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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 25

    want to become a woman and have sex with a minotaur.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Between my wife Jennifer, her sister Andrea and Andrea's son Mikey, I genuinely don't know who I enjoy fucking the most.
    My wife likes nothing more than long slow sex and sometimes I really enjoy fucking her that way. However her sister Andrea who's younger than my wife thrives on really rough hard sex. She adores anal sex and whenever we can snatch an afternoon together I literally pound the fuck out of her asshole.
    It was whilst I was pounding her asshole one afternoon, Mikey discovered us fucking. He didn't say anything at the time, but waited until he called by my office to reveal he'd watched us for over quarter of an hour. When I asked Mikey why he hadn't told his father, he replied "Simple, I want you to fuck me too". I didn't know Mikey was gay, but I did know I had no qualms about fucking a guys ass.
    That's because during my college years I had a male fuck buddy. He didn't want anyone in his family or his friends to know about his love of anal sex, so we'd meet up, drive to a remote place I knew, then I'd have him suck my cock hard and fuck him as hard as I wanted to. And boy could he take it.
    Mikey walked around my desk, dropped to his knees and after taking my cock out sucked my dick until I was good and hard. Taking control, I bent the eighteen year old over my office desk, dragged down his shorts and in one go, slammed my cock up his tight white ass. If my college friend could take a pounding, then Mikey was on another level all together. It must have been twenty minutes later when I came up Mikey's asshole, as he lay on the sofa I have in my office. That was the first time I fucked him and I've been fucking Mikey at least once a week ever since.
    It's funny, once I'd cum up Mikey's asshole, I got a text from Andrea asking me if I could get away that afternoon. I didn't tell Mikey, but as soon as he left to go to college, I text Andrea back and asked what time her husband would be home. Getting the reply, I was balls deep up Mikey's moms ass only three hours after fucking her son.
    A year on from first fucking Mikey, I've grown to love each of them in different ways. My wife suspects I'm fucking someone else, but her words to me have been "Don't you bring anything (STD) home to me". I even think she knows I'm fucking her sister, because at Christmas just gone, she asked me if was seeing Andrea anytime soon. When I asked why, my wife said "Because she's going to be alone when ... goes to Europe next month". I'd forgotten Mikey had told me his dad was working away for three weeks. Mind you I was fucking him in the back of my car at the time.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was a kid I had two nieces who were my own age. In fact Denice was a few weeks older and Heidi was only about 18 months younger. We grew up in the same house because my sister, their mom was a real loser. She was on drugs and gone frequently. Well we were home alone a lot and got curious about sex and started with games like truth or dare and playing family. I was 12 when we started and this progressed to a "show mine if you show me yours" kinda game. We started touching each other and even did oral on each other. By the time I was 13 we were doing everything but sex. The summer I was 13 that all changed. It was a truth or dare game again and we had already dared each other to perform oral on one another when Denice dared Heidi to have sex with me. I was blown away when she agreed. She laid on the bed and took off her pants and panties. I did the same and and climbed on top of her. I had trouble getting it in at fist but she helped me and after a few minutes we were fucking. I looked over and Denice was watching and rubbing herself. Heidi was granting with every thrust and warned me not to leave any hickies. I kept pumping until I came inside of her. When I pulled out she said "wow that was a lot of fun" she then told Denice it was her turn. I had just came and wasn't hard so Heidi sucked me until I was hard again which didn't take long. Denice then climbed on the bed naked and said lets go. Having just done it I knew better this time and got it in her easily. We had sex for a longer time and Denice was more vocal than Heidi. I eventually came inside of her. She said that we will be doing that again soon. By the time we had finished it was almost time for the grown ups to come home so we cleaned up but after that we had sex as often as we could that summer until they moved away. We had sex a few times after they moved away as well and the last time Denice and I had sex I was about 17 and we had sex in her car. Heidi and I continued on even as adults. We would have sex if we were alone. This didn't happen often as we lived in different towns. But as luck would have it my work sent me to her town over the past weekend. We are both married but we couldn't resist each other. We had sex at least 4 times over the past weekend.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 47

