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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    I had a black woman once tell me she wanted me to strip her & whip her with a belt.
    I was taken back by it, but she said it as if it were the most normal thing in the world.
    Stranger still is that she & I weren't together, we were friends, she was my neighbor.
    There was no sexual history at all between us.

    I outright refused her request, because even if it was just a kink of hers, it weirded me out.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I've just finished watching a shemale blowjob compilation and I want a go.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I am seriously trying to get in touch with anyone, who would enjoy keeping me tied up in my long rubber-lined bag, and making use of access to either end of me, for female-superior intercourse, face sitting, or male face-fucking! CBT and sadistic milking and orgasm denial would be the icing on the cake! Either gender, any age, any appearance, any ethnic background, couples, groups, welcomed! Prefer long-term, marriage even! Also prefer a cruel streak a yard wide! Help me plumb the depths of sexual submission/slavery, via sensory deprivation, breath control, air rationing, piss treatment, utter humiliation....almost anything goes.....

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    I screwed up big time on my motorcycle 4 1/2 weeks ago hitting the back of a car and going down an embankment. I not only tore the ACL in my left knee but my right leg is fractured in three places and had to be pinned in my thigh area. The cast on my right leg covers my foot up to a few inches past my knee. My right elbow is fractured and I broke 4 ribs. Making matters worse my jaw is wired and I had a concussion causing me to be in the hospital 8 days. I live with my mom and she took off work the first few days I was home. Then without asking me, she arranged to have our neighbor Arlene care for me 4 or 5 hours each day during the week. My mom is real friendly with her but I never liked her much and still don't. I know she is 60 something years old and don't think she is to fond of me either. I still can't chew anything so my meals consist of soft foods and liquids. The problem is I can't get out of bed yet and there is nothing worse than having some old bat helping with a bed pan, wiping my butt and watching me pee. As embarrassing as that is the most humiliating is when she washes me every other day and exposed naked in front of her. I'm so embarrassed I want to cry but never do and think she enjoys humiliating me. I openly blush and as much as she tells me not to let it embarrass me I truly believe she is intentionally humiliating me. She never washes me with her bare hands, always using a wash cloth, but moves me around and opens my legs to wash my genitals and butt. She actually grips my penis when doing this and I never got an erection until last week when she was washing me. It is the ultimate humiliation and it now has happened 4 times so far. She never has said anything about it and I just shut my eyes and try not to let it happen. The last 3 times I think she purposely gripped my penis slowly trying to have me get hard. Then she lets go and wipes my scrotum and anus. She never says a word acting like its no big deal but I know this bitch is deliberately tormenting me. My mom and I moved here 5 years ago so all our real friends and relatives are still in Baltimore. My mom knows I don't like Arlene but thinks she is a nice older lady. Arlene has to know how embarrassed I am but she just doesn't care. I think her intent now is to have me get an erection knowing how humiliating it is for me. I know my mom would be pissed, but how could I tell her I'm getting erections when that old bitch washes me. I'm supposed to get the cast off next week and hope Arlene just stays home. The 8 days in the hospital were bad enough but this is like torture. Its bad enough with her seeing me pee, cleaning up after me and wiping my butt. All I can wear right now are night shirts and by the time Arlene takes it off to wash me I'm laying there naked for almost a half hour at a time. When I get an erection its clear she is trying to shame me and simply wants to humiliate me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Hi Everyone

    My name's Kyle, I'm twenty two and I'm supposedly straight. Well I am to my family and friends anyway. The fact is for the past two and ahalf years I've been having "Quickie gay sex" at least twice a week with a guy who works for the refuge company in my area. He's a supervisor who goes around sorting out any problems the employee's or public might have on their rounds. Only when he's in my area, he pops in for a quick blow job, or if he's got a little more time, a quick fuck, using me and my arsehole as a cum dump.

    It's been amazing having him fuck me, as I only ever saw myself as straight until we spent a weekend fishing together. He taught me just how good it felt to have my cock blown, then taught me the delights of giving him head and taking his cock up my arse. Since then each week as he does his rounds, he calls in and takes his gratification out of my mouth or arsehole.

    I much prefer it these days, when he has me waiting for him with my bare arse already lubed up and I'm kneeling up ready to receive his wonderful cock. Mum, there's only mum, has by then already gone to work, and I'll have text him anyway. He enters our home, walks upstairs or if he wants me somewhere else, I'll be waiting there for him. And then he'll simply fuck me.

