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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    I have never told anyone this and I could never tell anyone family or friends. Not that I would. It was one of the best nights of my life and I had to keep it secret the last 22 years .

    Growing up I had one aunt who I really like .she was fun to be around always having a laugh. She was my mum's youngest sister. She used to visit us every summer. And we go to visit them when we would go Tipperary to visit the grandparents. She did live far from them with her family.

    Anyways I was around when I started to notice her more. Being a teenager didn't help . It was 1989 and she came that summer as always. But this year I saw her different . To be honest i started to fancy the shit out of her . Every chance I got I would spend time around her . And every chance I could to check her out. I even spayed on her when she had a bath. Thank fuck for keyholes lol .

    From that moment on I was cracked about her . And I always looked forward to her visit and seeing her .I spent most of my teenage year's wanking about her. Even when I had a girlfriend.

    Roll on 8 years I was 22 working in a factory in a small town near home . So I was still living at home which was handy to save money.

    It was around that time my aunt's marriage broke down. And she asked mum could she come and stay a while. Until she could get her life back on track. She came to stay with us .

    It was great having her around. I really enjoyed it and we got on very well . After a few weeks it was like she had always been there . And I still had a thing for her .And still wanked thinking of her .And it helped having her around .

    A few months had passed she was getting on well had a job trying to get money to get together to rent a place and start over. Which was good to see her getting on with her life .

    So one friday evening I landed home from work had dinner was watching tv not really doing much and felt like going to the pub for a drink. So I went to my room and got ready . When I was ready I headed down to the kitchen . There was my mum and aunt sitting talking. They asked where I was going I said into town for a few pints . It was at that point the aunt said she wouldn't mind a drink and asked could she tag along. I said sure . She said great and got up to go get ready.

    While she was getting ready I had a coffee with mum and chatted .about 20mins later the aunt lands back all ready to go. She was wearing a black skirt with a red blouse with her ginger hair .She look stunning standing there I mean stunning. She asked was I ready to go I said yes and we headed off .

    Got to the pub I got the first round she got the next. We chatted laughed and drank. Dont remembers who ordered the first round of shots we ended up drinking them for the rest of the night. I really enjoyed the night as pissed as we got and laughing like idiots. At closing we went to get a taxi to get home . We had to walk to the taxi rank. We had gotten a few cans as we left the pub to drink on the way home. Must have been around two when we got to the house everyone was in bed .She had to pee when we got in and I headed to the sitting room sat on the sofa and open a can .

    A few minutes later she lands in and sits beside me I give her a can to drink we chat and laugh for a while. We deside to call it a night. After we had everything drank . We get up to leave she turns to me give me a hug and thanks me for the night.

    I hug her back and said no problem.i dont know how it happened or who made the first move . But we ended up kissing . We didn't speak not a word .It just happened and we seem to let it happen. We ended up on the sofa again. Our hands all over each other .
    I slid my hand up her skirt and rubbed her pussy. She had her hand down the front of my jeans .we played with other like that for a few mins. She removed her hand .And started to open my belt and jeans. When the were open she got my cock from my boxers. I had gotten her knickers to one side .then she guided my cock to her pussy and I slipped in . We fucked on the sofa until I came.
    I dont know did she cum .

    We lied there for a few moments. Until she got up all of a sudden and said we shouldn't have done and left . I fixed myself up and headed to bed not know what to think.

    I woke the next morning my head was killing me and then it dawned on me what happened last night. I didnt know what to think what to say .I got up and dressed and headed to the kitchen to get a coffee. Mum was there with my aunt who looked as bad as I felt . When she saw me she look down .mom broke the slice by sayin it's yer own fault no one made ye drink it .I made a coffee and sat down . Mum asked josie did she want to town with she said no .mom got up and said right then im off see ye in a bit and went out the door

    We sat there for a few mins in slince and the aunt was the first to speak. She said we should not have done that I said i know but what now . She said we should forget about it and never tell anyone it was a mistake and we were drunk. It never happened ok . I said ok she left the room.

    The next few weeks were a little awkward there no point lying .Mum tought we had a falling out . But things got better a month later the aunt got her flat. We helped her move in .After a while we started to talk again and got back to where we could talk and laugh. And became great friend. Even to the point where we would give each other little digs and comment to each other about that night in front of family and friends and no knew what it meant only us .all this being said mistake or not to be honest I have never regretting it.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 47

    Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed anal penetration, I am not gay, as in wanting sex with guys, but I do really enjoy anal stimulation. A finger in my ass as I jerk, a handle of the odd kitchen device, a one of my wife's vibes or dildos is always a great experience. The wife knows and helps out, she even has a strap-on. I am not gay, but I do really enjoy anal stimulation, and I still enjoy jacking off.

