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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    Hello my name is Stacey . My confession is that I purposely got naked and was masturbating while laying on my stomach. I did it purposely because I knew that the men that were remodeling my parents bathroom were about to walk in the room. I let them touch me and have sex with me. Even though they were not wearing any protection.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Told my husband I wanted and needed more sex than we were having. Normally about once a month. He told me, he worked hard and only had time and energy for me when he felt like it. Reminding him time and again, he began to ignore me, so a few weeks ago when he set off for work, I walked the fifty or yards across to our neighbors home. His name is Greg, he's forty nine and he's the horniest bastard I've ever had sex with. From seven thirty that morning until close to midday, Greg had me climbing the walls with the amount of orgasms his mouth, tongue and large cock gave me.
    As soon as my husband arrived home for lunch, he asked me why I looked so flushed. I told him it was because I'd been exercising all morning, when in reality I'd been taking Gregs cock in my mouth, pussy and ass all day. When he finally left again after his lunch, I saw Greg walking over and prepared myself for another sexual onslaught. I received it and then some. Greg might be nearly twenty years older than my husband, yet he can hold down a physical job and still find time and energy to fuck me every single day. I'm just sorry I didn't go along with his flirting long before now. Boy can that man fuck...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    I've just got my ex-girlfriend from 30 years ago to agree to start fucking me again. We're both in relationships, but want to fuck each other silly. We've been sexting for some time now and I guess I still remember how to push her buttons.

    I used to call her beautiful breasts "Big Ted" and "Little Ted" and she has told me that they're now 34H, and I can't wait to suffocate in them.

    I hope her pussy still tastes as good as it did all those years ago and I can't wait to finally fuck her anally.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 51


    I'm a male with a Clothing Fetish for Women's Shirts with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. I'm NOT a crossdresser, I'm a Fetishist! My Clothing Fetish is for this single style of Women's Shirt. I have a "Fetish Name" for this style of Women's Shirt. I call this style of Women's Shirt by the Fetish Name "TICKET SHIRT." My Ticket Shirt Fetish is a Sexual Clothing Fetish!

    To define and explain what a Ticket Shirt is: a TICKET SHIRT is a "Shirt" with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags, and one or two Pockets. A Ticket Shirt has frontal button closure with the buttons being visible, not hidden. I LOVE Ticket Shirts made from silky polyester. I prefer solid colors ONLY. All of my Ticket Shirts are Women's Ticket Shirts. I wear ONLY Women's Ticket Shirts which are intended to be worn by a Woman or Ticket Shirts which were formerly worn by a Woman!

    All of my Used (or formerly worn by a Woman) Ticket Shirts were purchased on eBay, etsy.**m, in Thrift Stores or were Custom Made for me by my Female Ticket Shirt Seamstress.

    The Collar of a Ticket Shirt is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar," the Collar Tag is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar Tag," and the Pockets of a sexy Woman's Ticket Shirt are called "Ticket Shirt Pockets." I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt and jerk off. I LOVE to wear a Ticket Shirt and watch myself in a mirror while I jerk off and spurt Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp. I LOVE how sexy a Woman's Ticket Shirt looks on me! My pretty Women's Ticket Shirts are so Sexually Beautiful to me!

    I LOVE to jerk off while I'm wearing a Ticket Shirt. I LOVE to spurt "Ticket sperm" from my little "Ticket pp" while I'm wearing a Ticket Shirt. I LOVE to be tied up and be whipped while I wear a Ticket Shirt. I LOVE to be verbally and sexually abused while I wear a Ticket Shirt!

    My name is TicketShirtslave (Ticket Shirt slave) for a good reason. I'm sexually addicted to wearing my Ticket Shirts and jerking off! I'm sexually enslaved to my Ticket Shirts! I'm literally a "Ticket Shirt slave" to my Women's Ticket Shirts! I'm in "Sexual Ticket Shirt slavery" to my Women's Ticket Shirts and there is NO ESCAPE from Ticket Shirt slavery or my Sexual Bondage to my Ticket Shirts!

