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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 47

    When I was an eighteen tear old Freshman I met a guy who had just come back from Viet Nam. He wasn't hurt, at least as far as I could see, I felt some bizarre sense of duty and went home with him. I lost my virginity, he fell asleep and I woke up in this huge bear hug. I guess I was never going to be the same person again, I gave in and let him make me his girlfriend and after graduation his wife.

    Many nights I am crushed in a bear hug. Last night he cried again while he held me, sometimes he cries alone on the couch. I don't go there, I only listen to what he wants to tell me. I know a lot now and I know he came home and his friend did not. I know the last moments were hell on earth and when the smoke cleared he was alive and his friend was dead.

    I know he still grieves for his friend and I grieve for him.

    Thank you for letting me say what I can't say out loud.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I wanna sext with someone my NUM. 2672303508

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    i am so in love with helene. we are soulmates.we have excellent sex for hours, sometimes all night. she gives the best handjobs in the country, if not the world. we try many fantasies out. the orgasms are unbelievable and usually 3 or 4 for me. she excites me over and over. i spent my whole life looking for her. I am the luckiest man alive. how i love you my sweet bear.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 18

    I was 15 when my mother first shot me up with meth then totally feminized me . She owed her dealer for some dope she had fronted and didnt have his money and he told her if she dressed me up and let him make me his bitch he would squash her debt and she agreed immediatly . She only cared about hi, giving her free dope,not that I was a boy,,her son and she was pimping me out to him to get high . I didnt want to do it at first but as soon as she gave me that shot I didnt resist ,it made me feel so good and I was so turned on that I did what ever he told me to do . I was a tall thin awkward teen boy with no friends and definatly no girlfriends ,,I was a no body but when I got high it made me feel so pretty when I was dressed in those slutty little skirts and lingerie and I felt so special when I had those men treat me so nice and when I pleased them I was so happy . On weekends when most teen aged boys are playing sports or out with pretty girls I am always dressed in something short ,tight and slutty and out somewhere taking as many mens hard cocks as I can like an obediant little sissy whore being p****d out by my mother .

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 23

    I have been married five years and I have a one year old. My confession is that when I married my husband I did not know him and much less was in love with him. I was seventeen, still in high school and my grandmother was dying of cancer and she told me that her dying wish was to see me married. The groom, he is the grandson of one of her close friends from her church. Little old lady stuff. The old ladies decided that they would push us together and my grandmother used her dying wish to do it.

    We got married in a small ceremony at the church and the Pastor officiating asked me about a hundred times if I knew what I was doing. I guess a seventeen year old and a 30 year old man she never saw before sort of went against his better judgement, he has told me that it went against his better judgement, but he married us anyway because I told him I was going to do what my grandmother wanted, get married before she died.

    All the time I was dealing with getting married I never once thought about what he was thinking, marrying some school girl he didn't know. Hopefully I was pretty enough for him, because that is all I though, if only I was pretty enough for him. My grandmother told me that the purpose of the veil was to hide the girl's face, in case she wasn't pretty he couldn't back out because once he was married he was married. I didn't need a vail, I think I was pretty enough without one.

    He was pretty tall for me, over six feet to my five foot four. I did while we were standing there in front of the Pastor think about the fact that I was going to get sex that night, my wedding night sex. All the dating and making out before wasn't going to be much use, he didn't have to back off, as a matter of fact he had to make sure he did it. So I knew I was going to have sex that night. When I said I Do, in my mind I kissed my virginity good bye.

    Sex wasn't bad, he wasn't rough or anything like that. He told me I was his wife and it was his right to consumate our marriage and I should not think anything bad of it. We were in a hotel room by the airport because the next day we were flying to Hawaii. With the neon signs flashing outside the window I took all my clothes off and stood naked for him to see if I was acceptable to him, I thought I was pretty enough but he may have wanted something else. I passed the test and I asked him I was supposed to lay on the bed. His hand as he ran it up my thigh caught my breathe, but I told him to go on and get it over with the sooner the better I didn't think I could do it if it didn't happen right away.

