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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 35

    Tanya had my arms suspended above my head and my ankles cuffed with a spreader bar. She put the ball gag in my mouth and secured it tightly. I wasn't surprised because this is what I had paid for. I wanted to have my cock milked but I wasn't prepared for the way I was going to be milked by Tanya.

    She rolled out a small machine of sorts with two hoses with receptacles on the ends. My eyes got big I know as I looked at Tanya hooking the equipment up as I stood there secured and gagged. Tanya began to stroke my cock and within a few moments all eight inches was rock hard and ready for more. However I really was ready for what was about to happen.

    Once I was rock hard Tanya let go my cock and reached for one of the hoses dr**ed over the small machine. Tanya smiled at me as she quickly lubed my cock and reached for the stainless steel receptacle. It was a hollow tube and Tanya pushed the head of my cock inside of it.

    Tanya looked up at me and grinned as she reached over and turned on the small machine. The noise was rather loud in the small room, there was a loud hissing sound that came from the machine.

    She reach over and turned a valve on the machine and when she did, my cock was suddenly sucked into the receptacle. With my mouth gagged and the noise of the vacuum pump, Tanya could barely hear me cry out.

    Tanya looked at my expression and my cock that was sucked into the metal tube. She said something but I couldn't hear her. She reached over and turned the valve on the vacuum pump quickly.

    The tube released my cock, well almost. At the head the vacuum pump sucked the cylinder up slightly. Tanya held her hand as if to catch the cylinder but it didn't fall off. She smiled and looked up at me.

    The metal receptacle began to jack me, it's the only way I know how to describe it. I looked down in disbelief watching this tube crawling up my cock and sliding down, all in a split second motion.

    Suddenly I realized this crazy machine was sucking my cock like I had never experienced in my entire life. The machine pumped and hissed rapidly, jacking my cock until the stark reality that this was insanely good.

    Tanya stood up and walked over and lit a cigarette as the machine worked my cock until my legs began to tremble with pleasure. I began to squirm in my bondage, Tanya seemed to enjoy seeing me this way. With the ball gag in my mouth I groaned with a muffled grunt, the machine huffing away as my cock was being milked almost savagely.

    Within a few minutes I felt the tremble of my orgasm approaching but not the slow build up I was used to. This fucking machine was sucking my cock without mercy, jacking me feverishly until I was basically hanging by the wrist cuffs above my head, My knee's bent, I couldn't stand up I felt so weak suddenly.

    From behind the ball gag in my mouth I'm trying to scream with a perverted pleasure I had never experienced before. The vacuum pump hissed, the cylinder working up and down my aching cock as if possessed somehow.

    I was going to cum and my body jerked as I felt the machine sucking my hot load of cum out of my pulsating cock. I threw my head back as I exploded into the metal receptacle, my screams of cumming muffled by the ball gag and the noise of the pulsating machine.

    My hips seemed to spasm, thrusting forward as if I were fucking someone as the vacuum pump sucked my orgasm out of my body savagely. I tried to protest, trying to scream for this to end suddenly. The machine had taken every drop of cum but it was trying to get more from me in some weird way.

    I was too far gone to even notice Tanya walking over. With a click of a switch the vacuum pump fell silent, the cylinder that was draining my engorged cock dropped to the floor at my feet. The silence was almost a shock to my senses, if I had any left.

    I literally hung by my cuffs breathing hard and trying to get some energy back to my legs to stand up. Tanya removed the ball gag and released the cuffs holding my wrists, before she let me out of the spreader bar.

    I could barely stand I was so spent. I looked down at my cock that was almost red in color and dripping cum. Tanya stood over me in her tall heels as I tried to gather myself. She asked me what I thought about it. I looked up at her almost giggling at what she had just done to me. I told her I would be back soon!!!!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    When I was 15 I met two sisters in school, skinny redheads, that I soon discovered, were sex-crazed (as my brother, who knew them well, put it.) They were 13 and 15, both flat chested but with nice little butts and green eyes that I used to watch open and close while boys fucked away at them. I must have seen them having sex with boys and the odd girl once in a while, hundreds of times. Once I saw them with my own brother, Ken, where he stacked them (according to their request) and did them in and out, if you follow me.

