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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 36

    I didn't know what category to write this in. I'm just going to say that when I was a young girl I was very very popular with the boys. That continued until my late teens/early 20s . I landed a job in out side sales for a local radio station , it was completely commission based. I couldn't sell anything in the beginning so I decided to use some of the talents I had learned over the last 10 or so years , in an effort to sell radio spots. Sales were booming I was breaking records. This got the attention of my boss the general manager. He started taking me to dinner and showering me with gifts and free spiffs. A year later we were married. I still continue to work for him at the station , and I still have the best sales in the company. I'm sure he and everyone would be upset if they found out why. During the lockdown , one of my biggest clients called and cancelled their ad. When my husband/boss told me I was devastated. I called the client and asked what happened , standard answer is no one was allowed out so no one was buying car's , he further said that he had to close his dealership until they were allowed to reopen and that the new owners were not impressed with our spots. I begged him to meet with me and bring the new owners. He got quiet and asked if I was willing to do it with all of them and would it matter if he was there too. I emediately so of course. It was a week later when he contacted me and told me to come out to the dealership. To call him when I got there and he would come let me in. I had my husband bring me over and I called, he said only I was allowed in. When I went back into the conference room I became nervous looking at 4 men plus the gm who brought me back. He said on the table good for you. Then started undressing me. When it was over I couldn't stand I was exhausted and sore. Finally I was able to go out to my waiting husband and tell him that I think I saved the account , but they wanted discounts and continuous meeting with me once or twice a month.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 21

    I was 17 when I saw two girls from high school fighting in an open field near our school. I remember one ending up on the ground with the other one sitting on her chest, I remember she reached under her skirt and ripped her panties off. All hell broke loose when she began slapping her face while pulling her skirt up intetionally embarrasing her. Lucky I had my cel phone because I got a really good shot of her wide open pussy. Humiliating because she's now know more y her pussy instead of her face. I still masturbate looking at her shinny wet pussy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 20

    My roommate from college took up painting during the stay at home order. She sent me an 8 X 10 drawing of a woman's vulva area. Nothing obscene, but descriptive. I called her and asked her what's up? She is bored, she misses me and what is better? A selfie? Or a hand drawing gift?

    I miss her too, but I sent her flowers by FTD. She sent me her flower.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 49


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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 39

    When my neighbor moved in next door, I like everyone else believed the man of the house, Chet, was one hunky heterosexual virile man. Mainly because you could hear them having sex all the time.

    What everyone, including his wife doesn't know, is Chet's one hunky muscular bisexual cock slut.
    I'm a gay top. And I just love fucking muscular men. Even better if they're married. I'm not sure what it is about married fit men, but I just adore sticking my cock down their throats and deep up their ass. And Chet is definitely no exception.

    It was he who approached me actually. I was working out in my yard, when he made a comment about my physique.
    It was said in such a way, it was obviously a gay come on "I bet they're not the main muscle you work out".

    I can't remember the exact reply I gave him, but it was something like "Would you like to find out".
    In less than a minute, he hopped over the low fence, we'd moved behind my log store, and Chet was on his knees sucking in my cock.

    He made a comment about my cock being really thick before sucking it in, then I was given one of the finest blow jobs any man has ever given me.
    He took me to the point of orgasm many times, working his lips and tongue all over my cock. Sucking hard on the head as my orgasm approached, then easing off to lick and tongue my balls and asshole.

    When I did cum in his mouth, I fully expected him to spit it out. He didn't. Chet let me see it swirling over his tongue, then swallowed the lot.

    He rose up and asked me if my work out was complete. I told him, it and I also like to fuck ass too. Chet smiled, kissed me full and passionately on the mouth, then said "Next time neighbor".

    They've lived next to me for eighteen months now. He and his wife still fuck like rabbits, but when he's hungry for cock, just like yesterday, I feed Chet my dick.

