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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Sometimes when I go to McDonalds and see hot girls wearing flip flops I like to crawl under tables unnoticed and smell their feet. I go and sniff their feet and they don't even notice a thing. Also I see some nice college guys who wear shorts and sometimes sandals over their socks and I go over and smell their socks. These guys have smellier feet than girls but still I go unnoticed as I smell their feet in McDonalds. BA DA BA BA BA I'M LOVING IT!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was younger my parents moved and just like in my old school there were vey few blacks. At my new school there as only one other blac boy. He was tall and good looking. He did well in school and everyone liked him. It was sort of only natural that the two of started to become friends. He was nice and his family was very religious and he was going to become a preecher.
    One afternoon I was over at his hosue and it was just the two of us. He strted being kind of chummy, telling me how nice it was to have a black friend. I agreed and he surprised me and said how it would be nice if the two of us were closer. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, and then he kissed me. Of course that told me xactly what he meant. For some reason, with him, I sort of didn’t mind and I kissed him back. The two of us sort of mildly made out for a little bit and actually I thougth that it was sort of fun doing that together as boys, although I had never thought about doing anything like that with another boy before.
    Over the next week or so we got together at his house and we made out some more, and enjoyed being loving and affectionate with one another. It wssn’t like I had this desire to be gay with another boy, just that I liked doing that with him.
    After we had done this a number of times, one day he told me what a boner he was having, and I admitted that I was having one, too. So we took our clothes off and got naked. While I was lying there on the bed starting t jack off, he sat astrid my legs and started to jack off his large penis, too. It was pretty exciting doing that together and I ejaculated. Then he ejaculated and he put his wet seed all over me and I loved it. It was a feeling of privilage doing that wih him as another boy.

    It was maybe a week later the two of us were naled and playing around, and he was fndling my balls. Then he slipped his finger down to ickle my buut hole, and he gently pushed in a little eays. I found that quite stimulating. After a moment he got up and came back with a small bottle of lubrication which he slicked his bner with. I was lying on my back and he had me put my kees up and my laegs apart. He got on his knees between then and slowly started o push his erection into my butt. I was surprise and I just laid there letting him doing that. He pushed slowly and gently all ghe ay in and ghen he started to fuck me. It was really incredibly looking up and seeing the smile on his face and letting him kae love to me like this.

    He fucked me for several minues while he mastrubated my erection. Finally I ejaculated and then he ejaculated in me. It it was wonderful and I was mezmorized by the maleness of the moment.

    After that the two of us started to fuck pretty regularly and we both enjoyed it. He told me how his parnets, being very religious, of course, would have never appraoved of his doing soemthing like this with another boy. I knew hat parents would pobably be shocked if they found out. So the whole time that we were in school together we remaned secret lovers and it was so neat and so nice.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 30

    I'm a professional masseur. I'm good and I have a decent number of clientele that keep me busy for about 12 hours a day. Most of my business is in house calls.

    Out of all I have one who always want a happy ending. As a matter of fact it's a family of three. I became acquainted with the mom first. I massaged her for about a year before hubby decided to try. After their daughter's 13th birthday I started her massages, not the same as adults, BTW. A lot less aggressive.
    The mom insisted on being done in the nude. The happy endings started with her when I lightly pressed on her mons pubis. She sucken in a huge breath and said do that again! I explained if I gave it too much time and pressure she will likely get sore as she wasn't shaved or waxed. She insisted so I massage her mons. I did not touch her pussy once but she had such a hard orgasm it shocked me. Her husband was next and I was afraid she would tell what happened. Not a word, I guessed we were going to keep it secret. Hubby enjoyed his massage but nothing happened this time. The daughter I would never massage in privat. One of the parents had to be there because the horny little bitch would not stay dressed. She was always exposing her pussy which by now was covered with beutiful black peach fuzz. I prefered when dad was there becasue she left her pussy covered. Mom didn't seem to mind what she did.

    The next week the mom was waxed! She was ready as soon as I touched her ass. She flipped over before I finished and asked me to do her mons. I did and this orgasm was just as hard as the last, almost like she was saving them up. Nothing changed with the dad and the daughter. This worked out well for about 6 months.

