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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girlfriend came over and decided we should go down to the piazza place down the street so I said ok.Well on the way their I stopped at the 7-11 and got a large slurrpee and we walked to the piazza place and ordered a couple slices.So while we where waiting I finished the slurpee and I got the need to use the bathroom but not that bad so I held off.We got the slices and found a seat and I decided to buy a coke.So we finished the slices and I finished the coke and we started to walk back to my house.The urge was really bad and I told her the I had top pee bad that's was a big mistake cuz she started to tease me by talking about water and stuff like that and it was making me worse.By the time we got back to my house I was just about to burst in awful pain so I ran inside up the stairs to my bathroom.I couldn't believe it I turned and turned the handle and it wouldn't open and I heard the sound of rushing water and that made me have to go right now.I yelled inside to open the door but my sister said no she be out in a minute.So I went back to my girlfriend she was sitting on my couch watching tv.I sat down beside her and we started talking.Then I don't remember y I did it but I kissed her then again and then we started making out.While we where my bladder could no longer hold anymore and I started to pee.I tried to stop but only did for 5 sec's and started again. I stopped kissing her and looked at her.The she looked down my pants where soaked and hers had a big wet patch on it and then she looked up at my face and whispered O my god and started to laugh I didn't know at to do besides stand their then I heard my sister coming down the stairs.I panicked even more I didn't no what to do.Then my girlfriend grabbed my arm pulled me onto the couch and thru a blanket over me and my sister walk into the living room and said u could go now.In my head I was saying to late bitch thanks a lot but I muttered out ok.She walked away then my girlfriend said go upstairs and get changed ill stall everyone.I said ok then I went to change.The sucky thing is she broke up with me about 4 months later and told a couple of her friends about it.We had some problems and said she's gonna tell the whole grade she hasn't yet.What should I do?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is a TRUE story. I have this new friend; we'll call her Ruth. Ruth is 22, about 5'4" and nice and slim. She likes a bit of a drink, but recently, she has been drinking to excess, and has been losing friends. Ruth never stays in her own house at night, she tends to go out and go home with other people, usually her female friends but sometimes guys too.

    Now, not everyone is into watersports so people have been throwing Ruth out of their houses after she repeatedly pisses herself. I was hearing stories for weeks of how Ruth has been peeing her pants, and letting them dry out instead of changing, and I tried desperately to find her for a while. Last weekend I found her in the corner of a pub. They refused to serve her and she was just waiting there. The manager was going to call the police to have her removed, and everybody was avoiding her because she was peeing herself so I got her and walked her out of the pub. I wasn't drunk, but I got such a rush, my dick was harder than it ever was and I felt like I was going to explode. On the way home, an already soaked Ruth stood there and pissed herself again. A torrent of pee ran down her legs, soaking her beige pants even more and down to a puddle on the floor. I came in my pants, twice, and I was dizzy with excitement. She was wet, she was coming home with me and sure from what I had heard, this wasn't a one off. Ruth peed herself wherever she was, and only used the toilet for a dump.

    When I got her home, she searched my house for drink. Whilst she was having it she peed herself on my couch. I watched her with intrigue as she did it. When a woman wets herself sitting down, a little pool of pee gathers at her crotch. This happened. I shot my load again and she noticed this and she came over and sat on my knee; the wetness from her soaked through to me. By this time, I was absolutely ecstatic. I had no idea where it was coming from, but I was shooting my load several times.

    When we went to bed, I seriously fucked her brains out. During the night, she wet the bed, and it soaked through to me. The feeling of a girl wetting herself next to you is the best, and I was already high from ejaculating over 10 times in the space of a few hours. I could have died there- it felt so good.

    The next afternoon, Ruth finally got up and put on the pants she had pissed in earlier, which were now dry. I had a bath, and she wanted to go to the pub. We went to the pub, and round about 5 o clock she pissed all over herself again, and I took her home. Ruth has been pissing her pants all over me, all over my bed, and all over my carpets, but it's well worth it. Her own house stinks as well and her mattress has rotted. Ruth is good for a sexual fantasy, but not really girlfriend material.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girl friend and I were going to a party last Saturday and decided to go for a few drinks first.We staid longer and drank more than we intended to,sudenly realising that it was 10 O clock left and hurried back towards the car.Kim [gf]said that she needed to pee very badly[I know should have gone before we left etc],as we got near the car kim had her hand pressed tightly through her skirt holding her pussy.As we got to the car Kim said that she couldnt hold it any longer and was going to wet herself.There were still quite alot of people around but I pulled Kim towards me and started kissing her.I moved her hand away from her pussy kim kissed me even harder and shuffled her feet slightly apart.Im going said Kim,slowly at first,then a steady stream from beneith her skirt running down her legs into an ever incresing pool on the ground.As she finished she gave a little fart and laughed.We got into the car and Kim removed her wet pantes,but by now we were both very turned on.As I drove off Kim put her hand under skirt and started to play with herself.It was about a 15 min drive to the party, and just as we got near the house Kim started rubbing very fast.Carefull I said,someone might see I dont care,said Kim Im comming,and with that,her body stiffend and she shudderd to a very loud orgasam.We got to the party [Kim with no panties on]and had a great timeand a very naughty one.Thats for another time though

