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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27

    this is an update to my confession 15210.

    so a couple days after asking him if he ever fantasized about 2 women doing it and me being one of them, i told him i'd been thinking about it. i asked him if he'd be willing to do the same for me. he just looked kind of stupidly at me, like, wtf?? i said, if i will it with another woman and let you watch, would you do it with another guy and let me watch?? then he rally did say, wtf?? and said, you're kidding right?? i told him i found his stash of lesbian porn and then showed him what i'd been looking at, and then i told him that i'd be willing if he was.

    he's thinking about it now, and if he agrees, then i'll do my part to see him do his.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 46

    My neighbors I will never forget this even though it was 12 years ago. At the time I was 33 and had just went through an amicable divorce of a marriage of 3 years. My wife and I lived in an older nice tree lined neighborhood of other younger people (first time home buyers). Our neighbor was a single guy who had lived there about a year. His girlfriend had moved in with him about 6 months into it and she was a very pretty young teacher. I was about 33, he was about 30, and his girlfriend was about 24. We used to sit outside and talk so we knew each other casually. One day I happened to be outside and his girlfriend was on the other side of the privacy fence that ran next to my drive way on her back patio, and I told her that I was getting divorced. She said she was sorry to hear that but also seemed to take more time to talk with me after that when we saw each other outside. I had always went out of my way to "spy" on her during the day in the summer since she had a rocking body, and often wore a tight bikini around the yard while wtering their flowers and bushes etc. Then she would often lie on the back patio and sunbathe. Being a teacher she was always home during the day in the summer and I was home as well since I worked nights. Anytime I would see her out I would peer through my blinds and lust after her sinful body. She was about five foot ten, long brown hair with small tits, and a tiny waist that flowed into very curvy hips and a nice round ass...almost a bubble butt. The bikini she wore fit her top, but the bottoms almost seemed a size too small so that ass was always straining to get out. You couldnt help but look. Anyways to the story.
    She had lately started complaining that she wanted to get married, but her boyfriend would not buy her a ring and she was getting tired of waiting for him. I would joke and flirt around with her and tell her he was crazy to risk losing her and she seemed more willing to talk to me since my wife had moved out due to the divorce. I am no model but keep my self in good shape by working out and running and bike riding. Her boyfriend was tall but very very skinny.
    One day I came riding up in my driveway and was putting my bike in the garage when she started talking to me from the other side of the fence. I was wearing only some nylon running shorts and shoes for my bike ride, and she was in that damn bikini! We kept chatting and I walked around to the gate and moved onto their patio. She was laying out catching some rays. I noticed her back was starting to burn and told her so. She asked me to put some sunscreen on it, and I was a little apprehensive, but hell, I could not keep my eyes off that perfect ass laying there in front of me. I put some on her and rubbed it in which gave me a huge fucking hard on to say the least. As I rubbed it in,(she was lying on he stomach with her arms out over her head) I was mesmorized at the ass in front of me straining to get out of those super tight bikini bottoms. She said I had great hands and should give massages, and i just passed it off. The whole time we kept chatting about my divorce and how her boyfriend would not commit, when she asked me to take my "great hands" and rub her shoulders and neck. Sure, I said. I was sitting next ter on the ground trying to do a good job, and she kept saying to rub harder ass she liked a deep massage. I said it was tough to do sitting beside her like that. She said get in a position where I could really put my arms into it. So...I straddled her ass trying with all my might not to touch her ass or hips as I leaned forward and rubbed her neck and shoulders. Every oncee in a while my rock hard cock would just graze her bikini covered ass, and I was fearful she would say "what the fuck are you doing" but it never happened. In fact she said to rub harder, which made me lean forward more and next thing I know my stiff dick is just barely nestled in her ass crack while I am rubbing. Then I could almost swear she moved her ass and hips up to meet my crotch on purpose so that we were in full contact now. Holy this really happening I thought?? I kept rubbing for what seemed an eternety, and as pushed forward my cock would press down into her ass and again I swear she would slightly push back into it. After a little of that, the chatting stopped, and she just let out soft little moans saying what great hands I had. Now it was on I thought. My stiff cock is nestled in her ass, she has to feel it, she seems to be grinding back against it, so what the hell, I was going to take the next step. I took one hand and pulled my cock out through the leg of my shorts and let it rest back in her bikini bottoms as I rubbed. I started rubbing the small of her back and started to let my cock slide up and down her ass crack as I went think ing now there is only a thin peice of nylon between her skin and mine. She didnt say a thing, so i pulled up on the leg hole of her bikinin bottom and slipped my cock underneath it so my cock was not nestled right in her ass crack skin on skin, all the while rubing her back down and rubbing her ass with my cock. She arched her back and her ass jutted up at me and I knew she was a willing little participant in our little game, so I took my hand and pushed my cock down until it went between her legs and found her pussy opening. slowly byt surely her wet pussy let my cock head in and finally my full length slid into her. I started slowly pumping her and then moved my hands to the globes of her ass and started squeezing what I had lusted after all those times. I could not believe I was here, fucking her in her bikini on the enclosed patio of my neighbors house. I didnt last long I will admit, and blew it right inside her. I pulled out and fell over next to her and we both lay there breathing deeply and I said, sorry, I did not mean to take advantage...she laughed, we chatted a bit and i went back next door. Fantasy had turned to reality for me. We fucked 2 other time after that, once in his kitchen as I pulled her little khaki shorts down, and another time she showed up at my door really drunk late at night for a "booty call" she said. Then one day there it was..a big diamond ring on her hand, and then she barely spoke to me. Oh was fun while it lasted. They got married and moved and now when I want to remember her I look at her pics on facebook.
    Thats my story!

