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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 31

    In town over the weekend I decided to take a cab and go to the auto show which was in town. I walked around, saw the cars, spoke to some of the sales staff. I had arrived later in the afternoon, and it was getting towards closing time, when I went to the men's room.

    Standing there minding my own business the man beside me started up a conversation. I fended it off, I didn't even look his way, he leaned over and told me he liked what he saw. He said, "let's get to the point, for fifty bucks I will give you a blow job". It was the first time I was propositioned by a man. I declined, but not before he stood back from the urinal and flashed his cock at me and repeated the offer "for fifty bucks he would let me give him a blow job". I must have stared at him, first he was going to give me a blow job and now I was supposed to give him a blow job.

    He was between me and the door, and other than the two of us the men's room was empty. He was standing in my way, with his cock at full mast, stroking himself, he then said "let's get to the point here, give me a blow job right now and you wont even have to pay". He more or less pushed me with his free hand, back towards the stalls, back into the handicap stall, once inside he told me to just suck away. I sat on the toilet and he stood in front of me and I took his cock in my hand and I sucked away. Once I got started, I could not quit, so I sucked him and handled him until he managed to ejaculate, which I used to lubricate him some more and continue to jack him off.

    He fixed himself up, and not hearing anyone in the restroom, he walked out in front of me. When we were on the convention floor he walked beside me offering for us to get together. His insistence eventually wore me down, and I agreed to go with him. He was an in town fellow, and we went in his car to his house.

    He lived well, much better than his dress would have led me to believe, he got completely naked and called for me to do the same. He was well prepared and he was stocked up on condoms and lubes of different varieties. Now, naked in his bedroom with good lighting I could see that he was well groomed, he was ready to start, he wanted me to get him back into a full erection and he wanted to get on me and fuck. Certainly not my first time, but it was my first time with a total stranger. I agreed on the condition that he used a condom and he used lots of lube.

    He was experienced, he did it all the right way. The sex was over the top, considering my past experiences, I liked having sex, but it was a hit or miss thing, but not with him. This man knew what he was doing, he was far more experienced than me.

    We got some other things going, and around 2 a.m. he drove me and dropped me off at my hotel.

    This was the first total stranger pick up for me. It is also the one and only stranger pick up for me. But on the high side, the sex was great, ranks among the best experiences that I have had. I know what to ask for now and I think I picked up some pointers for the next time.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    Before I say anything I wanta tell your something!
    I ain't never gone to bed with an ugly woman but I have woke up with a few.
    I hate every bone in her body but mine. If the phone don't ring you'll know it's me.
    I've missed you but my aim is improving. I wouldn't take you to a dog fight because I'm afraid you'd win.
    I'm so miserable without you. It's like you are still here. My wife ran off with my best friend and I miss him.
    She took my ring and gave me the finger. She's looking better with every beer.
    And my number one Country/Western Song is, "It's hard to kiss the lips at night that chews your ass out all day long."
    Now, let me finish with some of my favorite Redneck Pick Up Lines!
    Do you have a Library Card? 'Cause I'd like to check you out!
    Do you have a mirror in your pants? 'Cause I can see myself in them!
    If you were a tree and I was a squirrel I'd store/stow my nuts in your hole!
    FAT PENGUIN: Sorry, I just wanted to say something that would break the ice!
    I know that I'm no Fred Flintstone, But I'll bet I can make your Bedrock!
    If you're going to regret this in the morning, We can stay in bed until the afternoon!
    Your body reminds me of a Wrench! Every time I think of it my Nuts Tighten Up!

