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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Gay Male / 48

    I am self employed as a Financial Advisor and primarily sell life insurance and annuities. I was married in my early twenties but there was no chemistry and we got divorced a couple of years after we got married. I have been a bachelor ever since. It took a while but I eventually came to terms with the fact that I am gay.

    I enjoy escaping to Mexico once or twice a year and hiring a companion for three or four days and letting all my pent up desires play out. After about three days I am cleansed and I really just want to get home and go about my daily life. Sometime ago I became friends with a man who runs a restaurant here in town. He talked about joining me on my trips to Mexico.

    After some pressure I gave in and invited him to join me on one of my minivacations. He likes being very dominant and expects his counterpart to be very submissive. He hurt the young man when he lost his temper with him. This changed my relationship with him completely and pretty much ruined my minivacation and ruined my relationship with my hosts in Mexico. I told him that we should part ways, I don't want to have anything to do with him now.

    I am going through some difficult times as I don't have a close friend now, and my relationships in Mexico are ruined. For me it was very difficult to follow my desires and I could only do that on my minivacations where I can be anonymous in a crowd. I feel trapped, unable to express my feelings. I really regret having invited him to join me on what had been my escape for so many years.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 43

    When I was 19 I married a guy, I didn't know him I had only had sex with him but that was enough reason to get married. We lived together for a while, long enough to have two kids and then we drifted apart. We never divorced. It has been three years since I saw him, for our daughter's 18th birthday. He walks in at ten a.m. on her 21st birthday, our daughter is in the shower and I am in my nightgown. One hug, one kiss and it is over. I managed to lock the door, she starts knocking when things are getting heavy and all I manage to say is that Daddy's here and she went away.

    Three days of nothing but sex, a birthday dinner and a long goodbye. We eloped 24 years ago and it's like yesterday.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 21

    I was at work the other night performing a public pole dance for Customers. I had been drinking a lot of soda that night which in hindsight was probably not the best idea because just moments into my dance performance, I sneezed accidentally and Farted so hard I pooped a little bit and gave the guys watching a free Peeing Pole Dance show they didn't expect.

    I was rather Embarrassed but I somehow maintained my composure and got paid well for such an unusual performance that included something extra that normally is part of it.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27

    I have a confession. Growing up we had this large rescue Greyhound and he had this big penis. He would lay on the floor in the living room when we were kids and his penis would show. When he stood up we would grab his sheath and his penis would come out and he would start humping. I think men should have a penis like that, not the stupid little worm that they have. Just my idea of how we would have a better world.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Transsexual Female / 23

    I was sitting at my mother's vanity wearing her lingerie, pumps, earrings, make-up and nail polish. My long hair was in pigtails. I had my laptop open and was watching porn. The porn consisted of a young shemale in pigtails being gang banged by half a dozen well hung studs while two dominatrix's were laughing and ridiculing him for being a sissy faggot. I had my little cock out jerking off like crazy talking back to the porn pretending I was the shemale getting fucked in the ass by two big cocks while sucking another off. I was saying "oh yeah fuck my ass Daddy, make me choke on your big hard cock!" I was saying stuff like this over and over again. I was 13.

    I didn't notice my mom standing there watching. She didn't say a word. After I came I wiped my self clean with my mother's panties which I was wearing on my head with her shit stain in my mouth. I thought she was till out running errands for the day. I didn't expect her back for hours. I turned and she was standing there with her arms folded, a disgusted look on her face. She had been standing there half an hour. She was holding a her camera. She had filmed the entire thing. I was so embarrassed and humiliated I was on the verge of fainting. She scolded me incessantly for the next half hour while making me sand at attention. Then she informed me that she had always wanted a daughter so I was going to be it. She told me my name was no longer Alex but was now Alexis.

    She made me go to my room and gather up all my boy clothes and take them outside, while i was still wearing her shear pink lingerie and high heals. She made me put it all in a barrel and poor lighter fluid on it and burn it all. She and i were about the same size. She got out some clothes from her closet and made me put them on. She redid my make-up. I was really pretty when she got done. She told me that the reason she let me grow my hair out really long was she was hoping she could turn me into her daughter. She could not imagine i would be so open to the idea. I wasn't. to me dressing up was a sexual fantasy. I was bisexual. I knew this much. But I really didn't consider myself to be a girl and still don't. I just like the feeling of being girly and confess I did fantasize about being caught I just never thought it would really happen. Be careful what you wish for.

    She took me clothes shopping, got my other ear pierced, took me to get my hair color changed to blonde. she bought me my own make-up, took me to get my nails done. The whole time I sported a hard on. She patted my lap and told me that problem would go away when she had me put on estrogen.

