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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Male / 37

    Lately all I want more than anything is to get pounded by an old man. The older the better. I am down to please and do whatever is needed of me. Iâve never been with anyone significantly older than me and I need to experience it at least once.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Three weeks ago I was away for business. I was in Southern California for 5 days. Before leaving my wife and I had an argument about our dwindling sex life. I left upset as we were having sex once or twice a month and it didnât seem to bother her much.

    I got to my hotel and checked in and was in a bad mood. I decided to have a drink in the hotel bar before turning in. I was seated at the bar and two men were seated next to me talking loudly about their stay. They apparently were also staying at the hotel as well and were leaving the next morning. What really caught my attention was one of them mentioning a happy ending. Apparently he had gone to a massage parlor and the âmama-Sanâ as he said it gave him a hand job and even massaged his prostate. He laughed about how good it felt and joked with his friend about going back. At this point I finished my drink and went back to my room but the conversation got me thinking about what it would be like. I jacked off looking at porn that night thinking about happy endings.

    The next day my meeting ended early so I returned to my room and got to thinking about the conversation I overheard last night. I decided to look up places online and found several in the area. Not knowing where he had gone and not knowing if all of them offered happy ending I picked one at random and headed out.

    I found it in a strip mall and when I entered I was greeted by an Asian woman in her fifties. I was about to leave when she said she had two girls to choose from for my massage and promised Iâd be very happy with either. I turned back around and was introduced to Tomo and May. Both were beautiful Asian girls with long black hair, dark eyes and perfect skin. Tomo had a round face and a wonderful smile. She was shorter and had beautiful curves. May was taller and leaner with eyes that made my heart race. Both were dresses in loose shorts and a t-shirt. I found both captivating but decided on May.

    May took my hand and led me to a private room with a massage table and soft music playing. She asked me to undress and watched as I removed my clothes. I asked her age as I slipped out of my pants and was delighted to hear that she was 19 even though she looked much younger. When I was completely naked she smiled and said âwow you are bigâ as she held my cock in her hand. Iâm just over 8 inches and seeing her small hand on my hard dick made it even harder. I asked if she liked big dicks and she said yes but all the guys she ever sees are so small. I laughed and asked if she liked mine and she just smiled. I asked how much for massage and she said 30.00 for 30 minutes. She then said another 30.00 if I wanted hand job. I jokingly said what if we skip the massage and I just fuck you. I honestly didnât expect her to respond with a price but she said 60.00 would be ok for that too. I asked if had sex with her clients all the time and said no only a few times but she liked me. Needless to say I readily agreed to her price.

    I spent the next hour having great sex with a 19 year old Asian girl. We tried every position we could and ended up both very satisfied. I returned every evening for the next three days and the last night she came back to my hotel with Tomo and both spent the night with me. The trip itself was covered by my work but when I left I had spent over 500.00

    When I got home I felt guilty and this was only worsened when my wife apologized and tried to kill me with sex. Since then weâve had sex almost every day and we are both much happier. However, I have another trip coming up and Iâm sure Iâll find myself with May again

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I (19F) have had a crush on my best friend (21M) (We'll call him 'D') for the last four years or so. D has been interested in me since we were 10 and 12. We've always been flirty but last year at an annual camping event in Phoenix, AZ we went beyond flirty messages and revealing snapchats. It went as far as mutual oral, which was fun but I was a nerveous and inexperienced virgin, I couldn't go all the way then.

    Cut to this past Thursday, at the same camping event; hundreds of tents, drummers, belly dancers, campfires, alcohol aplenty, and D was a bit into his cups (tipsy). . . When D is tired or intoxicated, he gets very bold and flirty. D and I were walking around with our gorgeous female friend (37) (who we'll call 'C'). C and I were both getting rather cold as we were both in fairly revealing clothing.

    I think it was D who suggested that we go back to his tent, C and I suggested we all curl up on D's big camp bed and cuddle. C and I were taking great amusement out of teasing D, C had said that I should try on the bondage type top that she was wearing. I did, and it looked hot as hell.

