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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    My sister is five years younger than me, my brother three years younger. When we were growing up, our parents argued and screamed and occasionally got physically violent with each other. At some point, the three of us all began sodomizing each other for comfort. Julie was too young when we began screwing her, but she literally demanded it. This faded as we grew older.

    When Julie got divorced last year, she moved in with me. Her two kids and my two kids made things crowded.

    Julie was upset by the divorce, and she and I immediately resumed a sexual relationship. By immediately, I mean we french-kissed when we met at the airport, right in front of our kids, and when we got home, she immediately moved into my room. We didn't hide our relationship. It was only days later that our kids were experimenting with each other. Our brother visited a couple of times, and we had a threesome and I believed he played with the kids - or the kids cornered him, one or the other.

    The boys have begun playing with Julie, and my niece Leni has started fondling me. We're a pretty happy and relaxed family now, and the family rules of "They're old enough when they say they're old enough" and "Incest is not a word" seem to be working for us.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    I'm 19 and have been dating the love of my life for close to a year. He's on this site frequently while this is my first time visiting. I'm posting something in hopes of him casually coming across it...

    Sometimes at night I can't help but think about becoming pregnant with our child. The thought of being round in the tummy and knowing that our love created a miracle turns my wheels to no end.

    I dream about him making love to me the night of conception, feeling his seed pulse deep inside me. The intimate feeling of his strong hands gripping and pulling at me as we move together. I know that when we conceive it will be the night we climax together on our bed, calling each others names and shaking from the pure euphoria we feel as our bodies become one.

    We've been pregnant once before and I miss the feeling of want I had for him through the first couple months. All my love and devotion was heightened and maximized and my need for him was more than I had ever felt. I craved his touch, his taste, his deep look he gave me when he saw the need and want flash across my eyes...

    My clit was constantly swollen for him and I often found myself dripping at the most inconvenient times. At the stop lights while driving to our breakfast date, eating dinner with his family, watching a movie at the theatre. Nothing triggered it more than the split second thought that he had impregnated me with our baby.

    I want that again. I want to be able to carry to full term. To be able to experience him taking me from behind as my engorged breasts sway back and forth and as his hands caress my growing tummy. I want to look down and see him worshipping see his cock grow hard when we talk about new sexual experiences to share while carrying.

    I fantasize about wearing a tiny little babydoll nightie and letting my belly hang out while slowly dancing for him in the moonlight ; about getting on my knees, my belly resting on my thighs as I suck him off...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 22

    so i was pre-drinking round my friend bernadette's house last night, as we were all going into town. bernadette has a slim curvy figure with big tits and a big round ass. i constantly stare at her big beautiful ass when ever i see her. but on this particular night she was wearing these really tight leggings that really showed off her big ass. it was incredible. after an hour or so it was just driving me crazy, i had all these thoughts in my head, like what that ass looked like under her leggings and what knickers she was wearing. i was getting so hard. so i decided to go upstairs into her room and look in her draws for her knickers. i couldnt find them but then saw in the corner of the room her dirty laundry in a basket. i put my hand in and pulled out the most incredible little black g-string. it had some pussy stains on them and i put them up to my face and smelt them, just taking in that incredible smell. i took the g-string into the bathroom with me and pulled down my trousers. i started to masterbate over bernadettes panties, imagining licking her pussy and ass hole. it was incredible. i had always wanted to take a pair of her knickers and wank over them. im glad i did.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    Slowly but surely I'm hating my mother since I was 20. I'm almost at the point I can't stand her at all, that having a conversation with her would be just a waste of breath.The 'perfect life' to her would be if everyone behaved like what she wished they would be.But when in reality, nothing is, isn't it?? So she'll have a routine breakdown and whining about everything at once.I'm at my wit's end, enduring her for the last six years.

    And my father, I just can't stand him being two-faced personality. Looking all great and shit in front of his friends, being oh-so-religious and pious when speaking, but all of his daily life, he;ll constantly nag, whine,and feel smart over everyone, while he's not.

