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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Millie and I have been horny from day one, more than likely watching mom's internet porn on her computer. We started french kissing then went on to everything else. Watching the porn videos, we both told each other how hard we would fuck a brother if we had one.

    We rubbed our clits together like mad and ate each other out until we both came. This went on for a few years. On my recent birthday, Millie put some cake icing on my pussy and licked and sucked it without caring who heard it. We knew aunt Jaynie was visiting but didn't care so we just continued when auntie walked into our bedroom. She remained quiet and then surprised us by taking off her clothes and joining us in bed. She said, "Wonderful, your mom and I used to do this a lot, girls. We don't get the time these days." She then proceeded to teach us real woman on woman sex.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 31

    I am still trying to accept that I am a gay woman. I can't just say it's ok, I have two kids and a husband.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 47

    In college I went to a party. I woke up in a room tied face down to a bed with a gag in my mouth and a blindfold and a woman poking me with an electric probe to keep myself on my knees and guys were coming up behind me and fucking me. How many came while I was still out I don't know. When the men left she took the gag out of my mouth and let me drink some water through a straw and then put the gag back on. I fell asleep tied to the bed. I woke up having to pee real bad, I couldn't talk because of the gag in my mouth, I ended up peeing the bed. In the morning when she came in and saw that I had peed the bed she whipped me tearing the skin on my butt. I still have the scars.

    She put a belt around my middle and put handcuffs on my wrists and handcuffed my hands behind my back to the belt. She got me up and took me to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet and told me to go. After I finished she put me in the tub and washed me down, wrapped me and dried me off, locked me to a small chair. She took the gag out of my mouth and gave me some water to drink through a straw and then told me to keep my mouth shut and not talk and she sat down on the bed to eat. She would grab my hair and open my mouth and put the chewed food in my mouth with her tongue. If I didn't swallow she used the electric probe on me. She fed me that way, put the gag back in my mouth and took me back to the toilet to pee.

    She put put me down on my back and locked me to the bed again. She used the electric prod to get me to open my legs and told me she was going to eat pussy. She got on me all the way, her face in my face and she picked up the bottom of the blindfold and told me that I had to good because she didn't like punishing me. She fed me the same way during the day, first she chewed what she wanted me to eat and then she passed it into my mouth with her tongue until I swallowed it. The next night she said she I needed to drink and she gave me more water through a straw. When I woke up I was dressed in my clothes and I was at a rest stop on the highway.

    No one from the party knew where I had gone and no one missed me. I have two large scars on my behind. I dropped out of college. My last sex with man was with the man who manages the business for the family we work for. I don't talk about the college thing. My mother knows. This was all a long time ago. I have had boyfriends, but nothing permanent. I waiting for my girlfriend from California to move here with me. I am 57 years old now and I find that she is the only person I can really be intimate with. No chains or whips, she doesn't need them to keep me on the bed. She knows that I have to see a man or I go crazy. The man I work for wants to be my boyfriend but that is not what I need a man for. I just need her to sell her house and get here.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I retired last year and took a part time job as a property manager for real estate broker. I got along well with one of the agents we became friends. He is retired from his career and is doing real estate as a way to stay busy. We went to see this house that just got listed, it had some problems that needed to be fixed before it could be shown and he wanted my opinion. The house was still partially furnished, had some leaks around the fireplace and the carpet was in pretty bad shape. Nothing that couldn't be fixed, but the yard needed work, the repairs needed to be done, painted, replace the carpet, and get into show condition.

    Dur ing the walkthrough we found ourselves face to face in one of the small bedrooms. His belly against mine, he put his hand on my belly and I didn't move back. He said that maybe I wanted to play rough and we started to wrestle, more or less and ended up on the small bed in the room. His face was an inch from mine and we just kissed, a short kiss and then a long kiss. He sat on the bed and I sucked him on my knees. It is not that I had experience, it is just that is what we did. That afternoon I felt drawn to sucking him, his hard penis in my mouth, his penis in my hand felt so good. It took a while before I was able to get him to cum. I looked at his sperm and tasted it with my finger.

    We became fuck buddies after that. We had the day to mess around, we were both part time and controlled our hours and we got together and enjoyed the time together. He has a pool and a jacuzzi at his house and we spend some afternoons naked in the pool and jacuzzi. I got to be real good at giving him oral, I definitely felt my sexual appetite for him was on all fours. Full in my mouth or full in my ass. He wasn't sure about being the man on top, but after a while he found his rhythm and we found our place with each other.

