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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I was ten years old when three boys, 12, 13 and 15 gang r*ped me. While I was still a couple of years away from entering puberty, I was interested in boys. I didn't want anyone to know of course but I had minor crushes on half a dozen boys 1-5 years older than me at school and in my neighborhood. I softly rubbed myself while imagining what it might be like to suck on a penis or have one bust through my hymen. But mostly I imagined what it might be like to make out with one of those hot boys I had a crush on. My celebrity crush was Taylor Hanson. Later I was crushed when I found out he got married. I wanted to marry him for the longest time. When he sang I got all tingly between my legs thinking he was singing to me.

    That day I was cutting through a public park my parents warned me not to cut through. It seems there had been a sexual assault a few weeks earlier and nobody knew who did it. But my parents didn't tell me that part. They merely said to stay out of the park and that it was dangerous for little girls.

    I rarely listened to my parents.

    I cut through the park after school and got about a third of the way into that 20 acre park. It was half woods and half meadows with a stream running through it and a pond and a little league field. I was in my own world and wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. I felt a hand grab me from behind and then I was pulled into the woods and off the path by three sets of hands and held down. The oldest boy put his finger to his lips indicating I needed to keep quiet. Then he told the youngest boy, the twelve year old, that I was his toy to play with. I had no idea what they were talking about until he put his hand up my skirt and inside my panties. At that point I realized they just wanted to have sex with me. At last I got to do something sexual and these boys were all kind of cute so I relaxed knowing I was about to be r*ped and would probably enjoy it and nobody would blame me even if I liked it and I just knew I was going to like it, at least the smaller two boys. I wasn't sure about the 15 year old but a friend told me tha boys with small hands had small dicks and even the 15 year old had small hands so I wasn't too worried. I'd seen my 8 year old brother's dick before and it didn't look to intimidating.

    The ten year old felt all around me then he unzipped his pants and took out his dick. It was only slightly bigger than my brother's cock. He put it to my lips and the older boy ordered me to open my mouth and such the 12 year old's dick. I gladly opened my mouth and he put his dick in and I tasted my first dick. I was NOT disappointed. It was soft but firm and warm and drooled a little white liquid from the end which tasted mild and a little salty and so I decided I liked it and more eagerly sucked it hoping he would squirt into my mouth soon but he had other, better ideas. He got on top of me and pushed past my hymen. Not much of a chore since I'd been working to stretch the small perforation in my hymen with a round smooth pen. It started out about an 8th of an inch but recently I had it up to about three quarters of an inch wide and was getting ready to start borrowing my mom's vibrator which was just under an inch wide in the middle and tapered to a rounded point. So his little dick erect as it was went easily past my hymen and he fucked me like a little bunny rabbit, I'd seen that before and I just got crazy horny from him doing that. I wanted to have my first orgasm so bad but he was done in two minutes. I could tell because I could feel him squirt inside me.

    Next was the 13 year old boy's turn. He took out his cock and it was a little bigger and a little thicker and it was drooling pre cum all over it. He made me suck him which again I gladly did and was disappointed that he also didn't want to squirt in my mouth but that faded when he rammed it hard and fast up my pussy. That hurt a little but not too badly as I was already mostly stretched. He lasted a bit longer taking about five minutes to fill me. I almost came while he did.

    The 15 year old had a much bigger dick and some hair around it. I enjoyed sucking him the most and just when I thought he was going to take it out and start his turn at r*ping me he surprised me with a huge mouth full of thick gooey sperm. Yum! At last I got my mouthful of sperm. Then they got off me and warned me not to rat them out to anyone. As if!

    That was a Monday. I decided to make it a point to cut through the park every day. But I was disappointed every day for the next week and a half. I was really getting irritated that there were no cocks to satisfy my need and I was contemplating how I might seduce somebody, hopefully a stranger who wouldn't rat me out to my folks.

    Finally I felt a hand on my shoulder and five more grab me and pull me back into the woods. The youngest one said "oh it's you again."

    I said "yes it's me again. Please, don't r*pe me again" but I don't think I was convincing in my half hearted plea for mercy.

    The oldest boy told the 12 year old to have fun with me again and I sucked him for a while then he fucked me and came again but again too quickly to get me close to orgasm. The 13 year old took his turn again and he took ten minutes this time but again not slow enough for me to reach orgasm. Then I didn't wait for the 15 year old I reached out and undid his pants and fished out his cock and went insane sucking on it but he pulled away from me and asked "you like this don't you?"

