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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 30

    When i was 12. My little cousin 9. We'd play hide n go seek in the "dark". Her and her other sister. Or just hang out. So one night. Were all playing around in the dark. And my little cousin leaned up to me. I thought for comfort. So i was okay with it. Being a bit older. Then she put her hand on my dick. I got pretty hard. And i know she felt it.

    This went on for awhile. Bunch of weekends. Id go visit my aunt. And she would head out for the night. When we played. shed always go for my dick. Firt thing. Eventually she started going under my pants and grabbing it. Feeling how hard i was. Squeezing it. Shed play with my dick head. Precum juice all over her hand. I was curious as well. So i wasnt gonna stop her. Always felt bad a bit tho. So i didnt wanna touch her, cause she was way younger than me.

    One night though. Everybody went to sleep. I was sleeping in the guest room. And she called me to hers. So i layed down beside her. Knowing full well shes gonna play with my cock. But i wanted to cum. So when she pulled it out to play with it. I told her to stroke it. She started stroking it. This is the first time ive gotten a handjob from a girl.

    She started to slow down a bit. And i decided. Hell i wanna feel what her pussy feels like. I reached into her panties. And started playing with her.. Then she started jerking me hard and very fast. Feeling like im gonna cum hard. I statted rubbing faster. Not really knowing what im doing. I came very hard. On me. On her. It was a massive load. Then we just stopped and went to sleep. I did feel bad. We kinda stopped after that.

    We did run into each other when we were teenagers. And she asked me to rub my back. Idk. I said yes. She asks me to turn around. Shes stratling me rubbing her crotch on my dick. Wow she looked good. She asks me. Feeling my boner rubbing up on her. She asks if i remember playing. I knew what was up. Then she asks me if i wanted to go in the room. I declined. I knew it was wrong. But holy. She had a nice big ass and perkie tits. Rough.

    But weve msgd each other when we are older. And well she says she remembers everything. And that we need to hang out some time. Have some drinks. And yea. Just me n her. I cant say that idk. what the hell. i want to now. It turns me on. To think ill have my dick in her hand and maybe more.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    Over new year last year, a bunch of friends and their partners and i (with my partner) rented a big place to have a party amd see in the new year together. Everything was well planned and i was tasked with cooking a joint of meat for sandwiches when we arrived. Little does eveyone know, before i cooked the meat i stabbed a large hole in it with a kitchen knife and fucked it while i was wanking for a while before cooking it and taking it with me to share around.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I am 23, my husband is 38. We started a new life after we got married a couple of years ago. New city, new home, new friends. Lately I am getting tired of my girlfriends questioning the age difference between us. I have told them how I fell in love with my husband the first time I saw him. I have told them how I wanted him to take my virginity the first day we met. I have told them how he was a gentleman and it took me six months of seducing him until he finally made love to me for the first time. What I will never tell them is there is more than they will ever realize with our age difference, that is I met my husband 13 years ago.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 47

    I am 47 now but I remember back when I was 13 and seeing my first woman's pussy. It was my aunts. I had seen pictures in magazines and my younger cousin's but never on an older woman and right in front of me.

    My aunt was staying the night and it was only her, my mom and me at home. My mom and her were drinking and they got very drunk. My mom went to sleep in her bedroom and my aunt was going to sleep in a our guest room. Before I went to bed I remember brushing my teeth and then walking past the guest room. The door was wide open and the lights were on. She was on her back in only her bra and her legs wide open. Her clothes were laying all over the floor and it looked like she couldn't even get fully undressed before passing out. She couldn't even get around to close the door and even turn off the lights. She was so out of it she didn't know I was there so I just stayed there and looked at her pussy.

    I pondered about taking her bra off to see her breasts but I thought it might wake her up but figured I would give it a shot. If it did wake her up I would just say I was trying to get her under the covers. I sat her up and she was still sound asleep. I unhooked her bra, removed it and threw it on the floor with her other clothes. I put my hands on her breasts just to get a feel of what real breasts felt like and she didn't even budge. I put her back down and there she was laying naked with her breasts and pussy exposed.

    Thoughts of some the women I had seen in magazines came into my mind. They posed with their fingers spreading their pussy lips showing themselves even more. My aunt didn't wake up when I took her bra off so I now took my fingers and spread them. My aunt didn't even move and I was seeing a lot more of her than I ever expected. I thought about sticking a finger in her but I thought that would be going too far. I don't know how long I spent looking at her but it was awhile since I knew the opportunity would probably never happen again.

