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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 24

    I have a boyfriend and we have good sex life but there's something i like very much. I like facesitting and i am squirter. We are early in our relationships so I donot know how to tell him. But I want to sit in face and rub my pink pussy all over his face until his breath is away and squirt all in his mouth. I wish oneday he approaches me for something like this. Or I wish i get some one who will be ready to worship my pussy and eat my cum.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I'm a 21 years old boy who lives in Germany. Two years ago I took a trip with my family in Kenya. My father was to work there for a year so the rest of us chose to spemt the holiday there. I found some local friends there who spoke English and spent some good time with them. The problem started when they found out that I am a little porn addict. One of the guys took my phone and looked at the browser. He found the tab with IR porn I had forgotten open. He asked me if I wanted to bang a Kenyan girl and the idea drove me crazy. That night we went to a that girl who was willing to have sex with us. We had protection so we were free to go. I started to fuck her and loved the sensation (it was my 3rd time having sex). The idea of fucking a black chick made me horny and I came after 2-3 minutes. The girl seemed totally disappointed. The guy who brought me there said that it was embarrassing and the he would take his turn. He fucked her for a good 15 min before he came(she came two times) and I couldn't believe how long this guy could keep it going. The girl seemed pretty satisfied (while didn't even moan with me) and was giving me a look like I was a total loser. When they finished the girl ordered me to clean up her c**t. I didn't want to taste the cum of us three so I rejected but the guy put his arms on my shoulders and said that I had to think that again, because if I did I would probably like it. His words seemed like a threat. Since I was so horny and in the same time afraid to say no again, I gave in. I put my tongue as deep as I could in her and tasted our juices. She pushed me head deeper and seemed to enjoy my oral. When I finished with her the things got worse. The two of them told me that having black cum in my mouth, and being such a loser, I was already gone too far so I had to taste the real Kenyan treasure. The guy came closer and pointed at his cock. I looked at it, big, thick, lasting. I felt a little embarrassed with my 5'5" penis. Didn't want to accept again but they argued that I had to and that no oe would know since I was to leave Kenya two days later. I dropped on my knees and submitted to my Kenyan friend who shove his cock in my mouth. During the act they kept talking making me hornier. Things like: "Another white guy, paying for the sins of the past" or "Beta sucking a real good alpha" "Doesn't the black cock inside your white mouth makes you feel like a princess. Sucking his cock I did felt feminine, but somehow I liked it. Since my time in Kenya was almost finished, this was the best opportunity to try new stuff and let them behind afterwards. So I asked his to take my ass. They both laughed loud at my submission but I really wanted to try it, and this could be the only opportunity. He took me doggy while I sucked her pussy again. My cock was moving wild on its own and I came without touching myself. They kept humiliatung me but I didn't care, I just wanted him to keep fucking me hard, which he really did. That day I found my feminine side and my weakness for black cock and submission. I told my gf about it and she left me but that doesn't matter. After she left me I had a much better sex life with men(mainly) and woman. Even with couples. It feels great to get hit in that deep point of your ass

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am a true lesbian, I am not bisex. I said that so many times. I was on a flight to the frozen north for business. The guy sitting beside me insisted on small talk and like it or not he roped me in. He said the stupidest thing, 'you have pretty hands'. I kept putting my hands in my lap but you can't hide your hands. We got to our destination and we got off the plane together and walked to immigration together and after we were in good old Canada in the freezing weather he suggested that we take one cab to the hotel because he had already gotten me to tell him where I was staying.

    I am an adult, or so I thought. I guessed he was in his mid to late thirties and I was in my early thirties, 30 to be exact. At the hotel we checked in and he asked for my room number and I gave it to him. All the training at work and here I am giving my room number to a man I had just met on the plane. "Meet you in the bar in half an hour" and a peck on the cheek. You change, you can't go down in the same clothes. You put on the clothes you are going to meet your client with. He was there with a table, the place was full because of the weather, he held the chair for me, he commented that he really liked by blouse. He asked what I wanted and he ordered for me. And he took my hand in his and rubbed my hand with his thumb while he talked to me.

    I got cold feet all of a sudden, I needed to tell him that this wasn't going anywhere. I was a lesbian with a girlfriend at home. But he wouldn't let me tell him, he kept touching my hair, and holding my hand and whatever he wanted to talk about it we talked about. He started to hold my ring finger in his hand and telling me how one day I would have a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger and I would make some man very happy. We finished our drink and he suggested we eat in the hotel because of the weather. There I was now, eating dinner with him. I had to text my local office manager that it was ok that we would meet in the morning and not to go out in the weather. I kept telling myself "I am a lesbian, I am a lesbian". He served the wine, he suggested we split desert, we had coffee, the night went on and on and the only time I got away from him was to go the ladies room and freshen up and go back to sit with him.

