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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 29

    It is not fair that I am a woman. It is just not fair. It doesn't matter a whole lot about equality, sexual harassment, male/female pay equality. At the bottom of it all it doesn't change that I am a woman.

    As a woman I am burdened with the responsibility of having kids. Yeah, the guy is also involved. The key word is involved, the guy is not pregnant and the guy does not make the baby and the guy does not deliver the baby and the guy does not raise the baby. If I don't have kids we don't have kids. He can't do it.

    I would love to be focused on an outside job. Instead I am focused on my kids. He helps, don't get me wrong, but he is not focused on the kids. I am. I am because I am the mother. The more kids I had the more my husband, their father became another kid. He is as much work as the kids are.

    Getting back to having kids. I was railroaded into it. My job was to have kids. My job is to have kids and my job is to run the house. That is my job. My focus. That I went to college for four years, that I graduated with honors is all good. But in the end, I graduated, was walked down the isle, given to this man who took me with him and knocked me up. Was I involved? Barely. I was there. I was still in shock.

    I have four kids. Four kids who were all born in period of five years. The age difference between the kids is around one year, give or take a couple of months. After my fourth kid was born I had a long talk with my doctor about tubal ligation. Her answer to me after the long talk was don't do it. I wasn't a good candidate. I wasn't through having kids. Even my doctor says my job is to have kids. I have had a three year breather. Time to start again. My doctors says I am a perfect specimen, I will do quite well getting pregnant again. I am a specimen.

    Half a dozen, so that means two more. I will have them pretty much like the first batch, one and then the other, and what if I have a seventh child? I won't give it back. My count is seven, not six. I don't like even numbers, it sounds so planned. In nature you have kids until you can't anymore, and that means that you can easily have an odd number. Seven is my target, I like the number seven. He will be involved for sure, but the work is on me. It is my job.

    As a young girl my dream job was being a flight attendant. Until I found out that the flight attendants don't make any money and mostly fly between Peoria and Cleveland, not between New York and Paris. My next dream job was being a television reporter. Until I found out that television reporters are mostly paid very low, and only one I'm a million gets into a major market. And for that you have to have the look. So my next dream job was getting a degree in Finance. I was going to have kids anyway so the degree didn't really matter. I knew that, not when I was in high school but by the time I was in college. One sober look in the mirror and you know you are made to have kids.

    You grow up, you go to high school, you go to college, you get married, you have kids, you take care of a home and a husband, and maybe when the kids are all up in their school years you can work somewhere close. I could never be a flight attendant, I would not be home and who would take care of my kids? That is why it all unfair. It's not bad, but it is unfair. Uneven, like having seven kids instead of six. It is unfair. A single tiny little moment and you are either made into a female human or a male human. If you happen to be a female human then your job is to have kids. It's that simple, it starts right at the very beginning, a flash of light and you either make kids or you kick it off.

    One look in the mirror when I was nineteen and I never wanted a job that would keep me away from having kids. I love my job, I would not trade it for anything. Today I am outlier, wanting a larger family, but around me more and more women are having kids. I am leading the way, yes I am part of a movement. The more kids you have the bigger the haul on Mother's Day.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 50

    I'm a straight male but I LOVE to wear a Woman's Shirt. This is my sexual clothing fetish and I LOVE it! The Woman's Shirt is styled with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. My confession is the Fetish Name by which I call this style of Woman's Shirt. I call a Woman's Shirt styled with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Shirt Pockets a TICKET SHIRT. Knowing that the TICKET SHIRT I'm wearing is a Woman's "Shirt," turns me on sexually! Knowing that the Ticket Shirt I wear is an article of Women's Clothing intended to be worn by a Woman but worn by me, a MALE, really arouses me sexually!

    I also have Fetish Names for the Notched Collar, Collar Tags and the Shirt Pockets. The Notched Collar is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar," the Collar Tags are called "Ticket Shirt Collar Tags," and the Shirt Pockets are called "Ticket Shirt Pockets." I also have Fetish Names for my small, 4 inch penis and the sperm I spurt from my penis. My penis is called a "Ticket pp" or a "little Ticket pp," and my sperm is called "Ticket sperm."

    In my "Ticket Shirt Fetish" I have three "types" of Ticket Shirts. There are Ticket Shirts, pp Ticket Shirts and sperm Ticket Shirts. Ticket Shirts are for me to wear. My pp Ticket Shirts are for me to look at and jerk off to and for sexual Ticket pp to pp Ticket Shirt sexual touching contact. My sperm Ticket Shirts are for me to use when I jerk off and spurt my Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp. I spurt Ticket sperm on a sperm Ticket Shirt.

