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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    My mother-in-law had just turned 54. My wife had a small get together to celebrate. It was my mother-in-law, one of her female friends, my wife, her sister and me. I don't really remember how it started but the women tried to convince me to do a lap dance for my mother-in-law. I started to do a quick lap dance for her but they were shouting for me to strip down first. When I started I did it with all my clothes on and they told me it wasn't a real lap dance unless I stripped down. They convinced me to strip to my underwear and there I was grinding against my mother-in-law in just my undies in front of all of them now. I couldn't believe I was doing this but everyone was laughing and enjoying this including me. It was my mother-in-law who took it one step further and took it upon herself to pull my undies down. I was now exposed and at first was concerned what my wife might think. I looked over to see her cheering me and her mother on. Normally I would have quickly pulled my undies back up but instead kicked them off and danced naked. My mother-in-law's friend asked about a dance and I gave her one and then also did one for my sister-in-law. The 3 of them did have their hands on me in places they maybe shouldn't and I was worried what my wife would say later. Once all was done and everyone went home my wife mentioned how funny it was me to dance for them. She then mentioned she began to get turned on seeing me naked with them and them having their hands all over me. She specifically mentioned when they grabbed my cock she could see I got aroused and that it got her aroused seeing another woman do that to me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    Anyone remember "Penthouse Forum?" The section that I enjoyed reading once I got through drooling over the pictures every month. Yes I had sex, and several partners along the way, but the sex wasn't anything so over the top it would be worth writing about.

    Honestly I don't even know if Penthouse Magazine is even published anymore? Since the inception of the internet and Online Porn is only one click away on my laptop, does anyone care if Penthouse still publishes a magazine?

    Well after all these years I finally have something to write about, and thankfully I found this website so I could have my own 15mins of fame.

    My brother passed away a few years ago and his wife Pam remarried last year. The family had an idea it was more of a financial security marriage than anything else on Pam's part. Her husband is a dud for the most part, no personality and for sure his looks are nothing for Pam to get worked up over I'm sure. Since Pam was 55yo she obviously was looking for someone that could take care of her in her later years.

    I went by their house one day a few months ago, Pam knew I was going to be in the area so I stopped by to say hello and be on my way. Her husband's car was missing but Pam's car was in the driveway.

    Pam welcomed me in and gave me my usual hug and kiss on the cheek as always. She was in the middle of checking her blood pressure with her new machine. She sat at the bar stool in the kitchen as I came around the corner from getting me a drink.

    I don't know why I did what I did? I stood behind Pam and leaned forward, her neck was exposed from the collar of her top to where her hair came down on her neck. As she took her BP I put my mouth to her neck and began to kiss her lightly.

    Pam said "OMG" and she spun around in the chair to look up at me. No idea what was going to happen from there. Pam removed the BP cuff and reached up and put her hands to either side of my face, pulling me slightly down towards her.

    Her slightly painted red lips were on mine and then I felt Pam's tongue slide between mine so quickly. Suddenly we were making out, making out like two teenagers! I just barely was able to reach for the counter to sit my drink on before we were locked in a lovers embrace. Pam slid off the bar stool and pushed her petite body against mine.

    Honestly I could feel the blood rushing into my shaft, I was getting harder by the second as Pam pulled me against her tightly. Pam's mouth had me worked up within moments and I still had my clothes on. Finally we broke apart, both of us breathing hard. So okay I'm thinking we just came to our senses and we would regain our composer and I would leave with a fucking hard on from hell.

    Pam took my hand tightly and led me down the hallway to the bedroom, not the bedroom she and her husband shared. The guest bedroom and we fell onto the bed in a twisting, turning undulating desire of passion.

    We almost tore each others clothes off, my cock sprang free as Pam almost ripped away my underwear. Pam took my hard cock into her mouth as if she had done it before, she knew how to work her mouth and her tongue sliding up and down my throbbing shaft.

    I forced Pam into the 69 position and now it was my turn to dish out the pleasure. Her hips bucked and she squirmed as I licked her pussy and nibbled on her clit. Pam was soaking wet and I enjoyed the pleasure of making her squirm.

    Then she suddenly pulled away and spun around, straddling me and taking hold of my hard cock into her hand. She rose up and then sunk back down, my cock entering her wetness until I could go no further.

