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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    Most Friday afternoons and sometimes during the week, depending on his work load, I used suck off my boss and occasionally allow him to lick me out. I got paid a bonus which I collected at the end of each month. It was always paid through a legitimate bonus scheme, and I was always made to earn it by swallowing his seed. He's not the best looking guy in the world, or in the best shape, but he does have a really big fat dick. Three months ago, after I'd had him lick me out (Boy I was horny that day) on his desk, and he'd shoved his cock down my throat making me swallow his cum, he asked me if I wanted to earn a higher bonus. Telling me through a breathless voice he'd like to fuck me. I told him I'd think about it and left him still half naked in his office as I left. The next day I visited him just before he went home to his wife, and sucked him off in the gents bathroom. Making sure I gave him an extremely long and especially good blow job, I told him I'd let him fuck me for a promotion I was aware was about to offered out on the company's website. Which I knew would essentially add an extra thirty five per cent onto my salary. And I also told him I wanted my monthly bonus doubling, the one I already got for my services. Once I'd told him what my demands were, he immediately and happily said yes.
    What I didn't know was, he'd already been given the go ahead by our company to promote someone, me, to the position I now have. My boyfriend and I have been able to put down a deposit already from my first three months, on an apartment. And this girl now has all the sex she can handle. It might have originally been an arrangement for me to gain a better salary and more money from a "bonus". But this last few weeks I've really begun to enjoy having my boss fuck me, in and out of work. Indeed over the past week, I've not stopped lusting after his thick cock and his amazing skills at tonguing my pussy and ass.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 36

    Relatively quick confession here.
    A little under a year ago, I took up golf so I didn't become a golf widow to my then forty nine year old husband. Enjoying the game, I quickly became even better than my husband. He suggested I take some lessons, which I did, but hated the young golf pro who was in denial about his sexuality (Since found out two members at least have fucked him). My husband then suggested I take a few lessons with an older guy called Denny (Real name Derick). Who used to be a top amateur in his day.
    The first lesson went really well, as did the second with few things sorted out with my swing and my putting. It became apparent fairly soon, that Denny who's a widower liked me sexually. And it definitely became apparent on our third lesson down on the fourteenth tee he found me attractive, as I saw a huge bulge in his shorts as he was teaching about posture when driving. He saw I'd seen his bulge and apologised, but I told him to forget it. However I couldn't stop looking at it. He tried to make light of his position, but I was by then fascinated and ultra turned on by his ever growing cock.
    Asking him if we were the only ones out at that time (It was half past seven at night) he said yes. Grabbing his hand I lead Denny over to the tree line, dropped down and undid his shorts. At no time did he try to stop me, or to dissuade me from doing what I did. Flopping out the biggest dick I'd ever had in my hands, I sucked in his massive cock. His cock had just begun to pulse in my mouth, when I released his cock and asked Denny if he was ok. Looking up, I saw he'd closed his eyes and that he was obviously enjoying what I was doing. Clamping my lips back around his cock, I gave him the best blow job I knew how to give. And before long I was rewarded by a huge cum load from a fifty nine year olds enormous sumptuous cock.
    That was it from then on. Each time we'd take our lesson late (My husband liked the nineteenth hole and getting drunk) and travel down to the lower end of the course. On the third occasion after sucking on his cock for some time, I told Denny it was safe to fuck me. It was like giving him the green light, as the beautiful older man took me to new and amazing levels of orgasm I'd never once reached in my life. Fucking both my pussy and later my arsehole once I'd told him I liked it. In the open air of the golf course, we fucked many many times in many different positions over the remaining summer months, and visiting him at his home, on through the autumn and some of the winter. And bizarrely as we didn't practice much golf, I got much better.
    At the start of this years golfing season, it had been two months since I'd felt Denny's cock fucking my love holes. He'd been over in Australia with his family. But no sooner than he'd landed back in the UK, my husband got in touch with him and invited him round. About half an hour before Denny was due round, my husband told me he was going over to the club and he'd be back about ten, giving Denny and me at least two hours alone together. We spent those two hours catching up first, then taking a shower together and finally fucking on our marital bed. Denny and I had just had sex again on our couch, with Denny leaving his second load of the night deep inside my arsehole, when my husband walked in. He'd taken a taxi home and had clearly been drinking.
