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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Charles is someone who I normally wouldn't have anything to do with. I might say hello or politely wave my hand towards him as he passed me on a fairway, or around the clubhouse. But his financial and social levels are not what I operated around.
    However that hasn't stopped me from taking his large thick cock up my arsehole, twice a week for the past eighteen months.
    He's a very wealthy man who probably could afford to buy the club where I work as a Greensman. It was at the golf course we first met and had sex. He hurt his ankle, and I gave him and his golf equipment a lift back to the clubhouse.
    Basically on the way back, it absolutely poured down and we took refuge under a very thick set of trees. I saw his huge cock bulge and he saw me looking. One question was asked, and I found myself sucking on a very long fat cock as Charles fucked my mouth. He came fairly quickly and I was literally forced to swallow his cum.
    A couple of days later, I got a message in work thanking me for the help I'd given Charles. And was asked to go and see the club secretary. He handed me a very nice expensive bottle of whisky and a sealed envelope. Opening the envelope was a pair of executive tickets to football match, a hundred pounds in money and a small note. The note which I read outside, simply said "My home Thursday afternoon this week three o'clock, I know you finish at two, Charles". The club secretary smiled at me and made only one comment before I left to read the note "Charles will look after you, if you look after him".
    Ten to three I knocked on the largest set of front doors I've ever seen. Charles opened the door and five minutes later I was naked and receiving Charles wonderful cock in my mouth again. He told me his wife was out playing bridge with some of the other lady golfers (But later told me the truth) Sucking on his cock for quite some considerable time, he got me to stand up and took my hand. Leading us up a very wide impressive stairway, we entered the largest bedroom I've ever been in. I'm not joking, it's as big as my whole flat and then some. (Or should I say the one I used to live in). Asking me to lay on the bed face down, I felt him pulling my arse cheeks apart and then felt his hot breath on my hole. Moments later his tongue was lapping at my arsehole and only for the second time in my life, I knew I was about to have anal sex.
    In between tonguing my arsehole and then gently fingering it, Charles asked me if I was safe, if I was clean. He took a risk when I said I was, which I was, as he moved up my body and I felt his cock slowly, ever so slowly enter my rear fuck hole.
    Unlike the first time I was fucked, it only hurt for a short time. The first time I had anal sex, it was in a parks toilets and I was fifteen. The man a much older man didn't take my feelings into account and basically fucked me for all he was worth. Thankfully with his sheer size, his cock wasn't that big and he only lasted about a minute, if that.
    Charles moved further up on top of me sending his cock deeper up my arsehole. Turning my head towards him, he kissed me and I kissed him back. We fucked in that position still kissing for a long time. He didn't once raise the rhythm or force of how he fucked me and I and my arsehole eventually relaxed. He knew the moment it did and had us move around. Spooning me, Charles began to thrust into my arse much harder and with greater depth. Soon he was fucking me the way I liked to fuck my girlfriend, roughly and with real passion.
    At the same time he was pounding into my arsehole, he occasionally kissed me and also pinched my nipples hard. The feeling of the three interactions, kissing, having my nipples played with and my arsehole so expertly fucked, had my cock twitching and without once having had it touched once since I entered his home, I came all over the duvet below us. Yet Charles just carried on fucking me.
    Spinning us over, he lay on his back and told me to mount his cock. Facing him, I slid down and accepted his gorgeous cock back into my rear hole. It was my turn to do the work and I watched his face intently as I fucked him. Charles let me do all the fucking at first, then with my cock rising again he took hold of it, tossing me off as he began to thrust upwards. Grunting and groaning about needing to cum, I sank down hard once more and then felt his cock explode up my arse. And his cock just kept on pumping load after load deep into my bowels.
    Moving me off of him, he gripped my arse cheek and pulled me up to his face. Forcing me downwards, my cock slipped into his mouth and I enjoyed the next ten minutes of a sixty one year old sucking on my dick. Telling him I was going to cum, not once did he try to get me to pull out. Sucking even harder, I came and Charles sucked down and swallowed the lot.
    We lay next to each other panting for minute or two, before Charles asked me if I'd like to make our first meeting a regular thing. I must have looked a bit doubtful, but he said "Don't worry the club secretary has guaranteed me, you'll get the appropriate hours to visit me each week, but only if you want".
    The following week, the secretary walked into the area where we keep the machinery. Then told me, Charles and his wife had made a significant beneficiary payment to the club. He then said "Finish early today and say thank you for the club if you like".
    I've now been saying thank you for over eighteen months. And enjoying Charles cock twice a week, every week, deep up my arsehole.
    Knowing what I do now, I know his much younger wife understands Charles needs, and also has needs of her own. Needs I'm lead to believe the forty two year old club secretary takes care of.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was around 15 I became close to a mousy classmate in my history class, Emily, who was plain, wore glasses and dressed in dated cotton dresses. She was obviously flat-chested but I noticed, a shapely fanny. Most guys avoided her but she had a fine mind for history and other stuff and was, to me, more interesting than male friends constantly talking about sports or lying about how much ass they were getting.

