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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 47

    When I was a young boy, this was the time of year I would start looking in my Mom's bedroom for hidden Christmas gift's. It was also when I started looking at her underwear and lingerie. My Mom was a full figured curvey brunette. She had big double D breasts and a big full round bottom. This was back in the 70's, and open bottom girdles with garters filled one of my Mpm's dresser drawers. Every color, with matching bras. Her panty drawer was my favorite. Lot's of satin panties. And a large number of see thru nylon panties.
    I would rush home from school, (Mom was still at work for a hour more.) run up to her bedroom, sit on the floor, and masturbate using a pair of her beautiful panties. I would pretend she was in the bedroom watching me. pretending she was letting me see her big round bottom. Telling me I was a naughty boy.
    This went on for a couple of years till I started messing around with girls my age. After that i never fantasized about my Mom anymore.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    Got a video from my girlfriend of her getting fucked from behind by a guy with a much bigger dick than me while she moaned how much she loved his big Dick. I just texted back âwowâ and then a minute later âobviously sheâs yours after seeing that obviously I canât competeâ
    She just responded an hour later she was so sorry and that she loved me but I just wasnât big enough to fully satisfy her and she was sorry it had to end like this. I weirdly was turned on by the fact my girlfriend actually left me because my dick wasnât big enough which was humiliating.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Even though Iâm single now, Iâve been a member of a website called TrueSwingers for a few years now. I go on there to chat and occasionally jackoff on camera. I enjoy the chatting and the freedom to talk about anything.
    Anyway, a couple months ago, I was helping my Dad set up his new laptop and he jokingly said he missed watching pornhub! I laughed and blurted out I had a pornhub account too. I mentioned a few other sites I like and then I mentioned the TrueSwingers site.
    The next day, I logged in to have some fun time and I received a friend request from my Dad!! I didnât accept right away, but later that same day, I saw his screen name pop up the TS chatroom and he was broadcasting! I clicked on his camera link and there was my old man, naked playing with his surprisingly big dick. I turned it off quickly, not knowing exactly how to approach this new situation. I was already horny, so I thought what the hell. I accepted his friend request and went back into the chatroom and clicked his broadcast link. I waited to see if he checked to see my name watching and eventually he did. He sent me a DM and we chatted a bit. I was still somewhat dressed , even though my camera was on. I checked who was watching and saw my Dad was
    listed. I acted as casually as I could and stood and shedded the rest of my clothes. This was it. My Dad was seeing my grown cock for the first time. I had a full blown election within a minute. My DM notification came up again. Dad said he liked my cock!! I replied the same.
    So there we were, camming with each other, stroking our dicks.
    Since that night weâve chatted more online than in person. He found me on pornhub too and we exchange messages and our favorite porn on there.
    We still hang out in person like we always have; family dinners and outings and such, but our online relationship is so amazing!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    when my sister gets drunk and passes out I per in a cup then pour it on her crotch then I undress her

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    when my sister gets drunk and passes out I per in a cup then pour it on her crotch then I undress her

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I traveled to a convention in Amsterdam and the guy who was assigned to show me around suggested we go to the red light district. It was OK but really that didn't do much for me. We ended up at this late night bar having a beer and we got into a heavy discussion with some locals. The locals invited us to join them at a party and my guide told me not to accept because lots of times that is how visitors got robbed. He left but I didn't.

    At the party, there were mostly guys and a couple of girls, the weed came out and some hard liquor from Morocco went around the table. The girls left and it was just two guys and myself. One of the guys offered himself to me for a hundred Euros, he got undressed and flashed his cock in my face and repeated that I could have him for a hundred Euros. The other guy reached over and grabbed his cock and sucked him hard and said I could have them both for a hundred fifty Euros, cash. The second guy got naked and they started to kiss and jerk each other.

