be taken as being a little too rude and inappropriate.

    I contacted the German couple asking them to remove them from the website. They told me I had nothing to worry about and basically ignored me. I contacted the website and was told only the poster could remove them. I threatened legal action against the website and was told to go ahead and sue them. They pointed out it would cost me a lot of money and would just get them and my pictures more publicity. They added that my pictures would also need to be entered as evidence which would mean a lot more people would see them so I gave up on trying to have the pictures removed. There were no nude pictures of the German couple, just me. I never talked to my neighbor about my pictures and neither did she but with her comments on my pictures I knew she had seen them.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Myself and a friend were in southern Spain recently. After only a few days and because of my friends mouth, we got into a fight with some other tourists. We'd been drinking, so we didn't do too well. My friend who had started it all, legged it and left me to fight three guys. Thankfully, but being a little battered and bruised, I was pulled away by a very pretty young woman. Ushering me down a side alley and on along a narrow unlit road, she told me I could stay at hers for a while until everything died down. Half way down the unlit road, she stopped us, put her arms round my neck and kissed me hard. I responded and was soon kissing her as roughly as she was kissing me. Putting her hand down to my crotch, she began to massage my cock through my shorts and I was soon erect and very horny. As I went to reach down to put my hand up her short skirt, she broke away and said in her Spanish accent, we should move along to her apartment.
    Inside of her apartment, she washed my face with a warm cloth, cleaning off the blood from my cut nose. Then sitting next to me, she asked me if I thought she was good looking. I answered her by kissing her again. We kissed for some time with her hand reaching inside my shorts and my boxers stroking my cock. I was dying to release my dick, so I moved and lowered both my shorts and my boxers. Immediately she went down on me and I'm not lying here, it was easily the best blow job I've ever had. Not only did she suck on my cock forcing me to the brink and then releasing my throbbing dick, but she also deep throated my cock, the first girl ever to do so.
    I swear by the time I was ready to cum, I could have spurted my juice up to the ceiling.
    Standing up in front of me with my cock pulsing like crazy, she removed her skirt, her top and shoes. Leaving her bra on, she finally slid her knickers down and out sprang a perfectly formed erect little cock.
    My saviour wasn't a female at all, she was a he and he wanted me to fuck him. And what's more I didn't care. By then I would have just about fucked anyone, but he, sorry she, was so beautiful anyway. Her, his looks alone would have had my cock inside his arse.
    Kneeling up past me, she turned her head and said "It's your time to decide".
    My dick was up his arsehole in less than five seconds and I couldn't have cared less if anyone would have witnessed me fucking him. I went at it like a mad man and the more I understood I was fucking a young guy, the more horny I became. Eventually I reached in front and began to toss him off at the same rhythm I was fucking his tight Spanish arsehole. Backing onto me after we'd been fucking for about five minutes, he grunted and he spasmed on my cock. He'd cum and his tightening hole around my cock forced me to unload, sending my cum deep inside his arse.
    As soon as my cock slid out of his backside, he spun around and sucked in my dick. It was amazing feeling and something that I'd never experienced before. Easing me back onto his couch, he carried on licking my cock and balls and sucking away on my dick. It wasn't too long before I was erect again.
    Looking at me, he pulled me on top of him, kissed me and guided my cock into his slippery cum coated arsehole. In the missionary position still kissing him, I fucked my Spanish shemale and loved every second of it.
    When I came for the second time, filling his hole once more, he cried out in Spanish and then kissed me harder than he had before.
    We sat, drank beer and talked about ourselves. It was then he showed me he'd had small breast implants. Apparently he paid to fly over to eastern Europe to have the surgery and it had been a success.
    Over the next few hours, I was taught all sorts of new sexual experiences. Sucking his cock, licking his arsehole and having mine tongued too. Then with my dick aching and hard again, he sat astride me and looking down at me, he fucked me so slowly, it hardly seemed he moved at all.
    Once I'd cum a watery load, he climbed off my cock and moved upwards. His cock was already pulsing when it slid over my tongue, and it only took seconds for it to explode in my mouth. There wasn't much cum, but what there was, I swallowed.
    I got a taxi back to the apartment I shared with my friend. He was still asleep when I got in at seven in the morning. A cleaner let me in as my friend had the key, so I left him asleep and showered. When I got out of the shower, he was awake. He went to say something and just got out "I'm sorry". But I cut him off and told him he should never have run off and left me. My left eye was blackened and my lip was cut. My nose hurt and my left lower back was hurting from being stamped on. Yet all I could think about, was the beautiful horny guy I'd had such an amazing time with.
    All that day we spent around the pool. And all that day I just couldn't stop thinking about my gay lover. My friend had begun to drink heavily again and by six o'clock, he was pissed out of his head. Practically dragging him up to our room and putting him in bed, I got changed and walked the two miles to the apartment I'd spent the night before in. When I knocked, a very cute looking young man answered. No make up, no women's clothing and no pretense of being female.
    In the five hours I spent in his apartment, I made love to Juan countless times. And by the time the sun was rising I was again entering his arsehole with my hard on.
    My friend and I did spent two more nights out, but each night I'd make my excuses early and visit Juan. On the second night, he dressed up as he had the first time I met him. It was really weird, but also really amazing being out with him as a girl. When a local guy asked him in Spanish if I was his guy, he kissed me and told him in English "I'm all his, honey".
    The night before we flew back, my friend got himself fixed up with an Irish girl, who fleeced him when he fell asleep in our apartment.
    Myself and Juan were having our own fun time on the outskirts of the town down by the sea. Totally naked and in among the rocky shoreline, I had sex with Juan and learned being fucked wasn't for me. Nevertheless I did learn one thing, I'm now a true bisexual man, one who just knows he's not going to stop enjoying other guys, if I get the chance to have fun.
    Oh as a footnote, I've already booked to fly over to see Juan on my own in late July. It's only for five days, but in those five days I think my cock will be easing its way up a very eager Spanish arsehole.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    We were over at my wife's moms place and we would all be spending the night. It was me, my wife, her mom, my sister-in-law and her husband. We all did have a few drinks but my brother-in-law had more than a few. He was passing out so his wife put him to bed early. I was going to the washroom a little later and the door to the bedroom, where he was, was open and I see flashes coming from the room. I took a peek and see my mother-in-law taking pictures of him. The sheets were pulled down so he was fully exposed and fully naked. I didn't know what I should have done so I did nothing. I couldn't believe she was doing that.

