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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 44

    On weekends I spend time around my house mostly doing repairs or yard work. Once the work is done I usually grab a beer and relax. The wife was out spending the day with one of her girlfriends so I was home alone. I look over into my neighbors yard and I see my neighbor topless with her breasts fully exposed. She saw me looking and thought nothing of me seeing her that way. On her way back into her house we quickly chatted with her breasts still fully exposed to me. She said she didn't want to be rude but had to be going to meet a friend. About a half hour later she comes out of her house and drives away in her car. Thinking about her breasts and realizing no other neighbors were around I decided I might try stripping down. Seeing her nude made me want to try it that day. I have been nude on some beaches but never around the outside of my home so it was going to be a first. I always worried what people would think of me if I was every caught. I went into the house got undressed and came out into my yard naked. There were only two neighboring house that could see into my yard, and with one of them away now, it wasn't too big of a thing to do. I sat on one of my lounge chairs and had a few beers. It was about an hour or so later from the time I went outside naked that my wife unexpected came home. I didn't know what she would say and when she saw me said nothing and came over and sat on one of the other chairs. Along with her was her girlfriend. I was face down so my junk was exposed to them but my ass was. I had nothing to cover up with so I asked my to get me a towel. She dismissed my request with a quick reply that it wasn't required. It appeared she wanted me to remain naked and I didn't know if it was to get back at me for trying this or if she just didn't mind. She then told me she needed to talk to me about something and wanted me to come inside with her. This would mean I would have to stand up and her girlfriend would see my junk. I figured if I got up quickly I could cover myself with my hand and she would only get a quick flash of me. I did it and when I got inside my wife asked why? Before I could answer she said she liked me this way as it was an easy way to let her friend see for herself everything that was said about me. I asked what about me talk about and she wasn't too specific. Before we were about to go back out I told her I better get some clothes on. She very adamantly told me I was going out the way I was and told me to get moving. My hand went back over my junk and she moved it away telling me I had nothing to hide. I walked out more exposed this time and sat there with the two of them and my junk fully exposed. It was embarrassing at first but I soon it was a non issue. My wife and her girlfriend only stayed for about an hour before they left to go out and do some shopping. That night after my wife got home she said it was fun rubbing into her girlfriend's face how I was bigger than her husband by at least an inch. When I asked how she knew, she said she had seen his before. I didn't know if I liked that or not and told her. She has seen him that way many times. She goes on to say he may be smaller but less shy. She even tells me she has seen him masturbate. I really didn't know if I liked her seeing another guy doing that. The more we talked the more I found out things. He walks around naked a lot and has masturbated in front of her many times. I asked how she would like it if her girlfriend saw me masturbate. The reply I was given was that she wouldn't mind and asked if I was offering. She thought it could be pay back for all the times she saw her husband do it. What really caught me by surprise was when she said that maybe her girlfriend would masturbate for me to payback for all the times she masturbated for her husband. I asked about the masturbation and asked if he had seen her naked. She answered he has and even goes naked quite a bit while at their home. I was very blunt and asked if he had seen her c**t. She answered yes and told me he hasn't fucked it if that was what I was worried about. I asked if nothing at all happened? She said no fucking but maybe a little sniffing, a lick or two and some fingering. My wife was getting annoyed by my questions and suggested I visit with her next time. I did visit with her and the four of us got naked. My wife masturbated if front of us and then her girlfriend di the same. Her husband began licking my wife's pussy and her girlfriend got on top of me and we began fucking. My wife was not happy at all, screamed some obscenities at me and walked away. The husband didn't mind and once I was done with his wife he took his turn with her.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    Common-law wife and daughter!

    I started to date a co-worker Julia who is 10 years older than me. She also had a daughter Cleo when she was 19 and has been a single mother for a long time.

    Julia had long-blonde hair, voluptious breasts, luscious lips, wide child-beating hips and a big booty. Cleo on the other hand was just developing, and had budding nipples, blonde hair cut in a bob, and was very skinny.

