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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 25

    I love to show off. I like to wear sexy flattering clothes and feel mens eyes on me, knowing that they would love to fuck me. I want my husband to show me off to his friends. I have a fantasy of me hanging out with him and his friends, and while Iâm out of the room he talks to them about fucking me, and when I come back they bring it up jokingly, like maybe he told them how I like to take his cock and balls at the same time. And then he would want me to show them. And maybe I could strip for them because I have a nice figure and body. But no more than that. I donât even think I would want them to touch me, just him. I think Iâm just an exhibitionist.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My biggest fantasy is to be tied up, blindfolded and used by many (20 or more) old guys (50+). But since I'm blindfolded I have no clue how many people are there, or who they are. I want them to fuck me in every hole and cover me in cum. I want them to slap and choke me and use me till I pass out, but even once I do I don't want them to stop.
    I'd love them to be really rough with me, whipping and slapping me hard often. They'd choke me and slap me so hard I get dizzy while they still continue to fuck every one of my holes really hard. When they untie me to change position or location, they pick me up and hold me while I struggle against them, they throw me down to where they want me to be and carry on fucking me while I cry.
    I especially want chubbier guys so I can feel their weight crushing me while they fuck me, I also love to be dp'ed by two fat guys while I'm being crushed by them. At the end of it I want to take the blindfold off to see a whole room of the fat old guys who used me, I have social anxiety and am really shy so this will be kinda a shock to me. Or maybe I never get to take the blindfold off and I'll forever be left wondering which of the guys I pass on the street have been inside me.
    They'd all have permission to grope me and do what they want to me even after, the idea of an old gross man groping me and touching my slim sexy young body in front of everyone while I get judgemental looks for letting him do what he wants also turns me on.
    I can imagine after it one of the guys, who's about 80, and was involved who knows he can do anything to me seeing me in a crowded bus and casually comes up to me from behind and gropes my boobs, rubs me in between my legs. People ask if I'm okay because he looks creepy but I say I am and let him do what he wants. People around me call me gross and give me disgusted looks but some other men decide to touch me too since I clearly will let them. They pick me up and carry me off the bus into a secluded area of a park and use me how ever they want again. This would happen more and more often.
    I'd just be like local fucktoy for older men and they'd be able to use me whenever and however they please.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    This is a warning. I can't offer advice, I can only suggest reading what comes next and then figure out how to avoid what happened to me.

    When I was 15 I met a beautiful woman. She was 36 years old. I was so excited that a woman old enough to be my mother and extremely beautiful was interested in hanging out with me. One thing led to another and we were having sex. Then one day she tells me she has a r*pe fantasy. She wants me to pretend to break into her house and r*pe her and to be rough about it. She wanted welts and bruises and lots of marks on her tits, pussy and face. Naïve little kid that I was I went along with it. After all we had played a number of role playing games like Mommy-son, student teacher etc.

    When I was done with her she was a mess. She said she needed some sleep and suggested I go home. I rode my bicycle. The cops were waiting for me. That was 47 years ago. I got out of prison 7 years ago. They tried me as an adult. I was sentenced to life in prison for aggravated r*pe. They let me out after 45 years. I went in at 15 and came out at 55. Ever try to get a job as a sex offender? How about a place to live? I work two full time jobs just so I can pay for this run down closet size motel room. Both jobs are minimum wage jobs, the kind that only ex cons and Mexicans apply for. So I looked her up on the internet. It takes quite a bit of work to get a hold of criminal records related to the same victim but I managed. Over the years over 20 teenage boys have been convicted of r*ping that woman.

