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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 38

    When your boss lays his hand on your shoulder and says I love you and you answer I love you too, you know that you are in trouble. I didn't expect him to say that and I answered before thinking.

    I'm a 38 year old black man and he is a 52 year old white man. I am gay, I didn't know he was gay. My first kiss with him, my first sex with him were so good. I am versatile and love to bottom and he is mostly top and when I found myself totally fucked by him, I cried out free at last, free at last. What a stupid thing to say when the man is filling you with meat, but I felt free, a kind of freedom I have never felt before. Free to be me, free to ask for it, free to give him my best blow job, free to get up close and get kissed, free to get under him and be who I want to be.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    I'm back with my parents for the summer holidays and I hope it will be over soon.

    I'm a student and rent a room for the first time last year because I study in another state.
    I have a room with a landlady. She is an old woman in her early 60's.

    When I was with her for a week she embarrassed me very much. She told me she understood that I was a young man with "certain needs" and that she had no problem helping me with that. On the contrary, she would be glad to help me, she said, and I didn't have to be ashamed of it.

    I had to get used to the idea, stil feeling ashamed but went to her bedroom a day later because I was very horny and was thinking of her offer.
    The sex with her is so good, despite of her being fat, and I really can't get enough of her. I like to play with her big breasts, and it excites me to lie on her big round belly. Sometimes she turns me around and I'm being smothered by her big body that makes me even more excited. She never says no, despite the fact that I often want to have sex (and she learned me some tricks to last longer).

    Now I have to spend a whole summer without her and I hope I can return to her soon.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have been a crossdressing sissy since I was 14yo. Started wearing my sister's clothes and eventually started to wear my mom's clothes when I got to be a teenager. Neither my past girlfriends or wife wife knows of my secret life.

    We bought an old Victorian home with lots of rooms and even a secret room that my wife has no idea exists. In that room is my other life. So many frilly skirts and dresses, lingerie, heels, etc.

    I have no desire to meet with other sissies but I do need sex. In a special closet is my sex partner named Maria. Maria is a rather expensive silicone sex doll. The quality of the doll is amazing to behold, from only a few feet away Maria looks like a real woman.

    I dress Maria as I dress myself. Frilly outfits with stockings and heels. Maria has this pussy that begs to be fucked. When my wife goes to see her family every few weeks, that's when I take Maria out and bring her to our bedroom upstairs.

    I have been having this type of sex for almost 10yrs. Maria stays in our bed while my wife is visiting her family. I barely leave the house so I can stay dressed and enjoy Maria when I'm ready to take her again, which is many times during my wife's absence.

    I sat the video camera up in the corner of the bedroom right after my wife drove down the street. I would have three days with Maria and I was starting to get hard as I thought about the sissy attire I was going to wear for the evening.

    I brought Maria to the bedroom, I had dressed her in a very frilly skirt with stockings and black patent pumps. My attire was almost the same as I had dressed the doll. My cock was rock hard under my sissy outfit. I walked over to the camera and turned it on, the remote was nice with the monitor to see the action as close as I wanted. I would watch the video when my wife was only gone for a short time shopping, I would masturbate watching myself fuck the sissy doll.

    I got on the bed and moved between the legs of my doll. My cock ached for what I was about to do. I lifted the fluffy dress up and exposed her silicone pussy. The lips of the doll protruded outward, as if it had been in a vacuum pump. My cock pulsated under my sissy dress just looking at it.

    I lifted my own frilly dress and exposed my cock. I could see I was wet already, the hole glistened with precum. I began to stroke my hard cock, the doll seemed to be staring at me while I masturbated. I knelt up slightly and pulled the doll towards me. My cock only inches from the soft opening. I lifted my sissy dress and took hold of my cock and pushed it inside the doll.

    The room seemed to spin as the pleasure of this moment overwhelmed me. I tried to be gentle to the doll named Maria, but the hunger was too strong this time. It had been many weeks since we were together, my appetite for release was too strong. I began to fuck the doll harder and deeper. I glanced at the monitor, saw my big hard cock penetrating the sissy doll.

    With the remote I zoomed in closer, my cock looked even larger than what it was already. The sight of the moment pushed me over the edge. I fucked the doll savagely now, my cock thrust into the silicone pussy savagely. I talked to the doll as if it were a real lover, told Maria I was going to fuck her until I came inside of her sissy pussy.

