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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    So first, when I was eleven I sucked my neighbor. We were in his room and he laid back on his bed and undid his pants and told me to come over and suck him. He was around fourteen, maybe fifteen at the time. He told me that if I wanted to hang out with him I needed to suck him. I did. I enjoyed sucking him and I would go over to his house after school and he would have me do things before he let me suck him. As we got older and he got up into high school he started telling me that he was too old for that, he rejected me as a friend because of our differences in age, and he got a girl friend instead.

    I got to an age when I could afford a vacation so I went to Mexico. My first trip was to Guadalajara because I found these really cheap airfares. I stayed at this middle level hotel and made friends with the front desk guy and I asked him where I could go to have fun. He suggested several strip joints, but I opened up and told him that what I was looking for was somewhere that I could meet guys. He looked at me with open eyes, but I told him that when I was on vacation alone, it was because I liked doing what was prohibited at home. He said he would see what he could do.

    I got a call in my room that evening from a man who said his friend had told him I was looking to have some fun. I gave him my room number and he came up. He was what you would expect, mid twenties, physical, and a total top. For 150 dollars he let me suck him, and he fucked me. I didn't tell him that it had been since I was a young kid that I had sucked a guy, and I didn't tell him it was my first time having sex with a man. For 150 dollars he told me that there would be no kissing. I had broken the barrier. I had done it. I went home with my secret.

    Over the years I searched for specials to resort areas, off season specials were particularly attractive, I concentrated on Mexico because it is close, and I had my routine down to use with the front desk guy, or the cab driver and I got results. The prices ranged, but usually around a hundred dollars got you clean guy. On one occasion, in Mazatlán when I was asking the cab driver for places to go, he told me that he would be happy to give me a private tour, he knew the places, and for two hundred he would take me around. We went to several bars and I ended up sucking him in his cab. Naughty sucking him off in his cab. I enjoyed it. The next night he came around and we ended up at a gay club with lap dances and he arranged for me to have a private room and I got to suck three guys, side by side. I sucked the cab driver again that night.

    I have made trips to a whole lot of places in Mexico, some places in South America like Cartagena, to Puerto Rico, to southern Spain, to Thailand. My favorite places are still in Mexico, it is closer, cheaper and there is lots to do. I speak enough Spanish now that I can get along. I go back to Mazatlán where I have my contact, he has figured out that I need more than just to suck and he takes care of me. I stay at a hotel where he can come and to as he pleases, so there is no problem with him coming up to my room.

    One thing I make sure of, I pay my way. I am not interested in anything that might become more serious. I pay my way.

    At home I am who everyone expects. I stay away from temptation. I got to Mexico for that, it is just a short flight away.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    Being that my friend and I were to shy to talk to girls we thought weâd never lose our virginity. We were kinda sad about it because everyone else was having sex.

    Around that time is when my mom decided to have a masturbation talk with me. Guess she thought I was at that age where I was thinking about sex and what not. She had already known I had morning erections and hard one at night before bed because I slept in only the white briefs she bought me.

    But during that talk she also said its perfectly natural if I experiment with my own gender sexually. Lots do it. I was kinda confused a d said men donât have vaginas. My mom said yes but oral and anal sex are options too. I was interested now. I asked how would a penis fit in a butthole? My mom said they do, a persons butthole will stretch when a penis is pushed into one. But use lube she said.

    After finding out about that I told my friend. That day we got naked and used Vaseline for lube. We each cummed in each others butts. We ended up having anal sex till we graduated school. Now we each have girlfriends so we moved on from man sex

    My mom knew about us two having sex. She said guys experiment so itâs fine. One day I was wearing boxers and just had sex. Cum was running down my leg as my butt was leaking! My mom straight up told me if your having anal your gonna have to wear briefs afterwards. Need that security of briefs. Said ever wonder why women wear panties and not boxers, semen leaks out after awhile