    Before we met, my wife was quite the slut. She fucked and sucked every guy she was ever with. Mostly she loved giving head. That said, you'd never know she was that way if you were to see her in passing. She was and still is very sweet. She looks, and dresses very modestly. But when she was alone with a guy, she changed. Like she had a split personality. She didn't waste any time coming onto whom ever she was with. She didn't need to be coaxed. She would just reach for the guys cock, and start rubbing it through his jeans. It didn't take long before he had his cock out, and she was sucking it blissfully. She sucked married guys, a lot. Single guys, whoever she was with. She loved to be fucked also, but sucking cock was what most guys seemed to enjoy the most, and fortunately for them, that's what she likes most also. She has told me all of her stories, and it makes my cock throb with lust, and desire. She has also had lovers since we've been married. We talked about this, and I was all for it. As long as she told me everything when she got home. Now that you know a little bit about her, I'll tell you what I really want. I've heard all of her stories many times. I never get tired of hearing them. But, I want something more. Its my dream to have her to bring a man, or two would be even better, home with her so that I can actually watch her in action, instead of just hearing the stories after the fact. I just want to sit back in a nice comfortable chair and watch her do what I've only heard about. I want to watch her get between one guys legs and suck his cock, while the other guy fucks her doggy style. (Her favorite way to be fucked) I want to watch them take turns on her, switching off, getting her totally wet with her juices flowing. Then I want to join in. She could lay on her back, and they can take turns fucking her between her tits, while I eat her wet pussy. I'll have a great view of them fucking her mouth with each thrust between her tits. I'd love to watch them both fill her slut mouth with their hot cum while I lick her juicy pussy. Once they both recover for round two, she can ride them, Cowgirl Style, and I want to lick her hot sweaty ass while they fuck her brains out again. Probably never going to happen, at least not quite like that, but I can dream.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    My mother breast fed me for three weeks before she went back to school. She dropped me off with a woman close by. She had children and a baby I grew up with. She did not drop off any food for me, no pumped milk, nothing. Then a few weeks later she ask mom sally what I ate in the day time, she had forgot to drop off formula. Mom sally told that she had nothing, so when she fed James, she put me on the other breast and fed me. Mom told hr I did not like the formula at home, so mom sally told her to breast feed me. Mom said she tried but she was drying up by then.

    I never got formula at mom Sally's house, she breast fed me. She told me that she would feed James and he would go to sleep. She would put him down and I would keep feeding. I could drain the one breast and then work on what james left. She thought I was part of the reason her right breast was so big. I had her working like a milk cow. She was a sweet woman and I loved her like a mom. James who has been my life long friend, told me that I was her favorite child and her only white child.

    I dated both black and white girls and my mom told me to please marry a white girl, and not to accidentally get one of the black girls pregnant. I think I had some in te back of the mind thoughts about the black girls and the feelings i had for mom sally. I remember one black girl I dated who had real large breast tell me, You act like you like those nipples, you tore them up. She was one of the best I ever had sex with. We clicked together so well. Her parents were about like my mother, would kill her if she had a white guy as a husband,

    thanks for hearing my crazy mind ramblings.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    My wife is in bed sound asleep right now, after taking her usual sleeping pills. (She'll sleep in now until after 9am) I've gotten up (It's 6am) on the pretence my back's hurting. In actual fact I got up as my cock was straining to played with. You might ask why I didn't try to wake my wife and have her suck me off, or fuck her. Well the reason my cock is so hard, is the same young man who called round last night to take every inch if my cock down his nineteen year old throat, when my wife was out at the golf range, has text my phone to ask me if I'd like to unload bareback up his asshole this time.
    He'll be here shortly. It will be risky I suppose, but I've been wanting to fuck him for weeks now, but we've always stopped at him sucking me off. The difference is him asking me to fuck him.

