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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I was working evening bell hop, room service delivery was part of the job. It was a ten olock delivery. The man opened the door in a robe, his hair wet, I put the tray on the desk, I turned around he was naked on the bed looking at me. He asked me if I wanted a bigger tip. A quick blow job, I looked at his cock and I wanted it, I asked how much, fifty bucks, to suck him good. I sucked him, he sucked me, I came first I couldn't stop it, I came and came, he lapped it up. He sat on my chest and wanked off on my face. I got the fifty bucks, and another long suck of my cock.

    I was worried, I had been gone too long, but my supervisor never asked.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 32

    My g/f Betts, moved into my home at my invitation a year ago. It's a four room, two story building so there is also plenty of room for both her and her 17 year old daughter, Mandy. Mandy is a skinny redhead with seemingly unnaturally large breasts. I've spoken with Betts about those tits but apparently they are normal while Betts, her mom, has average breasts. Betts is also not a redhead and has average brown hair.

    They also watched porn on line together and I had a negative reaction to this.

    Despite STD's and pregnancy issues, Betts indulges Mandy's overactive libido. I argued with her about it and explained that she should at least wait until she is of legal age for sex then find a job and her own home. I grew tired of finding nude boys walking in and out of her bedroom. One of the boys was friendly and sat down for coffee with me. his long soft cock hanging after having fucked Mandy. He freely informed me after learning who I was, about Mandy's reputation.

    According to the kid, Mandy has fucked dozens of boys in school, even one randy teacher who caught her then wanted his turn, and got it. The single saving grace is that Betts had made a deal with Mandy and Mandy kept her word in not indulging without condoms. She apparently allows anal sex, also, but with a condom as well. The kid also told me that the school boys had nicknames for her like, "Condom cutie" and "rubber dolly." Apparently, if you had a hard-on and condom in hand, that was your ticket in.

    After their first six months in my house, Mandy began to target me as a potential fucker. She started walking around nude then would rub her clit in front of me. When her mother left the house, she would often go into my bedroom where I would find her writhing on my bed, saying, "Oooooh, daddy, give it to me, give it to me, hard and fast," with her hips thrusting up and down." Her large breasts would flop up and down.

    I cannot say that I was not turned on. I found myself fighting wild impulses. It's like she could read my mind and knew exactly how to arouse me. I began to realize that she was a predator. I imagined going to jail with Betts and Mandy taking control of my house.

    One evening, I told Betts that she and Mandy had to go. I gave her $10,000 to locate another residence, and in three weeks, they were gone. Sometimes I actually wank thinking of all the possibilities in threesomes with them and wank thinking of the times I found Mandy nude in my bed, hips and breasts flopping, or the stories the kid told me about Mandy's school sex life. However, my final feeling is "good riddance."

    The influence Mandy had on me was powerful and dies slowly. I'm thinking that in a year or two I would locate her and fuck her brains out. In fact, I purchased two dozen condoms just in case.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 49

    I would say I am currently obsessed with two topics. The first is when did you go gay and I aim really into hooking up with older 50+ men, i've given on the drama, I just want to suck cock and get fucked.

    I am pretty sure I went gay when I was 12. I sucked him the cabaña and he sucked me when we were 9. I made him cum in my mouth and got my first taste of semen. My mouth and face I was sleeping over and when I did we sucked. The next morning when we got up we went to the bathroom to pee and I got the urge for him to pee in my mouth, first time swallowing urine. This opened a whole new game, the feel and taste of hot urine is an over the top turn on. Between nine and twelve we licked butt hole, we put penis and butt hole together, and of course he peed in my mouth and face, usually in the pool cabaña. And we sucked and he would cum.

    I wasn't gay yet.

    One late summer afternoon, we were 12, I was sucking him in the TV room and the pool man saw us. Several days later he asked us if we peed on the cabaña floor, because he noticed that when we swam there was always pee on the floor. He asked us what we were doing, we played dumb. He leaned down and told us he knew we were a couple of little faggots. He said he had seen me sucking him off and he figured we were into pee play.

