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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Due to my kind of tramatic past I feel like my taste in sex is kind of fucked up.

    I say this because right now, I really want to be owned by a sexual daddy who will dress me up and treat me like a princess anywhere but the bed. I want daddy to use my kitty however he wants. If I could find a daddy that would be great. I would serve him and only him.

    Sadly all this virus stuff is going on and I can't even go out to find one. Me and poor kitty wanna be filled by him but until he areives my fingers and possibly a new toy will have to do.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 41

    Iâm putting this here in Dream & Wishes but should also be in Fetishes & Kinky Sex.

    Iâm single, never married, although I figure I would have been by now married and have kids.

    I am very loving, compassionate and have loads of empathy. Iâm also a daddy/dom.

    I would love to find a girl that wants to be pampered and taken care of. I have always loved smaller/petite girls (no tattos/piercings) besides the normal ears.

    I know lots of girls have small bladders, are âcuteâ not HOT or SEXY, but I think cute is WAY better.

    Iâm also NOT into things or anything remote trying to be SEXY.

    I want a PRINCESS. Someone who needs love, needs a daddy to do everything for them. From dressing in the morning to changing, bathing taking you potty. I want to cuddle and rub your cunny while we watch Your favorite Disney movie while you wear your favorite Disney princess nighty with matching panties or pull-ups.

    Weâd take baths/showers together and Iâd wax/shave you and keep you young and small.

    I also canât wait to grow our family and have an incredible close âlovingâ tight knit relationships.

    Iâm a giver and this is what makes me happy. To be wanted and loved by giving and taking care of the right girl.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 35

    Today I got some news. I knocked up my boss (we'll call her Tonya); she told me today via a little Skype meeting she scheduled with me. We meet once a month to check in, so when she put this on my calendar, no big deal. Bit I've been kind of dumbstruck all day.

    For context, we got drunk as all get out at a conference earlier in the month, ended up in her hotel room, and I used her like a rag dog. It was not pretty, but it was loud and sweaty. She seemed to love it, the physicality of it. Definitely a sprint instead of a marathon. Not much foreplay and she can't suck a cock to save her life, but we did get a little more slow paced physical contact in the shower before I slept in her bed. In the morning she jerked me off with a look on her face somewhere between animal hunger and how a cat hunts a moving bird. It was weird, but I came for her again. I'd do her again of I got the chance.

    Bad thing is, I only feel bad that I cheated on my wife. I don't care that I might cause my boss issues at home. I fucking hate her fat, pill-popping, loser husband, and my wife can't have kids anyway. Tonya said she wouldn't get rid of it (she's Catholic) so I got a kid out there now. I hope it's a girl and gets her mom's green eyes - Tonya is a good mom even if she's a questionable wife.

    Seriously weird train of thoughts all day long today.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 19

    I graduated last year and couldn't wait to get out of my parents' house. I moved in with a co-worker, which is great she worked mornings and I worked closing so almost like a private. That is until quarantine.

    We both are still working, but reduced hours and basically same shifts. We are doing everything we can to save money! We eat the free meal at work, take the bus, do laundry together, but it's not enough.

    We turned out heat down and sit around wrapped in blankets when home together. Last week we even started showering together. She usually showers in the mornings, and I before bed. Now we both shower before bed.

    The first time was totally awkward, I'd not ever showered with anyone before. I was just get in soap and get out. She was about the same. I don't even think we looked at each other. By last weekend we were comfortable enough to wash each other's backs, and I guess actually look and talk to each other while showering.

    Sunday she commented that I was getting bushy, I looked and so was she, I laughed and told her, "Not like we have anywhere to go or anybody to see." She looked at me and said, "Ya, been a while."

    It has been a while!

    Yesterday she kind of sheepishly told me, "It's too crowded in here to shave together. If you wanna, we could get out and shave each other."

    I thought she was joking, but her face was bright red from embarrassment when I looked. I told her, "Not right now, but I'll think about it."

    I have been thinking about it. We are both getting grossly hair, and it has really been a while. This morning at breakfast, I told her, "Ya, I need it too."

    So after showering tonight, we're going to shave each other. Neither of us are lesbian, or even bi, but we'll see if it goes more than a shave. It REALLY has been a long time.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    Best fucking sex of my life.

    So Iâm on grinder. Somehow connected to a blank profile he sent me a cock pic, looked nice. So I replied with Iâd take that balls deep. He was far about 40 miles East. Not thinking anything. Well let that night he messages me if I wanted to play I said yea but weâre far so. Well he said he travel to me. I said great jumped in the shower and cleaned up. Then he messages me that were 40 miles away and that itâs too far. He was 40 miles west now... so I said I meet him half way senses I had already cleaned up. Grabbed the lube and a towel jumped in my car and drove. Got to the location scouted the place for a nice quiet secluded place and went back to meet him. As he got of his truck I saw a good looking older man. Made me nervous. He is a hot looking older man. He jumps in my car and I drive to the location. We talk and I start ducking his cock. It gets hard to a nice 7/8 inch long fat cock. I lube my ass up and lube his cock and struggle to get that cock in... it was kind of cramped on the front seat so we moved it to the back seat where he laid down on his back and I rode his cock. It felt so good, it had the perfect curb upwards and it was massaging my prostate. Soon I was about to cum from riding his cock. He wanted me to cum in his mouth so I did. He hadnât cum yet so I kept riding his cock until he came. I grabbed me and had me take it balls deep felt the pain so good I loved it. He stayed hard though. And was loving my ass riding it. He kept telling me it felt really good. As I keep riding his cock I started to really get into it moaning hard as I rode and took his fat cock balls deep every time. Before I know it I was about to blow my load again and I did on his mouth and he swallowed it right up. Fuck I wanted him to cum so I rode his cock again. He kept fucking me so good. Iâve never had cummed twice and still have a cock feel so good inside of me... I rode his cock hard and deep until he came deep inside me again. The I got off of him and his cock was still hard I got on my knees and started blowing him, sucking his cock good deep throating it as far as I could take it. Liking his balls. Every time I took that cock in my throat he moaned. He wasnât done yet and I wanted him to cum. I had him fuck me doggy for a little bit the I was back to riding his amazing cock. I was loaning hard taking that cock deep and hard. Hmmm felt so good. He kept telling me he was feeling his cock go deep in me and living it. I had him spit in my mount and I swallowed his spit. Kept riding that amazing cock and I started to feel the inside of my asshole start to tighten up and felt my whole cock starting to tense up. âOhh fuck Iâm going to cum againâ I said. He was fucking me so good. I was taking his cock so so deep I didnât babe the time to feed him my last load. He was still hard but I couldnât continue getting fucked my ass was done. He made me cum 3 times in a row and he came 2 times deep inside of me. Fuck best sex of my like in the back of my car. Jesus all mighty itâs been 4 days and my lower back is sore my ass is sore. Canât wait to go see him again. Fuck. I know his of German decent sense he used a German words... and Iâm of Mexican decent even though Iâm more of a white boy than anything. That is how we do it in the southwest of the United States. Porn stars donât fuck this good. Fuxk I love cock.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 23

