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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, here's the laundry list of my cheating...

    one nighter #1: drunken night with a stranger
    one nighter #2: man 15 years older than me at a convention in PA
    short-term affair: met this guy at a karaoke bar, he was the best kisser I'd ever met, so I figured he'd be good at other things. This went on for an entire summer
    internet guy #1: this guy and I had cybersex several times, then agreed. We had sex in the front seat of his car in the Target parking lot in broad daylight. He had a great "unit," but he was a true "quickie"
    the security guy: I was working temp work and met a relatively cute guy who was working security. we got drunk together and had sex all night long.
    the guy who taught this class I attended: he was very sexy, bald but sexy. he came into town a year later and we hooked up. never heard from him again.
    my manager: I'd just started working for a very large company and had a very HOT boss. He and I hooked up after a concert one night.
    the really hot local politico: hooked up with someone in my local liberal party. single, good-looking... would definitely do him again
    my sister's 18-year old guy friend: total drunken 1-nighter. only made out.. didn't have sex.
    a really old local politico: a total drunken 1-nighter. again, only made out. no sex. good thing. I had on my beer goggles that night.
    at least 5 or 6 drunken 1-nighters when out with my best friend.
    a hot & heavy make-out session with a guy that I work with (no, not the manager)
    had sex with my best friend. HUGE mistake. broke both our hearts.
    got really drunk one night and had sex with this guy in his car in the parking lot of a local pub

