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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 25

    Hi, I am a 25 year old woman, and embarrassed to say I am a virgin. I am painfully shy, not the prettiest woman, tall, skinny, small boobs, and work as an assistant in a lab where I am working on my doctorate in chemistry. I mostly just study, work, and go home to watch TV or read. I was was surfing the web and came upon a website that people would cam with each other. I could not believe they were showing themselves nude, masturbating, even having sex. I looked around and opened a cam of an older guy showing his very huge cock. He was stroking it and I was actually a little excited watching him. He chatted with me, asking me some questions about sex. He wanted me to cam with him, but I said no. He told me I could still watch. He masturbated talking about me, how much he wanted to fuck me. I got very wet as he did that and watched him shoot off on cam. He told me to keep an eye out for him if I came back on the next Friday.
    I fingered myself later thinking about the whole thing.
    Friday, I came on the website, and sure enough he was there. I said hi and he remembered me. He asked again about me camming. I agreed, but said he could not see my face. I was very nervous, and turned on my cam. I had on a tshirt and panties. He asked to see my tits, so I lifted my shirt. He told me my little boobs were very nice. I stood up and he saw my panties. He said he loved how my hair came out the sides, as I do not shave, never having a need to. He was stroking his cock the whole time. He asked if any guy had ever seen me naked before and I said no. He told me to remove my panties. I did , my hands shaking as I did. He told me he loved my hairy red haired pussy. He asked me to sit back in my chair and spread my legs. I did as I was told and he said, open my pussy up. I opened myself with my fingers. He asked me to finger myself and make it wet. I started fingering myself as he stroked his huge dick. He asked if I liked his big dick and I said yes. He told me he wanted to fuck me. We did this for quite a while. I was soaking wet, and he shot a big come. He wants me to do this again this coming Friday.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 37

    I like to let my wife have sex with other people. We started out trying swinging but she didn't like the meeting and back and forth and trying to find people we both liked. Eventually she started fucking guys she wanted to fuck and the whole thing turned me on. She's 36 years old, blond, blue eyes nice big round ass and tits, who loves big cocks.

    Most of the time, she just goes off to fuck on her own because she doesn't want me there but sometimes she lets me watch. A few months ago I got to watch her with a black guy she works with. She'd been with him a few times and he wanted me to watch them. I sat quietly while she sucked him and he ate her out, fingered her, made out, everything. He started off fucking her missionary with her legs up then fucked her doggie on the edge of the bed. She finally moved up and he was on the bed fucking her hard from behind. Her ass was up and her head down, her pussy sticking up and getting pounded. I could see his cock pumping in and out clear as day, it was hot as hell.

    Then I noticed that one second the condom was there then they next it was rolled up at the base of his dick. It had broken and was not covering his cock at all any more. He was pumping fast and getting close to cumming. My wife's biggest rule is the guy has to wear a condom but this guy was fucking her bare at that point. I wanted to say something but they were both close to cumming, she was groaning and squirming her pussy up against his thrusts and he was moaning and fucking her as hard as he could. I just sat and watched his black cock disappear into her pussy again and again until first she came then he did, you could tell he was shooting his cum into her and not after he started cumming his cock was sliding in and out coated and slick, then cum started dripping out around his dick. Seeing his cum drip out of her when he pulled out was the sexiest thing.