    If the woman you are involved with asks you to harm her for fun run.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 49

    I've been married for over 20 years. My wife's sister(Lori) hits on me once in awhile. She's married and used to be a big slut. More of an alcoholic liar now. Her family and my wife don't trust her or believe most of what she says.
    My wife is out of town with her mother this weekend and her sister's husband went to visit his parents for a week. She doesn't get along with them so she stayed home. I went to a local bar for dinner last night and she showed up. She knew I'd be there and I thought it was odd for her to show up like that. I knew something was up and after we got done eating she asked me over for a drink.
    We got to her place and we went downstairs to the party room. Their house is built into the side of a hill so the downstairs is just the bottom floor. She got me a glass of wine and I was watching her wondering if I really wanted to go through with it. Me and my wife don't have sex anymore, she doesn't like it or feel comfortable doing it so we don't. I hadn't had sex in over a year and knew if her sister wanted to do it I would too but I don't want to get caught either.
    She said something and I didn't hear her so she repeated herself and told me she had to go to the bathroom. I told her I thought she said she wanted to take off her clothes and she just laughed. When she came out of the bathroom she was naked. She's skinny and has small tits and isn't good looking but I didn't care. She stood in front of me and I pointed to her tit and asked her what it was and she said it was her itty bitty titty. I pointed at her crotch and asked her what that was and she said it was a lonely pussy cat and wanted to know it I would like to pet it.
    Lori straddled my lap so I pulled my pants down then she took my dick and put it in her and started riding me until we both came. She asked me if I wanted to do it again then went upstairs and got some Viagra. We did everything we could come up with including anal. It was the most fun I've ever had with a women and it's the only time I've ever came four times in one session. Fist time I ever took Viagra too. We screwed in different positions and stuff until I got off then we would stop and talk for a bit then start in again and I would get hard as a shovel handle. We talked dirty to each other. She came six times. We did the anal last and after that she said she was done and just wanted to party so she packed a bowl and we smoked up.
    She didn't put any clothes on and we just talked about keeping this quiet and maybe doing it again sometime. She knew her family would disown her if we got caught. She told me she fucked four of my wife's boyfriends and they all said my wife wasn't very good in bed. She didn't like to do any more than she had to and it was always lame. Lori couldn't understand why women were like that. She said even if you don't feel like doing it it's not a big deal to let the guy fuck you anyway. It still feels good even if you don't get off and it's not that hard to give a blowjob either.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    Last night and a little stoned, I gave into an older neighbor in my building and had my first m2m encounter, so I put bi in the heading. I let him suck me and I sucked him, we did it to each other twice. I've always liked girls blowing me but he was incredible. When it was my turn I actually didn't like the taste of cum, but hurried up and swallowed then took another drink real quick after. I stayed with him overnight and this morning about 6am with me on my side he pushed against me from behind and started kissing my neck and ears. I felt his thick 7 inches in the crack of my butt. He began pinching my nipples which is a weak spot for me. He coated his cock in Vaseline, and put some into my butthole then took a free hand and guided his cock to my now opening and closing hole. He slowly pushed into me. I was getting fucked for the first time, I was actually letting a guy fuck me. He lasted a good 15 minutes then picked up the pace for the last couple of minutes and I could feel every shot of his sperm coming out of his cock into my backside. The experience was incredible. I still want to fuck girls, but I told him I'd come back down this evening. I want to get fucked again.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 27

    Really canât stand the neighbor guy. He doesnt clean his yard ever, itâs messy as hell! His wife however is nice looking and always seems to be walking around in their house in panties or a bikini after their kids go to school and he leaves for work. Iâd be standing in my kitchen in just my underwear and sheâd have a great view if sheâd look over at my house since my sliding glass doors face their house.

    About 5 months ago she came knocking at my door around 8 am when Iâm standing in the kitchen cooking in just my briefs. Could tell she was eyeballing me in my briefs when she was asking for help doing something. Sheâs in her mid 40s and looks like sheâs 35. Put my pants on and helped her with what she needed that day. A few days later she was back at my door and I kinda had this vibe she wanted something. But this time she grabbed my bulge in my briefs and asks if Iâd be willing to fuck her. Now how could I turn that down! I told her I obviously didnât really like her husband and that Iâd always thought she was hot. She told me her husband only wanted sex onceâs a week and she needs it more.

    Went to my bedroom where she pulled my briefs off and started sucking me. Telling me that Iâm much thicker and bigger then her husband. Iâm 6â and thick. She told me heâs 5â. I then take her dress off, pull her panties off and find a hairy pussy! I started eating it for a few minutes till I got a condom out of my night stand and started fucking her. Was surprised how tight her pussy was for having two kids. But I ended up in her ass that hadnât had a cock in it in 20 years she told me. It was very tight and she was screaming. I fucked her ass for a good 10 minutes before i cummed. Filled that condom up!

