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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 27

    Continuing from my post #21596...

    Yesterday , the day C left my house early in the morning. I hadn't hears from her all day. I called out of work in case she could make it back to my house. In the evening I got a text from her. She said she wanted to let me know she had a good time. Over the course of our texting conversation, C said she and her boyfriend had not been talking all day and had even gotten into a fight shortly before she texted me. She wanted them to go out for Sunday dinner as a family (C, her boyfriend, and their one year old son). Her boyfriend said he wasn't hungry and took the car and left her and their son at home. We begin talking about the Jan timeline she has set for her boyfriend to marry her and says she doesn't think their relationship will even last until Jan. Reading that, I begin talking to her and reassuring her she will find a good guy and all hope is not lost. She is 20, she has plenty of time. As the evening progresses she tells me I upset her when I say all the right things. She isn't used to an old fashioned guy who respects women and treats them right. Before we say 'goodnight' she tells me she will be wearing a skirt with no panties to work the next day. She wants me to 'do the thing I did before', basically she wants me to finger her to orgasm. Today as we are texting as I prepare for work she mentions my comments are making her wet and she wants me to take her into the bathroom or my car and proceed to have my way with her and make her cum. Right now I'm planning on parking in the back of the parking lot and enjoying her body on lunch. I want to walk back into work smelling like her beautiful wet pussy.

    Yes, she is in a failing relationship. Yes, my actions will probably speed up the failure of the relationship. If you aren't satisfying your girl she will look for satisfaction elsewhere. Bottom line, when you have a sexy woman, keep her well fucked and satisfied

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    The moment I walked into our home I knew she was having sex with someone. The smell of sex was so strong and soft moaning confirmed the fears I'd a had for so long. My wife Melony is I strongly presume, not with me because I've got a fantastic body and a huge cock. No, she's with me because my mother left me a large amount of money in her will, plus the rights to carry on making money with the family business.

    My cock is in fact only five and half inches long when fully erect. That plus a few other things, had always made me think the woman I married would one day cheat on me. I work hard and sometimes neglect our marriage, but I've always said to Melony, I'd give up work at the age of forty five to enjoy our life together. It seemed when I walked in, she wasn't prepared to wait.

    The real sucker punch wasn't walking upstairs, looking through the bannister rail, to see her stunning 28 year old body bouncing up and and down on some guys cock. It was whos cock she was busily ramming up her shaven pussy. The man in question was my step father Ian. The very same man who'd helped bring me up after my father had died. The very same man my mother had met and then remarried. He was also the person who had shown me I could satisfy someone sexually, namely him.

    I was seventeen and a half when we first had sex. My hormones were flying everywhere and I always seemed to have a hard on those days. Catching Ian masturbating one afternoon, I was asked by him if I wanted to join him. Watching the gay porn film he had playing, I lay next to him, took out my rock hard small cock and things kinda went from there. Within two months I was expertly sucking on his cock as he drained mine. For my eighteenth birthday Ian taught me how to take his nine inch cock up my rear. He only stopped fucking me when I moved out at the age of twenty four. My mother died when I was twenty six and I met Melony after I took over the business.

    Seeing Ians cock slide up my wifes pussy wasn't the worst thing for me, even if it did make me nearly cry out in pain. It was betrayal of my step father that hurt the most. Every kind of emotion went through me in matter of minutes, as I continued to watch them fuck. Melony rose up, took hold of Ians cock shaft and slowly guided his pussy juice coated cock up her ass. At that moment time seemed to stand still, as I began to lust after the feeling I knew his cock was giving Melonys asshole. I also wanted at the same time, to be the one giving her that pleasure, making her as she eventually did, cum all over a thick long hard dick.

    Circumstances and DNA made all my thoughts and wishes erelevant. So walking upto the bedroom doorway I stood in plain sight until Ian noticed me stood there. They both jumped up and Ian tried to make some lame excuse. Melony looked at me as if I was ghost. Stepping into the bedroom I told them both to be quiet and then taking hold of Melonys arm, I lead her back onto the bed where Ian was still lay. Looking enviously at his throbbing manhood, I motioned and asked Melony to carry on fucking him. At the same time I took hold of my step fathers cock and began masturbating it for him. melony looked shocked until I told her "It's not the first time I've had hold of it, usually it's my asshole that he fucks".

