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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    It's not that I can't be horny, it's that I struggle entering that mode. When I'm horny, I'm horny as fuck. I'll let it take control of me. However, I've been finding myself going weeks without even realizing my lack of sexual arousal. Sometimes when I become aware, I feel the urge to play with myself or even seek sexual adventures, but it's as if my body just isn't in the mood. I find this embarrassing as a friend of mine I used to fool around with as reentered my life, and I just can't keep up. How does a decade do this to me? I used to be all over this person, but even when trying to get into that mode, I just feel meh. They're understanding, so they're willing to work with me and we'll get the job done. Still, it's embarrassing as hell.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 51


    I'm a male with a Clothing Fetish for Women's Shirts with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. I'm NOT a crossdresser, I'm a Fetishist! My Clothing Fetish is for this single style of Women's Shirt. I have a "Fetish Name" for this style of Women's Shirt. I call this style of Women's Shirt by the Fetish Name "TICKET SHIRT." My sexy Women's Ticket Shirts are my ONLY Fetishwear! My Ticket Shirt wearing Fetish has been a lifelong Women's Clothing Fetish. I'm sexually attracted to my Women's Ticket Shirts and I'm a sexual slave to my Women's Ticket Shirts! Women's Ticket Shirts are sexually beautiful to me!

    To define and explain what a Ticket Shirt is: a TICKET SHIRT is a "Shirt" with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags, and one or two Pockets. A Ticket Shirt has frontal button closure with the buttons being visible, not hidden. I LOVE Ticket Shirts made from silky polyester. I prefer solid colors ONLY. All of my Ticket Shirts are Women's Ticket Shirts.

    The Collar of a Ticket Shirt is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar," the Collar Tag is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar Tag," and the Pockets of a sexy Woman's Ticket Shirt are called "Ticket Shirt Pockets." I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt and jerk off. I LOVE to watch myself in a mirror while I wear a Ticket Shirt and jerk off. I LOVE how sexy a Woman's Ticket Shirt looks on me! My pretty Women's Ticket Shirts are so Sexually Beautiful to me! I LOVE Ticket Shirts with sexual LOVE! It is SEXUAL TICKET SHIRT LOVE!

    I have a small penis only 4 inches long when hard. I have a "Fetish Name" for my penis. The Fetish Name for my penis is "Ticket pp." My sperm also has a "Fetish Name." The Fetish Name for my sperm is, "Ticket sperm." I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt, jerk off and spurt Ticket sperm from my Ticket pp! I also have "pp Ticket Shirts" which are for rubbing my Ticket pp on, and "sperm Ticket Shirts" for spurting my Ticket sperm onto when I jerk off.

    I LOVE to wear one of my Women's Ticket Shirts, and look at and jerk off to a pp Ticket Shirt. I also LOVE to spurt my Ticket sperm onto a sperm Ticket Shirt, then lick and eat my own Ticket sperm off of my sexually beautiful sperm Ticket Shirt! I LOVE the taste of my Ticket sperm, to me my Ticket sperm is DELICIOUS!

    I also have a sexual clothing Fetish for a Girl Scout Uniform and a Nurse Uniform. The Girl Scout Uniform is called a "Girl Scout Ticket Shirtdress" and the Nurse Uniform is called a "Nurse Ticket Shirtdress." Both have Pointed and Notched Ticket Shirt Collars.

    I LOVE to have Women see me wearing my Women's Ticket Shirt with my little Ticket pp showing! I also LOVE to have Women watch me jerk off and spurt my Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp while I wear one of my Women's Ticket Shirts!

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 33

    I am 33 and I am home with a six month old baby. I am a reluctant wife and mother. I have worked since I was 14, baby sitting, hostess, server, office clerk, retail, front desk clerk, and up till my baby was born as an accounting clerk in a large multinational firm. I never and I mean never expected to be in this situation. His deal is that I stay home and take care of his baby until he is at least in school and then maybe I go back to work, I will be forty by then, and he will cover all the bills. If he doesn't insist on another one, all he talks about is how they were four boys and how much fun they had and he can't really see how his son can be an only child. The baby is six months old so I probably have a year before I will have to face the music on that front. He doesn't like to hear any excuses from me, he pushes them away and tells me that when the time comes I will be more than ready for number two and so on. Just have them in a row and one day I will wake up and it will all be over. Happy life. For him, he wants that but I am the one that has to give it to him.

