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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 45

    My wife (of 20+ years) and I want to fulfill several sexual adventures together. We've both whole heartedly enjoyed a fmf with a woman we met online and having them share my dick in a public park the next morning until our new friend swallowed my load was amazing bUT there's so much more we want to experience! However, tying to find willing participants in a small town has been difficult and makes our fantasy seem impossible.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    If ever I was feeling horny when I was in my mid to late teens (All the time) and my parents were playing golf (They played every weekend as my dad was the captain and treasurer of the club) or at work, I'd order in food and or wait for my parents myriad of parcels to arrive, and then answer the door naked. Sometimes the delivery drivers would be embarrassed, sometimes they'd just walk away. But more often than you might think with my cute looks, long blonde hair, my large penis on show and my tight asshole available, they'd make a remark which would inevitably lead to sex.
    Either I'd have them enter and they'd have me suck them off. Or they'd enter and I'd be the one having my cock sucked to completion. Every now and then though, I'd get the guy horny enough to actually want to fuck me.
    Having lost my anal virginity to my uncle when I was fourteen (Another confession) I really enjoyed being fucked. The fucks I took off the delivery guys, were always rushed and nearly always frantically hard rough fucks. All except Mick who delivered my fathers golfing equipment. He began to text me to find out of my parents were out, knowing he had a parcel for my father. I'd wait naked for him and welcome him into our home.
    Making sure I was his last drop off, he'd always take me to bed (After our initial first fuck in the lounge)(Again for another confession) Mick would have me sucking on his cock and balls for ages. Then have me tongue his muscular ass until he was more than ready to fuck me. His style of fucking, was nearly always long slow strokes building up to long powerful thrusts that drove deep into my bowels. I loved the way he fucked me and I always came without touching myself, before he'd shoot his hot jizz up my asshole. Having said that, I also adored the brief spontaneous fucks the other drivers would give me. By the time I reached nineteen I had five different men, all ages, fucking me at least once a fortnight, with Mick sometimes screwing me two to three times a week.
    Girls, sport (I love sport) and travel all ended my fascination with cock and being fucked. I'm now with a wonderful girl who drives me crazy in bed. Shes such a slut for me and I adore fucking her, yet recently I've begun to wonder about getting fucked again. There's a guy who lives across from us and he's so hunky. He's married but I know, trust me I know, that he wants to fuck me. The signals are all there and only two days ago we finally chatted. He made the remark "Your asshole looks god enough to eat" and then began to touch his own cock bulge.
    It's looking increasingly likely I'm going to have him fuck me, but then that will definitely confuse the issue with my girlfriend. It's just a matter of deciding what to do. Ignore his advances or let him, as I desperately want him to, to fuck the shit out of me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 46

    Every friday night my husband stays home with the kids while my friend Elizabeth and I go for a girls night out. Liz is my age blonde and built like a middle aged model, a lil weight on her but she wears it well and has some nice big round tits even before her divorce she could get a lil wild. weve hooked up together just us, with a guy or two, sometimes even with her ex husband and his friends.

    this night though we only brought one guy back to her place we both fucked him and played for a couple hours but they both passed out leaving me awake and bored. so I put my panties back on and threw on one of liz's tshirts and went to the living room to watch tv about 10 minutes into it her youngest son stumbles in the front door half drunk and stares at me which I ignore until he staggers in and sits in a chair diagonal from me

    Watching tv I can see from the corner of my eye hes trying to discretely rub his crotch. Its kind of flattering and hot so I decide to tease him a bit by getting up and walking slowy to the kitchen and back with a beer, I sit down with my legs spread and sit the cold beer between my thighs leaning against my barely covered pussy. every drink I slide the bottle slowly up it and back down pretending not to notice him

    he has it out now stroking while I pretend not to watch. from what I can see its nice and fat a lil over average in length. I get a lil bolder and take my shirt off still not looking at him but noticing the pace of his strokes increasing

    wi th a grunt I see him shooting and turn my head to watch finally we make eye contact for a second or two as I smile
    "I want to eat you"