    The sheer look of disbelief on her face was enough for me to start laughing. I stopped laughing the moment her asshole sunk onto Ians cock again. Still holding the base of Ians cock shaft, I watched and felt my wife begin to fuck my step father. It didn't take too long for Melony to get fully back into what they'd been doing, before she knew I was there. Waiting for her orgasm to rise, I stripped, took hold of her breasts from behind and supported my wife as she really began to enjoy herself on Ians thick long cock.

    Melony came as hard and long as I'd ever seen her do. I waited until she slunk down. Moved her off Ians cock and then took his anal juiced covered cock into my mouth. It had been years since the last time I felt and tasted my step fathers dick, it has become a very regular thing since I found Melonys pussy sliding up and down on it that day. Myself and Ian have also begun to have fun when Melony's not around. She gets to have her thing with Ian on their own, aswell as when I'm there. And I get to have everything I could now wish for. I can tell you the night I sucked my step fathers cum out of my wifes asshole, was an amazing night, especially as she was cumming at the same time.

    My family life has improved ten fold. Not because I accepted their cheating ways. It was because I accepted my own limitations and allowed my self esteem to be nurtured in a different and ultimately pleasurable sexual way.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    Fun weekend but not much different than any other. I am still searching and not completely happy. Not sure if it will ever happen.

    Wife and I are swingers in a open relationship. Friday we went to a insane party that was really just a big orgy. I played with my wife and 3 other ladies. We were leaving and a particular lady caught my eye. She had the body of a 20 year old and the looks to match (she was 38). So I hit her up, had some fun, than took the wife home.

    Saturday morning the wife and I played and both went to work. We are married 20+ years so its a little more routine but still always fun. We share the love and history that will never be experienced at parties. The only way to describe it is a soul mate vs a yearning.

    Saturday night I spent 6 hours with a fwb. I really love her also and we have been playing together for almost a year. Never going to progress since we are both married with kids but we do enjoy each other. She is the naughty girl that I pull the whips out with, play dirty, spank, and fulfill every dream and fantasy with. Since its planed time alone we enjoy each other multiple times while the wife and I dont always get that time with the kids still at home.

    This morning (Sunday) the wife and I woke up and played. We ended up cuddling after and really had a good time. She is my life mate, I am hers. I am writing this and than going up stairs to play with her again (hopefully)(she went to bed). We went out to a family party earlier and couldn't keep our hands off each other.

    So here is my complaint. I get all the sex I want, played with 5 people this weekend. That's actually low numbers for me but had quality on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I enjoy sex, enjoy romance, but am still searching. Not sure what for. Do I want a commitment or a sexy slut like my FWB?? Not sure if its my upbringing or life's philosophy but at some point shouldn't I be happy??

    Almost every other weekend I will play with 10+ people since a friend throws swingers parties and I like to enjoy all the ladies. This was the off weekend and our Thursday night couples party was switched to a Friday night orgy. In a average month I probably have relations with 40 people. But I am still lonely and searching. What is wrong with me?? Living the dream and not happy. Should I see a psychiatrist or be happy I am playing with a lot of fun ladies??

    Just to put everyone's mind at ease, my wife and I are Christians, always play safe, and do get frequent std checks. She cuddles more, usually with the same few guys so probably only plays with 8-10 guys a month. We are still in love, have great sex, and know we are together forever.

    Will I ever be happy??

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 41

    I'm 41. I've been married since a week after my 23rd birthday and I cheated on my husband. I didn't mean too and didn't plan it, it just happened. I was with two of my friends who are both divorced and just as crazy as they were when we were in college. I usually get out of there when they pick-up men but this time my friend Jen met a guy and brought him home but my other friend didn't meet anyone so she wanted me to keep her company.

    The four of us hung out sipping drinks and being silly. Well Jen ends up pulling the guy's dick out right in the living room, of course. And she plays with it, then Linda joins in. The two of them were taking turns sucking his dick and balls and he plays with their boobs. He asked me to join in but I said no although I liked watching.

    After awhile, I was right there watching and horny. Here I was a 41 year old married woman watching my two friends as they sucked off a well hung guy who was at the most 25. It was making so horny, I was right there a foot away watching.

    Then I reached out to touch it. I stroked it and it felt good. My friends were shocked saying what are you doing and stop that. Then I sucked his already wet head into my mouth. I sucked him good like for all I was worth. All those years of tricks I learned paid off as I used them on this young guy and his the robbing dick. I felt him squeezing my breasts and reaching under my bra to yank my nipples.

