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  • — When I Was a Kid —
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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35

    This is happening now.

    I work downtown at an insurance company and am always looking for that new, knock-out princess among the young flock. For lunch, sometimes, I go to a "cafeteria" that I hear has been around forever but they have good sandwiches, hot soup and salads with steaming coffee, all inexpensive compared to nearly all of the downtown restaurants that seem to overcharge (if you do the math),

    Not long ago, I sat down with my tray of soup and sandwich, glanced up and noticed a middle-aged,slightly overweight lady staring at me. I continued eating but truly, I felt the stare and looked up, yes, she was still staring at me and with a frown on her otherwise nondescript face. She wears no makeup except for a slight, pale lipstick that one has to look hard to notice.

    This is a large lady. She's not fat but sort of bulky, like, with big bones. For the next few days I went back to the cafeteria and she was there. Finally, I noticed her writing on a tiny pad and ripping off a page. She walked up to my table and dropped the note off, walking away. A million thoughts ran through my head before reading the note. Had I impregnated her daughter? No, nothing like that.

    The note said, simply, "Try it, you'll like it." There was a phone number.

    Just a couple of days later, I found myself knocking on her door. I heard the voice, "Come on in, it's open."
    Walking into a nicely done, fairly upscale apartment, I followed her voice to the next room, a sort of library. She was on a lounge wearing nothing from the waist down with her knees up. She said, "Come on and do your thing."
    There were these powerful looking thighs leading to a crotch matted with much hair but somehow inviting. My cock got hard and stood up in seconds as I dropped my pants.

    In no time, I slid in and began my coital movement. She looked at me as if we were at a business meeting. Then I began to feel her vagina sort of grasp my cock on its way out so going out feel as good as my thrusts into her. She said, "Like it?" I moaned, saying, "ohhhh, wowwww, yeahhhh." I just cannot come up with the right words to describe the sensation on my hard cock. The grasping of my cock grew stronger and she said, "Wait, just a minute, don't come yet... and I slowed down a bit. A few minutes later she said, "Ohhhhh, here I come, let it go, and we had a sensational mutual orgasm that caused me to almost pass out. That was the beginning of a long train of mind-bending co-orgasms we have had. Her own orgasm and it's wild spasms joins mine and it becomes explosive. We both shudder for minutes afterwards. In some instances, begin again and reach the same heights but not always. Often we arr knocked out by the single one.

    After we met a few times she said, "Let's get something straight. Your cock is perfect, big, nicely thick. However, You are now my fuck-toy-boy and I will tell YOU when I want it and how much I want." I whimpered, "Oh, o.k, o.k." and she said, "Now let's try for good timing again." I've been coming at her place after work for months now. I can't get enough. She won't see me other than her place, which I now understand is just one of her properties. As it turned out, she is the president of her own company in the area and could have bought and sold the cafeteria where we met. She came in there just to fish around and fly-cast for her new, soup and sandwich level fuck-toy-boy and fortunately for me, I was it.

    I have no idea where this lady learned to fuck like that but I watch myself closely so as not to make any mistakes.
    I feel the sword of Damocles over my head. This is all new to me. The "knock-out" princesses are all but forgotten and I am now trapped and a pathetically addicted slave to a large, Hitlerian woman whose fantastic CUNT I cannot stop fucking. I'm not asking for help, just saying. Her majestic pussy is always in my thoughts and I have to wear a special jock to contain my constant erection. One never knows where it is all going.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 37

    I love having my asshole licked. I have no interest in anal sex per se. I just love having my asshole licked. My wife wants nothing to do with that activity. I can't really blame her. More people like getting their asshole licked than like licking it. we've been married for 7 years and dated for three years before that. It's been 11 years since anyone licked my ass.

    So my wife and I got a new neighbor. She's a widow in her fifties who moved into the house next door. So we invited her over for dinner. After a lot of conversation and a little drinking and more conversation and more drinking somehow we got to the topic of various sexual activities that we enjoy and my wife volunteers that I adore having my asshole licked but she thinks it's disgusting and won't. That is when our new neighbor confesses that her favorite thing in the world is to lick a guy's asshole and she adds "especially if he has an ass as sexy as yours."

