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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    I was having a dream that I was receiving an amazing blowjob. But right as I was going to cum in my dream I woke up and my 13 year old daughter was actually sucking my dick and I came in her mouth. I was paralyzed from the shock of my innocent little girl with her mouth around my dick. She just sat up and swallowed my cum, said good morning daddy and walked out. She was completely naked and stared at her little ass walk out of my room. I don't know how to handle this.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 49

    Build The Wall!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    So I've started sexting this guy. He is 20 years older than me. I'm still in High School and I turned 18 a couple months ago, so I've been wanting to explore. I was more than okay with the age gap. In fact that turned me on. I love older men. Then while talking to him, he told me he was married, but unhappy. That was a little off putting at first, but I found the idea of being the secret girl friend very arousing. And he found the idea of having a young mistress arousing. Every time I think about it, I feel that clinching in my pussy, the one that tells you it is craving a cock to wrap around. It feels so good to make someone cum while they are thinking on you.

    I am still a virgin. Hell, I still haven't had my first kiss. Yet here I am, sending pictures of my pussy to a married man, and touching myself whenever I see him stroking his cock and cumming for me. I know its wrong, but it feels so good. I want him inside me so bad. I want to have his hard cock in my mouth. I want him to fuck my brains out and to use me any way he wants. I want him to fill my pussy with cum over and over again until I can't move. And he wants that too. So we are in the process of arranging to meet up.

    That was until I looked him up on Facebook and found out he has kids. This has been bothering me deeply. He expressed having a complex relationship with his wife, but said nothing about his kids. I'm terrified that I might rip this family apart.

    I have no idea what to do. I want him to fuck me so bad, but I want to ensure his kids don't have to endure a broken family. He said his wife sleeps around regularly and he is okay with it, so I don't know if that's the truth and this is normal for them, or if that is a lie to keep me with him. Part of me believes him, because at some point he wants me to fuck his wife too, but he wants to keep seeing me and have almost a secret relationship with me. I do not want to cause turmoil. But on the other hand, my selfish nature still wants to fuck him. Its not my family. I have no emotional attachment to them. But I can't reason like that. It still bothers me. My heart and body hurt. Its hard being horny and trying to have morals.
    What do I do?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    In my teens I hung out with the basketball team and we used to go to bar where each of us wold get a pizza and a couple of quarts of beer, gobble it all up then have a burping contest. A small blonde started hanging with us and one time one of the guys announced she was going to blow us all, then fuck us if we wanted. The peer pressure for me to get in the car with some guys and the little blonde was powerful and I could not back off. However, I took a look at the girl and all I felt was pity.

    When we were driving from the bar to a wooded area not far from downtown, we were passing a drugstore and I screamed out, "oh SHIT...I almost forgot my mother's medication. Quick, let me out here." They stopped the car, dropped me off and made tracks. Relieved, I went home.

    Whatever heavenly power made me do that has my eternal gratitude. The events of that evening left the girl pregnant. She told her mother how it happened and a shit storm followed after she named names. I am eternally grateful that I found a fantastic excuse for jumping out of that car...headed for hell.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 53

    (continued from fast forward ten years)friday 5.15 p.m. and i'm off work. running errands on my way home, i notice i'm driving past Tiffany's mom's place. pictures of her mom standing at the top of the stairs showing me her tits and pussy while i fuck her daughter come into my head. i get a hard-on thinking of how hot and pervy the whole thing was. oh fuck, im gonna stop by and say hello for old time's sake.

    walking up to her condo, i struggle to think of a good reason for my "just stopping by to say hi", then realize i got nothing to lose. just say you were driving by (the truth), thought of Tiffany (sorta true) and thought yould stop by to see how Tiff is doing for old time's sake, seeing as she was one of your first loves...

    heart pounding, i knock on her door. omg, what if Donna is married now, or moved her boyfriend in, or doesn't even live here anymore? no matter, she opens the door, smiles a beaming surprised smile at me and exclaims "Richard! how are you? what's this? come in!" wow. cool. step one accomplished.

    entering into the cool of her condo, i smell the familiar smell of potpourri and carpet freshener. they were fanatical about that, as they had two cats and worried about the smell. now there was only one cat, the one that was a kitten back in the day. she looked at me then looked away.

