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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    I have uncontrollable sexual thoughts about my aunt. This all started when corona started, my mum is a nurse so sheâs working constantly and asked me if she thinks if it would be better if I stayed with my aunt until the worst of corona was over, I agreed and went to stay with my aunt.

    It started out simple; Iâd catch myself looking at her cleavage or her ass when she bent down then it progressed to noticing her nipples through a white shirt or looking at the outline of her thong through her leggings. Then I took it a stage further and started imagining her while I was jerking off which satisfied me for a while but then it wasnât enough and I started stealing her dirty panties to sniff and cum into.

    And then it got worse and this is where gets kind of sketchy. I started leaving my phone recording in places so that I could get footage of her body, the most invasive footage was a video I got of her masturbating in the laundry room using the washing machine to pleasure herself while she played with her tits. I havenât got any footage of her in the shower or changing or anything like that.

    The reason Iâm making this confession is because of what happened last night. My aunt takes melatonin pills so when sheâs out, sheâs OUT. I went into her room while she was sleeping and started feeling her boobs, turns out she sleeps naked. I used her hand to jerk my cock and I rubbed the tip on her lips. I was planning on stopping and going back to my room once I had got a good feel and was ready to cum but it felt too good having her jerk my cock and I ended up cumming all over her tits. I wiped the cum that was on my tip onto her lips, panicked and left.

    She hasnât mentioned anything to me today but thereâs no way she didnât realise someone had covered her tits in cum while she was sleeping and left the taste of cum on her lips. Iâm worried sheâs going to kick me out because sheâll realise what Iâve done

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 25

    My husband and were married June of 98. We opened a home cleaning business and it was really starting to get busy. He hurt himself and then wasn't able to go up and down stairs and lift the vacuum cleaner. We continued to work but he was not able to do much. I would normally be doing the upstair thing while he did minimal stuff on the ground floors. Financially we started to get into trouble and I mentioned it to a few of our clients. Then one of them while talking to me about it upstairs said with your looks you could really be making alot of money. I was shocked at first but he went on to say that it would be perfect because I could even let people pay with a credit card on my square. I was in disbelief as he was talking. He says you get the $200 for cleaning the house and an extra $200 for extra attention to the home owner , he even said that he knows that the other men that he knows would jump on the opportunity. I was almost in tears as he approached me , and got really close and said well do you want to make the extra money today ? I could feel my eyes open super wide and said my husband is down stairs. He just shrugged his shoulders and said so. Then pulled his card out and handed it to me. Nervously I swiped it for $400 and then he started to touch me and strip me. Then we went to the bed were he and I had sex. Soon as we were done he started making phone calls to others. Just before the mandatory shut down for non essential businesses. My husband and I were talking about expanding because of how much money we were making. We have 12 regular customers and 27 ( special customers ) I told my husband let's just leave it for now. I feel so ashamed of myself. Men I don't even know do some of the most disgusting things imaginal to me. While my unsuspecting husband is right down stairs.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My mom walked in on my friend and I having sex last night. Gay sex she saw! My friend was deep in my butt, giving it a good pounding while I was jerking my dick. We actually stay pretty quiet during sex.

    So when my mom walked into my room she saw my friends dick in my butt and she yelled! At first she said pull your dick out of his butt! Once his dick was out of my butt my mom was lost for words.

    I was looking at my friends big uncut hard dick just out in the open for anyone to see. My cut dick was still hard as could be too. Hen my mom walked out of the room. We got up to put our underwear on, him boxer briefs and me briefs. He got dressed and left.

    I end up waiting till my mom went to bed and I snuck out the back door and met my friend in his backyard down the street so we could finish.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    I cheated on my husband last week. Iâm a nurse and as you know with the whole corona virus thing everything at my hospital has been extremely stressful. I work nights and had a momentary lapse of judgment with one of the doctors I work with.

    I was super stressed and broke down crying and he told me to take a break and I went into his office to calm down. He came in a few minutes later to console me and talk. He started to rub my shoulders as I talked about how stressful everything is. I felt his hands start moving lower and lower but I didnât stop him. He finally got underneath my scrub shirt and massaged my breasts and at this point I told him I should probably go. I got up and he turned me around and I saw he had tears in his eyes too. He said he felt the same way I did and was exhausted from the constant stress.
    We both just started to make out right there in his office. It was frantic and he told me he just needed some physical release to feel good. I honestly needed the same

    He said we had to be quick and I knew what he meant. I turned around and pulled down my scrubs pants and underwear and bent over his desk. I saw him pull down his pants to reveal a very large and hard dick. We didnât waste anytime on oral because we were both ready and he immediately plunged his dick into my wet pussy.

