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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    The age only goes down to 18 but I'm 17. I've been fucking this 47 year old, fat pussy with huge, hanging tits for over a year now. She got my first fuck out of me, and I've fucked her mouth, her pussy, her ass, between her big tits, everywhere. I've shot in her, on her, and fucked her in her and her husbands bed, their pool, the backyard, the backseat of my car in a public park. One time I took her down to where all the kids go by the river to fuck, and made her get out of the car, bend over my fender and I fucked her in the ass out in the open breeze. It's been going on for a while now and her husband is all for it. She likes that he doesn't mind her getting all she can handle from me.

    What she doesn't realize is that the reason he allows it is because he likes fucking me better than her fat-assed, ugly self. I let him fuck me (for money the first few times) in their bed when I was 15. At 16 he got her blazing drunk and stoned and then talked her into letting me fuck her. He doesn't want her, or anyone to know that he fucks a boy, he calls me all kinds of names when he fucks me, and especially as he's pushing his fat 6 inches into me and shooting his load up my bottom. He calls me fag, queer, sissy, and he loves to treat me like he's seducing a woman. I don't mind getting fucked, it feels pretty damn good, and I suck him a few times a week too, but in return I get all the pussy, ass, mouth, tits etc. a boy my age can handle. She isn't pretty, or tight bodied but her body is there for me to use as a place to cum whenever I feel the need, which is several times a day.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    I can now get my full hand and another 6 inches of my arm inside my girlfriends asshole. I fist her for a minimum of 20 minutes at a time, everyday. She loves it, I love seeing my arm disappear up that brown chute between the more perfectly formed buttcheeks ever.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    Thirty is a good age to be. I now have a job that pays me 70K a year. I admit that I was careless and stupid in my early twenties. I won't go into too many details, but I did not respect myself and I let a lot of things happen that I regret. And for whatever reason, allowing anal sex is way up there in the regret meter. Also, being a slut that was passed around at parties having sex with several men in one night. Nothing nice, and nothing you want to talk about. All this was in college and right after.

    I am now seeing a grown man, a respectable man. He is divorced and he has kids in their twenties. His daughter is three years younger than me. Not quite the step mom image that you think about. She has been my best friend, helping me learn how to be the right person for her father.

    This man is my dream come true. He is smart, real smart. It scares me and it turned me on from the beginning when I met him. He is in my opinion very good looking, very manly. He is 55 and very fit. He is a true lover. He showed me that he could make me have an orgasm without penetration using a feather and blowing on my clitoris. The only thing I had to do was allow myself to be blindfolded. He learned that from a Chinese woman in Singapore. Freaky beyond belief, his words and his denial of giving me penetration drove me up the wall and when I had an orgasm it was unlike anything I had experienced before. It is an oriental thing.

    I am learning several things with him. One, which he holds as a must for a girl, is to know how to entertain. I have a tutor, a woman in her fifties that is teaching me and his daughter the fine art of hosting a party. It is a lot of fun. His daughter and I are also taking lessons on makeup, to look sophisticated. It is like playing dress up, but for real.

    I am also exploring light bondage. Freaky not to be able to get away. I never imagined that being bare butt spanked with his hand would get me aroused, but it did. Learning to let him spank me and touch my butt is also freaky. You are taught all your life not to let yourself be touched like that, and all of a sudden you have to surrender yourself to his hands. He is very experienced, he lived in the Far East for several years and knows things that are new to me. I got a gift of anal beads. I haven't used them, he told me these were for when I was alone.

    He is a love maker, by the time he mounts I am past the point of being able to resist. I have a lot of penis items that he gave me to get familiar with, also from China and Southeast Asia. Carved out of wood and ivory, some are so delicate and others are grotesque. He says they are ancient dildos. Who knew that the Chinese had ivory dildos? You aren't supposed to use them today, he gave them to me to fondle and touch. Sitting naked with him on the bed with a grotesque ancient ivory penis in my hand is a bit freaky as well. He wants me to worship them. His daughter does not know about these.