    My background is that I have never had any desire or intentions of being in a relationship, I am not that type and frankly I don't like being bossed around by a guy. And I don't like being bossed around by my husband who insisted on getting married once I was pregnant. I suck it up because I have no choice. I also have to suck up his constant demands on me, I just don't like sex but he can't understand that. How can I have gone 32 years without once ever having had to have a man rule my life and find myself with a baby boy of all things and a man who won't leave me alone? I try, I have no choice I cannot support myself and the baby, I try. One day I am perfectly poor and happy and the next day this man has me under his thumb.

    He has no business loving me, I am truly not worth it. I don't have money or a college degree and I didn't grow up like he did. I do my best to be a good wife and mother, but I have to hold my tongue when he bosses me around. I am thankful that my grandmother made me learn how to cook but that is the very thing that got me in trouble, this man likes how I cook for him.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    OK, so I told you about how I met my first wife and how after a while we'd got our own place and got married, she was the one who always wore riding clothes and boots remember, well here's another episode of our time together, by now we'd been together about a year and she'd really gotten into experimenting with sex, she'd decided she liked watersports, and had learned how to tease other men with what she wore and how she wore it. It was great fun at the time, she'd gone from a plain jane to something quite sexy, although one night after a few drinks she almost went too far.

    We had moved out of the area, to a town about 10 miles from her original home, once away from her mother she really seemed to blossom, personally I always thought her mother held her back, didn't want her to leave home, but hey, we'd got married and were now living far enough away that she didn't see her mum too often.
    I worked all day while Sue ran the house, the town centre was only about half a mile away and she took to walking down there for shopping which saved me doing it at weekends. she began to chat to our neighbours, and more surprisingly started to go out and buy clothes on her own!
    I came home one day and she asked me if I would drive to the equestrian store as it was too far away to walk to and it meant getting several buses which took a long time as it was in the next town. I agreed to take her, but wondered what she wanted, she'd given up the horses a few months ago, and there was nowhere nearby where she could ride as we lived in a town.
    The following day, being a Saturday I was off work and as promised took her to the equestrian store, I waited in the car while she went in and it wasn't long before she returned carrying what looked like a rather large shoe box, she placed it in the car and said nothing. When we got home I asked her what it was and she said she'd bought a new pair of riding boots, now I really was puzzled. She opened the box and proudly showed me her new boots, they were long and black like her old ones had been but that was were the similarity ended, these were very smart and shiny like those I'd seen the posh girls wear on the riding schools.
    She put them back in the box and that was the end of that, or so I thought! The following week I went back to work, I came home one night and as I was eating dinner she told me that she'd been out shopping that day and found a new clothing store on the far side of town, she'd seen some really nice clothes in there and one or two items that she really liked. I asked her what she'd bought and she said she'd not bought anything, she wanted to ask me first. I told her it was fine, we could afford it and if she wanted to go back the following day and buy something then go for it.
    The following night I arrived home from work, Sue wasn't in the lounge like normal, "I'm in the kitchen" she called out, hearing me enter the room, I headed to the kitchen, she had her back towards me as I entered, bloody hell, what was going on! She was wearing the new riding boots, not only that but she had a pair of really tight beige jodhpurs on and a black see through blouse, beneath this I could clearly see a skimpy black bra, and judging by the panty line under the jodhpurs, she was probably wearing black panties too!
    She turned to face me and for the first time I saw the front view, and what a view, the top was indeed see thru and beneath it was a small half-cup bra, this was see thru also, and the jodhpurs were so tight that even with the panties she still had an obvious camel toe! I had been hungry when I landed home, but after seeing this I suddenly lost all interest in food, I wanted something else, but no, she'd cooked my dinner anything else would have to wait, "besides, you can't have your dessert until after your main course" she giggled.
    I ate my dinner rather quickly wondering what my 'dessert' would be, it was well worth waiting for believe me, it didn't take long before her top was off and her bra, we kissed and cuddled over a few drinks then just as I thought I was going to get into those sexy jodhpurs she began to squirm and pull away, she got up and stood in front of me, me eyes were level with her crotch, I took hold of her hand and went to pull her back down, she let out a little squeal, "ooh, you've made me wee my new pants" she giggled as a dark patch began to spread across the front of her jodhpurs and down her thighs to those shiny sexy boots, she didn't try and rush off to the bathroom, she just carried on. When she'd finished her jodhpurs were soaking and as she moved it was obvious quite a bit had ran into those sexy black boots.
    "Well, I suppose you'd better spank me for being a naughty girl and wetting my new jodhpurs" she giggled, bending over in front of me, I pulled her onto my knee and gave her several playful slaps across the seat of her wet jodhpurs, I then rubbed my hand across her wet bottom and slid it between her thighs, rubbing her wet crotch, "best take them down I think", I told her, she stood up, unfastened them and lowered them as far as her long boots would allow. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my erect cock, spun her around and slipping her wet panties to one side, guided her onto it, "well, if you're going to wear riding clothes then you can ride this" I laughed, she rode me like a wild thing and it didn't take long before I shot my load inside her, she continued long after she'd cum and by the time she'd finished my cum was dripping out of her panties, wow, that was worth coming home for.