    When I got my driver's licence my dad bought an old Ford sedan for me and I asked Emily out on dates. We developed a great routine when returning from a data. She lived in a stately house with a curved driveway and there was a spot in he driveway hidden from view from both the house and street. We made out there and she loved it. She took charge almost from the start. We got hot necking and Em would rub my cock through my pants then pull it out and blow me. She really knew how and did it with gusto.

    Abut our fifth date, she blew me then pulled her panties off and mounted me on the seat and began to fuck me. She was close to but not my first one and it was heavenly. We followed this routine for half a year and I learned to let her take the lead. When I was getting close she would whisper, "Are you close?" When I confirmed it, she would pull me out and either take it in her mouth or slip it up her ass. I was in fuck heaven.

    At school, a close buddy asked, "GAWD, what do you SEE in "the Mouse" as some called her. I just smiled quietly.

    Where it became strange, Em and I were necking and starting our routine when we heard the voice of her dad standing near my car. He said, "I know you kids make out here and have for a year or so and it's cold as hell, why not come in and continue in Em'a room? If Em had not spouted out with, "O.k, daddy, will do!" I would have gone into shock.

    We went to Em's room and fucked our hearts out. In time we became ardent lovers in Em's room and often her father would greet us before hand. Then, things got stranger. During our date, Em explained that her daddy had introduced her to sex when she was 13. She said, "It was weird at first but he is so sweet and kind that I did not feel victimized." She also confessed that they still do it once in a while. When we got to her place, she blurted out, "Daddy I told him and he did not freak out." Little did she know what I was feeling inside.

    Instead of our routine, the three of us talked for a couple of hours. In time, her "daddy" convinced me that I would enjoy a three-way between us. Daddy was a potbellied, middle aged man, a widower, bald and also wore glasses. You could never confuse him with anyone like George Clooney, for example. He said, "O.k., don't let this scare you, and dropped his pants, revealing a still soft cock that seemed unreal, it hung so low. Soon it began to stand up and while I did not measure it would bet it was at least nine inches, and stood up like a hook.

    In a short time, I found myself fucking Em missionary with daddy up my ass, sliding in and out with both of them moaning in harmony. Month later, daddy's sister visited from out of town just to meet "Em's beau" and soon enough the four of us were in daddy's sumptuous, king-sized bed fucking each other. I never got to do daddy's ass and never will but I'm glad to do Em and her aunt all they want. When daddy was not fucking someone he was sitting, smiling fucking his hands, which he could do with both hands.

