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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    I will try to make this short and hoping I don't bore you from reading it....

    I didn't know my birth mother been looking for me. She had giving me away during birth. I was raised by a lovely family and been living on my own since I was 18. My birth mother is in her 50's, very lovely lady and she kept herself looking good. When she found me we kept in touch and she wanted to meet me to tell me how sorry she was at the time she had giving me away.

    She wanted me to come to her place and I said with my working schedule is impossible. I offer to fly her out to my place if that was okay. She agree and she stayed at my place for couple weeks. I am living at a one bedroom apartment and offer mom to sleep in my bedroom and I got the couch. During the two weeks she was here we catch up on the past, it was great talking to her.

    The first couple days I slept on the couch it was not comfortable but I didn't want to tell mom. I gone to work looking and feeling tired. When I came home from work I was beat up looking weak and want to lay down. Mom said, you got a rough day at work. I said yes not to bad, I am not getting enough sleep like I should have. She said should I leave and go back home. I said oh no is not you. I am not used to sleep on the couch that's all. She said why don't we switch back, you get your own bed and I got the couch. I said, no I couldn't do that to you mom. She said, okay the bed is big enough for both of us. You sleep on your side of the bed and I sleep on my side if that is okay with you. I said okay we can try that. After dinner we both went to bed.

    My mom didn't know I like to sleep nude is more comfortable for me and she sleep with her tee shirt on with nothing underneath. As we lay in bed I start falling asleep then I felt a warm hand on my leg just massaging it. I didn't say anything and pretend I was sleeping, but my cock got hard as she was keep massaging my leg. Then I felt her hand stroking my cock. I asked mom what are you doing. She said baby, the first day I saw you I couldn't believe how handsome you have turn out. I said what is that got to do with what you are doing. She said, I want you inside of me take your mommy and make love to her. I am thinking this is wrong she is my mom but at the same time I haven't seen her since the day I was born, she is like a stranger to me.

    She continue stroking my cock and she wrap her legs between my legs and start grind her pussy. I can feel she has a nice bush on her pussy. At this point I am getting horny as hell. I got up removed her tee shirt and lay on top of her nude body. I can tell you this it felt so good feeling her bare breasts on my chest and my hard cock rubbing on her pussy. By now she grab my cock and slowly put it inside of her wet pussy.

    It felt so good entering her wet pussy and just laying on top of her. She said aren't you going to fuck me. I said, it just feel so good laying on top of you with my cock deep inside. She said you can do both. So I slowly pumping her and wow she was moaning and yell out fuck me fast and hard. So I grab onto her butt cheek with both hands and just pumping fast and hard like she wanted while I am laying on top of her.

    Believe me I was working up a good sweat and wow we both cum and it feel so fucking good. I kept my cock inside of her pussy after cumming and still lay on top of her nude body for a long time. She said, we can lay on the side with your cock inside of my pussy and we can sleep like that if you want. So I am sleep with my cock still inside of mom pussy along with both of our cum. It didn't stay inside very long but it was great.

    We continue sleeping together when she was here visiting and make up the lost time. After she left we kept in contact through Skype and texting. We would play with ourselves when we Skype in front of the camera. She is thinking she want to move in with me and I am not sure if that will work out. Because I been living by myself and I come and go as I please with no one to check it with. On the other hand I kind of missed having sex with her, just not sure.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    A while ago, I was laid up with a sports injury that required minor surgery on my back. One of the lower vertebra had been injured and it took a couple weeks to heal. My parents got a nurse to come in daily to change the dressing and to give me a sponge bath. I had to lay still while she did all of these activities. It was a bit embarrassing having her touch my private parts but the nurse was very professional about it. She didn't seem to be sexually aroused even though she had her hands on my penis and testicles at times. Eventually, I felt quite comfortable having her do all of this. However, the nurse didn't work weekends and my mother seems to have offered to do it instead. I was apprehensive about this because my mother hasn't seen me naked since I was a youngster. Anyways, my mother didn't ask me. She just INFORMED me that she would be doing it. It was quite a different experience when Mom gave me the wash. She told me to lay back and close my eyes while she washed and wiped me clean. She said that my genital area including my pubic hair needed a good lathering with soap for a proper washing. For a whole five minutes on and on she had her hands on my penis and testicles scrubbing away and after the washing came the rinsing. She kept saying, "Just lie back, Blair, and close your eyes." As she dried my genital area, I could feel her hands gripping and squeezing my penis tightly. If it wasn't my penis she was grasping, it was my testicles. As she was finishing, she took hold of my penis again and slowly - very slowly - pulled the foreskin back so far that it hurt. I don't know why she did this but it had to be sexual in nature. My penis had become somewhat erect from all these activities and she had to have noticed this. She didn't say anything but I could hear her grunt something like, "Oh, my!". Before leaving the bedroom, say did say that that is the way the nurse should have cleaned you so you would be "squeaky clean".

