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    Posted by Anonymous

    When i was in 5th grade i used to pee every chance i got but then one of my friends said she doesnt pee ALL FRICKIN' DAY!!!!!!! It was seven hours of school and that means no peeing when i woke up but when i reached middle school i just couldnt do it does anybody know why

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My Boyfriend and I were spending some time together one evening one when of our favorite songs came on that he loved for me to sing to him. He'd been asking me about it for some time trying to get me to not just sing it to him but also allow him to strip me naked while doing so. I was a bit turned on by the idea so I agreed. I wanted a little undevided attention from him anyway.

    So our song started playing and I started softly singing along with it but looking directly into his eyes while he slowly removed my top. I was really starting to get excited and aroused by it, it was almost hard not to lose control of myself while I was singing to him. Suprisingly I stayed calm and focused on singing softly to him.

    Next he slowly softly pulled my skirt and panties down and took them off. I had to bend over slightly while he did so to make it easier, and I accidently Farted in the process. I kind of smiled at him as if to say.....excuse me.

    Lastly but not least, he removed my bra, then had me lay down with my back on the bed so he could lift my legs up and spread them wide while he removed my socks, and again I accidently Farted, this time a little bit louder then the last one. He noticed a small squirt of Pee leak out and down my butt crack. He softly asked me whispered to me, if you have to go Pee, go ahead..its okay its not going to hurt anything.

    I nodded to acknowlege him while still focused on singing for him as I laid completely naked on the bed with my legs straight up and spread wide open. I was so turned on and aroused by this point I suddenly had a desperate urgency to go Pee. I felt like I was about to starting Peeing full stream at any given second or with any slightest movement. I tried my best to hold it back but finally I just couldn't hold it any longer and Pee went jetting straight up into the air and down onto the floor.

    It was the most arousing experience I've had yet. There was nothing quite like it. It felt so good laying down Peeing and Singing for him I just let go completely and started to FART uncontrollably. I proceeded to Pee and Fart loudly while singing for him until the song was done.

    He was enjoying it, every minute and second of it. After the song was finished, I smiled at him and continued to Fart and Pee until my bladder was empty and I had no more pent up gas in my stomach.

    It's been a while since I've done it for him. And while I might have felt a bit nervous at first, I actually kind of enjoyed it myself. The Farting part of it was kind of Embarrassing for me though.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was walking home from the bar one night and I was a little drunk and I had to pee. So, since I was wearing a skirt and thong panties I just reached down and pulled my panties over, didnt crouch down or anything thing and just let go right there in the middle of the sidewalk. When I was done I pulled my panties back in place and just kept walking the rest of the way home.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 17 my boyfriend is 18 when we were around 12 and 13 we were hanging out a his house.his parrents werent there(he was)We were watching a realy scary movie.I forget the name of it and a storm was going on outside(im terified of thunder and lightning) every time there was thunder i would scweeze his arm. i had been drinking a lot of water and realy needed to go but i thought i could hold it. As the thunder got louder i scweezed his arm tighter. he asked if everything was ok. i said no, I'm terrified of thunder. he said, dont worry babe im here you'll be fine.But i wasnt fine the urge was nagging me now, I REALY had to go to the batroom.BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. i peed myself right there on his lap.It was HORRIBLE.I kept saying i was sorry but he said it was ok. after i took a shower he got me clean panties and clothes from his sisters room. they were a little big but it was better then nothing.then he tossed my wet clothes into the washer and then he took a shower. after he changed and my clothes were done he put mine in the dryer and his in the washer.I was still saying i was sorry and he kept saying it was fine.after both our clothes were dry we got back in them and wentt on wacthing the movie.When his parents got home they took me home. none but me and him no this.It was so embarassing.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have 2 older brothers. My oldest brother is 5 years older than me.He practically raised me and he and I are so close that we share his bed because mine broke.

    My oldest brother's close call was when he was working on our computers. It was late at night and he was drinking a lot of coke. I decided to take my bath and about 10 minutes after I get in, he knocks on the door and asks me if he could pee. I told him that I was almost done, but he said he couldn't hold it, so I opened the door for him, and looked away while he went.

