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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I took a cleaning job in the movie theater. It wasn't much of a job, but I went ahead and took it because I really only wanted a little bit of extra spending money. I don't recall what was playing that certain night, all that I do remember is that it was mid November and Kareen had arrived at my theater. It was my night to take care of the restrooms and Carl's night to take care of the theater cleaning. (Lucky Me) She arrived in a truck, which her friend Janine had stalled in the parking lot. That "feat" made it all the more possible for her fate (which I began to plot in my head right then and there) to be inescapable. From a distance I watched her order 3 large sodas during the duration of the movie, and not once did she hit the restrooms. It was a 3-hour movie and I'm sure she must have needed to pee by this point. But then I thought, "What if the restrooms are 'out of order,' what would she do in that case?"

    Then a miracle happened. Janine had no idea who I was at the time; but I felt her tap upon my shoulder. Kareen was nowhere in sight. She asked me "Is it okay for you to give my friend and I a ride?" Vengeance just surged through my veins right then and there. Obviously I said, "Sure, no problem at all!" I was overjoyed at this point.

    Kareen was wearing white khaki pants and a red sweater with a grey scarf. Janine was happy to see her scurry up and she stated, "Hey K, isn't this great? This nice guy is going to give us a ride home, so hurry up and get in the truck."

    It's only a pity that I didn't get to see the look on her face when she heard that bit of news. She stepped in. My truck wasn't the greatest in the world. It had no heater whatsoever, but there was plenty of ventilation from underneath the dash where the vents were jammed open. Cold air was always leaking in creating quite an undesirable breeze. It was also known for stalling whenever I stopped. It was about 50 minutes to her their home- so it beat walking.

    About 20 minutes into the ride, I heard Janine lean over (not all that quietly) and whisper in Kareen's ear, "I thought you pissed out in the back parking lot before we left- get your hands away from your crotch before he thinks that you are playing with yourself." That is when K exclaimed, "I couldn't wee before! There were way too many people around!"

    "Well, can't you wait another half hour?" Janine said with her teeth clenching.

    "NO! I can't wait a minute longer! In fact I have already leaked a little bit! Can you ask him to pull over?" Kareen asked with her face starting to turn red and her eyes starting to water up.

    Janine sharply told her "NO! this truck will stall if he stops, he already told you that, so just shut up and hold it, you can wait another 20 or so minutes; don't be such a baby. I don't think we should stop on this road, it's a dangerous road to stop on and we could be stuck for days in all this snow!"

    About 15 minutes went by when Kareen all of a sudden jumped over Janine and slammed my foot into the gas peddel not only causing the truck to spin right into a snow bank but also to permanently stall. During the entire spin K shouted, "STOP! I HAVE TO TAKE A GOD DAMN PISS!!!" However to her dismay the truck landed in the snow bank on its side. Not only that, but somehow the rear end of the truck smashed into a tree causing it to fall upon the driver's side door so both ways out of the truck were now blocked. We were stuck like chuck until a plow came along- that hopefully wouldn't be until 6 am the next morning.

