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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Just want to get this off my chest but lately I have been thinking about i****t with my aunt and sister s. I don't know why but it makes me very excited thinking about having sex it them. I have exchanged suggestive messagesâÄč with my aunt and get so turned on. I feel really guilty but can't help these urges. For the record my sister are 30 and 42. I don't know what it is but it just gets me so turned on and would love to do it but I don't want to run things with them.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My wife has this friend Anna, who is a yoga instructor and has an incredible body.
    We were invited to their house tonight and she was looking so fckng hot that I had to stop myself from staring at her. She has dark hair, nice perky small tits, toned arms that she loves to show off and an incredible ass. She had on tight shorts with a tank top and I couldn't stop looking at her ass. I'm going to jerk off to the way she looked tonight after I wrote this.
    I know she has some issues with her husband and I would love to have a threesome with my wife and her. I'd love to start it by my wife watching us kiss, suck on her neck and move my tongue down her chest, take her shirt off and suck on her tits as she rubs my cock.

    I would then move down kissing her stomach, licking her navel and then tease her with my tongue just above her pussy. Then I would slowly go down to her clit use my fingers on the outside of her pussy and grab onto her ass and slide my tongue into her pussy. I can feel her tight ass in my hands and have her grab the back of my head pushing me into her pussy more.

    I'd lick her til she cums and then have her pull me up, kiss her and then have her work her way down, kissing my chest, my stomach and then gently licking the head of my cock before taking my cock in her mouth, slowly sliding up and down.

    My wife would be watching us as she rubs her pussy, loving watching us together.

    I would then pull Anna up and have her sit on my cock, slowly bouncing up and down.

    I can just picture her moaning with such a sexy look on her face as she rides my cock.

    At this point my wife would come over and Anna would turn to kiss her and then suck on her tits.

    My wife would then lie down, Anna would get on all fours and start licking her pussy as I'd fuck her from behind, being able to stare at my wife and slowly sliding my cock into Anna, gripping her hips.

    This would go on for awhile and then Anna would turn over and I would fuck her while our tongues would be wildly exploring our mouths.

    I wouldn't be able to take it anymore and I'd fuck her so hard staring into each other's eyes until I came so hard in her pussy.

    I would love for that to happen....

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 30

    I didn't go swimming much so I had only one swimsuit which I must have had for at least 10 years or more. It was a navy blue speedo and still fit so I figured why throw it away. Most times when I needed a swimsuit it was to go to a waterpark and I went to a few every year. I did notice my last couple of years wearing it that more people began to look at me in it. I figured it was because it was a speedo and revealed more skin than the swim trunks guys were mostly wearing. My last time wearing them I went to use the washroom and went past a mirror and noticed something about them. The whole back side of them was sheer when I wore them. When they were off you couldn't tell but I guess when the fabric was stretched tight across my ass it made it extremely thin and revealing. You could see all details of my ass including my cheeks, ass crack and even part of my balls. I guess with the age of the suit and all the waterslides I had gone down it wore the fabric extremely thin without it actually putting a hole in it. I guess it didn't help with me not washing them following the care instructions possibly causing them to wear thin quicker. The front side had no wear, and since I never really see myself from behind, I didn't know the suit had any issues so I was just unknowingly exposing my ass to everyone. I don't even know when exactly the material became so thin that the exposing of my ass began to occur but I am guessing at least 2 years at minimum.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 26

    At the time I was naïve, I really didn't think guys would fuck you in the ass.

    I was visiting a friend of mine from school, and she asked me to spend the night. She told me I could borrow a nightgown and she would loan me some panties for the next day. Around nine that night her neighbor called her and asked her if she wanted to come over for a party. We talked about it and went. Everyone one there was older, like in the late twenties and thirties and there were a couple of older women. We were the only college girls there.

    We got some beer and we were offered pot but we turned it down. The next thing we saw this older woman eating out a younger woman outside by the pool. They were on one of the lounge chairs and she had her legs spread open and was holding them up over her head. A crowd started to gather and this guy is telling these women to line up and get their pussies eaten. As soon as the girl on the lounge chair was released another girl took her place and a guy fucked the first girl. Soon there were several girls giving blowjobs and this one girl was being fucked in the ass bent over one of the small walls around the front of the pool. She was begging for him to stop but he was pounding it in. A guy came up and handed his friend some lube and he lubed her up and then fucked her again.

