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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    so my gf and i play a lot of sex games.we push limits.last week we were fooling around before we had to go to a party.she got me real worked up and she pulled out a new was a male chastity device.its made clear hard plastic that going over the cock and attaches to a loop aroung the balls and is locked with a small padlock.impossible to get i cant palywith myself or get a full ercetion while im in it.she said ill take u out of it when we get home and ill let u cum then.i thought it would be fun so i played ball.we went to the party.about an hour into the party i feel my sweats and boxers hit the floor.... she pantsed me.... and whispers in my ear...... thats for the sexting i found on ur phone

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    In my family i cannot remember when i was not used for sex by both male and females and some of their freinds too. It was frowned upon to say no without a good reason, In fact sex was such a large part of my family that it all became a blur one day into the next that very little remains in my memory apart from a few incidents that stick for some reason, Like being taken to a seedy run down house to be photographed by a grey haired old man of course that involved me posing nude and having sex while he took photos, Or the fun i had with my Lesbian aunt who was a fun filled woman sex with her never was a chore, As i grew older i.e. 13 i was taken to parties and shared around which were sometimes fun i suppose the drink relaxed me, I moved away years ago but i still stay in touch with them and after not having any sex for the past year i have been so frustrated that i masturbate about the good times i had and i am tempted to go and visit them as i know i would get all the sex i want but it might lead me back into that life again which i'm not sure i want anymore though the thought turns me on, I dont have kids or a hubby so i have no ties here i cant have kids anyway due to cancer a few years ago now i'm too old to, The longer time goes by the more tempted i am to go back to family life.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 22

    Doing in class room teacher assistant to get my teaching certificate. We have a poor district majority African kids. Teacher ask me to do a home visit and look for signs of problems.
    Mother is single and drinking when I arrived. She told of having her first girl early. Was the child a family member placed in her. The next three by other family members. She gave me some punch to drink as we talked. I think it was kool aid. Must have been spiked, I became drunk.
    She sent the children next door and left us lone. She went into details of her life. She wept and ask me to hold her. Before I knew it she kissed me. I did not push her away, feeling this was acceptable with her. feeling a buzz hindered my thinking as well. We ended up on her sofa where we had sex. Her daughter walked in on us as we were going at each other.
    I quickly got dressed and drove away. In a few blocks the police pulled me over. Told speeding was the reason. I did the field test and got arrested. Said my blood alcohol level was over the limit.
    I can not go back to that school., I can not face the child, she saw everything. Not to mention the DWI charge. My life is over I think.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 51

