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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 53

    My third wife was a florist during the day.
    She worked some week nights selling roses in a very skimpy outfit at several cowboy bars and dance clubs.
    On most Saturday nights, she danced nude at a BYOB club in a sleazy part of Dallas.
    She liked dancing in a sleazy club because the seamier the place, the wetter it made her.

    Generally at home, she never wore clothes unless she had to.
    She was 36-24-34, a 38 year old sexy mature MILF
    So I never grew tired of seeing her run around the house naked and always thanked her for it and complimented her because she had such a hot body.
    If I wanted her at any time, she'd stop whatever she was doing and fuck me right then.

    Now when she did go somewhere, run an errand for example, she'd often wear the absolute minimum.
    She'd went sevral times to the grocery store with just a tee-shirt on.

    And that is not a lie.

    With no bra, her tits pressed, swung freely, bounced, etc., and protruded so that the tee rode up a bit.
    So even a long tee came hardly to the top of her thighs and barely covered her ass.
    And she enjoyed the effects, particularly her bending over to check a price might have on the ogling males tripping over their feet as they passed.

    It really was a phenomenon to behold : the truly uninhibited buxom female unleashed upon the world. hahahaha

    She NEVER wore panties, always wore easy-fitting 2-3 button sun dresses, low-cut pull-over shifts, always with nothing else under, preferred and even insisted that the majority were see-through, and always enjoyed cocking a thigh when the opportunity arose to flash her pussy to waiters, other diners, leering teen-aged boys, etc.

    She loved the shock-tease of answering the front door nude, after checking to see who it was and deciding if they could handle it.
    She signed for Fed-Ex packages nude, took pizza deliveries nude, and even talked to some JW's nude once.
    THAT was a hoot.

    She also answered the door nude when my guy friends came over.
    They certainly never complained. They just didn't know what to say most of the time.
    And if I didn't suggest she put on a tee shirt to keep my friends from cumming in their pants, she would stay nude.

    If we went to a club, she would get decked-out and always be the sexiest woman there, flirting with every guy who wasn't dead, and dancing with whomever she liked, if I didn't feel like dancing that particular song.
    After, she would come and excitedly tell me how she'd guided his finger under her dress and the look on his face when discovering she wore no panties or if she'd rubbed his cock through his pants with her hand, how hard it got, how big it was, if he'd left a pre-cum stain on his slacks when she'd walked away after, or this or that.

    But she was never never mean or snooty.
    For lack of a better description, she just loved being sexy, showing herself off, being free in a good and healthy way. I can honestly say that she was in truth just being herself.

    She had been in a very bad, controlling, fearful relationship with a jealous first husband.
    And later, this led to a lot of sex with other guys for various reasons that we both enjoyed.

    SO - I wanted to ask what another woman thinks of all this?

    1. Do you ever feel like being nude more, or wishing you were comfortable being nude more, showing off your body in
    these ways or ways similar and do or want to do similar things?

    2. Do you see any of these things, or my encouragement of them, as bad?

    3. Do you think I'm weird or a sleaze-bag husband for encouraging such behavior?

    4. And just to ask, could you see yourself going to the store with just a tee-shirt on?

    TY to all who read this.
    I appreciate your comments because all of this IS TRUE.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 29

