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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    True Confession:

    I am the youngest of 7 and the only one at honme. The summer before my Junior year in high school a family from out of town leased the house next door, which was owned by my parents. The man had been transferred in so he, his wife, son my age, a daughter in Middle School and a son in Elementary school. Winston, the guy my age and I became quick friends as I delighted s guy my age was in the community of people my parents age and older.
    We rode the school and had a couple of classes together. Winston mom taught at the Elementary school so his brothers and sisters rode home with their mom. My mom owned a dress store so Winston and I had our haouses to ourselves a fes hours in the afternoons. The last day nefore Christmas break, when we got off the bus we went to my house where he said, someone in one of his class told him I had the biggest dick in the gym class and he asked if that were true. I said, I was above average. He asked to see it, so I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my dick. He said, your biger than his dad's cock. He went on to explain he saw his dad naked when they went to the lake and swimming at the public pools. I asked it he wanted to touch it and now sooner got the words out until he was on his knees holding my cock at his mouth. He looked up and I shook my head yes and he devoured my dick. To my shock he let me cum in his mouth and he swallowed. Tall for my age, I was a head taller than Winston whose dick was mich smaller than mine. I reached for it and he shot in my hand no sooner than I touched it.
    Winstons and I became auck and fuck buddies over the next 2 years, even including his cousin who came for summer visits. The summer we graduated High School his parents had bouth a house and were moving during the summer. The day afer they moved Winston and his dad came over to clean the empty house before leaving the key with me as mom and dad were at her store for a sale.
    When I went over, giving them time to clean, Winston handed me a box and aksed if I wanted some porn. I said yes and hge hganded me a box filled with porn magazines and videos. His dad came into the room and said, make sure you folks do not see tham and if they do you did not get them from us. That is when Winston said, I told dad you had a big dick and I felt the blood drain from my face. Next thing I know I am stanbding in an empty dining room holding a box of porn and Winston is beside me rubbing my dick in front of his dad.
    I was literally frozen in my position and could not move or utter a word. Winston's dad was smilling as he told him to take it out, which he did. I could not get hard as I was frozen with fear. Winston's dad walked to me andd took the box out of my hands and, at the same time, he told Winston to go down on it. He dropped the box on the floor, turned back to see his son with my dick in his mouth. I still wasn't getting hard when Winston's dad unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hard cock and began to stroke it. He took my hand and placed it on his hard cock and began to massage the back of my neck as Wintson came off my cock and took his dad's cock into his mouth. Now I am hard as a piece of granite when Winston's dad knelt beside his son and took my cock into his mouth. Winstons is on his stomach sucking his dad's cock while he sucked mine and I had to back up as I was about to blow.
    Winston and his dad stood up and we began to stroke each others cocks. That is when Winston put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me to my knees where I took his dad's cock into my mouth ad then Winstons's. Winston usggested we go to my house where there wasa bed and could lock the doors. When he got there Winston pulled us into my parnets room on the California King bed where we sucked and fucked each other for over an hour.
    Without any doubt taht was the most intense sexual experience of my life and, even today, when I masturbate to that memorty I blow heavy, intense legs and my bogy shakes.
    The summer prior Winstons's dad caught him and his cousin in a 69 and joined in. Winston had no idea his father was bi, although his dad suspected him. I was never in a 4 way with them and the cousin, but was in several fousomes with other married men. Although I moved away that fall and never moved back I have had many encounters with Wintson and bis dad == individually and in groups. I dreamed of Winstons and his dad last night and woke with a major boner. I had beat off before bed and here I was, 4 hours later, jacking my steele hard cock and blowing aload which hit the pillow besdie my head and all over my hairy chest. Without a doubt, sex with Winston and his dad was/is the best sex I have eer had or ever will have.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 37

    My wife Carina and I spent a wonderful night out in a restaurant, and then a really passionate night in bed when we returned from our anniversary dinner four weeks ago.

    I remember distinctly saying to her as I put my tongue into her soaking wet folds, that her pussy was so juicy and tasted different. She passed it off at the time, telling me it was thinking all night about getting my cock up her pussy and arsehole.

    Her comments spurred me on and I was soon eating out both of her fuck holes. When fucking her as she rode me, I felt her juices flowing over my cock, then onto my balls. She's not usually that turned on, even so I went with the flow, literally, and had one of the best nights sex we'd had together.

    The following morning she looked sheepish and was quiet. Thinking nothing of it, I went to play golf leaving Carina to her music lesson, she had with her student.