    When she realized it she was pissed. I pretended I hadn't noticed and he said he didn't realize it broke. She was scared she was pregnant for a few weeks but it was ok. She hasn't let me watch her fuck someone since but she got a birth control thing implanted just in case and she told me she's been letting her co-worker cum in her now that she doesn't have to worry. I want to see it again.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    A few years back when I was 14-ish I was in my bed watching (or staring at magazines more accurately porn as lots of 14 year old's do, now other than the mysterious stains on my underwear, my siblings and parents didnt have any reason to think that i had those types of books, anyway i guess i must've left it on the open or something, cuz in the morning it was on my dresser with a note on it that said something like, "BJ or i'll tell." now i only have 2 brothers and a sister(brothers are twins so they were 17&17 my sister was 16.) so i was confused because my brothers always used bring home girls at night so i didn't see why they'd want a blow, and my sister doesn't have a dick so that was creepy.anyway i stopped worrying about it and maybe a week later i was having a dream that one of the girls in my class was sucking my dick, and they were really nervous about it but then i just shoved into their mouth.(i remember having no recollection of which girl it was and every time i pictured it the girl would change.) the girl sucked only twice on my larger than average cock and i came just after she pulled out. I woke up just after that to find none-other than my sister with what i can only assume was my cum seeing as i could feel some sliding down my cock, kneeling on the floor of my bedroom lubricating her breasts which were hanging out of a hot pink stiletto. I think she noticed i was awake by the way the duvet was vigorously shaking around my crotch area at the sight of her long blonde hair and b-sized tits, she gasped and covered her mouth and started crying under her breath, so after a few moments of shock and horror, she wiped the tears from her eyes gave me a very seductive grin, and kind of kitty cat crawled towards me, climbed on my bed and put her bare ass in my face leaned down and continued blowing my cock. I saw she was getting wet so i cleaned her up a bit with my tongue, she jerked at the feeling and made a sharp screaming noise that didn't seem too loud, somehow she knew i was was about to come, so she stopped turned back around to face me she giggled at the face of bliss i can only imagine i had, and she pulled her colourful stiletto down more and lay down with her soft silky smooth tits on my face, slid back down so our eyes met and i kid you not she said, "same time next week" now that never did actually happen. but the next day everyone was confused because she kept giggling at me and i blushed alot. this is the first time i'm telling the story.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 36