    She told me that I was going to tell our doctor that I was really a girl and wanted to be put on puberty blockers and made into a girl. If I didn't she would show the video of me masturbating to every kid and teacher in my school. I believed her. So I went along with it. The whole thing was deliciously humiliating. I guess I'm a pretty good actress because I convinced the doctor. I had to have a couple of follow up visits but after a few months he put me on puberty blockers. Meanwhile the doctor gave my mother a note saying that I'm now a girl and so they had me use the rest room in the nurse's office but then after a while the school district ruled that I was to use the girl's rest room and take gym class with the girls. A couple of parents sued the school and so then they made me take gym class with the boys. So I didn't own any pants or leggings but rather only had dresses and skirts and mostly dresses so I had to go to school wearing a dress, training bra, panties, garter belt and stockings and pumps. I wore a girl's gym uniform including the pink Nike's mom got me. My long hair was always in pigtails, mom's orders and she spritzed me with perfume that made me smell like a freshly bathed 5 year old girl. I had to change out of my regular clothes and into my girls' gym uniform in front of about 50 other guys and then participate in gym class until I got an official birth certificate change and that took two years. By then I was a sophomore in high school. Those two years were both brutal and deliciously humiliating. By then I was already on estrogen and had b-cup tits and my little clit had shrunk down to the size it was when I was around 3 years old. I haven't had a hard on since.

    At first I was petrified about my future. I was too scared to go to school but had to anyways. You know how vicious kids can be. They were especially vicious. One boy demanded I suck his cock. Turns out I rather enjoy having a cock forced down my throat. I thirstily drank his cum disappointed there wasn't more. I was really turned on when I was caught by two other boys who then wanted their turn at fucking my throat. But I was also bullied a lot. When I was verbally bullied that made me horny. But when they shoved me around and one time beaten up that was horrible.

    One problem is that the kids figured out that I loved being verbally bullied. The humiliation was such a turn on.

    When I was a sophomore I was taking gym with the girls and using the girls bathroom. Some of the girls were mean when I took a shower and they pointed out my overgrown clit. But I think that was mostly because I had nice tits. By my senior year they were D-cup. My mom had E-cup so I hoped I would get tits that big but it never happened. Still D-cup isn't bad for a kid who started out a scrawny boy.

    I still don't consider myself female. I'm a sissy faggot shemale. There is a huge difference.

    I have the best Mom in the world.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 37

    I admit that I touched her in the office. But she offered it, turning around and offered up her butt. I slapped it, at that moment another woman walked into my office. This second woman reported it, not the woman I swatted. In the 'investigation', read lynching, I was accused of harassment, she would not testify against me, but the busybody's statements got me fired.

    Where is common sense? Use to be a kiss under the mistletoe was office fun, now an oversensitive bitch runs the company. In case you missed it, the butt swat was consensual, so was the cock sucking the day before.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 42

    A few months ago I moved into a new house. Nothing grand, but I love it. I used to live with my girlfriend, then after she left, I had a roommate. It's been nice to have a place all to myself. Its been a long time since I've lived alone. Anyway, I admit that I'm a chronic masturbator. I love jerking off. I watch a lot of porn and always have, even when I wasn't single. So, I've settled into my new place and love the freedom of stroking whenever the urge hits. One day, 2 weeks ago, I was lounged back, watching porn, my cock in my hand when I caught a glimpse of the mailman walking onto my porch. I never really gave him much thought before this, but I got a bit nervous about being "caught in the act". My mailbox is on my porch, and I have no curtains on my nearly all glass front door. I sort of froze and just watched to see if he could actually see in. It kind of looked like he could, and for a second I thought he looked right at me (or the TV with porn playing), but he dropped off the mail and left without incident. I've never been one for exhibitionism, especially geared toward another guy, but the next day, I decided to cue up some porn and intentionally get caught. Fortunately he comes by around the same time everyday, and on this particular day, he definitely hesitated and peeked in. I pretended not to notice, just slowly stroked my swollen cock. I admit, it was hotter than I thought it would be. I had to work the next day, but the following day, I thought I'd give flashing the mailman another try. He was right on time again, but this time, he blatantly stopped and looked in; shield his eyes to see through the window better. He watched for a few minutes, then slowly turned and left. I came so hard.
    This little adventure happened a few more times, but last week things escalated. I set the stage for him again and there he was, right on time. He stepped up on the porch and again peered in through the glass. He watched for several minutes and just when I thought he was going to leave, he knocked.
    I got kind of nervous and slowly stood up. He's already watched me a few times, so I dared to answer the door naked with a solid cock on full display. I nervously said hello when I opened the door. He smiled, just as nervously, and quietly asked what the name of the porn I was watching was. I told him and he thanked me. I threw caution to the wind and asked if he wanted to come in and he said no, that he wasn't into that kind of thing. I admitted that I wasn't really either, but I've been curious about jerking off with someone else. Again, he politely declined and then left.
    The next day, I saw him coming and instead of just sitting there jacking off, I opened the door and handed him the DVD he asked about. He looked shocked and thanked me. He nervously asked if he could stop by after his route and I agreed. That night he came over and we jerked off together.
    Its been great getting to know him. We've jerked off together several times now. Never crossing any lines or anything, but just two dudes, watching porn and stroking our cocks.
    I really love my new house.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    I was driving home last week when I passed a man walking with a small dog. He didn't have a coat on and it is winter here. I'm usually not the helping sort, but something compelled me to turn around and ask if the dude needed a ride somewhere. He was in his twenties, goodlooking, obviously hopped up on something, but not annoying like most druggies. He climbed in the car and said he was going to the McDonalds on the other side of town and wait for his friend to get off work and take him home (he lived in the next town over supposedly). The first thing I noticed was that he smelled. And the poor dog was shivering, too. I didn't tell him he stunk, but he did. I don't know why, but I asked if he wanted, he could just come to my place, get warm, get cleaned up and I said I might have some clothes his size. I didn't want to sound belittling. He reluctantly agreed. I doubt he was used to charity.
    We got to my place and he was visibly nervous. I tried not to act super cautious, letting a strange man into my house, but I was. I think I hid it well. Anyway, I showed him the bathroom (my only bathroom was off my bedroom). I said I'd rustle up some clothes while he showered. I was checking in my closet when I heard the shower start and I realized he didn't close the door!! I looked over that way just as he stepped into the shower. This is weird, I thought to myself. I've never been with another man, but I openly admit I enjoy seeing other dicks. Thoughts started to swirl and I felt myself getting more and more horned up.
    I found a shirt, some pants and I had a few new pair of underwear I could offer the guy. He looked about the same size as me. I laid the clothes on the bed and went into the kitchen to make some coffee and see if I had anything decent to eat. I walked back to the bedroom and there he was, standing by the bed in all his glory. I hesitated at the door, but entered casually like I see random naked men with big dicks every day. And his dick I asked if the clothes would be OK and he said yes. Still not even moving to put them on. We stood there awkwardly for a bit and then he asked if I would like him to suck my dick? I flinched and asked "what?" He shuffled around a bit and said usually when normal guys are nice to him, they usually want to fuck around. I told him no and he seemed kind of shocked. I tried to change the subject and said I had some coffee and there's some food if he was hungry. He smiled and said OK.
    I'm not sure what came over me, but I really liked seeing him naked. I mumbled a bit and finally said that he was a hot guy and I liked his dick. I told him I didn't want to do anything, but maybe we could hang out naked for a while. He just shrugged. I said me, too. and he shrugged again. I kicked off my shoes and stripped. He eyed me up and down and even said I had a nice cock. We drank coffee and ate some waffles. I had a full blown hard on by the time I finished eating and he again offered to suck me. I declined but asked he wanted to jerk-off. We watched some porn and had a good time. After we both came and cleaned up, we got dressed and I took him to the McDonalds.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 50

