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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Never done any of this before, confessing or cheating on my husband. It wasn't at first by choice, or my choice anyway. My husband decided he'd introduce me to a threesome with an older guy called Mick. A man who's penis was enormous even before it got hard. I was scared and told my husband so. He reacted by slapping me and telling me I would do as he wished, or find somebody else like him to support myself and my family.

    Sucking on both their cocks for some time, I surprised myself with just how well I gave Mick's massive cock a blow job. I was also in awe and surprised when after my husband had been fucking me doggy for some time, I then stretched enough for Mick to almost fully bury his cock inside my pussy. He even made a comment to my husband about me taking his cock so good. Stating most women couldn't

    After that they both took turns to fuck me in lots of different positions, but I began to really enjoy it when Mick's cock was pounding into my pussy. I climaxed lots of times, but only once with my husband fucking me. Then as if to spite me for enjoying Mick's cock, my husband told him to take me anally.

    I won't lie, it did hurt and I had tears in my eyes. I saw my husband smile as if to say to himself, I'll show her. But all his nasty smile did, was make me determined to accept Micks cock up my ass. It took a few minutes before he began to fuck me, but once his cock slid all the way in, my asshole relaxed and I instantly started to enjoy the feelings his huge cock was giving me anally.

    After maybe a five or so minutes with Mick fucking me doggy fashion, I told him I wanted to mount his cock. My husband said "This is something I want to see". So Mick lay on his back supported his long thick cock with his right ahnd and I squatted over his dick. Lowering myself, I got the tip of his cock to my asshole and simply plunged downwards.

    If it felt good to have Micks cock up my asshole doggy, then to control how hard and how deep it went inside of me, was absolutely orgasmic. I came within seconds and continued to build up to then climax over and over again. My husband made a comment about me enjoying myself too much, but mick told him to shut up, or fuck off. My husband started to say something about me being his, that's when Mick said "You didn't mind last week dickhead".
    It took a few seconds for the information to sink in, but once it did, I knew my husband had had sex with another woman the week before with Mick, and that's why he'd wanted to see Mick fucking me.

    By then though I didn't care. I was loving everything Mick's cock was giving me and I was also loving the fact my husband was having to play second fiddle to an older, potentially more violent man.

    After having a really big orgasm, I climbed off Micks cock and asked him how he wanted to cum. Inside of me, over me or having me swallow his cum. I looked at my husband when I said it and smiled inwardly as he cringed a little. Mick looked in my husbands direction, smiled at him and told my husband to go and get us drinks, as he finished off with me.
    Laying on my back as Mick wished, he told me from then onwards, he'd meet me whenever and wherever I wanted to. He also said "Don't worry about him, I'll put him straight". He paused before he added and I remember this statement as if it was said only seconds ago "You know he likes cock too, don't you". I didn't know and I didn't think it was who my husband was. yet I believed Mick instantly.

    Putting my legs up onto his shoulders, Mick inserted his cock up my ass and drove it all the way in, fucking me like a piston. It was a forceful way of taking himself to orgasm and when he came, his cum flooded my rear passage. I was like a doll in his large hands and the forty six year old carried on pumping his seed into me, until he was fully drained.

    We chatted as we lay next to each other. Then mick did something neither man had done throughout, he reached over, pulled me to him and we kissed. It was such a wonderful kiss, such a passionate kiss, I was reeling just as much from it, as I was from the sex. And we were still kissing when my husband entered the bedroom with our drinks.

    He was about to say something I'm sure. But this time it was my turn to give him THE look. He backed down and put our drinks down. Telling us both he'd be downstairs he turned and walked out. I had a little drink, took hold of Mick's cock and devoured it until he became erect again.

    It was another two hours before we re-emerged. Mick and I had had missionary sex, both vaginal and anal, and pretty much the whole time we'd kissed. Once I'd taken his second load of cum that day, he lay behind me and we'd spooned until I drifted off.

    My husband now thinks Mick has moved back to the city. But he hasn't. He has moved but only to a new apartment. It is closer to the city, but still easily driven in twenty minutes by myself. Most weekdays I visit Mick and we invariably end up having sex. My husband was the person to start everything and I will own up to not wanting it at first. But myself and Mick are now talking about me moving in with him, as he's having to move again soon. It will be moving to a new city, but then I'd be away from my abusive husband and his stupid idea's of farming me out for sex.

