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    Posted by Anonymous

    I kinda have a pee fetish. It grosses me out, but at the same time it turns me on. I just really like the idea of people peeing there pants, mainly girls. I think its sexy. Btw, im a girl. When i was younger I would get a thrill out of peeing in the pool. It quickly escalated from there. I then started peeing in my swimsuit outside, but not in the pool, peeing in my panties while sitting on the toilet. I've even full on peed my pants on purpose while standing in the bathtub. Lately, I've tried getting myself into situations where i'll have a real accident. i've been successful twice and noone even has the slightest idea i'm into peeing.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy and there is no substance on this planet that I don't love more than the golden elixir of another man's piss. The feel of torrents of golden urine raining down on my body and into my waiting mouth is the only sensation that excites me. I find myself doing and saying the strangest things to taste the piss. I'm a true a piss pig and proud of it. I've gotten so excited just writing this that I've just now wet myself which feels great too.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    im looking for fun ways to pee anyone tried the pee mate

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Lately I have been going to random bathrooms around my town to express my fetish for public urinals. At first I found myself able to get off by jerking off in front of it, however the more I go, I find myself getting hotter and hotter to the point where I have actually begun undressing in the public bathroom and peeing in my briefs. The last time I went to a public urinal, I was tempted to even lick the walls and basin of the urinal but changed my mind although I still might do it at some point. I do like to rub myself with piss that hasn't been flushed--it really gets me hot to do this. So far I have only gotten caught once but thankfully I was only jerking off when discovered although my briefs were soaked with piss. I was able to make a quick escape and I'm not sure the guy even noticed me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    One of my hobbies is peeing outside. Peeing on trees, peeing on flowers, peeing in my parents' herb garden, peeing in the snow, peeing in the sandbox at the park, etc. I've probably peed on every fucking tree in the neighborhood.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I love having another guy piss on me, am I the only one like that?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One night when I was really drunk I had to really piss. For some reason I thought they put bunk beds above the urinals in the johns in my house. They didn't I was holding onto my sleeping roommates bunk. I couldn't figure out why I was getting such rediculous splash back. I was pissing all over his sleeping bag, clothes and stereo. The next morning I 'spilled' a huge cup of water all over this stuff and offered to wash and dry it to make amends. Thankfully he was a nice (forgiving) guy.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    To the tune of "hurt". not as good as the other guys, but my try:

    I peed on my girlfriend today
    to see how it would feel
    she woke up and kicked me in the nuts
    and said it WAS a big deal

    What have I become?
    obsessed with stories of pee
    My girlfriend didn't like a golden shower
    and dropped me with her knee

    You could see it all
    my piss - stained pants
    I can't feel my balls
    and she won't give me a second chance
    If I've read twenty pee stories
    I've read one
    posted by the same guy
    on "anonymous confession"

    okay...that's all I have

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One of the great things about being a middle-aged dad is having older teenage kids. They are fun at that age and they like it when dad loses the "grown up speaks to child" demeanor and becomes one of them for a moment or two.

    In her 18th year, my middle daughter was a real knockout. She was tall and slender and kept after herself. As I look back, I miss all those girly things like shampoo and perfume smells, her music playing and her giggling with her friends when she filled the house with other pretty teens. Sometimes her friends would do the courteous thing and say hello to "the Dad" or give a nod or wink. What these kids choose to wear, or not to wear today makes me crazy and I confess, I get really hot watching them.

    That summer, my daughter had signed up for a 4-day camping and canoe trip. She got a ride to the start place but needed me to pick her up at the extraction point, two hours from our house. When they arrived there, she called me on the cell, which gave them time to stow everything, and gave me time to make the drive in my truck. As I pulled up, there was my sweetheart with a deep tan and sun-bleached hair. She jogged over and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. There was a friend with her, whom I had never met.

    "Daddy," she said, "This is Gail. Can we take her home with us and her dad will pick her up tomorrow morning?"

    Of course, I agreed and they threw all their gear in the back right side of my truck cab. Gail got in first and then my daughter. This was perfect as Gail's seating in the middle next to their stuff allowed me a perfect view of her through my mirror. This girl was beautiful and like my daughter, well tanned and in perfect shape. They were both glad to be on dry land and heading home.

    I really loved spending that time with them as they laughed and told their "river stories" but I also loved having their scents fill my truck. Even though they were hot and sweaty, they still had that young women air about them as well as their perfumes and shampoos.

    As usual, my daughter fell asleep about half way home and her head slumped to the left against the rear window. Gail did her best to keep up the conversation with me, though. I knew she was a little shy. I was careful to make her feel comfortable. Strangely though, after about 15 minutes, she got really quiet. I didn't wish to pry so I just turned up the radio a little and let her be.

    I couldn't help but to notice that Gail was really adjusting herself in the seat quite a bit so I surmised the canoe seat must have left some sores. With that short skirt she had on, my mirror offered a clear vision of some really pretty panties; frilly with what looked like little flowers on them. "Shame on me" I thought, as I became obsessed with watching her every move. Had I know what was really up; I would have had a lot more fun that day. I guess I'm really a "Bad Daddy!"

