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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    So my best friends mom is finally divorced from her cheating arse of a husband, I have grown up with their daughter since I moved into the street when I was 5; we became friends quickly and did everything together, fast forward to me being a teenager and crushing on her mom.

    It was a running joke that I always gave her mom a hug before her, her mom is not a supermodel, she rocks a pudgy tummy, slightly overweight, but it is her personality and attitude that drew me to her. She always wore some leather, it could be trousers or boots or jackets but she always had to have her leathers.

    So they got divorced last year, Anne (the mom) is now 60 but still has the same spark that gave me some raging hard-ons and intense dreams from when I was a teen.

    So I knew that she was on her own as my mate is away with work, so no one would be dropping in on her; I took a chance to fulfil my childhood fantasy.

    I showed up at Anne's a fortnight ago on the Saturday on the pre-text of making sure she was ok and if she needed any help or things done around the house.

    Anne thanked me and I gave her a hug that was just a little bit more than friendly, she did not comment and just leaned in a bit before I pulled away.

    So I got on with some of the bits she needed doing and I stopped and had a drink she made me, Anne asked if I could help carry down the boxes of her ex's stuff and put them in the garage. I said sure and she took my arm and led me to the room holding his stuff and giving me a playful slap on the bum told me to get to it whilst she tidied up her room.

    I instantly felt turned on when she slapped my bum and just said "naughty woman" to which she smirked and said "yep" and winked as she walked off.

    I quickly got the boxes shifted and plucking up the courage I knocked on her bedroom door, manners after-all and I heard her say come in.

    She was sat on the end of her bed, a few tears coming down her cheeks and I sat by her and asked what was wrong.
    She told me how lonely she now was and how she needed someone in her life, with her daughter away with work and her own family to look after she did not come round as much. She said how much she needed a man, how she had not felt love in a while.

    I knew she was talking to me because she knows me as one of the family, but as I put my arm around her and pulled her close she leaned in and asked if anyone could love her at her age.

    I said I would, she looked up at that and I leaned down and captured her lips, putting as much into it as I could.

    Her response blew me away as I was shoved back on to the bed; I got to spend the night with my teenage wet dream crush and it was so much better than I could possibly imagine; we fucked and screwed all night and I fell asleep with her in my arms.

    I spent every night there for over a week, as I helped do the housework and chores whilst she got ready for the night; I got to explore her leather collection and even indulged in a bit of bondage ( I liked being tied to bed)

    So my confession is that I am having a great time with a wonderful woman, but her daughter can never know.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    cont. from my confession about older men;

    Just to repeat from my last post, Iam a 20yr.old Indonesian student and when I would let older men see up my dress I would get a tingle below in my panties. This started when I was 14yrs. old. My next experience happened when a family friend would visit and he always treated me good and as if I was older. sometimes during summer while my parents were at work he come visit and we watch t.v. I would either wear tiny shorts or a short skirt , I knew he was looking at my legs so once when I sat next to him I was wearing shorts that day and my shorts had moved up my thighs and I looked down and the only part of my lower body the shorts covered was just my girl area. I looked up at my friend out of the corner of my eyes and he was looking down at my uncovered thighs.
    I should let everyone know he was 26 and I was 14teen when this started.
    I saw his dick growing under his shorts. I now he wanted me so I got up to get water and when I came back without asking I sat down on his lap .looking up at him he was nervous so I asked him if he wanted me to get off him? no its ok he said. as we watched t.v. I would wiggle around feeling his very warm hard dick pressing against my bottom.
    I knew he wanted to have sex with me so bad but I haven't even seen a dick yet in real life only in porn video I watched. he held my hips and started grinding his hard hot dick between my butt cheeks . started slowly and then he was getting faster and harder. holding my body down as he moved his dick faster and I was getting worried we might have sex. he was moaning then he pulled me off his lap and he pulled his hard dick out OMG it was huge and so hard. he took my hand and wrap around it and moved up n down. I liked it, felt so hard but soft skin and the faster I moved up n down the more he seem to like it. he got stiff and told me to kiss it. ok so as I was leaning down to kiss the tip his dick shot a big bunch of white stuff all over my face.
    will cont. later if you want me to; I wish I can let everyone see what I look like.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 44

