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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Gary and Martin were standing at the urinals in a public lavatory, when Gary glanced over and noticed that Martin's penis was twisted like a corkscrew.
    "Wow," Gary said. "I've never seen one like that before."

    "Like what?" Martin said.

    "All twisted like a pig's tail," Gary said.

    "Well, what's yours like?" Martin said.

    "Straight, like normal," Gary said.

    "I thought mine was normal until I saw yours," Martin said.

    Gary finished what he was doing and started to give his old boy a shakedown prior to putting it back in his pants.

    "What did you do that for?" Martin said.

    "Shaking off the excess drops," Gary said. "Like normal."

    "Cripes," ; Martin said. "And all these years I've been wringing it."

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    The Scene: Several friends and I are drinking at a beach on some rocks. This girl (lets call her "Susan") that I liked is there.

    I some how manage to be holding "Susan's" lighter. She goes to light a cigaratte, "Bob, could I have the lighter?"
    My drunken reply "I'll trade you for a kiss"

    (Now by this time I have had queit a few shots and can barely see straight.)

    Susan's reply "alright"
    I am exicted! Nothing like daring yourself to do something and having it go in your favor. We stand up begin a nice french kiss...

    and the next thing I know I'm face down on the rocks with a throbing head!! I had fallen mid-kiss and slammed my head on the rocks!

    That was embarrassing enough plus all my friends had to witness it!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in Austin,TX. this past Thursday & Friday for a conference. I looked up this other buddy of mine (starving grad student)and he dragged my boss and I to a real shit hole of a place. It had padded walls, Christmas lights strung everywhere and was just filthy. The patio was just a fenced off parking area in the back that was full of potholes and patio furniture they stole from any place they could find it. It was called Club Deville or Carousel? I'm not sure. Anyway, I was sooooo embarrassed. We stayed for one drink and left. My now ex-friend Robert, as a joke, started us up on a conversation with some balding red headed homeless guy. He was wearing a dress, sneakers, had long fuscia fingernails and is running for mayor there in Austin. Robert said he's been in the newspaper. The guy was going on and on about what he thought Austin government was all about. I wanted to die! Needless to say I'm not speaking to Robert anymore. He's really changed. He is on some kick about becoming a stand up comic. When he lived in Corpus he never would have stepped in such a filthy rat hole. The evening leads me to believe his sense of humor has now become considerably warped or he is now doing drugs. My boss is very down to earth and laughed it off, but I still can't stop apologizing. This will be the source of many office jokes at my expense for at least a year. I am so bummed. I want to die. The place looked like a set from a Mad Max/Road Warrior movie! I should have grabbed my boss and kept on walking the moment I set eyes on the place.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Loraine was the nursing sister who had organized the outing. In her late thirties, average height with a trim, rounded figure with short blonde hair she was the image of efficiency you would expect for a senior nurse. On the outing she had been wearing a rather short, tight-fitting fawn skirt.

    "Everything went really well all day until the last hour, when it was difficult to get some of the nurses out of the pub, and we were late leaving. The driver started complaining about having to work late, an attitude which annoyed me, so I rather abruptly told him that if he turned up in St Luke's A & E needing treatment, he would expect us to work overtime if needed, so he could do the same for us. He shut up then, but was clearly still far from happy. Another five minutes and we were away, and I could not resist telling him he had been making a big fuss over a measly ten minutes. By then we were most definitely not friends."

    "After about 20 minutes, I wanted to go to the loo. All the fuss with the driver; I hadn't realized how much time had passed since I had last been- before I started trying to get the nurses out of the pub, and when we actually left. I really should have gone back for another, last minute precautionary pee just before we left, but that would have upset the driver even more. I had been drinking lager shandy all night, as I thought that I would not get drunk if I stuck to a high volume drink. Most of the nurses had been drinking lager or beer, as it was cheaper, so I wasn't going to be the only one who needed a loo. After the row with the driver, I dared not ask him to stop so all I could do was to cross my legs and let someone else do the asking. I wasn't desperate, just uncomfortable, and it was a matter of putting up with the discomfort for a bit longer."