    His wife was at one of her gym classes, so he text to ask if I was horny. I'm always horny, but I was going out within the next half hour. Telling him it would have to be a quickie, he called round in just his shorts and flip flops.

    A long groping kiss, a quick cock suck and he knelt up on my sofa.
    His ass is perfect. So damn perfect I love to rim his butt cheeks and asshole. I knew it would probably make me late, but I had to tongue that hole. Once I'd indulged myself fully eating out his ass, I slid my cock into his saliva covered hole and fucked him hard.

    Chet moaned a lot yesterday, probably because we haven't fucked for a fortnight (Covid). Even so I screwed him deep and felt him orgasm below me after a few minutes. Thrusting with longer deeper strokes, I finally came filling his asshole as he wanted me to.

    Unable to resist, I felched him. Tonguing out my own cum from his asshole, then feeding it to him as we kissed. He told me his wife's working pattern was back to normal now, so he expects to need fucking a lot more often.

    I'm more than ok to be fucking my neighbor for as long as he wants my dick. It's all great sex, believe me and we're only on this rock for a brief time.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    During my first job out of college I shared an office with a girl from Monroe, Louisiana. Like me it was her first job after college. There was something about her, not pretty, cute, just sexy in a way that made me jealous. We became friends and spent a lot of time together out of the office. We had a coworker, a guy in his large twenties who talked to us. That Friday he told us there was going to be a happy hour and we should come. The happy hour was boring and he told us his roommate wanted to meet him at a strip club.

    My office partner piped up and asked if we could go, hitting my shoulder, she begged him to take us. At the strip club she asked for a couple of different girls to table dance, she then saw a latino girl and she could not keep her eyes off her. The guys spent over $400 on lap dances for her, very erotic, the more the dances the more erotic, she had her face in her breasts, the dancer hot on the seat keeping her crotch a centimetre from her mouth. The guys were hard, I was wet, my office partner was rubbing herself with her hand. I had never seen anything like it, I had never been turned on by a woman.

    We left after a couple of hours, she was still excited about the girl, she told me she had real tits, nothing fake about them, those were real tits. She wanted to go back, have the same girl dance for me, I had to experience her tits, she held onto me telling me she loved tits, tits like that girl had. It was then that she kissed my cheek, she asked me if I loved tits as much as she did. Right then before getting in the car she kissed my mouth, telling me she thought she loved me.

    The guys were hot, they wanted action and we went to their apartment, our coworker got her and pounded her, over and over. His roommate wanted it too, he pestered me until my pants were off and he got on me and gave me a hard fuck. He wanted tits real bad, tore off my shirt, I got my bra off and he went into my tits like a crazy man. It was then that I looked over to her, our coworker was on his back catching his breath, she looked at me with staring eyes, angry eyes, I pushed the guy off of me. Stood up and grabbed my clothes and headed for the bathroom. She followed pulling her clothes on. In the bathroom she held my face, yelling in my face that she had told me she loved me, she loved tits, what did I think I was doing. I had Hurt her.

    The party was over, we were taken back to her apartment. She told me to sleep on the couch. After a while she came out and asked me if I had misunderstood her, had I not heard that she loved me, before I could answer she told me that those were her tits, once, that was it, once, it would never happen again. Her tits, did I understand that?

    Getting into an intimate relationship with her tested me in ways I never expected. She bought tit magazines at the 7-11, went through them page by page, showing me picture after picture, not one of the pages looked like my tits. When we made love, had sex it was intense, hard sex.

    I met a guy through an old college friend, he was interested in me. Our first sexual intimacy was a three way with her. There were other three ways, but there were many more one on ones. He had an issue with me continuing to live with her, sleeping with her every night, having sex with her. It boiled down to he shared or we would have to go our separate path, he chose to stay and lives next door now.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 27

    I want you and think about you every minute of the day. It is not you who I am dating now. I am with someone who loves me. But I will have you anyways.