    He's here. I'm just letting him into our kitchen. I'm explaining and showing him what I'm doing confessing on here. He's just stripped right in front of me. God his asshole looks tight and sweet. He's just taken my cock out of my shorts, wow he's a good cock sucker. I'm going to go now. Maybe later I'll let you know how it went.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 19

    I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs and jacked off to some movie on showtime. Something happened that has never happened before. Just as I was about to cum I got a severe cramp on my right side. It was so painful that all I could do was stretch out on the sofa and call for help.

    My sister came down rubbing her eyes. She saw me laying there with a hard on and not able to move. I told her what happened and she started laughing, and was flicking my dick back and forth with her hand. A drop of precum came out and I asked her to please stop and help me get up. She helped me sit up and the cramp hit me again and I was on the floor on my back now just whimpering. My sister said maybe if I could get rid of my hard on it would help. I reached for my dick with my right hand but the cramp hit me again. I couldn't move without making it worse. My sister said maybe she should get mom and dad. I begged her not to. This was embarrassing enough already. My sister held my dick in her hand and said it was the first time she really held a dick so maybe this would be okay. She started stroking me and kissing the tip of my dick and using her tongue. Damn but it was the best blowjob I've ever had in my life and this was my sister.

    I said this wasn't fair, meaning that it wasn't fair that she was doing this to me while I couldn't move. She took it to mean it wasn't fair that she was doing me and I wasn't doing her. She pulled down her pajamas, got on top of me and fucked me. I don't think I lasted long enough for her to orgasm because she said i could pay her back later. She kept my dick inside her until I went soft and when she got up her pussy let out a soft pop.

    She tried to get me to sit up again and I finally could. Then she helped me stand and walk upstairs. My sister even helped me get into bed and brought me some muscle relaxants from when she pulled her back horseback riding. Before she left my room she kissed me on the lips and said I could pay her back later.

    She made me pay her back after she and mom came home from church. She came into my room and pulled off her jeans and underwear and spread her legs. She told me I had to eat her out until she came. I didn't want to argue so I did. She must've liked it because she had to grab my pillow and bite into it to stop from crying out, then about a half hour later Mom called both of us and she pushed me away. We went downstairs and helped mom do some house cleaning and when dad returned home we all went out for Sunday dinner.

    My sister has now told me that if I'm feeling like i need to jack off, that she is open to us doing this. She said she won't have intercourse with me yet, but the oral felt good and it doesn't hurt anything. Thing is my sister is only 12 years old and is way too young to be doing this, especially with me.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 50

