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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I was dating this women and things were going great sexually. She then suggests we have get a little kinky and have a threesome. I was into it until she mentions she wants the first time to be with her, me and another guy. I was hesitant but when she said the next time could be her, me and another woman I agreed to go through with it. We found another guy to join us and there were the 3 of us naked. The 2 of us guys began to rub and touch her. The guy was very aggressive and even though we discussed that he wasn't to vaginally penetrate my girlfriend with his penis he did. I told him to pull out and he did but I got a bit of a pissed off look from my girlfriend. The guy then begins to suck me off. I wasn't expecting him to and he quickly stopped. He then puts his cock in front of my face and my girlfriend asks what I am waiting for. I begin to suck him off and pulls away after a minute and starts sucking me again. This time he sucks me until I am cumming in his mouth. My girlfriend tells me since I had just cum that he will need to do her. He quickly gets his cock into her and begins fucking her. There she is moaning and screaming with ecstasy as he is fucking her. They finish and the guy gets dressed quickly and tells me that is how a real man does it and winks at me as he leaves.
    The next day my girlfriend tells me it grosses her out how I was turned on by getting my dick sucked by him. I told her I wasn't but she brought up me cumming in his mouth. She told me that wasn't important and what she really liked was the size of his dick and how well he used it. She said I was small and clumsy and gay for cumming in his mouth. She tells me we are through. I find out later that she told everyone that I came in another guys mouth and really enjoyed it. Everyone thought I was gay now but I did get approached by a couple of her girlfriends who offered to turn me straight. I wasn't gay but also not stupid and took advantage of her friends offer.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    It started with me checking the Craigslist M2M section, for "casual encounters".

    I'm a married, late 40s guy (at the time) and somehow had started fantisising about giving a guy oral sex. I had been tempted to try a few ads, but always got nervous and changed my mind.
    Often some dirty m2m porn sorted me out, a sustained masturbation session and I had relieved the lustful moment.

    It was acknowledging that I had a bi streak!

    Then an advert caught my eye - a similar married man, looking to experiment in safety with another married man. I responded fast, suggesting we meet firstly to discuss the situation and what we wanted to do about it!

    I got a reply!

    He was curious, inexperienced like me and keen to meet first, no rush to see if we clicked and how we might work something out.

    We had a quiet beer in the city at a pub nearby my office, but discrete enough to not be caught out by curious workmates.

    We sat and chatted quietly, about work, life .. then sudden switch to things like; what are you doing this for, why do you want to try it, what sort of things do you want to do??

    We parted with a plan to find a time to meet where we could have some time together. I said that occasionally the coast was clear at home and i could sneak him in the back gate for some fun in the living room.

    So the first time an opportunity arose and I emailed 'S' to say time and place, meet you at the road and walk you in the back lane to our place.

    I was nervous as could be, showered and washed all the necessary parts to ensure a clean encounter :)

    Then, S messaged me as he parked and I walked out the back way with a hat on, in the sunshine of a bright summer's day to meet him. It was only a few minutes walk to our meeting point and then we wandered casually back to our laneway and into the gate.

    There was no one around. Relief.
    I locked the gate and we headed indoors accompanied by much nerves on my behalf - I didn't quite have the shakes, but

    The couch was the place for the m2m action, so I sat, we started some small talk before he said, 'how do you want to go about this?'. I replied, let's get naked and go from there!

    So we awkwardly got naked, piling clothes around (I didn't have much to remove) and was naked first, before he had his underwear down - tight shorts style, I noted. I noticed a nice bulge :)

    Strange excitement was taking hold, with butterflies, lust and guilt all combined! It was very exciting seeing his package exposed, with a nice sized cock hanging there for my horny gaze. Bigger than mine, I was thinking but not by much :)

    I was getting quite excited and when S looked at me, I said, how about we sit back on the sofa? we sat and slowly, almost shyly handled each others cocks! his was hardening in my hand, nicely blonde-ish pubes and a good size cock widdening towards the base. My fantasies were going wild, thinking thoughts about how I might get that into my mouth!

    He was cut, as was I and we enjoyed fondling each other in turn. Before I knelt in front of him and was giving him some hand action, jerking his knob and working the skin. He was starting to drip a little which was quite exciting, more than I would, so that was interesting. It was fun smearing it around and using it for lube on his cock.