    But, I do NOT want to escape from my Ticket Shirt slavery and I do NOT want to escape being a Ticket Shirt slave! I'm a WILLING Ticket Shirt slave to my sexy Women's Ticket Shirts and I LOVE TICKET SHIRT SLAVERY!

    confessed by TicketShirtslave

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Just a quickie for you.
    I'm forty three, very fit and big. My cock that is. I'm also a highly sexed married man who's wife can't match my need for anal. Mind you even before I met her I was fucking guys.
    During a few days off last week, I decided to go into town and do some shopping for clothes. Whilst trying on some trousers in a shop, I noticed through the gap in the curtain, a guy who I guessed to be about my own age, staring at my cock bulge.
    Never one to be shy, I popped my head out and asked him if he'd like to join me. Within seconds I had my cock out and in his mouth. He'd sucked cock before, even though I saw his wedding band and believe me he was good.
    Asking as he sucked away on my dick, if he'd like to take it up his arse, he stopped sucking me, looked up ans smiled.
    Removing his own trousers and lowering his boxers he turned around and offered up his hole. I spat on my cock, then on my fingers and wiped his hole with them. He shuffled about, but I wanted to fuck him and just put my cock head to his boy pussy and thrust in.
    It was furious, fast and it was rough, yet I didn't care what he wanted and took him. We both moaned with lust, but kept it as low as we could. Even so I heard a young shop worker say "I think he's fucking him". I still carried on though and heard him groan again as he told me it felt amazing. Gripping his hair I pulled his head back, kissed him and shot everything I had deep up his arsehole. He pulled off my cock, spun and tugged his won dick a few times and shot his load all over the floor.
    A few minutes later we both walked out with him wiping his hole with a tissue I gave him. Passing two young male shop assistants as I'd paid for my clothing and was exiting the shop, the youngest looking said "Call in again soon sir, you can fuck me next time if you'd like". I smiled and said I'd be in next week.
    I'm back there tomorrow.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    I was sitting waiting for my world literature class to start. A classmate I knew handed me a paper sack. He told me to look inside.

    Inside the sack was a packaged penis vibrator.

    I asked him what's that for?

    He said it was a gift. If I wanted it.

    I said thanks! I liked toys!

    As I closed the bag he grabbed the sack. He said there was only one condition. He had to see me use it. On myself. One time.

    I laughed and told him keep dreaming.

    So I'm in our class. I couldn't even concentrate. It drove me crazy. It made me totally frustrated!

    I wanted that vibrator!

    After class I went up to my classmate with the vibrator.

    I said okay. What do I have to do?

    He said we go to his dorm nearby.

    He didn't have to explain any more. I had three hours to kill until my next class. I was in.

    We walked really fast. I look back now and realize how serious I was at getting the toy! We barely talked as we walked to the dorms.

    We put a "Studying Don't Disturb" sign taped to the door. We both knew all the tricks, even putting a doorstop wedge under the door.

    I said let's get this party started. The packaging holding the vibrator was too tough to open. We scrounged around looking for scissors. Once out, my friend put in the batteries.

    He fired it up. It sounded great! It looked expensive. He handed it to me.

    I slathered way to much of my hand cleaner all over the vibrator; then, I used some toilet paper to wipe it clean.

    I took off my tennis shoes. I removed my leggings. He moved a chair over to observe me on a bed.

    I put the dildo in my mouth to wet it. It tasted yucky, like new. I didn't care. I knew it would taste better soon.

    I got comfortable.

    This might sound unusual but I really didn't care if he watched. I'd been having orgasms since kindergarten.

    I looked over. He held his cock through his clothes. He looked like a little innocent boy. I could tell he wanted to masturbate too.

    I typically masturbate nude. Sometimes I will leave on my socks. I like to play with my breasts when I pleasure myself. I'm also a slow masturbator. I love watching free porn on my iPhone when I pleasure. It takes me maybe 20 or even 30 minutes to hit my first orgasm. I don't like to rush.

    That morning in his dorm things were just not feeling right for me. I was too out of my element. I was worried his roommates might walk in. He called them to make sure they wouldn't walk in while I warmed myself up by reaching into my leggings and fingering myself.

    I realized I needed something to take me over the top.

    I knew he wouldn't mind.

    I told him to please get naked for me.

    I wanted him to stroke his penis.

    I needed entertainment.

    I undressed so I was nude too. He looked so cute undressed! He had a cute body!