    It was two weeks ago Carina asked me to sit down, then told me over a ten minute period as she sat next to me on the couch, the night we'd celebrated our anniversary in the restaurant, she'd not only been thinking about my cock fucking her, but had had sex with a waiter in the ladies.

    Even though I was utterly shocked, I couldn't help but want to know what they'd done, and listened to her informing me the young waiter had been flirting all night with her. They'd gone into the ladies where she'd first had him lick and tongue her pussy and arsehole, then he'd force fucked her mouth with what she said was a much larger cock than mine.

    It about that time I was messaging a friend about the golf round, and didn't think anything of the time she'd taken in the ladies.
    However I did notice at home she'd removed her knickers already as I went down on her. It was the waiters cum I could taste in her pussy and all over her arsehole, as he'd fucked her doggy over a toilet bowl, then cum as he semi pulled out.

    Carina told me he'd made her orgasm twice fucking her, something my smaller cock has never achieved. Indeed the only way I can make my wife climax, is to to tongue and suck her pussy, arsehole and especially her clit.
    When my wife finished telling me, confessing to me, my shorts couldn't hide the fact I was ultra turned on and had a rock hard cock bulge.

    We didn't say anything as she undressed, had me lower my shorts and then my wife rode me like I was a sex toy to her. Using me to get off three times, she began to go into detail, whispering in my ear of how his cock felt stretching her pussy. Building upto a final orgasm, she shook like a leaf and my cock erupted up my wife's pussy.
    Lay back with her legs wide open, Carina looked down at her cum filled pussy and said "Well eat me out then". My wife orgasmed another two times as I did as she asked, tasting and swallowing my own cum.

    We've gone on to having me eat her out most nights after we've had sex since. Carina tells me I enjoyed her fucking another man, and she's right I did and couldn't deny it. I also couldn't deny the fact I'd love her to do it again, but I'm a little scared to mention it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 19

    I like scoring less marks in my exams because that helps me get a spank in my ass.He takes me to the terrace,undresses me and spanks my ass,then my boobs,then my pussy.He is a very good person as he licks my boobs and pussy to relive the pain.Then finally he says lets take a shower and pees on my face.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 42

    I have a big fantasy for HIV positive men. I have two regular guys who fuck me bareback, love the Risk. They love shitting over me in my bed aswell and letting me drink piss from there covks. I also love unwashed cock in my mouth, love sucking used tampons from a BBW I know she loves farting in my mouth and I give her a enema she fires it in my mouth have always eaten her shit, it's nice love it when it's runny love it all over me

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 53

    When I was 20 years old I had a job as a delivery driver for an overnight package delivery company, I lived in an area of the south that had several big lakes and lots of marina's and lots of boats, nice big houseboats mainly and I soon learned that they were all mostly owned by the upper echelon of the city, the doctors, lawyers, etc... I also learned that the wives would live on the boat during most of the week and then the husband would come to the boat on the weekend to take it out for the weekend and enjoy his investment.

    well, Victoria secrets and all of the other bikini selling catalogs kept me very busy delivering plenty of new bikini's to all the ladies, not to mention most of the women in our entire region. lets just say that between all the wives and all of the country girls and mostly the little sweethearts that worked at the local businesses at the front desk became my best friends, I saw them everyday, some of them even in their bikinis and most every one of them was as hot as the sunshine!

    well somehow a game got started that the women would all play trying to get me to be their first stop of the day and one in particular that started this took me in the back room and gave me a blow job and told me every time she was my first stop then that is what I would get and maybe more. I was speechless as I walked out the door and one of her co workers was getting out of her car, we almost got caught! I honest to god lost track of how many of those young office girls I fucked at one point or another, mostly in back rooms and some even in a hotel room that they paid for!

    all of the women on the boats always wanted to model their new bikinis for me and I was glad to let them and after the first one seduced me it was like they all knew and I had a stash of sexy mature women whos husbands were always too busy for them so they got what they wanted from me and I was more than glad to give it to them.

    it seemed like every delivery I made there was a woman wanting to fuck, or model a bikini, or suck my cock, I got out of bed excited to go to work each day. keep in mind that each person did not get a package everyday so somedays i might have only got fucked once or maybe not at all, but some days i got it more than once. this went on for over 6 months or so and I got transferred to another route and it was ran by this very cute twenty something with curly black hair and a very nice ass but she was flat in the tit department but still good looking. she was married and from what I gathered her husband and her did not get along.