    Thirty is proving to be a new year for me. I have a nice job, and I met a very interesting man. As a bonus I met his daughter, who is a very good friend. He gave me an engagement ring that is still strange to wear, it is too big. I am getting married to a man in a May September wedding. I fell for him because of the sex, I fell in love with him because of who he is, his money is nice to have but it is the sex that got me, not his money.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 43

    A few weeks ago I posted on here about a girls weekend away and me fucking two guys at once, who were both 20 plus years younger than me. Being married I had never cheated on my husband, but I was drunk at two guys wanting to fuck me drove me over the edge. Naughty truth or dare helped. But this story is how my best friend Kelly licked my pussy. I am not gay, or bi, but she could do things to me. I am hopiong it happens again soon, we have been sending nude pics to each other so I have no doubt we will fuck again soon.
    I had come back to our room in the morning after Brad and Mike both had cum in my mouth. Kelly was asleep still, I went to take a shower. She must have heard the shower and came in to ask me about my nightThe shower is glass and I could see her topless watching me shower. I told her that I would tell her about my night later, she agreed and as I got out she hugged me and told me she was glad I had a good time ( boy did I ever ). We went to the bed and talked while naked, I could tell she was checking me out and I admit watching her nipples get hard made it hard to concerate. It was time for the sun and I was hoping for more cock. I didn't see the boys anywhere, they went golfing for the day, I found out later the winner got me alone for the night, but I wanted both cocks in me again. On the way out the door Kelly kissed me and touched my now rock hard tits, and said lets go have some fun.
    I could not stop thinking of her kiss. We drank and had a blast drinking, showing our tits to men, and even mooned a group of old men. It was time to head in to get ready for dinner. Knowing I was going to fuck one of the boys tonight I shaved my pussy. Kelly had already showered and was walking around naked. I am not sure if it was her or the thought of two cocks in me again, but my pussy was very wet. I was putting lotion on my legs with her sitting on the bed I started to tell her about my night. I told her in great detail how it felt so good to have a dick in my pussy and 1 in my ass at the same time. I don't think she knew it but she was rubbing her pussy and clit. I could not take my eyes off her.
    My nipples wanted to be touched, so I started to play with them still telling Kelly what happened. I pulled on my nipples and she stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and came. She looked at me and told me she wanted to fuck me. All I could do was nod yes. She came over to me and we kissed, our hands roamed over each others bodies. She pushed me back, stuck a pillow under my ass and licked me. When her tounge first touched me I shook with the first of many orgasams that night. She licked me from my asshole to clit, I was playing with my clit she stuck a finger in my pussy and the ass. I could not believe how I felt with her. I looked up in the mirror to she her pussy and asshole, I now knew what my husband said when he said it was the best site to see. I don't know what came over me but I had to have her pussy riding my face, she turned and we 69. We fucked for about 45 min, She had the sweetest tasting pussy. I even licked her asshole and made her cum from that.
    So in the matter of two days I cheated on my husband twice. It was a great 5 day trip. I think the only way to tell my husband about it is to have Kelly over and show him what I did, minus the 2 guys. He will have to find that out by reading my story.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 51