    I go through periods of anal kink from time to time, wherein, I need to feel the penetration, and recently, I have gotten into increasing larger items. I'll get a large dildo or vibe, play with it until my mania is over, then toss it. A few weeks ago I browsed across a site that had an assortment of large, glass anal plugs. I had to have one! I ordered the largest on the spot. Well, it arrived last week and today was the day I had to feel it in me.

    It's 6cm, about 2 1/3 inches, which is way bigger than anything I have ever had before. The wife's toys are 1 1/2 inches, but this thing is almost the diameter of a beer can! I needed to get that thing in me. I put a towel on the bed and stripped down for my anal adventure.

    Nearly a 1/3 bottle of lube and 45 minutes later, and ooh! My cock was throbbing from just the insert! It gave me such a hard on as the huge round, glass ball massaged my prostate. I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of fullness. I was so stretched! I barely managed to keep from blowing my full load, but leakage was inevitable.

    It's hours later now and my hole still feels so wonderfully stretched!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 50

    I indeed had an experience in a closet.
    When I was a boy (till the Age of 13) I often hided in the Closet of my parents. Often I slept there.
    One Day our Grandpa was watching for me and my Sister (i was 11, sister 10).
    I was asleep in my parents closet and woke up by voices in the Room.
    It was my grandpa and my sister. They took off all their clothes and layed down on the Bed.
    It was funny. First grandpa licked her between her legs and she giggled all the Time. The he layed down on his back and my sister took his penis in her mouth. It got bigger and bigger and he took her Head in his hands and he shook all over. I stayed quite until they dressed and went down the stairs.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I am a mature, divorced bisexual man. I date women and enjoy sex with them but I really crave sex with men. I just do not have any romantic feelings towards men as I do towards women. Consequently, I keep my encounters with men discreet and secret. My main forum for hooking up with men had been craigslist. However, bowing to government pressure, craigslist discontinued their personal ads. That left me in a quandary. How could I arrange the encounters I craved when my vehicle for arranging them evaporated. Searching the web, I found a gay dating site that seemed to have quite a few local guys in my age range.

    I am in my early 60s but can pass for at least 10 years younger. I have kept in good shape and I have always appeared to be younger than I actually am. This has been very useful to me in my bi adventures since many gay and bi guys are very age conscious (or so it seems to me after perusing so many personal ads). My ad on this newest site drew a response from a 47 year old top looking for occasional hook-ups. The pictures he posted had me drooling. The only downside was that he lived 50 miles away. We exchanged some e-mails via the site and we both shared more pictures. We decided to meet at a town halfway between our two cities. We met for a drink at a bar just off the highway. He was a very handsome man in his late 40's, at least 15 years younger than me. He was tall, about 6'2" with jet back hair and very arresting green eyes.

    I had e-mailed him that I would be wearing a red polo shirt and he recognized me as soon as he arrived. He walked up to my table and said "hi, Tom, I am Jason." I was definitely thrilled to meet him. I signaled for the waitress to come and take his drink order. It turned out that he was a single malt Scotch drinker, which is my favorite adult libation. We chatted, a bit nervously at first. He was very charming. We soon decided to find a motel room - an easy task since we were just off the interstate.

    As soon as the door closed behind us, Jason took me in arms and kissed me. I am usually not that keen on making out with men. But, his passion thrilled me and I returned his passion. Our tongues swirled around together and we shed our clothes.

    We jumped into the bed and I went for his cock immediately. It was very thick and about 7 inches. I wrapped my lips around it and started to enthusiastically suck it. I thrilled to be worshipping such a beautiful cock. I let my tongue play along the head - it was a large mushroom head and I enjoyed every second as my tongue explored every single part of it. He began leaking pre-cum almost immediately and I enjoyed the taste and smooth texture of it. My tongue spread it all around his cock head and then I began to take more and more of his beautiful man meat into my mouth. After a few tries I was able to take his whole shaft down my throat. I lingered there applying more pressure with my lips and tongue - Jason moaned his enjoyment. Then I slowly worked my way up to the top again so I could let my tongue wander all over his cock head. Periodically, I would stop sucking and lick his shaved balls and the side of his shaft. I did not want him to cum yet.

    As much as I enjoyed feasting on his luscious cock, there was something I craved even more. "I need this cock deep in my ass!"

    Jason laughed and said "I can't wait to fuck you!"

