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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 30

    All the girls I dated would not take anal sex. I wanted to try it so bad I hired a hooker. She walks around the tracks like others and had a nice ass. Told her want I wanted and her price doubled. I agreed and for this I got a hotel room.

    I bought her food a bottle of wine and let her shower first. I bought lube and magnum condoms. She wanted to warm up and had me get some pussy before. She got into it and so did I, she was a good fuck. worked her ass and pussy. I guess that's why she is a pro.

    Rolled her over and lubed her up. Lubed my condom and started in slow. few minutes and she laid down with me on her. She starts asking me to stop, it hurts. I had paid for ass, I wanted ass. I could cum fairly quick and ask her, NO get off me it hurts.

    I did not stop and just fucked her. held her shoulders with my hands and had a good time. Finished and pulled out a cum filled condom. I put in a bag and took it with me. Not leaving DNA in a hotel room.

    She was pissed and threatened me. I pulled out $40 I had set to tip her with. She took the tip and ask for a ride back.

    Few days later I rode by and she came running, want some more of this?? how about some back door?? extra $40 you got it. Did not have time and settled for a blow job. I must admit she enjoys her work. She had orgasm in the hotel room I could feel it. She actually got wet and did not need lube. She gave a good blow job as well. Wore a condom for everything for fear of STD.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 20

    So I had went to my local adult store to go jack off I don't know why but it really turns me on to go to an adult store and watch porn well tonight the theater wasn't so dead as I entered my booth another man forced his was in and immediatly asked what I liked to do, I could not respond seeing that ie only have done stuff with guys on the low, he pushed me down and pressed his brotch against my face and asked if I like dick I replied no, but he pulled his out anyways now this old 9inch cock is in my face rubbing he keeps trying to put it in my mouth and outta nowhere he says "here let me help you" he places 2fingers in and forces his dick in" there ya go now how's that " he shoved his dick in my throat and noticed the tears, he pulled his penis out and used it whipe em away, he made me keep sucking and then asked to fuck me I refused so he swung the door open exposing me to this line of men and wouldn't allow me to stop but told them to pull there members out and have fun all together 5 men masterbated on my face that night and I sucked dick for 2 hours, all I wanted was to watch some porn and cum instead I swallowed multiple loads and got facialed by strangers

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 45

    I am a black female, professional, married to a man who has lost his "sex". I give him bj or handjobs but no sex. I could not continue having sex with him since he has put on 100 lbs and now weighs 400 pounds. I have not had sex with him for about 10 years.

    His sex in his younger day (he is 47) was incredible!!! An ex-football player with a huge "piece". He was also a whore, I mean besides the cheating he did the sex was hard, deep, and long lasting. The oral sex would make me scream so loud I would be weak in the morning. Now he is lazy and cannot/will not satisfy me.

    I work out 5x per week, practice Judo, and bodybuild so I know I am taking care of myself as best as a 45 year old woman can. Sexy gowns, high heels, expensive perfume, toys just goes to waste. The only thing he wants to do now is eat, sleep, and watch tv.

    I have started a behavior that makes me feel powerful. I get on penpal sites and talk to males. I find that they have to be from certain countries for me to really want to talk. Turkey, Japan, Italy. I pick these countries since the communication is difficult. This way I can flirt without having any discussions. Sometimes they will just pull out and stroke for me while I watch. Most of the time I will wear a low cut blouse and play with the outside of know, tease with my clothes on. They love this and will send lots of cute pictures or beg for my address to send lacy bra's for me to model for them. I always decline but it does turn me on.

    There is one man from Istanbul who is a professional. This guy speaks English so we have great conversations. One time ask me to suck my vibrator and pretend it is him. I love it when he becomes breathless when I deep throat it for him.