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 54

    One of the recent confessions reminded me of the time my house was broken into probably about six years ago. My wife and I were out and came home. Our son's car was not home and he had told us he was going out. My wife went upstairs and came down in a panic. Someone was in our bedroom. She called the police and I went up. I could hear what sounded like fucking coming for our room. I slowly opened the door and sure enough I saw a naked girl on top of a guy riding away. I had a clear view from behind of his cock slamming her pussy. They were obviously teenagers. I didn't think I knew either of them.

    I yelled "What the fuck are you doing??" They scrambled out of our bed. The girl was a well built blond with pretty big boobs and a clearly shaved pussy. They scrambled around looking for their clothes while I stood there watching and guarding the door. By the time the cops got there the guy had his pants on but the girl was still nude from the waist down trying to cover herself up with a pillow. The cops sent me downstairs and about twenty minutes later brought the two kids down fully clothed and brought them outside where their parents were already waiting. They had made them call their parents down to our house.

    The cops found out that these two sixteen year-olds were friends of our son. They stopped at our house on the way to a party, got horny at the party, remembered that there was no one home at our place and decided to sneak in for sex. After talking it over with the cops and the kids parents, we decided to let it go. we figured the humiliation was enough punishment.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 19

    So last night I had a pretty detailed dream about my younger cousin who is actually pretty hot. we used to do stuff we we were little and I was just finding out about this stuff. Like play doctor, she'd punch me in the dick and i would say it hurt when it was the complete opposite lol.

    One time though I wish I can relive and alter. She was sitting on the head board of my bed and I had my head on her legs and asked if I can smell her legs. She said yeah so I did, then I looked between her legs and asked if I can sniff there. She said yeah so I slowly bent my head into there just as I was about to put my nose against it she put her hand(s????????) on the back of my head pushed the rest of my head forward and I got a real good smell.

    A few years before that when I was living in my trailer in my room and we were playing and I said, You wanna see something weird???????? she said sure and I pulled out my dick and she was weirded out asking what that was and I said It was a worm and I told her to touch it so she did even held it. Nothing else happened besides those thingsbut I REALLY wish I can relive those memories and take it a step more lol.

    Anyway my dream was that I was finally having sex with her and it felt amazing. What I wouldn't give to take her to bed with me for just a night. :)

    Thanks for reading!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    My neighbours wife ... Brunette , natural tan, great boobs, 34 yrs old. So friendly and playfull and happy.
    I can see her via our mirrored bedroom wardrobe sitting on their sun deck.
    I see her in her short skirt, knees up reading. Sometimes her panties on show . Sometimes in her bikini. I always get nude and wank off as I gaze at her.
    When we go round for dinner I hunt through her laundry basket for panties and lick them and wrap them around my meat.
    She is .. Yummy!

