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  • — Gross —
    Straight Male / 34

    I have not had a shower since May/June 2013. It is now October 30, 2013.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    I started a new job a month ago. A cute guy was assigned to train me on something new a couple of weeks ago. We were both seeing people but we had a connection. He told me he was going to break up with his girlfriend and that he wanted to get together.

    After he broke up with her, I broke up with my boyfriend and we went out a couple times just to hang before I went back to his place where we had sex. I sucked his cock, he ate me and fingered the hell out of me. I lay back on his bed, spread my legs and sucked my own tits and masturbated for him while he watched. I made myself cum so many times I soaked his sheets. He came on my face and in my mouth. I swallowed his load. He fucked my pussy sore and fucked my ass shooting his last load in my butt.

    I stayed over and we spent the whole of Saturday at his place. I was nude all day. I sucked his cock constantly and masturbated myself to orgasm about ten different times because he couldn't get enough of watching me play with myself til I came. He fucked me repeatedly and I swallowed a couple more loads.

    On Monday he texted me the it was all a mistake and that we shouldn't have had sex. He said he called his ex gf and they are working things out and and said sorry. His best friend at work gave me funny looks all day today so of course he knows every thing. It's just a matter of time before every detail is common knowledge and everyone hears about me masturbating and all that. Asshole. FML.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    My father in law Ian is a male slut and one I'm desperately trying to resist. That's because after dropping my mother in law and my husband at the concert venue, I drove the twenty minutes back to my mother and father in laws house, to pick up my ticket I'd left on their sideboard.

    We'd been out for just over an hour as we'd eaten first. Walking into their lounge I came face to arse if you like, with Ian's arsehole as it was hammering up and down. He was on top of a young female around my age. They were both naked and I stood watching him fucking her as she moaned loudly.

    It'ws not easy to admit I became incredibly turned on, but I did, specially when they realisd I was there. Ian casually got up and turned around. I know some people exagerate when they talk about male genitalia, but I'm not when I say Ian's cock is around ten inches long and almost as thick as my wrists.

    He spoke to the girl and just as casually as he was, she dressed right there in front of me. Ian stayed fully erect and stood waiting until she finished putting her clothing on. She stepped up to him, whispered in his ear and stroked his massive cock at the same time. Smiling at me as she passed, she said "Hopefully I might see you again".

    It was so awkward, but not for Ian it appeared. Because as soon as she went, he walked over to me, his cock bouncing as he walked, put his hands on my shoulders and put his mouth close to my ear. The words were a mixture of pure temptation and revulsion. Ian asked me if I'd like to finish whay they'd started.

    I'm not here to say we had amazing sex or to say I told him where to go. What I did do was take hold of his staggeringly large cock, as if it was the most natural thing to do with your father in law, and began to masturbate him. Ian came all over my hands and the floor, but not before he'd begun to feel my breasts through my top.

    Joining my mother in law and husband later, I don't remember the concert at all. As all I could do was think about Ian and his wonderful cock.

    Now my problem or temptation, depends which way you look at it. My husband has arranged for Ian to finish off the work in our kitchen next weekend (9th and 10th Novenmber) My husband will be be working away that weekend, so Ian and I will be alone the whole weekend as he's staying over. I honestly don't know if it came down to it, if I could resist his charms and that awsomely big cock. I've already dreamt of Ian fucking both pussy and arsehole and after waking up this very morning, playing with my clit imagining Ians cock fucking me into orgasm after orgasm.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    My girlfreind recently held my cock while i had a piss,It started as a bit of a drunken dare but she admitted that she had often wondered what it felt like to hold a pissing cock and that she loves how it feels in her hand and turns her on a lot, This has led to other things like her squating over my mouth and pissing into it as i piss into her mouth, I often lick her pussy dry and lick up drops from the inside of her thighs. This new play has given our sex lives a great boost and we always cum very hard together, She has admitted that she wants another woman to join us in our piss play her sister!, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun as she says they used to play together growing up and that her piss fetish started with her sister, I'm open minded and am willing her sister is very attractive too so i cant see any problems with it, My girlfreind will be asking her sister over for the weekend and i cant wait to see the girls in wet action.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    I was on a cross country flight to California last year to visit my father. At first I thought the window seat was going to stay empty so I was going to take it. Just before they closed the door, a very attractive woman wearing a business suit skirt combo that accentuated her long elegant body rushed in. She was a very pretty blond woman probably about 35 years old wearing a big wedding ring. I lucked out when she took the window seat next to me. She said hi as she slid in with her butt lightly brushing my knee giving me a cheap thrill.

