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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is Curious! It's been a long time since my last post and I just wanted to touch bases with you all. I've still been peeing my pants but I tried something else just once a few months back:poop desperation. I tried it with my tight blue jeans (that I started peeing in first) and if you want to hear that story, say something and I"ll post it. But if not, I'll post something new in the future hopefully dealing with just pee desperation/pissing pants. Bye!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was on a small motor-boat on a lake with 5 close friends on a birthday celebration. We all had fun and drank a lot of everything, fortunately no-one had had to drive the boat bcause we hired a captain. I was aware that the boat had no toilet, and then I was in real distress because I suddenly felt I had to go. We had champaign, beer, gin and whiskey all together and all those drinks made me feel that I had to pee really very urgently. I was in a shock as I didn´t know what to do. I had to use my fingers to push my pee hole as hard as I could, I was just unable to hold such a full bladder any longer; I could feel it getting wet down there. I whispered to my friend that I was in a very unconfortable situation and my bladder was about to totally explode. She told me that there would be no other place than going to the edge of the boat and peeing into the water, so my friend helped me balance by holding my arm after I had lifted up my miniskirt and lowered my panties. I felt reallly drunk and was afraid of falling out of the boat, just a second later I started peeing a strong hissing stream into the water. It had to be the longest pee of my life. I admit I was very shy doing it before everybody on boat but I was too drunk to realize this. You can´t imagine the relief. 10 minutes later I could not believe I had to pee again so I just tried to ignor it. Although this time my bladder didn't feel as full, the URGE from inside my pussy became so strong I knew it was going to come out. I quickly crossed a leg trying to squeeze my pee hole closed but I felt leakage so again I used my fingers and that my friend noticed so she grabbed my hand to again take me to the edge of the boat. Problem was the instant I let go pee gushed out and I just stood there totally freeked but enjoying the much needed relief.

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    Posted by Anonymous


    I was at the park and I was In Tight white shorts with no panties. I was by myself. all of a sudden I start to wet myself, and this boy comes into the park. I am behind the play equipment, so he doesnt know. I cant stop peein, and my cotton (now seethrough) shorts are absorbing it all. I thought about dropping my shorts for a moments, then decided not to, because it was so warm. three girls came into the park, and I knew one of them.they met up with the boy. I snuck into the woods, and peed some more, letting the warmth spread up my butcrack.Then I went home,got five mugs of water, and drank them. I waited a few hours until I had topee really bad. I pulled on a daiper and started weting myself in nothing but the daiper, dancing around the room...hehe:)

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    Posted by Anonymous

    The clock tick-tocked slowly, every eye was watching the minute hand... any second now the bell would ring. Finally, the clock struck 3:00 and all of the students dashed out of the classrooms. After dumping their books in their lockers, Laura, Nicole, Lydia, Elizabeth (Liz), and Melissa met outside. It was a nice Friday afternoon and the girls had planned a "Girls' Night Out" for that night. It was Elizabeth's turn to play hostess that night, so the gang was headed to her house. As usual, all the girls were giggly chatterboxes, except Lydia. Lydia was a quiet, timid girl, but she was being unusually quiet that afternoon. When questioned by the other girls, her reply was, "Oh, nothing." So, thinking that she wanted to be left alone, they did just that. They finally reached Liz's house and they all crowded upstairs into her room to decide what they were going to do that night. The girls were trying to decide between going to the mall and maybe renting a movie, actually going to the cinema, and they even thought about going dancing.

    In the middle of their debate, Lydia suddenly stood up and said, "I'm so sorry, but I am just dying for a quick little tinkle." The way she said it made it sound so cute. She was always so well mannered. The other girls kind of giggled at what Lydia had said. Lydia, obviously embarrassed, blushed and turned to head into Liz's bathroom. Laura suddenly grabbed her arm. Lydia was obviously getting desperate; the other girls knew that she had a weak bladder, as she was always excusing herself for "quick tinkles." And she was easily embarrassed. They felt sorry for her; they could tell that she was in discomfort.

