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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 22

    A close friend of mine convinced me to go to South Africa on a mini Safari over Spring Break. Forget about the long flight, we arrived dead tired. We have to fly to the camp, jet lag is making me sick. We ate something that gave us the shits. We get one day on the safari and we see this idiot get out and try to get a close up of some lions. The guide goes ape shit and he barely gets back in the vehicle. I am shitting my pants, literally, I am so embarrassed but watching him get out panicked me. We get back to camp, my pants are all shit, my friend walks me quickly to the tent where we are staying and takes my pants off and puts me in the shower. I am standing in the shower bare naked and she is washing my behind, inside my butt crack.

    After I manage to dry off and she has already put my soiled clothes in the washbasin to wash with soap I asked her why she was so nice to me. She says right back, if she shit her pants she would expect me to do the same. She finished washing my pants and panties and hung them on the shower rod and we went to the main dining area. No one said anything but everyone is watching me and thinks that I shit my pants because I was scared. I am so embarrassed that I can't stay for dinner and we go back to our tent and go to bed. She decided that I need to be comforted so she gets in my small bed with me until we are together spooning side by side.

    Yes she ended up feeling me up and ended up making love to me and ended up telling me that she doesn't know what came over her. Yes it was my first intimate moment with a girl, yes I am no longer able to say that I have never kissed a girl, much less say that I never made love with a girl. Yes we are still friends and more than friends and this time we are planning a more sensible trip to Italy when we graduate. We are not just friends anymore, you can't be after experiencing what I went through on the safari in South Africa. We don't live together but we spend most of our free time together but we have not been intimate again but it is on my mind 24/7.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 42

    I had a couple of best friends in HS, one of them went to my school, played basketball and was pretty good. Decent looking and a really nice guy, all the girls were in love with him and the guys thought he was cool, I never met anyone that didnt like him. He had kind of a charmed life, at least with relationships. Girls would throw themselves at him, which was pretty disgusting, lol. We were jocks too, and successful, but no one was the ladies man he was.

    He married the head cheerleader and homecoming queen of course, she was a hottie who was crazy about him. He married her, and I got married too, we ended up a couple of streets from each other, not by design, it just worked out that way.
    We live in Florida, they had a pool and I'd go over and go swimming, or we'd hang out and watch TV or shoot hoops.

    His wife was a hottie, all the guys were always after her, but he had a strange control over her and she thought he could do no wrong. She always was small up top, but after she had her second kid, all of a sudden her boobs exploded in size. Yeah her tits were full of milk, but not that extreme, she had clearly had a huge boob job, like FF cup size.

    Maybe this was her way of getting attention too, whatever the reason, it worked, because he tits were huge now and not going down. Guys would gawk at her wherever she went. One night I went over about sundown to see my friend, and while I was walking up, I noticed a back bedroom light on and the blinds open. She was in there changing tops, and with it getting dark she couldn't see out and didnt think anyone was there.

    I just froze, watching her unleash those big perfect tits. I'm not a fake tits fan, but wow.

    So later one day I go over during the Summer and she comes to the door, she had been out swimming and she's in a bikini with her tits jutting out, and I say "hey &&&&&&&&&&&& ; is &&&&&&&&& here?" and she's "no but come on in". So we're sorta friends too, so I go back in the back and she's laying on a lounge chair sunning and my friend isn't home. Turns out, I found out later, he's cheating on her and out of town with some chick. I didn't know it at the time and I'm not sure she did either, but thinking of this later, she must have suspected.

    She says "would you rub some lotion on me?". So yeah this hot babe is laying there on her stomach with these huge tits that are showing side boob out to the side, she has her top untied and only has on tiny bikini bottoms and she's asking me to rub oil on her. So I do, and of course I know nothing about the cheating or thinking she's wanting to get back at him, which I figured out later, and I'm doing all I can to think "bro code, I can't fuck one of my best friend's wife".

    I oiled up her back, but I so much wanted to oil up those huge sweet tits and that nice little ass and those long firm legs, but I didnt. I was loyal to my friend, but I found out later she found someone else's panties in their car, and she just about divorced him, and actually asked me talk to him about his actions. WTF?!?!?!

    I should have fucked her brains out to pay him back for screwing around on her, but it's probably for the best I didn't. They are back together and (I guess) happy, so I sorta saved their marriage, but geez they should have let me fuck her just for the hassle (blue balls) they put me through!!!!! Lol.

    Missed oppportunity I guess, but it was probably for the best it didn't happen. Damn friends.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am 26 and I feel I have lived forever. I was sexually active at 12, my mother's boyfriend who later got shot and killed over a girl in a bar. Everyone wants me to feel bad about it but I enjoyed it, it felt good, good like I can't describe. But since he was killed I have not been able to want to have sex with a man. I am in a same sex relationship with a girl I met in my first semester at community college. She got knocked up by the man she worked for and had to drop out but he ended up paying all my tuition and books so that I completed my college education. Then he knocked me up.

