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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 32

    I ran into a friend's wife at happy hour the other day. It turned out he was away on business for a few days. One thing led to another and we wound up in her bed. She has an amazing ass and I have always wanted to fuck it. She resisted at first saying she had not been fucked in the ass since she was a teenager, her husband had never even attempted. After a few false starts I went balls deep into her ass and cane deep in her. She fucking loved it and said I can have her ass any tine I want. Her husband travels at least a couple of days every month and I plan to take her up on her offer.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    Hi guys I am a married man with a tiny ass cock and Im scared my wife is going to leave me because I wear panties and I cant fill up her pussy and fuck her hard enough to make her cum. I am scared girls my age wont waste their time with me if she leaves me and I have a lot of secrets she knows about that I dont want her friends to know about. I used to pretend to be a girl and dress up and make her fuck my ass and suck my bald cock with trashhy lingerie on me. Her Mom came to the door once and i was in a skimpy little g string thinking it was my wfe and she saw my little dick and I wanted to die. I am in panties now and I am looking down at a little boys cock that is 3 inches and skinny I wish I were gay but Im not and want to kill myself.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    Hi guys I am a married man with a tiny ass cock and Im scared my wife is going to leave me because I wear panties and I cant fill up her pussy and fuck her hard enough to make her cum. I am scared girls my age wont waste their time with me if she leaves me and I have a lot of secrets she knows about that I dont want her friends to know about. I used to pretend to be a girl and dress up and make her fuck my ass and suck my bald cock with trashhy lingerie on me. Her Mom came to the door once and i was in a skimpy little g string thinking it was my wfe and she saw my little dick and I wanted to die. I am in panties now and I am looking down at a little boys cock that is 3 inches and skinny I wish I were gay but Im not and want to kill myself.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 50

    Every summer I do security for our Church which exist of around 50 to 70 men, women,teens and small kids in the Mountains.The camp grounds are open,but there is still a lot of hiding spots and that's my job to know where they are at,So the teenagers wouldn't go out in the dark and do what all teenagers like doing,My job is there safety too.So what I do is drive my golf cart around watching all the activites and me being a man who loves women,I enjoying looking at some of the women,There is not much to look at, either there 2 old are 2 young ,But one who I day dream about all the time,Her name is Cortney she's 29 years old,long black hair,around 6ft tall,thin face nice lips,small tits,shes also skinny,with long legs tan and a beauful small ass that you can notice as she walks,She marry to a good guy and I feel bad about thinking about her like I do.But I notice am not the only one who been looking at her 4 of the 15years old boys have been looking and follow her around.Well I was checking my head count and was missing 4 so I started taking roll call in my mind ,ok funny Cortney and my 15 year olds,I ask her husband where she was ,he told me she step in some mud and when back to shower and get in her bed clothes that she was not hungry.I got in my cart when to the showers as I got closer I saw the kids looking in the showers from outside ,I guess there where holes in the walls this is a old camp ground.I came up from behind them and scare them, I push one a kid a side look in the hole and there she was her long naked body rubbing soap on her tits I coundn't move watching her ass move around,the little patch of hair between her long legs,suddenly she put one long finger in her pussy and one in her ass,I turn around and told the kids get up here and look,you could see there mouths drop,they where all wearing shorts and you could see the rock hard cocks pushing there shorts out.I told them that they need to go in there and get you some of that and that she's putting on a show for you.Now I was just kidding,but before I could say anything they where gone , then I hear a scream,I turn and look in the hole and saw four naked kids surrounding Cortney there heads only came to her tits ,she was about a foot taller than all the boys,she told them they had to leave,trying to cover herself up,then one of the boys came up from behind her and grab her ass she scream next thing all the boys where all over her grab her tits ,putting fingers in her pussy,one stuck his finger so hard up her ass her mouth got wide along with her eyes,they got her down to her knees and the next thing I saw I couldn't believe one of the kids grab her wet hair and shove his dick in her mouth so far all you could see is his balls close to her chin,she put her arms up and was shaking her hands in the air,he started pumping his dick in an out,the other boys started rubbing her body all over,one findly got behind her ass and stuck his dick in her pussy fucking her hard and fast that you could see her tits bounce wildly,the kids timing got better so his cock in her mouth and the cock in her pussy was pumping at the same time .I"m sorry I was in shock as they rape her I couldn't move .I saw one kid was ready to cum ,he made a howl and started cumming in her mouth Cortney try to pull away but he held her head on good till he was done and she swallow all of it,he took it out and the kid that was fucking her jump in front and put his dick deep in her mouth and one new kid started fucking her also he was slapping her ass every time he push in till her ass was bright red,the other boy started cumming in her mouth he took it out and started shooting cum all over her face mouth and hair the boy replace the other boy and put his dick in her mouth the last boy was soaping his dick up and before you knew it He stuck it in her ass all the way in, The kid had at lease a 8" dick Cortney jerk up knowing a 15 year old is fucking her in the ass and kids where having there way with her,her beening 29 years old never suck cock before or get assfuck,she was thinking I never been fuck like this,that her tits hurt from bouncing around.Suddenly the kid that had his dick in her mouth stop and put it out turn around and had his ass to her face,he scream lick my ass Cortney got startle and stuck her long tougue in his asshole ,the kid that was fucking her in the ass push her head deeper in his buddys ass, her licks where deep in his asshole he turn around he came all over her face,the last boy you can tell he was ready to cum so he grab her told her to lick his dick while he cum Cortney did what she was told and started licking all the cum off his dick,he ask her how her ass tasted .From that day on they made her camp whore.I was the only one that notice when nobody was looking they grab her hand and lead her into the woods ,of course I watch they take turns fucking her and shooting cum in her mouth,one time it be all 4 sometimes 2 one day one day she was just standing there behind a tree and a kid came up from behind yank her shorts down and fuck her right there.I notice her coming down a trail, I stop her and told her to wipe the cum off her mouth she turn red and I couldn't help it I pull my dick out grab her head and made her suck my dick till I cam in her mouth she put my dick back in my pants and kiss the head zipped it up what a Summer..

