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    Posted by Anonymous

    A while ago I was having sex with this guy and all of a sudden I had to throw up during it.. so I had to stand up.. still naked... and just let my stomach out.. at least it was into a basket, but still some of it got right on the bed where I was laying so I had to sit in my red vomit. He didnt care though and we continued after I brushed my teeth : )

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In college, I had a few short-term relationships that were sexually thrilling, but emotionally unsatisfying. When I met "Todd", I decided to be chaste until we married, i.e. a born again virgin. This was difficult because we both had been very sexually active before we started dating. The next two years we faced many temptations, including a late fall camping trip when a unexpected snowstorn forced us to zip our sleeping bags together for warmth. We joked about the old Puritan custom of bundling courting couples, but it was a very stressful night.

    When we got engaged, the pressure increased. We aren't fundamentalists or anything, so its not like there was this big religious issue. Even my mom suggested that we have sex once to make sure that we were compatible. But we made it to our wedding day chaste.

    Our reception ended at 1 AM and we stayed up afterwards talking to our closest loved ones until it was time to leave for the airport at six. By 8 AM, we were on our way to the Caribbean. On the plane, we snuggled and planned how we would make love as soon as we checked into the hotel room.

    However, once we arrived in Jamaica, we learned that our luggage was missing. After several hours at the airport, we were told it would be sent the next day. Sadly that meant our sex plans were on hold. Todd is allergic to latex so he can't use condoms. My brand new diaphragm and spermicide were in my lost suitcase.

    We spent the night holding each other and making promises. The next day, our luggage arrived and I was ready to consummate our marriage. But Todd felt that we needed to stick to our itinerary since we only had three days left. We took a tour and ate lunch. Then we went sun bathing. Bad idea. Todd got burned. Badly. He couldn't even stand me touching his hand, let alone his chest or other body parts.

    By the last day, Todd was peeling, but feeling better. But I got my period 2 days early. We went home without having made love.

    Back at home, the next week were busy moving from our two apartments into a townhouse. At night we were too exhausted to do more than eat pizza, Chinese, or KFC and fall asleep in front of the tv.

    After we finished, Todd went out to return the moving truck while I ran some errands. I decided to ensure a romantic evening. I ordered a takeout dinner from our favorite restaurant. I made a bath with rose petals and laid my sexiest negligee on the bed. I was just about to light candles when I got a phone call. Todd had gotten into a car accident and injured his back.

    The next couple months, we couldn't have sex under the doctor's orders. However, he's been given the go ahead, especially if I am on top. But my husband doesn't seem interested. If I started touching him more sexually than a hug or quick kiss, he moves away or starts talking about something serious.

    I don't think it is normal to go 4 months without consumating the marriage. Todd's not a virgin and from our few close calls, I know that he's going to be a good lover. I just can't figure out what's holding him back.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Im 17 and was told to babysit my friends little sister who was 14. Even though she was old enough my brother didnt want her sneaking out again. Sincce she sneaks out. So when I got there Kelly and I watched Austin Powers and The Matrix. Then we popped in a movie we didnt know. It was a porno!1 We both didnt say anything. We just popped it in. So All of A sudden the woman in the movie starts masturbating and I look over at Kelly and she had her hands down her pants and was just rubbing away!! I didnt say anything. She didnt see me look at her. She was so into the movie. I looked at the movie once again to see the woman and man start humping eachother and Kelly was then starting to breathe really heavy. Finally I didnt want to embarrass her so I just coughed loudly and she looked a little stunned and stopped. I started to laugh I couldnt help it! A horney 14 year old? WHOA. So I looked at her and she had tears. " Sorry!" I said and she just looked at me. " Ricky sometimes I have to! My brother doesnt let me have ssex!" I stopped laughing as she looked into my eyes and took off her shirt. She looked at my crotch and sighed. " see. i never get what i want. " Thats when she said. " well I better just go upstairs and take a bath. " She left her top downstairs> I folllowed her. She was hot. I never noticed before. I watched her through the door as she stripped.She had a nice tight butt and stepped into the bath. She saw me in the door way. " come on in Ricky. " So I walked in. She asked me to put body wash on her..... body. So I put it on her back and she took my hand and put it to her pussy and started to rub my hand against her. " it feels good. " She said. I jumped in and ripped off my pants. I licked her chest and boob fucked her. She let me cum in her mouth. i liked it.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I work part time in the seniors housing, doing cleaning and minor repairs. I meet a lot of women there, and as I got to know them, I also got to lay a lot of them, Not
    all the gals were great to look at, but where can you
    get a part time job where your paid to clean and get tips for laying some of the tenannts
    america is a great country

