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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was a teen, I went to the family farm, run by my uncle''s family. While there I could tell that my two cousins, John and Josh definitely wanted me. It was impossible to miss when they were constantly checking me out, taking peeks, making occasional comments on how sexy I am.

    Well to be honest, it turned me on, so I made it obvious that I was no virgin. This only got them more excited. Then after a couple nights, we decided to have a "camping trip" into the woods. We hiked a good ways from the house, set up a tent and lit a fire. Spent the afternoon just hanging out like teens. After dark, and a little bit of alcohol, they finally worked up enoughere courage to see how I would react to their advances on me. I played like I was interested but unsure because we're family but in reality I was dying for their cocks.

    After a short while I told them I needed to change into my night clothes. They looked confused and John asked what night clothes I could need when camping. I said "come on in the tent and find out."

    They followed me into the tent and I told them to turn away. They did. I slipped off my tank top and short shorts that had been all the clothes I was wearing and told them they could see now. The looks on their faces were perfect. The erections in their pants were even better.

    They looked over my body for a few seconds then took off all their clothes also. I started sucking Josh's cock and switched back and forth for a while. It wasn't long until they were begging for a turn at my pussy. I gladly turned around on my hands and knees and presented my round ass to my two cousins. John got there first and slid his cock in deep.

    We didn't sleep much that night, John and Josh just took turns fucking me in various positions most of the night. We didn't stay in the tent very long either. I orgasmed a lot and they each had a turn erupting in my pussy and then my mouth. We all mostly just fucked until we asset out from exhaustion. The last thing I remember was sucking John's cock while Josh thrusted in and out of me from behind. At that point we were all laying down anyway.

    The rest of my stay on the farm was a lot of sex and a little sleep.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 41

    My wife sucks my cock while I look at photos of her sister on my memory stick that I view on my big screen tv and just before I cum I ask her to moan her sisters name.Sometimes when my wife goes over to visit her sister I blow a load of cum on a teaspoon of sugar and i put it in a plastic bag and my wife drops it in her coffee and watches her drink my cum I've had my wife open up her sisters panties and take close up photos of her pussy stains and shit stain

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    When I was 16 my friend and I were doing a project on my dads computer for school. I never got too nosy on his computer, but when I came back from using the bathroom my friend had found some interesting pictures. It didn't take long to discover it was my dad. She went through the pictures and we seen his HUGE cock. Since that day I have wanted nothing more than to have his hot cum dropping from my mouth, pussy and asshole. 15 years later and I've never got to feel my daddy's cock, but I still think about it all the time.

    Anyone ever had sex with their dad? I really want to pursue him, I just don't know how.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    Thank you for fixing the spam, or whatever the hell that shit was.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    A few years ago my wife and I were on an annual camping/outing trip with friends and had a single buddy of mine bunking with us in our motor home. We had been gone during the day and returned late in the day for an evening of eating, drinking around the campfire with the rest of the group. Everything was going great, we were all feeling no pain and it was getting late. I headed inside first, went to bed and woke up to here my wife and Bob coming in, giggling and whispering and I could tell something was going on. To backup a little there had been other experiences between us before so the next thing I know they are next to the bed kissing and she sits on the bed and pulls his dick out. After sucking it for awhile he lays her on the bed, by now I stirred around and said don't let me stop you but don't forget I'm here. They laughed and before long he was pouring it to her and she was sucking me, he eventually filled her full and I followed, which was awesome. We all fell asleep together, woke up naked in the morning, showered and partied for the day with friends, pretty much repeating the performance the next night. What areas weekend.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 28