    Over the next few weeks she bought several more outfits and I fucked her in each one, one day she told me she wanted a pair of black crotch length leather boots, I readily agreed and we bought a pair, by now she'd got loads of tight revealing clothes and several pairs of boots. She was also getting well into wetting herself and most of our sessions either started or ended with her wetting her pants, things started to get more and more extreme and there were two occasions when things nearly got out of hand.

    The first one happened in our local off-licence, it was run by this randy old bloke and it was always busy, there was always a load of teenagers outside hanging around too, at this point the area had started to go down hill and I began to feel nervous about letting Sue go out alone after dark. It was one of those area's where a lot of people knew each other and we were outsiders really, so when it started to go downhill I felt we were really out of the 'click' as it were. There was one girl who went in the shop, a bit scruffy and she used to flirt with the randy old sod, quite often she'd wear a see through top with a scruffy looking bra beneath it, she never wore a coat and always let him have a good look at her, she always got served first, and I often wondered what else she got off him, this annoyed Sue especially when we'd been waiting to be served and she'd just waltz in and get served straight away.

    One night after dinner Sue said that she wanted to go down to the off licence for some beers, I said I'd go with her as it was dark, she was wearing her tight beige jodhpurs and a baggy top but no shoes. She said she'd just pop upstairs and put something on her feet while I was putting my coat on. She came down a few minutes later wearing her coat, and her thigh length boots, talk about attracting attention, thigh lengths to walk to the shop!

    She attracted quite a few stares from the teenage lads outside the shop, plus a few crude comments, mostly about what they'd like to do to her in those boots, she just ignored them. We went into the shop and as usual it was quite busy, there was a queue, that was when Sue did the most outrageous thing ever, she walked up to the counter and as we waited to be served she slowly unzipped her coat, the randy old sod was over in seconds, "right love, what can I get you?" he asked, Sue told him what she wanted and he stood staring at her for a few seconds before getting her what she'd asked for, he placed them on the counter and she handed over the money, he seemed to take a long time over giving her the change, checking it over several times to make sure it was correct.
    "there we go gorgeous, see you soon" he leered as he handed her the change, "thanks, bye" she said smiling, then she turned around to me, "carry this will you love", she said handing me the bag, I nearly died with shock, Her jacket was wide open and under it she was wearing her black chifon blouse, the see thru one, and she wasn't wearing a bra, well that explained the randy old sod taking his time to serve her.

    We came out of the shop as Sue slowly fastened up her jacket, "did you see the look on the randy old sods face?" she laughed, "anyone would think he'd never seen a pair of tits before". I know she found it funny, but I couldn't help feel a little concerned, it would only take one of those little scrotes outside to see her on her own and she could end up in real trouble. She got a job in a local factory and it was while working there that she did find out how dangerous it could get if people got the wrong idea, she worked on a production line and there was a guy there, a line supervisor who was a bit of a pervert. The girls couldn't just leave the line to go to the toilet, they had to raise their hand and he'd get someone to cover for them while they went, one day he kept one of the young girls waiting for so long that she actually wet herself on the line.

    Sue's problems started that winter, they wore their own clothes for work, but had to change their footwear for wellington boots when on the line, most of the girls wore jeans, but some, like Sue wore tight black leggings. The incident with her happened one cold snowy winters day, I was in work early so instead of dropping her off as usual she'd had to take the bus. Because it was snowing she'd decided to wear her thigh boots, the lads had obviously seen her arriving and she'd gone into the locker room, hung up her coat and changed into her wellingtons, leaving her thigh boots in her locker.