    Their mother stopped trying to control them so had them outfitted with IUD'x. There was nothing to protect them from STD's and one caught a major crab infection from some dirty kid. I can tell you, all said, that watching them eventually caused me to take a boy up my ass. It was o.k. but I was not really into it. He came in me an I remember feeling it in me for he first time, the pulsating, climaxing cock. I got into girls earlier and easier and love it to this day. I held out from vaginal sex till I was 18 and do not regret it.

    As far as I know, the two little redhead sisters are still banging away. I don't know because my parents divorced and mom and I moved away from Kenny and dad.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    My first time for anything but watching porn on line. I was in my early teens and I can't bring myself to say how young even here. I was fairly young.

    I left the movies with my friend Toni and it has started to rain. I thought I can't wait for the bus in the rain so I looked for a cab and just in front of me was a man hailing one. The cab stopped and he man got in, seeing me there. He held the door open for me and I got in. He was a distinguished looking gentleman wearing a Trench coat and hat and had gray hair. He told me to tell the driver my address and to drop me off first. He said, "It will be my treat."

    The man introduced himself but it was hammering rain outside and cars with their horns I did not hear well. He just sat, quietly and Toni chatted away in a low voice. Then, she stopped her chatting and said, "Oh, GOOD HEAVENS." She stared past me to the man. He had opened his trench coat and this indescribably large hard penis stuck straight out. He apologized to us and said, "So sorry, it gets like this sometimes and I must release it for a while."

    Toni and I were very dumb and totally inexperienced. He said, "If it removes your apprehension you may touch it, I won't mind." Toni moved, taking my place next to the man. She slowly took hold of the giant penis with both hands and said, "My God, does it hurt? It's so hard." Then, Toni shocked me by dropping her head and taking the head of the penis into her mouth. I said, "Toni, what the hell?" The man just sat there, his head back on the car seat.

    Then Toni came up and said, "Try it, you'll be less shocked or something." She started moving her hands on the now enormous cock, up and down, slowly. Toni held it toward me and Heaven forbid me, I went down also and sucked the cock. Neither of us could fit much of even the head in our mouths. The whole scene was dreamlike and unreal. Then, the man said out loud, "Oh, oh, oh, move back please." He pulled out a scarf and placed it on top of his huge cock, holding it all with one hand. He went, "UH, UH, Uh, ohhhhh, oh, the devil, UHNNN!" We could see him lurching in his seat.

    Toni took my hand and squeezed it and whispered, "My God, he's coming." Before long, we reached my place and as Toni and I disembarked, the man said, "Good night, ladies...I hope everything is good with you." We jumped out and the cab drove off. For years later, Toni and I would recount the experience and laugh at each other, making fun at each other also for we had both tasted the giant, pale tent pole. Did we ever tell anyone? Hell no, who would not have thought us as unhinged?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    It is 20 years ago that I tasted my first cock. I was 44 then.

    I was on a corporate trip to Brazil dealing with an investigation of an inside job at the company I worked for. The work was tense, as it required confrontation with employees, in particular with the one that we suspected had been the master mind of the operation.

    I stayed over the weekend, and on Sunday afternoon, I went and sat out by the pool to have a beer. An Englishman was sitting in the chaise lounge beside me and we struck up a conversation. It was the way his pants had bunched up, his bulge was noticeable, and as I found out later because he had a lot to notice. We talked but I couldn't keep from letting my gaze settle on his bulge.

    He asked me a lot of questions, including what I did when I was out of town. Being stuck in a hotel room was such a bore and he liked to go out and he asked me if I was game to go out later that evening and get a bite to eat at this steak house he knew about. I agreed to meet him at seven, he stood up and he stood over me with his bulge in my face, he talked for a couple of minutes leaning towards me, and inch away from my face.

    He said he was going to stop by the men's room before going up, and having drunk my beer I mentioned that I would join him. The restroom was open, we were the only two in there, a trough served as a urinal and we stood side by side and he held his hands on his hips while he urinated. He took a while, and I was unable to keep my eyes away from him, standing there with my penis out but not being able to urinate. When he was done, he put his penis away and commented that I was shy, not to be ashamed, we would see each other at seven.

    We met in the lobby and took a cab to the steak house, we had a drink, ordered dinner with a bottle of wine, we talked and when we left he put his arm around my shoulders and helped me into the cab ahead of him. He asked me if I wanted to go to a club, he knew of a place that I was sure to enjoy. We went to a dive on the highway leading out of town. No girls, the dancers were men and boys, the waiters were young men and boys, he paid a young man to dance at our table and for an extra twenty he took off his loin cloth and swung his penis around. He sat beside me with his arm around my shoulder, ordering young men and boys to come up and dance for us asking me if I was enjoying myself.