    wife is on her way home. email telling her how horny I am. Will be between her legs in about 20 min or so. fuck yea. half a day of pure fucking.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    When my husbands nineteen year old nephew Jamie came to stay with us last January, I found him stood at the foot of our bed naked, sporting what I can only describe as one hell of a large erection. My husband had not long left for work and I was asleep when he entered our room.
    I honestly tried not to be seduced by his youthful muscled body and his thick bobbing cock, but when he left around lunch time to visit a friend who lived nearby, we'd had almost three hours of the most erotic horny sex I'd ever had in my life.
    It was three hours of sheer filth and I loved every minute of it. I'm not normally given over to performing like a slut, but Jamie and I tried just about everything and then some. Before he left after filling my asshole with his second load of hot sticky cum, he had me clean off his cock sucking in every last drop. I actually found myself begging him to fuck me at one point, as he teased my pussy with his hardness.
    It was a similar scenario the following two days before he left for home. Each time the sex became even more sordid and I couldn't get enough of the way he fucked me in many many carious positions, both up my pussy and deep inside my welcoming asshole.
    It was a strain for me to see him leave and looking at my husband, I thought he knew something as I kissed Jamie maybe a little too passionately to say goodbye.
    Two days ago my husband told me Jamie would be staying with us again, this time for ten days. When my husband told me he over stated Jamies invitation by saying "He'll be just as eager as last year to visit us, I sure hope you keep him entertained honey".
    It was the way he said it, that has now got me thinking my husband knew all along that Jamie and I were having sex and that maybe my husband has invited Jamie back for the same reason. I'm not complaining and I'm fully prepared to give Jamie all of me, all over again. I just wish I knew, if my husband knows about us and is prepared to let his wife have sex with another man.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I keep having the same dream... I'm lying on a towel beside a pool on a hot day, completely naked. A young girl about 10-12 appears, also completely naked. She just stands there by my feet. I admire her waist-length thick blond hair, her cute little figure, the neat fold of her hairless pussy. I feel my cock hardening. I start to masturbategently while she watches. Then she kneels astride me so my cock is touching her silky pussy lips. Suddenly she starts to pee ... It splashes on my cock and flows over my balls. It feels warm and nice.then she giggles, gets up and runs off... Leaving me to wake up with a huge hard on!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    My next door neighbours 13-year-old son called yesterday. He was locked out had broken down 30 miles away, and he didn't have a key. I said he could wait here until they came back. I was redecorating upstairs, so I said he could find some games on my computer to amuse himself.
    When I came down 20 minutes later, I saw that he had found some pics I had taken of my with a couple. He hastily tried to close them down.
    I told it was ok, he could look at them.did he like to look at girls???????? Yes he did. There was a pic of my cock and my friends, together, being sucked by his girlfriend. He liked that. Did he know whose cock that was???????? No. I told him it was mine.
    He didn't believe me. I showed him another pic, a hand was touching the girls pussy. Did he recognise the wristwatch on that hand???????? I showed him my wrist. Now it dawned on him.
    I asked if he'd like to watch some porn movies. He said yes, so I told him to sit on the sofa, and put one on. A compilation ofpussy and facial cumshots.
    I told him he could wank if he wanted to.
    He was hesitant, so I undid my flies and pulled out my cock, which was big and hard now. He stated at it. Come on, let's see yours then, I said.
    He was still hesitant, so I slowly unzipped him. I could feel his penis in his pants, hard. I pulled it out. Nice! He was uncircumcised. I gently wanked him while he watched the video. When it finished, I had him stand in front of my while I pulled his pants down. Then I took my own pants off and hand him kneel between my spread legs so our cocks were touching. I wanked them both together. He was watching intensely. Pretty soon he began making pelvic thrusts against me... Then with a gasp, he came... His sperm flying all over my stomach.... I scraped it off and smeared it over my tip then wanked myself off against his cock! Mmmmm!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    Some years ago, I got chatting to an attractive woman in a bar, and we ended up going back to her place and in bed together.
    The next morning I woke up to find her rushing about like a mad thing .. She was lte for work. She said something about "Paige will make you breakfast..." then she was gone. I wondered who Paige was, as I thought we had been alone in the house.
    It was a frosty morning, but the bed was nice and warm, and I was about to doze off, when Paige came in.
    She was about 10, with a thick mane of long brown hair and the sweetest little face. She was wearing a plain white nightie, and she was holding a mug of tea, which she handed to me.
    As I sipped it she just stood there, shivering.
    I peeled back the covers beside me, and she climbed in the bed. I put my arm round her and she seemed happy to snuggle up to me. Her hair smelled sweet. I was naked of course, and I felt her hand on my skin. I gently moved it down to my hard penis.
    She stared up at me, big brown eyes. I tried to smile reassuringly at her her, and kissed her gently. Her eyes closed and her tongue came in my mouth. I was taken aback, but now even more aroused.
    I felt under her nightie which had ridden up as she got in the bed. I felt the smooth curve of her bottom. Suddenly she sat up and pulled her nightie off over her head. Her little breasts were just beginning to develop. I laid her back down against the pillow. I kissed her gently again, and got the same enthusiastic reaction. I stroked her smooth thighs then felt her hot little hairless pussy. It felt so beautiful, but I knew she was too young. Keeping her legs together, I straddled her, my penis nestling between her thighs, it's tip rubbing against the fold of her slit. She put her hands on my ass and encouraged me as I started to rub against her... That little pussy felt sooooo nice... It wasn't long before knew I was going to cum... I wanted her to see that, so I knelt over her... I took her hand and guided her how to wank me... I shot my heavy load all over her, which she seemed to delight at.... Mmmmm

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 23

    within an hour of starting a date, i have had sex with every guy that has taken me out. i don't think i am a slut or easy, i mean i do not do just anybody, but i enjoy sex and when i see a guy i really think is cute or i like, then we get together. i have never had a difficult time getting with a guy. i'm 5' 4" tall, short red hair, green eyes, and my legs are fairly long for my height. i keep in shape by running and i am fairly proud of my 36b-23-34 figure.

    at a Christmas party i met a guy that i really liked, so i asked him if he wanted to take a walk. when we were out of sight of the house, i gave him a kiss and he started grabbing my breasts. i told him that i was willing if he was, so we went back to his car. we drove to a secluded spot by the lake and parked. we got out to get in the back seat, and he had me naked before i could get the door open. we didn't even get in the car, he pushed me over the trunk of the car and did me right out in the open. i really loved it!

    after he released inside me, i sucked him hard again, and then he bent me over the hood of his car. the cold metal of the car against my breasts really turned me on while he inserted his cock in me for anal sex. it was the first time i ever had an orgasm from anal. after he finished, he took me back to the party.

    after we went in he didn't want anything to do with me. after about a half hour i saw him in a hallway and asked him what was up. he laughed at me and told me, "you are just too fucking easy."

