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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 52

    Along with Shirley, my colleague, I work in a small company as a general office assistant. The company owner, Fritz, is a sweet old fellow and I've known him for around five years. Sometimes his son, Fritz Junior who is a widower, having lost his young wife to cancer, comes in, says hello, looks the books over and leaves. He is a dream to look at and is a gentleman like his dad. I've had a maddening crush on him since I've been here (5 years). Shirley knows about it and has suggested I flirt with Junior but I lack the guts, mostly because he is 20 years younger than I am.

    I'm sure this is not much of a confession but I plan to quit my job. I just can't be around junior with this maddening crush.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 47

    You might call this a confession and perhaps it belongs in the Family Section. But I posted it here because it involves a sex act which, unfortunately, was never committed.

    A couple of the guys and myself were watching porn videos that were brought over from the Netherlands. The guy who owned them was pilot and flew international flights. He had stay-overs in Amsterdam where he occasionally visited video stores that carry porn material. he bought a couple of them and when he told us the price in euros (we had to convert to American dollars), we were surprised that they were so expensive. The pilot said it was because they were the "real thing", sex between a mother and her adult son. I was skeptical because any such videos that I have watched always involves role playing between porn actors. But the pilot said that the video store owner assured him that they were real and that "he would get his money's worth", or some such expression.

    Even from my teenage years I have always been fascinated by the thought of sexual activity with my mother. She was the first woman that I ever saw topless and later naked and I can still remember how horny I got the first time I got a good look at her breasts. I was about 15 and they were so beautiful. Mom had me when she was 23 so I calculate that she was 23 + 15 == 38 years old. Not much later I remember seeing (and hearing) through a slit in their bedroom door dad fucking mom. Dad was ding it from behind. I still remember the thump, thump, thump and Mom asking him, "Are you finished?". Mom subsequently got pregnant with my third sister. At the time, I wondered what it would feel like to stick my penis into Mom. Nothing more. Just that.

    I graduated from high school at 18 and I was still a virgin. I had seem Mom's c__t one time when she had bent over wearing nothing but her petticoat. She was pouring milk into the cat's tray and I was standing behind her. It was the perfect look and her vagina slit was so clear that I can remember it now many years later.

    I left home at 18, worked abroad, got married, and had my own kids. But too continue with the story, we all started watching this video from the Netherlands and discovered that it wasn't in English. But the pictures told the story. The first part of the video showed a typical Dutch family going through a family album. The viewer is shown several pictures including that of the husband, the wife, a boy and a girl. The narrator seems to focus on the wife and the boy who gets older and older as more pictures are shown. Finally we see the boy who is now a young man and his mother who is also older now sitting next to each other holding hands. The narrator seems to talk to them for quite as while but eventually the mother and boy leave the room and enter what appears to be the boy's bedroom. There are graduation pictures of him, family pictures and other paraphernalia. Then, amazingly, both the young man and him mom begin to undress one garment at a time. When they are both naked, she begins to perform oral sex on him and this goes on for some time. The photography leaves nothing for the imagination. She then mounts him and they fuck quite passionately. He then rolls her over and fucks her really hard and fast in the missionary position. This goes on and on until he reaches his climax, ejaculates into her and pulls out. The video ends showing his mother's legs spread apart and semen oozing out of her vagina.

