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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 38

    My sister and I are one year apart. My mother was quite old when I was born, she was 41 and my father was 61 at the time. My mother taught Fabrics at the local college and my father was an Electrical Engineer. I spent a whole lot of time alone. I started masturbating at 14. Serious masturbating, like very night. No one said anything. All of a sudden a towel was under my sheet and the mattress. I would leave my wet and dirty underwear on the floor, my sister who is older by one year picked them up and washed them. She also washed the sheets every day. She never said anything. Her duties included the laundry at our house.

    One Saturday morning I didn't get up on time because I was in bed masturbating. My sister came up to get me and she stood in the door until I was done. I hadn't heard her. She came over to me after I was done, helped me stand up and she pulled my wet underwear off. I was standing there naked with my still wet penis and she picked up my undershirt off the floor and she wiped my penis clean and sent me to get a shower. When I came out the bed was made and the sheets had been changed.

    She started to come over to my room, she would get under me and let me masturbate on her while she held me between her legs. I would empty everything out on her stomach. She would clean me up, make sure that the sheets were dry, if not she would lay a small towel over the wet spot. She would make sure my penis was in my underpants and she would kiss me on the cheek and then go to her room and go to bed.

    One of those nights, after I had done my thing on her stomach, she used her finger to lap up the cum and she ate it. We were fourteen and fifteen. She loved keeping my penis clean, loved having me cum all over her, she started to masturbate by having me rub her clit with my hand, or wear thin panties and have me masturbate by rubbing myself against her while she played with her clit. She would clean up all the cum with her finger, off her stomach, off of me, off my penis, she didn't want to waste any of it. I stopped having wet underwear or wet sheets and she started to have wet panties.

    I was seventeen when she came over and used her hand to jack me off. By then she had become very adept at it, she could jack me off and would eat the cum. There was almost never an accident to clean up. But that day after she got me hard, she straddled me and rode down on my penis until it was deep inside of her. She rode up and down, holding on to my neck. She pulled herself up and would examine my penis, hold on with one arm, and use her other hand to rub my penis against her clit, then stuff it back inside and ride again. When I came, she hugged on tight and just let me come inside of her. She told me not to worry, now that she was eighteen she had been able to get on the pill down at the public heath clinic.

    It was a good while before she laid out on her back and had me fuck her that way. She complained, she said that was her bad luck that she was the girl, the guys always got to fuck and the girls had to take it. But it was her bad luck, not mine, so she wanted me to fuck her, so I did. She still jacked me off, she liked to get a mouthful of cum.

    My father died before either one of us got serious enough to contemplate marriage. On my wedding day, I got married before she did, she jacked me off so that I would last longer on my wedding night. She was in our apartment a whole lot, my wife complained that we were still tied together, why couldn't she have her life and let us have ours. My sister finally met a guy to marry when she was 30. It didn't stop her from spending most of her free time with us.

    To this day she jacks me off, she says she doesn't like to jack off her husband, it doesn't feel right, and she won't eat his cum, only mine. She gets me to go off with her on some made up errand so that we can fuck. We fuck several times a month. She is pretty good at straddling me and stuffing herself with my penis and playing with her clit. She says that she only has missionary with her husband, she wants him to get on and get off. My wife still complains, why do I have to spend so much time with my sister? She and I have sex, but like my sister's husband, my wife is primarily missionary and my wife does not jack me off or blow me, which she is ok with, she thinks its gross.

    Maybe our mother could explain why, maybe because she never raised us, my sister raised me even if she was really only one year older than me. And she raised me right.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 19

    Ow I super embarrassed. My dad walked into my room without knocking and I had my dildo in my ass. I was horsy and masturbating but was craving anal so was laying on my bed naked and fucking my own ass. Just what I didnât wa t to happen happened, now I canât look my dad in the eyes. Oh not to mention I have a big bush since Iâve been too lazy to get waxed in almost a year so my asshole is also hairy.