    I'll hush for now because every time I type something all you do is Laugh!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I am a 53 year old WHITE married man and I LOVE NIGGERS!!! notice i said NIGGERS NOT n***as or n***ahs! i love those BLACK sisters with those BIG NIGGER TITTIES. that BIG NIGGER ASS! and those BIG NIGGER LIPS!! tell me, have you white boys eer had sex with a NIGGER woman? if not let me tell ya. they LOVE to FUCK!! i dont mean make love, or have sex--- they love to FUCK!!
    i have had the opportunity to FUCK 5 or 6 HOT, SEXY, B-E-A-UUUUU-TI-FUL NIGGER women. oh my word. ALL of them could SUCK the chrome off a bumber. and that PUSSY!!!! MMM-MMMM-MMMMMMMMMM!!!! HOT, WET, DELICIOUS PUSSY!!! they ALL tasted like rainbows and waterfalls. and when they got done sitting on youir face, you felt like you had been under a waterfall. be prepared to shower afterwards, IF you are married to someone else, because you ARE gonna get WET!! AND not just from them squirting on you. you are gonna sweat. its like running a marathon. at home with your white wife, you may eat her pussy for a while and she MIGHT suck your dick for a minute before you fuck her in the missionary style. with a NIGGER SLUT, you are gona want to eat her for DAYS. AND she is gonna SUCK your DICK until you think its gonna fall off. and when you CUM. there wont be no towel or napkin for ypou to finish on, or if you get some in her mouth, she wont spit it back out. HELL NO!!! she is gonna gargle it, swish it around in her mouth and SWALLOW it, ALL!!!
    THEN yall are gona FUCK!! not just misionary style either. SHE is gonna FUCK your brains out in EVERY style you know and then she is gonna show you some you hve NEVER seen before. she is gonna FUCK YOU TO DEATH!!! amd your gonna cum again. and maybe again and again. you are gonna CUM IN her mouth, IN her c**t AND IN THAT ASS!! yes guys, you are finally get to FUCK a SLUT in the BUTT!! except she not gana say butt. she will be yelling AT you, FUCK THAT ASS, white boy, F-U-C-K M-Y A-S-S!!! and then CUM IN IT, thats right white boy, BUST THAT NUTT IN MY ASS!!! and after you do, she is gonna SUCK you clean, so you can bust a NUTT in her PUSSY!!!
    DONT worry about knocking the BITCH up.she probably has 2 or 3 kids in the room next to you, while SHE is RAPING YOU!! dont worry, they are most likely MINE! and you will cum. you will cum in her c**t with NO worries in the world. i know I did. i NEVER cum outside of any NIGGER. not unless she asked me to cum on her face. which i have done, and then when she asked me too, I LICKED IT OFF. HELL YEAH!! thats how GOOD NIGGER PUSSY IS!!!
    so, i am telling ALL yuo white guys out there. IF you get chance----FUCK A NIGGER BITCH!!! you WILL love it, and then go home to the white wife. the NIGGER dont want you aroud. they just want THAT DICK. but you will always remember that PUSSY. as i said before, MMMMMM-MMMMMMMM- FUCKING MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 41

    I have been married for 12 years and mentioned to my wife that my boss seemed to making some sexual advances. My boss is in her mid 50's and would occasionally say a thing or brush her hand across my ass in a way I felt was sexual. I mentioned it to my wife and she thinks she is just being friendly and a little playful. My wife has met her before and thinks she is a great woman. Every time my boss says or does anything it is always when it is just the 2 of us alone. My wife thinks I am just reading things into what she does and says. My wife has made it clear I better not do anything to lose this job or else. I was unemployed for over a year before I got this job and my wife has pretty well made it clear I am to do whatever to not lose this job unless I have another job to go to. She tells me I am reading too much into things and if for some reason she is actually making advances towards me then I will need to do whatever is necessary so we don't end up cash strapped again. I asked her what I am to do if my boss wants sex with me. My wife said she was quite clear that I was to do whatever necessary to not lose this job. If she wants me doing anything, sexual or not, I better do it because she was not going to spend another year with us having no money.

    The months at work went on and my boss still made few sexual comments and has had her hand brush across my ass anytime we would be leaning over and looking at a document together. I just began to accept it and decided to make some sexual comments back anytime she made them to me to show I wasn't bothered by them. I think this was not the best idea because I believe she took it as an full acceptance of her advances. This caused her to make more comments and get a lot more touchy feely with me. She no longer brushed her hand across my ass but just grabbed it and squeezed it. The only way I knew how to get out of this situation was to get a new job or quit. With what my wife told me about not losing this job I knew quitting was not an option. I also didn't have enough evidence to claim work harassment so I was stuck where I was for now.

