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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I rented a room from a married couple in their 50's for a reasonable price. I have lived there for over a month they are very nice to me to the point they trusted me to watch the house while they gone on vacation for a week. One day I got bored and decided to snoop around their bedroom. I found adult toys, adult movies and a selection of lingerie it appears they were into S&M too which is okay with me. I figure they were gone for a week and decided to try some of the toys and putting on her lingerie. I have always wanted to see what it feels like dressing up. It feel so good I keep it on most of the time when I know they were gone for a week.

    One night it was late and I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch one of the adult movie to see if I can relax to go to sleep. I got so horny watching the movie I went and got some of the adult toys and took it to my bedroom along with some of her lingerie and dressing up. It made me feel so sexy and good, I feel like a slut. I had one dildo in my ass and one in my mouth sucking and licking just enjoying myself. All of sudden I see this couple right outside of my bedroom door looking at me shocking.

    I guess I didn't hear them come in the house because I was so much into it and the movie was going. They told me the reason they were home early was the weather was bad and they had to cut short of their vacation trip. They didn't want to call me that they were on their way home is because it was so late at night and didn't want to wake me up. I told them I am so sorry they had to find out this way and I will pay or do whatever they want. The couple said we will discuss this in the morning is late why don't we all go to bed.

    The next morning we all sit in the kitchen table having breakfast. The husband said, well since you like dressing up slutty and you were sucking that dildo I think we can work something out here. I said oh what do you mean. He said I like having my cock suck for a long time but my wife can only do it for a short period of time. Because her mouth gets tired and can't suck no more. I said I have not suck a real cock before just dildo I was just curious about it that night watching the movie. He said this is your chance to do it and I agree to suck his cock. Then his wife said what about me? What do I get out of this. The husband said you have always wanted to try threesome so now is your chance. I am thinking wow I get to fuck his wife and suck his cock what more do you want.

    The wife said I have always wanted that and the husband said to me in one condition, you need to dress up slutty wearing her lingerie while we are having sex. I said why? The only reason I wore it that night was to see how it feel. The husband said now you know how it feel and I want you to wear them it make me feel like I am having sex with two sexy ladies. I said fine as long as you don't kick me out of your house.

    We all agree that morning I will serve both of them in sex. Let me tell you sucking his cock was a big job and he is right about his wife not able to suck it for very long. It was my first time sucking a real cock for a long time. I was getting so horny fucking his wife while I am sucking his cock. He doesn't like me to stop until he cum in my mouth and swallow his cum. Now whenever he wants his cock suck I am to serve him until he cum in my mouth and swallow his cum. In return we agree I get to fuck and eat his wife pussy whenever I want. He agree and so is the wife.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Every time I see you at the house with my brother my heart races as I pull into the driveway and I check my makeup again and apply another coat of lipstick. I find you so delicious to look at and I have had sexual fantasies about you from the first time my brother introduced you to the family. I want you to look into my eyes and know how wet I am for you. When I know you are going to be at the house I wear my skirts a little shorter and my heels a little higher hoping you will see what I'm trying to tell you without saying a word.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    Last November my secretary who's forty nine and absolutely brilliant at her job, had to leave on a temporary basis to look after her father who became ill. She suggested a niece of hers to fill in, a young nineteen year old called Amy. Amy isn't the best looking girl out there, pretty in her own way, but she does have a fantastic body.

    Amy had been working for me, for about six weeks when one afternoon I asked her to take down some notations, she began to open her legs wide in front of me. It was clear straight away that Amy had no panties on, as I could easily see right up her short skirt. And it was also clear she was doing it on purpose. Now Amy knew I was married, and through her aunt who I'd spoken to often, that my husband and I hardly had sex anymore. It wasn't through want of trying that I wasn't getting sex from my husband, it's just he doesn't seem to have the same kind of sex drive anymore.
    Looking at her glistening pussy flashing me, I stopped talking and couldn't believe just how turned on I'd become. Only once in the past had I had any kind of lesbian involvement and that was at a party when I was seventeen, and I was tipsy from drinking wine. I'd kissed and played with a girls pussy, as she'd fingered mine. But that was as far as it had gone. And nothing remotely gay since then.

    Amy saw that look on my face, the one that tells another person you're definitely interested and went for it. Hitching her skirt right up to her hips revealing everything to me, the nineteen year old smiled at me and said "Lick it for me, you know you want to". The moment my tongue licked between her pussy lips and tasted her sweet pussy, I knew there was no going back. I knew I was going to go all the way with this girl.

