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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    This one incident sticks in my mind as it was the first time I was ever on display like this.

    I was 16 years old and my parents were going away for the weekend. They didn't want to leave me at home alone as they thought I may have a party like I did a few months earlier when they went away. A friend of my mothers, Shelia, offered to have me stay with her over the weekend. My mother jumped at the offer but I wasn't all that happy about it because I knew it was going to be boring. I guess my parents were right because I probably would have had people over and had a party if I was left home alone.

    Shelia has a 13 year old daughter and a 8 year old boy. She is married but her husband was away for the weekend too. The first night of my stay Shelia wanted us to have a bath before going to bed. Her daughter wanted to go first so off she went to have her bath. Once she was done Shelia tells us it was going to be the boys turn. Her son begins to undress and Shelia asks what I was doing. I told her that her son could go first. She tells me that we are both boys and we would be having a bath together and to get undressed. I asked about having my own bath instead. She could see I was reluctant and told me it was going to be me and her boy and there was no need to be shy or modest. I didn't think I was going to be able to get out of this so I got undressed. I am an only child and except for maybe a very quick flash to my mother and maybe other guys in locker rooms I have never had myself so exposed and for what will be a longer time.

    We got undressed in a bedroom and walked to the bathroom naked. Conveniently, her daughter just happens to come out of her room as we are walking to the bathroom and sees me. I briefly froze being caught this way by her and didn't make any effort to cover up. She got a good look before we continued on to the bathroom. Us 2 boys get into the tub and Shelia tells us to just soak for awhile and she would check on us regularly. Her son asked about getting some of his toys and Shelia brought them in. They were some small boats and we began playing with them. Sheila thought it was very cute when me and her boy were playing with the boats that she did something next which I never expected. She came back with a video camera and began recording us playing. I didn't know what I should do but figured I would lose any fight so I decided to just accept it. Her daughter even came in to see what was happening. I don't know how long Shelia was recording us but it was a lot longer than I expected her to. We were getting shriveled so she told us we better rinse off and get out. She put the camera down and went to get us each a towel. She toweled off her son and I toweled off myself. Her daughter stayed while we toweled off and Shelia never told her to leave this time or any other time.

    It was bed time and the son wanted to see the video before bed. Shelia put it on for us to watch. We were both crouched down and kneeling when we were playing so you could tell we were naked because you could sort of see our bare asses but couldn't see any penis too clearly as they were underwater. I didn't realize I did this but one time I was on my knees but had straightened up, not crouched down, and you see my penis on the video. Then comes the part when Shelia tells us to rinse off and get out and puts the camera down. I thought when she puts the camera down she stopped recording. I think she did too because she was surprised it was still recording. You basically see her toweling off her son and me in the background toweling off. You primarily see her son nude and only see a little of me. The 2 of them left the bathroom first and when they did I moved to their spot to finish toweling off. Now I unknowingly was being caught on camera and it was catching me in more detail. It was embarrassing when the video showed me with an erection. The toweling must have caused that and there it was all captured on video. Shelia put her son to bed and her daughter went to sleep too. I talked to Shelia about the video and told her I didn't like being nude on the video. She told me it was just a fun family video and not to worry. I asked if she would delete it but was once again told it was just a family video and told me it was just me and her son playing in the tub and it was so cute. She said lots of families take videos like these and we are so cute playing together. I told her I was embarrassed with my penis being shown and brought up the erection. Shelia said erections are normal and not to worry and told me we could show the video to my mother and let her decide what she thought.

    It is now a couple of day later and my mother comes to pick me up. Shelia tells her she took a video of her son and me and I wanted her opinion of it. My mother sees me and her son playing in the tub together and first thing she says is that she thinks it is so cute with us playing together like that. We watch the rest of the video and she sees me naked, including with the erection, and say that it was a very nice and cute video. Shelia asks my mother how she felt about my nudity in it and mentioned I wanted her to delete the video. All my mother said was that there was no reason to delete it. Shelia told her she would make her a copy. My mother and me left and went home.

    A few weeks later at school, a girl a few years younger than me starts talking to me and says I have a nice body. I thanked her for the compliment. She says she really liked seeing me naked but liked my penis the best. I asked how she saw me naked and she told me the daughter showed her the bathing video of me and her brother in the tub together. I went home and told my mother and all she did was think how cute it was a girl liked me. I told her her friends daughter showed my naked video to her friend. The reply I got from my mother was that it was no big deal. I told her that the girl said she saw my penis. My mother said I was making too big a deal about it and added every boy has one and if someone saw mine then so be it. She even said went as far as saying it has already attracted one girl and might even attract more. I asked her if people seeing me naked bothered her. She replied that this video is cute and in the future I would feel differently about it than how I do now and to just trust her.

