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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    I have this reoccurring dream. Well, actually there are variations to it but for the most part it is the same dream. In it I am very small, like Tinkerbell size, maybe a little bigger but not much. And I am with this guy who is regular sized. I am obviously too small for real sex, so I am kissing and rubbing all over his erection, and jerking him with both arms wrapped around him, and eventually he ejaculates and I get covered. Or I will be laying down and he will jerk off on me and basically drench me.

    The other variation Iâm a little bigger but not much. Basically he can grab me in one hand and use me like a flesh light (it is a dream so the logic does not need to make sense) and when he finishes he keeps cumming until my womb inflates drastically from his load. Another version of that has me able to get some of his tip in my mouth and the load he shoots down my throat causes my belly to inflate out.

    I watch a lot of animated porn and that is something that pops up there but I have this dream a few times a week.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I have an obsession with my wife's wonderful little ass. I love touching her soft ass, squeezing her cheeks, very gently teasing her crack and especially just fingering her tight little rosebud.
    There's nothing that gets my blood boiling like manhandling her ass. And when I've gently spread her open and teased her hole, I just have an indescribable wish to kiss, lick and tongue her hole.
    The timing's a trick, because she's a very, very clean girl and shy that her scent might be offputting. I haven't been able to get her to believe me after literally years of enjoying her bottom, that nothing excites me like a chance to really savor her natural scent. The musky, earthy natural scents between her legs drive me absolutely nuts.

    This morning after a couple of days of denying myself the pleasure, I finally stripped off her panties and put her up on her knees at the edge of our bed. I placed myself on the floor behind her and kissed and caressed her sweet ass and tried to simultaneously relax and excite her.
    I couldn't hold out for long as my tongue tip just brushed her hole. I relished her clean but natural scent and soon I was begging her to open up and let me french kiss her bottom.
    Forced my tongue as deeply inside her as possible as she sat back and pushed her bottom harder onto my hungry tongue.

    The excitement of pushing my tongue into the place she poops from has my dick dripping all through my shorts and wetting the floor. I finally have gotten her to the point where I know she needs to cum. I have her roll over and throw her legs over my shoulders and I shove my face between her legs and lick, suck, kiss and tease her clit til she has an explosive trembling orgasm, groaning and calling out "Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy...
    I love my wife so much and that includes the nastiest bits, inside and out.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 18

    Last year when I was seventeen my parents were killed in a car accident. My grandparents are ill and on Social Security and could not afford to take me in. My best friend talked her parents into giving me a home. At her home I could have the den converted into a room or share a room with her. We became roommates, bedmates. In her bed she held the blankets up for me, and held me too her and I cried, the first cry since my parents died.

    Being hugged by her, held by her, kissed by her, loved by her, gave me the strength to go on. At one point I rolled onto my back and took her into my arms to be loved by her, I held her to me and told her I loved her. The trauma was real, my feelings for her are real, I am in love with her. So maybe if my parents hadn't been killed I would not be lesbian, in love with a woman, maybe. But the truth is that night she held me and she kissed me and I cried I knew that her embrace was for me.

    I do not have any desire to be with a man, none. Might as well ask me to kiss a frog. All I see are her lips, her face, her love. Yes when she hugs me and I hug her magic runs through me, I have desire, I want to be touched, felt up, feel her fingers in me, feel her lips on me, and I want to kiss her down there.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    As a Police Officer I am disgusted with the actions of the Racist Terrorists who are posing as Police Officers who just want to flex whatever power that badge gives them because if they didn't they would be gutless pussies. I find it disgusting how Cops commit acts of brutality and the Justice System lets them get away with it. Well if it were up to me that Officer who shot that unarmed teenager would be given the Electric Chair not a paid vacation.

    One time my ex partner psychically assaulted a teenager who was just minding his own business and after he decided to flex his power over him I told him to stop and he told me to go to hell and I told him his career is over and then he tried to attack me and I wasn't having it so I took out my taser and tasered his ass and put my handcuffs on him and removed my partner's badge and told him you how much of a disgrace he was. We got help for the Kid and I apologized to the boy. Needless to say we did the right thing and threw my ex partner in prison and fed him to Bubba and his wife filed for divorce soon after and took full custody of their kids in fact she herself admitted he would hit her and their kids so yeah the fact that we hired this asshole was a mistake and you know what I say we should do background checks on these Criminal Cops.

