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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    A business acquaintance invited me to go fly fishing in Arkansas. We stayed at a local motel and the next day we went out to the river. He was an expert, and I was a novice. He had promised to show me, and he got behind me to help me get down the throw. We practiced for quite a while in an open field, his body against mine. I swear I felt him hard against me a couple of times. After spending the morning fishing, we went back to town for lunch and a rest.

    He came by my room a little later and asked if I was into watching a movie. The room was small and there was only one small chair, and we both got on the bed. I was sitting with my back against the wall and he was on his side holding his head up and all of a sudden he just put his head in my lap and rubbed his face into my lap. His hand on my penis he said he would really like to give me a blow job. I sat there while he opened my pants and took my penis out and started to suck on it and to rub it down with his tongue.

    He asked me lay down and he opened my pants and completely and I pulled them down to free my penis completely and he have me a long blow job. He used his hand to masturbate me and he got me to climax, which he gently lapped up until he was 'full'. He told me that he had been wanting to get together with me for a long time, that he had enjoyed showing me how to fly fish and he felt we fit nicely. He took his pants off and he asked me to grab his boner. He helped me out of my pants and he searched through his pockets and asked me lean on my side and he said I needed to try and see if I liked it. He used his fingers and then he got behind me and used his penis. That day in that small motel room it felt amazingly good.

    He suggested I get on my back and I lifted my legs and he got his penis all in and slowly fucked me until he was done.

    We spent the rest of the long weekend fly fishing and enjoying some quality time together. Although married to a woman and enjoying that, I have always enjoyed playing the role of the receiving partner, all the way back to high school. He told me he figured out that I was going to be willing when he spent extra time teaching me how to through that first afternoon. He was right, feeling him up against me got me in a receptive mood.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 28

    I used to be completely repulsed by urine. Smelling it was enough to make me shudder, and even thinking about drinking it made me dry heave.

    One day after a while of talking about it, my husband convinced me to try something. He got me to promise, and I never promise unless I'm going to keep it. I promised that for two whole months, every time I had to pee I would masturbate while I did, whether it was on the toilet or in the shower.

    So over those two months I did. Every time I peed I would masturbate to orgasm. And by the end of those two months I was, at least, not repulsed by it any more. So when he asked after those two months for me to try masturbating while he pissed on my breasts, I agreed to try it.

    At first I was still grossed out, but we got into a routine, we started showering together every shower and do it then. He would piss on my breasts while I masturbated, then I'd give him a handjob.

    A month or so doing this and I asked him when we got in the shower to piss on my face. I said I don't care how much I might try to get away from it, I want you to keep it on my face until you're empty.

    It was super uncomfortable and it felt gross, but I was determined. I squeezed my mouth and eyes shut, focused on the warm stream on my face, and that smell that almost felt like it burned my nostrils, and I brought myself to orgasm before he even emptied his bladder. I gave him a blowjob once I could focus again.

    Then that was the routine for a few weeks, and it was around that time I realized that I was actually getting turned on by urine. Even just peeing in the toilet turned me on.

    So next time we were in the shower I decided to open my mouth. I didn't swallow any, but I let him piss in my mouth and let it run out. It still tasted disgusting and I almost vomited, but I told him to keep going.

    The next day, during the day I decided to do something. I got a big paper cup, and I got his attention to show him what I was doing. I pissed in the cup. It took me a minute to brace myself, then I started chugging. I got halfway before I nearly vomited, took a second, then finished it.

    Then next time he had to pee I had him fill the cup and I did it again.

    Now I'm 100% all in for watersports. If he wants to do it I'm ready. I even do it on my own sometimes. I brought a water bottle full of my own out with me on a bike ride once and drank it in public. Sometimes when I'm showering alone I'll lay back with and piss on myself.

    I drink his fairly often, sometimes a few minutes after giving him a blowjob. One time I drank his while we were driving out to see family, rather than him having to go out behind a tree. He just pulled over and unzipped his pants. I still don't like the taste, but the act of drinking piss turns me on enough to ignore it.