    To my own perfidy, I'll be damned for saying those about my own parents even I sound like a spoiled brat, but I'm just as tired and sick as people with far more serious issues with their parents feel.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 55

    Hi I'm Mark and I'm a twin. I'm male and my twin is female. My twin sister "for story" I will call Diane. Diane use to get real drunk with me and our friends. Diane would drink till passing out and most nights her friends or me would put her to bed. It wasn't long before we noticed that Diane could sleep and nothing would wake her. One night her friend put her in bed and tried to undress her but was unable to get her pajamas on her. When I went to bed her door was cracked and I saw Diane sleeping on her back in the nude. I closed her door and went to my room and got in to bed. While trying to sleep all I could think about was my sister. I got so horny thinking about her and finally went back to her room to get a better look at her. When I went in Diane was still on her back with her legs slightly parted so the view of her pussy was perfect. I was thinking that this is the female version of me. I was so hard and drunk that I started touching her tits and pussy. God her pussy was so wet and I was so horny and drunk that I climbed on to the bed and slipped my dick into her pussy to see how it felt. Before I realized what I was doing I was fucking her so hard I was sure she would wake up. She never did wake up and I shot the biggest load of my like in to my twin sister Diane. The next day I felt so bad about what I did that I was in tears. However every time Diane got drunk I would go have sex with her. I did this for over 4 years until she found out what I was doing.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    My mother-in-law and me get along pretty good but she began to get a little more relaxed with one thing. The one thing was anytime that I was going to be changing, showering or using the bathroom she would not leave as quickly as she used to. It now began to appear that she would stick around hoping that I would possibly tell her she didn't have to leave. Well one day I was at her place and her neighbor has a swimming pool which she invited us over to use. I didn't have a swimsuit but my mother-in-law said she had a few and that one should fit me. She said I could change in her room and to start undressing as she went into her closet to get the swimsuits. She had seen me in my underwear a few times before so I did begin to undress. She was quick to find 3 swimsuits, handed them to me and sat down on the bed. I had only taken my shirt and shoes off by this point. I took my socks off next wondering when she was going to leave. I began to take my pants off next and was now in just my underwear. She remained sitting on her bed and wasn't moving. After about 10 seconds of me just standing there and her just sitting there watching me she asked me what I was waiting for. I told her my underwear was coming off next. She said she knew and to take them off. I mentioned that I would be naked. She got up but instead of leaving the room she came over and removed my underwear for me. It was unexpected so I just stood there naked. She went back to sitting on the bed and told me start trying on the swimsuits. I wasn't so concerned about her seeing me naked as I was with what my wife would think of her seeing me naked and I mentioned this to her. She told me we didn't need to tell her and I began to try on the swimsuits. As I tried on the swimsuits she told me I shouldn't be shy with her seeing me and went on to say with the kids she had, the kids she had babysat, her dead husband and her ex-boyfriend's she had see quite a few penis's in her lifetime. She then added that my penis what the first one that she had seen in about 20 years that was not on a male that was younger than 12 years old. That was a little awkward but it was arousing to think that she is the one who put me in this state. When I had decided on the swimsuit I was going to wear she said she was going to get dressed now. I think she was waiting for me to leave but I did as she did and just stayed. She paused briefly but began to start undressing. She took off all her clothes and I got my first look at her. I think she was enjoying the attention because she was in no hurry to get her suit on once she was naked. She even came over at one point to ask if she should give her bush a quick trim even though she didn't have much hair there. When she did this she had used her hands to move the little hair she had aside and pulled her lips open in the process. I saw her clit and she noticed a smile on my face. She asked why and I told her what I had just seen. She then pulled her lips open again like she had done earlier, looked down and noticed that her clit was visible to me. She made the comment she wasn't meaning to do that but said what was done has been done. She put her swimsuit on and we went next door to the pool. We spent a few hours at the pool but the neighbor had to leave after an hour but said we could stay as long as we wanted so we did. When we decided to leave my mother-in-law suggested we rinse off the chlorine the pool contained by using a shower her neighbor had setup. We shared the shower together and removed our swimsuits while in there. There was some soap in there so we quickly lathered up and we did help each other a little during this part. She then suggested we lather up each other and we did. We probably shouldn't have because our hands eneded up touching each other in parts where a mother-in-law and son-in-law should never touch each other. This did get very heated but we did manage to control ourselves by not going all the way. We went back to her house naked just carrying our swimsuits. We did have a talk afterwards about what happened and decided we would keep this just between us. When I was getting dressed to leave she told me if I ever wanted to have a little fun with no strings attached she was up to it and promised she wouldn't tell anyone and that I wouldn't need to worry about getting her pregnant like I would with younger women because she was past the child bearing years.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 43

    My confession is this. My ex was who was never that great in bed left me for another guy 10 years younger. I know it boosted her ego to have the guy 10 years younger chasing after her.