    Just watching her get fucked like that made my butt cringe. My friend told me that the girl was a cry baby and that getting a butt fucking really felt good, you just had to let him fuck you good and not try to stop him. She called over her neighbor who was about thirty five and told him I was a virgin in the ass and I needed to get fucked and to fuck my ass. He was hesitant and he asked me if was really into getting an ass fucking. He took his dick out and told me to give him a blow job and told my friend to go get the lube and bring it to him .

    His dick tasted funny and he told me had fucked this girl earlier and I should just go ahead and suck his dick. He got hard really fast and my friend brought him the tube of lube and he told me to get my pants off and lean over the outdoor table. He lubed his fingers and pushed one right up my ass and then two fingers, he asked me I liked how it felt, that his dick was going to feel better but that I needed to get my ass lubed because if not it was going to hurt. When he stuck his dick in me, it felt like I had to take a dump, I tried to push it out but he got passed that and just fucked me. The feeling was incredible, both the feeling of having his dick fuck in and out but also the feeling of having a man on me. After he came, he got off of me and let me stand up and he said he really liked my ass.

    When we got back to her house later that night, she told me to wash myself really good just in case. I told her that it was my first time, getting fucked like that. She had been fucked before and said that giving it up to a man was something that always felt good and for some reason guys really liked to fuck you up the ass.

    I have really poor memories about losing my vaginal virginity because I was pretty drunk and I was in the night grade. But I have very good memories of losing my anal virginity that night. My friend is right, feeling a man on your ass is really good and knowing that he owns you like that is even better. I gave it to my boyfriend when we got back to college, I didn't tell him that he was not the first, he thinks he got it first.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I guess it has a been a fantasy of mine for a long time to have a 3sum with my girlfriend, especially with another guy!
    Iam 100% straight but the thought of watching my gf getting fucked really turned me on!
    Ok here's how it starts. I was with t for about 7 yrs and the sex was great, we often spoke about fantasy and watched porn together etc! She was 20 and I was 25! I told her that I would love to watch her with another guy and often after a cpl of drinks she was definitely up for it! Unfortunately this was before Internet and sex clubs that we new!
    So unfortunately it was manely just a fantasy and something that turned us on! We did come close a cpl of times and she had a few experience with other girls! But unfortunately we split up before anything really happened.
    So I had a cpl of relationships after that and some great sex, but never the mmf!
    Until that is I met g! Great sex,she liked watching porn and a first for me she liked anal.
    So we watched porn together spoke about our fantasys and she was up for 3sums etc.
    We came close a few times, but it just didn't seem to happen!
    That is until we found out about a web site that catered for this sort of thing. A swingers web site!
    So we set up an account, put up a cpl of pics and short bit about what we wer into and looking for!
    A couple of wks went passed with g flashing her tits and ass on cam, which really turned me on, but we never met up with anyone! Either to old, to fat, cock to small or just a fuckin weirdo!
    Until 1 Sunday after having a few drinks, we came across someone and decided to meet him!
    We arranged to meet in a local hotel and I think this was a first for all of us! I think' because I'm not sure about g!
    Anyway we met in the hotel, all a bit nervous but we all got on well and I think for a few moments we prob forgot how we wer there!
    That's is until g got up went to the bathroom and came out wearing a shirt and stockings! Game on!
    First thing was the shirt came off and Steve summoned her up onto the bed.
    Now I was really turned on and couldn't wait to join in!

    I watched the 2 of them on the bed for a bit, kissing and feeling each other up, before I pulled g off the bed and got her to kneel on the floor!
    By this time I had my jeans off and was tottaly turned on and about to have 1 of my biggest fantasys!
    Watching g on her knees sucking me and some other guy at the same time!!
    I had to video it on my phone, thank god for camera phones!!
    It them went from g sucking his cock and me fucking her from behind, to both of us being up her at the same time! Still not sure if I was up her arse and he was up her pussy! Or we wer both up her pussy!
    We then ended up on the bed with Steve going down on her and licking her c**t while sticking 4 fingers up her! I'm sure he was dying to fist her! The rest is a bit blurry, but I do rmbr both of us tasking turns fucking her until Steve was ready to come and g was about to take his load in the mouth! Another thing that we had spoke about and I just couldn't believe she was up for it! Unfortunately Steves aim wasn't great and it ended up in her hair!
    But what a fuckin day it was!
    I just couldn't wait till next time! Which happened and was even fuckin bttr! In total we had another 3 mmfs all fuckin bttr than the mext

