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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    For allowing us to live in his home and support us, my moms brother Eric has been fucking me for three years. Dad left us, which meant my mom and I couldn't afford to live at the place were in. Eric said we could stay, but something would have to be worked out. Mom goes to work part time, and services some of Eric's friends orally once a month for free, when I'm at college. Each night because Eric likes boys, I sleep with him and he fucks me knowing my mom can hear him pounding my ass. At first I hated the sex and him, but I've learned to suck cock and to take his large cock up my ass, and now enjoy how he fucks me. It's not always anal sex, as I've learned how to deep throat his cock, which he says is like fucking my ass. But I much prefer to have his cock up my ass, as it always makes me cum that way. Mom says we could move out soon as she's been working extra hours, and has saved enough money. But I'm more than happy to stay as I think I'm in love with my uncle.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 35

    I've been married for 7 years. For the last 2 years I've been having an affair with my female best friend. She's older than me and has been dating the same guy for 10 years. She also lives with her sister, who has no idea about our affair.

    At first, we would sneak off to motels, or where ever else we could go to be alone, and fuck like rabbits. Then, eventually, guilt caught up with us and we decided to try to be good. That didn’t last too long.

    I do love my wife, but shes sort of a good girl and not nearly as good in bed as my friend. She's far more passionate and uninhibited than my wife. Aside from the sex, my friend and I also have way more in common and can spend hours talking. (I hate discussing serious topics with my wife because she always comes off as sort of a ditz and I find her conservative views kind of annoying at times.)

    Lately, we've been trying to be "good" and haven't had intercourse in a few months, but we'll still get together and make out in one of our cars. Sadly, she won't let me venture downstairs anymore and play with her pussy while we're making out, no matter how hard I try, but she's always more than happy to give me a blowjob, which I find heavenly as she swallows every last drop of my cum. My wife refuses to give blowjobs, but my friend LOVES to give them, which is another reason why I love "hanging out" with her.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    Here we go. I need to get this out. I've been married to my wife 17 years. We're Jr. High sweethearts. I've also been fucking Angie for 15 years and Naomi for 8 years, they're both my wife's younger sisters...could be more to it, Seeing as I bareback it with these fine ass sisters. And the pull out method ...what's that? Like a show?
    I'm sooo worng, I know, but for know...WEEEEEE

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My wife let's me fuck her butt ---- a lot. She's always loved it and even preferred it before she had her tubes tied. Now I fuck her back there, then we go to the tub, I gape her ass open with my hand and she has me piss into her open asshole (her idea). She takes the whole load, then clenches as shut as she can, stands up and lets it come out while she's actually trying to keep it in. It's usually a mix of my sperm, my piss and some of her poo. Then I take her all messy on a towel on the floor and fuck her beautifully trimmed, well-used pussy. Our friends, neighbors and family wouldn't believe little miss PTA, church committee is such a messy little whore and cumpig. She's 42 and I started fucking her at 17 and she'd already had 63 cocks in her body.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 39

    I have a crush on our teenage neighbor!

    I simply cannot stop thinking about this boy. It is just so crazy.
    My heart races and my stomach gets turned in knots every time we are over at their house.
    Every week day at 255pm I find myself looking out the window just to see Trent walk by from
    the school up the street. I will often be touching myself as I watch him.
    I feel so dirty.
    A couple weeks ago at a barbeque his family was having, Trent and my husband were
    playing a card game against each other. I was secretly hoping Trent would beat my husband,
    and he did.
    Even that got me aroused!
    At one point, I was able to sneak upstairs and lay down on Trent's bed just for about a minute.
    I inhaled the scent on his pillow, and dreamed about him laying there with me.

    When my husband and I are intimate, I can only think of Trent. I close my eyes and I
    am kissing him, it is his young penis inside me, it is his cum emptying inside my body.
    My husband has no idea why I have been initiating sex so much lately (lol)

    Trent is dominant over my husband, and he has no idea.

    I would never want to cheat, but I am to the point now where I would with Trent.
    If only he knew that.

    I think about the 2 hours we could have with each other when he is done with school, and before
    my husband comes home.

    I am pretty good friends with his mom, and anytime I am talking to her there is a voice in the
    back of my mind screaming "I want your son!!"

    I am old enough to be Trent's mom - maybe that has some kind of erotic kink for me since I do
    not have any kids of my own.

    I am turning 40 soon, maybe I want Trent to make me feel young again.

    I am in great shape, but I cant help but think of all the pretty girls he goes to school with.
    Why would he ever be interested in me?

    I want to make love to Trent. My body craves him.