    So I happened to call a buddy the other day and he mentions that he noticed my ex just got engaged. Amused I call my ex brother who I'm still buddies with to ask him if it true and he confesses that it is and tells me he was sworn to secrecy.

    I send the ex a simple text "congrats!"

    Later that night she show's up on my doorstep pissed off as hell asking why I would tell her "Congrats!".

    I tried to explain that I hoped she was happy....she wasn't buying it.

    I just said "I'm sure he makes you very happy" with a bit of a smirk.

    "Sex isn't everything" she screamed.

    I said I know and pulled at the drawstring to her pants.

    "You arrogant asshole!" She screamed as her pants hit the floor. (She had no panties on)

    "Really????" I said dropping to my knees and started to go down on her.

    She pushed on my head for all of about 2 seconds saying "I can't" as my tongue lashed at her clit. After that it was just "oh fuck, oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this!"

    As her knees started to buckle I guided her over the edge of the couch.
    I just kept licking and she began to quiver clench and shake. It had been 2 years but I still knew when she was cumming.

    I rose behind undid my jeans spit on my hand to coat the tip of my cock and rammed my cock inside her. For the first minute I'll she moaned was "oh my god oh my god" over and over. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she just started moaning "don't stop, don't stop". I could feel her pussy fluttering on my cock again and knew she had climaxed again. As I began to groan and erupt she turned over her shoulder tears streaming down her face.

    "Oh my god your cumming inside me!" she cried.

    I pulled out as the last pulse erupted from my cock. There was no denying I was.

    She curled into a ball on the couch crying "how can I face him??"

    I just smiled and said "Don't worry, sex isn't everything."

    She put back on her pants and stormed out of the house. "You're still and asshole!"

    I just smile to myself thinking..."you're still a slut"

    P.S. As a side note since she made no effort to clean up I hope her new fiancée enjoyed the cream pie.

    I didn't seek revenge but when presented to me I took it.

    I'd appreciate comments from both men and women if I was really in the wrong here?? All I sent was a text that said Congrats!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 25

    When I was 17 years old I was a horny pervert. Now if I was a guy you would say "so what??" but 17 year old girls are not supposed to be horny perverts. I was and still am. Since 14 I baby sat for money like a lot of girls do and was hired by a woman who lived just a couple of blocks away. She was finishing up her law degree at night school and her old babysitter bailed on her. I found her ad on a bulletin board at the grocery store and needed more work and hated the idea of working for McDonald's all summer so I went to work for Mrs. Williams.

    The job was four nights a week for six hours at a time and I got a measly $300 a week but that still was not too bad for 24 hours a week and I had other baby sitting clients so I was making about $500 a week take home, not too bad for a 17 year old between her junior and senior year in high school.

    So nothing eventful the first few nights then Jeremy came out into the kitchen crying an hour after I put him to bed so I picked him up and held him in my arms holding his face to my bosom a trick I learned from my mom and it worked and finally that adorable four year old angel drifted off to sleep. So I carried him off to bed and was about to tuck him in when I noticed the cutest little hard on I ever saw. Now I have seen a few little stiffies before having baby sat, bathed and dressed my share of male rug rats but Jeremy was just so pretty and hot looking and his little cocklet just stuck out the front of his pajama bottom begging to be touched. So I put the sleeping boy down on his bed, got on my knees to inspect him closer. It was amazing. Not amazing like the 35 year old nigger, er, I mean African whose eleven inch cock I swallowed a few weeks ago was but he was amazing like only a little boy could be, fresh flesh un blemished by time in a pristine state of wanting desperately to have the affections of a horny perverted teenaged slut. So I leaned in and took a taste. No precum of course but stiff as a little baby woodie could be and I just couldn't help myself. I sucked the whole beautiful thing into my mouth and took the balls too and could even reach that yummy little rosebud of an asshole and licked it at the same time. Jeremy woke up just then grunted something incoherent and surprised me by humping my face like a puppy humping a girls leg.

