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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 42

    Carrying on from 22069, me and jemma have had sex every chance we get. We agreed that we wouldn't do it at work anymore. Jemma is a 41 year old busty big tot blonde with a fine round ASS and perfect tits. Guys are chatting her up all the time it passes me off to be honest. Everybody knew what we liked to doc but to stop guys hitting on her we pretended to be in a relationship. One guy didn't get the message. So I told him if he didn't leave her alone I'd knock his fucking lights out.

    One night were lying in bed and jemma told me about her friend Katie. Jemma told me she was a cute kid with a great body. She was 19 and worked in a shop down the road from Jemma's house. Jemma confessed to telling Katie about our "hobby" and Katie was interested. She was a sweet kid but had strange turn one. She liked being hurt. I don't mean like spanking and hard fucking, I mean she wanted to be beaten. Apparently she's broken up with 4 boyfriends because they weren't willing to hurt her. Jemma said that if I was interested she'd take care of everything. All I have to do is get my Dick ready.

    That Saturday evening, Jemma called me and said Katie was coming over for a few drinks. At about 20:00 I drove up to Jemma's and peeked in through the window. Katie and Jemma were sat on the couch talking with a glass of wine. Katie was hot with big tits and a nice ASS. She wore a short black leather skirt with a low cut top. I sent Jemma a text saying "Ready or not here I cum". Jemma quietly opened the door and quietly signalled for me to come in and wait. Jemma went into the room and pulled the curtains closed. I could see the side of Katie bra, red with blue butterflies. Jemma was wearing the red dress she wore first time we tucked I liked that. Jemma gave me a wink and said to Katie "lights out slut" and turned off all the lights.

    I knew that was my cue. I could only just see Katie. I went quickly behind her and put my hand over her mouth and she screamed. She threw her arms up and started slapping me. grabbed Katie's arms and pinned them down saying "you wanna feel pain bitch, wait till he's done with you". I grabbed Katie's tits and squeezed them hard. Jemma was ripping Katie's skirt off and licking her Pussy. I was pulling Katie's top off when Jemma forced a Kiss from her, she was fighting it so I slapped her across the face and told her to shut up. I put her on her knees and rammed by Dick into her ASS. Jemma undressed before I could blink and had Katie's face buried in her Pussy. Katie was squeaking like a mouse with each thrust into her ass. Jemma was moaning helplessly saying "you dirty slut your loving this aren't you?" Jemma told me to keep fucking her. She went off and came back with a tie and put it around Katie's eyes. She told me to bring her up stairs so I put her over my shoulders and followed Jemma.

    When we got to the bedroom and jemma had handcuffs ready. I dropped Katie on the bed. I turned to face jemma and she slapped me and pushed me onto the bed and handcuffed me. I'd been set up. Jemma took of Katie's blindfold and said "ready?" Katie was just staring at me as I lay half naked cuffed to a bed. Jemma went down and sucked my cock like a true slut. Katie sat next to her, stroking my chest. Jemma pushed Katie's head down on my cock and told her to suck it good. Jemma kissed me and sat on my face. This was amazing, my sex slave and her apprentice. Katie said cutely "Jemez can I fuck him now?" she was gasping and said "course you can sweaty". Katie sat on me and fucked me with a passion. Jemma was breathing heavily saying "Fuck, do you like your punishment master?" she went behind Katie and I said "punishment? What for?" she smiled at me and said "for taking my ass at work it's against the rules. I couldn't argue with this so I enjoyed watching Jemma tounging Katie's asshole. Katie noticed the look on my face and told jemma I was about to cum and jemma told me to fill Katie up. My cock exploded and Katie's mouth dropped and she screamed.

    As I layer there with Jemma on my left and Katie on my right, I jokingly promised that they were gonna pay for r****g me. We fucked all weekend like animals and then washed each other in the shower.

    Life is fantastic right now.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    It was just a dream. But I woke up feeling hungry and dissatisfied with how everything had gone. Even more disasstisfying was being unable to remember faces clearly, something I'm usually able to do. And what hurt was knowing what I knew.

    We're at a getaway. Seven other girls, and myself. Everyone else is glamorous, and then there's me. ClichÃÉ© much? But as unglamorous as I appear, I still consider myself to be a goddess. I just don't flaunt that with anyone and everyone.