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  • — Gross —
    Lesbian Female / 20

    I hate using the bathroom, seriously... Why??
    1. You have to stop what you are doing to find a bathroom
    2. Bathrooms are often dirty, especially public ones
    3. Sometimes there is a line forcing you to hold yourself
    4. Toilet seats are often cold.
    5. A lot of times you find yourself in dire need to pee without ability to use a toilet.

    My way of working around this is that i wear a diaper whenever i am alone. At some point i want to wear diapers 24/7, but not yet...

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 28

    guys/girls: you're doing your gfs ass. she is ok with it, and said if anything changes she'll ask you to stop. She hasnt asked, you have non verbal signs set up in case she cant talk but she hasn't given you any indication she is telling you to stop.

    The way she is squealing and writhering sounds like she is in pain. Are you turned on or off?? Why??

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 50

    this happened february 2012, i was at home watching a film on my laptop, when my mobile rang, it was my neighbour, called V, anyway i got on well with her and her husband, she asked what i was doing, the call was just after midnight, i said nothing just watching a film, she said would you like to come round for a drink with me and my hubby, i said no problem, in the back of my mind i was hoping it might lead to something because i wanted to fuck her for years.
    Anyway i had a quick wash, just in case, i went round sat down and the music was on, her hubby went and got a can, she turned to me and said would you like sex! i said yes straight away! her hubby came back in with a can and condoms! he sat down next to her, they started kissing, then he pulled her pj bottoms down and pulled her top up over her head! what a lovely pair of tits she's got, i lent forward and started sucking her left one, he sucked her right, my left hand went down her body to her pussy and i put my thumb all the way in her! after 10-20 mins of sucking tits and thumbfucking, i stood up pulled my pants down, she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, the fucking thing wouldnt go hard!!! after 5-10 mins i pulled away saying sorry its not happening! she said ok, i sat back gutted, she said dont worry about it, and walked over to me and gave me a hug, as she was walking away i grabbed her and put my face between her arsecheeks and had a good sniff! she then laid down on the couch and opened her legs, i went across and buried my head in her pussy, how sweet it is! iv never tasted a sweet pussy like that! her hubby licked her after me for about 10 mins then she went to bed, he said to me you go up i'll lock up, i went up, but she was already asleep, so i went home, still havnt fucked her properly, i live and hope!!!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 23

