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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    I've been hooking up with my step-dad for almost 2 years now. One, he's hot. Two, he's got a huge cock. And three, no one else I've been with can pound my pussy like he can. I don't feel bad for my mom. I think she's mostly into him for his money anyway. It wasn't hard to get him. It only took a couple of days of teasing him, and then he warned me that I had better stop, or else. When I asked "or else what?" He told me "keep it up, and you'll find out". I found out the next day. Hard. Bent over our kitchen table while mom was out shopping. I've been hooked ever since. Guys my age just can't compare.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 31

    I used to fuck my grandmother a ton for close to 6 years. It started when I was 16, and I was pretty much a whiny, annoying virgin. There's not much to it, really. I had been going over to her house for years already after school until my parents got done with work. We talked a lot, and we were pretty close. Well, at that age, sex was definitely in the front of my mind often. I'd complain and she'd sigh and say something to comfort me and hug me and all that. Well finally one day out of the blue she tells me something like "you know what? I've had about enough of your complaining. We're just going to start doing it. You can take your problem out on me." I remember her specifically saying that we were going to "start doing it", and I asked her "doing it?" And she took off her blouse and bra, and told me something along the lines of "I know I'm not one of those pretty young girls you're always talking about, but yes, we can do whatever you want." At that time, she was 56. She's never been a bad looking woman. She's actually pretty attractive. Her large tits sagged pretty low. Not exactly what I had been picturing when I had been jerking off those days, lol, but as she finished getting her clothes off, I was very attracted to her.

    Anyway, we'd fuck a lot, or she'd give blowjobs, or sometimes I'd go down on her. She'd tell me she was there for anything I wanted to practice. We did it for 6 years, until I wound up with the serious girlfriend who ended up being my wife. We did it several times after I got married, but stopped for good when we had to move pretty far away for work. Looking back, besides it being a ton of fun, it also did wonders for my confidence and helped me get pretty good at sex.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 35