    Looking at the video now it isn't as embarrassing as before but it still does show a few shots of me full frontal and an erection. I guess it is similar in idea to those pictures that parents used to take of babies naked on a bear skin rug.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 24

    What I am writing down is hard to say. I am gay and I am very upset. I don't want to be gay. I have spent a lot of time asking myself if I am really gay. I went to the MOMA and sat in a quiet room and asked myself if I had ever fallen for a guy. Had I ever really kissed a guy. The answer to those questions are no. A guy kissed me once, in high school. I never spoke to him again. When I am alone at night, do I ever think about a guy. Again, no. If I see an ad for men's underwear do I think he is hot. Again, no.

    If I see an ad for women's underwear what do I think. That she is cute, how big her breasts are, just love her lips, if I changed her hair how would she look. Does she have blue eyes.

    I finished my senior year in college and will be doing one more year to get my masters. I took an internship at a firm in the city. Hence why I went to the MOMA.

    Out to lunch with this girl. When we came to crossing the street she took my hand to cross me over. We sat at a booth, side by side, and spoke in whispers so no one could hear us. On the way back to the office she took my hand again because I wasn't used navigating with all the people. We went out to lunch almost every day.

    She invited me to have Sabbath dinner with her folks. She is Jewish, I am Catholic, so for me it was a first experience. She told me what to expect, that her father is a Cardiologist, her little sister, everything. After dinner, we went up to her old room. She laid down on her old bed and asked me to come and lay down beside her so we could talk without being overheard. She caressed my face a thousand times, she spoke to me with our noses touching.

    On the way back uptown, we were in the subway station alone, and she said it was customary to kiss your date on the subway platform. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. She said she wanted a kiss back. To put my arms around her waist and we should hold a kiss until the subway came. On the subway, it was empty, we sat side by side and she held my hand in her lap. We got to her stop and she said she wanted me to come up, to see her apartment. A one bedroom, with a view, and she said she wanted me to spend the night. She got on the bed and asked me to come to her.

    We spent the night, we shared a toothbrush, we spent all morning naked in bed. She showed me how to kiss her, how to touch her, and she touched me. We showered, ate a bite, and back in bed again. We stayed in bed all day, and didn't get dressed until night and went out for pizza. When we got back we shared a toothbrush again, she brushed my teeth and I brushed hers and we kissed with our mouths full of toothpaste. We made love again. She loaned me some clothes. We were pretty tired so we slept for a long time. I didn't go back to my apartment until late the next day, which I share with three other people.

    The bottom line is that I moved in with her. We are constantly having sex. We share clothes, we have one toothbrush, she lets me make her up, comb her hair. We bought matching high heel shoes to go out dancing. We didn't come out at work, but everyone knows. Her parents don't acknowledge us, at her parent's we have to toe the line, so we stay long enough for dinner and then leave and go dancing or just come home. My parents live in Chicago, I don't have the heart to tell them that I am living with a girl, that I am not living at my apartment where I pay rent.

    At the MOMA, sitting there I accepted that I am gay, I am for the first time pretty much head over heels for someone, a girl. That sleeping with her is so nice, that patting her behind in her panties feels good. That kissing on a subway platform feels normal. That holding hands crossing the street is what you do. Now how to tell my parents. How to get her parents to acknowledge what they know. How to get over knowing that I am gay. One of us has to convert.

    I am gay, I don't want to be gay, it hurts to know that you are gay. I am in love with a Jewish girl and our life is pretty much going to be Jewish. I have a lot to learn.

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I was a student of art at the time. Mostly I did female figures, nothing erotic. I just liked females. The word around campus was that I asked girls to pose for me, I took a picture and then would do a painting. The girl's identity was always kept secret, I used techniques to disguise their face. But the rest was real, sometimes I spent weeks getting the breast just right, or the crack and butt, or the suggested slit, I never did anything explicit, I wanted my viewer to look and keep looking for more when they focused on the crotch area of the painting.

    One day a woman came by my small studio and spent quite a bit of time choosing a painting. She finally settled on a painting of a Hispanic girl. I had spent a long time getting the painting right. Her legs were crossed but I wanted a hint of her pussy. The picture didn't capture that, but I wanted it and the woman liked it. She told me she was therapist and this painting would be in her office, as she put it, bountiful breasts for which the girl was proud, and completely modest about having someone look at her pussy.

