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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    33 married female here. 2 kids, married for 6 years. I keep in pretty good shape, have small breasts, hips a bit wider than before the kids and I enjoy my husband and let him enjoy me anyway he wants. In college there was this girl in the dorm who berated me constantly. I was predominantly lesbian in my love life at the time, spent about 3 years without a man, only women, 2 live in situations. But this girl wouldn't let up, calling me names, telling me I'm going to hell for being gay etc. She got drunk, passed out, and totally out of it, which was pretty unusual for her. Her dorm room was open and most were gone for a holiday. I r**ed her.

    I locked the door, tested to make sure she was totally out of it and stripped her testing along the way. I actually r**ed another woman. I stripped, stuck my boob in her mouth to what surprised me was an automatic sucking, then the other. I rubbed my pussy, rubbed hers as she got super super wet, I had never seen a woman get that wet before she was actually leaking on the sheets. I licked her pussy and she stayed out of it but moaned and moved. I thought she was awake, but no. I think she actually had an orgasm in her passed out state. I rubbed myself off all over her face to make sure she would taste and smell the pussy when she woke up. I put her fingers in my pussy, make sure they got all sticky on both hands. After I came over her mouth, I left my panties in the bed and went to my room.

    The next day she was dragging around hung over as shit, and kept looking at me sheepishly. I took some hot tea which I know she likes into her room and she seemed very appreciative. She was very reserved, no chastising comments, then I asked if I had left my panties, apologizing that I couldn't find them in the covers when I left. She opened a dresser drawer and gave them to me. "Did we?" was all she got out and I answered that yes we did. I said how surprised I was in her but she was insistent. I tried to kiss her but she pulled away, "No . . . I'm not like that, I mean . . ." I left it, took my panties and never heard another foul remark from her again.

    I know it was terrible, I wouldn't want it to happen to me, but I r**ed another woman in college to get even with her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 53

    Years ago at age 20 I was on an assignment with some execs from a US manufacturer. There was plenty of lax time, I got pretty close to 4 of the VP's. After about a week most of the work was done, we had another 3 weeks to go, and the guys sent for their wives. I didn't send for my girlfriend as it was business. Two of the wives took an interest in me, using me as interpreter; I was the only one who spoke French, on their shopping trips. After a week the two were in a pretty blatant competition to get me into bed. Eventually they both came out with it and just said it, they were available and wanting. I told them I felt I was friends with their husbands and couldn't do it because of that. I thought I was off the hook until the next day. I was cornered by them both and told to choose which one I wanted, because if I didn't fuck them they would tell their husbands that I tried to and even pulled down their swimsuits and grabbed them. I was trapped. I was asked which one. Sue was a 5ft. 8in 42 year old with 36DD tits, very big and very soft and jiggly, in pretty good shape for having 3 kids. She had a 28 inch waist and a very nicely shaped butt with hips at 38 inches. She had great looking well defined legs too. I love great asses and I love dark hair on women and Sue had natural black hair. Lynn was 5ft. 4in, B cup tits about 36 years old, more petite than Sue, with a pretty tight toned body, though her ass was very soft not at all hard and firm, but really inviting. She was blonde on top and medium brown on her pussy.

    Not knowing what to do, I begged some time to think about it. They decided to come to my room an hour later. They just marched in as I answered the door. I locked the door, kissed sue grabbing her pussy under her skirt (no panties), then I kissed Lynn sticking my hand down the back of her shorts and panties grabbing her bare ass. I stripped naked, told them to and they both protested that I had to choose. I told them that I wasn't choosing they were both getting it. I told sue to call it in the air, and tossed a coin. She lost. That meant that Sue got her pussy licked first, but Lynn got my cock first, then I'd switch to Sue, then back to lynn, and so forth and my first cum would go in Lynn. Lynn protested that she had to use a rubber, and I told her that was off the table, she could get dressed and leave at her discretion I'd fuck Sue. Lynn stayed. Sue was on the pill and didn't care just insisted that she needed to clean out before she left and went back to her husband. They really had a hard time getting used to being in the same bed naked, but I figured if they put me on the spot I'd do the same to them.