    More time went on and I put up with the job and my bosses advances while I looked for another job. She began to escalate things and began to tell me how great an employee I was. One time with her I told her my back was a little stiff which was a big mistake. She wanted to massage my back and told me to take my shirt off. I fought her on it and gave in when she asked if I would like continuing working there. It was the first time she had ever made such a comment. She had a couch in her office and had me lay face down shirtless on it as she massaged my back. I didn't want to admit it but she was doing a great job massaging my stiff back. She asked if my lower back was stiff too and I replied it was which may have not been the best reply. She told me to get at all my lower back muscles she would have to pull my pants down a little. She told me to unbutton and unzipped them and she would pull them down as far as she needed. I knew this would somehow end up with me naked but figured why prolong the inevitable. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and she pulled them. She literally only pulled them down a few inches. I was expecting them to get pulled down a lot further and possibly get pulled right off but that never happened. She saw half my bare ass which was my most exposure to her yet and I began to think she was not really out for anything sexual but just liked being a little playful with a guy. I think my wife may have been right and I was just over thinking this whole relationship with her.

    As more time went by she still made sexual comments and still touched me and I even touched her back a few times. I was given a few more back massages from her and even began to lay on her couch in only my underwear and socks when she asked. She said it would be easier to massage me that way. She still pulled my underwear down a little to get at my lower back muscles but they may have been pulled down further than she really needed. She was exposing my full bare ass but I didn't really mind. Once again I have to admit that her massages were great. I think she knew I enjoyed them so I was given a couple of the every week stiff back or not. I never told my wife about any of these massages.

    The more time that went on, the less I minded her sexual comments and touching, and the more I welcomed it. It was during one of my back massages when she asked if I enjoyed her massages. I told her they were great. She reminded me about my first one and how I didn't want to remove my shirt. She said I have come a long way since then and asked if there was anything that still made me feel awkward about the massages. I told her the only thing was I felt stupid wearing my socks with underwear. She took my socks off and asked if that was better. I told her I was feeling less stupid already. She told me I was nearly nude now and asked how I would feel about that. I didn't know what to say and she said we would soon find out as she slide my underwear further down and removed them altogether. I was fully naked on her couch now as she continued to massage my back. I probably shouldn't have been but I was getting very aroused by all this. She finished my massage and asked me a question. She asked if she could stay as I got dressed or if I wanted her to leave. She said she would really love to stay but only if I wanted her to. I probably should have had her leave but trying to be polite said she could stay. I was still feeling pretty good from the massage and didn't realize what her staying would mean until it happened. I stood up and there I was naked in full view of her. She had only seen my backside prior to this and was now seeing my front side in all my glory as I was still very aroused from her massage.

    Her long stare at me said it all. Before this, I never thought about how I would react to her seeing me this way. My reaction was to just stand there the way I was, making no effort to run or hide or cover myself in any way. That night when my wife asked how work was I only told her it was a little better than usual and made no mention how my boss had now seen me fully naked.

    For my next massage session I stripped naked right from the start. She was a little surprised but also pleased. She brought up our last session and commented on seeing me with a erection. She asked how I felt with her seeing me that way. I told her she saw what she caused. She did my massage and when she was almost done asked if she caused another erection. She had and I sat up to show her. She stood and stared for a minute and, being very uncharacteristic of me given my initial history with her, I asked if she was going to finish what she started. She came closer and began stroking me. I laid back as she continued and I watched her. She seemed hesitant about something and then she did it. She had my cock in her mouth giving me a blowjob. I blew my load in her mouth and it didn't faze her at all. She finished and asked how it felt. I said it felt great and I figured I would see something dripping from her mouth but I saw nothing so I asked if she swallowed. All she said was, "Surprised?". I told her my wife always spits and never swallows. She told me if liked that, there was a lot more I will like if I give her a chance.