    He knows we are in a relationship but he doesn't care. He has sex with us and sometimes he sleeps with us. We see him three or four times a week. Because of him having sex with us our sex drive for each other goes down until it is exploding and we can't hold back and have our own sex. We won't have sex for him and we have told him a hundred times. When he is having sex we have sex with him.

    My son is 22 months old and I want to have another baby, I don't want my kids to be five years apart. Mia's daughter is 7 and she is thinking about having another baby. It is because of this, having the babies that we decided that I should get married to him. I have sex with him but I don't love him. He is just the man of the house to me. I never feel like having sex with him, if he wants it I don't refuse him. Mia feels different and she says does want to have sex with him and she is very affectionate while I am not. The only sex I feel like having is with Mia but that is something that takes a long time to happen, sometimes weeks or a month or longer but once I want to have sex with her nothing makes it better until we do.

    I don't feel like I am in love, it is more like I can't stand being alone or apart from Mia. I got married three weeks ago like we agreed, just Mia and one of the court people as witnesses and the judge and us. Sign sealed and delivered. I have very deep feelings for my son and for Mia's daughter but I can't seem to have feelings for my son's father. Like I said, Mia is my life, I live for her and because of her. She is in my mind all day, I wish I could be more affectionate and tell her I love her but it just won't come out.

    In spite of living together and all we consider ourselves straight, we don't identify with any of the LGBT stuff. We are straight with a man of the house.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Let me set the stage. Our company formed a new division and I was sent to be the Controller. My wife and I have been separated for a many years but not divorced (religious thing). The new Operations Manager is a man in his early fifties, black. There are not many black me who are Operations Managers in my industry. So at that office we were the top of the management and our roles dictate that we work together, few if any major decisions can be implemented without a dual consensus, a control sort of thing.

    Well time goes on, the operations are started up, we hire staff, a couple of engineers, an HR rep, secretaries, accountants, clerical staff, QA control, and a boat load of line personnel. Things are humming and right on budget we get our first run out the door. My Ops Manager and I work well together.

    Then the shoe drops. It was a late night getting out quarterly reports which we both have to sign. We got to this small restaurant to get a bite and we order a bottle of wine. The place is small, maybe fifteen tables and we are in the back, I just never like sitting by the door. And quiet, the waiter is up front and my Ops Manager says he wants to say something and for me not to lose it. I brace myself that he is going to quit. But he reaches over and puts his hand on my mine and says "I Love YOU".

    He comes out, totally and tells me that since he was in college he has always had a thing for white men, he has never gone black, he likes white men that are intelligent and cultured, soft. His hand is still on mine and he wants to know if I have feelings. All I can say is that I have never thought about it, it had never crossed my mind, except he still had my hand in his. He caresses my hand and repeats his statement about being in love and asks me to consider it. When we leave the restaurant and are walking back to our cars he puts his arm around my shoulder and says quite loud that he has been in love with me since we first met for this project.

    At our cars, he is at my car door and I am standing there and he is asking me to go home with him, to follow him, he wants to follow through, to show me that he isn't saying things. He is holding my hand again and then starts to rub my arm, just one quick kiss and soft "I love you". Like a moth drawn to the light I follow him home. He is nice and polite, he shows me around, it is a small three bedroom with a nice master, not new but close to it. He has pictures of his family, of his days at Notre Dame, he shows me a picture of his grandmother with his arm around my shoulder telling me that I would like her, but she has a problem with white folks. Then the kiss, this time a real kiss and strong hug, two large men in their fifties kissing with his grandmother's picture in his hand.

    He has a horse cock, what a massive thing, he is gentle with my cock, so small and white in his hand, his short kisses and long sucks, his horse cock large and in my hand, my white lips on his black skin. He promises to be gentle, he apologizes that he was born with it and he just has to make sure that I am ready for him. He is well prepared, he says that usually you only go with a condom on your first date but he was 100% sure that this was my very first date so no need for that, he puts some of the lube in my hand and asks me to lube up his cock and to kiss and lick off his precum, he reaches under me and starts to lube me up, he suggests that for my first time I lay forward and hold on to the pillow and hold my hips up and open, he promises again to be gentle.

    His cock is huge and it feels like an hour for him to get it all the way in, talking to me bit by bit letting me know about his progress asking about my comfort, what do you say with a horse cock in your ass. There was no pain, just pressure and discomfort but pleasant pressure and the more the better, the further he went the better it felt. When he topped out and began his motions it felt good with every stroke, an amazing feeling really considering what was going on. He was gentle, I would remember from later occasions when he put on a full court press. He was gentle but insistent and I was compliant and enthralled, enjoying the feeling, the moment.

