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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 42

    I am a 42 yr old stay at home Mom. I have one kid in college, the other in HS. As they are getting older my errands for them decrease. I run a clean house, keep things operating around here. My husband works all the time, good job that pays well. Sometimes I wonder if he spends a little too much time at work, I've seen him get messages from his little co-worker and he's very secretive with his phone.

    He doesn't pay as much attention to me like he used to, I've gained a few pounds, fortunately it goes straight to my tits, which stayed huge after my 2nd kid, 36F. I started going to the gym every day, not only to work out but look at the young eye candy there. We're a college town so a lot of guys are free during the days between classes and come work out.

    I usually wear tight sports bras that show off my boobs and yoga pants, I get plenty of looks from the young guys, my friend constantly tells me that these 20 somethings are always hot for big titted MILFs, but I have never acted on it. Recently though, with the lack of attention from hubby, I started looking back and smiling when they would check me out. And purposely doing exercises like bent over rows, and yeah they get a clear view of plenty of cleavage.

    One day after I worked out, I went over to the Starbucks next door for a drink, was sitting looking at my phone when a couple of the guys who had been friendly that day walked in. They came over and said hi, got a drink and asked if they could sit with me. I thought it was harmless, so I said sure, have a seat. We talked for a long time, I caught them staring at my tits several times and would just smile at them. They started getting a little flirty and suggestive and I could feel myself getting wet. That was when one of them started rubbing my leg with their foot under the table.

    I started to pull away, then thought of my hubby possible cheating, so I just froze. This went on for awhile and they were getting more forward, so I thought "what the hell, lets see where this goes". It didnt take long until one of them said "I have an apartment around the corner, want to go have a drink?". I decided to cross the line and go.

    We got to his place and he fixed us a couple of strong drinks, it was clear what they were trying to do, but I just went with it. While we were standing the in the kitchen, one of them came up behind me and put his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. I hear myself moan a little and that was their sign. He reached up and started squeezing my tits and the other one did too, I had hands all over me.

    They lead me into the bedroom, I stripped off my sports bra and they were like "wow!" and started squeezing and sucking on my tits. It didnt take long for them to strip off everything, one had a huge 8" cock, the other not as long but thick with a mushroom head. I hadn't had a cock in my mouth for ages, but couldn't wait to start sucking them, they immediately got hard and started rubbing my wet pussy.

    I had been fixes so no prego worries but I told them "safe sex only". They said they both worked part time at the hospital and had to be tested frequently and had just had one. I said "sorry I need some proof" and they got their test results and showed me. I said "ok I believe you" and they were all over me, one on each tit.

    Finally one of them started to penetrate me, I said "omg you are thick, go slow, I havent had a big cock like that". So he started easing it in and out while I was sucking the other one.

    Long story short, after about 15 minutes of fucking and started grunting and moaning and saying he was going to cum, I said "go ahead and cum in me" and he let go with what seemed like a gallon of cum. I had never seen anyone cum so much, probably 8 or 9 long streams I could feel flood me till it was running out of me and on the bed. He got done and the next one jumped on, he was already worked up, it only took him maybe 2 minutes and he started flooding me too. I could feel his cock throbbing and jerking inside me.

    We all collapsed on the bed, cum all over and in me, running out everywhere. All they could say was "wow, that was great!". I got up and got dressed with all the cum still inside me, I could feel it soaking my yoga pants. After I got home I stripped them off and put my fingers in my pussy and took the leftover cum and licked my fingers while I played with myself and had 2 or 3 huge orgasms.

    The next day I saw them at the gym and said "that was great but it's not going to happen all the time, but we'll see". I noticed a lot more of the guys staring at me and talking to me now, lol.

