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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 34

    I have been married to my wife for 7 years now. I always found her attractive and love her, but I'm finding myself more attracted to black women lately. My wife is white. What should I do?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 21

    I have a friend that I love, she is like a sister to me. She is also a hot woman, and she loves sex. I am a virgin who desires her and that is not a secret for her, I confessed it myself, but we got along so well that it did not ruin our friendship, she simply told me that she did not want to have sex with me.
    Recently she called me to tell me that she had sex with her boyfriend, while I masturbated listening to her story.
    I felt good but now I feel pathetic.
    Why does she do that? Does she make fun of me?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I have been married to my husband for five years and I cheated on him for the first time yesterday.

    My car has been in the shop this week and my boss has been kind enough to give me rides to and from work since he lives just a few blocks away.

    I have always found him to be extremely attractive. Great looking guy, in very good shape, in his late 30s. However, I had never found a reason or opportunity to take this beyond anything but fantasy.

    But that changed yesterday. On our way to drop me off at home, I thanked him for chauffeuring me around this week and jokingly said something along the line "there is no way I can pay you back". I meant to be funny, and perhaps flirtatious, because this isn't unusual since that's how we talk to each other all the time at work.

    But then he pulled into the parking lot by the road and said I "can try", with a smirk. He put my hand in his crotch and I knew what he wanted.

    I unzipped his pants and took his cock out. It wasn't completely hard yet but it was definitely stiffing up. I could feel it getting harder and bigger in my mouth, he is definitely a "grower". As I expected, he's bigger than my husband. And, thicker too.

    It took him a good twenty minutes or so before he came. I swallowed everything and made sure none of it got on my shirt. Later that night, I could still taste him in my mouth when I sat down for dinner with my husband.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    My older sister, who is 34 years old, recently had her first baby. The other day, I was doing an errand in her neighborhood and stopped by to visit. She happened to be alone with just the baby. My sister is very laid-back and quite liberal. So, when the baby started to cry while we were talking in her living room, she didn't hesitate and began to breastfeed the baby in front of me while we talked.

    Eventually, the baby drifted off to sleep and my sister pulled down her shirt. As we continued to talk, I started to notice a wet spot spreading on her shirt where her nipples were. She seemed totally unaware she was leaking, so I mentioned it to her. She goes, "oh damn, I've still got a lot of milk left," and pulled off her shirt and asked me to grab a towel.

    My sister is now completely bare-breasted, lactating milk right in front of me. I had never seen this before and was intrigued by how a fine spray of milk just naturally came out of her breast. She could see I was interested, so she squeezed her breast and the milk flew out in different directions. I said to her, she needed another mouth to drink all the extra breast milk.

    Her response was, "help me out here, Bobby. My boobs are aching and I don't want to wake up the baby to feed some more." I was kind of flabbergasted, but I knelt down in front of her and started to suck. I nursed the milk out of her breasts for several minutes.

    When she said I had done enough, I stood up and had a big bulge in my pants, which she noticed. She started laughing and said, "shit, that made you horny!" I was blushing beet red and tried to act like it was nothing. But ever since that experience, I've masturbated several times thinking about it. I am so tempted to ask my sister if I can do it again. I know she will tell me to piss off, but I can't stop wanting to do it again.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Oh, where to start!

    My earliest fantasies were about my mother....seeing her undress through the window. When I was a teen, she often praised me on my physique ("You look like a God.") Sure, it's mother talk, but I always wondered if she might have fantasized about fucking me....

    When I became a teenager, I would hang around my older (teen) sisters as often as possible. We didn't have air conditioning, and they would wear sheer nighties in the summer. I could see their nipples and their bushes. I wonder if my dad imagined fucking them....I know I did.

    My first real family experience was when my brother and I came home from a party when we were in college. We were both drunk. We shared a room....and we were horny. Next thing I know, we are giving each other a 69....and he came in my mouth. It was the hottest thing I had ever done (well, next to fucking the 13 year old neighbor girl when I was 14)....

    We never mentioned that night. Ever.

    Now...I have a 14 year old step-daughter. Whenever I fuck her Mom, I think of her. Her breasts are small, perky, and perfect. She is tiny....with a great ass. I think about the 13 year old neighbor I fucked....and wonder if my step will begin fucking soon. I hope so. I just wish it was me....

    She is a VERY sound sleeper....and so I wonder....

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 33

    I cheated on my husband with his own brother while he was out of the country on a job assignment for 3 months. My brother in law is also married so we were both cheating but it just kinda happened.

    He used to come to the house once a week to help around the house with “men chores” my husband had actually asked him to do so.