    Lord help me

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 41

    My Great uncle married a woman who my family called crazy. My Great uncle met her at the mental institution where he worked, they fell in love and married. My Great uncle was retired living on an old farm, so he and his wife would watch me. They also watched Mom's sister's children in the summer and after school. I was the only girl there, Great Aunt would have me practice kissing my cousins. I was the same age as the youngest cousin the other two were a year and two years older. She had us dance while she played records on a hand crank record player.
    My great Uncle slept most of the day, he rarely came out of the bedroom. So we were left with this crazy woman. She would strip us down when we got dirty and give us a bath.
    I was developing and my aunt noticed. She pointed out my breast, and by then my oldest cousin had pubic hair. When my youngest cousin ask about breast, my aunt drooped her dress for a full display. That included a touch and feel, then have my cousins touch and feel me.
    She let my cousins finger her vagina to see how it feels. My oldest cousin was post puberty and his cock was hard. My aunt would let him have sex with her. She was older than dirt then, she thought it was cute when he came and his penis fell limp. Then my crazy aunt suggested I let me oldest cousin push his hard cock in me. She forced me to let him try, but he could not get it in me. Thank God there was no lube.
    But That did not last, After weeks of attempts to enter me, He finally got is in. I screamed and that woke my uncle. He walked in the living room and raised hell. Told my aunt that she can not allow this.

    A few days later my aunt was forcing me to let me cousins have sex with me. Eventually I told my mother and she put me with my best friends mom.

    Just a note here, NEVER trust your children with someone who's nuts

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 47

    When I was coming of age, I was having serious crushes on a particular female actress. The problem is that I was female and I just couldn't put her out of my mind. I excused my feelings by telling myself that she was a real good actress and I liked her movies, but at night I would fantasize about doing things with her, or rather how she would do things with me.

    I stayed crushed on her and in my junior year of high school I confessed my obsession with this actress to this other girl. She and I had a joint project, but we were otherwise not friends. She kidded me about my obsession and started to swat my behind, and would reach out and touch my boobs. One afternoon she got behind me and grabbed both of my boobs and whispered that she knew I liked it. She pushed me down on the couch and got on top of me and kissed me and challenged me to tell her I didn't like it. After feeling me up real good she said I was queer. She told me she was queer so my secret was locked away with her.

    She was the only other queer girl I knew at school. We went to different colleges but we got together when we were home for holidays and such. We were too young to drink, so we either went to the movies or out to eat pizza or hung out together. Yes, every once in a while, we would get our faces to close to each other and we let our cheeks rub against each other. But our feelings were more like really close friends. Neither one of us acted out anything, other than that one afternoon at my house, we never did anything. And that meant not with any one else either.

    As we got along towards graduation we were both in a series of weddings for friends, and because we were from the same town and school, we had mutual friends that were getting married and she and I would go together. At these weddings we were introduced to a lot of eligible men, but we never met anyone that interested us. After graduation we had to decided what we were going to do, so we rented a small two bedroom house and took jobs in town. We were oblivious to how we were perceived, at least no one ever said anything to us, but later we found out we had been 'pegged', but we were left alone.

    At my work I met a man, he was in his late forties, but he was a really nice man and I would have lunch with him and I confessed my situation to him and he told me that staying platonic was the worst thing for us, either get in bed and 'be' who we wanted to be or move on and find someone that we could give ourselves to. He actually talked to both of us at the same time and asked us to spell it out, did we 'hunger' to be together? His 'orders' were to get buck naked and get some tits and ass and not stop until we fell apart exhausted.

    It didn't happen quite like that, but it did happen, we gingerly got in bed and gingerly touched and kissed. It was after many hesitant times together that we got buck naked and went all out for some tits and ass. It wasn't normal for people to come out, but he told us to write down in a letter to our parents and tell them we were queer. Not mail it, but write it down, how would we tell our parents we were queer. To write down on a piece of paper everyday when we went to work "I am queer", then to make a poster like we did in high school, with big bold letters "We are Queers" He made us tell him out loud that we ate pussy. It sound easy now, but it wasn't, telling a man in those days that you 'ate pussy'.

    It took a long time before I told my mother I wasn't interested in a 'man'. It was not well received, she said it was her worst nightmare. My girlfriend, we had gotten around to calling ourselves girlfriends, we didn't use the word partner or anything even similar to that, my girlfriend's family told her to keep such things to herself.

    My girlfriend had a cousin, he was a man who had traveled quite a bit and had lived in Europe and we approached him and asked him if he would do us the favor and that is how we got our daughter. She is grow up now, and has a her family. In 2016 we tied the knot, not really for any reason other than why not. For a honeymoon we went on a cruise, and we introduced ourselves as a married couple and we had a grand time, along with the other grandmother's showing off pictures of our grandkids.

    Go for it, say it out loud to yourself, if you are queer you are queer. Just don't shove it anyone's face, that is no way to make friends.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    My first intense experience with masturbation happened in the attic. I jacked off while I looked at a gay magazine I had been given by a friend at school. I went through that magazine page by page, admiring, touching the pages, kissing the pages, and then jacking off. I still have that magazine, it was my introduction into gay sex and gay porn.