    i ran home from the party and have not been out since. my New Years resolution this year is to NOT BE too fucking easy any more.

    i have completely quit looking at porn, but i still want sex all the time. when i see a guy that i would normally go out with, i can feel myself starting to get wet and my nipples pert. i have more than doubled the distance that i run every evening, and even with the extra workout, i find myself laying in bed at night wanting sex. i use my fingers and vibe to several orgasms each night, but i still REALLY want sex. i am not a nun, but i am not going to be easy any more, but the way i feel right now, and most of the time, i know the first guy i go out with i will do him until he cannot get it up any more.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    My cousin Jenna came to stay with my family a couple of summers ago. My aunt and uncle had just separated (and would soon be going through a brutal divorce) and Jenna wanted to get away from the toxic atmosphere at home. So with the permission of her parents and my own, she flew from Ohio all the way to our little farm in California.
    I suppose Jenna expected palm trees, mega malls and beautiful people when she arrived. Just like she saw on TV. Well, she got one hell of a shock because my family lived in a rural part of the state. What she got were miles of fields and orchards, a lot of farms and an amazing view of the stars at night.
    By the time she arrived it was just my folks and me at home. My two older sibs had left for college (my sister) and for the military (my brother). We owned some prime farmland but my dad had never farmed a day in his life. He leased the acreage to a pair of old Armenian guys who grew fruit for a big national brand of fruit and nut products. So we had a big barn out back behind the house that was only used for storage and more recently as a place for me and my friends to hang out.
    I was seventeen going on eighteen. I'd just graduated from high school but wasn't sure yet what to do next. Mom wanted me to stick around, dad wanted me to get the fuck out and do something with my life. I liked mom's plan better but I knew my time at home was limited so I wanted to make this summer count.
    When Jenna arrived she wasn't quite what I expected. She was nearly the same age as me, but she looked like a sixth grader. A cute sixth grader, but still...
    She had long dark brown hair that hung down to the small of her back and big blue eyes. She was short, barely five feet in heels. She didn't have much in the way of a chest but she had all the right curves everywhere else. She looked like one of those eleven or twelve year old girls you see and think, Hmmm she's going to be pretty hot when she's eighteen. Only she already was nearly eighteen. I guess she was one of those people that were always going to look younger than she really was. Which was cool, but also kind of sad.
    If Jenna lacked maturity in her physical body, she made up for it in brains. The kid was smart and she could talk rings around you. She often made me feel like the stupid hayseed I probably was to her. My friends liked having her around because she didn't talk about the same tired old shit most of us brought up when we were together. Not that there were a lot of us.
    Jenna had no trouble claiming a place in our little group. Beside myself and Jenna there were Kim, a sixteen year old goth chick who I'd dated once or twice and slept with a few times (well, actually most of us had slept with Kim at one time or another) and Travis, Kim's latest boyfriend. He was a tall, skinny ginger who was trying very hard to be a "vampire" for Kim and not the redneck he obviously was. Then there was Donald, a short blonde kid that lived with his pothead conspiracy nut, off the grid parents in a little trailer a few miles down the road from my place. He was my best friend and kept us supplied with weed, since his folks had an extensive "medicinal" grow.
    It was sometime after the Fourth of July. Jenna had been around about a month and it was humid as all hell. We'd been swimming earlier and the three of us guys still had on our swim shorts, now long since dried - while Jenna and Kim had pulled on jean shorts over their bikini bottoms. Both still wore their bikini tops. Jenna's yellow top covered her barely there chest, while Kim (who wasn't particularly busty herself) enjoyed having the biggest chest in the group. We'd been smoking pot and drinking some Corona's I'd managed to beg my mom into buying when she'd went into town earlier in the day. But we were bored, nothing was happening and I at least was horny.
    I'd spent the whole time swimming checking out Kim and Jenna and now in my boredom my thoughts went back to earlier in the pool and my dick got hard.
    "Well," Kim said, smiling. "I don't have to ask you what you're thinking about."
    Travis and Don started chuckling, Jenna looked at me, noticed the bulge in my shorts and her eyes widened a second then she too laughed.
    I shrugged. "Can't help it. There's nothing to do out here but hang out, get high and fuck. We've already done the first two."
    Travis, who looked more like a ginger Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror than Vlad Dracul (In my opinion) blew out a smoke ring and agreed with me. "No shit. I could go for a little vah jay jay right now."
    Kim who had been sitting shoulder to shoulder with him on a little couch I'd put in the barn, suddenly jumped up onto his lap and wiggled her butt around suggestively. "That better baby??"