    Inside, all of our bodies were on top of each other with my right arm stuck between Kareen's legs! My heart started to race because I knew how bad she had to pee, and how long it would probably be until help arrived. I didn't think for a second she would be able to hold it in that long and my excitment grew with the thought of her hot piss hitting my arm and running all down my body. Those thoughts prevented me from yelling at her; scolding her for causing us all to be in the position we were in, so instead of that I asked if she was ok, which she said she was except that she felt embaressed that we were somewhat locked together as we were. A few seconds later I felt her legs tighten against my arm and as our eyes met she she said, "sorry, I have to pee real bad." I told her it was ok, just concentrate on holding it, someone would probably soon stop and get us out.
    Fifteen minutes passed and every few she continued applying her leg lock to my arm and I thought it was starting to feel moist. No it was definately getting wet. Since she had been wearing a short skirt only her panties were between my arm and her pussy and now in addition to her leg squeezing she was grinding that hot pussy into my arm, doing just about everything she could in her struggle to remain dry but she was losing the battle. Under her breath I heard her sort of yell, "shit," and next I realized she had taken one of her hands and was pushing it down there between her legs. As our eyes met I saw her face wearing a very distorted expression and I knew that it wouldn't be much longer before her flood gate opened. She said, "sorry, can't help it; can't hold it much longer," and with that she sort of stretched her legs out as best she could, pulling hard on what must of been a very aching and tortured pussy; one filled so tight with way too much pee that she then put her second hand over the first as she tried to apply even more pressure on her already wet little pee hole. She was bitting her lip, had her legs were locked so tight my arm was getting numb but I thought I smelled fresh pee, I thought my arm was warming up. She gave a yell and started rubbing her pussy with what appeared to be great pressure but it was no use. Pee was leaking, she yelled to herself, "no; I can't," and then it happened. An amazing flood of hot liquid came flooding out from around her hands from between her legs, and ran down my upper arm to my chest and down my shirt till I could feel her hot pee on my very stiff woodie down there. She started crying and she kept rubbing her now soaking wet pussy yelling for it to stop but her gate would not close. Her friend yelled at her, calling her a baby and teasing her and that didn't help. She pissed for well over a minute; probably closer to two until it finally stopped. The smell and feel of her hot pee all over me drove me wild. It was a time I would never forget.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'd been going out with Sarah for quite some time, and we had a fairy normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship in all respects. I had never mentioned my interest in watersports and I'd never had the slightest indication that she was interested either. Then one day we decided to go to the seaside. We wanted somewhere fairly secluded, so the trip turned into a long weekend in Cornwall. I don't remember exactly where we ended up - we stayed at a B&B in Truro, but we drove for quite a while before we found what we were looking for. The beach was perfect - a wide bay with a fabulous sandy beach and the sea wasn't too rough either. We aren't surfers and I think we ended up on the Cornish south coast, rather than the Atlantic coast. Anyway, the day was perfect - the sun beat down and because we were so far from anywhere there weren't that many people around either. The only down side was that there were no shops or cafes and therefore - to my delight - no toilets either.

    That wasn't a problem to me, as I would just go into the sea and pee there, and I suspect Sarah was doing the same.

    In the afternoon we settled on our towels to soak up some rays and that was when it happened. I mentioned that it was a shame that there wasn't a shop, as I could just murder an ice cream and Sarah said "never mind ice cream, I'm absolutely dying for a pee." I tried to stay cool, but my mouth was dry as I said that maybe she should just wade into the water and go there, but she said she didn't want to do that as she was nice and dry and she'd only just put more sun-cream on. This was starting to look very good, but ever the gentleman I suggested looking for somewhere where she could relieve herself in private, but looking up and down the beach it was obvious that wasn't possible - there wasn't a rock or a tree in sight. In fact, just about the only shelter was from the cars in the car park, but there were lots of people milling around there. I tried to suggest that she waited until there were fewer people around, but it was becoming obvious that she couldn't hold on much longer - her hand was staying between her thighs pressing her pee-hole.

    The only thing I could think of was to dig a hole, pee in it, and then cover it up so we quickly pretended to build a sandcastle. We knelt at opposite sides of the hole, sitting on our ankles, and Sarah quickly, with one hand,(the other was still digging into her pussy) dug out the sand between her legs so her bottom was effectively over a small trench. "Keep a look out" she said, "I just can't hold it any longer". I looked around and told her that the coast was clear then diplomatically turned away - "don't worry about that," she said, "I need you to watch in case someone is coming."

    Well, the only person in any danger of that was me- I could have entered a pole- vaulting competition at that point in time. Then it happened - with a very slight sigh Sarah shifted position and I could see a darker patch forming at the front of her bikini. In a few seconds a very healthy jet of pee was hissing out of her into the sand. I was in heaven watching her pee, but I was also in severe danger of having an accident myself. I tried to think of something else, but it was impossible and with a groan I knew I was close to losing the struggle. "Take it out - quick," said Sarah, so I pulled down the waistband of my shorts just enough to free the very tip of my penis. I didn't even need to touch it - the movement of the fabric was enough and I pumped jet after jet of semen into the air, which landed in the hole in the sand, splashing into Sarah's rapidly expanding puddle. "Wow" she gasped, "I thought you had to pee too, I didn't realize that was going to happen. I guess you like to watch me pee then?" Silly question. What she asked next was a massive surprise though - "have you ever had a holding on contest with someone?" I said that I hadn't, and with a wicked little smile she said that maybe that was something I would like to try. I replied that I certainly would, so that will be the subject of another posting after the event.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    It was a warm Saturday afternoon and I had been enjoying lunch at a riverside restaurant with three girlfriends. Marcus,(made up name) my boyfriend, had promised to pick me up on his way back from work at 2:30pm but was late, so at 2:50pm I was standing alone in the car park waiting for him. I had drunk three glasses of wine at lunch and was feeling pleasantly merry, but also in desperate need of a wee. I had declined to use the facilities in the restaurant as we were only a five minute drive from home and I knew how much Marcus hated to be kept waiting; but now I was the one being kept waiting, and to make matters worse the restaurant and its toilet were now closed for the afternoon!

