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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35

    My wife is a pretty decent person. She's easy enough to get along with, she's friendly enough, but the problem is, when we get into the house, and I am horny, she makes me feel like she goes through the motions of sex, basically to make me happy. Sure, I can get her off multiple times eating her out, or fingering her, even fucking her. But in reality, after she had our third kid, basically she just let herself go. It's rough. I can't physically get into it like I used to, but I'm a guy. I want to get off, and I want to have a good time in the sack. For her to pretty well act like it's not a big deal, well I've fucked enough that I know it's not me. She just I think is going through an age thing (she's 40, 5 years older than me). I won't lie. I've slept around. I've fucked a couple of girls I should not have. I've gotten into some off the wall shit, and I don't regret it. It's not a reason for doing what I have done, but maybe if she's given a shit through the years, I wouldn't be tempted to put my dick in someone else.

    A couple of nights ago, my wife and I were hanging out with a couple that we play cards with, see movies with, and do social stuff with. They are always fun. The personalities work for the most part, but his wife is a bit more outgoing than all of us, and she has no filter. Literally, she will say whatever she feels like, and couldn't care less what others think. He's a cool dude, but sometimes I think like my wife and I, they are a bit mismatched.

    What happened the other night was just something I never expected. We were joking, cracking smut comments, laughing, drinking, (we'd had a lot) and getting stupid, and while we're all hanging out, my buddy's wife leans over, and just plants one on my wife. Caught my wife off guard, and about shocked the shit out of her. My wife looked at her and said "holy shit, what was that?" and my buddy's wife said "I think you looked hot, and I wanted to kiss you. That's all". My wife reached over, and kissed her back. They started making out heavily. My buddy and I were looking, and going "holy shit" and didn't know what to say. He told me while they were making out "she's into different shit. I'm not sure it's my thing, but hey, if it makes her happy"

    About 30 seconds later, my buddy's wife says to my wife "Wanna fool around?" to which my wife (obviously drunk as fuck, because sober, she'd never do anything like that) says "well shit yeah. You've got me all wet. I'm in" and they proceeded to get into it. My buddy got pissed off. Prude as a motherfucker. He's like "shit, this isn't happening. I'm not going to let my wife sit there and make out with another chick" and he says to her "come on. This is fucking idiotic. Let's go". She looked at him and said "I'm not leaving. I'm having fun. Your lame prude ass can leave if you want". Now I'd never seen my wife do shit like this. I couldn't even talk to her about doing anything with another guy, let alone a girl. She's had a messed up past history, childhood, etc, but for the most part, she hadn't done much of anything aside of let me get off, and act like it's all part of the game.

    I sat there, and listened to my buddy peel out of the driveway. His wife starts giggling, and says "better him go than me. I'm staying" and leans over and looks at me and says "you're missing out on all the fun, why don't you join us?" I looked at my wife, and she smiled and said "come on honey. Why don't you join us?" Goddamn. I was all for it.

    We ended up on the couch making out, and my wife had gotten to get another drink. I told her she should watch out, because she didn't want to do stuff she might regret in the morning. She giggled, swigged half the bottle, and says "No regrets" and starts unbuttoning my pants. I said to her "what the fuck?" and she unzips my pants, and pulls them down. Pushes them farther. Gets my cock out, and proceeds to blow me. Starts sucking on my dick right there in front of my buddy's wife. She's laughing and says "I wanna taste. Lemme have some" and my wife, goddamn if she didn't, moves back and says "why sure" and lets my buddy's wife put my dick in her mouth. I was horny as fuck, and here, my wife being a prude, and my buddy's wife are sucking on me. I was in heaven.

