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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Gay Male / 19

    I wish I didn't have all these gay feelings. I am in college in a fraternity and all I think about is getting together with this guy or that guy. I don't act out on my feelings for obvious reasons. I have only had sex twice both times with the same boy. I want to feel that again, I want to be kissed and feel a dick again. I sometimes go to the library because I heard that is where gays go to hookup but I haven't had any luck. I wish I was more assertive about it but I am pretty sure I am a bottom.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Around 8 years ago, I was introduced to porn magazines by my older cousin. He's about a year and a half older than me. He showed me a porn mag which had images of women who were posing naked.

    After he showed me it we went into a small shack or something his dad built him ages ago. It was small, had a window on the side, a window on the front like it was a kitchen or something, with the door in the front separated by a single board or wood.

    After we went inside it we covered the windows and doorway with some styrofoam panels. There were holes in them in some places, but there was one in the one blocking the doorway which came in handy.

    We got naked and stood there looking at each other's dicks. After awhile I went down and sucked his dick. After wetting it for a bit I bent down and looked out the hole to "keep watch" so to say. He thrusted his dick in my ass, which I admittedly liked at the time.

    He thrusted in me for a few minutes before he asked me if I was enjoying it. I answered saying yes, it feels good. He pulled out of me and bent down, looked out the hole and I thrusted my dick inside his ass. I did this for awhile until his dad shouted asking where were we. I pulled out and we got dressed.

    He was dressed quicker than me so he moved the panel to the side as I was pulling my pants up. Luckily I was behind the panel that covered the front window, so he didn't see me.

    As the day went by we didn't do this again for awhile. We went outside and jumped in the pool that was above ground. As we were swimming he made a comment about his dick being hard. So I went under the water, pulled hos shorts fown to reveal his hard dick and started sucking it. After a short while of this I came up to see his dad standing on the font porch.

    The porch was a fair height up off the ground, but the pool was also a good distance away. So he luckily didn't see anything. He pulled his shorts back up and after awhile we went back inside, dried off, and changed clothes.

    We went into another room and got undressed. We were naked, and both of us were hard. I went down and started sucking him off, after awhile we switched to him sucking me off.

    Once we both sucked the other he bent over the bed and I thrusted myself into his ass. I enjoyed the tightness he was giving and eventually we switched with him fucking me. I enjoyed the feeling of his dick in my ass.

    After we stopped and got dressed I started gaming, until one of us got the idea for one of us to suck the other while the other plays the game.

    He went down and started sucking me off, but after awhile I let him have a go while I sucked him off. We had a blanket over us, just in case. As there was no lock on the door or anything.

    At some point in time my mom walked in and caught us, as I came out from under the blanket to late.

    Some time later he was telling me about how he was supposedly had sex with his girlfriend. As he told me he told me to lay down and he straddled me, cowgirl style. He went on to tell me she did that to him and yada yada yada.

    To this day neither of us have spoken, hinted, or mentioned when we did this. I was quiet young so, maybe he thinks I forgot about it or just wants to forget it. I'll never know.

    However, that was the first sexual experience I ever had in my life.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Most weekday afternoons during the past summer, I cruised a well known gay hook up place for sex. In total over the whole summer, I didn't once walk back home without having my cock sucked, or fucking a guys arsehole. I'm well endowed and have a very high libido, which my girlfriend cannot match. Always playing safe I guess over the summer I fucked over twenty different men, and had twice that suck me off. Most of the men were older than me and I'd say at least two thirds of them were married men. It's slowed down now as it's cold, yet even now in the winter I meet up with regulars who suck on my cock, or men who take my cock up their arses. None of this is probably confession worthy I suppose, unless you now take into account who I've been fucking at least twice a week down by his old works sheds. He's someone I know well. I should do, I fuck his daughter most days, as he's my girlfriends dad. Catching him down by my regular cruising place sucking another older guy off, I basically asked him if he'd like to suck me too. I watched as he finished off the other man and then fed him my cock. Since then we meet up at a place he used to work at and I bang him until each time I bust my nut up his arsehole. It's an arrangement I hope carries on, as he's the only guy I'll fuck bareback. We'll see.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 26

    I was super sexual from a young age. I would always try and talk my friends in to letting me play with their cocks. Grabbing, squeezing, jerking and sucking. I loved it all. I was playing with one of my close friends out in a fort we had made in the back yard. Ricky, an older boy from next door, had wandered over to see what was going on. He was peeking threw as I sucked(literally) on my friends small limp dick. When my friend noticed him he quickly zipped up like nothing was happening, and took off to go home. Ricky told me not to worry he was not going to tell anybody. He said he was bored, and I should come hang out. Long story short, we ended up in his room with his dick in my mouth. He was instructing me on what I should be doing, and it was my first really hard dick. It was also the first real load of cum I tasted, not just dribble at the tip. Most of that time he was stroking off and having me fondle his balls while occasionally trying to keep my mouth open wide enough not to scr**e his hard dick with my teeth.