    I started fucking them both after that, at least once a day, their husbands were giving it to them once a day usually. I told Sue one evening that I wanted her to fuck her husband when they woke up and come to me with a creampie. I fucked her used pussy. Later in the early afternoon he took her from the pool to fuck her and she had whatever remnants from both our cum in her c**t and he ate it. I made lynn do the same thing two days later. Lynn was really feeling inferior to Sue, I think due to her height, her smaller tits, and the fact that Sue's husband outranked Lynns. So I asked if she wanted to do something that Sue wouldn't do. I wanted to fuck her in her ass. She said she'd never done it before, never even tried. But with a gentle prod and a nod to the invisible Sue, I dumped a load in her ass.

    They made me do it, and I abused it for all I could. Lynn wrote letters to me for several months after, I never responded. I had a 22 year old hardbody for a girlfriend who took it in all three holes and begged for more than I could give. BUT . . . even today, thinking of those two older women, on that warm island, the French wine. I still jack off thinking about them.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 38

    I would love my MIL to suck my Cock, I fantasize about her walking into the bathroom again and catching me as I was stepping out of the shower, She did it before and just stopped stareing at my Hard 8# slab that I had given a pounding while in the shower. I just froze I hadn't locked the door as no one was supposed to be home for a few hours, We'd had a few awkward moments in the past but this was a highlight. I didn't try to cover up and eventually I dropped the towel I had reached for as she walked in, She never looked me in the eye, She was fixated to my Cock, I finally said are you OK Lorraine ?. Nothing, so I stepped closer to her until her hand was touching my throbbing Cock, She tried wrapping her cold fingers around it and whispered OMG it's so big and warm. Then there was a noise outside she let go spun around and bolted for her room. I closed the door and started drying myself off. Turned out it was nothing, She Never said a thing about it since. Damn it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    So been reading this site for a bit but never written so bare with me.

    I want to fuck my sister-in-law, my wifeâs older sister. She has a great ass and a flat stomach and smaller boobs. I feel like she flirts with me in front of her husband and would love to ask if she would act on an advance but Iâm too scared she would shoot it down and it would ruin a lot.

    Wish I could find a way if she would, it would be hot to just know. Heard drunken stories that she want rougher and better sex. So of course I want to oblige since I feel like I can provide that.

    A guy can dream, right?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My first time same sex experience. I got a job for a small company and the office manager asked me to work late. She promised to buy dinner if I helped her finish. After we left the office we stopped by a small Italian place and had a dinner and she invited me up to her apartment which was a couple of blocks away. The place was very much her place and she had a couple of 8X10s of herself, she asked for a moment and came out in a nightshirt and barefoot and said she just couldn't stand all that that stuff constraining her, holding up her boobs under her nightshirt.

    It gets long if I go step by step but she got on top of me on the couch and pried my legs open and got her mouth up into my panties biting while she worked on dragging my panties off. She said she was a bitch and she intended to get her girl, she wanted pussy and tits and ass and she wanted me. Every time I pushed her away she got stronger, grabbing at my panties with one hand and using the other to push my hands away. She got on top of me holding me down by the shoulders and said for me to give her tits. She sat up and took off her nightshirt and her tits were hanging in my face. I was too small to defend myself and she tore off my shirt and yelled at me to give her tits.

    When I got my bra off which was not easy because she was sitting on me she grabbed my tit and started to suck on it like a demon, letting go from time to time telling me I was her pussy that night. I started laughing and she kissed me and then went back to my panties and pulled them off from under my skirt and this time I opened my legs and let her eat me out. She twisted me around so I was with my back to the cushions and spread my legs wide apart and ate me from the floor. Every so often she would look up at me and tell me that I had a good pussy and she knew pussy and mine was good.

    She took me by the hand and said off to the bedroom girl, I am going to fuck you tonite. Her fingers fucked me and she stuck her thumb in my bottom and sucked on my clit and sent me into a crazy orgasm. We ended the night with me having to eat her pussy and nibble on her clit for her to orgasm too.

