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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 13 years old, I really had to pee when I was playing in snow with my friends. Because I was pee shy, I could not pee outside in front of my friends, so my bladder was very full and I kneew I had could not do in time to home.
    I told in my head with my bibs nylon snowpants and because it was wet anyway by snow, why not let ang go in my snowpants and
    I losted controle and all pee came out in my bibs snowpants,
    I could see the steam coming through my snowpants from warm pee and my snowpants getting more wet from outside.
    Nobody kneew about my accident. But when I returned home with my wet snowpants with pee, I leaved my boots at the door and I went in my room with my snowsuit on me to not be caught by my mother. I remember to be very afraid to be caught in my wet snowpants at 13 years old, so I leaved the soaked long underwear under the bed and put my wet bibs snowpants in my closet and winter coat. I changed in dry cloths. As soon I leaved my room, my mother asked me why I
    did not undressed my snowsuit in basement, I told her I just
    put my snowsuit in my closet that I will need for tomorrow
    morning don't know what to tell. I remember she told me someting is strong, I'm going to see your snowsuits, I turned red and about to cry, 13 years old and have to tell about my accident, no choice, she will find anyway !
    I told " mom, I had a accident, I peed in my snowpants, I was too shy telling you this, please don'T tell at anyboby!
    She was very fine about this and told me a accident can happend at anybody, but tell me when happend, we need washing all the cloths. I was very shy but she was cool about this.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is Curious! I know its been a while without posting but I didn't have anything new to tell until NOW! I just turned 21 and I bought a brand new pair of tight blue denim capris. They're so tight they look like I painted them on whenever they're on. Yesterday, I played a good pee desperation game with myself. I dranked two cans of cokes. I slipped on my capris and clear heels (I was also wearing a white halter-top if it mattered) and waited for my bladder to get really full which was only a half -hour. I got really desperate. I grabbed myself between my legs and walked to the bathroom. There I just stood on a towel I had laid down trying to keep the pee in by holding myself between my legs really hard. It was so hard I was moaning and groaning and even cried a little bit but it was tears of joy of course. All of a sudden I spreaded my legs and I was flooding my brand new capris. As I was peeing on myself I had an orgasm and another fluid came out if you know what I mean. The pee soaked my pussy, crotch, and ran down my leg to my bare feet so much I had to clean my clear heels. It felt so warm and so good. After I was done, I took my capris off to let them dry, and took my white panties off (which were yellow from dripping of piss) and hopped in the shower. I still wet my other jeans but I'm going to start wetting my capris as well. Hoped you liked this!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When in high school, I often would releave myself while riding on school buses. The first time this happened we were returning to school from an all-day field trip. I happened to be seated in the back by myself. As we came closer and closer to school, I felt a huge urge to piss, so I yelled to the teacher in charge of us: aren't we going to stop for a bathroom break? I recall him saying there was no need because we'd soon be back at school in no time. Right after that, I remember someone shouting at me, "Why don't you just go in your pants!" And with that everyone laughed. And then someone else shouted, "It smells like he already has!" And then everyone laughed again only harder. Rather than be embarrassed by these remarks, it really got me turned-on. And so, just before we reached the school, I decided-since they weren't going to stop--I really would relieve myself right there on the fucking bus. I guess I had to go more than I realized because my pants were quite soaked afterwards. Instead of being embarrassed, this really got me turned on and so once back at school, I headed straight for the school's john. I didn't even bother covering myself because I didn't give a fuck who saw me or not. Once in the john I had a very memorable jack-off session. Of course, jacking-off in the school's john was something I did all the time anyway, but this time was particularly memorable!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    They made this category so we wouldnt bother you by posting are stuff with the other things.So do us all a favor and u jerks messing around in this category knock it off leave us the hell alone we left you guys alone.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My family is pretty close knit. There are five kids (I'm the youngest)and we're all about eighteen months apart so we always did everything together. Including bathing and, if necessary, using the toilet when someone else was in the tub or shower. There was only one bathroom in our old farmhouse and it meant that we all learned anatomy at an early age. Still, this hadn't prepared me for what happened this weekend.

    The day before Thanksgiving, my brother "Steve" brought his fiancee "Gwen" home for the holiday. The other family had met Gwen already, but I've been serving in Iraq for the last two years and hadn't had the pleasure yet. Steve and Gwen got into town at dinner time on Wednesday, but I was out with friends and didn't get in until about 2 AM. I fell into bed, but woke about a half an hour later feeling a little sick to my stomach. I threw up in the trash can mostly, but splashed my hands and chest a bit. So I took the fouled trash can into the bathroom, washed it out and jumped in the shower to wash off.