    All of us were pretty amazed at the video and agreed these were not actors role playing. They even show baby pictures of the son and of the mother, although I don't know why they were included. Anyways, it was a pretty amazing video.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    I signed up for an account on one of the adult dating sites. I just wanted to browse around while my wife is out of town. I started watching the different member's web cams. I was amazed at the number of great looking women showing themselves to the world. What I liked the most was just how much they seemed to enjoy doing it. I love women who are in touch and open with their sexuality. Even with so many gorgeous ladies showing off, I found myself more and more watching men with nice sized cocks jacking off for the camera. It really got me hard. Also, as exciting as the sex chat was with the women, it was even better with the men. I chatted much more nasty to the men than I did with the women. I was even tempted to hook up with a few of the guys that messaged me. I came really close with a guy from out of town. He was going to be staying at a local hotel in my town on the weekend. I probably would have gone through with it, but he messaged me a couple of days prior to let me know his business trip had been canceled.
    I thought that I should cancel my account in order not be tempted any further. The only problem now is that the idea of hooking up with another man for sex is overwhelming. I think I may have unlocked the gay man inside me. Not sure where this is going to go.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    I'm not gay nor have I ever had any feelings like that until yesterday, and I really would not call it a gay feeling. Yesterday when I was done working out at the Y I seen this guy coming out of the shower, I turned around and he was there, this guy should be a porn star, his cock was incredible, by far the biggest dick I have ever seen on a guy, he most definitely had a man cock, it had to hang down 8 or 9 inches and was very veiny, I can only imagine how fucking big that thing would be rock hard, he most definitely has a pussy pleaser, I bet the woman or women he fucks with that thing have to love it, I guarantee you he makes whatever pussy he gets that thing into cum like crazy! I whacked off 3 times yesterday afternoon, once last night and once this morning, everytime thinking about or fantasizing about how hot it would have to be to see or spy on him pumping that big cock into my wife, I can imagine the cum she would leave on that dick, it would have to be hot as hell to see her reactions and hear the kind of moaning she would be doing if he had her spread eagle and was on top missionary position burring that meat balls deep about as fast as he could pound it in & out of her, probably be the last time I would get any of her pussy, I know that guy has to be one hell of a fuck, wish I had a cock like that, some dudes have all the luck !

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 33

    Among the more irresponsible things I have done.

    I was in Denver attending a vendor presentation, and I had taken a cab back to the airport for a late night flight. I got into a conversation with the cab driver, told him the whole trip had been a stress, we talked about a couple of nonsense things, he asked me if I had ever stepped out and tried something different. I said like what, and he said that every once in a while I should consider doing something crazy, and I had ever gotten together with a man. I answered something like 'your crazy'. He got off the freeway and found a place to pull over in a parking lot and leaned over the seat and asked me if I could use a blow job.

    My answer was I was going to miss my flight, and he said yes, but your going to get a blowjob and feel a lot better, to consider it part of the cab fare. I could catch a later flight. He drove to a parking garage and found a secluded corner and came and got in the back seat and started to give me a blowjob. He told me to settle down, no one came there, he used that place a lot and he wanted me to enjoy it. I was in a total erection and he was pulling on me while he sucked and I started to work up to losing control.

    He stopped, and wiped his mouth and sat back and pulled out his dick and said he liked it long and hard, to suck on him and he would make sure I got my treat. With a grab by the neck and telling me that I knew I wanted it he bent me down and I took his dick in my mouth and started to suck on the head. He told me to take it all in and suck him hard and long, long hard sucks. While I was sucking him he had my dick in his hand jacking me off, he coached me until he told me I was going to cum, to keep my mouth on his dick, because if wasted any of it he was going to make me lick it up.

    I got four long hot shots in my mouth, he put his hand over my mouth and I swallowed it all. He bent over and sucked me and got me back to where I was and I came in his mouth and he swallowed it all. He pulled up his pants and offered me to go to his place and he would get me to the airport the next morning.

    His place was a one room apartment with a bed and small table and chair. He got undressed and laid on the bed and told me to get undressed and get on the bed with him. On the bed he sucked on me, and then insisted on kissing me, he fingered my a-hole, had me suck him again until he was fully erect. With his erection he stood up and went over to a drawer in the kitchen cabinet and told me to get on my stomach and he lubed and fingered my a-hole, getting two fingers in and then he got on me and slipped his dick all the way up to his balls and fucked me until he was able to cum again and got off. He washed my butt with a wet rag and started to lick me ass. He said he wanted to fuck me again, but we had to wait until he was recharged.

    He had me play with his dick, and suck his dick, and he jacked me and sucked me, we got in a 69 position. He got up and used the rag to clean his butt, told me to give it a try, once you go down on a guy you never forget, it was the ultimate act of appreciation. At first it was difficult to concentrate, but I was high on sex and once I got started I found that I liked it and rimmed him completely.

    We slept for a while, he woke me up around 3 a.m. and asked me if I wanted another fuck, I said yes, and he had me suck him into an erection, he lubed me up and fucked me again.

    In the morning, before heading to the airport I sucked after he got out of the shower and stood in the kitchen and he kissed me again. The ride to the airport was quiet, when we arrived he turned down the fare saying he had made me miss my flight and offered that if I was back in Denver to call him up and to be careful who I let fuck me.

