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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 52

    I caught her sucking her son's cock. I bent her over and made her keep sucking while I fucked her. I made her get on his cock and I fucked her ass. I came on his face.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    Hi, When we were younger me & my brother used to get put in the bath together as many people did and it stopped when our parents thought it was inappropriate.
    However I have always been very close to my brother, probably more close than our parents would like us to be, he always looked out for me, we went out together and was often mistaken for his girlfriend, anyway we shared much more than that with each other.
    He is 2 years older than me and when he went through puberty he started getting strange feelings he couldn't understand and used to share his feelings with me, started growing pubic hair which he though was great and showed me one night!he also started having wet dreams!
    Anyway to cut a long story short at this time he would tell me everything and when he started to get erections he would show me his hard cock and I thought it was fascinating how a boy could get so big!
    One night when our parents were out we went into the bedroom and he wanked off in front of me and he came loads! and the next time I wanked him off, I just loved the way his cock twitched as it pumped out all the cum over my hand and it became a regular thing.
    I went through puberty next, Feeling a little confused about what I was feeling and getting a hairy pussy, he helped me through it all and I did show him the changes in me and let him stroke me through my panties which became very wet indeed! and he explained I was having an orgasm, and I liked the feelings when he did that to me.
    We continued in the same vain until he got himself a girlfriend but it didn't last long as the first never really does, more a exercise in if they will let you fuck them! but eventually he did have sex with one of them and lost his cherry!
    I had turned 16 and he was 18, I was still a virgin and we were still incredibly close and touched each other and one day I asked him what it was like the first time he had sex and he explained it all to me.
    He said the girl was just as keen to to lose her virginity as he was and it happened in the woods! he said it hurt her until he got through her hymen and she bled a little and then it settled down and they made love, and also said he would have rather have done it with me but I was to young.
    Know that he wanted to make love to me was a high for me and wondered what it would be like losing my virginity! I did not have too wait long, our parents were going out leaving us in, they had been out around 20 mins and we went up to his bedroom, I was a little nervous, not at seeing him naked or touching him but finally having his cock inside me.
    We undressed got into bed and started fondling each other straight, and after a couple of mins he turned around and we went head to toe.
    I could feel his hot tongue touching my pussy as I played with his cock, and it was the first time I licked him and put his cock in my mouth as well tasting his pre cum and we stayed like that for around 10 minutes until he turned around and got between my legs, my pussy was wet and I was aching for it, I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy and going a little further each time until I felt the pain only a virgin can feel.
    I had to put my hand over my mouth to prevent me shouting anything! he said one final push and..............he broke through my hymen!
    The pain went after around 30 seconds as cock sank inside me and he settled in to a natural rhythm and I began to enjoy it, we were kissing each other and fucking and that I reach my first real orgasm nearly pushing his cock out and squirting all over him, I was in heaven, I couldn't stop cumming and his bed was soaking with my cum! his cock felt lovely and he said he was going to cum and should pull out of me but I was having none of that and asked him to cum inside me,I wanted it all.
    A few seconds later he pushed in me as I felt his cock pumping his sperm in me, my pussy was gripping him so tight I felt every throb! pulling out his cum poured out of me over his bed! I was wondering How the hell we were going to explain this as he could not sleep on that wet mattress so we devised a plan were I had an accident with a cup of coffee! and literally had to spill a cup on his bed to make it look right!
    We made love regularly after that but I did go on the pill! well you can't be to sure can you!
    A couple of years ago our parents had a car accident and were tragically killed, It was a terrible thing to happen and without each other we could have never have coped by ourselves, he had a girlfriend and it was not working out but I was still on my own and she said she thought he was having an affair!
    We got together after that and realized that we were very much in love with each other, she was right, he was having an affair with me and used to fuck all the time when she was not around but she would never have guessed it was me!
    We moved and got a house together and live as man and wife, he has a great job with a bank and I work in a garage keeping the records up to date and booking in mot's, I am also pregnant!
    There is obviously a lot more to this and I'm sure reading this you can put all the pieces together yourself, we are very happy and looking forward to out son or daughter coming along.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 20

    I have a puppy dog I sleep with and lately I have him licking my pussy to make me cum. I have a set time every day for him to lick me. I put peanuts butter on my pussy and he just come over and lick it, is like clock work. That is what I feed him every day along with dog food. I have a friend over to visit me the other day and my puppy keep coming up to me to lick my pussy. It was so embarrass I didn't know what to do. He know is that time and he wants it. I have forgot about it. We were so busy talking. I keep pushing my puppy away thinking he would go away. Oh no my puppy keep coming back and get between my legs. I finally told my friend she has to go because the puppy need his nap and he usually want to cuddle him. She said okay and left. Little does she know as soon as she left I strip down. I rub peanut butter all over my pussy and he just go right at it. I lay their with my eyes closed and enjoying it. When he finish licking I put on more peanut butter and he continue until he didn't want it anymore and walk away.