    Mo m only gave me the sponge bath on one weekend because I was up and around the following weekend. However, I cannot get the thought out of my mind that all this "thorough cleaning" was just a ruse so she could "feel me over". I am thinking that she was sexually aroused by seeing me naked and she made the most of the opportunity. But don't get me wrong. I might be wrong. But since she is a woman and I am a man, I don't think so. From my perspective, it felt good - really good - having her feel me over like this. Of course, I won't tell her this but TRUTHFULLY she can do it again anytime she wants. Just make sure that Dad isn't home.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 32

    While I write this I am wearing a very nice new bright lemon pantie and bra set, I have been wearing female lingerie for years with sexy nighties for evening wear, my wife had been expecting and was pushing me to expand into full female cross dressing so about eight months ago I began training with heels and started wearing pantyhose, then she began making me up and adding wigs that really often made me so very horny but she would relieve me orally, I am now right into it wearing mainly female gear made up around the house as yet we have only gone shopping to the plaza a couple of times dressed but no one notices and I am gaining confidence so will certainly keep that up more often, I will not be cuckold and certainly will not be rooted in the arse by any guys, it is just nice fun

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 29

    I recall when I was 15 starting High School and strapped for cash. I did not have a work permit
    but the janitor, a lady in her 50's with a tired look on her face said she'd give me a fiver if
    I hauled out the heavy garbage at the end of the days for a week. Since she was not terribly
    attractive and probably older than my mum I ignored her most of the time and just did my job.
    I had been doing it for a couple of months looking forward to my fiver on Fridays.

    One Friday, she noticed my boner under my pants and made a comment. I apologized and told
    her it was automatic and I could not help it. She said, "Here, at least get some use our of it."
    and pulled up her dress, pushed her tattered drawers down and bent over a desk. I had never
    even seen a woman's bottom outside of videos. I had no trouble getting my shaft up to full attention and
    when I came close, she reached behind and pulled on it, then slipped it into her.

    At first I was amazed but very quickly, it started to feel damned good. I knew what to do and began to
    hear her moan and wheeze with pleasure which drove me faster. Our fucking became a daily after
    school thing and neither of us could get enough.

    One evening, I went to pick up a dictionary in the main library and heard sounds. It was a loud
    slapping and moaning. I sneaked up to the sounds behind a stack and there was my English teacher
    fucking the daylights out of the janitor lady who was bent over a chair.

    I never said a word but until I graduated I kept up with the old lady. I must have done her close
    to 1,000 times and in many instances we both came together and we never got caught (that I know about). I sometimes think of her, get hard and jerk off. It was just pure, overwhelming lust and we seemed
    to be destined to fuck each other. After her, most women became more interesting to me and their looks
    took a back seat.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    My hubby and I went to a friends house for a party. we all got drunk and smoked some pot. when my hubby got me in the bed of a truck and had me sucking his cock. he got out of the truck and pulled me over to the tail gate and feed his cock to me again. as he was pumping my mouth some of the other guys were watching. when hubby busted his nut in my mouth he held me there and the next guy took his turn in my mouth. as the party and the oral sex went on I sucked at least ten cocks and had cum all over my face/tits/ and in my mouth. on our ride home I told my hubby I wanted him to get ALL his friends and gang fuck me like a common fuck pig. I loved the way they used me at the party and I want more. he told me I would be his fuck pig and he would have me gang fucked a lot from now on. I hope he does. and maybe get me blacked as well.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 29

    Two nights ago, my wife, Amber went on an all girls vacation for a week with some of the other women from the office. She was supposed to call me when her plane landed but she never did. I just assumed she was too busy having fun with the girls. I eventually went to bed.

    Around 2am, I got up to take a leak and noticed I had a message on my phone. I checked to see if it was Amber but it was an unknown number. The message read:

    "Hey buddy. What's up?"

    I replied: "sorry, I don't have your number saved. Who is this?"

    I didn't get a response so I brushed it off and went back to sleep. A few minutes later, my phone buzzes. It's the same number again.