    The decision is made. I've just made it in doing this. My new life starts tomowrrow and it won't be with my idiot of a husband. Maybe he can find a man to fuck him too.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    i am eighteen and just joined college. before, i lived with my parents and sibling in the city,. we have a small flat and like many in india , i shared my bedroom with my younger brother.

    I had sex with my brother since he was ten. He's fourteen now. We had to be silent while fucking and careful since our parents slept in the next room. we went sixtynine mostly, with his long dick in his mouth, while he sent his tongue deep into my clit.I had come several times in his mouth when we we went sixtynine. i liked the way he used his tongue, running it over and inside my clit that i released loads of wetness as i came.

    yesterday was special. its almost a year since we had fucked.i had seen my dads dick and seen him cum loads in my mothers mouth nad wondered, looking at my brother's crotch, whether he had grown pubic hair and could cum. i was extremely horny and i had weaned his dick inside me, filling me with is rock hard dick..

    that night ,Our parents left for a late night movie and as soon, i reached inside his trousers and clamped my hand over his limp dick. i held him as he hardened and i led him to our parents bed. i sat on his face drawing my knickers to the side and pushed my clit into his mouth . i bent over and took his dick in my mouth. he had wispy hair round his dick . It was so much like dads dick and it aroused me further. i liked his tongue n my clit as it went in and over the most sensitive points and made my clit pucker and release loads of wetness. I sucked hardeer on his long dick as his tongue sent paroxyms of pleasure and then i felt hin stiffen, become incredibly hard in my moouth and i felt a warm sticky gush. He had come in my mouth ad as i pulled out, his dick arched and sent spurts of warm cum across my face. i grabbed him back and sucked on his sticky semen gorged pole and i felt myself expolde and come, an orgiastic high releasing copiuos wetness from my clit.

    i turned over and held his still throbbing dick and mounted him, inserting his long hard dick deep into my clit and fucked him, bobbing up nad down furiously. i felt my c**t pucker and grip his hard dick, his sticky semen amd my cum mingled and his dick slipped in and out with a slick plip plap sound and i reached a second climax and the pleasure burst through and i arched back as he let another load of cum lose into my vagina.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    I'm still doing it for the money. My interview for this job with Mr. Blackstone ("Blacky" as I have come
    to know him) Was the strangest I ever had but I'm only nine years out of high school. According to Blacky
    I was selected from 76 girls he interviewed for this job and it pays three times the average salary for the position. However it entails a signed contract I obtained from his attorney.

    During the interview, Blacky explained that I would sign a contract that allowed him, basically, to pleasure
    himself with my body. When I first read it, I was taken aback but he had mentioned the salary level first, a wise
    man. He detailed what he wanted from my body and none of it seemed outrageous plus I had done all of it before,
    for free, mostly for macho idiots who had yet to mature. Blacky was older than my dad but fit and a sort of bear of a man, like the type who intimidates by just standing around.

    The job entails administrative duties I've done before, using good equipment, a top level computer and printer with filing and graphics software needed for the work. Blacky selected me for my body combined with my background and post high school education in business administration and other skills. He had me stand up at the interview and turn around to see my posterior, which he found more than acceptable. He felt my breasts, that are small but firm and well shaped. He also looked at my legs and stated that my calves were muscular and sexy to him in that way.

    Before I took the job, he stood up behind his desk and took his cock out, stroked it to erection and said, "It's not really as large as it looks due to its thickness but your vagina will easily handle it, trust me." Thinking of the money, I trusted him, besides I had at least one larger and another that was probably equal free from dummies.

    My first duty before coming to work is to take a good shower with scrubbing and plenty of soap. Then I show up crispy clean, much as he is at all times. On certain days, I enter Blacky's office completely dressed and remove only whatever jewelry I have, including my watch. Then, he embraces me and kisses my neck, sometimes my cheeks, where I can feel his breath picking up. Blacky, still wearing his expensive suit complete with vest, has me lean on his desk on my forearms and elbows, sometimes also my chest with my head on my forearms. He then picks up my skirt and slowly pulls down my panties. At this point, I can feel his breath and panting on my thighs and I begin to feel my crotch moistening, Blacky then begins to make love to my gluteal muscles, my entire ass, and rims me, then goes for my labia, biting and licking my crotch, holding my hips fast to his head. Often I can feel my ass cheeks completely surrounding his face as he digs it in as close as possible.

