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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Let me introduce myself. I am Mike and I am a cuckold. That's right my wife cheats on me with my full and complete knowledge and has been for our entire twenty year marriage. About seven years ago she cut me off sexually altogether. She pretty much told me she felt more like roommates than lovers. She said she loves me and that she never wants to leave me, but she just isn't interested in sex with me anymore. I was really ok with it. I think I was ok with it because I to am attracted to men, especially alpha males. She doesn't know it but I used to have sex with men before we met and married.
    Since she cut me off almost all my porn has been either cuckold, interracial cuckold, interracial sex and gay sex. Especially white men with black men. So recently I have been going to different chat rooms and chatting with mostly other men. It was all fun and games and when I was home alone I would masturbate while in the chat rooms.
    Yesterday I was in a cuckold chat room and I started chatting with a bisexual man. He lives about two hours away from me. I am excited because he wants to get together for sex. It will be my first time with another man in about twenty years or so. He says he has never been with another man but has fantasized about it for years. We are emailing back and forth so we can set up a date and time to meet. We have exchanged photos so I'm pretty sure he is legit. Now I am trying to get him to lay down some ground rules for his first time. I mean I like kissing. Does he. I like being the submissive. Is he good with that. If it is his first encounter I want it to be as pleasurable for him as possible. He is a very attractive man and if we hit it off, I know I'll want to see him from time to time.
    Just the thought of having a cock in my mouth again is so exciting. Listening to him moan as I suck him to full erection just makes me so happy. I hope once I have him in my mouth all his nervousness disappears and he simply enjoys the moment
    We are very close in age so it will be very easy to convince our wives we are just god buddies that reunited.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    I wanted my friend to come hang out with me at some friends house. I wanted to suck his dick so bad. But he didnt show. So i jerked off and swallowed my own cum. Crowe if u read this, i cant help it. I want to suck your cock and make u nut in my mouth. Ill do it in front of hannah, or secretly. Doesnt matter to me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    My husband was discharged by the Army and we went straight to Ames Iowa where he was going to start college. We rented a small apartment in a complex recommended for married students. We were on the 2nd floor and one warm evening we were standing outside enjoying the last of the summer breeze and a couple from down the way came up to talk with us. He was finishing some graduate program and she was like me basically a housewife. We got some beers and after a few minutes the boys were talking and the girls were talking and then wham, my husband decked her husband. Seemed that they were swingers looking for another couple and my husband took offense I won't say my husband apologized but I sure did and told him all he had to do was say no thank you, not deck the guy. In any event I turned to the wife and introduced myself again and said I would be delighted to get to know her better, the boys could stay out of it they liked.

    All during my husbands deployments I had fun times with one of the girls next door and I had developed a strong liking to being with a girl and I liked this girl and I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. Maybe her husband had intentions of getting to know me, but I had no interest in him, all I wanted to do was crawl in bed with her and I did. My husband ended up leaving me and she and her husband took me in. At that time all I wanted was to be with her, we were home while her husband went to school and if he came home and wanted attention he was free to have whatever was available. At that time having him go after me was the last thing on my mind but I was living with them and I wasn't working and I had to submit to him and he desired me a whole lot.

    Seems that time has a way of smoothing out the edges on everything but I have very clear memories of making love with her. If he interrupted we had to stop, let him decide what he wanted to do, let him do what he wanted to do and after he was satisfied and out of the way, we would go back to making love. I got back with my husband several months later and he agreed to not interfere.

