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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 25

    I have my neighbour she is older than me. Busty woman. I have this fantasy of totally dominating her in the elevator.
    Where I push her by the throat firmly holding and ordering to take my penis off. And I rip her clothes a little..Her bust start to show off she breathes heavilly so am I...

    We both standing in the dim light.. Her cleavage showing, sticking out makes me hard and I start to pee on her
    cleavage as we both are in standing position. Seeing her soaking makes me crazy. Her wet shirt and see through nipples soaked from my urine. I pee on her neck seeing how the stream of water goes down between her breasts. She moans and it all this scene makes me even more crazy.. I order her to open her clothes even more and there she goes with her both hands rips her shirt a bit wider. She puts her bra down she is all soaked all wet in that dim light elevator.
    As I watch it I order her:
    Take my cock and shoot it all over yourself!
    She then takes my throbbing cock and arches her self head backwards just so her tits stick out even more.
    Cannot control it, I let it explode on her neck and her big breasts. As I see her all wet with my cum dripping from her chin on her tits and on the floor I just push my cock in her soaking pussy and pound her mercilessly as I cum and she pees on my cock at the same time. As I back down I watch her moaning soaked in my juice, the white cum on her tits the and the piss with cum dripping down her thighs and the elevator arrives as the scenario ends...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I have this frequent fantasy about having incredible sex with my ex. I'm in a same-sex relationship but my ex us male. I absolutely LOVED his dick and I miss it so much. He recently liked some posts on social media and I immediately go to this place of fucking him. It's a mix of fucking and love-making. I dream about ducking his dick, having him cum all over my pussy and having his thick lips eat me out. I know his dick would feel so familiar and comfortable. Every time he enters my mind I get all wet and horny. I know my partner would never give me a pass and who knows if he'd even be interested but if I could, I would absolutely fuck him so good! I feel horrible sometimes that I miss him so much and have so much sexual energy pent up about him. I know it's probably not right and I would never tell my partner. This fantasy is driving me crazy. I loved giving him head until he came and riding him until I came too. Our sex was so nasty and passionate and fulfilling. I can think of no real life possible scenario where I would cheat on my partner BUT this one! I'd do it in a heartbeat and done know if I'd even feel bad about it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I was sixteen, in my mind old enough to date. My father was very strict, and any time I went with someone, male or female, he had to meet them, and preferably know their parents. At that time I had a very close friend, Elsa, she was as perfect as you could want to be. She was also sensual, her mother was from Yugoslavia and her father was an airline pilot. She was an only child. She had a way of wearing clothes, that sum around her, flowing between her legs, around her breasts, if ever there was a beautiful girl it was her.

    I on the other hand did not have that gift. I tried, she tried, but I just couldn't carry it off. She said it was the way I walked, I needed to flow on my heels, I needed to let my arms flow away from my chest. Show off my tits, walk like I wanted everyone to see legs and my butt. She had me walk naked, she didn't want to see my arms cover my breasts, she wanted me to stand up and hold my hips out when I walked. She shaved me down until I was almost bare down there, wear panties that cupped me and showed off what I had.

    Her instructions to me were that when I walked it she wanted to see me naked under my clothes. She also confessed to me that she didn't much care if any guys or men were looking at her, she wanted other girls or women to see her, to think of her, to want to undress her. Don't dress and walk for the guys, dress and walk for the girls.

    We were sixteen. We drove to school together, one day I drove and one day she drove. She came to pick me up one morning and when we were in the car she pulled up her dress to show me that she didn't have panties on. She demanded that I take mine off and give them to her. By then we both always wore dresses, nothing short or tight, dresses that wrapped around your legs. That day without underwear on felt like it would never end. I had on a below the knee wrapped skirt, but I knew I was naked under there. She saw me walking down the hall towards her, and when I got to her she said I had finally gotten it, if I walked like that all the girls would stare.

    She was pretty much an out and out lesbian. She was in love with me. As the year went along she wanted to kiss, she would lay back on her bed and ask me to lay down with her. She would undress and ask me to caress her breasts. The lioness had awakened in her and she wanted to make love. I loved to dress for her, and I loved getting naked for her. But I wasn't sure I wanted to make love with her. We got as far as kissing and mauling each other. She declared her love, and I told her I loved her but maybe not in that way. Her verdict was that I would never get with a boy.

    We finished high school and we went our separate paths to college, she went to Mount Holyoke and I went to Northwestern. She took to writing me missives, hand written letters, long and full of love poems and admonitions against boys. I had to be strong, to resist, or I would be lost forever. She kept herself away from other girls and swore her ever lasting love to me. If I wouldn't have her, then no one would. She was a good graphic artists, and she would draw these very sensual pencil drawing so naked women, send them to me to remind me what I was missing, and from time to time stick drawings of men with large X marking the middle part, NO DICK, NEVER she would write.

