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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 48

    I have been a welder in the construction trades for over 30 years. Since I was a youngster in Montana I always wanted to be around construction sites. My father was a university professor and he was totally against the idea and did everything within his power to keep me away from it.

    It took me a good while to understand what attracted me to being around construction sites. It wasn't really the equipment, all though that does turn me on. It was the men. Even as a youngster I liked the men. We lived near the campus that my father taught and there was a whole lot of construction going on in and around campus at the time. I would spend my afternoons out there watching from the sidelines.

    One man, who knows how old he was that drove a bull dozer would say hi to me and one day he asked me if I wanted to get up on the bull dozer and try it out. He climbed up first and pulled me up and I sat between his legs on the seat, he held me tight with his legs and hugged me to him with his arms. His hand fell between my legs to pull me up to him and he held me like that, he asked me if I liked that and I told him I did and he told me he liked it too. While he held me he kissed my cheek and told me he thought I was a good looking young man.

    When we were back on the ground he shook my hand and told me that anytime I wanted to get back on the dozer to let him know, but that I didn't need to tell anyone that we were friends. That was that. During those weeks that part of the construction phase went on he was my friend and he let me hang around and he showed me how to pee into the dirt. He told me not to be embarrassed about my dick, to whip it out and feel the breeze and we peed together out behind the construction shack. He sucked my dick a couple of times and let me touch his dick once. When his job was done and he told me had to leave because he was going to work on another site I felt hurt.

    As I grew older I hung around construction sites, buildings, roads, whatever and one day this foreman asked me if I wanted a job, I could be gopher. I got my first job, technically I was fifteen but we said I was sixteen and I worked as a gopher after school.

    I was seventeen, by then I had worked several jobs for the foreman as they went from building to building on campus. At this one job I met a guy who was in his early twenties and he got me to drink beer with him and he sucked my dick. I sucked his dick. He fucked me. It was that easy. The word got back to the foreman that he had fucked me and the foreman told me that I had to leave, he didn't want any trouble.

    I got a couple of jobs at other construction sites working my way up bit by bit. From time to time I met up with a guy who wanted his dick sucked. One of those guys was a welder and it was with him that I had sex in a bed in a motel room. He had a lot of experience and it was my first experience with all out sex. I liked it and went back with him to the motel several times. He was the first to call me a faggot, he liked getting blown and he liked to fuck. I found out with him that I was a bottom. He gave me the advise about getting a licensed trade and I went to welding school and became a welder myself.

    I enjoy the company of men. I mean being around lots of men. Over time I have had several lasting relationships and many more one night stands. I don't look the part when I am at a bar, but I am definitely the bottom guy. I do not like to top. I have not been disappointed with my trade, my father went to his grave never understanding why I didn't go to college. I never let on to him that I liked men, I always told him the reason I didn't get married was because I never met a woman who liked me enough to marry me. The truth is I never dated a woman.

    From time to time I get nostalgic of those days when the university was being built up and I would go hang out around the construction sites after school. I never dreamt of being a college kid, I always wanted to one of those men on the construction site.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Why is dick so addictive?

    Let me take you guys back to the age of 12... No father, living with my mother, started puberty, Just discovered porn, full on homophobe,or I just loved girls at the time somuch.

    Just got a girlfriend and we started to do things at this young age. Her parents always worked so after school we would be by here house and just fool around, she would suck my dick, I would eat her out and we would fuck. She loved it rough and I could basically make her gag on my dick and fuck her as hard as I liked...

    One day while we were busy, I was fucking her throat and we never heard her father get home. The sound she was making with my dick on her mouth was that if choking and gaging and I guess her father heard... He burst through the door and found his daughter with my Cock deep in her mouth. I was frozen, the fear had me paralyzed, her father was a black huge ass sports loving guy, a muscled bear basically... This guy took me by my hair and dragged me into his man cave in the garage while shouting at his daughter and locking her in her room.

    So I'm a 12 year old naked boy fear stricken and have no idea what his about to do to me... First words he said to me was "so you like gaging little girls with your dick?" just there he pushed me to the floor and unzipped his pants and took out this 7 inch uncut soft black Cock (the only way I can explain it) and told me to get up on my knees and lick his dick... Now I still don't know why I did it but I licked his head and it tasted salty and had a strong odour but I couldn't resist.

