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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    My best friends younger sister does porn - mostly her playing with herself, but there's a few clips of her sucking cock, swallowing cum and getting fucked doggy. I buy all her clips, leaving comments on how much her thick ass makes me cum when I watch. She refers to me as her "extra brother", as we were very close growing up. Her real brother has no clue she's a slut for money.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    This could probably be posted in 9 other categories, but here goes..

    I was naturally an exhibitionist at 8 I was running naked around our farm and through the bushland surrounding our property. We moved and after the move I found dad's stuff, Ribalds & newspapers with really graphic stories about sex with men, woman, gay, lesbian & group sex, Black and white pictures of sucking, fucking rubber masks, naked men and woman tied/chained up were thruout the newspapers and the stories were something I don't think a kid should have been reading. Next thing I know I'm training the 5 y.o. girl next door how to suck my cock and I'm licking her bald c**t like in the pictures and stories. I would piss in her mouth like they did as well. just when I had her trained to meet me in our big garage were we got naked sucked and licked each other then she would slide her pussy up and down my cock just like in the stories and pictures She moved away that was the end of my first sex fest. I've shared this next part already but, me n my sister were walking along our street when he pulled up he lifted the hanky of his lap Wow he was really huge at least 9# cut like me, I said to my sister run, she did I reached in grabbed hold of his magnificent big cock and wanked him off, he must've thought all fantasies were coming true, because mine were, my hand was really starting to ache when he spurted his white piss all over his steering wheel, his pants and my hand was dripping as I pulled my hand back out and started licking it off my fingers his eyes really bulged as he took off real fast. We moved a year later totand an upper class area, and it was time to train someone else, got a girl up the road she was closer to my age by now 12. She didn't like it much only did it 3 times, she loved me licking her pussy though. One night I was jacking off in the bathroom when my younger brother walked in he saw me but got in the bath, then said what are you doing I turned to face him with my cock in hand wow he said yours is bigger than mine, I said if you want yours to be like mine you have to put mine in your mouth. 5 minutes later I was fucking my brothers mouth while holding his head.

    That was the first time that something else came out of my Cock it was actually white this time, it had always felt really good even when I was 8 but this time was different. When I pulled away from him it was dribbling out his mouth I said quick swallow it it won't hurt you. I never did anything with my brother again. Soon found out the teenage brother and sister living a couple if houses over to me were just as Fucked up as me they invited me over one night when their parents went out. We all had to get undressed I was in her bed for 15 minutes she was teaching me how to finger her & kiss her using my tongue, when some timer went off and she stopped and said you have to hope in bed with Steven now, I'm like WTF she said go on, then after that you can come back to my bed, So that made it worthwhile I thought, off I went jumped into his bed, I layed next to him it was a single bed so We were close, he rolled on his side and started playing with my Cock, OMG I started to get hard, then he called out to Caroline he likes it, No I don't I blurted back, I'd rather be with you caroline, he lifted the sheets my cover was blown he leaned down and started sucking my Cock, this was different a guy was sucking my Cock and I didn't have to do anything, and it felt Good as well. I was closing my eyes thinking about it being Caroline when the timer went off again, I jumped up said times up. So embarrassing, over here sweety she called to me, now that your Cocks all wet it's time you Fucked me, have you Fucked a girl before, I said yeah of course. We started kissing again then when I was realy hard she said Get on your back I'm going to ride you, I had No idea what she meant but she lowered her wet hairy pussy onto my Cock, I felt her warm pussy lips touching my knob she just eased herself onto me as I entered her slowly, I still remember her tight pussy like it was last night. She started riding me it felt so good a whole new sensation which didn't last long, I soon tensed up, before I could start to enjoy the ride I was pumping my stuff inside her. This was confusing her hot body, lovely firm breasts tiny bush, tight pussy I started licking those titties as soon as she collapsed on top of me, I was always the aggressor now I was the learner. This went on nearly every weekend for the next 2 months then I was replaced, discarded. We went to the same high school but they both completly ignored me. So it was a normal life from there on dated and Fucked a different girl nearly every week mostly me dumping them if I'd tired of them or they were to frigid to do anything. No time for love it
    was sex or nothing. Good times.

