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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    Mei worked at a cheap Chinese buffet in my neighborhood. I'd been washing dishes there since the previous owners had owned the place.
    The restaurant was a real dive. Despite my employee "perk" of eating lunch there for free everyday, I never touched the food. I worked in the kitchens and I knew perfectly well how unsanitary the conditions were.
    Mei was the only thing right about the restaurant. From the first day I laid eyes on her, I hadn't been able to get her out of my head. I wasn't sure how old she was, but she didn't look much younger than myself. She was about a head shorter than me and pretty in an unassuming sort of way. She wore her jet black hair short and she had the biggest darkest eyes. Those eyes just lit up whenever she laughed or smiled.
    Her family didn't own the restaurant though. She just worked for the scumbag who did. I'd heard rumors that he had criminal connections and he had financed Mei's family's immigration to the United States. Now they were working off their bao in different ways. I wondered if they were making the same slave wages as me, or worse.
    I wanted to talk to Mei. To get to know her better, but it was hard. Whenever I spent more than a minute or two talking to her, one or more of the cocky little Chinese punks that also worked in the kitchen would break it up and start yammering away at Mei in Chinese. I knew it was something bad because she always dropped her eyes and went right back to work.
    I thought I'd probably never get to know her better and it certainly looked that way. But one day I saw her standing beside the bus bench just outside the shopping center parking lot where the buffet was located. It was pouring rain and I was in my car heading home.
    "Mei??" I pulled up beside her. "Are you taking the bus??"
    She looked at me and nodded. She was drenched. So much so I could see her dark brown nipples through the wet white t-shirt she had one.
    "Your brothers aren't around??"
    "T hose guys aren't my brothers," she said. "They're the bosses nephews."
    "Oh. You want a ride somewhere??" I asked.
    She looked back toward the buffet and I could clearly see her thinking about it. Finally she ran to my car and opened the door and got inside. We drove off.
    "Poor kid, you're soaked." I looked around for something she could dry herself with, but my car was a mess. All I had on the backseat was an old shirt I'd used for a rag when working on the engine a few days earlier. I frowned.
    "Sorry, I don't have a towel or anything."
    "That's all right." She smiled weakly.
    "You're worried you'll get in trouble for riding with me, aren't you??" I could tell.
    "A little." She admitted. "Not just from those guys. But my own family wouldn't like me riding with a white guy."
    "I can drop you off before we get to your house."
    "Thank you." She told me.
    We drove in silence for a moment. The radio was on but cut down low. Ronnie Van Zant was singing about going to find a woman and finding love. That was a sentiment I could get behind I thought, looking at Mei sitting beside me.
    "I wish we could talk more," I said. "I really want to get to know you better."
    "I wish that too." She admitted. "Those guys tell me they'll have their uncle send my family back to China if I keep talking to you. And they said they'll take your job."
    I barked a short derisive laugh. "They can have that job. I waste more gas driving back and forth to work than I make in salary." That was an exaggeration, but not by much.
    "Why do you work there then??" She asked.
    "I dropped out of high school when I was sixteen," I told her. "I don't have a diploma, a GED or anything. That's the only job I can get at the moment. I'm waiting for a construction job to open up though. I've had my eyes on it for a while."
    We shot the shit for a while. Finally she directed me to a real low rent, sleazy neighborhood full of apartments and gang graffiti sprayed everywhere. She wanted to be let out beside a row of mailboxes, most of which had been broken into. I watched her walk down the sidewalk, admiring the way her rear end looked in the Army surplus camo pants she wore.
    A few days later she jumped in at the bus stop again.
    "Hey pretty lady." I smiled at her.
    She blushed and looked away, smiling shyly.
    "I noticed ugly and uglier haven't been at work the last few days." I said.
    "The bosses nephews??" She asked. I nodded. "Oh. The cook told me they got in trouble with the police. The boss sent them away until things cool down."
    "So you can talk to me and ride with me for a while??"
    "Talk, no." she said. "The other people at work would tell on us. But ride yes. If you don't mind."
    "I don't mind at all." I told her. "I hope those two stay gone forever."
    She giggled.
    "You're beautiful when you do that." I told her and caressed the side of her face with my hand. She blushed.
    "Do you have a boyfriend??"
    She shook her head no. "Once. Back in China. No longer."