    I have an unusual showering method. I lay in the tub and let the water hit my body for about 15 minutes. Then when the water goes cold, I stand up, soap up, and rinse off. Not surprisingly, I tend to jerk off while I'm lying there.

    The warm water felt good and, purely out of habit, I started stroking myself as the spray hit my cock. Just then, I heard the door open. I instinctively covered my crotch just as a young woman I'd never seen before entered the bathroom.

    She was a real looker. Petite, maybe 5'3" and 105 lbs. Auburn hair with coppery highlights and those bright green eyes that only true redheads have. Her seafoam green spaghetti strap shortie pjs set off her milky white skin with a heavy dusting of freckles on her shoulders and chest.

    I shut off the water and she looked at me.

    "Oh!" we both said at the same time. She blushed and my cock stiffened beneath my palms. She started to back out of the bathroom.

    "You must be Gwen." I said stupidly.

    "And you're Theodore, right?"

    I laughed. "Actually, I'm Eddie." I corrected. "Theodore is my first name, but no one calls me that except my mom when she's angry."

    Gwen giggled. "She must have been mad with you tonight then!"

    I nodded my head. "She would be. She planned a nice dinner for the whole family and I went out drinking instead. Tha's why we haven't met before. Sorry." I offered lamely.

    She shook her head. "Don't worry. We've met now." To my disbelief, she stuck out her hand. I hesistated, then shook it with the hand that wasn't directly on my balls.

    "Now that we've met," Gwen said, "I'm afraid that I have to take care of some business." She closed the bathroom door.

    "Huh?" I asked in confusion.

    Gwen didn't answer. She was too busy yanking down her pj bottoms, giving me a brief glimpse of coppery pubic fluff before she settled on the toilet. Gwen sighed as her pee tinkled into the bowl. She lifted up a bit to pat herself dry with a folded over bit of tissue, flushed, and stood up again. As she pulled up her shorts, I could see that her bush had been neatly trimmed. She smiled, washed her hands, wished me good night and left.

    My future sister in law had just pissed in front of me without the least bit of embarassment. I've never seen a girl other than my sisters pee and it suddenly struck me as incredibly erotic. I returned to my throbbing cock and with the image of Gwen's red pubic hair damp with urine, spurted come all over my belly.

    The next morning, I thought it was just a Jack and coke fueled wet dream, but there across the breakfast table from me sat the same redhead. This time, she wore a sky blue tutrtleneck and white jeans. The delicate blue and white made her coloring even more vibrant. As Steve introduced us, I wasn't sure whether to act as if we hadn't met yet, but Gwen winked at me and said we were old friends and had met in the bathroom last night. What Steve and the rest of the family thought about this revelation, I'll never know, because just then, my two year old niece came in with a basket full of fresh laid eggs and tripped over the puppy. Eggs flew everywhere, the puppy howled, and my niece started the cry. As we helped clean up the mess, Gwen winked at me again.

    My mother likes to go out Thanksgiving morning to buy flowers for the table and get a sneak peek at tomorrow's sales. She took all the women out with her to the mall in the next town, with the promise to be back by 2 to finish cooking. I helped my brothers and brother in law burn a pile of leaves and brnaches and then they all went into town to find a bar with the game on because our tv never got more than three channels.

    Alone in the house, I couldn't help but head for the guest room. I pushed open the door and saw the seafoam p.j. set lying on the bed. Before I could stop myself, I had the bottoms in my hand, grinding the silky fabric into my face. There was the scent of tea rose perfume and beneath it a faint urine scent. I groaned as my cock got instantly rock hard. I carried the garment with me to the bathroom, where I planned to jerk off as I smelled it.

    There was a sudden giggle when I closed the door. Gwen was perched in an unusual position on the toilet, sort of squatting with her freckled buttocks touching her heels. "Hi, Eddie!"

    I don't know what embarassed me more, that I had her pj's pressed to my nose or her position, which left her pink slit completely exposed.

    "Sorry,&qu ot; I managed to say. "I thought everyone was gone.

    Gwen shrugged. "I could have locked the door."

    " Um..." I wasn't sure what to say.

    "Have a seat, Eddie." Gwen said. "I know you want to. Besides talking always makes this easier for me."

    I wasn't sure what she meant, but then a look of concentration came over her face and a small amount of pee trickled out. My cock jumped, but just then her anus opened to emit a delicate trio of farts.

    "I'm constipated." Gwen explained. "Your mom's cooking is killing my digestive system. Her mashed potatoes are like glue."

    I watched speechless as she reached down and held her ass cheeks apart. She shut her eyes and grunted. I could see the dark brown tip of a turd peek out momentarily. Then, Gwen exhaled and her anus closed.

