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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    Sat in the dentists a couple of weeks back, having rushed to reach there late, I noticed an older man gazing at my thighs. Or at least I thought it was my thighs. It had been hot all week, so I'd worn my short loose fitting skirts. That day was the same. Only when I moved my hand down did I realise I'd not put my knickers on. And I'd been crossing my legs all the time to keep myself relaxed.
    Covering myself up, I went in to see the dentist, but then had to wait again to see the hygienist. Noticing the man still sat there, I decided to see if I could excite him. Moving so my skirt rode up, I lifted my right leg up and apart, giving him an easy view up my skirt to my pussy.
    It was great fun glancing round to watch him squirm with an obvious hard on. Just before I rose having been shouted to enter the hygienists room, I put my right hand down to my pussy and slid it along my pussy slit. Rising I heard him go "Ohhh fuck".
    When I got back out, he was just entering the dentists room, with a wet spot on the front of his shorts.
    Driving home, I went to my bedroom, slipped two fingers inside of myself and masturbated until I came hard.
    It's given me the idea of leaving my knickers off again. I might even try and see if I can excite some other men, as I ride the train to work from now on. Depends on the weather.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    My wife is getting sluttier every day. Last night on a dare, she walked bottomless to the mailbox and bent over with her pussy exposed to all the neighbors. I recently asked her what she would like for breakfast, I thought a romantic gesture, and she replied out of nowhere - BIG BLACK COCK. I got upset and she put the blame on me and how we both enjoy our cuckold roleplaying and use of dildos, extenders, etc. She also CALMY READ OFF HER GROCERY LIST as I pounded on her sloppy pussy as hard as my 5 /1 incher could! Her favorite scenario is me attacking her as she gets home from work and eating her pussy before she can clean herself, licking up another man’s cum without knowing. This something I do quite often and could really happen or have already happened. I am concerned all our fantasies could lead to her cheating, if not already.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 29

    I am feeling excited and nervous, I have been planning this confession for about 2-3 months and the day is finally here when everything is right. This may get a bit confused as my head is all over the place but I will try and keep on track.

    Sooo I have dropped off my daughter (5y) at school and my son (2y) at nursery and come straight back home as I have no work today. Normally I don't take my boy in if I am not working but today I need to talk to you guys. I live in Oxfordshire, England and work as a HR Consultant for several small and medium sized busineses around here and in the Cotswolds. My partner works in finance and travels a bit most weeks which gives me quite a lot of time to think. I guess what I am trying to say is we are a lucky professional couple, some would say attractive couple who have a nice house and a lot going for us.

    So why am I naked in my lounge with my laptop exposing my dirty thoughts with strangers, and touching myself while I do it. Because I am bored, my life is lovely but totally tasteless, not even vanilla. When I was 18 I had a boyfriend, a bad boy. He was utterly gorgeous, fit, dirty blonde hair, funny and a total charmer and of course a rebel. He was a wood carver and had a job at a Rural Life Centre making fences, repairing sheds and buildings as well as demonstrating his art and craft skills. He was paid almost nothing but sold some of his stuff and lived in a caravan on the site. We are talking touring caravan not like a trailer home but he was the happiest person I'd evermet. My parents hated him, they could see he was bad from the start but I was "in love"

    Our first date was at a local bar that has live music and we just had a great time,both flirting wildly with each other. He told me about where he lived and made it sound beautiful, which it was, and we agreed I would go visit him there at the weekend. I went when the Centre was open to the public and he showed me around and where he lived. He left mein the caravan when he went off to close up around 6pm, make sure the visitors left and the animals were shut in and everything was secure. When he came back we were totally alone in like this paradise setting itmade me feelsoexcited.

    He went for a shower in a building next to his caravan and when he came back he was just holding his towel partly covering himself but partly not I think I must have just stared, he laughed and said it was no problem as there is no one about so he is often naked. I just said "I'm about" and he replied Yeah but I'm okay with you seeing, We sat on the seat/bed and started kissing and soon I had his cock in my hand he chuckled and said he knew I wasn't shy. Then he told me to stand in front of him and undress, it was like an instruction. I just did it.

