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  • — Gross —
    Lesbian Female / 38

    I am here because I am frustrated and the Holidays are here and I will be sleeping alone again. I am 38, I am a lesbian and I have been in love with this girl for five years. Of all of my crushes this is the worst of all, but she spurns me and sleeps with of all things her 50 year old boss. I can't compete with him, he buys her things, takes her on vacations, pays her real well for her job, way above what that job should pay and he has a dick and I don't. She likes dick. It is bad enough that she likes dick, when I offered her my love and affection she was very explicit about her likes and she turned up her nose at being affectionate with another woman. Not that she has ever tried it.

    I don't want to sound like I am some stalker, I am not. I am relentless in my pursuit, she has no business with a 50 year old man, he is using her for his pleasure. And I don't buy her argument that he is sweet with her, he is an old man and she is a sweet young woman of 26. Having that dirty old man sleep with her is disgusting to me, it is bad enough that she is letting some man have sex with her, but he is an old man and he can't possibly be attractive to her.

    I am not speaking without knowledge, I once let a man have sex with me. Sure this was back when I was in my early twenties and I wasn't sure. When he put his dick in my mouth I gagged, and not because he was in my throat, just having his dick in my mouth made me gag. Having his dick in me and being trapped under him was also gag material but I held my nose and 'took' it. Taking a dick is just about the most difficult self control thing you can do.

    I asked her to come be with me. I was polite, I can offer her a nice place to live, I offer her my unencumbered love, my complete affection, I am much closer to her age so we can enjoy being out together, it is not uncommon for an age difference between women in my circle, in fact it is common for an older woman to have a younger woman as her companion. It cannot look anywhere as bad as a 26 year old hanging on the arm of a 50 year old man.

    Now I am going to confess something too, this old man is the man that gave me dick when I was a young woman finding my way in the world. He is not at all happy that I want to be with his lovey dove, he doesn't really want her he is denying her to me. He intentionally gives her affection in front of me, he intentionally talks dirty to her in front of me, he intentionally tells her that all I want is pussy and I am not woman enough to take a dick. He tells her in front of me not to let me get to her pussy, that he and he alone has rights to her pussy. Like I said he talks dirty to her in front of me. He is doing this because I asked for a divorce and told him I couldn't take his dick anymore and he says I turned to the dark side.

    I am spending this Holiday alone in my bed, while he is enjoying himself with her and shoving it in my face.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 36

    I did 6 months in jail when I was 18. Didnât really know the ârulesâ in jail and was getting my ass fucked for most of those 6 months. Worst 6 months of my life

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I did not realize I was bi until, as it turns out, after meeting and much chatting, mostly horny talk,
    I let three different co-workers suck me off. I get sucked off to a cum at least once or twice a day
    and although it has become routine in the men's room or one of the empty offices, highly enjoyable. At
    some point, I will start sucking them off. A for anal, not for me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    I have become a chameleon, progressive or conservative depending on the crowd, I guess I am left of center but not too far to the left. I vote Republican. Sexually fluid, I live with a man but play with a girl. She is fluid too except with me. When we are together we are strictly for each other.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 23

    My name is Leslie and I am an L. I got a charm with an L on it and everyone thinks if is because of my name, but it could be because I am an L. I think it is funny. In my daily life and at work I am an L under the covers, I have not come out to the world at large and I don't think I will, it just doesn't seem like it is anyone's business what I happen to like.

    As al L I frequent this movie house. It is a movie house of the old style built in the 1930s and it is kept in that form. I love it because it shows old movies, lots of black and white movies, and of course old romantic movies which is my downfall. I have a thing for certain actresses of the old school, women I know who were L themselves but did not come out. There they are being kissed by the romantic lead, who happens to have been G but never came out either, a G man and L woman making out and the movie is so romantic.

    Once upon a time a long time ago, long before I ever knew about L or G I was watching one of these movies with my friend Stephanie. We were nineish at the time and we were watching a black and white and he was leaning her over to kiss her on the lips and Stephanie and I were holding hands so tight and after the scene I leaned Stephanie over and kissed her on the lips, it was a long delicate kiss and I told her I wished she were a boy and she said she wished so too and our kiss continued. Butterflies down under? You bet, the butterflies were so bad I was pressing my legs together so hard it hurt, Stephanie's face was so pretty with the TV screen giving the light (yes I am a romantic) and her hand on my face so gently and her tender lips so sweet and we kissed and sighed and fell in love.

    Boy, did we kiss after that. She swooned and I kissed and my hand fell on her nonexistent breast and she put her hand on my hand and held my hand tight against her chest. I whispered words of love, just like in the movies, and she put her arm around my neck and closed her eyes and our kisses lasted so long, her sweet lips, so moist with love and my hand on her nonexistent breast and the butterflies between my legs flying around and I had to keep crossing and uncrossing my legs the butterflies would not leave me alone.