    The other day we were talking about life in general and politics when out of the blue he ask me if I was wearing a bra. I was shocked since he is a serious man during our world discussions. I told him no. In a commanding voice he said "Open your robe, I want to look at your nipples". This excited me..a lot. I opened my robe and that is when he showed me who he really was. I was ordered to pinch my nipples. I started to pinch my nipples while he kept his eyes fixed on my fingers. This man wanted me to slowly pull my nipples as high as I can. As I did this I could tell he was stroking. I was really into this when I was ordered to open my legs so he can see my "little girl". .I was in a trance as he told me step by step how to pull, tickle, and play with my "pearl". I was ready to "let go" when he suddenly said "don't finish". I was shocked, sweaty, and hot. This man ordered me to " put your clothes back on, wash your face, and lets continue our conversation". I was edged. It was exciting and frustrating at the same time. I felt that tickle, that uncomfortable feeling that needs to come out but he would not let me. We continued to talk about world events while he would smile in a wicked smile since he knew i needed release. I need a dick but..I knew I would not have it.

    We play this game at least 3x per week. He never allows us to release at all. When ever I am working or just sitting and relaxes he will text me " do not touch my little girl tonight". This lets me know we well play our games. Now, I do jill off after we finish with skype and I am sure either takes his wife or jack off also but just knowing we can arouse each other is hot and exciting for me.

    My husband does not have any ideal that I do this. I know he would probably break my laptop if he found out. Maybe he would break my fingers also.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 25

    Recently while me and my girlfriend were having a bit of a rough patch i had been getting some advice from a friend at work (It just so happens that this friend is amazingly good looking has fantastic tits and a smile that could melt you.)

    As she was also having a bad patch with her boyfriend at the time we were sharing advice and helping each other out. So one evening she came to my house full of tears and on the verge of defeat. She asked me for advice and what she should do etc etc...

    Well after a bit of us both being really down and upset we ended up kissing... hands were everywhere and she leaned over and told me she was wet. This was it!

    I shoved my hand down to her pussy and could feel just how wet she was. She was writhing around and begged me to fuck her. She turned round and bent over in front of me pulling her pants down and pulling her rainbow print thong to one side, sliding her fingers into her pussy and tasting her own c**t.

    I stepped forward and starting licking her clit tasting just how wet she was. She told me to stand up and fuck her hard. I slammed my already rock hard cock inside her and starting fucking her hard and fast as she pushed back onto my full length loving every inch of it and every thrust. She was soaking wet by this point and begging me to make her cum. I kept going.

    I turned her round and lifted her up against the wall in my kitchen and fucked her until we both came. Her pussy gushing onto my cock and balls and leaving the floor soaking too.

    It's happened again since then over the bonnet over her car :)