    I had a hundred but not a hundred fifty and so they told me to pick. I took the first one and sucked him hard, he had a large cock. He shot early and it was over for him. The second guy looked at me like bad choice. I was hot and I offered him a hundred too but I had to get it when I went to the hotel. He didn't like credit so I gave him my watch and I got to sucking his cock. He lasted a long time and I got my fill of sucking him, he told me that for an extra twenty Euros he would cum in my mouth. It wasn't the taste or the consistency, it was the room, the weed and the moment but I lapped it all up even if he had to jerk himself to give me his cum.

    We walked the couple of miles to the hotel getting there around four a.m. The front desk wouldn't let them up without signing in and when we got upstairs I told them I wanted to get fucked, I felt that the hundred and twenty Euros warranted a fuck and not just a blow job. He was a pro and he got himself back up and he tore into me hard, harder than I had experienced, but worth it at that hour of the morning. I settled up with both of them, and they left and I even got my watch back. Like I said earlier they were pros.

    I told my guide set up by the company that I had gone back to the hotel. He told me that he had gone by the hotel at midnight and I wasn't there and he and his boss had considered it and called the police. When I showed up later that night the front desk had let the police know I was there and I had two guys with me, pros because they had signed in with their credentials. He said he didn't care if I had a taste for men, to him it didn't matter but I had put him in a bad position because he had been responsible for me. He assured me that he and his boss had no choice but to report back to the home office that I had gone AWOL for the night, they would leave the two friends out of the story line.

    It hung over me for a while, it seemed that anything that didn't go right was going to expose the night in Amsterdam. I am careful and this was pretty dumb, especially since I had a guide who had to report back to his boss on me. My nights out when traveling are always my own thing, I book my own hotels for that reason, nobody's business who I pick up when I am out of town but I messed up that night in more ways than one. It seems that I can't pay enough to get anywhere close to that night in Amsterdam.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    When I was sixteen I ran away from home. I bought a ticket on the Greyhound bus for Los Angeles. Lots of people got on and got off, and the drivers changed in Phoenix. Once I got to L.A. I wandered around and fell asleep at the bus station and when I woke up my bag was gone with my clothes and money. In the bathroom I was washing my face and this woman asked me what I was doing, she didn't leave me alone and got out of me that I was on the street and that I had lost my bag and I didn't have any money. She gave me a twenty dollar bill, which back then was like a hundred dollars today, she told me I was pretty and if I wanted I could go home with her and get a shower and get something to eat. It never crossed my mind to ask what she was doing at the bus station.

    At her house she came into the bathroom when I was in the shower and asked me if I needed anything. She stayed in the bathroom waiting for me to get out of the shower. She finally just pulled the shower curtain back and turned off the water and held up a towel and told me to step into it so she could dry me off. I had never been felt up before and she pushed her hand in between my legs and she rubbed my breasts. When I tried to step away she raised her voice and told me to stand still she wasn't done drying me. She but a bathrobe around me because she had put my clothes in the wash and she sat me down to eat breakfast.

    She told me her name was Mary and that I was going to be her houseguest. When my clothes came out of the dryer she stood in front of me while I put on my clothes, she ran her hands over my hips and boobs telling me what a pretty young thing I was. She showed me her room and told me that I was going to sleep with her but I had to sleep on the side by the window because sometimes she had to get up at night and go down the hall to the bathroom. I had never met a lesbian before.

    She went out to go to the store. I tried to leave but the doors to the house were locked. When she got back she had some clothes she had picked up and a bag of groceries. She gave me a lecture about being a young girl on the streets and she was lucky she had found me before I was taken away by the pimps. I got several lectures that day and all of them ended up with if I went on the streets the pimps would get me. That night she told me she liked girls just like me and to take my clothes off and get in bed. She got naked beside the bed and got on the bed and I had to touch her and get to know her. She made love to me.

    She had some money because her father had left her with a trust and she owned the house she lived in and I stayed with her for a long time. She was very jealous but she let me come and go and she took me to this school and enrolled me telling them that I was her niece and had come to live with her. Nights were hot and cold, many nights we went to bed and she insisted on holding me regardless and we fell asleep. But some nights she wanted to play with me, she always got naked first and had me play with her breasts and suck her nipples, she hardly ever made me go down, but she went down on me all the time. Compared to her I was small but even at that age I had had sized breasts and she loved to lay me on my back and play with my breasts and talk about the day. Sometimes she went down on me and didn't stop, not even after she had gotten me off.