    One thing I learned is for me I prefer normal size vibrators. I have friends who want the monster size, but for me I just like it natural size. The one I used that day was a little bigger than my two I had. It kind of made it different! Interesting!

    I dreamed in my head the guy is getting turned on about me. I don't know why. It just made me especially horny that morning!

    I got turned on when he started jerking off. It was funny because I could tell he was trying not to cum. I started doing everything I could to turn him on--only it turned me on too!!! I used my fingers and the vibrator in myself like I do normally.

    He shot his load. It went all over his stomach.

    I think I set a new orgasm speed record for myself! I hadn't had an orgasm that fast regularly since elementary school! I had my first orgasm in like ten minutes!

    It was funny to see him use toilet paper to wipe up the cum. His ejaculate was all smeared in his body hair.

    I fired off like seven more orgasms. For me each new orgasm usually builds from the previous one. After eight total I felt great!

    I talked with him a bit and stuffed my new toy in my backpack. I thanked him for doing business!

    I do feel bad because later he tried the same game with another toy, but I just wanted to play with someone else. But it is a happy memory of my freshman college year. :)

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 28

    I just found this confession site. I admit, Iâve already masturbated quite a few times while reading some of these! Thanks!
    Anyway, my confession could fit into a few different categories, but I picked this one because itâs always been a fetish of mine.
    Iâll jump right in: Last summer I was helping my parents remodel the upstairs of their house. It was hotter than hell up there every day I worked. With the upstairs demolished, that left only one bathroom downstairs. I would usually take a quick shower before heading out to my own place. Not a big deal.
    So, my mom has always been the flirty type. Sheâs a real cougar.
    One day it was just mom and I working upstairs. Dad was at work. I had finished hanging drywall and we started painting. I had been there all day and after we decided to stop, we both suddenly said âI need a shower.â We laughed, but the out of nowhere my mom said âletâs go then.â
    I didnât think she was serious but I thought Iâd calm her bluff just to see how far sheâs take it. We went downstairs and I had my shirt off by the time we went into the bathroom. Mom was trying to act cool and calm. She laid out some towels and started the water. I had my shoes and sock off and was unbuckling my belt when she stopped fiddling around. She froze when she saw I was actually going to strip. I thought for sure she would walk out then, probably call me a choice name or two, but she didnât. She smiled and in one quick, well practiced movement, she pulled her dirty T-shirt over her head.
    Iâd seen my mom in her bra before, no big deal. She did have a nice set of boobs, though. I undid my fly and started to unzip. Again, I thought this would end before too much longer, but as I slowly slid off my jeans, my mom undid her bra and threw it at me. I looked up to see those big tits. I just stared as she shedded the rest, pants, panties and stepped under the water. My mom was naked. I snapped out of my daze when she blurted âare you just going to watch me?â
    I shook my head and said no. At that point I was just in my underwear and it was impossible to hide my excitement. I thought what the hell, and chucked off my undies. My swollen cock bobbed up and down and I stepped into the shower.
    At first we didnât touch, though the space was limited. The we decided to help each other. Washed each otherâs back and she turned and allowed me to wash her breasts. My cock rubbed against her belly the whole time.
    We barely talked, just enjoyed the water and each otherâs bodies, as I washed her tits her hand slid down my side and quickly touched me cock. I said it was ok and without further hesitation she wrapped her fingers around my swollen shaft for a few tugs.
    Laughing, I held up the soap and said âitâs not going to get clean without this.â She took the soap and lathered my cock and balls up. While she washed me, I slowly slid my hand down her stomach gently to her slit. She gasped a bit as a finger probed her and she tugged my cock harder.
    We played with each other for quite a while. I finally whispered that I was going to cum and my knees nearly buckled with each pulse.
    We both nervously laughed as things tamed down a bit. We washed each other again, really actually washed.
    After getting dressed we both were apologizing a lot. My mom even cried and I assured her it was ok. We both just got carried away and we swore to each other it wouldnât happen again.
    The remodel was finished a few weeks later. Life has continued as normal for the most part. I masturbate quite a lot thinking or her. Iâm thinking of asking if she wants to try out the new master bathroom when I visit the next time. As long as dad isnât home, that is.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    I was born in Peru in Lima and lived there all my life until I got to know my husband, an Austrian man who worked in Peru for 5 years. We got married and I moved with him to Europe. He is a very open minded man and right from the start we talked very openly about everything we liked, wanted, aspired to and everything that previously had happened in our lives. This also and especially included our previous sexual experiences. My then boyfriend and now husband was the first person who I had told this story.

