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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    My husband has a boss that he continually complains about for various reasons. He steals my husband's ideas and gets the credit for his work, he sends him on crappy assignments, all that kind of thing. In addition, my husband hates him because my husband is a very good man and dislikes slimebag guys like his boss. Apparently the word around the office is that his boss has screwed most of the women that work there and even a couple of his employee's wives.

    This brings us to memorial day weekend and the BBQ at our house. My husband felt compelled to invite his boss and it was my first time seeing him and woah, hot guy. I could see why the women go to him despite him being a jerk. A couple hours into the BBQ his boss is hitting on me pretty hard and I can't help but wonder what he's packing down there since he's such a man-whore.

    Long story short, I wound up in the upstairs bathroom, standing, facing the mirror while my husband's hated boss fucked me from behind. He did indeed have a very big cock and was great at using it. He made me cum three times in only 10 minutes or so. My husband had no clue, he was at the BBQ grilling chicken the whole time and I had a massive load of his boss' cum in me the rest of the day that of course, he wound up eating out of me that night. So my husband basically sucked the dick of the boss he hates.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 30

    I'm Thelma, a 30-year-old divorcee with a 14-year-old son. We've been having sex together since he was 12. It just happened one evening when Chris got a hard-on and I just couldn't resist it. I had never thought about incest before, but now I'm into it I can't stop. No other sex is like it. When my son is at school I often bring myself off with my vibrator imagining it to be my son's cock. He fucks me four or five times a night and always leaves me exhausted.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 21

    During spring break at college, I went over to visit a friend with benefits from high school. My boyfriend lives far away from me and I need more sex than I get so I decided to go over to get fucked. His parents were home and I made small talk with them about college and how I have a boyfriend, blah blah all boring stuff. After getting away from them, we went downstairs to watch a movie while his parents were upstairs. There was no movie watching. We started to make out and I took his dick out and sucked him nice and hard while he fingered me. I, then, took off my thong and hiked up my skirt to ride him. As I was just getting into riding him and trying to keep quiet, his dad comes down the steps and sees my naked ass bouncing up and down on his son's dick. His son doesn't notice, but I don't miss a beat and just smile at him. His eyes are bulging out at first, but then he kinda smirks and walks back up the steps and shuts the door. I ride my friend to two orgasms (which I badly needed) and then finish him off in my mouth. It was kind of awkward saying goodbye to the parents knowing that his dad saw me fucking his son and I know he thinks I am a slut because I have a boyfriend. However, it probably turned him on because I know it did for me. I would let him fuck me if he wanted to honestly.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    my first c. d. experience it started in squirt I had a hot chat with guy. he wonted to fuck a submissive c.d. . A fantasy of min so we arranged to meet at a adult theater. So I wet to send hand store an got short dress 3in heels makeup. got reedy went to meet him then he did not show. so all driest up an no one to fuck me. So I wet in a both with no door sat to watch movie. a latten man cam in the both an stood watching movie' I started to rob is ball with the toe of my heels so he sat next to me I put my sexy bare leg across his he stared o rob my leg it felt so good. Then he turned an kissed me. T hat was the first time I kissed a man. so I asked if he wonted to fuck me he said yes I got up bent over told hi to be ezey with me. I felt the hot tip of his dick on my hole it was so hot. Then wham he shoved it in. I did not even know how big his dick was. I was huge. I thought I would die it heart but I liked it. HE fucked me hard for 10 min or so then pulled his b.b dick out an cane on my ass.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I am on the beach right now on memoral day and there areso many whores here. Their swimming suits and h iknis are so small and showing the might as well be nake.only a complete slut who dress like these girls. I have been here all day watching and I have saw both pussy and tits showing as they have moved around bent over and run around.I am an old man sitting alone on the beach clearly gawking and the don't care women bend right over with string biknis feet away from me. You have to be a whore to see me here and to bend and lean and play fight feet a way me where I can see your everything and you well know I can and I am clearly gawking at you and your friends and you don't care.

