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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    This happened a few years ago (2010) but thought I'd share. I have a half sister that I didn't meet until I was 24. I first had contact with through facebook, and when we first started chatting I was stationed overseas and she was also overseas because of a relationship she was in at the time. We chatted through facebook here and there and eventually skyped one day. I'm a decent looking guy and she is above average looking. I remembered getting off of skype and thinking to myself, "was she flirting with me? Nah.. no way." She's a little younger than I am by a few years, at the time I was about 24 and she was probably 21. Let me add that she has a great body, very toned, tanned, black hair, and the most beautiful big blue eyes. Very beautiful indeed.
    So, as time went by we really didn't chat very much at all until a random set of events changed all of that. It just so happens that she moved back to the states and was very near where I would be residing on my two weeks of leave. One thing lead to another, and she ended up coming to my place to pick me up so we could meet, and hopefully go out and party a little. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped when she finally got to my location to pick me up. She got out of the car, ran over to me, and I instinctively picked her up as she jumped up on me to hug me. It all happened so fast but I didn't realize she had on very loose, very short shorts. My right hand went under her shorts and ended up cupping her left butt cheek. A little foreshadowing for the crazy night ahead, little did I know at the time.
    Fast forward - right after she picked me up we're riding in the car and I'm trying to decipher wtf is going on at this point. We made small talk and eventually decided to go to the local casino since I'd actually never been before. We got there, started playing and kind of went separate ways for a while. The whole time we were drinking jack and cokes, left and right it seemed. All of a sudden while I was playing my game she came up and plopped a stool next to my game on the right side of me. She was extremely close to me, and while I registered her proximity, I didn't actually think anything would come of it. At some point as we were chatting we ended up making more and more eye contact, which resulted in us making out. And that action broke the seal on the craziest, hottest three days of sex I've ever had.
    As we were walking out of the casino we were walking with our arms interlinked - I was pretty well wasted but coherent and able to walk under my own power without too much problem. We ended up going just a stones throw away from the casino to the levee where we decided to hang out. We ended up sitting on the crest of the levee, at the very top. She straddled me, facing me and I'm serious when I say we couldn't stop making out. We probably made out for what seemed like an hour and to this day it's the longest, hottest make out session I've ever had. Over time I got braver and so did she. She ended up raising her shirt up to let me suck on her nipples, which to my delighted surprise were pierced. It was probably about 11pm at this point, so there are people here and there walking by but not very many at all. She had a much better view of people coming than I did. Remember those loose shorts I talked about in the beginning of the story? This is where those come into play. As we were getting up to leave she bent over with her hands on the seat part of a bench. I smacked her ass a few times, then realized I could access her pussy due to how loose the shorts were. I started rubbing her pussy and she pretty much was like an animal in heat. I actually fucked her through the leg of her shorts, kind of unbelievable but it worked just fine. I ended up fucking her for a couple of minutes, right there, where anyone could see us. I didn't cum, but we ended up getting a hotel room right after that and finished what we started. Several times. I can still remember the sight of cumming in my step sister's mouth with those big beautiful eyes looking up at me. She was eager for my cum, never letting a drop go to waste. She offered her ass to me but for what ever reason it never ended up happening, which I regret. All in all it's still crazy, but I'd do it all over again in a second.