    About 2 years later me n my mates were at this guys house. He was late 20's he'd picked us up hitching one night and we went back to his house & smoked pot until we dropped. It became a regular thing 4 or 5 of us went to his place on a Friday night got surfaced and crashed, this one particular night there was 6 of us there was No where else to lay down except the floor, Glenn saw me nodding off and said there's a spare bed in the back room, you can sleep in there if you want, Cool I said and headed off down the hallway stripped to my jocks jumped in and was sleeping in seconds, sometime during the night I woke up as a warm hand was slipping under My jocks, I was getting hard, as the hand started stroking my Cock, next thing my briefs are past my knees and my Cock was being engulfed by a warm wet mouth that worked perfectly in unison with the hand, OMG I was holding onto the sheets beneath me for dear life as I was brought close to cumming several times before I pumped what I still believe to this day was the biggest load of sperm I have ever produced, the lips around my Cock kept working up And down my hard teen Cock as I kept pumping that mouth full of my juices, I could hear the slurping sounds, I started to think there was something wrong with me, I must've cum for about 1 minute straight. Finally my cock was released and the mystery was soon solved as Glenn whispered in my ear, Do you want to do me know, I was so spent I just replied Uh,uh. & rolled over he Saud that's OK and spooned me.

    I woke up in the morning and the house was empty, he'd gone to work and my mates thought I'd gone home so they too left.Wow I've Never been able to forget about that blowjob, I settled back to woman only, but was never quite satisfied by their attempts to suck me off. Soothed this girl that would come over whenever I called her, we'd Fuck or she'd blow me, she wasn't the prettiest girl in high school, all the other guys used to call Lynette names. But she was my latest sex toy. And we had some good times, if she was babysitting she'd call me and let me know, in case I wanted to come over, she always had some of her dad's homebrew as well.

    Good times at $$$$$ Hill High.

    Any way fast forward 15 years I'm married, my young wife throws up on my stomach attempting to blow me, I obviously didn't Marry her for those skills, Then she looked up at me as she wipes her chin and said I'd like to see you do it better, Life changing words. I immediately thought it Can't be that hard right?. So before long I've found a chat line number, this guy said there a sexshop near me you walk in pay $5 and go in the back room, Cocks everywhere.
    So that's were my bi side came out.

    I've now had 6 blow jobs off total strangers, I've sucked 7 Cocks, let 3 of them cum in my mouth. but I'm yet
    to swallow a load. Have had 2 of them try and Fuck me, both were to brutal, No lube, No patience, No way, & I Fucked 1 guy. I'm really waiting for mister right, that guy that is squeeky clean, like me married, would Love to find a Suck buddy. Would LOVE the feeling of a Mans hands holding my waist as he enters me for the first time, then Fucken pounds my hole. When I say Fuck Me. Maybe one day, I hope it's guy number 12.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 21

    Just got in touch with a relative in Mexico
    A cousin to be exact
    She's young
    18 years old
    Dark skinned
    Lusciously curvy everywhere
    For the longest I've had a crush on her messed around with her when we were younger. Now we've both exchanged pictures of eachother naked and what not
    Now we're both wanting to fuck eachother
    I'm excited to see her when I visit. Just might even cream pie her even though we're related.
    I have the same feelings for my step sister too.. I want her so bad... just don't know how to get to her like that... been thinking about how I can get inside my step sister
    Thinking about buying a hidden camera to hide in the bathroom when she showers
    Wish me luck. Leave a email if you have similar fantasies. Preferably women to give me pointers to get closer to my forbidden â¤ï¸

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife and I have progressed from watching porn to just big cocks jerking off and cumming. She says that it is "different" than the usual porn and that she likes to see how much cum they would be shooting into her to get her pregnant! Recently I have been cumming in my wife doggystyle then crawling under her to clean up. She loves squirting the load into my mouth and even laughs while she does it. The other night I even sucked her fingers role playing that it was a black cock. I have started to crave sucking the cocks with her and getting fucked in the ass together. We have even talked about it during sex!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    I found out 3 months ago that my boyfriend had been cheating on me. I am back with him now but for a month for revenge had sex with 3 guys I had never met before.

    Two of them was just sex but this 3rd guy was a big mistake. It was me who instigated the sex with him and he took me to a motel where it turned out to be a few hours of hell.

