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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    After a lot of denial I came to accept my daughter is a slut. My wife and I had lots of "meet my new boyfriend" moments since she hit puberty and it seems she's always looking for something ahe can't find in them.

    Now, don't expect me to write "I think she's looking for bigger cocks than they have", or "I want to do her". I'm not that kind of parent. My confession is about her boyfrinds and how I decided they'd have to "pay" to date her. Needless to say, a lot more guys went in and out of her life after I applied this "policy".

    But not Josh (not his real name). At 23, he's doing well in college and they both want to marry. Josh is a nice guy and knew what I meant when I told him I "charged" to date my daughter. He never rejected my methods and seems to enjoy the friendship we started.

    The first time my daughter brought him to dinner, I asked him to go buy some beer with me so we could talk about his intentions with her. We went to the store and I took a little shortcut on our way back. It was an old dirt road that crossed a large forest area. I stopped there and started telling him how I'd charge him to date her.

    "Josh, do you intend to make her suck on your little dick? Don't act surprised, we all do it. But do you want her to do it?". He was out of words. "Sir, these are things that all couples do sometimes", he managed to say between one facial spasm and another. "Josh, I know you'll have her suck as much as I know you'll want to fuck her pussy. We're all grown-ups here. Maybe, just maybe you'll want to fuck her ass - it's natural. But it has a price, Josh, a price you'll have to pay to me if you want to fuck my daughter".

    & quot;What is it, sir?", he asked almost crying. "Now Josh, hear me well and hear me good because I won't repeat my terms. If you want to kiss her, you'll have to jerk me off; if you want to fuck her mouth, you'll have to jerk and suck me off; if you want to fuck her pussy, you'll have to swallow my cum. Now, if you want to fuck her ass, you'll have to let me fuck your ass. Those are my terms to gain my approval to make my daughter your slut. Take it or I'll take you back to my home just to say goodbye to her".

    He thought for a few minutes. "I kissed and will kiss her again today, so... I'll jerk you off, sir". I was glad and amazed that he'd be so cool with it. "Ok, Josh, but... Sooner or later you'll want to do more with her and so I prefer to do it all with you right now." I was as hard as a rock when he reached for my cock. I took it off my pants and it sprung to life. "I want you to jerk me exactly how you want her to jerk you, come on".

    I didn't need to ask him to suck me, he just wrapped his mouth around my cock. "Is it the way you want her to do it, Josh?"; he mumbled "yes". "Get out of the car, take your clothes off and lean against the car with your back to me." His cock was hard when he took his pants off. "Here's where I'll fuck you the way I want, Josh." Lubbed my cock and his ass and started to push it in. He screamed every time I went a little further in. "C'mon, Josh, give it to me! Make me feel like your man and stop being so uptight. Let me all in, faggot!" He tried, but even then my cock was too big and hard for him. The tightness of his ass made me cum rivers inside him and I really enjoyed his screams every time my cock twitched and squirtrled inside him.

    We got back home. "Sorry we took so long, the supermarket was packed, I told my wife. "Sweetie (I looked at my daughter), I just want to say that I think Josh will be a very good boyfriend. We had a really hard talk and he understood there's a price he's willing to pay to date you." My daughter and wife laughed, thinking it was a joke. Josh and I knew it wasn't. "I'll pay it anytime I'll need, sir, it'll be my pleasure"

