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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Something about sucking cocks makes me really hard. All I want is to be fed hard, pulsating dicks. Big, small, curved, straight, it doesn't matter. I just want cock in my mouth, sucking on my own or having my face held still while I get throat-fucked. I want hot, sticky loads sliding down my throat. I want to be a good little cock whore.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    We were in the sixth grade and we walked home together from school, he lived two houses down from mine. My dad was the President of the local electrical utility and his dad was a big time lawyer. In that we were suitable for each other. That one day, I asked him why it hurt guys if they got kicked in the balls. I was curious. He told me that he had never been kicked but that he fell off his seat on his bike and crushed his balls on the bar of the bike and it hurt worse than anything. He said I was lucky I didn't have balls.

    When we got to my house he asked me if I would show him my girl parts because he had never seen any. We were standing at the back door and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis to show me and took my hand so that I could touch it and hold it. He asked me to show him, I let him push my pants down far enough that he got a look at my pubes. He pushed his hand down my pants, and I had to undo the button and let him feel me. He wanted to know where my vagina was so he could finger me, so we went inside and I let him finger me. His penis was really hard and I laid down on the carpet and he got on top and we fucked.

    We never said anything to anyone. We didn't talk about it. I was embarrassed and ashamed that it happened and he was too. He apologized to me, and I made some statement to the effect that we had done it, but that we should never do it again.

    Walking home from school the next few weeks was both awkward and intimate because we now talked about the most intimate and secret feelings we had. My period had come in and I told him about it and I showed him how I stained my pants. One day we talked about wiping your butt, and I told him that I had to be careful because I couldn't get anything in my vagina or I would get an infection. I asked him a thousand questions about his penis. I liked it when he got hard in his pants, I would rub him 'down' trying to get it unhard, but he just got harder. I saw him ejaculate. I let him come into the bathroom with me to pee and I went with him to pee whenever he went, I liked looking at his penis.

    We had lost pretty much all inhibitions and I would lay on his lap and play with his penis, get it hard, give him had jobs and eventually put it in my mouth and sucked him. One day he told me to take off my clothes and to get on the bed. He took off his clothes and he got on the bed and we fucked again, only this time for real, with ejaculation.

    I was always horny, for him. I had this desire to always be near him, touching him and being held by him. I loved to fuck.

    As a grownup you look back on those days and you can't believe how stupid you were. I avoided getting pregnant, but I could have easily ended up pregnant. Of course I still love to fuck, and get naked with him, I enjoy getting thrashed around and I have accepted whatever he wants to dish out. If we are alone watching some movie on TV I lay my head on his lap and take out his penis and play with and mouth it and sometimes I get him to ejaculate after which we just sit together and watch the rest of the movie.

    No question that we were meant for each other, because no other guy would have accepted a slut like me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am 17 and was searching for porn on my computer and came across some amateur porn sites. I found I like these a lot because it's just normal women and girls, not models or shots taken out of magazines. However; I found one from a handle that was my Dad's nickname. They were pictures of my mom (they are divorced now and I live with her). They appear to be from the time they were dating and progress to only probably a few years ago as they got divorced. I know it's her, I've seen plenty of old pictures of her, and at times I have see her naked via some peeping, so I know what her pussy and tits look like. Not only that, she was fucking other men, fucking my dad, sucking cocks, and getting fucked in her ass and apparently loving it. I found out she really did love it as there were some videos of anal fucking posted and she was screaming and moaning about needing more. She did gangbangs and there were plenty of pictures of her legs spread with up to 8 guys sperm loads leaking out of her. All with her smiling! She even was licking other womens pussies and they were licking her, sucking each others tits and strapping on dildos and fucking each other.

    Holy shit, this is my mom and she's a total slut.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    Continued from #34831

    Since that night at the MIL's cousins house she can't seem to get enough cock and cum in her, on her or around her. She has grown bolder in her quest for cum but I have had to tell her "No" many times due to the fact that my wife is around. But there is also the fact that I don't love her and never will like I do my wife. I use her simply as a means to cum and she is agreeable to that so long as she gets her cum intake. I have made her perform some pretty lewd acts in front of adult crowds at a concert and another time in a strip club.