    As a young girl I was brought up in a loving family with my parents, my father, who we all adored and my strict and conservative mother, who we also loved and I especially had a wonderful relationship and was very close to my grandmother, who lived with us ever since her husband had died when I was still a baby. My grandmother meant the world to me and she was the one who would comb my haid, wash me, bathe me, dress me and we would go out for walks every day and on the weekend we would travel to the centre of Lima to have lunch in her favourite restaurants. She would alwasy buy me treats, read me stories and put me to bed and I got accustomed to fall asleep with her "old ladies'" hand caressing and resting on my head until I was fast asleep.

    This was my world all through the years when I went to kindergarden, primary school and secondary school. When I turned about 10 my grandmother started to take me to the countryside to visit a female cousin who had become a nun. My grandmother had agreed with my mother that she could take me there and as it was about 3 hours on the bus we would stay from Friday evening to Sunday and then return. I really liked my time there and would spend the weekend playing in the nunneries garden and my grandmother nad her cousin who were both now in their late 70-ies would chat. My grandmother on our first visit had told me that she would show me the wonderful feeling of being loved and feel totally free and looking into my eyes had asked me if I wanted this. I just looked at her and nodded and said yea. She said that if I wanted it, I would have to do what she would tell me and not ask any questions. As it was a custom between us when I wanted to show my gratitude I just took her hand, held it and kissed the back of her hand and said that I would do anything she wanted.

    So when we got to the nunnery my grandmother undressed me and put on a very pretty but see through silk lacy nightie on me and also took off my panties. While we are here, my darling, she said you should feel free and for that you should just play with this dress on or be just yourself without any clothes. I remember feeling a bit odd at first but soon I was outside with the two old ladies and soon I was playing, walking and running around naked. I would sit naked on my grandmother's and her cousins lap and they would pat my bum and legs and their caresses made me feel really good. During the night we would all share a narrow bed and we would all be naked. I felt their hands on me and I also saw that they both kissed and held each other. I enjoyed the feeling of their naked warm bodies next to mine and I also remember enjoying the wonderful feelings that I felt when their hands touched and carressed my body all over and especially when one took care of my littly girlie bum and the others slid her hand between my legs and started rubbing. I did not know what it was then nor did I know what it was called but now I know that it was then when I felt my first orgasms. I accepted the lovemaking around me and the feeling of kisses and licking of my body, bum and crotch as something normal and natural.

    These monthly visits continued for many years. We would travel, have wonderful meal, I would be allowed to taste my first sips of alcohol and then we would laugh and play and go to bed. I remember on occasions other "friendly" nuns would join us in our bed and also touch and kiss me and I would enjoy kissing and touching them in the way my grandmother had showed me and I would always fall asleep after a long kistt from my grandmother, telling me what a great granddaughter I was and how much she loved me and I said, I love to you too, grandmother and then her hand rested on my head as usual and I fell asleep.

    During the day I would find nothing unusual about being naked all the time and playing like this in the secluded little garden. We did gardening, played ball, played games, cards and they read me stories. There were only about 10 nuns in this tiny monastery and they would all see me, watch me and over the years all would join us at night. Never more than 1 or 2 apart from my grandmother and her cousin. In the morning and the evening they and we all would shower together and the ladies would dry each other off and then apply cream to her bodies, helping each other and to me this was all so normal.

    I think in my second or third yesr of our visits on occasions there would be other girls like me, who were also naked with us in the garden and I enjoyed this, as well, as I had friends of my age to play with.

    I was never told to keep any of this a secret and at home, although I did not tell any to my younger sisters I told both my older sister and my mother and they said that grandmother had already told them what a good girl I was and that they were very proud of me. As long as I wanted to and I enjoyed it I could continue to travel with my grandmother to visit the "nice ladies" at the nunnery.