    I'm a fifty one year old grandmother who lost her husband in the middle of last year. We had such a physical relationship, I instantly missed having his wonderful cock pleasuring my pussy and ass. His death was very sudden and for a while I almost couldn't believe he was gone. My family tried to help as best they could, but at nighttime on my own I missed everything about him. Mostly though when I entered our bed, I missed how most nights we'd have such passionate sex.
    After a couple of months I tried masturbation using my fingers and then eventually bought a dildo off the internet. But it wasn't the same. I'd already had one offer by then of sex. It was from a man who I'd known for years, but he was to me only a friend. Throughout my life I've kept myself very much in shape by swimming jogging and lots of Yoga. I'm still very supple and have a body that many twenty year olds would love to have. Age to me is only a number and I don't in any way feel or look fifty one.
    Just after New year, a new family moved in across the street and one of the older children, a young man called Gabe, began doing things around the neighborhood for money. Having had an accident with my DIY skills, I asked someone who knew them and the following day Gabe called over. He was so charming, yet also a little forward in the way he spoke. At one point I caught him eyeing up my ass when I showed him what I wanted doing. I didn't get angry or feel as though he'd overstepped the mark. Instead I felt incredibly turned on. Again and again I caught him looking at my ass, my breasts or peering at my pussy mound through my tight Yoga pants. Eventually I asked him if he liked older women. The young man who I'd only known for about quarter of an hour said "Only the one's who look like you".
    What took place then I can only say, was done through need, sexual starvation and having a nineteen year old kid telling me basically he'd fuck me.
    I dropped down yanked down his shorts and saw he had no underwear on. Gabe's cock wasn't as big/long as my deceased husband's, but it was and is much thicker. Even so I sucked it into my mouth easily and knew when he instantly gripped my long blonde hair, he wanted sex just s much as I did.
    The feeling of his young cock growing in my mouth, as I continued to suck on every inch of his beautiful manhood gave me a thrill I'd not felt for a long time. I worshiped his cock as though I'd never get one to suck on again, and Gabe only made it better by fucking my mouth after a while. Moving my hands a round to his firm buttocks I felt him squeezing them as he fucked me face and it sent shivers of delight down my spine and into my sex organs. i was alive again and I was going to make damn sure this young man would want more.
    Releasing his cock, I grabbed his hand and told him to follow me. As we went we were both removing our clothing. I turned to see his fully erect cock bobbing in front of him as we mounted the stairs and couldn't wait. Sitting on a step I took his gorgeous cock back into my mouth and sucked on him again. Letting it slip from my eager lips, I renewed my movement upstairs and on into the bedroom I shared with my husband for so long. Turning as he entered I was about to say something, but Gabe threw me onto the bed and instantly put his face between my legs.
    Over the next whatever time it was, he licked sucked and fingered my pussy and clit. After having two awesomely strong orgasms, I was about to rise, but he pushed my back down, sucked in my engorged clit and slipped two fingers deep inside my asshole. My body reacted by spasming into one of the most intense climaxes I can ever remember having. My back arched so much I thought he'd never be able to keep his mouth sucking on my clit, but Gabe was clamped to my love bud and he wasn't letting my ride finish just yet.
    Lifting his face briefly away from my sex, he asked me if I'd ever been taken up my ass. The response he got was for me to slide two of my own fingers up my ass, and tell him to lick my "mummy hole". Something my husband used to call my pussy.
    Sex has always been a special part of my life, and not from a very good start either. At the age of fourteen I was taken by a man who later found himself without the possibility of being able to walk. Thanks Uncle Jim!.
