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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I'm a redheaded freckled woman now. Not that I have changed much since I was very young freckled. Maybe my boobs grew just a little more. Still have those freckled cone shape tits. Me and my girlfriend was going thru puberty where we was curious about sex. We would make out and finger each other. Rub each other's breasts. As we got a bit older we started to lick pussy our pubic hairs came in. Finally in our late teens started using toys.

    I always had desire to be a stripper. My girlfriend would watch me and give me some pointers. When I got older I started to practice for my two brothers but never got naked. Always had a bikini on or lacey underwear. My girlfriend started dating one of my brothers. She confessed he had a package on him.

    One summer day when I was eighteen we asked our grandmother if we could use her lake cabin. She said yes only if we clean the mess we made there. It was just me, Brenda, my two brothers, and my cousin Wade. Told grandma we was just going fishing, but little did she know what really went on.

    We had coolers filled with beer and wine cooler. The first day was beautiful while we fished. The next day it rained. We was trying not to be bored. The guys set up a make shift dance pole. We almost emptied out the coolers. "Come on Tara, show off your talent!" the guys said. I put on my bikini under my clothes and started stripping to the radio music. The guys took napkins and stuff my bikini with them, pretending they were dollar bills. Brenda was down to her lacey underwear, We started to kiss. That drove them crazy. We could see their hands rubbing their bulges She undid her bra. That really got the guys stirred, that they exposed their dicks. Brenda spread across the floor and I pulled off her panty off with teeth. They were more interested in Brenda than this freckled teen.

    She could see she was taking the spotlight from me. She suddenly said to me, "Take off the bikini Tara. I want to see you be ganged-banged!" "They're related", I said. "That's even hotter!" she replied. I wouldn't remove my bikini so she came up to me. While making out she undressed me causing me get moist. Brenda said, "Let's get this party going!" I was naked, cocks all around me and rubbing me. I grabbed them and jerked them. Brenda just sat in the chair masturbating herself. My cousin Wade was the first to hump me while one brother sucked my tits and the other brother rubbed his dick across my mouth. When Wade was done, each of my brothers kept swapping dicks in my vagina. This was so freaking hot! So the rest of that day we all had one freaking sex party.

    I'm now a professional stripper dancing in various clubs. I met this T-girl and we live together. I got the best of both worlds.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 26

    Because my parents both worked, I always went to my neighbor after school. She was an old fat widow, already with gray hair, and she was always in her nightie when I came out of school.

    Occasio nally she took me to her bedroom because she wanted to take a nap. She always told me to undress and lay beside her. She did it too undress and I remember the big hairy pubic hair between her legs.
    The first time it happened when she one day lay down on the bed, her legs spread wide and told me to put my head on her big round belly. She slowly pushed my head down to her pussy and told me that one day she will ask my parents she will take me to Disneyland as a reward for me if I use my tongue on her pussy. What young boy wouldnât go to Disney Land and how I did my best to earn it. She spreaded her both pussy lips and guided me with intructions how to lick her pussy.

    I thought I was doing something wrong because the neighbor started moaning and moaning and I didn't know why. I wanted to push my head back, but she held my head tightly and told me not to stop and telling me I was doing fine on her, just as she wanted. She came with a loud shout.

    She told me that I did a good job and then she gave me my first blow job. It was amazing and I kept hard and asked her to do this again.

    She told me to keep it a secret if I wanted to do this mote often in the future.
    I never told my parents, I was 13 and kept visiting her after school until I went to another city for my studies.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27

    I was 17 years old when I saw a 14 year old boy getting bully stripped and humilited. The boy was so scared and intimidated by the group of older boys that were harrassing him, he never put up much of fight. They did it in a parking lot we used hang out and I wasn't the only girl there looking. I remember he just stood there not knowing what to do embarrassing himself in front of laughing boys and screaming girls. I think waiting to get back his clothes was a better idea than running back home naked. I guess all the teasing girls gave him was the reasone he ended up getting an embarrassing erection. The kid had pretty big dick for a 14 year old boy and must have been dying inside being forced to show it.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 42

    I grew up in a small rural community, pretty religious community and I was brought up as a Lutheran and went all the way through school at the local Lutheran private school. My parents wanted me to follow them to Texas Lutheran in Seguin, Texas. I chose the University of Texas for a variety of reasons.

    However when I got to UT I was a duck out of water. During orientation I met a graduate student from overseas and I found myself with him at his apartment alone. He brought me there for one reason. I wasn't able to get away and he had his way on the couch and we fell to the floor. I tried to crawl away but he got on my back and trying to get back into my V he found my A hole and why not, he ran me through. I later had to wipe him clean, which caused me to vomit all over the floor. I had to clean up the vomit and he had his way again, this time 100% in my V and which caused me to get pregnant.