    But I knew he wasn't drunk, certainly when he said "Hope you and Denny had a good time, he's been looking forward to fucking you again".
    It seems all along they'd agreed Denny could have sex with me. And it seems my husband is perfectly happy for Denny to fuck me in our home from now on. As yesterday I walked in from work to find them talking about me, and then had Denny take me up to bed for sex.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    When I left home and moved for college I ended up living with in walking distance of an adult arcade. At the time if you paid for the first few dollars of tokens they really did not bother you. The main store was upstairs and the arcade/gloryholes were downstairs. I had gotten fucked several times in highschool and earlier, but that is a different story. At this point I knew I liked to fuck girls and really liked getting fucked by guys. Maybe once a week I would walk down and suck a few cocks. If lucky I would get fucked by a few.

    I have lots of memories at that store. They had a variety of booths. One was narrow and had a glory hole on both sides. I remember getting fucked by a rather large cock and bracing my hands against the wall as I closed my eyes and moaned. I felt something touch my head and it was another cock from the hole in front of me. I started sucking him off, and the other guy kept fucking until he blew his load. I loved the feeling of keeping my gaping, sloppy hole pushed against the opening. I stayed like that dripping cum and kept sucking the dick in front of me. It was not long before I felt two fingers inter my ass. I was a little startled at first, but then very turned on.

    I pulled my cheeks apart and let the unknown cock enter me. The thrill was intense. After he dumped a load in me I flipped to the cock I had been sucking and let him dump in me also. This was the inspiration for my next several visits.
    I would go in and get fucked by a cock then just leave my ass up to be used. The most anon loads I took was 6. I had so much cum in me. I love the feeling of a bareback train.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I have a beautiful daughter also I have a slut for a wife. I started training my daughter as soon as she was potty trained. she is now 15 and has never worn clothes in our house when she gets home she takes off everything. she always gives me and her mom an open mouth kiss and we both play with her nice body. we have never had sex with her but we are going to when she is 18. she even strips off when her boyfriend is with her. I think he is fucking her. i know i will be soon. and i cant waite to see her sucking her moms c**t while i bang her sweet ass.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    At the age of fifteen I deep throated a cock for the first time. It was a farmers cock who I was doing some summer work for. My brother had worked for Tony a few years before, and it was he who had a word with Tony to get me the work.
    The one overiding thing that got me the work and extra money, was my brothers recommendation of me being able to suck cock. That's because since I was twelve I'd been blowing my older brothers dick most nights. He caught me watching him masturbate one night and things kind of went from there. Before long I was spending most nights before we went to sleep, in his bed and sucking on his dick, swallowing everything he pumped into my mouth. By the time I was fifteen, I sought him out to have my cock fun, but by then he'd begun to date a girl, who I must admit was stunning, and things just kind of stopped.
    Tony took me on, and straight away told me I'd have to earn the extra money orally. What I didn't know then, was just how big the farmers cock was. My brothers cock measures a little over six inches, and I never once could deep throat him. The farmers cock, I later found out was close on nine inches and much thicker.
    Right from day one, he wanted me to suck on his dick, but his wife was always around. Yet I had seen his cock that day as we both went to pee by the side of the barn. It was then I held his quickly thickening cock, but his wife shouted out and we both emerged from the barn side.
    Two days later Tony and I got our first opportunity. It was down by a small brook which ran past the border of his farm. We'd been supporting the bank on his side, to prevent erosion and possible danger to his sheep. Again it was needing a pee, and I took the chance to hold his beautiful cock as he pissed on the ground beneath him. By the time he'd finished, his cock was rising and I was already half naked. Dropping to my knees in the open air of his field, I let Tony slide his cock over my tongue and on down my throat. I'm not sure even to this day (Maybe someone can tell me) why I was able to take Tony's much larger cock down my throat, but I did. And I did it easily.
    Fucking my face as if his life depended on it, I knew it wasn't going to be a long drawn out blow job and within a few strokes he'd cum in my mouth. Letting him see it swilling around, I then closed my mouth and swallowed his salty semen.
