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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 37

    Pantyhose and stockings RULE!! I just wore pantyhose, ripped a hole in the back, hopped on a vibrating suction dildo and bounced up and down like a maniac 100 miles an hour. Never came so hard in my life! I moaned and breathed so hard it's a good thing the air condition is on.... I need a dominatrix next. Something about being submissive that is so HOT.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 27

    I have always been, and probably will always be a total panties lover. I love the way a pair of panties just barely poke out of your pants or shorts, it makes me sooooo hard!

    I love to look between a girls legs to see that covering fabric, it makes me moan!

    I know I should be doing this but I don't really care. If any girls wish to help a pervert with his fetish please leave a comment.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 43

    When I was 17 I was dating my 19yr old bf. being that age we screwed like rabbits. Usually in his car, sometimes relatives beds or outdoors.
    You'd have thought it would have been enough but I ended up fucking a guy from our local bar. He was about 20 , rich . I only did it once, in his car .
    He got me completely nude and fingered me, He got me to finger myself while he watched and stroked off. Then he got me to slide my pussy onto his gear shift. I did it all willingly. He fucked me on my back while quizzing me about my bf, what we did in bed, what his cock was like etc.
    he eventually blew over my stomach and boobs. Rubbed it all into my skin and dropped me home.

    6 months later I confessed to my bf . He was shitty and angry at first. But it became one of our most common dirty sex talk conversations as we screwed.

    Just had to put this out there!!! :)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    I must tell someone and get this off my chest.

    My cousin is 4 years older and she had it all. her BF and she had an auto accident that screwed her up pretty bad. It took her years to recover enough to be on her own. In that time she cried and got depressed. told how he wanted nothing to do with her. Now thanks to her damage NO guy would want her. I had to take my shift and care for her. It was tough hearing this over and over. I kept telling her how good she looked and what she had to offer. Shocked me to find she was a virgin, but she was.

    Being a virgin was a big problem for her, before guys hit on her all the time. After a trip to the mall she cried all the way home. Some guy made a statement and it hurt her. Was not about her, but she would not understand.

    Took her home and helped her to bed. I kissed her and held her. She kissed me back and ask me to have sex with her. If I did not she never would. Finally I made the decision and we went at it. I got her cleaned up and me cleaned up after. Dr told she would not have children ever. So BC was not an issue.

    For 6 months I made love to her every night. She got pretty good at it and she enjoyed it. I managed ot get her to orgasm the 3rd night. I did enjoy the feeling, but guilt worked on me. I had sex with my 1st cousin and taken her virginity.

    few months later she was at therapy and found a BF. he had injury and thought he would never had a women. I guess I did not do to bad and she is now happy. She told me the sex we had made it possible to enjoy sex with him.