    "No worries, bro. You actually don't know me. My name is Guy. I work with Amber and I'm at the hotel bar with her. Her phone died and she asked me to text you to let you know she's alright"

    I felt some relief to know she was okay but then it occurred to me that this was supposed to be a girls only trip. Curiously, I asked:

    "Glad to know she's ok. I thought it was an all girls trip? Is she there? Let me talk to her"

    Immediately, he responds:
    "No can do, bro. She's pretty tanked. We were doing tequila shots. Your wife get crazy when she's drunk"

    My blood boiled when I read that. To think of my beautiful wife lying to me and doing tequila shots with some guy from work just put a knot in my throat. I text him back:

    "Guy, just do me a favor and take her back to her room and tell her to call me!!!"

    Guy responded:
    "Bro, she's the life of the party, man. She just took off her top and let me do a body shot from her tits! She's wild, bro"

    I went blind with rage!

    Ag ain, a few minutes go by without a response. I was beginning to worry.

    45 minutes later

    Guy: "sorry it took me a while, bro. I did what you said and walked her to her room"

    Me: "thanks. I appreciate it but I still don't know why you're there. It was supposed to be an all girls trip"

    Guy: "listen bro, I don't wanna lie to you. It's just me and her. She wanted to stay in the same room but i insisted we stay I separate ones"

    Me: "What? Why would she lie to me?"

    Guy: "there's something else, man. When I walked her to her room, she was pretty drunk and I'm sure you know tequila makes her frisky. One thing led to another and before I could say goodnight, she kissed me"


    Guy: "Well, while we were kissing she pulled me into her room and she started taking her clothes off.

    Me: "if you touched her, I swear to God!!!"

    Guy: "Dude relax. I'm trying to help you here. I could just be an asshole and fuck her then not tell you but I'm not gonna do that! Anyway, we were kissing and before I knew it she was sucking my dick"


    Guy: "I didn't touch her. She touched me. I gotta say, man. You are one lucky dude. Your girl really knows how to suck a dick"

    Me: "Did you fuck her?"

    Guy: "No I swear. She finished me off and I went straight to my room across the hall. I didn't even kiss her Goodnight cuz she all that cum on her lips"

    Me: "Guy, who ever you are, if you do anything else with my wife I will hunt you down!"

    Guy: "relax bro. I'm already in my room. She's in hers. No worries, brah"

    We left it at that. I tried getting some sleep but thoughts of my beautiful Amber in some hotel room sucking some strangers dick turned my stomach. Was she too drunk to know what she was doing? Did she plan all of this? Why would she lie to me and say it was a girls trip and then go with Guy?

    Two hours later just before 5am, I woke up to my phone buzzing again. It was Guy.

    Guy: "Hey, man. Your wife snuck into my room just now and she's real horny"

    Me : "Wtf, Guy. I though you were in separate rooms"

    Guy: " We were but she snuck in here naked"

    Me: "whoa! My wife is naked in your hotel room? Let me talk some sense into her"

    Guy: "sorry, man. I don't think I can. She's really sexy. She's rubbing my cock through my shorts right now. It feels so good.

    Me: "I'm starting to think youre full of shit! How would I know you're not lying to me. My Amber wouldn't do that!"

    He sends me a picture message of my sweet wife's lips wrapped around his thick shaft. Her big eyes looking right into the camera with her mascara running down her cheeks and her lipstick all smeared.

    Guy: "I hope you believe me now. I'm not doing this to be an asshole. I tried to resist but I'm only human and your wife is so hot.

    Me: "Guy, please. I'm begging you. Let me talk to her. Maybe I can talk some sense into her"

    Guy: "at this point, I don't want you to talk sense into her. This is gonna happen. Sorry, buddy"

    Me: "C'mon man, don't do this"

    Guy: "there's no way around it. You can either be a little bitch about it or enjoy it. Here, I'll send you another pic"

    He sent me another picture message of my wife holding his dick right up to her pussy. Almost touching it. I could tell it was her because of her star tattoo on her hip.

    Guy: "you like?"

    Me: "she does look hot but I think gonna be sick"

    Gu y: "she wants me to tell you that she's so wet and that she will slip it in as soon as you tell her to"

    Me: "what?! I can't do that!"

    Guy: "why not. You know you want to. You know you want to see her slide herself down on my cock."

    My heart was beating out of my chest as I looked at the last picture he sent me.

    Me: "WTF, Guy! You aren't even wearing a condom! Amber isn't on the pill!!"

    Guy: "I know. She wants me to fuck her bare. She wants me to cum inside her. She's just waiting for you to say the word.