    Our first break home together was inseparable, give in and give myself to her, get naked with her and get in bed and learn once and for all that it was her I wanted and no one else. Her hands all over me, touching and entering, her kisses on my face and my breasts, she wore me down until I just gave up all hope and she made love with all her heart. We were not to go back innocent, she said. She got her mouth to discover what she did not want to only see, and she had my mouth do the same. She had me sit in an awkward pose and she penciled a graphic of my open legs, very detailed, and she told me how when she made love her mind played and she felt like a natural scientist discovering flowers for the fist time.

    College was long and separation was long and she drew herself, sitting in front of a mirror, her nude body laid back across a chair, with exquisite detail of her breasts, her neck and her mouth and chin. She instinctively knew that I loved her breasts, and how they flowed when she walked. I kept my word to her, I never dated a boy. I never dated another girl either, and neither did she. We remained true to one another.

    Until my senior year, I was invited to a party, mostly seniors and some grad students, and I was taken, walked step by step to a room, a guy took my shirt off and played with my breasts, with tears running down my face, he got on me and broke the spell, he did what Elsa feared, I succumbed to a man, I succumbed to DICK, I had my vagina, my mouth penetrated by DICK. In the morning I had a naked man with his DICK with me in the shower and he had me pay close attention to his DICK, to lather him and bend down to suck. He lather me and with his finger he poked into my anus, and told me there was more to come.

    The spell was broken and behind her back I got DICK and more DICK and more DICK, I just wanted DICK. I sucked DICK, alone or in front of others, I sucked DICK. I gave him everything he wanted, every hole was his. I let myself get pregnant, knowingly, on purpose, I wanted a big belly. I wanted to cook. I wanted to entertain and have boys and girls come, I wanted to say good night and go up to bed with him. I wanted him, and I wanted DICK. Lots of DICK. And the big belly that goes with it.

    Elsa's heart was broken when she found out. She told me that she had sworn to herself to always be mine. I told her that I was growing a big belly, it was filled by a man. I had crossed over, I could no longer be hers, I was his now. I told her that I opened my legs to him, I gave him my hole, I wanted his DICK. I wanted to be his wife, I could no longer be hers.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 26

    Select Language??
    11,000+ online now
    What happens if click?

