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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 24 years old, blonde, thin but not a skeleton, and neither tall nor short... well enough description. Anyway, since I was a kid I've always had the habit of only peeing at home when possible, so I developed pretty good bladder control. One day I was coming back from a trip with Jessica and Dave, two friends of mine. It was a five hour car trip so as we were coming close to a gas station Dave asked if we should stop to pee. That was after 4 hours of travelling. Jessica was in pretty bad need and Dave was also complaining but I said that I didn't feel the need.

    I had been drinking as much water as they had during the course of the trip so they thought it was strange that I didn't have to pee- I think they thought that I was just faking it and had a full bladder, too. So they stopped and went, but I didn't. I mean; I could have peed if I had wanted to, but I don't like gas station bathrooms too much. As they came back to the car and realized that I didn't go Dave even warned, "there won't be another stop, are you sure you don't need to go?" And I said "Yeah, of course I'm sure," and we drove away.

    Jessica asked if I didn't feel even the slightest urge, and I said I felt there was some liquid to get rid of but didn't feel any urge so I'd rather just wait until I got home, and then I said that I had a pretty strong bladder anyway. "Wow I wish I had your bladder," Jessica said in envy, to which I laughed. Jessica was the kind of girl that had to pee all the time... I would hate being like that- like, making everybody stop whatever is going on so they can find me a bathroom. So unless I'm bursting- I just leave it be and hold on.

    Anyway, after we dropped Jessica off, Dave drove me home. He suggested we go and have some ice cream at a nearby shop so I said "All right, just drop me home so I can change." He put up a sneaky smile and said "and pee, I imagine."

    Yeah, being at home and not having peed for the previous five hours, it sure sounded like a good idea. "Yeah, why?" I asked. "No, never mind," he said and then we arrived at my place. He came in with me and I went off to my room to change. When I came out I went in the direction of the bathroom and he said teasingly "So, the strong-bladdered girl has to give in sometime I guess..." I just said, "Yeah, I do pee once in a while, you know," and continued toward the bathroom. As I was about to close the door he said, "I dare you!" I really didn't understand at first. "You dare me to...?" I asked, peering from the half closed door, as my jeans button was already undone. "Come on, do you really have a strong bladder or not?" he said back. "What do you mean?" I asked, but I already knew what he would say. So I just went on and said, "You think that I'm going to pee because I can't hold it anymore? No way, mister, I'm just going to pee for convenience since I'm at home and such," to which he answered by holding the bathroom door. "Really? Then let's go have ice cream right now..." he said maliciously. I gave him with a strange look and asked, "You mean... no pee?" "Yeah, you don't actually need it do you?" he challenged. I should have slammed the door on his face but part of me wanted to accept the challenge. The truth is that I actually needed to pee by this time, but I wouldn't let that challenge go unanswered. So I buttoned up my jeans and left the bathroom without peeing and said "Nope, let's go." I answered.

    So we had ice cream and since I always have a cup of water with ice cream and Dave knew that, I had to drink one; otherwise he'd be able to tell my bladder was already getting kind of full. Which was very true, since I had just come back from a five-hour drive and had drunk a bottle of Snapple ice tea on the way. But I was determined to stay up to the challenge and only pee when I got back home after that ice cream, and wanted to show no signs of having to pee.

    After we finished he just kept talking on and on and I knew he was trying to delay me. After maybe forty minutes the water I had drunk had already made its course thru my body and now wanted to get out, together with that Snapple and all the additional liquid I had been keeping inside. Now- I felt pretty full but not full enough to, say, pee if not at home :-) Anyway I suggested "So... let's go," to which he answered "Where?" I replied, "I don't know, maybe you can just drop me at home?" "Wanna go right away?" he asked teasingly. "I'm tired," I lied. I actually had to pee with some urgency. "Right," he said, raising an eyebrow. "I don't have to pee, if that's what you are thinking," I quickly answered. "Do you want to have what's left of my water? I don't feel like drinking it," he said, pushing me his unfinished glass of water that was half full. I knew he was challenging me so I just gulped it down as my bladder was screaming "no, no, no, don't drink it!"