    It all started with Tony (friend/neighbour) making advances while Stuart (my husband) was at work. He kept making excuses for coming round and one-day he tried it on physically in the kitchen, fortunately my kids came home from school. I made sure from that day I wasn't home alone BUT every time I saw him acting normally with Stuart, with the usual banter which always goes on between them about me with Stuart telling him that I do flashing, full blow jobs even saying that I don't mind anal making me dead embarrassed but making Tony jealous saying about Stuart able to see me naked at any time with Stuart actually daring me to give him a flash after all Tony was a friend but I didn't rise to the dare. Later on when Tony left leaving us alone, after all this time I decided to tell Stuart about those happenings with Tony all that time ago.
    At first he was furious and was going to go round and belt him for what he had tried BUT after calming down he actually got turned on asking lots of questions eventually us making real passionate love. Then one night my "revenge" opportunity came real because my kids were out for the night and Tony's wife was away so he came round for a drink and as usual the banter went on.
    I made an excuse to go upstairs so I could put my plan into action. Changing into my yellow slightly see-through button up dress, with Basque, stockings, red see-through knickers underneath I shouted down for them to come upstairs BOTH of them were gobsmacked by what I was wearing and obviously we were in our bedroom. I had music playing, telling them to stand to one side and watch but they can't touch telling Tony he was now going to see what he always wanted.
    Unbuttoning my dress letting it fall from my shoulders revealing my Basque then sliding it further down until completely letting it go then sitting on the edge of the bed unfastening my stockings sliding them down, now reaching behind me unfastening my Basque holding it for a second before letting it go now revealing my bare tits, my nipples were now starting to stick out which Stuart commented to Tony about that no doubt I was getting worked up myself but I was still in control of everything happening at this moment.
    I still had my slightly see-through knickers on. Making sure telling them to stay by the dressing table lying down pushing down on my waistband of my knickers telling Tony that he was about to see what he was hoping to use all that time ago. At this time I will admit I was getting dead excited myself and my heart was pounding and really I should of been prepared for what happened next because STUART said to Tony something like "Hell this is to much should we sample what is on offer" meaning me obviously "I never had a chance to even get up because both of them literally pinned me down with Stuart telling Tony to pull my knickers right off and to spread my legs. I didn't think that Stuart would act like this but I hadn't realised that I had got them so worked up. They were like sex starved animals with Stuart telling Tony I wanted fingering and the rougher the better I liked it. Stuart very rarely acts like this but I started to feel actually humiliated because as well I could feel myself Cumming shaking not in control of my body . By now both of them had their dicks out with Stuart TELLING me to give Tony one of my special blow jobs first before they will take it in turns to fuck me I wasn't disappointed when I saw Tony's Dick because it was a bit bigger than Stuart and also circumcised so now with it being rock hard I was made to suck him till he came having to swallow it while Stuart got me to the doggie position fucking me. Between them they made me cum a couple more times and each time they ridiculed me about how much I must be liking it. It was about 2 AM when they actually finished with Stuart saying to Tony that he must come round again soon if he wanted to NOT bothering what I thought although I will admit I secretly enjoyed it

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    Watched my wife fuck a younger man this last weekend. I was not sure how I would like it but i loved it. Watching his hard cock slide in and out of her wet pussy was fantastic. Watching his balls tighten up as he shot his load in her made me cum harder then i ever have. If you are married and have not tried this you need too.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Female / 21

    I am a crossdresser transgender girl. I was married for 2 years. I came out to my wife. We decided that I would play the cuckold.

    One night my wife, Sherry, called me from work to tell me that she was bringing her boyfriend home for sex. When they got there I opened the DOOR and let them in. My wife said that her boyfriend, John, was looking forward to seeing me dressed as a woman. I tried to show I was embarrassed. She just said, "Oh Lori be a good girl and change. John already knows all about you".

    Although I was embarrassed John told me that he would not make fun of me and to please change for him. I blushed and said OK but no laughing. I changed and my wife did my make-up. I had my own girl clothes and shoes and also make-up.

    I walked in and stood a whole 5'8" in my 4 inch heels. John stood there with his mouth open. My wife asked, "Isn't she beautiful"? He said that I was. He said that I should go out to the club and maybe meet a guy. I said that I am not pretty enough.

    John said that he knows a guy who would be happy to take me dancing. He made a phone call and he told them that I was transgender and very pretty, he then said that I needed a date. I had butterflies in my stomach. Then he said, "If you don't think she is pretty then you can leave".

    The knock came on the door. My wife kind of giggled and told me to not keep him waiting. I opened the door and he thought that I was John's date. I told him that I am Lori and I was his date if he still wanted me. He got very excited and said that he would be very happy to be seen with me.

    We first went out to eat and talk. My date, Jim, was pleased to hear that I am a great cook and and excellent housekeeper. He was 23 and very handsome and rugged.

    After dinner we went dancing and my wife told me to dance like I am dancing with her. She always said that she was the leader dancing and that I was the girl. I must have danced all but 2 dances and Jim said that I was a very good dancer.

    After dancing Jim asked me to come with him to his apartment. My wife said that I would be bored at home because John and her would be in bed the entire time. I accompanied Jim home. I brought a change of clothes and lingirie. I changed into my lingirie and got in bed. Jim took a minute and joined me. He was like an octopus, arms everywhere and I was enjoying it so much.

    I took his cock in my hand and I fondled it and I felt it grow in my hand. This was not my first time with a guy. I threw the covers back and I took his cock in my mouth. I was using all the blowjob tricks I learned and he was Loving it. Just before he shot his cum he said he going to. I let all of it out of my mouth just keeping the head in. Just then he shot his big load of cum in my mouth. It was so good and after a good taste I swallowed.

