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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 20

    I was 15 and horny as shit. She was what is called online an SSBBW woman. Hairy pussy, weighed about 270lbs. Her husband had her in a leather mask with an opening at the mouth but she couldn't see anyone. She was in a sex swing and her hairy pussy and asshole were at crotch length and had been used by at least 8 men, several times each by that time. It was 11pm, the husband said I could have a turn and loose my virginity in her pussy. I had watched the last couple of guys go and I walked up naked, stuck my cock into her hairy, used, cum dripping pussy and rocked her back and forth on the swing. I stopped a few times and sucked on her nipples. Pink colored they almost disappeared stretched against some massive udders. After a short time I bucked, heaved, and pushed fully into her used pussy and shot my load of cream. Her husband played with her pussy and sucked her tits for her, and I got hard again. First he fucked her ass, then I took my second fuck in her wet pussy. She just moaned through the whole thing. As I got dressed to leave before he took off her mask/hood she asked if that was all and her husband responded it was over. She asked how many different cocks and how many fucks she'd gotten. He didn't want her to know that I'd seen her naked and had fucked her, being the "kid" from next door, so he delayed. As I walked out the back door I heard him say 11 cocks, 24 times.

    That's how I lost it and got my first, second, up to 30th piece of pussy. I also fucked her ass too and her mouth. About a year and a half later I was driving and got a girlfriend to fuck me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 21

    Fat girls take it up the ass so easy

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 23

    I dated this 36 year old divorced, no kids woman. She is fantastic, beautiful, incredible body, and wants a lot of sex. She has a very bushy pussy and after a couple of weeks I asked if I or she could shave it. That got a resounding "NO". So I didn't think much about it, then another month of super great sex went by, and I added fucking her asshole to the mix. She wanted it, it was my first time fucking a girl in the butt though. By the way . . . I LOVE IT. I asked again about shaving and she consented to trimming. But it was still very long and thick but shaped in a straight path the width of her pussy lips, going up her lower belly about 4 inches. I was still getting a mouthful of black pussy hair whenever I went down on her. I asked her to trim the length and she did it under protest. As I was going down on her, my eyes staring through the trimmed black bush, I saw something. Above her pussy, but under her very thick pussy hair is a tattoo. It says "Cum Whore".

    I asked her about it and she just said it was from when she was a teen, young, stupid and thought she was in love and got it done. Blessed with black, very thick, very full pussy hair she keeps in grown in so no one can see it. I got it out of her that in the town where she grew up, she was an "anybodys" meaning anybody could fuck her. She admitted that she loved cock since the first time she sucked on one until now. She admitted that the scar on her butt used to be a tattoo that said "buttfucked whore".

    I don't know what to think, she is a total knock out, hard to believe someone that beautiful and that great a body would need to fuck just anyone that came around, but she did. I really don't care, but I want her to shave her pussy totally so I can fuck the cum bucket. She says no and she's letting it grow back in. Now I'm in a challenge situation. I want to see it and want to know more about her young days.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    I lived in one foster home or another for most of my years as a minor because my parents could not get their lives together. I met this girl, we will call her Stacy, at the last foster home I was at before the State released me as a legal adult.

    One day, I was looking for something and looked in the backpack belonging to one of the girls who also lived there. I found a dildo in it. I took it from her backpack and put it in my pocket. Later, I showed it to her and asked if she knew whose it was, which she of course denied. She then begged me to not to tell our foster parents. I said I would keep her secret if she threw the dildo away and use my dick instead.

    From that point on, I would sneak over to the girls room a few nights a week and get my dick in her. I would usually make it quick so the other girls in the room don't wake up. Just a few pumps of my already hard dick, shoot my load in her and dip. We almost got caught once when one of the girls woke up and saw me in her bed. I told the girl that she just had a nightmare so I was just keeping her company, while my hard dick was shoved inside her the whole time.

    She was probably already on the pill and never got pregnant. After I was released, we hung out and hooked up a few more times then I heard she was arrested for stealing. That was the last I've heard from her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31


    I belongs to country(IND) where sex is still taboo. Incestuous is no where exist. Where people worshipped there parents. But I admit the first women I saw naked was my mom and first live sex were for my parent's.

