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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    I didn't mind.
    When I found out my husband was shagging his sister, he started visiting her since she was separated, when I go on my girls night out, I was on my way to meet up when both friends texted me cancelling, so I decided to go and see my sister in law, I knocked on the door I waited a while I saw the curtains twitch and it took a while to answer the door they looked a bit flustered, plus the after smell of sex you get when male and female body fluids have mixed was in the room, I know that smell very well, but I wasn't angry or upset, I was turned on knowing he had just been inside his sisters vagina, I kept seeing images of them fucking, have I got something wrong with me, it turns me on when he is going to see her knowing he going to fuck his sister, Why am I not leaving him.
    Sal J

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 55

    The apartments we lived in four apartments per floor. I came home one night and saw my neighbors door half open. John and Mary lived there. He was a big Italian guy she had super short red hair, five foot three and perfect hand size tits. She and other female neighbors would wear bikinis and sun themselves outside. Earlier I had seen the women getting drunk on wine. I peeked in and saw Mary half on her couch and the floor. I knew John wasn’t home and crept in. Mary was slightly snoring and I could see with the streetlights outside she had on her bikini. I figured I couldn’t get away with fucking her but it was to good a opportunity to lose. I slowly pulled the cups of her bikini down and looked at her half dollar size brown nipples. The way she was sitting I couldn’t get her bikini bottoms down. I pulled my cock out and rubbed it on her face and nipples. Jerking it I lost a thick load on her face. I grinned and sat forever looking at her nipples and cum covered face. I got tissue and wiped her face, and fixed her bikini. I closed the door and jerked off again thinking of her. Every time I saw her after I glanced at her tits knowing what her nipples looked like. And when she would smile at me I remembered her cum covered face.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    One time after sex, I asked my wife what one of her fantasies was. She did not hesitate to reply - she wanted me to masturbate for her and lick up my come after I had shot my load. I told her no way in hell would I ever do that.

    She kept asking me over the following weeks to make her fantasy come true. I kept saying no. She would let it go at that and then about a week later she would ask again. I guess she was trying to wear me down to get a yes.

    Her best female friend was over last Saturday and we were all drinking. She told her friend about her fantasy and her friend said "Oh, my God!" and laughed. Then she said "that would be REALLY hot to see." At first I was pissed and almost left, but they both talked me into staying.

    Then my wife's friend said she would make me an offer I couldn't refuse. She said if I would do this for the two of them, she would give me a hand job and let me shoot my come all over her pubic hair - as long as I would lick it all up and swallow it after. I told her NO WAY.

    We kept on drinking and she had to go to the bathroom. When she came back out, she was totally naked. I was taken by surprise but seeing her like that, I couldn't take my eyes off her as she sat there on our sofa. Then she spread her legs and began to touch her p@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ssy. My eyes about popped out of my head as I watched her. My wife laughed and asked me, "Do you like that?" I numbly nodded yes as my heart pounded and my dick turned to a raging rock hard boner.

    After watching my wife's friend for a few minutes, I was crazy with desire. She was inserting her fingers deep into her wet p@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ssy and then sucking her p@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ssy syrup off them as she masturbated and moaned.

    I couldn't contain myself any longer. I yanked my pants off and began to furiously stroke my dick. She smiled and said, "Here, let me do that for you." I knelt between her spread legs and she began giving me a hand job. I could only restrain myself for about three minutes - her hands were so incredibly soft and warm. I began to breathe heavily and she knew I was about to blow my load. She carefully aimed the head of my dick at her opening and I unloaded both all over her pubic hair and inside her gaping p@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ssy.

    She milked me dry and then smiled at me. "You know what to do," she said. I was blind with lust and simply didn't care any more that I had previously refused my wife's requests. I put my face between my wif's friend's legs and lapped up every last drop of my come like a starving man, making sure to get a good taste of her hot, wet womanhood in the process. When she was squeaky clean, I continued to eat that p@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ssy until she had an intense orgasm and filled my mouth with her woman syrup.