    My last visit was when I finished secondary school and had passed the university entrance examinations and my grandmother said that I now was soon going to be a real woman and that it would no longer be appropriate to go with her to visit her cousin. I was said but at the same time I accepted it as logical and also was happy for my youngest sister who had just turned 10 to take my place and she would from now on travel with my gran once a month to visit her cousin. When my youngest sister came back from her first visit all beaming and happy I knew that she had enjoyed her time and the loving hands of that two elderly ladies who had spent the night naked with a young naked girls body between them and they had enjoyed introducing the young, sweet smelling girlie into their sensual world.

    Now, of course, I understand what was going on then and that then and now this sort of thing would be classed as abuse but to me it never felt like this. I will never make any excuses and I am sure if anyone had felt that I would react strangley to what was happening to me it would all have stopped immediately. Two of my sisters were never invited to join my grandmother and today I know that both my mother and my grandmother understood that they had different characters and that would have meant that they would have had problems. My older sister, I and my youngest sister have always been very sensual and sexual girls right from a very young age. My mother, my grandmother, my older sister and my youngest sister we are all bi-sexual and we have continued to have relationships with other women but our other sisters are totally different.

    When I got to know my husband and told him the story, he did not react with disgust but with first reticent excitement and then he told me that he really loved the story and that he loved the idea of haveing met a sexually liberated woman. He told me of his life and previous sexual experience. He had been a mummy's boy and his mum had bathed him, dried him and then had lovingly put cream on his body and lathed his skin and he had spent almost every evening naked on his Mum's lap while she was reading him a story and her hand were caressing him and patting his bum and traveling up and down his legs, his belly, his chest and then holding him lovingly cupping his boy penis and scrotum and he had loved the feeling. When he entered puberty he had discovered that pleasure of masturbation and soon his mother happened to come home early one afternoon and without him noticing had entered his room. First he freaked but she would smile at him and say it was Ok and that he should continue and while she caress his body with one hand she would hold his head close to her shoulder and he would continue until he climaxed. Then his mother would bring warm towels and clean him dry of his fluids. This was a routine that both mother and son kept up until he met his first girl friend. But even to this day and he was 28 when I met him he told me that he would always be naked in front of his mother and when he felt like it he would still openly masturbate in front of her and he would climax with his head against her shoulder and feeling her hand stroking his inner legs.

    My future husband had told me that he had quite a few one night stands,he had travelled a lot and met a lot of people for his young age but so far had only had two long term relationships. One lasted a year and the other two years and both his girl friends had been unfaithful, had cuckolded him, both did that regularly and quite openly and that he first felt hurt but then he also noticed how incredibly aroused he became and that this now had defined his sexuality and his sexual fantsies and he hoped that although he would always be faithful to me that I would be inclined to pursue my sexual liberty and be with other men and girls as I wished. Both his girlfriends had always told him in detail about their affairs and he had enjoyed the extasy and sexual fulfilment that he experienced during those "making up" sessions. Sex had been incredble and he had more than once felt that the other men's semens was still in his girlfriends' wombs and this had been the most ecstatic sensation imaginable for him.

    So then we had defined our future semi-open marriage and relationship and I have enjoyed a rich and varied sex-life with many other men and laides and have introduced quite a few young girls into the realms of sensualtiy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 51

    In the 80-ies I worked and lived for 5 years in Peru. There I got to know a lovely, stunningly beautiful and intelligent girl, we were both 26 then and we fell in love, enjoyed our time together, secretly met up in my appartment as often as we could, enjoyed life, good food, dancing, walking, travelling and lot and lots of sex.

    In the beginning my wife Charo told me that she had one previous relationship that was sexual and that I was her 2nd man with whom she had slept, I had to confess that I had many more experiences but she did not mind. We were totally open and had promised each other that bit by bit we would share everything that we had done and all our fantasies. We swore we would not hold back and tell everything and the real truth.

    So I told her that I had quite a few one night stands and 4 relationships with other women who were long term. I told her about my first girl friend with whom I was together for almost two years and who had always been unfaithful to me and cuckolded me all the time, mainly with guys who were older, had lots of money and could further her career and that even though at the beginning I was hurt that I later discovered that I was extremely aroused by it and by the 2nd year had totally accepted it and also enjoyed the feeling of her sloppy pussy when my ex-girl friend had just returned for one of her "career furthering" trysts.

    My wife laughed. Then I told her that I had a long relationship with an asian girl, while living in the UK and that I also had two more rleationships with married ladies, which had gone on for several years and with the full knowledge of their husbands and that I never knew for sure and probably would never know that I thought that I was the father of a daughter that my last lady friend had born, officially the legitimate child of her marriage.