    Well the conversation didn't really go much further than that awkward part and being married I'm used to having to live without some activities that I enjoy. Any guy who is married knows what I'm talking about. Then a few months later at the conclusion to my birthday party, my wife told me she had a surprise birthday gift or rather our neighbor had one. Turns out the two have been conspiring and so my wife told the neighbor that she could borrow my asshole for the night. That's right, my special birthday gift was that my wife let the woman next door spend the night licking my asshole. I couldn't do any other sexual thing with her which is just as well as she isn't my type otherwise. But boy her tongue was amazing. I fell asleep after a few hours, woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night with her tongue still going at it and then she woke me up in the morning with her talented tongue and I just lay there for a few more hours with her tongue blissfully licking away at my asshole. She didn't even complain when I farted a few times and in fact that seemed to make her lick all the more enthusiastically.

    That was the best birthday gift ever.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 46

    So there we are watching Tv, my wife and I a few drinks in. She must be bored because she turns to me and says, "man, we could be upstairs with you in my ass right now."

    Which kinda surprised me since the last two times we tried this I ended up having to pull out with out cumming, because it was two painful for her.

    We have been together for over 20 years, am to be honest, I've pliers that asshole on a regular basis. Enough to the point where my co-workers look at me, jealousy, when I explain to them how the wife opened up her asshole for me last night.

    Lately, as much as shown liking my thick cock parting her ring piece in the past, she admitted it always hurt her when I fucked her in the ass, though it felt good at the same time.

    The last two times, like I said, she has demanded I stop. Like I'm not even half way up my shaft in her shitter, and she is yelling in pain.

    I reminded this to her and declined her offer. She kinda, quiets down and looks disappointed. I take a sip of my beer, then say, "if I start in your ass I have to finish in your ass."

    She says "Ok" and races up the stairs. I turn off the TV and head to the bathroom. Strip down and enter the bed room. She's kneeling on the bed bare ass in the air, with a small top on, tits hanging low.

    I immediately part those cheeks, and lick each cheek, she raced up, so I get that "running around " sweaty ass smell, blood can't rush to my raging cock fast enough.

    I grab some line and quickly slip in a finger, rubbing lube around the outside of her asshole, she moans in pleasure.

    I work my finger to the last knuckle, then place my thumb onto her quickly, moistening, slit, rubbing her clit, her moans increase.

    She asks me to put on a condom, I guess shitting out cum is not in her plan.

    Usually I go bareback, though I comply. I lube up my rubberized weapon of Ass Destruction. Position the head of my cock on the center of her asshole, and slowly push.

    It slides in no problem, her breath intakes, I pause, then slide in more. Her moans are tinged with uncomfortable noises, so I ease up a few strokes. I reach around and grab her tits,tweaking her now hard nipples, punch them between my fingers and add a few more cock strokes to help her out. Her moans increase.

    I place my hands on her beautiful hips And start stroking faster, she's moaning now, head buried in the bed, hands pulling sheets.

    Her cries of pleasure turns to small yelps, her face burrows deeper into the bed.

    I figure she needs incouragement, I slap her ass and encourage her. "Come on slut, I've barely have gotten started!"

    I start sliding my greased cock longer strokes, she's moaning in pain now.

    "I told you I'm not stopping, you can do this you whore!"

    S he moans and yelps louder, I can see the bedsheets tight in her grip.

    I don't speak whore, but I figure it means go faster. I start to encrease a bit more, when she moans out "please cum"

    The problem is, with the condom on, I don't even have that tickle in my balls.

    I tell her "You asked me to put on a condom, it's gonna be a while you slut, just bare it, it's gonna be a while!"

    I can hear the shock in her painful moans of how much cock she's gonna have pounding her hole.

    I figure I'm gonna have to up my game, so I pause just as the base of my head is pressed against the inside of her asshole. "Hold on slut!"

    I start to pound her asshole, tip to shaft, balls slamming against her wet pussy. The slapping sound of my legs hitting the back of her thighs, *blap, blap, blap* increasing in speed.

    She's not talking anymore, just making noises of pleasure and pain, and her asshole gets pounded over and over again with increasing speed.

    Now I'm not to sure if it's the skidding of her asshole over my cock, or her nears sobs that send me over the edge, but I finally blast my load!

    I've not even finished Cumming and she yells at me to "get out of her asshole!"

    She gutterally makes an "whoooof" sound as the last of my shaft slips out.