    My wife at long last had her fantasy made reality. The three of us have repeated this several times since. Since the first encounter with her friend, my wife always insists I eat her cream pie after we have sex, which I am more than happy to do. I have become my wife's little come lapping whore - and I am the same little oral whore for her friend.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 29

    I was 14 at the time my step sister was 15. Her room was next to mine I often heard her masturbating in her room and I used to masturbate while listening to her climaxing. I had some of the best climaxes ever and my sheets used to get so wet and sticky as a result.
    One night I was woken up by her getting into my bed. She said she was horny and she wanted to feel my cock inside her. I was scared we'd get caught but I got so horny I couldn't resist making love to her in my bed. She came quickly which was good because I couldn't last very long and I came deep inside her two minutes later and she had a second orgasm.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 19

    I grew up in a true sister wives home. All three Moms lived in one home with all the kids. We were also mostly female kids. Our Dad lived in the trailer out back, too much estrogen in the house. Now that I am about to go out into the world I have mentioned to my best friend that I can see us living as sister wives, but we aren't in a relationship with any guy right now. She gets 'nervous' around all us kids and our Moms, but she admits she likes all the noise.

    She also confessed to me that when she mentioned this to her Mom, she was asked if she was 'coming out' to her Mom. My Moms are not gay, far from it, the thing with us is that we haven't experimented but have asked ourselves if we would live together like that. Her Mom is convinced she is gay and she is pretty sure I am too, her radar is on full alert.

    Would that not push us right into a sister wife relationship? I can definitely see myself married with her to our husband, we just need to find Mr. Right for us.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 48

    About ten years ago my wife bought a make your own dildo kit for fun. Basically you mix up the mold, pore it in a tube, I got as hard as I could and slid my dick in and held it there for five minutes of so. Then, after the mold was ready, she pored the mix in, inserted a vibrating egg that came with the kit and let it sit over night. Next day she opened it up and she had a dildo that was an exact duplicate of my dick. She cleaned it up and smoothed it out and it was ready to go. She got me hard and held it next to my dick. It was an amazing copy right down to every bump and vein. So I used it on her a few times then forgot about it. A year or so later I asked her what happened to it. She confessed to using it once in awhile when I was away and she was horny. She liked it because it was my dick.

    A few more years go by and she had another kit. She wanted to make another one. I asked what happened to the first one. She gave it to a friend of hers. The woman was a long time friend whose sex life famously sucked. her husband is a good guy who just ins't into sex like she is. She's a nice looking woman who is overtly sexual, always openly flirting and making jokes and grabbing my wife's ass and tits and my ass and occasionally my dick in a playful manner but always in front of my wife. A few times when she was drunk she has said that she fantasizes about giving me a blow job and has asked if I thought my wife would let her. I've always said that I doubted it.

    So now my wife wants to make a new dildo. I asked what happened to the first. Turns out she gave it to her friend years ago to borrow.My wife had told her about it and the two of them joked about letting her use it and she ended up doing it. Turns out her friend never gave it back and that she asked to keep it. So now I know her friend knows my dick intimately.

    A few months later the friend says to me "so I heard you know about the dildo." I say yes. She asks if it bothers me. I say no. She says "good because I love to suck on it slowly then fuck myself with it, slowly then harder and harder until I come." She said this while smiling and said "too bad we can't do it for real." Recently she mentioned to me that she still has the dildo and still uses it when she masturbates. I like knowing she gets off to it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 55

    I think I went to far this time AGAIN. I say that because the kinks I shared with my ex wife came back to haunt me when I divorced her. By that time I was in Public life and had to pay her to keep quiet about what she knew. How would you feel if you could order a wife built and put together with everything on your wish list? That is what I married 20 years ago and I do live that dream each and everyday. She is so far out of my league I would have never even thought to have approached her, she chose me and approached me. I don't know about anyone else but I know I want to see naked wives a LOT so I asked her to live nude when we are at home and she always has since.

    You know that old term that goes I'd eat a mile a shit to see where it came from? I get so caught up watching her bare naked ass walk around the house I've been prodding her to let me see the shit come out of that perfect ass and to shit and piss on me. Yesterday when I said I wanted to see that again she said the only place I can think to do that would be the bath tub. I couldn't believe it and jumped at the shot at it. I laid down in the tub, she reversed cowgirl on me and let it slowly loose as Im watching her shit hole open and of course she is pissing on me as well.
    I licked her poop hole clean and I was all in my glory. We showered and went to the bedroom and fucked.

    I asked her to keep my stomach filled with her warm piss the rest of the day and she quietly said your out of control. I knew I had over way over stepped her comfort level and remembered how bad that burned me the 1st marriage.
    I don't have a scat or piss fetish with anyone other than her because of her GD hot naked body. Wish I would not get carried away.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 48

    I'm not gay, not that I have a hang up about gay people, because I don't, I would say that I am maybe curious though. Now I have slept with a few gay women, and even had a threesome with them where I rode the two of them, spurting my spunk deep inside them and then they ' fucked ' each other.

