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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 22

    Yes everyone is born naked. When we were little my grandmother had this thing about taking naked pictures of us, in the bathtub, getting dressed, on the sofa. She kept us during the day and we ran around naked. If it weren't for those pictures I would have no memory of this, we were between two and five at the time, my sister was five and she has faint memories.

    All these naked pictures are in albums of when we were growing up. I have a boyfriend, a regular Joe boyfriend who is serious as all get out and I take him to meet my grandma. I can't believe it she gets this album out of me naked as a kid and puts it in his lap and turns the pages for him. I know that he was uncomfortable but didn't know what to say, I was more than uncomfortable I was embarrassed. She loves this one picture of me holding my blankie, with my naked little girlie parts for all to see. She had that picture enlarged to a 5X7 and it is in a frame in her bedroom. I hate it, she loves it. She brought it out to show my boyfriend because it is the cutest picture she has of me.

    Suffice it to say I was embarrassed one more time. And she doesn't get it.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Sorry, I'm drunk as hell, but horny as fuck. Sorry if my typing or story makes no sense, haha. I think I got this. I decided to confess the ordeal I have with a friend. Ever since he learned of my bisexuality, he's been more adamant about getting horny with me. More so, making me horny. He claims he straight, but he tries to convince me to suck him off. I don't really need much persuasion, but I find it funny that he thinks he has a hold of me. I just tend to play dumb until he can't take it anymore and asks me to take care of him. One day, he got me quite drunk and I promised him I'd suck him off whenever he wanted. I don't remember it doing so, but I act like I did. Whenever I mention the promise, I see his face light up. Our friendship pretty much connected our interests in anime and video games, but now it's all about him getting off before all of that. He thinks he sly, but I love it. Took me forever to type this, jhaha

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    My wife went out of town for the weekend. When she got to were she was going I got a text from here that said "I left you something in your bottom drawer under the clothes...have fun".

    I checked and she made me one of those do it yourself pocket pussies and left some KY.

    Oh ya, I did just what you're wondering. Later that night I lubed that fucker up and fucked it. Holy fucking shit. Not quite as good as a nice warm pussy but way way way better than your own hand.



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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 50

    This isn't quite a confession but given some of the silly things I've seen written on here I think I can get away with this. Actually I was hoping to get a little female advice. I was married for over 30 years, divorced about two years ago and this is regarding my sister-in-law who Ive recently began having sexual thoughts about. She's always been an extremely attractive woman, super fun and very charismatic but she was one of those women who used it like a weapon and over the years I've watched her very cold heartedly leave a trail of broken hearts in her wake. She seemed Invincible for a very long time then as she got older I watched, sometimes with Glee as her invincibility began to wane and she began to get a taste of her own medicine. I remember the first time her princess Act failed and the guy she was with basically said, who the fuck are you talkin to and then just stopped taking her calls, she was gobsmacked, she couldn't believe it and we were all like tee hee hee ... including her sister. Now in her mid-fifties she's still a very attractive woman but now being just a mere mortal, she exhibits genuine vulnerability and I got to say this is super sexy to me and I've recently been thinking about hitting her up and just coming out and saying straight Up, look I want your body... not quite in those words but you get the idea. I'm talking about a strictly FWB situation. We flirted a bit over the years ( mostly me) but she has given me some nice compliments in these latter years and very recently I saw her, of course with a handsome man in tow and she said I think of you all the time. I'm not dumb enough to read this as, I think all the time about fucking you, but it's something. I am also smart enough to know that, despite the many stories that you read on this site that that being that Direct usually isn't a good idea. I don't have the time nor the proximity to her do the mating dance so it's got to be this way. She's not the type to be appalled by it and I think if the idea appealed to her she would do it without compunction. Also I do love her as family, not just some woman I will never see again. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    One day, when I was 13, I decided to go for a swim in my towns public pool early in the mourning. It was early enough that people probably would not show up for atleast an hour. So I decided I would go skinny dipping. I pulled down my blue and green swim trunks, exposing my 13 yearold 5 inch penis, balls, pubes, and chiseled ass to the world.

    I threw my trunks to the side of the pool and dived in. I felt great sexual pleasure as the cold water pushed up against my dick and spread in between my bare legs. I floated on my back a while letting my pale white crotch absorb the early mourning sun. Soon I saw people starting to walk towards the pool, and took that as a cue to go put my trunks back on. But then I stop myself, for if I was so aroused by being naked by my self, the pleasure I would feel with other people around me would be imense. So I move over to the wall of the pool and pushed my young cock and balls against the white tiles to conceal my self.