    Our activities continued but it was a least a few months later when I saw her naked for the first time. She made it clear we would not be having intercourse but in the heat of passion with her it ended up in her. It was even her who got on top of me and slid it into herself. I didn't mention anything about it and it became a non-issue as when we had our future times together it always ended up in there. I never told my wife about how far me and my boss were going and she never asked.

    This ended up being the perfect situation. My wife told me I had to do whatever I needed to do so I would not lose my job and I was doing that by keeping my boss happy. My boss was too old to have kids so I didn't need to worry about getting her pregnant. I was fucking 2 women and was a very happy husband and employee and all I had to do was do what they ordered me to.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 33

    Growing up we lived in a trailer. My mother, my older brother and me. The trailer had two rooms, my mother slept in one and my brother and me in the other. He was older, and he would lay in his bed and masturbate. We never had sex, or anything like it, he just masturbated until he spit his stuff out.

    The trailer park we lived in had its share of freaks and idiots. My mother earned extra money by having sex with men from her work or from the trailer park. In the trailer park I had my first love affair, with another girl when we were fourteen. I started work as an exotic dancer to be around the girls who worked there. turned 21 as an exotic dancer.

    I moved to Florida and worked at several men's clubs. The same, different type of men, but the same thing, you dance, they give you money, you dance again. The clubs had strict rules about seeing clients after hours. I made decent money from dancing, and I worked at some better clubs.

    I am not saying it is right or wrong. During the time I was a dancer I knew many girls who were hooked up with another girl. I think being in that business makes you want to be around girls. We kept away from men by being together. We lived together and we had a steady relationship. Although some relationships were fluid, with several lovers, I tended to stay with one girl. Getting in bed with her and making love with her was always comforting. Although I worked in that business for several years, I never slept with a man.

    Far be it for me to say how many girls who were in the business were lesbians, but it was more than just a few. Even the some of the ones that turned tricks were lesbians. For me the truth was that I looked for and found love with another woman. For me it was always more about dancing with the other girls than dancing for the men who were paying.

    In one of the raids I met this woman who was a police officer. She interviewed me after several of us were picked up for questioning. I told her the truth, I did not turn tricks. I was also truthful and told her I lived with a woman and I had never had sex with a man. It turned out that she was a lesbian, and we ended up getting together. It is with her that I moved to California. In California I quit dancing all together.

