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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 53

    Just the other evening I was out at a motorcycle and car show. It was opening night. At the bar I was behind this shapely woman dressed in nice tight designer fitting jeans with fuck me open toed high heels on.When she turned around,I said look what we have here. She was a true cougar with shoulder length platinum hair. She was much older,I thought maybe in her early seventies with her eyes done up.She looked really hot and sexy for her age. We talked and I found out her name was MARGO.Well you know how cougars are. They just want to get have sex and get fucked ,no games.After some small talk I asked her if she wanted to fuck.She said lets go to my place .I live close to here .I followed her to her condo.We went inside .I was amazed that this womans sexual appetite was so strong.We got undressed and got on her bed.Slipping my cock in her wet c**t ,we fucked and good piece of ass. I soon had her coming and after awhile I shot my load deep inside her hot pussy.This woman loved getting fucked.Soon she got on top of me riding my cock.I had a good view of her tits in my face while she rode me.Not bad about 36C, I was kissing and sucking on her aroused nipples. What a woman.MARGO came again and so did I.She said she likes getting fucked now and then. I said I am glad we hooked up and maybe we can get together again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 55


    The other day I got a call from my hot,classy,and sexy real estate agent,DIANE.She said that she had some paperwork from the previous owner and asked when would be a good time to stop by to drop it off. I said how is this evening around 7 oclock.She said that would work out well.DIANE arrived right on time. She looked hot and sexy as ever,dressed in a black top with a yellow floral tight fitting short skirt with sexy ankle strap open toe high heels.

    I told her it was such a surprise to see her again. I said that she looks as good as ever.After DIANE gave me the folder,I asked if she if she had some spare time and would like a glass of wine.She said that would be great.We sat down and talked for a while.Things started heating up, DIANE said her husbands been out of town for his job for a few days and would not be back until later next week and said she was feeling horny.She said that she did not want to go home and use some toys.She wanted the real thing.With that we got up and I led her to the bedroom ,she undid her skirt and took off her top. Did she ever looks hot standing in her black lacy bra and little black g string with her yellow heels.I kissed her then she turned around for me to unhook her 4 hook bra.Those enormous tits fell out.I kissed and sucked on those beauties,now laying her on the bed I removed her g string and smelled it. What a scent, her pussy smelled so good.I started licking and eating that juicy c**t of hers.I put a finger in her and she squirmed and said please fuck me. Icould of ate her all night.But DIANE wanted cock so I got between her juicy thighs slipped my hard 8 inch cock in her waiting pussy.She had her heeled legs on my shoulders,pulling her closer to me I soon was balls deep in this classy blonde woman.

    I fucked her for quite a while ,banging the hell out of her. Soon she was coming and I soon came deep inside her throbbing pussy.We just layed together and kissed.She said that was great and needed this.I said it sure was.I got up and refreshed our wine.We and a little then got back in bed.She said that she wanted it from behind, she got on her hands and knees, I got behind her admiring her sweet little ass then I put my cock in her wet c**t holding her by the hips and enjoying her beautiful body with huge tits swaying.I was pumping away in her feeling her tense up I knew she was coming again.This excited me and soon I was pumping loads of hot cum in her hot body.

    We were not done by any means, the night was young and she wanted more.DIANE licked and sucked my cock. I was hard again in no time . This time DIANE got on top of me riding my hard cock with those huge breasts flopping in my face which I started kissing and sucking soon she came again.I rolled her off me and got on her chest and started fucking those 36DD tits sometime after I felt my balls boiling and getting ready to come. I lifted up and put my throbbing cock in her mouth and began unloading a nice,hot load of cum in her mouth. She swallowed it down and said that tasted good. YUM YUM.This is the second time we have gotten on together. I wonder if I am her backup plan when her husband is away.I hope so. She has a fantastic body in which I love having.She then got dressed and tossed her g string to me and said when you think of me just smell it.I know this will happen again. I just have to wait until her husband goes out of town for an extended time.I love satisfying her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I rent a master suite in a large 4 bdrm home in Las Vegas. The home is in a rather upscale neighborhood and I have two other roommates that share the home. My one roommate is Jim, he is 35yo and without sounding gay, a good looking guy. He does advertisement work for the MGM Grand, so I know he meets a lot of people daily.

