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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've always wanted to be gang banged. I'm talking a cock in each of my hands, one in my ass, pussy, mouth, mmmmmmmmmmmm all over. Big and hard.

    I've also always wanted to fuck another woman. The idea of licking pussy sounds so appealing to me that I definitely want to try it at least once.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend doesn't want me anymore. I'm fat and have horrible skin below my waist. I have eczema and stretch marks and cellulite and I'm 142lbs and I'm only 20 and 5'1. We've been together for five years and just out of nowhere he stopped being attracted to me. He could get it up, but as soon as he was inside of me, he would thrust a few times and go soft. I know it's me, and I don't know what to do. I'm genetically a big boned person, as I have more muscle on me than fat, but I have fat overlying muscle. I'm like twice his size in weight and girth, he's all but anorexic and it's more than embarrassing that I'm bigger and stronger than he is. I'm not really manly or anything, but I am visibly more muscular than most girls. I mean, nobody knows I'm older than 16 because I look young and I think I'm too young to deal with something like this. Could this be a phase he's going through or is it really me? Five years, and that it ends over sex. I'm convinced he doesn't want me. Has this ever happened to anyone? I was always a little insecure, but I didn't think it would catch up to me because I thought he loved me. We had a rough night. I honestly didn't believe it was that bad, I have bad skin and all and I think I'm disgusting, but I know it could be worse, and never ever had a problem with it before. What should I do?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i have been drinking for 15 years. heavily for the last ten but dependently for the last two. i am only 31, attractive, educated, have a good job, a teenage son, many friends and reckless habits. i am late for work 4 out of 5 times a week, lately my production has been terrible. my finances are in bad shape because i budget generously for my drinking habits.

    it is difficult for me to have sex with a guy if i have not had a few drinks. but i get drunk every night with one objective, to get fucked. i have been fucking every attractive guy i have met for three years. unprotected or not. i meet guys in bars, parties or clubs and i take them home and fuck them. i pride myself on how good-looking they are and how well i can get them off. i feel vindicated when a guy wants to go all night with me.

    i love getting nailed hard and become distracted at work with the idea of hard cocks in my mouth or pounding me hard and fast. the problem is, guys fuck me all right, then i never hear from them again. even friends. and the ones that are pretty regular fuck buddies make me feel worse because they only come around when it is convenient for them. one guy finds it perfectly reasonable to come and over to my house, enjoy me sucking his dick, cum in my mouth then quickly leave. the last time, he did me a small favor, without any skill, he pathetically tried to finger me while i sucked him to orgasm in less than seven minutes.

    i feel terrible about myself even though everybody loves and values me for being charming, clever and pretty...i just hate that when i get freaky and nasty that guys are through with me. am i just a drunk slut? is that why they don't want anything more to do with me? and i hate in the beginning when they are desperate to get next to me and as soon as i respond, they are finished, with no remorse. like i'm some rag doll. i admit that in bed i am a lot more than people expect. i love to fuck.

    i have regretted so many guys i have gone to bed with. i am sure many guys regret having gone to bed with me. i have screwed more than 100 guys. am i just a pathetic drunk looking for acceptance and affection and i confuse fucking for "love?" if that is true, then i use alcohol to stuff my lonely, sad and desperate feelings. i just want to be loved and appreciated by someone who wants to be with me all the time, especially intimately.

    last night this guy who helped me get my drunk girlfriend home was in my car and he whipped out his beautiful huge cock. i fondled and squeezed it and could wait to hop on top of it but wanted one more drink first. he agreed, but when we got into the bar, all of a sudden he left. i felt rejected by that. there are a million reasons why he may have wanted to leave. but i feel rejected. and i really want to fuck that dick. it was fucken big.

    i want to suck it too. damn. one guy i fuck and wish it were more serious, but obviously he isn't interested doesn't have a big cock but it gets so hard that when we fuck i get off on how it feels like steel and i love him in my mouth. i haven't seen or heard from him in two weeks. not even a hello. i hate that. i don't want to stop fucking him, but i guess i should. he doesn't repect me. none of these guys do. they only want to fuck when they want to fuck.

    i need to find another sex addict drunk so we could service each other. but i have a gross need to fuck fresh meat often. i am beyond hope.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i love getting off of matt and sucking his cock to taste my pussy juices and to feel how hard it is in my mouth. he doesn't have a big dick but it is hard as steel and it feels good when i fuck him. not for long though. he is a ten pump chump. i have to get on top to prolong the session. he really isn't very good in bed and he has never sucked on my pussy. i suck his dick over and over.

    i fuck other guys and don't tell him about it. i don't think he fucks anybody else, but definitely tries.

