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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    When we married like every other couple, I promised to stay faithful. Yet even though we've only been married four years, I've found my libido is now much higher than my husbands, and he's only two years older than me.
    My solution was I guess like probably many married women, fingers and a secret dildo for some time. Then in April last year (2016), our extension on our house was started. Right away I caught some of the builders eyeing me up, especially a younger guy who to me looked a little weedy to be a builder. About two weeks into the build, I'd just walked out of the kitchen and was about sit in the lounge. My husband was at work and the builders, I thought, were in town on their lunch break. When I turned to see the young guy stood on our stairs sniffing a used pair of my knickers, whilst stroking a huge erect cock.
    He went totally pale when he saw me and started to stutter about being sorry. But in a flash I knew it was a chance to have sex with someone who obviously found me attractive and had a massive cock. Stepping up to him, I took hold of his cock and walked him and me up the stairs. Knowing we didn't have lots of time, and that he was already erect, I knelt on my bed, lifted my skirt and had him rip off my knickers. Telling him to fuck me, I didn't need to ask twice as his giant cock slid inside my pussy. It was like my first time being fucked. His cock was that big it spread my pussy wide and had me on the verge of orgasm withina few strokes. When I did cum, I orgasmed the like of which I'd never done before and found myself begging him not to stop. The orgasm just carried on as he fucked me harder and harder. Then slapping ym arse, he bucked deeper into me and unloaded deep up my pussy. Leaving his cock in for a minute or two, I asked him not to say anything to his mates and definitely not my husband. Pulling out of me, he said "Not if I can fuck you again, I won't".
    The build lasted almost ten weeks. In that time I had sex with the young guy over fifty times. Sometimes two to three times a day, whenever we got the chance to suck and or fuck. And in all that time we didn't once come close to being discovered. And it was that, that had me deciding from then on, if my husband couldn't keep me happy in the bedroom, I'd find other men who could. It just so coincided that the next man to fuck me, was another builder, but he was working on next doors house.
    He called round for some water as theirs was shut off for a short period for work. I found him charming and had his cock up my pussy from behind, in our kitchen ten minutes after first meeting him. Most days after my first taste of his cum, as he spurted in my mouth after having me sink down, he'd call by for something or other and we'd end up fucking. I told him from the start I didn't want him to make love to me, but to fuck me as hard and rough as he wanted to. I was his fuck slut for over a month and by the time the work was done next door, the fifty one year old knew all about my body and how much I'd begun to enjoy anal sex.
    And so it has gone on. I've had eight different men fuck me since last April. One of whom had become a regular sexual partner. He knows the parameters of our sexual relationship, and I don't let it get past those ideals. I want him for his sexual stamina and his magnificent cock, but not his weedy looking builders body or his feelings towards me.
    And as of last month it's gotten easier for us to fuck, as my husband has to work away every Monday to Wednesday, coming back Wednesday night. By the time he's home on Wednesday, I've had my weekly boost of sex and then some. Often fucking through the night.
    It's a definite if I got caught, my marriage would be over. But the way I see it, if I didn't get the sex I want and need, it'd be over also.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I'm 15 years old and so fucking lustful. I'm a virgin, but I'm so desperate to be fucked and be someone's little slit. I always look at ads on craigslit or make accounts on hookup sites but I get too nervous. I need someone who knows that I'm underage and will still fuck me like I want, making me their little toy. Unfortunately, I live in a tiny town in Washington, but If I had the chance, I would let an old man or group of men or anyone fuck me senseless and treat me like a worthless cum slut.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    What is the most Fucked up shit you have done while high on cocaine ...