    We would have thought that him being the salesman and me being the handyman that the roles would be backward, but they aren't. Not that I haven't gotten on him, once in a while he needs it, and not that I don't enjoy it when he gives me oral, I enjoy it. But when you are so hot that you want to bring it home, then the right thing to do is get on all fours and let him go to town.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 51

    My wife died 2 years ago and both of my kids are in college so they live in dorms. I’ve been single since then and sexless too. Figured it’d be a good time to experience sex with a guy.

    Meet a guy around my age a few weeks ago, we hung out and I knew he is gay. So this past weekend I told him my desires and that my ass is a virgin. Well other than prostate exams.

    So we went into my bedroom. Stripped down to our underwear and then got naked. He had a nice 6” hairy cock. My cock is 7” and shaved smooth ( wife preferred it that way) Then I laid on the bed and he penetrated my virgin ass. It did hurt at first but felt so good once I relaxed. He came in my ass in a little under 10 minutes then gave me a blowjob till I cummed. Such a great experience

    Though I had a sore butt for a little bit afterwards and had some cum leak out of my ass into my briefs. We hung out, I cooked a few steaks on the grill and after he left I masturbated to the thought of what happened. Noticed quite a bit of cum dripped into my briefs. Had to bleach those underwear!

    No I definitely know what my wife felt when I was in her ass and I actually feel weird talking to my daughters after getting fucked for some reason. Planning on doing it again tonight

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    Back when I was 18 I was looking for a summer job and not having much luck. I had gone to many job interviews but never hired. I finally get this one interview with this women who seems to like me and mean really likes me. I did mention she was my last chance for getting a job and was almost begging her for the job. She asked if I was willing to do anything and I said I was. She asks me if I really know the meaning of "anything". I answered her by saying I had an idea and was still willing to do anything. She said "Good" and asked what color underwear I was wearing. I told her white and pulled out the waist band to show her. She said she wanted to see my full underwear not just a little part of it. I was not quick to do what she wanted and she told me I didn't seem to have an idea what "anything" really means. She then tells me what she wants and it is to take my pants off. I believe she could tell I was not prepared to take them off and says I must not really need a job too bad and the interview was over unless I was willing to honor what I said earlier and do "anything". I took my shoes off and then removed my pants. Right away she said to take my socks and shirt off too. I was standing there in just my underwear and she then suggests I take off one more item. I hesitated and she said, "You want the job?". Off they came and I was standing naked before this woman who was easily in her 50's. I put my hands over my cock and told me to remove them. She then mentions she likes younger guys and just stares at me for awhile. She stands up and walks around me. She puts her hand on my ass and squeezes it and then runs her hand the full length of my shaft and cups my balls. I just stood there and said and did nothing as her touching caused me to quickly grow. She then tells me she has never seen a man do one thing in front of her and since I was willing to do anything she was hoping I wouldn't chicken out. I didn't know exactly what she meant but had a good idea. I told her I didn't really want to. Her reply was quick and simple "JOB?". I told her it would make a mess on her carpet so she cleaned off her desk and told me to shoot it here. I began to do what she wanted and did it in front of someone for the first time ever. Cumming in front of her was embarrassing but I did and I got the job. When I think back it was going a little far for getting a very low pay job that only lasted less than 2 months. Also, during my employment she did ask me to get naked a few other times and cum too which I did.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    For many years growing up I always enjoyed being submissive and wearing silky satin men's underwear. They felt so good on me and i loved how they felt on my ass and cock. I started to think woemen had so many sexy panties and so many sexy things to wear and I thought to myself why can't I wear sexy women's panties and other outfits. So I began to buy panties and wear them 24/7. I loved the feel of panties on me and it made me want to buy more items of womens clothing and start to slowly turn myself to a crossdresser and it was so taboo and then I began to chat to gay men and other crossdressers and trannys and I even had some fag hags who supported the idea of me wanting to be a woman and also find a man to love me and treat me like a woman. I ended up meeting a woman and we got married and later on she found out all of my dirty little secrets plus she could see that having sex with her was not working for her or men she could see that I was not a real man and that she could tell I was turning gay. Long story short she began going out and dating men until she would find the right man that could please her and be a real man in bed for her Me on the other hand well I got dressed fully and went to a gay club with a lady friend of mine who was gay but, understood how i wanted so bad to become a woman. We went to a Drag show and I loved how all the drag girls looked so beautiful. Well after a long night having fun being dressed fully my friend she told me to call this black guy up and talk to him about my feelings of wanting to be a woman and be with a man. I called him the next day and he told me to come over his place so I did. I was dressed as a man but, wearing panties under my jeans. Long story short again he told me to come in and he seduced me and Dominated me and made me please his hugh black cock and then he took my cherry on all fours wearing just my panties and made me suck his cock and he fucked my virgin ass and came in my mouth. It was so taboo and so hot I loved it but, after I left him I needed time to think what I just did and to find out was I really gay and loved it and wanted more or did I need to be a man and go out and find a woman again because my wife at that time divored me.Years later I remarried to a sexy beautiful woman and we had mad monkey sex for the first year but, again that wore off and she could see I was a femmy sissy husband who wore panties 24/7 and she accepted it but, we stopped having sex because I could not cum for her or stay hard so we are still married to this day but, I crave cock so much and want to be a woman and I need a man or another Crossdresser or Tranny to love me. My wife is a good woman and I take care of her always but, I need the love of a man to care for me and love me like a woman. My email is kennerodn@@@@aol.**m I would love anyone to email me and turn me into the submissive little slut cock loving women I need to be.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Ok being totally crazy about having a nice piece of meat in my mouth and in my Ass and feelING him cum a gallon is still in my mind I still love checking out cock but I quit 1 year ago because of my age if I got to the glory hole early I'd get alot of cock but if they saw me get in I was too old for them

