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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 19

    Two years ago I was 17 my friend was 15 and I fucked him. It was in his room at his moms house and I gave it to him full on. I shot off inside his hairless twink body, in his beautiful twink butthole. I never fucked anyone before, never even got to feel a girls pussy or tits, he was my first and I was his first. I couldn't get enough of fucking, and he let me do it as much as I wanted. I was soon fucking him in the morning before we went to school, after school before his mom got home, sometimes even putting him in pairs of his moms dirty panties (she had a super good smelling pussy). I really liked when we would find a pair of her panties she wore after she'd been fucked and had some dried sperm and pussy juice in them. I was getting off 3 to 4 times a day, he started blowing me too and I'd jack him off sometimes. He didn't expect to fuck me nor me to blow him (which I wasn't really wanting to do but probably would have just to keep a fuckhole going). Sometimes I'd jack him off, but usually he jacked off while getting fucked, or after, and eventually started shooting just from my fucking him. It's been so much now that after I fuck him his loose asshole just leaks my cum out of it and all over, he can't even keep it tight enough to keep it inside anymore. I guess averaging fucking 3 times a day x 2 years he's pretty used up now, though I still like fucking him.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 37

    I agreed to marry her so that she could stay here. She is nice, and comes from a good upbringing. My thing was, we are not really married. That's the point. Except in her mind and her family's mind.

    This Latina thing is also got to go. I don't need her, and her mother, and her sisters, all being overly nice to me. If anyone should be nice to me it is her. And sorry, under the circumstances of our marriage we should never have gone to visit her mother. And another thing, since when is it not ok to have sex with your wife at her mother's house. If she is serious about being a wife, then that includes in bed, and it doesn't really matter whose house we are in. I don't need her mother and her sisters all nice, I need her to get up close and personal and show me why she is the wife.

    So I've been hooked. OK, mistake made. But if she is going to be the wife, I need her to be the wife where I live. And I need it often. She has her week off, and I understand if she has the flu. But otherwise, Latina or not, I need that gift she has between her legs. And a little loving on the manhood before she turns onto her back would be appreciated too.

    And, I am not looking forward to having her mother come and visit. Where I come from, the mother in law comes for a weekend, not a month. I know I'm hooked. In my house I don't want to hear Spanish all the time. Why should I sit in my house and not understand what she is saying? Bla, bla, bla.

    I should not have married a Colombian. And I guess by default, her mother and her sisters.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    My husband who`s 35 years old while I am 32, mom of one son, he`s a doctor by profession, with a thriving practice he`s very dominating and of possessive nature, he`s nice to me and has provided adequate financial security to me
    Few weeks ago he had invited his friend Sam who lives in other state to our home for dinner, he is handsome as my husband, bought me flowers and bottle of Scotch for hubby , the bottle was opened and we three were talking general stuff , though Scotch whiskey is not my favourite but for etiquette sake I gave them company , during the talks I noticed in spite of wearing long skirt and top Sam was stealing glances at my curves and boobs, again for etiquette sake I ignored

    Two rounds were over , my husband got a call from hospital, there was some medical emergency and he had to be there urgently , he apologized to Sam and asked me to feed Sam well as he rushed out our home, I was used to these kind of emergencies , 2 rounds of potent whiskey made me bit tipsy , I was planning to serve dinner as soon as possible so that Sam will leave soon and I can get my sleep but Sam insisted we have one more round before dinner, reluctantly I agreed ,he began showering me with heaps of praises on my looks, how lucky my husband was to have a wife my me and so on, it felt nice

    Before I could say anything he poured another shot of whiskey in my glass, I said no, he promised itâs the last , in my entire life I never drank this much but I was liking Sam`s praises and compliments , somehow I finished my drink, my bladders were full , I excused myself to relieve my bladders , when I returned I saw Sam was standing, for a second I thought he`s leaving , I said Sam lets have dinner , he replied I will have desserts first and grabbed me in his arms, I was shocked , tried to free myself , he started kissing me , I wanted to free myself from the clutches of this beast but was not able to, he was too strong, he lifted me and put me on the sofa , kept me pinned down, 4 shots of alcohol took my toll, he forcefully began to kiss me , I slapped him few times but didnât have any effect , I was crying and begging him to have mercy on me, he ripped off my top and crushed my breasts in barbaric manner , I began to scream in return he lashed a tight slap on my face, hissed liked a venomous snake that if I utter one more word he would snap my face , I froze , this filth removed his jeans and my skirt and panties , forced himself on my, I was sobbing all the time I was being violated , he ejaculated in me , dressed quickly , took his cell phone and left without saying a word

