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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I VIGOROUSLY MASTURBATE 24/7 AND I DONT KNOW WHY . any help ? or advice ?

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    Gay Male / 23

    I was new to the area but knew the park was a pick up place. I was walking home one night about eleven so I passed by. It was well lit and near a busy road. I saw a cute, younger guy, thin, black hair and dressed in jeans and jacket hanging about so I approached him.

    He said he was looking for business, this was a place to find guys, mostly rich married types willing to pay for it. I said I was was cruising but couldn't pay for it. He said we would go well together on some other night, as he needed some cash so it couldn't be now.

    I did a tour around. I was just standing there and a car pulls up. The driver asks if I was interested in making some money and I said yes, but I didn't have a place to go so it would have to be in his car. I could blow him no problem, full suck and swallow. He said if I was a bottom he had a place to go, so I got in his car. It had a new car smell and great seats.

    He took me to a great looking house, four or five bedroom place, expensive. I had his money in my pocket, now I'm thinking I should have asked for more. We went into the garage and he said we'll do it here. It had a big old leather couch against one wall. We'll do it on this he said. It was a summer night so I stripped right off. He came up, kissed me and grabbed me by the cock.

    He was a good looking guy with with grey hair, nice body toned in a gym, for as a businessman he sat behind a desk during business hours. His body hair was dark which I liked. He sucked my cock and rimmed me. He wanted me to cum so I shot a load on his face. Then I lay face down and he fucked me slowly and strongly, big deep thrusts. I said it was good, he was a nice fuck. I said he could take the condom off and cum inside me, I was loving it so much. So he did.

    I was still horny so he sucked me some more and made me cum again. Then he said it was late and we had to call it quits.He'd had a great time and he was so lucky he'd found me, I was his type and had given him real pleasure.

    I asked who was in the house and he said his wife and two daughters but they'd be in bed by now. When I said he was taking a risk he said if they catch me they catch me, meaning it was no big deal.

    He drove me part way home then I walked the rest. Before I left him we kissed and I gave him my number. I'd had a real good night.

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    Straight Female / 41

    Mort and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and no more than a week after he called and said he had invited a work-mate, Fred, to dinner. Fred was ushered in, a shortish man who is only an inch or so taller than me. I am 5'4", We had a nice conversation at dinner as it turned out that Fred has an infectious sense of humor. I took all the dishes into the kitchen and loaded them into the washer then returned to the dining room to find Mort and Fred with their pants off, wanking.

    "Is this a joke?" I asked. Mort said, "Hell no, honey, Fred started talking about all the ways he would fuck you if we agreed to let him and it got me hot as hell so I pulled my Johnson out for a ride and seeing me, he followed suit." Most turned to Fred and said, "repeat what you told me, Fred." Fred started a highly erotic story about fucking me and I felt myself growing wet down below.

    I could not believe this was happening but after 20 years of mostly boring sex I decided to play along. I watched Fred closely since I had never seen his tool before. He was at least 30% larger than Mort all around and Mort started egging me on to "give Fred some fun." in short order, Fred slid his unit into my vagina and pumped away, regaling us with fuck stories and jokes while he fucked me. Mort asked, "like it, honey?" He also confessed that after seeing Fred's size in the men's room all he could think about was watching him stuff me with it.

    The revelation finally came forth when Mort went down on us while Fred fucked me. He licked and sucked our genitals like a hungry little boy. It became obvious to me and answered a lot of questions about my bland sex life with Mort as I realized that he was bisexual and heavily leaning into men.

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    Straight Female / 35

    I'm a young professional, who loves her job. Even though it can be time consuming and stressful at times. So I had been single for several months. Mostly by choice. But I'm also a smaller bbw, and sometimes it can be difficult to find someone into women with a little bit a meat on them. I live in a condo building, mostly with people like me, young professionals. For the most part everyone is friendly to each other. We may not know each other's names, but we know each other by sight and will exchange a few words. Several months ago a young black guy moved into the building and like everyone else, if I saw him I would politely say hello. For about a month this went on until he tried to open the conversation up to a little more. That was fine, I'm a friendly girl, I'll chat with everyone. This went on for a little bit until he started flirting with me. And we're not talking about subtle flirting, it was pretty direct. Now this wasn't the first guy in the building to do this, there was an older married guy who did it for a while. So I just ignored it. But after a while, if was kind of getting on my nerves. He wasn't a bad looking guy, but I just wasn't interested in starting anything up with anyone in the building. So for the next bit I either ignored him, or just tried to avoid him outright. But that wasn't always possible.