    Then a few days ago he mentioned that he was looking into scat. Ordinarily I'd say no way in hell, but considering how this went, if he decides he really wants to, I'm willing to give it a shot.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 27

    Not long ago I returned from a deployment in Afghanistan and
    went for a stroll in uniform, ending up on 57th Street (Manhattan, NYC)
    near 5th Avenue. Not far from that intersection I saw a
    young couple in formal dress. He had a tux on and she was
    wearing a gown. He was sitting on a brass fire hydrant,
    the ones that stick out of the building around knee level.

    His pants were down to his knees and she was on hers, sucking
    the brains out of his cock. The guy saw me and said, "Marine,
    come on, you're next." I looked around. One or two people
    simply walked by as it nothing was happening. I stood there
    like a dummy and she let go of his cock and waved me over.

    I was much too chicken-shit to join them. Thanking them, I walked off
    extremely frustrated, with a raging hard-on. Bummed out,
    I saw a hotel I knew had a bar and decided to have a shot
    of something.

    Sitting next to a well dressed, slender, middle aged
    lady whose grey hair was beautifully done. I ordered
    a boilermaker. The lady moved near me and asked
    "Are you o.k.?" I told her exactly what I had just
    seen. She handed me her swipe room card and said,
    "We can't go up together, so obvious, but meet me
    in my room ASAP. I want to thank you for serving."

    I almost had an orgasm in the elevator. The entire
    afternoon was unreal. Up in the room, with her
    naked, I thought, almost out loud, LORD please don't
    wake me up until its over.

    Some time later I wondered if anything would have
    happened if I had not been wearing my freshly pressed
    Marine uniform and the answer came loudly...NOTHING.
    I guess there are perks here and there.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 50

    My first sex experience was with my cousin who is 2 years younger then me. I was 12 and he 10. I was well into puberty but found out my cousin was as well when we were changing back into our clothes after swimming at a local pool. I observed that he had pubic hair. He was sleeping over at my house in my bedroom where we shared a double bed.

    After closing the bedroom door, we got into bed to go to sleep, I suggested to him that we play "doctor" (this was the first time) and he quickly agreed. I was the doctor and he the patient. We took off our pj pants. The patient complained that his groin area hurt. As the doctor, I examined him his groin area by putting him in different positions and feeling and touching his cock and balls. For example, one position was for him to get onto his hands and knees and I would examine his groin area from behind him. I used my fingers to touch and feel his cock and balls. He had the hardest bonor I had ever felt.

    I told him that I was going to do something that would make him feel better. I then got on my back behind him moved forward until my head was between his knees. Then I began to suck his cock and balls. At the same time, I stuck my finger into his ass and wiggled it around. He started to grown and then he shot a load of cum into my mouth which I swallowed. We then switched rolls ending with me cumming in his mouth. We would rotate sleeping at each others house (actually our parents houses) every few weeks. The doctor game continued well into our late teen years until I went off to college.

    We never played again and eventually we each got married and had children.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 53

    This story is about a woman I work with. She's 53 and has worked at the Nursing home since she finished high school. I'm a man age 48 who works in the maintenance department. A job I had to take last year when my plant closed down.

    She's head of the best floor in the nursing home, the rich part. I found out she gives some of the old men blow jobs for money. She gave me a few for free to keep me quiet. She tells me in the past she has done things for both men and women. From setting things up to preforming oral on both, to getting in bed with men having sex any way they like.

    Started early for her and it never stopped. She said a man paid her to show him her naked body, then from there it went to anything, giving satisfaction to some rich lesbians. One of those lesbians left her a bit of money in her will. Said she liked how she treated her in the final years.

    Her hair's pure white, the platinum blond she calls it. What pubic hair she has is thin and perfectly white. She said some men liked to see if the curtains matched the carpet.

    I plan to say nothing, Nothing good will come from me talking.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 28

    I made a decision that I would marry someone that could take care of me. I didn't want to be the one working and raising kids while the father was off fucking another girl.

    At work I made a point of being sweet and attentive to this white engineer (I am Hispanic). He is kind of nerdy and he needs to be mommied, sometimes I do get frustrated with him, I am not used to men being so passive. But I got him to marry me and I gave him kids which he is over the moon about. He earns well and we live in a 2200 sq foot house in the suburbs.

    He is a big baby about a lot of things, but he has learned to like to play in bed and I make him feel like he is King Kong.