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  • — My Family —
    Gay Male / 18

    Other than my mother there are no females in our family so since I am the smallest male my dad and brothers use me as their sex toy. My mother has even started dressing me up as a girl doing my hair and makeup and I have really started to like it all . At first I hated it and resisted them as best as I could but then one day my oldest brother handed me a pipe and lighter and told me to smoke it all.It was meth and I was so high and for the first time I actually wanted to dress up and be everyones little bitch. I eagerly sucked their cocks and begged them to fuck my sissy ass as hard as they could and even had orgasms like a real girl does, it was so intense and I loved it so much. Now I cant wait for my mother to tell me she has some new outfits for me to wear and now I dress totally girly when ever I am not at school ,sometimes even when they are taking me out somewhere . Mother hates sucking cock and being fucked in her ass so she was so glad when I told her how much I love taking hard cock and so she treats me special like a girl now which makes me so happy . I love dressing up and taking Daddys and my three brothers cock so much that I do it willingly even if my brother didnt get me high but I dont tell him that . I am Cindy now to the entire family ,a cock loving sissy and everyone is so happy and definatly satisfied .

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I'm a 35 year divorced Single Father of 2 boys. but grew up with a 6 year half sister, my Mother and her lebians lover.

    1979, I was 5 years old. Mt mom, 11 year old sister and our 13 year old Babysitter who had C-Cup black tear shaped breast and erect dark nipples. Janet 11 my sister B cup developing breast that become Double C cup perfect tits pink,white tit's. Well from age 3 to till 7 years old my sister woukd give me a shower while she did. it was a small standing 1/2 shower. when Janey woukd wash my hair she would stand against me facing each other. facing me here undeveloped bodynext mine. I everyday for 2 years, watched her begin puberty and felt her hair around her little clit, her tits grow and round.
    anyways back to got tube.
    we 2ent mom guy friend g
    house and get naked and get in a round barrel shaped hot bub. well next to me my sister, then our babysitter, my mom and the her friend. all there tits rest on too water. erect. I s3im in circle around their laps under wzter. then I ses his massive throbbing cock. pop my head pit and see 3 in he hard protruding out of the wate.
    I was 5 hard as well.
    for another 10 years I will I will fuck my sister, and cum inside her. Im do in love with her. all the time I go in toimroom while was working
    take of my close and put her pairedluger air on and cum in her.
    I woukd later, tie her up and cum in her over and over. but that cock sticking out my Mother's i****t sexual desires.

    I have fucked My mother's boyfriends.
    and girlfriends,

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 47

    There should be a subsection for giving into temptation. Like for instance when I was in the ninth grade and this friend had me over to his house and he got into his father's beers and he told me to drink one. I gave into temptation even if I was only 14. That kind of stuff.

    I found myself on a date with a girl, she was really a friend of mine but we went out with some other kids and when we were back at her house she said she wanted to talk so we stayed in the car with radio on. She talked for a while but eventually got around to what she wanted to say, she wanted to have her pussy touched. But don't hurt her, just touch her pussy. What a thing to ask a 16 year old. I am pretty damn sure she had never used that word with a boy before. I had never touched a pussy, I had no idea how to touch her and not hurt her, I had never even touched a girl's tits and the most I had managed up to then was to get one kiss off of Sarah at the basketball game. But she asked and I had to agree, you can't tell a girl no after she asks you to touch her pussy.

    She opened her legs and she took my hand and squeezed my fingers together and put my hand on her pussy. What do you feel? Hell I didn't know what I was feeling, all I felt were her pants no different than touching her leg. She pushed my hand down lower, leaning forward and she said to touch her but not hurt her, just touch her. After a few minutes of that she said OK maybe she should go in. That was the first time I touched a girl's pussy. That kind of temptation. But I did have more experience than I did before we went out that night. Boy you would think that after than she would be my friend for life but what happened is that she was embarrassed and she only talked to me when I talked to her. She did spread the word around that we were going steady, it would have been nice if she had told me because my mother is the one that told me I was going steady.

    But fair is fair and I told her that I wanted her to touch my dick. She was my steady so it only seemed right that she should be the one. I got my pants undone and pulled down and got my dick out and sat there waiting. I had her hand in my hand but she pulled back so hard that I could never get her hand over to my dick. Then I noticed that she was crying, sniffling really so I let her hand go and pulled my pants up. Remembering it all sort of makes those years come back to life, her name is Mary Jo and she was fourteen years old at the time and her parents gave her permission to go out with me because I was responsible. God that girl caused me problems, I was going steady with her and we had never kissed, she was always embarrassed about everything, she clung on to me if things were bad and if things were good she sent me packing.

