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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    My mom and dad divorced when I was just 2 years old. Shortly after that my dad remarried and I grew up knowing my step-mom more as my real mom than my actual mom who I rarely saw (my dad won a majority of the custody).
    I became really close to my step-mom and not as much to my dad who was an airline pilot and would be gone for long periods of time. When I turned 15 I had matured through puberty and my step-mom began to take notice. Little by little, she and I flirted more and more and eventually it led to us making out, taking off our clothes, and fucking. I lost my virginity to her. She was almost 20 years older than me. We regularly had sex whenever my dad was away for the next several years.
    We kept our affair a secret until after I graduated college. School put a bit of a strain on our relationship at first as we saw each other less the first year of my college. She started visiting me more often and was getting tired of my dad. One year before I graduated they divorced. A year later I proposed to her and we are now married. My dad found out when we got engaged and we haven't really talked since. I don't really care. I had an amazing step-mom who is now my beautiful wife.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    I fucked two young college guys when my friend and I took a trip down to Florida last weekend. We went down to get away from the cold and to take a trip away from our kids since our husbands went away on a golf trip the month before.

    My friend and I are both 32 and we both a still pretty hot considering we each have two kids. We work out on a regular basis and I always catch younger guys checking me out. Anyway we decided to go out to a college bar on Saturday night to have some fun dancing and drinking. We both ended finding a hot guy to dance with and were having a great time flirting.

    My friend got super drunk and the guys ended up helping me take her back to our hotel. She passed out in bed and was out cold. I still wanted to have fun and so did the guys so we put on some music and continued dancing. I could tell they were getting horny and I know I should have stopped them but it had been so long since someone desires me like these guys. They started to feel up on my tits and ass and kissed my neck.

    I gave into them and let them take off all my clothes. They got me on my hands and knees on the bed and proceeded to take turns on me for what seemed like hours. They alternated between having a cock in my mouth or pussy and the whole time my friend was passed out not 5 feet from me getting pounded by these two hot guys.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 41

    The words "Stick that deep up my hole" isn't what I was expecting to hear when I returned home early from work. Especially as it was my husband saying it out loud. I wasn't expecting to see a motor cycle on our drive either. A motor cycle I knew belonged to my brother. After all he and my husband had fought only weeks before.

    Climb ing the stairs with my mind spinning, I tried to tell myself he was fucking another woman and tried to fool myself my brothers predisposition for fucking men, wasn't why his motor cycle was out front.

    One brief look into our bedroom, told me I was being an idiot to think otherwise.

    On our bed, my husband knelt naked facing the headboard, behind him also naked was my older brother and he was driving his very large, very thick cock up my husband's asshole. And by the look and sounds of it, both men were thoroughly enjoying every thrust.

    I'm no shrinking violet, nor am I someone who would usually put up with a cheating husband and brother. Yet within seconds of watching them fuck, I was totally enthralled with the sight of the two men having what looked like amazing sex.

    Every sound and every move from both of them was real and so very sexualized. I knew they'd argued and fought over sexuality, yet there they were enjoying one another's bodies and to me it seemed perfect. I'm not sure why, still not sure why. Yet all the same I stood and watched from my vantage point and grew more and more turned on as each thrust of my brothers cock entered my husband rear.

    Five, ten, whatever time it was I stood there, I cannot remember being so horny from just watching sex. Then with a loud cry, I saw my husband shaking and knew he'd cum. My brother renewed his efforts, fucking my husband with longer deeper harder strokes and wham, arching his back he came up my husband's asshole. Just as they collapsed on the bed, I ducked out of the way and left our home.

    It was half an hour later I re-entered the house we'd bought together, but not before texting my husband to say I was coming home early. They lied to me, saying my brother had called round to apologize for the fight, but the smell of sex was very much still in the air.

    They both knew I knew, yet I still didn't say anything. I didn't even when I was in our bedroom only a little later and saw the cum stains on the bed sheet. My husband said he'd had an accident, but I knew better and didn't press the matter. Neither did I stop him at bed time from going down on me, and giving some of the most powerful orgasms I can ever remember having.

