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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I got my ass fucked by 10 different dudes this weekend. It was wild. Really enjoyed 3 of the dudes. One is hung and he gave me pleasure-pain. The other is average but hit my prostate so good I loved it, his cock always does. The third is my FWB Iâve been fucking him for a while and we have amazing sex. But has no clue Iâm a cock hungry whore. (Donât judge me it was the childhood r**e that fucked me up. Iâm working on it. But fuck Iâve been fucked a lot.) And I like to take the cock raw and be breed. Well Iâm hopping my body had some sort of mutation and made me superior genetically after having to deal with so many guys different cum and genes, hahah lol. Still clean, zero stds or illnesses, negative and healthy thanks to Jesus.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    Back in 2000 I worked in the accounting department of a small company with six other women. No one was degreed and we all had our jobs because of referrals. I was a little older and had more experience when they hired a new clerk from Mexico who had never worked but she was degreed in Mexico and she spoke Spanish. I never dreamt that I would still be involved with her, that we would both end up in bed with the same person at the same time, and that we both had to quit our jobs because of who we slept with, not a man, an older woman.

    In a twist she invited a man who wanted to take pictures and videos. He set up the camera and video recorder and told us 'to have fun'. We couldn't do it. That's why we had to quit. It's not that we don't like 'to have fun', we are fun loving but not for the camera.

    We went on to have a boyfriend who liked us, to have fun in front of him, to let him have all the fun he wanted, but never on camera. It's not so cute a now 60 year old and a forty five year old. That's why we have lights off and blinds. What we do is not for you, it's for us and we don't need breadcrumbs.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Well last night got tired of looking on line for a black man too ha fun with .So I got dressed up like a women and went out. To find a gay bar to find me a man so I could have so fun black man yummy so I had a drink and walk around the club found a table sat there for awhile nothing. So I left went to another bar I have been there a couple times before i got there ordered a drink and sat at a table and it wasn't a couple of minutes a black man come over and sat down and started to talk then we dance talked some more. T Han I reach under the table a grab me a hand full of cock it was huge a played with it for awhile than we left got a room and it was on. So I got him on the bed and suck on his cock it got so thick I couldn't get it in my mouth and told him he had to put it in me now I was so horny. It felt like a hour with him inside me but when he exploded inside me it was a lot of cum I swear I could taste it. We had sex with each other for hours it was so great so we talk for And he ask if I would be interested I a three some or more . Well I said yes as long all black men he yes it would be so this weekend I am going to get gang banged by four black men wish me luck I can't wait I love black men .I AM A SISSY FAGGOT BOY CROSSDRESSERS and love sex with black men

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My manhood if we can call it that is not very impressive 4" and a bit, and currently secretly self locked in a CB6000s cage. Over the last few years I have developed an addiction to all things sissification and feminiseation. It started with BBC porn somewhere along the Tumblr line changed to trans porn and ended on me wanting to be taken, feminised and brainwashed into a thing made to service real men.

    All this despite being in a streight relationship for 5 years now. One that I feel I am doing all the work in, more out of obligation than love like I once had. I still feel sexually attracted to my girlfriend (even though she puts little effort into her apperance other than very specifict times), and she acts like she is too (Until its time to actually do anything) and even then I still do all the work, in truth its a relationship that has gone on for 5 years but has only had about six months worth of actual sex or sexual activites if even that. Honestly its more like I'm looking after a family member than in a relationship with her.

    Before meeting my current girlfriend I had a bad breakup, and decided to live one of my fantasies, so I met up with a guy I had been messageing and we went back to my house. There in my bedroom I gave his eight inch black cock all the attention it was needing. I wanted him to force me down and fuck my throat but thinking back on it I was serviceing his manhood and should have done that myself. At the end when he came I tried to pull away but thankfully he grabbed my head and held me there, forcing me to swallow the river of cum flowing into my mouth. I wish he and I had exchanged numbers but we both made it clear that at the time it was a one and dome thing. As he left he gave me a "Naughty boi" and that was the last I saw of him. I think back on that day offten, wishing I had done more.

    I have come to the realiseation in the last four or five months that If the opportunity for me to follow my fantasy arrises, I wouldnt be able to fight it. I would fully submit to it and them.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 16 me and a few buds went camping for a week during the summer we all made a deal who ever draw the short stick had to crossdress the whole trip.

    As we got to the camp we draw I lost so after we put up are tent James Nick and Paul throw me a bag with 10 days worth of girls clothing and makeup and a wig.

    So I go doll my self up I come out and all them say damn if we didn't know it was you I'd try taking you home I smile and say you guys sure know how to treat a girl.