    Laura held on to Lydia's arm and suddenly said, "I just got a crazy idea." The girls groaned, Lydia slightly louder than the others. They all knew that Laura had some scheme up her sleeve. "We want to do something thrilling, right?" she asked. The other girls just looked at each other. Laura continued, "Why don't we... No wait... Okay, I've got it. I've got a bet for you all. I bet you all that I can hold my piss longer than any one of you. Let's have a contest to see who can hold it the longest." Lydia whimpered and started to squirm. The other girls look both shocked and curious. Since no one objected, Laura then lay down the rules. Everyone had a chance to empty their bladders once, right then, and then they couldn't use a toilet anymore until 7:00 AM the next morning.

    All of the girls looked at the clock. 3:37 PM. Lydia groaned and Laura let her go. She quickly, but carefully entered the bathroom, and nudged the door closed with her foot. The other girls heard a frantic rustle of clothing then the unmistakable sound of Lydia's gushing urine filling the bowl. The other girls thought about Laura's offer. They knew it would be challenging. At 5'7", Laura was a sturdily built, athletic girl. Finally, after Lydia emerged from the bathroom, looking very relieved, they all agreed to take Laura's offer. Laura simply said, "It's settled, then," and ducked into the bathroom. They heard the usually hiss. Nicole went next, stopping briefly in the doorway and turning back to wink at them all. All they heard out of her was a tiny little trickle. Melissa blushed a little, but still stuck to the bet. Finally, Liz rushed in and expelled the contents of her bladder as well. Everyone gathered once more on Liz's floor, feeling relieved, excited, and slightly nervous at the same time.

    The girls decided to go window-shopping at the mall and then stop by Blockbuster and rent a couple of movies. They didn't want to spend too much time in public, just in case of an accident. Laura agreed and decided that it was best to just keep the bet between them. After the girls had "freshened up," they left Liz's house and headed toward the mall. On their way through the food court, Laura got an evil grin on her face. She stopped in front of a fast food stand and told the other girls that she was feeling a little thirsty. She ordered a large drink. She looked at the other girls expectantly and told them that it wouldn't be fair unless they drank a large drink too. So, they all obliged. Sipping their drinks, they strolled around the mall and Laura was happy to see anxious looks on their faces. After shopping around for a couple of hours, Laura could tell that the other girls were in minor discomfort and decided to torture them a little.

    She stopped in front of the large fountain at the mall entrance and sat down on a bench. The other girls followed suit. Lydia was shivering either from the cool mist from the fountain or from a need to pee. The other girls looked a bit uncomfortable, but otherwise okay. Laura polished off the rest of her drink and the others followed suit. After a few minutes of sitting in front of the fountain and gossiping, Nicole suddenly piped up and said, "I'm getting curious... How bad do the rest of you have to go- on a scale of one to ten? I'm about a 4."

    Lydia instantly said, "6." Melissa thought for a few minutes and said, "5." Liz said, "5," as well. Laura boldly said, "3." No one could tell if she was lying or not.

    They finally got up to leave and Lydia asked for the time. After quick glances at watched it was concluded that it was around 6:30 PM. About 3 hours since they started the bet. The girls exchanged nervous glances behind Laura's back. They finally headed toward Blockbuster. The girls took forever to choose movies and by the time they got home it was almost 8:00. They settled back down in Liz's room and started the movies. Halfway through the movie, Laura decided that she was thirsty again and disappeared downstairs. While she was gone the girls exchanged fears. None of them thought they could make it until morning, especially if Laura wanted them to drink something else. Their conversation was cut short when Laura returned carefully balancing 5 full glasses of water in her arms. "I trust no one snuck into the bathroom while I was gone," she said playfully. The other girls looked at each other in dismay. They hadn't even thought about it! Laura smirked at their expressions. Then she handed a glass of water to each girl. "Drink up!" She commanded cheerfully. After a couple of swallows, Liz suddenly asked what they would have to do if they lost and what they would get if they won. Laura pondered for a moment and it was obvious that she hadn't thought about them winning the bet. That didn't make the other girls too happy. She finally said, I guess I'll do your homework for a week or something.

    The girl's thought that that was a pretty lame bet. "What if we lose?" asked Lydia tentatively.