    He took us to the cabaña and whipped out his cock and we both had to suck him. He had a real erection by then and he asked us who was going first, because he was going to fuck us. And he meant right then. He said I was a good looking boy and he kissed me and fondled me, then he put his finger on my butt hole, he spat on my back, and I felt his finger go in. that felt really good, we laid down on the dressing bench, he got me to open my legs and slowly ever so slowly, every inch followed, and it hurt a little, but mostly it was great and I wanted more and more until he fucked and he withdrew. My butt felt funny but good and after a few minutes some semen came out. When he kissed me again I melted and fell in love. That is the day I went queer.

    My friend didn't let himself get fucked, so he wasn't a queer.

    The pool man was in his forties, and I sucked him, and he got off from time to time, and we fucked and it got better and better. And he kissed me.

    For a while I tried to keep up with younger guys, I'm a bottom and I need to get fucked, but now I am hooking up with men my age or older who just want sex, no strings attached. It feels so much better this way, and if they are tops, the fucking is a lot better.

    So there you have it,

    Bob, Palo Alto, California

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    Only my husband Rick can tell you why he allows me to fuck other men. He used to have me go out and have sex with guys I'd met previously. Then after returning home, Rick would have me disclose everything I got upto with the guy, as he tongued out my pussy and ass. He'd always cum so hard as I sat on his face, more often than not making me climax hard too.
    This last few months however, Rick has had me invite men home. Some have backed out once they knew I was married and wanted my husband to watch. But a good number so far, have been more than willing to fuck me in front of Rick. And one recently actually had Rick sucking on his cock after he'd cum up my ass.
    Rick was tonguing out my rear hole, when the guy who's in his forties, told Rick to clean his cock. Rick went to grab some tissue, but the guy said "NO you faggot, lick and suck it for me". Rick looked at me almost for approval, to which I nodded back at him. I then watched my husband take his cock into his mouth.
    It was so horny watching him suck dick, so much so I had him suck the guy for quite some time until he became fully erect again. I then had Rick watch from below me (69) as I sucked on my husband's cock. I was fucked from behind with Rick's face inches away, seeing me taking our guests cock until I orgasmed twice in a row.
    Rick told me afterwards it was the single most horny sex session he's ever had with anyone. And since then we've begun to search for a younger guy our age, who might want to be our regular bisexual fuck buddy. I do have someone in mind, but I'm not sure if Rick would go for it, as it's his cousin Scott. Someone I've always secretly fancied. And someone I know for definite swings both ways.
    All I have to do is work out how to propose it all to Rick.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This happened when I was 15. My maternal grandmother was 54. While I thought she was old, being she was a grandmother and I was only 15. In hindsight I can see now she was quite a GILF.

    She was widowed and at this time in my life I was not getting along well with my parents. Because of this, I went to her house a lot to cut grass, carry groceries, wash the car, etc. Sometimes I would stay at her house for several days at a time.

    Since I have a fetish for girdles, ladies swimsuits and foundation wear in general, I had already been wearing my mother's things for several years. It was only natural that I would investigate grandmother's things.

    Every time she went to the grocery store, the doctor or to play cards with her friends, I would pick out one of her three girdles or a red one piece swimsuit to wear.

    However, the best times were when she went to visit one of her several out of town sisters for a day or two. When this happened, I not only got to play in her undies, I was able to act out my fantasies in self bondage (sometimes even spending the night in a girdle and bondage).

    Everything was perfect in my little fetish world until my grandmother came home in expectedly one afternoon about 3:00 pm. I was dressed in only her white flexes firm control brief and was in the process of putting myself in a self bondage hogtie.

    I didn't notice when the car first pulled into the drive but I knew it was definitely her when I heard the garage door start to open. This gave me precious little time to get myself free enough to scamper into the spare bedroom (where I had left my clothes) and slam the door shut as she turned the key and opened the door of the breezeway which connects the house to the garage. I caught a glimpse of her as I shut the bedroom door and prayed she had not seen me.

    As I struggled to get dressed (I never thought a belt buckle could rattle so loudly), she came to the bedroom door and attempted to open it but I was able to hold it shut. She demanded to know "just what the hell are you doing." I held the door shut and simply said "I'm not doing anything."