    Having preferences for sex with other guys created psychological issues for me. I am 60 now, so you can imagine what it must have been like back when I was sixteen and I sucked my friend. He went and told everyone. My father more than my mother cut me off emotionally. After that I had no father. But I was not able to turn off my preferences and I sucked a man who worked at my grandfather's auto dealership. He wasn't mean and he let me suck to my heart's content. He also showed me how good it felt when he played with my penis and he sucked my penis. He also showed me how good it felt when he fucked me. He was nice and he was careful, he knew it was a big step and he fucked me easy, taking his time, letting me enjoy it. And I enjoyed it, I went to see him. Of course that was a long time ago and today you can imagine what the world would do if the same set of circumstances happened. He told me that I was homosexual just like him and that he really liked me and he was sure I was going to grow up and have a good life.

    I am grown up now, I never had a partner in life, just medium term relationships but really no one to share my life with. I became an art teacher, but given that I had my preferences I stayed out of the public school system and taught private art classes and worked at an art supply store. I never got involved with anyone I taught or anyone I worked with. I found my outlets in the underground where homosexuals got together. I suppose in those early years I was promiscuous, I sought out and had sex with many men of all walks of life, men who frequented the underground where the homosexuals lived.

    Today as I say I am grown up, I remember fondly the man I first got together with back in high school. I live alone in a small apartment house and I go to the underground and get together with like minded men who need some company for the evening. I have never lost my preferences, I am very much an oral pleaser and bottom who enjoys to no end having sex with a strong willed man, I do like a man who has one thing on his mind, I work hard to please him and enjoy his company when I have the chance to get together.

    That's my story.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I tried it and to be truthful I don't see what all the excitement is about girls. Back when I was younger and I was working a summer job I sucked a man and let him fuck me. That is the memory I relive when I masturbate. I am not living in my home town and I have a self supporting job now and I keep thinking that I should explore getting with a man again. I think about it all the time but I don't know how to make it happen.

    I am working in Atlanta and I have looked online to see if I can find the right place to go. But even if I find the right place to go I don't know what to do. I would rather go to a warehouse than some bar. I was working the Christmas break assembling bikes at a bike shop and the guy who I got with worked next door at this used furniture place. What I am saying is that I don't find anything attractive about guys in suits or guys in tank tops, I seem to be attracted to blue collar men. The other day I was at Chipotle and this guy walked in, he worked for the utility or something like that. I sat and watched him.

    Where do I start? I know this is confession site, but I have read all the confessions I can get to and it seems that everything always falls together but it never happens to me. In case it matters I am working security for a commercial security company, I am currently assigned downtown.

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