    I slap her on the ass and say "Good whore.." then go take a shower

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 24

    I fucked my mother-in-law. She stayed over with me and my wife for a whole week and one day it happened. I get home late from work to see someone laying in my bed and the shower going in the bathroom. The house was dark but the baby was asleep so I kept the lights off. Being my bed I think its my wife so I go in and I kiss her only to realize after I've kissed her its not my wife. Embarrassed I jumped up and apologized. But Before I could get out any full words she jumps up and kisses me again. She told me my wife just got in the shower then she knelt down and undid my pants. Next thing I know I'm on the bed getting my dick sucked. I could take the pressure anymore and I came in her mouth. She then looked at me and said, "Now we gotta restart." Then she stripped down and laid across my body rubbing in my hard pulsating dick. At this point I didn't care I fucked the shit out of her and came in her pussy twice. Finally my wife got out the shower and we hurried up and got dressed and went to the den like nothing happened. A few minutes later my wife comes in the room and plants a big one on me. She knew nothing. Being super excited how we got away with it, me and my mother-in-law keep hooking up to this day. We play the whole part like we don't care much about the other and EVERYONE is oblivious. My wife and father-in-law have no clue what goes on. My son now stays with my in-laws a lot so when I go to pick him up, we tell him "Go to the room and play while me and Nana talk." He goes in there and me and my mother-in-law have sex. I cum in her every time

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 34

    Where am I in my life. I am pregnant again. I am 34. My son is going to turn two. I am single, never married. My lover is a married man, he is 53. I met him at work and we shared some very harsh words one day, he came to my apartment that evening to apologize and somehow he got into my bed. I did not want to have sex with him, in that sense it was all him, not me. But I was there and he got me on my bed and managed to get my shorts and underwear off and he was on me and there it was, he had sex with me and when he got off I was no longer in charge of my life.

    Being his lover has both good and bad. The good is that I don't have to be the wife. I identify more with her than you can imagine. I would not want to be his wife. The bad is that when you are tied to a man and he wants children from you, you have nowhere to run. You get pregnant. His word is your command. No matter what others say, when he demands his rights, he gets his way.

    Sometimes I look at life and say that what I am has always been and will always be, a mistress on the side, the other woman, the second family, the concubine. I am not abused or mistreated, I am not a kept woman all the way, because I do work. But to some larger degree than I care to admit, I am kept.

    I know a Chinese woman, she is in her early forties, so about ten years older than me. She has been the one to help me live my life the way I do. She understands, what others just condemn. She knows that I am not free. She knows that his wish is my command. She is the one that told me I was a concubine, sounds much better than a mistress to me. She encourages me to maintain a nice home for him to want to come and see me. To take care of his son, so I could get another one.

    Sometimes he comes and wants to relax and play with his son, and be with me. Other times he comes and he wants sex and then go home. I have a policy of never refusing him sex. His wife is going through menopause, and she is not as nice to him. Sometimes he just needs sex. I know I am not supposed to say this, because it is forbidden to be said, but I need sex, I need sex from him. Sometimes, the best thing is for him to come and have sex and then relax and play with his son. I like sex from him.

    For his wife's 50th birthday they went to Paris, France. He said he will take me on my 50th too.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    hi any one on here in an "open family" or an "i****t family" I am, its the best ever. love my family and love you all xxx ;)

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 23

    Hi, My name is Stanley

    I work for a local pizza company as a driver. Usually its slow on Mondays, so i would hang out in the back room and snack on returned or cancelled orders with a few of my co-workers. One co worker particular was Wendy Lake, A busty brunette 5/6 with an ass that could turn coal to diamond. She was in my dreams, in my head, and i wanted to do was fuck her into a puddle so badly it hurt! Many times i would have to go into the walk in freezer to "cool off". Then there were Chad and Jake, my other co workers. they were 15 and 17 and would obnoxiously flirt with Wendy. That is why I've been waiting to tell her how i felt about her and not annoy her by doing so.

    I was eating a remake and Chad and Jake both got doubles, Now was my chance at talking to Wendy. But just as i walked up to her my boss called her to do a supply run across town. I was bummed that i let her once again slip between my fingers. I watched her saunter down the hallway toward the back door as i folded another pizza box in the sea of endless boxes. Just then she came back through the door and asked the boss if she could speak to him privately. Chad came thudding through the door with a bad attitude cussing and grumbling that the person did not tip him what he wanted. The office door opened and my boss asked me to come into his office for a second with a demanding tone. I thought i was being fired or about to be in big trouble or something. "Mrs Lake would like you to accompany her with the supply run as the cargo is too much for one person" he said with a huff. I'm putting Chad in charge of deliveries for the evening! You will go with her and get the supplies and then i will clock you both out with an extra bonus for the both of you for your hard work!