    To my relief, we eventually left the place and he drove me home. By the time I arrived it had been more than six hours since my last pee, plus the bottle of Snapple and quite a bit of water. I was going to go pee just as soon as he'd left. But he was smarter than that; he asked, "Can I go check my e-mail on your computer? Mine is broken, as you know," he explained. His was broken, that was a fact. And since we were such close friends, I couldn't say no, otherwise he'd know that I wanted to get rid of him so I could make a rush for the bathroom to let out all the pee. "Sure, why not?" I answered, disappointed that my rush to the bathroom was going to have be postponed.

    So he went to the computer and I stayed in the kitchen. Half an hour later my bladder felt sooo heavy, and since he wasn't looking I stayed with my legs crossed pretty tightly and with a pained expression. Wouldn't he like EVER LEAVE?? Or should I just give in and pee? But I really didn't want to lose the challenge, I don't know why. I guess I'm very competitive, lol. So I just walked in there and stayed in the room with him to try and make him leave.

    As I sat down on the bed I crossed my legs and tried to make it look natural but I guess he figured I was crossing them tighter than normal, so he said "Are you all right?" and I said, "Yeah, why?" Then I uncrossed my legs and kept them half an inch apart as if to prove my point. The truth was that it was necessary to apply some strength to keep the pee inside without crossing my legs. I had to pee SOOOOOOO bad, I think that if I relaxed for just a second a torrent would come out.

    Then he figured out exactly what to do. He jumped at me all of a sudden and started to tickle me all around! It caught me completely off guard. I felt a tidal wave of pee pressing against my peehole as he tickled but managed to maintain control. "Stop! Stop!" I kept pleading. But he just kept on and asked defiantly "Stop? Why?" I finally just said it "I have TO PEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" loud and clear, and that's what he wanted to hear. "Ahhhhh," he said with a winner face as he stopped tickling, I looked sheepish and was crossing my legs again "Yeah, I lose, okay? I can't take it any more!!!! Damn I'm going to leak all over if I don't go now", I said as I tried to get up -- but he just jumped on me again and began to tickle me even MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! "No please, please, please I have to pee I have to pee I'm gonna leak!" I kept pleading but then it happened... I lost it and started wetting myself all over. The pee from the trip, from the Snapple, from the water- it all just started coming out and I had absolutely no control! Damn, I had really had to pee soooooo badly. Afterwards, I just said "Bastard," in mock-anger but actually with a slight smile, as I lay there all wet. "Are you mad?" He asked cautiously... "No, just... wet," I answered.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My sister had found the idea of standing to pee interesting even before this and I told her I thought it would be a good idea to try so I came into the bathroom with her to make sure no accidents of any sort happened without me being there. She pulled her pants and underwear down and arched her body forward a bit, then she let out a stong, neat stream of pee, which looked much like a boy's stream; it came forward in an arc and landed in the toilet. When she finished she hadn't hardly spilled a drop and she didn't even have to wipe! It could be that the reason she peed standing up so easily (she hadn't held herself or anything) was that she was still young; I heard somewhere that younger girls sometimes pee forward automatically, and that this happens more often than with older girls and women. Back when I was younger I didn't even know that girls could pee standing up until my sister showed me and I was surprised that girls could do it when everybody seemed to think they couldn't. Wonder why that is.... Anyway, when my sister had finished her successful attempt, she said that she would like to always pee that way. Only problem was, my mom wouldn't have it. She's fairly old-fashioned about these sorts of things. *rolls eyes*

    So, are there any gals on here who would like to share another standing-to-pee story?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    when i had some girls sleep over for a slumber party i went to brush my teeth. they went into my draws and saw that i had baby pull ups in one of my draws and they snuck some and but them in there back pockets. when we changed for bed they all went into the bathroom and put them on. before we went to bed i told them what i wear and they did not care.

    that morning my baby dipare was wet and so was the bed. i started to cry. when school came around on monday(i wear my dipares every where. they came to school in the dipares. when lunch came they took there pants and stood up on the lunch tabel and peed in the pull ups. i felt brave so i did the same and every body knows that i wear pull ups.

