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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    After I moved out from my parent's house, I moved in with an older guy I knew into a garage apartment in the seedier part of town. It wasn't so much dangerous, and it was seedy. There was a part a couple of blocks from where we lived that the winos hung out. From time to time we would walk the four blocks to this pizza place, across the tracks, and along the street that the winos were sleeping.

    That evening, it was around 11 p.m. so not terribly late, we caught these two winos sucking off. We stopped and watched. After a few minutes the wino on his knees got up and lowered his pants and bent over and the other wino fucked him. After the fucking, the wino getting the blowjob and doing the fucking paid the other wino a couple of bucks.

    We walked quietly, not wanting to let them know we had watched and when we got back to the apartment we could not shut up about it. My roommate got aggressive and started to ask me to suck him. He had lowered his pants and was standing there with his cock hard in his hand and he was telling me to get over there and suck him and he wasn't going to ask again.

    I sucked him. What else could I do. He liked it and I liked and we kept at it for a while, and then had me pull my pants down and he fucked me straight up. I wasn't even surprised, not after watching the wino get fucked, I somehow knew it was going to happed to me. The short of it is that I liked it. Especially I liked getting fucked. There was no lovemaking here, it was outright fucking. The winos didn't fuck that way, in a way they were more into it together. But the short of it was that I got fucked that night and I liked it.

    I charged, and got paid with a reduced rate for the rent. That left me a about 30 dollars more a month. When I saw the wino that sucked I gave him a couple of bucks and told him that I had to suck too. We became friends sort of.

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  • — Women Only —
    Lesbian Female / 23

    I am 23. I recently graduated from college. In high school I was the 'younger' girl. The 'other' girl is now 26. She is always on top. When you are the younger girl you have to let her be on top. I am supposed to move in with her. Right now we live in separate places, on purpose.

    Once I move in I know how it is going to go. When I am at her place, it is always the same. She can't keep her hands off my ass. Fortunately in public we are both respectful, we are not that couple which is showing off. But when I am alone with her, she can't keep her hands off my ass. I let her, because what else am I going to do? She likes to put her arms around me, put both hands on my ass, and then kiss. No kiss before she gets her hands on my ass. She has an ass fetish.

    I am naturally passive with her. She is the older one, and I follow. In bed, from way back when we started, it is about having her rub me down, she likes to spend time on my boobs, which I like a whole lot. I also like being on my stomach and have her massage my thighs and buttocks. It feels so good.

    Neither one of is tattooed, which in our world is almost one of a kind. But we do have washable pens, and we draw on each other. It is fun, make believe tattoos. She puts on deep red lipstick and kisses me all over and I wake up with lip marks all over my body. Lipstick takes a long time to wash off. I have to be careful because once while I was still in college I went out with a lipstick kiss on the back of my neck. Explain that to the girl sitting behind you? She kisses me all over.

    We did go and get a marriage license. "I do". It sounds kind of silly. "I do". After we say "I do", I will move in. You don't live together until you are married. Old school mom stuff I know. But that is the way it is. No "I do", no living together.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Depending on the situation and time, we mostly meet up weekdays. If his parents have already gone out to work and my wife has left early herself, I most likely will text him to get himself ready. It's only a few minutes then until I enter his home through the rear patio doors, climb the stairs, enter his bedroom and see his cute tight ass staring back at me. It'll be smeared with lube and he's more often than not being playing with himself by then. My cock is usually fully erect by the time I enter his bedroom, with the anticipation of fucking such a beautiful young fuck piece. Not wasting time, I'll put my bare cock to his rear opening and plunge it straight in.
    He's always enjoyed me fucking him this way, once I taught him how to enjoy a large cock. So I no longer hear any moans of "Take it easy", or "It's too big". And from the moment my cock bottoms out up his gorgeous ass, I fuck him hell for leather. Never once giving him or his comfort any thought. To me during those moments of pure sex, I'm the dominant man and he's my very sub little cock whore. Any thoughts of him trying to with hold his absolute obedience away from my dick, and my sexual needs, have been fucked out of him long ago. Ever since I first entered his tight fuckhole on that Christmas eve. Now Ryan begs me to fuck him deeper and harder and I oblige him until he cums spurting his cream over his own duvet. Knowing his seed has been spent, it helps me to build upto a normally forceful orgasm. Always cumming deep inside his youthful bowels, as he and I moan out our mutual pleasure. With my ball drained and my cock slipped from his cum laden hole, Ryan gets his treat. I allow him what I know he loves, I have my nineteen year old lick and suck off my cock and balls.
    There are times when it's not possible to fuck him in either his or our home. So we meet up away from our neighborhood and have sex in or around my car. It's not as spontaneous, nor is it as comfortable. But it does have it's advantages, in as much as we enjoy fucking outdoors too. We live where there is some fantastic scenery and having his cute asshole speared on my cock as I view the beautiful vista's, is just magical. That and having Ryan's undivided sexual attention.
    Who knew on Christmas eve 2016, my whole sexual world would change for the better. I'm so glad now I decided to kiss Ryan so passionately at his parents party.............