    My friendship with him developed and we became fast friends and spent whole afternoons in the hot tub, he gives a great massage, over time I became totally uninhibited asking for special treatment, his horse cock becoming something to admire, to hold and to master, to face him while he showed me his feelings. It was easier to divorce my wife but I haven't been able to let myself move in with him. And of course, there is a control problem, if our special friendship is discovered one of us, or both us will have to leave.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 35

    We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout.

    Ha, ha. I couldn't resist. It's true though. We were animals for each other when we married and nothing else mattered. He had just graduated from college and signed on to an entry level management position. We had a small one bedroom apartment and it was sparsely furnished but none if that mattered. It was a start.

    We lived in that apartment very happy for the next two years before I started wanting something bigger with better furniture and maybe replace the old car with something more new or add a car so we both had one. Still, with my husband in the same position as when he started, there was little chance if any of that.

    When November came around the company always had their Christmas party for management. We had not gone to the 2 previous ones due to hubby working during the time it was held. This would be our first and my first opportunity to meet people he worked with. I went out and spent money we really couldn't afford for a dress, shoes, make up, and had my hair done. Hubby understood my eagerness to make a good impression on his behalf so didn't really complain. After I finally was ready to go, he wanted to tear it all off me because I looked so damn sexy. Yeah, I did but sexy with taste. I told him he would have to wait this time. He agreed but made me promise he gets me as soon as we get home. I told him that if all went well at the party, he may get a surprise on the way home. With that thought in his head we took off for the 45 minute drive to the hotel with the banquet hall.

    Upon our arrival I mentioned that most of the women were dressed very nicely. Party dresses galore were sweeping in and out if the crowd if maybe 300 people. I asked my husband if half the people there were all management? He told me most but he was sure some were working like he had been in the past but there were also the company officers and a few local business people that we did business with plus a few employees that have won company awards.

    We went up to the bar and got us a couple cocktails and then went to find a table to sit at along with other attendies. We found a table with others my husband worked directly with and grabbed 2 chairs together. My husband introduced me to everyone and they introduced their spouses to us. Seemed a nice bunch if people. One of then was up for a company award so we were all rooting for him. He had no idea what the award may be but knew they were always pretty nice. That would come later though. We all went through the banquet line together and ate at the same time. They held back no expenses by the looks of all the delicious offerings for us. Everyone said the company was a very generous company when it came to it's employees but it seems with the 2 meager raises my husband had received, they were not as generous as I woukd have bragged about. After eating everyone started to mingle again. A band played on stage but no one was dancing. We met some middle management and some even higher. When my husband introduced me to one of the VPs I found him very cordial. It was at this time a man walked up to us and greeted my husband and the VP. The VP asked if I have met Mr.CEO yet. I said no and held out my hand to greet him. He was 45 years old. His father who founded the company was in poor health and turned the company over to him 3 years prior. He put his hand out and took mine in his and started patting it with his other hand. It's so nice to have such a refreshing sight at these things, he announced. I could see he was trying to discreetly look me over. I just smiled and thanked him for the compliment. I asked if Mrs. CEO was here with him. The VPs eyes and face got a strange look on it, my husband softly elbows my ribs. The CEO say, sorry, my wife passed away a little over a year ago. OMG, did I just swallow my foot or what? Nothing like bringing a chill over the world. Of course, I was cussing my husband for not informing me of this sad event under my breath. All I could do was tell him how sorry I was. He said not to worry about it. Time is passing and he has nice memories. I think I sighed loud enough for everyone to hear. The CEO then excused himself and walked away.

    I looked at the VP and told him I was really sorry. I did not know. He told me it would be all right and that the CEO has been getting better and better in that regards as he gets through the mourning time. That he was more and more getting back to his old self every day that passes. I felt I had dodged a bullet. The VP excused himself and I turned to my husband. He was straight faced and I looked right into it and told him thanks for keeping me informed. He said he was sorry. Then the ass added, I suppose the surprise on the way home is a no go now. I answered that, he made good deductions. We were empty on cocktails so hubby told me to mingle and he would get us a couple more. I agreed and set out to meet some people on my own but keep any personal 1uestions to myself.

