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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    17f, I've had sex since I was 13 but I am a virgin. I have let guys shoot it in my mouth, and after a few months of that, I started to let boys have sex in my butt. It's been 4 and a half years now, sometimes I get it up there about 10 times a week, usually on dates over the weekend, sometimes guys drive by and take me out during the week.

    I'm still a virgin where it counts.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    Memories, sweet, sweet memories. I was 16, only had 3 real friends that I would always say I've got something on to, or can't make it, eventually they just stopped trying. I'd Sit alone in my room. ALL weekend, this was before computers mind you, before gameboys, I had heaps of porn magazines and a couple of old XXXX movies that I'd lifted from friends houses. I'd sometimes go out to a pub with a mate, get really bored then I just walked off into the night went home, never say anything. One night hitching home a neighbour from a few doors up picked me up, he was a real dickhead, Does your mummy still put out, Does she suck your cock & Fuck you too, he said, What the Fuck did you say, I asked him. As I wasn't really listening but heard what he said. Your mum he said she's a bit of a Slut he blurted out.. I've Fucked your mummy a couple of times he went on. Well you won't be touching her again then I shot back, cause if I catch you anywhere near my mum I'll tell your wife, I know she's got all the money, your just a Fucken low life c**t. He slammed the brakes on I punched him in the balls and jumped out, CUNT I said again. I walked the rest of the way home, thinking I can't believe my mum would Fuck that jerk. Dad walked out when I was 13, I suppose I never thought about her needs. She was 39, I had noticed the looks she got when I went shopping with her, she always dressed up even to do the groceries, I never looked at her the same after that day, I realised how Hot she did look, even at home she would walk around in loose tops, no bra, short shorts sexy pjs. My gosh. I was looking at her in a completely different way now. I found I was trying to sneak a look at her big titties the same ones I sucked milk out of when I was a baby, I'd peek thru her bathroom door as she showered, I was getting a boner thinking about her, This was disgusting I thought, then No it's not she is a woman, she has a fine body, is attractive, if she wasn't my mum I'd have looked at her as someone else's Milf. I started leaving my door ajar as I wanked myself to the ribalds and playboys or watched the adult movies with the volume down, I'd be sitting in my chair stroking my big 9# Cock, all the girls that saw it's size ran away only 1 was kind enough to even touch it. I'd sit a little to the side so if she saw me she would get a glimpse of my cock. There were times when I'd jump up thinking she's watching me but she wasn't there, it just became a natural thing. One day I came home thinking she was out, I was doing my thing I'd closed my eyes thinking about mum sucking my cock when I felt a presence I opened my eyes and she was standing in front of me wearing my big old night shirt that I hadn't seen for about a month, it was open except the last 2 buttons that were just enclosing her tiny panties, her big big jugs stretching the top out and her cleavage I think that's what turned me on so much I started to harden again with my eyes fixated on the curving gap between her beautiful breasts. I jumped up trying to cover myself, it's what I'd wanted but when it actually happened I felt like a Fucken idiot. Then it dawned on me why are you dressed like that mum, she said it's ok Sam, I know you've been watching me, couldn't you tell, the door ajar, my clothing choices, me moaning so load at night. ( I didn't hear that ). She said although I hate him, you do look like your father and we had such great sex before the Slut he worked with offered him a younger body. I see your almost similar in size she whispered as she bent over Resting her warm hands on my knees, I was Looking in her eyes, they were looking at my erection. Just tell me to stop and I will she said, as she got on her knees she looked at me while wrapping a hand around my Cock, I thought I was going to blow my load right then. She was only the second female to touch my Cock she touched my face with her other hand I remember nuzzling into her palm, Oh mum, what are you doing to me. Do you want me to stop she asked me, NO, NO I don't, then she dropped her head opened her mouth and engulfed my whole 9# Cock my knob cumming to rest in her tight throat, her hand moving up and down at a swift pace, as she slid her mouth up & down over my cock. Just a hint of hesitation and then she continued to slide her pursed lips up and down my shaft. Her mouth was everything about which I'd fantasised. Hot and wet and sucking like a vacuum pump. I just couldn't hold on long, She moaned around my cock as her mouth began to fill up but kept her head bobbing until my cock began to soften, she licked my knob clean with three swirls of her agile tongue. Apart from a moan of delight, I didn't say anything; she seemed to swallow whatever she'd licked up. I had just unleashed what I still think was the biggest load I have ever pumped, You're an attractive woman mum - you're definitely the object of many men's fantasies." She remained silent so I pushed on, "You really are very good at sucking cock; do you do it often?" ( I wanted to know ) she sat up unbuttoned her/my top, there was my sexy busty mom stripping in slow motion and slowly I saw the bottom of her firm round breasts and then a bit more and then her nipples appeared and then even more of her DDs until she was topless in all her god given glory triumphantly exposing her beautifully shaped breasts, Oh, they're absolutely perfect, I reached out and gently lifted them before squeezing them more firmly, feeling her nipples harden against my palms. You've got absolutely fantastic tits mum. I wanted to mention Mr. Fuckwit, but mum thrust her large breasts towards my eager mouth, I pressed the tip of my tongue against her hard nipple then sucked the nipple deep into my mouth. Followed by sucking a large portion of mums boob into my mouth. I was in heaven as this was only the 2nd time I had ever ever touched a woman's tits. Let alone suck them, I feverishly sucked and slurped from nipple to nipple, licked them, nibbled them with my teeth and gave them long hard sucks. All while squeezing her juicy boobs and feeling the roundness and firmness from top to bottom. I felt mums warm hand again wrapping around my Cock which was now aching like never before, mum stood up It's then that I realised the porno was still playing, I started doing what I was watching Ughhhh god!" cried mum as she pulled her panties down and I slipped my fingers deep inside her wet Cunt.