    I had to ride with her for about a week to learn the route and one day we were out on a deserted road that was a place to cut between two highways and we used it all the time, well she stopped the truck and got out so I got out and she walked around to my side facing the woods and pulled the side door open and got up in the truck and I stayed on the ground as she started restacking some boxes that had fallen over and as I stared at her ass, my cock got hard and she was struggling with a heavy box so I jumped up there to help her and she turned around in front of me and pushed her ass back against my cock and began to rub her ass on me and I reached down and touched her hips, she started to unbutton and unzip her shorts as I did the same and she turned around and I sat her on the box and I stuck my face in her very hairy sweaty pussy and I ate her until she was holding my head and telling me to fuck her, I stood up and she turned around and stuck her ass out and I pushed my cock in her pussy and I fucked her until I almost passed out and I came so hard. we were both sweating as we looked at each other and she said dear god we have to do that again! we got back in the truck and she fixed her hair and makeup and I swear truth to you that one of our other trucks stopped on the other side of the road to see if we needed help and it was our supervisor. we told him that we were fine and were just figuring out where to go next. he said ok and then drove away.

    her and I had an affair for a long time, she was a neglected housewife that just wanted some attention. we had our favorite hotel we met at and always prearranged it because cell phones were not here yet.

    my utmost favorite one out of all the women I had for almost two years total time in that area was when I got sent out to pick up a package, way out in the country. when I arrived I got out of my truck and started to walk up to the steps that led up to the porch and this woman walked out of the house in a tiny little white sundress and I could see straight thru it to her tiny little white panties, as I looked up I saw the prettiest nipples poking thru the thin fabric and could see her areolas also, her tits were rather small but very nice and fit her frame well.

    she had long dirty blonde hair and just was one hundred percent all naturally beautiful, she did not have on any makeup which was perfect, she did not need any, she was the prettiest woman I have ever seen that was all natural with no make up even. she had an envelope that she needed to mail, it was her mortgage payment that she had forgot to mail and she said her husband would be so mad if it was late and wanted to know if I could get it there on time.
    i told her yes that we could get it there and she asked me how much it would be and when i told her she asked me if i would like to come in and have some tea that she would have to write me a check. when she turned around to walk to the door my eyes became glued to her ass, she was wearing a tiny white thong and all i could see was her beautiful little ass cheeks swaying back and forth, i felt my cock getting hard, she walked over to get her purse and i stayed hid behind the island for fear of her seeing my hard on and she wrote the check and gave it to me and as i was about to go out the door i felt her grab my arm, i turned around and she was looking at me, she gently pulled on my arm to go the other way and i let my leg and foot move in that direction to let her know it was ok and she took me down the hall and into a bedroom and off came the dress and she dropped to her knees and was already unzipping my shorts before i knew what was happening, she started to suck my cock and oh dear god did she suck my cock, after just a few minutes she stood up and pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me and slid her panties over and with one motion my cock was balls deep in her sweet little pussy and she began to ride me and ride me hard.

    i only lasted about 5 minutes maybe while playing with her nipples and grabbing her sweet ass, when i grunted she got faster and harder until i blew my load so deep in her pussy and i literally saw stars. she collapsed beside me and started whispering and talking in my ear and telling me that her husband was a truck driver and was sometimes gone a month at a time and he never paid any attention to her when he was at home anymore. she said this was the first time she had done this and hoped it was ok with me because she didn't want to offend me. i assured her that it was ok with me and i started stopping by once or twice a week and she ended up divorcing him a few months later and we dated for a few months after that and then we got married. we were together for about 8 years but she found out that i still had a lover over at the boat docks as most all of the rest of them moved their boats or sold them and the women at the businesses had moved to other businesses or got married or divorced and just moved on.

