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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 28

    I've never told anyone who took my virginity at 14.

    I'm the youngest of 4 girls my sisters being 9, 12 and 13 years older. We lived on a farm in the middle of Bum Fuck No Where and when I got of the school bus and walked the long drive to our house I was faced with a couple of hours of chores before my parents came in from their jobs in the city. Even when they came home it was the cattle, garden, yard, barn, caning or something which took all their time, and mine too. Growing up on a farm animal sex if your introduction to human sexuality, only it doesn't prepare one for their strong drive for sex, a release and sexual frustration for both sexes.

    I've have been playing with my pussy as far back as I can remember with a unreal urge and desire to have my 14 year old cherry popped. I remember once I as a kid being on the chair arm to a rocker on the porch rubbing my pussy when my dad saw me and laughed. He said to slide to the side, which I did, and that's when the rim of the chair got me off. Girls at school talked about fucking and sucking all the time, however, I lived a very isolated life on the farm. I was so far out, I was the first student on the bus and the last to get off.

    My parents owned some houses in the area and the one closest to your house (could barely see it from our porch) was rented to a young couple because the wife had taken a job teaching in a rural school for 4 years to reduce her student loan and her husband commuted to the city where he drove a soda delivery truck. He would get home about the same time as me but the wife handled tutoring 3 afternoons a week so she didn't get in until around 5.

    Bill, is his name and he is a very handsome man with a square jaw, tan complexion, black wavy hair, muscles everywhere and hairy legs which made my pussy wet just seeing them. Did I mention my hair brush handle was my favorite devise to rub against my pussy? LOL. One day I came in from school, changed clothes and decided to ride the rocking chair arm before I started my afternoon chores. Ear phones blaring in my ears as I set s straddle of the porch chair arm - one foot on the chair seat and the other on the floor rocking my pussy back and forth on the rocking arm. I had just got off and was leaning forward to catch my breath when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. I turned and there at the end of the porch was Bill who had walked around the side of the house to the back because I didn't come to the front door.

    I went to jump off the rocker and fell on my side. Now I am laying on my right side right at the top of the steps where I now see Bill standing at the foot asking if I am alright. I looked at his face and went to drop my head in embarrassment when I spotted his hard dick sticking down the leg of his shorts. I lay there looking at his hard cock, then up to his face and back to his dick. Finally he said, I am sorry I should have walked back home when I realized you were....and he stopped. I was getting up when he called my name and said, I am deaf, dumb and blind to what I saw. I apologize it excited me as he placed his hands over his hard cock. I got up and said, I saw nothing either and he laughed.

    He said I need to borrow a plumbers wrench the drain is leaking under the sink. I walked past him and he followed me to the barn where I pointed out dad's tools. He was looking at the tools determining the ones he needed, I was to his side, and I saw his dick had gone down but no completely soft. He saw me looking and said, I am sorry I need to get home and work on the drain. As he turned to leave I reached for his dick and he stopped dead in his tracks. It felt wonderful in my hand so I asked to see it and he unzipped pulling out the first hard cock I had ever seen in real life. I was soaking wet by then!!! He asked if I wanted to touch it and I did and was so turned on he said I was about to hyperventilate. He asked if I wanted to suck it and I said he was my first man I had ever seen hard. Bill asked if I were a virgin and I said, yes. He said do you masturbate a lot, and I said, everyday. I pushed my shorts and panties down and began to rub my pussy while I held his dick. When he put his hand on mine taking it away as he began to rub his finger between my lips.

    Bill took my hand leading me the hay where he pulled my clothes off and then dropped his. His chest was covered with curly black hair like his legs and I was about to explode. When he took my breast in his mouth I thought I would die and when he pushed my legs up and buried his face on my pussy I screamed as his tongue began to lick me. I screamed fuck me so he pulled up asking if I were sure. I said, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. I need it so bad. When he pulled back my pussy lips and began to rub the head of his dick on it I was shaking all over. Bill has a big dick and it took some effort just to get the head in. He was holding the back of my legs up looking at me when he looked at me and said, I've never been with a virgin, so this is special for me too. He pushed it deep in my pussy as my body quivered and shook. It hurt so damn good - tears ran out the sides of my eyes and I rolled my head from side to side. He still only had about 4 inches in me because he told me to reach down and fell his cock and my hand was full of dick. Slowly he pushed and pushed while I squirted. Then he said take a deep breath, which I did, and he rammed it pubs deep in my virgin pussy and I screamed.