    The moment arrived all too soon. I went too far, triggering my orgasm I couldn't hold back even if I had wanted. I called my sissy doll a whore and other names as if she were real, I felt my cock pulsate inside the doll as I began to ejaculate. My head went back slightly as my hips thrust furiously against the doll. My thick mass of cum blasted inside the silicone pussy and I was moaning with pleasure as I pumped my hot cum inside the doll.

    Then it was over a few minutes later. I slowly pulled my spent cock out of the doll, my cum drenched in my own milky fluid. I looked at the monitor as pushed the head of my dripping cock on the outside of the silicone mound. I looked at the monitor enjoying seeing myself dripping cum on the silicon mound and lips of the doll, even zooming in once again to see the detail of this moment.

    Once I was finished I slid off the bed and cleaned myself up a bit, the telephone rang a moment later. It was my wife on the phone and she sounded very strange. She informed me that she would be staying with her family a few more days, but she wouldn't tell me the reason for it. Selfishly I was thinking it would give me more time with Maria the sissy doll. The conversation was very cold and my wife hung up before we exchanged I love you's.

    When my wife returned home she was just a cold as she had been on the phone that night. No welcome home kiss. Making love was suddenly out of the question, she was too tired or had another headache. Weeks went by and when my wife decided to go to the movies with her friend I decided to watch the last video I had made and masturbate while my wife was at the movies.

    Everything was just as I remembered. The camera caught it all from our sissy outfits to me mounting the doll for sex. I was close to cumming, waiting for the moment that I used the remote to zoom in when suddenly to my horror the camera caught something else in the background. We have a large mirror on the dresser in the bedroom, the video camera recorded my wife standing in the bedroom doorway. Her expression was if she had seen a dead body. Her mouth open, her eyes wide open in disbelief at what she was seeing.

    She was seeing me dressed like a sissy and having sex with a doll dressed as I was. The video zoomed at that moment and my hard cock in my hand just turned to a limp noodle. The video played on right in front of me but I stopped looking. I was too stunned and shocked to see anymore, I can only imagine how my wife must have felt.

    Weeks went by, it wasn't the same anymore between us. We lived under one roof but we were no longer a loving couple, we lay in bed with our backs to each other. I was hoping that my wife would say something but she didn't, finally I had to face the embarrassment and open the conversation one evening. I had to tell her everything and even showed her where I kept my sissy things and the doll. When my wife saw the doll she gasped. If you remember at the start of my story I said how real the doll looked, my wife thought I was having sex with another woman!

    Things are slightly better these days but my wife cannot forget how she saw me dressed that evening. We still haven't had sex since that night she caught me with the doll. My wife asked me to get rid of everything, which I did if you consider taking the sissy things and the doll to a storage facility..........

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    im always tired and its because im al always masturbating. today I rapped a condom on a zuqini squash lubed it up and shoved it up my ass as I masturbated. it felt so good to release. then after that I masturbated again and when I woke up I masturbated and when I showered I masturbated. I don't look for sex because im always tired. how do I stop masturbation

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Recently have discovered how hot Mexicans really are. they have nice cocks and great bodies if they don't let themselves get fat. them Europeans fucking all them Indian women after murdering off most of the men created a uniquely sexy human being. first glance they look off a bit, but at a second glance they are beautiful people, and at a naked glance_ damn they are sexy. my new gay website to watch is bilatinmen. I first came across a video on Xtube of a sexy Mexican man called "Diez" getting sucked off, and could not take my eyes off how nice of an uncut cock he had, a great body, and a nice looking face... then I searched for the website and now seen plenty of Mexican uncut, brown, beautiful cock. There is a quiet sexiness to Mexicans. From the videos I've watched, they are obviously hot blooded Horney people. Some of the videos throw in some other latin men on there from other counties, which tend to be more black looking or white looking, which have nice cocks and are good looking too. But, there is a wild animal, sexy, horny, hot, those perfectly tan Mexican cocks have that the other lack. I might start to add a few Mexicans to my list of fuck buddies, its been mostly white American men... and enjoy my new discovery of how hot, sexy, and beautiful Mexicans are.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Got to say that a lot of the sex confessions on here really turn me on. guys fucking their coworkers in the office, guys fucking their young gay neighbors. having threesomes, fucking the hot young sister in law. women deciding they want to fuck more than one guy, etc. Im a super horny man, with a High sex drive and being on here doesn't help. as a young teen I started having sex with a lot of girls, white, black, Mexican, native American... but as an adult I seen to have fucked more men, I guess for a high sex drive individual like me gay men are just more available for sex... anyway love this site and all of your sex stories. hooked on them.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    You want to know what embarrassing is.......