    I was playing with his cock, then looked up and said, how about a blowjob? he said a reserved OK! That was my cue and I pretty quickly engulfed his head in my mouth, tasting his pre-cum and feeling the soft/hard sensation of a throbbing cock in my mouth! Amazing.

    I sucked it, working it in and out of my mouth for a minute or two... enjoying the slick sensation and the taste of his excitement. He seemed to be enjoying it, but I stopped and asked if it was OK for him .. he said yes, so I kept going, working his knob, licking, sucking his cock, and seeing how much of it I could take in my mouth. I kept working it up and down, using my saliva for lube and working his cock gently but with some back and forth motion, to bring up his excitement. I knew I was getting somewhere when he layed his head back and was breathing heavily. The slick sensation of a wet cock was quite enticing and very erotic!

    I kept sucking, enjoying the softness and hardness of his warm cock in my mouth, the super sensation of the softness of the head and the harder sensation of the shaft going down further on my tongue as I tried to swallow it more .. I kept up a rhythmic pace with the in and out motion, feeling him moving and breathing more and more excitedly in his arousal. I leant down to tongue his balls too, though they were small and I wasn't sure I was doing a good job of it. Back to the main cock action..

    I was going for it more as the thrill and excitement settled on me as I tried to more rapidly suck him in and out and then he said quietly, I'm going to come, to which I nodded and mumbled an 'ok' with a mouthful of his throbbing cock!

    I kept at it and he stiffened and I felt him pumping his load of warm cum, whilst I kept his head down on my tongue a little way, uncertain about a hot load on the end of my tongue! I felt this warm, fresh tasting spurt on my tongue as he came and continued sucking harder to ensure I got all of his load! He pumped a few times and I realised it was over... wow. Elation. A hot load, swallowed, down the hatch and feeling like a pretty easy thing to do .. How had I not tried this before? It was tasty, not offensive and clearly left it's owner pretty well satisfied! Not to mention what it did for me ..

    After this, we swapped and whilst I sat he jerked me off by hand, doing a pretty straightforward wank whilst working my balls with his other hand. I wasn't going to last long after giving him a blowjob and pretty shortly I was shooting a sizeable load all over my pubes, his hand and my lower belly. Quite a creamy load too, I was pretty pleased with it and enjoyed a massive release.

    He was off to wash his hands in the bathroom (nearby the back door) and we were almost shyly getting dressed and he was off out the door, me locking the gate behind him and walking back inside to shake my head at my boldness, badness and outright sexiness of the situation! M2M was lots of fun!

    More to come, needless to say, we have had more fun! I'm not yet working up to more than this, but the occasional BJ has been amazing release and enjoyment, for us both .. he still jerks me off, now fingering my ass which I have taken a liking too. But that's another story.


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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 26

    Although I am very straight in my office life, I am hit on a lot because of my appearance. I followed my mother's advice not to "Shit where you eat" to put it bluntly. Everyone in the office sees me as a professional virgin. Outside the office is another thing altogether, My room-mate, Linda, like me, was a flight attendant with a major airline. We met on the job and did it for four years. Linda is hot and sexy and I am not too far below her grade level so we get a lot of offers. Linda fucks a lot, far more than I do. She loves a hard cock and talks about it a lot. She carries on about which cocks she likes best and which positions. However, she also loves a guy scarfing down on her crotch and I mean her entire crotch. She's a red-head with green eyes that knock guys off their feet.

    I've walked in on her getting nailed hard many, times and duck into my room to listen and masturbate. She is so lusty that I'm thinking about experimenting with her. She rubs up on me in the shower and we're come close to starting something hot. I'm straight but I love her body and eyes. The next time I post something on here I'm sure I will list myself as least with Linda.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 30

    This confession falls between Gay and Kinky.

    I met a guy recently with a rather large cock and uncut. We have been together several times and the sex is great. Tom and I are standing, facing each other and playing with each other cocks.

    He is semi erect but his cock is getting bigger by the moment. I'm already rock hard and hungry for his cock. Tom tells me he wants to try something with me if I willing, I tell him name it!

    He takes the foreskin of his growing cock and stretches it open until it looks like a gaping hole. Tom tells me to stick the head of my cock into the foreskin. I've done some freaky shit but nothing like this. Without a second thought I say, yes!

    It doesn't work at first, our skin just sticks together sort of. I tell him wait a minute and I go get a tube of lubricant, which I put a small amount on the head of my throbbing cock.