    Months went by and I got much better at sucking off Ricky. He had shown me gay porn sites and videos. He talked me first into fucking myself with a carrot (which I liked), and later his dick(also liked). My code phrase for when I wanted to get fucked was I think I need carrot juice. Once while camping (more than a year later) with his family his Moms boyfriend got suspicious when I said that more than a few times over the week. He caught us and waited till Ricky was finishing to let us know he was watching. He made this big scene about how we need to be careful, and he wanted to make sure I was really ok with it and not being used. Over and over I said I wanted to, it was my idea. He said he wouldn't tell but wanted to make sure I was physically ok. Ricky left.

    He had me bend over and spread my cheeks. He slowly put one finger in. I was tense and he told me to loosen up. He started to twist and bob his finger. I moaned and he stopped. He said I was full of cum and we should go wash it out. The campground had showers and he took me to the handycap one. The door locked and it felt cold inside. He turned on the shower and told me to undress. Once the water warmed he had me step in to the walk-in shower. He had me bend over and grab the rail so the water would run over my ass. Then he started to finger bang my ass hole. It was incredible and intense. He kept asking if I was ok, and I could barely answer because I was on the verge of orgasm. He patted my cheek, and I stood up sporting a huge hard on. He asked if he should check more and I said maybe and offered my ass. He started with one but went to two fingers. I started to really moan. I barely touched my dick and I blew all over the shower floor. He wrapped up washed his hands and said I was fine. He watched as I showered off and got dressed. He said I can fuck with Ricky but his Mom wont like it so keep it a secret. That was that.

    I would masturbate thinking about that experience a lot. After Ricky's Mom split with the guy both him and Ricky moved away. I started seeking out older guys who reminded me of the boyfriend. I never knew his name.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 22

    I love giving my wife's pussy a good bareback fuck and then before I cum pulling out and eating that sweet messy fucked pussy. I wish she would bring up the idea of me just going all the way and cumming in her and then I get between her thighs and worship that cum filled count. I want it to get to the point where she doesn't say anything she just rides me until I cum and then sits on my face and feeds me her cum drenched pussy. I want her to rub it all over my face.

    This all stems from a time when she was giving me a blowjob and she told me not to cum in her mouth cause she said she doesn't like the texture. Well when I got close instead of letting her know, I grabbed her head with both hands and unloaded my cock in her mouth and without missing a beat she jumped on top of me and started licking my face and putting her cum covered tongue in my mouth and it made me so much more horny then I already was.

    So that's my fetish and hopefully next time I write it will be about how it finally happened and how I'm eating a cum filled pussy every night.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 54


    Incest is just an ugly word for 2 consenting adults enjoying sex with each other . It should never matter as to who you are fucking , just as long as no-one gets hurt ( no broken hearts , no harm , no foul ).

    We were just your usual family : loving parents , 2 kids ( son and daughter ). Dad was the typical work-aholic , mom was the stay-at-home type , and my sister and I rounded up the usual teenagers .

    My parents always had a great loving relationship : good sex , great communication skills , worked well with each other , showed respect and trust . Dad was always working long hours and would volunteer for any extra o/t . He missed alot of time watching me and sis growing up . Never there when we got into school sports , but mom never missed a game for the both of us . As time went on , I could see that with dad spending more time working , and less time with the family , mom was starting to feel that she was missing some " special-ME " time ( as mom would call it ) . Whenever dad would be at home for a whole weekend off , he slept alot and didn't join in any family activites : dinner-n-movie dates , picnics at the parks , visit with distant relatives , etc. Mom was the one that taught me to ride a bike , swim , play football , drive a car , etc. Yep , mom taught me alot .

    Then , we got the worse news possible on one friday nite...a state trooper came to the house . He told us that a trucker ( driving way too many hours without a break ) , nodded off behind the wheel and crossed over the center-line and hit dad's car head-on ( 70+ mph ). Dad never stood a chance , the cop felt he died instantly on impact ( no suffering ) .

    It took mom a few years to finally get over the grieving . Sometimes I could hear her crying herself to sleep . I wanted to go and comfort her whenever her crying began , but mom would always try to pull herself together and act like everything was ok , when I approach her . Even sis was getting frustrated with all of it , claiming that mom either need to get over the constant grieving and jump on the dating scene , or see a shrink .