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I'm only 18 but I'm so horny, I'm sexting multiple girls each night and they watch me jerk off and do the same but I'm too far to fuck these woman. I want a local older woman who I can either just fuck or a woman who will just use me to eat her pussy out. I can't find anyone local on any sites I'm debating swingin, if anyone knows anyway I can fuck a lot or so please comment. Thankyou

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 23


    Last year, my parents went on a trip to Australia for two months visiting their friends from college. They decided to give some spare keys to my mom's friend, Grace, in case I needed help with anything in the house. She's about 5'10, with dark hair and green eyes, her ass is amazing, and 34DD tits. They live close to each other and she used to always be in our house. I jerked off thinking of her most nights as a horny boy. So my parents' flight left the day before my birthday, so Grace came over. We talked about random shit for ages until we got talking about sex. She told me she never married because she didn't like being tied down.

    "Besides", she had said, "How would I know who has the best dick if I stayed with the one guy? I'd rather have loads at once then one for life. What about you, babe?" she said. "Do you have a girlfriend?"
    "Not right now", I said, "I've only had one before."
    "But did you have sex with her?" She asked.
    "Yeah", I said, "But it didn't feel too great."
    "You' re missing out, I could show you a great time." She said.
    "Maybe that can be your present to me for my birthday", I said.

    I meant it as a joke, it must have been because I was horny at the time, but she smiled at me and said "Sounds good to me. What would you like me to do?" I thought she was joking at first too, but I still got really hard thinking of her fucking me, so I said "wear some sexy black lingerie and bring your favorite toys too. And call me Sir." She just laughed and said "Whatever you want, Sir." She left shortly after that. That night when I was in bed, I got a snapchat from Grace. I opened it and it was a selfie of her wearing some black lingerie licking her lips, and she had typed "Is this sexy enough, Sir? ;)" My jaw dropped and I immediately started getting hard. I sent back a dick pic and said "You look perfect, I can't wait for my present." She replied with a picture of her tits, and wrote "Mmm, you're bigger than I thought you'd be, Sir." Then she wrote, "I want you to treat me like the bad slut I am tomorrow. Use me however you want."

    The next day, Grace arrived and came in wearing a trench-coat. "I'm wearing what you wanted underneath, Sir. Happy birthday." She started to walk in, but I stopped her and told her to show me, and she flashed her lingerie at me. "Take it off" I said. She replied, "Yes, Sir", and took a vibrator out of it, took it off, and dropped the coat in the doorway. I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her intensely, before I pushed her down to her knees. "Take out my cock" I ordered her. "Yes, Sir", she said, and undid my belt and unzipped my jeans. I was already really hard and my cock sprang out in front of her face. "Now", I said, "You're gonna suck my cock right here in the doorway until it's nice and wet." "Yes, Sir", she said again, and went straight to work on it. She really was a slut, and she licked it and spit on it and gagged on it over and over. A car passed on the road behind her but she didn't stop, she just looked up at me while she deepthroated as much of me as she could take.

    Once my cock was all wet and slobbery, I grabbed her by the hair again, brought her over to the couch, got her vibrator and rewarded her. She started to moan as I put it up to her wet pussy lips. "Do you like that, slut?" I asked her. "Yes I do, Sir", she said, and she started to grind her pussy onto it. I kissed her and bit her neck while she moaned "Thank you, Sir", and then I started taking off her lingerie, it didn't take long before she moaned loudly, "Sir, I'm going to cum!" She started to buck and shake as she came on the vibrator. Once she stopped shaking and started panting, I threw it away then bent her over the sofa, lifted her ass in the air , arched her back and slowly pushed my wet, hard cock into her tight ass. She gasped as it pushed all the way in her, stretching out her asshole. I started sliding in and out of her, smacking her ass to feel her tighten around my cock. I grabbed her hair and lifted her up as she wrapped her arms around my neck from behind, and I started to feel myself getting close. I choked her while pounding harder in and out of her wet ass, and whispered "you want my cum, don't you, you fucking slut?" "Yes... Sir", she panted as I was about to cum, "Cum... in... your slut!" I grabbed her hips and thrust all my cock into her ass, filling her up with my hot, sticky cum as she gasped and moaned, "Happy birthday, Sir."

    I definitely enjoyed my present for the whole two months, and still do whenever I go to her house.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 44

    I started an affair with my boss recently, but of course he knows this.
    I have been with this company for about 7 years, but I will be quitting mid-June since a friend
    of mine offered me a job at her company then.
    My boss has always flirted with me, and my husband joked a few weeks ago that since I am leaving
    his company soon, I should flirt back.
    So, I did.