    We try again, and now with a bit of effort I'm able to slide the head of my cock inside his foreskin. He pulls the foreskin over my cock and holds my pulsating cock inside of his big dick hole.

    Tom tells me to fuck his cock and believe me I don't need to be asked twice. I thrust forward as much as I can, his foreskin stretched with my bulging cock head inside. I was so aroused by doing this I blew my hot load inside of his foreskin within minutes! We did this for weeks and finally I was able to control my orgasm enough until Tom could get his nut also.

    Then one night about two weeks ago Tom said he saw something on a gay porn movie he wanted to try with me but wasn't sure if I was up for it. Hell, after everything else we had done I wasn't going to stop the fun now.

    He told me he watched two guys insert a metal rod inside of their penises. They would stand opposite of each other and slide their cocks forward until their cock heads touch about half way of metal rod.

    Ok I admit I would have to check this out before I committed to this. I had never inserted anything into my cock and I wasn't sure about this at all. Tom showed me the video and after seeing it, I said let's try but no promises!

    Long story short I had to find the "sounds", as they call them and start to practice on my cock. The Sounds arrived and I started with the smallest diameter. I won't lie it wasn't something I was crazy about doing. First of all I was worried I would tear my urethra or worse! Then there was the pain when I had worked my way to the larger diameter Sounds. The pee hole burned like hell when I took a leak. Tom told me the pain would pass if I kept practicing. I did and he was right, soon I could stick a sizable Sound into my hard cock without much effort.

    Then the night came when Tom and I would share a Sound. We worked each other up, our cocks hard and we stood facing each other. We lubed the sound and began to insert the metal probe into our cocks. We took turns holding each others hard cock, working it deeper until our cock heads touched.

    When that happened Tom began to groan and suddenly his cum started to flow out somehow with the metal sound shoved into his pee hole. I realized that I wanted to cum a few moments later and Tom stroked my cock until I exploded. Just like his, my cum dribbled out around the sound as well. We pulled our cocks backwards and slipped the Sound out, a thick glob of cum gushed out of our cocks and onto the floor between us.

    I won't lie, I was fucking hooked! This was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my life, Tom was really into it as well. We did this many times along with everything else we did together.

    Then one day at work I was at lunch with a group of co-workers. I was having a soda and the waitress put the straws on the tables. As I made conversation I held the straw in my hand a moment and that's when the idea came to me! By the time lunch was over I already had in mind what I wanted to do but needed to find something that would work better and I knew just what to use.

    When I was ready I had Tom come over and surprised him. We had shared the metal sound as we had before many times, when he began to groan with pleasure I slowly pulled the metal sound out of our cocks. Tom looked at me as I reached over and pulled the hard plastic straw out of the nearby drawer. It was clear plastic and when he saw me insert the straw into my cock he almost freaked out.

    I lubed up the other end of the hard plastic straw and watched him insert it into his hard cock. Slowly he pushed it deeper, I had to take a step closer as more of the straw disappear into Tom's hard cock.

    There we stood as we had many times, both of us knowing what this was all about. We stroked each others cock until we were both throbbing. Within minutes both of us were moaning with pleasure, it was a matter of who would explode first.

    Thankfully it was me, I wanted to be first this time! I stroked my cock until I knew I was beyond the point of no return. I moaned loudly and looked down at the hard plastic straw, I pull back so I could see the clear plastic between the head of our cocks at either end.

    I exploded! My milky cum shot through the plastic straw and disappeared inside of Tom's hard cock on the other end. Tom almost screamed "Fuck!" as he felt my hot cum squirting inside of his cock. I was dizzy with erotic excitement and when Tom ejaculated his cum and mine shot through the straw and back into my cock.

    Tom pulled the plastic straw out of his cock, several inches of the plastic straw protruded out of the end of my cock. I stood there and watched our milky fluid drain out of my cock and through the straw and onto the floor.

    Tom and I engaged in this kind of sex almost exclusively after that night. Neither of us could do this enough. A year later Tom got a job offer in another State and moved away. Most of my relations afterwards would not engage in this type of sex. Now I troll Online and specifically seek someone that is willing to explore sex in this manner.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 27

    My husband and I are moving in April of next year to a house we've been saving up for that's out away from everything. The neighbors are far enough away and the edges of our property is densely packed with trees and fence for privacy that you can't even see our house from the road let alone from their houses. We've got the internet and everything hooked up since we both need it for work.