    The sex with Julia was amazing (I think that she was desperate to hook-up with a stable guy). It wasn't before long that Julia was able to convince me to move into her condo to help pay the bills.

    The relationship was good with Julia, but her daughter Cleo wanted nothing to do with me, her being a typical obstinate teenager. One Saturday I had some errands run, but got done early so I went home. As I got into our bedroom, I could hear some moaning coming from our ensuite bathroom. I recognized Julia's voice so I thought that she was playing with herself in our spa tube (as she often did).

    I thought that I would surprise her and join in. When I burst into the bathroom I was aghast.

    Julia was standing naked in our spa tub, with one leg dr**ed over the back of Cleo who was eating out her mother's pussy.

    I was utterly confused and didn't know what to say. I had a mixture of jealously and being erotically aroused at the same time.

    I also was worried about the legal ramifications with Cleo only being 14.

    Julia and Cleo were very upset about being caught and were crying as they started to cover-up towels.

    Julia started to beg me to not tell anyone. She had been without a man for so long that her and Cleo had started to sexually experiment. Now they were lovers and didn't want to stop after I had moved in.

    I told Julia that she could go to jail if it was ever discovered what she was doing with Cleo. Cleo and Julia kept crying and begged me not to tell anyone. When Cleo said that they were willing to do anything to keep me quiet, I began to change my attitude.

    I must admit that I had put Cleo in my "spank bank" and somtimes fantasized about her whenever Julia was fucking or blowing me. I had also caught a glimpse of Cleo's puffy nipples and bald pussy before she was able to cover-up.

    I told that I would keep quiet if they both became my sexual slaves and do everything that I told them. This calmed them right down and they both relaxed and stopped crying.

    I told Julia and Cleo that I wanted to watch them continue from where I had interrupted them. They removed their towels and climbed back into the spa tube. I think that I even detected a wry smile on Cleo's lips.

    I told them to assume the position that I had caught them in, with Julia standing and Cleo munching on her pussy. They didn't need extra prodding from me.

    Soon they were really into it, and Julia was moaning again with Cleo nibbling on her clit and fingering her pussy.

    I positioned myself for a better view and sat on the edge of the tub. Then when Cleo and Julia were lost in the throes of their lust, I took out my cell phone and began to take some pictures.

    Eventually they realized what I was doing and objected. But I reminded them that they had promised to do what ever I said (and besides I wanted some evidence to protect myself).

    I kept taking pictures with my cell and then Julia began making familiar groaning noises and her body started shuddering as she orgasmed. Cleo stopped licking her pussy and I took a picture of her face with her mother's pussy juices glistening all over it.

    Then Julia and Cleo got out of the tub and led me by my hands into the bedroom. I quickly stripped off all my clothes, as they laid down on our king bed still soaking wet. Then I laid down with Cleo in between Julua and me.

    I started to french kiss Cleo with her tongue darting into my mouth to meet mine. Julia placed a pillow behind the small of Cleo's back and began to lick out her daughter's pussy. I moved down from Cleo's lips and began to suckle on her puffy nipples.

    Julia began to get rough with Cleo and started to finger fuck her first with one and then two fingers. It wasn't before long that Cleo began to squeal and buck with her own teenage orgasm.

    By now, not attention had been paid to me and my cock was rock hard. Julia remedied this and began to start licking my cock. She showed Cleo how to lick it also as she had never given a man a blow job.

    She showed Cleo how to lick up and down the shaft of my cock and especially the cum vein in the front. Cleo was very talented with her tongue after all the practice that she had with her mothers pussy.

    Julia showed Cleo how to teasing lock her lips around the head of my cock and pump it in and out of her mouth. Then without any instruction Cleo went down and started to lick one of my balls as she played with the other in her hand (thank god for Internet porn).

