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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    The man was 66 years old, dirty and fat that smelled of booze and BO. I was walking down a well known street and alleyway that is known for homeless people but it was late at night and i felt horny so i started walking up and down trying to find a man that caught my attention. I finally found him and started talking to him and no later than 3min into my conversation i asked him how long it was since he had a blowjob and right away i saw him getting hard and i told him i wanted him to face fuck me and maybe more and of course he was more than ok with that.
    Just being around the scent and seeing how dirty he was turned me on sooo much! We ended up walking to this abandoned van that we go into and as soon as he closed the door he got super dominant and told me to get naked right fucking now so i obliged, he then ended up undressed and told me to get on my knees and to start sucking by then i was super turned on and i told him he had full consent to abuse or r**e me whatever he wanted so i he got super abusive and roughly face fucked me for 10min until he was ready to fuck me. I was told to get on all fours and get ready to get fucked so when i did we didnt have lube so he spit on my hole and fingered some into me and just stuck his not too long dick and super thick cock in me with no warning so i naturally pulled away but he just pushed me on my belly and held me down with his weight and roughly fucked me for 30min to 45min until i could notice him slow down and push a few deep deep thrusts and loads into me he fell in my back with his dick still inside me until he went limp.
    He got up and said thanks and to stay put so i did. I was really sore but still horny but i did as i was told and he came back and fucked me 4 more times until he was completely satisfied, we fucked for hours and hours and i loved ever moment of it even tho i hurt for a full day i became his little obeying slut! We agreed to do this weekly and i am meeting up with him in a few days and im looking forward to it!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 35

    when i was about 13 or 14 my sister linda and i use to fool around and play show me yours,i would pull my cock out and let her play with it while my hands found a way inside her panties,i said sis i want to wear girls bra and panties and long decrease,we would go for walks through the Bush while I was dressed up,now im laying here wearing purple silky lace panties and bra,black silk pantyhose long red lace petticoat an long blue maxi holter top dress an sister has just worked to 8 inch vibrators into my arse,im now 50 an marriaged and wife and I use meth,she dont know that I wear female clothing or into i****t,we went out one night for abit of fun,we got in car an i pretended my smokes were inside so i run inside went to her draw and took out blue bra an panties and pair of silk pantyhose,i quickly removed all my clothes and put female lingerie on an a long red petticoat then i grabed a maxi dress black holter top and put it on then put male clothes back oni got in car and wife had no idea i was wearing women's clothing,she had some clothes in car from a few weeks back,once at river i lay blanket on the ground for her an then she got naked,i said i go mix us up a shot,while mixing up i took male clothes off an was now dressed up to women's clothing,i took shot over to her an said does the dress suit me she asked have i been crossdressing before i said no only just now cause I wanted to see what it was like,she said if that's what you want to wear then stay in it till home,i said it feels funny but also feels good,i went for a walk in the park while dressed up and vibrator down my panties and 2 6 inch vibs up my arse,i wore female lingerie and clothing for next 5 days then said to wife ive tryed to stop but can't and said i don't want to stop because I really love wearing women's clothing and lingerie,then one night while slipping into a fresh pair of panties and bra my sister walked in on me she went to walk back out but i quickly grabbed her and locked the door and said please don't tell anyone about me wearing women's clothing and lingerie,i said sis you the only person who knows that I wear female clothing and lingerie,i said we go score when i get dressed,i put over-alls on over female clothing and said sis come on lets get going as it was about 2 hr run it was late an dark i stop got out removed overalls fix my dress and got back in,i lifted front of my dress and pulled out my cock and she played with it,i said do you enjoy it when we have i****t sex she said yes,i said you ok with me crossdressing she said yes,she asked if my wife knew that i wear female clothing and lingerie i said only some now,we spoke about i****t and I said it dont intersect me so you are the only one who knows that I fucked our other 2 sisters

