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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    So I'm one who enjoys some good sex. At the same time, I also love it when I make guys cum quickly. In college, I made a guy pop one off just from him letting him grab my breasts while we made out. Granted, he'd never done anything like the such, but it turned me on to high heaven. It's such a rush feeling knowing I was partially the reason it happened. I know I shouldn't revel in this feeling since I know guys want to last long.

    I really haven't known any other guys to cum as quickly, but I am one to try and tease them into cumming quicker than usual. If not, then at least I get some decent sex out of it. A win/win?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    My wife bet me $100 that I would not eat her best friend's pussy after her boyfriend had fucked her.

    My wife owes me $100 now. :-)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    This is how all this came about.
    My husband got us into debt (Gambling) with our landlord. A fat useless twat who wanted me to pay off our rent arrears in kind, by letting him fuck me every week until the money was paid off. Not a fucking chance, is what I told my husband when he proposed it.
    A week later the landlord called round with my husband welcoming him in. I had some money to give him, but no where near the two thousand pounds we owed him. He sat down, smiled at me and asked me if I'd spoken to my husband about how we could pay him back. Telling him to fuck off to his face, he grinned at me and said "Never mind, I was just throwing it out there". In a flash he came back with "I owe Steads money, you know Steads I take it (He knew I did). You pay him back in kind. I'm free of my reponsibilities to him, and you are to me. Plus you get a year free rent". He was gone half a minute later, but it left me with a total conundrum.
    My husband couldn't have more eager for me to say yes, even knowing who Steads is. Three hours later my husband text our landlord and asked him to contact Steads.
    I'd agreed, but only after I'd secretly got hold of Steads number and contacted him myself. Steads, that's part of his real name by the way, is a six foot four inch heavily muscled black man who likes to make money and fuck white women. He and I had had a run in years before when he wanted me to go to bed with him. Apparently I was the first female who'd ever refused him once they'd seen his manhood. Steads cock being over ten inches and like a rolling pin in thickness.
    Back then and I'm not being big headed here, most of the guys in our town wanted to get into my knickers, lots still do. My husband was one of the guys who actually played it totally cool, which intrigued me and we ended up as an item. Which I now know really irked Steads.
    Getting my husband to arrange a day and time, so as if to ligitimise his involvement and making myself out as if I was doing it ONLY to help him, I had my husband go out and invited the huge black man in. Straight away Steads was telling me he'd always wanted to get me into bed and said I'd not regret making the deal with my landlord. He even said he'd sort out something with the landlord, IF, I showed him just how much I wanted him to fuck me. I very nearly told him there and then to fuckoff, but being in his presence, rather than being on the end of a phone or by text is entirely different. Instead I got him to sit down and stripped for him. By the time I was in my bra and knickers rubbing his huge cock through his ever present shorts, Steads would have done anything for me.
    My memeory wasn't wrong, nor was the picture I'd got Steads to send me of his cock by text. His cock truly is something to behold. It's so much it's long length, but the really dark colour and how thick it is. And over the next few hours, I worshiped his cock and had the thirty eight year old teach me what it was to take such a huge cock in my mouth, in my pussy and amazingly deep up my arsehole.
    Sucking on his dick in our lounge, I took my time and tasted every single inch of his cock. Learning what he liked and how to get him to the point or orgasm, without letting him cum. I had him that way for along time as he occasionally had me gagging on his meat. Condom's!!! We didn't have any to fit him, so I sank onto his cock letting him suck on my large nipples, as I took almost every inch inside my pussy. I wanted to set the depth and pace as he was rampant by then, but I dictated what was happening, something I knew he wasn't used to. leting him thrust upwards as I sank down I was soon fucking Steads and wondering why I'd never allowed him to have me in the past. One orgasm was quickly followed by another, and then another as his cock drove me to distraction.
    Having a huge climax with Steads pulling me down hard onto his cock, I rose up and told him "Try my arsehole, it's tighter than my pussy you bastard". It's a phrase I now use quite often with him.
    Placing myself over the kitchen table after getting us both a drink, he put his cock head to my rear and slowly slid his cock into me. My husband has fucked me many many times up my bum, but nothing prepared me for how much it would have to stretch to accomodate his huge cock. Even so my arsehole did and I found not only could I take every inch of his dick, only one of a very few that had, I was made to accept such a huge cock as his. The deeper it went, the more sexually energized I became. And ultimately I was telling the muscle bound black man to fuck me as hard as he could.
    He went for it then. Pounding me for all he was worth and I kept on telling him to give me more. I orgasmed in a series of massive orgasms, unable to stop one ripping through me one after another. Yet I wanted him to know, I wanted to prove I could be anything and everything he ever wanted in a woman. All thoughts of my husband and why I was allowing this huge guy to fuck me had gone. All that remained to me was to pleasure him and to give him all of me.
    On and on and on we fucked and eventually he came, flooding my arsehole with what felt like an ocean of cum entering my bowels. Even so once he'd cum and withdrew I wasn't finished. Taking hold hold of his softening penis, I sucked it in and blew him until his cock rose. Getting him to follow me, we climbed the stairs and I entered the shower. Steads got in behind me and slowly penetrated my pussy. In a much more loving way,he held my breasts and eased his cock into me, taking his time to make me feel special, to take his time to give me such amazing orgasms and to have me telling him, I wanted him for who he could be to me from then on.
    The house my husband and I still live in, is now ours. We don't owe any rent or mortgage. My husband, I thought after I told him so, that it was because of a lucky scratch card win. It isn't, it's because Steads bought the house for us and gave me the deeds with our names on it.
    My husband and I are still married and we have a relationship of sorts (Sometimes sexual). Yet most of my days are spent with Steads now, pretty much as his sexual wife. He practically lives with us and my husband makes way for him to enjoy me. I know understand, only recently mind, that my husband has known all along about everything. His cool demeanor is stil there and he still loves me, but he knows I belong to Steads who satisfies me in ways he never ever could.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 38