    At home with my wife I got on her and fucked her until she complained.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 43

    My school friend and I were rummaging through his attic and we came upon a box pushed into a corner and covered with an old blanket. We opened the box and it had gay erotic magazines, naked men, men sucking men, men fucking men. There were several dozen magazines, I got an erection looking at the pictures. My friend let me borrow a couple of magazines and I masturbated to them. I dreamt of being able to suck on a cock, I lay naked on my bed with my legs open dreaming of a man fucking me. For my dreams I dreamt of my History teacher, he was a big man with a big belly and I had seen his cock in the bathroom when we were peeing. That's the cock I wanted to suck, the cock I dreamt of going in my ass.

    My friend let me exchange the magazines, until I had masturbated to all of them. He let me keep one, one that had a drawing of this Arab man fucking this boy in an oasis, with camels standing by with their cocks hanging out. I wanted to be that boy and I masturbated to that page of the magazine night after night.

    There was a man who mowed the lawn of the park that we rode through on our bikes after school. He was a foreign man, with dark skin and heavy whiskers and I would sit on a bench and watch him mow the lawn. He went back and forth, back and forth across the open field of the park. One afternoon in late fall, darkness came early, I rode my bike over to the other side of the field and waited for him to come by, he used this big push machine to collect the leaves. I waited for the right moment and I stood by the open area and urinated on the ground and when he came by I turned to face him with my boy cock in my hand.

    He asked me what my name was, he said he saw me stop at the park on the way home from school. He said his name was Julio. I told him that my mother wasn't home from work, so I stopped at the park because I didn't like to be alone in the house. He asked me why I was peeing right there and I told him I didn't feel comfortable going further into the bushes. I asked where he peed when he was working on the lawn and he said there was small restroom for workers a block away. I asked him if I could use it, because sometimes I had to hold it in. I asked him if he would take me.

    The bathroom was small, with one toilet and a small sink. I asked him if he wanted to pee, he went in and I went in with him. The space was small with him in the room and he told me that I should leave, but I said I wanted to stay I wanted to see when he peed. I told him he had seen me pee, and I took my cock out of my pants and stood there as if was going to pee. He took his cock out, it was huge, in the dark room it looked like a huge worm, I stood there with my cock out and watched him pee. When he was done I grabbed it and bent down and put it in my mouth.

    He still had pee on his cock, a light salty taste, but I just sucked him like I saw in the pictures of the magazines. He gained an erection and he rubbed my head and I was sucking him and sucking him. After a while he pushed my head away and said we should leave. He reached down and grabbed my cock and massaged it in his hand for a couple of minutes and I gave him one last suck and we put our cocks in our pants and he opened the door and he left first and told me to wait until he whistled for me to leave.

    During the winter he told me where to go to his apartment, I would arrive from behind and throw a small stone at a window, and he would leave the door open and I would sneak in. I loved sucking his cock and he had me get on the bed and lean down while he fingered me and got on me and he penetrated me with his cock. While I was penetrated, I always lost myself in the image of that Arab boy, I knew just how much that boy in the drawing was enjoying the camel driver fuck him. We met once or twice a week, he would tell me when, there was a spot close to the bathroom in the park where he would leave me a note with a day number and a time.

    He got around to sucking me and getting me to cum for him. I spent lots of hours sucking him, it was hard to make him cum, I couldn't get his cock all the way in mouth. But he did come from time to time. When he fucked me he always came, he was never through fucking me unless he came. Sometimes I went home and my butthole burned from the friction, other times it just felt sore and would sit on my butthole and rock back and forth and feel the pain.

    Julio was the camel driver for me, I have kept that magazine, it is in a safe place. If you open it, it falls open to the page of the camel driver and the boy in the desert.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My Mom died of cancer when I was three years old. My Dad killed himself when I was ten. He looked at me, told me that I made him do it then pulled out a gun and put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. What I remember the most is the explosion of blood and brain matter that went out of the back of his head and splattered against the wall. Then his body slumping over and almost falling on me. Blood came out of his mouth but then just stopped flowing. I called 911 and it wasn't' until the cop came to the door that I totally lost it. Dad had told me that Mom chose not to get chemo so that I could be born and so he blamed me saying I murdered my mom. But he had other problems and he couldn't deal with it and so he decided to shoot himself dead in front of me to punish me for being a horrible child.