    It almost never lasts more than ten minutes, and by then I've invariably cum myself. When his cock explodes in my arsehole, he'll withdraw, have me lick and suck off any cum left on his cock, then he'll leave me to clean up. It suits us both as I have the rest of the day to myself (I work from home mostly), and he gets on with his job without anyone knowing.

    It also helps that he's my mums youngest brother, my uncle, as no one suspects anything when he enters our home. Mum did ask me a few weeks back if he and I were becoming really close, as we've been away together recently to Greece. It was a holiday where I was literally fucked constantly for the whole week we were there. My uncle even arranged for a threesome one night with an older Greek guy, a bar owner who when my uncle wanted a break, a rest during the week, he enjoyed me instead. But that's not what this confession is about.

    As soon as we got back home the usual weekly suck and fucks resumed, and it was then my mum asked me about being close to her brother. What I didn't know then but do now, is my mum and this embarrasses me, apparently watched us having sex when she came home having forgotten her purse. She hasn't said anything directly to me, but I did overhear her talking to my uncle last week when he'd called by at her request. Their conversation was very controlled with no shouting and if anything, it sounded as if they were being jokey. What I did hear, is her telling her brother she'd seen him fucking me and then told him in a polite way "Don't you hurt my boy". His response was "You saw us, do you think he wasn't enjoying it". My mum and he carried on the conversation in a very matter of fact way, until she finally said before he left "Oh and by the way **** my son loves you, you know".

    So now I'm left with my mum knowing about me and her brother, yet she still hasn't said anything to me. The only thing she's mentioned is she's happy, I'm happy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    This isnt really a confession, just something I have to get out.

    After being married to my wife and having done almost everything I wanted sexually I find myself loving when sex goes a little wrong.

    Case in point, I love to play with my wife's ass hole when I go down on her. She is ok with it, I don't get to finger her ass as much as I used to. With a child in the house we have to hurry.

    Well I got a few wonderful gross surprises last time we had sex.

    While going down on her and rubbing my wet thumb over her anus she passed a little bit of scentless gas.

    For some reason I just loved that. Not that I am a brap enthusiast, it's just fun when things go slightly wrong.

    Then something I really like happened. I have the tiniest kink with water play, my wife is not into it at all so when the small stream of pre filled my mouth while vigorously sucking her mound ( I put as much as possible in my mouth and then suck extra hard trying to engorge the clit) I was in heaven. She mentioned being extra wet but we both knew better, I told her I love her extra wet pussy and I wished it got "that wet" every time I went down on her.

    That is the only time I get to indulge in water play and after our first born it happens more frequently.

    I then enthusiastically licked her anus before finally climbing up and trying to get her pregnant ..

    Comment on what you like that your so isnt into but sometimes accidentally let's happen.


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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 42

    I lost my virginity in a warehouse. The warehouseman treated me like shit, he trapped me in the rubber goods room, forced his dick in my mouth and fucked me. He made me his bitch and fucked me a lot while I worked there. I supposed if I didn't like getting fucked I would have looked for a better job earlier. After I changed jobs and went to work for a trucking company on the loading dock their rules and regulations, their cameras and the fact that no one was ever left alone with another man kept me from finding the right man there. I found him at a concert, he worked the shoe department at Macy's, he had no mercy, once he got hot and wanted to fuck he fucked.

    At the trucking company I liked the foreman, he was a nice married man with a three kids. Why I thought that he wanted to fuck me I don't know, but I wanted him too. He is the one man I really wanted. He treated me nice but that was it, he was nice to every one. And then I would go back to Mr. Asshole from Macy's. I guess at that time I liked it rough and dirty. He was rough and dirty.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 33

    I finished college and went on to nursing school. The nursing school was next to the medical school. The nurses had all the sex they wanted or could handle from the male docs. The female docs never got any sex. I knew this one female doc, she had a very pretty face and had a great enough body, but she was always studying and never went out. She is still single and me and all my nursing friends got married.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 33

    Driving from San Antonio to El Paso I broke down on the open highway. A trucker stopped and gave me a ride to get help for my car. He was a sixty odd big man with a beer belly and rough hands and face. I looked at him while we drove answering his questions. The longer we drove the more I wanted to have sex with him, blow him. The conversation went around but he wouldn't give a hint as to whether the long hours on the road made him want company. We arrived in the next town and he dropped me off at the Chevy dealership, wished me luck and went on his way.