    I applied a generous amount of lube to my manhole while Jason put on a condom. We began with me on my feet, bent over the side of the bed. Jason eased his man meat into my eager ass. But it did not take long for him to start pounding me. He would pull his cock almost all the way out and then slam it back into me. I get quite vocal during sex and I began to moan "I love your cock in me, fuck me! I love it!!" This seemed to excite him even more and he picked up the pace. His cock was ramming me and it felt so good!

    We changed positions and I lay face down on the bed with my ass propped up on a pillow. Jason entered me again and I felt his body on top of me. He kissed my back and was fucking me more slowly this time. "I love the feel of your cock in me!" I was lost in lust.

    Jason rolled off me and said, "ride me!" I straddled him and lowered my ass on his rigid pole. I leaned forward and began moving up and down on his shaft. My cock was bouncing up and down as I rode my new lover. Jason took it in his hand and began to play with it. I was oozing pre cum and he rubbed it all over my dick.

    Jason rolled us over while his cock was still in me and we were in the missionary position. He really began to fuck me faster and faster and I could tell he was very close by his expression. I started masturbating while he battered my hole with his tool. "Wow!" He yelled as he filled that condom with his seed. I had been furiously stroking my own cock and I squirted a huge load seconds later.

    I cleaned myself off and we took a break. I had picked up a bottle of cabernet and we sipped our wine and told abbreviated versions of our life stories. Jason's cock was semi-hard and I could not stop admiring it. "I want to suck you, now!" My lips surrounded his cock and my tongue wandered over his cock head. My ministrations soon had it rigid. Once again I swallowed his cock and felt it tickle the back of my throat. Very slowly my mouth moved up and down his shaft. I always paid particular attention to his cock head.

    After about 10 minutes Jason began to fuck my face. I loved it. My tongue and lips were wrapped around his cock as he slammed it in and out of my eager mouth. "I'm going to cum!" he shouted. My lips kept their grip on his cock and he shot a big load which I swallowed. I kept sucking him so I could wring every last drop.

    "Wow! that was intense."

    "I love the taste of your cum."

    We had some more wine and talked for a while. We decided to go to dinner and then come back for more. There was a nice seafood restaurant a few miles away. We are both seafood lovers. We each ordered grilled mahi and shared a bottle of chardonnay.

    Ja son was a dentist and he told me he often fantasized about his patients while he filled cavities and implanted crowns. He would look at their mouths and think about sticking his cock down them. I laughed and said "you can put it in mine anytime."

    We returned to the motel and we were out of our clothes in a flash. We lay on the bed and watched some porn on my laptop. One lucky guy was being fucked from behind while he sucked a huge cock. "I've done that, it is an incredibly erotic feeling to have a cock at each end." Jason asked me if I would like to do that with him and another guy. "Abso-fucking-lutely!" We posted an ad looking for another top on the gay site where we found each other.

    Meanwhile, I began sucking his cock again. After a few minutes of this I told Jason I needed to be fucked again. He was happy to oblige. Once again I felt his thick cock invading my ass. This one lasted a long time. I loved feeling his balls bang against my ass. Jason would fuck me very slowly and run his hands over my ass occasionally spanking me which made me feel like such a slut. I loved it! He would have me lying face down while he held me close from behind and kissed my neck and back. Feeling his body on mine while he lovely cock fucked me put me in a state of bliss. Finally, Jason told me he was going to cum. "I want it in my mouth!" I cried. I fell to my knees and opened wide. Jason pulled off the condom and I began to suck his cock while fondling his balls. His cock erupted with a stream of hot, juicy cum and I slurped it all up.

    We were pretty well spent at that point. We decided to check if anyone had answered our post for a third. A guy named Larry had responded. He was 55 with a nice looking body - not that tall but built like a linebacker with a very thick 6" cock. He had never been in a threesome and said it was on his "bucket list". We replied to his post and provided my e-mail address. Evidently he was on-line because he answered within 15 minutes. Larry was divorced and lived about 5 miles from me. We exchanged phone numbers and set a date for us to meet at his house the following Saturday.

    I arrived at L's address and I was already leaking pre-cum in anticipation of what was to follow. J's car was already there. I rang the bell and heard a loud "Come on in." There was a pool in a screened enclosure. A naked L walked into the room holding a bottle of wine. "We're in the pool, get in .. he said. L settled down on one deck chair and poured wine into glasses. We toasted each other and talked for a bit but I could hold out no longer. I knelt by L and took his thick man meat into my mouth. Was it ever thick, it really stretched my lips As I was worshiping his magnificent cock, I felt someone playing with my ass. J was behind me probing my anus with his fingers. I was on all fours now anticipating being filled at both ends. J applied some lube to my ass and donned a condom. Then I felt his cock push its way through my anal sphincter.