    The taster was only that. I locked my office door and slowly undressed in front of Amy. Her eyes lit up when I got down to my underwear, and even more as I removed my bra and panties. It was my turn to order her to do something. Moving some things over to the side of my desk, I lay back onto it and ordered Amy to tongue me. It had been so long sine I'd felt a hot tongue lapping away at my quim, that I orgasmed almost immediately. But Amy just carried on licking my pussy and then sucking on my clit. Wanting her, desperately wanting to taste her again, I had her climb up onto the desk with me, but not before she stripped completely, and that's when I got to see her stunning body.

    The only words I can use here for our time spent licking tonguing fingering and anything else we both wanted, is totally and utter sexual indulgence. All the times I'd been sexually frustrated at home, surfaced in my office that afternoon and I gave and received as many orgasms as I'd ever had during a single sexual experience. Lapping at her labia, gently nibbling them and sucking them into my mouth as she dove her tongue deep inside my love hole, sent shivers of climax shooting through my body. Feeling her lips wrap themselves around my large clit and suck it into her mouth as if it was a small cock, again had me climbing against her body, squeezing her ass cheeks tightly to yet another orgasm. And all this time Amy's pussy was flooding my mouth and face with her juices as she came time after time too.

    The final orgasm which tore through the very essence of my body, was when I was tongue fucking her dripping hole. Amy moved a little and instantly slid her hot tongue up my asshole. At the same time she slid two fingers up my pussy and her thumb along and onto my clit, and her left hand snaked up to pinch my right nipple which was raised and throbbing with her touch. The combination of her actions, plus the sweet aroma and taste of her gushing love hole, sent me over the sexual edge and I was gone. Gone into a world of pure joy, a world of sexual ecstacy and one which no male had ever taken me to.

    Lay, still on the desk, we swung around and I saw Amy's face coated in my sex juices. She smiled and leaned into me. We kissed for the first time and I could taste myself on her. In that time, whatever time that was on the desk kissing, we held each other and caressed each others bodies. Eventually breaking off the kiss, Amy asked me if she'd ruined her job. My response was to have her go down on me again. And go down on me again and again and again over the past few months. We have sex at work, at a beautiful spa hotel we sometimes visit. But mostly we have sex nowadays at my home when I know my husband will be out. And it's always very special to get naked with such a wonderful lover, who even at her tender age, has opened my eyes and my legs to a vastly new and wonderful sexual experience.

    Amy's job is safe in the future too, as even though her wonderful aunt will be back soon, the company will be expanding shortly and we need people like Amy who's become invaluable. Well she has to me anyway, and I'm the one who makes those kind of decisions.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 18

    Today, I had my first spontaneous fucking. I was in the bathroom stall at the movie theater and I was really horny. I started to jack off my 6" cock. A guy came into the stall next to me and after some time he started to moan. I got up on the toilet and peered over the ledge of the stall to see him jack off his cock that was way bigger and thicker than mine. I must have gasped or something, because he looked right at me. He smiled and said "Like it?" I nodded my head. He then replied, "Then come in here and suck me off!" I went into his stall and got on my knees. He shoved his cock right in my mouth (Surprisingly, I was able to fit all of his cock in my mouth). I deepthroated him and squeezed his meaty balls too. He came in my mouth. He came a lot. He laid like 4 hefty ropes of cum on my face when I pulled his cock out of my mouth while he came. He was still hard as fuck. I stood up and presented him my naked ass. He pinned me to the side of the stall and rammed his cock in my ass. He fucked my ass real hard. He caused me to cum all over the stall. He fucked me senseless. He fucked me until he came twice in my ass. He came so much that his cum dripped out of my ass whilst his cock was still in it. When pulled out of me, cum flooded out of my ass. He wasnt done with me. He then fucked me when I was on my back. He fucked me until I came again. I came all over him. I licked him clean. He then continued to fuck me until he came again. He dumped his cum all over me and then took a picture. He then got dressed and left me there. I'm pretty sure people noticed us having sex.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 42

    This story happen to me about two years ago. Before the incident I was the type of conservative woman. I grew up in a very conservative household. I been married to my husband for 18 years now and I been faithful to him. We have 3 children together. We have a 16 year old son, a 14 year old daughter and a 10 year old daughter. Basically we are the typical suburban family I used to be the soccer mom type back when my son played soccer. I was a home stay mom but eventually i began running my very own internet home based business. My husband use to be a carpenter and eventually became a contractor he bought 3 houses. We never had any financial problems. My husband is a loving father and a good provider.