    Cursing Marcus under my breath, I moved from foot to foot and tried to distract myself from my predicament. When I thought no one was looking I grabbed my pussy and pushed as much pressure as my hand could muster on my aching pee hole. I looked around for a convenient spot where I might relieve myself, but although there was plenty of vegetation in which to shelter at the bottom of the restaurant garden it afforded little coverage on the riverside, and I was reluctant to take down my knickers for the entertainment of the weekend boating crowd!

    I knew I was losing control of the situation as I felt a small amount of pee dribble into my underpants and dampen slightly my pubic fringe. I knew now if I went back to the restaurant and asked special permission to use the toilet, as I should have done twenty minutes earlier, I was likely to have an accident in my khaki pants and completely humiliate myself in front of the waiting staff. It wasn't the accident that bothered me so much - I had wet myself on a number of occasions as a girl, like any other child, but my parents or teacher had never made that much fuss about it, reasoning that it was just a regular part of childhood - but the fact that the clothing I was wearing on that day would do nothing to hide the evidence and spare my blushes!

    I think the combination of the wine and the afternoon heat had muddled my mind, because I decided that if I was to pee a little in my panties it wouldn't show from the outside and I would relieve sufficient pressure from my bladder to allow me to get home without completely wetting myself. I soon discovered the fallacy of this thinking as I looked down to check the state of my pants after what I thought was only a brief sprinkle, and was horrified to find a teacup-sized damp patch clearly marked on my crotch, and slowly spreading outwards! Worse still, my urge to pee had intensified rather than diminished so that now my pee hole was on fire and screaming for a total release.

    Panicking, I tried to hide the wetness with my handbag, but I knew I was rapidly losing control over my swollen bladder and I began to cry a little out of frustration at the ridiculousness of my situation. As I lost control of my emotions, so I lost control of my bodily functions and the floodgates were released. I felt my cotton knickers swell gently like an inflating balloon - a sensation that I would have welcomed as curiously pleasant had I not been conscious of the fact that I was about to humiliate myself in public - before softly exploding and depositing their watery contents down my legs and into my shoes. I stood frozen to the spot for half a minute, peeing steadily into my own clothing and crying softly to myself as I did so.

    I had no time to think about my predicament because Marcus' car came into view in the car park and he drew up alongside me. Despite the look of astonishment on his face, he clearly didn't need to ask what had happened, but in a flustered and slightly bemused manner apologized for being late. All I could manage to do was to nod miserably through my tears. This pretty little girl was standing here in a pool of her own wee, the crotch, bottom and inner thighs of my pants completely saturated and glistening in the July sun. As I shifted my feet gingerly, I could feel my toes squelching about in the soft fabric of my socks. My trouser were clinging awkwardly to my pee-drenched skin, but the warm feeling in my knickers, around my bottom and private parts, was oddly comforting and prevented me from breaking down completely.

    Marcus opened the passenger door but then told me to wait while he found something to put on the seat to protect the suede leather. I just stood there meekly, my face burning red with embarrassment, and wished the earth would swallow me up. A minute later, he came round to my side of the car and announced gently that he could not find a covering for the seat: "You'll just have to take those wet things off and dry yourself as best as you can".

    "B ut I've got nothing else to change into," I replied in a small voice.

    "Come on, it's only a short ride home, don't make a fuss."

    Seeing no alternative, I undid the laces of my trainers and kicked them off. Then I bent down to peel off my soaking wet socks. Standing barefooted on the grass verge of the car park, I once again became conscious of where I was and panicked. "Please Marcus, don't make me do this."