    It's not something i'm proud of but it's something i'll never regret or forget.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    For the first time in nearly thirty years of marriage,my wife Karen has been naked in front of another man and it has awoken desires in me that at one time would have filled me with anger. Let me explain,I have been friends with Tom for about 20 years he is about 6o years old and recently widowed,we often used to go out with him and his late wife Grace and since her sudden death he has been spending a lot of time at our place where the the three of us would pass the time talking about the good times we all shared.Anyway this particular evening we had gone through quite a lot of wine and Karen not being a very strong drinker was becoming more and more tipsy and giggly and I knew it wouldn't be long before she was asleep.Karen is 51 and about 5`4" tall with still quite a trim figure average size breasts and a beautiful bottom that juts out like a black woman's.As Karen's breathing became heavier I knew she was going into a deep sleep and lifted her legs onto the sofa so she'd be more comfortable,Tom was sitting on the chair opposite to her and from this angle could see half way up her thigh where her loose fitting skirt had ridden up,I noticed he kept having little glances as we chatted,then out of the blue he told me how much he missed the sexual side of his marriage and the feel of a woman's naked body.It was then I realized I wanted Tom to see Karen's nakedness.I looked at him and told him that this must be our secret,he looked puzzled at first then as I knelt next to Karen and began to slowly unbutton the front of her blouse to reveal the white bra that held her soft warm tits,he knew he was about to see my wife in all her glory. I studied Karen's face for any sign of her waking but she was absolutely dead to the world then with shaking hands felt behind her and unclipped her bra and together with her blouse completely removed them,my cock had never felt so hard as I gently rolled her nipples between my fingers feeling them grow stiff even in her unconscious state,Tom meanwhile had moved from his chair and was now next to me on the floor only inches from Karen's naked breasts,I moved my hand and motioned for Tom to take my place and he needed no encouragement and I watched as my long time friend lovingly caressed my sweet wife's breasts and as I gazed at this wonderful sight I felt for the zip at the side of her skirt and with surprising ease managed to get it down past her thighs and completely remove it,Karen was now flat on her back with only her white panties covering her,I could clearly see the outline of her pussy and the faint indentation of her slit as could Tom,then carefully checking she was still asleep I very slowly began to pull down her knickers revealing her dark pubic hair,as they came down inch by inch I noticed Karen begin to adjust her body and I thought for an instant she was waking up but to my relief she just moved a bit then continued her deep breathing.Tom by now had undone his trouser and with his free hand was rubbing his swollen cock,I moved so Tom could get access to my wife.s partly concealed pussy and opened her legs slightly so Tom could feel her wetness,his fingers moved up and down her ever widening entrance and I watched as if hypnotized as a finger slipped easily inside of her,my own cock by now was also being rubbed with no embarrassment of another man seeing my erection.Tom looked at me and I knew at once he wanted to fuck Karen,but even though I wanted to see him deep inside my wife I shook my head and mouthed the words no,He looked so gutted but respected my wishes and instead knelt forward and began to run his tongue up and down her now soaking pussy,this went on for about a minute and I felt my sperm begin to erupt shooting onto the carpet as I stared at the incredible scene in front of me,as the feeling of excitement slowly faded to be replaced with one of panic and also jealousy,Tom's spunk shot from his cock landing almost next to mine.As Tom recovered I went to the bathroom for some tissues to clean ourselves and the carpet,when I returned Tom was fully composed and was taking photos of my wife,I called him to the kitchen and tried to explain this was a one off thing and that he could keep the photos,but never mention this to any one and he readily agreed. Karen was still in a deep sleep as we returned and Tom couldn't resist one final feel as I fetched a dressing gown to cover her nudity.After he had left I managed to get her up to bed and she fell back into a deep sleep,in the morning she asked how she had got to bed and I told her Tom had left after she passed out and I had undressed her and got her into bed which she accepted.Since that night I can't get the idea of Tom fucking her out of my head but it's finding a way to do it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    Well the story is that I saw my 21 yo stepdaughter standing outside the bathroomdoor and peeking in via a mirror in the bathroom while I was having a shower. She pretended to do her hair in front of another mirror in the hallway while she was wathing me beeing naked in the shower.

    I think her mother had told her that I have a big cock (you know how girls are) and she wanted to see just how big it was. I had caught her looking at my croch several times. Well she stood there peeking in / starring and I got horny and thought I would show her how big my cock is in erect condition. I stroke my cock so it got bigger, hanging down heavily and placed myself in a good position so she could get at good look at it. Then I soaped myself in, all over the body and also my big cock, which were growing. And she just stood there starring at it. It was so naughty and horny. I stroked it so she could see it and I placed myself so she could see it in profile pointing right up the air.

