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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 20

    My mom and dad divorced each other four years ago. Mom and I spent a lot of binding time after the divorce. She put some extra weight on her making her boobs even bigger. She would go braless at times around the house. Her tits really hung over her belly and shook about. Then one evening when I came home she been drinking a bit much. She dropped something and made a mess. She was braless and as she bent over to clean the mess her boobs dangled and almost touch the floor. "You could sweep the floor with your boobs mom." and I laughed. "Not so funny if you had to carry around these heavy mega hangers all day!" as she exposed them to me. They was huge, they was big enough to hold a worlds record. I took a picture of them with my smart phone. "I hope you're not going to show them to others." I told her I was going to put the picture as a wallpaper on my computer.
    "I'll let you do that on one condition." she said. "What's that mom?" I replied. She answered by saying we have to go into the bedroom and give her oral sex. She's tired of her toys and hasn't had oral sex since dad left. The thought of eating that fat pussy disgusted me. "No way!" I said and she took my smart phone and deleted the picture.
    As time went by my mom began to bribe me by teasing me with her tits, telling me she'll jerk me off onto her tits, give me head and deep throat me. She kept begging for oral sex from me. Then one evening she was passed out in bed with her toys spread all over the bed. I felt her breasts, rubbed her belly and fingered her a bit. My cock began to stiffen and I pulled it out and began to rub her nipples with it while fingering her. To my surprised she grabbed my cock and tugged it. She pulled it close to her mouth and sucked it. She wasn't really awake. She was still partially out. She stopped and just laid there. I placed my head between her tits and tried to cover it with her mega breasts. I felt her hands pushing me down over her belly and pressing my face into her kitty. "Eat me! or your out of this house!" she blurted out. She was awake now. I opened her slit exposing a big clit that was stiffened up. "Lick it!" she yelled. As I was licking it she was blurting words out and her juices began to flow. Her kitty wasn't so bad tasting as I thought. In fact I shot my load out onto the bed while sucking her off. I felt her shake and sort of released the tension in her body. I knew she orgasmed.
    As long as I do oral on her, she goes along web camming with me and having me cum blast her those mega tits.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    It was the worst thing I've ever done. I was 18 and in college for my second year. I was lesbian then, and am bi now, married, kids, and 20 years later. There was an ultra religious girl in the dorm, on my floor who was constantly berating me and yelling out to everyone that I was a lesbian and was "unnatural" all of the hellfire rhetoric to go with it. She was the daughter of a preacher and I found out a 19 year old virgin. There was a big blowout party after finals one semester and the preachers daughter got drunk beyond belief. I am still not sure if she was roofied or not. She couldn't move, eyes closed, and nothing woke her up. Another girl asked if I'd help take her to her room. We trekked across campus carrying her. I had her feet the other girl had her hands. We had to set her down several times. I could see up her skirt as we carried her. Her see through panties put her hairy pussy on display to me. Honestly with women I've always been a sucker for keeping hairy for some reason. One of our rest periods while carrying her, the skirt flipped above her panties and the other girl remarked how hairy she was.

    Once we were in the goodie girls room, the other girl wanted to go back to the party, but I'd had enough. I went to my room. After a few minutes I went back to the goodie girls room. I know I shouldn't have done anything but I did. I stripped her, then I stripped and climbed into bed with her. I kissed her, though she couldn't kiss back, and nothing was waking her up. I was feeling her pussy, getting her really wet, I couldn't believe how wet she got. The entire room smelled of pussy and sex. I pushed my pussy to her mouth and rubbed it all over her face, I sucked on what then, was the most perfect pair of breasts I'd ever seen, and I licked her pussy, taking in as much of that slick liquid as I could. There was a LOT of it, this girl got the wettest of anyone I've ever encountered before or since. I think she came but still didn't wake up. I did make sure that her juice and my pussy juice were drying all over her breasts and her legs, her face, her hands, and lodged throughout her ample pussy hair. I wanted her knowing there was a lot of pussy, and sex in that room.