    What my boss does NOT know.....
    Is our affair is something my husband and I have talked about for a long time.
    My boss thinks I am secretly cheating on my spouse, but in reality its been my husband's plan
    all along. He has had a fantasy of me having sex with another guy since the day we got married
    it seems, but I have always rejected the idea.
    But I am in my 40s now and not getting any younger, so I decided to pursue things with
    Kenny, my boss since I had my husband

    Within 1 week of me flirting back to him, we were making out after hours. Which led to
    oral sex, and then the following week we started having intercourse.
    He has a wonderful cock, which I have described in detail to my husband.
    Its such crude, office sex though - either with me on the floor or bent over Kenny's desk.
    I hate to admit it, but its kind of exciting feeling like the "office slut" while my boss
    humps away inside me.

    We probably have sex 3 times a week, always after 530pm when most employees are gone.
    Kenny loves it when I call my husband while I am in his office, and say that I will be
    working late. He is usually undressing me or rubbing his cock in my face as I am
    But that is my husband's secret clue that I am about to have sex, and be ready for me
    when I get home.

    As soon as I get home, my husband is waiting for me in the bedroom.
    I undress and we get into a "69". My husband will literally spend about 15-20 minutes
    sucking all of my bosses' cum out of my pussy.
    If only Kenny knew that!! lol
    But it is pretty erotic to share something like that with my husband. As crazy as it
    sounds, we are closer as a couple because of the sex I am having at work.

    We are using my boss as a kink - but he does not have to ever know that.
    He is enjoying himself with me, I love how his cock makes me feel, and my husband gets
    his "sloppy second" fetish taken care of.

    Everyone is happy!

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 49

    I miss you so much. Our long walks together in our little town of New Concord. You showed me the joy two women can have together. You taught me to let go of my inhibitions and religious beliefs and enjoy the best and wildest orgasms of my life.
    To think of spending so many years married and my husband could never bring me to such heights. Then he retired and became suspicious of our endeavors.
    Why did you have to move away? I miss the magic of your tongue on my c**t and the touch your lips on my nipples. To know sex can last longer than a few minutes. I miss you come back to New Concord on maple avenue and make my life complete.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    The first time I had a cock in my mouth was in elementary school. My neighbor was four years my senior. One night we were between two apartment houses and he asked if I wanted to suck his dick. It was really dark and even though I had never thought about doing anything like sucking a cock before, I told him I would. He leaned against the building and pulled his pants down. I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth. At first I was thinking that I shouldn't be doing this. Then his cock started to get hard. That's when I started to like it. The feel of his hard cock felt great on my lips. I never knew my lips where that sensitive. They actually tingled. The more I sucked the harder he got and the hotter his dick got. That felt great. The heat from his dick on my mouth. I never got to suck him to completion, because he got nervous someone might catch us. I had forgotten all about getting caught. It would be another 6 years before I got the chance to suck another cock, and what a cock it was. It belonged to my buddy Victor. He was Italian and we were 15. We were at my house alone after school. He was proud of how big his cock was and was always bragging about it. I dared him to pull it out and prove it. He didn't hesitate. He had a beautiful 8" rock hard cock in his hand. I almost gasped when I saw it. Without any concern of him thinking badly about me I asked him if he wanted me to give him a blow job. I couldn't resist. He asked if I'd keep it just between him and me. Of course I told him. With that I got on my knees and started sucking that gorgeous cock of his. This time I stayed with it and he came in my mouth, all over my face and chest. He shot one hell of a load.
    When Victor caught his breath, he made me promise not tell anyone what happened. I assured him it wasn't something I wanted people to know about. I did tell him that I really enjoyed it though and I was glad it happened. He told me he enjoyed it to. When I told him how much I liked his cock and I was sure I would like to suck him again sometime, he agreed he would to. I told him whenever the urge hit him and we could find a place, I'd suck his cock for him whenever he wanted. For the next five years I sucked his cock probably 50 or 60 times.
    I have always lived my life as a straight married male. I have to admit though that because of my early experience and those years as Victor's personal cock sucker, I love sucking cock. Don't get me wrong I love pussy to, but for me nothing compares to the pleasure of having nice large hard cock in my mouth. As much as I love a man cumming in my mouth and the feel and taste of it, I almost hate when it happens. That's because unless he his a very young man, I know he more than likely is finished for the night.

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