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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 27

    I grew up in a house with an older sister and a large black German shepherd. This dog was aggressive to anyone that came to visit, with us he was tame. He would lie in the living room while we watched TV. The afternoon that we got hot about it, we were 14 and 12, Bruno's penis was out of his sheath. Not the first time, but that day we paid attention.

    My sister commented that he had a penis but no pussy and that was sad. She sat down beside him and started fondling his sheath, his penis went out even more. She looked at me, took his penis in her hand and started massaging him, bent down and put it her mouth and sucked him. He moved but she calmed him down, sucked him some more and then told me to suck him.

    At first I gagged but I liked it and sucked him while she massaged him. She told me to take off my pants and lay down beside him on my side and rubbed my pussy with his penis. She penetrated my lips, then she told me to turn over and give him my back side and push up close. Holding one leg up she inserted his penis in my vagina. Bruno stood up, his penis under him, my sister holding him, she told me to get on my hands and knees.

    I wiggled under him and she maneuvered his penis in my vagina, he climbed on top and it went in a lot, but he got off. My sister got under him and started sucking him real hard. We tried to get him on me again, but he wouldn't hump, so we could only get his penis in me by him holding him. We were frustrated, she took off her pants and sucked him some more and rubbed her pussy with his penis.

    I held his collar and pulled him on her, he grabbed her with his front paws and this time he humped. I went around back and pushed his penis in her and he went to town fucking her. We did not know about knotting, she just felt it, after about five minutes he released her and he pulled out with his cum splashing out.

    She said she was ok, she had gotten scared, but she was ok. We went to the bathroom and cleaned up and got dresses, took the towel and wiped up the floor.

    We sucked Bruno and he fucked us for the next five years, we became experts, he learned what to do, we could make him cum by sucking him and jacking him off. No boy can fuck you like a dog, no way. I have a healthy lab, I like large dogs, and he likes to fuck, sometimes my sister and I get together, sometimes it is just him and me, I get on my back on the side of the bed, get him licking pussy and when he is ready I pull him up and I get fucked.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 43