    When she paid she asked me if I would do a painting of her. She said that she wanted a painting of her pussy, angry, open, as if it was going to swallow you, the antithesis of the painting she was buying.

    She posed, at first pretty much on her back legs open. But she didn't like the pictures. She brought a large dildo, masturbated and when she was fully aroused she would pull the dildo out and I took pictures, her vagina wet and still open from the dildo. We took a hundred pictures, until she chose three pictures, all after she had achieved orgasm, all that clearly had her vagina a dark hole, all three had her anus included.

    I did the painting, a 12 X 14, close up, barely a hint of her thighs, I took great care to show all the underlying folds and colors, a great wide open pussy that had just been fucked. I added semen to the vagina, trickling down on her anus.

    She paid me more than I had asked. She hung it in her office, the patient had to look at it when they met. It became a showpiece, patients went just to see the painting. Her story was, that men had a penis, which had evolved to fuck, but women had a vagina that had evolved to fuck, and she wanted her patients to come to accept that their vaginas were just as powerful as a penis, more powerful, because men wanted to see the Hispanic girl, but when they confronted a fully aroused pussy they turned away.

    That was the last painting I did in that genre. I turned to painting abstracts, I took my hints from nature, from plants and their sexual parts. I fell in love with orchids, which of course, expose to the world what women hide every day.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I was a straight male into BDSM until I met Maxine, an older domme tranny in her mid 50s to early 60s, online about three years ago.

    Maxine lives in a small farmhouse in a remote rural area and I am a pain slut pig.

    I see Maxine about every 10 days to 2 weeks for bondage, pain and humiliation.

    Maxine sometimes makes undress and put on a thong but more often requires me to wear a speedo.

    A typical session with Maxine includes long walks in the woods on a leash, wearing only handcuffs and a speedo, even when the weather is cold or wet.

    She often ties a rope around my neck and hikes me up on my tippy toes. Sometimes she just watches me and enjoys my struggle to stay up on my toes and breathe as I'm face first turns red and then blue.

    Other times she paddles my speedo encased butt and/or whips me all over with a switch, while I fight for air, until I am covered with welts.

    She also likes to tie me with my back to a tree with my hands cuffed behind my back around the tree.

    She finishes my bondage with ropes pinning my ankles, thighs and neck securely to the tree and completes my misery with 5 or 6 very tight wraps of rope around my belly.

    Occasionally she will use duct tape instead of rope to bind me to trees or posts.

    While I'm restrained, Maxine gets excited by punching my belly and chest with her fists.

    She occasionally pun he's me in my face but more often she slaps the piss out of me.

    Our sessions always end with me giving her one or more BJ's on my knees with my hands tied behind my back.

    I love and crave these visits with Maxine. They make me feel like a dirty whore and I'm obsessed with visiting her as often as possible.

    Right now I'm trying to talk Maxine into including several more people in my humiliation, bondage and pain sessions.

    Any volunteers for possible participation or fresh ideas for hurting me?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    My grandmother brought me to America when I was 6 years old from Ireland along with Helen and her daughter Marissa. Helen to me was aunt Helen since she was my grandmothers best friend and Marissa was my mothers best friend. My mother had died a year earlier of ovarian cancer, she was only 25 and I never knew who my father was. My grandmother was very strick with me and as it worked out I was stuck in a house with 3 strick women. If I misbehaved or did poorly in school I was spanked by any one of them. So there I was under their control and also going to Catholic school with strick nuns and teachers. By the time I was 9 or 10 years old I had no embarrassment when any of them saw me naked mainly because one of them had bathed me everyday since I was 6. I think from the time I was 8 years old they began giving me an enema once a month. I'm not sure why but I was aware that my grandmother and aunt Helen gave them to themselves every month and that aunt Helen always gave Marissa an enema monthy. As I got a little older it didn't bother me much when they saw me naked but whenever one of them gave me the enema it did. I'm not sure but think I was 11 when aunt Helen was giving me the enema and I got an erection. Naturally she told my grandmother and Marissa. I think after that first time I got an erection every time they did it to me and it didn't matter which one it was. I was always completely naked when I got the enemas but there was nothing sexual for me about it. When I was 14 My grandmother died and I was devastated. She was always strick but she was also very good and kind to me and I loved her very much. I continued living with aunt Helen and Marissa and still do today. Of course they don't spank me anymore but they still give me an enema once a month. As a matter of fact they still see me naked at times and it has never bothered me. I have a good job now as an electrician and have a lot of friends including a beautiful girlfriend who is in college. I haven,t told her how aunt Helen and Marissa have seen me naked over the years but did tell her they give me enemas. My girlfriend thinks its really weird I let them do it at my age but it just don't bother me. I quess it is kindy weird and I still get erections as they are giving me the enema but I never have any sexual thoughts towards them. Even though I am naked when they do it sex is not on my mind at all. I looked it up on line and found it happens alot even to kids so I don't feel bad about it. Aunt Helen and Marissa never say anything about it anymore and there is no doubt they see it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 27

    I grew up in a house with an older sister and a large black German shepherd. This dog was aggressive to anyone that came to visit, with us he was tame. He would lie in the living room while we watched TV. The afternoon that we got hot about it, we were 14 and 12, Bruno's penis was out of his sheath. Not the first time, but that day we paid attention.