    I took the Bus to get to the Mall one time because I didn't want to pay for a Cab, and as I was on the Bus, I noticed a terrible odor, I looked around to see where it was coming from and I immediately got sick to my stomach when I noticed a Man sitting with his shoes and socks off, clipping his toenails on the bus. What kind of disgusting trash goes on a City Bus to trim their toenails? Dude couldn't you have trimmed your toenails at home away from everybody on a public bus? I was so disgusted that I pulled the cord to stop the bus and got off, luckily the Mall was close for me to walk, but I still couldn't get that thought out of my head of a man trimming his toenails in a public bus, seriously i lost my appetite to get anything at the Food Court, and I was too grossed out to go inside Payless, seriously people if you're going to trim your toenails, do it at home, not out in public in front of other people.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    I was years ago the first time it happened. I was laying on my bed playing videogames in just a shirt and undies. My older brother's bf snuck in and smacked my ass and I let out a moan. no idea why but it turned me on. so much he ran out due to the reaction I'm sure. but my brother started doing it soon after. I think the Taboo nature of my brother doing it took me to another level. I'd soak my panties if he did it often enough.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 39

    How many of you guys were m****ted when growing up? Do you think it affected your sex life at all? Like made you turn bisexual or gay?

    My story is I was m****ted from the time I was 10 till I was 15. My moms boyfriend did it, he used me for his pleasure nights my mom was working. My mom is a nurse so 3 to 4 nights a week she wasnât home. Thankfully it didnât occur that often all the time. Some weeks it was one time others it was 2 or 3. Just depended I guess. Hate to say it but I got used to it. At first it hurt and I was sore afterwards for a few days but after a month or two I honestly dont remember being sore or it hurting anymore.

    Remember it like clock work. My mom would leave for work, then two to three hours later my moms boyfriend would come in my room in just his boxers. Leaving the hallway light on so there was some light in my room. He turn me over onto my belly, lay a towel down on the bed next to me, pull my briefs off, then his boxers, put lube on my butthole and then penetrate me. Heâd eventually cum inside me, pull out and wipe my butt off. Iâd put my briefs back on and go to sleep.

    That all eventually stopped when I told my mom when I was 15 which lead to me being at the hospital getting a r**e kit done. That was awkward in itself. I was in a table with my legs up, doctor had a thing in my butthole to hold it open while he examined it. And took a swab of my momâs boyfriend dna ( his cum was in my butt still). He eventually went to prison.

    But still my mom will occasionally bring this all up. Iâve told her many times to not, itâs in the past. Whatâs done is done. Iâm not mad at her for it. She thinks I am sometimes. This all got brought back up last week because Iâm staying with here during this stay at home order. I was getting ready for bed, wearing my bedtime clothes (shirt and briefs). My mom saw me making my bed wearing that and asked if I felt comfortable sleeping in my old room and asked if I got rid of all my boxers because they remind me of what happened. Once again I had to explain to her I slept in this room after it happened and everything was okay. And had to explain again that I stuck with briefs and not boxers because I like them better. Hate that she brings this Up sometimes,

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    I spent several days thinking about this, whether or not to confess. I decided to go ahead.

    I was seven when my baby brother was born. From the day he came home my Mother had me help with him. She great fed for about a month and once he was on a bottle I had to take my turn feeding him, and changing him, and help bathing him. From the first moment I noticed his penis, my Mom called it his pleasure wand.

    As he grew older I could change him unsupervised, and even older like when he was three and I was ten I had bath duty with him. I sat on the toilet while he played in the tub, when his wash time came I lathered him up with lots of suds and washed him with my hands, including his penis.

    When he was eight I sucked his penis. I will never forget that day, his penis got hard, a mini steel rod. His pleasure wand really liked that and so did I. I put him to bed, slipped my hand under his clothes and played with his penis, once he was hard I sucked him. Eight, ten, twelve. He shot into my mouth when he was twelve. I came home from college when he was sixteen, I was 23 and I pulled him onto me and took his penis in my hand and let him fuck me.

    That was ten years ago, he loves to have me give him a hand job before giving him a blowjob. If the time is right I let him get on me and fuck me with his pleasure wand. And sometimes I lay on the bed and just suck on his penis, before laying back and letting him get on.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    I am always horny add me on [email protected]@k (kik) for some fun. Add danny2032

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