    The bottom line, never judge a mouse book by its cover.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 23

    It was the first time my boyfriend had rented a hotel room for us, and I was sure that he wanted to fuck more than just my pussy. As we began the foreplay, I knew immediately that he was going to fuck me in my ass. He began sucking on my tits holding me tightly with one arm around my waist while his other hand was finger fucking me. I was extremely wet. He then got up and proceeded to lay on top of me, holding both my hands above my head with one hand. He softly began kissing my ear and as he did that, his other hand moved down my ass. With his legs, he spread mine slightly open and then with his finger searched for my asshole until he found it.

    I was startled and he began to whisper into my ear..."shhhhh, you're going to love it". He then stuck his tongue into my throat and wouldn't let me move. He moved his finger all around my asshole, until I finally let out a moan. That was when he let me go.

    He turned me over and I quickly got on all fours, thinking he was going to fuck my pussy, but all of a sudden, I felt his lips and the heat of his mouth on my butt. It was the best feeling I had ever had. He stuck his tongue in and out of my ass, while his fingers were getting wet with all of my juices. After a few more pleasurable moments, I let out a scream when I felt his huge cock going into my tight, virgin asshole.

    It kind of hurt, but after a couple of seconds, I started to really enjoy the massiveness of his dick fucking my asshole. I was extremely turned on and I felt so dirty, but I loved it. He finally asked me if he could come inside my ass and I let him. It was great. He fucked me in the ass all night long. I think now I'm addicted to assfucking.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Typically I'd be seen as a slim, attractive, brunette who has both men and women fancying her. I'm also viewed as a well behaved young woman, who only dates good looking fit guys.
    Yet the truth of it all, is I secretly adore older men who treat me like a slut. Being as attractive as I am, it's been easy for me to find and have sex with men who use my mouth pussy and asshole as they wish.
    My problem and the reason I'm confessing, is three weeks ago during a family get together, I had sex with my uncle Mark. The trouble is he was drunk and simply cannot remember who the hell he fucked.
    Mark's cock was so fucking awesome, I found myself mounting it anally as he lay almost crashed out in my bedroom. During the fifteen minutes I had my uncles cock fucking me, I had four orgasms and finally milked his dick, making him cum all over my face and breasts. Leaving my forty four year old uncle fast asleep on my bed, after cleaning us both up, I told my mom, his sister he'd drunkenly collapsed on my bed.
    That night I slept in a guest bedroom, but so desperately wanted to feel Marks cock fucking me all over again. The worst part though, is the next morning, and still to this day, he can't remember having sex with me. I'm not sure if he remembers anything, but I sure wish he did.
    Now I've been given the chance to seduce him again, as my parents are traveling to their usual vacation spot, and have asked Mark if he'll keep an eye on me. He's told his sister he'll stay over a few nights if that makes her feel better.
    Now all I have to do, is to convince Mark, my uncle, he did fuck me, and that I'd love him to fuck me all over again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Took my husbands car into a garage for some work to be done on it recently. Because my husband was away and the bill came to much more than my husband had thought, I didn't have enough money to pay the garage owner.
    Annoyed my husband would leave my in an embarrassing situation, I asked if I could take the car and return with the money after my husband got home in three days time. The garage owner said no, point blank no.
    Desperate to have a car (Mine broke down completely five weeks before) I asked the guy if there was anyway we could work something out. In his oil stained grubby side office, I watched a fifty something year old man, take out what has got to be the fattest cock I've ever seen. Telling me he'd wipe off the extra money we owed if I sucked him off, I squatted down and I have to admit greedily sucked in as much of his huge cock as I could.
    His cock was so meaty, so thick, it hurt my jaw after some time sucking on it, so I had to stop. When I did stop, he told me it wasn't good enough for him to cancel the debt. About to take his cock back into my mouth, he said "If you let me fuck you, I'll wipe off the whole job. You keep all your money and drive away when I've fucked you".
    By then I was so horny from sucking on his dick, I found myself standing up and then laying across the filthiest oil and dirt covered desk imaginable. He lifted my skirt and ripped off my knickers in one go, then moving right up to me, I felt his cock nudge against my already wet pussy, and wham, he drove his cock so hard into my love tunnel.
    Six men, that's all I've slept with, including my husband. Yet none of them have ever fucked me as good as the garage owner. His amazingly thick cock stretched my pussy and drove me to one earth shattering orgasm after another. And he fucked like it was his last ever fuck. He absolutely annihilated my fuck hole, so by the time he eventually came so deep inside me, I was shaking again from another powerful climax.
    Slapping my arsehole when he pulled out, he told me I was a real dirty slut and that not many women took his cock the way I did. He also told me the bill was scrapped and if I wanted in the future, I could visit him for some more of what he'd just given me. Sat in my husbands car pulling up into our driveway, I felt the last remnants of his cum leaking out of me, and wished his cock was about to slide back up my pussy.