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was younger we moved my freshman year of High School. I was sort of alone sis not know anyone and my parents worked jobs that kept them away from home a lot. I decided to got out for the football team a kid down the street was a football player and his father convinced me to go out for it. I was not a big kid kind of skinny but still tough.
    At the try outs I felt like a little kid up next to the other guys and I really did not know that much about football. Anyway I got out there and did my best not expecting to make the team. At 15 I had not had many sexual experiences with guys or girls do lets just say I was pretty clueless about those kind of things. Try outs started before school started that spring and as I said felt I had no chance to make team. The next week I got a letter in mail said I made the team and when practices were etc. We lived about 20 miles from the school in a new area that once was a farm field. I walk down to the house of the man who had said I should try out. I told him I made the team but had no way to get there I did not drive yet. He said his son would pick me up and reached out and ruffled my hair with his hand. He was a very good looking man very muscular and had a wide smile that made me sort of vibrate inside all warm. I walked home thinking about this man but not sure why I was. I kept picturing him standing there in my mind. Anyway the son picked me up for practices and dropped me home after he did not talk to me much and acted as if the whole thing of driving me was putting him out.
    I did ok at practices and held my own with the much larger guys. A few days before school started the man came over and rang the bell. He said he wondered if I would like to do some weight lifting with him. I said sure interested in bulking up. He stood in the doorway as I ran to change. He was in small tight shorts and tank top. His arms were very toned and his body was hairy not ape hairy just on chest arms legs and I assumed other places I could not see. we walked to his house and out to what he called the man shed. There he had a weight set and other work out machines. he showed me how to use them and we worked out. My eyes kept looking at him I was in awe of his body. he said he was small like me once and built himself up. I tried not to have him catch me looking at him. Soon he took off his shirt and wow he was in great shape. he had a scent to him that smelled of man sweat and fresh soap after a shower. After we got done he asked if I would like something to drink soda or pop water etc. We sat and talked and drank I excused my self to go home s the folks would be calling to check on me. He said cool and told me to come down anytime use the man shed or if I just needed to talk.
    Once again I walked home I could see his body like a movie un my head. I shook my head and said to myself stop it your acting like a fag. The folks called and all was well. I hopped in shower and the door bell rang. I put on my robe and I went to the door and there he was the man standing there smile on his face. He asked what I was doing as I stood there in a my robe looking like a drowned rat. I said I was taking a shower. He said don't let me stop you. I did not know what to say he piped in saying he could wait in the living room. I ran back to shower and felt my body tingle and shiver I rushed and dried off then tossed on some shorts. I walked back to living room to find him in my dads chair laid back relaxed his legs spread wide at that time I noticed a very large bulge in his pants. he smiled when I came in the room and said he thought I could use some company I looked lonely. Truth be told I was in hat house alone all the time. We talked for a bit and played some video games. He was fun funny and sat very close to me on the couch. I noticed our knees were touching I looked down I looked so small to his muscled thigh and leg.
    He beat me on a few video games and would always sort of ruff me up each time. His hands touching me sent jolts trough my body. I liked him touching me. he stood up and said he need to take a piss. As he stood I could see the bulge bounce in his shorts my eyes locked on it. I looked up from it and he was looking right at me gave a smile and walked out to the bathroom. I sat there feeling hot my skin felt warm and my pecker had sprung up. I pushed it down in my shorts tried to hide it if he came back.

    He was gone a long time I started to worry so I went to see what had happened. The bathroom door was open and I could smell he had pissed it was a very strong smell walked in and he had not flushed so I did that. I looked for him but no sign of him strange he would just leave that way. I blew it off grab some food ate watched tv and then got ready for bed. I slept in my boxers so just tossed my shorts on floor and got into bed.

    I was just about to drift off to sleep when I felt someone get into bed with me It frightened the crap out of me and I froze there. I felt warm naked skin against mine then a hand and an arm wrapped around me. The person pulled me to them I then knew who it was I could smell him. He placed his hard cock right in the crack of my ass like a hot dog in a bun. he snuggled close to me and held me. I lay there not knowing what to do. He held me so tight I could not move. I could feel his cock pulse and lurch as he lay there holding me. I did not move and soon fell asleep in his arms. I woke up next day he was gone. He left a note that said thanks for keeping me company last night I was feeling lonely to.

    His sleeping over became a regular thing he would lay with me nude and hold me resting his hard cock on my rear. I felt so safe in his arms. I noticed my own cock getting hard one night I started to wiggle a bit and push against his cock. He jumped up walked out and never said anything about it again. Well I was confused I was feeling he wanted something more even as a clueless teen and in my mind I was wanting more also. I did not see him much after that his son still picked me up and drove me to practices,

    One night we got back late after a late practice school had started and I had met a few kids. The son asked if he could come in and hang out. I said sure not sure what had changed he had not said maybe 20 words to me in all the time driving me. We got in the house I got some pop and chips and we sat on the couch. I was just about to open chips when this guy kissed me right on the lips. I was shocked but did not pull away. He stumbled with his words as he blurted out he had wanted to do that for a long time. I said I did not think you even liked me. he smiled a shy smile much like his fathers and said no I liked you but I am not gay or anything thought you would laugh at me or tell people if I did anything. I asked what changed? He said what you did with my Dad. I looked at him and said I didn't do anything the said yes you did or he would not of stopped sleeping with you. I looked at him WTF are you talking about. he told me his Dad used to hold him until he made a move for more then it stopped. he told me how much he missed it and felt bad that he had tried to do something sexual and then it stopped. He looked so crushed I just felt like hugging him. I hugged him and soon we were kissing. we made out for a long time and he stayed over that night and I held him both of us nude and we feel asleep that way.

    We did this often that freshman year make out and hold each other at night that's was all we did hard as rocks but we never went past that point.

