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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 54

    In the early part of my career I was a technical sales associate. I traveled to the customer's location and dealt with customer issues with the installation of new machinery. At this one site, the foreman on the job was a crusty old man. We were in the yard and he stopped, got behind this vehicle and pulled out his tool and peed on the ground. I stared at him the whole time, he had a larger than normal penis. When he finished he called for me to come over and suck him dry.

    There was no one else in the yard. He was standing there with his penis in his hand looking at me. I got this urge to suck him. I kept moving my eyes from his eyes to his penis. He said 'come on honey, make daddy feel good'. I was not in control of myself and I went over and got down and put his penis in my mouth and I sucked him until he started to face fuck me and when he came I got it on my clothes, in my hair on my face and of course in my mouth.

    He was the customer and what I had done was a firing offense. He knew it and he used it. I was asked for by name, and when I went out he always made sure I had a 'win'. But he always made sure he had sex with me. It was a long time before my heat for him went down, over two years. I changed jobs because I didn't know how else to break it off.

    I am far up the ladder now, having spent over 30 years in sales. I know that more and more women are out there and I try to make a point about respecting themselves. I know what can happen. I am not ashamed of what I did and I don't think it changed me too much. If anything it delayed me getting married. I have never been able to give my husband oral sex without thinking about those early days when I was sucking that man and having sex with him.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 37

    Me and my wife went on vacation to a resort in the Caribbean. There was a clothing optional beach and I went fully nude on the beach with my wife only going topless. Looking around it became very obvious that I was the only one on the entire beach who was fully nude. Even over our entire stay I was the only one who ever went fully nude. I even enquired about it to makes sure I wasn't doing something I wasn't supposed to. I was told full nudity was allowed but not many people do go fully nude usually. As far as the women on the beach about half did go topless.

    It was a couple of days before the end of our trip when this big breasted hot topless woman on the beach approached me. We had talked to her before along with her husband. She asked where my wife was and I told her she was doing one of the workouts they had scheduled for women in the exercise room. I asked where her husband was. She told me he was sleeping off a hang over he had. She brought up how she liked that I had the courage to go fully nude on the beach when no one else did and asked if she could take a picture of me. I didn't think it would be wise so I tried to politely tell her my wife wouldn't approve and even asked how her husband would feel about it. She said he might not like it and mentioned we wouldn't have to let them know. She asked what I thought of her body and told her it was great. She asked if I would like to see all of it. I asked her what she meant and she told me fully nude just like me. She told me if she could take a few pictures of me she would let me see. After a few more words from her I agreed and she suggested a more private spot. It was just the 2 of us and she reminded me I promised to let her take some pictures and she slipped off her bottoms. She was fully nude just like me and she was super HOT. I began to get an erection and she began taking pictures. She began suggesting what I do and how I pose. Referring to my erection, she told me to take of it. I asked if she meant masturbate. She said she did and told me no one was around, it was just us. I began to stroke myself in front of her and was soon cumming. She smiled after I was done and told me that it was fantastic seeing that. She said we better get back to where everyone else was before someone catches us. She slipped her bottoms back on and away we went.

    My wife showed up shortly afterwards and said her workout was great and asked what I had been doing. I couldn't tell her the truth about what I had just done so all I said was getting a tan.

    I don't know if it is actual cheating when you let another person see you cum because we didn't actually have sex. I then began to wonder about the pictures that were taken. I was only supposed to be a few and it was probably a lot more than a few. Later that day I ran into the woman and asked how many pictures she took. She laughed and told me a lot and asked if it worried me. I told her I don't think I should have really done what I did and asked if she took pictures when I was masturbating. She told me not really pictures but a video. I asked if she would delete them. She laughed again and told me they were hers to keep now but if I wanted her to delete them she would do it but only if I had my wife ask her to. I didn't know what to say because my wife would not take kindly to finding out I just masturbated for some woman. She laughed again and told me she would keep them then. She promised she wouldn't tell my wife but wouldn't promise keeping them to herself. She said her friends would enjoy seeing them and that was something she was not going to promise.