    After that, every single time I baby sat Jeremy, he would, the moment his mother left, strip off his clothes and beg me to let him put it in my mouth. I had created a little monster. For the rest of the summer I was his oral suck slave, his willing throat rape victim hungry for his little manhood. towards the end of the summer I even started to let him piss in my mouth which surprisingly tasted pretty good.

    Jeremy just turned 12 and I still baby sit him but now his mom is a lawyer and so it is mostly when she works late in the office. The problem is he just got me pregnant. I'm a nurse so do pretty well financially so I can take care of our child no problem. I just wonder if I should give it up for adoption and turn myself in and live in prison for the rest of my life to atone for being a child raper all these years of should I do as Jeremy suggested and become his sex slave and personal property for the rest of my life. I certainly owe him a lifetime of servitude after the way I have been using him for my own sexual gratification since he was a toddler. But he also told me he is in love with me and wants to marry me some day. The problem is I am so fucked in the head at this point I don't know what the best thing to do is. His mom doesn't know yet though I think she suspects we have been fucking around for a while. Jeremy says that when I am not around his mom refers to me as Jeremy's girl friend.


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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    I was, I am supposed to be a responsible, faithful and honest mother, wife and mother in law. But I'm/were not. For the past five months I've been having such amazing sex with my eldest sons wife Jessica, whenever we can get time alone. It's nothing like any form of sex I've had in the past, it's sensual, totally loving and can go on for hours.
    We started having sex when she stayed over with my son. My husband and my eldest went out for a father son night playing pool, and we got a dvd and some wine. The dvd turned out to be somebody's home fuck fest (I bet they felt embarrassed when they discovered they'd put the wrong dvd in the rentl case), even so we began to watch it. I noticed Jessica touching herself through her panties as she raised her skirt and soon I was following suit. Before long we were both openly masturbating having rmoved our soaking underwear. It was Jess who got up, walked over to where I was sat and planted a kiss firmly on my lips. In an instant I returned her kiss and we began from that moment to have a lesbian affair. In the two hours we had together that evening, I experienced the most intense orgasms I'd ever had. One after another as Jess licked and probed my pussy and clit with her fingers and tongue. The first taste of her golden haired pussy had me hooked, I was overwhelmed at how much I wanted to please her, just as she had me, sticking my tongue as deep as I could up her pussy and asshole, at the same time tweeking and pulling hard on her masive erect nipples. The boys got in only minutes after she'd once again buried her face in my super hot c**t, making me scream with absolute joy when a emotional intense orgasm ripped right through my body.
    I now realise how much I'm in love with her and as of yesterday, she told me she's madly in love with me. I know what we're doing, isn't the right, honest and caring thing to be doing. But I didn't choose to fall in love with Jessica, it just happened. I don't envisage not having sex and loving her in every way posible in future, so it gives us a problem which we'll soon have to resolve.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    When I was 17 my Mom asked me to baby sit for her friend's kid. I was not enthusiastic but my Mom could be persuasive so I caved in and agreed to it.

    Now let me back up just a bit. Three weeks earlier I had read an article in an adult magazine (Penthouse????????????????) about how if you abstain from orgasm for a long time, then when you finally have sex it is extremely hot. So as an experiment I thought I would give it a try. Now for me, abstaining meant not jerking off. I had never had sex with anyone except my left hand up to that point in my life. I also jerked off quite frequently, in fact usually several times a day, perhaps my record was around 7 or 8 times in a day. So going cold turkey had an immediate affect on me. My balls swelled up with a serious case of blue balls and I became insanely horny. I had to literally bind my cock with a bandage to keep it from tenting my pants everywhere I went. That last week I don't think it got soft for a single minute. But I was bound and determined to go a month like the guy in the article did just to see what the "world's best orgasm" felt like.

    OK so back to my story.

    My Mom dropped me off at their house as I didn't have my own car yet. My Mom's friend is hot, always has been and I had masturbated to her image in my mind on several occasions. I had never given a single thought to her 11 year old daughter. She was just a kid and I was not into kids. I was into women, women with tits, big tits, and pretty faces... You get the idea. In other words, I was a fairly normal 17 year old guy.