    Well I did catch him masturbating a few times in the past few years so I guess weâre even now. Iâm more embarrassed because I had my dildo in my ass, if it were in my vagina I wouldnât worry. Itâs been a week and he hasnât said anything about it. Maybe Iâll mention it tonight to him

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    I attended a home New Year's Eve party this year at a neighbors house. I didn't really know the couple that well as I was invited by an acquaintance. The hostess was really nice and a bit flirty and she kept bringing me some pink tequila shooters. The party was fun !!

    At around 1:00am most of the guests left - the couple asked me to stay and we were going to go in their hot tub. We all got naked and jumped in the hot tub - we had a good time laughing and chatting. The husband asked me if I would stay over for the night.

    We all got in bed and before I knew it, the wife had my big cock in her mouth and she was sucking me like a porn star. I ended up fucking her in front of her husband while he watched and mostly masturbated - I noticed that I had a much bigger cock then he does and we fucked like rabbits in heat - I think we all enjoyed it !

    It was a great New Year !

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 55

    i got dumped by imy girl we were in 3rd grade i was moping walking home i entered a restroom at a park while pissing a man black stood on my left i finpeeing when he floped the biggest dick i never saw a black dick ever and stood staring mouth open as it swelled then a clearlite gold pis flowed out like a water hose h ssead go on boy you can touch it wont bitein a daze i scooted inmy face so close i smelled his mandick smell pe splashed on my lips ilicked it i grabed itand got closer his streem i made gush along my lips andtungnow drops began he had me squeeze and milk the fat shaft fronm base to headwithout a word i kissed the hole and slurped out a few drops i drank he face me and sead dats it suckon that dick and i did feeling it growsoon i barly fit the head and threeinches inmouthhe stroked as i got mouth fucked i stoped pulled it out i wispered up to him i get fucked in my bum when my uncle stays in my room he went out of town friday and returns bezxt konth cn you put it in me bacjk there i wont tell he bent me over spit on my arsehole and made me howel i felt every fat black inch go in abpout the 20 thrust ustns liquied saoap he pushed in i pushed butt back and i past out when dickhead hit back wall he fucke me as i was past out impailed on n****redick i told where i lived he tap my window late nites i sneek him in my bed we got naked i licked him allover his dick and balls he lift legs up i lick his n****r arsehole i was in a trance by smelling n****rdicknballs alli wanted was to kiss l;ik andsuck n****rdicks abd balls and swallow akll his n****r sperm i meet him in aklleys befor school and spend allday being mouth and buttholefuked i was in love with his dick that i beged him to let me live with him he lived in a mobile home on a secluded forest land faer from town and people he sead i can i packed my things and we left at his house wew never wore close i had his dick in my mouth or up my butt24-7 he bring frends for me to get knolledge on diffrent n****rdicks and spoerm i fuked hundreds of hung n****rs that paid to fuk my white asshole aand we stayed living as husband and wife from 9yrs old to 16 then i was dog style he pounded my boy pussy like never befor as hi shot sperm in my guts he fell onto my back flat on my belly allhis weight his dick throbbin and shooting spermi rolled him on his back and started sucking hard his dick got limp not hard then with my mouth full on his lim dick i noticed he was dead i tried sucking him back to life for a hour maby two no luck so i stop got up and kiked him swquare in the balls got dress and went outside billy pulled up i got in we drove to a spot where i suckrt hem then he buttfucked me soooogood i ask if he could be my n****rdick my n****rsperm supplyer he sead oh heeeeelyes lets do dis potnugh i got out shit sperm wedrove to da club and he p****d me to other n****rs all nite someonr sead they fount a dead n***a in da woods naked looked like a baby wit a big ol dick blooted blu andkold dats all im say in putos