    Pam rode my cock, her head slightly tilted back with her eye closed for a moment. Her hands on my chest, her red nails digging into my skin hard. She came quickly, moaning softly as her orgasm swept over her. Then she quickly was back again for more, this time she was looking down at me as I tried to hold onto her hips. I thrust my hips upwards, Pam suddenly clawed at my chest harder than before. Pam ground her pussy against me, her eyes closed once again as she climaxed once more.

    Then suddenly I realized I was going to cum, flipping her over onto her back and thrust into Pam as hard as possible. We looked into each others eyes as the moment of release was getting closer. I put my mouth to her breasts and teased her hard nipples, that was the tipping point and I felt the moment of no return.

    I began to cum and I fucked Pam harder and faster if that was even possible. Pam clutched my arms and squeezed tightly as I began to shoot my hot load inside of her now. I kept thrusting until the moment of release had passed, my heart was pounding inside my chest as Pam pulled me down on top of her. Her breasts were moist and her nipples hard with her own excitement, they felt so good against my own bare chest.

    She pulled my mouth to hers once again, I was so spent I could barely kiss Pam the way I had earlier. Her lipstick was all but gone, only a slight tint of red could be seen on her hungry mouth. I stayed inside of Pam, still kissing each other until my spent cock finally slipped out of her.

    Pam smiled at me and whispered how much she needed that. Then we came back to reality, Pam now covered herself with a blanket. It was now she seemed a bit shy of being naked in front of me, which I smiled to myself.

    I got dressed and Pam walked me to the door, our lips met again with the same urgency that started all of this a short time ago. We pulled away after a moment, honestly I didn't want to stop. I left a moment later.

    We have had sex two more times since that day, both times being at her home. Yes I do think about what if her husband comes home early. The scary part is the fact I think I'm more worried about it than Pam is................

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My step daughter Charlie has just arrived with our grandchildren. In around half an hour from now, Charlie's mom will be taking the eldest out for a trip to the zoo. It wil leave myself and Charlie alone for about two to three hours.
    The youngest is only five months old and sleeps all the time. So as soon as my wife leaves, we'll make sure the little one is okay, then we'll fuck the whole afternoon. It's something Charlie and I have been doing since she was seventeen. She caught me masturbating back then and instead of turning away, she walked over and sucked on my cock. From that moment onward's we've been licking sucking and fucking one another.
    Charlie is now twenty five and married to a nice guy, but as she says "He ain't got the size of cock to have me cumming like you do". We stopped having sex for over two years, but after the birth of her first child, she asked me if i'd pay her a visit at their home. Charlie was waiting for me naked when I got there, and within minutes of entering their home I had my cock deep up her sweet tight asshole.
    It'll be her asshole this afternoon I'll be fucking as her monthly cycle has arrived, but then we both enjoy anal sex.
    Here's to a wonderful afternoons fucking...