    Anyone else lust after their friends or neighbours so??

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'm a student in high school. I'm an ok student. I get decent grades, but never really apply myself to get into honor roll. I'm happy being average. That applies to my appearances too. I have no desires to be popular, so I don't care to wear name brand clothes or makeup. I'm not too thin. I'm not overweight. I'm just average and happily so.

    I'm better friends with my teachers than my fellow students. I became friendly with my gym teacher and he was nice enough to let me sit out of most activities. In our school system, the gym coaches usually teach other subjects. My gym coach was also an American History teacher. On Fridays, instead of making me join in whatever the activity of the day was, he'd let me sit in the coaches office and grade papers of his American History classes. It was a welcome change from sweating outside in the sun, but it did get boring. I have a short attention span and always took a few minutes to snoop through the coaches desks. There was really nothing of interest, but I did find a list of the teachers personal email addresses and made a copy for myself.

    One day, I had to leave school early for a Dr's appointment. My Mom is usually gone in the morning before I leave for school and never sees how frumpy I dress. Since she was driving me to my Dr's appointment, she was able to see and disapprove of my clothes. She told me to go change into something presentable. I picked one of my Sunday dresses. It's better, but still nothing special. At best, my dress looked like something other girls wore to school everyday in their efforts to be popular.

    Mom had to go back to work an hour before the end of the school day, but rather than just drop me off at home, she took me back to school which made little sense to me. As I was walking through the teachers parking lot, I stopped to look at my reflection in one of the car windows and decided I didn't want anyone to see me wearing a dress. Not sure why I did it, but I took my phone out and started taking my picture next to a teachers car I knew. At first, I just picked the cars of teachers I knew and liked. Just standing there. Nothing sexy, but then my mood changed and I started to lift my dress and take pictures of my panties always holding the phone as far as I could to get the car in the picture. Sometimes I would use the reflection of the car next to it to get better pictures. I eventually took my panties off.

    My Mom forced me to take gymnastics when I was little. I grew bored with it years ago and quit but maintained my flexibility. I thought it would be funny to lift my dress, kick a leg up and take pictures of myself pressing my pussy against the door handles of various teachers cars. In my head, it felt like the teachers were indirectly touching me. I took at least five pictures of myself with half a dozen cars. Some cars I took more pictures with, but I got a few standard pictures with each. I'd get a wide shot using the reflection of the car window. Another bent over with my dress up and using the reflection to show my ass. One with a leg up onto the hood and getting a closer view of my pussy, but still getting the color of the car or the wheel in the image. Finally, I'd end the series with my pussy pressed against the door handle.

    As I was taking the last picture, I noticed the door was unlocked. I opened the door, got in and started looking through things. There was nothing of value in there. I guessed he left the door unlocked so noone will break a window to get in. I leaned back in the seat, put my legs up and took a few more pictures of myself spread wide. Another straddling the console with my pussy lips spread on his gear shifter. The last picture was with the seat reclined all the way with my pussy grinding into his head rest.

    By that time, the school day was almost over. Still not wanting my classmates to see me wearing a dress, I just walked home. I downloaded the pictures from my phone to my laptop into a password protected folder and deleted them from my phone. Most of the pictures were so close there was no way anyone would be able to know who was in the pictures, but my face and hair needed to be blocked in the wide shots taken by reflection.

    Over the next week, I would stay a little later after school and hang out around the teachers lots to see who drove what. I gotta say, I was somewhat surprised at the owners of the cars. Some teachers that I would never suspect to have any fun drove sports cars while some of the younger, "cool" teachers drove boring cars. I made notes of who drove the cars I took pictures with and compared them to the personal email list I copied from the coaches office.

    After starting an anonymous hotmail account, I sent them each an email with the subject: "Guess who I am!". I only sent each one refelction picture and it was just me standing next to their car. They all replied in a friendly tone with a guess and they were all wrong. None of them have ever seen me in a dress and would probably never suspect I even own one. Since my entire head was obscured, this game could go on forever without a correct guess.

    Over the next several email exchanges, I would give them clues, but never anything real that would describe me. None of the clues were of anyone specific. I would just think of a random popular girl and give something about her as a clue. Eventually, they would all ask for a better clue and when I thought it was the right time, the next picture they received was a reflection of me bent over, with my dress up around my waist showing my naked ass.

