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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years ago I had to go to casualty to have a tampon removed. My stupid boyfriend had got carried away and pushed it in before I had a chance to stop him. He knew I had my period and was wearing a tampon. It was really embarrassing because I had loads of love bites all over my neck and the nurse who removed it must have thought we had fucked or something. We didn't. We had been going a bit too far and I had been trying to stop it before he got too carried away. I got a real telling off at the hospital and was told not to do it again. It was so embarrassing that I haven't done.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    3 weeks ago, I met a great guy at the beach. He wasn't like all the other guys I've been hanging with this summer. Very sensitive, didn't pressure me for sex. We had a great time and I started falling in love.

    Sat, he left to go home to pack before going back to college and wrote me a letter. Here is an excerpt. I changed some names.

    "After only eighteen amazing days, I can't help but feel like we belong together. But Carole, I've been hiding something from you. No lying is what I've been doing. I'm not the person you think I am. Not the guy, I guess I should say. My darling, I'm a woman."

    I just thought, what the...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At first, I thought it was a joke. So Sunday, I called Joey at his home and well to make a long story short, the first thing "his" dad said to me is "you know Josephine is a girl, right, you dirty dyke?"

    I lost it. That night, I trashed the beach house, ran out, got sloppy drunk, and went home with the first guy I met. I guess I was worried I was a lesbian.

    But yesterday, I started thinking about what I had with Joey and how much I missed him/her? So I called back and we talked for 4 hours.

    I guess its the classic "born in the wrong body" story. Actually her body, at least the top is more like a boy than a girl. She isn't even an A cup. She lifts more than my brother.

    Anyway, I think I'm in love with a girl. Only one the inside, she's a boy. Am I a lesbian or what?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My cousin works for a gay guy about 50 years old who has really been like a second dad to him. Brian didn't know his boss was gay until last year and since he's basically a big homophobe, he took it hard when he found out. But last month, George his boss, invited Brian to a 4th of July party at his house. Brian asked me to go. I agreed because I assumed he wanted me to pretend I was his girlfriend so it would be clear he was straight. Well, we got there and Brian started drinking hard. Two hours later, I watched him disappear into a bedroom with another guy. He didn't come out. I mean, hours went by. Finally at about 3 AM, both George and I knocked on the door, but Brian and the other guy told us to go away.

    So George drove me home. The next day, Brian called me and cursed me out for not stopping him! He said I was there to be his spotter so that he wouldn't do anything stupid. What the hell? Now we don't talk anymore.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    What was your first time like?

    1. Age
    a) under 16
    b) 16-17
    c) 18-22
    d) 23-25
    e) 25+

    2. Partner?
    a) a stranger or don't remember
    b) a friend, but not someone you were dating.
    c) a date, not a boyfriend or girlfriend
    d) boyfriend or girlfriend
    e) husband or wife

    3. Protection?
    a) none
    b) Condom
    c) Pill
    d) spermicidal jelly or cream
    e) Pulled out

    4. Where?
    a) car
    b) bedroom in parent's house
    c) hotel
    d) dorm room
    e) own apartment or house

    5. Worth it?
    a) it was awful
    b) it was just okay
    c) met my expectations
    d) very good
    e) awesome

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    Posted by Anonymous

    a while ago, my really good friend and i were watching a movie. i dont know if he planned it, but we were home alone at his house. there were a couple of nude scenes in the movie and i guess he was getting horny because he started to rub me through my pants(i'm a girl). he was getting into it and began to unzip them. mmm it felt good, but my conscience took over.. i told him to stop.. at that time, he was going out with a friend of mine. now they've broken up. he's appologized saying he didn't know what came over him and he'd never do it again unless i was ok with it. i am ok with it, but i'm too shy to tell him now. we haven't been talking as much as we used to. i don't know if he still wants to do it and might think i'm a freak. please tell me what you think. don't bother replying if you're only going to say how childish this sounds. thanks

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Has anyone ever fantasized about having sex with a shemale or have sex with a shemale. Reply

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    Posted by Anonymous

    ive never had sex before and i want to so bad but i dont have a girl friend how can i get a girl friend or someone to play around with?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Im not a lesbien. Im married with kids. But i been wanted to have sex with a woman. I think i would love it. But how to go about finding one. Its not like you can just walk up to one. Can anybody help. I live in a small town and we dont have gay bars here.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I told a story earlier about my friends' 16 year old daughter at a wedding reception. Well, this Labor Day, they had a pool party. It was late, again, and me and Jessica in the pool. Everyone else had moved around to the side of the house for the bonfire, or passed out.
    I was standing at the edge, smoking a cigarrette. She came from behind, and reached under me and started rubbing my balls.
    I turned around and told her that she's a very beautiful girl, but too young. I did not want any kind of jail time trouble.
    She said, "well, let me give you something to think about til I'm 18."
    She climbed out of the pool, went to the changing house, and stood in the doorway. She took off her top, then bottom. She turned around, bent over, and rubbed her pussy for a minute.
    I swear I don't know if I'll be able to wait another year and a half if she don't cool off.
    How do I avoid her without avoiding my friends?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Three and a half years ago, a drunk driver sideswiped the motorcycle I was riding with my BF. My BF lost the lower part of his right leg. He also had very traumatic brain injuries that left him with partial memory loss and bad mood swings. For my part, I was partially paralyzed from the waist down. Fortunately, the paralysis was temporary. After about a year and a half, I had much of the feel back and learned how to walk again. During this time, I didn't think once about sex. My BF no longer was interested in the relationship and had turned to hard core drugs, so I dumped him. I just concentrated on getting better and suing the pants off the guy who was responsible for the acident.

    About three months after I started walking again, I met a wonderful man. His sister was my rehab nurse. We started dating and one thing led to another. Well, needless to say, the sex wasn't spectacular for me. I have limited sensation down there, plus the muscles have atrophied a bit from non use. He said it didn't matter, but I tearfully broke up with my new guy.

    A few days later, I got a call from his sister. She told me that I could have therapy to restore my sexual function. A wire has been implanted that triggers orgasm when a current is sent through. (This technology was originally meant to help people with uncontrollable back spasm, but a side effect was orgasms! LOL!) So now, twice a week, I got to a doctor's ofice and get hooked up. I masturbate for 15 minutes, then push a button. Instant orgasm! I repeat this three more times, shower and go home. The idea is that eventually, the nerves get the idea and take over. The best part is that the asshole who hit me has to pay for all my medical treatment so he's shelling out bug bucks so I can get off.

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