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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    My girlfriend is an attorney. She is a little more than half my age. Her late husband died of cancer a few years ago. She took the insurance money and went to law school and only recently graduated and passed the bar. She now works for a law firm and makes good money. I work in a factory and honestly am not sure what she sees in me. Im 62, overweight, small dick, bald and hairy and I make less than half what she does. But that isn't really the strange part.

    Abby has an eleven year old daughter and while she is quite pretty, her daughter is stunningly so. Here's he strange part. Just after Abby started working at the law firm she invited me to move in with her. So I did. We have since moved into a nicer home. We were sitting around the dinner table and the talk turned to kissing and her daughter Madison said that she bet I'm a good kisser and Abby said I was and then Madison asked if she could try me out. I looked at Abby speechlessly and Abby said she was O.K. with it if I didn't mind. I just shrugged my shoulders and Madison got up and walked around to me and I pulled my chair up and she climbed into my lap straddling me and put her arms around me and kissed me on the mouth. Then she opened her mouth and slipped me her tongue. I got a hard-on immediately and she shifted around and then reached down and grabbed my erection and held it while she positioned her pussy against it then let go and dry humped me while we licked around in each other's mouths.

    Abby looked at me and winked then she got up and said "you two love birds have fun I've got a brief to work on."

    Neither she nor Madison every gave me the slightest hint that they were open to the idea of me messing around with her daughter.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 22

    I took a job in a coffee shop while looking for a serious post-graduation from college job. I don't remember how it began but one of our customers, to whom I deliver, is a large real estate office full of older babes in their 30's and 40's, six altogether. Most are hot and in good shape. I have fucked all of them, many times, right in their offices. They seem insatiable and some are married. I cannot deliver coffee without getting laid at the same time. At first I thought I had died and gone to heaven but after a year of satisfying their sexual hunger I find it a bit demanding.

    What has changed is that they have really come out and started to fulfill their fantasies with me. Two of them love blowing and rimming me at the same time and watching me flip out, as I do. I love it with more than one where they seem to compete for my cock. i also love switching from one to the next and back again.

    I've shot off a gallon of sperm in that office but my own fantasy is to have all six of these older babes naked with me in one hotel room. I'm going to ask them to do it at a New Year's party we can have.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    I found out, the couple that own the butcher shop are both 55 and will retire soon as their business is slowly being eaten up by the large chain store that opened on this side of town not long ago. Mary and Pete are a nice couple that i have known from early childhood when dad or mom took me into their store to buy stuff.

    I was in picking up stuff on my 18th birthday almost a year ago and Pete was in the back getting cuts off a side, hammering away. I told Mary it was my 18th birthday and she shocked me by grabbing me and giving me a big, wet kiss. Her tongue rolled inside my mouth and I got a giant hard-on. While she kissed me that way I recalled she was around 15 year older than my own mom. Still, I remained hard.

    Hugging me, Mary felt my cock through my pants and all kinds of thoughts whirled through my head. I had always admired Mary's round ass, shapely and firm looking. I put my hands on it while she hugged me after the kiss. I could hear Pete in the back hammering on the steer. Mary pulled me over to a part behind the counter unseen from outside the store. She pulled her panties off and lifted her skirt, turning away from me and said, "You've been looking at it for years now just get your cock inside me in the back side and enjoy your coming of age.

    Taking out my cock, Mary rubbed tallow on it and pulled it inside her asshole. It felt unreal and I fought not to come as this was my first ever fuck with anyone. In minutes, however, I could not help it and shot off deep up into her asshole, which was beyond anything I could imagine. Since that one time, Mary has phoned me whenever Pete will be tied up or not in the shop. We fuck standing up, clothes on, and I drive my hard cock into her asshole while she frigs herself. We are trying to come simultaneously. I count the times and we have now done it 17 times. I can't get enough of it.