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 29

    The first time it hapened it was by pure accident. I was rushing to get ready for work and to catch the train. After running down the trian station, I just about made the train. Sat down panting a little (I'm quite fit) I relaxed back for the twenty five minute journey. Reading my messages in my phone, I crossed my legs and adjusted my loose short skirt. After a few minutes I looked up to see a middle aged man staring at my thighs, or that's what I thought at first. Crossing my legs the other way, he sat forward a little and I realised he was trying to look up my skirt.
    Getting back into my face book messages, I forgot about the guy until his phone buzzed. Looking at him, I noticed he'd got a huge bulge in his trousers and he was slowly stroking himself through the material. It was then I looked down to see my skirt had ridden up and that my BARE pussy was on show. In all the rush to get to work, I'd forgotten to put any knickers on.
    Trying not to make it any more embarrassing than it was, I moved myself and my skirt as naturally as I could, but no matter how I did it, my pussy was clearly winking at the guy, who was sat just at the right angle to see everything. Nearing my stop, I decided to sit as still as I could and brave it out. Getting up when the train stopped, he smiled at me and said "Thank you, you're such a horny bitch".
    Even though I didn't know him, and that he'd just called me a bitch, I couldn't help but feel turned on. Smiling back at him, all I could think of to say was "You're welcome".
    At work all I could think about was the fact I'd flashed a man on a train, and in the end I was enjoying giving him a damn good look at my pussy. Knowing I was knickerless on the way home, having hidden myself behind my desk all day, I made sure I sat in a way that my skirt covered me. That was until I saw another older man checking me out. Feeling naughty, I slowly opened my legs as if I was just getting comfy and made sure my skirt rode right up. Checking he was looking, I moved so my pussy was in direct line with his view. For the next fifteen minutes, I moved myself so my pussy was opening and closing, and getting wetter and wetter. By the time my stop arrived, he was almost tossing himself off. It was such a thrill I;d had giving those men a close look at my pussy, I had my fiance fuck me as soon as he got in from work. It was one of those fucks that doesn't require any love making, just raw hard sex and lots of sexual swearing to make him fuck me harder.
    Over the weekend, having sex each day with my fiance, I at one point imagined it was the second man on the train fucking me and I became ultra turned on. Climaxing hard on my fiance's cock as I impaled my arsehole on his dick.
    Monday normal day. Tuesday normal day. Wednesday I was rushed again, but instead of accidentally forgetting to wear any knickers, I thought about how horny I'd been over the weekend with my fiance, and left my knickers off on purpose. Wearing an even shorter skirt, I didn't try to hide the fact I was without my knickers on the journey to work. By the time I walked into the office, I was so horny, I took myself off to the ladies and frigged my clit in the toilet, making myself cum so hard.
    Just before the end of the day, we received a delivery and I took the order. Looking at the dishy young delivery guy, I got my devils horny head again. Sitting down on a packing case, I waited until he was directly opposite me and squatting down to lower another box. He looked over just as I spread my pussy lips with two fingers. The look on his face at that moment, still makes smile and never fails to get my juices flowing. It was a face of pure youthful lust and I knew if I asked him to, he'd have buried his face between my long slender legs.
    Moving my hand down to scratch the top of my leg, I made out it was my leg all along that my fingers were supposed to be touching. But looking into each others eyes, we both knew that wasn't the case. His next step should have been to walk over and literally take me, but he was young and he bottled it. The ride home went uneventfully, but once again when my fiance got home, I had him fuck me until he'd cum twice. Once inside my mouth and once up my saliva lubed arse, after I'd had him tongue me for ages.
    Four months have gone by since my first accidental flash, but they're no longer accidental at all. I've gotten a kink out of pleasuring total strangers with my pussy and arse. Recently I flashed an older guy who was cleaning our windows at home. I was pretending to be trying on a new bra when I flashed him my breasts whilst only wearing a very flimsy pair of knickers. He nearly fell off his ladder as he looked into our bedroom.
    It's not got the stage where I'd cheat on my fiance, yet there has been plenty of offers this past four months. One guy (Mid thirties I'd say) who I flashed my pussy to a fortnight back, walked over and placed his hand in between my legs. I didn't stop him as he slipped a his fingers along my pussy slit. Only another man walking into the library I sometimes volunteer in, stopped us from going further. And once he stood back up, the moment was gone.
    I'm not sure if I'll take it further than just giving myself and some men (Only the ones I fancy) a knickerless thrill. One thing I do know is, my fiance is definitely getting the benefit. As I'm horny all the time nowadays and sometimes wear him out wanting sex. If he can't keep up with my ever increasing sexual demands, plus my growing need for sex to be hard and dirty, then who knows. What i do know for sure is, I'm going to take myself off to the shower right now and enjoy the new dildo I bought yesterday. Time for fun............