    I was told to stop when I was just in my panties and he told me to turn around while he just looked at my body. He held out his hand, I took it and stepped towards him and he slowly pulled down my panties exposing my pussy an my bum, he pushed me back so I was like nearly a metre away and told me to turn some more. I was utterly speachless, I didn't say a word. I was naked but I felt so much more than naked showing myself to this gorgeous guy I hardly knew, I could actually feel his eyes on me, my titties, my belly, my bum, my legs and my pussy. It seemed like ages he hadme turning like that for him. My nipples were swelling, I have puffy nipples, and my pussy was tingling and my movements were making me wet down there. He signalled and I stopped facing him.

    "Have you got any condoms" "Yes" I replied, "You better put one on me don't you think" "Yes" I replied. My face must have been bright red. I got some condoms out of my bag and opened one up. He took the pack and said "You've used a few of these. Do you have a boyfriend then ?" I replied I didn't "Youmust be a very bad girl then" I snapped back "I'm not, I gave some to my friend" I immediatly regretted saying something so stupid, so added "Sometimes I'm bad"

    I rolled the condom onto his hard cock, it was a tight fit and didn't go all the way down. "You like to fuck ?" he asked straight out, I gulped "Of course". "Are you going to ask me to fuck you ?" "No" "I think you will" "I shouldn't have to ask" this went on for a bit then I said "Okay,please will you fuck me" "Not good enough, you really want it,bad girl" So I pleaded "Please I want to feel your cock in me so bad, please pushhim inmy pussy and fuckme, please", "Say the "C" word" "No I won't say that, I say pussy or vag but not the "C" word"

    He looked at me,and I really was pleading "Okay, good enough" and he guided me to the bed and buried his face in my wet pussy. I was so close to orgasm already when he got on top of me between my legs and easily slid his large cock into me. I had been so close, I orgasmed pretty much straight away. "Bad girl" he said "I really foundme a bad girl" he made it sound like something I should have been proud of so I replied "Yeah" between kisses. He was very clever with words and manipulative and while we were fucking got me to ask him if I could stay the night, which he then considered and agreed to if I would make it worth his while and I promised I would.

    The evening we walked around the farm and he showed me stuff and things he had made and by bedtime he was ready to fuck some more. He wasn't ever romantic but played with my head so I always wanted more. I had told him I had protection so we didn't use a condom the second time and it was a much slower fuck. After an orgasm he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, I told him that as I was staying over and this was our second fuck of the evening I had kind of assumed I was. He said No that was just fucking, I really started to boil,he let me get pretty angry (while we are still fucking) and says "Well I'm asking you now, I want you to be my girlfriend" I was still fuming "That's not asking, thats telling me" "Okay" he says "I'm telling you". I quickly move from anger to laughing "That's fine then, I accept your instruction" and we do a smoochy big kiss.

    We talked while he was still in me. I should have realised then how controlling he was, but I really didn't care, I wanted what he was offering, I had never dated a real bad boy before and it seemed so exciting. He told me he needed a lot of sex and expected me to give it "Okay". He doesn't expect to use a condom "Okay". It's up to me to make sure I don't get pregnant "Okay" He really really doesn't want babies,not yet anyway "Okay no babies" Then right on cue he finished inside me and held me tight, I felt amazing. I licked and sucked him clean and went to sleep next to my new man with his cum inside me. Felt soo good.

    By the following weekend I had pretty muckmoved in with him and did some casual jobs around the farm, I tried really hard not to follow him around, but if I need there were always teenage girls and sometimes even their mums leering and drooling over him. I was really aware that if I wanted to keep him I had to be really bad full on. We fucked every lunch break, after work when the people had gone and at night but also we had a great laugh and a great time, he was so easy to talk to, I was just totally besotted, and of course,he knew it.

    I told him one day in one of our long conversations that my parents and some of my friends had told me he was bad for me and that I should pull back from him. He worked me real good, he was sooo hurt and said I had got close to him and I was going to hurt him just like everyone else did. I tried to say that I wanted to be with him and that I loved him. Then my biggest mistake ever "I will do anything for you" Suddenly he warmed to me again and asked me to repeat that "I'll do anything for you" From then on this became like his mantra and like a dummy I'd tell him I'd do anything for him.