    It had been quite a while since I had taken on two guys at once and once more that incredibly erotic thrill overtook me. I loved being used like this, it made me feel so slutty and so sexy. L's cock was tickling my throat while J's was pounding my ass. Suddenly my mouth was being filled with hot, juicy cum. I swallowed every bit I could out of L's throbbing cock. J meanwhile had grabbed my hips and began slamming his meat in and out of my ass. He finished and then told me to suck the rest of the cum out of his cock. I eagerly complied. "Well, that was a great start'." I said. We drank a little wine and cooled off in the pool for a bit sharing stories about our past sexual adventures. L suggested we dry off and meet in his bedroom. We enthusiastically agreed.

    As we entered the bedroom, Larry said "it's my turn to fuck you." "Can't wait." I bent over the bed and L began applying more lube to my ass. J lay down in front of me so I could take his cock in my mouth. I began sucking and a few seconds later my ass was being stretched wider than it ever had. L knew his cock was too thick for most guys to take very easily so he would gradually push it in, pause and let my ass adjust. It was a little painful at first and it had been quite a while since my well used ass felt any pain from a cock going in it. Bit by bit he eased his fat shaft into me. My ass made the adjustment and the pain receded. I had never felt so full in my life. I took my mouth off J's cock long enough to say, "Fuck me with that tool of yours. I love it!"

    Very slowly L began to fuck me - he is always slow and relaxed in fucking. Meanwhile I was swallowing J's cock. I loved having two cocks in me at the same time. I sucked deep J's cock and fondled his balls while L attacked my ass. He was another slapper and that turned me on. As we went along it became easier for L to move his cock in my ass. He began to fuck me faster now and I was in heaven. We changed positions. I got on all fours on the bed. L went back to pounding me and I resumed sucking J's cock. Before long Larry began to fuck me harder and harder. Grunting and cursing hard L really went at it faster and faster until he erupted with a loud moan. I even came without touching myself, something that had only happened once or twice before and not for a number of years. It didn't take much longer for J to fill my mouth with his spunk. As usual I made sure that I did not miss a drop and kept sucking his cock until it went almost limp.

    We all cooled off in the pool and drank some more wine. Both L and J each fucked me one more time. This went on for quite a while since they did not have that much cum left - we were all middle-aged after all. I felt so slutty and so fulfilled after being used by two really nice guys with big dicks. We all agreed that we would have to get together again soon. L asked me if I would like to wear panties and some lingerie next time. This had never occurred to me but as soon as he said it I knew that was what I wanted. I asked them to get some used ones from their slut wives.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 55

    Just like her mother , maybe a bit better .

    I've never claimed to be the worlds greatest lover , nor have I ever bragged about the size of my cock ( altho , my dates always craved for it and a few have raved about it to others ) . The only bragging I've ever ( and still do ) done , was to tell everyone that I actually married to the " girl , next door " . I had the greatest sex-life in my neighborhood , damn near fucked every woman available there . Then she moved in with her older brother .

    He and I became good friends as soon as he moved in , with his new wife . I was always helping him with some projects : auto-repair , home improvements , etc. . One day , while helping him with building a deck in his back-yard , he surprised me with : " would you like to go on a double date with us this Friday nite ? ". I was dumb-founded at first . Then he added : " my sister is coming over and thought you would like to join us for a dinner-n-movie date " . I gave it a quick thought ( knowing I had no real plans ) and said " ok " . And that was when I met the one woman that I wanted to marry . I could've asked any other past dates to marry me , and they probably would've said yes . But , they didn't come close in comparison to her , she was perfect .

    It was love at first sight . We fucked in her brother's livingroom after our first date was over . She always picked me up from all the sports I played in my senior year . We never could get enough of each other , fucking anywhere and anytime . The great sex continued on thru our marriage . Then , we were both excited when she became pregnant , with our only daughter . I was never more prouder when I held her in my hands for the 1st time .

    My wife is a true BBW , full-figured and large breasted ( 44ddd's ) , just like her mother . And most of my teenaged dates ( before my marriage ) were BBW's too , they proved to be better lovers than most other women . Our sex-life just kept going strong , over the years . Until one day , our daughter was caught making the same moans and groans as my wife does when we are fucking . Our little girl was just mimicking what she heard most nites . That was the beginning of the end of our sex-life .

    When she heard what our daughter was repeating from our fucking , she became very embarrassed about it . We started closing our bedroom door at night . She tried to not moan and groan so loudly . And when that wasn't enough , the sex just started tapering off . It use to be almost every night , then she tapered off to once a week . Then it got less and less . I became disappointed from all the same old reasons she gave me when I tried to get her into the mood : " not tonite , I got a headache ⦠damn , is that all you ever want ...quit it , she'll hear us again " .