    When I seen interesting looking people I would introduce myself. Almost all I had to tell them who my husband was and what department he worked in. It dawned on me that he may go nowhere if nobody knows him. As I mingled some more I again ran into the CEO. I immediately appologized again for being out of line. We were face to face, just the 2 of us then. He again told me that no appologies were necessary. Then he told me that he was sorry. I asked why and he told me that he was sure I noticed him looking me over and that he wanted to assure me that he wasn't being a pervert or anything. It was just that I reminded him if his wife when she was in her 20s. I told him jokingly that I was flattered. He asked were my husband was so I informed him that he was getting sone drinks. CEO replies, niw, not too many, you never know who the horny guys are around here that would take advantage of someone as pretty as you. Don't ask me why, I don't know but I think we were in the joking around mood when I answered with, hopefully, you will come to my rescue if that happens. I will keep an eye on you all evening to be there if you need rescuing, he told me. I replied that I know feel much safer knowing that and just to be sure, I would keep my eye on him to make sure he keeps his eye on me. Fun ended when hubby showed up with our drinks saying sorry, there was a line. CEO tells hubby his wife is very pleasant to speak with and then excuses himself because the awards ceremony was going to start. We made our way back to the table and sat with the others.

    The CEO got on stage and thanked everyone for being there. Thanked everyone for another profitable year. Saud it was nice seeing old and new faces in attendence. On to the awards. I really didn't know what the awards were actually for with the technical words associated with them meant. I mean I understand marketing and sales but the engineering, production, and logistical terms went over my head. Still, when they mentioned the award prises, I stayed interested. I mean the least amount if cash award was 45 hundred dollars. Damn, that coukd sure help us. The guy at the table actually was one of two people that won brand new cars. A couple people got 10 thousand dollars each. Why is my husband not getting any of these? Some of the others were young managers so it wasn't a matter of time but I did figure it was a matter of performance and for some reason my husband's performance wasn't being recognized. Or, was he just not performing at a level the others were? Finally the awards stuff ended. We all sat around for a bit and celebrated the co worker for his new car. Lucky stiff.

    Time to get up and move around. Only an hour left before it all comes to an end. I went by myself as my husband stayed at the table rejoycing someone elses good fortune. I started at the bar figuring one more before it all ends. Standing there waiting for my drink to be prepared I am joined again by the CEO. He was back in line but you know, he does have privileges to cut ahead. Is that the one that will be the too many, he ask? Maybe, I replied. Maybe I should stay close to protect you from any perverts wanting to take advantage of your condition he replied. I laughed and asked who would protect me from him? Hopefully, he says, no one. Oh my, should I me concerned, I asked? Yes, maybe so he answers. We laughed and started a normal conversation when he asked how I liked my first banquet. I told him it was a lot of fun meeting everyone but I added the awards made me a little sad. When he asked why I just told him because my husband didn't win any. He told me, maybe next year, maybe next year. I was feeling my drinks a little and miss really sexy from head to toe with her tipsy mouth just came out and asked if there was any way I could help my husband start winning some awards. He looks at me and tells me it seems that I am ready to be rescued. Sure am I told him. He grabs my hand and we slip around the corner. He leads me into an empty room and starts kissing me. I didn't resist. Actually, at the time, I was enjoying it. So much so that when his hand slipped into the top of my dress which was all there was between my breast and air, my hand went right to his crotch. He was as hard as a rock. He stopped kissing me and told me to take it out. I just did as he said. Then he tells me he hasn't had a woman since his wife passed and when he seen me he knew it was the time to change that. He didn't ask but I got on my knees and took him into my mouth. It must have been a good feeling for him since it only took a couple minutes and he was exploding in my mouth. I had to empty him in my mouth because I didn't need cum on my dress. When he finally finished, I removed my mouth and leaned over and spit it out on the floor. He raised me up and kissed me again then told me how much he appreciated it. I told him we would wait and see just how much he did. He asked if he could see me again. I told him that was risky but we shall see what some time brings. He agreed but added that he would see me again.

    I left the room first and went back out to the crowd. Almost immediately my husband meets up with me and tells me he's been looking for me and nobody he asked said they seen me. Sorry I said, was in line in the bathroom for I don't know how long. You know women and their bathroom usage. He told me he knew and asked if I wanted one more drink before the bar closed. I declined and told him I was ready to go home. We said our good bys and again ran into the CEO who told us he was happy we had met and how he hoped we could all meet again. With that, we left
    Once in the car my husband tried to pull me close and kiss me but geeseh, I just had a mouth full of cum and he would know if we kissed. Thinking quickly, I lowered my head to his lap and started unzipping his fly. I told him he better drive if he didn't want everyone watching his wife give him a blow job. He drove. I sucked him off until he finally came. The drinks I sure made it take a little longer but still, success. Now I had the second mouth full if cum for the evening. That's the problem in the car, no place to spit it so only thing left was to swallow it. Not a fan if that at all but I guess when you are stuck, you're stuck. Now I leaned over and kissed him. He may have tasted cum but he if course would think it was his own.

