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    Posted by Anonymous

    Last night a slender fair-haired girl in designer jeans and one hand holding her crotch, stepped carefully into the alley below my station, looked around, then started to slip her jeans down. She obviously could no longer hold her pee. Then the creep came. I saw him sneak after her, keeping close and peeking around the back. This jerk was reaching into his pants, and as the girl had pulled her zipper down he came at her.

    I jumped down the stairs and out the side door in about twelve seconds. She was doubling up trying to close the zipper even as he pushed her against the wall with one hand, the other hidden. I'm not a big guy but I wear a cap, a blue shirt and a badge, and coming from the dark doorway I obviously looked frightening enough. Trying desperately to tuck himself in he sprinted off.

    I turned to the girl. She was clutching the waistband of her half-open jeans, crying and trembling, and there was a very obvious wet patch between her legs. I kept my distance, letting her see my official-looking garments. Her crying turned to small sobs and she managed to button her very tight jeans even though her crossed legs were still shaking.

    -He's gone, I said. -You okay?

    She nodded. -He scared me, she whimpered. -He scared me so I wet my pants. God, I still have to pee so bad. She held one hand between her thighs and rocked on her feet.

    -If you want you can use the loo inside, I said. -It's against regulations, but I guess this is an emergency.

    -Oh, could I?

    -Come on. I held the door for her, and she stepped in, still holding herself. I couldn't help it, I was looking at her cute little butt and visible pink thong as she walked shakily in front of me. -To the left here.

    We reached the restrooms and I pointed to the ladies'. She looked at me. -I'm still scared. Will you come in with me?

    I swallowed and nodded okay. For the first time in my life I entered the girls' room, in the company of a very cute, very shaken and quite wet girl. She didn't close the door to her cubicle, but maintained eye contact as she wriggled down her jeans and panties and sank down on the toilet. She sighed as a tremendous stream gushed from between her partially open legs and I noticed the shock start to wear off her face. As she lifted her butt to wipe she actually smiled, a shy, embarrassed smile that went to my heart.

    She pulled up her thong and then looked down at her soiled jeans. -God, I can't go home like this! What shall I do?

    -There is a hair drier by the sinks, I said. -Could you use that?

    She smiled. -You're smart. She pulled her jeans off and went to fetch the drier. Lovely butt!

    -Let's go and sit somewhere more comfortable, I suggested. -There is a reception area down the corridor.

    She unplugged the drier and walked barefoot along the hall. I pointed to a wall outlet and she plugged in before sitting down opposite each other. I couldn't help glancing at the moist spot between her legs; she sat with her knees apart, busy drying her jeans.

    She looked at me with a soft smile. -You have saved my life, she said. -Twice, first from that creep, and then from the wrath of my mom. I wasn't supposed to be out tonight. I had a couple of beers and she would have skinned me if I came home with wet jeans.

    -Strict lady?

    -You bet.

    -How old are you?


    I wished I were twenty years younger. She inspected her work, the pee stain was fading and she smiled warmly. She stood up - long legs, slim hips, narrow waist, small breasts under her tight short sweater, and a dark stain on her pink panties. She looked down at herself. -Oh well, she said, and took them off.

    I tried desperately to keep my eyes away. She pulled on her jeans, zipped up and buttoned. -Look! It's dry now, isn't it? She turned and stuck her lovely rounded butt out. I looked as hard as I could, but there was no stain to be seen. She sat down again. -Do you think I could have a glass of water, and maybe sit here until the beer wears off?

    -Of course. I fetched some from the cooler and gave it to her. She smiled gratefully at me and told me this was not the first time she had gotten so scared she peed herself. Once her mom nearly hit a deer while driving, and the sudden shock had made her wet her panties and skirt. Her mom had been angry, maybe because she herself had been frightened. And there was the embarrassing incident on the roller coaster. She sat relaxed on the couch, legs slightly apart, flat belly showing. I kept thinking of what was underneath the skin-tight denim and the wet stain I had seen. After finishing the water and getting a refill she rose. -I think I'd better go now. Maybe I could use the bathroom again?

    She looked expectantly at me so I joined her. Again she chose not to close the door, and she kept talking to me while she wriggled her jeans down making no attempt to hide her clean shaven pussy, and sat. She was talking so eagerly as she again let out a strong forcefull stream, but this time forgetting to wipe as she just rose and pulled up her jeans. She paused in mid-sentence and giggled. -The last drop went in my jeans, she said, -but never mind. Thanks for helping me!

    I took her to the door. -Your panties, I said.