    We sat there for next half an hour discussing why I liked cock that much, and why he cheated on his wife with younger men. I told him about my brother and I, to which he said he knew already. (Should have known) Then he told me his wife no longer enjoyed sex. He needed to release his sexual desires, but didn't want another woman in his life. Having a young guy suck on his dick, or having an arsehole to fuck, was his solution.
    the mention of him fucking someone, had my cock pulsing, I'd not cum yet and wanted to. So bending over and taking his cock back into my mouth, I began to suck on Tony's dick again. He tried to stop me at first, but I sucked him in further and eventually back down my throat. He gave up shoving me off and lay back letting me enjoy his gorgeous cock. Once it was fully erect and pulsing in my mouth, I released it and asked him if he'd teach me all about anal sex. He'd just turned me over and was licking at my arsehole when we heard his wife's quad bike coming over the ridge. We'd just about got ourselves together, when she appeared round the bend in the brook.
    I ate with them that evening, in the knowledge Tony was prepared to fuck me and also in the knowledge, I'd deep throated a cock for the first time.
    It was a week later when we had another chance to have sex. (Rain). I'd turned sixteen two days before and told Tony I expected a present from him. Knowing his wife was out all day at the farmers market selling some of their produce, Tony invited me to join him, either to his bed, or to the hay barn. I chose the hay barn. His cock was even more awesome the second time of sucking on it. We'd both relaxed and Tony and I had sixty nined. Naked and totally chilled out with one another, I asked my forty seven year old farmer if he'd fuck me, if he'd take my anal cherry.
    Bent over a hay bail, with Tony's saliva sliding all around my buttocks, arsehole and cock, he got in behind me, put his cock head to my rear and slowly, ever so slowly slid his large thick cock up my bum.
    If I had to describe how it felt that day. I'd say it was like the sweetest pain you could experience. It hurt, but in a way that had my cock throbbing with lust. I found myself willing him to bury his cock all the way into my body. That feeling of giving yourself completely to someone, was overwhelming and I told him to fuck me harder. Hearing me saying what I did, Tony began to thrust into me deeper and deeper. And as he did the feeling changed from initial pain to a feeling I still get goose bumps from. It's like having mini orgasms flowing through your anus and on up your cock. I was so enraptured by him fucking me, I let him know I was his to do as he wished, I let a much older man know I'd be his cock slut.
    Every single inch of his dick penetrated me. Every inch slid inside my body making me cry out for him to fuck me to orgasm. I knew I could cum that way, I don't know how I knew, I just did. And with his cock pounding into me, I began to back onto him, making him power fuck me. In a mind blowing series of powerful thrusts, my cock began to pulse hard and I knew I was nearly there. Telling Tony to screw me, my cock exploded and I found myself shouting out about how amazing it felt. Tony gripped my hair, pulled my head back and then unleashed the mother of all ejaculations up my arsehole. On and on he came, flooding my insides and I genuinely thought he'd never stop cumming.
    Then shouting out about how fucking beautiful he found me, he pulled out and spun me around. Shoving me down, he offered me his cock and I eagerly took it back into my mnouth. Sucking and licking on it to remove his cum and some of my anal cream, I found a new taste I loved. A taste over the rest of that summer, I came to know very well.
    Then one morning as I called round to collect my earnings, his wife answered the door. She told me Tony was out by the barn. As I turned to go, she told me to stay. Telling me she'd be paying me, I followed her inside. Sat at their kitchen table I accepted my usual pay, but knew it was short of what Tony paid me for the "extra's". Holding another envelope, she asked me if I'd earned any extra pay. When I asked her what she meant, Tony's wife quite calmly asked me if I'd had her husband fuck me. Not wanting to drop Tony in it, I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. That's when I discovered just how much they loved one another. Moving to sit next to me, she put her hand on mine and said "My husband and I don't have sex because I no longer want any. It doesn't mean he shouldn't". Pausing she asked me again if I'd earned the extra cash. Nodding my head she said "Good, now go and excite my husband, he's waiting for you".
    The next time I saw her, about an hour later, I had her husbands semen leaking out of my arsehole and had been well and truly fucked. Her smile was one of acknowledgment, one of acceptance and one I now know, as one of pure love.