    My sister commented that he had a penis but no pussy and that was sad. She sat down beside him and started fondling his sheath, his penis went out even more. She looked at me, took his penis in her hand and started massaging him, bent down and put it her mouth and sucked him. He moved but she calmed him down, sucked him some more and then told me to suck him.

    At first I gagged but I liked it and sucked him while she massaged him. She told me to take off my pants and lay down beside him on my side and rubbed my pussy with his penis. She penetrated my lips, then she told me to turn over and give him my back side and push up close. Holding one leg up she inserted his penis in my vagina. Bruno stood up, his penis under him, my sister holding him, she told me to get on my hands and knees.

    I wiggled under him and she maneuvered his penis in my vagina, he climbed on top and it went in a lot, but he got off. My sister got under him and started sucking him real hard. We tried to get him on me again, but he wouldn't hump, so we could only get his penis in me by him holding him. We were frustrated, she took off her pants and sucked him some more and rubbed her pussy with his penis.

    I held his collar and pulled him on her, he grabbed her with his front paws and this time he humped. I went around back and pushed his penis in her and he went to town fucking her. We did not know about knotting, she just felt it, after about five minutes he released her and he pulled out with his cum splashing out.

    She said she was ok, she had gotten scared, but she was ok. We went to the bathroom and cleaned up and got dresses, took the towel and wiped up the floor.

    We sucked Bruno and he fucked us for the next five years, we became experts, he learned what to do, we could make him cum by sucking him and jacking him off. No boy can fuck you like a dog, no way. I have a healthy lab, I like large dogs, and he likes to fuck, sometimes my sister and I get together, sometimes it is just him and me, I get on my back on the side of the bed, get him licking pussy and when he is ready I pull him up and I get fucked.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 26

    When I was 18 I'd get fucked by the church pastor. The day I turned 18 he invited me to his office and we talked for whole. He gave me a sex talk too as he wondered if I was still a virgin of not. I thought it was a bit weird but I was a quite shy 18 year old.

    A week later I went back to his office and we chatted again. This time he started rubbing my knee. After a small chat I was sitting on the couch sucking his cock which was sticking out of his boxers. After a while of that he had me stand up, lean on his desk. He pulled my pants down. I was standing there in just briefs since my mother was strict that I could only wear briefs under my dress cloths. He pulled those down and fucked me. At first I didn't know what to think of it but I just let him fuck me. I was a virgin up until that. He fucked me every Sunday till I moved to college. Every Sunday I'd go home with cum in the back side of my briefs.

    Never told anyone. But secretly it's got me craving to get my ass fucked now

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    I was raised as a Muslim but lost my faith when I was very young. My family are quite strict.
    For the last 5 years, I have secretly been dating a white guy.

    We have had the most experimental sex. Sometimes we're high and he fucks my arsehole whilst I fuck my pussy with a dildo. Sometimes we video ourselves and watch it back whilst fucking. Sometimes he slips me some pills & I wake upto find him fingering my pussy.

    I've looked through his phone secretly & come across hundreds of videos of him abusing me whilst I'm asleep. It turns me on.

    Recently, he's been diagnosed with MS and this has caused our sex life to falter. I find that I'm not as horny as I used to be.

    I used to masturbate twice a day & now it's usually once every 2 weeks-if that.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 31

    My name is Leah and I'm originally from Louisiana; I just started a job as a librarian at a college in another state (I can't share where but it's definitely not in the south!) but I've been working here about a month now. I'm 5'5" tall, I weigh just around 100 lbs, and I have very small boobs and slim hips, most of the time I don't need to wear a bra. I do have really sensitive nipples, though, and I love to have them touched. I have dishwater blonde hair (just past chin length) and gray eyes I got from my mama, it runs in the family. Yes, I do wear librarian glasses that I keep on one of those glasses chains so they don't get lost LOL. I have a thick accent from where I was born and I'm proud of it, even if folks here don't always understand me. I love this website and spent many night reading about other peoples' wild adventures. I finally got one of my own last night, I'm still shaking a little bit from it. I just got home.