    On the morning of my husband return from Europe, I drove over to the garage and didn't even bother to pretend it was for anything other than to have him fuck me. In the same office, I stripped naked for him and had him fuck me as I lay on my back on his grubby desk. His smiling face as he plunged into my pussy, told me I could have his cock anytime I wanted it. And in the few weeks since our first fuck, that's precisely what we've done. My fifty something year old garage owner, has now fucked me on eight separate occasions. The last five times at his sisters home, which he looks after, as she lives half the year in Spain.
    It's funny had my husband given me the correct money, I honestly don't think we'd be still having sex. As it is, I'm now glad he didn't give me anywhere near enough. Eight inches long and seven and quarter inches around, is a more than good enough reason to keep on fucking my mechanic.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I am 28, and a bbw. I have naturally red hair and leave it growing on my pussy because most guys haven't been with a real redhead before. It's one of the only things I have going for me now that I've put on so much weight. The problem is that I am recently divorced for the second time. Both husbands and a couple of boyfriends before that were into watching me with other men. The two husbands would arrange gangbangs for me. I admit I did most stuff to please my boyfriend or husband at the time. I did lesbian sex, gangbangs, public nudity and sex, creampies, even let two guys sell me and actually got a thrill out of that. The problem is that I don't have anyone now, I'm trying to lose some weight. I hang around the bars and get guys at the end who will bang me, but that's it. The one thing I really started liking over the last 10 years were the gangbangs. I really like getting tested guys, and then a bunch of them taking turns with me over the whole night and into the next morning, or in some cases, coming and going as I stayed in the motel for the weekend. I miss it, I love having multiple cocks and I want more of it. I really don't cum with just one guy anymore unless I know there are more waiting. That I couldn't cum without some sort of kink, and my extra weight is what drove my last husband away. I need multiple cocks.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    So earlier this evening after a long time coming, I finally seduced my little brother. My little brother is about to be 18 this Friday and has always been a very outstanding and humble athlete in school. He never had a gf, dated or fooled around. I would ask him all the time why not or if he wanted me to hook him up with any of my girlfriends but he always politely declined. He would say that it was his thing. Before I graduated senior year I had caught my baby brother jerking off to some of my parents adult videos. At that moment I knew I had to have him. He is such an amazing person in every aspect of life, a very good and kind soul, a protector, very smart and intellectual not to mention his amazing body. When I caught him I got a full glimpse of his deathly large beautiful uncut cock and he was so cute being shy and bashful and trying to hide it. Not that he really could. I went out of my way to be his best friend on a new level. We spent practically all our time together. I would be hands on and flirty, I'd be more comfortable around him and let him see more of me than my own boyfriend. I would literally tease him and get his cock raging hard. When I was feeling down or something bad would happen I'd talk him into cuddling with me and I would rub our bodies close and fall asleep in his well built arms. I loved feeling his cock grow and pressing against my back side. Well after a long time coming I finally made him mine.
    After graduation I got my own place very close to home. My brother would spend most of his time there. Before here finished high school he was pretty much living with me full time. When I came home this evening he was asleep on his bed in nothing but some loose shorts and I could see his harden wood. I stripped down to nothing but my sports bra and climbed on the bed next to him. I kissed his neck and slid my hand in his shorts and slowly began stroking his massive girth. He turned to look to see who it was and I took the opportunity to kiss him and put my tongue in his mouth. He initially went to pull back but I stuck it to him. I mounted him and slid his large hands under my sports bra letting him play with my very large chest. His cock flinched harder. I pulled his shorts down to his knees revealing his oversized cock and began rubbing it between my pussy lips. This boy had be flowing a river on his cock. He went to speak and I covered his mouth and kissed his neck more giving him a soft bite. Carefully I positioned his cock to enter me and began working his hard shaft into me. At first it was painful, it was only the second clock id had ever had other than my stepdad who r**ed me at 16 with his pathetic penis. As I worked his dock further in me, I could feel him splitting and breaking me, it was immense pain that turned into greater euphoria. I could feel myself creaming my brother. I gasped and moaned bloody loud as I made it towards the bottom of his shaft. I thought I was like die trying to take it all. It felt like my insides were in my theist and I could barely breathe. I finally got all the way down and I could feel him inside of me clenching. I proceeded to carefully ride him and periodically sticking my tongue down his throat. He grabbed me by the hips forcing me harder on him. We began moving in motion with each other like sweet perfect serenity. We both moaned loudly. We rotated so he could take me missionary. I could see my pussy tightly wrapped around his girth packing cock. I felt him begin to climax and then the flood of his massive loads fill me sending me over the top to orgasim. Luckily I'm on birth control. We laid together him holding me peacefully. After a very brief nap we did it again. After a second time of him cumming inside me I knew I was hooked, I also knew I had to take a break before he killed me. While laying there he asked me how was it. I laughed and saw the concerned look on his face. This is when he told be that he was a virgin that had just lost it to his older sister. Amazing!!!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 23