    A couple of guys start to show up, after I know all the girls. Of course, a few of these guys are exceptional cases of good looking, intelligent, and single. Two in particular are quite dashing. Main bitch has her eye on one of them so I back off there to pursue the other. No sense in having someone on my case for something trivial.

    Except, THAT guy ends up liking my snarky self, and I like his personality myself. But main bitch isn't a bad person, just exposed to a lot of things. So as much as I like him, I say he'd be better of with her. He doesn't take that too kindly, of course.

    Same night, I sleep with the other guy. My room is in another wing. Turns out, that guy's room overlooks mine, to an extent. I hadn't bothered to pull the dr**es entirely. He guessed what was going on.

    Next day, I'm with my lover from the night before, still being flirtatious and dirty with him. That guy says he saw something interesting in my room last night and I say it's not his business. He's seeing that girl, and he should pay attention to her.

    Of course, by this time, my lover has figured out that we've got something going on between us. But I assure him that it's not going to affect anything we do, unless he wants a serious relationship, when we decided this would be a fling to be remembered or forgotten when we leave.

    Anywho, I go shopping for a few things in the town nearby, and I'm accosted by that guy on my way back. That leads to a steamy make out session before I remember her, and my idea of setting them up, and shove him away. He gets pissed. He doesn't like her. At all. Told her straight up. I can't take that. I decide I'm done with this.

    Two days later, I'm leaving. Guy two lives in my city, so we exchange information for later escapades. Guy one sees watches from the outdoor bar. Clearly, he's even more pissed.

    Weeks later, guy two and I are having coffee and are starting to get a little serious. Enough to meet up more often, and go on a few dates. Guy one walks into the coffee shop.

    I'm in denial that I like him more than guy two. But at the same time, I told guy two that I'm really not going to commit too soon. If he's sure this is what he wants, he's going to need patience. I'm not so much in denial after all, but I'm trying to get over the guy that connects with me.

    He sees us. He's surprised. Weren't we just sex buddies? Guy two hasn't seen him, but suddenly has to head back to work. So he leaves. Guy one capitalises.

    He follows me while I'm dashing out of the shop. He's got better stamina. But I've got a car! So I speed off towards home. But he's got money. And contacts. He finds my home. Kinda creepy, guy one.

    He shows up. I'm freaked out. I won't let him in. But then he asks if I even know who he is. And it clicks.
    Of course he found me. Multibillionaires are capable of that shit. But I'm an attorney, and I can get rid of him, I hope. (What kind of attorney am I to be running away god damn)

    Grudgingly, I do let him in. Cautiously, he approaches me. And then I'm back against a counter. Barely breathing.
    And then he's between my legs, and his lips are assaulting mine. And then a hand is up my skirt. I can't pull away. He's got me properly pinned, and we're both enjoying it.
    He knows it. My skirt comes away.
    Followed by my blouse. And my bra. Then his mouth on my nipples. I'm getting wet already. I've been wanting this.
    He knows that too. Definitely. I'm carried to the bedroom and the door is locked behind us. The bed is too far away. I'm kissing him.and undressing him right there, behind that door.
    His fingers are in me now, and I'm too weak to stand. I'm forced against a wall now. Panties gone, my legs around him, and his cock is penetrating me greedily. All I can do is moan. He fucks me like his personal slut, and I let him.

    After everything, I can't see him. I refuse to. I can't even look at myself. I tell guy two that I can't see him either. He figures that something happened, and has a good idea. But he agrees after I push.

    Months pass. A year and a half. I'm out with a friend's friend. We've been ser up on a date. And we're enjoying it. We're about to have dinneeds at an upscale restaurant, with a jazzy atmosphere. Guess who owns the place? You guessed it. Guy one.

    He succeeds in ruining the date, and getting me to be left alone at my table, sighing and preparing for another night of meh. I don't need a relationship now. I still have so much to do before I can seriously settle.
    Later, I find out about guy one and the date. I loathe him, now. Why can't he find a girl in his own circle?

    And then I meet his mother. And she knows who I am, but I can't figure out who she is at first.
    I'm too busy with my career and other things. I focus on that.
    But we're in the park, chatting, and I seem so happy and at ease with my life now. She points it out. I say that a lot had been going on internally, but I learned to deal with it. Then I notice that he's not far off. It's a family gathering and suddenly I know who she is. I excuse myself and jog back to my friends who aren't far off. I try to forget about him.