    He was pleased and fell asleep holding me. I decided that I was going to play with his cock more. After a half an hour he got another big hard-on. Then his eyes opened and he began to suck on my nipples. He commented about the size of my nipples being as big as a woman's nipples. I told him that I was born with them. I don't know if guys like their nipples played with but it makes me feel so feminine.

    Jim laid me on my back and put my legs on his shoulders and pushed his well lubed cock in my ass. I let out a girl scream and he stopped and asked if I was OK. I said yes it just hurts a little. He told me that oNce he was inside me it would feel better. I told him that I was ready and in it went. It felt better than anything I have ever felt. Afterwards he fell asleep still inside me. As he got soft I felt it pop our.

    The next morning we showered together and that is when he noticed that my penis is so small. He asked how I had sex with my wife. I told him that I have had sex with her about 5 times, then we agreed that I was to be a cuckold. It was nice to watch and get to see big cock and dream I was getting it. He fingered my little penis and said that it was my clitty. It felt so wonderful to feel a man's hands on my body. He dropped me off at home on his way to work.

    My wife and I sat down and had some coffee and we just started to tell each other all about our men. She said that it is so nice to feel a man inside her, I was never able to get her to make any noise except, "I don't feel it, I don't think you are in me". She said John is at least 9 inches, more than 7 inches longer than mine. Jim is 8 inches. My tiny penis and almost non-existent testicals are easy to hide in my panties.

    After her next date with John she moved me into the guest room so we could entertain our men in private. Two weeks later and I moved in with Jim. He needed me to cook and clean for him, he is such a guy. I am so happy to be the house girlfriend and take care of him. I now have no guy clothes at all.

    When I quit my job I walked in wearing my sexiest dress and full make-up with my 4 inch stiletto heels. I walked to my boss and said I quit. He said, Ma'am do you work for me"? I told him my name and he could not believe I was not a girl. I told him about my new boyfriend and that I moved in with him. He told me that I could work as a secretary for him as a woman. He said that it would be a pay increase but I would have to wear a dress or skirt and Pantyhose with heels. He said it would be here if I wanted.

    I took Him and visited my family and they were not surprised to see me in my new dress or with a boyfriend. They said that they were shocked when I married a woman. My dad talked to Jim about taking good care of his new daughter. He said that he would. He is so good to me. My family said that it was about time I finally became the woman I should be.

    It has been a year since I moved in with him and I couldn't be any happier. I live as Lori all the time
    and I am never mistaken for a man. I have my driver's license showing that I am female. Being a full time woman is so rewarding and makes me feel like a good girlfriend.


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 26

    When I was a young kid, I was mute. It was because of child abuse from a mentally unstable mother, but I'm not going to go into detail about that. I don't like to think about it at all. I speak now after therapy when I was 9 and living with my dad. When I was 6 or 7, a horny teenage girl took advantage of the fact I was mute and couldn't tell on her. I don't feel traumatized or anything, nor am I angry. The memory isn't painful. It's just strange.

    She followed me into the bathroom one day when no one else was home and when I looked at her confused, she just said she "wanted to see it." I got self conscious and turned my body away so I covered my dick as much as I could while I peed standing up, also covering as much of it as I could with my hands. When I finished, she walked up behind me and reached around me to grab it. I froze, not because I liked it, but more so because I was thinking "what is she doing?."

    She managed to get it stiff after fumbling with it a little while and tried to put my hand on her vagina, but I yanked my hand away as soon as I felt it. The erection was a physical response only and I wasn't sexually turned on. It started to feel nice, but then I looked down and saw my dick stiff in her hand, and freaked out before she could finish, managed to get out of her grip, and ran off. I was completely innocent and clueless about sex at that age, so it was all confusing. Later after she saw me act scared around her, she never tried anything again.

    I was 6 or 7, so my memory of what she looked like is super vague. All I remember is she was white trash, had dirty blond hair, a southern accent, and she had a SEGA. (It's funny that my young brain picked THAT detail to remember).

    The incident showed me how to get it hard and I would often play with it in the bathtub, sometimes to dry orgasm. I was doing it wrong though and was basically rhythmically squeezing instead of stroking. I'm kinda embarrassed about that because my grandmother saw me doing it a couple times and I made no attempt to hide it because I didn't know any better. She was responsible about it and didn't ever comment on it, since doing so would probably make me ask questions.

