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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was a young teen I used to pose for a local photographer and a couple of his close friends,These were of course naked photos in various positions and situations, Mostly I was alone sometimes with another boy or a man obviously these were for hardcore photos, I was introduced to him by a schoolfriend who knew my family were poor and I'd like the money, After a few tame test shots he gradually got me to undress coaxing and flattering me about my body turning me this way and that teaching me how to pose, That first time he didn't touch me sexually that came after a couple more sessions with him but he did pay me £20 a lot of money back then, It was I thought easy money and I was eager to earn more next time in fact I arrived early the next week at his home/studio keen to earn more money, As time went on and the poses became more graphic and pornographic the money increased from £20 to £50 and more if I did shoots with other boys or men, A couple of shoots involved women too who obviously were heavily into young boys in fact one was disappointed that I wasn't much younger but she carried on with the shoot anyway, I don't have any regrets about what I did in fact I enjoyed it a lot especially the money which helped my mother a lot although she never asked where it had come from she obviously knew I was doing something wrong to get it, Obviously the photographer was making much more money than I was but I couldn't complain as he was fair and always paid me well enough even if he just wanted sex he paid me well, So there you go that's my confession I was a model/rent boy and I did it for the money.....mostly.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 24

    I had to have a shower and got pretty darned wet, wet, wet .....

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to have sex with an older man, a really old one. Just to get that age difference in my pussy. Since I've turned 18 I've made craigslist ads but never fell threw.. It's so easy to look for young girls but not older guys ! Just searching. I'd love a guy 55+ to just have his way with me, film it, whatever. I look up porn and all I look for is that old cock in that tight pretty pussy just like mine... The most turned on I've been.. and the funny part is I look so young still I'm tiny haha..
    I fantasize an older man.. It WILL happen
    I just wish it was easier, I wanna please a grandpa! Even before I was legal but now that I'm 22 .. Oh the day <3

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Lesbian Female / 20

    To start off I think what happened to me is not normal. I have a girlfriend right now but since she has turned 18 I've felt kind of weird having sex at the house. When I was by my self at the house recently I hoped on my dads computer as soon as I unlocked it it opens up to a gallery of videos of me and my girlfriend having sex and me masturbating/nude . My dad has hidden cameras in my bedroom bathroom and every other room in the house. I don't know why but I decided to leave it. I guess it excites me knowing someone was watching me. But I opened the browser and found out my dad had uploaded some of the videos to the internet and even sent them to other people that I know. Later that day I caught my dad watching some of the videos and I asked him about it .i was originally going to tell him to take the videos down but some how I ended up sleeping with him and I acted like nothing ever happened. in the end I ended up finding out that I'm bisexual instead of full les

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    I am admitting not so much as confessing. I like to kiss and get in bed with another girl. I have been getting in bed with another girl since I was thirteen. I know everything there is to do, I have read about it and I watch lesbian porn. I have never tried it but I would like to get with a girl and use a double dildo and be stuck to her with the dildo in our vaginas. While stuck to her I would like to kiss her and play with her breasts while she plays with mine and I would like a minister who marries lesbian ladies to marry us for time eternal.

    I have the dildo, but I have not me the girl I want to spend my life with. And that makes me sad.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I spent the last half of new years eve in my thong snorting percs and doing shots with my boss and his friend upstairs in his office when I was supposed to be waitressing downstairs on the floor. I was going back and forth trying to give them lap dances while they sat on the couch fingered me and we made out. I ended up getting bent over his desk and they took turns on me till they came down my throat. my bf picked me up after we closed and we went home I wouldnt let him fuck me cause i was scared he would know so I sucked and jerked him off on my tits and we went to bed

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Gay Male / 55

    Even though I am in my mid fifties I am not an overweight beer belly guy as I am somewhat fit and a pretty flat stomach but not well toned as I don't go to any gyms to work out. Anyways I have a thing for men's underwear and I enjoy wearing thongs and bikini style underwear (Brazilian styles being my favorite) even at 55. I keep my body smooth head to toe and the biggest fetish I have is I love going to men's underwear sites such as Pistol Petes, Joe Snyder and my favorite Mensuas.
    I just love checking out the models and the sexy underwear they wear and Mensuas even has a monthly photo contest where you wear your favorite style underwear and others vote and the top 3 winners each month get either a 100.00 or 50.00 dollar credit for your next order. I get so hard checking out the guys in sexy underwear that for me it's almost as good as watching porn. Plus I get to order new colors and styles (which I really shouldn't be buying them being I have over 200 pairs of underwear but I am addicted to them and with the new materials instead of just the cotton makes them feel much more comfortable to wear and can make you feel so sexy