    It's been nearly two months since I caught them fucking, and I know for certain they've had sex again, and again. Our sex life hasn't suffered in the least. If anything it's become more rough and ready, which I like. I want to confront my husband and let him know I know. And thinking this through over the past two months, I also want to tell him and my brother I won't deny them what they obviously want from each other.

    But how do you approach men and let them know you understand they're gay/bisexual, when they are so firmly in their public lives, in the closet ???.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 39

    I let my dog eat my pussy on 3 seperate occasions. I fingered myself to get juicy and brought her to me and she just started licking..

    It felt so good, and i dont think ive ever cum so hard. She tongued my clit, and my pussy hole and my ass. When she licked inside i kind of humped her face.

    Thought about doing it again. I have a chihuahua and an australian shepherd. I wonder how the shepherd would lick me...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    My mom and I are real close we look very similar about 5'8 tall with long luscious legs and long shoulder length blond hair. Great toned tanned bodies with full breasts,mom's a natural 36DD and mine a full 34D. We dress very much alike love showing off our beautiful long legs.We also are very horny women who love having sex.Mom is 39 years old and I'm 22 years old. People say that we look like sisters.
    One evening as we were getting ready to go out for the night I asked my mom if she had an extra black seamed nylon as mine had a run in one she gave me a new pair as she always buys the best nylons. As I was in mom's bedroom I noticed that mom had a very sexy outfit on her bed as she was putting on her makeup to look super sexy. On her bed was a leopard 6 strap garterbelt matching bra and thong nude stockings with black welts and seams with a short leopard skirt to go with her 5'' leopard high heeled pumps and a low cut tan top to show her cleavage with a leopard ascot. I said mom looks like you're gonna get laid tonight. She said DARLENE I'm going for the big one tonight and then some more.
    My outfit was equally as sexy as I had a black 6 strap garterbelt to go with my black seamed nylons,black low cut bra, black thong to wear under my black leather mini skirt and low cut black top wih my 5'' high heeled black knee hi boots. I wore a black choker that said salope on it.As I began to leave I said that I hope mom that you have a good night. She said that she sure will.
    I drove to go meet my stud of a lover at this night spot horny as hell. We arrived about the same time so we proceded to go in and we ordered a couple of drinks waiting for our other lover. After about 15 minutes my stud says that here she is here as she texted him as I looked at the door for her to enter. I was shocked as my mom came in
    and approached us at the bar. Being totally surprised by this my mom said what are you doing here and I replied this is my stud in which my mom said to RON that you been fucking both of us for some time not knowing that we are mother and daughter. He said that he never knew. After talking awhile, RON asked if we were gonna still get together as I looked at DARLENE I said I didn't dress this way for nothing I want that huge cock, how about you DARLENE. I'M horny as hell. Well lets go then as we finished our drinks and drove to RON'S place.
    We went inside and we all kissed and went into the master bedroom undressing and got on the bed wanting RON'S massive 9'' inch cock to now share.I could not believe that mom and I were together with RON. As mom removed her thong I could see that she has a very fluffy blond haired bush. Mine was blond also but in a landing strip shape.We were sucking and stroking our prized stud readying for his 2 horny sexy women. RON undid our bras releasing our full
    excited breasts he kissed and sucked on our nipples before asking who was first.Mom was first to take that huge cock as she got on hands and knees waiting to be ravished by his monster as I layed in front of mom with my legs wide open and wet as mom pulled me closer as she expertly licked and devoured my pussy in which I throughly enjoyed as mom was being fucked orgasming intensely as I was.Now it was my turn as I licked RON'S pulsating cock with my mom's juices all over it. It tasted delicious.My first woman.As I got on all fours mom slid under me so I could eat her blond bush as I was now being fucked hard. Shortly RON was ready for his first cum,he had us lay next to each other face to face as he started unloading a large load of cum on our faces and lips as we kissed with his cum in our mouths savoring his tasty seed.
    We were both fucked a few more times each fulfilling our sexual desires with RON'S large thick cock satisfying our urges. Mom and I shared RON many more times and we became closer than ever. We just could not get enough of his huge tool as he knew how to really use it. Mom and I slept a lot together when we weren't with RON. Mom taught me a lot of tricks being in bed with her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    My husband and I dated for about a year before we got married. Both of us were virgins and we decided we would wait until marriage to have sex. However, we had no idea that what would happen on our wedding night would change our perceptions and how we conducted our sex life.
    Both of us met through a couple we knew. I was real good friends with E and my husband was good friends with J before we met. We got introduced when E and J got married and quickly fell in love with each other. We kept things pure between each other because we wanted it to be special and intense. Waiting actually turned us both on more and more.
    One night, my husband-to-be came to me to confess he watched porn. I wasn't shocked or offended, but he said he saw something I needed to see. He showed me a live sex chat room and navigated to a page. What I saw suprised me. Our good friends E and J were on the screen, live, completely naked, and having sex with another man and woman with them. E was eating out the other woman and J was sucking another guy's cock. We had no idea that either of them was bisexual or that they were swingers. After some debate we decided to bring it up to E and J that we had discovered their secret life. After we talked, they opened up to us and shared about their swinger lifestyle. It fascinated us. I had never really thought people did this before. And it gave me an idea.
    I talked with my husband-to-be and shared my idea. I wanted to take E and J with us on our honeymoon (they were going to be our best man and maid-of-honor) and that we would have sex with them for the whole week and wait before we had sex with each other for the first time. He agreed and liked the idea. We brought it up with E and J and agreed to the plan.
    We got married 6 years ago and our wedding night and honeymoon was one of the best weeks of our lives. The night of our wedding I lost my virginity to J while my husband lost his to E next to me. We watched each other have sex with both E and J. I experienced my first lesbian sex and my husband his first gay sex. We watched each other but agreed that we would not even touch each other until the honeymoon was over. When we returned, I had sex with my husband for the first time and it was explosive and incredible. I had watched him make love to my two good friends and he watched me do the same. We desired each other so much more after sharing another couple.
    We continue to do this today. Sometimes we will share with E and J, but we also have had sex with other couples. We never have sex with singles nor do we have sex with another couple unless both of us are there. And we also never have sex with each other when we fuck other couples. It makes the sex with each other so much more incredible afterwards! We swing whenever we travel which is about 4-7 times a year. Otherwise we just share each other. I love my man and I love our sex life!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    My youthful pastor used to take me to the abandoned barn around from my parents’ house before dropping me off after church.