    The pregnancy was very embarrassing, I could not go home like that so I begged off over and over and begged to spend Thanksgiving with friends, actually spent it alone on campus, and Christmas I went home but stayed one day. I felt like I was so obviously pregnant but no one noticed, it was winter and I wore loose sweaters.

    Back at college I confided in my roommate and she took me to the doctor. Everything was progressing normally and I had the baby in the late spring, giving the baby up for adoption. The father of the baby never found out.

    Moving onto today, I married a man who never knew about my pregnancy in college and I had three kids with him. Last fall the baby I had in college found me and we met and she is a grown woman now of 24. I told her everything, except how I got pregnant, but I did not know her father or where he was. I couldn't help her. I did tell her that he never knew I had been pregnant.

    I fell in love with her in one second. I brought her to my husband and confessed. I know that I am past lucky that he took it for something of youth and he accepted her and we are working on building a relationship with her. My part I have never confessed to him is what happened that night. It was not a one night stand. Some things have to be a secret. I don't care about the guy, he is Middle Eastern and good riddance, I am past glad he never knew and pray that he never does.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    Well I guess I could start by saying I should have put bi but havenât got to experiment much since.

    Started out a few years back my now ex wife and I were having problems and had been for awhile. Of course the sex was slim to none. Finding myself at home alone drinking one night the thought of getting a man off kept crossing my mind. So what is a man to then to buy craigslist.

    After a post and a few emails I find myself in the shower and then in the car headed to a local hotel. My heart is pounding and I keep asking myself am I really gonna do this. The throbbing in my cock kept saying yes. I arrive and as Iâm riding the elevator up Iâm shaking with nervousness. The door opens and there is the room. I hesitate and ask one last time do you wanna do this. I reach up and knock on the door.

    A tall bald headed man answered the door. He had a dad bod but looked like he kept up with his hygiene. He led me in to the room and sat on the bed. The room was lit by only the bathroom light. I told him this is my first time I have no clue what to do here. He asked me to step over as he pulls his shorts down revealing a shirt but very thick cock very well shaven. He reaches up and in Huttonâs my slacks letting them fall down. Iâm canât look away from his cock standing so hard. Heâs rubbing my balls trying to get me to relax.

    Heâs starts stroking his cock and I sit down next to him transfixed. After a few moments I nervously ask if I can touch it. He says go ahead. What I didnât know is when I grabbed his cock for the first time it would be a turning point for me sexually. I gently rub his cock enjoying the feel of another cocknother than my own. I caress his balls while looking at this thick cock.

    Not sure what came over me at this point but I leaned down and began sucking his cock. A few seconds after the adrenaline clears i realize that I have a clock in my mouth and I like it. I proceed to suck his cock the best I can. Thinking of the ways I love my cock sucked I gave it all i had stopping momentarily to pay attention to his balls. By this time my 8 inch cock is raging hard, my heart is pounding and I canât get enough.

    He pulls me away and lays me back and asked me if Iâm ready. He then leans down and starts sucking me. I was apprehensive at first but he proved he was as good or better than any woman I had had. Feeling my nuts tighten up I stop him I had to have that clock in my mouth again. I push him back in the bed and engulf his cock like I had been doing it for years. We traded sucking each other for about an hour when he went down on me the last time I couldnât hold it anymore I emptied into the back of his throat as he swallowed every last bit and cleaned it up.

    This was my first experience ever and have been hooked since. Iâm always looking but have not been able to find anyone close since I live in the middle of no where.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    This is the next part from story #44076. Or as I said in the comments I'd label it as Cherry Red or something.

    I guess some of you really enjoyed my last entry. That makes me feel good. I wasn't sure what to go into next as the next couple days after the first time I pretty much just spent a few hours in the evening sucking his cock. He'd sit there in his chair, at first with everything off, but then I told him he could watch something if he wanted so he started turning on the TV. I liked spending my time on my knees between his legs, though because of his belly he'd have to recline a bit in the chair so I could take it all in my mouth easier. I would spend this time practicing my technique, focused mostly on licking his thick shaft and getting better at deep throating. I swallowed a lot of cum in this time.

    Then one day I had an idea. I stood in front of him and slowly stripped to my bra and panties. B looked confused but also really turned on. I laid on the floor in front of his chair and asked him if he liked. He told me that I knew he did. I asked him if he'd take it out and stroke it and show me how much he liked it. He did. As he did so I removed my bra and eventually my panties so I was laying on the floor, leaning up on my elbows, legs spread, smiling. I bit the tip of my index finger watching him grow in his own hands. I saw the tip start to glisten with precum and it was all I could do to not take him in my mouth.