    Suddenly dad was getting waxed and he started getting boners as I massaged him. After a few weeks when he climbed on the table I noticed he was freshley waxed. He had a nice looking dick. I had never touched a dick other than my own.
    I did that day. He was surprised. I immediately bent down and sucked his dick. I almost sucked that fucker off his body. I was so excited I did not noticed he cummed until he was pushing me away. He asked if he still got a massage. I gave him his masage and after we were finished he had a nother boner, so I sucked his dick again. I was hooked and I couldn't get enough. All I could think about for weeks was sucking his dick. I found my self rushing with mom and daughter just so I could suck him off.

    One week I was really into eating his dick when I happened to look up and the horny little bitch was sitting there watching us. Just as I was pulling my lips off the red swollen cock and my lips were still caressing the head my eyes locked with hers. She said she has been watching us for a long time now and asked her dad if mom knew he was getting a blow job with his massage? No she doesn't know. Then she smiled and looked at me and said to him, I quess you won't tell if he eats my pussy then, will you?

    I've turned into a whore. A little uneasy about part of it, but it pays good.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Sometimes it is nice to reminisce, especially about something that really made your engine run hot. I had to go to Gabon. At the time I was working for a shipping company as a Maintenance Engineer, to go observe an inspection of the main power generators and give it the pass or fail. I arrived out of Paris and checked into the hotel. Along with me a man that had sat in the isle seat across from me also checked in, a French man.

    We said hello and took our bags upstairs, we had rooms next door. He asked if I was going down for a drink so I agreed and we met in the bar by the pool. There were two topless women, he said they were flight attendants and he knew them. He also told me that we would be wasting our time. We talked, introduced ourselves really, he was with a law firm and after a couple of drinks he suggested we get something to eat.

    At dinner there was a lot of small talk, and talk about politics and the economy and his comments about the US economy and to be truthful he was pretty well informed. After dinner we walked out onto the beach and he offered me a cigar with I turned down. He touched my arm and then my shoulder and said that he found me interesting. Back at the hotel on the elevator he invited me to his room for a nightcap, he said he had some very good Cognac.

    The Cognac was good, he took off his shoes and socks and the next thing I know he is taking off his pants and shirt, she slips his shorts off and comes over to me and asks me if I want to join him, his cock under his undershirt already at somewhere near hard. There is a minute when you don't know what to do, his cock is in my face, his naked legs beside me, he has his hand on the back of my head and I realize I am being pulled forward. His cock is now on my mouth, no words just his cock against my lips.

    You have to let yourself go sometimes and I opened my mouth slowly and soon his cock head was in my mouth and then his cock was in my mouth, my tongue running all over it, finding his pee hole and I am sucking on his cock. I am not repulsed, I am really quite into it. Maybe not something I would ever do but here I was sucking on his cock. He took off his undershirt, went to the bed and took the covers off and laid back on the bed and asked me to come join him.

    He was hard, his cock was hard in his hand and he offered it to me again. I got my shoes off and my pants and my shirt and then my shorts and undershirt, and with nothing other than my watch and my socks I got on the bed and went back to sucking his cock. My cock got hard and then softened up and got hard again and softened up, depending on whether I was thinking about my cock or just sucking on his.

    After a few minutes he mentioned that I needed to move up the bed and he took my cock in his hand and I took his cock in mine and we started kissing, making out like teenagers. His hand on my cock felt amazing, and his cock in my hand felt dangerous. We kissed for quite a while, he bent down and sucked my cock for a bit and went to the bathroom and came back with a small bottle and he told me to settle down, and I let him rub the liquid all over my asshole. That I was going to get fucked wasn't in question, my question was how, how did I place myself.

    A bit more kissing and his cock slamming against my thigh and he pushed me onto my side and I felt his cock exploring my asshole, by then I was quite ready for him to do it, he pushed me onto my stomach and gave me a pillow to put under me and with his hot hairy chest on my back he slipped his cock into me. I was amazed as to how easy it went in, and how good it felt. I relaxed and he did all the work. Soon he was off and my asshole was cold again. It felt funny, a strange feeling.

    We lay on the bed for a while, he asked me if I wanted to spend the night or go back to my room. By then I was ready to go back to my room, I got dressed and we said goodnight and I went back to lay on my bed and just relive what had happened. It was a long time before that when I last jerked off with my hand, that night I jerked off, it felt good and I went to sleep.

