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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 23

    when i were 16 years old i used to post nude artistic photos of me on art photography forums.
    i got tones of horny messages from men
    stupid girl i was!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    Grandma Irene was this old lady that lived next door to my family when I was a kid. She looked a little like the mom from Happy Days (to me anyway). I was never sure exactly how old she was. I didn't think asking was polite and nobody else knew. My parents had me do her yardwork and help out with other things on weekends. She always tried to pay me but I wasn't allowed to accept it. My dad said she barely got by as it was.
    What my parents didn't know was that she wasn't quite the sweet little grandma they thought she was. Yeah, she was nice and she baked cookies and did other things and shared with us. But there was a whole lot to her personality nobody but I ever saw.
    I was thirteen when I first started working weekends next door at her house. Originally my parents asked my older brother (he was seventeen) but he had a girlfriend and said all of his weekends belonged exclusively to her or something like that. So since I obviously had no friends and no social life (at least it seemed that was what my parents thought) I was told to do it. Unlike my brother, my pleas to needing weekend time for myself fell on deaf ears.

    Summers in southern California can be brutal. All I had was a manual push mower, a rake and hedge clippers to do everything. I usually started out around ten o'clock and finished just before lunch time. Most of those weekends between June and September, it's over a hundred degrees by noon. Grandma Irene always invited me in and gave me a cool drink and let me sit in her living room to cool down. She had a huge evaporative cooler, what my parents referred to as a swamp cooler. And it felt great after two hours in the heat pushing around that mower.
    Grandma Irene would usually shut her front door and sit down right beside me, smiling and looking at me like she was starved and I was a nice juicy porkchop.
    "You look awfully hot, sweetheart," she cooed. "You should take off your shirt. You'll cool down faster."
    I said I was fine.
    "Nonsense," she clucked her tongue and reached over, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and tugging up. "Come on now, off. We can't have you catching a heat stroke."
    So I raised my arms and she peeled off my shirt.
    "My, so sweaty," she said, then reached over and ran a hand slowly up my flat stomach until she reached my chest. She pulled her hand back, her fingers glistened with my perspiration. "See??"
    "Its really hot today." I told her.
    She licked her hand expirimentally, then laughed lightly. "Salty."
    I didn't know what to say to that, I just thought... wow, that was weird. She's old though, maybe she's a little senile.
    She got comfy and leaned forward slightly, returning her hand to my chest, moving it in slow circles.
    "What lovely muscles you have," she told me. "I bet the girls love your muscles."
    I wasn't sure about that. I didn't feel particularly muscular. I just thought I was normal, but I didn't say that. I just took another drink of the lemonade she'd poured me when I'd first come inside.
    She let her hand slide down to my stomach, then slowly rise back to my chest. She was biting her bottom lip a little now.
    "Do you like girls, honey??"
    "Yes, ma'am."
    She laughed again. "I'll bet you do. Do they show you their breasts??"
    I almost choked on a swallow of lemonade and had a coughing fit. She slapped my back.
    "Um, no... not yet." I said, when I could breath once again.
    "Aww, what a shame," she said, once again running her hand over my stomach and chest. "I know how hard it is for young men your age. Your horny all the time, aren't you??"
    I told her that I wasn't sure we should be discussing that.
    "Oh, peshaw," she waved a hand dismissively, and did her light carefree laugh. "We're just talking and Grandma Irene isn't a gossip. Anything we talk about stays right here. So you can tell me. ok, dear??"
    I told her I guess so.
    "Do you masturbate a lot??"
    I felt a blush warming my face.