    My friends kept telling me to stop and that I was married enough but I wanted so bad to make him cum I kept going. He was loving it tho being serviced by a married woman. He started to moan and squirm and we knew he was going to cum. I concentrated on the head of his dick until he grabbed my head and bucked his dick in my mouth and shot a big warm load that I swallowed down, my friends saying what the hell and oh shit and things while I finished him off.

    Afterward they were both mad at me and knew how guilty I was gonna feel and were both worried about my husband and demanding to know what had gotten into me. I made them promise never to tell. I'm a little worried my husband will find out but I have to trust my friends. I do feel guilty but it was so satisfying making that guy cum I think about it all the time.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 33

    So my true confession is from last night Saturday 10 Oct 2014. I take a drive from San Antonio TX to Houston to see an old ex of mine from 2005. We have kept in touch throughout the years and we are great friends to this day. I'm in SA, for ALC, and Houston is about two and a half hours away. So I go visit her, and her husband and I make it there around 930ish. They give me directions to some bar in Baytown tx, I make it to the bar and we have some drinks and great conversation. As the night wears on we are all highly intoxicated and we take a ride home. When we get to their house, my ex, we'll call her B, is in the kitchen and she leans close to me and look me in the eye and we start kissing. Her husband walks in and says, " allright now its a party". So we all go into the bedroom and get naked where she is the center of attention. Now B, is a typical thick texan woman, sexy legs nice ass and a great pair of tits that beg for attention. She starts to kiss me and we get into it and as I'm fucking her from behind her husband takes out his phone and starts to record me pounding his wife. I mean this guy is like coaching me like we're in a porn movie. Long story short, we both fuck her silly and fall deep asleep only to repeat the same thing the next morning.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    WOW! I just finished reading a confession by a 32 year old female who says she was m****ted by her husband and his friend. I frame if I have ever read one.
    But, let me tell you what happened last night with me. Maybe I should start with I am a married man, been married for 10 years to the most beautiful and sexy lady any man could hope for. She loves sex and I cannot recall her ever saying no to me and many of those times she would be the instigator. If she was having her period she still never refused me, she would give me head or a hand job or both simultaneously. Okay, I have always teased her about us having a threesome or getting into one of those wife swap parties. Her answer was always, cuddling next to me and massaging my body, "What's wrong honey?? Aren't you happy with just me??" What could I say?? "Honey, you know that I am perfectly happy with just you but I am worried that you may desire more than I am giving." She would just snicker but continue her playing with me until we would end up in bed making mad love again. Then my pleading changed to "How would you like to watch me give and get a blow job from another man??" She smiled and said, "Now you are talking my language. I'd love to be able to hide in a dark corner and watch whereas your partner would never know I was watching." Now I reverse it I would say, "Then what do you say about my witnessing you and another female friend making out Lesbian fashion??" "Now that's a different story. I'd really need to be turned on highly to even think of such." she would say. She then asked me, "Would you really love to watch that or are you just blowing smoke??" And I'd reply, "Well, we watch porno movies and I often catch myself just imagining that is you and some other female in the lesbian acts". This type talk has been going on for years with no action from either she nor me.
    Well, last night we had no plans so come dinner time and she had made no effort to prepare anything so I suggested we go out for dinner. We chose a night club where they have a casino, a bar and a restaurant. We were seated at a corner table where the lights were low. We didn't order anything fancy, just a common light meal. As we sat in the dark corner awaiting our meal I began talking sexy and running my hands over her legs and up and down her arms knowing that always turns her on. And it did. I could tell she was ready but in a 1st class restaurant?? No way! She did strike up a conversation with a lady sitting near by. After we had finished our meal she and the other lady excused themselves and went to the Ladies Room. Upon their return she and I departed for home. There was an Adult Shop about 2 blocks from the Night Club and Sue, my wife, hugged me and kissed my cheek and suggested that since it is early why don't we stop at the Adult Shop and maybe buy a porno film. We did. And the film she picked out was all about Lesbian and Gay sex. As I paid for the movie and we started to leave, what do you think happened?? In walks the lady Sue was talking with in the Night Club and accompanied by her husband or boyfriend. Sue and the lady chatted awhile and I introduced myself to the gentleman. After Sue and her friend terminated their chat they went on into the lounge and Sue said to me, "Why don't we go back in the lobby and watch a movie." I paid the clerk, ladies are admitted free. We went back, read the schedule of movies being shown and chose booth #13, my lucky number. LOL. Once we were inside and trying to lock the door I learned the lock was broken. No problem, the door is closed which should tell others the booth is occupied because unoccupied booths have the door open. All right, this booth had 2 chairs with a bench along the wall to the right. The movie was already running. The scene was 2 men and 2 females together with the females eating each other and the men just sitting back playing with their hard dicks, watching. Sue and I sat on the bench and it took only seconds until we were well on our way to sexual excitement. We were both wearing sports pants, the kind with elastic waist bands. Convenient for this type of occasion. I had her laying back on the bench so she could still watch the movie and enjoy
    a wonderful pussy licking. As we are going at it the door opens. I was shocked and speechless. It was that same lady and her escort we met coming in as we were leaving. The lady saw us and back away and said, "Oh, excuse us, We weren't aware." Sue sat up, pulled her pants up and said, "Oh, come on in. There is plenty room for four." They came in and pulled the door shut behind them and to my surprised he could lock the door. I don't know what I was doing wrong.
    So, now there are 4 watching the movie, and of course talking and comparing notes. Soon it got into embarrassing moments, LOL. Before I could say FUCK, Sue and her friend are hugging, kissing and removing each others clothes. Her husband, and yes, it was her husband, and I just stood and stared. Sue looked at me and said, "You have been talking big shit for years, now let's see some action. You two get undressed". He looked at me and said, "I'm game if you are." "What the hell, let's do it", I replied. So there we four stand, all four in our birthday suits and feeling everybody up. So there it all started, four of us acting like we had never seen such but enjoying it. I suppose before the commitment was over we had each sucked the others privates and enjoyed it 'cause I never heard one complaint. I would suck his cock, then he would suck my cock. I would suck her pussy, she would suck my cock. Sue would suck his cock and he in return would suck Sue's pussy. He would fuck Sue and I would fuck his wife. Sue and she would alternate sucking each others pussy. I mean we had one hell of a party that lasted about one and one half hours. Afterward we made a date that they visit us next Saturday night and we can party at our house and then maybe go out for dinner then return for more partying.
    On our way home I commented to Sue what an experience and surprise that she and the other lady meet in the Night Club and later meet again at the Adult Shop. Sue laughed and said, "Don't you dare get mad. You have been riding me for a year or more for this type of sex. When the lady and I went to the rest room she confessed to me that both she and her husband were bisexual. I confessed to her that you had been hinting for the longest that we should try it but we have never gone farther than talk. She suggested we meet at the Adult Shop afterward and see what happens. So I agreed." "Well, I enjoyed it, what about you??" I said. She said, "I loved it and look forward to next Saturday night. What about you??" I looked at her, grabbed her, pulled her close to me, squeezed her tits and asked, "What do you think??"
    So, upon arriving at home we both showered and then got in bed and fucked each other silly before going to sleep. I even got a semi hard on in church this morning and Sue noticed. She took a hymnal and laid it in my lap. LOL.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 32