    Today, I'm gay and have a healthy sex life. I'm only attracted to men my age and much older, even playing with a man the same age as my dad once. I have a bit of an i****t fetish, but I've never do it in real life. I'm not attracted to my dad and honestly he intimidates me; he's the authoritarian military guy type. I'm very certain that the incident as a kid had nothing to do with me being gay, but I suppose it's remotely possible. I never told anyone about it because I don't consider it that big of a deal, and I don't want people who care about me to worry about me.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I'm a personal trainer/ consultant who works with a variety of clients but most are middle age successful white men. I also have a fetish for turning straight men. It's not as hard as you may think. I'm in great shape, dark skinned Italian with a very, long, thick cock. I've found that most men, whether they'll admit it or not, are fascinated with big dicks. Sometimes I'll troll adult dating sites and my body/ dick pics always get responses but I'm careful to wade through to the actual straight guys. Sometimes it is just as simple as walking around the locker room naked. Noticing glances of guys I know are married or straight. I ask them if they want to have a beer, get a couple in them and ask them if they want to grab a drink at my place. If they say yes I know that they are gong to at least suck my cock. Watching a straight guy swallow cum for the first time is a very empowering, sexy experience. My favorite by far though is what I call The Give. That's when I talk a perfectly straight narrow minded dude into letting me fuck him bareback and drop in his ass. I have cum in more than 100 straight men's asses many to their utter shock, disbelief but always begging pleasure. When I enter a straight mans tight virgin hole with my big naked cock all of their manhood is stripped away. Every single one, when I started fucking them and asked if I could cum in their ass agreed. Nothing turns me on more than the build to my orgasm and then exploding cum deep in a virgin ass. All of their manhood and pride has been given to me and they can no longer kid themselves that they are straight. They always ask to meet up again and I often do.

    To be clear I get tested very regularly because I never want to be the guy spreading disease. Especially as trust is what gets me into the best, straightest asses.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 55

    I found out I was gay at the age of 12 when my 14 year old cousin seduced me. He taught me how to suck his dick and balls and he did the same to me. He taught me the "game" of doctor which I truly enjoyed. Each time we played the game (several times a night) we would switch roles. One position (as the patient) he put me in was have me on the bed on my hands and knees. He would then "feel me up".

    Oby getting behind me and putting his hand through my legs and playing with my cock and balls. That really got me horny. That led to lying on his back and putting his head between my legs and sucking my cock and balls.

    We eventually found our way to mutual sucking and rimming in the 69 position and finally learning how to fuck one another. We "played" for several years. One time we were sucking balls in a 69 and I suddenly felt this strange but exciting feeling surge through my cock. It was my first orgasm. WOW.

    Fast forward to my junior year in high school. I was 16 and in grade 11. After gym class we all showered in a common shower room together, regardless of your Grade 10-11-12. One time, while I was dressing, I glanced to my left and noticed (then stared) at a fully naked 10th grader,age 15 getting dressed. I could not believe my eyes. There he was with the biggest dick (not erect) and lowest hanging balls I had ever seen.

    Over time, I found a way to meet him and we got friendly. One day I offered to drive him home (my parents had given me my own car) and he invited me into his house and he showed me around and ended up in his bedroom (there was no one else home). He told me that he noticed me staring at him in the locker room every time he got dressed. He then told me he would undress and get naked if I did the same. I said no thanks (you are crazy if you believe that). So we both fully undressed.

    I immediately went up to him and started "feeling him up" and he did the same to me. I watched as he got an erection (and I did to). He was huge. I asked him how long it was and he said 9 inches. My 7 inch erection paled compared that. We became immediate sex mates. I started playing because I just had to have that big dick in my mouth. I was in heaven sucking him rolling my tongue around his cock head. We alternated sucking each other and then wound up on the bed in the 69 position mutually sucking and rimming each other. I was on top when I had my orgasm. I continued sucking him and then he screamed "I'm cumming. I continued sucking and swallowed his cum.

    What to know when we fucked? That will be in my next story.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I am a bisexual cross dressing sissy. Some call me a trap. But that is limited mostly to my social life. At work I dress in jeans, flannel plaid shirt and keep my long hair back in a pony tail. Some people shave Monday through Friday and let themselves go on the weekend. I do the opposite. I grow out my whiskers Monday through Friday and on weekends I shave close, put on make-up and can mostly just about pass as a girl though not quite as easily as I could when I was in school.

    So I work at a warehouse and my boss is O.K. I guess. I do data entry and do final checks on outgoing merchandise. So I work with carriers a lot and the pickers of course. My boss spends most of his time in the office but comes out to the floor from time to time.