    After about a minute, she said "I'm waiting" but I said nothing and continued to hold the door shut. She eventually went to the kitchen and then to the den.

    I came out of the bedroom after about half an hour and found her having a drink and reading the newspaper. I figured I had gotten by by the skin of my teeth and was home free as she said nothing and didn't even look up from the newspaper.

    Th e following Friday evening my grandmother phoned my mother and told he she had an all day project for me the next morning and to have me at her place no later than 7:00 am.

    After mother dropped me off, I went I'm the house. As my grndmother sat drinking coffee, she tossed me a small bag and said "since you seemed to have claimed this, it's yours now. Go in the bedroom and put it on."

    I knew the control brief was in the bag and i felt sick, as if I had been punched in the gut. As I stood there in total shock, she yelled "do it, NOW" and asked what my mother and father would think if she told them what she caught me doing. I knew she meant business and I knew she had me by the proverbial "short hairs."

    I went straight to the bedroom, not saying a word, and pulled off my shoes, pants and undershorts in order to put on the control brief. Once I had it on I put my pants and shoes back on and called out to he "what now?"

    She told me to come back into the kitchen and as soon as she saw me she called out NO, NO, you don't understand. Go back in there, take off all your clothes, put on the girdle brief and get back in here.

    Still in shock and basically numb from what had already happened, I walked back to the bedroom as she snapped "hurry up!" I took off my clothes and felt like I was going to my execution as I stood there in that control brief and turned the doorknob.

    My grandmother laughed as I walked back into the kitchen and stood before her. She said "that's quite a sight" and asked "does wearing that
    make you feel pretty?" She paused and
    said "well, what do you have to say for yourself?" I said nothing as I hung my head in shame and stood in front of her trying to cover myself with my hands as best I could.

    She snapped "you had better stand up straight, hold your head up and get those hands behind your back". After several more uncomfortable minute of silence, she told me to keep keep thise hands behind your back, get in the den and stand with your nose in the far corner of the room.

    I did as she said and stood in the corner for what seemed to be a very long time. My body ached from standing in the same position for so long. I just sort of zoned out as I stood there.

    I was jerked back to reality by the sound of a car pulling up the drive. I listened closely as somebody entered the breezeway and knocked on the kitchen door. I wondered who it could be as my knees started to weaken and I began to shake from anxiety and fright.

    My grandmother said "stay put, you had better not move from that position" as she stood to open the door. I went deeper in shock and humiliation as my grandmother opened the door for her friend Phyllis and invited her in.

    Phyllis snickered and burst out laughing loudly as she said "I can't believe you actually went through with the plan" and took a seat on the
    sofa. She and my grandmother made
    small talk and ignored me for a while until Phyllis said why don't we have a little entertainment while we wait for Barbara to arrive.

    As I thought "oh my lord, somebody else is going to see me like this!,"
    Grandmothe r told me to keep y head up, hands behind my back and to come stand in front of her and Phyllis.

    As I stood in front of them, Phyllis said "cute but a little chubby. Let's make good use of the time and have you do some exercises for our entertainment while we wait on Barbara to arrive?" My grandmother told me to start by running in place until told to stop. They ran me until I broke a good sweat before allowing me to stop. Next, Phyllis had me doing jumping jacks follows by deep knee bends. As I started the deep knee bends, my grandmother said "you don't seem too happy about all this, do you?" She went on to say i had a bad attitude and told me to smile and keep doing so as I exercised.

    After about another half an hour I heard another car come up the drive. Barbara had arrived. A curt, no nonsense woman, she entered without knocking and walked over to me as the others had me running in place again.

    Barbar a remarked "ain't you cute there running in your grandmother's girdle brief with that silly fake smile on your face?" I nodded yes and about melted in shame as she asked me if I was told to smile.

    To make a long story short, Barbara was a pro domme. She and Phyllis escorted me to the basement with my wrists cuffed behind my back. I was released for a moment before my hands were reattached above my head. My ankles and knees were also tied with belts.