    It has not been easy finding someone to play around with like that. Mostly I have hooked up via an internet forum, always when I am traveling overseas. I don't know when my next trip will be, but I am looking forward to it. I miss the company and hopefully I can make arrangements with a like minded soul.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    At the time I was only 16 and in my third year of undergraduate work in college. I went to a party on campus as i wasn't allowed to leave campus being so young. There was drinking, a lot of it, I indulged lightly as I really couldn't take the taste of whiskey, vodka or rum. I saw a 19 year old sophomore was there, someone I'd ogled a lot. She was beautiful, with a body that wouldn't quite. She had recently cut her dark brown hair short, of which, I wasn't a fan, preferring long hair. There was still no denying her beauty and incredible body. She had the most perfect legs and what looked like a totally perfect body. Never having had any sex, or for that matter even seen a naked woman other than my mom and my sister.

    About 1am a guy who had invited me to go with him to the party told me to go into the bedroom and "get some . . . she'll never know, anyway she's been fucked so much tonight another won't matter". I didn't realize it, some of the other girls knew, others didn't know. My ideal woman was in the bedroom with guys going in and out for over an hour. I went in, she was naked with her skirt up above her waist, her underpants on the bed next do her feet, and no blouse or bra. I saw the most beautiful body, she was my idea of the perfect woman. She was even more beautiful naked than with her clothes on. Her tits I found out later were a small B cup, with dark pink nipples her areolae were smaller than a quarter her nipples pencil erasers. Her dark brown hair on her pussy was full but trimmed up the sides so it no longer made a triangle it was a full strip about 2" wide and her pussy lips were separated with cum dripping out of her. I kissed her, closed my lips on her nipples, and fingered her beautiful pussy. I rolled her over and looked at her perfect ass, feeling it for several minutes. Rolling her back over, my cock in my hand, my pants at my ankles, I had to know what she felt like, even used like this but I didn't want to fuck her passed out. I wanted our first time, if it ever happened, to be mutual. I separated her legs, and pushed into her used pussy and stayed still just to feel her. I pulled out, kissed her again, rolled her over and jacked off on her butthole.

    I found that this was only one of many times she'd done this, or rather had it done. I never told her that I saw her naked, nor sucked on her beautiful tits, nor jacked off onto the most shapely ass I've ever seen. I eventually started going out with her, non sexually at first, then she realized on her own that she was getting fucked so much and taking such risks (she wasn't on birth control), she needed to stop drinking. So I was a good choice, didn't drink, too young to go to the bars anyway. Eventually the relationship turned to boyfriend/girlfriend though she was holding off on sex due to the different in our ages. She finally gave in, and I got what I wanted. I got to see her beautiful body naked again, by now she'd grown her hair long, and she had a full bush on her pussy. I was in heaven, I worshipped her and I still do today as my wife and the mother of my children. With 2 kids, she still has the same body she had in college and is just as beautiful. I've never told her about that night though.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    My stepmom made me go to church. My real mom did not. On one of the weekends that I was with my father my stepmom signed me up for this overnight party at church, all girls. I was in the seventh grade for that overnight at church. I got kissed that night by this girl. I shrugged it off, and over the following months we hung out together when I was at my father's house. My stepmom proved to my mother that I liked church and I had made a friend.

    Of course at that time all I cared about was seeing her and went along with my stepmom's church thing. Sometimes when I have to see my stepmom I want to scream out to her that she is the one that made it possible for me to become sexually curious and kiss with another girl.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    When I was growing up I was very infatuated with the everyone's genitals. I think I was around 5 when this obsession started. I had a male neighbor about my age and we used to go play in a large forest preserve behind our house all the time. We would climb trees and build forts, but he also taught me a game called "suck the nut or kiss the butt." The premise of the game was very simple, when it was your turn, you got to pick if you wanted to kiss the other person's butt cheek, or put you mouth around their penis.

    I remember at this age it was much more fun for me to see, touch, and suck on someone else, than it was to be sucked on. One day we went to a public pool and I saw an old guy changing in the locker room buck ass naked and I remember being shocked and excited that I got to see a naked person, that whenever we would go to pools after that, I would pretend to have to go to the bathroom and just walk around the locker hoping to see someone changing or peek past the shower curtains and see if someone was naked.