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    Rumor has it that my wife had four men around our home last month, and that she was heard by the neighbors to be screaming out her orgasms. The little gossips also said one of the men was my brother Andy. He's supposed to have fucked my wife from behind in the back yard, as another older man fed her his cock.
    Now I'm not sayig my neighbors are making things up, or that they've been hearing and seeing things. The fact is there were men around fucking my wife, but it wasn't four, it was five of them and I was present the whole time too.
    It was her birthday and by way of giving her what she so desperately wanted, I arranged for my younger brother and a select few of his soccer team to fuck my wife. He brought three of his team mates and also a coach who has a huge cock. It was his cock a neighbor saw my wife sucking happily away on in our back yard.
    It's not the first time my wife has enjoyed being the center of attention during an orgy. But it the first time we've done anything remotely like it at home.
    It's our anniversary soon. No motel again I think, our home is big enough. And maybe she might just want more cocks, we'll see.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    For Valentines Day I bought my wife Amy a card, some beautiful flowers, an expensive charm bracelet with charms, and booked her favorite restaurant for tonight.
    She sent me a card, along with a young very handsome athletically built guy. His name is Mark, he's twenty two and and he's got such a wonderfully long thick hard cock. Amy booked him from a gay escort agency, we've now used quite a lot.
    Amy had to go into work this morning (She usually works from home) and kissed me happy Valentines before she went. Before she drove away, she shouted up as I was about to take a shower, that I had a present waiting for me downstairs. Taking the shower, I quickly dried off and descended the stairs to find a smiling young naked man sat there slowly stroking his magnificent cock. Holding up the card from Amy, he said "Happy Valentines, I'm your present".
    It's not the first time we've booked escorts for one another, only Amy's are also men too, as she's straight. Before joining Mark on the couch, I let my towel fall to the floor and joined it to kneel in front of him. Taking hold of his stunning cock, I said to him "I hope you're going to be fucking me with this".
    Over the time we've been married, I have indulged many many times with different men. Some Amy has arranged or known about, others I've had brief anonymous sex sessions with. Either at a park I sometimes cruise for sex in, or just through a casual encounter meeting like minded men who get to know I enjoy sucking cock and being fucked. Other times I use the internet to arrange day time fucks, when Amy has to go into work like today.
    Today I sucked on Marks cock until he was almost ready to cum, then let him relax. And I did this over and over until his staying power was built up. Lubing up myself, I placed myself over the arm of the sofa and watched him unroll a condom along his gorgeous cock. Then as I have since the age of fourteen, I took another mans cock up my arsehole and loved every second of it.
    By the time the young man had unloaded deep up my arse filling the condom, which was well over twenty wonderful minutes, I'd already cum staining the arm of the sofa with one of the most amazing orgasms I can remember having. And Mark wasn't finished, as he squatted down and tongued my areshole before finally kissing and slapping my arse cheeks.
    Seeing mark out, I paid him half of his fee and told him around eight o'clock.
    That's the time Amy will be sitting down to eat with a young man who's real name I don't know. It's them who'll be eating at her favorite restaurant, before she and he go to a hotel I've booked for them. He'll make damn sure, because I've made sure he's well endowed and knows what he's doing from the agency, that Amy will receive a fucking she will remember for the rest of her life.
    When they're tucking into their meal, Mark will be back at our home tucking into my arsehole again. Only and I hope I like the new guy, he won't be alone. The new agency escort is someone Amy picked for me, as he's my birthday present. It might be Valentine's day, but it's also my fortieth too. Myself and Amy have never spent my birthdays together so to speak, as she's always arranged a little sexual pressie for me.
    Our marriage at certain times of the year is completely open. Today is one of them. Our holidays are another (It's mostly Amy have her fun then) and birthdays, mine especially, are celebrated with other sexual partners. Mine just so happen to be gay or bisexual men who enjoy fucking versatile bottoms like me.
    All of my wife's lovers enjoy her beauty and her staggering sexual drive, just like I do when we're living our normal lives. Yet Amy is too much for me alone and I knew that before we married. Just like she knew I love taking a mans cock deep up my arse from time to time.
    To the outside world we're a normal couple, but at certain times of the year, we allow each other to express ourselves sexually with other people. And we believe we're much happier and much closer because of it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 50

    I have a very tame story but still never told anyone.

    I was a horny 14 year old and had sex on my mind constantly. I had recently mastered the art of masturbation and was at it all the time. Our neighbour was my mum's best friend and she had two sons older than me and two daughters younger than me.