    I am a married female, just turned 36. My husband is in the military and is a little over 1 year away from voluntary retirement but is contemplating going for 30 because of the extra retirement incentives. He currently is a Major and hopes, with luck, he can retire later as a Lt Col or a full Col. It is his decision and whatever he decides I will back him. He is currently deployed on short spurt for a minimum of 4 months. He has been gone for a little over 1 month. Since it is a remote assignment I could not accompany him.
    Ok, so now that you understand where I stand in life I will continue with the sex confession. I was 17 when we were married, just 3 months short of 18. He was in college and already signed up for the military upon graduation. I was a virgin when we married and have never had any ambition to cheat, being fully satisfied in him. He did purchase some sex toys all along the way, primarily for fore play but I admit I did use then frequently when my thoughts would require it and he was not at home. Now that he is deployed I do use them more often. But, last night I awoke around 2 AM and could not go back to sleep. I turned the TV on and began scanning the channels, nothing of interest at that time of morning. I accidentally came upon SPIKE, Channel 20 here. They had an Adam an Eve advertisement. I could not imagine this. There were 2 ladies, one as a Doctor according to the display information, and they were selling sex toys at less than half price if ordered within the next 10 minutes. I didn't order because I have ample already but I did get turned on listening to them describing each as they showed it. I got my Jack Rabbit from the bottom dresser drawer and started competing with the ad. I stayed with that program until it ended. Then they commenced an add for a pill for men that would extend size and length of his erection and make him stay hard longer and last longer. I enjoyed the men how supposedly had used it confess. I'll bet that I did climax a good 8 or 10 times. I was exhausted and had no problem getting back to sleep.
    Ok, so this morning I had and errand to run but could not get last night off my mind. As the saying goes on here, I continuously had wet panties. While driving I continually kept one hand on my clit, pressing and rubbing. Had to stop for a red light just prior to crossing the river. I looked over to my right and there sat a really handsome individual driving a customized van with dark windows. I could not see if anyone was with him except there was an empty passenger seat in front which led me to believe he was alone. His driver side window was down. I suppose he saw me giving the van a once over therefore he looked at me, smiled and winked. I don't know why but I motioned a kiss with my lips. He smiled more and as the light turned green he motioned toward a Casino across the river and for me to follow him. I had no intentions of doing so but as his pulled off I noted his license plate frame said "US AIR FORCE RETIRED". Why I do not know but I was hypnotized and I followed him in and parked right beside him. He asked if I'd like to go inside and have a drink with him. I don't know if I even answered but I caught myself holding his hand and walking inside. We chose a table in the dimly lite corner. Our conversation was entirely on the military. I explained that my husband was a Major but deployed at the time. He confessed that he was not an officer but was a retired Senior Master Sergeant. Our conversation continued but don't ask me what subjects. My mind was nowhere but on his muscular body. I was sitting close and was fighting to keep my hand off his crotch. He really had me turned on, something that has never happened before in my married life. After my third drink I told him I had enough, no more. He laid his hand on my knee and asked what I'd like to do. A dumb question but I could not answer and say "FUCK". I asked what he had in mind he replied that since I was married and possibly lots around town would recognize me that we should go park on the river and maybe decide on something. So we left in his van leaving my car parked. On the river he parked in the lot where lots of travelers stop to look at the water falls but today there was no one there. He parks and has all windows rolled up and since our weather was cool the air conditioner nor heater were needed. The windows are all tented so no one can see in. We sat and held hands but could not get close because of the vans bucket seats. He did lay his hand on my leg which shot chills up my spine. I could not help it, my hand went directly to his crotch and he did have a semi erection. He suggested we get into the back seat. T%he middle seats were also bucket but would lay down while the rear seat was full and would lay down making a bed. He laid each down and immediately we were lying together on the seats exploring each others bodies, mainly privates. He had one hand under mu blouse and the other hand under my sports pants massaging my clit and wet pussy. I did not object when he began to remove all my clothing. He spread my legs and began really massaging my clit and fingering my wet pussy. I reached over and unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his hard erect penis out and began slowly stroking him. He immediately removed his pants and boxers and then went down and began eating me out maybe even better than my husband ever did. I reached over, grabbed him by the butt and pulled him close enough that I could take his erection into my mouth, slide my lips up and down slowly, lick the underneath side and circle my tongue around the head. He was moaning, so was I. That was as good a 69 that I have had in all my married days. When he began really moaning and jerking I stopped for fear he would cum before I had what I wanted. He seemed to understand. He got me into the missionary position, slide his rock hard erection deep inside me while sucking, kissing and licking my boobs. During this carrying on I'm sure no one drove up outside but if they did they would not be able to see and thing but they could get their ears full with all the moaning and carrying on from the 2 of us. Each time I would cum I would quiver and hump and moan, no question about it. I could always tell when he was about to cum because of his moaning and harder strokes so I would slow him down to prevent him cuming too soon. But finally we did both cum at the same time but he did pull out and cum all over my tits and stomach. He reached over into a side pocked and pulled out several white mechanics towels. We both cleaned up as well as we could with dry towels but still lay there holding each other tight. Afterward he drove me back to my car where we exchanged phone numbers, both home and cell and agreed that we should repeat this again soon. I can't wait but I do have to be careful about being seen by individuals on the base as probably all of them know my husband and possibly know me as his wife.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I few months agp a old flame reach out to me and ask me if I would like to help her out with a 3 way. She had been dating a guy that wanted to expand his sexual horizons. She went on to tell me that he wanted to explore some ass play with her, and that she had explored his asshole using her fingers and a small dildo on a few occasions and that he went wild for it. She had always been a bit bossy, so she thought it was fun making him beg her to get wild with him. She went on to explain that he liked to get really dirty and liked it when she would be mean to him sexually and verbally. At this point she was starting to get tired of working so hard to get this guy off and was getting bored with him.

    He had a big cock and generally please her sexually but his lack of confidence and sub desires did not make for a lasting relationship. This is when she called me up and asked if I would like to get down with them. She thought that having two guys would be fun and she was about to quit him anyways so she thought a 3 way was a good way to go out with a bang! I didnt really know the guy but I figured what the hell, I will go have some drinks and see what happens.