    I was equally obsessed with women's "wiener's" (or so I thought they were called at this point) but didn't seem to have the same access to see them. This changed around the age of about 8 when my neighbor's little sister started to come play in the forest with us, and was eventually introduced to "suck the nut, or kiss the butt." We didnt realize how weird it was at the time, but there was no difference in the rules between the 2 of them and they often chose each other for the nut sucking, or butt kissing. I remember being very surprised at how different her "weiner" was compared to ours. The first time I picked "suck the nut" on her, I remember just latching on like a sucker fish, and wasn't sure what was in my mouth. One thing I started to notice is that she was the first one to actually enjoy being sucked, more than doing the sucking. I was still just obsessed with seeing other people naked, and I remember thinking she was so generous because a lot of times on her turn, she would give one of us her turn if we did "Suck the nut" on her. In hindsight I see why now, she was actually getting a good sensation out of it, where I was just too excited for my next turn.

    One time when we were out in the woods while we were playing, we heard a stick crack and noticed a guy walking through the woods that had stopped. I remember we ran through the woods to hide because we were terrified he was going to tell our parents. We didn't play for awhile and every time my parents had something to say to me, I was scared that this mystery man had told on us. One day I was back in the woods by myself and working on a fort of essentially just stacked up sticks, and the same guy was on a walk in the woods again. Looking back I have no idea how old he actually was, I just remember seeing him as an adult. He called out to me and said that he saw me and my friend's playing a game out here a few weeks ago. I was trying to lie and say that it couldn't have been me because I didn't want to get in trouble. To my surprise he said that the game looked like fun. I said "so you aren't going to tell on me?" and he said "not if you play the game with me now." I was stunned and excited because I was going to get to play my favorite game with a new person! I explained the rules and he asked me to show him, so I went first and picked to "suck the nut" as I pretty much always did. I remember him pulling his pants down just a bit and thinking that this had to be the largest dick in the world, because I was used to mine and my friend's tiny ones, even ones in the locker rooms were big, but I had never seen a hard adult. I also thought he had 2 dicks for a moment because of how much bigger, and dangling his balls were. I didn't even have to kneel, just bent over a bit and put his dick into my mouth. After a few seconds I pulled it out and let him know it was his turn. He also had chosen to "suck the nut" I remember the feeling of his tongue licking my dick while it was in his mouth and it was the first time I thought much about the feeling of being the one sucked. On my next turn he told me to just keep going and started to push in and out of my mouth. After a few minutes of this, he quickly pulled his dick out of my mouth and aimed off to the side. I thought he was peeing a white pee, but he was shooting his load onto the forest floor. He told me that meant I was really good at the game. I never saw him again.
    My neighbor and his sister realized before I did that it was weird for them to be playing the game together, so that led to us not playing anymore, but on the very rare occasions it was just his sister and I, we would play our old game. At this point I was now only really interested in seeing girls naked anyways.
    At the age of about 11 my neighbor had a friend over, and we were playing "the sims" at his house. His friend showed us a cheat code to see people naked and I remember getting so excited by that. His friend also told us about a website called "twisties" if we wanted to see more naked people. The first time I was home alone after hearing about that, I went to the website and I still vividly remember 2 clips that were each about 3 seconds long. One was called "Making due" and it was a girl sitting in her desk chair with a webcam pointed right at her pussy, and she was wiggling a pen around in it. The other was called "Hardcore couple" and it was a chick sitting on a guy, she was facing the webcam, reverse doggy style, and he was just speed thrusting his cock up into her like a jackhammer. Every time I was home alone after that, I would go back to those 2 pages. I would start to play with my dick and wrap a rubber band around it, thinking that would simulate the sensation of the lady's pussy wrapped around my dick. While rubbing it up and down, trying to match the couple in my favorite video, I felt my body lock up and suddenly like I was going to pee. I grabbed it as tight as I could as if I was holding in pee but a bit squirted out. I tried to push the rest back into me by rubbing downward on my dick because I didn't know what just happened.
    Another time when I was home alone, I went over to the neighbors to see if the sister was free to work on our secret fort. We pretended to go into the woods, but then went over to my house. I showed her the clip and asked if she wanted to try that out. I remember laying down and was hard as a rock. She started to sit on my like in the video but it wasn't really going into her like we though it would. She tried a second time and just a little bit of the tip slipped in and I remember feeling like I was about to black out, my vision went blurry and I just became a cum volcano shooting right up at the lips of her pussy, she stood up startled and I was just shooting all over my own chest and abs.
    After that we actually started having sex whenever we could get alone. When I was 13 and she was 11, we had gotten a bit too into it and didn't hear the garage or that my mom had come home, she walked up into the family room and I was balls deep. I got in huge trouble, the neighbor's didn't let me hang out with their kids anymore, and they moved a year or 2 after that.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 22