    One day after school i was in the bathroom and decided as usual to strip naked and play with myself. I hadn't heard my mum's friend walk in downstairs. Her youngest daughter aged 7 ran upstairs to use the bathroom and burst right in as I hadn't locked the door. I almost died of embarrassment but laura just stood and looked at me. I quckly tried to cover up and left the bathroom

    A few days later i was in the garden and Laura was in hers. She came up to the fence and asked me what I was doing the other day. I was a bit shy to explain at first but she told me that she had seen her older brothers doing it and wanted to know what it was. At that point my mum called me to run to the shop for her and Laura asked her mum if she could go with me to buy Some sweets.

    Off we walked. Laura was asking questions constantly so I told her a few things about what Boys do. She kept coming at me with question after question. She then asked me if I would show her my cock although I remember she called it a winky. We were about to walk past a large overgrown area of bushes that the local kids played in and made dens. So she asked me to show her in there.

    Now being constantly horny I thought I'd show her so in the bushes we went. I undid my jeans and popped out my now hard cock. She looked at it for a while then asked if she could touch it. I nodded and she started handling my cock. To me it felt amazing. The first time I had a girls hand on Me while I was erect.

    She then told me that I can touch her if I wanted to. She lifted her skirt and I slid my hand down her little pants. Eventually we sat side by side playing with each other. My fingers were exploring her pussy as she played with my cock. She opened her legs a little wider and said that her brother had told her that girls like fingers inside them but she had never tried so I slowly slipped my index finger into her pussy. Within seconds I shot my load all over her hands and that was that. The first time I touched a pussy and it was over in seconds

    We went to the shop and back home. No words were spoken. A few days later over the garden fence again she told me how how she liked my winky and having a finger inside her. We often spoke about trying it again but we never did. But to this day it's one of my strongest sexual memories.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 46

    Good memories

    After high school my parents sent me packing and I got a job working for a printer. All I could afford was a small one bedroom in a run down complex. I chose the place because it was close to work and I didn't have a car. I walked every where, or took the public transportation if I needed something further away.

    In the apartment complex I met this Puerto Rican man. He worked at this music store, repairing instruments. He was in his late forties, dark, heavy set. One evening he invited me to his apartment for dinner. He was nice and his meal was good, nothing fancy, but not straight out of a can.

    After dinner he wanted so show me some pictures of when he was younger. He was clothes model for magazines, these were pictures of when he was in his early twenties. At the back of the album, he had some 8 X 10 black and white photos, he showed them to me reluctantly. They were all photos of him naked. One photo in particular caught my attention, black and white, framed against the light of a window, with this tremendous erection. I looked at him, he was no longer the skinny guy in the pictures, but I could see his face, it was him. He noticed that I was holding the picture with the erection. He ran his finger along the length of it and made a comment of how popular he was. He leaned over and told me he was always popular with the boys.

    While I still had the picture in my hand he put his hand on my lap and offered to give me a blow job. To show me why he was popular with the boys. He knew how to get pants open, and he had my penis in his mouth in a second. I got an erection, and that got him going harder. He used his hand and his lips, and soon I was ready to explode. He used his hand and put his mouth about a half inch away from muy penis so that when I let go he would catch it in his mouth. After he was done, after he had me cum, he told me that he hadn't had any for a long time and he was glad he found a boyfriend.

    His name was Marcelo. I went over a lot to eat, he never let me bring anything, it was always his treat. He liked me getting naked, he liked sucking me when I was naked. He liked to get naked too, but always on his bed, where he would pat the side and invite me to come over to him. He liked to give and pretty early into the relationship he was having sex with me. To tell the truth, I gave in, just gave in, and he would do his magic. It wasn't until much later that I actually got horny for a fuck. Horny like pushing my backside up against his penis asking for it. But I did get to the point where I wanted it.

    Neither one of us made any money, so our entertainment was pretty much a sex session, with dinner. He would get totally naked to serve the dinner, and let me suck him while he stood beside me at the table. He got me to get totally naked, and he would sit in his chair while I leaned over the table, and he would milk my penis and lick my ass. He was very inventive, and he had a camera, so there were a whole lot of pictures of me, he had me pose just the way he wanted. I even imitated his pose before the window light with a full erection.

    Marcelo and I stayed together for a couple of years, until he told me he had to move back to Puerto Rico to help take care of his father who had cancer. Our last meal together was extra special, no kinky stuff that night, that night it was pure straight sex, a last goodbye before he left the next day.

    Like I said above, good memories.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 21

    So my wife loves sucking my cock. She says she loves it for my reactions, and my reactions are caused by how damn good she is a giving head. She uses lots of tongue, she deepthroats and she makes sure to get the balls involved. She likes licking and sucking those in between her throat thrusts. But she doesn't really like taking my load in her mouth.