    His hand moved from my thigh up to my crotch and he took my penis in his hand and held it tight and asked for a kiss. I got my first kiss with a man that night, and he held my hand over his erect penis in his pants. We ordered more young men and boys to dance. We were pretty drunk by then, and when the boys would dance he pretended to suck them as they stood in front of him.

    We left around 2 a.m. and when we got back to the hotel we went to his room. He undressed and got on the bed and asked me to undress. As I approached the bed he took my penis in his mouth and started to suck me. I became erect and felt like I was going to lose it. He lay back and asked me to try, and leaned over and I sucked him. It was my first time, and he knew it and he talked me into how to suck him. While I sucked him, he ran his hands across my back and buttocks and played with my penis. He was erect, but not as erect as he had been at the club. He sucked me some more and asked me if I was willing to go all the way, and do it all on my first night.

    Penetration was the just about the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. I loved it from the moment he got going, he had slicked us up with a compound he carried in his suitcase and although it was a first experience, it was like I had done it a thousand times.

    The next morning I had to work, and he left back for Europe and I spent the rest of the week concentrated on my job.

    But I had found out that I liked it, and little by little, I failed miserably for quite a while, but then I found a club some 25 miles from my home where you could pick up young me. It was there that I also met a couple of men who liked to get together and have multiples, pick up some young men and then get together and it is with them that I got into it full time. No question that I am more comfortable playing on the catcher's side, that was my natural inclination that night in Sao Paulo.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 38

    I came home unexpected, to retrieve my credit card wallet that I had left behind, and found my wife naked in bed with Rhonda, our neighbor, years older than my wife, Pam. (two houses away). They were "tribbing" or grinding at each other's clits, like scissors. Rhonda saw me first and said casually, "stay and watch it you like" not missing a beat. My wife was quiet but I could tell, caught up in the sex because her eyes were mostly closed as she is with me when we are at it. I had not a clue that Pam was into women.

    I could not stay but I watched for a few minutes and jerked off in my car while driving to the office. With the ladies, after much angst, wasteful chatter and banter, I ended up where I wanted to be, fucking both my wife and Rhonda after they have a session. I love smelling Rhonda on my wife's mouth while we fuck.

    As for Rhonda's husband, Ted, whom I know well, he'll just have to be "Mr. Missing in Action."

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    One of my friends just got sentenced to 3 years in prison.

    This past two months leading up to his court date for his conviction and sentencing Iâve been going over to his house almost daily to fuck his ass. He wanted me to break his ass in so that when he gets to prison heâs used to getting fucked.

    So my thick 7â cock stretched out his tight 20 year old asshole. Wonder how prison is going for him. He looks young, small framed and blond hair. He already said he canât fight a d heâll definitely probably end up some guys wife while in there.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    For the most part I live a relatively normal life. I'm blessed with a great job and a wonderful family. I'm active in the kids sports and volunteer at church. A true boy next door type. I have one great weakness and if discovered could ruin me. I like to fuck young men dressed as schoolgirls. I prefer younger virgins and have deflowered quite a few young asspussys in my time. I travel a lot for business and often solicit young men through craigslist. It is never a problem attracting a young college freshmen to come to my hotel room. I have them dress in a sexy schoolgirl outfit complete with makeup and wig. I will often begin by sucking his cock and rimming him. I like to work his asshole pretty good with my tongue and fingers getting it nice and wet. Then I spin them onto all fours and gently at first, push the head of my cock into him. The pain is usually shocking to him at first and I'll have him do a popper or two. I add more lube to my cock and re-enter him knowing to take it slowly. I take my time since my thick cock can take some getting used to. I prefer virgins because I insist on fucking bareback and I love to deposit a big load in him then tell him to get cleaned up and go.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    My former b/f now has a "significant other" who is an Asian she-male. She's a lovely little thing and has become a good friend. Not long ago, she invited me to a party and I ended up with four cute little shemales, being fucked for hours. Sometimes I dozed off while being fucked by three of them. Only one is "hung" but most have these hard little driving pricks and I can tell you they have made me come many, many times.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I am a sexual pervert. I think about sex all the time. Iâm married to a woman who has no imagination when it comes to sex. Iâve concluded sheâs that way become she never masturbated when she was young. She never developed the part of her brain that fantasized about sex with others.