    I was stunned for a few min after thinking i was about to get fired. Then i realized i was about to go on a 2 hour truck ride with Wendy and get a bonus for tonight! I got into the cab of the truck and Wendy driving gave me a wink and a smile. we got a few miles down the road making idle conversation back and forth. Our hatred for Chad and Jake's obnoxious flirting and teasing both of us. 2 hours flew by as we pulled into the where house lucky for us a team member loaded the truck for us while we waited in the office signing paperwork and invoices for the boss. As we pulled out, I was driving this time. She tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could confess something? My heart was beating 90 miles a min, as i muttered "what is it"? Well . . . You seem like the type of guy that keeps to himself, not like Chad or Jake. Every time i look you are working very hard organizing the freezer at work weather it needs it or not ( the time i take to "cool off" when i think about her) . C-could you ever think about dating a girl like me? . . . .

    I pulled off to the side of the highway and took a deep breath. And i told her EVERYTHING, How i felt and that i have been waiting for the right time to ask her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and hugged me like i was family. I started driving again. A little more than half way there she started getting restless and fidgety. So i asked what was wrong? I-i have to pee like real bad, I was trying to make it back to the shop but now i don't think i can make it. Cursing the Snapple she got at the where house vending machine. We were on the interstate in a construction zone with no exits for 10 miles. She was holding my hand tighter and tighter as we crawled in the seemingly endless traffic jam. She muttered something like "I like you a lot but if we don't find an toilet soon im going to pee myself". She looked at me deep in the eyes and said " I CANT HOLD IT ANY MORE! Taking off her pants exposing her pink panties with a visible wet patch on the crotch. Traffic at a stand still she clutched her crouch crying. Being the quick thinking guy i am dumped my 711 big gulp out the window and puled over. She knew it was the end and she could no longer hold it with the wet patch growing bigger. She was crying, shaking, and leaking on the seat. I told her to get into the squatting position on the seat. I put the cup under her and pulled down her panties exposing her inflamed pussy. Carefully placing the cup over her. She grunted and squirmed to get in position before releasing a torrent of piss into the cup panting and wheezing as she filled the cup to the brim. she clamped her legs together as i dumped the cup out of the window. I held it under her for a few last spurts. She took breath and plopped down sitting nude from the waste down in her damp seat.

    Without a single word she unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and started giving me the best damn blow job i had ever had in my life! traffic started to move again and i pulled back on the highway. 4 exits from work i felt the need arise and started to reach for the cup being pantless in all. But she reached over and whispered " I got this" and literally sucked on my dick muffled "im ready". So i let go and, slow at first peed into her throat and she swallowed all of that as well.
    This got her horny and ( while driving ) faced me grabbing my hand and put it in her lap and said in a sexy tone "play with me im all yours". She put my ring finger and middle fingers into her tight throbbing pussy while gyrating her hips in a rhythm slightly clamping and panting. the rhythm got faster and she was breathing heavily as i pulled into a Walmart parking lot turned the lights out and . . . I had never witnessed this happen in my life. She squirted clear oily feeling liquid all over my hand lap and chair and face (it went everywhere). It had no smell or taste but was hot like pee. Her hair a mess and body soaking in her oily liquid glistening in the dim light. She hopped on my lap and we had the best sex i have had in my life!!! We did it in ALL holes. After it was done and over we went into Walmart dried off our cloths and bought wipes and disinfectant and cleaned our mess. We got into company uniforms and unloaded the truck even though we were both spent. The Boss gave us each $100 bonuses to our pay and said something like " The traffic on 45 must have been terrible well at least you had company" winking at Wendy, who was half awake. Then sent us both home. She went home with me of course.

    More To Come ]:}

    ~ Stan and Wendy, together since August 2014.

    P.S. Wendy if you are reading this, sorry but you know i love you. I had to tell our story the way it actually happened.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    My parents divorce was final when I was eleven. A few months later one night I woke up in the middle of the night and found my mom sucking my dick in the dark. I was scared and excited and suddenly horny and I loved what she was doing so I pretended to be asleep and just let her keep sucking without saying anything. Within about half an hour I had my first orgasm ever. It was the best thing ever. I didn't squirt out any cum though. She tucked me in and kissed my crotch good night and disappeared into the night. I fell asleep and woke up the next day thinking it must have been a dream.

    The next night the same thing happened. Only it was better. She got braver and licked me all over down there and then sucked me through one orgasm and into the second one before she stopped and left me to my dreams. I was still suspicious that it must have been one of those lucid dream I'd heard of so I did't believe it was real until the third night when she came into my room and took off my pajama bottom and picked up my legs and ate out my ass for an hour before starting in on my two hour blow job which resulted in three orgasms.