    At one concert months ago I had told my wife that I was going with a few buddies from work but I actually took her Mom. At some point I made her give me head right in front of all in our immediate section. As she sucked away eagerly I noticed a few other men were watching so I waved them over beside us. I gave them the unzip signal and she soon had 2 other cocks flailing around near her face. She wore a short skirt to the concert with no panties at my request so I motioned her to bend over a chair and as she did I stabbed my cock in to her ass. At this point one of the concert goers waved his dick in front of her where she began to give him head now while she stroked the other one. We had a crowd growing around us so I finished in her ass as the other two drained their loads on to her face. I asked that she leave the 2 loads on her face for the duration of the concert an she agreed. She still managed to eat the cum I had deposited in her ass moments prior by cupping in in to her hands as it drained. The other men zipped up and faded in to the crowd. When the concert was over I dropped her off a few blocks from her house.

    A few weeks went by and I hadn't seen or heard from her until receiving a selfie of her sucking my cock via text message. In it she wrote meet me at this strip club tomorrow night at 8pm and don't be late. Shortly after arriving I was greeted by her where she took my hand and guided me to the VIP area. We had a few drinks and like at the concert I motioned over this dancer who was easily a 12 out of 10. I asked for a more secluded area so she took us to the darkest corner of the club where we sat down. I whispered to the stripper and passed her $ which she took and provided some to the VIP Room Bouncer, in exchange for this she straddled my MIL and began making out with her. At first my MIL found it awkward as I knew she had never had this happen before and things didn't take long to escalate. Soon the MIL began removing clothes and eased back on to the vinyl bench seating. She squirmed so hard when the stripper plunged first her fingers and then tongue in to my MIL's pussy. They then switched spots and my MIL was now eating the strippers pussy all while I began to stroke myself a few feet away. I was now involved in something I had only previously seen on video. Not one to stand by I got up and plunged my cock in to my MIL while the stripper took to sucking my nuts from below. Every 10 strokes or so she pulled my cock out from my MIL to suck it and then guide it back in. I blew my load in the MIL much to her excitement and the stripper drained what remained from my still twitching cock.

    Just last week I had her give me head in a Home Depot parking lot with the convertible top down on my car while people walked and drove by us. After I blew my load all over her face I had her leave it on and had her ask at customer service where the restrooms were. The woman looked at her with amazement and smirk before telling her where they were located. My cum was to the point it was hanging from her chin LOL's

    Got to go for up the SIL.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    I was thirteen, my brother was sixteen, and mature enough to be left in charge of the household while our parents had hiking weekends away. The he and his buddies would tie me up in a "mummy-bag" sleeping bag, with the hood tied so tight it scrunched down to nothing but about a one-inch hole over my mouth! Then my weekend consisted in sucking everything that was introduced through the one-inch hole, one after another! They were insatiable at that age, and I probably swallowed a quart of ejaculation in an average weekend!~ Now a three-day holiday weekend, doesn't even bear thinking about! To cut a long story short, many years later, I still seek out this kind of treatment, and am much in demand from a dozen or so 'regulars' -+ mostly at least ten years older than me. Now I don't even have to wait for a weekend any more! My goal is to have so many "captors" that my mouth is full 24/7/365!