    Sheâs fat and ugly, but my god I canât resist when she tells me that she wants to swallow my spunk.

    Iâm a happily married man who works as a teacher and sheâs a âlesbianâ teaching assistant, which works brilliantly for cover as nobody expects that sheâs sucking my cock and balls when we work late into the evening.

    Her blow job technique is exceptional and she swallows every drop which just turns me on no-end.

    She often whispers how much she wants my thick cock in her mouth when she brushes past me in class or the corridor, and she will take any opportunity she can to stroke my bulge under a table or in the store cupboard.

    Sheâs a pure nymphomaniac, and she often tells me how she wants to be used: she wants to be gang-banged until every orifice is sore and her body is coated in cum.

    I know I shouldnât be engaging in activity with her, but, my god, the thought of her thick lips enveloping my cock is just too much to bear!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 35

    Last night my husband and I were doing a little yardwork after dinner. I've got on the least sexy outfit I could ever think up: rubber boots, ratty cutoff shorts, huge old tshirt, big floppy sun hat. Complete with some gardening gloves.

    We are out there and I'm checking him out, nothing sexual, but I'm impressed by the fact that as he's getting older he's getting in better and better shape - so much different than the pudgy boy I met back in high school. I'm not really turned on at this point, all we've been doing is weeding and hedge clipping. But I see him.

    We get inside and as our usual yardwork ritual we strip in our kitchen and throw the clothes in the washer, then shower up. So yes, we're naked. I'm in good shape, petite but I've got some curvy hips and great boobs, not bad at all for 35. I'm just about to head to the shower when he grabs my arm and turns me to him, lifts my chin and gives me a super deep kiss, super sweaty too. Then he reaches right down and squeezes my boobs (very sweaty) and licks one of them from underside all the way up. You taste so good he says, turns me around, slaps my backside, and sendss in my way to the shower.

    Needless to say I was feeling pretty good so I masturbated in the shower. Not sure what he was up to, didn't care. I for myself off hard and enjoyed myself thoroughly.


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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 34

    I was at a bar and spent all my money. I needed about $20 to get a cab ride home and asked around to see what I could get. Most people told me to not bother them. I finally came to my last table which was a group of 4 women who looked to be in their 50's and willing to help me out. One pulled out a $20 and told me I had to work for it. She wanted me to get naked, get hard and then cum in front of her and her friends. I told her the bar wouldn't allow it. She then asks the bartender and she says we could use the back party room for that. I didn't know if the woman was serious but when she waved the $20 and told me to get to the party room right away or the deal was off, I went with her, her friends and the bartender came along too. She wanted me to do a strip dance and once naked to start the real show. Getting down to my underwear wasn't too bad but taking them off was a little difficult. I had never gotten naked like this before and have never done the act they wanting afterwards. My underwear came off and now it was time to do one last thing before I got the money. I was embarrassed and very nervous to do it but needed the money to get home. Being nervous and watched was making it hard for me to get hard. I must have been stroking it for awhile. Every time I started to get a little hard my nervousness made it go away so I had to try again. Finally it happened. I got a good hard on and blew my load in front of them. I had just cum in front of a bunch of strangers for $20. Once it happened I seemed to not be as nervous as before and my hard on wouldn't go away. I was getting very aroused thinking about what I had just done in front of them. They gave me my $20 and I began to get dressed. On the cab ride home I kept thinking about it. I got dropped off and paid the cabbie. I walked into my place and started to get ready for bed. I was still aroused and decided to go for a quick walk. It was about 3:00am so I just went out in my pajama bottoms and slippers. I got to a park and decided to go into it. Once in there I suddenly got the idea and urge to masturbate. I took off my pajama bottoms and did it again. Two cums in one night. I then decided to head home but instead of putting my pajama bottoms back on I just carried them. I walked home naked with no care in the world whether anyone would see me. I quickly feel asleep when I got home.