    "DUH! Why'd you think I I've been coming back very day looking for you guys?"

    Then he surprised me by getting on top into a 69 and he ate his friend's sperm out of me while I continued sucking on his cock. then he got off me and turned around and got into position and rammed it home hard, fast and painfully. I screamed into his mouth for a brief second surprised by the sharp pain but that was overwhelmed by an even sharper hunger for sex. I demanded he cum in me and take his time. He did both. 20 minutes later while the other two boys were feeling me up everywhere, my new boyfriend came inside me, about one minuted after I finally had my first orgasm, real orgasm, ever.

    After that for the next several weeks after school, until it got way too cold, we met up at the park. The younger two would have their way with me and then I'd get a good fucking from my new boyfriend, my only ever boyfriend at that point in my life. Then we arranged for me to come over his house. I had a girl friend cover for me and I fucked him almost every day for the next year or so. The bizarre thing is he always let his buddies do me first which I never minded they were all so cute but the 15, then 16 year old was so hot and his cock get bigger fast and that was just as well as I was getting a bit stretched by then and needed that bigger cock.

    So here I am in a predicament. That first boy or those first boys, were the only ones to fully satisfy me and I am not realizing it was because every time they didn't make love to me, they r*ped me as hard and violently as they could and that made the sex amazing.

    I just recently broke up with my 5th boyfriend for being boring in bed. And what I realized was I really needed that cathartic intense sexual experience of being conquered sexually. By being taken caveman style and just violently r*ped hard and brutally.

    Recently I heard about a serious of gang r*pes in another part of the state all in the same neighborhood late at night. They grabbed the girls and took them into a deserted building where they had a mattress and all seven of them took turns. So far there have been half a dozen victims but none of them badly injured except between the legs. Hopefully I can find them. They left each of their victims naked haven taken all their clothes, and left them on a street corner chained to a light pole, different one each time. God! I'd love to be found chained up naked to a light pole, hopefully by some horny teenagers. If this does happen I'm going to ask them to write "free whore" across my tits and make sure they chain me with my legs spread wide apart so whoever finds me gets a really good look at my slut pussy. Maybe I'll be sure to bring a vibrator they can leave running in me when they do. I'll just leave my purse at home. They seem to like taking souvenirs though.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Strictly speaking, I'm not gay. But because I am very feminine and have been since I was a toddler, everyone assumes that I am.

    I am also not a transgender female. But since I am so feminine and always have been, my mom assumed I was.

    When I was 10 years old I began an interest in cross dressing. I loved to luxuriate in soft silky girl's clothes and put on make-up and style my long hair. But I never really thought of myself as a girl transgender or otherwise. It thought of myself as a sissy faggot who also just happened to be very attached to her cock and balls, especially her balls and who also just happened to also adore girls both as friends and as potential future sex partners.

    When I was 12 my mom caught me in drag, make-up on, hair in pigtails, high heals and all her favorite garments. For a brief second she was pissed that I'd borrowed her things without asking. Then she was shocked that her son was in drag then she wasn't shocked and said she'd known all along I was either gay, transgender or somehow both. I tried to explain that I was none of the above and that I just liked to pretend I was a girl. So she took me to a psychiatrist who specialized in such things and he talked to me forever and on more than one occasion and then a few weeks later informed my mother that I was merely an effeminate bisexual cross dresser, which I'd already tried to tell her. So he would not sign off on declaring me officially a transgender female which would permit me to use the girls rest room and take gym with the girls and go to school dressed as a girl. Only there had been a resent law suit and so all the schools were terrified of being sued so when my mother asked if it was OK for me to attend school wearing the girl's uniform they bent over backward's to accommodate me. The school nurse and principal were in a meeting with my mom then they brought me in and asked me what my gender was. I blurted out, "sissy faggot." But that I was considering "shemale." Just saying that to both women made me tingle between the legs. They tried to correct me and coax me into admitting I was transgender female but I told them I would not presume to pretend to be an authentic female. I'd heard part of that phrase elsewhere earlier in the week and thought it sounded nifty when I said it. So they said that if I won't admit to being transgender female I can't use the lady's rest room or lady's locker room but I could take gym class with the girls. I could also come to school dressed in either the boy's uniform or girls. I could keep my hair long in any approved girl's hair style which included pigtails. So Mom bought me a full wardrobe of girls uniforms and some girl's gym clothes including a sports bra.