    I am a CD and had a CD lover that lived four houses down from me. For the past 5yrs me and my neighbor have been dressing together and having sex. We got so good with our makeup and our outfits we decided to video our sexual encounters and even a few are on Hamster even to this day.

    One day the wife of my CD lover knocked on my door with a box in her hands. She stared at me for a moment before she spoke.

    " It's so amazing to me how well you and my husband can transform yourselves into women. Here are the video's of you both, find someone else to fuck!"

    She turned and walked away. A few days later a For Sale sign was in their yard and I never saw or heard from my lover after that day.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 27

    I grew up in a house with an older sister and a large black German shepherd. This dog was aggressive to anyone that came to visit, with us he was tame. He would lie in the living room while we watched TV. The afternoon that we got hot about it, we were 14 and 12, Bruno's penis was out of his sheath. Not the first time, but that day we paid attention.

    My sister commented that he had a penis but no pussy and that was sad. She sat down beside him and started fondling his sheath, his penis went out even more. She looked at me, took his penis in her hand and started massaging him, bent down and put it her mouth and sucked him. He moved but she calmed him down, sucked him some more and then told me to suck him.

    At first I gagged but I liked it and sucked him while she massaged him. She told me to take off my pants and lay down beside him on my side and rubbed my pussy with his penis. She penetrated my lips, then she told me to turn over and give him my back side and push up close. Holding one leg up she inserted his penis in my vagina. Bruno stood up, his penis under him, my sister holding him, she told me to get on my hands and knees.

    I wiggled under him and she maneuvered his penis in my vagina, he climbed on top and it went in a lot, but he got off. My sister got under him and started sucking him real hard. We tried to get him on me again, but he wouldn't hump, so we could only get his penis in me by him holding him. We were frustrated, she took off her pants and sucked him some more and rubbed her pussy with his penis.

    I held his collar and pulled him on her, he grabbed her with his front paws and this time he humped. I went around back and pushed his penis in her and he went to town fucking her. We did not know about knotting, she just felt it, after about five minutes he released her and he pulled out with his cum splashing out.

    She said she was ok, she had gotten scared, but she was ok. We went to the bathroom and cleaned up and got dresses, took the towel and wiped up the floor.

    We sucked Bruno and he fucked us for the next five years, we became experts, he learned what to do, we could make him cum by sucking him and jacking him off. No boy can fuck you like a dog, no way. I have a healthy lab, I like large dogs, and he likes to fuck, sometimes my sister and I get together, sometimes it is just him and me, I get on my back on the side of the bed, get him licking pussy and when he is ready I pull him up and I get fucked.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Gay Male / 21

    I am studying in a seminary. My goal was to be a youth pastor. I have a couple of problems, and I just cannot overcome them and they prevent me from becoming a youth pastor.

    The first is that I am gay, I lay down with men and I perform oral sex on them and let them have anal sex with me. This habit is not new, it goes back a long time. I try to shut it out of my mind, but the feelings creep back, I go to this Walmart and hang out there and wait to be picked up by a man cruising around looking for sex with a young man. I started going there when I was sixteen, so I know all the signals and can pick out a man that I think I would like to go down on and have him fuck me. If I get a real lucky I get a man who knows how to fuck and will spit in my face. I will also let a man urinate on me, but it is not easy finding a man that wants to do that, and usually that means he has to rent a room. When the urge is in me, I will do most anything to be with a man.

    The second is that I have a weakness around young men, I work with a youth soccer program and I fantasize about some of the boys. Fantasies, nothing physical, if my feelings get too strong I go to the Walmart and pick an asshole and let him fuck me.

    I do not have any desires to be friends with another man, I want the sex. I suppose if I was gay and I wanted to live a Christian life with a man, it might work. But I don't, I need to be fucked and then left alone for a while. The feelings are very strong, I can't ignore them anymore.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Maybe someone has some ideas... I love sucking guys off. I do have a GF but I also have some young guys come over to my house from time to time because they know I will give them great oral sex. They don't last long, maybe 5 minutes, which is fine with me, then they're going back to work or back to the wife.

    Here's the problem, I think my nosy neighbors are wondering what these guys are doing in my house for 5 minutes then leaving. I need something to tell them when they ask. What legitimate reasons would there be for a short visit?

    I know you're thinking who cares what they think, but it's important I stay in the closet. Please comment your ideas. Thanks.

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