    He told me to lay my hand just atop of my pubs (on my abdomen) and feel it rise as he slowly fucked his big dick in my little pussy. I was now a real women experiencing the greatest feeling on earth - a hard dick in my pussy. He told me to place my hands behind my knees holding my legs up as he placed both hands on my breast massaging them even more. He took his right hand down to my pubs and with his thumb he began to massage me. I thought he was trying to get his thumb on top of his dick in my pussy until he lifted his hand to show me the red proof I was no longer a virgin.

    He said he had to think about work not to blow as he wanted it to last as long as possible for both of us. Sometimes he just stood there with his hard dick in my pussy looking at my face and smiling. After a few minutes he said he wanted to cum but not in me as he was fucking me raw. He pulled out and shot thick, white cum all over my breast and then he massaged it in. Bill reached for a handkerchief out of his pocket where he wiped his dick clean of my virginity (I still have that handkerchief). He pulled me up holding the side of my face to his hairy chest right between his breast. His hands were all over my back and hips and all in my hair.

    He took the handkerchief and wiped my pussy before he turned me around and bent me over the hay bale. Bill is so much taller than me I had to kneel on the bale so my pussy was even with his dick as he now fucked me doggy, occasionally slapping my ass cheeks. He asked if he could fuck me again and I said, anytime. He said, want me to teach your how to satisfy a man so they will line at your front door for dates. The image of lots of guys wanting to date me had a different meaning in reality. I said, YES. He placed the head of his dick at my ass hole and said, this is going to hurt something terrible...for about 2 minutes, but you got to give me that ass cherry too. He bent over and rimmed my ass but when he began to push past my ass ring I thought I was dying for sure. Felt like he was ripping me into and shoving a hot piece of steel in my ass. He told me to scream loud when he began to push as it would help and I let out a blood curdling scream as he rammed his dick pubs deep in my 14tyo tiny virgin ass.

    Bill hands had a tight grip in each hip and he held me tight and very still. He told me when the pain subsided to tell him and I did. Then he began his slowly, rhythmic, long dicking my ass. My pussy had dried up like a desert because of the pain but when his hand reached around and his finger slid in that changed. Now with one hand on my breast and one in my pussy, his dick working my ass hole and his hairy chest against my back...well he owned me and he knew it. After a few minutes he said I am going to cum in your ass and mark you as mine, and he screamed as I felt the first load of cum ever introduced to my body.

    he lifted me off the bale taking my hand walking me to the water spout where he turned it on taking the hose pipe washing off my pussy, ass and his dick. He bent over and told me to open my pussy while he squirted water on my pussy lips making me gasp for breath it felt so good. Then he pushed me to my knees and told me to put his soft dick in my mouth as it was time for cock sucking lessons. It only took a few minutes and he was hard again but I could barley get the head in my mouth. We went back to the bale where he laid on his back and had my sit on his face looking toward his feet and he devoured my pussy and I leaned over working on his dick.

    When we realized we had been fucking over an hour he said, I have to fuck you one more time so we went out in the yard to the picnic table where he laid me on my back, stood at the end of the table and fucked me again only this time he blew his load in my mouth and told me to swallow, which I did. The only time he kissed me was after I swallowed his cum.