    I work at a large corporation as a secretary. I'm 35, married for 12 years with two sons, and have worked here for almost 15 years now.
    There was another department manager named "Tony" that always found a reason to come around my managers office. He was a few years younger than me and had a rep for hitting on anything that moved. I could see he was just coming around to check me and other secretaries out and I didn't particularly care for him at all. He would make remarks about my appearance, complimentary ones, and I'd often catch him staring at my breasts or legs. It was flattering but uncomfortable also and since he did that to almost every reasonably attractive woman there I tried to ignore it. He was married as well which bothered a lot of women there and several had complained privately about him.
    My marriage was good, we have our fights and such but we've stayed together, and I DO love my husband.
    However, we had an office Christmas party this past Christmas, just an unofficial one among ourselves, after work on a Friday night. It was about 40 of us that work in our department. The official Corporate Christmas party was the next night.
    That night I had a few too many glasses of wine and was approached by "Tony".
    We had a nice conversation and I moved on.
    But, several minutes later, we found ourselves engaged in another conversation.
    It was getting loud and we went in the hallway to talk.
    He leaned in and kissed and, for some reason, I kissed him back.
    Several minutes later we were in his office, on the couch, pulling our clothes off and I drunkenly told him that I'd always been attracted to him and I performed oral sex on him.
    We had sex, and I was willing, but I was so in shock after we were done, and in a panic that someone might have noticed us drift off together, that I dressed quickly and went back to the party.
    Before the party had ended "Tony" and I had slipped into his office one more time for another round.
    I was drunk but that's no excuse because I was very willing. I still don't know why. I just lost control for a while.
    At the corporate party the next night I heard one of my coworkers, a guy, gossiping to another guy that "Tony banged Carol in billing twice last night!" and laughing.
    The other guy, Jude, remarked that I was "uptight" but he figured I had a hidden side.
    They didn't know I was behind them and listening. He'd boasted to his friends at work that we'd had sex. I was so humiliated. Everyone knew that I was married. "Tony" may have kept it quiet that he was married too but that made him no less guilty than myself. My husband was there with me and if he'd have heard or found out I would have died!
    I went in to work Monday morning and filed a sexual harassment complaint against "Tony". I'd talked to three other women that were also stating that they were going to complain about him recently and they did that morning as well.
    "Tony" was terminated that day.
    He appealed it to the corporation and a few weeks later we had a hearing with lawyers present for him and the corporation.
    The other women ended up dropping their complaints on the condition "Tony" attend regular counseling on "sexual harassment".
    I was called in and when his attorney asked if "Tony" and I had ever engaged in "sexual activity with each other" I lied and said no. The lawyer asked if "Tony" and I had "sexual intercourse" in his office twice on that Friday and if I had ever performed oral sex on him and I lied again. He then asked if we'd engaged in "sexual intercourse" twice that evening and again I lied.
    When the corporate people had interviewed me they asked me the same questions and I lied to them as well.
    "Tony's" termination was upheld by corporate and he filed a lawsuit against the corporation and myself.
    Yesterday, I gave my statement and his attorney asked me if I had ever been "nude or semi-dressed" in Tony's presence.
    I lied and said "No".
    He asked if I'd ever discussed sex, my body, his body or my sexual interests or activities with "Tony" or had ever kissed him.
    I said "No" to all.
    I lied again.
    Then his attorney asked if I had entered his office at all that evening and I lied again.