    His dick was growing in my hands and he just took my head and pushed his dick straight in my throat and just there I was hooked... I hated it but I loved being able to do nothing and just be his slave if I can say that... He made me suck on his dick for so long, I was gagging and crying but this just made him go harder and faster until he just let out a huge moan and spuirted his nutt down my throat, so much leaked out on the floor and on him but he made me lick it up off his shoes and pants and told me from now on I'm his bitch and he owned me

    I just said yes to get out of there... Me and my Jessica (the girl I was seeing) stopped talking and we were never the same, I tried ignoring the memory for days but the fantasy just had me... The taste and smell of his Cock was in my head... But I just stayed away for about two weeks when the Friday he came to the school and told me to get in... I just obeyed and followed his every word, he told me that he had spoken with my mother and asked if I could join his family on a camping trip for the weekend and she agreed since she knew about me and his daughters relationship...

    Little did she or I even know that there was no camping trip or family with us on the road... We just drove to a beach house his family had and he told me this weekend I was about to find out what a real man is...
    That weekend he made me gag on his dick for hours on end, he tied me up, pissed in me, made me drink his piss, he made me stay naked whole weekend, he just dominated me everyday... But the Saturday was the most hectic of all...

    He basically fucked my mouth for hours, I was crying when he said it's time to become a real slave... He fucked me in the ass raw for the first time, was the worst experience of my life, first dick in my ass was a 9 inch thick black Cock and it Hurt like hell and he just fucked me rough and hard until he bust inside of me... I cried and screamed the whole way through... My ass was aching whole day full of cum and swollen.

    He fucked me again that night and this is where I just fell in love with the feeling of Cock on my ass...

    From the age of 12 till 18 I was his slave until I moved away and no one knew anything I think... And now all I crave is a dick in my mouth and ass... It fills my mind everyday, I just want to be fucked but am so scared to reach out to anyone...
    I need him to fuck me again

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Earlier this year my husband and I separated for a short while. It was after a regular themed argument over his lack of interest in sex.

    During the separation, one of my son's friends Alex who's now twenty called round to see my son. He'd gone out, hence Alex catching me with a vibrator in my pussy and two fingers sliding into my ass.

    It was a compromising position and an embarrassing one too. But it turned into some of the most dirty, most intense and absolutely wonderful sex of my life.

    Alex didn't turn away or suggest I cover up. Instead he walked over, stripped naked in front of me and revealed his very large, extremely erect thick cock. Telling me to get down and suck him, he practically dragged me off the sofa, and forced his cock into my mouth.

    Straight away he began to fuck my face and began telling me he'd always wanted to fuck me. My pussy was already dripping wet from the vibrator which had slipped out as I was forced to the floor. So when his cock began to pulse, and he spun me around plunging his cock into my pussy from behind, it slid in easily. Much easier than I'd have thought given his huge cock size.

    The fact I'd been finger fucking my asshole hadn't passed Alex either, as he then popped two fingers up my back passage. It was only then I began to think how surreal it all was. Only minutes before I was in my own home enjoying a wonderful masturbation time alone. And then minutes later my son's best friend was fucking me, and telling me as he did, how he knew he'd one day fuck all my holes.

    And all of my holes he did fuck over the next twenty minutes. After making me orgasm the first time, he slid his pussy cream coated cock out of my quivering hole and straight up my ass. The sensation was utterly mind blowing and for the first time ever in my life I had a second climax right after the first. It was so strong an orgasm, I slumped forward and his cock slipped out.

    Lifting my head by my ling brunette hair, he rammed his cock into my mouth and told me to take it all. Gagging at first, I took nearly his full length. Then when he began to buck hard, I withdrew his cock, lay on the couch and put my legs right back over my head.

    Alex told me I was kind of slut he loved, then plunged his cock back into my asshole. Fucking me madly for only a couple of minutes, he strained a few more times and then I felt his cock erupt up my rear hole.

    He flopped over me as his cock pumped his semen into my bowels, then leaned right in to kiss me. It was so unexpected I found myself pulling back, but Alex moved my legs wide apart, sliding out of my ass, and then leaned in to kiss me again. His cock was still rock solid as it slipped into my pussy. So still kissing passionately, we fucked to a slower rhythm. He ground into me and I pulled him deeper into my body, squeezing his tight ass cheeks at the same time.

    By the time my son returned home, Alex and I had showered and were drinking coffee. We acted as though he'd just arrived, but I could my son sniffing the air. It was I knew the smell of sex and human fluids he could sense, yet he didn't say anything.

    The following morning my son asked me if his dad had been round. I lied and said he had earlier before Alex got there. Smiling he said "Oh, I guessed as much".

