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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 43

    I had a transit flight. Kenya Airways so called pride of Africa cancelled the flight. I waited almost 5 hours at the airport before confirmation they are giving hotel. When they took us to the hotel it was already past 10 PM. I wasn't in good mood so i decided not to take dinner as I have already ate enough snacks at the airport.

    Just outside hotel there was a club, I went there immediately after check in at the hotel, i didn't want to sleep Alone. When I entered in the hotel waitress came and asked me what would I like to have I replied I want A Local. She was smiling and told me to sit. After some mints I tall guy came and introduced me as a manager. His name was Simon asking me what I want actually. I told him I want a girl should be African not big but must be attractive for a night. Then he has shown some pictures. I selected a girl must be her late 30s. He was laughing, her name is Catherine we calls her Kikih and she is married I have to ask her if she is available. I was so curious. If i had time I wanted to spend a day with her. I want to know her. If she is happy doing this job? What about family kids etc.

    He called in front of me. She was asking If I can pay 70$ ? Why not. Call her now now. I gave simon my hotel address and I rushed to the hotel I wanted to take bath.

    She came around 12 AM when I was watching EPL. She was more gorgeous than pictures. I told her to fresh up. I was naked in blanket waiting for her. She arrived with towel wrapped. She opens towel slowly showing her body front and back. I said show me your ass hole. She turned and open her ass chicks I saw tiny ass hole must be virgin. Than she entered in blanket and blowing my dick. I throw the blanket and directed her for 69. She was small lips pussy with perky hair. It was wet I started licking it. She was rubbing pussy over my mouth eventually she sat on my face rubbing from pussy to arse. She came in my mouth multiple times. I just put my condom and made her sit on my dick. Meanwhile I was sucking her tits she was moaning loudly. I told her to come in doggy. While fucking her, i was fucking her ass with my thumb. I told her I wanted to fuck your ass. She replied NO, NO anal sex. I was like WTF, but why I asked? She said it's painful. I was trying to convince her, I have water based lubricant I promise I will pull out if it will pain. She was not agreeing at all. I dropped the idea and I just stand and told her to suck my dick. I was abusing her and said you must swallow. Now I won't allow you to spit,I cum in her mouth . i saw her face she doesn't like cum. But I made it.

    After first round we went in balcony for smoke. I was curious to know about her.

    I asked about her family, past and all. Kikih said she has 3 kids, her husband is jobless. They were broke. So she decided to do this job but as a part time. She was working in Saloon. But earning very little money which was not enough for her family. I decided to help her.

    I fucked her before sleep again. We slept naked. Last round at the time of check out. I gave her 150$. She was really happy and so was I.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am a stage actor and I'm fortunate to have been one of the resident company actors for three years. In real life I am a basket case, I can't buy a bra without approval. When my mentor took me in my life got under control. He is a rock and he takes care of me 24/7. Sometimes I can be a real baby, at other times I feel all grown up.

    I have a couple of kinks. I like being spanked and I like being rocked. The number of times I have been carried to my room and put to bed, I love being tucked in and kissed. I seem to revert to being Daddy's little girl. It's not an act or a role, I really do become Daddy's little girl. If I misbehave I get a spanking, sometimes he pulls my panties down and spanks me until I start crying and then he holds me and rocks me. It's silly and stupid really but I just like being spanked.

    I can be a big girl, have grown up sex, but little girl sex is better and Daddy loving me is just something I really like. And I'm okay with it. Why be a big girl when Daddy wants his little girl to hug his neck and tell him about her day?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 22

    I lost my virginity when I was 10 to a 20 year old guy, he was the boyfriend of my babysitter. After that I was thinking of sex all the time.
    My Uncle Tom came to stay with us for a while after his divorce. I noticed that every time I got out of the shower he would be waiting outside the bathroom and he would always be in there for a while. One night I left the window open just a little bit, sure enough Tom was waiting for me to finish in the bathroom, I hurried up and got dressed and went outside to peak in the window, I saw him with my panties jacking off, at first I was mad, he was shooting his cum on my panties, but then I thought, maybe he wanted to fuck me, his dick wasn’t very big, I decided to try to get him to fuck me.
    It wasn’t hard, I had to wait for the right time. That time came a few days later, he and I were alone so after my shower h was waiting outside the bathroom, I opened the door and stood naked in front of him, I said he didn’t have to use my panties anymore, and winked at him, I told him to follow me and went to my room, he was right behind me, I asked him what he wanted me to do, he got naked and asked me if I would suck his dick, I had never done that before but I gave it a shot, it felt so warm and exciting to have a dick in my mouth, I was so wet I was rubbing my little clit not realizing that he was going to cum in my mouth, he grabbed my head with both hands and I thought he was peeing in my mouth so I pulled away and realized it was cum in my mouth I had spit some out but still tasted it, I was surprised I liked it, after that I swallowed when I sucked him off, which was often. He never touched me sexually or fucked my pussy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 33