    And I saw the pain on his face as one of the guys laced his hand with mine. My heart ached for a while. But I stalked off with my friends. He's not part of my life, and it'd be better if he wasn't at all. I don't want to destroy him like I know I would. So this is better. Even if it hurts now. It'll be better in the long run.
    He doesn't need to know that I had a miscarriage and lost what would've been our child.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Ten years ago tomorrow, I woke up naked lying next to another naked person. It took a minute for me realise I wasn't in my own bed and to remember what had happened the night before. When I did, I turned over kissed the naked person smiling back at me, and before long I had my morning glory deep us HIS asshole again.
    I'd been out with friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. I got chatting to a beautiful looking young girl in a bar, one which I'd never been in before. I saw my friends laughing, but ignored them thinking they were only jealous. Later on I turned round to see the last of my friends leaving. Before he did he told me where they were headed and told me if I wasn't going to fuck the bird (he laughed again) to follow on.
    Less than thirty minutes later I was entering Siens small but modern flat.
    We kissed as we undressed one another in her lounge, and I let her remove my boxers. It was then as she took my cock into her mouth, I knew definitely I was going to fuck her. Her oral skills were amazing for someone who was only 19 and almost came in her mouth there and then. Standing her up to hopefully lead her to her bedroom, I saw the small scars under hers smallish breasts. It appearded she'd had surgery, but I guessed lots of young women wanted a little help with how they looked and thought nothing about it.
    Entering Siens bedroom, she pushed me onto the bed and began to suck on my cock again. I moved her around so her pussy mound was just in front of my face, but she pushed me back and told me I should just let her blow me off. Really wanting to fuck her, I told her it was ok and she took it (I know now she did) that I knew. Allowing me to remove her knickers, I came face to face with her small but erect cock.
    It was about half the size of my cock, at around four inches long, but it looked so beautiful and so perfectly hard. In a moment of total clarity I told myself, I wanted to fuck her/him and no matter what I saw in front of me, I was going to have sex. Opening my mouth I sucked in Siens small cock and so started my love affair with this particular shemale.
    I sucked on Siens cock just as she was doing to mine. I copied the way she was pleasuring me in the hope she too was getting pleasure. After prolonged period of felatio both ways, I was on the verge of cumming again, and I told Siens I was about to. She stopped sucking me and asked me if I wanted to fuck her, telling me she wanted me to.
    Sien got the condom from her bedside draws and the lube. Lay on her back and put her feet onto my chest. Putting the condom on, I smeared some on her cute little arsehole and some on the end of my cock. shuffling forwards I put the tip of my cock to her hole and pushed in. Over the next thrity minutes, I had without any doubt the best fuck of my life up until then.
    Sien pretty much took control and had me fucking her all over her bedroom. On the bed missionary and doggie style, on the floor as she mounted my cock, half off the bed as I fucked her as her shoulders were on the floor, and finally as she stood up holding onto bed frame. I came flooding the condom inside her arsehole and stayed inside her arse until she moved off my cock. She removed the condom and sank to her knees, taking my cock into her mouth again, she sucked out the remaining cum and then stood up. We kissed and I could taste my own cum. Then Sien said she wanted to cum too.
    It was my turn to sink to my knees as I took in her small cock and began to suck on her cock as I'd learned earlier to do. It didn't take too long for me to hear her breathing changing as she held my head tight. I knew she was about to cum, but I didn't care, I allowed her to cum in my mouth and absolutely loved the taste and feel of her cum filling my mouth and throat.
    Joining her in bed, I got behind her and held her tight. We didn't speak much, but I did hear her say thankyou, and heard her say goodnight just before I drifted off to sleep.
    Waking up with my usual hard on, my morning glory, I knew there was only one place I wanted it to be and that was up her wonderfully tight arsehole.
    Even though I'm married now, I still visit Sien every couple of months. Our sexual relationship is solid, in the way that she doesn't want a live in lover. She knows if she needs me or anything, I will be there for her, but if you knew Sien, you'd know she's a free spirit, and one who loves her own space.
    As for my friends, well I told them the bar man had told me who I'd been chatting up, so I left. And then missed them at the bar they were supposed to be in. My saving grace was they'd moved on after only one pint. They still laugh at my near miss, If only they knew...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 26