    Soon people started to populate the pool. I then noticed my neighbor walking over to me with her husband and her two kids she talks to me for a few minutes, all the while, dispute the cold water, my dick is in pain as my full blown erection is bent back by the wall. I am in agany untill she finishes talking and walks away, allowing me to pull my crotch way from the wall, and let my boner extend.

    I realize that I might be in over my head now. There are now at least 20 people, 7 of them kids around the pool. My trunks are far enough away that I will have to fully expose my self to get them. I decide that my best bet is to make a mad dash for them when
    most of the people are not looking.

    I saw an opportunity and took it. I climbed out, my hard dick sticking straight out, and started to run towards my trunks. As I was about to pass the entrance of the pool, a girl I knew from school, Molly, came around the corner wearing a tight red bikini. I tried to stop in time, but to no avail, and slammed into her. My dick slid off her cotch and the head rested against the inner part of right thigh, and I could feel the thin fabric against my pubes. Her tits pushed right up against my bare chest. She let out a gasp.

    Now every one at the pool was looking at my tiny ass . I caught a glimpse of Molly's tits, even spotting a bit of one of her nipples, followed by me blowing a huge load of cum all over her leg. I let out a moan. I then pulled myself away from Molly and grabbed my trunks and just ran, letting my wet, now floppy dick hit up against my leg as I ran.

    I was so scared that Molly would tell everyone at school what happened, but to my surprise, it turned out she had like what she saw (and felt) and asked me on a date. I will let you imagine how things went from there.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    The real world, I became sexually active at 16 with a man I will call The Bear. One night I woke up after a dream and wrote it down and later polished it up. It was a dream about being lost in the woods like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf comes along and ravishes you, it was a very real dream, I could feel the wolf, I woke up wet and my heart racing and all so I wrote this down. The way I wrote it, it was about being taken out to a party and a man grabs me and takes me away to a room and ravishes me and leaves me naked on the bed to be found by another girl who is going to the bathroom. Anyway my story was found by a friend who told her mother who told the school counselor and I was put in counseling for having these fantasies, not before being questioned for hours as to whether or not it happened. I never said anything about me and The Bear, that's a secret till this day.

    In any event time passes and I am 29 and I am working at this office building with lots of employees, it is in the winter months but not too cold but it gets dark early and I left around six thirty. I had parked my car next to the stairwell. When I got to my car I was trying to get the key in the door and I was grabbed from behind with an arm around my throat and a hand over my mouth. I dropped my purse and keys to the floor and he swung me around several times and turned me towards him and hit me in the face with his fist and knocked me to the floor. He was dressed in winter clothes and had on a ski mask and he went for my pants and I fought him so he hit me again only harder and I guess more or less knocked me out. I came too and he had my pants off and he had his pants off and he was getting on top of me. Then wham he flies off to one side and hits the wall, and then wham again I hear the most horrible sound you can hear, his head being hit by a baseball bat, and then wham again the baseball bat hit him again. And this man stands over me and tells me to cover myself up because who wants to see my snatch like that. He collects my purse and keys and yells at me for parking next to a stairwell, he puts me in my car and tells me to get the hell out of there and keep my mouth shut.

    Well the man was found later in the stairwell but two floors down. He wasn't dead but he should have been and of course he doesn't know what hit him. I let my face heal and take off work and tell people I tripped on the stairs at my apartment building. For the many, many months that follow I am watched over in the parking lot, I can feel it. I am watched when I leave my house. I am watched, but I am not watched I am being protected. When I can't feel the man that is watching me I get nervous. After several months of this I start to fantasize that my guardian angel is coming to get me one night and take me away with him. I have this dream again only more visible about the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood only this time instead of the Wolf being able to ravish me The Big Bear comes and kills the Wolf and takes me away with him to his lair and the Big Bear ravishes me over and over again and I have little bear cubs and I become a bear. Even I know that I need to go talk to someone because these dreams are getting more vivid and more vivid, I am masturbating with anything I can get my hands on, I seclude myself in my apartment to masturbate.

    Only this time I call The Bear, the man that I was sexually active with when I was a teenager. Only this time I am not a teenager and I am desperate for him. Desperate, he has been in my dreams for months and months and I am desperate for him. He gets upset with me, he tells me to settle down, he holds me down and tells me to settle down and finally just orders me to tell him what is going on. So I tell him about the parking lot. He ravished me after that, ravished me and ravished me over and over all night long. He won't admit it but I know he was there that night, I know it. It has to be him.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    My father has always been a big camper. Usually when we were little we went camping for the day because there was always an infant and my mother didn't want to spend the night. As we got older my father took us on overnight camping trips. We were small, eight, nine etc. and we stayed at public camp sites, and there were always restrooms. Then when I was thirteen my father decided to take my older brother and me up country on a full nature hike and camp. He said we were being initiated.