    I was just feeling very lonely and apparently he was feeling lonely as well. We were talking in my living room and he kissed me, I don’t know why but I just kissed him back and thats just how it all started.

    We started kissing all over each other, he just grabbed me and pulled my panties down. I admit I gave in too. He pushed his cock inside of me and it felt amazing, he started fucking me on top of the sofa, it turned into hard sex very quickly and to be honest I wanted it that way too.

    We had sex for like half an hour, I felt guilty, it felt bad but it felt so good as well. He finished inside of me and I loved it!

    We didnt know what to say so we didn’t talk much that day. I didn’t want to talk I didn’t want to ruin it because it felt really good.

    We spoke over the phone the next day and thats when we admitted we shouldn’t have done it but whats done is done. I told him maybe it was better if he didn’t come back to the house if we were going to be alone. He agreed.

    My husband came back 2 weeks later. Of course my husband never found out and my brother in law and I never spoke about what happened again. Our relationship didn’t get ruined though, I always had a good relationship with him and I wanted to keep it that way. Sometimes we both just look at each other in silence and Im pretty sure we both know what we are thinking.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    When I was seven years old, my father died unexpectedly, leaving my mother and me to fend for ourselves. It became clear that we couldn't afford the payments on our house and it was either lose the house or take in a roomer. My mov rented a bedroom to a local bachelor bartender. She washed his clothes for him, cleaned his room, cooked for him and he paid her a monthly rental payment that was enough for us to keep up with our mortgage payments, and then some. Otto was a bit of an odd duck, short, a little on the heavy side, and horned rimmed glasses. He had an odd sense of humor but other than taking his meals with us and sometimes watching television with us, he pretty much kept to himself.

    Mom made it very clear that Otto's room was private and I was never to enter his room, but when I would get home from school in the afternoons, Otto was at work and my mom was also working part-time, so I had the house to myself. One day, I entered his room and found it to be very clean and neat. There was a small Philco black and white tv set in one corner, across from Otto's bed, and two dresser drawers. There was a closet and Otto had shirts, pants, sport coats and ties hung up in there, as well as a couple pairs of shoes. As I was poking around, I found a stash of what we used to call girlie magazines. When I leafed through them I saw photos and drawings of topless and even fully naked women in them. One of the magazines was a family nudist magazine and it had naked men and women in it, as well as naked teens and kids, some my own age. Looking at the naked pictures, i could feel a strange tingling in my penis and soon it became erect. I pulled down my pants and began pulling at it and found that this intensified the tingling. Soon the sensations became extremely intense and I had my first albeit dry orgasm.

    I put the magazines back the way they had been and decided that I would return whenever I found myself home alone. After that, I gradually became quite proficient at getting myself off, not by jerking my cock up and down but rather by slapping the head of my cock back and forth with the flat of my right hand. The orgasms were increasingly intense and I wanted to beat off all the time. Over the next several months, I became increasingly daring in entering Otto's room and playing with myself looking at his magazines. If my mom was home, i would steal into Otto's room while sh was cooking, slip a magazine or two or three under my shirt and lock myself in the bathroom, slapping my cock silly as i reached orgasm after orgasm. My mother would call out to me and tell me to get out of the bathroom. I would slip back out and then replace the magazines in Otto's room.

    When my grandmother took ill, my mom stayed at the hospital with her. There was no one that she could leave me with, so she asked Otto if he could watch over me. Otto made arrangements with one of the other bartenders switching shifts with him and stayed home with me. Otto Friday me a grilled cheese sandwich and then ran the water for my bath. I was reluctant to stip in front of him, but he said that guys get naked before the guys all the time and that it was no big deal. I warily stripped and then stepped into the tub. The rate was too hot, so Otto ran some colder water to even out the temperature. He then kneeled by the side of the tub and washed my head to to with a wash cloth upon which he had rubbed the Ivory soap. He seemed to take a great deal of time washing out my rear end and my penis, gently pulling back my foreskin and cleaning underneath it with the wash cloth just as my mother used to do it.

    When I was squeaky clean, I stoop up and he told me dry in a big bath towel, and I padded over to my bedroom to put on my pajamas. In the meanwhile, Otto stripped off his clothing and began showering with the bathroom door ajar. I looked in on him and was amazed at the size of his long thick red cock, which was semi-erect and his low hanging balls that looked almost like billiard balls to me. When he finished showing, he put on a pair of pajama bottoms and asked if i wanted to watch tv with him. I said sure, and went into the den where our old Dumont set was parked and turned it on. It generally took quite a bit of time to warm up. Then I would have to control the horizontal and the vertical until the picuture was even, then play with the rabbit ears until the snow settled down. When Otto walked into the den he had his nudist magazine with him. I was shocked that he would walk around with it so brazenly. he sat next to me on the couch and i could see the pictures as he flipped through the magazine. I noticed that his cock , which had been running down the leg of the pajama bottoms was becoming more and more erect. Then I realized that his cock wasn't the only one become erect, and tried to hide my little erection from his visage.