    Grandmother looked me in my terrified face and said "you are about to be punished for wearing my things. When this is over you can keep the control brief and we will never speak of this again".

    W hen she finished speaking, Barbara started paddling my behind. I held it in as long as possible and then the tears started flowing. I stated sobbing and crying in earnest as Barbara switched to a leather belt and whipped not only my back and legs but my belly and chest too.

    I faced Phyllis and my grandmother during my punishment and they both taunted me by asking me things like "do you like this or does this excite you?" They made it more humiliating by forcing me to reply to their embarrassing questions while being whipped.

    After the whipping I was tied in an old metal office arm chair and left alone while the ladies went out to eat. Several hours later my grandmother returned, untied me and told me to shower and get dressed.

    The incident was never mentioned again.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    My wife and her sister will be traveling down to a dog show this evening, and staying overnight before driving back late on Saturday night.
    As soon as she leaves I'll be texting Pete, who's a fifty two year old neighbour of ours. And I'll be letting him know she's gone. When he gets the message I expect him to be round within ten minutes, having made sure his disabled wife is comfortable.
    When he enters our home which he's done many many times these past eighteen months, I'll already be naked, lubed up and ready with an open mouth.
    Usually Pete will undress before he enters our bedroom. He'll already be semi erect if not fully erect, and I'll take great pleasure in making sure he is rock hard by sucking on his cock for as long as he needs me to. Which usually is only a couple of minutes.
    His favorite position to have me in, is the doggy position. I'll adopt the position, wait to feel his huge cock head push against my arsehole. Then I'll relax enough for him to drive home his eight inches all the way to his balls. Once he''s fully entered my arsehole, Pete will take his twice weekly pleasure out on my rear fuck hole, and boy does he know how to fuck.
    Fucking me for no more than ten to fifteen minutes, he'll pound my arsehole and have me cumming within minutes as I toss myself off. Knowing he won't and has never worn a condom with me, I'll get myself ready and wait for his cum explosion which will fill my innards. When it happens, it will send shivers throughout my body and I'll listen to him grunting out his orgasm.
    Pete will as usual slap my arse hard and tell me he'll see me next time. Only the next time will be later on tonight as he's going to be revisiting me once his wife is safely asleep. It's only our second time that we've had such an occasion to do so, so we'll be taking full advantage of it. And hopefully because he's already cum, just like the last time, he'll be able to fuck me for as long as I can take his glorious cock.
    Got to go my wife's coming back in from sorting out the dogs.

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  • — Gross —
    1 / 36

    Hello. And Bye.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 25

    In 2011 I graduated high school and turned 19 a month later. Then in July of that year I moved to Orlando for two years for school. Now I got all settled in in my apartment and was just going to school and going home. Never went out, I was a complete virgin.

    I used to talk to this older guy as he seemed to be in the laundry room the sane time as me at 1 am since we knew all the washer and dryers would be free at that time. Never thought anything of it. We chatted for like a month and one night he invited me back to his apartment while we waited for our dryers to get done. I agreed and went back to his place. He was a cool older guy, in his early 50s, was a medical assistant his whole life. We sat and talked and watched tv and kept talking.

    Then he asked me about sex. I nervously told him I was still a virgin and he said that's okay. He told me he used to be married at one time but she wanted a divorce so they agreed on one, he had been single since he was in his 30s.

    Now here is where it got weird, he asked if I ever thought about having sex with a guy. I told him no and he said okay. But he made me an offer, he told me he loved getting straight guys to bottom for him and he loved guys my age. He told me no pressure and if I didn't want to just say and we'll just be friends. He proceeded to tell me he'd gift me with stuff if I did have sex with him as he figured there was stuff I was probably wanting.

    I thought about his offer for a night and just figured it couldn't be that bad. I'd just have to lay in bed or be on top of him as his dick was in my butt. So the next day I saw him in the parking lot after he got of work I told him okay as long as he could prove he was std free and hiv negative. Little did I know he had papers on him to prove that. So I went to his apartment with him.

