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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    A closely guarded secret of mine is that I have fooled around a lot with guys. Going back to my days hanging around the back yard. I worked construction and hired on with different crews and went from sight to sight and from time to time found a Joe who wanted to fuck. That's my thing, I get horny enough I want to fuck, err, get fucked I don't get on top. I suck cock of course, I always have, it is a foreplay thing, to get him nice and hard.

    I am not working as much, I usually get on a crew as a foreman now, but on this particular day I had gone to my daughter's house to help her move. She and her husband are not my types, he is a prick if you ask me and she has become sore of prick herself, it is all this shit nowadays, in my opinion she has the balls not him. I helped her get the heavy stuff into the U-Haul and then unload. Things were getting pretty prickie between them about what went where so I took off and went to the local mall.

    I got a cup of coffee and sat in the food court and watched the few people go by. I didn't even notice and a man came up and asked if he could join me and brought his own cup. He worked at the mall in the shoe department at Macy's, an older guy, said he had been in the Coast Guard when he was young, had bummed around and found that sales suited him and he had been selling shoes ever since. It doesn't take long all you have to do is look at their hands, this guy had never held a hammer in his life. His hands were smooth and his nails manicured and his suit fit just right and his shoes were polished and his hair was recently cut, his face was shaved. Like I said it takes about a minute to figure out that this guy had never been outside.

    But there are things that you can't control. His hand was right there on the table, and he had on this ring. It wasn't a college ring or anything like that, so I took his hand and picked it up to look at the ring. Never crossed my mind, I held his hand in mine and asked him about the ring and he told me it was his father's, his ring from belonging to this lodge. His hand was smooth, like the backside of a bottom, and I have touched a few. His hand was warm and he let he hold it in my hand. Instinctively because I did not do it on purpose I ran my thumb up and down the back of his hand while I looked at the ring.

    His tone changed, I have heard that tone change so many times, he got jovial and started kidding around, touching my hand that was on the table, leaning forward with his hand on my knee, he got so close that all I wanted to do was kiss him right there but I controlled myself. He looked at his watch and told me his lunch was over and he had to go back to work and it was like parting, he touched my hand and told me it was nice meeting me and I said well when did he get off, maybe he wanted to go get a steak or something because I was sort of fed up with eating take out at my daughter's.

    He agreed, he got off at seven that night and we agreed to meet at Ryans around then. He showed up, he had changed, his suit was gone, he had on clean tennis shoes, laundry pressed jeans, and a tight polo shirt, his skin white. A sissy guy is what he was. We took our trays and served ourselves and went to eat. We talked about the town and how long he had lived there and he told me that he had found this quaint little house to live in and he had fixed it up and if I wanted to we could go see it after we ate. That house, manicured lawn, little lawn statues everywhere, the house was small but the place was immaculate, clean as a whistle, with nice furniture and pictures of himself on various trips. We toured the house, it was small so it didn't take that long, we were in the kitchen and he just came out and said he could use a kiss.

    Well why lie, I am not one that goes for the sissy types but he was all that there was around. I guess we were both hungry and I had to settle him down. He apologized but I said never mind and I grabbed him right there where either he is a man or he is not a man and he was a man all right. Yes I wanted to suck dick right then, I wanted his dick right then. So I pulled him by his dick and sat down on the kitchen chair and I sucked him, because sometimes I really just want to suck dick.

    Naked he was so damn white, so smooth, his lips were so hot and his dick was so hard and smooth and his legs were smooth and he felt good to the touch and my dick got hard, rock hard and that day I had the strongest urge to fuck the shit out of him and I did. God damn if we didn't fuck. He liked it and so did I. After the fuck I went and got in the shower and he got in and we jerked each other and kissed, he was really good to kiss and I sucked his dick and licked his ass and fucked him again all wet and slippery against the wall.