    But this post isn't about her bj skills it's about something that happened while she was giving me head... or after I should say.

    So she's giving me head and it's one of those just cause I'm horny bjs, so she's gonna take it til I'm ready to cum and the she's gonna jerk me til I finish. So before she starts she says when you're about to get close just tap so I know and nod and smile in agreement. So she starts and always I'm loving it and making noise and talking dirty like she likes. Then I start to feel it, I'm getting close to my climax. So I get ready to tap her but something comes over and I just rest my hand on head and start to pet her like I usually do during bjs. She thinks nothing of it and keeps her focus on seeing how deep she can get it to make me moan the loudest. Then I'm right at the point of orgasm and I start cumming in her mouth, she goes to pull away but with my hand so strategically placed on her head she's not going anywhere. So I start to hump to make sure the orgasm lasts as long as possible and I get as much cum in her mouth as I can. After about 2 humps she stops fighting me and just let's me have my fun.

    So after 9 good thrusts I'm out of cum and figured I would let her swallow. What I didn't know was that after 8 she had swallowed and she was holding on to my last squirt of cum. After I pulled my cock out of her mouth she jumped up on top of me, grabbed my face and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Then she made sure to lick my face all over making sure that her mouth got close to my nose so I could smell my cock and cum on her breath as she basically spread my own cum all over face and spit it into my mouth. This sudden burst of dominance from her got me worked up and ready to go for more play.

    When she realized how horny that made me her next words were, "How does your cum taste, bitch?", to which I replied, "Good, but not as good as yours". She then strips naked and rolls over on to her back spreads her legs and begins to rub herself. She then takes to fingers and inserts them into her pussy. She pulls them out and slides them under my nose for me to smell then sticks them in her mouth and sucks like she was sucking my cock. "Mine always tastes better than yours", she said. She then points to my lips then down at her pussy instructing me to do my duty now that she has assumed the dominate role.

    So I get up off the bed and she pushes herself to the edge and I get in the proper position on my hands and knees on the ground. I'm now staring at her gorgeous pussy and I can tell this ordeal has made her extremely horny from the looks of her cum oozing from her pussy. It was thick, sticky, and white, almost like a males cum, but as we already determined, so much better. My wife looks down at me says, "Eat your wife's cummy pussy, you bitch". So I shove my face between her legs and begin eating her heavenly pussy. Within in about 20 seconds she places both hands on my head and squeezes her thighs shut, I'm not going anywhere now. She begins humping and face fucking me. At one point I looked down and saw streaks of her thick white cum just resting on my cheek.

    After a few minutes she had had 2 orgasms and was ready to move on. She instructed me to climb on top of her and I did. She saw those streaks of cum on my face and wiped them off with her fingers which she then held in front of me and said, "suck my cum off". So I opened my mouth and let her put her fingers in my mouth. I sucked, like you would if you were drinking from a straw, and she began to pull her fingers out, but instead of pulling them all the way out she got to her fingertips and then slowly put them back in. And instead of fighting it, I went along with the flow and kept sucking. She smiled and asked if likes sucking her cummy fingers like a little bitch, to which I replied, with a full mouth, "mhmmm".

    After that she looked down and saw my, in her words, "pathetic dick" throbbing and said, "well I guess you want to cum again". I nodded and she said, "well you're not allowed to use one of my holes after the stunt you pulled, but I'm sure a little bitch like you will figure something out, and I knew exactly what she meant. She spread her legs for me but instead of the usual sliding my cock into her pussy, I rested it on her thigh and began humping her leg like a dog. She began commenting on how pathetic it was that I didn't even try to get in her pussy and just resorted to humping her leg. She said that little bitch was the perfect title for me. After a few minutes of her degrading me in the sexiest way I came all over leg.

    The only way that night could have been any hotter is if she had made me clean her leg with my tongue, but I guess she couldn't tell that I wanted to and so she never told me to.

    Please LIKE and COMMENT. I love reading any ideas or similar stories.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 22

    What I recall of my very early sex life was masturbating to almost any image in magazines, etc. It did not occur to me, due to my age, that I could actually get laid. I always had a bit more cash than my friends since I always looked for part time jobs as instructed by my dad. He said, "No allowance due to your size and health. That's welfare. He was right and I found it easy to do all kinds of things for people for a few bucks. I began to save for an old car at age 15.