    "Becky, don't be silly now," he retorted in an altogether more irritable tone of voice. "You've wet your trousers in public, goodness knows how, now don't embarrass yourself any further by making a scene. You're not ruining my car. Or perhaps you'd rather walk home in your present condition?" he added maliciously.

    Taken aback by his sharp tone, I undid the belt of my trousers and with some difficulty peeled the clammy garment down off my legs. Now all I had to hide my modesty were my little pink knickers, and these weren't doing that job too successfully as I could feel the damp fabric had rode up into my bottom and was clinging tightly to my private parts. I could not see through my tears if anyone had witnessed my accident or was observing me now, I was just determined to get into the car as soon as possible. I slid down my knickers and stepped out of them quickly and, without daring to stand up, hurried to retrieve my wet things, my plump white bottom, that Marcus had so often enjoyed in private, now bared and on display for all to see; not because anyone wanted to see it, but because I had disgraced myself and was now being treated like a little girl.

    Half crouching, I turned to face the car to hide from public view my equally naked genitals. Not wishing to irritate Marcus any further, and thereby prolong my ordeal, I made some attempt to wipe my bottom and privates with the one remaining dry part of my slacks. I could feel a gentle breeze ruffle through the sparse ginger hair of my pubic bush, and as I passed the fabric over my crotch, I could feel my inner lips pout ever so slightly; "Great," I thought to myself, "Here I am half-naked in a public car park and all I can think about doing is touching myself!"

    Holding my wet clothes, I stepped gingerly into the safety of the car; faintly aware that by doing so I was exposing more of myself to Marcus than I would normally chose. The cold leather seat felt strange and unfamiliar against the skin of my bare bottom, but at least now I was away from prying eyes. I put my clothes on the rubber mat in the foot well and, keeping my legs closed as tightly as possible, used my hands to cover my privates as best as possible. Yet the feel of the rubber matting against my bare feet reminded me of what I had done and made me feel very small indeed; like when I was twelve and had forgotten my PE kit and the teacher made me do the lesson in underwear and bare feet - only what would I have given now for some dry underpants!

    We drove home in embarrassed silence, yet I could detect by his facial expressions that Marcus was by now more amused than angry. By the time we got home, there was a positively mischievous glint in his eye and a bulge in his pants. Adopting the tone of a stern headmaster, he refused to let me in through the front door but instructed me to wait by the gate to the garden for him to let me in. Reluctantly prizing my sticky bottom off the leather seat, I hurried to the gate and waited there anxiously, hands in front of me, hoping that none of the neighbors would drive past.

    After what seemed an unnecessarily long time, Marcus let me in and guided me to the outdoor tap where he proceeded to hose down my bottom half with cold water. Extraordinarily, even though I had peed something like two pints I found myself desperate to go again. Deciding that any pretence at modesty was futile in view of what had happened, I just stood there in front of Marcus, opened my legs so that my private parts were completely exposed, and weed all down my legs, feeling the hot fluid splash over my bare feet. The sight sent Marcus wild, and he hosed me down again, 'accidentally' soaking my blouse, so I was obliged at his command to take off my only remaining garment and run around the garden in my birthday suit to dry off. Now completely in the spirit of things, Marcus attempted to get me to wear a makeshift 'nappy', but I drew the line at that, so in a fit of mock rage he locked me in the garden without a stitch of clothing! He later relented, but would only allow me to wear a T-shirt, which did not cover my naked bottom-half, on account of my "extreme naughtiness."

    As you might imagine, I went to bed that night feeling a very naughty girl indeed!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i was at school and the bathrooms were closed and we had to walk aross the parking lot to the next school (my pee hole in my pussy was going to go)so i put my finger in there but it was to late

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i was at work one day and had to pee so bad i was takeing some people out there food and i peed in my pants a little i give them there food and one of there said your pants a wet then i said ok i did not have time too go to the barthroom because i had food about to come up i was pushing on my pussy as hard as i could but i peed all over myself that is were my boyfriend also works and he and i got so horny we went to the bathroom and had sexy and it was so good ( was my first time)

