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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    I listen to my step-daughter masturbate and if I am alone I do the same and I want to fuck her.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    My wife finally got fed-up with "making love" to a rubber bag with a nine inch cock protruding, and began an affair with the divorced guy in the house next door! Once she had decided they were good together, and he was "bi-curious" she brought him home, and showed me off, trussed up in my long rubber-lined bag, on our bed. "Cool!" was his response. "Very cool...." thoughtfully. "You okay with this?" she asked. "Hell yes! Always thought he was a spineless little bastard anyway! Wondered what a fox like you was doing with him!" She laughed, and said "He's a good provider....generous's been okay, but I feel the need for REAL sex with a REAL man! Like you....." Then they were at it, frantic, on the bed beside me, while I lay helpless, sealed into silence in my inescapable bag, with survival air only, via the two tiny airholes above the airtight zipper across my mouth. A deep dark sick part of me really appreciated this humiliation, and wondered eagerly what might happen next....eventually they finished, and she said she had a date with "the girls" that evening! "Why don't you stay with him, and see how you get along together? You can do anything you want with him - just don't kill him, accidentally or on purpose!" When she left, he came back and sat beside me on the bed. He slowly unzipped me at my groin, and my full nine-inch erection and my swollen balls, burst out into plain view. "Hmm! Pretty package!" he chuckled, and tightened the zipper round my roots, trapping me outside, and utterly vulnerable. He squeezed my testicles, harder and harder,until a despairing "Mmmmmmmmmmffffff!" was drawn out of me, to his amusement. "That's it?" he marveled. "Cool!!!" The squeezing got worse and my muffled protests more desperate. He mauled me, pulling, twisting, slapping, squeezing, and to my eternal shame, my erection got bigger and harder all the time! "Hah! You like that! Well, it just so happens, I love doing this, so you better get used to it! Gonna be a large part of your life!"
    When Emily came home, a little inebriated, he was kneeling over me, face fucking me frantically through the open zipper, as he tortured my swollen genitals. "Wow!" she giggled. "That is SO cool!" He laughed smugly. "Glad you like it! It's gonna happen a LOT, while you're recovering from our love-making! Or, at work, or out with the girls! We can have it all, can't we?" "You can have anything you want, big guy!" she slurred "Just take good care of me!" That was a year ago, and there is no end in sight. They seem very happy with the way they have things, and to my shame, so am I!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    this happened like super recently i was sitting with my boyfriend and his hand was on my thigh. he started moving it up near my crotch and teased me. i fucking literally like actually got so fucking dizzy. this shit never happened to me before so i was like heating the fuck up. it got me so fucking wet and i feel so dazed. i'm actually burning up right now

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    Iv never told anyone but when i was a youngster a older guy was very good to me and i started playing with his cock.and he`d come in front of me.Later after id been slipping from a can of drink he had. he got his cock out and i was feeling it harden in my hand. I was then slowly pushed down on my knees facing the head of his cock and his hands on my shoulders,A big loud arr,arr came out his mouth as i sucked his cock and tried to control how hard my own cock was becoming he started to push harder and faster until he was fucking my mouth and id come down my leg quickly followed by his warm spurts in my mouth.After that experience i kept looking down at young guys cocks in showers etc and now and again would end up sucking them of then girls came into my life and i lost all intrest in men

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    I am a mid twenties television anchor in a semi large market. I go under my mother's maiden name, it helps because I am Hispanic. I am married, my husband is twenty four years older than me and very wealthy. I got my job because he influenced the station to put me on the air. My ratings are pretty good, in fact very good. I happen to be very good at this. It is just that I didn't spend all those years on the street reporting plus my husband doesn't want me out there, he wants me safe and sound in the station.

    I love my husband very much, much more than I ever thought I would. I went out with him in L.A. when I was in college because of his connections and what he could buy me. He was big on gifts, nice gifts, car, clothes and jewelry. I was a little gold digger at the time. Coming from where I came from giving it up to him in return for getting ahead was on everyone's mind. Just get him to promote me and I would have it made. I fell in love with him over time. Maybe because I fell in love with him he fell in love with me? I do believe he loves me, he married me, prenup and all, but he married me.