    Back in 2003. I was 15, started masturbation on regular basis. Porn was not common that time. It was summer and I was jerking off in bed and I heard some moaning of course from my mother. I woke up and started peeping from window. My mother was naked, lying on bed and just 5 feet away from me.

    I can see her dark nipples in low light. And my father who is fingering my mom and dirty talk. She was bagging for dick. And suddenly my father came over and started fucking her. Within just 2 to 3 minutes he finished giving her cream pie. I masturbated just on the wall. Next day I told my father to buy DVD player. Which he can afford. He brought same day and brought some movies also. We watched 1 movie and I went to my room to sleep. I heard some noise and went to window again. My father has put porn movie. That was my first time to watch porn. They were watching and enjoying. Both were naked. My father asked if she can suck his dick ? My mother refused at first but playing with dick then started kissing on it then finaly took in mouth. She didn't like it. Then my father started kissing my moms pussy. He was enjoying as I can clearly see the joy. My mother was enjoying much. Then he fucks her. After that night. It was my daily routine to check whether they are fucking or not. My father tried anal sex with my mother for first time and I watched it live. Can't explain how much struggles to enter inside my mother's ass. She was refusing and he was just putting oil again and again and trying to insert his dick. At last he succeeded and started fucking her ass daily. He was copying porn from start to end. He shots his load on my mums face multiple times. Forced her to swallow his cum. All sorts of things she is used now. And I was witnessing it. 7 years ago when I was engaged and preparing to marry. My father called me. Giving some tips about married life, at the end he said. "HOPE YOU LEARNED HOW TO MAKE WOMEN HAPPY IN BED AS YOU WATCHED IT LIVE" I was shocked, speechless, embarrassed. Can't understand what to say. He was smiling and said don't worry son it was your mother's plan. I asked why wouldn't call me inside room so I can fuck her. I could have more fun. He said tonight I will ask if she allows. That night I was sitting on couch my mother called me from bedroom when I went we started talking she asked can you do it? I said yeah. You are the one who is teaching me. She said lets marry. I put red sindoor on her forehead and gave her mangal sutra. We started undressing. She holds my dick and started kissing it. My father rubbing his dick watching us at the corner. Then she sucked my dick like a pro . My father was licking her pussy then I also licking for shrt time. Finaly I entered inside her pussy. She was kissing me by saying we are not in hurry. Dont cum fast. My father came and made her sit on his dick and started fucking her from down. I was standing beside her. Then he spread her ass chick's and said lick her ass son. I saw her ass was wide open I started kissing and licking it. She said use lubricant and fuckmy ass. My God. I was totally surprised she wanted double penetration. I picked lotion and applied on her ass and my dick also. Finaly I entered inside my mother's ass hole. She was enjoying 2 cocks at same time. Her ass was perfect. Finaly she sat down. Sucked cocks and we cum in her mouth and face. From that night I fucked my mother almost 2 months since I married. Even after my mother used to call me when she wants double penetration. 1 day my father asked about my wife. I show many nudes of her including video's. He said yiu are lucky son. I asked if he wanted to fuck her. He said of course if she agreed. I started to seduce my wife. After some 25 days she said call your father I will try. I called him. My wife was sitting naked. He entered inside the room and locked the door. He undressing himself and started fucking her. She was enjoying I was cuckolding her. He left me a cream pie. My wife called me and said clean it. That was the first time I tasted men's cum. Same night we did double penetration with my wife and this time my mother was watching fron the door as its it's opened. From that night upto now all 4 of us enjoying sex together with all sorts of nasty stuff like rimming ass, creampie eating both pussy and ass, we started golden shower recently. I admit my mother's piss is more tastier than my wife. My wife is pregnant now. So I sleep with my mom. My wife only watches and sometimes do oral.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    I was definitely sheltered as a kid. My mom had me homeschooled, she was a single parent too. My clothes always were blue jeans, white briefs, white socks, polo shirt or a white T-shirt, boots, one pair of shoes and blue jean shorts.