    From then on however, I soon found myself as someone who loved sex and men. I wasn't a slut per say, but when I was with someone I really liked sexually, I'd make damn sure they and I had a whale of a time sexually. Often doing things other girls wouldn't do or try. And anal was one of those sexual bents I had.
    Anal sex, that's what Gabe wanted and I was more than prepared to offer him. Parting from his arms I moved him up so we were in a missionary position, then I held his cock and guided it into my pussy. His cock slid in and made me gasp. My husband had a longer cock, but his cock and the dildo I'd been using, wasn't anywhere near as broad as Gabe's fully erect penis. And his awesome cock stretched my pussy until I felt myself fully surround his length. And it felt utterly dirty.
    I had a nineteen year old kid deep inside my pussy and I was holding onto his butt cheeks pulling him in. He'd just then lifted his head up and we were facing each other. In a purely spontaneous way, he lowered his head and we kissed. I didn't see us as a loving couple, or did I ever envisage myself kissing another man in that way. But it felt right and it also felt passionate too.
    gabe's cock drove into me over and over again sending pulses of delight throughout my body, I was having my mini orgasms as he fucked me with a knowledge beyond his years. Then like it was agreed between us, he quickly slid his cock out of my pussy, lifted me up a little and then drove his cock hard into my asshole. the pain was instant, but also was the sheer and wonderful feeling of absolute pleasure. It was combined in such a way I gave myself completely to him.
    Missionary, doggy, spooning me holding onto my breasts so tightly. And then with Gabe gasping from his exertions, I mounted the young man and let my pussy take the first hammering in that position. Gabe reached up and played with my tits again. His grin was one of sexual want and I knew what to do. Grinding down onto his cock, I reached behind me and squoze his balls. not gently, but also not too much as to hurt him. I knew if I carried on fucking him this way, he'd cum and I didn't want his semen just yet.
    Looking directly into his deep blue eyes, I told him I was going to slide my asshole onto his cock shaft. I also told him he'd better make damn sure I orgasmed first. The added pressure I gave him, to me had always been a way of holding a man off from cumming too quickly. And Gabe didn't disappoint. His cock botomed out up my ass and I felt his pubes tickle the inside of my thighs. Punping his cock up as I sank right down onto him, I built up rhythm and force. My asshole was in heaven and I knew I wan't far from a very powerful climax. Gripping his chest told him I was cumming and watched as he thrust hard driving his cock deep into my bowels. My asshole tightened and my pussy winked its knowledge of pleasure. Then my whole world span as the orgasm tore through me. I'm not sure how many times Gabe thrust upwards into my anal cavity. What I do know, is he didn't stop fucking me long after his own orgasm forced his hot semen into my body, making my orgasm renew itself and we both collapsed together, with Gabe's cock still see sawing up my rear hole.
    On parting we kissed again, and I told him we should shower. We did so, and we washed each other, not caring about the time or the years between us. Kissing throughout, he finally broke away and told me I was his first anal conquest. He also told me he wanted to fuck me again and again.
    Gabe to my family is a quiet young guy who gives me a hand around my home. He is very good with his hands. Only it's not only DIY he uses them for. We don't fuck all the time, just most of it. And we don't advertise anything either. To the outside world we're just good friends and neighbors.
    Inside my house, my bed and anywhere else we fancy fucking, Gabe and I have become amazing lovers. I'm not stupid enough to fall in love with him, but I do love him for what we have. It's sexual I know that, and it's whilst it lasts. What I do know is, if and when Gabe fancies another girl maybe his age, I'll make sure I'm not left alone long until I find another younger man to take his sexual enpowerment deep inside my sexually energized body.
    Thank you for reading my confession and happy times sexually, if you're able to enjoy somebody else's life.
    Clara x