    In a few minutes I'm really dying for his thick plug. The man really knows his stuff. He always begins to fuck me slowly, first with only his large, thick head sliding in and out of my vaginal opening. This usually brings on my lubrication so by the time he plugs me I'm more than prepared and I can hear his big cork popping in me with a large slurping. He then begins to whisper how he loves to fuck me, what a spectacular ass I have and that this is the paramount moment of his existence. Sometimes I have my first orgasm during this phase. The routine is not daily but close to it and on rare occasions not just in the morning but just after the office closes.

    What Black might not know is that I am now powerfully addicted to his sexual game with my body. He probably could have had it all for less money but I suspect he knows that. Not long ago, he said he was thinking of hiring an assistant of some kind for me, someone we can both fuck. I'm considering it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Daddy and I have been fucking for some time, a lot, actually. We posted a video of ourselves (bodies only) on a porn site. It as up there for a good while and with good comments on how hot it was.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    I don't know if 16 can be called "a kid" but I felt that way and that was only nine years ago. At that time I was still in high school and working my butt off to buy an old clunker to drive around town. I did everything for neighbors. A block away an early in her 30s woman hired me to do her lawn and patch up a small garden mesh wall to keep deers from eating all of it. It was summer and my shorts and T-shirt stuck to my body with sweat. The woman had two same age friends over and they were all laughing and making cat-calls about something. I glanced down at my white cotton shorts and could see my entire fairly well-sized junk outlined by my sweaty pants.

    One of the women had a hose in her hand and said, "Would you like to cool off with some nice cold water?" I said, "Sure," and she began to spray me all over, especially on my crotch. They could not stop laughing. The woman's two friends offered to hire me to do their lawns but it was crystal clear they had little or no interest in their lawns. In a short time I fucked them both, once, in the kitchen while the woman's daughter was up in her bedroom. The first one, who hired me, took about two years but she finally got what she wanted. While we were fucking she told me that both her friends had bragged about fucking me and it made her hot for me. She and I lasted a few years until she re-married. She had been my fourth ever sex experience.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 40

    I married a woman ten years older than me. She still looks sexy AF to me and we get along great, except in the bedroom. She has some minor health problems, leaving her tired and not much in the mood for sex anymore.

    At first I said not too worry I still loved her regardless. After a few months without sex I began to have dreams of fucking with past girlfriends, female friends, even dreamed about fucking my sister in law.

    I work with a lot of women, young, old, and in between. When I had a moment I began to have fantasies of fucking them. I began to watch porn on my laptop at night after my wife went to bed.

    It had been almost nine months since I had actual sex. One evening I was on the way home from work I decided to stop and have a drink, there was no sense rushing home, my wife would be just sitting there with her tablet with the tv on.

    My one drink turned into four, when I left the bar I was buzzing pretty good. I walked around the corner to my car, out of the corner of my eye in the shadow was some gal standing there having a smoke.

    I wasn't so far gone that I hadn't noticed her rather short skirt, knee boots, blonde curly hair. I just stopped and looked over at her, she asked if I was interested in a date. The idea sounded great except for the fact her voice sounded off some how.

    I walked over and pulled out a cigarette, asked her if she had a light. She had one in her hand, she extended her arm and flicked her bic. I leaned in and glanced up into her face. Her lips were painted, eyes with mascara and liner. She had a nice face, something wasn't right I could sense it, even with a buzz going.

    I took a hit of my cigarette and she repeated the question, if I wanted a date. I asked her how old she was, she said old enough. I glanced around the parking lot, just had a weird feeling about it.

    Suddenly she took a step towards me and put her mouth to mine and started kissing me, her hand was at my crotch in just the right way. My cock jumped inside my pants as our tongues swirled against each other.

    She pulled away and told me it would be $100. I kind of froze for a moment. Then I asked if she had a problem going to a hotel with me. She just smiled and took my hand and I led her to my car. We drove only a short distance when she said to turn. It was a low budget hotel but I think neither of us cared if it wasn't a five star hotel.