    She was doing paperwork at the start of the flight then fell asleep with her legs crossed. The guy on the other side of me was already sleeping. As she slept her butt slid down the seat and her skirt rose up her crossed over leg. I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. They were long, taught, creamy white, and she had mouth watering thighs.

    Eventu ally, her skirt slid high enough that I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. I could clearly see her pussy. It was completely bald with little goose bumps visible. Her clit was pierced and her thick pussy lips were visible. She had light blond hairs on her upper thighs that glimmering in the sun. My eyes were glued to her crotch. I could only see the top of her pussy but what I could see was magnificent. I tried my best not to get caught staring. What I wanted to do was reach over and rub it but I didn't want to go to jail.

    She was exposed for about ten minutes before she uncrossed her legs which dropped her skirt down covering herself up. I had trouble keeping my eyes off of her the rest of the flight. Let me tell you I couldn't get the image of her pussy out of my mind for days.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I was 16 we used to go to his house on Friday nights and get stoned he was mid 20's one night all my mates had crashed out when he said there is a spare bed in the back room if you don't want to sleep on the floor tonite I said thanx went in stripped of and jumped in bed, was asleep in about 5 minutes, I woke up some time later as I felt a warm hand around my stiffening Cock soon it was engulfed by a tight wet mouth that never stopped sucking my Cock until I had completely emptied my load into his hungry mouth, then he snuggled up to me and whispered in my ear did you like that, Uha I replied, do you want to suck my Cock then as he lead my hand to his hard Cock it was Big, i didn't even answer he was on his back and in my mouth before he finished asking

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    During a great night out of drinking and dancing, my wife and I really hit it off with another couple who invited us back to their hotel for a little relaxation in the hot tub and a few drinks in their room. My wife and I had never had a sexual experience with another couple and we were into it. We all ended in the same bed together. His wife sucked me while mine sucked him, we took turns eating and fucking each other's wives and all that. At one point, his wife was sitting on my face and I was eating her like crazy. Then I felt lips on my cock. I kept licking pussy while I received the best blow job of my life. As I was getting into it the girl I was eating came one last time and slid off my face to get a rest. I looked down expecting to see my wife sucking my cock but instead it was the girl's husband. My wife was gently nursing his cock while he masterfully sucked mine. I was so hard and horny I didn't know what to do. So I lay back, closed my eyes and enjoyed it. His wife put her head on my shoulder and rubbed my chest while she watched him suck my cock. Pretty soon I was grunting as he sucked all the cum out of my balls. What an orgasm. He swallowed my load and completely relaxed me then turned his attention to my wife. His wife and I relaxed and watched her suck his cock for a good half hour followed by a fifteen minute hard pounding session that had my wife cumming again and again before he finally let his load go in her pussy. It was weird getting sucked off by a guy but having the girls there made it seem natural.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 36