    Within weeks Mom had gone from blow jobs and fucking me outright though I still got blow jobs to and we were no longer pretending I was sleeping. I would sit there reading with my light on waiting for her to come in. She would strip naked and climb in bed with me. I decided to stop wearing pajamas to bed since she was only going to take them off anyways. She then sucked me for a while then at on my dick and fucked me. sometimes in her pussy and sometime up her ass but mostly in her pussy. She just did this every night. Then a few months after I turned twelve I started ejaculating. That really made mom horny. She fucked me like crazy then and kept telling me she wanted me to make her pregnant. A few months after that he got her wish and when I was 13 I became the father of my mother's youngest baby.

    Now I'm 23 years old and Mom and I have five kids together, three girls and two boys. Our oldest girl is ten years old and I took her virginity last week while mom was licking my asshole and playing with my balls. I can't wait to get our daughter pregnant.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    We sneak fucks whenever we can and all over our home. His mother, my wife of five years thinks we've finally become close after a difficult start between bus. Yet if she knew just how close, we'd be getting divorced.
    Fucking Jacob in every room of the house, allows us to have "Quickies" even if his mom is home. I've fucked him in the lounge, kitchen, every bedroom, the stairs, out in the back yard, but I love fucking Jacob mostly in the shower. And it was in the shower I first fucked him.
    His mom and I had argued/discussed about her no longer wanting or allowing me to have anal sex with her. I'd gone to take a shower and must have forgotten to lock the bathroom door. The next thing I knew, I had a very naked, very erect seventeen year old joining me in the shower. Jacob's exact words were "You can fuck my asshole whenever you like". Before I chance to say anything, Jacob squatted down and took my cock into his mouth. Being caught on the hop, I really didn't know what to say or do, but my cock certainly did as it became erect immediately.
    From that moment onwards, I went with the flow and just let the teenager suck on my cock. Yet Jacob didn't suck on it for too long.
    Standing up after what felt like only a couple of minutes, with my cock ragingly hard and pulsating, Jacob turned around and said "Now fuck me".
    There was absolutely no hesitation in my actions, as I gripped his left shoulder with one hand and guided my cock to his rear hole with the other. With Jacob using soap around his ass and my cock, I thrust forwards and found my cock slipping up his asshole with relative ease.
    There was no slow introduction between us both. Jacob instantly backed onto me as I forced my cock deeper and deeper up his gorgeously tight ass. Within seconds we were talking dirty to each other, telling one another how much we wanted it, and boy did I give it to him.
    Pounding that young man's asshole that Friday afternoon was the most perfect way to be introduced to gay sex. There was no time to think about the correctness of what we were doing, or indeed that I was fucking another males ass. It was spontaneous and it was perfect
    Before very long, Jacob made a series of loud groans and came all over the shower wall in front of him. I too was close, but I wanted something else with and from him. So getting up real close by wrapping my arms around him, I turned his head and kissed my step son. Jacob returned the kiss, and it was as we were in the full strains of the passionate kiss, that my cock erupted up his teenage asshole.
    Turning him around after I pulled out, we continued to kiss and moved our hands all over each others bodies. Still kissing I heard his mom shouting Jacob. We broke OOF and Jacob as casual as you like, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, opened the bathroom door and shouted to his mom he was coming. The fact was he had just cum and so had I.
    From then on we sucked and fucked pretty much every day, always it seemed with Jacob seeking me out to feel my cock sliding over his tongue, or up his beautiful ass.
    Fucking all over our home, Jacob and I have become extremely horny lovers, finding new and often riskier ways and times to fuck.
    Only the other day as his mom was making our lunch in the kitchen, Jacob leaned over the breakfast bar facing his mom. He slid his shorts down and invited me to slide my dick up him. Getting up close and pretending we were messing about, I slid my already erect cock up his ass and very slowly fucked him. His mom made a comment about us always fooling around these days. We laughed and carried on fucking. Stopping only because she moved.
    As well as fucking at home, recently we've also begun to have sex outdoors. The weather has helped and with it being good, we've been going fishing. Only, the only thing we tend to catch and eat, is one another's cocks, and something new I now enjoy, eating his cum when I have him spunk his load into my mouth.
    It's been almost nine months since I first fucked Jacob in the shower. He's now eighteen and has just begun to date a really nice girl his age. It's weird now listening to him describe how he fucks her, as my cock is plowing his ass.

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