    Laura answered without hesitation, "If you lose, then you wet yourself."

    The other girls laughed and all said, "Well obviously!" Then they decided to take another poll at 10:00. Lydia was up to a 7, Nicole was at a 6, Melissa and Liz were around a 5, and Laura actually admitted that she too, was at about a 5. By 11:00 though, things had drastically changed. The large sodas from the mall and that single glass of water were finally making it to the girls' bladders. Lydia was getting quieter and quieter but she was starting to fidget. Nicole was sitting on her knees on the floor and was looking distracted. Melissa and Liz were painting each other's toenails, but they were sitting with legs pressed together rather tightly. Even Laura was shifting in her seat a little. After a while, Liz put on a CD. Nicole's foot started tapping in time to the music, but after the music was turned off, her foot kept tapping. The girls started getting sleepy and were fixing their blankets on the floor and on Liz's bed and braiding each other's hair. They all brushed their teeth (the running water in the sink made Nicole tap her feet again and Lydia started her shivering once more) and changed into their nighties and pajamas. The girls settled back on their pallets and were gossiping and the like, and everyone was exhausted but obviously afraid to go to asleep. Laura was the only one who looked even remotely comfortable and it was killing the girls. Laura told them that she was tired and was going to go to sleep but didn't want them to cheat, so she got up, strolled over to Liz's bathroom door, locked it from the inside and shut it. Then she settled back into her pallet and was soon asleep. Once Laura's delicate snores started, the girls began whispering to each other about their predicament. Nicole exclaimed in a hushed voice that she was afraid she was going to wet herself if she fell asleep.

    Lydia whimpered, "I'm afraid I'm going to wet myself period." Melissa and Liz felt so sorry for the other two girls that decided to try to pick the lock for them. They searched Liz's room for a hairpin or a paper clip to open the door, but it was impossible without turning on a light and if they did that then Laura would wake up. In the end, they gave up on trying to get the door open. At 2:00 AM, Melissa and Liz were both sleeping lightly. Nicole and Lydia were terrified that they would pee themselves if they went to sleep, so they tried to stay awake. Eventually, both dozed off. Lydia and Nicole both awoke at around 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. They were in agony. A few minutes later, their hushed whispers woke up Melissa. She awoke with a start and immediately threw back the covers, checking for wet spots. She blushed, though there was nothing there. "I swear, you two, I just had a dream that I was peeing in the bathroom and I could have sworn that I was really peeing," she said. She sat cross-legged on the floor and placed her hands in her lap, right over her crotch. Lydia was sweating from the effort of holding in her urine and leaning forward slightly. The three girls were whispering about how badly they had to go when Liz woke up. She groaned and asked them what time it was. It was 5:30 AM- an hour and a half to go. Lydia was still leaning forward and she was pale. She slowly eased back against the wall and closed her eyes. The other girls watched her curiously. She seemed to be sleeping again. Nicole started rocking back and forth and was humming to herself. Liz got a crazy idea to sing "Kumbayah," so she, Melissa, and Nicole sang it very softly. The started laughing and immediately stopped when their bladders protested.

    Suddenly, Lydia sat bolt upright and moaned, "Oh... God... Noooo..." She stood up carefully, with her legs together, but the other girls thought that they saw a wet spot on the front of her heart-patterned shorts. Lydia bit her lower lip and moaned again. "I'm not gonna make it... I'm not gonna make it... Oh... God..." Silent tears rolled down her cheeks. Suddenly the other girls were frantic, they didn't want poor Lydia to wet herself. They were searching for something that Lydia could "take a little tinkle" in. Melissa picked up one of the empty water glasses and Lydia only cried harder. Liz rushed over with an empty popcorn bowl, but Lydia wouldn't budge, she stood rooted in the same spot, her thighs pressed together, hands holding her crotch, bent over from the effort. She was sweating and crying. Suddenly she jerked her hands away from her crotch in surprise and the girls saw the wet patch grow. Lydia instantly put her hands back to he crotch, but another spurt made her panic. Liz rushed over with the empty bowl and tried to get Lydia to go in it, but she was in hysterics. She started sobbing uncontrollably as urine gushed out of her swollen bladder. The hot urine showered down all over, soaking her shorts, the hardwood floor, and even her fuzzy slippers. Amid all of the commotion, Laura woke up. She immediately saw Lydia wetting herself and the other girls trying to console her.