    I went to her house and we all sat around drinking tequila and beers for awhile. Right about 4 shots in to the evening things got started. I did not know that she had already had a plan, and that she had spent some time getting things ready that afternoon. Thats when she came and sat on my lap. I said is everything OK? She assured me everything was good too go and that he would be a good boy and go along with anything. I said really? Anything? She said ANYTHING. I did not know it at the time but she had made him shave his legs, junk, and ass completely bare.

    She stood up told him to go to bedroom change and come back when was ready. We got naked and fooled around for a bit. Just as I was wondering if he was coming back or had chicken out I heard the door open and I see him hand cuffed behind his back and wearing nothing but a shear pair of panties. WTF! I was not really prepared for that, but the fire in my belly from the tequllia said otherwise. She took over at that point and began to walk him around the living room. She asked me if I wanted to use him. Huh?

    Before I had time to think about it, she told him to kneel in front of me and open his mouth. He looked very ashamed but I could clearly see his rock hard cock poking out of the panties he was wearing. She then pushed his head towards my cock. She drug it across his face a few times and then smacked him on the lips with it and told him to open up. He then suck on my cock for a few mins. He wasnt very good but for his first bj he was trying. I was not really into it but I figured she knew what she was doing and had asked me to help her out.

    She then grabbed a stool from the kitchen and took us both to the bed room. She made him sit atop the stool so he had a good view of the bed. She then joined me on the bed where I spent about 30 mins fucking her all over the bed and in about every position. He just sat there and stared with this look of hunger in his eyes. I eventually came hard in her. She literally snapped her fingers and he jumped up and plopped down on the bed, where she grabbed him by the ears and forced his face into slopping pussy. Since he was still cuffed it was very ackward with his head jammed into her crotch. She felt bad for him and ask me to unlock him, so I undid the leather cuff on one hand and he dove further into her pussy. She was loving it and came at least twice as he licked her clean.

    I went to grab a beer and catch my breath. Returning to the bed room I figured we were done as he was lying on her legs and content looking. She then asked me if I wanted more? I said sure! I can usually cum a few times in a night so I was game for some more.

    She then confessed the real reason she had invited me over. He want more then fingers in his ass, he wanted a real cock. At this point I was pretty drunk and I have to admit it did not take long me to agree. Seeing him humilated in woman panties with my sticky cum still on his face sealed the deal. She got him ready from behind while I sat on the bed and he gave me some more head. she declared he was as ready and helped me slide into him. I was a strange sensation, but omg was it tight! I started thrusting into him and he made this whimpering noise, I stopped thinking it was to much for him but he instantly backed himself onto my cock. She laid down in front of him and he went down on her some more as I continued to fuck him. It was SO intense, every stroke pushed his face deeper into her pussy. She came loudly after only a few mins. hearing her scream out and feeling his tightness was too much for me and I blew my second load deep into him. He collapsed a sweaty, dripping, ashamed mess. She thanked me an asked if I could see my own way out.

    She dumped him two weeks later.

    Never had I even thought about sex with a man........

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    I frequently enjoy inviting men into my house while my husband is at work. We enjoy a peaceful, secluded area and have neighbors near enough to see or hear anything.

    Many times, I have had men in our house to have sex with. My husband knows of none of it of course. I used to do it for money. I was basically a prostitute. Now I just do it for pleasure.

    I have a very well kept body and 34D breasts. I have little trouble seducing even the most loyal men. I have made a few ametuer videos and posted them online. My husband might find them some day but as I keep him well maintained, I doubt he has much need for porn.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    When I was 17, I dated this girl. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and she always dressed so modestly, but she was so naughty. Everyday after school she came to my house and she loved sucking my dick. We lost our virginities to each other too. She also loved riding me and she moaned so loud. I mean I am surprised the neighbors didn't hear us.