    She is older than me, and works as a detective in the small town where we live. I work as a fitness instructor at a gym, catering to women. My partner is OK working around men, I feel more comfortable working around women. I knew I was a lesbian when I was fourteen. And if I could do it, I would go to a men's club just to see the girls dance. I don't miss dancing, or the hours, but I do miss the money.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    I met with my wife and when we were both 21. I was a virgin and she was a slut. Sheâs a big girl and started sucking dick at 17 or 18. I back when we were 18 you could drink and get in the bars. She would hang out at the bar and get free drinks all night from the guys and give blowjobs. And I thought I had gone to heaven when I met her because she sucked my dick and fucked me the first time we were together. I found out later that she fucked my best friend that same night after she left my house and he gave her a ride home, they stopped at his house first. First she gave me some number and, I canât remember what it was of the number of guys and see her fucked and then later she admitted to me that she had lost count. I always thought it was hot that she had fucked so many guys. I also love the fact that she was so experienced at sex. It was kind of weird to go places with her and every time we met some guy that she knew I knew that she had most likely sucked his dick at the very least. Kind of a weird feeling for me. And but in a strange way it was also a turn on to know that your wife was considered the town slut. I was kind of jealous that she fucked so many guys and I was a virgin. And since I got off to my wife having been a slut suggested that we invite another guy to have sex with. We did and it was awesome she really got into sucking both of our dicks at the same time and giving one of us head while the other one fucked her pussy. I was making up for lost time. There was a couple of times and that I sucked his dick without her knowing. He was OK with it and blew his load in my mouth and I swallowed it. Guess that makes me bI, Iâm not sure. I just know he was in the getting his nut. He really didnât care if he would fuck a manâs wife right along with her husband. He was younger than me in and wanted pussy and head anyway he can get it. My wife was willing to give him her pussy and I loved watching him play on the way on her. I remember one time her calling his name out passionately while he fucked her brains out. I was laying next to them jacking off. It is so hot to hear your wife in the throes of passion getting fucked like an animal calling out the manâs name who is fucking her while youâre laying next to your wife watching her get her pussy pounded. There was a big black guy that worked in the porno shop in the town where we lived. We used to go in there and and watch pornoâs. He worked behind the counter. I told her it would be really hot for her to suck his dick. We went in there about 3 oâclock in the morning. There were some guys in the theater but no one in the shop where this guy was working. And I stayed looking at videos and she approached him. the next thing I know she walks behind the counter and then I canât see her anymore. He sits on a stoolâs and I know she is blowing him while he sitting there. After about five minutes and she stands up and just walks out from behind the counter and he stays sitting on the stool. She comes back trash the room to where I am standing with the raging Boner. And I start to ask her to tell me about it and she reaches up and puts her arm around my neck and French kisses me. I can taste cIâm in her mouth. I almost shot my load in my pants while she kissed me. We go into the theater and sit down thereâs four or five guys in there watching the fucking flick. She gets down on her knees in front of me and spread my legs. Iâm just wearing a pair of gym shorts. Thatâs usually what I wore when we went to the pornoâs so that there was easy access to my dick. And she pulls my shorts down in and start sucking my dick. There is a guy saving three seats down from Maine in the same bro, my wife is sucking my dick and heâs not watching the movie anymore heâs watching her suck me off. I text her on the shoulder and made her aware that he was watching at that point, she pulls her titties out of her spaghetti strap top. Of course sheâs not wearing a brawl because she was anticipating us doing kinky stuff. The guy looks at me to get some kind of OK. I smile at him and he gets up and moves into the seat next to us. I am pulls down his dick and starts jerking off with one hand and fondling my wifeâs tits with the other hand while she sucks my dick. Iâm so hot and now Iâm about to blow in her mail and she can tail, she stops blowing me and moves over to him and start sucking his dick. He blows his load in her mouth in about a minute. He quickly gets up and waves but by mail we have a check to the attention of two other jobs they have moved in close and Iâm masturbating while watching us I looked at them and smile to let them know itâs OK. They both come and sit down next to us in as she strokes one with her hand while she sucking the other guy. And she begins to alternate back-and-forth between both of their dicks in her she sucks both of them off and then returns to me I shave my load in her mouth almost immediately when she starts giving me head again. She sucked five dicks that night including mine. When we got home I fucked your brains out and shot my load in her pussy again. I love my wife.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 51

    My wife and I have been married for 40 years, and we have had great sex, although it has dropped off lately. She picked up a part time job for some extra spending money, and ever since she has become more sexual. She asks me to suck on her big tits in the morning before she goes to work, and I am all too happy to oblige her. It makes her nipples real hard and stand out in her silky blouse. She masturbates and groans about how good it feels for her, and how she wants big hard nipples in her blouse, and how the men at work stare a them. A couple of men cop a feel of her big tits under her blouse when no one is looking, and she likes it. It turns her on. It turns me on too. She says they get huge erections in front of her. She asked me if she could feel their hard cocks, and I said okay, and to make sure she finished them off with a good handjob. It is not fair to get a man so turned on without cumming! So she started jerking them off as they feel her hard tits, and told me about it at home during our hot passionate sex. It got me super turned on!
    After a few months, I noticed that she changed clothes when she got home from work every day. I checked in the laundry, and found her panties full of the unmistakable musky smell and the thick sticky goo of a man's cumm load. I also noticed that her pussy was extra creamy when we had sex at night. I am sure my wife is getting fucked and creampied at work every day now! She will not admit it to me, and I dont want to confront her and make her feel bad about it. Actually it turns me on to think other men are draining their balls into my wife's pussy every day at work! So it is our big secret for now, and I enjoy the sloppy seconds at night. She orgasms a lot more frequently too, which gets me off even better.
    Should I continue to keep it a secret, or should I make her tell me the truth? I dont want to wreck a good thing.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    its 1997. i'm waiting tables at a trendy restaurant downtown. i had developed a good rapport with the general manager, a petite annie lennox circa 1995 look alike. she gave me her number. i call, we chat. (i am being brief for the sake of brevity) as we're talking, her voice gets echo-ey and i hear what sounds like water running in the background. i ask her she's doing, she tells me she's peeing. WOW! didn't see that coming...i'm startled but play it off. "so you're sitting there with your pants around your ankles and your bare ass on the toilet? that's hot" i say. "no, i;ve got my skirt up to my waist and my panties around my ankles" she replies. "fuck, that's even hotter". my cock is getting hard, picturing this sexy executive boss woman taking a piss. i pull it out and tell her i'm picturing her in my minds eye while stroking my cock. "come over, Richard. i wanna see your cock" she says.