    One day , the wife came home from a dr. appointment and rudely blurted out to me ( with our 15yr old daughter sitting in the livingroom with me ) : " my dr. told me to tell YOU that I lost my sex-drive and YOU just need to deal with it " . And that ended our sex-life for the rest of our marriage . I couldn't get more embarrassed in front of our daughter , as she was awe-struck and a bit ashamed too .

    Now , my daughter was growing up to be more like her mother , except in more of a athletic-shape ( unlike her mother , who never played sports in school ) . She played Volleyball , Soccer , and Softball thru her school years . Just picture a teenaged girl with a well-toned body and large breasted ( 40dd's ) . Every boy in school wanted her . But , she didn't date much . My wife would always start an argument almost every nite , before going to bed ( it was her nasty way to avoid any sexual attempts from me ) . And our daughter saw and heard it all . There were times that I could see in my daughter's face , that she was embarrassed by all of the antics that my wife would throw at me . Sometimes , we would make eye contact and she looked like she wanted to say : " sorry dad , you don't deserve that " .

    Finally , high school graduation came for our daughter . I was to come home early from work , shower and shave , and meet the wife at the school ( holding seats for us ). But , as all plans go , I got stuck at work trying to complete a job for shipping that day . Now , I'm in a rush to get ready . I came home ( when I thought I was alone in there ) and quickly stripped off my clothes and left the bedroom totally naked , walking to the bathroom . Then , with a sudden loud gasp , I see my daughter ( also totally naked ) standing in the hallway . She just left her bedroom to take a shower too . Apparently she thought she was alone in the house too .

    It didn't take us long that we both were staring at each other , me gazing at her huge full boobs , and her gawking at my 9inch thick cock ( slowly becoming hard and rising up ) . Neither one of us tried to cover up by any means . I finally shook my head and tried to clear away my nasty thoughts : " what are you still doing here , you should be at the school " . But that didn't even faze her , as she still gawked at my cock ( damn near fully erect ). " HEY ...eyes up here " I yelled . She finally snapped out of it and said something that I'll never forget : " Damn , and mom lost her sex-drive from that ( her eyes pointing to my cock hard ). For moment , I felt like I should grab a towel and cover-up , but couldn't . The nasty thoughts came back to me , I really wanted to fuck her so bad .

    I know it's wrong , and I also know that she lost her virginity to a damn high school jock ( that just wanted to fuck her to add to his already growing list ) , and he then dumped her for another conquest ( I liked to shoot him for that ). Wife took her in to the dr. and got her on the pill . But , she never trusted any of the other guys since then .

    She couldn't stop staring at my fully erect hard cock . She had this hungry look , like she wanted it now . She wanted to touch it , hold it firmly , stroke it , taste it , feel it inside of her . And I really wanted to give it to her , completely . I wanted to fuck her in every way possible , with no limits .

    I lost track of all time , I had no idea as to how long we just stood there in the hall , just staring at each other . Finally , she just stepped closer to me and said : " damn , dad , mom has got to be fucking kidding you , that she don't want that anymore ( again , pointing with her my cock ). " thanks , and you look really fucking awesome too " ( with my eyes pointing at those perfectly formed full juggs ) . That actually got her to blush a bit and giggle . " Well , you go ahead and shower and...", before I could finish , she reached for my cock and gripped it a bit firmly . " fuck that idea , WE can both shower together " she surprised me with . And she slowly backed-up into the bathroom , still holding my nearly throbbing cock . I thought I was going to cum right in her hand , it's been too damn long when the wife use to attack me like that . As soon as I closed the door behind me , she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth , not wasting any time . God only knows how I wanted this to happen , but not with my own daughter . I had nasty thoughts about one of her girl-friend's that was also built about the same as my daughter .

    She really sucked my cock with so much eagerness , trying her best to take it all in , deep into her throat . I couldn't stand it any longer and just gave in . I place my hands behind her head , as I stood there and began pumping from my hips , thrusting it deep . " I'm about to cum " , as I wanted to pull out , but she quickly grabbed me by my ass and let me thrust it deep into her throat , I came like I never done it before . And she swallowed it all , with loud moans of pleasure . That was the sounds that I miss so much .

    She slowly pulled away as my cock squirted it last load , some of the cum oozing out of her lips . She stood up , with a very big grin , wiped off the extra cum from her mouth and then kissed me fully . Our tongues playing in each other mouth . I wrapped my arms around here and pulled her close to me , with my semi-erect cock still showing some life again . When we pulled from our passionate kissing , we stared into each others eyes and we both knew what was going to happen next .