    Me: "fuck her! Fuck my wife, Guy!"

    He sent me another picture message of my wife balls deep on top of him. The entire length of his dick was inside her.

    Guy: " OMG! Your wife's pussy feels amazing. I hope you know you can't satisfy a woman like this alone. She's going to need lots of clocks to please her. This certainly won't be the last time I fuck her."

    Me: "I'm starting to see that"

    Guy: "In fact, don't be surprised if she starts fucking more and more guys. Each bigger than the last. You're married to a little whore "

    Me: "I'd love e seeing her take on multiple cocks. I didn't know she was such a... a slut"

    Forty mintues go by with out a response. Then another picture message. This time it's of my wife's ass as shes bent over. Her ass cheeks were flushed and her pussy was leaking cum. Lots of it

    Then another text

    Guy: "I hope you enjoyed yourself. I sure did. You got an amazing woman here. I'm going to enjoy fucking her for the next few days. I'm fact we're going to keep our phones off so don't bother us. She'll be home in a few days. Perhaps a bit looser but she'll be back. It's been a pleasure fucking your wife. That's for allowing me to do so"

    I tried texting but neither of them respond

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Lesbian Female / 32

    In a committed relationship with my partner I moved in with her. Several weeks after moving in I went to an evening work dinner. I needed a cab, but a coworker offered to take me home. He put his hand on my thigh, I asked him to let me out, he touched my face and kept driving. At our apartment he walked to the door with me. I thanked him, but he kissed me and took my key and opened the door. Sex was on the couch, he left me with a kiss on the mouth. I didn't tell my partner, now I am pregnant. When she finds out I let a man in and he had sex with me on the couch she will leave me. I betrayed her, I don't know what came over me.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 24

    Life in the tropics. It is supposed to be so easy.

    I was there on a graduate project and so was she. We competed for equipment, people, supplies. One night she came to my cabin to talk. We got things out and set boundaries, her project and mine were similar but not the same and we were from different universities.

    She came on to me, granted we were the only two white people there. She came to my cabin and showed me her breasts and then took off her shorts and panties and showed me her pussy. I asked her what was going on and she said she needed to get fucked. I told her I couldn't help her, primarily because I could not fuck her. She insisted and she came over to me and asked me to let her kiss me. She got on me, and started to kiss me and grab my crotch and breasts.

    I am not saying that at that time I did not enjoy what happened, or that I didn't have a 'relationship' with her. It was sex and we didn't have anyone else to have sex with. I even licked her asshole, that is how bad it got, and she licked mine. It was only once, but we did it sort of to lose our virginities to each other by doing the nastiest thing we could think of.

    When we got back from the project, all I wanted was to get laid by a guy, to feel a guy again. It was totally disappointing, and it wasn't just him. The whole thing was disappointing.

    I am thinking about her all the time. We are not, either one of us, lesbians. We just 'connected'. Right now though, I feel I need to be with her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    Most days I tease him by letting him watch me dress. His bedroom is exactly opposite mine and I first saw him watching me around nine months back. I began to masturbate knowing he could see me playing with my clit, although I never once let him know I knew he was watching. And every now and then I'd catch a glimpse of him tossing off what looks like a really large cock. I know he's just turned forty as his daughter had a huge party for his fortieth (His wife passed away some years back).
    This past few weeks I've been dressing in my school uniform which I kept and still fits perfectly. Dressing it down to look sluttish, I began to walk passed his house on purpose, just to see his reaction and believe me I get a very positive reaction as I flash him my bare arse.
    Yesterday changed things. After walking passed his home in my uniform and feeling ultra horny, I went back home and played with myself in my bedroom still dressed in my uniform. Looking over at his bedroom window, he'd put a note penned in large letters. It read "Let me fuck you". Unfortunately my mum shouted up before I could answer with my own note. She'd come home early from work, so I quickly took off my uniform, having him watch as I put on a bath robe.
    This morning however I saw him slowly stroking his gorgeous cock and wanted him so badly. I know he's old enough to be my dad, but he's so fit and muscular, I'd love him to fuck me. Now all I have to do is think of a way for us to fuck, without my parents or his daughter finding out.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 55

    I am thankful for my wife, a 5-5 woman who had a breast reduction to keep her from falling forward. She had 38 HHH bra with thumb size nipples and very large dark areolas. Blond hair and thick curly pubic hairs.

    That was 26 years back, today she's still a beautiful woman. Areolas were reduced when they did the breast reduction. She now a DD and still sexual.

    I miss watching her ride and those massive breast swing.

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