    We finally got home and were both pretty tired so we went directly to bed. He fell asleep 8nstantly. I layed there, the alcohol wearing off and bringing on the guilt. What the hell did I do tonight? Why would I do that? What does his CEO think of me know? Will anyone hear of the lower management's guys easy wife? Should I confess to my husband in the morning. It would be such a betrayal to him and our marriage. Would he kick me to the street or storm out? I finally fell asleep. When I awoke, my husband was still sleeping. I got up and my guilt was right there to keep me company. I decided I woukd wait but I owed my husband the truth. Just not now. That was a Sunday and we just mainly hung around the apartment. Too cool to use the complex pool or hang around it so we mostly just watched movies. Monday came and hubby was back at work for the week.

    Monday evening hubby cones home and us all excited. He gas an announcement for me. Tells me to sit down at the dinner table which has our meal prepared on it. I sit and ask him what us going on. I got a raise he blurts out, a raise and not just the run of the mill raise. What us it, I asked. A thousand fucking dollars more a month, he shouts. No shit, I say. Why? Who knows, is his reply. A thousand dollars a month. It starts next week. We can get you that bigger apartment now. Wow, I tell him. I'm so proud of you. We celebrated in bed. Tomorrow is another work day and probably woukdn't be good to be late right after getting a raise. We both slept well that night.

    I get hubby off to work first thing in the morning and go about my daily routine. An hour into it someone ringed our apartment bell. I answered the intercom and the voice at the other end told me he had a delivery for my name. I buzzed him in and waited at my door figuring my husband sent me flowers or something because of his raise. A man approached my door with an envelope in hand. He wore a black suit jacket with jeans and had a funny hat. He asked if I was me, I said yes and he handed me an envelope. He turned without another word and walked away. I went back in the apartment, sat down on the sofa and opened the envelope and read the following.
    Last night was the greatest experience I have had in a long long time.
    I am excited that it was with someone like you.
    You are a thrilling Woman and exactly what I needed.
    I am hoping and wishing that we can meet again and continue a relationship.
    I know it will have to be something that is discreet and I promise that if you agree, I will assure you your privacy from all other besides myself.
    I am hoping you accept my offer to meet again.
    If so, my private number is xxxxxxxxxx

    ps: I hope you have something useful to use that raise on. Would be nice to see your husband acheive great success within XXX corp.

    Shit, a blowjob got my husband a thousand dollar raise. Now I am being propositioned with what looks like advancement for my husband and our future. Damn, I never imagined something like this, ever. Betrayal of my marriage or a more better future for both of us. Damn, damn, damn. I know, it is supposed to be an easy dicission. Of course I would choose being faithful to my husband. That shoukd be the only option a woman would take. But, I couldn't help but thinking of that better future. This was going to take some thought I guess. The week continued on and I went back and forth with myself. I even increased our sex thinking it would make me lean towards my marriage. Actually, I leaned towards more sex. I was getting into that and worse yet, Mr. CEO was entering my head when I was actively having sex with my husband. A week goes by and I make my decision. I called the number. CEO picked answered immediately with hi, you don't know how happy I am you called. I asked how he knew it was me. He told me he had gotten a new phone and I was the only one with the number. I sighed, OK, how do we do this, I asked? This is all new to me. He asked if I would be available for lunch. I said I was but I didn't think it would be good to meet in public. No public he told me, we can have lunch at my home. I told him that woukd work and he asked if I could drive over to it. I told him sorry, we were a one car family so I didn't have a car available. How about I have my driver pick you up he suggested. Not at your front door but maybe a discreet place where you will feel safer. Your driver, I asked? Yeah, you met him when he delivered my envelope to you, he tells me. Oh, OK. I said. What time? How about I have him pick you up at 11 and we will have lunch around 12, he instructed me. OK, you can tell him to pick me up in front of the antique store on 8th and Jefferson. I will be there by 11. Great he says. I will be anxiously waiting your arrival.

    I was almost school girl giddy. I had a date planned and was being picked up in a driven limo or something. I know, I should be ashamed but no, I was giddy. Anxious. I showered and got ready. I put on a pretty skirt and blouse but not sexy. I smelt very nice and my make up was just right. The blouse what a bit thin so this time I had to wear a bra. Normally I don't but it was just too see through. Screw it, I removed the bra and found a different shirt. Much more comfortable and I wasn't sure what was actually going to take place there. I made it to the antique store with 5 minutes to spare. There was a big black sporty Lincoln setting there with the front passenger window down. I looked in and it was the same guy. I started to open the passenger door when the driver asked me to please get in the back. I did what he said. In the car he introduced himself and the rest of the way we drove in silence except for some soft music coming from the rear speakers. We arrived at 11:45 and and the car stopped at the front entrance. I got out and was staring at a mansion. Never in my life have I been in a mansion. CEO came out the front door to greet me. He came next to me and placed his arm around my shoulders and guided me inside. We entered a big room and we then went off to the side to a room to sit in. He told me to have a seat and asked if I would like a drink. I figured I better and asked if he could make something for me. No problem he tells me and calls another guy who enters the room. CEO tells him to make my drink and he rushes off. Servant, I ask? Yes, has been with the family for years. Don't worry, your presence here is totally confidential. You can be at ease with anyone you come across employed by my family. They are all loyal. That helped me to relax a little more. He brought my drink and gently set it on the table next to me. He then asked CEO if there was anything else? CEO said no and the servant said that lunch would be served in 5 minutes and asked if we would like to go to the dining room now. CEO said yes and servant picked up my drink and we all went to the dining room.

