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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    I was always very curious growing up and still am today. I think I have always enjoyed sex and getting myself off in any way possible. As a young boy growing up out in the country I noticed right off that any time I could get hidden in a real private spot I wanted to play with myself. I was always running around outdoors finding places to hide so I could play with my dick.
    I don`t know why but I was only about 7 years old in the first grade when I stuck a crayon up my tight little ass. I slowly stuck it in until there was just a little sticking out. I will never forget that first time I put something up my ass. After that I wanted to do it all the time and if my fingers were not in my ass something else was. When I could have the privacy you would not believe the things I used to try and put up my ass. Once I figured out Baby oil and Vaseline made it much easier to stick things in my ass I began to try larger objects and would see how far I could take it up my ass.
    I used things from my toy box and anything else that looked like it might go up my ass. I would go in the bathroom and lock the door and watch in the mirror as I stuck things in my ass. In the shower every night I took something with me to stick in my ass. The very first time I ever came I had a large spoon handle in my ass locked in the bathroom. Being so curious I tasted my cum then licked the rest of it off my hand. Once I got a taste I ate my cum almost every time.
    I quickly discovered that my cum made a great lubricant in my ass so I could shove something up my asshole. I learned how to fuck myself while I jacked off and it felt so good to cum while fucking myself up the ass. By the time I was 12 or so all I could dream about was having sex with some one besides myself. One day I got brave enough to start up a conversation with one of my best friends about very personal things. Once I started talking to him he became very curious and we discovered that we both jacked off a lot and both had thoughts about sex of one kind or another.
    As days went by we continued to talk in private about things that we were very curious about so I asked if he liked to play with his ass. He asked what I meant and I asked him if he ever tried to stick anything in his ass or ever tried fingering it. He said no he had never tried it then asked if I did. I went on to tell him I did and like to do it all the time. Of course he didn`t believe me and after we talked about it awhile he still didn`t believe me and told me to show him.
    I really thought he was joking at first but a few days later he was still asking me to show him. I gave in and decided to let him watch me put something in my ass so I thought about it and went into the bathroom and put a little Vaseline in my asshole then came back to my room where I grabbed this fat marking pen that I used often. I put it in my pocket and told him to go outside with me. He walked out to the hay barn with me and we got way in the back behind some hay bales where I went often. I was a bit bashful but he kept telling me to do it so I slowly took my jeans down then my underwear and let him see my naked ass and I could tell he was pretty excited so I took the marker and touched the end of it to my asshole and let him watch as it went up my ass.
    I guess he liked watching because in no time at all he touched my ass then with both hands spread my ass cheeks so he could see the marker sticking out of my ass. Next thing he did was push it in a little more then after awhile he pulled it out a ways then back in and asked me if it was OK if he kept doing it. By the time we left the hay barn we had both jacked off and he was asking me to do it again so he could watch.
    That day I let him watch me stick several different things up my ass and he was more than happy to use them on my ass while he jacked off. We were together all the time and he was always asking me to stick something in my ass or to let him do it. He really got off playing with my ass so I let him when ever he wanted to. One day he came up with the idea that he could use his dick and ask if I would let him stick it in my ass. Of course I said he could so in a few minutes I found out what the real thing felt like because he got his dick up my ass pretty quick. He was laying on top of me in the hay up in the barn loft with me face down in the hay. He kept pushing his dick up my ass then asked if he could work it in and out awhile.
    Once he started doing that he couldn`t take it very long and never said a word he just moaned and shoved his dick up my ass really hard and came inside of me. I didn`t think he would do that but once he did it felt good and we both liked it. That day started something that lasted for about 8 years or so. Of course we both tried sucking dick and gave each other a lot of good head over the years but he loved fucking my ass and I loved getting fucked so we fucked a lot.
    In High school during lunch we would get in his pickup or mine and run out to the edge of town and drive back in the trees where no one could see us and he would fuck me in the ass real quick then we would head back to school. Most every day during the afternoon classes I had cum in my ass. The first summer we were allowed to stay at home alone during the day we were always at each others house and all we did every day was suck dick and he would fuck my ass as many times as he could.
    Growing up with my friend and enjoying all the private dirty sex we had together is something I will never forget. After we both got married I would still ask him to fuck me but he never would. We still talk and see each other after all these years and I still ask if he wants to fuck me again but he hasn`t yet. I have noticed over the past few months that he at least tries to talk about it some. Maybe he is thinking about it and in the near future he will fuck me in the ass again. I know he has a big dick and I really want to feel it balls deep in my ass and his cum up my ass too.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 40

