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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    I am a 36 year old mother of three. I'm a redhead with blue eyes and my measurements are 34B-25-35.
    This summer I and my husband hired a fifteen-year old boy named Freddie to babysit for us. He came highly recommended from friends and while we had some reservations about allowing a boy to sit for our children, we overcame those quickly upon meeting Freddie. He came across as such a responsible, level headed and charming young man.
    Having a sitter allowed my husband and I to begin having weekend date nights, something we sorely needed. Our relationship had been in decline for a little while, as children and careers took a toll. That old spark had nearly gone out and we needed to rekindle it.
    What I didn't know was that Freddie was a little snoop and he would log into my personal desktop computer whenever I and my husband would leave the house. I wasn't computer saavy. I knew nothing of passwords or privacy settings. Hell, I even made a notepad document of my all my sign-in information usernames and passwords as a failsafe just in case I ever forgot them. He had access to everything. My Facebook, my e-mail.
    That's where he found the e-mails from my boss at work. I had been carrying on a little affair with my boss. It added spice to my life and excited me. Things I sorely needed before this summer when the hubby and I began dating again. I've tried to call things off with my boss, but he just won't take no for an answer and asks for nude pics or special favors from time to time. All the incriminating evidence was there in my e-mail account. Saved mail, sent mail...
    Freddie had me and he knew it. So the little bastard started to blackmail me into sex.
    It isn't bad enough that I have to give him head or bend over and let him fuck me in the ass or my pussy on those rare occasions we we're alone. Sometimes he makes me get on webcam and perform for him. I strip on demand, I get into whatever positions he asks for. I insert everything from my fingers, to hairbrush handles, to the dildo Freddie knows I keep hidden in a shoebox in my closet.
    He calls me his cum slut and makes me answer to that name. When I refer to him, I have to address him as "master".
    Last Tuesday he set up a rendezvous between us at his house. His parents were out and we had about an hour alone. Or we would have been alone if Freddie hadn't of had three friends over (a black kid and two more white kids). Friends of his, the four boys stood around me with their cocks out and I, on my knees, serviced each of them one after the other. And everytime they'd orgasm, they'd cum on my face and in my hair, laughing and calling me whore and slut.
    The weird thing is.... as much as it humiliates me and I hate it, as much as I loathe Freddie for using me, it turns me on too. I got so wet when I gave Freddie and his friends that gangsuck.
    What the hell is wrong with me??

