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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 33

    About a year ago I quit a boring office job that was driving me crazy. The store where I buy over the counter drugs and female stuff is owned by an old timer I've known most of my life. When I told him I had left my job he immediately suggested an opening coming up in his store for a clerk and home delivery person. I waited a few weeks and began the job.

    One of the costumers is a windowed lady who has a teenage son. The boy, now 17, has a man's body and in long chats with his mum she confessed that she is turned on by her own son. He does not help walking around semi-nude, sometimes wearing only an athletic jock strap that he calls "his friend." He flirts a lot an sometimes says, "my friend comes off easily, wanna see."

    I asked his mother to speak to him and she said she would but that got him off somehow. He started offering me cold drinks and made outstanding iced tea with lemon that I really liked. This lead to talking and he began to try to talk me into sex. I told his mum, again, and she said, "Oh, Dee, there's just no stopping him, just let him have what he wants. Bring some condoms from the store when you come in and let him have it if he wears them. No one will know but us."

    At first, shocked then I could see that she made a lot of sense. Besides, he turned me on as well. I let him do me. It got to the point where I would drop by just for sex with the kid. Recently, he banged me a couple of times, recovering for 10 minutes or so then pulling on a new condom and doing me again. It was all sweaty hot. He went to take a shower and I remained in the bed, flat on my back, my vagina smarting a bit from a lot of hammering.

    Then, the closet door opened and out came his mum who I thought was out of the house. She was sweaty and said, "Oh, God, I'm so hot and bothered. I've seen Buddy fuck you half a dozen times now and I'm getting terrible ideas." That's where all this is now, Don't ask me what happens now because it has not happened yet but I'm starting to get frightened about the whole arrangement. He's still only 17. I feel his mum is going to go for it,
    and that just does not sit well with me.

    They say the teenage brains are not fully developed yet but I can tell you that his cock
    is fully developed. I'm afraid his mum can see it as well and knowing him, he'd do her just as fast as he does me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    My best friend called by a couple of weeks ago with his beautiful wife Jayne. They've not long been married, so after their honeymoon and some time sorting out a new home, they took a break and stayed with me.
    On the second night we all had quite a lot of wine whilst watching a couple of movies and chatting. During the second movie Jayne got up to go to the toilet. After a couple of minutes my friend said "I think Jayne wants to have a word upstairs with you". Walking upstairs I looked to my right into my guest bedroom to see Jayne totally naked and playing with her pussy.
    Over the next half an hour I had her gagging on my cock, then I fucked her pussy and arsehole until she'd orgasmed twice and I'd dumped my load up her arse. Not noticing my friend at all during the sex, I eventually saw him stood in the doorway tugging on his much smaller cock. He smiled at me then said "Promised her I really large cock for a wedding present, hope you didn't mind". As soon as he'd said it he walked away and then Jayne said "I'm staying with you tonight if you don't mind".
    Pretty much the whole night, we sucked, licked and fucked in the guest bed, whilst her husband stayed in my bed. The following morning it was if nothing had happened, and we all ate breakfast together. They were even very loving with each other kissing and hugging. However just before leaving Jayne passed me a scrap of paper with her mobile number on, and a short meassage. It reads "Loved every minute of you fucking me, get in touch if you'd like to have fun again".
    The thing is I didn't get in touch because of my friendship with long term mate. However last night he got in contact and told me Jayne would be working in my town for five days, and could she stay over with me as hotel rates in my area are so high. I've already said yes, but his last passing comment was "Jayne's so looking forward to seeing you again, I think she'll be one happy girl when I get her back".
    Now I'm wondering if he wants me to fuck his wife again. Believe I want to, but would that be risking our friendship as he's not openly asked me to fuck her. I'm a little confused.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 34

    My ex-wife and I have been divorced for almost 3 years. We have 3 kids together, and see each other a lot because of parenting obligations.

    Sheâs currently engaged to her âfirst loveâ, the guy she met when they were like 12, and then dated until it was time to go off to college.

    Anyway, Iâve still been fucking my ex-wife the entire time theyâve been back together. Sex was never one of the reasons she divorced me. Weâve pretty consistently kept our sex life going, even after he asked her to marry her, and continues still today.

    So, hereâs the thing... the guy sheâs marrying is actually a really good guy. Heâs one of the most high character people probably that Iâve ever met. Iâm actually starting to feel awful that Iâm shoving my cock into his fiancée at least twice a week, and sometimes more; even if she is my ex wife. Every time I think about ending it, I just canât do it. I still really enjoy the sex. Clearly, she does, too.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 24

    My boss is abusive and humiliates me often in front of my co-workerâs, as I don`t have other job options, am tolerating him

    I managed to seduce his 18 yrs old daughter who`s my sub now, so whenever my boss abuses me I fuck her ass and whenever he humiliates I cum on her face

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    1 / 31

    Hello. And Bye.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 25

    In no way do I consider myself gay but I hitch hiked my way across the country when I was 22. Wanted to just experience some new things plus I had little money so that's how I did it

    Well I found truck drives are very horny! In returns for rides I'd give them anal sex. About half way through the ride or before I got out I'd get naked, lay down on their bed and let them fuck my ass. It wasn't painful and I did t really enjoy it but there'd always give me a little cash for food and water after they were done. A few drivers were kind enough to wash my cloths for me as we stayed at a truck stop for the night. In return I'd let them use my ass because I was naked anyways. I did make all of them wear a condom though. I was surprised to see how many straight looking truck drivers actually were into fucking a guy. I hitch hiked for a month, that was a lot of cocks but I got where I wanted to go.

