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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    My best friend and I tried anal sex one day. We had seen dirty magazines quite a few times and even spent some time on occasions playing with and stroking each other and had seen each other cum more than once. I never told him but I wanted us to suck each other off and I kept thinking about getting on my knees and sucking his dick. What I really couldn`t tell him is how often I thought about letting him cum in my mouth. I ate my own cum quite often so getting a taste of his seemed OK with me.
    We were at my house one day just the two of us. My Parents were at work and like always we were naked in the house jacking each other off looking at my Dads dirty magazines. I had seen so many pictures of women with a dick in their ass and read the hot stories about how they enjoyed getting fucked up the ass and the part that really was exciting is how they described how it felt to get fucked up the ass and take a mans cum up their ass.
    I was curious enough about that and many times I had fingered my asshole and jacked myself off then fingered my own cum up my ass and it really made my young curious asshole nice and slick and easier to get my fingers up my ass. One night I was in my bedroom and it was late. My parents were sound asleep so with the lights off in the darkness I got naked and jacked off and shot my cum in my hand and put most of my cum up my ass then reached in to my dresser drawers for my tube of tooth paste I had hidden that night in my dresser. I was going to see if it would fit in my ass.
    It took a few minutes and I had to go very slow and it hurt a little but I got it in my ass and it felt great. I took it in as far as I could then jacked myself off and licked my cum off my hand. When I took the tube out of my ass it felt even better than when it went in. I had stuck enough things in my ass to know it felt good and I liked it so on that day while we were naked at my house I just had to ask my friend if he would fuck me in the ass. At first he thought I was joking but he soon found out I really wanted him to fuck me.
    He wanted it as bad as I did I think because it wasn`t long at all after I mentioned it that I was getting fucked from behind by my horny best friend in the floor of our living room. It felt good and I told him it did more than once and he told me it felt good to him too and when he told me he wanted to cum really bad I looked back over my shoulder at him and told him to keep going and that I really wanted him to cum in my ass.
    I grabbed my dick and jacked myself off and just as his cum was shooting up my ass I shot a huge load on to the carpet and he and I fell flat out on the floor and his dick was still in my ass. We caught our breath and all we could talk about was doing it again and his dick got nice and hard in my ass and he started to fuck me again. It really felt good the second time and it took him a long time to cum and I told him to cum in me that time too.
    We fucked as much as we could that day and many times after that. He had to move away with his Parents a couple of years later but eventually we got around to sucking each others dicks and once he watched me swallow his cum the first time he began to swallow mine. Mostly what we did was he fucked my ass all the time and on days we were around each other all day long we used to see how much cum he could put in my ass. He could never fuck me enough. I wanted it all the time and it was always so damn good.
    My favorite was when we could both be naked when we fucked but there were a lot of times he fucked me up the ass with my jeans down enough for him to stick it in me. One of the wildest things we ever did and we tried it several times during that year at school. There was this big storage room down stairs at our school and at times the Teacher would ask for volunteers to go down there and get something to use in the classroom and he and I always went down there when ever she needed something. It was dark in that room even with the lights on and while we were down there looking for what she sent us down there for I was back in a dark corner looking around and just took my jeans down and called for him to come help me. When he got over to where I was he saw my naked ass and knew what I wanted and we had to do it very fast but he fucked me hard and fast and came in me then we went back to the classroom with his cum in my ass. We did that a few times and it was even more exciting knowing we might get caught.
    I hated it when he left and it took me a long time to stop missing getting my ass fucked so often. I still fuck myself in the ass and eat my cum but I like to use my cum for lube when I fuck myself but these days I can get my dick in my own ass a ways and can get myself off and cum in my ass and it feels very good. When my wife is away I fuck myself in the ass all the time and I can even get the head of my dick in my mouth so I keep myself happy with our sex toys and my hard dick these days. It feels great to cum in myself at both ends when I have the privacy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 55

    Wow I posted a few days ago how much it makes me horny to watch men and suck and fuck each other. I JUST WATCHED A SHORT VIDEO PREVIEW OF A GUY SUCKING HIS OWN COCK WHILE ANOTHER GUY HELPED HIM AND WAS SUCKING HIS BALLS WHAT A FREAKIN TURN ON .. Am I weird or does anyone else find this horny? For some reason women in sex videos do not have the passion and enjoyable expressions as the men do. The men look like they are really into the sucking or fucking. I just enjoy and get horny watching men. The women are ok but the men know how to suck and fuck. :) 3/23/2017

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 36

    Ever wondered why your husband enjoys playing golf so mush ?... I did, that's why I asked around a little about the club he's a member of. It turns out some of men who attend the club, enjoy getting together away from the course to. And not to to play with golf balls either. They apparently like to meet up at each others houses (Wife being out) and play with each others balls, cocks and assholes.