    We talked about going elsewhere and came to the choice of her sister's home, not far from either of us, where we can start really fucking and sucking each other. She's 36 years older than me but when I am inside her, time vanishes.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 33

    I have always prefered and enjoyed the freakiest kinkiest sluttiest women. My first sexual experience with a woman was after watching this chick literally give BJs to over a dozen guys who covered her entire face and upper body in jizz, which was right after she had 6 other guys run a train on her, no condoms. This was back when i was 16, she was 17. I told her how i loved her sexual freedom, and would love to be the last guy of the evening, to which she was more than happy to do, as she grabbed my head, and spit some jizz in my mouth, and told me to swallow it, and she would sit on my face, and if i licked out and swallowed all the jizz, and licked her clean, sharing some with her, she would both blow me and let me get her used gaped jizz filled pussy. I obeyed her every command, turned on by her dominance. She was friends with my best friend at the time as well. She told him how i enjoyed her after the party, and how she wanted to see what she could make me do. One evening, we all went out to see a movie. She was stroking is both, and would give us teaser BJs, but after everytime she went down on him, would tongue kiss me. After the movie walking around the complex, she asked me if i enjoyed how her mouth tasted of my friends cock, to which i replied that it was kinky as hell, and how i enjoyed watching her suck his cock. We talked and hung out a little longer, then walking back to my car, she told us to go with her to this one place nearby. There she pished my friend against the wall, and starting sucking him. After a couple minutes, she told me to come to her and give her a good kiss. I did, and she asked if i liked how his cock tasted. I told her i loved how her mouth tasted, and the fact his cock was in her mouth moments before. She then told me to kneel next to her, and lean towards my friends cock, she wanted to kiss me literally as soon as her mouth came off his cock. She did it twice, asking me if i enjoyed the flavor of his cock. I told her i loved how her mouth tasted of his cock, and watching her that close, literally i was breathing onto his cock. She told me she wanted to kiss as she sucked his cock, i said ok. So we kiss as she leans us towards his cock, opening the side of her mouth letting his head in, as her tongue and mone were rubbing around each other, which inevitably my tongue was licking his cock. She kissed me deep, and asked if i enjoyed the taste of his cock on my tongue. I told her it tasted good, like her mouth. She then told me to try suckong on his cock, and pushed my head towards it. I opened my mouth as she chuckled, and moved my head back and forth and asked me if i was enjoying sucking cock. I mumbled with my friends thick cock in my mouth that it was a turn on her making me do this, while humiliating, that i am sucking my friends cock. She told me if i wanted her to suck me off i had to suck him off. I sucked him off, made him cum twice, swallowing the forst load, and the second she wanted it on my face, which she said i looked like a good cock sucking slut now, as she blew me, and snowballed me. She told me she wanted to see what she could make me do, where i would draw a line, but i told her, i would try and do anything.

    She knew i wanted to do anal with her, so she told me first i take a cock up my ass. She told me my best friend would gladly fuck my ass, if i suck him off daily. So i said ok, lets do it. For a year, i got sloppy seconds with the slut, and my best friend i would suck off and get fucked by daily, and she would tell me to hold his cum in to prove it when she was not around, which i did.

    2 years later, in the military, done woth initial training, report to my first unit. My 2 roommates learned of these things from her, as one was her cousin. He and the other roommate both would be fine using me to get off. One day she came to visit, and while there she told them to ambush me put of the shower, and use me like i was their personal slut. They did and i enjoyed it even more than with my best friend. For 2.5 years i had at least my roommates using me a few times each every day. Some days the awesome slut and my roommates would have another guy or several more guys joining in.

    I may not be attracted to men, but damn, having two or more men fucking my ass constantly felt so amazingly good, and the humiliation of actually having an orgasm, and ejaculatong totally flacid and hands free as my awesome slut friend mocked and ridiculed me over, and told me how she was proud she made me a little cock craving gay slut was so sexually degrading, but i enjoy sexual degradation immensely. To this day, i get fucked by men. Usually the same 2 or 3 for a year or more. In fact while my lady is spendong the night getting fucked by two guys, the 4 guys at my place who ran a train and gangbang on me for 4 hours already are taking a brief break.

    I need a slutty woman in my life, one who constantly has other mens jizz inside her, and makes me clean it up woth my tongue. But i also need several big dicks to remind me how great it feels to be a dirty cock craving cum guzzling slut.