    My name is Rhonda. My husband is a very jealous man. He accuses me of wanting every man that comes in my office or gives me a second look. The only couple he likes to go out with is my best friend Peg and her husband Ty. We go to movies together, out to eat, and we sometime go out of town together. My best friend Peg knows what my husband is like and has told me many times that if my husband ever accused me of fucking another man the he better be ready because the first chance I get I am going to fuck him.
    We decided to go to Hilton Head Is. for a week and rented a beautiful condo on the beach and our unit also overlooked the pool. We had been drinking most of the day and having a great time when Ty said he was going back to the room to watch TV. We stayed by the pool getting some much needed sun. I told Peg I need to use the bathroom and wanted to know if she wanted to go up with me. She told me know that she would stay at the pool. I then asked my husband and he said he wanted to keep reading his book so I went up alone. I opened the condo door to hear moaning and was unsure if I should go in, but really wanted to see what was making that moaning noise. I stepped into the kitchen area and could see a woman on the TV getting fucked by two big dick black men. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't see TY but the only thing I could see was the TV and what was on it really made me horny.
    I then stepped into the dinning area and there I could see TY with his dick in his hand jacking off. I was frozen I could not move or speak. I had never seen a man jack off before. I must of made a noise and TY looked over at me and ask to you want to watch. I said no and you should stop. He just turned his head and kept stroking his big dick. His dick was twice the size of my husband. I could not believe he didn't care that I was standing there watching him jack off. I would have thought he would be afraid I would tell Peg what he was doing. He looked my way again and said get the fuck over here. I was scared and did what he said, I sat in the chair beside the couch and watched him stroke his dick. I didn't want to let him know but I was so wet and so fucking horny.
    He then told me to get up and some sit beside him, I don't know why but I did what he said. When I got up to sit on the couch I could see Peg and my husband sitting in the pool chairs. They were turned away from our window so that made me feel a little better. Ty then took my hand and put it on his dick and told me to jack him off. I once again started doing what he said. I could not believe me little miss church goer was doing this. Ty then took my head and started pushing it toward his dick and I told him no. I told him that I could not do this to Peg. That is when he told me Peg knows exactly what he came to the condo to do. He told me Peg would not have let me come to the condo without calling him and telling him I was on the way and needed to stop. I told him that I didn't believe him. That is when he picked up his phone and called Peg. He asked her to get up so my husband could not hear what she was saying. He had the call on speaker phone and told his wife that Rhonda had come up and caught him jacking off. Peg the asked is she still there and Ty said yes. That is when I heard her say honey give her a good fuck for me. Tell her that I will call if Rod gets up to come back to the condo. She then told her husband if you can fuck her close to the window do I can see. She then hung the phone up and Ty took my head and pushed it onto his dick. I have never loved sucking a dick so much knowing my ass hole husband. Ty let me suck him for a few minutes when he stopped me stood me up took my bathing suit off and started kissing me. He then led me to the window got on the phone and called his wife. He asked he if she could see us, she told him that the sun was to bright on the window and ask me to go to the bed room that also over looked the pool. He took me to the bedroom open the blinds and I could hear her tell him she could see good from where she was. Ty then bent me over and made me hold on to the window and that is when I felt the head of his dick getting ready to enter me. OMG it fucking hurt, I couldn't handle it, it was to big for me. He told me to relax and he slowing push his dick into me. It felt so good and what felt better was I could see my husband reading his fucked up novel while a real man was fucking his wife with the biggest dick she had ever had. Peg was coaching Ty on how to fuck me. I guess she really knew what I needed. Ty fucked me for about 20 minutes when I heard Peg tell him that she wanted to hear him cum. I only took seconds when he started slamming his dick as hard and as far into me as he could and I then I heard the loudest moan I had ever heard a man make. I could feel all his hot cum deep inside me. He then pulled out and laid back on the bed. I could see his dick jumping up and down with every heart beat. I then took it in my mouth and started sucking wanting him to cum again. I sucked him and it only took a minute, I could feel him getting ready again, he shot his cum in me again. I left him on the bed. I put my bathing suit on and went back to the pool. When I got back my husband ask me what took me so long. I told him I got interested with something on TV. He then ask if Ty was up in the room and told him he must be tired because when I left he was passed out on the bed. I then kissed my ass hole husband with cum all over my tongue and then ask Peg to walk down to the beach with me.
    I told her I am not sure what the fuck just happened but thank you and I really mean thank you. That is when she told me that she and Ty have always hated the way my husband treats me and have talked many times about getting someone to fuck me. She said it was only during one of the sex session did Ty come up with this idea. She then told me when we get back home that any time that I needed Ty to call and she would make sure he would be available.