    Has this happen to anyone, is so embarrassing knowing your dog want to lick your pussy but you can't do it in front of your friend.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    I've watched my brother on law's niece grow up. She is currently 16 and has developed further than expected. She's got a nice set of tires for her age. Recently her dad and mom are going through a divorce and she's become a train wreck. Recently she came over to my palce with my bro in law to celebrate Christmas. I couldnt stop looking at how developed she has become. It's just weird how one minute she's close to me and the other minute she thinks nothing about it. She's sitting next to me on the couch and I'm trying converse with her about whatever. And then the ne g minute she's sitting on the floor and sitting on my foot. And I'm seeing how nice of an ass she has. I'm getting mixed signals from this puta and I think she wants to do something but don't know how to bring it up.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    My stepdad and his thirteen year old son begin licking my pussy when I was seven. He had a hunting/fishing lodge well out in the middle of no where, and they would take me there and have sex with me for the entire weekend. My stepbrother, Eric, was the first to fuck me when I turned nine. His dad was soon getting deep into me also. Mom never knew and never came to the camp with us. My stepdad had several p**o buddies who would suck and fuck me too.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 54

    Well here goes !! For all my life I have been straight as a whip. Over the last two years I have had this strong urge to have sex with another man, the same age. I have dreamed about it each and every day. I find myself watching gay videos and yanking my stiff cock for hours. All I want is to be on my knees slurping on a nice hard thick cock. I want to be treated like a bitch, made to suck, and then fucked up the ass and seeded. I want to be rode hard and then left full of cum on my face and ass. I am sooooo stiff now just talking about it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I don't think my mother in law is getting taken care of. I mean I like my in laws. My father in law and mother in law. But sometimes I think my father in law is clueless and has no idea wtf to do. I like talking to my mother in law and have a good time talking to her. But recently she has been really touchy which she hasn't been before. So I'm thinking recently she needs some. So, should I give it to her? I'm really thinking, that my in laws don't do it anymore. I guess older putas need some too.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 35

    I am a straight male, but I have this irresistible fantasy of being held prisoner in my own house by a group of gay or bi males, who would lock me up in a latex suit, with no openings except a small zipper at the crotch, and another one across my mouth, and turn me into a house-slave, to serve them 24/7 in any ways they wanted. There would be almost ceaseless forced cock-sucking, and really wicked orgasm denial and delay, together with "milking" for the sperm bank, the proceeds of which they would keep. Maybe they would invite friends, and we would have a large group of sadists sharing my services, pretty much permanently! I hope one day to win the lottery, so to speak, and find at least one or two willing participants, to start with.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I wish my husband would choke and smack me when we fuck. Its honestly so annoying to just do basic stuff as far as sex.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    My next door neighbors moved in about 6 months ago. They are in their 40's and have two teenaged kids. The boy is 18 and a freshman in college. The girl is 16 and a junior in high school.
    They have an inground swimming pool in the back yard and spend a good portion of the day either swimming or sun bathing. There is an old wooden fence, that divides our back yards, and is about 6 feet tall and on my tip toes I can look over the fence. There are also a few areas where the fence has warped and small cracks open enough to peak thru.
    One afternoon I was in my back yard tending my flowers when I heard what sounded like someone moaning in distress. I thought maybe someone had hurt themselves and I should be concerned. I approached the fence at a point where I could look thru a crack in the fence. Much to my surprise I could see my neighbor Ellen on the chaise rubbing her clit as she masturbated. For a 40 plus woman she still has a pretty sexy body and obviously still has a strong sex drive. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she continued to moan and rub her clit. I took out my cock and started to jerk off as I continued to watch her. She let out a gasp of pleasure as she came in a very intense orgasm. Within 10 seconds of her orgasm I shot a stream of cum as I had my orgasm. My knees kind of turned to jelly and I lost my balance and fell against the fence. Ellen then scurried off to the house and I put my cock back in my pants. I was sure that she had figured out that someone had been watching her.
    About a week later I saw Ellen at the super market an we struck up a conversation. It mostly involved small talk and stuff about them getting acclimated to their new house. Ellen then asked me about the fence. Was it her fence or our fence. I told her that it was my fence and that it was getting pretty old and I was considering putting up a new one. She then asked me if I ever peaked through the fence into her back yard. I did tell her that I didn't make it a habit of peaking into her yard, but that with the cracks in the fence i was able to see into her yard. She then asked me if last Thursday around 3:00 in the afternoon I had peaked into her yard. I thought for a minute and then told her that I was tending my flowers around that time and that I indeed had peaked into her yard after being concerned with noises that I thought should be checked out.
    She then told me that Thursday's she was always home alone and would probably be by the pool again this coming Thursday. When Thursday came I quietly approached the fence and puttered around by the flower bed. I then heard some moaning and found a crack in the fence where I could look into her yard. Sure enough there was Ellen on the chaise lying there nude with her fingers going in and out of her pussy with her thumb working her clit. Once again I unzipped my shorts and took my cock out. I jerked off watching her working herself up to an orgasm. This time I shot my load early as I was so horny and excited. Ellen continued masturbating for another 5 minutes before she exploded in her orgasm. I saw Ellen in her yard the next day and we engaged in some small talk for a few minutes. As she was leaving, she turned and said, "I'll see you Thursday".
    Being a teacher and having the summer off, I have the flexibility to keep my Thursday's open for Ellen.

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