    It was another two weeks before my husband moved back from his father's home. In between Alex and I first having sex, to him moving back in, Alex and I fucked at least another half dozen times. Each time becoming more and more sexualised. The rough on point sex was such a thrill, I found myself craving his body and cock. But most of all I craved how he fucked me. He used me, he took what he wanted from my body by fucking so hard and so roughly, I felt like I had to challenge myself to meet his demands. Which to me only added to the intensity of the sex.

    My husband and I are working through our difficulties, and I am trying to allow for his smaller thinner cock. But.... but I have to say I'm still taking Alex's beautiful cock as much as time and our lives allow. I've tasted forbidden fruit and it's so sweet and ripe for me, I doubt now I'll ever be pleased with my husband's attempts to satisfy me sexually.

    Leavin g him I guess is my only recourse. And in that, as soon as my son finishes his education, I will. For now I'm snatching those amazing times with Alex and enjoying each and every second he fucks me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 19

    "Out" is where I've been all my sexual life. From sucking on my friends dick at the age of fourteen, to last night when I took an eight inch cock down my throat and deep up my asshole.
    The confession, the new scenario or the reason I'm here, is who fucked me last night.
    I'm no effeminate gay boy, and in fact are seen as straight by most people who don't know me intimately. I'm an athlete, a gymnast and somewhat of a physical person. In other words I don't back down from a fight. Yet when it comes to sex, I utterly adore sucking cock and getting fucked hard. Something nine months ago, it wasn't lost on the person who came into my bedroom, removed my quilt and stuck their tongue deep up my ass.
    I'd been out at a party, got home around midnight and crashed out in bed. About an hour later, I awoke to the feeling of having my butt licked and tongued. Disorientated at first, I thought it was a tutor of mine and I was round at his place again. Only when I opened my eyes and realized I was at home, did I feel nervous.
    That nervousness went as my cock was pulled back and sucked on and then I felt a warm wet finger slide up my ass. I was lost in sexual need by then, so I allowed the scented man to move up my body, put his cock head to my asshole, then enter me as he kissed me neck.
    I knew his scent, his cologne. I should do, I'd smelled it all my life. I'd even seen his cock numerous times, sometimes fucking his wife. But that night it was my turn, my asshole was his and he'd wanted it for years. What had changed was my acknowledgement of his sexual position.
    His cock felt utterly amazing inside of me and he fucked me gently at first. His kisses didn't stop either, nor did his soft words of love. I succumed totally to his will and let him fuck me harder and harder. Yet always keeping things as quiet as possible.
    Pinnin gme face down to the bed, I eased my legs apart and that's when he rose up and thrust in much much deeper. It was so intense and such a beautiful introduction for us both, my cock spasmed a few times as his delved deeper. Then I came as quickly as I'd ever done in my life.
    He groaned and thrust maybe a dozen more times making me sink into my bed, then his cock exploded up my asshole. And that was that, we'd finally done it. We'd finally admitted to one another what we wanted, and it was awesome.
    He left my room that night and went back to his wife, who to this day takes sleeping medication.
    We suck and fuck like married true lovers these days and I'm utterly in love with him. But then I've always loved him my whole life...............I should do, as he's my father.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    22 female from the UK!

    I sell my porn come add me on Snapchat ;)

    My username is: snap43deep

    I lookfoward to hearing from you :)

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Male / 22

    I have started sucking my thong string after the gym...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 41

    I have just fucked my son

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am a second generation Mexican American. I was born here and have a birth certificate, social security card, and all of my papers. I also have a high school diploma and I have an associates degree. My mother does not have papers and she does not have an education. My father was a man that worked with my mother cleaning offices after she got here. I don't know him, he lives in California now. She doesn't understand the work I do at the hospital. I met an Anglo man at the hospital, got married and got pregnant and have a one year old son.

    What my mother doesn't understand is that I don't like being a Mexican. I don't like speaking Spanish, not that I speak it, I know words but I do not speak it. My last name now is Anglo, not Smith but definitely Anglo. I don't want my son to know that his mother is Mexican and I don't take him to see my mother. I don't like going to her neighborhood and I don't like talking to the people I grew up with. I stay away.

    She is sick so I met her at the hospital with my half sister. I didn't feel anything, nothing. She was just like the hundreds of people I see at a hospital. I know that what she has is incurable, there are medications to help her but she won't get better. I should feel something but I don't.

    Lately I have become very hot, I need to have sex with my husband. I used to not be hot, I had sex with him out of commitment but not because I wanted to have sex. Now I need to have sex. I have never felt this before, I had never been hot. I never sucked his dick before, but now I want to suck his dick and get him hard and have sex. He is reserved and he is holding back. I don't understand why I got hot all of a sudden.

