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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 20

    When I was young, there was a neighbour who used to look after me for the night. When I was ten, one night he began touching me.
    He told me I was pretty and he'd love to kiss me. I didn't move or say anything so he just started. I remember feeling numb.
    He asked if I would take off my clothes. I did.
    I was and always have been a bit of a pretty, girly kind of boy, and I think that's what he liked. He groped me, sucked on my nipples, and generally just used my body like a plaything. I was so confused but I let it happen.
    After a while he started taking off his own clothes. He showed me his penis. It looked massive to me.
    He made me get on my knees and said he'd love to see my pretty face kiss his penis.
    That was my introduction to cock. I timidly kissed his engorged penis and followed his commands to start licking it before eventually taking it in my young mouth. He made me give him a blowjob until he ejaculated in my mouth. I remember the sudden spurt of warm, thick, slightly salty fluid in my mouth and him telling me to gulp it down, which I did.
    He did this with me for a few weeks. I don't know why I kept going back. I guess I sort of liked being liked.
    He eventually started playing with my ass- lubing it up with vaseline and fingering my young ass as I gave him blowjobs. Until one night he told me to get on the bed and pull my knees up. He had sex with me that night. It hurt so much.
    He kept having sex with me and I kept crying every time until one day I found it didn't hurt as much, and I was actually enjoying it.
    He would always cum inside me and tell me how I was his pretty little girl-boy.
    He had sex with me for years until he moved away and it turned me into a lifelong sissy who craves cock and sperm.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    When I was 14 in high school my best friend was a girl in my grade. She started dating a 28 year old drug dealer in grade 9. The first night I met him he got me to watch my friend give him a nlowjob and he had a massive dick. We remained friends for many years. When I was 15 he took me to a house of a couple in their 40s to sell them coke. They cooked it into crack and smoked in front of us. They made me try it to. His wife stood in front of me and held the pipe and lit it for me.

    As I exhaled and felt insanely high his wife kneeled between my legs and stated rubbing my cock. Her husband said he wanted to watch me fuck his wife. I got turned on by the thought as she was very gorgeous. Long brown hair, big tits and nice curves. She took my cock out and started sucking it. Her husband was loving it and took his out too. She asked me if I ever sucked a dick before and I said no. She asked to see me suck her husbands dick. I agree and moved onto the couch beside him. My friend with the big dick also took his cock out and she started sucking him watching me suck her husband. After about five minutes he had to cum. He sat up and straddled my thighs and jerked his load out all over my cock which I thought was super hot. I suggested my friend do the same so he did.

    Laying on the couch having my rock hard cock covered entirely in two guys hot loads made me so horny. His wife straddled me and started riding me, using their cum as lube. It didn't take long for me to cum too. I blew several hot loads into her pussy at her husbands request then he ate her out.

    Again I was only 15 and they were in their forties so this was exciting. I started visiting them almost every weekend. Sometimes sleeping at their place all weekend in bed with them. one time had a party at their place and me and about 10 friends gangbanged her while her husband watched.

    I had experiences like that all through high school, now in the older guy with younger people. My gf is still in high school and I love watching her fuck guys she goes to school with on my bed. I even once invited her gym teacher over to fuck her.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    18 black male with an identical twin. We've shared a room since we were kids. Around 13 we started watching porn together in our room. One time we were on webcam with a hot older girl and she asked to see us kiss. Without hesitating my brother and I made out. I was immediately arrivistes by the feeling of rubbing tongues together. We made out for a few minutes while she played with herself. She asked to see our cocks so we showed her and stroked them with oil. She ended up signing off and we got connected to an older male. He began telling us all his fantasies of black Boyd fucking his daughter and wife. He ended up sending us nudes of his wife and daughter in exchange to see us rub our cocks together. We did it and it felt amazing. We oiled our cocks up and rubbed them together and made out. He asked to see us cum on each other's cocks so we did and we loved it. This was a regular thing for us before bed we'd jerk of together. I would sometimes get him to rub his oiled cock between my ass cheeks and cum.

    Were 18 now and my gf is a 15 year old white blond girl. She sleeps over on weekends and my bro and I tag team her. The first time we fucked my brother was watching and she loved it. After I finished she whispered and asked me if she could go to his bed. She got off of my cock and got into his bed and I watched them fool around. I got hard again watching and laid beside him and she sucked us both off and rubbed our cocks together. She said she liked watching gay porn and seeing that. I told her I could show her something even better and slide down beside her and started sucking hisndoxk with her. She loved it. She sat at and watched and played with herself till she squirted all over us. Then my brother got behind her and I held his cock and put it in her. I got in front and we spit roasted her. He came hard in her pussy and we'll all collapsed and slept together.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    When I was 12 or 13 I spent the night at a classmates house I was totally jazzed because I never spent the night at anyone's house so bedtime came and we were in separate beds everybody thought we were all asleep when his mom came in the room to check on us I shut my eyes like I was asleep and thought she'd leave she was really beautiful big perky tits a small waist and shapely ass