    I for one would never give a badge to anyone who was a former High School Jock who couldn't make it as a Professional because these people had a history of bullying people in School and have been known to do the same thing. I would enforce drug and steroid test and if they don't want to be tested than they are not being given a badge period. Also to any of you backwoods, c********n watching, meth addicted Trailer Trash Trump Supporters yeah you can forget about being given a badge because you would shoot anyone who doesn't agree with the views of your Fat Orange God who should have been impeached if it wasn't for that criminal sidekick of his Mitch McConnel who should be arrested for the crimes that ugly turtle man has been committing for decades. Yeah I bet you Racist Cops would have Shot Obama if you could get away with it and if you did than all of America's Police would be labeled as Terrorists and would be public enemy number 1 by the Military and believe me I served my Country before I served to protect my city and I would hate to become the enemy of my Country just like how all of you unfit Cops out there are the enemy of your Cities where yo commit your acts of Brutality.

    What also sickens me is how people like George Zimmerman and Darrel Wilson were granted freedom instead of spending the rest of their lives rotting in a Prison Cell. Also most recently some pussy cop puts his knee in George Floyd's throat. Yeah if you weren't wearing that badge or had a gun you can bet your leg would have been broken. If I was there I would have pulled you off of George Floyd and then put you in handcuffs and removed your badge because those kinds of actions are unforgivable and yet the Government does nothing to punish these terrorists impersonating Police Officers. Also what sickens me is whenever alleged perps get caught by Police and Cooperate they are still shot at by Police and recently some Dickhead Cops physically Assaulted a 90 Year Old Grandmother and let's not forget the prick who tasered an old lady on the road if I saw that I would have tasered that Officer back and put him in handcuffs and haul him straight to Jail. You must feel like a big man assaulting the elderly you sick fucks I bet you abuse your elderly parents; I find it unforgivable and that type of behavior should lead to life in Prison for these deadbeats who have no business being Cops.

    I honestly don't blame any of you out there that hate The Police and it shouldn't even be a thing because the Departments in this Country clearly can't do a Goddamn thing right. If the Government would get their Goddamn Shit together and treat these Terrorists Cops the exact same way the criminals they arrest do. I honestly think Officers who commit brutality and murder should be treated the same way Pedophiles get believe me it would be considered true justice. All of the victims of Police Brutality deserve Justice and the Cops who committed such unforgivable should trade in their Badge and Police Uniform for a lifetime behind Bars and a Prison Uniform.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    I'm not fat shaming... but I'm not attracted to overweight women.
    I don't mind slightly chunky especially if they are nice people and have an interesting personality.
    I just dont go for fat or obese.
    My neighbor in the apartment next to me, Stacy, is super cool. Very nice and caring but she is fat. Not hugely obese. Just more than chunky.
    We've been acquaintances since she moved in. She's jovial and smart and we tend to talk in the hallway alot.
    Like everyone else these days she's been staying away from people so I haven't seen her much. Just a few times in the hallway or laundry room.
    A couple weeks ago we passed each other in the hallway and talked. We both bemoaned the fact that we were missing social contact like simply going to the movies.
    A few hours later there was a knock at my door and it was Stacy.
    She said that she just needed some company asked if I felt comfortable coming over for dinner. No big deal.
    Being a bachelor of ccourse I never turn down the offer of someone else's cooking and quite frankly, I'm done with the isolation.
    So I accepted.
    Dinner was simple. Frozen lasagna, french bread and cheap wine. It was informal. In fact, we sat on the couch and ate over the coffee table while watching tv and visiting. It was fun. We visited for awhile after. I think we both had forgotten what it was like to just have a good time socializing.
    I dont know if it was the 2 bottles of cheap wine or the fact we were both starved of companionship but just as I was gettbanding ready to leave she asked me to stay longer. She leaned in as if she was going to kiss me...
    "Would you like to stay the night with me?"
    I told her that I probably shouldn't. Not that I was involved with anyone it's just Stacy wasnt my type. As I sat on the couch she reached for my crotch and nibbled on my ear. Well.... fuck.
    You get it.
    Instantly I was as hard as I rock!
    She coaxed my pants down to my ankles and gave me one of the wildest blowjobs I had ever had!
    In turn I fingered her pussy. I have never see a w branchman that turned on and wet before. It was literally leaking from her vagina. She was giggling and devouring my erection in an almost pani8c frenzy. I shot my load in her mouth. She gave me one of those closed lip smiles as she swallowed.
    She slid my pants off my feet and led me to her bedroom where she stroked and sucked me until I recovered. She stripped and told said... "fuck me".
    She rolled a condom over my penis and then turned around and got into the doggy position. I slid right into her. I realized that Stacy is incredibly orgasmic!
    We had sex several times that evening. She was insatiable!
    Since then we've had sex every day if not twice a day. A couple mornings shes knocked at my door and I've bent her over the couch or dining table. She would leave, only to return in the afternoon to get fucked.
    Theres no doubt about it, Stacy is a fatty but she is also super sweet and I was just using her as a convenient cum dump.
    I'm not like that.
    That very next evening I walked to her door and knocked. She practically dragged me in by the belt loops of my jeans. Once inside she knelt in fr andntntbbnof me and started to unzip my pants.
    I told her that I didn't feel good about what we were doing.
    As she pulled my now semi-aroused penis out of my underwear she looked up at me enquisitivly as if I was speaking a foreign language and the wrapped her mouth cock and deep throated me. Well... that was the end of that discussing.
    After me made our way to her bedroom and undressed she grabbed a tube of lube from her dresser and a butt plug. I hadnt seen her use okne of those yet.
    After lubing herself and the plug she slipped it into her ass with ease. It was fun to watch.
    She rolled a condom on and then assumed the position and we started to fuck.
    When I told her I was ready to cum she spun around from her doggy position and grabbed the base of my cock, pinching the top and bottom of it between her thumb and forefinger while removing the condom.
    "Oh, not yet you're not!"
    She held my penis that way until the urge subsided.
    She then removed her butt plug and set it on the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube and handed it to me. Spinning back around she curled up with he butt back up in the air, spread her cheeks with her hands and
    presented her asshole to me.
    I lubed her and myself and penetrated her. I am extremely average in size but she jerked as if
    startled when I forced my erection past her sphincter and into her rectum. I slow fucked her for a bit until I was sure she was taking it well. I picked up my pace and started a virtual tsunami of fat waves going back and forth.
    I orgasmed and shot my semen into her poo hole and then collapsed onto her.
    "So tell me again why you're trying to break this off?"
    Wait a minute? Did she just resort to anal sex to keep me from friend zoning her??
    Fuck yeah she did.
    I guess it's true what they say about fat girls. They go forever without guys even giving them the time of day, that when they do land a guy they will do anything you want them to do. Just as long as you keep coming back for more.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    Theres a guy i know, he lives in honea path, south carolina. His name is dezz. He did my tattoo, and also i found out a secret of his. He likes to suck dick, im a bisexual. I saw him on grindr. We met up two weeks ago, and he indeed sucked me off. Wasnt too bad either. Idk if he is interested in a relationship, but i want to date him. Im scared to ask tho, even tho he gave me head. Idk....