    I know that my husband and me will have to pay for my mother's funeral when she dies. My half sister doesn't make enough money. My husband doesn't want to pay but we have to. I told my half sister to take my mother back to Mexico, let her live there with her family who can take care of her. We can send money to help. But we can't take care of her here.

    I was named Angela Maria but I go by Angie, I never use my full given name.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 24

    Elasime ühes vaikses linnaosas kahetoalises korteris mina 19.aastane koos 47.aastase emaga ja 51.aastase isaga.Isa armastas viimased neli aastat pudelisse vaadata ja koju tulles oli väga purjus ning vahest isegi vihane.Viimastel aastatel isa riidles ja tülitses emaga ning ema tuli siis minu tuppa minu juurde magama.Kui isa magama jäi siis ema läks oma tuppa tagasi.Ãks viimastest kordadest tuli jälle nuttes minu juurde magama siis ma rahustasin teda tugevalt enda vastu tõmmates.Ema võttis minu käe ja surus oma rinnale mis pani minu südame ärevalt tukslema.Tundsin ennast imelikuna sest püksis hakkas mul paisumine pihta ja ema lõhnas nii meeldivalt.Ema tuli tugevasti minu vastu ning kindlasti tundis minu kõvad peenist.Silitasin ema tagumikku kui äkki ta tõmbas oma öös&Atild e;¤rgi tagumiku pealt ära ülesse poole.Nüüd oli ta altpoolt paljas ja pükse pole tal ennem juba jalas olnud.Ema oli väga julge ja keeras ennast ringi,näoga minu poole.Siis ta tõmbas minu pea endale rinna peale ning oma jala minu peale ja ma sain aru et ema tahab mind saada.Panin ka siis oma käe talle jalgevahele mis oli nii kuum ning silitasin teda.Ema keeras mind endale peale,ajas mulle käe püksi ja hoidis minu peenist oma kuumas peos.Hakkasin siis tegutsema,ema ajas jalad laiali ja ma lükkasin talle sisse ning pumpasin teda.Ema oli nii kirglik tegutsema et võttis kiiresti oma rinnahoidja ära ja ise mudis oma rindu kuni saime mõlemad oma lahti.Puhkasime veidi ja siis tuli ema minule peale.See kestis meil mitmed korrad kuni ma hea töökoha sain teises linnas.Mõne kuu möödudes ema helistas mulle ja küsis et miks ma koju ei tule.Mul oli nüüd oma korter ja noorik.Mõne aja pärast käisin ema vaatamas ning mõningaid oma asju toomas siis ema kargas mulle kaela ja suudles mind mis ajas ema ja mind jälle kiima.Ema oli vahepeal minu tuppa kolinud ja sinna me suundusime.Kuna isa oli tööl siis meil oli hea kahekesi olla.Tahtsin küll seda kõike ära lõpetada aga ei saa,emast hakkab kahju.Selle korra ma nikkusin ta igatipidi nõnda läbi et ta ei jaksanud enam voodist tõusta,panin talle aluspüksid ka veel jalga ning tõmbasin kleidi ilusti sirgeks alla ja panin pluusi nööbid rinna pealt kinni ja läksin minema.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 36

    There is a 33 year old neighbor who has been living near my house for about 4 years. He and his wife divorced last year and she and his son moved away. He was finally arrested last month for exposing himself to many of the neighborhood girls, my 13 year old daughter being one of them. Over the last few weeks I got many more details of what went on. Eventually I had my daughter admit she and many of her friends took pictures of him as they intentionally peeked into his windows. My daughter wasn't smart enough to delete the pictures and videos from her phone. My husband and I both watched them as did the police. Its been going on from at least last spring and its very obvious this guy knew those girls were watching him. As far as I know there were about 7 or 8 girls aside from my daughter who would sneak onto his yard and watch him. It was always in his family room but he was always naked in the pictures and videos. The worst thing is my daughter alone had 23 pictures of him naked and 11 videos of him masturbating. When I asked her how often he did that she said almost every time they peeked in. So far I found out that the oldest girl is 14 but the youngest one is only 10 and it wasn't just my daughter who took pictures and videos of him. I never knew him well but did talk to him several times over the years and did know and see his wife many times. He seemed like a normal type guy and I would never think he would be such a scum to expose himself to young kids. I haven't seen him since he was arrested and the lights are never on at his house since the took him away. I know the girls were on his property but there are no fences in the back of the properties. I'm furious with my daughter after having her confess she had been peeking in at this guy a couple times a week for almost 6 months. Her one friend told her about it and the next thing she knew there were a lot more watching this guy. I just hope he is still in jail and stays there for a long time.

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