    When my nineteen year old son who has severe learning difficulties, was seventeen, he told me his lower stomach and balls were aching, I immediately took him to the doctor fearing all sorts of terrible things. The doctor basically and very matter of factly, told me my son needed to masturbate to alleviate the tension in his balls. But my son on returning home got all upset, telling me he didn't like pleasuring himself, as he'd heard in church it was evil.
    Knowing he had to relieve the pressure, I waited until my husband went to work the following day and got my son to sit naked on his bed, telling him his mum would make him feel good and special, even in the eyes of the lord.
    Getting him to close his eyes I took my sons limp cock into my mouth and began to suck. His penis soon rose and became hard, and my son began to moan softly. Running my tongue along his thick cock shaft as I sucked on his dick, I soon had my son humping my mouth. His moans changed too, getting louder and deeper. Then with his cock forcing it's way down my throat, he bucked and came, flooding my mouth and throat with his seed. As he came I heard him shouting out "It feels soooo good". Keeping him in my mouth for a short time, I suckled on his cock making my son squirm as he told me it was too much.
    Releasing his cock, I lay next to him and asked my son if he felt any better. My son replied making me laugh "My balls don't ache now, but I think I might like you to do it again".
    It was then I removed my clothing. My son later told me he'd watched me a few times getting undressed, and that his penis had become hard. But he quickly added "I never played with myself though". It's funny looking back, I know he was telling the truth when he said he didn't touch himself.
    Lay naked next to the young man I'd given birth to, I knew sucking his cock wasn't correct, but I also knew he needed looking after, and besides who else was there.
    Moving my hand down to his cock, I found he'd become hard again. The feeling of his hardness in my hand made my pussy quiver with want, but surely that was taking things to far. Asking my son if he'd like to make me feel special, he responded by asking me how.
    Positioning us around, I had his cock right in front of my face again. Looking down I could see he was staring at my pussy. So I told him to kiss and lick me in between my legs, to tongue up and down my pussy. Sucking on his cock, I felt him darting his tongue all over my pussy. When his tongue finally flicked over my clit, I let his cock fall from my mouth and asked him to suck on the little button he'd just licked.
    Locked in a wonderful sixty nine with my own son, I went from one orgasm to the next. At first he thought he'd hurt me as I cried out, but once he knew I was enjoying his actions on my pussy, my son stuck his tongue right up the whole he'd entered the world through.
    Our bodies were so entwined, I lost all focus at one stage, and actually had my sons balls slapping against my eyes. It was that intense for me, I had trouble separating the fact he was indeed my son and almost asked him to fuck me. But that was too far.
    Climaxing again, my son resurfaced from my pussy and shouted out he was cumming. It was beautiful to watch his cum spurting all over my breasts as I tossed his thick cock, milking him to the last drop.
    All the worry I'd had over his health was something as simple as making sure I helped him ejaculate on a regular basis, and now we'd broken the taboo of i****t, it became from that point onwards a very regular sexual release for my son, and also for me.
    He became unimaginably good at tonguing my pussy and latterly my arsehole, always making sure his mother had at least one, but often more, earth shattering orgasms. We became lovers without my son having lost his virginity to me. My husband was and still is non the wiser, as my son knows it would break our family if he found out. So usually when my husband's at work, myself and my son find time to make sure he never suffers from the horrible pain he did two years ago.
    Over the past two years, having looked up intercourse on the internet, my son has asked, pestered me to allow him to fuck my pussy and arsehole. So far I've held him off promising him he'd find a girl eventually, someone amazing to fulfill his desires in the sense. But he's always been adamant it should be me who gives him that very special sexual awakening. As he says "Who'd want me". The fact is, I would.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I was on my way to north Qld stopped at a truck stop for a break ordered a feed and sat down .There was a couple near me so to be polite I asked were they were heading ? . Nowhere he said car trouble , he asked were I was going . to -------- I said . They told me they were going to a town close by for a her mothers birthday.Can I help in any way? . They looked at each other then he said I have to stay with the car but could I take his wife? I told them I would be taking an overnight stop at ----------- ========== as at my age I dont drive after dark, but I would be glad to have the company. We set off after Id eaten it didnt take long till this I guess 40 year old to tell me her husband would be in the pub and chatting up the barmaid by now. She was a good looking woman not slim but not fat just normal and to a 75 year old desirable.We talked about family jobs and inevitably sex came up.I said being alone I didnt get any but that didnt mean I didnt look, she said her husband prefered to drink and try to pick up women at the pub and she said maybe men.By this time we were at our stopover spot,I asked if she wanted to share a room? Why notshe said we got the room .After getting a feed we had a couple of beers and went back to our room .I had a shower and got into bet put the tv on while Jill showered,when she came out she had a very light nighty on ,can I sit on your bed to watch tv she asked cant see it from mine. Ofcourse I agreed ,After a couple of minutes she slpped her feet under the cover. Have you pjs on she said ? no does that worry you ? Jill not at all if my husband isnt home {he works away] I sleep naked she said.Because of the beer I needed the loo, look away while I go to the loo I told her ,when I came out of the loo she smiled and said nice.You were meant to look away I said as I got back in bed. No sooner was I in when Jill got out to go too,next thing her nighty landed on the bed she came out of the bathroom naked with a smile a mile wide stood facing me then got in bed and snuggled up to me. I dont think words needed so I stroked her belly then tits then down to a warm and wet c**t.She by now had my cock in hand slowly strokig.I love to make women cum with my tongue so dived under the covers and lapped like a cat drinking milk.She moved about lifting her arse up and her legs were never still.Her juices were running down to her arse so i used them to help my finger enter her bum.She eventually came with a loud groan.She grabed me and held me till she calmed down.Jill told me she wasnt on the pill and she would suck me off or she hadnt done it before but I could fuck her arse. I love being sucked off so Jill went down and gave me the best head even swallowing my spunk.We lay in eachothers arm kissing and letting our hands wander, We woke a couple of times and in the morning she asked me to fuck her arse it took a while to get in but once in she told me to go for it. I did we have plans to do the return trip together in a weeks time . Cant wait