    Now, this isn't a mansion like you see on TV with the French furniture and stuffed with antiques. No, all the furnishings were modern and the antiques were replaced with an assortment if more modern art work. In the dining room we sat at what I guessed was a solid oak table that seated 8 or 10 maybe. It was impressive. I learned later it was a slice if solid teak wood from Asia. That had to be one big tree. We sat down and mr servant started bringing in dishes. We had a small bowl of soup and then a salad made with lobster. It was delicious. I passed on desert. We chatted during lunch and CEO made me feel very comfortable. No personal talk, just life in general but he did seem to take an interest in what I wanted out of life into my future. I explained that I was hoping for bigger and better things for myself and my husband.

    CEO asked me if I loved my husband. I told him I did, very much. He then asked why I would come here and I answered because I love my husband and want him to succeed. I guess he liked that reply because his smile widened. CEO asked if I would like a tour of the house and grounds. I said sure. We left the house and walked through the gardens. He told me the gardens were his wife's pride and joy and worked them daily. That as the weather warms more the color is just fantastic. I told him that I hoped I could see everything in bloom. He assured me that if I wanted to, I would. We walked back into the house and after the bigger front main rooms and dining room, we entered the kitchen. A lady stood there doing dishes. She was introduced as the cook. Another who has been with the family for years. She was very nice. We continued to the upstairs. There were 5 bedrooms and the library/study. He told me he moved it there after his wife took ill to make sure he was closer at all times. We opened all the doors and he he somewhat described each one. We made it to the master bedroom. It was gigantic with a bed that had to be bigger than a king size. We moved on from there to the 5th bedroom. We entered and it was here he placed his hand on my shoulder and turned me towards him. He pulled me close and got no resistance from me. We kissed. We kissed deep and long. Our tongues intertwined sucking in each others energy. His hand reached my breast, I lowered my hands and unbuttoned it for him. He gently now caressed both my breast and played with my hard nipples. I admit, I wanted him. At this moment, I was drunk again. Drunk with him. I undid my skirt and it dropped to the floor. I was in panties only know. His right hand made it's way down my stomach, over my mound and reached my now soaking wet vagina. He grabbed the side of my pantie and side by side slipped them down. When they reached my knees I could kick them off the rest if my legs. I was now fully naked in front if this fully clothed man who was now standing there looking over my body. Admiring my body. I wanted him and he knew it now. I reached over and opened his belt. Undid his slacks,, unzipped his zipper and let them slip off. He was wearing boxers. I undid his shirt buttons and removed his shirt. The tee shirt followed and then I got on my knees and lowered his boxers and he kicked them off. At the banquet I never actually looked at his tool so this was the first time I actually seen it in plain sight. It was lovely. Close to the same size as my husband but I really wasn't thinking about that then. I just knew I wanted it. I started sucking it. I mean seriously. He must have felt it quickly because he stopped me and raised me up. Gently he laid me back on the thick quilted bed and placed his head between my legs. His mouth moved in on my wet hole and he seemed to try and reach and take in every drop of me. The feeling was incredible and I orgasmed. He looked up at me and told me he owned me that one from last week. I kind of giggled.

    We did a lot if touchy feely stuff and just got to the point where I pulled him on top of me and he drove what I wanted home. It felt so good. I mean that. He was pumping and I did what I could to keep in time with him whike my legs got tighter and tighter around his back. I kept trying to pull him deeper and deeper. He kept repeating how great it felt and wanted to keep going on and on. I was having small orgasms, one after another. That was new for me. He
    called out, he was cumming. He pulled out and started immediately shooting all over my stomach and one shot even hit my left breast. It was warm. I reached down and started milking his dick to get it all out. I used my other hand to rub his cum into me. I was feeling really good.

    We layed side by side and and just remained silent until we both came down from our sexual high. He thanked me for making him feel better than he has in years. I told him I really enjoyed it. He asked if I was feeling guilty and I confessed that maybe not right at this minute but I wasn't sure about later. CEO told me that I was welcomed in his home any time but he would understand if I were to say I couldn't keep this up. I asked outright if he meant what he said about ensuring my husbands success to better our lives and our future and he assured me he would make sure and definately make sure my husband thought he deserved every bit if success. I told him in that case, I probably will not feel guilt and would love to keep seeing him. He told me that the bedroom I was in will be maintained if I ever needed one and that I could come and go here as I pleased. The staff will be informed and they will keep secrets to their graves. We got dressed and kissed some more. His driver took me back to the antique store and I had dinner on the table for my husbands return home in the evening.