    "What if I told you I wanted to be your boyfriend??" I asked.
    Her blush deepend slightly, but her smile grew. "I'd say you were crazy. I'm nothing special. Just a poor Chinese girl."
    "Your special to me," I told her. "And I'm just a poor white boy."
    "I wish it could be." She sighed. "My family would never allow it."
    "Would they allow it if I paid off your bao??"
    She stared at me. "What do you know about that??"
    I told her the little bit I'd heard. Mostly work place gossip.
    "You don't have so much money," she told me. She named a figure on how much her family owed. I whistled.
    "See??" She smiled sadly.
    "You leave it to me honey," I said. "I'll figure something out."
    I took pulled over beside the busted mail boxes and took her hand, squeezing softly. "See you tomorrow??"
    She nodded and surprised me by leaning over and kissing my cheek, then hurrying out of the car and jogging away down the sidewalk.
    What Mei didn't know was that I had a wealthy father. He had never been married to my mother and I was just one of who knew how many kids he had by various women, but he had sent me cards every year on my birthday and Christmas like clockwork and I had his phone number if anything should come up. The problem was, I hardly knew the man. Would he care enough about one random kid to do me the favor I was going to ask, or would he laugh in my face?? I had no idea.
    "Dad??" I phoned him that night. "Yeah, its me. How're you doing?? That's good. Me?? I'm doing the best I can. Working everyday. What?? Yeah, that's the truth...." we talked a while before I found the nerve to ask him. "You see there's this girl. She means the world to me dad. But she and her family owe this guy for bringing them over here. He's making them work like slaves at his various businesses to repay him and at the rate he pays, we'll they'll never be free of him. What?? Her name is Mei. Yeah, she loves me too (I hope, I thought but didn't say). How much??" I cringed and named the figure. There was a long silence on the other end, then a sigh. "What?? You mean it?? Oh wow, dad... thanks. Mei's gonna be so happy. Of course you can meet her sometime." I was so happy I jabbered on for a good half an hour. I hadn't spoke to the man in nearly two years and he'd agreed to help me just like that.
    Mei couldn't believe it when I told her the next day that I could pay her family's entire bao off. She stared at me wide eyed. "Don't tell me that if it isn't true. That would be cruel."
    "I'm being honest," I told her. "My father is a wealthy man. He agreed to give me the money for your bao."
    It took a little to convince her, but in the end she wept with joy, hugging me. Man, did that feel good. She told me she would work it out with her parents and that they would want to meet me. She gave me a laundry list of things to do and not to do, how to dress, etc.
    About a week later I came to her home, a crummy little apartment that in all honesty should have been condemned by the city. I met her paternal grandparents, her parents, one of her aunts, and her eight younger siblings. I wasn't sure how the visit went since nearly all of the talking was in Chinese. It wasn't until Mei told me her grandmother finally convinced her father I was ok, and that her family agreed we could date if I paid their bao that I knew it had been a success.
    Arrangements were made. The Bao was paid. Both Mei and I stopped working at the buffet. My dad offered to help me get a better job, but I already felt overly indebted to him. I said thanks but no thanks. I was confident of getting a construction job. And I did.
    Mei and I started dating. At first several members of her family always wanted to go along with us. To the movies, to the mall, everywhere. And I was forking over buckets of cash I barely had just to keep up with buying them little presents. I told her it had to stop. It did.
    The more Mei hung around me, the more independent she grew. I liked the change in her. Especially since the lack of chaperones meant we could finally have some time alone.
    We began having incredible sex at my place. I'm talking headboard thumping the wall, bed springs squeaking, moaning, screaming, dogs barking outside sex. Mei was a little freak in the sack. She was game for trying anything and wanted to be tied up, choked, spanked, ridden hard, dirty and rough. I lost track of the times she'd have me lying exhausted on the bed only to crawl over to me and tell me she wanted more. I wondered if she was trying to kill me, but hell it didn't matter, what a way to go.
    I eventually married her and we've got the two cutest little girls on the planet. I'm still working construction (Mei made me get my GED last summer) and Mei's a stay at home mom. We're still not rich, but we're happier than a lot of people who are. My dad passed away last November and it looks like his other kids are gonna get most of his estate, but he already gave me the greatest gift ever. When we have a son he'll be named for his paternal grandpa, not me. That's who he owes his existence to as much as me.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 38

