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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous


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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I hate my neighbours, they are middle eastern, the two men wife swap all the time, you can tell. They always walk with different partners. They live under different names, they have many kids, and live off our welfare system.

    Our government likes to support these refugee cheats/scum. Our government thinks that they will contribute towards society, when in fact they never will. They don't speak a work of English, their daughters do, so they translate for their multiple fathers and mothers. When police are called for their disruptive behaviour, they act all innocent and sweet and invite the police inside for an arabic tea, and police come afterwards to speak to me, and claim how hospitable and nice they were to them, and how nice and clean their house is.

    They forget to know what the call out was initially for, for noisy and disruptive behaviour, after midnight, on a weekday. You see, the police are on their side, as they protect these assholes, under the anti-vilification act we cannot touch them with a bargepole, same goes for other refugees of different origin.

    Anyway, with more persistence, I started surveillancing these arab men and caught them sourcing cars without number plates and exchanging paperwork in broad daylight and at nights with other arab men. The police are now investigating the amount of vehicles arriving at the property without plates, and the rebirthing of old and new cars. Obviously one arab has a link with where they are getting hold of these cars and selling them for good cash.

    About 10 per fortnight appear and disappear from the public housing property. Not only is this a problem, but these men and their wives have introduced, without any permission, more people to live in their home, more of their relatives, who they are obviously hiding.

    But they cannot hide from me, I can see everything they do from my camera in the window.

    Now after 2 years of hell, and bloody noise, mosque like prayers coming from their home, people coming and going all hours of the day and night, vehicles of all descriptions, the public housing authority have declared a tribunal for them to attend for a possible eviction.

    You think they had the brains to attend a tribunal hearing?
    Surely not, they are 'arab' for heaven's sake, they make their own rules and laws, they don't have to do something we say.

    But now they will. They have been given a 2 week eviction standing order. They will be relocated hopefully not in another public housing authority property, as they have totally wrecked this one, they turned the backyard into a sand filled twig infested desert. They don't know what gardening is, they don't know what a tree or flower is. They waste water which is a dying resource here in Australia. I report them for watering the sand, and twigs, and the water police come out and hopefully this time, they've fined them a good lot of money.

    The 2 arab men are vultures, full of deceit, raking the welfare system of money, one arab claims he is 'incapacitated' and cannot move. Yet I see him with my witness to conduct household chores, like mow the lawn, bend and pick up things, do the shopping for his many wives, refurbish the 'stolen' vehicles etc.

    And yet he is claiming a 'carer's allowance' and getting away with it, even after I have reported this to the tip-off line in our local welfare department.

    They seem to, no matter how many times I report happenings to the authorities, just get away with things, with incorrect welfare payments. Baby bonuses, they don't really deserve, as they are getting more money on the side by dealing cars, and possibly illicit drugs.

    I just hope that my God is on my side and they will move out in 2 weeks that I was promised, otherwise I will take matters into my own hands, and I will get something done!

    I won't give up the fight to get these middle eastern rogues out of my sight, even if I have to take them to the tribunals hearing myself, and to represent myself!

    Those effing cheats, never contributing to our tax system, never having to work a day in their life, only take from the poor hard working person who slaves in a hot factory all day and night to support these effing migrants who will never be honest, always remain deceitful, and their kids will all be the same scum as them.

    Arsehole religion that they are doesn't help things neither.
    The cult half moon god that they think is good, but is a righteous nothing non-existent piece of SHIT.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My upstairs neighbor's boyfriend is a psycho. Very often in the morning they have loud, violent fights. One Friday morning I literally jumped out of bed terrified because I though I could hear gun shots coming from upstairs and my neighbor screaming at the top of her lungs. They were running around the apartment screaming bloody murder and making loud banging noises(?) I thought that an intruder had gotten into her apartment and was killing her. She ran out into the street and screamed for the police. I was shitting myself because I couldn't find the phone to call 911. After about 10 minutes of horrified panic my boyfriend came over and the neighbor's boyfriend left. I HATE THEM.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Get those lazy migrants out of our country, they don't work, they don't want work, they don't assimilate, nor intergrate, they wear their own religious costumes, and send their kids to their own religious schools, in their own religious buses,

    Get these scums out of our countries, in western countries!