    Donna still looked great, tall slim tanned busty. hazel eyes, brown hair. manicured nails on long slim fingers. a touch of golden light downy fur on her forearms, like Tiffany, not enough to be gross. yeah, i know, i'm weird. i began to wonder of her pussy would taste like Tiffany's, too.

    did she still do the wine on the patio on friday evening thing like she did ten years ago? turns out she did. "would you like a glass of wine? i was just about to open a bottle". sure thing, Donna. this was playing out like a bad porno, i thought. i mean, she had to remember watching me fuck her daughter, and our eye contact while i was burying the bone on more than a few occasions and why else would i come by out of the blue ten years later? just to say hi? really? again, nothing to lose, just don't be creepy, don't come on too strong but somehow let her know you remember her and its in your spank-bank.

    we stepped outside to the patio. she sat down on the patio bench thing and patted the seat next to her. "sit down and tell me all about what you've been doing for the last ten years" she said. i sat. i drank. i talked. we drank. one bottle, then into the second one i loosened my tie. "take that thing off, you look so serious". she reached over and loosened it then pulled it off me while looking me right in the eye with that small smile i remembered from way back. oh, she knew. she knew why i came by. my heart was pounding, i had a raging hard on and i was kinda nervous, which is not like me. i screwed up my courage, put my finger under her chin, pulled her face towards me and leaned in halfway (just like i read in a book on how to do a first kiss). i closed my eyes and kissed her, lightly on the lips, just one, then with greater intensity. she kissed me back. aww fuck! i'm kissing Tiffany's mom! perverted thoughts ran though my mind as we tongue wrestled and i cupped and squeezed her tits. did she nurse Tiffany when she was a baby? were these the tits Tiffany suckled on as an infant? what the hell is wrong with me? am i gonna fuck the pussy Tiffany came out of?

    i unzipped my pants while we were making out, pulled out my erect cock and put her hand on it. she began stroking and pulling on it, breaking away from my kiss to look at it. oh god i wanna suck you off she said. i stood up and stuck it in her face. she opened her mouth and took the tip in, swirling her tongue around the head. she took her right hand and began jacking me off, quick rabbit like strokes. totally unlike her daughter, and better at it too. Tiffany wasn't very good at sucking cock no matter how much i tried to teach her. Donna cupped my balls and then opened wide and took my cock all the way down to the root, stuck her tongue out and licked my balls while i was deep in her throat. fuck fuck fuck that was sooo hot, her looking up at me with my dick all the way in her mouth. i began face fucking her, placing my hands on either side of her head, pushing her head back and forth and pumping my hips too. mmm...i started to feel the tingle tickle in my balls. her eyes got wide as my cock head swelled up like it does right before i cum. i'm gonna cum, Donna! fuck! argh! i showed her my o face as i held her head still and shoved my hard cock deep down her throat as i came, pumping a nice big load of jism down her throat. her eyes were locked on mine, and i could hear her gulp my load down, gulp, gulp. then another spasm throb and gulp again. fuck fuck!! soooo fuckin hot! i shot my load down my exgirlfriends moms throat!

    she held me in her mouth for a little bit, then i pulled it out. she smiled at me and took a sip of wine. mmm that was good she told me. i sat down next to her, my flaccid cock still kinda leaking cum, flopping against my slacks, hanging out of my fly. i took her in my arms and gave her a nice long french kiss. yeah, gross, i know, she just blew me, go fuck yourself.

