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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    My mother married a man when I was thirteen. I didn't like him or having him in the house. He smelled bad to me. Our house had a television parlor and that is where I spent most of my time after school. One afternoon this man was there with me and he was reading his newspaper while I was watching television. I had on a dress and I had my feet on the cushion of the couch and he could see my panties under my dress, he kept looking over the newspaper at me staring straight up my dress at my bottom and my panties. I was grossed out but as hard as I tried I could not close my legs or put my feet down, I sat there and let him look straight up my legs to my panties. I could feel the wetness, I was dripping and the cold air against my wet panties made me squeeze my legs together for a couple of seconds and then open then again. I wanted to rub myself so bad. He was staring at me and I was staring into his eyes, his lips would open and close and he would lick the outside of his lips. I was dripping wet I might as well have peed in my pants I was so wet and all he did was stare at my wet panties.

    When he moved his newspaper out of the way I saw that he had a hard boner, his pants were lifted up and he put his hand on his boner and shifted it aside, why I just let my knees fall open I don't know. That night after dinner he asked me to come over and give him a kiss before I went upstairs. My mother just followed me with her eyes and I didn't stop looking at her as I walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek and ran upstairs. That night I heard them having sex, it happened but I was usually asleep or just didn't listen but that night I listened and I lay in bed getting wetter and wetter except that now I could just rub myself raw.

    I kissed him every night after that and sat with him for breakfast and went with him on errands and became a dutiful daughter fixing him brownies and helping my Mom with dinner and setting the table. When he hugged me I just got lost in his arms. At night I would lay awake listening for them to have sex. The urge for inserting something got bigger and bigger and bigger, my finger just did not do it for me, I rubbed my clit raw but it wasn't enough. I found this golf club in the garage that my father had left in the house I and fucked myself with it while they had sex.

    As far as flashing him, I flashed him all the time, especially at night when I had on my nightgown, I would sit on the couch while he sat in his chair and hold my legs open and dripped and dripped getting wetter the more he stared at me. Sometimes the feelings got so intense that I slammed my legs together feeling what were the early throws of orgasms and when the felling past I just let my legs fall open and I let him stare at my open legged wet panties while he adjusted his hard boner in his pants. If the night was right, I got up and went and sat in his lap.

    After such a bad start with him I became his favorite daughter, I loved fixing things for him, cooking and baking, I learned how to iron and my mother let me iron his shirts for work. I went with my mother to the store to make sure she bought the things he liked. My relationship with my stepdad was never like the relationship with my father, but it was and is a special relationship. My stepdad awakened the woman in me and it has never gone back to sleep.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    This is a confession my neighbor should be making, as I'm single, if you don't count my on off female fuck friend. My neighbor Martin is thirty six, married and his wife is stunning.
    They do have sex, yet each and every time Martin and I get chance to, he jumps over the low fence which separates our back yards and joins me in my small bottom floor apartment.
    And Martin only joins me for one thing. To fuck the shit out of me with his big fat cock. He tells me its ok fucking his wife, but she's no where near as horny as I am, and I can take every inch of his eight and half inch cock deep up my ass.
    Martin also tells me, mostly when he's fucking me, I'm the dirtiest fuck he's ever had. I will try everything once, and lots more if I like it. And there'e not much I don't like sexually.
    Valentines day today.
    Martin's wife drove off to work at seven. By ten past I was sucking on his cock having just gotten out of the shower. He took me back into the shower to fuck me before I'd had the chance to "Clean myself". (If you're a gay bottom or top, you'll know what that means) It was bit messy, but we both didn't care and it was I have to say, one of the best fucks we've had together.
    He was late for work himself, as he didn't leave until gone nine o'clock. And by then he'd unloaded up my asshole and down my throat. By the time he did leave, I was hoping he might take the entire day off and spent it fucking me.
    Greedy I know, but then he is out with his wife tonight's Valentines dinner. And then their away tomorrow for few days.
    Here's hoping he saves some of his beautiful cum for me when he gets back. I'm sure he will.
    Ps, Martin owns the apartment I live in. Rent free.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 26

    I'm a horny guy, I can't help it. The thought of being with someone else turns me on more because there's a social taboo around it.

