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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    My boyfriend like to have parties every chance he gets. He always invites all his friends over and there is a lot of alcohol involved and he gets shit faced and usually passes out cold on the couch.
    The first time it happened i accepted it and sent his friends home. Then he did it again. And then again. I told him how it frustrated me and he shrugged me off and got plastered that weekend.
    So i decided that no one else should have to suffer after he ruined every party. I decided to fuck one of his friends at the next party. I spent a whole week trying to talk myself up to it only to chicken out right when the opportunity presented itself.
    A couple of weeks later, new party, newly passed out boyfriend, new attitude. I started flirting with one of his friends heavy. He had no doubts about what I was trying for. He ended up turning me down that night saying that he didn't want to do that his friend. However, he must have said something to another guy on the way out because less than two minutes after he left, this other guy was in my room with me, flirting with me before I even spoke to him. I took the chance and ran with it.
    We fucked like wild animals for over half an hour while the party continued in the rest of the house. After swallowing his impressive load and having reached multiple orgasms myself, he left and I closed the party.
    Ever since then, several of the guys that usually show up to the parties only do because they know that my legs will be open as soon as my loser boyfriend passes out drunk. We've become so bold as to fucked on the couch next to him. I even took another man's cum on my face right next to his own. Some of it shot onto my bfs face so I licked it off.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 44

    Tonight, I gave my husband a bj. He wanted sex, but we got in a big fight.last weekend and the thought of fucking him left me dry.besides, it's not like he would have made any effort with foreplay, beyond the two minutes of breast play I might get if I beg for some "warm-up".

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I have been an alcoholic since I was 13. I don't know how many councilers I have met with , I have completely lost track. I drink almost every day and have sex with whoever is around me. I have woken up in abandoned houses, along train tracks,in fields and all kinds of other places. I have lost all my friends because I get drunk and have sex with their men. I only graduated from school because I got drunk and slept with my teachers. I am right now drinking in the stair case with some guy I have never seen before and his friends. I hate my life.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 44

    Been married a few years, and I know some will think this is a slime ball move, but I really enjoy it.

    I was at a friend's house, and we were drinking and surfing some porn, and he has a thing for peeping tom stuff. I really like his wife. She's a descent person and she and my wife get along great. I also love my wife and would never think about cheating on her.

    Friend and I (drunk) got to talking about the peeping stuff and he pulls up a spy pic of his wife and swears me to secrecy. Yeah, it was a turn on, but it also made me think about my own wife.

    Cut to the chase, we both live out in the woods a few miles apart, and there are times our wives work the late shift.

    On the times my wife works nights, I let him know, and he cuts off the security lights, cracks the blinds and curtains, and lets me come spy on his wife. And on the nights his wife is going to be gone, I do the same for him.

    Our wives don't know, and we shoot pics and video for each other, and its the dirtiest thing I've ever loved. Not just me watching his wife, but him watching mine too and knowing she's oblivious to it.

    It never goes beyond us. Its our secret, but it happens once or twice a month.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 33

    Basically I trade sex for being supported. I was married for eighteen months but he never manned up and got a real job and Mr. X who I live with told me that he was a screwball and he was living off of me. "Come live with him and see what it was like to live with a man who appreciates a woman", that's what he told me that day. He gave me the key to his house and said move in and make yourself at home.

    After a couple of weeks Mr. X calls me and tells me to "shit or get off the pot", the offer isn't open after that weekend. It pushed me and I packed my clothes and got my birth certificate and showed up at his house. He gives me the tour of the house and 'puts' me in his bedroom and tells me that he is expecting great things from me. After we go out to eat and we are back at his house he gives me the schedule of when to get up and when to go to bed, he sits down and writes out my 'duties', and then asks, no the tells me, "he wants me". There is really no time to get ready, he shoves me onto the bed, rips off what I won't take off and fucks me until he jerks everything into me. "Now that is what you do with a woman, you fuck her".

    The next morning we get up at the time on the schedule and I have my list of morning duties. He tells me that I need to call in and quit my job because I have real responsibilities now and I have lots to do. He doesn't so much as kiss me as he grabs me and shoves his tongue down my throat and tells me that when he gets back he "wants nothing but hot". I quit my job and tell my boss that sorry but no I can't go in, I have things to do. I do everything on the list and get ready for when he comes home. I spend a lot of time getting ready, I want to be "hot" for him when he gets home.