    Days later I began thinking about what I saw and then thought back a few months ago when I had passed out at her place. That time I was helping her out with something and was drinking. I did wake up naked and wondered if she had taken pictures of me. I thought about confronting her on this stuff but I don't really want to know if she had and what she has done with the pictures if she had and who has seen them.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Back then in ancient times I used CL to find a party with whom we could get together and get some M4M time. It was all under cover, as I am married and have a family and all. It is just that for a very long time I have enjoyed being a man's bitch for the night.

    As it went I had this man that I hooked up with, we used code to signal each other and then agree on where to meet. The last few times we met on this service road of the utility company that was closed off to traffic. We got around the barrier with our 4X4 vehicles and spent some quality time together under the moonlight by the utility pond.

    But CL died and I lost track of him and I had a harder and harder time hooking up. I tried various means, including public bathrooms at the park and the stadium. But nothing like my friend. I need to be the bitch, and finding someone who can make me a bitch is hard.

    In any event, one night when my wife was gone for the weekend with a girl's trip I got bored and went out and took my Jeep and I gravitated back towards the utility road and went around the barrier and drove up to the pond. I was there for a couple of hours, I tried masturbating but it just wasn't in me that night, so I lay on my hood remembering the good times.

    A cop woke me up and we had a 'discussion'. He was a total asshole and he wanted to haul me in for trespassing. He had me leaning against my Jeep and he was pressing his point about me being there without permission and I said in as matter of fact way as I could, that I would suck him off, suck him until he was dry and swallow it all if he just forgot that he had seen me there.

    Prove it, that is what he wanted to so I got down on my knees and undid his belt and pants and started to suck his cock. He wasn't normal, he had a large cock, certainly larger than any cock I had sucked. I sucked him as hard as I could and I used my hand to jerk him off and it took quite a bit but he didn't cum. I told him to fuck me, fuck me dry, make it hurt. I got my pants down to my ankles and bent over 90 degrees and held onto the fender of the Jeep and he ran me through, tore me up literally and fucked me until he was dry. He left me there, swabbing my asshole with my hand. I drove home and took an ice cube in a handkerchief and held it up to my asshole, it helped and when I looked at the handkerchief it was covered in bright blood.