    After awhile we all start drinking I just got tipsy but they all where drunk as I bent to grab another beer Nick lifts my dress and I feel his cock on me and James and Paul had there cocks in my face I say about time we get to the real fun i start sucking them as Nick fucks me after few mins we all go in the tent me and we all just fuck each other.

    Then after we where done we passed out holding each other next morning I get up to pee I'm sill in the thong and bra I see a guy looking at me so I act like I'm sucking a dick to him and flash him my cock he smiles and we walk over to each other and we start talking few mins later I was blowing the DNR officer.

    And I let him fuck me God that man know how to fuck after he was done he covered my face with his jizz and tells me now no more flashing and put some cloth on you kids now day then he left I go back to camp all the guys see my face and ask what happend to me so I tell them they all laugh I tell them hey I just got some dick still with a big smile on my face.

    And all week long we fucked the whole camping trip.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    When I was 13 me and my friend older brother sneaked out of his house and went to are club house we bulit in the woods by are houses he was 17 this was the day I lost my virginity all I've done was jerk him off.

    That night I told him I wanted to go all the way I wanted to know how it felt to get fucked when we got in the club house we lit the candles we but put there that afternoon then we got naked and he pinned me down and pushed his cock in me.

    Thank God he had a rubber on we didn't bring lube so it help a little after awhile he took the rubber of and raw dogged me when he finished he left his cock in me and we kissed tell he went soft we laid on the floor for a little bit then he got hard again and fucked me again.

    He fucked me 5 times when we got back to the his house the sun was riseing he fucked me so good I couldn't walk right for 2 days

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 23

    I am not slim but I am cute, I have glue green eyes and I have a pretty face. All my life boys have fallen for me. I grew up to have a largish bosom and good sized hips. My man friend says that I am 'woman' from head to toe. I like to please him, I like doing things for him. I had a hard time letting go in bed, I was pretty shy as a kid and in many ways I still am. He is my one and only, I have never been with another man and don't have any desires to do that either. If I die and I can say on my death bed only one man had my body then I will die happy. I really can't understand how women can let men just have sex with them. I don't do weird things, I am pretty conservative and I am strictly an on my back girl, play with me a little but when it comes to completing the act I want to be on my back with my man friend on top. I work in a construction company in the office. I can't believe how easy some of the women here are with the men who work here. They all seem to be jealous of me because my man friend is a man with money, at least as far as they are concerned. He really is just normal in his group of friends and he wants me to stop working and finish my college degree, he challenged me with a marriage proposal, they day I graduate I walk down the isle.

    My secret is that I read lots of romance novels and I get very turned on to seduction. If that part of the book is really steamy I can read it over and over again. I get very aroused and I sleep in my wet panties and I can get very wet. That's my only secret sex thing. My man friend does not know about this, I am prim and proper and would never do any of the things that the novels talk about, not even if I was a lost virgin in the desert and saved by the Sheik of Arabi.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I am married to my highschool sweetheart, we got pregnant last year and our parents let us get married. When she had our daughter she lost her sex drive, so I started sniffing her panties, and jerking off to porn.

    That turned into phone sex on chat lines, which has turned into me WEARING her panties and having phone sex with other guys.

    It feels so dirty to wear her thongs and fishnets and talk nasty with another guy. I have developed a curiosity about pleasing another guy while wearing lingerie.

    Especially a married man whose wife is a prude in bed. Let him dress me up in his favorite pair of her panties and Do all the things she won't let him do to her.

    I want to suck cock and be butt
    fucked while wearing panties so badly. All the sudden. My wife is still not giving me any so I am going to download an app to meet up with a guy tonight. I am dressed up in black silk thongs with pink bows on the hips and her thigh high fishnets with garter belts.

    My cock is so hard thinking about riding a cock while talking nasty to a random guy. Begging him to fuck my virgin shitter until he cums.

    Maybe he will be married and his wife will catch him fucking me in their bed in her panties, or maybe we will do it at my house and my wife will catch us.

    I think it would be so hot to have her watch me please another guy. Maybe have her join in, have her force my face into her asshole and sniff her stinky butt. While the guy plows mine. Here's hoping

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 24

    I am not a sex addict, say it over and over again. But of course you are a sex addict, just look at how many different men you have let fuck you, how many men you have sucked, how many different men you have jerked off. That you say you started because in the fifth grade another boy jerked you off is irrelevant to whether or not you're a sex addict. You are a sex addict because you cannot turn down sex, you look for sex, you thrive on sex and the fact that you look for stranger sex proves you are a sex addict.