    We'll just cut to the point, I was laying on his bed in my tighty whities as he undressed. He was wearing briefs too and he had a huge bulge! Off came his underwear and he pulled mine off telling me he could tell I was a virgin still for sure. He gave me my first blowjob and I was in heaven. It felt great and I cummed like crazy. Now it was my turn, he told me how to suck him and he grew to be a 8" cock! I was big, I never thought it'd be that big. After a bit he had me lay on my back and put my legs up, he lubed my ass up and his cock. Very slowly he went in, it hurt like crazy. I was wondering what I got myself into. But soon he was in and the pain was slowly going away. Then finally he was fucking me. Long strokes, balls deep. It didnt really feel good to me but whatever, I was getting rewarded for letting him have sex with me. Finally the big moment came and he cummed in me. I could definitely feel it, he cummed a lot. After he pulled out he said don't worry your butthole will tighten back up. I laid there kinda feeling ashamed that I just let a guy fuck me. But I got dressed and went back to my place. I had a sore butt for a few days.

    A few nights later I saw him again in the laundry room. He asked if I was okay after that. I just told him I was having second thoughts. We talked and he said no worries of you do t like it, it's okay. Finally I just told him that'd I'd want anew laptop in return for sex. I just blurted it out. He asked what kind and I told him. The deal was if I had sex with him every night for month he'd buy it. So for a month I was with on my back or in doggie taking his cock. Finally at the end of the month I was gifted a laptop I wanted.

    For my whole two years in Orlando I let that guy have sex with me. I've never to,d anyone but he was very generous and to be honest the sex wasn't really that bad, I just didn't really like a cock in my butt but it's whatever now.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 26

    I grew up with two older brothers, I cussed like them and acted like them. I was one of the guys. My mouth got me in trouble a lot and so did my attitude. My thing was "don't fuck with me".

    I went to an engineering school, mostly guys, to study mechanical engineering. All those guys and I never got a second date, I said fuck them. With my degree in hand I went to work for XX. My department head was an asshole, and he and I clashed. One day I made the statement that I was going to tear this contractor a new asshole. He said right there in the meeting I didn't have what it takes, I responded that I could take care of myself. He didn't let go and told me to look between my legs and see if I could find dick. He walked off calling me a worthless c**t.

    My coworkers were silent, I tried a comeback and all I could say was shithead.

    Later that day he called me to his office, I thought he was going to apologize. He grabbed me and bent me over his work table twisting my neck with his hand. I couldn't shake him, my neck hurt so much I was crying, I knew I was in trouble, he got his pants down with his free hand, told me I could decide the easy way or the hard way, I lowered my pants and he tore into my asshole, tore me up pretty bad fucking me, and left me leaning over the table crying with cum dripping out of my ass.

    When I stopped crying he told me to get my shit together, if I wanted to play with the boys, to take what was coming to me. He finished by telling me to keep my pussy wet and he would fuck my pussy, if I acted up he was going to fuck my ass. I never swore around him again, his look was enough to toe the line. He got pussy, all the time pussy and no sass and lots of personal attention. My brother accused me of going from a wild cat to a pussy. I told him if he got a dick run up his ass he would be a pussy too.


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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife doesn't like it when I eat her pussy. I don't think it's my technique, I used to date a girl that absolutely lost her mind when I ate her out. I even did it with this former gf once in a graveyard when we were younger - she straddled my face in her fishnet tights and vampire outfit and came twice in about five minutes (very memorable experience, it was Halloween back in 2001). My wife says it feels good when I lick her, but she just doesn't care for it. I'm pretty excited to be there, and usually sucks my cock enthusiastically while I do it, but it doesn't get her there one bit.

    She does, however, go crazy for my fingers. Absolutely bonkers. Inside her, around her clit, pulling her labia, pressing them together around her clit. Spreading her open, lifting up her ass. She loves it! I am blessed with soft hands and nicely shaped squarish finger, so I guess that helps. When I get inside her just right with two fingers and stroke at her G spot, she cums hard every time, and I pull my fingers back COVERED in her girl cream. Both disgusting and incredibly hot at the same time.

    Maybe it's because when she finally gets my cock inside her, all she wants to do is kiss and the taste of pussy isn't all that appealing. Who knows - every girl likes something different, right?

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