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 28

    I've been married for six years and keep inventing kinky things to keep our sex life spicy. I admit he gets embarrassed but sure he secretly enjoys it and just goes along with everything I tell him to do. Some times I keep his naked at home just to watch his dick get hard, soft and hard again several times not allowing him to touch me. Then I punish him by telling him his a bad boy, spank him and fuck him in the ass with my vibrator. I jerk off at the same time and then make him crawl to me to suck my pussy. I know he feel humiliated but it always makes him cum. Other days I call him from work, tell him I want him to strip when I get home, slap my ass and tits force me to suck his cock and them ram it in my pussy and call me a whore. We also like to change gender by dressing him with mu clothes I with his and them have sex with him. The fact that I'm the dominant and he the submissive, made me come up with the idea of watching him having sex with my girl friend. She's my best friend, divorced and have told her everything about my sex life with my husband. I know he likes her, because I've caught him looking at her legs and tits and also seen her checking him out. She hasn't had sex in a long time and when I told her she said "as long as your alright with it" The hard part was my husband but I managed to go along with it. We did that weekend got so damn horny watching my girl friend sucking his dick like it was the last dick on earth and then join the fun. Me riding his cock and her feeding him her pussy and having wonderful orgasms and fucking in very imaginable position we could come up with. I realized having a threesome is kind of a slutty thing to do, but rolling in bed naked with both of them with nothing but bare skin is sheer ecstasy. Once we did it became part of our sex life and we all one big happy family and totally sexually satisfied.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    My first real sexual experience besides oral sex with a couple of my friends from school was with my Aunt. My Uncle was out of town working and had been away for about two weeks. I was staying at their house helping her out around their Ranch. Feeding cattle mowing and doing what ever she needed me to do. She was a very sexy lady and still is today. I jacked off for years thinking about her. I was 15 at the time and every night I jacked off thinking of my hot sexy Aunt in the room next to me.
    After a few days I got brave and came up with this crazy idea just to see what would happen. I let her catch me jacking off one night. I made quite a bit of noise while jacking off and left my door open a little so I knew she would hear me. Sure enough I saw her peeking thru the door watching me. Even back then I had a nice size dick and always shot a pretty good size load. She watched me shoot my load then walked away.
    The very next morning at breakfast I couldn`t help but notice she had on a lot less clothing and was showing a lot more of her long sexy legs and cleavage. We talked as usual but I could tell something was different. Over breakfast she began to giggle a little then laughingly told me maybe I should shut my door if I was going to make so much noise at night. I didn`t know what to say so I just kept quiet. I think she knew I was a little embarrassed but my plan had got her attention. After a few minutes of silence she told me it was OK all young boys do that and even the men enjoy it too. Then she said I even caught your Uncle doing that a few times.
    I didn`t comment but my dick was getting harder by the minute then she smiled and said "Even us women have to do that when we are left alone for a long time. I almost chocked on my breakfast as the thought of my Aunt rubbing her pussy excited me even more. I thought a minute and figured it was now or never and I asked her if she did it when my Uncle was gone for a long time like he is now. She said of course I am surprised you haven`t heard me late at night. I figured she wanted to talk more about this so I told her I hadn`t heard anything but if I had I would have sure liked to have watched her like she watched me.
    She just looked at me not saying a word for a minute or so then she said "Well you seem mighty curious and not to bashful to say what you are thinking so what else should we talk about?" I said "I don`t know I was just making conversation" She asked if I could keep a secret and I said "Sure what is it?" She began to explain how my Uncle had been gone a long time and told me both men and women have needs and that it was perfectly normal for them to pleasure themselves and that there was nothing wrong with doing that.
    We had a long conversation about it and I just had to ask her about that secret she wanted me to keep. She waited a minute before she said "Well going back to what we have been talking about. If you are sure you can keep a secret we could take care of each other but no one can ever know about this" I couldn`t believe what was happening and right away I promised her I would never tell anyone about anything. She stood up and held out her hand and we walked back to her bedroom then standing face to face pretty close together she asked again "You promise?" I said yes I promise then she dropped her robe and was standing there in front of me naked. Her big firm tits exposed nipples hard and erect and her long sexy legs in full view as she asked me "Well do you like what you see?" I couldn`t even speak as she reached for my baggy shorts and slowly pulled them down and I stepped out of them as she put her hand on my hard dick over my underwear then pulled them down and my dick stuck straight up in the air as she put her hand around it and slowly stroked it asking me if I had ever been with a girl. I said I hadn`t yet but sure wanted to.
    She said "Well I guess you can now if you really want to" then she laid on the bed and patted the sheet next to her and asked me to come lay next to her. I was next to her in a second and our hands were all over one another as she started to kiss me on the lips then put my hand between her legs then she put her warm soft hand around my dick and said "Wow you have a nice one for your age!" She slowly worked her way down my naked body then looking right in to my eyes put my dick in her mouth and started sucking me and in a few seconds I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed all of it and continued to suck my dick and play with my nuts and even rubbed her finger tip on my asshole which made my dick hard again. I think she noticed right away I liked that and slowly put her finger tip in my ass and licked and sucked my dick while she fingered my asshole and told me my Uncle liked that too.
    After she had me nice and hard again she got to her knees and got her pussy right over my erection and held it in her hand rubbing the head on her dripping wet slit then looking in to my eyes she slowly lowered her body down on to mine as my hard dick went up inside of her wet pussy then she started to fuck me and moan out loud squeezing my hard dick with her warm wet pussy. After she bounced up and down on my dick awhile she hugged me mashing her big firm tits to my chest then rolled us over with me on top then put her long sexy legs around my body and started to fuck me and moaned out for me to give it to her. We fucked a good long while and it was so good I wanted it to last all day. Eventually I had to cum and told her I was about to and she tightened her grip around me and thrust her hips up to me and moaned out loud that she was getting close too and told me not to stop and then told me to give it to her when ever I was ready.
    I shot the biggest load of my life as deep in my sexy Aunt as I could then she came with me and it was the greatest thing I had ever experienced in my life and she milked my dick with her hot c**t making sure my nuts were empty and every drop was inside of her. We rolled around kissing until my dick went soft and slipped out of her dripping wet pussy then while she was on top of me she went down and sucked my dick with our cum all over it. Then she came back upon top of me and in a long very hot kiss I tasted our juices and we curled up close together and fell asleep.
    We stayed in bed most of that day and she taught me how to eat pussy like she enjoyed it and I made her cum a few times as she directed me on how to make her feel good eating her pussy. We had sex sex and more sex that day then showered and late went to feed the cows and I got my first blow job out side with my jeans down to my knees as she knelt in front of me giving me the best blow job ever.
    That night she wanted me to sleep with her and after oral sex she laid face down on the bed and I got on top of her and put my dick in her and we started to fuck. In a few minutes she asked if I wanted to do something that she really enjoyed and said it was her favorite. Of course I said sure tell me what it is. She asked me to take it out of her then she spread her sexy ass open and said "Think you can stick it in my butt? I really do enjoy that a lot if you wouldn`t mind" She helped out and my dick was balls deep in her sexy tight ass and she went crazy and started telling me to fuck her ass! Give it to me harder! Just listening to her made me go nuts and I fucked her ass good for a long time stopping so I wouldn`t cum until I couldn`t hold out any longer and she asked me more than once to cum in her ass and I did and she screamed out loud and she came hard with my dick deep in her tight ass. The next two days were the hottest sex I have ever had in my life and we did a lot of things before my Uncle got back from out of town.
    About two months later we spent another week together while my Uncle was away then it didn`t happen much after that and eventually we stopped having sex all together but I have some very fond memories of the wonderful sex my Aunt and I had together back years ago and we never speak of it today but I know she thinks back on it like I do.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 22