    One Friday night, after what seemed like a long, stressful week, I was on my way home and I decided to stop and pick up a six pack of beer. I was pulling into the parking for the building, and guess who was behind me. I thought to myself, "oh great, just what I need right now." lol. Since my parking spot in further away from the elevators, I thought if I stall long enough, I wouldn't run into him. It didn't work. I get to the elevators and he's waiting for me. It started with a simple hello, then he noticed my six pack. He asked me if I was having a party. I said, "Yep. Me, myself and I with a quiet Friday night." He then started with the line, "if's terrible that a beautiful woman like you would have to spend a Friday night alone. That I need someone who would make me feel special." Before I had the chance to reply, the elevator stopped on the main floor. It was someone making a food delivery, and it just so happens to be to my floor to one of my neighbors. So the ride the rest of the way up was quiet. He happens to live on the floor above mine. As we are going up I start having odd thoughts, "is he going to keep bugging me for ever? He's right it does suck being alone on a Friday night. But I'm not really interested in him or getting involved with anyone in the building." So the elevator stops, the delivery guy gets off the elevator and I don't. The doors are closing and he says to me, "aren't you getting off?" And what I said next completely surprised even me. I said, "No. You're right a girl like me shouldn't be alone on a Friday night. And besides, you've been making it pretty obvious for a while that you want a piece of me so why not." A huge smile comes over his face; and I got this quick bouchy feel in my stomach. I couldn't believe I just said I'd have sex with him. It wasn't the first time I've hooked up with someone, but there was usually something there.

    We get into his place, I put my things down. And I'm walking around. He offered me a drink, but I said no. I was looking at the view from his place. It faces a different direction then mind so it was kind of nice. As I'm looking, he came up from behind a started rubbing my butt, with a couple slaps. I was nervous, I couldn't believe I was actually going through with this. Was I going to fuck this guy to get him to stop hitting on me all the time. He slowly started to rub my back. Which felt amazing. And slowly undid my bra. As he worked his was to unbuttoning my blouse, and he started to play with my breast. It was then I realized that my boobs were hanging out for the whole city to see. But we were 10 floors up with no buidling that high facing it. But it was kind of hot to think for a second that if anyone did see me, they knew I was about to get laid. lol. I turned towards him, and he already had his shit off. We started kissing, and slowly he moved me towards the bedroom. I was beginning to relax a bit, and thought, this isn't going to be to bad. We made it into the bedroom and I sat on his bed. He then pushed me back and started to take my pants off. That's when if hit me. I hadn't been with another guy in so long that I hadn't shaved down there in a while. It seems most men now prefer it. I thought, this sucks. But I was surprised, he was actually happy, a natural girl. And before I can get any sense of relief about being natural down there, he had his head between my legs. And with that, any doubt I had about the reason why I was having sex with him were gone. lol. And he was pretty good at it. After a few minutes I sat up to help him take his pants off, it came to me, this is the first time I've ever seen a black guys cock in person. Meaning this is the first time I've ever had a bbc. I went to give him a a bj, but he told me to hold on a sec. I laid back, he went across the room, came back and I realized he had a condom on. He grabbed my legs, rubbed my pussy a little and went right in. I let out a pretty loud moan I though. lol. With in a could thrust I orgasmed. Usually I don't have one that quickly from intercourse. We went missionary for a bit, before he turned me over for doggie. I had at least 2 orgasms, maybe 3. It was hard to tell. I ended up spending the night. I finally got to give him that bj. And my stress, completely