    I have a friend who I'll meet up with for the first time in a few years to go to a concert together soon. We've booked a hotel (separate rooms) so that we can go out afterwards for drinks and a catch up, but I think she and I both know we'll be up into the early hours doing much much more than catching up, I'm very excited. Maybe there will be another confession in a few months with the details. Fingers crossed..

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    Hi, I am from Slovenia and I am 31 years old. I worked as a prostitute in Amsterdam and that is where I met the man I married and moved to Philadelphia. My husband is nice. I teach dance to children. I was trained in ballet when I was a teenager and I am a good teacher.

    My confession is that I am happy that I am married and I have a life here and that I can teach dance to children. But I am not satisfied as a woman. My husband is nice. I made a mistake and I became friends with one of the mothers of one of the girls I teach dance. Maybe I was just hungry for some affection. As a prostitute I had sex many times with other women so having sex with my pupil's mother was sex, I always enjoyed having sex with women. This woman wants to have a relationship, she is not satisfied with just getting together to have sex. I did not want a relationship and I had to tell her that I was married to a nice man and I would not want to leave him.

    My husband is nice but he does not want to have sex. When I met him in Amsterdam he took me to dinner but not his hotel. I met him many times for dinner and a walk through the streets of Amsterdam and one day he said he wanted to take care of me, if I married him he would bring me here and I could be free of having to be a prostitute. In Europe being a prostitute is not the same as here, so I never tell anyone I was a prostitute in Amsterdam. I tell them that I was a school teacher and I taught dance in Amsterdam. But I lied to the woman, I do want to have a relationship with her. I miss the affection and I miss her. No one has ever told me they loved me before. But I cannot leave my husband.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 41

    I get off exposing my wife's body to other people.
    I all began when some mates and and I were drinking at my house.
    We were all sitting on the couch surrounding the coffee table.
    My wife came over to collect the empty bottles.
    As she leaned over, her top opened up and her perky nipples were clearly showing to everyone.
    As she was still leaning, started to pick up the peanut shells bit by bit and put them in the bowl.
    She looked up at us, my pretty wife and asked if we wanted more beer.
    I was still looking at her tits, which by now, everyone had noticed it.
    All the instincts inside me screamed for me to cover her up...
    but I couldn't as sudden hard-on appeared and prevented me from getting up.
    One mate cleared his throat and nudged another friend. Everyone said they'd like a beer.
    While on the other side my other friend commented "sure is nippy today."
    Knowing my friends were looking at my wife's bare chest made blood rush to my nether regions.
    I don't know that it was, but it really turned me on.
    I pretended everything was normal and waited for the wife to leave the room before trying to bring normality to the atmosphere as noone said anything.
    "Yeah she never wears a bra at home" I tried to sound casual, and wave it off as though it was normal.
    My usually vulgar friend just said, "Well your wife just gave me something to wank to tonight."
    Hearing that made me cum in my pants. The thought of someone else wanking to my wife just made me lose control.
    That night, I had the vigorous love making with my wife. Even she was surprised.
    When I shared with her what happened, she was totally embarrassed... and the more embarrassed she was, the harder I got. We did it 3 times that night.

    Since then, I have been encouraging my wife to dress very revealingly, especially around my friends. My wife is still embarrassed and she is not slutty at all. She couldn't make herself dress in a certain outfit, so she lets me choose her clothes. I would unbutton her top and she is not allowed to button it back up. She is such a good wife and does it because that night we will have a good long love making session.

    Ive also started taking naked photos of her and saving it on my phone, her phone and computer, hoping someone will accidentally come across it.

    We have an electronic photo frame in our entertainment room that has random photos of us that is played. Once every hour, there is a 0.3 second flash of her nude or in a very compromising position. Just enough to leave the image in your mind, but make you think you imagined it, as the photo you are looking at is her smiling normally in clothes... but her nude photo is burning in your mind.