    She is a rather buxom woman, 44 years old, blonde and blue eyed from California. She is real nice but she likes sex play and she is 100% a pussy woman, she swears she has never let a dick near her. She laughs when she is kissing and she likes to get her hands all over you and kiss your tits and slurp on your pussy. She has large tits, that don't fit in my hands, she likes having them played with and having her nipples sucked. And she likes having her pussy eaten and her clit played with. She has toys, several toys, vibrators of various kinds and various size dildos and she uses them all.

    I have several torn blouses and have lost several pair of panties. She says she keeps them under her pillow to help her sleep, she calls it her aroma therapy. I really can't say that smelling dirty panties does anything for me, but I didn't think that smelling a pussy would either and it drives me nuts now. That and her tits, they drive me nuts, feed me her tits or her pussy and she makes me happy. It has been only two months she mounted me that night, but it feels like forever. She knows that when she was mounting me that night I had a couple of orgasms, she says she could tell when she was biting my panties off of me. She says she saw it in my eyes, seeing as she has had so much experience.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 53

    We went to a hotel sex party in Montreal. There were a lot more single guys than couples there so my wife had more than her share of sex. She started the night flirting at the bar M&G with a nice young black kid who was about thirty. They hit it off and stuck with each other until everyone made their way to the adjoining suites. It always took my wife a few to get loosened up in a crowd and this was no different. Rubbing his already hard cock thru his pants, the guy and a really hot English woman encouraged her to take his dick out to suck it. Eventually as other people started to play she joined in. He lay back on the bed, she got on her knees and sucked him off. A lot of people watched for a bit as she worked on his rather thick cock before starting their own fun. After he came, he fingered and ate her pussy then covered up and fucked her for awhile. Another woman was getting laid right next to her. She got frisky with my wife sucking on her tits and rubbing her clit. Once her first friend needed a break another guy jumped right in. We'd known him for a long time. He'd always ended up talking with my wife at the end of these things about how much he wanted to fuck her but it never worked out. This time he jumped right in and slid his dick right in before my wife had time to realize he was there. When she saw who it was she laughed and gave him a hug and kiss. They fucked until they both came. She took a break, talked with a few people while I had my own fun with a nice married lady. As I was eating her pussy, I looked over and saw my wife talking with two guys while casually stroking their dicks which were getting hard. I looked back over while I was fucking and saw one guy eating my wife's pussy and the other getting a hand job. She ended up finding a spot where she sat to suck them both then they took turns fucking her doggie style on a swivel chair. I lost track but I say she probably had sex with five or six guys before we were ready to go back to our room. Someone had taken her bra and panties (not unusual-probably as a souvenir) so she had to walk back to our room with a really short skirt on and just a bustier which pushed her bare tits out.

    Almost back to the room we run into three young guys who take notice of my wife. My wife, who by now is feeling great flirts with them a bit. They're nervous but interested. I was wondering where it was going. She gave me the look which meant she was interested. I asked the guys if they wanted to come back to our room. They said yes. Why not they were in town looking for pussy anyway. We made our way back. The three of them were nervous and unsure what to do. I whispered to my wife to kiss them. She took her time, making out with each of them, putting their hands on her tits and ass and they were getting into it. She sat down on our bed and started pulling their dicks out. In a few minutes she was sucking their cocks taking turns. They were feeling her up. They were hard young guys ready to go. I went and sat down and watched the show. By the time those three had cum my wife was done. But after this she had an affinity for young guys. She started asking to go out to bars to meet young guys rather than just going to the sex parties we'd been attending. For awhile that was her thing, meeting a fucking young guys.

    This happened back in 1998. We haven't swung in years now but when we did we really had a good time.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Gay Male / 38

    Iâm not out, but Iâd like to say some things outloud. Publicly I guess.

