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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was a sophomore in high school I joined a group of girls who provided sex to men. My first 'client' was a man in his sixties, he had a very hard time getting an erection and I stood around naked waiting for him. When he got an erection he was very aggressive and although I had sex I had never been outright 'fucked'. He paid extra and I had to sit on the bed naked indian style so he could look at my pussy. He told me he wanted to wanted to eat pussy and told me to get on his face.

    He asked for me every week. Most of the time he had taken his pill earlier and got an erection and he got on with his business and I took my fucking and gave him pussy to eat. If his pill didn't work then when he got an erection he fucked me outright, no heating me up. I learned to finger myself while he got an erection so I would be wet when he was ready to fuck.

    He always paid me well, and even after I gave my share to the woman I worked for, enough that if all I had was sex with him, I didn't need to work with other men. I got to the point when I never went with another man. I was a one client girl, but made more money than most of the other girls.

    When I was a senior the man died of a heart attack. I remember thinking, thank God he wasn't fucking me when he died. I didn't feel much.

    I stopped being part of the group and straightened up.

    I am not proud of what I did in high school. In a way I am glad I had one client and didn't have to get with just anyone. I know that it will never be just a memory. I can't really just forget.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 38

    Come out come out wherever you are... lol we're coming for you. See us? Everywhere you go... we know who you are and yes, we are plotting against you! You were right the whole time! Those people that tell you you're being paranoid or that you're not worthy don't listen
    We're coming for you
    You know who you are you stupid hated c**t. It's been you all along. Lmao you were right! They thought you were crazy! But you're right! We're out to get you! In fact, were right outside

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 28

    I jerked off my girlfriend's dad while on a week long hiking trip with him in Maine. We originally left with a third guy but he left early with a bum knee. So it was just me and him, which is fine we're pretty close. He is a bigger, muscular type of guy, really kind face, greying hair.

    It was towards the end of the trip. We were desperately hot and smelly and upon spotting a pond decided to take a quick swim to rinse off. The pond was off the trail and took a little bush whacking, so we had it to ourselves. We quickly stripped down to our underwear, but to my surprise he took those off too. It was unexpected but made sense, you don't want to hike in wet boxers.

    I dropped mine a bit anxiously but he was so nonchalant I got over it. As we waded in the boggy muck I got a glance at his dick. It was big, and meaty. I was impressed but also weirdly turned on. I'm not attracted to men but I suppose I'm turned on by seeing a penis. Especially a hog like this. Plus I hadn't jerked off in like five days, all the excercuse got my libido up. I was horny and my balls were on a fair trigger.

    We had a refreshing swim, and he went back to shore. He climbed up into a large rock face that dipped into the water. And lied back to dry off a bit. I went over and joined him on the rock. He was laid back with his hands under his head, eyes closed in the sun. It was good oppurtinty to catch another glance at his big dick.

    It was girthy with a bulbous head. It was turning me on and I wanted to play with it, even suck it. While I was staring, and subtly touching my own cock, I noticed s small shiny black spot under his penis.

    "Oop you have a leech!" I said and instinctually and stuck my fingers into his junk to remove it. It squirmed and I had to use my other hand to lift up his cock to pull it off. After a bit of struggle and essentially holding his dick, I got it off.

    We were checking ourselves for more, and I noticed that he was visibly
    aroused. He awkwardly laughed and explained that "it had been too many days" and basically was meaning to find a place to rub one out.

    I told him I knew how he felt and pointed out my own half-chubb. I complimented his cock and casually touched it again, as if pointing out what I was saying. I felt it swell in my hand and couldn't help but give a couple soft tugs. It swelled some more, even longer and firmer.

    "I could do it for you.." I said quietly as I slowly stroked his horny cock up and down. Around the bulging fleshy dome of its head and down to its thick meaty base. Then a bit faster. Squeezed a little tighter. I was enjoying it more than he was and was hard as rock myself. I was in awe of how hot I thought his cock was and in a state of euphoria as days of pent of sexuality poured out.

    We were in our backs as I pumped it and pumped it, while stroking my cock with the other hand. I wanted to get closer to it. I rolled over and got a better look and a better angle to tug the cum out of him. I put my lips gently on the tip as I
    beat it. I had thought in the past about what it might be like to suck a dick but never expectef I ever would. I couldn't help myself and plunged that thick cock into my mouth.

    He pushed me away a bit but not for long. It was amazing pleasing such a great cock with my mouth, feeling every detail on my tongue. I sucked it with purpose, doing every thing I would expect it needed in order to cum. I felt it lunge suddenly. I maintained my rhythm. It started pumping and he moaned. I could taste a little cum. Then with a groan, five hot ribbons of gooey cum, one after another, blasted into the back of my mouth.

    I did my best to suck every last bit off his pulsing dick. Then with a warm mouthful of cum, proceeded to beat my dick to orgasm, and unloaded days worth of sperm on my naked self.

    We both got back in the water needing a re-rinse. We finished the hike and never once talked about it. We werent ashamed either, we realized our sexuality boiled over and ended up we ended up with a unique experience. One that one happy to reflect on anytime.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Here's my story:
    A few years back I met this guy and decided to bring him home. Well after we did our deed he pulled out of me and looked at his cock and noticed the condom wasn't there. In my drunken state I freaked out thinking he was lying about using a condom to begin with. He then showed me the empty condom wrapper, after searching my bedroom top to bottom I made him search inside me.....
    But no avail. The next day I scheduled an appointment with my gyno, I was so embarrassed to tell the nurse checking me that I had 'lost' the condom. So there I was laying on the gyno table the doctor finally came in and just looked at me and smiled. After a bit of searching my doctor was able to retrieve the condom. I guess somehow my vag stole the condom.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    I was 13 when I learned about masturbation. My pussy was wet all the time, if I were to watch porn on my computer, my chair would be soaked with my juices.