    " My bladder seemed to be filling up at an alarming rate, so in the next twenty minutes I went from just being uncomfortable to wanting to pee really badly. I had crossed my legs really hard and I kept telling myself that I had to wait longer, which I could easily, but in some discomfort. When it came to it, I had no choice, if I could not ask the driver to stop, then I had to wait until someone else did. There had to be others, particularly some who had drunk more than me, who wanted to pee more than I did, and surely one of those would soon be asking the driver to stop at a loo. With luck most of the drink had already gone through me, so I hoped that I would not get much more desperate. I asked myself whether I really could last out the whole journey if we didn't stop, and I thought that I could if I really had to. I crossed my legs as tightly as I could and leaned back in the seat to put the minimum pressure on my bladder."

    "After another quarter of an hour I wasn't so sure I would be able to wait all the way. I was just getting steadily more and more desperate, so even though we were less that half way back, my condition was becoming really serious. My legs were crossed as tightly as it was physically possible to do so, and on top of this I was clenching my bladder shut. I could actually visualize my thighs and pelvis all squeezing together to keep the outlet from my bladder shut. I could not remember when I had last wanted a pee this badly, but I told myself that I had no choice but to hold out a bit longer. My stomach was starting to ache, which was another symptom of how badly I wanted to go. I could not believe I was the most desperate on the coach, and if the other younger nurses could wait, then I could as well. I had quite a reputation at the hospital for having an iron bladder, and also for being intolerant of nurses who wanted the loo between their breaks, so I did not want to be seen as the first to want to go. In fact, I was absolutely determined that I would not be the one to initiate a stop, my image of a strict Sister would not allow me to."

    " I tried to see where we were, so as to know how much longer I would have to wait if no one made a move. When I realized how far we had to go, I did start to worry. It was going to take at least another hour and a half to reach St. Luke's. I didn't want to think about having to hold out that long, and for a moment I thought of going to go up to the driver to ask him to stop, then I checked myself. No, I could not be the first girl on the coach to need a loo. I was a senior Sister, so I had to set an example to the nurses. I was also proud of my bladder control, so it wasn't going to be me who admitted they had drunk too much and had to stop the coach for a loo. What if the driver just pulled into a lay-by, could I let everyone see me squatting by the coach? The thought of this was worse than my need for a loo, and gave me strength to hold on a bit longer. I knew that I was not the only one to want a loo, nor could I be the worst. What I could not understand was how anyone could be much more desperate that me and not be begging the driver to stop."

    "I looked round the coach, trying to see who else looked desperate. There were quite a few girls with their legs crossed, but no one stood out as being really bad. Was everyone the same as me, trying to hold on until someone else stopped the coach? My stomachache was becoming worse, and I knew it was due to the pressure in my bladder. This was a classic symptom of a bladder reaching the limit of its capacity, the start of the time when the bursting pain eventually became so bad that you could no longer stand holding it back. Worse, I could see I was starting to bulge in the bladder region, even with a tight skirt to hold it in. For that to happen, my bladder had to be stretched, distended, almost to the limit. The thought that I might actually let go and wet my knickers was inconceivable; I had to hold on, because surely we had to stop soon. I kept telling myself that other nurses must want the loo even more than I did, and that they were on the verge of stopping the bus. If I could just manage to wait another five minutes we would stop. I looked at my watch, and told myself that if nothing happened in five minutes, I could think of asking the driver to stop."

    "Nobody did make a move, but also I was still managing to hold on, so I stopped myself thinking about being the one to ask for a stop.

    My bladder ache was becoming agony, the bulge noticeably bigger, and I was certainly willing squat by the coach and pee just so long as we stopped as soon as possible. I tried leaning forward a bit, both arms across my bladder, which helped a tiny bit, but also make my condition more obvious. I would wait another five minutes, even ten perhaps, and by then surely we would stop. If not, perhaps I could make some excuse about feeling sick to get the driver to stop and still preserve my iron bladder image. The sheer need to pee was becoming so desperate that going was becoming the only thing I could think about."