    I was 15 the first time I let a dog taje my pussy. I was dog sitting my neighbors German Sheppard, Teega when he nuzzled his nose up my skirt between my legs and snuffled at my pantie coveted pussy. I pushed him away but couldn't stop thinking about it.

    The next morning when I went to feed him and he diud it again I let him keep his nose there for several minutes. Enjoying the feel of him bumping his nose into me, licking my panties and sniffing. When I left my pantues were soaked with a mix of his saliva and my own moisture.

    Tha t afternoon when I went to feed him I pulled my panties off. When his tongue hit my pussy my knees nearly buckled. I moved to a nearby chair and sat down. When I spread my legs he ran across the room and dove in. Lapping at my pussy with his long, rough tongue. I spread my legs a bit further and rocked my hips slowly feeling his licks all the way from my ass to my throbbing clit. Looking down I could see his very pink dog cock protruding out of its sheath. I wanted it but I was also scared. I came 3 times on his tongue and left.

    Overnight I'd looked up and watched several dog fucking videos and stories online. The next morninbg I brought several towels along with me. Once I side I removed my panties and spread the towels over the edge of the chair and the floor in front of it. I knew from the videos dogs could knot with girls and they could cum a lot. I sat down and spread my legs letting him lick me as I watched his long pink cock grow. After cumming once I got on my knees and leaned forward onto the seat of the chair. Teega sniffed at my pussy and licked it some more before he hopped upon his hind legs and grabbed my hips with his front jabbing his cock at my pussy. I reached back and helped him get it in. He immediately began pumping like crazy. I held as still as I could enjoying the feeling. Soon I felt a bulge pushing against my opening and I knew I was his knot. I wanted it but I was scared, it felt huge. Before I had time to decide what to do he gave a huge forward thrust and penetrated me with his knot locking us together.

    I cried out it felt like he'd torn me getting it into me. I reached down and ran my fingers over my pussy around his cock and looked at them. No blood. The pain was easing off and I could feel his knot pulling against the inside of my pussy every time either of us moved. He flipped over putting us ass to ass and his cock began to jerk. I could feel his hot cum filling me. He tried to walk away from me forcing me to crawl backward still locked to him. It both hurt and felt wonderful.