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 49

    God, it was embarrassing having such a small penis, I was 12 yrs old and my willy was just a little stump, not even 1/2 inch it was a button, mushroom, a peanut,I hid it from everyone,no swimming or showers for me, I had to sit down everytime I went for a wee, I couldn't hold it couldn't even find it!I had 2 brothers, Sean,10yrs and Jamie 9yrs, they bathed together,I'd get in alone later, I'd watch in horror as mum dried them Sean's dick looked massive to me it must have been 3" and even Jamie's was big for his age,I hated my little thing,It happend on a Saturday morning, it was 10ish,I could hear voices downstairs and the two boys laughing,the two boys ran into my bedroom full of excitement," guess wots goin to appen to you??" Sean said,Happen to me , I thought, what's he on about?? Mum then came in with my auntie, she also held a jar in her hands,I pulled the blanket up, I sensed something unpleasant was about to happen.mum passed the jar to Sean,and pulled the sheets down, I lye there in just my vest and underpants,ok"Now" she yelled,my aunt held my arms up over my head, mum grabbed my feet," what the hells going on mum",I'm sorry love, but we've got to do this," Iv got a jar of special cream,it will make your willy grow!joyce down the road says iy works on her fella!"what,don't be daft, stop this now, please mum,it fell on deaf ears,With aunt and mum holding me down ,this just left the sniggering,Sean and Jamie,Sean said" I'm going to put loads of cream on your willy Ha,Ha," Jamie chipped in"and I'm going to pull your undies down"they all had there own jobs to do,It was my worst nightmare,Sweat was rolling down my back I felt my body shaking,I felt sick,Jamie moved over to the side of the bed, he lifted my vest up, his stare never leaves me,as he puts his hands on the top of my underpants," Please Jamie,Please don't do it"He looked at mum,"Do It"He started to slowly lower my undies,just a little bit one side then a bit the other,He was going to make sure I was totally Humilliated,He was laughing in my face,as he moved his hands ever so slowly on my underpants, " hurry up pull them off"The crowd yelled,Im sure I seen mum Laughing! He yanked them off in one go,I started to cry,the room went silent, as they all stared, at basiclly nothing, Sean nearly dropped the cream," mum, where's his willy"With all this stress and embarrassment it had disappear'd altogether,This didn't stop mum "rub the cream on it Sean" " on what" Sean replye'd,I was still crying as Sean dumped a big dollop of white cream on to my stump,It felt cold, Sean rubbed the cream over my little thing,As he smeared the cream I felt a little movement,Sean now had a finger and thumb on my now 1" penis,he rubbed faster as he smiled at me,I must admit he was doing it good, it began to feel really nice, mum said "See it is going bigger!"It was(but it wasn't the stupid bloody cream)Sean asked me if I had sponk, I didn't know,How did he know about all this , he's only 10yrs More cream was applied, my penis was now fully stiff, all 2"" of it! Sean said he was tierd,Jamie jumped in,"I'll do it"he grabbed my cock ,god, he was better than Sean,he said to me that him and Sean wanked each other nearly every night, I'd never felt this warm glow in my groins before, it just came out,Jamie was still Wanking me fast,Then wham, bang,another lot of white cream appeard, oh great you've cum, I can stop now. Mum and aunt walked out,I think they got embarrassed! Sean and Jamie stood either side of me,My willy was shivering back to its normal size,They were good to me ,they wiped me clean,Even said I could join in on there mutual masturbating sessions, I think the 9/10 yr olds could teach me a lot, who would have thought the day would end so happy! Xx.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    i am attracted to pregnant woman, but i don't consider that i am bi. i have always felt a need to breast feed, and have been doing it all my life. i am the second child of 6 and when my mom would have another baby, i would climb up and breast feed when she would nurse my new born sibling. my mother let me when my baby brother was born, i was 11 then. since then i've been able to find willing women the help me with my fetish. the first time i nursed from anyone than my mom was one of my friend's step mom. it was her first baby and she was really engorged. i offered to help her express. she was in so much pain, i don't think she was thinking clearly, but after she was starting to ease, i started sucking the nipple of the breast i was working to express. i told her it was a lot easier then expressing. she said it felt a lot better than expressing and i was able to drink from both her breasts. i was able to nurse from her for another 6 months. i've been making friends with newly expectant mothers ever since, and helping them out by easing them when they are engorged, and then convincing them to allow me to nurse too.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    When I meet a married man, I feel I have to have sex with him. I've seen a couple different analysts about this, but neither of them could help me. Both say it's latent aggression towards my father for cheating on and divorcing my mother. Maybe that is what it is, but they couldn't help me find a way to stop, so I ended up fucking both of them and now one is not paying my rent and the other is making my car payments so I don't tell their professional review boards.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'm your worse nightmare. This girl I know had a rocky relationship with her boyfriend but they would always make up. They were friends since childhood. She left him to be with a guy she felt sorry for. She told her boyfriend that when the other guy stopped feeling depressed they could be together again. He said he'd wait. In comes me. I wanted that man for myself and why not?? I'd be a better woman for him. I'd always put him first. I'd always be there for him. Forever. Until death do us part. I am tired of waiting for him to come to me. This guy is cheating on me and he doesn't know it. He's mine. I decided to make it official. I seduced him and was very persistent about it. I followed him everywhere I could, cooked him meals and showed up at his job, and for his birthday surprised him by sneaking into his home and he found me laying on his bed wrapped in nothing but a ribbon. Just for him. He finally caved in and we became one. The spider caught the fly and what a meal it was. His ex was finally done babying the depressed friend of hers but the glorious spider has already stolen her man and why not?? I AM the better woman. The better woman is the woman who is always there for the man. I let him do everything he wants and more. I make him dreams come true and fulfill him in ways she never would. His ex found out about us and was bawling and begging but for the first time he refused her. They were soulmates. Trust me on this. They were meant for each other. I ripped them apart while glee while laughing and riding him like an evil succubus in the night. So what happened next you scream?? Well...I got him. He's MINE now. We're married. His ex continues to try and see him but he continues to ignore, reject, and even humiliate her. She rang the doorbell and he threw a toilet water balloon at her. She ran off crying and cursing into the distance. I heard she became a nun and has chosen to lead a sexless life. I stole her lobster. Her soulmate. Her penguin. Muahahahahha!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 19