    I am str8, but i prefer getting fucked up the ass raw bu hung men.

    Anyways, about to get back to being a cock craving slut, gonna be getting my ass DPd, in everu conceivable combination. The smallest cock is 8" long and as thick as a 12 oz redbull can, the largest is 10.5 and as thick as a standard soda can. Feels so fucking good being stretched to the extreme, and having dozens of loads of jizz in my ass, and all over me. Anyways, gotta get double fisted before two guys fuck my ass at the same time.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I ride the subway regularly. Almost every day. I've been groped on the subway nearly every single time I've ridden it, but I pretend not to notice because I kinda like it and I wanna see how far they'll go if I let them or if they don't think I notice. If someone had the balls to do it I'd probably even let them dick me too, but nobody's gone that far. The furthest anyone has taken it is one time the guy had one hand up my shirt playing with my nipple and the other down the front of my pants rubbing me through my panties. I think one guy jerked off on my thigh, but he didn't touch me with his dick so idk.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    So when I was younger I had a girlfriend who was a year older than me, which at the time was like a big deal I thought it was awesome. She wanted to bring me over to her house but her parents wouldn't let her bring any boys over let alone a boyfriend.

    So, her idea, her way of getting around this, was to dress me up as a girl. We spent a little over a months of her basically coaching me how to look like a girl, do makeup, make my voice sound like a girl (it was easier then than it is now) then she brought me some of her old clothes after school one day and I changed into them before we went over.

    Went to her house dressed as a girl, she told her parents I was a girl from a grade below that she was mentoring and brought me up to her room.

    I got my first blowjob dressed as a girl, and then the next day I had sex for the first time dressed as a girl.

    And it was great, I loved it, even though it started to get a little weird later on. She told me a while later that she thought it was odd at first but she actually liked dressing me up as a girl, and we never ended up having sex where I wasn't.

    We broke up when she graduated, and I met her again later on and she was with another younger guy who she had also convinced to crossdress, this time because she wanted him to though and not out of necessity. He was wearing a collar when I met him.

    Meanwhile I'm pretty sure that whole relationship is why I have a thing for crossdressing myself now.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 44

    I agree whole heartedly that it is about power. A man has the power to fuck you, he fucks you and you learn your place. At least that is what happened with me.

    I was a recent graduate with a Phd in Economics and I was hired at a large corporation in the Statistics department. I was 25, an academic and a virgin, I had literally never been kissed. The man who fucked me was an old geezer, 51 and a total asshole with the staff. His motto was put up and shut up, get your work done, you have no opinion. It hurt me coming from a college environment, being shut up like that.

    I went to complain to him, I went as the office was closing. His secretary had left and he got up and closed the door and asked me to get what was bothering me off my chest. I was sitting in an office chair in front of his desk. As I was talking he sat on the desk in front of me and told me to show him my 'tits', to get them out there where he could see them, he wanted to see if I was worth fucking. I tried to get up and he pushed me back down into the chair and told me I wasn't leaving until I got what I had come there for.

    He grabbed my breast and told me to get them out where he could see them, he liked girls with good tits and if I didn't have good tits he wasn't going to fuck me. He had my breast in his hand and it took all I could do to get him to release me and then I opened my blouse and he had me take off my bra. He made me stand up and hold my shoulders back and he grabbed my breasts with his hands and felt me up and told me to go bend over his work table.

    As I said earlier, that night I was a complete virgin, I had never had my breasts touched, much less fondled like that, I was scared of what it was going to feel like to get fucked, but I did what I was told. Once I was bent over her reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties and spread my butt cheeks. When he thrust his penis in me I didn't know if it was a penis or his finger, he was still holding my butt cheeks open. What I do know is that I went into a meltdown and I lost my balance and he had to pull me back up and put me over the table again and this time I knew it was his penis.

    After he finished, his semen ran down my leg and he let me get dressed.

    He and I never had problems after that and we worked together until he retired. At the age of 41, after he retired, I let him get me pregnant. It was deliberate, and getting fucked to be made pregnant gave me the same feeling I got from that first day in his office. A man has to fuck and you have to take your fucking. There is no other way.

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