    The trip ended and I still wonder who has seen the pictures and video and if possibly I am unknowingly popular on an internet site somewhere. If my wife ever finds out the trip or sees them she would kill me.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife decided to post our recent vacation photos on a web site to make it easy for our friends and family to see them. She quickly uploaded all the photos without checking what she was uploading and ended up including ones of me naked on the clothing optional beach. She never went naked on the beach so it didn't cause her any concern. The website is open to everyone so literally anyone could have see them. It was almost a week later when I had gone to the site and realized what she had done. There were a few hundred views of the photos and even comments posted about my genitals. In some of the photos I had a very big erection which left virtually nothing to anyone's question unanswered about my shape, size and how I looked down there. Also,3 photos had me grabbing myself is a rather extremely sexually explicit way which is very embarrassing to have others see me doing that. I get teased quite a bit about it by friends and family who have seen them.
    We did remove the photos but with the number of downloads I have no idea if they may make their way to other sites.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 47

    My moment of truth came when I went to Freshman orientation camp for college. The counselor I was assigned to was a graduate student. On the second night I was there he came to the dorm where I was housed and told the other girl to leave because he needed to talk to me. He told me that it was part of my initiation.

    He took of his pants and worked his penis into an erection and asked me to get my pants off because we didn't have much time. I hesitated and he took me by the head and put his penis up against my lips. I looked up at him, he said to hurry up and open my mouth and get ready to swallow. His penis in my mouth was the moment I stopped being a girl. He shoved it in pretty far, I gagged and he pulled it out and told me to get my pants off. I took my pants off and we had sex on the small bed.

    He was erect in another fifteen minutes. I hadn't put my pants back on, I was lying on the bed beside him with his arm around my neck. He said it was ok, I was going to go around the world and he had me get on my hands and knees. He used my vagina to get my anus wet to shoved it in. It didn't work, and he told me to get on him and lower myself onto his penis. It took a long time to get his whole penis in my rectum, but when I was done I felt the strangest pleasurable sensation. I rocked on him for a few minutes, and he toyed with my clitoris, I didn't want to get off. Then we disconnected, he got on top of my back and this time he ran his penis all the way in without any problem.

    For me that day was my moment of truth. That is the day I went to college and left home. It was the day I stopped being a kid at home.

    I wasn't discarded like lots of girls were. I became his girlfriend which meant that I hung out with grad students. Being an underclassman girlfriend had lots of responsibilities, when he hosted a party I had to do most of the planning and the work. I did the grocery store and most if not all of the cooking. As with the other grad students who had underclassmen girlfriends, we kept the apartments clean and neat. Keeping a dirty and messy apartment for our boyfriends brought a lot of criticism.

    The grad student girlfriends didn't have to do any of that. Their boyfriends had to look after themselves. A grad student without an underclassman girlfriend didn't get many points. And many of the female grad student didn't have boyfriends. It was a stupid rule they had made up.

    I stayed his girlfriend all the way through college, including my grad student days while he finished his phd. I always kept a neat and clean apartment, I didn't subscribe to the grad student girlfriend rule.

    We went to live in Seattle before it was cool. I keep a clean and neat house, I am used to that. And when we have sex, we sometimes go around the world. I do it for my man. I get a lot of pleasure out of it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 45