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 20

    My dad, stepmother and I lived the good life on a horse farm. My dad is the owner of a very successful engineering firm and when he and my stepmother married 6 years ago she was a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and the head chef at an upscale restaurant that my dad frequented on a regular basis. They became friends and soon became involved in a romantic relationship.
    After they married my dad convinced her to quit her job and take over the operation of the farm. She loved horses and loved caring for the horses. She also got into breeding horses and totally transformed the farm into a top notch operation. .
    Dad wasn't around very much and my stepmom had free rein to run the operation as she saw fit. His job was very demanding, but very successful, and we had lots of money for mom to run her business. I had a real good relationship with my step mom and quite frankly we didn't miss my dad not being around.
    One day a gentleman came to the house and wanted to talk with my stepmom. I assumed he was a horsey guy and wanted to talk with my stepmom about horses. After he left my mom was crying and seemed very upset. It turns out that the guy was the husband of my dad's secretary. He had hired a private detective to follow his wife, take pictures and gather incriminating information on the affair that his wife was having with my dad.
    Needless to say she filed for divorce and threw him out. My dad then moved into a rental property that he owned and told me that I would have to move in with him while he sold the farm and reached a final settlement with my step mom.
    I had a great relationship with my mom and told my dad that I was pissed at him and intended to stay with my stepmom.
    That was two years ago, and we are still on the farm, which my stepmom got in the final settlement. The past two years have actually been quite good and my stepmom and i have gotten vwe have a land lineery close.
    My mom is now 34 years old and she has renewed an old friendship with her best friend from high school. Her friend Linda was going through a divorce at the same time my dad and stepmom were going through theirs. Linda spends a lot of time with my mom at the farm and their friendship has helped both of them to heal.
    Because we have poor cell phone reception on the farm,we also have a land line to the house and stable. One day I came home and picked up the phone in the kitchen to make a call to a friend. I didn't know that my stepmom and Linda were talking on the phone. Apparently they must have been unaware that I was also on the line. I should have hung up but for some reason I didn't and listened in on the conversation. I was shocked at what I heard. Linda asked my stepmom if she was fucking me. My stepmom told Linda that she often thought about it, but she was afraid that if we got intimate that it might ruin the good relationship that she and I had. Linda said that she would love to have sex with me and she would fuck me in a heart beat. Linda then asked if my stepmom would be angry with her if she seduced me. Surprisingly my stepmom said that she wouldn't mind as long as Linda described every thing we did together. My stepmom then said that she masturbated every night with her vibrator thinking about me having my cock in her pussy.
    When their conversation was over I hung up and went in the bathroom and jerked off. I was so horny and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I would be fucking Linda.
    Two weeks later mom said that she was going to be taking the truck and trailer to a farm in Kentucky to pick up a young colt that was the offspring of a thoroughbred race horse. She had offered $200,000 for the colt and the offer had been accepted. She had the option to back out if she wasn't happy with colt so she was going down to check it out.
    Right after she left I got on the phone to Linda and asked her if she wanted to stop over that evening and have a cookout. She came directly from work. When she came in the house I gave her a hug, just like I always did when she came to the house. But rather than letting go of her, I pulled her closer so that my erection was pressing against her. Linda reached around and with her hands on my ass cheeks she pulled me closer as she dry humped my cock. We were soon passionately kissing as we stripped each other of our clothes. Linda then said that we should jump in the shower as she expected that their was a lot of oral sex yet to come.
    Linda and I soon ended up in a 69 and it was only about 5 minutes before she had an intense orgasm. I then rolled her over onto her back and buried my 8 inch cock in her juicy pussy. It took me about 10 minutes before I told her that I was going to cum. She cried out,"fill me up , fill me up with your cum. I have never had a more intense orgasm in my life, and Linda also had her second orgasm.
    As we caressed each other, Linda asked me how I knew that she wanted to fuck me. When I told her that I had listened in on her conversation with my step mother, that I knew that it was just a matter of time before we connected. She then asked if i planned on fucking my stepmother as well. I told her that I would love to be able to have both of them.
    Needless to say, Linda and i spent the next three days licking, sucking and fucking each other to the point of physical exhaustion. Linda told me that my stepmom wanted me to fuck her, but she was concerned that it might ruin our relationship if we had sex together. I told Linda that I thought that it would only make us closer and that I would love to fuck my mom.
    When my stepmom returned home she and Linda went out for dinner the next day. I was sure that Linda told mom all about our sexcapades. That night as we were getting ready for bed, my stepmom casually said, "you'll be sleeping with me tonight." Linda was a fabulous lover, but mom was even better. Linda is still a part of our threesome, but mom is reluctant to share me that often. Mom and I make love virtually everyday of the week with Linda getting me once a week if she is lucky.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 42

    I grew up in a small town. We all went to school together from grade school on up. I had a friend, she was a girl of all things, and one day she asked me what it was like to be kicked in the balls. I know exactly how old we were, we were twelve. We talked about being kicked in the balls, and I told her that the worst that had happened to me was that I slipped off the seat of my bike and crushed my balls on the bar.