    So there wasn't any foreplay, he pushed me on my back and I opened my legs and I guess I was dry because he had to his hand down there before I got wet enough for him to get his business done. No kiss, nothing like that, get his business done, consumate the marriage. We slept in separate beds that night because that room had two beds. In Hawaii I finally slept with him and we had some more consummation sex and it was kind of at the end of the honeymoon that I touched him.

    We came back from Hawaii and he took me to live with him and we had this talk about who was going to do what. All my duties were lined out for me, and they were all the duties that I sort of expected but did not want to do. But I did them, bad at first, but got better at it, and he helped me get a plan so that I could do some this day and some that day, but cook every night and once a week we went out. I met some of his friends, most were couples with kids and I told them I was going to have kids. OK so you're going to have kids? I think right now that I must have looked like I was trying too hard. I was accepted, like accepting a little sister that is really way too young to be out that late at night.

    In my senior year in college I had my kid, the first of several yet to be conceived. My grandmother is not with us, but her friends of church tell me that when they pray for her they let her know that I am married and they are looking after me. Ours was an arranged marriage in every way, I met him one week before I got married, but my grandma and his grandma knew that they could match us up and they did.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 36

    Iâve always had the issue of cumming too fast during sex. Sometimes itâs really fast, like 30 secs into sex.
    Luckily most times I can last a bit more.

    I discovered that if I get high, I can last for a good time. But my wife doesnât know I smoke weed.

    Guys, What can I do to last longer naturally? Any other guys have this problem?

    Women, is it frustrating to have sex with a guy that comes to fast? What is a reasonable time for you?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    I remember running like hell bacause this boys wanted to take my clothes off to shame me in front of girls. My heart turned over when I cornered myself and realized they were going to do it. I ended up naked in a corner of a parking lot with girls telling them to take my hands away to see my penis. I was so embarrassed because I was outside and couldn't go anywhere without clothes. I remember them laughing watching girls giggling looking at my penis. Felt so powerless and scared of being left there I just stood there not even bothering to cover myself. I got my clothes back and went home with no intention of telling anyone. It was the worst bullying I ever went through, took me months to deal with the shame but have never forgotten it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 46

    I am South African and often wonder if there are SA women who read this site. If you it there, I'd love to hear from you

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 31

    There's not much to say. I was a sophomore in college and we shared a room with a small bathroom. There was no privacy, no door to the bathroom, the shower was right there and the toilet behind the shower but no door. My roommate, the boy that slept in the room with me was from small town USA. He was obsessed with me, he spent all his time hanging out with me, he literally would come and stand in the stall with me when I took a dump. He got hard ons all the time, he was always with a hard on and he was always in some form of getting undressed. His hard ons gave me a hard on, I tried to cover it up but he saw my hard on and he liked to look at my hard on. We sword fought, and whoever was stronger got the other one down on the bed and held him down until our hard ons subsided. Why the idiot kissed me I don't know but he did. He kissed me while he had me pinned down on my back. It wasn't a short kiss it was a long kiss on the mouth. I liked it and from then on when we wrestled and ended up on the bed it always ended with a kiss with him on top. I started holding his cock when he kissed me and he would lean over me and I would jerk him off. It felt good to have his hot cum land on me I really liked that. That and the kissing and holding his hard cock. I was sitting on my bed and he was standing there naked and he asked me to hold his cock and he asked me to put his cock in my mouth. His cock got hard and I liked that and after that I didn't only hold his hard cock I put his hard cock in my mouth and I let him kiss me whenever he wanted to. It wasn't long before he was giving me his cock and I was either under him or he was over my back as I bent over the bed and held myself up with my hands. I won't say that was my first love, who knows about that, but he was my first heat. We stayed roommates for two years before the heat went down and it was a long while before I found another hot guy to want me, not that I wasn't always wanting hot guys. But this was all after college and it was not the same, not that my first guy was everything but it was everything I still have a very soft spot for him.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 34

    Just a rant because I am pissed off.

    My husband of eleven years turns out to like other guys. Turns out that has been going on since before we got married. Of course I am divorcing him, can't live with that. I just cannot understand how a man can like another man. From what I hear he finds men to be the man with him.

    Oh and I went to my doctor to have a full spectrum STD check up and he just as mater of fact as you can get told me that it is not an unheard of situation, lamentable perhaps but not unheard of.

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