    Spreading her pussy open I could see her hymen. I couldn't believe a 19 year old, even if a virgin, still had an intact hymen. Three fingers together and I thrust, then fucked her with three fingers for about 15 minutes. She was bleeding a little, getting even wetter. I used her see through panties to wipe the little trickles of blood, still making sure some got on her sheets. I wanted no mistakes to be made by her in the morning. I then starting tribbing with her, and made myself come, getting some more of her virginal blood on my pussy. Then I went to sleep, next to her. I woke up early, left my panties in her bed along with her blood stained panties, and walked back to my room. It was deserted as I walked back. About an hour later, I got showered, dressed, had breakfast and took some coffee and a bagel to her room.
    I knocked, heard a shy voice saying "yes" and went in.
    "I was just wondering if you found my panties? We couldn't find them last night" I said
    Her answer was "did we?" my response was "yes, and thank you, you gave yourself to me for your first time, that was very special. . . YOU are very special"

    She started crying and saying how she wasn't gay and didn't mean to do anything. I sat next to her and held her while she cried. She asked me how we broke her and made her bleed and I told her what she'd asked me to do (knowing it wasn't true). I kissed her, and pulled the sheet down that she was using to cover her breasts and lightly scr**ed my fingers across the nipples and kissed them again. They stood out rigid and firm. I brought her head to my blouse and opened it to my bare tits, and she pulled away.
    "No, I can't"
    "Yes, you can, you did, you couldn't get enough of them last night, that and my . . . you know, down there"
    She erupted crying again. I kissed her and strangely she kissed back. I took my panties and reached out and took her panties saying it was to remember the most special girl I'd ever been with. She let me and was still crying when I left.

    My husband found those panties many years later, and I told him they were mine from the first time I had sex with a guy. He keeps them now in his top drawer and brings them out sometimes when we make love, making me tell him about my first time. I tell him a true story, though the panties weren't part of that story.

    I know it was wrong, but she was such a bitch to me for 2 years, and after that night she stopped. She never uttered a foul word to me again, and sometimes when alone with her, I'd kiss her and reach under her bra and up her skirt and feel her as we kissed. I r**ed another girl. It was wrong, but she was so damn mean to me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 21

    When I was 17 I was dating a girl from school, we had been dating a couple of months. Her parents went out of town and left her home with her 12yo sister, I went over to hang out and watch movies, after her little sister went to bed we started drinking liquor and got drunk, anyway later I was sitting on the couch naked and my girlfriend was sucking my dick, I looked up and saw her sister watching, I tried to stop my girlfriend but she kept going, I shot my load and she swallowed, she got up and I got dressed, I had to sleep on the couch so her sister wouldnât tell their parents we slept together, I awoke to my dick being sucked, I told my girlfriend I knew she wanted more, she sucked me for about 10 minutes, I grabbed her hair and blow my load down her throat, after she was done she turned on the lamp and I was shocked to see it was her little sister, she asked if I really thought she was my girlfriend, I said yes, she said she sucks all her sister boyfriend, I was the 3rd guy, I was really turned on and asked if she was a Virgin, she said yes, but she was ready to lose it, I popped her cheery filled her little hairless pussy, me and my girlfriend have long since broke up, but I continued to hookup with her little sister until I went away to college.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    This all started a few months ago, my sister best friend practically lived with us, and she is smoking hot, sheâs only 12, but very well developed, sheâs 5â2â tall about 110 pounds and has a nice little round ass, her tits are about a 30 b cup and pretty pink nipples that are perky, anyway, I awoke in the middle of the night and found her lying on the couch in our den, all she had on was a really big T-shirt, no bra, and no panties, the way she was laying I had a clear view of her beautiful little shaved pussy, I decided I wanted to see her beautiful tits, so I slowly worked her shirt up until her tits were fully exposed, I was wearing boxers and pulled my dick out the front of them, my dick is above average, pushing 8â and as thick as a banana, I started stroking myself looking at the little beauty in front of me, I shot my load all over her tits and some accidentally got on her face, a big rope of cum went across her mouth, nose and her eye, I was worried about how I was going to clean up my mess without waking her up, I got a towel and began wiping my cum off her tits, she squirmed a little bit so I stopped, as I was cleaning her face she awoke, a little freaked out and asked what I was doing, I tried to think of something to say but she rubbed her face and said whatâs on my face, I was nervous now, then she realized she was fully exposed and my dick was hanging out of my boxers, she actually giggled and asked if I was jacking off on her, at first I said no, but she tasted my cum and knew what I had done, I was afraid she was going to tell on me but instead she said she wanted me to fuck her little pussy, so I did, she was sucking me hard again, I looked down and saw some of my cum in her hair and was throbbing hard, she told me she wasnât a Virgin but my Dick was the biggest she ever saw, I rubbed her little c**t to make sure she was wet, she was soaking wet, I pushed my cock in her warm tight pussy about half way in I stopped to keep from cumming to soon, she was rubbing her clit yawing her legs to pull me in deeper, slowly I went deeper and began my out stroke, I very slowly started fucking her tight hole went I felt her orgasm hard, and loud, I covered her mouth as she continued to moan and thrust her hips at me, I finally plunged as deep as I could and started slamming her pussy she said donât cum inside my, she asked me to cum In her mouth, it was too late, I pumped her pussy full of cum and colander on top of her, after a couple of minutes my dick slipped out of her dripping pussy, she got up and ran to the bathroom, when she came back she said she wasnât on birth control and I shouldnât have came in her, I told her I would get her a morning after pill, she agreed and said how many more times did I want to cum in her tight pussy, I ended up cumm 3 times in her pussy, after we were done we went to bed. The next day my mom was complaining that the den had a weird smell, all I could do was smile and say the dog must have done it. I have fucked this little girl every night, I have cum in every hole, she loves to swallow but she wasnât too keen on me fucking her ass, now weâre dating but nobody can know.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My wife came back from her official tour and she had to mail some