    We had three pizza joints near each other and since I could afford it, I chose Mario's that had great stuff on it and the tables were covered with neat cotton, checked cloths, with a tiny flower in a vase in the middle of the table. I notice a group of girls were usually there, hanging out. I recognized Peggy from my class. She was not ever going to be a Playmate but she budded early and had perky breasts she showed off usually wearing a tight blouse. Her looks are hard to describe. She was plain but had an appealing air about her.

    After seeing them a number of times while having a few slices and root beer, Peggy began to come to my table and in time she blurted out, "Buy me two slices and I will suck your cock so hard your head will spin." I tried to imagine that but remained silent. She continued, "I'm not a virgin and if you buy me the two slices I will suck you and let you feel me up." I noticed Peggy's teeth braces and was really not terribly excited for a blow job from her, although intrigued, since I never had one.

    Peggy took one shoe off and started working my crotch under the table cloth. I kept looking around to see if anyone was watching even though no one could see under the table. I finally said, "Ok, what do you want on your two slices?" I brought myself a new slice of pizza and two for her, with a coke. She bit one and said, Jayzeuss that's too hot. I'll suck you while it cools." She dove under the table and found my tool waiting and hard. I was more excited about the entire event of newness than anything.

    I heard in a loud voice, "OH MY GOD that's gorgeous. I never did one like that. Since I had no idea what she was talking about I just let her work on it. First I felt what I was sure was a bare breast rubbing on my rod, then I could feel it being enveloped by her warm, wet, soft mouth. Sighing, I whispered, "So good, don't stop." Then she stopped and said in a normal voice from under the table, "I know when to stop." I said,"Shhhhh."

    T hat was the first time. After that many slices were purchased for Peggy and then she offered me a deal I could not refuse. She would back up to me doggy style and fuck me under the table for a whole, small pizza. Peggy seemed to know what she was doing but some time later confessed that she was a virgin, schooled on the Internet.

    We began to hang out, had lots of sex, even went to college together and we are still together all from her brassy come on for a couple of slices of pizza. As she grew older she did look hot. She wore her hair in a boyish do like I wanted and used a bit of makeup on her eyes. Her boobs just got better. I'm quite content with her funny personality to top it all off.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 53

    the year was 1982. i was 17 years old, had moved out of my parents house into an apartment. i had a room- mate. i was involved in a sexual relationship with my step sister. after i moved out we continued fucking. at least we didn't have to worry so much about our parents finding out, but we still had to sneak around as i didn't want anyone to know i was screwing my step sister. then she began dating my room mate,and became his girlfriend. we could no longer take off in my van for a long afternoon of fucking at our spot down by the river. i was relegated to quick blowjobs and quickie standing up doggy style screwing.

    she was (still is) a Thai beauty, with that voluptuous body peculiar to Thai women. big tits with nipples that look like those old-timey door buzzers. long shiny black hair. loved, loved LOVED the cock. loved sex. i mean, this girl was sex obsessed. she is older than me by 3 years. the first time she sucked my cock i was 10 or 11, but that's a story for another time.

    a word about my room mate: he was a sex freak like me.even given that, me and Vanida (my stepsister) still didn't want him to know we had been fucking and still were fucking.

    one night i got home from work around 11 or so. they were in the living room on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching tv. i grabbed a beer and sat down in the easy chair. if they wanted to be alone they could go to his room, i wanna watch tv.

    they start making out. she gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock. well, that's a surprise. usually they went to his room to have sex. she's naked, he's naked. she's bent over sticking her ass up in the air. i look at him, he takes a sip of his beer and grins. i chuckle and nod. he gives me a thumbs up. i get the sense that they planned this.

    i watch them for a while, getting turned on. she's giving him a porno blowjob, slurping his cock down, licking his balls and jacking him then giving him a hummer. she's wiggling her ass back and forth, smiling over her shoulder at me every now and then, giggling when he smacks his cock lightly on her face. oh fuck that looks so fucking hot. i love watching attractive people have sex.

    still in my chair, i pull out my cock and start to slowly stroke it, smiling back at her. she turns back to him, moaning and guzzling his cock in her mouth, then deep throating him. he throws his head back and runs his hands through her long jet black hair. shit goddamn, i wanna fuck her.