    The kiss in the hall at my bedroom door went on and on, until I said I wanted him to come in. He was gentle taking my clothes off and he was gentle laying me on the bed. I was for the first time in my life totally nude with a man, his hand going all over my body from my nose to my toes and his kisses on my thighs, my breasts, my chin, my lips. When he got on I opened my legs and I wasn't a lesbian that night. I held my breath for a minute, I was scared, what was I doing? He made love and I tried to make love but I was too emotional and I felt I messed up. He played with my hands afterwards and we fell asleep facing each other.

    I wasn't a very good lesbian, I cheated on my girlfriend, I fell in love with a man I barely knew, I could only see a naked hand until he put a diamond on my ring finger. My girlfriend was my Maid of Honor. Who knew? Not me. I can't type anymore all I do is look at my wedding rings. A whole month has gone by in a flash, I don't even know what I am supposed to do. I'm married. He bought me the most gorgeous diamond ring.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    My father divorced my mother when I was 6. To me it was never clear why they did it, but I thought it was because him and my mother were always fighting over how to raise me right. Turns out he had an affair with another woman and filed for divorce because they wanted to live together and eventually marry.

    Custody came out and he got the right to spend weekends with me, so I'd go to his new house. He seemed to hate that I felt the way I felt about all that and tried to explain to me that it wasn't my fault several times. One time he said he divorced my mother because he was in love with someone who shared the same interests he had and did things she wouldn't. My now stepmother was frequently embarassed when we ended up together alone, but my father always told me to treat her right and she would reciprocate with lots of love.

    This new house had a big pool and the three of us would spend the summer swimming. When we were done, we'd go to a shower to remove the chlorine from our bodies and we'd take off our trunks and she'd take her bikini off as well. My father's cock always got as hard as a rock while we showered, but they seemed to find it so natural that I never really thought of asking the whys of it. One time I even got face to face with it when he turned me to face him to help me dry with a towel, but all I really noticed was how hairy his cock and balls were and that my stepmother had a huge ass, a shaven pussy and big boobs.

    Years went by, I was now 14, had reached puberty, began to get self-concious about nudity and stopped showering with them. They didn't bother at all, as my father kept having his hard-ons and my stepmother kept getting naked in front of me. All I prayed for now is that they'd never ask me to do something while they showered, because my hormones were acting up. I felt guilty because my cock got hard every time my stepmother stripped. My father caught me staring at her ass once and I felt like I wanted to die. I thought I'd get grounded or something, but all he did was talking to me later and saying "son, it's natural to look at a woman's body and feel excited, you saw how I get near her and you shouldn't feel ashamed... she's not your real mother, anyway".

    I figured he had told her about our talk and began noticing she'd spend a lot of time naked around me after that. One day I went to the pool and she was sunbathing totally naked on a beach chair, her legs opened enough that I could see her pussy lips. I got hard immediately and she began to laugh and said "ow, you got a little tent there, how cute is that!". As if it wasn't embarassing enough, she told me to sit next to her and said "look, your father told me about you looking at me and that's fine, I don't mind and I know it's natural at your age... don't feel ashamed,ok?".

    That night I beat several ones off thinking of her body. That shaved pussy had the most beautiful lips I had seen (in porn, of course), her big tits bounced so sexy when she'd walk, and that huge ass... Every time she sunbathed on her belly I wanted to kiss and grab that ass so bad! I ended up having a bad guilt trip, but I came to realize later that I shouldn't feel like I was doing something wrong because her and my father didn't oppose to me looking at her. All was wonderful and I used to beat off twice a day when I was at their house.

    One summer morning I was alone with her in the pool while my father was working. She was sunbathing naked and caught me looking at her and said "come sit by my side, I think you can see better from here". I was horny and by her side in a beat. She looked at my trunks (I was hard) and said "good, you like what you see". I was embarassed, but couldn't take my eyes off her body. I was in heaven and frozen when she asked "wanna touch my boobs?" One timid "yes" later my hand touched her nipple and rested over that big boob. I was so excited I almost came in my trunks. She noticed and said "let's go inside".

    She took me to their bedroom and said "trunks off, lay on the bed". She came over me thrusting her tits against my legs, started to kiss my balls and suck my soft cock until it got hard again, and then gave me my first and most wonderful blowjob. She asked if I had something I wanted to do and I said I wanted to grab and kiss her ass, then she layed on her belly and I got between her legs and started grabbing and kissing it, making her moan softly. She spreads her ass and says "lick my asshole, honey" and I froze for not knowing if it'd taste good, but it was heaven. She then made me lick her pussy and came quickly while I tasted her sweet fluids and her legs were shaking. She immediately threw me on the bed and sucked me until I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. My father got home a few minutes later.