    documents or something I am not sure, her laptop was on and her email was

    open when I entered her Room which she use for home office purpose. I had

    just made a coffee ( I am jobless and retired to home making) and was

    bringing the coffee tray to her room and saw she just entering the

    bathroom and closing the door. So as I turned to keep the coffee on her

    table, I saw her laptop on and an email just popped up. It simply stated

    'Hi honey Gd Morning. See the attachment. Our memoir of last night.

    Enjoy. Have a good day'. Curiosity gave way and I opened the attachment

    which was a video of her lying naked with her boss and she was earnestly

    requesting not to take video. Though I knew there may have some thing

    like that going on, this was the hard proof. Without wasting time I got

    it copied to my phone and made the message unread. Though there was no

    action of sexual thing in the video, both were naked lying on bed resting

    after sex. I later was feeling a thrill and decided to upload the same on

    the Internet for the public to enjoy. Still viewing that

    video and seeing the number of hits I masturbates when my wife is at

    office. At times whenever I get a chance I would scan her laptops and

    even belongings to get hold of any such evidence but have not been

    successful so far.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Happened when I was 14 and being baby sat by my best friends older sister. It was just she and I canât remember why but she was my regular sitter. She was 2 years older than me long curly blonde hair, a bit of an over bite but being corrected with braces, large breasts for her frame, about 5.3, and a nice but she worked hard for and caught me on multiple occasions staring at. She knew I had massive crush on her. On this particular evening she gave me my first smoke and asked if I had ever kissed a girl. I was embarrassed but told her the truth, âno but I have kissed a few boysâ. I blushed so hard Iâd never confessed that to anyone. Her eyebrows went up,âwanna see if thereâs a difference and which youâd prefer?â My heart was in my throat as you can imagine. I guess it was all over my face she leaned in taking the back of my head in her hand and we just went into a deep kiss. By the time she let go Iâd pitched a tent that was getting kinda painful. I tried to shift so she wouldnât see. To my surprise she grabbed my belt undoing it and my pants releasing my throbbing cock. By no means am I big. Slightly over average at best. I sighed with relief but felt really exposed. She took hold of it and my hair bringing me back into a kiss. My head was swimming as she slowly stroked me and pulled my hair. I was making a mess with all my precum. That I drip copious amounts and Iâve always been embarrassed by. She on the other hand thought it was hot and said so. I was getting a bit more eager reached under her shirt and fondled my dreams. Thankfully she just took off the bra and shirt evening out the nudity much to my delight. âI expected you to cum quickly little boy.â
    âYea umm I jerked off three times today.â
    âJesus you got anything left for me?â
    âNo idea we may have to work for it.â
    With that she went to her knees and for the first time my cock was in a mouth that didnât belong to me. (Yes, I was able to get half my dick into my mouth and yes Iâd suck myself off)
    My knees went to jelly and I had to sit down she leaned back as I got comfy and lit a smoke handed it to me and went back to work.
    I was in heaven to say the least after 15 minutes she sat on my leg and we burned another one. âOk ahole you think you could last that long fucking me?â
    Trembling I replied as cool as I could, âhave no ide Iâve never done it but your mouth is amazing. You really gonna take my vCard or are you teasing me?â