    Ten years ago I was followed home by a man on a bike. He pushed his way into my apartment and he had anal sex with me. I just couldn't get the strength up to push him away. I lay in bed sometimes, maybe when it is raining and cold, and get naked and lay on my stomach and I can feel him getting on me and I dream and relive the moment. I always come into the sheets like I did that night.

    I am not a queer or gay or anything like that, I am fairly easy going and get along with people. That night is the wildest thing that ever happened to me. When he was inserting himself into me I hated it and love it at the same time.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    From the first time I was able to cum I jerked off every chance I had,And one day I shot my load and it landed on my face and mouth so I tasted it and kinky thought of doing that turned me on and after that I licked and ate my own every time.

    I was never able to suck myself off but I was able to shoot it in my mouth by getting into different positions like legs over my head.

    Which brings me to the story. I’m on my bed on my back legs over my head jerking myself into a frenzy And blew a huge load in my mouth when I was getting off the bed I saw my wife and 2 friends watching my show.And now I have to put on the show for them once a week on their ladies night and I love showing them and doing things that they want me to do with myself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    Ever since I was 12 I have had a cum fetish, I had caught my brother jacking off just as he was cumming, seeing sperm shoot out all over it was kinda funny and arousing. I loved the male penis, how it gets hard, the different sizes,etc. I was a masterbater myself, I always fantasize I was sucking multiple dicks and getting sperm sprayed on me.
    My brother was embarrassed and when I asked him if I could watch next time he wanted to jack off, at first he said no, I told him I would let him look at my tits while he did it, he said ok, the next day we were all alone and he asked if I was serious about what I said the day before, I took off my shirt and bra and showed him my cute tits(32b) with puffy nipples, he sat on the couch and I got on my knees in front of him, I told him he could cum on my tits if he wanted to, I watched him jack his dick he was staring at my tits so I took his free hand and placed it on my chest my free hand found its way to my pussy, I was so turned on, I came first and just as he shot his load on my tits, he let go of his dick and his head was leaned back looking at the ceiling I took that opportunity to put his dick in my mouth and suck the last few drops of cum, I had never done anything with anybody until that day. I loved seeing a man cum and loved the taste of cum too, I began wiping his cum off my tots and licking my fingers.
    The next time he was ready to jack off was a few days later, this time he came in my room naked, I was on my bed, I got up and took off all my clothes, now his eyes are glued to my pussy(which I shave), I got on my knees in front of him again but this time I put my mouth on his dick and started sucking him (I had watched some porn videos on the internet), I’m pretty sure I was doing a good
    job because he didn’t last 45 seconds until he was filling my mouth up with cum. We never had sex but I was able to test my skills out on many more boys as I got older. I wonder if there are other women like me that just loves to suck dick and swallow cum? Of course there are 😜😜😜

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    My brilliant career
    You can call me Julia. I'm 34, and the CFO of a mid-sized publicly owned company. I've been with this company for over twelve years.

    I started right after college graduation and a June wedding, as the administrative assistant to an older woman executive. In that capacity, in my second week on the job I sat in on a meeting involving the CEO and a number of executives. That meeting proved fateful for me. I of course said nothing during the meeting, but exchanged glances and smiles with the CEO several times. On our way out the door the CEO, Ted, a tall man with a benevolent face, stopped me and congratulated me on my new job. I thanked him, then he asked if I would like to come to a weekly meeting in his office at 5 PM the next Thursday and afterwards sit down and discuss my career. I was taken aback because he didn't yet know anything about my abilities, but I agreed to come to the meeting on Thursday. When I got home, I happily told my husband, Don, about my day and the opportunity I would have to discuss my career with my boss's boss. He was happy for me, and if he had any misgivings he kept them to himself.