    I had no family that I knew of other than my Dad. I had no siblings. My Dad was an only child. My mom had a sister but she died as a teen though I don't know what killed her. None of my grandparents were alive. I was taken to a youth shelter but forced to leave most of my belongings at home. As far as I know there was no funeral. I certainly didn't go to one and nobody told me anything about one. I was taken that night to the youth shelter which is where they also brought little criminals. It was a big building, like a school. They had kids there all ages from about four years old to twelve. They had both boys and girls. There were four dorms, two for boys and two for girls with one each for older kids 9-12 and one each for younger kids 4-8. The dorm I was taken to had about 150 beds, all steel beds with thin mattresses. Each had a plastic pillow without a pillow case, a bottom sheet and a course wool blanket. There was a steel box with a lid and loops for a padlock. I was allowed to take three pairs of panties, three pairs of socks, a pair of shoes, two bottoms and two tops and one pair of pajamas and a towel. No toys, nothing else at all. I looked around and it felt like I was in prison. At meal time we were lined up and marched to the cafeteria. We got a metal tray and food was slopped onto the tray and then we got a cup of flavored water and a milk. That first night dinner was mystery meat, mashed potatoes and string beans. We got a slice of bread and a cookie. Not the best but not the worst meal. I spent my entire time there frightened of all the other girls. I stayed by myself spending most of my time hiding under the blanket hoping the nightmare would end soon.

    I stayed at the shelter for six and a half weeks then I was sent for and taken to an office. There a man who I'd seen a few times including the first night. I don't know what his job was but on the first day he said I could expect to live there until I turned 12 then I would be sent to a shelter for teens aged 13-17 and then when I turned 18 I would be released. Then I saw him a few times but he never talked to me. The only other thing he said to me that first night was "here is a list of rules, memorize and obey them." That was it. So here I was in his office and then another much older man came in and the first man told him to sit down. After some paper shuffling and consulting his computer he introduced me to the older man. It was my uncle. I didn't know I had an uncle. He explained that he had only just heard that his niece's husband, my dad, died, no mention of suicide, and he said he was my grandmother's brother. Some papers had to be signed and then I was taken to collect the few belongings I had and then I left with him.

    Uncle Sam, yes that is his actual name, Samuel being his actual name but his nick name is Sam, was tall and lanky, late fifties, grey hair, wrinkles, muscular limbs with veins popping out. His face was weathered. You could tell just by looking at him that he did hard labor outdoors all his life. He had a rugged stern face but he could not quite hide the twinkle in his eye. He looked like he should smell as though he hadn't taken a bath in thirty years but he smelled like a cologne commercial. I felt safe when he took my hand.

    First stop was home. My home or rather my old home. Uncle Sam took me inside and told me that we had a few hours to go through everything to determine what I wanted to take with me. He had a bunch of boxes in the car. I went to my room and picked out toys, my TV and computer and cell phone and computer games of course and my books and clothes and stuffed animals and the tea set my mom said was my grandmothers but uncle Sam said it was my great great grandmothers so it as very old. Uncle Sam got a bunch of stuff out of my father's bedroom and some stuff out of the garage and basement and attic and so on and we loaded up his car and had no room left afterwards except for Uncle Sam and me.

    Next stop was at a restaurant. It was an Italian restaurant and he said I could order what I wanted to. Uncle Sam didn't smile much but he looked like he was trying not to and every once in a while a slight smile escaped it's shackles. I could tell he was a really nice person but I don't think he spent much time around kids. I ordered pizza of course but uncle Sam also ordered some other things I never heard of that he insisted I try. I'm glad he did because it was all delicious. We took desert home with us.

    Next stop was Walmart. We picked up a few supplies, a new toothbrush for me and a bathing suit for me and some flip flops and towels and a cooler and beach furniture.

    After a few more hours we stopped at a motel. We got one room to share. It had two queen size beds. That is when things got strange. Uncle Sam told me to sit down on my bed then he said he had to have a talk with me.

    "I'm not a good man. I'm not a good person at all. In fact I am a terrible person, a monster really. You see, I never got married and never had kids because I shouldn't be around kids. Did your teachers ever warn you about really bad people who wanted to touch little girls in a bad way?"

    I nodded a little scared.

