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    Posted by Anonymous

    About 2 weeks ago i slept with my boyfriends (bryant) best friend (Scott).They have been friends since there were 5 years old! I have known Scott for about 4 years and ever since we meet there was been sexual tension between us. So we finally acted on it and now i think im falling in love it him, all i do is think about him! But he wont talked to me about it, i have tried everything to get him to talk but he wont. I have no idea how he feels about it! Would you guys put a friendship like that on the line for one night of fun?? I need to know what you think please i have no one else i can ask. PLEASE HELP! thanks.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, I have a poll for straight ladies and gay/bi guys only. It's about felatio --you know, giving blow jobs. Please answer all the questions and tell if you are a girl or guy. Thanks!

    1. How would you characterize GIVING blow jobs?
    a) a chore -I would rather not, but my partner expects it.
    b) bore -BJs are too vanilla. There's other stuff to do.
    c) more!-I love giving BJs & can't wait to get on my knees.

    2. For me, GIVING BJs is...
    a) something I do to make my man happy.
    b) a way to get him to go down on me later.
    c) the most exciting part of our sex life.

    3. If my man said no more BJs, I would...
    a) be happy
    b) not believe him, he loves when I play his magic flute.
    c) drop him and find myself another "all day sucker"!

    4. To me the BEST part about GIVING blow jobs is...
    a) I only have to do it occasionally.
    b) my partner comes quickly so I can finally go to sleep
    c) it puts me in total control
    d) afterwards, he'll do me
    e) taste, smell, texture --what's not to love about cock!

    5. To me the WORST part about GIVING blow jobs is...
    a) after 10 hours, my jaw starts to hurt
    b) it's illegal to do in public
    c) I don't like the taste, smell, or texture in my mouth
    d) my man expects it whether I want to do it or not
    e) when my man pushes on my head.

    6. This makes GIVING blow jobs better.
    a) using Altoids or honey to hide the taste
    b) knowing he'll do me next
    c) 69ing (going down on each other at the same time)
    d) $10

    7. This makes GIVING blow jobs worse.
    a) having to kneel.
    b) when he pushes on my head
    c) getting pubic hair caught in my teeth
    d) when the security guard shines his light in the car and says "move it along"

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I leave for University of C in a few days. Last night, my best friend called to say that she lost her virginity. Now I am the last of my friends to be a virgin. I don't have a desire to sleep with just any one to get it out of the way, but I've heard that guys wonder if something is wrong with you if you haven't done it by college. I'm wondering if I should just break my own hymen so that whoever I end up with won't have to know that I am 18 and still a virgin.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i like zebra's asses i like to screw them and i also like to rub arrangatang women's boob while im making my girl jack me off and i like to do incest with my girlfriend and shove my pet lizards tail in my ass OMG it feels so great i could piss in my grandma's mouth.Thank You

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It's been almost two months since Carly and me got together. We had seen each other at the quick stop, but couldn't find time to hook up.
    My wife went to San Diego to visit her family for the long 4th of July weekend- she had taken off the Friday after.
    I went to the store to grab a 6 pack and was walking out when she walked in. She was looking really great- even a couple of women in the store checked her out!
    We stood outside and chatted, then I told her I really missed her. She gave me a kiss and said, "let's get a room."
    We checked in at the Embassy Suites. We got to the room and drank a beer, then she filled up the tub.
    We got in together and started soaping each other.Her breasts are so firm! She reached down with the wash cloth and started stroking my cock. I reached over and squeezed her breasts.
    She then pulled herself on top of me, and guided me into her.I have never felt a pussy as hot as hers.
    She was softly bucking her hips, and she was enjoying it almost more than I was!
    She came one time, and said wait till later.
    We got dried off, and layed on the bed. We started slowly kissing, and I moved my tongue down her neck, to her nipples, down her belly, then to her warm mound.
    Her pussy is soo sweet. I made her cum with my tongue. She told me to sit in the chair, and she sat on my cock with her back to me.
    I reached my left hand to her breast, and my right to her clit.I rubbed the clit between my thumb and forefinger, and she moaned real load. She turned over to face me, climbed back on, and put her legs on my shoulders.
    She started bucking like a rodeo horse! It was feeling so good, I couldn't hold it anymore. I pulled her tight as I felt my cum shooting out.