    I couldn`t sleep for the whole night ,husband returned home early morning asked me why my eyes are blood shot red, I said it was because of excessive whiskey I drank, asked about that filthy person, I told he had to go early, I was feeling dirty all the time , after hubby left I had a shower, I checked my phone for messages, I saw there was one from Sam saying â I don`t know about you but I had a great time in your tight pussy â it was so disgusting , there was a video clip attached , I wanted to delete it without downloading but I still downloaded , to my horror he had secretly recorded the entire act, within 10 minutes I get a call from Sam, he began with pleasantries and I started abusing and cursing him , he was mocking and laughing , he told me he wants me at his apartment at 2 pm sharp, I bluntly refused, he threatened me that if I didn`t come he will send this video to my husband and will post it on internet, he disconnected , I was petrified, never in my life I was such helpless, I couldnât tell this to my husband cause I knew things will not remain the same between us, our son`s future , my security and various other factors , I made up my mind and went , he had this evil grin on his face, saw me as if I was his whore, demanded me to kneel , had to perform oral sex on him and swallow , then he violated me again in bed , I was like vegetable , feeling very dirty and helpless, he ejaculated his filth inside me , got up and went to the toilet, I sat up and was wiping my tears , I saw his cell phone on the table, I got up and dressed in lightning speed , flicked his phone and left his apartment while he was still in the toilet

    First thing I did after I returned home is to clean myself of his filth , his phone was unlocked , found my video and deleted it , formatted the phone wiping off all the contacts and contents, promised myself never to drink with any friend of my husband in his presence or absence

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 29

    As it happened my confession is mine to tell

    I was a fresh 16, and seeing a girl of my own age, i was very dominant at that age and required sports fan sluts to satisfy my sexual appetite

    Sahara was her name and on that day we skipped part of school to practice oral fun back at her place, it quickly lead to one of my marathon fuck sessions,,,

    So there was a break in play when i had to re fit a condom and Sarah was face down on the bed and i was standing behind her when i saw i the wall mirror Sarah's mother beck in the doorway watching and visably touching herself

    For whatever reason i jumped on sarha and whacked a pillow case over head then proceeded to fuck her in every position i could to show off to her mother who was now at the end of the bed in a front row seat to watch me hammer away,,,, and i hammered Sahara so hard, trying to prove to beck i was worth the fuck lol

    I never did get to fuck that milf but i enjoyed putting on the show

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 43

    Once in a while, living alone, finally, I get very horny. I started to finish my degree after 20 odd
    years just raising my two children. Hubby left for greener fields when they were tots. Soon, I found myself sitting in a class with an instructor who was a handsome young man, perhaps 20 years younger than me. I
    determined to have him and I moved to the front row, having removed every garment under my skirt so I flashed beaver to the man when he was in the right part of the front of class.

    At one point, he seemed to notice me as I crossed my legs and flashed naked thigh. After a week of waiting for him to respond, at the end of a class, another handsome young man poked his head in the classroom door and my instructor walked over to him. They kissed full mouth and walked out together. I realized my once keen powers of observation had gone bye-bye with my youth.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 52

    So at the time we didn't know what we were doing. I lived with another girl on the second floor and he lived on the third floor. One night he came and knocked on the door and said he wanted to meet us. It was late and we were both ready for bed, but he came in anyway. The short of it was that he got my pants down and nailed me over the sofa. Twenty minutes later he nailed my roommate on her bed. There was no nice talk or anything like that. He was now in our lives.

    He took over, he had us both for him, he had sex with us, after a couple of months he moved in with us and gave up his apartment. We were now his and he was the boss in our lives and that is how we lived. The apartment that we lived in had only one bedroom and it had two single beds. He slept in one of the beds and we generally slept in the other bed or one of us went out to the couch. He liked bent over quickie sex, he stood behind us and we bent over and leaned onto the bed and he had sex. One of us usually gave him sex in the morning and the other one gave him sex at night. Sometimes he had us in missionary sex. When he did it lasted a long time and he was very intense. When we had missionary sex we slept with him.

    We got to the point where we could lower our pants, bend over, have sex and pull up our pants and go about doing our chores or studying. We called it chicken sex. When we left school to go live with him we were well trained and ready for it. We both went to work and we managed so save quite a bit of money, enough for a down payment on a house. When we bought the house he told us to put it in our name although he had the lion's share of our support and living costs, we were basically saving what we earned.

    Once we were living in the house we got the idea that we should go ahead and have our kids. No chicken sex for that, we insisted on missionary until we were sure we were pregnant. We had two kids apiece and as luck would have it we each had a boy and a girl. We were set and we got our tubes tied.

    I guess we were in our mid thirties and the kids were pretty much in junior high when a woman we knew told us we were lesbians. We were tied to each other. She was right of course, about being tied to each other, we had just never considered that we were lesbians, we were pretty much sure we were both very heterosexual, it was just that we were with the same man. But the idea or comment stuck and slowly, every so slowly we started to examine this. The major clue which was right under our nose was that we shared a bed In our bed we never had sex with him. Most nights we slept together, and had been sleeping together since those days in college.