    We fucked often the next 4 years until Bill and wife moved back down state and each time was as good as the first. we fucked in the barn, my bedroom, his house, his bed, my parents bed, the dining room table, his truck, by the river, in the woods and I gave him a blow job in a Sunday School Room during a church service. Best fuck of my life and one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    My daughter is an escort girl, she goes to businessmens hotels and fucks them for money! I found this out 11 months ago by reading her diary. It was strange but the thought of my little girl doing that got me so hot i masturbated in her panties.
    I couldn't get it out of my head and many times visited the agency web site and jerked off to the pictures of the girls on there but most to the pics of my daughter. Finaly I plucked up courage checked into a hotel put on a gimp mask to hide my face (it also muffled my voice and called the agency requesting the girl listed as Angel that was my daughters fake name on the site.
    When she arrived at the door I almost lost my bottle and called it off but when I saw her dressed so sexy and saying in a matter of fact voice that i could fuck her pussy or ass but must wear a condom but if I wanted a suck she would let me cum in her mouth. I fucked her pussy looking straight into her eyes as I did it, t was the hottest fuck of my life. I have since done her 8 times and have fucked her ass mouth and pussy, always with my disguise on.
    I know it is sick and so wrong but I cannot stop doing it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    My wife is good in bed, not great, but good. She's not into kink, pretty much a missionary gal. From time to time I would drop a few hints that it would be great if she did something a bit wild for me, and until last week my little hints went nowhere.

    Last Saturday night my wife called me and said to meet her at this restaurant, she had been shopping and was nearby by the place she wanted to eat. I said ok and I would be there in about 30mins.

    It was a chilly evening but thankfully it had stopped raining earlier. I drove to the restaurant and saw my wife's car in the lot. She walked over to me as I was parking my car and smiled as I got out. The sun had already gone down and it was pretty dark when I got there.

    My wife was wearing a London Fog Trench Coat and I had never seen it before. She said she just bought it earlier in the day when it was raining. I said ok and we walked towards the building, thankfully the restaurant wasn't busy and we got seated in a booth towards the back.

    We got seated and I began to take off my jacket to get comfortable, my wife still had on her London Fog coat on as she looked at the menu. The waiter came and took our drink order, my wife still wearing her coat. After a few minutes of deciding what to eat and ordering I ask my wife why she still had her coat on? She said she was chilly and I said ok and left it at that.

    When dinner arrived I thought she would take her coat off to eat, but no she left it on the entire time. The dinner was great and soon we were walking out to our cars in the back of the parking lot. Just as we got to the car my wife said she wanted to go for a little ride around town for a bit. I thought it was a bit strange but I said ok and she got into my car and off we went.

    I was driving down this road when my wife suddenly tells me to pull into the is parking area. It was a local park with basketball courts and two tennis courts. Both were lit up bright as day and there wasn't a soul playing tennis or basketball. So I pull in and park the car, my wife gets out immediately and walks towards the lighted tennis courts.

    I'm like WTF is going on, as I follow her through the gate to the nearest tennis court. I stop once I'm inside on the court and my wife just keeps walking to the other end of the court. So now I can't hold back any longer and ask what's going on with her?

    With that, she smiles and walks towards me unbuttoning her trench coat. When she gets about five feet away she stops and opens her coat with both hands. Suddenly I'm looking at my wife wearing this sexy black corset with matching panties. She pulls it back further so I can see she is wearing black stockings and matching over the knee boots with five in heels.

    I'm thinking ok this is a damn good dream because there is no way my wife is going to actually wear something like this for me! To begin with, she HATES wearing high heels. Then the outfit, very sexy and slutty also. No way she had ever worn something that revealing for me, not even inside the bedroom. So here we are out in public and she could pass for a hooker wearing that now.

    I was suddenly aroused by what I was seeing, and she knew it too. I went over and just kissed her hard and pulled her against me right there under the bright lights. She pushed herself against me, I knew she could feel my hard cock through my jeans easily.

    We left the park when I felt that she was as worked up as I was. I didn't take her home, I took her to the nearest decent hotel and fucked her like I was on death row! I never let her out of her outfit for a second, I even fucked her with those sexy boots on as well.

