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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    My first day of kindergarten I met Cin, Cindy, and we just hit it off. We were inseparable at school, and used to spend a lot of time at each other's homes after school and on weekends. She still is a best friend, but when I was 15 Cin's parents divorced and did the school time with mom and summer with dad split. Our first Summer we did the whole tearful good-bye's at the airport and called each other almost every night, but a call that I hadn't expected came about 2 weeks after Cin left for her father's.

    Cin's mom Gina called me and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her. She said Cin had always helped her with a second opinion about cloths to buy, and if I wanted to join her, then she'd get me some stuff too. That was fine with me, Gina had always been the coolest mom. I told my mom I was going shopping with Mrs Carson and headed for Cin's house.

    Out shopping was great Gina was updating her wardrobe to fit her "new single" status--ya, she was getting some cooler stuff and not "mom wear". Skinny jeans and heels, some nice tops that didn't look like she should be home with her 10 kids and tractor driving husband, some naughty lingerie just in case, and a final stop in cosmetics to get her "war paint", as she called it, changed to a little more glam than boring. After we were all done, Gina noticed that I had not bought or asked for anything. She told me, "Young lady, this will just not do! Next time we are shopping for you." True to her word next Saturday, Gina called and asked, "Are we still on?"

    All of my teasing Gina the week before came back to haunt me on this trip, I needed new shoes, and to most of my selections Gina commented, "What, old lady shoes again?" She finally talked me into a pair of red Stewart Weitzman's and I almost died when I saw the price! They were gorgeous on my feet and I loved the feel. She told me, now let's get you an outfit to match! Silk and lace panty and bra set, real silk stockings with garters, a mini, and a gorgeous red silk top. My head was spinning by the time we were done shopping and heading back to my house. I suddenly realized that no way my mom was going to let me keep this, let alone wear it. We had almost 2000 dollars of the greatest clothing I'd ever seen in my life. When we got to my place, Gina could tell something wasn't quite right. She asked me if she went overboard? I told her that it was the coolest stuff I had ever seen, and it felt sooooo good wearing it, but I knew mom was not going for it. She gave me a smile, and said, "That's OK. You can wear it when you're with me." I gave her a huge hug, then grabbed a bag with a couple pairs of skinny jeans I knew mom would be OK with.

    A couple weeks later she called and asked if I wanted to go to the show. I told her sure, told my mom I was off to the movie, and ran down the street to Cin's house. Gina greeted me at the door, and with a rather puzzled look on her face asked, "Are you going to the show like that?" She had, unknown to me, invited me to a play and not to a movie. She smiled and said, "Well, it'll give us a nice outing so we can use your new cloths."

    She took me to the guest bedroom and helped me get ready. I was powdered and perfumed, then dressed in some of those magnificent cloths she had bought for me and yes, the red heels too. We stood in front of the mirror as she finished brushing my hair. I was gorgeous!

    The play was strange, "Sweeney Todd", but I didn't care. I was literally dressed better than I had ever been dressed in my life, and I was enjoying it. Gina even let me have 1 glass of wine at intermission as a celebration. It was the best night I had ever had. When I got back to Gina's, she helped me get back into my regular cloths. I couldn't contain myself, and as I she helped me start taking things off, my blouse and mini at that point, I turned and kissed her full on the lips.

    I didn't mean anything by it, other than a huge THANK YOU for everything, but before I could back off she started kissing me back! When I realized what was happening, instead of pulling away, I melting into her. I literally almost fainted, so she had to wrap her arms around me to hold me up, and I wrapped my arms round her neck and kissed her deeply. We stood there for several minutes, our hearts racing, our rapid breaths teasing across each other's necks, then it happened. We really kissed!

    Our lipsticked lips pressed together, our bodies intertwined, her hands caressed my bottom, then her nails pressed tightly drawing me even closer to her. In that instant we became lovers. More that we had could not be that night, but our hearts had touched. My best friend's mom had become the passion of my soul.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 24

    It's me (the husband) writing, but we made this confession together as a couple.

    The saying goes that every family has a deep secret. If not always, at least for us that is very true. A secret of the most terrible and dark nature, that we keep so carefully buried like if it was a vital piece of information in a war. And in a way, it is. For it is today certainly the biggest shame of our lives, but, proportionally, it’s also our biggest sexual thrill — by far. So, we had to tell it somewhere.

    We're both members of a nationalist movement and, among its different lines and sub-divisions, we are more specifically Nazis. I'm 24 and she's 21. We met through the internet and are married for two years now. We are well known to the movement in our area. You can say we are considered in our circle their ideal, perfect couple - the perfect aryan couple, they would say.

    What is unknown is that she's had an interracial closet fetish for some years. She told me a little before we married, and I embraced her. However, at that time even she didn't know that I repressed an inner crave to give my angelic aryan wife to be used by a well-endowed n****r until he gets fully satisfied with her little body.

