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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I know sex dreams are a common thing among many people, but damn, does anyone ever get some really vivid ones? I feel like I woke up from one reality to my own reality feeling like my dream actually happened. I can literally feel what her skin is like, how hot we were, the intense sensations as we were wrapped in each other. If I was still in a relationship, I would be sure as hell I just cheated on them. I woke up in a ball of sweat and some messy boxers.

    Don't get me wrong, it was fantastic. It was just so intense. Why did it feel so real?

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 43

    Back in August I rented a mountain cabin in North Ga for me and the wife. I started to panic when we first got there and I saw the little lens in the smoke detector, but thinking about what a prude my wife is, I decided to let it go.

    I fucked my wife all weekend, kept her drunk and naked as much as I could, and thought about what he was getting to see the whole time.

    Didn't like that cabin but would love to do it again sometime in another just for the thrill of knowing she's completely unaware that she's a private porn actress for an unseen stranger. She'd die if she ever found out.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I grew up on my grandfather's cattle his side of the family all lived on the property in separate houses. I am the youngest kid. And we all joke about me being the favorite grandchild because out of the 5 kids on the property I was the one who always had to ask to swim in his pool or rides the go carts and he never told me no. But only my oldest and only female cousin and my mom, and Grandma know why.

    My oldest cousin and I were playing truth or dare with a boy her age from down the road one day at my house because my parents were gone, they were 13/14 and I was 9 well my cousin dared the other guy to fuck me and the rule was already made that we had to do anything. So I was naked on the couch getting fucked when my grandpa walked in my house and caught us. He made the neighbor leave and starting scalding us. I was covering myself but still naked and he called my mom and told her what happened and made me talk to her and she said grandpa can punish me however he wanted and that I better obey him. Well when they ended the call he asked my cousin why he saw what he did and she said it was her idea she wanted to see it.
    He let her watch as he made me blow him before he had me sit on his lap. Yes that's right he fucked me. He called my mom afterwards and told her what happened and she was ok with it. When she got home she told me that I wouldn't be in trouble anymore but that it had to be a secret. And made sure I was ok. It was a several months later before it happened again after I broke a fence in the pasture from horseplaying. That time he just sent me over the tailgate in the pasture after helping me fix it. And it kinda just turned into a casual thing that was not discussed openly but that made it more fun...

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have a past. In college I was a hooker, a nice hooker that worked through a madam and stayed busy and made a lot of money. I graduated debt free and had enough savings to put down on a condo when I got out of college. My story was that my grandmother gave me the money for my graduation and my parents paid for my education. During my days working as a hooker I met a man who asked for me every time he came to town. He paid for the day or night and liked having me be his girlfriend. This happened many times and I learned a lot about him and I told him a lot about myself. He never had a problem with me being a hooker.

    I am now working as an account executive for a major retailer of high end jewelry. When I meet with some rich lady and she buys thousands of dollars of jewelry I always imagine that sometime in the past I was a hooker for her husband. I guess it makes me feel better getting her to buy jewelry she doesn't really need.

    The problem with my past is that I can't seem to get serious with a man. I date, I go out, I have sex, I do it all, not for money anymore but I do the dating game. But if a man gest serious I run for the hills. I miss the man that wanted me for a girlfriend when I was in college, I know it was fake and he was paying for a hooker, but it is the only time I felt something, I really felt something when I had sex with him.

    I am changing jobs, I want to go work someplace where I don't meet rich people. I really do want to find an everyday man and get married and have a family.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 55

    I was 18 when I joined the Army in 1985. All the way through my time in the Army I was with my mate Mark. I met in training. We had no secrets from each other and watched each others back. After 3 years we both got married. We both had wonderful wive's. Who also looked after each other when we were away.

    In 1990 we both got sent to the Gulf. We were bunked together in the same room. I was sorting out my kit when an envelope dropped out. Inside were 12 photographs of my wife in lingerie and nude I hadn't taken them and there was no way that Helen could have taken them by her self. This left me wondering who had taken the pictures. Further down in my kit there was a 2 zip seal bags with a pair of used panties in each. I took them out and they smelt Helen's perfume and pussy in them.

    Later on Mark came back to the room I told him about the what I had found in my kit. He said that his wife Sara had done the same thing. We then got out our photos and compared them. It was then we realised that the girls had taken the photos of each other. The girls were very alike in body shape, Helen had bigger tits and was hairy and Sara was shaved.
    But you could see that the photos had been taken at the same time and in the same place.