    I'm a married mother of two healthy sons. One is twenty two years old and quite independent, but the second and youngest at twenty, still needs his mothers love in more ways than one.
    My husband and I stopped having sex years ago, even though my sexual needs still wanted servicing. It was a slow progression to no sex at all, and in some ways it was my fault as I found his growing waistline and lack of sexual prowess a turn off.
    Going through a series of affairs, some good, most not. I found myself in a kind of sexual limbo. I wanted sex, but more to the point I wanted a man to fuck me long and hard, to use my body for his and my enjoyment, and to take me to the orgasms I so craved. Yet I still wanted my family around me, even my husband who I loved and still do in my own way.
    Then three years ago with my husband away driving his truck across the northern states, I was having sex with a guy who sometimes called by. Riding his cock, I caught movement to my right and looked to see my youngest Corey watching me bouncing up and down on my friends dick. Although I was surprised to see him stood there, the biggest surprise in more ways than one, was seeing him stroke his huge thick cock.
    I'm not sure now why I didn't stop, maybe I should have, but instead whilst looking directly at my son, I fucked my friend even harder, taking us both to orgasm. And not once did I take my eyes off my son as he masturbated to the scene in front of him. As my pussy clamped down onto my lovers cock, sending me into orbit as I came, I saw my sons cum flying all over the floor in front of him as he watched his mother climax.
    Half an hour later with our small farmstead to ourselves, I spoke to Corey on the porch and discovered he'd known about my liaisons for some time. He had indeed watched me fucking other men for over a year. There was no point in denying anything, so I asked him why he'd tossed himself off. His reply was to the point and very revealing. My youngest son said something that is burned into my memory "Because I'd love to fuck the only woman I'll ever love".
    He was seventeen and had from his later accounts, only had one sexual encounter with a female. She still to this day lives close to town, and nearly every youngster around has lost his virginity to her.
    We carried on talking and I found out Corey had no impulse to tell his dad anything. He even told me he felt it was his dads role to pleasure me, and because he didn't anymore, I should find someone who would. It was then Corey said "From now on, you come to my room".
    It was if Corey had taken control of our relationship, and my heart skipped a beat when he kissed my forehead as he went back inside.
    A week went by with my husband returning from his three day road trip. Corey and I said nothing much to each other, and my eldest son as usual was absent from our home most of the time. The first day his father went on another three day journey, Corey knowing his brother was staying over at his girlfriends, walked into my bedroom naked sporting a massive erection and said "I told your friend he's no longer welcome here". Before I had time to object, not that I would have done, I had my sons face between my legs and he was licking at my pussy and clit as if he'd been pleasuring women for years.
    I'd text my friend thinking Corey would be going over to a friends of his, but he'd obviously had other plans. And in those initial moment of i****t, I knew for whatever reason I was going to allow my son to fuck me.
    My mind and opinion has changed dramatically about a mother son sexual relationship. I was like many mnay other people brought up to believe it was unnatural, it was ungodly and it was just plain wrong. Yet with Corey's tongue and lips working wonders on my pussy, I found myself willing him to take me to orgasm and I was left too long before I arched my back and came screaming out my own sons name. As I settled, Corey moved up my body, put his huge cock head to my pussy opening and looking down on me with a serious face, slid his cock into the love hole he was born out of, seventeen years earlier.
    It was a surreal experience for us both. I was looking at the young man I'd given birth to, yet feeling his enormous cock giving me so much pleasure, I found myself yearning for him to be an excellent lover. For Corey his eyes welled up and a tear rolled down his cheek (I can still see it in my minds eye) It wasn't fear or disgust, it was to him the ultimate sexual moment, and it took him to his own sexual nirvana to have his cock fucking his mother.
    Moving my legs up and out, I put my hands forwards onto his hips and pulled him into me. Corey got the message and slammed his cock hard into my folds. I was about to say something about him fucking me as hard as he wanted, as hard as I love being fucked, but Corey beat me to it. Lifting my top up, he took hold of both of my breasts and said "Mother you're all mine from now on, and I'm going to fuck you as rough as I like".
    I'm not overly sure how long we fucked for. It wasn't love making in any sense of the phrase, as Corey used me for his own pleasure that day. Missionary, spoons, me on top and finally as I knelt before him, my son, my lover and the person who to this day I receive all my earth shattering sex from, fucked me from behind, doggy style and he rove his cock so deep inside of me, I was having what I now call my internal orgasms. They stemmed from so deep within my body, I found myself literally overwhelmed the first time one tore through me.
    On and on Corey pounded into his mothers pussy. Then by pure accident I think, his cock slipped out and as he pushed forwards to penetrate me again, my pussy cream and his eagerness, directed his cock to my asshole. He didn't notice at first as he was so engrossed with fucking me. But I groaned out my surprise as my son butt fucked me. It was by no means my first anal sex, but no man the size of Corey had fucked me before in my ass. And it hurt.
    The pain was nothing though. It was if it was shielded by my love for my son, so as he continued to pump his cock deep within my ass, I tried to relax and give him the moment. Only when I sank down placing my breasts onto the bed, did Corey fianlly realize he was indeed sliding his cock up his mothers asshole. He told me later he'd had his eyes shut, trying to feel his connection to me in a deeper more intense way.
    He went to pull out, but I told him to carry on fucking my ass, and as he drove his cock into me again, I came so strongly, I very nearly passed out. Corey thrust into me a few more times and shouted out he was cumming. Letting him know I wanted his seed inside of me, I felt his cock erupt up my ass and felt every spurt of his cum fill what's become Corey's favorite love tunnel.
    Each day, each night and every chance we got around our home, we had sex after that. It wasn't that difficult either with my husbands job, and my eldest's love of life and being out and about. Corey was and still is to some extent a home boy. He's enjoyed building up our small family business with me, and in our own way we've become more of an unbelievably close couple, both in life and in bed. It's still extremely exciting to us both that we fuck the way we do. And I often crave his cock when his father or his brother are around. But when they're away from home (His brother more so these days with his new career and girlfriend) we find time and places around our home, in and outside to enjoy one anothers sex.
    This confession isn't to me a way of trying to accommodate others, or to try to convert peoples opinions about family sex. It's about me stating to the world, there are people in life who naturally gravitate to one another. whether they eare related or not. I make no apologies to anyone about my love for my son and I make no excuses to the fact I adore Corey's cock and they way he fucks me. And if Corey was to comment here, he would say similar things to me. Only he'd probably add "What the fuck's it got to do with anyone, that we fuck".

