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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 46

    For the last five years or so my wife has not been interested at all in sex and she doesn't even masturbate anymore. Just not interested. I've been online looking for a woman who just wants no strings attached sex but in over year of off and on looking I couldn't find anyone in my area. Finally I stumbled upon this 60 year old lady whose husband is a career military guy who was away. She was not all that attractive and even looked older than 60. She was lonely and we did the webcam thing for a while and I finally felt comfortable meeting her in person at her house. He was a really nice lady, very sweet and terribly lonely. Not perverted or terribly slutty just really quite a nice old lady. What intrigued me about her was that she said she'd let me have anal sex with her which was something I had never done. I met her at her house twice and she really wasn't all that into sex it appeared to me that she just enjoyed the company and just kind of let me do to her what I wanted. She didn't even seem all that interested in trying to have an orgasm although she did say it felt good. I was always courteous and tried to make her feel good and give her time to have an orgasm but after a while, on both occasions gave up on it and asked her if I could put it in her ass. It was as good and tight like I have always imagined it would be. It would have been nice if she was a young hot girl but it felt nice. I remember she was laying in her stomach and I was on top and able to eventually with a lot of lubrication (we just used body lotion) get the full length of my penis in her ass and I came inside her like nobody's business. She had sort of a wrinkly ass which wrinkled up even more when I pushed into her. It was kind of gross but sexy at the same time. Nice lady and I felt bad for her that I used her like that. I told her how guilty I felt and she told me not to feel bad and that she understands that men have needs that are different than women's.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 40

    I'm sort of a sex addict and look at porn on my phone at night after my husband falls asleep. I like watching young teen girls taking a huge dick wishing I was them. Makes no sense but I can have an orgasm better masturbating then during intercourse. And it's easier and faster. My husband is a deep sleeper and lots of times when I get real horny looking at porn I lay in bed and masturbate while I feel my husbands dick while he sleeps.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I just random got a view up the skirt of a smoking hot college girls skirt and saw it all. I was in the parking lot of a shoppers just eating my lunch and listening to the radio and a car full of 18ish-20 year old girls pulled up. The driver got out and since it was only a two door car she bent down in her mini skirt to pull the seat up to let the people in the back out which made her ass basically fully exposed right at my window. She has thong and i saw everything including the total shape and tight outline of her c**t and slit. I mean it was practically in my face with only my window between us.

    I gawked, and gawked for all i could take in. When she turn around she saw me gawking and a first did not get why then as they were walking away she got it and looked back blushing at me.

    I am a faithfully married 50 year man, but i would have cheated to tap that. Sigh, i know that is not gonna happen but i am so hard for seeing it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 24

    Hey everyone, today I had the strangest urge and I wanted to talk about it.

    I've always been heavy into women.
    Like love them, everything about them..

    But today I was looking down at "myself" and all of a sudden I had this thought that turned into a massive urge that made me say " Wow, I really just want to be inside of another guy right now, just to feel him"

    Usuall y when I want to have sex with a guy I have sex with my only gay friend and I ride him to feel sexy but right now I would so seriously just love to feel a guy right now from the inside.

    Please :(

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 19

    Hi, soon after I turned 18 I was coerced into joining a coven. A coven is a group of people who believe and practice magic or wicca. It was nothing bad of course, no sacrifices or animals and definitely no demon worship or silly stuff like that.

    The leader of the coven was an Irish man named Finnion. He was a odd gentleman who wore the most outlandish cloths and had a taste for the victorian era. He and I got on rather well over the year i was there, we did but heads every now and again when it came to moral understanding.

    There were seven of us in the coven, each having our own special talents. My talent was being able to see animal spirits. Finnion's was being able to conduct black magic, necromancy and a strange type voodoo.

    The night the story takes place was on Halloween, or as our coven call it the Feast of the Dying Sun. It was the one night a year where spirits and fey could come back to the human world for just until dawn. We were having a celebration out in the garden by a bomb fire.

    Finnion had pulled a heshen sack from his back pack and emptied a dead crow, he didn't kill it himself he had told us, it had been hit by a car and he wanted to use it as a offering to the Moon Goddess, this didn't sit well with me so I took the poor little thing and put it's body in the fire. I could have gotten away with that but what i did next is probably what got me in trouble.

    I took a full unopened bottle of red whine and poured the whole thing onto his head...... he was wearing a white shirt. Now, When Finnion gets mad, he gets MAD. But for once, he didn't start yelling, didn't show any signs of anger. He just looks at me and says.

    "When everyone else leaves you come to my office." The rest of the night was quite quiet.