    When his knot finally released me I layed on the floor cum pouring out of my pussy and down my thighs. My pussy was sore and my knees were skinned. He sniffed between my legs and gave me one last lick before walking away to curl up on his large dog bed in the corner and lick himself clean. I was truly his BITCH.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 48

    I was 18 the first time Daddy fucked me. Mom had been gone for just over 8 months, off somewhere out west "finding herself" Dad ad taken her leaving bad, hitting thee booze hard especially on weekends That Friday night was no different, Dad had retreated to his study right after work, I could hear the clink of ice going into his glass throughout the evening.

    At about 1am he finally came out. I was sitting on the couch watching a movie, he came and sat beside me. "How you doin', Baby?" He asked his speech slightly slurred. What did he want me to say? "Luke shit, my mom was a flake and my Dad was well on his way to being a drunk. " I'm OK, Daddy." I lied.

    He held his arm out and I snuggled up against him. Almost like old times. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly. I awoke at about 3, according to the wall clock, to Daddy's hand under my shirt fondling my tits. I started to pull away when he smiled "I love your tits, Beverly." He moaned my mom's name. Stunned at hearing him use her name for the first time in months I couldn't move. His fingers found my nipple and gave it a little pinch. It felt so good, I gasped. Lowering his lips to my neck he kissed "I know you what you need." He murmured into my earturning toward me and slipping his other hand to my other breast. He kneaded them and ran hius thumbs over my taught nipples making me shiver with delight.

    Pulling my shirt up to reveal my tits he gently nudged me to lay down. He positioned himself over me and cupped my tits in his hands, pushing them together he lowered his head and began teasing my nipples with his tongue, sucking each deep into his mouth and gently nibbling. I arched my back wanting more. He ran his hand down my side and pulled my skirt up. I spread my legs a little wider. He slipped 1 finger then 2 into the let of my panties and began rubbing my clit. I nearly screamed it felt so good.

    He moved down my body and between my kegs, he pulled my panties to the side. Before I could figure out what he was doing he thrust his tongues into me. Tweisting and turning it, giving my clit several rapid licks. I hissed out a single word "Yesss."
    He pulled my panties off and really got to work. Sucking and nibbling on my clit as he slid 2 fingers into me.

    I wasn't a virgin I'd had sex with a boyfriend shortly before mom left, but he was nothing compared to Daddy. He'd fumbled with my pussy for meer minute or 2 before jabbing his cock in me for a few clumsy strokes before he came. Daddy was playing my pussy like a Stradivarius, my juices coating his lips and chin he showed no signs of letting up until he'd made me sing. I felt his fingers curl slightly inside of me followed by an intense pleasure building. He'd found my button and he was pushing it to maximum. He clamped his lips to my clit and sucked as my hips bucked and my pussy throbbed. I felt a gush of juice rush out of me.

    "That's it Bev " he smiled from between my legs "Squirt all over me."

    I shivered, I wanted him to know it was me but I didn't want it to stop. He leaned back and unfastened his pants pushing down and off. His cock stood at attention from below his stomach. Quite a bit bigger than the other cock I'd had, the head glistening. I leaned forward and gave it a few strokes. "Daddy." I whispered "It's Katie." After a moment his eyes widened and he looked at me. He started to pull away, I grasped his cock a little tighter but not tight enough to hurt. "No, Daddy." whispered "Don't stop. I want you to fuck me."

    His cock gave a twitch and he moaned. "We need condoms." He gasped looking for a way to skiw things down.

    "No Daddy. I'm on the pill." I moaned kissing his neck and chest gently pulling him toward my by his cock and shoulder. I brought bhim down on top of me laying on the couch. His cock nestled between us against my wet pussy but not in it yet. "Please Daddy," I begged "I need this as much as you do."

    Loo king in my eyes he slipped his hand between us and guided the head of his cock to my opening, sliding the head between my lips wet it. He eased the first inch or so in, when he didn't feel any resistance "Not a virgin?" He asked. "No Daddy," I replied "No need to be too gentle. I need a good Daddy fucking."

