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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    My wife volunteered me to help the mother of one of her friends. I was basically going to be doing some grunt work and literally getting dirty. It was going to be moving some bricks and dirt around in her yard. I got to her house and knowing I would be getting dirty brought a change of clothes. After I finished the work I was dirty and sweaty and asked if I could have a shower. I finished my shower, wrapped a towel around me and walked back to the room where my change of clothes was.

    I was naked and still toweling parts of me off when she walks in on me. She stares at me, makes a comment about me being naked, tells me she can't take back what she just saw, sits down and says it was pointless for her to leave since she has now seen me naked. I told her it wasn't appropriate for her to stay. She tells me to not be concerned and to just get on with what I was doing because it wasn't like I was going to be more naked. I figured it would be best I just quickly finish what I was doing and get dressed. She watched as a toweled myself off. Her watching me was a little unnerving at first but soon I was getting a little turned on by it. I began to take my time and give her a longer show. She was intently watching me as I continued to towel off and grow below. I should have kept my cock covered because exposing a cock was one thing but exposing a cock that was rock hard was another. It was an even bigger turn on now having it exposed to her this way and her reactions to it. I finally did get dressed and had her thank me for the work that day. She added I was a very dirty boy for showing myself to her the way I did. I told her that she was the one who walked in on me. She said she wasn't complaining, and with a bit of a wicked smile and a wink, she was a very dirty girl. She told me it was fun show but her husband and my wife might not agree. That when I realized if this ever got back to my wife she would kill me. So far to date, and as far as I know, no one else has found out about this day.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 39

    I really hate my neighbor. Her and her husband are the type of people who are so righteous and god like and do no wrong. When someone else does something wrong they always get on them about it and do it so they embarrass them so the whole neighborhood finds out and knows all the details about what they did. Over the last month or so I noticed, mostly on weekends, that someone was out in their backyard late at night. They would usually be in one part of the yard which was dark so it was difficult to see make out who it was at first. This individual would then walk around and go into areas that were well lit including areas outside of the backyard. This normally would not be an issue but this individual was wearing no clothes and would even masturbate out there. The individual was their 18 year old son. On weekends his parents always went away and I guess he decided to do things while they were away. It was nice to have seen this because should his parents ever give me a holier than thou attitude I would throw it in their face. I took pictures and video of him and would make sure the whole neighborhood would see how well they raised their son.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 27

    Let me begin by saying I know this is totally horrible and wrong. Since this morning nothing ever happened again, if anything now things are slightly awkward.
    I recently moved in with my boyfriends parents. His mother leaves early for work as does my boyfriend. Due to conflicting schedules we have not had much time for sex lately. If we are lucky maybe once or twice a month.
    I am always ridiculously horny and have a high sex drive, I always have. That is just who I am. So this one particular morning I was craving it so badly. I laid in bed playing with myself for awhile before going downstairs for breakfast. Still in my shorts and a tank I went down to eat.
    My boyfriends father was on the couch watching television. I am not going to lie, I am far from perfect but have a cute face, perfect ass and C cup tits.
    After I ate I got up and asked when his father was leaving for work, he said in a few hours. I sat down and was watching tv with him. I was still beyond unsatisfied from the lack of sex and made a quick and foolish decision.
    I got a little closer to his father and said I had a headache, my mind already was made up and I laid my head on his lap. I asked if they had any Tylenol as I knew they did not, so when he had said no I asked if he could rub my head.
    As he did I seductively told him how good it felt, nuzzling my head around his lap. He is much older and has been married to my boyfriends mother forever, so I knew if I kept moving my head around his lap he would eventually get excited.
    When he did I said hm I guess we both feel good huh? And let out a sigh. He said he was sorry, which I replied there is no need to be sorry. Can you keep rubbing my head please. It is helping.
    A few moments passed and I said fuck it, I need a release, so I raised my head up and replaced it with my hand on his lap, looking dead in his eyes and said thank you, but I know something that will help me even more. I grabbed him and squeezed playfully.
    Immediately he said what are you doing? That is not really a good idea, do you have any idea and before he could finish I slid my hand under his pajama pants and was stroking him. I said I have a good idea, just relax, I leaned down and started giving him a mean blowjob. Pretty sure he had not had one in quite some time. I looked up and said do you want me to stop? He gently pushed my head back down and I really went to work.
    He told me he was as going to cum after only a couple minutes so I stopped and said you better not. I jumped up, slid my shorts down and got on top of him before he could even realize what happened. I guided him inside me and started riding him ferociously.
    Within seconds his hands were all over my ass, I lifted my shirt up and leaned forward to press my tits against his face and told him to suck my nipples.
    He was not as big as my boyfriend but his width was undeniably wider. I came so hard, so many times, I did my have an orgasm but it was what I needed. I told him I wanted him to get on top so I got off and on my knees and within minutes he said he was going to cum. I said no no no not yet, but it was too much for him I guess. He said again I am going to cum, not being on the pill I said fine, pull out, I turned around and told him to cum on my face. He did and it was great, I cleaned him up with my mouth for a few seconds and told him not to worry.
    No one would ever find out, I went upstairs, showered and by the time I came back down he went to work. We never talked about it again but every morning I see him looking at me, I just know I can not allow myself to do such a thing again.
    It would rip their family apart and I do not have that in me. I was selfish and in a brief moment of not thinking clearly and putting my needs ahead of what is right I took advantage of a situation I knew i could.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My bedroom window looks down into my neighbours bedroom and I have a perfect view of his bed and always watch him jerk off and fuck his girlfriend. He looks like he has a big cock from my view. His girlfriend is also very hot. Tiny petite little red head. She can deep throat him pretty good. Sometimes my friends watch with me and we all jerk off together at the window. Sometimes when I finish first Iâll cum on one of the other dicks then give them a blowjob.