    Then the attorney stated that his client stated, in his statement and would in his testimony, that I had a small tattoo of a rose in a very private area and a scar on my inner thigh near my private area which was shaved. He also stated that another employee was set to testify that I had walked off with Tony during the party for quite a while.
    He asked if I had any "...scars,markings,tattoos or piercings in any private area that would be concealed by clothes...".
    I do.
    I got the rose with my sister after high school, it's my only one, and the scar is from an accident when I was 12 climbing a fence.
    My lawyer objected that I did not have to answer and they all began arguing.
    My husband looked right at me and I knew at that instant that he knew I had been unfaithful to him.
    I am so ashamed.
    I began crying right there and was so upset that the judge adjourned us for the day.
    I'm not a bad person and I have NEVER cheated before and NEVER will again I swear.
    But I will be back there Monday morning.
    My husband drove me home and did not say a word to me.
    He knows that I lied and he knows I cheated.
    He is sleeping right now.
    I am so afraid.
    I may have ruined "Tony's" life and I may have destroyed my marriage and my reputation.
    I think I have to tell the truth tonight to my husband and tomorrow to the judge.
    I could be in a lot of trouble and I'm pretty sure that I will lose my job for this.
    I'm not a horrible person.
    I don't even know why I did it.
    I didn't even like "Tony".
    I'm truly sorry.
    Pray for me please.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    My friends mother is finally getting married to his father after 18 plus years of a defacto relationship. She is in her mid to late 30ís and I would not say really attractive but in a way she does have a nice look but her body is so fucking hot.
    I get on ok with his parents but I am not that close that I would be invited to his fathers bucks party which by now was just an excuse to have a party. My friend was to be the best man and so he had to organise everything.
    On the same weekend his mom and dad would have their respective parties and his dad plus his mates would end up 5 hours away doing the strip clubs and whatever for the weekend while his mother had a quaint little party at their home.
    Our community is far from just being able to hire hens night strippers that my friend asked me if I could do it? Apparently he sort of helped mums party as well. We were both gym junkies and I had a nice enough body to do it but I would not say the best one could get but I just agreed before the reality set in on the night.
    My friend helped me choose the outfit so I would end up in my undies and then just go, no harm!
    The hens night chosen was the Friday night while the men were travelling to the city and the women who most had children had to take their children to sports or whatever the next day.
    I arrived in casual clothes and got changed in one of the bedrooms. I could hear laughing and music and generally they seemed to be having a great time.
    When It was my turn I signalled one of her friends who was in on it and they positioned her. There were 8 women at the party so it was not that big and when the song started to play on the hired juke box I came out to the cheers of those women.
    I fumbled a bit with the dance sequence but they were just having fun and seemed to enjoy my routine. I did all that you would expect and my body was oiled and the thrust and stuff until I finally finished with me standing in a sexy pair of underwear. I got a cheer from the crown and was about to leave and as I was picking all my stuff up I felt my arse getting fondled. I turned and it was my friends mother who said youíre not going yet!
    In front of the other women she took my stuff and threw it away to the cheers of the other women and let me say they were far worse than me in the Deviot department. The bride to be swung me to face her and ripped my underpants down and grabbed my cock. She had it tight and I could not pull away. I heard the other women say things like suck it! If you donít I will! And she started to suck my cock in which I got really turned on and hard.
    Instead of going home I ended fucking all those women and stayed with my friends mother until after lunch Sunday and we fucked everyway possible. Obviously I have not told my friend and I have not fucked his mom again but she is very friendly when I visit.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 36