    My sister in law had asked me to babysit her kids while she went out one night, her eldest son Ben who was 16 had got in with some bad lads as she said and didnt want to trust him looking after the younger ones.
    I arrived at the house and the young ones were already in bed , Ben was in the kitchen with 2 of his mates and a younger kid who was his mates younger brother about 12. They seemed quite nice and polite and after the sis in law had left they brought me a orange cocktail they had made , it was a warm night so was quite welcome although I told them to lay off the alcohol .I started watching the tv and after about half an hour Ben brought me another drink in , I joked he was trying to get me drunk , he looked a bit taken aback , no auntie Karen he said, I laughed only joking Ben although I was feeling light headed.After the programme I was watching had finished I got up to go to see what they were doing, as I stood I felt very unsteady and very drunk , I stumbled to the kitchen and one of the guys opened the door, did you like our special cocktail he said his hand rubbing my bum. Ben came over to me , your looking very sexy auntie Karen he said also rubbing my bum, his other friend camd over, its my birthday can I have a kiss he said , before I had chance to answer our lips had locked and I could feel hands all over me , I was 45 and being kissed and touched up by young kids , I tried to resist but but I was too far gone and my body was responding to the attention.
    They lay me down on the kitchen table my skirt was pushed up and panties were pilled down , Ben undid my blouse and cupped my tits out of my white silky bra, the birthday boy pushed his cock in me as the other two set about sucking my tits , I remember looking over at the younger brother who was sat wide eyed watching rubbing his cock. The next hour was a blur as they took it in turns to fuck me and play with my tits; after they had finished they helped me up and into the lounge and onto the sofa, as I sat there the younger brother brought me a drink in I leant forward and gave him a peck on the cheek and pulled him towards me, he needed no encouragement as I opened my legs his hard cock was soon inside me he didnt last long as the other guys encouraged him but his orgasm lasted ages pumping and pumping inside me . Im now always available to babysit for my sis in law and the kids always ask for auntie Karen to watch them x

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 27

    I grew up poor, my mother was a cashier in a grocery store. We lived in a trailer next door. We did not have a car, and if we had to go anywhere we either took the bus or a cab. We were white so we didn't do welfare. My mother kept me pretty close to her side and I didn't date. I turned 20 and I had never seen a penis.

    I got a job through a temp agency at a factory. My job was filing. This man kept making eyes at me, he patted my behind, he asked me if anyone had ever sucked on my tits. He said I was real good looking and he would fuck me any day, just let him know. One day, we were back in the file room, he started to rub my behind, his hand was all over, it felt real good and I didn't want him to stop. He asked me to turn around so he could rub my pussy. He used his fingers and rubbed in and out between my legs. I held my legs together as tight as I could, his fingers pressed against me and I felt a shock run through me. I pushed his hand away and he said he saw that I liked it. He wanted to lick my pussy and fuck me.

    The whole thing was a secret. I didn't tell anyone. When my temp job was over he gave me his phone and address and told me to come over because he wanted to fuck me.

    He lived far away, I had to take a cab to get to his house. There were some friends there, men and women. When I came in he kissed me and held me by the ass. He told his friends I was his fuck for the night. When his friends left we went into the bedroom and we undressed and he saw me naked. I saw him naked. His penis didn't look that big. He started touching my pussy and asking me if I wanted him to make me hot or just fuck me. I told him the truth, I had never been naked with a man before. He said he would make me hot like in the file room.

    After a long time of him playing with me, he finally got on me and he had sex with me. The feeling of him having sex with me was unbelievably good. From then on I saw him a lot, He got me a job with a friend of his and I got money for the cab. One day he gave me a pair of earrings. And clothes. My mother was very upset, I went out with him and didn't come back until the next day. I was getting gifts. She said he was using me.

    He was. I didn't care. I went to parties, went out to eat and to the movies. I spent the night with him. I had sex. I moved out and got an apartment with another girl from my new job. I lived.