    In a summer vacation where nobody knew us, and we stayed for two weeks, a n****r natural of that place kinda seduced us. He talked me into taking her to a precarious old toilet that existed in an isolated corner, for him. We hesitated but I ended up taking her - hand in hand like a good couple.

    I watched the door as they made out intensely. He put his big cock out until it broke her last resistance and she fell on her knees, and fucked her powerfully like nothing she had experienced before on all fours in front of the dirty toilet, forcing her to lick it. He even made her say humiliating things such as, that she loved big black cock, that she preferred black cock to white and n****rs were sexually superior.

    After that day he went regularly to the place where we were staying and he fucked her like a beast everyday before sleep, instead of me, until the end of the trip.

    Now we are watching a lot of interracial porn together to indulge our awakened fantasy, but we believe we'll have to find another n****r to fuck again. Of course, nobody can find out, but we can't live without this interracial cuckolding anymore, that felt almost like a metaphysical ritual to us. The risk and the tabboo are the greater motivators.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    My husband and I have been married five years and we have a small, mini-swinger's club for
    experimental sex. After seeing it on a porn-site, then, unfortunately losing the link to it
    I told hubby I wanted to try three cocks in my pussy at one time. He said it was impossible
    since he had not seen it. We are both bi and he has two bi-friends who all do mixed fucking.

    On day hubby went flat on his back and one of the guys did the same, ass to ass, balls to
    balls and their cocks were touching so I sucked them both off at the same time. Then the
    idea came to me to straddle the two cocks and slide them both into my vagina. I asked
    a third to slide his in also as I leaned forward, my ass closer to him. He started to
    put it into my asshole and I stopped him and told him, "pussy only, please."

    Soon enough, soaking wet and slippery, all three cocks were sliding in and out of me.
    everyone was surprised and enjoying themselves. We are now trying to do it and all
    cum together. One of the guys gets so hot with two cocks sliding on his that he beats us
    all to cums. One of the girls has discovered that by licking the three way fuck
    she can speed up the cums but we want to slow it down to feel a four way orgasm.

    We are trying to figure out how to slow him down and welcome any suggestions.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    Today I had my first experience with a TS escort. I found her on online personal ads. We met at a hotel, she was a gorgeous red head. She stripped down to her panties. We laid on the bed, and I played with her tits, while rubbing her bulge. She stroked me for a bit before revealing he 9 inch member. She slipped on a rubber and let me Bob my head on it for about 20 minutes when she was good and hard. She squirted some lube on my hand, and I greased up her tool, while she loosened my ass up. When I felt the head enter me, I almost came immediately. She rammed my hole for about another 20 minutes before she later on her back for me to ride. As soon as she slid into me, she started to jerk me off. She raised her hips and I shot a load from her stomach to her tits. I licked up every drop. Best nut ever.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 46

    The first ANR experience I had was in my mid twenties. I had started a new birth control pill, and one of the side effects was that my breasts swelled. More than swelled, in three months I went from a full D cup to an H cup. They were incredibly sensitive, and it felt amazing when my boyfriend suckled me, like the was relieving them.
    One day he said something was coming out of them. I was embarrassed, but he said it tasted good, kind of sweet, and suckled harder. He smiled and said I think you're making milk, and went back to my breast, suckling deeper and harder.
    I'd heard about the "let down", but I had no idea it would feel so good. It felt like a dam breaking, my pussy rushed wet as milk squirted in to his mouth. He moaned as he swallowed, his mouth continued to pull, my nipple pressed against the roof of his mouth. I came so hard without him touching my pussy at all.
    He pulled me on to him, guiding his cock in to me, and lowering my other breast to his mouth. He suckled again, getting a fair amount from that beast as well. He bucked as he swallowed, cumming a bucketful I'm my pussy as I came. I looked down at him, milk droplets on his face, and knew this would be our new thing.
    Five years later, we revel in our nursing time. Making a point every few hours to drain me. I'm so glad I found my true love, adult breastfeeding. I never want to go dry again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Today my older brother and I had the day out of highschool. Our parents went work and let us to our own. I personally like to sleep, so I didn't bother moving till about 9 or 10. I got up and walked to the living room to see if my brother was even up yet...silence. I checked the rest of the house...silence. I walked down to his room, and carefully opened the door as not to wake him. In full view I could see him stroking his girthy beast. Not the first I've seen him do this, but it makes me really wet each time. I decided to embarrass him and barged in. He was already busted, but I was curious to what he was looking at to beat his meat. He fought me on this and I threatened to tell mom and dad that all he does is look at porn and jerk off. Hesitantly he said go ahead. On his computer we're naked pictures of me playing with myself that I had sent to my ex bf!!! This motherfucker! i was upset then flattered. I then decided I was be nice and suck on his dick to get it wet then ride it. Ride it I did! Oh my god that thing was so thick! I came so hard. Oh, and I didn't let him pull out. I hope I get pregnant so my brother and I can have lots of pregnant sex, and he won't have to worry about pulling out then!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 20

    Yesterday, I was on Tumblr just checking out pages when I saw my friends mom. She was on a MILF site, in her bra and panties, naked and with a dick in her mouth. Now, all I can do is think about her.