    The Williams Men

    I'm the 3rd of three girls from a very conservative, fanatically religious family in the southeast. I sucked my neighbors cock when I was 11, and my older cousin popped my cherry when I was 13. I had my first 3 way when I was 14 and took on 5 when I was 16. Everyone in my family, my church, and closest friends thought I was still a virgin when I graduated college.
    To the dismay and disapprovals of my mother, her family, and my older sisters, my dad agreed that I could attend a major southern university some 3 hours away. Might I add: a university whose football program overshadows its academics. My first year I lived in a dormitory but shared an apartment with 3 other girls my second year. My last two years I worked part-time and had my own studio apt.
    During my first few weeks of class I met this really nice looking senior by the name of Paul. He is 5'10", 200#, black hair, fair complexion and brown eyes. We hit it off from the beginning and became friends with benefits. We fucked in the park, the car, in a closet, at a hotel or anywhere we could find an element of privacy. Paul lived at home with his family some 35 miles away. He graduated that December and moved to a neighboring state for grad school. We got together that Spring break for several fuck sessions and once the beginning of summer. That's when he told me he met a girl and was going to ask her to marry him. I was thrilled for Paul but disappointed when that Fall all of his contacts were changed and I wasn't notified. No big deal. Paul was good sex; had a 6 1'2 inch cock thick as a beer can and a wicked tongue.
    My last year at the university I met this 6'4", 220#, black-wavy haired, blue eyed hunk by the name of David. The first time he asked permission to site beside be my heart fluttered. When he set down and his long leg hit my knee...OH MY GOD, Miss Charlotte. I had the vapors! I was like a whore in church on a Saturday night. The first time David kissed me I melted like hot butter. I mean, I opened my legs and guided his hand to my pussy. When he dropped his pants I almost passed out. His cock was the biggest cock I had ever seen and I have seen my share and a few others; both fist on top of each other and the head stuck out - into my mouth.
    David lived in an apt just off campus with 2 buddies so he was able to spend some nights with me and I sure did enjoy having him wrap his legs and arms around me at night. Guess what? David was graduating in December but attending grad school in his home town 35 miles away. Our sex was magnified by the fact that we had some very strong chemistry and passion.
    David also worked part time, so as much as we wanted to fuck 24/7 it wasn't possible. One of his favorite positions is to sit on a dining room chair and have me straddle his cock facing him. We had watched porn together and promised to be honest with each other. We were in a passionate relationship, perhaps headed for something more serious. I was riding him one night when he said, "I fucked a married woman I work with this morning." I set down on his cock and said, I sucked one of my old boyfriends dicks yesterday," and I felt his cock pulsate in my pussy. He asked to watch sometime and he did. Many times.. actually we began to swing. He graduated in December and moved back to his home town so our time was limited now. However, he had his own apartment in town so I was there a lot. I fucked him and a couple of his friends on several occasions, including one his black friends.
    David's mom had health issues and he often talked about his parents, his older sister, 2 older brothers and his younger sister, who lived 2 states away with their older sister where she attended college. The oldest brother lived in a neighboring state with his wife and new baby. His other brother was in med school in the North east, so he was the only child in the town with his parents.
    David asked me to move in with him when I graduated college and I had agreed. So, when Spring Break came I was invited to his parents house to meet his older brothers and his sisters. I had met his parents and knew David got his height and good looks from his dad. When I walked into his parents there set Paul, the guy I had fucked my first year at the university. Needless to say it was awkward for a few minutes. Paul reached out his hand and said, "your even more beautiful than David has said. A pleasure to met you. This is my wife and daughter."
    I graduated and moved in with David and actually had several 3 ways with David and Paul. It was during the first 3 way when I watched David and Paul suck each others cocks, and Paul fucked David's ass while he eat my cream pie. OMG that was amazing! After then David and I had a lot of 3 ways with bi men and it turned me on big time and still does. David's mom passed away suddenly and it had a profound impact on him; he dropped out of grad school and took a job up north. I stayed in the same apt and remained there - David and I are friends and talk weekly. I was delighted when he returned to grad school and when he found a male partner.
    When I was approved to purchase my home I called David to share the news. He asked me to give his dad the opportunity to bid on my homeowner's policy and I agreed. Mr. Williams contacted me and I emailed him the data on the house for his bid. I called him when I received the appraisal and told him that I had his signed original appraisal copy too. He stopped at my apt (mine and David's) for my signature on the insurance forms and to pickup his original appraisal. After a glass of wine, and then a second, our conversation moved to David being gay, Paul getting a divorce because he is gay, and the 3rd son (the physician) coming out after his mom passed. I was shocked that Mr. Williams knew I had slept with Paul too, but David had opened up to his dad about a lot of things and had not told me. Half way through my third glass of wine, I remember telling Mr. Williams that David had a big dick. Next thing I knew, he is standing in front of me with his big old uncut 9 incher in my face. With my 2 hands on top of each other and his cock head sticking out, I licked the head of the mirror image of David's cock. He told me, "I want some TANT". I asked, "what is TANT?" He opened his mouth and clicked his teeth together as he smiled and said, "I want to clamp my teeth onto, bit down on, that piece of flesh between your legs that TANT pussy... and TANT ass." Mr. Williams is older than my father. I've fucked him and 2 of his 3 sons and I would push either of his sons off me for 2 minutes with daddy. Without a doubt he is the very best sex I ever had in my life !!!!!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 36