    When I finally moved out, I had finished high school and I was going to art school and I had a job working for a small office as a clerk. She gave me money and helped set me up in my first apartment, she wasn't happy about me leaving but she said I was just one of those that could not stay put. Alone I found out that I got hotter with a man than I did with her and I discovered sex that I wanted to do. I got hurt several times and she always told me it was because I was chasing a man and I had to learn that was a dead end street, to find a young woman that I liked and make her my own and stop playing with fire.

    Along around when I was twenty-five she introduced me to a college girl she knew through some friends. She was going to college and she was definitely gay. Her name is Alice and she is originally from Huntington West Virginia. We hung around for a while and it took a long time for us to sync up and find out that we could be together. I won't say that Mary is wrong, guys always end up blowing up in my face. Mary wants me to be with Alice and never quits telling me to stay away from guys. There is only one path she says, and it is not with a man, follow my heart, lay my head down beside Alice and tell her she is the only one. I wish it was that easy, I wish the path was as clear to me as it is to her. I do hold Alice at night, and when we make love I sometimes can't stop. I do tell her she is mine and that I am glad she is with me, I tell her but sometimes I don't know if I am telling her to convince myself or to convince her. Or to agree with Mary.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was walking around the museum in London to pass the time and got to talking to this guy also passing the time, we left and went and got a beer and while we were at the bar he put his hand on my belly, believe me when I tell you I have a belly. I did not take his hand off, and he did not take his hand off. When we had pretty much exhausted our time at the pub we walked back towards our hotels and I said lets see what happens and I swatted him on the ass with the museum guide I had in my hand. He did not react and at the next street crossing I took his arm and we crossed. At his hotel we sat in the small lobby and I aske him if the rooms were so small you could barely get to the bathroom, he laughed and we went upstairs.

    The room was small and the full size bed took up most of the room and it was on the third floor so the small window was off the street level and a man can give another man a back massage and get close to him from behind and when offered he lay back on the bed so that he could get his feet rubbed and his zipper lowered and his cock sucked. He was a man of girth, not like me. His cock was worth sucking, a girthy cock is always worth sucking, his pants undone and his pants off and his boxer shorts in the way they had to come off and his cock was harder than before and he took off his shirt and undershirt and laid back naked as the day he was borne and I sucked his cock.

    I got undressed and lay beside him and he took my cock in his hand and before he sucked my cock we kissed on the bed. If anything gets me going is kissing, I am a sucker for kissing and nipple play and while he stroked my cock I sucked his nipples and kept his cock hard in my hand. I have never been the one to climb on top, he understood instinctively and I got on my stomach and he stroked his cock thru my butt crack rubbing hard against my hole. I like that, I have a sensitive hole opening, my anus is very sensitive and pressure from a man's cock will get me ready faster than anything else will. He was well prepared for a traveler, he got out some oils and a condom and after a minute he was riding in and out, he said his oils helped him stay hard longer and he did and he finally came.

    I stripped his condom off and sucked his cock. I love a cock covered in cum and if I can I want him to cum again, this time in my mouth and he did. It was a happenstance encounter and it worked, I was definitely looking to find company for the night and so was he, we are both Americans nothing English here, just two guys meeting up on a business trip out of town. What I do out of town is no one's business but mine, I can be the straight laced man at church on Sunday, but out of town I can indulge in my favorite pastime, sucking cock and getting naked with a man.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    In 1962 when I was 10 years I was r*ped by a Roman Catholic priest. I tried to complain but it went no where. Nobody believed me and no police report was filed and I never got a medical exam. My parents thought I had deliberately harmed myself to fake evidence. That is how they explained the blood in my underwear. I won't bother trying to explain the psychological trauma. I shall summarize merely by saying it fucked my mind up pretty badly and I'll leave it at that.