    I should say that then, as now, I was a tallish brunette with small, pert b****** and a tiny waistline. When I was feeling confident I would tell myself I was beautiful. Maybe I was. Don and I had a happy new marriage and we made love several times a week.

    Thursda y came and I eagerly watched the clock. I was dressed very professionally as always, with no cleavage and a long skirt. When I knocked on the door Ted let me in, saying he was glad to see me. I looked around and saw that we were the only people there, and I asked, "When are the others coming?" He replied, "The first part of the meeting was cancelled, so we can go straight to discussing your career." With that, he settled on a loveseat and asked me to sit on the one opposite him. He told me, "I've studied your file and seen your graceful demeanor. I've decided to mentor you- with luck, all the way up to the executive suite." I was stunned, and said, "Why would you do that? What do you gain from doing that?" Then a light came on in my brain and I knew the answer to my questions.

    He looked supremely confident and said, "What you would need to give me in return is s**, usually once a week. We would have to be discrete here in the office, but I don't see any reason this wouldn't work for the long term. I promise you I will do everything necessary to make sure your husband... what's his name?"... "Don", I replied."...that Don never finds out. I'll respect your marriage."

    I sat, stunned, and looked at him for a long time. Something in the back of my mind was telling me this is what a real opportunity looks like, and so I replied simply, "Okay," and tried to smile. I decided at that moment that if I was going to do this I should do the h*** out of it to get the greatest possible return.

    He said, "Excellent! Why don't you shift over to my loveseat." I did, and without any preamble he began kissing me and rubbing my b******. Then he took off my blouse and bra, and stood me up in front of him, then pushed me gently down onto my knees in front of his crotch, which was bulging. I unzipped his pants, rubbed his nice-sized c*** a little, then undid his belt and took his pants and underpants down. For the next 20 minutes I gave him the b****** of his life, and when he came in my mouth it was almost more than I could swallow. In the back of my mind I was telling myself I was only sucking his c***, not f****** him, so I hadn't crossed the Rubicon.
    He lay back, sated, then pulled me up to cuddle with him a little. He said, "That was incredible, Julia. Unless you're really h****, why don't we save the rest until our next 'meeting' next Thursday?" It was only then it came home to me that I was going to be cheating on my new husband, whom I adored and who loved me in return, every week from then on.

    I felt like a s*** on my drive home, and determined to make it up to Don that night and every Thursday after that. He greeted me with a kiss and, probably since I was late for dinner anyway, took me straight upstairs to bed and made sweet love to me. Afterwards, in the dark room, he saw I was crying and asked me why. "I'm just happy," I told him.

    The next Thursday, I told my husband that I had my "regular" weekly meeting at the end of the day which would usually run until after 6. He was fine with that as he trusted me. Come 5 o'clock I showed up at Ted's office and he let me in saying, "I'm glad you decided to make it, Julia. This could be the start of a brilliant career!" Then he pulled my clothes off, careful not to tear off any buttons, laid me down on a thick oriental rug, and f***** me for the next 45 minutes. I would be a liar if I said I didn't love it- he was in his early 50's but he was a great f***.

    Once again I had him c** in my mouth rather than in my p****, so Don wouldn't notice.

    This weekly meeting went on for the next twelve years without my husband suspecting anything, and I received one promotion after another. The only changes to the routine were when Ted and I went to a conference out of town, usually staying about two nights. He would rent two rooms, not adjacent, then I would put up the DO NOT DISTURB sign on my room and roll my suitcase straight to his room for the duration. I never cheated with anyone else until a conference came where Ted solemnly told me he needed my help to close a deal with a Chinese investor, and asked me to f*** him. I looked at Ted sadly, then I said yes, and an hour later I was doing it with a complete stranger. This tryst, which gave me no pleasure, brought in an investment of over $50,000,000. Ted began doing this to me a few times a year, always telling me I was free to say no, and about the fourth time it was a group of investors, maybe eight in all. I had never agreed to my husband's desire to try a threesome, let alone a g*******, although I had fantasized about it for many years. After the first time, this kind of illicit f****** gave me a special thrill.

