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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I was out with my mother the one day walking, we stopped and sat at the park for a little while. A guy with a camcorder running walks up and he says he'd pay us $2000 to make out right then. Mom explains that I'm her daughter, of course, and the guy raises it to $6000, and says he'd go up to $7000 if we'd show our IDs. I don't know what he did with the video but, we got $7000.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 29

    I dont have a long story to tell but I do want to confess that I'm a 29 year-old virgin (yes it's true). I don't consider myself hideous. It's jjst that I haven't met the right guy. It's the whole I like them they don't like me, they like me I don't like them story. I had given up on dating in my early 20s and never put myself out there. I do have high standards (or so I've been told) but honestly I can't help who I'm attracted to.

    So here I am at 29 and still a virgin. It doesn't mean I don't get horny. In fact I think about sex all ghe time. It's just that I'd rather my first time be with a guy I consider hot. I've waited so long anyway.

    I confess that I am a chronic masterbator. I do it almost every night and always orgasm. It feels ridiculously awesome, and helps me to relax and sleep. I can't wait till I can have the real thing. I think I would surprise my man despite not having any experience. I do have a vivid imagination and watch porn occasionally.

    Another confession: I always think of either Michael Fassbender or Jake Gyllenhaal to get off (sometimes both). Sorry for any typos it's my phone's fault.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 30

    Yesterday I was using the toilets in a well known shopping centre here in Manchester/ Trafford. I was stood peeing when an older, tall well built guy stood next to me. I noticed him looking at my cock and then saw he was wanking his. I don't know why but my dick became hard as I finished off peeing. He asked me if I wanted a blow job and bizzarely I found myself in a cubicle with a strange man on his knees, with him giving me what has got to be the best head I've ever been given, and I've had lots of girlfriends. I was at one point hrusting my hips to fuck his mouth harder. When I blew my load he gripped my arse and forced me to push further down his throat. He swallowed the lot, stood up, put his cock away and left. I got home later wondering does that now mean I'm gay or bisexual. Or just a guy who enjoyed one very very blow job.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    My name's Kim. I'm 36 years old, married and I'm still just as horny now as I was as a teenager, if not more so. Back then I'd wait until my mom went to work and then naked, I'd sneak into her bedroom and slip under the duvet to enjoy her latest boyfriend.
    It's carried on into my adult life and marriage, in as much as I now wait until my husband, who is a good man, just not sexual enough for me, goes off to work. When he does I'll get on my cell phone and let one of the three men I'm having affairs with, know I'm horny for sex.
    I don't class myself as a slut, but after having sex with over twenty different men since I got married eleven years ago, I suppose I am.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 37

    Wife told me how sick she was, feeling horrible with chest congestion and feeling she had a fever. We had not have sex in two days, I pulled her over and put my hand between her legs, she pushed me off and told me NO. I kept this up till she finally spread her legs.
    Once my fingers spread the lips the middle finger plunged in her. She was lied to me, she was soaking wet in there. could feel the soft thick pussy juice like she has first thing in the mornings. In no time she is rocking her body and grinding my fingers in her. she soon said yes, yes and that's when I jumped on her. stuck it in her and slid to the bottom and held it there. Worked a grinding motion and started stroking her. She stroked the pusssy right back to me. Would think her congestion made her orgasm harder and her pussy soaking wet.
    We finished and she told me thank you for forcing me, that made me feel better. Told her I knew what she needed more than she did. Besides I could not stand the wait. She just texted me from work, thanks for last night and want repeat tonight.
    Nothing feels better than a juicy pussy and a women who can work it.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 51

    Friend told me about women who cleans his house, I figure I would have her as well. I had her do the whole house and now she does the rooms I use. She took on so much work she hired a Mexican women to help. She seems honest and friendly. So now the Mexican women does my house for me. She sets the work and fixes me lunch.
    fellow Legion member comes over and she fixes us both lunch. He can speak Spanish and they start talking. She got here by help of some group. She must work and pay them or her sister will not get here. Worse of all her sister wil be killed if she misses payments. I did not know what they said, and shortly he ask mf if he could fuck her on the spare bed?? I did not care, hell sex for him has been a long time.
    They do in the spare room and I head her sucking sounds and soon the bed is hitting the wall. I head her sex sounds and she is pretty loud. Finally I hear him.

    Shortly after he comes out and so does she. Speaking Spanish and again I have no idea what. She left and he waited around to talk with me. He told me her story, he ask if he could have sex with her for money. She said she would. She had not had sex for years and needed the money. She ask if I wanted any and he told her no. I had a two girl friends and got all the pussy I wanted.

