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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 41

    This past year for my birthday, a bunch of my girlfriends and I got together and rented a couple hotels rooms at a resort for the weekend. No husbands.

    We had been drinking a bunch of wine and someone starting talking about a dare called the towel drop. Where you answer the door in just a towel and let it fall off in front of the delivery guy. Anyway, we ordered some pizza and the girls started talking me in to it. They all agreed it would just be some teenage kid, he would get an eye full and it would be something we could all laugh about. I wasn’t too sure about it, but finally agreed.

    When the knock came at the door, I downed my glass of wine for more courage. I opened the door, but was going to back out when I saw a twenty something guy standing there. One of the girls grabbed my towel and pulled it off, I could hear them cracking up. The door automatically closed behind me and I dropped the money all over the floor. To make matters worse, there was a group of young guys standing in the hallway staring at me with the guy from the front desk.

    I turned around and started pounding on the door. It felt like an hour but was probably just a minute. I looked over and one of the guys was filming me with his phone and the pizza guy was standing there with his mouth wide open. I realized I wasn’t covering myself, so I started trying trying to cover myself and knock at the same time. The girls finally opened the door and took a picture when they did. I ran inside.

    I never looked at the picture and couldn’t look at the front desk guy the rest of our time there. Also, the group of guys stayed right next to us and I had to ride the elevator with them a couple times and see them at the pool where they all stared at me and smiled.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    When I was a kid I was walking home from my friends house 3 blocks away. A car pulled up and the man inside asked me for directions. I went to his window and he had a map on his lap. I noticed right after that his one hand was under the map. As we talked about where he was trying to go he slowly slid the map out of the way, revealing the fact that he was naked and masturbating. I gasped he right away said I'm not going to hurt you I just want you to know how incredibly beautiful you are. I smiled and said really you think I'm beautiful. Oh god yes he said all the time he was still jerking. He says to me do you like what you are seeing , I shrugged my shoulders and said I guess then I said I have never seen anyone naked before. He was really going fast by then and all of a sudden he started shooting his juice everywhere. My eyes must have told him that I was amazed. I said how does it feel to have that happen. He said meet me at the end of the park in an hour and we can explore it. I said that I wasn't allowed out that late but maybe we could meet in the morning . He smiled and said that he really hoped I would be there. I couldn't sleep all night I couldn't wait to go to the park the next day. He wasn't there , I went to the park every morning for a week when he finally showed up. I really shouldn't talk about what all took place over the rest of the summer , I can tell you that I felt like I was in love with him for the next couple years. Once I graduated from jr high. We moved and I never saw him again but I still think about him all the time.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I paid an old homeless woman to let me see her naked and feel her pussy and tits, gave her an extra $5 to jack off and shoot on her gray haired pussy. Then I left

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When I was 15 I got caught by my friends mom. We were naked in his bedroom, he was on top of me pumping my asshole with his big cock. He was 18 and had been fucking me for over a year but this time he was grunting really loudly and she came in and saw us. He just kept pumping and then came inside me while she was standing there. He made me do it when I was younger and I just let it keep happening, he was 3 years older than me and bigger but I was so embarrassed that this woman I saw naked a couple of times and wanted so badly thought I was gay. I guess then I was but her son and 3 other guys later were the only guys. After that it's been all girls. I still live next door to her, her son is away at college and I still want to fuck her but know I'd never stand a chance especially now.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 27

    I have this ongoing secret love of watching Other men check out my wife. Recently we walking half a mile to the gas station together and I convinced her to wear a very short dress revealing her cleavage simple because it was hot out. It really turns me on to hear what men think about her and all the nasty stuff they’d want to do with/to her. Am I a bad husband for wanting to watch her be taken by a group? Or is it too much to set her up to be stared at and objectified?

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 37

    After my fifth anniversary I suspected my husband had a girlfriend. He came home late, no explanation that made sense. Money was missing. Then my semiannual medical my doctor told me he suspected I had gonorrhea. He ran the test and confirmed I was infected. I confronted my husband and he accused me of having an affair.

    My work friend suggested I hire a private detective to follow my husband. He brought back his results, my husband was seeing men, different ones, usually young male prostitutes. And he had pictures, some proof that he was having sex with them.

    My divorce was fast, but my heartbreak was not. I was hurt. The detective told me where he went to meet and pick up men, a nightclub on 51st street. The patrons were as low as you can imagine, drug addicts, prostitutes, it made me sick st the stomach, one of those men infected my husband and my husband infected me.

    What followed after that was a long period of irresponsible sex. In my case I hung out at a wine bar, for businessmen and women looking for a man. A half dozen men, and I met a man who took me to his home. He was intent, aggressive, lots of testosterone. I gave in and woke up there. He had money and he had me eating out of his hand. He introduced me to his exwife, to his kids. Insisted I spend Christmas with him and his ex and kids. He had sex with me in his family home where his ex and kids lived, he talked about having sex with me.

    I should have dropped him but I didn't. I fell harder to him. Until I was totally his woman. Hus ex told me one day that he had asked her to get married again, he wanted his family again. I didn't leave him, not even after he remarried his wife. I lived side by side with her. I spent holidays and birthdays with them. At that point I was lower than my exhusband.

    I am not free, far from it. I am on a long leash, but not free.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    I am just curious but is anyone attracted to really short girls? I am 4foot9 and it seems like I get dismissed a lot.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 46

    I have two sons, 17 year old Kyle and 16 year old Chris (they were born in the same year back when my wife and I were capable of such a thing). During the pandemic lockdowns both my wife and I have continued working, she at a hospital (she's fine) and me driving a delivery route. The boys have been home without school going on but we figured that was okay. They were both well adjusted teens when things were normal. Both popular kids, both athletes with a wide circle of friends. As close as brothers could be, never once antagonizing one another. My wife and I joked all the time that they're our twins because they get on so well.