    He pretty much ignores me he just asks what's for dinner and goes into his den and turns of the T.V. and picks up the paper and goes through it while I fix dinner. After dinner I get shoved back onto the bed face down, my pants are torn off of me and I get fucked on my stomach. He gets ready for bed, and it is time to turn off the lights. Everyday is the same thing, ass grab, tongued, duty list, home at six, T.V. and newspaper, fucked before bed time, no kiss, no hug, fucked. Period time comes and I get the week off.

    I have lived with Mr. X for a long time now, years. I don't work, I have duties, I am fucked, he likes me face down but sometimes he turns me over. I have a week off every month, it's on the schedule.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    I met my first wife Susan after I'd just come out of another relationship, I met her at a disco in town, she was a bit quiet and not very outgoing, she wasn't what you'd call a stunner, but attractive in a sort of girl next door kind of way, I say met her at the disco, that wasn't strictly true, I'd first seen her at a local riding stables where I was doing some work, but hadn't spoken to her until the night at the disco.
    She was about 18 years old, very slim with shoulder length blonde hair, and small tits,34B if I remember correctly. She wasn't a flashy dresser, that night she was wearing a dress, but every other time I'd seen her she had the same clothes on, a polo necked jumper, a pair of brown jodhpurs and a pair of dirty black rubber riding boots. Judging by the way she dressed I figured she didn't really have much money, most of the other girls at the stables seemed to own several different pairs of jodhpurs and the more expensive leather riding boots.
    Now before we go any further perhaps I should say that being honest I had a bit of a thing for girls in tight jodhpurs and long black boots, I think it came from growing up in a rural area where most of the girls rode horses and seeing a pert bottom encased in tight jodhpurs was pretty common.
    We started dating and I used to go to her house several nights a week after work, she still lived with her mother in a terraced house on the other side of town in a rundown area, it was a far contrast from where I lived with my parents, their house was a small 3 bedroom one with a back yard and looked rather tired, Our house on the other hand was worth almost a quarter of a million pounds, a very smart large bungalow with 4 bedrooms a large garden and parking for 4 cars, it was on the other side of town, high on a hill overlooking the town, in summer it was only a short walk to the fields and woods nearby.

    We began with the usual kissing and cuddling on the settee, usually after we'd been out for a drink, her mother worked a late shift in a restaurant, so we were usually on our own until around 1am. By the end of the first week I'd managed to get a bit more intimate with her, well, I'd managed to get my hand inside her jumper, put it that way, one night we were on the settee, I'd actually got her top off, as usual she was wearing her riding outfit, her underwear was quite plain, a little white bra, I removed this and began to play with her nipples, she was loving it, so the following night I decided to go a bit further and after getting her top off I made a move on her jodhpurs. I unfastened them with very little resistance and slipped my hand into her panties, again these were more functional than attractive, plain pink cotton with a full cut.

    I stroked her soft blonde pubic hair, then gently slipped a finger inside her, almost instantly she became wet, later I was to find out that I was the first bloke to get her bra off, let alone get into her pants! We didn't go any further than this for a few nights, we'd kiss and cuddle, I'd take her top off, then her bra, play with her small pert tits for a while, then slowly work my way down into her panties, I'd finger her for a while, then she'd want to stop, rush off to the toilet, and that would be it for the evening.

    One night we began as usual, I'd actually managed to get her jodhpurs off completely this time, she lay on the settee naked except for a pair of pink cotton panties. I was kissing her and had one hand fondling her nipple, the other hand was inside her panties playing with her moist slit, it was going great, suddenly she pushed me off, pulled on her boots and ran off to the bathroom.

    When she came back she sat alongside me, I was feeling pretty pissed off, at this rate I'd never get to have sex with her, what was her problem? I poured a couple of drinks and lit a cigarette, I took a deep swallow of my drink, a long drag on my cigarette, and asked her what the problem was, the answer surprised me.

    She told me that before she met me she'd only ever kissed a bloke before, one lad at school had groped her tits over her jumper, but that was about it, she had spent almost all her free time at the stable with her horse, she'd never had a lot to do with lads and that basically was that. she went on to tell me that she liked doing what we did, but there was a problem, every time I got into her panties she was just starting to enjoy what I was doing but then she began to feel like she needed a wee, she had, she continued, got these feelings once or twice while riding her horse and had stopped before she wet her panties, poor girl, she really had no idea what it was all about!