    The story is 100 percent true!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    It all started with Tony (friend/neighbour) making advances while Stuart (my husband) was at work. He kept making excuses for coming round and one-day he tried it on physically in the kitchen, fortunately my kids came home from school. I made sure from that day I wasn't home alone BUT every time I saw him acting normally with Stuart, with the usual banter which always goes on between them about me with Stuart telling him that I do flashing, full blow jobs even saying that I don't mind anal making me dead embarrassed but making Tony jealous saying about Stuart able to see me naked at any time with Stuart actually daring me to give him a flash after all Tony was a friend but I didn't rise to the dare. Later on when Tony left leaving us alone, after all this time I decided to tell Stuart about those happenings with Tony all that time ago.
    At first he was furious and was going to go round and belt him for what he had tried BUT after calming down he actually got turned on asking lots of questions eventually us making real passionate love. Then one night my "revenge" opportunity came real because my kids were out for the night and Tony's wife was away so he came round for a drink and as usual the banter went on.
    I made an excuse to go upstairs so I could put my plan into action. Changing into my yellow slightly see-through button up dress, with Basque, stockings, red see-through knickers underneath I shouted down for them to come upstairs BOTH of them were gobsmacked by what I was wearing and obviously we were in our bedroom. I had music playing, telling them to stand to one side and watch but they can't touch telling Tony he was now going to see what he always wanted.
    Unbuttoning my dress letting it fall from my shoulders revealing my Basque then sliding it further down until completely letting it go then sitting on the edge of the bed unfastening my stockings sliding them down, now reaching behind me unfastening my Basque holding it for a second before letting it go now revealing my bare tits, my nipples were now starting to stick out which Stuart commented to Tony about that no doubt I was getting worked up myself but I was still in control of everything happening at this moment.
    I still had my slightly see-through knickers on. Making sure telling them to stay by the dressing table lying down pushing down on my waistband of my knickers telling Tony that he was about to see what he was hoping to use all that time ago. At this time I will admit I was getting dead excited myself and my heart was pounding and really I should of been prepared for what happened next because STUART said to Tony something like "Hell this is to much should we sample what is on offer" meaning me obviously "I never had a chance to even get up because both of them literally pinned me down with Stuart telling Tony to pull my knickers right off and to spread my legs. I didn't think that Stuart would act like this but I hadn't realised that I had got them so worked up. They were like sex starved animals with Stuart telling Tony I wanted fingering and the rougher the better I liked it. Stuart very rarely acts like this but I started to feel actually humiliated because as well I could feel myself Cumming shaking not in control of my body . By now both of them had their dicks out with Stuart TELLING me to give Tony one of my special blow jobs first before they will take it in turns to fuck me I wasn't disappointed when I saw Tony's Dick because it was a bit bigger than Stuart and also circumcised so now with it being rock hard I was made to suck him till he came having to swallow it while Stuart got me to the doggie position fucking me. Between them they made me cum a couple more times and each time they ridiculed me about how much I must be liking it. It was about 2 AM when they actually finished with Stuart saying to Tony that he must come round again soon if he wanted to NOT bothering what I thought although I will admit I secretly enjoyed it