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 32

    My sister was a high school soccer coach and got busted for messing around with one her students. The girl's parents didn't press charges, plus she was 17, above the age, but still a problem. The whole thing was resolved when my sister resigned. She came to live with me.

    My sister is a little bit of a bitch. She doesn't work. She is the wife as far as running the house is concerned. She doesn't want any woman in her house. Now it is her house. Her view is that I should find sex somewhere, even if I have to buy it, but not to bring another woman into her house.

    She got involved for a while with this nurse. This nurse wanted to be the alpha and my sister told her to take a hike. Since then she goes out and finds a girl, usually at this lesbian dance place, brings her home and I have to deal with her later. Most of these girls fall in love at the drop of a hat. My sister wants them, but is not in love with them. Figuring out this lesbian stuff is really hard.

    I brought a woman home with me, introduced her to my sister. Reluctantly she was nice to her. Until she saw us getting serious. She is not going to have another woman live with us. The dirty low down fact is that I am not going to put my sister out on the street. I just have to find that woman that my sister will live with.

    One girl she brought home, she was a kid in college, didn't care who got her tail. I fucked her. My sister got more pissed than I had ever seen her. Seems like this lesbian thing is a not to be shared lifestyle. I really like that girl. I still see her, but don't bring her home. She is one of these college kids that lives in a world where sex is fluid between them.

    One night, I got home and my sister wasn't there and there was no dinner. She didn't answer her phone so I went out looking for her. All the usual places. There are two lesbian bars that she frequents. It is always lady's night at these bars. Anyway, I go in and find her getting serious with this girl. She ruined it for me with my lady friend, so I went up to her and told her to get her ass home and cook dinner. You should have seen the looks I got. I took her by the ear and walked her out, screaming and yelling, but I didn't let go. I laughed my ass off for several minutes. She did come home and cook dinner. She says I ruined it for her at that bar.

    Living with a lesbian is not easy. Nothing works the same. Most of the girls I have met are not keepers in any sense of the word. Some aren't even pretty.

    All in all, I am seeing the college girl. I really like her, it is not only the sex. She is bright and has a future, and she has me as a steady which keeps her off the market. When my sister finds out that this girl is moving in when she graduates next spring, all hell will be there. But this time I am putting my foot down, this one is a keeper. I want to wake up with a woman beside me and they can figure out how they are going to split the duties.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    This goes back to my 17th birthday and Mom buying me a new computer and got me on line with it. Other than the ones I used at school, I never had my own. Since I knew she would discover it anyway, I told mom that I would browse some porn with it. She said not to let it take too much of my time. Months went by and I was busy actually researching an assignment on line when Mom called me down for dinner. Thinking back, I can's recall how the devil it happened but I found myself on a pornsite watching a threesome and pulled my joint out to join the cast.

    I heard mom call my name and the door opened. She said, "Oh sorry, sorry" hurry and come down and join us. After dinner in the kitchen Mom used tact and a euphemism but managed to get out the fact that she thought I was "hung" and did not know where it came from since dad, long gone, was nothing like that. I told her, stupidly, now that I recall, "It gets like that when I'm really heated up, Mom."

    What I did not expect at all, Mom told aunt Helen about it and for the months of summer at the beach and her pool, across town, she began to flash me. At first it was subtle and I failed to get the message, still being just a kid. Them, she tired of the game and seriously flashed me, leaving doors open, dropping things and bending over in front of me. Eventually, I had seen her entire body nude. She was hot. It was her way of inviting me for sex (it would have been my first). She was some years younger than Mom and with a tiny wasp waist that fleshed out into a fabulous set of hips and rear.