    She was my first, or going to be my first, I gave into temptation on the night of my senior prom. That's the night you are supposed to get laid. I didn't read the manual to find out if your girlfriend who was in the tenth grade was supposed to get laid, she really didn't have a choice. I couldn't go back to my friends and tell them we had gone out, ended up at the Waffle House and I didn't get laid. So we went out to this spot that I had been told about and I got her panties off from underneath her prom dress and this time I did feel her up, touched her bare pussy this time, hair and all. Damn thing gave me an erection which is all I needed to get laid that night. I did get her laid back onto the seat of the car, I was driving my mother's 1964 Bonneville and I got on top of her when the cop hit the window with his flashlight. Nothing happened, no penetration, but she was a tenth grader and I was a senior and the judge felt that the only thing to do was for us to get married. I should have never given into the temptation of getting laid on my senior prom night.

    We got married in a ceremony at her parent's house, presided over by the county judge who married us. The preacher was there but he didn't officiate, something about not agreeing with the whole thing. Do you think anyone there believed us that we had not had sex? Not a soul, the cop had us nailed and either get married or he was going to make sure I served time for touching the poor little girl. That's what you get for dating your best friend. I got married and I had never had sex. Our wedding night if you call it that was pretty embarrassing all the way round. Her mother took her back into the bedroom and talked to her for an hour. When she came out she was dressed in street clothes and had this small suitcase with her and a letter from her mother stating that she was married. We went to the Ramada Inn where every thing had been set up in advance, Pepsi Cola in the room and flowers.

    Now I won't tell you that temptation wasn't all over me that night, it was. But my Mary Jo was so scared that all we did was lay on top of the bed and she did let me hold her. Nothing happened, nada, zilch, nothing. I didn't even get laid on my wedding night. For breakfast in the breakfast room we sat in a booth and the waitress kept hinting at how was our night. All I could focus on was Mary Jo's and her wedding rings, the diamond shone brighter than the chandelier in her house, it was my mother's engagement ring and she had it fixed up and cleaned and everything for Mary Jo. Her hand looked positively beautiful that morning. God how can one girl tempt you so much?

    I had been accepted to the University of Georgia in Athens and that meant I had to leave town and she had to stay behind and finish high school. The school let her stay enrolled as long as she wasn't pregnant. Believe me if she had gotten pregnant it would have been an immaculate conception, she was my wife by law and all but she was still not married as far as being married went. Temptation or not she was sixteen going on seventeen and God is my witness she was a little girl when it came to all that. And if I have to admit it to myself I was so in love with her that the biggest temptation by the Devil himself would never have been enough for me to hurt her. Damn I was in love, like you know you can't think of anything but her. It is a wonder I didn't flunk out of college. I won't bore you anymore with temptation and all because she got temptation herself when she was a senior and one day we just got together and had the most wonderful experience a man can ask for. I still remember that afternoon and yes I answered yes when she asked me if I loved her, God it has been fifty years and the answer is yes.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27

    I don't want to talk about sex. I want to talk about what I had to do. First I never suspected not in any way. I am married, I have two kids under three, I am at home looking after my newborn and my husband tells me he has another family, a girl with two kids also preschool, her oldest is a year older than mine. She lost her job and he can't pay her rent and she is being evicted. If she doesn't move in with us she is in a shelter or on the street with two little kids. What could I do? Nothing so I said sure bring her here until she can get a job. I didn't know she is pregnant. Our house is small we are all stuck in a three bedroom house and she is pregnant again. There are going to be five babies, two women and one man in 1237 square feet. Every penny counts, and somehow I have to save enough for her baby. I am not crazy, I am scared for me, my kids, for her and her kids and her new baby. My husband is working but face it she got laid off from the same company and neither one of us can take care of the five babies all by our self.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 49