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    So after 3 and a half years with my ex. We found ourselves in a bad situation. Our sex life was a great as ever but we had to move in with my parents whilst we waited to move to our new house. My parents were old school. Basically the phrase, not under our roof, still stood firm. Even though we had a 1 year old son together. And with him in with us in the shared room. We were sexually frustrated to say the least.
    I think it was in that period of time, about 5 weeks, we both developed some kinks and desires.
    We could really only partake in mutual masturbation and the odd quicky whilst we lived with my rents.
    We had experimented with many things. From Role play to Anal(both). But in that time we developed some deviant stuff between us.
    The first thing to come up was during a quiet wank session between us.
    Angie was talking about how wet she was imagining the things we do. At that time we both had underwear on. I loved how wet she got. Almost like she had peed her knickers. With thst in mind i had a thought. It was a dirty thought. Took me back to a porno i had seen at a mates house.
    I keot it quiet as i listened to Angie talk about her wetness and how she cant even go to the toilet without feeling the wet gusset of her panties. She then confessed that she had even masturbated after licking her knickers. Something we both loved to do as well as share my cum and her squirt. I was so hard. My fat 9 incher throbbing. In a split second of horniness i blurted out. "Fuck id love to see you piss!". Angie lay stiill and silent for a second. Before quickly continuing to rub her clit under her wet knickers. "Oh baby, thats so naughty" she said with excitement. "I never thought of that before" she added. I was by now super horny. Precum leaking from my tip.
    Angie then kissed me hard. She was masking her orgasm. I felt her body jolt violently as she came. Eventually she lay still. Kissing me as i continued to wank.
    She pulled away suddenly and then moved down to greedily suck my cock. As she sucked and licked she pulled away briefly and told me she loved my peeing idea. I came within minutes, thinking about what may lay ahead for us. As per Angie swallowed my heavy load.
    We lay talking about our new found fun. With Angie being a nurse she explained that piss was sterile most the time and that it may be fun to experiment. She seemed to get turned on by the idea of something other thsn spunk shooting from my dick.

    Needless to say as soon as we settled into our new home. We christened it with more thsn the usual.

