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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well, the last story was Reggie's surprise for my birthday. Here's what's happened since...

    Two weeks ago it was "girl's night out". Me and seven of my friends went clubbing. Around 2:00 am when the bars started closing, we wanted to party some more. The only places here that are open later are strip clubs.
    Well, we were all fired up, so we went to the first one we came to.
    It was packed! A lot of guys, but women were there too. The dance floor is in a seperate section with tables for couples. We all went up and were dancing. Heather pulled down her top as she danced.
    A girl that was at a table came up and started dancing with Heather. Then she started kissing her, and rubbing her breasts. We just kinda danced, watching. Heather and the girl went to a corner table and started making out.
    My pussy was really throbbing, remembering my girl experience.
    I guess I was staring a little too hard, beacause this woman came up behind me and whispered, "Jealous?" I turned around, it was Ashlyn!
    We kissed & hugged, and made some small talk. I told her I've been thinking of her since that night. She said, "Let's go out to my van."
    We climbed into the bed in the back of her van and started kissing. Ashlyn is such a gentle person.
    We quickly undressed. I leaned her back and immediately started licking her pussy. She reached under the pillow and handed me a vibrator. I started buzzing her pussy, and licking her nipples. I pushed the vibrator in, and slowly moved it in & out. She started moaning, and said, "harder! harder!" I started to slam the vibe into her. She started bucking and thrusting, and then she came.
    Then she rolled me on my back, and reached under the bed for a bag. She pulled out a strap on and a bottle of lube. She lubed up the cock, and rubbed some on my pussy.
    She climbed on, misionaery style, and started fucking me. I clamped my legs around her back, and pulled her down so I could suck her nipples.
    Then she sat up, pulled me up, and held me. I started fucking that cock as I held on to her. She held me close as I had a huge orgasm.
    We laid there amnd held and kissed each other for awhile, then got dressed.
    We stepped out of the van, to a round of applause from my girlfriends! Heather smiled and winked at me.
    Ashlyn and me agreed to see each other, as Reggie doesn't mind.
    It was a wonderful night.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girlfriend was giving me a blow job and i started pissing in her mouth...she spit my dick out,which made me piss all over my floor and my bed...yeah she wasnt to happy about that...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    find out defferent. Last saturday me and my buddy got a motel room then went to this big rodao, he got drunk early, and was a mess by the time the dance was going on, so we headed back to the room. He no more than got undressed till he passed out. I let him lay for a while then I undressed and got in bed with him. He was laying on his side, I got him hard then lay down beside him and worked his dick in my ass, he must have felt it because he started humping, shot his load and rolled over on his back. The next morning when he woke up he said, who was the cunt I fucked last night, before I thought I said, nobody came in here after we did. He said bullshit, some cunt got in bed with me last night and I fucked her, I said man you was just dreaming. Hope he don't remember too much.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    If it could happen; who else would spend 24 hours with their body changed into the opposite sex and why? Don't forget to state which gender you are. I'm a curious male.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 28 year old female. About 3 months ago, I met a girl online and we became friends. She was bi, and I was bicurious. It being my first time, I was a little shy. She was very good at what she did and I came many times that night. We've hooked up a couple times since then, but I've never done anything to her. My inhibitions always made me feel bad afterwards, so I never was 'in the mood' to give back to her after I got off. To tell you the truth, this makes me feel so powerful. She's waiting until I'm comfortable to give back to her, but honestly, I just like the fact that I can get her to do anything I want.

    Tonight she is coming over with lots of porn, our favorite toys (whips, handcuffs, strap on, and lots of vibrators). First I'm going to have her shave me. Then I'm going to tie her up and tease her. This girl is in love with my pussy. She cannot keep her mouth off of it. I'm going to have her fuck me doggy style with the strap on by my window. If you leave the blinds open just right, my neighbors across the sidewalk can see all the action.

    I've promised her tonight to eat her pussy. I haven't decided if I'm going to or not. It is such a turn on to have this much control over the girl.

    I hope you liked my story, please let me know if you would like to hear more about my adventures...

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Who will be Americas Next Top Model!?

    YOU! decide!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ah it was a wunderfull day ZZZZZZZZZVP

    Lets try that again, bull shit.
    I went to a boy girl summer camp once, and my counsler thought it would be a great idea to do a wilderness surviel outbound, you know like the boyscouts?

    well me two other guys and a girl went out, and made a low to the ground little thing it was kinda wide and was rlly just logs going one way one on each side, with ohter logs going the other way lined up across it. well one of the guys said he heard that you can share bodywarmth better if you take off all your clothes so we all striped, and then we went to sleep it was about 2 in the morning according to my qwatch when i wake up, and they were all awake looking at me, i had a boner and im 6.5 inches long the two guys were small. the girl clit was hard to, and finally she just broke down and said ok, go ahead, i didnt know what she was talking about but then, one of em started doin her in the pussy and the other in the mouth and they stopped again and she looks at me and says well come on, so i go over to her and she sucks me, it was an ok night, but then it took a turn for the wrost, needles to say she was experianced a givving head cause she made me go rlly fast and said, ok get lost go do my ass or something, so i did and then the other guy started goin fast and they both came on her not in her but on her. we goto sleep again, and i wake up and another guy is fucking my ass!, im like dude, but hes like stand stil, so i reach over and break his nose, run out and put my clothes on... i stayed up shivering the rest of the night... that guy wasd freaky.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Best way to turn on an OLDER woman? Use your tongue and "connect" the liver spots.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I get a real pleasure having anal sex with hookers. They bitch about the size- 11" long, 3 3/4 wide.
    I enjoy giving them a good ass pounding. I pay 'em good, but most of them end up in tears when I'm done.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My husband wont give me oral sex. So im seeing somone i met on the internet and he eats me so good. Just thinking about it makes me hot.

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