    I moved markets so my street past is in the past. He has a core business in this market and he keeps a home here for me. Either way, he travels a lot, so L.A. or N.Y., or right here doesn't matter. This is where I live and I keep a home for him here. I had some make up surgery, nose, chin and cheek bones. Better for the camera. No boobs, he likes what he has. No butt implants either, he likes what he has. But I am far more camera friendly than before my make up surgery.

    I have become quite the homebody. I met a girl here who is into home decorating and she has helped me really find a comfortable look for my home. She is a little gold digger too, because she has gotten me to spend quite a bit of money. But she has good taste and we became friends after spending the money. And my husband likes what I have done with the house. I didn't know how to tell him about my number one, so I had her help me with a reveal party just for him, revealing to him that he is going to be a father again, of a son. I prepared myself for a bad moment if it was a girl, but he told me that it was ok either way, but he is happy I am going to give him a son. Hispanics always want sons. I learned that on the streets of East L.A.

    I got together with him for the money, I won't lie. I was 19 when I met him. I never dreamt I would end up being an anchor on television, or that I would be married to him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    One time when I was 15 years old, I went on a day trip into the city with my sister, who was 17, and two of her friends, who were also 17. We had taken the bus in and spent the day seeing the sights. Unfortunately, we missed the last bus that we were going to use to get home. So we had to find another way.

    We stood at the side and of the highway, trying to get someone to stop. One of the girls decided to take her top off, exposing her underaged tits to the on coming cars. When that didn't work, the other girl and my sister took of their tops. The two girls weren't willing to take it any further, but not my sister. Soon enough she was waving to car completely naked, with her young, wet, illeagl pussy fully exposed. She was enjoying this.

    Cars still weren't stopping, and I was the only one still clothed. So I stip down to my underwear, and already my dick was pitching a tent. I pull my underwear down as my heart beat quickens, and the movement of underaged cock flicking upwards nearly causes me to blow a creamy load all over the pavement. Finally, a car stops. The driver is a man in his late 30s. He tells my sister and her friends to sit in the back and has me sit in the passenger seat next to him. Then we are off, all of us still nearly/totally naked.

    As we are driving, I see the man move his hand to change gears, when suddenly he grabs hold of my hard, underaged cock and begins stroking it. This initually scares me but also feels so good. The three girls look away in shock but curiosity eventually gets the best of them and their eyes become focused on the man's hand as it slowly but firmly moves up my shaft, up to my head and then down again.

    As the man countines to stroke my of, I focus on the three girls who all have their tits out still with my sister still naked, sitting in the middle. While the two girls tits look great, my sister are by far the best. Her tits are pearly whites and smooth, topped off with her cherry red nipples. As I am starting at them through the rearview mirror, I let out a groan, and blow a huge load with so much force that it hits the roof of the car and falls back onto my bare chest. My small.cock countined pumping out cum for nearly 10 seconds. Despite the buckets of ejaculate I had shot all over my self and the roof, the man countined stroking me.

    A little while later, my sister asked if we could stop so she could go take a piss, but the man told her she could just pee where she was sitting. At this point I had recovered from my first cum explosion, and watching a golden stream of urine shoot out from my sister's tight pussy was enough for me to blow my second load. This time I got a good amount in my mouth. I ejaculated two more times during the rest of the trip.

    When we arrived close to home, we got out of the car and by this point my whole front (including but not limited to: my legs, crotch, chest, and face) was sticky from all of the cum. The man gave me an entire roll of paper towels to clean off and then he drive away. My sister, her friends, and I never spoke of this event again.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    My sister moved in with hubby and I some years ago. She works for a non-profit charity and loves it but her salary is almost non-existent. Hubby and I do not charge her rent. A while back she confided to me that she could hear hubby and I going at it and said it makes her extremely horny. I approached hubby about it and we decided to bring sis on on out sexcapades. We're not Mormons but now live together as two wives for hubby. At first it was awkward but in time, it became a wonderful lifestyle for the three of us. Unlike Mormons, we do threesomes and have a lot o fun at it with hubby keeping us with us sisters.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 38