    Last year on a night out i got seperated from the group i was with, I couldn't find them anywhere, I ended up in a bar, really drunk and got talking to a man, his name was James, he was about 55, he was quite chubby and had a trimmed beard. He bought me a couple of drinks and at closing suggested i go back to his for a joint. We stumbled back to his, he gave me a bottle of beer and rolled a joint. After we smoked it I was out of it, I went to the toilet as I didn't feel well, I was in there a while, when I got back to the living room, James was watching porn in his pants I sat down and he passed me another joint, I was so wrecked, at some point James sat next to me, I saw he had a big bulge in his pants and it wasn't long after that he took it out of his pants, he said "I'm feeling horny", he took my hand and made me touch his cock, he told me to wank him, I did as he told me, he started touching me, he made me hard, then he pinned me down on the sofa and rubbed his cock on mine, I must admit it felt nice, it wasn't long before he was sat on my chest, pushing his 7inches in my mouth, he came in my mouth, made me swallow and reached for a draw, he pulled out some lube and rubbed it on my cock, he sat on my cock and rode me, his cock soon got hard, he made me cum in his mouth then he rolled me over and took me from behind, he came in my ass then cleaned me out.....I must say i ended up enjoying it, the best fuck I ever had

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    When I was in eleventh grade I was at a party at a friend's house. Her parents were on the second floor and we were in her basement drinking with a few friends. It got really late and everyone began to pass out. I didn't want to sleep in the guest bedroom because it smelled bad (someone had thrown up) so I went upstairs to fall asleep on her couch. I was almost asleep and then I heard someone walking in the room.
    I was too drunk and tired to look who it was but they lifted my blanket and put their hand down my pants.
    I wasn't really sure what to do because I was scared it would be awkward to say something so I just stayed still and after a while they pulled their hand out. Honestly it felt really good and i had wished they hadn't stopped.
    Then I heard a zipper. They paused, but then coughed really loud and I heard them leave.
    The next morning I realized it was my friend's 46 year old father because when I woke up I heard him coughing and talking to her in the kitchen.
    I kind of want it to happen again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I have been the most awful wife, but I can't help how good it feels when I cheat on my husband. I mean, I DO love him, but he's just a bit of a wimp. And I get so wet over strong men.
    I have cheated on him with eight guys now, most on girls nights out or when I'm away on work. The thing that really excites me though is swallowing their semen or letting them come inside my married pussy- it's the ultimate betrayal.
    I even let my darling husband lick my pussy once when I got home from a night out in a neighbouring town, and let's just say it probably wasn't just me he was tasting...
    I feel terrible but it is just SO wonderfully exciting!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    You ever masturbate and squirt junk all in the palm of your hand and then use a finger on the other hand to push it, a little bit at a time into your own butt so you can think to yourself "my ass has been jizzed in before" ?? I do.

    ~ Thin Leonard

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I always knew my parents were going to get divorced. For as long as I remember I remember trying little things like making sure my parents would say I love you to each other and hacking into their emails to send love emails.

    It didn't work. It was hardly surprising.

    I guess I'm lucky in a way, my dad remarried and I have a wonderful stepmom, we have enough money to support us, and through the madness I was able to get closer to everyone in my family.

    I sure don't feel lucky though.

    The divorce has been going on for at least 8 years now. Even though the agreement is final both of my parents are still fighting over money.

    My dad tells me my mom is digging out of my college fund to try to get more money. My mom tells me my dad had already taken from that fund.

    I don't know who is lying.

    The lawyers my parents have are complete scum. They take advantage of both of my parents by convincing them the other is not to be trusted. Even if my parent was pleading for world peace the lawyers would tell the other parent that they were secretly pleading for a nuclear war, and the parent would believe them.

    I tried to help, I tried everything. It turns out that in my family, hate is much stronger than love. No love for me or my sister or anyone other than themselves exists.

    My dad calls me to rant about how much of a bitch my mom is. He tells me what he wishes I would tell my mother and then tells me not to do anything.

    My mom wont talk to me about anything I try to confront her on, she says its not my problem and to leave her alone.

    I don't want them to get back together, I just want them to stop fighting.

    It'll never happen.

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