    "Its perfectly normal for boys and even girls," she said. "No need to feel embarrassed."
    I admitted I did. I wasn't sure I did it 'a lot' but yeah.
    "What do you think about when your jacking off??" She asked me.
    I shrugged and gave the lamest possible answer. "Just stuff."
    "What kind of stuff," she asked, her hand had drifted down so far that her little finger was actually dipping inside of my jeans waistband now on every downstroke of her slow circles. "who do you think about fucking??"
    "Girls I know." I said.
    "Have you ever thought about your mom, or your sister??"
    "Jeez no," I said, a little too defensively. She gave me a knowing look.
    "Well, " I shrugged. "Maybe once or twice."
    She nodded. "I thought so. Most boys do at some point. Which one do you find sexier?? Your mom or your sister??"
    "Mom I guess."
    "What's sexy about her to you??" She asked.
    "Well, she's got really nice tits," I said. "And sometimes at night I can hear her and my dad having sex. She moans kind of loud."
    "And you wish it was you making her moan like that instead of your dad, don't you??" She asked.
    I nodded. "Yeah."
    "Y our cock is hard, sweetheart."
    I looked down. I had a massive boner and I hadn't even known it.
    "It's all right, " she told me. "Why don't you let it out?? It must feel awfully uncomfortable pent up in those tight jeans."
    She reached down and unbuttoned, then unzipped my jeans and reached into the piss hole of my tighty whities and pulled my cock out.
    "My, but you do have a gorgeous cock," she told me, her hand now fondling it. "And so nice and big for a boy your age."
    "Thank s." I said, not sure what else to say.
    "Would you like Grandma Irene to suck it??"
    I told her I would.
    "Just our secret, right??" She asked. "No bragging to friends. No writing it down in a journal."
    I promised.
    She smiled and leaned over onto my lap and gave me my first blowjob. It felt great. I blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop, milking me afterward for all she could get.
    When she was finished she sat back up and kissed my cheek. "Your such a sweet young man. I once had a son just like you. So handsome and gentle. It was just the two of us after his no account father left us. But we were happy, just him and I. Then the damned war happened and they called his number. I tried to tell them he was too tender hearted to be a soldier. But they wouldn't listen. He died over there in the jungle. They sent me home an empty box."
    "Sorry." I said.
    "Would it be a bother if I asked you to call me mom instead of grandma Irene when you were here," she asked. "Just in the house I mean. Not outside."
    &qu ot;Sure what??" She asked.
    "Sure mom," I said. She smiled brilliantly, leaned over and kissed me again. Just lip to lip. When she pulled away, she held my eyes for a moment and then leaned in again and this time she slipped her tongue into my mouth and we kissed for a long time. My cock was still semi-hard, lying against my unzipped jeans flap.
    "Mama loves her little man so much." she breathed into my ear huskily when we finally broke the kiss. Her hand was on my cock again, stroking me hard.
    "Think you've got one more in you??" She asked.
    I was thirteen, I had a dozen more if she needed it.
    She leaned down and sucked me off again. This time more passionately, she seemed hungrier, a little wilder. The whole time she made this "Mmmmm" sound.
    After I came again, she told me I should probably go home now or my folks were apt to ask why I'd stayed inside so long. I thought she was probably right so I left.
    The next weekend after yardwork, we were on the couch again and this time she asked me if Id ever seen a woman naked. I said I had, then she asked if Id only seen it in one of those smutty magazines. She took off her clothes and let me see her large, slightly sagging breasts with their pink nipples and her bright red bush. She sat naked beside me and opened her legs, exposing her pussy lips. I sucked on her breasts while she masturbated. She finished me off with another blowjob and I went home.
    It became an every weekend thing through summer, and eventually we began having sex. She'd straddle me on the couch and ride me just as hard as any younger chick could have. She always wanted me to call her mom. She really got off on the roleplay.
