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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    I was 16 and lived on a farm. My friend...I'll call him s.. Live about 15 miles a way. He came from a single parent home his mom was a nurse and workded at the local hospital she was 39 and hot...she had been divorced when she was 29.

    Me and my friends always bugged s how hot his mom was...but what does a boy of 16 know. One day their driving lawn mower broke down and asked my mom if I could bring our mower and cut the grass.

    So I spent the night over there pretty much once a week cutting grass. s was not a farm kid..he was always out pissing around sometimes not coming home for days.

    Anyway I was at their place cutting grass but s mom had to use her truck and take our mower back that day. So it was about 1:00 on the afternoon we got to my place and my mom was at work, my sister was out with her friends..we unloaded the lawn more and S's mom had never been in our house. I had to get something's so I invited her in..she said she really liked the house and would like a after walking thro the whole house..I started down the stairs and she said..I have a question I stopped she grabbed my hand and lead me to my room.

    She kissed me and started rubbing my back. I put my hands on her ass and then she lead me to my bed. My cock was getting hard...she took of my pants and shirt...I helped her get out of hers and we fucked..she was so happy..after that I was always at their place and it was great S was never around and I would be fucking his hot mom. I was the first person she ever gave a blow job to...I could not believe it but she needed pointers big time. She never had her c**t licked Well I eat her pussy ever time I could. She loved to get nasty with me it was great to find a toy like that now ;)

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 39

    My wife dos not like to be eaten out. I on the other hand love the taste of a strong but clean scented pussy. I wish I new this about her before we got married, we could have talked about it because I consider it a big deal. Once a year on our anniversary we discuss how we think our relationship is doing and I always bring it up and tell her that I need to taste her and eat her pussy more frequently, she says she will try and nothing really is done about it.

    I enjoy grabbing her panties from the hamper when she changes into her pj's at night. I take them to the restroom and rub them all around my lips, while the panties are still most and wet from her pussy juice. I pas my evenings smelling my upper lip to enjoy her sweet musty scent.

    I am currently looking to meet a lady that sells her time and services(prostitute), so u can fill that missing necessity that I crave. I sure do miss my ex girlfriend, she loved when I use to eat her pussy, we still keep in touch but not physically.h

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I was in Las Vegas attending a Seminar when I was called to get back to the office ASAP to fill in for my boss who was having emergency surgery. The office got me a seat on the red-eye special with me and 11 other passengers. The last one to board, most of the first class seats were taken on an open seating flight. I walked to the very rear of the plane and took the window seat. I planned to push up the seat arms and lay on the 3 seats as I slept the 5 hour flight. When I set down I realized there were only 3 other passengers in the back section and they were all at the front with their own individual rows.

    I'm a bi professional man in my early 40's who is seldom attracted to gay men. However that male flight attendant for my section was charming, funny, and good looking as any man in any magazine. He reminded me of Will on the Will and Grace soap opera. He seemed to be paying close attention to me, the only passenger who was still sitting upright 30 minutes into the flight. He set in the aisle seat on my row as we chatted and flirted. I rubbed my cock and he smiled. He winked and went to First Class for a few minutes. When he came back he closed the curtains, checked on the 3 sleeping passengers in front and walked back to me with his hand on his cock and a smile on his face. He turned the lights out, set down again and reached for my cock. I unzipped and he bent over taking my cock into his mouth. I was rubbing his back, my hand on his ass while he sucked my macho cock right down his throat. He raised up and said to follow him.

    The rear kitchen was behind the row of seats across the aisle from me and the bathroom were behind the row of seats I was on. Not sure where he was headed, with my dick hanging out my suit pants zipper, I follow the cock sucking male flight attendant. As I turned into the kitchen he was getting on his knees and told me to stand at the edge of the aisle facing him so I could watch down the aisle to the front. This way if, by chance, someone from First Class came back, it would look like I was standing part way in the kitchen. I could warn him, he would get up and hand me a drink. That is exactly what we did for probably 15 minutes. This guy was good, he was hungry and I was horny. He told me he didn't swallow so when I cum to let him know and he would take it in his hand. He sucked some more as and I rubber his face, head and neck. We were both getting hot an heavy into our sex. When time came I told him I was ready and this guy, to my surprise, put his hands on my hips, took lock-jaw on my cock and sucked my cock head to his throat and I unloaded.