    None of that really is worth talking about except for the fact that I bumped into my boss at a cross dressing party last week. Except he didn't know it. You see, when I go drag I don't look anything at all like myself when not dressed. But he didn't do a good job disguising himself. I recognized him immediately. At one point at the party he got on his knees in front of me and requested to choke on my cock. So I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties and stuck my 7 inch cock in his mouth. He sucked me until I came in his throat.

    He has on idea he gave a blow job to his shipping clerk.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    As a kid, I had my first gay experience at about 11. I had a friend who was over my house and I don't even know how it started but we played this game where one of us would hide and then when the other found him, he would lie face down while the other one rubbed his dick against his ass. This was done fully clothed and then eventually it turned into bare Dick on bare ass.

    We only did it for a little bit to stroke our cocks against each other. That stopped very quickly and then we slowly stopped being friends.

    I was only with girls after that until in my 20s when I started to think of how hot it would be to go to a gay bar, get picked up by a really good looking guy and then blow him in the parking lot. Thinking about taking a hot load in my mouth was such a turn on.

    That never happened but I started to wear my girlfriends clothes and fantasize about stripping for a guy and then having him fuck me.

    During that time there was one night when I emailed What I thought was going to be a tranny from an ad to come to my apartment. I loved looking at pics of really feminine ones with big fake tits.

    This one came over but was really just a cross-dresser. He wouldn't blow me but jerked me off. I asked to suck his cock but he couldn't even get hard so the whole experience wasn't good.

    I tried putting up a Craig's list ad to blow someone but never went through with it. Probably because what I wanted was a really good looking muscular gay guy and wasn't guaranteed I could find one.

    Have been with women only since then but occasionally suck on pickles like it was a dick and sometimes I jerk off with something in my mouth.

    Can anyone related to this?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    My name is Jeff and I was engaged at one time and my girlfriend had a very attractive teenage daughter.
    My girlfriend and I were in bed and it was about 5:00am in the morning I reached over and started playing with her while she was sleeping. I started playing with her pussy then I slid my fingers inside of her. She started waking up and said oh baby that feels so good then she took the covers of us and spread her legs wide open and said please go down on me and eat my pussy. I said I would love to as I stated to go down on her I told her that I was going to make her cum over and over and over again.
    And after I make you cum then I'm going to start licking your butt hole and sticking my tongue in it. She said you can do whatever you want.
    As I stated licking her pussy I was thinking to myself how good she tastes then she started moaning really loud O.M.G. I'm going to cum.
    She said lay on your back so I can set on your face and cum all over it I said okey ! She said kiss me because I want to see how I taste.
    I said okey then I said baby you taste so good.
    We started kissing then she said your right I do taste good.
    Then she asked me so are you ready for me to cum all over your face ?
    I said oh yes cum all over it and in my mouth.
    She said okey but we need to hurry because I have to start getting ready for work.
    I said what about me ? Are you going to make me cum too ?
    She said we don't have time but when I get home from work tonight I will take care of you I promise.
    I said okey come and set on my face so I can make you cum.
    I will never forget how wet her pussy was when she Sat on my face as I stated eating her out she started getting so wet it only took about a minute or two and then she started cumming all over my face.
    I couldn't believe how much she had cummed !!!!!
    And how good she tasted.
    She said don't worry honey I promise you that when I get home tonight I will take care of you but I have to go get in the shower and get ready for work.
    I said okey I'm going to watch some porn and take care of myself while you are in the shower. She said okey
    As she's leaving I stated playing with myself after a few minutes all the sudden the door opened up and I looked up and saw her teenage daughter standing there.
    I said Lisa what are you doing ?
    She said I just heard you two having sex then she said that wasn't right for mom not to take care of you . I said that it was okay .
    She replied I don't think that it's okay !
    Then she said that she has an idea.
    I said what is your idea?
    She came and Sat on the bed next to me how would you like it if I picked up where mom left off ?
    I said are you crazy ? We can't do that. She said why not ? Because your going to be my stepdaughter and your mom is in the bedroom taking a shower and do you know how much trouble we would get in if someone caught us?
    She said don't worry about it no one will ever find out because I won't tell anyone it will be our little secret I promise !!!
    As I was getting ready to respond she reaches over and grabbed my cock and started to play with it then she leaned over and started to such on it.
    I said Lisa we can't be doing this
    She said why don't you like it? Do you want me to stop ?
    As I was thinking to myself how good it felt and I didn't want her to stop.
    And how many times that I had

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