    My mom has been in denial of my orientation since I was 17 and came to my own realization the I was gay.
    When I would try to talk to her she would side track the conversation.
    When she caught me giving a boyfriend a blowjob in my bedroom she said...
    "It's just an experimental faze"
    Last weekend my partner, Jim and I made a video of us having sex.
    It was short and nowhere near "porno"
    qualit y but we made sure you could see our faces and what we were doing.
    A few days later I arrived at my moms house for dinner. It was pleasant and afterward we sat on the couch watching the news. I slid over closer to her and took out my phone and casted the sex video right to her flatscreen.
    At first my mother was mystified when my face and naked chest suddenly appeared on screen. I had queued the video to the last 5 minutes beforehand.
    I pressed play.
    The camera angle caught my upper torso and head as I laid on my back. My body rocked with each of Jim's thrusts. I called Jim's name and begged him faster and let out an exaggerated moan for full effect.
    My mom's face was frozen.
    The camera turned 180 to show Jim on top of me, smiling and pumping away.
    "Fuck you're so tight!!"
    Mom tried to get up but I reached across her lap and restrained her. She put her hands over her face but I rested an arm over her shoulder and slid them down. She opened her eyes wanting to turn away but was transfixed on the screen as if
    watching a slow moving train wreck.
    The camera shifted to show my cock flopping up and down as Jim quickened his pace and his condom-less erection driving into my boi pussy. He was on the verge!
    The slapping of lubrication between
    his cock and my asshole resonated from the speakers. Jim clinched his teeth...
    "You ready for my cum?? Huh??. You want it?"
    With three hard thrusts Jim cryed out as his orgasm hit and unloaded his semen into my rectum.
    Jim grabbed the camera out of my hands and brought my red asshole into frame. Just as he penetrated my anus with a finger I pushed and his cum dripped out and onto the bedsheet.
    My mother cried.
    She could no longer deny it.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Back when I was 21, I was assigned to work in Chicago for 3 months. They rented me a furnished apartment, a car and a substantial food/entertainment allowance. After college my girlfriend and I separated and went to different cities and jobs, by the time in Chicago I hadn't been laid in over 6 months and was horny as hell. I found an area where there were a few adult bookstores with video booths. In the booths I saw gloryholes, and didn't want that, despite cocks being shoved through at me, or fingers inviting me to put mine through for a suck I didn't do anything. I stuck to myself, watched the movies and when alone or in a booth with no holes would jack off. Eventually I migrated to the holes and found myself jacking off a guy with a pretty big cock, after that I'd even let the guys shoot on my cock, nipples, my ass even let a few shove it between my legs just under my balls and rock back and forth. A few guys would come into my booth and do it that way. I never sucked and never got sucked but I would put on a strip for guys in the next booths, and dance around naked as much as i could and jack off. I finally let one guy who had his open mouth at the hole take my load.

    As I was getting more comfortable I was strolling my the "private booths". These had a bigger screen, more room and no holes in the walls. Several men would leave the doors partially opened. One day as i was peeking in at a guy dressed in a business suit who was clearly jacking off. He looked at me and pushed open the door for me to join. I went in and locked the door behind me. I dropped my pants not wearing underwear and letting my 6 inches loose. He turned and held out his hard cock. It was the biggest I'd ever seen. It was 3" thick and perfectly round, and about 10 inches or more long. I'd never seen a cock like that. I noticed a wedding ring and said that his wife was a lucky girl. I started holding it, marveling at it's size and then jacking it. "Suck me" he said. "I've never done that" I shot back. He moaned and put his hand on my ass playing with it, then moving across my cock brushing it up and down. Reaching back to my ass gliding his hand up my back to my shoulders he pushed me down. "Suck me, my wife won't do it". I went to my knees and started trying to suck this giant. I'd never even handled any cocks except in the gloryholes, and here I was about to suck the biggest I'd ever seen.