    I guess the cat is out of the back so to speak. I have been coming in here for some time and I have had a few stories to share and loved reading yours. Yes I have masturbated to some, well I actually masturbate a lot over the weekend reading the confessions when my wife has taken he children to sports or dancing lessons. Last weekend my neighbours daughter came into my house and she is a hot 16 year old that I have fantasized about and that day I had gone to shared my fantasy with you guys about fucking her. I typed what she looked like and that she is my neighbour and how she would play with my children on the swings across the road and how I drive her sometimes to her sports because her mum and dad work in the local canning factory plus a few more things that obviously reading it on my computer would let her know I it was me and I was talking about her. I had nearly finished it and got up to make a coffee when she walked in. itís a open the door and yell hello type arrangement so before I knew it she was in the house. The parents had forgot to tell me that she needed a lift to sport and she thought I knew. I needed to get changed and forgot that I had the confession opened and told her to wait and I would just get changed and headed to my room. when I returned she was next to the computer with a strange look on her face and I think red, I asked her if she was ok and then realised she must have seen what I obviously wrote and it was about her. She was lost for words and said she would wait in the car and left. I started to shit myself and deleted the confession and gingerly hopped into the driverís seat. The trip takes about 45 minutes to the other town and not a word was spoken for at least half way. My mind was racing as what to say so I could defuse the situation. I was thinking about all the lies I could muster and deflect it but when she said is that how you really feel about me all I could say at first was how sorry I am and that I was just writing for the reader. I cant really remember how the conversation went as it was a blur but I started to feel relaxed about it and I think she did too. I relaxed my thought process and said something about the site and how it shares confessions and I was just writing my fantasy and as that came out of my mouth I instantly knew I should not have divulged that piece of information because she responded with so you do fantasise about me. I was caught out and I just said yes! Then that opened more questions and even though she asked the do you masturbate thinking about me one and me saying oh no! she in a more relaxed manner now started to play with me and say how could you not be sharing your fantasy of fucking me and not masturbate? I had no answer. I just ended with can you forgive me and please keep it to yourself in which said she would. I pulled up at the sports field and usually I go and have a coffee at the café and then pick her up but this time I stayed in the car not wanting to run into anyone as I felt so embarrassed and upset with my predicament. At least she seemed more at ease with it and said something like thanks for the lift daddy!
    When she finished I drove her home and she seemed to be enjoying herself teasing me and repeating every few miles that she cant believe that I fantasize about her, I responded with its only a fantasy and it does not mean you follow through with it and she would respond but itís a fantasy about her. She would look at me and smile and I think she was enjoying me squirm but she never said she liked the idea or anything like that. She did however later that day come over to get the kids and take them to the park and she was out of earshot when she said would daddy like her to take the children and she looked at me with a smile and when she returned, which conveniently my wife was grocery shopping and I was working on the car she added your welcome daddy and went home.
    This week I have been home when she gets home from school and she has asked me if I like her in her school uniform and I just blush and say nothing.
    I love my wife and donít want to jeopardise my marriage and now I have my neighbours daughter teasing me sexually which I hope she is only joking because if she really likes the idea of having sex with me then I am in a lot of trouble!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    My dad passed away a few years ago when I was 13 and my mom just dedicated her time to raising me. I love my mom and I have become a sexual deviate since I saw her letting our English Mastiff fuck her and I masturbate over the thought of it. Mojo was about 4 years old at the time and a really big dog, almost the size of a small pony.
    Mom does not know I know and I could never tell her because it would be so much shame for her. I first learnt of this when I left the house to play weekend football for my team in another town. I thought our games were early around ten oclock but when I got to my mates for the lift I learnt that our games were late games so I was just going to hang around but I forgot my footy boots on the back porch so I had to go home.
    I walked around the back and went to open the door to the back porch which also doubles as a sun room but the door was locked. My first thought was that mom must have gone out so I got the hidden key and unlocked the door and went in. I went to pick up the boots and heard what I quickly learnt was mom moaning. The noise did not register at first and I called out is that you mom as I entered the back lounge room and saw Mojo fucking my mom. I was only metres away and mom was so into it that she did not hear me and Mojo just kept going. I froze and watched it for about 10 seconds and the way she was positioned I could see everything.
    That was the first of many as in the start I let mom believe our games were early and now I donít play football but make up excuses for mum to believe I wonít be home until the afternoon. I donít do this all the time and yes I have wasted time spying on nothing happening.
    I have set up spy cameras in the lounge room, like between the gap of the Tivo and Amplifier and in the gap of a book on the book shelf and in a pot plant that sits perfectly in a position to get the best angle. I set them up before I leave and then sneak into the garage and watch on my laptop and remove them later.
    What mom does is remove the hanging pots from their hooks, which must be anchored well even though mom is petite and by the way has a great body. Mom then hangs this sort of swing which lets her lay on her back with her knees bent under and her legs parted at the perfect height. She puts these special boots on Mojo so he doesnít scratch her but while he is fucking her he is able to have his front legs supported just behind and each side of her head. Her head is able to rest on his chest whatever side she chooses ( when I first saw this her head was on the other side away from me so she could not see me). Mom would smear some jam on her vagina and let Mojo lick it off and you could tell mom love that. Then Mojo who I would say mom trained well would fuck mom without much trouble and he had a big doggy dick. I loved seeing moms naked body and loved the thought of Mojoís hairy body rubbing Moms nipples. And he arms holding onto his sides and her eyes glazed as he was pounding her. I donít know if it is the breed but Mojo didnít seem to have a massive knot and even though they did get knotted it was rather quick they separated and mum never expressed pain, in fact she was able to bring her legs up and around the back of Mojo and hang on until he had spent all of his cum inside her.
    I was so turned on watching my mom orgasm and then see all Mojoís cum dribbling out of mom that I would masturbate at the same time. The problem I had is that I had no sound to the cameras so once I chanced sneaking in and listening to my mom. She was saying things like yeh fuck me you big boy, pound me with that massive cock and cum inside mommy. Then I could hear her really orgasm with this really deep moan as if she was not in control. I believe she was just getting into the moment with her words but I loved hearing my mom talk dirty.
    I have collected my favourites to watch over and they are the ones with her facing the camera as you see the veins in her neck poke out when she is orgasming.
    We do have men coming around to hit on her because she is so attractive but they get nowhere with her because Mojo is her man and probably also because Mojo has probably stretched her.
    Mojo is heading towards seven years old and I think that within the next few years Mojo will have trouble satisfying mom and I think mom will be devastated when he goes. That bread is very expensive but when the time is right maybe I can talk mom into getting another one.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 28