    I am far away from my neighborhood and far better off than any of my friends from high school. My kids are growing up in an all white school, they have an Anglo last name, and they don't associate at all with who I was as a kid. I don't show them pictures and I don't let the associate where I grew up.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 41

    I am a masseuse who works at an established massage parlour. Yesterday evening, I was assigned to a female customer who wanted 2-hour body massage. She was very cute. Probably late 20s. We proceeded to the room upstairs where she would be topless, and don a pair of loose shorts. I have been in this trade for about 10 years. Rarely I serve young girls but my receptionist called me because she requested for a strong pair of hands.

    Our session started. She selected Lavender scent and as I poured the oil on her, I admired her perfect back. I started working on her shoulders, neck, down her spine, it was all very professional. Checked if the strength was okay from time to time and she would giggle whenever she said yes followed by a polite thank you.

    I know what you guys are thinking but I am not a pervert. Admittedly, I wasn't quite myself with her. As I rubbed her lower back on her tail bone (at this point, her pants were lowered further), her round ass was so firm. When it comes to massaging the pelvic area, it is mostly done in circular motion. I massaged both side of her hips, circling her buttcheeks and every time I go nearer to her inner thigh, I pushed hard. That way, the pressure goes onto her vagina as well. I gradually pushed harder and she let out soft gasps.

    After 20 minutes of prolonged massage on her hips, she started to shift around. Her legs parted and she was gently grinding on herself. My cock had been rubbing the edge of the massage couch and it was stiff to see her reaction. She was definitely aroused. I slid my hand under her groin, massaged her inguinal area and the other held her belly.

    I could her moan softly when I pressed near her labia. I shifted to her opposite and continued the same gesture. I had to test the waters, literally speaking. I tucked my thumb under her shorts.

    Her warm pussy hole was flooded. Those juicy labia folds were wet. My cock oozed some precum. I wished I could penetrate that sweet pussy. I flicked my thumb on her clit gently, she didn't stop me or complained. She just let me play with her.

    I turned her around. Clients usually have a small towel over their eyes. Her lips were succulent and thick. How nice if she had them wrapped on my cock, I imagined I could have her suck me for hours.

    Her legs are opened wide, I continued working on her feet upwards to her groin again. The sexual tension was doubling. She was moving her hips on her own. Her mouth was half opened, I wanted to kiss her badly. I don't know what got into me, I pulled down her shorts. Her hand came up and she tried to cover her pussy but I gently placed it on her side. Her eyes were still covered, she turned to her side and laid still.

    I inserted my index finger slowly into her pussy. It was tight as hell. Even though she was wet. Her vagina walls gripped my finger tight as I fingered her. I thrusted my finger in and out, while rubbing her clit. Her left leg was placed straight, her right leg was bent. I tucked her foot under my crotch and she was moving her foot as well, rubbing my balls through my pants.

    I must have been a bit rough because she let out a cry and told me to stop. She giggled and wanted to go back to the normal massage. I was dying to continue but also worried a little that she might make a report. I performed as she commanded.

    The remaining 20 minutes was slow massages to relax the body. Suddenly, she took my hand, placed it on her crotch and said, "Finish it please". I rubbed her clit so hard, it was swollen by now and more juices flowed out. I bent down to suck on her nipple and at the same time dry hump the edge of the bed. Fuck I have never felt this horny. She gripped my arm, her back arched as she came. She was trying to catch her breath while I felt her clit pulsating.

    She giggled again. And said thank you. We had some small talks after but she looked as though nothing happened. I asked for her number, she giggled and said No. As she paid and left, she gave me a decent tip but that was it.

    I went back to the washroom and jacked myself off. I couldn't help but wonder if I will see her again. My cock is still very stiff today. That girl was really quite something.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    A friend who I have been sucking , rimming, and fucking, took me to a xrated theater, before we got into the auditorium I gave him a blowjob in the men's room, we the got into the theater a a fees guys were jerking off to the movie, he then he said go sit next to that guy in the front seat and while he starts to pull out his cock go down on him, a
    So now I'm sucking this really thick cock, another guy who was watching me asked if he can finish him, so I say sure go ahead and he swallows his load. Now my friend stand up in front of everyone and pulls out his dick, I get on my knees and I start to suck him all the while guys are jerking off to my show, it was the first time I sucked two guys in public...what a show , so we leave and go to the nearest motel and hie gets me on all fours an fucks me good

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 24

    My boyfriend loves taking me to the various glory holes around where we live. He gets so turned on watching me suck and fuck total strangers through a hole in the wall. We have been together for four years and he convinced me to suck a cocktail at a glory hole for his birthday two years ago. I will admit that I enjoyed it a lot too, but he absolutely loved it.