    After a while I knew I did not have the balls to try anything. I did begin to flash her back by walking
    past her with a full erection tucked in my shorts, once, part of my tool hanging out. I heard her mumble stuff. I began to realize that she did not want to start the sex affair but wanted me to do it. We never did anything
    but I imagine she masturbated to thoughts of me as much as I did to her.

    In time, the heat in both of us chicken shits cooled off and we matured. But I have no regrets.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    I found myself unemployed and on the street. I had moved in with a girl I knew, but my week was up and I had to move. The man who took me in, an acquaintance, gave me a pretty strict time limit as well. Any job, ANY job.

    I gave myself to him. I could not get out and look for a job. My car broke down, and I didn't have money to fix it. I went to him and told him that he could have it all. Whatever he wanted. BANG, BANG, BANG, he took it out on me. BANG, BANG, BANG. Over and over again. What did he expect? I am a lesbian, he knows that I am a lesbian. Why would a lesbian be on birth control? It didn't matter to him. BANG, BANG, BANG, night after night, no period, he didn't care, BANG, and it was BANG, BANG, BANG. No period. PREGNANT. Pregnant! What do I know about being pregnant? I never once in my life dreamed I would be pregnant.

    What do I know? Nothing. I am going to classes at the hospital now, with all these other young women who are all excited about being pregnant. I have to fake it. Be happy with them. They touch my stomach and ask me to touch theirs. We had breastfeeding orientation the last time, and they passed around a doll to hold. Anatomically sized newborn doll. They are so small. I am supposed to choose, natural, or epidural. Is the father going to be with me during the delivery? Do I have a name picked out? Do I know the gender or am I going to wait? We saw a birthing video. Not nice at all.

    We are supposed to start Lamaze next week. Everyone is going to meet the father. The father. Not my husband. At least there is one other girl who is not married.

    He took me to look at baby furniture, to dress up the nursery. All my friends are laughing at me because I am knocked up. I sold out. My friend is having a baby shower for me. An all lesbian baby shower. No gender reveal, I chose to find out when the baby is born. They have picked pink as the shower motif. It just has to be a girl doesn't it? If it is a boy I will be excommunicated from them. And they want to meet the father. What is the father like, is he nice? does he treat me well? will I stay home with the baby? Are we getting married after the baby is born? Are you giving up on us? Or will you still be our friend?

    I don't have a job. I never looked for one. I became a princess overnight. I really want to know what I am going to have, but now he is on board with waiting. No gender reveal party. Not until the baby is born.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    We were posted to West Africa. I won't say the country because everyone thinks all you do is make them look bad. But think bad, and that is what it is like in that country. My husband's job was pretty intense, it was office work, executive work. I was at home in a compound. Nothing to do.

    This secretary of his office is a woman who is half and half. In America or Europe you would still call her black, but in her country she is half white, which makes her white. She is the queen of the office. Not because she is talented, but because she is half white, and that makes her white. She is very attractive, she has western features and her skin is a nice shade of brown. She isn't chocolate like most of the people here.

    My husband has her help me with all the things we need. We can't go out alone, so she went with me to the supermarket, or to any other function. I am going to skip to the part that got me in trouble.

    She has these breasts, they are not white person breasts at all, they are so full, so round. I wish I had breasts like that. Because they are not exposed to the sun her skin on her breast is this beautiful honey color and her breasts are so soft, and she has these nipples that shoot out, dark and big, and if there is anything that I have a weakness for is breasts. This is something that I kept to myself, I played around when I was single, but kept it to myself when I got married.

    She let me play with her breasts, fondle them, suck her beautiful nipples, lay my head on them, and she brought them up for me to suck and play with. When I play with breasts I can't help it but I start to look for the girl's pussy and I like to finger her gently, and to play with her clit. I fingered her, my white hand in her brown pussy, we laughed at how it looked. She fingered me, her brown hand in my white pussy. She asked me if I had ever had a brown penis in my white pussy and I told her no, never. I couldn't to that.