    That summer we went camping together in the woods near or homes for a weekend. I made the first move we were making out in our boxers and I slid my hand down his and felt his cock as it flopped into my hand. he was large like his dad bigger than me in body and in cock size. He moaned and kissed me harder. I really did not know what to do but as I moved my body just seemed to know what to do. I kissed down his chest tell I got to his cock I pulled his boxers down with one hand and slowly licked the head of his cock it seemed so unreal and so natural. He started to shake I laid him down and ran my fingers over his body and kissed him again. we had never even jerked off together and here I was wanting to take care of his every need. I felt a want inside that burned. Once he was laid back stretched out I got between his legs and started licking his balls he let out small moans so I would do what I was doing more thinking he must like that. I licked his balls for a long time then licked up his shaft then down again. I took my time I was not in a rush. He bucked his hips now and then thrusting his hard cock toward my face.

    I licked his cock head and sucked on it for some time he was moaning and begging me to suck him. So I did I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him his hands clamped on to my head guiding me as his hips started to thrust his cock in to my mouth and soon my throat. I thought for sure I would gag but I did not. He fucked at my mouth slow at first then he became like a wild animal pounding at me I gagged a bit but that did not seem to slow him any. I felt his cock swell bigger and then he let loose cum gushing into my mouth he came like a race horse my throat tongue lips were coated with his juice. he slowed let up on his grip on my head and slowly slid in and out of my mouth giving me every last drop. As his cock slid from my mouth I started to laugh so did he. that was amazing he said I was thinking the same thing. I felt so relaxed so alive so filled with love I was in another world and I was happy. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I had shot off my load as he was pumping his into me. We lay there kissing for a while then he asked if we could do it again. I said yes with a huge smile. I sucked him off 4 times that night and fell asleep my head on his cock.

    I woke up next morning to his morning wood ready for me to suck some more and I did. He tried sucking me a few times but just was not into it. We spent that year playing football and I sucked him and we made out it was a great year.
    The next summer he met some girl and soon our times got less and less then stopped we stayed friends but no sexual contact. I felt lost I guess I felt more for him than he did me. I ended up dropping out of football in the middle of the next year. I was kind of a loner after that. I just went to school came home and felt lost.
    Mom and Dad were off on some work related stuff I now had my license and a car so could drive around. I started taking drives just to get out. I found a park with a river that ran through it. I liked to walk and look at nature I would read or lay in the grass and sun. One time while there I went to the outhouse to piss the park was busy so could not just do it in the open. I got in close the lock and as I did I heard the door next to mine open a light glowed from a hole under the toilet paper role hanging on the wall. I heard the door lock and the light went away. soon the paper roll was moving I reached over to see why and that when I saw a cock poke in under it. The cock touched my the back of my hand as I was moving the roll. The role holder could come off so I removed it. The cock was pretty big an adult mans cock. I heard a voice say please suck it. I held it in my hand and without a thought I started to lick it slow I heard moans in the next stall. I licked the head for a bit then sucked it in my mouth. It tasted of sweat. I sucked on it and the moans became closer together and soon the cock was pulling in and out of the hole I grabbed it at the shaft and sucked on it for all I was worth soon I heard an OH FUCK yes suck that cock you cock sucker. Oh my god I was in to this I sucked and loved the names he was calling me made me work harder. Soon I heard him say you want it? I made a mmmmm sound and with that he let it flow omg yes it was wonderful I loved the taste I sucked it dry then it pulled out I heard the door open and he was gone. I was there in awe of what had happened. Just as I was getting ready to leave I heard the door open again and once again a cock popped into the hole. I heard him say suck it not asking but telling me. This one was fatter mot as big but a huge head on it.