    What I haven't told him yet is that once we move there, I'm spending AT LEAST a month without wearing a stitch of clothing. I'll wear shoes to go outside, but I'm not touching any other clothing item that I own, in fact I may lock the wardrobe and have him put the key in his safe, for at least a full month. I don't have any plans to have company over any time soon once we move, and if he plans on bringing anyone over I don't care, I'm still not going to get dressed, he'll have to tie me up if he doesn't want them to see me which honestly I don't think I'd mind either.

    I've never really been a nudist. I agree that people shouldn't necessarily feel ashamed of their naked bodies, but being naked especially around others still feels sexual to me, but I like the feeling of being naked and I never really get the opportunity where we live now, so I want to take full advantage of our privacy.

    I also have a few other plans, but they depend on how he feels about them so I don't know if it will be possible. I want to have sex with him outside. If he likes it I want to do it a lot. I've always wanted to have sex outside in the rain, especially. I want to try outdoor bondage, too, and our property would be a really good space for outdoor petplay or pony play if I can convince him to go along with it. I've also wanted to, whether we're having sex at the time or not, go out mostly naked in the snow and put on a show for him.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Starting out in High School, class over, a classmate, Hank, called me over to where he was sitting so I went over to him. I asked, "Sup, man?" and he sat, silently, looking down to his own crotch. He had a nasty boner out of his pants and he smiled, saying, "I can't get it to go down, will you help me?" I had no idea then what he was really asking, how dumb I was. I had gym class soon after and could not stop thinking about Hank's thick, stone hard cock.

    The coach asked me to go into his office after class and asked if I was "on something" because my concentration was missing in action. I told him that "A boy exposed his boner to me and I could not stop thinking about it." The coach looked at me, smiled and said, "Then you're not stoned on some shit?" I said, "No." The coach said, "Did it look anything like this?" Pulling an amazing cock out of his pants. I can't describe it but this was not a dude with small hands.

    He waved it in front of me and I could feel the light breeze he created with it. I could not stop looking at it so the coach walked up to me and said, "Take a hold of it, it won't bite." I could not wrap my entire hand around it and in minutes I was trying to fit at least the head in my mouth. It seemed like the only thing to do.

    He saw me struggling with it and said, "let's take it for a ride." We went into the massage room in the back, behind his office. He took a tube of something from the cabinet and lubed his pole with it, then bent me over the massage table and slowly slid his massive pole up my ass. I saw stars at first but quickly, it felt fantastic and it got me to the point where my own cock was hard and the coach took hold of it while he fucked me, and jerked me off.

    He came first and I could feel the giant pulsing inside me. Then, I came as he was pulling out his long, thick pole. That was my fist time ever in a sexual situation. I like girls but can't stop messing with cocks.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 49

    I watch my husband of 26 years get fucked by a guy. We were having a threesum and the guy said he wanted my husband. It was my husbands first time getting fucked and he seemed to enjoy it. It turned me on slot watching that

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 37

    Hi Guys,

    I am, or have been up until a couple of months ago a straight white male who has been meeting black guys online for sex.

    I have been straight my entire life and around 6 months ago I split up with my long term girlfriend, it was a bad break up, she got nasty, I am sure I played my part and in the end I needed space from relationships, I had been in a series of heavy 3 - 4 year long relationships with women one after the other since my twenties.

    I decided no way was I getting into another heavy situation for a while - so I started sleeping around a bit (Tinder is awesome!) - sex with all kinds of girls and I did my best to not get drawn in and start another relationship.

    Now - I have always had a bit of a gay kink - always loved the idea of being submissive for a black guy, not other races really, but there's something about black dudes that always interested me. So in the spirit of having a good time - out of curiosity I got on Grindr and decided to see what happened. I put in my profile that I was interested in being submissive to black guys, that I was straight and it was a new thing for me, but I was turned on by the idea of sucking a black dick and taking it in the ass.

    Well - I got a few responses! 3 or 4 the first couple of days so I started talking to some of the guys, sharing pictures and everything like that - as I got into it and guys are sending me pictures of their black dicks, I must admit I started to get really turned on at the possibilities.


    I was nervous about the whole thing, I had some aggressive guys at first demand we meet and fuck - which sounded great but for some reason I hesitated. I just couldn't get the courage to meet a guy, but I would beat off dreaming about sucking all these black cock pictures I had been sent - it was driving me crazy!!!