    âOhh that card is BBC as good as mine bitch.â She growled standing and dropping her jeans showing me her panties that were obviously soaked. At the time I didnât really know that was a good thing. She pulled them aside and sat on my cock.i slid in no problem I heard her breath catch and my head went swimming in the pleasure of the moment it was fucking amazing, she just rocked a moment as we finished smoking. I was thankful for the slow intro. Her snatch was so tight and I was moaning not giving a fuck.
    âYou warm me if youâre about to cum alright thatâs the deal.â
    âI promise but please donât stop this is amazing. Will you tell me if your about to cum? I mean if you know I can help you with that...â
    âI doubt itâll happen but know this feels really good to me anyway. Iâve only gotten off fingering myself.â
    âWell please try and use me like you know how ever you need.â
    âOhh you gonna be my little boy fuck toy?!â At this point she was riding rougher and gasping. I was hoping this was a good sign.
    âIâll be whatever you want... but I didnât think Iâm that little.â
    &acir c;Well your cock is bigger than my boyfriendâsâ. Her gasps were getting shorter and her voice was trembling.
    Holy shit she was cheating and I was getting fucked for the first time my mind was leaving the moment which sucked on one hand likely slowed my own orgasm.
    âIâd be begging for your attention if you were my gf. Iâd never stop touching and kissing you. Fuck your c**t is the best thing Iâve ever felt and I think itâs getting tighter.â
    She stepped up the pace a little and responded, âholy shit Iâve fucked two grown men and a little boy is going to give me my first orgasm.â Her words were barely intelligible but her body went rigid and I thought she peed on me. I had something dripping off my balls and down my crack. I was confused but she was gasping and I thought she was having a seizure.
    âHoly fuck you made me cum little boy!â
    âAre you ok? You made yourself cum Iâm just kinda your tool.â I was truly terrified and kinda grossed out.

    âUmm yes Iâm amazing! You just made me squirt. Best orgasm ever buddy. You didnât cum inside me did you?!â
    âNo maâam but my balls are starting to ache and I think Iâm close.â
    âHmm I like you calling me that.â
    She slid off of me with a pop. I was sad but my balls really were aching. She sucked my cock down again then all the way out.
    âI donât normally do this but I want you to fuck my mouth and make yourself cum ok?â
    âYes, Maâam. You want me to cub in your mouth?â
    âYes, now do it.â
    I donât know what it was about her authority and orders but I was on my feet with my hands on her hair slamming my dick into her mouth.loved hearing her gag and cough just encouraged me to do as ordered. I didnât last but two minutes before my balls finally got relief. She choked on my cum and it came out her nose and all over her chin and shirt.
    I nearly blacked out.
    âFuck boy I thought it would be a small load!â
    â Iâm sorry you just really turn me on and I donât know. Iâm sorry.â She just laughed as she cleaned herself up.
    âNo boy that was good. Iâm gonna use you as much as I want is that clear?!â
    âY es, maâam but I really didnât do anything till the end and you didnât sound like you liked that part.â
    â Youâll do as I tell you. Youâre gonna be my living breathing duck doll. We are gonna experiment with everything I want. Is that clear?! Your gonna do what I say when I say it. Youâre only gonna cum when I tell you you can.â At this point she was starting to freak me out and turn me on I was a little confused.
    âAs you wish Maâam.â I knew princess bride was her favorite book but Iâd only seen the movie.
    She winked lit two smokes for us.
    This was only the beginning Iâll be happy to tell a few more adventures if yâall want.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 42