    After ten years, Ted and the Board, who were clueless about us, promoted me to CFO. It was in the business sections of all the papers, a "woman who pulled herself up by her bootstraps to the executive suite." Bra straps would have been more accurate. Then a few months ago, Ted retired. The last time I met him on a Thursday after work he made a half-hearted effort to convince me to keep meeting him after he left the company. I refused- I was really looking forward to being a faithful wife again.

    Don never found out about us, and he was always faithful to me. Our s**, while becoming less frequent, remained warm and exciting, and I made sure I always gave him my best on Thursday nights. For twelve years part of me felt like a s***, or more accurately a w****, since the additional salary I earned over the twelve years added up to over $800,000 dollars. I won't pretend that I didn't enjoy f****** Ted, and after the first time even f****** his business associates, but now I'm free to put my s** life back together with my marriage.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 24

    When I was 12 I was starting to experiment with my Penis. I started to notice that it would feel good to play with it and touch it while it was hard. I also noticed that it had started to get alot bigger in general. It went from a skinny little thing, and started filling out into a rod that I couldnt even wrap my hand around. Aside from the feeling I got playing with my dick, I didnt understand the concept of masturbation, and had never made myself ejaculate before, nor did I know it was possible. My body was definately ready to blow its first load, I just didnt know it yet.

    My parents were going to Cancun, so I was going to be spending the week with some family friends. They had a daughter named Amanda who was 21 at the time, and was living at the house. Both of the parents worked, so after school there was a few hours every day where it was just me and Amanda in the house. She had dark blonde hair, and was a few inches taller than me at this point. She was also very tan and skinny.

    The first few days went by with nothing of note taking place. About half way into my week at their house, I got home from school and went to watch some TV. Amanda was already in the family room watching something, so I sat in an armchair and posted up to watch whatever she was watching. After sitting there and watching TV for about half an hour, Amanda said in a mocking tone "Ooo you have a boner." I hadnt even realized but when I looked down, I was pitching a tent straight into the air. I was very embaressed and tried to push it down and manuver it in such a way that it would be less odvious. While I was trying to hide it, the feeling of me just touching it felt good and I knew it wasnt going away soon. I said "Sometimes this happens, it stops doing this later." She said "You can just go jerk it off when that happens." I had never heard this term, and had no idea what she was talking about. I responded with a very unconvincing "Yea true." After a moment of not going anywhere or doing anything, she said "Do you know what jerking off is?" Now even more embarssed that I had a boner, and was asked a question i didnt know how to answer, I said "Yea, well I think... actually I might be thinking of something different... What do you mean it is?" She laughed and said, "Dont you masturbate yet? That is how you can get rid of your boners. If you play with it, it will feel really good, and then you will cum. Oh my gosh this is so exciting, the guys my age talk about it all the time, I want to see your reaction when it happens! Do you want me to help you?"

    I still didnt really know what was about to happen, and since I didnt know what jerking off was I happily agreed. (If i did know, I would have agreed just as eagerly.) She told me to come sit by her on the couch, so I did. Then she said "You need to take your pants off." I was so caught off guard by this, and had not connected that this was going to be part of the process that I said "Ok, should I go to the bathroom for that." She laughed and said "Take them off here, when you are my age, you will be getting naked with girls all the time." I slipped my shorts down and my rock hard dick sprang up as my boxers slid down and I sat back on the couch next to her. She said "It is bigger than i expected for your age! I still cant believe you have never masturabted. You just grab is and start rubbing it." I grabbed it with my pointer finger and thumb, as if I was trying to pick it up, and started rubbing on it. Amanda quickly stopped me and said "No like this." She wrapped her hand around my dick and started to stroke it up and down. A rush surged through me and I was shivering with joy. She had only been stroking it for about 20 seconds and I started to feel something happening in my dick. I quickly jumped up and said "I think im going to pee!" I went to pull my shorts up and run for the bathroom, but Amanda stopped me saying, "I think you are about to cum, trust me, it will feel really good. Sit back down." So I reluctantly pulled my pants back down and sat next to her. She started grabbed my cock again and got back to stroking it. I could start to feel the sensation again and as she was stroking me. My entire body locked up and I was almost scared at the sensation that I was feeling, again I felt like I was about to pee but my penis start to pulse was quickly followed by a huge stream of warm, white cum that shot into the air and came down all over my shirt. I shot a few more ropes of jizz into the air and it was landing on my shirt, on the couch, and on the floor. After a few shots into the air, it started to just flow out the tip of my dick and roll down onto Amanda's hand.