    So there I was in the 7th grade, the youngest grade in St. Patrick's Academy. Our progressive bishop had told the parochial schools to be sensitive to the needs of transgender children lest they be sued. So I wore the burgundy plaid pleated kilt style girl's skirt. Mom carefully read the regulations and hemmed my skirts up the shortest the school permitted with only an eighth of an inch to spare. I wore the short sleeved white blouse with the girl's version of the school patch over my heart. I wore the girl's burgundy knee socks trimmed with a ruffle at the top. I wore school approved girl's brown leather shoes. I had the burgundy and white girls gym uniform with white girls gym shoes. I had the girl's burgundy v-neck sweater and wore my long hair in pigtails held up by burgundy silk satin ribbons. My nails were done in regulation burgundy. No other color was permitted except natural. We could wear a subtle shade of lipstick on Friday's if over 14 but Mom gave me some and showed me how to use it and none of the nuns complained.

    The first time I used the boy's rest room in drag was deliciously humiliating. The boys all called me sissy or faggot and I corrected them by saying "that's MISS Sissy Faggot to you!" But the best part was when the absolute cutest 13 year old 8th grader in the entire school grabbed me at lunch and pulled me into the gym and forced me to give him a blow job while he verbally abused me. He came in my mouth thus deflowering it and that is when I fell in love with the flavor of sperm. I told no one and made myself available for the same fun the next day and frequently after that.

    Many of the nuns gave me dirty looks but were warned by the mother superior to be nice to me. One nun said I looked very pretty and will make some man a nice wife one day forgetting I had testicles. A testament to my mother's cosmetic skills.

    That was six years ago, I recently turned 18 and will be graduating this spring. I have played on some of the boy's sports teams. I'm particularly fond of baseball. I wear the boy's sports uniforms when playing but change into my girl's school uniform when the game is over. the only thing is I always wear my pigtails, long burgundy nails and lipstick on the mound. I'm a relief pitcher but I have won a few games for the team so nobody hassles me about my hair, nails and make-up except our opponents who stop laughing when I strike them out. The thing is my favorite part of going in drag is when the girls ridicule my total lack of masculinity and when the boys demand blow jobs and the best, the very best, are those few times when I get to be viciously ridiculed by my female classmates WHILE they watch me suck a male classmate's cock.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I was 14 my. Sister was 16 .I left my door open half way. Me and my sister jen were home by ourselves .I am sitting in a chair facing the door so anyone can look in and see close to everything. I take off my clothes sitting naked and started rubbing my dick.i have a small blanket next to me so I am not that obvious. I rubbing and flopping my dick around half hard i keep going. I am rock hard and i begin to stroke. I hear my sister i cover up only half leaving 1 of my legs out completely. She goes by looked at me and said j what are you doing. Nothing jen said ya right. Are you naked under that blanket. I said no .You are so naked you were playing with your self before I looked in here. I said ok jen so what if I was playing with my dick. I am a normal kid that's what normal kids do were you getting ready to finish before I saw you .no jen i actually just started stroking when I was hard
    J is it still hard .what. I said is it still hard .about half way now .I want to see it .You want to see me naked. Ya show me. Ok i took off the blanket and my dick was sticking out half hard. My sister came closer to me. That made me excited in seconds my dick was rock hard and i said ok jen you seen my dick does my dick look big enough for anyone and do you think it looks good. She she put a coupleof fingers on my dick to move it.She said ya most girls would be happy with your dick size and shape .I said thank you and began rubbing my dick in front of her. She said oh god I shouldn't be seeing this .wow I am watching my brother playing with his dick. I said jen i want you to watch .ok i will. I kept pulling on my dick faster. My sister right in front of me watching. Do you want to play with itjen .She said you want me to jerk yo off ya if you want to. My sister grabbed the shaft and began stroking my dick she asked me does it feel good. Oh ya keep going .She was jerking faster and harder i reached over and grabbed her tit through her shirt and was sister jen bent over and was sucking my dick it only took a few minutes i shot a lot cum she swallowed all of it. I asked her if it was a good amount of cum fo my age .She said oh ya .I hope we are home alone tomorrow .for the next few years we were doing every type of sex with each other

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    In my last two years of college I rented a room in a private house. From my bedroom window I could see my landlady's bedroom from her wall that had a huge mirror attached to it. From my window I noticed her daily sexual activities that began after her husband left for work. She had almost daily sex with two young, male tenants and some of their friends, boys and girls, quite a lot actually, for a woman in her late 30s. They all seemed to love oral sex.