    "Some how I survived the next ten minutes, and even though I wanted to pee even more by then, I was still just about managing to hold it back. I could not understand why nobody else seemed to want a loo. How could anyone be anywhere near the state I was in and not ask about a stop, unless they had some reason to try and wait. If I wasn't a senior nurse, and had not had that row with the driver, I would have been asking for a stop some time ago. I was reaching the point when I began to wonder what would happen if we did not stop, either because no one asked, or the driver refused to stop when asked. If my kidneys kept on working as they had been, then a ruptured bladder was a real possibility. Or would my sphincter just give up and I wet myself? I really did not want to find out which would happen. Never in my life had I ever wanted to go anything like as badly as this. All I could do was to tell myself to wait another five minutes and we might stop anyway. How many times had I told a nurse that she could easily wait a bit longer if she tried? My words were coming back to haunt me now, and I had to do what I had always told others to do."

    "Then, at last the miracle happened! Two young trainee nurses hobbled up to me, both crossing their legs, one almost doubling over while she talked. Sure enough, they were desperate for a pee, they simply had to go, they said, almost in tears, it was an emergency, could the coach stop? I was saved! I told them to tell the driver, as no specific stop had been arranged, but that he would stop as soon as someone wanted to."

    "I had expected that the driver would stop almost at once, but he kept going for at least another ten minutes. He was looking for a proper loo, and was not going just to stop anywhere. Did he know how desperate some nurses, including me, were? Thinking we were going to stop had made me want to go even more, and I had to fight with all my strength to wait. I was not alone in my agony; I could see one of the two trainees was doubled over, both hands pressing her pussy between her legs. I was more than ready to pee anywhere as long as it was not too public, and would not have had any problem squatting by the side of the road. I was about to go and tell the driver this when I saw a sign for loos, and then the actual building next to the lay-by that we were stopping at. Because of this, I was third off the coach, after the two trainees, who were almost climbing out the window by then, just taking time to announce there was a toilet stop if anyone needed to go."

    "There was no pretense any more. The other two were running for the ladies', both holding between their legs, and I would have done the same except that my skirt was too tight to let me hold myself and my bladder and pussy hurt too much to be able to run, not to mention I was also feeling some wetness down there. A fast hobble was the best I could manage, so the next group had caught me up as I got to the ladies. There were only three cubicles, two were already taken, and I just had to get into the last one, I could feel my pee leaking out. No manners, no pride, nothing mattered except getting into that loo instead of having to queue. I made it. Shaking with desperation, I was frantically pulling my tight skirt up so I could squat and pee without it getting wet. Oh the relief! My poor swollen bladder could relax at last but I had not had time to remove my knickers. I just peed and peed and peed right through them; I thought I would never stop, I didn't think it was possible for anyone to hold so much pee. No wonder I had been desperate, my bladder must have been close to rupturing, it was so full. I ignored cries of 'Hurry up!' and banging on the door from the nurses outside, I just had to let it all out, even if it took 10 minutes, and it felt as if it did, I was peeing for so long. It felt wonderful to be able to relax after being so desperate for so long."

    "The scene in the loo was incredible, so many desperate nurses, some holding themselves, some almost fighting to get into a cubicle. A couple of them were in tears and holding themselves with both hands, they were so desperate, but nobody would give way and let them go first. One older nurse had pulled her skirt up and was peeing into the sink. She too was actually peeing through her knickers; she didn't seem to care so long as she could pee. I think she had also wet herself trying to run to the ladies, and nothing mattered to her except going as soon as possible. Other nurses were so desperate that they were using the cubicle in the gents, or even squatting round the side of the loo, as they had not been able to wait in the queue. Seeing what a state they were in made me regret my stupid pride and not taking the initiative earlier and organizing a stop. Well, I had suffered as much as anyone, and there was no lasting harm done, though I am sure I wasn't the only one with an aching stomach, caused by an over-stretched bladder, all the way home."

