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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 24

    I am the eight months pregnant woman who wrote a confession before about my husband not touching me.I tried everything but he didn't have sex with me.So i had a great sex with my doctor last week.I went there for regular check up and i was feeling very horny.Doctor was checking me and suddenly i grabbed his cock.He was shocked but then he closed the door and said,"u are horny,pregnant slut."I nooded and opened all my clothes including bra and panty.He also opened his pant.Then he came to me started squeezing my boobs and milk started to flow from them and he drank that.Then he licked my pussy and i sucked his cock.He put that big cock inside me and i started riding it.After half an hour nurse knocked at the door and we got dressed.It was a nice day.Do u want to fuck my pregnant c**t and fill my baby filled stomach with ur cum????????????????

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  • — Gross —
    Transsexual Male / 37

    yeh pregnant slut, I don't believe you about that one. Doctors know hidden cameras checking them in their rooms now days and they can be taken of the medical register for life for that sort of thing. that is a fantasy. give me a break obese gutter slug.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to men aswell as women, but have only ever dated and fucked women. By chance I started dating a girl who's father was a friend and colleague of my father. We didn't really hit it off because she couldn't fully take all of my cock and it frustrated me. I called by their house to break it off, not wanting to dump her by text. She wasn't there but her father, Ken was. He let me in and we got chatting about why I was there. In a very weird conversation I sort of told him why, without going into too much detail. Ken answered by letting me know gay men took cock better. I don't know if Ken suspected I sometimes fancied other men, but he'd hit the spot, so to speak when he said what he said. I swear it wasn't planned and I also hadn't got a clue Ken was bisexual. So when he offered me his ass to fuck I was shocked, but I was also very fucking horny. Thirty minutes after entering my ex girlfriends house, I was entering her father's ass and I was fucking loving it. He'd sucked my dick to it's full eight and half inches and he'd sucked it deep down his throat too. It wasn't the most romantic fuck I've ever had, but who cared. It was on their kitchen floor as he knelt down and offered me his ass to fuck. Without a condom on, I eased my dick up his tight butt and began to fuck him as hard as he could take it. Within a couple of minutes I was balls deep up his hole, my balls slapping against his bare butt cheeks. He took every inch of my cock and he was loving it just as much as I was, if not more so, as he backed onto my dick. He asked me to masturbate him as I fucked him, so I reached round and started stroking his cock just like I like doing it to myself. Ken came first all over the kitchen floor and my hand. I came not long afterwards, but I came up his ass without pulling out. When I withdrew my dick, he began pushing and soon my cum was dribbling out of his asshole. He wasn't finished, Ken turned around and took my cock back into his mouth, licking and sucking my dick clean. I'm still dating his daughter, but I fuck Ken way more than I do her and it suits me and him fine. Soon I'm going to come out of the closet and declare myself bisexual. It's not as though I don't like women, I do. It's just that I now know I also love fucking a guys ass.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    When my husband became ill in January 2012, we decided anything that he normally would take care of, would be done by someone else.
    Hiring a gardener to take care of my husbands beautiful landscaped gardens wasn't easy, as it had to be the right person. Theo wasn't your normal gardener and both my husband and myself immediately took to his unusual ways. His personality and his perculiar skills at gardening brought many laughs and smiles to us both. The undoubted care and attention he put into our garden won my husband over and in a small way at first, I envied his girlfriend.
    Theo's 27, half Greek, half English and has a wonderfully athletic build, not too muscley, but just enough to make you notice him when he took off his top. He also has very typical Greek looks and stunningly beautiful deep blue eyes.
    I'd not long put my husband to bed in the middle of a warm summers morning, he'd been up all night as had I looking after him. I decided I'd read a magazine in the garden sitting on a sun lounger. When I woke up posibly an hour later Theo was stood about ten feet away, with what I can only describe as a very large bulge in his shorts.
    From the moment we knew my husbands illness was terminal, to Theo finding me asleep in the garden, I hadn't had any real sex at all. Only playing with my pussy with my fingers. I looked down and straight away and noticed my bikini bottoms were pulled to one side, my pussy was on show and I'd obviously been touching myself in my sleep.
    It was an awkward moment for the both of us and after placing my bikini bottoms straight I smiled at Theo and apologised. His response changed everything "Don't mind me Mrs .........., I'm just your gardener. If you want to play with your pussy in your garden, that's your business. Mind you with a figure like yours and such a beautiful looking pussy, I'm surprised you've not had plenty of men willing to take care of your personal needs, now Mr .......... can't".
    I was instantly so annoyed, how dare he presume to know my personal business and to call my husbands abilities into account. All the time I was thinking this, I was staring at the huge bulge in his shorts and all that time I couldn't deny he was right.
