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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 19

    Ted is my next door neighbor who has been peeping into my room ever since my father and mother seperated. He does it 3 to 5 nights a week and I hate him for it but also hate that he has another man watch me who I don't even know. Another reason I hate him is because I have become an exhibitionist and aside from just letting them see me naked I also masturbate knowing they watch me. He puts a bench next to the house so they can see into my room and I purposely have the shade pulled up and window open enough for them to see inside. The only other guy to see me naked is my boyfriend and I don't really understand why I get so excited when I know Ted is watching me and more so when his friend is with him. Ted and my dad were friendly when my dad lived here and as soon as my dad moved out Ted started the peeping. Its real dark in the driveway but I did see him looking in last year while drying myself after a shower. I turned the light out and saw him carrying the bench back to his yard. I think I was mad about it at first but was aroused by the thought of him seeing me naked. His wife is a 9911 operator and works nights and a couple nights a week his friend is there. I know when the two of them are outside because his friend has a blue pickup in the driveway. I didn't let them see me masturbate right away but each time I knew they were seeing me naked it got me more excited. Just getting undressed made me wet and after a month or two went by I just couldn't control myself anymore and started letting them see me masturbate.

    I'm not sure how old Ted and his friend are but they are around my parents age and Teds wife and my mother are freinds. I see and talk to Ted and his wife a lot every week and don't understand why I am not embarrassed about it. The only time I know Ted won't be out there is when his wifes car is in the driveway. I can usually tell he is peeking in from my makeup mirror on my dresser. Sometimes I just undress and put my pjs on but I also come into my room still wet from my shower and let him and his friend see me dry myself and dry my hair while I remain naked. The first few times I masturbated, knowing they were watching me, I just laid flat on my back with my knees up and legs wide open. Since then I have made a complete fool of myself just by how I expose myself from every angle possible. I have a dildo which my mother doesn't know about but Ted and his friend have watched me use it many times. It seems the more I humiliate myself the more aroused I become and the more orgasms I have. They have watched me satisfy myself and expose myself to them in ways my boyfriend has never seen me. I have fabulous sex with my boyfreind but knowing Ted and often his friend are watching me gets me turned on so much I expose myself to them in ways that should be mortifying. Many times afterwards I ask myself why I let them see me that way but while masturbating have several orgasms. I can't imagine what they think when I am on my knees, bent over, legs open, with my rear facing the window while inserting the dildo in me. Its embarrassing when I think about it but not when I am doing it. Even when I talk to Ted I'm not embarrassed and once asked him what he does at night since his wife isn't home. He just says he watches tv or goes out somewhere which I know he doesn't. I asked who owned the blue pick up and he just said a guy he works with. I think I dispise him because he is a peeping-tom but also because of my reaction to it. Instead of being insulted or angry about him watching me I let myself react instead with arousement and encouraging him to watch me more often and include his friend. It would be simple for me to close the window and pull the shade all the way down but now I am hooked on exposing myself. When I know both Ted and his friend are watching me the satisfaction I get while masturbating is so stimulating I'm totally satisfied at my final climax. So much that I often just lay there awhile letting them see me spent. I masturbate more now than I have at any other time and the fact I'm being observed is the reason for it as shameful as it is.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 28

    Ok so I feel like a lot of stories of cheating at bachelorette parties on this site are bullshit. Why would a woman who is about to get married risk everything to fuck some disgusting stripper or random stranger???????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????? It doesn't make sense. Does anyone really know anyone who did this ???????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? My wife has been to a few bachelorette parties recently and she said they were all tame.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    A friend of mine was over at the house and asked if I would let him look at some hot girls on my computer since my wife was not at home and he doesn't have one. So I set him up on some tumbler with some fine ass looking bitches and showed him how to scroll and surf around I guess I should mention he is sort of shelterd and lives with his grandmother who will never buy one,. So I piddled around the house awhile checking on him from time to time and seen him sort of squeezing him self and stop when I walked in.

    So I walked over and sat next to him and just started to rub his cock is this OK I asked?? he said Yes,. Next I asked him to un-zip and he did I rubbed him softly for a moment and the started sucking his dick for him he layed his head back and let it happen MMmmm he had a nice long cock and thin at the head and thick at the base I slobberd all over that sweet meat and took it as deep as I could, it felt so good deep in my throat I loved every inch of that sweet cock,. And slurped up his cum like the little whore that I am MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm I cant wait to suck his cock again or any cock as far as that is, I only wish my wife were a whore like me and would suck on some pussy while I suck on dick and get pounded in the ass. I wish she were as kinky as me and would try all sorts of crazy shit.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Every day I want him. Every day I see he wants me. But each time we take that step, one of us has to back away. We know it's not right and for my part I understand my boundaries. All the same I want his cock inside me, I want to feel his muscular body pressing onto my breasts as he fucks me. I know he wants to feel my mouth, pussy and asshole wrapped around his enormous manhood. I know all this because he's my step dad and ever since I've started to let him know I want him sexually, he's responded by showing me just how large he is. My mom doesn't treat him right, she doesn't do the things I know I would do for him. His cock barely feels her massive once a month and I know he craves my tight shaven pussy. Seeing him reveal his hard ons when I'm flashing him, tells me just how horny he is for my body. I would do anything for him, anything and he knows it. He should do, I text him often enough with naked pictures of myself. All I have to do is figure out how to break the barrier of family ties, in such a way my mom never finds out.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    This is from a part of my life when I was literally out of control. A time when no matter who or how many fronted me, I'd take them on. It lead to many many fights and lots of time at her majesty's pleasure. Either in youth detention or as in my confession here, in prison.