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 24

    I may say straight male, but in my horniness, after a posting online, in a city where I do not reside but have to work, I am in my hotel bed, with a fresh load of a mans sperm inside my rectum. I let a guy fuck my butt. I've never done anything with another guy except when I was around 9 or 10 showing my cock to a playmate and he showed me his. I have a naturally smooth face and body, I can barely grow any hair except above my cock. To make matters worse I bought lipstick and put it on my lips, and on my nipples at his request, and was wearing; until he ripped them off me, a pair of lace panties which are now shredded and lying next to me. I let a stranger cum inside me, it hurt a lot getting fucked but he wasn't about to stop. I am 24, he is 47 and married. He is staying in the same motel but we met via an online posting. I don't even know why I posted that I wanted a man to have sex with me. I have 3 girls that I sleep with, each prettier and sexier than the next. I think of all the times I fucked them in the ass, and wonder if they experienced the same thing I did. Two of them were anal virgins, I think I was very gentle but not sure, especially when I would get close to shooting off.

    I don't know this guy, and now I'm coming down from the high and bliss of having lost my anal virginity, my gay virginity (I sucked him also) and wonder what mistake I made. He said he has an appointment but will come back later tonight to go again. This time he wants me in a mini skirt and blouse with matching panty and bra. I will go to the big store across the street and buy something cheap to wear, as he'll probably tear the undies off me again.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 23

    My boss thinks everything is fine and dandy in his marriage. He's so fucking arrogant, he actually believes his twenty nine year old wife Jenny, enjoys having sex with his fifty five year old small cock. She tells me if he wasn't loaded, which he is, she wouldn't be within five miles of his cock. She's his second wife and he genuinely believes she's faithful to him. Jenny's a real fine looking woman, and is always at the gym. Which is where most of the men who've fucked her since they got married, have met her. That's because Jenny is a dirty cock loving slut. And this boy just so happens to have a really big cock. And when I say she's a dirty slut, I mean it. She loves nothing more than to be fucked in her mouth, pussy and up her arsehole. And she loves it rough too.
    We first fucked at the Christmas party last year. She cornered me in the function room at the golf club, where my boss is a senior life member, after donating a lot of money to improve the club. She asked me if the rumour was true about me. She'd spoken to a temp who'd let her know I'd fucked her on and off for a few months, telling Jenny I was well endowed. Pulling me outside in the cold night air, I was practically dragged over to the second green where she took out my cock and blew me, before she leaned against the flag pole and had me fuck her from behind. I swear I've never fucked a woman who wanted sex so badly. By the time I came inside her pussy, she'd climaxed twice, squirting both times all over my cock and balls and the green. Back inside, she was so calm telling her husband she'd shown me the facilities as I'd shown interest about becoming member. He smiled at his wife and looked at me like I was his new best friend. Little did he know later on when he asked me to give her lift, as he wanted to stay late taking a taxi home, that I'd be fucking his wife's arsehole in his very expensive car.
    Most weeks now when I'm not with my girlfriend, Jenny and I get together when and where we can to have sex. I know I'm just a young guy with a big cock to her. But then again, she's just my bosses wife who happens to be one hell of a dirty slut.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    This is some years ago, around 14 years ago or so. I had purchased a used BMW and decided to go to the beach
    on it in order to take a fairly lengthy ride on the highway. I put on swimming
    trunks under my regular khakis and drove off. I arrived around noon, a sunny day,
    I decided to at a little sun so I stripped down to my swim and lay on a blanket
    on the sand. There was nearly no one on the beach and I looked forward to taking
    a nap for at least half an hour.

    A few minutes later, a nondescript, middle aged woman and her son, around five years of age,
    came by and set their blanket directly next to mine on the nearly empty beach. I almost
    said something and/or got up to move, as I felt an intrusion. The lady was fairly
    shapeless and droopy. I hate to say this but she had the look of a middle-aged housewife
    who lead an empty life. I decided to just lay there, get my sun for a time and go.

    She said to her son, "Donny, take your pail and build us a nice sand castle by the shoreline
    but don't you dare go into the water." The kid ran off some 15 yards away by the surf.
    The woman said, "Hi, I saw you here all alone and thought you'd enjoy some company."
    (WRONG, I thought, almost out loud). She said, "How old are you?" "18," I responded.

    Is that your motorcycle in the parking lot? Don't answer, I know, who else is here
    on a motorbike, the old lady by the concession stand? Ha, ha." She continued,
    "I could not help noticing your body. You must have girls climbing all over you,
    are you in school?" I said, "Just starting college this fall." "What a wonderful
    time of your life. When I was your age, half a dozen boys were trying to get
    into my pants and I was saving it...for some prince charming that never fucking showed up."

    Not really having much to say to her I kept quiet and just put up with the rambling.
    "Look, let's get down to it. I would give anything to get you to fuck me. I want to
    suck on your cock till you shoot a load down my throat. Have you ever had a woman's
    asshole? You can have mine."

    It was like, "What the hell?" Startled at this line I remained quiet. "See the high
    reeds by the dunes near the snow fences? We can go there and knock off one or two
    quickies. I can see you want it," She said, seeing my now nearly exposed erection
    just from her chatter. She reached down and glanced down to the shoreline
    to the boy, rubbing my cock through my swimsuit. "Wanna fuck me? My son won't notice
    if we do it quickly. We can actually do it right here under a blanket. There's nobody
    anywhere nearby." She had me almost convinced. She pulled out one of her droopy
    tits, it was fairly large with large nipples. I started to respond to her --- seriously.