    Over the rest of that summer, Tony and I sex most days. Not always anal sex and not always Tony cumming, as he began to enjoy sucking me off. Nearing the end of the summer I lost my virginity. It was with an eighteen year old slut, who'd gotten herself merry on cider. With my older brother and one of his friends watching, I fucked her outside in a park. She was kneeling on a kids slide as I fucked her from behind. And as much as I enjoyed cumming all over her cute tight arsehole, it wasn't to me then, anywhere near as good as orgasming with Tony fucking me.
    Fourteen years on and every now and then I visit a farm close to where I used to live. Sadly I only see Tony's wife, as Tony passed away two years ago. We chat about old times and laugh about our initial sneaky fucks. She's told me Tony related everything to her about us and our sex together, not long before he died. And it's her memories of what Tony's told her, that's filled in some gaps for me.
    I'm soon to be a married man, having met and fallen in love with, THE most wonderful of women. But I had to tell my little story of how a man changed my perception of life and sexual fun. The reason I call my soon to be wife, wonderful, is she knows all about my sexual past and accepts me for who I am. She also accepts that I also have an occasional boyfriend, who visits when he's on leave from the Navy. Whether that lasts once we're married who knows. What I do know is I've become a much better person having known Tony and his amazing wife.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    I have a steady girlfriend but iv been fucking a married women i work with who is 48,She is lovely and you`d never guess she would cheat on her husband,im 19 and pushing my cock up her is pure heaven,once i had we allways seemed to find somewhere once or twice a week ,Its sex and a real buzz for me being able to make her come and see her leave happy.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am a woman in a relationship . I love my boyfriend so much and he does love me as well. He has a good white collar job but I work as an attendant in a cafe. I became friends with this guy who worked at the shop next to mine. He was funny, made me laugh and always joked about me leaving my boyfriend for him. I laught the topic off. Usually when we close the shop it's 12 am and no much people are around. One day things got a bit I tense and we had a quickie sex in my shop behind the counter table. It was awkward that we didn't even talk while leaving the food court. My boyfriend picked me up. He had no idea I just did it with another man. I was guilty . He touches me when we are in the car , but I cudnt let him because I was we down there with this other man's cum dripping out of my vagina. I felt so guilty buy the experience was so exciting. At the food court we still talk, it's awkward and we don't bring the topic and pretend nothing happened. However , I am not sure if I can resist myself doing it again if I get the chance to .

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 47

    I'm a grandmother now and I worry what will happen to my granddaughters. I was raised conservative and had only been felt up and had sex 2 months before I got married after high school. I found out after marriage that I loved sex. My husband was and still is good at satisfying me. I must have had an over charged hormone in my younger years because I didn't turn down 3 other men who asked me for sex. The first was a man at our church. He was in his mid 30's at the time. I was practicing piano after church when he came by to tell me it was time to lock up. The front was locked up so he was escorting me to the back and comment how good my butt looked. While walking I pulled my dress up a little to tease him. The result was us having sex in a side room. Later I knew I was already pregnant by my husband. This man loved pregnant sex and so did I. We probably had sex 100 times in five years. The second man was a school classmate. This man told me my husband bragged on our sex life. I told him jokingly that I was good. He said he wanted to try for himself. We had sex in his truck like high school kids. I had sex with him about a dozen times. The third man was a man we knew for years. He may have fathered my daughter. Our first time was in a stall change room at the mall. This man came with a flood of cum. I never got on any birth control. My two sons are no doubt my husbands. My daughter can't decide by appearance. I had my tubes tided after 3 children. After 8 years I quit the extra sex. 4 men asked me for sex and all 4 had sex with me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 21

    My brother, two uncles and grand-dad have been fucking me since I was 14. My dad knows about it but stays out of it and is not involved. I'm fairly skinny with tiny breasts but, as I am told, have a terrific little ass. It began that way, since I sleep on my stomach. One day I awoke and someone had pulled my bottom off and slipped his cock into me. I found out that it was my brother, who had found my sex toys in my room where he was not supposed to be and decided for himself he would replace the toys. He banged at me furiously and knew I was awake but I played the coy game so he would finish and leave.