    I need attention from men. I'm not sure what my deal is, but whenever a guy pays attention to me, compliments me, or makes sexual advances toward me, I am powerless to resist. I think I am a sexual addict. I feel that I am doomed to ruin my life. How do I stop this?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I discovered that I enjoy watching my wonderful wife have sex with other men. How can I find real people to talk to about this and maybe ask questions since we are very new at this. Are there news groups or something where we can go to tell stories and get advice? I don't mean made up stories. maybe another couple who have discovered the same thing and would like to talk about it. I'm not sure what my next moves should be to encourage my wife.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have this girlfriend Nicole, and she get's horny ALOT! Good for me but I still live with my parents and she lives with her's so we barley ever get to do anything. Anyway my parents went out on some corney date (Gak) and Nicole came over. We opened a case of beer i had in my room and stared drinking like crazy. Niether of us were really drunk because we both drink alot! After long we started making out and she told me she was horny. So i told her i;d go to the bathroom (I really had to go from all the beer. I have a small bladder) and then we'd have more fun. SHe sat on my lap as i was laying on my bed. She said i wasn't going anywhere. I told her i really had to go but she didn't care. She conitued making out with me and she started to undo my pants. SHe started rubbing me throu my boxers. I know she felt it throbbing because i could, she knew i had to go BAD! She pulled away and smiled at me. I started sweating because of the desperation and went to take her off me. (I still had my boxers on but no pants) Just then she quickly pressed her two thumbs against my bladder. I moaned as it started to dribble out. I didn't want to go in front of her so i controlled myself. She didn't want me to go in a toliet she wanted me to go THERE. SHe spread my legs open and stated to rub my balls. I started to relax and moan. it felt like heaven. Then once again she shoved both of the palms of her hands against my bladder and i exploded. It felt so good to let it out, my throbbing penis relavied from pain. I looked down to see my white boxers and the bed below me soaked. I couldn't help but turn red. i felt it embarrassing but she didn't she liked it. I have no idea why but i guess that turns some chicks on. Its a good thing cause i do that all the time now and get sex.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was in school one day (about 10 years ago) and I was on my way to the bathroom. I am a guy. I really had to go because we were taking a test and our teacher wouldn't let us go. My balls were in pain but i was almost there and I knew i could make it. Then the girl agressive jocks came out of the locker room and saw me holding my crotch. I moved my hands quickly but the pee urge was harder now. They walked over to me and pushed me into the guys bathroom and locked the door making sure no teachers saw. One of them leaned up against the side of the urnial and smiled the other ones grabbed me and brought me over. 'go head, piss' one said. 'i'm not going in front of you' I was embarrassed cause i'm pretty small down there and i didn't want them to see my dick. One of them held back my hands (damn these girls were strong) and the other opened my pants and took out my dick they started laughing and i turned bright red. I had to go so bad now my dick was throbbing so i decided just to go considering she was holding it for me. while i was going she started rubbing my member back and forth. I got hard fast. "oo someones horny' one of them said. Then i realised where i knew these girls from. They were the best friends of my ex girlfriend who i dumped. once i finshed peeing she was still stroking me. I got really big. Ones face now turned mad and they held me up aginst the wall, all of them. My pants were around my ankles. 'this is for breaking denises hearts.' one said then kneed my balls so hard i thought they fell off. I doubled over but they held me back. I saw it turn red. It hurt so much i started to cry. I wanted to rub it but they were holding my hands back. This was the most worst day of my life. One of them took pictures with her camra phone. Now i was mortified tht the whole school would see my tiny hard, red dick. They let me go and i fell to the floor in pain holding my dick. That picute was sent eveywhere AND posted in the girls locker room i heard. Now i'm severly afriad of breaking up with girls and going to the bathroom in school.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay so me and my girlfriend decided one day that we were going to play the hold it game. My parents weren't home so we went up to my room. We sat on the edge of my bed and drank at least 3 bottles of water each. I looked over at her and she looked completely fine but i started to feel a slight pain in my bladder. Maybe it was because I had a start bucks coffee earlier but after awhile we both had another water. I felt a little pain in my groin but just tried to ignore it. Oh we made a bet. If she held it longer I had to put on a pair of her panties and bra and she could take a picture and show it to her and my friends. If i won I'd get to have sex with her on the beach (something I awalys wanted to do) so i knew i had to win. I asked her how she was doing and she said fine in a completey normal voice. I felt more pain in my groin and gripped the inside of my thighs. She looked at me and laughed. "You have to go already? This will be easy." I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate. 10 minutes later it was time to drink another bottle and i did. Wow I could really feel the pain now. I grab my crotch and started rocking back and forth. I looked over at her and saw her pressing her hands against her pussy. It kinda turned me on but i couldn't think about that now. 10 more minutes and i was doubling over. I hate having a small bladder. I downed another bottle slowly. My girlfriend said she had to go bad. I thought i'd win but she didn't let go. "your gonna lose' she said seeing my face all strained. My voice was higher than normal i felt like some one kicked me in the balls. HARD. I felt a little slip. Uh oh. I couldn't let her win. There was no way I could take another sip of water without letting lose. And there was no way I could move my hands without exploding. I knew even if i did win i wouldn't make it to the tolit in time. I couldn't even stand up. My girlfriend said time for the next bottle. (BTW we had to stand up to get the water from the table a few feet away.) I moaned. God it hurt. I stood up slowly and the second i did my knees shook and I dropped to the ground. Pee started gushing out of me. I moaned in pleasure it felt so good. I layed on the ground and kept pissing untill i was empty a few minutes later. I looked up at my girlfriend who hadn't moved. Her eyes were closed tight and i knew she was desprate. "carry me to the bathroom PLEASEEEE" she begged. I stood up still covered in piss and bent over near her. I slowly pushed her back on the bed. "PLEase i'm gonna piss myslef." she begged again. I knew how embarrassed she was and didn't want to go infront of me. I still wanted to have my fun so all i did was take my pinky and poke her lower stomach and she started pissing like a racehorse. After she started crying becuase she was embarrassed and sad she wet my bed but i told her it was a major turn on. it was hot

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I love playing the hold it game. It makes me so horny so one day i decied to hold it all day till work the next morning. My girlfriend came over when i was in the process and thought i was crazy. By the end of the first night i felt the need to go but i wouldn't. after my girlfriend left i drank another bottle of water but not to much because i didn't want to wet the bed. So I went to sleep and woke up early for work the next morning. i was BURSTING to go then. My dick hurt so bad. I held it the entire time i was getting ready. No way could i have coffee. I knew if i got to work i could let it out. i put on skinny jeans on the day to make it more fun. Damn they were tight and pressed against my bladder HARD. I got in my car and crossed my legs and held my crotch the whole way there. I felt a little dribble out as i got out of the car and stand up. OW! I doubled over and limped inside. Luckly there weren't alot of people there. I hobbled into the elevator and continued to squeeze my groin as i thought of going was only a for secs away. I got out and made it into the bathroom and up to a urinal. the the worst thing happed. my zipper was stuck. there was no way i could pull my pants down they were to tight. i started bouncing up and down which only made me want to go more. I couldn't hold it anyone and pee just went all over my jeans i felt like a little kid. it was so embarrassing. but felt really good