    Nicole was squirming around, and Liz and Melissa were casting longing looks at the locked bathroom door and they tried to console Lydia. Laura leapt up and the other girls looked over at her. Laura was struggling as well. Finally, Lydia's downpour slowed to a trickle and her sobs quieted. The other girls crowded around her, handing her fresh clothes, rubbing her back, patting her hair, trying to make her feel better and knowing that at any minute they would be pissing themselves too.

    After Lydia had changed into dry clothes and had calmed down, she sat back on Liz's bed and gazed at her toes. Nicole went to sit down beside her, but suddenly stood up again. "Hand me that bowl--Quick!!" she hissed.

    Laura cleared her throat loudly. "Bowls weren't a part of the bet," she said.

    Nicole crossed her legs and tears came to her eyes. "Yeah, you're right, Laura." She bounced around for a few seconds, and then suddenly stood stock-still. She placed both of her hands to her crotch and felt a wet spot. She looked down just as another spurt of hot urine shot out. The wet spot on the front of her nightgown grew larger and larger. She gritted her teeth and tried to hold it in. But she was in agony. She had to go, she just had to. "Oh my gosh... This is killing me," she said through gritted teeth. She bunny-hopped over to where the bowl lay on the floor. Laura cleared her throat yet again. Nicole gasped and said, "I'm just going t-t-t-o stand over it, s-so I won't pee on Liz's floor." Laura didn't say anything, so once Nicole was standing over the bowl, she tried to gradually relax. Her knees felt weak and she was shaking. Finally, she let go, and her hot pee just rained and rained out of her pain-wracked body. Most of it went straight through panties and into the bowl since she was wearing a nightgown. But it was gushing out so fast that it was splashing her bare feet. When she finally stopped, the large bowl was about 3/4 full, with a little puddle and splatters around it. Her panties and the front of her gown were soaked. After she changed, she sat next to Lydia on the bed again and cried silently onto her shoulder. Liz and Melissa looked at each other... They didn't want to pee themselves. A quick glance over at Laura and they knew that she had to go too, maybe as badly as they did. Suddenly, Melissa stood up and yanked off her bathrobe. Liz jumped up right behind her. Melissa was trying to hold it, but knew she couldn't much longer. It was angrily shooting out. She whimpered and tried to stand over the bowl. She too, starting peeing and since she was wearing only a t-shirt and thin, bikini-cut panties, they saw just about everything. It gushed out and into the bowl and ran, glistening, down her slim legs. Liz lost control while watching Melissa pee. Melissa overflowed the bowl, but couldn't stop.