    I licked it sucked it and took every drop of its cum. I heard him say thanks and he left I sat for a while hoping for another. None came in so I left. The next day I went to the park again walked around looking to see if there maybe anyone there wanting cock sucked. I saw a man after seeing me head for the stall. I followed and in no time a real nice cock poked in for me to suck. this one took some time and he did not make noise or say anything he cam in silence and dropped a large load off in my mouth. That day I sucked 5 and left just as it was getting dark. I was there again next day there were many more men walking around it was a Friday I would learn best day at the hole. That day I sucked 14 cocks different sizes ages shapes etc I wanted to just stay there and keep sucking but had to get home.
    When I got home I noticed I had some cum on my shirt so I changed grabbed something to eat and took a shower. I heard something like footsteps so I turned off the shower. I dried off and looked around thinking all clear as I walked in my room there he was my friends Dad the man who used to hold me. he was standing there nude and with a hard on. I dropped my towel and climbed on my bed thinking he was back to hold me. He sort of grunted walked over and shut my door he grabbed me and started kissing me holding me so tight. I herd him say you nasty little fucker you made me want you. I was ready to suck him had dreamed about it but that's not what was going to happen. He opened a jar and put something on his cock grabbed me and put it also on my asshole his hands felt great on me. He pushed me on the bed on my back and before I knew what was happening he was at my hole his cock head easing in me. The head at my hole felt strange but nice but as he worked it in inch by inch it began to hurt he was slow but it still hurt. I could not get loose from his grip so I braced myself, He said relax let it happen I tried but felt tense. As the last inch was in I screamed he was a big man thick cock and around 7 or 8 inches. he held it there wriggled it a bit inside me he kissed me to keep my mind off of it and he started to inch in and out OMG I had never felt such pain in my life. I felt as if he was pulling my insides out each time he pulled back from a slow thrust. I begged him to stop your hurting me I cried he did not hear me his face had a wild look on it and soon he was poking in and out of me the pain was less but still there. I stopped fighting as I knew it was not going to stop. He grunted and moaned and said ho tight I was how hot inside I was. My ass felt like it was on fire. then his cock hit a spot in me that felt like you do when you come. I relaxed and hoped he would hit it again and he did oh I said out loud. He slowed and as if he knew started to jab at that spot. I felt weak like a rag doll I still felt pain but also the new pleasure from him hitting that spot. I got lost in that feeling but came back when he started to drive into me like a jack hammer sweating dripping all over me his muscles all tensed up his arms squeezing me so tight I almost could not breath. I was praying for him to cum so the pain would stop. It seemed to last forever but at last he grunted thrust hard and fast and then he fell on me crushing me under him. He kept saying you made me do it you slut you made me. His hard cock stayed in me for some time. At last he slipped out pulled me to him and held me curled against my back. I lay there hurting but also feeling empty inside my hole. I fell off to sleep and woke to him gone. I got up my ass still hurting and sat on the toilet as his cum came out of me. I look and there was a lot that came out. I cleaned myself up and went about my day. I would not see him for a few weeks but he came back for more soon I got used to it and even wanted it and liked it. It would not be until many years later I was made love to by a man that really knew how to work a hole. So that's my story and how I started I still hang at the park now and then maybe I sucked your cock wouldn't that be wild.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 22

    I am 22 and recently graduated from college. I moved to Austin with a friend and we got jobs. My uncle, my mother's older brother just appeared at the door of the apartment. We were still asleep in bed. We live in a small one bedroom efficiency and he saw that we had one bed one room one closet. My roommate after two minutes of his questioning told him we were adults, gay and in love. That's how I came out, agreeing with my schoolgirl friend, college roommate and now significant other telling my uncle I was gay.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 32

    I am certainly not gay. I am 32 and I live with a woman who is in her mid forties. She is gay and has always been gay and when I agreed to move in with her I knew she was gay and she knew I wasn't gay. I have lived with her since I was 28.

    I have deep feelings of attachment for her, but not sexual at all. She has deep feelings of affection for me and it is all sexual. Nothing new about that, that is why she asked me to move in with her. Over the years her affection which is expressed in a thousand ways is just a big part of my life. Sometimes she will hug a bit too long but even that I can take as long as there is no grabbing. I say that because there are times like on a Sunday morning when I am still in my nightgown and she stands in front of me and puts her hands on my boobs and tells me to close my eyes and make believe it is a man and she rubs my boobs. She is in love with me.

    I had sex recently with a man I work with. We have a man/wife work relationship. He knows about my living situation and he is always warning me that I will sooner or later fall and not to be surprised. Maybe that is why when we have sex it is so intense. I need him to gab my boobs and then fuck me. I sat in the conference room across from him as he was holding his weekly staff meeting thinking of all the times that I have had sex with him, of all the times I have sucked his dick, of all the times he has taken my clothes off, of all the times that I have gotten dressed and left.