    I don't think of myself as a tramp. I don't let guys just take me to bed. But if I like the guy I want sex. I use protection and I try to know the guy before jumping in bed with them. But the truth is I like sex and I am not ready to settle down.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 43

    Before i had a kid when i was younger i did porn for a little while to make money. I was desperate for money and couldn't do much else at the time and i had a somewhat big dick 8.5 inches but a lot of girth. lets fast forward to present day, my wife passed away years ago due to health issues and no she was not a pornstar. Now most of what i am about to tell you may seem made up but i assure you this really did happen no matter how crazy it seems. Now my daughter is 17 and a senior in high school, no i am not about to tell you how i fucked my daughter, this story involves several of her friends. so i later found out that my daughters friends found out i did porn when i was younger, i don't know how, they were low production videos that i was surprised ended up on the internet. But i found out when i started getting strange messages from these girls, mostly sexual. then they all started sending me nudes of themselves. these girls ranged from 16 - 18 years old, and yes 16 is the legal age of consent where i live without parent permission. Now i would be lying if i said i wasn't attracted to these girls. they had been to my house countless times in bikinis because i have a pool. these girls were also all races: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, i am white encase you were wondering. For a while i never said anything to these girls cause i didn't know what TO say. but one of the nights a couple of the girls where sleeping over at my house with my daughter. I was just getting out of the shower i was drying off and walking into my bedroom when i look up and see my daughter's friend Ashley this is one of her black 17 year old friends and she is just in her bra and panties. startled i fumble to cover my dick with the towel and i ask her what she is doing there.She nonchalantly says to me she wanted to see if my dick really was as big as it looked in the videos, i asked her what videos? She said that her and the others found out that i had been in porn and had seen my videos and that is why they all had been sexting me. she started moving closer and closer till she was almost up against me and pulled away my towel. as i stood there naked in front of the beautiful teenage girl she puts her hand around my dick and starts gently stroking it and said to me that it was a big as it looked on the porn. she leans in and kisses me, i jump back at first but i thought at that point fuck it and kissed her back she then kissed her way down my chest making her way to my dick. she kneeled down in front of me looking at my now hard dick before she started to suck it. she started with just the tip and then worked her way to going as far down as she could until she would gag. i picked her up and carried her to the bed and slid off her panties revealing just a little patch of hair above her little pussy and i started to eat her out like it was my last meal. she was moaning a squirming on my bed and could tell she was close to orgasm i worked her clit until she couldn't take anymore and began shaking. i let her catch her breath and she said that was amazing no boy at her school could do that. after she caught her breath she was ready for more and had me lay on my back and she climbed on top of me. she slid herself down on my dick and she was so wet be still so tight. she rode me like a bull in the rodeo until i was about to cum. i told her i was close and she just went faster and faster i could feel her pussy muscles clenching me and knew she was having another orgasm and i couldn't hold it any longer and came right inside her. i said i'm sorry, and she said that she was on the pill, i told her it didn't matter i had a vasectomy years ago and couldn't get her pregnant if i wanted to. she kissed me go dressed and went back to my daughters room.

    As i lay in bed thinking did that really just happen, i hear my bedroom door open. i think it is going to be my daughter wanting to ask something but around the corner comes her other friend that is staying the night Kim one of her asian 16 year old friends. Only she is completely naked, cute little a cup titties and she has a completely shaven pussy. she is walking up to my bed i am still naked under my sheets, she said to me that Ashley told her about what happened and how amazing it was and was wondering if i could fuck her too like the girls in the porn. i already fucked one teenager tonight what is another one. i was already hard from looking at her petite little body. she pull back the sheets and she is in shock by the size of my dick, she says it looks bigger in person than in the video. i ask her to suck on it and get it nice and wet, as she is sucking my dick i am fingering her smooth tight pussy. as she gets wet i pull my finger out and lick her juices off my finger and it tastes so sweet. i have her start out on top of me so she can get used to it at her own pace. she is even tighter than Ashley. it took 20 min for her to get used to the size the she really started riding me. she was so small i was able to easily pick her up and flip her over with face down and ass in the air and i started fucking her from behind. i was slamming my dick in her tiny pussy and it felt so good she was moaning loudly, luckily my daughters room is in another part of the house where she cant hear anything. i was getting close to cumming again and she said she wanted to taste it so i pulled out and she turned around and finished me off in her mouth, she swallowed what she could and i helped her clean off the rest. i gave her a kiss and she too went back to my daughters room for the night.