    Mom was not your average stay-at-home type . She was 5ft-10inch tall , around 150lbs , great shape , and has the biggest and firmest 44ddd's boobs I ever seen on any woman . Men would always see her and stare ( and I'm sure they were thinking : " damn , would love to fuck her " ). When most high-school girls I dated was only with 36c tits ( at best ) and I brought them home , they would see mom and got very jealous . Yep , mom was an eye-catcher .

    Dad was well insured , and it provided mom to live well without forcing her to seek any employment . Although , she probably could have gotten any job she wanted , if the boss would not stare at her all damn day .

    One day , coming home from football practice early , I did the usual " mom ? , I'm home " , and got no response . I started looking all-over the house . Then I heard something that sounded like a gentle buzzing sound , like a vibrator ( some of my dates enjoyed using it to get themself " warmed-up " ). Mom was using one in her bedroom , door closed . But I could hear it clearly , and her moans of pleasure . When the " buzzing " stopped , the crying began shortly afterwards . Mom was horney and missing dad , and didn't really like the idea that she had to get some relief from a damn battery operated sex-toy ...she wanted the real-deal . I hated hearing her go thru all of the frustrating and grieving . This went on for a few months , when I finally got tired of hearing the usual routine and her crying always followed later . I decided I need to confront her on it , hope to give her some advice , show her that she is still loved by her siblings and will support her on what-ever means she choose to do to get back to being normal will always move on .

    I took a chance and entered her bedroom after her usual " buzzing " and sobbing routine . I gently knocked on her door and slowly entered . I found mom naked on top of the bed , her legs propped up and the vibrator still inserted in her pussy . She was already into her crying routine and didn't noticed me standing at the foot of the bed . I instantly got mesmerized by her huge firm rack , standing tall like mountains , even tho she was laying on her back , with no cleavage spreading open ( most of my dates , with smaller boobs , would have their tits flopping over and showing a wide cleavage gap ) . I had to shake my head to clear my dirty thoughts and get mom's attention . " mom...MOM "( speaking louder ) , she finally saw me and tried to cover-up quickly by pulling some of the blanket over her , wiping her tearful eyes . " DAMN , don't you knock first ? " she barked back at me . " Sorry mom " , trying to appologize without making any eye contact . " I just wanted to make sure you are ok , I heard some noise " . I noticed that her hand was under the cover and can see it roaming about around her crotch , probably trying to remove the vibrator and hide it under the covers .

    I started to turn away and was about to walk back to my room , when she said " come here , son...your mother needs a hug " . The thoughts about hugging her as she laid naked under the covers , caused me to get a quick hard-on , and I totally forgot that I was standing close to her with just my underwear on ( I never cared for pj's ). My hard-on getting harder by the secound , she would have to be blind as to not notice the big bulge in my undies . I tried to give her a gentle , but not a great hug . I didn't want to her to notice my cock was almost throbbing at that time . When I did lean down to hug her , she reached up with her arms to wrap them around my neck and she began to pull me down onto her . The blankets falling away and exposing her huge juggs completely . She had me in a firm wrap for a hug , pressing her face cheek's next to mine . Slowly rolling her face around to kiss me gently , giving alot of sweet quick pecks . When I tried to roll my face to look into her eyes , her kissing continued onto my lips . I naturally kissed her back . Then it quickly turned into more passionate kissing , like she just lost all control .

    There I was , trying to pull away from her , not wanting her to discover my total errection and I'm starting to feel some of those big naked tits of her's touching me near my chest . Mom tightening her hug on me , forcing me to get closer to her , nearly laying onto her . Then to make things harder , she began french-kissing me . She was forcing her tongue into my mouth . When our tongues touched , I lost all control of myself . I lowered myself onto her and started kissing her back with more passion and my hands began to roam around her body . It was just a matter of time when my hands found themselves gropping her juggs and hearing some approval moans from mom . I worked my whole body to lay completely onto her , as she slowly spread her legs apart to allow me to snuggle down between them . My cock was so rock-hard , it almost hurt . Mom started to do some " romeing fingers and russian hands " too . Her finding my cock and started to grope it thru my undies , until her fingers found their way past the waist band and grabbing my cock and slowly stroking it . " mmm , your even bigger than your father " I heard her say between our kisses . I just couldn't stop the action now , I wanted to fuck my mom...wanted to fuck her all-nite long . Evidently , mom was thinking the same as me , as she started pulling my undies down past my knees . It was then , my cock ( acheing to get inside my mom's hungry pussy . Without stopping our kissing and a bit of crotch grinding , I decided to continue with the removal of my undies . Now we are both totally naked and getting both of us worked up for some great sex . Her hand still stroking my cock and trying to guide it into her already moist c**t . When she got the head of my cock to nearly enter her , I took over and thrust the rest of my hard throbbing cock into her . " FUCK , you're big " mom said . That was all I needed to hear and take charge of it all . Once I got completely into her , balls deep , I paused as she let out a loud moan of pleasure...the kind of pleasure that she longed for , since dad's death . I slowly began to pump her with some long strokes , nearly pulling out all the way ( just leaving the head of my cock in ) and slowly driving it all back in . After a few long strokes , we got back to kissing . My pumping picking up the pace . I wanted to fuck my mom so bad and I wanted to cum so strong for her and make her cum too .