    "Well I'm that bad people they warn you about. You see, I like little girls, but not in a good way. I like to touch them in their private places and I can't help myself. I just love touching little girls really badly. I want to touch you. I want to stick my finger in your pussy. I want you to jerk me off. I want to fuck you and I want you to like it. I don't mean to scare you. I just want you to know what you are getting yourself into. If you live with me I'm going to sexually abuse you. I won't be able to help myself. You are just so gorgeous, so sexy. I'm sorry if I scared you but you have to know. The reason you never heard of me is because I'm a monster and nobody wants anything to do with me. So here's the deal. I'm going to give you a choice. Right now, I if you want, I will take you back to the shelter, we'll drive all night then I will take you there and tell them that I changed my mind. I will give you some clothes. I will keep your stuff for you when you get out and then you can have it when you turn 18. Or, you can stay the night and if you hate what I do to you then I can take you back tomorow. But if you either like what I do to you or at least you can tolerate it then you can stay with me for as long as ou like. But if it ever gets so bad that you want to go back to the shelter let me know and I will take you back any time. So what do you think?"

    All I could think of was "how bad could it be?" I didn't say that. I was a little scared because I wasn't sure if any of the things he wanted to do to me would hurt. I had a friend Jenny who told me her uncle liked to stick his finger in my panties and rub her slit. She didn't like it but he gave her nice gifts so she decided not to tell her parents. My dad hit me a lot and abused me mentally always telling me I murdered my Mom. His last words were basically an accusation that I had murdered him. I'd have volunteered to be sexually abused by a hundred elderly fat perverts just to have my Dad alive and more importantly, love me.

    So in reply to his question I got up off the bed and climbed up into his lap and put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips trying hard to imitate the married couples I had seen do that. We didn't open our mouths but the kiss lingered for half a minute. I felt his hand got to my ass and give it a gentle squeeze. It wasn't too bad. I felt a lump in his pants but it didn't hurt or anything so I just sat there.

    "So I take it you want to stay with me?"

    I nodded and we hugged and kissed some more. Then he told me to get ready for bed and I came out of the bathroom in my pajamas and saw him already climbed into bed with the lights off and the TV on. He was watching an R-rated movie on cable and it was a scene where the man and women were naked having sex I could see her breasts but nothing below he waist. They were moaning. It as very erotic. I climbed into his bed and under the sheets and snuggled up to him pushing my back and ass into him. He put his arms around me and slipped his hand into my pajama bottoms. It didn't' hurt. It didn't hurt at all. I felt all tingly all over. It actually felt kind of good. I don't remember what happened next. I fell asleep. He told me the next morning that he took off my pajama bottoms and licked me down there. I don't remember that but I did have some pleasant dreams and slept better than I had in weeks.

    We drove the rest of the way to his place, my new home in a few hours. We turned onto a dirt road and drove for about half an hour until we got to a driveway and drove for another fifteen minutes through the woods. Finally we got to a clearing and it was a huge meadow and in the middle on a little hill was the most beautiful old Victorian house I had ever seen. It looked like a huge very fancy doll house. I half expected a bunch of life size dolls to greet us. He parked the car out front on a brick driveway and went up to the front door which he unlocked and let us in. He gave me what he called the nickel tour which lasted about 15 minutes briefly stopping at each room to explain what it was, most were obvious. Then we got up to the third floor.

    "This is your room."

    It wasn't a room. It was a loft that had been turned into a suite. At the top of the stairs was a door. We went through the door only to encounter another door. Then through that we got to a room that was obviously a very fancy Victorian parlor complete with a fire place and a silver tea service and fancy tea cups and saucers and a silver tray and dolls and stuffed animals all over the place. It was decorated to appeal to a young teenage princess slightly older than me. And that was just the first room. The next room was my bed room. It was twice as big as the parlor with a huge four poster canopy bed fit for a princess. More stuffed animals and dolls and a big doll house and a curio cabinet filled with antique china. There were fresh flowers in several vases. I looked out the window and there was a glorious view of the meadows and the woods beyond and then beyond that a lake that Uncle Sam said he owned and that I could go skinny dipping in if I wanted to. Through another door was a room lined with books from floor to ceiling. I loved reading and there was every children's book I could imagine and a lot of grown up books as well. There were two big reclining leather chairs, fancy floor lamps, sculptures of naked little boys and girls that looked very old and a Big TV. Then he showed me my closet. It was bigger than the my old bedroom. There were some clothes there but they looked old and were wrapped in plastic. Finally was my bathroom. It was also bigger than my old bedroom. There was a big clawfoot tub, an old fashioned sink, a toilet and a bidet. He had to explain what the bidet was for and the moment I heard I loved the idea. The floor was all white marble. So were the walls. There was a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was a palace. Uncle Sam told me it was all mine and he would get me some decent clothes to wear. Then he surprised me by slipping a gold pendant around my neck. He said it was my grandmother's. He told me the whole room had been custom done for my grandmother and that it was my mother's bedroom when she was growing up.