    Hi, my name is Stanley. â You can find my last confession at w**.adultconfessions.**m/view/35749
    _____________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _________________

    When I was in high school I struggled with fitting in. I was bullied and picked on a lot because I had a bad stutter. My nick name was "Spaz or hick-up" but i was just as bright as they were. It even got so bad they made a video on YouTube called Stan the spazman, where they put laser pointers in my eyes and pushed me around. (This seems dark i know but im going somewhere with this i promise). This went on for weeks until i met my best friend, Cameron C.
    He was a character and had a very unique personality. Ill never forget the first words he said to me. "Do you want to come to my house" he enthused while picking me up off the ground. He was very muscular in body and tone. Because of the nature in which he asked i said yes completely off guard. Things got better after that with Cameron by my side. He even liked my stutter he said it was a part of my character what made me unique.

    My friend Cameron had a real benefit by not only being the best looking and charismatic, but his father was my teacher!
    I honestly did not see that coming! After the bell rang i pulled out my phone and rang my father telling him where i was going. Cameron wasn't in my class room he was in the room to the left of us. Everyone had already dashed away and i was still waiting for Cameron. Mr C, asked why i was still sitting there looking puzzled. As i was about to explain Cam burst through the door and playfully slapped Mr C on the ass and said im bringing a friend home for dinner pop!
    Damn, I cant wait to get home there is a hockey game on and im not going to miss it for the world. He shouted!

    So we get to his house which was a fairly nice place upper class neighborhood and had a pool in the back porch. I met his parents, who were so excited to meet me and talk i told them my situation and then they told me cam's backstory. Apparently cam also had a tough time with bullies growing up. He was borne a genetic disorder where his body did not develop all the way so he had to take a growth hormone till he was 13. In doing this he had a few unwanted side effects. He got a deep voice at 14 and gained muscle mass twice as fast as the other boys.( My Back story, I lived with my dad and 2 sisters in a rental home. We were okay but my parents split when i was 12 and left my dad in a bad financial state at the time. I was 17 at the time this took place). I ended up staying the night for 16 months no lie. They fed me clothed me and bought me nice things. They practically adopted me into their family. Cam and i did everything together until we graduated. I had a few romantic close encounters with cam in the interest of experimentation, but never did anything with him specifically until . . .

