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    Posted by Anonymous

    my gf confessed to have spent an evening with an old gf of hers, a blonde lesbian who she hadn't seen in a few years...they met in a club and got pretty drunk. She then went to the blonde's flat where they had some more drinks,and she said that she passed out. She woke up tied to a chair, wearing only her hi heels and black stockings. The blonde said that she had dreamed for years about fucking her and that she had spiked the cocktails. My gf yelled to be untied, her hands were cuffed behind her back and her legs spread and tied with tape to the chair. The blonde took her panties off and stuffed them, soiled with her juice into my gf mouth and tied them with a bandana. I'm going to make you my sex slave bitch she said. She then took her leather belt and whipped my gf butt with it, making it shiny red while my gf screamed into her panty gag. After a dozen strokes she walked out and came back with a massive black strap on dildo, long and thick, but first she put some wooden clothes pins on my gf's nipples and laughed when she tried to yell. Slowly she started to insert the monster dildo into my gf vigin ass whilst she teased the tortured nipples of her large breasts. She fucked my gf in the ass and teased her clit until she came violently.The blonde then untied her legs and fucked her tight pussy on the couch, making her cum again. She then tied my gf back on the chair, but inserted 2 big vibros in her cunt and ass and turned them on max, took out the gag and forced her to suck the dildo clean...then spanked her ass as my gf choked on the dildo. She then untied my gf and told her to come back the next weekend for a threesome with 2 other dykes, or she would tell me about her lesbian slut behaviour. Needless to say I will force my gf to go and have her suck my cock as her blonde friend dildos her deflowered ass with her big hard fake cock, I dream of filming it and having my gf become a real sex slave for my depraved enjoyment,dressing her as a school girl and forcing her to suck dirty old cocks in parks or wanking young boys after school...nice!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last weekend, I had the strangest experience in my entire sex-life and I am not sure what to think or do now. I met Sylvia at a friend's house during a party. She was pretty outgoing and very obviously sensual, so I talked with her a while and gulped as I asked her if she wanted to leave with me. She did, and we managed to have three wonderful sexual encounters after that ... all pretty normal male female ... well, very hot and energetic. On our fourth session, after a movie, we went to my place. Everything went as usual. Lots of foreplay, dirty words, and arousing sounds. Sylvia was very open to all kinds of positions and anal sex, too. Well, this time, after I was very aroused and beyond redemption, she suddenly flung me over on my back as I was eating her. She started to lick my nipples, and just kept going and going and I started to feel strange. I have never been homo-erotic or anti-gay, but I was starting to wonder if my sensations were not just too weird. I mentioned to her that it felt good but I may not be that kinky and that I am straight. She said, "Nipples are nipples, just let me show you how it feels!" So, I laid back and remained passive. It was amazing how she kept licking and sucking and how I kept getting more aroused. After what seemed like a long time and having droplets dripping out my member, she flipped me over on my stomach and told me not to move. She said I would be getting off in completely new ways if I cooperated. I had no idea what to expect, but Sylvia was far too beautiful and hot for me to resist and I was way too horny. I waited patiently but I was rather nervous. After waiting on the bed, in the dark, she started to stroke and fondle my entire backside. I felt a bit relieved that she was giving me a toungue massage and I then relaxed. Then, she shocked me by licking my buttocks over and over and then diving in on my asshole. I pulled away, feeling embarrased and again, wondering what the heck she was doing. She insisted I relax and let her do what turns her on if I wanted her to cum. She promised me I would make her cum like never before. She said I would not regret it. So she continued this and it did not feel bad at all. I thought it was over and that we would be continuing our great sex after this strange interlude, as she slithered up behind me and nuzzled in my neck. But I felt something cold and strange against my butt cheeks and I froze solid. I knew what that was. Slyvia had a strap-on. It was covered in something slippery. She grabbed my hard-on and inserted the rubbery thing into my ass very slowly, while moaning and breathing heavy. It blew my mind. I was trying to think of a way out. She said, "Its a very sensitive part of you and I am a woman who gets off on this more than you could imagine. Submit to me and make me cum!" She continued to say what a manly man I was to "take her" and how she was getting wet and going to come in, and around me. She told me about a bulb with fake come she would shoot when she came. As she proceeded thrusting and moaning, I just let it happen. She said I might come from her pentration or she would rub me into heaven and make us come together. It was a very intense orgasm. She moaned and screamed like no woman I have ever been with. I don't think I can resist seeing her again, but it does blow my mind to do this. I can't tell my friends about this. I thought I would confess and hope that the act can make more acceptable to me. If you saw Sylvia you would probably understand why I can't just end it because of this disturbing experience.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    anybody have some hot family sex stories? Have you done your mom or sister? brother?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi! I need some good advice. I'm about to leave for college and I wonder if now is a good time to tell my parents (mom and stepdad, dad & stepmom) that I am a lesbian. Actually, I think that my stepmom suspects because she walked in on me and my girlfriend "Stephanie" once. We had just stopped kissing right before the door opened, so I think we looked pretty guilty. But "Maggie", my stepmom has never said anything to me about it. So maybe she doesn't know. But "Stephanie" has been out to her parents nearly this whole year and she wants everyone to know that we are together.