    I didnât really watch much tv, especially no rated r stuff and never saw any nudity in movies. Only nudity that was seen when when my mom or I was naked and that wasnât a real big deal. Just us two so being naked after a shower getting dressed or getting undressed at the end of the day wasnât uncommon.

    Didnât know anything about sex or masturbation. When puberty came I got very hairy in my underwear, had a thick bush! And erections happened but never did anything with them. Morning wood everyday and I get bonkers through out the day.

    When I was 14 my foreskin finally separated from my gland. Which was a huge surprise to me. I was going to pee one day and went to pull my skin back the little it always pulled back and that time it went all the way back. It actually felt really good when it went all the way back. But definitely was a surprise and kinda freaked me out! I let out a little yell lol. My mom came to the bathroom door and asked if everything was alright. I opened the door saying something about my penis freaked me out. Pulled it out of my briefs and showed her. She laughed and said itâs supposed to do that. It just takes years to separate fully, now make sure you pull it all the way back to pee and wash under it with water in the shower.

    I grew up in the country on 6 acres, so when I wasnât inside doing school work I was outside. Taking care of the garden, mowing the lawn, weeding flower beds, making sure the pond is clean. Always something to do. By the time I was 16 and able to drive I was goi g to town by myself getting stuff I needed for things I was working on. And especially since my mom only worked 3 or 4 days a week, being able to drive made it much easier on us.

    When I was 16 is when I got erections all the time. Laying in bed Iâd be hard, I only slept in my tighty whities. In the morning I was very hard. Around that time is when my mom had a masturbation talk with me. She said Iâm 16 so itâs best to be educated on it at that age. Of course being sheltered I had no idea it was a thing. The talk itâs self wasnât really embarrassing. My mom talked about itâs uses, nothing to be ashamed of, how common it is, kinda touched on how itâs done, what comes out of the penis in the end. When she told me most guys figure out how to do it on their own in their early teens I was like I had no idea. She just knew I didnât so thatâs why she talked about it. She explained thatâs why your erect often and say your testicles are sore. Was told that when Iâm laying in bed at night or in the morning, donât feel ashamed to take my underwear off or pull myself out my underwear and masturbate. Just keep something handy for clean up.

    So later that night I gave it a shot. Was stroking up and down and in the matter of minutes I git this intense feeling and I blew out a whole lot of cum! I wasnât ready for it because it got on my sheet. It was soaked! So had to change that. So the next day my mom was working, I was eating some breakfast in just my underwear. Was hard as a rock and that barely fit in my tighty whities! I pulled the waistband down under my balls and started jerking at outside at the table on the patio where I was eating. When I felt that tension building in my penis I started moaning and blew out a big load onto the concrete. It felt so good. I immediately put my penis back in my briefs and finished my food. Then got dressed and got to work in the garden.

    A few days later my mom in the morning said your briefs look tight on you. You must had grown a lot here recently. So that day as I worked on the lawn she went to the store. Came back with some food and new briefs. A bigger size, switched me to menâs briefs. At night getting ready for bed she handed me a clean pair and said try these on. Oh my god they fit so nice! Just the perfect amount of snugness. She said I thought your briefs were way too tight, your male parts do grow during puberty.

    So the sane stuff just continue til, I was 18. By then I git a job and still lived with my mom. Skip to when Iâm 29 now. Finally got my first girlfriend, yes I was a virgin. Had sex for the first time 4 months ago. And that was a blast. The girl Iâm seeing is 28 and not a virgin. But she got me undressed to my briefs. And when she pulled them off she said damn. She said hung and uncut, love it.