    For more than three years now I have lived with Laurie who is nine years younger than me. Her aunt died back then and left her house to Laurie, so financially it has been great although I do pay all the utility bills and can still afford for us to go on trips often. I'm an independent trouble shooter for my company and work crazy hours, sometimes day but often at night. At night and ofen a day or two goes buy without me working. Laurie has a good job at a real estate office and also works crazy hours at times so there are days I don't even see her. We were ony living here a few months when her sister Annie moved in with us because she was having problems with her parents. She is only 23 now and every bit as attractive as Laurie. She is a waitress at a bar/restaurant and works 4 or 5 nights a week so I am at home with her often during the day. It only happens when Laurie is at work and I still haven't figured out whether Annie is just stupid, on drugs or if she is an exhibitionist. As long as Laurie is out Annie has no modesty around me and I often see her completely naked. Even when Laurie is home Annie still wears flimsy outfits but at least has her body covered. I never mention any of this to Laurie mainly because I not only like seeing Annie like I do but it also turns me on so much I frequently masturbate because of it. She has a great body, she knows it and basically flaunts it around me. She roams the house often with only a towel around her and if she does have any type of robe on its never fully closed. She thinks nothing of going around in her bra and panties and many times as she leaves the bathroom after a shower walks down the hallway naked but only when Laurie is out of the house. Not to often but I have also watched her masturbating with a vibrator many times over the last few years. I am sure she purposely leaves her bedroom door open a few inches knowing I am upstairs and can hear the buzz from the vibrator. When I do hear it I go over to her door and watch getting a hard on right away and then have to masturbate myself. I wasn't to keen on having Annie move in but I sure am glad she did.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    Ever since we were 15, my step brother and I have been having sex with each other. Our parents started dating each other just after my brother and I had sex for the first time.

    At the time we were just friends having sex. Then our parents started dating and we tried to play cool and not have sex anymore but we were teenagers and couldn't help ourselves.

    Then our parents got married amd that made things more complicated even though I gave my step brother a bj at their wedding. Then later at the reception we found a quiet closet and lifted my dress up as I bent over a janitors sink.

    Ever since then we have become all but lovers. We spend a lot of time together, we cuddle, we make out, have oral sex, have regular sex almost daily. Half the time I sleep with him in his bed and sneak back through our connected bathroom to my room before our parents wake up in the morning. Sometimes we shower together also. The only thing keeping us from being boyfriend and girlfriend is our parents marriage.

    It is technically not i****t so we don't care about any gross factor and we have been having sex with each other since before our parents knew each other.

    Recently my brother and I started looking at possible apartments for us. That way we could be together the way we want to without anyone catching us.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 50

    When I was seven my eleven year old cousin pulled up my dress after church to see my panties. He made me show him my teetee as we called it. After that he saw my teetee a lot and I got to see his weenie. Even though we were very young, he would lay on me and rub his weenie against my teetee, with or without pants or underwear. At eleven we did it with full complete penetration. At thirteen I had my first period and had started to really think about being a girl.

