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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 45

    I dream of of having a full body massage with an orgasm ending. I live in East Mesa Arizona and cannot find anywhere.
    I'm dissapointed

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 25

    my cousin has fucked around and I think she has done porn and I have seen some and her face has been masked up using all the technology, that is how they have all that money and she might continue doing that as well in a smaller village. but I just rejected my cousins and relatives offer out because they are just users who only talk about themselves and she is all so "OH EVERYONE SAYS LOOK HOW FAST SHE HAS MOVED ON" LIKE SHE IS SO CLEVER AND SKILLED AT LIFE, but she isn't. it could come back to haunt her and she jump from the fat into a pot and then bon fire. I hate being around them. I hate that she is such a false fake friendly fake happy person and few people have the balls to call her out for what she is, a user and . its all shits and bubbles and she loves herself big time but underneath the storms are brewing and I can see past her fakeness and cover now. she is not a nice person and she has cheated and she plotted all along to hurt everyone around her so it has to come back to her a million fold and no one will be there for her cuz she has never been there for anyone else. her kids are disgusting and its only gonna get worse with dadda pette molling the threesomes and that will kick her one ballout I hope to see. she the devils dog anyway. it has to happen to her. it just has to happen knowing the family genes and personalities. it has to be the only way it goes. sex basting!

    she has a daughter that is violent and I think she will be having sex young and she will be having daddy sex with her real father and also her step father. I am certain that is the game plan. my relatives are winners from doing bad. that is all they know in life. goodness is not in their game. kindness is not in their world or given to me without a price. my cousin is a backstabbing bitch who was going around bad mouthing me and saying lies about me and I guess it must have worked. I just wonder when that guilt will hit her right.

    also, she was fucking around having affairs on her husband several times and I am sure of it. she was planning this move ages ago and the dam was right about that. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear there real confessions and dirt because there is more there then we know. Its all plastered over smooth right now for the chameleon game that will go down between step father and daughters behind or with mother and these kids know how to use their pussy and shake it to get everything they want in this world cuz mother and grandmother does.

    yes grandmother still buys them alcohol at clubs and I wish she would get caught for it. I know that sounds mean but its not. I think grandmother needs a good kick up her asshole and all she does is steal others limelight and chase men young enough to be her son and she is a spoilt lying scamming man killer. everything is bedroom romp and does she love herself and she can do more then tap that thang like all of them. I think a lot of tapping that thang will be going down and I for one want to see them fall down and be a bystander like they are so mean to me. they steal men from girls and cheat everywhere so i think they have it coming to them. they have done so much bad. they give bad a new wrap like its a winner to be bad cuz all they do is win from their bad. that don't seem fair. I never do. so why should there be one rule for them and not for me as well?

    all this has to happen in time it will. it just has to pete out this way.

    my cousin has had lesbian experencies and more threesome and interacial and I think she is pregnant now with baby 3 cuz if she isn't now she will be soon and that will open the door for step parent sex and then daddy sex on vacation. I think she will video it as well. that is how they roll. play rough and die hard and dirty.that is so in today. no wonder I am a wowser. hope to see them all fall down. nasty of me but then they wanted that from me and they got it. so its their turn now to fall down.

    they are sexy and they know it type chicks and yet they are not really that sexy at all. is what I am saying.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    To Amy and Maisie.
    This is Doug.

    If you are reading this you know who you are.

    I responded to your initial post because you seemed sincere.
    And because I honestly wanted to help you and believed I could.

    In your case, and in your post you specifically asked for input to help you solve your problem.
    You got the usual pompous criticisms typical to the smoke and mirror comments found on this site.

    But I don't do that.
    I never criticized or condemned your particular kinks.

    If I post a comment, it's positive and supportive and based on experience.
    If you choose to apply it, it might work.
    In your case it did work.

    I usually post my email because I truly want to be friends.
    We traded a few and then you dissed me.

    It's happened before.
    Fuck it.
    Glad I could help you and I wish you the best.

