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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Just got back from spending nine weeks at a cousins Spanish villa. It's at an urbanization called San Fulgencio. Not oo far from their is a beach called Dunes de la Marina where I walked my cousins dog each evening. It was him who pointed it out to me last time myself and my wife were there.

    Because my wife broke her ankle on a week before we flew out, she didn't accompany me on the dog walks, which gave me the opportunity to walk through the dunes and along the gay appointed/recognised beach.
    On my first walk I came across two younger men sucking each other off. taking turns to swallow each others dicks. Not speaking Spanish I didn't know what they were saying when they spoke to me, but I fully understood when one of them signaled for me to have my cock sucked. After all it was why I'd walked that way.

    Tying the dog to a tree, I walked over dropped my shorts and had both young men suck on my cock alternatively. I'm a well endowed man (8.5 inches) and love sex. Only my wife who's nearly fifty has gone right off sex. Last time we were there, I very nearly had a guy suck me off then, but bottled out. This time knowing we were going to be at the villa for over two months, I made my mind up, I was at least going to try out having my cock sucked by a guy.
    Once both young men had sucked on my dick for about five to ten minutes, I was handed a condom and the youngest looking lad bent himself over the low branch of a tree. Not having to be asked twice, I watched as the other young lad smothered his friends arsehole with lube as I unrolled condom along my cock. Stepping upto him, I put my cock head to his arse opening and thrust in. It had been a long long time since I'd fucked anyone, and I went hell for leather holding his hips to support myself and him. Unfortunately I only lasted around four or five minutes before I busted my nut up his rear hole.

    Sliding my cock out, I dropped the condom to the floor, pulled up my shorts and was walking with the dog a few minutes later. But not before I'd given my mobile number to the lads. About half past nine that night I got a text saying in broken English "Tomos evening, on my own, love fuck again. Same place".
    Seeing my wife downing yet another whisky, I text back "Sure see you there".
    Sure enough he was there on his own and moving a little away for where we'd fucked the night before, I had him suck on my dick for a much longer time. Putting on a condom, I fucked that young man standing up, him mounting me then began fucking him doggy style as two men walked right upto us. As I fucked his tight young arse, the two older men tossed themselves off and came within minutes. Watching their cum flying everywhere had my cock pulsing and I soon ejaculated up his arsehole filling the condom. What I hadn't noticed in all my pleasure, is he'd cum without touching his little cock, all over the sandy floor.

    Pretty much the rest of our stay there, except the last week, I walked the dog alone and had sex. Either a blow job, or fucking my young Spanish lad. In all I had sex with six different men. Three older, one around my age and two younger lads.

    Right at the end of our stay I managed to meet up with the young lad on his own again and fucked him as he stood against a tree. It was then I learned he'd only just turned seventeen that week.
    My wife who's non the wiser and I have already booked to visit again next year. Only it will be in May and then again in mid October. From now until then I'm sure I'm going to find young guys at home to fuck, because fucking my young Spanish friend had taught me one thing. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself.
    Onwards and up any young arsehole I can find to fuck from now on.

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I met my husband at work. I was 23 and he was 30, and the first day he took me out he stuck two fingers in my vagina and his thumb up my ass. No one had ever touched my hole back there and I was both angry and aroused and he told me that he could do with my asshole whatever he pleased. It was the price I had to pay to get fucked by him.

    Other things happened, he liked me to adopt the 'position', to such his dick when he watched TV, he liked me to cook his meals and serve him and not wear pants or underpants. Saturday was laundry day and for him having me do laundry, iron and fold while he watched TV reminded him of his mother and he insisted that I do the same.

    One night, after I had taken a long bath, he was eating me and talking to me while he did it, reaching up and twisting my nipples which I always liked, he asked me if I had ever had a girl eat me. I said no, why did he ask. He said he had read that girls eat the best pussy because they know what the other girl likes. He asked me if I had ever eaten pussy or kissed a girl. I said no, couldn't he tell that I wanted to please my man.