    I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt and watch myself jerk off while standing in front of a large mirror. Seeing myself wearing a Ticket Shirt turns me on sexually. Looking at the Ticket Shirt Collar and the Ticket Shirt Pockets of the Ticket Shirt I'm wearing is a sexual turn on for me! I get so turned on seeing myself wearing a Ticket Shirt and watching myself jerking off that I spurt Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp!

    I also LOVE to have Women sexually humiliate me for wearing a Ticket Shirt and having a little Ticket pp. I LOVE to have a Woman watch me wearing a Ticket Shirt, jerking off, and spurting Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp! I know that my Ticket Shirt Fetish is weird, but I LOVE my Ticket Shirts and I LOVE jerking off while I wear a Ticket Shirt!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    Just a few years ago, dad gave me a bicycle for my birthday not long after the spring where I ended my junior year in High School. My senior year would start that fall so I had an entire summer with my new, beautiful bike.

    Our house is on slightly higher ground than the garage so there is a double door and then after the second door, a flight of eight steps to the floor of the garage. When my bike was brand new, I used to park it below the small stair well where I could glance at it through the double, half glass door space without having to enter the garage. I did not believe it would be stolen, I just loved glancing at it since it was a beautiful, imported, high-end bike with a nice leather-like saddle.

    One day, I glanced down from behind the second door and saw Ernie, my little 14 year old brother holding my bike frame while he seemed to be sniffing and licking the saddle. Seems not a big deal today but back then my heart beat whilst I wondered what the devil he was up to. When alone, I went into the garage and sniffed the saddle and I distinctly smelled my pussy odor on it. I was at first embarrassed, then amazed to realize that he liked it enough to lick the saddle.

    Once in a while I started to ride in the summer with no underwear and I could feel the moisture from my crotch painting my leather bike saddle. There was then no need to struggle to smell or taste anything. It became rather obvious. I took to checking my bike once in a while and I began to see my little brother, then 15, going nuts sniffing and licking the saddle while he flogged on his erect penis tightly, with his clenched hand. He had a surprisingly large cock and watching him really turned me on so I found myself rubbing my pussy while watching him.

    Fortunately, from my position looking down from behind the second door, he could not see me. I knew about male sexuality from school and so knew about ejaculation but it still surprised me when he began to fire sperm on the garage floor. I could hear his heavy moaning. I had seen it only on Internet porn but never in real life. The event took place almost daily but my schedule made it impossible to see most of his visits to my bike. Once, I was fingering myself watching him as he made love to my bike saddle, his big cock in hand, I rubbed my clit with my thumb and sank four fingers into my vagina and gave myself a grand orgasm simultaneously with my little brother's sperm shooting. It was a strange event and I felt guilty, for some reason.

    The summer ended and dad hung up my bike on the garage wall for the winter so the strange sexuality events ended. I never had sexual contact with Ernie but think of his off-beat penchant for my bike saddle sometimes when I talk to him. He never had a clue of the many times I watched him with my bike saddle.

    I should not end this without saying that my mom and I both talked about our soiled panties feeling crispy as we took them out of the soiled clothes hamper and threw them into the washing machine. We both realized what Ernie was doing, shooting his sperm into our soiled panties, where the sperm would dry crisp, no doubt after sniffing them, but never addressed him with our discovery. I told mom about my bike saddle and his making love to it, but not my own participation. She laughed, saying, "He'll get through this hormone driven period unscathed if we don't tell him we know all about it." Ernie seemed to have an endless supply of spunk.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 33

    Me and Cheryl went on a Caribbean cruise, 12 nights, and she picked up a guy who was over twenty years older than her, so I had to stay away from the cabin in the afternoon so they could have sex. He was on holiday with his wife, and Cheryl said his wife gave them permission to have holiday sex.

    Two American black guys chatted me up one afternoon when I was sitting around on my own. They seemed nice and were 20 something. One had really dark skin and wore glasses, the other was a bit lighter and a bit chubby.

    They asked if I had ever had black cock and I said no, never ever [ I'm not American ].They said they were here for some white pussy and I had a funny cute accent. They said I could choose one of them, which one did I fancy, and I said I can't pick, you decide. Then they said I could have both if I wanted, we could all have a good time in their cabin.

    I had a bit of a dizzy moment as I thought about it, then I said yes, why not, I'm only here for fun.