    One day, she spotted me in her mirror from my room. A day later, she came over with a bottle of some liquor and two tiny glasses. In good time she had my legs spread and was extremely active on everything genital in my body. That was my first exposure to female sex and she was a great teacher. I'm now hooked on it but I favor women who look like her, small boobs but with nice ass, olive skin, dark hair with green eyes. She's also insatiable.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 29

    This is a story of both the most embarrassing moment of my life and honestly the sluttiest thing I have ever done, and this happened only a few weeks ago. I am 29, 5'3" at 105 pounds, keep myself in good shape, I exercise several times a week and have been told that I am a hottie many times and have "epic tits". I like to think that I am attractive.

    I recently went to the wedding of my cousin Rick and his now wife Rachel. They have been together for about 5 years, over that time she and I have become good friends. Which makes this even worse.

    Over the past several years we all hung out regularly and had the same circle of friends. On many occasions we would be hanging out and Rachel would get a random text from her Dad just saying something sweet, it became more and more obvious that she was a "Daddy's Girl". I always thought it was sweet and other girls would say the same.

    About six months or so before the wedding, we were all out and she got a text from her Dad and several girls commented on how sweet her dad was, Rick overheard and made a comment, "yeah, your Dad is just a big teddy bear", obviously a smart ass remark and Rachel commented back that he was a big teddy bear to her. So Rick said yeah, but you don't date his daughter, he is a scary and intimidating guy. Even Carl is afraid of him. Carl is the big "tough guy" of our group. 6'3" and huge, muscle and martial arts training. He would defuse situations just by walking up. Carl overheard this conversation and said that he would never want to see him mad and yes he was a bit scared of him.

    Fast forward to the wedding, I showed up a little bit before and found a place to sit. I noticed these two older guys who looked kind of out of place, they obviously tried to dress up but frankly looked like a couple of extras from Sons of Anarchy, biker types, long hair, tatted up and kind of rough looking. Then this guy walks past me, wearing jeans and a tshirt, huge guy, tattooed up and down, arms, chest, ripped arms and body. Looks about 50 and the best body of any 50 year old I have ever seen. He goes to the other two guys bro-hugs both of them and starts chatting with them, then he turns and he looks at me, big scar on the side of his face, he was the scariest looking guy I had ever seen. He smiled at me andI thought I was going to pee myself.

    He left after a few minutes and I asked someone who he was, it was Rachel's dad. The next time I saw him, he was walking Rachel down the aisle wearing a tux. I couldn't believe the transformation.

    I couldn't keep my eyes of him all night, and when they had the daddy daughter dance it was so amazing to see him be so sweet and loving. I was smitten.

    As the night progressed, I kept drinking and having fun with everyone and stealing glances at him when I thought I could. A bit later everyone was dancing and having a great time, Rachel's dad was dancing with her Mom, tearing up the dance floor. They divorced when she was little but stayed on good terms. After he finished he was standing by his friends from earlier who happened to be near some of my friends, I took this as a chance to check him out up close and started dancing close to him with my girlfriends. I saw him check me out and accidentally backed into him a few times. Once he pulled a little on my waist but people immediately went between us before I could let him know I liked it.

    Afterward he walked over to the bar, got a drink and then walked outside. Like a drunk fool, which I was at the time, I followed him. When I walked outside he was gone. An employee of the wedding venue was walking in and so I asked her if she saw where he went. So, I followed where she said. I slowly entered the room and heard someone washing up in the backroom. Then he walked out and saw me and smiled. Hi, Allison... he knew my name. I tried to say something, but it was obvious that I followed him, he then made a comment on how beautiful I looked, again I tried to say something, but I couldn't complete a sentence.