    However, I let him bang away at me, remaining on my stomach, making believe I was still asleep. He had sneaked into my room (and into me) more than twice a night at first. Soon enough, my uncle Pete, who has a fire hose for a cock, started in. Then my second uncle, Ronnie, got in. I would always lose my breath when uncle Pete slipped into me but I loved it. I always came with uncle Pete. As the time went by I would just sleep on my tummy with my bottom off and soon enough, I would get fucked often by more than one. Sometimes all four took their turns. I got used to it and none of them ever said anything to me. One after another,they just walked softly into my room, take their turns sliding their cocks in and did their thing.

    Whatever kept them quiet and not openly discuss it must have been their hypocrisy and/or guilt. I did not feel immoral about it at all. I was just the innocent recipient of their lust and did not let any of them know how much I have been enjoyed it.

    When grand-dad began I was at first doubtful about his stamina but he turned out to be a powerful man. He had a nice, long and granite-hard cock and fucked me slowly and with fervor. They all quietly take their turns and on many mornings my bottom sheet is soaked with cum. I always wait for Uncle Pete and when I feel his fire hose sliding into me, I'm delighted. I know daddy is also hung like Pete, his brother, but he has never comes into my room like the rest, who come in, quietly, one at a time, see my round ass sticking up a bit and go for it. I think of dad often but I just don't know how to go about asking him to join the rest. None of us have talked about it. It just happens.

    Once I purposely walked into the bathroom while dad was showering and found that he was, indeed, much like uncle Pete, even though I only saw his cock soft. Even soft it was still larger than my brother's hard-on. I would really love daddy to get in line. I just don't know how to get it done. I also wonder how many other families have deals like this happening. I would not be surprised to hear a good number. Yes, it's still happening, especially with my uncles. Uncle Pete knows how much I like his because as soon as he is solidly into me, my little ass and hips begin to bounce back and drive him in deeper. Once in a while, uncle Pete and I cum simultaneously.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife and I are in our early thirties. We're both reasonably attractive. I'm a HS history teacher and she's a stay at home mom. We have two kids ages 6 and 4.
    Last summer we went on a road trip together, without the kids (they stayed at her sisters), to have some quality time together. I had four weeks time to burn before school.
    We drove from Ohio to Florida, visiting family and sightseeing, and then all the way up to Canada.
    On the way down we went through upstate New York to see Woodstock.
    Our parents always talk about the sixties and seventies, her dad went to the Woodstock concert in the sixties, so we had always joked about going there.
    It was bizarre but amusing and we definitely didn't fit in for sure. I'm a pretty square guy I guess and my wife is a pretty boring person too I guess.
    We'd never done anything weird or unusual at all in our lives up until then.
    On the way out of that town our car just stopped on the side of a long country road. We were out of Woodstock maybe 50 miles or so at this point.
    I couldn't get it started but my wife saw a beat up old car coming and flagged it down.
    This totally hippy looking guy gets out and it's like someone out of a time warp.
    "What's up man?" he says, smiling, looking at my car.
    "Car trouble?" he asks and, before I can say "Good guess Einstein", he takes off his baseball cap and looks around.
    My wife is nervous at this point, thinking this guy is a Manson family member or something she would tell me later, and steps really close to me and whispers to me and my wife.
    "Can you fix cars? It just stopped." Jenny says to him nervously. The guy looks at my wife and leans towards her and says "I can't fix cars.... but I can fix other stuff." and just looks at her for a few moments.
    "I can't fix it but Darrell can I bet. He can fix anything." he says, walking around our car, it's a Nissan Altima, and the guy looks like he's puzzled because he hasn't seen a new car since 1974 or something.
    "Come on man. I'll take you to Darrell's" he says, smiling at my wife and me, and puts his cap back on.
    "Oh, my name's 'Earth' man, nice to meet you" he says and he shakes my hand and then my wife's. My wife looks petrified at this point.
    "I don't think this is a good idea" my wife whispers to me and holds onto my hand tightly.
    "Earl?" I ask him, thinking I heard him wrong, and he laughs.
    "Nah man, 'Earth" is my name cause that's where I'm from" he explains and my wife whispers "Get us out of here" quietly in my ear.