    Not two minutes later, my wife says "well he can't have all the fun" and she strips her clothes off. Out of her pants, her shirt, bra, and panties. And my buddies wife says "oh oh oh, naked strip play" and she gets undressed. Goddamn if she didn't have a nice body. A bit of a stomach, but nice little tits, and an amazing bush of pussy hair. My wife giggled, and pointed and said "Uh oh, I do think he's got a boner. We should maybe take care of that". Well, my buddy's wife pushes her down on the couch, and says "maybe I should take care of you" and proceeds to start licking her pussy. My dick about sprang out and poked her in the ass. She was eating out my wife, and a couple of minutes later, I heard her moan that she was gonna cum. I'll be damned if my buddy's wife didn't get her off. She just laid there, and said "oh geez, that's righteous shit right there" and then I said kind of joking "now you gotta get her off too". I'll be damned if my wife didn't say "Well sure, what's good for her is good for me" and went down on her. Right there. Started licking her bush. Putting her mouth against her muff, and eating her pussy. I was so fucking horny I thought I'd just blow right there.

    She got her off. Started gasping, making noises, and bam, there it was. It was fucking hot. And then my buddy's wife says giggling "I think all we gotta do is fuck now. So yep, who's the lucky girl" and my wife says "Me. Take me". I put her on the floor, and started fucking her right there in front of his wife. She started fingering herself, and getting all wet and soaking. She got herself off while I was on the floor, pounding away at my wife's pussy. I was going at it, and then my buddy's wife says "but I want a turn". I didn't think it'd happen. My wife had never done shit like that. She pushes me and says "You gotta help her too. You gotta make her feel good too. Don't be selfish and mean". I pulled out, and my buddy's wife laid on the floor. I just looked at her, not even asking or knowing if she's on the pill, or anything else, and started fucking her. I was pounding her pussy hard, and my dick was throbbing. And I heard her say "but you gotta cum. You gotta cum. You gotta cum. Aren't you gonna cum?"

    I didn't say anything. Until about 10 seconds later, I blasted cum in her. I started saying "oh fuck me. I'm gonna squirt" and I blew it. Emptied my load in her pussy. Kept going until my dick limped and softened up. And just laid there. It was so goddamn intense. I pulled out, and my wife giggled and says to me "oh boy. He came. He's got nothing in there anymore. He came" and she starts giggling stupidly. I'm just laying there, half drunk, thinking that yeah, I just fucked my wife and my buddy's wife, and I just popped my load in her.

    We sat there laughing and giggling. And about 20 minutes later, my wife is jerking on me, playing around, and started getting me hard again. My buddy's wife giggled, drinking more and says "now you gotta cum in her. You came in me, now you gotta cum in her too". My wife and I ended up fucking on the living room floor. I pumped in her for a bit, and I said that I wanted to pump in my buddy's wife too. I was fucking her a bit, and then I told her I was gonna make my wife happy. After fucking my buddy's wife for about 5 minutes, I pulled out, pumped into my wife, and blew cum in her. I kept squirting, and got it blowing in her, filling her up. When I was done, I pulled it out. She sat up, and pushed and said "oh look" and squirted cum outta her. It was fucking hot.

    We haven't said much about it except my wife asked me last night if I liked it. I said yeah. And she said "did you tell Tim about what we did?" I said nope. I said "he was a fucking lame o. I'm not going to tell him. Are you?" and she said "Nope. But uh yeah, we should talk about what happened - You're not like into her and shit are you?" I said no. I said it was fun, and just something random. And she said "but what if I wanted to do it again?" I was stunned. I said "what?" and she said "the three of us. Not him. He was fucking lame" I just said "well shit yeah. I'd do it. But I don't want it to cause problems" - she laughed and said "it'll probably make our marriage more fun"

    I feel kind of guilty for fucking my buddy's wife, but he was stupid as hell, and left. So I don't think it's a problem, because he didn't want any part of it. Not sure if he should even know or not..