    I don't know what happened but I'm not complaining. Since then she has been another person in the bedroom, not a nasty girl but she makes herself look a lot more fuckable these days I'm happy to say.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I am a 16 year old girl. My parents are divorced. Officially I live with my mum together with my 14 year old sister. But she is an alcoholic now and often in a bad mood. I also hate being confronted with the nasty men she takes home. Hate running into them in the morning to see them looking at me as if they want to fuck me too. So since a year I mostly stay with my dad and stepmom and take sis with me.
    My stepmom is absolutely stunning. Very classy and sexy at the same time and apparently very successful at work. I can totally see why dad loves her. In the beginning when I stayed with them she was very decent, always making sure not to walk in on me in bedroom or bathroom and always making sure she was dressed properly.
    Last summer I held my birthday party at their home with a bunch of my girlfriends. They had promised to leave us alone and go out. After my friends had arrived she came down ready to go out. She was looking incredibly beautiful, wearing a short white leather dress that was clearly very expensive and overknee socks and gorgeous black shiny high heels. Her fit body was perfectly accentuated. My friends were in awe and talked about her for at least an hour after they left. The conversation about her was quite suggestive and they wanted to know what she looked like naked.
    The party was wonderful and by midnight everyone was getting ready to close the evening when dad and stepmom also came home. She came to talk to us girls and was pretty drunk but in a very fun way - not the nasty way of my mum. She lowered herself between us on the pillows that we had put on the floor to sit on and started engaging discussions with my friends. They loved her clearly. I sat opposite of her watching them talk. I was admiring her beauty, eyeing up her body. Then suddenly moved a little to get more comfortable. I suddenly got a quick peek under her dress and where I expected to see panties I saw nothing... She was not wearing underwear. I saw her shaven pussy. She must have noticed my shocked look and gave me a smile. Dad had already gone to bed so when all girls had left she helped clean the mess. Halfway through This job, she stopped me, took my hands and apologised if she had upset me. She explained that me being 16 now made her decide to be more herself again because I should be able to deal with it. And yes indeed, she never wears underwear and only did it when I was around. And that she hoped that I am not shocked as some of her friends were not when they saw and they actually discussed it. I said it was ok, I needed to work through this in my mind and maybe we'll talk about it later. She gave me a hug, told me that she was very happy to have me in her life and abruptly said that I needed to finish up as she needed to go to bed as otherwise dad would be asleep already. We kissed, she went upstairs and I finished. When going up myself I heard her voice in their bedroom telling him to shape up. Telling him she needed it now. I held my breath and quietly sneaked into bathroom next to their bedroom and started undressing. I heard her now saying that she needed to get fucked. My dad told her to be quiet as I might be able to hear as he heard me going into bathroom. She laughed and challenged him. "Do you still see her as your little innocent girl"? Laughed again. She teased him by saying that I am a big girl with my own insatiable sexual needs. He protested. She pushed on by telling him to grow up and see that his girl has turned into a horny teen girl. That I have probably inherited the slut genes from her my mom. Then I was shocked to hear her say that she knew I had been borrowing her vibrators. He told her to be quiet, that I might hear her. This only made her talk louder. I guess the combination of alcohol, being horny and having to behave for a long time made her go all out. She told him that I had seen that she was not wearing underwear, which clearly shocked dad. Then she started playing with my poor dad by making stuff up. She said that she and I just had a conversations about it and that she had explained to me that she loves flashing her pussy and the attention and that she loves being my dads slut. And added that I loved it and asked her to teach me. So you see she said, your girl is a little slut like her mum and me. Now fuck me. He told her to be quiet again. She started telling him to fuck her louder and louder now, threatening him to started shouting if he was not going to fuck her. I am your dirty little slut who needs your gorgeous hard cock now so fuck me. Fuck me like the slut you want me to be, come fuck me now. Apparently he gave in as I heard movement and a load yes from her and then I heard them fuck. She was pretty loud now, telling him how much she needs to feel his cock. I was so turned on by her that I started to masturbate frantically. When I heard her come the first time I came too. And pretty loud. They continued to fuck so I decided to try to see if I could peek in. Yes she had left the door slightly open so in the dark of the hallway I peeked in to see my dad taking her from behind and masturbated again and again came when I heard and saw her come. She so so turned me on. It's was not my dad's cock or something that turned me on but her totally loving to be fucked. She turned on her back facing the door and told him to cum inside her, make her feel his cum in her pussy. For s moment I had s clear view of my dad's impressive hard cock. When he pushed inside her she looked in my direction and smiled. I am sure she could not see me in the dark but maybe I was wrong? Quickly went to my bedroom next to theirs, took the vibrator I borrowed and pushed it inside me while all naked on top of my bed. I came again when I heard her come but could not stop, continued to fuck myself. I heard her walk into bathroom, Pictured her naked, closer my eyes and came again. When i openend my eyes she stood in my doorway, naked, watching me and smiling. I was so embarrassed but could not move as it was too horny to have her watch my naked body and show myself to feel slutty too. All she said was that this thing made quite a lot of noise so she had to come see and said she loved it. But maybe we should go buy me a more quiet one as even my dad had clearly heard the vibrator. I was totally embarrassed but even more turned on now. She walked over, kissed me and said sleep well.
    The thought of the vibrator being heard turned me on so much. The idea that both my dad and step mom were in bed maybe listening to me fucking myself made me so horny that I did it two more times, making sure that they could also hear me come.