    More often than not, I would walk into the house with his hot, thick cum still inside me. And, my parents thought he was such a “gentleman”.

    This happened at least twice a week, if not more.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 49

    When I was in college we had a neighbor who had a business selling homeopathic medicines. He kept to himself, but he did have visitors. I was home for a long weekend and I saw this young guy get out of a car and go in the house without knocking. From the upstairs bedroom you could see into their backyard and the back of their living room if their lights were on. I walked by the window and I saw the young man in his tidy whities and in that short moment the man walkup behind him embrace and start kissing his neck.

    I watched the man reach in his underwear and start to play with his cock, turn him around and kiss his mouth while his hands were inside his underwear grabbing his butt. They kissed for a long time, the man kissing on his neck and his face, his lips, until he got down and pulled his underwear down and sucked on his cock. With his underwear off, the man kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants and stepped out of them and the young man started to suck his cock, jacking him hard, and then sucking him and then turn and put his hands on the edge of this cabinet and the man got behind him and fucked him, a slow motion silent movie.

    My pants were wet, I had made myself cum. I spent that night reliving the moment, the kissing, the cock sucking and then the fucking in the living room. The man was gay and I had witnessed it. Over the weekend I saw the young man come and go, from time to time I saw him or the man walk across the living room, but I didn't witness any other act.