    The sex life i had with my husband wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I never been with another man so there was no one I could have compare him too. Most of the time when me and my husband had sex was just missionary except that time we did in the car. I given him hand jobs and he has given me oral sex. At first I was reluctant to accept it but I gave in later after realizing it felt amazing. My husband slept with two girls before he met me but they were just passive he said. He also said they weren't as beautiful as me. At 16 I had my first boyfriend but all we did was kiss or hold hands. When I was 18 I had another boyfriend he was the first guy I touch inappropriately. He told me to masturbate him I never seen it but I did grab it underneath his pants. He felt only 4.5 so when me my husband first had sex I though 6 in penis was more than enough anything bigger was just a deformity.

    My name is Patricia and I'm 40 years old I can atleast say
    proudly that I pass as 30. I gained a little bit of weight but I lost it my breasts are 36D i lost all the fat around my waist and it went to my butt and tighs. I'm brunette I started greying recently I cover my roots making it seems like I have streams of blonde. I dress nice and as a women my age but I refuse to dress provocative. My husband name is Mike. He has insisted on me dressing more sexier. Usually I wear my skirt a little above my knee caps and expose a little cleavage. Some guys have tried talking me but I turn everyone down. Is not that I don't find other guys attractive is that I don't feel the urge of being with another man. My husband is 42 years old and I can assure you that he's always been faithful. He's good looking too. He has dark brown hair with a receding hairline only to his temples. He's body is average with a
    little bit of a belly but he has the most amazing blue eyes I seen, a great smile with a strong jawline.

    Things change when our new neighbors move in. They were a young married white couple in their mid 20's. Their names are Alexa and John. Alexa is a very good looking red head girl. She was shocked that I wasn't 30. Little by little we developed a friendship Alexa and John.

    One Halloween night the young couple invited us to a party. The kids were away with their cousins. It was the first time I have gone to a party in a while. I was a little concern that we were going to a party full of young adults. So me and my husband invited some long
    friends. Steve and Dawn, Steve was 45 years old and Dawn was my age. Some other neighbors close to our age came to the party so me and Mike didn't feel alone. John and Alexa seem to have lots of non white friends. They're friends consisted of another young white couple and young Mexican American couple. The Mexican girl seem kind of chubby but her fat Went to right places. This couple seem quite popular they were friends with Asian couple. As an Asian women she had huge boobs and a lot of more Hispanics were at the party too.

    Three girls that stand out from the party was this young blonde girl who seem easy with all of the guys and two Hispanic girls. This girls in invited 4 other girls. Some black girls who were very good looking they seem to be mixed with Mexican or Indian. Dawn my friend, was getting a little annoyed that Steve and Mike eyes were focus on all this young girls. I wasn't jealous the slightest but I tried telling Dawn that I could get attention too. I was dressed in a witch costume with green make up. I went up to Alexa and told her that I was willing to put on that costume she recommended me to wear which I politely rejected. and went to change. It was a sexier witch costume. The typical Halloween sexy costumes girls wear.

    I return to the party and Dawn Steve, and Mike jaws dropped. I was little flattered when I got the attention of this cute young blonde guy and a Lebanese guy that had the
    biggest brown eyes with some long curly eyelashes. They were one of the few guys that were not all 5'7 5'9 Hispanics. But next thing you know a group of 7 black guys came to the party arrived. It seem like if those pretty black girls invited them. My friend Dawn was terrified of black guys I told her to relax and I assure her that Alexa and John knew what they were doing. We started drinking more and getting ore into it

    One black guy in particular stand out. He was 6'4 buff and was charcoal black. A lot of the girls seem to throw themselves at him. Next thing you know I saw him whispering at the pretty blonde girl Dawn husband, Steve was drooling all over. Next thing you know she came up to me and told me that he wanted me to meet me. I wasn't really to interested. I was happily married and never had an interest in black men. He introduced himself to me
    he's name was Leroy. He tower over
    my 5'6 height even my husband who is 5'10 look small compare to him. He's attention seem to get one of the pretty light skin black girls mad.