    The next day she came back over and we went right to my bedroom. This time she ha d my cock in her hand and told me to cum in her ass. So I was bare in her ass fucking her till I blew a huge load deep in her ass! All while I told her that her husband pisses me off lol. She knows he does and he gets on her nerves.

    So Iâve been fucking her ass a few times a week before I go to work since then. Always love the sight of her naked hairy pussy laying on my bed! Though a few times Iâve fucked her just before sheâs had to go pick her kids up from school. I bet my cum was leaking into her panties those days. And her husband has fucked her on days Iâve cummed in her ass, he doesnât get to fuck her ass though. Sheâs told me his dick is small when soft and doesnât even make a bulge in his white briefs! Lucky I have a nice bulge in my briefs for her to grab!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I feel like a pervert, I have fantasies about my boyfriend dominating and having sex with my mom and my sister, training us to be obedient and having us naked and happily doing anything he wish, I get turned on just thinking about it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Hello I recently revealed that a month ago I was seduced by a chubby 68 yr old gay male in my condo building and am now his lover.I am 52 divorced 6 ft 1 tall and fairly slim.Fred my lover has discovered I have become quite the slut which he encourages.I watch lots of gay porn with him now and do poppers every weekend so he can fuck me easily.My straight conditioning appears now completely gone and I find myself checking out older men's bulges on the street and frequently thinking of servicing cock.Fred is in love with me but wants me to experience other cocks as long as I stay with him.
    Last week we were chatting one night at his place and talking about my new preferences for men.I mentioned that his chubby older look was my preferred sexual choice now and made me horny as hell.Fred said he knew a lonely old man in our building who was also gay who had told him he had been eyeing me for years like Fred had been.His name was Tom and he was 70.Fred suggested he call Tom over so that I could please him as well.He warned me that Ton was very emotional and would want to kiss me make out for hours and fuck me as well.And that he had not had sex in years.This talk aroused me and I was soon stiff in my pants.It was a Thursday night and early in the week to do poppers but Fred got the bottle and brought it to me.I was soon poppered up and open to anything.Fred put some gay porn on the TV and I sat back sucking on a Marlboro light 100.I heard him calling Tom on his cellphone.There was soon a knock on the door and Tom came in.He had white hair a big belly and was about 5 ft 9 around 240 lbs so he was heavier and much older than Fred.Instead of turning me off it turned me on and I wondered how this would go.Tom sat between us and nervously began to talk.I could tell he was totally into me as He could not stop looking at me.He described how lucky he felt Fred was to have me as his lover.Fred reassured Tom by saying if this goes well you can come over and have Mark too regularly as he needs some variety.Tom stammered and said what if I fall in love with Mark.I am an emotional guy.Fred said no worries a man can be loved by 2 men and as long as you understand Mark is mine I am cool with it.With that Fred directed Tom to kiss me and get the ball rolling.Tom kissed me nervously with wet sloppy kisses but I kinda liked it and kissed him back.We would kiss for awhile then I would snort some more poppers.Tom started getting carried away and saying I love you between kisses.Fred laughed and said let it go Tom and feel what you want to feel.His expressions of love excited me and i felt this rush of euphoria.Soon I heard myself saying the same thing to him and the necking intensified.By this point going to the bedroom happened very quickly
    Tom lay on the bed and I sucked him like the greedy needy slut I was becoming.He also had a shorter stubbier penis than mine that was maybe an inch longer than Fred's.As I gave him this loving blowjob I was aware he would cum soon if I did not stop.I then got on all fours as Fred greased my asshole with lube.Tom got behind me and moaned as his cock entered me.He grabbed my hips and pushed slow and deep into me back and forth.God it felt so good.I could hear him saying I love you Mark as he thrust back and forth.I love you too Tom darling I replied feeling at that moment i really did love him too.I could hear Tom losing control and ejaculating a big load into me.Oh wow i felt so slippery and slutty with an old man's cum oozing out of me.I then heard Fred;s excited voice telling Tom to pull out it is his turn.Fred was saying knowing my slut is now loved by 2 men makes me jealous and excited in a strange way.I am going to fuck you hard now Mark and blow my load mixed with Tom;s load of sperm.Your ass will be filled with our cum you fucking whore.Fred then pushed in and rammed me good saying I love you Mark you filthy dirty little slut.He fucked me for 10 minutes before he finally let go with a cry and emptied his balls into me.I could feel 2 men's cum leaking all over.I lay back down and both men took turns kissing my mouth slow and lovingly.That night Tom slept over and fucked me again as Fred watched.As Fred predicted Tom became needy and greedy for love kissing me all night long and cuddling.He did it so much I got used to it and felt myself glowing in love as well.The last few days have felt surreal and strange.I have been having sex and loving with both men as Tom has stayed over making up for lost years.As I sit here in the living room smoking a Marlboro I hear my 2 lovers snoring in the bedroom together exhausted from sticking their juicy cocks in my mouth and ass.Now I realize I want to please and love both of them.For the first time in my life I feel complete.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Finding out that I like cock in a bad way.