    I went back to college and relived the scene as I masturbated two or three times a day. I started to masturbate in the window, but I knew no one could see inside because of the tint and it was the third floor. When I went back for winter break I didn't see the young man again but I ran into the owner of the house. He told me he was having a Christmas party and we were invited, to ask my parents if they wanted to come. My parents declined but I had to see inside the house, there were about forty people there, all ages, men and women, after meeting a few they were all clients of his, trading stories of how his products helped them.

    I wandered around, found a room with workout equipment, another room that had an office in it, and the master bedroom which was no different than any other one I had seen before. I found the cabinet the young man had leaned against, I looked up and could clearly see the window of our house, if the lights were on you could see inside. I got chills, what if they had seen me watching them? But nothing happened, the party went on for about two hours, lots of food and drink and people broke off and went home. When I left the man said I was welcome anytime, he liked talking to college students, to come over if I got bored.

    From our window upstairs I didn't see anything again, and one day between Christmas and New Years I walked over and knocked on the door. He answered and let me in and asked what he could do for me and I reminded him that he said I could come over anytime. This time he showed me around the house including the master bedroom, in the master bath were these prints of naked Greek wrestlers, but when you got close it was men having sex with men. I stared, trying to get a better view and he watched me patiently and eventually commented that in Greece in those days it was customary for a boy to be given to a man to train, wrestling was naked and some of the boys must have enjoyed it very much, he showed me very faint the little erect penises.

    In his room he suggested I sit on his bed and he went and got a sofa table book, large black and white prints of Greek and Roman drawings and statues, he ran his finger over the statues to show me that at that time naked boys were not considered obscene, and quite frankly between a naked boy and a naked girl, boys were a lot more interesting. He had some more if I wanted to see, some other books, drawings in pencil of naked men in sport poses, pictures of naked men and boys from a long time ago, pencil drawings of naked men posing for a class, and then detailed pencil drawings of penises, him telling me they were magnificent. There just couldn't be anything more magnificent than a man in his prime with an erection, he laughed and said he had some products that helped keep an erection going and going, but at my age I probably didn't need it.

    When he pushed me back on the bed and put his hand on my face and kissed me he told me to lay still and just let him undress me and when we were naked we would be able to look at a lot more pictures of beautiful naked men, beautiful erections and dream of them, but first we had to get naked. I saw his cock, the same cock he had used to fuck the young man but it looked bigger now, he oiled it down and got it into a complete erection and asked me if I liked it, he took the warm oils and massaged me into an erection, with our hands on our erections we kissed again.

    He had more books, these had erotic gay sex pictures, drawings, and photographs, men performing oral sex, men fucking, young men with wistful looks on their faces with a body builder behind them, and all the time using the oils to keep us erect, he told me the oils were flavored, and he sucked my cock and asked me to suck his. It was a caramel like, strawberry like flavor and I remembered the young man sucking him and what happened next. But by then I was lost, the naked men in the books, the pictures of erect penises, being kissed, his hand on my cock, his mouth on my cock, my mouth on his cock, when he came back with more oils and used them to wash my bum side, he sued two fingers back and forth and then put his mouth on my bum and licked hard against me, he then told me to lay back and be a good boy and he got between my legs holding my legs up by the ankles and I felt his arrow pierce me sending a sharp shock through me. He leaned forward on me, my legs wide apart and he fucked me in and out, over and over again, he held my face with his hands, bent over and kissed me, and went back to fucking me. It seemed like a long time before he finished, he said that it was good protein and I would absorb it so not to worry.

    We lay naked for a while, he asked me if I wanted to watch a video and he put on a video of an old man running a young guy down and capturing him in a horse barn and fucking him, the boy screaming and the old man telling him to shut up. While I watched he sucked my cock, he told me that these oils helped to keep me hard longer and he beat me with his hand and sucked me with his mouth until I finally was able to cum. I stayed all afternoon, we watched several other videos, videos of young men being caught by the police or the enemy in war and they all made me hot. It was late, after dark when I finally got dressed and he kissed me for a long minute before letting me go back home.