    The next day, I get back to my place, first thing I did was call my bff. She had tried to call me, but I was to busy. So she asked me, where were you. I was so excited, "I was getting my first bbc." lol. So this didn't turn out to be a one time thing either. We hooked up several times. Including one time late at night that I was talking to him online and I ran up for a quickly in my night shirt. When I came back down, I ran into my neighbor, who's around my age and I consider a friend. I've babysit he son from time to time. A few days later I told her what was going on. Only to find out she had hooked up with him a few months before I did. I wasn't to upset, well not at all.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    At 15yo I was living with foster parents. I didn't grown up with parents that would win any awards either. I was at the age that I wanted to drink and have sex, took after my parents I guess? I didn't have a girlfriend so I masturbated daily, sometimes two or three times a day.

    My foster parents had me join a church youth group. At first I hated it, I wasn't into religion. God was talked about with my folks, usually the word "damn" followed the word God and a few other curse words as well.

    Dale was the church youth leader, a single guy and I noticed all of the kids seemed to really like him a lot. We were a group of teenagers, all doing our own things. Most of the boys smoked, weed too. Drinking was something even most of the teen girls joined in. Now I found this out at Dale's house only a short time after joining the youth group.

    I had been with the group about six months, Dale used to spend a bit more time with me since I didn't really have a family like the others did. I never gave it a thought when he would give me a hug or do something nice for me.

    Dale had a birthday party for a kid named Greg, he turned 17yo and Dale had a party with beer and alcohol. Dale's thought was he wanted the kids to party at his house so they wouldn't be out drinking and driving. Most of us, including the girls got hammered. I was ripped and I needed to lay down. Dale said to lay down on his bed, most of the other beds, sofa's and chairs were occupied with drunk teenagers.

    I had no idea what time it was when I opened my eyes, it was pitch dark outside. I lay there and suddenly I had this strange feeling between my legs. The first thing I noticed was the fact my cock was rock hard, the next thing I noticed was a hand rubbing my hard cock. I tried to sit up but my head was spinning like a top from the alcohol. I fell back on the pillow, I don't know if I spoke or not?

    The hand kept rubbing, stroking, then a warmth surrounded my cock. It was warm and wet all the way to the base of my hard cock. I think I moaned, made some sound. Honestly I wasn't sure if it was a sound of pleasure or the pain of alcohol in my system. I lay there flat on my back, the pleasure between my legs intensified. I had masturbated many times, I knew the pleasure of doing myself, I didn't know the pleasure of someone else doing the same thing and more!

    The pleasure became intense, I clawed the sheets next to me, trying to hold onto something as I felt that moment I knew I was about to cum. I arched my hips, my head seemed to ring like a bell as I felt my hard cock spasm. Whatever was happening to my cock wasn't stopping, I made some kind of moaning sound and ejaculated with intensity. I thrust my hips, shooting my cum and hearing a soft moan below my waist. Moments later I was done, that sensation of release had passed.

    The sucking and licking sensation continued for a few more seconds, I lay there with my head pounding, I wanted to sit up and see what was going on, my stomach was also spinning, but in a bad way. There was movement below, like someone had got off the bed quickly. I just lay there wanting to die but there was a feeling of pleasure as well. Finally able to drift off to sleep, I woke up late the following morning.

    My head still hurt but not quite and bad, my stomach was still not happy. I sat up slowly and sat in the bed. I could hear Dale's voice and some younger voices downstairs. I slid my legs slowly off the bed, looking down I saw dried white spots on the crotch of my jeans, the fly was unzipped.

    I went to the bathroom and pulled out my cock to pee. My cock was sticky and my underwear was moist, I could smell a scent of cum. I cleaned up a bit and went downstairs to the kitchen. I saw Dale at the stove cooking something, my stomach was not up for food. Dale smiled and said hello when he saw me, just a quick glance, nothing out of the ordinary. I grabbed a soda from his fridge and my cigarettes, going outside to smoke.

    I sat down at the patio table and lit my cigarette, my thoughts drifted between my upset stomach and what happened. Part of me enjoyed that feeling, no wonder my dad talked about a blow job could make anyone feel better. I didn't understand at the time but I did now, except for the fact that my first blow job came from Dale.