    "Donny will see us, we can't," I blurted out. "Not in the reeds, aw come on, my c-u-n-t is
    wide open, dripping wet as all hell, ready for your big cock, and I can see it's nice and big even
    though you're hiding it." "I'm not hiding it, I said." I pulled my swimsuit down below my balls
    looking around, and she quickly lunged for it and began to suck, wildly. She began
    to pull her one piece swimsuit off and I stopped, saying, "No, no, not here for god's

    "Come on, then, let's go in the reeds. I want your cock in me now. I'm so hot, I'll
    beat you to a cum." I just could not take the chance. I was not as carried away
    as she was. We ended up digging a hole in the sand and I lay down on top of it
    with my erection in the hole. She jerked me off in it, till I came. Then I
    masturbated her under her bath towel until she achieved an orgasm. I sank four
    fingers into her pussy and she moaned loudly. We lay there, both frustrated and
    relieved at the same time.

    I went home that afternoon and beat off half a dozen times, still frustrated and
    thinking that we could have gotten away with it in the reeds. I never forgot
    the overheated middle-aged woman and never met the likes of her again, at least
    not yet but I'm still fairly young. Her outrageous vulgarity was a big turn-on
    for me and when I'm with a lover I often ask her to talk dirty to me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    There is a lot of stuff that happened a long time ago. My half brother slept in the same room with me and masturbated and showed me his cum and his wet cock. I was seven.

    My mother fucked men who paid her. She said they were 'gifts' because they liked her. I would sit in her doorway and watch men fuck her. She would tell me that one day I was going to get it too so stop being so full of it. I was nine, ten, eleven.

    I showed my pussy to one of her 'friends', he was sitting in the chair and I went over to him and lifted my dress, no panties, just pussy. I was fourteen. I asked for 20 bucks for showing him, he laughed and gave me 15 which is all he had left.

    My half brother sold me to a guy he knew for 20 bucks. I sucked him off but I didn't let him fuck me, I knew my mom got 50 for a fuck. I was sixteen.

    I double teamed with my mom at seventeen, we got 300 bucks, she gave me 100 of it.

    I ran away with a used car man when I was 19 and ended up in south Texas when he took off. I tried to get some money by selling my pussy but I wasn't any good at it and I scared off the men. I fucked a cop instead.

    I got to San Antonio and got a job at a hotel in housekeeping. I met a soldier and he thought I was the real thing so I married him and followed him around and popped a couple of kids. When he got out we settled down in McKinney where his family is from, he got a job in electronics and we have lived a real nice life.

    I never saw my half brother or my mother after I ran away with the car salesman. My kids have no idea of what I was before I got married.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    I wish my big brother never stopped sneaking into my bedroom late at night. I miss sucking on his cock. I miss it inside me as well. I was 9 the first time and he was 17. He stopped the day before I turned 13. I was pissed at first but I guess he only likes little girls. He married a dwarf a few years after that. She's about 3 feet tall, weighs about 50 lbs and has no tits.

    I ended up dating one of his friends a couple of months later, He was a bit younger than my brother being 18. My parents thought he was younger which helped, he looked 14 or 15. It took me months to convince him just to feel me up. He was shy as hell but cute as hell also. So I patiently worked with him until I finally took his virginity. Yeah I know, I was only 13 and he was legally an adult which meant he could go to prison but nobody was going to tell on him, so it worked out for a while. We dated until I went off to college. I had outgrown him by then. He ended up married to a former cheerleader only a couple of years younger than him. Meanwhile I ended up marring a man 30 years older who, like my brother, liked little girls but since our age difference was so extreme, that was enough to satisfy his urges. As for me, his huge cock was enough to satisfy all of mine. He is nice, kind, loving and satisfies me sexually. I don't know by what miracle he can keep hard for hours but he can. He calls it his "problem." He always complains about having a difficult time cumming. I call it staying power. He fucks me hard and fast for about the first half hour then slows down and then does a slow hard fuck for about an hour. Meanwhile I cum about five or six times. He prefers I just lay there so I just relax and take what he gives which for me makes him the perfect lover. Sometimes he just gets tired and stops fucking without cumming. Other times he cums in me then rolls off. So my point is I am sexually satisfied and have a happy marriage but I do miss my brother and often fantasize about being 9 again and that first night he snuck into my room, felt me up and began rubbing his cock all over my face.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I have a really bizarre fetish. I am absolutely obsessed with giving oral sex with people old enough to be my grandparents. I have had this obsession ever since I was 12 and gave a blow job to an old man in a nursing home.