    I've always been close to my best friends daughter but this is ridiculous. It started a couple of months ago, me and my friend had been drinking when she came home from a club. She's 17 now but looks older, she ended up sitting on my lap, my friend her dad feel asleep on the sofa next to us. She was jiggling about on me not wearing much and i got a hard on. I knew she could feel it, she just got up and went to bed. It's happened a few more times though, wen her dad falls asleep she sits on my lap and grinds on me till I'm hard! Last time she only had a babydoll type nightie on and she brushed her tits on my face, I nearly shot my load! Don't know what to do, not sure i can resist much longer.....

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 35

    I've always loved sex, I lost my virginity at 14 drunk, in the back of a car with 2 lads both in their late teens. I ended up with a reputation for being an easy lay, truth is I just love fucking. I used to dress like a slut in my late teens early twenties, short skirts, heels and low cut tops with my ample boobs spilling out. One night at a party, i must of been around 22, I kept seeing a man looking at me, he must of been in his forties, me being me I played up to him, teaseing him by dancing in front of him etc, I got quite drunk, at the end of the night i flashed him a smile as i left. I only lived about a mile away so I walked home on my own. A little way into the walk I became aware of someone behind me, it was the man from the party. He didn't say anything and carried walking about 100yds behind me. I felt myself getting wet thinking about fucking him. As I got to my house i paused as i put the key in the door, the man walked up the drive, didn't say a word, walked up behind me, pulled up my miniskirt, pulled my knickers to one side and pushed his hard cock in me. It took my breath away, he fucked me so hard, he was so rough with me, holding my throat, squeezing my tits really hard. He came inside me after about 5minutes, he zipped up and left, not a word! I still fantasise about sex I ever had