    Well we got out there and set up camp and the first thing we do is hike about a mile over to this stream and my father tells us how when he was a kid they came up here and they fished and how much we were going to like it. But there are no bathrooms. No, now you take your roll with you and small plastic bag and go find a bush or a rock and squat and wipe yourself and put he dirty TP in the plastic bag and when you get back to camp you put the small plastic bag in a larger plastic bag for all the dirty TP. My brother acts like it is no big deal, but to me it is a big deal. Going number 1 is bad enough, but number 2 is horrifying.

    My brother and I go hiking and we have on packs. In the packs we each have to carry our own TP and plastic bags, if you go you carry your plastic bags back to camp. We are out of camp about two hours and I have to go number one. I wait and wait and finally I tell my brother I have to go. He goes and clears a space behind this bush and tells me to go there, and he stands in front of the bush while I am supposed to go. I am supposed to push my pants down and squat and look at my brother while I go. I can't go but I tell him I did and we keep hiking. I start to leak, little by little I can't hold it in. I finally give up hope and go behind this bush and just let it all go, getting my shoes and my pants wet. I am on a slight hill so I am falling backwards and I can't get my pack off my back so I yell for him. I am screaming, my brother who was 15 at the time comes over behind the bush and just looks at me squatting with everything to see and starts laughing, giving me some of his TP. I am so embarrassed, but he makes it worse telling me he has seen me naked so many times.

    While I am wiping myself, including my legs and pants he just whips it out and standing in front of me pees straight into the puddle of where I peed. I am still squatting, his penis right in my face and he is telling me that I should have been a boy and not a sister. I manage to get myself dry and he has to take my hand to help me stand, he stands me up straight and reaches down to pull my panties up and I stand there with my hands on his shoulders until he gets my panties and my pants up and then I zip them up and buckle my belt. After that experience I became his little sister for life.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 34

    After a crappy breakup and after work on Friday I hit the bar and had a few cold ones. Unknown to me a girl I had a total crush on showed up and the bar, intending to meet someone. Stacy was about my age and had these beautiful green eyes. Since my moms death I had a very full bank account and no worries. Stacy being a single mom I had helped out several times and we could tell each other anything.

    Feeling shitty I said shit Iâd love to get high, Stacy with a shocked look said ever do meth ? SInce I never had I said âNo Maamâ. One thing leads to another and we go back to her place and for the 1st time I get spun as hell. Now I never knew at the time it makes you so dam horny but hey you live and you learn. Me and Stacy end up fucking for a long time. I end up heading home. Nothing could have prepared my for what happened nextâ¦â¦

    2 blocks from my house I stop for gas and cigarettes. As iâm fueling my car this beautiful asian girl pulls up and had trouble with the pump. Me still being spun, walk over and give her a hand. Thanking me I look at her and say âif you were not so beautiful I might not have helped, âI donât know how to thank youâ she says
    Being high and brave I say âWell come have a drink down the streetâ To my amazement she does, and sitting and talking to her something is off but Im thinking its because Im high. In my mind Iâm thinking and hour ago I was eating Stacyâs pussy with a raging hard cock and now its hard again.

    I get up to use the bathroom and order another drink, Kim (the asian girl) looks at my crotch and says you need a little help with that. As she reached out to touch it. Feeling the way I was and being a smartass I said âyes I do but I donât wanna get arrested for licking you all over on the barâ. To my surprise she says promise, he I live 2 minutes away. I donât think I ever paid a check that quick before in my life.

    Walking in my house, I tried to show her around but past the couch I was pushed down and my pants unzipped. Watching Kim lick my still moist cock from Stacy was amazing. 4 different times I try rubbing her between the lags and she movesâ¦â¦...Finally she stops and says hey lookâ¦â¦.I&acir c;m a little different then most girlsâ¦.stupid me has no ideal she is trying to tell me she has a cockâ¦..eventually she pulls out this brown smooth beautiful cock. Donât know what came over me but I DID NOT Care and the next thing you know is Iâm giving her head like I was a pro, I look up at her brown eyes and said âplease cum in my mouthâ

    One of the best experiences of my life. I ass fucked her for the next few hours eventually pulling out the pipe ...we both smoked and fucked for the next day and a half.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 47

    Madam Noir.