    So a few days later I was talking with my mom and I asked her a very personal question. Told her I had sex and the woman said Iâm hung and uncut. What does that mean. She explained that she didnât get me circumcised. That was something interesting to me, especially when she showed me a picture of a circumcised penis. Glad Iâm uncut. But when she said hung means a guy has a big penis. Iâm 8 1/4â long and 6â girth. I honestly thought that was normal since I was sheltered ð¤·ââ&ium l;¸. My mom explained she knew during puberty that I was gifted down there. Especially when I needed bigger underwear often for the room.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 32

    My husband thinks he is my firstâ¦..he wasnât. When I was a freshman in college I went to my cousinâs house party and while there met this really hot guy who I started talking and drinking with. Well one thing led to another and we started making out and he slipped his hand down my black lacy panties (I still have those panties the one I wore when I lost my virginity) and started to finger my pussy and my cousin walked by and saw us and offered us the use of her bed. I accepted and we went to her room and laid on her bed and he ate my pussy (he was so good at eating my pussy, got me really wet) and then he pulled out a condom and I opened it for him and slipped it on his dick and then he popped my cherry. He was really, really good and knew what he was doing and I still consider him my best ever because he fucked me twice that night.

    The first time he was so good because he slipped his dick into me slowly and fucked me slowly picking up the pace after I got wetter and he got really deep inside me. The second time he fucked me, I told him to lose the condom because I wanted to try bareback and he was a little bit rougher and my cousin's headboard kept hitting the wall along with her bed squeaking so I'm pretty sure people heard what was going on lol. I woke up the next morning naked, sore, and wearing just my pink ankle socks and the guy had already left and Iâve never spoken to him again. My cousin gave me a high-five later and said âget it girl!â lol. Looking back, I donât regret a thing and Iâm glad that guy has my V-Card. It always makes me hot thinking about how he deflowered me on my cousinâs bed. Iâd do it all over again the same way. Iâm glad I didnât wait for marriage. My advice to my fellow ladies who are virgins? Donât wait for marriage or âthe oneâ. If you find a guy attractive go for it. Even if it is a random guy at a party, go for it. Sex is natural and meant to be enjoyed and my only regret is that I didnât do it sooner or more often before I got married.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 26

    I do have very good sex with my present boyfriend 3 or 4 times a week, who is only the third guy I have had any sex with. I'm not sure if other girls or woman are like me because the nights I am not with my boyfriend I masturbate all the time. What is worse is that there are times I masturbate at work. This past year I have spent well over $200 on 3 separate vibrators and a penis shape dildo but hide them from my boyfriend. What bothers me is that lately I have more orgasms when I masturbate than I do while having sex with him. This is embarrassing to admit but I not only use the vibrators vaginally but have began to use one in both my vagina and anally at the same time. I have a small egg like shaped vibrator I have inserted in me at work more often than ever and there are days I have several orgasms in my office. I do lock the door but it has become compulsive. I'm beginning to think I am over sexed and can't believe how often I am masturbating every week. I kept track of how many times I did last week and it turns out I masturbated 13 times and had sex with my boyfriend 3 times. I am to embarrassed to talk to anyone about it and wonder if other girls are like me or there is something wrong with me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    This is a true story however I have had to make some very minor changes to protect the privacy of others.

    Last Saturday began in a pretty average way, but then it all started to go crazy. During the afternoon I made a purchase on an internet buy/swap/sell page and all I had to was drive to another suburb and pick it up. Well when I got there the lady invited me in to make sure I was happy with what I bought and she said she was alone in her house. She looked about 55 and I doubt that I was there more than 20 seconds and she starts telling me that she works as a sexual massage therapist. I was surprised that she was so upfront about her business and when she asked me what I did for a living I told her what I did before I retired. As it turned out she knew a lot of people that I knew, and I knew her ex husband. She talked a lot about sex and what she does and doesn't do and I definitely got the impression that she wanted to give me one "on the house". Remarkably I decided not to get involved because she seemed to much like a crazy blabbermouth but we did talk for 30-45 minutes. She reminded me of some crazy people I have met where there moods can flow from one extreme to another, or something minor will cause them to have a complete change of personality. Anyway I negotiated the asking price down by 25%, paid her and left.