    We snuck around to the back of her house and went into the garden shed and I let her touch and feel my balls and penis. She lowered her pants and let me touch and feel her. From then on our conversations were more mature, we talked all the time about growing up and how people had sex. It didn't cross our minds at the time, but we were both younger kids in our families, she had three older sisters and an older brother, and two younger siblings, and I was the third of six.

    We would escape on to the roof of my house. You could get out a window on the second floor to the roof over the kitchen, and then up onto the main roof of the house. We would take these large beach towels and go lay out there and talk. The world all around us down below, and we would lie up there and talk and she would play with my balls and penis. It was on the roof that we first kissed. It was also on the roof that I had my first ejaculation with her.

    We were in the tenth grade when she said it was time that we had intercourse. It was on my bed, we closed the door and she dropped her pants and laid back on the bed. She was on the edge, her legs hanging over the edge. Her legs were open just a little, she was hurrying me up to get my pants down. I got on her and we had penetration and ejaculation and then it was over. If it was a minute it lasted a long time.

    We didn't have intercourse again for a long time, not until we went to our senior prom. That night her older sister arranged for us to have a motel room and we had all naked, raw sexual intercourse. We had sex a couple of times that night. She wasn't worried, her sister had gotten her on the pill three months before. It was all planned. That night, all naked together, I really appreciated her. You may imagine a lot, you may have gotten a boob out of a bra cup, but having her all naked, head to toe, what could be better than that.

    My wife, her name is Anita by the way, was taught step by step by her older sisters, she was educated on the art of fondling me, of giving me head in the movie theater, of letting me get from base to base, she was told how and when to have intercourse, she was put on the pill by them. She and her sisters get together and have discussions about sex, what to do, how to do it, what not to try. They are very inventive, and what works they do over and over again, and what doesn't work is a one time thing.

    Still to this day, one of my favorite things, my favorite thing, is to watch tv on my bed and she lays beside me with her head on my lap and she plays with my penis and my balls. There are many minutes of massage, a few minutes of intense kissing and sucking, if she happens to get me too excited, she blows me hard and gets me off, and we go back to watching the movie or the show.

    Anita is a whole lot of things. She grew up as a girl amongst girls and she manages the house very well, and she has her daughters help now that they are old enough. She degreed but has been a stay at home mom once the little ones started to come along. We are in our early forties, we have five kids. But our time together is important. I don't know what she teaches her girls, or what happens when the girls all get together, aunts and female cousins. The girls know what they need to know, that's all I'm told.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 27

    I took me about 6 months, starting with q-tips one at a time, then after about 8 of them, my finger, then my middle finger, then two fingers and finally my cock. I can and DO fuck my girlfriends pee-hole. It's incredible. The first several times it hurt but after a month or so she can cum from it now. I now have a 4 hole girlfriend.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was forced to retire when I turned 67, a small package and out the door. I moved into a small apartment in a subsidized retirement community complex. I live alone as I am divorced. I started walking to get out. I went grocery shopping, went to the mall once or twice a week. I didn't meet anyone. People just came and went.

    I was at Walmart, really just cruising the isles, I didn't need anything. I was in the plumbing section. A man, a little younger than me starting asking for advise and we got to talking. He touched me and I let him. He touched me again and put his hand on my stomach. We talked and our hands touched. We agreed to get a cup of coffee and talk about his plumbing problems. I told him about my new place. He asked if he could come see my apartment, he had driven by so many times and often wondered what the apartments were like.

    In my apartment I sucked him. It was so good to suck a man again. As I have gotten older I found that I get a lot of pleasure from that.