    My pace was getting quicker with shorter strokes , and mom was joinging in the action too . I was feeling the need to explode inside of her so bad . I just had to try to get my mouth on one of her big boobs and see how much I could suck them in . She moaned some more when I got one boob into my mouth ( I was use to the smaller breasted girls from high school , where I can almost suck the whole boob into my mouth ) . There was no-way in hell that I was going to get a 44ddd ( yes , that is 3 d's ) boob completely into my mouth , but I got alot more than she thought I could . " Oh god " as mom's body started to tighten-up and I knew she was about to cum too . I kept pumping her faster , until I felt my cock was about to explode . Timing is always important here , as we both felt the desire to cum finally . With one more deep thrust , I held it deep inside her and she did too .

    This was just the begining of a long and very loving relationship between mother and son ... and it still continues to this very day . But , it included some other family members too . I'll share those adventures at another time .

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    one of my favourite things to do after a night out is taking an uber home and flirting with the driver. typically im in a titty top and a skirt so i usually already have them flirting with me first. if they're kinda cute i'll flirt back by answering their questions with dirty answers. sometimes they ask me to sit in the front seat with them, and sometimes i do.

    last night on my way home from a bar, the driver dropped my friend home and i asked him if it was okay to change in the back. i didnt want my parents to see me in such a tight top and little skirt so i brought a change of clothes with me. he laughed and said he wouldn't look but i saw him peek through the rear view mirror. i made sure my titties bounced out of my shirt and moaned a little as i unzipped my skirt. almost completely naked, i asked him is he likes what he sees and of course, he said yes.

    i took off my thong and slid into the front seat. he said wow and i placed his hand on my pussy and started circling over my clit. it feel so good to have older strangers touch me and im kinda getting wet as i type this. he said something in spanish and i said what? "so beautiful", he replied. i giggled and let him finger me for the rest of the ride to my house.

    i've done this a couple of times. they always tell me to call them the next day but i just want it when im sobering up and horny as fuck. sometimes i do it on my way home from a date when the uber is paid for by the guy haha. maybe one day i'll get to do more if i get a really cute one.

    comment below if you have the same fetish or you like my story ;)

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 38

    I have recently moved in with my boyfriend, he has a 14 year old daughter I have met her and we talked about me moving in and sleeping in the same bed with her dad she was ok about it, I know some siblings see this as an intrusion in there home, only one thing seems odd every morning she shower with her dad, I know this happened up to a certain age, I thought 14 was a bit mature to naked in the shower with your parent, she I well developed for 14, I've noticed when they come out his cock is fairly swollen not fully erect there isn't much room in the shower for two it would be very close, maybe I am a prude, opinions please from any parents.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 22

    Iâm a dirty slut who loves to fuck strangers. Getting cummed on in the bathroom stall of a club makes me so wet. I love getting pushed up against a wall while some guy sticks his huge cock in me, thrusting me so hard I have bruise while I scream his name and begged to get destroyed. I also love being degraded, ten guys jacking off on to me makes me want to cum in my panties, while they all tell me what a worthless little cum dumpster I am. If I could I would fuck any guy who came up to me and let them use my body however they wanted. In all honesty I think I might be a nimphomanic

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 42

    I have a very weird fetish...

    I am very sexually turned on by Black BBW's who have smelly vagina's. I am not black and I know its kind of specific.

    It started when I was younger and I was living in a friends house in NY during summer and they had a live-in housekeeper who was a very large black older woman. It began when I first sniffed her used panties and I was like whoa! that's smelly but for some reason I kept going back again and again to smell it day after day.

    Finally I really wanted to have it for real and I purposely allowed myself to get caught by her. She was not happy at first but she was also embarrassed and didn't really want to address it, so I kept doing it!

    Now this was not a regular skanky pussy, it was really SMELLY with a discharge and everything and I have no idea why it turned me on so much.

    Finally she told me that she has an issue and she can't believe that I liked it. She was very frustrated and had moments when guys had walked out on her due to her smell.

    I asked her to let me go down on her and she finally did and it was really bad the smell and I rememeber asking myself what is wrong with me but still doing it.

    We began having the kinkiest relationship all through summer and after that this fetish stuck with me...

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