    I found out my 46 year old wife was whoring out her tits. My wife kind of goes along with me in getting involved with others. I get off seeing her big saggy breasts groped and cum blasted. We been married a long time. She lets me abuse her huge hanging tits at times, knowing it was a fetish of mine.
    Recently when my boss let me go home early I caught my wife doing something I never expected of her. I walked around the house looking for her. I decided to look out the kitchen window into the back yard. I was amazed seeing her sitting on the bench with her top off and her huge tits hanging over her bra. There stood a boy in his late teens or 20'ish of age groping and feeling her tits, half her age. I was interested on what will happen. He undid his pants exposing his hard on. My wife began to massage his boner. The sight of this gave me a boner which I started to stroke while looking on. He pulled out his cock and she began tugging it as he played with her breasts. He started to rub his dick across her tits. She held up her breasts as he started whacking off his meat to shoot a load on them. He gave her a big load all over her tits. Then I saw her take the money he offered her. She had a wash rag on the bench which she used to clean her tits. I went into the bathroom and shot my load into the toilet.
    I didn't say anything when she came into the house. "You're home early, hun" she said. That weekend a knock came on the door and my wife answered it. I heard the person say "Bill told me about you." "Shhhh !! My husband is home and I don't show on weekends." and she shut the door. My wife came back into the kitchen. "Show what Peggy? Your tits." Then I confessed to her on what I seen the other day when I came home early. She admitted she whores out her boobs for extra money and won't do it anymore. "Please don't stop, I enjoyed watching you with the young guy and you're making fun money for us." Then I told her Saturdays would be best so I could watch her tits played with and groped by young horny guys in the back yard while looking out the window. "Would they pay extra for a blow job?" I asked. "A few offered me more money if I sucked their dick and I refused." I told her not to refuse and suck their dicks for my kinky pleasure.
    My wife started to spread the word she's giving a cum blast party on a certain Saturday. I would be filming it and they could buy the video. That was the most kinky thing my wife did for me because she let me have her tits bounded and had the boys slap it.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    For as long as I can remember, I had fantasized about sucking another man's cock. The idea of the soft, warm cock growing harder as I sucked it would thrill me when I thought about it, and was a frequent subject of my masturbation fantasies. Before long, specific friends started starring in my fantasies, and when I saw them in person, I would have trouble not thinking back to the last time I came picturing my mouth on their dick.

    I decided to test the waters, as it were, with my best friend, in our early 20s. I would invite him over when I had porn on, and at first we would just watch it together. Sometimes making jokes to cut the obvious tension, but nothing went further for some time. After a while, I asked him if he thought it would be ok if I jerked off while we watched and told him he was free to do the same, if he wanted. He seemed unsure at first, but agreed that it was ok if I did it.

    I couldn't believe it, as I pulled my cock out in front of him and sat back to stroke myself to the video. I could see out of the corner of my eye that, every now and then, he'd glance at my cock while watching the movie. After a few agonizing sessions of this, he started to rub himself through his pants while I did it and then to jerk off with me. Taking things incredibly slowly, I let it just be like that for a few more weeks.

    Then came the day I decided I was going to try for more. When he was watching, cock in hand, I asked him if I could do it for him, just to see what it was like. He didn't hesitate this time, and took his hand off, letting me stroke him. He came in seconds, the thick cum flowing out of his cock and over my knuckles. I didn't stop, just kept slowly stroking him until his breathing slowed back down. Soon it became common that he would come over and we would jerk each other off while watching a movie.

    I wasn't done, though, and certainly not willing to settle for mutual hand jobs when I was so close to getting what I wanted. I admit, I cheated this time, and found a video of nothing but cumshots. Over and over, the video was full of men cumming into a woman's mouth, or on her face. While jerking him off, and knowing he was getting into it, I switched position to get on my knees in front of him while he watched over me. I looked over my shoulder to the video and, as a woman on the screen pushed a cock into her mouth, I whispered that I wanted to do that too. He groaned his approval and I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.

    Feeling his cock slide past my lips, my heart was racing. My tongue curled around the base of his cock head, flicking at it a little and he seemed to be pushing forward a little into my mouth. Before I knew it, I was licking my lips and sliding deeper onto his shaft, my hands stroking his cock. I asked him to tell me when he was going to cum. He nodded and kept rocking his hips into my mouth as I took him deeper. I couldn't get his whole cock in my mouth, but I don't think he cared.