    As time went on, she looked truly uncomfortable and the smile was gone now, too. As soon as we pulled into the garage at home, I found out what was really up. Gail let out a moan and a sigh and as I opened the back door to wake up my daughter, Gail pushed past both her and I and said, "I really need a bathroom quickly, and I thought we'd never make it. As she lifted her leg over my daughter, I swear I saw a little moist patch on those frilly panties. She was prancing up and down while my daughter, bleary eyed as she was, led her to the powder room. Neither of them knew that I was really turned on by this and had a huge hard on inside my own underwear.

    That would be the last time I would see Gail for almost a year and as the next encounter approached, I had wondered if I would ever see her again.

    Late the next year, last summer in fact, Gail showed up at the house just after breakfast one sunny morning. She was there to pick up my daughter for a river trip reunion of sorts at last year's extraction place on the lake. It was great seeing her again and in just one more year, she had gotten even more gorgeous. This strawberry blonde lovely looked like she had just jumped out of a fashion magazine. All I could do was say hello and just plain stare.

    My daughter came out of her room with a knapsack and told me their plans. The girls were going to the lake for swimming, a picnic and then into town where they would change and have a nice dinner out with a movie. I wished them well and Godspeed, then they got into her car and pulled out of the driveway. Alone in the house now, I decided to grab a few more hours' sleep and nodded off for what seemed like just a few moments.

    Five hours passed and the ringing phone abruptly woke me. I realized that I had slept through the morning and it was now almost 2pm. "What is wrong with me," I thought. Anyway, when I finally got to the phone, it was my daughter. She was very upset, in tears and sobbing. Something had gotten into Gail and she had stolen a big bottle of wine from her father's house and had chosen today's picnic to tie one on. Gail was evidently too drunk to drive.

    I was totally shocked by the call but so very proud that my daughter had done the right thing. I could also tell that only Gail was drinking as my daughter sounded perfectly straight. She was always a good kid but what had happened to Gail that morning remains a mystery to me.

    It took me two hours to get to the lake and it was a good thing for Gail, I guess, because she had at least a little time to somewhat get a hold of herself. I could see when I got there that my daughter was really ashamed and disgusted as well as afraid of my reaction.

    In a somewhat slurred voice with eyes a bit crossed, Gail just smirked a bit and said, "I'm really sorry. I don't know what got into me. I didn't want you to have to drive all this way to get us."

    I could tell that planning that statement had taken her a while and executing it was a challenge too. I chose to say nothing other than to head them towards the truck. They threw their stuff in the back and this time got in the front with me, Gail in the middle.

    "Wow, did she have on this same outfit when they left this morning?" I wondered to myself. She had on a short and clingy tank top and I could swear she wasn't wearing a bra, The AC was on full in the truck and those stunning teenage nipples were simply fighting their way out for me to lust after. Her shorts were about as small as they could be without being illegal and as she adjusted herself, I got a great shot down the back of her where it was clear she was naked underneath. Obviously, the girls had gone skinny-dipping and Gail had just thrown on her clothes without the undergarments. I could not believe that this perfect 19-year-old specimen of a woman would be mine to goggle over for the next two hours. Drunk or not, she was driving me wild and the fresh wine on her breath actually turned me on even more. I was really enjoying my fully erect woody.

    As I drove, I kept trying to sneak a peak of her tits, her long tanned and muscular legs and even a very slight view of some of the outer fringes of her womanhood. Yes those shorts were just that wonderful! There was also that lingering scent of her perfume, her shampoo again and the fresh air smell in both girls' hair. As my eyes wandered up her body once more, I caught my daughter's eye glaring at me so I quickly looked forward to the road. I must have been really obvious as she was truly disapproving of me.

    It was just too quiet so I asked Gail how she was going to get her car. That was the wrong thing to ask!! She broke down into a tearful sob and said she hadn't thought of it till now and how on earth she was going to explain it to her dad really concerned and upset her. Wishing to comfort her, I told her, her secret was safe with me and that we'd get up really early the next morning and go back for it.

    All of a sudden she said, "You're the coolest dad in the world" as she turned a bit and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Once again my daughter had a sneer on her face- but this time it surely wasn't my fault.

    I'm a pretty big guy with a big, loud and raspy low voice. My kids always said that I was scary to them and their friends as they grew up but I'm really just a big ole teddy bear. I could also stand to lose about 50 lbs, so to have this luscious young scantily clad woman next to me; smiling and kissing my cheek was all that I could stand. She'd be the death of me for sure. Alcohol on any woman's breath was also a turn on so I have to say that I can't remember how long it had been since I had a hard on as big as the one I sported that afternoon. I was becoming fearful that it could be seen bulging in my shorts.

    I wanted to turn down the AC and turn on the radio but to do that I would have had my arms all over Gail, so I left things as they were. Just like the year before, my daughter nodded off and her head slumped to the right against the window. Now, It was just Gail and I with only the sound of the engine and the road below us. Once again, I noticed Gail started to fidget. She put her hands down to adjust her seating position and when she did, she accidentally pressed against my thigh with her palm. "Oh My God," I thought as I was sure she had discovered my now wonderfully painful hard on. She quickly jerked her hand back and quickly straightened herself to gaze straight out the windshield. Did she or didn't she?? I was so embarrassed but I think she was even more so. "Maybe she really didn't notice" I hoped to myself.