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    When an old childhood friend called by out of the blue, just before Christmas, I almost didn't recognise him. He'd grown in just about every way possible from what I could see. He was visiting his mom and was in the area for a few days, so he thought he'd call in and see what his old buddy was up to.
    My wife works long twelve hour shifts and was out when he arrived, but I'd spoken of Tony to her often enough, so she wasn't too put out after she got back from work, when I told her he was staying with us for a few days.
    We all chatted away drinking wine and learned the reason why he didn't want to stay with his mom. It was because her new husband detested gay men. As Tony said it, both my wife and I looked at each other as if to say, "No fucking way is he gay". That's because Tony's six feet four, two hundred and ten pounds and has muscles growing on his muscles.
    He smiled when he saw the look on our faces and and in an easy manner, he told us he was bisexual.
    It had gotten to around one thirty am, when my wife said she was going up to bed, leaving us drinking another bottle of wine and still chatting. My thoughts in a semi drunken state turned to Tony's open admittance of his sexuality, because growing up together there was no inkling he was in any way gay. As usual for me I just came out and asked.
    "So Tony what's it like to be fucked up the ass then". Hearing him laugh the laugh I remembered as teenagers was awsome. He stopped laughing however when he turned to me and said "Hey ------- I told you I'm bisexual and in both cases I'm the one who does the fucking". As he said it he put his hand down to his crotch and squeezed himself, then added "Wouldn't want this monster up my ass". And started laughing again.
    A couple more glasses of wine later I sought of dared him to show me his monster, if indeed he had one. Once again in a very calm manner he stood up undid his trousers and dropped his boxers. "Oh my fucking god" was my stunned reply as his huge dick flopped forwards. I've seen big cocks in porn films before now, but seeing one up close and in reality just made me stare and secretly wonder what it would be like to feel it.
    I didn't have to wait too long to find out, as Tony stepped forwards to around a foot away from my face. Gripping his cock he said "This monster enough for ya".
    Looking back to then I don't know why I did what I did, but I do know it's changed out lives in all sorts of ways. Tony growing cock was now only inches away from my face as he continued to get closer. I sort of knew what he was manouvering for, so staring at the massive bulbous cock head in front of me I raised my right hand and curled my fingers aound Tony' cock shaft. Instantly it seemed to harden in my hand and I found myself doing what I do best to my own cock, I began to stroke it in long slow strokes.
    Wanking another man couldn't have come more naturally, nothing like what I thought it would be like. It was sensual, horny and erectile engaging for me also, as my own cock began to harden. In a second first, if you like, I put the tip of his enormous cock head to my lips and slowly, ever so slowly let him push his cock onto my tongue and into my mouth.
    If you've never sucked cock before, you'll not know. It's either going to be something you imediately like doing, or your just not going to enjoy at all. In my case I took to it like ducks to water and soon found myself slurping noisilly away at my old teenage friends cock, trying to fit in as much cock shaft as I could. The next thing we both heard at the same time was "Ugh huh, Ugh huh!" Letting Tony's cock slip from my mouth we both turned to see my wife stood in the doorway looking right at us.
    Marriage ending time you would think. Not a snow ball in hells chance. She very confidently strode over like it was the most natural thing to see her husband doing, kissed the top of my head and sunk to her knees. Looking at me she said "If it's good enough for you, it's damn well good enough for me". And promptly took Tony's Dick straight into her mouth.
    Green light for fun was how I drunkenly saw it, and so evidently did my wife and Tony. For the next half hour or so myself and my wife took turns to suck on his cock, with my wife encouraging me to take Tony's cock deeper each time.
    Eventually with my wife sucking on Tony's hairy balls, I took the full blast of his cum shower all over my tongue, face and kneck. It was like a torrent of hot sticky fluid firing at me and I fucking loved every single drop of it.
    With Tony spent, I needed to cum and apperently my wife needed satisfying. Lay on her back with her legs being held high in the air by Tony, I slipped my six inches into my wife with Tony watching every thrust. Only afterwards in bed, did my wife tell me Tony had watched my asshole bouncing up and down with eager intent.
    It was the start of our new sexual life. One we're still getting to know all over again together. Tony stayed three days, all of them at one point or another having sex with myself and or my wife. He didn't fuck me because I wasn't ready for his huge cock (Even though he said he'd love to fuck my tight ass), but after he left, my wife owned up to them fucking on the couch after I'd fallen asleep. It didn't change one thing, only that I would have loved to have seen his massive cock spreading her gorgeous c**t.
    Tony's back up to see his mom at the end of the month. It's a visit I'm looking forward to as I've/we've decided I'm going to try and lose my anal cherry to his huge dick. If not his, then maybe we'll find another guy to share, one who my as can take.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 18