    At first it was basically good sex but then he got way to aggressive with me forcing me first to give him oral sex. I didn't see him take a pill but he probably did to be able to keep an erection for such a long time.

    I became petrified of this guy as he forcefully held my head forcing his penis in my mouth. Without warning he then sodomize me for almost and hour in painful anal sex. He slapped my ass so hard he had me in tears several times and made me swallow his semen. That and anal sex I never experienced before and can only blame myself for getting involved with him

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 31

    My wife is a prostitute. It all started when she lost her lousy part time job. She jokingly suggested it and the idea turned me on so we put up a Craigslist ad.

    A few hours later, she had her first client. I dropped her off at a motel and she came back to the car about 45 min later with $350 in her purse.

    She told me all about how she got down on her knees and took his dock in her mouth. She described how turned on she was when she sucked him and how she was on her back when she opened her legs for him.

    She slid his unprotected dick into her pussy and he fucked her raw until he came inside of her and she went to clean herself off in the bathroom. He paid her and she left.

    She's now had at least two clients a night since we started. She has a strict no names- no condom policy. I love my whore wife.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 28

    Me and my girl are together for 6 years now. We went to highschool together and finally met at another town few years later and hooked up. She's been promiscuous at highschool dating older mens,I've seen her with girls outside clubbing and she always turned me on. We have passionate relashionship with lots of dirty talking,bondage and fantasies,that also includes two threesomes with her divorced girlfriend and a stranger we meet during our trip to Berlin. After we double penetrated her,she has become like obssesed with sex... You see,she has a noumerus little tattoos all over her,a petite blonde girl with tattos always get a glance of the eye of the men.She said that touch of the needle always get her aroused and excited and that she need it like a drug. Well,with my work,I was transfered to another city one our away from our appartement. Coming home by weekends,she's like a nympho,countless sexapades and marathons. Recently,because I now her ,I've put a little cameras in our living room and bed room to take a look what's going on while I'm not there... What I've found got my dick so hard on like I took the pill...She
    Is getting fucked two or three times a week by her tattoo guy,tattoed fat guy in his fiffties with long fat cock. He has fucked her brains out,her pussy,her mouth,her ass in every fuckin position, and I could not take my eyes off that tapes and could not wait for the weekend to begain to come home and lick my little whore everywhere and to fuck her...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 36

    I have been married 14 years. Half grown kids so my life was busy with few opportunities for sex with my wife. I work a company arranging work for crews then I go into the office to sign paperwork and solve work issues. We have a lady in her young 20's recently married that wore long dresses and had long hair which was a religious thing for her. The ladies always crossed the line flirting anytime a man came in the office. To embarrass me this day i was asked in front of all the ladies I was asked if I liked hair or bare. I acted embarrassed and joked with them. I got up to leave when the young lady was walking out ahead of me with paperwork. In the hallway I quietly asked her hair or bare. She smiled and kept walking. I'm quessing you are hair. She turned into the ladies room and lifted up her dress and showed me she was bare. I was so surprised. The next day I asked her if I could treat her for dinner. I expected a no but she nodded yes. It was raining and we bought fast food. She was a big talker away from the office. She shared she loved her husband but he was hard to live with. I asked her why she lifted her dress for me the day before. She apologized and didn't know what came over her to do it. I asked to see again. She said she had panties on now. I reached over and started lifting her dress when she stopped me. After a few more tries she sat there holding her dress down so I reached under her dress and started rubbing her c**t. She asked me to stop and at the same time spread her legs more. I reclined the seat back then removed her panties. She was having orgasms while I thumb fucked her. She didn't know I had removed my pants and had a raging erection. Cramped but wanted her I got in a position to lick her pussy. She would ask me to stop from time to time. Getting her to an orgasm I raised up and put my dick in her. She tried to get me to stop but held her legs open while I fucked her. When I cum we both were moaning load enough to break my windows. I fucked till I went soft. She acted embarrassed now. She said I had better not have gotten her pregnant. She put a Burger King napkin in her panties and pulled them up and straightened her face and clothes before I dropping her back at work. She gives me a special look when I go into the office but won't eat lunch with me anymore.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Lesbian Female / 26