    When the coals had burned out and the others left, except for the twins, they were kinda like Finnion's right hands. I cautiosly went up the stair of the old victorain house being excorted by the brothers and went into the study. Finnion had changed his cloths to something that wasn't stained with red wine. He told me he was going to punsih me.

    I was made to take off my cloths and and put on a corset. I was frightend but i couldn't help but be somewhat aroused at the same time. The desk had been cleared and he had a wooden paddle resting against it. On the dest was a jug of melted candle wax that was kept on boil, a large capicty syinge (thankfully without a needle) and several ginger roots.

    He had me bend over the desk and spread my legs. He instantly got to work skinning and carving the the first ginger root. When it was done he took the syringe and filled it right up with melted wax. Before i could even react the twins had held me down by my arms, Finnion put the syringe into me as far as it could go before he pressed the plunger, it burned hell it burned so much but i couldn't help but want for more. He did this several times until i was starting to leak. Then he put the carved ginger root inside me to keep the wax in. Finnion called this figging, apparantly used in the victorian era to punsih disobeydiant wives. It was with the ginger root that it really started stinging and burning far more worse than any wax could do.

    He took the wooden paddle and told me I was going to get spanked fourty times by him, fouty times by Thomas and then fourty times by Dorsen. He then took another carved ginger root and put it in my ass.

    I loved it, the spanking, the figging, the wax. It hurt so much by it felt so good. And What a way to lose your virginity too. After it all he fucked me, hard and rough before telling me that if i ever insulted him like that again he would shove a vibrator inside me put it on the highest setting and leave me tied up for four hours.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    My best friend from childhood, Jimmy, married Nina, a woman ten years older than he is. I mention this because Nina has a 17 year old daughter, Melanie. I met the women a few years ago when Melanie was just 13. Nina was a superb cook and she loved cooking so they would invite me each Sunday for dinner and it was always special. I would always bring a cordial or something. After dinner, when Melanie was 16, we gave her half a shot of brandy and she loved it. She said it gave her a lovely buzz.

    Months later I helped them all clean up after dinner and we all had cordials. Jimmy and Nina excused themselves to take a nap upstairs and I was left with Melanie and her computer. We sat down to play Free Cell and ended up with Melanie showing me all the porn sites her friends had brought to her attention. Melanie kept looking at my crotch and said, "I see something moving under your Levi's where the big white area is. Why is that area so worn? What do you do there? A bit embarrassed, I said, "It just gets that way."

    Melanie asked me to get her a second shot of brandy. When I returned with it, she was sitting there with nothing on but her little blouse and blue cotton socks. Suddenly, like a light went on in a dark room, I realized what was taking place. Now what? What do I do? This is my bf's stepdaughter. I should walk away or risk a possible trip to hell. She stared at me as if waiting for me to make a move. My eyes caressed that lightly suntanned skin, on her shapely legs, the faint outline of a tummy bump between two delicious hips and a carefully trimmed pussy.

    I decided to risk the possible trip to hell.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 37

    Back in my late teens my parents sent me to live with my older brother who was in college. The idea was that I would keep house and look after him. My parents never offered for me to go to college.

    My older brother has always been a jerk and an idiot. One night he had some friends of his over and as usual I had to serve them all. This one guy kept looking at me and my brother told him that if he wanted me he could have me, I was more or less worthless. His friend looked at him, and my brother told him to go ahead and take me back to the room and fuck me and if he liked me then take me with him to live because I was worthless to him.

    I was taken back to my bedroom and I was fucked. After I was fucked my brother helped get my things and threw me out and sent me to live with his friend. I didn't work or go to college, I was a maid and he fucked me when he wanted to. When he left college I had to find a job.

    I was 24 years old and I had gotten a job as clerk for a company. A man there took interest in me and kept picking my face up to look at him when he talked to me. He told me to stand up straight and get my chest out, when he looked at me he wanted to make sure that he was looking at a girl. One day, I was in the kitchen of the office where we worked and he walked up behind me and whispered that he wanted to get his dick in me.

    I became his lover and I got pregnant with a boy. His wife accused me of being a home wrecker but she never left him and he kept me as a lover and my son and I lived in the middle, between his wife and him. She always sent birthday gifts to my son and at Christmas she always made sure that we both had nice Christmas presents. As I approached thirty, my son was going to first grade, she came to me with an offer.

    If I went to college and got a degree and I was able to support myself, would I agree to drop out of the picture?

    They paid for my college, and paid for me not to work so that I could finish as soon as possible. I got an accounting degree since I had worked as an accounting clerk. After graduation, he helped me get a job for a good company and we kept our word and we remain friends but we are no longer lovers.