    One evening a friend of hi came around and we went to the lake in the evening Sun and the guys smoked I was wearing a bikini, sporty rather than sexy and we laid down in the warmth. "Hey I don't want my girl with tanlines, take that top off" I did a kind of embarrassed giggle and tried to ignore but he insisted so I pulled my top over my head and showed my titties. Calm conversation for a bit then he asks the other guy how he rates my tits and the pair of them discuss me like I'm not there. Guy two says that my nipples are amazing so boyfriend says he can feel if he likes. He at least has the decency to ask me if it's okay and I say "If it's alright with him it's okay with me. Sure" The guy is pretty gentle and it's fine, then bf homes in and starts sucking one and his friend follows his lead. "I'll do anything for you" is going round and around in my head.

    Lets skinny dip in the lake says bf. I decline but the two boys lose there shorts and run in the water, they are gone for maybe five minutes and I am then faced with two wet naked guys standing over me on my balnket again I am the centre of attention. "We're naked, can't have you all covered up" he says as he pulls my bikini bottoms off and the both play with my tits. "Clare, I'm just going to have to fuck you now coz you've made me so horny, it's your fault" I don't resist as he climbs on me and pushes inside. Put your cock in her mouth he tells guy 2 she'll give you a suck.Guy 2 doesn't need telling twice. Soon guy 2 cums his load in my mouth and bf pulls out and we walk back to the caravan pretty much in silence.

    I know it is pointless me complaining about what has just happened so when bf comes back having let his friend out we just go straight back to making out. He is so excited about what I did he is like a kid and tells me I'm wonferful and the best girlfriend ever and I believe it all and we have great sex. He is okay I got naked and sucked another guys cock and I feel so relieved that I did the right thing.

    Few days later his cousin comes to stay for the weekend, in the tiny caravan, and we are all having a cool time. They are smoking and relaxed and at bed time me and bf go into our bed at one end and cousin on the bed we made up the other end, like 3 metres away,no doors,no curtains. I try to encourage bf to fuck quietly but he fucks me hard and sometimes talks to his cousin while we are fucking, including telling him how good I am. When we are finished he apologises to cousin for embarrassing him like that but the little guy says it was a huge turn on and it'sleft himwith a realboner. "Shall I send Clare down for you then ?" "Fuck yeah please". He pushed me out of the bed and I assume I am going to do another blow job when he calls out in the dark, "Give her a good fuck cuz" and tells me to spend the night there because he has an early start. I am still full of bf's cum so I wipe of what's leaked and get into bed with cuz.He fucks me too and leaves hisload with my bf's.

    In the morning,it's still early bf has gone out tolook after the animals so I am in the crazy situation of waking up in my bf's caravan but with another guy. What the fuck am I supposed to do. I'd have to climb over cuz to get out so I lay as still as I can. Of course he wakes with morning wood and rolls right over on top ofme to relieve it. The whole weekend the two of them use me. I spend an age washing bedsheets covered in cum.

    From then on I am often stripped at night by the firepit by the lake when we have friends around, often guys but sometimes mixed I have no say what happens tome,but still I think we are inlove. Sometimes he gives one of the guys a condon, one of mine, to take me into the bushes to fuck me and the guy is always congratulated on his return and asked how I was. I am expected to give a full girlfriend service, if I do notplease he sends me off with more.

    I lived like this for 18 months except we moved to a room in a house in the mid winter until I decided I would go to university and study business. At one time I went into therapy and I understand how he used me, but you know I never regret it. I actually loved being used like that, and he had a lot of good things about him.

    That's why I needed to Confess to you guys becaus I just can't tell anyone here how I feel. People here think I am a Yummy Mummy I am pretty, I have a nice car, a nice house and the most beautiful children any Mum ever had, but I know inside I am a slut and a whore,

    God I have got so horny writing that, I hope it's not too much of a mixed up mess. I have had two orgasms playing with myself writing this and am still uncontrolably horny I think I am going to phone a guy who has been flirting with me at the gym to see if he is real or just mouth.

    Have to do that then clean up before the school run at about 3.

    Big thak you to those who have read right through, really appreciates telling someone.