    We didn't go any further that night, but I told her I'd see her the night after and I wanted to ask her to do something for me. The following night I arrived at her house just after her mother had left for work, as usual she was wearing her riding gear. We had a couple of drinks and chatted about this and that, then we began to get down to things, we ended up on the settee as usual, she had her top off and her bra, eventually her jodhpurs came off too leaving her in just her boots and panties, she always wore her boots for some reason.

    I was stroking her mound over her panties and they started to become quite damp, then as usual she made to get up to go to the toilet, I asked her what was wrong and she said that if she didn't go she was going to wet her panties and she was worried about doing it in front of me. I got her to stand in front of me and continued to stroke her over her panties, she began to squirm, so I slipped a finger inside and carried on, she told me that if she didn't go now she really would wet herself. I removed my finger from her panties and looked at her, "I want you to wet your panties for me" I told her, she looked at me in a puzzled way, "you want me to wee in my pants, why? she asked. "Because I do, you have to if we're going to go any further" I replied," but I can't do it here, on the carpet" she exclaimed. I reached out and took hold of one of her boots, "lets have this off, it'll do perfectly for what I have in mind" I told her, she raised her leg and I slid the long rubber boot off her foot. I parted her legs slightly and began to rub the crotch of her panties with the top of her boot, "go on, wet your panties" I encouraged.

    She tensed slightly then ever so slowly the front of her panties began to get wet, it ran through them and into her rubber boot, when she'd finished she stood there wearing her wet panties and one long rubber boot. I placed the boot that she'd had a wee in on the fireplace and removed her other boot before pulling off her wet panties, "there, now I've seen you wet your panties, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about now is there?" she nodded, "I suppose not, what happens now?" I laid her back on the settee and began to finger her, I rubbed her clit and pretty soon she began to moan softly, then it happened, "Oh no, I'm going to wet myself" she said trying to get up, I pushed her gently back down, "just lie there and relax, I've seen you wet yourself already haven't I " she nodded, and laid back. I carried on fingering her and after a few minutes she began to moan and then went stiff, she let out a loud gasp and went limp. "what was that?" she asked panting heavily, "I thought I was going to wee myself, but I didn't".

    I explained to her that it was an orgasm, I couldn't believe how little she knew about sex, I then asked her if she'd like to try it again tomorrow, but this time we'd actually have full sex. She quickly agreed and after another drink I showed her how to wank me off, which she seemed to enjoy. I left shortly after, telling her I'd be round about the same time tomorrow.

    The following night when I arrived there was no preamble, she offered me a drink and as I was drinking it she quickly stripped down to her boots and a pair of little white panties, they already had a damp patch on the crotch, but I didn't mention it, neither did I ask why she kept the boots on. We kissed and cuddled for a short while before she slipped out of her panties and laid back on the settee, "ready when you are" she said with a smile. I dropped my jeans and undies and laid on top of her telling her to relax before gently sliding my hard cock inside her wet hole, she winced slightly as I eased my full length inside her, pausing for a moment to let her get used to it. I rode her gently for a few minutes before she came to a loud orgasm, I shot my load into the condom, then slid out of her, she just laid there with a huge smile on her face.

    Sue had an insatiable appetite for sex and later on developed a kinky side, helped I think by the fact that she was always wearing her riding clothes, later on we got a place of our own and got married, she gave up the horses but still wore her riding boots and jodhpurs at every opportunity, eventually she began to buy other tight clothes and a variety of boots, one time I bought her some leather trousers and high heeled tall boots, we really had some kinky fun with those, but that's another story.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 48

    I moved several months ago into a friendlier neighborhood. I am 68 and lived most of my life on the south side of town, very straight, very middle class, very family oriented. I moved here to a mixed community, lots of Hispanics, some blacks, bohemian, and a healthy mixture of older gay men. At least to me, I guess I overlook the younger crowd.

    I am not out, as the saying goes. I have an ex wife, three kids, grandkids, my mother is still alive. I have been a closeted bottom for all of my life. I am a love maker, kissing, touching, hugging, certainly cock sucking and mounting, I do have a thing for being mounted. I lean heavily towards confident, empowered gay males. I have never had any type of a relationship with a passive bottom like myself. I need a hard cock, I don't care if it is hard because it is on Viagra, as long as it is hard and owned by a man who intents to fuck.