    But I am really wanting to push the envelope some more. The wife being too forward doesn't do it for me. She had to be exposed unwittingly.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 48

    Iv visited a couple of confession sites just out of curiously really and come way thinking what a load of rubbish,so i am back to say yes it can happen to you.I am 48 and i just smiled at this lad waiting for the train to come in.No one else was on the unmanned station and before i knew it i was really flirting with him enjoying the fact that he was responding and coming on to me we went out of sight and his hand went straight between my legs rubbing me though my panties. i guess he was 18 or 19 and his finger was now inside me but i could hear the bloody train coming and his cock was erect in my hand pushing though my fingers He said fuck the train and as soon as it was gone fucked me hard up against the wall.Id gone from loving wife to cheat without even giving it a second thought and just as quickly never done it again even though id loved it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 44

    I got married right out of college. We lived in a small apartment and I had a job as a cashier at a bank. Every morning I had to get dressed, get my hair done, put on make up, the usual hour long routine. What bothered me was that I did not have a full length mirror to see myself before leaving for work. I asked my husband to come up with a way I could have a mirror.

    He bought a mirror, not so big but five feet long and he nailed it to the back of the bathroom door. Now when I got dressed I had a full length mirror. But also, when I sat on the toilet I could see myself. When I dried off after the shower I could see myself. I could stand naked and see myself. I could cup my breasts and see myself. I could bend over and see myself between my legs. I could take my hand mirror and insert it in my pussy and fuck myself while I was bent over and see myself. I could take my hand mirror and stick in my asshole and fuck myself while I was bent over. I could put the floor mat on the floor next to the shower and lay down on the mat and see myself with my legs wide open in the mirror. I could bring things in from the kitchen and fuck myself as I looked at myself in the mirror. I could stand and bend over and poop and watch my poop come out into a pot. I could bend over and open my pussy and pee out onto the floor and clean it up later.

    That mirror gave me the power to know myself, to want to fuck, to fuck on my back, to fuck on my knees, I only wished I had a mirror to look into while I was getting fucked. I told my husband that I wanted a large vanity mirror over the dresser. I could get on my hands and knees and look backwards into the mirror while my husband was on top of me fucking me. I could see his asshole, see his dick slam in and out of my pussy, I could see his asshole contract when he was shooting all his cum into me.

    I would sit on him and lean over and suck his cock, I kept my eyes on the mirror as I sucked his cock.

    Later when we had more money and we bought a house I got a great big standing mirror in my bedroom and I used it to get dressed, to prance around naked, to fuck myself with several dildos that I had bought. I had it set so that when I was on my bed getting fucked I could look over and watch my husband fucking me. I always had a mirror behind the door of the bathroom door, I kept a pot that I used to poop in, our bathroom had tile floors and I bent over and sprayed the floor with my pee. I loved bending over and looking in the mirror as I sprayed pee out the back of my pussy.

    When digital cameras came around I tried using them. Pictures are always fun but they are not in the moment, the mirror is in the moment. Even as an older lady the mirror gives me pleasure. My husband has always thought that I liked mirrors so I have several nice mirrors around the house, but the ones I use are the one in the bathroom behind the door and full length mirror in my bedroom so I can watch my husband fuck me.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I met her in college and when I got transferred to Boston she was the only person I knew. I crashed with her while I looked for a place. The problem was that she had a one bedroom small apartment and insisted I sleep with her instead of the lumpy couch. A week of sleeping with her and she wants to pillow talk every night. She butts up to me, she moves around all night, she hogs the bed, I finally get peace at night by spooning her. Girl on girl spooning.

    I had to pee so I let her go and went to the bathroom, when I got back in bed she hugs onto me, I finally just lie on my back and hold her on my chest. Her warmth was more than I could take, I am totally awake with her in my arms so I caress her shoulders and kissed her cheek. Her arm reaches around my neck. I am beyond crazy holding her so I wake her gently to kiss her. She kisses back and we start to neck until we succumb to some serious sex. It is three a.m. we are wide awake, we are totally silent, she is still in my arms where she was when she climaxed, I am yet to climax so I put her hand between my legs and grab her neck and she massaged me into a climax.

    It was my first girl climax, I had made out but never climaxed, it was her first girl time. The awkward silence the next day was the testament that we had crossed the line. She snuggles up to be spooned, we only make out in bed, we go further now, and are experimenting, when all else fails a hand massage usually does the trick.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 52

    This is a confession of when I was a senior in high school. I was on the tennis team and I practiced at this tennis court in the city park. I usually practiced with one of my high school team mates but if they were busy or whatever I would practice against the practice wall. On one of those days a man came and said he was looking for someone to play with so we played a couple of sets. He was good and he kept me right on the edge of winning but I lost. I didn't know he was really a well known player and he could play so well that he could manage my score. But what it meant was that I was frustrated and I hated losing and every game I played I lost by a just that much. He came to the tennis court while I practiced after school, I played him and lost, he told me what I was doing wrong and how to improve, but it didn't matter how hard I tried I lost.