    I told Leroy that he should probably go back to his gf. He told me not to worry and get jealous. I wanted to laugh, Leroy seem to feel as if I can automatically fall for him. I dismiss myself and went towards my husband who was on the other side of the party. By this time I was feeling the alcohol. Leroy insisted that he would leave me alone under one condition. That I dance with him 2 songs I didn't see
    no harm so I accepted the offer. We moved to a more crowded area surrounded by lots of young couples dancing. Leroy told me that he was trying to be a Sheriff but was precious locked up so it was hard for him. He was 28 years old I told him a little bit of myself. The small dance floor started getting more crowded and Leroy began to dance more closer to me. The music, the alcohol also started loosing me up. I wanted to stop so I turn around and look for a way out. I guess that gesture gave Leroy the wrong idea because he puts his crotch behind me and put his hands on my hips.

    That's when I felt his penis. I was in disbelief. It seem surreal for someone to have monstrous thing. Curiousity kill the cat, I wanted to feel more so I push back to meet his thrust. Next thing you know he put his finger inside my pussy lips. I
    was letting this black stranger
    touch me while my husband was just a couple of yards away from us. "Omg my husband!" I quickly step way from Leroy and went to look for my husband. He was talking to John and the other white neighbor couple who were close to our age. I lean towards the small bar Alexa had next thing you know Leroy came and apologized i told him it was ok. Next thing you know all this guests started asking me and Leroy for some drinks. I guess us hanging out in the bar area made them think we were bartenders. It seem fun so me and Leroy began working we bump into each other while we made the drinks.

    While doing that Leroy began to grab my ass and my pussy again slowly. I tried to hide it because I notice Mike was watching from the other side. I was going to grab a beer I drop until I look up and saw Leroy sticking his penis out in front of
    me. No one seem to notice and I peek
    from the bottom side of the bar and I saw Mike looking for me. I told Leroy I don't know what to do. He told me to grab it and stole it so I proceeded. Little by little it started growing. "Kiss it", Leroy said. Without thinking I gave it a long deep kiss. It didn't taste bad so I began licking it. Before you know it I was sucking his penis hungrily. I was on my knees when Leroy reached out and began grabbing my boobs. I was so caught up in the moment that I spill my tits out freely on display for Leroy. Leroy began putting his penis inbetween my
    tits. I began playing with myself.
    Nothing was important Right then to please my lover stranger.

    Next thing u know a drunk girl approach us for a drink she what we were doing and I got up as fast as possible. I fix her drink fast and fix more drinks for other guests too. I kneel toward the bar table to hear what one of the guests was telling me. Next thing you know Leroy began shoving his cock inside my pussy. I let out a loud groan that made Mike look our way. I kept it discreet the bar area was crowded and Leroy blended with the dark
    behind me. Leroy began grabbing me from the hips and started fucking me harder. "Fuck me with that if black cock", I said.

    I didn't care about anything right there. I didn't care who saw, didn't care if I got caught all I care was that this black guy was fucking my brains out. We stop for a bit and walk outside in the back. Leroy had already his pants unzipped and sat down on a bench. I got on top of him and put my tits all over his face as he began sucking on them. I started riding him as he slap with both hand my ass. That's when I look to my left and I saw Mike watching me with a confused look on his face. I couldn't tell if he was sad or mad but what I did saw a huge bulge he had in his pants. I ignored my haband and went back to animal fucking with Leroy.

    Ever since that me and Leroy fuck wherever we at my husband Mike was upset but confess to me that If it make me happy he would allowed me to get fuck by Leroy because it turns him on.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    Stuart my husband and three of his friends were round our house one night supposed to be going out for a drink and as usual before going really flirting with me with the usual comments about my love handles and with me being on the chubby side they always go on about there is plenty to hold but this time I felt naughty myself and actually taunted them saying they wouldn't know what to do with a proper woman flashing my knickers as I went upstairs to the toilet but this is when it all went pear shaped because when I came out of the bathroom I was faced by all four guys including Stuart telling me that I shouldn't have teased them because now they wanted me to prove that I was a proper woman and its no use arguing because apparently I've always given sexy signals so now's the time of reckoning. I thought that they were joking but they seemed to act as one person all grabbing my arms and legs marching me to the bedroom where I was thrown on the bed at the same time Stuart mockingly saying I shouldn't have teased the others so much in the past so now it is time for one of my fantasies to come true telling the guys about me always fantasising about having a gangbang also saying that I couldn't get pregnant. I couldn't believe what he was saying and feeling very embarrassed but at the same time getting strangely excited knowing what was about to happen because I was obviously still pinned down and within seconds it seemed I was now stripped so I was lying there spread-eagled naked. Already my nipples were sticking right out and between them now they were pinching them and feeling how wet my Fanny was which was in their words "sopping" but now it was George I think which actually got out his dick making me start to suck him with the others fingering both holes this is when about now the first orgasm starts to hit me much to the jeering of the guys and also they were holding my head making me actually wank one of them until he came over my face. Over the next couple of hours I was repeatedly fucked even taken doggy style with one in my bottom and one in my fanny while having to suck one of the others even with having my bottom slapped and my tits pulled while I was in the doggy position but not once any of them actually stripped off they just made me pull their trousers down and when they finished they actually got me to lick them clean just in case their wives noticed and actually thanked STUART not me for using me but while I was made to clean myself in front of the others Stuart actually invited them for another show when they want. Incidentally we are in our late 20s not schoolkids

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Well confessional...