    My slip into my perversion started early. At the time my father had a photo business, weddings, portraits, birth's, family pictures, nothing commercial. He had an assistant Karl. Karl was from Germany, had survived the war and had come over married to a nurse he had met in Stuttgart after the war. Karl like boys, naked boys. Karl started jerking me off, and sucking my cock. Sometimes Karl kissed me. I loved his hot lips, being held tight in his arms as he kissed me and jerked off my cock. I was much older when I first got to hold his cock, I guess at that time he was in his forties, my hand went around his staff, his staff got hard. I started kissing his cock and eventually he had me suck him holding my head hard between his hands. After I sucked him he would kiss me, sometimes his bristles tickled my face. Many times I came in my pants.

    I was going into the eleventh grade when Karl first fucked me. I leaned over the table where the photographs were lined up, it was dark in the room that afternoon, he grabbed my cock under my legs and squeezed my cock really hard and he licked and tongued my hole and then got behind me and push by push he inserted his cock until he had was slamming his hips against me as he fucked. I don't remember any pain, all I remember is pleasure, a high. He came and slipped his cock out of my ass and wiped my ass clean with a Kleenex. I was always available to get fucked.

    Once I left home to college I only had contact with Karl when I came home for holidays and during the summers when I worked at my fathers photography business. I was Karl's boyfriend in all senses. Karl was a full blown gay man and I was his sissy boyfriend. I loved laying naked and Karl running his hands all over me, kissing me, jerking on my cock, cock sucking me, feeling me up and fingering me, lifting my legs up and leaning over me to fuck me. As always after he was done fucking he would fall on me and after a minute kiss me hard on the mouth. I am very much the sissy when it comes to sex.

    After I got married to the daughter of my mother's best friend, had children, went to work as an Engineer in the aircraft business I had to stop and hide, suppressed my feelings and desires. I jerked off a lot, I am afraid I didn't' fuck my wife as much as she needed. She was very much a frustrated housewife, who eventually got into an affair with a man who owned an Air Conditioning business and we got divorced. I have been divorced and single ever since, bouncing from man to man, most all of them strangers I meet at bars over on the bad side of town. I got blackmailed a couple of times, but that went away as well.

    So now, I am retired, I have some funds and I bought this place in this up and coming section of town. I met John, he is a retired fireman with a pension, like me spent a lot of years married and is now living the way he wants. Of course it isn't like Karl, may he rest in peace, John is not as dominant and he much prefers to fuck doggy style. He does like to have his cock sucked and stroked and likes having his asshole reamed which I have learned to like, anything to please him. I go over to his place, do his laundry, I wear lively panties for him, I suck his cock, watch some television, and we go upstairs to make out, kiss and touch, until he is ready to fuck. I am always ready to fuck, it takes about a half hour for his Viagra to work and we spend that half hour doing what I like, touching, kissing, reaming, playing cat and mouse.

    He is not Karl, not close, but he is all I have right now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    We had a room to let and a woman showed up to look at it. She was twenty three, nerdy with glasses, but a nice face and small tits but not a bad body. She liked the room, near to where she was working and while she shared the bathroom there was a toilet nearby that she could use for herself only. Although impressed she worried about sharing a house with two men. I was living with a younger Chinese/Malaysian guy at the time, who wasn't home at the time.

    I showed her our bedroom and it was obvious we sleeping were together in the double bed. So she said house sharing with two gays should be OK.

    And it was, we got on well. Kym liked her. It was a hot summer so we would be near naked around the house. Even she would make breakfast in her underwear.

    I' ll skip to the good bits. After a couple of months we were lying together naked on the big sofa when she came home one Saturday night. Kym was behind me and I put my hands over my cock but was unshocked by now by us. We chatted about a few things and she asked at last if we'd just been fucking and I said yes. Then I said, half jokingly, want to join us. "What, with a shitty cock ?" she said.

    I said no, just sit on my face and I'll suck your clit, and I reached out and touched her leg. She didn't move away so I said come on and she come a bit closer. I ran my hand up and she said I thought you were gay and I said bisexual, there's a few of us around.

    I fingered her and she was wet. I said "Sit on my face." She stripped off her dress and panties and climbed on. While I licked her pussy and made her cum Kym lifted up my legs and fucked me again. It was the most fantastic feeling. After that Kym and Penny, her name, used their hands to masturbate me to an orgasm .