    Kiss my ass too :))

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    I'm a regular guy, well over 6 feet, large muscular guy. I intimidate a lot of guys because of my size and the way I carry myself and because I can handle myself and have many times. I've never been married and have mostly just casual relationships and fucked around with more women than I can remember. I've probably fucked a couple hundred. I'd never had gay thoughts, or thought about men in any way I didn't think men having sex with each other was bad or good I just didn't care enough to even think about it.

    Recently I ended up hanging with a smaller guy who is only about 5'3 and 140 pounds but he had a aggressive personality. I met him through a girl I was fucking. He was fucking her friend. We ended up hanging out a lot and one night we were drinking at his place, the girls hadn't shown and were't going to make it. He put on some porn, we watched and drank, he had some coke so we shared and I was feeling beyond horny. While watching a good porn he pulled out his dick and started stroking. He told me to join him. The way he said it it was like I just obeyed. I pulled my dick out and stroked. We were both there watching each other stroke ourselves. Then he took off his pants and told me to too and I did. Then more drinking, porn and coke and I was reeling. His dick was right there for a while.

    He finally asked me if I liked his cock and I said something without really answering and he was mad saying tell me the truth you like my cock. Now his cock was much bigger than mine. Longer, thicker, harder and I had trouble taking my eyes off of it. It was so big and hard and I felt inferior and said to the guy that I liked it. This is a guy I could physically dominate but for some reason I was letting him mentally dominate me.

    He ordered me to go over to him, to get between his legs and touch his dick. I did. I was a nervous wreck, being bossed around by a tiny little guy just because he had a big dick but I just kept going along. He relaxed and had me stroke him while we watched the porn. He told me to stroke myself too. So here I was, feeling good stroking my own dick and at the same time feeling fucked up stroking his dick.

    Then he ordered me to get his cock wet. I spit on him, he angrily said use your mouth. I hesitated, he stood up, grabbed my head, held me and pointed his cock at my mouth and told me to suck him. I opened my mouth but held still. He put his cock on my lips and ordered me again to suck. What can I say, I felt subservient to this guy and I took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it. Strange and horrifying at first I sucked as best I could and he directed my efforts and started verbally abusing me while telling me what a good cocksucker I was when he liked what I was doing.

    I started to feel good every time he said it felt good or that I was good. It became emotionally satisfying to please this guy this way. I sucked his cock for a very long time, seemed like hours but it was probably 45 minutes or so before he ordered me to keep sucking exactly I was at that moment. Ten or so more minutes of sucking just the way he instructed, and ten minutes of praise spurring me on and he came. He didn't tell me he was going to cum but I noticed his cock throbbing, then heard his moaning and a few seconds later felt the wetness in my mouth. I sucked his cock hard and he ended up filling my mouth with his cum. He ordered me to swallow, I followed orders and he had me soft suck his dick for a while longer until I had swallowed every last drop.

    I felt humiliated, scared people would find out, the girls would know, I thought I had gone gay. My mind was reeling. The he ordered me to jerk off with his cock in my mouth. I almost said no but again, after a brief hesitation, I sucked on his now soft cock and stroked myself until I came on his rug. He had me clean it up with a towel and then we kept drinking and doing lines. He was regular after that just like he usually is.

    I had no idea what happened to me or why I just did gay stuff because this little guy with a big dick told me too. I avoided him for a long time and when we finally hung out again it was like nothing happened. We've been hanging out with the girls again a lot and it's like it never happened. Unfortunately I sometimes think about it and start wishing that the girls would bail and leave us alone for another go around but it hasn't happened.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    My immediate boss put in a complaint against me last month and I was fired a day later. Unfortunately for the two managers who worked together to get me sacked, they didn't know the very same evening I was fired, I had my cock deep up the company owners arsehole.

    I've been fucking him now for over a year, ever since I caught him watching gay porn in his office. He tried to make out he was doing some research, but I persuaded him it would be best if he just blew me there and then.
    I've always enjoyed fucking older men and he's by no means the oldest at fifty six to feel my seven inch cock fucking them. The oldest was a neighbour of my parents, who was sixty eight when I first fucked him. I was a randy little bastard who just wanted to lose his cherry at fifteen, and didn't care who's hole he fucked.