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What is the best story you have about your girlfriend or boyfriend being really desperate and then having great sex?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I love playing the hold it game. Me and my boyfriend play where we have to drink a 24 oz. bottle of water every hour. You can hold ypurself as necessary. The winner gets to pick what the loserf has to do
    Share some of your stories and then maybe I'll share some of mine.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi Im Kim from the stories that my bf sent.He is out at the moment and I feel horny and could do with a pee,any suggestions

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Oh, man, he thought, that's it; I can't take it anymore.

    He didn't care how cute the new paralegal was. He didn't care how sweetly she had asked him to help find the old files in the basement. He had to go. He had just gotten out of a very boring, three hour board meeting, where he had drank cup after cup of coffee to keep awake during the first hour. The rest of the meeting he spent trying to ignore his full bladder. Finally, the meeting had concluded, and he made a direct beeline towards the bathroom. But, on his way there, the new paralegal, Lisa, approached him and asked his help to find the files on the case she was researching. She was so cute in her short navy blue skirt and little matching high heels. How could he say no to her?

    Trying to ignore the growing fullness in his bladder, he led her to the basement, into the backroom. Quickly finding the file, he had handed it to her, only to be met with a pout. She asked if he could help find the deposition she was looking for in that file. She batted her pretty eyes at him. She said she was so lucky to be working for such an intelligent, sophisticated man, who was so generous to help such a new person as herself. He took a slow breath as they opened the huge file on the table, pulled up the chairs, and began looking through it one page at a time.

    Halfway through the file, the pressure on his bladder could no longer be ignored.

    I have to pee so bad- he thought. I've never had to go so bad. You can hold it, he told himself. You are an adult; now act like one. Then a shiver of desperation ran down his spine and ended painfully in his groin. His bladder would not be silenced.

    "I'll be right back," he said, standing up, his bladder pinching. Suddenly even the walk up the stairs and down the hall to the bathroom seemed very daunting in his condition. He walked towards the door, wiped his sweaty palm on his pants and reached to turn the doorknob. It wouldn't turn. Instinctively crossing his legs, he tried again. Locked. It was locked.

    No, oh no, he moaned silently. No, don't be locked. Please, no, not now. He tried again, to no avail.

    "What's the matter?" Lisa asked.

    "Um," he said. "We're locked in."

    "Real ly?" she said. "We're really locked in down here?"

    He tried to swallow, but found his mouth dry. "For a while," he said. "The janitor does a door check around six every night. So, we're locked in until then." He raised a shaking hand and looked at his watch. It was only three o'clock. Three hours. He knew he would never be able to wait that long. The pressure increased just thinking about having to hold all that water for so long. He loosened his tie and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

    "Well, " she said, oblivious to his situation, "we can just keep on working until then."

    With nothing better to do, he sat beside her again and continued going through the file. He couldn't sit still. He fanned his legs back and forth. He leaned forward, and then sat back in his chair, trying anything to lessen the pain. He squeezed his legs together, his hands pressing his thighs tight together. He crossed his legs one over the other, and then switched legs. Nothing helped.

    She was asking him questions, but he couldn't concentrate enough to answer her. The idea of releasing the torrents of water that he held inside him was occupying all his thoughts. Even the thought of letting out just a small fraction of the tidal wave of urine was maddening. He had held all this urine for so many hours. It was not fair. He longed to be able to relax his tired muscles for just two seconds. Just two seconds is all I need, he thought. Anything, just for a little relief. Just a little relief, oh please, just a little, became like a mantra in his mind.

    His need to urinate suddenly grew in intensity. He hissed through his teeth. He stood up without even realizing it, knocking over the chair behind him. He paced like a caged animal in the tiny room, stopping every once in awhile for a few seconds to gain control. His bladder screamed mercilessly at him to let go. Finally, the spasm lessened. He looked at a wide-eyed Lisa.

    "Are you all right?" she asked.

    "I, um...I have to use the men's room," he said, through clenched teeth.

    "Oh," she said, "that can be uncomfortable."

    He couldn't stop pacing. "I am way past uncomfortable."

    "Oh," she said quietly.