    He quit eating me. I thought he was going to fuck me, so I laid back to accept him, but he didn't. Instead he sat on the side of the bed and told me he had always wanted to fuck a girl while she ate another girl's pussy. My answer was 'fat chance'. But he was serious, he pushed me down and described how he liked sliding his tongue around in my pussy and nibbling on my clit, that eating pussy always got him aroused and made him want to fuck.

    The girl he brought over he found through a friend that arranged 'dates' for customers when they came to town. She was a 'high class' girl, 24 from Ohio, she had moved to L.A. to study theater and did that 'on the side'. To me she was hooker and I had no desire whatever to 'do it' with her. I just wasn't going to put my mouth in that. He had her get undressed, at least she was all natural and didn't have plastic surgery. Naked she didn't look so much like a hooker and she had real nice boobs.

    He got his pants off and got hard on her and shoved his dick in her pussy while she adopted the 'position' with her ass in the air. He told me to get my pants off and sit in front of her and she would eat me and he would fuck her. Her mouth grabbed my pussy and her tongue went immediately into my vagina, her face dug into me and she started to finger my asshole. Fuck, then she bit on my clit and she fingered my vagina and fucked me with her fingers and using her other hand and her mouth she got my clit going and I started to go under. I wasn't even paying attention to my husband fucking her.

    I don't know when I had taken my top off and from time to time she would grab my boob and squeeze it tight and then go back to fingering me and eating me. Somewhere I had an orgasm, somewhere my husband had finished fucking her, somewhere she was standing naked beside me, she leaned over me and kissed my mouth and I put my hand on her breast and felt the most amazing feeling you can imagine.

    She was a hooker, but she was a she and I found out that I liked what she did and when my husband introduced me to this girl named 'Mary', and he took her top off and massaged her boobs and asked me if I wanted to eat pussy I gave in. Mary was a waitress putting her way through college, 20 years old, really a very pretty girl, but with a like for girls. She said she was bi, which to me didn't make sense, but she said she really liked getting it on with a girl, but she also liked getting off with a guy. I ate her pussy. And she ate mine. And my husband fucked me while I was eating her. And he fucked her while she was eating mine.

    After several weeks of hooking up, they were sex nights on her nights off, with a dinner date to start and a winner take all fuck off, I found out that he had met her first, he had dated her on the side and it was from her that he had gotten the idea of putting me together with a girl. He had cheated on me and I didn't care. Sex alone with him was like a massage, sex with Mary was like your first night out. To tell the truth, whether he fucked me or not when I was eating Mary didn't matter any more. What mattered was eating Mary out. I found I loved eating her pussy, I loved having her eat me out. I found out that I was bi, still needing my man in my life, but not able to give up the girl in my life. My husband had opened up a part of me that I never knew I had.

    If you are going to eat another girl's pussy, find a girl like Mary, all girl through and through. Skip the man part, eat her, fuck her, kiss her, grab her boobies, grab her ass, show her why she is the girl for you. Let him fuck you later, to help you go to sleep. But whatever you do, share your pussy with another girl, you won't regret it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54

    I raised my niece from the age of 10. Her mom died of cancer, same thing that took my wife 3 years before. Now I was the uncle by marrage, so no blood relationships. She married when she was 22 years old, her new husband was 37. After trying to get PG, 2 years now, with no success, I was taking her to our annual weekend of a professional base ball game. We have done this from the time she wss 5. As we live in a town that is a 6 hour drive to the game, we have always stayed overnight. Her husband was invited to go with us, but he said he didn't want to infringe on our time together. After the game, in the hotel room, she was crying and told me she really wants to get pregnant, but was afread that it would never happen. Around 3 in the morning, I woke to my niece naked on top of me trying to get me hard enough to have sex with her. Well I got her pregnet that night and he didn't know. 3 years later, another baseball game, she has another one comming. I love my niece,and will do what ever it takes to keep her happy. That was the only two times we ever had sex. Her husband was killed in a car accident shortly after she was pregnant with our second, and I have them living with me now. The kids will never know I am really their father instead of their great uncle.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I just let my high school history teacher fuck my ass! Didnât know he was hung!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    This is a 100% true story.