    I learned long ago, quite by accident, how to masturbate. Rubbing my young cock against the mattress of my parents' bed, fully dressed, as I read a paperback book I found in my father's dresser drawer. This was beyond the skin mags I had discovered months earlier. Reading about people having very graphic and lustful sex had me hard as a rock and humping away pretending I was a character in the book. All of a sudden I felt this sudden urge to pee. I raced to the bathroom hoping I wasn't going to piss my pants only to find nothing happening. No piss, nothing. I went back to humping the mattress and before long it happened again. I was puzzled, but it sure felt good. This lead to many evenings after I went to bed humping my mattress until that fateful day that "feeling" happened and a finally shot my first load of cum. Once I started cumming, I had to find a way to cum but not leave the tell tale stains on my sheets and underwear. I found that if I humped my hand that at the moment before I came, I could press down heard against the heel of my hand and it prevented me from shooting everywhere since the last thing I wanted to do was bump into anyone in the hallway on the way to the bathroom covered in cum.

    I pretty much kept it to myself for awhile. I had a friend that I occasionally spent the night with on a Friday night now and then. One night I was over and we were down in his room in the basement, him on a twin bed and me on the floor in a sleeping bag. He had a stash of skin magazines he stole from his brother and we were looking at them. I positioned myself on my stomach and was slowly pressing my cock against the floor in a slow hump hoping he wouldn't notice. After about 10 minutes, he says "I know what you're doing down there". I froze and looked up and played dumb and said "What? I'm not doing anything". He laughed and said I was humping the floor. I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say. He laughed again and said "it's alright, I'm playing with myself too". With that, he pulled his blanket back to reveal his stiff cock sticking up out of his underwear while he was slowly stroking it with his other hand. He told me not to be embarrassed, it was natural. With that I figured, what the hell, and got into my usual position and humped my hand while looking at the magazine. My buddy went back to his magazine but this time with his cock exposed while he slowly stroked it. After I few minutes I grunted I was going to cum and did my usual trick. My buddy asked if I made a mess and sad no and explained how I did it. As we chatted, I got an urge I hadn't had before and I asked if I could help him. He was a bit surprised but said sure.

    I knelt beside his bed and replaced his hand with mine - this first cock other than my own that I had ever touched. Even though I knew how my own felt, I marveled at how soft his felt as I stroked it. It was less than a minute before he started cumming all over my hand. After that night, it became habit for us to masturbate together. It wasn't long before he was jerking me off while I jerked him.I started spending a lot more time with him. We'd wonder the woods behind his house or out on the golf course beyond the woods looking for things to do which inevitably ended up with us with our pants around our ankles beating each other off. After a few weeks of this, I felt like I wanted to do something more. I wasn't sure how my friend would feel about it, so I broached it one night on one of our frequent sleep overs. I asked if I could suck his cock. He again said sure and I knelt down between his knees as he sat on his bed and grabbed a hold of his erection while he looked down to see if I would go through with it. I steeled myself and bent forward touching his head with my tongue. I then slowly slid it into my mouth and in my inexperienced way, started to slowly bob up and down on his cock, gently sucking as I did. I probably sucked him for a good 5 minutes or so. I asked him how it felt and he said good. I asked if he'd be willing to suck on mine. He hesitated a bit and then shrugged and said "why not". With that we exchanged places and I felt my first pair of lips going down on my own hard cock. Neither one us came in the others mouth. Strangely enough, we both felt ourselves as strongly attracted to girls and wanted to fuck one as soon as we could, but since neither of us had a girlfriend or any prospects, we decided to just use each other to get our rocks off, but we seemed to have this tactic agreement that we wouldn't cum in the others mouth. In or teenage minds, that kept us from being gay.