    The next day it really sank in. I had gotten naked in a bar and masturbated while being watched and then I walked home naked from the park. The more I thought about it the less worried about it I became but the more aroused I got. I have done a few more late night naked walks with a cum included and just getting more turned on each time by the idea of getting caught.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    I was a straight man.

    I honestly was, through and through. Then I experimented with gay porn a little too much. I didn't even like it at first (it was gross), but it was naughty and that was hot. And then I started to feel the changes, little by little. I felt myself becoming less disgusted and more aroused by all the beautiful naked men -- by their meaty dicks and bulging muscles and eventually even their gooey cum and dangling balls. I feared this change tremendously but didn't really give it credence (straight people couldn't turn gay!) until my dick started making my homosexual arousal undeniable. And even then I kept on with it. I thought I wanted to go back, to be done with homosexuality, but I found myself choosing gay porn instead of straight porn over and over, even once I was fully aware of what it was doing to me.

    What frightened me too was when I realized that I was becoming disinterested in tits and pussy. Emotionally, romantically, I am still attracted to women rather than men, but now my dick is very obviously more interested in dudes. I can look at a gorgeous naked woman and hang flaccid as a cooked noodle, and then get rock hard in 10 seconds just from thinking of a bare-chested bodybuilder or of putting my lips around a shapely cock -- without even touching my own.

    If we're talking about ROMANTIC orientation, I'm straight. But if we're talking about SEXUAL orientation, I have to admit that I've become way more gay than straight. GAY! I can't believe I'm saying it. But the proof is in the pudding: when it comes to hard-ons and orgasms, I'm 90% goddamn fucking gay.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 29

    I had a sexual encounter with a women I used to play tennis with. She was in her thirties but not lookng her age at all. Used to wear the tipical short tennis skirt but hers were extra short with a low cut top just over her breasts. I was sure she was wearing normal panties, as the ones normaly used are bulgier looking. The turth was the out fit didn't leave much to the imagination. Nice tits with nipples sticking out threw the fabric, nice legs that would give me a view of her sweaty panties o maybe the wetness of her vaginal pussy. It was hard not to look and hard not to get a hard on. We were sitting having a drink just outside the cafeteria on a low wall two feet high that bordered a garden and hard for her to keep her legs together. During our conversation she invited me for another drink at her house. Sex was written all over her face and quickly acepted her invitation. Telling me I could take a shower at her place told me it was going to be a long night. I remember taking a shower when she walked in picking up my tennis shorts, t-shirt and underwear. Told me she was going to drop them in the washing machine along with hers, walking away with them and leaving me with nothing but a small towel. Minutes later she stepped into the shower stark naked, telling me if I didn't mine her seeing me naked, tongue kissing me with her hand rapted around my erection and sliding her sexy nude body against mine. I remember her taking my hand and sliding it up the slit of her puszy and rubbing her tits on my chest. The whole act was so suddent I was actually embarrassed.Spent something like five minutes groping each other and ended up on the kitchen floor with her sitting on my face feeding me her pussy. I remember her holding her puszy lips open and my toguen and face burried into it as she swung her hips up and down having an orgasm. It was far from over. It was my turn to get fuked and she did it in the most dirty way a girl has ever done me. I had never been bent over and fucked in the ass with a stap on. Butter did the trick as she slowly pushed that black silicone dick all the way inside my butt hole and began jerking my dick and pinching my nipples with her other hand. It felt dirty, but the submisiveness of the act made me cum like I never had. It seemed like my dick couldn't stop gushing out sperm as she continued drilling my butt and slapping my cheeks, not realizing the rubbing of the strap on against her cilt was giving her another screaming orgasm. That day I never made it home. We had sex all night in every position she could think of. She knew them all and plenty of sexual energy to do them. As for me I couldn't sit down for three days but would gladly let her fuck me again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    Living with my parents still is a necessity rather a choice, or it was. Money is tight, but I guess I should and could have moved out before now. The main reason I've not is because of my parents next door neighbours John and Liz.
    They're both in their mid fifties and as I've found out these past nine months, Johns into watching his wife being fucked by younger guys. And Liz is most definitely into my cock fucking her mouth pussy and especially her arsehole.