    More happened in the months that followed, another time

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Before last spring I was a lonely sexually frustrated housewife. My husband works away a lot, so we seldom have sex more than four or five times a month. I love sex and have a healthy appetite for what some might think of as dirty hard sex, but it's the kind of sex I enjoy the most.
    Our two kids are now in full time school, so it left me when I wasn't working in my part time job, able to masturbate when my husband wasn't around, which was pretty much all the time.
    I was masturbating last spring, happily fucking myself with my favorite dildo, watching porn on my lap top. When I saw a face appear at the rear doors to our home. I jumped up and covered up myself, and only then realized who it was. It was a young guy who lives locally to our home, and who sometimes goes off on a tangent. He's called Paul and he's now nineteen. His mental state sometimes gets him into trouble, but he's a real nice guy. Unfortunately for him he cannot be trusted to work, so he gets a lot of time to himself.
    Paul's size and build often frightens people as his only past time before meeting me, was lifting weights and exercising. But it wasn't Paul's build per say I was drawn to, looking at him stood at our patio doors. It was the size and thickness of his cock he held in his right hand.
    If and I genuinely mean this, I'd been having more sex with my husband than we'd been having, I wouldn't have got up and walked naked to those doors that day. But it had been over two weeks since I'd had any sexual contact with my husband and I was still desperately horny from playing with myself. Getting to the patio doors, I saw a model helicopter on our back lawn and a remote control unit by Paul's feet. He'd obviously flown his toy into our garden and saw me masturbating.
    Opening the door staring at his huge cock, I asked Paul if he was ok. He responded by saying in a quiet way "I think I am, I'd like to taste you". It's not the best chat up line I'd ever heard, but it was straight to the point.
    Taking the young man by his hand, I lead him inside and over to our large couch where I'd been fucking myself. Lying down, I spread my legs and was about to tell Paul what to do. I didn't need to tell him.
    Kneeling down on the lounge floor, Paul moved my legs apart even further, put his head between my legs and sniffed at my pussy. Smiling up at me as if to give me a positive note, he bent down lower and began to give me what became over half an hour of orgasms and the best cunnilingus I've ever had in my life.
    I'm not sure where he learned how to lick, tongue and suck a woman's pussy and clit before, but I was so taken with his oral abilities I came five times from his seemingly expert ways. In the end I had to beg him to stop and to fuck me.
    Raising his head he asked me if he was doing it right. The huge smile on my face and the fact I was urging him to put his massive cock into me, persuaded him he'd done more than ok.
    I knew I should have had him wear a condom, but they were upstairs and I desperately wanted him to be inside me. More to the point I wanted his massive tool fucking me. Turning over, I presented Paul with my pussy thinking he'd slam that enormous piece of man meat up my pussy, but Paul the so called "slow guy" had other ideas. As quickly as I've ever been entered there, Paul slid his mammoth cock up my arsehole in one go. It was like apoker being forced into my arse and it fucking hurt. Turning to face him, I was going to say something, but seeing the look of pure extasy on his face I turned back around and just gritted my teeth.
    I only had to grit my teeth for a little while though, as I'd often been fucked in my arsehole in the past. Paul's cock however and I'll let you know just how big it is shortly, was stretching me like never before. Telling me I was a dirty woman, he began to fuck me like I was a rag doll. And I absolutely couldn't get enough of his huge cock fucking me.