    He then commented that I kept bumping into him and that he enjoyed it. I just stood there and said nothing. He then told me to come over to him, so he could get a better look at me. I walked up to him, he began to touch me and make comments about how sexy and attractive I was. Then he leaned into me and kissed me, I kissed him back and he pulled me closer, his hands were all over me. Then he pulled my straps off and my dress fell to the floor and I was wearing just my bra and panties. He stepped back, looking at me and said "yes, just what I thought, absolutely stunning" I was dripping wet. He then began to kiss me again, taking my bra off and then my panties. He was still fully dressed while he was fingering me and kissing my breast, then without warning he turned me around and told me to bend over the couch as he pushed me over. (We were in a dressing room), I heard him undo his belt and then he pressed his cock into my pussy, and he had a huge cock. He was stretching me before he was halfway in. He began to slowly fuck me, then harder and harder. I came within minutes and did over and over. He was gripping my hips, talking sexy and telling me how bad he wanted me all night. I was begging him to fuck me, begging him for more.
    As he was fucking me, I realized that I didn't even know what his name was, every time someone referred to him it was as "Rachel's Dad" I was such a whore, I couldn't believe what I was doing, or that I was so turned on by what I was doing.
    Then, he just stopped. I was
    screaming, "No, don't stop, fuck my pussy with that huge cock of yours"
    I said it over and over, then I looked back at him and realized he was looking up. I turned around and
    right there was my cousin, his now wife and pretty much the entire wedding party, groomsmen, bridesmaids, all of them. This was the brides dressing room and they were back to collect their stuff.

    Rachel's dad asked if everyone could leave for a few minutes, as they did everyone was giggling, laughing, even a couple of the staff thought it was funny, including the girl who told me where to find him.

    Rachel said she wasn't mad, and said she knew I was her Dad's type. But, I still can't face them. Any of them...

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 24

    In college I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid. I went to school and I went back to my apartment. I was so lonely, I was homesick, I had no human contact. There was a park between my school and the apartment I was living in and I would go sit there and watch people walk by. After dark I would go back to my apartment.

    A man came by one day and asked me for the time. I answered, he asked if I was American. He sat down and started a conversation in English telling me about the time he had gone to Florida. We talked about a lot of things, he asked a lot about my school and if I liked it. When it was dark he suggested that if I wanted we could go to this small restaurant and have something to eat.

    On the way to the restaurant he put his arm around my shoulder and we walked to the restaurant. It was early and we had something to eat, the owner was the waiter and he offered us wine and he bought the wine and we had a couple of glasses of wine and he whispered that maybe we should just go and instead of walking back to the park so that I could go home we walked down this alley and then this alley and then another alley, I was totally lost and we went to his small apartment.

    The washbasin was in the room and the toilet and the small shower inside the bathroom. He washed his face and brushed his teeth and offered me to follow. After I had washed out my mouth using my finger he put his arms around my waist and tried to kiss me. He didn't let go and he kissed me. He didn't talk, he started to kiss my face and to grab my behind, he walked me in small steps and pushed me onto the bed and kept on kissing me. He lay on me as he undid my pants and took my penis in his hand and grabbed it and worked it so that I was half hard before he bent down to suck me. He sucked me hard for a long minute and then got up and took off his clothes and dropped his shorts to the floor. His penis was hard and big and dark.

    He took my head in his hands and put my head up against his penis and with his penis against my lips I opened my mouth and sucked him. Then it was easy, he undressed me until we were both completely naked, the window was open to let in the air, the sound of people on the street, he was kissing me and jerking me and sucking me, he was oblivious to the sounds. I sucked him again before he put on a condom and had me turn over and he pushed his finger in me using some sort of lubricant and then got on me and I pushed my back up to let him get his penis in.

    For the first time since I was in Madrid I felt good, I had never been with an older man, I had always thought it was gross but right then it felt good, I grabbed the pillow and held it tight and let him do what he wanted to do.

    He walked me back to the park and asked my name again and told me that he worked at the bank and maybe we could see each other again. I waited for him several days but he never showed again. The rest of my semester was a disaster and I went home and I have nothing positive to say. My only real memory of my semester abroad was that night. I am not totally over him yet, I wish I knew why he never came back to the park.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    I have worked hard and been fortunate in my life to have accumulated some wealth, I am a derivatives trader. To reward myself I've acquired a much younger trophy wife. I've have several people think she is my daughter, which is fine by me, she is definitely my arm candy.