    Otto laughed and said that it was natural getting an erection, then pulled down on his pajama bottoms until his thick red penis sprang up and bobbed before me. He told me the he knew that I was reading his magazines and knew that I was playing with myself looking at them. He asked whether I'd ever seen a cock as big as his and I readily admitted that I hadn't. He urged me to touch it and i grasped it with my little hand and found that i could only encircle half of its girth. It felt vey warm to the touch and I could feel his pulse pounding away n the shaft of his massive cock. I looked up at him and he was staring at me with a feral look that i'd never seen before. "Suck it," he said and I looked at him as if he were crazy. "Go on, suck it!" Then, "I know you want to." I was afraid. I didn't know what I should do. I'd been told to respect my elders and Otto was definitely my elder, but why would i want to suck his pee-pee? Otto reached out and pushed the back of my head forward until my mouth reached his bobbing erection. "Open your mouth!" I shook my head side to side, but he pushed me forward wo that my lips wee bushing again the shiny head of his massive throbbing tool. I opened my mouth to say no but then he thrust his penis into my open mouth and I tasted his cock, salty and surprisingly savory. "That's it, that's it, now suck my cock!" I only had the head of his cock in my little mouth, but I did as he asked, sucking on that head, using my tongue on it, my lips closed hard around it. After a few minutes, Otto began grunting and rutting like a ram in heat and then shot volley after volley of his thick, creamy musky tasting cum choking me in the process. "Suck it, suck it!" he yelled and I kept sucking it while choking at the cum that was sliding down my throat. When he had finally finished humming, he demanded that i lick it clean and then sent me to bed with the taste of his cum in my mouth. After that, whenever we were alone, i would suck his dick and lap up his cum. Thankfully, he never tried to penetrate me anally, as I am convinced he would have ripped me apart by doing so. My mom never found out about Otto. A few years later, when I was eleven, Otto was killed in a traffic accident. My mother and I went to the funeral. Other than some of his friends from the bar, the funeral home was empty. He died with no family. In his will, he left us almost ten thousand dollars "for services rendered," which my mom thought referred to the great care she had shown him. Me? I knew otherwise.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 24

    My boyfriend, Ricky, and I live together with one of his friends, Jason. Jason's dad owns the house so he is also our landlord.

    We have not had to pay any rent in the last few months because I have been fucking Jason. Ricky has no clue about that and that I have just been keeping the money to myself. Jason agreed that I would keep the money as long as I make him cum once a day.

    Jason usually waits for Ricky to leave for work in the morning, then he comes into our bedroom to get his daily fix before he leaves for work himself. Most of the time, it's just a bj or handjob as long as he cums but once in a while he would put his dick inside me. He says I'm now his "morning fuck". But if he didn't get it in the morning for whatever reason, he would usually get home early from work so Ricky wouldn't be around.

    I don't mind Jason since he is definitely better looking, has a nicer body and (much) bigger cock than my boyfriend. I just have remember to take my pill since he insists on no condom and has a habit of not pulling out. However, even though having the extra cash is great, I do feel very guilty about the infidelity.

    Jason is also a terrible friend for doing this to Ricky but no surprise there. He is normally a jerk anyway. I also don't want him to exploit this secret and "escalate" our deal, which I think he might try to do.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 35

    We had our first gangbang last Saturday night. It has been my wife's long time fantasy to have a rough bondage gangbang, my fantasy has been to simply watch one guy with my wife. But in order to satisfy and this I had to agree with her on this request.

    It involved six black guys with huge cocks, lots of bondage, spanking, making me watch and cross dress, slapping. It was more intense then I had bargained for. My wife loved it, said it was the most intense sex she has ever had. I was amazed at the amount of cum that she swallowed and that was shot up into her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    I had never had sex with a black guy until college since I came from a small town in the South where pretty much everyone is white. But since then, I've had a newfound fetish for black guys.I do not currently have a bf and have no plans to get one.

    I have met a couple friends here who are also into black men so we would go to the bars near the ghetto on Friday nights and weekends. We would usually get blackout drunk and just pick up black guys. By now, I have a pretty solid booty call list of black men that I can just call up when I'm horny.

    If my racist dad finds out, he would disown me.

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