    On Sunday morning she said she would be up for a proper threesome. She seemed taken by the idea that Kym had never fucked a woman and she would be his first pussy. But she said we had to be clean, meaning no ass fucking before we did it.

    So Sunday night in our big bed we fucked her, first Kym then me. Then we did some oral. She sucked our cocks and we went down on her. A pussy with a some sperm in it didn't bother us. Kym tried it and said it was like kissing but different .

    As time went on Penny and I fucked a lot and Kym lost interest, finally leaving. So Penny moved in with me. She was open to the idea of fucking me with a strap on so I bought one and we tried it out and she said it was OK by her. I slowly got her to accept anal. First I would squeeze the head of my cock in and wait. When she relaxed I would go in a bit more. After some months we were ass fucking quite easy and she said she was surprised by the pleasure she now got out of it. To this day she'll sometimes ask me to do her up the ass.

    We got married and she allowed me to bring certain men home, ones she'd approved of, for a threesome. Finally she fell pregnant [ by me, I'm pretty sure ] and all that stopped.

    Now we have a family life and if I want some cock I sneak away to a gay bath house. If she guesses I'm doing this she hasn't let on to me.

    These are our bedroom secrets.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    I often think about having sex with my own father. I know it sounds gross that's why I'm here to confess- so I can get it off my chest. He's really atractive and I get turned on/wet when we do everyday father-daughter things. Ex: the other day he was having a tickle fight with me and my siblings, and when he finally went to my room to tickle me, and had me pinned down at some point and I swear I wanted him so badly in that moment. But it's wrong and I shouldn't think of him in that way. He doesn't like me like that and he doesn't know I like him like that. Any advice??

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    I was going on the dreaded 40yr. old mark in my life. The half way mark of living I guess. My two sons, Adrian 20, Cameron 18, was into toning their bodies. Their body was starting to be toned with muscles. I watched them work out and sometimes gotten moist from watching. I knew it was wrong of me them being my sons, but what middle age woman would kill for a roll in the hay with young fit guys. Now and then I would peek on them when they showered. Their manhood matured along with their bodies. Ever so often they bring a date home and I could hear the enjoyment their date is receiving.

    I even prayed at church asking for forgiveness on my wicked thoughts. I started to get flash backs on the time I caught my husband banging his mother and my brother banging mom. I really freaked out back then. By going to church I healed. Now it's back haunting me. I dreamed of the past incidents, not like it happened but what I wanted it to be in my dreams. I would masturbate watching my husband and his brother screw around with their mother. Loris, their mother would just look at me and with a smile and say, "You'11 be doing the same one day dear." The other dream that kept coming about, that really didn't happen, was Mom, Kevin and me coming home from church. Mom would go down on my brother in the kitchen and enjoy sucking off his big manhood. She would smile and say, "you'll be doing this to your own son some day Lorie." I think I know now why they did what they did back then. They was going thru a mid-life crisis.

    I wanted to seduce my sons so bad that I decided to be a the mom they never knew and the one boys dream about. I was braless and dressed like Daisy, the woman on Dukes of Hazard, which turns them on. I told them I wanted to do a photo shoot of them with their tone muscles. Had them remove their shirts and I started snapping the camera. Then I handed the camera to one of them, while he snapped shots as I posed with his brother and then posed with him. I untied the plaid blouse but it still covered my nipples. I could tell they was enjoying this by their boner in their jeans. As I posed with them, I put my hand on their cotch with the boners. I told I wanted the camera and to take nude photos of their toned body and I'll be nude also so they'll feel more comfortable being nude. "The hell with taking pictures mom. We want to screw you!" they said to me. "I thought you never would have the desire to do your mom but I was wrong." I smiled at them.

    We got naked in the living room where I gotten on my knees and they fed me their handsome manhood. I stroked and jerked them. I sort of sat on the couch where one went licking my kitty and the other stood over me as I sucked his balls. I completely laid on the couch while one was pounding me and the other rubbing my nipples with his dick. After one filled me, the other took over. I licked the wet dick that just filled me while his brother pounded me. I told them that this must be our secret and no one should ever know if this was going to happen again.

    Now I know why certain moms do their sons. They can make you feel young and wanted and appreciated on Mother's Day!

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