    I know my hubby gets on and reads this site sometimes, so honey if you see this, yes it's me, how does it feel to be fucked on? LOL If you don't pay more attention to me in the bedroom, it might happen again! :)

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I am not gay, seriously. I got caught up in this thing with this guy and I suck his cock. He is a big man, maybe 6' 4", 240 to 260 pounds, black, around 50 and he played football in the Big Ten. I don't have enough experience to say whether his cock is huge, big, normal for a black man. He is bigger than me, my wiener beside his in addition to being white is small. He has big hands, and he humps hard but I tell myself I can take it.

    It all got started when I met him at a conference for heavy equipment sales. I am an engineer in sales and I work for a world leader in heavy equipment. He on the other hand works for a large customer of ours. We went out for drinks that night and we found ourselves at this one watering hole and he put his arm around my shoulders and got close and he just came out and told me that he wanted to see me sucking on his black cock. Like I said he played football and he is big and he is strong and he had his arm around my shoulder and I couldn't get away and he told me he was going to take me back to his room at the hotel so that I could suck on his big black cock. On the way out of the bar he ran his hand across my ass so that the other boys in there would know that I was his for the night.

    We got in a cab and went back to the hotel and we went up to his room and he said he wanted me to show him why the black man should always be on top. He got undressed and got to my shirt and started to unbutton it he wanted us naked grabbing my cock as soon as I pushed down my pants, he sucked me hard taking my whole cock in his mouth, he ran his hands all over my ass, he swung his black cock at me and told me to get started, suck him raw, suck him hard, show him that he was the man, show him what a white sissy I was. He was getting some white pussy that night and he wanted it to be good white pussy and for that he needed me to suck his cock.

    Sure he was putting on as show for me, but what wasn't a show was his big black cock, his cock was too big for my hand and I felt like I was sucking on a horse cock, his cock head was so big. As I sucked, or tried to suck, I hadn't figured out that what I needed to do was jerk him and run my mouth up and down his shaft, but I was sucking or trying to suck and he told me that he couldn't wait to get his cock up my white ass. There were no kind words, he was all about being black and how he fucked white boys and white boys sucked his cock.

    After a few minutes my jaw hurt and he pushed me back on the bed and sucked my cock, unlike me he had experience and he sucked me for real and ran his index finger up my ass while he did it. He used his finger in my ass and he got me to shoot everything I had and he lapped it up, sucking and licking what had missed his mouth. He was hard, his cock was too big, he told me that he liked raw ass, it made his boy know that he was being fucked by the man, no matter what I had heard he was going to get it in, so turn over and he pulled my hips up to him and shoved the pillow under me and laid his body down on my mine and ran his hard cock up and down my crack to get me hot.

    He grabbed me hard, held me down and got his cock centered on my ass and told me to relax my asshole and he shoved and shoved and his big black cock split me open and he ran it all the way in. He loved it, I could tell through the tears in my eyes that he was loving every minute of it, he got to the point that he didn't say a word, he just fucked me until he let his cum go and he slipped his cock out of my ass. We laid on that bed in his hotel for a long time, more than an hour and he told me stories of the white kids he fucked in college, sent them home with their white asses fucked by a black man. Nice college football kids with their cheerleader girlfriends and he fucked their white asses and they sucked his black cock, just like he had fucked me and I had sucked his cock.

    Turns out that he is a real nice guy, he uses lots of lube now but the first time he had to fuck me raw, tradition he said. Lots of lube helps the medicine go down, I grab his cock in my hand and I feel like I have Hercules by the balls, I love his cock, his cock is meaty and thick and his bulbous head gets shinny and when I feel him poking my mouth I know it is time to turn over and let him get on. I know his movements now, when he is fucking for fun, when he is fucking to get my attention, when he is fucking to get off, I can tell when he is fucking to cum. We get together every time I call on his company, his company now is part of my territory. We go down to the part of town where a white man with a black man isn't so rare, what's rare is a black man that big with white man my size, there must be lots of comments under the breath of what that black man can do. Little do they know what he can do, and that I am built to take it and I do. Well maybe I am a little gay, but only with him.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 31

    My first crush. It was prom season and my mother gave me her credit card and sent me downtown to buy a dress. Usually she went with me, but that time she sent me alone with the credit card. I went to a name store that stars with S and I went up to the women's counter and asked where I could find the prom dresses for the season. After getting directions I ended up in the right department, being ten thirty in the morning I was the only customer and this woman said she would help me.