    Ohh mum! Your so fucking wet. She grabbed my hand pulled my fingers out of her dripping c**t, and pulled my hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. Then she placed her hands on my shoulders and said are you ready to Fuck mummy now. I didn't have time to answer one of her hands was already holding my Fucken hard Cock as she lowered herself onto me and took my virginity. Ohh Ohh Ohh she moaned as she took half of my cock then slowly slid her rather tight pussy up and down taking the rest of my 9# meat inch by inch until her butt cheeks were resting on my ball's. There she rocked back and forth "Your pussy feels so fucking good," I blurted as I was balls-deep in my beautiful hot mums moist pussy. Sweat poured off both our bodies as the sounds of juice from her flooding pussy lubricated my Cock as she rode me like there was No stopping us. She must have had at least 3 orgasms by he time I reached my climax. Mum opened her mouth without saying a word as she came hard her pussy cramped around my cock as it swelled enormously inside her and released a massive flow of cum, she kept riding me as she orgasmed twice more until I finally fell limp. my cock sore from all the riding. We got up on my bed and I must've fallen asleep cuddling into her back spooning her hot wet body. It was dark when I woke up, mum was gone, I went searching for her, then I heard her shower running, I snuck a peek at her as she was rinsing all the suds from her big beautiful mummy boobs. As I felt a stir down below.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    Quite often I am home alone in the mornings as I work early or late shifts and spend some time chatting with people from around the world sometimes Australians who are up late or Americans who are up early. However a while back I chatted with an English guy who seemed to be online quite often, especially when he knew I was about.

    He was a lot older than me and seemed to like the naughty stories I would tell him about stuff I did with my friends. Sometimes if I was naked he would dare me to stand by the window and show myself to guys going past, I hid from kids and Mums. I would pretend to be involved in a call on my mobile and be distracted.

    One day a delivery man came and I had to quickly cover up to answer the door in my undies. My friend then dared me to answer the door naked the next time. I said No Way, but he teased away at me and in time I came round to the idea. I guess the mail man or a delivery guy knocks maybe two times a week as my folks shop online a lot.

    So, this day comes and I am naked in the lounge at home chatting with my friend on Messenger and I saw the mail man leave his little cart in the road and walk up our driveway with some letters and a parcel. He is a guy like my dads age, maybe a little younger and is fairly regular on the round. It just clicked and I thought, Yeah, this is the day. Itâs today or never. The bell rang and I didnât have time to tell my friend what was happening. I went to the door.

    I opened the door a little and took the parcel and letters and he said he needed a signature. My mind was like completely blank even though Iâd planned it in my head loads of times. I blurted out something like, I canât open the door, youll just have to come in, so he stepped inside. I signed his tablet and he smiled and said that this was the first time this had happened to him in 15 years and we both laughed and I said it was the first time for me too. He was cool, he certainly looked but didnât touch.

    As he was going, I just said, Iâm making tea, do you want one? He said he had to finish his round but would be done by 11, about 20 minutes later, if that was okay. I just replied âSureâ and closed the door behind him.

    I quickly messaged my friend to tell him what Id done but didnât get a message back, he must have been busy. I slipped on a sundress and got ready for the mail mans return.