    I have a friend that I grew up with since 5 years old we'd play doctors she'd pull down her panties and let me look and touch her pussy and would show me how she peed I'd show her my dick and she'd touch it and play with my balls then when I was being fucked by guys she wanted to see the cum drip outta my,ass.

    Anyway she text me and wanted me to come to her stable so i,went she told me she had been having sex with her horse I told her bull and prove it she had a Morgan stallion we had no secrets and she saw a ton of cum fall out of my ass so she stripped and started talking and playing with his cock it didn't look like the weird flat head horse cock it looked like a human cock

    She was stroking it and pulling on it then she sucked on it and put it in her pussy and looked at me my cock was rock hard she kept ducking him then shoved him up her ass and talking dirty I was jacking off to this sight the horse filled her ass and was squirting out of her

    She got up and wiped his cock clean and told me she had been having sex with her horses since she was 13 and she also fucked all her dogs all large breeds then dared me to touch his cock my brain is going 100 mph thinking this is wrong

    So there I am playing with horse cock
    And enjoying it next thing I'm sucking this massive cock in my mouth
    and enjoying it I look at my friend and she's working on another horse so I'm now naked ducking cock for all I'm worth playing with his huge nutsack getting him wet with my spit I put his cock in my Ass she's doing the same thing

    I'd have him in my Ass and in my mouth and Bach in my Ass he came and filled me up to my tonsils I turned around and sucked him clean and watched her finish her horse then she had one more suprise for me

    She thanked me for not letting anybody touch her when we were young and I was taking care of all those teenagers that would duck me in the bushes sometime's up to 13 boys in my Ass and mouth but I'd always meet her under her house take my pants off and let her watch the cum drip sometimes she'd play with my asshole bUT I'd always tell her what happened

    She got off watching me with her horse but the next thing I wasn't ready for this huge dog came in and she played with his dick he was sniffing her and getting hard she sucked his pink dick got on her hands and knees and I guided his big cock into her pussy and she told me to push him in deeper she wanted his knot

    So she had cock and knot in her pussy aND fucking like crazy they were locked up for an hour she asked if I waneed to try it I said no but I'd really like for both of us to work on the stallion together then she brought out a bench she had made we're sucking the horse she puts the bench under him lays under the horse and asked me to guide it in so I did and the horse was fucking her

    I was like a little kid at a carnival saying my turn my turn so I laid on the bench and she guided it into my ass and got fucked nice he shot in me again and his cum was going everywhere I told her my mind was blown and enjoyed watching her and touched her pussy like when we were 5 we'd play with each other in the movies and had no secrets

    She told me to come over any time I like or spend a week with her she lived alone the place was willed to her by her folks so I packed a bag and stayed with her she always cleaned every cock and every animal cock I watched her suck horse till it shot in her mouth and video taped it it was blowing out her mouth with pressure running down her body I got some on my hand and licked it not bad or salty

    I loved being fucked by horses didn't do the dog yet but the donkey 5 times and the stallion 6 times a day and have her watch me squat and see the cum run out so I now suck and fuck animals with my life long friend she wants to see me fuck one but I'd rather be on my back getting cock