    One day, we were sitting in my car at a parking lot and making out. She loved kissing and I do too. Then, she started to rub my crotch, my pants were still on, trying to make me hard. I looked at her and said, "You don't have to do that here."

    She then smiled and continued to rub my crotch and said "Drive us to your house," and so I did.

    In the middle of the drive, she unzipped my pants and started giving me and handjob and I asked "Can you wait until we get home?"

    & quot;No," she said as she started to rub her own pussy and moan. She put my hand on her pussy, while I was driving, and said "I need you to finger me."

    I was completely shocked. I always knew she was horny, but I never imagined this. I drove as safely as I could while I fingered her.

    When I stopped at a stoplight, she took off her seatbelt and started giving me a blowjob. She was so good at giving head. She kept sucking my dick, even when I started to drive. She said "I always wanted to give you a blowjob in public."

    "You can stop whenever you want," I said. I never wanted to pressure her into that.

    "Ba by, I've sucked your dick everyday for two months, this makes it so much more exciting," she said as she spanked her own ass. She loved getting spanked.

    After that, she always gave me a handjob whenever we were driving. She knew that giving me a blowjob was way to distracting.

    A few weeks later, she spent the night at my house and she liked to shower before she slept, so we were showering together.

    "I think I'm a little dirty," she whispered seductively in my ear.

    I took the hint and put some soap on my hands and rubbed one hand against her ass and the other on her tits. "All better now?" I asked.

    "No, I haven't soaped you," so she put some soap on her hands and started to give me a handjob. "I love the taste of your cock, I wonder what it's going to taste like with soup." So she quickly got on her knees and started to give me a blowjob.

    In a few minutes, she stood up and said, "Fuck my pussy."

    I used my hands to grab her ass and pick her up. I started to rub my dick against her pussy. She kissed me with tongue, the only way she ever kissed me, while I started to fuck her.

    "Tur n off the shower, I think we need to go to your bedroom," so i turned off the shower.

    I put on my bathrobe and started to dry her with a towel. I spanked her ass and I said, "You're to wet to get on my bed."

    "My pussy is always this wet," she said as she opened the door and started to walk out of the bathroom with my hand on her ass.

    She pushed me onto my bed started to kiss me and give me a handjob.

    "It takes you so long to cum," she said as she kept rubbing me as fast as she could.

    "Sorry," I said as I spanked her ass.

    She stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear, "I'm not going to stop until you cum, I don't care how long it takes."

    She put my dick in her pussy and started moaning loudly.

    When I was almost done, I said, "I'm going to cum."

    She always stops riding me and starts giving me a blowjob when I say that, she loves swallowing.

    After she swallowed, she started kissing me and said "We have the whole night and I'm going to fuck you all night."

    So we did, she made me breakfast in bed and gave me a blowjob while I was eating it.

    After breakfast, I was going to drop her off at her house so she could do her homework, but she said, "You're parents aren't getting home till late tonight, so let's keep having fun."

    "Okay, I'll drive you home whenever you want."

    S he walked into the kitchen with my plate and got some whipped cream.

    "What are you going to do with that?" I asked, she never did anything like this before.

    She started to spray it on her tits, "I want you to lick it off my big tits," she said as she walked to my room.

    As she laid on my bed, her tits covered in whipped cream, I smiled.

    I started to lick all the whipped cream off her tits and when I was done, I kissed her and said "I love licking your tits."

    She put me on my back and started to suck my dick. "Do you want to 69?"

    "You know I love eating your pussy," so we started to 69.

    And that's the story of my full night of sex.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    After my divorce I thought a good way to have sex was to get into the swinger scene. Since I was having fantasies about it I persevered over many months ringing every advertisement I saw asking if they accepted single men. Of course I received many knock backs before, finally, a woman returned my call.

    She quizzed me about my preferences and tastes, looks and body, even my cock. I was fairly honest in my answers, and something told her I was genuine and worth a try. She said there was a party coming up in which one of their married women was seeking a good gangbang and was I interested.