    "I'm Bob and this is my wife Jenny" I told him and started hoping another car would come by quickly. Preferably a tow truck.
    "Umm, we'll be ok, I'll call for help" I answer and he shakes his head and chuckles.
    "There's nobody for at least an hour away man and I don't usually see many cars on this road...let me take you to Darrell's please. It's cool man." he responded and, seeing he was at least in his late forties or fifties, looked harmless too, and I was hungry, I nodded my head.
    "Maybe we can get some food too?" I said to my wife and she whispers "Are you sure???" to me.
    "It's cool. My lady will cook you some grub man. She's amazing!" he says, all excitedly, and waves his hands for us to get in his Pinto.
    So we drive about 20 minutes right into this commune looking place.
    Everyone is waving to this guy and soon, as we get out of his car, there is this enormous crowd of people around us that all look like 60's people and such. Kids walking around naked, women topless, guys with beards and long hair just laying around, people playing guitars and singing.
    We were probably the first people they'd seen that didn't look like them in a while.
    "This is my lady, 'Sunshine', she'll cook you something and I'll take you to see Darrell" he tells us and my wife has this look of calm terror as "Sunshine" takes her hand and leads her off.
    "Sunshine" looked to be in her mid to late forties, and wore jean shorts and a tee shirt with her hair in a long ponytail. She was slim and friendly looking. She had a peace sign on her shirt.
    "I got you darling. What's your name?" she asks my wife who responds nervously, "Jenny".
    I go with "Earth" to see "Darrell" who it turns out was fairly normal. He looked as if he'd at least advanced to the 1990's or so.
    The three of us drove out to the car and "Darrell" looked it over and announced "I'll get Mike to tow it in to Renicky's and we'll get a better look." after he couldn't get it started and looked it over.
    We drive back and I'm thanking "Earth" and ask him "Where's a good hotel around here?" and he starts laughing.
    "Way back near Woodstock man, I could drive you, but you can shack up with us tonight man. Darrell can fix anything." he says and laughs.
    I'm thinking NO way does Jenny go for that.
    We get back and walk over to Earth's place and "Jenny" is sitting in the kitchen while "Sunshine" is braiding my wife's blonde hair.
    Apparently, they'd hit it off well I figure.
    "Looks great!" I said and Jenny smiled.
    "I love it!" she replied, looking in a mirror.
    "You should see her paintings! She's really good!" Jenny adds and "Sunshine" smiles.
    "Sunshine" now has a bikini top on and I notice she has an incredible rack.
    So we sit down to eat, the food was fantastic, all these herbs and veggies and stuff they grow right there in the commune and after we're done "Sunshine" lights up a joint.
    "Do you get high?" she asks my wife, who shakes her head no, and then she offers it to me.
    Before I can say "No" my wife interrupts me.
    "I wanna try. I mean, I never have." "Jenny" says, looking at me and smiling, about the craziest thing either of us had ever done up to that point, and she puffs on it and coughs before "Sunshine" laughs and teaches us both how to do it.
    So there we are, in the middle of nowhere, getting high with two hippies, and "Sunshine" keeps touching my leg I notice. I notice Earth is sitting next to Jenny as well.
    "Earth" starts telling us about something and my wife is giggling.
    "What's wrong man?" he asks "Jenny", smiling, and my wife laughs more.
    He starts laughing too, I start laughing, "Sunshine" is laughing and none of us know what we're laughing about.
    My wife is wasted after a few tokes, and I'm not far behind her, when "Sunshine" leans forward and kisses me on the lips.
    My stoned wife laughs at this.
    "Hey man, this is cool right?" "Earth" says, taking off his shirt, and I'm so stoned now that all I'm doing is staring at Sunshine's tits.
    "Jenny" is laughing and says to "Sunshine" "He likes you!" again and almost falls over.
    "She's cool man" he says and my wife reclines slightly to her right against him in the chair next to her.
    "You're cool too!" my wife says, laughing again, and he puts his arms around her and hugs her.
    "This guy is so cool. totally cool" Jenny says again and I notice that "Earth" is gently stroking her blonde hair with his left hand.
    "C'mon out here man" Earth says, taking Jenny's hand, and walks her over to the beat up couch and sits down.