    Anywa y that's the way my conversation goes with myself after I suck off some guy in his car or let some guy have sex with me.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 33

    âI just wanted to see how this workedâ, she said as we spoke for the first time. It suffices to say that I met someone. I wasnât looking for anything. I wasnât on the make. But now I have this feeling in my gut. This feeling that she might be here for a reason. We started talking and she seems cool. Sheâs smart and pretty in a way that makes me crazy. Highly neurotic, a great deal of maintenance required. And to be honest I really like taking her tantrums. She is sexy. She is cool. Sheâs a mix bag with a whole lot of stories. She is you Mehek.

    I saw her small and perky figure on my phone as I super liked her. Call it fate or coincidence she liked me back. There was this growing sense of attractiveness that she emitted and I was getting pulled into her experiences woven with mine. But heres where the real story began. We decided to call our situation pussy 101 tutorials. These tutorials as she liked to call them gave an idea of how she likes to be eaten. I was on board because I was a huge fan of eating pussy. I liked how her hair was not fully trimmed. All I could do in that moment is to imagine her gorgeous pussy lips on my face. The day finally arrived. I was ready for the big day. We met, we drank, we chilled at the beach. She suggested I take her home for a glass of wine. I complied, like a slave to her beautiful body. âIâm feeling kind of horny!â she whispered in my ear right before we entered the elevator. As soon as we stepped in she grabbed me by the neck and we made out vigorously. I felt her tongue move around mine her hands slowly grabbing my balls. She stepped back just to catch her breath and came back with double the force. But the lift had other plans. Floor 7: Someone walks in on us and we pretend to check each otherâs outfit. She smiles at me. Iâd kill for that smile, I think to myself. We finally reach my floor and walk into my house. My mind is full of possibilities. She slowly puts her hands on mine. Again I comply like a slave. She slowly goes for the side of my neck and I do the same. Our lips moving randomly and touching all kinds of body parts. âShe smells beautifulâ, I think to myself. She takes my hand and puts it on her breasts. Theyâre small and perky but firm and lusty. I almost blew my load when I was fondling her breasts. âGo for itâ, she said in the sexiest voice I have ever heard. I move on to unexplored areas of her body. I start licking her from the collar bone to her navel, the whole time fondling her breasts with her nipples hard as rocks now. âDonât stopâ she says as she pushes me closer to her magnificent vagina. I open her zip with my mouth, use my teeth to take her panty off. She shrivers as her ass cheeks touch the cold bed. I put my hands there so shes warm. I start by teasing her in between the thighs. I lick her everywhere but the clit. Shes longing for my tongue on her lips. I bury my face in her god like vagina. Everything about her vagina from its smell to the hair drives me crazy. Before you know it Iâm insterting 2 fingers in that tight hole. She shivers because of the sudden entry and I kiss her. She moans softly while I undress her, 2 fingers still planted well in her pussy. We finally get to her seeing my dick. Shes surprised by the size of my penis. Her lips touch the top of my penis. She says shes had bigger and I believe her because she sucked my dick so goddam well. She went to the base of the shaft while sucking on my balls the whole time. I had never had such a blowjob in my life. I was feeling a thousand emotions but âdonât stopâ were the only words coming out of my mouth. She doesnât stop and soon I blow my load in her mouth. Surprisingly shes not grossed out. She swallows it and says softly,âis it my turn now?â Yes maâam I say sheepishly. I pick her naked body and place it on the bed. I slowly start eating her out again. This time shes wet with desire. My penis is hard as a rock. She whispers in my ear,âI want you inside me nowwwâ. Wait, She doesnât have a condom! I mwan she cant possibly mean that. âThankfully my bag always has a condomâ, I say as I wear the condom. She doesnât seem to care and puts my throbbing penis inside her tiny vagina. There is a little discomfort and I pull out so that shes okay. She says Nooo bring it back in and we start moving slowly to the beat of the movie.

    We do it in all possible positions and she makes me cum thrice. Her vagina doesnât hurt and we continue devouring each other bodies, till she cums. I taste her pussy juices and work those lips with my tongue. She lies there tired and sweaty from the amazing session. âThis wasnât a bad ideaâ, she says.

    Maybe we could fuck more often. Hell Yeah! Is what I think. That beautiful small body gave me more pleasure than anyone Iâve ever hooked up with before. Shes a mystery that my penis longs for, my body craves for and my balls twitch for. I keep my hands on her breasts, her heart is racing. We complete the movie and I drop her home, promising to meet next week. I spend the next week reading about how to make girls cum and we experiment.

    Her naked body, and moreover her naked soul is the lust that my body craves for.

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