    Iï¸ think my sexual addiction started when Iï¸ was in 7th grade. That was a very stressful, awkward and just one of those years growing up that Iï¸ will always remember. My parents divorced when Iï¸ was in 4th grade and my father remarried when I was in the 7th grade. My mom had moved away to be with her family in another state. My mom battled some OCD stuff so I was actually given a choice who to live with and for a year spent time with both until my mom moved away. Iï¸ âinheritedâ a step/sister that was three years older than I was. No, I will tell you up front that Iï¸ have never had sex or even touched her, so that is not where this story is going. As a matter of fact I am now 48 years old and to this day she has never hardly ever even given me the time of day. The one year in which we actually attended the same school (she was a senior and I was a freshman) she never acknowledged me in school whenever she saw me, especially when she was around her friends. She was pretty much a bitch back then and now she is cordial to me and my family, but we are not close by any means.

    Iï¸ had great friends in elementary school but when we went to junior high it seemed as if everyone found new and more popular friends to hang out with and Iï¸ for some reason seemed to be left out. Iï¸ remember in junior high getting a lot of new friends and hanging out with guys that werenât as strong of character of people Iï¸ was used to hanging out with. I remember one friend named Doug had a lot of porn magazines he kept in his room that we used to look at together and Iï¸ learned what masturbation was by hanging around him. No, he did not show me how to do it but told me what to do when you look at porn magazines. Iï¸ totally vividly remember the first time Iï¸ did it laying in bed one night. Of course Iï¸ loved it.

    This friend Doug gave me magazines to take home and I would lay in bed masturbating to them. Every night. That was most likely the beginnings (obviously) of a sexual addiction, but it was enormously increased by my step-sister and the invasion of her privacy.

    My step-sister and Iï¸ had rooms next to each other and shared one of those âjack and Jill bathroomsâ even though almost 100% of the time other than showering Iï¸ used a bathroom on the other side of the house. That bathroom was pretty much hers and the only thing Iï¸ ever did in there was shower. I was too shy to poop or pee in there especially when she was in her room because Iï¸ was afraid she would here me.

    Ok so later on in 7th grade as my so called sexual addiction seemed to grow Iï¸ started spying on her. We each had sliding doors (pocket doors) that led into our bathroom so it was fairly easy to slowly slide her door just enough to see in her room. Iï¸ would also keep my door barely open so to her it looked like it was closed but when she was getting in and out of the shower (especially getting in the shower because I would have to see her through the mirrors and they would be fogged up by the time she got out). I would also peek in when she was going to the bathroom.

    Iï¸ also learned that girls would masturbate just like boys. Obviously I wanted to know if she did this too. So Iï¸ kept my bathroom door open and lay there with the light off in my room so Iï¸ could see the light from under her door. When Iï¸ saw her light go off Iï¸ would get up and very slowly and quietly open her door enough to see in and watch her to see if she masturated. Iï¸ remember the first night I was too scared to open the door enough to see but Iï¸ could tell she did it. My heart was absolutely pounding so hard I was scared back then that she was going to hear it. But she did this almost every night and the nights that she didnât Iï¸ would sit at her door for probably 30 minutes listening hoping that she would do it. Iï¸ was so desperate to hear her do it that I would stay there until Iï¸ was sure that she was asleep. Thatâs how bad this was.