    well at the end of school every did the same as we did that day and they peed in it.

    so i knew that every body had there moments and at least every body knew mine and i still where those dipares to this day!!!

    i hope you liked it


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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 14 years old, I realy had to pee while sledding with my frineds in snow, but I was unable to pee outsite in front of my friends because I was very pee shy. I remember to be afraid wetting my pants in front of my friends but it happened, I losted controle and peed big time in my snowbibs. Because I han only long underwear under my nylon snowbibs the pee wetted outside of my snowbibs. Only one girls saw my the steam comming from my snowbibs, she told me not be shy, she will not tell to anybody, she admitted me sometime she let and go in her snowpants while sledding. Nobody knew about my accident, we was all wet by snow. I was shy but I liked the wet and warm pee in my snowbibs, on the way home I peed second time on purpose in my snowbibs.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    What makes you really have to pee?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    What are watersports?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi who has ever had a golden shower?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I told you about my girlfriend into wetting her pants. Well yesterday she decided to use a brand-new pair of tight blue denim daisy dukes. These things are so tight it looks like she painted them on. When I went over yesterday, she already had them on and told me she just got them. She then had three big glasses of ice tea. Soon after, she's on the newspaper acting like she's holding herself doing a "pee pee" dance. Then she's squats and starts peeing in them. She peed I know for a good minute and peed so much it was running down her leg. I had to get her a towel. She goes to clean herself up and we continue our evening. I asked her why she likes doing this. And she told me that when she was 11, she had a wetting accident and said that the warm pee felt so good on herself. I said fine as long as your don't start pooping on yourself. That's something I definately won't like.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Finally back at my hotel you hobble across the deserted lobby, hanging onto me. You're bent far forward, cute breasts thrust out. Your bladder is so, so very stretched out, aching, straining, bulging visibly in your abdomen in the visible inch of bare flesh between your shirt and the jean cutoffs.

    And then the feeling in your little pussy, like a white hot knife blade pressing down from inside, that enormous quantity of pent up pee needing to get out of your little burning pee hole. Your whole body is trembling. Your inner bare thighs and the crotch of your denim shorts are wet, your free hand straying unashamedly to clutch your crotch and squeeze. The desk clerk looks up and stares, but you're past caring.

    You've leaked a little. You know I don't like it when you leak and you're wondering if I'm upset with you. You know I want you to control your need to pee, to squeeze hard and save every drop for me, and you're trying, really trying. You can barely walk but I'm pulling you, dragging you to the elevators and pressing the button.

    But let's back up. How did you get this way? You certainly knew when we went out tonight that you'd be holding as much as you possibly could for me. You live in the Silicon Valley area, and I visit the area fairly regularly on business. We met via the Internet and have hooked up three times before. We're now comfortable with each other and we know we love the same thing- I love to make you wait, and you love to be forced to hold it. And then we fuck, but do we fuck.

    I've come into town tonight and called you. We'd already arranged to go out, and I told you to wear a denim miniskirt and a t-shirt, very casual. I pick you up around 9:30pm in my rental car. You look hot, cute pink Converses with short ankle socks with lace, very short denim skirt showing off your long California legs, and a cute little girly looking t-shirt, not loose, but not skin tight, showing me the bulge of your proud little titties and letting just a little tummy peek out.

    After a little hi-how-are-you small talk I get right to the point. "So, you've been avoiding sex like a good girl, right."

    Giggling, "Yes. I've been a very good girl."

    "How many days?"

    "Seven days now. Nothing. Nada."

    &qu ot;Not even any little tiny masturbation incidents you need to tell me about?"

    "No, I've been good. I swear. Oh but Sean, I tell you, am I super horny. I almost lost it last night trying to get to sleep. Thinking about tonight."

    "But you didn't, right?"

    " No. I told you I was good. But I'm going to be very bad tonight." You push your arms together to make your breasts push out, and wiggle back and forth flirtatiously.

    We're pulling into the parking lot of a local pool hall. I ask if you've drunk anything before I picked you up.

    "Of course, baby. I had a big glass of water like you asked. I don't have to pee yet, though."