    "I've been pushing for an hour." she complained. "I left with your mom and sisters, but when we got to the end of the road, my belly was cramping so much that I asked to get out. I thought a walk would loosen up my bowels, but no luck." SHe paused and her eyes glazed over as she gave another internal clench. This time, about a half inch of shit emerged before ths strain grew too great.

    The effort left Gwen's pretty face damp with perpiration and her eyes glittered with unshed tears. "Oh, Eddie, I can't take much more. You have to help me!'

    "Me? Help? How?" I stammered.

    Her voice turned coy. "I know you want me, Eddie." She inclined her head at the pj bottoms in my hand. "And you can have me, too."

    "I can't Gwen. Steve's my brother.You're going to be family."

    She shook her head. "I'm not going to marry Steve. He's been fucking some slut at his office for two months. I came here to try to patch things up, but he's already called her twice. It's over."

    I digested this. It made sense. Steve had been talking quietly on his cell phone while the fire burned. I wondered how he could cheat on a peach like Gwen.

    "Eddie ," Gwen pleaded, "A good fuck will make me go. It always does."

    Against my better judgement, I nodded. Gwen grinned and srang up from the toilet. She leaned against the sink, presenting her upturned ass to me. "Fuck my ass, Eddie."

    Have you ever rammed your cock into a girl's shit-packed ass. It doesn't sound erotic, but the variety of textures and temperatures surrounding your cock is incredible. Gwen clutched the towel rack and squealed each time I thrust. I fingered the nipples on her small tits until they stood out like erasers, then dipped my left hand into the running well that was her pussy.

    Finally, my balls tightened and I shot what felt like a gallon of jizz into her bowels. She disengaged and left me staring at my shit smeared cock while she perched on the toilet again.

    Gwen's eyes were squeezed shut and she panted as her fucked-open anus allowed the turd to slid more freely down her passage. I watched in amazement, as her asshole dilated three full inches in diameter. The monster log of shit exerted so much pressure that it made her pussy gape open. I reached forward and slipped a finger inside. Gwen was gushing pee at this point and the hot fluid coated my hand. I could feel the turd pressing against her inner walls.

    "Yes, press on it," Gwen gasped. I slid another finger inside and complied. Beneath the ridged pussy walls, a lumpy mass was moving. I would see more of it decending out of her ass. It looked like a huge black cock fucking her ass. At the thought of petite white-skinned Gwen impaled on some big black guy's tool, my own cock stiffened again. Without hesistation, I rammed it into her open pussy.

    Each time, Gwen bore down on the turd, the same muscles clenched my cock. I could also feel the shit log moving. It was like a second cock thrusting in her, driving us both wild. When the turd reached its widest point, she climaxed, milking my cock dry and expelling the last of the excrement.

    Afterwards, we showered together and explored each other's bodies more conventionally. Then, across the dinner table that night, I smiled when I saw Gwen wink and take another serving of mashed potatoes.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was going to the movies with my one good buddy, we were both 13 at the time.
    We got on a bus and rode to the next town where the movies were and went in and saw a John Wayne western.
    It was really good, we had drank a couple big cokes and some popcorn. It made you really thirsty.
    I noticed Billy my friend holding his crotch where we sat. I said, you want to go and take a pee now? Billy said no, wait until the movie slows down some. We it got better and Billy started to squirm. He said, I got to go or Im going to go in my pants. Ok I said, lets go. He got up holding his penis and we made it to the mens bathroom He said, I cant let go, its coming out already. Help me. How, I said, He said, unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and take down my briefs. We went into a stall and I dropped his pants and undies while he held his penis. I finally just yanked down his undies and he let go, his pee shot all over.
    A little bit did wet his underwear before I could get them down for him.
    I think he peed his pants a little at our seats.
    Well now, he peed a storm. He had this big erection. Ive seen it before. He wanted to relieve it, so I waited.
    We went back to our seats. About half hour later during the movie Billy had to pee again. He couldnt hold it, asked me to help him hold his urine. I held his penis. This time he just let it go in his pants. We walked out afterwards with his jacket around his waist.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    what is the longest that you have held pee ...not on purpose but had to.... and is is bad hold pee

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    Posted by Anonymous

    how do you do them ?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, this isn't techniquely (sp?) a confession but... could whoever wrote the part 1 of "Double Trouble" finish it and write part 2! Don't leave me hanging man! Or could someone else write part 2? Please someone-before I go crazy! P.S. Sorry for all the exclamation points, as you can see this is a big deal for me. Also, if any asks I have no imagination and that's why I can't make up the ending for my self.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My family often takes long car trips and my dad dislikes stopping. When we decided to drive to my grnadparents' for the holidays (an 11 hour trip), my girlfriend offered to rig us both up with catheters. The set-up hurt, but it was a real relief to nothave to beg for a "pit stop".

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