    Since I was a teenager I have had sex with 12 guys over about 10 years. I did have 2 fairly long term relationships but nothing ever serious enough to get married. Aside from the boyfriends I have had I was about 16 when I had a tendency to expose myself to boys and men. Not naked most of the time but I would often be able to expose my breasts or vagina trying not to make it seem intentional. My main oppurtunities were in my house exposing myself to my brothers friends and often male friends of the family. Because I was never caught doing these things or because none of them ever told my parents or my brothers I continued. There were many times they saw me fully naked which was an extreme turn on for me. With all the guys I have dated my nudity was always extreme around them and by that I mean way more than needed. For some reason it was more arousing for me when they saw my body in the most intimate ways possible. I was always fond of sex toys and had no trouble having those guys use them on me penitrating me anally and vaginally. The more exposed and the more degrading ways I was positioned the more aroused I would become. Although never humiliated by it I could tell some of these guys enjoyed what they thought was humiliation of me and would take upon themselves to spank me or otherwise take advantage of me. There were two that I finally had to break off with because of their aggressiveness. There was a time when I was 24 that one of the guys I was going out with for a few weeks asked if his brother could come over. Thats the only time I ever had a threesome and it lasted for almost 7 months. Pat was 25 and Brian was 23 and I must admit the arousal of having two guys see me in such compromising situations was a thrill I'll never forget. I not only had sex with them but they had no inhabitions how they used the sex toys on me and the orgasms seemed perpetual. These brothers were exactly what I wanted becuase I let them believe they could humiliate me and expose me anyway they wanted using all the sex toys I had. I probably would have been with them longer but got transfered by the company I work for. I now have been dating a guy who is almost 50 for over a year. He is devorced and every bit the pervert I have desired. Aside from spending a lot of money on me he is also very handsome and enjoys the way he "thinks" he has control of me. He is much more experienced than the other guys I have dated and what makes me happy is that he enjoys trying to degrade me and many times asks if he is embarrassing me. I tell him he humiliates me ofen but I can tell it only satisfies him thinking he does. He thinks he punishes me sometimes by spanking me and I let him think he is hurting me a little when he has anal sex with me. I never tell him this but his penis is not nearly the biggest I have ever seen and many of the dildos I have are much larger than his penis. I never tell him and don't know myself how many times I have been penitrated anally over the years. He also seems to like watching me orgasm and I just play along with him often begging him not to make me orgasm again. When I say that to him he automatically begins again which is exactly what I am looking for. He asked me about all the sex toys I have and all I said is that I only had two boyfriends and did masturbate all the time. He seems to believe me and has no conseption of how many guys have used them on me, how many guys have seen me naked or how many I have had sex with. I have even told him he is the only guy I have ever tasted semen from or had oral sex with. Aside from my abnormal sex drive I have also become a good liar.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Limited experiences with men but quite a few as a young boy. My friends and I tried everything with each other. Jacking off, mutual jack off sucking each other off humping, nudity, and anal sex. I don`t know why but what I liked most was having a friend put his dick in my ass and I really enjoyed getting fucked and taking their warm slick cum in my ass. It made me feel very nasty in a good way.
    My best friend and I never told anyone but he and I sucked each other off all the time and we liked to cum in each others mouth and swallow it. We got off making each other gag on our dicks and shooting our cum in each others throat. He and I got rough and wild with each other and the first time I asked him if he wanted to fuck me I thought he would never stop. He fucked me hard and came in my ass a lot and held me down while he was fucking me and it felt great. I miss all the wild crazy things I did with my horny friends growing up.
    Ever since I was a teenager I have worked hard to suck my own dick. At first I could only lick on the head of it but after working at it and slowly stretching my body I could take about three inches of my dick in my mouth. I enjoy sucking my own dick and from the start I have never considered taking it out of my mouth to cum. I really enjoy sucking my own dick and shooting a huge load in my mouth and swallowing every drop of my own thick hot load.
    I still enjoy it often and my ex wife and I had a wild sex life together and she loved to watch me suck my own dick while she licked sucked and fingered my ass then she liked to kiss me and share my cum. Eventually she got this idea to buy a strap on to fuck me in the ass while I sucked my dick and that just made me cum even more. I suck myself off all the time but my wife knows nothing about this. I don`t think she would approve. Any time I have the privacy I do it and I have sucked myself off in many different places. Even some times at work on Saturdays when no one is around and the office is locked and I know I won`t get caught. I do it out in the woods, in my pick up ,in our bathroom taking a shower, any where in our house when no one is home. I have even sucked my dick out in my boat late at night fishing and other places that you would never think of.
    If you can`t do this you might not understand why I like it so much but my dick is very long and thick and I cum very heavy. It just feels so hot to lay on my back with my knees on each side of my head with my lips around my hard dick sucking it like crazy taking all my pre cum in my mouth and a finger working on my asshole until I explode in my mouth and swallow it down. I have sucked myself off as much as three times in a row if I have the time. Just writing this has me hard and as soon as the wife goes out shopping later I will be sucking my dick as soon as she drives off.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 25