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 28

    I'm a multiracial female Sicilian Greek Asian Native American and German. About 5'6 hourglass classic bottle shape. Long golden brown straight hair brown eyes. Very attractive. Well I am married and I'm a true nymphomanic. My husband is going through some issues right now and his sex drive is dead. I haven't fucked in weeks and I'm about to go MAD I just want to get rammed I want to get fucked HARD.

    I am so on edge I just need to fuck.

    I'm always wet like 24/7

    My pussy is pulsating right now

    I would give anything for a hard dick in me right now.


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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    1 / 27

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 47

    My uncle was gay, in the closet of course, this was in the mid sixties. He had this friend, a lawyer, and he always seemed to take time to talk to me. One Sunday, we were at my Uncle's house for his birthday and his lawyer friend was there and he sat beside me and put his hand on my thigh while he talked to me. After lunch I excused myself and went to the bathroom, the lawyer followed me and asked if I needed help. When I came out of the bathroom he was still there waiting to go in, he grabbed my crotch and said he was fixing me so that I didn't walk around with my dick in the wrong place.

    Later in the afternoon, we were going swimming and he came into the room where the guys changed and he stripped completely naked. He asked me to compare by dick to his to see if I was grown up already. He rubbed his dick against mine and kissed me. He locked the door and sucked on my dick and got me hard, he stood up and holding my dick he kissed me again. He took my hand and put it on his dick and I held it and he got erect and I sucked his dick. He put me on the bed and got on my back and fucked me. I became his boyfriend, I was 14.

    My uncle had a boyfriend, a small guy who was half black, who worked at the warehouse in his company. My uncle watched me get kissed and fucked and he would fuck his boyfriend at the same time. They liked having us fully fucked with their dicks deep inside of us. They really liked fucking us. I became friends with the boy, my uncle let him drive his car, and he and I would go joy riding and masturbate while we rode around. We sucked each other and gave each other hand jobs, but we never fucked.

    I got to where I really liked being kissed, to be kissed while he jacked me off. Sometimes he would suck my dick after he jacked me off, other times he would just fuck me. Either way, being kissed and feeling his hard dick against me and getting fucked and kissed some more. I really liked getting kissed. My uncle wasn't so much into kissing, he was more into fucking and getting his dick sucked. Usually we went to the lawyers lake house to party.

    After I finished high school I went to college and although I remained friends with my lawyer, after I got a certain age I wasn't of interest to him. I moved on to my kind of boys. My uncle's boyfriend moved on as well and we never saw each other again. My uncle was always nice to me, and he kept me supplied with what I needed. If sometimes he needed something from me, and I wasn't ready to give it to him he would remind me that I liked dick and he liked dick and we had to stay together.