    Suddenly another spasm hit and he felt his bladder swell. The pressure was unbelievable. This unremitting pain was excruciating. He thought he might be sick. The immense weight of urine forced itself against his trembling urethra that threatened to give way any second. He crossed his legs tight against each other, with every muscle fiber seeming to vibrate with the incredible strain. "Mmmmm..." he involuntarily cried. He didn't know how much longer his muscles could contain the continuous pounding from such a large amount of urine. He longed to hold himself but just couldn't bring himself to do it in front of Lisa. He couldn't embarrass himself that much. But when the need to urinate swelled to an unbearable level, he found himself frantically pulling off his suit coat. His hands were shaking so badly and his body contorting itself so ridiculously that he struggled to release himself from the sleeves. Finally with his suit coat held in front of his groin with one hand, he grabbed at his trembling penis. Expecting to be able to relax, he took a slow breath.

    Suddenly, he tightened up. Holding himself didn't help. He tightened his grip and the pain in his bladder matched the pain in his penis. Desperation overwhelmed him. He was frantic. Oh, God, please help me, he thought. What am I going to do? I can't hold it. I just can't. Oh, please help me hold it. Oh, please.

    He found himself leaning his sweaty forehead on the cool file cabinet, bent over at the waist, shaking all over. Tears were streaming down his flushed cheeks.

    Suddenly Lisa was beside him. He had almost forgot that she was there. She set a small trashcan at his feet. Placing a hand on his shoulder, she said softly, "Do what you have to do."

    He shook his head, embarrassed. He would not do this, not in front of her. "I won't tell anybody. I promise," he heard her say. "I won't watch. Go ahead."

    He was afraid to talk, afraid to move. With every short, labored breath his urine threatened to escape. His bladder throbbed, relentlessly. He felt a surge of urine painfully fill his penis, increasing the pressure beyond anything he ever thought possible.

    His body sprang into action. He dared not lessen his grip on himself, so he knew he had to manipulate his belt, button, and zipper with one hand. His sweaty hands were shaking so badly that he struggled with his belt buckle for thirty agonizing seconds. Finally free of the belt, he went to work on his button. But, when he tried to unbutton it, the increased pressure on his bladder made him stop and grab himself with both hands. No, please, no, no, he cried silently. Just a few seconds longer. Please, please help me last just a few seconds longer.

    He took a deep breath and in one swift motion, he let go of himself with both hands, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He barely had his shuddering penis free of his boxers, when he finally lost the battle. Urine seemed to explode out of him. The stream was so forceful that he even missed the trashcan at his feet. He was helpless but to stand there on trembling legs, and finally relax, watching the trash can fill with urine. The relief was incredible, almost orgasmic. After what felt like minutes, embarrassment made him remember Lisa.

    Finally, gratefully, empty of urine, he was humiliated. He stammered. "I'm sorry. I can't believe I...I did that. I...just..."

    "Don't mention it," she said. And to his relief, she never did.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I love tp hear stories about men being desperate, andgetting, or giving a golden shower. Please post with great detail!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years ago our mom took Lily and I shopping around Christmas time. We weren't allowed to buy anything since it was close to Christmas ("Ask Santa." hehe.) But we got to look around and get ideas for what we wanted. Anyway, about an hour into our shopping trip I felt the need to pee. I headed for the bathrooms only to find a REALLY long line. I decided to continue shopping and try again later. About 30 minutes later I was trying on some clothes in a large family/handicap accesible dressing room, I used the bigger one so I could take Lily in with me and she wouldn't have to sit outside the room being bored. I was in between outfits wearing a training bra and panties when all of a sudden I felt like someone was pressing on my bladder really hard. I had to go pee sooo badly; the kind of emergency where even the most modest person has to at least cross her legs to stem that incredible urge down there. The store I was in didn't have a bathroom and the closest one I knew of was quite a ways away.
    When Lily saw my reaction to the sudden emergency she asked what was wrong. I told her my problem and she suggested we try to make it to the bathroom. I told her that by the time I got re-dressed I'd never make it but she insisted that we try anyway. I again told her that I'd never make it, that it was going to come out NOW so I quickly jumped over to an empty corner, pulled my panties down and squatted. I peed for about 30 seconds and left a medium sized puddle/wet spot on the carpet. Lily giggled the whole time. When I was finished I quickly re-dressed and we left that store. Lily also had to pee but is shy about public restrooms and thought she could hold it until we got home. She almost made it. About 2 minutes from home she flooded, and I do mean flooded, her pants. I don't know if any of you have ever witnessed someone peeing when they've held it to the bursting point, but the look of relief on her face while she was going and even afterwords made me wish it was happening to me so I could feel what she felt.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    For a couple years now, I have been pissing myself about 3 times a week. I would like to do so more, but my mom will catch on and give me an hour long lecture. I have thought of purchasing diapers, but how can I sneak it past my parents? I do not have a car that I can use and no friends that have the same fetish as me. The only people to take me places are my parents. Any suggestions?

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