    My wife and I have been married seven years now. She's my best friends older sister. Little does she know, he and I since our 8th grade summer have been sucking and fucking regularly. Her brother actually came in my mouth hours before our wedding, and I kissed her with that mouth. My sex life with her brother is so much better than with my wife. Sex with my wife is pretty much just to please her. Sex with him is like the dirty olympics. Him and I hang out a lot, much to my wife's pleasure, she didn't care for a majority of my old friends. When I hang out with her brother there's no problems, no annoying constant text messaging. Only if she knew. If she only knew how many times I've come home and we go straight to fucking, the amount of cum her brother has left in my ass and was still holding in there. Oh, and it's twisted that her giving head is only subpar where as when he does it, he will deepthroat me and let me fuck his face and cum. Oh well.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 33

    Does anyone else feel this way?!

    I'm a 33yr old single mother, I work mainly in the fitness and nutrition field. My son is 16 and takes after his mother in fitness and health. He has grown up very handsome, strong and built as well as mature. Him and I often workout together and he is very often hands on as am I. In our home life, we are very open, nothing is too taboo or shameful to talk about. Also no shame in the human body or dressing down in the home. It's not uncommon for him to come home and I'll be outside by the pool sunbathing nude. There have been times where I come home and he is doing the same. I knew when he hit puberty (very young) and the first time he had sex, both with a girl and a boy. Overall we are very close, open and share many of the same interests and views in life.
    Now lately the past four or five months my son has become more hands on with me when we are in the gym. He has been more focused on me in our conversations. He has become very flirty with me and wearing less or less conservative in the home. Last weekend I was laying naked in the sunroom enjoying the rays and the wine when he came in with a towel on and decided he was going to lay naked too. Okay, no problem there. I dozed off after a glass of wine, and when I woke I opened my eyes to see if he was still there. He was indeed, and with a raging hard on. I saw his hand at the base of his penis like he was getting ready to stroke it or as if he just paused. I could clearly see that my son was significantly much larger than his father, and with a greater girth as well. I don't know why but my pussy immediately became wet. I became so wet that I went to my bedroom to rub my tits and clit. I got off to the though of my son fucking me from behind pulling my hair. I know it's terrible. Know I have this ever growing wild chemical reaction to whenever my son is around I get wet and all I can think about is taking that monster inside of me.
    I want to make this happen. I want to please my son, and I want him to fill my pussy. I know I'm terrible. Has anyone else had any situation, feelings like this? Are their any women out there who have had sex with their son?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    My first day of kindergarten I met Cin, Cindy, and we just hit it off. We were inseparable at school, and used to spend a lot of time at each other's homes after school and on weekends. She still is a best friend, but when I was 15 Cin's parents divorced and did the school time with mom and summer with dad split. Our first Summer we did the whole tearful good-bye's at the airport and called each other almost every night, but a call that I hadn't expected came about 2 weeks after Cin left for her father's.

    Cin's mom Gina called me and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her. She said Cin had always helped her with a second opinion about cloths to buy, and if I wanted to join her, then she'd get me some stuff too. That was fine with me, Gina had always been the coolest mom. I told my mom I was going shopping with Mrs Carson and headed for Cin's house.

    Out shopping was great Gina was updating her wardrobe to fit her "new single" status--ya, she was getting some cooler stuff and not "mom wear". Skinny jeans and heels, some nice tops that didn't look like she should be home with her 10 kids and tractor driving husband, some naughty lingerie just in case, and a final stop in cosmetics to get her "war paint", as she called it, changed to a little more glam than boring. After we were all done, Gina noticed that I had not bought or asked for anything. She told me, "Young lady, this will just not do! Next time we are shopping for you." True to her word next Saturday, Gina called and asked, "Are we still on?"

