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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    i was working at a factory and had moved up to day shirt foreman over the years. i spent a lot of time at work we were on 12 hour days 7 days a week and I often had to cover for the the guy on nights he was often late or never showed he was the bosses son in law so i often worked double shifts.
    the company was growing and there was a new section being built on for a new paint line. I often went out the side door to smoke a cigarette and watch the guys pore cement for the footings. I had let a guy in school suck me off now and then he was on my football team and i caught him checking me out in the locker room. at that time my dick seemed hard all the time and it was nice to have it sucked when I needed better than jerking off all the time. And the fact my girlfriend then would not do anything sexual so for 3 years this kid sucked my cock and ate my loads. Last time was a few days before I graduated he was a year behind me. I dumped 3 loads in his mouth that day in my car at the lake he was good at it and i was going to miss his lips on my cock. I never felt i was gay I just liked having my cock sucked.
    Anyway one night I was sitting out smoking and watching the workers and two of them started playing grab ass and acting like they were fucking each other the others guys whooping and cat calling. i sat and watched and for some reason got hard as a rock. I slipped to the back of the building and took my cock out and pounded it tell i shot my load. just as i was zipping up I heard footsteps walking away. I got myself together and went back around to the side of the building. One of the grab ass guys waved and had a huge smile on his face.
    The next night when I went out for a smoke the one guy walked over and asked for a smoke he stood there looking at me with a huge grin on his face as I handed him the smoke. He hung around and chatted for a while. I went in to tell the workers to take a break and set up the line for when they got back. After break was over and they started the line I slipped out again for another smoke only to find the van the two grab ass guys drove parked close to the building where I smoked. When I came out the door to the van opened and the two of them came out and sat on the back of the van with the doors open. I smiled and said hi and they sort of laughed and said hi back. i lit my smoke and took a drag and leaned up against the brick wall. The one guy I had talked to stood up walked over and said i saw you the other day beating that big cock of yours and if you want I can help you out. I was a bit shocked but my cock was growing in my pants just thinking about it. I smiled and said how can you help me? He moved close went down on his knees and freed my cock from its hiding spot. Before i could say anything he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking. i leaned back and let him work me over. He licked my balls sucked them his mouth was hot as hell. He was hungry for my cock and started moaning as he sucked. His buddy sat on the back of the van watching with his cock in his hand jerking slowly. He sucked me for a while then I said i was going to cum and he grabbed my ass and pushed me deep in his throat and as I let go of my load he took every bit of it I am a heavy cummer and thick so it surprised me he was able to eat it all with out pulling off of my cock.
    He kept my cock deep in his throat until I was ready to fall over from the feeling he was giving my cock. He pulled off smiled up at me and said thank you sir you made my day. I told him he had made mine and I had to get back to work. I zipped up and went in and finished out the work shift. When i left that night on my car was a number and name and said anytime anyplace thank you again for lunch.
    I was not getting any at home and working so many hours I had been jerking a lot so to have my cock sucked was like heaven. The guy sucked me off every night for a week until he and his crew working doing the cement was done. It was a couple weeks after the work was done I gave the number a ring my cock was throbbing and needed some attention. A woman answered the phone I asked for the name on the card and soon he got on the line. I could hear him talking to what I gathered was his wife telling her it was someone from work. i said I was sorry did not mean to cause problems he laughed and said no problem and was hoping i would call. I said i was in need and he asked where and when? I said now and where ever you want. Meet me at the Mall parking lot told me what area etc. I told the wife I had to run into work and would be back late she nodded and said fine and went back to a movie she was watching. I got in my car and took off to meet him. He was already there when i got there with his work van he smiled as i pulled up and i saw him licking his lips and that made my cock jump up in my pants so when I got out of the car he could see my bulge clear as day. He looked at my bulge and smiled said looks like you are in need bad. i said yes and climbed into his van. His buddy was there and that made me a bit nervous.
    He must have noticed my nervous look he said he comes with me so i keep safe he likes to suck also so its up to you me or him. I said both with a grin feeling a bit naughty as I said it. i always wanted two mouths on my cock. so I took my pants off and lay in the back of the van and let the two of them work my cock like it had never been worked before. They took their time working me to the point and backing off. I was lost in pleasure for what seemed hours. they started almost fighting to get thier mouths on me when I finally started to cum I shot in ones mouth then the other I shot about 5 huge globs of cum and they ate it all slurping my cock up and down to get every drop. I lay there loving the feeling as they kept licking my balls and sucking me. I started to get soft but they kept at it and soon I was hard and ready again I fed them 3 times that night and came home very happy.
    I have been in the van a lot about 4 to 5 times a week and those two get me off at least twice each time. I just love the feel of a hot mouth on my cock and they sure know how to work my cock.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    Roll back the years to my days in Junior high. I had my first sex with someone besides myself. It was a Saturday night at my best friends house. His Parents were out and would not be back until very late. He and I had talked about sex many times and on a few occasions we had even jacked off together and tried jacking each other off just days before.
    We were both way too anxious for more so once his Parents were gone we took off our clothes and got started. We were jacking each other off in the Living room floor when we began to dare one another to suck each other. We were both so curious it was pretty easy to give it a try. In no time we were going down on each other enjoying it more as the minutes went by. I got carried away and forced his mouth down on my dick with both my hands and shot my cum down his throat. He kicked and thrashed around a bit but swallowed every drop and then he said it was my turn. I let him fuck my mouth as I had done him and swallowed his cum like a best friend should.
    After that it seemed like we could suck each other enough and for hours naked running thru the house trying every position we could think of we sucked each others dicks and swallowed one hot load after another. He was on his knees in his room sucking my dick when I felt his fingers between the cheeks of my ass. He spread my cheeks then tried to push his finger up my ass. When I didn`t stop him he pushed until his finger was up my ass then he looked up at me backed away enough to ask if it felt good. Once I told him it did he went right back to sucking my dick and finger fucking my ass until I came more than ever down his throat.
    Once he stopped sucking my dick he still had his finger deep in my ass and some how got me turned around with my ass towards him as he knelt behind me playing with my asshole. I let him push me forward until my chest was on his bed then he spread my feet wide apart and I reached back with both hands to open my ass up for him to do what ever he wanted to do. Some how I knew what he had in mind and like him I wanted it too.
    He was really fingering my ass good pulling on my dick and playing with my balls when he stood up took his finger out of my ass he asked me to just relax and hold still. I knew what he was about to do and let him put his dick up my ass then let him fuck me good. I will never forget how it felt and how hard my dick was while he fucked me and pulled hard on my hips. Then he started to breath heavily and go much faster and I shot my cum all over his bed as he began telling me he was going to cum. I could tell he was very close and kept waiting for him to pull out and cum on my ass but he never did and the next thing I knew my ass was full of my best friends warm cum and I was going crazy almost begging him to fuck me again and cum in my ass some more.
    He didn`t have a problem with that because before his Parents got back home he came up my ass several more times and fucked me good. For several years after that any time he wanted to fuck me I was more than happy to let him take me any way he wanted to. It was the same with me each time I asked him to fuck me. We always found a place to do it.
    After about a year and a half of steady anal sex with my best friend his Cousin came to stay the summer with him and that kept us from doing it together. We tried but his Cousin was always around. One day he told me he had told his Cousin about what we had been doing together and he said his Cousin got pretty excited and asked if he could do it with us. At first I wasn`t sure if I wanted two boys fucking me but since his cousin was older and not bad looking I decided to at least give it a try.
    The very next day while my Parents were at work I invited them over and it was much easier than I thought and both of the took turns on my ass most of the day. His cousin was bigger than him and it felt very good deep in my ass and they both came in me countless times that first day and each and every day after that for the rest of the summer.
    He and I continued to have sex until after we were out of High school. To this day I would not mind at all letting a Man fuck me up the ass but it is not that easy as I am very selective and playing it very safe. I would like to find a nice looking married masculine man like myself with a huge long thick dick that would enjoy occasional discrete meetings to fuck me very hard deep in the ass and shoot a couple of big thick warm loads deep in my ass but this is very hard to find when you are very much in the closet and not really wanting to fuck a lot of men. I just want one!!!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    So, just wanna get this off my chest: I fucking hate gay men, I fucking hate men in general, and yes, I'm bitter and salty.