    I went back to my cabin. Cheryl was naked with her man on her bed. I said 'Don't mind me, I'm just here to get my cap and some cream.' I told them I was meeting two black guys for sex in their cabin. The guy said, 'Lucky you.'

    I freshened up in the bathroom, inserted my protection, and said on the way out 'Goodbye, carry on.'

    When I got to their cabin they were waiting for me, in their undies. Holy shit, I have never seen such big cocks bulging out. They dropped their undies, such thick brown rods of meat.

    I did the porn thing I'd seen, a girl kneeling and sucking two cocks at once. I could do the heads but not much more. I stripped off and got them to blow their horny cum in my mouth and over my face. I didn't clean up, just laid back and opened up to let them fuck me.

    The size of that thing going in was indescribable, it seemed to touch every spot in there. I'd put some cream in their before but still I had to get him to take it easy. Sometimes you have sex and it feels like your whole body is hot and tingling like mad. This was the best.

    He fucked me for like 15 minutes, I'm sure he blew inside me, but when he softened and rolled off the second guy, the chubby one,couldn't wait, and got on top quickly and slid his cock, big and fat same as his friend, right in, smooth as you like. And fucked me hard, he was a bit more energetic.

    I was orgasming, can't say how many times, felt like one never ending one.

    Also can't say how long I was there, was hours for sure. I cleaned up so they could do some clit sucking and pussy licking. We did some 69's. Then we finished with another fuck each and it was dark outside. So fast the time .

    Another day we had one more time together, then a couple of one on one sessions after that, but the first time was the biggest thrill for me. All too soon the cruise was over. I got an email since then from one of them but I haven't answered.

    On the last night I had dinner with Cheryl and her man and his wife. It was true, she didn't care. 'We have an open marriage' she said, so maybe she was fucking some one too.


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 54

    God yes, that is what I said when this girl asked me to screw her. We were kids and she had been told by her older sister that she needed to get her virginity behind her. Her older sister was a dancer at a club. She had a look and she moved in a way that made you want her, and I was only a kid at the time. She supervised her sisters sex life, and she made sure that she only had sex with me. She didn't want her sister getting a reputation for being a school slut.

    One afternoon when I was over at their house, I should say I spent every afternoon over at their house, my girl and I were sitting on the couch and her older sister came in. She was in a nightgown, she had just taken a shower and she was getting ready to go to work. She walked in front of us and bent over to pick up a magazine that was on the floor. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Her behind looked enormous, her dark hole and heavy pussy showing between her legs. She was completely shaved, no hair down there. My girl let me stare until her sister stood up and walked away.

    My girl wanted to know what I was staring at. Who could possibly think that was sexy, a woman's asshole, she asked if I thought that was sexy. She turned my face towards her and told me that I needed to keep my mind on her, if I wanted to see a girls behind then I should ask her, she was my girlfriend. I just didn't have the guts to ask her to bend over like that, with a bare behind. What I got out of that is that I stared at my girl's behind after that, especially when she was wearing a dress, I liked how she walked. And one afternoon when we were having sex, she let me see her for real, she got on her hands and knees and bent down and let me see. She told me that her sister had told her that some guys fucked girls in the ass.

    Her sister snuck us into the club one night so we could watch. She made arrangements with her boss and the bouncer let us into the kitchen area and we could watch from there. Watch the topless girls dance on the stage and dance beside the men sitting at these small tables with a small red candle. And the men paid them, putting money in their G-strings. And we watched her sister, she made a lot of money dancing and that night we saw men put twenties, tens and dollar bills in her G-string. She sent us home around eleven.

    She wanted her sister to dance. She would teach her sister the moves, how to stand, how to move, how to bend over to get better tips, she used me as the fake client, how to her tits up so close to my face, but not let her tits touch my face. I sat in this kitchen chair while her sister danced around me in her G-string, topless and my girl did the same. Girls weren't allowed to dance until they were eighteen, but there were ways of getting fake IDs. Until one night I told my girl I didn't want her to dance.

    But she danced anyway. She was seventeen, she danced on Friday and Saturday nights. She was a reserve dancer, which meant that she only danced for men that paid the club for a private room and she got the tips. She made so much money, thousands a week. She was asked to do tricks, customers would arrange it with the club and the girls were supposed to meet the men afterwards. She didn't start doing tricks until she was eighteen, the club didn't want a problem with a seventeen year old turning tricks.