    i break all kinds of land-speed records getting to the address she gives me. its such a major turn-on to think i'm gonna fuck the big boss of my work. i pull to a screetching stop in her driveway. i practically run up to her door. she opens it before i can knock, saying she heard me pull in the drive. i walk in and she kisses me right there in the hallway, rubbing against me like a cat, cupping my cock and balls with her hand. damn, right to it. she starts to unzip my jeans, saying "i wanna see it". it springs out into her hand when she frees it from my underwear. "oh, nice! yeah, this'll do". oh kay...never had any complaints about it. she tugs on it, then leads me by it down the hall.

    we go into the living room. she fixes me a double vodka rocks with a splash of soda and a squeeze of lime. how'd you know my drink i ask, dick hanging out. " Chelsea told me" she says. "i saw you guys hanging out and asked her about you". ummm...i don't know how to take that, its kinda weird. whatever. weird chicks make for weird sex, and this is weird, chillin' with my boss at her house, drinking with my cock out.

    she fixes one for herself and sits next to me. She turns to me, smiles at me with her perfect white teeth, blue eyes flashing and says "did that turn you on when you heard me peeing?" this is gonna be a curious conversation, i'm thinking. my dick is starting to shrink, and my zipper is biting into it. i take a sip of my drink and say "yeah. i don't know why, but the idea of watching a girl pee is kinda sexy to me". not really but what the hell, if it will get me laid by her...but the more i think about it, i DO wanna see this hot seductive woman take a pee. the idea is provocative and arousing...cause its so fucking dirty.

    my dick is getting cold. "oh, its shrinking! we can't have that". she leans over and takes me in her mouth. oh yeah, much much better. fuck that feels so good. it starts to get big in her mouth again with her sucking hard on it. she's wearing red lipstick and its getting on my jeans and cock. cool. she puts it all the way into her mouth and undoes my belt. she releases me from her mouth to pull my pants and boxers down to my knees before taking me into her mouth again, head bobbing up and down. i tell her it did turn me on, listening to her pee, how much i liked it, how much it turned me on. she gets off the couch and on her knees, putting one hand around my cock and the other cupping stroking my balls as she bobs up and down on my dick. mmm, she's a little toothy but still good. i run my fingers through her short hair and start to pump my hips back and forth in time to her bobs. "yeah baby, suck it. suck it. mmm you suck it so good, that feels so good baby. can you feel it throb in your mouth?" i talk to her. she looks at me with my cockhead in her mouth and mumbles "uh huh, uh huh". dayum, i got the g.m. of my work sucking my dick! she takes a little break and tells me her jaw kinda hurts, can she just jack me off into her mouth, she asks me, all big eyes and head tilted to the side. "sure!" like imma gonna say no? its a game...she puts the head back into her mouth and starts jacking me off using both hands and a kinda twisty motion that feels OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CUM SHIIIIIIT! i shoot some big jets of cum into her waiting kisser, her sucking hard on the throbbing head. shit goddamn that snuck up on me. wow. wow. ok. i'm ok, just kinda surprised me there. she comes up to my face, smiling, and kisses me. oh what the fuck? a SNOWBALL. she's got my load in her mouth and tongues it into my mouth. she breaks away from me, wiping her chin and sticks out her chest and says "did you like that?" i smile, swallow it and say "fuck yeah that was hella hot, Tracy." what the hell, its my own jizz, not like i sucked some guy off.