    She was hesitant to have me go down on her. We did it only after we had been bathing together on a hot afternoon. I didn't know that Africans don't do much of that. She wasn't too keen on eating me, but I had done it and she did it. I get bored with just feeling and fingering. Her pussy was dark inside, dark like dark Africa. My pussy is very pink inside, and she was uncomfortable with that. I think that having our pussies open caused her to think she was black and not white.

    She was cool to me after that afternoon. She did what she had to, took me places, but wouldn't give me her breasts anymore and wouldn't get naked with me. I told her I didn't mind that her pussy was so dark. It was her heritage. But she didn't want to hear that. She thought I was calling her black. She complained to the company that I was racist. She told me out loud, after the driver had dropped us off at the compound, that she was not black, she was white.

    The whole thing caused my husband to be reprimanded on my fault and transferred back to the States. Like I said, she was the queen of the office and I had called her black.

    Sometimes I think of her. I have written her but she doesn't answer.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 48

    I am widowed, maybe a little chubby, but not too bad, I keep in pretty good shape. At 58 I haven't had sex for years now unless you count doing it with myself. I have started letting young men, teens really, have peeks at me. I have had trouble the last 15 years getting wet, but when I expose myself or parts of myself I get wet almost instantly. I've accidentally been discovered totally nude by 4 young men, and have let many men in stores, parks, fast food restaurants, see up my skirts and down my blouses. I don't wear underwear anymore. I've been exposed to groups of men or boys, and individuals. I love the excitement, and I plan for it always to be totally a surprise, or to appear as if I don't even know I'm being exposed. After I go to my bed, get naked, and use my vibrator.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 28

    I am single, 28, female, not at all attractive, and weigh 240 lbs. The only thing I have going for me sexually is that I'll let a guy do whatever he wants, and for those who care . . . I have FF size boobs. I haven't had sex at all in over 2 years, and haven't had steady sex with the same guy since I was 20.

    I paid a 19 year old guy with a long cock to have sex with me. A friend told me about this agency, and I finally did it. I got tired of masturbating and did it. I paid him $200 and he fucked me solid for over an hour. I came three times. He rubbed me but wouldn't like me unless I paid him more. I will pay more next time to get licked. He wore a condom so no diseases, though more for him than me, I LOVE to feel a man cum inside me. I know it's a last resort and I didn't like the coldness and detached feeling, but that's what I got with guys for free anyway. I was just the last call, fat girl who had a pussy to use as a place to cum.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    About 6 weeks ago I moved in with another woman. A medical doctor with a very popular clinic that she founded, a huge mansion and I am now her "wife". I had no idea that this would happen. She was an experiment about 4 months ago when I was 19. She is 42, very pretty, nice body, no kids, trimmed pussy, naturally blonde, with D cup boobs. I on the other hand, am not that attractive, 5ft. 4in, skinny with barely A cup boobs, and a brunette. Nothing special, though for some reason she set out to seduce me. She did. I'd never made love with a woman before and I loved it from the first time with her. We've done it outside, inside, in front of open windows, in the car, even on a nude beach in the Caribbean in front of everyone. At first I was embarrassed being with her in public, holding hand, kissing, letting people know we were a lesbian couple. Now I don't care about all that. She likes to wear mens type suits (though elegantly styled for a woman) mostly she is in slacks, and I've seen her stand to go pee at the toilet.

    She was lying on top of me two weeks ago, and was talking about things she likes to do, kinky stuff. I told her I would try anything but didn't know if I'd like it. In my mind we were being kinky just by having lesbian sex. She laughed and got up, took me into the bathroom and with me kneeling next to the toilet she stood and peed into it. She asked if I'd ever truly watched my self pee, or another woman. She knew I'd never been with another girl/woman and I said no. I watched and as she finished that last spurt some dribbled down her inner thigh, she brought my head to the tiny yellow stream and I kissed and licked it up to the most beautiful pussy ever. She parted her outer lips and I licked her clean. Later that night she laid out a small blanket on the floor of the bath, and as she was lying on top of me on the blanket, she whispered to just let it happen and not move, not say anything. I felt the warmth of her stream flow over my belly and down my brown pussy hair and into my own pussy lips. She kept peeing as she was kissing me, squeezing my tits and nipples as only she can, and made me cum. Then she moved her pussy to my face and straddled me and I licked her clean and made her cum twice. Then she left me to clean up the mess and I did. Showered and fresh I moved into the bed and cuddled with my "husband".

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