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 39

    I met this man at the studio where I work. He came in looking for a piece for his office. We talked and had an hour long conversation. When he came back to pick up the piece he invited me to get a glass of wine next door. After a glass if wine we went to dinner close by and he invited me to his house. When he opened the door to let me in he said 'welcome to your master's house'.

    It stuck in my mind, I got very uncomfortable, he gave me the tour. He served a glass of wine and asked me 'how I liked it'. Right then I was sure I wanted to leave, I feigned a headache coming on, he brushed aside rubbing my neck. He suggested the hot tub, in our birthday suit. He went out on the deck and turned it on, came back in and took his clothes off, standing only with a towel on his arm he said, told me, 'let's see what you've got, come join your master'.

    I had butterflies in my stomach, not from excitement, from apprehension but I did what he asked, I stripped and stood in the nude for him, I felt terribly self conscious as he sized me up. The hot tub was hot, hotter than I liked, we talked about everything and nothing, we finished our wine and he suggested an ice cold shower. From his bathroom after the cold shower, dried off with these large towels, he went to the bed and turned it down and he told me to get on and crouch close to the edge of the bed.

    His hand was hot, the oil was hot, he rubbed the oil all over my back, up and down the outside of my thighs, he rubbed my neck, then he rubbed his hands together and told me relax and his hand ran up between my legs, the lube was warm, his fingers opening me, getting me ready, he told me to pitch forward and he ran his penis deep into me, it hit me in a way that set me off. He held my head down and pumped in and out until his switch went off and he unloaded himself in me. He then wrapped me in a fresh big towel.

    After putting on his boxers, checking the house, turning off the lights he returned to the room and getting into bed he told me that it was time to snuggle up to 'my master'. Sleep came quickly, in the morning he had coffee ready, and he fixed an omelette. After dressing he offered to take me home. At the door to my apartment he held my face in his hand, I kissed his hand.