    Clare xx

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    Who said "You can't have your cake and eat it". Well they were fucking wrong.
    When I met my wife Jayne, her daughter Amy was only thirteen, but already a good looking girl. I knew she resented me at first, but after a while I could tell she was softening with her resentment. Then during a very boring Sunday afternoon with her mother taking a nap, Amy walked over to me and asked me if her mother and I still fucked. I was stunned to hear her say it, but answered her as best I could. I told her it wasn't any where near as often as we used to or as often as I liked. Her response was to tell me she knew, because she said, she always listened next door to us having sex. Asking Amy why she wanted to know, she told me she had her first sexual experience losing her virginity, and it was terrible.
    Amy was fifteen at the time, almost sixteen. And even though I kind of knew what she was getting at, nothing happened for another year or so.
    Again with Amy's mom asleep, but this time at night, Amy came in from where ever she'd been, went to her bedroom and then walked into our lounge totally naked. Amy was seventeen then, extremely pretty with a stunning body, great tits and an ass that absolutely deserved to be fucked. There was no misconception as to why she was stood in front of me naked, as my step daughter simply said "Fuck me".
    Laying her down on the couch, I opened her legs and stared at the most gorgeous pussy I've ever had the privilege to bury my face into. I'm not kidding I must have spent half an hour licking and sucking away on her pussy and clit, making her orgasm three times. By then my cock was ragingly hard in my comfy shorts, so removing them I knelt up and let Amy see what was about to enter her pussy. The smile on her face boosted my ego, as did her comment "I just knew you were big". I'm not the largest cocked man out there, but at eight and three quarter inches, with a large bulbous mushroom shaped cock head, being fairly thick too, I'm more than capable of matching most guys.
    The first time my cock slid into my step daughters pussy, she and I both sighed a huge exclamation of sexual relief. Without wanting to sound all creepy, I'd longed to fuck her and often caught her semi naked or naked in and around her bedroom and bathroom. I know now she was showing me her beautiful body on purpose, but at the time I had to make sure any given glances were from me only unintentional.
    Each thrust into her body was amazing. Amy only helped all the more with her soft whimpering as I built up a rhythm, fucking her in long steady thrusts. Grinding my cock into her faster and deeper, she arched her back upwards and came on my cock. Shuddering for some time, she looked up at me and told me it was the first time she'd orgasmed without having to play with herself. It gave me more impetus to carry on fucking her, so I slid out, sat down and got her to sit on my dick. Watching her amazing tits bounce up and down as she fucked me, had my cock bursting to let go, but I wanted to last longer. Holding off, I let her fuck me as she wished and Amy took full advantage.
    Amy's mom when we were fucking a lot, was a minx. A real horny bitch who loved taking control. Amy is just as passionate in having her own way, if not more so. So I watched the seventeen year old fuck herself using my cock to do it. And believe me it was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen.
    Amy after some time, stayed on my cock, but turned around facing away. I could only see her back and her gorgeous tight ass from where I was, so I didn't see my wife enter the room. Amy did, but then Amy knew she'd be there. Still fucking me, sliding all the way down my full length, she asked me to help her along. Holding her ass cheeks, she pulled them apart, so I wet my middle finger and eased it up her ass. Crying out how wonderful it felt, I began to finger fuck her tight hole and buck upwards with my hips, forcing my cock deeper into her pretty pink pussy. Fucking each other quicker and with more urgency, Amy climaxed again, only seconds before I could hold off no longer, my cock exploding deep inside her pussy.
    Amy sat al the way down onto my cock, then leaned back. It was then I saw Amy's mom watching us and playing with herself as she stood in the doorway. I was about to frk when she put her index finger to her lips and shushed me. Walking over, she gently kissed Amy on the mouth, the leaned over more and kissed me too. Moving to our left, she sat down and moved her panties to one side. As Amy and I watched, my wife frigged her clit and eventually made herself cum.
    I was totally stunned, and really didn't know what to say. Thankfully it was my wife who spoke. She told me Amy had gotten undressed in our bedroom as they spoke about her fucking me. It turns out they'd been speaking about Amy experiencing what it was like to be fucked properly. I obviously wasn't her dad and her mom figured I'd seek out other women if she wasn't capable of keeping me sexually happy. Killing two birds with one cock, is what she called it.
    We all showered one after another that night, but instead of retiring to my own room with my wife, she asked me to stay in Amy's room. Throughout the night myself and Amy had sex and quite a lot of it oral. By the time the sun was rising, I was knackered, but had enough in me to tongue out my tep daughters pussy and asshole one more time. Once Amy was suitably wet from my tonguing, she backed onto my cock as we spooned. Guiding my cock to her asshole, I slowly and carefully entered her rear hole. I took my time making sure she was okay with the size of my dick sliding up her asshole, but I needn't have worried too much as Amy's asshole took every inch of my cock. Holding her tits in my hands and kissing her neck, I fucked my gorgeous step daughters asshole until we both orgasmed. It was and still is one of my most memorable fucks, as we slowly moved in tandem with one another.