    Our sex life is very boring so I replay other sexual encounters in my mind while she rides me. But I really enjoy chatting with strangers about sex.

    If you would like to play a game of 20 naughty questions, email me

    Jerry.breedlove@ @y***o.**m

    In subject line, put
    I want to play

    Looking for females.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 25

    Confess I fuck my wasted drunk bbw inlaw while she's passed out

    I am living at my brothers place right now and him and his wife love to drink, i admit i love to drink as well but they drink to get wasted. My brother left town for business and when he leaves he's away for a while, my sister in law is a short BBW with long wavy brunette hair, glasses and big 38 DD Tits (I know that by looking at her bra on the towel rack after she took a shower) and thick muscular legs and calves that she loves to show off by wearing short shorts. I like to fantsise about fucking her while shes wasted and my brother is away on buisness, id imagine i was on top taking control pounding her hard and sucking her tits while she wailed and moaned out loud trying wrap her thick legs around my waist as I sniff a pair of her freshly worn panties and jerk off,her legs are so thick and muscular she cant fully wrap them around my brothers waist and me and my brother are about the same size, i once watched them drunk fucking on the floor and saw her trying wrap her legs around his waist but can never fully lock it in it looked damn sexy and wanted to feel that as well, i knew then in my fantasy she would not be able to wrap those thick thighs around my waist but would still grip me tight, they had no clue i was watching them.

    One night she was so waisted she couldnt even move from sitting on the washing machine, i walked up and asked if she was alright and she hugged me and tried wrapping her legs around my waist and gripped me tight and said with a heavy slur "your not going anywhere till u give me a piggy back ride to my room!" So I packed her to her room and put her to bed, she was fully clothed so no play that night but her wrapping those legs around me got me hard.

    Every once in a while she would pass out cold on the couch in a long teddy and anlke socks and I would get brave and sneak into the living room and smell her feet and jerk off while looking up her teddy while her legs are spread showing her bush and half her lip peeking out from the side of her drenched panty, and sometimes sticking a finger or 2 up her snatch and tasting it! One night My sister in law was out drinking heavily all night she started early in the afternoon at home and went to The bar later that night,I was laying in bed after having some drinks to myself I was laying in bed jerking off to the freshest worn pair of her panties when I heard the door open and slam shut. It was my sister In law and she was wasted drunk I could tell cause I heard her stumbling all over the place being very loud. Half hour had passed and I didn't realize that every thing went quiet about 15 minutes before.

    I decided to go see if everything was alright and turn off the lights and t.v because the t.v was cranked right up,I entered the living room and was immediately stunned and surprised to find my sister in law Passed out spread nude on the couch in nothing but cute little blue ankle socks, she has never passed out fully nude on the couch and without a blanket! I instantly became hard,she must have Been playing with her self masturbating because there was a bottle lube laying beside her and her pussy looked soaked in lube and cum the room smelled of moist delicious pussy. I walked over to her quietly and shook her to wake her and as I shook her,her big 38 DD tits bounced around as I shook her and she didn't move or make a sound, it looked very hot so decided to shake her again but harder and longer as i watched her tits bounce around all over my heart raced as I shook her knowing she could wake up at any moment but nothing she never made a sound. I walked over to the curtains because they were wide open and closed them, it was time for some fun!

    I went back over to her laying motionless on the couch spread eagle her clothes were all over the floor her panties were at the foot of the couch and had a big wet spot in the crotch area, I picked them up and smelt the crotch and it smelt so delicious I looked over at her spread nude and my Dick was rock hard and dripping pre cum my heart was still racing as I held her panties in my hand I wanted to taste her pussy juices so I licked the crotch of her panties and it tasted so sweet!

    I wanted more, I walked over to her and and shook her again to be sure she wasn't gonna wake up, her tits bounced as I shook her and It was making me horny I then leaned in towards her big breasts and stuck my tongue out to lick her tit and felt very nervous thinking she might wake up, I didn't take my eyes off her face as I leaned in further I then licked her tit and she didn't move, I was very excited, I then leaned in again and licked her tit again and nothing so I licked her tit and started doing circles around her tit.