    We fucked doggy, missionary, me on top after getting him to remove all his clothing and then finally I had him spoon fuck me on the rug near the fire. I'd cum I don't know how many times from his cock being so so deep up my arse, I was totally knackered sexually. So when he finally came filling my rear fuck hole, pumping load after load up me, I was ready for a rest.
    Looking at the clock, I realized it was almost time for the kids to be finishing school. Getting Paul to clean himself up, I asked him if he'd call by the day after. When he left with his remote control helicopter, I knew he'd be back the next day. Climbing the stairs as if I'd been fucked by a horse, I took a quick shower, dressed and went to pick up the children.
    The following day, right on time, Paul was at our rear patio doors again. Letting him in I walked us up to my bedroom, got him and me undressed and then had a little fun with his fully erect cock. Sucking him for the first time I had trouble taking in even half of his enormous cock. When it was fully erect, I got out a tape measure used for measuring clothing and slid it along his pulsating dick. My husband's cock measures a little under six inches when erect. Paul's impressively massive cock was a little over eleven inches long, and six and a half inches around.
    Looking pleased with himself when I told him it was the biggest cock I'd ever seen, we went on to have over two hours of sex. Again Paul took his time giving me cunnilingus, licking my labia's and clit, and then sucking all of my pussy into his mouth. before he spread my pussy with his cock. He pounded away at my pussy for ages, making me cum all over his cock more than once. He fucked my arsehole too, not giving me a moments rest.
    When Paul came deep inside me this time though, I had him tongue me out until he'd swallowed every drop he could from my arse. We stayed in bed kissing and playing with each others sex and Paul asked me if I would continue to let him fuck me. His answer came the next day and the next. Only my husband returning from a trip abroad stopped us fucking for another week.
    It hasn't stopped us fucking altogether though, as when my husband is away now, I text Paul on his new phone, a phone I've taught him how to use. And we arrange a time when he can call round. I know to him I'm just an older woman he can empty his balls into. But to me he's my sexual life line, and the reason my kids still have a mum and dad in the same household.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Because of a power struggle in work between two senior managers vying for a higher position, I was put in a very precarious position myself.
    I knew about one of the managers fucking a junior female clerk, and that he was married. But so did the other manager, a manager I hated.
    The guy who was banging the junior clerk is a real nice guy, who just so happened to marry and total psychopath. His wife had been in and out of mental facilities, and I guess him screwing the clerk was kind of stress release to him. But the other manager, a guy called Don, was a person who enjoyed his power in work.
    About two months into their struggles for higher roles, I was called into Don's office, where he asked me if I'd be a witness to the other managers infidelity in the workplace.
    I knew the other manager had fucked the clerk in work, as I was the one who found him fucking her on his desk, but I didn't want to get involved then, and certainly not putting his job at risk by filling in some report. So telling Don I wouldn't, he immediately asked me if I was the person who had been in a hotel room sucking off a client of the company at the hotel to help secure a deal.
    The question took me be surprise as he was absolutely right. But no one other than the director of the other company knew, as there was only him and me in his hotel room as I sucked his dick to completion. Then I thought about who had set up the deal and realized it was Don.
    Don asked me again if I'd put a written statement together. Looking at him I knew what he was saying, but took a risk. Walking over to his office door, I flipped the lock, closed the blinds and knelt down right at his feet. Taking hold of his trousers I quickly opened his fly and before he could react, reached in and gripped his cock.
