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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 47

    Last week fixing a young gay couples heating system, I had to do more work than I first thought. It took me an extra day, but the guys said they'd sort me out. Finishing the job I was given the money they owed me, but then older of the two asked me if I'd like to double my earnings. Thinking it was another job, I said yes. Escorting me into their bedroom, I came across the sight of his younger lover knelt up on the bed naked, and his arsehole was covered in lube. Looking around to the older man, he smiled at me and said "Jake would love you fuck him, so would I. Double your money?". He left his comment hanging as a question, but and this is the strange bit to me, I was already erect.
    With his older lover still watching, I dropped my trousers and underpants, shuffled over to the lad and took the condom he offered me. Putting it on not only thinking of the money, but actually getting my rocks off up a guys arsehole. Holding his hip with one hand I guided my cock into his hole and just went for it. In my mind I figured who would ever know and I'd have twice as much money, just for fucking a young mans arsehole.
    Shagging him as hard as I could, the older man left us for a short while then returned and began to encourage me to fuck Jake harder. He even put his hands on my arsehole pushing me into his lover. Unfortunately as I was enjoying myself so much, I didn't last too long, maybe ten minutes or so before my cock erupted filling the condom deep up his hole. Pulling out I slipped the condom off and was about to toss it into a small bin. The older guy took it from me and gave it to the young guy I'd just fucked. At the same time he dropped his shorts and slid his already hard cock up his lovers arsehole. Turning to me as I watched the younger lad suck out my cum from the condom, he told me the second envelope with the money was on the side by the front door, and I could let myself out.
    Sat in my van outside, there was indeed exactly double the money in the second envelope they'd given me and little note. It reads "Thank you for your services. Jake and I are more than happy with the work. If you've got this envelope then you've just fucked Jake x We both hope to see you again soon". I already had their mobile numbers, so the last bit made sense "Text us if you'd like to visit again, no work required x".
    I haven't text them so far, but my wife told me I had a message left on our home's answer phone. It was from the boys once again thanking me for a job well done. I knew what they were getting at, but obviously all I said to my wife was I'd done the extra work.
    I've not put myself down on here as bisexual as it was a one off. But I guess and I'm seriously thinking about it, if I do revisit them, I suppose that would mean I'm most definitely bisexual. Jakes arsehole was after all a much better fuck than my older wife's grey haired loose pussy.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 42

    Been married for 18 years happily. I'd only ever been with my husband until four years ago when he starting asking about me sleeping with other people, and asking if I ever wanted to give oral to another guy. Lots of talk and sex and excitement and one night I finally agreed I wondered what it would be like to be with another guy. He didn't believe me but set up a meeting at an Applebee's where we met a nice older black guy. He was cute and funny and started touching me making me horny as heck. My husband wanted me to go with him, he wanted to be with me and I was wet and desperate to taste a different dick and get fucked I went with him. He took me to a hotel and fucked me hard for two hours. I sucked one load out of him and he came two more times using a condom.

    I thought "this was awesome, I'm happy." I thought that was it but a month later my husband dropped me off and I was with the guy again and loved it more. Hubby started setting up meets with different guys within a few months I'd fucked twelve different guys and I'd met and sucked off a few on the go as well. He took me to a strip joint to meet a guy who was running late. While we were waiting these two black guys in their twenties were looking at me and I threw myself at them I was so horny and addmitedly loose. My husband gave me the green light and off I went to sit with them came right out and told them I only had a little time. I was in their car in five minutes first sucking one and fucking him, then the other came out and took his place. I sucked him dry while he ate my pussy making me cum. Later the other guy showed up and I spent the night at his place sucking and fucking his big white dick.

    I had turned into a slut fucking and sucking guys at the drop of a hat then it got worse. We went open emaning I could fuck whoever and whenever rather than waiting for my husband to set things up. It was like the gates opened. I was fucking and sucking so much I lost count of guys I'd been with. I started giving off this vibe where guys just knew I was a slut and moved on me and I almost never said no I was such a slut. i sucked or fucked almost every guy I worked with, random guys, younger guys, older guys whoever showed interest. Threesomes a couple of mini gang bangs where I fucked four five or six guys and just crazy shit like going to the strip club by myself, flirting with different guys and going home after blowing or fucking multiple men.