    We sat their holding each other for awhile. Later on, I slipped out for a bottle of wine, brought back dinner, and after dinner we held each other til we fell asleep in bed.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 35 year old man married over 6 years and faithful during this time, however last Christmas at the office party I weakened and finished the evening having sex with a drop dead gorgeous 19 year old junior office girl who had been chasing me for months. The sex was wonderful and I was happy to leave it at that, but as soon as we got back to work in the new year she insisted on a regular sexual relatioship threatening to inform my wife of my weakness if I did not relent to her demands. It was a catch 22 situation and on the one hand I felt terribly guilty being unfaithful to my wife, but on the other still enjoyed the pleasures of her body. To cut a long story short she requires the attention of my loins at least twice, sometimes three times during the working day, and at the weekends & public holidays whenever she can find me.
    OK you may be thinking, this is cool. A 35 year old guy being screwed regularly by a 19 year old stunning redhead who dresses to kill, but this leads directly to the second chapter of the saga.
    With all this sexual activity during the course of the working day I am just plain tired when I eventually arrive home. My wife has a healthy appetite for regular sex too which is normally at least once during the 24 hour period, ...... hey how much can a guy take?
    If I do not perform for her as always she will be sure to be suspicious eventually, so at best I will be making love at least 3 times a day, but this can be up to 5 or even 6 times during a 24 hour period !!!! Man I am shattered.
    The final part of my saga is the real crux of the problem that I am facing .......................................
    Every time that I jerk off I feel dizzy.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have just read a posting in the Women only section about a lady who really gets off on letting men see under her skirt. In particular because she wears stockings and garter belt. My confession is that I am a male, but I have been dressing as a woman whenever the fancy takes me from the age of around 18 (I am 41 now), in black stockings & garter belt etc. in fact the whole 9 yards with top, skirt, shoes, bra, complete with wig & makeup. As a younger man being somewhat pretty in appearance and having a whole lot of practice at dressing & making up, I was always mistaken for being a girl, and even now at a reasonable distance I can still get away with it.
    My motives were and are to permit (accidentally on purpose as she puts it) as best a view as I can of my underwear. This has always been an amazing turn on for me with males looking at my underwear in the belief that I am a girl.
    I suppose it's a re-enactment of how I would like it to be me with me as the observer instead of the exhibitionist.
    Homosexual? Well I have always had a very healthy appetite for women and have never been with an adult male, but I now confess that for the first couple of years as a cross dresser, on quite a few occasions when I aroused beyond any reasonable doubt any boy that was younger than I, that I did masturbate and suck on quite a few nubile cocks. I would be interested to hear views on this confession and curious to know if I am one of a small minority or indeed if this is common.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I love to masturbate. I use my hand, lotion, oil, or my girfriends silk panties.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm in a lot of pain right now from the stupid thing that I did. I inserted a piece of tubing into my pussy, hooked it up to the fawcet and turned it on full blast. At first it felt good, but then evidently, water got into my uterus. The pressure from the hose made my womb swell to 2X it's normal size (like a 4 mos. pregnancy). The tubing got caught when my cervix swelled shut. As a result, I have bleeding and cramps. I was at the emergency room until 2 am having water and blood drained. It's was horrible and embarassing. They brought in interns to take a look! I was too mortified to tell the truth. At first they thought I was having a miscarriage. Then they saw the tube, they thought I was trying to make myself have an abortion. I was going to go along with that until they called the police (Did you know that it's against the law for someone other than a doctor or nurse to perform an abortion). So I had to admit to masturbating.
    Now I have to take antibiotics and go back for a sonogram in a week.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Have you masturbated with a breast pump?

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