    I weigh in at 185lbs ( and in good shape , seeing that I had nothing else to do but lift weights and exercise alot ) , she weighs in at 150lbs ( and also in great shape , well tanned all over , a bit muscular , firm ). I picked her up into my arms like she weighed only about half as much , and carried her to my bedroom . I gave her a good toss onto the bed , in which she giggled as flopped there . I then began to slowly approach her , like a jungle cat about to pounch on it's unsuspecting prey . She got herself positioned in the middle of the bed , knees propped up and spread wide open . I can see the look on her face as she anticipated me to enter her . I began to kiss her leg , first the ankle , then her calf ( switching to leg to leg ), then her inner thigh... now my face was at her pussy . I layed down between her spreading legs , slid my hands under each thigh . I slowly began to kiss and lick all around her shaved pussy . Then like a hungry shark , I opened my mouth wide open and dove into her . She squealed at first , then started moaning loudly ( just like her mother ) . She came with a gushing , her legs quickly clamping my head there . When she finally let me loose , I got up on my knees , wiped some of her cum from my face . She reached up to me to pull me down for some more kissing , tasting her own cum from my mouth .

    Now my cock was alive again , nearly throbbing . I got up on my knees , straddle up closer to her already moist pussy and took a hold of my hard cock . I started to guide it in her , but teased her with it by tapping her pussy with it . " damn , dad , are you going to fuck me with that monster ...or are you going to tease me all nite " . I smiled and I guided it into her . As soon as the head made it in , she arched her back and gasped ( just like her mother ). I could see that she never had a cock like mine , as she grimaced with some pain but quickly turned to pure pleasure .
    I kept feeding it into her slowly as she enjoyed every inch of it . When I was completely in her , I layed my body on her . Feeling her big boobs pressed against my chest , made me want to suck them . I took one nipple in and sucked it to make it stiffen up , then turned my attention to other nipple and repeated the same action there . With my hard cock still in her and I'm attacking her juggs like a shark ( mouth wide open and trying to get as much of her breast into my mouth...sucking ) , she now begins the loud moaning and groaning , with her hips grinding under me , wanting me to start pumping her ( again , just like her mother ) .

    Again , I lost track of all time , as we fucked there on the bed . I really wanted it to never end . But , I accidently noticed the clock on my wife's night stand . " Oh shit , we need to go " , I said just after cuming . My daughter let out a disapproval moan : " fuck graduation ...**me on dad , let's fuck some more ". I smiled back at her : " your mother will kill us both " , as I slowly pulled out of her .

    We made it to the graduation on time ( barely ) , she got her diploma and everyone was happy . Her plans was to go out with her few friends , but those plans got changed .

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 29

    Basically I am jealous, there should be a jealous category.

    For the past four years I have been my boss' favorite girl, groped, kissed, hugged, grabbed and fucked. I won't say that every time he fucks me that is what I want, sometimes it is a pain having to put up with him, but he does fuck me whether that is my plan or not. I am not really big on quickies because it mostly makes things messy afterwards, but I carry panty liners and have fresh panties at the office. Sometimes they are not so much quickies as nooners, he likes for me to lean on the window sill looking out on the skyline while slowly fucking me and talking to me about nasty things like what I am feeling while he is fucking me. But that's him, he can get really nasty at times and it is quite embarrassing, I don't like it when he wants to touch my asshole and I don't like it when he eats me and lifts my legs and licks my asshole. But he is the man and he does what he wants.

    So getting back to being jealous. This Spring season the company hired a recent graduate from college to come and work in the Marketing department. She is cute and fits all the boxes for Marketing. Because I am in HR it was my job to walk her around and have her meet the staff, including my boss. He scoped her down, head to toe, I know those eyes, she doesn't know but she is dead meat. I am usually ho hum when it comes to him wanting some new girl for a turn or two, I'm the one he fucks at home and he always comes home, always. But this time I got jealous, he looked at her and she is dead meat. I don't want him fucking her, she is not a one timer. I fucked him really hard last night, and I told him to keeps his hands off of her, she is off limits. That's right, I am setting limits, she got under my skin and I don't want her anywhere near him.


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    Gay Male / 51

    Sometimes I sit and look back at that day when I went over to the new neighbor's house. I went because my mother sent me to ask him if I could mow his lawn. I still rode a bike except that in my mind I was old enough to drive. He had a Corvette, not new but a Corvette and I asked him about it and he showed it to me and he let me sit in the driver's seat and offered to let me drive it. I started the car and put it in reverse and backed out slowly onto the street and he let me drive it around the block, slowly. When we got back to his house he rubbed my head and told me I was a good looking boy and to come in and have a glass of tea.