    Rather than fire him on the spot I asked him if he thought he'd be able to take care of my personal needs. Theo's character came to the fore again. Not saying anything he pushed his shorts down and out sprang a very large thickly veined cock. It was so big I gasped. I've had seven lovers in my life including my husband and not one of them comes close to the size and girth of Theo's marvelous cock.
    "Do you think this would satisfy you Mrs .........., do you think your sexual itch would be taken care of by my friend here". As Theo said this he gripped his dick and walked closer to me, moving it up and down as he stepped closer.
    I was sat up now and as Theo got right up to where I sat, his cock looked even bigger and fatter. Looking around to see if anyone could see, not that they could, it was purely instinct. I took Theo's cock into my hands and began to slowly wank his amazing shaft. All ten inches of his thobbing cock had my hands roaming over it. I spat onto it to make my hands slide over his cock easier. Then looking up at him I askd him if I could suck his dick. Theo answerd by saying "Mrs .........., it's all yours".
    It was all mine for next twenty or so minutes it took me to make Theo cum. Every inch of his cock had my tongue either licking at it or my tongue and mouth smothering it, as I sucked as much into my mouth as I could. Only when I snaked my left hand up behind his ass and began to probe his tight asshole did he begin to cum. He literally flooded my mouth and face. I couldn't swallow it quickly enough so it flowed all over my face and neck.
    I was rampant by then, I wanted his cock inside my soaking pussy and I wanted him there and then. Sitting him down where I'd just sat, I removed his shorts completely. His cock was still rock solid and still so big. Standing above him I started to stroke myself as he watched. I played with my wet pussy and inserted two fingers inside myself.
    It was Theo's turn to ask for me to fuck him. Lowering myself after straddling his legs I gripped his long shaft and guided it to my pussy opening. In one very slow long movement I impaled myself onto his cock.
    It felt absolutely devine, it had been so long since I'd been fucked and never by a cock as big as Theo's. When you here of peolple crying because they're being fucked, both men and women, I now know why. Every single emotion came out in me as Theo began to push upwards and fill my eager c**t.
    With every thrust of his hips and every squeeze of my pussy walls his cock sent me further into rapture. I'd cum once already as his cock reached further than any other cock had previously. My bikini top had been disgarded and Theo was now sucking on my right nipple. I finally bottomed out as his cock seemed to enter my womb, it was the moment I really came for the first time in my life. My whole body shook with the violent orgasm I was having and every nerve in my body was on fire. Only Theo biting my nipple stopped me from screaming out my pleasure.
    I flopped down into Theo's arms and let him move us so he was behind me as we lay together. When he entered me this way it was softer more loving. Kissing my neck from behind he began to gently move inside me, slowly building up his speed until he was fucking me for real. In all my years of sex I'd not had a man so fully give himself to making me feel so good. He'd reached around me and was playing with my clit and with every thrust of his thick cock inside me, I was once again building up to a another orgasm.
    When I came this time Theo came too. We were both sweating and we were both well and truely fucked.
    I lay there for the next five minutes going over in my head what I'd just done, trying to justify what had just happened. It wasn't as hard as I thought it might have been. The following week told me that when Theo arrived to alter some things in our garden so I could move my husband around in his wheelchair.
    Once he'd finished and my husband had fallen asleep in the garden, myself and Theo fucked in the kithcen. I was looking out of the window at the back of my husbands head, as Theo's cock drove into me from behind. It was pattern which persisted until my husband died in February this year.
    Now it's spring again Thoe has become a very regular visitor to the house. We still have sex in the garden but now we also have sex all over the house. I know I shouldn't have cheated on my husband, but as he said before he passed away "Thank you for loving me, I know you and Theo have had fun together, that's the way it should have been".
    Nobody knows about it except myself and Theo and that's the way it will stay. Theo isn't his full name and no one except me calls him that. You don't choose who you fall in love with and at what time, so who knows my growing love for Theo might just turn into marriage...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 19

    I would live to be fucking my girlfriend then have a random girl come up behind me with a strap on and fuck me and then eventually help me double team my girlfriend

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 32

    I have two younger brothers, one is two years younger and the other is seven years younger. I know exactly how I started to suck each one, the first we use to play cowboys and indians, I would always be an indian, I would take two washclothes and tie them on with a belt take off my clothes and just have the wash clothes tied on with a war bonnet on my head(we only played this game in doors and down in the basement tv room)my brother would be dressed up as a cowboy, since I was bigger he would always end up be tied to a metal post.