    When the meeting was over I went to his office and told him that I wanted to get married. I don't need a public ceremony, just he and me is enough. Am I sure, yes I am sure. I should have been living with him all these years.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    We have a great sex life, but it's not enough. I am addicted to masturbation. Actually, it's orgasms. I like to cum at least once per day and I'll do it any way possible. Sometimes she watches me jack off and will play with my balls so she can participate. Left handed, right handed...doesn't matter. Holding panties and smelling pussy while doing it. My asshole is very sensitive so playing with it or fingering myself makes for an intense orgasm. I do like fucking my wife's ass so from time to time I will try to see how much I can take but I guess I'm not meant to be gay cuz I can't something as big as a dick. Regular porn, girl on girl, some gay but I can't handle watching dudes kiss, home made pocket pussies...whatever helps.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    M wife talked me into buying a Holy Trainer chastity belt .When it came in she told me to put it on and lock it so I did and I handed her the keys and told her not to release me for a while,make me suffer I told her and she agreed. The first time she made me wait a month before she unlocked me then told me to jack off if I wanted to cum.I was so horny that I did and then I locked myself back up and thanked her. She started tying me up before releasing me then would jack me off,sometimes she would make me cum then make me lick my cum off her rubber gloved hand,other times she would bring me to the edge but stop before I could come and would do that over and over sometimes using ice to make my poor dick shrink before locking me back in my cage. She realized by doing that she could make me so fucking horny that I would do anything she said.She had me buy a big realistic looking dildo and after teasing me id suck it and even learned to deep throat it. Next she wanted me to fuck myself in my ass with it,She had denied me an orgasm for so long that I didnt hesitate ,I lubed it and my ass and shoved it in and fucked myself till I actually had an orgasm . After that sex foe me was her teasing me ,locking my poor dick up and then I would fuck myself with the big cock or ride it till I could come from it like that . One day after hours of teasing me she made a phone call and told me she had invited a man over . She had me tied up still and began teasing my dick again and told me when the man arrived she would have me so horny that I would beg him to suck his cock and she did just that. I was going crazy because I needed to cum so bad that he wasnt even undressed yet and I was begging and pleading with the man to let me suck his big hard cock.While I was sucking on it my wife continued to play with my hard dick . She asked me if I wanted to cum and I begged her to let me and she reminded me that the only way I could have an orgasm was by taking my dildo up my sissy ass and if I wanted to cum it had to be with a real mans cock up my ass and asked me if I wanted that . I immediatly agreed and begged the man to let me ride his cock . I was so horny that I Was begging like a little bitch and was so happy when he told me that I could. He laid on his back and I climbed on top and dropped down on his hard cock and rode and came so hard I almost passed out. Now my chastity cage stays on full time ,my wife has as many men come over as she wants to fuck her and we are so happy.She invites men over and I suck their cocks willingly and cant wait to have my ass pounded by the ones who want to fuck me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    I love girls who are cock teases. I'm so turned on by it and yet most guys hate that. I like finding a girl who never gets naked for me but has no problem making me strip just because she wants to. I used to live with a girl who knew about this and stopped letting me fuck her. She would get me hard and I would get above her so she could use my dick like a dildo. She would rub herself with the head of my dick until she got off and then we where done. She would not let me jerk off but every half hour or so she would get me hard then go back to sleep. Sometimes that's the only sex we had for a month or so, even if I begged her. If I begged her, I would have to go down on her till she got off, then tell me how good it felt but that was all. I wish I could find a girl like this again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 34

    When I was 14, I already knew I was gay and already knew what was sex through porn. But I was very manly and very tough to recognise as a gay man if you didn't know me. At that age, I was already jacking off thinking of big cocks and gay sex, but didn't have anyone to share it with and didn't have any interest in my male friends because, well... I'd always cum imagining cocks up to 10 inches ravaging my mouth and ass, and their cocks probably weren't big as they were the same age as me and mine was about 4 1/2 inches.

    I lived in a neighborhood where all parents were at work from 9 to 5 and all the kids were at school from 9 to 3. My room was on the second floor of my parent's house and I could see the street from my window and if I really wanted I could look across the street and see inside our neighbor's bedroom. A couple lived there and I never noticed the wife that much, but the husband was very handsome. They were both in their 40's, probably. They almost always left for work together, but he'd stay home alone at least two days during the week. Things might've been not so good in their marriage, because he'd always ended up jacking off in their bedroom while watching what I assumed was porn on TV (I couldn't see the acreen).

    One given day I came home from school and decided to take a bath, then stroll naked into my room to put on clothes, windows wide open because I knew nobody was home in their house that day. I was putting on my underwear when I noticed a silhouette in their bedroom's window. I got scared and ashamed because they were supposed to be both at work that day and time. My scare turned into shyness and then curious horniness when I stopped a while and saw it was the husband and that he was jerking off, staring directly at my window.

    Now I needed to know if he was really trying to see me or if it was just a coincidence. I had seen something in a movie... I went near the window, turned my back at him and removed my underwear. Looked back and he was still there, this time jacking off a lot faster. I followed the movie scene... Walked towards my bed, layed down and spread my butt cheeks. That way I couldn't see him, but he had cum when I turned to look at him. He threw me a little kiss and walked away, probably to take a shower. This interaction happened a few times after that. Some times I did the same thing, other times I'd stay on my hands and knees on the bed and a fee times I'd show him my little hard dickie.

    After a few weeks like that, one day he stopped jerking and signaled "come here" with his hands. I was in shock. What would I do? I decided it was too risky to go to his house in the middle of the day as I could be seen by someone who'd tell my parents or his wife. Not knowing how to signal back, I left the room and took my bike to try and do something about that. He saw me leaving the house and went to the front door. I pretended I was riding it and stopped in front of his house to "look at some problem I was having with the bike". He came near me and said "wanna come in?", to what I responded "not today, but leave your back door opened the next time you're home" and then immediately left.