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: hi
    Stranger: f 22 from canada
    Stranger: where are you from?
    You: internet
    Stranger: Toronto here
    Stranger: how old?
    You: old enough to be your daddie
    Stranger: god you look so strong - Im like 5'2 & 105lbs
    You: I could lift you then
    Stranger: I would love to kiss down your chest and stomach now - I woke up wanting something in my mouth.
    Stranger: how tall are you?
    You: 6.1
    Stranger: god I wish you were here right now
    You: mm baybe
    Stranger: i love when I kiss down your body and it tickles
    Stranger: :)
    You: i'd love to
    Stranger: Can most get it all in her mouth? I like to try if I can
    You: start whispering what I want to do to you
    You: while holding you tight
    Stranger: If it's not too thick, I can usually do pretty well. omg you are reading my mind
    Stranger: it is so hot when you coach me
    You: like whisper to your left
    You: -how do you feel
    Stranger: I am really horny now - getting wet already.
    You: and listen your answer iwith my lips versus yours 1mm almost touching
    Stranger: What position do you like me to suck you in?
    You: going to another ear
    You: -get down on your knees
    Stranger: I think the best is me kneeling and you holding my head and looking into my eyes.
    You: I pushing you against the wall
    Stranger: I love feeling it pulsing my mouth
    You: pushing my tongue in
    You: then you go down
    You: watching you sucking my sock from above
    Stranger: omg you sound amazing. All I can think about is you doing this now
    You: I want to see you
    Stranger: i hope I can get it all in my mouth - it looks really thick. Can you stand up again
    Stranger: I want to see, feel and taste you so bad now too
    You: i want to see how your lips look like
    You: when my cock is getting wetter
    Stranger: omg I am dripping wet now
    You: and pulsating the juices in your soft mouth
    Stranger: I want you to hold me so tight
    You: holding your hair
    Stranger: i hope I can get it all in my mouth
    You: watching your eyes
    You: and my cock
    You: twitching
    Stranger: i love when you look in my eyes when it goes into my throat
    You: slow blowjob
    You: very slow thrusts
    You: touching your throat
    Stranger: omg that is so hot that way
    You: sliding out
    You: pushing it in again
    You: sliding
    Stranger: i love feeling it going so deep into me - slow and strong
    You: it twitches
    You: mhm
    You: precum is leaking
    Stranger: fuck I am a mess
    You: its a fucking powerfull feeling
    You: seeing you that way
    Stranger: i want to taste that too
    You: feeling it
    You: mm babe
    Stranger: has anyone got it all in her mouth
    You: I'm holding your hair
    You: its just you and me
    Stranger: My name is Tammy btw - i want you so bad
    You: sliding it
    You: thrusting strogly and slowly
    You: when i touch your throat
    Stranger: i want you to rock my world - I cant even sit still now
    You: i stop
    You: watching you
    You: and pushing it a bit eeper very slowly
    Stranger: omg
    You: pushing your head against the wall
    You: dominating like you want it
    You: my juices flow
    You: your wet mouth
    Stranger: omg i need you in Toronto like now
    You: drips on the floor
    You: gagging sound
    You: i slide it out
    You: with all that wet sound we love it
    Stranger: i almost have two fingers in
    You: then push it it agressivelly
    You: that choking sound you make
    Stranger: can you stand up again - omg I want you so bad
    You: fucking turns me into a best
    Stranger: i want that so bad
    You: you are my whore now
    Stranger: i want that
    You: i take you by the throat
    You: holding you my face versus yours
    Stranger: i want to feel you so deep inside me
    You: and telling you that
    You: you are mine
    Stranger: come here now please - omg
    You: i suck your neck
    You: our tongues
    You: make out heavilly
    You: forcefully
    Stranger: You are so in my head now
    You: i'm holding you
    You: your legs wrap around me
    You: tightly
    Stranger: i want to feel you in me, on me and all over me
    You: you are feeling me
    Stranger: rocking my world
    You: i can feel you
    You: holding you versus the wall
    You: i grab your hair
    You: flip your head back
    You: kissing your neck
    You: pushing your breasts
    Stranger: I'm gonna cum if you keep this up
    You: i hold your throat
    You: and choke you heavy
    Stranger: i want to live this
    You: while pushing you against that wall
    You: then slowly
    You: start
    You: to kissing your cleavage
    You: while squeezing your breasts
    You: pushing my fingers inside your mouth
    Stranger: I want to experience total domination with you now
    You: the adrenaline oh my god
    You: i grab your throat
    You: look you in the eyes
    You: then put my tongue again
    You: feeling your submissivness
    Stranger: i hope you are hard as a rock because I am soaked
    You: i know
    You: i lift you higher
    You: your gasp
    You: your legs on my shoulders
    You: kissing your thights
    You: slowly
    You: strongly
    Stranger: omg - i love when you lift me
    You: stopping
    You: goinst faster around your wet hole
    Stranger: ok those shorts have to go when you stand now
    You: it turns me on thinking
    Stranger: i need you
    You: that you are so wet
    You: for me
    You: i kiss the patch above your clit
    Stranger: fuck
    You: and put my tongue around it
    You: circles
    You: up and down
    You: holding your throat
    You: stronly
    You: your shaking
    You: your vagina puslating
    Stranger: i am shaking now
    You: i love it
    Stranger: omg I want this so bad
    You: the juices flow
    Stranger: they do! :)
    You: your moaning
    You: makes me agressive
    Stranger: can you stand up again and lose those shorts
    You: i let you
    You: slide down
    You: and enter you
    You: with force
    You: pounding you
    Stranger: i want that - omfg
    You: forced agressive
    You: pulling your hair
    You: seeing your head flipped back
    You: just your moaning
    You: your chest
    You: and my cock pounding
    You: you hardly
    Stranger: you sound fucking amazing
    You: i groan
    Stranger: are you single?
    You: into your ear
    You: i slow down
    You: listening you hard breathing
    Stranger: I am now - omg
    You: fucking your slowly
    You: very slow thrusts
    Stranger: I want to experience your cock exploding in my mouth and then you fuck me so hard while I can still taste you.
    You: with strong penetrations on the end
    You: mm
    You: tell me that again
    Stranger: i want to feel your cock head pulsing like crazy and I will focus on sucking the head - until you cant hold back anymore.
    You: you are good girl
    Stranger: Then you pick me up and hold me so tight against you and fuck me so deep
    You: so i slide my cock out
    You: its wet
    You: you are wet
    Stranger: I am soaked
    You: damn my cock feels
    You: like its gonna explode
    You: i precum hard
    You: rubbing your clitor
    Stranger: i want to put it in my mouth now
    You: with it
    Stranger: i love watching your face when you try to hold back
    You: get on your knees
    You: i pull your haird
    Stranger: fuck I want that
    You: so you look at me
    You: my cock
    You: i put it in your mouth
    Stranger: omg yes
    You: its twitching
    You: i cant hold it
    You: exploding heavily
    You: roaring
    Stranger: i love that look
    You: pushing it very
    Stranger: and the taste of your cum filling my mouth
    You: hard
    Stranger: your cock pulsing so much
    You: releasing my cum inside your mouth
    You: yes it is
    You: i feel
    You: gosh
    You: my cumshot
    You: driping from your mouth
    You: on your chest
    Stranger: can you stand up again?
    Stranger: I want you so bad
    You: i push my cock inside
    Stranger: making me take it all in my throat
    You: mm
    Stranger: even when I gag
    You: its all inside
    You: you gag
    Stranger has disconnected.
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    ?? *soft moan*
    gay cams (free)