    She is a petite blond, but besides being cute her most noticeable quality is her massive 32G juggs. It was the first thing I noticed and typically what I see most guys stare at when they meet her. With her short stature, she looks to be all boob from her neck to her waist. She tries some of the time to cover them up, but it's a challenge. When we go to nice restaurants she will wear something low cut, showing her massive cleavage and it amuses me watching the young waiters falling all over themselves to fill her water glass after every sip so they can try to look down her top.

    They are all natural, firm but jiggly with high silver dollar sized areolas and pencil eraser sized nipples.

    She goes to the gym daily, her only job is to keep me happy, stay in shape, and look sexy, she will wear low cut sports bra's. I've seen guys at the mall from her gym walk the entire mall and turn around just to "run into" her and chat her up.

    We don't have a ton of sex, which is fine, I'm very busy. She stays nude constantly around me, I work from my home office, or I see plenty of side boob in her loose pajama tops. I don't know if she gets it elsewhere, she has plenty of opportunities, as long as she is discrete, respectful to me, and safe about it, I don't care, I like to keep her happy.

    We did some furniture shopping Friday and she said the guy wrote his number on his card with "call me" on it. I don't know if she was kidding or not, but I'm ok with it. She's very easy on the eyes, that's why she's with me.

    She's like a Ferrari, beautiful to look at and drive, but you don't drive it all the time, only special occasions lol.

    And yes, I have my side candy too, probably just like she does. Lol.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    Theives in the Night
    I was brought up in Liverpool, England. When you went to bed at night you made certain that you had locked and bolted your doors, as housebreaking was commonplace.

    Now I live in a small town in the West Country, crime here consists of teenagers dropping litter on their way to school, dog crap on the pavement and the occasional drunk shouting. I think there might have been a murder here 20 years ago, and I heard a rumour that an old lady in my road had her handbag stolen when, like many people she had not locked her front door. When I go to bed I don’t worry about checking my doors and windows as crime is pretty much unheard of.

    I had been away for a few days on a trip and had retired a day early as I wasn’t feeling to well. I had told my neighbours that I was going away so they could take in any parcels that arrived. I went to bed early and soon was asleep. At about 11pm I was awoken my a noise, I reasoned that it was the central heating, but then I realised in was summer and it was off!

    I came to my senses and realised that someone was in my house, and that in my hurry to go to bed I had left the back door unlocked. Bravely I crept downstairs ready to confront whoever it was. I barged into the living room and flicked on the light. I was confronted by two young women who gave out a scream. I recognised them instantly, they were the teenage daughters of two of my neighbours.

    They quickly apologised and said that they thought I was away. They confessed they were looking for drink or cash to buy booze. I had to admire their honesty! They begged me not to tell their parents or the police, as they were both on their final warnings.

    I assured them that I would not tell anyone, providing they did what I asked. They reluctantly agreed.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My wife is a mid 40's MILF with some extra pounds and big tits. She works out at her gym almost every day, says a few guys flirt with her. When she came home yesterday and was about to take a shower I was talking to her about some things in our master bath that has a large clear privacy window that lets a ton of sunlight in and it was a bright sunny day.

    She was standing in front of me getting undressed and only had her black yoga pants on. I looked down and spotted a obvious camel toe pussy outline in the front of her pants. I was a little surprised, usually she is very conservative in what she wears.

    She was bending over getting some bath items out of the cabinet and when she did the fabric of the yoga pants stretch and become incredibly see through, I could clearly see her ass, crack, and pussy, it's like she had nothing on.

    She's been wearing these for the last year and spending more and more time at the gym and talks about more "friends" there. I noticed she's been wearing more low cut sports bra's too, she's fairly well endowed, lots of cleavage.

    No wonder she has more male workout friends now, lol.

    No I'm not going to tell her. It's kind of hot thinking all those young workout studs are checking her out and hitting on her. Who knows, maybe she's already aware of what the pants look like?

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  • — Men Only —
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    Just an ordinary guy who appreciates a surprise. There I am in the men's room standing at the urinal and in comes this hot looking girl in her twenties, I turn and looked at her, she stares at me and walks up to the urinal, lifts her skirt up and pulls a penis out of the side of her panties and starts to pee. I stare, he gives me this look, he shakes and sticks his penis back in his panties, lowers the skirt, stops in front of the mirror, fixes his look and walks out. I am standing there and slowly get my penis back in my pants, wash my hands and leave.

    Museum of Modern Art men's room July of 2015.

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