    This also was not the first time I had met my Mom's friend and her daughter. I just had never baby sat the little girl before though a few months earlier my Mom did, at our house. I pretty much ignored the girl that day staying in my room jerking off to the underwear section in the J.C. Penney catalog.

    So Mom had dropped me off and I knocked on the door and little Christy opened the door wearing an oddly sexy sun dress, her long blond hair in pigtails and instantly I wanted her. I could not help myself. She was beautiful. As I said, I was not into little girls but somehow, the combination of my extreme blue balls and her beauty on the cusp of womanhood was just the right combination. I still hadn't formed the thought in my mind that I would try to do anything to her, just a mental acknowledgement that A) she is hot and B) I wanted her badly.

    Well my mom and her friend said her good-byes, Mom left, then Mom's friend did the usual going over emergency numbers and other baby sitting instructions and then she said one final thing "I know you're mom told you it would just be tonight and I know how much 17-year-old guys like to go out and stuff on a Friday night but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind watching Stephanie for the whole weekend and I will be back home Monday night. If you say no I understand and I have somebody who can relieve you tomorow morning if you'd like but I will would be willing to make it worth your while. I mean besides paying you cash which for the whole weekend to Monday night I would pay you $200"

    Well that would be enough on it's own, I could use the money and that was a huge amount of money back in 1977 which is when this took place. But then she continued "...and by worth your while I mean we could mess around if you'd like, you know, you could have your way with me and I would give you a nice blow job or we could even fuck if you think I'm good looking enough to be worth it to a foxy 17 year old like yourself."

    My bound cock was straining through it's bindings and was tenting my pants making it look like my package was bigger than it really was and she grabbed my crotch and gave me a quick peck on the lips and left the room to get her bags, already packed, came back, winked and left. I just stood there stunned.

    If I was already insanely horny, I was now, after that kiss, no longer human. I was a raping beast looking for something, anything to rape. I stood there trying desperately to hold myself back and just couldn't do it any longer and so in just under ten minutes after her Mom left I went right into Stephanie's bedroom and looked at her with starving lust filled eyes and stripped my self naked unbinding my painfully throbbing cock and unbearably heavy balls which bounced off each other and felt like they were sagging to my knees with the weight of all that pent up cum. She screamed, I pounced on her, ripped her clothes off and pawed over her sweet innocent little eleven year old body. I rubbed my erection all over her face then her ass and finally lined it up against her pussy. I forced my tongue in her mouth and pawed over her budding breasts which were little more than puffy nipples at that point. Then looking into her terrorized eyes I rammed it home deep.

    I fucked her hard, fast and violently as she screamed into my mouth and I clawed at her little tits. I bucked and pumped and humped and fucked and in perhaps less than five minutes I came deep inside her little cunny. I collapsed on top of her and passed out from exhaustion barely conscious of her whimpering and the tears.

    A short while later I rolled off her and found my cock was still throbbing, still hard and still inside her. She simply rolled on top of me, her face resting on my chest. I looked into her tear filled eyes and she asked "are you done raping me????????????????" I said no and she said "Good! because that was awesome and I haven't cum yet!"

    Well that was a twist I wasn't expecting. So after resting up a bit I rolled back on top of her, maneuvered us around to doggy position without cumming unattached which was a pretty neat trick by it self and fucked again though this time for much longer. The second time around I managed to hold back cumming for about twenty minutes or so and she actually came under me fucking me back while she rubbed her clit and I buried my face in her hair and played with her tiny tits. She came first which inspired my cumming, that and her urging me "rape me harder, harder that hurts soooooooo fucking good!" This coming out of the mouth of an eleven year old.

    So now we finally, after more than an hour attached, came unglued from each other and rested a bit and then we talked. She had admitted that she had had a crush on my since she was seven when our mother's first met and became friends four years earlier. I was 13 at the time and wanted her mom badly. She then admitted that she deliberately wore her most revealing dress for me and went without underwear then deliberately walked between me and a sunny window so I would catch a glimpse of her silhouette under the dress. Finally she admitted that just before I burst in and raped her she was masturbating while looking at a photo of me she had swiped from my Mom's dresser when Mom baby sat her months earlier and that while she was masturbating she was fantasizing about me bursting into her room to rape her. She said she was near to cumming when I burst in and her scream was not out of fear but a scream of unbelievable happiness at her good fortune and my perfect timing. Then she explained that she always cries when she is horny and masturbating and she doesn't know why and she screams when she cums and I shouldn't worry about it.