    All of my teasing Gina the week before came back to haunt me on this trip, I needed new shoes, and to most of my selections Gina commented, "What, old lady shoes again?" She finally talked me into a pair of red Stewart Weitzman's and I almost died when I saw the price! They were gorgeous on my feet and I loved the feel. She told me, now let's get you an outfit to match! Silk and lace panty and bra set, real silk stockings with garters, a mini, and a gorgeous red silk top. My head was spinning by the time we were done shopping and heading back to my house. I suddenly realized that no way my mom was going to let me keep this, let alone wear it. We had almost 2000 dollars of the greatest clothing I'd ever seen in my life. When we got to my place, Gina could tell something wasn't quite right. She asked me if she went overboard? I told her that it was the coolest stuff I had ever seen, and it felt sooooo good wearing it, but I knew mom was not going for it. She gave me a smile, and said, "That's OK. You can wear it when you're with me." I gave her a huge hug, then grabbed a bag with a couple pairs of skinny jeans I knew mom would be OK with.

    A couple weeks later she called and asked if I wanted to go to the show. I told her sure, told my mom I was off to the movie, and ran down the street to Cin's house. Gina greeted me at the door, and with a rather puzzled look on her face asked, "Are you going to the show like that?" She had, unknown to me, invited me to a play and not to a movie. She smiled and said, "Well, it'll give us a nice outing so we can use your new cloths."

    She took me to the guest bedroom and helped me get ready. I was powdered and perfumed, then dressed in some of those magnificent cloths she had bought for me and yes, the red heels too. We stood in front of the mirror as she finished brushing my hair. I was gorgeous!

    The play was strange, "Sweeney Todd", but I didn't care. I was literally dressed better than I had ever been dressed in my life, and I was enjoying it. Gina even let me have 1 glass of wine at intermission as a celebration. It was the best night I had ever had. When I got back to Gina's, she helped me get back into my regular cloths. I couldn't contain myself, and as I she helped me start taking things off, my blouse and mini at that point, I turned and kissed her full on the lips.

    I didn't mean anything by it, other than a huge THANK YOU for everything, but before I could back off she started kissing me back! When I realized what was happening, instead of pulling away, I melting into her. I literally almost fainted, so she had to wrap her arms around me to hold me up, and I wrapped my arms round her neck and kissed her deeply. We stood there for several minutes, our hearts racing, our rapid breaths teasing across each other's necks, then it happened. We really kissed!

    Our lipsticked lips pressed together, our bodies intertwined, her hands caressed my bottom, then her nails pressed tightly drawing me even closer to her. In that instant we became lovers. More that we had could not be that night, but our hearts had touched. My best friend's mom had become the passion of my soul.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 24

    It's me (the husband) writing, but we made this confession together as a couple.

    The saying goes that every family has a deep secret. If not always, at least for us that is very true. A secret of the most terrible and dark nature, that we keep so carefully buried like if it was a vital piece of information in a war. And in a way, it is. For it is today certainly the biggest shame of our lives, but, proportionally, it’s also our biggest sexual thrill — by far. So, we had to tell it somewhere.

    We're both members of a nationalist movement and, among its different lines and sub-divisions, we are more specifically Nazis. I'm 24 and she's 21. We met through the internet and are married for two years now. We are well known to the movement in our area. You can say we are considered in our circle their ideal, perfect couple - the perfect aryan couple, they would say.

    What is unknown is that she's had an interracial closet fetish for some years. She told me a little before we married, and I embraced her. However, at that time even she didn't know that I repressed an inner crave to give my angelic aryan wife to be used by a well-endowed n****r until he gets fully satisfied with her little body.

    In a summer vacation where nobody knew us, and we stayed for two weeks, a n****r natural of that place kinda seduced us. He talked me into taking her to a precarious old toilet that existed in an isolated corner, for him. We hesitated but I ended up taking her - hand in hand like a good couple.

    I watched the door as they made out intensely. He put his big cock out until it broke her last resistance and she fell on her knees, and fucked her powerfully like nothing she had experienced before on all fours in front of the dirty toilet, forcing her to lick it. He even made her say humiliating things such as, that she loved big black cock, that she preferred black cock to white and n****rs were sexually superior.

    After that day he went regularly to the place where we were staying and he fucked her like a beast everyday before sleep, instead of me, until the end of the trip.

    Now we are watching a lot of interracial porn together to indulge our awakened fantasy, but we believe we'll have to find another n****r to fuck again. Of course, nobody can find out, but we can't live without this interracial cuckolding anymore, that felt almost like a metaphysical ritual to us. The risk and the tabboo are the greater motivators.

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