    Fuck if I'd not get aressted I'd whip it out and beat off right here. There is nothing left like memorial day to make even consertive women to be pigs. There is one less the 10 feet away about 20 years old makes making a sand castle with friends and family but she is bending forward in a bikni top that is almost shoe string. I can see everything she is facing me sees me and looking down her top. I am a complete stranger and she does not even reposition herself. I want to walk up to her over her 50 bucks.and invite her back to my room. I want too but won't.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 24

    Over the last few months i have been going nuts at work and i have been way too stressed out and i had been thinking that a massage would be just the thing i needed to get me out of my slump. So i make an appointment and when i come in for such, i discover that it will be another male giving me said massage. Obviously you want a girl to be the one putting their hands all over you but it didn't phase me much and things went as scheduled. We chit chatted as he worked on my back and it was great honestly. It was incredibly relieving. He then asked me to turn over and began massing my chest, shoulders, and arms and all was well. The second he moved lower to my abdomen and lower stomach i could feel myself becoming aroused (Let me say i am in no way attracted to men or the though of a gay sexual encounter. Just the feeling of soft hands touching my body had me a bit aroused). We both ignored it and he continued and it felt actually pretty invigorating. He moved down onto my legs and i felt my cock twitching and becoming a bit hard and i immediately became red in the face and felt embarrassed. He still said nothing and i figured all was fine as it was probably just normal. He kept moving farther upward on my leg and when he started kneading at my thigh i couldn't even control myself and i popped a full on erection right there. He stopped and asked me if everything was alright and i awkwardly told him all was well and so we continued. What seemed like not even five minutes later as he was kneading at my inner i completely blew a load all over myself, the table and his hands and forearm. He freaked out, i freaked out, i kept apologizing and things got kind of messed up. I was asked to leave at that once and i was told i am not allowed to return for any type of service. The whole situation literally made all my stress 100% worse. Does this make me gay?? I really could not stop any of that i did not want it to happen at all. It makes me feel ashamed and depressed. Idk what to do anymore

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    This is my story about how I ended up liking girls and specially transgender girls.

    My husband and I moved to Florida, two years ago, for him to be able to attend college. We didn't had any friends at the time. One day my hubby tells me that I should meet this girl, they both were taking classes together and that she was fun to be around with. I added her to my Facebook profile and we started talking, we got along quickly. After some time she confesses to me that she is transgender, which I have never guessed since she looked better than most girls I have ever seen in my life, and she showed me some naked photos of her, which in all honesty, turned me on.

    One night the hubby and I we were out partying and I invite her over for some company, she shows up, we drink some more and after a while she and I were kissing, we go to the bedroom and the hubby follows, she undresses me and start licking my nipples, then she ask me to undress her, I do so, and I also sucked on her nipples, she reaches for my and and places it inside her panties, I stopped for a second amused, as all this is new to me and she did have a good sized cock, almost like the hubby, takes of her panties and tells me to stroke it, after a while she tells my hubby to kneel and she starts to throat fuck him, watching this it made more wet and more horny. Then we get on to bed and we ended up that my hubby was sucking her, she was licking my pussy, and I was blowing the hubby. Then she gets up and tell me to sit on my hubby's cock with my ass, then she gets on top and rams her dick on my pussy. That feeling of having two cocks inside you is the best sexual experience ever. After a while they switch over and then she asks him to eat my pussy, she get behind him and starts to fuck him. The sight of him getting fucked and the face of pleasure in him, made me even more wet, and I grab his face and jammed it all in my pussy so he licks all my juices. Then while the hubby and are doing a 69 she fucks me in the pussy and gives it to him to lick my juices off of her dick.

    Sadly that was the only time the 3 of us were together. After a month or so she decides to quit college and went the other semester to a college over seas. During that month the hubby and her had sex about 3 more times, but do to work I couldn't join in. I then started going out and dating other girls and trans girl. Currently I'm secretly having an affair with another trans girl, and I'm loving it.
    Luckily we still maintain contact with her and perhaps maybe we will get together again.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 42