    Imagine my surprise. The rest of the weekend was a rape fest. Technically it was still rape since she was only eleven years old. But in some parts of the world we were now married. I had completely forgotten about her mom's offer to make it worth my while. At this point I would be thrilled to baby sit Stephanie for free every night, in my bed.

    Stephanie had the cutest little puffy nipples, not quite tits but way more than what a young child has. She had a little wisp of pubic hair budding between her legs. She was just starting to grow some curves, and her face looked more appropriate on a seven year old than an eleven year old and that combination was unbearably sexy. I still get erections just thinking about how she looked at eleven. So we slept together the whole weekend, naked of course, we bathed together and even used the toilet together first her with me sitting on the floor in front of her resting my chin on the toilet seat watching her pee and poop up close then her doing the same thing and we wiped each other clean afterwards. We snuck out late Saturday night and fucked naked in the back yard under the stars, that was a really romantic way to fuck. By the end of the weekend we were thoroughly in love with each other.

    Finally her mom came home around seven Monday night, she debriefed me and Stephanie about our weekend together. We told her everything except the parts about our being naked nor the sex. Which means we had to make up a lot of stuff and just backed up what each other said since fucking is about all we actually did all weekend. Stephanie's mom gave me the promised $200 and another $50 on top as a tip then sent Stephanie to her room and dragged me to her bedroom for the making-it-worth-my-while part. Well the blue balls had already been cured and I was in love with her daughter and I honestly was no longer interested in her mom so I made up a story about having a headache. I told her she was a beautiful woman, far sexier than I could have ever hoped to one day lose my virginity to. I told her that I was kind of saving myself for my wedding night (my mom's influence) it was the only thing I could think of to add to my headache excuse and it was enough. I told her she was soooooo sexy but I just could not right now and hoped she understood, then I threw in "would it be Ok if later when my headache gets better I jerk off thinking about having sex with you????????????????" and she kissed me full on the mouth after that, inserted her tongue and made out with me for about twenty seconds but I mustered up the strength to push her away gently and told her I had to leave and began walking the three miles home having turned down a ride from her out of fear I would be too weak to fight her off any more.

    Two weeks later Stephanie's mom called and asked to talk to me. She said she had an emergency, her aunt died and she needed to go to California for the wake, funeral etc and to settle her aunts estate. She begged me to watch Stephanie for at least a month and possibly the rest of the summer which was about seven weeks left. I tried to hold back my eagerness just enough to make it look like I was on the fence then she promised $2000 for the whole gig. $1000 up front and the rest when she got back. I agreed deliberately making my voice sound as though I was slightly reluctant then she asked to speak to my Mom. I handed off the phone and ran up to my room to pack.

    When I got back down with two suitcases Mom had already warmed the car and helped me load it up. A few minutes later I was at Stephanie's with bags in hand while she was loading hers. Stephanie's mom took me into her bedroom and handed me an envelope. Inside was eight Benjamins, Two Ulysses, three Jacksons, one Alexander, four Abrahams and ten Georges. All told, a grand stack of statesmen. I fanned the contents to my nose savoring the sweet smell of currency ink and pocked the pile of cash as she reached for my crotch. She rubbed me a little and kissed me gently on the lips for a few seconds and thanked me for doing her this "huge favor" and promised that when she got back she would be my sex slave for the rest of the year. I could do ANY thing I wanted to her and she emphasized the ANY in Anything. I already knew what I wanted. And I had a feeling I was going to get it.

    What my Mom and her mom didn't know as that Stephanie had been secretly talking on the phone every night since that weekend. She would pretend she was talking to a boy in her class and I pretended I was talking to a girl I was friends with and out mothers never knew any better though we both annoyed our mothers by monopolizing the phone. Back in those days most homes only had one line, cell phones had not yet been invented and neither of us even had extensions so luckily our mom's could not listen in. Good thing because mostly we talked about how we were going to rape each other next time I baby sat her while we masturbated in unison.