    One teacher told me to discontinue all contact and further attempts to contact him would be reported to the school and possibly the police. He then blocked my email address. I was really disappointed by that because his was the car I took the pictures in. I was hoping I'd be able to share those with him.

    None of the others responded that way or blocked me, but none replied and I figured the game was over, but a week later one replied with a list of girls he thought I might be based on my body type. That was a polite way of saying he's been checking out the asses of his female students for comparison. My name wasn't on that list and it never would be since I'm not even in any of his classes.

    Just to keep his interest, I told him he was getting warmer and sent the reflection picture of my leg up showing my pussy from behind. He was an older teacher and seemingly not afraid of getting caught. He never asked to see more or make suggestive comments, so he probably figured he was safe. He was playing it like it was still just a guessing game.

    Until the end of the school year, I would randomly show up a few minutes late and catch the teachers lot when empty. I'd take a few pictures of myself with his car and go straight to the gym to change clothes. He would keep guessing different girls, but I would tell him I'd never tell and it would just have to always be a secret.

    Just before Spring Break, he sent me an email that he would leave me something in his car and that the key would be taped under his mirror. The next day he sent me an email asking why I didn't get it yet. I told him I'd get it when I felt like it and to just keep leaving me the key until I decided to get it. Sometime the next week, I wore sunglasses and a hoodie drawn tight. I quickly got in, got what he left for me and got out. It was an envelope with a $100 Walmart gift card.

    I thanked him for the gift card and his response was, "Honestly, I was hoping you'd take a few pictures inside my car.". I told him, "I figured as much. That's why I kept your spare key.".

    That's how the game played until I eventually graduated. He never found out it was me, but he did say he was sure he knew who I was and mentioned one of the popular girls. Looking at her, I was flattered he thought I could be her body double. She was gorgeous! I often wondered how he would act around her in class. Did he look at her a little too long or smile at her as if they shared a secret.

    He tried to keep in contact when I left for college, but since I wasn't able to continue the game, my short attention span dropped him. As an adult, I'm just as boring as I was before the games. I guess I peaked early.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 24

    I'm hoping one day I go into a clean well maintained toilet and a big thick hard white cock pokes through a hole. So I can suck my 1st cock. I want to feel what it's like to suck a cock and have a nice warm load being squirted into my mouth.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    My older brother started molesting me when I was 12. That's how I put it, but, secretly, I actually liked it. You see, I had a major crush on my brother at the time. I've heard of other girls having that, and it's usually a phase, but I'm guessing they don't have the added circumstance of their brother diddling them.

    I still remember the first time. One night, after mom and dad were asleep, he crept into my room. I started to ask him what he was doing there, and he whispered, "Ssh. Mom and dad might hear us." The next thing I remember is him climbing under my sheets, and then eating me out. The experience was...amazing. That was my first orgasm; I'd never even masturbated before that. After I came(I had to put my fist in my mouth so I wouldn't wake our parents), he kissed me on the cheek, then crept out. I remember lying there in the dark, smiling, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

    There was another time I remember; we were in the backyard, and he made put my hand in his pants. I remember his cock was soft, but instantly became rock-hard as soon as I touched it, and I remember slowly stroking it. I actually got pretty wet in the panties from that.

    Another time, he approached me, while mom and dad were out shopping, and asked me if I knew what a blowjob was. I most certainly did. I remember, as I was sucking him off, him sighing, "God, you're good at that." I also remember him cumming. He saw the way I was grinning, and that's when it hit him that I liked doing these things with him.

    It was after that that things got really hot and heavy. We would often make out when mom and dad were out, and, at night, we would do those other things.

    But the night I will always cherish was when we went all the way. I was 14 by then, and mom and dad were gonna be out all night. We were making out on my bed, and, well, one thing led to another, and soon, he was inside me. Us being alone in the house meant I could be as loud as I wanted, and I definitely was.