    i get out of my chair, drop my pants and get on my knees behind her. i bend over and start to lick her pussy from behind while she's blowing him. id never licked her from behind like that, its not easy. she smelled fresh and clean,i could smell the shampoo from her long hair even, so i gave her ass hole a few licks and stuck my tongue up there. she pushed back against my face, stopped blowing him, reached back and spread her ass cheeks. "oh! oh yeah, that feels good!" she gasped then giggled again. i think she was kinda drunk. i fingered her pussy, spread her pussy lips then started fucking her doggy style while she continued blowing Phil, her boyfriend my room mate. aww yeah, this is HAWT!!! her pussy was a little dry but i continued to push my cock in. she had told me when we first started screwing to just push past that, just push it in anyways. i could feel her getting wet around my cock. i begin to really start fucking her harder, gripping her hips. "you can come in her" Phil says. right on! i didn't want to pull out. i'm giving her nice long strokes, running my hands up and down her sides, her, hips, up and down her back, reaching around to squeeze her tits and pull her nipples, pinch them lightly and roll them between my thumb and finger. she's moaning, groaning, squealing and grunting around Phil's cock. i can see him scrunch up his face and he starts face fucking Vanida. he grunts, groans then cums in her mouth with a loud "aaahh ungh ohhhh!" fuck, thats so hot,i cum in her pussy with my own "ohhh fuck yeah! arrrgh ahhh...!" oh fuck yeah, my cock shoots the first of many loads that night. i'm 17, remember? i'm a veritable cum making machine.

    we take a break. we take the blanket and spread it out on the living room floor. gives us lots of room to get it on.
    Vanida lays on her back with me on one side and Phil on the other. we begin to suck on her tits, she's getting both of her big round tits sucked at the same time by 2 guys. we're running our hands all over her smooth tight curvy (not fat) body. i run my palm up her smooth thigh up to her now wet pussy. she has big pussy lips, they're long and she has a big clitoral hood. i pull on them a little bit, then stick my fingers in her, stroking her clit with my thumb while i suck on her nipple, flick it with my tongue and squeeze her tit with my other hand. she is sighing and moaning and running her hands through mine and Phil's hair, spreading her legs so Phil can get his fingers in her too. "fuck me, Phil, i want you to fuck me" she says. he gets between her legs and slides his cock right into her she is now so wet. they do it missionary style, me kissing her and sucking on her tits. fuck this is hot, so fucking hot, she is so fucking sexy, my cock is so hard...i get on my knees. she turns her head and opens her mouth for my cock. fuck, she flicks her little tongue all around, then starts sucking on it. "mmmm mmmm mmmm" she groans around a mouthful of cock. oh you dirty girl, Vanida, such a bad girl. you suck that cock so good i tell her. you like getting fucked by 2 guys at the same time, don't you, you bad little girl. yes she says, yes oh yes.she really starts sucking harder and i gotta pull out or i'll cum too fast. i pull away and watch them fuck for awhile,kissing her occasionally, rubbing my cock on her tits and letting her lick my balls. i'm getting off on how lucky i am to fuck a hot chick like her.

    they change positions. Phil gets on his back and she rides him cowgirl. "i want you to fuck me in the ass" she says to me. "i want 2 cocks in me, you in my ass and Phil in my pussy". she lubes me up stroking me with her hands, giving it a good squeeze. "i want that in my ass, put it me". i get behind her, she leans forward. i can see Phil buried all the way balls deep in her pussy, she reaches back to spread her cheeks for me. i put the head right at her ass hole and start to push, but it doesn't go in. this will be the first time i've ass fucked her. she takes me in her hand and guides me to her ass hole, i push again and she relaxes and i SLIDE RIGT IN TO MY BALLS OH DEAR GOD FUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOD! i'd ass fucked 2 other girls before but i don't know why Vanida's ass felt so different, like VELVET FROM HEAVEN, LIKE UNICORN FUR! i'm perving to how hot this whole thing is, i can feel Phil's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, its stroking my cock and if i start to fuck her ass i'm gonna shoot my load right away so i just let it stay there balls deep while she bounces up and down on Phil's cock, my face buried in her fragrant long soft hair her smooth skin rubbing on my chest oh fuck, this gorgeous woman is letting me ass fuck her, she's so horny and dick crazy she wants 2 cocks in her at the same time...don't know if she's done this before, cause i never ask her who else she's doing, but as i just slid right in the first time i ass fucked her she must of gotten her ass fucked quite a few times. fucking HAWT!