    There was a bit of trouble with the tent heater so D pretty much got up to take care of it, C and I start whispering and she's asking if I'm okay with where this is going and that if I wanted D to myself, she would take her leave. I let her know that I'd had feelings for D for years, that I was a virgin (D already knew this), and that I didn't know what to think and that we should see how the evening goes.

    While we were trying to have this conversation, D walked back into the tent. C and I couldn't talk as much as I would have liked. D and I lay down on the bed, C had to go to the bathroom so she left for a few moments to go to the porta-potty. Which is when D decided to tell me that he had a fairly serious girlfriend, but that he had a hallpass for the event. I had no idea what to think, he hadn't been responding to my flirty/sexy snapchats lately and now I know why. It hurt more than I could express to him, I was just quiet for some time. D asked if I was okay and I told him "Yeah, just thinking and processing." D and I live about 200 miles away from each other and don't actually see each other in person often. He hadn't told me because he wanted to tell me in person because he knew I had feelings for him and there hadn't been a good time prior to that. I'll be honest, I'm jealous and it hurts. It hurts bad, but if he's really happy, I'm glad. Since she's probably better than I could ever be for him. He asked if I still wanted to stay with him and C a while to see what the night would bring(C already knew about the hallpass), I told him that I wanted him but I was nsure about losing my virginity in a threesome with someone I don't know super well, that he was my best guy friend and I trusted him completely with me.

    C got back shortly later and we wanted to crawl under the covers, C and I started undressing D slowly. I'm in my underwear and a bondage top at this point, C is still in most of her stuff. D is enjoying himself immensly, he and I had messed around before so I knew a lot of his turn ons. His hair being messed with/pulled, and being scratched especially on his back. I got short stiletto acrylic nails before the event because I wanted to torture him just a little. I was running my nails up his legs, C was doing the same thing and D's breathing got heavier. When we got D down to his boxers, C said she had to go check on something, D asked if she would be back and she responded with a wink that she would think about it.

    All of a sudden, I realized that I was practically naked in bed with my best friend. I love him, not a romantic love exactly, but it's not not that either, I don't even know. I don't trust anybody like I trust him, he knows my darkest secret and still cares about me. He has been there for me like nobody else through some of the most difficult times in my life, even more so than my other best friend (19F, we'll call her A). D isone of the most important people in my life. I know I'll probably never have him the way I want but I'll still take what I can get.

    D asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this, and I gave him an enthusiastic yes. I wanted him, however I could get him. I wanted him and I wanted him to be happy. D put on a condom and got on top of me, he got himself into position on top of me. He looked me dead in the eyes and asked "Are you really sure?" one last time, after a final affirmation from me, he entered me. It was kind of an odd feeling at first, I've used toys aand stuff before but this was way different. I should probably mention that D is rather well endowed, bigger than the toys I own. D asked if I was okay and I just hummed "uh-huh" I started bucking my hips a bit and shifting underneath him. I told him he could move, and he most certainly did. I'm hyper-flexible so we tried all different kinds of positions, although looking back I wish I'd gotten to ride him (Cowgirl). My legs were up over my head multiple times. . .

    Even with how well-endowed D is, I just absolutely loved it when he went as deep inside me as he could go. D made the comment "Sooo, you like it deep, huh?" I responded "Apparently so." We kept going for quite a while but I'm not sure quite how long, I took a selfie in the bondage top at 12:44 am and got back to my tent at about 4:00 am, so somewhere in that time frame. D wanted to make sure that I had cum before he did, I told him that I had done so twice.