    I don't get it. Everyone keeps saying that gay guys and men in general have "high sex drives," and are wanting to hook-up and shit. Well, where? I'm freaking pissed. Here, let me explain myself.

    Now, I have a record of hooking up, but, with only people who use me, and then kick me out. I didn't hold it against them back then,because I didn't want to come off as an ass. But, now, I'm starting to realize, no fucking guy is good in bed, have a decent sex drive,nor, does any guy want me.

    Now, am I ugly? I don't know. I'm 5'11, 165 pounds, am mostly skinny, have black hair and somewhat facial hair. For body, think of a satyr - shinny, smooth top and hairy bottom. I got a decent looking cock, and know how to pleasure others. Hell, I at least know how to use my mouth,making 5 guys cum multiple times in a day. But,when it comes to me, I never get attention, nor anyone really into me.

    Dating is a joke, since women tel me I look hideous and to never talk to them, but, the older men told me that I look too feminine to take seriously. So, girls think I'm ugly, but older (and desperate) older men say I look too feminine to fuck. So, I'm ugly and girly. Whatever.

    I'll cut to the chase, and tell you what's been up. So, it all started in September, where I wanted to finally get a blow job (never had one), and I went on CL to find someone to get some attention. The entire CL board was bombarded with POZ loads and shit, and I didn't want any of that. And my regulars don't want to do anything for me sexually. I'd rather not get anything, and do all the work in the bedroom again, only to be told to jerk off in the bathroom. So, this trucker ad seemed okay, I replied, and he responded. He said he wanted someone to fuck him and he had condoms. I was happy and drove immediately."Finally," I thought, "I can have someone focus on ME"! I drove there with a smile on my face, and a skip in my step, to find his truck parked by a rest stop. I walked by and opened the door,and immediately wanted to kill myself. The fat fuck was disgusting, selfish, and made me give him head, and left me pinned against his smelly body all night. Okay, strike one.

    Then, after that, I figured I'd keep to myself. But,then my roomate in the dorms wanted to bang. Now, this was a surprise, and I thought he was drunk texting me by mistake. Put it delicately, my roomate is gay as fuck, and taller and stickier than me. He's not bad looking, but, you can tell he's flamboyant and all, while also not my type (like older guys with a little gut, lot of body hair,lots of facial hair and loves to make out and bottom. Don't mean, I'll say "no" to a guy my age necessarily, but, I likes daddies - but daddies don't like me).

    So, I get in the room, he's jerking it, I ask him if he was meaning to text someone else this lewd shit,and he said he wants my cock. Now,this is where, it's semi-my fault. I said yes to everything, and finally got someone sucking my cock, but, I didn't want to be selfish. I have him head and fingered his hole, and tried to fuck it (weird angel troubles), and even offered my hole (his cock is puny), and it all ended up me sucking him off. Now, me being incredibly generous, I just expected a lick there too. Nope! He said "Once I cum, it's all business. It's gross now." I honestly wanted to square him in the fucking face. I left to do homework, and lose sleep. After that was a long string of gay guys my age saying sucking dick and fucking is gross,so, I'm not even gonna jump into that wagon, so, I'll just say that this is strike two.

    Now, here it is, the one fucking tease. I couldn't take my regulars being one sided, so, I cut ties with them a little, and was hunting new tail. There, I came across a married man on CL, looking for younger and horny skinny guys. I sent him a reply, and was expecting him to not do so, or to tell me "You look like a faggot, I only fuck REAL MEN,GROW MUSCLES AND BE A LUMBERJACK" or some shit. No, he actually sounded genuine, and wanting to meet. I was actually having smiles, and really wanting to meet him. I wanted to kiss, to give mutual pleasure, and make him enjoy himself. So, we tried meeting a fee times, but holidays got in the way. I understood. Then ill timed events of me trying to show up, then him cancelling on me. I understood. But, now, FUCKING NOW, we didn't meet up last night, because he had to teach a kid sister few lessons (a teacher), which he now says he was fucking some dude from the gym. I was done. No, I am done.

    I'm sick of it. Every guy either sucks in bed, or doesn't wanna meet, and drag me along. When am I gonna get my suck off? When am I gonna get someone wanting to be sexual? When am I gonna get someone, who'd take me in consideration? Welp, no one. Women hate me, and no guy wants me. Dating or hooking up. Well, I'm done. I'll be fucking asexual from now on, since every woman in the world, and every guy who likes straggling around boys, never wants to make me fucking cum.

    To me, no beer is better than bad beer.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    My Best Friends Son.

    Jim was 9 and I was 8 when his family moved next door. From the very beginning we were joined at the hip - being each others brother. I had an older sister and he had a younger sister, so we were a perfect and inseparable match. Due to Jim's birthday being the last of December we were also class mates until college. We have remained very close these last 40 years and our wives refer to each other as "sisters-in-law'.

    Kyle, Jim's 21 year old son, is attending college out state, so when he came home for the holidays he and his dad had planned a 2 day hunting trip. I have one daughter and Kyle is an only child too. Unfortunately and unexpected out of state business issue mean Jim would not be able to go hunting with so he asked me to go in his place, which I was glad to do. Kyle and I left at 5am Thursday morning with a 67 hour drive to the hunting camp near the coast. We checked in, ate lunch and went back for our orientation for our early morning hunting. Then, we got a tour of the property and came back for a group meeting and dinner with the other hunters.

    Sharing a room was nothing unusual as our families had spent many n nights together traveling over the years, so we had slept in the room with each other many times. The bar in our room was stocked with plenty of liquid refreshments and snacks. I had stripped to my jockeys and was sitting on my bed nursing a beer and Kyle had done the same thing on his bed. However, he was on his 4thd beer and I was on my 2nd. Around 9pm I suggested we turn off the TV and to sleep since we would be getting up at 3:30am. Kyle asked if the TV would bother me and I said no. I pulled the covers up and turned to my right side (back to him) and slide my hand under my pillow (my sleeping position).

    Unable go to sleep quickly, I laid there quietly hoping drift off. I heard Kyle turn off the TV but I could hear noises and see reflections of moving light (screen). Shortly I heard soft moans so I perked my ear and determine that Kyle was watching porn on his lap top. Some time passed and the beer made its way to my bladder and I had to get up and piss. As I rolled up and out of bed Kyle closed his lap top and apologized for waking me. I told him I had to piss and that is what I did. When I went back to bed Kyle was laying in his bed and his lap top was on the night stand and we went to sleep.

