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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Ok, this is about my neighbor across the street he's been there since he was 4 and now he's 47

    His mom and dad passed but don't want him there,so yesterday his brother came up to me and asked if I'd seen him then started to tell me he was in the backyard wearing a dress I think his brother is a homophobe I almost told him I always wear nice women's thongs and a couple of vibrating eggs and a nice butt plug also black high stockings

    So when I perform music I'm thinking do they know? But I do turn them low when I'm off stage and back on when I play but I want to let him know that it's ok I don't want to push him too fast but I've seen his package and it's big!!

    I wouldn't mind telling him if he ever wants to drain come on over but you gotta do my ass if you're going to cum maybe I won't say it I just want to tell him he's not alone

    My roommate told me she's seen him and I asked why didn't you tell me? Oh I forgot she's blonde but he's doing the dress nice underware aND stuffing the bra thanks for reading appreciate any comments

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    went to an elementary school playground at night. found a jump rope lying in the dirt. got naked and put it up my ass without washing it. stole it and brough it back home.

    you hoes is dumb smh

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    I'm a security guard at a large apartment complex and see beautiful women everyday. I have a severe leg fetish and two days ago I saw a woman with some of the prettiest legs I've ever seen. She had her two young daughters with her but I couldn't focus on anything but her slightly muscular, athletic legs. She's only about 5' or a little more. I couldn't help but stare at them and I'm pretty sure she noticed that.

    Problem is, how would I go about asking her if I could kiss them? I would do anything to. I want to touch them and massage them and lick them so bad it's all I think about but I know if I say anything to her I'll most likely be fired.

    Any females on here have any suggestions? I would pay her a lot if I had to. I haven't seen legs like hers in years. I would get on my knees and beg her if I thought it do any good. I would tell her I was dying. Anything.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I confess.
    I watch gyno on my pc and peeing.
    I would want to me a woman who would pee in my mouth.
    one way orr two ways ?.
    my bedroom is basic no carpet.
    so I am trying to get it together(gambled too much).
    at my old age.
    I want my bedrom to be romantic for a woman orr a man.
    I have more than enough sex toys.
    womens underwear nighties etc.
    one pair of mans trousers.
    I wish I could travel back it time to see the mistakes
    I made with so called English friends who have left me.
    I helped them when they had nowhere to go.
    I have seen a female neighbour one time
    and a black young neighbour.
    I do not know their flat numbers just now.
    above I have one speculum and a stethoscope
    I am waiting for a blue douche thing.
    that is it for now.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I am a 16 year old teenager who is always horny and Iâve always wanted to be fucked. My problem is that I donât know if I am gay or just horny. Iâve never acted on these urgers but Iâve never wanted to be fucked so much in my life

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    In August 1984 I was living with my 82 year great-grandma and had just turned 18. She was good with my sexuality and she had sex with me many times before. Since I was 6 foot and 200lb with a big butt and little dick with C cup breasts due to male breasts. We had our fun at night with me straddling her and I would rub my dick against her covers and would squirt my load in a tissue wad. I also had sex with my dad and grandpa ( and a 64 year neighbor) but never swallowed cum.

    Andy , great-grandmaâs 68 year old cousin had come up for a visit from Austin, Texas. We had a good day visiting and the fun began after we all retired to bed. He slept in the front bedroom while great-grandma slept in the middle room and I was sleeping in the couch bed in the living room. I got up at 130am and woke great-grandma up and she seen that I was nude with a erection so she motioned for me to straddle her and I did. I was trying to be quiet as the bed was rocking and I had my arms in the air as I was thrusting my hips back and forth and then stopped to give her a rest. Thatâs when we noticed Andy standing by the side of the bed.

    He then said âI was not sure if this was true about you Don but now I know. Do you go both ways?â and I said âYes. Do you want to be next?â with an angry horny look and he said âWell you are not going to be on top of me Iâll tell you that. But I will be more than happy to give this to you.â He took out a 10 inch thick uncut from his pajamas. (All males in my family have thick cocks).

    I told him âI know I got a big ass but I donât want to be ass fucked and I have no desire yet to swallow other than that yes you can fuck me.â Great-grandma said âLet him get you.â So I got up from the bed and took Andy by the hand and led him to the bedroom, slam the door and quickly pulled down his pajama bottoms and I got on my back on the bed as he got on top of me and I spread my legs and then he got busy frot fucking me.
    He said âYou are a horny bitch arenât you?â and I replied âProud of it. Fuck me silly Andy.â And he pounded me harder and the bed was squeaking very loud as he was giving it to me. Then he stopped and was breathing loud and said he had to catch his breath. He rolled off to the side toward the window and I sat on the side of the bed letting the moonlight show my ass to him.