    I've been staying at my mother's for three weeks because of something my husband did. He and one of his friends from work was over at our house and they were drinking. They got drunk. I have a nice body, I got implants a few years ago because my husband wanted me to so I did and since them he wants me to show them off all the time. He started talking about my body to his friend right in front of me.

    Well we were hanging at our pool, me in a bikini. My husband started trying to talk me into showing his new friend my tits. I didn't want too. They must have planned something out because after awhile my husband grabbed me and held my arms behind my back while making me stick my chest out. I struggled but he's big and I'm tiny and I couldn't do anything.

    He told his friend to look at my "tits". He lifted my top and my boobs were exposed. The guy was staring and commenting. Then my husband let the guy play with my boobs. He egged him on as he squeezed them and sucked on them. He was massaging and exploring them and going on and on about them. It actually hurt because he squeezed so hard and was pulling and twisting my nipples.

    I tried to kick the guy but all that did was get my legs spread out side his feet. My husband reached down and slid his hand under my bikini bottoms to rub my pussy thinking I'd like it. Then he told his friend to feel. I was screaming no when he pulled aside my bottoms and then rubbed and fingered me. He was jamming his fingers in then starting licking me. I was so mad I was crying but my husband was yelling "make her cum, make her cum". The guy fingered and licked me for twenty minutes before I finally faked that I came just so my husband would let me go.

    After my fake orgasm, my husband told the guy he could fuck me if I wanted him to. I said not yet because I needed a rest from cumming so much, so I went inside, changed, packed some things and left.