    I looked up at her and she didn't move or make a sound, so I put my mouth over her tit and began to suck on her big breast as I sucked her tit I looked up at her and she was snoring lightly,my cock was throbbing,I stood up and looked at her snoring lightly and legs spread open wide I then remembered how her panties smelt and tasted and wanted a real taste. I looked down at her hairy bush and wondered if she would wake up if I went in for a taste, my heart was racing so fast with excitement that I was shaking, I shook her very hard one last time and called her name as i watched her tits bounce and she started to snore a little louder, she didn't stir at all.

    I then climbed on the the couch and touched her knee and ran my hand down her leg touching her muscular calve, I looked at her hairy pussy and touched it to see if she would wake up and she didn't move , I then lay'd on my stomach and slowly moved in towards her pussy until my face was an inch away from her pussy, I was very nervous being between her thick legs knowing she could wake up at any moment but leaned in further anyway and took a big sniff of her hairy c**t,my nose was touching her pussy lips I was so close the aroma of her hairy pussy was magnificent, and she was also wet because when I moved my face back my nose was wet. Still between her legs I decided I wanted go further I then stuck my tongue out and licked her all the way up her gape, I then looked up to make she she didn't wake up and she was still snoring , the taste of her pussy was delicious and it was very wet, so I stuck my tongue all the way up her love hole and buried my face in her pussy and began eating and sucking her pussy.

    About 5 min into eating I felt warm wet tasty cum squirt me in the face lips and mouth, my head shot up and I looked at her freaked out that she woke up but she was still snoring, feeling a bit scared I waited for a minute and then buried my face in her c**t again and rubbed my face all over her cum licking it up as I rubbed my face all over her wet delicious pussy, I pulled my tongue out of her love hole And her pussy hole was still open, so I got up and got off the couch and went for my phone ,I walked back into the living room and stood at the end of the couch snapped a picture of her, my cock was hard as a rock as I took more pictures of her, i wanted to see if i can slip my rock hard cock in her.

    I decided to try it out, was wearing a t shirt and shorts and decided to strip down to my boxers,I had plenty of condoms but i did'nt want to make her delicious smelling c**t smelling like a used propillactic plus i wanted to feel every inch of her! And if I impregnated her,her or my brother would never know whos kid it really is! I got on the couch again slowly and knelt down between her legs I was still shaky but still hard as a rock she didn't budge, my cock was bulging through my boxers and was lined up with her wet hairy pussy, I pulled out my cock out of my shorts and pre cum started oozing from the tip of my cock and on to the couch, I then put my hand on her knee and slowly pushed her leg up towards her chest and held it there in a half deck chair position as I moved her thick thigh up her pussy opened up a little more it drove me nuts it looked so hot, as my heart raced with excitement I then put my hand on her other knee and slowly pushed it up towards her chest and held it there as I watched her hairy pussy open a little more , she was now in a full Deckchair position and was still snoring, her legs where heavy but I didn't mind holding her there in that position it was very hot seeing in that position my cock just inches away from her wet love hole.

    With my hands on her knees holding her legs up in the deckchair position I slowly moved my pelvis forward not taking my eyes off her face in case she woke up and felt my cock slip right in her wet pussy making a loud sloppy gushy sound upon entry,she was So wet I just slipped right in balls deep,I couldn't believe it my wildest fantasies of fucking her while sniffing her panties and jerking off where cumming true! It felt amazing I didn't move I just kept still with my cock balls deep in my sister in laws hot wet pussy and she didn't move, my heart raced as I felt the lovely sensation of her warm love hole around my cock, I then pulled back and thrust in again this time a little faster feeling my balls lightly smack her ass and her tits bounced from the thrust and made me so hot I started slowly thrusting in and out and her snoring became a little louder but I didn't stop, I was pretty curtain she wasn't gonna wake up, I began to move faster and harder I was enjoying pumping her and watching her 38 DD tits bounce all over the place,the wet musky Odor from her pussy was getting stronger as I thrusted harder!Her pussy was soaked with her warm jizz and I could feel it soaking my balls I grabbed my phone and snapped a bunch of shots of my ass to see if I could get a pic of my cock penetrating her wet hairy spread love hole!

    I then grabbed her ankles and pushed her knees higher toward her chest giving full deep thrusts into her hairy wet love hole then started licking her thick muscular calve as I thrusted deeper and harder putting her sweaty feet in my face and smelling her sweet sweaty Odor coming from her feet and blue ankle socks that were damp with her warm sweat, about 35 min into fucking her she stopped snoring and let out a quiet moan "mmmmmmmmmmm!" Is the sound she made and her pussy soaked my cock balls and pubesI got scared and pulled out and jumped off the couch.