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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 25

    For whatever reason, I like talking about sex as much as I like actually having sex. I love it when girls talk dirty and describe in detail what they want to do to me, even if we don't end up sleeping together. I like the tease, and I like imagining all the naughty things they say. It makes the actual sex that much better IMO. I haven't really found anyone who enjoys it as much as I do, though, so if any like-minded ladies or fellas wanna chat HMU ;)

    msparx at g***l dot com

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I really want to die. I don't want to live anymore, I just want to end it all.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 35

    There's a couple that run a food truck on the corner near my workplace. The woman who works there has a fantastic ass, a pretty sweet little body and her face is good looking too.
    Every time I pass and she's turned away from me I stare at her ass. Then my thoughts turn to giving her anus a good tongue fucking. I want to toss her salad while she tells me how her husband fucks her anally and she loves being stretched out by his big cock.
    I would be totally sexually satisfied simply masturbating while eating her poohole.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 24

    I went to college never having cooked, cleaned a bathroom, ironed clothes, pretty hopeless. My roommate came from a less spoiled home. She made it her mission to domesticate me, from laundry to housework to cooking. We found our groove, became best friends, her managing of my shortcomings helped me actually like doing it. Our laundry night was on Sunday, with pizza and a movie. After getting our chore done, we settled into a night under a warm blanket with our favorite movies.

    When we moved on to the bigger world I was prepared. Honestly I have a very nice trust fund, and my distributions permit me to have my housekeeper look after me and she takes care of things. But I know what she overseas with the staff and what the girls that do the housekeeping are up to. Sometimes I surprise them, I was taught well, and I can call their attention to things if I need to.

    I am still a movie and pizza night laundry girl, I go to my best friend's place, we wash and fold, order pizza, watch love stories, get under a large blanket and snuggle up. We can't do it at my house, my housekeeper has standards and she can't have me doing laundry.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    At 14, just realizing I was bisexual, ten years ago I met an elderly married lawyer while caddying for him at his country club. You don't even have to guess since it's so obvious. I was a young twink, cute, and with a little bubble ass. My pecker was average but it would get granite hard at the slightest provocation. In time, the attorney had me over to his house where at his request, I would put on a blonde wig, lipstick, and a school girl's outfit complete with a short plaid skirt and white knee socks. Still dressed but with no underwear, he would run his tongue all over my ass and groin, nibbling and sucking while he jerked his joint off. He had a rather large tool but I did not want to do more than he requested and most of the time he had his large hand wrapped around it anyway.

    He was not handsome, but bald, chubby, and wore glasses. All he wanted to do was to suck my tool, rim me and jerk himself off. For that, he would pay me $100. I visited him like that weekly, sometimes more often, for four years and saved every penny. After the first year he had different school girls uniforms for me. In the last year, when I was graduating High School, he had me undress totally and did me nude but with the wig, lipstick, and a little bra on.

    I used my pay for college tuition but I do not plan to become a lawyer nor do I plan to sell my little cute ass again even if it is just to have it licked and sucked off. That was a one time deal and I don't feel guilt, just disinterest. I'm still effeminate so sometimes I cross-dress when I want to attract male sex. They can easily see I'm a guy but they go for it anyway. When it comes to women, I attract androgynous bi-sexual women. I like them a lot, especially the oral-centered ones. Once in a while a very horny, older woman grabs me and I give her what she needs.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    As kids, my sister and I were close, and like so many other sibling pairs, we had a lot of time spent playing together, long winter nights indoors lead to many games and those games inevitably lead us to bed.

    My sister is older, and instigated my giving her oral in return for her letting me wear her nighties and knickers. I spent many happy hours down on her, just for the feeling of the nylon on my body.

    Other than the nighties, I had one other 'special treat'... She would allow me (after much pestering on my part) to lick her bottom as an act of complete submission to her, in my mind it made me 'her girlfriend'... Heaven knows how I came to that idea, but I loved it then and still love my passive role with women now.

    As for my sister, I can't stand the bitch now, but it's nothing to do with those happy memories.

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