    Ok, so everyone thinks being well hung is great, but I'm here to tell you sometimes it sucks! Since I started with girls, I've had countless encounters that ended in pain, blood or ruined sex. Since I was 13, I knew I was bigger than most of the kids in my school. Even the black kids would look in the showers. In reality, it's just over 8+ inches soft and get between 10 and 11 1/2 inches hard and about as thick around as a beer can. I can just place the roll of duck tape around it snugly.
    I know every porn story brags about bigger sizes, but I'm telling you that you don't know the frustration when you finally get to fuck a regular girl and she's stopping because it hurts. I rarely get a decent blowjob because the girls get tired so quick. You don't know how many times I end up with a handjob and a good bye.
    I've probably had 4 or 5 girls who could really handle me, but none were " relationship" material. My first encounter with a girl in my high school was my first fuck. I ended up sending her to the emergency room with vaginal tearing. I now understand how my enthusiasm almost ruined her.
    Every porn movie shows girls getting railed by some monster cock and loving it, but thats not real life. And I have no desire to do anytype of movies.
    I have actually considered reduction surgery, but I don't know how to go about it. Someone out there is saying bullshit right now, but most real girls can not and will not handle something the size of a large water bottle.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I started a profile on grinder and in the last two days I have sucked 5 dicks and have swallowed 5 loads, and got fucked in the ass once.

    Such self destructive behavior I don't know what got into me.

    Well the weekend is over I'll be back to a regular guy.

    Each load I swallowed, gave me a high like I've never had before.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 22

    I won't say how old we were, but we were out of school. In school I had been a cheerleader. On the squad with me was this girl who always had something new and she showed it off, lots of clothes and accessories. She also walked around with money. I asked her how she got the money because she came from the same neighborhood and I knew she didn't have money.

    After a lot of asking and swearing to stay quiet, she told me that there was a lady who helped her out, but that if I wanted her to introduce me I couldn't say no. I asked her if it was drugs and she said no, it was a lot of fun if you wanted to enjoy it. She pulled up close and whispered that if you had sex with men you could make more money than your parents did. She asked me if I was game, because she had already told me too much and I needed to go with a man that afternoon. Plus you always got more money if you were a new girl.

    We went to see this woman at this house and she acted like nothing was going on. My friend told me to show her my boobs and show her my pussy and tell her that I had never been fucked, which was true. After she looked at me and I had gotten totally undressed she asked me if I was willing to fuck an old man, because she knew an old man who would pay very well to fuck me. I said I didn't care, I wanted to know how much money I would get and when she told me I agreed.

    She drove me to this house and told me to around the back and go in, not to wait around, just go in and not to let anyone see me. He didn't even take off all my clothes, he just took off my pants and fucked me and then he wanted me to leave and he slapped me on the face. He called the lady and she was waiting for me.

    The next man wanted me to be naked. He had me suck him but I couldn't get him that way so I got fucked and he kept me there naked for a couple of hours. They were all different, and I got a lot of money.

    One day my friend came by and asked me if I was willing to do a party, we would be paid double. Three other girls and the two of us went to this house and we went in through the garage. There were a couple of men there and they just looked at us and we were told to go into this den and they locked the door on us. We waited for a while until the other two men had come and they came in and locked the door. They told us to wear these soccer shirt without pants or panties. The lights were turned off and they put on masks and they told us that if they caught us they would fuck us, but the girl that didn't get fucked got a prize.

    After a while one of them yelled out 'Goal' and one of the girls shouted out in pain. Then another 'Goal' and another girl screamed. The sound of the furniture being thrown around, the sound of the girls screaming and crying, then 'Goal' and another girl screamed. I felt a hand grab me and pull me down, my head was put in a head lock and I could feel his penis against me as he tried to bend me over, I finally fell to my knees and I was bent over and he fucked me and he yelled 'Goal'. A second later I felt this painful burn on my thigh and I yelled, it hurt so bad, he told me he was going to burn me on my pussy. I was burned again on my leg and then the lights came on and one girl was standing by herself. Those of us that were caught were put in a chain around our necks and she was given a large amount of money. The party lasted all night, she was never touched, she just watched what they did to us.

    Before sunup they had us picked up. The lady treated our burns, the burns had symbols, we had been branded. We got double our normal rate. I never agreed to do another party. I met a man who wanted me and I quit after eighteen months to go with him. I miss my own money, but I am scared to free lance and he would probably kick me out if I did.

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