    It was a long explanation of having spent so much time next door, I told my mother that he had been educating me on all his products and then I went up to my room to just lie on my bed. I could feel his cock in me still whenever I squeezed my asshole shut, it felt good, I still had the oils on my bum and my cock. I took some on my finger to taste what the oils were, fruity but a bit bitter, I left the taste in my mouth.

    From time to time when I was at college I got a book in the mail, or a pamphlet or a comic book. Not at all to leave out for others to find, erections, boys stuck to a horse or a bull, girls tied to a wagon wheel, men with whips and naked boys, old men kissing school boys, mostly art, but some black and white prints of hard erections. I have kept my gifts all these years, I visited my neighbor and learned all about special creams and oils, how to please a man, how to let myself be pleased by a man. Most of his product was sexually oriented, oils, creams, books, pamphlets, mail order toys, panties, whips and boots and training manuals, and his clients could not get enough. No wonder he lived well and he was always generous with me, never charging me a cent, everything he gave me for free.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Lesbian Female / 48

    I have been married to my wife for seven years. We met at a get together for older 'ladies' put on by the Oakland LGBT community, a mixer to meet lesbians later in life. I had several short term relationships and I was tired of the problems dealing with girls who were mostly broke, some on drugs, all with head trips, I just wanted to meet someone who was more my age and willing to make a relationship work. She was looking forward to retiring at 50 after 30 years of working for the State of California and I was eligible to retire from the force at 55.

    We got along, tried living together, got our roles to match, neither one of us was really one or the other, we are both pretty fluid when it comes to the dominant role, but I guess being the cop and I was still working so I wore it on my sleeve, she took on the role of the supporting spouse. We got married after being together for a couple of years and we went on a Honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean.

    On board we ended up at a table with this couple, also mid fifties, she recently retired and we found that we had a complete laundry list of similar issues. She hated being put into the wife role and he became a lot more dominant now that she was home without work. We found ourselves split fifty fifty at the table, the two wives complaining about the two husbands. We explored the whole topic of us being gay in California, which I find that women ask a whole lot of questions about, mainly do you not ever want a penis? No, pussy is fine. We are lesbians. Well then the follow up questions, if you both have pussies what do you do, like seriously how do you fuck, we talked about that and she told us how he had sex with her, blow by blow between sips of wine.

    I am exaggerating a bit, but that is what this woman was asking me, if a man isn't tooling you with his dick, how do you have sex. She wanted answers, deep answers, and while my wife went off talking with her husband I was giving this woman lesbian lesson number one. You want pussy, want pussy in the most horrible way and you don't want dick. Why I kissed her I don't know she was begging for a kiss, so I kissed her, first soft and then took her into my arms and really kissed her to let her know I loved kissing women. Well it wasn't one kiss, breaking off the kiss was by kissing her a dozen times letting her see that when a lesbian wants a woman she wants a woman.

    To take everything into perspective here, being a woman cop I had to suck my fair share of dicks along the way. Way too many dicks, black dicks, fat men dicks, gay queer cop dicks. I sucked my way up. I gave my pussy up too. I found girl cops who liked having their pussies eaten by a girl cop, but if you want to move up you have to suck your fair share of dicks. So when she asked me if I had sucked a dick I told her yes, I sucked dick. She told me she never ate pussy. Fair is fair, I kissed her again and said I wanted to take her back to my cabin and eat her pussy and let her eat pussy.

    We got together with my wife and her husband who were drinking wine at the bar and I told them that we were going to go have fun and we would be back later. I wanted her bad, like I had not wanted someone for a long time. I ate her, not just love making but eating her out right, like a cop, I wanted her to feel me like she felt a dick, except I was using my mouth. My wife told me later that night that I was trying to prove something, I guess I was. We hadn't quite gotten to wife swapping but it is what we talked about the next day. We would swap wives, my wife would find out what it was like to sleep with a dick and his wife would find out what it was to sleep with a pussy. Fifty somethings wife swapping on a cruise.