    When I started to snap out of this body controlling orgasm, I apologized to Amanda because I saw it got all over her hand and arm. She told me "Dont be sorry, that is what is supposed to happen, usually guys try to get it on my face! Didnt it feel amazing! Ill go get you some tissues to clean this up, I dont think I have ever seen so much!" She went and got me some tissues and we wiped everything down and I went to change. My boner wouldnt go away though because now I couldnt stop thinking about what had just happened, and wanted to do it again.

    We went back to watching TV but after about 10 minutes of sitting there, I couldnt help myself and asked, "Do you think we could do that again?" She seemed surprised and said "Wow already, Ok. I will help you again if you help me first!" I had no idea what she needed help with, but I would do anything to be jerked off again at this point, so I agreed. She pulled down her pants this time and told me to put 2 fingers in and start rubbing around in there. It was so warm and I will never forget the subtle, high pitched moan that she let out as my fingers slid into her. I was rubbing around and eventually hit the right spot, as she said "Dont stop!" and started to breath heavily. After about 10 minutes of this, she told me to use my tongue, I pushed my tongue into her as far as i could and started to move it around. She seemed to be loving the feeling and she grabbed the top on my head pushing it between her legs. At one point she moaned and her thighs gently squeezed down on my head. Shortly after that she sat up and said, "That was pretty good, now it can be your turn. Do you want a blowjob this time?" I did know what this was because I had heard of it from a movie. This time she pulled my pants down, and Ill never forget the tickled that I felt on my stomach and groin as her fingers slid inside my pants and boxers to pull them down. She said "let me know when you are going to cum" and then put my dick into her mouth. The warmth and wetness of her mouth was giving me a feeling I had not even considered was possible. I started to get my hips into it, thrusting into her mouth as she would go down on it. I was nervous again about getting my cum on her, especially because she told me to warn her when it was going to happen. Then I started to think about my orgasm earlier and combined that with what I was feeling, and seeing her sucking my dick, next thing I knew I was about to explode again. I said "Its gonna happen!" She sealed her lips around the tip of my dick and massaged the bottom on my head with her tongue. I said again "here it comes!" I was worried she didnt notice because she wasnt moving her head. At this point it felt too good and it was too close that I just decided I would let it happen and deal with it getting in her mouth later. I started to shoot out another load of cum right into her mouth and after the first couple spurts I realized that she was expecting me to cum in her mouth. As I kept shooting into her mouth, I could start to feel some of the warm cum flowing around my dick in her mouth. Once the pulsing stopped, she slowly slid her head back looked up at me and opened her mouth. I could see if was filled with my cum. She then closed her mouth, swallowed, and it was gone. "No cleanup this time" she said and giggled. Then she said she was going to take a shower to clean up before her parents got back home.

    Not only did I learn how to jack off that day, but I got my first deposit into my spank bank. I jerked off every day for the next few months, usually a few times a day. Even years later I still jerk off to that memory, and now hopefully this story will help some other people get off also!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    Let me start off by saying I have a big dick, 10 inches a thick and I’m a heavy cummer (6-10 big squirts). I enjoy sucking my own cock and I always swallow. My girlfriend 17yo sister was visiting for the weekend, my girlfriend was at work and decided I wanted my dick sucked, I went to my room closed the door got naked and got in position to suck myself, I was sitting on the edge of the bed I was stroking and had my cock head in my mouth rolling my tounge around it sucking and really enjoying the pleasure I was giving myself, when I suck myself off I usually cum pretty quick (3-5 minutes), this particular day I was really getting into it I lasted about 15 minutes, I was moaning pretty loud I guess because I didn’t hear Vicky come in my room, there I was sucking my dick and unloaded a nice big load (8squirts) of thick warm creamy cum in my mouth I held my cum in my mouth tilted my head back opened my mouth and and was playing with my cum with my tounge before swallowing it down when I opened my eyes there stood Vicky 2 feet away wide eyed and the look of shock and excitement on her face, she said that was the most amazing sexual thing she ever saw and that it made her super horny. I told her her sister loves it too.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Im 17 and I’m very horny and I’m ready to find a real daddy. I’m willing to sell my nudes or virginity. I’d love to suck dick and be fucked.

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