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 19

    This past couple of weeks I've been fucking the shit out of our next door neighbours wife. Nothing exceptionally special you might think about that, as many horny wives are fucking younger men. Not until I tell you, I'm fucking her in front of her husband who films us having sex. She's by far the dirtiest slut I've fucked and she's always up for anal sex, something non of my previous girlfriends would let me have. That's because my dick is much larger than average. It's non of these things though that I'm here confessing. Three days ago after screwing her arsehole, making her orgasm over and over, I came up her shit box. As soon as I pulled out, she ordered him to suck my dick clean. At first I told them both to fuck off, but she told me her husband could suck cock for England. Relenting, then standing in front of him, he took hold of my dick, and I swear that man gave me the best ever blow job. For over twenty minutes he sucked on my dick so fucking amazingly until I could hold off no more, then busted my second nut of the day down his throat. Before I left their home, they told me from now on I could fuck either one of them if I wished to. Tomorrow night I'm going round to find out if I can make myself fuck another guy. We'll see.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    First cock I sucked, 1985 in Boarding School. One of the older boys, very tall and with a much bigger cock than mine. I had knickers on and lippy, we were in a dorm room and I was basically asking for it. I licked it an kissed it for ages while he told me how much bigger than mine it was, and how mine was tiny and I could find my little one to play with it. He likes rubbing our cocks together, and mine looked so silly and small.. I love that feeling. I loved sucking juat the tip while he wanked into my mouth. When he came... I had my hand in my knickers round my little cock, and I came SO hard tasting and swallowing his thick spunk.

    It became regular until he left school. We met up a couple of years later and fucked in his car, but it wasn't the same, I think he was married and didn't seem interested in talking, just fucking.

    I love guys who's cocks are bigger than mine, love being out gunned and told about it.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 54

    I chose the category "out of the closet", because I've come to realize I am a cuckold and would like to admit that here. I have been married to my beautiful wife since 1999. She is 10 years younger than me and gets a lot of attention from other men. She has no problem flirting with men even when I'm present. For some reason I love it. I have never tried to stop her flirting even when other people notice and say something about it. I always say it's no big deal. They're just friends. I make sure my wife and the guy can hear me when I respond. I want them to be encouraged to continue flirting. I can almost always tell if she will meet the guy later. If he's tall (over 6 feet) and slim, she almost always will. That's not to say she wouldn't be with other men with different physical attributes. I know from when we first met, she is not shy about letting a man know she wants him.
    I have found out about at least four affairs she has had during our marriage. She may have had more, but I'm only certain about four. When I found out about her first one we had a typical fight over infedelity and almost split up. Instead we stayed together and things got better. Then about three years later I found out about another affair she was having. This time for some reason I found it really exciting and did not try to stop it. It eventually ran it's course and when it ended she came to me to confess. She was more than shocked when I told her I knew about it while it was going on. She asked why I didn't say anything. I told her it turned me on to know she was having sex with another man and I was ok with her cheating. She thought that was weird that I felt that way. She was willing to incorporate stories of her cheating into our sex life. She saw how hard I got from her stories, but when I told her I'd like to watch her have sex with another man, she absolutely refused. Which I thought strange since she had no problem cheating on me already.
    Well anyway, she has had a couple of affairs since then. I could always tell when she was cheating, I just let it happen and would jack off to it when she was out. Then for the past five years or so no indication of her cheating.
    I thought that's to bad. Maybe she is done with it. Then the other day I'm getting dressed for work and I notice a foot print on the bedroom wall. It was a much bigger foot print than what I would leave. If the old saying about big feet is true, whoever had this foot also had quite a large cock. The print was at the right height and distance from the end of the bed, that it could have been made when a man would have layed on his back. It looks like he would have been laying there with a woman between his legs sucking his cock and his foot up against the wall.
    I didn't say anything about it to my wife for about a week. Finally yesterday I asked her who's footprint it was. She started to give some answer when suddenly in the middle of what she was saying, she changed the subject without explanation. I didn't persue an answer. I'm hoping it's what I think it is and she's having sex with another man.
    When I visualize her on her knees pleasing a man I get rock hard. The thought of her laying back and spreading her legs to receive a large cock from some other man almost makes me cum in my pants.
    So like I said I have to admit to being a cuckold.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    When I was seven my parents were desperately poor. My father had just lost his job and our healthcare. My mom was sick with cancer. I had two younger sisters. My dad had been surfing the internet looking for ways to make money and he found an advertisement looking for young female models. Lots of people said I was very cute or adorable and a few said I was beautiful so my dad took some photos of me and sent them to the guy. He paid for us to fly all the way across the country to his studio and he offered my Dad $5000 on top of that for me to model. We needed the money desperately so we agreed. At first the photos were just posing in various dresses. But then he wanted pajama photos and then nightie photos and then he said he could see my pantie lines and said I should take the panties off to make the nightie look smoother. then he had me change into a more sheer shorter nightie and finally he had me put on thigh high fishnets and high heal shoes and some lipstick and pose in more suggestive ways. I could see my dad had a worried look on his face but I was having fun and enjoyed posing, especially since the guy was really nice and kept telling me how pretty and beautiful I was and he was kind of cute which didn't hurt. So he paid my dad the $5000 and we left. Looking back I suppose it was kind of strange that he didn't have us sign a modeling contract or any other paperwork but I was seven so I didn't know any better.