    I got home about 4.00pm and was feeling like I needed some sexual release so I knocked up a quick advert and put it on a Personals website. My ad started to get some replies from the usual assortment of idiots,no hopers and time wasters. Although, there were a couple of replies that held some promise. Several hours later I found someone that sounded interesting and we agreed to have a NSA meeting and if all seemed satisfactory I would then take him back to my place for a jolly good fucking .He was a mature guy the same age as me. We met about 10.30pm and he had already let me know that he'd only done this a couple of times before. He seemed okay but quite nervous so anyway I invited him back, I drove home and he followed in his car. When we got back to my place he seemed very uncomfortable. I offered him a drink and he swallowed it in one gulp and he just didn't act like he wanted to be there. I led him through to the spare bedroom hoping that he would start to loosen up and then he seemed to have a panic attack or severe anxieties and said things about not being able to do this and what if someone found out about him and some other stupid mumbling, then he quickly walked out got in his car and drove away. What a waste of effort that chickenshit bastard was.

    Not to be deterred by the last no hoper I was straight back to my advert and connected with a guy in Spole street West Town. He was a tradesman in the building industry that was here doing insurance repairs and staying at a guest house. He invited me over so just after 11.00pm I pulled a cold 6 pack from the fridge and headed off, the drive there took about 15 minutes. I had a little bit of a hard time finding him but he saw me slowly cruising along the street and waved me down with his torch. He was very easy to get on with and for the first half hour we sat on his balcony drinking beer, talking and pissing over the balustrade. He showed me his hard cock, the length was unspectacularly average but the girth was very thick and so sitting in the darkness we took turns sucking each others penis.We then went into his bedroom and simply indulged ourselves with sucking, caressing, rubbing, nipple play, massage and wanking. By around 2.00am we had done more or less what we wanted, he had cum while I sucked him but I hadn't blown but I was not disappointed by it, and we decided to call it a night. I'd had a good time with him and I was happy.

    I was back home before 2.30am and saw that I had left the computer on, I thought I would just re-read some of the replies I got before crashing in bed. While I was doing that a new reply popped up and there was something intangibly different about it, anyway I said hello and we talked for a while. He asked me what I thought about Cross Dressers and I told him that it was my secret fantasy to fuck one that was wearing high heels,stockings, garter belt, basically the whole shebang. He said that he likes to dress up and be called "Totty" and be completely dominated and was I interested. My dick had gotten hard again while chatting thanks to the magic of a Viagra that I preemptively swallowed many hours earlier. This seemed like a dream cum true. He gave me his address, I grabbed a cold bottle of cheap wine from the fridge and was heading back to West Town no more than a few hundred metres from where I had been less than an hour earlier.

    From this part of the story on, things might seem a bit confused because I am going to use the terms he and she to describe the same person, this is meant to convey my feelings, mood and emotional involvement with what was going on. I arrived at the house a bit after 3.00am and saw an interior light was on but so were some other houses in the street and I was naturally wary that it could be a prank setup. As I started slowly walking down the drive way I saw 2 or 3 beware of the dog signs but no dogs were barking so I quietly called out her name into the darkened area beyond the carport. "Totty" I called but no answer, another half dozen steps and I called again "Totty" but still nothing. My hard cock was urging me on and overcoming my fear of being eaten alive by the carnivorous guard dog plus I had my bottle of wine as a weapon (I could throw it behind me while running away). For the third time I gently called "Totty" and then she appeared from around the rear of the house and walking towards me. She was absolutely stunningly slutty gorgeous and I couldn't believe what I was seeing just a few feet in front of my eyes. Without consciously saying it I heard myself say WOW and she heard it to and that immediately broke the ice. She welcomed me in a voice like an angel would have and sweet as chocolate and cherries. She led me to the patio out back where there was a table and chairs where the light was better and I could soak up her sex appeal. It was hard to tell but she looked like she would have been in her late thirties. She was only about 5 foot 8 inches tall in purple high heels and black stockings held up with a lacy red suspender belt. The tiniest blue denim micro mini skirt almost but not quite covered her brilliant red string sided panties, however it couldn't quite keep her balls captured. Above this was a perfectly fitting black bustier and to complete the outfit a long wig in a sort of reddish brown colour she was of thin build, almost like a boy and around 60 kgs. She had a Scotch and coke on the go so I started on the wine. He laid down a couple of ground rules, like not taking off his wig or high heels and to keep the mood he had to be treated like a slut and be totally dominated and humiliated. While telling me this she was actively encouraging me to feel her all over and everything was fair game. She told me that I was handsome and that was something I had not heard for a few decades, many times I complemented her on her sexual attractiveness and I meant it. I didn't have to butter her up, it was obvious from the beginning we were going to fuck like rabbits.