    The next morning the guide to Kyle and I to our hunting spot and got up set up. It was quiet as we set waiting for the deer to be driven past up. We waited,and waited and nothing, so we knew the run has by passed us and our chance for success were greatly diminished. Finally the guide returned for us and took us back to the camp for lunch. After lunch we went back to our room with hopes for a more meaningful morning. We didn't talk any at the hunting spot, but when we got to the room Kyle was in over drive - I could tell he was nervous about something.

    After a texting to his dad and his buddies he opened a beer and gave me one. Then he got a second one while I was stilling nursing my first. I told him to slow down or he would be to drunk to walk over to the dinning room for dinner. We laughed and chatted about bull shit when, out of the blue, Kyle said, "I am sorry waking you last night." I said, you didn't wake me and you didn't have to hid what you were looking at. We are all men and we all like porn." He said, "I have several favorite porn sites which I view often." I replied, "So, do I Kyle. However, your dad is the only one I would admit that too." He said, "does dad like porn too?" I said, "just as much as me - and you."

    We shared each others favorite porn sites and was not shocked we share a favorite. By this time he is downed another beer and so have I so we are both buzzed. He asked if I had a favorite type of porn and I said, "Yes. I love three way action." He said, "what combinations" and I said, before I thought), "I don't care but I love to see 2 guys share pussy." He said, "fantasy or reality, uncle Dave?" I said, "your getting personal. How about you, and he said, "I love to see 2 guys on a chick, or 3 guys or a train." I asked, "fact or fantasy?" He said, I've been in several 3 ways with 2 guys and girl and I love them." He downed the last of his beer and said, "My fantasy is to be part of a train, but do not tell me dad." I said, "I don't share with anyone what your dad and I talk about, or what you and I talk about."

    K yle was handing me another beer when he looked at me and said, "how open minded are you? Confidentially and really?" I said, "if it feels good, then do it and its no ones business but yours and the person you did it with...or persons." He opened his lap top and brought up our favorite porn site and set back against the head of his bed and asked my to join. I walked over and set right beside Kyle as he brought up a M/M/F porn. Then a second one, then a third. My heart began to beat fast as my duck got hard and I noticed Kyle's bulge in his pants. Then he opened one and said, this is really my favorite and it was 2 bi men and a female. After the guys took the other guys cock in his mouth Kyle said, "is this okay?" I said, "absolutely. It's fine with me." Then he said, I am bisexual, uncle Dave. Please do not tell dad." I said, "if you want your dad to know you suck dick then you tell him." He said, "you ever had a man blow you?" I said, "Yes" and he reached for my dick.

    Kyle moved the lap top to my hands then he got down between my legs where he unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard dick and began to suck it like natural born cock sucker. I held the lap top toward me as I raised up and undid my belt with my right hand. Kyle assisted and in no time my pants were in the floor, and his as Kyle laid on his side and made love to my dick. When that video went off I laid the lap top on the night stand and placed my hands on his head and began to hunch my dick in and out of his beautiful jock mouth. I sued to feed him applesauce in his high chair and 20 years later he put the make on me and I am fucking his mouth with a fervor and he's moaning like a Cheshire cat.

    I reached over his back and placed my hand between his hairy legs with my middle finger tickling his hairy hole. He raised his head of my dick and started talking some really nasty, kinky shit and I thought I would cum all over myself. I didn't see this coming but I am glad I on the receiving end. I slapped his ass cheek real hard and he screamed, "I am a cock sucking, mutter fucking, cum loving, slut, Uncle Dave and I love my ass plowed hard and long." Oh My God. I thought my heart would beat out of my chest and my dick was so hard thought it might break half into.

    I jumped off the bed and grabbed him my the hair on his head and pulled him on his knees in front of me. I took my other hand and began to slap him lightly on his cheeks and I called him "cock sucking, slut, cum lapping, piss drinking, personal bitch and I was going to load his belly and his ass with my baby making batter." And for the next 3 hours I fucked him over and over getting of 3 times. I took him to the shower where I pissed all over him before we showered for dinner. I fucked his mouth and ass again 3 times when we came back and we slept naked, spoon and fork.

    We opted out of the next mornings hunt staying in the room fucking like rabbits in Spring time. Just before we dressed to check out I pushed him on the bed and took his dick into my mouth and sucked him to an orgasm, swallow and said let hit the road. He was sucking me on the road home when he looked up at me and asked, "does my dad know you are bisexual?" I said, "No" and don't tell him. He said, "I have had the hot's for you and my dad a long time. At least I got you."

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 27

    Last August I was invited to a coworker's barbecue/going away party. Since it was out of town, and I don't drive, I hitched a ride with my other coworker "J". J was a couple of years older than me, almost six foot, black, glasses, short hair, a kind of dower expression, goofy mustache and goatee. J and I worked together for about a year, and we've had our ups and downs. His ex-girlfriend was a good friend of mine, but he didn't seem to like me for awhile. He was always really nasty to me at work, and usually made me feel awful. As time progressed, he opened up more and became a lot nicer. I was there for him when he went through his breakup. We kind of became friends around that time, and we chatted a bit more. I knew he had messed around with a few of the girls at work, but I didn't see the attraction for awhile. I didn't understand. When he started to be nicer, that's when the veil was lifted and I saw just how attractive he was. I kept my thoughts to myself, for professional reasons, not to mention the fact he was straight and his ex was a good friend of mine.

    J came to pick me up at my house in the early afternoon, and we headed to our friend's place. The entire day was fun. We all laughed, partied, ate, and drank a little too much. Not J though, since he was the designated driver. Around 9 p.m. everyone started to head home. Before we got ready to head on the road, J had to take a piss. He had parked out in an empty parking lot a few blocks away from our coworkers place. It was dark, but he asked me to keep watch. He walked over to the grass and started to piss. I stared the entire time. I wanted to get closer and see. I had heard from my friend that he had a huge cock. Plus I love seeing guys pee. I was pretty drunk, and I didn't want to go home. I asked J if he wanted to hang out anywhere. He wasn't in the mood to go out, but invited me over to watch some TV. I wasn't ready to go, so I was all for it.