    I worked beside a guy who never hid the fact that he was gay, he never made any advances towards me either, we became really good pals though, and we had a lot of laughs, one day though I asked him what it was like being gay ? in the sense that I fancied women, he just said I'm just the same but its men that I fancy, but I can tell who the gay men are, you on the other hand may think someone is gay, unless they are very obviously gay 9 times out of 10 you wouldn't though, and that is why a gay man wont proposition you, because you are obviously straight.

    Well I got pissed one night and went to a gay pub with my workmate, believe it or not I got a female bed mate for the night, in a gay club of all places. Anyway I said to my workmate/ pal the following day I see what you mean by me not knowing who all the gay men were, there were Transvestites and Transexuals there, as well as gay and straight people.

    He said to me yes I know, but you only knew who were the straight females, because you are Hetro Sexual, the advantage of being gay is you know who is and isn't. After that night though I began to develop thoughts or curiousity's. One was to sleep with a transvestite who had tits and a cock, the other was to wank a male off, and thirdly I was curious to find out what it felt like when a man shot his load up a woman by him shooting his load up me.

    Well recently I achieved about two thirds of what I had been harbouring thoughts about, I was in the pub a few doors down from where I had went to with my workmate. I got chatting to this ' woman ' and we went back to ' hers ' I say hers ' but she wasn't quite there yet, she had great legs and a great pair of tits and as I subsequently found out , a pair of well full balls and a cock, which was bigger than mine.

    ' She ' said to me I don't take it up the arse sweetie, but I'm happy to ride you, which I found made me horny, anyway the upshot is ' she rode my arse ' and shot her load up me, which was a strange experience, I remember when she said I'm coming ' and how ' she ' bucked as she shot her load into me, after a while I got her hard again and I wanked him off, I couldn't believe the amount of spunk that he shot out and could only imagine what he shot up inside me. She obviously wanked me off twice swallowing all of my spunk.

    Although I enjoyed my little sojourn, I'm mostly hetr with a little ' day ' trip now and then to the ' other ' side

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Wasn't sure if I should post it here or in my family. Well either way back when I was 15-16 my dad lived up north working for about two years. He never really had time to come visit, so it left my mom and I to take care of everything at home. My older brother had already moved out so it was just me and her going about our lives. My mom had her job and I had school and work. And on the weekends I'd take care of the house and she'd still be working with clients. After about 8 months I had to pick her up from a party she went to and got to drunk the whole car ride home she complained about how long dad had been gone and how proud she was for stepping up around the house, and then mentioned something along the lines of over hearing me with a friend one night. She laughed saying from the sounds of it that the girl was really into it. I just laughed and said I'm sorry didn't know she was home. She just shrugged it off saying it's ok just made her miss dad since all she has is her imagination and toys. I snorted and she said for me to shut it because she knew I wasn't embarrassed by her. Well when get home and as she walks into her room I shouted that if she needed any batteries I've got a bunch for my Xbox.... Well I went to my room and started gaming few minutes later my mom knocked on the door and opened it. I joked asking if she needed batteries. She flicked me off and was wanting me to try and rub a knot out her shoulder...
    I said sure and she sat on the floor in front of me and I started rubbing her shoulders. At one point she said I'm so good with my hands and I snickered that I'm good with more than my hands as I pushed hard on a knot making her moan loud. When my hands couldn't do it any longer she sat for a little bit leaning her head back right by my crotch and I was laid back to. As she started to get using my legs as she did she had got to the point of bent over with her hands on my knees letting her back stretch. I asked if she wanted a couple batteries before going to her room she looked up with a smirk on her face saying I kept mentioning her masturbating a lot.... And wondered why? I shrugged. Told her that because I knew she was going to and was trying to help her have a goodnight. She stood up wagging a finger saying sure seemed like I was bad for wanting to know if she was playing with her pussy.... I just stammered and avoiding eye contact. She let out a ha and pointed at my crotch saying she knew it. I moved my hands on it looking at her. She told me it's ok no need to hide it, as I pulled my hands off she smiled at me and I felt her move closer to the bed making my cock harder. She asked if it was bigger than her toys since I knew what she had, she undid my button and zipper pulling them open then letting them go. I just watched as she climbed up on my bed straddling me almost falling off from losing her balance. I told her she's drunk... And she just put her lap to my crotch wearing no panties with her night gown. Smirking she tells me who needs batteries when this way was better.
    She lifted up and raised my cock sitting on it.
    We fucked for almost an hour I came in her twice. The next more I woke up before her still laying naked in my bed. She was on her stomach so I straddled her and pushed back into her slowly fucking her awake. But when she fully came to she reached back calling me my dad saying she didn't know he was coming to visit. As she went to turn around I pulled out and she saw me and got big eyed looking around kinda freaking out saying she thought it was a dream. And I said nope it was all real just like now and I went to keep fucking her but she made me stop and got up and rushed to her room. The next few days it was awkward around the house. Till one night she had gone and had a few drinks with friends and came home. She apologized saying it was her fault and she took advantage of me. And wanted to know how I felt about it, I told her I'd jacked off every night to it since it happened. And that it was awesome. And she shouldn't feel bad just wished it would happen again. And she said it shouldn't and sat next to me on the couch. She hoped I understood why and I said explain it to my hard cock and pulled it out. She got big eyed saying that I needed to put it up. I asked why as she starred at it, shaking it a little a reached to the back of her head and as I started pushing it down told her it looked like she wanted to suck it. She blew me so fucking good that it took less than 5 ,minutes to sum. I thanked her for that as I felt her swallow. I got up and walked away to smoke I snuck in and caught her talking on the phone to her friend and got to hear just enough of the call to hear her tell her friend that if I was more assertive and took charge that she couldn't resist.
    Well the next morning was the start of me being in charge till my dad came home, I fucked her almost every other day till he came home