    -Oh. You can keep them.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    So me and my family were driving to a lake through some mountains. When we were about half way there we stopped for chinese food. There's always a surplus amount of water and tea and my sister decided to take advantage of it. She didn't go pee before we left like a child. We were still a half hour away and she was saying she had to go extremely bad. There were no rest stops since we were driving through mountains and she was crossing her legs and holding herself complaining. I thought it was quite funny since she didn't go before we left and tea has diuretics and goes right through you. She was like, "I'm gonna pee my pants pull over!" So we did and she squatted in the mountains with cars passing and her pants were a little wet. She peed forever and she never drank while in the middle of a trip again.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    hey guys i would like to hear some really good bed wetting stories please but nothing about diapers or being babyed

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Does anyone else pee in the shower? I do it every day without fail unless I'm at someones house who has a baby and they take baths in there. Theres something about when the warm water touches me it makes me have to pee so bad. It's so hard not to, I have to like bend over to stop it from coming out, I've tried. I have to pee even if i just went pee there's still a little. btw my aiming has gotten good lol. So does anyone else pee in the shower?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    my name is chris and my girlfriends is amanda ok so me and my girlfriend are 19 and we were at the mall one day. now she has had a bladder disease since she was twelve the day i became her boyfriend .well we were watching a performance when she really had to go but the bathrooms were on the other side of the i said for her to just to come with me to my car and if she has to go she can go there she got in and went but on the ride home for speedin 1 km i got pulled over by a cop he saw amanda had a wet crotch and pants he must have for some reason thought she crotched some beer or something so he had her exit the car and she told him the story but there were houndreds of people at the school beside my car so they all looked at her in digust as she began to cry so i told the officer gimme the ticket already. i need to take her home he nodded and put away the ticket saying ill give u a warning so we got home and 2 kids from the school were there and they were laughing histaricly amanda started crying even harder i punched both of the sods and they started crying as they ran home. we went in and i sat down with her and told her i loved her very much and wont let anything happen to her as we hugged eachother get back to me

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    So I live in New York and I'm 18 years old. Me and my friends went to a party last night and did a keg and had a couple of shots. We were on our way home on the subway late at night. We got walked to an empty car so we could talk and have privacy. There was no place to pee all night so we all just tightened up. We were still a half hour away from home and we were all bursting. I needed to go right away. I'm serious I've never had to go that bad. I mean I was literally crossing my legs, bouncing, hunched over, anything. Since we were alone and the people in the next car were occupied i just took down my jeans and thong and squatted between to seats. It was a tight fit but I didn't care and I didn't care if my friends saw me. I peed for what seemed like non stop and it felt SO good. I felt way lighter, LOL, and we were moving so the pee was flowing all the way to the end of the car. My friend found an empty coke cup and peed in that but it eventually overflowed. My other friend wouldn't give in and was almost tearing up. She was holding her crotch and we were telling her it's ok just squat you will feel relieved. When we reached the next stop a lady got on so she could squat anymore. She sat down in a seat and peed through her capris.
    Now that we've all peed in front of each other we're not going to hold back anymore. If we have to pee at the movies we'll go in a cup, on the floor, or on the seat. Same with when were out, we're gonna squat more often because we didn't like how we felt when we held it that long. My friend who peed in the seat ended up getting a slight bladder infection so this is a lesson to anyone who won't just pop a squat, just do it, everybodys got to pee!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    why was my story deleted webmaster. u r a fuck!!!!!!!!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Well i just drank 60 oz which is 2 gatorades and a sparkling water. I already have to pee but im going 2 see how long i can wait, the post shows u wut time it is but ill tell u wut happens. I GOTTA PEE!!!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    so this happened awhile ago but it still turns me on.

    audrey was a collegue of mine. we had been working together for a while. we were sent to an out of town business confrence. i was thrilled when i found out we would be sharing a room. i am a lesbian and plannedto find out if she was. this was my chance i just kneew it. the thought of being alone with audrey made me wet my panties not pee though.

    well it was the second day of this trip and i got back to the room first. this was my moment i thought. audrey arrived a few minutes later. she knocked which was odd since she has a key. i opened the door to find her clutching her pussy with both hands tears in her eyes. she said i cant make it im gonna pee my self right her. i told her no your not and led her to the bed. she refused to sit . she said i have to pee really bad please help me. i removed her skirt. she had had on soft pink panties. my favorite. i was wet again with delight. on hand was in her panties the moment her skirt fell. i kissed her stomach and looked up for a reaction. she begged again for help. so i slowly took her panties down revealing a beautifully kept bush trim and neat i was in heaven. i slid my fingers in and removed hers. boy was she full, i rubbed slowly against her clit. she relaxed for a second a a spurt of pee escaped. with the spurt she tightened up again. i laid her on the edge of one bed and told her to try and relax. she said she couldnt. i said try. she said ok. i started running my tongue up and down her swollen little clit. she was enjoying it i could tell. she kept moaning. i stopped licking and began to rub her again and told her pee a little for me. she did a short little stream. i slid my fingers in again and began rubbing her clit she came almost instantly. she then yelped and began peeing full force all over me. i didnt care i laid their soaked in her pee and rubbed my pussy. when she stopped peeing she stood up and grabbed me and began rubbing me like i had her i came instantly.

    we played each night the rest of the trip. i found out later she knew i was a lesbo and wanted a room with me so we could play. she was lesbo and i had no clue. we still hang out and play. we live together so its easier now. i love my peeing girl audrey. i have gotten her to pee in all kinds of places. most very public. we have had sex in public too and so far have never been caught. we both love it. if you want me to post more just ask we have lots


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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was reading through the confessions and chuckled at the people that peed themselves while reading the confessions thinking how could they do that. Then I almost did myself today. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom after the intial spurt. If I were home alone I wouldn't have moved. It would have been difficult to explain to the husband as he is not into watersports. Needless to say I know understand, for me anyway, I think its the power of suggestion.

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