    We were both asleep when her mother entered the bedroom. My wife woke me up and we left Amy to sleep. Downstairs sat at the kitchen table we spoke for over an hour before Amy rose, about why she'd wanted Amy to seduce me, and what she wanted from an arrangement which still exists today.
    My wife is truly a remarkable woman. She knew her libido was dropping, yet she also knew of her daughters lust for me. It to her wasn't a big deal to share me with Amy, and even though at the initial part of all this, I was a bit at a loss as to where it all may lead, I now know both women love me in there own way. My wife and I love each other deeply, where as Amy and I have a sexual love. It's pure unadulterated lust both ways and one that now occasionally includes my wife.
    Amy is now nineteen, twenty in two weeks time. She told me yesterday as I was slowly fucking her mother on the bed next to her, that she thinks I should marry them both. Her mother my wifre smiled at her daughter, gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me deeper into her hot wet pussy.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    At work we've had a massive influx of new staff. It's to cover a new contract which will last for five years at least. Because of the nature of the business, we'll have a relatively high turnover of young new staff over those years, meaning fresh ideas, and for me fresh pussy, plus now fresh ass to fuck.
    I've always fucked some of the newbies, even though I'm married. But up until a few months ago, only females. Four months back a young guy caught me having my dick sucked by a nineteen year old slut, who apparently wanted to rise in the organization. He smiled and told me he'd call back at the end of the day. Finishing off fucking her mouth, I unloaded then told her to go back to work.
    Because of my position, I was the last person left in that particular part of the complex by the end of the day. And sure enough the young man came walking back in. Without saying a single word at first, he stripped naked, lay over my desk and spread his ass cheeks. Looking back at me as I put some files in a cabinet, he said "I think you'd better fuck me".
    There was no threat, but I knew what he meant.
    I was about to say I don't fuck guys, but my cock thought otherwise as it grew in my trousers. And we both noticed it. I still could have told him to fuck off, but I didn't. Instead I locked my office door, took every scrap of clothing off and walked over to where he'd been watching me. Spitting on his asshole and my throbbing cock, I eased it up my first ever male ass. And it felt fucking awesome.
    Maybe because it was a guy, or because he'd hinted at blackmail, I don't know. What I do know, is from the start I absolutely massacred his asshole. I didn't for one minute think of his sexual needs, but thrust into his gorgeous tight ass over and over and over again as hard as I could. I was sweating with my efforts, and he was moaning out loud, telling me how good it felt. But I wasn't interested in how he felt.
    Yanking him off my desk, I threw the young punk onto the large leather couch I've fucked many many young females on. Putting his legs onto my chest, I drove my cock back into his asshole. He grinned up at me and called me Daddy. It sounded strange to hear him say it, but it had an effect on me as my dick if anything got even harder.
    Fucking him with long deep forceful thrusts, I slammed into him and watched his little cock stream pre cum. Then like a little volcano erupting, his cock spewed out his load as he cried out "Yeh Daddy, please give it to me".
    The sight of his cock cumming, and hearing what he'd said, brought my orgasm to a head, and my cock erupted too, filling his asshole with my sticky mess.
    Pulling out, he thought it was over, but it wasn't as I moved up and got him to lick and suck on my cock. You see there's one thing I know about my sexual self, is when my dick is that hard, it stays hard and I remain horny. Once I felt he'd sucked on my dick for long enough, I walked over to my high back leather office chair and told him to join me. He walked over with my cum dribbling out of his ass. He tried to clean himself, but I told him to leave it. Taking hold of the slim small statured young man, I got him to mount my cock and slowly began to fuck him all over again. Unlike the first fuck my mind set had changed. I wanted him more sensually. So holding his face and neck, I brought his head down and kissed him. I knew it shocked him, but he responded anyway, and over the next twenty minutes, we carried on kissing and fucking. His cock rose again close to my second orgasm as I could feel it pressing into my stomach as I fucked him. Not once did we stop kissing, so when I came deep inside him for a second time, our mouths were still locked together.
    Pumping my love juice into his body, I then began to feel something for this young man. Finishing off, I picked him and myself up, lay him on my desk as my cock slid out. Then did something I thought I'd never do in my life. I bent over and took his little cock into my mouth. Sucking on it as I'd had lots of young females suck on mine, I made sure I gave him as good a blow job as he'd probably ever had. I'm not sure how long I sucked and licked on his cock and balls, but eventually he said "I'm cumming Daddy". Every drop he pumped into my mouth, I swallowed. And drinking it all down, I knew I'd do it all again.
    And so it has happened on many occasions since. I've continued to enjoy some of the young fresh female pussy. But increasingly I've been fucking my new young male assistant. He's a bright young guy with a true sense of how to keep me thoroughly happy.
    And long may that continue.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 40

