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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy. I went out with one girl on Friday night and we ended up at my place having sex and she spent the night. The next night, Saturday, I had a date with another girl. Same thing happened. I had sex with two different women in a 24-hour period. Does that mean I'm a slut?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Wanna hear a clean joke?
    Ray took a bath with bubbles.

    Wanna hear a dirty joke?
    Bubbles is a girl.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi, this is Reggie again. I just got out of the shower and went to the bedroom to change. My wife came in and told me to get on all 4's on the bed.
    She then proceeded to give me a rim job while stroking my cock. Then she slid under me and started to lick & suck my nuts. I was pretty hot by then. Then she grabbed my dick and licked it like an ice cream cone. She could tell I was close to cumming- she put it between her tits and squeezed them until I came on her.
    She says if I continue to be naughty by posting our sessions, she's going to have to spank me. OH YEAH!
    She's the type of woman that dresses "proper", but wears the sluttiest, skimpiest underwear under her clothes. She gets me hot just thinking about her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I had a fantasy about someone watching while I was getting fucked.
    I know sex is supposed to be personal but when I got sexually excited I started to dream of it and that's what I would think about when I masturbated. One day my boyfriend and I told eachother our fantasies and so I told him everything.
    The next time we had sex he started tempting me saying that he could get someone to watch us. He said he could tie me up and gag me and put a silk blind fold over me that I could see through so that the person who would come to watch wouldn't know that I knew he was there.
    That time I said no but I kept thinking about it and the next time he tempted me I asked him who it would be and he said it would be his best friend. I ended up saying yes and so I let him tie me up.
    My boyfriend called Chad up and said that I was over his house and that he had me tied up gagged and blindfolded and that if he came over quietly he could watch him screw me.
    Waiting was so scary and so exciting to me. When I heard him come I instinctively tried to cover myself but I couldn't since I was tied up.
    He came in and saw everything. That was the start of it. I got totally addicted to the scary thrill feeling.
    I talked to my boyfriend about switching roles and that I could tie him and some of my friends could watch me do him but he didn't want to but he said he liked to do me in front of his friends so it was perfect.
    Then one day my boyfriend tempted me even more and said that he could start letting his friends switch places with him and they would think that I didn't know about the switching and that I would think it was still my boyfriend doing me but instead it would be them.
    I was tempted and ended up giving in and so I started getting fucked by him and his friends. It seemed perfect for everyone.
    Then one day he invited a new friend. I was totally shocked when I saw who it was. It was a guy that I couldn't stand from back in my Jr. High days. I was there tied up naked laying over the weight bench and he was smiling a not nice smile.
    He fucked me. He did it for so long and so hard. That never could have happened if I hadn't put myself in that situation. The whole time he was on me I felt humiliated and repulsed to think that he was having me like that.
    That was the last time. I totally lost that fantasy forever. If I see him somewhere I'll just act totally ignorant and hope that he does the same.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I found out today that the ups man liks guys. I saw him back in the driveway this afternoon about 3:30, I was getting dressed to head for town, I had on a pair of my favorite girls blue panties, and so just put on a long tailed shirt. I stepped out on the deck as he carried a package up for me. About that time the wind blew my shirt around and he saw me undies. He grinned and said they were pretty, and did it mean that I played with guys. He said he had 30 minutes or so if I wanted to be with a stud. I did, and he was bigger and better than my regular, he said he hoped that I ordered more things so he could deliver them, for me. You never know about people.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Here I am sitting at my computer with my favorite vibrator snug in my pussy. It really makes reading these things lots more fun. It has really good power so it vibrates my pubic bone nicely, which I like. The only problem is that it's kind of hard not to scootch around while I type this.

    Right now I think it would be rather amazing to be at a guys house getting prepped. What I mean by that is that I would be like tied up over a chair or something and there would be a vibrator in my pussy, another in my asshole and another clipped to my clitoris. Wow! give it a little time, say half an hour and I'd be like in heat.

    If I were in that situation, I think it would be sooo exciting to hear a knock on the door and in comes a friend who could watch me getting all sexed up. Then the door gets knocked on again, hmmm I wonder how many will come?