    But what I saw next blew my mind she started playing with his cock and when it was hard she mounted him my little cock was rock hard after they were done she dressed and left the room after a couple minutes I asked him what was going on he said they'd been having sex for a year especially when his dad was on the oil platform
    I told him she was beautiful and she had given me a hard on I asked what her pussy smelled like and if I could smell his dick he looked at me and said yes so I got up naked I had taken off my under ware thinking I was next wishful thinking so I went over to him and smelled his cock for a 12 year old his cock was about 8 inches long and pretty big around I wanted to taste her so I put his cock in my mouth he was really enjoying it playing with his balls and I asked him to fuck me he took out some vaseline and spread it on and in my hole I'd been fucking cock since I was 7 so I was use to it he put it in and it felt good I didn't want him to stop 15minutes later he shot his load in me I went back to my bed and was fingering my ass getting the cum on my fingers and sucking on them till I got all the cum then I realized he was watching me he asked me how long I been doing that I told him since I was 7 and I like it I told him I wanted more if he could keep a secret he got up in the middle of the night and fucked me again I put a washcloth between my legs and kept his cum in me till morning I wanted to do him again but that was the only time we did it but word got around at school and alot of guys wanted me fun

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    I grew up with a large extensive family. We lived in a small rural community, and our family pretty much owned the town.

    When I was 13 my brother and my older cousin decided it was time for me to give them a view and see if I was old enough to fuck. They liked what they saw and asked me how long I had been having my period and when my last period was. We went to this other cousin's house, several of my girl cousins were there just in case, and my brother and my cousin fucked me. After I got fucked my girl cousins took me into the bathroom and washed me out with this douche that they had brought. They asked me about my periods and told me to let them know as soon as I got my next one.

    We all looked forward to it, we all knew it was coming, as soon as we were old enough. Once we had been fucked we were able to hang out with the older kids, we graduated from the kiddie table. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, you waited your time to move up.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    I had sex with my aunt off and on for about 4 years. She's my mom's sister; looks a lot like my mom only younger and smaller tits. I could probably go on and on about this but I'll try to stick to the basics.

    Basically once I dropped out of college I did a lot of drinking and hanging out with my cousins at their house, which was of course my aunts house. She's akways been the partying type too, and she's often drunk and hang out with us. After doing this enough times, I guess we realized we got along really well, and we also I guess were flirting with each other without really realizing it. One of my cousins actually brought it to my attention and told me that he thought it was "creepy as fuck" that his mom and I were flirting. I told him I hadn't really noticed, because, up until that point I really hadn't noticed. Once I started thinking about it more, I realized I guess I was pretty into her. She was fun to hang out with and, she did look good. Pretty face, pretty nice body. And then the next time we got together and drank, I couldn't get the idea of fucking her out of my head.

    We hung out a couple more times, only my flirting was definitely intentional at that point. When I finally got up the courage to go for it, it actually worked. I had made my move, but we had to wait for everyone else to crash out before making our way to her bedroom and hooking up for the first time. Blowjob, I ate her pussy, and we fucked. When we were done I eventually had to leave her room and go sleep on the living room couch. It happened like this for years. We'd go through periods of doing it a lot, and then periods where it barely happened. But overall, it was a good experience, and we had a lot of good sex.

    The one bad thing that came out of this was that I started finding myself sexually attracted to my mom. They look enough alike and frankly my mom has bigger, nicer tits. It took me a while, but I wound up being drunk enough one night to try hitting on my mom. BIG MISTAKE. Not only did I get yelled at, but she also told my dad, and let's just say that didn't go well for me.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    Mom is a basic flower child, hippie, whatever the name is today. She used to tell me all about her crazy sex life long before I lost my virginity at age 18. When I lost it (actually handed it to Tom, not even a b/f just a guy I know who is reputed to have a large tool) I told her that the kid had the ability to raise his hard-on and come without touching it. That got me hot and I just spread my legs and told him to have a go.

    Telling mom about it, she said, "that's real hot, honey" - Two weeks later she told me that she contacted Tom and asked to see his "touchless cum" that I described, then she said, "I got so hot I blew him and fucked him."

    I said, it was o.k. not the greatest. Later, unknown to mom, Tom paid me the %50 he offered if I got my mom to fuck him. He said, "terrific, a mother daughter scene" but I said, "In your dreams. That will cost you $500. He said, "a deal but I have to save it up. I've now been waiting six months.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 24

    I've always been sexually curious, masturbating started around 10 years old and my first ejaculation scared the hell out of me. Being shy, I had never actually dates, let alone kissed a girl until my older sister's wedding when I was 14. It was at her husbands family's house, and I guess they had money, because the house and grounds were very upscale.