    I woke up one Saturday morning and my dad told me I didn't have to go do Grandma Irene's yard. I asked why not.
    "She passed away sometime last night or early this morning," he said. "They came and wheeled her body out about an hour ago, under a white sheet."
    I didn't believe him and thought he was a real grade-A prick for telling that lie. I went outside and stared at her house. It looked the same. She couldn't be dead. I went and knocked on the door. No answer. My mom and dad thought it was because I'd grown so found of my surrogate granny.
    I internalized the hurt as anger and spent the next week being a complete dick toward the people I loved. My family attended the memorial service and that was that. A year later Irene's house was sold to a young Mexican family.
    This all happened in the middle 80's. Its been thirty years since then but I haven't forgotten my first love instructor.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    So a while back, my wife and I were in the hot tub of the apartment complex we live in. It was after hours and we "weren't supposed" to be there but that never stopped us before. We figured it was real late and no one would be around so we started to get frisky. My wife took her top off and I was sucking her beautiful tits as she straddled me and kissed my neck. Suddenly, I feel the kissing stop and she whispers in my ear; "the creepy guy from 3A is watching us through his window" she suggested I let her have a little extra fun. My dick instantly got swollen. I could see her signaling for him to come over with her finger. She stood up, fully exposing her breasts to him. She was wearing nothing but a thin thong and her glasses. Before I knew it, the creep was joining us in the hot tub. He sat there admiring my wife's beautiful breasts from across the tub as she playfully caressed them. A few minutes in, I could see that he was jacking off underneath his trunks. My wife noticed too and she slowly made her way toward him. She helped him out of his trunks and held his cock in her hands. This was the first cock other than mine to grace her skin since we got married and I was strongly loving this new slutty side of her. She proceed to stroke him harder and harder. Wasn't long before she had his cock in her mouth and his fists gripping her dark brown hair. She would come up for air every few seconds. Some times we would hold her underneath just a little longer. Air bubbles would surface and she would struggle a bit but she seemed to like it.
    She caught her breath, turned to me and asked him how long it had been since he was inside a woman. He responded "too long". With her hair all wet and messy and her makeup running, she slipped off her thong and straddled him while guiding his dick into her pussy. She looked at me the entire time. She rode him into ecstasy. About ten minutes in, he started squirming and moaning. I figured my wife would get off and finish the job with her tongue but she took his entire load in that magical pussy of hers. They stayed like that for a few more minutes. Him still inside her. They shared a passionate moment. She would occasionally rock her hips and grind him slowly. They kissed a lot but it didn't bug me. She was breathing hard and it seemed like she forgot I was there for a second. They kept going slowly while passionately kissing until he filled her up again. I was jacking off in the hottub by this point. She dismounted him and told him he's welcome inside her when ever he wants.
    My wife and I went home and she drained my cock like never before. We fucked five times that night. The creep comes over while I'm at work and fucks my wife senseless almost everyday. I've come home to find them passionately making love a few times. He's even brought a few friends over and they all have their way with her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    I went out with my buddies one night to celebrate one of them getting a huge raise and bonus. We wound up at a strip club but all the women were fat cows compared to my wife. While my friends were getting off on lap dances all I wanted to do was get home and fuck my wife. My wife is petite and I like women that way.