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Lesbian Female / 46

    I'm 46, married and have two kids. It is a fetish of mine that I want to be in bed and doing dirty shit with a couple of my daughter's teenage friends (girls). It's dirty as hell, but I can't help it. They are so fucking cute.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    Hi well i'll get right to the point my wife had been ribbing me actually being mean and saying i should have sex with a man.Well i did but i didn't tell her but i liked it very much.So mu ch i have even kissed her goodnight with another mans cum deep in me.I am sure i have been fucked more than i have ever fucked her and that"s how she found out.Well really my penis has shrunk up to nothing and i have some very nice nipples forming so i told her and she didn't believe me.But she found out i made sure,she walked in and found me full of cock at both ends and one in each hand she just stood there staring i told her to leave because they were making me their little girland finally she left i haven't seen her anymose and i couldn't be happier now i'm finally on a full course to becoming a woman.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 18

    I found out two days ago that my neighbor, who is a friend of mine, fucked her uncle, who is like 55 or something. He's not "bad" looking, but she's really cute, and we go to school together.

    I think it's gross. Why the fuck would someone do that with their uncle, especially an old guy?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    A long time ago when I was 12 my mother was taken ill and went into hospital, The only person available to look after me was the woman next door who seemed very old to me and truth be told I was a bit afraid of her she was always stern and straight laced, So despite that I moved in to her spare room for a couple of months, That first day she made it plain she was not to be messed with and that she had no fondness for boys of my age, That first evening she sent me off for a bath as I sat there washing myself she came in stating that she would make sure I was clean and told me to stand while she washed me she soaped up the flannel and started to wash me all over as she got to my crotch she stopped her rough washing and started to be gentle and despite my embarrassment and slight fear of her I started to get hard, She tutted and scowled at me and muttered about boys being filthy animals and she didn't want a mess on her sheets, She huffed told me to stand still and she started to masturbate me I'd only touched myself before like that but I did as I was told and stood still as she stroked my penis pulling the foreskin back and forward after a very short while I came having produced cum since I was 11 it was no surprise to me at all though she raised her eyebrows and grunted satisfied her job was done, After that she masturbated me every day for the two months I was there usually in the bath but sometimes in front of her armchair where I had to strip and stand still in front of her, Her excuse for m****ting me was that boys are dirty and need to be kept in line and empty, By the end of the two months I looked forward to it, My mother came home but Mrs. D next door often called me round to her house to "empty" me, I never saw her naked or anything like that she just liked to masturbate me regularly, She is long dead now having died when I was 14 after she had masturbated me the month before, Despite her strictness I still look back fondly to those times.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I wrote this before but somehow it never made the print although everything was done prefect according to the instructions. So, I'll try again.
    After Shirley and I packed her clothing and visited with family and friends we headed for our apartment near my base. I had rented an apartment prior to going home to marry. It was an upstairs apartment, one bedroom, family room and a kitchen/dinning room combo. Kitchen was furnished except for utensils, silver and china which was no problem. I had bought lots of that at the BX before going home. We did have our own private bath. There was another apartment across the hall identical to ours.
    Okay, after the trip, 500 miles from home, we were tired so we indoctrinated the bed. We hit the hay, as the saying goes, but didn't go to sleep right away, not until we played around ending up naked and having sex for what seemed like 50th time over the last 4 days. LOL. Since it was early in the evening we awaken early the next morning and went out for breakfast since we had no food in the new apartment. After breakfast we did hit a grocery store and bought what looked like a months supply of groceries. Then back home. Later in the day I did introduce Shirley to our Landlords and the couple across the hall.
    Well it seemed that neither of us could get enough of each other. It was a couple times a day, minimum, for a while.
    When I had to return to work I put my uniform on and she asked what I wanted for breakfast. My answer was SEX and she hugged me and started kissing me. Since I was already dressed in my uniform I just lay her back on the bed, played with her pussy until she was wet, pulled her lower clothing off and ate her out. She loved it. Afterward she kissed me riding me of her pussy juices. Then off to work. At noon when I came home for lunch, same question, "What do you want?" Same answer, "SEX". But this time I did remove my uniform and were fucked a good 30 minutes. Then back to work. That afternoon, after work, I came home and started inside and saw Shirley sliding down the stair bannisters. I asked what she was doing and she said, "Warming up your dinner." Joke!
    A few years later I had orders to ship overseas. By this time we had 2 small children, in fact out youngest was only about 2 weeks old. We had planned on her remaining with her family, making my overseas tour shorter, But, after a few months separation we decided I'd apply for her to join me. It was approved and she and the 2 kids joined me. We were assigned to a real 2 bedroom on base home. We had our fair share of sex there. The children were still young therefore they were put to bed early. Our housemaid did not live in.
    To make this shorter lets skip ahead a few years. Our 2 kids were in school, we are back stateside now. So, we were free to have sex anytime we wished. No details. Soon, Shirley was pregnant with out third. After that birth she persuaded me to have a vasectomy. And as time went on all three were out of school, the youngest in college, the 2 oldest had graduated and were married and away from home. Back to ourselves again. What luck. Sex on demand.