    We had full penetration sex throughout my adolecense. When he went off to medical school, when I started at the art institute, he told me when he left that I could date for fun, but no boys, period. I was to remember just who I was and to whom I belonged. At the art institute I met a girl, and we became friends, and we messed around. I was remaining true to him by not messing around with any boys, but still I had someone to go out with and have fun. She and I messed around quite a bit, including sexual experimentation. Of the two of us I was far more aggressive and adventuresome, but she was quite happy to go along. At the time we weren't really into who was dominant/passive or anything like that, we just got along and enjoyed spending time together, and messing around in bed.

    When my cousin returned from medical school, we had to get serious. He was now 28 and I was 24 and it was time to either become a couple or not. We came 'out' to our parents, telling them that we wanted to get married that summer, and that way I could go with him when he went off to residency. Marriage became a real problem, us being cousins. But after everything was said and done, we went on a destination wedding overseas, where the issue of being cousins was not questioned and we came back pregnant, on purpose.

    My cousin and I have been married for 25 years and we have four normal children.

    We have an open marriage, open in the sense that we don't hide our feelings or that from time to time we get an urge for some variety. I have always respected his wishes and I only wander around with other women. He wanders around, but I don't ask him with who, it is none of my business, and I think I would have a hard time talking to a girl that I know he is having sex with. We just agree that from time to time we need some variety, and I truly enjoy being with another woman now and again.

    I have thought about trying with another man, the thought has crossed my mind. But when it does I remember what he told me when he went off to medical school, who I am and who I belong to, and no boys.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 22

    Please don't judge me from this post of my experience. Anyways I was 8 years old when this happened.I went to sleep one night and was woken up by a dream and a wet bed.I know I would be grounded cause I didn't not pee the bed for years.I tried to clean it up the best I could when I got hit with a p**p I hurried to the bathroom just in time before I po*ped my pee soaked underwear.after I p**ped I through my bed sheets in the washer and continued to sleep. The next morning I got grounded and chewed out for my accident.well later on that day I tried to think of why I had an accident out of nowhere.then it hit me,i barely remember having a dream.I was playing my video games when I started trying to remrmber part of the dream.I remember me sitting on the edge of a huge toilet with my underwear on.then I remember a warm and tight feeling that got tighter before I woke up.I put two and two together and found out I was wetting my underwear in my dream which I guess made me do it in real life!.so I figured that out but couldn't figure why I had to p#op real bad in the middle of the a couple of months went by and I had basically the same dream but instead of wetting my underwear I had a skidmark from a tu*d trying to come out in my sleep! Then it hit me again,that tightness I was feeling was me trying to p**p in my underwear in the dream!so I got out of bed and threw the dirty underwear away and finished po** I was curious at this point thinking to myself "I wonder what its actually like to p**p in my underwear?" After that thought I had a strange feeling in my belly like butterflies or nervousness.I ignored it and went back to sleep.the next morning I couldn't get that thought of out my head time my parents said they were going to the grocery store and will be back in a couple hours.I told myself here's the chance to know what it feels like.I had a p#op pain for a couple of hours prior to this as soon as they left I went into my bedroom and got a old pair of underwear out and slid them on.I grabbed a towel and got a full length mirror from the spare bedroom and put it in mine.the butterflies was really kicking in heart started beating fast and I had to p**p fast!. So I stand infront of the mirror looking at myself like"I'm really about to do this".I bit my lip and turned backwards so I could see my butt and face.I took a deep breath and my disapointment only p*e came out soaking my underwear.I kept pushing and nothing came I decided I would try and sit like I was in my dream on the toilet.I bent my legs and put my hands on my knees.I took another deep breath and push.this time I watched as the head of my t%rd pushed out meeting my underwear and began to tighten them. I push again as the tu*d tented out my very tight feeling underwear a good 5 inches out! I was now feeling like I was in the dream all peaceful and safe.I fthen snapped back into reality and continued to see my underwear sticking out.I then reached behind me and felt the tip of my t* felt weird but yet so right! I still felt like I had more p**p in I barred down and pushed as I watch the tur* break in half and the rest of my p**op smash it into.I watched as my p*op bul*e grew to the size of a melon! It was huge! I felt the aftermath and about passed out in shock and I guess a org*&& at that young of age?. After I was completely empty and underwear full to compacity I toom them off and dumped the contents I. The toilet and flushed it,then through my underwear in the bottom of the trash so no one could see them.I jumped in the shower just in time before my parents came home and got everything cleaned up as soon as they came tbrough the door. Now that was the first and last time I ever did that. I don't think I could bring myself to do that again.specially at the age of 22 although anything could happen ya know.someone could inspire me or a girl could want me to do so or whatever.anyways I hope you all like my experience and give great feedback on it n te all your friends:) maybe even convince me to try again sometime;) thanks!!:) xoxo6