    And since losing my cherry and having such a good time every time with the neighbour, I sought out older men who wanted fucking. I'll fuck females too, but men are far more promiscuous and they always always want it rough and ready. Just as I like to fuck them.

    The company owner said after I fucked him last month, the manager who tried to get me fired, will probably have to earn my respect, or go himself. I know he can't afford to go, so I might let him earn my gratitude by letting me bury my cock up his arsehole.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    My step mother is so attractive, fit and horny, I want to fuck her so much. It doesn't help my dad and her hardly if ever have sex, and it also doesn't help that she knows I have a big cock. She's even begun to tease me, saying things like "You'd make a woman hapy with that thing between your legs". Or like last week "I'd orgasm like a freight train sat on that monster". The thing is, she's my dads wife, yet he doesn't fuck her and hasn't for some time. I just wish I didn't find her so damn attractive, but I do.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    When I was seventeen my younger brother was messing about underneath the sink in the kitchen. He'd lost his neck chain down in the grinder mechanism and gotten his long hair caught up in the gearing when he'd taken it all apart.

    He was only wearing a towel after getting out of the shower and it had half slipped off. I saw his wet body and then when his towel fully fell off, his wet asshole. In the past we'd fooled about sexually, kissing and tossing each other off, but never anything more. Seeing his asshole there looking all wet and ready, I got a boner and couldn't resist.

    Putting my cock to his asshole, he at first resisted and told me not to. But I slid my cock into his hole anyway. It felt awesome inside his ass, so I began to fuck him for real. Within a only a few thrusts, he was backing onto me and was telling me how good it felt for him.

    Over the next ten minutes with him still stuck I pounded my younger brothers asshole and heard him orgasm. His shouts of pleasure only added to my rising climax and I came not too long afterwards. Freeing his hair and recovering his chain, he thanked me, then stepped upto me and we kissed as we had before. When we parted he asked me if I was going out, teling me mom and dad were going out to the cinema.

    We both stayed in that night and I fucked my younger brother again. Only we fucked on his bed and then in the shower. Each time I came inside him, and continued to cum up my brothers asshole for the next four years whenever we got the chance to have sex.

    Things slowed between us sexually, only because we both got ourselves girlfriends. And it stopped altogether for a number of years when I got married. He never did marry, so after my recent divorce he invited me round to his home. We ended up in bed together and the sex was unbelievably good.

    We now plan on moving in together and living as lovers. After all we're not going to tell anyone are we!!!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 31

    My wife and I have been happily married for 3 years, we are each others best friends and soul mates.
    But we knew, even while dating, that sex between us never "clicked". I know I am not blessed size-
    wise which is part of it, but she has a much higher sex drive than I do to begin with.
    So, we use a lot of toys which is starting to get old for her I know. She has been dreaing more
    and more about a "real" big cock and not just a toy

    Anyhow, lately we have been roleplaying about her having sex with another guy. And I honestly
    do think it will happen at some point. Who it is does not matter - he will just have to respect us
    as a couple, and be there when she needs him.

    We were at a bar a few weeks ago, and the bartender's name was Paul - and he was a good size black
    guy. Race does not mater to us, but for some reason we have been talking about him being "the one"
    all the time noww.

    Here would be our dream scenario....

    Paul would come over maybe once a week to have sex with my wife. My wife noticed his hands were
    enormous and we fogure the rest of him would be the
    But - we would all be friends, too. Paul would come over and talk to us for awhile, have a drink
    or something before taking my wife to our bed here at home.
    I would come in every now and then while they were busy to kiss her, or to tell her I love her.
    But he is there to take care of her sexual needs. Period.
    My wife and I joke about how it will be like she has TWO husbands - one for sex, and one for love.

    I would go down on my wife most the time after they are done. Not in a "gay" way, or a submissive
    way to Paul, but more for my wife and I to share something that is so very personal and special.
    We would both have another guys cum inside us, that her body helped create! That just sounds so
    It would be so casual as I ate his mess, though - we would talk, I would joke about how he seemed
    a lot more potent that day or something. Again, it would just be like 3 friends having fun.