    i opened her blouse and pulled up her bra to free her nipples so i could suck on them. they were that chocolate pink and kinda long, just like her daughters, with a nice areola too. her tits were bigger as well. i sucked and pulled on them while she sighed and moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. she pushed me away, stood up, took my hand and led me to the couch. should i go get a towel if we're gonna fuck on the couch? i asked smiling. of course she replied. when i got back, she was naked. she took the towel, placed it on the couch, sat down and reclined back spreading her legs, running her hands up and down her smooth thighs. i dropped to my knees and buried my face in her brown bush, licking her slit from bottom to top, watching her lips start to glisten,swell and poke out a little bit. mmm, nope she didn't taste like her daughter at all. Tiffany had no scent and no taste whatsover. her mom had a slight musky scent and a salty taste. i stuck a finger in her, then two, then three as i spread her lips with my other hand and flicked my tongue on her clit. i'd learned a few things in the years since i used to lick her daughter's pussy. she began to sigh and groan and push her hips forward while grabbing my head and pulling my face into her pussy. i licked and sucked and stuck my index finger in her, then made the "cum here" motion with it inside her, stimulating her g spot. i could feel it, like a swollen spongy kinda mass on the front/top of her vaginal wall. stroked it and licked her clit at the same time. she began to buck and groan, saying yes, oh god yes Richard you lick it so good don't stop...she pulled my hair and pushed her pussy against my tongue, holding me there so i couldn't get loose and could hardly breath with my nose buried in her pussy. agh i'm cumming! she screamed again and again. her legs spasmed and then she released me, pulling me up to her face, saying put it in me put it in me put it in me please oh god fuck me Richard, fuck me, please fuck me, i need you to fuck me while licking her juices off my face and guiding my cock into her soaked pussy. oh dear sweet jesus she felt soo fucking good, nice, slick, wet, it felt so good to run my hands over her smooth pale thighs and calves, putting her ankles up by her ears and fucking her hard, putting her legs over my shoulders and running my hands down her sides to her hips, then grabbing her ass as i put it to her nice and hard and deep.

    i couldn't believe i was fucking Tiffany's mom. i began to imagine that Tiffany was at the top of the stairs watching me fuck her mother. i perved to the idea that i was fucking the pussy that Tiffany came out of. i began comparing in my mind who was the better fuck. Tiffany was young and inexperienced but absolutely gorgeous. her mom was gorgeous as well, but a much better fuck cause she could and would suck dick and swallow my load. i glanced down at my brown cock disappearing into her pink pussy with a nice brown mound on it. i looked up and saw Donna was watching it too. i like to watch she told me. well, no shit, Donna you perv. you liked to watch me fuck your daughter while you masterbated to orgasm, and now i'm gonna fuck you with my cock that fucked your daughter, filled your daughter with cum, and now i'm gonna fill your mom c**t with my hot cum...i felt the tingle beginning, began really pounding her c**t while grabbing her ass (Tiffany really liked that, i supposed her mom would too). my nutsack really tightend up and i came (oh fuck Donna i'm cumming inside of you, oh fuck!), my eyes rolling back and me shoving my cock in nice and deep and holding it there as my cock throbbed inside of her, pumping my cum into her. she grabbed my ass and said over and over yes, Richard fill me up, cum inside me, yes it feels so good to feel your cock throbbing inside me so deep, baby, so deep. fuck that was an intense one. probably because it was Tiffany's mom and the whole perverted idea of it. i lay on top of her, her stroking my hair and back till my cock just kinda slid out. i got up and then kneeled down to see her freshly fucked pussy with my cum oozing out of it. creampie! i use to do the same with her daughter, it was so hot to see her beautiful pussy all swollen and glistening with my cum...

    we spent the rest of the night fucking on the couch and the floor. i hooked up with her a few more times after that, then i moved away to another city, but i'll always remember that perverted, sexy milf.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 29

    When I first met my husband he mentioned, a little too serious, that he wanted lots of kids, that he understood that women today were not into ten, twelve kids. But, what if I shared the responsibility? with my sister. The subject never died and he worked hard to keep her for himself. He broached the subject with her, even before we married. But she was sixteen/seventeen at the time. From the day we married he insisted on having her live with us, until he just stated he was tired of waiting. He wanted her. And he sent me to get her. I did what he asked, I sent her to him, but I got in her bed instead of going with her and waited for her to return, all woman by him.

