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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Probably the most embarrass moment of moment of my life happened to me in my sophomore year of high school. This happened about halfway through the swim season.

    I knew all the people on our swim team pretty well, but wasn't good friends with any of them (prime conditions for a horribly embarrassing moment unfortunately). Anyway, lets get to what happened. Okay so usually the way we started every practice was, we would go into the locker room and change into our suits, and then if it was a cold day, put our clothes back over our suits, and go outside. It was only about 55-60 degrees outside, so this was one of those days. So anyway, just like any other day, I get into my speedo, and put my clothes on over it, and head out to the pool deck to do our stretches, before we would get ready to start practice. Finally it is time to take our clothes off and head over to the starting blocks (our coach made us line up on the starting blocks and dive in to start ever practice, rather than just hop into the pool). So since we had a pretty big team, we usually had about 5 or 6 people in line in each of the many different lanes waiting for their turn to get on the block and dive in. So there I am, surrounded by about 7 or 8 girls and a couple guys, standing in my speedo waiting in line, just like any other day, when suddenly one of the girls opens her eyes really wide and starts laughing hysterically. The girls next to her immediately ask her "what" and while still laughing uncontrollably she puts her hand to her mouth and whispers to the other girls something. Then suddenly they start laughing too, and I realize they are starting at my pelvic region, so I look down, to see what is going on. That's when I saw that the top inch or so of my penis was sticking out of the top of the front of my speedo (the waistband aread). I guess I somehow accidentally pulled my speedo on too quickly while changing into it, so my penis was in the upwards position, but the top part wasn't quite covered.

    Practice was pretty awkward for DAYS after that. It was pretty fcked up.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Well, I'm a guy and I love to act and I do alot of theatre. Recently I was in a play in which I had a scene where my costume consisted of a pair of grey boxer-briefs. In that scene I'm supposed to be home alone and just sitting around in a sense of depression since me and my girlfriend just broke up. Then, there's a knock at the door. I look through the peek-hole to see who it is and see it's my girlfriend. I open the door reluctantly and after a long scene we make up, then we decide to, well, have some fun, and so we go off stage and I'm supposed to be wearing a pair of briefs under my boxer-briefs, because I throw them on stage as we giggle and stuff like we're starting to go at it. The problem is, last week, I got had to talk to the lighting guy about something between scenes so I didn't have much time to change before my scene, and in the flurry of things I forgot to put on my briefs and when the scene came up we did a great job and put on a great scene, but when we got off stage I went to take off my boxer-briefs and I realized I didn't have anything on under them. My co-star said "Throw your boxer-briefs on stage! Come on! What's wrong?" I said I wasn't wearing anything under them and that I would be naked if I took them off. She said I had to do it for the show and so I wrapped myself in a teaser curtain and took them off and threw them on stage. I don't know if anyone noticed the delay because the whole thing went by kinda fast, but I had to get to the dressing room on the other side of the stage, and I was naked! I had to get there fast to change, so I just said screw it, covered myself with my hands as best as I could and ran to the dressing room. I was seen by just about everyone offstage (fortunately no one in the audience!). I did the rest of the show commando, which was kind of annoying but I lived. Alot of people made jokes about me being naked backstage, so I just laughed along hoping to dull the embarrassment. After then I haven't yet forgotten my briefs again and I keep an extra pair of boxer-briefs backstage incase I do forget, so that I can throw them onstage if need be. I probably should have done that from the beginning, but whatever. What's done is done, and what's done is embarrassing!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, this is the most embarrassing moments of MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!! I'm still SO embarrassed! Everyone still makes fun at me about it!

    OK, well, one day I was petting my black and white cat, when she fell asleep!!!!!! It's so embarrassing! I turned beet red!!! I'm still so embarrassed about it!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    well the one time i was over my friends house and we decided to go for a walk at night (nice niegborhood like the ones where the police station is right up the street) so anyway we where walkin and we go some ice cream and we sat down in this bench and my friends crush came by on her bike and sat down with us so after watching them talk about there likes and dislikes i feel asleep and i guess my friend showed of for is now girlfriend and striped me of my clothes and tied me there and the firlfriend invited all of her friends down to watch me they all played with me and shaved me whole body when i woke up i had an erection so i tried to move my hands and they where tied so i didnt have a sleepover at my friends i had a sleepover in a park Naakkeedd