    Don was so shocked he didn't move, or so I thought at first. Feeling his cock stiffen in my hand, I maneuvered it out of his boxers and pulled it forwards out of the fly opening. His cock wasn't the biggest I'd ever held in my hands, but it was one of, if not the thickest cock I'd ever stroked and ultimately sucked on.
    If I thought he was shocked at me touching his cock, he certainly wasn't shy in fucking my mouth once his cock slid over my tongue. Don began to thrust into my mouth and made no effort to hide his moans as I took more and more of his dick down my throat.
    Holding my head I knew once he started to fuck my mouth as he might fuck his wife's pussy, it wasn't the first blow job he'd gotten from a guy, just as I'd suspected. How else would he know to pick me to see the client in the hotel, if he himself hadn't had some kind of experience with gay or bisexual men.
    Taking a firm grip of my head, Don really went for it. The forty six year old man pummeled my mouth and let out a loud cry of joy as his cock unloaded down my throat. I wasn't allowed to release his cock, not that I would have done, so I swallowed my managers seed and welcomed it flowing down my throat.
    letting me rise up, Don looked at me, smiled a knowing smile then spun me around. As quickly as I'd taken out his cock, he undid my trousers, pulled them and my underwear down and began to tongue my asshole. It was so out of character for himas he was such a big manly man, I almost told him to stop. But the feeling of his tongue poking into my asshole only made me want him to fuck me there and then.
    My thought processes were just going through that scenario, when he stood up, put his mouth to my right ear and said "If I can't get you to make a statement, then I guess I might as well fuck you, you faggot". As the word faggot passed his lips, his cock passed my sphincter muscles.
    It had been years since I was last fucked. Indeed I was seventeen the last time a guy had slipped his cock up my asshole. Other than blowing some older guys off in a park close to my parents home around that time, I'd not had any form of gay sex since I'd been with my girlfriend. (Not including the client). So feeling Don's cock thrusting into my ass was like being a virgin again and it hurt at first. But Don wasn't bothered about my comfort.
    Pushing me hard down onto his desk, he began to hammer my asshole. With each thrust of his fat cock up my ass, it became more and more enjoyable. And I believe that was working both ways, as I heard him telling me I was going to be his cum slut.
    With my cock pressed onto his desk, rubbing away on the hard oak surface each time he entered me, I soon began to feel that familiar rise of my cum. Taking a couple more lengths of his cock shaft probing me, I came all over his desk beneath me.
    Don eased off me a little, pulled my hair back and came inside my body for the second time in less than twenty minutes.
    We both got dressed and composed ourselves as best we could, still breathing hard from the sex. That's when I noticed the envelope on the floor near to door. It had been slipped under his door and I passed it to him.
    Don read the note inside, asked me to leave, but not to go home just yet.
    Waiting at my desk, he and the other manager walked over half an hour later. It had past my leaving time, but I wanted to know what was happening. It was Don who spoke. He told me it would be the other manager who be taking the higher role, but he himself would be taking a different role in the company.
    And it has turned out that way. The other manager, a guy I still like as a man, is now going further up in the company taking his new female PA with him. As for Don, his whole attitude in work changed. He's no longer the prick he used to be, if anything has a more enlightened view about most things. Especially about fucking a young twenty three year old who now adores his older senior manager fucking him two or three times a week.
    It's funny looking back how things developed. I'd love to have known what was written on that note, but since it got shredded I'll never know. What I do know is, working where I work now is far better than before and I have far more sex than I ever did.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 22