    Partway through the morning she'd needed to use the toilet and had raised her hand, fortunately she only needed a wee, because the guy kept her waiting so long that she'd actually started to go in her leggings( I think he was trying to make her wet herself), anyway, he finally let her go and as she reached the locker room she started to wet herself, she ran into the toilet hoping to make it before she lost control completely and as she opened the cubicle door a shocking sight awaited her. There sat in the bowl of the toilet was a pair of long black boots, thigh boots, and they were hers, the outside of them was covered in a white sticky fluid! The shock caused her to wet her pants completely when she realised what the white liquid was, someone had took her boots out of her locker and gone into the toilet and wanked over them!

    She pulled them from the bowl, cleaed them as best she could and put them on, grabbed her coat and rang me at work. I went down right away to sort it out, there she was stood outside work in her wet leggings with dried spunk stains all down the front of her leather boots. I went into the works and raised hell over it, threatening to wait outside and give the bloke a good hiding, they never found out who it was that had wanked over her boots, but the line supervisor was sacked after several of the younger women complained about him keeping them waiting so long they'd wet themselves too.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 31

    I turned 30 single and no prospects my friend set me up with her brother. It wasn't pleasant, my first no nonsense male assault imposing his will on me I was overcome and I lost and he won. Probably qualifies as assault but somehow it was his for the taking and he did. My friend did her job, he took advantage of it and I am no longer single.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I want to open the curtains of my bedroom window and masturbate against the glass in hopes that my next door neighbor sees me.

    Despite the fact that he has no kids, heâs got quite the dad body that Iâm so infatuated with. Itâs really silly to say, but my pussy has such a crush on him; I get instantly wet whenever I see him and he waves hello to me. We donât say much to each other even though weâve been neighbors for almost my entire life.

    I think about him sneaking over my house at night, where he finally confesses that he wants me. Iâd love to give my first time to him. I imagine that he isnât well endowed, but where he lacks length he makes up for in thickness. He gently lowers me onto him, his cock slowly spreading my little cunny apart. Weâd try our best to be as silent as possible, but I bet his soft grunts are amazing to hear. Weâll make out as my hands stroke his grey beard. God, I was his hands gripping my butt as we both cum together, my pussy milking every last drop of cum from his swollen balls.

    I hope Iâm capable of going on for hours with him. I can see myself in multiple positions, constantly cumming, all thanks to him. But I hope after our session, we keep seeing each other and form a relationship. Heâs much older than me, but Iâm an adult as well so the age difference isnât bothersome in any way.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 35

    Yesterday I had my first unwanted sexual experience. Fully as an adult. Not sure how I feel about it, other than to say I was putting out signs that I wasn't feeling it despite my erection and she wasn't really listening to me. Just writing it here to kind of forget about it and move on...

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 29

    He is older and I am younger. He has two children with his first wife and he has four children with me. He wants a son real bad from me but so far I have had only daughters. My mom used to tell me if you don't get it right try again, get it right and if you don't try again until you get it right. Not really, he wants a son and I want to give him a son and he likes having girls but he really wants a son so all I can do is try again. I am young, this I can do for him.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 18

    After watching Love, Simon I got into tears and I can't stop thinking about who am I really are, Sometimes I feel like I am all alone, I want to express and tell everyone about my real identity, I don't want to tell someone even my parents about it because I'm scared, The movie says that "everybody deserves a love story" but Idk what to do Im afraid, maybe im not yet ready
    if you wanna talk you can email me [email protected]@g***l.**m :D

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 52

    This is a kissing cousin story. She grew up quite far from us and it was on a family holiday when she was fourteen and I was nineteen that we had sex. I never had sex with another girl that I liked, I went back to her. She never had sex with anyone else so she never had the opportunity to compare. Back when we were kids, or young adults we had to mess around on the side. Then one day I said fuck it, well not quite like that, I told her it was time we let our parents know that they need not stay up at night waiting to hear if we had found that certain someone, because we had and it was us. She was 23 then.

    I told my uncle. He went off the deep end. We, her and I told my mother. She went off the deep end. I told my mother that we wanted to get married and have a family, after all I was going to be 30 and she was already out of college, and look at her, wasn't she the image of a good mother right there, if anyone looked like she would be a good mother it was her. My mother talked to her father (they are brother and sister) and it was out in the open. At least we didn't have to go hiding everything. To get married we moved to a state where first cousins can get married and we settled there and raised four boys. To this day my mother still asks me why I picked my cousin. Well I don't know but I did and I am glad I did. As I tell her she has been a damn fine wife for a country boy like me.

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