    After one devastating loss I threw my racket on the court and cussed and walked over to me and slapped my face. It wasn't a little slap, it was great big slap, whack turning my face around. I tried to slap him, he grabbed my arm and twisted me around and told me to take control or he was going to have to spank me. When he let go I tried to slap him again, he grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the bench, he sat down and laid me over his lap and spanked me with his hand. I was crying by then and he called me a sissy and sore loser while he patted my butt with his hand, he ran his hand around and around my butt asking me if I was going to be a good little girl, that he wanted me to be a real good little girl. His two fingers slipped down into my crack and he pushed them up hard against me and asked me if I liked being a good little girl. His fingers kept rubbing me, he was pushing hard against my shorts and he asked me if I had on pink panties. I said yes because he could see my panties under my shorts.

    He asked me if I was going to be a good little girl and I said yes so he let me stand up and he pulled me against his chest holding my by my butt. While he held me he asked for a kiss, his hands were so tight on my butt cheeks, I kept telling him that I was always a good little girl and he put his mouth up for me to kiss him. It was my first kiss. He said he had thought about it and he was going to take me home after all.

    We went to his car and we drove to his home and went into the garage. In his house he told me that I was going to be the best little girl and he was going to show me why he wanted to love me. He undressed me in the kitchen, I took off my shoes and socks and he took off my clothes until I was totally naked in the kitchen. It was cold and he held me by my shoulders and he looked at me. After a few minutes he told me it was time and he walked me back to his bedroom, he turned down the bedspread and sheets and told me to get on the bed and wait for him to get undressed. I waited because he took his time, first his shoes and socks and then he slowly got undressed, folding his clothes not like my clothes that were all over the floor in the kitchen.

    He was totally naked and he asked me if I knew why God had made me a little girl, to think hard about it. I guessed several times but he told me I was wrong, until finally he pushed me on my back and told me God made me a little girl so he could fuck me and to open my legs and he laid on me and he fucked me. While he fucked me he kept asking me to tell him why God had made me a little girl. What was I good for. Why God had given me such a pretty face, why God had give me such nice breasts, why God had given me such a nice pussy, why God had sent me to him to fuck. He fucked me until he filled me up and got off and told me that I was such a nice little girl that he was going to fuck me some more but first he had to rest.

    I have never been anyone else's little girl. The little girl me belongs to him.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 25

    Peeing Sister.

    My sister Jana is 4 years older than me. She is a real looker, tall and thin, with long legs and long sandy blonde hair to match. I am not good at these things but I estimate that she is a b-cup size.

    When she was 18 Jana got into the bad habit of going to the bars (even though the legal drinking age here is 21) and staying out late at night, which frustrated our parents to no end.

    One Friday night she came home late after midnight, and was clearly a little tipsy. She was wearing a tight black skirt which was way too short and showed flashes of her yellow panties. She also wore a skanky black blouse, which showed ample cleavage and made her look a lot larger on top than she actually was.

    I had stayed up to watch some late night movies, since I had no dating game as an awkward teenager. As she was drunk Jana needed to relieve herself. Our one bathroom was occupied by our mom, who was taking a bath to unwind from another hard week of her ordering us around.

    Jana was really desperate, but she did not want to interrupt our mom because she had already broken curfew. She asked me for help with what to do. I told her to use the kitchen sink, but she knew that I was joking. Then I told her that I had used the floor drain in our garage a couple of times when I was desperate.

    So Jana headed to the garage, and I discreetly followed because I partly didn't think that she was actually going to do it. In her haste, Jana had left the garage door to the house ajar a bit. From the opened door, I could secretly watch without been seen (or so I thought).

    Since Dad was working nights and had the car, the floor drain was fully exposed in the centre of the garage. Jana hiked up her skirt, pulled off her panties, and squatted over the drain. I caught only a brief glimpse of her sweet derriere. I had a side view and I really could not see much of anything.