    when i fuck other guys and they go down on me i love to pull them up midway to kiss them deep and hard to lick my pussy juices off their faces and mouths. i love when they lick all the way up my ass crack. last saturday afternoon after refusing to fuck me, he finally got up and got out of my bed. so i called paul and he came over to properly fuck me with his big cock and pounding skills. he fucks like young guys do. not lazy spooning or insisting i am on top doing all the work. he holds himself up strong arms lengthened and tight, bearing his weight on his flexed toes and feet and bounces and thrusts hard so our bodies make a fuckslap sound. ggggrrrrrr... and then he turns me around and impales me until i spasm and drops of my juices splash all over us. i get so wet when he is in me.

    i want matt more than anyone else but everyone else i fuck is better at it. tonight i am going to fuck this tall guy that made my slit clench up last week. he seems shy and when i smiled at him he looked nervous. wait til i have his pants around his ankles and my twat wrapped around that dick of his. i want to leap through the air and turn around and land onto that cock like its a towel hook. my pussy is so wet thinking about him!

    i need to get fucked right now and it is the middle of the afternoon. i can't wait that long!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I fuked my neighbor for over 20 yrs, recently he got caught by his she won't let him go anywhere or do anything.

    What a bummer, oh well!!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i met a group of commercial divers and many of them were super hunky. i tried to hook up with the hottest one, but his co-worker cock-blocked us all night long. i was dissappointed.

    a couple of days later i went to the same bar for happy hour and the hot one was there. we chatted and had some drinks. he told me he had a girlfriend but i didn't give a shit.

    i forgot some documents at my nearby office and complained i had to go back to get them and it was dark and quite scary at night. he offered to come along with me to get the materials.

    we walked up the long staircase to get to the top of the building where my office was and i located my things. i stood there for a moment and then put down my files.

    i walked over to him and reached for his package. it was nice and grew three times its size very quickly. we open mouthed kissed and in seconds we dropped our pants.

    i turned around and he doggy-fucked me hard and fast. the sounds of our bodies slapping was so nasty. my pussy was so wet you could hear it squish. his swinging ball sack tapped at my clit and i screamed into several orgasms.

    mid way i crouched down and took him into my mouth and enjoyed the taste of my juices on his huge cock. he came hard in my mouth and i swallowed every drop.

    we cleaned up and returned to the bar. we ordered another round of drinks and tried to act casually. after half an hour i confessed i had to have him again so we went to his place. we still hook up occasionally. our favorite place, my office.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    last night i got carried away watching internet porn. i was blown away when this white chick was bouncing hard and fast, up and down on this gigantic black cock while she had two other giant cocks in each hand.

    it was totally degrading but i bet a lot of white chicks fantasize about it.

    that video was cool i guess, but i also saw this fucking gross looking he-she dude. he grew his hair long, had painted nails, make-up and chicks clothes. he was making out with a regular chick, licking her pussy and then he whipped out his pencil sized dick and started fucking her with it. she even bounced on top of it. then he grossly whacked the pathietic thing off until he dripped cum. it was so fucking gross.

    i had to find a normal video to get that sick image out of my head.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I love jerking off in the bed with my wife sleeping next to me. I think about the girl i have a crush on. My wife hasnt had sex with me in more than a year. I would die if my right hand fell off.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Although I have never taken part in any act of sex with my step-daughter, I have found her sexually arousing for about 3 years now.
    She is a very attractive young lady and one who blossomed very quickly in life. She is also a wonderful young woman with a terrific personality. She has a lot to offer life.
    I have felt very guilty about my feelings as I have actually fantasized about her during masturbation and sex with other women.
    At some point, she had taken some nude photos of herself for her boyfriend, apparently, and i found them on her computer. This made my head spin and my fantasies much more intense. I used these photos dozens of times in masturbation and finally deleted them for good out of shame.
    I am not a man without restraint, so i'm not afraid that i'll actually "cross any lines" - but i have come close in the past and i do feel some shame for my fantasies.
    About 1 1/2 years ago, as she was going thru some difficult times with her mother, (my ex), she came to me for some comfort. We basically just talked on the couch and i gave her a shoulder rub and rubbed her back and such.
    (This was quite a bit out of charactor for me.)
    I didn't cross any hard lines, but this was unusual for me, and i have to admit that i had an erection the whole time. I was incredibly horny for her. I came close to just grabbing her butt or a boob - but did not.
    I also tried to kiss her on the lips when she said goodnight, but got her cheek when she turned her head.
    Since that time, our contact with each other has been appropriate, but strained at times. She is still able to reach out to me when she has difficulties (or successes for that matter) but we still have a little awkwardness in our relationship. (at least i do.)
    finally, although the fantasizing is far less frequent - it has not completely stopped.
    your feedback is appreciated. i love this young lady, and do not like these unhealthy feelings that i've had for her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I met my wife she rocked my world. Over the past 13 years she has gained a lot of weight and is never interested in initiating sex. I am 37 and in the Marines, I keep fit I am attractive and I have stayed loyal. I feel like something should be different. I know women don't want to be the "mistress" but I want sex. I want to be with an attractive woman who actually wants my wife used to...

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