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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    Your first love never dies.

    As a child I got a scholarship to attend the private school in our town. My father was a plumber with an eighth grade education and my mother was also a high school dropout who worked at a floral shop, in all there were two brothers and three sisters. The private school had all the nice white kids, there were no blacks or Asians or Indians in school at that time. I rode a bus that picked me up from my mother's job.

    Across from me was a girl, her name is Maria. Maria was the daughter of a Doctor and her mother was the daughter of the family that owned the large works that had contracts with the Navy. Out of my league and my mother told me not to make friends. But we were in class together and the school was small and she chose to speak to me so we because friends, not the type of friends that ever saw each other out of school and certainly never got invited to her house for her birthday party, but friends at school.

    We went through all the grades together, I had the brains but I did not have the drive to make top grades and on graduation I did not have a scholarship to go to college. The counselor told me to go into the Army, do my four years and use the GI bill to go to college. Maria went on to one of those all girl colleges for rich girls and we maybe spoke a couple of times during the four years I was in the Army. I got out and she graduated we caught up with each other and she agreed to go with me to get something to eat. I confessed to her that I was in love with her, I had always been in love with her and that during my four years in the Army I went to sleep thinking about her, missing her.

    She laughed a little, she apologized and she brought her chair close to mine and told me that she went to sleep every night thinking about a girl, her name was Sofia and they had met in college. Sofia played the harp and she could sing like a nightingale. She told me that they had held hands and stolen a kiss and they had promised each other that they would find a way be together again. She touched my face and asked me never to tell anyone, in those days that was beyond taboo, but she gave me her secret and I went onto college in Indiana and then got a job for Boeing in California and she remained back east moving to Boston where she could be close to Sofia.

    Our lives have taken different paths, I met my wife Cecille at work, she is an engineer or was until she stopped working to raise a family, I retired after 30 years and I am currently living with my wife in Arizona close to her sister. I went home a couple of years ago and Maria was there for her mother's birthday and she agreed to a dinner with me. The town has changed, the private school is still there but now has blacks and Asians and Indians, the little rich kids go to little rich kid colleges and the blacks and Asians and Indians on scholarship go to college wherever they get a scholarship. But Maria is the same as I remember her, and I told her that even after all these years when I go to sleep I think about her and she told me that every night she goes to sleep she thinks about Sofia, but life in that world wasn't kind to them and they had to take separate paths and only her love for Sofia remained.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 25

    I got married young, not in age but in spirit. I was 22 and out of college and I met him at a reception for another friend that was getting married, and he was eligible, older of course with a good job and never married, no kids and he had a good reputation. He was prince charming in the flesh and he courted me and I got married.

    So far so good, but I was 22 in body but in mind I was sixteen. I was just not mature enough to get married. When he danced with me all was fine, when he took my hand and started to undress me all was not fine. I was a virgin, in mind and body, I just could not let him take my clothes off and see me naked and I could not get in bed with him. We did not have sex on our wedding night, or the next night or at all on our honeymoon. We came back from our honeymoon and I was as virgin as I was the day I got married. Like I said, I was sixteen at heart.

    But he never said anything, I moved in with him and he slept in one room and I slept in the other. I did other things, but not really. He had to hire a maid service. I got a job working for a business publishing house and got fired for not paying attention to detail. I got fired from my next job for daydreaming and not coming back to work after lunch because I was at the mall and lost track of time.

    I had to go on a daily allowance, no credit cards, no checking account. I got a daily allowance and I had to call and let him know where I was and who I was with. Of course no boys, I only hung out with girls. I was a virgin on my first anniversary and a virgin after my first anniversary. The most that he had ever seen was me in a bathing suit because I never showed myself in my underwear. I was so naïve that it did not cross my mind that he was having an affair with a girl that worked with him. She was divorced and the affair was sexual.

    I turned 25 and he sat me down and told me that the time had come for me to accept that I was married and he had the right to insist on sex. He told me that I was going to sleep with him come hell or high water, and I was going to get naked and get in bed come hell or high water, and he was going to have sex with me come hell or high water. I did not take my clothes off.

    I was not hot, I have never been hot. I slept with him, and I used the same bathroom as him, and I started to take care of some of the house and he gave me a limited credit card. Of course I do not work, after I got fired the second time I never went back to work.