    She cleaned the room and laid down something to protect my covers. I am starting to think I might want to try her my self next week. She is short but has a nice body and tig old bitties.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    When I lived in Atlanta I didn't have a washer or dryer, so I went to a laundromat in a shopping center that was 10 miles away. It opened at 5 am, so I went there every Saturday. I went when it opened to avoid the crowds, which started arriving as I was leaving. One Saturday I had just placed my clothes in a dryer, and went outside to enjoy the cool air. A car came in to the parking lot and arked nearby. A very attractive woman got out. She opened her trunk and removed a basket of laundry. I opened the door to the place for her. She returned to her car for another basket, and I opened the door for her again. Then she returned to the car for the detergent and bleach. I opened the door again. She went in and and got her kaundry sorted, and put them in the machines. She came outside and told me she had just bought a house and had not yet bought a washer/dryer for it. We talked for a while, then it was time for me to get my clothes from the dryer. I wanted to stay and continue talikg with her, but she had sat down and started reading a paperback book, so I left, not wanting to disturb her. The following Satruday I arrive there at 5 am, and wondered if she would be by again. She didn't come, so I figured she ahd bought a washer and drywer for the house and I would never see ehr again. The Satrurday after that I arrived at 5 am again, and she was there standing in front of the place. She told me she had bought a washer and dryer the previous Saturday, and said I could do my laundry there if I wanted and adding that she woud make coffee. I followed her to the house, which was only half a mile away. So we went in, and I carried my laundry and she carried my detergent and bleach for me. I put my clothes in the washer, and she made a pot of coffee. As we sat drinking it, she asked if I would mind if she put on a porno tape. I told her no, I don't mind. She put one on and said she always keeps them running all weekend. She said she had been recently divorced, and because of work had not been able to find someone for sex. Then she asked if I would take her to bed as she was extemely horny.
    I said yes, I was extemely horny. We undressed right there watching the porno tape, and sat on the couch naked, kissing and fondling each other. I got down on my knees in front of her and started licking her pussy. She said "that feels good, eat my pussy!" She shuddered when she came. I was rubbing my hard cock on her leg as I ate her, and I continued to eat her until she came again. Then she wanted to suck me off, so I sat on the couch and she leaned over and took it in her mouth. She was an expert at sucking, and it wasn't long before I erupted. She swallowed the sperm, then I leaned over to eat her pussy again. She said I must really love to eat pussy. I told her yes, I love it and can't get enough.
    We rested for a whiel and had more coffee, and I put my clothes in the dryer and started another load in the washer. Then we went to her bedroom and fucke and fucked and fucked.
    I ended up staying with her all weekend, and we stayed naked the entire time. Every weekend after that I would take my laundry to her house, and we would stay naked all weekend, sucking and fucking.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    I work shift work and my morning shifts start at 5am finish at 2pm. I still live at home and I walk to and from work as it's only about 15 mins if I cut thru my old high school. When I walk thru the grounds teachers often mistake me for a student. I am quite young looking for my age.

    Anyway today as I walked thru the school it was such a nice day I thought I'd sit on the field in the sun for about half an hour and have a smoke and listen to my music before all the students started leaving. I popped my headphones in and lit up my cigarette. I lay back and looked up at the sky. Next thing I'm looking up the skirt of a girl standing over me, she was probably about 15 and very good looking, blonde and hot body. She asked me for a cigarette in return for a handjob. Sure I said, she wanted the smoke first so while we were smoking she asked me a whole bunch of questions and I gave her my number, she thinks I'm a senior at the school. When she finished her smoke she straight away unbuttoned her blouse to reveal beautiful tits in a sexy black bra. She rubbed my cock thru my jeans and I got really hard quick, she whipped my cock out and massaged it and jerked it like a pro. 'Want me to suck it??' She said uh huh I managed to reply. She sucked me so well I came in about 2 mins. She smiled and I gave her a few extra smokes. She has been sending me very sexy and explicit photos and messages said she loved my cock and we should fuck tonight. I want to but I'm so much older than her and I feel bad for telling her I'm 17.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    Hi I've been married to john for 21 years he is 14 yrs older than me we have 3 children and live a normal life, sex with John as always been good. I work in an office mostly with women and a few guys we all get on well and all go out at least once a month. At the Xmas party 2013 I got chatting to Dave who works in the next office to me he's married but not happy he's very shy but we got on well had a dance and a few drinks. After the party we went our separate ways. When we returned to work I bumped into Dave and he told me how much he enjoyed the party. Then in February 2013 we had another night out by now we had spoke a lot and Dave would tell me about his unhappy relationship. He asked if I wanted a lift on the night as he wasn't drinking, my husband was aware of our conversations and how I felt sorry for Dave, I asked john if he would mind if Dave picked me up then dropped me home after, he was fine with this. On that night as I got in the car Dave made some really nice comments about how I looked, I found this very flattering and off we went, we spent the night with all are friends then at the end I walked with Dave to his car, I'd had a few drinks so Dave held my arm, and began to tell me how he had fancied me a made light of this and said he was just being nice and should say that to his wife as it might help he said John was lucky to have such an attractive wife, we got to his car and he asked if I wanted to go straight home or maybe stop on the way, for a chat his words. I agreed and he stopped near my home in an industrial estate he started to tell me he has this fantasy of me and him making love he but his arm around me and kissed me as I said I'd felt flattered and responded by letting him kiss me, he began to touch my boob over my dress I allowed this, I felt myself getting wet as other than john no man had touched me there for over 25 years, he then put his hand up my dress and on my inner thigh, I felt so turned on I could have ripped my knickers off there and then and let him fuck me, but he suddenly stopped and said sorry, I told him I'm not the sort of girl to make love in a car more want a hotel room more comfort. We stopped and he took me home, I went to bed thinking about what had happened. Dave text me at about 3am lucky my phone was on silent, it was a very sexy text so I sent one back, we continue to text and talk over the next few weeks. He then ssked if he could take me out one night just me and him, I agreed and told john we were having a night out with works friends again, I got my daughter to drop me off and when she went Dave picked me up. He took me to a pub next to a hotel about 20 miles out of out town as he said no one would see us as the night went on he refered back to when I said I prefer sex in a hotel rather than can and offered to pay for a the time I said no we left later and he took me home stop short of my house gave me a goodnight kiss and left. The texts continue and brief discrete meetings at work. Then in May we arranged to go out again, to the same pub, this time I agreed to go to the hotel we brought some wine and booked in. In the roo I felt so naughty couldn't believe that me a married women was with this work friend in an hotel after a few drinks we began to kiss Dave was soon pulling my dress up over my head and I stood there in my underwear feeling so good but yet naughty, we got in bed Dave stripping down to his underpants I could see he was erect he then began to kiss and explore me I sat up and removed my bra his eyes looking at my tits I felt so horny as I lay back he cupped my tit in his hand and gently squeezed I could have cum straight away he then moved his hand down into my knickers he could feel how wet I was not long after he pulled my knickers off and began to lick between my legs he was really good with his tongue much better than john he soon had me cumming I then sat astride him and fucked his cock as he played with my tits after we finished we just laid holding each other with hardly a word, we eventually got dress and Dave took me home we have done tis 2 other times since then and our going out again next week, I love my husband and this is just about sex we both agree and our happy to continue, I know I should not be doing this but I feel so addicted it's just an escape from the normal routine and makes me feel really naughty and sexy, I still have sex with john and it's good but with Dave it's an added thrill sneaking off like we do. M