    Part way through my sucking he pulled me up and was playing with my ass for a few minutes, even sticking a finger inside my sweaty hole. After a few minutes of my jacking him more and his finger fucking me he pushed me down again. I opened up wide as I could determined to give him the best blowjob he'd ever gotten. When he started to cum, my mouth filled up with more sperm than I thought any man could shoot and that was just his first spurt. He was a madman, screaming and moaning, grunting so loud I know the whole place heard him. I couldn't swallow it all, though I got a lot of it, he shot about 7 spurts each one filling my mouth. I had cum all over my face, chest and dripping off my chin. He pulled me up and shot the last two spurts while rubbing up the crack of my ass. He hurriedly stuck his cock back in his pants, zipped up and opened the door and left. I was there with my pants down, cum all over me and about 6 guys staring at me. One walked in and didn't even close the door just pulled his pants and underwear down to stick a hard cock in my mouth. I knelt and took it. By the time I left that booth it wasn't a secret anymore. I'd sucked the cocks of 8 more guys plus the first big cock.

    Eventually; I'd go back and some of those guys would recognize me and push into my booth and I would just stay in a booth totally naked, with guys sticking cocks through the holes, or watching as the guy in my booth would get a BJ or fuck me. My first fuck was Mr. Bigcock. I got him to my apartment and though it took almost an hour his big cock was fucking my formerly tiny, virgin asshole. After that I was a cockwhore, cumslut for 3 months. I did the same in New York and LA. Eventually I settled down with a woman I met at work who was meek and mild, but a domme bitch in the bedroom. She's made me tell her all about my past whoredom. She loves to punish me for being a gay cocksucker and cock fucked whore in my past.

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    Straight Male / 37

    My wife and I have a sexually open marriage. Basically this developed through our foray into swinging where she quickly lost interest in swapping or dating couples and all that. We went to an event where single men were invited and more than a few men showed interest in her. She loved the attention. I was focused on meeting a couple and she was caught up with this single guy. He was nothing like anyone sh'ed been with before. He was a little black guy who was making her laugh and telling her what he would do to her if she let him get into her pants. I was coming and going but noticing their obvious attraction. She was glowing and focused only on him. I started thinking why not? I mean we'd swapped a bunch on times with other couples sometimes in separate rooms sometimes in the same bed so I'd seen her fuck other guys and enjoyed it so it wasn't much of a step to consider her fucking a single guy rather than us swapping with a couple. I stood back and had a couple drinks and ended up chatting with a very attractive English woman who was about forty who seemed to know exactly what was going on. She said Hi and asked if I was ok. I asked why and she said well you keep staring at the cute blond talking with Ben so I assume she's your wife and from the look on your face this may be your first time. I explained our past history, and she laughed and said get ready. She and her husband started out swinger, she moved onto to sex with single men on her own and never looked back. She said she only attends parties where single men are allowed and that she isn't interested in white guys as sex partners other than her husband. She said she has romantic sex with her husband and recreational sex with black guys because it's a bigger turn on for her. Then she said that I should encourage her to have sex with Ben, the guy she my wife was talking with. I asked why she explained that she'd known Ben y==for a few years and had sex with him many times. Said he's fantastic in bed, a really nice dick, very big, very black and that he has great stamina. He can also cum and be ready to go again right away. She laughed and said if I let her go with Ben just know she's be hooked and will end p like her looking to fuck single black guys when she plays. Well, she was right because that's what happened. I ended up encouraging her to fuck Ben that night and despite a lot of reluctance she ended up going off with him to his room. A few hours later she met me at our room and was embarrassed and very pleased at the same time. Two weeks later she wanted to meet another single black guy and after some work online we met the guy and off they went. A year later she was a regular. She was very comfortable meeting single guys. It got to where she'd exchange number, talk with a guy a bit and off she'd go. She met a lot of guys and loved her sex life. I enjoyed how much fun she was having and how happy she was. Plus it's a real turn on when your wife is sexually adventurous.

    She met a bunch of guys so one or two fucks then moved on. A couple guys though she became friends with and developed ongoing relationships with. She'd see these guys frequently. Two in particular. Right around Christmas,she asked if one of these guys could come over. She said the two of them were hoping to get together for quick sessions in between their hotel stays. They'd been doing this a lot meeting to fuck in his car or for her to give him a quick blow job. They couldn't go to his place because he lived with his children so she asked if it would be ok if he stopped by our place when I was out sometimes. I was hesitant then came around and asked if there was any chance he'd ever come over when I was home and if he did could I watch? Now she did not like the idea of me watching. When we were swapping she was always hesitant to really let herself go. She said that she wasn't comfortable with me seeing her that way. After some thought she agreed to let me watch one time after her guy friend said it was ok.