    He stood up took a towel and wiped my cock and put my cock back in to my pants (down my leg) and zipped me up. That was a first for me. I was so turned on I told him we were going to swap places and we did. I got on my knees in the planes kitchen and tried my best to give that guy the best head he ever had. He sure was moaning and I was loving it, too. Then, he took a step into the kitchen causing me to sit back some as he grabbed my head and gave my mouth a major hard fucking; tears streamed down my face as he held my head tight. I had a lip lock on his cock and kept it there. When I sensed he was close I pulled off and told him to shoot on my face and he did; all over my face, in my hair and some splattered on my shirt. He leaned down and licked it off. I stood and we kissed the first time.

    I looked at my watch and knew we had 3 1/3 hours before we landed. I asked...seconds? Yes, and thirds and fourths was arising when the Co-Pilot called him up front. When he came back he told me we were headed for turbulants and he had to wake the passengers and have us sit upright and belt in. For the next hour he set in the aisle seat on my row, belted in, as the plane bounced and we rubbed each others cocks looking a the 3 people 20- plus seats ahead.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    When I was about 10-11 I had many gay experiances with one of my friend and loved it (the furthest we went was oral), now 8 years later I think about it so often and it makes me really horny. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years but I've always wanted to just get fucked in the ass, suck cock and drink cum. She doesn't know and never will but I'm desperate to try it, I keep thinking of going to local cruising sites or a bathhouse but if i do I will feel unfaithful to her

    Any ideas or comments?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    When I was about 10-11 I had many gay experiances with one of my friend and loved it (the furthest we went was oral), now 8 years later I think about it so often and it makes me really horny. I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years but I've always wanted to just get fucked in the ass, suck cock and drink cum. She doesn't know and never will but I'm desperate to try it, I keep thinking of going to local cruising sites or a bathhouse but if i do I will feel unfaithful to her

    Any ideas or comments?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    At home with my wife and kids, I'm the strong husband and assertive father.

    In work I'm the muscular boss who runs a successful business and employs eighteen staff. I'm an alpha male, a dominant man with an authoritative outlook.

    In Tom's or Jason's home I'm their subservient oral or anal cum dump. Both men are much shorter than me. Both are a lot younger too. And best of all they've both got a much larger cock than my six inches.

    I'm not exclusively theirs as they both invite "friends" to enjoy my talents. I can deep throat and have to with Tom's and Jason's cock being nine and nine and a half inches respectively. I can also as I'm often forced to, take two cocks up my asshole at the same time.

    It's a part of my life I keep secret, obviously, but it's a growing part of my sexual world that I lust for with increasing joy every time I'm made to accept a man's cum filling my well fucked rear fuck hole.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I am a 21 year old. I have really dirty fantasy, which i hope may someday come true.

    I have a cousin sister, who is my age. We have been pretty close right from our childhood. But as I entered my teens, I started noticing her in a different way. I could see that she had developed a nice curvy body. She has huge tits and a nice curvy ass. I started unknowingly staring at them all the time. Its reached a stage that now whenever she is in front of me, all I can think of is sucking those huge tits and burying my face in her ass and lick away to glory.

    She even caught me staring at her tits a couple of times, but she only smiled and walked away. We end up touching each other many a times during our little fights. I find myself feeling her boobs every time she hugs me.

    Amd now all i want to do, is someday fuck my cousin sister, and have her sit on my face all day long.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    I was driving home late last night and as usual passed by my in-law's home. Parked in the driveway was the parish priest's car. Thinking something was wrong I parked my car next to his and made my way to the door. I passed by an open bedroom window and heard some curious sounds, if you know what I mean. I went up to the window and was stunned to see my macho father-in-law on all fours getting fucked in the ass by Father Murray. He was really putting the wood to him. I watched for a while and was further amazed when he suddenly pulled out and shoved his cock into dad's mouth. My father-in-law swallowed his cum and then they kissed passionately. Stunned and amazed I took a quick picture with my phone then hurried to my car and drove home.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Three weeks ago I was driving past a local park when a car cut me up badly. I beeped my horn to show my annoyance and the car stopped. I couldn't believe who got out, it was a woman who lived across the street from where I lived. She gave me a load of abuse, but knowing something she didn't know I told her to fuckoff. Seconds later I was dragged out of my car and punched repeatdily by her husband John. Very dazed and confused I sat on the floor bleeding until some passers by picked me up and asked if I was ok.