    With many more parties and not having control of my alcohol intake, it wouldn't be the last time Dale would suck my cock to completion. A few months later I had a girlfriend, but she wasn't into blow jobs or having sex much. Her parents wanted her wait until she was married before having sex. I fingered her several times and then I would go back to my foster parents house and masturbate in my bedroom.

    At some point Dale and I had a talk about what was going on between us. It was hard to admit I liked the feeling but I liked girls better. He smiled and said he understood but he also knew I needed to cum. Then he stood up, smiled at me, telling me not to worry, he would give me what I wanted.

    For a while I stopped going to the church, Dale called a few times to see if I was okay. I was so confused. I hated what had happened, knowing it wasn't right. I would lay in my bed at night and think about what Dale did to me, my cock would twitch and I could feel it getting hard and then masturbate before I could sleep.

    Greg and James came by the house one day, they talked me to going over to Dale's house. It was Christmas and everyone was going to be there. There was beer and alcohol as always but I didn't drink too much. We had food and gifts were exchanged. Everyone knew my home situation and a few of the girls gave me gifts.

    It was getting late, the kids had to get back home, nobody was going to be sleeping over at Dale's that night. Dale asked me to help him out for a few minutes and when I came back out Greg had already left with his girlfriend. Dale said not to worry, he would take me home after he did a few more things. Dale went upstairs and I went into the tv room.

    I was watching some Christmas show and without much excitement my eyes got heavy and I drifted off to sleep in the sofa chair. I had no idea how long I had been asleep when I felt someone moving my legs apart. I jumped and there was some older women on her knees between my legs smiling at me. I was more than surprised, then I was suddenly freaked out to realize it wasn't a real woman, it was Dale dressed as a woman.

    I pulled back, trying to curl up in the chair. Dale put his gloved hands on me and told me I needed to relax. I could smell perfume of sorts suddenly. I looked at his Face hidden behind makeup, mascara, eye liner and lipstick. He wore a curly wig. He told me he would give me what I wanted. His gloved hand went to my crotch and started rubbing me. I closed my eyes and I just knew I was dreaming this. His hand pressed into my crotch harder, squeezing my cock and telling me it would be better this time.

    Honestly I don't know how much I resisted, my mind wouldn't let me think. My body began to react to his manipulations. Dale kept whispering to me in some weird female tone of manner, it would be okay. Thinking now I need to go home, I didn't really want this but suddenly I felt that familiar tingle between my legs. My cock began to get hard, Dale could feel it happening as well.

    He whispered it would be good, he would be the girlfriend I needed. His gloved hand rubbing my cock harder and I was trying to ignore the pleasure that I remembered so many times with my own hand. I just gave in and I don't know why. I allowed "her" to do what she wanted with my cock. She sucked and licked my cock with hunger, cupping my balls and telling me my cock was beautiful.

    I could hear the sexual excitement in "her" voice. I opened my eyes for a moment and looked down. Her thick curly mane of hair blocked my view mostly, I looked behind and saw "she" was wearing high heels along with her stockings under her skirt. Her head bobbed up and down on my throbbing cock, I was very turned on by the feeling now.

    Then Dale's mouth pulled away, she was gasping with excitement. I looked down at my cock, it was redish color from her lipstick. The sight of it just did something to me I never expected to happen. Dale stood up and reached down and took my hand, pulling me up as well. He led me upstairs to his bedroom, candles were lit around the bedroom.

    Dale stripped me naked and lay me on the bed. She walked around the bed in those heels and knelt onto the bed close to my head. Dale reached down and stroked my cock that was still hard as stone. Then she brought her hand to the hem of her skirt, lifting it up so I could see underneath. Dale tucked her cock inside a pair of lace panties, she was hard as I was now, the head of her cock couldn't be contained inside the frilly lace material.

    She pulled her cock out, stroking herself with her gloved hand. She looked upwards and moaned into the air. I couldn't help but look at her masturbate her own cock. She did this for a few moments and then looked down at me lying before her. Dale reached down and took my hand and placed it around his thick cock. The sensation was strange, his cock was warm and it throbbed in my hand.