    I am still very much in love with my brother, and we still like to have sex whenever we get together. I realize our relationship is a bit odd, but I really don't care. I love my brother, he loves me, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 23

    Hi I fantasise about my ex girlfriend being fucked by a group of guys and they cum all over her face her double d tits and her tight body and her bald pussy. And then I'm the last one to fuck her and I kiss her to taste all the cocks she's sucked and all the cum she's had in her mouth and all over her lips. I then I start sucking her nipples and licking cum off her tits and licking cum off her body and rub cum that is on her pussy into her skin and then suck her cum covered clit until I can't taste anymore cum. And then I fuck her and cum inside her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 42

    I am the luckiest friggen pado file in the world. I just got engaged to a little girl. OK, before you all go and call the cops, she's 18. Yeah I know, way too young for an old predator like myself but so what. She's over 18 and is consenting. So what makes me the luckiest friggen Pado file?? She's 4 feet six inches tall, slender, totally flat chested, virtually no body hair and has the sweetest innocent angelic baby face. In short. From the neck up she looks 7 and from the neck down, 10. And the best part is her doctor says she will NEVER develop any further. Well that really isn't the best part. The best part is A) she knows I am a pado file. B) she's into it and C) she calls me "Daddy."

    And boy does she play the whole little girl thing right to the hilt. I get home from work and there she is dressed in the same Catholic school uniform she wore in the 4th grade, pigtails and all, tells me she's done with her homework and chores and asks if she can sit in "Daddy's" lap. I spend the night "molesting" and "raping" my little "daughter." and I don't have to worry in the least that I will ever get into trouble. Sometimes I "kidnap" her from the playground. Sometimes she is very naughty and needs a spanking. Sometimes she even likes to be a toddler, dresses up in a pink onesie with bunny ears and tells me she needs her diaper changed.

    I am having my cake and eating it too.

    So I guess you're probably wondering how on Earth did I luck out?? How did we meet?? Well there I was scoping out the playground near my house. Yup I admit it, before I met my little girl, I used to hang out at the play ground ogling little tykes imagining how cool it would be if the state legislature decriminalized the rape of small children, then I would go home and masturbate while looking at the underwear ads in children's clothing catalogs imagining I was raping them. Ok so there I was and I heard this sweet little voice from behind me "sexy aren't they Daddy??" Imagine my surprise. I turned around and looked into her eyes convinced she was maybe about 8 or 9 years old (she had just turned 18 the week before) I stood up in shock and backed away conscious of my suddenly growing erection.

    I stuttered a few incoherent words while she whipped out her driver's license and handed it me with a beaming smile. I glanced down at it in amazement while she asked me out on a date. Too stunned to not say yes I followed her to her car (I live nearby so I had walked) and we spent the next few hours in a nearby coffee shop confessing our deepest secrets to each other. She learned that while I am definitely a pado file, I have never laid a hand on anyone under 18 since I was under 18 and even then never with anyone more than 2 years younger than me. She in turn told me how when she was little (figuratively speaking) she was diagnosed with a rare form of dwarfism where she simply stopped growing and always would look like a perfectly normal young child. She told me how she is only attracted to older guys and only dates pado files. I asked her why and she said she would prefer to be with a man who was attracted to her because of the way she looked and not despite the way she looked. Hence she only dated pado files.

    Think I should be put away?? Yeah I know, lots of people do. I'm used to the sentiment. Write your congressman. Meanwhile, lewd and lascivious thoughts about young children still is not a crime.

    How does her mom feel about it?? She kids me about robbing the cradle. But she was 40 years younger than her husband and I'm only 24 years older than her daughter. I remind her of that, in jest of course. Besides, my future mother-in-law's boyfriend is 22 so she not one to talk.

    When we go out on a date I take her out for a happy meal and to a kid's movie. It's fun telling the box office "one adult and one child" then sitting in the theatre "molesting" my "child" while we watch some kid's movie. Sometimes she's a little mischievous and when we are out in public she will say things like "why can't we get married Daddy??" or "but I WANT you to molest me Daddy!" while I keep protesting and telling her "stop it young lady you know very well I can't do that!" Its a little game she likes to play.

    Sometimes we get really perverted. She will go to the playground dressed in something typical of a 7 year old. She gets on the swing and swings back and forth for a while. Then I will just happen along and grab her and grab her ass and tongue kiss her right in front of the other parents. Then we will walk home hand in hand or sometimes with my arm around her while she holds onto my ass and she will, in ear shot of the other parents say "I love you Daddy."

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