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey, I really like reading the *wet stories* but I find that they are always really really long... is there anyone out there who writes fake ones that maybe wouldn't mind just writing a sweet short one for me?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was at my friends house and it was me him, his older sister was having a sleep over with a bunch of her girl friends, anyway we thought it'd be funny to go on a little panty raid and we did. The girls came in in the middle of the night and did what they called a boxer raid which is kind of stupid but whatever, they took my friends boxers from his drawer and threw them everywhere and even stole a few pairs. They then opened my bag and found my secret, I have a bed wetting problem and what they found was a few pairs of good nights and some piss stained whitey tities, i'd never been more embarrassed in my life

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    (male piss story) one day i was walking home from a mall in a thunder storm.
    it was raining/hailing i stopped half way across the
    center street bridge waiting for the hail to stop but
    i continued. i was soaked. i got to the top of hill i had
    to piss so i just let it go in a public park. my pants were
    soaked already. when i got home i was shivvering i
    took a warm shower. it was great.
    any other public piss stories (female-prefered)

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I've been wetting my panties for several years and discovered the thrill of actually wetting my pants last summer. I can hardly get enough of that feeling when I first start to let it go, when I can't quite tell if I'm getting wet or not, but it seems to be getting warmer in my crotch. Then the pee starts to flow faster and my panties quickly become soaked and that hot liquid flows back along my crack, making my entire bottom hot before it begins to overflow and run down my legs. I almost always masturbate when I wet myself, I just can't help it. The sensations from my pussy are simply too strong to ignore. I've sort of fallen into a pattern though, and a couple of weeks ago I started thinking I wanted to try something new.

    I wet myself deliberately- I don't usually try to hold it until I'm desperate and the only real thrill I get from being desperate is the knowledge that I will soon let it all go into my clothes. I've never been a bed-wetter, not even as a little girl. From the time I have been out of diapers I've had it all pretty much under control, but one of the pictures on a web site started me thinking about wetting the bed. I couldn't get that image out of my mind. Somehow the idea of wet panties and that trickle of piss over the leg and onto the bed all while asleep just stuck with me. Unlike a lot of women, (so I understand - I haven't actually asked) I tend to get turned on by visuals. A picture or the sight of someone sexy always heats me up. I found myself visualizing it during the day and getting all hot and horny when I did. Finally I started wondering what that would feel like - to pee while sleeping. Would I wake up when I did it?

    Would it make me horny? Was it even possible for someone to deliberately wet the bed like that? If it was going to happen I wanted it to happen while I was asleep. The idea of it being completely (OK, mostly) out of my control really turns me on. Finally I decided that I was going to try it.

    Well, first of all, I wasn't going to get my mattress all wet. Ruining an expensive bed just for kicks isn't my idea of smart, but I got suddenly shy about it and couldn't bring myself to buy a plastic mattress cover. Instead, after a bit of thought, I picked up a large plastic tablecloth. It was big enough to cover the entire mattress and tuck in around the edges, so I figured it would work great. As soon as I got into bed I discovered a problem, though. The plastic was noisy and uncomfortable with just a sheet over it, so I went and got several of my large bath towels and put them down over the plastic and under the sheet. That actually made a very comfortable bed, maybe even more so than the mattress by itself. But that wasn't enough; I had to try to get myself ready.

    I decided that I would have to go to bed really bursting for a pee in order to be able to wet the bed while I slept, so I drank a bunch of water over the hour or so before I went to bed. Not really the best plan! By the time I got into bed I was already starting to feel the need to pee and long before I could fall asleep that need was dominating my thoughts. There was simply no way that I could possibly fall asleep while both my bladder and pussy were screeming for relief. Finally, after trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep for a couple of hours I went to the bathroom and peed in the toilet. I tried to only go part way, so that there would still be a chance that I would wet the bed, but once I got started I couldn't stop. The net result was that I went to sleep and slept through until morning dry as a bone.

    Obviously this was going to take some re-thinking. You don't just change the ingrained habits of a lifetime by deciding that you want to do something different. For the next several nights I tried various ways to make it work, but every time I either ended up not being able to go to sleep until after I had peed or waking up in the morning with a very full bladder but a dry bed.

    I finally decided that I would have to somehow trick my subconscious into thinking that it was perfectly OK to wet the bed. So, for about a week I went to bed each night after drinking several large glasses of water and I would deliberately pee just enough to get the crotch of my panties wet. I've had a lot of experience with controlling my pee into my pants and have developed real good control, but lying in bed was a different story. At first I just couldn't do it, no matter what I tried my subconscious kept things locked up tight. Finally my deep breathing exercises relaxed me to the point where I was able to let out a good long squirt while lying there.