    I was 15 at the time and I was walking in the woods with my mate when I had to poo really badly. I felt embarrassed about telling Emma and I kept quiet until she said she had to s**t so badly she was about to do it in her knickers and I admitted I did too. Emma asked me if I'd mind if she did it in the woods and I said only if I could join her. She pulled her jeans and knickers down and squatted right in front of me and she peed like a racehorse as a pile of poo formed under her bum. Seeing her go like that made me want to go even more so I wasted no time in pulling my jeans and knickers down and I pood my brains out as Emma watched. I peed a little bit. The thing is I got a big turn on seeing Emma take a poo and by the way she kissed me I think she did too. The next thing I knew were were making out together and I came to a shuddering climax followed by Emma.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    I was in my second marriage and after 5 years it was not going so well. My wife had become real nasty to my stepdaughter, Jessica, who had just graduated from high school. Jessica was working as a receptionist at an office down town and was just barely making it financially. Jessica and her mother just couldn't get along and it seems that I was always ending up in the middle and then I would have to take her abuse as well. I finally had had enough and moved out and into a condo that I owned as a rental property.
    Two years after the divorce I was at a gas station pumping my gas when Jessica pulled in behind me to fill up her tank. We hadn't seen each other since I left her mother and I invited her to a local bar/restaurant so that we could catch up on what was going on in our lives. We decided to have dinner, a few drinks,and have a nice visit. I told Jessica that I was sorry about her mother and that I really missed her. Jessica then said that she missed me too, and that right after I moved out, that she moved out as well. She had found a job as driver, housekeeper, and all purpose helper to a very wealthy gentleman who had a large estate out in the country. There was an apartment over the carriage house that was provided for Jessica.
    Jessica, then out of the blue, asked me if I had ever had sexual thoughts about her when I was living with her and her mother. I asked her what made her ask such a question. She then told me that one time she went on my computer, which I had not shut down, and she saw that I had been watching porn on stepfather/stepdaughter sex. I had to admit that she was very sexy and that I thought about her all the time. She then asked me if I jerked off thinking about her. Once again I had to admit to it. Jessica then said that she also masturbated, every night, thinking about us having sex, and the only thing that kept her from trying to seduce me was her fear of her mother.
    My condo is a short distance from the gas station and I invited Jessica to follow me home and we would catch up on what we had been missing.
    As soon as we walked in the door Jessica was all over me, unzipping my pants and passionately kissing me. We explored each others bodies as we washed each other in the shower. After drying off we laid down on my bed as we kissed and caressed each other. Our minds seemed to work on the same wave links as we soon found our selves in a 69. As we sucked each other Jessica reached a pretty intense orgasm. Her pussy was flowing with her love juices and it tasted so delicious. As she raved about how good my cock tasted and how good her orgasm was, she then asked if I had a condom. I told her that I had had a vasectomy and that she didn't have to worry. I then rolled her over onto her back and buried my cock in her pussy. She began bucking and writhing as I pumped my cock in and out of her. I was holding back on my own orgasm for as long as I could, but when she said that she was going to cum again, I didn't hold back, I pounded her pussy as hard as I could and we both came at the same time. Jessica was so charged that she said that her second orgasm was even better than the first one.
    Jessica said that she would love to stay the night with me but she had to take her boss for a doctors appointment in the morning and was going to have to leave. She said that she was allowed two days a week off and that it was her decision as to when those days would be. She promised to try and work her days off on days when she and I could hook up. Some nights Jessica stays over and a typical night of love making usually lasts most of the night and Jessica will have as many as 5 or 6 orgasms.
    As much as I love the sex, I am concerned about where Jessica is trying to take our relationship. She professes to love me and wants to be with me all the time. She also told me that she told her mother that she was fucking me and that I told her that she was better than her mother. A few days later her mother showed up on my doorstep and told me that she knew I was fucking her daughter and that she wanted part of the action. She also said that if I wouldn't fuck her too, that she would have me arrested. Well, obviously that would never happen, but out of curiosity I decided that I would fuck her. The thought of me fucking her daughter apparently really got her charged and she was an absolute tiger in bed. We had never had as intense a love making session when we were married. This only complicated things as my ex then told her daughter that I had also fucked her. I really wanted to have my ex out of my life and for Jessica and I to continue with our love making, but now I had the two of them at each others throats.
    It was a good run and I had never had as good a lover as Jessica, but things blew up and I had to cut them out of my life.

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