    We went back to his place across town. He lived in a huge apartment with three other roommates. Perhaps somebody upstairs was looking up for me, because nobody was home. We went up to his room where he turned on the A.C. and pulled out some beers. He was anxious to change out of his stuffy dress clothes. "I'm just gonna go change" he says, holding a worn out ACDC shirt and blue gym shorts. As he goes to leave, I yell "C'mon! You can't change in here?". He turns and glares at me telling me he's not about to give some gay guy a free show. I tell him I'm not just some gay guy, I'm his buddy. I stick my tongue out and call him chicken. He laughs, and shuts the door. He just stares at me. I admit, being drunk gets me so horny. I was just looking him straight in the eye, trying not to jump out of his bed and just rip his clothes to pieces. He turns his head and goes "Are you fucking hard?". I guess I couldn't hide it. He threw his shirt and shorts on the ground and walked towards me. I was sitting on his bed, and as he approached me, I was head level to his crotch. "Did I get you hard?" He asked. I was nervous. The heat in the room seemed to raise, I couldn't even feel the AC. He looked down at me like a tyrant. I was scared as hell, but so excited at the same time. "Did I get you fucking hard?" he said in a more aggressive tone. The boner in my pants was about to rip the fucking zipper open. God, this man was such a turn-on. I hesitated, and replied "You've always made me hard". J looked around the room, walked to the door and locked it. He turned around, and started to undo his belt. He told me he was pretty horned up for awhile, he hadn't had sex since his girlfriend left him. He unzipped his pants and stood right in front of me. I asked if he could show me. I wanted to see it so bad. "Do you want to see it?" he said, looking down at me. "Please". That's the only word that could come out of my mouth at this point. I wanted to see it... no, I wanted it so bad. I knew it was getting him horny too, his breaths were getting deeper and deeper. He reached into his black boxer briefs, and pulled out his huge dark member. He was semi-erect. His cock was a decent length, thick, slightly veiny, and uncut. His large, dark balls were prominently dangling behind. "May I?" I asked, looking up at him with hungry eyes. He didn't say anything, he just looked down at me. But I knew what he wanted. I knew what I wanted. With my sweaty pale hands, I grasped his cock and began to pull his foreskin back and forth. His head was so big and pink, much like my own. However, the contrast between the shaft and the head wasn't as noticeable as my own. Comparing his great pink head to his thick black shaft was well... adorable. It was like a party hat. I gently pulled it back and forth, he started to precum. His cock looked clean, but it was a little bit smelly. I figured this, since the boy has smell feet and usually sweaty. I focused in and placed it in my mouth. He was so big. He tasted so good, so manly. I took it in deeper and deeper in my mouth, the more I did, the more my eyes watered. J started to moan, he liked it. I took a breath and started to give some lovin' to his balls. I played with them, and started to lick on them. He pushed me off, giggling. "It tickles". It was like a dream, holding his wet hard cock in my hand as he looked down at me with the biggest grin. I apologized, and went back to sucking. I loved playing with his dick. His foreskin was so flexible and fun. God, it was heaven. I pulled down his pants and started to grab his cute bubbly cheeks. I sucked harder and deeper. He pulled my hair so tight, I thought he was gonna rip it out. I could feel it, his big black cannon was about to fire. He let out a firm "FUCK" as his milky cum shoot in my mouth. He pressed his hands hard on my hand. He wanted me to swallow. I gladly accepted. It was a bitter but still satisfying taste. Kind of like when you bite into a lime. After I gabbled it up, I licked his head, and his shaft, making sure I got every speck of nut.

    We laughed about it, and started to talk about work immediately after. We both laid on the bed, completely distant from eachother. He had taken his shirt off, and was laying with his boxers down to his knees. When I went to go play with his cock again he told me to piss off. I told him I would do it again. He insisted he's not gay, he was just really horny. He needed to get sucked off. I had no problems with that. I'd gladly do it again. He asked me when I was free again to do this. "Was he making this a regular thing" I thought. J said he doesn't mind if we're fwb, as long as it stays a secret at work. He reached his hands over my waist, and grabbed my ass firmly. "You have a pretty fat ass for a white guy. I want to fuck it". I knew this was all the making of a horrible, unhealthy relationship, but I loved it. I wanted him to fuck me. I would let him put his big black snake in me anyday. J laughed and called me a freak. I paid no mind to him, but I asked him for something. Since he was essentially making me a sex toy, I wanted atleast one kiss. "C'mon J, you let me suck your dick, you made me eat your cum, and now you want to fuck me. You atleast owe me something". He argued with me over it, saying it wasn't fair because I wanted all the things he did, and wanted to do. I told him he was completely in the wrong, and had no understanding of compassion. He said "whatever" and put on the TV. Eventually we fell asleep in his bed together.

    The next morning I woke up to him getting out of bed. It was beautiful watching him get up, completely nude and walking to the bathroom. His fully nude body was adorable. Barely any hair at all, and he had the cutest bubble butt. He came out brushing his teeth and I took in a full frontal view. His chest was so skinny and unimpressive, but I did enjoy watching his flaccid dick flap up and down as he brushed. His cock was really cute when it was soft. It's still a nice size, and the foreskin hangs a little over the head. He got mad I was staring and put his underwear on. He flapped on the bed, and turned me over. He pulled down my briefs forcefully and smacked my ass. "You have a really nice ass". He gave me that mischievous grin, and started to work his hand down. I felt him run a finger up my taint and near my asshole. I was so sensitive there. "Come on. Let me fuck it". I sat up and leaned in for a kiss. He pushed me down. I cried bullshit. It wasn't right. He wanted to atleast put it in. I told him no. He got up, picked up my clothes and threw them at me. He told me to get the fuck out. I didn't move. "Dude, get the fuck out or I'm gonna get you the fuck out". I looked at him and laid on the bed. I turned around. "It's been awhile, we can try to do it for a little bit". He smirked again, and pulled his underwear off. His cock was hard. It was massive. He walked over to his dresser and grabbed a condom. As I waited, I buried my face in his pillow, I wanted to smell him to get into the mood. He got on the bed, and came in closer. "Come here...", he whispered. Slowly he started to work his way into my hole. "Slow! Slow!" I kept telling him. Truthfully, he was the biggest guy I let in the back. It hurt. We kept trying, he'd have to put a new rubber on, or we'd adjust positions, etc. I just couldn't do it. It hurt too much. "I haven't used my dildo in awhile, I've just been figuring myself. I can try to be looser for you next time". He started to rub my shoulders, and came in closer. He gave me a quick smooch, and pulled away. He smiled awkwardly at me, and got dressed. I got up and did the same. I took an Uber home, and we didn't speak much at work after that. A month later he got another job. He ended up getting a girlfriend and we lost contact. I know it's a fucked up situation, but I really loved it. I wanted him to fuck me, and it's still a big regret of mine. Everyday when I go on facebook I try to work up the courage to hit him up. I want to taste his sweet cum again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    I didn't know!

    I was building a house in an expensive part of the town I live in. We were coming to the end of the project when the cleaning ladies arrived to do the deep cleaning. The boss of the cleaning crew was my age, Not attractive , sandy blond hair with huge tits (Mama Jugs) , and no ass. I'm not really into big tits , Im not against them. I guess easiest way to say it is , if you have a quality I like, and your tits are big , I will roll with it. Then her helper walked in,,,,,

    She was a short ( maybe 5'4") strawberry blond hair, nice bubble butt and a few extra pounds. (she had given birth a few months prior) She had light blond eyebrows with white skin. Almost ginger. She had big grey eyes and a soft smile. I made it a point to follow that ass around the house till I ran out of excuses to be near her. Her name was brittany. It was the last time I would see her for a while.

    We finally got the job completed and then the client just keeps adding work for me to add to my punch list. After a year on this job there isn't much left to do. I had finished the dock and needed some springs for gate latches. I took off to the hardware store and got to the checkout counter and lo and behold, It was brittany! She was hotter than ever. Or at least I thought . I walked up and she recognized me right away. I told her I was Still working at the house where we originally met. She asked me how it turned out. Apparently she quit working for Mama jugs shortly after we met. I asked her to come by on her day off and I would show her everything. She gave me a look I can't explain. Coy , yet hesitant. I gave her my number and took off.