    Right on time the bell rang again and I answered the door. The mail trolley was parked discretely in the drive and I invited the guy back to the kitchen and sat him at the table while I poured the tea. I took it over to him along with a plate with a couple of biscuits on and a condom in its silver wrapper. He didnât notice, or at least didnât say about the condom but sipped his tea and looked up at me. You got dressed, he said disappointedly. I told him I could take it off if he preferred, he didnât answer but just looked at me. I pulled the bodice down and exposed my titties for him, then slowly and as seductively as I could pushed the dress down till it was on the floor. He reached out and touched me as I stood in front of him, facing him with my feet a little apart all exposed. "Whats this for" he asked picking up the condom. "In case you get lucky", I replied. He looked me in the face and said, "I already did, didnât I ?" and I replied "Yes" and kind of giggled

    He sat me on the edge of the table and pushed my legs apart and stood between them. I asked him What about the condom as he rubbed the head of his growing cock up and down my pussy crack. He said he already had the kids and his wife and made him have the snip, and anyway he guessed I was already protected and I shouldnât play stupid fucking games if I wasnât prepared. He changed as he pushed me back flat on the table and his bare cock went inside me and called me very rude names, said I was a dirty little slut and worse. After a few minutes he shot a big load inside me and said I was a great fuck and had a tight little c**t .

    When he pulled out I got on my knees in front of him and licked him all clean and pulled up his pants. As he went towards the door he looked back at me with my now dripping pussy and just said Good Job and left.

    We have never repeated and if we meet in the street just say a polite Good Morning, but I know he will never forget me. My online friend was pretty shocked when I told him, I think he thought I was just bluffing. I dont bluff lol

    I just checked through this and it reads like it was really smooth and orderly, well it wasnât, there were plenty of awkward and embarrassing moments itâs just my memory kind of tidies them all up. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed reliving it
    Comments Please. I love comments. I will reply ;-)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    I want to kill a guy I thought was my friend after pulling a train on my mother

    Took my little brother to my dads for the weekend. Mom said she was going to enjoy some time alone, get a bottle of something and relax. listening to her old vinyl music. Guy at the liquor store suggested mom try Fireball. She mixed a double when my friend stopped by. She gave him a drink and she had another one. Mom said they danced when he felt her up. She said she liked it; so he ask if she wanted sex? She did agree to having sex with him. He mixed her a drink while she took a shower. When she got out she chugged the drink to cool her off. They went into her room and they had sex.

    While they were having sex this guy's two brothers come in the bedroom. Mom said by then that fireball had her real drunk. She remembered having sex with his older brother and said it was ok. They wanted to put two dicks in her at the same time, she did not want her ass taken, but they did it. They shot video as proof they ask her, but she was real drunk. They kept asking her and they brought her another drink. She said the guys laying on her having sex made her hot, So she chugged it down to cool off, that messed her up more.

    The guy left but his older brothers hung around, they called some of their friends, those guys fucked her too. They shot so many loads in her mouth she got sick on the bed. Guy tossed the vomit sheets in the corner, gave her another drink, they kept fucking her. This guy's older brother kept shooting video as others came in and got some. None of them wore condoms. My mother had to take abortion pills to make sure she was not pregnant. She does not have sex or date since she and my dad split.

    Now those guys shared the video on line, someone showed my dad the video. My parents were talking about working on their marriage, My dad said he's not interested anymore. My mother works for a judge, now she's worried they might see that video and fire her.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    A combined end of term (and graduation) plus coincidental birthday party was thrown and I was invited. I can't describe the details by once more identifying myself but to make it short, someone spiked my drink and then took a series of photos of me getting as many as three cocks in my pussy and ass. These photos made it to every damned cell phone on campus. They did not show my face but the cartoon tattoo on my right shoulder was clear in many shots and until graduation day, it was hell. Even the janitor flashed me with what looked like a 12 inch hose between his legs.

    On top of it all, I am not that not into men as I am into women. What a bunch of pissants.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    Ashtyn Yazzie from Tuba City is a hot slut. Damn I love to watch her as she works at MCDS. She has nice young titties and a smooth legs. Damn. I'd love to her in bed for a night.