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 53

    I took a reporter job out of college in Beaumont Texas because that is all I could get. I rented this house from this woman who lived next door. She came over a couple of days after I moved in to see if I needed anything. She had a shirt on and no bra. I noticed. She had breasts, something I had not paid attention to when I first met her. She noticed me looking at them and she cupped her breasts and told me they were all hers, nothing fake about them. It was uncomfortable. She stood there holding her breasts and looking at me straight in the eyes until she broke the silence and asked me it I was a tit man or a leg man.

    She sat down on the couch and pulled her dress up and opened her legs, she was bare, no panties and she sat back with her tits in her hands and her legs open and asked me if I was man enough for her. Being all of 23 I didn't know what to do, she told me to pull it out and see if I was man enough for her. She won the day, she got my pants of and gave me a blow job before having me get on and fuck her.

    I have to say that all the nasty stuff I learned from her. I got to the point that I didn't even think of her as being older, I got to the point that I liked her tits, and I ate her all the time. One night after she had cleared the table she told me to get ready because I was going to get desert and she lay across the table and she told me to just lick it and make her feel good and I could fuck all I wanted later on.

    In her youth, she had been a dancer, a stripper in Dallas and New Orleans, and other places and she had married this man who worked in the refineries in Beaumont and that is how she had come into property, her house and the rent house, and his pension. She loved to suck cock and would stop and tell me about all the cock she sucked when she was working tables and dancing in the clubs. In those days, she told me, it was ok to touch, get a hand full of titi, or get a long slow suck, enough to make you want more and more always cost more. Clubs for the working man, she said she never liked the high end business clubs. That is how she met her husband.

    I lived next door to her for nine months and at that time I could fuck every day, and she had gone through the change, she was open for business all night long. When I left to go work in Austin she gave me a deck of playing cards, she said belonged to a gambler who had taken care of her after her husband died. She wanted something in return, something that she could say was hers. I left her my college ring.

    She drove to Austin a whole lot of times, she wanted to be with her boy. She had this Cadillac and she drove it on cruise control. The first night was always nasty, nasty stuff until we had gotten it out of our system, the second night was straight fucking with a little bit of foreplay, all the nasty stuff wasn't necessary the second night. She continued to rent the house next door but she told me it was strictly business, she knew where her bread was buttered and she wasn't going to mess up, momma was always there for her boy. Lots of hours on the road to Beaumont and lots of hours on the road to Austin. When I drove to see her she always had the house fixed up, she had bathed and showered and we fucked for the first hour after I got there.

    I was a momma's boy then, I never dated in Austin. I remember her most during the Holidays, because she took care of me seeing as my family was back East and I needs lots of taking care of. Her tits, how I loved those tits. After she died I sold the houses and used the money to buy a small place in Austin, which I still rent out to students and the like. She is buried in Beaumont beside her late husband. I wonder what they are up to, because I am sure she never slowed down.

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