    A month later my dad got a phone call from the guy and this time he offered us $10,000 for a combination photo and video shoot over a five day period. He flew us out to his location this time first class which was amazing. We were picked up at the airport in a real limo and he put us up in a really nice hotel. This time he just went right to me wearing underwear, bikinis and nighties, without panties of course. The poses all began innocently but then it got to be more and more suggestive. I could see my Dad was more and more uncomfortable but I saw that big pile of hundred dollar bills and the guy was really nice and I was really having fun. I was a professional model getting paid really well to play dress up and pose. Being only an innocent seven year old girl I had no way of knowing that laying down on an ornate table wearing sheer, almost transparent nightie with no panties showing my nipples and pussy with my legs spread wide open, was anything wrong. That was the first day. The second day he had me put on red fishnet stockings, red high heals, an incredibly short very sheer read nightie and no panties. He had my hold up my nightie and spread my legs showing off my bare pussy and he made me pout and smirk and act naughty and dirty and show my self off like naughty girls would. My dad just sat in the corner sulking. That was a video shoot and lasted all day with a few costume changes into similar outfits. On the third day I spent hours posing with another girl who was a couple of years older. She was way prettier than I was though the guy with the camera said I was the pretty one. Dad just sat in the corner not saying anything but the whole time he looked like he was going to cry, especially when the guy had me and the girl kiss on the mouth and hold each other's butts and pretend to be rubbing each other's pussies. On the fourth day we made a video of me with two older boys, one was ten and the other was 13. They were both really nice and they were very cute. We all posed suggestively and then we all changed into black lace lingerie, yes, even the boys. They looked kind of silly and I giggled a lot but it felt really nice when they both massaged me even when the did it with their hard dicks. On the fifth day we only did half a day of photographs, mostly me kissing a 15 year old boy while I sat on his lap both of us naked. I liked that. He taught me how to kiss like a grown up and his mouth tasted really nice and I could feel his dick curl up in the crack of my ass. It felt really hot and hard yet soft at the same time. I felt all tingly the entire time.

    Three weeks after that visit we got another call. The man offered my Dad $25,000 for two weeks of video shooting. My dad explained that the guy expected me to suck on a lot of dicks and mouth kiss boys and girls and maybe let girls put their fingers in me. He said I didn't have to if I didn't want to. So far I liked everything I did in the videos and photo shoots and I know we were making a lot of money so I said yes. Again we were picked up at the air port by a limo after flying out first class. It was 13 days of 12 hours each day of me and other girls and boys and older boys and a few men and even two women all doing everything sexual except no penis in my pussy. I sucked lots of dick. I ate pussy. I got my pussy and asshole eaten out. I peed in two mouths, got felt up a lot and did a lot of kissing while sitting naked on people's laps. We had some orgies where I watched an 8 year old girl lose her virginity and I got to see a ten year old boy lose his virginity to a 36 year old woman. When we were done the man gave my dad the $25,000 and another $25,000 on top of that. I never thought I would ever see that much money in my life. Neither did my dad. He'd been working at McDonald's at minimum wage trying to survive. We had to sell our house to pay for mom's treatments.