    I then got up and kissed him and then kissed his cock and licked and kissed his balls.
    His breathing was getting better and so I was looking out the window and he said âI sure would like to take you back to Texas with me.â I smiled and laughed âYou sure got some ambitions cowboy.â Then I stood over him and rubbed my ass and said âReady?â Then he went back to fucking me but slowed down. Then he asked me to slide under to where his cock was and stuff it in my mouth.
    He gave me a good face fucking and then arched up and groaned he was coming and he held my arms down as he squirted in my mouth. He then straddled my face and massaged the rest of the cum in my mouth. It turned me on watching his cockhead go in and out of the foreskin. I licked his cockhead clean and he got off me and said he had to sleep and that I was great.
    When my family learned that I swallowed for the first time it was like a great accomplishment I had done.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 49

    I have a confession to make, â¦.. I fancy the pants of UK PM Theresa May, I first saw her before she became PM a few years ago and I wanted to bone her then, Ive never stopped wanting to bone her. She reminds me of my late wife's Step mother who I used to ride quite frequently, shes tall like her and shes got a nice pair of tits. I wank myself quite often thinking of her and Theresa May, I would shag the arse of her. now I know your going to say shes a tall skinny bint, this maybe so but after shagging fuck out of my late wife's step mother who was a very good in bed, I have a feeling that T M would be too, people might think Ive lost my marbles, but shes built like my late wifes step mother, and boy did she like cock and plenty off it too, and I suspect TM does as well. I know its never going to be other than a fantasy but being a widower I can testify to having many a good wank over them, and I would like to empty my balls deep inside TM's pussy and shoot my load all over her nice tits, I suspect I'm not the only one either.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I would love tp hook up with a young tranny with a little dicklet and tight boi pussy thats always ready for my 6 inch monster.

    She should be feminine in nature abd ready to please. Already undergoing hormone therapy would be a plus.

    I would treat her the way a woman should be treated, like a princess and whore in the bedroom.