    A couple moved in across the street from us last year, they are from France. Nadia and Peter and they are in their late Thirties. Peter works a lot of hours and Nadia works off and on when she chooses to it seems.

    Until I met Nadia I "NEVER" thought about being with a woman sexually. Nadia has a small build and her breasts match her body. What Nadia does have are very large nipples and the tops she wears during the summer months leaves nothing to the imagination. Nadia will be the first to tell you she doesn't wear a bra.

    We had a summer cookout a few months back and Nadia asked to go along with me to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the BBQ. Once we got into the store with the AC blasting away, Nadia's nipples tried their best to break free from her top. Guys were drooling and I was embarrassed but that didn't stop me from looking at them more times than I should.

    Last month the Four of us took a weekend and went to a Spa. Nice hotel room with pools, hot tub, and jacuzzi's. My husband and Peter played golf and Nadia and I sat in the hot tub and talked about everything. When we got out of the hot tub the air felt almost cold for a moment and by looking at Nadia's bikini top her nipples were feeling the same thing. Just like the grocery store her hard nipples strained against the thin fabric of her bikini. As we walked back to our hotel rooms I caught myself looking at them again.

    That evening we all went out for a nice dinner, even dressed up for it. Nadia wore this sexy dress with the same thin material and of course no bra. Our waiter took a look every chance he came to the table. There was a bar down the street that had patio seating and a band there as well. As the night air got cooler, Nadia's nipples became more obvious if that was even possible.

    Peter had to know the attention his wife was getting, my husband was about Two seconds away from getting slapped for drooling as well. The Three drinks I had were giving me a buzz and I needed to pee, Nadia said she had to go also. After we peed and washed up we stood at the large makeup mirror putting our lipstick back on. I caught myself looking at Nadia's nipples in the reflection, she saw me and smiled.

    The next day Peter and my husband were back on the golf course and Nadia and I were going to go shopping. I was ready and knocked on her hotel door, she told me it was open just to come on in. At first I didn't see Nadia until she came out of the bathroom partially dressed. She had her skirt and heels on but nothing else. There were her small breasts firm and slightly upturned, her nipples were reacting to the AC in the room. They were like brown nubs sticking out towards me. I know I had to be standing there with my mouth open.

    Nadia walked over to me and put her manicured fingertips to them both, she just stood there smiling. I wanted to run out the door but my legs wouldn't budge one inch. She whispered something in French but caught herself. She repeated it would be okay in English. She took my hand and brought it up to her breast, putting my fingers to the hard nipple. My legs suddenly felt like jello in my heels, I didn't think I could stand another moment.

    Nadia led me to the bed and we sat on the side, taking my purse she put it aside and took my hand to her breast. She told me to squeeze it softly, I did. She told me to touch her nipples and I did that also. They were hard like eraser's and a chill went through me.

    Nadia pulled me down and we lay on our sides facing each other, my right hand on her breast doing what she told me to do. Nadia was whispering something but I was too lost to even hear her. She turned onto her back, pulling me with her until I was slightly over her body. Nadia caressed my face and smiled, her hand around her small breast being offered to me now.

    I had never done such a thing, never considered it before I met Nadia. I put my lips to her breast and Nadia softly moaned. I kissed her breast and then my mouth felt the nub of her hard nipple, I put my mouth over it. I felt Nadia squirm, her hand came up to the side of my face again.

    She told me to suck them and not be worried to do it hard if I wanted. I have no idea what I did exactly, it was like a whispy dream of sorts. The only thing I remembered is feeling this wetness between my legs and knowing my panties were soaking wet.

    We didn't have sex but when it was over I felt like we did. I had to take my heels off to walk back to my hotel room that was right next door. I may be a novice being with another woman but I'm no novice to masturbation. I stripped out of my clothes and into the shower I went. My fingers busied themselves as the warm water from the shower cascaded over my body.

    When I came all I could think about is Nadia's hard nipples in my mouth. My orgasm was so strong I had to sit down in the shower until I could gather the strength into my legs to carry me out. Afterwards I was so embarrassed to see Nadia, she knocked on my door several times before she gave up.

    That night we had plans to go with Nadia and Peter to a dinner show, I didn't want to go but I had no choice since we had the tickets already. Nadia and I said very little, she would look at me with a smile but said nothing. I went to the restroom, Nadia didn't say anything but she came in a few moments later.

    She backed me against the bathroom door and pressed her body against mine. With her in heels she was about my height, our breasts crushed against each other's now. Nadia's lips were red and almost wet to look at, she barely kissed my own lips so her color wouldn't come off. She whispered to me she wanted me again, it was all she could think about since this afternoon.

    The weekend was over and nothing else happened, we got back home and everyone went back to their normal routine. Sometimes I would stand in the kitchen and look over at Nadia's house sometimes I would see her out in the yard working. I lay in bed at night sometimes and would think about that afternoon with her. Once I woke my husband up to have sex because I was so worked up thinking about Nadia.

    One day I'm in the kitchen making ice tea when there was a knock on the kitchen door. That made me jump as nobody ever comes to that door. I looked out to see Nadia standing there, she smiled and waved at me. Of course I let her in but it was uncomfortable which she seemed to enjoy in some weird way.