    I am a divorced 40yo mom of a 19yo son. Couple weeks ago I went into his room to wake him up for work. His door was cracked opened so I just walked in to see if he was up. What I found was surprising. He was lying on his back nude with an erection. I just stood there and stared at his erection. I finally turned around and left his room and shut the door behind me. Then I knocked on his door to wake him up. Finally he answered that he was awake and I then left. No problem right? No durning the day I could not keep my mind off his erect penis. It was turning me on thinking about his erect penis. I could feel myself getting wet. Finally I forced myself to think about something else. I was feeling shame and guilt for thinking about my son in a sexual way.
    A few days ago I came home from work early. My son was off that day. As I walked towards my bedroom he came out of the bathroom nude going toward his room. Once again I saw him with an erection. Sorry mom he said while walking to his room. I replied back it was okay. I went to my room to change out of my work clothes and get a bath. I was still thinking about his erect penis so much I had forgotten to shut my bedroom door. My mind was racing just thinking how sexy he looked with his 7 inch erect penis and how thick it was. I just started masturbating thinking about him.
    Then all of a sudden I heard my son come in starting to say something then he apologized for just walking in on me.
    He turned around and left I followed him. He was wearing his basketball shorts and could tell he was rock hard. I walked over towards him and started kissing him. Surprisingly he kissed me back and my hand went inside his shorts playing with his penis. I got on my knees and pulled his shorts down and performed oral sex on him. I then stood up and bent over and he stuck his hard penis inside my vagania. He felt so good inside I instantly orgasmed several times. He ejacculted inside that brought on an intense orgasm. I feel ashamed but I feel fulfilled.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    I posed nude. I have been fascinated by nude photography since I was very young and found my older brother's porn magazines I couldn't believe that women let people take pics of them with no clothes on. As I got older I found out there was also magazines with nude men. I wanted so badly to send my pictures to Playgirl but I never got the nerve. My girlfriend now wife has taken a few nudes of me over the years but I've always wanted to pose for a stranger.
    One weekend my wife was out of town I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a female photographer after wedding out the gay guys and a prostitute and a few other flakes I found a photographer with a good reputation.
    We made an appointment I had a couple drinks to clam my nerves and went to her place we talked for a few minutes then she suggested we get atarted. She had me stand and start stripping I got down to my underwear and she asked if I was ready , I said yes and dropped them it felt great to be standing there naked as the camera clicked away. After a few soft shots she asked if I could " get it going" I started stroking and got an instant hard on. She took pics for over an hour as I played with myself some standing other laying down. She finally asked me if I was going to come and if I wanted pics of it. I said of course so she got down by my cock as I stroked away she told me to let her know when I was going to come and she got some great pics of it.
    I want to do it again maybe outside next time.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 48

    I did it again I posted my wife's nude pics on the internet it turns me on so much knowing people are viewing them and I love to read the comments. Some pics are older from about 25 years ago others are fairly recent

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 22


    We work together, or at least in the same office. I see you every day talking to other people, making them laugh, helping them out with their work. I make up excuses to talk to you, and you know it. Stupid questions about computers so you'll roll your eyes and ask me "what did you break now?" Asking you for music suggestions when you listen to what my Dad likes. Getting you to give me board game recommendations just to get you talking about something personal and seeing that armor you keep up go away for a minute while you talk to me. Making faces at you if you work on any of the computers in my pod so you'll pay attention to me.

    You catch me looking at you pretty much every time you're in the office, and that's so exciting for me, this little game we play, more exciting when I'm wearing something tight or revealing and I know you're looking at my body and thinking about what I'd be like in bed. You know I'd give you the night of your life if I ever got the chance.

    I've met your wife several times, you "forget" you've introduced us. It kills me a little bit every time you do that, she's so beautiful and quirky. And she gets to have you. She dresses up for you every day and looks so sexy and sophisticated, and her smile is ONLY for you. I'll bet she loves sucking you, pleasing you, keeping you happy. I imagine her getting her knees in nothing but those knee-high boots she wears and blowing your mind. Or masturbating for you on the bed you share in something silky and flowy, and you love the show, the fact that she's a completely submissive little slut for you. She'll do anything for you. Your cock has completely changed her, probably from a goofy girl like me to the woman who's with you now.