    The only problem that first time was that it felt so good that I had to reach down and see how wet I was. The crotch of my panties was wet, but I had been lying on my back, so most of the pee had run down my crack and soaked into the back of my panties and pajamas. I rubbed it around a bit, enjoying the damp, but then decided that it should really be a bit wetter, so once again I relaxed and tried to pee a bit, this time with my hand cupped over my pussy to feel it when it came. It took a bit, especially since I kept playing with myself while trying to relax. Finally I felt a tiny squirt against my finger, followed a moment later by a much longer one. This time, with my hand right there, some of the pee was deflected up toward my stomach. It was just one short wave that pulsed up through my tiny bush, but the heat of it drove me wild. I squeezed out another long stream, at least a couple of seconds, and carefully directed it all upwards. It was like a red-hot tidal wave flowing up onto my middle. As that hot pee flowed up onto me there was a roaring in my ears as I frantically rubbed at my clit. I arched my butt up off the bed so that more of the pee could flow onto me and released another spurt. This time it ran up past my bellybutton almost to my breasts and, gasping for air, I flopped back down and rubbed myself, no longer caring about peeing or not, only seeking the release of a major orgasm. In moments I started to cum, first just a small tickle that quickly became a throbbing rush of pleasure. Along with the orgasm my sphincter finally let go and I dimly realized that I was peeing while I came. As my spasms subsided I was still peeing, pouring out all that had built up from the water I had been drinking.

    At last I was emptied out, and for a time I just lay there trying to get my breath. It had been a powerful orgasm, one of my best, but now the bed was soaked, my bladder was empty and I still hadn't actually accomplished what I set out to do - not that I was complaining about what I had just enjoyed! Still...

    After a couple of nights of wetting just a bit (I did actually get it under control after the first time!) it started to get easier. I was able to simply get into bed and let out the amount I wanted, usually just one good squirt. What I wanted was to be wet enough to feel wet without actually getting the bed wet. By the end of a week I could casually lie down and let out that squirt without any struggle at all, but I still couldn't do it while sleeping. I had pretty much decided to give up.

    Yesterday I was invited to a barbeque at a neighbor's house. They are a nice couple and they occasionally invite me if her brother is coming over. I think they are trying to do some matchmaking. George is a big, handsome guy who drives a truck. He is intelligent, funny and nice, but he has no ambition to do more than to be a truck driver. I'm sort of his stock date when he is in the area, an arrangement I don't mind because I'm not hung up on him and we can have fun together without complications. This time he had brought his truck and wanted to show me the new computer in it with satellite phone hookup and GPS. Pretty cool technology!

    George was leaving on a haul early in the morning, so he only had one beer, but, seeing as it was Saturday night, I decided to drink his as well as mine! Naturally enough, after a couple of beers I trotted off to the bathroom.

    " ;Sure glad you're not riding with me." George called after me. "As often as you have to stop I'd never make any money."

    "I've just got an efficient set of kidneys."

    "And a small bladder to go with them." He retorted.

    "Well what do you expect? All of me is small."

    "Most of you. But not all!" This with a rather meaningful glance at my bust, which, truthfully, isn't small and on someone my size looks much bigger than it really is.

    Discretion being the better part of valor, I retreated to the bathroom without letting things deteriorate any farther. But the stage was set. For the rest of the afternoon and evening I got thoroughly teased every time I went to pee, and if it had been very long I was solicitously asked if I didn't need to make a "little trip". It got pretty hilarious before I finally headed home about 11:00.

    George wanted to walk me home, and I didn't really mind. We got to the door and I turned to him. "Give me a goodnight kiss, George. Then let me go to bed."

    " Gladly, my dear!"

    And so he did. And boy did he! I've been kissed a few times, even a few times by George, but he really went to town on it this time. He finished off by giving my tit a little squeeze and left me with a nice pat on the butt. I knew he was mainly teasing, but Damn! Now I was so totally hot and horny that something was going to have to happen, and my full bladder was giving me ideas.

    Despite all the beer I was still wide-awake, so I decided to just take a bit of the pressure off my bladder then watch a movie - other things could wait.