    I checked in, she stayed in the car. Our room would be at the far end of the building, that was fine with me. We entered the room and I turned the light on. When my eyes adjusted to the light, that's when I really noticed this girl wasn't all girl.

    She had a a nice body, not sure what was under her bra but I had a damn good idea what was under her short skirt. She held out her hand, she even had nice manicured nails like my wife used to have. Her lips were red and with makeup, she was a passable Cd.

    I took my wallet out and handed her five 20's. She snatched the cash quickly, and put the money in her little purse she had with her. She tossed the purse on the bed and dropped to her knees instantly.

    She unzipped my pants and had my cock in her mouth before I could even think of changing my mind. Oh my god her mouth felt wonderful, my cock reacting to her oral stimulation. I bagan breathing hard within moments.

    I looked down at her as she sucked my cock. Those red lips sliding back and forth, and I told her to look up at me. She tilted her head and I looked down into those well made up eyes, her fake eyelashes batted at me as I began to push my cock deeper into her mouth.

    My cock was steel hard, any port in the storm I suppose? I tried not to think about what was under her skirt, but I found myself suddenly wanting to know. I was close to cumming, it had been so long since anyone made me cum, besides my own hand. I told her to get on the bed, she froze for a moment, I was thinking she wasn't into doing that. She got to her feet and said that would be extra. I pulled out my wallet, I had $60 cash. I held it out, she debated in silence.

    Then she took the cash and placed it on the desk next to the tv. She turned and crawled onto the bed. She wore stockings and black high heel knee boots. She didn't ask for me to wear a condom and I didn't have one. She slid her panties down her legs and I helped her pull them the rest of the way off.

    I undressed quickly, got on the bed behind her. I spread her booted legs, lifted her black vinyl skirt and there was her pink hole waiting to be used. She said she was clean, I thought she meant she didn't have Std's. What she meant was her asshole was washed out. I spit on my hard cock and pushed it into her ass.

    She cried out loudly, I was hungry for sex. I wanted that hole more than anything. She reached back, trying to get me to go slow. My cock ached for release, I wanted to fuck more than breathe air right then.

    Deeper I pushed, she fought me, my cock inching deeper inside of her. She clawed at the bed covers, my cock filling her tight hole. I started to talk shit to her, calling her a cock whore and things I don't even remember now. She cried out once more as I pushed my cock balls deep into her tight ass.

    I began to fuck her, trying to go slow, make it last. It had been so long, I was beyond going slowly. I fucked her hard and fast, my hands with a death grip on her hips. I saw her right arm moving quickly underneath her, it took me a moment to realize what she was doing. She was jerking her cock as I was fucking her.

    Now it was me crying out loudly, I felt my orgasm exploding deep into her ass. I slammed my cock into her like a mad man, pumping my hot cum into her hole with each thrust. And then she collapsed onto the bed, my cock still buried inside of her. I pumped my cock into her hole several more times before the feeling of relief washed over me.

    I collapsed on top of her, my heart pounding against her back, my cock still buried inside of her ass. I pushed my hips downwards, she groaned underneath me. I did this several more times and then finally pulled my cock out and fell onto my back on the bed.

    I expected her to jump out of bed, take the money and leave. Instead she curled up next to me and lay there quietly. I looked down, her vinyl skirt bunched up around her waist, I could see her cock, she was hard as I had been. I could see the wetness of cum dripping out of her own cock.

    I asked if she wanted to cum, she only nodded her head, not speaking a word. I reached down and took hold of her wet cock and began to stroke her slowly. That was the first time I had even touched another cock. She rolled over on her back, spread her booted legs, letting me jerk her cock. She said nothing until she came, moaning loudly as the first squirt of cum shot into the air like a geyser. I kept pumping her, her thick white cum showering down over my own hand. I kept stroking her cock until she was spent, she pushed my hand away when she was done.

    At some point we gathered ourselves and left the hotel. I asked if she wanted to stay, she said she needed to get home. I drove her to the end of her block and dropped her off. Before she left the car I asked for her number, she took my phone and put it into my address book.

    We meet once a week, same hotel as the first time. I gave her extra money, she uses it to buy clothing, shoes, and boots. I know nothing about her, I don't ask. I don't want to ruin this situation between us. She needs the money and I need the sex that she gives me............