    My husband freaked out when he realized I was gone and couldn't understand why I was so upset. I told him that he and his friend had basically r**ed me. He keeps telling me it was just a threesome. No it wasn't. I think I'm gonna divorce him.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 42

    I put on panties and lipstick and get in my bed in front of window hoping somedick will cum in and fuck me

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I have known since I was in middle school that I was bisexual. I loved women but seeing sooooo many naked boys in the showers at school made me bat for both teams. There was just sooooo many dicks :)

    I am going to provide my characters with aliases, due to the fact that this story is a 100% true.
    Well I made a best friend in highschool with this girl named Laura. We became real close friends. But before she met me she had another close friend named Maria. Later on through out highschool the three of us became real good friends. We went out a lot together, the three of us or with other friends but we are the closest. Well shortly after Maria gets a boy friend. *plot twist* I had known her boyfriend since freshmen year(we were all seniors at the time), but I never really interacted with him. The funny thing is he moved schools(pretty far away) and I never thought I would see him again. Then to just 3yrs later find out my friend was dating him!

    Now I've always thought her boyfriend was pretty handsome and cute. I just never gave it much thought cause, you know he moved and he later got reintroduced in our lives as our friend's new boyfriend! Well we're going to call him 'Emmanuel'. Well me and him actually got along pretty well! We caught up, we laughed, we joked around, we poked fun at Maria, and we would even pretend we're gay for each other(well he would lol). But I don't know why, but I get this vibe from him that he's bicurious and I'm not the only one, he has admitted to me that people think that he's gay.

    Well anyways. We really take the whole gay pretend thing pretty far. He says silly shit to me like "hey I'm gonna fuck my girl and if I'm in the mood I'll fuck you too", he gives me back rubs, he touches me, he hugs me so tight,he even slaps my ass and says I got a nice rum and once I accidentally grabbed his junk and he didn't comment on it, but I could've sworn he fucking winked at me! The other day we went out and it was just us two, the girls didn't wanna go for some reason so we said fuck it, let's just go somewhere. So we did cause fortunately he has a car and he can take me anywhere haha even he's said it, that he can take me anywhere I want, I just have to give him gas money IF he's short. So anyways, we went out we had laughs and of course we joked around with each other and then the ride back... He kept pretending to be gay, which is weird cause he only does it in front of his girlfriend just to bug her. I of course "played" along ;) at some point he asked me for a blowjob. I kept the game going! I said "sure daddy, anything you want ;)" and I placed my hand on his knee. All he said was "oh shit, oh shit" and smiled. I do not know if he was serious, but fuuuuuck I was nervous so I backed out!!!! I reeeeaaaally regret it now. I wish to have another opportunity. This time I won't coward out.

    Now this makes me feel real bad cause I'm fantasizing about one of my best friend's boyfriend! I mean I swear if I have an opportunity I don't think I'll be strong enough to reject his advances. I mean I find him so hot. He's handsome, tall, kinda skinny(not too skinny), curly hair light tan, hazel eyes, and just is fucking awesome to be around with. So I hope God gives me strength because I really want this boy's cock in my mouth and anywhere he wants probably. I'll be his little bitch and he can do what he wants with my body. He can dress me up, spank me, fuck me, anything, he's fucking amazing. Now dont get me wrong I don't love him, I just really want his fucking dirty sex. And God forbid his girlfriend, my best friend ever finds out or she'll kill me. I mean I think she suspects I'm a little bi. Oh yeah I haven't came out lol.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 27