    I want that more then anything but shes a lil messy still from earlier so I tell him "no"

    he gets up cummy dick still out and takes off his shirt before cleaning himself up in front of me he then says "yes"

    I sit back as he kneels and slides my panties off. my legs spread my pussy bare he presses his face into me and I feel his tongue part my lips. the thought of what all happened a few hours earlier the cock that i took bare, Liz's face being down there right where his is I came twice pretty fast

    I could tell he was jerking while he ate me and was getting pretty close when he stood up and line his cock up to my pussy "no" I said softly until I felt his fat cockhead slide inside at which point I just bit my lower lip as he grabbed onto my hips and begain fucking me hard and fast

    It didnt last long till he came again, inside me this time, I had an awkward moment of silence as he pulled his pants up said "thank you" and that he was going to bed

    I think he stole my panties cause they were no where around as I put the tshirt back on and climbed into his moms bed next to the other guy

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 50

    I posted on here some weeks ago that I don't want to cheat anymore. I was a serial cheater all my life that got me in a shit storm of trouble in my first marriage. I have always had a drive for variety of tits , ass and pussy. I have been married to my dream girl for years and yes cheated on her too umpteen times. After "waking" up one day I decided I don't want to cheat anymore. Since then being a nudist I am around numerous nude woman in hot tub party scenarios and have had several opportunities to get my freak on.

    I have not, In fact I experienced the opposite of desiring to have sex with anyone else. I feel so much better now that I only want my wife. It's rare to be married 20 years and get great sex pretty much everyday from a very hot woman. I'd be the absolute dumbest of all male kind to fuck this up.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    During my late teens and early twenties myself and friend used to travel a lot to concerts and music festivals. Never having any money, we'd always hitch hike. He would inevitably fall asleep when we got a lift (Lots of ganja) and I would always be true to the offer I gave the driver, if it was a male. Before taking the ride I'd tell the driver, if he gave us a lift, I'd suck him off if he wanted me to. I'm not bullshitting, out of every ten hitch hike drivers, seven would have me suck on their dicks, even the married ones (Mostly the married ones).
    We'd pull over and I'd either suck them off in the car, or I'd blow them outside if my friend was only dozing. Some, maybe two out of the seven, would want to fuck me too. At first I'd say no, but I soon began to say "If you drive us the whole way". I'd have them drive us down to where we wanted go, have my friend sort out the concert or festival stuff, and I'd take a short drive away. Sucking on their cocks in the car, I'd then let them fuck me bareback often having them cum deep up my arsehole.
    My friend never once said anything about my way of getting lifts, not until during one particular festival (I was 22 by then) he told me two older guys would give us a lift pretty much all the way home, and buy us beer and food during the whole three days. If and only if I sucked them off at the festival each night and then allowed them to fuck me on the drive back up to where we lived. As it was on the second night sharing their tent, I had them both fuck me after sucking each of them first, with my friend kind of watching it all unfold before him (He was out of his head smoking canabis).
    And the reason for my confession. I'm now a married man with a young daughter. My cock sucking and taking cock up my arsehole days, ended when my friend got sent to prison for growing Canabis (Dickhead) So meeting a wonderful woman I eventually got married, and so on and so on.
    My old friend called by about five months back. His time in prison taught him a few things. One he didn't like being locked up, and another thing was, he began to enjoy fucking a tight white guys arsehole. Going over old times he asked me if I still enjoyed cock. Having never seen his, he asked me if I'd like to suck on it.
    I sucked on Chris's huge cock (It's so fucking big) and had him fuck me all afternoon, until it was time to pick up my daughter from school. And Chris has been a very horny close friend again ever since.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I have given a lot of blowjobs, I even have the nickname "Blowjob Barry." But recently, I gave a Blowjob that still has me blushing. The guy was big, like 8 inches, and pretty thick. He also had hips that could grind like a hydraulic machine. Oh, and he seemed to have the energy of the energizer bunny and was multi-orgasmic. All this means that he let me slurp his cock until he was rock hard and then he grabbed my head and power blistered my tonsils in a brutal skull-fuck. I love having a cock in my mouth but, YIKITY-FUCK!!, that was some mind-numbing deep throat. That man fed me his cock for 90 minutes. My throat, jaw, and neck were sore. I went home that night and looked at myself in the mirror and said, "Barry, you are one vicious cock-whore!"