    To tell you how bad of a sick habit this was, for almost three straight years Iï¸ bet you there was less than ten times that Iï¸ did not stay awake and wait for her light to go off so Iï¸ could try to watch her masturbate. Iï¸ became totally addicted to this. Iï¸ would become more desperate and brave, taking more chances to see her. I would open the door more and more every time until I could see exactly her outline in the bed. Once I learned that she masturbated on her stomach Iï¸ took even more chances and many times opened the door enough to actually walk in her room. Iï¸ would actually be so stupid and brave that on many occasions tip toe right up to the foot of her bad so close that I could hear her fingers and the squishy sound it made as she played with herself. Sometimes I would play with myself while Iï¸ watched her and even remember a few times I would cum on her floor and eventually bold enough to cum on her comforter. This shit went on for three years. Iï¸ swear to you it was so bad that Iï¸ would, even as Iï¸ got older and my curfew got later, make sure I was home early enough from going out with my friends, to be able to get home in hopes of watching her masturbate. The best times were her senior year when often she would get home late after most likely she had been drinking. She would really get it go for it on those nights, being more aggressive with herself, breathing harder and vocal. She would actually say things out loud but I could never understand the words.

    After my freshman year of high school she went off to college and life wasnât as exciting. Iï¸ was desperate and even started to try and spy on my step-mom but never had any success. I went back to porn magazines (this was before the invention of internet). Iï¸ looked so forward to holiday breaks when my step-sister would be home.

    By the way Iï¸ need to insert this: my step-sister was average looking. She was cute, Iï¸ guess but Iï¸ want this thing to be totally accurate so Iï¸ donât want to make it out that she was some totally hot chick. She wasnât that overweight back in high school, but I would describe her as a girl who battled her weight. Today she is for sure pretty overweight if not by some people standards obese. To put if very blatantly honest: yes I would have fucked her back in high school because she was cute enough and her body wasnât all that bad. Today not a chance. Wouldnât even look at her twice if she walked by.

    Today many years later at the age of 48, Iï¸ am married ironically with two daughters. I have a good married, average,not the happiest in the world but not bad by any means.

    Being still addicted to spying on people, Iï¸ have a hidden camara set up in our bedroom to watch and see how often my wife masturbates. Yes Iï¸ know I am sick. I will tell you these stories in part 2 of this saga. Thanks for hearing my addiction story. More to come.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 43

    I stummbled onto this site and love it. I have only told my girlfriend about this, and she gets turned on by the stories and goes home to fuck her husband. I am a 5 ft 9, 130 lbs and have 36b, boobs. I like to go try on shoes with no panties on and have both men and women look up my dress. It started by accident one day, and when the man helped measure my foot he got a good look at my trimmed pussy. I saw him get a hard on and it made me wet. Now i do it all the time. I have had many people ask me for a date, but being married I have said no. But when women see my pussy some are turned off by it, while a few have kept looking. I am not gay but this 1 women almost started to drool looking at my pussy and asked to meet for coffee on her break. I don't know why I said yes, but we went ot her car and she ate me out until I came, then stuck a finger in my ass ( which I won't let the hubby do ) and I came again. On my last trip a young stud had a big hard on and his dick looked to be 8+. I even rubbed my foot on him, It was some of the best sex my husband and I had in a long time.

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  • — My Family —
    1 / 27

    <a href==>TredWifttiff bow labono</a>
    <a href==>Sweediale ImmumVer Bouspes</a>
    <a href==>Sn Doubcuccex psync</a>
    JoymnBon spoiseeskycle Appom

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    How things have changed sexually:

    It all started after back surgery. I was straight at the time, but became impotent after the surgery, no longer able to please a female. My erection would be lost during insertion. So for many years now, no sex as I once knew it. Masturbation was the only thing left. Then one day while searching the internet, I came across pro-dominatrix, but I had to pay for this service.

    So I decided to try this, at least I would be with a female. We met, then she took over. She told me to strip naked, then she dressed me in female lingerie and makeup and told me how pretty I looked. She said it was time to act like a female. She put on a strapon and instructed me to get down on my knees and suck it. After some time I really got into it. I was spanked until my cheeks were red hot. She then told me to get down on all fours and she was going to take my virginity away. With lots of lube and patience, she was deep inside me, pumping away, she jacked me off and I shot a load of cum like never before. I was very happy from this experience.