    To put this in perspective. My mom's treatments up until I started modeling was over $150,000. So far, after three sessions, I had earned $65,000. That was enough to keep my mom alive for a few weeks longer. I'd have eagerly volunteered to be gang r*ped by a hundred horses in front of an audience of my entire elementary school student body just to prolong my mother's life by one more day.

    So when we got the call for the fourth session I just told my dad I would do anything and we should just go.

    Turns out the guy had a very important client who wanted to watch and even star in videos of me. He was a man in his fifties, in pretty good shape and not ugly but his dick was kind of big. He wanted to take my virginity and he wanted me to take it in the mouth, pussy and asshole. He wanted lots of close ups. But he wanted me to pretend to be his daughter and for me to keep giggling and telling him how much I loved what he was doing to me. I had to repeatedly beg him to r*pe me harder and harder and say things like "Hurt me more Daddy! I like the way it hurts." and giggle while I said it. I thought we would be doing it for another two weeks but it ended up only being three days. I'm glad because I needed stitches and the doctor who did that also wanted me to suck his dick. It was worth it though. The pile of money we were given was five times the previous amount. I would say it was worth all that trauma for the $250,000 that rich pervert gave my Dad.

    A few weeks after that last session we got a package in the mail. It was first class tickets and accommodations for two weeks at Disney World for my entire family. Mom was well enough to go so all five of us went. We had a blast. I had healed up well enough to enjoy the trip. We even spent time at Sea World and Bush Gardens and went to NASA too. When we got back home there were two crates waiting filled with huge TV's, DVD players, stereos, video game consoles, video games and a box of gift cards for me to buy all kinds of stuff at several up scale stores in our local mall including a $1000 gift card for Tiffany's.

    Three days after we got back from Disney my Mom passed away. I was sad and blamed myself for not earning enough money to cure her. Dad explained that it was already too late when we started and we were just grasping at straws.

    We never made anywhere near as much money as we did that time the wealthy old guy paid us a quarter million to take my virginity and get it all on video. But we still did very well after that. After paying off Mom's medical bills and the funeral we had $120,000 left over. But we needed a house and that was not quite enough. The man called us back regularly after that for frequent sessions. Typically we would do a week long session about once a month after that. It included about ten thousand photos and about 50 hours of raw video footage that got boiled down to about a thousand photos and about ten hours of videos and we got paid an average of about $50,000 every time though some times guys would order a custom video staring themselves r*ping me. I had only one rule, no violence and they had to make themselves really clean and no smoking on the set. Yes that first time I was r*ped hurt but after that it wasn't so bad. After a while I started liking most of it though anal was unpleasant for a few years.

    A I got older I earned less and less money per session. About every year that passed I was unable to command but half what I could the previous year. By age ten I was only making about $5000 per session and by Twelve I was making $2000 per session. Then puberty hit and I went down hill fast. At thirteen I was making a grand a month and at fourteen the guy said I was no longer young enough to star and was now an "extra" and could only be paid $300 a week. He also said I couldn't get the first class travel treatment any more either. I was disappointed but I also knew ahead of time that would eventually happen. I was pretty happy though. I had made over a million from all those sessions and gave half to my Dad who bought a house and fixed it up and then bought a lunch cart and vending machine business and is doing quite well with that. I used my half to put myself through school. Even though I didn't make any money doing so, occasionally I flew out for a photo shoot for the fun of it. It is awesome having kids eat you out or finger you or just have two yummy little ones tongue kiss you while you feel them up. I know I've been turned into a pervert but I stopped all that before turning 18.