    I guess I can forgive my self.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Well, I had my first gay sex experience when I was 19. I am 23 now and I have a boyfriend. We were both bisexual and still hiding in the closet. Being total jocks with nice body built, hiding in the closet was our absolute defense.
    Weâ&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½Ã¯Â& iquest;½ve been in a relationship for a year now. Last month we celebrated our first anniversary together and although we are sexually active, we havenâïÂ&i quest;½Ã& macr;¿Â&fr ac12;t really done something crazy about sex. Three weeks before our anniversary we plan on booking to a nice hotel and celebrate the night. Weâï& Acirc;¿Â½& Atilde;¯Â¿&A circ;½ve been talking a lot about how we are going to make each other satisfy. My partner, Jake was the perfect guy for me. Good looking and great body (we were gym buddies before), he is just an eye candy for me. Jake had always like me, like him I am kind of good looking as well and nicely built. Jake is amazing in bed, always gentle and he always makes me comfortable all the time. If there is one thing Jake and I havenâïÂ&ique st;½Ã&mac r;¿Â&frac1 2;t done in bed was having sex with no condoms. We havenâÃ&mac r;¿Â&frac1 2;ï¿ ;½t even tried swallowing each otherâï&Aci rc;¿Â½&Ati lde;¯Â¿&Acir c;½s cum or Cumming into each others face. I promised Jake that on our first anniversary I will let him fuck me with no condom. Jake had asked me several times to fuck with out condom but always insist, although I know that his safe considering his on the medical field. Jake always told me that he wanted to feel me skin to skin. Well as soon as I told him that he doesnâï ;¿Â½&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½t need to bring condoms to our anniversary, he was very excited.
    That day I cleaned my self up, making sure that everything was perfect. Since our relationship is a top secret, every date was like sneaking around. Well, I arrived at the hotel we booked. Jake was already there waiting for me. We had dinner that night and enjoyed our company together.
    After all that talk, Jake kissed me passionately. We kissed like thereâÃ&mac r;¿Â&frac1 2;ï¿ ;½s no tomorrow while taking each otherâï& Acirc;¿Â½& Atilde;¯Â¿&A circ;½s clothes. When we were naked, Jake pulled me and we went to the bath tub that he had prepared. We soaked for a while and kissed gently and passionately. He stood up and I sucked him. Sucked his balls and played his cock. He was moaning so loud. He lay at the top of the tub and I continued sucking him. We exchange positions and Jake sucked my cock. He sucked my balls and licks the part below my balls. He knows I am well cleaned and it was the most unexpected thing he had done when he turn me around, kiss my butt, opened it kiss my hole. It was amazing; I didnâï¿& Acirc;½Ã¯&A circ;¿Â½t want him to stop. He then turns me around again and kissed me passionately. He asked me to do it to him and I obliged to his request. I kissed and licked his very clean butt hole and all Jake could at that time was moan in pleasure. Then we kissed and I whispered to him that Iâï¿&A circ;½Ã¯&Ac irc;¿Â½m going to suck him dry. He stood up and I returned on sucking his cock. He was breathing heavily and I know heâï ;¿Â½&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½s Cumming. It didnâÃ&mac r;¿Â&frac1 2;ï¿ ;½t take too long and he came really hard in my mouth. He was screaming in pleasure while holding my head. That moment when he came, knowing I had given him a wonderful blowjob was amazing. The taste oh his cum was weird but it felt great. He looked at me in the eye and told he love me so much. He kneels down and returned me the favor. He sucked me until I came into his mouth. We then kissed and we could taste each otherâï ;¿Â½&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½s cum. It was weird feeling but at the same time, it felt great. We stayed in the bath tub for a while and finished showering, soaping each others body. We returned to bed and cuddled.
    Jake pulled out his laptop and opened it. Then he opened a folder that is packed with gay porn. We watch some really hot videos and Jake would tell how much he would love to do all the things on me. After like an hour of rest we were both hard again. We continued on making love, kissing, hugging, licking each others body and sucking each others cock. It was romantic and Jake was very romantic. I whispered to his ear âï&Ac irc;¿Â½&At ilde;¯Â¿&Aci rc;½fuck me.