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    Should my dad still be giving my bottom a slap at 18, when I was younger he use to spank my bare bottom over his knee until mum stopped him she said he was going to far and taking to long and too often, I know he has the right to chastise me, he still gives my bottom a whack when I walk past him, the other morning he did it when I was in my nightdress obviously I didn't have any knickers on, he only does it when mum is out, is it just fun and playful or is he a dirty old men correction middle age man, if I told mum there would be a row.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I have been married twice. I am still married to my second wife now for 16 years. I left my first wife because she was cheating on me. Not just with one man, but a few different men over a period of about five years. After being single for nearly ten years, I met and married my second wife. About two years into the marriage she also started cheating on me. It wasn't brought to my knowledge until the affair had been going on for two years. I had suspected something the whole time, but I chose to accept it. Maybe it was because I was older than my wife by ten years and she was beautiful. There was something about the idea of my gorgeous young wife being with another man that filled me with lust and desire for her. Like I said the affair lasted two years before it was brought to my attention by non other than the man that was fucking her. He brazingly told me to my face that he had been sleeping with her all that time. I don't know what came over me, but I told him very matter of factly that I liked the idea of her sleeping around. I also told him I was ok with him continuing to fuck her. He wasn't expecting that. He asked me what kind of man was I, that I'd be ok with that. I told him the kind of man that likes my wife slutty and happy. He laughed and told me not to worry because she certainly was a slut. He quit seeing her because as we spoke she was with yet another man. When he told me that I smiled and told him he couldn't handle sharing her. He told me he would never share his woman. I told him that she never was his woman, she was simply his play thing.
    Of course my wife found out that I knew of her escapades and she settled down for a while. I think she thought that I might leave her. When she realized I had no desire to leave, she got busy with a few more guys. She never lets me know she's seeing someone, but I always find out. She's not all that careful about it. Even though she won't confess to her cheating, she does like to remind me from time to time that she knows I'd never leave her. She's right.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    The village I grew up in was limited, in as much as there wasn't any real chances for education, and or work. Some of the young guys like myself (12 years of age onwards) would work in the fields, but I had my mother teaching me Mathematics and English. It gave me the chance to work for the men in the village, in the capacity of a type of book keeper. Even so the pay was very low.
    At the age of fifteen I was asked by two of the villagers, men in their forties, if I'd sell out my mouth and ass for money. Ten minutes after being asked and being paid more than double my weekly amount, I was sucking on my first cock. He wasn't too big, but his cock was thick and had my mouth aching with the way he fucked it. The second more reserved man, had a much larger cock, and he absolutely loved having me take as much of it down my throat as I could.
    Swapping from one cock to another over a half hour period, I gave each of them, they later told me, the best blow jobs they'd ever had. Promising me extra money if I'd swallow their cum, I allowed them to cum in my mouth, then gulped down each of their hot sticky loads.
    Each week after that I met them at one of their houses and sucked on their dicks. Then after a couple of months another man in the village asked me if perform my extra duties for him. He was in his sixties and married like the other two. But his cock was so small, I likened it to a small mushroom to suck on. However when he came, he literally flooded my mouth with his semen.
    Three men became four and so on, and by the age of sixteen I had nearly every man (Most if not all married) in the village to pleasure. Just after my sixteenth birthday, one of the original men asked me if he could fuck me. I'd not long sucked off his neighbor, a fat man who's wife I later fucked, but that's another story, and was feeling horny. Getting naked with him and then laying down on his bed, I let him spread my ass cheeks and then he began to tongue my asshole. It felt so good, so unbelievably good, I found myself pushing my ass onto his face, forcing his tongue to penetrate me. And then it happened, he knelt up, grabbed my hips and had me kneel up in front of him. Spitting on my asshole, I felt his cock pushing at my rear hole and in one long thrust, his cock entered me.
    I was lost for a minute or two in total pain and tried to get him to withdraw. But he just held me tight and told me it would feel amazing shortly. On he went fucking me slowly at first, and then quicker as his cock drove deeper into my ass. And then BAM, like a switch being triggered in my ass, it relaxed and the pain disappeared, replaced by a massive growing feeling of joy.
    He realized quickly I'd begun to enjoy him fucking me and went for it. Like a train flying through a tunnel, he pounded his cock into mine and it became my only thought to pleasure him. Every single thrust he banged into my ass, gave me short bursts of pleasure and it grew and grew until my cock exploded, sending my cum flying everywhere. Gripping my hips tighter, he slammed into my one more time and his cock unloaded up my ass. It felt weird to have his semen flowing deep inside me, yet it also felt amazing, just as he said it would.
    My pay, if you'd like to call it that went up considerably. I began tot travel over to neighboring village where they had a teacher working four days a week. I enrolled and began my real education. In exactly one year I had enough money through many days and night of being fucked, and the learning to travel to my cousins over here.
    By the time I reached nineteen, I was working through a scheme which promoted bright young men to enter into technical employment. Then just before I moved over here permanently, I had me that fuck with the neighbors wife. My first ever pussy and it gave me a new pleasure to enjoy.
    My life is totally different now to how I lead it back home. But in many respects it's kind of sad that it is. I enjoyed immensely sucking cock and having older men fuck me, especially those who really knew how to take me hard.
    Work here is demanding, but every couple of weeks I have a guy, an older man in his fifties I've recently met, come by and fuck me until he's drained his balls completely. It can only happen when my wife's not around, but then she's always away on business these days.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Male / 40