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    My sisterâs husband is all hands. He started taking gropes on me shortly after m sister started a relationship with him. He hasnât been found out yet by my sister and Iâm afraid to tell her. He started to feel my butt and I would be embarrassed. He advance to feeling my breast. He now pulls my blouse down and feels my breast. He has almost gotten me to orgasm feeling between my legs. I should stop him but I donât want to make a family issue. He flashed his penis but I havenât touched him. He is bigger than my husband. I masturbate to the thought of having it in me. Iâm holding strong to not give my body to him.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    Maybe this should be under My Family since it involves me and an Aunt. Too, it happened many years ago but let's read and pretend that it just happened yesterday. I was young, compared to my Aunt but not that much younger than she. I was 21, been in the Air Force 3 years already. My Uncle, the husband of my Aunt, had died several years ago. The reason I never understood. Anyways, I was at home one leave and decided to visit some on my cousins who lived near their mother. This was during a work week therefore they were all probably at work. As I was leaving I decided to stop by and visit my Aunt Ruth (fake name). She was at home and alone. She greeted me with a big hug and explained how thrilled she was for me to visit because she has been so lonesome since her husband died. I apologized for not attending the funeral but my being in the AF and stationed away prevented it. She understood. So, we sat and talked for a great while when I said I must go. When I stood to leave she came over and put her arms around me and began to cry and telling me how happy to see me again. I tried to comfort her to ease her pain, whatever. It didn't seem to take effect so I asked her to go out with me to a restaurant for a snack. That didn't work either. She took my hand and led me over to the couch and we sat side by side and I mean close. Now back in those days ladies wore mini skirts, you know. She was a beauty for her age, better than twice mine I'd guess. And a beautiful body, one most teen aged girls would admire and like to possess. As she sat close she naturally spread her legs and as doing so her mini skirt seemed to slide up. I could see almost everything so I slid off the couch, got on my knees between her legs, began kissing her hands and telling her how sorry I ws that she was so depressed and couldn't stop crying. I did place my hands on her hips as I talked which caused her mini skirt to rise more. WOW! I could see her entire panty less and hairless bare pussy. It looked so good, like a young girls who had not yet grown pubic hair. I began to get and erection and I wanted that. She noticed my nervousness and asked me to get back up beside her. I did and I'm sure she could not overlook to throbbing rise in my pants. She leaned over, kissed me on my lips and began rubbing my hard dick until I couldn't take it any longer so I reached down and began massaging her bare and wet pussy and sliding my fingers in and out but not to deep at this time. With my bare hand I began squeezing her tits. She loved this so much that she removed her blouse and unbuttoned her bra and threw the blouse and bra over on a near chair. Her boobs did sag a little after removing her up-lift bra but they were still magnificent. She stopped crying and was now moaning and groaning. I even stopped all I was doing, got down and began kissing and licking her pussy and clit. I mean this did drive her insane. She pushed my head aside and said, "Let's go into the bedroom." Once there she only had to slip out of yer mini skirt and she then began undressing me like a professional. Now we are both completely naked. She pushed me back onto the bed and began sucking my hard dick like she loved it, I did! I managed to let me get around into the 69 position and you'll never convince me this was new to her. She was a professional. I don't know how many times she cumed but it was many. I managed to hold off until we changed to the missionary method and i mean I gave her one long and good fucking before I had to cum myself so I pulled out and shot cum all over her belly. She grabbed my still hard dick and began squeezing and yanking it as to get the remaining cum, if any. She then began sucking me again. This didn't last long because I was going limp. Can you imagine? We both got cleaned up in the bathroom and replaced our clothing and returned to the family room sofa where we held hands and chatted some more. Well, I had to return to my base before we could get together gain. I loved it and would give anything for a repeat but remember, this was a long time ago and my Aunt has died in the meantime but if you believe in the HEREAFTER then you can imagine she and my uncle together again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 48