    So during the pandemic lockdown my wife works all day and my route keeps me out until pretty late too. Every now and then I'll get done earlier than expected but its very rare. One day last week though I sold out all my stock just a little after noon allowing me to come home very early. Kyle and Chris couldn't have been expecting ittood obviously weren't. I didn't see them downstairs so I went upstairs to check. I don't know why I didn't call out but I was silent.

    My bedroom is at the top of the stairs and I could see inside when I got to the landing my sons were in my bed, naked and having sex with each other. The image is burned into my brain. Chris was laying across the bed with his legs pointed toward me, rubing his bare feet together as Kyle knelt beside him on the mattress. I could see the side of Kyle's face as he sucked his brother's cock. Chris's penis is thin but quite long and Kyle was really going down on it hard.

    I've watched all kinds of porn throughout my life including gay porn and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed it but I'm being honest when I say that somehow seeing my sons together like that was more arousing than anything I've ever seen before. It took me several seconds to realize that I wasn't breathing. I was staring at a side profile view of my 17 year old son, his toes curled beneath the balls if his feet, his flat and toned stomach sucked in and broad shoulders hunched, the shadowy form of his erect cock jutting out between his thighs.

    I felt my mouth water as I stared at Chris from below. His feet were together and his knees apart allowing me to see his firm ass cheeks and his balls jiggling against his brother's lips. Then they rolled over, Chris on top, and my young son began to fuck his older brother's ass. I watched as Kyle crossed his ankles behind his brother's back and his heels start bouncing against his sexy butt as they fucked. I could see Chris's asshole puckering as they wildly fucked.

    I was grinding my crotch against the stairs as I watched. I was out of my mind with arousal, but also confusion. How could this be happening? Though at that point it didn't matter that they were my sons. They were two sexy young men enjoying one another and I wanted some of that cock too.

    The boys had just rolled over onto their sides and started thrusting together when I came hard in my pants. I was breathing so hard it was pounding in my ears and I'm sure I whimpered or yelped or something as I orgasmed but I doubt they heard me while they were busy fucking. I hurried downstairs with my underwear full of cum, onto the driveway and into my car where i shucked my pants and jerked off to orgasm all over again.

    I slumped back in my seat suddenly flooded with shame as the steering wheel and dashboard were wet with ropes of watery cum. I'd just watched my sons having i****tuous sex in my own bed and had gotten off on it more than I had anything in years. Maybe more than a decade. I'd never realized what a shameful pervert I am. I'd never thought I was gay before but clearly I am at least a little.

    I don't know how long Kyle and Chris have been fucking and I don't know what I should do. I just know I want them to fuck me too.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Sometimes when I go to McDonalds and see hot girls wearing flip flops I like to crawl under tables unnoticed and smell their feet. I go and sniff their feet and they don't even notice a thing. Also I see some nice college guys who wear shorts and sometimes sandals over their socks and I go over and smell their socks. These guys have smellier feet than girls but still I go unnoticed as I smell their feet in McDonalds. BA DA BA BA BA I'M LOVING IT!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was younger my parents moved and just like in my old school there were vey few blacks. At my new school there as only one other blac boy. He was tall and good looking. He did well in school and everyone liked him. It was sort of only natural that the two of started to become friends. He was nice and his family was very religious and he was going to become a preecher.
    One afternoon I was over at his hosue and it was just the two of us. He strted being kind of chummy, telling me how nice it was to have a black friend. I agreed and he surprised me and said how it would be nice if the two of us were closer. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, and then he kissed me. Of course that told me xactly what he meant. For some reason, with him, I sort of didn’t mind and I kissed him back. The two of us sort of mildly made out for a little bit and actually I thougth that it was sort of fun doing that together as boys, although I had never thought about doing anything like that with another boy before.
    Over the next week or so we got together at his house and we made out some more, and enjoyed being loving and affectionate with one another. It wssn’t like I had this desire to be gay with another boy, just that I liked doing that with him.
    After we had done this a number of times, one day he told me what a boner he was having, and I admitted that I was having one, too. So we took our clothes off and got naked. While I was lying there on the bed starting t jack off, he sat astrid my legs and started to jack off his large penis, too. It was pretty exciting doing that together and I ejaculated. Then he ejaculated and he put his wet seed all over me and I loved it. It was a feeling of privilage doing that wih him as another boy.

    It was maybe a week later the two of us were naled and playing around, and he was fndling my balls. Then he slipped his finger down to ickle my buut hole, and he gently pushed in a little eays. I found that quite stimulating. After a moment he got up and came back with a small bottle of lubrication which he slicked his bner with. I was lying on my back and he had me put my kees up and my laegs apart. He got on his knees between then and slowly started o push his erection into my butt. I was surprise and I just laid there letting him doing that. He pushed slowly and gently all ghe ay in and ghen he started to fuck me. It was really incredibly looking up and seeing the smile on his face and letting him kae love to me like this.

    He fucked me for several minues while he mastrubated my erection. Finally I ejaculated and then he ejaculated in me. It it was wonderful and I was mezmorized by the maleness of the moment.

    After that the two of us started to fuck pretty regularly and we both enjoyed it. He told me how his parnets, being very religious, of course, would have never appraoved of his doing soemthing like this with another boy. I knew hat parents would pobably be shocked if they found out. So the whole time that we were in school together we remaned secret lovers and it was so neat and so nice.

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