    I'm 17 and straight. Up until my summer after junior year, I had never hooked up with a girl. That summer into senior year I hooking up (making out, fingering, blowjobs, eating out) about 6 girls. However through this time I began to get a little bicurious from time to time. The only guy I really found attractive was a high school friend, Adam. Adam had never hooked up with a girl before. Me and Adam's friendship grew further apart as high school went on, but we were still friendly. One day, during senior year I decided to stop by Adams and hangout. When I got there we went down to his basement and began to watch TV. I noticed there wasn't much noise around the house, so i asked him if his parents were home, with which he replied, "No theyr coming back later tonight." I then persuaded Adam to smoke some weed with me. (Adam had smoked a few times up to that point, I was a pretty big stoner.) After we got high we sat on his couch in his basement and began to talk and watch TV. The subject of girls inevidently came up, an awkward subject for Adam. I had always joked around calling Adam "gay." He was so high I figured I could take my opportunity. I said "well since your gay adam I bet you wanna fuck me right??" and pulled down my shorts and underwear together and put his hand on my dick. He wanted to say something, but i just whispered "shhh." We then proceeded to shed our clothes and I put Adams cock in my mouth and just started sucking away. It felt so nice and warm in my mouth. I sucked him off for awhile, I jammed his bone as far down my throat as it would go. Adam then gave me a little head. I then got some vaseline and rubbed it all over Adams dick. I layed on my back on the couch and put my legs on his shoulders. He then put his cock in my asshole, it hurt at first but in a few minutes began to feel great. He humped away while I moaned. I saw the look on his face and told him to pull out. Adam then proceeded to shoot his load of warm cum directly into my mouth, I didn't lose a drop, swallowing the entire load. We had sex 3 more times that night. That summer I had tons of fun in my bi adventures. Me and Adam fucked a lot, and we even had a 3 way with his 14 year old brother. I loved to fuck his little brother, his little asshole was so tight and juicy. The kinkyest thing we did was all layed back on our heads and came in our mouths then exchanged the mouthfulls with one another.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    When I was 17 we moved to a different town, the first boy I found to hang with was 15, and his dad was good friends with my dad. we both had bikes, and he knew lots of places to ride, this one place had a stream that was just right to swim in.
    The first day we went there it was hot, so we went swimming, but didn't have swim trunks, so went in naked. I knew my dick was really small, and so were my nuts, and was really surprised to see how much bigger his was than mine, and 2 years younger. when I put my hand around mine, the head didn't stick out, but he could put both hands on his, and the head showed. Also his nuts hung down, mine were tight against me.

    After a few times going there he told me that my ass looked almost like his 17 year old sisters did, that embarrassed my, but had heard that said before by other kids in school.
    One hot day we were there swimming naked, the water was even warm, but felt good, I was laying next to the shore, enjoying the feeling of the warm water, when he swam up from behind and right on top of me, and I felt his dick touch between my legs, and I started to move.

    But he lowered himself down on me and said, watching your ass gave me a hard on, so I'm going to fuck you. He hunched forward, and I started to move but I couldn't go backward, and he was too heavy for me to move forward. I tried to roll over, but he was able to keep me from doing that, and all the while he was thrusting against me, and suddenly the head of his dick slipped right in my ass.

    And almost instantly he pushed forward hard, and I felt what I though was the whole length of it go in. To my supprise it didn't really hurt, just felt kind of weird, then he started thrusting into me, I was embarrassed as hell, but stopped moving around, and just relaxed, that's when he said, I knew you would like it, just as much as my sister does. He fucked for quite awhile, and I was wanting it more and more, then suddenly he slammed it in hard and deep several times, and I knew he'd shot his cum in me.

    He said now you are a bitch just like my sister is, and I can fuck you anytime I want to, and he just pulled out with his dick still hard, and it felt weird when he did. I was just laying there trying to think when he said come on bitch, get dressed, we have to get out of here and head home. We got dressed, straddled our bikes and headed out. Thinking about what he did made me embarrassed and ashamed, but remembering how it felt made me feel better, and byt the time we got back to his house, I wasn't embarrassed anymore.