    She also got into pegging me with a strapless dildo and I'm ok with that
    The ranch is totally secluded she asked if I wanted human cock o tell her nope I have you and the animals
    And I enjoy talking about everything that happened to me I sometimes wake her up telling her it's time to drain the horses so off we go 10 horny horses to suck and fuck

    And yes I get filled alot and the horse enjoy it squeezing their huge balls and sucking them tenderly we do alot of filming cum shots blow jobs and dog sex for her she likes to play with my dick and fingers my asshole alot but I'm happy and getting ready to go back again for a month she likes my being there and I told her she created a monster

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 51

    Linda is my next door neighbor who is 34, married to David, a man the same age. Not long ago I told her my menstruation had ended and she managed to tell David, who began to come around to the large garage we share, at odd times when I return from shopping and so forth. He ended up fucking me there, in the garage. Sometimes we do it in a car sometimes against a car. He also does me doggy with me on the front seat. We also love to fuck standing up, face to face, missionary style, fully dressed with our genitals in intercourse, and get off that way a lot. He loves the freedom of ejaculating inside me. I often just let his sperm drool out of my vagina and wipe the remainder off.

    My husband does not suspect it but, as it turned out, David and I are now both fairly obsessed with fucking each other and do it almost every day. David makes me come a lot and is one of the horniest men I have ever known. He can't get enough of it. He chatters away telling me how much he loves it with me and it turns me on a great deal. My own husband and I never enjoyed it like this. However, I think Linda knows about us and is just open to it. I don't know it for a fact but I'm quite sure of it. She has also been acting warmer and friendlier toward me. In any event, I'm not going to give it up. It's like a new life has opened up to me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 39

    How fucking weird is this?

    I married my wife only eight months ago, and we've always had a very sexual relationship in the twenty months we've been together in total. Her daughter, my step daughter Sophie is nineteen and has always been flirty with me, yet has kept her distance to a point. However five months ago when my wife had to go into hospital for surgery, she and Sophie asked me to come up to Sophie's room. Entering thinking she'd want me to fix this or that, I saw Sophie, who's extremely fit and very good looking, naked on her bed. My wife was sat near to her head and Sophie was playing with herself.

    Looking at my wife, I sked her what the fuck was going on. Her very casual response was to say "I don't want you straying whilst I'm in hospital and afterwards when we can't have sex. So I want you and Sophie to fuck whilst I'm incapacitated". My wife said it in such a way, it sounded like she and Sophie had been rehearsing.

    I'm no prude, nor am I an angel when it comes to fucking women. Yet caught in the moment I froze a little, until Sophie got off the bed, sank down and took my cock out of shorts. As I looked at her mother, my step daughter began to suck on my dick. It was then my wife smiled at me, got up and walked out. But not before she said to the both of us "Have a good time, I'll be downstairs".

    It was mid afternoon when my wife walked out of her daughters bedroom. It was getting dark when Sophie and I emerged from her bedroom having licked sucked and fucked in as many ways as you can imagine. I'm not joking, I was literally drained in every sense of the word, and my wife couldn't have been happier when she saw me.

    That night instead of us fucking as we usually did, my wife licked and sucked on my cock and balls, and then told me to go and sleep with Sophie. Doing as she wanted, myself and Sophie woke up early and fucked until her alarm sounded. An hour later I was driving my wife to the hospital and again she very casually asked me to focus on Sophie and to fuck her when I was horny.

    My was in hospital for three days, and during those days I'd never had as much sex as I did with my step daughter. It was constant from the moment she got home from college, to her getting up to go to college. I was glad of a rest when my wife came home, but even then she wanted me to at least sleep with Sophie.

    It took two months before she was able to fully accept me sexually, and throughout that time, I screwed Sophie daily, quite often more than once. Then as soon as my wife slid her mouth, pussy and ass over my cock, that was that. Sophie instantly stopped teasing me for sex and began to wear more clothing around me. She even began to argue with me if I wasn't attentive to her mom enough.

    This past month Sophie and I haven't had sex at all. It's as if it never happened and I can't figure why, what or how it all happened in the first place. Don't get me wrong I adore fucking my wife as she's super sexy, but I must admit I really enjoyed fucking Sophie too.

    The real head wrecking part, is my wife keeps on telling me, how much Sophie keeps telling her, just how much she loved me fucking her. And said maybe, just maybe in the future I might be able to visit her room again. Until then however, it's driving me fucking crazy.

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