    My wife and I got married after my one year of college. We were and still totally in love. When we started having children life got busy so we didnât have sex as much as we wanted. I found out later she was addicted to masturbation. The first signs and I didnât know at the time was she would be hot and wet after I got the kids asleep. I thought she was excited about me coming to bed. When the kids became teenagers was when I realized what was going on. She didnât know I could here the massager when we were in a different part of the house. I would watch tv with the kids and my wife would be using the vibrator. This was daily. When she got in her mid 40âs she stopped wanting sex with me. The kids moved out so we had time but she still had no sex interest for me. She would let me have it about once a month. I even decided she may be cheating with someone else. We even started sleeping separate because I would want sex and she would be offended. I was in an electronic store and I came upon infrared spy cameras. I bought one. The first night i watched her get 3 orgasms without the massager. I would leave for work an hour before her then she would pull out the massager. She finally spotted the spy camera. She was furious. She was really upset I had been spying her. I came back how her masturbation had prevented me from sex for years. She admitted to being hooked on masturbation and became apologetic. We discussed this for days and the solution was to mix her wanking in with me having sex with her. It works well. I ask her to go warm it up then I would come up and have sex. She was shy at first but while having sex I would tell her to rub herself. Sometime I would orgasm before her then she would wait till I got up and get her orgasm without me. She asked me to help her find a way to stop massturbating but I told her to please continue. We have had sex this last year more than the previous 10 years combined. Have any husbands been a victim of your wife masturbating? Please share.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    I had a one nighter with a 36 year old widowed, from a man who left her quite wealthy, woman. She was in a small bar, it was a pick up for sex, and she honestly looked younger than my previous 21 year old girlfriend. She has a killer body, beautiful face, though she looks hard, smallish tits just like I prefer, is 5ft. 8in tall and weighs about 115 lbs. at most. Best though, she's the first natural blonde I've ever fucked. We went to her, I'll call it a house but it's really a mansion, and we got naked in the foyer and spent the next 6 hours naked and fucking. Then she did the most unusual thing. She asked me to squeeze her tits really hard. I did, but it wasn't hard enough, she started begging me to squeeze them. I squeezed them so hard they bruised right there and then. My finger marks were all over her small tits. She wanted me to pull her tits up by the nipples then slap her tits till the nipple slipped from my grip. She had me pull them up, down, slap them sideways, even give her some hard slaps and punches to her tits. She was riding my cock and went crazier and crazier the more I abused her tits. After she just laid back sighing. It was our last fuck that night. She thanked me for not judging and for not being so macho that I wouldn't take direction on how to please her.

    She showed me her collection of riding crops, whips and switches as well as some huge dildos she likes used on her. I couldn't believe she could take a dildo that thick in her very tight pussy, but she says she does. Her husband used to whip her, and do so many other things to her, it got to be the only way she can get off. I know it was supposed to be a one night stand, and for her too. But I talked her into going again Wednesday night. I told her it must be hard to get guys to do what she wants, and since I knew what that was already we should be friends with benefits. I've never had anyone who likes to be hurt like that, I don't mind doing it, and she was a phenomenal fuck, not to mention natural blonde pussy hair. I mentioned my particular penchant for fucking a woman while she's on her period and she says she likes doing that as well. My past GF wouldn't let me touch her on her period, only anal or oral.

    She really gets off being hurt, and it looks like I can get what want as well.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 52

    I was in college and to make some extra money I would mow lawns in the residential part of town. This lady owned about an acre of ground, she had her big house and detached garage with a garage apartment on it. She rented the place to this 30ish woman who managed a Christian book store.

    There was nothing particular about this woman, she was ordinary, she dressed conservatively, never exposing anything and she had a hard look on her face. But when I came to mow the lawn she would step out and bring me a glass of cold home made lemonade. That afternoon, it was hot, and I was in shorts and had taken off my shirt and she was standing there and I was drinking the lemonade, and she said in a whisper that maybe I could help her, some papers had fallen behind her bureau and she couldn't get to them and if I could help her after I finished mowing the lawn.

    I went up there innocently enough, I left my shoes on the landing, and went up barefoot, and she was waiting for me, she had changed and had on a pair of shorts, and a peasant blouse. I had never noticed, but she had a fairly good sized rack, and she wasn't wearing a bra, her breasts were all over the place as she moved. I went into her bedroom, which was all made up, very much a woman's room, nothing on the floor, everything looked like a magazine. Her bureau was large, one of those antiques that weigh a ton. I worked hard to move it, I had to take out all her drawers, one of which contained all her underwear, which she exclaimed that it was the first time a man had seen those. Oh well, too late.