    Anyway, Jim is always bringing home women to fuck. Mostly the women just come rolling up in their BMW's, Mercedes, etc. BTW most of these women are older, some appear to be in their mid 50's as well.

    The funny part is these nicely manicured women with their hair freshly done, and their prim and proper looks are screaming for Jim to fuck them within a short time. They come over in the middle of the day, and for sure late in the evenings.

    Me and my other roommate Jerry start laughing when Jim is in his bedroom blasting one of his Cougars. The headboard slams against the wall and the gal is just moaning like a teenager in heat.

    I love to watch them leave after a hour or so with Jim, they can barely walk out to their cars in their high heels. They get behind the wheel and start fixing their hair and putting their makeup back on.

    One night Jim knocked on my door saying he was going to be entertaining a special lady and he would appreciate it if Jerry and I wouldn't say anything to anyone about who it was. I just laughed and said "ok."

    If Jim hadn't said anything I probably wouldn't have paid attention, but now Jerry and I was sure curious as hell. About 8pm the sun was going down when this top of the line Mercedes pulled into the driveway. The windows were blacked out so we couldn't see inside of the car.

    Jerry is in my room and were peeking out through the blinds. The woman finally got out of the Mercedes. Another Cougar, and dressed to the fucking nines! Her hair was perfect as if she had just left the Salon. Very nice outfit, leather skirt and nice blouse. Patent pumps with very high heels, and those big sunglasses that obscure the facial features.

    My roommate says quietly "holy shit!" He asks me if I know who that was, and I really don't recognize her. But according to Jerry, she was the wife of one of the big Casino Execs. So we hear Jim let her in as she gets to the front door.

    We hear the champagne bottle being opened and away they go to Jim's bedroom a short time later. I thought I had heard some shit from some of Jim's other Cougars, but this gal put the rest of them to shame.

    This gal screamed and moaned as Jerry fucked her. We could hear him spanking her ass while her fucked her. She loved it, we could hear her begging Jim for more. Even with the homes spaced apart, it wouldn't have surprised me if the cops showed up. Things would quiet down for a bit, then start all over again.

    Since it was dark when she left about 2hrs later, we had the outside lights on. Jerry and I peeking out the window as she walked to her Mercedes with Jim. She was carrying her high heels along with her purse. Her hair wasn't quite as perfect as it had been when she arrived earlier.

    She had opened the driver's door and tossed her heels and purse inside. She turned and gave Jim a pretty hot kiss, Jim sliding his hand up under her leather skirt for until she finally back away. You could see on her face Jim had wore her out, no doubt she would be in the car fixing her hair and applying her makeup before she pulled away.

    She made several more appearances before I moved out. Obviously I wasn't there every time she came around, but enough to know whatever Jim was doing to her she was really enjoying......

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 21

    Just call me Debbie, 17 years old at the time 118lbs long brown hair blue eyes, 36DD with an ass everyone wants to eat, so at least they tell me, Everyone always say's how beautiful I am and I do draw a lot of attention from guy's and girls too.
    I'll never forget this one night I had just got out of the shower, I had a towel wrapped around my head and one around my breast and waist, I thought I was home alone because mom had to work till like 3 in the morning as a nurse and my father was gone to play poker at his friends house with a bunch of other guy's but to my surprise my father had changed his mind and came home shortly after work, well all wrapped up I took off to the kitchen to get me a cold glass of tea, coming back through the living room I screamed, I wasn't expecting to see my father sitting there on the sofa but he was and it shocked me, I started laughing and carrying on I didn't even realize one of my tits was uncovered but my father did and he was enjoying it to, he kept on talking and asking stupid stuff just to keep me in front of him, he had me to come closer to him and dared me to take off my towel, I said why? why do you want me to take it off, he said because I want to see your other tity too, and I looked and whoa my tit was exposed, then he slides his hand up my leg and holds the towel and says to me please take it off, but why I asked, whats in it for me
    anything you want he says, grabbing his cock in his other hand I started to get wet and playful to I might add.