    We have gone out many times, when I am with him I find myself in a different dimension, when he asks me if I like to please 'my master' I say yes, I really do.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 20

    Every week day without fail, I lick and suck my bosses pussy to orgasm.
    It was the price of promotion and after eight months I'm still devouring her c**t.
    We never fuck vaginally, as she's still able to have kids, and her husband doesn't like her taking birth control. But once she's had her fill of orgasms from the oral sex, she does have me fuck her ass until I cum inside of her.
    My cock's not big at six inches, but she says it's more than enough meat up her ass.
    Its amazing how we fit the half hours into each day.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 24

    One of my friend posted her mother's photo on her instagram story her they both look similar but what I noticed is there was a necklace in her mothers neck and her eyes with dark circles like she cried and someone gifted her that necklace like her husband offcourse but I have a gut feeling that now in today's situation domestic violence is increasing. And my gut feeling told me that it's the same case. Her husband must have abused her or somethin then he gifted her that costly necklace and in this situation of lockdown.. what bis your opinion? Please tell me

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    Back when I was 18 and going to college I needed to make more money. I was working a part-time job but it wasn't enough. I saw an advertisement looking for male dancers and how much money could easily be made. I wasn't willing to go fully nude which I excepted to be a requirement but I decided to go in and ask some questions anyway. I go in and was surprised that the owner was a woman. We talked and she answered all my questions including my concerns about nudity. She told me I didn't need to go fully nude but I would need to strip down to at least a g-string. I was comfortable taking to this woman as she really put me at ease and even though I thought a g-string might be a little too little to wear I was opening up to the idea. She asked me to strip down to my underwear to have a look at my body. I complied and she said the job was mine as she then handed me a g-string and said she would need to see me in it first. She told me to turn around and to put them on. I took my underwear off exposing my ass to her and put the g-string on. I was then facing her with very little covering my junk. She mentioned I had a good sized bulge and asked for me to rethink not wanting to show it. I told her I wouldn't feel comfortable showing it to everyone in a club. She then told me it was just me and her now and to give her a quick flash. I broke down and I gave her a quick flash of my cock. She asked how I felt showing her and I replied not bad. She then told me I had the job and asked me to just finish off my interview with the g-string right off. She added when I worked I could keep them on but it would be a nice gesture on my part if I took them off while it was just us 2 alone and talking. I did as she asked and was fully nude while we finished off interview. Once done I got dressed and had a job I didn't think was going to get let alone accept.

    My first night working, except for the first half hour, wasn't as nerve racking as I thought it would be. My ass was on display but my junk was covered. The other guys working with me exposed it all. It was a little weird seeing the cocks of the guys I was working with but it was a male strip club. After my first night the woman owner asked how I felt the evening went and once again asked if I had decided to work with no g-string yet. I told her I couldn't so that was the end of that topic. The other guys overheard this and told me they would give me a few weeks before I would be up on stage and walking around the club with no g-string.

    A month went by and I was never asked by the woman owner about going fully nude. I worked in my g-string each time and it was no issue. This time she called me into her office before my shift and told me I had a month to get used to everything and it was time. She told me the g-string goes tonight or I do. She wasn't as nice as she had been before. I told her I had quit my other part-time job and this was my only source of income. Her reply was very simple. If I needed the money then I knew what I had to do. I could tell she was serious and there I now was naked in front of her again but this time it was also going to be in front of everyone else in that club. I did it. I worked that night and every other night wearing nothing. The money was good so I couldn't quit. As the weeks went on I got more comfortable being fully nude. The college eventually found out and I was expelled. It was a female teacher who had come into the club who recognized me. It was uncomfortable to have that teacher see me this way but it was my job. She came in a few times and tried to escalate things with me each time. I did give her private dances which she paid for but she really pushed what she was allowed to do. She touched me in places she wasn't allowed to and I always politely told her it wasn't allowed and removed her hand. One time I was giving her a private dance and she hiked up her dress exposing her pantyless pussy and told me to rub my cock along it. I told her that type of activity was not allowed in the club. She literally spread her pussy and told me to put it in then. I told her the same thing. The next time at college she saw me and pulled me into her classroom and locked the door. I figured she was going to try something sexual with me. She told me to undress and seeing I was reluctant began show me some pictures of me naked in the club. She told me wheat we could not do in the club we were going to do here now. I refused and I think this was what actually had her tell the college where I was working.

    Once I was expelled, word got around college and some students did come in to see me. It was a little embarrassing but also arousing to have the female students seek me out to check out my stuff.

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