    She is my sister, she has always been his favorite, from the time she was a little girl. He has what he wants now. I want her to finish college before settling down to have children. I agreed from way back then that I would have a reasonable family size, my sister is the only person I could possibly do this with, because I know she is his 'girl'. She doesn't know any other life, from her earliest adult awareness she only knows she is his. She never questions living together, sharing.

    My home, from the day we married, has been about, him, her and me. I know I sound jealous. Maybe, but just once I would have liked him to carry me, hold me like her. I want to feel what she feels, I want to be 'his' like she is his. She is my baby sister, and now she sits at the table with me talking about wanting to do her share. All adult now, all woman to him. Some days she makes me feel old.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 53

    so i'm fucking my 18 year old girlfriend on the couch. she lives with her mom. she's still in high school. i come over nearly every night to bone down after her mom goes to bed at 9 p.m. at first i tried to be quiet, but she told me her mom knows what we do and is ok with it, that's why her mom pays for her birth control pills and asks that we put a towel down before we screw.
    her mom sometimes stands at the top of the stairs and listens to us, and peeps us in the mirror on the wall which reflects us fucking on the couch and the living room floor too. she stands there in her open robe, pinching her nipples and using a mini vibrator on her clit. the first time it freaked me out, i was buried balls deep doggy style in her daughter when i glanced up at the mirror and caught her eye. i mean, here i am, FUCKING HER DAUGHTER AND SHE'S MASTURBATING TO US AND KNOWS NOW I CAN SEE HER. awww fuck and gawdamn, that's hot and pervy. i love it. we made eye contact and my eyes got wide in surprise and i stopped mid stroke, thinking i was in some kind of trouble before i noticed where her hands were, she was getting off. she smiled a small smile and so i just kept on fucking her daughter.

    fast forward 10 years (to be continued).

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 35

    I'm 35 year's old and in the summer of 2003 I started a 4 year degree course studying Marine Biology. I didn't last a year I had to drop out because of personally issues with family and ended up signing on to Job Seekers Allowance that year and spare myself another 7K in tuition fees for the following semester.

    In February 2004 I found a job working for a small leisure club, essentially a pool and a small gym, my job role was a lifeguard/pool day time surpriser so I didn't have to do much for the minimal wage and I had free access to the pool when I closed the place in the evening and with most jobs boredom sets in and every now and again there would be some fit guy's in the pool who would stop and chat between pool laps.

    The standard 'uniform' was red shorts and a yellow T-shirt with white trainers has I could use the pool after hours I would wear a black one piece under my 'uniform' and soon as I would lock the front doors I would strip and jump in, So I decided to spice my job up a little in the day I would some times choose not to wear the shorts and just the T-shirt or vise versa depending if my manager was working that day and seen If anyone would notice much many guys did and would look and try and start conversation most I would just shut down.

    On Tuesdays the leisure centre had a set time and date the pool would close to allow a grammar school use of the pool facilities normally they have there own teacher who attends sometimes he would be there and not always at pool side, well one of lads from the school and his friend probably around 14 or 15 started to chat to me which was just small talk at the time, I could tell they stared when I would walk around the pool so I started to remove the short before the class showed up and yes the one piece back then you could see some of my ass because it was a high cut one piece.

    The Lads in the pool would stare and I wanted to see how far I could push it, so In the last few weeks of me working at the leisure club I decided to wait until there coach turned up and to see if there teacher was with them and he was not and my manager was not on site probably managing another pool so I decided to quickly go to changing room and but my shorts and t-shirt into my locker and pretended to be busy cleaning the pool side in just trainers and swimsuit.