    When I got back to the job everyone was finished and shutting down. I started the daily shutdown , locking windows doors, putting away tools when the phone rang. It was brittany. She said she had a few minutes but couldn't stay long. I said no problem , this isn't like a mansion. She showed up with her friend in tow. Im guessing the baby daddy. My hope of bending her over the jacuzzi tub went out the window. We walked around and she was in awe at how all the little changes in the house made a big difference. The guy was really quiet and looking down at the ground. I thought it was a girl at first , very femme. After the tour she thanked me and started to the door. I took a deep breath as I watched her ass wiggle in those jeans as she went down the stairs. As she got to the door she escorted the femme boy out the door , and closed it behind him. She looks up at me standing there and asked if I was into threesomes. I told her I had been part of a few. She smiled and told me to be here tomorrow at eight, and we would have a good time. She would bring her girlfriend and they would take turns r****g me. I creamed my jeans.

    I wasted no time calling the client to see if he was coming into town. He told me he would be in on the weekend(it was only wednesday. That night I got done early and sent the crew on there way. I grabbed a duffle bag I had brought out of the truck and went into the master shower and got cleaned up. The girls showed up at 8 on the dot. We went into the master guest bedroom area and I poured them some wine. Brittany was all dolled up wearing a black mini skirt that barely covered her ass . She was wearing a light fragrance that was heavenly. Her friend was sexy as hell. She too was wearing a black mini skirt with a nice bubble butt. She was absolutely stunning. I wondered how brittany was able to nab this girl for a threesome. She had long black hair and full lips with caramel skin. Brittany told me this is stacy, she lives with me . We turn on some nice soft jazz and drink a few glasses of wine . I had never been part of a threesome , however I was going to be the dominant male monkey fucker in this penthouse letter. I sat down in an oversize chair the owner had delivered earlier in the week. I call Brittany to come sit on my left side then call stacy to sit on right.

    I turn to brittany, and move in and kiss her deeply. Stacy starts rubbing my chest and sucking on my ear. I am so hard I have to stop them for a second and release my throbbing erection. I pull down my pants and underwear in one swift motion and rejoin then. When I sit back down I grab stacy and stick my tongue deep in her mouth. Brittany strokes me while she rubs herself under her skirt. Stacy pulls away and looks at brittany and asked her if she may go down on me. Brittany nods her head and stacy climbed between my legs. I went back to kissing britt while stacy was kissing and licking me everywhere driving me crazy. I stop kissing britt and grab stacy's head and push her onto my dick. I move her slow all the way down till I hear her gag. I let her up and she went right back down to the roots and gagged herself.

    I stopped her and told her we needed to move to the bed. I laid down and watched britt strip her clothes off revealing a pink thong. Stacy stipped to her bra and panties. Stacy was as flat as a pancake. brittany crawled onto my face forcing her clit into my mouth. I grab her ass tightly as i tongue fucked her. Stacy was gagging on me every time she would go down. It was a huge turn on to see a girl so dedicated. I smacked britt ass and said stacy I'm going to cum. I couldn't hold it any longer. Right as I started to shoot stacy took me all the way down and gagged hard. She held in place and didn't move till i had stopped spasming. The girls let me up and were shocked that I was still hard. (thanks Viagre) I told britt I wanted to eat her ass and do her doggie style. She laid stacy down in front of her and pulled down her pantied to reveal a small cock. I just stood there in shock. I sat down not knowing the feeling I was having. I JUST GOT THE BEST BLOWJOB OF MY LIFE , AND IT WAS A GUY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Britt got up and came and sat by me. She explained to me I wasn't gay or bi or anything like that. Britt told me that my way of thinking was outdated. If it feels good why does it have to be labeled. You were just having a great time. Just relax and try, this is between us. I'm not going to run and tell your friends and family , besides stacy really likes you a lot. If she could afford the operation she would do it . I just sat there shocked. Britt said I have and Idea. I will blindfold you so you don't know who or what is going on. I reluctantly agreed. The blindfold was too transparent , i could see everything.

    Stacy got on top of me reverse cowgirl style and worked it into her ass. Damn it felt good. She slowly worked it till she was able to take it all the way down. She moaned so sweetly and for a moment I forgot I was fucking a man. Britt started to kiss me deeply and ran her hands thru my hair. She moved to my ear and tongued it and sucked on my lobe and asked me if it felt good. I couldn't lie, it did. Stacy climbed off and sucked me clean and britt got on top of me and started twerk fucking me . Everytime she bounced I could feel that ass jiggle on my legs. Stacy was just kind of standing there watching. I felt bad . I took off the blindfold and motioned for her to come to me. She smiled . She laid beside me and I started to kiss her. Britt was really getting off to this and started hopping on me harder trying to make me cum. My nerves were still so twisted. I thought I was a pervert till this day happened. Britt finally came for the fifteenth time and collapsed on me. She looked at stacy and told her she was going to have to finish me. As britt climbed off and stacy started to move onto the bed I stopped her.

    I climbed off the bed and kissed stacy with passion. I put my hand around her neck and told her I was going to fuck her. She reached down and started stroking my dick. she whispered to be gentle. I told her NO! She was going to be my fuck toy till I came. The whimper she made when I said that made me throb even harder. I Faced her towards britt who was laying on the bed smiling rubbing her pussy. I brushed her hair to the side and started sucking on her neck hard , I was going to mark this little bitch. She moaned loud as I dug my teeth into soft neck. I started licking down her back as I pushed her into doggie style on the bed. I sucked on her buns and told her this was my ass and I smacked it hard. She whimpered loudly . I shoved my tongue up her hole as far as I could get. She moaned sweetly and I smacked her ass again. I told her she was a bad girl and needed to be punished. I stood up and started to line up . I slowly put the head on her starfish and pushed . It started to go in and I slowed watching her ass take in the head. I grabbed her hair and rammed it in all the way. Her sphincter gripped me hard and she screamed. By now britt is rubbing her pussy so fast Im waiting to see a fire start. I start slam fucking stacy digging my fingers into her bubble butt. Im at full speed slamming her as deep as I can go. It seems like an eternity , she is screaming cum in me cum in me. I pull out and flip her onto her back and jam it in and start fucking her on top. I fuck until i think I'm about to pass out and I finally cum deep in her ass. I fall over on her not even caring her penis is touching me.

    I climbed off her and laid on the bed. Stacy crawled in between my legs and started cleaning me off with her mouth. She Looks up and squeezes me. She crawls on top of me and asks me if I am her daddy now. I tell her yes. Her ass was my property. Britt says, that's not fair I met him first.

    This is one of the many encounters I have had with these two, more to cum!

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    Straight Male / 18

    18 male. I got to fuck a woman for my first time last night. The neighbors about 3 doors down had me do some work for them and she was fixing supper with her robe coming undone showing her big naked body to me and her husband. His robe was open and his big cock was sticking out. She kept closing her robe and apologizing and he kept saying how a boy my age wants to see any naked woman he can. I agreed and she took her robe completely off. He took off his robe and told me to get naked too if I wanted to fuck his fat wife. She was fat, 5ft. 6inches with a big belly, DD cup titties that hung down to her belly showing those big brown areolae and nipples. She had blonde hair on her head and a huge mass of dark brown hair on her pussy. Her ass was actually pretty tight and nice.