    I had to take a taxi home and was so drunk I could barely stand up and get the key in the door. I stripped down as I walked to the bedroom. My bedroom was pitch black. I got to the foot of the bed by walking slowly and waiting until I felt myself bump against it. I was ready to fuck, but wanted to eat her out first, she loved being eaten out and it made her tight pussy so wet I could easily slip in. I pulled up the covers from the foot of the bed, crawled underneath between her legs and pulled up her nightgown, then pulled her panties to the side and went for it with my tongue lapping at her pussy like a cat licking a bowl of milk.

    She she woke up I felt her hands on top of the covers feeling around above my head. She was pressing my face into her cootch and she wrapped her legs around my shoulders. She was bucking her hips and when I felt her come I did what I always did of driving my tongue deep inside her. But this time I met resistance. I thought maybe it was a tampon and she started her period early so I went back to licking and sucking on her clit. When my jaw was too tired to go on crawled up next to her and held her. I told her I loved her and that I was really wanting to fuck right now. She started kissing me back and said how much she loved me too and wanted to fuck, but we needed to be quiet so we didn't wake mom. My eyes weren't yet adjusted to the light, but when she crawled over me and got out of bed I saw my wife asleep on my side of the bed.

    I just ate out my 19 year old stepdaughter. She came over to visit her mom and my wife invited her to stay the night since I was going to be out all night with my friends. Now my step daughter comes over all the time and she has become very affectionate to me. Her mom is happy that we are friendly towards each other now, I used to have a horrible relationship with my stepdaughter.

    I'm being blackmailed now. My stepdaughter has been coming over when she knows my wife is going to be gone for a few hours and she makes out with me and we have sex. She says if I don't then she will tell her mom what we've been doing, and she'll say we've been doing it since she was underage. The sex is harder and rougher than it is with her mom, and my stepdaughter loves to be eaten out while her mom thinks it's dirty.

    I'm cheating on my wife with her daughter, but in a way I feel like I'm getting the best out of being blackmailed.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    When I was 16 I use to babysit for this couple. The husband I will refer to as Tyler is good looking, very fit and I had a huge crush on him. His wife travels a lot for work and he had plans with friends. I arrive in a sun dress. He compliments me. He also hugs me and the hug lingers longer than normal. I am giddy about it. He flirts a little with me before leaving.

    Now the kids are in bed and I am lying on the coach watching TV. The only light in the room is the glow of the TV. I must have fallen asleep because I did not hear him come in. I am woken up by the tingling down below and his fingers stroking me thru my panties. He reaches up and slides the down. His mouth is so hot on my pussy I moan inspite of myself. I am shaking because I cant believe he is doing this to me. He sits on the couch and pulls me on to his lap. He pulls my sundress down to my waist. i free his cock from his pants and rub my pussy up and down his shaft. He thrusts it up and in. Tyler begins to moan about how tight I am. I grip the back of the coach with each thurst. Tyler fondles my ass and says he just knew I would have a nice tight ass. He pulls on my nipple before squeezing my tits together. He fucks me all night long. About 4 in the morning I am staddling him in his bed. His wife calls and he motions for me to be quiet. His cock is still throbbing inside me. I stroke it very slowly while he talks to her. They finally hang up and I giggle. Tyler says my god your pussy is driving me crazy.

    He calls me to come over each time his wife goes out of town. After an all nighter his wife calls again about 5:30am, he has me in missionary position. Each time his wife would say something he would thrust and while he was taking would grind his hips into mine. It was driving me crazy as his cock continued to throb and pluse inside me. I ran my hands over his ass and he let out a slight groan and I hear his wife say whats wrong. He tells he has to go to the bathroom. She finally lets him go. He proceeds to pound me into the mattress.

    We continue this relationship for 2 years until I leave for college. He and his wife are still married. I still have sex with him anytime I go home to visit my parents.The sex is still as hot as ever.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I really want to fuck my cousin. She used to slap my ass all the time, so naturally I would do it back, just to be playful. Eventually once when she was 14 she was sitting next to me on a sofa with her mother in the next room. She kneeled on the couch and pressed her pussy against my arm. I did not respond. I didnt want to take advantage of her. I masturbated furiously later. When she was 16 she said she wanted to have sex with me. I said maybe if your 18. Now that she's 18 every peek of that ass I get turns me wildly on fire but I don't want to make her uncomfortable. She has probably grown out of it and I'm right to have not fucked her but I still dream, in vivid intricate detail of her giving in to herself and approaching me for sex. I love Joanna and would do anything for her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 28

    I have been married for 4 years now. My husband who I will call Josh is a wonderful husband and amazing lover however he is a workaholic. Recently his best friend who I will call Dave came to stay with us after his wife threw him out. They are now separated. Josh and Dave have been best friends since they were little kids. We have always had a good relationship with both of them. Dave was never a flirt or inappropriate with me. I work from home and Dave took a few weeks off to clear his head. He is staying in our guest room. First week went by pretty normal. However on Saturday night we are all drinking a bit. Dave begins to flirt with me when Josh isnt looking or paying attention. I go into the kitchen and Dave corners me against the counter. He nibbles my neck and strokes the side of my tit. I try to brush it off but its been a month since Josh and I have done anything that it does feel good. He squeezes my whole tit and then releases me. He leaves and goes back to the living room.