    I stared out saying that I like go get fucked, I don't get on top. But that night I just needed to fuck, fuck his sissy ass and I did. He jerked me off and sucked me and ate it up, but to tell the truth the hottest thing of all was licking his ass in the shower that night, I had always wanted to do that, lick ass and I did, that night he was willing and I was willing and licking his ass was the cherry on top.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 26

    I can see my neighbor's bedroom down from my attic window and enjoy watching Art, my oversexed
    neighbor busy at what he seems to do best. Nina, his lovely wife, is out of town a good amount of time. To date I have not asked her what she does but the minute she is gone, Art has someone in the bedroom going to town.

    Once in a while I work at home to be able to watch him. At some point I began to masturbate while watching him and I learned to use dildos of various sizes while watching him and some woman. I've counted up to eleven different ones. He sometimes does more than one different one a day.

    I get off on his offbeat life but, curiously enough, have no interest in him, for various reasons.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 52

    Older 50+ man here. After reading a recent post from a woman with four kids who had a husband who lost interest in sex, I felt compelled to share a somewhat unusual story.

    Of course, it's common for women to lose interest in sex later in life. The recent post from a woman with four kids was about her husband losing interest (good post BTW).

    The somewhat odd situation I found myself in was that my ultra conservative wife just wanted me for a bread winner and sperm donor. She'd starve me sexually until she wanted another baby. After 5 kids, I went to the doctor for "the snip" and she just freaking lost her mind. It was the biggest fight in our 25+ year long marriage.

    I was done being her sperm donor. She was also the controlling, manipulative personality in the relationship. I was more of the 'pleaser', but again, I'd had enough. I intended to stay in the relationship for my children's sake, but I dreamed of the day when they were old enough for me to divorce her ass.

    I had remained faithful for the first 11 years of marriage, but a work trip opportunity with a sexy co-worker was too much temptation and I had my first taste of adulterous sex. It was fucking hot. But I didn't stray again for another 7 years. Once again, it was with a woman at work who managed Human Resources (talk about ironic!). She was engaged to be married but struggled with making that commitment to a man that she wasn't sure about. We got together 4 or 5 times over the course of several months. The guilt was crushing for her and we broke it off, but damn I missed her. She was so sweet, fucking hot and sexy and very passionate.

    After that, Craigslist personals became a fun hobby that lasted for several years. I eventually met my new wife via 'casual encounters' in Craigslist. A truly wonderful woman and we're very happy together.

    I endured about 2 very painful years of separation/divorce with the ex-wife, but looking back, it was fucking worth it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 47

    All in all I am thankful that I am healthy and have a good job and I can live in this country and I have some savings and I have good friends. I don't get out much, my friends are from work and they have families and so I pretty much live alone. My one thing that I do for myself is every year I go on holiday to Malta. I go to Malta during the height of the season, I have my reservations well in advance. While I am on holiday I hire a young man. There are many young men who come to Malta during the season and they are available for hire and they can do so many wonderful things.

    I am a regular, I have been going to Malta for 11 years now, I stay at the same hotel and I go down to this local small restaurant and bar and I ask the bartender to find me someone who will come see me and take care of me. I pay well, better than I probably need to pay, and I also pay the bartender for setting things up for me. He knows that I am particular, I like the young men from Serbia, something about those war torn country men. Well I better shut up, if only I could tell my friends back home not to worry about me, I have had the hordes at my doorstep and survived.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    So I got married almost 4 years ago.. Dated my now husband since I was 19.... After we got married, things would get really hectic.. I'm the youngest daughter and in our culture, the youngest stays at home and the husband moves in with her... And she inherits everything... I went the complete opposite. At first, he told me I should consider moving in with him cause his parents don't have any daughters... And that he wouldn't want to leave his parents alone... A while after we got married he asked me if I was glad I moved in with his parents and him cause we now have the pleasure of having all the servants and drivers(his dad is a big guy in the govt)... Now mind you, I come from a business family but my mind is not ingrained like that. I'm not money minded and my father always taught us to work and earn... So we earn our keep... Always... And to never expect freebies...
    Fast forward to now, I've tried applying for jobs and everything but everytime I bring it up, it's always too embarrassing for the husband cause it's not a big position.. In his eyes...and throughout all this, he himself doesn't do anything. He's glued to either the phone or PC all day long... And we live off his parents. I get so fucking embarrassed but everytime I bring it up, I'm an ungrateful butch.
    Today he spoke about killing himself and I just got so fucking sick of it, I told him he was being selfish... He is! I hate admitting it but he's self entitled... And expects everything his parents worked hard for is his.
    Why did God give me this damn rib...? Why did I have this...?