    this was just the beginning of it yes i fucked those two girls again many times but there were also 5 other girls as well. eventually my daughter caught me in the middle of fucking one of her friends, she was a little weird'd out by it but has come to accept it. she has walked in on me fucking almost all her friends now or them sucking my dick.
    The sex is great and almost more than i can handle. they have even done threesomes and foursomes with me, these high school girls are horny especially when they know they are fucking a former porn actor and they love reminding me of that.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Greeting from Saudi Arabia, you people in the West raise eyebrows when it comes to sex with cousin, both male as well as female , in Saudi Arabia its a common thing , as matter of fact most of us are married to our cousins , I am 24 yrs Wahabi Muslim male who grew up in ultra conservative Saudi society , my other 3 male cousins of same age bracket and I lived in big house , our sexual escapade started when we were about 16 yrs, our female cousin was 15 yrs, chubby, awesome ass and big boobs , alike us she too was hot blooded , in the beginning we all 4 use to spend hours talking of sex , watching porn , our female cousin { lets call her Aisha } loved to be with us , she would strip for us while we masturbated in front of her, later she began sucking each of us , she began getting more naughty , asked us to suck and fuck each other while she watched , we obliged

    As virginity of girls is of paramount importance in Saudi society, she never let us fuck her pussy or finger her but she let us have anal sex

    For next 2 years we had sex almost daily, then she was married off to another cousin of our so we had to stop, these years were the most beautiful years of my life

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 18

    I was a cute girl before puberty. I think I have a nice personality but I am not cute anymore. My hips are too wide, I have no bust, my face is long, I'm short. Guys don't date me, they speak to me, I am their friend, but no dates.

    There are girls in my school who are beauties, just the right height, nice hair, pretty faces, nice boobs and ass, dating all the time, and I sit at home being nice and helping this fat girl with her homework. In her group I am the pretty one because I am petite, except for my hips, I have such a big ass for a small girl.

    I want boobs, I am not asking for something out of this world, just boobs, not these boobs that look like pecs on a guy. Boobs that stick out, boobs that don't fit in your hand. My family can't afford cosmetic surgery.

    When I was in the eighth grade this guy felt me up. Then I found out it was a dare. I have a nice looking pussy, nice and neat. My mother told me that boys like neat little packages and I have a neat little package. But you can't go around showing that off.

    Another thing, my nipples are pink, I hardly have areolas. I look like a boy.

    P.S., you may have guessed I am not 18 yet.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    I was 16 and my 14, for almost 3 years I lived with my cousins, we slept on the sofas in the living room. We would smoke a joint he would get horny, didn’t think I knew he was hard, eventually he would fall asleep. I would creep over to his sofa and slowly and gently slide my hand under the covers.

    He slept in just boxers. Once my hand got close, it felt really warm, I used my finger tips to touch, feel his semi hard penis, I would squeeze it on the sides to feel his thickness and stiffness. One time, I was lucky, he was out cold, and I opened his boxers and pulled it out. I was able to reach in and cup his balls and bring them out too. My heart was racing and his dick never been harder. Sitting there beside the sofa looking at my cousins beautiful cut thick cock.

    Worked up the courage and licked his penis then backed off. He didn’t make a move, so I went back down, picked up his penis and licked and then sucked it, first dick ever, it felt odd but so amazing in my mouth. My tongue all over his shaft and head. I just felt his dick getting bigger in my mouth. Was nervous but so into it couldn't stop myself. I kept sucking, this would be his first time, no one ever touched his dick before. It didn’t take long for him to be fully erect and unloaded in my mouth. It was a lot of cum, some leaked out but swallowed almost all and licked up the rest. When he was cumming it was clear to both of us what was going on.

    He made me suck his dick every day, a few times, he was young and horny. As we got more comfortable with this he would dominate me and fuck my mouth. For almost 3 years he never had to jerk off, he would just look at me and we would find a spot. He has a pretty large dick, long, thick, cut, nice head. Best sexual time of my life.

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