    Until one day I got a message from a guy - Jayson - handsome nice guy, respectful (he didn't even send a dick pic) and we talked about all kinds of non sexual stuff, he made me feel at ease so we eventually got on the phone and set a "date" for the next day.

    Well I couldn't concentrate at work, had butterflies in my stomach - like what the hell am I doing - am I really going to have date with a gay black guy and maybe have gay sex for the first time that night??

    Evening came around and we met at a Chinese restaurant for dinner - his choice as it was near his place. It was instant chemistry, something I wasn't expecting, this guy did not seem gay at all - it was crazy to me - very masculine dude - he is a landscaper - we talked about everything from movies to music to politics and we discovered we have a lot in common. We finished up dinner and he asked if I wanted to see his place - he described the back garden to me that he designed and it sounded amazing.

    We walked to his place from the restaurant - I was giggling as we both had a few glasses of wine - his house was really nice and humble inside - but the garden was really incredible! Huge trees, cool lighting strung up everywhere and a sort of open tree house / balcony he built with seating and a bar. I was seriously impressed!

    So we went up to the balcony - You could see the whole city from up there - he poured me another drink and we sat down. THEN - he went for it - leaned in to kiss me - I was nervous but I kissed him back and it felt awesome, I could feel my dick growing in my pants - he asked if he was the first guy I ever kissed - I said yes and I told him I liked it - we kissed some more - then he put my hand on his pants where he had a raging boner! He asked if I wanted to see it - I shyly said yes - and so he took it out - IT WAS BEAUTIFUL - thick, black, kind of half uncut, not huge but I'd say a perfect 7" - my heart started racing - all the times I had been alone staring at black dicks and here I was face to face with one.

    I reached over and stroked it - he moaned - I stroked it some more - he asked if I wanted to suck it - I did!!! Badly! I got on my knees and slid his black pole into my mouth - my nerves went away - I looked up at him - he smiled down and I did what seemed to come naturally! Who knew I had such a talent - I pushed it deep into my mouth, tonguing all around the base of his cock, licking up and down. He put his hands on the back of my head and guided me up and down - he seemed to be enjoying it and so was I. After a while I really started going crazy, slurping and sucking like I was possessed - he slowed me down and told me he wasn't ready to cum yet.

    I have to say at this point I WAS HOOKED! I could have sucked him all night - but he had other plans - he told me to take my pants off and show him my ass. I wasn't so shy anymore and I stood up and stripped down - pants and boxers off - he could see my hard on - which made him smile - he told me to bend over and open my ass cheeks - so I leaned over the rail on the balcony and did just that.

    Suddenly I felt something wet and sticky around my asshole - he was applying lube to my ass - I looked around and noticed he had a stash of lubes, toys and condoms in a drawer - made me wonder how many times he had done this!

    He told me to relax, I braced myself for what was to come as he started to push his hard dick into my tight pink asshole - I was tense!! I didn't know what to expect - but I wanted it so bad - the more he pushed I started to feel full - but he had only got the tip in there - he rocked back and forth - until the whole dick slid in my ass - I saw stars!!! It was incredible - I just held on to the railing as he started to pound my ass - part of me wondered if he had actually put a condom on - part of me - most of me didn't care at all - this was heaven. He body pounding into mine stretching my asshole around his beautiful black dick, I never wanted him to stop - he told me to beat my dick while he fucked me so we could cum together - I did just that - it was wonderful - he groaned heavily, pounding away at my tight pink hole - he finally pulled me in close as he came - at the same time I beat my dick as fast as I could and I shot cum all over the balcony.


    So that happened - we went and chilled on the couch no pants on, he put some music on - we drunk more wine and I blew him again, this time I swallowed his cum (which I LOVED) - then I went home! Feeling like my whole world had changed!!

    This first happened 2 months ago - we have seen each other quite a lot since, the sex is incredible - I am a total slave to his beautiful black dick - here's the thing - he asked me the other day about being in a relationship! and I am really torn - for a lot of reasons. Firstly I told myself I do not want to get involved with anybody and secondly I don't really want to come out as gay! He said nobody has to know and its true when we are out we are just like a couple of straight friends. I also do not want to stop having sex with him, part of me would love to come home to him and take his dick every night.