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 45

    I don't know if this even belongs here. I have been married for twenty three years and when my husband and I have intercourse he falls into his post coitus slumber. I am wide awake and that is when I do my meal planning and my grocery list. I have a near perfect vision of my pantry, I come up with the meal plan for the week, go through my pantry and decide what needs to be bought, I do the same through the fridge and I have my meal plan and my grocery list all in my head. I never need to write things down, my memory and my meal plan is set and when I go to the grocery store I go isle by isle and I am done with my meal planning chore.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    They say that " confession " is good for the soul , if your " soul " is seeking a confession . And mine is not , not now . I just feel the need to share some of my life , mostly my sex-life .

    When I really think about it , I grew-up during a time when women were at their sexual-peek and the men in their life were having thoughts about other " important " things , like : money , jobs , money , careers , money , sports...did I mention MONEY ? And I feel that I grew-up on the best damn block on the planet , full of horney women and just one available, young and horney guy...ME .

    There I was , a teenager and just started the feeling the need to learn about everything involving sex . There was teen-aged girls , single women ( and I mean divorced adults , widows , etc. ) , married women ( mostly stay-at-home moms ) and they wanted to be loved and to make love . But , sometimes WE all just need to get laid...sometimes .

    I could see that damn near every woman on the block was feeling the need for some special attention , practically every damn day . Wives following their husbands outside to see them off to work , while still in their pj's ( some with a robe and some not ) , kissing them with alot of passion ( like they were hoping that they would come back inside for a quickie ) . Seeing some teen-aged girls ( some that attended the same high school with me ) , would give their boy-friends some kissing that would normally drive any man horney , and the guys would just try to not embarrass themselves in public ( I could practically read their lips from the distance : " come-on babe , not now " ). And the guys would just respond with : " love you , gotta go now...see you later " .

    There was all types of women there , a few BBW's , full-figured , skinny and small breasted , newly-weds , married and with children , a stripper , a couple of widows , divorced , high school , college girls . The opportunities were endless . Once , when I got started , there were TOO many opportunities ...I'm just one guy , not a machine ( like I thought I was ) . Some just wanted to get fucked , a quickie . And some wanted to try to turn it into a long-term and deep relationship . For 3 years , there was hardly a day ( and/or nite ) go by , that I didn't score with any one of them .

    My first was with Theresa , one of the most beautiful full-figured gal on the planet ( I would've married her , had she stayed around longer ). Her mother , recently divorced , moved in next door to me . I was also the " go-to-guy " for almost everything : landscaping , auto-repair , small appliances repair , some construction ...I just like working with my hands and offering my services to others in the neighborhood . When she got over the fact that her life has changed , with no father ( he got caught cheating ) , she finally started talking to me . Most of the neighbors were buying and installing Doughboy swimming pools , and I offered my free labor to help . Theresa's mom decided to get a job and treated herself to join the rest of the crowd and bought one too . She caught me outside and asked me if I could help with installing their pool too , I said yes . With the pool up and running , Theresa invited me over for a swim . That led to my first sexual encounter . It was just her and I in the pool , after her mother left for work . We just enjoyed the warm water , some little splashing at each other , leading into some friendly tag and chasing each other all around the pool . When I got tagged and she tried escaping the pool to avoid getting tagged again , I reached for her hips and pulled her back in . She giggled and spun around and just looked at me for a few seconds...then she kissed me , I didn't see that coming . I just stood there , dumb-founded , with all kinds of horney thoughts going thru my mind . I started to see her completely different now . I wanted her in the most desirable way . She was well endowed in the big-boobs dept. ( 40dd ) , when most high-school girls were lucky to be sporting anything close to 36c . We started kissing and got into french-kissing , then my cock got a mind of it's own...and she knew it . I suddenly had a strong desire to see her big juggs out of that swimsuit . Theresa was more clear-headed than me at that time , and she wanted to take this " action " inside , before we attracted an audience . When she led me to her bedroom and she turned to shut the door , my cock was so rock-hard and was about to explode just from thinking about what was going to happen next .