    They do not contribute to mainstream society, the ones that is, who choose not to work and who choose to have baby after baby and sit on welfare in the United States, Britain and Australia, and other western countries.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Getting an eviction for a rotten neighbour is worth nothing at the moment.

    They ain't packing their things, it's business as usual, perhaps they're gonna appeal the decision of the eviction, and it's back to square one.

    So, you, (the one who picks on my blogs), don't even try answering this one, cos' I'll just delete your reply, cos' yours never counts!!!

    As I said before, go back and choose a site that suits you most, and defend the scums that take from our system, sit around and do nothing, take carer's payments and baby bonuses when nothing is wrong with them, and all they do is "eff" all day and make babies and steal from our welfare system, and undertake criminal activities.

    Go and defend that, you scum of the earth!!!!

    Don't want to hear from you again, you hear!!!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My neighbors are so fucking wonderful I cant stand it. I love how the ADULT and I use that word losely lets her dope head daughter ruin a good NEW neighborhood. She seems to think her ass hole of a daughter is PERFECT and doesnt bother anyone. She also seems to think its not a problem when the daughter has tons of over privleged spoiled brats come over in their cars that their mom and dad bought for them. In and out all day long 5 minute rule. Drugs being dealt and done for anyone who doesnt know what the 5 minute rule is. 15 and 16 yr old standing out in the yard drinking beer slinging insults and shooting us the finger. Constantly driving at least 40+ mph and peeling out tires on our streets while our kids are riding their bikes on the same streets. Yes the police have been called (ALOT) Yes HOA is always notified of whats been going on. NOTHING has been done. We and I mean my neighbors and I have stooped to getting into near fist fights with these kids over this. I damn near ran one over when she wouldnt move and just keep giving me dirty looks. I didnt even feel bad about it. I wish I had hit her. I hate those scum bags at that house. It was so quiet for a while but this BS has come back and in full force. We do not know what else to do. These kids seems to be 1 step ahead of the law or maybe the law around here doesnt care. Hopefully I can catch them in their bad behavior on camera and take it to the News station. Maybe then the police will be forced to arrest the mother for allowing this shit to go on in her home and for allowing her daughter and her friends to reek havoc on all of us. Your day is coming D.C. of Keller, Tx. We will all be cheering on that day. I hope you and your family and your shitty friends rott in hell.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    YOu hear, me out all you non-supporters,

    you seem to support smelly, stinky people, people from other religions or nationalities, you support scum on welfare, the majority of bad recipients on welfare that is, you support the criminals and scum of the earth . . .

    well if you support all these things when innocent people like me complain and others like me complain, then go and get a life on a different site and don't support the idiots we complain about!!!!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I hate the kid who lives next door with a passion. He is an annoying 18 year old who doesn't understand the concept of going outside for sunshine. Instead, he insists on practicing his skateboarding in his living room. Nothing like a repeating "clunk" sound over and over to drive someone to homocide. The landlord charged him for floor damage, the cops fined him for disturbing the peace, I even threatened to beat the hell out of him but nothing works. The thought of caving his skull in with a crowbar grows stronger every day

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    These fucking assholes in the apartment across from me feel the need the drag a table and chairs out onto the sidewalk so they can sit around and get shitfaced. They have their stereo thumping and they sit/stand around laughing their asses off and act like morons.

    They've been doing this shit every weekend. I called the cops once but they went inside before the cops came.

    Not everybody wants to hear your mouths and your shitty-ass music, you obnoxious, trashy fucking dickheads!

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I had no problem with my neighbor until his redneck daughter and her bf moved in!

    Now I dont have too much of a problem hearing music, but they turn the bass up as high as it will go! They play the same shit OVER AND OVER! This goes on any time in the day or night! I work weekends too and often get up at 3am to go to work! I dont appreciate hearing that bass bullshit at 12 in the morning! I want to relax and be able to hear my TV, or even myself thinking, please...

    To make it worse, sometimes they even play a Jeff Foxworthy CD as loud as the damn stereo will go! Now why in the world would you need to listen to Jeff Fucking Foxworthy that loud?! WHY?!?!

    I hate you stupid redneck fucking neighbors.

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