    every night when i lay down to go to sleep i think about all those times i had with all those women. i was 20-21 at the time and they were 18- i would say mid 40's i guess on the upper side. i cant count the times i had sex during that time, i sometimes wish i would have. i can remember most of them by name or by how good they were in bed or at doing certain things. lets just say i can remember specifically that it was more than 50 but less than 100 in almost a two year period. i ended up moving from the area after her and i divorced. i have never remarried and probably never will. i am getting older now and i may not be as good as i once was but i am as good once as i ever was!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I was a Secretary for a small trade union here in England. Married two kids & wife not bothered about sex. I had attended a Branch meeting to give my report & have a few drinks with the boys, my members. In fact every branch meeting was very beery & as I walked home from the station I really needed to piss.
    I rushed into the public toilet outside the station & let fly with a steady relaxing stream into the urinal. Then I saw the toilet door to my right move a little. I thought I was alone. An old man with specs on was peeping at me through the crack in the almost closed door as I was pissing.
    At first I couldn't believe my eyes, & looked again, oh yes a man about 60. For some unexplainable reason I became very turned on. My cock had a mind of its own & hardened up in seconds in my hand as I finished my piss. I was physically shaking in my excitement as I turned to face my observer, I started to stroke my eight inches of man meat so he could see me wanking. The door opened, he came out slowly his eyes bulging with his own excitement, his old cock was out, a good size hanging limply down his leg as he wanked himself. He told me I had a lovely cock as he reached over to feel me. I found myself just standing there letting this stranger start to wank me.
    He came closer to me so I reached out to have a feel of his knob. I started to gently wank it for him, he started to show some interest & began to stiffen up in my hand. I was so horny at that moment I think I'd have done anything. Then another man came down the steps for a piss. We both heard him so both stood at a urinal each to look like we were both pissing. Except my cock was rock hard & standing up. The new arrival was tall, he looked down at my cock & started wanking himself. Ooh I like that. He said. The old man said hi to him & grabbed my cock again, dropping down on his knees he took me in his mouth & started to take as much of me into his mouth as he could. The other guy watched as he stroked his little penis into full erection. The old man reached for the little cock & stroked it lovingly as he felated me very well.

    I was getting close & told him if he kept doing that I'd come in his mouth. He came up for air, taking me in hand as he said please do. My sight went all blurry & my head was spinning as I ejaculated what felt like a gallon of thick semen into his old well practised mouth, he gulped it all down, with some running down his chin. This triggered the tiny cock into spurting his white creamy load all over the old boys hand. I was catching my breath as the old man stood up licking the semen off his hand. Thank you. He said to me. You really needed that you came plenty.

    I asked if he was here at any special day. He said today a Thursday between one & three. I said I need to see you again. I was at the station toilet every Thursday when ever I could. I met another cocksucker there too & kept in touch for many years. I been Bi ever since I love cock & having my arsehole licked out.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    Ive got a couple confessions. I am a 40 year old man, who has had intercourse only one time in my life. That one time only lasted about 15 seconds. It was then, that i discovered that i get off on being teased and humiliated for my small penis, which is about 2.5 inches when fully erect. I enjoy people i know teasing me and complete strangers. ive gone on webcam 1000 of times to show it off, and have even done many things to get a laugh out of the people watching. To name a few, ive worn womens clothing, stuck things up my ass, eaten my cum, etc. Feel free to humiliate me now. I cant wait.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 50

    I am 50 and met Gordon a 70 yr old chubby gent a few weeks ago.He is my 1st man and I have visited his bungalow half a dozen times since then for increasingly passionate sex.Lat night I walked over there to be fucked for the first time and am still relishing the thought of it.

    It was after dinner last night after he called me to come over I was walking there doing snap inhales on my belmont mild cigarettes which has quickly become my cigarette of choice.I was horny as hell as i was sucking his cock with more and more abandon each time I have seen him.I was letting go and letting him take me over and he knew it.My body was totally submitting to him.Underneath my jeans I was wearing a pair of his full cut white underwear which he has given me to wear to remind me of him.

    I finished my cigarette and arrived at his place eager to see him.I knocked on the door and he met me wearing a bathrobe with his cock hanging out semi hard.I went inside and he made us a couple of jack nad cokes.The booze soon gave me that relaxed sexy warm feeling.Gordon led me to the bedroom and stripped off my clothes.His cock was stiffening and i soon had it in my greedy mouth.I boobed on that dick for awhile not wanting him to cum yet.He placed me on all fours. and told me he needed to fuck me and make me his forever. That talk excited me and I eagerly did what he asked.Gordon took out some lube and fingered my puckered tight asshole.he then surprised me by getting a bottle of poppers out and said "sniff these and your asshole will relax so much I will easily go in"I did as I was told and soon inhaled feeling this major head rush and dizziness.I got used to the feeling and my whole body melted as the poppers took effect.Before I knew it his hard cock was inside me pushing in and out steadily.He went in so easy.I loved the feeling and felt this strange excitement burning inside me as I was fucked.My whole body tightened up and felt this incredible sexual tension.He was my man now and both he and i knew it.I was surrendering totally to him and my body responded to his every thrust.After a few minutes I could feel him tighten up ready to let go as waves of pleasure moved through me releasing my tension.I was having a female type orgasm that was lasting way longer than any orgasm I ever had with my cock.It was a whole body orgasm so different and more complete than I had ever had before.I started crying in pleasure in joy as he shot his load in me.He filled me up as the waves continued to cascade in me.My body shook in pleasure.After a few more minutes the weaves subsided and I collapsed on the bed beside him.I took out a cigarette and sparked the lighter.I took a deep drag and reflected that here I was with my old man's cum leaking out of me.I felt like his whore his slut.I loved it.I now knew I had always been gay and just needed the right man to breed me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 50