    He finished his Scotch and I emptied my wine glass onto the garden and so we headed to her bedroom, as I followed Totty to the bedroom I could see this house had been fully renovated I wouldn't even begin to estimate how many hundreds of thousands of dollars it would have cost. Someone spent a truck load of money doing this place up. Anyway she led me onto her king size bed and I strip off as she lays down. I tell her to call me Daddy and I will address her by any dirty ,filthy whore shaming name I fucking well choose to call her, she loves it. Very early on during the foreplay I can feel something in the crotch of her knickers, I thought it was some kind of ring shaped device to hold her cock down between her legs that would make him look more female shaped. Just after arriving I did see and play with his cock, it wasn't particularly thick but his cock while soft was still considerably longer than mine when hard. She was sucking my dick and making sweet noises and promising to be good in the future and when she spoke it was always in a soft feminine way. The object in her panties turned out to be the base of a butt plug that she put in to stretch and prepare her arsehole for my cock. It was a brilliant night of sex for me and she was happy being humiliated and dominated. When ever I felt like it, I would tell her to lay in the middle of the bed and while I straddled her face she was to spread my bum cheeks and lick my arse and try to get her tongue into my arsehole, it was just magnificent. Once in a while if I didn't think she was trying hard enough I would lay her face down and spank her buttocks. When I wanted to suck his cock I would tell Totty that I was licking her clit or if I wanted to give the balls a work out I would say to her that I'm licking and sucking on your labia It was just full on sex. We sucked and wanked, I bit her nipples,she was on fire with passion, I left love bites on her buttocks, we nibbled on each other ears and licked necks,the more that I made her gag on my cock the more she wanted it, we 69'd, Christ knows how many times she "needed" to be spanked and I would only stop when my hand would begin to tingle, we fucked, I buggered her again and again with her butt plug, when we kissed it was like she wanted to suck my tongue right down her throat, I made her massage my prostate, I made up stories of her deceiving me and then verbally abused her and she still wanted more. And then I would spank her again. We carried on like this until around 6.30am when we realised that it was well after sunrise and natural light was entering the bedroom.

    The way he stayed in the character of Totty was amazing, even after we finished fucking. He got up to have a piss and while I was laying on the bed I clearly could see him in the ensuite. She put the toilet seat down then lowered her panties with that cute sexy hip wiggle that women have when removing tight clothes then sat down to piss. I was fascinated watching this happening and he was giving me the best performance that he could. Thirty seconds later I watched him count off five sheets of toilet paper and carefully dab the drops from his penis. After flushing it was the same sexy wiggle as the panties came up again. It was a fantastic night of fucking, I had never done anything like this before and I seriously doubt it will ever happen again, the magnitude of this fuck will remain with me and be one of the happiest memories for the rest of my life. Lastly what was odd was that at no time did Totty ever get as much as a glimmer of an erection. Before leaving we again sat outside on the patio looking up to the hillside and listened to the morning bird calls and just talked about life in general. He told me that he'd had a good time but also indicated he only does this once or maybe twice a year and so far never with the same person twice. It really was time to leave now so everything had been said and I shook his hand and walked back out to my car and drove home. My regret is that I didn't kiss her goodbye, he was gorgeous.

    Twenty four hours later and its Monday morning and I was still horny and basking in the sexual odyssey of Totty. I sent a friend of mine an email asking if he wanted to screw. He's a shift worker so he can be ready to fuck at different times due to his roster, he's the same man that gave me my first and only prostate orgasm. As luck will have it he was winding down after a night shift and said a nice fuck would put him straight to sleep. I went over and we had a nice relaxing session. He is mainly a bottom so I penetrated him in doggie style, but very quickly I felt the forces of ejaculation approach, I withdrew in time and we had a nice lazy session together. Finally I came in his mouth and he came while I wanked him. It had been a relaxing morning session between two friends with no pressure to perform.