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I work as a Collector in my area. I was at work recently one afternoon making my calls for the day and I was on the phone with one client for a while trying to get an issue resolved. The process turned out lengthier then I orginally planned and I was falling behind and worse yet, I desperately needed to use the bathroom but I wasn't finished with the call yet, then it happend, I lost control of my bladder, and Pee went shooting out underneath my skirt onto the floor. Try as I did, it was no use. There was no way I could regain control of myself. So helpless and Embarrassed I flooded my panties, my skirt and my chair for a solid minute straight before it reduced to small stream then a few squirts and finally came to a stop. Everybody knew what had happened which only made my Embarrassment worse. I had to go clean myself up at home and change before coming back to work although I really didn't want to be there the rest of the day.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Me and my girlfriend were on our way up north to go to Niagra Falls. Its a pretty long drive. I was driving and we were on the fast high way. It was very hot out so I had at least 4 bottles of water about half way there. Then the urge came to pee. I got worried knowing i have a VERY small bladder and i couldn't hold it for long. A sign passed that read 23 miles till the next rest stop.. I told my girlfriend how bad i had to go and she just told me to hold it. It wasn't like we could get off at an exit, it'd take us to another highway. I started to squeeze my 'nether regions' because the urge grew bigger. The worst thing was that i was still thirsty and thinking of water made my me wanna go more. My gf saw how bad i had to go so she reached over and held my crotch for me. I could tell she was getting horny. I felt her start to rub their but that only made me relax and let some out. SHe felt it and moved her hand. i told her sorry and she was only turning me on. SHe crossed her legs watching my everymover. The traffic slowled down suddenly and i jammed on the breaks making the bottom seat belt jam into my bladder. I moaned loudly. i knew i couldn't hold it much longer. I started bouncing up and down. I felt pain down there instead of just the need to go. I started sweating becuase i was getting embarrassed the way i was acting. Me and my gf never had sex before even though we did touch ALOT! She took my water and took a sip of it. slowly! It made a little more dribble out. Fuck it hurt. I didn't want to get an infection down there but i couldn't wet my pants eatier. the car in front of me stopped dead in its tracks making me stop short again. While my bladder was pressed against my bladder i peed. but as i flew back in my seat i managed to stop myslef. My knees started to shake i couldn't hold it for another minute. My face was bright red when i pulled over and didn't care if i wasn't supposed to. I grabbed one of the bottles and opened it i then hesitated and up did my pants and boxers exposing my very hard dick. My gf was staring at it. (She hasn't seen me b4 that.) Then i froze holding the bottle to my dick. I was so nervous about going infront of her i couldn't go at all. She knew and reached over. She slammed her hands down hard on my bladder and my piss busrted out. that did it. it came out uncontrolablely into the bottle. it started to get full. my girlfriend was trying to open another one but was strugglin. it got filled up all the way and i had to stop. i put it down still having to finish but i couldn't hold it. the rest spurtted out all over me and the wheel of the car. I moaned and came as it did. it felt sooo fuckking good. I even pumped up and down on myslef not caring my gf was still right there, watching everything. theres no feeling like going when you've held it in for so long.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 19 yr old gay man who even though I havent had sex with a man yet I have giving a few blowjobs to them, I'm small in nature about 5' 8" and have been a closet crossdresser for a few years, reasontly I told an older fried of mine about me dressing hes 29 and I let him see me dressed fully in his house twice, being dressed and around him we kiss and I sucked him off a few time but now he has told me I sould be ready for the next step letting him in my ass, he's very nice and I want to but I'm nervous, I like him alot and I like dressing for him and getting the gifts he give me, I think letting him be my 1st would be nice, he says he only wants to do this when I'm ready....I think I am but not sure but I have feeling for him.. plus his cock looks huge

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my bf complains that im loose. even though he can only fit one finger inside me while fingering me and his 7 inch dick can BARLY fit in me. to me that says im pretty tight...what do u think...?

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