    It was a back yard wedding with about 100 people. It was the first time I drank too. Everyone was having a great time, and I got to meet family I didn't know I had, including my older second cousin Eileen. We were playing around in the pool, and after she threw me in, she jumped in and wrapped her legs around my waist as I stood in the shallow end. Eileen put her hands around my neck and leaning back, I guess she felt my erection! She just let go and splashed me. Then told me to meet her in the garage. The garage was massive, held 4 cars and had a small pool house off the back with a shower and toilet room. Upstairs was a large playroom with some furniture and a separate room with a pull out couch.

    I met Eileen in the garage and she told me to go upstairs and wait on the couch. When she came up, she already had her bikini top off, and although she wasn't large, it was the first time I saw tits that weren't my sisters. I was hard as a rock when she came over and told me to kiss her nipples. I was new at this, and just pecked at one, when she grabbed my head, pulled me to her tit and instructed me to suck, lick and nibble her tits. Her hand went into my bathing suit, and I guess she was a little surprised by what she grabbed, because she kind of gasped as she pulled my trunks down. I'm no giant, but she seemed pleased with my size and had me lie on my back.

    I remember the sensation as she grabbed my cock and pulled the head back and forth between her very wet lips. As she lowered herself onto me, the warmth engulfed me and I knew I was in heaven. Eileen slowly started fucking, and my eyes were glued on my cock as it went in and out. I don't know how long she rode me, but I could feel the cum starting to build. She told me not to cum, but I couldn't hold back and exploded deep inside her.

    I thought she was going to be mad, but told me that I better finish the job, because she hadn't cum yet. She got off me, laid on the couch and instructed me on how to go down on her. At first, I was grossed out. The idea of eating her dripping pussy, but as she had me lick her pussy, guiding me to her clit, I just forgot everything and did as I was told. She spread her lips wide, and I licked all over. She had me suck her clit, nibble and then bite it pretty hard. I guess that's when she came, because my chin was soaked and she was gasping. Eileen pulled my up to kiss her, and as I did she grabbed my dick, hard again and asked me if I had ever had a blow job. I lied and said yes, but she could blow me too. I waited for the blow part, but she just licked and sucked me , and it was incredible! She asked if I wanted to fuck her doggy style, and I said sure. I didn't really know how, but she taught me. As we fucked, she had me pull her hair ( gently) and soon she was thrusting and grinding against me. When she came, she screamed a little and pulled away as she sunk her face into the couch cushion. I thought I hurt her, and asked if she was ok. She laughed and said everything was perfect. I told her I wanted to keep fucking, but she said no, she had me stand in front of her and started jerking me off. When Eileen grabbed my balls and started playing with them, I almost squirted. She took her rubberband from her ponytail and wrapped it around my balls and started blowing me again. I was at the edge, when she pulled back and I shot on her chest and neck. I came so hard, it hurt.

    Eileen told me to stay upstairs for a few minutes so no one would know we had been inside together. I guess between the heat and the drinks and me losing my virginity, it was too much, because I feel asleep and missed the cake, the dances and my sister leaving for her honeymoon.

    The next time I saw of heard from Eileen was my Grandmothers funeral. We never mentioned our tryst, but she did grab my crotch before we left.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 28