    I'm soaking wet right now, pathetically rubbing myself again to another frustrating night of orgasms. I'm already a sweaty, flushed mess-I've cum three times now, thinking about trying to go for number four. God I wish I was her.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 22

    When a guy looks into a woman's eyes  steadily, intently, and with fixed attention  more than 3 seconds what does it mean?
    This happens to me from time to time from male strangers but I feel  embarassed and look away because some of the men creep me out by staring at me. But don't get me wrong I like men who i find attractive to look at me and if they smile at me I sometimes smile at them back. I wish I could get this eye flirt but I can't really tbh I don't know what guys are thinking at that moment when he stares at a woman, does he like her and wants more from her or he is just looking like men often do? I never had a boyfrind before so I am really bad at guessing body language and it gets me so frustrated, ughhh. :(

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    I'm a female and I sometimes help my sister when she masturbates. When she masturbates, she holds open her c**t lips with one hand and she strokes her slit with her other hand. Sometimes she gets me to hold open her c**t lips while she strokes her slit so that she has one hand free to touch her breasts.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    A few years ago I wanted to spice up my sex life with the wife so I was pushing mff 3some but the wife said she would but wanted to do another guy first I agreed a few week later she tells me she found a guy at the gym but no 3some with him it has to be just her and him to which I agreed since I wanted my 3some
    Anyway they started fucking 3 to 5 times a week bareback sex since she was on pill and come home and give me the details while we had sex this went on for about 4months sex at home was never better but it ended and I never did get my 3some about a year goes by me and wife go to gym and are working out but separately and these 3guys call her over she goes over to say hello the one guy big black guy turns her around to look her over after about 2 minutes she walks away but I moved closer to the guys and I could hear the black guy and the one white guy telling the 3rd guy how much of a whore she was a great fuck and they used to gangbang her all the time with a bunch of their boys saying he remembered one time 8 of them The 3rd guy was like damn I would love to fuck her The other white guy was like she might go ask atleast 15 of us banged her back then My cock got rock hard listening to them Went home and fucked my wife so hard she was like what got into you when I came I laid there and told her about what I heard she admitted it and said it started with just the one but they were meeting at his buddy's house and the 3rd time there were his friends there which they never were before and she knew when she walked in and saw 4 guys and her and the bf sat on the couch and he started kissing her and rubbing her pussy in front of them next thing she knew there was a cock in her face from then on there was always guys there from the gym from the fire dept where he worked she said 17 different guys in all 7 were black and the biggest was a BBC 11in was the guy I saw at gym I love my slut wife

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 32

    Working as an airline stewardess is a tougher job than can be imagined, especially as flights began to be crowded. I started at 21 and I'm still at it, at 32. There have been no flight emergencies ever, no landings in the Hudson, etc.

    In my second year I noticed a fellow, rugged if not altogether handsome, he reminded me of the old Hollywood actor, Charles Bronson, but younger, as he might have appeared 50 years ago. I asked the other girls if they were familiar with him and two said, Oh, sure, "Bronson" so they at least agreed with me on that. They said he was a quiet but fine gent. I recognized his Bay Rum aroma that I always liked on my dad.

    That Christmas time of my second year, everyone was in a party mood and I noticed Bronson get aboard my flight. He looked particularly masculine and definitely turned me on. We were on a long flight from coast to coast on a red-eye and, lights down, most passengers were asleep. I got a ring from Bronson's seat and he asked for a diet coke. He was parched, he said.

    Nervously, I brought the coke with a little note on it. On the note, I had jotted down, was, "Mile High Club? --- second toilet."

    I went there and pulled my panties down lifted my skirt, gave my pussy some rubbing and bent over the tiny sink. In a few minutes I heard the small door open and close, then switch to snap closed. Moments later, my head ducked into the sink, resting on my forearms, I felt a powerful tongue bathing my entire crotch, asshole and my clit being sucked hard. It was heavenly. Then, a terrific, long, rock hard cock slid into me and pumped away like mad. My head felt like it was on a carousel. Soon, amazingly, I felt that I was coming and there was a lunge deep into my vagina as we both came, simultaneously. The little room smelled of sex and Bay Rum.

    It was the sweetest fuck I ever had.

    It never happened again but we each always had a Cheshire Cat grin on our faces when we saw each other on flights. I guess I'm more like bragging than confessing here but once in a while, shit, you make a risky move and you win. I never knew anything more about him beyond his Bay Rum and his superb fuck. Try it, you'll like it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 30

    One night walking home from a nice dinner-and a few glasses of wine! Lol my bf and I started kissing against a lamppost. He was fingering me and I was dripping wet, he slid his cock in to me and just started pounding. I realized we were lit up and anyone could see us, but I didn't care. I thrust back, and we quickly both came. We continued walking and before long I could feel his cum running down my legs. When I showed him, he got immediately turned on again, and bent me over a car parked beside us on the street. We fucked there for a few minutes until the owners clicked the alarm and we ran off laughing. That apparently just made us even hornier, because we had to stop again, just two doors down from our house, and fuck against our neighbors fence. He was able to cum in me again, and we stumbled home. The next day we ran in to our neighbors, and they asked if we'd seen anything the night before because they almost caught some kids fucking in their bushes, but they were gone before they got out. We just smiled at each other and said oh you know teenagers!

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