    After she was done cooking everything, we ate and he took us both into the bedroom. She laid down and he got between her legs and fucked his wife in front of me. Then he took his clothes and told me to have her for the night. He wouldn't be back until 10. So I had 3 and 1/2 hours with a naked woman. She took me in her mouth and I blew off in her mouth while trying to just get hard and fuck her. She told me it was alright that it will be better now and I could last longer. In about 20 minutes I was fucking her hairy, used, sperm filled pussy. Her husbands sperm was squeezing out around my cock and I still loved the sloppy mess. I shot another big load and rolled off her. She brought her pussy up to my mouth and made me lick her clean. Getting on top of me her pussy over my mouth I emptied it for her. Kissing me deeply, and playing with my cock I got hard again and fucked her again.

    Again, she made me clean her pussy with my mouth and tongue this time cumming from doing what she told me about licking her clit. I fucked and ate her once more. She says that if I let her husband fuck me in my ass (she put a vibe up me and it felt pretty good. She left it in the last time I fucked her. I stuck my finger in her butt and it felt great. She says that if he says it's ok I can fuck her there too, but I may have to let him do it to me first. It might be worth it. I'd sure like to fuck her some more, especially in her ass it's so nice and tight. Her belly, tits, and pussy sag and are big and loose. Her butt is really nice shaped and very tight, her butthole was feeling nice on my finger.

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    Straight Male / 25

    Well this is a embarrassing yet exillerating story . some may even say sorts sick . when I was about 12-13 I used to like hiding in this alley and watching the hot middle school girls Get off the bus . I would hide behind the garbage cans and jerk off . they never saw me .until one day .
    I was feeling extra horny and the night before i went into my neighbors house and put on a pair of her bra and panties . and ran back to my house in them . so when it came time to do my thing in the ally I decided to put on the pink lace thong and bra and Get pod in those.
    But here is where it gets crazy . I see them getting off the bus so i go out my door into the alley dressed like that with a hard dick only to realise there is no garbage can ! But that turns me on . I here then laughing and giggling bout ten feet away so I go to get in my door before I'm caught and its locked ! And those girls only feet away so i figure I have nothing left to lose so I go all out and lean upside down against the wall and start jerking . adrenaline flowing the girls walk by and I catch one eye then they all gasp and point and start laughing but I couldn't stop . and I shot a big loss of vim in my mouth and face as they all laugh and take pictures with three phones . and now that I've already came all over my face in those little pink panties ivhave nowhere to go . the end

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    Straight Male / 38

    h******/ 2BHe98Dd6

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 45


    It was the summer of 2014 and my life seemed to be at it's best , I was 45 and was a small business owner and things were going great . My wife and I were very happy and had 2 children a 13 year old boy Mark and 10 year old Alexis . They are all my life and I'm proud at how much my kids love me . My wife Lisa and I decided to invest in summer pleasures by buying a motorhome so we could travel and go camping . So we looked and looked till we found the 1 we both liked but wow it was expensive ! It was a 2012 Prevost 45 foot rear bedroom center bath that would sleep 6 and had everything except the garage and cost $ 472,000.00 , I didn't really want all that debt so we put not quite half down .

    So we had 8 acres with a nice ranch home and off to 1 side on about 3 acres was my business which was a repair shop which handled anything from cars to semi's and a lot of the work was thru trucking ! Our neighbor to the west was a truck driver and I worked on his rig whenever needed . And today was 1 of those days that his truck was in my shop getting the turbo replaced which had came apart which cause other items to be damaged , I had already torn most of it apart and was waiting for the parts to be delivered when a call came in for a car broke down , so my wife Lisa had came out to the shop while I took the roll off wrecker and went to pick up a customers car .

    So anyways I was gone for about an hour but when I arrived back Lisa had said all the parts for the truck had arrived and then the owner of the semi had stopped over too , just to see how things were going . She said he hung out for awhile waiting on me but then had to run some errands . Lisa and I discussed some accounts that were past due and needed to be billed once again and then for her to put a check in the mail to my parts distributor so she went in the office to do just that and I returned to finish working on the semi to get it done by that evening .

    Early the next morning I called my neighbor to inform him that his rig was done and he could come and get it , he arrived like 10 minutes later to pick it up and with cash in hand paid his entire bill , I was shocked cause he had always charged it till he made a few runs then paid up . He said that he didn't want to ruin our friendship by not paying right away because I was the best mechanic he'd ever met ! I felt something wasn't right but oh well just take what he says at face value and let it go , I'm sure it's nothing !

    Well it was 2 days later my wife went to visit her parents in Alabama and would be gone for 4 days , so everyday life for me must go on I have work that has to be done . I had finished up all my repairs early and cleaned the shop and had decided to do a few things in the office . The last thing that crossed my mind was to go thru the footage on the security camera so I did and I was fucking absolutely heart shattered !!!

    The day that I took the wrecker to pick up a customers car and the semi owner came to my shop to check on his rig that wasn't the only thing he checked on , he flirted with my Lisa she flirted back and soon they were touching each other and out came his cock , I was embarrassed to a point cause I'm of average thickness and about 7.25 inches long but Larry was every bit of 9.5 inches long and very thick , on camera he looked to be as thick as my wrist .

    I can't believe it , my wife just dropped to her knees and made more than half of his thick cock just disappear in her mouth she sucked his big cock better than she did mine in the 16 years we've been together . I just sit and watched the video in sadness then she undressed and he licked her pussy for maybe 3-4 minutes as she lay on my office desk he came up and all of a sudden his huge massive meat disappeared again but this time deep in her shaved pussy . I never thought that she could of taken something sooooo big cause when we fuck my cock hits her cervix and she pushes me away and says easy ! But this 9.5 inch long thick cock is buried in my wife's c**t with no problem !

    Now as I sit here watching this I'm hurting inside and very broken hearted but in the same sentence I am rock hard and horny seeing her get fucked by such a huge cock ! I sit and watch the entire 40 minutes of him desperately trashing my wife's pussy and her loving it but as it all comes to an erupt end with him cumming all over her stomach and her c**t she gets up and I thought she was going to kiss him but she didn't , she screams at him to get the fuck out of her husbands shop !!! I thought it was a ongoing affair as easy as it took place but most of just been a last minute turn on that made it happen ... " Which don't make it easier on me though "

    So I'm still hurt and pissed but I'm going to pay a little visit to Larry , I can no longer work on his truck , he's no friend ! So I drive to his place on my ATV his property joins my land just to the west . I arrive there and my god I approach their front door and as I pass the front bay window I see his wife on the floor playing with her pussy she is slamming this huge dildo in and out of her c**t " of course it would have to be huge cause her husband is huge " so I was shocked to see this so I just stood there and watched her like I watched my wife fucking her husband ! I was sort of in a daze as I stood there watching I could see Larry's massive meat slamming Lisa's pussy !

    She was working her pussy over and it looked to be gaping pretty good , my thoughts all of a sudden were to fuck Larry's wife like he did mine but how can that be my cock is much smaller than his she probably won't even enjoy me and thru all of my thoughts and day dreaming I looked at her again and just then she seen me and pulled the blanket she was on over top of her , I was embarrassed but knocked on the door anyway . She came to the door wrapped in the blanket with a red face and said how long was you at the window ? I looked at her and said probably 15 minutes , long enough to get a hard on ! LoL . She responded oh you think you're funny you peeping Tom , and I said no I don't think I'm funny I think I'm fucking hard and horny and enjoyed your show !