    Dale whispered for me to stroke his cock. I looked up into his female looking face. In the shadows there was a resemblance of him being a woman. I slowly tugged his cock, Dale moaned with pleasure instantly. I stroked his cock, he told me to do it faster, I did as he asked me to do.

    Dale moaned like a girl as best as he could, his head tilted back slightly. I lay there looking at his hard cock beginning to drip pre cum. Then without a word from Dale I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, I don't know why I did that. The first words to come from Dale's mouth was thank you, thank you!

    The sensation of having a hard cock in my mouth was overwhelming. I don't know why but I wasn't repulsed by it one bit. My body tingled as his throbbing cock pushed into my mouth over and over. To hear that weird female voice aroused me in some unknown manner I cannot explain. I began to suck her cock with fever, taking the base of her seven inch cock and doing to her what she did to me in the darkness not so long ago.

    She thanked me again, told me she loved me. I tried to take all of her cock when she told me that. I gagged I couldn't take it all, Dale looked down at me and smiled. She told me not to worry, I was so good she wasn't going to hold out much longer.

    She pulled her cock away from me and began to jerk herself off. I watched her gloved hand fist herself, she leaned back slightly and cried out. A rope of cum jetted out of her engorged cock, and splattered all over my bare chest. Dale jerked her cock for several more moments until she was spent. I lay there on the bed with Dale's cum running down the sides of my chest, it felt almost hot on my bare chest.

    When she was spent Dale looked down at me and began to apologize for what she had done. She slid off the bed and went to the bathroom, returning with a towel to clean me off. I lay there looking up at Dale as she wiped my chest clean of her cum. I said you make a wonderful girlfriend. Dale stopped and looked at me and smiled.

    Dale walked over and put the towel into a laundry basket, she walked perfectly in those high heels she wore. From a short distance Dale could pass as a woman, she could be my girlfriend if that's what we wanted. Dale slid into the bed next to me, she put the candles out on the nightstand.

    It would be only a few days later that I would have sex with Dale. She dressed up in some outfit that older guys would love. Stockings, heels, garterbelt, heels. Her makeup was so good I actually complimented her on her looks.

    I would take Dale on her fours, the sensation of having sex in the most taboo manner from what I heard. It was more than I imagined. I held Dale by her hips and my young body fucked without restraint. Dale didn't try to hold me back, I came too soon. I stayed inside of Dale breathing rapidly, I wanted to fuck longer and enjoy the pleasure. Dale would tell me after that I had to learn to satisfy my girlfriend too.

    I turned sixteen and Dale took me to get my drivers license, letting me use his car for the drivers test. We became weekend boyfriend and girlfriend. Dale would always be dressed the entire time I was with him. He showed me his closet of female clothing, high heels and several pairs of fashion boots to wear for me during those times.

    We enjoyed a year together and then one day Dale told me he had to go away, he couldn't tell me where he was going. He was dressed up as always, we embraced and both cried for what seemed like hours. I told Dale I wanted him to fuck me, I had thought about it for several months. Dale told me I should be dressed up similar to him. He put the makeup on me, found some female clothing, bought me a pair of boots to wear in my size.

    Dale bought douche for me to use, to clean myself for him, like he did for me. We lay in the bed spoon fashion and he entered me from behind. Oh god it hurt, I never thought about such things until it happened. I started to cry and he added more lube to his engorged cock. He pushed his cock into my ass again, holding me tightly. It felt like he was ripping me apart and all the while he kept telling me he loved me.

    At some point I think I sort of blacked out from the pain. Dale had her cock deep inside of me. She pulled me onto my fours and began to fuck my ass slowly. I was moaning loudly from pain and pleasure. Dale fucked me with a steady rhythm, his hard cock filling me and then pulling almost out.

    Dale's voice soft, telling me how much she loved to fuck me. On my fours I looked under my belly and saw my hard cock dripping cum as I was being fucked. I erotic sensation raced through my entire body seeing this happen. I told her to fuck me harder, she did willingly and more cum dripped out of my cock.