    A few nights after his incident, I was on the computer talking to my friend and I was drinking a lot of soda too. I knew she had to leave soon, so despite how bad I had to pee, I stayed seated and talked to her for another hour drinking more soda. By the time she got off, my not so close brother was in the bath. I was somehow tired even after all that caffeine, but I went to my brother who was asleep and tried to wake him. I couldn't wake him, so I tried to go to the bathroom door to knock, but it hurt to walk, so I gave in to tiredness and laid next to my brother. The pain lessened slightly and I fell asleep. I woke up later to the feeling of numbness in my bladder. As soon as I realized I needed to pee, I peed the bed and fell back asleep. When I woke up in the morning the same thing kind of happened, but I didn't know I had to pee bad, I only thought just a little. I sat up and peed myself yet again. My brother cleaned it up though. I have bladder control issues now so I wear special underwear to sleep now. I couldn't have a better brother for this stuff either.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I really had to pee so I ran in the mens room and used a urinal I peeked over at a mand penis then all the guys were looking at me

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was cleaning my shower at home the other day when all of a sudden I just started Peeing my panties uncontrollably as I bent forward to reach the nobs that turn on the shower head. It kind of caught me off guard a little. But since I was already flooding my panties, I figured I would just strip down completely naked and rinse myself off when I was done.

    So I hopped into the shower and stood there with Pee running down my legs for at least a minute, maybe longer. It felt so good though, I just had to let off some gas I had been holding. Good thing it was just me there cause I Farted pretty loud several times.

    Well long story short, I rinsed off when I finished Peeing and went on about my business of house cleaning, but decided not to get dressed for the rest of the day. So I just air dried myself while I worked around my house totally naked.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm one of the youngest female human resource managers at my work. The other day I had one of those seemingly endless days of Interviews to conduct. And on top of it all. I've had a mild to severe bladder infection which has caused me a great deal of Embarrassment lately.

    I had just literally come back from my last Peeing stop at the bathroom to begin my next of many interviews that day. I was still as uncomfortable as heck. I could not shake that endless urge that never seemed to go away. So I start my next Interview and not even a few questions into it, what happens? I Farted. And just from the Fart alone, I suddenly had to excuse myself to the bathroom. I felt so Embarrassed to admit that, especially with the person I farted in front of being a guy who was older then I am.

    Good news Is I made it to the bathroom in time. But unfortunately my panties were not so lucky. I couldn't manage to get them off before I started Peeing in them. That was the end of those. So I tossed those out when I was done. Now I was feeling more nervous then Embarrassed, knowing I would have to just let my skirt hang down with nothing to cover me up underneath.

    So I walked back out to start where I left off with the guy, feeling like a total weakling as I sat down in my leather chair, trying hard to not to Fart again in the process. I told him I was really sorry for my unexpected interuption but I really had to Pee and started off again with the last question I left off at.

    I managed to get through several questions and was right in the middle of explaining some things to him about the job when I suddenly Farted again and felt a large jet of Pee squirt down my legs. I'm so sorry, I told him but would you excuse me again? I asked him with a totally mortified look on my face. He said its completely fine. So I got up in a hurry, just as another squirt jetted down my legs again. I ran to the bathroom in a hurry and managed to release Monster Fart in the hallway by accident.

    Again, I made it to a toilet just in time to rip another LOUD one and immediately started Peeing like I hadn't gone in days. Well, to narrow things down. I did eventually finish the interview, 5 Peeing stops later. I've been spending so much time in the bathroom lately its ridiculous. I just can't stop Peeing every 5-10 minutes or less. Let's just say that day, I made more stops to the bathroom to relieve myself then I actually spent working.

    That's pretty sad.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    GF just loves her beer. The other night she had a bit too much for her little bladder to hold on the 40 minute ride home from the club and she either fell asleep or passed out. Carrying her from the car her bladder let go and flooded the two of us before we even reached to front door. Wet-girl pee sex is just the best. Want details; use your wildest imagination; I just don't kiss and tell.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a fairly new and young female instructor teaching health and anatomy. Just this past Friday I was giving a lecture on the female urinary system which was really a poor topic option for me considering just talking about the subject always makes me have to go Pee so bad to the point I end up Embarrassing myself in front of the students.

    Can you guess what happned that day? right in the middle of my lecture which covered the female urinary tract, I suddenly realized I was gonna Pee my panties right in front of everyone. I knew I couldn't hold it which forced me to make the Embarrassing confession that I desperately needed to go Pee and I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. As mortifying as it was, I had no choice in the matter. I either stood there and Peed right in front the students or hurry to a toilet before it started coming out.

    So I ran the bathroom in a hurry, nearly losing control on the way, but I managed keep it in until I could get inside a stall, lift my skirt up, yank my panties off and sit down.
    Then I just let go and started Peeing like I'd been holing it in for days. My bladder was so full it hurt. Who knows how long I sat there, but it seriously seemed like it just kept on going and going and going and going like it had no end to it. I did eventually finish after what felt like forever that I sat on that toilet.

    The students were asking me after I returned if I was okay, considering they waited for a while for me to come back. I did not even want to go there. It was bad enough that I had to excuse myself in the first place. But I just kind of smiled sarcastically and said yeah I'm fine, while I sort of gritted my teeth with Embarrassment.

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