    I looked at her and she was still out cold and snoring, I waited a minute and then I dropped my boxers and climbed back on the couch and wasted no time and put her legs back up in the Deckchair position and slid my cock back in her and stated pumping her again, I went another 15 minutes pumping her watching her tits bounce all around and shot the biggest load of hot cum deep inside her and kept pumping her sloppy pussy until I went limp, I pulled my cock out and watched my load ooze out of her warm pussy and in between her ass crack,I put one of her legs down and held the other leg up in the half decckchair position, her pussy hole was still wide open and leaking cum from my cock reaming her love hole, I then buried my face in her c**t and started from her asshole and licked all the way up her pussy licking up all all my spunk from her cream filled hole sticking my tongue up her c**t trying not to miss a drop.

    I finished licking up All my cum from her gape and grabbed my phone and snapped a few more pics of her hairy spread hole while I held her leg up, she looked stunning, I was sweaty and hot looking at her laying there with her leg up staring at her freshly fucked pussy hole, the living room was hot and muggy and smelled like hot sweaty sex, I became instantly hard again, I grabbed her other leg and put it up in the Deckchair position and pushed my cock back up for a sloppy fuck, round 2 I started pumping her and her pussy was so wet and sloppy it was soaking my pubes and running down the inside if my leg at this point she was snoring pretty loud and I knew she wouldn't wake up from this, I continued to thrust harder and deeper watching her tits bounce to the rhythm I looked down at her pussy and watched my cock penetrating her hairy love hole, my cock was sliding in and out and my first load turned to a white buttery texture and was Turning my cock white, I loved the feeling of it , I started going faster and I felt her cum again but she didn't make a sound this time.

    I felt her pussy get very warm wet and very slick and was splashing cum on the inside of my leg with every thrust, I loved hearing her snore while I pumped her hairy pussy and watched her tits bounce to the rhythm, I propped her leg on the back of the couch and grabbed my phone as I thrusted in and out of her and snapped a few picks of my ass as I pumped her hoping to catch a picture or two of my cock penetrating her,I threw my phone down and grabbed her leg of the back of the couch and pounded her!

    It started feeling so good that I was letting out small grunts and moans, as I was pounding her Faster and harder i noticed her feet and toes start to tense up then her toes started pointing straight up in the air with tense passion and her calves were fully flexed and i could see every line of her muscular calves as i pumped harder,i know she was feeling it but was still out cold i couldnt stop,I couldn't hold it anymore, just before I was ready to cum she inhaled deep and let out a loud moan "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!& quot; out loud and orgasmed all over my cock balls and continued to snore again! I exploded inside her again and kept fucking her until my cock went flaccid and slipped out of her hairy c**t making a sloppy suction sound, I was dripping with sweat and was out of breath looking at her cum filled pussy thinking "I can't believe I did it and she didn't wake up!"

    I then Grabbed her leg and my phone In the other hand and snapped a few pictures of her gaping hairy pussy, her hole was still wide open after being reamed by me and oozing hot cum. I moved up and kissed her on her lips slipped her the tongue moved down kissed her tits,licked them and sucked them one last time, then moved down and kissed her sloppy pussy and tasted a bit of my cum. I got up off the couch and put my clothes back on,my cock was so wet it soaked my boxers I turned the heat up so she wouldnt catch cold and looked over at her and her legs were straight and not spread open so I grabbed her legs and opened them back up the way I found her,I didn't even wipe up my mess from her pussy, I turned down the lights grabbed her dirty wet panties and went in my room and put her panties under my matress with the rest of her dirty panties for keeps sake momento and layed there with a satisfied smile and a good memory.

    The next morning I woke up and went in the living room and she was sitting on the couch watching tv in her short shorts a t shirt and the same blue little ankle socks she was wearing the night before, the same socks I fucked her in, the living room was all muggy and was still wreaking of sex ,my heart began to race she looked at me and said "did you come out here last night after I got back home? I was completely wasted!" I said "no I didn't even hear u come in" and she said " oh well you missed out on me being drunk and stupid, I didn't even make it to my room I stripped down naked and passed out on the couch!" I laughed and went along with it thinking I didn't miss out I got to see all and do all! maybe she wanted me to fuck her why she passed out nude on the couch,that I will never know but what I do know is that next time I find her passed out like that ill be able to fuck her again! I can't wait!

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