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 22

    Iâm 22 and Iâm 100% a virgin. As in, never touched anyone never kissed anyone, virgin.

    I didnât plan for it to be this way. Iâm not gay or asexual, Christian or anything else. Iâm just a far, far too good girl. I mean, straight aâs, knee length skirts, went to uni and still listens to my parents level good girl.

    Honestly, I never liked any of the guys I was at school with. Iâm not waiting for the right guy or waiting for it to be special. I just donât want to regret the experience. If a dude I liked came along and treated me property, Iâm 100% sure Iâd be a total slut.

    I want a guy who respects me to take me on like on coffee date, tell me Iâm pretty then eat my pussy, teach me what you like while my mouth is around your cock then fuck me senseles. Iâm not here for a boyfriend, just a guy who is semi decent and knows how to fuck. Why is that so hard to find?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I'd been frustrated at home sexually for a long time. So when Jay a teenage new starter joined our company, and then made it perfectly clear he found me sexually attractive, I had a choice to make.

    That choice as he put it, was to stay glum and unhappy. Or fuck the shit out of him whenever I wanted to.

    Never had sex with a guy, but then I'd never been that sexually spurned before. The availability and clear chance to fuck a very very willing partner, male or no, soon had my cock twitching each time I saw Jay.

    One afternoon with everyone else gone from work, he taps on my office door, lets himself in and promptly sinks down and begins to take my cock out of my trousers. I didn't resist and I didn't say no, stop.

    His mouth on my cock felt perfect. It had be so long that I almost came straight away. But Jay knew what he was doing and had me on the verge several times. Once my dick was rock hard and leaking pre cum a lot, he jumps up, takes off every scrap of clothing and lays over my desk. His tiny penis, although hard looked like a shortened thumb pressed against my desk. Turning his head, he told me to use what was in his man bag and to get the fuck on with it.

    Condom, lube and wipes in his little man bag. His arsehole lubed up, my cock covered with a condom and absolutely straining to be inside his hole. Jay looks at me again, smiles and quietly says "It's now or never boss".

    My dick was up his shitbox like a rat up a drain pipe. And I didn't stop fucking him for over twenty minutes. I was like a man posessed and I surprised myself with just how much I wanted to give him a real good fucking. I was a straight married man in my companies offices and I was banging a new employee, a male employee up his arsehole and thoroughly enjoying it.

    Jay mnade some kind of grunting noises and I knew he'd cum. It made me renew my forceful thrusts. And it also set my mind. I came deep inside the young man and filled the condom. I also made a promise to myself. I promised myself I'd never be frustrated again.

    Since our first office fuck two months ago, myself and Jay have had sex almost every work day. Some weekend days too, when my wife decides she wants to spend my earnings on shoes, clothes, bags etc etc. I see her shopping trips as my time to enjoy myself and have Jay call by our home. He lives ten minutes walk away, and usually has my cock in his mouth after fifteen minutes.

    I just wish I'd have discovered how wonderful and how horny young guys mouths and arseholes were years ago.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 47