    I didn't feel bad about doing this because a couple of years earlier my aunt thought it was funny when she pulled my swimsuit down at the beach exposing me to everyone. A girl in my class at school saw and told everyone who then teased me about it for quite a while.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    In this warehouse I started to work for has lots of black/ebony people. A small percentage of whites work there. Lots of BBW women, white and blacks there with big breasts. The women and the guys love to flirt around while working with each other. You always hear some kind of sex story going about. I did a few fuck dates with some of the white women there. Then I noticed in my work dept. a few of the ebony woman gossiping about me. There was one ebony woman that stood out in my department., Flo was her name. She has super mega breasts the kind only shown in porn. I had a hard time of not getting an erection when I was near her. During break time we sat at the same table. Flo and the other gals knew I couldn't keep my eyes off of her tits. Then one of the other ladies slip a feel of me under the table and smiled and winked to the gals there. Then during future breaks, interracial sex topic always came up. They all snuck a feel of me under the table. I confessed to them that they all have nice tit fucking breasts and it would be especially fun to be smothered by Flo's giant tits and they laughed.
    Flo slipped me a note as we was going to our vehicles when our shift ended. "Let's party! Meet me at ******* Motel at 8 pm. and you pay for the room." Flo was waiting for me in her car. She watched me go in and pay for a room. As she got out of her car I noticed she wasn't wearing anything under her tight skirt. She was playing with herself with sex goodies that she brought along. We stepped into the room. I sat on the bed while Flo exposed her big BBW body to me. Her tits rested on her belly and her belly covered her snatch. She stepped in front of me and fed me her huge dark nipple tits. I grabbed hold of her big ass booty as I smothered my face in her breasts. She started to undress me. My cock pointed up like a flag pole and she wrapped it with her tits. I told her to get on all fours on the bed so I could rim her and fuck her doggy style. She handed me a butt plug to insert in her. I spread her ass cheeks and inserted it in her. I then slipped my cock slowly in her snatch and slapped her ass as I thrust into her. Her tits hung down and rested on the bed. She began to lift and suck her tits as I kept thrusting my cock hard in her. "Fuck me white boy! Fuck me good!" she yelled out. With the butt plug still in her I made her lay on her back and told her to hold her legs up while I sucked her wet snatch wildly and grabbed her tits that laid against her sides. Her juices tasted so good that I was on the verge of climaxing. I moved up a bit and rubbed my cock across her clit hard. I stuck it into her and gave her a good cream pie.
    As we rested on the bed, Flo confessed to me it would be fun if Lacy joined us in a threesome next time. Lacy was a white SSBBW from work. "She'll love your thick cock." Flo, Lacy and I go to that motel about once a month and have a great threesome going. We try not to be obvious to others at work. Why spoil a great thing.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    So my neighbors are Bengali or indian or something, 4 people living in a one bedroom, anyways they alway keep to themselves I work nights so they donât bother me I donât really see them, so I get home 630 7 in the morning the other day, relay put on the tv have a beer before bed, and I hear loud screaming and shit getting thrown around, finally a door slam, I donât think anything of it, I go and have a shower. Mid shower my doorbell starts ringing, I get dressed and answer the door and itâs the Bengali or Indian lady from next door, only she not in all of the sheets, she asks me if I could help her move some furniture in her house, because nobody was there, I said ok, but give me a minute, I went over and she was visibly shook up, there was no furniture to move she ask if she could have a glass of wine at my place to calm down, told me that her husband hit her and left, and that she was scared, I said sure, we had a few glasses of wine and talked, we locked eyes, and then she unzipped my pants and she stated giving me oral, Iâm only human, Iâd never seen her look so beautiful, so vulnerable, I ate her pussy and then fucked her hard and slow for a few hours, I mustâve orgasmed inside her 5 6 times, we were both screaming so loud that her husband came back home and was pounding on my door to keep it down, not knowing I was pounding his wife, we waited it out and she snuck back home, we got a friendship now, it happens when you have sex with someone and orgasm while looking them in the eyes, but just a few days ago she handed me an envelope in the hallway she was looking nervous, I took it and opened it, sheâs pregnant, we are having a baby, wtf! Iâm happy but nervous, itâll work out I guess