    After a trip to the bathroom where I peed just enough to feel comfortable again I wandered back into the living room, stuck a Cary Grant movie into the DVD player and settled down with a beer from the fridge.

    I had just finished a bowl of popcorn and was well into my second beer, feeling just a nice buzz, when I realized that the crotch of my jeans was wet. They weren't soaked, but somewhere along in there, while watching the movie, I had peed a bit without noticing it. Naturally, being me- I had to check it out some more.

    Oh! It was nice! When I stood in front of the mirror it was a beautiful dark patch on my jeans. Not huge, not running downn my legs, but a teaser. Just about the width of my hand at the top where the pee had come out and narrowing down into my crotch it then spread again to be a little wider than my hand. I could tell my panties were thoroughly wet and the view was making me weak in the knees. While I watched in the mirror I let some more go, just enough to momentarily darken the front again. The sudden shininess as my pee flowed into the material made me catch me breath and as the wet heat spread down my crack that familiar knot in my guts started up again. Another few drops carefully leaked and the wet spot grew a bit more. Now the formerly narrow part was wider since I was standing while I went.

    Just a bit more- a large spot now and I can hardly stand still. I want to squirm around and somehow relieve the tension building in my pussy, but not yet, watching my reflection is too delicious. Another few drops - or maybe I will let out even more than a few. Now the wet spot isn't symmetrical anymore, it has spread halfway across the front of my jeans and extends a few inches down one leg.

    Another bit, more a squirt than a trickle this time, and a few drops fall from my saturated crotch. Suddenly I feel the heat extend down my leg as a dark streak appears almost to my knee.

    Now I can touch myself. Gently I run my hands down from my waist to the edge of the wetness. The denim is warm and I move it slightly against my skin as I slide my hands down onto my legs than back up the inside of my thighs to the dripping center. A gentle rub, and I shudder with the strength of the feelings and another spurt escapes. I cup one hand over my crotch, pressing on my mound, so that I can feel the pee against my fingers. "It's time," I think as my other hand unbuttons the waistband of my jeans so that I can slip a hand inside.

    It is dripping, a steaming cavern inside of my jeans. My hand descends into it, groping toward that pleasure spot. I move my fingers through the wet curls and gently wiggle a finger between my lips until it touches my clit. Fire rushes through my veins as I gently stroke it then cup my hand over my mound, finger still between the lips, and I relax.

    There is a moment of delay- a moment that I spend wondering if it is going to come. Then it starts. Just a tiny trickle that soon becomes a hard stream against my fingers. It spreads down my thighs. I can feel it, but can no longer see because my eyes are squeezed shut as my orgasm builds. My feet. I feel my feet getting hot, my socks are soaked and I know I'm standing in a puddle, but I'm still peeing. Then the heat in my guts bursts out and I start to shake. Wave after wave of shuddering pleasure as I come. I dimly realize that I have dropped to my knees, then that I am sitting on the floor in a puddle of piss while I fight to start breathing again. As the last bit of pee drains from my bladder I give a final small caress and after a moment stand up, soaked and happy and still trembling just a bit.

    It is while I was taking a nice warm shower that it occurred to me that I had peed without knowing it when I was watching the movie. Maybe if I was a bit drunk when I went to bed I could pee while I was asleep. The night was still young (ok, the morning by now) and it was a Saturday night so I had nothing to do the next day. And I did have plenty of beer in the 'fridge. This was definitely starting to look like a plan.

    An hour and two beers later the movie was over and I was in my pajamas, getting into bed. I had peed once while the movie was still finishing, but just minutes before going to bed I drank two large glasses of water, I figured that they would do the trick added on top of the beer. I didn't feel like I needed to go, but I hoped it would work. It was late and I was really getting tired, the beer had reached the point where it was putting me to sleep, too, so I slipped into bed and started to drift off.