    Then the moment came that couldn't be held back. I felt her hands on my hips tightly, her hips slammed into me from behind. The pain ripped through me again, I cried out from more pain than pleasure. Dale couldn't hold back, couldn't be gentle any longer. She fucked me like a whore, slamming her cock into my ass and calling me a slut.

    Then a high pitched sound and then I felt the hot seed of sex being pumped into my ass. Cum poured out of my cock as Dale fucked me to the last drop. She pounded me until I collapsed onto the bed, she fell on top of me with her pulsating cock deep in my ass. We lay there like that for a long time, sometimes she would thrust her hips downwards with her cock still inside but now not as hard.

    I would fuck Dale later on during the night, taking her the way she had taken me. I came too quickly, the excitement of this moment was too much to hold back. I filled her hole just the way she had filled my own. We had sex until the sun started to come up......

    That was our last time together. Dale sent me a letter at my Foster home telling me he was out of the country and he would contact me sometime. I never heard another word from Dale. I had turned 18yo and a few weeks later I got a letter from a lawyer saying I needed to call his office.

    I called and was informed that Dale had left me a key to a storage unit a few miles from where I was living. I had a car and a job and I drove to the storage unit after work one day. I found the storage unit and opened the door. There were six medium size boxes sitting in the middle of the unit. I opened the boxes and they were all of Dale's clothes, heels, and boots.

    There was a note in one of the boxes saying the storage unit would be paid for another year and after that it was up to me what to do with the items. I was lost for a while, tried to date women, having sex with them. It did nothing for me sexually, Dale had mind fucked me good. Fourteen years later I have a good job and a nice home. Most of my dates or relationships are with passable Cd's or Tranny's. I have Dale's clothes with all of his high heels and boots in a spare bedroom closet, hoping one day he will come back to me.......