    He has his work girlfriend. To show me how to get hot, she was going to teach me. He asked her to speak with me, she talked to me about my problem. No I had never been m****ted, no I was a complete and total virgin when I got married, no I had nothing against men, no I had never had a crush on a girl, I have just never had sex. I don't feel anything.

    But she is the one that knows how to make love with him. I know I am supposed to feel that for my husband to get hot so he can have sex with me. But that feeling I am supposed to feel, I have never felt it. She has that feeling but I don't.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I have a serious hair fetish. I just can't stop touching women's hair. My favorite is long thick silky straight blond.

    A girl I work with who is 16 and has a part time job in my restaurant has that kind of hair. It's as thick as any hair I've seen and is silkier than silk. It's also so long it's below her knees. It's the kind of hair you see in shampoo commercials but don't believe is real because it looks that good. So the other day at work she asks me if I would brush her hair for her. I didn't bother asking why. I just took the brush and spent the next half hour brushing her hair. For the last three days including today she has done the same thing only this morning she invited me over tomorrow for shampoo day. I don't think my cock's been soft since Monday.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 49

    My wife and I go to a local bar for beers and wings every Wednesday.
    The past several weeks we have been going to the same bar in our area
    Its a dive but has the best wings in town according to many ....

    This past week we were there having fun and I noticed my sexy wife
    flirting with a old friend of hers. I enjoy it when she flirts when we
    go anywhere, its a turn on for me.

    I saw my wife and him laughing and her shaking her head agreeing to
    something. We had just arrived and she almost went straight to him.
    She later told me they had this worked out the prier week. He had been
    there for a few hours and was only waiting for us to get there before he left.
    I watched as she walked to him they embraced i a hug ,then she followed him
    to the back room an office type room behind the bar.

    I was told it went like this , My wife rarely wears a bra and that day she
    wasn't. She lifted her top to expose her tits and he fondled them for a few minutes
    as she rubbed his cock thru his paints, she then unzipped his paints worked out his
    cock which she said was very long and thin, he was sitting on a desk and she was
    standing in front of him. He leaned back and she stroked him off.My wife is a very
    experienced woman and can handle a cock, She told me he came in minutes, but it was
    a bucket full she rubbed what was on her hands like hand cream on her tits and
    cleaned him up and left to meet me in the bar

    I was very surprised when we left to find out he had paid our tab,
    I found out they had this planed out the previous week. "she him my tits and a two
    minute hand job" "and he pays our tab"......worth it we both agree.....

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 28

    I do have a problem with my sexuality. It is a problem because basically I don't accept it and even though I have been to a therapist for the last couple of years I don't accept it. I never wanted this body or this role, I am basically not me, I don't want this dick.

    My dream is to be a mom with a nice house in the suburbs with three little kids. I am not gay, sure I have my dream but I cannot be gay. In the end I have girlfriends that I am close to but I don't tell them about my problem. I don't date them of course, I wouldn't know what do with my dick.

    Apparently I am not the only one with this type of problem, if I could be born again I would want to be a woman, no dick, and three kid in the suburbs. But I have a dick so I have a job working as a draftsman for an engineering and construction firm, I am friends with the ladies at the front office and I go home at night and I have a dick.

    Before my sessions ended my therapist told me that I was straight and I had a dream sequence stuck in my head.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 55

    I am a man in my mid-fifties who has had a life-long obsession with i****t. As a young boy, I was always attracted to my mother in a sexual way. On many occasions, I would come up with ways to "accidentally" walk in on her when I knew she would be naked, or in some stage of undress. When she got wise to that and started locking her bedroom / bathroom doors when she was bathing or getting ready to go to bed, I found a way to adjust the curtains in her bedroom in a way that she would not notice, but left enough of a gap that I could window peep on her. I masturbated a lot window peeping on her while fantasizing about having sex with her.

    As my little sister reached puberty, I started becoming sexually attracted to her, as well. I also found ways to see her naked - including window peeping. I have been so obsessed with my sexual attraction to female family members, that it made me quite the lover, as I could last forever without ejaculating until I closed my eyes and fantasized that it was either my mother or sister I was having sex with.

    I regret not having the technology then that we have today. I would have scrounged every penny I could to obtain spy cameras to preserve in posterity, the wonderful visions of their naked bodies. They both have red hair and natural red pubic mounds that excite me beyond description.

    Now, in order to satisfy my i****tuous desires, I have amassed a rather large library of photo-shopped images of them, either nude, or in pictures depicting me having sex with them in every way imaginable.