    We spent a lot of time after that 69ing, humping our cocks together in the missionary position or one would hump his cock in the other's butt crack until we shot our wads on our stomachs or the others back. My buddy went on a vacation for a few weeks with his family and I let my lustful cock lead me to another friend and his brother. They were both younger than me but at that age were I was when I started enjoying rubbing my erections. We would disappear into a large storm culvert that we could walk through bent over to a spot that ended with two circular storm drains ended above the floor. They were only wet when heavy rains occurred, so they place was usually dry. We would bring flashlights, lighting the place up as we would drop our pants and proceed to rub our cocks together. I would suck on their smaller cocks, going from one to the other. Then I would have them lay down in the storm drains and I would climb on top of one and hump my cock against his and then move to the other, going back and forth until I shot my wad on one of their stomachs. Unfortunately they still weren't able to cum yet, but they really enjoyed my sucking on their cocks.

    When my buddy got back, we went right back to doing the things we did before. I borrowed a tent one summer weekend and we spent the night out in the woods on our own naked and making ourselves and each other cum as often as we could. On another night that summer, we wandered the gold course bored and looking for something to do. We made our way down to the large swimming pool the country club had a fair distance from the clubhouse. The lights were on but no one around. We decided to go skinny dipping. We stripped and jumped n swimming around for a bit before we started getting nervous about someone catching us. so we got out and searched for a towel. The only thing we found was one of those small golf towels. We used it to dry our feet and put our sneakers back on and then grabbed our clothes and streaked off into the night slowly jogging across the various greens and fairways until we were on the opposite side of the course. By that time we were almost dry and we just walled along side by side carrying our clothes chatting. I looked over at him and saw his big cock swinging back and forth as he walked. I reached over and started stroking it as we walked along. He tried stroking mine which had become hard at the sight of his erection, but it wasn't easy with both of us trying to jerk the other as we walked, so we stopped and laid down in the middle of a fairway, quickly sucking each others cocks into our mouths. We sucked away for quite awhile and then switched to humping our cocks together and then each others ass crack until we blew our loads on each other. We used the towel to clean up, dressed and headed back to his house.

    Not too long after this he came over my house while I was the only one home and knew I would be for at least an hour or so before my parents or brothers came home. We proceeded to strip and do our usual warm ups with each others cock stroking, sucking and rubbing them together. My friend then asks if I would take it a step further. He asked if he could fuck my ass and then I could fuck his when he was done. I agreed and went and got some Vaseline to help. I was nervous as hell about it, but I was willing to at least try. My buddy's cock was a bit longer and thicker than mine, so I was nervous. He lubed his cock up and then started to slowly push his head against my asshole. I felt it starting to part and him slowly entering. The pressure mixed with my nervousness made me imagine that it hurt more than it did and asked him to stop when he had the head partially inserted. I chickened out, unfortunately, so instead a jerked him off since he was already lubed up. He returned the favor and we cleaned up and dresses before someone came home.

    My buddy was the first to get a girlfriend and it didn't take long before he started fucking her on a regular basis. Weekends he couldn't see her, I would be over and he would describe the things they did together while he jerked off or I sucked on his cock. I figured our days of sexcapades were numbered since he was finally getting pussy. We met less often, but we still took time to get off together. The last time we did anything, though at the time I didn't realize it was, we were juniors in high school and we were waiting in his room for a friend to pick us up to go to a movie. We both had are pants down stoking ourselves, killing time. I had made up my mind that I wanted to actually suck him off to completion and let him cum in my mouth. I didn't tell him that, but I asked if I could suck on him. He let me and I was going to town trying to get him to cum (we both had problems with how long blow jobs took to get us to the point of release). I must have been sucking on him a good 5 minutes with him just watching me bob away when our friend pulled in and blew the horn. At that we both got up and pulled our pants up, stuffing our unsatisfied cocks away.