    It only took a week before my first call. Peg told me to come over and she would have Ty ready. I arrived and we talked and she then took me to the bedroom where her husband was waiting. I got undressed got in the bed and started sucking his dick. That is when I felt Peg getting into the bed, as I was sucking her husband dick I could feel her naked body next to mine. I was about to have my first threesome.
    I will never be able to thank Peg and Ty. I hope this will last for a long time because if this wouldn't have happend I had already made up my mind to fuck my husbands hunting buddy Randy. He has been hitting on me for years but am so glad Ty and Peg saved me. I hope my husband reads this and realizes that only the name of Ty is incorrect. I hope he knows his golfing buddy is fucking his wife. He fucks his wife instead of playing golf with him. I feel sure if Ty keeps fucking me that my husband will surely know because of the size difference. I can already tell I have been stretched. Oh if my husband is to stupid to figure out who Ty is. Ty really starts with an R.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was 16 years old, my married next door neighbor (lets call him Mr Smith) hit on me for sex. He was in his late 50's and I was more than willing. I already been sucking my best friend off at age 14 so it was no big deal to me. We talked about everything and about jerking-off and sex. I started cutting his lawn and one day after I finished while his wife was away in another state he told me to go take a shower witch I found weird but did any way. I was in the shower, it was a big all tile shower with all glass. I looked over saw Mr smith was watching me naked. First thing I looked at was his big very veiny uncut cock. He had big hanging balls and his pubic hairs was trimmed tight. He looked at me open the glass door and said can I join you? I said not sure um I think it's ok and he stepped in closed the door. He grabbed the bar of soap and started to lather him self up. He then rubbed the bar on me and to my now hard on. He got behind me pulling me to him. He started to stroke my little 4 1/2 in hard cock. I felt his growing cock on my ass cheeks. As he was stroking my cock he whisper in my ear ever do this with another guy. I told his yes he ask what did I do. I told him I have sucked dick. He asked if I ever gotten fucked? I said no. He soaped up my hole and I felt his hard cock at my hole starting to push. I felt pain as he held me against the wall pushing his cock into me. I said it hurts stop but he wasn't going to he had to much lust in him. He said let it happen don't fight it I know it feels like you need to go to the bathroom but u don't so let it go. I did and he slide in balls deep. He started to slow fuck me, I lost my hard-on as he picked up and started to pound me. The room was filled with his moans and that slapping sound of flesh to flesh when he finely shot his load deep in me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    My best friend and I actually had anal sex in the 7th grade. we were staying the night at his house and they lived way out in the country. we always would sneak out of the house late at night just to be outside. we always went out to the barn or their tractor shed to just sit and talk. He started talking to me about having sex and said we should do it and told me he really wanted to get naked with me. He had me pretty excited so I agreed to take my clothes off and once we were both naked we both ad a hard on. We couldn`t keep our hands off each other and played with one another until it felt too good to stop and we actually came with our hands around each others dicks and we had cum on our hands from each other.
    That's about all it took and we kept touching and stroking each other until he managed to talk me in to letting him rub his dick on my ass. I really didn`t think much about it and let him turn me around and bend me over a big wooden box behind the tractor and his dick was in the crack of my ass as he held on to my hips humping me. My dick got very hard pretty fast and before long he was asking if he could stick it in me. I was pretty excited and told him to try it. Damn what a wild experience that was. It was difficult to get it started and it stung like hell when it first went in my ass but he kept pushing until it went all the way up my ass and he just held on to me real tight moaning like I was then he thrust it up my ass real hard and without warning shot his warm cum up my ass and shot my cum all over the top of the wood box.
    We caught our breath and since he was still very hard and still up my ass he said he wanted to try it again so we did. This time he lasted a good long while and my asshole was nice and lubed from the cum he shot up my ass earlier so it felt very good and I was jacking off as he fucked me and came just before he came again. He asked if he could cum in me this time and I quickly told him yes and he shot a bunch of warm cum up my ass the second time.
    We stayed out there very late that night and he fucked me some more and once while he sat on the box and I backed up and sat on his hard dick then bounced up and down on his dick until we both came again. The next day his Parents let us go swimming down on the creek and we swam some but most of the time we were back up in the bushes with his dick up my ass fucking me and shooting more cum up my ass. About a week later we tried sucking each other for the first time and we both came in each others mouth and by the end of the day we could swallow each others cum pretty easily.
    We had sex for years and it was always very damn good.

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