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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 21

    My friends and I had a special beach-side restaurant and bar, Joe's Place, we liked a lot. I knew the owner since my freshman year in college. Joe was a likable man, quiet, and for some reason I suspected he was gay...not that t meant anything to me. A lot of the students loved the place, also and one day Joe introduced us to his new bartender, a middle-aged woman (suspect around late 40's). Her name was Ingrid and she was around 5'5" o so and had to be older than my mother. Ingrid looked like a tired housewife who had raised children and now showed weariness in her face. I know that you know exactly what I am describing here.

    Joe's menu was small but good. He made Philly sandwiches with great beef, and hamburgers all served with cold beer. He even carried Dos Equis a Mexican beer I love. If I had more money I'd weigh 100 lbs. more than I do just from Joe's hamburgers.

    in my Junior year I moved out of the campus dorm and into a tiny apartment not far from Joe's and the beach. I told Joe about my new place and he eventually told Ingrid. Ingrid had taken a liking to me and asked if I needed curtains or anything for my tiny place. After a couple of weeks she asked me to show her my tiny, new pad. I consented. We went on her day off, Wednesday, after my last class.

    When we entered my studio apt. with the cot and small cooking area with a sink and fridge. Ingrid said, not bad for s student. Without a word, she took the pins our of her hair, let it flow, and undressed. Though speechless, I was, after all, still in my teens and my penis rose to the occasion. She sat on my cot and pulled me over to her, standing up and proceeded to give me an eating out that I had never dreamed about. She fondled my balls and took each on into her mouth and sucked and licked it, then switched and drove my hard cock as far in her throat as it could go while still able to lick my balls.

    She started fucking me and she was Olympian, a total sex athlete. The tired, weary woman I thought she was totally faded and was replaced by a sexual hellion. She also seemed insatiable and we started fucking in the bar as well. This middle-aged woman must have drained me, a poor undernourished teenager, 1,000 times. She even had me stand in behind the bar and serve beers to customers while she blew me below the bar. Joe caught us a few times. At one point, he said, "Never let it be said that Joe's Place does not have hidden benefits."

    Ingrid was at my joint so often that it seemed unreal. I wondered if she had fucked her poor husband into an early grave. I once heard activity in the back supply room and after it ceased, Joe came out, combing his hair and said, "She's not finished, go see what you can do with her."

    I knew then that Joe was not gay. Those were my most memorable times in college.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    In a bath house I was fucked in a private room, more of a cubicle with a bed I suppose and we had a good time. Kissing,sucking cock and then a nice fuck. He was older, maybe 40, with a married look about him, but nice looking with a thick hard cock.

    When we'd finished, and laid there talking, he confessed he was married but surprised me by saying his wife knew all about his homosexuality and didn't mind him having some gay sex on the side. He even said he'd taken guys home to meet her and they'd had threesome.

    Now I thought he was straying into fantasy and I figured it was time to grab a shower. He said he could fix it so I could join them for a threesome. I was a cute guy his wife would go for, so he said. I said, 'Yeah , yeah' and "See you later.'

    After I'd washed and was in the locker room he tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned he gave me his phone and said 'She wants to speak to you.' It was a video call so I could see her as she said, 'Brett has told me all about you. You look the sort I'd like to see join us.Are you interested ?'

    To say I was stunned would be stating the obvious . She was younger than him, pretty and blonde. I thought she looked too good for him, let alone being a bit kinky with wanting two gays in her bed. I said 'I am now.'

    Well it was a sunday afternoon, their offspring were out of the way and we were stripping naked in the master bedroom . In her thirties her body was perfect, her tits fabulous, her pubes shaved. We got our heads together and took turns sucking Brett's cock. Then they did me, and she was the better sucker. Then I fucked her while Brett rimmed my ass with his tongue. After I filled her c**t with a hot load Brett went down and slurped it all up while I played with her tits. Now she got all excited and pulled me to her and kissed me passionately. I think she came big.

    Brett was as horny as fuck and lubed up. I got on my hands and knees and Brett doggy fucked me. The wife got in close and stroked my cock. I said I wanted to eat her pussy also, so we spread out on the bed. I put my mouth between her legs and licked a lot of juice and sucked hard on a good sized clit while her husband laid on top of me his cock pumping up and down in my ass. When he'd shot his load I rose up, sat on her stomach and jerked another load all over her tits.

    She wiped his cock clean, he hadn't used a condom, and now it was my turn to watch them fuck in a few different positions. I joined in now and again; a three way kiss on the lips, a finger up his ass, a suck on her tits.

    When that was over we took a break, drinks and snacks and a chat.

    The big finale was one more. I fucked her again and Brett fucked me. It lasted a while and was a fantastic way to have fun. Now time was up. They made me promise to do it all again some day soon. I can't believe my luck, it seems there really are people like this in the world. I blame it on internet porn but I ain't complaining.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I had one occasion of daughters friend being around the house all day and staying overnight. the girl was a junior in high school and I was in my 40's. She was a typical high schooler with a teriffic body. When she came to the house, she was wearing an above the knee, red plaid pleated skirt, a tight white button blouse and white shoes.

    She was giving me upskirt shots every chance she got all day long and giving me that little knowing smile when she knew I was looking. After we all had lunch her white panties disappeared and the upskirt view was dark. I could only guess I was looking at her hairy pussy. She had my cock hard all day long.

    That evening, everyone went to bed . I lay there for 2 hours trying to go to sleep and get those visions out of my head but to no avail. I got up and slipped on a robe to go to the living room and watch television. I was there for a short while before she came into the room. She was wearing a very short almost transparent negligee. She sat down on my lap with her left arm around my neck and both of her legs to the left of mine. She asked if she could sit on my lap and watch TV with me.

    after a short while my cock started getting hard and I was sure she could feel it rising against her. She whispered into my ear that she wasn'nt wearing panties and I got hard as a rock. I asked if I could see and she said OK. I slid my left hand in between her legs and found a naked hot pussy. I stroked her with fingers in and around that sweet thing. She was sitting in just the right place as I slid my robe open and was going to rub my cock head around her entrance, and when I tried my cock head just popped into her pussy. She was moaning and her breathing was very hard. She dropped her gown off her left shoulder and offered me her left tit which I started sucking. With her sitting on me I had only limited movment so when I started fucking her it was only about an 1"-1 1/2". It was slow and easy fucking and she was cumming every few minutes. Not a word was spoken after she told me she wasn't wearing panties until i unloaded in that sweet pussy and she said "Thanks, I needed that"

    I carried guilt from that little session for years but I still run that through my head an it still gets me hard to this day after 25 years.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 38

    My son, who is well hung like his dad was, showed me a video on a porn site that was identified as a mom-son role play. It was searing hot and after I watched it with him, I let him have it all. I don't regret it. The only problem is that he now wants to fuck all day and night. I told him to find a girl his age who is horny, but often, I just let him have it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    1 / 26

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  • — My Family —
    1 / 35

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  • — Gross —
    1 / 29

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    1 / 39

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    1 / 31

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 42

    I am a super horny divorcee with a teen aged son. No, I did not fuck my own son (that I know about). A while back, I came home early to a party my son was giving at our house, mostly for his male friends. I made believe I was drunk out of my mind and stumbled up the stairs, took everything off below my waist and made believe I was knocked out with booze. In a short while they started showing up in my room and soon enough were fucking me. i loved all the young cock and remained flat out on my stomach while they took turns on me.

    I loved all that young boy-cock fucking me and shooting their youthful loads on me. I don't think my son was with them on it but then, I don't know.

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