    Anyone like that available ?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    Last weekend my wife and I exchanged each other for the spouses next door so Sheila my wife has now moved in next door with Mirvana Jule's wife and Jules has moved into my house as my new partner.It has been an exciting week.Jules and I have been over there a lot to see how the new arrangement is working.We have watched the 2 wives kissing and making love.My wife is now going down on Mirvana regularly and making that old pussy cum.She tells me she loves Mirvana's pussy and body now.As to Jules and I we have progressed too to full intercourse with him being the top partner breeding my hole with his salty cum.A gay guy at work is supplying me with poppers so Jule's cock no longer hurts me when it goes in and slides in easily without pain.To complete our arrangement I now wear Mirvana's wedding ring which I had enlarged to signify I am now Jule's wife.I wear the diamond ring proudly and now like my wife feel in love with my new spouse.We had a gay minister agree to do our vows once Sheila and I get our divorce and marry our new partners.We are not dividing anything up financially as we will continue to interact and live beside each other.
    AS I type this on my laptop I can hear Mirvana's moans again from the bedroom as Sheila lovingly goes down on her old wet pussy.They seem to be having more sex than Jules and I simply because women can orgasm more.Last night Jules fucked me hard in their bed as they simultaneously were engaged in a 69.We also often watch each other couple have sex as an extra turn on.Sheila has also taken to wearing Mirvana's bras and panties and her clothes as well.And of course Sheila is a smoker now lighting up cigarettes like her partner with the same frequency.
    Midweek we also tried something different.My gay friend at work who is quite the voyeur and somewhat effeminite wanted to see both couples in action to see how far we have gone.We all talked it over and agreed he could watch one night as long as he told no one.He agreed.So Floyd came over the other night.He is 67 also slim like my partner but definitely more gay acting.He masturbated while he watched Jules do me doggy style as Mirvana tasted Sheila's sweet pussy.After this we all smoked cigarettes and engaged in lovetalk with our new spouses.Floyd was surprised how deep this had gone and he said both you new couples look so much in love.He slept over and during the night at our place he came into our bedroom with a raging hardon. Both Jules and I were horny and thought why not.We asked him to join us in the bed.Jules had a fantasy that I acted like Floyd and became more gay acting. It excited him.So I put Floyd's pink thongs on and he coached me on how to talk and act like him.We talked a lot deeper about it.Jules idea was this.During the week I would live with FLoyd wear his clothes and let his influence take me over.Because Floyd as a sweet but lonely fag I would offer him sex and companionship for 5 days.I could even love Floyd as long as every Friday Floyd would drive me here and I would resume being Jules's spouse.Floyd was all in as he had lusted after me for years and he needed sex and loving.To symbolize this Floyd with give me a gold lighter he had.In conjunction to this I would now switch cigarette brands to Parliaments which was Floyd's brand.With that I got on all fours on the bed and lit up a parliament Floyd gave me.Jules put some poppers under my nose which I snorted as Floyd pushed his small 5 inch cut cock inside me.In spite of its size it felt great.He was very vocal fucking me telling me how sexy and handsome I was and how he will love me with all the neediness of a lonely gay man.This needy clingy quality used to turn me off and I would avoid him sometimes but now with his cock Thrusting inside me it actually aroused me in a perverse way.What if I start desiring Floyd as much as my lover I thought.No way that is possible.Then Floyd stopped and pulled out.He said I want to kiss you and masturbate you like your husband does.In fact I want a lot more he said.I want to make Jules the cuck and marry you for myself.I want you 7 days a week not 5.I am a needy fucking bitch who wants all of you forever.I looked over at Jules to see if he was upset with this talk.Jules nodded his head.My greatest fear is I will lose you.But if Floyd steals you from me I will accept it as long as I can stay here and be involved.Then Floyd continued.He said I know Mirvana and Sheila are in love as they had lunch with me and told me they are happy just by themselves and do not need you men watching them anymore.And Sheila took me aside and said my husband is a complete faggot and needs to go all the way with it.He is with Jules because he is finally embracing his homosexuality.He grabbed the most convenient cock.What he really needs is a slutty gay bitch who is completely that way.Jules is a passive bisexual who is happy with a woman or a man.My husband needs to let go.I could not believe Sheila said that so I called her on the phone and told Floyd to hold on Sheila confirmed what she said in blunt terms.She said I am a lesbian and happy with my woman.I do not really need you fags at all so can be objective now.I hung up the phone stunned.I saw Floyd smiling knowingly.He said get dressed faggot and get in my car we are going home to my place to fuck.I am going to turn you into my needy bitch so we will both me completely alike.I got dressed quietly as Jules looked sadly on.I packed a few things then went to Floyd's car.Just outside his car Floyd offered me a long parliament cigarette.He said I want you to smoke my brand which is your brand from now on.I am going to kiss you and masturbate you leaning against my car.Look Jules is watching from the window.Let us show him how it is going to be from now on.As I lit up Floyd pulled down my pants and fondled my now erect cock.He kissed me with such need and greediness it took me over.I realized now why so many times I had pulled away from him at work or when we were out at lunch when I saw this need in him.I was afraid I would respond to it and actually crave it sexually,how his need would slowly take me over until it was my need.I realized now what he meant.He was not a weak lonely homosexual.He was in his won way the dominant partner and was looking for the right someone to match his need.Someone he could control with his need .This was how he expressed his perverted sick love.And Like a drug I would eventually prefer it.become addicted to the needy love.I took another sweet drag on the Parliament and exhaled up into the sky.Floyd then pulled out a bottle of poppers.he said snort these and when you feel the hit tell me you love me you needy fuck.Say out loud what you really are a fucking needy faggot bitch who needs me to be happy say it.I said what he asked and stiffened until it hurt.I had never been this aroused in my entire life.The poppers were enhancing the feeling into euphoria.My mind my body were filled with need.I need you I said I love you and I need you Floyd.And you will marry me instead of Jules.I nodded my head.Will you marry me ? Floyd repeated.Yes I will marry you Floyd.Good said Floyd soon you will divorce Sheila and give her what Mirvana wants too marriage to a woman.Jules can remain friends with you but no sex with him.I agree I said.With that he started masturbating me and kissing me at the same time.My whole being felt filled with lust and love.When my cock exploded the spurts of cum went on and on as his tongue fucked my mouth.After he emptied me he bent me over the hood and was soon fucking me and planting his seed inside me.We then got in his car and left.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 24

    I'm a fucking white beta sissy wanting to serve a black supreme male. Black is strong, big powerful and I'm small and weak. I'm not sufficient as a male so I'm be a slave for the alpha. The alpha master who is gonna r**e my whole interior anus. I'll moan like a slut for him. I'l surrender him my ass and my mouth. I have no value apart for being a cocksucker. Please black masters use your white sissy. Humiliate and subdue the white racists. Make the white racists suck your delicious balls so they surrender. Make them eat your tasty cum so they give in. White male doesn't exist. There are black masters, black mistresses, white sissies and white pigs. Apart fron that nothing else. Submit to the real strong race. Suck the cock to feel fulfilled. Thank you Jason for r****g me and making me realize how I needed black cock to emasculate me. Thanks for fuckink my homophobic father into being a sissy too. Ooohhh fuck me again master Jason

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