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    Well I'm not technically 18 yet will be in a month. Anyways my confession is I had sex with a man who is 12 years older than me (29).

    It was kind of out the blue, he's is so not my usual type of guy, not even really attractive but alright looking. He's a friend of girl I used to work with. A few days ago he started poking me on facebook after about 20 pokes I private messaged him (he wasn't my friend on facebook) I said "hey do you just poke random girls????????" we then ended up chatting and had a laugh. I kept making sure he was aware of my age just incase.

    So after chatting for a while I kept winding him calling him a 'creep' just for laughs, he then made a joke about tying the rope so he can hang himself I then turned it into a sexual joke. I guess I really initiated it. Then thats when we began flirting, he sent me a few dick pics, to be honest when guys do this it never turns me on but this guy did and I was horny for him, so I sent him a few back not revealing anything just like side boobs and he was going crazy. I think the idea of being with an older man turned me on.

    So the next day I decided to go down to his house, he had a 20 minute warning I was coming. I waited maybe 5 minutes outside his flat before going in, my heart was beating so fast I couldn't calm down. Then I knocked on his door he was there all smiles, so we went into the living room had a cigarette and talked for a couple minutes. He then decided fuck it and finally made a move. He came over standing in front of me on the couch making out with me, he wasted no time. His tongue was long skilled in my mouth not like any other guy I've made out with. He made out and took each others clothes off, it was so hot and erotic. He had a big thick cock, soon as I started playing with it he couldn't resit me, he ravished me. His long skilled fingers were inside my tight little pussy and clit was the best I experienced.

    We didn't even make it to the bedroom we got so hot and excited we had to do it right then and there on the couch. He was on top first, he had to slowly ease his thick cock into my tight pussy for a couple minutes then he started pounding me hard, I had an orgasm within seconds. I couldn't stop myself from clawing my nails into his back and grabbing his hair. He continuously kissed and bit my neck and breasts it was so hot and exciting.

    He then told me to spin round to do doggy style (which is my favorite!). One of my hands was pinned on the wall, the other was grabbing the couch. He continued to fuck me hard, soon as I got a bit loud it turned him on more he would go faster then start playing with my sensitive clit or spanked me hard while doing this, also he would bite and kiss my back and neck. It lasted for so long, I couldn't stop my multiple orgasms which came one right after another.

    He eventually came and we both felt exhausted but ready for round 2, unfortunately I had to go (otherwise my parents would of gotten suspicious) while I was trying to get dressed he kept spanking and grabbing my ass, also playing my pussy through my knickers, it was turning me on again, I just about jumped him again. I eventually got dressed he then walked me to the door, but before I left he pinned me against the wall and kissed me deeply with his tongue exploring my mouth. I threatened to put his tongue to better use next time, he said he wanted to lick my pussy, there he goes with the turning on again! We never got the chance to do oral we kinda got to excited to fast!

    It's only the next day since we had done it but whenever I think about it I'm so turned on to the point of cumming without doing anything. I can't wait to fuck him again.

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