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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 27

    Always been shy about talking about sexual things. I've had sex with a lot of guys but usually feel like I'm doing them a favor. They grab my ass, play with my tits, suck my pussy and end up on my knees sucking him off snd it's over. And yes, sometime I have and orgasm if I'm lucky and sometiemes I fake it. I like sex, but shy about admiting that I want dirty, rough, perverted sex, treated like whore and fucked till I drop. In one word, I need a guy that r**es me. That way I can say it wasn't my fault and save myself from being branded a slut.

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 41

    Twenty years ago college wasn't working for me. I got a job as a barmaid, the bartender was a 25 year old girl, she looked over me and I went home with her, in the morning I woke up between her and a man. He fucked me in the morning after I had showered. He smelled bad, his beard had tobacco juice in it, he smelled of cigar smoke and his breath almost made me puke. I got dressed and went to the kitchen and had some cereal.

    I wake up everyday beside her, we do our thing, we don't work in a bar any more, we run a small store that sells home made leather goods to tourists who come to hike and camp in the mountains. He comes around, he looks at me. I don't resist, I go with him.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    MWM, young 60 and officially a dirty old man. Wife is 45, looks 35 and is tall, slim with small but perfectly perky titties and soft curves in all the right places. Her body's a pleasure to explore and I make no bones about the fact that she's daddy's fucktoy. Which totally pleases her and with her sweet submissive streak she yearns to please daddy and she's very, very good at it.
    We both are very oral minded and enjoy kissing, licking, tasting and swallowing each other.
    The heart of my confession is that I'm definitely even more carnal and savage about eating her out. I easily get like a hungry wolf and she loves the little lovebites she gets. Also loves feeling the big bad wolf's hot tongue all over her. Some heavyhanded pawing and clawing keeps her simmering on a boil.
    So this afternoon we were hanging out with me in my big comfy daddy chair and she was snuggled up on my lap and sucking her thumb. Lots of hot wet deep kissing and me telling her how hot she is and how great a kisser. Moving down her neck and giving her hickeys like a teenager. She loves the bites, her neck and shoulders are very sensitive and big turn on spots.
    I took a couple of pieces of rope I bought for just this kind of time. Used the rope to tie her wrists with plenty of loose line to go over behind her head and lay down comfortably on her shoulders. What it does is to bring her more or less helpless hands up kind of by her face. She could put her chin in her hands if that gives a better pic. She could put her palms on her cheeks and hold her head too. Anyway, the bondage is another aspect of her submissive nature and it gets her hotter.
    She looks really sexy with her long dark hair framing her pretty face with her librarian style glasses and hot red lipstick and the pouty look of those red lips just begs for daddy's cock.
    "Get on the floor by daddy's feet, baby." I say it quietly and she instantly obeys. Sometimes she'll tease for a second just to get a grin from daddy. Or if she's in the mood for a spanking. This time she sank to the floor and looked up with her hands still framing her face and I made her ask if I wanted to fuck her slutty, dirty mouth.
    Made her lick and suck my warm hairy balls first as she's been taught and then she used her little pink tongue to tease all around the shaft & head of my dick. Looking straight at me with the tip of my dick in her red lips, I made her say it again, "Fuck me, daddy..." and slid my cock in her mouth.
    My wife has a lot of experience sucking cock. She was pretty wild before we met and for quite awhile afterwards. I always say she was doing her homework like a good girl and practicing her skills so she'd be perfect when it comes to pleasing daddy. She's proud of the fact that some of the guys she sucked off said that her mouth feels just like pussy. I'd say her mouth feels like the sweetest, hottest, tightest, wettest, smoothest, velvetty pussy you can imagine, and you really still can't imagine how good she is. She makes me cum in her mouth like a freight train barreling down a desert track.
    I got her up and kissed her and made sure she was still comfy in her ropes. Sat her down in daddy's chair and got between her legs. I put her ankles over my shoulders and worked my way from her knees and thighs, kissing and nipping and licking her. Teasing as I got closer to her hot middle and gently used the tip of my finger to trace her clitty and get little shivers out of her. I couldn't tease and tantalize myself for long and pushed my face between her legs and my tongue hungrily licking every part of her. She's very quiet and shy, again a submissive trat. I'd like to say she was moaning uncontrollably but the truth is she was taught to be silent at an early age and some lessons never leave us.
    After some more feasting on her, I got the devilish feeling again and had her kneel up near the edge of the chair and facing towards the wall. Obviously this put her upper body sort of dr**ed over the big chair and her sweet little Betty Boop ass was right there, inches from me.
    I rubbed her cheeks a bit and gave her some light scratches and some groping squeezes. I do love my wife's ass!
    I've come to like spanking her like never before too. A good smack on the backside feels good to my hand and the pink it gives her ass is really sexy. So sometimes she gets a spanking just because it's fun. Next I'm spreading her cheeks and she's definitely uncomfortable now. DOesn't know what daddy's got in mind but she knows it's gonna be nasty and involve her bottom.
    I squeezed her cheeks again and held her spread open and I'm sure the humilation of it was making her wetter. Again I had to stop teasing myself and just dig in. Used my tongue to lick up her delicious crack and then my tongue zeroed in on my dirty object of desire. I wanted to taste her tiny rosebud SO badly... She always showers and does all that moisturizing jazz before bed and will get washed again before dressing in the morning. I was able to catch her this time between showers and though she's extremely clean, nature is nature.
    She didn't have any particular musky scent like I'd have expected but my sense of smell isn't all that strong. Had a weird experience a long time ago where I lost my sense of smell for a couple of years and then it slowly came back. Never has been very sensitive since that time, but like I said, my wife's a really clean girl and her crack just smells like the rest of her - crazy vanilla and musk scent that practically mesmerizes me. The bitter taste and very faintly chalky texture on my tongue made my dick throb and pump more precum into my shorts. I won't get really nasty and spell it out any more, but the taste of her trace was fucking too hot!
    I wanna reinforce good, filthy behavior, so I quickly got her back turned around and comfy on my lap and while stroking her shoulders and back I brought her off with my fingers between her legs. She had a very strong and long climax and I guess we'll have to repeat the whole thing again because practice makes perfect.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 36