    Oh God, was I in love with Stephanie. Oh God I am so in love with Stephanie. We watch these silly movies together at the old theater, go out and have a hot dog and a coke and go sit by the pond in the park and she puts her dress across her legs, she sits just right and I lay my head in her lap and she counts my freckles and we talk about so long ago, long before we knew anything about being L. Stephanie gave me my charm and I gave her a charm that says S. We were sixteen and I wear my L every day. Yes my L is for Leslie.

    Her lips, her lips are so sweet, so moist, so beautiful against her face, her clear brown eyes, her long auburn hair, and if we are alone she lets me put my hand on her breast and she holds my hand against her breast and we kiss long kisses and we never talk about being a boy. I am so glad my Stephanie is an incurable romantic, and she is not a boy.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 54

    I first had my dick teased when I was a little kid. It felt good and I had to beg to get my dick teased. Around eleven I had a friend and I asked him to tease my dick, he did and I sucked his dick but after that one time he told me we couldn't be friends anymore. I masturbated a lot. We had gone on a summer trip and one night we stayed at this motel overnight. We are all bunched up in the room and I had a terrible urge to masturbate so I snuck out when everyone was sleeping and went out by the pool and found a dark corner and masturbated. The maintenance guy found me and told me that I should never do that out in the open, if the cops caught me I would be taken to jail. He took me to this room around back and sucked my dick. He let me suck his dick. Around two in the morning we went back to our room and helped me open the door and sneak back in. I slept with the feeling of his dick in my mouth for the rest of the night.

    I took band and had to lug my instrument home with me to practice. For whatever reason I was assigned the French Horn which I hated. My mother told me to go outside to practice. I can't say enough about how much I hated the French Horn and practicing. The neighbor lady told me to shut that thing down and my mother told me to practice outside, the only solution was for me to stay after school and practice in the band room and my mother would pick me up after practice. This other boy had the same problem so we practiced together. I got to know him and he was kind of weird, he played the trombone which was also loud and we kidded around. One afternoon we ended up in the bathroom together and I told him he had a weird dick, I just could not resist I sucked him in the restroom. Fortunately he liked it and I sucked him several more times. I loved sucking dick and as luck would have it I ended up practicing with the other gay guy in school. I fucked him and it felt so good to stick my dick in his ass and what's more he liked it. I guess you get used to seeing someone and you start to like the way they look and one day we kissed and made out.

    In the twelfth grade I had a chemistry class and we got paired up with a partner. He was new kid from Orlando and we had to do the experiments together and it was just a kind of a feeling I had and I told him I was going to the movies one weekend and he agreed to come along and I put my hand in his lap, we fought hands for a while but I grabbed on to his dick and he liked that and I got his dick out of his pants and jacked him off. After he got rid of his load I didn't let go, I bent over and sucked him. He was gay too and I fucked him, he was new to it but he liked it and he let me fuck him the rest of the year. He liked getting his dick sucked and he found that he liked to suck dick too and we had a great time. Actually even today sucking his dick is what I think about when I think about sucking a dick.

    But the times were not great for being gay and I kept all this under the covers so to speak and went on to become an airline pilot and it should be no surprise that there were lots of opportunities to get with a guy when I spent the night in some other city. I stayed away from the obviously gay guys on board, I got together with older business men that I met in the bar in the late evening. I went onto become captain and flew the NY to Paris route or the NY to Amsterdam route and I found many opportunities to get together with some closeted gay men like myself when I laid over. Every once in a while I took on some young guy when I just felt the need to fuck for the sake of fucking, like hurt him and make him cry sort of thing. I didn't like that part of me, but sometimes it got the better of me.

    In my later years, I was living full time in NY by then, I had my rounds, still all under cover I met a couple of guys in Europe who also traveled to NY and we got together and had a group thing going, parties with other guys and we would call up and have a couple of younger guys sent up and had a party with them. My instinct to really hurt a guy kept coming out and I always asked for a young guy, a mama's boy type of guy and fucked him hard. On the other side of the coin these were guys who liked being abused, hurting them only made them happier. One day though I hurt this one kid who didn't know what he was getting into, he was a pup, not yet sure of his feelings and getting fucked like that made me reflect. I knew I had hurt him, not playing but truly hurting him. I stopped doing that, cold turkey, it actually turned me off after that one kid. Like that guy in high school I remember him, he was a pizza clerk new to NY, probably ran away from home because he was gay, but didn't know the ropes.

    I can't say I am out of the closet, I don't hide it so much, I have a couple of gay friends that we get together, take trips to sunny beaches, take a couple of young guys with us for fun, and sometimes I get together with an guy my age and have a heart felt fuck fest. My current fwb is an ex wall street type, divorced, swore he wasn't gay, but he couldn't give up sucking a man's dick. He likes getting fucked, he had never been fucked until he and I got together, and likes to tease and be teased. He loves sucking dick, just as much as I do and we have a grand time watching stupid vintage tv shows, like Magnum PI, and sucking hard while the episode goes on.