    My heart was pounding like crazy. I realized I jad just accepted to have my first sexual encounter in a totally "wrong" way: with another man, someone much older and married. My nerves were a wreck through the next few days and my heart poundrd heavily every day I came home from school and looked at his window because he could be there. The day he was there, my heart dropped. My dickie was hard and I wanted to see him naked and grab his cock, but what if he wanted more? What if he wanted the things I've never done? What if he'd force me to do things I wouldn't want to do?

    I went anyway, leaving home with my bike to pretrnd I was going somewhere. Got to this alley behing his house and then into his gate. His backdoor was really unlocked and I went in. He was in the kitchen and saw me enter. Was wearing extra loose shorts and clearly no underwear, and a light T-shirt. There were a lot of silent moments, but we managed to talk a little after he broke the ice with "so you like to show your butt to pervy older men, huh?". I said "I had never done that before, but I thought you'd like". His cock went hard in a beat, making his shorts rise. "You know, I love to break little guys in... (I blushed!) Now, why don't you show me your butt?". Just show? No problem. "Wow, you're hard.. You really want to show it to me", he says. In that, he was 100% right. He then took his shorts off and his hard cock bounced up and down. It was huge (for me, anyways). That day, he just asked me to sit over his cock while he layed on his couch. I just sat there, his cock throbbing under my ass until he exploded. I had never seen so much cum!

    I jerked and sucked his cock the next time. He was patient enough to teach me how to do it and what he liked, so I had nothing to complain about. He'd never fuck my mouth harder than I could handle and never did anything I'd regret later. Sucking on his big balls was a huge turn on to me, as I could see hia hard cock twitch in pleasure. From that day on, every day he was home alone I was sucking and jerking his cock from 3:30 to 5pm. I had 30 minutes to go home and shower before my parents were home.

    One day he said "it's time to do something with your butt". I froze. He then said he wanted to do something we both would enjoy and that I shouldn't worry because he wouldn't enter me. He layed me bottoms up on his bed and procceded to grab and kiss my ass. I felt him spreading my butt cheeks a little from time to time until he said "don't be scared" and started licking my hole. It was weird, but I felt a fuzzy feeling every time his tongue was in there and started to like it.

    He then came over me, his cock drooling over my ass, and let me feel the weight of his body. He told me to spread my cheeks and let his cock slide in my crack. His long shaft would move up and down slowly, the head would come back until it'd thrust my hole and then go back up until his balls were pressing against my ass. He'd increase his thrusting speed from time to time and always asked me if it was too much - it never was. He announced he wanted to cum just like that and he needed me to repeat what he'd say. "Say 'fuck my ass'", he asks; I say it. "Say it again!"; I do. "Say you want me to balls deep in you and call me daddy"; "I want you balls deep in me, daddy!", I almost scream. He cums while emitting a deep growl. My ass was drenched. I came on his bed sheets while he gave his last thrusts.

    I knew that by now he'd want to fuck me for real and I was planning on letting him have his way with me. It was 3:30pm on April 4, 1998 when I gave him the green light. Before we dis anything, he say he had a little gift for me and handed me a package. There was a pink panty inside and he told me he'd love if I'd wear that on our first time fucking for real. I didn't really understood what that meant and all (back then the CD craze wasn't a thing), but I agreed.

    I was a little afraid of his cock's size and girth, but he calmed me down with lots of kisses and caressing my body. When he removed my panties and started licking my hole, I knew it was near. He lubbed my ass and his finger and started to play around my hole before gently inserting it in. Inch by inch he put his finger in and then moved slowly in and out while always asking me how I felt. Then came the time for a second finger. It hurts a little, but he is good on what he does and makes sure to use lots of lube.

    "Time for the big boy, sweetie", he announces. He tells me to relax and let it slide naturally in while loosening my hole for it. The tip of the head goes in... I never thought pain would be that pleasurable. Then the whole head is in and he's whispering "oh God, I love you". He applies more lube and keeps going in until I tell him that I thought that was the most I could take. I jever knew how much of his cock went in this first time, but he seemed surprised that a first time could be so good for both. He didn't try to r**e me like in the dry sex sessions we had, and was always a lot careful. I felt my ass stuffed with his cock, but never over the top. He announced he was impregnating me while he came.

    We fucked a lot until I was 18 and had to move to go to college. He came around a few times, but it wasn't the same. We both agreed that it wasn't something we were after anymore. His pleasure resided on me being underage and mine on me being underage as well. It was never meant to be mote than that.