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Gay Male / 19

    I love going to sex parties so I can suck the mens cocks and keep them rock hard for when they fuck someone . I also get to clean mens cocks after they are done fucking and a urnal for them to piss in. I love to lick mens cocks after they have just finished fucking , the taste of their cum mixed with a womans juices drives me crazy .When he has to piss I an right there on my knees,I take their cock in my hand open my mouth wide and aim their yummy hot piss in my mouth ,then wrap my lips around it to make sure I dont waste a single drop .Many times while I am drinking a mans piss I make his cock get hard ,when I do that it is my duty to take care of it so I suck his cock like a professional whore till I make him cum and I gladly swallow every drop of his cum right down .I am so glad that my mother taught me to do this starting out being a mans urnal when I was ten years old . After seeing her suck mens cocks I begged her to let me do it .She told me that I needed to learn how to suck cock just as she did,,No preperation,,no training ,advice or guidence ,,he just shoved it in my mouth and told me to suck his cock so I did the best I could . It took me awhile to learn how to do it right and I sucked a lot of cocks but I finally got good at it

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 25

    I think the worst humiliting prank my girl friend pulled on me was stranding me naked in public beach. She was waering her bikini under her clothes and I was still thinking were to change into mine. There's hardly any one here so I'll hold up a towel so you can quickly change. She convincing me to do it between a small bush and the towel. I remember handing her my clothes and a about to slip on my bathing suite when she took off running with everything and left stark naked in the open. One look at her running back to the parking lot convinced she wasn't cumming back. I was inn for a very humiliting experience. Only disicion I could make was running like hell after her saying sorry to everyone I passed by. Barely slipped into the car before she got it started. Even then she picked the crowded roads a drove me back home sitting in the car conpletely naked. She later asked me if I got sexualy turned on.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 36

    I am a 36 year old man but virtually all my sexual fantasies are about the idea of a woman with a young guy, teenagers that are just out of their mind horny. Around 14 or so. I feel sexually inferior to teens because of how much energy they have, I miss it. I love hearing about stories in the news like female teacher being with male students and it makes me so jealous.

    My ultimate fantasy would be to marry a woman who is dominant towards me and absolutely keeps me in my place, but sleeps with teen boys, and the more submissive she is to their urges the better.

    I don't know if I could ever confess this to a woman, and I can barely imagine that one would ever be into it. But I fantasize about it all the time. I would absolutely worship a woman that enjoyed pleasing teen boys.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 26

    I recently started dating a girl after the fourth date we had sex for the first time after some kissing fumbling we were naked, she went down on me and stopped and didn't look pleased, I thought I had forgot to wash under my fore skin, it can be a bit smelly if I don't, I apologised and said I will go and wash. no she said the problem its too clean it doesn't smell like a private body part, a dick should smell like a dick, it should be smelly like my c**t its not natural you should only wash with water not soap, this was an unusual request I suppose she is correct, so I did as I was asked and was I rewarded

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 31

    I was fifteen and I had my own room on the second floor. I could see our neighbors back yard and from the corner I could see the sliding glass door of a bedroom that gave onto the porch. The house was occupied by a pilot. This one night I walked by my window and I saw that the dr**es of the porch doors were pulled back. Clearly on the dresser I could see the TV. There was gay porn, two guys fucking. I watched and then this one guy, a young guy naked got up and walked in front of the dresser and the next thing there was a picture of the pilot naked on his back, next the young guy came into the picture and he bend down and started to suck the pilot. After a couple of minutes the young guy got up again and returned to suck off the pilot, this time you could see the pilot's face and the young guy's face as he turned to look at the camera.

    I stood there and watched. After a good long time, the guy got off the pilot pulled on his dick and the young guy came back and got on his knees facing the camera and the pilot got behind him and fucked him. Unbelievable. When the pilot got off the young guy got up and walked back in front of the glass doors and looked out and we had eye contact. He stood there pulled on his dick and smiled and went back to play with the camera. After fixing he camera on the bed again, this time on the pilots back and ass, he stood at the glass door and shook his head and slowly closed the dr**es.

    A couple of days later when I got home from school he walked out of the house and bumped into me. He introduced himself and said he had just moved in, asked me for my name and invited me to come over any time. He was waiting for me the next day and had me come in. We sat on the couch and he told me he was an artist and said he figured I liked cinema. He turned to this video camera that was on the side table and turned it on and this video of two guys fucking came on. He asked me if I liked that, he pushed forward and the video of the night I watched came on. He left it on until it was over. He reached over and grabbed my pants and worked them open and sucked my dick.