    My soon to be ex wife just confirmed that the month we separated, she had group sex with her two brothers and their roommate while one of the brother's girlfriend's was passed out in his bed. She spent two weeks there before staying with a friend before her brief return to me.
    She cried like a victim but all along I knew once she said they were drinking heavily, I knew she was no victim when it came to getting fucked. They started watching porn on the computer after the girlfriend passed and the roommate ended up with her on the couch. She said she remembers making out with him and then her one brother yelling at her. Next thing they were all pointing their hard dicks at her then she tried to get up but was held from behind and figured they were going to fuck her one way or another.
    She cried those fake tears saying they wanted her to take all three of them at once but was proud to resist although, they did her two at a time for most of the night. She said that her brothers dicks were so big she cried when they put it in her ass. When they were finishing for the last time they did it all over her face and the roommate took a picture of it.
    She thought that if she confessed and let me do whatever I wanted to her I would forgive her. Well she thought wrong unless she really tells me how her and the girlfriend did each other too which I first heard but then the story changed now 3 times.
    I think I am going to take advantage of her very chance I get playing the broken hearted idiot because she is one good piece of ass and like I said, the words alcohol and nymphomaniac go hand in hand when it comes to her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    We moved to Spain in December to a villa on a very quite lane leading to a small beach. There are three villas on each side but well apart so its very private. The small town is a short 10 minutes walk away. We are just finding our way around. We have found some nice shops and bars serving great food. So we have settled in well. my wife Pat is a 34 year old brunette with a great figure.On our trips to the beach has looked stunning in her fairly modest bikini. By chance we met the lady that lived in the next villa to us in town for the first time when Pat went shopping for new bikini. The shop belonged Sally. She said she had wanted to knock on our door but never seemed to have time. Sally is about 40 single and a very attractive blond. She runs a very busy shop. We found her very friendly and told Pat she would give a 10% discount on anything she bought. Pat was called over by Sally after a short while. I have range of nearly nude G string bikinis which I can let you have quite cheaply. I expected Pat to refuse the offer. But she followed Sally who produced a box of bikinis. Ben Sally called I am sure you will like the range I am showing your lovely wife. Pat picked one up it was the tiniest bikini I have ever seen in my life. Pat really shocked me by asking if she could try it on. Sally pointed out that if she tried it on she would have to buy it as she could not resell it once it had been worn. But she did say I am sure it will fit you perfectly. Sally put her hand up. Oh one thing with the g string being tiny. Do you shave. Pat just casually said yes Ben sees to that. I must be honest I was getting a little hot just listening to the girls. Oh that is very good then try it on Sally replied. Sally said I will closed the font door its almost closing time anyway just try two three on here it will save you running back and forwards to the changing rooms. Pat stripped off nude in front of us. Sally whispered to me as Pat put on this micro bikini. She has a beautiful body and pussy ringed too you must be proud to show her off on the beach. I smiled and added I sure am. Pat posed for us and Sally then asked Pat to turn. The straps are invisibly so she looks nude from the back Sally pointed out. Pat then selected a sling shot bikini it barely covered her nipple nor her pussy. Pats nibbles were standing to attention now obviously she was feeling horny. Pat got dressed and went settle up with Sally. Sally throw in free mesh g string which she warned was see through when wet.
    We all went for a drink at a near by bar. We felt really relaxed and able to talk quite freely. After a few drinks Pat said she would feel naked walking to the beach in her new attire. Sally just smiled. "If it Saturday or Sunday or even late afternoon I will accompany in the nude to the beach". Most of the people in our lane know I am a nudist. Some refuse to even speak to me some have put notes in my letter box with regards to having seen me nude in the garden.. Pat having had more than her usual two drinks.Spoke up. I couldn't give a toss if I want to be a nudist I will. I just keep thinking she really does wants to be a nudist. It must have made good listening for the couple on the next table.
    Then Sally mentioned she was doing a swimwear show for a group of gay ladies at her villa next week. And wondered if Pat would model for her and if I would run the bar. Pat replied for both of us yes we would love to help out. I just nodded. It will be on my patio. I however will give you a share of the profits from the sale as they always spent well. There is no changing room on the patio so you will be nude a lot of the time which helps to encourage the girls to spend. This will be more so when I display you in the clip on pussy rings and nipple clamps. Its also better if your nude when I put on the slave collars. I usually make a killing on them and the strap on rubber cocks.
    The profit on these items are very good
    You will also find the girls will tip you most handsomely for allowing them to see you nude. There will be about twenty five that I know of some of them will be in slave collars and nude. So do not be shocked If they address me as mistress. I have never see Pat so flush and look horny as she listening to Sally. I do hope you will help me out Sally asked. I quickly replied yes of course we will. Pat who was in dream land eventually responded by telling Sally. I may as well walk down to you back gate in the nude as it seems I could in the nude most of time anyway. When we got home we did not make the front door when Pat stripped off and start taking down my shorts. We both stood there nude and I put the tip of my cock just barely touching her beautiful smooth slit. Pat admitted she had never felt so randy in her life. Pat normally never uses foul language. But tonight I told her behave like fucking whore. Darling she said "You know I love being fucked you know I love to cum. You could have fucked in front of Sally tonight on the café floor I couldn't have cared less. I just wanted a good fucking and could hardly wait. Craving for your cock and feeling your hot sperm entering me. I want you to fuck me please and I will surely wake you up in the middle of the night to be shagged again. As we fucked I mention Sally might well enjoy seeing you being fucked. And I remind her while she was so horny that I would want to have anal sex before next week just so you could mention it to Sally. I Really turned her on telling her I think Sally a bit Bi sexual and I got the feeling she would like to fuck you. Oooh you mean !, Yes I said you being fucked by a woman. I have just become your slave to be fucked or even have you offer me to a woman. Master if you wish you can fuck my arse tomorrow. But I starting to cum. OH darling keep making cum I just live to fucked. Oh master I want Sally to see me being fucked and Humiliated. I have an idea I will put to Sally she can pay me for next week and you will be her unpaid slave during show. Master I would love that. You must also understand that all the ladies except their slaves must be addressed as mistress more so Sally.

    To cont.

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