    I hacked my ex girlfriend's facebook so I could read through her messages and see what guys she was talking to. Came across a particularly explicit conversation and read through while i masturbated. Super ashamed of myself. Feel pathetic, but for some reason I loved it.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    Now this may seem odd but for a girl I love watching porn and I watch it non-stop. Now I am not a bad looking woman, I have blonde have and green eyes, im 5'2 and I have C cup breasts. I like when guys look at me and sometimes I daydream having a gangbang. I get to wet just thinking about it and sometimes on rare occasions I have to go masturbate in the bathroom. Sometimes I wish that some guy any guy with a big fat cock would fuck me non-stop. Is this a bad thing?

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 32

    Before anyone says it I know I am a cheating dirtbag. My gf is a straight laced church going type, and I am basically a perve, but something about her just makes me want to be with her, eventhough, I thought I would never be able to bed her unless we got married. Sunday she goes to church and I visit her apparement to see her roomie. She's just a basic big boobed slut, but while my GF is at church I fuck her every why I wish I could be fucking my GF, and she takes it every way I want to give it to her. I really like fucking her in my GF bedroom and sometimes in her bed.

    I am OK with this situation, but last Sunday I was balls deep in the roomie, and all of a sudden we heard the hall door open, I knew it was my GF. I grabbed the roomie and we jumped in the closet just in time to see my GF come into the room. She had a guy with her! He was all suited up, so I am sure he's a churchie guy, but before I could really see, she opened his fly and started sucking him off! The roomie started to giggle a bit and I covered her mouth with my hand, but we both were mostly naked and watching my GF and this guy going at it.

    My GF started gagging and I could tell the guy was dumping down her throat. When he was done she got up and turned the mp3 on and started stripping for this suit guy. He threw her on the bed and started going after her doggie style. That's when the roomie in the clost with me decided she wanted to get back to getting some. She went down on her knees and started sucking me better than I have ever had before. She took a couple loads down her throat and when I looked back at my GF she and her suit guy were straightening up each other, and then then ran back out the door. I fucked the roomie until my dick was limp, then went home.

    I didn't really think I would care about my GF doing that guy, but now every time I kiss her, all I can think about is tht guys cock in her mouth. Funny thing is it gives me a huge hard-on. I didn't think my GF was into sex, but it looks like maybe she just doesn't have sex outside her religion? I don't know, but she did that suit guy and didn't bat an eye, but I have to sneek it with her roomie.

    Everytime I think about it, I get the biggest hard on, and just feel like ripping my GF cloths off and throwing her on the bed and fucking the hell out of her, but she always says NO to sex with me.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 45

    Ever since I found my first Penthouse magazine when I was a teenager and began to masturbate I enjoy the visual aspects of sex. When they came out with VHS/DVD and online porn, it just took everything to a whole new level.

    I enjoy all kinds of porn, straight, lesbian, bdsm, Tranny Porn also. I saw a video the other night that just blew me away, at the same time truly aroused me more than I ever imagined.

    It was a "Sounding video, or urethral stimulation video? I had never heard of this or seen anything like this before in my life.

    It started with a guy holding this S-shaped piece of tubing. I couldn't tell what the tubing was made out of but It didn't look like it would flex. From what I could tell it was rather lengthy even though it was in a S-shape configuration.

    What he did next totally shocked me and aroused me at some point. He began to insert the S-shaped tubing into the opening of his cock. It took several minutes, but he twisted and turned this tubing until more of the length was being inserted into his cock.

    He worked the bend of the tubing around and somehow he got that inside of his cock also. By the time he was through he had somehow managed to insert 3/4 of that tubing into his fucking cock. I do have a little knowledge of human Anatomy and realized that tubing had to be inside of his bladder, how much I wasn't sure.

    Now he has this rather large piece of tubing sticking out of his cock with the end curled into a cane shape handle at the end. He began to stroke his cock and soon I could see the white cum forcing it's self out around the stuffed opening of his cock.

    Suddenly I was so fucking turned on watching this video. By the time I watched the guy pull out all of the tubing he had inserted into his cock I was cumming myself.

    Days later after watching the video, I replayed it over and over again in my mind at work. When I got home I would replay the actual video and start stroking my cock as he inserted that tube once again. Each time I came it was as intense as the last time.

    For days I thought about it and knew I had to try it for myself. I began to read up on "Sounding" and the urethral probes that were for sale. I ordered a kit of various sizes and tried it them out. Took me a while and slowly worked my way up in larger diameter probes.

    Two things I learned from sounding. First there is no actual stimulation from shoving anything down into your cock in that manner. The arousal comes from the fact of just being able to do it! Jerking off with a piece of large shiny steel is the erotic excitement for me. The feeling of my hand stroking my cock stuffed with something like that thick probe is what does it for me. When I cum it's always more intense with that steel probe shoved all the way into my cock.

    Honestly I have no idea how that guy stuffs his cock with all of that S-shape tube, going down into his bladder but I find it very fucking erotic that he can do it! The idea of getting a UTI doesn't thrill me a bit, so I guess I will just get my rocks off watching the guys that can do it.

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