    More of our filthy fun to come guys

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 52

    My name is Steve and have been married for 28 years to the love of my life. I can't say I never dreamed of cheating on my wife nut have enjoyed looking and occasionally jacking off thinking of someone else. I never saw it coming until I meet 29 year old and single Andrea. I went to a doctors appointment and when I was leaving Andrea who couldn't get her car started. She was a short bleach blond about 5'2" a little on the heavy side but still had a cute figure. I tried to help but couldn't seem to get it either. I told her she needed to call her husband to get advise when she informed me she was divorced bad one and her dad was working. So I offered to take her home and she accepted. She got in and the first thing I noticed was her perfume, she had it on strong. The drive was about three miles and she just started telling me about her three kids 12,8 and 4. She told me they were her world. I told her about my family just small talk. Got her home she said thanks got out and that was that. She found me on Facebook asked to be my friend and I accepted and that's when it began. We would chat on messenger and the next thing I knew we were talking about our sex lives and how she hadn't had any cock for over a year and craved it. This was new to me to be talking about this to anyone other than my wife. She was even telling me about her periods and things. One day after my wife left for work (I work at home) she contact by messenger and asked if she could see me, I asked if we could do lunch and she said that wasn't what she had in mind. My dick jumped in my pants and without even using my brain I said ok and left for her house. When I arrived her kids had left for school and she was still in her PJ's. We hugged and she led me into the living room and sat me down and sat on my lap and we began to kiss. I began to feel her very small boobs and she reached down took off her shirt and in no time was I looking at her tits. Like a pro I took them into my mouth and started to suck each one. She started to moan and was moving her hips (rubbing her pussy on my leg). This was all new to me, my wife never moaned when you sucked her tits she was always quiet. She took off my shirt and we hugged bare chest on the couch kissing with her legs wrapped around my leg. After about 20 minutes of that she looked at me and said lets go to bed. We got up as she led me to her room. She stripped and so did I as we laid down she started to suck my dick and WOW!!!!!! she was good or maybe its been a while for me either way I LOVED it. I rolled her over and looked at her shaved pussy (wife's is hairy) and she asked me if I wanted it? I kissed her legs up to her pussy as I began to smell and taste her. She went wild and in about 30 seconds came all over my face. She was very wet. She looked at me with a BIG grin and her face was all blushed out. She ask if I wanted to fuck her tight pussy bareback and I said YES!!!! She rolled over on her knees and just before I entered she said my dick was hers now and not my wife's. She wasn't looking for a relationship just something that was hers and hers only. I could have sex with my wife she just couldn't see or have my dick anymore. Basically I could eat her out but it was Andrea that had to satisfy me. I should have ran but with my dick inches from heaven I agreed and pushed it in. Wow it was amazing she came the minute I entered and I came within a minuter of entering shooting my seed deep in her. We fucked for about an hour I came once more in her and she came many more times. The bed was soaked. We lied in our juices for a while and fell asleep in each others arms. Around 12:30 we woke up and took a shower together and ended up fucking again. I left went home. I regretted it and she wouldn't stop messaging me with fuck request. I told her I shouldn't and she reminded me of what I agreed to and even recorded it (without me knowing) and would send to wife if I didn't satisfy her sexual desires. So I gave in and we fucked some more until she was pregnant. To make a looooong story short I am now single, my Ex hates me, my kids hate me and Andrea???? Well I pay child support to a beautiful 3 yr old girl but her Mom is now married and not to me. I'm very lonely now and occasionally will find some ugly chick in a bar to fuck

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I would give anything to have a girlfriend or a wife that would fuck other men and come home with her pussy and her panties dripping wet with some other mans cum for me, I want to feel it, smell it, taste it, lick it, suck it all out, lick her clean and let her feed me her dirty used sloppy wet cum filled pussy.. I want this more than anything sexually, I would not even expect to be able to fuck her, she would be in control of who fucks her and I would have to lick her clean and make her cum every single time someone else fucked her!!

    I have never even been close to a creampie that was not mine, but I crave it like nothing else sexually and would be thrilled to clean up my woman after someone satisfied her pussy for her.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 32

    My uncle was my best friend. He must've been in his early 40s when I was 8 or 9. The memory is blurry but for sure, he played with me sexually. He was Mum's younger brother and lived in our house for a couple of months that year.

    I remember my Uncle was lying on the floor. I was sitting on his chest. He tickled me, blew on my belly button that got me giggling non-stop. Then he carried me up onto his face. I didn't stop giggling, I think. He then tickled my crotch through my lacey panties.

    Perhaps the sensation was very new, different from being tickled on my sides, underarms. I remember trying to laugh but I felt odd. My uncle must have sensed the awkwardness so he would alternately tickle me and back to nozzling on my crotch.

    I think this went on for a while until it was a norm that I sat on his face when we played. That one particular day, my Uncle pushed my panties aside and licked my pussy. His tongue was warm. I remember that I liked it. There was alot of teasing, playing and his tongue flickered on my clit alot.

    Soon, I was lying on my back. My Uncle had me spread my legs while he buried his face in between. He licked my tiny hole alot. His finger massaged the outside. I remember the first time he unzipped his pants, he let out his dick. He told me that it was a joystick for his body. He said I was allowed to play with it. If I wanted to make him feel good. I have held his dick many times but after that he would jerk off and tuck it back into his pants.

    Looking back, my Uncle definitely inserted his finger into my pussy. I know that for sure. The memory of a clenched fist, with a finger moving in and out between my thighs. My Uncle moved away after that and not quite sure what happened to him.