    Liz stood tense, urine spraying all over, while she hung her head in her hands. Melissa, mortified, tried to sop up the mess when she was finished, but Liz just stood in the same spot, urine still running down her legs and into her socks, with her head rested in her hands... Crying. Laura couldn't take it anymore. She was about to piss herself as well. She dashed over to the bathroom and tried to force the door open. The other girls all stared. Liz looked up just in time to see Laura stroll back over to them. She whispered, "I'm sorry," then spread her legs. At first, nothing happened. Laura just stood there with her legs spread open, knees slightly bent. She relaxed a little and a little trickle of pee crept out. After a few seconds, it was gushing. Laura was crying too, but she held her head high. She deserved this for putting her friends through the bet. She peed and peed and peed. She would stop for a few seconds, grimace, and then go at it again. Once she was finished, she silently carried the overflowing bowl into the kitchen downstairs and emptied it into the sink. She grabbed an entire roll of paper towels and marched back upstairs. She knelt down on the wet floor, on her knees and began sopping up all of the urine on the floor. For a while, no one else moved. Suddenly, the other four girls remembered what Laura had sacrificed for them and they too knelt down and helped her clean up the mess. The girls never told anyone about their bet, but they sure as hell never made another bet with each other again.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    This is Curious! After peeing in my jeans for awhile(which I still enjoy)I got curious about pooping my pants. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to do it one day this past June. Plus, I was planning on throwing out my "pissing jeans" because they were too messed up so thats why I chose to use them. I have my poops as soon as I get up in the morning so on this particular Saturday I got up,slipped on my "pissing jeans", clear heels and white top and sat in my wooden chair watching tv. I should also say I didn't put any panties on because I didn't want to go through the trouble of washing them immediately. I sat in the chair as the urge to poop started getting stronger each minute because when I have to poop, I have to poop. My stomach started hurting a little, I was farting and towards the end I had to get up and squeeze my buttocks together. I was desperate for about 25 minutes and when I was finally ready to do it, I got up to go to the bathroom holding my butt. I could hardly make it to the bathroom and I honestly thought I was going to have the accident on my way to the bathroom. I got inside the bathroom and sat on the toilet as if I was going to empty into the toilet but only I still had my jeans on. I gave a good push and all of a sudden I felt the bottom of my jeans fill up with poop. It was warm and gooey. I definitely felt "naughty" but not as aroused as when I'm peeing on myself. I definitely stunk worse than when I pee on myself of course. After I was done I looked at my butt in the mirror in the bathroom and the butt of the jeans was dark brown. I kicked my shoes off, took my jeans off and threw them in the trash, cleaned myself off with paper towels first before I hopped in the shower. The jeans and the paper towels were tied up in a trash bag and sent to the dumpster. I had wanted to do it and did it but not going to do it no more because I didn't feel as aroused as when I'm peeing on myself. So thats my pooping story, hoped you enjoyed!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Has anyone ever been pissed on? guy on girl or girl on guy stories please. those would so fucking turn me on and maybe i'll tell you mine.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i have to pee so bad
    im on my laptop on the school bus going on a feldtrip
    with the school and my best bud has been trying to get the schoolbus driver to stop but he wont i rrrrrrrreeeeaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyy
    have to pee i hope i make it

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was at school and i had to piss
    but im pee shy so i held it after class
    i went to the bathroom luckly no one was in there
    but my best friend josh followed behind me witch made me uncomfortable
    so i didnt go
    on the walk home i new i wasnt able to holdon for much longer i was holding myself through my pokets
    then i just tottaly stopped cause if i moved i might pee myself josh found out why i looked so worrid
    and pulled me aside from the sidewalk
    this is what he said
    yo eric you aright you look like a bloated fish
    here is what i said
    ya im cool
    so we continued to walk
    but i started to pee and i had a noticeable mark on my crotch
    i started to run really fast to get home i was holding
    myself as much as posseble
    this time i didnt care who saw me
    i just wanted to get home witch was a blockaway
    i got to the door struggled to get the key out of my poket
    and i was so numb i could not get the key in the key hole
    i asked josh to help he asked me why i was in a hurry and my reply was
    he finnaly got the door open but just as he did i just lost control and peed right there he was really nice about it tho well atleast im not peeshy anymore just really embarrassd

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i decided to have some fun the other night. i was all alone because my boyfreind was out of town so i thought hey why not have some funn u know?? soo i drove out of town where i didnt know anyone and i bought a pack of diapers! i put one on and walked into walmart and peed in it! this made me very excited! then i changed and went into the towns mall...while there i pooped twice and peed at least 5 times! it felt soo good!! i got some weird looks because of the strange sound the diaper made when i walked but it didnt know anyone so who cares...however, soon i was in trouble..after another large poop, i felt the diaper sagging a lot and then it ripped...oh no!! the pee and poop was going all over my legs and onto the floor! i ran to the bathroom and changed my diaper. then i bought new pants..boy did i get some strange looks that day!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've been with my girlfriend for two years. She's a 22 year-old black woman,real pretty and has a "coca-cola" bottle shape. She always wears tight blue jeans(with no back pockets)that really shows off her nice, plump ass. Anyway, I have a fetish for women pissing their pants(mainly, tight blue jeans)and I was wondering how do I get her into it or should I keep my fetish to myself?

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