    I've relatively recently added nieces and cousins to my portfolio of i****tuous desires.

    If they only knew. Every family get-together, all I am thinking about is all the ladies naked and being my sex toys.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    My wife had a daughter before I met her. She is 15 now. My wife loves to talk dirty when we are riding. She calls me a pervert and pretends she is one of my daughters friends. Lately she has steparted calling me daddy and talks about me sniffing her white cotton panties Itâs very horny. Especially when my stepdaughter is in the net room and can probably here us

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 50

    As a follow up to my original confession, found here under KINKY AND FETISH, some of those things I wondered about were sort of answered in my mind judging by more information that I discovered in that box of photos.

    I was surprised my ex had something sexual going on with my mom. Conversations with my mom at least five years after the divorce she would let things slip letting me know they were still talking and visiting each other. He was always closer with my parents than his own. I asked her many times why she was still talking to him because it didn't make sense. We had no children so nothing in common there. The only time I saw him after the divorce was at my dads funeral. I never saw him or talked to him after the divorce. Her neighbors would tell me they saw him visit her many times through the years even mentioned the dogs he had with him during the visits. The neighbors said how sweet it was that he would visit her even though we were divorced. I guess they didn't think anything was out of the ordinary between a 30 something man with a 60 something woman.

    I will never know the details of their relationship. My ex had a way of manipulating and controlling people to do things he wanted. After I saw all the photos she saved for all those years I have no doubt he managed to get my mom into having sex with dogs and she had sex with him. No photo evidence of my mom with a dog but enough evidence of their fling.

    Along with all those photos of me with dogs there were a lot of photos of my mom sucking his cock. Photos of my naked mom, some she was on her hands and knees posing naked, or with cum dripping from her puss and even a few photos of a peeled banana sticking out of her puss and my ex eating a cum coated banana right out of her puss.
    I guess that is what she meant when she said it was a surprise. I had my secret life and my mom almost took her secret to the grave.

    Comments are welcome.

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    When we arrived at Trish's cell this morning, the naked 28-year old was standing in the window waiting for us. Her right hand was cupped between her legs, partially covering her pubic hair and genitals. I chuckled a bit at the unusual sight.

    "Whoa girl, what have you got planned?" I asked.

    "Don't tell me you've gone pussy shy on us now!" yelled Tammy, the guard next to me.

    Trish, an inmate in maximum security isolation, is on full strip status. She sleeps, eats, interacts with guards, and does all her business in her cell in a state of total nudity. Trish has been on strip status for several months now and has actually handled it quite well, which is why her defiant pose surprised me. I asked her again what she was doing.

    Trish pointed to Tammy with her free hand.

    "I decided from now on I'm only gonna show my pussy to people I like and I don't like you!" she declared, confidently. Now I've heard it all!

    "Is that so?" replied Tammy, face flushing with anger. I stepped in to mediate.

    "Trish, you know you can't decide that on your own. Hands at your sides now or you're going in the chair."

    Frustration coursed across Trish's face. Her hand hovered between her legs, as though she were about to pull it back, but then she gripped a handful of pubic hair and stuck her tongue out at me.

    "My pussy my decision!" she yelled. Five minutes later Trish had been carried naked down the hall and placed in the restraint chair.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 30

    Hello I am a 30 yr old divorced white male who was seduced by a 60 yr old chunky gay man almost 2 months ago.Since them I have let myself go and let Howard fuck me good every weekend.I go over to his place snort some poppers and am soon lubed up and penetrated by his 6 inch cut fat cut cock.I love it inside me and always seem to cum inside myself like a woman now when he shoots his load in me.I find myself realizing more and more that I am discovering I am gay and love being bred by my man.He is my first man but I know it feels right.

    I also lovingly suck his cock to completion and greedily take every drop down my throat.Lately I have been watching gay porn with him and find looking at all the cocks makes mew horny as hell.I get so uninhibited watching the porn that when Howard's 70 yr old mostly bald gay neighbor comes over I spread my legs for him too and take his 7 inch uncut man meat in me as well.The last 2 weekends Fred has been fucking me as well and I also enjoy kissing with him and sucking his cock.As I sit here smoking a cigarette I realize I am meant for cock and to be bred like a whore.Sucking on my cigarette greedily makes me wish I now had a cock in my mouth right now.Soon I will be going over there tonight for another weekend of pleasing older Daddy dick.

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