    A few times I can still recall and hope I never forget. I had rented many porno videos and copied them. (Don't tell, LOL). One day, must have been a weekend, I had a porno on the TV. I was sitting back in a recliner and Shirley was laying on the couch. I had my dick out playing with it, must have been making noises, she turned her head and saw me. Before I knew it I looked over and she had her hand under her pants playing with herself. That's all it took. I got up, went over on my knees, pulled her feet around, pulled her slacks and panties off, threw her legs over my shoulders and buried my face between her legs. She commenced moaning right away. She placed her hands on back of my head and started pushing me tighter while at the same time she was humping and I thought she was trying to smother me. Never happen. LOL. We had plenty time 'cause as I said, all our kids were gone. We were alone and free. We probably ate each other and fucked for a good 1 hour. I mean it was wonderful. Like I still say, out of all the years we have been married I can never recall her ever saying NO to sex but once and that was when I asked her if she had enough.
    Okay, a friend of mine was placed in the hospital for alcohol dependency. They requested that I, as his close friend, attend ALANON with him. But they learned to not like me. They were teaching that alcoholism was a disease.
    I smoked at the time so I took out my cigarettes and asked, "Is smoking a disease?" Not a word, so I said, "No way. It's an addiction, the same as alcohol." They never asked for my opinion again after that.
    So, one day after the meeting I came home dead tired. Shirley was sitting on the couch watching a soap opera. I just fell on the floor in front of the TV to rest. We had a miniature Pekinese puppu. She loved me to death. She saw me laying there on my back so she came over and lay on her back by me. Shirley liked that and she'd look down often and smile. I pucker up and throw her a kiss. She would kiss me back the same was. Well, after a few of those kisses she had her limit and she crawled down beside me. I suppose my dog got jealous and she got up and left. Anyway, Shirley and I hugged and kissed until we were both ready so off came our clothes. We, as usual, started out by 69ing. I mean she was good at sucking dick and not to be out done I responded by eating her out so well she'd never think of anyone else, ever. After a while of this we turned and started fucking, and I mean we were both serious. It was wonderful. I have never had a complaint on any of our love making. As I said, she never said no. If she had her period she would always ask if I wanted her to jack me off or suck me off. Many times she did both at the same time. I mean she is a good one at sex. Loves it and wants it anytime she is able and I too!
    Now, many times after we go to bed and start making love I'll ask her if she would love to see me suck a mans dick. She never said yes or no. She just look at me a smile. Then shortly after that when we would be fucking she would stick her fingers in her pussy and then stick them in my mouth for me to suck her pussy juices off. I noted she never took then out. She left them in my mouth and lay and watched me suck on them. Afew times she would get one of her dildos, rubber dicks, stick it in my mouth and watch me suck on it. I did notice that when this happened she seemed to start fucking me harder. I decided that she was really imagining me sucking a dick while watching this. I even asked her once but she just smiled. To me that meant yes.
    Another thing I recall, don't know why I stopped doing it, suppose I just get so carries away that everything but her escapes my mind. I'd imagine her fucking someone else and would ask her to call me by some other name while we are fucking. There was this one GI that I know had a crush on her. Not just him but he's the one I could remember by his first name. I'd tell her to call me John and she would. She lay there and put her best into it and say, "John, fuck me. Please fuck me John. Fuck me hard and deep. Make me cum." I mean she knew how to turn me on and she knew I'd really pound away when I got excited thinking of some off the wall stuff.
    Now, this is where I adopted the title "Bi-Sexual Male". I have always said that lesbian sex really turns me on. I say I am subject to do anything when I'm turned on from watching a lesbian porno. I got to the point that when I'd go to the Adult Store to rent a movie I'd go in the rear where they have booths to watch porno. One day I was in a booth which had lesbian videos and I thought I had latched the door behind me. I am sitting there with my pants down around my ankles, playing with myself and jacking off when all of a sudden the door open and in walks a man and wife. What could I do, they had already seen me. Right away she begins rubbing my shoulders and chest and asked me if that felt good. I said yes and thanked her, She said, "That's not what I'm talking about. I mean you sitting there jerking off." What could I say, "Great" I said. She asked if I wanted her to do it for me and I said "If you want to" So she sat in the other chair and began jerking me off then she took my hard dick into her mouth and started sucking. She kept looking up at me, smiling and pointing to my right. I looked and her husband was standing there with his dick out right behind me. She stopped long enough to tell me, "Suck it." WOW! I thought but being turned on by the lesbians sucking each other and her down sucking my dick, for some reason I couldn't keep my hands off it. It was big and hard, possible a little larger than me. I looked at it, it was clean cut so I took it into my mouth and began licking the head and underneath, knowing that's what I like and then I began trying to swallow the whole thing. Nearly gagged me. He then started fucking my mouth so I grabbed it with my hand so he couldn't gag or choke me and he seemed satisfied. Pretty soon I felt that warm cum shooting into my mouth. I couldn't swallow so I spi it out and then took it back into my mouth and sucked him dry and limber. About this time I shot my wad and she removed her mouth and jerked me until I had shot my entire wad on the floor. I asked her if she wanted me to eat her and she said, "No, he'll do that later." and they left. So, that was my first. I never told Shirley about that but she knows it now because of other incidents. She has never indicated she didn't like it.
