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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 18

    I fucking hate you Madonna. you are a terrible person who should go to hell and be hung and shaved your skin off like a pig at the slaughter yard.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    now I am thinking what was I thinking that this guy would like me?? I guess I must have been crazy afterall.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 27

    I am still fighting for our love. I secretly want you more then anyone and I don't know how to get over this.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Gay Male / 24

    I get disturbed easily by noise or just unable to rest kindly so I get up and just sit on the lounge at all hours because I feel like I am living in a dungeon of dark and light. sound and noise. despair and chilling longing that is holding me on here.

    I want to scream at someone and belt their chest for this insanity I am living. I am obsessed with green eyes and his daggers.

    I am just wondering what he does with those sexy costumes after filming all that hard core porn?? would he do one with me??

    I have nicely shaped boobs I would like for him to rub and tease my nipples.

    I would hope up and be a prize turkey for him if I knew he was coming to my birthday.

    but I know my young infatuation sleep like the perfect schoolboy in an English pound estate and well, earlier I was thinking a lot about his bed, the one with the nice glossy wood bedhead and a candle and what I would like to do with him back at his apartment if I got the chance with a date with him.

    I would play cool and laugh and try to shrug off the seriousness of our first time together with a slight shiver and fear on my face and swallow my throat gasping anticipation before smiling and going at his face and kissing it and cradling his head to my breasts. and I would invite him to take me on the first date for good nights banging.

    I would let him have me how I have dreamed for so long. declaring our love and passion with trickles of honey and joy seaming down the crack of my slit ... how I want this with my boy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 55

    well it was about 20 years ago me and my wife were not getting along to well in bed also.i do not know how it happened but my wife's freinds's 11 or 12 year old son stayed over at our house alot she said her Friends needed a break from the kids as they had 2 girls and i guess they fought alot i didn't think anything of it him staying over.but after a time i started to wonder.every time he would stay over she would sleep on the couch he made a bed on the floor type thing.i thought not much of it at first as we were not having sex or were not very close anymore.she would sleep in her nightie no bra but then i still didn't clue in as he was just a 11 or 12 year old friend of the family.I started to have a feeling something was not right one night i walked out maybe surprised her she was at the t.v pretending to change channels he was near the t.v.but we had a channel changer she used this all the time never seen her do it manually ??was she doing something?? i don't know??so after that i knew that he and my wife would be alone all day as i went to i did have a really old crappy tape deck that made so much gear noise it was impossible to make sense of a recording i did tape it and thought i heard love making noise .deep down i had a gutt feeling that something was going on now i don't mind my wife cheating as this is a fantasy of mine but with a man not a boy.and i did catch her with her 12 year old female cousin that stayed over i walked out and caught them pulling up there panties and her cousin pulling her hand out of her area .so i know that for a fact I was shocked didn't say anything about do you tell anyone about that and it's like some feedback does anyone else think she slept with this boy??and can a boy have a developed penis at that age ?? i can't remember

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 23

    Sometimes when I'm home alone, I find myself watching a few black and white lesbian porn flicks in the morning, and to really make sure I become aroused, I like to get undressed from the bottom down and put on men's gym socks, yes men's gym socks because I like that extra comfort, and after that I get comfortable on my bed by lying on my back with my legs spread apart, my ear buds in position, and I have one of my favorite flicks ready to be played, and I start to slowly rub my clit with one hand and gradually pick up speed until my pussy gets nice and wet. I also like to get on my pillow and start humping it until I cum; I pretend that it's someone I'm riding and hitting from the back. As crazy as this sounds, I get aroused by watching lesbian porn, but I love men.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I promised myself I wouldn't do it but I could not resist my temtations after having a fight with my partner again, I went out to get some of my favourite rum for a good night in infront of the tv well, that was what I thought til I got back in the car and seen a car full of young beauties park next to me.

    I came back and had to walk under a inground park down a ramp and past some court yard to the under parking area. these girls noticed me straight away I could not hide my personality or charm as these babes walked out in tight skirts and they asked me "hello, what ya doin here all alone then. where's ya party????" noticing the few drinks I had. I said I was not about to go anywhere since meeting these 6 girls, I thought my wife and my 2 mistresses can wait I have my hands full right now.

    they asked me if I wanted to do some filming right here and try one of their pussies so I said yes and offered my drinks. they sucked out of the bottle and the chubbier one said "so do you think I can suck your dick better then I can that bottle of rum????"

    I said "please do go for the head"

    not long after they pushed me into their car and the one in yellow and black got out the video camera that was good quality and she started filming this bitch sucking on my hard cock.

    what an unexpected evening. wife at home with the kids and the 2 bitch mistresses I have working for me like I am a pimp. and here I am with 6 of the finest sluts in town ready to roll.

    they sucked me hard taking turns for about an hour and I had trouble holding my load with that blonde long haired bitch, she looked great in yellow what a buttercut, a little older and wrinkled than the one in pink and the one in pink and blue, fuck I didn't even hear all their names. just three Amber, Nikki, and Jade. the other three I can't remember their names cuz I was getting so tickled with drink and dick sucked, but I do know they were good at sucking and fucking. the three girls did me in turn and I exploded a few times.

    then a security guard was coming towards us, we had to close up this shop quick and he told us to move on so I got one girl to take my car I took the passenger seat and the another girl drove theirs. we said "oh fuck where can we go???? " then after some chat we agreed to a nice dam area where the locals meet out that has a great drug ring near by. the lights are dim there and you can make out as you please unless the cops turn up.

    so we headed off there. there was more fucking and drinking til the early hours of day break and I took turns filming them showing off their titties and riding my cock or riding the gear stick and pissing at the muffler.

    I woke up in a car full of bitches. like was I in heaven with these bitches that just wanted to squat and fuck and head???? yes, what heaven!

    got out took a piss over the bitch outside asleep and she loved waking up to my piss in her face.

    I slapped her face and creamed her mouth with my dick. fucking her hard. she loved it. and said her name was Jasmin.

    I pulled out the video and threw the camera and said "nice night bitches. can I see ya next week????"

    the bitch jasmin on her knees liking cum like a begging dog asking for more said, "oh yeh its all about you baby, cum in my mouth anytime and piss on my face just for you" so I slapped her again as my wave goodbye and she loved that.

    I got a number somewhere. and went home to my bitch with three kids who I will leave as soon as I can find a better bitch with all the tits and assets I like.

    I have the video and I will watch it when the mrs is out hope its good for my memoirs.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 25

    I don't believe your age on here

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29



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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    dav your not my idea of a fantasy. I found someone hotter down in the jungle.

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