    We go in and find a table. The waitress takes our order. We both order beers, and I ask the waitress to also bring you a glass of water as well.

    We sit and talk. You're a pile of fun, a bright girl with a lot of personality. We catch up on life in general while we sip beers, occasionally slipping back into sex talk a bit, but mostly just relaxing, having a nice time. After a bit your bladder is starting to swell. It's still the early stages, more an annoyance so far. It doesn't start to feel fun until the urge is really getting strong.

    More beer and more conversation. Finally I say we're leaving and we wander out to the car. You're starting to really feel it now, and you tell me so.

    "Oh, I'm starting to need to," you say as you slip into the passenger seat. You give me a few cute little butt wiggles. You're excited now. It's starting to get to the full point where it's fun. You're horniness is increasing, from the beers, from the growing fullness in your bladder, and from the excitement of another night with your crazy Internet lover.

    I'm taking you to a kinda redneck joint tonight. It's not totally redneck. A lot of those yupster Harley owners mixed in with real bikers, and normal folks, pretty blue collar. Not exactly our usual hang, but you know by now that I'll surprise you somehow. We pull into the parking lot. We exchange a few kisses in the parking lot and I slide my hand under your skirt, pushing your panties aside, and slip a finger into you. You moan. It feels so good to get some attention down there in pussy-land. I feel the firm surface of your rapidly filling bladder, and you groan quietly as my finger presses against the inner surface of your plump little reservoir. You feel a little bigger than a softball. You're getting firm but not hard yet. Now me, I'm hard. But you, you're going to have to hold a lot more still.

    We enter the bar. Folks in the bar already have a bit of a buzz on, and you get a number of admiring glances as we walk across the bar. We find a table. It's about 11pm now, and this bar happens to have that classiest of events, a wet t-shirt contest, starting at midnight. After I get another beer into you and you're starting to get visibly a bit drunk I tell you that you're going to need to go and sign up for the contest. At first you think I'm kidding. You are so completely not the type of girl that normally enters wet t-shirt contests. But I'm insistent, you're buzzed, and finally you relent.

    You have to go bad now, and you're feeling somewhat trapped by all this. You've gone over and given your name to the guy with the clipboard. When you have to go bad, you like to think that you can always escape quickly if you have to, but now you're feeling caged, cornered. Now you're really stuck.

    Back at the table you're starting to try to pace yourself, but I'm urging you to drink faster. To distract you, I ask you if there seem to be any other guys in the bar you'd like to "do." You're so horny from a week without an orgasm you're feeling pretty receptive. But there's one guy in particular you point out. Dark hair, about 30, side burns a little long but it looks good on him. Plain black t-shirt and black jeans. Just looks like a well-built nice looking normal guy, handsome, maybe boyish crossed with a little bit of dangerous. I tell you to try to catch his eye. You watch him until finally he catches you staring. His eyes run over your body. I tell you that I can tell he likes what he sees. You feel some nice tingles in your pussy; momentarily distracting you from the increasing dire need for a bathroom.

    It's almost midnight. You really, I mean really, need to pee now. It's all arriving down there right on cue. You beg me to take you outside to let a little out before the contest starts. You know there's no way I'll let you go in a bathroom. So you're promising me all sorts of things, to pee in all sorts of weird places, if I'll just let you go outside and find a place to do a little. I tell you to just cross your legs. They're about to call the girls up for the contest. I slip my hand under the table and give you another one of my quick check-ups. Your bladder wall is rock hard now. I'm very excited knowing how badly you have to go.

    You're in a weird state. You're frankly excited about getting up and showing off for all the men in this bar. There is some of your typical Harley looking guys there, and there are a lot of cute, younger athletic looking guys as well, and then there's your guy in black. The beer is making you feel pretty buzzed now. And you have to piss like a racehorse.

    Damn, if only you could just get rid of a little of that before having to stand up and dance. You feel anxious, bursting, and trapped one minute, and drunk, crazy and "what the fuck" the next minute.