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm dating this girl and when it came time for our 1st kiss. It was her twin sister. I know that's a dream for some people but she is my 1st girlfriend. Then her sister (the 1 I'm dating) came out and yelled "April Fool's" I was kinda relieved but still the fact that I couldn't tell them apart.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    today something very embarassing happened to me.i am 32 years old and have had minor overactive bladder.i usually dont wear protection because i can usually hold it, and i like to wear tight pants and i feel that you can see the pad bulge.well anyway i was out doing some early shopping, the stores were crowded with people.then like always my bladder needed relief so i went to the restroom and to my surprise,the restrooms were closed for cleaning,that had never happened to me before.well i shopped around a little longer til my bladder started light spasms as i came back to the restrooms,and i guess alot of the shoppers were needing to go to.the ladies room was 11 deep in line and that was just outside the door. i paniced i didnt know what to do i mean i had always found a restroom in plenty of time,and now my time was running out.i said to myself i cant wait that long so i decided to leave the store and go somewhere else quickly.well as i was walking to the front of the store to leave i my bladder had a few hard spasms and i couldnt hold it, my tan khaki pants got a very noticeable wet spot. i thought i was going to die before i got out of the store. i felt like everyone was watching me when that had happened.i have learned my lesson never trust my bladder and never trust the availability of public restrooms.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    What made this day worse was that I was not wareing any underware.Today at scool was show and tell day and my friend Jack had his dog with him and all of a sudden he ran away the teacher said to get him later.At the end of the day Jack didn't find his dog so the next day he called me and my friend Joey to find him at school before it starts so we went to school early.We found him eating garbige we chased him he went into the girls bathroom we were unlucky because the girls were changing from the water balloon fight we dissided that we both shuold go in on the cuont of 3 we both started to run,but Joey stoped at the door and I only went in, then I triped and joey held onto my pants and they came right off. I fell on a girl and she was naked so I got really horny and peed on her.She screamed so I ran back out put on my pants reilized that the dog was still in there so I ran back in and got him back.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Some of the nurses at our local hospital recently held a coach outing to the coast, which was a journey of about two and a half hours. A good friend of mine was on the outing, and knowing my interest in the subject, she told me about the emergency stop on the way back. Even though nurses are reputed to have exceptionally big bladders, a number of them needed the loo desperately as they had been in a pub for some time before leaving. In fact her words were "I have never seen so many desperate women trying to get into a small public loo, and from the time it took for us all to go, I doubt if any coach has ever held so much pee."

    When I asked her for more details, she offered to do better than give me her description of what she saw, and arranged for me to interview some of the nurses who, in exchange for my making a donation to their hospital charity, were prepared to describe how desperate they had been. It says a lot for Jeanette's persuasive powers that she got four nurses to give me these detailed accounts of the journey.

    Part 1 - Trisha

    Trisha, an Irish nurse about 30, tall, well built, a 'big girl,' with long auburn hair, she was wearing tight denim jeans and a sweat-shirt on the outing. She had only been working at St Luke's for two months, and this outing was a chance to see more of the countryside, and to meet more nurses. She describes the journey to the coast.

    "I was working the night before the outing, so I just had time to change and have breakfast before we left. As usual on a night shift, I had drunk several coffees to keep awake, and had another two cups at breakfast to perk me up. I thought that I could sleep most of the way down to get some rest, but I should have known better than to drink so much coffee at breakfast when I had been drinking it all night. I wanted the loo after about 20 minutes on the coach. It wasn't too bad at first, just building up slowly as an uncomfortable feeling, but it kept getting steadily worse, and by 9 o'clock it was starting to get pretty bad. I was really aching to go, and I was hoping that we would stop somewhere before I desperate. I crossed my legs hard, which helped a bit, and tried not to think of how much coffee I had drunk."

    "I hoped that we would have a stop about 9:30, which was our normal coffee break time, and also about halfway. Thinking about stopping was about the worst thing I could have done, as I began to anticipate the loo, which made me want to go quite a bit more. As it got nearer to 9:30, so I wanted to go more and more badly. By this time I had crossed my legs really tightly, which was taking the edge of the urge, but I was terribly uncomfortable, my bladder bursting, and really hoping that it wouldn't be much longer until we stopped."

    " ;I was trying not to make my need obvious, because there had been some comments, half joking, about how often I was going to the loo on duty, and I did not want to get the reputation of having a weak bladder. Normally I am not too bad, but there are some days when I seem to need a loo about every hour, and I was afraid this was one of those days. Worrying about a coffee stop did not help, but if we did not stop, then things were going to get serious, and I was in for an uncomfortable journey. I certainly was not going to ask for a loo stop- that would have really got me branded as a 'baby bladder.' If there wasn't an organized stop, then I would have to cross my legs and hang on."