    We sat on the couch and he talked to me about school while he rubbed my thigh. I noticed but I let him because it felt good. I was nervous inside, he put his arm on the cushion behind my neck and moved closer and while he talked to me he put his other hand on my thigh and moved his hand up until he was touching me, he grabbed my penis and telling me a I was a very pretty boy he kissed me on the lips. I was nervous and he held with his arm telling me to settle down and kissed me again while he played with my penis in my pants. I don't really know how many times he kissed me but it was a bunch and my penis was hard and he was holding it and asking me if I thought I was a pretty boy.

    He said something like let's do this and he took both his hands and undid and unzipped my pants and took my penis out and stood it up and held it tight with his hand and rubbed it with his thumb. I got kissed again, this time he leaned on me and kissed me and then he bent down and sucked my hard penis while he ran his thumb up the underside and I came, it jerks I shot and he cleaned his face and sucked the rest off of my penis and told me that was good stuff, really good stuff and he didn't think I had it in me. He leaned me over on the couch and kissed me while he held my limp penis. He used his free hand while he leaned on me to undo and unzip his pants and I felt his penis against mine, shoving against me in a rhythm. I guess he took my pants off I don't really remember but I must have helped him and he got between my legs and ground his penis against me, all over my penis which was now hard again.

    One more long kiss, it was really long and he said that maybe we should try it and he lifted my legs and put his penis against my anus and told me to relax. He spit on his hands and rubbed his spit on my anus and then just spit straight down on my anus and with that he managed to break in. It is just about the best feeling you can have, that is why I sit back and think about that day, because I have never felt that feeling again. Sure it feels good to get fucked, but that time it was a once in a lifetime experience.

    I mowed his lawn and he paid me well and he let me drive his Corvette and I really did learn to drive with him, and of course I learned how to have sex with him, getting naked in his bedroom and dancing around while he watched me, sucking my penis, he liked to suck my penis and he liked kissing me and all that was what I liked and holding his hard penis in my hand whether he was going to shoot it out for me to lick up or whether he was going to get between my legs and fuck me. He kept different kinds of lubes, but I never really could tell the difference.

    My doors were opened and I can honestly say I have a had a pretty good life, and I haven't really ever had a bad sexual experience, not that they are great all the time but never anything bad that you regret. But without any doubt that first sexual experience stands out as being the best and the rest of the time until he moved away. I do sit and riminess, it feels good inside.

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    Straight Male / 44

    I attended a training session at the downtown Marriott. That night I had about all I could have of the hotel and walked around and found a bar and went in and asked if they served food and sat at the bar. The game was on so I watched and the guy beside me commented on the game and we passed the time until my hamburger came. Every time a play was made that enthused the guy next to me he would get my attention by grabbing my arm or tapping my shoulder. It was annoying but not worth making a scene of it. After my hamburger he suggested that I stay and watch the end of the game and have another beer. He was enthusiastic, and very physical and when I went to the men's room he came along and back on our stools at the bar he kept his hand on my arm, he put his hand on my leg. When the game was over and I told him I needed to get back to my hotel he walked out with me and after a half block he asked me if I was really going back to my hotel alone.

    He put his arm around my shoulder, he is not a small man and he suggested that he should come with me, that maybe I needed to find something new in my life. Like all the touching in the bar I didn't take his arm off of my shoulder and he walked me like that back to the hotel and he got on the elevator with me and he went into my room. He took in the view and suggested we take a hot shower and lay around and just get to know each other, he would show me the way all I had to do was follow. Naked in the shower together he washed my dick and had me wash his and he suggested that we have our first kiss. Two big naked men kissing in the shower, his dick rubbing against mine.

    On the bed we lay naked, holding our dicks in our hands, talking about life, work and other things. He suggested we kiss for a while and see where things went and while we kissed he worked on my dick. His dick got hard in my hand and he told me to grab it as hard as I could, he liked that. He got down and sucked me first and then had me suck him for a minute and suggested that we get in position and suck each other and for me to use my hands, the goal was for me to jerk him off in my mouth. He jerked me but he also got his hand up between my legs and played with my butt and my perineum. I stayed pretty hard but he managed me so that I didn't cum.

    He stopped and we sat up and he said that he hadn't come over for a blow job or a hand job and he knew that I would like it, I just had to let him do what he did. He went to his pants and came back with some lube and had me get on my hands and knees and he lubed me up fingering me as he went, he got his finger in deep and massaged my prostate for a few minutes asking me if I liked that. He got on his knees behind me and I felt his dick slide in and then in and out as he fucked asking me what I liked and how fast and he wanted me to really enjoy it because he was. He came and withdrew his dick and asked me what I thought about it and suggested that I don't wipe my butt but let it sit, to get the feel I needed to feel the wetness. He gave me a hard blow job and got me off.