    She immediately took me by the hand and took me to where I watch her thru the bay window and she put the blanket on the floor and laid on it like she was before and told me to sit in the chair naked and watch . So I did and she stuck that huge 12 inch long thick cock in her pussy and slid it in and out it glistened with her pussy juices on it and she crawled to me and started to suck my cock and said please work my dildo in and out so I did she was getting it from both ends from me . She then looked at me and said please fuck me in my ass while I use my dildo !

    So I much obliged ,I walked behind her and gently slid my little 7.25 inch cock into her ass and began to gently pump in and out , she still had that giant dildo stuffed in her c**t and she looked over her shoulder and screamed don't be nice about it fuck my ass with that little thing !!! I was so humiliated for being so little but I did what she said and started ramming her ass like I used to do to my wife Lisa when we used to have fun ... Lisa And I used to do everything sexually she even wore a strap on and enjoyed pegging me matter of fact she used to peg me with 1 similar to the 1 that is crammed in Larry's wife's c**t right now as I fuck her in the ass !

    I haven't had sex for probably 3-4 weeks so with me slamming in and out of her ass I probably won't last to long but I am slamming her hard and she is moaning really good , she's actually enjoying my little cock she is soaked . I know I'm ready to cum so I ask should I pull out when I cum and she say OH NO cum in my ass and just then I start squirting my load as deep as my cock will reach in her ass , I can hardly move cause it feels so good and she's screaming fuck my ass and bucking back on my cock . I'm just barely hard but still feels good and finally I can move again .

    I start fucking her as hard as I can but now I have staying power do to cumming , so she's gonna get fucked as much as I now can considering I'm not as big as she's used to getting . She is still moaning and reaches back and hands me a dildo that's about the size of my cock and says shove this in my ass so I go to pull out and she says NO at the same time you are in me ! So dam now she has me and that dildo buried deep in her ass and that huge thick 12 inch long dildo stuffed in her c**t at the same time , HOW HOT ! I continue to slam in and out and with each thrust forward I push the other 1 deep in her ass with mine !

    We fucked and she sucked me off in the next hour then I was leaving and she said what brought you here earlier when you caught me ? I said oh I wanted to see how Larry's truck was running . She said she would let him know . I said Ok . So I returned to my garage and was looking thru some work orders when the phone rang and it was Lisa , she ask how things were going and it made me almost feel like she knew what I had just done ! " I guess it was my own guilt because I love my wife " anyway I said fine and we talked for maybe 15-20 minutes and I wondered how she could act so normal after all I know she got slammed with Larry's huge cock for about 40 minute3s before she left .

    She said she would be leaving her parents home Sunday afternoon and would probably be here by 1-2 am I said why don't you leave earlier so you are not driving so late and she said she wanted to visit as long as possible with her mom and dad I said okay that's fine just let me know when you're leaving she said okay and she loves me and will call then . Well anyway Lisa returned home and it's been about 3 week since then and nothing has been said by anybody and I haven't heard from Larry either ! Hmmmm wonder why ?

    It's now been about 5 weeks later and I'm working in the shop when Lisa comes in and says she has to go shopping and the kids are at home and don't want to go and ask if I could check on them to make sure Mark wasn't being mean to Alexis because we know how he always picks on her and instigates ! I said I was almost done with my current work so before I start my next job I will wash up and go get a bite to eat and check on them . She said that's great and kissed me and was on her way , I couldn't help feel hurt when she kissed me knowing she sucked his huge cock !

    I got involved with work and remembered I was suppose to check on the kids so I got cleaned up and walked to the house and when I got inside I remembered thinking it's awfully quiet and hope they didn't take off outside or kill each other so I continued thru the house and then heard something in the basement so I quietly went downstairs and as I rounded the corner there they were in the finished playroom on the couch getting along way to much , Mark was on top of Alexis with her legs on his shoulders and he was humping her and I took another look and he was not humping her , he was literally fucking her ... OMG my 13 year old son was fucking my 10 year old daughter !

    I stood there in total disbelief as I could hear him say to her his cock feels so good in her pussy and she laughed and said she thinks it tickles inside her , I stood there and watched quietly as his pinky finger sized cock slid in and out of her innocent bald little pussy . He was fucking her like he was some kind of porn star ! Then I heard him say he was about to cum and he pulled out and shot his little load of spunk all over her leg and the couch . They both started laughing and I went up the stairs and screamed down the stairs are you 2 down there ? They giggled and said yes playing video games !

    I went back to my shop into my office closed the door and sit with my head in my hands crying asking myself WTF is wrong with my family ! We have such an awesome family we spend time together doing things and going places we aren't wealthy or filthy rich but we have money because of both Lisa and my work ethics , we do work hard ! We are the family who looks like the perfect family who has everything including loyalty to each other , until you take off the blinders . I cant believe what is happening with in the last 2 months . I need to get a grip on things !

    I get it together close up shop for the night and go back to the house where both kids are in their rooms , I look in on them and Alexis is doing what she always is she's playing and I look in Mark's room and dammit son stop it . He is sitting on the edge of his bed jacking off ! OMG I say to him there is a time and place for that and this is not the time for it your sister is right down the room . He responds so she don't care , I said what makes you say that he says I don't know . But I know what I seen in the basement so I know why he says that !

    I go to mine and Lisa's bedroom and get a change of clothes and go into our bathroom and shower , I get dressed and go out and sit on the front porch waiting on Lisa to get home from shopping , she soon pulls in and I help her carry groceries in and put them away as she starts to make something for dinner . To me she is acting funny and I'm starting to feel as if she knows what happened next door or she's feeling guilty about getting fucked by Larry and I'm standing there knowing everything that has been happening ! Her & Larry , Me & Larry's wife the kids . OMG !

    So the evening goes on and we eat dinner and I can't seem to bring it up because I also fucked up . So I look at Lisa and say sweetie I think we should pack the motorhome up and go somewhere this week end , she says really and I say yes I feel like I'm working to much and I'm neglecting her and the kids . She says I'm not but a trip would be incredibly nice and would let us reconnect . So we watch some TV the kids are now in bed and Lisa and I now go to bed , She gets a shower and me to bed I sleep naked I hear the shower turn off and then I feel her climb in bed .

    She is not laying besides me she is sitting on my legs and rubbing my back and shoulders and I hear her open the lotion to put on my back but it's not lotion it is lube and she has already warmed it in her hot shower with her and now pouring it down the crack of my ass , I look back at her and she is wearing her strap on that we haven't used in years . And mounted on it is Doc Johnson's 12 inch hung and thick dildo she smiles and says she wants to have an awesome night of fucking my ass and that she does for 2 straight hours she even gets a little taboo on me and sticks her hand in my ass and fist me . Then I clean up from the lube mess and we start fucking and she feels tight as usual and Larry didn't seem to stretch her pussy at all she is riding me wickedly like never before and she says to me , PLEASE stick that huge dildo in my pussy ! Maybe Larry has ruined her pussy and she will only want huge cock!