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Jan is really my wifes friend ,she lives alone on 5 acres. One day wife asks me to go to Jans and get her mower to start. While i was on my hands and knees her Wolfhound dog tried mount me ,Jan got him away and nothing was said , till later . While we were having a cold drink I asked does he try that with you ? All I got was a silly look ,so I pushed on until she told me one day after she got out of the shower sitting with just a towel round her the dog had put his nose under the towel and licked her c**t .And she said sheepishly I didnt stop him. She said please dont tell Tess [my wife] I promised but she wasnt convinced so I confessed to her that I often wondered what it would be like to let a dog fuck me. She admitted she had wondered but was afraid to do it alone in case there was a problem.After much talking we swore to keep the secret a she would do it if i did. Jan suggested we do it in her spare room where we could see the road in . Jan got naked and knelt down then I let the dog in ,he went straight to her didnt lick her he just mounted her she groaned and said he slipped right in . He wasnt going fast but good hard thusts Then Jan gasped hes cum hes cum,I twatched and he turned so he was butt to butt with Jan She said the obvious we are knotted .Jan told me later she had orgasmed multiple times but the best was when they were knotted.To shorten this story later that day {rang the wife said I washaving trouble with the mower] I got naked on my knees Jan lubed my arse then let the dog in he sniffed my rear for a while then mounted me Jan was ready to help him but he pushed his dick right up me I was in heaven I dont know how long before I felt his spunk enter my arse but it felt great he eventually turned and that feeling of the knot pulling is more than I can describe , I came on the towel under me Jan was ready for that.When he released me I showered Jan and I laid naked on her bed and compared notes on our first time being fucked by a dog ,we agreed we will do it again together . That was years ago and we did let him fuck us as long as he was able.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    So, a long time ago I had a crush on a guy who was one of my best friends. But, I knew he was straight and I didn't have a chance, so I thought I'd try something. I knew if he found out it could ruin our friendship, but I was so into him it was almost physically painful.

    I started cross dressing. I practiced dressing up, wearing makeup, walking differently, until I was positive he wouldn't recognize me, and he'd be convinced I was a girl. I "coincidentally" ran into him later in the day, pretended to be mute and used a notepad to talk to him.

    We would hang out around the same time every so often, and eventually he kissed me. We started kind of "dating" then, he took me to the movies a few times, we watched the sunset.

    After a while of this, one evening we were sitting in a spot behind some bushes in the park, making out. I unzipped his pants and gave him a handjob. After he came, we relaxed in the grass for a while before we went home.

    He asked, but I managed to convince him that I couldn't have vaginal sex because of "a disorder", so we kept meeting up for a while and I would give him a handjob before we went home. Eventually I got bold and started sucking him off, too.

    But I knew I couldn't keep it up forever and the longer I tried the more likely it was he'd find out. So, I had to break up with him. I told him it was because I was moving away and I didn't want to try to keep up a relationship long distance, and he was sad but he seemed to accept that.

    He got over it pretty quick though, which I was almost pissed by but I reminded myself that I literally made up an entire person so I could be with him so I didn't really have any room there.

    And that's the story of how I spent half a year as my best friend's girlfriend without him knowing it was me,

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    My wife told me the other day her mom health is not doing well she want her mom to move in so we can be close to her. I flew across the State to help my mother in law moved. My wife couldn't travel because she hate flying. I rented a U-Haul truck and loading her belonging. She couldn't help me much so I had to do most of the work. When I was going through her bedroom and loading her clothes I came across some adult toys she had. I just put it in a box with her bras and panties. I was surprise to see she has some nice undies and I got arouse just looking at it. She is in her 70's and still wearing nice undies. I continue packing and making small talk as I was packing her things taking out to the truck. I make a comment about her undies I run across and the adult toys. She said yes I do use the toys I don't have anyone around to take care of my needs. I kind of blew her off and continue my work. It was getting late for the day and told her I am at a good stopping point.