    Right after I turned 16 my mom offered me as a slave to the church to work for free as a volunteer to sell game cards for 25 cents each on Bingo! nights. She didn't word it that way though. To her I was doing my Christian duty to fund raise for the church. Bingo! was every Friday and Saturday night. I think it was also a way for her to keep me out of dating circulation. She implied that I would not be welcome to remain living at home if I didn't. So that November, on my birthday which was on a Friday, instead of having a birthday party, I worked for free from 5 pm to 11 pm. I thought I was working in the kitchen since I was under 18 but nobody showed up to sell the game tickets so the priest told me that if anyone asked I was 18.

    So they handed me an apron with pockets. Quarters went into the left pocket. Dollar bills went into the middle pocket. Fives went into the right pocket. Tens went into my right rear pants pocket and twenties and twos went into my right rear pocket. I carried a cardboard tray with 500 tickets in it which amounted to $125 in revenue. That was quite a bit in 1968.

    Nobody ever asked how old I was. I never told. I was of course just turned 16 as I said. After about 15 minutes I had sold half the box. It was a very popular game but as soon as the box was half empty nobody wanted to buy any tickets. It was some sort of superstition that I never did figure out. So I took the half empty box to the office where the priest sorted through and combined partial boxes until it looked like a new box filled with game pieces. Gamblers are funny, for some reason they think they have a better chance of winning if the box is brand new and full. They think the odds go down if the box is half empty. Meanwhile I had pockets filled with cash that I thought the priest was going to cash. He asked if I needed to use the rest room and suggested I do because I won't get a chance again until I came back again. I started to take the apron off and hand it to him for safe keeping and he told me to keep custody of the case until I got back from the rest room. When I got back I observed everything he did and realized he never counted the game pieces and had no idea how much cash I should have in my pockets. Also since part of my job was to pay out smaller prizes, free game tickets, $1, $5, and $10. that affects how much money I should have and the priest never kept track of any of that. I took no action that first night because I wanted to see how everything worked. But the next night, Saturday, when I saw it was the same priest I decided to try to skim a little. I took two dollars and stuffed it in my sock.

    Nothing bad happened so the following Friday I skimmed a five dollar bill. When nothing happened I took ten. Within a couple of weeks I was skimming about $50 from every box of tickets a sold and that came to about $100 and hour or $600 a night or $1200 a week. So this went on for years. When I graduated from high school I had skimmed a total of over $156k. I had by then spent all of about $5k on such things as a car, TV, stereo, clothes etc. In the summers I worked a full time job Sun-Thur in a restaurant and that didn't pay hardly anything but I had to have a job to explain how I could buy things. My mother never questioned the math. On the day I graduated I had almost $153k total in a lock box I kept in a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom. After high school I went to a community college and earned my A.A. in general education then went on to ART school and studied art history, the subject most royalty study because it's an easy degree. You look at art read about art then write highly opinionated essays about the art. basically you B.S. your way to a B.A. The community college didn't cost much, I got grants for most of it because I had little actual income. When I transferred to the local state college I could still live at home and mom liked that.

    I stopped skimming from the ticket sales when the old priest retired and was replaced by one who had studied accounting and business before going to the seminary. But that only happened just two months after I graduated with my art degree. Mom was happy to support me while I was in school so I had very low expenses. On graduation day I had big four stainless steel lock boxes in the ceiling with $96k in each for a total of $384k.

    I should at this point say that the priest who ran Bingo! was not the same one who r*ped me. The one who r*ped me told me he knew I was a sissy faggot and knew I would like what he was going to do to me. He made me suck it then he fucked my ass. That is how I bled, from my ass being fucked. If he had waited two years I would actually have enjoyed sucking his dick and had he been more gentle and patient I would have enjoyed getting it up the ass. But not the way he did before I got to puberty. I later found out he did that with several other alter boys.