    He will just watch me as I take whatever cock slides through the hole in the wall. I lick, tease, and suck the stranger's cock and it gets him so horny. When I can tell he is horny enough is when I bend over and press my ass to the wall with a random dick in my puss and as the stranger starts to fuck me through the wall I undo my boyfriend's pants and start sucking his cock.

    Sometimes I try to time it so that I can swallow my boyfriend's cum as the stranger fills my pussy with his load.

    My boyfriend loves this so much that we visit a glory hole once a week or more.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    This happened a few years ago (2010) but thought I'd share. I have a half sister that I didn't meet until I was 24. I first had contact with through facebook, and when we first started chatting I was stationed overseas and she was also overseas because of a relationship she was in at the time. We chatted through facebook here and there and eventually skyped one day. I'm a decent looking guy and she is above average looking. I remembered getting off of skype and thinking to myself, "was she flirting with me? Nah.. no way." She's a little younger than I am by a few years, at the time I was about 24 and she was probably 21. Let me add that she has a great body, very toned, tanned, black hair, and the most beautiful big blue eyes. Very beautiful indeed.
    So, as time went by we really didn't chat very much at all until a random set of events changed all of that. It just so happens that she moved back to the states and was very near where I would be residing on my two weeks of leave. One thing lead to another, and she ended up coming to my place to pick me up so we could meet, and hopefully go out and party a little. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped when she finally got to my location to pick me up. She got out of the car, ran over to me, and I instinctively picked her up as she jumped up on me to hug me. It all happened so fast but I didn't realize she had on very loose, very short shorts. My right hand went under her shorts and ended up cupping her left butt cheek. A little foreshadowing for the crazy night ahead, little did I know at the time.
    Fast forward - right after she picked me up we're riding in the car and I'm trying to decipher wtf is going on at this point. We made small talk and eventually decided to go to the local casino since I'd actually never been before. We got there, started playing and kind of went separate ways for a while. The whole time we were drinking jack and cokes, left and right it seemed. All of a sudden while I was playing my game she came up and plopped a stool next to my game on the right side of me. She was extremely close to me, and while I registered her proximity, I didn't actually think anything would come of it. At some point as we were chatting we ended up making more and more eye contact, which resulted in us making out. And that action broke the seal on the craziest, hottest three days of sex I've ever had.
    As we were walking out of the casino we were walking with our arms interlinked - I was pretty well wasted but coherent and able to walk under my own power without too much problem. We ended up going just a stones throw away from the casino to the levee where we decided to hang out. We ended up sitting on the crest of the levee, at the very top. She straddled me, facing me and I'm serious when I say we couldn't stop making out. We probably made out for what seemed like an hour and to this day it's the longest, hottest make out session I've ever had. Over time I got braver and so did she. She ended up raising her shirt up to let me suck on her nipples, which to my delighted surprise were pierced. It was probably about 11pm at this point, so there are people here and there walking by but not very many at all. She had a much better view of people coming than I did. Remember those loose shorts I talked about in the beginning of the story? This is where those come into play. As we were getting up to leave she bent over with her hands on the seat part of a bench. I smacked her ass a few times, then realized I could access her pussy due to how loose the shorts were. I started rubbing her pussy and she pretty much was like an animal in heat. I actually fucked her through the leg of her shorts, kind of unbelievable but it worked just fine. I ended up fucking her for a couple of minutes, right there, where anyone could see us. I didn't cum, but we ended up getting a hotel room right after that and finished what we started. Several times. I can still remember the sight of cumming in my step sister's mouth with those big beautiful eyes looking up at me. She was eager for my cum, never letting a drop go to waste. She offered her ass to me but for what ever reason it never ended up happening, which I regret. All in all it's still crazy, but I'd do it all over again in a second.
    The story is 100 percent true!

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