    I started to squeeze my nipple and let out little moan/gasps as he stroked and I started to see it get to be a bit purple. I knew he'd shoot soon, but what I didn't expect was B going "fuck it!" and bolting out of the chair and on top of me. I let out a giddy little squeal which quickly became a gasp as he shoved it into my moist pussy. His pants were barely down over his ass as I couldn't really reach around to pull them down more but he didn't care. B thrusted hard into me over and over. It was slow, hard pushes that slowly started to get faster as he got closer. I won't lie, it hurt. His thickness spread me open, his weight pinned me to the floor, and he kept going faster and faster, grunting and groaning loudly in my ear, until he gave one final shove and let out a long, loud groan... and I felt a rush of hot, sticky wetness fill my pussy and I moaned in content pleasure, too.

    And that was how I lost my virginity.

    After he was drained and starting to go limp he kind of fell out of me. I could feel his sperm starting to drip a little from my pussy, but not bad, but he didn't get up. He kissed me and asked how I was and I told him I was amazing and we need to go again ASAP! He told me he was old and to give him a bit. I told him we could go in the bedroom and I could "clean him up with my mouth" until he was ready again. But no, instead we showered together and I headed home. It was probably a good thing because as great as I felt, I also was really sore. Eventually I became able to handle his thickness and now it doesn't hurt me as much.

    That's it for now, but don't worry. I have more.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    I am a pervert, I often have fantasies about my mom and sister being dominated by my boyfriend and having us all as his harem/slaves/sexdolls, training us until we do as he said like we were objects, this is a big turn on for me and a big secret.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 19

    anal doesnt hurt! ive been lied to forever and now im addicted to fucking myself in the ass.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    17, not 18. When I was 15 I got drunk with some guys at a party. I was spending the night so didn't care and got plowed. I woke up on the floor the next morning naked with another guy naked next to me. When I stirred it woke him up and he grabbed me and tried to fuck me. I said no and pulled away. He asked why I pulled away and I told him I wasn't gay. He said that I was last night and got fucked all night long to prove it. I looked at the puddle of sperm that was underneath me, and could feel more leaking out of my butt. I got up and went to the toilet, I had to go and a lot of sperm came out with a little poop. I looked at my butt in the mirror and it was red, and kinda opened up. I wiped up and went back and there were three guys there, all wanting to fuck me "again". I said no, and asked for my clothes, then they played a video and showed pictures they took of me getting fucked the night before. Turns out 7 guys took turns on me several times through the night. They said that if I didn't let them all fuck me again they'd spread the pictures and video around to everyone.

    I submitted and got fucked three more times. I got my clothes and left. The next day 2 guys showed up at my house and took me out in the car and fucked me at a secluded spot in the woods. After that I knew that I was the type of guy that just gets fucked by other guys. 2 years later and I've let 22 more guys fuck me. I've been fucked by guys from 13 to 50 years old, single married, whatever.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 20

    This took place 2 years ago when I was 18 and still living in the family home. One weekday I got home early and didn't see anyone else was home so I took the opportunity to strip off my clothes, lay in the bed, spit in my hand, and went to work on my shaft. It's a regular, like daily thing for me, but this was earlier than normal since I seemed to be home alone and why waste the opportunity?

    I was going at it and feeling the build up in my groin. I had my balls in one hand and my cock in the other working that precum soaked shaft now. I always make sure there are tissues near my bed for these occasions and had a few setting next to just for this occasion. I felt the knots starting pushing cum out of my dick with tight orgasmic trust. I love it when I feel that. One problem.

    Just as that knot hit deep in my groin and the cum was starting, I hear my door open and there before me is my mother and a female next door neighbor friend standing in it. My mother was saying something about I was thinking of this color when she seen me and stopped any other words from coming out of her mouth. They stood there and my cock was spewing cum. I didn't get to the tissues with the surprise standing before me, staring at my cock shoot all over me and the bed. They waited for it to finish but while it was still throbbing my mother says, you better clean up that mess you're making. I could only look at her. Our neighbor stood totally silent.

    They exited without another word to me like they were finished now and closed the door behind them. I did hear them laughing as they walked down the hall towards the stairs. That was rather humiliating. I laid there frozen. WTF just happened? Finally I could move. Of course the cum on my body had now run down my sides and onto the bed. I guess I had some cleaning to do. I stayed in my room the rest of the afternoon to try and avoid my mother even though I did know eventually I would have to face her.

    That evening she said nothing about our encounter and I sure wasn't going to bring it up. I was afraid it would be my father who addresses it and that wouldn't be good with his straight religious type of family things went. The next day I found myself in the kitchen alone with my mother. She tells me that she is planning on painting my room thought of a couple of the colors. I chose one and she agreed that she thought it may be best. I was going to head to the living room when she added that she would make sure I wasn't in my room when she painted. I turned at looked at her. Again she started laughing and I said i didn't think it was that funny. She told me that if I could have seen my face and watched me totally lose control when she opened the door, I would be laughing too. I asked if she told dad. She asked why, it isn't his business.

    I guess my Mom is a lot cooler than I ever thought.

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