    I didnt cum in the shower because I wanted to keep it big. So when I finished showering I dryed myself with a towel (when I shut down the water she went away). When I had dried myself I wraped the towel around my waist my cock still half erect and thick. And I went out in the room where she lied down on her bed while she talked to me. When I came out she starred at my cock behind the towel and suddenly she was quiet, she just starred at it. I walked a little around the room without saying anything (I was also very horny). Then I placed myself just in front of her and pretented I wanted to set the towel right. I loosend the knot and revealed my cock for her, just one meter from her face and her eyes that starred at it. She moved her blanket and I saw she the green see-through panties on and I saw her shaved pussy pressed behind the panties. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide open. Still not saying anything. I was so horny that I didnt think of the consequences. I went on my knee and approached her. My cock was now between her legs, which were wide open. I smiled at her and she took her hand and moved the panties aside....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    At the start of July, two days after my 19th birthday I was at home with my boyfriend Scott. My mom and stepdad were at work and I'd decided I wanted to try anal sex for the first time. We were in the kitchen, I was all but naked, only my socks left on and Scott was completely naked. He was lay on the floor and I was just about getting used to his dick inside my butt as I sank down onto his cock, when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Quickly looking around I saw my stepdad standing in the doorway. He was watching us fuck, but that wasn't what made me stare, it was the size of the bulge in his work shorts. I don't know how long he'd been stood there, but once he knew I'd seen him, he smiled and walked quietly away into the lounge.
    Scott and I quickly dressed and Scott left scared my stepdad might beat him up. I went into the lounge to talk to my stepdad, but my stepdad wasn't there. Needing the bathroom I climbed the stairs and only because I heard a soft moaning coming from the left, did I look in the direction of my moms and my stepdads bedroom. I was stood rooted to the spot for a couple of minutes as I looked through the wide open door. Stood perfectly still I watched my stepdad masturbate on their bed. His erection was much bigger than Scotts and even from that distance I could see the pre cum leaking from his massive cock head. Staring at him wanking was if I was in a trance unable to move.
    He knew that I was there and I knew he knew it, but it didn't make any difference, he carried on stroking his huge cock anyway. When he shot his load all over the bed linen, he looked in my direction and smiled right at me. His smile and the arc of cum hiting the bed made me come to my senses. Looking at his face still smiling I finally went into the bathroom, and I'm not ashamed to say I played with myself, using my fingers to to penetrate my pussy and play with my clit until I came. After showering I went into my room and waited until my mom came home.
    Nothing was said, other than my mom wanting to know why her freshly washed bed linen was being washed again. My stepdad said he spilt his coffee on it, but we both knew that wasn't the case. Later he came up to me and said "If you don't tell, neither will I".
    I've kept it to that, but I can't help but get aroused now each time I'm around him. I've seen how big his cock is and even though I've continued to have anal sex with Scott, I'm now wondering how much better it would be with my stepfathers large cock inside my butt, instead of Scott's six inches.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I've tried to get my husband to confess this, as I think it would be better put coming from his perspective, but he says it's my confession.
    You see for the last two years after Brian first suggested it, I've been having sex outside of, but inclussive with, our marriage. It's with other well endowed men, often black men but not exclusively and their wives.
    We'd just had sex in bed and I was still horny, Brians cock although very hard, is only five and half inches in length and I often have to either masturbate with my fingers or use a dildo to get myself off. I was using a large black dildo, when Brian asked me if I wished it was the real thing. With my pussy squirting juice everywhere I told him "Fuck yeah".
    That was it, that was the start of our sexual adventure. Brian advertised on a wife swapping website and the rest as they say, is history. Within a day, after Brian had taken and posted various pictures of me naked, we had over a dozen replies, two of which I answered to.
    One was a guy who was married and wanted to involve his wife, the other was a guy who unknown to us at the time, worked at the same company as Brian.
    Both evenings were different and both had their special sexual outcomes. It was with the couple though which I've found my true sexual belonging. Being fucked by a guy with a nine inch thick black cock, as I licked and sucked out his wife's pussy and ass, was simply the most erotic and sexually satisfying horny time I've ever spent.
    Brian sat masturbating in a corner of our bedroom, his cock like a rod of iron from what I could see. Not once did he want to join in, not until the guy had filled my pussy with his seed. In a very surreal situation at the time (not anymore), Brian half asked, half begged me to let him lick me out.
    For over twenty minutes I lay on my back, as Brian and the guys wife took turns to lick out my pussy and ass. At the same time I was being fed a thick black cock to suck on. By the time they'd left our home, I'd had sex four times in various rooms and positions. Three times with our visitors husband and his wife, and then alone for over an hour with his beautiful lithe Irish wife.
    The last two years has been an ongoing "open" discovery of our sexual relationship. I've found it's not their size now which gets me off, it's the variety and kind of sex involved. Brian and I have discovered he's definately as bisexual as I am. The last six months we've made sure the couples who we have sex with, are both bisexual and are prepard to have sex either way.
    Watching my wonderful loving husband take another mans cock deep up his ass for the first time, was for me just as erotic and fulfilling as when I first experienced and tasted my Irish lovers love juices.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 26

    I lost my virginity to my cousin. Granted i only lasted a minute tops i think but she was the first piece of ass i ever had. I cant remember all the details but feeling her body heat and hearing her moans made me cum for some reason.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 51

    My name is Patty Walker and when I was young my brother made me have sex with them all the time. They would make me fuck them or suck their cocks whenever they wanted me to.

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