    Onc e I found out, I made sure my husband knew I was going to be away for a couple of days, giving him plenty of notice. Only I booked myself in at a local motel and waited. Arriving quietly at our home mid afternoon the following day, I walked in to find my husband balls deep up a young guys asshole, and believe me it didn't look and sound like it was their first time together. They were so into fucking one another with my husband shouting out "Take it Sam you bitch" they didn't see me enter or stand watching them for a good twenty minutes.

    You might ask why I waited that long, watching change position twice. The reason was I'd become so turned on watching them fuck, I found myself touching my pussy through my skirt and panties. I even moved so they wouldn't be able to see me, but I could see them, making sure I watch for longer. By the time my husband was pumping his cum deep up the young mans asshole, I'd already orgasmed from frantically playing with my clit.

    Only when I moved to creep out of the house, did I see another man around my husbands age, naked and masturbating on the chair I normally sit in. His eyes were closed at that moment and his face was a picture of pure joy, as his cock erupted and his semen flew all over him and my chair.

    Back in my car, I questioned why I hadn't blown their little gay get together and realized I'd completely loved watching them fuck. And not only had I enjoyed it, I'd found seeing them fuck so erotic, I'd masturbated to such an amazing climax.

    Over the next twenty four hours I found it so hard to stay away, and decided to visit our home again the next morning. My husbands car was their, as was a car I knew only too well. It was the club captains car, someone who'd picked my husband up many times in the past, to apparently play at one competition or other. Yet when I sneaked in again, they weren't talking about golf. The club captain was sat on our couch with his trousers around his ankles, and my husband was knelt between his legs sucking in what I can only describe as the fattest cock I've ever seen.

    Watching them for around five minutes, they were obviously enjoying themselves when the phone rang. I darted out of the house and around the side. About five minutes later with my heart beating madly, I heared the club captain leave, telling my husband he'd meet him next week at the motel with Sam.

    All this happened a few weeks ago. Since then I know for sure they've met up again to have sex. I also know my husband from a message I sneakily saw he had on his cell phone, that the club captain and Sam had fucked him at the motel.

    I'm not angry at my husband, not in the least. Indeed if anything I'm totally turned by it all. I just wish in some way I could be a part of it, as I find everything about it so fucking horny. Watching my husband fucking that young guy was so sexy and so erotic, I'd love to be up close watching his cock slide up that tight ass. I'd also love to see my husband taking his captains cock deep up his ass too. But how the hell do you bring up a subject like that. And what do I say when he asks how I know all about what's happened. Wish I knew.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 42

    Surprised husband & daughter,
    I came home earlier than normal I had to rush to the toilet only to find my husband washing my daughters back in the bath she wasn't covering her tits up and there was no bath foam so really she was naked you could see her pubic hair.
    normally he always bather her when she very young I didn't know it was happening when she is an adult,
    they both seemed a bit embarrassed and didn't know what to say, I am thinking all sorts, or is it completely innocent.