    When he stopped he told me that was a good dick to suck, he liked dicks like mine, hard and young and full of life. He took out his dick and said I had to return the favor. He held my head with his hand and I sucked him. After a few minutes he told me that I had to learn to suck a dick, it was a work of art, that a dick all by itself didn't get happy, that when you sucked it you had to make it happy. And he sucked me again, and said now you try it. We sucked on the couch for long time, at least it felt like a long time. He got up and came back with three sex toys, different sizes and shapes, one of which was a normal erect penis. He told me we had to figure out which was my right size.

    He took his pants off and using some lube he lubricated the normal looking penis and stuck it up his ass. He pulled it out and said lets try this one, and then we will try with the real thing. He told me that in the videos the actor always made it look like it hurt like hell, but it didn't it felt good, indescribably good, I was going to enjoy it, every bit of it. He lubed up the rubber dick again, and said he had to lube up my ass and he stuck it in. All the way in he told me that it felt good, he pulled it out and gave me the lube and told me to lube up his dick.

    After he fucked me he asked me which was better.

    For the several months that he lived with the pilot we got together to have fun, to watch some professional porn and to watch some of the stuff he recorded. He gave me as a gift the rubber penis with a tube of lube and told me to practice. He showed me how to give him a blow job and how to suck him dry. He sucked me dry many times and we fucked almost every time we got together.

    One day he wasn't there and a couple of days later he stopped by in his car and told me that the pilot didn't want him living there anymore. I didn't have another fuck buddy until I got to college. That lasted a few months and I left college and joined AT&T as a programmer. I got a transfer to Boston and I went wild, I was careless and wild, but I had fun. I settled on this guy who ran a car repair shop and saved enough money to buy my own car, debt free. I am in Dallas now, working for AT&T and living with a man who likes certain things. I am accommodating as long as the certain things I like come back to me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    I was a junior boy in high school, and at the time was straight but did have thoughts about other boys. Several times while taking the other bus from school to my uncles house I'd watched some freshmen as well as sophomore, junior and even senior girls sitting on older as well as younger boys laps.

    This was in the back of the bus and I knew what was happening by the movements and seeing the girls faces. There was this one black sophomore boy that had for over a week wanted to fuck me in the shower, and had tried it a few times.

    On the last day of school he was really determined to get it done, he and I as well as a few others were working in the jym putting things away. He tried it three times but we got interrupted each time, the last time was just before the last bell ending the school year. He wanted it, and I was also just about ready when the coach came in and things stopped.

    The bell rang and we headed for the bus, I knew he rode that one, and he motioned me to join him at the back. We were in the very last seat, and all ready a senior girl was getting it from a sophomore boy in the seat in front of us. In the other back seat a freshman girl was impalled on a junior boys dick. and in front of them a freshman boy had a sophomore girl on his lap.

    By the time the bus finished filling the black sophomore stud I was sitting with had me all the way down on his rigid dick. Some kids close saw what was going on, but it was nothing new, a few did make a comment about me getting it, but nothing I could do. And I did get it just like the girls did, as he got close he slid forward, held me back to him and really stuck it to me.

    We just had time to get our jeans pulled up as the bus was stopping at my uncles, so I got off the bus still feeling and knowing what he did. He only lived half a mile from there, and through the summer we got togather several times.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 18

    when i was a sophomore and into junior year i had thing w this guy. i really had feelings for him but he was just using me for nudes and entertainment. what he didnt know was that i showed all my girlfriends his nudes and every video of me “fingering” myself was just me moving my hand around in my panties bc he could never even get me in the mood enough to finger myself.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I don;t know if this is a gay story. It might be. I'm still fairly young and just don't know. Most of my time thus far since around age 13 or so has been focus on the female body and how to fuck various parts of it. However, the other day after football practice, I walked into the shower and around the first tiled wall came moaning noises so I peeked. Our head coach was there, nude, with one of the student players, my age. The coach as totally naked with a dark tan except for his hips where his skin was light compared to the rest. He had a six pack stomach that was clear and well ripped. Best of all, he had a powerful cock on him that seemed to have light around it. I could not stop looking at that big, strong, hard and thick cock.

    The kid was on his knees, sucking coach's balls and cock, licking his entire crotch, rubbing his face and head on the cock and making a real effort at swallowing it in deep throat (but failing). I felt myself totally electrified and ducked out before they caught me peeking. I cannot stop the scene from returning to me and I get a hard boner from thinking about it. I'm wondering if this means that I am discovering my true sexual orientation. However, only the coach and that majestic body and cock comes to mind.

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