    The next day the time had come and she lead me all the way in her insanely wet pussy. She showed me how to pump up and down and I was in a bliss. Things started to get really hot when she said "fuck me and call me mommy, honey". I felt my cock twitch and began to call her mommy from time to time while she moaned and contorted her body, opening up her pussy to fit my whole cock until she screamed "I'm a fucking slut who loves her son's cock... Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... Mommy's cumming, fuuuuuuck!" This was too much for me and I came heavily in her while she growled "yes, impregnate mommy!!!"

    We had lunch and cuddled naked in front of the TV for a few hours until she made me get hard again and we went back to their bedroom. I loved how she let me caress her body freely, my hands wandering wherever I wanted and always spending lots of time on her ass and tits. She taught to suck her nipples and loved asking if I wanted milk in my mouth. Every yes from me was responded with a heavy growl. "Mommy wants you to fuck her in the ass", she said while grabbing a bottle of lube. After she lubbed herself and my cock, she lifted her legs and guided me through it. When my head was half in, she stopped and said "make mommy cum, shove it all in at once". I pushed hard and my balls were pressing against her ass in no time while she grabbed my butt and made me go in every inch I had, screaming in pleasure.

    It was then I heard footsteps behind us and turned to see my father naked and jerking his hard cock. "Don't stop, son, fuck your mother's ass hard", he said while walking towards us. She started to suck his cock and I got harder than ever in her ass. All of a sudden she says "come on, son, suck your father's cock" as he turned it towards my mouth. I had seen him hard for so long and now I was fucking his wife, my new mother, so why not? I wrap my mouth around the head of it and he moans while she screams "I'm cumming again, suck that cock, you litle motherfucker!" I drooped all my load in her ass inatantly.

    She and I had come, but my father didn't. While she kissed me and rubbed her pussy, she said "I want to cum again seeing your father realizing his dream of fucking your ass". I was a little afraid, but I had been having bisexual thoughts for a while and there was no safer way to experiment than with my father so I agreed. She made the honors by softening my hole, first with her tongue and lots of spit and then with lube and her fingers. After a while she said she wanted me to "sit on his cock like a little slut". She fingered herself a lot while watching his big cock stretch my ass and every once and a while she came howling things like "yes, make your father cum in your ass like you did in mommy's!!" He came hard.

    After some resting, we finally ended up talking about it all. My father said that when I was 4 he told my real mother he wanted to fuck me when I'd reach puberty and she was against it even though she had fantasies with young boys herself. That was why they divorced and he married this other woman who wanted to do the same. My stepmother even confessed she used to masturbate looking at pictures of me my father used to send to her since I was 5 and that she fingered herself while in the pool with us. We ended up doing a lot more for the next months until I moved to go to college.

    I graduated, got a job and a girlfriend since then. She knows my sexual taste and we both enjoy gay, lesbian, shemale and crossdresser sex movies. She loves getting fucked in the ass and calling me daddy. I call her mommy and we have a roleplay daughter (over 18) who spends some weekends with us. She knows my parents from a few times we visited and I can't wait for her to get close with my stepmother.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 20

    I am taking a semester off from school and staying with my parents. We live in a rambler in a gated community where your neighbor's house is literally a few feet away.

    Well, my bedroom looks into the master of our neighbor, they are mid 40's with 3 kids the oldest in high school. The mom is totally a babe, soccer mom, definitely the milf type. I watch her as often as I can, and she caught. She looked out her window and saw me at mine staring, she was already down to her bra and panty, and motioned that it was my turn (this part took a couple minutes for me to understand what she was trying to communicate, but she was in her bra and panty so I kept watching).

    I started a little strip show for her that ended with me naked and jacking off for her to see. I shot my load on the window and she stripped for me and gave me a show of her rubbing herself and playing with her nipples until she orgasmed too. This became a regular morning occurrence, she would get back from dropping her kids at school, then our sexy shows for each other. I have even watched her and her husband fucking--I never turn my light on and she leaves her curtains open now since she knows I am watching.

    One day at our normal morning show time, I was ready in the window and her husband shows up naked in her room, not her. He gives me a show and his cock is huge! He shot his load on the window, then motioned that it was my turn. It didn't take long and my load was all over our window.

    Now when he and his wife fuck, he always kneels over her so I can see him stroking, and shoot his load on her, then they fuck.

    I have never been in a 3some or had sex with a male, but I so want to get into bed with these two before I go back to school--even if it means he wants to have sex with me, I would do it. I really want this.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I have been dreaming about eating my own cum after I masturbate. These dreams are very hot and I want to do it, but when I tasted my cum, it is horrible. That hasn't changed my dreams and desire to do it. How do I get better tasting cum, or is there a way to lean to like it?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 24

    This is something I've never told anyone.