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was a teen in high school me and two buddies fucked tag teamed a girl in a car on a dirt road. We went one at a time and I was last. She was loose and dripping with cum.i ate her pussy and gobbled up all the cum then I came in her too. When I got done another one got back in to fuck her again. The other buddy said he saw me eat her cum drenched pussy and asked if I would like some more as he pulled his dick out. I dropped down and sucked him off and swallowed his load. That started years of sucking my friends dick. Often we never let anyone know.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 21

    I looked for place to confess and found this site.
    I confess i cheated on my girlfriend sam, it happened and im absolutly proud to say i nailed her mother well.

    Sam my girl is a tidy package i was helping her move into her unit, so were a few people, last week at 4pm she got called to work, i was still bringi g a load, and found out when i unloaded......when the last box was inside her mother sue asked if i wanted a swim, we both got to the pool and striped watching each other comfortably, once naked and very relaxed with each others bodys she rubed sun screne on every part of me, then i returned the fav by covering her in sun lotion, and made sure her pussy was deffenatly covered, it took only the cool of the pool and sue was sucking my cock like a pro, she swollowed me and sucked me so well i ended up sucking her clit and fisting her on the edge of the pool till she cum so hard she nearly fainted, then i got to take her while she was on all fours from behind and i swaped between her arse hole and c**t till i finally blew my load over her back.....she sucked me dry then we swam some more then fucked again then swM then fucked once more. Since then everything has been normal, between us

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 28

    At 19 I was accepted into college in a city far away from home. I wanted to go so bad, but money was tight. After doing some research the college put me in touch with this couple that lived in town who would rent a room to a college student. The price was far more reasonable than the dorm.

    When I arrived it was a middle aged couple who worked at the university. I had a room, with a bathroom down the hall and I had access to the living areas. The woman took me in but I had a more difficult time with the man. He was distant and distant. But she and I got along and we became friends.

    One day we were at the mall and we were walking through the lingerie department and she picked up a pair of sheer panties and she said I should get them, boys liked panties like that, they showed everything but they still had to be taken off to get to the prize. From my look she guessed I was inexperienced and she said she was going to buy the panties for me because it was about time I became a woman. Back at the house she came into my room to talk about my sexual experiences, she drug out of me every date and bad ending. The most I had ever done was hold a penis in the movie theatre, and that ended bad. She told me I was too old for that, it was way past the time that I should have been with a man.

    She asked me to model the panties for her. They were sheer and transparent and she gently touched me and told me she was going to ask her husband to take care of my problem and that way I could go on and get on with my life. At dinner she was straight forward and told Jack that I was going to be sleeping with them from now on. He looked at me and asked me if I was ok with that and she told him I didn't need to be sleeping alone.

    When it was bedtime she came to my room and got me and told me she wasn't kidding, I was going to sleep with them and to wear a nightgown because taking off pants was a problem, she wanted Jack to get on and get his business done. In her room, she opened the bed and told me to get in the middle, and to make sure I got close to Jack. He came to the bed and asked me again if that is what I wanted, the most I was able to do was nod, and he took the covers off to look at me and asked me how old I was, and to take off my nightgown. He stood at the end of the bed for a while looking at me before he went and turned off the light and came to the bed. He took off his clothes and laid down and put his hand between my legs.

    I could feel his penis against my leg, he used his hands for a while and pushed one and then two fingers into me and when he felt I was sufficiently wet he got on me and thrust his penis in. Once he got it in he asked me if I was ok, and slowly got to moving and thrusting in and out and as I relaxed he got more and more active and asked me to hold my legs more open. It was a long time before he came and rolled off. His wife reached over and gave me a towel and told me to get in his arms, it felt better that way.

    I slept with them a whole lot after that and they taught me a lot about sex, sometimes she would show me and other times she would tell me and coach me. I was taken to Jack and during the time I lived with them I never dated anyone. After I had graduated and gone on to live on my own, I went to visit them and it was like walking into your own home. We didn't sleep together but she and I stayed up late and caught up on everything. I told her I was ok, life was good and although I had not met my prince charming, I had met and gotten to know a couple of guys real well, thanks to her.

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