    We departed the bedroom and I helped her load her bags up in the airport limo. Mom would have driven her but Mom is a nervous wreck when it comes to city driving so Stephanie's mom rode in the comfort of an expensive airport limo.

    As soon as the limo was out of sight we flew back into the house, into her bedroom, ripped each others clothes off, neither of us wore underwear and there we were again naked on her bed licking and sucking all over each other a mass of horny teen and preteen flesh. I don't know how many times we raped the living daylights out of each other that summer. There was not a room in the house or a spot in the yard, front, back or sides that was not christened with our love juices. We were like two animals perpetually in heat desperately trying to single handedly populate the world.

    To our horror Stephanie wound up pregnant and we found out in September. Being as slender as she is it didn't take long for her to show. Her mom wasn't too concerned at first but caught her profile one day in the window and immediately called their pediatrician who after a pregnancy test gave them the bad news.

    I got a phone call the next day. It was Stephanie's Mom. "Can you come over, we need to talk" I had just gotten my first car, an old ford sedan, so I got in and drove over right away.

    She greeted me at the door with a serious look on her face, no hug or kiss or any sign of flirting which worried me. My mom would have been invited too but she was at work and would be for the rest of the night and Stephanie's Mom was impatient and since I was now 18 I didn't really need my Mom to hold my hand any more.

    "Stephanie's pregnant." That was it. That is all she said at first. She wasn't glaring at me in fury. In fact I detected no anger in her voice at all, she was calm and resolute. "Either you are the father or you were letting at least one boy visit her this summer while you were watching her for me because she is about seven to eight weeks pregnant."

    I was totally in shock. I had not even considered that a possibility. Stephanie was barely eleven years old when I first raped her. She was not nearly old enough to get pregnant. She told me she hadn't even had her first period yet. Pregnancy was the furthest thing from my naÃ�&At ilde;¯Â¿&Aci rc;½Ãï&iqu est;½ÃÂ&m acr;ve mind.

    "Your silence and the look on your face tells me that you are the father. I will NOT have my daughter shitting out babies out of wedlock! I also do NOT believe in abortion so don't even think about murdering my grandchild! So I put it to you, what are you going to do about this????????????????"

    I looked at Stephanie and then back at her mom and I stood up and looked down at her mom and said "Mrs. Stanfield, may I have your permission to ask your daughter to marry me????????????????" She gave me a slight hint of a smile then said "You damned well better!" and then got up, gave me another slight smile then walked out of the living room leaving me and Stephanie alone.

    I turned to Stephanie, got down on one knee, looked up into the most beautiful face the human race has ever been graced with, apologized for the unromantic circumstances and said "Stephanie Hope Alexandria Stanfield, will you be my wife and make me the happiest perverted rapist in human history????????????????"

    Stephanie flew into my arms, threw hers around me and dove tongue first down my throat while I grabbed her ass and we sucked each others tongue for a few minutes, Stephanie's mom then came back into the room to catch us and cleared her throat a couple of times before we noticed she was in the room and finally decoupled. I put her down on the couch and sat next to her protectively with my arms around her. I made sure I sat between her and her mom just in case things turned ugly. Her mom sad down in the chair next to me and asked if we had any news to share. Stephanie said "Mom, we have an announcement, I'm pregnant and John is the father!" Her mom rolled back in her chair unable to contain her laughter. Well that lightened the mood a few orders of magnitude and I told her mom I was going to save up for a ring to make it proper but we were now engaged. That was followed by hugs and kisses all around and a confession by Stephanie's Mom, Mrs. Stanfield that she had been trying to seduce me from day one and then Stephanie confessed that even though I did rape her she had started it by seducing me deliberately but that it kind of got a bit out of hand.

    Of course in our state 14 was the minimum age for marriage but Stephanie's Mom knew a few people and in a couple of weeks she had a fake I.D. proving to the world that she was 14 and not 11 and we got a marriage license. I told my Mom that night and she just did not believe any of it. Oh she believed I had fucked Stephanie, she even believed we were getting married, she just had a hard time believing an eleven year old could get pregnant.

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