    Five years ago this coming week, I woke up in a hotel room to totally naked. My head was fuzzy, but not hurting, and next to me was a note. It said "Thanks for the awesome night. Watched the video on your phone and we look amazing fucking. Hope one day to see you again N x".
    I instantly thought I'd gotten off with some horny girl and rushed to look at my phone.

    I stopped before I looked and saw two obviously used condoms strewn on the floor, and I tried my hardest to remember something, anything about the night before. All I could remember was booking into the hotel, which had been paid for by the company I then worked for.
    Opening my phone, I clicked on what I knew to be a new video and was instantly gobsmacked.

    There I was naked on the bed sucking on the cock of a much older man. Putting the phone down I couldn't believe what I was seeing, yet it was definitely me sucking on his cock, and I looked like I was enjoying it.
    Too curious not to look, I picked the phone back up and continued to watch. Over the next twenty five minutes I watched as the man fucked my face, then spun me around with one hand as he held my phone. The phone was pit down briefly, then I saw his condom covered cock poke at my arsehole and slip inside my hole. Making all kinds of noises as he began to fuck me, I saw myself backing onto his cock and even heard myself say "Yeh, that's it fuck me hard like you did earlier".
    Harder and faster he fucked me for some time until I cried out I was cumming. He then bucked deeper into me, the picture shot up to the ceiling and I heard him cry out as he'd obviously cum himself.
    One more shot appeared of him pulling out of my arsehole, and I listened as I told him "Your cock feels so good".
    The film ends and so did any doubt in my mind I'd been a willing gay partner. It was obvious he'd fucked me more than once, and it was also obvious I'd gone along with the man who was old enough to be my father.

    Back at work the following week, my boss told me I'd been excellent in helping the company obtain an important contract. He also quietly said I should be expecting a large bonus for going through with what he'd suggested in the hotel bar. The thing is, I couldn't remember being in the hotel bar with my boss, let alone agreeing to anything sexual with a stranger.

    What I do know now, is the man was a client and an influential one at that. He also I now know enjoys fuckung young men like myself, and enjoys them compliant.

    I've since moved on from that company and have never spoken to anyone about my sexual hotel night. What I do know and understand about it all and myself, is I looked like I thoroughly enjoyed sucking cock and being fucked. And I've kept the footage which I sometimes watch and whack off to.

    Now I have to decide if I'm going to maybe take another dip into gay sex. Or if that night, a night I simply cannot remember, is going to be my one and only gay sexual experience.
    That's because the more I watch it all, the more aroused and needy I become.

    My girlfriend wouldn't have to know, would she.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 25

    Is there such a thing as a weekend lesbian. I am asking because for the last several months my best friend and I have been getting together on weekends. We work and live on opposite sides of town now so we talk all week and rush to get together on the weekend. And oh does it feel so good to wrap my arms around her.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 24

    I let a senior manager seduce me during an after work happy hour, I left with him and I went home with him. Yes, it may have been him using his position and authority but I never felt that. In fact I testified that I wasn't 'pressured or coerced'. He was fired anyways. I am 'too young' too understand the consequences of his actions. Ha! That is the biggest bull I have heard. I went with him to the happy hour, I left with him and went home with him. What we did after that is no one's business. He was ratted out by another employee and she 'presupposed' that he took advantage of me and that is why she came forward. I turned in my resignation but he won't be hired back.

    Those are the facts, I truly can't understand what happened. I feel bad for him.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    While attending college I live with my Uncle Matt, he is a childless widower and is glad for the company and it saved my parents a lot of money. He's in his mid-fifties and quite fit and a decent looking guy. He smokes really good weed and one night I was really fucked up and asked him why he isn't dating. Well, we got into a long discussion, mostly about his dead wife and at one point he remarked how much I looked like her, she was my Dad's sister. Well a few bong hits later I'm struggling to zip up the tight black cocktail dress I'm wearing and worried I'll wreck my makeup. Her shoes were a little tight, but all of her lingerie and clothes fit perfectly. When I went downstairs my Uncle Matt looked at me and just smiled. He was happy I didn't look too much like her and hoped I was a better cocksucker than she was. It was awkward, but incredibly hot. It took us a while to figure it all out but I didn't stop him from cumming in my mouth. We went upstairs to his bedroom. I stripped down to my garter and stockings and lubed my ass for his big dick. He mounted me four times throughout the night and into the next morning. We always feel weird about it afterwards and don't talk about it for weeks sometimes months at a time. The fact that it is so infrequent and never openly discussed makes it a huge turn-on when we do hook up. True confession.

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