    They're calling the girls now. You join a group of other drunken girls and are taken back to a dressing room where you're given t-shirts with the name of bar and told to change, shedding those bras of course. And then there's what seems to be an interminable wait for things to start. Some bozo announcer needs to stand up and make a bunch of dumb announcements and jokes first. You hear a couple of the other girls say that they have to pee. They're jiggling around, doing the little wiggle dance. They have no idea. Your bladder is sending electrifyingly urgent messages to your brain. "Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee," you're repeating to yourself silently.

    Finally you're all going out and being led to the stage. Music is playing, guys are yelling, everyone is drunk. You've got your beer in your hand- you haven't been drinking it back there- but now you're taking some more quick gulps for courage.

    All the girls are onstage. They range from really pretty, to skanky looking, and they're all drunk and dancing as you line up on stage. You look at the two other girls who needed to pee. They're looking a little white faced, strained smiling. Maybe you do have some company up there.

    You try to get on the end of the line you hope will be called first. Once that water is on you, at least no one will be able to tell if you start to wet yourself, you reason. The girls are being called up, each trying to outdo the last, lifting their tops, flashing their tits, and dancing as raunchily as they know how.

    You're waiting in line, concealing your teeth-gritting need to pee with something akin to normal dancing. You take the last gulp of your beer. You see one of the other girls who need to pee badly go up there. She looks very nervous. The cold water hits her chest and she shrieks. She dances, but more restrained than the other girls, keeping her legs together, but proudly showing her cute titties briefly to the cheering, horny guys. But she looks far from relaxed. Shit, maybe she is as bad off as you are, you think. When she's done she doesn't get back in line-she runs for the side of the stage and disappears, still soaking wet, into the ladies room.

    You're finally being called up. You're in a dream, you feel excited, brazen, slutty. Your pussy is tingly and hurting like hell with pee-need at the same time. You feel like you're right on the edge of wetting yourself. The icy water hits you and you begin to gyrate. You're moving, grinding your hips, but you concentrate on squeezing your knees together to hold back the bladder spasm caused by the cold water. You're lifting your shirt, teasing, giving the guys a flash and then a good look at your pretty little tits. And then you're becoming bolder, spreading your legs suggestively in spite of the agony, moving in a slow grind, feeling that intense need to urinate and turning that intensity into an excruciating, grinding dance in front of a room full of horny males. They all want to fuck you, they want so bad to fuck you, and you're up there, totally being the slut they want to fuck, and grinding your aching, exploding bladder in little sensuous circles as you lift you skirt to show your panties, and that tiny patch of cloth between them and your overwhelming pent up need. Your pelvis has a mind of its own, writhing from the pee need. You pass your hand over your crotch, indulging in grabbing yourself, squeezing your aching pussy. God, it feels so good to momentarily hold yourself and press hard against your pussy with your fingers, squeezing your aching pussy. Guys are going crazy; loving it- and then your turn is over.

    Back in the line you're shivering. The moment is over now and there's nothing to distract you from the pee need. You're still dancing, more squirming really, soaked from chest down, your nipples fiercely hard through the thin wet cloth. And now you know you can get away with it and no one will ever know. So as you sway back and forth, you relax and release. It takes a few seconds, but no more, and then you feel the first squirt of warm relief, right up in front of everyone. You squeeze off the flow as quickly as it started. Uuhh, the agony of squeezing back once you've started. And then you're squirting again. Sweet blessed relief. You fight to stop again. You glance down. No one can tell. You're dancing, there's water everywhere. Another little squirt won't hurt. Mmmm... Sweet blessed, blessed pee relief. It's odd; you've had several good squirts but it's still not making a dent in your distended, straining bladder. The pee need doesn't seem to be going down, but every little squirt is like heaven. It's like those dreams where you can't find a bathroom, but even when you find one and dream you're peeing, the feeling doesn't get any better.

    Now they're ready to judge the winner. The girl who left the stage is back, looking much happier. Her friend is still on stage, looking very on edge. Is she suffering like you? Is she wetting too? All the girls are showing their stuff one last time trying to remind the guys who to yell for. You're grinding again, lifting your shirt, and showing your sexy, sexy body. And then wringing water out of your soaking shirt so that it runs down your bare thighs to cover, you release another delicious bold long, delicious squirt as you dance, a gusher, warm, like a little orgasm, slutty little t-shirt queen up there peeing a little puddle onstage and no one knows. No one- except for me.