    In a way I feel that his relationship with his lawyer friend was how they got along, they remained friends all their life. My uncle passed first, and his friend the lawyer passed a couple of years later. They never went public, I am sure other people knew, but it wasn't something you talked about. Today it is about being out there, but I am still more comfortable curling up with nice young man, and kissing and fucking, I like hard dicks, a lot more now that it is hard for me to get really hard, I like holding a firm hard dick and sucking it down and getting a mouthful of cum. I am not one to get out there and let everyone under the sun know I like a good hard dick.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I like to eat and fuck pussy but also like to get fucked in the ass. I often wander what is wrong with me. I can have gay sex all day long but will not feel any emotions for the men. if I sleep with a woman I feel emotions right away. I have a super high sex drive and being uncut doesn't help because I can easily masturbate. I want to have a family and be a conservative traditional man but the gay sex thing has ruined it for me, I love it. I don't know if I can ever live a normal life.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    This goes back to when I was 14. I used to go to the movies almost weekly. I sat in the same row and seat in the center where I liked it. I'm not a movie muncher so even in the rare event when I would go with friends, I turned down the popcorn, etc. I recall this was around the time when almost anything would give me a stiff.

    I recall going during the winter, wearing a coat and almost always, putting the folded coat in the next seat, which was usually empty. In fact, in the early PM the entire theater would usually be nearly empty, which is why I went at the time.

    Also, I recall the first time it happened. A woman, not old but not a girl, sat next to me. I felt her hand rest on my lap. Then, she rubbed my thigh a bit and while a bit shocked, I did not feel like removing her hand. She rubbed around while still looking at the movie. Then I felt her go for my crotch and my head spun, I was so excited. My cock grew hard in an instant and she grabbed it, still looking at the movie.

    She was so obvious in wanting to hold my cock that I unzipped and pulled it out. She began to masturbate me, steadily, and with a lot of style and manipulation. I noted she shifted from her entire hand to fingers then back, rubbing my glans and once in a while reaching for and cupping my balls. I just sat there but could not concentrate on the movie. Being a heavy wanker at the time I knew when my climax approached so I took out my handkerchief and placed it over my stander, then came, my cock still embraced by her hand as it pulsed out my cum.

    The woman released my cock, then wiped her hand a bit with my handkerchief and left.

    It happened several times, same time, same place and I looked forward to it. I would be crestfallen when she did not show up. When she did, I was prepared with more than one handkerchief. We never uttered a word to each other. It was just some kind of sexual reaching out that satisfied both of us.

    Until a friend told me about this "confession" site I had just about forgotten this strange incident. I stopped going to the movies each week after graduating from High School so I never saw the woman again. I can still feel her fantastic manipulations on my stiff and that often begins a masturbation session. in the passing years since, I tried to reach g/friends how to do it like her, but they never duplicated it. Some of us need very little to get off. I did back then.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    The first time I had sex was when 2 men forced me...They both fucked me at the same time, and shoved both their dicks up my vagina. So I lost my virginity to 2 cocks at once.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 21

    Sometimes when my boyfriend fucks my ass hard, my dick starts to piss everywhere without meaning to. It's because when he hurts my anus, it reminds me of my childhood. My daddy used to beat and slap my boyparts while he pumped his meat in my hole. I would be so scared I'd start to whiz, and my little peepee would spray piss everywhere while it flopped around. I remember lying on my back with my legs in a split while his cock fucked my boyc**t, and watching my stiff wiener squirt pee straight up in the air.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 47

    Nature has a way of sexually subduing a woman through subliminal conduction of a man's neurotransmitters via his strong, controlling aura to the sense of a woman's emotional best interest. Certainly men know of this assumption to at least some degree. In the quest to quench his powerful libido, man's unique, tactical capacity empowers him to manipulate a woman's emotions resulting from such a interface ; most often rendering us helpless at some point but to comply with his imperative and physically impressive sexual assertion. More often than not, due to being swept up & overwhelmed by his tenacious physicality and the emotional coupling, we can only reflect on what occurred following the completion of our sexual relations.

    To that point, most if not all of us have experienced the above in some form and over various spans of time. Whether he needs us again [most often he does] or not, it causes us to instinctively bond with that man. That process remains to the continuance of our species, for which we should be thankful.

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