    A party they held for Johns fifty fifth birthday, and it was during the latter parts of the party Liz invited up to see a painting I'd studied in college. With my parents having just gone back to ours, Liz removed her clothing and told me I could do anything with and to her, saying she particularly loves anal. Liz might be in her fifties but she's got a much sexier and fitter body than most girls my age, trust me. She's also got a wealth of sexual knowledge and has used it all to teach me over the nine months, how to pleasure a woman completely. That night as I was fucking a womans arsehole for the first ime in my life, her husband walked in on us. I thought all hell was going to break loose, but instead John closed the door took of his clothing and began to wank right there in front of us both.

    Telling me to carry on as I'd stopped fucking his wife, I slowly began to fuck Liz again and watched as John furiously tossed himself off as he watched us intensely. I blew my wad up his wife's arsehole a few minutes later and was amazed when I slid my cock out, he lay on the bed and had Liz slam her pussy and arse down over his face. It was my turn to stare as he tongued out her holes, Taking extra time and effort to lick out her arsehole and swallow my cum. Watching her orgasm over and over again, they both looked over at me and said "Anytime you want to call round".
    And so I have been doing. Johns not always at home when I fuck Liz. Indeed more and more often he's at work and I'm sticking my cock in all of her very willing holes. What's funny, is he'll comment either that evening or the day after and thank me for the cream.

    There has been a twist of late though, and one I'm not really sure about. Well the second part anyway. Fucking Liz on a beautiful warm sunny Sunday afternoon, with my parents away on Anglesey, he walked into their back garden where I was sliding my cock up her arsehole as she mounted me on a sun lounger. I'd literally just cum and thought he wanted to suck out my cum from her rear, when Liz got me close my eyes. The next thing I felt was a warm wet mouth licking and sucking off the cum from my cock. Opening my eyes when Liz asked me too, I saw John sucking on my dick. I went to move him but his mouth felt amazing on my cock, I did as Liz then suggested, I let him suck me until every drop of cum was cleaned off and my cock was erect again. Liz remounted my dick and for the first time in a long time, she kept on fucking me vaginally. Liz orgasms fairly easily, but I'd never seen her climax so easily and so many times after she'd watched her husband suck on my dick then ride me herself.

    Over the next few occasions and each time, she's had John lick and suck my cock. And not just after I'd cum inside her either. He's I have to say, a fantastic cock sucker, probably better than his wife. And his mouth certainly gets my dick extra hard. But now, and it's only a recent suggestion from Liz, she's asked me if I'd do something for her. She's asked me if I'd fuck John in front of her and then fuck her. The suggestion I will admit turns me on. But it's actually fucking another man that has me doubting if I will. I haven't done it so far, but only a couple of days ago as I was fucking Liz from behind, she had him tongue my arsehole and balls. It felt utterly wonderful, and I very nearly said yes when she wanted me then to fuck him. I didn't but I was sorely tested not to. Now in a kind of catch 22, I have to decide if I'm going to fuck another man, and make sure I can keep on fucking his gorgeous wife.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 42

    Donât really know where to post this but this seems like the best category.

    I spent the first two years of adulthood out of high school in prison. Went to prison when I was 18. Dumb me I know, still regret it. Being a small white skinny 18 year old and in prison didnât mix. Spent my first night there getting my ass plowed by my cell mate. He was a middle age Mexican guy with a huge thick dick. I hating life at that point. I just learned to take it because I was too small to fight back. First few weeks he fucked me every night then he slowed down and did it every few nights. That went on for almost a year till I got a dig cell mate. His dick had to have been like 9 inches and very thick. All I know was it wasnât pleasant

    Next cell mate was a older white guy. Big and beefy. Nothing happened the first few nights, I thought my ass was finally going to get a break. After a few nights he asked if my ass felt like it tightened back up after the last dick I had? I was kinda shocked when he asked. He pulled his pants off, briefs too and showed off his thick dick. Had to be 7 inches long. Very hairy too. Told me you know the drill. So I ended up getting fucked by him, once he came he washed his dick off and got back in his bunk.

    That guy fucked me till I was released. The last night was very rough, he fucked me very hard and a few times that night.

    Been living my life good since then, working and keeping to myself. Single too, I was a virgin when I went to prison and still am a virgin. Well other than what happened in prison. That kinda ruined my sex life, I still masturbate but kinda emotionality damaged from prison sex. Only person that knows that happened is my mom.

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