    A side bar to this is - I have got a little more confident and I have had sex with a few other black guys from Grindr. Last week I met one young 19 year old guy at a motel room, skinny dark black guy with a big dick! We smoked a ton of weed and he fucked the shit out of me like a piece of meat (it was AWESOME) and I gave one guy - a security guard - a blow job in his car late at night. I felt kind of bad for doing that then going to see Jay and talking about relationships.

    Now I have got the taste for black dick - I kind of don't want to stop, I got off Grindr but guys I gave my number to are hitting me up all the time, I have two guys who want to pull a train on me which I am so curious about - 2 black cocks at the same time!!! but also I really, really like Jay and I am so confused on what to do!!

    Anyway guys - thanks for reading!!!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    I recently had the most erotic event in my life so far. Her name is Ellen. Ellen is a widow neighbor in her late 70s. She is a short pretty BBW.
    Three weeks ago, I attended a BBQ put on by our church. The day was warm, bright and sunny. Hellen showed up about 1/2 hour before the event was finished. I talked with her for a bit and revealed my status of being all need for two weeks. My wife had gone to Florida to help her niece who had just given birth to twins. Hellen asked if I would like to come over to her home for dinner. I readily accepted her invitation as I am really not a good cook. She instructed me to be there at 6:30.
    I went back to my home to shower, shave and get dressed for dinner.
    Ding dong ... Come in, the door is unlocked she said. I could smell something cooking in the oven and I could also smell the intoxicating scent of Fleur de lur, one of my favorite perfumes. It has a sweet flowery smell but very subdued. I also could see the outfit Hellen was wearing to be quite revealing. A pink pastell blouse with a short, very short white skirt.
    She asked me to open a bottle of wine and pour us both a glass. We sat at her kitchen island talking and enjoying our wine. At one point I filled our glasses two times, then three times before Hellen confided that she looses her inhsbitions if she drinks too much. It was as though she was looking for me to just that, She became a bit giddy. She dropped something on the floor and when she bent over, I could see she has no panties on. Ellen did the a couple of more times and each time she would stay bent over a bit longer.
    I couldn't take it anymore more. I got up off my stool and stood next to her while running my hands all over her back. While doing so, I learned she also was not wearing a bra. Her nipples became hard under the light fabric of her pink blouse. She suddenly took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom. She explained that this was going to be a one time thing and did not want to damage my relationship with my wife. She gave me a chance to leave, I didn't.
    She reached out to loosen my belt, unbutton my pants and unzipped me to release my growing cock. On her knees, she licked and kissed my cock until finally putting her sweet mouth over my bulbus cock and began sucking me deeper in her throat. I was reaching into her blouse and punching her nipples harder and harder causing her to deep throat my cock.
    She stood up, and began getting undressed as I did. She is a beautiful lady for her age. We laid on the bed french kissing and fondling one another. She then whispered in my ear and asked me to tongue fuck her asshole. I guess her husband would enjoy her asshole on a regular basis. She turned over onto her stomach and offered me that tasty asshole. Her hole was clean and tasted very good. She moaned each time my tongue entered her asshole.
    She began shuttering and exclaimed
    that I was going to make her cum! I rolled her over and began eating that fat c**t untill she came and squirted all over my face.
    I couldn't believe that a woman of her age could have such a violent orgasim.
    She would not allow me to fuck her but used her mouth to milk me of my cum.
    For the next week, I would go to her home at night and feast on both her holes. She sucked me dry each and every night and I would go home smelling like her c**t and asshole.
    Funny, we never had dinner ... Or did we?

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 26

    Although I am very straight in my office life, I am hit on a lot because of my appearance. I followed my mother's advice not to "Shit where you eat" to put it bluntly. Everyone in the office sees me as a professional virgin. Outside the office is another thing altogether, My room-mate, Linda, like me, was a flight attendant with a major airline. We met on the job and did it for four years. Linda is hot and sexy and I am not too far below her grade level so we get a lot of offers. Linda fucks a lot, far more than I do. She loves a hard cock and talks about it a lot. She carries on about which cocks she likes best and which positions. However, she also loves a guy scarfing down on her crotch and I mean her entire crotch. She's a red-head with green eyes that knock guys off their feet.

    I've walked in on her getting nailed hard many, times and duck into my room to listen and masturbate. She is so lusty that I'm thinking about experimenting with her. She rubs up on me in the shower and we're come close to starting something hot. I'm straight but I love her body and eyes. The next time I post something on here I'm sure I will list myself as least with Linda.

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