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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Well, I guess I am here because I have something to brag about, I finally gave into temptation and I sucked my first dick. What was it like? Well to be honest it was scary, but at the same time exhilarating. The feeling of his dick in my hand was amazing and the feeling of his dick in my mouth was more amazing. But the feeling of sucking a man was the most amazing, looking up at his white beard and his big belly and his blue eyes looking down at me with his dick in my mouth and my hand. His look said suck and I sucked and incredibly after a lot of work he shot his load and I accomplished my goal. But that wasn't all, he fucked me that evening too.

    But to get back to the beginning, so to speak. I inherited a laptop from the Maintenance Manager at our company when he retired. His was newer than mine and I got it and mine went on down the line to the warehouse. About three months after I got the computer I was rooting around and I found this folder, it had an odd set of characters, for example 123xyz777zzz. Nonsense set of characters. I opened it and there were two subfolders, both were also similarly named. In one I found six jpg files and in the other two video files. In the jpg files they all contained pictures taken with a phone or small camera of a man sucking another man's dick, and one of the pictures had the face of the man doing the sucking, his mouth full, his eyes closed and this look of pure exhilaration. Another had his hand on that hard dick and his ring clearly visible. It was a pictures of the Maintenance Manager. The videos were videos of a man fucking a man, short less than ten seconds each, one showed the man on his all fours and his left hand clearly visible with a ring and the other just his ass being pounded, with that dick. I say that dick because as I got into the pictures and the videos I fell in love with that dick.

    Actually, at the time I had never admitted to myself how much the whole idea of sucking a man's dick called me. I had of course thought about, several times over time, when I saw a dick in a restroom I might think about it while I was watching the movie. And I had spent a good amount of time with gay porn, but it has gotten so formulaic that I can't stand it any more. However these pictures and the two videos were real and I put them on a thumb drive, shredded the pictures on the computer and made the angelic face picture my go to picture on my home computer. If a man can enjoy a dick so much then what was wrong with me feeling like I wanted to suck a dick.

    I had my Dirty Harry moment one night, I woke up and I had a hard on and I was dreaming of sucking this trucker, I was in his cab and I was sucking him and I got so hard that I woke up. I say it was my Dirty Harry moment because I told myself, 'well punk, you going to do it?, or are you going to continue to chicken out?' Well punk, I had my revelation.

    I contacted this man I knew from way back in college, he had been on the police force for twenty years and he was now in business for himself. He had divorced his wife and gone gay and he worked with the LGBT community. His face was known to a whole lot of people. I went to him and I got around to telling him that I had this desire and I needed to prove to myself if it was real or if it was a passing thing. I asked for his help. He was nice enough about it and didn't question me a whole lot, some but not a whole lot and said that maybe I was just fantasizing or projecting but I assured him that I had been struggling with this for a long time. I didn't tell him about the Maintenance Manager which is really what pushed me towards the door.

    He suggested that I hang out with gay guys, go to gay hangouts, he gave me several well known places where gay men hung out and not guys on the make looking for a buck. He also agreed to invite me to a couple of parties so I could mingle and maybe that would either prove it one way or prove it the other way. I went to the parties, only men, and only excops, black and white and brown. They were all buddies and I didn't really break in. The other party had a bigger mix and I had a long talk with a couple of guys. I went to the hang outs he told me about and at one of them I ran into one of the guys I had met at the second party. We talked and I told him I was ready to know and he said well maybe he could help.

    At his place he had a hot tub outside and he got buck naked, a great big man with a harry chest and legs, his dick didn't look all that big considering his size. He encouraged me to get naked and he sized me up and we got in the hot tub and talked and had a glass of white wine. He swam over to me and put his head under water and sucked my dick. He got up and stood on the step and hung his dick in my face and told me to try it and that's how I sucked my first dick. He got big, in my mouth he was big, he hung back and after a couple of minutes he started to thrust with his hips and it was hard to keep his hard dick in my mouth. I had to hold his dick with my hand and he told me not to stop he was going to fuck my face and he was going to fuck my man pussy. I know he was faking it but I was hard and I had his hard dick in my hand and I was sucking his dick and he was thrusting and holding my head with his hand.

    He did blow his top, her jerked back and forth and shot more and more into my face, mouth and hair. He told me I was a good 'boy' and he kissed me on the mouth and settled back into the hot tub and asked me whether I liked it or not. I was still in shock or mesmerized and I said I did but I didn't expect it to be like that. He told me that I was his for the night and my man pussy was next. After eating a sandwich and watching some TV, still naked but dried off we went upstairs to his room and he put on some music and he got on the bed and invited me on to suck him again, he rubbed my back, my butt, my legs and positioned me for him and he lubed me up and told me that it was now or never, and to be aware that once I went that way I was never going to go back.