    I threw my arms around his waist and hugged him. It was like a dream. I had almost forgotten the image in my mind of my Dad's brains splattered on the wall behind where his head had been.

    Uncle Sam picked me up and tossed me gently on the bed. He announced that I was to show my gratitude by letting him abuse me. He said it playfully but he also meant it sincerely. I started to strip but he said I only had to remove my bottoms. I was naked from the waist down laying on the bed. He pulled up a chair and went down on me. That was the first time anyone ever ate me out. He licked me for a while then took my ass into his hands and lifted me up and licked my asshole. He licked me for a lovely eternity that was not nearly long enough. If he never stopped licking me I wouldn't have minded. I was the most wonderful experience of my while life. Right then I fell in love with uncle Sam and his wonderful tongue.

    We lived together until he died two years ago. He didn't fuck me until I turned 15 and it was my idea. In fact I wanted him to fuck me when I was 12. It took 3 years for me to convince him to fuck me. I was so horny and so desperate for cock in me. He licked me to sleep every night and woke me up by licking me and it was mostly my asshole he licked. When I first arrived he told me I could play with his cock but I didn't have to unless I wanted to. When I was 11 I got really curious and just one day started undoing his pants and started playing with his erection. The next day I gave him a blow job for the first time. On his birthday I tried making myself look really grown up. I found my mom's old make-up and lip stick and spent hours making up my face and doing my nails and dressing in the sexiest clothes I could find in her old closet. Uncle Sam said I looked like a beautiful grown up princess. But then he said that the reason he liked me was that I was a cute adorable little girl and he liked cute adorable girls. He said I should dress like one. So I went back to the bathroom and changed out and wiped the make up off my face and thought about it and decided to make myself look as little as possible. I put my hair in pigtails and put on a school girl uniform and then came out again and said "Uncle Sam? I've been very naughty! I need to be punished! I need my birthday spanking, you have to spank me five times!" I was pretending to be four years old. Well that did the trick. He did everything but fuck me and I enjoyed every bit. That was the first time we tongue kissed.

    Uncle Sam home schooled me so that I could be naked or scantily clad any time I wanted. After a few weeks I all but stopped wearing clothes altogether.

    I absolutely loved everything Uncle Sam ever did to me. I know it was wrong and I didn't care. I wished Dad had killed himself the day after mom died so I could have grown up with Uncle Sam.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    I have a baby now. It is a boy.

    When I was eleven my father got out of prison and he had sex with my younger sister and me. My older sister, she was nineteen, caught him having sex with me and he was sent back to prison.

    I have only told one man about this. I told him when I was 22, and that day I let him take off my shirt. I got on him and rode his penis down. I liked having him fondle and play with my breasts and I liked having sex with him. My therapy with him lasted for four years, until I was 26. By then I could do missionary sex with him, have oral sex with him, undress for him, bathe with him, sleep with him. My test was getting pregnant.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 29

    I was a bad kid. I got into quite a bit of trouble when I was 13. I served two years in a juvenile prison.

    The whole time I was there my cell mate and a few other guys used to fuck my ass often.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 38

    When i was 13 i used to watch my mom shower through a hole in the wall in my bedroom closet. I would go in my closet and press my eye against that hole and stroke my cock while i watched my mother undressing.

    She was a larger woman. Large dd breasts with big nipples. I watched her pull her panties down and i stared at her bare ass, id get so horny when she would turn around and id see her bush. she would soap up and id cum watching her soap up her big tits and that hot pussy.

    I always wanted to sneak in and climb in that shower with her and show her how hard she made my cock

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