    My grandmother got too old to take care of herself and my parents couldn't take care of her continuously so she had to go into a nursing home. One day when we visited her I had to use the rest room. So I asked where it was and went by myself, normal for a 12 year old. I walked in without thinking and there was an elderly man with a huge but soft cock standing there with his pajamas down to his ankles pissing into the toilet. I was instantly fascinated by how it looked. It was easily 8 inches long and thick though limp. He had an amazing amount of foreskin and a huge bush of grey hair. I couldn't stop staring. He invited me to come inside and I just couldn't say no. I think he was around 70. I dropped to my knees forgetting about my own need to pee and kissed the end of it. He never got hard but I took the end as far into my mouth as I could and sucked while playing with his balls. He played with my hair and kept telling me how wonderful I was and how much he loved me. He didn't cum but he sure did like it.

    After a while I got scared that I would be missed and my parents would start looking for me and I remembered I needed to pee and told my new friend and he suggested I pee in his mouth. So he laid down on the floor and I sat down on his mouth and peed into it. He drank every drop and licked me clean and then I helped him off the floor.

    For the next six months until my grandmother died I snuck away and gave a blow job to my friend and peed in his mouth. While he was not the first guy I gave a blow job, he was up to then the most satisfying. The first had been the brother of one of my friends and I was 11 at the time.

    Every since I have sought out old guys and then later old women to give oral sex to. You should have seen the look on the face of the 67 year old woman I went down on. I was 15 and licked her for over two hours. She looked like she was looking into the face of God as my tongue first licked her.

    The best part about having my particular fetish is that I have no shortage of willing participants.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I always dated feminine guys. For the longest time I just thought I preferred somewhat girly boys. It never occurred to me that I was a lesbian until I met Jane. I was 16 and she was 30 and my Gym teacher. Of course I called her Miss Andersen like all the other girls did. She was way younger looking than 30 and extremely athletic. I was a slender waif with blond hair and not athletic. My latest boyfriend had just broken up with me and I had really fallen hard for him and she caught me weepy in the corner of the showers by myself and offered to comfort me. I was naked and wet and she didn't care. she hugged me tight and I just melted when she grabbed my bare ass. In an instant I needed her. We spent an hour licking our way down each other's throats and feeling each other up. I'd never touched a girl before but I wanted to touch her so badly. She ate me out while I laid on her desk and then I ate her out and we were all of a sudden dating.

    Of course we had to keep our relationship a secret. I moved in with her after graduating and we married the first day it was legal.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    My supervisor at work is a woman whose husband owns the business, a truly great
    couple and a pleasure to be employed by them. After I was with them a year they
    invited me for dinner. This became a routine almost each Friday.

    After a while they put up some porn on their wall TV and we watched it. In particular
    they seemed to like double penetration videos. Rosemary (my boss) said she always
    dreamed of having two or three cocks in her. I said, "I can understand that."

    We ended up, the three in bed and we DP'd Rosemary in both vagina and asshole.
    What I really enjoyed was his thick cock rubbing on mine, which is also thick, when we are both in
    together. We now do it often and not always after a dinner. We are looking
    for a third to do her ass while we are sliding in and out of her vagina.

    Once in a while after a DP, they both suck me off at the same time, all good.
    They now call me their boy-toy.

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