    The feeling of his dick in my ass was hot and hard and big and it felt like I was stuffed and he slapped my ass from time to time while he got himself up to the task and fucked me in quick jerks until he shot his stuff. He asked me spend the night, which I did. In the morning we had coffee and an English muffin and I went home around ten o'clock. I had sucked a man's dick and I had a man fuck me in the ass. Was it worth it? Would Dirty Harry have been proud? Hell I liked it, much more than I had thought and he was right I went back for more, it just isn't enough to suck his dick, I like that I like that a lot, but I need him to him to fuck me, that is what really makes it a night. That I really like a lot. He is a big man and I take back what I thought that first day, he does not have a small dick, his dick is big enough to fit in my hand and when his dick is in my ass I can attest it is big, bigger than I would have thought.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I only recently participated in homosexual relations. I've always had women or girls as sex partners. I am married but my wife is away for many weeks on business. I went out with some gay friends from work, after a few evenings with them, they invited me to a party and this past Saturday I went. In a couple of the rooms there were guys who were naked, on beds and sometimes guys would go in there and get sucked or fuck one of them. Sometimes they closed the door other times left the door open so we could all peek in whenever we wanted. I must say I peeked in several times. The young man getting fucked in that bedroom was dressed in a see through nightie, wearing no panties, but a garter belt and stockings. He had black hair past his shoulders and though his lipstick was rubbed off from cock sucking he was made up and really attractive. The other guy was in leather that left open his ass and cock, he was very hairy, the fem boi had no body hair except for a perfect heart shape above his cock.

    At the end of the night, almost everyone was gone, the leather guy came out pulling a sheet with him holding it to his ass to catch the dripping cum that was coming out of his ass. He had cum all over his cock, his nipples, face, in his hair. He took the sheet to the laundry room. After sitting in the toilet for a while he got dressed in jeans and left. There was only myself, the guy who owned the house, and the crossdresser still waiting on the bed in one of the rooms. My friend told me not to drive, and to go into the bedroom and enjoy myself. Stay the night we'd have breakfast in the morning.

    In my current state I went in and stripped, got next to the crossdresser and started kissing. She had small puffy little nipples like a pre-pubescent girl gets before her tits grow in. I was sucking them, pinching them and he/she got even with my cock, me on my back and started sucking. I blew after about 10 minutes right into his cute little mouth. He kept kissing, moving my hand to his cock and I jacked him off. With some sucking again, I was hard and he was begging me to fuck. I fucked his used asshole and loved it. The next morning I sucked him, then fucked him again. He got up got a shower, and in a different nightie made breakfast for me and my friend who owned the house. When my friend announced that our guest had to get home, I volunteered to drive. She, came out fully dressed as a HE this time. For the first time I noticed that he was young, probably 19 or 20. I took him home, when I asked, he answered that he'd been fucked or sucked 12 cocks last night including mine. He said he liked having sex with me and made me promise to pick him up Monday night, tonight, to bring him back to my place and fuck some more.

    My older gay friend from here at work told me today that he is just 15. DAMN!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    When I woke up, I honestly thought it was my girlfriend sucking on my cock. I'd been out and must have gotten too drunk. I'm not too sure how I ended up at my parents home, but when I looked down with my cock was being so lovingly sucked on by a blonde. My girlfriend is blonde, so I shut my eyes and enjoyed the wonderful if not blurry sensations her awesome mouth was giving me. When I came, and this is where things changed, she swallowed every drop of my cum. My girlfriend hates swallowing cum and she has never once offered to do so. Hearing her loving the taste of it, I opened my eyes, looked down properly and saw my younger sister looking up at me. She told me she'd wanted to suck me off for years and given I was in my old bedroom naked and drunk, she'd took the chance to offer a much better blowy than my girlfriend. And the fact is, she was right.
    Casey is nineteen years old. A very good looking girl who kind of floats through life. She's a great sister if you like girls who don't seem to do anything. The one good thing I now know she can do, is suck cock. Not only that though, as we've gone on to push the boundaries, with both of us now giving each other oral sex.
    It's been two months, where when we get the time and a free place, we're constantly at each other sex. We know we shouldn't be having oral sex, yet I cannot resist my sister and her beautiful pussy. My problem, if it is a problem, is Casey has been begging me for nearly a fortnight, to fuck her. So far I've said no and resisted her obvious charms, but I'm not sure I can hold off for long.
    What's challenging me, is my girlfriend goes away in a couple of weeks to visit her parents over the festive season. Our parents as I've just found out, will be taking three days away to visit my dads brother. Casey has already told our parents I'll be staying to look after her, and my parents have even done up my old room.
    Little do they know, I'm probably going to be spending most of my time in my sisters room. All I have to decide now, is am I going to give in, or not.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    Well I went and did it. I have in to my carnal side. I signed up for get life and posted the ad Iâve always wanted to.