    My wife would be willing to have Paul call her for a quickie every now and then too, which could
    be fun. We want to make sure his needs are met ass well.
    So, if he is driving in the area, he could call and tell me he is horny and to get my wife ready
    for him. He can say how or where he wants her, and she can be naked, on the kitchen table or bent
    over the couch when he arrives. Wherever he tells us!
    He would come in - basically fuck her until he is drained, and leave. Of course both my wife
    and I would thank him for stopping by.

    We talk about taking Paul with us on vacation. Getting a hotel room with two beds - one for them
    to have sex in, and one for my wife and I to sleep in and hold each other after they are done.
    We both think it would be so fun for people to see us out in public, and my wife taking turns
    kissing her "two husbands".

    We know there would be a pregnancy risk, but my wife would have the baby and we would raise it as
    our own. This is probably the only reason a black guy may NOT work out, but again we are open
    to any race as long as the guy is "big" and understands what he is there for. If Paul or another
    black guy did get her pregnant, we wuld say that we had to go to a sperm bank due to health
    isssues that I have or something.

    My wife is very fit, plays tennis and works out just about every day, So, we know there has to
    be a guy out there willing to be my wifes 2nd husband.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    The feeling is simply amazing. What am I talking about, well it's the feeling of having an eight inch cock thrusting up your asshole.
    My wife and I have always experimented with sex. Outdoors, public, threesomes, toys, lesbian sex for her, and finally after her pegging me for months, last month she invited a guy around who we'd met a bar.
    He was obviously interested in fucking me, so I said yes when my wife said she'd love to watch.
    His cock is awesome, and it's so thick and heavily veined. Once I'd sucked on his dick for time, with my wife encouraging us to get down to the fucking, he slid his manhood deep inside my ass. I thought it would be the same as the dildo's and the vibrator my wife had used on me, but it's totally different in its feel and how his cock made my asshole react.
    If you rate a scale of one to ten for being anally fucked using toys, then I guess for me it's about a six or a seven. With the older mans beautiful cock fucking me so deeply, yet with a softer more easing feeling, then I'd have to say it was for me, a nine out of ten.
    The only reason it's not a ten, is nothing is perfect. But and its a very close but, I would say being fucked by a guy who knows how to fuck you, is far superior to a sex toy.
    The reason I'm here confessing, being as my wife was there watching us and masturbating herself. Is that night, isn't the only night the forty six year old has now fucked me.
    Most weekdays since, I've driven over to his apartment and had him fuck me until we've both orgasmed. And with each new fuck, it just keeps on getting better and better. I've evn begun to deep throat his cock, something I couldn't so at all a month ago.
    He tells me I'm the best fuck he's ever had, and who am I to say otherwise. What I do know, if you haven't been fucked yet guys, then get out there and experience something you will never regret.
    By the way, if you're wondering if this will separate my wife and I, it won't. I have already told my male lover it's purely sex between us.
    His response last week, was to fuck me over the hood of his car in the national park close to our home. Making me suck in his cock afterwards to clean off any remaining cum. Another new exciting taste and experience I now enjoy.
    Why did it take so long in my life to experience being fucked. Boy I wish I'd have been fucked in my teens now. I9 certainly had the chance, but that's another confession.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I have this fetish for peeing myself. I can't go out and buy proper diapers, so I made my own out of a trash bag, and some old children pull-ups I found around my house. I then drank a lot of water, and waited. I decided doing the dishes would be a good way to distract myself (so I would pee naturally) and get the process in motion, so-to-speak.
    I was about half way through when the dam broke. It felt sooo good to stand there and pee myself. I finished the dishes, but my bladder wasn't done yet. I had to take off my drenched makeshift diaper. Instead of running to the toilet, I just kneeled down, and let it out on the tiled floor. I had surrendered to all my passions. I was home alone, so i began cleaning it up. However I got another urge, and relieved myself for the final time on the floor. I loved the feeling of being naughty as the pee rushed out and splattered the floor. The puddle was substantial.
    My cock was now throbbing, so I decided to complete my mess with some cum. It only took 30 seconds of stroking to get me to orgasm into the puddle of pee. It was one my my best orgasms because it felt so naughty.
    I will need to be sentenced to a good spanking to pay for my actions.

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