    I showed up at the house on time, about 9.30 on a Saturday night and was impressed by the size of this home. Yet there was nothing to distinguish from its neighbours.

    I had to pay a fee to cover costs, as my host had explained, there being drinks and finger food in the kitchen. In a small room where the clothes were left I stripped off quickly since I was wearing only trousers and shirt and shoes, nothing else. All my valuables I'd left in my car. I'd brought my own towel and wrapped it around me.

    I was told to go to the kitchen and wait a while. There was plenty of people around in various stages of undress, but men outnumbered the women.

    The husband of the lady in question came in and said they were nearly ready. I had a drink and chatted to one of the guys.

    Eventually we were led down some stairs to a basement room. She laid on a table which was covered in sheets, she was completely naked and looked attractive. I guessed she would have been in her late thirties, maybe early forties at most. Oddly she was gagged. There was about ten males milling around to take a look at her. The husband said it was fucking only and it was up to us whether we wore condoms or not. He also had his camera in hand to record the event for posterity.

    I ended up fifth in line as the guys jockeyed for position and began fucking her. I noticed the first guy didn't use a condom so I decided I would and grabbed one.

    By the time the guy in front of me took his turn I noticed she was oozing cum. I saw his cock go in bareback. I thought another load would soon be shooting into there.

    When he'd finished he turned aside and a chubby woman, who was pushing herself forward, went down on her knees in front of him and licked his cock.

    I dropped the condom on the floor. At the last minute I changed my mind and sank my unprotected cock into her. Surprisingly it was deliciously warm and sopping wet. I pumped her and she squirmed. I could see her eyes staring up at me, could see the ripples from each thrust run up her flesh, jiggle her tits. The husband took more pictures. I looked down to see with every stroke wet cum bubbling out of her c**t. In fact there was thick cum everywhere, staining the sheets beneath her.

    I fucked her for a good ten minutes and gave her another few wads of fresh sperm. When I stepped away there was the chubby lady ready to lick me clean. She used her tongue beautifully, my cock still throbbing with pleasure and a little sensitive.

    I didn't witness it but was told the last man to fuck her was her husband and then they did a sixty-niner.

    Later, upstairs, after a shower, in only my towel I got chatting to a couple who were still clothed. I found it was not unusual for some couples to be very hesitant and reserved, as if undecided whether to fuck or not.

    They hadn't watched the gangbang. However we did chat for a while, about all kinds of things except sex. I was thinking it was time to go, it being after midnight. Then he said would I like to watch them have sex. Of course, what a nice idea.

    There was a room with a mattress on the floor which could be used for private encounters, one where the door could be locked, so we went in there.

    They undressed shyly, and I let my towel drop down. We got comfy and they went into a doggy position and began to fuck. Slowly I went forward and he let me see his cock going in and out. She let me slide under to see her c**t getting pounded,and I touched softly her tits as they swung backwards and forwards.

    I heard her say OK and he said could I get in front of her so she could see my cock, which was rock solid again.

    First she merely reached out and touched it, fingering the precum gently. Then he said get a little closer and when I did she took it in her mouth. It was a lovely blowjob, one of the best, she had a real talent for it. And I made it last, seemingly ages until I said I was ready to blow and he said she wants to take it in her mouth, so being the gentleman that I am I obliged. This was my second orgasm but still I was so excited I shoot a decent sized load.

    Husband got excited and made a big show of fucking her madly until his big finish. Then they became shy and awkward again and started to slip into their underwear.

    It was all over. I found the hostess who'd invited me and thanked her, saying I hoped they'd be more of this in the future and please keep me in mind.