    Okay, One day I was in the same Adult Store and in the rear where the booths are. I opened this one door I thought was empty but there stands a man with a big one in his hand. I started to leave but he invited me in. He wasn't looking for a blow job but rather he wanted to give me one. While he was doing so I started thinking about Shirley. After we finished I confessed to him that I had teased my wife about me sucking a dick and asked him if he would come over after dinner that night. I gave him my address but told him to not indicate we had met here, rather that we were old military buddies and he was passing through and remembered I lived here. He was riding a motorcycle.
    So, that evening after dinner Shirley and I cleaned up the kitchen and I went into the family room and sat down. Shirley got a quick shower and put on her house coat only as we had no plans for the night, that she knew of. She came and sat by me, probably knowing what that would lead to. I put a hot porno on and we were sitting there watching and kissing. Soon I heard a motorcycle. I calmly asked, "Wonder who that could be?" Then the doorbell rand. I turned the porno off and answered the door. We both shook hand and said words like "Nice to see you again." I invited him in. Shirley started to get up and leave, having nothing but her house coat on. I told her to sit back down this is an old friend of mine. So she stayed. We stated an no nonsense conversation and I asked where he was headed. He came out with some BS but I paid no attention. He asked me what I was up to and what had been happening since my retirement. I told him that Monday through Friday I don't do anything and then I rest up on Saturday and Sunday. He laughed. I did tell him that my wife and I were watching a porno until he had to interrupt. We both laughed together. He did say, "Well. don't stop because of me. I like porno too." I reached over Shirley for the remote and she tries to stop me. I laughed and said, "Now don't be an old prude." I clicked the play button and the video continued only now it's right up my alley, 2 girls are at it. Shirley knows how well I like that. A moment of silence struck. No one had a word to say, all eyes were on the TV screen. I lay my hand on Shirley's leg, she didn't move, probably afraid to make a show. Thinking of Shirley and the 2 girls on the video I started getting a hard. Shirley noticed and so did Rick (That's my name for him). Rich knew what he was there for so he started rubbing his dick through his clothing. I looked over and said, "I see that you must like this show?" His reply was, "Me? What about you? How does your wife feel about it?" I laughed and said, "Oh, she loves it but is a little bashful around strangers." I sat there, still with my hand on he leg, and started rubbing my dick also. Pretty soon it was evident that both Rick and I were rock hard. Shirley spoke for her first time, "Why don't you 2 that those things out and play with them. It's evident that's what you want." So we did, me first then Rick. WOW, he did have a big one. Bigger than I had realized from the Adult Store. Shirley couldn't take her eyes off either. She leaned over, whispered into my ear, "Well, are you going to suck it while I watch?" I looked at her as to say are you serious? She nodded, go ahead. So I get down on my knees and took his big dick into my mouth. My second ever. But I am doing this one for Shirley. She is loving it because she has her hand under her house coat and I know what she is doing. No question about it. I stop long enough to ask Shirley to hand me a dust towel. I wanted to be prepared if he started shooting a big load. It didn't take long until he was cuming but I felt it coming and wrapped the towel around it and caught every drop. Then Rick asked Shirley, "Do you want me to suck him?" Shirley said, "I'd love it." and he did. Shirley was as hot as a firecracker so I opened her house coat and began playing with her pussy and clit and sucking on her firm tits with the hard and perk nipples. I asked Rick, "Don't you want to stop and fuck my wife's wet and warm pussy." He looked at me, then her, and asked, "Are you sure. Had you rather have your husband?" She took the words right out of my mouth, "I'll have him all night after you leave". Lucky me, since I had my vasectomy I only use a rubber when we don't have time of want to mess with a douche. So I get a condom and Shirley helps him put it on. I aldo brought some KY jelly just in case. But Rick spit on the condom and rubbed in back and forth and then had no problem getting in. I could tell she was enjoying that big dick because she was moaning, even with me French kissing her and playing with her tits. She would reach down and massage her clit with her fingers and then bring them up for she and I to suck the love juice off. I was about ready to cum just from watching. Rick lasted much longer than I expected, probably because he had just cumed from my blow job. But it wasn't long before he banged her hard and just froze. Shirley too opened her mouth and let her eyes roll so I knew they were both cuming. Finished now. The TV screen is nothing but snow because the video had ran out.
    I told Rick where the bathroom was for him to take off the comdom and clean himself a little. Afterwards, as he was leaving, he said, "I'm going to remember this address and phone number in case I ride through here again. Shirley and I both smiled and wished him a safe and happy journey. If she only knew his journey was only across town. LOL.
    So, as of now Shirley knows everything. She confessed after Rick left that she has suspected this was a set up, or frame up and she called it. Said she had put 2 and 2 together after all the talks we had before while having sex. But she wasn't mad, more delighted that angry.
    But neither of us have need any like thing since. We are very happy with each other.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    i was partying at a gf's last night and when things got sexual she told me she was going to make me a bitch for rover. i stared at her like WTF are you saying, but she just started laughing and reached in her drawer and pulled out the oddest looking dong i have ever seen. she told me it was a dog cock and that she was going to use it on me, so i would be a rover bitch too. we were fairly wasted and we both just burst out laughing. she really did use it on me, and all i can say is WOW! i want one too.