    I was staying at a hotel in Zurich. Outside at night across the street and up one block was a woman who was a hooker, and a gay hooker. I wasn't interested in either but the guy kept talking to me every time I went outside. If I told him no thanks leaving my hotel for a restaurant I had to tell him again on my way back. Every time, every evening. Sometimes this was up to 6 times a night. One night he started yelling down the street that I wanted to fuck him and was really queer and wouldn't admit it. This taunting got worse, and the female hooker would laugh at me as I passed him. I finally had it and pushed him against a building, and he kept teasing, I didn't want to hit him but I did because he kept getting worse and worse with the comments. I didn't hit his face or anything, but he stopped totally making his comments and was just standing there limp up against the building. I grabbed him and dragged him between two buildings and pushed him up against one side. He always dressed oddly, and this night he had on stockings and a denim skirt with a mans shirt and tie. I pulled up his skirt and roughly pulled down his pantyhose ripping them open in the back. I felt for his ass with one hand, stuck in two fingers, and roughly finger fucked him while he was held to the wall with my other arm. Then I did it. I reached down, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock.

    "Now you get it you fucking bitch, you wanted it now you get it and no fucking money for it". I used some spit but his ass was pretty loose, and I rammed it in. He screeched a bit, and as I was fucking him he kept saying "please, Please, don't do this" adding "Help Rape" to his cries a few times. It only took me about 10 minutes before I shot up his ass, I thought the hooker who gets fucked for a living was going to cry. I think it was because he didn't ask for it this time. I emptied my balls up his very soft ass, his moans and cries were louder. I ripped off his skirt, and pulled up his ripped pantyhose and took the skirt out to the street with me. The woman hooker was there watching. All she said was "Rapist". I said "It may be you tomorrow"

    I threw the skirt under a car about a block away and walked back to my hotel towards the hookers. I saw him coming out asking her for help and she helped him. From my hotel window I watched them find his skirt, it was ripped all he could do was wrap it around him as he went away. He limped away looked like he was crying. Later I went down and fucked the girl for about $30. He was all smiles the next night when he was back in his place. But he didn't yell anything. As I returned after dinner he told me I could do anything I wanted any time I wanted to him. I didn't.

    That the only time I ever fucked a guy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 42

    Widowed at 34 years of age and dearly loving him, I decided I would never marry again. What I had not counted on was the enormous amount of sex in the media and in our society and how it influences our society. As the years passed I became more lonely and sexually frustrated. I tried the personals and found that quite bad since the chances of meeting someone compatible are poor.

    When I turned 40 it was a psychological hit on me and, thankfully, I still have a few girlfriends from school and can talk about it. One of them, Ginny, is a schoolteacher and told me about David, the cutest senior boy in one of her classes. She told me where he worked part time, the supermarket produce department. I had noticed him already and always had a nice chat with him before leaving the store. I had once remarked about the little plastic bow tie the store provided for him and a week later brought in a real bow tie for him.

    My reason for inviting him for dinner was innocent enough and I had no design on David. After all, I knew I was actually older than his mother. After dinner, he had tears in his eyes and told me the wonderful meal reminded him of past times at home. We were in the kitchen washing dishes and he hugged me. It was warm and friendly but he did not let go when it seemed the time to do so, but I could feel him warming up and his penis erecting.

    David apologized and said, "I'm a virgin and being close to you effects me all over." I told him that surprised me and he said that he was ashamed of having a girl see his erect penis. I asked him to take it out and show it to me so that he at least went that far. He took it out and it became erect. His penis was about nine inches in length and thick. It looked almost like it did not belong to an 18 year old boy. We continued talking and I took it in my hands and caressed it to remove any feeling of shyness in him. What I had also not counted on was becoming so horny for David's large cock. I did, so I took him upstairs to take care of his virginity.

    I got a hand-mirror so that he could see his immense cock entering my wet vagina close up. It made me become hornier and after just a few strokes, David came into me. It was his first orgasm with a woman. I knew I was at a safe time of the month so I moved my hips and he remained erect after coming, eventually coming inside me again. I explained that he could not come in me like that all the time and he said he knew that.

    David now comes to see me often and we fuck to our heart's content, He will soon leave for college in another city but we plan to see each other for a time, until his lifestyle changes by meeting a girl his age. I have a lot to tall Ginny but will probably not confide in her for a while yet.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 42

    I confess I've met a married man and he used me as his toilet last night was the best, he filled my mouth we kissed and covered both of us. I love scat now

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