    My parents worked abroad, I was left with my mum's brother and his bitchy wife who cussed alot. Uncle Fred was funny and quite a handsome man. Sometimes I caught myself staring at his crotch, fantasizing about its contents.

    One late night, after touching my clit and had a couple of orgasm, I was still horny. I fingered myself but needed more. I sneaked into the kitchen and there was a comb of bananas on the counter. I took the biggest one and slowly pushed it into my pulsating pussy.

    I sat on the floor, my back against the kitchen counter fucking myself with the banana. That was when Uncle Fred walked in on me. I was really embarrassed, stood up quickly, wanting to dash back into my room.

    He stopped me and held my hand to look at the fruit which was glistening with my cum. He placed it on the counter and called me a naughty girl. His hand went under my nightie and he said "Mmmmmmm" when he brushed my soaking wet hole.

    Uncle Fred asked if I wanted something harder than that. I knew what he meant. I nodded. When he dropped his pants, I saw a real penis for the very first time. It was pink and huge. He bent me over and entered my slit from behind. I was in ecstasy. Uncle Fred was gentle at first but groaned louder at every thrust and fucked me faster. I loved it more than the banana for sure. I had an intense orgasm as and almost immediately he pulled out and shot his load all over my back.

    We went on fucking in discreet for a year and half. His wife never suspected nothing. When my parents moved back permanently, we only met Uncle Fred at family fatherings/holidays. To this day, whenever I see a banana, I think of him.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    My 20 year old girlfriend and I are swingers. I enjoy watching her with other men and women. Most of our friends know what this and have joined us. Her younger sister found out recently and joined us with her boyfriend. They are 18. We had a sauna at our camp the four of us and got naked. My girlfriend is tall skinny and fit with nice tits and big ass. Her sister is short with huge tiTs and ass. Seeing them for the first time was so hot. And her boyfriend had a fat uncut cock too. He knows I'm bi but said he wasn't. I first asked my girlfriend and her sister to make out with Jared together. That got me hard watching him run his hands on both their bodies. I oiled my cock up and stroked watching them. My girlfriends sister Lacey started rubbing her ass in my lap then gave me a full on lap dance while I watched Jared and my gf Cassie make out. I started feeling up her ti S and got so horny I just flipped her down hard on her back and started ti fucking her. I asked her the first time anyone did that to her and she Old me when she was 13 her friend from school tit fucked Her at a sleepover in front of other kids. She then told me in her last year of high school she let a student teacher tit fuck her while Jared watched.

    Jared asked to see the girls kiss. They tell us they have before by themselves but never anything else. They start kissing and it's so hot. Jared and I sit next to each other and stroke. They say they wanna see me suck his cock. He agrees but I ask to watch the them suck him together first so I can cum on his cock. Everyone likes the idea. I watch them both make out on his cock and say dirty things to them. I end up blowing a huge load on his cock after my girlfriend tells us about getting fucked in the ass by a boss she once had in high school.

    His cock is soaked in my cum and I start sucking him while the sisters 69. I blow him for awhile and get hard again so I start docking with him watching them. He suggest I tuck his gf and he fuck mine while they 69 so we do. We both end up cumming again all collapse togeTher.

    I woke up to my gf eating her sister out beside me while Jared tucked her from behind, then I realize he's in her ass. I get so hard and position myself under her and put my cock between her pussy and his balls and just rub them together. He reaches down and slips me into her pussy and we dp her. We both cum inside he and her sister eats her out

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 27

    This is a silly. I joined a gym and worked out in the morning. A girl, a late twenties girl, hung out with me. One day, it was pretty early so the gym was not full, I was sitting and she was standing in front of me and she had her crotch at eye level in front of me. She went from leg to leg, her leggings were tight, and nothing was left to the imagination. I couldn't stop staring, I would look up and then stare. She put her hand under my chin and lifted my face and looked down at me and said that any time I wanted to get together we could get together. She leaned down and kissed my lips.

    On the way out she walked over to my car and told me she thought I was cute and she wanted to get together.

    I tried to avoid her, but after two days I went back to the gym and worked out with her and told her I had slept bad. She said she is ready to move forward and start seeing each other after work or on weekends. I have never been hit on by a girl, I just don't know if I should break away or move forward.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    When I travel for business I often spend the evenings dressed as a woman. My slight frame allows me to easily pass with a little mascara and lipstick. I dress fully with wig, heals and all and entertain men in my hotel room. I suck their cocks and let them fuck me. I have been doing this for almost eight years and even have regular "boyfriends" in a few cities. At home I am model husband and father. A real pillar of the community type. On the road I'm a little cum slut. Recently I have been promoted and my travel opportunities will be limited. I will miss my slutty hotel nights,the sweet cum, the hard cocks. I hope it is not too hard to find some discrete fun in my hometown.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Transsexual Male / 32

    For the past 5 months I've had a maddeningly deep crush on my boss. About three weeks ago I confessed my attraction to him and ended up spending these past three weeks at his place. The sex has been out-of-this-world amazing. Our foreplay has been a little on the rough side, however; I have so many bruises all over my body I look like I'm being abused.

    If anyone were to find out, he could lose his job. Even worse, he keeps telling me company secrets that I have no business knowing. If I were a vindictive person I could bury him. It's a weird feeling knowing I have that kind of power but it's a power I never want to use. Instead, I think I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I've never fallen so hard for another person before. At least it's good to know that no matter your age, hormones are a vampiric buck-toothed bitch.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 44

    embarrasing but i supposed everyone does it. I had to put some cream on down in the vaginal area so I masturbated as well.

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