    We spent four days swapping wives, his wife went along and became more and more sure of herself and expressed her curiosity and confessed to her curiosity and we had a chance to try whatever came to my mind. My wife gave in, she says, they were far more intellectually compatible and her report about having sex was that she had tried it but she was not that interested. His wife was the opposite, she had found something she really liked.

    This is the third year that we are going somewhere together, this year we are going skiing in Idaho, the same rules apply, the wives trade places down to the most minute domestic things and my wife look forward to it as much as I do.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    My mom passed away from 4th stage Leukemia when I was just 10. It was hard for my dad and I, but we seemed to find a way through it.
    I'm a mix of Japanese and Italian. My mom amd dad met when they were in teir early 20s. Both had come to the U.S. for school and dated for a bit before they had me. My dad was 22 and my mom was 21 and were not married at the time when I came into the world. Because of this, my mom's family cut us off. They were ashamed that their daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. The only time I ever met my mom's family was at her funeral and it was super awkward.
    I grew up in a fairly open home. My dad was a nudist and almost never wore clothes at home. A few times my mom would join in, but often just remained topless in her underwear or jeans or completely clothed. They never pressured me about wearing or not wearing clothes at home. So, I would sometimes wear clothes amd other times would be nude. We had a very private house in a small forest town in California at the time (we since have had to move out of state because of the endless fires. My old home is still there but we didn't want to risk it).
    After my mom passed for the first year my dad and I barely talked. I guess he needed time to process her death. When I turned 14, my dad was able to start working from home fulltime and had a lot more vacation time. We started talking more and going on road trips together. I went from being nude occasionally to always being nude at home with my dad.
    One night I found my dad watching a pornographic movie. His bedroom door was open and he was in the middle of masturbating. He jumped when I saw him and tried to cover his erection. It was the first and only time I ever saw him try to cover himself from me. He told me to leave as I saw him try to clean himself as he apparently had just came during or right before I caught him.
    Later, we had dinner together and he asked if I was ashamed of him watching. I told him I understood and that it was okay as he was lonely. I asked if I could watch with him. I had never seen porn before that and it made me curious. We watched that night and masturbated together. I remember it being a rush to watch my dad and masturbate next to him. We made a habit over the next month or so of watching a porno once a night together. It became easier when we got dial-up internet the next month.
    One night we were masturbating next to each other and I asked if I could touch his cock. I was very curious and had some idea how it worked from the porn we watched. I started touching then stroking him. He didn't say anything but let me keep going. Some part of me thought it might be wrong, but I wanted to try and both my dad and I were lonely. He began touching me and we masturbated each other. It was incredible to have someone else touch me for the first time. He came and cum dripped down his cock and over my fingers. I was curious and licked my fingers. I liked the bitter taste of his cum and it caused me to start sucking his cock. I licked off the rest of his cum and swallowed. I heard that other people spit it out, but I thought swallowing was what you were supposed to do and I liked it anyway. Our instincts took over and he started kissing me (my first kiss) and then groping and kissing my breasts. He then moved down and started licking my very wet pussy and put his tongue inside me. It was an excilarating experience. He then laid me down on the bed and slowly put his cock inside me. It hurt as my hymen broke and my dad took my virginity. After awhile it felt really, really good. We tried many positions that night. I lost my virginity to my dad when I was 14 just two days before my 15th birthday.
    We talked about it the next day and neither of us felt ashamed. My dad was handsome, caring, patient, and gentle. We decided to keep our relationship secret, but we didn't want to stop. We did stop watching porn and focused more on each other. We had sex several times a week and my dad would take me on romantic dates. He buys me a dozen roses every year on the anniversary I lost my virginity and we started our relationship. We can't get pregnant as shortly after my mom and dad got married he had a vasectamy because they didn't want any other kids. No one has ever found out and because I look more like my mom, a few times we were able to hold hands and kiss in public without weird stares. My dad and I have been having sex for the past 21 years. I have never been with anyone else nor do I want to be. We share a deep and intimate bond beyond what I see other couples, married people, or even typical family have. We live together in a new state now and no one has any clue that my dad is my lover and I am his.

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