    Cam with his charismatic charm had a host of girls and of course the occasional guy throughout our friendship he was openly bi and i liked that about him. One night i was working late on an assignment for class, When i heard a girls voice through the wall. I didn't even hear the door open so i went to investigate. I crept through the jack and Jill bathroom that separated our rooms and pretended to take a shower. I was about to turn the water on and in walks the most gorgeous looking girl i had ever seen. She was wearing a tank with a thin brown jacket and black capris silver blond hair with freckles under her eyes. S-sorry i didn't see you she muttered and closed the door. I opened the door and saw Cam studying with her and introduced myself as Cam's brother. She introduced herself as Kirsten Gale. It was obvious she was crushing on Cam and wanted to bed him, but this night was the night i became a man or so i like to believe!

    Kirsten wanted to do "things" and was surprisingly open about her sex life. she wanted her first time to be with him and was giving him a hand-job under the table. Cam told me our code for gtfo sexy times about to happen. (yes we had a code for that) But as i was walking out I tripped and ripped my shorts, it was so embarrassing. My pants fell off exposing my boxer briefs and a silhouette of my semi-erect penis. She told me to stop and i could stay. Iron hard now Cam took off his jeans and t-shirt only making Kirsten squeal with pleasure fondling his abs. I sat in his desk chair in my open boxers while he sat on the edge of the bed in his fruit of the loom tidy whities. Both hard as a stone she rode his lap like a professional dancer while i watched in pleasure. She got up from his lap and sauntered over to me and reached into her pocket and slowly slid a condom on my throbbing penis under my boxers and did the same for Cam.

    Stripped to her bra and panties with a notable dampness in the crotch, Be gentle boys its my first time and i have had practice but never the real thing. She lowered herself onto Cam and started to slightly bob up and down until he was all the way in her. I came up from behind rubbing her pussy as she was straddling Cam, She squealed with pleasure and was panting and making Love noises. While she came many times Cam was having the time of his life and finally climaxed and rolled over and tapped me and said "your go bro". I was ready to loose my virginity but ate her out first because i always wanted to do that! I got my whole hand in her clamping and coming as she screamed in ecstasy i finally laid down and trying to recoup i came with pure excitement so i had to change condoms before entering her we made out while i got the condom on and pounded her pussy while Cam pounded her ass and we all climaxed and collapsed onto the bed covered in sex. We all took a shower in the bathroom ( we had a big walk in shower) where Cam and i played with her pussy until she came again. Needless to say we all slept well that night.

    Cam went on to be a Private Fitness coach and we are still best friends as always and see each other on a weekly basis, as for Kirsten we lost touch a while back. When we graduated she moved away up north. As for me I got a job at a Gourmet pizza joint and you know what happened after that haha. :)
    But if you don't here is a link
    â w**.adultconfessions.**m/view/35749 â
    ________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______

    Thanks For Reading ~ Stan

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 38

    I finally crossed two off my sexual bucket list. I got to fuck a super big, fat girl in her big wide butt, in front of other people, #2 I never fucked her before, so I got a woman to let me fuck her ass before a BJ or a pussy fuck. Did it in a back area of a sports bar, about 12 guys and 4 girls could see her getting her ass plowed. Made sure everyone knew it was up her ass too, and that fucking her ass was a great way to have a first time sex between us. She was beet red with embarrassment.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'm actually 16 but the choice starts at 18. We have a great laundry room with a washer that begins to vibrate like mad near the final dry cycle. I accidentally moved against it and discovered that the machine can get me off in around one minute. I'm hooked on it now. Is this naughty?

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