    With both of their attention to my cock, I released a little pre-cum. Julia knew what was going to happen and began to vigorously pump my cock's shaft. She told Cleo to position herself to receive my load in her mouth, but Cleo flinched at the last moment and I jizzed all over her face.

    Then I was given the sexiest show ever as Julia licked my cum off of Cleo's face and they started to french kiss to share my jizz.

    I wasn't done but I need to recover. I made Julia and Cleo 69 each other as I watched. First Julia and then Cleo came drenching each other's faces in their pussy juices.

    Now I was ready for more action. I turn my attention back to Cleo as I had fucked her mother already so much. I made her get down on all fours as she began to lick out Julia's pussy again.

    At first I just watched to get aroused. Then I began to play with Cleo's tiny butt as she wiggled it receptively. Julia started to moan as Cleo slurped up her mother's pussy juices.

    I got more daring and inserted a finger into Cleo's pussy from behind and she willlingly backed into it. Then I began to lick out her anus, which I knew was still clean from the tub. Cleo let out a gasp as no one including her mother had never done this before.

    I then inserted a second finger in Cleo's pussy and began to work them round until I could start massaging her g-spot. Cleo was already wet but soon she started to gush her pussy juices all over my hand.

    Cleo then stopped licking her mother's pussy and turned around to beg me to "Fuck me Daddy!" (this was the first time she had ever called me Daddy). I looked at Julia and she gave me an approving smile.

    So I flipped Cleo over on her back and she spread her legs. I inserted my cock at first gently into her pussy because I did not know how tight it would be.

    As I got more confident that I was not hurting Cleo I began to pump my cock more vigorously into her pussy. She kept begging me to "Fuck me Daddy" which was so dirty and such a turn-on that I began to pound away at it with abandon.

    Soon Cleo was squealing and bucking again with another orgasm. I could not help myself and shot a big load of cum into her pussy. Before I knew what was happening Julia pushed me out of the way and began to lick my cum out of Cleo's pussy like she was craving it. Again this was so nasty it was another turn on for me.

    At least Julia was thinking about birth control, and she took Cleo to the clinic the next day to get her daughter the morning-after pill and also to get on the regular birth control pills.

    We are all now sworn to secrecy, but we end up in a threesome most nights. I also found out that Cleo has some bisexual girlfriends at school. I hope somehow that I can figure out how to get some of them to join us.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Im a good looking guy, and so a lot of gay guys tell me is that i have a really nice body.
    Its not all muscle, its not fat, nor chunky just nice and soft with curve which i love.
    I love my booty, its round, soft and looks just like a girls and i love this fact. so my twisted
    confession begins....

    When im turned on to a stupid degree ill go into my room, laying on top of my bed with the lights off and the tv on which illuminates my entire room like a movie theatre wearing nothing but my booty boxers. The shades will be open enough for someone with a good eye to be able to see through, ill rub my body down with my hands until im rock hard and take off my booty boxers to bring out my rock hard penis.

    Ill begin doing really kinky stuff like smelling my own booty boxers, massaging my penis with lotion but never masterbating, teasing until my heart rate is visible through my penis and its beat red. ill just look at it, wishing i could blow myself, or wishing how at that moment i could be blowing a guy with a real nice penis, making love to it with my mouth like my life depended on it.

    Sometimes I get so turned on knowing someone could be watching
    that clearish pre cum runs out and each vein is popping.
    Ill do this for a hour or three, just playing and massaging, thinking someone could be watching
    and how i want them to see everything.

    Ill write erotic, i****teous stories about my cousin and i fooling around when we were in our teens as we have done everything together so i keep a book of explicit, descriptive confessions that anyone could find at any time if they decided to snoop. but when i cant take it no more...

    and my erect penis is so hard and throbbing that it hurts
    i unload a massive amount of cum, just squirting like i nailed the hottest chick and spent hours eating her ass out. The explosion either goes all over my chest, hands and or face, this is my kink rule " If i cum, i must eat what i hunted for so long " I cant help it but moans come out because i spent a long time teasing myself.