    D asked me how I wanted him to finish, I told him he could do anything he wanted to me. Of the options available (Face, breasts, stomach, hair, back, mouth, etc) D decided that he wanted me to finish him off with my mouth. He took off the condom, and I pushed him back onto the mattress and trailed my nails down his back while lowering my face towards his member, I teased him a little more, then he had me kneel in front of him on the tent floor while he sat on the bed. I started by licking the underside of the shaft like a popsicle, then I lightly swirled my tongue around the tip in circles. I took the tip into my mouth and sucked gently, D groaned at that point. It wasn't long until I was bobbing my head up and down, deepthroating him and looking into his eyes every so often. I had been practicing holding back my gag reflex on the off chance that D and I messed around again, and my work was paying off. After a bit, he grabbed me by the hair, took control of my head and started pushing my mouth up and down on his cock. It was insanely sexy to me, him taking just control of me like that, I wanted him to be rough and make me do whatever he wanted. D eventually came in my mouth, it had kind of a funny taste to it, apparently that can be a thing when people are drinking (Just to clarify, we had both been drinking but we were both sober enough to give enthusiastic consent, always respect boundaries and consent!) but I wouldn't really know too much about how different things affect what a guys cum tastes like. I swallowed all of it as he came and I maintained suction and kept going until it was all gone. Then D told me "You can spit it out if you want to" but I didn't want to spit, and I had already swallowed it. "Spitters are quitters" I'd mumbled to him. He thanked me for letting him be my first, and I thanked him for being my first. We both got dressed and went to the porta-pottys (Always pee after sex!) D offered to walk me back to my camp, but I declined.

    I started my walk across the event site back to my camp when I bumped into a different friend who had just woken up, he walked me back to my camp. There were still friends of mine up partying, I told them me and a few others laid down on the ground to look at the star and we ended up taking an unexpected nap. I haven't told anyone yet, but I'm kinda dying to do so. I love D, I trust him with my whole heart, and that's why I wanted it to be him that I lost my virginity to, and I did. I wish D would have told me about him having a girlfriend sooner, I can't help but feel bad. I fucked a guy with a girlfriend, he said he had a hallpass, and I believe him. He said he didn't want to hurt me, but it was kinda late for that. So altogether, it was fairly bittersweet. He was a good lay, he's still my best friend, but I don't think I will ever be enough to make him happy, so I'll just take what I can get and hope he's happy, cause thats what you do for people you love. I can't even tell my other best friend, A, about this because she hates D. I'm just a fucking mess. . .

    TLDR: My best friend (D) who I have had a crush on for years and I almost had a threesome with another friend (C) until C found out I was a virgin, then she pretty much left D to deflower me in a manly fashion, which he most certainly did.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 32

    I over heard a bunch of guys talking about my wife. We were recently married ( 4 months ago ) . I was sitting at the tavern waiting for her to get there , they were all sitting at one of the tables near the bar. Each one of them were talking about how much she loved to give head and how often. Comments like you would have to pull her head off after you were done because she wouldn't stop. Plus many other comments. They were all asking each other if they had ever fucked her and only one said yes. When she got there they jumped up and hugged her and congratulated her on her marriage. Then she introduced me to them. I felt embarrassed knowing she had sucked them before. Later she admitted to me that it was true and she was sorry that I found out that way.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    Hey everybody,
    This is my first time posting on here but I have been reading for a long time. I always masturbate when I read these confessions. Just typing in âAdult Confessionsâ into the search bar gets me hot. God even typing this is difficult. I just came on here to say that and look for a little fun. Iâm a college girl and I would love to chat, maybe send a few pics who knows. My snap is fraet20
    My email is [email protected]@@@@@@@g***l.**m ;)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    Hey everybody,
    This is my first time posting on here but I have been reading for a long time. I always masturbate when I read these confessions. Just typing in âAdult Confessionsâ into the search bar gets me hot. God even typing this is difficult. I just came on here to say that and look for a little fun. Iâm a college girl and I would love to chat, maybe send a few pics who knows. My snap is fraet20
    My email is [email protected]@@@g***l.**m ;)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    Hey everybody,
    This is my first time posting on here but I have been reading for a long time. I always masturbate when I read these confessions. Just typing in âAdult Confessionsâ into the search bar gets me hot. God even typing this is difficult. I just came on here to say that and look for a little fun. Iâm a college girl and I would love to chat, maybe send a few pics who knows. My snap is fraet20
    My email is [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@g***l.**m ;)