    You come in second, and get to go up front one more time and take your check from the obnoxious MC, doing one last little bit of dancing for the fellas. You've finally taken just enough of the edge off your bladder now that you're relaxed, completely into being little miss slut and giving those guys something to fantasize about later.

    You come back to the table. I'm proud of you, and I congratulate you, handing you another beer, of course. We're laughing, you of all people in a wet t-shirt contest and winning 2nd place.

    And then I ask if you were peeing up there.

    "What? Are you crazy?" you reply.

    "I know you were peeing up there. Now tell the truth."

    A long stare. You look a bit petulant, trying to decide whether to keep lying. You can't decide if this will piss me off or now. And plus you're feeling a bit proud, a bit sassy, having won 2nd and all. "Tell me the truth," I insist.

    "OK, well maybe a little slipped out," you finally admit, smiling impishly.

    "Oh yeah, some slipped out. You know I like you to save it all for me, don't you?" I'm still smiling, but there's an edge to my tone now. You look a little nervous. And then I laugh. "Damn, girl, up there in front of everyone just having a little potty break. You are a piece of work."

    And then we're both laughing about it, at the audacity of it.

    I lean toward you and whisper, "But that's it until we get home. No more. OK?"

    "I' ll try," you say. Suddenly you're back to the reality that you really are still quite full. Yes, you took the edge off, but we're not near last call yet.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Jenna arrived at my condo at 2:00 pm to watch a football game. Jenna and I worked together for a couple of years, but never dated. She was the classiest and best-looking female in the company, and was widely known for being unapproachable. When she arrived, dark-haired Jenna was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of designer jeans that laced up in the front like a pair of tennis shoes. After watching a few minutes of the game and drinking a beer, she got a very odd look on her face.

    "Jenna, is something the matter?"

    "W ell, I was with a friend named Erick before I came here. We were drinking at a bar for a couple of hours. I wanted to leave, but he wanted to talk in his car. As soon as we got in his car, be starting hitting on me. I couldn't believe he was trying to undo my jeans, so I pulled the strings really tight and left. Well, now I can't get them undone. I wondered if you could help me, because I drank a few beers and ... you can guess the problem that is going to occur." "Sure", I said, and went to work on a very tight knot. After working on the knot for 5 minutes or so, I noticed that Jenna was fidgeting while closing and opening her legs.

    "Maybe we can just cut the string."VShe laughed, "No, you dummy, I just paid $95 for these jeans, and I don't want to ruin them."

    &qu ot;OK, hold still, so I can get this thing untied." After fighting with the knot for a few minutes, I decided to run out to the garage to get a pair of pliers. Pliers in hand, I happened to look in the window of the rec room before coming back in and saw that unflappable Jenna had her right hand between her legs and was clutching her crotch with three fingers.

    Hearing me coming back in, she quickly removed her hand and picked up her beer. "Do you have to pee now, Jenna?" I asked.

    "Tom, I'm fine - what a disgusting question to ask."

    After another 3 minutes of battling the knot, I finally managed to untie it. To my amazement, Jenna quickly loosened the laces of her jeans and slid her right hand inside her jeans. "You really do have to pee, don't you?"

    "Yeah, a little bit - I'm so embarrassed, but I haven't been able to use the restroom for 5 hours and, you know - promise you will never mention this to anyone."

    "We ll, the bathroom is upstairs on the right."

    Jenna got a really odd look on her face and said, "Maybe you could help me take off my jeans."

    "You are messing with me, aren't you Jenna?"

    "No, Tom I'm completely serious."

    "Why are you asking me to do this?"

    "Because if I take my hand away, bad things could happen. Jenna peeing her pants - unbelievable concept, no?"

    I took off her shoes and started to slide her jeans off. As I pulled off the jeans, I could see that she actually had her hand inside her tiny bikini panties.

    Embarra ssed, she immediately took her hand out of her panties. I could see that her panties were still dry, but that she was in extreme agony and very close to peeing. "Are you OK, Jenna?" She told me to pull off her t-shirt, too. "Why?"