    Do I have any regrets? Sure, I regret I couldn't stay seven years old for at least another 20 years. I regret that I couldn't regrow my hymen so I could charge wealthy perverts a quarter million a pop to pop my cherry over and over and of course I regret that my mom died though that would have happened no matter what. So now I have a degree and I do O.K. but I'm not rich. I do have my own home bought and paid for and a car to match. I have nice things as a result of being a porn star at age seven. Would I let my own kid do it? If it was legal, yes, but I would explain to them everything to make sure they understood the good side as well as the bad side of doing it. Out there on the internet are thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of me from age seven to age thirteen being r*ped over and over again. I'm grown up now so the only people who know it's me is my immediate family and they don't care. They all are grateful for my sacrifice which compared to what my mom suffered, really wasn't much of a sacrifice. I'd do it again a thousand times to get one more day with my mom.

    The above account is true though some minor details have been altered to protect the guilty.

    I would like to dedicate this true story to President Donald Trump who, if he had things his way, would recreate these conditions over and over a hundred million times just to save himself a little tax money and get the votes of very selfish wealthy greedy members of congress.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    When I was 12 I started collecting cans to turn in for cash at the local scrap yard. Aluminum is surprisingly valuable. I found out that the best time was very early in the morning so I got up at 4 a.m. on trash day and went out and raided people's recycle bins. I was usually able to fill two trash bags in a couple of hours before school. That usually earned me about $20. Not bad for a 12 year old.

    One day on my rounds I discovered something far more valuable than aluminum cans. A couple of blocks over someone left out a big pile of adult magazines. I decided to sacrifice a week's pay and ditch the cans and load up the milk crate on the back of my bike with porn. Now I know I could get porn on the internet but my access was highly restricted by my parents and as fast as I could figure a way around their blocks they came up with new ones so accessing internet porn was challenging for me. Here was about twenty magazines and about fifty dvd's of porn. What kind I wasn't sure exactly but the one tied to the top of the bundle had a photo on the cover of a cock inside a pussy. That was good enough for me.

    As it turns out they were a mixed bag. Straight, bi, gay, lesbian, S&M and a couple of things I think were illegal. What are they going to do? Lock up a 12 year old for having a video of of a thirteen year old boy fucking a 15 year old girl in the ass? Anyways, I stashed my new collection under my bed like any other 12 year old would and went right for the DVDs and popped the first one into my computer. Up to that point I thought I was as straight as any other normal 12 year old boy. But right away it was these two boys, one about my age and the other was a teen around 15 years old. Both had long hair, both were hot looking and slender and smooth and they were making out like lovers. You could see they knew what they were doing and seemed like they were completely in love with each other. At first I thought the younger one was a girl so I immediately started jerking off. Just about the moment I was covering the underside of my desk with sperm I saw the boy's little cock and that made me squirt even harder. I was slightly disturbed by the knowledge that I had just been turned on by watching two gorgeous boys suck face but only slightly. Within a week, after watching hundreds of gay videos and yes many straight ones as well, I concluded that I was gay, or rather gayish. I still jerked off while watching two girls go at it so I figured I was only half gay. Later I discovered I was really bi.

    So that brings me to what happened a few weeks later when my Dad discovered my stash.

    He hauled me into my room where my entire stash was laid out on my bed, many magazines open to explicit photos of young gay boys making adult men happy and there was a video playing on my computer, one I had successfully jerked off to three times the previous night, that showed a young boy around my age sitting on the cock of one adult while two other older men fucked his face. I walked into the room at just that point in the video where the boy was cumming just from being filled with cock. My Dad stood there with his hands on his hips demanding an esplanation. I, like a typical adolescent, shrugged my shoulders, turned red and remained silent.