    Ashtyn plz give me a few hours?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    My names Ashley im 18 and 1/2 . My daddies name.... Well.. lets just call him "king" ð he 45. My daddy is good to me, he makes sure my hair and nails are pretty. he picks out my outfits, ones he thinks i will make the most money in. Daddies the one that showed me how to get money from boys. He sais Im going to make him rich one day. Some people might think its bad but this is only daddies pussy and he can sell if he wants to. My daddy fucks me good but only on his terms. Daddy expects 1000 $ between one day and one night. When i was short sometimes, or if i talked back on accident, or if i was late getting ready for him to take me to work; he would tell me "take off all your cloths and go pee and get back in here. Daddy would be sitting on the bed, and he would say come here. Hed put me over his lap and start spanking me with his big hands it stung so bad, i cant help but through my hands over my ass the first couple swats. He always sais if i dont put my hands together lime im praying hes going to get the belt. Daddies spankings are always for a long a time he always leaves hand prints, and bruises that look like hickies The thing is their is nothing i want more than for my daddy to spank me everyday. Spmetimes i make the money a couple 20s short, or roll my eyes on purpose just to get a spanking. When i lay over daddies lap and he start swatting me, all of a sudden i feel my clit swell a little. The whacks make my hips vibrate. And my clit start throbing, and i tilt my hios a little so it can rub on daddies pants a lil, i get so horney and leak so hard it looks like alot of baby drool coming out of my pussy. I feel it get wetter and wetter everytime he smacks it. It drips in my butt crack inbetween my legs, and leavs a little puddle on daddies pants. I always wondered if he knew what his spankings did. But then i noticed him notice it a few times. All he ever sais is clean up get dressed to go to work. I hate getting sent to work so wet and horny like that, it makes it hard sometimes holding off coming on the tricks. I dont want to come on the tricks because its messy and it makes me sleepy somtimes and i have to work all night. I get so angry somtimes i feel like im going to tear up and im going to hit somthing. I want his big dick so bad, i want to beg for it, but im scared. Ive only came on to him one time he got mad and made me sleep in another room untill i knew how to contoll my feelings. So im scared to ask for it or touch him. Hes only ever fucked me on his terms when he wants to. What should i do ?? I need HELP !!! I need to be spanked and fucked by him !!!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I know this girl who works as a teacher in a small reservation town. Her name is Thaylia Keetso. Facebook her. Omg she is fucking hot. She teaches my child. I would so love to have her for the night. When I come to pick up my son I watch her.

    I can see that she has regular sized titties and a nice chubby pussy. When she bends down to pick up something I gaze down her blouse and wow - soft tits.

    Thaylia I'd love to have you for a night. I would suck your pussy for a whole hour teasing you and then move up your beautiful body kissing and licking. Yummm. Thaylia Keetso, I want to fuck you so bad mmmmmmmm


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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 54

    Straight male, experienced in various areas of alternative relationships.

    I live on social security and do odd jobs to supplement.
    I am extremely liberal, very accommodating, and I love making women who have no shame laugh.

    I DREAM and WISH
    That I might meet a younger female, maybe in her forties, who needs a new start.
    She should be fundamentally promiscuous, a natural exhibitionist, preferably bisexual, and real ready for a new arrangement tailor-made for her libido.

    She can do anything, anywhere, with anyone.
    I request and will trust her to be fair, trade a dick for a dick by relating to me all the juicy details later while I fuck her.

    She can bring anyone home she wants.
    She will be sure to make any partners aware of our arrangement before they come here.

    She can do them in front of me or privately.
    I can participate or not depending on the situation.
    If not, she will compensate me fairly, after he/she leaves, or in any way acceptable.

    I would provide free overhead, liquor, party favors, and most of all friendship
    I will take her to buy sexy clothing and shoes. (6" pumps, thigh highs, mini dresses)
    I will provide a dancer pole.

    In return I want:

    Input from her clarifying her specific desires, how best to satisfy them, and what she wants from men.
    Two nights per week of her undivided attention.
    Spontaneous sexual favors to be creatively negotiated for fun and as they arise
    No lying, no stealing, no drama, be an adult.

    No clothes worn any time at home.
    This is so toys can be used openly.
    This is also so I can lick her pussy at any time while at home.

    An honest and concerted attempt at a friendship.
    A promise to accompany me to the following just for the experience of going:
    to an opera
    to a rodeo
    to a swingers club
    to a symphony
    to a nudist colony

    If this works, we shall be secretly married in Vegas before I die so that she may receive income on my behalf for the rest of her life.

    If you are out there anywhere, BABY, I meant every word of what I just wrote.
    You want to be a fun bad girl?
    Be one with me !

    Leave me your contact info.

    How's that for a DREAM and WISH

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 24

    One day

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