    I took the towel and opened it up for him to see me and he starts fondling me between my legs and stands up caressing my breast and sucking my tits with his fingers inside my wet hot pussy, I reached down grabbing his cock undoing his pants, pulling out this huge massive dick, he sticks his tongue in my mouth and kisses me and kissed him back then I said to him I want to suck your dick and he said I want to eat your pussy so we started kissing and going down to the floor I never let go of his big thick dick, I wanted it now.

    We rolled around on the floor into the 69 and I started sucking his dick like I owned it and he says GD no one has ever took my whole cock in their mouth before, he is eating my pussy better than it has ever ben eaten before to, I'm so wet, he spins around gets between my legs and guides his massive dick inside my hot wet swollen pussy, oh god it's so big but I want it, when he gets all the way inside me he starts kissing me and puts his fingers in my asshole using my own juices to make it slide in me, I lost count of how many times I actually cum he fucked me right and he fucked me good then when he got ready to cum he put his dick in my mouth and said suck it baby so I did and swallowed as much of his cum as I could and then we just played on the floor fondling each other.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27


    I hadn't pood for about 3 days and was busting for a poo this morning but I was running late for work, so I decided to wait until I got to work and go then. I just about made it to work on time and I couldn't very well go to the toilet when I'd only just started work. I waited until break time but we only get 15 minutes for break and I wasn't exactly desperate for a poo, so I decided to just have a wee and leave my poo and grab a coffee. Well I ended up leaving it until after work and by then I was getting quite desperate. I went to the toilet and had a wee so I wouldn't have to go on my way home but I was planning to wait until I got home from work to have a poo. I got in my car and noticed the plastic cover on the drivers seat the garage left when they serviced my car and I realised it would protect the seat from getting stained if I had an accident in my knickers. The idea exited me and I pulled my skirt out from under my bum to keep it clean and drove out of the car park. My heart raced in excitement at the thought of doing something so dirty in my car but I was worried someone might be able to see what I was doing, so I decided to hold it for now. As I drove I started getting more and more desperate and I was struggling to hold it. I knew I might not make it home in time and I was tempted to do it in my knickers but I was too nervous to do it on purpose. I thought if it was an accident it wouldn't be so bad and I decided to relax a little bit just to test my bowels. I felt my poo move down towards my bum hole and I got scared and clenched. I wasn't quite quick enough to prevent a tiny bit of poo coming out in my knickers and I realised that I'd actually pood myself even if it was only a little bit. I felt my face burning red with embarrassment even though it was very unlikely anyone knew what I was doing. I got a bit more confident now I'd had a little accident in my knickers and relaxed to see if it would happen again. Well it did and I let quite a lot of poo slip into my knickers before I could clench. I liked the feeling even though I was scared someone might see what was happening. When I got home the car smelled of poo but I hadn't done that much really and I was still busting to go. I kept driving so I could finish my poo but I made sure I was well out of my local area before I did any more in my knickers. I got about 5 miles from my home an relaxed again until I felt some more poo add to the pile in my knickers but I didn't clench this time. I felt relief as it came out and I forgot my nerves and pushed it all out, filling my knickers. I loved the feeling of all that the hot smelly poo around my bum and I drove for a few minutes and turned back for home. The cleaning up when I got home was quite a task but it was worth it for the shear relief of it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 21

    I'm a 21 year old white girl who has been in a happy relationship since I was 16. Everything is great, we have great sex, we do everything together, and we even live together now. I have no complaints... except one.

    I really, really, really want to have sex with a black guy. I've never done it before, and never really wanted to until now. It's like a random fetish broke loose and every time I see an attractive black guy I just want to bend over and let him plow me.

    I would NEVER cheat on my boyfriend, but I can't help but fantasize what it would be like if I were to have sex with a hot black guy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    My boyfriend doesn't want sex nearly as often as I do. I often feel ignored and unfulfilled, so I end up sexting random strangers I meet on the internet to get off. I haven't told my boyfriend.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 24

    Knowing there was an opportunity to advance in the company I work for, I allowed my direct boss to fuck me over his desk many times. His cock was very large, but then so is the rest of him. Even if he is fat, he was an amazing fuck, as he me climaxing all over the place time after time. Just before he said he was going to cum the first time we had sex, he had me squat in front of him and take his massive load down my throat. Over a three week period where the company held interviews and did assessments of the prospective new manager, I had sex with my boss nearly every day. Some days I'd suck his huge cock until he busted his nut down my throat, other days he'd fuck me in his office over the desk, or in his car at the rear of the building.