    "All hope of any stop soon vanished when we turned on to a bit of motorway with a warning sign 'No Services. Petrol Only; 19 miles.' This was very bad news, as I was getting desperate to go, even with my legs crossed, but I just had to steel myself to hang on and hope we would still stop somewhere. To take my mind off my bladder, I tried to join in the conversation around me, doing anything to make the time pass more quickly. Nobody else had made any mention of needing a loo, so I tried not to show that I wanted to go."

    "This seemed to work, because it did not seem long before we were turning off the motorway, and I did not want to go that much more badly. One of the nurses I was talking to she was parched, and why didn't the coach stop, either at a café or a pub. This gave me hope again, and started me thinking about a loo, which was a stupid thing to do, because I almost immediately wanted to pee a lot more urgently. Suddenly I was really desperate, squirming about on the seat, having to really try to hold myself back. Of course this was only wishful thinking, we didn't stop, and I had to make myself sit still again before someone guessed why I was so restless."

    "It was beginning to dawn on me that we were not going to stop until we got to the coast, unless someone specifically asked to. I did not want to admit that I had to pee after less that two hours, so I wasn't going to ask if I could avoid it. Since we were going along at a good rate I hoped I would not have much longer to wait, and determined to hold on if I possibly could. A few minutes later a sign-post told me we had 15 miles to go, which I convinced myself would only take 30 minutes, so I gritted my teeth and told myself that I had to last out. I was more desperate than ever, really having to fight to hold it back, and I tried everything I could think of to make the time pass quicker, and I managed to survive the next 10 minutes without it getting much worse. Being tall, there wasn't much room for me to cross my long legs, and once they were crossed it was difficult to shift position. The most natural and comfortable position for me would have been with legs apart, but that was no longer an option until I had been to the loo."

    "Ti me was really dragging, and I was looking for signposts to tell me how much farther we had to go, and after a quarter of an hour I realized it was going to take longer than I thought to get there. Nothing for it, to ask to stop now would be to admit that I could not wait another ten minutes, so I had to hang on. Then we got caught in a traffic jam and came to a stop. From then on we just crawled along, hardly more than walking pace, and I was almost frantic. My bladder was literally bursting, and I wanted to go so badly I was struggling hold back my pee. I was sitting on my hands, and gripping my thighs hard, trying anything to make me want to pee less while not make it too obvious that I wanted to go so badly."

    "We must have been half an hour in the traffic jam, and that seemed the longest 30 minutes of my life. I had no choice but to sit there and make myself wait, and sometimes I wanted to go so urgently I don't know how I managed to hold on. I was using every trick I knew to help me wait. I simply could not cross my legs any tighter- they were literally tied in a knot. Sitting on my hands helped for a bit, as I could press my thighs together harder, or even try and push my fingers up between my legs. I couldn't reach my pussy that way, but any pressure there seemed to help me wait. So did pulling my jeans up so they were as tight as possible between my legs, and when a really bad urge hit me, I was pressing a fist against my crutch area, not quite holding myself, but almost as good. Twice, when I was sure nobody was looking, I did put a hand right between my legs and hold myself. That felt so good that I wished I had a magazine or bag that I could cover my lap, so I could hold it all the time. Also I was hoping, dreaming really, that the coach would be stopped outside a public loo, and that other nurses would jump out to go there, so I could as well, but of course it did not happen, and if we had been stopped near one I am not sure, desperate though I was, that I would have had the nerve to be the first to get out."

    "At last we arrived and were parking, and I thought my troubles were over. Sister took ages telling us when and where to meet in the evening. I hardly heard this, as I was frantically looking round for the loos, which I needed to be close by. Instead, it was like a nightmare, there wasn't a loo to be seen. After so long with my legs crossed, walking made my need to go even more urgent, so I was in no condition to go far looking for a loo. Hoping there might at least be a sign for one, I stood, twisting my legs together and gripping my jeans pockets with both hands and pulling them up hard, while I looked round."