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I must admit, I'm nervous. I didn't want to do what I ended up doing. I'm a happily married woman, married to a wonderful man. Everything just seemed to happen in spite of my guilt and apprehension. His name is Tomas. I met him during a seminar. He sat down next to me, brushing my arm as he removed his jacket. He's at least 8 years my junior but I felt a flush of excitement and knew I wanted to be close to him. And he, I learned soon enough, wanted to be close to me. The first time we met at a motel I was filled with trepdation. My confidence fled as quickly as I shut the motel door behind me. Tomas - - isn't that a wonderful name? He slowly came toward me and offered me his hand. I could feel my desire grow from a flame to an inferno. He placed my hand on his still clothed groin. Oh God how I wanted to rip off his clothes and let him plunge himself into me over and over and over. His thick penis pressed tightly against his trousers, straining to escape. I fumbled with his zipper as he suckled hungrily my breast. I love the way he suckles. It's like a ravenous babe choking on his mother's milk. My vagina was wet and open and so eager to take his throbbing member deep inside of me. He entered me missionary style with the strength of a stallion. All I could think about was how complete I felt and how much I wanted that day to never end. We never saw each other again. It is my first and only extra marital affair. I've been married 40 years.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Ok I really need help because I've given hand twice b4, and I totally thot I was good at it even tho niehter of the guys came...but o well. So now my new bf says fine if ur not gonna blo me give me hand but u better be good at it. and im like kk haha of course i am. and even if i dont end up giving him one can someone describe to me exactly how i should give a hand job? like all i did was sort of squeeze the penis going up it then down it and im sure thats wrong

    this would be SO MUCH HELP please dont make fun of me

    Kand ii

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm confessing this as a warning to just where addictive drugs can take you.
    i'v been a good girl all my life. Sure i went to parties and stuff but I was always careful not to let things get out of control. Anyway it took just one time with crack cocaine and i was addicted. Addicted means your out of control from your desperation. It means i had to have it and i would do anything to get it.
    This church deacons daughter ended up at a guys college fraternity house. I let them srtip me naked and put me tummy down over a chair that was on top of a coffee table. They tied my hands and legs to the legs of the chair.
    The only sex i ever had before was some heavy petting with my boyfriend but i was told by those who counted that i got pussy fucked that night 22 times, ass fucked 6 times and that i sucked 11 different dicks.
    I went to school with some of those guys. They were guys that i would never have given a second look at and they knew it. They're the ones who fucked me the hardest. They're the ones who nearly gagged me by putting their dicks so far into my mouth.
    My reward was a tootsie roll pop dipped in cocaine and then pushed into my anus, that's how i got my high. They kept me like that for 2 and half hours more with people walking in and staring at me. I'm telling you, it's not worth it, what you become.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This happened about 6 years ago.

    I have an older brother and older sister who had both come back home during their Christmas vacation. My sister was 21, my brother was 19 and I was 12 at the time. My parents had gone away for the weekend from Friday afternoon and said that my brother and sister could have a party while they were gone. It was my last day at school before Christmas and I was going to stay at my best friend's house for the night. Obviously my brother and sister did not want their 12 year old sister at their party! After school I went to the cinema with my friend, I can't remember what we saw, some dire Christmas film no doubt. We went to get something to eat at Burger King after the film had finished and we ended up arguing over a boy in our class who we both fancied. We argued so much that she went home and I ended up wandering around town until late that night. I daren't go home because I knew my brother and sister would be angry with me for interrupting their party. Obviously in the end I knew I had to and I went back to our house with a tear streaked face around 11 o'clock that night. I was going to sneak in the back door and go straight upstairs to my room so no-one would see me, but there were loads of people all over the house and I was noticed. Instead of being angry, my brother was lovely. He was drunk and a bit loved-up He saw how upset I was, I was still crying and I told him I was going upstairs to bed. He gave me a kiss goodnight and I went to my room. I had just got into my pyjamas when there was a knock on my bedroom door. When I opened it my brother's friend David was stood behind it with a bottle of wine in his hand. I had a major crush on him and could feel my face going bright red. He asked if I was alright and came into my room, quickly shutting the door behind him. He was far too old for me, he was my brother's age while I wasn't even a teenager, but childish crushes don't take that into account. What I didn't know was that he was a pervert. He gave me some wine to drink and I thought I was being very grown up drinking alcohol with an older boy. I began to feel a bit woozy after a few minutes, he kept handing me the bottle to drink out of and I had quite a lot. He said maybe I'd feel better if I lay down. Then he started to kiss me. I had such a crush on him that I would have done anything for him. I was quite drunk by this time and also very naive, I knew what sex was but didn't realise what David was up to until he was on top of me and pushing himself inside me. It hurt, but I thought that he would like me if I let him do it to me and I tried to be grown up and not cry. After he had finished he lay beside me for a few minutes breathing heavily and then put his trousers back on and said he'd better get downstairs, people would be wondering where he was. Also he said that it was our secret. I'm not entirely sure what happened next. Someone must have seen him leaving my room because a minute or so after he'd gone I heard my brother shouting he was going to kill him. I panicked, I thought I was in love with David and I wanted to save him, so I pulled on my pyjamas and ran out of my room. I was still drunk so I reeled downstairs to where all the noise was coming from and my brother and David were fighting. My brother was beating the shit out of him. My sister ran to me but she was crying and I saw she was looking down at my legs. I looked down at myself and saw that I was bleeding. My hymen must have broken and bright red blood was staining the light blue crotch of my pyjama bottoms. I think David's spunk was also leaving me. Everyone at the party saw the mess I was in and I started crying again as I wasn't really sure what was happening. Then I passed out.

    My sister called my parents and they came home and took me to be tested for STDs. They also sent me for counselling which I didn't really understand at the time, but am glad I had now as it made me realise what had happened and come to terms with it before it fucked me up in later life. My brother put David in hospital and now we never see him.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i like it when my boyfriend puts jelly on my ass & licks it off as he's ruubing my cock

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i wish i could lick my own pussy or another females

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