    Hereâs what it said. Only I took out the locations.


    Single 29yr male living in the cbd. Right near xxxx park

    My apartment has a sauna in the gym that no one ever uses.

    Looking for casual/ongoing arrangement around the pool and sauna.

    There are so many legal firms around my area and Iâm always seeing stunning woman dressed up and walking around. A fantasy was bound to happen.

    You take a lunch break and meet me at my apartment. Catch the elevator with me to the gym and we go for a swim. Pretending to be just about our regular lunch time routine. Then move to the sauna where I would go down until you moaned.

    Open to females and couples. But no single males please.

    Actually itâs a fantasy of mine to watch a couple f**k in the sauna while I watch.

    Iâm open to any stories/suggestions/comments that anyone wants to share also.

    Donât be shy


    Iâve been so aroused all morning waiting for a reply or for anything at all to happen. I donât want to masturbate at all because itâs not even as close to the excitement of the real thing. Hoping some exciting stories will follow. Iâll comment them if they do.

    Sincerely yours gaffa

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 41

    Hi there, I've fucked many married women behind their husbands back. Now i'd like to fuck one whilst their hubby watches. I guess it's a humiliation thing, maybe a fluffer to get me ready or a sloppy seconds for the beta. Anyone interested ?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    In November this year, I passed a mile stone in my sexual life. My wife who's eight years older than me, stopped sucking my dick and wanting sex in a general sense about two years ago. I have an very active libido and love having my cock sucked, so I had a problem. My dick when erect measures a little over eight inches and is fairly thick too. In my younger days I had no problem getting girls and women to suck me off. Yet with experience and not wanting the head ache of another serious relationship, plus having a work mate who never stopped extolling the virtues of gay and bisexual men's abilities to blow cock far better than any woman, I relented one evening as I walked through our local park.

    A guy around my age just propositioned me, asking me if I was out for a good time, saying he loved eating cum. I'd just had yet another refusal from my wife and my cock instantly sprang to life. In the bushes like a pair of dirty old men, I allowed him to suck on my dick and it was the best head I'd received up to then in my life. He was so good, I thrust down his throat after only a few minutes and made him swallow my seed. Once he'd drank down my load, he stood up, told me he really enjoyed my dick and said he'd be back the following evening, if I wanted to empty my balls again. Over the next couple of weeks I met Rick each night and each night he sucked on my cock like no one had ever blown me. One night he didn't turn up and I've never seen him again. I did find out later on though, his marriage failed when his wife found him sucking off a teenager in their home.

    Determined to change my way of achieving the sexual satisfaction I wanted, I joined an on line gay contact site. My wife works funny hours and she's a stickler even to this day, for arranging me to pick her up after work. I knew it gave me time and the opportunity to find the right man or men, who enjoyed giving fellatio. Literally within days I had a number of men of all ages wanting to call by my home and suck me off.

    109, that's the number of men who have visited our home offering their mouths for me to fuck. Nine of whom I sent packing as they were dickheads, or dirty filthy idiots.

    The 100th man to suck me off, was in November, two years on from Rick and his amazing mouth. His name is Neil, he's thirty two and he's recently gotten divorced (August). His divorce present to himself, was my cock and it took place over the entire weekend. My wife was at a concert over in Germany with her sister as Neil slept in our bed, sucking on my cock whenever he wanted to.

    The real reason for me confessing, other than him being my 100th male to suck me off, is for the first time I not only fucked his mouth, I also fucked his gorgeous tight arsehole and did so after a long time kissing, sucking each others cocks, him rimming my arsehole and then me fucking him bareback. Neil gave me the choice, telling me it was something he'd always wanted sexually, but like me had never chanced before. It was and I say this with an open heart the bnest sex of my entire life. It was perfect, and so natural between us. We were so in sync and so ready to pleasure one another, I was still fucking Neil when the sun rose on the Saturday morning. It was a total exploration for the both of us, and we both found in each other the right person to exchange our desires.