    My wife always has treated me as a sissy in privet. This past Friday she had the weekend lined up for us. I was stewing because I just wanted to stay home all weekend and relax. As I progressed getting sassy letting her know I was unhappy with the weekend plans. She put her foot down and told me to go put on my diaper and plastic panties. I have been ordered into them before on certain occasions. If I do not do as told I am put into chastity for a week or more. I did as I was told then put on a baby dress and was kept that way for the remainder of the night. Saturday I was allowed to dress in my male clothing but I had to keep the diaper and plastic pants on. When we went out for the evening with friends I had to keep them on also. We were out for drinks after eating then went back to our house for more drinks. The talk let to some sex talk so my wife being half boozed up told our friends that I was wearing diapers and plastic pants for fussing about our weekend plans. I was made to pull down my jeans so they could see my pink plastic pants and then show them my diaper. After that embarrassing moment I fussed to the point I was ordered to bed. I wondered what our friends thought of it all.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 27

    I guess this is where to post this. I write things, and then just tear them up or delete them. I am in a messed up relationship. It is really messed up and I can't get out, I can no more leave than I can stop breathing. Believe me, I have left, and never got passed the firts on ramp and turned back and went 'home'.

    I am 27 and I have two children. The father of my kids did not give me a choice about having sex with him, about having children with him, about living with him. I was 23, out of college, living on my own for the first time, had a job working for a large company. It is there that I met him. He is a transportation supervisor, he used to be a truck driver. He is Mexican and he is 50 years old. He is 'macho' from the old school.

    I was working at my new job for three weeks when we met, he was at the office delivering some paperwork. He called me 'guerita' and told me in Spanish that he was going to fuck me. The other girls in the room, who are all hispanic, laughed at what he said, and they translated and told me that now I was going to get what I deserved. One girl told me that there was nothing better than knowing that a guerita got it good, and that I should prepare myself because he was going to give it to me good.

    That evening after work he was waiting for me when we got off work, he took me by the neck and walked me to his pick up and put me and closed the door. One of the Mexican girls looked at me and put her ring and thumb together in a circle and used the other hand and pushed a finger through the circle and then, clenched her fists and acted out a man screwing a girl. He took me to his house, where he lived with his common law wife and two daughters and took me back to his room and screwed me. There was no warming up or anything, he just screwed me and his common law wife and daughtes came into the room to get me dressed.

    I slept there that night, because he wouldn't take me back to my apartment. His daughters were all over me, because I was so white, they are very brown. They said that I was now their father's new girlfriend, and that I was real good. When I went to my apartment it was to get my things, I moved in with him and live with him. I have two daughters, they are more like him than me.

    I have learned to live in this culture, these men are not what I grew up with, and once they have you, you don't leave. I can't leave and his common law wife can't leave. We both live in the same house. Better to put up with it than fight it, you can't win. His daughters are now off with their men, having babies just like me. Because he has a common law wife I am referred to as the girlfriend 'novia' or his white woman 'mujer guera'. I have picked up a lot of Spanish, and refer to him as the man of the house, or 'el marido'.

    I will admit or confess or ehatever you want to call it that from the first moment he screwed me that evening I was his. Actually from the moment he put me in the pick up. I don't dwell on it anymore, but for a long time I used to try and explain it. His common law wife is of the opinion that men like him 'take a woman' and that's that. Game over. Like her, like me. A Mexican's wife.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    I hired a new live in house keeper to replace the one who left. She is new to the US from S. Africa and very black. She cooks and cleans the house for me. I hate eating out and like a special diet. Her cooking is not he best, the girl before spoiled me in many ways. I could call her to the bed some time and get some great sex. She got married and moved on. I think she wanted me to marry her, I did not want that.
    My new girl is nineteen and sweet. I sponsored her to the US and paid her way. She has three years and will attend school while she takes care of me.
    I woke horny and thinking of her, I figured I would see how it goes. I called her to my room, she walked in and I threw back my covers, get in. I want to cuddle for a bit. She got in but was cold to the cuddling. stuck my hand up her bed dress and found her closed legs, and soft curly hair. I told her to open her legs and she did. I ask if she had sex before?? She said yes. I would not take her virtue, but would enjoy what had already had been taken.
    With some movement she moved me hand. Kissed her and sucked her soft small breast. She acted shy but receptive. With some oral she became ready for sex, and she got what she allowed. I got a nice replacement. She is a nice one.

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