    ever since i woke today i've had the most wonderful dirty girl feeling and i keep wondering if it would be as good to do rover in person. i really enjoyed the dong, so the real thing must be fantastic. i don't know if she's ever done it with a rover before, but i am going to find out and get in on it if i can.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 38

    Two years ago my husband asked me if I'd lick her asshole during sex. I did so and also began to finger his asshole too. It was an awsome turn on to see and hear him becoming sexually aroused, to the point he came from what I was doing. It went from there to me using two then three fingers to fuck his his ass during our varied sexual acts together.
    Then around a year ago I caught him using a dildo, one of my dildos, to fuck himself with. He was in the shower and I'd decided to have lunch at home, rather than work, mostly so I could have my husband fuck me. Finding him with a dark purple dildo up his asshole should have had alarm bells sounding in my head. What it did have was my pussy soaking from the sight in front of me. When he turned to see me playing with myself, he initially froze then invited me into the shower. I spent nearly the whole of my dinner hour fucking my husbands asshole, with one of my dildos making him cum. I even had to wait to have my fun later after I got home from work, but when I did have him fuck me, I had such a strong orgasm.
    It was his birthday a few weeks later. After opening his presents in front of the family at a pre arranged meal, I couldn't wait to get him home to open the special present i'd bought him. Seeing his face light up as he took off the wrapping paper was thrilling, but not as thrilling as him having me try it out on him.
    With my husband knelt up naked in our bedroom. I got behing him and slowly inserted the strap on dildo up his asshole. I too was naked and had the oposite end of the strap on dildo up my pussy, So as I fucked my husband to what he called his first real all over orgasm, I also had an amazing orgasm.
    I must admit I used to think he might be having gay thoughts, but nothing could be further from the truth. My husband and I often use sex toys in our sexual times together, and more often than not it's him using them in me. But when the fancy takes him or me, I get out one of the three strap ons we now have, and I fuck him until I have his cock spurting his hot sticky cum everywhere.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife and I and another couple we are friendly with were drinking, having fun and things turned sexual. My wife is a pretty blond with nice firm B cup tits. His wife is a really pretty brunette with small pointy tits but a great ass. It was pretty exciting when things started getting wild.