    He is not one of these men who wants to get going fast. We talked and he let me suck him on the couch. I got naked and asked him if he wanted to get naked with me. I love being naked with a man. We fondled, kissed and sucked, and he agreed that we could kiss. I love kissing, I need kissing, somehow kissing makes me want to have sex. We had sex in the bedroom. I love the feeling, I always have. Like I said, he is not one of those men who are into haste. He was gentle and talked to me the entire time he was having sex with me.

    He has a family so we see each other on weekends. He knows where I live so he comes by. Even if he can't stay very long, we kiss and he lets me suck him for a while. More than once I sucked a guy who got angry if he couldn't cum. It doesn't work that way. It takes a lot to help him cum, especially once you get older. He is really my only friend in this neighborhood. From time to time I call and meet up for lunch with one of the guys I worked with, but that is once a quarter. There really isn't much in common, seeing that we are generation apart in age.

    I intend to take a couple of courses at the junior college, in English literature. Retirement is not easy. The financial concerns alone make it hard. Being alone is also hard. For now I have my new friend. My family asks me if I have met a lady. I have, but right now I am not interested, right now I want to do what feels good. Kissing with my new friend and having sex with him. I need that right now, not trying to start a relationship with a lady friend.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 46

    I went with Mom to the Beauty parlor to get facials and our hair done for my recent birthday.I had my shortish hair styled a little straighter so it hung down a couple of extra inches down, A little more of a feminine style for me. We were both so happy with the way we looked. I put my gold Granny glasses on and looked in the mirror at Mom and me and felt so good about the way we looked,A little bronzer for me and a little light pink makeup made me look very sophisticated.Mom looked fabulouse too! I was wearing a little shirt dress so before we left the salon I too off my jeans. I wanted to show my legs off on my special day.I think I have nice legs a little on the heavy side but sexy enough. When mom saw me with out my jeans she nearly shrieked at me at how short my dress was, It covered my white panty crotch in front, In the back however about five inches of my white cotton panties were exposed.I guess my ass had grown a bit since the last time i had put it on years ago.. "Oh 'don't worry so much mama""I can pull it down a bit in one'll notice'' Patrice the Salon owner sided with me.She looked my exposed legs over with interest "OH Let Penny wear the dress.she wants to Experience her day...." "Yes Mom let me experience today. You know with my legs free to experience the cool air, I feel incredibly liberated." Patrice Told me "You Go Girl!!"m I pumped my fist with bravado and yeelled out"Wooo,Woo Whoo!"in response. Patricice arched her brows on her lovely face in a quisical manner. "I smiled at her and said Thank you Patrice" "I pulled my shirt dress down in back a little and said I cought my breath excitedly and said "Well wish me and Mama well Patrice" "I hope we don't need it Mabey I'll find a husband out of this"I winked. I gave Patrice a hug and we left. I was wearing a pair of tan clogs with chunky heel that clipped and clopped as I walked. We first went to a lovely little florist shop. where I picked out a small bouquet for mom and I bought myself a little paper of flowers. The Lady was very nice to us.I had brought my little blue cart for our planned shopping expidition So I arranged the flowers in my cart. After the Florist shop we went to our local grocer and picked up some fruits and vegetables. In the grocery there were a couple of women who spoke to mom and about things. One said "your daughter is gracious and lovely is she looking to meet someone?" Mom perked up and said " "Oh, Penny is still very single".Mom looked me over"Do you know someone for her. She keeps talking about how she woul like to meet a nice man, And about how good a mother she would be...." I shot her a look and smiled "T.M.I. mom TMI. Too much Information."I went over to the fish counter wher Benny the fish department man was. he must have heard the ladies conversation because he said "Single a lovely girl like you,Penny"? He never coplemented me before. As a matter of fact we never really noticed each other before today. Yes ,sure Benny I am. "You look lovely today Penny"I noticed him