    I have had sex with at least 60 women, i sometimes forget some of them, most of them I dont even remember thier names. I Also recently love trans women and have had sex with 8 if them so far and oral with 2 others....

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I have been married twice. Currently for 12years. I have no filter. I will fuck anything out there. Woman, man, she males, child, old people, fat, ugly, animals. Anything!

    I only had sext the first time I was 23 but have been sexually aroused since 11. Iâve place with my younger brothers cock while he was sleeping. As a teen I used to watch my mom bath through the window and then cut a time hole in the ceiling and watched her from the roof.
    One time when I was 18 I tried to give her an overdose of sleeping pills so I could fuck her when she passed out but it never happened as planned,

    When I was 19 I traveled abroad to the US and stayed on a horse farm. There I started fucking the mares when I was alone and place with the stallions cocks till they came. I loved it.

    2 years later I moved back home and found a girl who I asked to marry. We filled around a lot whilst engage but never had sex. One night I drove home from her and was horny I picked up a cheap prostitute and had my first sex.
    I told my fiancé everything she forgave me and we stil got married. We had sex about a month after my first time.
    Our marriage lasted 2 years but I have a few prostitution encounters in that time.

    When I got divorced I had one gf for a short time she was supper fat but I loved fucking her.

    I met my now wife and decided to clean up my ways. At least I tried. I have had a few dozen affairs and countless editors in the last 12years.

    I have been with a few she males and love sucking cock. I love cum and often drink my own. I love playing till play in my head as a sissy. I want to be a woman that gets fucked and used by anyone and anything out there. Literally anything would go.

    Lately Iâve been into watching facs sitting and want a big fat woman to sit on my face and smother me while she beats my cock till I cum.

    My wife does not know a thing of my secret life.
    I want to fuck my mom still and hers. I would also love to watch her get brutally fucked and used by hundreds of men.

    Am I bad? Am I the only one?

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 22

    I don't know where it comes from. I grew up in a nice stable home. My parents were both very supportive of the 'girls' being involved in extracurricular activities, volunteering, basically being very involved in our community. My father never cussed, maybe a 'shit' once in awhile, but no cussing in front of us.

    I met a man when I was doing an internship. We were talking one day and he called me a 'spoiled c**t'. I was too shocked to answer. He called me lots of names but 'c**t' was the most common. I ignored it, didn't tell him to stop or made an issue about it. I Went out with him one Friday night and we were walking down a street and we walked in front of a tattoo parlor. He took my arm and said he wanted to buy me a tattoo. Across my bikini line I got a tattoo 'My Name is Cunt' on my belly.

    Over the next several months I got other tattoos, across my behind 'Fuck my Asshole', and on my tit 'Jack's Cunt'. All in all over the months I learned how a c**t sucks cock, how a c**t drops into the position for an ass fucking, how a c**t keeps her c**t ready for her man. If my parents, or my sister, or anyone I knew ever learned that I was a 'c**t' and I was learning how to please my man I would be disowned.

    My daytime life was as normal as my sister's, at night I was my Master's c**t. Until my sister saw my tit tattoo. I could not explain it to her, or the other tattoos, or my picture on Jack's Facebook. I could not explain why Jack was my Master, and why being his c**t was who I wanted to be. She told my Mother who told my Father who 'intervened'.

    But it is too late, I am Jack's c**t and he is my Master.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 25

    I work from my home office as a Live Answering Agent and love to be comfortable so I work completely Naked all day every day while sitting in my comfy leather office chair. Just other day I was busy taking multiple calls just a few minutes apart and I hadn't had to time to take a break. During one of my those calls, I accidentally let out a really long Loud Fart for nearly a minute straight. I Good thing my microphone is totally noise canceling so no outside noise could be heard.