    I am a homosexual. Secretly. I think men are so beautiful and attractive. I dream of making out at a movie with a man. I also dream of sucking dick. I think about that all the time. I want a boyfriend.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    So basically this dude who was my fuck buddy laid out the rules and terms of noncon and I agreed to them. So the day finally came and I drove to his house, I undressed and wore my virgin killer sweater basically a turtle neck with no sleeves and it shows back, side boobs and ass crack. He had whipped cream and chocolate syrup ready, so I jumped in the bed to cuddle with him and immediately be starts groping me and rubbing his dick against my ass cheeks. He pushes me off and legit sprays whipped cream on his body all the way down to his dick making me suck and lick all of it off and in the end giving him a blowjob. I did as told and he said he was going to eat me out and I don't like that so I refused but he reiterated that it was noncon so I had to obey, in the end my struggles made him not eat me out (thank god) he assumed missionary position and started fucking me and he ordered that I opened my mouth and he sprayed a shit ton of whipped cream in my mouth and started sucking off the whipped cream from my mouth then spitting it back in like Snowballing. He ended up finishing inside my ass and I thought it was over but after 10 minutes of cuddling he was hard again and wanted to fuck me again and I was afraid that I was sore so I begged him not to and when he was about to get on top of me I ran out of the bed and ran to the other side of the room( he had a master bedroom) , he slowly followed and was walking really menacingly like in those horror movies n dragged me back to the bed and I literally was struggling to get him off me but he pulled open my legs and got between them which was already a game over. I started begging him to not do this and I was scared and he said if you hug me I'll think about it so I did hug him but two minutes later I felt him ram his dick up my pussy n started thrusting hard and fast inside me , I legit cried. He kept groaining in such a deep voice and kept taunting me saying shit like why are you saying no if your pussy is so wet? And then he finally finished by pulling out and Cumming all over my body. I felt annoyed and hurt but I was so tired so I didn't move but then he was like you're so tired I could fuck you again and when he said that I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom lol. So after another 30ish minutes of cuddling he makes me hug and make out with him and pulls my hand down to give him a hand job to which I refused and he was like oh ok then I'll just fuck you since I'm hard again to which I get up and ran to the closet to hide and I hid in the back literally hugging my self and soon I saw a dark shadow over the closet door and I peeked out and I saw his figure smirking and jerking off with lube and I already knew he was gonnna do anal so I legit ran again and he caught up and spanked my left cheek so hard I went down to the floor howling n then I started to crawl away and he tried to stop me but I kicked and bucked and he cornered me to his desk, he bent me over and started fingering me and taunting me about how wet I was to which I denied then I ran to the bed and hid under the covers so then he tried to pin me down and we kept wrestling until he cornered me and he was between my legs again. I kept begging for him not to do this but be said he was soft and that I should hug him so I did but I soon felt his dick throbbing against my thigh and I knew he was hard again but it was too late because then he jammed it into my pussy and started pounding me hard again and then he shoves it inside my asshole which was still sore mind you and came inside there. And that was it and I was pretty annoyed at him cuz then afterwards he kept teasing me and acting all cute and lovey dovey to me

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 52

    My wife and I have been together 32 years. She is 55 and I am 63. From the beginning we always have had great sex. Early on I tried something Iâd always wanted to do and that is lick a womanâS asshole.
    The first time I did it we were in a 69 and she was on top. I was licking her pussy and clit which she loved but I put my mouth up to her anus and started licking while playing with her clit. She had a very strong orgasm.
    Rimming is a huge part of our sex life. We do not have anal intercourse other than I finger my ass sometimes. Mostly itâs me eating her ass. Our favorite is her face sitting me. She sits on my face and I lick, kiss, suck and tongue fuck her anus while she uses a vibe on her clit. I stroke my cock and finger my ass and she pinches my nipples. She has multiple convulsive orgasms like this and between my mouth on her anus, her pinching my nipples and me stroking myself I get so turned on that Iâve had almost my while hand up my ass! We rarely fuck and while she does suck me sometimes and now and then licks my anus mostly we cum with her sitting on my face.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am house sitting my neighbors house and I have the hots for their son, I was thinking about leaving my panties in his room. Its his parents house, but what would he do tell them?? It would just be between us, I am married or I would throw myself at him, he is very attractive and works hard. I wonder what he would do.....

    If he didnt see me that way before, Im sure he would after he found my panties on his bed. Or in his work truck..... I am attractive so I dont think he would be repulsed by the idea. And like I said who would he tell about it, his friends? I dont know them so I dont really care. My husband? There would be no proof they are mine, I will buy some my husband hasnt seen before.

    I posted this on another confession site so sorry if youre reading it again, I just need opinions on this.

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