    Since that afternoon I became interested in older men, hooking up via primarily CL with older gay men exclusively. I've met men from several backgrounds, ship pilots, cops, linemen, teachers and coaches, businessmen and truckers. The loss of CL has made it a lot more difficult to hook up. Whether CL really caused the problems that's claimed I don't know, but it took away a simple fast way for men of similar taste to hook up and get it on for a couple of hours or fun. I do have other ways to meet, but its hard to get the guy passing through who wants to have a fun time before he has to leave town.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 55

    Now i can say and take some comfort by saying when this went on it was the 70's although i did not know that those years was as we all know now peedos heaven, i was a quiet kid a bit shy and socially awkward my home life was ok but not either loving or abusive, but always felt and knew that i was just not quiet good enough and always felt that i was a burden so i just kept my self to my self and drifted through each day one at a time, one day at school there was a notice up saying that the st johns ambulance club had openings for ages 10/11 and some others and there was a big thing about how getting all your certificates would mean you would be respected by all and so on, it was open night in the church hall that wed from 7 to 9 for anyone, so to try to make people not look down at me and shake there heads i thought if i did that i would be liked,
    so i went and other boys and girls were there i knew them all some were same age as me some older, we looked around and the boys and girls that were already in their uniform told us about how cool it was and such, and then we had a talk from the leader about it and how even from the first time we attend enrollment and club we would be respected as a life saver and so on, anyone that turned up every week and did as taught and tried their hardest would have the respect of everyone from school friends through to teachers and any official people we came in contact with as soon as they knew we were st johns ambulance they would all treat us with respect, so i asked if i could join but was told that we all had to apply and as there was not loads of space they would let the ones that were chose know, so i left knowing i was not going to get in but i was told by my teacher i had got chosen.
    i was made up and went each week learning how to tie bandages and make splints and other things, i dont know why i did what i did but i soon regreted it, i noticed that the subs tin was kept upstairs in the blankets cupboard so started making sure i was the one folding the blankets at the end of the club, it just started with me taking back my subs, but then more as it seemed so easy and i had seen them just take the tin and empty it into the big bag that was kept inthe leaders safe and never counted whhat was in it, so i thought i was safe,one night as everyone left to go home it always finished at 9.30 the leader asked if i could stay back for a bit and if need be to make sure i didnt get home late they would give me a lift but he wanted a quick word , i said ok not worried a bit, well when everyone had gone , i was alone in the church hall , and he came out of his office and said please follow me , so i did up stairs to the blanket cupboard and said i know you have been stealing and have even got you doing it on cini film and with that ran the projector and on if i could be seen going in the subs tin hidden behind a blanket and not just once but often,i actually did feel shit for doing it but that film hit hard.
    i was told to o home and think about what i had done and we would talk next week and until then he promised not to say anything about this until when we spoke if he felt it was his only choice, but imagine what everyone would think if he had to report me, and with that he said be on time next week and ready to learn not steal. such a long week but then it was time so i went to the club and it was as normal, at some point he said at the end so no one asks what you have done i wont ask you to stay behind but you are to find a way to leave with everyone but come back alone and with no one nowing ok, i nodded so as we all made our way from the church hall to the village and home after a fair bit i said to those i was with that i had left my school uniform behind and needed it for tomorrow so said see you all later i need to run before its locked up and ran off,i got back to the hall and went in not knowing if the police was waiting for me or what was going to happen, i was sniffling as i went in, he was stood there and said stop crying this is all your doing no one else has caused this have they, again he said have they no chief no one, i am so sorry chief, you should have thought of that before you stole from all these good people , you need to know how low and evil just what you have done, stealing money from a charity and that money was to buy uniforms for the new recruits including you, but because of you those boys and girls who earn the privilege of wearing there uniform and proudly show the world they are full st johns medics, will not get that privilege as you have stole their money , are you proud of what you have done and shall i show everyone the secret film of you stealing out of that tin , well shall i he said , i begged not to and kept saying sorry and i would never do it again, then he gave me two choices i could deal with what happens when he releases that film,