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    Straight Male / 29

    My wifes new boss is stunning. She's a very good looking older woman, who I know is a real slut in the bedroom.
    I know she's a real slut, because last Christmas I met her in a hotel I was staying in, when I was away working in the city sixty miles from our home.
    We chatted about our respective partners, as she's married too. We chatted about work, but most of all after a few drinks, she spoke to me about having some fun up in her room.
    I followed her up about ten minutes after she left the bar. And had my face buried in her pussy five minutes after entering her room. She had me lick and tongue her pussy. She made me suck in her huge clit until she came squirting all over my face, and she had me tongue her asshole as I fist fucked her soaking wet c**t.
    Fucking her was just sheer dirty, as she rubbed away hard on her clit making herself cum, once again smothering my cock with her juices. It wasn't until I began to fuck her ashole though, that she really turned into a foul mouthed slut, telling me she wanted me to fuck the shit out of her. I wasn't wearing a condom, so when I came deep up her asshole, my cum flooded her rear hole.
    I lay back and thought how well I'd fucked this older woman, when she got up, squatted over my face and told me to lick out my cum from her ass. As I probed her rear fuckhole she leant forwards and took my anal juiced covered cock into her mouth and sucked on my dick so hard, she began to stretch it upwards. By the time I cleaned out her asshole, my cock was erect again.
    She stood up, gripped my cock and lead me into the shower. As the water flowed over us I fucked her pussy and asshole again. As I was about to cum, she spun me around dropped to her knees and had me spunk my load all over her tongue. I thought she going to spit it out, she didn't she swallowed the lot.
    Holding my face as she stood back up, she kissed me and I could taste my own cum as our tongues wrapped around each others. Parting I thought that was it, but she wasn't finished. Pushing me down with the water splashing over my face, she lifted her left leg, gripped my hair and pushed my face into her pussy. I spent the next five or so minutes sucking on her labias and her engorged clitoris. She nearly dropped when she came and as she did all her weight squashed her pussy into my face.
    We went back to the bedroom where she made me a drink. I drank it as she explained her husband couldn't fuck her the way she needed it and that's why she sought out younger men like myself.
    As I walked back to my room, I thought to myself "I'm so glad he can't".
    A New Year has brought the woman back into my life, as my wifes company was bought out last August. And only last week I got to meet the new head person, the new beautiful female boss. None other than the woman who I have to say, gave me the best sexual time of my life.
    I don't know where it will go from here. What I do know is if she wants sex again, I honestly don't think I could resist her.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    My First Rodeo:

    I was 27yo when the company I worked for sent me to Reno, Nevada for a Conference. This was the first time I had attended a Conference also and my first trip west. The second night after dinner with some people I met at the conference I went solo to the slots and crap table. Around midnight I went to catch the elevator to my room on the 15th floor. Two cowboys were standing waiting when I walked up. We exchanged hello's, each holding a beer as we toasting each other. As soon as the door closed these two cowboys begin making out. One looked at me as they kissed and breaking their kiss told me they were drunk and hope I wasn't offended. I shook my head no as I said not a problems. The other one said, were here with the International Gay Cowboy Festivities but needed a little slobber. the other was winking at me the entire time and licking his lips. I told them I was straight but to each his own. They apologized as they exited the elevator and that's when I realized it was my floor too. They were a few feet in front of me going down the same hallway with their hands in each others hip pockets. As I passed they were stepping into their room and offered me a night cap as an apology. I thanked then and went to my room.
    Wearing my only my tee shirt and slacks I walked down the other end of the hall for ice, a soda and some snacks and there stood one of the guys doing the same. He apologized again for their behavior and explained they were a couple who owned a 900 acre ranch in Montana and were letting their hair down. The guy was really nice and actually put in the money for my soda. We stood and chatted a few minutes and he explained they like to be watched and have 3 ways but that only possible when they travel as they do not allow their employees to participate and the town is so small. I old him I cast no stones but was engaged and had never been with a man. He told me he had been sucking cock since he was 12. I said wow. He said when you live where there's no one but horses, cows, hired hands and your brothers...well you experiment with those you can trust and I am not talking about animals. That was an T.M.I. (Too Much Information) moment and caught me way off guard. I said, you suck your brothers? He put his hand over his lips to indicate to whisper and said, YES. I'm just being honest man! I think we might have offended you and am really sorry. Your a good looking man and ya never know til ya ask. It's worked for us more times than not.
    We started back down the hallway toward our rooms and stopping at their door he apologized again offering to buy me the biggest steak in town the next night. About that time the door to his room opened and his naked partner was there stroking his boner. I was again shocked and froze in my tracks. He stepped just inside the door asking me to consider the offer for dinner. Then seeing me look at his buddies cock he asked me in for a drink. With his hand he reached for his naked buddies cock and began to stroke it. I stood frozen at the brazen actions, even just inside their hotel room. I told them to have a good night and walked away. As I closed my hotel room door I realized my cock was hard a steel, sticking out my pants leg and I know they both saw it.
    As a kid I played show-me-yours-and-I'll-show-you-mine and had been in circle jerks, only jerking my own cock. I had been hit on from middle school on and never let a dude suck me. Now, here I am stumbling into this situation and I am excited. I beat off that morning and knew I do it at least once a day so I blamed it on the booze. I opened some crackers I got at the vending machine down the hall and drinking diet coke when my phone rang. I was the same guy and he was offering me $50.00 to come watch them have sex with no obligation or expectations. I declined and he doubled it. Keep in mind that was 1990 so $50.00 was a nice piece of loose change. My cock had gone down but my math and negotiation skills had kicked in. We bartered and settled on $175.00 for me to sit in a chair for 30 minutes and watch.
    Five minutes later I am sipping a beer sitting in a chair in their hotel room watching two men have man-on-man sex. The making out, sucking and 69ing did nothing for me, but once he shoved his cock in his partners ass and starred pounding that ass, I began to get hard. Then he became aggressive and talking dirty as he slapped his partners ass calling him names. That was a lot more stimulating than I had imagined but didn't want them to know I was turned on, so I thought about anything other than what I was witnessing and liking. Any man who says he hasn't wondered the size of another man's cock is a liar, and or seeing a big dick being sucked or fucking. This guy had as big a cock as I had ever seen in porn and it was turning me on like I would never have imagined. I got hard watching monster cocks fuck chicks but this was a man getting fucked and I had the same reaction. I was turned on to cocks and would never have faced that truth had it not been for my "First Rodeo."
    I took the money and went to my room beating off a real hard nutt in about 30 seconds and I slept like a baby. The next day I couldn't get the vision of those two fucking out of my mind; their sex was intense, passionate, hard core and I enjoyed every second. After the last session ended at 5pm I went to my room and beat off again before I went to dinner with some fellow attendees. Just before I left for dinner I called their room and left a message asking them to meet me for drinks in one of the hotel's bars around 10pm. I ran to my room after dinner and no message. I went back to gamble and back checking again, but no message. So, I went to bed around 11pm and had just fallen to sleep when my phone rang. It was the guy saying they had company in their room inviting me over for a beer. I declined and asked for a rain check. The more I thought the harder my cock got and the more I wanted to have my first all male experience fucking a Rodeo cowboys ass. When I knocked at the door and they opened they were all 3 naked. They closed the door behind me and pointed to the chair where I set down. That guy and the new cowboy (from South America) was taking working his buddy over big time. After about 15 minutes they had the guy doggy and were taking 2 to 3 minute turns fucking his ass. I stood up, dropped my pants and walked over to the foot of the bed and tapped the South American cowboy on the shoulder and said, "tag...your out...its my turn."
    That was my first Conference alone. That was my first trip west of the Mississippi. That was my first time to see a Rodeo. That was my first time to see all dude action. That was my first time to fuck a man's ass. That was my first time to suck a cock. That was the first time a man sucked my cock. That was my first group session. That was my First Rodeo, but was not my last.

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