    As the our tour of duty went on we would let each other use each others photos to wank over and feel the panties. I found there was nothing more satisfying than to wank over Helen's pictures while sniffing Sara's panties.
    Quite often Mark would do the same.

    We got sent several more pairs of panties over the tour and more and more explicit photo of our wives.

    I found I loved to wear Helen's panties under my uniform, if I was out on patrol I would put her knickers in my helmet I didn't want to get shot or killed wearing panties.

    When we returned home we all got together and had a foursome. But that's another confession.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 30

    I've been sober for just over 3 years. I am still a member of my favorite bar's pool team and a regular there. Always on my regular stool with a club soda, I watch some of the patrons who over-indulge.

    Last Monday was like that, I was there for a league match and noticed a cute girl who was clearly on a mission to get fucked up. She was drinking flavored vodka shots, and some of the guys were already buying her more. As she headed to the bathroom, she answered her phone, from what I could hear she must have caught her boyfriend with his sidechick. On her way back, she was crying, so I just handed her a napkin from the bar as she passed. That's all it took for her to decide I was the one she was going to vent on, cry to, and it up for advice.

    Listening to her as she went from yelling at me/him, her slurred words were turning into one big run on word. She asked the bartender for 2 more shots, one for each of us, and I told Dennis to make them my usual. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Regan and she came to town to surprise her boyfriend at school. Regan was the one surprised. She downed the shot and didn't even notice it wasn't vodka. I tried to calm her down but she wanted to go back and confront him again because he wouldn't pick up the phone or answer her texts. She was in no condition to drive, so I told her I would drive.

    Of course, he didn't answer the door so I said I would drive her to where she was staying. That's when it got a little weird. I thought she fell asleep as we were driving when I felt her rubbing my dick as we drove. When I looked down and asked her what the hell she was doing, she told me she needed a favor. She unzipped my pants and put her lips up to my dick and snapped a pic and sent it to him. Then she put it against her nose, took another and sent that!

    I told her that was enough and to stop. Suddenly her phone was blowing up. Seems she hit a nerve with her Bf. I kept driving and she fell asleep for real. When we got to the hotel she was staying at, I woke her up. She was still toasted, so I messed with her head a little. I asked if she was going to finish the blowjob she fell asleep giving me. She said I was crazy, and to stop when I told her to look at the pics in her phone. When she saw them she forgot why she took them, so I told her to just finish the job, that she couldn't leave me with a problem like that and showed her how hard I was. She was a trooper, and went at it. About halfway through, I asked her for her phone and we made a vid of her taking a shot to the face and licking it up. I told her she should send that to her boyfriend.

    I walked her to the room, made sure she made it inside and left. I never got her number, she didn't get mine. All she has is some dick pics and a really jealous boyfriend now!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    Two years ago I allowed my sons best friend to fuck me, when he thought I was crashed out from too much drink. In reality I knew exactly who it was and what he was doing, and it felt fucking awesome. His cock was far larger than my husband's who was out of the country at the time, and I even orgasmed as quietly as I could, twice on his amazing cock. The following day when he called by, we both didn't say anything, but I knew he knew I'd been conscious enough to know he'd fucked me. Nothing has happpened between us since, but we've flirted heavily each time he's been around.
    The reason I'm confessing is, my son has invited him to stay over (He lives in another state now) knowing his dad and he won't be here on one of the nights his best friend stays. We've recently messaged each other and I now know for sure he's still got very much, the hots for me. With my husband and son away overnight, I just know we're going to end up having a whole night of sex.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I have a boyfriend against the advise of just about everyone. The main complaint is that I am number 51, I am not the only one. Of course I am 23 and in love. We went on a long weekend to Aruba. In Aruba we meet this woman who was traveling with her daughter. My boyfriend takes the girl up to our room and has sex with her. She is legal in Aruba but she wasn't experienced in any way. Imagine how naïve this girl was? The mother gets angry of course, my boyfriend tells the mother to grow up, he tells the girl that she is just about the best he's had and tells me that is what he likes, nice, young, firm and hot.

    The next morning we are having breakfast and the woman and the girl come down. He immediately walks over to the girl and asks her to come sit with us. She doesn't know whether to go with her mother or follow my boyfriend so I get up and tell him to leave her alone and to come back and sit down. He does and he brings the girl is with him, leaving her mother standing there by herself. So I ask the mother to join us. We go snorkeling and he has the girl come with us, we go sit by the pool and the girl sits by the pool, he takes her up to the room for a nap. When I get up to the room the bed is a mess and their clothes are on the floor and they are naked on the bed.