    I didn't see him for almost 2 weeks, then one day he came to our house and asked if I wanted to go ridding. I said yeah, and the first place we went was to the stream, and when he said ok bitch, you know why we're here, I didn't even argue with him.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    Hey people I have finally sucked on a fat cock today after a cute transexual replied to my ad on craigs list. My wife left me and I was so high on meth I went out to Victorias Secret and bought myself the hottest bras panties and corsets as well as some black lacy night skirty type of shit with thigh highs and I shaved myself smooth except for a haert shaped landing strip above my tiny ass little baby cock and started to play dress up pretending I was a young woman. I looked so amazing I went and bought a black wig and makeup to turn into a gothic french girly girl. Last month I seduced my niece who is a senior in high school and I finally stuck my dick in her tight bald pussy after showing her my cock with her g string on. My wife walked in and I am alone now I feel cheap and sore and my panties are all I have left.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I'm a 25 y/o male, a crossdresser who's not ashamed to say I still live with my mom. Mom had me when she was 17, and we have always been close. My grandparents [who we lived with] have always been loving and supportive too. I started wearing my mom's clothes when I was 8. Mom thought it was cute, and everyone agreed it would keep me occupied while mom worked. I tried to stop crossdressing when I hit 14, but I went right back to it after about 6 months. Mom was always very encouraging, teaching me makeup and wig styling. I started building my own female wardrobe. Mom has always dated men, but has remained single. After age 18 I started spending all my non-school time crossdressed. With slight features and great cheekbones, I look quite femininely attractive. Mom and I are best friends and almost like sisters. We have the house to ourselves now, and I have also realized I am bi. I mean I've only dated men for close to 4 years at mom's encouragement, and the women I dated were always older. Since I have a job where I can openly be a feminine man, I have grown my nice wavy hair done to my shoulders.

    I find cuddling with mom and massaging her feet to be very pleasurable, and she did teach me how to kiss, but that's as far as we went. We were seeing the same guy for awhile, a hot married guy in his 30s who was 'doing' the both of us [separate rooms of course!]. Until we did a 3some. It was freaky having sex in front of my mom, and seeing her naked having sex. But it was way hot, as we tag-teamed him. Where it got intense was when I started sucking on my mom's toes while she made out with him. And she did jerk me off whe I was blowing him. The relationship is over, but it's became 'out' that mom and I are attracted to each other. And it's only when 'm a "girl". We make out on the sofa, or suck each other's toes, and I have to try real hard not to come. We almost had a thing with a guy and his son, the son digging older women and the guy a tranny chaser. But it was too freaky for them. And we've done another 3some, but the guy didn't realize I was a dude. It's very wild when you and your mom are sucking a guys dick at the same time, and also tongue kissing! I used to be a shy, nerdy guy, and now I'm a bit of a hot slut!!!

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Am i the only one that fantasizes about having sex with young teenage boys and girls?? please comment and share your fantasy about it

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Speaking from the past: True Story
    I was still kind of young and I am bi. I have 2 pit bulls and they are both males and are 6 months old. I was 4'7 and they were almost up to my waist. They always follows me wherever I go and literally keeps licking me everywhere on my legs and is always trying to pull me down. Whenever I sit down they would jump on me and start licking my crotch and I would just push them off but they would continuously come back and start licking me again until I stand up. I still live with my parents and but they are workaholics so they are never home except the weekends so i'm always home with my older brother who is always in his room playing games. I like to where sweatpants in my house and sometimes they would try to pull my pants off making me bend down to pull it up so they can start humping me. They've been like this for almost 2 months.

    When every I lay on my stomach they would get my pants off. One would climb on my waist and the other would walk over my head until his penis was touching my face and then would start humping me like crazy. For a few minutes of me letting them hump me I got up and felt my butt because he had penetrated my butthole and I felt something slimy. It was my dogs cum. I went to go change. It kind of sucks because I have to go through this almost everyday.

    It was a saturday morning and I woke up to my dogs licking my penis. It was the best feeling I ever felt. Everyday they would do the same thing. Lick me, hump me, and try to get on my back when i'm on all four. I eventually started to get used to it. Now sometimes we would go to my room, lock the door, and then I would strip ass naked, get on the floor on all four and let them have me. I really enjoy it. Their dicks are 5 1/2 inches. Everytime they went back and forth in my butt and mouth it felt so good. Everytime the give me a load I would watch it leak out and then it's next round. I eventually stopped because it started to become a habit, but we did it longer. I let them take showers with me so as I stand there in the shower they can lick my penis.

    You know what they say, "Man's Best Friend".

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