    I started driving vans, and later trucks in the neighborhood and eventually got on as a long haul trucker. I stayed friends with my girl, but after she started turning tricks I didn't want her anymore. The money was just too good for her to pass up. The trucking business had its problems too, and everyone had their hand out. Everyone had to get a piece, that is the way the business ran. The girls, those that had the look, got into the dance or the street business and later when they were too old they worked the bars as cocktail waitresses or a few became bartenders. Some disappeared, moved away and we never heard from them. My girl worked the bar when she got too old, but she didn't look good anymore. I married a girl I met who worked as a dispatcher at the trucking company.

    That is how it was, I don't think many of us finished high school. We had to get out an make a living.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    My name's Andy, I'm twenty four and and I'm a sex addict. It helps I have a really large penis and it also helps now, that I'm divorced (I married way too early). The reason I'm divorced, is my ex wife caught me fucking two teenage girls in our bed nearly a year ago. The girls just so happened to be my wife's younger cousins.
    It wasn't the first time I'd cheated on her either, as throughout our marriage I'd fucked numerous females of all ages. They nearly all to a person, I've found, enjoy a confident, extremely fit and large cocked individual like me.
    Most of the women I fuck are married, and nearly all of them have been from places I've worked, or the local gyms in the area's I've lived in.
    You'd be surprised by just how many wives and girlfriends are open to a quick fuck, if they know you've got a cock the size of mine. They're extremely inquisitive and before you know it with my cheeky charm, it's them asking me if I'll show it to them, or if they can only just suck on it. Invariably they want more, and I end up nine times out of ten fucking them.
    Lots of th married women I've fucked, I screwed them in my car, or at places either I or they know outdoors, as they don't want to risk their husband's or neighbours finding out. But there are many who just don't care and I've fucked them in the same bed they sleep with their hubbie's.
    Since I began fucking my co female colleagues, I've moved jobs twice. Having fucked most of the eligible and needy married women I worked with. Two of the women have even been married to one of the companies bosses.
    They're not all married though, as was the case last month when I fucked two really dirty sluts, going straight from the gym to one of their flats. Only after I'd fucked them both most of that Friday afternoon, did I find out that one of them was getting married the following day.
    I've just passed a test at an airport to train in a new job. Already during the inital interviews I've chatted up two married women. One who's going to be doing some of the training and one who's been on the same induction as me. When I say chatted up, what I mean with one of them, the married future colleague, is I've had her suck me off in the gents twice so far, and once in my car.
    It's going to be a fun summer this summer and one I and my cock are really looking forward to. Especially if all the married good looking women, are just as slutty as the bitch who blew me yesterday.
    Here's to men who can't satisfy their wives, I say.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    this is a long shot, just wanted to know how many reader are around the area of Tennessee. just wanted to say hello >

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    i have a cousin and she's about 12 years old, she plays softball and looks hot in her outfit, i would love nothing more than to touge fuck her before putting my cock in her tiny pink lil slit. she has blossomed into a cock hardening little girl, she's from whitesburg and maybe one day i''l get my wish. katy u make my cock throbb little girl!

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 34

    For whatever reason, Percy was given the top job just under our company president where I have been with the company longer and have shown my resourcefulness and commitment where Perc has not. This is more than likely due to the fact that he is a man. Well, the word all over the quiet side of the office is that Percy is often gone for half a day attending to his addiction to a known dominatrix who inflicts real physical injury to her clients, who pay her well for it. She uses a real leather switch on her client's asses and from what I understand, draws blood with it.

    A group of us, who know what is going on, will find a sure way to expose Percy and get rid of him once and for all.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am a first generation born American. My parents immigrated to attend college. My mother's best friend also immigrated here and they have been best friends all their life. As it turned out my mother had me five years after her friend had him. They both have other children.

    I was fourteen. My mother called me to the kitchen and her friend and him were sitting at the table. I was told to take my place. I was told that he was going to go off to college. He was told that he left with visions of spreading his seed but he had his woman here. To pay close attention, that his woman was sitting at the table with him and they were sure his woman was not giving him permission to spread his seed in other women. As for me, I was to consider myself his wife. True I was a girl but I was also a woman. I was his wife.

    That was it. We were left sitting at the table. We sat in silence for a long time until we got up and left.

    Later that night, when we were home, my mother came to talk to me. She said it was just what had to be. I was too young to go with him, and he was too young to behave himself. Before he left I had to make sure that he enjoyed his wife. I was to get into the middle of his brain so the only thing he thought about was coming home to enjoy his wife.

    He enjoyed his wife before he left. I can't really say that I enjoyed my husband until I was much older, in my mid twenties. By then I was in desperation to have a child, I was willing to tolerate anything from him.

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