    The job unfortunately was given to a older woman, who I later found out refused to have sex with him. She's now my direct boss and he's been moved to another area. I'm gutted I didn't get the job, but I did enjoy those three weeks immensely. Who knew a fat forty five year old, would have such a large cock and be able to fuck me for ages to so many wonderful orgasms. I might not have got the job, but I now know some fat middle aged men can fuck real good.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    True story: My son told me he was a gay jock.

    In my opinion at some point in every man's life he has had the opportunity to participate in some form of sex with another male. As much as I believe this has happened, I know some have never acted on those opportunities but more did that are willing to admit so - even anonymously. I also think there are lot of men who have participated in sex with a male members of their family - father, son, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, step relative or in law. The WWW has given this opinion more support than I could ever garner in real life as so many mirror the intensity of sex and orgasms - especially with family.

    I was an only child and lost my father when I was 12. Mom never remarried so my uncles and older cousins became role models for me. My dad and I had just had our second in depth conversation about my changing body, sex and masturbation; dad gave me suggestions on techniques, lotions and how always to cum in a tissue and flush it. I remember bathing and showering with dad and how I liked to look at his thick black bush and his long white uncut cock. I remember dad taking my uncut cock and checking to make sure I washed under the hood real good. More than once I would get hard when he touched me and he would laugh and say, "your a chip off the old block" and I would see his cock begin to swell. Several times I reached for his hardening dick and he would say, "when you get 18." That very special intimacy was gone when dad was killed in an accident.

    My closest male cousins, who were 6 and 7 years older, were the first males I had sex with and it continues today. I'm divorced, lived with a couple of women but never remarried. One cousin has been married to the same women since he was 22, his brother is gay with a lover. I have been with 2 of my uncles and been with them and the sons of one in an orgy. I was 18 when one of my uncles admitted dad was bi too. Much to the shock of people, we are upper middle class people and not poor white trash.

    Is there something wrong with my paternal DNA that causes the our males to be bi or gay? No, I think were are nothing more than an honest representation of many families in the world today. Are there straight men in our family? Sure, some we think are closet cases and those who we believe have never had sex with another man. My dad has 4 brothers and to our knowledge dad and only 2 of the 5 are bi.

    My son was very athletic throughout his middle and high school years. He attended college on an athletic scholarship and never manifested any characteristics of being gay or bi. My son was a Junior in college when I took him and 2 buddies to an NFL game in a neighboring state. The four of us shared a room with me and my son in one bed. I was in the shower drying off before bed when one of the guys came in desperately needed a beer piss. It was fine as the door was open but I was standing in the shower/tub drying off and he was looking in the mirror to his right looking at my crotches reflection. I noticed this so I took my time and when he stopped pissing I put the towel over my head to dry my hair so my head was covered and he got a good look at my dick. I pulled down the towel glanced in the mirror and he was semi hard. It was an awkward couple of minutes with him standing at the toilet and me standing in the tub with the towel in my hands. I was thinking mathematical equations to keep from getting hard. Finally he zipped up and left the bathroom.

    I stepped out as I heard him tell my son and the other boy, "your dad is smoking hot man." I heard the other guy say, "shut the fuck up. Were you cruising him, fool?" He said, "he has a nice body and nice cock." I could not resist so I said (as slipped on my jockeys), "thanks for the compliment". My son and the other guy began to curse the other guy. I stepped into the room in my tidy whites and said, "It okay. Thanks for the compliment. Hand me a beer." That is when the guy apologized for staring. My son said, "Sorry dad. Once in a while the bi side comes out in him." I said, "Thanks again for the compliment, There is nothing wrong with a guy having bi side." I changed the subject to the game - which they welcomed.

