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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 55

    I live in Europe and my oldest son was a player and was always picking up girls, using them then dropping them. Sometimes he would accidentally get a girl he didn’t like. Either she was not pretty or didn’t have the body he liked. One such girl was Sarah. She was eighteen and what I thought had a nice body. Good size C cup tits and a sweet shaped ass. Sarah wasn’t pretty and to me was rather dumb.

    My son lived with me after my divorce and would leave for days then show up with a new girl and grab food or beg for cash, then both would take off. This time though he shows up with Sarah and tells me he is going to another girls house and could I take Sarah home. I was angry because I really didn’t want to drive anywhere and it was late.

    He up and left waving goodbye to me and the now sad girl. She asked if she could sleep on my couch which pulled out into a bed. I agreed and got out a bottle of wine for myself. Sarah saw the wine and asked for some. After about an hour I had refilled her glass three times and realized she was getting drunk. I smiled to myself and kept filling her glass over and over.

    Several hours later she could barely talk and fell backwards on the bed. I’m fifty five and couldn’t resist. I waited a while till I figured she was out and climbed in the bed with her. She wore a T-shirt no bra a pair of Terri cloth shorts and some stupid looking fuzzy shoes that looked like slippers. I slid my hand down the front of her shorts and felt a thick bush of hair. Moving my finger I found her clit and rubbed it slowly. I was shocked after a while when my hand was soaked in her juice. She moaned and after a while I laughed as she trembled and had an orgasm. My hand was soaked and I licked my fingers tasting her juice.

    I slid her shorts off a pushed up her T-shirt. Her breast’s where beautiful. Firm like rocks with little coin size nipples. I licked every inch of her body eating her pussy and sucking her hard nipples. I fucked her twice cumming in her both times. The next morning she woke up and I took her home.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    My brother and I were kept indoors and not allowed to socialize with friends from school. Our social life was primarily with church kids. When it came time for a mission trip to Rumania I was told no because I was a girl but my brother got to go. He came back with gonorrhea that he caught from some woman of the night that he and his friends paid for sex. He had to take medication and he got a yelling from my father about being stupid because he should use a rubber and my mother was upset that her little boy was in one of those woman's arms.

    Meanwhile I stayed virgin, so virgin that I was ready to get the dog to fuck me. I was seventeen and even many of the church girls had lost their cherry and my cherry was intact. I looked at the dog and thought about pulling him up between my legs but I didn't. I got on the internet and found a website with instructions on how to train your dog. I got him to push his penis out, I laid down beside him to suck his penis but I didn't. I decided that our dog was queer.

    For Thanksgiving, that is why I am writing this now, we were put together in teams and sent to the homeless shelter to help serve dinner. All the kids had one adult supervisor, usually one or two boys and at most one or two girls. We were told how to dress, dress down and don't show any shoulder, boob, leg, back, neck. I wore this dress but I went commando. I told my best friend, the other girl on my team, and she went into the ladies room and took her underwear off too and we flashed each other before going out to the room where the food was served.

    The boys that were with us were dweebs, and the adult supervisor we had was the librarian at our school. We had fun pretending that the men were watching us. This one homeless guy kept looking at me and when he caught my eye he grabbed his crotch. After a minute I broke the stare and went back to work. I was driving by then, and I had to run errands for my mother and she kept a pretty close tab on me and I had to check out and check in. One day right before Christmas she sent me to Hobby Lobby and in the parking lot was this man from the homeless shelter. He recognized me and I recognized him. He stood against the wall when I was walking towards the doors and grabbed his crotch.

    When I came out he followed me to the car and said he would help me load the stuff in the trunk. When he was done he said he wanted a kiss. He was dirty and all so I just sort of kissed him on the cheek but he grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth. He told me his name and that he was there sleeping behind the building if I wanted to come by and be with a man. That night I couldn't stop thinking about it, I had been kissed and I called my friend and asked her to come by and pick me up to go study at her house and we went over to Hobby Lobby and parked in the gas station next door.

    We sat in the car for a while. We worked up the nerve and got out and walked around back where there were several men camping out. John, I will call him John, saw us and came up and asked what we were doing there and we said we had come to see if he needed something to eat. We took him to Burger King and then went and parked behind the church and I got in the back seat with him and she kept look out while I got popped.

    After we were done and I was dressed we drove over near Hobby Lobby and let John out and we went back home.