âï&Acir c;¿Â½&Atil de;¯Â¿Â ;½ Jake looked at me with a smile. He grabbed the bottle of lube and pours a lot onto his cock. He then put a lot to my butt hole. Massaging the entrance first, it felt wonderful. Then he inserted one finger, slowly he it made its way. Jake is very gentle, he knows when to pause when I felt some pain. I told him I love him so much. Slowly he pumped his finger to my ass fucking me in a very slow motion. Then when I was relaxed, he inserted another finger. I let a soft moan that Jake always finds very sexy. After about five minutes of relaxing my hole, he positioned himself on top of me. I put my legs on his shoulders and slowly he entered his cock. As always, it was painful but not that much anymore. When he entered it full, he pours more lube and started fucking me slowly until I was totally relaxed. Well it didnâï&Ac irc;¿Â½&At ilde;¯Â¿&Aci rc;½t take too long for me to relax. Jake kept on telling me how much he loves me and how much he loved the feeling of his cock inside. It was so hot. We locked eyes while he fucked me. This is Jakeâï ;¿½ ;ï¿ ½s favorite position being on top while he can see me being fucked; also I can see JakeâïÂ&iques t;½ï ;¿½ ;s expression in pleasure. The feeling of JakeâïÂ& iquest;½à ¯Â¿Â&f rac12;s cock penetrating me with no condom was an absolute pleasure. We switched to doggy position and he fucked me hard but gentle. It always hurts when i do this position but also felt good. Jake knew my favorite position is when I am on top him. He lay on his back. I put more lube to his cock. The look of Jake naked lying in bed is just so fucking sexy. I then sit on his cock slowly. Then I started humping up and down. For some reason I always felt great in this position, itâ&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½Ã¯Â& iquest;½s like IÃ¢à ¯Â¿Â&f rac12;ïÂ&iq uest;½m in ecstasy, itâï¿&Ac irc;½Ã¯&Aci rc;¿Â½s the position where my male g-spot and Jakes long cock meets perfectly. The sensation is just pure pleasure. Jake and I fuck in a very sexy rhythm. Feeling his cock inside me with no condom is amazing, fucking hard and sweet and heâï ;¿Â½&Atild e;¯Â¿Â ½s giving me erotic expression. Had I thought that being fucked with no condom would be this great, I would have done it a long time ago. I was in control and sometimes he would fuck me hard from behind. It was a long fuck knowing that this was already round two. We switch position again, Jake on top of me and taking control. I love when Jake is in total control. I wrapped my legs around him and he started fucking me hard. This is also a favorite position of mine, the mixture of a little bit of pain and the pleasure from JakeâÃ&m acr;¿Â&fra c12;ïÂ&ique st;½s hitting my prostate is pure ecstasy. It was crazy. We would look into each others eyes while moaning in pleasure. I was stroking my cock, I didnâïÂ&iq uest;½Ã&m acr;¿Â&fra c12;t want it to end but I could not hold it anymore. Jake paused seeing me on the verge on Cumming. He tried to stop fucking me but I told him to keep fucking until I cum. He fucked me in great rhythm, looking at me, moaning with me. Before I knew it, I had cum like I never cum before. My cum went up to my chest and neck. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. My body was pulsating and I was breathing hard. Jake was still fucking me slowly. He was smiling at me seeing me Cumming so hard. He grabbed my hips closer to him and I wrapped my legs tighter. He kissed me passionately and begun fucking me harder. He was close, his breathing was heavy and his moans are louder. He looked at me one last time, told me he love me and then he cum inside me. He came so hard screaming in pleasure as he released his semen inside me. I was moaning with him while hugging him tighter. He was breathing heavily and his body was also pulsating. The feeling when he came inside my hole was amazing. It was weird in very great way. I felt his cum hit the back of my hole. It tickles a bit. We kissed passionately and rested as we catch our breaths. He told me it was the best sex he ever had and had the most amazing orgasm he ever felt. It was the same to me too. We laughed and kissed. After a while, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. After a while, he heard me showering and he entered the bathroom and we showered together. Soaping and cleaning each other well. We head back to bed, kiss each other a good night and slept naked while he hugged me from behind.
    The next morning when I woke up, I was surprised to find myself not having any pain in my ass. Usually when Jake fucks me, I would feel some pain in my ass the next morning but for the first time, there was no pain at all. I woke up Jake with a kiss. Thanking him for a perfect night. We kissed and I begged him to fuck me again. Another first from me, a morning fuck and it canâïÂ&iques t;½ï ;¿½ ;t get any better than that.
    Right now Jake and I is still going strong yet still hiding. Jake is not a total top by the way, sometimes he would let me to fuck him but most of the times heâïÂ& iquest;½à ¯Â¿Â&f rac12;s always the top one. Hopefully Jake and I would have the courage to come out and hopefully one day if we were to last long in this secret relationship we would get married in a country were same sex marriage is allowed. ;)