    Maybe a half hour had passed since we got to the room. He said he had to go, that usually he charged for such a night but this one was on him, seeing as it was my first time, but that if I got back to town to give him a call he would love to have a drink and come by and make my night memorable.

    I slept that night without wiping my butt, he was right the feeling kept coming back every time I squeezed my cheeks together. I went to training the next day and didn't pay much attention. I have his card, Jimbo Smith, I wonder if that is his real name, but I have never had a chance to go back to Chicago. If I did I would look him up, I think about it a lot and would like to try again.

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    Straight Male / 39

    I've had two same sex experiences in my life. Both were really enjoyable. One was in a sauna at a spa. I was relaxing. There were a few other guys in there. A few more came in and right in front of me a few guys started sucking off the other guys. It appeared to be a regular thing because no one seemed phased. I was a little shocked. Me a few few other guys were just sitting there watching. I found the whole thing very exciting people jut doing this in front of other people. Surprisingly, I got excited and hard as a rock. A guy must have noticed because without a word he walked over, got between my legs and sucked my dick. I was think to myself, Nope this isn't for you, but I didn't actually stop the guy. It felt so good and was so kinky in that situation it was a huge turn on. I was throbbing in no time. I was past the point of making the guy stop I just lay back and enjoyed. A few of the guys involved came and then watched the rest of us getting sucked off. My guy was purposely trying to edge me. I think he could tell how close I was the whole time and was being careful. Eventually I was the last holdout. He sucked him slow and steady and I came fucking hard in his mouth. He swallowed my load and went back to sit down. I sat there recovering for a few minutes with my cock going limp as the guys watched without saying anything. I left, later started worrying someone would find out but as with most things time went by and now it's a pretty good memory.

    The other time I was much more involved and certainly wasn't a passive participant. This time I sought it out and was pretty aggressive. I met a guy on whisper who posted about a cross-dressing fantasy he had. He was a young guy in his early twenties who said he could pass as a woman when he got dressed up. He wanted to try sex with a guy while dressed as a woman. He sent me some pics. His body was very slim and when wearing a skirt and a wig with a stuffed bra he looked damn sexy from behind. He said he wanted too meet a man at a hotel, have the man come in, lift his skirt, and fuck him from behind. Then he asked me to be that guy. This conversation lasted for a week or so before he asked me to be the guy. I hadn't even considered taking part until he started sending me pics. He looked so sexy from behind I got horny for him and agreed to meet him.

    I got to the hotel as we agreed. The door was cracked open. i walked in. He was standing against the wall. Waiting for me. I walked over followed the details of his fantasy. I lifted his skirt exposing a really beautiful bare ass. I felt him up, felt his stuffed tits and slapped his ass hard. My dick sprang into action. I pulled it out I was fucking hard as a rock. He had lube waiting. I lubed up my cock, lubbed up his ass and he opened his legs. He was much shorter than me so had to get up on tippy toes while I had to squat a bit but I found his hole and forced my cock in. He was tight as fuck and stiffened and groaned saying "go slow". I did. I was so hard there was no way my dick wasn't going in. I slowly pushed in a little at a time then out and deeper. As impossible as it seemed I felt like my cock got even harder hearing his moans and from me gripping his hips to keep him from squirming away from my dick. My cock head finally popped in past his tight hole and I plunged in a few inched. He bellowed "slow slow" as I very slowly forced my way as deep into him as I could go. I did a slow fuck until he seemed to loosen up then I slowly fucked him faster and faster. After about ten minute I fucked his fast and hard. he was jerking his own cock while I fucked him. He came before I did. When I finished I slammed deep as a could over and over then held my dick deep while my cum drained into him. Then I pulled out, slapped his ass hard, cleaned up and left. I never even saw his face.

    Both of these experiences were well worth it. I'm open to other if they are a little kinky if they were to come along.

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    Straight Male / 30

    Here's a fictional story written in honor of all the baby dick trollers on this site.

    One time my super sexy yet virginal wife and I met a black guy who wanted to fuck her. My wife went for it and it turned out the guy was hung like a stallion. His cock pounded her pussy and she came harder than ever. I loved watching her have so much fun and sexual enjoyment. The next day she ran out side and started asking every guy she met if they had a big dick and she fucked everyone who did. She became a total slut for big dicks and turned me into a worthless cuckold who does nothing but sits at home alone while my wife fucks big dicks all the live long day. The end.

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