    All that was quite some years ago. My affair continues until this day. The mansion is like a second home to me. It started out as twice a week but over time has reduced to around twice a month now for sex. I still see CEO regularly. Did my husband ever find out? I don't think so but if he did he has never said a word or acted differently. He has received a number of promotions since the start of this and his income is five fold what he was getting at the start too. We have our own big house, three cars with one being a BMW sports car my husband just loves. We now go on annual vacations to places all over the world. In a few months my husband will be up for a VP position. I better get to work.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    So i have been hooked on sucking strangers cocks for about 3 yrs now, i always fantasized about swallowing hot cum. Then one day i got my liquid balls on aka drunk. And did the deed at a gay bar. From that day on i turned into a cum slut.
    I like to meet random men and just suck to get my thirst quenched.
    Nothing beats a fat dick that explodes and fills your mouth full of hot thick jizz.
    So today i went to adult store went into booth wited for about half hr before someone else came in. I seen a beautiful long fat cock. So i immeadiatly tapped my finger to let him know i wanted his meat.
    He put his fat soft cock in hole. I wasted no time wrapping my mouth on it. I love feeling a cock get hard in my mouth.
    I was excited of the size of it as it kept getting bigger.

    I took it like a pro. I was like a slobbering dog with a treat. I wanted to feel his cock explode in my mouth. His pre cum tasted so good. Eventually i felt his meat start to throb.
    I knew it was not going to be long before i got my treat.
    He let out a loud moan and then it happend he exploded like a volcano. Filling my mouth it was coming out of corner of my mouth i swallowed frantically taking as much as i could.
    Then i did something i never have done before i gave him my number and told him to call me any time he wanted his meat sucked.
    He calls me every couple days, i look forward to his call. It is a lot better when he can fuck my throat like an animal. i wish i could suck his cock all day.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This all happened a long time ago so chances are the person involved is long dead now, I was 13 and a keen swimmer and I spent a lot of time at my local Lido either with freinds or on my own, This one particular day despite it being sunny and warm not a lot of people were there so I eagerly got changed in the small changing booth into my blue swimming trunks the fashionableones for those days, I swam a length or two then became aware of being watched I looked around and there was a man in his 30's or so watching me he smiled and I smiled back and carried on swimming , Eventually he waved me over to the side of the pool where we chatted he complimented me on my swimming and my physique saying that I looked very athletic for my age, I went back to swimming feeling very flattered that a grown up thought I was that good, After a while it was time to get out dry off and go home for dinner, As I got into the changing booth the door was pushed open and the man stepped in and locked the door he told me to be quiet aggressively and pushed me up against the wall of the booth he told me to keep still "or else!" , Feeling scared I just stood there as he yanked my trunks down hard then his hands were all over me my skin still slick with water from the pool, His hands roamed from my chest and nipples to my bum cheeks and of course my dick and balls making me hard which as a hormonal teen boy wasn't hard to do is been wanking for the last year and cumming too so it was no mystery to me but being touched like this was, I started to enjoy whay he was doing as he squatted down and started to lick and suck me as he held onto my thighs my balls got sucked and licked too a thing I'd never thought about, He must have heard me moan as he chuckled to himself, He stood up dropped his trunks releasing his hard dick while not huge was nice to look at he pushed me down telling me to suck it and I did my best although it felt odd and tasted sort of nice, He was moaning and telling me what a gorgeous boy I was, Suddenly he pulled me up kissed me deeply then stood back wanking himself furiously and came shooting all over my belly and dick he told me to wank hard I did and soon came for him hard, He pulled up his trunks smiled and kissed me and said "See you gorgeous" and left quickly, I locked the door and sat on the little bench seat gathering my breath and thoughts amazed at what had happened it was all over so quickly and I thought about how I'd enjoyed what had just happened, I cleaned his cum off me with my wet trunks and got dried and dressed, As I left I looked out for the man but he wasn't there he'd long gone, I went to the Lido many times afterwards but I never saw him again and yes I was hoping I would as I wanted more of what he did to me but he never did show up again,My next guy wasn't until i was 15 but I still remember my first fondly.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 26

    Friday I am going to meet him for lunch. I am going with my best friend.

    He got me to start an affair with him. His wife is a nice woman, she is real nice and I feel bad for what I have been doing. I can't undo what I did. I want her to forgive me.