    Later at home I ran through what had happened in my head, and decided I was going to copy a video from my phone onto a disc and deliver it to the womans house when I was ready.

    The reason why I did it, was only hours earlier, the very same man who'd beaten me up was lay on my bed with my cock pounding his arsehole. It wasn't the first time either as I'd been secretly fucking him for over two years. He'd apparently tried to show to his wife, he was a striaght macho man by punching me over and over, but he'd not only gone to far, he'd done it with a knowing smile.

    The video showed him sucking my cock and him taking my dick hard up his arse months before, when he'd called by drunk. It also showed him taking my cum down his throat as he swallowed my dick straight from his arsehole.

    I moved out to another flat three days ago. They got the disc the day after. I've since heard she's thrown him out and is distraught her husband could cheat on her with a man.

    What goes around, comes around, bitch.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    Short and to the point...can't stand these big long stories.

    I was 17-19 my body at the time was 180lbs in great shape 5'9" smooth and tanned. My gf was small and hot and loved giving me head...I think back and I just love woman like that.
    So one night after work we are just getting in bed with are close off,
    Ready to fuck before she has to go home. and she is talking about her day. She tells me her boss sometimes
    Does sexual things in front of the conversation goes on, he has been doing this for some time....he never touches her just gets off on her being there. (He was about 55 in ok to good shape,taller than me..nice guy.
    I said to her,,, if he ever does something you don't like..just let me know...I'll straighten him out if need be.
    She said he was always good to her and kind and sometimes even gave her extra money..40-60 per this stuff would only happen at most once to twice a month.
    This young woman was a super smart person and came from a great family,
    And never really need money..she had a brand new car when she got her 16 years old
    So as we are screwing and talking about this I can tell it's kinda turning me on and maybe even her to.

    So we are fucking away and I said to must have given him head??

    because she gave me head almost everyday from time she was 15..she said no but he did ask her two weeks ago if he could put it in her mouth.
    She said she put it in her mouth but could not do it and then she just left.
    Just us talking about all this made me harder and we had great sex...she
    Was a great in bed.
    5 weeks was close to Xmas..her boss invited up to stop by his cottage.
    We got there and he was a bit late..I made a fire in the wood stove,place was gf and Bill
    Made drinks. Bill said the other two couple would not be stoping by because of the and my gf did not care about the weather, I was driving a big 4x4.
    Any how...couple drinks later after having some good food we all end up watching a gf was sitting in the middle of us and she had a big blanket on and it covered all three of us...well the weather was so bad we called are parents and told them we would have to stay the night...fact was we were both way to drunk to drive and he had lots of room for us to stay over.
    We had couple more drinks and my gf was falling asleep...and I was getting horny..
    So I whisper in her ear I want a bj soon...she wakes up a bit and said to me let's go to bed soon then :)
    I start getting turned on rube her legs a bit,,, she starts tubing my cock..yes my pants are on. We look over a bill is almost asleep. I tell her to rube his cock and wake him up,,after about 20 minutes or so she has his attention...he is now awake.
    I'm pretending to be asleep. The tv is now off and there is very little light..I can tell she is slowly jerking him off...I move around a bit and slip my pants off my ankles.
    I tell my gf give him head..she said no...then I tell her I'll be back in 5 minutes I have to go to the wash room..I kiss her .I tell her I lover her, they are just talking a bit...she is nervous and he sounded scared. So when I took of the blanket and walk by them with my boxers on sporting a boner I was
    hoping they would relax and she would get busy. 5 minutes later I walk out and she is no where to be seen...he is sitting back with a big smile on his face. I walk over let my shorts fall to the floor pull my shirt off. And go on my knees and pull my gf panties off and start eating her out.. I'm not sure what did it but my gf was gagging on him then...and that's the sound she makes when she is getting what she loved. A load off sweet cum.
    She was awesome gf...I love woman like her...they all should be so horny and get..we had some much fun.
    I'll have to tell more if you want to hear about it. That night...will finish later.

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