    When I was older, I masturbated but only touched myself on the outside. I never penetrated myself until I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. There was no blood, nothing. I never bled.

    I sometimes think about my Uncle. I'm in my 30s and I'd absolutely love to fuck him.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 24

    For a long time, I've wanted to try sucking cock. Just the thought of having my mouth filled with thick man meat made me so hard. Eventually, I decided to experiment, so I signed up for this fetish site and made a post, something along the lines of, "24 y/o man wants to suck dick." I wasn't disappointed, and after a day or two, got a reply. The man I met was in the same boat as I was, looking to experiment with another man, but he was married and wanted something discreet, so it was perfect. After talking for a while and getting comfortable with one another, we decided to meet up and give it a shot.

    The day arrived and I was super excited/nervous about it. He came over to my place, and I saw he was quite a bit older than me, middle-aged, but pretty handsome. We chatted for a bit, trying to settle our nerves, then got into it. We'd agreed that he would go first, so he started by rubbing my cock through my pants. It felt pretty good, and I helped him pull off my shorts and underwear. We moved to the bed, with me sitting on the edge and him kneeling in front of me. He settled for jerking me for a few minutes, which felt good, although, because of my nerves, I wasn't all that hard at first. Then he lowered his head and took me into his mouth.

    I'll admit, at this point in my life, I haven't had many blowjobs in my life, but this felt fantastic. He alternated between shallow and deep sucks, and was able to take me down to the balls. Every now and then he'd pop me out and take long, slow licks up and down my shaft and balls. His mouth was warm and wet, and his tongue felt wonderful. I leaned back on my elbows and started groaning, getting harder to the point that he couldn't take me quite as deep as before. After a few minutes, I felt myself getting close and let him know. He just grinned and told me to go ahead and cum. He held the tip of my cock in his mouth and jerked me to finish, and I blew a huge load in his mouth, which he happily swallowed.

    I took a minute to recover, then it was my turn. We switched positions, with him on the bed and me between his legs. Now I was even more nervous, and I just jerked him for a few minutes, trying to work myself up to it. Eventually, I thought, Fuck it, and went for it, lowering my head to suck him down. At first, it felt really weird. I'd tried with dildos before, but having a live, warm, throbbing cock on my tongue was just so different. I started sucking on him as he had. He was a bit smaller than me, so even hard I could take all of him inside. I sucked, licked, nibbled and jerked him, listening to him moan. Several times, he had me stop to give him a chance to back off, explaining that his wife rarely gave him head and he wanted to savor this. Eventually though, he couldn't stand it any more and told me he needed to cum. I didn't want it in my mouth, but I let him stand over me and jerk himself onto my face. I have to say, I loved the feel of warm, sticky spunk oozing down my face.

    I felt a little strange after he left, but it was a good feeling, and now, more than ever, I find myself craving smooth, hard cock running over my tongue and hitting the back of my throat. Maybe next time, I'll get the courage to swallow.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    I confess that older men make me horny and I enjoy how they handle my needs and take care of my sexual needs. Excuse my English sometimes I dont know how to say the correct words . Iam a 20 yr.old Indonesian student and I will tell you more about what I look like today after I tell you my first experience how I knew right then for some reason I enjoyed when older men looked at me. I was fourteen and was at the mall with two of my friends. I liked wearing shorts or skirts at a young age never thought much about why but this day I was wearing a skirt and both my friends were wearing pants . We stopped and got something to eat and as we sat down me on one side of the table and friends on the other. While we were waiting for our food I noticed a older man sitting two tables in front of me. He didnt think I saw him but his eyes were looking under our table. Thats when I felt a lil naughty because I knew he was trying to look under my skirt. My friends hadnt noticed bcause their backs were facing him. For some reason I felt a tingle below in my panties ,I was feeling daring so as he was taking a drink from his soda I slowly opened my legs so he could see my white panties. His eyes got wide and he choked on his drink . Now I knew he was looking up my skirt. I was shy but I opened my knees and closed them, open n closed letting this older man, a stranger I never met before look up me skirt and see my white panties.
    After a couple minutes he stood up and I could see his shorts had a big bulge in them. I wasnt stupid I knew what happened but I thought he was coming over to our table but as he walked past I could see the outline of his hard dick . He was only a couple feet away from us when he walked past. My friends had no clue what had just happened and I thought to myself WOW I just let a stranger see my panties and he liked seeing my body. When I finally got home back to my room I started using my big mirror to learn how different positions would show off my panties and bra. To be cont. If there are enough people who want more I have more. let me know

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