    We went through many gowns, turning them most down because I felt they were too revealing. She insisted on showing me gowns that were revealing, plunging necklines, she told me I had the boobs to carry it off. Against my better judgement I went into the dressing room to try on one of the gowns. I stepped out into the dressing area with all the mirrors and she pressed the gown against me, told me to tip toe so see the height, she got behind me and put her hands under my boobs and lifted them up showing me how the dress would look with my boobs sticking out. She held my boobs, she held me feeling my boobs and told me I had wonderful boobs and what was I ashamed of.

    We were alone and she gently kept feeling my boobs, not moving, not saying anything, like coming out of a trance she told me I needed a different bra and she stepped down and told me to wait and she would be right back. I took my boobs and lifted them and looked at myself in different poses, she returned with a couple of bras, unzipped the dress and dropped it to my waist and undid my bra and I was topless, she was behind me and took my boobs in her hands and she squeezed them and plaid with them as we looked in the mirrors, she whispered that I had the nicest boobs she had ever seen and I needed to let them breathe, enjoy themselves and why was I torturing my boobs in that bra.

    She picked up one of the bras, cupped me in it and measured out the straps and fitted me, all the time rubbing my boobs, having me stand there while she told me how wonderful my boobs were and any woman would give her life for boobs like that. She asked me how old I was and I told sixteen and she said I had the boobs of a grown woman, no one would guess that I was sixteen, and she repeated she saw boobs all day every day. She fitted the bra and told me that one was for every day, she would get me another one so I would have two but I needed to get rid of that rag I had brought in. She took the bra off and she held me tight topless and gently cupped me and held me real tight and whispered that I really needed some loving, she could tell when a girl needed to be loved.

    She turned me around to face her and she said she just wanted to make sure that everything was real and she bent down and kissed each one of my nipples telling me she wished she could love me. The spell broke and she turned me around again and from behind she put on the next bra which poked by boobs straight out. She told me that one was for the dress, she wanted every girl at the prom to feel intimidated, great boobs needed to show. With that bra on, in her arms and her gentle not stop caressing of my boobs in that bra she hugged me tight and kissed my cheek and let her hand run down over my naked belly and she put her hand down inside the waist of the gown and over my panties, using her middle finger to outline my pussy, her other hand holding me tight by my boob while she kissed my neck and cheek.

    Her finger solidly in the middle of my slit she pressed into my panties and started to rub my clit. I guess she held me up, I went into an almost immediate orgasm, not a little one either a real deep one that made my heart run and my legs feel weak, while I trembled in the arms she kept saying "Oh, baby, Oh, baby". When I was done she turned me around into her arms and held me for the longest time. She kissed me gently, my first kiss and then pulled my gown up and adjusted everything, measure for the seamstress and told me I was going to knock them all out and to make the girls cry.

    It was several years before my crush slowly ebbed out, because of where I lived and where she worked I only got to see here when we went downtown to buy clothes. My mother felt that I had gotten uppity only wanting to buy clothes at S, but that is where she worked and she helped me find things that always made me look good. She always complimented me, and if the dressing room was empty she helped make sure everything fit. We had many short hot sessions of kissing in the dressing stall, of letting me touch her boobs, of touching her pussy as she touched mine, we had to be careful because if someone walked in we had to pretend to be finishing the fitting. It was my first love affair, in the dressing room of S.

    Still my heart, I am still in love with her.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Last summer I attended a music festival and had a great time. Not only listening to some amazing music, but also hooking up with a young guy (17) who lives close to my home town. He was in college at the time, but told me he was starting with his uncles company at the end of summer. On the first night there, I had him sucking on my cock, before fucking him as he had his head out of the tent. Passers by knew he was being fucked, yet the freedom the festival gives people, nobody gave a shit. Over the next two days I fucked him during the day and at night, and during one part of the last day, I actually fucked him right next to one of the out lying stages.