    The reaaon I remembered this lies on the last time I visited my parents, a few weeks ago. My bedroom is now a deposit and I went in one afternoon to look for something. Both our windows were opened and there he was, looking through his bedroom's window. I closed the door, dropped my pants, turned my back at the window and spread my cheeks. He threw me a kiss.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I got served with papers for divorce. My wife of 15 years decided that she was better off without me than with me. The divorce was not amicable and in the end the lawyers came out best, we had to sell our home to split the equity, she got her car and I got my truck and we went our separate ways. I was depressed.

    A friend of mine from work suggested that I go to counseling or get into a group like Al Anon, something for men who had been dumped and left broker than they were when they first got married. I went to the church which had a divorced men's group and a divorced women's group. I got nothing out of it so I quit.

    I decided that I would do the stupid thing and I bought a Harley. I took a map and came out with a route that would take me up the Appalachians, packed some gear, got some money out of savings, took a six week leave of absence from work and in late May I took off. I ran into a couple of guys who were riding much like I was, just riding the Blue Ridge Parkway and I hooked up with them. We stopped to get something to eat and we took a while talking and we all agreed that women weren't worth it, pussy or no pussy. We laughed.

    Along about sunset, we did not ride at night, we stopped and checked into the local motel got unpacked and went down to the local choke and puke for dinner. Nothing but locals, mostly of the farming kind, but a couple who obviously worked in town. We minded our own business and went back to the motel. I got a cigar out of my pack and went outside and sat on my bike for a smoke. I was approached by one of the fellows I was riding with and he asked if I was serious, if I had given up women. Well I should have caught where he was going but I missed it and said yes and he said well come on then, lets have some fun.

    Two red neck cowboys on Harleys suggested that we have a round robin and suck each other off, first one to suck the other one dry won the right to ride point the next day. Come on and get your pants off and start sucking, make believe that your a half starved calf and that dick is a tit, suck it hard and long and see if you get to ride point. At the moment I almost walked out but I stayed and I got the one that came outside looking for me and we got into a three way hookup sucking and slurping and grabbing and laughing and milking the all mighty cock until baby Joe got Mike to blow and we all laughed and then we got down to serious business sucking for pleasure.

    The three of us rode for two and half weeks until we got to where they peeled off to Ohio and I kept going north. It was a guy away from home thing, if truth be told they were going home to pussy and that is where we were different, I was going home to an empty house. I got the feeling and I hooked up with a couple of rednecks who drove trucks for a living and muck like my friends on the ride, you suck cock for fun and go home for pussy. Except I sucked cock for fun, when I went home there was no pussy. Still, all in all, I learned to like sucking cock and getting my cock sucked and getting a load off your mind down a white boy's throat makes things better. The only thing better is a load of cock down your throat because if truth be told having a big boy give up his load down your throat is a lot better than eating pussy.

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    Straight Male / 50

    I was recently reflecting on how our sex life has evolved over 25 years. We married young â in our early 20âs. We had known each other for years and dated off an on. While dating, we messed around a little, but stopped short of sex. When we got married, I was aware that I had had significantly more experience than my wife, but I had no idea what the future held. Once married, we enjoyed a ânormalâ sex life. A year later we moved across the country for a job. During the drive, my wife mentioned that she wished she had more sexual experiences, particularly what it would have been like to be with other guys. I was not sure how to respond, but later than night I told her I understood and that if the opportunity arose, she should feel free to have those experiences and I would support her as long as we talked about things.

    About three months later she mentioned that a guy at her work had been flirting with her and she was attracted to him. She was also working out with two girls from her office every day and was attracted to one of them. I reassured her I was okay with whatever she wanted to do. Two weeks later the girls went out drinking on a Friday and had a little more than they should have. Her female crush, who was married, invited her to stay with them because we lived on the other side of town. They lived in a one-bedroom apartment, so there was only one bed. My wife was offered the couch, or she could sleep with them...and she chose the bed. As she tells the story, it started with the girl playfully spooning her, but escalated to the two ladies kissing and touching each other while the husband played with himself. Quickly the other woman was between my wifeâs legs. During this, my wife reached over and began to jack-off the husband. My wife returned the favor to her friend and had her first taste of pussy. When she had finished her friend, she thought about moving on to the husband, but it wasnât clear if that was okay. Instead they all went to sleep. She told me this story the next day and I was happy for her, but she was disappointed that the husband did not fuck her.

    A few weeks later I came home from work to hear the shower running in our second bathroom, which was odd. Ten minutes later a male came out and said he had been working in the area and had an event nearby that night and my wife had given him a key and told him he could use our shower. Turns out this was true, but there was more she had not told me. They had been out to lunch a few times and âmade outâ in his truck, which included her sucking his dick and let him cum in her mouth, which she had not allowed me to do. I was a little irritated that she had not told me or take my cum. At the same time, I thought it was kind of hot that she was a little slut and we keeping things from me.