    I moved to Tempe Arizona for a job. I moved into a complex and next door to me lived a woman in red. She is originally from Washington D.C. and moved here after she retired. According to her she was married to the deep dark secret agent kind of guy but won't say much more except that he has passed away. I worked and came home about the same time every day and she would come over and talk. I talked because I thought she was lonely and I didn't have anyone to talk to either. Then one day she tells me this story.

    Seems she was young then, learning how to work in the big government office world when she met her husband, a seasoned agent and all who was back from a far away assignment. Seems that he had been without for some time because he took her to satisfy his needs. She said she was all virgin and nineteen and he was an older man. She complained but to no effect and he did his nasty deed. While she was trying to put herself back together he took her face in his hand and told her she would do, and she did. From then on when he needed to relieve his needs he came to her.

    Twenty years later he decided to retire, he was well past the government retirement age, he told her to get her things together and took her to live in a small town in Virginia where she and him were supposed to melt into the crowd. She claims that he was old and his peter no longer worked so she found herself high and dry and she had needs and she didn't know where to go. And she found a sweet old lady schoolmarm who told her that her best friend was her rolling pin. How so, she asked and the little old schoolmarm held the rolling pin in her hand and told her to hold the other handle and asked her what it felt like and then taking the rolling pin in both hands she took the handle and shoved it against her parts. No it couldn't be, but it was and she went out and bought a rolling pin which she buttered up and went to town.

    That is what she wanted to tell me, that I needed a rolling pin for when I got home. It wasn't healthy keeping all to myself and if I wanted I could borrow her rolling pin. Well she got up and went next door and came back with her rolling pin, she took it in her two hands and shoved the handle up against her parts and said something like she could see God and told me to take it before it became too late for her and go hide it under my bed for later on. That night I saw God.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 51

    I'm a male with a Clothing Fetish for Women's Shirts with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. I'm NOT a crossdresser, I'm a Fetishist! My Clothing Fetish is for this single style of Women's Shirt. I have a "Fetish Name" for this style of Women's Shirt. I call this style of Women's Shirt by the Fetish Name "TICKET SHIRT." My sexy Women's Ticket Shirts are my ONLY Fetishwear! My Ticket Shirt wearing Fetish has been a lifelong Women's Clothing Fetish. I'm sexually attracted to my Women's Ticket Shirts and I'm a sexual slave to my Women's Ticket Shirts! Women's Ticket Shirts are sexually beautiful to me!

    To define and explain what a Ticket Shirt is: a TICKET SHIRT is a "Shirt" with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags, and one or two Pockets. A Ticket Shirt has frontal button closure with the buttons being visible, not hidden. I LOVE Ticket Shirts made from silky polyester. I prefer solid colors ONLY. All of my Ticket Shirts are Women's Ticket Shirts.

    The Collar of a Ticket Shirt is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar," the Collar Tag is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar Tag," and the Pockets of a sexy Woman's Ticket Shirt are called "Ticket Shirt Pockets." I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt and jerk off. I LOVE to watch myself in a mirror while I wear a Ticket Shirt and jerk off. I LOVE how sexy a Woman's Ticket Shirt looks on me! My pretty Women's Ticket Shirts are so Sexually Beautiful to me! I LOVE Ticket Shirts with sexual LOVE!

    I have a small penis only 4 inches long when hard. I have a "Fetish Name" for my penis. The Fetish Name for my penis is "Ticket pp." My sperm also has a "Fetish Name." The Fetish Name for my sperm is, "Ticket sperm." I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt, jerk off and spurt Ticket sperm from my Ticket pp! I also have "pp Ticket Shirts" which are for rubbing my Ticket pp on, and "sperm Ticket Shirts" for spurting my Ticket sperm onto when I jerk off.

    I LOVE to wear one of my Women's Ticket Shirts, and look at and jerk off to a pp Ticket Shirt. I also LOVE to spurt my Ticket sperm onto a sperm Ticket Shirt, then lick and eat my own Ticket sperm off of my sexually beautiful sperm Ticket Shirt! I LOVE the taste of my Ticket sperm, to me my Ticket sperm is DELICIOUS!

    I also have a sexual clothing Fetish for a Girl Scout Uniform and a Nurse Uniform. The Girl Scout Uniform is called a "Girl Scout Ticket Shirtdress" and the Nurse Uniform is called a "Nurse Ticket Shirtdress." Both have Pointed and Notched Ticket Shirt Collars.

    I LOVE my Women's Ticket Shirts! I LOVE to wear one of my sexually beautiful Women's Ticket Shirts when I jerk off and spurt my Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp! I'm LOVING to expose my "Ticket Shirt secrets."

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