    The girls flashed their tits and me and my friend showed our cocks. Everyone was getting hot. We all ended up nude. We settled into watching each other. Me with my wife and he with his. Getting sucked while watching his wife suck his cock then getting a great view of his cock pumping her bald pussy was an incredible sight.

    As great as it was, the image I just can't shake was later when I was fucking my wife doggie style. The other couple was in a 69 with him on the bottom. We were facing them from the side. My wife's face was resting on her back while she sucked her husband's dick. Then it happened.

    My wife had just cum and was resting her head on the other girl's back. The other girl was close to cumming and stopped sucking her husband. She sat up and leaned back to ride and grind her husband's face as she was close. My wife had to lift her head. His dick, which is pretty big, was wet and rock hard pointing up towards his face. My wife was looking at it. Then she reached out and grabbed it. Stroking it as his wife came. I watched my wife stroking the other man's cock while I fucked her from behind.

    It only took about a minute before the first squirt shot out of him from my wife making him cum. The first two spurts shot up onto his wife's chest and stomach then his cum dripped out coating my wife's hand in his cum.

    Watching this made me cum fast and hard. It came on and there was no stopping it I came so hard inside her it was so hot watching her make another man cum.

    We all just kind of rested afterward and no one seemed upset that my wife had made the other girl's husband cum. I found it erotic and sexy as hell and can't stop thinking about it. I really want to see her suck the guy off or even maybe fuck him now that's how hot it was.

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    My sister in law had me over this weekend. I never thought I would be in bed with my husbands little sister and her husband; but I gave them my best.
    My husband has sexual problems due to weight and health, So his sister was kind to me. She invited me to spand the night, get all I wanted from her husband and from her.
    I did not feel comfortable doing her, but if that is what it took, I would do it.
    Her husband is 28 and a nice one.
    She said to make me more comfortable she would give her and I some time alone. He told me I have very good head, better than she can give.
    When I had all I could take, he and she had one last time. She had her last big O and said lets stop. He was hard and laying there, so I gave him a finishing oral satisfaction. My sister in law watched and told me she liked my technique.
    For an older woman I feel I did well with two younger lovers

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