    Not actually my cheating heart, more like I'm the guy she damn near cheated with.
    I recently had a party at my house. I have parties at my house quite a bit. This last one was smaller though. Only about 8-10 people. This girl (I'll call her "C") shows up with her best friend. Now, let me say a little about C. She is about 5'4", 36D, mixed girl with natural hair, and a FAT ass! C and her friend had just come from a club. C was wearing a pair of super tight and super short shorts, and a halter top. The rest of us had been drinking and taking shots for over an hour and we were all feeling really good. C says she and her friend need to catch up so I pour them a few shots. They are drinking and everyone is feeling good. C begins dancing. C always dances when she drinks. Every time she dances every guy just stops to take in the sight.
    Fast forward a couple hours later, and she is asking me to dance. Of course I dance. When a sexy woman wants to dance and rub her ass on your dick, you let her.
    Fast forward some more and she and her friend got drunk. Her friend passes out on my sofa. C reaches up her friends dress and starts plating qith her pussy trying to wake her up. Her friend is out cold. Other party guests leave and C asks for some shorts and a shirt to wear then crawls into my bed. She tells me likes to cuddle and to not he surprised if I wake up with her cuddling with me. Turns out, I cuddle too and I end up spooning with her all night.
    About 12:00pm the following day we wake up and go to the living room to check on her friend. We all start talking and C tells me she really doesn't want to go home to see her boyfriend. Apparently they fight a lot and he has not been having sex with her. C says she has told him they need to be married by January or she is leaving him.
    An hour or two later we call Waffle House and get some food. After eating we start watching movies. She asks me to cuddle with her again. I crawl behind her and once again my dick is pressed up against her beautiful ass. We finish the first movie spooning. Before the second movie C and her friend say they need to leave. C gets back into her club attire. We all sit around and talk some more. After an hour or two they decide they are staying longer. C asks for the shorts again and asks if I have anything more lady-like than a T-shirt. I pull out some lingerie. It is a dress with open sides that tie the front and back together. She puts it on as a top and leaves the shorts on, and we begin cuddling again to watch the next movie.
    While watching the sext movie C grabs my hand and puts it under the dress onto her stomach. We stay in that position for a while. Then she grabs my hand and moves it right below her beautiful tits. I take the hint and start playing with her breasts, kissing and nibbling her ears, and kissing, sucking and biting her neck. She moans, presses her ass harder into my dick and starts wriggling it against me. I rub up and down her side while continuing my assault of her neck and ears. I put my hand back on her tits and pinch her nipples and twist them a bit. I hear her moan and gasp. I slide my hand down to her waist, grab and pull her against me. She moans again and presses her ass against me. This teasing and fondling goes on for a while. I look at my chair and see her friend is asleep. I reach my hand down under the shorta and I feel she is soaking wet. I rub her moist slit and wet my fingers. I then start rubbing her clit. She gasps as my fingers slide over her beautiful pussy and clit. While rubbing her pussy and clit I continue nibbling and biting her neck. I roll her onto her back and free her succulent tits from the top of the dress. I take her nipples in my mouth one at a time and suck on them. I then kiss my way up to her mouth and kiss her with a passion she has not been getting at home. I continue rubbing her clit and then slide a finger in her soaking wet pussy making sure to bend my finger to rub her G-Spot. I put my finger in her once and remove it to rub her clit again. I keep putting my finger in once and remove it to rub the clit. At this point, much to my dismay, her friend wakes up and looks over. I think her friend is going to say something as C is in a relationship. C and I both freeze and I slowly take my fingers out of her pussy and stop kissing her. I sit up and C pulls her tits back in her dress.
    We all sit around continuing to watch the movie. We get some food and put in another movie. Everything is pretty normal at this point, no sex or talk of sex. Until her friend goes to sleep once again...
    C and I cuddle again and C immediately puts my hand back on her tits. I immediately go back to assaulting her nipples, ear, and neck. As C is getting worked back up and horny again, I put my hand back down the shorts. I grab her hair with my other hand and pull her haid back giving me more access to her shapely neck. I and biting her neck and I start playing with her clit again. This time alternating between playing with her clit and putting two fingers in her wet pussy. C rolls onto her back giving me easied access to her tits and pussy. As I rub her clit and finger her I am biting and sucking on her neck and playing with her nipples. After just a couple minutes she starts to orgasm. She arches her back pressing her ass hard into my raging dick and her breasta into my hand. I dont relent my playing with her clit or my biting of her neck. C tries to close her legs to stop me from rubbing her clit anymore. I keep rubbing her clit and she begins to shake. I can tell she is gettung a much needed sexual release. When her body goes slack I stop. She looks as though she could be going in and out of consciousness. I kiss her neck gently and rub her back as she regains her composure. C turms her head towards me and kisses me deeply.
    We finish the movie we were watching and C asks if I mind if she takes the shorts off. C takes off the shorts and we are once again cuddling. Mid way through tge final movie we both admit we are tired and head back into my bed. We cuddle and I run my fingertips over her sensitive body making her shudder. We fall asleep once again with her ass pressed against my dick and my arms wrapped around her. I wake up a couple times in the night to run my hands over this sexy woman.
    C's alarm goes off at 6:30 in the morning. We get up so C and her friend can get home. I walk them to the door and ensure they leave safely. Before driving off C runs back into my house to hug me and give me a final kiss.
    All in all, it was an amazing weekend. A weekend I look forward to repeating as often as possible.

    -50 Shades

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