    &quo t;Because it is an expensive designer shirt, and I don't want anything to happen to it."

    "OK!&q uot;

    Now she was standing in front of me wearing nothing but panties with her right hand grabbing her crotch. I started to laugh, and she said, "Where is the bathroom, jackass?"

    "Upstairs on the right."

    &q uot;Oh, isn't there one down here?"

    &quo t;Nope."

    J enna walked out of the room towards the stairs, then made a little crying noise and immediately came back into the rec room.

    "What 's the matter, Jenna?"

    "I'm OK, just let me sit on the bed for a second, and then I will be able to climb those stairs up to the bathroom." Jenna climbed into the bed on her knees with her hand still covering her crotch.

    Almost immediately she lay down in the bed on her back with a two-handed death grip on her crotch. She was writhing on the bed, rocking back and forth, continuing to claim that she was OK. Assuming that she was close to losing it, I walked upstairs to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. When I returned, I pulled her hand away from her crotch and could see a little spot of wetness.

    "I tried and tried to hold it, but it hurt so badly and a little pee leaked out, but I'm OK now."

    I placed the towel under her and said, "Jenna, you need to take off your panties now and let out some pee."

    "No, I can't do that in front of you, I'll be OK if I just put my hand inside my panties." She put her hand inside her panties. I could see through the wet part of the thin cotton panties that she had one finger inside her vagina.

    Just then she made another little crying sound, and the crotch of her panties became wetter, and a little pee leaked onto the towel. "OK, OK, you can take them off, because they're wet anyway. You can believe this if you want, but I am 22 years old and have never been with a guy before with my underwear off." I slowly pushed her forward, so that she was on her hands and knees on the bed. I slid the panties over her round butt, and then pulled them back into place.

    "Are you sure about this?"

    "Yes, yes, pull off my panties Tom - I'm dying!" Finally, I slid the panties over her butt and down her slender legs.

    Jenna was now completely naked with her head on the pillow, her butt in the air, and both hands on her crotch. I moved her hands away from her crotch, and lightly rubbed the wet panties against her crotch, turning her on immensely. "I can't hold it, I can't hold it - I am going to pee," she screamed. She was rocking back and forth frantically and periodically closing her legs. Her vagina lips were swollen and closed tight, even when she opened her legs.

    "Hold on Jenna, I have to open you or there will be pee everywhere."

    "Don't touch me."

    " Jenna, I have to open you so you can pee in the towel."

    "OK, I guess, but be careful." I used one finger to open the tightly closed lips of her vagina.

    "Tom, what are you doing?" she blurted out. Without answering, I slowly stretched her with two fingers to reveal her clit and a tiny little vaginal opening.

    Her clit was almost 1/2 inch long and was fully erect. I managed to force open her vagina, as it was really tight. I could see her little pee hole contracting, as she made a last desperate attempt to hold on. Almost immediately, she released a couple of drops of pee, and then stopped. "I'm in agony."

    I said, "Let out a spurt of pee, Jenna - you will feel better".

    "I can't, I'm too nervous." I put some saliva on my finger and began to slowly rub my finger from behind her clit to her little hole, again and again, careful to never touch her clit or enter her hole. After about a minute she released a little stream of pee that ran directly down her throbbing clit and hit the towel.

    "Pee again, Jenna, I know you are still hurting." A couple more streams of pee rolled down her clit, as she began to moan and rock back-and-forth uncontrollably. Her legs were shaking and her vagina was rhythmically contracting, as she was hit with a wave of orgasm. Tiny spurts of pee were shooting out with each contraction. I was so turned on that I pulled down my zipper and released my erect penis. She saw it and got a very troubled look on her face.

    "It's too big to go in, too big, too big. I never told you this, but this is my first time." I could see that her vagina was not lubricated very well, probably because she was so nervous. I guided my erect penis from behind to the edge of her little hole and tried to push it in.

    "It hurts, it hurts," she cried.

    "Let out a little pee, Jenna" I said. As she did this, it provided enough moisture for my penis to enter her. As my penis entered her again and again, she let out hot little spurts of pee.

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