    The two years ago, hubby decides no more outside sex. Just like that, he was jealous and feeling insecure and wanted me to go back to just him. I said I would. I tried, tried hard but I couldn't do it. I snuck around and was fucking strangers here and there one or two every month or so always saying to myself "this is it no more" then a few days later i was aching for strange cock and cum again ugh.

    I tried so hard that I was only slipping once every few months then I ran into a few situations where I couldn't resist and I fell off the wagon totally fucking maybe thirty guys over just a few months. My husband has suspected, I've denied, I always to myself No more no more then a few weeks later I sliding down some strange cock. Last month I fucked two guys who were only about twenty who fucked the shit out of me and actually hurt my pussy (tear) which made me stop and now I don't want to start up again. I feel the urg but and keep thinking one more for closure then no more but I know if I do it once in no time I'll be fucking everything with a hard on again. I wish we'd never taken the fuck outside our marriage step I really do.

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  • — My Family —
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  • — Out of the Closet —
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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    An unexpected three-sum with my two neighbors.

    My wife passed away suddenly 2 years ago a few weeks after our only son graduated grad school, He had just moved across the country to take a new job. Needless to say everybody and their brother is trying to set me up and I have no interest in another relationship. I'm first-generation American born, full Italian with an above average dick and a major sex drive. My wife, who was also Italian, enjoyed our active sex life. I'm fortunate to be blessed with lots off friends in the area, as our families are all 3 states away. I plan to remain here until I retired and then will relocate to my son or my siblings.

    I had taken a few days off while I had the inside of my house painted and the workers finished a day early. neighbors had been in an out in the evenings as, like me, they work days. The neighbor who lives across the street works from home and, depending on his work load, takes the late afternoons off. His wife works days and his kids are are grown and married too. The couple who lives beside me are in their early 30's, with a daughter and both work day jobs too.

    It was a Thursday, late afternoon, when the male neighbor (Clint) came over to see the house. He and I were sitting in my Family Room drinking a beer when the door bell rang. I went to the door and it was the wife who lives next door to me - she had some home early due to Computer problems at work. She checked out the house too and asked for wine instead of beer. She was on her second glass, and we were on our second beer, when she moved the conversation to my being a good looking widower and why "some female hadn't locked me in her bedroom." I passed it off as I did the offers to set me up for dates. Then she said, "Your one hot man, and I know you have sexual needs." Clint and I were taken back with her comment and, once again, I attempted to moved to conversation back to some work I was planning in the back year.

    She went into the kitchen for a refill of wine and , while gone, Clint and I shared glances, wide eyes and shrugged shoulders at this young, attractive neighbors interest in my sex life and flattery. Over the next few minutes, she blurted out, "I lived with an Italian while attending university and he said, all Italian men are hung, have strong sex drives and will screw anything with a hole - anytime." I replied, "well did your boyfriend fuck any hole - anytime?" She said, "he is the one who turned me onto three-ways." Then she looked at my neighbor and said, "Your not Italian, but your'd fuck a duck if you had the opportunity.". To my shock Clint said, "either quack like a duck or change the subject," and looked at me.

    For the next hour two men in their 50's took turns screwing the hell out that beautiful, young female neighbor - not much than our children. We DP ed her, rotated holes and both put her on her knees holding her by the hair skull fucking her until she squirted all over my bed (not like it was one time either). We both shoved our middle fingers in her pussy at the same and then Clint slipped in two finger to my one - she went ape shit too. That is when she screamed out, "I can't wait to tell Kyle (her husband) that she got my dick, and Clint's (our neighbor). That week end Clint was able to get away from his wife and we went to their house where she took on all 3 of us and. I was surprised when she told her jock, construction supervisor husband to suck her pussy juice of our dicks, and to eat our cream pies when when got off on the pussy and tits. They did a 69 and me and Clint too turns fucking each in the the asses. I had no idea Clint, or Kyle were just as bisexual as me. I get plenty of pussy for her and blow jobs from him, She has one hot, wet, sloppy pussy, but Kyle sucks the best dick and his ass can milk a cock just as good as hers.