    Nadia was dressed casual with jeans and her normal thin top, her nipples were only slightly obvious. She sat down at the counter as I finished making the ice tea. She was talking about something and all I could think about was that day in the hotel room. Nadia was looking at a magazine with her back to me. I had just fixed us both a glass of the ice tea and walked up behind her.

    I asked Nadia to turn around, which she did. She looked at me uncertainty for a moment as I asked her to remove her top. She slipped the tiny straps off her shoulders and the garment gathered around her waist. I took a step closer and put my hand to her breast, she squealed and took a step back slightly. She looked at my hand to see the ice cube in my hand that was starting to melt already. Nadia smiled and came close to me again. I heard her breathing hard and her hands gripped the counter top behind her. I took the ice cube and made circles around each of her nipples.

    Nadia suddenly spoke in French as I teased each nipple with the ice cube. Her Nipples were engorged in only moments as I worked the melting cube of ice around each one. I don't even remember us walking to my bedroom, we were just there and Nadia was kissing me deeply. The feeling of my panties becoming wet happened quickly.

    Our clothes came off but I don't even remember much about that either. Nadia took the lead and we were and tangle of legs and arms. She made me cum with her mouth, I thought I would faint from that pleasure alone. Our fingers and mouths were everywhere, Nadia made me cum so many times I lost track. Our legs entwined and we grinded on each other until I couldn't take anymore. We lay there against each other, our breathing labored as we tried to calm down from the moment.

    Nadia talked me into a girls weekend without our husband's and I wanted to refuse but couldn't bring myself to say no to her. We get together often and I enjoy every moment when we are together. I never imagined myself doing these things with another woman but selfishly I don't regret the pleasure I feel when I'm with Nadia.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 34

    Well after my first wet experiences with my Sister-in-law I was hooked.
    We fucked, pissed and occasionally shit on each other.
    She loved me pissing in her mouth, as I did her doing the same (once in a 69).
    Although we've had long term partners, we know this is a fetish thing. However it won't fade away or get bored of.
    She has even started lactating as to spray me with more of her fluids.
    Everyday is normal, until we meet once a month and have the filthiest fuck sessions EVER!! S.I.L has been loving our fisting sessions as I run her.
    There is sooooooo much we do it's hard to type as I get hard and distracted!! Especially when she deliberately sat in front of me here at the hotel spreading her arsehole and inviting me in x

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 34

    So my sister in law said she needed a shit as I needed to piss after the fun in her room.
    She clambered into the bath and held my cock.
    "Piss on me pleeeeease" she begged.
    I didn't need asking twice. My pale yellow wee shot out hard. Sis in law directing my pissing cock. Over her big milky tits, leaning back and spreading her c**t so to piss on her clit. And then in her mouth. Swallowing some then letting some dribble down her chin to her body. After about 30 seconds my stream died and faded to a few which she cleaned up willingly with her tongue. "Mmmmm it was sweet and filthy you dirty c**t" with a satisfied smile on her face.
    After sucking me hard again she announced again "I need a shit baby. Do you mind if a go?" In a slightly sassy and naughty school way.
    I nodded, but after only a few minutes of pushing...nothing.
    Farts, and dribbles of piss were turning me on anyway, but the anticipation, in general, on seeing a woman take a dump was enough for me to have a massive hard on.
    To be continued.....

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 38

    I am 38. My wife is 35.
    Her sister is 38 and her sister's husband is 42.
    I did not know until recently, after 9 years of marriage, that my wife had been in a relationship with her brother-in-law before we met.
    A friend of my wife's and her sister, that they'd had a falling out with recently, posted a series of throwback pictures on social media recently that all of our friends saw.
    They were of my wife grabbing her brother-in-laws (then her boyfriend) crotch while they were making out, as he was fondling her bare breasts on a beach in Cancun. Him cupping my wife's bare breasts in a hot tub, my wife straddling him with her bikini top unhooked, and several of my wife performing oral sex on him with another woman, and a few of her and him in sexually explicit poses, some jokingly and others kind of flauntingly..
    Her sister is embarrassed, my wife is embarrassed and I'm embarrassed.
    You see, I'm a minister.

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