    In work in October of last year, my boss told me he was having a real problem at home. He kind of broke down letting me know he'd been found watching gay porn clips by his wife, and she was thinking of ditching him. I responded by telling him I'd take the flack for him, by sending him some more gay porn clips, and then apologize for sending it out to the wrong person. It worked when I sent the email admitting my error which his wife read. She apparently persuaded him not to sack me, as I'd been open and honest.

    The following day, after the email, he called me into his office when everyone else had left for home. My boss asked me if I'd done what I had for a promotion or his favour. My response was very of the moment and totally ad lib. I told him if he bent over his desk and allowed me to fuck him, I'd be thrilled.

    Not only did he rise up from his desk and then strip right there in front of me, he had me do the same, before he expertly sucked in my cock and blew me for over ten minutes. It wasn't by any stretch of the imagination the first time he'd had cock in his mouth, and his talents were obvious.

    With him bent over his desk, then as I lay on his office floor rug and him mounting me. And finally as he lay on his back on his office sofa as we kissed, I fucked him until we both came. Him in between us as I buried my cock up his beautiful arse, then I came filling his backside with long shuddering cum spurts.

    I've continued to fuck him most weeks when and if we get time to indulge. There is nothing arranged as our work commitments only allow us to have enough time when things are fluid and clear.

    What has emerged fairly recently, is a young man who I fucked at a festival last summer, caught us fucking in a side room. He's started work later than expected, as he wanted time off to go enjoying himself around Europe and America. When he caught us, he didn't scream out how wrong it was, he closed the door, locked it, as we should have and removed his clothing.

    It was my first threesome (Gay) and one that all three of us had a wail of a time sucking and fucking. It was kind of strange watching an uncle and nephew fuck, but then again I'd fuck mine if I knew they were open to receiving their Uncle B***'s cock.

    All three of us indulge as much as possible now, and it's become a grat place to work and have fun. We're very conscious to keep our professional heads on when we need and have to. But in those moments of fun we do have, it's very sexually intense and always a fantastic fun fuck.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    If my boss, I say boss, he actually owns the company I work for, ever found out I was fucking who I was, he'd probably have me driven somewhere and taken care of.
    The first person I fucked in his family, was his twenty year old daughter. She's a slut, a good looking one, but a real slut all the same. Fucking her in their home thinking we had the whole day to ourselves, we were disturbed by my bosses second wife. His daughters step mom. She saw everything and also saw I have a large cock. Dismissing her step daughter first, knowing who I was in relation to work, she told me to meet her later on at a cafe. The meeting at the cafe lasted all of three minutes as she'd booked a motel room across the street. On the same day I'd been fucking my bosses daughter, I fucked his wife over and over again in the motel room. And if I thought his daughter was a slut, then I learned a whole new aspect of sexual behaviour fucking his wife.
    My profile on here tells you I'm bisexual. It says that for a reason. As well as fucking pretty females, I also love to be balls deep up a cute guys ass too. In work one of my colleagues just so happens to be my bosses nephew. He's nineteen, a total cock hound and loves nothing better than to have my cock down his throat or up his tight ass. He knows nothing of me fucking his female cousin or her step mom, but then I only fuck him at work, for now.
    The crazy thing is, my boss thinks his wife and daughter are the epitome of social and ethical virtue, but I know differently. He also thinks Corey his nephew is straight, upstanding and a religious boy. My boss couldn't be more wrong on all counts.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I got married when I was 19 to my high school boyfriend. I am 26 and I am not happy at all. He drinks and hangs out with his buddies after work, they all work at the refinery. He comes in half drunk, sometimes he wants sex, but most of the time he falls asleep before he can make it happen. We have money problems, I have a job but he spends so much money with his friends and he bought a new truck we cannot afford. He is not the boy I knew in high school. I tell you this because what I am going to say next is very bad.