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 39

    omfg i'm so excited i sucked my 1st cock today and it was more than i ever dreamed it would be. i've always ben plain sex and for yrs i've always wondered what it would be like and finally i know. yes i know. the guy is younger than me by quite a few yrs but i dont care it was fun i'm happy,happy,happy as duck commander Phil would say. all these yrs its ben straight boring sex and i'm yet to exper an orgasm but maybe my new friend can help me with that to. i love my husband that will not change but i've got me some excitement and gonna hold on to it. i met him at Lowe's today and he helped me get my plants to my car and he asked for my number i gave it to him and as soon as i pulled into traffic he called me and gave me directions to his house. i went and we talked and drank pink lemonade which is my fav anyway. idk things just felt right i was comfortable around him and we kissed and i didnt waste time touching his crotch of his shorts where he had a bulge. i didnt apologize i didnt hold back i knew what i going for and so did he. it felt nice in my hands and i sucked this guys dick and have to say it was more fun than i ever imagined and we're meeting tomorrow at his house for more fun,then back here to cook my husband that has no clue a nice southern meal. i had to share this with someone before i explode.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    I am a moron. When I was seventeen a guy down the street asked me to help him move some furniture. This guy and his wife were probably in their early thirties. The wife was a very attractive brunette. While I was in his bedroom helping move a dresser, she came in dressed in lingerie, talked with me, thanked me for helping and laid down on the bed. Once we were done, her husband thanked me and asked me if there was anything they could do to thank me. She was lying there, legs slightly spread giving me an unreal view. She said to me something along the lines of "anything you need, anything. I'd love to do it for you." Like a fool I said "oh no that's ok" and left. I thought about that moment for years but until recently it never dawned on me what they were offering!!!! They must have been like "WTF is wrong with this guy??"

    I am a complete idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    A few buddies and I went up to a National Park Resort to do some hiking, and after a long day I decided to hit the pool to soak for a while. I'm sitting there and notice this girl looking at me. She was maybe a couple years younger than I was and it was obvious she was checking me out. So I swam over by her and went back to wall hanging, and we started talking. We hit if off pretty good and the cool water felt nice. I looked over at her and checked her out a bit, the cool water definitely was doing a job on her nipples, they were large and fully sticking up under her bikini top. That and the cool water was all it took to get me up.

    As my luck would have it, she noticed and I was completely embarrassed. I must have turned bright red because my face felt like it was burning up. She told me not to let it bother me, and asked if I'd ever has sex in a public pool. I told her no, and she asked if I would like to try it.

    I no more than started to say, sure... and she move closer, let go of the wall, and started hanging off of me. She pulled my trunks down and moved her panty section over a bit and wrapped around me. She started moving around trying to get me lined up. It didn't take long and I was in. She just tightened her legs around me and held on.

    My cock could really feel it was not in the cold any more. The water was cold, but my cock felt like it was on fire now, her tight pussy held it tight. All I had to do was keep a hold of the wall while this girl worked herself on me. There were people all over the place, but I so didn't care at that point. I told her I was about to cum and she clamped on me even tighter. I started pumping my cum into her and I felt her pussy start contracting on me and she bit into my shoulder like she was a vampire.

    I pumped her full and when she was done, she let go and swam away. I reached down and pulled up my trunks, and couldn't find her after that. I didn't see her again, but you know I looked for her all weekend. So if you read this my vampire mermaid, I'll be back up at the resort the 2nd weekend in August, let's get back together.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    I desperately want to make love to a school boy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I'd love to fuck a big huge dog! Ive had one lick my pussy many times , but id die for a huge juicy knot! Everytime a dog passes me , i look for the cock. What i wouldnt do too have a dog right about now... my husband dont approve , so it wont be anytime soon , but i currently have a dog sitting/walking for free ad online , hoping some lucky pup gets passed my way!

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