    With my help my older sister has been able to conceal her nymphomaniac tendencies. This way she can maintain her unblemished âSoccer Mom â image without revealing her whorish sexual craving to engage in illicit sexual acts. Because of my sexual experience with her I know how to fulfill all of my sisterâs most wanton sexual desires.
    Now that weâre adults about once sometimes twice a week my sister will call me and set up a time for us to get together. Usually sheâll stop over on a Friday afternoon because she only has to work until noon and I have the day off. That way weâll have most of the afternoon to engage in a prolonged immoral fuckfest. But last Sunday afternoon she called asked if she come over, I told her to stop in and before she arrived I took a quick shower. When she got here she gave me a quick hello then she went in bathroom, while she was gone I removed all of my cloths except my tee shirt. Then a minutes later when she out I seen that my sister has started undressing too now all she had on as her blouse and a pair of panties, as she came over to me I seen that her blouse was unbuttoned and she had her cleavage exposed. She smiled knowingly as she came over to me then she give me a passion filled embrace and pressed her body tight against mine now with her groin pressed against mine she started moving her hips in a seductive fornicating rhythm. When she felt my erect cock pressing against her she stepped back and when she looked down she seen that my hard cock was sticking out from under my tee shirt, so she teased me with âjust look at you, Oh your such a pervert!â I replied with âYou know its all your fault.â Then I pushed her blouse open until it slipped off of her shoulders fell on the floor then I start caressing the most private areas of her body sliding my hand down across her midriff to her vaginal mound. Now I could feel how the crotch of her underpants was warm and moist, I know that one of my sisters favorite acts of sexual foreplay is for me to take her panties. So I lead my sister over to the sunniest area in the front room and had her stand there in the bright sun light while I slid her underpants down, exposing the most private area of her female body as I removed her underpants I could see tiny droplets pre-sex lubricant were in the small tuft of her pubic hair causing her vaginal area to glisten in the sun light.
    Ever since I first started having sex with her my sister has always had the wettest c**t I can remember. Usually my sisters pussy will be dripping wet as her body prepares her for sexual intercourse. As soon as her panties were off my sister murmured âlick my pussy,â Iâve never denied her this infamous sexual pleasure so I told her âshow me your pussy!â my sister got down on the floor and then she spread her legs apart showing off her wet vaginal area. She knew I was always willing to commit this most unmentionable sexual act on her so as I got in position I ran my tongue down her inner thigh as I nestled my face into her crotch then I started licking my sisters fully exposed genitalia. When I french kissed her on her pussy my sister gasped aloud as my tongue probed into her vaginal lips then as I licked her clitoris her entire body came alive with sexual tremors! And she started sobbing aloud from the sensual oral pleasure of having my mouth covering her vagina while I used my tongue to massage her clit! I actually enjoy licking her pussy itâs my way to partake of the special ambrosia like elixir produced in the innermost area of her female genitalia, while I was eagerly lapping up her special sexual lubricants I also enjoyed the unbelievably wonderful aroma arising from her wet c**t. While I used my tongue to massage her clit my sister started to experience such a horrendous sexual climax that she screamed aloud as I thrust my tongue deep into her vagina until she pleaded with me to stop!
    When I was done and released her from my oral assault and she was still laying there on the floor I immediately got on top of her, keeping her in the missionary position I shoved my hard cock deep into her sopping wet pussy then I started fucking her now she cried out loud pleading with me âOh,, Fuck Me! Come on I want you to fuck me hard!â I did what she asked and in only a few minutes I was at climax, then as I shoved my hard cock deep into her I started to ejaculate then as I pumped my fresh sperm into her my sister experience a second sexual climax and her body shook uncontrollably with each spurt of my sperm into her warm wet c**t, finally the two of us just collapsed together from the physical exertion put forth during our sexual climaxâs when I was finally able to roll off of her I seen how my sisters body was covered with beads of our sweat and how her pussy was a sloppy wet mess from having sexual intercourse and she also had the look that only a well fucked woman can have, the look of complete sexual satisfaction.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 21

    My dad died when I was sixteen. Iâm an only child and we were always close, we did a lot together. But when he died, Mom and I got even closer doing a lot together and sharing stuff with each other more. Looking back now I think I was always attracted to her sexually, she has a way about her and a really good body. Mom sometimes looked at me in ways that made me think she was attracted to me, for example she would make comments about my facial hair when I wouldnât shave for a few days when it was scruffy as she would say. She seemed to like it, there was just something in her face. There wasn't much but little things here and there made me feel she had a thing for me. I liked it.

    One night I was looking at porn upstairs and somehow she managed to come up without me hearing her. She came around the corner and there I was naked from the waist down totally erect. She apologized and said she was sorry but the whole time she was staring at my penis. It was embarrassing. A couple nights later the same thing happened again but it was opposite. My parents had a large book collection in their bedroom and I needed one for a paper I was working on for school. It was late at night and the light was on in her bedroom with the door closed. I didnât think much of it so I opened the door to find my mom totally naked masturbating, at least I'm pretty sure she was. She jumped a bit when I opened the door. She quickly asked what I needed and I said I needed a book. Mom is a very beautiful woman. She was a model when she was younger, nothing big time, but from an early age I thought she was very attractive. And there she was totally naked, I couldnât help but stare a bit. That was the first time I ever saw her naked and I liked what I saw. I'm sure she saw I looked and noticed I liked what I saw. I kinda got hard but I don't know if she was looking and noticed. I grabbed the book quickly and left. The interesting thing was that she never covered up.

    The next day she asked if I wanted to go see a movie, this was a common thing we all used to do a lot. We went. She was wearing a low cut top that I hadnât seen before and I honestly had a hard time not checking her out. Nothing was discussed about the night before. We went out to eat afterwards. She was kinda touchy feely that evening, more than usual. We came back to the house and when we got inside she hugged me and thanked me for the evening. When she hugged me she hugged me tightly so that I could really feel her b r e a s t s. My parents had marital problems before and as a result Mom got a b o o b job so when she hugged me I could really feel them.