looking over my exposed legs. I eyed him with new found interest and said "Really Benny?" I rubbed my legs protectively a bit and said"THank you so much! Did anyone ever tell you you are so sweet?" I let my smile linger on him a moment. "Say Benny ,how is the Salmon today Is it Fresh?" :Ohh Yes it is as fresh as you after your morning shower,honey: I cought my breath at that and mock scolded him,"Benny,Benny,Benny what am I going to do with you"? I turned around and walked over to mom and said. "Mama,the salmon looks nice and fresh today.I think I'll pick out about four pieces for us" As I walked toward mom I looked back at Benny. He was talking to another custemer but he was watching me walk. So he saw my little pantie show.....good. The elastic waist band of my panties was becoming a little loose so I had to either walking in very mincing steps to keep them from falling or walk in a very wide legged slow manner to keep them up . I chose the wide legged method. Ishoul have put new panties on this mornig. It would have made a better impression. I slowly made my way back to Benny."Well Benny,pick me out four nice slices for mama n'me for the week' "Hey Benny,it's my birthday today" "I'm taking my mom to the cafee to have a little cofee and cake ,perhaps a salad and then we hit the Thrift Shops. Hey Sounds very excitiing,I'm happy for you kid,You know Penny Birthdays agree with you, you look younger then ever!!!! "I beamed up at him in appreciation...I sort of said in a tentative voice "Maybe next time you can take me thrifting?/ Wec'n see huh Benny?" I can cook good too.... "We see kid We'll see...: " I looked up at him and Said"That I smiled and mama and I said good bye to the guys and Benny.'d be nice my Benny" I turned my back to him and carefully put the groceries in my blue cloth cart. I placed our flowers on top. I could only hope Benny liked what he saw.:) I had to do my slow wide legged walk to the door, If he wanted I let Benny see my loose paities... I was getting a little moist and excited down there. I hadn't felt so good in a long time I could almost burst out crying. Next we walked over to the cafee and I asked Mama if she knew if Benny was Single.She would try to find out . Besides, I would talk to him again myself!!! Along the way a couple of rowdy kids seem to have noticed Me. "Hay look at that old Whore doin' that slow walk in her big noisy shoes . She must think She's sexy!! "I'd play connect the dots with my tongue on them big thighs and end in her P---sy" "I'd eat that old Whore Out!!! and she'd beg me for more!!!" The young man was reffering to the beauty marks I have all around my legs. A former boyfriend once called me spotty when we went to the beach.. I looked at mama and said "Ithappens every time some one comes arounnd to rain on my parade. I'll handle this Mom. Don't you worry.: I turned around to smile at them. Thay saw my face and yelled"Whoa,and with a face that looks like a soggy bowl of Cornflakes!!!" "hey guys please walk away from us and don't follow us." "You don't want me to call the cops do you?" Don't ruin you'r afternoon guys. You don't know me, I can take care of you guys. I studied Karate andd fought a few matches.!!!!'''" "Have a little respect for my mom. "Well Why are you walking around in your panties? Your panties look like they can fall down any second bitch!!! And look she has a tattoo of a teddy bear and balloons on her ass. Ha ha ha. Stupid candy ass slut. She dosn't even bother to change her panties,,, Bet you wore those panties for the last week."Well Maybe'i got problems"I shouted I said a little more gently, "Hey guys I'm sorry if my legs and exposed panties offend you. But We are gonna need you to leave us alone. Mom and I were very frightened at this point.. "Just go guys,don't ruin your lives and get a police record. Have a little respec
    fort for a couple of older ladies . You lives have your whole lives ahead of you. IGo out and make something of your lives better. In a few years I want us to see you made a suceess of yourselves.... We can pray for you guys.... Say Guys okey. They stopped in their tracks and watched us go.... A half a block ahead I saw them still standind there . They flashed us the Peace sign. I Peaced them back.... I turned to mama and told her I was sorry She had to go through that. I lookes down and realised that my panties were saaking wet I peed my panties.... I hope to write again soon about out little at this point more somber and quiet private birthday party and our trip to the thrift shop. Thanks guys Allthe Best Peace Out!!!

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