    Then Dad, in a booming commanding voice ordered me to strip naked. Once I was naked he told me I had two choices. Choice one was he would show the stash to my mom and tell my teachers about it and then make me watch while he burned the whole thing in the back yard fire pit. Choice two was he would keep my secret, I could keep my stash, he would remove all blocks from my computer provided I promise not to meet up with anyone on the internet without him screening them first and finally I would have to think of a way to make him feel good with my mouth that would involve me removing his pants. I gleefully chose choice two. I'd been fantasizing about sucking my dad's cock for over a week and had hoped to catch a glimpse of him naked ever since discovering I got horny from watching gay porn. This was a dream cum true. I ran to him, dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants forgetting about his shoes and awkwardly removed his pants and shorts and socks and shoes not in that order until he was completely naked from the waist down and his huge erection popped up and bounced and bobbed and throbbed and there was a dribble of pre cum drooling down to the floor while he remained with his hands on his hips. I then taught myself how to suck, deep throat and swallow. Dad held onto my hair and back of my head and literally fucked my throat. I gagged, choked and even cried a little. Dad told me not to jerk off at all while I did this. I obeyed him not wanting him to change his mind. In a few minutes he splashed the back of my throat surprisingly delicious cum and I thirstily swallowed every drop and gratefully licked him clean. I thought that was all but then he surprised me by finding a particularly sexy video of a boy around my age being gang banged by teenagers and had me lie down on my bed and watch that while he gave me my first blow job. He was an expert. He kept me in ecstasy for over an hour knowing just exactly when to back off each time I was near to cumming and then he finished me by sucking hard while fingering my ass rubbing my prostate while manipulating my balls that hadn't even descended yet. I came ten times harder than any previous time. That was when I decided to be my Dad's sex slave.

    We didn't talk about this at first, not for a few days. Mom was around too much for us to have any alone time together for a while but then she went off for the day and I went right to Dad's office where he was busy doing some paper work. I just strutted in naked and dropped to my knees next to his chair and bowed my head and simply said "how may I give you pleasure master?" I learned that line from a gay S&M video I had. Within five minutes we were both naked and I was sucking Dad's cock.

    That was 11 years ago. On my 13th birthday Dad collared me and made me his sex slave officially. That was also the first time he fucked me in the ass. We now live together as husband and wife, so to speak. He likes his boys young and girly. So I've grown out my hair and keep my face and body shaved smooth and even am having my hair permanently removed with electrolysis. I've got a pretty good cock of my own now and Dad even has me fuck him from time to time but most of the time I am his grateful fuck hole.

    Mom found out when I was 14. She was furious of course. She was more furious with me for stealing her man than with Dad for sexually abusing his underage son. I think that alone was what made me decide I wanted nothing more to do with her. She expressed no maternal instinct at all. Not that I needed her protection from Dad. I made my choices at 12 and stand by them. I regret none of it though it would have been nice if mom wanted to join in. As it is Dad occasionally invites women to join in and I do enjoy the occasional bisexual play time. I do enjoy licking his sperm out of some woman's asshole. I also enjoy licking pussy juice off his cock.

    So today, as I said, I am his wife, so to speak. I have long hair, down to my waist. I use nipple pumps daily and now have nice big suckable nipples which Dad loves sucking on. I wear make-up and do my nails and when I go out I only wear girls clothes. But I want to make it clear, I'm not a woman trapped in a man's body. I'm a sissy, a girly boy, a shemale if you prefer, you can even call my a tranny. But I'm not a woman as much as I wish I was just to have a pussy and feel Dad's cock impregnate me. But I am happy being my Dad's sissy fuck hole. I hope to be his sissy fuck hole for many decades to cum.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I just graduated from high school on Friday. I'm going to continue living at home while I go to community college. My grades were not quite good enough to get in to the state college.

    I like it that way though. I have two sexy little brothers. One is seven and the other is eleven. Every night I sneak into one of their rooms, often I find both of them sleeping together, and I play with their beautiful little bodies. I think half the time they are only pretending to be asleep because I often find them naked laying on top of their sheets with their little erections sticking right up ready for me to play with or suck on. Neither have ejaculated yet but I know both of them have had orgasms. A girl can tell when a boy has had an orgasm in her mouth even without squirting anything out of it. They also have the cutest little bums. I like to spread their little cheeks and lick their assholes. I've been doing this for six years. It started when I was drafted into diaper duty at 12. I'd never seen a dick and could not resist bending over and giving it a lick. A lick turned into a suck and a suck turned into a long enjoyable blow job. The other boy was five and so I volunteered to give him his bath. He said he was too old to have his sister bathe him. He changed his mind while I was washing his dick and balls. It got hard and stayed hard and I spent most of bath time giving him a soapy hand job. Most of the rest of bath time was me washing his cute little ass. Both boys eagerly let me give them baths every day still but I don't suck on them except when they are in bed pretending to be asleep. I'm pretty sure they are pretending. Ever sleep through an hour long blow job?

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