    I never cease to be amazed at the numbers of bisexual men and women in the world today...and the prevailig honestly to admit so - even when the confession are nameless.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    Right now I'm looking across to my sisters husband as we have drinks celebrating Diwali.
    He makes my juices flow so badly that I just wish it was me and him alone without all the family around.
    I'm sure he's seen me giving him the look from time to time.
    When everyone goes back out to finish the fireworks I think I'm going to grab him if I get the opportunity and say oh look at that big rocket ;)
    I want to fuck him so badly, my bitch of a sister is so lucky to have a hunk like him
    Please keep this anon x

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I was married for 3 years, been divorced for 2 years now. Havenât been dating, just working and paying off the financial mess my ex left me in. My sex life has been porn and jacking off. For the last year itâs been gay porn as my favorite. I have collected quite an assortment of dildos, I suck and fuck my self with them. I started small, but my current favorite is an 8â suction cup base black dildo, Iâm white, I love thevthought if taking a black cock in my mouth and my ass. Last weekend I got up the nerve to go to a bar known for gay/bi guys and girls, I was looking for a black guy, but immediately a tall, well built white guy came over and asked if I wanted a beer and talk. We got a couple brews, sat down at a high top table and started talking. He asked what I was doing there, and I said probably the same as you. We cut to the chase then, heâs a top, looking to get laid, itâs been too long and he has blue balls. I told him I was an oral bottom, didnât bother to tell him I was a virgin, I said Iâd be glad to help drain his full nutsack. He wasnât the black stud I was looking for, but at least I was on my way to sucking and fucking a guy. We went back to my house, I got us a couple beers, lit the tiki torches on my back deck and turned on some music, I thought itâd be like with a girl and weâd slowly move into sex, he had different plans. He took one sip, walked over to me, set his beer down and kissed me. I didnât plan on kissing, but it wasnât bad, his tongue darted in my mouth and I returned the favor. We started full on making out, my cock grew rock hard and I was more excited than Iâve been in years. He started unbuttons his shirt, I helped him and started licking his nipples as he undid his belt and jeans, his cock popped out the top of his boxers and it was magnificent! He pushed me down from his nipple and I eagerly dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth. Right there on my back deck I worked his cock like Iâd been practicing on my dildos for the past year. It was very easy to manage his big cock and in about 3 minutes he came in my mouth. Without saying a word he grabbbed my head, held it in place and jumped my face as he filled my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, I was really loving it, lots spilled out and down my shirt because of the way he was pumping in and out of my mouth. I sucked and licked him til he was done, I licked every drop off of him and told him thanks, that I love the taste of cum. We then went inside, drank some of our beer and went to my bedroom where he again took control, we made our, undressed, got into bed and I was all over him, kissing, licking his nipples sucking his harding cock, he asked where my lube was, I told him ânightstand, condoms in there tooâ Jew grabbed my KY and a rubber, tore the package and slid the condom on, lubed my ass good with his fingers, rolled me onto my back and got on top of me, pushed my legs up and pushed into me, he wasnât too rough, but wasnât too gentle either. It hurt like hell for a couple minutes but then the pain eased. I expected my first time to be doggy style, which is how Iâve been fucking myself, but this was missionary, he was fucking my ass while kissing me like I was his girl, this felt really good. I started to moan, which he seemed to really like, so I moaned louder, and a higher pitch like a girl, the more I moaned the faster and harder he fucked, the deeper in my mouth his tongue went and the hotter this sex was! He lasted about 10 minutes, by the time he came I was moaning like a bitch, rubbing his ass cheeks and back begging him not to stop. He came powerfully, groaning loud, arching his back and convulsing, I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. He stayed in me for a couple minutes while we kissed and caught our breath. Then he rolled off me, stood up, came to the head of the bed, pulled the condom off and stuck his soaked, semi hard cock in my mouth. I sucked him clean, he poured the cum out of the rubber on his cock and I swallowed what made it into my mouth, a lot went all over my face and pillow. After I cleaned him up, he went and cleaned his cock up, got dressed and left. I asked him to stay with me, but he said he had to work early and had to go. After he left, I laid there and jacked off. I love my first time! I was a one night stand but I donât care. We exchanged numbers, if he calls Iâm willing, if he doesnât, im calling him and asking him to come over and fuck me again, what guy can say no to an invite like that!

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