    My first real man was this foreigner who worked the register at the Sack N Pack down the street from our house. I would put together whatever change I could find, ride my bike down and spend it on candy. My folks worked and came home around seven, so in the afternoon I would go down to the Sack N Pack and read comic books, and the clerk let me leaf through the girlie magazines. One afternoon he followed me into the bathroom and locked the door. I got my first cock. He wasn't like any of the men in the magazine, he was older with a hairy chest and belly and his cock was dark and he was uncircumcised, but he was hard and once I took it into my mouth all I could do was stay on him. He checked out my cock, gave me a hand job and sucked me off. I came while he was giving me a hand job.

    I took my magazine to show him. He had a source of gay porn, and he would let me look at it in the storage room. If the store was quiet he would come back to back and give me a quick hand job or suck my cock for a minute, and once I a while he gave me his cock to suck for a few minutes. It was a year before he had me lean over some boxes and I experienced him all in.

    Between college and retirement I lived the life of a straight man, searching for adventure in the dark areas of town, getting blow jobs in the car, following a guy up the back stairs in low end motels. In those early days I found a man who worked at the bank who liked to get it on in sleazy motels, he was there for the fuck, and I met up with him on a fairly regular basis. We never saw each other in real life.

    In my mid forties I met a man and in a discussion with him I related how much I liked those early days of underground magazines that the clerk in the Sack N Pack shared with me. He hooked me up with a man who worked at a seaman's store and he was my source for underground gay porn. I went back to masturbating, enjoying the pictures and the narratives.

    Retired now, we have other sources, but really the magazines offer a lot more. You can hold the magazine, worship the pictures and masturbate slowly to the image and the thoughts that fill your head. You just don't get that with the online experience. I miss those days, the clandestine pick up of the latest issue, the adventure of finding a new face and cock to jack off too.

    I have my collection, safely hidden away in the shed out back. I go out there, and pretend that I am going to work in the yard and jack off to some of those old magazines. It has been a while since I hooked up and got off to it in the flesh. I watch the lawn guys working the yards up and down the street. Which one of them would get it on with me? Unlikely, just too old for them. But I bet I can give them a pretty good blow job.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    Visiting my wife's mothers last weekend, she and my wife got talking as I watched the football. They disappeared for a while and I thought nothing of it. Needing a pee I walked upstairs and used the bathroom, then washed my hands and was about to go back down. That's when I heard gentle moaning coming from what I knew to be my mother in laws bedroom. Poking my head around the half open door, I saw something which is now burned into my mind. On her back naked was my mother law, and lay also naked in between her legs was my wife licking her own mothers pussy. I watched for about five minutes maybe, getting a huge erection listening and watching them have oral sex. At one point my mother in law arched her back, holding her daughters head and told her she was orgasming. My wife lifted her head and and turned slightly to the door. I darted back, but I'm sure she saw me.
    Back downstairs with the vision of my wife pleasuring her own mom, my wife entered and smiled at me. She asked me if everything was okay, to which I could only nod. Minutes later her mother entered and asked me if I wanted a drink. I said yes and she fetched me a beer. Drinking it al I could think about was seeing her tits and watching my wife lick out her pussy.
    I know that my mother in law has been divorced from my wife's dad for about two years now. (Split for about four) I also know they're extremely close, but since being with her the past two and half years (Now married for eight months) I didn't have a clue they were having sex together.
    Neither of them mentioned that they'd seen me watching them having sex, so I kept quiet about it. What I did say was, I'd be joining them this coming weekend, as I'd previously told them I won't be able to make it. My wife grinned a massive smile and my mother in law said "Good maybe you could record the sport and join us". She didn't add to that statement, but she give my wife a knowing wink.
    All this week so far, all I've thought about is what I saw, and what could be happening at the weekend. The one thing I haven't said, is not long after I got together with my wife, her mother did try to seduce me in her home. She was blind drunk at the time and I've never mentioned it to my wife. But now thinking about that and what happened last weekend, I'm now thinking my wife does know and they've both thought about including me.
    This might all get out of hand I don't know, and I might be reading way too much into all this. But from what I've seen and heard this past week, I'm sure my wife wants me to fuck her mom, but just won't ask me straight out.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Found out not too long back, my wife has cheated on me with someone she knows I hate. Feeling really down I couldn't help myself and told her son Kyle about what she'd done. Kyle is part of the reason I hate the guy, as it's him who beat Kyle up. I had a fight or should I say I beat the shit out of him and ended up going to court. Luckily I got away with the charges due to extreme provocation, and the guys withdrawal of his statement. Kyle couldn't believe his mother would have sex with someone who beat up her own son, but knowing my wife and her selfish ways, I could. Out of the blue Kyle asked me if I'd like to make us both feel better. Two hours later with his mum at work, I thrust my cock into my step sons asshole and we've been fucking ever since. Kyle is now twenty years old and still extremely pissed off with his mother. Over the last few weeks we've had sex almost every day and it just keeps on getting better and better. Thinking it all through and after discussions with Kyle, we've both decided were going to leave my wife, his mother and move in together in my old apartment which I've been renting out. Kyle told me yesterday if he never see's her again, it will be too soon...

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