    The guy who was cruising me got shit faced drunk he was so embarrassed and his buddy was only a couple of beers behind him. They passed out on their bed, we turned e TV off and my son and I went to bed. I could not sleep and neither could my son. I could hear them breathing heavy when I whispered, "do you want another beer to relax you?" He said, "when he gets drunk his bi side come out." I said, "and had I not been here...?" My son was breathing deep but said nothing. I said, "it okay if he's sucked your dick. The best head I ever get is from men." My son turned his head toward me and said, "the pussy hound of our town lets dudes polish his knob?" I said, "any and every time I get the opportunity. Don't you?" My son said, " dad I am gay, they are bi." I said, "I've sucked a few myself." He was still looking at me whispering as I reached for my son's hard dick. We stroked each other for a couple of minutes before I put my hand on his head and pulled it under to sheet. It took 60 seconds and I cum so hard my legs shook. I went down on my son and he cum just as fast holding my head on his dick while his entire body convulsed. We didn't say anything to the other guys but when I came out of the bathroom the next morning the 2 of them were heading to the fitness center. My son told them he wanted to spend some time with me and I fucked his ass so hard when he cum it hit his face. They came back none the wiser to the fact my son and I had fucked for the first time.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    Three weeks ago a neighbor asked me if it was my husbands son who calls by most week days. I'm Johns second wife, and although he does have a son with his first wife, I doubted it would be him as he's only eleven and the young guy our neighbor described was in his late teens to early twenties.

    John works from home as technical adviser to an airline. He's eleven years older than me and believe me, he's handsome and very fit. He's great lover with large cock that has me cumming over and over again when we make love. And always has me laughing with his cheerful character.

    So to hear he was having a young guy around without telling me, had me doubting what he was up to. I at first thought it might have something to do with his work, but asking him the same evening as our neighbor had spoken to me, if he ever had direct help with his workload, John said no.

    It had me suspicious, but funnily enough not worried. I knew John and I were solid, but who was the young guy and why was he calling round. Knowing through work, a guy who supplies security equipment, I asked him if it would be possible to place a camera in our home without John knowing. It took five days to have one camera fitted. A camera which I could control remotely via my lap top or smart phone. It was placed in our bedroom and you just wouldn't have known it was there, if you didn't see it being fitted.

    The following Monday morning I waited an hour after arriving in work, then taking a personal break, I switched on my phone and logged into the camera. Straight away it showed John naked on our bed. He was lay on his stomach and also naked was a young man on top of him, fucking my husband. The picture wasn't perfect, but it was clear enough for me to see every detail I needed to, to know the young man was well endowed and was hammering away at my husbands ass.
    There was no sound that first time, as I didn't know how to use the camera properly. But the pictures were enough for me to understand what they were doing. And incredibly I didn't get angry or jealous, I actually became turned on.
    In my mind, John wasn't cheating on me, he was having fun with a guy and weren't they having fun. They'd switched positions. The young man had lay on his back, and facing away from his young lover, John had mounted his cock. As John bounced up and down basically fucking himself with the guys large cock, his own erect cock was swinging to and thro.
    I could see Johns face and he was clearly enjoying the feeling of being fucked. Moments later his cock sprang straight up and his cock let go with cum flting everywhere. Holding onto my husband the young man began to thrust hard upwards and not being able to hear anything, I only surmised he'd cum up my husbands ass.

    They rolled over together and I saw them kiss one another. I also realized I was touching myself through my panties. Watching my husband kiss and fondle that young mans still erect thick long cock, I came flooding my panties with my pussy juices.

    Over the last two and half weeks, I've watched John and his male lover have sex three more times. Each time I got more and more turned on, and each time I masturbated. I even took time off one day last week so I could walk in on them fucking. But at the last minute I decided only to watch in my car, which was parked along a dirt road only minutes from our home. Again I played with myself and had an awesome orgasm watching them fuck.

    The reason I didn't walk in on them, is I don't know what kind of reaction I'd get from John. I'd love to tell him I enjoy watching him being fucked and I'd also love to inform him, I'd like to watch close up and maybe be a part of their sex. But again I'm unsure of how to broach the subject and what his response might be.

    John has been John since I discovered what he's been doing. There has been no loss to our sex life and knowing he enjoys being fucked, I've begun to lick and tongue his asshole during sex. I've also finger fucked his rear hole when he's been fucking me missionary. He still tells me he loves me every day, and we still have a great time together. Now I have to decide if I'm going to let him know, I know. Or stay in the background. If only I knew how he would take me knowing, I'd tell him I know and not only do I accept, but enjoy him having a gay lover, today.

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