    &quo t;Yes, you do " He growled through clentched teeth "and Daddy needs his Baby's pussy." He pushed all the way in and began thrusting hard, I wrapped my legs around him and held on. His thrusts were both violently needy and exceptionally giving as he fucked me. My pussy stretched around his cock fitting like a glove.

    I could feel the tension building in my lower belly again. I arched my back. "Who am I Daddy?" I gasped "Wanting to hear him tell me and acknowledge it was me once again as I came." You're my Baby Girl Katie." He said "Best daughter ever." I came as he spoke my pussy pulsing up and down his cock . He was just behind me his cock jumping inside of me as he let off huge spurts filling me and leaking out around him onto the couch cushion. "Yes, Daddy," I encouraged him "give me every drop."

    We layed on the couch for several minutes afterward his cock still lodged inside of me as we caught our breath. I felt itbsoften and finally pop free with a gush of our combined cum. I took his face in my hands and gave him a kiss. "I love you, Daddy." I whispered. He kissed me back and said "I love you, my daughter Katie."

    We slept the rest of that night in Daddy's bed. In the morning I learned how to suck his cock. Watching his face as I got the suction and pressure right was exhilarating. When he placed me on my hands and knees and drove his cock into me from behind it was pure bliss.

    In the 25 years since even though Daddy's remarried and I'm married we still regularly fuck. Sometimes with our spouses, sometimes just the 2 of us.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    My gf ordered a new toy that neither of us had ever used before, it's pretty simple, just a little cordless vibrating egg. I didn't think anything of it when she told me that she was going make me "wear it" when we went out last night. I was in getting dressed and she came in and pushed me down on the bed, pulled my panty aside and pushed the egg inside me. She told me, "There, now you're ready to go out." She slapped my hand away when I reached for the cord to remove it, and she said, "No. You're wearing this tonight."

    I could see she was serious. I finished getting dressed and forgot about the egg inside me. We had dinner at a crowded restaurant, and were having a good time. The evening was getting on and we both had a few drinks in us. She reached in her purse and I let out a squeal the entire restaurant heard! She had pressed the button activating the egg. My face blushed bright red, and my ears felt like they were on fire. The vibrations had stopped, but everyone was looking around to see where the squeal had come from, and she did it again. I couldn't help it, I let out another squeal, more muffled and not as unexpected as the first, but still everyone heard it. Each time she had only let the egg vibrate a couple of seconds, but the effect was very obvious. Each time I squealed and my body jerked like I was having some kind of seizure.

    She looked at me and whispered, "Ready, set..."

    I don't know if she said anything after set, she let me her finger pressing the button, and that is when my embarrassment really started. The little egg vibrated inside of me, pulsating against my most delicate spots. I couldn't help it. I started squirming. Giving little squeals and moans as the egg tormented and teased me. At one point I was conscious that I was humping the pad of the booth's bench. It was all I could do not to rip my clothing off and start rubbing myself. I wanted, oh, I so needed to feel the release of an orgasm. I looked into my lover's eyes as she tormented me, longing, begging, yet trying to not cry out as my climax neared.

    I looked at my love, her smile told me she was going through with it. She looked back into my eyes, and whispered, "Do it."

    I don't know how long it lasted, the squeals, my moaning, gasping, and thrashing about. I lost contact with the reality of the room and all that I was aware of was the smiling face of my love, and the pulsing ecstasy shooting through my soul. I grabbed the table and held on as my body tensed. I was quaking. Squealing all the time.

    She clicked it off as I sat there holding the table--sweaty, panting, quivering, sobbing from the release. We stood up to leave and one table of college age guys cheered and clapped as we gave our waiter the money and slipped out the back.