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    When I was about 12 or 13 I had my 3 best friends out to my house to camp out over night down in the woods quite a ways from our house. We were all about the same age and late that night things got pretty wild after talking about sex for quite awhile we began to dare each other to do different things and we ended up buck naked and checking out each other. We all had a big hard on and dared each other to jack off.
    Not only did we jack off we jacked each other off after a dare. After we watched each other shoot our loads we were all pretty comfortable being naked in front of each other and were all interested in getting off some more so we dared each other to do other things and the four of us had our hands all over each other in the tent and there was a little sucking going on from time to time and we were all getting off just watching each other naked with each other.
    After watching Mike hump on Steve`s ass I wanted some one to hump me and got Tommy to hump on my ass and we were all laughing and talking while Steve and I got our ass humped on and no one wanted to stop and Steve and I wound up with their cum on our ass and in a minute or two they changed places and we were getting humped on again. Mike kept poking his dick on my asshole over and over and when I didn`t stop him he said he dared me to let him stick it in my ass.
    Before I could say yes or no he was trying to put it in me and with the cum on my ass it wasn`t very hard to get it in me and the other two were watching as he began to fuck me in the ass and before long I was face down in the floor of the tent and Mike was fucking my ass while the other two watched and stroked their dicks already begging me to be next. Mike fucked me good then came in my ass and as soon as he rolled off of me Tommy went next then Steve fucked my ass and all 3 came in my ass and Mike was ready to fuck me again and for several hours the three of them took turns fucking me and my ass was dripping their cum even the next day.
    No one seemed to want to talk about it much the next day and I found that to be a little strange and later on had to ask them why they didn`t want to mention what had happened the night before. They all agreed that we shouldn`t have done it and they were a little ashamed of it and felt like they should not have done such a thing to me. I told them it was OK and to not worry about it and even told them I liked it and really didn`t think it was all that bad. That started the conversation and after we talked about an hour or so about it they seemed a little shy about it but let me know they liked doing it too and then went on t agree that if I ever wanted to try it again that they wouldn`t mind doing it again.
    A couple of hours later we were all walking along a trail in the woods on my Parents land and we came to this place I knew that was under a big shade tree in some pretty thick brush where no one could see us and I asked if any of them might like to try it again and they just looked at each other then said they did so once my clothes were off and they were looking at my young naked ass they began to undress and were all hard as a rock and they took turns on me for quite awhile and it was even better than the night before and they couldn`t stop fucking me and I wanted them to keep it up for as long as they could and once my cum was leaking their cum it was so easy for them to shove their dicks up my asshole and fuck me hard and I really liked being face down in the grass letting my best friends fuck the hell out of me and it felt good when they came balls deep in my ass.
    I caught myself talking to them while they were fucking me even telling them to fuck me harder! saying things like Cum in me again! Oh that feels good give it to me harder! and listening to them all talk while they fucked me up the ass was a huge turn on for me and after that weekend we pretty much had sex together for the rest of our school years and some times only one of them or all of them and they all knew any time they felt like fucking and getting off I was always ready and for several years I let them fuck me in the ass all the time. Once we could drive on weekends we would ride around late at night with me in the back seat naked while they all took turns driving and fucking me in the ass.
    We all played football and were pretty damn tuff guys and no one ever suspected us of ever doing anything like we were doing. Late night drinking out at the Lake always ended up with me bent over the end of one of the concrete picnic tables with them taking turns in my ass. We had a lot of places to go to fuck and it was always good for me and my best friends. Of course as we got older their dicks got bigger and so did their warm loads they put in my ass. Many times I had one in my ass and one in my mouth and eventually I could let them DP me and I could take care of all 3 of them at the same time.
    After years we all moved away and nothing happened for me for years and we all got married and in my mid 30`s this guy I worked with and liked to drink beer with let me know one day that he was Bisexual. He was married like I was but enjoyed to top other guys on occasions. Needless to say the very next day he and I took off for the day and told the wives we were going to go shoot some pool and drink beer. We wound up in my Deer cabin with him fucking me countless times with his huge dick and emptying his nuts in me countless times. Almost every Saturday He and I went to my cabin to fuck and his dick was huge very thick 9" and he came a lot and he loved to suck my dick and swallow my load. We had great sex for two years then he moved away.
    Years later I met this Mexican guy at this bar I liked to stop at after work. It was months after we started drinking together before we discovered we both wouldn`t object to a little private sex with each other. He told me he liked to suck a dick and when I told him I really liked getting my ass fucked he got very excited and told me he never fucked a guy but sure would like to then he went on to tell me that he hoped I could take a fairly large cock. I told him I thought I could so the next weekend He and I went to my Cabin and He sucked my dick really good then used his extremely large brown dick on my white ass and put several very large hot loads of Mexican cum in my ass
    After a couple of years he and his wife moved and since then I have had sex with about 4 other married men but nothing that lasted very long and most of them only one time things. I consider myself straight because I have been married for 20 years but also consider myself Bisexual when it comes to getting my ass fucked. Not much on sucking dick but damn sure like taking it deep in the ass and getting fucked hard and pounded by well hung married men that shoot big thick hot loads. I have actually tried many other ways to enjoy anal sex and enjoy them all. Different objects , toys , dildos , strap on , and really like getting my ass fucked outdoors and also get off watching my ass get fucked in front of a mirror. Seeing my asshole stretched around a nice thick cock or any kind of object and watching it go deep in my ass then out then back in is a huge turn on for me and it always has been.
    I wished I could find a nice married hung guy to hang out and drink beer with that would like to fuck my ass on occasions. Total discrete private sex with any hung married men that live near me. If you are interested let me know.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 22

    I have an FWB (friend with benefits) let's call her Brittany, she is 26, black, and always craving cock.
    We met online at 1st and talked quite a bit, then decided to meet in person.
    The very night we met, she hopped into bed with me right away, which I was surprised by but not bothered by.

    First thing she did when we got to the bed was deepthroat me, she said she'd been looking forward to that for a while. I will never forget the feel of my cock going down her throat that 1st time, it was amazing. Then we missionary fucked and some other things for quite a while after that, until we passed out in each others arms, exhausted.