    I went back a few more times and then sought out other dommes. Every time, I was feminized, sucked their cocks and bent over for it. I found out this has become the best sexual encounters I've ever had. I really enjoy being a "sissy slut". Finally, I was introduced to forced bi, she said it was time to suck a real man's cock. This was hard to do at first, but following her strict instructions, I did as I was told. I was now sucking cock. It was time for him to cum and was told to swallow ever drop, which I did. It was not as bad as I first imagined it would be.

    A few months later, she had me take my first cock up my now pussy. It was wonderful, he came inside and it felt so incredible having his cum leaking out. So now, I guess I can be called a "sissy faggot".

    I have now purchased many female clothes, dildos, makeup, wigs, breast forms and love dressing as female. I have been on craigslist and found men to come over for blow jobs and fucking. I love making men cum and satisfying their sexual needs. Some have even said I gave them the best blow job they ever had.

    I sometime fish in secluded areas and fish, wearing only bra/panties to get a nice tan line set for the summer. I don't even think about fucking women anymore like a man, but just imagine them fucking me with their big strapons. They always make me eat my own cum at the end. So I have found that I'm addicted to cum, whether it's my own or someone else's. I like it down my throat, on my face or in my pussy hole.

    Life as a "sissy faggot" has been rewarding. Sitting around for those years without any sex are gone forever, I now feel complete again and sexually satisfied.

    Now if I happened into a gay bar and someone hit up on me, I would know what to do and be comfortable. I have also dressed and and been to a few fast food drive thru windows, quite exciting. I do have a couple fantasies that I want to do. One is going shopping at a female clothing store and be fitted for a bra. I also, since I have many dildos of various sizes, my hole has been stretched out and now I want to be fisted.

    I do enjoy being with a domme the most. Especially when she has other people there. I love the humiliation, the verbal humiliation, just the whole idea of being a total "submissive sissy slut faggot".


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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 28

    Dating a "sneaky peeper". My g/f gets really hot (as I have discovered) most when she can watch someone fucking where they are strangers and do not know they are being watched.

    This is bizarre to me and I am shocked that she locates places and situations where it happens but sometimes I find myself tearing off a piece of ass while she is watching someone. Fortunately, we live in a tall building with many apartments and there is one corner of the bldg. where one can see into the apartments on the opposite wing, in the floor just below. She often goes looking from floor to floor and if I want a hot, wet fuck, I have to follow like a little puppy dog. I don't know but this bull-shit ain't going to last much longer. Unfortunately for me, she has a T&A to die for.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I have sucked cock for as long as I can remember. I love women and am married but whenever a guy offers me his cock to suck, I'm on my knees and sucking away. Don't get me wrong, I don't "whore" around. I only do guys I'm very familiar with, close friends and co workers. Why I'm writing is a guy I work with. We hooked up one evening after a long day. We had been flirting at work several months and that night, he offered his cock and I sucked him off, starting both of us sucking each other off whenever we got the chance, sometimes 3 to 4 times a week.
    As luck would have it, we were sent to a training seminar for a week in another state and had adjoining rooms. Needless to say, we both knew we'd be sucking cock and sharing the same bed every night. On the first night, we showered together, sucking each other's cocks then going in his bed for a night of 69ing, In the morning, I woke him by licking and sucking his cock, balls and asshole until he woke then copied the favor. We ended up swallowing sperm for breakfast then he surprised me. As we were hugging after the sex, he said he like having a boyfriend and knew I liked having him for one. At first it kind of shocked me but I guess he was right, we were, and still are, boyfriends. We had sex every night that week and even ended up ass fucking each other a few times. I don't think of us as a couple when we are apart but as soon as we're naked with each other, I know I'm his boytoy if not his boyfriend and he is mine.

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