    That is how I gave up my cherry. My brother went with a prostitute in Rumania and I went with a homeless man. It was several years later that I told my brother of my night out. I have memories but they are mixed up and my friend corrects me all the time, mostly to tell me that it was a mad fuck in the back seat and then he got off. He didn't kiss me when he fucked me that night. I guess the earlier kiss had to do. But I finished high school with experience, I wasn't one of those virgin girls who look so sad in our high school graduation pictures.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 48

    My wife and I work rotating shifts at two different companies, this makes it so we are frequently on very different schedules. Probably needless to say, I have a drink or two at my local bar on the way home.

    Right now we are on schedules where I am in bed asleep when she gets home. So, after a couple drinks, I thought I'd be a bit cheeky and text her to climb on when she got home and we could have a nice late nighter.

    In bed I started to wake realizing she really had climbed on and I was about to go off. I grabbed her tits and let go. I'm squeezing her big tits in my hands pumping her full when I realize it's not my wife.

    I had texted our nineteen year old daughter by mistake!

    I freaked! I had already done the deed. The discussion that ensues was frightening and hot all at once.

    If my wife finds out...

    Dead Man Walking

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I'm sitting here right now wondering if I've gone too far. My father in law is a complete bastard, yet I found out fairly recently, he enjoys having his mouth filled with cock and adores being fucked.
    Having the knowledge, I told him I knew about a guy who'd fucked him (I didn't) and that I wanted my balls drained. Telling me his daughter would hear about it and he'd disinherit her, I basically called him out.
    Not only did he suck on my cock like no one has ever sucked on my dick before, but after I became ultra erect, I had him kneel up on his front room rug and fucked him from behind. To make sure he didn't try to make out I was going to be in trouble, I also took a brief video on my phone of my cock sticking out of his asshole, and his face in view.
    Since I first fucked him that day, he's been totally different with me, and hasn't been the complete shithead he's always been.
    In fact only two days ago we spent the whole afternoon having sex and I must have fucked him in as many positions as I;d ever fucked anyone. I also showed him the small video of me fucking him before. He now says he's true to his family and his daughter, yet he now wants me fucking him all the time.
    That's why I think I've gone too far.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 55

    I have held this in for fifty-one years! I was just thirteen when that son-of-a-bitch forced his cock on me. He was a neighbor and friend of my parents. I was walking home from town by myself one day and he offered me a lift home. When we got there he walked me to the door to say hello to my parents, but no one was home. He asked for a glass of water and we went back to the kitchen. Before I knew what was happening he was all over me, kissing me, rubbing my little breasts, rubbing my crotch. He then exposed himself to me and made me hold it. I was paralyzed with fear, but if I am to be totally truthful I was aroused.

    When he began to rub his penis on my face I kept my mouth shut tight but he pinched my nostrils and when I opened my lips he forced himself into my mouth. I gagged and felt nauseated but he kept telling me that all girls do it. At this point I felt my fate was sealed and didn't resist any further. He taught me how he wanted it and I complied. All along he was rubbing my little snatch making me wet He pulled out of my mouth and pulled my underwear down under my dress and began eating me out. I had my first orgasm on his face. Then he rose up and began pressing into me slowly but very forceful. I screamed when my hymen broke and he pushed further into me. There was pain I remember but what I can't forget is his face as he pumped me. The biggest shock of all was when he abruptly pulled out of me and forced himself into my mouth. I had not even considered the idea of cum let alone having a mouthful of it. I spit it out the first time but over the years have swallowed too many loads to count.

    We buried the bastard yesterday.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    So, I was giving my partner a bj and it is very obvious that I know more about male anatomy than he does. I was feeling naughty and very pent up that day (because I am more of a tease than he likes and I never get to just play with and tease him). In my frustration, I decided to be bad and held him at the base of his shaft and balls. I squeezed him so he couldn't cum until I let him go. Of course, I knew that's what I was doing, but he didn't.

    I never had as much fun in my life as when he started begging to cum (not really to me in particular, but to some higher power), grabbing my hair and shoving me down on his cock so I choked, and trusting his hip up so he could fuck my throat like some wild animal. In that moment, he was so desperate to finish that he stopped caring about anything other than trying to get off.

    It only ended when he finally moved my hand by force because it was getting in the way of him being able to fuck my throat as deep as he wanted. I've never heard him scream as loud as when he was finally able to finish. He let out so much cum in my throat that I had a hard time swallowing it all. He couldn't move after that and I just snuggled up against him like nothing happened.

    I plan to do it again when he doesn't let me tease him enough for my liking. He really should learn more about his own anatomy. hehe

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 18

    I have a bad habit which I do alone. I pee in my pants, mostly I pee in my panties. The whole thing stinks the next day, if I pee in my pants the smell is terrible. It is me doing it, but I get disgusted with it and carry the wet clothes to the washer with a gripper extension that my father has in the garage. I have my own room and bathroom and when I pee myself I usually do it in the bathroom. I say usually because I have peed myself in public places like school, the park, at the mall, on the street, on the subway. I just stand with my legs open and pee.

    Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear about a young woman.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    Mind huvitab üks niisugune teema,et kas keegi poegadest on oma emaga vahekorras olnud.Kas on palju vasuseisu olnud või on kohe nõusolek saadud.Äkki keegi kommenteerib kuna mul on see eesmärgiks seatud.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    A couple months ago I got too drunk at a college party. When I woke up around 5am I felt very uncomfortable and didn't immediately realize why. First, I was totally naked, no clothes in site; second, I realized there was a beer can inside my vagina. As I pulled it out so much sperm poured out of me, it was then I realized that there was already a giant wet spot on the sheet of the bed. I have no idea how many times nor how many guys fucked me. I'd only let two guys put fingers inside me before, a girlfriend I was having oral sex with stuck her fingers in me too, but that was it. I was so sore from that big can I just started to cry. I went to the bath to clean up and then found a pair of sweats and a tee shirt and finally found my shoes. I never found my actual clothes. I went to my dorm room which I share with my girlfriend. She and I are in love, or so I thought. Her only words on my coming in, as I was about to tell her I was r**ed . . . "so the slut comes back".

    She dumped me, and everyone around the dorm was telling stories about me and how many guys I let fuck me. I'd never been fucked before and I have no idea who was first, nor how many followed him. My former girlfriend says she left after 14 guys had fucked me AND I was awake at the time, she says! Then the pictures of me naked, getting fucked, and passed out leaking, as well as the can inside me started being tacked on the bulletin board. After that I just let guys fuck me. If you take me out, you get to fuck me. I've been gangbanged at 3 other parties since. I just don't care anymore, I'm naked at parties in front of up to 100 people and they all know what a whore I am. My ex makes a point of kissing her current love in front of me, and even brought her into our dorm room and made love to her with me in the next bed. I just wish I could at least get an idea of who did it to me first, just so I know who it was. What kind of slut can't answer the question as to who was her first?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    I am having issue with my life. I am 30 and essentially unemployed and live in an apartment my uncle owns, I don't have any money to pay rent. I say I am an artist and I did have some work recognized when I was in college. The other thing is that I got involved with some people and we were busted for selling Mariguana across the state border. I am on probation.

    I am not over sexual, but I am frustrated. I used to not care about sex and I have never been into sex, it is just not me. But, and there is always a but in your life, I am sleeping with this couple. Yes, a couple. They have money, and they give me money, and I sleep with them. He has sex with me, she waits until he is done and then she takes me with her and we got sleep in the 'girls' room. I am never there when they have sex, but they do I am sure of that.

    Before sex she bathes me. I stand in the bathtub and she bathes me from head to toe and she washes me very carefully, especially all the sensitive parts which she goes over very gently paying very careful attention that I am very clean inside. After she has bathed me she lays me out on the bed, she always uses clean sheets, she takes all the covers off including the top sheet, she lays me down on the bed and opens my legs until she is satisfied. If I grew more hair, or she didn't do a good enough job with me, she sits with a pair of scissors and a razor and prepares me so he can see what he is going to get that night.

    I lay on my back and she goes to get him and she helps him undress, she massages him so he can get an erection, sometimes she uses her mouth for that, she takes her clothes off so she is totally naked too, she stands and stretches so he can see her and when she is satisfied that he totally erect she tells him that his dinner is served.

    As soon as he gets on I always pull my knees up and let him find my vagina. If he isn't doing a good enough job she helps by positioning his penis in the right spot and he penetrates very slowly. By then I am always gushing wet, so his penis slides in until it is all in, he can't get another bit in and then she gets behind him and with her gloved hand sticks her finger in him and massages his prostate and he comes and comes and comes, tears in his eyes, he must be having the most amazing orgasm ever. I'm not a man, it just seems that finger in his butt is a strange way to get him to come.

    It is a slow motion play, he lays on me for a while and his penis slips out and I feel his cold semen slide out of me and get the bed wet, she helps him roll off. She washes him down very carefully, helps him get his shorts on and his shirt and then she takes me and we go to the other room and we go to bed naked.

    Now you know why I am frustrated. The money is more than I can ever make from a job, I met her because she works with the local modern art museum and she invited me to be his. I was a gift. Here, have this girl I bought you kind of gift.

    When I am in bed with her she sometimes gives me an orgasm and sometimes she asks me to give her an orgasm. Lady stuff. My uncle lets me live in his apartment and they give me the money I need to live.

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