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    we had to take team pictures and a wrestling meet afterwords. i stripped down on the scale and saw i was overweight (class is 119 and i was 121) i run around with extra clothing to sweat it off. i am a little over like .1 or .2 with underwear on so i just take a shower because my underwear i assume ways more than that. i come back strip down to be safe and walk on the scale and when i turn around to pick my clothes up i see the cheerleaders leaning against a wall waiting for the meet and picture day.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Not so long before, i got myself a boyfriend and after a few weeks he started to make me go on physically and i wasnt ready yet but he insisited on it until i gave in and he asked me for a blow job,yuck!! but then we went to a small room and started to make out and just when he opened my blouse and grabbing my tits the door flew open and my BF's neighboor was staring at us and worst still was that i was facing him with bra off and my BF grabbing my boobs!!!!!!(he turned dead white).I got so embarassed!!!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    From now on, any post detailing an embarrassing moment that involved your own nudity must be accompanied by your nude pics.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Woman aids mail carrier robbed of his uniform

    06:19 PM CST on Monday, March 20, 2006

    By Karla Barguiarena / 11 News and Staff Reports

    Click to watch video

    A Houston woman is being called a hero after coming to the aid of a mail carrier.


    Police were called to the 6600 block of Park Lane in southeast Houston Monday afternoon where a mail carrier was allegedly forced to strip at gunpoint.

    One suspect waited in a vehicle while two others allegedly approached the male postal worker with a rifle and ordered him to remove all of his clothing.

    Police said the suspects were apparently not after money or valuables, but only the mail carrier's uniform. The suspects did not get the mail carrier's badge.

    According to investigators, a woman backing out of her driveway witnessed the incident and drove up along side the mail van to try and help. She exchanged words with them before calling for help.

    "I just knew he was in trouble and I just couldn't walk away," said Renei Millar, witness. "I didn't know if he was already injured of if he was dead. I just couldn't just drive off and just act like nothing happened."

    "B rave girl. She stuck her nose in. That's good. That's what we need-more citizens getting involved," said Billy Stephens, Houston Police Department.

    After the neighbor confronted them, the suspects fled the scene in a cream colored truck with the victim's clothes.

    The nude postal worker then ran to the woman's house for help where she provided him with some of her husband's clothes.

    Police said they are looking for three Hispanic men.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    We were on summer break and 4 guys and 4 girls ..and we decided after getting loaded on tequila, to play
    strip poker...

    well my girl friend takes me in the kitchen and shows me she has this marked deck and we cud have some fun.making a switch in the middle of the game and getting the boys to lose..

    So we are playing and heheheh the boys are losing like mad..we got them down to their boxers..and smiles were next..while we allowed ourselves to get to our skivies
    so they wouldnt be suspicious... well my girl friend says
    i am heading to the kitchen to get some more booze and this cute guy . follows her there..and i can hear lots of giggling.. then she is trying to keep a straight face and i know something is up..but not we play out our next hands..
    but something weird happens...
    i start losing i had to take off my stockings....went to my she won..then ....darn i lost again.. i tried to weasel my way out.but they said sorry babe..
    and another cute guy comes over and took off my bra..
    not bad hands...and i am playing with one hand now..the other covering my best i can..

    i lose again...and another guy helps me out of my panties

    i am covering up best i can...try playing cards that way

    well my luck changes.i win the next 3 hands
    my giggling girl friend, that set me up, loses her top,
    .and two of the boys had to go starkers
    man they were well equippted

    well they are feeding more drinkypoos..and i lose again 3 hands in a row (at least thats what they told me )
    i have nothing left to bargain with

    i try and drop out but they all giggle and refuse
    and i lose again...

    the penalty..after much snickering and debating what i shud do...i am to allow the boys to dress me in a whipped cream bikini... and have to go with them to get pizza in my whipped cream bikini...

    the worst part as i reach for the pizza ..

    the whipped cream bikini disintigrates
    and i run neked from the store..

    man i was soooo embarassed.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    hiya this happened when i was 16, i was at a water park with a few friends and i was wearing a bikini which didnt leave much to the imagination lol, anways i was wearing the straps quite loose as all i was reely doing was siting in the jacuzzi, after about 30 muinets my friend asked if i wated to go on a slide forgeting to tighted my bikini again i procided to cue for the slide, when i went down i felt my bikini lift slightly! by the time i got to the bottom my right breast was hanging out!worst part was the life guard who was on duty near the botom of the slide was a boy and quit fit to he saw the whole thing :(. x

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