    I was lost in pleasure, my head bobbing up and down on his cock. He was alternating watching the movie and watching me as he got really into it, his hands sliding into my hair. Before I could believe it was happening, he was saying he was close. I think he expected me to pull away, but hearing him say he was going to cum, I tightened my lips around him, deciding in that moment that I wanted to taste him. He tried to hold back, thinking I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, but it didn't last long. He shot his cum and struggled not to cry out too loud, filling my mouth with his cum. I gagged and swallowed what I could, but there was too much. It dripped down his shaft, over my hand again and into the dark, thick tangles of his pubic hair.

    I sat back, cleaning my face with my fingers and licking them clean. He looked stunned at what had just happened, but he sure wasn't put off by it. Over the years, when we get together, we still mess around the same way. We're both married now, but when I have his cock in my mouth, I feel 21 again, imagining being on my knees in my living room with his cock inside my mouth, struggling not to cum too soon.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    This is my follow up to 45872.
    Sex with my elderly Italian widow.
    The old girl calls in more regularly know, the wife does not suspect a thing, she is always saying could you please go and help Sophie move something or dig something. I try acting like its an inconvenience. Then head out the door as my Cock starts it's journey upwards. By the time I'm standing st her door I'm fully hard and she always answers the door naked or with a towel around her big tits. When I'm inside I get naked. Ive trimmed her Kunt with scissors and shaved her bald. Looks way better now and as long as she has douched I love eating her out.
    My wife always praises me for helping her, and i usually say it's my pleasure love to help her out or something like that. Now I cut her grass as well then we shower together when done, she loves soaping up my big Cock and i really love soaping up her Huge fricken Boobs. If I have a day off as soon as the wife goes to work I'm over there, we both get naked and just sit and watch telly as she strokes and sucks my Cock. I love fucking her to, mostly doggy, she likes it in her ass as well. I love cupping a hand full of her big jugs while I'm ploughing her.
    Today as we were sitting naked on the lounge I heard something at the door. I jumped up to check, as soon as I got to the hallway I thought shit I'm naked, it was too late her sister was standing there with some groceries just staring at my hardening Cock.
    Oh oh, i thought. Then Sophie walks in next to me, and they have a heated argument in Italian. I just slipped back into the lounge room and started getting dressed real quick. No no no said her sister Mary. What the hell you been doing here huh. I was lost for words Sophie is still speaking Italian to her as Mary now starts undressing right in front of us, next thing I see is 2 naked old lady's
    standing side by side they were kinda shoulder pushing each other I had No idea what they were saying to each other, Mary was 5 years younger and built about the same both stood there huge tits bouncing around as they shoved each other looking at me like it was a contest. I just put my hands up, woo woo stop, i said. Mary said in a threatening manner if you Fuck my sister you can Fuck me to. My husband still alive but never give me
    sex. Ok you Fuck me too or I tell your wife ok. I sat back on the lounge spread my legs and said can you suck Cock, better than this old one, pointing to Sophie. Ok if you can get me hard again I Will Fuck you too. Sophie sat down next to me as Mary pushed her jugs into my face while grabbing my Cock with her cold hands. I was getting hard again Sophie was trying to kiss me as Mary licked my hot knob before engulfing me with one stroke. She looked up stopped and said you like, Oh yes here we go again. The Italian granny sex sisters were loose. What a hot afternoon.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 36

    My neighbor ogled me, in front of my friend. She was uncomfortable but I was lost in his attention. I am just ordinary, but as I've grown older. I am a much more attractive now than I was as a teen. Men look at me and I like it, even if my friend doesn't.

    I would love to be carried away, stolen in the night, waking up to a man who stared at me the night before. I really don't like straight up sex, big deal. On a trip to see my grandmother a man stared at me before boarding, the flight was half full and he came over to talk to me. To stare at my chest, touch my hand, touch my knee, to tell me I had a pretty smile, never taking his eyes off my chest. I liked it, loved it, I touched his hand, laughed with him, let him look as much as he wanted. I am only sorry he went on after I got off.

    I have a big booty, a big caboose, I used to think it was my worst feature but I have come to realize men like women with a nice ass. My chest is nice, since I gained thirty pounds over my teen age weight. I'm curvy now, not a child any more. I have sex with men, not boys, men who like a full figured woman.

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