    It wasnât long after that she asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her in the living room. I had homework to do but I used the occasion as an excuse to get out of it. I'm a professional procrastinator.
    She was sitting right next to me, shoulders touching and towards the beginning of the movie she put her hand on my thigh which didn't always happen. We were both in our pjs. A bit later she started rubbing my leg. I couldn't help picturing her naked body from the night before while she did that. I started getting hard, I'm not sure if she was looking or if she could tell, but if she was she could for sure see it. For some reason I didn't hide it.
    At the end of the movie we both got up and she turned towards me and hugged me like before pressing her breasts tightly against my chest. Only I realized that unlike before she was now braless. Theres no way she didn't feel my hard p e n i s. She squeezed me close and whispered into my ear that she loved me and lightly kissed my cheek. She then took my hands and brought them under her pajama top and put them on her b r e a s t s. I couldn't help but to give them a little squeeze. Soon after that we were back sitting on the couch and she took my hand between her legs. Nothing was said but it was obvious what she wanted me to do so I fingered her. She moaned as she came. Before I knew it we were both naked and she was on top of me. I really couldn't believe what was happening but at the same time I really wanted it too. She started out slowly but then she got going really hard. I came inside or her. It didnt last long. We were both a bit messy between the fingering and the riding. She took me to her bathroom where we took a shower together. We played with each other a bit as we got to know each others bodies more. It was then that I discovered that Mom has quite a large tongue. She started kissing me lightly at first but then she stuck her tongue in my mouth. It was so large. I just kept sucking on it. It was amazing. We dried off and she took me by the hand while we were still naked into her bed where she had me play with her b r e a s t s and I sucked on them to my hearts content. I couldn't help but think of her tongue and then I got enough courage and asked her to give me a b j. It was the best I've ever had. We fell asleep together with her head on my chest. That morning we woke up and had sex again. It seemed like Mom had a lot of sexual energy bottled up because she was wanting it a lot especially at the beginning.
    This happened at the beginning of my last summer before I went off to college. Probably half of the time we slept in the same bed doing some kind of sexual act. By the end of the summer we did probably all that two people can do together, I never knew Mom was like that. I had no idea. The sex got better. The more we did it the longer I could go and I was able to give her vaginal orgasms eventually. That made me feel good. Her p u s s y got tighter too the more we did it. She was playful and spontaneous, a side of her I never knew before. Sometimes she would surprise me coming up behind me hugging me naked. A few times she would call me into a room and I would come in and she would be spread eagle naked. She helped me feel at ease by saying that she wasn't trying to replace Dad, she said she just got lonely and that she had had sexual thoughts about me before. She said that seeing me erect that one night at the pc was nearly too much for her and that she almost made a move then. She said she took it slow because at the time she was sure I didn't have similar feelings towards her. I guess we were both pretty attracted to each other and those two nights just brought us to a breaking point. There was a time I was looking at porn and she came up and I quickly minimized it because I didn't want to hurt her feelings looking at other women but she came over and put it back on the screen and knelt down and gave me a b j. It was wild. From that time on I got the feeling that she must've always known what I was doing up there. We had a pool and some nights we'd sneak out there and have sex in the pool. She started shaving her p u s s y, she tastes good. She was the one who introduced me to prostate stimulation, man those were some good b j s. The sex was really good but the emotional aspect of it was just as fulfilling. Being inside her c u m m i n g looking into her eyes...theres nothing like it. We both knew its perverted and wrong, we talked about it and doing so made it feel all the more ok and all the more exciting. I was adopted and she said doing me made her feel more connected to me, she told me that she wished she had given birth to me and that sex with me helped that feeling. She asked me to fist her one night. I didnât think it could be done, something only in crazy porn. We tried it and could'nt get it to work, but she wanted to keep trying and we eventually got my entire hand in her. I donât think Iâve ever been more aroused. She was also a yoga teacher at the time and I think that contributed to some interesting sex. Mom wasn't the first I'd had sex with, I had a few flings, but she was honestly the best. Good gosh she was awesome. I still can't believe it sometimes.

    I went off to college and shortly after met the woman who would become my wife. My mom respectfully stopped having sex with me. My wife doesn't know about this, no one knows. I don't feel guilty about it. Mom and I love each other very much and I wouldn't change what I did. We both felt the same and it made our relationship stronger after our family shrunk. Did Mom put me in a situation where it was hard for me to say no?? Maybe, but I really really wanted it. And I can't say I didn't think about her in a sexual way before either. The last time we went up to visit, before we left Mom hugged me in the same way as before and whispered into my ear that she loves me. I got hard right there and I had to be careful so that my wife couldn't tell. We're going back up there in a few weeks and my wife is going to visit a friend by herself and I think I might use the chance to spend some special time with Mom. I miss her.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am a sick human being. I`ve done many rhings i aint proud of. I`m a chronic jerker, i`m ab addict of, well, you probably know. All types. And I try and try to quit but i just can`t stop. I was almost caught by this little kid. Probably scared for life. It might be that when i was little I had a very roudy babbysitter you was very found of me and my brother. I don`t care, it makes me sick. I just wanna cut my throat sometimes. I had to get that of my chest. So pray for me. And for God's sake dnt get in what i`m in. It`ll bury you.

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