    On the Saturday night after we'd returned from eating out at a local bistro, we didn't fuck, we made love in the true sense of the word. It was so passionate, and so natural, we even knew it seemed, what the other wanted before it happened. Yes I gave Neils arsehole a damn good fucking, but I also kissed, licked sucked and fingered his hole too. By the time it was time for him to leave on the Sunday morning, we'd both decided we were going to carry on seeing each other. It wasn't going to be a one off event between us, and so it's become.

    I know it's only been a few weeks relatively speaking, yet everything between us is just so amazing. Neil has this past couple of days asked me if I'd like to begin a life with him. I think it's time for me to start a new chapter in my life, and release my wife from her vows. I still love her in many ways, but I'm no longer in love with her. And discovering just how much I love gay sex now, there is no going back...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    She told me NOT to feel guilty, It was just a stress reducer for me.

    I helped a guy I know more Saturday. Seven people showed up to help, plus a large moving truck. The guy is an older man and real nice if he likes you, if not he can get real mean. We hauled the house things first, then they went back for the storage building and the garages. His wife ask me to help her arrange the furniture while the others went back.

    I stayed and we placed the bedroom things, I set up the bed. Tossed the mattress on top and his wife laid down on the bed. She said she wanted to change her underwear. She went to the bathroom came back without any pants or underwear. She was really hairy and she laid on the bed. She ask me to look her over. Said she had never shaved in her life. Just her legs and arm pits. Told me the hair was much thicker when she younger. Before she started turning gray.

    She ask if I would ever have sex with a woman her age? I said yes and age was not an problem for me. She ask me to lick her pussy, she said it was clean, she just washed it. I ask about being walked in on. She told me it would be two hours before they truck get's back. They would call and ask what we wanted for lunch. We were okay. She said it was fine and we would be the only people who would know.

    She spread the hair and I licked her clit, liked the lips and stuck my tongue up in her as far as I could. I made sounds I have never heard before, she moaned a long time while she grabbed my head and guided it where she wanted. She told me to lay on the bed. She took my pants off and she sucked my dick for me. She took out her top teeth and sucked it. I can not explain just how good that was feeling. When I came she had trouble drinking it all, but she was able to.

    After I came she started licking and sucking my balls. When I started getting hard she jumped up, got on top of me. She rubbed her self all over me. When I got hard she put it in her. She stopped moving and started making her pussy move on the inside. It was like it was pulling my dick in her, then letting go. She rode me and I came again right as she was cumming. We got dressed when the phone rang. The truck would be there soon.

    She said she forgot something in the attack of the old house, she took her car and me, we got a few things to bring back. She ask if I wanted to have sex again, we did it on the floor of her old house. She told me I left carpet burn makers on her back. Her husband would never see. He does not see her naked ever anymore. He does not use her for sex anymore. She said I could meet her some time and I could have her all I want now. Her husband does not get hard anymore, he does not care.

    I told her I feel guilty for doing her like that. She told me to enjoy it. She has stress that needs reducing and I am doing her husband a favor. It makes her more happy for him.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    I ordered 3 new dildos for my wife. When they came she was excited that I had ordered her a gang-bang! Yet she was afraid of the biggest, a 9 inch real feel black dildo, 2 inches wide. The 9 inch tall boy dildo and 12 inch double headed toy were a lot thinner, just a bit thicker than my cock. We use condoms on our toys due to a rubber reaction. I had to by Magnum condoms to make sure they wouldn't rip. Surprisingly to both of us, last night my wife took almost the entire big dildo! She fucked it for over an hour while I played with her clit and sucked her big, juicy tits. We watched her favorite interracial, rough gang-bang and she ended up coming all over it, saying it was probably the best orgasm of her life. The white, frothing cum from her pussy showed up nicely against the black dildo and was running down to the realistic looking big, black balls. I licked it off the dildo for her, and told her it tasted great, which it did! When I took my sloppy seconds, the bottom of my cock could barely feel the bottom of her vagina. She taunted my while I frantically tried to pummel away at the loose mess of my wife. She put the dildo between her tits and licked the top, something my short dick could never reach for. I was suppose to pull out, cum on the dildo and clean it, but I chickened out. I've never been intimidated by toys before, but last night may have changed that.
    The scariest part may be that we have already named both toys after guys we know. She called out their names while fucking two of the three toys so far. We both get off on fantasy, that is why I ordered the toys in the first place. Just thinking it may reinforce the idea that she deserves bigger, fatter meat.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 54

    I am a married 54 year old male. Married 25 years and have received blowjobs from about 30 women. My spouse does not know. The irony is this. I use Plenty of Fish dating website to meet both married and single women. I chat them up and it turned sexual. We exchange fantasies and I tell them that my biggest fantasy is to cum in woman's mouth. They ask why and I tell them that I have never experienced it. This is complete bullshit of course. My wfe swallows almost every time. And yet these women all jump at the chance to be the first to let me do all think they were the first.....but it is just a way to get them to suck

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 48

    Is it true that you can fall in love at first sight ? I'm not saying I have, but somethings happened to me. I am a professional DJ both on local FM Radio, and live in pubs, clubs, functions I e Birthday parties & Weddings etc, I have been since 1989. Much as I would have, or could have done, or would not have done, was sleep around, simply because it's really not practical.