    I would never tell my parents or my girlfriend what I did

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 33

    I grew up in a free use commune. it was our job to get pregnant, so if a man wanted to seed you, he could, at any time, even if you weren't ovulating. It was supposedly to keep our eggs "active", but I don't think that's a real thing.
    I remember walking to the "store" on grounds and seeing girls bent over on porches doing "gods work". Or the already pregnant or nursing girls with men on their big ugly teats.
    I was so confident that would never be me. Until it was. He dragged me from the road and made me drop my bag. I barely remember that cock in me, it's just a memory of a hot knife slicing in to me. But I remember that bag. Butter, bread and milk tossed all over his lawn. Picking it up on my hands and knees with his juzz running down my legs. Listening to him laugh and comment.
    By the time I got home I was crying I might not be pregnant. I knew I'd be an embarrassment to the family if I wasn't.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I was going to be turning 50 years old in a few months and was not feeling too great about myself. I was feeling old and was out of shape. I made it my goal to get back in shape by my 50th birthday. I worked hard and not only met my goal but surpassed it. I was very fit and muscular now and you could actually see my abs. It was the best I had ever looked in my life.

    I was at the beach and was getting many looks from women which built up my confidence. One woman approached me and introduced herself as a photographer. She said I looked great and asked me a few questions about myself. She was surprised by my age and told me she had a client looking for a male to do some photos for their online magazine. She had my attention and but when she mentioned it would require nudity I was very reluctant to do it and told her so. She gave me her business card and told me to call her if I changed my mind.

    That night I thought about her offer. Everyone always thought of me as your old shy stable dependable never take any risks conservative guy. The more I thought her offer I decided to do it. I gave her a call and we met. She had me fully undress to give me a once over. She said she wanted me to go in for a full body wax including hair removal from my genitals. I agreed and she made the appointment and paid for the waxing. A couple of days later I go back and we go through the release forms for the photoshoot. The client hosted an adult site and we looked at the photos on it. She pointed to some of the photos and asked if I was willing to pose like that. I said yes to everything she pointed and we then went to a more explicit section of the website. Here the guys were performing sexual acts. I was shocked at first but figured if I was going to pose I would go all the way to prove to everyone I wasn't as shy and conservative as everyone thinks and am a risk taker. I signed the release forms and we began the photoshoot.

    I fully undressed and she began taking photos. I was a little nervous about doing this but posed exactly as she asked. She had taken pictures of me in all sorts of poses and with some close-ups. Me masturbating was part of the agreement but that was going to be a video. Masturbating had me really nervous but I soon relaxed and did it in front of her with it being captured on camera.

    Once the pictures and video were posted to the site I realized I went way too far with everything and asked if they could be taken down. I was asked if I signed a release form and when I told them I did they told me the photos and video stay on the site.

    Some friends, family and co-workers have seen them now with them having different views on them. They all don't see me as shy and conservative any more. The guys think the photos are gay. The women seem to be more supportive about what I did. A friends wife and a female co-worker have privately told me it was a pleasant arousing surprise seeing me naked and doing what I did in front of the camera.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 51

    This all started ten years ago just after I retired. We went to live in Africa, where we'd lived before. Of course one can employ maids very cheaply. The first one I fucked was 18 when I was 60. I was always very nice to her, and I could see she liked me, and sexual tension grew between us. One day I took a chance and kissed her, and in no time at all was fucking her. She had the most beautiful ass. However she had a kind of on/off marriage and she twice went back to her husband, had a baby, then split up again and came back, then eventually left for good. During the second time she went back to him we briefly had another maid, also 18 while I was 64. I'd known her since she was about thirteen. She was a bit of a local good time girl, and agreed to fuck after a bit of hesitation at first, but she gave me (and my wife!) a fairly mild STD, which I managed to explain away luckily. I regretted losing her - she wasn't a very good maid - as she had the most beautiful little tits, like gr**efruits cut in half. The next (and current) one I also first met when she was 14. We gave her a lift one day, and she used to come and play with my daughter, but from 16 onward was very sexy. Then when she was 20 my wife employed her as a maid while she was saving to go to college. I asked her if she'd be my girlfriend and she agreed straight away. She was a virgin and it took me several weeks to slowly fully seduce her largely because the only time we had the house to ourselves was Saturdays. She got to like sex more and more, and is now really good to fuck. Although she went to college, qualified and now has a job we still meet on Saturdays at the house of a friend of mine. While she was going through college she ran out of money a couple of times, so I paid for her course a ($150 each time) so she wouldn't have to drop out. However now she is 24 and getting a bit demanding for money and I think I'll have to drop her. A pity, as the sex is great, but that's all we do, there's no conversation as she's never even left the city she grew up in. I'll put an advert in one or two of the local colleges and find someone else. Anyway, sorry there's no juicy details but since I only see her once a week there's no real need for much refinement in our screwing. I kiss her a bit, feel her up, take all her clothes except her panties off, lie her on her stomach, pull her panties down off her beautiful little black ass, fondle it a bit, pretend to spank her while she giggles, then roll her over, panties right off, legs open and fuck her. I always tell myself I'm going to do something different, but lust always overcomes me.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    My brother and I are quite close. We've never done anything with each other, but share all the details of our sex-lives, and our kinks/fantasies. I know he'd love to fuck my daughter when she's a bit older, and he knows I'd love to fuck my son and his daughter. While talking about it via text recently, we ended up flirting and and it evolved into sexting. We eventually sent each other pictures and videos of ourselves masturbating. Not sure if anything will come of it, but it was hot!

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