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 26

    I love him for last eight years and so does he. But we never got that closed to each other. We always kept our distance. We kissed sometimes. And one time only, we kind of made out where he took of my shirt, unhooked my bra and sucked upon my nipples really hard. He went on sucking my tits for so long and it was so good. That was the first time anyone touched me like that.
    After certain circumstances we could nog live together but we still love each other. I had to move to another city but we never got out of touch. We never had sex with each other until now.
    So this was this really cold day and I was tired from my night shift at the hospital ready to go home in the morning when I received his text that he was coming to pick me up. He never came like that unless we planned to meet but that day early in the morning at around 7 he was there out of no where. He told me he was missing me. He had a bad hangover but he was okay. He drove three hours straight to reach me in time.
    He picked me up and we went to this place which was his friend's. It was really cold and I was tired but all my tiredness went away just by looking at him.
    I felt so horny when he was holding my hand throughout the way.
    When we reached and settled down in a room, he got on the bed covering himself with the quilt and asked me to sit with him in the quilt to avoid feeling cold and to take some rest. I hesitated but I went on to lay with him. I put my head on his chest and he hugged me tight, giving a kiss on my forehead and moving his hands around my back slowly.
    He kissed my eyes then my cheeks and then his hands went gradually towards my pussy while his lip were on mine. His were the only lips I could kiss my entire life. I did not stop him from touching my pussy and my pussy was dripping juices.
    He then took of my clothes and sucked on my tits. He was so talented with his mouth that I was going crazy. He bit my nipples and I screamed with pleasure. He then kissed me all over my body giving me love bites every where and especially on my neck because it was his favourite spot for it. He kept on telling me that I am his only. That I belong to him. I was quiet at first just moaning with all his love but the moment I said Yes I'm Yours, he went crazy. He put his mouth on my pussy and stuck his finger in my asshole. His dick was so hard then when he thrust it inside me, I screamed his name so loud. I lost my virginity that day to him. To the love of my life. He kept on thrusting his dick in and out faster and faster moving his fingers all over me, using his mouth, hugging me again and again so tightly that I felt all the bones in my body squishing and I was loving every moment of it, enjoying everything until we came. He came inside me. And we hugged and lay down. He put my breast in his mouth and we slept like that naked. That was my first and the last time.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I received a pay raise at work , it also includes a monthly bonus. I told my husband about the raise . Just didn't mention the bonus part. I use the bonus to pay professional male strippers/ escorts to have sex with me. I have been seeing one guy in particular. I called him and said that I received a larger than normal bonus and was hoping for something special. I met him at the hotel like normal. When we got to the room he said that he wanted the money before we went in. I paid and we entered. I was frozen in my boots when I looked around and saw 4 men standing there in boxers. For the first time in my life I had sex with more than one man at a time. The men were insatiable they were amazing. I can't tell you how much I loved being with all of them at the same time. Later I went home and felt disappointed in my husband and life. I hope I get another big bonus soon.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I started a new job at a very small company. It was basically doing repairs on vehicles and some other equipment. It is a bit of a dirty job as the equipment is oily and covered in dirt and we have to clean the equipment after doing repairs. There are 9 of us working there with 2 women working in the office area and the rest or of us, all guys, doing repairs.
    When I was hired I was told it was a very close knit company and they were like one big happy family. I was surprised how close knit they really are. After work all the guys hit the showers. It is one big shower area so there isn't any privacy when showering. It became apparent on my first day, and one of the other guys told me as well, that the women regularly come in to talk to the guys about the work they had completed that day. The women never showered with us but they regularity came in while we showered asking us questions about the jobs we had worked on that day. We were fully nude and the women saw everything and they didn't think twice about walking in on us while we were nude. The guys didn't seem to care and it appeared that they had become accustom to the women walking in. I was a little shocked when I first started working there but after about a week I just accepted it and became more comfortable with it.
    Other jobs I had worked at always had private showers so this job was clearly the job where I literally had seen all my male coworkers nude and every single coworker had seen me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was much younger I went through a gay spell in my life, where I let a number of other boys fuck me. I really enjoyed doing that at the time, although I certainly never became gay because ofthose experiences. I did try it many years later and I did not find it all that pleasing or satisfying. I think that a lot of boys go through a gay spell in their lives when they are younger and that this is just natural. Has anyone else out there had a similar experience?

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