    Unfortuna tely for me my size wasn't something that went for me, even if my inner anger, fighting ability and non stop ferociousness counted for something on the outside of prison. There were men and con rules inside, that made sure my role in prison wasn't what I would have chosen.

    The very first man who attempted to have sex with me, was a cell mate. We'd both been drinking (Yes you can get alcohol in prison) and he thought because I was so small (I'm 5'4" tall) he could take advantage of me and my arsehole. I put him straight and also put him in the prison infirmary. The bad thing for me was, he was a protected person. Someone who has the backing of a major player in prison. It was that player who had me placed in his cell to be his bitch. Too late for me to find out and I was told I was to be "Shuffled off".

    I had only one choice, find another player and get their protection for a cost. That cost of course wasn't just one thing, it was a number of things. Having items brought in. "Making up" a cigarette ration (from lesser cons) and giving it all to them, working the prison net as a courier and finally submitting to their sexual will. I learnt all this whilst I was in solitary for my violence, and knew when I was put back into the general prison populas I would be someones bitch.

    Meeting Frank was unerving. Even I, had heard of his reputation. Almost everyone in the city I lived in, knew about Frank and his persausive ways. So when I first entered his plush cell I was shitting myself. Not out of physical fear because if I had to I'd fight him too, but from the prison whispers. I'd already resigned myself to the fact that I would be his or one of his minions sexual toy. The rumours of his huge cock though, did have me sweating. He couldn't have been more friendly, yet the menance of the man was there. His massive frame didn't go with his soft voice. But when he spoke, you knew what he said, absolutely was how it was going to be.

    Quietly and smiling Frank said "Open my trousers and give me the best blow job I've had this year" It wasn't a debate, it wasn't a time for me to question what he wanted. So dropping to my knees I opened Franks non conforming prison trousers and released what I can only describe as a snake flopping out of the material. The rumours weren't wrong and I genuinely gulped at the task in front of me. Opening my mouth as Frank pushed forwards, I felt his hot growing cock slide over my tongue, completely filling my mouth. It was an alien feeling for me, but weirdly not too uncomfortable as Frank slowly began to fuck my mouth.

    Every thrust of his hips pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and every time I took it, I became more and more confident. A few minutes into sucking on Franks enormous cock, he was actually leaning backwards against his cell wall and he was moaning out loud, so loud everyone on the landing would have been able to hear him. Of his ten inch swollen thick cock, I was able to take about six inches of it down my throat, something I'd never done before, but something which seemed natural to me. Frank stopped me, let me have a breather as he removed his trousers completely and lay on his bunk. One of his minders Tony, who was stood in the doorway, was grinning like a cheshire cat at me and Frank saw him. Turning to him he said "Not this one Tony, he's all mine, boy can this guy suck cock". Moving over to where Frank lay, I resumed where I'd left off, deep throating his cock for all I was worth. A couple of minutes later, Frank gripped my hair and forced his cock further over my tongue, face fucking me. Then holding me firm, his cock exploaded filling my mouth and throat. He didn't let go until I'd swallowed the lot.

    Releasing me, he told Tony to sort out my sleeping arrangements, telling him "This one's mine, no one has access, and I mean no one" he paused before adding "Tell Terry, I'll square it with him for Barry's trip to the infirmary". That was it, I was Franks posession from then on. I was nineteen years old and I'd sucked the cock of one of prisons most notorious's men.

    It wasn't the only sexual pleasure I gave to Frank. He took my anal virginity with his massive cock a few weeks later, but that's another confession maybe for a later day. I also learnt that pleasing some of his main crew, was extremely beneficial for me too, especially on the outside, as it provided me with the means to start the business I've been sucessful in to this day. I don't like prison and wouldn't advocate it as a career or anything, but my time back then was for me, a total sexual exploration and one in which I totally enjoyed. My life is completely different from back then, as I'm not only married now to a beautiful and wonderful woman, I'm also a father of two great kids.