    Nothing has ever been so embarrassing, but I hope we do it again soon. I know we will.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    Always curious as a young boy. Jacking off all the time and even liked having things in my ass in the shower or late at night in my bed. I had a magic marker I kept hidden in my room that I loved to stick in my ass and jack off. It felt so good working it in and out of my tight ass and I liked sticking it in and pulling it out over and over again because I really enjoyed being penetrated.
    I always had thoughts of my friends fucking me but could never ask any of them to do I to me. In high School My best friend on the football team had nice dick which I saw in the showers after practice every day and I always thought about his dick in my ass. One day while he and I were sitting out on the patio at his house I worked my way up to asking him to try it with me. Just like I figured he got mad and asked me to leave. Two weeks later he got over it and we were talking again and started spending time together and I thought he had forgotten about it. Sitting on the patio at his house days later he brought it up again. I was surprised he wanted to talk about it again and after talking a bit longer he came right out and told me that if I still wanted to do it he would at least try it with me.
    I got very anxious and told him right away I really wanted to do it and he said his Mom wouldn`t be home for about 3 hours and if we were really going to do this we should do it now. I got up and we both hurried back to his room and after we took off our clothes I asked if he knew where any Vaseline was because I was going to need it to do this. He told me under the sink in the bathroom. I went in there looked and found some then took two fingers of it and stuck it in my asshole like many times before then went back to his room to find him stroking his big hard dick waiting on me. I walked over to his bed bent over the side of it with my ass pointed right at him then with both hands I reached back and spread my ass open wide and felt his dick head touch my asshole and as he pushed I backed up and felt his dick head open me up enough to let it slip right in but it hurt quite a bit because he was so thick.
    We went pretty slow and he kept telling me it felt good as he went deeper in to my ass. I felt his nuts touching mine then he pulled on my hips really hard and moaned out loud and rammed his dick in me as hard as he could and I shot my load all over his bed and never touched my dick. My asshole squeezed his dick every time I came on his bed and he kept ramming his dick in me grunting and moaning then he started to fuck me and in about two minutes he came with his big hard dick buried in my ass balls deep and he went crazy thrusting and ramming his dick up my asshole pulling on my hips up on his tip toes shaking all over and after he emptied his nuts deep in my asshole he caught his breath and started to fuck me some more. The first time he pulled out leaving the head in my ass I felt his cum being dragged out of my ass all over my nuts and as he fucked me I felt it drip down my thighs also and he was really fucking me good and kept going for a very long time and made me cum hard just before he shoved his dick up my ass so hard he pushed us down on the bed and he was on top of me shaking all over ramming his dick in me hard shooting his second hot thick load up my ass and it felt great.
    When he rolled off of me on to his back I looked down to see his limp dick covered in cum as we both just laid there breathing hard not talking. I finally got up to go clean up in the bathroom and when I came back he went to wash his dick then came back to his room and we put our clothes on and were talking about what had just happened. He told me I know it`s wrong for guys to have sex together but it really felt damn good and we can never let any one know we did that. I agreed and then he asked if I might want to do it again some time. I laughed a little and said "We could do it again now if we have time before you mom gets home.
    We both laughed and for several years he fucked my ass many times and we fucked every chance we had. Not long after we started fucking I sucked his dick and he sucked mine and after sucking each other a few times we tried our first 69 and that was our first time to cum in each others mouths and about the third or fourth 69 we both came at the same time and swallowed each others cum for the first time and we both enjoyed it and swallowed every time after that. We liked drinking beer and would drive out in the country and get drunk and take turns on our knees fucking each other in the mouth and gag each other with our dicks and laugh about it after we shot our cum down each others throats. Of course he always wanted to fuck me in the ass and I always went home with my ass full of cum and liked it.
    His big hard dick felt so good in my ass I wanted him to fuck me all the time and he did. I wished I knew where he is today because I would like to do it with him again.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    Straight acting married guy. Masculine muscular build good job had working horny white male. I love women and my wife is great in bed. We have been playing with toys for a couple of years now and she loves to stick one in my ass and fuck me while giving me a blow job and she loves to swallow.
    We have even done the strap on thing many times and the sex is very good. Here lately when we get the strap on out she likes watching me suck it and has started to talk a little dirty to me when I suck her strap on and she is more aggressive these days. By that I mean fucks me harder and talks dirty more often.
    The other night still laying on top off me with her 8" rubber strap on cock up my ass she began telling me about this wild fantasy she has been thinking about. As she started to describe it to me I was shocked to say the least. She wants to watch me and another man have sex. At first I didn`t know what to think and had no idea she would ever come up with an idea such as she had just described to me but to be honest with you it excited me and got my dick hard just listening to her and we ended up having another round with the strap on.
    For days now I have been thinking about her fantasy and have even gotten on CL to check out several guys and find myself wanting to do this in front of my sexy hot wife. I guess as time goes by we will see what happens.

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