    I let a man in his sixties have sex with me. He works at the 7-11 which is down the street from me and he always stares when I go in. It was after nine and I needed to buy cigarettes so I went to the store but I didn't wear a bra, I am not some big boob woman but I do have nice boobs and I had on a tank top and I could feel my nipples against my top, when I got in the store my nipples really popped out because of the air conditioning. When I was at the counter the man stared at my nipples and my pants got hot. When he gave me my change I held his hand and asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock.

    He didn't answer so I asked him again, I told him I wanted to and I got behind the counter with him and while he stood at the counter I sucked his cock. He didn't get hard for the longest time but then he did and I sucked him but I just could not make him cum. He was hard and I got up between him and the counter and pushed my pants down and told him to fuck me before his cock got soft again. He fucked me and it only took a couple of fucks for him to cum.

    I went home with his cum and didn't wash myself when I got home. I wanted my husband to fuck me with the man's cum still inside me but my husband passed out and never got hard. This happened once.

    I got pregnant. My baby is dark with black hair and dark eyes. My husband is totally white and I guess there were a couple of border girls on my mother's side, but my baby is dark. My husband is so stupid he never questions anything. I took the baby with me and I had a DNA test done and it came back that he has significant south Asian genes, the 7-11 man is from Pakistan so I know for sure he is the father.

    I want to get divorced, I really don't love my husband. My baby is like the last straw, my husband is so drunk he can't even get it hard enough to fuck me and get me pregnant and that old man fucked me once and hit the mark. Day care takes up all of my money so I have to find another man first. I don't know how to go about finding another man. The men at my work are all married and I don't get out much anymore because of the baby. I can't ask for help from anyone, I have gone on some of these dating web sites but I have to lie and the one date I went on ended as soon as I told him I had a son.

    I know this is a depressing story, it is only more depressing because it is all true.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I got a job the summer I finished high school working at the country club in the accounting department. I filed and did menial paperwork. The only other male in the department was an old man who was called the auditor, I had no idea what he did. He smoked, which in those days was permitted and he always had an ashtray full of cigarettes. His office was a small room next to the office supplies, he was the only one other than the controller that had an office, everyone else was in an open room at desks.

    I had worked there maybe three weeks and the auditor called me in and said the controller had given him permission to help him and he gave me this large box of receipts and told me to go through them and organize them by date and by department (he showed me the department number on the printout). I spent all day doing that and when it was time to leave I went to him and told him I wasn't finished and he told me that was tough but I had to finish because the outside auditors were coming in the next day. So when everyone left the only two people in the office were the auditor and me.

    It was late, around nine and I hadn't finished and he stood over me. He pushed some of the papers on my desk aside and he sat back on the edge and unzipped his pants and took out the ugliest, longest, fastest, hairiest penis I had ever seen. He told me to suck on it and it was going to make me feel good. He put his big hand behind my head and pulled me towards him and he bent down and whispered that he wanted me to do it right, and right meant to take his penis in my hand and hold it while I sucked him, to suck him steady and softly, savoring what I had in my mouth and if I did a good job he would take me to get a hamburger.

    His penis was much bigger than my hand, at first I barely touched it, but he kept insisting that I take in my hand and put my hand all the way around it and hold it up to my mouth like an ice cream cone and suck him gently like he had said. His penis felt like a large hot worm, soft but also firm and his naked penis head was large and he had this drop fo what I thought was pee coming out of the slit. I closed my eyes and started to suck him softly and he kept talking to me and telling me what a good job I was doing and if that didn't make me feel good nothing would make me feel good.