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 19

    The minute she leaves for work, we fuck.
    The minute she takes a bath, we fuck..
    The minute she goes for a pee, he has me lick and suck his cock and balls a little.
    The minute she falls asleep on the couch, I have him eat out my pussy and ass.
    On each and every occasion I persuade him he'd be better off with me. And he fucks me saying she's frigid and a terrible fuck.
    Their marriage is on the rocks, yet she doesn't know it yet. She thinks I'm her reliable, trustworthy and yet she thinks, her dumb little sister.
    Well I'm the little sister who found out her big sister, the bitch, was the one who slept with the love of my life.
    And she did it, just because I was happy.
    She hated me having something she didn't. A good looking guy, happiness and a engagement ring on my finger.
    Never film yourself getting fucked on your own couch, using your phone and saving it to a flash drive. Then don't lose that drive in your little sisters car so she can view you cheating on her with her fiancee.
    He got dumped a month later, long enough for them not to connect that I knew.
    I moved into her apartment until the work on my place is done. Amazing how long building work can take.
    She felt guilty my ex and I had split up, I know it. So she readily said yes to me staying.
    The first day alone with her husband I seduced him and we've now had sex pretty much every day since.
    I'm going to get him to leave her. Send her the videos of us fucking along with a copy of her being fucked by my ex.
    Then I'm going to dump her husband's ass too.
    I might even let dad know just why his precious daughter, the one who does no wrong, has lost the husband she calls perfect.
    Soon bitch.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 19

    I've always idolized my dad, following him around and watching him do everything since I was a little boy. We had no boundaries either. I'd stand in his bathroom and talk to him while he was on the toilet and naked in the shower. The shower had a glass door which was supposed to quickly fog up but it was never fast enough to stop me from seeing everything. I never realized why I was so comfortable with this until my dad made me realize it.

    I was 14 when he first opened the shower door, the water still running and steam choking up the room, and pulled me fully clothed into the shower. I was immediately drenched and wrapped my arms around his nude body as we were in a cramped space. My ass immediately clenched and my young dick grew hard in my underwear. My dad felt it and kissed my soft brown hair and told me he always knew I wanted to come in there with him.

    I'd been exposed to.a lot of different kinds of porn by that point and had always gravitated toward gay porn, but until that moment I hadn't realized how desperately I craved cock. Still clad in my drenched, heavy clothes, I knelt and let thr hit water run off of his cock and balls and drench my face. I tried to suck his cock but he stopped me and told me I needed to be naked first.

    I stripped and immediately choked myself on his thick erection. He could tell I was having trouble breathing so he pushed us forward out of the stream and it was easier from there. He blew his heavy load down my throat. I couldn't handle it all so I coughed up some and my dad used his cockhead to paint it on my lips. He told me he had always wanted to see my pouty, girly lips covered in cum.

    He pushed me out of the shower onto my back on the tile floor, where he got down and tongued my ass until I came. It was the first of many orgasms with men I've experienced in my life. But my dad is still the best of them. I keep my body shaved and my hair long enough that he can play with it while my lips are wrapped around his steel rod erection. I'll always be his bitch and love every second of it.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 18

    It angers me that a video surfaced a Teenage Girl punching a boy and he hits back and gets jumped by everyone it really makes me angry that I want to hunt down all of these loser kids and beat the living shit out of them including the stupid bitch who started it.

    News Flash if a woman hits me i'm not going to let her get away with it because i'll punch you back and beat the living shit out of you, and if you see a guy hit a woman mind your Goddamn Business because you're the ones making yourselves look like pussies ganging up on one person defending himself from some stupid attention wanting retarded bitch. Teen Girls are known to be really stupid and are always trying to get away by talking shit about people and doing stupid shit and you know what a punch to their brainless heads is what they deserve and if any of them hit me than believe me they would find themselves waking up in a Hospital Bed or never waking up at all if some stupid bitch tried that on me.

    Women if you want equal rights than here's a lesson if you think it's ok to hit men and for them to not hit back than guess what you have nobody but yourselves to blame when a man hits back and beats the living shit out of you, and you would absolutely deserve it.

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