    "C'mon darling" "Sunshine" says to me and she has to lead my stoned ass over there because I'm in a daze.
    "He likes you!" I hear my wife laugh again and as I sit down "Sunshine" pulls my shorts right off me, my drawers too, and we kiss several times. My hard on springs up and she grabbed it.
    "I had a guy looked like you a long time ago" she said to me and she proceeds to start giving me the absolute best blowjob that I have ever had in my life. She's not particularly pretty but she could teach a college course on how to give a blowjob.
    I'm stoned, looking at my wife who is equally stoned, looking at me and laughing as another woman sucks my cock.
    "She likes you!" my wife laughs again and then looks down.
    "Oooh!" "Jenny" giggles, noticing "Earth" has removed her shorts and panties, and she reclines and dr**es her legs over his shoulders while he begins eating her out.
    After a few minutes "Jenny" is moaning loudly, while "Sunshine" is sucking my cock, and all I can say to "Earth" is "You gotta teach me that" because he's got my prim, proper wife in an absolute frenzy as he's eating her out.
    "Sunshine" gets on me and starts riding me and "Earth" stands up and pulls his trousers down.
    "Jenny" looks up at him, his erection sticking straight out at her, and puts her lips around the head of his cock.
    "Oh no, don't close your eyes..look at my eyes when you suck my cock." he tells her softly.
    "Look in my eyes. You got pretty blue eyes...I wanna see them when you do that.
    the hippy tells her and my wife nodded her head obediently.
    "Sunshine" is giving my wife instructions too before she rides me.
    "I'm so glad we met man!" "Earth" says, running his hand through my wife's blonde hair, as "Jenny" sucks his cock.
    "Ummmmm! It tastes so good!" my wife says,and "Sunshine" makes a remark about their diets, and my wife stares up at him as she places her hands at the base of his cock and sucks it.
    "Jenny takes her mouth off of his cock, still looking up at him, and says "I want you to fuck me" to him softly as "Sunshine" continues riding me.
    So I turned "Sunshine" over and there we are banging each other's woman on their couch.
    I spent the night with Sunshine, we made it several times, and "Jenny" spent the night with "Earth".
    We were eating breakfast in the morning and when they were out of distance my prim, proper, straightlaced wife leans over, giggles, and says to me, and this is a woman that's never uttered a profanity in her life, "That was fucking crazy honey!" and laughs her ass off.
    We spent another night there before "Darrell" and his friend got our car fixed.
    So I look at him ("Darrell") and ask "What do I owe you?" and the guy looks right at me and says "Nothing man, my pleasure to help" and I'm flabbergasted.
    I tell "Jenny" and she's like "Really???" and I'm like "I tried to put a few hundred dollars in his hand and he said no way".
    So we are saying our goodbyes to "Earth" and "Sunshine" and Jenny asks "what do we owe you? You have been so kind to us!" and hugs them both.
    "Ohhh, nothing darling. You're like family now to us." "Sunshine" said and I'm stunned. So I try to give "Earth" some money and he says "No way man. Just glad we could help."
    "Earth" was born there and raised by hippies and "Sunshine" came there as a young kid and was also raised there. They share everything and everybody pitches in and helps in some way. They eat all natural foods and, other than smoking dope, they are all health nuts. It's pretty cool. Not my lifestyle but pretty cool nonetheless.
    "You guys are amazing!" I tell them and we gave them our address in Ohio and told them they were welcome any time. "Sunshine" smiles at me, kisses my lips and hugs "Jenny", and made us promise to come back again.
    We get in our car, start driving away, everyone is waving at us and after we get out of view I pull over and park the car.
    I look at "Jenny".
    She looks at me.
    Simultaneously we both start just laughing our asses off for like thirty minutes I bet.
    "That was fucking crazy!" I say to my wife and she nods her head in agreement.
    "We're never telling anybody this! Oh my God that is the craziest thing I have ever done!" she replies, laughing to the point of tears, and when we calm down we kissed.
    She looks at me then and says "But we're definitely coming back here next summer!' she says, laughing, as I nod my head in agreement.

    Thank you "Earth" and "Sunshine" and we'll see you in July 2017 for our annual visit as we promised last summer! You are an amazing couple!

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