    He lit a cigarette and leaned back and kept my head down with his and after while I was sucking much more of his penis and he was no longer firm, he was hard now and his penis felt like a monster alive in my hand. Softly he would tell me, use my tongue, suck and lick, he took my hand and he started to jerk himself up and down. He got hard, harder than he was earlier and he was starting to move back and forth when he stopped me and he said it was going to be a whole lot better if I just let him fuck me. He stood up and stood me up and said to push my pants down and lean across the desk and hold the other side of the desk, the papers fell to the floor and he got behind me and rubbed his penis against my virgin hole. He tried several times to get it in but he wasn't successful.

    He left me there and told me to wait and not pull my pants up and he went to his office and came back with a jar. He took a large amount out on his fingers and rubbed it into my crack and my anus hole and he took some more and he greased up his pole. He got behind me again and this time he got it in and he fucked me for a long while, whistling and stopping for a moment and standing up straight and then leaning over and fucking me again. He lit another cigarette and fucked slowly in and out, asking me from time to time how I liked it, he said he was famous, he had fucked cowboys and truckdrivers and sissy ass queers at the hotel. It felt good, the more he did it the more it felt good, he put his hand square on my back and held me down hard against the desk and he shoved in and out real fast and he came.

    He pulled out and sat back in my work chair and told me to stay still, gently rubbing my cheeks with his hand, and then he announced 'here it comes' and he took his finger and wiped some of it up and showed me his cum. He kept me like that for a few moments and told me to get dressed and we would go get a hamburger and come back and finish and then he would take me home.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    I am married with three daughters, my husband decided he should have a vasectomy, to prevent and unplanned children plus we could have lots of fun without risk, so he went ahead and had it done it was the best idea ever, but our daughters are being a bit more than friendly towards there dad, they are dropping hints and wearing revealing clothes with out any under wear, I know I cant prevent anything happening would it be that wrong if I ignored it, we are a family, I am thinking I should and I shouldn't, my husband has am enormous sex drive he is to much for me now even more so since the operation, what would any other women do

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 48

    I started dating a woman who is older than me. When we started having sex, there was nothing unusual or different about it, just that she was very orgasmic, with her entire body shaking as she climaxed. But one time recently in bed, I was on top of her in the missionary position and she started having one of her body-shaking orgasms, when she cried out that she was feeling something. I didn't know what she meant at first, but when I got off her, I saw that he had gone to the bathroom. A small amount of poop was on the sheets.

    She was very embarrassed, but I told her not to worry about it. She kept saying, she couldn't control herself sometimes and that "everything just opens up!" The next time it happened, I was fucking her doggy style and watched as a small stream of poop came out of her ass as she orgasmed. Again, she was very embarrassed. But I found myself becoming somewhat turned on by the fact that she would lose control of her bowels during sex.

    Since then, I've encouraged her to not hold back. We put a big towel on the bed. Or, sometimes we have sex in the shower, so it's easy to clean up. My girlfriend admits it has become arousing and feels better not to think about it and just go with the "poop" flow.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    Is it cheating, if your husband hasn't had and isn't capable of having sex with you, because he can't lay off the alcohol long enough to get a hard on.
    It's been nearly a year since he put his cock into me. I missed it, and believe me I've tried and tried to encourage him to reduce, not stop, his drinking and I dress sexily for him, hoping he'll see what he's missing.
    I am the wrong side of thirty, yet I've kept myself fit, healthy and am considered to be very good looking. All throughout our eight year marriage, I'd been faithful, even though I'd had countless offers from men and a few women to have sex. If he would sort himself out and seek help for his drinking, I'd willingly stop seeing the two men I now have sex with on a regular basis.
    One of them is a gym instructor at the gym I attend three times a week. The other is a totally different prospect, as he's a twenty year old neighbor of ours. It's his cock I get to enjoy the most and we see each other as just sexual release. He's so cool about fucking an older woman and fucks me like I'm a slut, which I love at the minute.
    Even so, I still miss my husband taking me the way he used to, and I miss the intimacy of love making I don't have with the other two men.
    So am I cheating, or just getting by sexually using two guys who love to fuck me.

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