    From then on I carried lube with me and lubed myself up before going out to the pond. When he saw me drive around the barrier he followed me and I sucked him dry many nights and the nights he wouldn't cum he fucked me until he was dry. I was a dipshit bitch for him, he never asked my name and I never asked for his. I just kept going back to the utility pond and three or four times out of ten he was there and I got what was coming to me. Except lately I haven't seen him. I don't want to go back to looking for trouble in public bathrooms, mostly homeless guys at 2 a.m.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 52

    I grew up on a dairy farm. Everyone pitched in, from the youngest to the oldest. I am the eldest of five kids, three girls and two boys. My father is a lot older than my mother and he had his group of friends who were also all dairy farmers and my mother taught school. We lived in a two bedroom, one bath house. All the kids in one bedroom, the girls in one bed and the boys in the other bed. There was no privacy and no modesty, not among the girls or the boys and not between the girls and the boys, the boys got erections and showed them off and the girls got tits and showed them off. When it came time to sleep the boys were all over the bed but the girls were all tight together, I don't think my youngest sister ever slept that she wasn't in my arms and on my pillow.

    I turned 18 and my mother said I was going to go into town with her and she was going to buy me a new dress for the senior prom. In the dressing room I stripped down to my underwear and the other girls and ladies stared at me. I had to change bras because of the dress and I took my bra off and stood still while this one girl stared at me. She had tits herself but staring at mine made me feel good, well actually it is the first time I remember feeling sexually excited. I got wet. We stood there, she was looking at my tits and I was looking into her pretty face. I felt like I wanted to hug her like I did my little sister, I wanted to kiss her. I don't know if it was two minutes or five but I had to get my other bra on and the dress and I went out to my mother and she asked me what took so long.

    That night I dreamt of the girl, I dreamt that I was holding her and caressing her and kissing her, except I was holding and caressing and kissing my little sister. I had a crush on this girl and I didn't know her name and I never went to the city. I didn't even know what grade she was in, maybe tenth or maybe night grade.

    After I graduated from high school I got a job like most high school girls did working at Sears. I asked to work in the girl's clothes department and because I had two younger sisters I got the job. I got to see all the girls from the town change clothes, see their panties and bras and their legs and belly buttons and their lips and their eyes and their hair, some had bushy panties and others weren't bushy yet. One girl asked if I knew if they carried these panties and I pulled up my dress and asked her if those were the panties she was describing. She said yes and I went and got her three pair of panties.

    My sister had a friend over one Sunday after church and they were going to go out and play in the above ground pool we had in the back yard. She didn't have a bathing suit so my sister loaned her one and I got to watch as they got naked and put on their bathing suits, those small tits and they both by then had a decent bush. I made sure that I watched them change back into their clothes.

    At the end of the summer I went to college, it was only sixty miles away but it was as far away as I had ever been on my own. I saw my dorm mate naked. She slapped my face but I still watched her change and get naked. I was sitting on my bed and she walked over to me and stood a few inches from my face and asked me why I stared at her. I could see the outline of her pussy under her bush, her legs moving from one foot to the other. I put my hands on her hips and kissed her pussy. It was a very long kiss, using my lips to cover her pussy and after a few minutes my tongue to explore her pussy. She stood there until I stopped and looked up at her and she told me I was strange.

    But not so strange that she let me kiss her pussy again and walk her back to her bed and sit her down and open her legs and I told her I loved her and I put my mouth on her pussy and this time I didn't stop until I had an orgasm. My first person to person orgasm. I loved her and I loved being naked with her and kissing her and her tits and her pussy. I made her tell me she loved me and I showed her how I held my sister to sleep and that's how I wanted to hold her to sleep, and if we slept like that we both fit on that single dorm room bed.

    By the time we were seniors we were very experienced with each other and we could sit and kiss and hold hands and talk about what we were going to do after we left college. I was going to be a teacher so she decided to be a teacher and she signed up for getting her teacher's certificate. We didn't quite get the same school district but we were fifteen miles apart and we lived together. No one thought anything of it, two teachers living together, but they didn't know what we did. I like to think that there wasn't much we didn't do, by then we had been together four years and we were quite adept and making the other one have an orgasm.

    A rumor was started that one of the teachers at school was a lesbian. I helped the rumor to cover for myself and we all settled on this woman called Joan. She wasn't a lesbian, she was just a little fat and never had a boyfriend. The rumor taught us to get boyfriends and we did. The stupid guys dated you but they wanted sex and that is where things got difficult. We played that we would not have sex before marriage, we didn't have intercourse but the boys went all the way to third base and beyond, they just didn't get their dick in us. Things were just to complicated and I told my girlfriend it was time to raise anchors and head to L.A. where we would not have a problem.

    That's how it was when we were in our twenties. Of course now we are in our fifties and married and no one says a thing, but we don't teach school either. I got over my attraction to girls my little sister's age once I got attracted to a naked girl my age. I still have a deep attraction to girls in their twenties and early thirties, that's my kind of girl. My wife laughs, why would some twenty year old want to have anything to do with a fifty year old butch?

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