    I kinda want to tell my parents before I leave for college because then they'll have until Thanksgiving to get over it if they are upset. The only disadvantage I see is that my mom has been looking forward to "The Big Day" for so long. She can't wait to drive me to campus and help me move into the residence hall. I'm worried coming out will ruin it for her. "Stephanie" and I managed to get assigned to the same room so we are planning to move the beds together and all. We could do it after my parents leave, but that seems like lying. What should I do?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok look at the "sex" photo for section.... doesnt it look like two guys.... hmm I just realized that..

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Listen this happened to me in the bathroom, but it isn't a pee story. I've got this summer job that seemed great in June, but now it is really starting to suck. I am a babysiter for a 10 year old boy with autism. He goes to a special camp that I drive him to and from about 1 hour away from his house. In between, I just basically have to sit around and read. It's very boring because the camp is at a local center for mental health services. The only people there my age are patients and a few interns. So yesterday, I brought my vibrating dildo with me in my book bag. After I dropped the kid off, I went into the bathroom and started masturbating. After a while, I heard the door open and someone go into the next stall. I quickly turned off the vibrator and sat quietly, figuring the other woman would do her business and leave. But like 10 minutes went by and she was still in there. Even stranger, she wasn't making any "bathroom" sounds. I was kinda freaked out, but at the same time, I still had the vibrator inside me and my clit was pretty hungry. So I decided to finger myself. After a couple minutes, it was hard to stay still on the seat. I decided to lift my legs and brace them against the door so that I could get better access to my clit and g-spot. I looked down and the feet in the stall next to me were gone. For a second, I thought that the woman had gotten up and left and I just didn't notice. But then, I got this freaky feeling that she was standing on the toilet seat peering over the divider to watch me playing with myself.

    The though was so arousing that I came bang just like that. I heard this soft little sigh from the next stall. And I did look up, but no one was there. I looked down and I saw feet again. Meanwhile, my pussy was begging for more so I turned the vibrator on low, so I could just barely hear it. And I watched the feet go up again. This time, I fucked myself with the vibrator for like 8 minutes before I came. I wanted to look up, but I didn't dare. After I came, I heard this clatter and the door of the stall next to me opend and the woman left the bathroom. I would have rushed out and followed her, but I was kinda still shaking from the orgasm and weakneed.

    Now, I'm dying to know who she is. What can I do?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    About 2 weeks ago i slept with my boyfriends (bryant) best friend (Scott).They have been friends since there were 5 years old! I have known Scott for about 4 years and ever since we meet there was been sexual tension between us. So we finally acted on it and now i think im falling in love it him, all i do is think about him! But he wont talked to me about it, i have tried everything to get him to talk but he wont. I have no idea how he feels about it! Would you guys put a friendship like that on the line for one night of fun?? I need to know what you think please i have no one else i can ask. PLEASE HELP! thanks.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, I have a poll for straight ladies and gay/bi guys only. It's about felatio --you know, giving blow jobs. Please answer all the questions and tell if you are a girl or guy. Thanks!

    1. How would you characterize GIVING blow jobs?
    a) a chore -I would rather not, but my partner expects it.
    b) bore -BJs are too vanilla. There's other stuff to do.
    c) more!-I love giving BJs & can't wait to get on my knees.

    2. For me, GIVING BJs is...
    a) something I do to make my man happy.
    b) a way to get him to go down on me later.
    c) the most exciting part of our sex life.

    3. If my man said no more BJs, I would...
    a) be happy
    b) not believe him, he loves when I play his magic flute.
    c) drop him and find myself another "all day sucker"!

    4. To me the BEST part about GIVING blow jobs is...
    a) I only have to do it occasionally.
    b) my partner comes quickly so I can finally go to sleep
    c) it puts me in total control
    d) afterwards, he'll do me
    e) taste, smell, texture --what's not to love about cock!

    5. To me the WORST part about GIVING blow jobs is...
    a) after 10 hours, my jaw starts to hurt
    b) it's illegal to do in public
    c) I don't like the taste, smell, or texture in my mouth
    d) my man expects it whether I want to do it or not
    e) when my man pushes on my head.

    6. This makes GIVING blow jobs better.
    a) using Altoids or honey to hide the taste
    b) knowing he'll do me next
    c) 69ing (going down on each other at the same time)
    d) $10

    7. This makes GIVING blow jobs worse.
    a) having to kneel.
    b) when he pushes on my head
    c) getting pubic hair caught in my teeth
    d) when the security guard shines his light in the car and says "move it along"

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I leave for University of C in a few days. Last night, my best friend called to say that she lost her virginity. Now I am the last of my friends to be a virgin. I don't have a desire to sleep with just any one to get it out of the way, but I've heard that guys wonder if something is wrong with you if you haven't done it by college. I'm wondering if I should just break my own hymen so that whoever I end up with won't have to know that I am 18 and still a virgin.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i like zebra's asses i like to screw them and i also like to rub arrangatang women's boob while im making my girl jack me off and i like to do incest with my girlfriend and shove my pet lizards tail in my ass OMG it feels so great i could piss in my grandma's mouth.Thank You

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