    I felt kind of Embarrassed even though I knew the customer couldn't hear anything but apparently It had been building up all day and when it finally came out there was just no stopping it. Just when I thought I was done though, a few minutes later on another call, another shorter but Loud Fart came out, followed by 3 more and just like I lost control and Pee came gushing out, flooding my office chair and the floor protector.

    The Farts continued to come out and each one made me have to Pee even more. Knowing there was no way to control it, I just relaxed and let it come out while I took more calls. Seemed like an eternity that I was Peeing because I got through several more calls and I still I couldn't stop Peeing and I was Farting non stop as well the entire time.

    Several more calls later, I finally finished Peeing....or so I thought. The relief felt so good, but then suddenly I started Pooping and Peeing at the same time and I had to go so bad again I couldn't hold it back.

    There was nothing I could do about it, so I just continued on about my work while Poop slid out my butt and Pee gushed into my chair and flooded the floor even more. Eventually I finished and had a brief pause so I could clean up my mess and get back to taking calls.

    Go figure, the moment I sat back down to take my next call, I let out another Fart and started Peeing again. That's just how my day turned out and since It was just me, I didn't really care. I probably Peed more times than I can count that day. But It sure felt good every time it came rushing out.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 47

    I am my first cousins total sex slave. He and I started playing with each other and getting naked when I was 10 and he was 11. It progressed and he was still playing with me when I got my period at 13. My mom had given me "the talk" once that happened and we were afraid of my getting pregnant so I sucked him and let him fuck me in my butt. My parents wouldn't let me date till I was 17, then only bring boys over to the house, not go out. I was allowed to go with my cousin in his car though, and it was there, at 16, in a deserted area by the river that he fucked me for my first time. It wasn't voluntary, I wanted it in my butt but he held me down and stuck it in my pussy. I bled, I had his cum in me and I was scared to death. After that we used rubbers, and some other methods. By the time I was 17 he'd found a girlfriend and was too busy with her and others over the years.

    I got married at 18 to a man released from Prison who was abusive sexually, verbally, and sexually. I got it up my butt more than in my pussy. He still managed to get me pregnant three times though. Second husband was abusive too and I was into a BDSM lifestyle with him. He and I would go to groups where we would all do our thing in front of others. He sold me to other men, women and couples for weekends, or sometimes by the hour. It wasn't really prostitution, rather part of the BDSM lifestyle.

    A widow at 49, my cousins wife died, we both had grown kids, and one thing let to another. I am now my cousins total sex slave and do the most disgusting, vile, perverted things for him and he to me. I think I've always loved him as a person, and definitely preferred him as a sex partner. I shaved my pussy hair, and got a slave brand last week. I am finally totally satisfied and give him and he gives me incredible orgasms everyday.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    Continued from post #35498

    My bitch sister still acts like a bitch however lately her house burned down and I have no sympathy what so ever for her think of it as an act of karma for the way she treats everyone. Now she's freeloading at my Mother's House. She's always bitching at her watching tv and demands to watch what she wants and gets annoyed when when she pauses the tv and then gets upset when she misses something on tv. She hates my mother's cooking and would rather stuff her fat face with McDonalds every day. Believe me I would never allow her at my house I would kick her ass out in a heartbeat but my mother would want me to show sympathy because her house burned down. Bullshit she can go live under a bridge for all I care with the rest of the homeless. Not only that but she's pregnant now and knowing how abusive she is towards my mother I hate to imagine what she will do after her child is born, I can already see Child Protective Services coming to take her child away. She'll never change at all.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 48

    Now that my husband and I are in our late fifties I like to watch my husband fuck young women and take care of them afterwards. He is a man that can pick up anything, and he can fuck anything, it doesn't matter if the woman wants to fuck or not. He likes young women in their twenties, preferably women who have had bad upbringings, no father or abusive fathers. He reels them in until they are totally under his control and then he brings them home to have dinner with us, he has them spend time with me, preparing dinner, setting the table or cleaning up the kitchen. He prefers to fuck them the first time in the kitchen, after dinner when we are cleaning up. He puts them in a corner, starts to talk to them real nice, feeling up their tits and kissing them, and then turning them around over the kitchen island and pushing their pants down, their little white butts, their cheeks bouncing, he slips his big cock right up inside of them, and them pumps them full.

    When he pulls out I wipe him clean with a dishtowel and then wipe the girl clean, if they are crying I comfort them, if they are just shocked I talk quietly to them. I tell them that it's just life.

    Most girls sleep with us, a few want to sleep alone, but they all fuck again. He just has this thing about being able to fuck them, and I get to look after them. We are big family now, lots of daughters to take care of.

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