    I know it sounds like a wild fantasy but I also know that lots of us girls dream of it but never dare do it but there I'd be getting sexed up with the vibrators and the guys watching them taking away all my inhibitions and me seeing the growing bulges in their pants. I think they'll know when I'm crazy with desire. Then they ask me if I want to be "spit roasted"? That's a guy at each end of me and me in the middle like a spit over a fire but the fire is my sexed up desire. I think by now I'd say yes.

    It's really not hard to imagine that I would be thinking, "
    Go ahead, stick it to me! Go faster!
    Go harder! Don't stop!
    Poor guys, out comes your cum so soon and then your done, that's why I need more guys. Harder, faster, deeper, shoot your wad, next! Harder, faster deeper, shoot your wad, next!

    I'm insatiable that's how I get when I'm really sexed up. Who will get worn out first, me or them? Oh good round two for some of you. Keep it up guys I still need more. Come on don't be shy put it in my mouth. I promise I won't bite you more than just a little. I want to know the taste of you. Hmmm, just like Ball Park Franks.
    When we're done, we're all exhasted and smiling. I know for sure that your balls are empty. I see your dicks hanging limp. My pussy is really truly fucked for sure and you see me dripping with perspiration from the amazing workout you gave me.
    Wow! That would be sooo fun.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    The secrets of my sister Anna were so amazing. I mean, i read her diary. I spy on her. When she is alone. I watch her from the keyhold in the attic. You can see into her room. ONce I saw her get naked. She straddled her stupped puppy dog and started to hump it. She stroked herself over and over. As she yelped with pleasre. I couldnt help myslef. I wanted to be touched at that right then. One time she said in her diary that she wished that a man would sneak in in the middle of the night and strip her naked and rape her. She said she would enjoy it. She also wrote how she wanted to have breast implants. THe worst and most amazing was when she wished that her father would have touched her as a child and if he could just come lick her * pussy * right now she would feel better. The twisted mind of my sister Anna.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have to confess I cheated on my boyfriend. He is a wonderful guy who I've been with for about a year. However, he lives 10 hours away and the last time I've seen him was July.

    2 weeks ago I was at my friends house. He is my best guy friend and we hang out alot. I was at his house and we were drinking...alot. We were both totally drunk and it was about 3am. We were sitting on the couch and I laid my head in his lap because I was tired. He starts stroking my hair and tracing my lips with his finger while we are watching tv. He then sticks his finger in my mouth and I start sucking on it like I was giving his finger a blow job. I could feel his dick getting hard by the second. He then laid down behind me and started massaging my breasts. I looked up at him and he kissed me. We made out for a long time, fully clothed, although we were both wanting it bad. We got up and went to his bedroom. I climbed on top of him and we went for it. We were making out while he begged me to "suck it". So I went down on him. He couldn't take it anymore and jumped on top of me and he slammed into me. It was the best sex ever.

    The whole time my cell phone was ringing and it was my boyfriend, but I just ignored it. I had so many opportunities to stop what I was doing, to not cheat. But I ingored them and kept going. I was sucking my friends dick while my boyfriend was leaving messages on my voice mail telling me he was sorry he hadn't called me.

    I did call my boyfriend later and told him that I was asleep and that's why I didn't answer. And to this day I really don't feel any guilt. I mean, I'm sorry I did it and I don't want to do it again, but I don't have the overwhelming urge to have to confess to my boyfriend. I'm not sure why I don't, but I don't. What does this mean?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    so i was in the car during rush hour and we weren't moving at all and i was still a good half hour away from my house where my wife and kids were waiting for me. i started thinking about the new lingerie i had bought for my wife, and i noticed the buldge in my pants. it was getting so big that i had to unzip my pants and let it out. oh man it felt good. i started jacking off in the car and i had to try and keep a straight face so that the people around me didnt know what was going on. it felt soooo good when i finally came. it shot all over the car celing. then when i finally got home at 7:30, i was really horny and i told my wife i had to have her right now but she said to wait until later so after saying a quick hello to the kids, i went into our bedroom and waited for her. she didnt come so i decided to take a bath. i got in and the buldge came back due to my dirty thinking. i didnt even hear her come into to the bathroom but all of a sudden she was in the tub with me and she blew me. then we had the best sex of my life. ya'll should try it sometime!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i was having sex with my girlfriend and then my boss walked in my office to tel me some news and he saw me fucking my girl

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