    This is the most disgusted thing I have ever done. My mother in law live with us. She has parkinson's disease and alzheimers, she need care. My wife been taking care of her majority of the time. Until one day she was gone for the entire day and left me to take care of her mom. Her mom has yeast infection, my wife being helping her with the problem. That day when she was gone her mom was in pain with the yeast infection. She need someone to take care of her pain, it was burning inside she said. I didn't want to do it at first not knowing what the hell I am suppose to do.

    Her mom walk me through step by step using the monistat 7 for yeast infection. This was the first time I got to see her golden blond hair pussy. She has large labia and clitoris, very sexy in my eyes. Now I know where my wife gets it from. I just love the look of it and couldn't get my mind off from seeing that.

    After helping her using the cream I wash my hands and went onto my business for the day. Toward the end of the day she asked me a question I feel so weird about. She said my cock was hard when I was helping her early the day with her yeast infection. My face just turn red immediately. She said if I like she want to suck my cock for helping her. I didn't waste anytime but to drop my pants and pull out my soft cock. She sit on the couch and I am standing in front of her. She slowly suck it then it got hard fast in her mouth. I was squeezing her tits as she was sucking my cock. I told her I am about to cum, she said go ahead and cum in her mouth. I unloaded a large load of cum in her mouth and she swallow it all. Then she finish licking my cock clean. I ask her if I can fuck her next time when she feel better. She said ok without any hesitation.

    I am wondering the whole time she was calling out her husband name when she was sucking my cock that she think I am her husband. He had passed away for long time. I have heard people with alzheimers doesn't remember much. I can't wait to fuck her beautiful golden blond hair pussy and with that large labia and the clitoris sticking out, oh god.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When I was growing up I lived with my mom and my older sister (2 yrs older). My mom drank a lot and would even bring guys home and let them bang her all night with me and my sister listening to every bit of the sex talk, screaming, calling for God, and repeated sayings of "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" and "that's it baby, take it up that cute ass" we heard everything. By 15 my sister was the school bicycle, everyone had a ride, and she was staying out late and fucking just as much as my mom was, she was drinking too, a lot. When I was 15 my sister was out, we figured for the night, and my mom came home drunk with this guy who fucked her with the bedroom door open. I was peeking and saw my mom totally naked, which I'd done many times, and him with his big hard cock plowing in and out of her. He came, slapped her on her ass and got dressed and left. My mom hadn't moved in a while so I went to check on her. She was lying there on her bed, totally naked and totally passed out. I moved the sheet over her to cover her and tried to wake her but she wasn't coming out of it. I patted her and shook her and nothing. I started to leave, then instead pulled the sheet off her to get a good look at my "just fucked" mom. She was 35 only, having gotten pregnant and married to our Dad when she was only 18. She was thin, with a tight figure, blonde hair only slightly darker blonde hair on her pubes. She was 5ft. 6in and even after 2 kids was only 125lbs. All my friends took looks at her when she'd pass out naked and they all approved. I reached out and felt her tit, then the other, then both. I sucked one into my mouth, they were pretty big but with small nipples and areola were about the size of a quarter. They were a darker pink color. In between her legs was a lightly trimmed pussy with darker blonde hair and as I separated her pussy lips I could see the sperm leaking out of her just used pussy. I took a lick at her clit and she shuddered and I thought I'd been found out but she was still passed out. I know I shouldn't and I wasn't going to fuck my own mother but I wanted to see what a pussy felt like, so I got between her legs and put my cock inside her. It was warm and wet and felt so good. I pulled outward once then back in and that was all I did, but it felt so good I shot inside my mom. I didn't intend to fuck her just wanted to know what one felt like but here I was pulling my cock out of my own mothers pussy having added my sperm to that drunk guys inside her.

    I never did it again, I felt really bad and haven't said a word about it to anyone. I repeated the action about a year later in my sisters dark brown haired pussy. I now have a great girlfriend, I told her she was my first, I don't admit to anyone about the two pussies I had before hers.

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