    More often than not, I have to take the equipment out and with me, once I have finished the gig. This can take up to an hour ,depending on the size of the venue, so it would mean any prospective girlfriend/ groupie, would have to wait outside until I was ready to leave, so as I said most of the time it's a non starter.

    I have had my one night stands , but not as frequently as people tend to think, I was married for 17 years but got divorced, but not because of infidelity, and even after that, it was a while before I came to terms with it. I did meet and have some relationships but short term, because there is always the trust issues that I have already mentioned.

    Howe ver about two years after my divorce, I met a woman who was in the throes of a divorce, we began a relationship which lasted 12 years, because she suddenly became unwell, and was diagnosed with cancer , and it was terminal, she passed away four weeks later, we had a little girl, who was 5 when her mum passed away, and I have raised her on my own since then, that was 13 years ago.

    I have had brief ' flings ' ( 4 or 5 )since then, lasting no more than a few weeks, and I've kind of given up really, as I'm a bit too old for the loving game now, or so I thought. Recently at a function I was doing I noticed this woman sitting on her own, and she was in my opinion a good looking lass, and when she stood up and walked to the bar, I also saw she had legs to die for ( not the skinny type or thunder thighs but nice and shapely, the type that I would normally go for ) as she was wearing a short skirt.

    She must have noticed me looking at her, because for the rest of the night she kept looking at me, and I couldn't keep my eyes of her, I don't consider myself a hunk or good looking , quite the opposite in fact, so I'm not really confident around the fairer sex, especially if I fancy them. Maybe this is why I'm on my own. Never the less I couldn't keep my eyes of her all night, and she was always looking at me.

    Eventually she came up and asked me to play a song for her, which I happily did, then she asked me to play some more, again I did so, finally just before I finished she asked me to play Maria Carey - All I want For Christmas Is You, and emphasised the You, so I duly played it, and she asked me to dance with her. I never usually do, because me dancing is not something you want to see.

    We started talking and I quickly found out her name was Lynn, and that she was single in her late 40's. I was shocked if I'm honest, because I thought she was 30 ish. One thing of no doubt was that she was a sexy attractive woman, I told her so, and I also said to her that I could not believe she was on her own, because I thought she was lovely, and she is, believe me.

    I had to return to the stage as the music was about to finish, unknown to me Lyn had followed me there, it was only after I put the next track on, that I saw her standing in the wing of the stage, so I went to her, and she said ' you do know I fancy you, or are you gay ? ' well I'm certainly not gay I said and then I blurted out how much I fancied her, Lynn then said to me ' well why don't you do something about it.

    I was a wee bit stunned, because as I said previously this sort of thing never happens to me ,or very rarely, anyway I said do you fancy going for a late night Pizza or something, she immediately said of course. I then said to her you will need to wait til I load the gear when I'm finished, she said that's fine.

    Upshot of this is we went for a late night pizza, went back to her place and had the pizza, then we kissed and had wee fumble, then went to bed, where we had great sex, I was on her, she straddled me, this lasted may 90 minutes, I went home the following day, and she came with me insisting on cooking me dinner, we had a really nice day together, eventually I took her home, but I didn't stay, because she was working the next morning.

    She phoned me from her work the next day, I phoned her later that night, and the same over the next two days, we went out for a meal the following night, my daughter stayed at her sisters, Lynn stayed over at mine. It's early days, but I'm in a Kylie Minogue song situation, I e I cant get her out of my head, I keep thinking about her all the time, to be honest I've either fallen in love at first sight or I've become infatuated with her, do I tell her or shut up, what if she sees me as just a fling ? What if she's looking for commitment ? I'm now behaving like an immature bloody schoolboy and I havnt a blasted clue what I'm doing.

    One things for sure I want her, I want to be with her, I don't really know what to do, yes I'm scared I might f**k things up, at my age you would think I should know, but I don't, the only thing I know for sure, is that I want to be with her, it just feels so right, I feel like I have known her for a long time, she says that she feels at ease with me, and that this feels right to her, fingers crossed it is.

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