    Sunday and Monday he continues to flirt and fondle me any time we are in the same room alone. I know I should stop him but I allow him to kiss me on Monday evening. Josh is not home from work yet. He slides up behind me while I am rinsing off the dishes. I can feel his cock against my ass. He presses it against me, he is sucking my earlobe and fondling my tit. Dave tilts my face to the side and kisses me deeply. My pussy is now tingling and I reach back to stroke him thru his jeans. We hear my husbands car pull up and quickly break apart. He runs to the bathroom while I put diiner on the table. During dinner Josh is taking phone call after phone call that he doesnt notice Dave and I stroking each other under the table. Josh leaves the room with the phone. Dave leans over for a kiss and he says to me in a very low voice "my God you are so wet". Josh comes back in to tell me he has to go back to the office.

    He is not even out of the driveway when Dave pulls me into his lap. We kiss feverishly while I pull off my top and he on does my bra. Between kisses he is telling me what a great set of tits I have and takes my nipple in his mouth. He is pulling and nibbling. I am unzipping him and give him a hand job while he sucks on my tits. I stand up and position myself over his shaft. We go ar it in the chair and on the table. The entire time Josh is gone we are going at it.

    We have sex everytime Josh leaves the house. I have even snuck down the hall in the middle of the night for Dave to fuck me. Dave's cock is slightly bigger and I love how he talks so dirty to me. One evening we were almost caught. He had me up against the wall and really bouncing me up and down that I did not hear Josh's car pull in the garage. Josh calls my name and Dave continues to go very slowly. Josh's phone rang and we hear him go out back. We finish and I run to the laundry room to start a load of clothes. My heart is beating fast. It was such a close call. I dont want to lose my husband but I am really enjoying having sex with Dave.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 35

    My husband of 7 years and I are each having long term affairs. I've been screwing a guy I work with for four years. We go on a lot of business trips together and we enjoy our sex together tremendously. I dress like a stripper for him and do things with him I never would for my husband like anal sex, public sex, letting him cum on my face and occasional threesomes, with both men and women, and couples swaps.

    My husband is juggling three different women, all married. They are women he's know for many years.

    We both cheat on each other a lot. We both know we cheat on each other. We've never discussed it but we both know.

    I do it because I enjoy pressure free sex without the hassles of our everyday marriage problems interfering. I enjoy putting my marriage persona on a shelf so I can let out my inner slut.

    My husband does it because he's a horny fuck and the opportunity is there and he loves variety.

    Either way, we have a great marriage. Were both very happy with our married and out sex life.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    I am a middle school teacher at a private school where the students are all issued Macbooks. I am the only teacher who knows how to use them, so I am the default tech guy. Before the year began, the students and parents signed a technology agreement that I wrote. Of course no one reads those things. Buried in it was a statement saying key loggers may be used to monitor student activities.

    Theoretical ly, this is to make sure the students aren't doing anything they shouldn't be. But as a fringe benefit, I now have the emails and passwords to every student who has come through in the last six years. Some of them are now in college.

    Every night I check 30 or so of these emails to see what the girls are sending their boyfriends, or what the boys are getting from the girls. Most if it is boring spam. But every once in awhile there's a winner.

    I have a flash drive with all of my wins in a safe at home with specific directions as to what to do with it if I die. The directions ensure that these videos and pictures will get out, after I'm gone so I won't care. Hopefully by then there will be 40 years worth of pictures of students from the same school. It will be notorious... Like those other internet videos we've all seen and know the stories behind. (McDonalds strip search?? One night in Paris??)

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 36

    I've given my husband at least 2 blowjobs a day since we were married almost 17 years ago. I could spend hours just licking, kissing, and sucking his dick.

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