    In just a few more minutes, Gail got even more fidgety. This time she slid herself forward, stretched and twisted side to side. She turned a bit towards me, released her seat belt and went to tuck it into the seat between us. I clearly saw every contour of her and the sun coming through her clothes left a perfect X-Ray snapshot of the most stunning body I had ever seen in real life.

    This time she got a clear shot of me too. In spite of my round belly, that big old hard on was clearly poking its way down my shorts. What God didn't give me in length He made up for in thickness and this hard on was the fattest I've ever had. I caught her glaring at first and then she quickly focused away but there was a smile on her face that she was trying hard to hide.

    With nothing to lose at this point and momentarily sidetracked from thoughts of her bladder, she looked at me, then moved in close and whispered, "Do you have something exciting going on down there?" The whisper, the wine scent, the sparkle of her eyes and her glow had my heart racing like it used to when I was 16. The rush was so incredible, I knew I would let go any second.

    I also knew that she was finding it hard to hide the fact that she had to pee out that wine pretty badly. All my memories of the previous summer went racing through my head and I thought for sure I was going to cum that second. What was even better was the knowledge that she was too embarrassed to ask me to stop.

    While sharing the feeling of nothing to lose I candidly told her that I had never been this close for so long to any woman as gorgeous as she and that I just couldn't help myself. What she did next was a total surprise especially since I knew how desperate to pee she had become. She looked for a second at my sleeping daughter and then gently placed her left hand on my swollen manhood and began to slightly stroke me. I could barely concentrate on the road now as I felt a burst of seminal fluid spurt out into my briefs. She felt the throb and once again whispered in my ear, "Ah, You like that, huh? You are definitely the coolest Dad I've ever seen."

    All of a sudden she pulled back, let out a little whimper, straightened up and tightened her thighs. I asked her what was wrong, even though I knew. She told me she was having cramps and that she would be okay. Then, she surprised me again. She unzipped her shorts and pressed her hands into her pelvis. I looked down for a moment and saw her luscious mound jumping right out of her shorts. Alcohol can be wonderful sometimes and this girl had lost all her inhibitions.

    After just a few more moments I noticed her rocking again and she started to whimper. I thought I would have some fun so I told her that I was sorry about her cramp pain but I had to pull over and use a tree to pee on. (I'm soooo so bad!!) Those big olive eyes just lit up and she seemed shocked. My daughter was out cold so I took my sweet time making small talk while getting out of the car. In an instant she slid over across my seat and in a frantic burst of tears, told me that she also needed to pee so badly that she was about to explode. I could see a few drops of her sweet urine on the fabric of my seat as I helped her out.

    With all that happened, I figured I would throw caution to the wind and ask if I could help her to the woods and then watch her go. She immediately retorted that she didn't care what I did as long as I got her into a secluded place quickly. I found a big tree not far into the woods and out of sight from the road. I asked to her to hold just a second while I dropped my shorts to play with myself. She yelled... "Please hurry, please!"

    Well, Gail took one look at that huge and throbbing cock of mine and for the biggest surprise of all, She pushed me to lie down on my back---"Quick, Quick, Quickly!!" she yelled.

    I went ahead and lay down to feel the wonderful coolness of the ferns on the forest floor against my sweating back. She kicked off her shorts and straddled my waist, forcing my huge member deep up inside of her. In just a few strokes, I could feel her flooding me with her warm urine. I exploded inside her with such a force that I could see her whole face change into an almost fearful look. She gritted her teeth and came to a screaming orgasm covering me with her pee and her cum. It was one of the shortest, but clearly the best, fucks of my life!

    She fell forward and rested on me silently and motionless. After a short reprieve, she quietly got off, wiped herself with her shorts and the put them back on. I got up and did the same. Most of our fluids had rolled off of me and onto the forest floor so only a small amount came home with us on our clothes. I thought I would never wash those shorts again! All she said, was "I feel much better now," and we walked back to the car. My daughter never knew a thing.

    That afternoon was the last time I saw Gail for more than a year again. But her picture remains forever on my mind. My daughter got up with her early the next morning and they rescued her car without me.

    This past weekend we celebrated my daughter's 20th birthday with a family-only backyard barbecue. At the end of it all, there was a knock on the door. She had returned! Gail had dropped by to see the birthday girl, give her a present and take her out for ice cream. As my daughter went off to her room to change, all I could do was smile as Gail said, "Hey there coolest Dad, can I use the bathroom?"

    I said, "of course" and off she went leaving me standing in the hallway alone. I swear she must have done it on purpose because as she went in she clearly left the door open a large crack. I could practically see all of her as she wiggled up of her shirt and blouse and I certainly heard all of her sounds. She came out a minute later; glanced down to see the now infamous "coolest Dad hard on bulge" then gave me big wink. She joined my daughter in the hall and they were off (and so was I)!!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i need tips to help me pee in the shower

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