    She had dinner ready I ate and went to take a shower. I like to take a long shower because I like to jerk off in the shower. She walk by the bathroom and seeing me jerking off and came in wanted to know if everything was ok. I told her yes I just need to release my needs in the shower. I turn myself around facing the wall because I didn't want her to see me jerking off again. I was surprise she had taking off her clothes and step in the shower and offer to help me finish. I didn't know she was going to do that, my back was turned thinking she was leaving but she didn't.

    I said ok and have her finish jerking me off, then she wants to suck it. I just let her take over didn't say anything. When she finish I ask if we can continue this in her bedroom. She said of course we can. After we both wash each other in the shower. I lay down on her bed and she came in after she put on some sexy nightie. I was getting horny right away. She lay down next to me and I slowly touching, massaging her body, her pussy and breasts, just taking my time with her. She was stroking my cock the whole time. She said aren't you going to eat me. I said yes I will but I want you to suck my cock first. She said lets do sixty nine. We were doing sixty nine and doggie and anything you can think of. She said are you going to make me come because all my toys are packed up. I said of course. Took her a long time for her to come but is ok. I love eating her pussy and fucking her until she come.

    Then for the rest of the time helping her we being fucking and sleeping together she love every minutes of it. When we are traveling back home I was driving she was sucking my cock the whole time. When we stop at a motel to rest for the night we were cuddle, fucking in bed and spooning her. She told me she hasn't have that much attention in bed for a long time. She hope this will continue when we get home. I told her as long as your daughter doesn't find out is ok with me. She said we will see.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    I just turned 40 and I have a thing for pretty feet and toes. Everybody in the office decided to go out and have cocktails one afternoon and the subject of feet came up and I was quick to jump in to let everybody know I was a foot guy.

    Included in the group was a secretary in her sixties and needless to say she was kind of taken aback by all the conversation. For the next couple of weeks I noticed that she was becoming more revealing in the shoes that she wore. I even noticed the pretty pastel colors that were painted on her toes. It seems like whenever I walked by her desk she would turn around in your chair to make sure that I could get a good look of those cute tiny little feet. One evening after everybody had gone home from the office it was just her and I and we talked for a few minutes and she confessed she was quite intrigued buy my interest in feet and toes. She wanted to know for sure if I was serious about my foot fetish. I assured her that I noticed the effort that she put in the last couple weeks to gain my attention. I asked her if she'd like to go out for a drink however she replied I think we should skip the drink and she invited me to stop by her house. We picked an arbitrary time at eight o'clock in the evening. It was 5:30 when we left the office and I guarantee you between 5:30 and 8 I was coming up with all kinds of scenarios involving my fetish and her cute tiny little feet. I rang your doorbell she answer the door and a pair of fuzzy bedroom slippers that were open-toed and had a 2-inch heel on them. She invited me to sit on the couch with her. The slipper on her right foot was dangling and she made sure that I can see it. She then placed both of her legs on my lap does wiggling your toes and she told me that she had a confession to make. She informed me that when she was married, her husband would worship her feet and toes. She admitted how good it made her feel.
    I took the hint and removed those feathery come fuck me slippers. She knew exactly what she wanted and knew just how to get it.
    She instructed me to get on my knees and forever and she lifted her right foot of my face and I held it close to my face and felt the smoothness and the sweet aroma coming from her beautiful goddess feet. I began licking and sucking each of her little toes in my hungry mouth. For a lady her age she had the feet of a 20 year old goddess. That first night together I must have given her at least two hours oral pleasure. She asked me if there was anything else I would like to do and I confessed that I would love to jack off on her toes cover them in like um and then lick the cum from her toes. It was then that she and I both know I was going to be her foot slave for a long time.

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