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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Hilary is my mums oldest sister. She's a little older than my mum at fifty two years old, yet she looks amazing for a woman that age. She's better looking than my girlfriend and for a woman her age, has a much fitter body too (She was a dancer, now a dance teacher). Another thing I know about Hilary, is she's got one hell of a large clit. It actually looks like a small cock and her labia too, are big. And the reason I know all this, is I've been fucking her now for two years.
    My mother obviously doesn't know were having sex, nor does my girlfriend. Each time she visits our home (Once or twice a week, and sometimes now away from home) Hilary and my mum drink wine, and invariably my mum drinks herself blind drunk. No matter where I am (Within reason) when she texts me on my other phone either at home or when I'm out, I go to her and help Hilary get my mother to bed. Afterwards we'll go to my bedroom, or back downstairs and fuck. I just love it now having her sit on my face as she feeds me her enormous clit to suck on, and every time she orgasms all over my face. Then like every time over the past two years, I'll fuck my aunt bareback knowing she can't get pregnant and that she loves me cumming up her arse as I play with her huge love buton.
    Hilary and I began fucking when I was seventeen. She seduced me after her divorce came through. I was alone in my bedroom and my mum wasn't home from work yet. She basically walked in my room naked and asked me if I was still a virgin. Looking at her gorgeous body and then down to her pussy, I saw her large labia's and the noticed her massive clit poking through. I became instantly erect and the rest they say is history.
    That first time we fucked, it was all afternoon until I heard my mums car pull up outside. I pulled out of my aunts already cum soaked pussy, and she jumped off my bed, picked up her clothing from outside my room and jumopd in the shower. When my mum shouted up to see where I was, I walked down in my shorts and t-shirt telling her sister was round, but wanted a shower, which given her dance classes are only a hundred yards from our home, it wasn't unusual.
    They both got drunk that night and I waited in my room until my mother drunkenly shouted up to me to help Hilary into our guest bedroom. Once my mother had herself slumped onto her own bed, I returned to the room Hilary was in and stripped naked. My cock was rock hard by then I was so horny for my aunt, but she was just too out of it. All the same I wanted to fuck her. She squirmed around as I tried to lick her pussy, after first removing all off the night wear my mum had put on her. But Hilary was having non of it. However when my tongue slipped to her arsehole, she made lots of soft moaning sounds. I carried on tonguing her arsehole and the more I did it, the more she responded positively. With her arse dripping from my saliva, I decided to try and have my first ever anal sex.
    It wasn't easy probing my cock into her arse, but once I got the head of my cock into her bum, her arsehole relaxed and my entire cock slid in. That was it for me, not really caring about my aunts comfort, I absolutely shagged the arse off of her. With each thrust of my cock, she moaned more and she also began to push back onto my dick. Eventually Hilary turned around and told me to fuck her harder. I totally went for it and fucked my aunt as hard and as fast as I could. She made lots of low grunting sounds and orgasmed on my cock. Seconds later I pumped every drop of my cucm up her arse and left my cock inside her as I held her tits from behind.
    Luckily for us, because we fell asleep, my mum didn't wake up first. I was already in the bathroom when she knocked on the door to ask me to hurry up. No sooner than she'd gone int the bathroom I entered the guest room to find Hilary sat up naked and typing a text. She looked at me and said "You'll get this on your phone". Leaving her to finish, I climbed into bed, picked up my phone and read "Hi thanks for last night, loved everything especially you fucking my arsehole, hope to have fun again, love aunt Hilary xxx".
    I've kept that text and some others we've shared too. They're not on my current phone, but on the cheap one she bought me to chat to my aunt when I wanted to privately.
    And that was the start of us fucking from then until now. As I've gotten older, we've become bolder with how, when and where we fuck. It's mostly at our house, but sometimes I meet my aunt away from home and have sex outdoors or in her car. She's always eager to have me fuck her, so until she doesn't want me fucking her, I'm going to continue to enjoy the horny bitch as much as I can have her.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Two months ago I got into a fight with a group of youths outside a late night shop. One of the lads who I got into confrontation with was someone I kind of knew. So it was surreal to find myself taking a punch off him as his other mates tried pile in on me. Cut a long story short bit.
    About a week later, I was walking up to the gym I attend and saw him coming out. He made to run off, but I told him we needed to talk. I knew he'd only joined in because of his mates and peer pressure and truth be told, I'd given a couple of his friends a bit of a pasting. He apologised for the punch and for their behaviour, then said something which has altered everything for me. He said something like "I hit you because I fancy you and didn't want them to think otherwise". He then added "I'd love to make it up to you".
    Maybe someone can tell me why a previously hetrosexual married man, found himself not only in bed naked with a twenty year old lad, but totally enjoying firstly having his cock sucked and then fucking that young man until we'd both ejaculated. Him all over my stomach and chest as he rode my cock, and then me deep up his arsehole as I fucked him missionary, whilst kissing him hard.
    Not only did I fuck him in our home that day, but I also fucked him in my car, on the way to giving him a lift to his uncles flat where he lived.
    My amazing secret bisexual young lover has changed my whole world. I cannot get enough of his gorgeously tight arsehole and cute wet mouth, and find myself wanting to fuck him all the time. I've left work lunchtimes and early finishes to fuck him. I gone out late evening jogging to meet him in the park close to his uncles to fuck him outdoors. And only recently, I met him with my wife sat waiting for me in the car, thinking I was picking something up from work. I fucked him as he leaned against a wall and dumped my load deep inside his rear fuck hole. Back in the car with my wife, she asked where were the files I'd gone to get. I told her they'd been locked away and I couldn't get them.
    I'm not sure where we'll be in six months from now, but I certainly hope I'm still fucking my young friend for as long as were enjoying one another. Because believe me, I've never felt so good fucking anyone in my life.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 27

    When we were in high school, my best friend's little sister used to suck my cock. It started off as her idea, as she had a crush on me. And then it turned into her doing it pretty much whenever I wanted. It came to a stop after I graduated and went off to college. We did recently get drunk after her brother/my best friend's wedding, and wound up fucking in my hotel room. I guess that's why I'm thinking about it now. The recent hookup was just as fun as the old days. Makes me wish, at least a little bit, that I was still living back home.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 55