    I fucked my 47 years old female neighbor when I was 19 years old for a 100 euros.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Female / 52

    this is my second story, hello im beth,im 52 married good looks nice legs shapely,huge pair of boobs 54ggs,yes they hang a little,thats braless of course,this story goes back a few years,it started when my brother in law who has been trying to persuade me into sex with him every chance he got,ive always refused,so he sold my mobile no to eight mates of his,it was a set up they lured me to a lonely spot miles from anywhere,at the pretence my sister had an injury and had broken down,what happenned after that i was taken to a farm assaulted for many hours and forced to have dog sex with one of their dogs well,now im seeking revenge on my brother in law,im pretending i know nothing of what he did,also the early morning that i arrived home from the assault, my clothes hanging of me torn to threds braless,i was some how spotted by a neighbour two doors away,he had just come home from working a late shift,what i didnt know at the time he'd been perving on me for years that night gave him the chance hed been waiting for,as i drove into my gate and got out of my car, the creep sneaked down and somehow snapped photos of me,two days later later he walked by i was in the garden i rarely ever spoke to him before,he was really creepy made you feel uncomfortable,taller than me sloppy overweight,always a smirk on his face,anyhow as we talked he asked me if i had a good time the other night,said by the way i looked someone obviuosly did,commented on my figure my huge tits,and the fact i was almost naked,said he had proof as he reached across the fence trying to undo the buttons on my blouse,get lost i told him,he grinned check your mail tommorrow sweety,and walked of,i did a dozen photos of me bending over in the garden full cleavage shots,photos aroung the yard wasahing the car as i streatched,then photos of that morning clearly showing all,and a note see your soon hate the neighbours and hubby to see these mrs prim and proper,his phone no,i rang next morning ok creep what next how much for the photos,or perhaps i should go to the police,your just a sick perve,go he said ,every box will get your photos,also hubby,what do you want then,guess he said the same as you give your boyfriends,ok then but i want the photos ,thats up to you he replied,ill meet you tonight after you finish work ,ill be waiting in my garage no matter how late i said,he arrived i left the door open and the lights off he could only see my shape ,i wore a blouse and skirt only, the photos i asked ,he gave me dozens in an envelope,this is what your been perving on i said ,lifying my blouse my huge tits on show he lunged grabbed pulled sucked like a starving baby his fat plump hands all over my body he was rough like a man possesed,huffing puffing as he attempted to ram his short thick cock into my pussy ,then he found the mark pushing me hard into the wall ramming me hard over and over trying to hold onto my tits then he cummed loads of it dripping out of my pussy ,he was nearly exhausted ,i went down sucked his thick cock massaging it into my tits as well,ill fuck you for the next week i said every night,then thats it ,i dont think so he said,anyhow six months later after i got all the photos back i think he was ransferred to another town him his wife and three children ,now my brother in law for years he has wanted me to pose for him,he does as a side line videos and smll films as a hobby,has a great set up,and studdid film making,money is no object to him ,he rang me and again into the conversation he mentioned about a few shoots of me,this time i said why not i would love to for a price,for a price he said yes you want the shots probably nude ones and videos for a movie and then you and your mates will want to fuck me,how many will there be i asked six he replied ,ok then my charge is twenty thousand dollars ,take it or leave it,and it will be between seven oclock at night and twelve oclock ,my husband will pick me up at twelve fifteen ok,he offerred to drive me home no thats the deal he thinks im going to a girls night out with your wife and friends at your place,thats a lot of money he said,you want me you pay,ring me when you decide talk it over with your mates ,two days otherwise it will increase,you will make more than that of the videos and photos when you sell them,i hung up now he can grovell i was getting a real buzz ,on the third day he rang said he had been busy,twenty five now i said your late,come on he said were willing to pay the twenty ,i told you the terms ok then forget it i said .no wait ok twenty five thousand ,i want it into my account by tonight,then we talk business,it was there within the hour,he rang its fixed ok ill be available sat evenning i said,i arrived a few drinks then the photo shots starting from being fully dressed to undressing wearing different clothes revealling sexy in my bras and knickers blouses braless bending cameras almost burying themselves into my huge cleavage close ups of my thick bush bewnding for arse cheeck shots into a very brief bikini,this was also being videod for his movie,after what seemed an eternity he wanted a few porn shots with the blokes i dressed in a skimpy outfit they were to undress me slowly four of to start with theyn wewre sitting around i was suppose to arrive they to grab me taking of my clothes me submitting to their sexual desires they stripped me in turn playing with my tits touching my body all over feeling my pussy as i climbed all over them like a snake teasing its prey i felt their erect cocks going down on them licking sucking chewing on their balls while they enjoyed my massive tits pulling them milking cock riding them sucking them in turn it got to much for them the teasing they shot me on my back i fought squeemed bucked as they in turn fucked my wanting pussy two cocks into my tits my mouth loaded my pussy kept busy the other two joined in cameras rollong six of them fucking every hole i was spun over on all fours as a cock was ramed into my tight arse after two of them sucked on my arse cheecks licking and squeezing them,i was done doggy style by the six of them there was always two under me milking and sucking on my tits having to lift them to do so one was sucking on my pussy as my juices flowed freely,my mouth well takewn care of filling quickly with cum i was like a cum vampire leaking from my lips.they tied me up by the tits making them swell, belting my tits with leather straps tying my nipples so as to streatch them then squeezing them with their fingers,working various objects into my pussy my arse fucking me with them then making me lick my own juices from the various things,they to kept eating and licking me out digging their tongues deep making me scream with delight,my tits by now almost blue so swollen as were my nips,slowly they let me lose my tits sore but not to stop their fun they four of them gave my tits one hell of a workover jaming theit cocks into my clevage pulling my tits apart so two others cocks could share them my bother in law chock a block into my pussy another bloke riding deep up my arse i was in fuck heaven so much cum fulling me up one of the tit fuckers decided my mouth was vacant so he slid down into that in out out untill he loaded me up almost choking me.i sucked each cock dry limp as they fingered me and milked my tits their legs over my shoulders as i cock sucked them leaving my naked body for their enjoyement,yes he made the movie including some sex shots of his wife with three blokes she loked great as she was being fucked screaming for them to stop ,i never dreamt she'd would do anything like this i loved it when they were all riding her at once those big tits of hers swinging free her husband my brother in law she has told me hadnt fucked her in twelve yearsn ,but she was making up for it,he had combined shower shots of her as well as dresing shots ,i let him for a price again include shower shots of me dressing undressing sucking on my own tits fingering myself in front of the mirror,but made him grovel and pay for every shot,,i loved my revenge ,another story soon ,bye beth

