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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 41 year old woman, and this happened last summer.
    My husband and me have a small pool in our backyard, and our back yard has 5 foot hedges around it.
    I had noticed our neigbors boy sometimes when I was out sunning or working in the yard.
    Last July my husband was in Australia for a two week training conferance. I was working, pulling weeds, etc.
    Alan, the neighbor boy, saw me sweating and brought over 2 sodas. We chatted about nothing in general, and about his leaving for college.
    He asked about swimming, to cool off from the heat. I said it was okay.
    I watched as he pulled off his t-shirt. God, what a firm chest and muscles.
    He slowly peeled down his baggy shorts- he had his trunks on under them.
    I watched him swim around for awhile, then got in and joined him.
    We laughed and splashed water at each other. I took him close to me and kissed him deeply. He responded by unhooking my top and sucking my nipple. I was ready to cum right then!
    I told him to sit on the deck edge, and proceeded to slowly suck his penis. I was surprised at how long it was!
    I pulled myself up, slid off the bottom of my suit, pushed him back, and climbed on him.He filled me!
    I rocked back and forth as he thrusted. I had 3 good orgasms before he came.
    We then got back in the pool and held each other for awhile.
    Sadly, I only got to be with him one other time. I will always remember that afternoon.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 17 year old girl, and I have had sex three times, with my boyfriend of two years. We are each other's first. Now I everytime I pee it's like orgasmic, I'm not complaining.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    when my boyfriend is licking my breasts and touching me down below to get me off, i sometimes fantasize that im at an all girls camp, and while everyone is in bed, a fellow camper climbs into bed with me and starts licking my breasts and touching me down there. i come so hard everytime i have this girl on girl fantasy, even though im straight!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My wife and I were going at it real stong one afternoon and man is she moaning and groaning and I'm thinking to myself, I must be some more man so I put her legs up at my neck and the moaning gets louder now I go into high gear and she is almost screaming. After I finish I roll off of her and say well babe it sounded like you really must have enjoyed that and she ask why I said that. To which I reply you were moaning and screaming so I guessed you were really enjoying it. She looks me square in the eyes and said I had the worst cramp.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    my boyfriend is really into hentai(not sure of the spelling) basically anime porn. well, he doesnt know, but that stuff turns me on too! sometimes when he's downstairs, or gone and im really honry, i'll watch one of his movies, and masturbate with my vibrator. I'll come 2 or 3 times, then i'll go downstairs and he wants to know why im so flushed.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I always fake orgasms during sex.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    List your way(s) you mautrbate. Male and female list here. Thank you.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I had the biggest crush on Leanne since I first saw her in school, she was 5'5" or so... dark red head (Blood red hair, not orange hair). Very slim, the perfect hour-glass figure you look for in a girl.
    Fridays were always the worst for me as I had three classes in a row with the same teacher, the most annoying teacher in the school, his classes taught him most of the time, he was an idiot. At the end of the second period I told him I was going home during the break in classes as I felt sick. Leaving the class I headed straight down the stairs into the Handicapped bathrooms with my stuff, plenty of space to relax in their while I skipped class however when I arrived there Leanne was already there sitting in the corner texting away on her mobile.

    "Oh shit, didn't know someone was here, I'm trying to skip Cath's class", I muttered
    "Sure come on in, i'm just gonna be texting anyway" she smiled.

    I walked in and sat in the opposit corner to her and opened a book from my bag to read. I was half reading the book half looking at her, hoping she didn't noticed. The classes in our school went on for 40 mintues however we were both skipping doubles, thats an hour and twenty minutes hiding. She sat there quitely reading a book and drinking a bottle of water. However after a while I began to notice her getting quite fidgety, she was wiggling around alot and seemed to be quite uncomfortable.

    After a while she crossed her legs and kept them together tightly, she looked quite worried. I smiled knowing she needed to pee and laughed to myself a little, I don't think she heard me and if she did she didn't make any signs of it. She kept her legs squeezed tight and wiggled around a bit for ten minutes or so until she uncrossed her legs slowly and reached down, she grabbed her crotch and squeezed it tight, she now looked very worried and I could notice a tear in her eye.

    "I really have to go, can you go outside for a few mintues, please?", she asked me hurriedly, she seemed very distressed
    "Shit, If I go outside i'm gonna get caught", I compained
    "Oh... shit" she muttered
    "Sure I won't look, I'll turn around you can just go", I smiled
    "Eh... no... it's not that bad I can wait for the break"

    I smiled and decided to say nothing more... we still had more than half an hour left. After a while she squeezed her crotch hard and moaned a little. I began to feel quite sorry for her.

    "Look, seriously, just go!", I tried to persuade her.

    She slowly stood up using the toilet to pull herself up, keeping one hand on her crotch squeezing tight. She turned around to me, she looked extremely worried and upset at this stage.

    "I can't move or i'll wet myself, seriously it's that bad!", she nearly broke down into tears
    "Shit... well what can you do!?", I asked, despite how turned on I was, I was feeling really sorry for her and was worried myself.
    "Em... look I really hate to ask but... can you pull my trousers and my panties down, I really can't move!", she moaned shyly

    I stepped up close to her and wrapped my arms around her holding her tight against me, I undid the button on her trousers and slowly slid them down to reveal her gourgous legs and a pair of silk pink panties. I was now extremely turned on and decided to see what I could get out of this for myself. I pulled her tighter against me so she could feel my erection on her ass. I reached forward to pull down her panties but pressed against her bladder slightly, a quick jet of pee squirted out and wet the back of the panties aswell as the crotch of my pants, I felt the warm pee on my crotch and smilled. "Shit, im wetting myself", she moaned loudly. I grinned and leaned forward, I kissed her neck from behind and bit it slightly. She moaned "Stop, please, don't turn me on I can't hold it", she pleaded with me. I turned her around and kissed her passiontly sliding my tounge into her mouth, she kissed me back running her tounge along mine. I reached down and put my hand on her crotch, she moaned slightly and I felt another longer burst of pee from her pussy soaking her panties and my hand. She moaned loadly "I can't hold it" she whispered. I looked at her and smiled, "Don't". I kissed her against and felt another burst of pee from her pussy soaking her panties and running down her legs and my hand. "It's hard" she cried. I didn't say anything but soon the pee began to trickle from her pussy soaking her panties and running down her legs in a steady stream, soaking her trousers which were around her ankles. She moaned loudly one last time and the pee gushed from her pussy pouring down her legs and pooling on the floor around us. I stepped back from her and looked at her, she looked so beautiufl standing there in her soaking wet pink panties, the pee still trickling down her legs and the pool at her feet. She pulled her now wet trousers back on and looked at me, she didn't look angry.

    "Can you walk me home, I can't stay in school like this", she smiled

    I walked her home from school and we spent the rest of the afternoon in her bedroom.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    does anyone have a fake-rape story to share?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Everyday when I have make love with my husband, I hump my pillow first. I pretend I'm having sex with another woman as I'm laying face down in bed, and pounding my privates against my pillow. My husband knows why I have sex with my pillow, but I haven't told anyone one else that I do this.

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