    At first nothing seemed to be happening (perhaps Jana was nervous). Then I heard a little tinkle, followed by a gushing noise as Jana completely voided her bladder.

    Jana stood up to compose herself and I rushed back to the couch so I would't get caught. Jana came storming in, told me that she knew I was watching all along, and called me a perv.

    I thought this was an one-time thing and I hadn't really seen anything, but certainly had sound effects.

    Jana continued her pattern of going to the bars and staying out late at night. She also started coming in more through the garage door into the house, and at first I thought it was to avoid mom. But I got curious to see if she was still using the floor drain as an emergency toilet.

    So one night when I heard her boy-toy for the evening drop her off after hours, I decided to check it out. She came through the side exterior garage door and had in tow a guy who was old enough to be our dad. At first they started to make out, but she fought him off and then whispered something in his ear. To my surprise, the guy pulled out his wallet and handed Jana a wad of cash.

    Jana moved to the centre of the garage, and began to do a little dance for the guy. She slipped off her panties, and then I began to get an idea what was going to happen. But instead of squatting, Jana lifted up her one leg giving the guy (and me) a clear view of her pussy and blonde peach fuzz. Then Jana began to piss all over the garage floor, but she did not have much control and much of the pee ran down her standing leg.

    I had not noticed (I had better things to attend to), but at sometime during all this action the guy had whipped out his cock and was jerking off. Jana was not have any of this, so she pretended to hear a noise, and rushed the guy out before they got.

    This little scene went into my spank bank, but little did I know that there would be others to follow. Jana kept bringing older guys into our garage late at night. These were the type of guys she would never be caught dating. She kept on putting on these pee shows for them, and a few even let her pee in their faces. And they always paid a wad of money.

    One day I had to take a life-altering crap myself, so I had parked myself on our throne with the appropriate reading material (Penthouse Forum). Suddenly I heard Jana banging on the bathroom door that she had to take a leak. I told her to get lost as I was taking care of my own bodily functions.

    We did not have a very good bathroom lock, so Jana just turned the door knob hard and burst into the bathroom. She quickly took off her shoes, climbed into the bathtub, and pulled the shower curtain closed. I could hear her fumbling to remove her panties and I thought that I was going to be treated another sound effects show.

    But to my surprise, Jana pulled the shower curtain back open. Her skirt was completely hiked up, she had one leg raised on the bathtub edge, and she was pantiless, fully exposing her now shaved pussy. Jana told me that she knew I had been watching her garage shows, but she said that she felt safer with me there. She still called me a pervert, but she said that I deserved a treat because I had kept quiet about everything, and especially the money.

    I think the need to pee was just a ruse to get into the bathroom, because nothing had happened by this time. Jana then noticed the Forum in my hand, and ask me what I was reading. I meekly said "nothing", so she told me to read her a story.

    I desperately tried to find a story on peeing, but could not. So I started to read her a story about a Finnish family playing in a sauna. I was amazed at how Jana reacted. At first she inserted one then two fingers into her pussy and began to diddle herself. I was memerized until Jana told me it was no fair, and she wanted to also see me play with myself.

    My cock was right there so I started to stroke it. It became a real juggling act trying to read the Forum in one hand, jerking myself with the other, all while intensely watching my sister finger herself.

    Although we did not touch each other at first, our bodies became in-sync. First our breathing, then our moaning and groaning. Suddenly my sister's face began to contort and her body began to convulse uncontrollably as she went through her first wave of orgasm.

    Then I began to lose my shit, and with the first sign of pre-cum Jana grabbed my cock and began to jerk ropes of my man-juice all over the bathroom floor. Jana was really turned on by this, and vigorously began to fap her pussy again until she had another orgasm.

    Fortunatel y we were in the bathroom, and took a shower together to clean-up, with Jana introducing me to making-out, and with me fully exploring my sister's wet body with my hands.

    I am glad to say that this brought our relationship to a new level. I continued to watch my sister's pee shows and even took a few photos in case any of the guys created a problem. Jana even threw some cash my way. And she coninued to use me as her boy-toy whenever she wanted, which was worth more than any money that she could give me.

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