    I got the bureau moved and found her papers, which she took and thanked me and stood by me as I pushed the bureau back against the wall and when I was putting the drawers back in the bureau she commented that she had one weakness, she liked frilly underpants, but, she commented, a man like me surely had pulled many a pair off of some innocent girl, so nice girly underpants were not something new to me.

    Once her room was back together, we had been in there for a long while, she laid back on her bed, and she asked me if I could guess what kind of underpants she had on. I stood at the foot of the bed, looking at this woman as she lifted her blouse up exposing her breasts, these two balloons of flesh with full nipples, and she sighed and moved her body back and forth. I had been dense, stupid really, she undid the clasp on her shorts and asked me to discover her favorite pair of underpants.

    Blindness took over, she lowered her shorts bit by bit exposing a pair of pink panties, and when she had her shorts down to her knees she asked me to uncover her sweetness as she pushed the top of her panties down exposing her pubic hair. I would lie if I didn't say that I was just about fully erect, still unbelieving what was going on, like a robot I pulled her shorts off and then rolled her panties down as she took her top off and she was laying in front of me totally naked. In short breath she ordered me to take off my shirt and shorts and show her how I wanted to mow her lawn.

    When I was standing there naked in front of her, she sat up and took my erection in her hand and put it straight in her mouth and proceeded to stroke me and get me to the point where it was hard to stand up. She leaned back and opened her legs and said to show her what I was made of, to just fuck her until I came.

    It is just that I can't get over her breasts, they were the best I had ever seen. So full, so round, her nipples stood out, he legs were tight around me, she bucked while I fucked, she held my head and made me kiss her, she said things, she asked to be fucked. When I was done she held me tight on top of her, telling me not to spoil the moment for her, she just wanted to hold a man between her legs, to feel her breasts against my chest, to feel my face in her neck, and she asked to just fuck her again.

    She cooked a meal, she wore her panties and her top, her breast flowing under her shirt, her nipples hard against the fabric, she asked me to sit without a shirt on, in my boxers and while we ate she reached under the table and held on to my dick, telling me that is what made a man, she slid her chair back and leaned over and put my dick in her mouth and sucked hard.

    After dinner, and she had cleaned up, I was sitting on her sofa, she came into the living room, slipped off her top, lowered her panties and kicked them off, sat in the chair in front of me and put her legs over the arms and told me to come and eat my desert and then fuck her again.

    I mowed the old ladies lawn that summer and the next, in the fall I came to rake leaves, in the winter to make sure everything was in order. And when I was done I went up to see the Christian book store lady. I know I was young, that there were hundreds of girls on campus, but I was horny for her, in bed at night I would dream about her breasts, under her shirt without a bra, and fuck my pillow. I never dreamt about any of the college girls like that.

    I won't say that I was one to have had hundreds of girls, that would be a lie. But I have had experience with a couple of dozen, before and after, but in my mind that woman will always be my best fuck. She just plain liked it, she knew what she liked, and she was not afraid to ask. That woman liked to fuck.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 36

    I ran away from home with another girl. We ran out of money a week later, we convinced a man to rent a motel room and gave him all our money. We were too young to be able to get a job. The manager figured out that we were staying alone at the motel and turned us in. During those days when we were staying at that motel my friend and I talked about all sorts of things, but not once did we talk about what we were going to do.

    My parents picked me up at the Sheriff's office, and her parents picked her up. We went to all sorts of counseling and we were identified as being in a high risk group at school. My mother was sure that we had sex while we were away, and no matter what the doctor told her, and confirmed to her that I wasn't pregnant, she would not change her mind. My father was more of 'lesson learned', and he told me that if I did it again he wasn't going to waste any time with an ungrateful daughter.

    I had sex a couple of years later. I told my mom the day I had sex, I told her that was my first time, but she never believed me.

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