    A few months later we moved across the country again. This time to a large metropolitan area where she took the commuter rail to work every day while I worked in a suburb. She worked at a large accounting firm that had weekly happy hours at nearby bars, so she made friends quickly. One of those new friends was Jen, who was about my wifeâs age, but with large natural breasts. One night the topic turned to sex and my wife began to talk about her new experiences. Jen asked about a threesome and my wife responded that was next on her list.

    The next week Jen invited my wife to another bar away from the company happy hour. Jen provided no details, but my wife told me not to expect her home that night. Sure enough, I would not see my wife for the next 36 hours. This is the first time I knew my wife was having sex with someone else and the anticipation was killing me. I wanted her to walk through the doors and give me every detail. I must have jacked-off at least three times that night. Instead of coming home, we met halfway at a restaurant, where she told me the details. The two girls played with each other first, while Steve watched and played with himself. While Jen was sitting on my wifeâs face, Steve decided to lick my wifeâs pussy, which âdrove her crazy.â My wife told me Steve had the biggest penis she had every seen...âmuch bigger than mine.â She also mentioned that when she sucked his dick, he pulled out and came all over her face with a âmuch bigger load than I ever had.â I was hard as a rock, but my wife had led me to a public place where she knew nothing could happen. She allowed me to jack-off while looking at her tits, but this time I would have to clean up after myself. This was the beginning of our roles changing in our marriage. She was now in control and I was becoming submissive....and I liked it.
    She finished the rest of the story, which involved multiple sessions of sex over the next 12 hours. She and Jen performed oral on each other several times. They sucked Steve together and individually, but only Jen fucked Steve. My wife was not ready for that yet.

    Jen and my wife had several threesomes with Steve. After one of the threesomes, Steve took my wife down the elevator and to the train station. As she said goodbye, he kissed her and told her he wanted her by herself next time. She normally showered at Steveâs, but this time she let him cum on her tits so I could smell in when she got home. Instead of having sex, she told me to jack myself off while I smelled his cum on her. I gladly did as she said, not realizing I was now a cuckold and Steve was her bull.

    A few days later she and Steve went out on a date. She was concerned about being seen alone, so Steve drove to our house and picked her up and they went to a different area of town. I jacked off watching her get in the car with him. Two days later she same home. She blew him in the car before they went to the restaurant because she could not wait. They held hands and kissed during dinner and then headed back to his apartment. This time I did not get all of the details, but they had sex several times, but she mentioned her favorite part was when he lifted her up on his bathroom counter and licked her pussy to multiple orgasms, something I could ânever do.â She also mentioned she loved to get on her knees and look up in his eyes while she sucked his âhugeâ penis.

    During our time in this area, she continued to see Steve and even went out of town with him a few times. She refused to call me while she was with Steve and stopped giving me details. I continued to support her and was even sexually aroused at the thought of my wife having a boyfriend doing things with him that she withheld from me. Eventually we moved again and my wife continued to have sexual experiences, but they were limited to one-off experiences with other men and women.
    Then we had a child and everything stopped. It was all good for about five years, but eventually I brought up the subject as my fantasies involved my wife with other people. My wife stated she was not interested, but I could do whatever I wanted. Another few years went by, but now I had the internet to search to find out what was next. I began to fantasize and watch videos of serving my wife and her bull, including sucking his cock. At first, I did not think I would enjoy it, but at some point I became obsessed with cock. Around this time my wife mentioned that she had recently fucked Steve a few times when they both attended the wedding of a former co-worker. I was hurt she didnât tell me, but even more turned-on that she kept it secret. Steve had also made a video of the two of them together. My wife has a copy, but to this day has not let me watch it. She did, however, show me a picture of his penis. It was impressive.
    Another few years of dormancy went by until one day I was on knees with a cock in front of me. We were on vacation and while using the restroom a well-endowed man caught my looking at his cock. It at least eight inches and a huge mushroom head. He asked if I liked it and I pretended not to know what he was talking about. However, my hard cock said differently. He then locked the restroom door, grabbed the back of my head and pushed me to my knees. I hesitated, but it was clear he was in control and deep down this is what I wanted, although I wanted my wife there to see it. I had practiced on my wifeâs dildos and watched training videos, so I knew what to do. I took him into my mouth and within a few minutes he came down my throat. I had graduated to cocksucker.

    That brings us to today. Soon there will be no children in the house and my wife has communicated her interest in having more experiences, as well as having me âfluffâ her lovers and eventually seeing me being fucked by one of her lovers. She has purchased a butt-plug, which I am wearing now, as well as a series of dildos that increase in size so I am prepared for the moment. I didnât know when this all started that eventually I would be a submissive, cock-sucking, bottom submissive sissy for my wife, but I would not trade it for anything.

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