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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 29

    On Saturday night I got an uber home at 3am and was pretty drunk. My driver was a middle age guy from Nigeria. We talked the whole way and he asked if I had a gf or bf. I told him no. He asked what I liked and I could see him rubbing his cock at this point so I told him I like whatever he wants me to like. At which point he took his bbc out. He pulled over so I could come up front. I jerked him off until I got home and invited him up. Told him he was my first.

    I was able to deepthroat his whole cock with no gag reflex. He had some toys in his car he brought up and was stretching my hole while I worshiped his cock. Told me once I take the third dildo all the way that I was ready. He mounted me, grabbed me by both sides of my head and pounded me like a monster.

    All that fantasizing finally came true and it was amazing.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    I have a very dirty kinky mind that has done a lot of taboo things in my life. Luckily my fiance has a very similar dirty kinky mind.

    We both love roleplaying and just about anything sexual turns us on, especially when we tell eachother new secrets or fantasies.

    We enjoy everything we've talked about from my gay moments as a kid her lesbian moments as a kid. Incest fantasies and underage fantasies. It gets pretty intense and fun. I feel lucky to have a dirty minded woman. Ask questions and I'll tell you more.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    17 male, I put in 18 because that's as low and the age goes. I added bi, but I've never had sex until two days ago. I want to have sex with a girl very badly, and never wanted to have sex with a man. Two days ago I let a man I work with at his house, fuck me. I got a little high he had porn on and started wanking. I did too, then he wanked on me and I on him. He sucked, I shot so I sucked him too. While sucking him he mentioned it would make him last longer when we fucked. He came in my mouth, and I hated the taste but swallowed real quick. He kept on the porn, didn't let me put my clothes back on, and he started playing with me and in the process he eventually got hard again, as I was, and he lubed me. I let him fuck me and he shot off inside me. Then stuck around and he did it again. I promised I'd go back the next morning and I got fucked again before school. I can't stop going to the bathroom now. My shit is very loose, and very soft. I could have sworn I got all his cum out of me the first night then again at his house before I left in the morning.

    I hope this stops soon. I haven't been to his house again, but I have to go tomorrow to do some work. I need the money.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    Me and my younger sister share the same room but different beds... I know she watches me wank my cock although i don't make her know that i am aware she is watching and pretending to be asleep...
    Live being watched by her as i give her full view of me wanking and cuming all over my self... I also sometimes dry hump pillows and give her a full view of my cock and butt when i do it... Maybe someday she will get courage to come over and have a look...

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 19

    My mom caught me using her dildo last weekend and I still have yet to speak to her since then. Iâm just so embarrassed. She probably thinks Iâm gay but Iâm not, I just like the feeling of riding a dildo, the prostate pleasure is so good.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    I was 15 when I made science project in School. It was FM transmitter and receiver. The transmitter had a small circuit I made continues power supply and fixed it in a digital clock, I gifted to my mom and fixed in my parents bedroom. When ever I wanted to hear there conversation I just connect my receiver with headphone. For first week It was fun listening about issues about work, neighborhood, some relatives etc. But I was waiting for sex talk and moan so I can disturb them Lol. It was Sunday morning I woke up at 6 and playing with my dick I heard my mum laughing, I put my receiver ON and listening there dirty talk. Soon after my father starts fucking my mum and I was enjoying clap sound after around 8-10 mints I knocked the door, My mum opened after a mint or two of course they were in middle of sex. I just told her I am hungry. She said she is coming after freshen up. I did it more than 20 times (Not every time they did most times I enjoyed my mum moaning loudly specially when My father fucked her ass)

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Male / 54

    Was fucking my wife in the ass Valentineâs Day morning before work. It was kinda a spontaneous thing because I had to leave in 30 minutes and she had to get the kids up for school in 20 minutes. And as I was going to start the coffee she told me she wanted her ass fucked.

    So back in the bedroom I went, I already had morning wood in my briefs so I was ready to go. She was in doggy position on the end of the bed, I lubed my cock up and pushed it in her ass. Her asshole is very tight.

    Iâm fucking her ass hard towards the end. Itâs pretty loud too, the skin slapping was a big turn on for her. She got onto her back and I started fucking her hard and playing with her clit. Just as I was cumming in her ass she orgasmed too. And I could feel it get very wet and sloppy. I look at my dick and there was shit on it and all over her butt now.

    I asked my wife when was the last time she pooped and she said a day ago. Guess my cum loosened things up. I pulled out and got the shower started. She cleaned herself up and went to get the kids up.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    I hate Indian Women. Reason? I am working in contract based construction company. I moved a lot. Everywhere I go I fuck girls. I have fucked countless girls from Africa, Asia and Europe. But India was nightmare. Indian girl's are rude, mannerless, pathetic and religiously sick. Fuck Indian bitches

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    While joining a new job had to stay with my cousin's quarters for two

    months before moving to Paying Guest accommodation. The quarters had a

    little backyard and the bathroom and toilet were separate and build at

    the corner of the backyard. While my stay in their quarters, they had too

    leave the city for two weeks and I had to manage myself. After having

    dinner around 10.00 in the night I went to pee and while peeing could

    hear the voice of neighbors from their backyard adjacent to ours. I just

    peeped through the ventilator above and saw the young girls waiting

    outside their toilet for relieving themselves before going to bed. They

    were a total of five sisters. The toilet door opened and the third one

    came out of the toilet. Then the youngest one got inside without closing

    the door and lifting her skirt up downed her panty. She being too young

    around 12 years had a little pubic hair near the clits only. After her

    the fourth young girl got inside and she too did not close the door and

    she had more pubic hairs but not that dark. After that the second one

    who is around 20 years of age got inside the toilet but closed the door.

    Surprisingly the eldest of all who was the last to pee did not close the

    door and her pussy had thick dark pubic hair and as I was masturbating

    viewing all that girls came with great cum.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 23

    Hey Birds of Prey Fanbrats stop bitching about Sonic being a better movie. Birds of Prey is Trash Margot Robbie is a horse faced talentless c**t.

    Some stupid bitch on Twitter talking shit about grown adults watching a Sonic Movie; you're a grown woman child attacking a kid's movie and watching a Comic Book Movie and calling people virgins. Bitch you are asking to get punched in the face obviously. The only Virgin I see is the stupid inbred meth cooking bitch who's triggered over the Sonic Movie and desperately seeking clout on Social Media. Seriously what is it with you stupid fucking women and wanting attention it's like you are desperate to get punched in the face.

    Fuck Birds of Pray and all of you stupid, spoiled white trash entitled bitches and may you get the living shit beaten out of you for how stupid you all fucking are.

    #45975 — Comments (1) — Feb 19, 2020 at 8:48 AM — That's Juicy! (1) Remove It. ( **** )
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