    My fighting and prison days are over, but having said that, I wouldn't hessitate to suck cock again, if you know what I mean, if my family was threatened.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I thought I was pregnant
    I wanted to be pregnant
    I tried to get pregnant
    I wanted to marry him
    But he was already
    I talked to him until 2012 and I regret not seeing him again
    We had a two yr relationship and it officially ended in 2013
    I stalk his wife on fb to keep up with him
    I miss him
    I dream him
    He made me happy
    I miss that feeling
    He made me feel free and full of hope even though I knew what I was to him
    We danced at the club, sweaty, basically fucking on stage. I spent money trying to look good for him each weekend
    We drank, got drunk and would fuck all day and night
    His wife would call and he would put the phone on my privet part..while she called and called.
    I would knock on the door with booty shorts and his wife would be on phone... He would shhh me.. I knew what that meant.
    It was wrong .. All wrong..
    But I miss him and he will always be baby...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I really want to have a relationship with an underage girl. I know I'm the most hated type of person in the world. But one thing straight now, I would never pursue something like this. It's sick and fucked up, but I have asked myself why.

    When I was 6 I was abused, then again when I was 7, then I was practically ___ when I was 9 10 and 11. I have been abused over 30 times by different boys and subjected to eerily sexual in undoes. But I'm smarter than most of the monsters you know because I realize that it doesn't have to be passed on. I control it with my every ounce of my being, because the next child doesn't deserve what I have endured. But everyday I wonder what love would be like from a 12 or 13 year old then I say, she is a baby and deserves a full life, so I will protect those children, do I think of it? Of course, would I act? fuck no. The moral of the story.......know there's monsters out here and protect your children.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    Every day after work before I arrive home to my wife I stop at a public toilet where dirty wanker men hang out. Every day I enter and wait and each day two or three complete strangers want and pump my clock till it shoots for them. My wife doesn't know and I get wanked off about 20 times a week.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I went to a party Halloween night, it was the best party I'd been at for years. The hostess and I really hit off and after a couple hours I found myself in her bed. She nearly drove me crazy fingering me until I was about to orgasm, then she would pull her hand out from beneath my skirt (I was sans panty and bra), kiss me passionately, and grind against me. She wouldn't let me make her orgasm either, but we made out like this for about an hour, then she had to go back to the party. Needless to say, I was probably the horniest I have ever been in my lifetime, and to make matters worse, every time she passed me she would pin me against the wall and passionately kiss me while giving me a rough, quick fondling. By the time the party was over, I was very much in need for sex, but her husband woke back from his drunken stupor and she left me cold.

    The taxi ride home was agonizingly slow, traffic seemed to barely crawl along, but was probably just an illusion created by my extreme condition of need. I was just drunk enough to start to be uninhibited, but not enough for me to be at ease with a public display of my sex. Every few minutes, when the driver was not looking, I would rub myself--continuing the agony and sexual tension the hostess of the party had started. By the time I arrived home, I was very much ready for a good toy session in private.

    As soon as I opened the door I started stripping. I left my heels in the hall by the door, and my top at my bedroom door, my skirt on the floor before I reached my bed.

    I opened my toy drawer and took out a ball, that is about 4 inches across. I pushed it beneath me, and started to grind against it remembering my tormenter from the party. I soon had a hold of both my nipples roughly twisting and pulling.

    My torment was so exquisite! I reached for my toy drawer, but to my delight and surprise my hand brushed across a real cock. At that point I so did not care who's it was, I just wanted to feel it in me and start my screaming orgasm. I climbed off the bed and knelt down in front of whoever it was and just started sucking. His cum shot down my throat and filled my mouth. I swallowed it down. I stood to give him a kiss, but he just pushed me back onto the bed. I felt his weight on top of me and I closed my eyes. My spread my legs ready for his cock. I wanted it. I needed it.

    As soon as I felt him inside me, I orgasmed. I squirmed. I thrashed beneath him, his gorgeous cock giving me the pleasure and release I so needed.

    I opened my eyes to see who could be bringing me such rapture. It was my son, my 177 year old son! I tried to get away, but he held me beneath him. His cock grinding into me. I couldn't help it, I orgasmed again and again as he used me, made me his slut. He left me laying in a puddle of his cum.

    His cock fills me like his father. The pleasure it brings is something I have missed since the divorce. He has me now. He knows the pleasure he gsve me and I am his slut.

    The next morning started with my attempt to talk to him, but he pulled me onto the couch. I was naked in moments and his cock in me before I could blink. I wrapped my legs around him and took the ride. I am his slut. I worship his cock.

    I thought I could prevent anything further, but my first confession was not to be my last. I am a succubus and a victim. I am going to hell.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 55

    This website should install software that limits paragraph size and limit all cap posts. I suggest no paragraph should exceed 1000 words and no more than one hundred consecutive characters should be caps. I won't bother reading a story if it is all caps or consists of one agonizingly long paragraph. I encountered on story with a sentence that had over 70 words. A person can pass out holding their breath for a sentence that long. 70+ words without so much as a comma is unacceptable.

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