    The night it happened my wife was excited and looking really hot. She's a pretty blond with large round breasts and a nice round ass and thick thighs. She was napping on the couch when the guy arrived. He shock my hand, thanked me for letting him "fuck your wife." and for agreeing to let him stop over when they wanted to get together. he said that she has the best pussy he's ever fucked and that he can't get enough of it and was hoping to stop by a lot. He asked if there was anything special I was hoping to see. I just said to pretend I wasn't there and do what they normally do.

    We went to where my wife was on the couch and before saying anything he pointed to a chair for me to sit then he took out his dick. He was a very dark fit guy whose my wife had always described as having a perfect cock. About 9 inches long, very think, gets really hard and stays that way. He was about half hard standing over my wife. He leaned over and pressed his dick against her lips. My dick sprang into action. This was nothing like the swapping we used to do. This was way hotter. My wife opened her eyes, saw that dick and smiled sitting right up then froze and took a deep breath when she saw me watching. She looked and me, kind of bit her lip then gave me a bit of a sexy look and took his cock into her mouth. She told me later she tired to put me out of her mind and be herself. She gave him fantastic opening head. Several times taking his cock to the root, sucking his balls, kissing his cock head, making him moan. I was so horny watching this I wanted to stroke myself but wasn't comfortable enough.

    He ended up stripping her nude, eating her pussy to get her wet then fucked her from behind. She was standing up bent at the waist, holding herself steady by gripping our ottoman. He slowly forced his dick in, her pussy very resistant at first as she moaned while he pushed in. He slipped in and out until she was lose then fucked her fast and hard. It wasn't long until she was gripping the edges of the ottoman and moving he ass in time with his thrusts. His balls were slapping home and she was stealing glances at me looking like she was about to cum but trying to control herself then she just burst out "ahhh" dropped her head and came like I've never seen her. He finished pumping after she was done cumming, dragged her onto the couch, set her up in doggie and fucked her harder than I ever could have imagined. She moaned "Jesus" over and over as he slammed his dick home. I couldn't see it going directly in and out but it was wet and slick with my wife's juice. I don't know how he held of cumming. I was ready to just from watching and touching myself through my pants. Two more toe curing couch gripping orgasms later he asked where our bedroom was and off they went.

    He got her on the bed, she lifted her legs and rested her heels on the small of his back while he slowing pushed his cock all the way in and out, over and over, so slow. He was just grinding deep and she was loving it. I couldn't see her face and still couldn't see his cock actually going in and out but he started talking about how much he loved her pussy. How wet she gets, how she can cum so many time,s how she can take his dick and never push him off. Talking about how no other woman he's met can take dick like her. He said she's on the edge, I can make her cum so hard right now, isn't that right baby. My wife groaned "oh yes please". I'd never seen her like this but he was right. He lifted her legs higher by pushing up under her knees and then slammed his dick home hard as he could three of four times and she screamed and came. She came so hard during it and moved her hard and looked me right in the eyes in the midst of the sexiest orgasm face I'd ever seen. She's so fucking hot.

    He wasn't done. He rolled her over doggie before she'd even recovered and fucked her at a faster pace than the slow fuck from before but not super fast. He said to me, "come over and take a look at her pussy." I scrambled over and there it was, his jet black dick slipping in and out of my wife's wet pussy. Her pussy lips were gripping his dick and stretching and pulling every time he withdrew from her body. She was panting and I was dying to cum watching his cock working her pussy. The he asked me if I wanted him to cum in her. I said yes and he sped up pounding her with long strokes as I watched from up close. Her wetness was soaking his cock, her thighs and our bed. He started thrusting upward, she was pushing her pussy back on his dick and she came again, her whole body shaking then he calmly said he was going to cum. He talked through his orgasms, saying "yeah baby milk my cock, and lots of ahhs, and something about loving her pussy and he was finally done, slowly slipping in and out of her immobile body. He finally pulled out while I watched, his cock coated with pussy juice and cum and her hole and lips all wet and cummy.

    It was amazing to see. He left. My wife was worried. I told him it was amazing. She said she still hadn't really let go making me wonder what the fuck she's like when they're alone. We went right to fucking I last about a minute. I'm surprised I lasted that long. He comes by the house now all the time. I used to leave when he showed up but now I just hang out doing what ever while they go upstairs. He wants to let me watch again, she's not ready so whatever I enjoy the noises and seconds.

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