    Today, we are in our early fifties, we pretty much admit to ourselves that we have deep feelings. We are maybe platonic lesbians as our connection is on a deep emotional level. We have always seen ourselves more as sisters than anything else. We live with him, nothing has changed there, he is still the man and we are the women in the house. Whatever it was that glued us together is there with us today. But we are just as glued to him, maybe more.

    We are women to him. And he is the man to us. We do not consider ourselves lesbians. We have always thought of ourselves as being polygamous as opposed to anything else. We never married as he would be a bigamist. It has been suggested to us that we the women get married, but what purpose would that serve. If the laws changed and we could both be married to him we would definitely get married. The first day it became legal. Not by law, but in all other ways, he is our husband and has been for thirty years.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 24

    It was supoused to be a three couple get together in an apartment shared by one of the guys. After a few drinks things began to turn sexual. Seemed like everyone was willing to go with the flow even if it ment nudity. You might say I went along with them just to not spoil the fun for everyone else. I never thought I would be exhibiting myself naked that night. One of the girls pionted at two empty classes of wine, dared me to fill them up in the kitchen and walk back with them naked. "A bet is a bet, a dare is a dare" she said handing me the glasses. I remember my girl friend helping out of my clothes in the kitchen, handing me the glasses and telling me "don't think just do it" I remember my pussy was totally shaved an didn't have the luxury of partly covering my pussy lips. It was completely bare and exposed for the viewing. I could feel those guys eyes glued to my pussy and even my own bf got turned on to see me like that. He later asked me if got turned on by it. It was the most daring thing I had ever done and have to admit it was humiliating walking out like that, but horny and arousing doing it in front of two guy dreaming over me. So hot it was later de best fuck my bf gave me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    When I was a young teenage boy, I got really sick and had to stay home from school for a while. At one point during my illness, late at night, I was really uncomfortable, tossing and turning in bed. My mom tried to soothe me by getting in bed with me and holding me. I remember I felt hot from the fever and so I let her hold me and I held her too. She was wearing a flimsy nightgown and I could feel her soft body underneath and it felt good when I pressed against her. I was kind of delirious from the fever, and at one point my hands moved from her waist up to her breasts. I started to rub them because they felt so soft and warm. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped and apologized to my mom.

    She said it was okay and then she opened up her nightie and let me feel her breasts directly. When I continued to rub them I felt her nipples harden. My mom pushed one of her nipples towards my mouth and I started to suck on it. The sensation of nursing my mom, even though she didn't have a milk in her breasts, began to soothe me. It also aroused me, and not realizing what I was doing, I pressed myself against her body while I sucked her nipple. I could feel her rubbing my head and whispering "that's a good boy". Her voice encouraged me, so I continued to hump against her and pretty soon, I pressed my face between her breasts and and straddled her thigh, humping on it. I don't think I lasted for more than a minute or two before I let out a moan and ejaculated in my pajamas. I could feel my mom continuing to rub my head and holding me very tight against her body and breasts until I fell asleep.

    I don't remember her leaving the room. When I woke up the next day, I thought that maybe I had dreamt what had happened. But I noticed that I was wearing just some underpants, not my pajama bottoms and I had dried semen on my penis. My mom must have changed me out of my soiled PJ bottoms after I fell asleep. She never talked to me about what happened that night, but I never forgot.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    As a youth during puberty I did yard work for widows in my neighborhood. Two particular widows lived on the same street as me and I worked for them quite often. They paid me very well and I had the benefit of seeing them. Both of them were always dressed so nice and smelled really good. One was skinny and the other was chunky. I thought each of them was attractive. The skinny lady had legs like a dancer and was obviously proud to let them be seen during the summer. I was surprised and glad that a woman her age showed off her legs. The chunky lady showed me how much I like a woman with curves. I never could decide if I liked her big, round butt more than her large breasts. I made every effort to check her out as much as I could without getting caught. I've wondered over the years how things might have changed if she did catch me. If they only knew how many times I fantasized about them while I masturbatekd.

    To this day I think some older women have a lot of sex appeal. Just because a woman is over sixty doesn't mean she can't be sexy. More than a few ladies at church prove that's not true.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    When I was seventeen I fucked my uncles mouth and asshole, after finding him having sex with a young guy I knew from college. It wasn't right there and then, but a few days afterwards with my cock horny for a hole, I told him I'd say nothing if he let me fuck him in my room. With my parents outside having our weekly barbecue, I first had Eric suck on my dick, then I fucked him as he lay across my bed. I've been fucking Eric most weeks since then, and it's been three years of amazing times with an uncle who cannot get enough of my cock fucking his holes. Who needs the problems of a relationship, when you can fuck a willing guy like my uncle.

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