    Then my work brought me to South America and I got to know my wife.

    After about 6 months one evening my wife made a very glum face. I asked what was up and she told me that she had a secret that she had kept from me but she felt she needed to tell me and she was not sure how I would take it.

    So I sat her down, gave her a drink, a very strong rum-cola, embraced her and said she should tell me.

    She then said that I would remember that she had one boyfriend before me and that they had sex. Well the fact was that this "boyfriend" actually meant that she was her father's mistress. This was a hug family secret that only her mother, her father and her oldest sister knew and that to be honest that it was as much her choise and decision as her fathers. Many reasons led to her becoming her father's lover and that it all happened with the knowledge and tacit approval of her mother.

    I was not shocked but extremely surprised. I asked when she stopped to be her father's mistress and she said that she hadn't and that they still would be together once or twice a month when he desired her and that she still loved him, not like me but she enjoyed being with him and enjoyed the pleasure she could give and receive.

    Not sure what came over me but I embraced her tightly and kissed her long and deep and then whispered in her ear that I thanked her for being honest with me and that I wouldn't want her to stop. She should continue what she had with her Dad for as long as she wanted and I would always accept it. Only when she no longer wanted to be part of this should she stop. That was her decicion and hers only.

    She was clearly relieved and we had wonderful horny sex that night and I was totally hot knowing that the pussy I was fucking was shared with my future father-in-law.

    Years later when we lived in the UK her father had a work contract in the UK and stayed with us, living in our house, for almost a year. It was then when we had the most wonderful sex, my wife with me in our bedroom, my wife with her dad in the guest room and after a few months I had suggested that he should move in with us into our bedroom and from then on we had threesomes almost every night and when I was away on business I knew my wife had loving company. I really enjoyed the threesomes with her father-in-law and we all grew a lot closer and enjoyed the loving, sensual and horny libertine arrangement. When we were together we were completely tabooless and we made love with abandon and in total extasy.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 18

    I am a little slutty and live across the street and he used to come out, well I knew when he would so I would come out in sexy lingerie deliberately and pretend I was lost and sleep walking. He would look cockfused as horny hell, he knew to expect to see me by then and I knew his cock was aching for me and I had seen the boner and how big it was, and I would go inside laughing and spiking his interest led to more exhibitionism. So the first time he got a boner up close I came out naked and waited and then I hid in his yard that had a small fence and he was shocked at first and then I said I had a crush on him and he wanted me to go down on him there and then so I sucked him off and we agreed to meet every morning the paper delivery came and he would also pay me for extra favors. Soon we were having sex humping on this couches and under the tree outside his wife bedroom and I will say the best part was when we had sex there under that damp dewey tree when it rained early morning. The water would make our skin slap together louder and louder with the raw of thunder and rain and I just remember cumming so many times that I enjoyed it while the affair lasted for 3 years. Oh god even now my craving pussy throbs with excitement thinking of it. It was and still is our little secret. I made a fair bit of money and enjoyed every drop of it and the wife never knew.

    he used to come out at 4pm every morning with a boner for me. This was out love making ritual- his boner and me. Then we progressed to more morning sex when he would walk the dog and we started meeting at the corner of the street. He would love my lace teddy near the street light and gown baring my pussy wet fuzz below waiting for him. We would walk and let the dog play and down by the water on the sand he would lay me. Then we wanted more and would make love in the trees as the water came in and I loved bumping him as the sun came up breathless I as I was bumping so hard to cum on his boner a dozen times and I felt so free and alive to ride him to the morning sun. Then I let him take turns. Some mornings he rode me and I came even harder as the winter came I was riding him after he did me and I was enjoying every rock we did bumpy and fast and hard morning after morning. That next summer came and we had no choice but to go back to his place and this time we tried out the back on a soft couch and other times in the bushes and trees. I would love the way he would sneak up on me as I hid to wait and he would take me against the trees standing up and I would near scream and moan feeling his hard cock between my legs.

    Those wet mossy sexy mornings fucking in a storm or rain allowed us much more moaning and my hair would get wet as I rolled around and seized the moment to ride him so fast and wildly. I still miss it. I still want it.

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