    I can't get enough sex! My fantasy is to be trapped in my house with 20+ men. I want to be naked and taken by all over and over. Filled full in every hole. I want them to be satisfied I would never say no. Anything goes...I wish this was happening to me now! What would you do if you were in the house with me?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    This happened several years ago. I was on the highway and it began to rain so hard that traffic was barely moving. I have a past few years as a law enforcement officer on the highway so my first impulse was to go to the right lane and move slowly, leaving room between my car and the one immediately to my front. It was one of those high summer "raining cats and dogs" rains where you cannot see more than ten feet ahead.

    Moving slowly on the highway, I noticed a blurry figure up ahead, and realized it was a person standing by a car alongside, on the grass. I immediately signaled to get off the road and moved off, slowly. Soon, I had passed the person and saw it was a woman totally soaked, standing in the rain. Stopping, I backed up and picked her up. She was entirely soaked wearing a thin cotton dress that was stuck to her skin and her hair drooped, soaking, as if she had just come out of a swimming pool. She was also around seven months pregnant and showed every day of it.

    She had been headed home when the rain started and her car's engine simply stopped. She'd been standing by her car for nearly half an hour and not a soul offered to pick her up. This struck me, since at some moments the rain would ease up for a brief time and this poor, largely pregnant woman was plain to see. She said to leave her off at a taxi stand downtown where we were but I was in no rush and wanted to drive her to her home. I was not about to leave a largely pregnant woman by herself at a cab stand.

    It turned out to be a 45 minute drive to her home, in the rain, moving slowly but we finally made it. She invited me in for coffee and I was fairly wet myself by that time so I asked if she could spare a towel. As it turned out, she was married to a construction engineer on some big job in Argentina and she had not seen her husband for months. She went to her bathroom, came out with two clean towels and handing me one while beginning to dry
    herself off with the other.

    Chatting for a while, she said that she had family near by so not to worry about her condition. She rose from her chair and said, "Thank you so much, you are a real hero for stopping in that storm out there. She walked over to me and hugged me. I expected the hug to end with her returning to her chair but she kept hugging me and then, out of nowhere, kissed me deeply in the mouth and I could feel her tongue meeting mine. At no moment did I become unaware that this was a woman greatly large with child. She kissed me fervently and I began to get turned on.

    It quickly dawned, also, that she must have been approaching the entire period starved for sexual contact. I kissed her back and before I asked the question, she said, "I can fuck even now. I looked it up. I need you to fuck me so badly, please." We went into her bedroom and carefully took off everything until I saw her, naked, with the big round middle. Still. we went into a frenzied 69 and sucked away at each other. Then, with her on her back, I slowly entered her vagina from her side and we both moved slowly, savoring the act. After a time, she rubbed her clit and told me she would tell me when she was coming close to orgasm. When she said, "I'm coming." I moved my cock in and out rapidly and we came simultaneously.

    We slept together that night and repeated our sexual union the following morning. I left, realizing that I'd never see her again. Jotting my phone number down, I asked her to call if she ever needed anything, and I left, driving back on the wet roads for the highway.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 36 38 year old lady..just saw these posts so turned on...i fell in love with one guy some months back as i was busy with my work commitments...but hes not that interested in me..i tried my best to rid please him..would wear tight tops and skirt always..and on top of that got rid of panties am going commando always...i ditched him i want to settle down..even if young guys dont care...have to satisfy body...writing puffy fat c**t is swollen

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 25

    Marge is a friend, as close as a straight can be to me, a full-out lesbian.

    We both work hard in a garment factory and are bone-tired at the end of each day. We get paid garbage money. We were close enough so she told me I was hot and would draw business. So it was about her part time job in a "protected brothel" (the local cops are paid off). She talked me into trying the life since men, their cocks and asinine personalities mean nothing to me.