    With her back to me at the door , she said " can I trust you to keep a secret ? " , " about what ? " I said . She slowly turned around and reached for her bra-straps of her swimsuit and said " I'm not new to this about you ? it your first time ? " . It was for me , but I just couldn't think or even speak , when she lowered her top and those HUGE and firm-looking juggs were exposed . She was wearing a 1-piece swimsuit , as she kept undressing herself out of it . I was always wearing a pair of blue-jean cut-offs for the summer . She must have seen it in my eyes , that this was my first rodeo and she was going to have to " teach " me a few things . I don't even remember when she unzipped my pants and reached inside to cop a feel of my near throbbing cock . I do remember our kissing tho , she was fantastic at it . She drew me in closer to her , when I felt her naked boobs pressing against my chest , I almost lost control of myself . She held me tight as we flopped onto her bed , me on top of her . She took charge of my first lesson in exploring sex . " slow down tiger , we got plenty of time...let's make it good ". She really knew alot about sex , more than me at that time . And she taught me plenty that day . We did almost everything : Blow-job , jugg-fucking , 69 , masturbating , anal ( which I found really liking it the most , next to fucking big boobs ) . But the most important thing she taught me , during our 18 months of endless sex , was that there is a difference of just fucking for fun and making love... a big difference . Yeah , I really miss her .

    Theresa was my first , but , after that there was more to this story ...alot more . It opened up a whole new world to me , the world of FUCKING . And it was all there for my taking , right there in the neighborhood .

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    an adult guide to sex process workers porn! I am afraid to eat fruit and foods out now after seeing so much food porn. If you seen some places men stick their wicks you would understand.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 21

    I found this page randomly and i dont know y even i am saying this but i am so worried right now.I was seeking for some funny confessions on google and i came across one which is not at all funny infact it it did upset me.It was about a guy confessing about his habit of smoking which caused him a cancer(didnt want to take this name).It reminded me of my ex boyfriend who smokes alot i have tried telling him before to quit smoking wen we were in a relationship but he never listened.Today i pray to god that he quits smoking and drinking.I wish i cud tell him this but as we donât talk anymore i cud nt tell him and dats reason i came here to confess this thing.I wish something happens and he quits smoking.I miss you and i dnt knw abt the present but i loved you so much in past so i wud never want anything bad for you.i dnt know if u remember me as you didnt even wished me on my birthday which after then I promised myself to move on nd nt to keep any talks wid u but i still wish good for youâ¤ï¸Bye tc

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    Where I am now. I turned 30 and I am currently pregnant with my second child. I am not married, I have never been married. The father of my second child is also the father of my first child, which I had when I was seventeen. I managed to get a GED and I have a job working as a customer representative in a call center. My baby daddy works part time for a beer distributor and when he got his GED he became a volunteer fireman. He has kids with other women, one when he was still a teen and she had his kid at the same time I did and the others are women that he met since he left school. In other words there is no child support coming my way.

    I get the treatment, that is what we call it. I am very close to two of the other women and we talk and we all know about the treatment. My boss who is Anglo and went to college calls me stupid, stupid because I know that he is never going to pay child support, stupid because I could do better. I live with my grandmother and my sister, we have all the family in the house that we need. What my Anglo boss does not understand is the heat I have. He has the key to my house. I want this child, I have wanted this child for a long time. He doesn't understand that the heat never goes away. When I am caliente I do not want a sweater I want my man. But he is not a woman so he will never understand.

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