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 48

    One of the most sexually exciting moments of my life took place when I was a sophomore in high school. I was an early bloomer and was dating a much older guy who had graduated already. He introduced me to a lot of things like drugs, bondage and anal sex. We used to go for walks along the hiking trails close to where we lived.

    Sometimes I would just blow him or we would just have sex. Sometimes he'd pull my boobs out so I walked with my boobs exposed. Sometime he had me walk nude from the waist down. Whatever, it was all in good fun. Sometimes other people would catch us and sometimes not. We usually heard them coming so I could cover up but not always.

    He started tying me to trees and fucking me that way. That's how he introduced me to anal sex by taking off my bottoms and tying me up with my hands around a small tree truck. I was facing the tree. He used his saliva and fingers to loosen me up and slowly forced his dick into my butt. It hurt a lot but I went along and he ended up cumming inside me. He fucked me in the ass a lot after that. I never got that into it but went along because he liked it. To this day anal is just an occasional treat for my husband.

    It was being tied to the tree that drove me crazy. Several times he tied me to a tree right off one of the paths nude from the waist down where he just kind of left me tied there for awhile nervous and horny as hell while he smoked up or just hung out. The day I'll never forget was a beautiful day during late spring. we were out walking the trails when he started taking my clothes off. For the first time ever he had me completely nude other than my sneakers. He found a tree near one of the main paths and tied my hands around the trunk facing the tree as always.

    He played with my pussy fingering it and licking it making me super horny. I was so hot I could feel it running down the inside of my thighs. For the first time he used my t-shirt to blindfold me and then continued playing with my pussy for awhile sliding his dick in to fuck me for a minute or so now and again. He had me super worked up.

    For whatever reason, he said he had an idea. He said he was taking my clothes and going for a walk. The path we were on is a large circle one that takes about 45 minutes to make your way around. He said he was going to walk the path. I was panicking but he walked off laughing. I was scared but excited too. At first I thought he was joking but he really did walk the path calling bye to me as he walked away. He eventually came back around.

    I was tied to a tree in the woods, nude & alone with my butt and pussy sticking exposed. I was terrified. Several times I heard people coming and then they would just stop. I'd hear them talking quietly for a few minutes before walking off. I kept expecting some strange guy to just fuck me right there. The closest it came to happening was with a few boys who I thought were younger than me. There were at least three who walked over to me and took a close look. They talked about my pussy and my tits and were all excited getting to see a real live naked girl. One was daring the others to touch me and finger me but none of them was brave enough. I never said a word. Eventually they took off when they heard who turned out to be my boyfriend coming back around.

    When he got there he asked me how many guys had fucked me and was genuinely surprised that none had. I told him about the boys who he called pussies for not taking advantage of the situation. He banged me pretty damn good right there to my delight though. We broke up eventually but I still remember those days like they had just happened. I walk that path with my husband occasionally and think back.

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