    She hung out at my place for the full following weekend, and stayed naked for most of that time, we had a lot of fun together.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    Let's put a temporary halt to this mom and son, dad and daughter i****t for a minute.
    Yesterday I was in the street trying my best to help my neighbor kid get his kite airborne. Nothing but troubles although we did have ample wind. Soon my 30 year old cute wife came out and stood by the front door and watched. Soon she yelled to me, "Honey, you need more tail." I threw the spool of twine down an stomped back to the house. stopping by the door and looked straight into my wife's eyes and said, "Darn it. I wish you'd make up your mind. Last night you told me to go fly a kite."

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    My significant other is generally shy when it comes to sexual matters. However, if she is able to relax deeply enough, her sexual appetite rises and her inhibutions basically fly out the window.
    I love helping her be able to relax & just let loose.

    I'm sure everyone has heard about all women having (for lack of a better term) an "inner slut" and they should not be shamed for expressing it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I think we all different behaviours when it comes to sex, i'm bi and honestly i have different wet fantasies when it comes to fucking with a male or a female.

    I have a kind of mommy kink when it comes to sleeping with girls, i prefer to spend my time in bed with a female who has a more mature body or is older than me,a milf to be more exact i want her to put me in my place and tell me how much of naughty little slut i am and how i belong to her.

    I love pleasing the female above me,kinky clothing and behaviour comes with the package, i like the idea of walking around the house in only a pair of black stockings and a dildo up my pussy, seeing my mommy on the couch and crawling between her legs,licking her delicious pussy until she cums all over my face.Or even, in the more 'sweet' moments, laying my head on her heavenly breasts and sucking on her nipple to calm down.

    The fact i always had a more smaller body only added fuel to all my fantasies, specially the ones with a MILF,i want to be on all fours to my mommy and let her play with my body, slap my slutty pussy and my ass, lick and flick my nipples, bite and lick my thighs, bruise my lips and mark my neck to show everyone that i belong to her only.

    The nicknames are also something that always grabs my attention, baby girl, baby, little slut, baby slut, kitten and etc, baby slut or baby bitch are my most favorite ones, but i also get to call my mommy other nicknames, my queen, mistress, my goddess, my princess, granny or aunt depending of how she tells me to do it.

    Now this experience i had was with an ex girlfriend i've had, she was 33 and i was 19, and shd loved roleplay, she loved to play both roles, mommy and daddy (and other roles as well but these were her favorite).

    Someti mes, she would come home with more masculine clothing, we would talk on the phone and she would tell me what to dress and how to adress her, i would come wait by the door and there she would be, she always demanded a kiss on the lips and then she would make me sit on her lap to chat.

    At some point, she would start rubbing my inner thigh, slowly sliding her hand up my thigh and stroking my pussy trough my panties, it wouldn take her long to start kissing me, her tongue inside my mouth.

    Sometimes she would be so horny that she would take me right there on the couch, she would rip off my panties and spread my legs wide, teasing my pussy with her wet tongue until i was whimpering for her touch then came one of my favorite parts.

    She would take off her pants and show me her strap on, she would make me deepthroath it so the part inside her would move, i would do it gladly, letting her move my head back and forth, hearing her moans, looking up at her and seeing her pleasure face, it was such a turn on.

    After thaf she would bend me over or put me on all fours, thrusting the tou inside my pussy (wich was dripping wet at this point), i was in heaven, she would slap my ass while she fucked me, sometimes she would lean over, grab my breasts and whisper dirty things into my ear like "does my little baby slut likes her daddy's cock buried deep inside her pussy? Does she?" that would drive me crazy, she would bite my ear lobe and keep fucking me until she was satisfied.

    Sometimes we continued our day or went to sleep, but sometimes she liked to kiss my cheek and leave me there, panting and sweating, my face red, but i was happy, happy that she was satified.

    We broke up one years ago, i feel sad because honestly she was the one most treated me right, she was caring but savage, i miss her, the feeling of her hand on my body, the way she would rub her pussy against my face, her taste, her body.

    Since then i never found another female to call my mommy, i'm now dating again this time with a guy but it's completly different, my straight side is more dominant.

    I think thats it, i thank you all for reading my confession, wish me luck on finding a new mommy.

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