    I get up the next morning as usual 6Am and head to the shop where I start looking over the motor coach to service it and make sure everything is ready for our trip that we will be taking next week as soon as I finish my work load . I then get started on my regular work for the day . The rest of the week goes pretty fast but seems awkward for some reason , maybe it's been everything that's been on my mind for the last 2 months but anyway the weekend is now here and we are almost ready to take off on our trip the coach is loaded the car trailer is hooked up and the SUV is inside . Kids are excited the wife seems awkward again but happy to be going and I'm worried that things are falling apart but hanging on by a thread .

    So we have decide to go to Memphis Tn. on our trip cause she likes Elvis and gambling and there's the town of Tunica , Ms. about 50 miles south of Memphis, Tn. that is called Vegas of the south . We have spent 3 days in Memphis and are now headed to Tunica to do a little gambling for a day then we will head to Biloxi, Ms where she has a cousin that she wants to see for a couple of days .

    Well we have arrived now in Biloxi, Ms and I'm looking forward to getting back to the house because work is piling up and I have several jobs that have arrived at the shop since we've been gone . Lisa tells me that her and the kids will be fine and why don't I take the coach and go ahead back to the house so I can try to get caught back up and so I will quit worrying , I agree and kiss them all and head out . It's about 670 miles back to our home town which I will leave out because I don't want people to know who I am . So I'm on my way and almost about halfway home when I notice the engine temp. gauge says it's getting hot so I pull into the rest area 1 mile ahead to check things out .

    I get the problem taken care of and get cleaned up and now it's dark and I don't feel up to driving so I figure I would sleep for a few hours and get up and go. So I have a pair of shorts on but nothing else and somebody knocks on the door to the coach I look out and OMG it's Larry my neighbor ,Hey I thought this looked like your coach . And I explained what all has went on about our trip and me heading back to work and the coach overheating . He proceeds to ask if I would let him shower in the coach and I said I would really like to get some sleep he says it will only take 5 minutes , I told him that the bathroom is visible from my bed and I want to lay down , he says that's fine .

    So I say okay but you have to be quick he steps out to get some clothes from his rig and is back in 3 minutes or so I'm now laying on my bed with a perfect view to the shower because it is all glass doors he undresses and gets in the shower and I can't help but watch him because this man fucked my wife and now acts like he did nothing wrong , he starts to rinse off so I roll over and act like I'm half asleep so he will just say thanks and leave and all of a sudden I hear something wet sounding and I turn my head and he's stroking his huge cock just 4 feet from my bed .

    I just laid there and I felt him tug on my shorts gently and then I felt his fingers massage my asshole he then spit on his finger and worked it in my hole I just moved a little and spread my legs open he pulled my loose fitting shorts aside and I heard something snap and then my asshole got something wet poured on it which was lube he then got up on my bed and between my legs and I thought he was about to fuck me like my wife does then I felt his tongue OMG he was eating my ass . I have never had that done in my 45 years , how hot it felt . What he poured on was a cherry flavored desentisizing lube , he worked it in my asshole with his tongue and by now I wanted my shorts off.

    I took them off and put my ass in the air the way Lisa likes it when she pegs me and dam if he didn't go back to eating my asshole he was moaning more than me , I think . I don't really care I just know it feels good and just then he quit and I felt all 9.5 inches of his fat thick cock invade my asshole OH it felt better than Lisa's big dildo as I could feel his skin move back and forth with every pump he ask if I was ok and I said hell yes not even thinking about who he is , the man who fucked my wife and doesn't know that I know about it ! His cock felt great .

    He must of fucked my ass for a half hour doggie style when he flipped me over on my back pulled my legs up to my chest and reinserted his huge meaty cock back in my ass , he pumped his cock in and out and so fast that it made my toes curl in excitement , I was feeling very pleasured and full of his huge cock . I'm glad my coach has levelers because if not I know that thing would of been rocking . I could no longer take it with my legs up so I rolled over and he straddle my ass and shoved that cock back in me I felt like it was in my stomach , he then laid on me and continued to fuck my ass , he came in me and had me get back in doggie style where he fucked my ass so hard that his cum lathered up and was running down my nuts ! He pulled out went to the bathroom and washed off with a wash cloth .

    He looked at me and said dam I didn't expect that , I said come here I grabbed his thick cock and started sucking on it , it barely fit in my mouth that's how thick it is ! But I continued to suck on it for almost an hour it seemed like and then he shot his load in my mouth and down my throat and pumped my mouth and his cum was so much that with every pump it made it squirt out of the corners of my mouth , I had never been with a man before but this was hot and turned me on big time . He then bent over and sucked the cum out of my cock and said see you at the shop !

    I returned home the next day and got started on my work load , like dam 12 vehicles had been towed to my shop since we left town . It was a lot of work but I caught up over the next 4 days and now it was Friday and a regular scheduled appointment for Larry's rig to get the fluids changed and the chassis greased but he was not back in town yet but had called and said he would be in by 6pm and ask if I could work late because he had to leave out Sat. morning early to deliver 1st thing Monday 1100 miles away so I said he would be billed double time , he said fine !

    It was about 6:40 pm when he finally pulled in so I went to the shop and got started it took me about 2 hours to finish his rig , I washed up and was changing out of my clothes when he got out of his cab and handed me a com-check for $800.00 I looked at it and thought dam my double time isn't that much . He looked at me and said he needed a receipt so in my grey loose boxers headed to my office to print 1 for him , I sat down at my desk and looked over and his cock was stirring me right about mouth height I couldn't get it in my mouth quick enough . I sucked and sucked and he said he wanted to cum in my ass but I can't my wife has been pegging me every night since we got back and I don't want cum lathering up on the dildo and her seeing it .

    So I sucked the cum right out of his thick huge cock and then he fucked me in my ass and ended up giving me a load there too . He then came up and put his cock at my mouth so I sucked on it again and all of a sudden I heard the man door slam shut I looked out the office window to see Alexis running towards the house . OMG what did she see ? Larry you have to go your rig is done . He left and I cleaned up from all his cum and went home . I walked in Lisa greeted me but said she was going to bed and that Mark stayed at a friends house and that Alexis was downstairs in the game room . I gave Lisa a kiss on the cheek and hoped she wouldn't smell the man sex on my breath . Good night baby !

    She went to bed and I got a shower in the main bath to assure I didn't keep her awake , I put on some shorts as always and went to the basement to maybe play a video with Alexis she was playing pac-man I ask if I could play a few games with her and she said sure as she held back tears her lower lip was trembling and I was starting to choke up because I know whats wrong ! So we were playing and she kept saying eat me , I thought because pac-man but it wasn't ! She looked at me and said nobody loves her and started crying , I said why you say that and she said you , mom have fun but I can't Mark is with his friend having sex and Mom was playing with a big rubber cock while you were at the shop having a real 1 ! OMG I was losing it I can't believe what I just heard . I was lost for words !

    I took her on my lap and said I Love you and that you shouldn't think that way . I then said Alexis honey you know I caught you and Mark before our trip right here on this couch having sex but couldn't say anything to nobody because just earlier I had played my security video and caught your mom having sex with the neighbor in my shop . And Alexis just looked at me and said lick me like you lick mommy and she stood up and took off her panties walked over to me and grabbed my cock thru my shorts and said I don't want to tell mommy what I seen in the garage . My jaw dropped !

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