    I was dreaming - not surprisingly or unusually - about sex. I was having sex with someone; I could feel them in a vague sort of way slipping in and out of me. I could feel that my pussy was hot and slippery around him. Then he came, and I could feel his hot juices pouring into me and filling me and running out of me. My crotch grew hot and wet with his fluids and I was nearly coming myself when I suddenly woke up. I could still feel the heat and wetness of my lover's fluids from my dream, so my hands moved to my crotch to take advantage of the horny feelings. Suddenly I jerked upright as my hands encountered not the smooth material of my pajamas, but soaking wet cotton with a hard stream of piss pouring through them! I really had been feeling warm fluids, not just dreaming about them. For a moment I grabbed at myself, trying to stop the flood, but an instant later I relaxed and began to rub my soaked pussy through my pajamas and panties while my pee continued to pour out. I could feel the wetness under my butt and even partway up my back as I quickly climaxed. It wasn't one to write home about, but I don't think I've ever come quicker.

    As my orgasm faded and the last bit of pee escaped I just felt incredibly warm, cozy and somehow insulated from the world. It was a wonderfully relaxing feeling and within minutes I had gone back to sleep with one hand still between my soaked legs and the other somehow having found its way under my pajama top and bra to cup my breast.

    An hour or so later I woke again, at first not sure what had been a dream and what was reality, but I could easily feel that I was soaked and lying in a wet bed, now not as warm as it had been, but still kept warm by the heat of my body. As I wiggled around a bit the wet towels under me squished and I came in contact with some of the wet areas that hadn't stayed warm. The contrast had me out of bed in a moment! My pajamas were wet clear to my ankles and clung to me all the way. The back of them was wet clear to my shoulders and now that I was out of the bed they were starting to feel cold and uncomfortable, so I grabbed all the bedding off the bed and hustled it down the hall to the washing machine then headed back to my bathroom for a shower. Because I always feel a bit strange running around the house naked, I still had my wet pajamas on, so it only seemed natural to step into the shower without undressing. It also seemed natural to, before removing my clothes, relax and flood them again with hot pee while playing with myself.

    As I came to my third climax of the night I had to laugh, wondering what George would think of all this.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My name is Megan, and I am 16 years old
    One time I was at a sleepover with my friends (and a few guys). We made up a stupid game called "Pee pressure".
    We would go to the toilet first, then drink 5 glasses of coke. We did other things until about 2 hours later, when we would start the game. We had to sit completely still and if we even squirmed, we had to take off an item of clothing! I was already desperate by the time we started but I was determined to see some guys strip naked, because I thought I could beat them.
    The game started and the guys looked very cool and in control, but I was fighting a fierce battle inside me already. After 30 mins of agony, we had to drink another glass of coke. I looked around at everyone, most of the girls seemed to be desperate as well, but so far, no one had made a move. Suddenly, to my horror, my foot started shaking, I tried to stop it but it was impossible.
    "Ahah&qu ot; one of the guys yelled, pointing at me. I groaned, then realised that was a mistake, as that was also a sign of weakness, so I took off my shoes and socks. Some of the guys looked very bad now, because they had probably expected girls to strip quicker than this, so they could get a little harder and relax a bit due to pee-lock. After another 10 mins, the last glass of coke hit me, the pain was overwhelming, but I held on. I was starting to feel very dizzy, and I found myself on the floor. This was bad. Obviously everyone had noticed that so off came more clothes.
    After five more mins, everyone had taken some clothes off, one more move and I would be showing everyone some parts I had never shown before. A particularly large throb of pain caused me to yelp. For some reason I didnt even care about being naked, I was too busy trying not to go. After five more mins I couldnt bear it, I threw off my panties and thrust my finger straight into my pee-hole, this gave me some relief and some guys definately some pleasure.
    After ten more minutes everyone was naked, I had somehow set everyone off into a fit of fidgeting.
    Then, the inevitable happened, a squirt of pee shot out between my finger. I started wriggling around and moaning from the pain. This set everyone off as well. To someone watching it would have looked like a massive orgy, but noone touching each other. Someone finally gave in and just peed, this set most people off, including me, the pressure from my bladder shot pee so hard it hit the roof and sprayed everywhere. Relief flooded me even though there was still pain. After I had finished (at least 2 mins) I realised my clit was very swollen and I was feeling extremely horny. I looked around at all the naked bodies and I felt an overwhelming feeling. I madly started fingering myself in a kind of dream, the wet pee increasing my sense of bliss. After a massive orgasm, I stopped and looked around, some girls had done exactly the same as me. And the guys were looking extremely hard.
    There was pee everywhere, we had endured extreme pain, but somehow we felt good. After cleaning up the mess, we actually found ourselves organising another one!

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