    The one Lad I would speak to spend most of the hour chatting to me while his class messed around and some of them even leaving he asked if I even used the pool I told him only after hours and later that evening coming up to 5pm the lad showed up asking If he could use the pool I was fully dressed again I told him yeah but I had to close up soon, I just sat on the pool side that waiting for him to finish and he asked me If I was going to swim I told him yes after I throw him out and he said that's too bad. I had to lock up so I left him in the pool and locked the main doors and turned out the reception lights and checked the other rooms and went back to the pool I stopped before I went back into the main pool I thought "what the hell am I doing" and what am I going to do! I remember back then very vividly the amount of adrenaline in me, should I just kick him out or give him a show.

    I decided to give him a pool side strip tease I slowly pushed down my shorts and removed my t-shirt while staring at him in the eye I was in two minds about the swimsuit so decided to walk to the side entrance to the changing area I smiled at him and went in, I waited for a while and he didn't follow so I went back out on to the pool side and told him I'm going for a shower are you coming? he could not get out of the pool fast enough and when he walked into the changing room I was in one of the changing cubicles.

    Before I knew what I was saying I told him to come In and I closed the cubical door and stupidly told him he was fit and asked him if he wanted a blowjob, his face drained with colour and his words was staggered he didn't say no I smiled and went down on my knees while he froze up while his dick was telling me a different story. He was hard I pulled down his swimwear and gave him a blowjob I had him moaning in seconds and he had no clue where to place his hand so I grabbed them and placed them on my head, I could feel his dick start to pulse and his breathing was heavy and I said no you don't and I got myself up off the floor and he quickly tried to pull his trucks back up and he said that was amazing.

    I told him not to bother putting his trucks back on I smiled at him and told him to follow me, we quickly left the changing area into the dark reception area the camera systems where non-existent then so while making our way over I pushing down my one piece getting my shoulders out of the straps and Into the staff break room we went, I told him while he was looking at my breasts I'm wet and just fancy a shag if you are up for it? while he was thinking about It I was lay on the sofa taking off my swimsuit I got see his gears grinding in his head he said he has not done it before and did I have a condom I laughed said no.

    I didn't even get my trainers off he was inside me didn't last more than 40 seconds and I had him cumming, He changed and before he left I told not to say anything and I would think about doing it again. I didn't leave until around 7 I had to clean cum from off the sofa made sure the only CCTV on the door was not working, and made sure all my clothing was picked up the next morning I was paranoid someone knew but my manager was no different anyway I left weeks later, lol the memories.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 36

    I married him for the money. I was 23 and he was 39. I worked as an assistant in the marketing department, he is a well known physician. I got pregnant, on purpose. I got married on purpose. I had two other kids on purpose. When I was 33 years old, living my life, he served me for divorce and married a 26 year old.

    After he was married to her, after she had her obligatory baby. I went to her and told her all the dirt I had on him. Everything, I did not leave anything out. Like me she had to sign a prenup, but with the dirt she will do a lot better than the prenup. Two can play this game. He goes to conventions. He likes young waiters, valet workers, bellboys. And I have the pictures.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 39

    I was in Denver for a software presentation. The dinner was too much, and I stepped out early and called for a cab. The guy that picked me up was more or less my age, he told me he was divorced, had worked in sales, but hadn't been able to land a job since the divorce, so he moved to Denver and was driving a cab and looking for a job. He was well spoken. I gave him my story, divorced and in a job that had little to offer but paid the bills. I asked him if he wanted a drink, if he knew a place we could stop and get a drink.

    I ended up at his apartment, I sucked his cock and woke up with him. That was drinking too much. After he showered and he was standing in front of the chair I sucked his cock again. That was because that is what I wanted to do. I sucked his cock and he sucked me. He took me back to my hotel, I checked out, and he took me to the airport. We exchanged names and numbers, but I have never had a reason to go back to Denver.

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