    "Luckily some other nurses were also looking for a loo, so I just followed in the group, because I was hardly capable of independent thought any more. The only thing that mattered to me was keeping my bladder under control until we got to the loo, and it was all I could do to keep up with the group. I simply could not walk normally, I was hobbling along, taking short steps with stiff legs, pulling up my jeans and clenching myself shut. It seemed to be miles to the loo, and several times I almost had to hold myself to keep control. I was having to use all my strength to control my bladder, and I was not going to be able to walk very far"

    "When I could finally see the public loo, it was simply more than I could bear, I just had to get there as quickly as possible, and nothing else mattered. I did not care who knew I was desperate, I just ran for the ladies' in a panic, grabbing at my crutch for the last few yards as running and anticipation made my urge to pee almost uncontrollable."

    "I knew that everybody would see how desperate I was, but I was beyond caring about that. Nothing mattered to me except having a pee, and every second's delay was critical. Thankfully there were some free loos, as I hadn't thought to get any money ready, and I don't think I could have waited while I looked through my purse. I have never pulled my jeans down so quickly in my life, and even then I let go the instant I was sitting on the loo. The relief was absolutely fantastic, the most glorious feeling I have ever had. I just sat on the loo and relaxed, letting it all come pouring out, allowing my poor, overstretched bladder to empty at last."

    "Afterwards, as I expected, some of the nurses were laughing at me, running for the loo, and then having to hold myself. I was quite ashamed of myself for doing it, but I really had no choice, I was so desperate I nearly wet myself at the end. By exaggerating the amount of coffee I had drunk at breakfast, and the sudden urgency of anticipating a pee, I managed to make up some excuse for my behavior. Luckily, nobody had seen how much I had been struggling on the coach, nor had any idea how long I had been waiting, but the fact is, I have not got the capacity that some of the nurses have, and I still have to suffer the occasional remark about having a weak bladder."

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My most embarrassing moment was when I was at a cheerleading competition in Florida. My crush that I was crushing on (that by the way, I happened to like for like 10 years) caught me in my hotel room in nothing but my manthong panties. I was putting in some anal suppositories because I have a weird disease. My crush was on her way to practice and stopped by to see if I was ready to go. She and a couple of friends had gotten an extra key from the chaperone and had used it to get into my room. They thought I was asleep because I didn't answer when they knocked on the door, so they used the key to get in to play a prank on me. Little did they know the joke was on them. I turned around when I heard laughter to see my longtime CRUSH staring at me in horror. CRRRRRRRRRIINNGEEEEE!!

    Not only that, but they had yellow paint in their hands to play the prank on me. Seeing me in my MANTHONG, they squealed and threw the paint on me. So here I am wearing nothing but manthong panties, an anal suppository, and yellow paint. The instructor (whom knew whom my CRUSH was) was walking down the hall yelling, "SO JESUS, HAVE YOU TOLD YOVANDA THAT YOU LIKE HER YET?" (my crush's name is Yovanda Slappentikle) The girls started giggling and squealing and ran away. I took a shower and then remembered my other bag with my cheerleading clothes in it was still in the lobby. So I put a towel on and on the way down to the lobby, my key flew out of my hand (by some unknown force). The door locked and closed on my towel, leaving me fastened to the door. My CRUSH walked by right then. (Mysteriously she's always around the corner) I was so embarrassed I started throwing up all over the both of us. She yelled, "Jesus Mary and Joseph in Tinsel Town!" And unlocked me from the door. She then declared her love for me and kissed me. Once again, I took a shower and (finally got to practice) and there was Yovanda, telling all the girls on the squad about how bad a kisser I was, despite my being a "lush lad." From that day on, I can't look at any cheerleader, manthongs, yellow paint, or anal suppositories the same way again.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My friend went to Canada's Wonderland a few summer's ago and there was when she had the most embarassing thing happened to her. She's 12. Anyways, she was on the drop zone and when the drop zone went down her shirt went all the way up to her neck and she wasn't wearing a bra! Then a man beside my friend Carolyn started laughing hysterically. The worst part of it all was at the end she couldn't get her shirt down because the strap was in the way. She had to wait until she got off the ride!

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