    Our library is part of another building, so we get a lot of traffic from other departments. There's this IT guy, Mike, helped me set up my computer and we started talking because he was originally from Georgia before coming here. He's tall, dark hair, and a little on the chubby side, he's probably around 220 lbs. I've always been attracted to chubbier men, I'm not really sure why. Anyway, he stops by to see me pretty much daily, makes jokes, pretends to check out books, or just asks how I'm doing and adjusting to life here. He's really sweet. My coworkers said he was recently divorced within the last year, so I was a little excited that he was being a little flirty with me. I caught him checking me out a few times, looking down my blouse when I bent over the counter or looking over my shoulder and seeing him watching me walk away and staring at my ass (in a pencil skirt with heels, it's not too bad). It always gave me a little thrill.

    Sure enough this week he asked me out for Friday and I eagerly said yes; we went to dinner at one of the few restaurants in this college town, pretty much a bar, and it was fun. We walked around town and he showed me some of the sights; he held my hand, I loved that. Perfect gentleman, funny, very dorky. We like a lot of the same TV shows and movies so it was very easy to talk to him. He's even read some of the books I have, even better. When the night was over, I wasn't ready to let him go home if you get my meaning. I asked him to show me where he lived, a really bold move on my part (totally not me) but I was so turned on that I was going to get him somewhere private one way or another last night.

    He took me to his little house and we sat on his couch; he made himself a whiskey sour and me an amaretto sour (my favorite) and I was kissing him in no time, hiking up my skirt so I could straddle him. I took him completely by surprise and I loved it. I moved his hands up to my chest under my blouse and felt a jolt of pleasure when he found my nipples under my sports bra, moaning when he pulled them a little bit with his soft but strong fingers. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back and went for his strong neck, biting him hard and leaving a bruise. Leah, he called out, and for some reason that made me even more turned on. I stood up from him, began unbuttoning my blouse while I stared at him. Are you sure about this, he says. I bend over and lean into him and kiss him, probing his mouth with my tongue greedily. I love that now he's the passive one and I feel like a lioness in heat, powerful and dangerous. I hike my skirt up so he can see my white cotton panties, then slide them down to the floor and step out of them, leaving my heels on but covering my girl parts with my hands. I threw my panties in his face, laughing at him when his eyes go wide. He takes them and smells them, and I'm back on him, yanking his belt off and unbuttoning his pants while he pushes my sports bra up and sucks my nipples one at a time. I've got his cock in my hands and I'm jerking it like crazy with both hands, it feels so good and hard. He grabs my ass and pulls me to him and stands up, holding me up with my legs around him. I start the buttons on his shirt and it's off, revealing his hairy chest. His pants are gone and I'm completely naked at this point save for my heels. He sets me down, turns me around, and bends me over the side of the couch so that I'm angled up at him ass first with my legs up in the air. Take it, I yell at him into the couch pillow. He rubs his cock against my wet pussy and I can feel him lubing up with it, I'm plenty wet. When he pushes into me I yell into the couch and he's thrusting away. I'm screaming out loud with every thrust and he's pushing all the air out of me each time. I orgasm once within just a few minutes, then again. I'm sobbing, yelling, it probably sounds like I'm being murdered to anyone who passes by the house. I feel like I might pass out. He starts to moan loudly and I feel him start to pull out of me. Don't you do it, stay in there, I yell, and his hot cum shoots into me several huge spurts while he squeezes my ass. I squeeze his cock with my pussy as hard as I can. He helps me up, his cum trickling out of me and down the back of my legs, and we stand there holding each other for several minutes. I'm crying. I can feel his heart beating hard in his chest, he's stroking my hair with one hand. We pretty much go on to bed and he holds me all night. In the morning, I suck his hard cock to wake him and don't stop until he's loaded my mouth. I'm a good girl, I swallow it all. My pussy is so sore but I feel awesome!

    He just dropped me off a little while ago. I'm so jittery right now reliving such an amazing experience. No one has even done me like that! Before we left he gave me a hand-written note and told me not to read it until I got home. It says "Will you be my girlfriend?" with a box for yes and no. So stupid and so cute. Yeah, I think I'm going to be his girlfriend. Now, off to shower, see if I can masturbate, and to call him ASAP so we can spend the day together!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 40

    I confess I got thoughts about some taboo I want to be fucked by a dog and suck off a horse. I know it's wrong but excites me more than I thought. I have other thoughts I love wanking over and no going to tell that

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