    Wow I posted a few days ago how much it makes me horny to watch men and suck and fuck each other. I JUST WATCHED A SHORT VIDEO PREVIEW OF A GUY SUCKING HIS OWN COCK WHILE ANOTHER GUY HELPED HIM AND WAS SUCKING HIS BALLS WHAT A FREAKIN TURN ON .. Am I weird or does anyone else find this horny? For some reason women in sex videos do not have the passion and enjoyable expressions as the men do. The men look like they are really into the sucking or fucking. I just enjoy and get horny watching men. The women are ok but the men know how to suck and fuck. :) 3/23/2017

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    When my brother and I were younger we never got along and he would end up trying to beat me up. He is 1 year younger than I am. I think I was 8 at the time when one night we got into a loving brotherly sisterly argument and he tackled me and started to wrestle in the living room on the floor and my mom was trying to watch her show on tv. It was right before bed time. He got on top of me and put his hands around my neck and my mom saw yelled at him to stop it and then she told me to grab his crotch and squeeze to get him off me. He was sitting on my chest and I reached up his boxers shorts (we were both in our pj's, him just his shorts and I had a nighty on) I got grabbed his penis and balls and squeezed as hard as I could. It worked and he fell over on his side CRYING. He went over to my mom and she was asking if he was ok and he was telling her what I did and his weirner hurts. I sat there on the floor and my mom said she needed to look to make sure he was ok and pulled his shorts down under his bum and looked at him. I couldn't see anything besides his bum but them my mother told me to come see why that hurt him so bad. I crawled over and she turned him showing me his little dink and explained the boys weakness if they are hurting me.

    She pulled his short back up and said ok now get along and go play for a bit its almost bed time. We share the same bed room and we both went up stairs. Mom knocked on the door and told us to play doctor patient, and it would help us get along better and since we hurt each other we should take care of each other.

    Happy again we both were and he told me I was the doctor because he was hurt. I did what doctors do then I told him I had to look under his shorts and he took them off. I inspected his private and he told me it tickled and if he could touch mine.

    So there we both were laying next to eachother looking and feeling. He was naked, I stil had my nighty on just no panties and then the door opens up and mom walks in. She told us that she knew that would happen and we needed to learn about our bodies. She told us thats how she learned when she was young. She asked me if it was the first time I seen or touched a boys penis before and I told her no I've seen dads. She asked a few other things about that and told me to be honest and I ended up telling her that nights that I would crawl into bed with them I would cuddle up in the middle and look at his thing under the covers because they would leave the TV on and I could see and I even touched it. I told her that I've seen him put it in her mouth and asked her why it looks different than my brothers. She explained to us both that our father is circumcised and my brother is not, what that meant and what the difference is.

    Mom took my nighty off me and we were now both naked on my brothers bed. She pulled the sheet over us and told us to snuggle together for the night and we would talk in the morning. She walked out of the room then came right back to us, pulled the sheet back down, put my brothers hand on my vagina and my hand on his penis and said just learn how to feel good and you 2 will never be fighting again. She left the room.

    My brother and I are closer than ever and we never fought again and he is so kind and caring and loving.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    I took my wife shopping last week and I think I might off a bit more than I can chew. We were at an outdoor mall. Many businesses on either side of the street. My wife, being naturally curious, spotted a mysterious little store in the cellar of some ethnic food place. The store had all sorts of fabrics and jewelry but one dress in particular stood out. It was a rather revealing little number with just enough material to hold her plump bosom. She looked at me with those big does eyes and I figured what's the harm in letting her try it on.

    We found the shop keep behind the register when he emerged as if from nowhere. He complimented my wife on her taste and proceeded to show her where the dressing rooms were. Minutes later, she came out looking as stunning as ever... better than ever! The dress hugged her hips and gave her tush a new bounce. I found myself staring like a pre-pubescent child. I almost took her right then and there.

    Out of nowhere, the shopkeeper comes and compliments her as he inappropriately put his hand on her waist. "You look gorgeous, my dear. This is the most beautiful dress I have and you make it shine like the sun". I could tell my wife was losing her modesty little by little. She thanked him and slightly blushed as he tried to rearrange the dress a bit. "You look beautiful, my dear but this dress was made to be worn without a bra. Take it off!" He demanded. Just like that, she gallantly took her bra off in front of the tall mirror, myself and the shopkeep.