    i decide to go for 15 minutes at least. i start to slowly pull my cock out, then back in, slow strokes. i tell Phil we gotta time our strokes. we decide i pull out, he pushes in. i push in,he pulls out. "oh goddamn, your cocks feel so good, so fucking good, start slow then go faster" Vanida says. she leans forward, sticking her ass out, and Phil starts sucking on her tits. "yeah, yeah, like that baby, suck on them" she says. he goes back and forth between her breasts, first one then the other, she's smacking his face with her big jugs. i run my hands up and down her arms, her smooth back, cup and grab her smooth ass cheeks, squeeze aher ass, feel her smooth thighs against mine all while BURIED IN HER ASS WHILE MY BUD HAS HIS COCK IN HER PUSSY! i place my hands on her shoulders, grip them and start to fuck her harder now that i've regained some control. w'eve been screwing for 15 minutes now, i'll give it another 5, my balls are tightening up getting ready to shoot my load in her gorgeous round ass. she's bouncing up and down on Phils's cock. i pull her hair and slap her ass. i make her suck on my fingers, whispering in her ear between grunts that next time were gonna get another cock for her, so she has one in her pussy one in her ass and one in her mouth. she shudders and tells me "oh god yes, yes, i want that". fuck, her asshole feels like velvet on my cock, not like a pussy. a pussy is tight all along your cock. an asshole is tight at first, then you can feel the anus ring muscle grip your cock and past that its looser than a pussy. i can feel Phil's cock getting bigger in her pussy, he's gonna cum. he grunts and i can feel his cock pulsating in her c**t. it sends me over the edge and i shoot my load in her ass. she screams out a long "ohhh aaahhh!" and her asshole clenches around my throbbing cock. "fuuuuuuuuck!" i groan out, draining my balls into her Asian asshole. she collapse on Phil, i collapse on her, Phil says get off me you two. i pull my flaccid cock out of her ass. she rolls off of Phil. i glance down and watch our cum oooze out of both her freshly fucked holes. so fucking hot, she's soo sexy, so gorgeously beautiful right now, sex sweaty and laying between us.

    i came at least 3 times that night. i fucked her some more. i also went around the world (cum in her mouth, pussy, and ass) with her. she kept cumming and cumming and cumming. if i wasn't fucking her Phil was.

    good times. great memory. so that's my confession, at least one of them: i fuck my stepsister.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 47

    New to the workforce after college I was given to a man, for training and development. I was an honors graduate and expected to move up quickly. He told me it didn't work that way. I wasn't the only one, and there were employees ahead of me, seniority mattered. And he whispered to me that he had not seen women go up just like that, actually not at all. Look around, did I interview with any women? And look around what jobs did women do? Not to get him wrong, he didn't have a problem, but look around. Maybe I should settle in, do a good job, he would look after me, and if a promotion came up, he would take me into consideration.

    The year was 1980, 9 to 5 was in theatres.

    He moved me into Human Resources. He gave me instructions, think T&A, secretaries needed to look the part. Manager title was equivalent to nothing, it was just a title. The day came when he put his around me, demanded a kiss, patted my bottom, and told me to settle down. I was now dating. I was told by an older, more life experienced office manager, this was not someone I wanted to disappoint, and not to be stupid, a smart, educated man, well respected, on senior management, probably partner, track? What was I thinking? I wanted to make sure I was a keeper, with my background and education I was definite marriage material.

    Think of the house, I wouldn't have to work, I could have and raise my kids, don't blow it. She was quite serious when she told me it was easier to fall in love with a rich man than a poor man. You can learn to love a man, especially a man with his background and future.

    Her predictions came to pass, I was chosen for marriage, I quit working after my first son was born, I lived in the right neighborhood, I had the four kids, he made partner, I fit right in, I had the background and education for a partner's wife. But I never fell in love. In like yes, good man yes, nice man yes, good father yes, well to do yes, husband yes, but in love no.

    He still puts his arm around me, demands a kiss, pats my bottom. Still a girl, a 57 year old girl, still not quite there, not quite. Not a man. Girl yes. Maybe if I had fallen in love my days would be easier.

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