    For the record I am still in the closet and so is he. We aren't so stupid as to not figure out that more than one person has put two and two together, but we haven't joined the wave of out and proud.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    My "bestie" Jim, has been close since we were kids. He married then it all began to weird out because his wife, Tillie started fucking all his friends (I use the term loosely). All the guys talk about it and they are all nailing her. I'm tempted to tell him but find I just can't do it. I never nailed her, either. All I can think of doing is putting space between Jim and I for the first time. The stress bothers me.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 55

    When I was sixteen I got involved with a man from our town and ended up with a baby girl. In those days you never called your child's father a baby daddy, you called him the father of your child which made you the mother of his child. Your child would have a mother and a father, you married the father.

    So I married the father, and he married the mother even if she was a ninth grader. I stayed with my parents until I finished high school, only then did I go and live with my husband and start college. At nineteen we had another child and another before I finished my Education degree.

    I taught junior high for 39 years before I retired to look after my husband and help with my grandkids. My life has been blessed, my husband stood up when it was his duty to do so. I stood and took him for my husband. Mistakes happen, but if you accept responsibility for yourself you will do fine. My kids, and my grandkids get tired of me pushing them, never quit, every day is yours, use it. My mistake scared me to the bone, but all the crying wasn't going to raise my child. That was up to her father and me, and we did our job. Whether we were ready or not, we were parents and we did what was expected of us.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 25

    The day I knew I was gay.

    I worked as a bellman that summer in the local Ramada Inn. From time to time I was called on to help the maintenance man. He was a drunk, retired Navy, smoked and made passes at all the women. The story was that every woman working there had slapped him. He talked about all the pussy he had while in the Navy.

    One day while I was helping him with an air conditioner he slapped my pants and said I probably had nothing but pussy in there. I told him to fuck off and he grabbed my pants and dick and kept telling me he couldn't feel nothing but pussy. As he held me by the dick I got hard and he would not let go. He kept calling me a pussy, my dick was rock hard and he got up real close and said he wanted pussy right then.

    He had pushed me against the compressor and he was pulling my pants down until he got my pants down to my knees and he turned me around telling me he was going to him some pussy. When his dick got in my crack I knew I was going to be gay. His dick kept giving it to me until he spread my cheeks and he got his dick going and I just looked up to God and got fucked.

    He fucked me many more times, grabbed my dick and masturbated me, sucked me until I would cum and he would eat it all, and I sucked his nasty old dick so many times I dreamed about it. He lived in one of the rooms of the hotel, and I spent nights with him fucking and sucking, hand jobs, and his never ending kissing. By the time I went back to college I knew I was totally gay.

    I drove from Fresno to San Francisco a month after starting classes and let a man take me to his hotel room where I sucked him until he fucked me after I greased myself up and begging God to forgive me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 43

    I don't know if anyone out there has had an experience like this. I was traveling a lot and had been introduced to the sauna while I was in Sweden. I was in London and I asked the hotel clerk for a sauna and he sent me to this gym that he said had a sauna, to tell the clerk that I was staying at the hotel and he would let me in after I paid the fee.

    I found myself in the sauna with one other man. A heavy Argentinean who refused to speak. I sat across from him, he was naked sitting on his towel and I started to fantasize about his cock. To fantasize, dream scenes, his cock hard and him asking me to hold it and me sucking him slowly. I was dreaming, not the first time I fantasized about sucking a cock, but the first time I fantasized about it with a naked man object of my dreams right there. I had leaned back and dreaming the most realistic dream and I had gotten hard which was pushing my towel up that was over my lap.

    I didn't hear him, he reached down and grabbed my cock and asked me what I was going to do with that. He held my cock really tight and he leaned into me and said something like let's see if you like it and he bent down and sucked me. He went over and called the attendant and told him something and he came back and started to play with himself until he was hard and offered me his cock to suck. What I saw as I took his cock in my hand was his precum oozing out and I put his cock in my mouth and I wasn't dreaming, I was sucking him now, standing over me holding my head in place as he started to fuck my face.

    After a couple of minutes the clerk came in and gave him a jar of cream which he put on the bench and the clerk left us alone. He had me start over again, sucking him and jerking him, holding my head as he started to fuck in and out. I guess I was getting him to far along and he stopped and he had me lay back on the bench and he leaned over and sucked me for a good long while all the time running his hands up and down my chest and legs. He stopped and took the jar of cream and started to massage it into me, thrusting his finger in as fat as it would go until he was ready and had me get over on my stomach and I felt him slide in all the way.

    After we were done we went into the showers where we played again, this time massaging our bodies as we soaped each other down. A long kiss with his finger pushing into my ass and then off to get a massage on the massage tables, fully naked with Arab looking men with strong arms and hands. After we dressed and he escorted me onto an elevator he took one more kiss and we walked out into the crowd. He suggested Indian food and we ate and drank wine and he offered to keep me company for the night.

    When I left the hotel the next day I got two bills, one for the room and hotel charges and one for the sauna, the company, the massage, the dinner and drinks and a card for the club for when I got back to London. From the amount on the bill I could tell that the cashier new that I had a long evening at the club, all itemized, not a mention one for the services of the man in the sauna room. I was never going to get that bill across the expense tab at my company so I had to pay it out of my pocket. but well worth it, unexpected which made it an even better experience.

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