    This happened 13 years ago when I had turned 50.I had been dumped by a long time girlfriend who I was in love with and felt very depressed.She felt sorry for me so she got me into counselling through her work benefits to help me over the hump.I began seeing this older psychiatrist who was tall, balding with thick black glasses and a silvery moustache. He was in his early 70's and semi-retired so only saw a few clients per week.I was surprised he never offered me medication and instead said he used Freudian methods to uncover deeper issues in order to resolve them.

    I had been seeing him for a few months and was beginning to trust him.We had been discussing my childhood a lot and he had uncovered that when young I was in an oral phase for longer than most.I enjoyed watching my mother smoke cigarettes and wondered what it would feel like to smoke them.I often sucked on my thumb and felt soothed.I had seen my father naked coming out of the bathroom and saw his thick cut cock and it thrilled me though I repressed the feeling at the time.The more we talked about these things the more he gently guided me into a different awareness of who I was.Finally one session he pointed out he thought the deeper issue for me was that I had repressed homosexual longings especially for father figures and fantasized I was in my mother's role as partner.This had hindered my relationships with women and doomed them.He thought that a man would satisfy me much more and would match my preferences.I was taken aback and did not know what to say.

    The doctor suddenly looked at me intently.He said you are a good looking guy and need to get this out of your system.I can help you with this.He got up from his desk and had me stand up.He moved closer to me and said"Daddy can help you"With that his hand started exploring my crotch area and cupped my stiffening cock.He then bent down as he was taller than me and kissed me hard with the moustache tickling my lips.He shoved his tongue in my mouth and I opened to receive Daddy's tongue.I sucked on his tongue and became passionate.We necked passionately.Then he unzipped his slacks and took out his penis which was a decent size and had a big knob on it.He guided me down on my knees and had me worship his tool.I kissed the head and played with it in my hand before taking as much of Daddy's cock as I could.After awhile he shuddered and unloaded his Daddy cum down my throat making me take every drop.After he finished and zipped up we both sat down again.He then said from now on these sessions are for you to please Daddy anyways he wants.he offered me a cigarette and we both lit up as I thought how crazy is this.As I slowly smoked A new feeling crept into my consciousness.This intense desire to please Daddy was now taking over me."i said yes daddy I will do as you ask.Needless to say over the next few years he became my Daddy in all ways including fucking me like a dog on his couch in his office.I was pleasing daddy and loving it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35

    My wife is a hot 31 year old. Although we have two children she looks amazing and has no negative side effects from pregnancy. We went to visit my wife's sister in Arizona and the have a pool. It was extremely not so we were basically hanging out at their pool all day drinking beers and margaritas. The kids all had a birthday party to go to do we were childless for about 3 hours. My sister law immediately took off her top and we continued to swim around for about 5 minutes. My wife came up to me and asked if I would like to see and share her tits also. I readily agreed.
    My sister in law had size C breast while my wife had B's. The next couple hours we enjoyed looking at our wives. Eventually her sister had to leave to pick up the kids. It was about an hour round trip so my wife remained topless.
    I challenged my wife to skinny dip and she immediately removed her bikini bottoms. I noticed my brother in law got out so he could get a better view.
    I whispered in my wife's ear that she was being checked out and she said what do you want me to do about it? My response show off.
    She did a couple laps of backstroke making sure he had a perfect view. She swam over and asked if she looked sexy enough and now had her back towards him showing off her ass. (It is my favorite feature) I asked if he wanted a better look and he responded yes please.
    I held my wife's arms so she could lift her ass out of the water. She slowly spread her legs so he could see everything. Nothing physical happened other then she did give him a long hug nude.
    I know it is wrong but I love it when men see and desire my wife.

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