    The very first time that I sucked him he was tied up and had a blind fold on and I told him that I need to check that he wasn't hiding any secrects in he pants, so when I pull down his pants and underwear I was on my knees and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him. The thought of just having only the wash clothes really sexed me up, after I finish sucking him and swallowing his cum I let him go, I would be standing there with a big hard on with the wash clothes sticking up.

    I would never have him suck me, but he would start letting me suck him off all the time, mostly in the bath room I would sit on the toilet and he would be standing and put his cock in my mouth I was a cum slut, his cock was pretty big for a fourteen year old almost five inches.

    The reason I sucked my youngest brother is because he walked into my bed room when I was sucking the other brother, I told him not to tell anyone and I would suck him. He cock was not very big so I would suck him then I had him suck my cock which at age sixteen was nearly seven inches, that was the first cum he swallowed my cum-he became my cum slut, even after getting married and having two kids he still loves sucking my cock on a weekly bases. To give you and idea how much he likes sucking my cock, the morning of his wedding day he sucked down a load of my cum. We were standing at the back door waiting for Dad to drop off the tux's when he says how nervous he was and needed to calm down, so as I was looking out the window for the car to come up the drive I took out my cock for him to suck, he starts bobbing his head up and down on my cock, swallowing all of my cum, I got down on my knees to take away his nervousness and start sucking his cock, just that morning I trimmed his pubic hair on his balls and around his cock for his honeymoon, as I started to feels his balls he starts to cum into my mouth. The day after coming home from his honeymoon he sucked my cock again. We never speak about him sucking me at all I just go to his house, go into the basement or his office and I would take out my semi hard cock and have him suck it till it get really hard and blow my cum into his throat. I would only get to suck his cock once in awhile since I share it with his wife now.

    My other brother has become a real ass licker, I still get to suck his cock, it is almost nine inches now. We only see each other a couple of times a year atmost since he and his family live out of state but on the big holidays the family gets together and that is when I suck his cock any time he wants me too. It is like having an old friend in my mouth. He has started licking my asshole, he has me take my pants off and spreads my cheeks so his tongue really gets into the hole, he lubes my cock and has me enter his rear after oly a couple of minutes in his tighthole I really start cumming, I bet his fat wife can't do that. It is nice to have a couple of brothers who respect a big cock.....

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Male / 24

    I like to watch my girlfriend get fucked by our dog. It's so hot. That slut will do about anything-- she's such a nympho.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    When I was 14 me and my stepdad used to watch each other masturbating. It would happen during the night he would wake me up and ask me if we could play and then we would sit on my bed and masturbate ourselves. He didn't touch me and I didn't touch him. we would just sit on my bed and touch ourselves while looking at each other.

    I really enjoyed our nights together and still think about him every once in-a-while when I am alone. I close my eyes imagine that I am 14 again and that he is next to me and we are playing our game.

    I love him so much and now as an adult I wish we could do more. Sadly though I am 30 now and he is 75 and I am not sure that he wants to talk about those years when I was a teen.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Female / 32

    I'm pregnant by my father in law. My husband doesn't seem to be able to father a child and we want one very much. One afternoon his dad was visiting and I was telling him our problem. To my horror, he offered to "step up to the plate" as he put it. I was disgusted by it at first but I was so desperate for a baby that I re-thought it. The next time he came over, I asked him if he was still willing. He said that he was. Hubby wasn't home from work yet so it was a good chance. We had sex, and I was so embarrassed and ashamed for cheating. I wanted to be pregnant though, so we did it off and on for the next two months. Sure enough, I'm pregnant now. I'm so afraid of what will happen if my husband finds out he's not the dad. He thinks this baby is a miracle of some kind. He had no idea it's his half brother. I don't know how to live with this secret.

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  • — My Family —
    Gay Male / 21

    I have stupid parents and I meet stupid people everywhere.

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