    "Ohhh yeah," he grinned and buried his face in her neck, nibbling and biting.
    I knew Jenna had a crush on me because since she'd arrived, whenever it was just the two of us hanging out she smiled a little too much, laughed a little too hard and blushed whenever I complimented her or teased. For my part, despite how young she looked I thought she was cute. I looked at her and she returned my stare unflinchingly, smiling back at me as Robert Plant began singing about how he was a traveler of both time and space on the radio I'd brought out earlier.
    I reached over and pulled Jenna to me, my arm around her tummy. She squeaked and giggled as I pulled her back against me, pressing my hardon into her back and nuzzling her hair and the side of her neck. She didn't try to get away.
    Don smirked. "Man that's just not fair."
    "What," Kim looked up, then burst into laughter. "You fucking hillbillies! You're cousins!"
    Jenna and I both laughed at that.
    "I'm too horny to care at the moment," I shrugged and went back to nibbling Jenna's ear and planting little kisses on her neck.
    "That's kinda hot actually," Travis grinned.
    "Hey," Kim pulled his face back to hers. "I'm supposed to be the one making you hot."
    Jenna leaned her head over to one side, giving me plenty of room to rove around with my mouth. I inched my hand up to her chest and cupped one small breast, running my thumb over and around it. She moaned softly and closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip.
    Across from us Kim had taken off her top, exposing her tits. Travis had his face buried between them. "We should totally have an orgy."
    Everyone stopped and stared at Kim, who was grinning wolfishly.
    "I'm serious," she said. "Why not??"
    "I'm in," Donnie raised his hand. "Since it's the only way I'm getting any tonight."
    Me and Travis snorted, laughing at him.
    "You in baby girl," Kim asked Jenna. "You're on the pill right??"
    "Yeah,&quo t; Jenna said. "I'm on the pill."
    "So, are you in??" Kim asked again.
    Jenna looked up at me. I shrugged, smiling down at her.
    "Yeah," she nodded, grinning. "Why not??"
    I cranked up the volume of the music to drown out the inevitable moans and groans. I knew from experience Kim was a screamer. And Don locked the barn door. Kim had already slipped off her shorts and bikini bottoms and was helping Travis undress. I pushed my shorts down and turned to see Jenna smiling at me and pulling the string that held her bikini top on. It dropped to the ground and I finally saw her tiny dark brown Hershey's Kiss nipples. Next she shrugged off her shorts and pulled the strings on the sides of her bikini bottoms and they fell off, giving me a view of her clean shaven pussy. My cock started throbbing.
    Jenna walked over to me and wrapped one hand around my cock. We started kissing. Don walked up behind her and ran his hands over her ass before pushing his face into the side of her neck and sucking and kissing it. Across from us, Travis was sitting on the couch and Kim straddled him, sitting down on his cock. She began riding him with enthusiasm.
    "You know," Jenna smiled at me. "I've always had a fantasy about two guys taking me at once."
    I had Don switch places with me, leaning up against a work bench, while I positioned Jenna so that she was bent over, her arms braced on the table to either side of Donnie and her mouth crotch high, so that she could suck his cock while I fucked her from behind. She was really tight. I loved it. I grabbed her hips and began pistoning my cock in and out of her tight little pink hole. Now both girls were moaning and groaning.
    I fucked Jenna nearly to the point of orgasm, then pulled out - my cock was twitching with the nearness of release. Kim came over and dropped to her knees. I pushed my cock in her mouth. It was covered with Jenna's slick juices. Jenna stayed bent over while Don took up position behind her now and started fucking her. Travis sat on the couch stroking his meat furiously and smiling like an idiot.
    I came, shooting a thick wad of warm white cum into Kim's open mouth. She swirled it around and around on her pierced tongue before swallowing it. About the same time Don groaned and I saw him shoot his load onto Jenna's back, having pulled out just before climaxing. On the couch, Travis was still beating himself off. But before either girl could go and finish him off, he shot his load into the air and it plopped back down in his lap.
    I sighed and pulled Jenna to me, smiling and kissing her. She hugged her arms around me and laughed.
    "I love you cuz," she giggled.
    Kim was beside Don, her hand stroking his still hard cock. They whispered something and laughed, then she turned and looked at Jenna.
    "I haven't cum yet, have you??" She asked.
    "Nope," Jenna replied.
    "Well then," Kim smiled. "Let's give these guys a show."
    The two girls got down on the ground (there was a blanket spread out) and began eating each other out. A classic 69. All three of us watched and smiled. By the time they finished we were all ready again and so on their knees, the girls serviced all three of us.
    Afterwards we dressed and shut the lights off in the barn and went our separate ways. Kim and Travis back home on his scooter, Don back home by foot and me and Jenna back inside the house.
    Its one of my favorite memories.

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