    The johns that come in are supposed to shower before fucking us but they do a rotten job at that. They still stink. Some of them beg to go in bareback and it's not only not allowed, but I would not allow it myself.

    I tried the place for two months and quit. I told Marge that I cannot imagine how any woman can put herself through that. I still have nasty dreams about it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife Kim and I recently returned back from holiday. Taking a walk near the end of the day along an almost deserted beach, and then up past some dunes, we stumbled across a naked guy who was very slowly stroking the biggest cock I've ever seen. He didn't move one inch and just carried on masturbating when he saw us. I was fixated on the sheer size of his cock to notice what Kim was doing, but I did when he grinned in her direction. My wife was touching herself through her bikini bottoms and I could tell she was horny for his dick.
    Having never done anything like this in our relationship, I asked her if he let her, would she suck on his cock. Without looking round at me, Kim asked the guy if wanted sucking off. Looking at me smiling, the older man said "Only if he lets you fuck me". Before I could answer, Kim was on her knees next to him and was taking in his massive cock over her tongue.
    I then watched for next five to ten minutes as my wife tried to take as much of his magnificent cock down her throat. It truly was an enormous cock and she had difficulty in getting even half of it into her mouth. Holding onto Kim's head, the guy said "My back packs there. There's condoms and lube if she needs it". Not questioning what I was doing, I retrieved the condoms and the lube. Passing them to him as Kim carried on devouring his cock, he lifted her head and told her to mount him after he donned the condom.
    As he roled the condom down the length of his dick, Kim stripped naked and couldn't get his cock into her quick enough. I knew and have always known just sexual my wife can be, but I'd never seen her that eager to be fucked. Watching her pussy take his huge cock, I must admit really turned me on and I found myself stroking myself through my shorts. He looked over and saw me doing it and told me to "Get comfortable". Taking off my shorts I put them with Kim's stuff, and stood closer to them. Kneeling down I got myself so my face was only inches from his cock sliding into my wife's increasingly wet pussy.
    After a few minutes, Kim climbed off his cock and lay on her left hand side. I knew what she wanted, but doubted she'd be able to take him anally. However I was wrong. Using some lube, then spooning my wife, he slid his cock into her arsehole. Again Kim couldn't have been more eager to have him fuck her, and I watched from only inches away as he absolutely destroyed my wife's arsehole. Building up to quicker and deeper thrusts, my wife began a long series of climaxes and I knew right there and then she'd want more of the same. I knew it would never be the same between us again.
    Throughout our dating and marriage, I'd not once been able to make her cum by just fucking her alone. I'd always had to fuck her and play with her clit, or fuck her and then lick her out sucking in her clitty as well as my own cum.
    Hearing her cry out after every orgasm, I went to put my cock in her mouth, but Kim told me to back off. Tossing myself off, the guy told me to help him cum. When I asked how, he said "Wet your middle finger and slide it up my arse". i was about to tell him to fuckoff, but kim said "Fucking do as he asks, NOW!"
    With my wife getting fucked so hard and so roughly up her arsehole, I wet my middle finger and slowly pushed it up his arse. His thrusting got quicker and Kim came again. And then as my finger pounded into his arsehole, he came shouting out he was cumming and ejaculated inside my wife, filling the condom completely. Only then did Kim tell me to move over to her. Taking hold of my cock as he slid out of her arse, she sucked it in, but I was too aroused to last and came within seconds of her tongue sliding over my cock head. My wife swallowed the lot and rose up to kiss me. Tasting my own cum as our tongues entwined, I heard him saying "That's one hell of a dirty bitch you're married to".
    The thing was, I couldn't deny it and as we parted he passed me his phone number on a scrap piece of paper. Telling us both he visited the beach around the same time each day, he said we could text him if we wanted to enjoy his cock again.
    His name isn't important, but on the five days left, the older man fucked my wife four more times. Twice at the beach and twice at our rented villa. The last evening and on through the night, he fucked Kim until she could take no more, making her orgasm countless times, both vaginal and anal. His cock remained rock hard throughout, and only when he was going did it seem to soften. Before he walked to his car, he smiled at me and said "Little blue pill", in his local accent.
    Since returning home, we've spoken a lot about her taking another mans cock. And we've and I do mean we, have decided to search for other men who'd like to share my wife with me. If and when that happens, I'll share it with you all, and show Kim, just as I've just let her see this.


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