    So as I said, the day I graduated from college I had no debt and I had squirreled away $384 thousand dollars. That was actually enough to retire on and then some. It was 1974 and you could buy a nice house for $30k. A new car could be had for about $5k and a really nice new car could be had for about $10. But I found that I couldn't spend a lot of it because I had no way to report it as income without being caught. Then I discovered the wonderful world of antiques. It seemed, at least in those days, that you could launder any money you wanted to if you had an all cash business and most businesses in those days were mostly cash. Antiques were the best because often they were stolen and nobody wanted to answer questions and few wanted to ask them. I rented out a store front and advertised antiques for sale. Then during the week I would buy out whole estates and sell the antiques in my shop. Pickers and others would bring me antiques to buy. I could claim any price paid and sold for in my records. So I just pretended I had a very lucrative antique shop and paid taxes accordingly. Now in case you think I should be reported to the I.R.S. I actually paid the appropriate tax on everything I stole as though I had earned it I just funneled it through my antique business to make it look like I earned it that way. Ironically I ended up doing better with antiques than with stealing. I retired in 1994 after twenty years in the business with $32 million to my name. I had multiple antique malls, shops and boutiques and imported tons of antiques from Europe for the American market. I never stole from anyone else again after I stole from the church. I should also point out that the average payout from the church pe*oph*le scandal was more than I stole from them if you calculate in attorney and court costs so I feel NO guilt and NO remorse and I'd do it again.

    In 1995 I discovered that the priest who r**ed me had died. I went to his funeral and after everyone else left I pissed on his grave. Yes, I took it out and urinated all over his grave.

    I did commit one other crime. After the creation of the sex offender's watch list I looked at it and found ex Roman Catholic priests listed. I hunted one down and found where he lived. I made friends with him. I found out he still liked little boys. Then I found out he had, AFTER he got out of jail for r*ping an 11 year old boy, found a 12 year old boy to victimize. He was in the process of grooming he boy which I observed by stalking him. I pretended I also liked little boys and he invited me to help him r*pe the 11 year old. He had him over his house and called me up to invite me over so I went. When I got there he was already getting his blow job from the boy who seemed to be very unhappy to be there. He invited me to take a turn. So I sat down and I looked into that terrified boys eyes and I asked if he really wanted to suck my dick. His eyes gave me all the answer I needed. I told the defrocked priest that I had been r*ped by one of his colleagues years earlier. He started to get nervous. I looked down at the boy who was kneeling between my legs waiting to have his mouth ra*ed. I asked the boy if he enjoyed sucking on the priest's dick and he said no and began to cry. I asked him if he thought the priest should be punished. He was too afraid to answer. So I took out my revolver which I had recently bought and had hid in my waistband and pointed it in the general direction of the priest. I told the boy that this monster was never going to hurt him again. It seemed the priest had blackmailed the boy into being his sex slave threatening to tell his parents that he had caught the boy kissing another boy. In those days it was better to submit to being a gay sex slave than to have your parents find out you are gay. So the boy submitted. I told the priest to remove his clothes and I told the boy to put on his. I told the boy he could decide the priest's fate. I offered him the choice of either I kill the priest, I hand the priest a knife and he can castrate himself or I can call the police and have him arrested for r*ping the boy. The boy said he didn't want the priest killed and didn't want the police called because they would then find out he had been doing gay things with a man and that was unbearable. So castration it was. The boy surprised me when he asked if he could first smash the guys balls with a hammer. The priest happened to have such a hammer in the kitchen drawer.

    He protested quite a bit. But eventually he just stood there with his balls laying on the corner of the kitchen table while the boy smashed each one three times as hard as he could with the hammer. Of course in between hits the priest had to recover and compose himself. Then I told him to go get a kitchen knife and sharpen it which he did. He really did whine and cry and scream and complain a lot and that was before he lost his balls. I know he was in pain but the boy really didn't do THAT much damage with the hammer.