    If I decide to go on my own face i feel "uninterested " after, but before i tell myself that ill just force myself to either taste it or fall asleep with it all over my face. Sometimes ill cum in my own booty boxers, or one of the many pairs of underwear i stole from my cousin " most have endured 100's of loads " but in the end i usually taste the fruit of my labor....

    sadly.... im to shy to just hook up with a guy, i have had amazing sex with two guys " one being my best friend "so far but i need that trust.... its nice this way because i prefer no condoms.. Im a bottom only so being ejaculated in is a very intimate bond, i feel like im home when im either riding a guy with only a hoodie on... its so nice... i cant wait for the next time... i have this electrcity that goes through my body when i accept the fact that yes i love women, but sometimes that a nice, clean cutt cock belongs pumping in my mouth or ass.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    I had met a guy who was gay when i was 14, we grew very close and eventually began fooling around which lead into sex.

    Came the time when he had a boyfriend, he and i still had sex.

    The best time i recall was

    I had went over to visit, just in time for his Boyfriend to be leaving to the movie store down the road.
    He had left and my bestfriend looked at me, came to me and felt me up and we began. As we got naked out penises came out, ive always been shy so its always been intense for me being it was a sacred bond. After doing quicky BJ's before i knew it i was on my back in only my hoodie...

    I was lubed up, on my back, in my hoodie...
    he was in between my legs like a guy would a girl, or how a girl would be with a guy screwing her missionary.
    He pushed into me, it was stingy but soon nice... i remember watching his waist pump into me,
    thinking how nice it was he was feeling me inside, how good it felt to please him

    The sex lasted about 15 minutes until he enjaculated in me.
    It was great, we both got dressed and continued just hanging out like nothing happened.
    His boyfriend came home and knew nothing.

    Later on, a few weeks later i didn't expect id be looking for a place to stay, my bestfriend insisted.
    Late one night, he called me into the room to sleep with both of them. I had no idea some time id be blowing both of them, i remember after each guy was trying to hold my hand like they fell in love... but only one guy truly loved me..the other just loved the way it felt with my mouth around his penis....

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 38

    I have a smaller than average penis that is about the size of my thumb when fully erect. I used to be so shy and nervous about hooking up with girls because they always laugh and some even let me have sex with them. Friday I went out with some friends including a chick named Cara that has a reputation for being a nasty slut.

    We had fun dancing and drinking, but by last call the rest of the group was gone except Cara and I. The pickins were slim for last chance booty. Cara was on the dance floor grinding the air. I watched her gyrating and decided to try to sleep with her and after the song I asked her if she was ready to go. She was drunk so she had a hard time focusing on me but agreed it was time to go and followed me out to the parking lot.

    I was in my car waiting for her to catch up but when I looked back she was nowhere to be seen. In my passenger mirror movement caught my eye and I looked closer to see that she was squatting next to my car with her pants around her ankles pissing. She got in with her jeans still unbuttoned and unzipped. I didn't say anything but started my car and drove off.

    Cara lives a few blocks from me but I took her to my house and woke her passed out ass up then helped her into my house. She headed for the couch but I steered her toward my room and she collapsed on my bed.

    Her pants were still undone, I reached down and tugged them down until they came off each leg. Cara was passed out again, but I didn't care because all I wanted was to stick my little dick in her and cum.
    Having a little penis that's about the same size as my thumb has its advantages. Most women can barely feel me if at all so Cara probably didn't feel me as I entered her loose sloppy pussy that even for a slut like her permanently stretched out so her hole gapes open naturally. I was able to fuck her huge hole without touching the sides. I was slow and gentle as I slid my tiny cock in and out of her worn out hole. I was only about thirty seconds in when I had to stop because I was on the verge of cumming.