    Your smell is intoxicating. Your voice is sweeter than music. You are the one thing I am not supposed to have, but I will have you. I want to be drunk on you all the time. I know I am creepy and obsessive, but no one else has a clue. I am kind, but I am determined and I crave access to you.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    I've been divorced three years now and I live alone. It's been a year now since I've had any sex and being in quarantine for 3 months now has intensified the sexual frustration quite a bit as I'm pretty sure it has what many other people out there. I am seriously considering texting my ex sister-in-law and asking her if she wants to fuck. She doesn't have a boyfriend or anything and she has been in quarantine these last few months. After being at quarantine these past months and reading stuff like on this site and watching a whole lot of porn you start getting the mindset that everybody's horny all the time and always ready to fuck. It's been my experience that things aren't quite that way which was I want to pose the question, does anybody out there especially the women think that would be just coming out and saying this to my sister-in-law will actually get me fucked. She's been family for many years and since my divorce we don't have much of a relationship at all but I feel like if I did this it would change things either for that good or bad forever. I'm not really worried about her telling anybody or getting shocked and appalled or anything like that but I wouldn't think of doing this ever if it wasn't for this quarantine. We are friendly and she's giving me compliments on my looks over the years and I used to flirt with her a bit. Anyway I'm considering taking the plunge and any normal person out there knows that's going to take a lot of balls. So I'm asking for some advice about this because I'm super horny all the time and I need some relief, masturbating just ain't cutting it anymore.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 26

    First off, I liked it, I was never against it.

    From the time I can remember I have always liked being held, hugged, picked up, carried by a man. My mother had a boyfriend, he was a big man and he could pick me up like a feather. Sitting in his lap, being carried on his shoulders, I love to be in his arms. I was seven to ten when he hung around with my Mother.

    Then he moved and he went away. In the eighth grade my Mother started dating this Mexican man, Juan. He was a Detective on the force, tall, dark and handsome. I fell in love with him, my Mother was on my case and he pushed me away, in the ninth grade I took it out on this high school boy who lived down the street. His mother caught us in bed. My Mother had to accept that I wanted it, I did it, I needed it. Juan wanted to throw the book at him, the only way out was a teen marriage, but not pregnant. 15 and 17.

    We went wild, my Mother took me to see a doctor about my sex drive, she told my mother I was overactive but normal, but since I was married let me get it out of my system. We tried but it didn't get out of my system. Needing money my husband went into the service and left me alone. I got real friendly with the man who worked at Sears. I was a senior and he was forty eight. He liked me getting naked and squirming on the bed, bending my back and opening and closing my legs. He was tall and strong, and in my mind he had a big dick, I loved holding his big hard dick in my hand. He liked it too. But when my husband found out it was divorce city.

    I am now with a man in his fifties, a big bear of a man, six two, two forty, big belly, and he likes small girls and I am the small girl he likes. I invent ways for him to screw me, he invents ways for me to show off. We are a sex couple, We get together for sex. Juan doesn't approve, my Mother doesn't approve. What they don't understand is that I like it, I want it.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I have been fantasizing for a long time about a dirty oral adventure with my wife. Want to take her to an adult movies or adult book store and show her off to other horny men. She especially likes to suck older men's cocks. Loves licking and sucking men's balls and swallowing loads.

    I want to have her dress super sexy, show off her little but cute titties and great legs and ass. Maybe let the men feel her up and finger her. I want her to take their dicks and rub them on her lips. Get lots of salty sticky precum on her lips. Want to kiss her and taste it and tell her she's a slut and a whore. Let her suck all the cock she wants and cumkiss her dirty mouth and share those men's loads.

    She likes sucking cock so much and she has swallowed many, many loads. Men who fucked her face say her mouth feels just like pussy. I think her mouth is better than pussy.
    Also loves her ass squeezed and fingered. Will lube her and put a little butt plug in her and let men play with it and stick their fingers in her tight ass.

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