    i pull her to me and kiss her mouth, her neck, pull the top of her sundress to the side and nibble on her shoulders while running my hands up her skirt and pulling down her panties. her pussy is wet, i slide my fingers into her and finger bang her there, standing up. my pants are off and my boxers are gone. i pull her dress over her head and admire her naked body. nice! skin like porcelain, red gold bush. nice ass. 34 B tits with pink nipples. she grabs my cock again and leads me to the bathroom. huh? she spreads a shower curtain on the tile floor and tells me to lie down. i lie down. she straddles my face, rides my face, makes me lick her pussy. she moans and groans and pulls on her nipples. she starts to tremble, i think she's gonna cum, but then she positions herself over my hard cock and slides down all the way in one swift move. she plants one foot on either side of me and squat fucks me, hard. she pounds her pussy on my cock, up and down, faster and faster. good thing i drank 2 double vodkas or else i'd of shot my load by now. she has her eyes closed and is mumbling something i cant really hear, like she's talking to herself or she's in some sort of trance. it sounds like "fuck fuck fuck cunny cunny fuck me fuck oh oh " ??? whatever, i'm getting off again. she starts wailing, loud, kinda a scary like she's posessed wail, goes gggghhh gggghhh ahhh looks down at my cock in her and starts a strong steady stream of piss on me. her pussy clamps down and she starts rocking her hips back and forth, milking my cock, and it feels fucking great, like a little mouth sucking me off. i try to shove it in all the way but her pussy is clamped shut with just the head in, she's milking it and i shoot my load into her. i'm dizzy from the booze, disoriented, she releases me from her pussy and STILL PISSING squats on my chest and kisses me. fuck, i didn't think a little woman like her could have so much piss in them. i gotta say, i didn't not like it, it was warm, splashing all over me and so fucking kinky wrong and dirty i loved it. i surprised myself by letting it become a regular thing, but she was so hot sexy and it was so wrong and dirty letting her piss on me. i actually enjoyed watching her pee on me, her spreading her pussy lips and spraying me with her liquid gold, or me pissing on her then her sucking me off.

    so that's my confession: i use to get together with my boss and let her piss on me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 38

    After high school I was so glad to move into the college dorm and get away from a predictable dull lifestyle. I really became wild and free. I soon started dating my future husband. The thing is he had a best friend that went and stayed with him constantly. They worked logging for a man and didnât attend college. We had hung out together a couple of months and I really fell in love with my future husband. My future husband and I were making out with his friend driving his truck. I let my shorts be removed and getting fingered. I wanted to try my first blowjob. I had my bare butt toward his friend and he started fingering me. I orgasmed and my future husband cum in my mouth at the same time. His friend pulled into a parking lot took his shorts off and had entered me before I knew what was happening. It didnât take long for him to cum inside of me and I had another orgasm. After this night we would hang out after they got in from work at their apartment. We used consume for a while then I got on birth control. I was young so I could handle sex with two men. We would do anything a threesome could do except the men werenât bisexual. I graduated college and was working but at night my job was to drain both men and I was well used. After a year and a half I married my husband. We bought a house and his friend moved in with us. Our friend finally got a girlfriend and didnât need me as much. My husband went in business for himself and our friend moved away. He finally got married. He would come to visit sometimes and would have sex with me. My husband and I decided to start a family and we now have three children. Our friend lives 2 hours away and we seldom see him but phone calls often. I must say with the duty of raising a family our sex life has slowed down. I havenât had sex with our friend since 10 years. Iâm satisfied with my life now and I was satisfied then when I had no children and having sex with two men in the same house. I was well used.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 42

    Called my wife at work and she told me that she had to go because she was in a meeting. She thought she hung up the phone but it didnât disconnect and heard a manâs voice saying Donât stop sucking. I can actually hear her mouth slurping his dick. The thing is although itâs shocking I started getting a hard on thinking about it. I jacked off thinking about my while sucking a guys dick at work. When she came home found my self French kissing her trying to tell if I could taste come. I really couldnât taste anything but it was so hot. I never confront her about it I just fucked her brains out that night.

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