    While holding the gun and with the boy standing next to me the priest took the knife and made a cut in his nut sack, reached in and pulled out his balls one at a time and cut off what connected them to his groin. He was now officially a eunuch. The boy told him to also cut off his dick which I wasn't going to have him do due to the bloody mess it would make. I told the boy that the priest would lose interest in r*ping anyone if he had no balls. After giving the priest some time to recover, about half an hour I told him to gather up everything of value that he had, money, his watch, his TV and stereo and VCR and give it to the boy as restitution. I told him if he EVER told anyone or EVER complained in any way and EVER had any contact with anyone under 18 again I would come back and we would be removing other body parts.

    I drove the boy home and explained to his mother that the boy had worked a one time gig doing odd chores for a friend of mine and the loot was his payment. I praised the boy in front of his mother and told her he was a fine boy and then I even threw in that I noticed a girl looking at him and said I thought she liked him and he should go for it. I figured that by adding a heterosexual element to the conversation might distract from any suspicion his mother might have about the boy's sexuality. In 1995 preteen gay boys were not popular with their parents.

    So my attorney informs me that in both situations the statute of limitations has run out and that I cannot be prosecuted. So if you are thinking about reporting any of the above good luck! Even if it hadn't I regret none of my actions. The Roman Catholic church is an evil institution, a secret society of pe*oph*les and thieves running gambling, blackmail and extortion. It's basically a gay mafia.

    I ran into the boy years later. I didn't recognize him. He was all grown up and a good looking 20 something man. We hooked up a couple of times but then I lost track of him. He had graduated college and was on his way to law school. He was also a damned good kisser.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My most embarrassing moment was the day my grandmother caught me giving my boyfriend a blow job while in drag. I didn't know my mom had invited her over for dinner. I was 13 and my boyfriend was 19. I absolutely adored his gigantic hourse cock. It was my mission in life to be able to one day cram the entire thing down my throat so he could feel my stomach acid on his foreskin.

    So Mom was at work and had called to say she would be two hours later and just simply forgot to mention Grandma was coming over for dinner. I figured I had two hours so I invited my boyfriend who lived next door over for a mouth fuck. I love the taste of his sperm. there is no such thing as enough of his sperm in my mouth. So he was sitting back on the sofa with his massive meat hanging out of his blue jeans and his eyes closed. I was bobbing up and down like a good sissy slut with my long hair in pigtails and pink lace lingerie and high heals on and I can't hear the door open (she has her own key) because my mouth is making wet sucking sounds that would drown out a jack hammer. She stood there for half an hour watching before she cleared her throat. She told me that I was an adorable pretty girl and suggested I take my boyfriend to my room for privacy. I wasn't out. Nobody knew I liked boys or cross dressing though I suppose the long hair and earrings and effeminate mannerisms ought to have been a clue.

    So much blood had rushed to my face from embarrassment that my dick didn't have enough blood to stay hard. I ran to my room dragging my boyfriend with me. The we were so turned on from being caught that we fucked like crazy for about an hour. I came twice just from having that massive cock tear apart my ass while I made out with my boyfriend who is gorgeous.

    Grandma invited my boyfriend to stay for dinner. Mom knew him as simply my best friend. At the dinner table Grandma pointed out to my mom that I hadn't gotten all the nail polish off my fingers and had a little eye make-up that I missed removing and that she really ought to teach me better how to remove my make-up. That is how my mother learned that I cross dress. then Grandma asked "So how long have you two been dating." As I said, I wasn't out. I had never told mom I liked boys though I was not strictly speaking gay since I am also attracted to girls. I was red faced again and thought I was going to pass out from embarrassment. My boyfriend looked scared.

    Mom turned to grandma and told her that she'd been waiting for me to ask for her help with make-up. Wait! She knew? Yup! She knew. She had known all along about me liking boys, my boyfriend and my cross dressing.

    The next day Mom and Grandma took me clothes shopping for girl's clothes and to the beauty salon to get my hair bleached blond and get my nails done. I dated my boyfriend for three more years before he got a job in another state and I couldn't follow since I was still in high school. By the time I graduated he had moved on and had another boyfriend.

    But I will never forget that day when Grandma caught me then outed me and then I found out everyone already knew.

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