    My best friend was also his lover when I first met him. She introduced him to me three years ago when I had just finished my Master's degree. When he found me attractive she said go ahead, enjoy. Enjoy? I didn't know what I was supposed to enjoy, she said just be nice and don't say no and let him take you. Once in your life you need to feel what he can do. I enjoyed and I became his lover, but I became more than his lover I became his principle lover. The one that is kept in a house to be there for him when he doesn't want to go home.

    To make sure that I am going to do what he asks he asked me to drop to my knees under him and drink his pee from his penis. I know that he never did any thing like this with his wife. She is a nice woman and I am sure that other than missionary sex she has not done anything. He also never asked my best friend for that. That is what I am for. I do other things, things that he likes.

    My mother's 50th birthday is coming up and I want permission to go see her with my friend.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    She was my first girlfriend I've ever had, although I've had a few girls crush on me I never started dating them (despite how two of those girls may have seemed). When I was 15 I met a girl online over a game and later on we started dating after some... arguing annoyances with my best friend of the time.

    Me and her started off great, one might say I fell head over heels for her... and they'd be correct. Our relasonship was constantly in a on and off state, like someone flipping a light switch repeatedly.

    Nearly a year after we first started dating I ended up downloading the Kik app. I met a girl on the app that later deceived, fooled, and tricked me. Most of them were ridicoulous and others were so bullshit that I should've seen through them.

    One of which being from her ex boyfriend, who claimed hed kill me if I hurt her. She built it up to say he was a mercenary or something around the lines. Another being how she was r**ed, one time she fooled me by making it seem like she was being r**ed. In reality it was most likely her fooling me, to get my pity, or some guy who was actually having sex with her. I should've known from these two things alone, to n9t trust her.

    Being young and dumb I believed it and told my first girlfriend how they essentially had a gun to my head and were forcing me to.

    That girl lied and made me believe she was Taylor Marie Mangan, truth be told I had never heard the name in my life up till then. At first she didn't say that was her name, despite her using images of the woman.

    When she told me her name was in fact not who I thought she was (which she claimed her name was similar to my first girlfriend), but the aforementioned woman... I felt betrayed, yet I continued believing her.

    Worse part is, that was months after I broke up with my first girlfriend. When I did I was a mess and immediately began regretting my decision... it got to the point where I could've get off my ass and go to school.

    However, on that same day which I can never forget, the girl from Kik said for me to ask if she wanted to do a three way relasonship and share me. I figured because she just might be Bi it'd be worth the shot. I asked her, and she hesitantly agreed to it... only for the next day or so to break it off with me.

    Looking back I completely understand why she did. At the time though, I didn't take it well.

    Eventually I stopped speaking to her and deleted the app from my phone... only to receive an email from Kik saying "your friends miss you, and so do we" I hesitantly redownloaded the app and saw her message.

    The girl I was lied to, multiple times, ended up telling me in a message how she doubted I'd see the message and said her real name. I forgave her and took the entirety of the blame onto myself.

    That was early last year, which I continued taking to her and whatnot.i still talked to my first girlfriend and played together with her.

    This January I've finally gotten rid of her for good, and I'm setting my sights on righting the wrongs I've done to my first girlfriend... who I still love.

    There's plenty of other information I've left out that I see as useless info, and this is a true confession.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 28

    During my junior year in college I spent a semester in Rome. It was nice in a whole lot of ways but it was also lonely. The roommates I had were both British and we did not get along all that well. So one weekend I decided to go out on my own and took the train to Florence. My first time out, I had my guide book and I had decided on what it was that I should see. I walked around and bumped into the same guy several times. Walking past the Statue of David he approached me and asked my name, he was Italian and a student and gave his name as Paulo.

    He more or less rushed me and sat me down at this small café and ordered a coffee for both of us and while I wasn't looking, just like that he grabbed my purse and ran. My money, passport, my credit card were all in my purse and my ticked back to Rome. About half a block away as he ran a tourist stuck his arm out and knocked him down and when he tried to get up he pushed his head and knocked him out. I got my purse back and couldn't stop myself from crying.

    I thanked him and went back to the station and went back to Rome, scared. My roommates said it happened because I had gone alone. My family in the States told me to come home. I packed and left the program and headed back to the States where I finished college and teach fourth grade in my old elementary school.

    I don't trust men, if I have to get close I seize up. No amount of talking changes the way I feel. I know a man stopped the thief, but the man thief got my purse. I don't trust Grandpas, or college men, or taxi drivers. I spend all my time working out how to get around, how to avoid being around men. I dream about getting r**ed in the middle of the night. I go to work and I always wear a large menstruation pad which if not real I stain in case some man wants to take my pants off he will think I am on my period. I 'feel' men walking behind me and I harden up inside waiting for the hit on the head and being dragged off into a corner. I know I am going to get r**ed, I just don't know where.

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