    Now this is my confession. I like naked girls, I have always liked naked girls. From the time I was nine and ten I liked naked girls. I crawled on the bed and opened her legs and ate her and after a couple of minutes she let me. I was once this girl, young and firm and hot and my boyfriend took me and had sex with me and then let his girlfriend have sex with me. I love having sex with a girl, especially after she has had sex with him. I like young and firm and hot. That is why we go to Aruba.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Female / 46

    I posted this story a while neighbour left town some time ago for a new job...I have really missed him. He got back for a weeks holiday last night. I picked him up from the airport and we went straight to his hotel. As soon as we were in the door we undressed...he had a thong on for me and looked stunning. I rimmed him in it then he took it off and fucked me, long hard and very deep...

    Was as good as the first time...

    We have a new neighbour...I am married but gay...totally closeted and until last night only a few guys who know me know I am into men. My sex with men is mostly random and anonymous.
    The new neighbour is probably the hottest guy I have ever known personally...I had assumed he was str8...girlfriend until recently and very masculine. He is early 40's and as my wife says...drop dead gorgeous.
    Last night he came for dinner as he often does. My wife is away and so I did the meal. After dinner and a few drinks we were chatting about life in general and he said he has done a massage course as an extension of his yoga class. I was quite surprised. He told me about it and then in a very matter of fact way offered to give me a massage. We have a day bed by the pool so he said hey why not do it here...if you like. I hesitated a bit, knowing how much he turned me on and wondering how I would control myself being touched by him. But he sort of took over and just got a couple of towels from the towel basket and laid them out on the daybed. He got me to get some coconut body oil which we all use here.
    I just had a thong on under my shorts which I was a little self conscious in him knowing I wore one. But I was in the space and so thought ok what the hell. I stripped to my thong and he just said hey looks good...get on here. So I did face down.
    He massaged my back and legs...not getting too close to my inner thigh area. Then I heard him take his shirt off as he said hot work and laughed a bit. I lifted my head and as soon as I saw his bare muscled torso and big nipples I felt my cock start to stir. He was so damn hot. He casually said flip over and I did. My thong bulge was reasonably serious although I was only a little boned. He massaged my shoulders and upper chest touching my nipples occasionally which had become rock hard. I was a little tense wondering what would go on in my thong if I let my imagination run...
    He just told me to relax...he then did my stomach. My cock started to expand. He asked if I was ok and was I happy he continued. He could see my increasing bulge. I stuttered sure and said err sorry about my junk. He said hey perfectly natural and all good. Then he started on my legs and thighs. My cock really started to swell and I felt sure I could sense and feel a little pre cum had oozed out wetting my thong pouch.
    He then unzipped his shorts and let them fall, and stood in very brief tight bikini underwear...his bulge more than matching mine. See, perfectly natural he said with a grin and a little laugh. He continued to massage me and I felt his bulge brush against me a couple of time. That did it. My cock became fully erect and he just pulled it out of my thong pouch. I felt his warm lips envelop my rigged shaft and a hand slide between my inner thighs...then a finger sliding up into me. I gasped and reached for his bulge. He slid his bikini underwear off and let his huge shaft stand fully erect for me to stroke.
    We didn't speak again...we just became engrossed in hot passionate bare animal sex. First on the day bed...then in the pool and finally spent the night in my bed. He ejaculated in me 3 times. I managed a second ejaculation once we were in bed and again in the morning when we woke up and I took his beautiful ass. I finally have a discreet fuck buddy close by. He confessed to being bi and that he was a huge fan of older fit guys and found me very attractive. He wants me regularly, as much as I need and want him. Bliss.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    So I may have a problem.... I love sex.. But I get bored very easily when it comes to vanilla sex. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I've been married 5 years and I'd always been on the naughty side... Though I never really had dirty kinky sex until I met my husband... Problem is, I didn't really have dirty kinky sex with him either... I mean. We would but not really. Truth be told, I have torrid sexual fantasies; i****t, bestiality, r**e.... You name it.. And I'd role play these fantasies with my husband but it would always be me pleasuring him... Fast forward to when we decided to do stuff with other people... I got such a huge kick from it.. And so did he... He loved watching me struggle on another cock and I loved it too... Thing is, the first time I really experienced an orgasm was when my husband watched me as I was blowing another guy... I was so fucking wet, on my knees and then this guy turned me over and decided to duck me, alternating between my pussycat and my assignment... I'd never come like that, let alone orgasm while being fucked! Now my husband wants to keep watching me but he gets jealous sometimes so sometimes I go and fucked without his knowledge just cause the thrill send these wet adrenaline vibes. I'm a slut... I know it... And I love it

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