    I woke Cara up and she asked me what the fuck I was doing and I told her that my dick was balls deep inside her and woke her up because I was about to cum. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and was glad she told me anywhere as long as I didn't cum in her pussy because she isn't on birth control.

    I held her wrists and pinned her to the bed with my body, looked her right in the face and ejaculated my hot thick sperm into her. I told her I had never intended to pull out and held her there with my cum and penis still inside her. I held her there with her fertile pussy full of my cum for a longtime even though she begged me to get off of her so she could get my cum out of her. Seeing her in distress because my semen was all up in her fertile pussy was arousing and my dick got hard so I began to slowly pump Cara's struggling body. It was so hot to look at her helpless fat ass squirm and try to resist that I ejaculated again inside her pussy. I held her down for at least fifteen more minutes because I liked watching her squirm nervously. She doesn't know that right now while she is passed out I am getting ready to inseminate her again!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 19

    So I got into a bad argument with my girlfriend, we ended up breaking up. Me and her went through a bad stage, my friend came round to my apartment with 2 girls and alcohol to cheer me up. I had an instant connection with one of the girls and we all played drinking games. My friend disappeared and it was just me and this girl alone. I picked her up and wrapped her legs ’round my waist and kissed her neck as I carried her to my bed, all night I teased her and left hickeys all over her body, till finally I fucked her hard till we both came. Best sex ever.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I made a list and there were 342 men and women in the last eight years.
    i suppose most would say I'm a sex addict but the truth is that I just don't see the
    reason to say no. I allure both men and women with a hot body. My face is o.k. but not
    up to model standards. Some tell me I project sex lust. Maybe so. My only fear is STD
    but I take precautions. Probably men do a higher number. I do not know.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    when i was a kid i use to have sex with all three of my stepsisters. i would do one while the other two watched. then i would fuck each of them in turn. it was great! they would ask me questions like whose pussy felt the best, or who was the better cocksucker or how their pussies tasted when i ate them out. i would get them to lie down in a row next to each other and go down the line, sticking my young cock into their tight tiny little pussies one by one. even though they were sisters they each had their own distinct body shape, feel and taste/scent. the twins would tell me that their older sister had questionable hygiene in order to get me to stop fucking her, they were jealous, but she smelled and tasted fine to me. that lasted till high school, then i would only fuck them one at a time on different nights as all of our schedules were different.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 33

    My second cousin!

    We had a tradition of getting together with my Dad's family the weekend before Christmas as they all lived in another city.

    My cousin had a daughter Vanessa who was about 10 years younger than me. One Christmas when I was 23 and she was 13 we were play wrestling, which we had done before when I visited.

    I would often tickle her and make her "hit herself". This time the play got a little more rambunctious. She was dressed in sweat pants and began to grind herself on one of the legs of my bluejeans.

    She looked me in the eyes with a "fuck me" look, but I did not want to try to stop her, and run the risk of drawing attention to what she was doing.

    I held her wrists as she kept grinding her crotch on the leg of my jeans. She began to breath heavily and one thing led to another.

    She eventually soaked herself and I could see the wet spot in her sweat pants as she ran off to change.

    She came back wearing a dress "for dinner". I avoided her the for rest of the night.

    I stopped going to our family Christmases for quite a few years after that, since I didn't think I could risk temptation and avoid a repeat of what happened with Vanessa that one time.

    As it turns out Vanessa was very promiscuous, got pregnant at a young age, and ended up being married by 16 (with her parents' permission).

    I still fantasize about that one time she grinded on me, and still get turned on by seeing girls dressed in yoga and sweat pants.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    When I was a young teenager I would spy in all my female neighbors windows at night to see them nude. I saw moms grandmas daughters teens and I took pictures of them through the windows and spent hours jerking off looking at them nude. I knew them all and they have no idea that I have seen them nude masturbating having sex showering peeing shaving and I love to talk with them while remembering how they look nude.

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