    After that I never had a chance to doing anything more with him. Before long I had my own girlfriend and after a short while I was plowing her nubile pussy every chance we got, learning how to go down on a woman, thoroughly enjoying eating pussy even more than I did sucking cock. Strangely enough, these many years later, I do regret not allowing him to butt fuck me and me, him. I'm sure that once we started that, we would have become each others cum dump until we did find girlfriends. There's something about a warm, moist tunnel wrapped around your cock, whether it's a pussy, an ass or a mouth, that sure makes cumming better. I also regret not being able to suck him dry just once to see what is was like. Since those days, long ago, I haven't touched another cock other than my own. I marked myself as straight, because that has been how I lived my life as an adult, but there are times I fantasize about getting with my buddy again and reliving those lustful days of our youth, doing the things we didn't get to do. I know it's a pipe dream since I have reconnected with my buddy, but whenever I mention our glory days, he quickly changes the subject, so I know it embarrasses him. We did drive back home together as I drove through his hometown on my back to the town we grew up in to visit relatives. As much as we talked sex along the way for several hours, there was no inclination on his part to visit our past and focused solely on our own past with wives and girlfriends. We even spent a couple of nights sleeping in his father's basement on two couches together, but zero interest from him in anything but sleep, so I was left to hump my hand quietly across the room from him until I came.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 19

    I just left my meeting this morning with my counselor. I will be honest I don't want to go to counseling but that is part of my probation. He is holier than thou, it is all about respect for myself and not doing anything to hurt anyone else. I never hurt anyone on purpose, it was an accident, not something I did on purpose. I said I was sorry, I plead guilty because I did it and if I didn't plea I was going to end up in jail. I never expected that part of my sentence was to have to meet with this man every week and talk about myself. I don't like talking about myself, so what does he care who I am but I am stuck with him for a year.

    The reason I was where I was and not at my house was because I am gay and I was with a man that afternoon. I think that is why I have to see this man every week, he is fishing for me to tell him I am gay. All the questions lead to that, every time. He might as well ask it direct. I haven't told him because it is none of his business, he keeps going around and around about how I am supposed to like myself and accept myself and be honest with myself. I know what he is getting at.

    That is about it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Gay Male / 46

    I got a job working at the hotel after I got out of the Army. I was 22 and I wanted to go onto college on the GI Bill, but first I had to get a job. In the Army I had experimented, lots of guys experimented, some guys liked to experiment and others just experimented. At the time we called it fucking around. After a while I liked fucking around and this Captain knew I liked to fuck around and I was his for the duration of my enlistment. I wont say I didn't like it, I liked it, it felt real good.

    So I am working this job at this hotel and I get to talking to this man who is staying there and he tells me that he is having trouble with the lights in his room and wants to know if I will come and have a look at them. Now the hotel had a maintenance man but he said he was embarrassed to ask for the maintenance man if it wasn't something serious and if I had a look at the lamp then I could decide if the maintenance man had to fix it.

    In the room I looked at the lamp and it was unplugged, like the plug wasn't in all the way and once the plug was in the lamp worked. When I turned around the man was naked and I was still on my knees from plugging in the lamp. He told me that he liked me and if I got naked with him he would make sure I got a good tip for coming by to fix the lamp. It took about two seconds and I was sucking his cock, like I hadn't sucked cock since I had been discharged and his cock was just hanging there right in front of my face. All I had to do was open my mouth and he put his cock in my mouth and I started sucking. He had a hard cock and his cock was big and he had my head in his hand and he was fucking my mouth and I grabbed his cock with my hand and I gave into it and sucked him the best way I knew how.

    He got me undressed and he got me on the bed and he sucked my cock and got over me in a pushup position and I sucked his cock while he went up and down and sucked my cock. He was in shape. And he fucked me, he was prepared and he had these bottles of oils and stuff and he fucked me and it felt so good. It felt so good, maybe it was mind working things on me but I felt that he was my Captain right then. My Captain fucked me like that.

    Well that is what happened that afternoon. It didn't last that long in hours and minutes, I got back down and explained to the front desk that I had to fix the lamp and got it working so no need for the maintenance man. When the man checked out he left me an envelope with two crisp twenty dollar bills, at that time I made about a hundred dollars a week.

    I found a way to pay for college, I worked at the hotel, in order to get my hours in college I worked the night shift and I made tips like that all the way through. Between the GI Bill and the job at the hotel and my tips I managed pretty well. Of course the tips were all off the books as far as the hotel was concerned.

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