    I followed some of the shares, and she must bring men to her house because I recognize the furniture. I want to try to fuck her, but I'm afraid my friend will find out.

    oh, she is still married and her husband might be taking the pics!

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I have a good friend I have known since grade school. We are both in our 40`s now married with kids. Both very straight outdoors type men that no one would ever even think we would have sex together but we do.
    It started about 5 years ago on a fishing trip. We both drank too much and during a very hot conversation about sex we both hinted around about maybe being a bit curious. Since we had been friends for so many years and we had drank so much beer we were comfortable enough to shower together and try sucking each others dick in the shower.
    Once we were in the shower and both of us hard I was anxious as he was so we began to stoke each other and play with each others nuts and in no time at all I was on my knees sucking his thick 8" dick and found it very easy to swallow his pre cum and there was a lot of it. I guess we both got carried away because he was fucking my mouth and I couldn`t wait for him to cum in my mouth. I had both hands on his ass and he had his hands on my head and we were both enjoying it vey much then he came and it went right in my throat and I swallowed every bit of his thick warm load and stayed down on my knees sucking and licking on his balls and long fat dick.
    He returned the favor right after I finished with him and it was great. We are both about the same size and he sucked me good and swallowed my load and licked my nuts awhile. We dried off and just hung out naked drinking beer playing with our dicks and each others still talking. I had always wondered how the real thing would feel in my ass and had had a strap on and a few toys in my ass over the years and in High school a friend and I got very drunk one night and I talked him in to fucking me in the ass. He fucked me and came in my ass two times that night but wouldn`t fuck me after that and didn`t even want to talk about it.
    I just had to ask my buddy if he would like to try fucking me in the ass. I told him all about how I liked it and shared my past experiences with him and by then he was more than ready to fuck me. All we had for lube was some cooking oil so we used it on my ass and his dick and for starters I bent over the back of the couch in the cabin we were staying in and he got behind me and as I spread my ass open he slowly stuck his dick in my asshole then pushed until it was all the way up my ass and both of us were moaning and groaning then he began to fuck me and it felt so good right away I started pleading with him to fuck me harder. He fucked me good then I began asking him to cum in me and that excited him so much that he came pretty fast and shot a huge load deep in my ass and I came all over the back of the couch.
    The rest of the night was spent fucking in different positions all over that cabin and once he just stuck his dick up my ass from behind as I bent over the kitchen counter top looking out the window as we both drank a beer. he got hard in my ass and fucked me and he came deep in my ass with his cum dripping down my thighs. We fucked until after the sun came up then showered and fell asleep. He woke me up trying to stick his dick in me face down on the bed. It went in very easy and he pounded me hard with his big dick and came in me for the first of several times that day.
    We tried a few 69`s a lot of sucking and him fucking my ass and now we sneak off all the time to suck each other off and I am always ready for a good fuck in the ass. Lately we have talked about a 3 way experience and once I brought it up he wanted me to tell him what I wanted to do if we tried it and I told him I wanted to get fucked dog style and suck another guys dick at the same time and let both of them cum in me at the same time. When I told him I might want to try a DP in the ass he went crazy and told me to bend over so he could fuck me so I did and it was the best fuck ever. We are really good friends these days and I am looking for a third guy that will join us but I want him to have a huge dick so I am pretty selective and picky.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    I recently discovered that my little sister has been, at the very least, sucking my dad's cock. I don't know the extent of it. I don't know how long it's been going on or if that's all they've done. I was spending the night at my parents house, in my old room. I couldn't really sleep and it was maybe 1am or so and I was going downstairs to try to find something to snack on. As I walked down the stairs I could hear the tv was on. Curious as to who was still awake, I poked my head around the turn in the stairs to try and see who it was. I couldn't see anyone, so I took another step until I had a view of the couch. And that's when I froze in my tracks, at the sight of my dad sitting there, pants around his ankles. My little sister was next to him on the couch, on her knees, leaning over and sucking his cock. She was still fully clothed, if you can call it that. Short shorts and a tank top. I just stood there and stared. I'm not sure how much time had passed before I caught myself just standing there staring, and now with a very stiff hard on. I stepped back to hide myself while still being able to watch. I watched the entire thing. When he came, he held her head down on his cock until he was done, and she came up gasping for air. She sat back upright and he stood up, pulled up his pants, and left the room. I went back to my room and jerked off, thinking about what I had just seen, wishing it was me instead. So now, it's been a couple days, and I've been back at my apartment. I haven't said anything to either of them yet. I'm very tempted to see if I can use this situation to my advantage. She looks good, there's no doubt about that. I do have a girlfriend, and our sex life is fine. But wow... that situation would be a completely different level.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52











    This is a work in progress, i keep repeating it over and over in my head so i am sure more lines will cum out. you can add on if you like. i am FaggotFred at mail dot com if you want to reach me.

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