    I am 37 years old now and through work I met an engineer who is divorced with two kids and we have our thing going. I told him that if we got married I would have a child with him. The one thing I know I learned from my son's father was to look people in the eye when we talk. If anything pissed him off, not looking at him in the eye pissed him off.

    My parents are way in the background of my life, I really don't have much to do with them. My brother, I can spend the rest of my life and never talk to him again. My son's father is really the man that I look up to, he is the real father figure in my life. We are close in a way that I can't explain, it goes both ways.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 30

    i confess im a gay sissy and love giving guys free phone sex and anyone guys who wants free phone sex im in uk so drop a line to my e-mail of bernice@@mail2woman.**m to arrange a time and them ill give you my mobile number to .

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 51

    I grew up in a semi rural area before it became part of the city. After school we rode our bikes around or went to this pond and fished. We were eight and nine and my friend and I were fishing and there was just the two of us and we agreed to pee in the pond and he asked me to suck him so I did. He sucked me. We became suck buddies and found our favorite spot for sucking was in this abandoned shed. We would ride our bikes out there and we spent an afternoon sucking. We weren't old enough so mostly we had dry orgasms, but we came.

    He had a neighbor, a retired man, who would let us swim naked in his pool. As we got older he gave us real blow jobs. I am talking about being around him until well past high school, he gave us blow jobs and we gave him blow jobs. By then we had learned that he was a homosexual and we were homosexual and we integrated into the homosexual club in the area.

    The area had many homosexual men, most of them married with families and everybody kept everybody else's secret. We had parties, pool parties in the summer or living room parties in the winter. And some of those parties became hedonistic and lots of fun.

    The AIDS epidemic put a halt to all that. Unfortunately my growing up friend succumbed to that scourge. I had paired up with my partner, we owned an antique furniture business and avoided the worse of the epidemic.

    I see lots of homosexuals who have a need to exhibit their lifestyle. That is not for us. We are discreet, I suppose much of that comes with our age.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    My hot older sister and I messed around and had sex for many years. We enjoyed it, and, were good at it together. Was nothing for us to get together, 2-3 times per week, sometimes more, even when we were both with other people. In short, Denise and I were constant fuck buddies. I say this in truth. I had more sex with her than with my girlfriends or, ex-wife, by far.

    We were good for awhile, mostly due to distance and schedules, but recently..Experiencing a renewal of our insatiable desire to have one another. On the way back from visiting her college-grad daughter, Denise was driving and we started chatting about our past activities, how "bad" we were, i.e.- both married or with sig. others, and our partners being so stupid and never knowing we were fucking the hell out of each other the entire time, the lies we told, friend's cabin we'd used, and few weekends we spent together, alone. That's when the chat became more right-now.

    Mo ving her sinewy, sexy long nails in the air as she drove, Denise commented "We can stop at your house, and...Get back into practice" with her usual, beautiful sly smile and undoing another button on her already-exhibiting shirt (Denise liked to drive comfy, and would often undo buttons if it were just us). I was up for it, and tried to keep my excitement contained.

    "I say yes..See if we still got it" I replied, as her free, right hand felt my crotch. Denise's long nails were always our thing, our shared fetish, and she knew damn well what they did to me. They, and, she, got me hard fast.

    "Well, hun, judging by this..I'd say you still got it for me" she smiled and commented, feeling the growing rise she'd caused. I couldn't deny it, as the bulge in my jeans was noticable.

    "T e-ll you what" she started to suggest, in her flirty, word-extending manner. "I have cl-othes with me, in the back...We go, you please me, then pay for drinks somewhere..You're choice.." she began.

    "Th-en" Denise continued, feeling my now-hard crotch and going back and forth with her nails. "I st-ay the night..Just us..Been too long".

    I agreed, also noticing how close we were to my house. Within 20-odd minutes, we pulled into my driveway (so I can pull into her), went inside, and, I have to say..Got to it pretty fast.

    Tossing her onto my bed, I made quick work of her unsnapped jeans and nearly-off shirt, tossed her thong and bra onto the floor, and went at her with a mix of never stopping and damn, I missed her and this. Her legs were nearly above my head, showing off her past job as a dance teacher.

    We spent a good hour in my bedroom, tiring each other out and making my sheets a wet mess. Denise's voice was a bit hoarse, too, from wailing into the pillows.
    She acknowledged that we "still had it", and I'd given her the Big O, followed by some intimate back and forth time, reminding each other of what we have together, and stating we must continue.

    Denise stayed the night, and we had sex in my bedroom, basement bar, and kitchen.

    That was a few months ago, and, we've gotten together 6 times since, including a steal-away at another family member's house on Thanksgiving Day. We have no plans on stopping, and, if anything..I'm more revved-up and want her than ever. I can't even look at other women without thinking of intense sex with Denise.

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