    Some times I just fucking well amaze myself. What do you think?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    This may not sound so different in todays world as the term cuckold is a hugely popular fetish, and being a hotwife is right up there with it, everyone has there own variations of the kink that turns them on the most.

    I however have an obsession, but my obsession is that I want my wife to have sex with another man, get creampied and then come home to me and offer her pussy to me to smell and lick and fuck! we have been married for 15 years now and I have tried without success to get her to bring me home a creampie for at least the last ten years.

    to her credit, she did let a man fuck her and creampie her in our early stages of talking but I was away on business and did not get to see it, much less do anything with it.

    I literally begged her to the point of upsetting her before so I backed off, I have never understood why she would not go see this guy again. she claimed that he was great in bed and she loved how he fucked her and made her cum and even told me that she would do it again but here we are ten years later and it has not happened.

    I honestly believe that if something turns someone on and they want to do it that they will do it, which leads me to believe that she lied to me about wanting to do it and told me it turned her on like crazy and it was the hottest thing she ever heard but yet she refuses to do it, I just don't get it.

    I dream and I wish to have a wife that will fuck other men, strictly for the sex and the orgasms and to get her sweet pussy filled up with cum so she can come home and show me her wet panties and give me my treat!

    I don't think she truly understands how bad I want her to do this, I don't have to know who it is or anything like that, I trust her and know that she would find someone clean and disease free. she once asked me about her fucking other married men, she said it would turn her on that a married man is fucking her and pumping his cum into her pussy instead of his wife and she wanted to fuck other womens men, especially married ones.

    she has teased me every way possible about fucking other men, but after about seven or eight years I got tired of listening to her say, "maybe one day you will get it".

    well, about two years ago, I stopped initiating having sex with her, I told myself that I was going to stop having sex with her to see if that may cause her to want to go and have some somewhere else. well here we are two years later and nothing, I thought maybe I could sort of push her into having some extra marital sex but that has not seemed to work either.

    you gotta understand, this woman is a social butterfly, she will openly flirt with men, even in front of me, when she goes on a trip somewhere she will tell me about some guy hitting on her at a bar, she has even sent me pictures of guys she thought were cute. she has had a zillion opportunities some right in front of me and some when alone. she has let men feel her up in front of me, she has let them feel her up when by herself, she has told me about many times she could have very easily had sex with someone, but she swears to this day that she has not and I have never noticed any signs that she has done so and I do honestly believe her.

    I think deep down inside, the only reason I am still married is the fact that she has told me many times "maybe one day it will happen for you". I think deep inside I have held on to this because I am obsessed with it happening, I think about it everyday and I dream and wish every day that she will come home with her pussy full of cum.

    have I wasted so much time for nothing, I mean I truly do love her otherwise, we have a great marriage with the only exception being a sexless marriage. I know she still desires to be fucked because I found a dildo in her night stand so she obviously has been masturbating when I am not around or at work.

    what does a man do when he is so obsessed with his wife voluntarily fucking another man and having a friend with benefits for good sex and the kind of sex she needs. I need a secret friend that I can help seduce her and her not know about it, maybe that would work, only I am afraid that the man would not be able to keep the secret that I helped him get in bed with her.

    there is nothing I want more than for my wife to get in bed beside me and take my hand and put it between her legs and look me in the eye and tell me that her pussy is full of another mans cum! I wish for it, I dream about it, I crave it, I am obsessed with it, I will not be sexually fulfilled until I get it, I am bored otherwise, bored to tears. I want to smell her panties, I want to lick her panties and taste her, I want to slowly slide her panties to the side and dip my tongue in his mess and know that I was not the last man inside her!

    I need to talk to someone about this, anyone? I cant tell her, she may divorce me if she knew how bad I wanted it, I cant talk to any of my friends because I don't trust them that much and I don't believe in therapist because the secret will get out, if nothing more than I am seeing one but then there will be a million questions.

    I guess I will just keep dreaming that one day I will get it as she says, I will continue to dream and wish for it until the point in time comes that I no longer can or I actually do get it..

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