    then he gave me another choice, i could choose either number one being reported for stealing from the club or number 2, agree to him choosing my punishment and doing exactly as told without question , and not asking why or refusing or not doing exactly as told and never telling anyone about it and he would never tell anyone what i did or show them, so he said then think now take your chances or agree to do anything you are told by me and not ever say no, and before you choose i shall say this if i show the police and your dad the film you pretty much know what will happen ,inc borstall and shame but if you choose the other choice you have no idea but will know you have agreed to obay, so make your choice, i said what will i have to do if i choose 2, he said no you will find out make your choice or shall i just phone the village bobby, i said 2 please 2. so he ok so from now on and untill you leave school you will do as told when you leave school i will burn the film in front of you but until then you will obay me , do you agree i said yes, then he said well its to late to start now next week miss class tell the others you feel poorly during the daytime so they wont miss you and wait done the road till they all go and when i am alone i will turn the outside lights off then it will be safe for you to come in ,ok i said yes and so i did and went in, he was waiting and had closed all the shutters and most of the lights were off ,he said in my office now ,so i went in him following he closed the door after turning all the other lights in the hall off, then he said remember without question or defiance your first order is undress completely and do it now, i looked at him shocked but got my hair pulled and told you chose 2, now that is the last time you will hesitate do you hear i said yes, and so i did as told not understanding why or anything , i was only about 10 years at that time,so i did and as i stood there he said to me that i will obay him always or my punishment will be hell on earth. and was told to lay across his desk as he spanked me, he did spank a lot but not so hard that it made me cry, i had been hit with a belt harder at school for playing about, but after that he said do not move or else, and i felt cold on my cheeks and then between them and as he put it on said say not one word or else, so i said nothing i felt the i thought cream on my cheeks and then between them but then right between them and then as he was spreading it arond there i felt his hand right against my bum and was scared but said nothing then he pulled away but a few secs later was back and could feel loads of it it was slapped on me , and then his finger was on my bum and he pushed it against me , he got it in me and was pushing it in and out and then i felf another finger he did that untill i think three was going in and out, it was not nice but didnt hurt so much, as he took them out he moved around behind me and i felt my bum with something against it i thought he was using his fingers again but soon realized it wasn't his fingers , but didnt know what, but soon found out what it was as i felt it push inside me and him driving it in and pulling it out for a while then i was told to get up and turn around and face him so i did, and then he sat me on his desk and made sure i knew what was happening and why, funny thing was although i had to do what he said, it wasn't that bad i mean i didnt like it but it didnt bother me either. so i did as told and got very well looked after for doing as told and not crying, i was not going to get done for stealing from the club so as long as no one found out i didnt care about what he told me to do, i got used to doing what i had to, and it meant nothing, but it took no time to be able to see that lookin an eye as a grown up spoke to me or others, i could soon tell who else around us was like him just by looking and hearing all the same things being said to others as had been said to me,lots of grown men that we all was in their company was like that ,i saw it everyday, at school at youth club some of my mates dads even girl mates so many looked the same, but i knew i was his secret as he was mine never did he say anything to anyone that made it clear what was happening, so as time went on and the same thing happened each time only difference was office or upstairs on the balcony. so i decided to see if he wasnt going to show me if i was right about the others i would find out for myself, and i chose to check my theory on my mates dad, i had seen him looking with that look and was sure he was one, i used to stop at his and on a camp bed in his room but the box room was decorated and a bed put in it so his mum said when you stay in future use that room as yours so it will be more comfortable for you and give him more space , so i said ah thanks aunty val, and i stayed a lot, one night i got up to pee and when i went back to my room left the door open a bit enough to be able to see the bed, and with the landing light on the room was lite enough to see in, so i lay on the bed in just my pj bottoms no top and on my back and undid my pj's and had them by my knees as i played with my cock and i was only about 11 then but had seen enough and done enough to know how to do it , and for some reason it got hard as i played and started doing a proper wank on it up and down and twisting it in my hand and i was doing all the ball playing nipple stroking arse hole probing as carefully looking at the door and i knew he had come out of their bedroom and gone to toilet just after me, then i saw him stood back watching as i wanked, so i rolled over still cock in hand and on my knees fucked my hole with my fingers, and as i was he walked in and very quietly said what are you doing and i said sorry i thought i was in private, please dont tell , he said i am shocked so i said can we go down stairs and talk he said yes and when we got there he said i am shocked that you was doing that and i said would you be more shocked if i said i was thinking of you as i was ,or would you like that, he said shocked and like it, so i said well your son does not do that but i do and if you want to you can, he said no , but i said ok then you caught me so tell me what you thought as i saw you watch as i played with it thinking if you liked it and you watched for over 10 mins , and then sat next to him on the settee and pulled it out and played in seconds he had grabbed my hand and guided it to his hard cock and i was right he was the same as he had what he wanted and i said nothing, after that just to know what arsehole grown men were i checked out so many , some really important people, some club members, some police,, some teachers,,, some from church, after a bit it stopped amazing me how many men were fucking boys and girls ,so many were, so many , it happened in school, and at army cadets and at more than one friends house, and a police car once, and lots in the bushes at the park, so i did as told and no questions , just what he said and got used to it he spanked and fucked that arse lots but , as it didnt bother me that much i made sure that i checked out all the perves around and got them all to fuck me, and they did, and that was what happened, i didnt care it was shit, and things only count if you let them get to your emotions i never did

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