    The best time was when I could see him and another guy in there together watching his girlfriend or some girl dance for them. That was really hot. I fantasize about testing him a video of him and his gf one night and him being cool with it an inviting me over.

    Iâve always loved watching people. It definitely goes back to being a kid and spying on my mom with the guys sheâs being home from the bar. I loved spying and seeing her being used by these strangers. One time she had three guys over at once and they just took turns fucking her I loved it. When I was 16 me and my friend found videos on her laptop of her with many many men. We must have watched all the videos Jay night jerking off together. The hottest video I found was my mom and her conworkernon their knees surrounded by cocks all pissing on them and they were swallowingnit and gurgling it. Thatâs always gets me so ready to cum imagine my mom with a mouthful of piss. Iâm 18 now and my gf is 15 and Iâm getting her into lots of things. I really like watching her suck two dicks at once. She likes it too. Iâd love to work our way up to like 20 that would be super hot. Sheâs into it too, she lost her virginity at 13 to two 25 year old guys at the same time. I get so hard thinking of that. I went on a cruise when I was 14 and ended up sucking off two kids my age while an older man watched and jerked off. I also watched him and a girl my age have sex in a private hot tub. After he came in her he got me to eat his cum out of her while he rubbed his cock against my ass

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 49

    I have friend that I have known for over 37 yrs. We got really drunk at a bachelor party. On the way home he said the movies we watched made him horny. He then asked if I would go to a hotel with and jerk off. I was like, screw the hotel and found a seluded spot. We jerked off a litt6 and asked if could suck my cock. I was wasn't sure at first but I let him. I stopped him because I wanted to try sucking his cock. It was so silky smooth and I found I liked it. I could tell he was going to cum, then he kept saying it, thinking I would no continue to suck his cock. He came in my mouth and I found I liked it. Since then he and gave each blowjobs over the years. I haven't sucked his cock in a years but I still think about it and would blow him again at any chance. He's now divorced. And I am still mareied6. Wife doesn't know about it at all, probably would not understand. I see nothing wrong with enjoying sex even with another guy

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    I fell into this lesbian relationship and it has gone on now for over 5 years. I was heartbroken from being dumped by my then boyfriend and she was my roommate at the time and she held me. Just held me, sitting side by side with her arms around my shoulders. She tried to let go but I stopped her and asked her to keep holding me. I decided right then that it was better to be in her arms that some jerk's arms. I got in bed with her and told her to make love to me and wipe the memories of that jerk away.

    She was a lesbian and I knew it, way back from when we first met in college she came out to me, to tell me that she had feelings for me but I she would understand if I wasn't into her. Well, I lied to myself and told her I was a more into getting lucky with a dick than sleeping with her. But not anymore, once I went her way I stayed her way and I have not been with a dick since I got dumped by that jerk. She has even turned me on to ogling pretty girls we see on the street.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 25

    I've like old man porn since I was little. When I was 12 my family finally got a computer, it didn't take me long to find porn for the first time. I just looked up basic dirty words that I knew like "sex" and "three some" at first, then I learned new ones like "gangbang" and "old/young." I especially loved looking at old/young porn, watching daddies and grandpa's fucking hot teens. It's always been a fetish of mine.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    I really should stop smoking so much. Instead of paying for my weed, I just suck my dealerâs big black dick every time.

    Itâs starting to become a ritual now: I meet him at the park every other day, suck his dick til he cums, then I get my weed.

    He tried to offer me a whole ounce of I let him fuck me. I told him no because that dick will split me in half.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    No shy retiring girl, I got fucked the first time when I was 15 it was the same guy I sucked off the next day. Now at 19 I've been with 22 guys. Last weekend I was drunk at a party, a bunch of us girls took off our tops, some took off their bottoms too and were totally nude. As more drinks were consumed, and I got very drunk, I took a dare and put my face between a girls legs and started licking her pussy, eating her to 3 orgasms. Then she had me down on the floor pushing up my skirt, pulling down my panties and started licking me. I went the rest of the night with no panties on, no shoes, no top just my mini skirt and not really caring who saw my brown hair below or my ass. Guys were fingering me, kissing me, and even fingering my butt. The girl I had sex with took me in a dance and we danced real slow, she had her hands all over me. We were kissing on the dance floor, and after I ate her once more. She asked for a date and we went out two nights later. She paid for the meal and the movie, and we were back at her place. The thing is after she left the party, I ate two more girls, and I really liked doing it. I like tasting other girls pussies and want more of it. I've make love to the first girl 3 times now. I'd never done anything until that party but I knew from the first taste of her I wanted more.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    On my last haul from Vegas to Florida, I picked up this little blonde in Oklahoma trying to get a ride to Atlanta.

    Bitch couldnât be older than 20, tight as fuck. I made her suck, fuck and swallow the whole down.

    She sucked my dick while I was driving and I used her like a personal fucktoy in the back of my truck.

    I even fucked that teenage ass before I dropped her off at a truck stop outside of Atlanta.

    Her name was Lena or Lea or some shit like that.

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