    "Yes... yes.. perfect" he exclaimed. "Now you must remove your panties. I can see them through the dress and it was made to be worn without them" I almost choked on my own saliva when I saw her drop her panties to her ankles as if it was just her and I in our bedroom. She didn't think about it twice. "You are glowing, my dear! But I may suggest something else?" My wife nodded but didn't say a word as she stared at herself in the tall mirror. "I have a better dress. A dress so beautiful, it makes this dress look like rags. I'll get it. Be right back!" He says as he runs to a small room behind the counter.

    " ;Here, my darling. Try it on" he said, almost as if I wasn't in the room. My wife immediately fell in love with it! It was magnificent enough for her eyes to go wide and her jaw to drop. "I love it!" She exclaimed as she grabbed it from the man's hands and proceeded toward the dressing rooms. "No no no no, my dear. I cannot let this dress out of my sight! Try it on here" said the man. At this point I figured my wife would draw the line but without hesitation, the previous dress fell to her feet and she stood naked as the day she was born.

    Her long red hair barely covered her pink nipples and her pussy was fully exposed to the old man. "Oh my darling, you are as beautiful without clothes as you are with them. Let me feel your breasts to gauge your cup size" she positioned her breasts forward and the old man reached out and grabbed and massaged them. I heard my wife let out a muffled moan under her breath. I would have stopped it there but I felt compelled to let it keep going. Almost hypnotized by my wife's unexpected reactions. She stepped out of the dress on the floor and the man crouched down and began to slide the new dress up her body. With her breasts still exposed the man said "let me get your nipples hard so they can be seen through the dress. It's part of the appeal" he took his mouth up to her left breast and began to gently suck on it. My wife's head fell back and discontinued muffins her moans. The man did the same for the other breast then he slid the dress up over them.

    "That wasn't so bad, now was it?" He asked. My wife looked over at me for the first time since this all started and she grinned mischievously. "Now, my dear, walk to the counter and back" she did so without question

    "Now turn around and touch your toes. I want to make sure your rear isn't going to rip it" as she bent over, her entire pussy was fully visible. "Good" said the old man. "Now dance. I want you get comfortable in this dress" she began to dance slowly to the rhythmic music, faintly coming from behind the counter. She swayed her hips slowly and sensually. Her eyes closed and her body seemed to be lost in a trance.

    She pulled off one strap as she danced then the second one. The dress kept falling lower with the movements of her body. It wasn't long before her breasts were exposed again and the dress was at her waist. The man came behind her and slowly kissed her neck and she grinded back into him with her butt. She turned her head slightly to the the right and their lips met. She began to kiss him passionately and he reciprocated. I noticed his hand guiding her hand toward his crotch, yet she did not hesitate. She undid his zipper and pulled out his hardened penis. She stroked it for a few minutes before spinning around and getting down on her knees. Our eyes met across the room as she put another man's penis in her mouth for the first time since we met. She starvingly made love the head of his dick with her tongue. Sucking and gagging while bobbing her head back and forth.

    She stood up and the man grabbed her by the waist and pinned her against the counter. He lifted up the dress while she got some saliva from her mouth and lubricated herself. "Come her, boy. You're going to want a better view of me pleasing your woman" said the man. I stood up and grabbed a wood stool behind the counter where I had the perfect angle to all the action. He raised her onto the counter and she opened her legs for him.

    My wife guided the man's hard cock to her trembling pussy. Her red bush almost shaking with anticipation. I could almost hear the wet tissues separating inside her as his penis made its way into her. Her green eyes shuttered with ecstasy as he entered her for the first time. "Oh deeper" said my wife. Not caring of her husband two feet away, much less the other shoppers up on the sidewalk behind the locked shop door.

    Her big breasts bounced back and forth as he slid effortlessly in and out of her. His fluids mixing with hers began to drop down her ass and eventually on to the counter top. The dress she wore that the man so protected was being tarnished as he ravished her body. He pulled his penis out and grabbed her by the waist again, helped her off the counter and bent her over. He found his place behind her and penetrated her once again. "Yes, oh yes... faster... deeper!" She yelled out with her exquisite cheeks clapping against each other with every thrust he gave.

    "I'm going to cum inside you" said the old man as he accelerated his pace. "Cum deep inside me!" Yelled my wife as she reached back and grabbed onto the man's shirt and pulled her self back into him. He let out a sigh of relief while pumping my wife full of his seed. My wife also climaxed as he came. He pulled his cock out and she began to ooze his cum down her legs.

    "Keep the dress, my dear. Under the condition you come and model it for me every now and then. I hope you don't mind I keep your undergarments as a keepsake?"
    My wife nodded in approval and thanked the man for the dress and for a great time. I could manage to get a single word out as my wife and I walked up the steps and out the door onto the sidewalk like nothing happened.

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