    He felt like a hard rod of steel and I had to cover my mouth from moaning. This was the definition of a quickie. He pounded me hard and fast for maybe a minute but it did the trick. I had a great orgasm just as he pulled out and shot his load on my ass. Should I be ashamed? Well I am and feel guilty. It felt great at the time even though I knew it was wrong but the stress of everything just got to me

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was a kid homosexuality was practically rampant in my school. Boys were always getting sexual together in the restrooms, blow jobs and even anal sex was quite common. I regularly participated and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Did I become gay because of his? No, definitely not. l Although I sure do have some good memories of those times. I think that these days the so-called âGayâ label is being too radily applied and does not take into account perfect straight males who just enjoy a change or a little excitement or even expressing friendship in an intimate way. Such a shame!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 31

    I was reading on here about boys going through a gay period in their life when they were younger. This is something which seems to be quite common, and I went through my own gay period which started when I was about eleven.
    An older boy talked me into getting naked with him and messing around. Of course I thought that this was very exciting. We did that together a few times, and it didnât take long before he wanted to have anal sex with me, so I let him.
    To my surprise I thought that this was terrific and even more thrilling. After that I discovered how many boys wanted to do that, and I sound found myself getting fucked by a number of boys.
    It was so exciting feeling their hard dicks going in and out of my sensitive butt hole that I would become very excited and I would start ejaculating while they were doing that. It was always so incredibly intense. Of course what was most exciting of all to me was when they would ejaculate their sperm into me. I loved that, and it felt so good and so satisfying to feel them wetting in me. Twice I did it with two boys at one time and that was amazing, and once I was fucked six times in one day. I was sore for a week after that. Nobody knew that I was doing this of course, and it was my secret pleasure.
    Then when I was about fourteen I started to become very interested in girls and my male encounters became fewer and fewer until they eventually stopped all together. I never became gay because of my experiences either, and apparently this is just a natural phase that boys go through.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 24

    I'm sharing pictures of my bitch

    She just turned 21, got a thick body, small little ass but its sexy af, titties so big

    I can show you better hmu

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    More reflections on social distancing. I am married and closeted bi. My wife has slowed down and I have formerly supplemented with trips to the ABS, where, I think I may be with the majority of my kind there, mostly submissive in those endeavors. On a rare errand trip around town yesterday, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that it looked like the ABS had vehicles in the parking lot, they may still be open. I may have to just drop in to the arcade and throw myself face first onto the first cock that presents itself! I can dream at least, can't I?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I live in NY City with a buddy I moved here with after college. My buddy is the only person that knows Iâm bi (only for sex not relationships). We are stuck in the quarantine and canât leave our tiny apartment. Obviously we see each other naked all the time because of this and neither of us mind and he doesnât even care that Iâm always looking at his dick and ass. (He has the really nice girly bubble butt with amazing stretch marks) the lack of sex turned in my favor, because he asked if I Would suck his dick which was incredible. I blew him for 20 minutes before getting a mouthful of cum. We stayed naked and I kept making sure he saw my ass because at this point I wanted to get fucked really bad and I have a completely shaved big butt that girls always love. Finally at about 8 that same day he slapped my ass and started grabbing it. I started shaking it for him and told him itâs his if he wants to try it. I spent the next 25 minutes with my face in a pillow on his head with my ass arched up in the air while he blew my back out. There is no more beta defenseless position then that, I kept telling him he owns me now which he loved. He covered my ass in his cum and gave it a spank. I hope this quarantine last because a week later itâs still just 2 horny dudes having really good sex. He let me eat his ass yesterday while I jerked him off from the back so Iâm hoping this leads to me fucking him at least once. Will update (:

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Hi, so I feel the need to disclaim that I am kinda over what I am about to talk about but not completely.

    When I was about 10 years old, I can unhappily say that I was a kind of, developed girl. I was already a D cup by the time middle school came around and my body was filling in. I am saying these details for a reason.

    Before going any further, I would also like to state that I was born a twin. She, as fate would have it, was a confident and cute girl who easily made enemies because of how honest she was. She could easily defend herself and didn't like bullies. I was her complete opposite. Big (I was 5 feet), chubby, shy and a constant target for having big lips and boobs. She always stood up fot me and I loved her more for it.

    Moving on, during somewhere between the end of the school year and the middle of summer, something happened. My worst bully went to church with me and sadly also joined choir.

    One day, while practice was going on, I had to pee, so I asked to be excused. I left only to be joined by said bully. He starts to ask me random questions that...throw me off. He ask me about how big my boobs are and then ask me for a hug. Me, being stupidly nice, decide to give him a akward hug. He also ask me how big my sisters boobs are to which I say I dont know. After this he squeezes me uncomfortably hard and buries his face in my boobs. I didn't like that so I start pushing him off of me. He won't let go of me. He starts to drag me into the girls bathroom. Me, being so young, don't understand what he is doing but I do know I don't want him to drage me anywhere. I try resisting but he gets me into the bathroom. He starts pulling at my clothes and touching my boobs and butt. I have on a skirt and this makes his touch feel almost real. I start yellong no but he wont stop. I manage to yank away from him and run to the door only to be pulled back and touched again. The second time I get away I am able to open the door and run out only for him to catch me again. Before he can drag me back in, a lady yells down the hall to ask what we are doing. I am panting when he says nothing and I run back to the choir stand no longer having to pee. I only told my parents and sis this not too long ago but...I never really told them the complete story. He led to many other encounters I would have in the future....

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