    I'm the wrong side of forty, yet I've kept myself very much in shape and my looks have always attracted both sexes, even if I've only ever indulged sexually once with a female.
    My husband doesn't like sex anymore, prefers fishing nowadays. So I get my kicks and cocks from much younger men. It used to be more difficult as I had to go out seeking guys who'd want to fuck a girl my age. In the chase for a hard willing cock, I'd have to be more overt, more obvious that I wanted sex. And it made me more aggressive sexually when I did get that look.
    In supermarkets, at my local library, walking around town or my local park. I'd always find someone I fancied, and I made it perfectly clear I wanted fucking. Not love making, but hard short term sex. I had lots of fun outdoors, often having very brief encounters with younger men who saw me as a challenge I guess. But winters in our country meant I wasn't getting the sex I needed throughout the year.
    The internet, oh what a boon. At first it freaked me out a little, that I wasn't directly talking to the young men who were checking out my profile pages. Even so I was able to vet the young guys I wanted to have sex with, and also arrange perfect dates and times. There was a lot of time wasters at first, but I soon learned how to weed those out with certain questions I'd ask them.
    Now I have a steady and regular set of young men who visit me for sex. They're all in their twenties and early thirties. Some visit my home once or twice a month, others more frequently. Just like Sam. He's twenty four, very athletic and has a huge black thick cock. He's very much into older white women, and to him I'm his dream woman. However at first he wanted to treat me like I was his regular girlfriend, but I soon had him fucking me like the slut I wanted to be for him. He's totally on board with my sexual needs now, and accepts I'm not his and his alone. He's even mentioned only a week or so back, if I'd like to experience a threesome with him and a friend of his. Now that had me arranging a date and time I can tell you. And it's soon.
    There are new and often single experience sexual partners, but those too can be amazing sexual encounters. As I had just last week with a nineteen year old. He's a student and was looking for a motherly type. When he left my home, I can promise you, he didn't see me as his mother, more as his sex instructor. His body, mind and cock were all worn out and I'd had a series of wonderful orgasms teaching him what an older woman likes, by the time he left. It was I'm happy to say, his first time ever fucking a woman anally too.
    My life style might not fit and be for everyone, and if my husband had wanted sex as much as me, or at all maybe, then I might not have taken this route. As it is and for the time being, I'm still attracting horny young men. I adore my young lovers and enjoy making their lives sexually blessed also.
    We're not here long, so if you're not already doing so, get out there and seek out new and exciting pleasures. You might just surprise yourself.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 28

    I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for those of you who don't know we have a really big sports community. Back during 2007-2009 I lived with 3 other guys, lets call them Ben,Jamal and Sean,in a 5 bedroom house. We lived right by the stadium, so we would always have big pregame things and there was always a huge crowd of people out during home games. Every year they have a "Parent's Day", where badger parents are supposed to come to the games.

    So, I believe it was 2008, I was sick as shit this saturday. We had all gotten really drunk the night before, and I already had a cold so I just ended up selling my ticket to the game to one of our mutual buddies, lets call him Brian. He was planning on coming to pick it up early in the morning.

    Meanwhile, Ben's parents and his two younger, still college age, sisters show up. His parents are in their late 40s I'm guessing. My roommates, and Ben's parents are all pregaming and I'm feeling a little better, so I'm in the kitchen trying to eat something while they get drunk. As it turns out the mom isn't really a big football fan, but they got the ticket so she's going to just go with everyone else. Brian shows up with his buddy to pick up the ticket, and get's introduced to everyone and has a couple beers.

    The buddy get's to talking about how he's pissed he didn't get season tickets and can't find one. So the mom offer's to give him her ticket,she tells her husband they can go and have fun and she'll just go shopping or maybe just stay here and sleep a little. Her family is cool with it, so they end up leaving with Brian and his buddy to walk to the game. She stays at our house with me,Jamal and Sean, all of us are black.

    At this point the mom keeps on drinking with Jamal and Sean. She asks us do we smoke weed, we say yeah and roll a blunt.After this,I go back to my room and lay down and play some video games. At some point, I want to smoke another blunt with them and realize that none of them are in the kitchen. So I figure they're in their rooms. I go to Seans door to ask him to play some Halo and smoke, no answer. Same with Jamals. So I'm, like well maybe they left to go get food, so I text them like, "where are you guys at?" and then go back to my room. I get a text from Sean like five minutes later that says, "beating Ben's mom shit up". So I kind of laugh it off, and ask them did they go to get food, and to bring me something back if they did.

    Then I hear Sean calling me from in the house, so I get up. It's coming from our spare bedroom. As I get up to the room, I can hear springs just creaking. I open the door and there lays Ben's mom, asshole naked, getting DP'd by my roommates. I'm like Holy Fuck. And she's moaning saying she loves being stuffed with black cock and how she wants all her holes full to the brim. I'm like, well I'm sick, I don't wanna get you sick.

    I politely close the door, get dressed, and get the fuck out of the house. I end up going to my female friends house to smoke a blunt with her, and I tell her the story. Long story short, they fucked ben's mom, took pictures and all kinds of shit.She was into some really freaky shit. She actually started regularly showing up at our house, under the guise of visiting her son, to fuck my roommates. Ben eventually found out after about a year of them reaming his mom every other weekend, but he was pissed at her more than Jamal and Sean.

    He found out because she came up one weekend and thinking he wasn't going to be there all weekend, and he showed up back at the house mid-coitus.

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