    So that was my first sex party.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    When I was 25 my dad had a serious accident and was paralised pretty much from the neck down, at first he accepted it and was pretty upbeat about it but after a few months he became depressed. I asked him why he had changed so much and he told me he kept getting a hard on and could not pleasure himself any more, I told him it was OK I would do it for him and freed his cock and started rubbing it off, it was the first time I ever stroked another mans cock and was surprised that I got hard doing it. It did not take dad long to cum and after I cleaned him up.
    The next day as I was dressing him I jacked him again and again I got hard, this went on for some weeks then one day while I was jacking him I just leaned in and took him in my mouth, almost immediately he emptied his balls down my throat. He said that it was the best cock suck ever and asked if I wanted him to suck my cock too.
    We sucked each other off every day till he died last year

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Adult Bookstore Fun.

    I am a good looking, married man who happens to be bisexual. Periodically I have to travel to our companies other location 5 hours from home and am usually gone 3 to 5 days. No one would suspect I have any interest in men and I prefer it that way. I have several married bisexual friends in my town who satisfy each others itch - if you know what I mean. The other town I travel to is a very large city which allows me the opportunity to get lost in the crowd and cruise a bit more openly than around my home town.

    My meetings ended that Wednesday after lunch and I was free to return home. I had told me wife the sessions would last until 4 and I would have dinner before driving home - arriving after midnight. I cruised the park and a couple of in town book stores not finding anyone to peak my interest. I was out of town before rush hour and decided to check out a truck stop with an adult book store as it's neighbor. A cruise of the Truck Stop bathroom, the restaurant for coffee and the bathrooms again proved unsuccessful.

    I drove my car through a line of parked trucks to the adult book store parking lot where I parked on the side and went in. I didn't see anyone in the back video hallways, however, several of the booths were occupied. I watched some porn for a few minutes, bouncing from one booth to the other hoping for contact with someone hot. After 30 minutes I decided it was one of those days, so I exited the booth and stepped right into this hunk of a man; early 20's, taller than me, good looking, clean shaven, and that all important eye contact which revealed his desires. As I was about to walk out of the video arcade I looked back over my shoulder and he was standing there staring at me. I turned placing my hand over my crotch and he did the same thing. So, I walked back into the booth he just came out of.

    As I walked past him (he was just inside the booth holding the door) he grabbed my crotch with one hand as he locked the door with the other. He was on his knees before I could get unzipped and on my cock like white on rice. He's bobbing up and down on my dick with his eyes tilted toward my face as I held him my the side of his head and began to hunch meeting his head movements. He stood up and we locked lips as he and I both undid his jeans and belt exposing his dick into my hands. He spoke his first words in a deep baritone voice, "go slow and easy". OMG what a turn on hearing his masculine voice. Rest assured I savored slowly this beautiful cock - the head with my tongue and then sliding it slowly to the back of my mouth.

    A gay gangbang was playing on the screen which he was watching while I knelt to worship his dick. He pulled me up and kissed me again and just before he knelt down he said, "you like 3 ways?" I said, :"OH, HELL YEAH!" He sucked on me a couple of minutes, looked up and said, "I've a truck parked at truck stop and a hot co-driver taking a nap. are you interest?" I said, "if he is anything like you, I am.". Standing inches from my face now, he said. "He's 6'4", 210#, handsome, 8 incher and 51 years old." He made a call saying, "On my way with a friend."

    10 minutes later I am in the sleeper of that big Volvo truck naked on my knees sucking one and then the other of their dicks (they laid back on the bed). For over an hour we sucked and fucked each other in every possible position and combination. The first time they wanted to cum on my face at the same time - oh and man was it hot. they licked their cum into my mouth which was erotic as hell. Then I cum on the young truckers face and the older licked it into the younger guys mouth and they kissed. I barely went soft these two were to hot.

    The second round we rimmed and fucked each others ass holes and mouths. One would fuck me and then the other and wee took turns on each other. We finally dressed and walked together to the truck stop toilet were we stood beside each other and pissed - slipped a hold of each others cocks. I had an hour to kill so we went to the restaurant where we ate and I got the shocker of me life: they are uncle and nephew. They showed me their drivers license with the same last name explaining the older was the brother of the younger guys father. They are both bisexual and have been fucking around together since the young guy was in high school.

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