    Two years ago I got sent to Africa to collect some data for our company. I would travel like 20km a day and explore the area. I was just doing my job but I wasn't very welcomed everywhere. Two months after my journey started I visited some city in Kongo. Since I was to explore a forest there I got two local men two help me protect myself in case of emergency. Both muscular big guys. All the way they talked to each other in a foreign language pretending not to speak English very well. When we were in the middle of the forest things got weird. They stopped me and asked me if I had money. I told them that I had a small amount with me that day which didn't make them happy. They said that I had to pay them better and one of them kicked me from behind forcing me to my knees. The other one took his pants down and stood before me with his big black cock hanging. They started to speak English out of nowhere and ordered me to do "what is proper for a white boy" they said. I understood what they wanted to say but I wasn't willing to do so. They forced me by hitting me until I accepted to serve them. They stripped me and forced me back on my knees. One started to play with my cock while the other shove his in my mouth. Luckily he seemed pretty clean. He had no mercy and fucked my mouth with all he had while the other kept teasing me. I was getting horny by his touching but also felt very humiliated. He kept fucking my mouth for 10-15 min then he took hick cock out and cummed on my face. I had to clean my face with my hands and lick them clean as ordered. After that I was forced into the doggy position. One of them took my ass and the other my mouth again. My ass was virgin and it hurt as hell in the beginning. There cocks were thick and at least 8" long. Much longer than I was. They laughed at my cock and kept talking shit about black supremacy and black cock. Meanwhile I, being very horny, was starting to enjoy the intercourse. My ass stopped hurting after some minutes and the guy fucking my mouth was pretty gentle. I felt an orgasm building and the idea of cumming while getting fucked like that made me hornier and more humiliated than ever. I could do nothing but let my load out and moan. Some mins later they both came inside the holes they took. The cum didn't feel as disgusting as the first time and the hot load in my ass was some new sensation. I felt my anus gaping and somehow I was willing to try more. I was already humiliated so nothing could happen or make things worse if I enjoyed the sex at least. They said that we would start again after a short break. They wanted me to accept their black supremacy theory and didn't seem to want to let me go without achieving their goal. After the break the second guy, the gentle one, held me up like I was a little girl and pushed his cock inside my ass. I was feeling tiny and weak seeing how easily he could hold me and overpower me. I gave in and accepted the pleasure that his cock gave me so I started to moan. They seemed to enjoy hearing me moan as they said smth to each other which seemed like a celebration. I didn't care what they said I could do nothing so I enjoyed getting fucked. I came from anal sex again and my cum went on his body. He got angry and said that I'd pay for it but kept fucking me like that until he came. I had to lick my cum off his body and then I got spanked. The other one forced my face to the ground and make me hold my ass high for him to fuck. He wasn't gentle but actually better in sex. I moaned really hard and I really enjoyed him. To finish things up they both came on the hole of my penis to "mark" me. Then we went back. They left me at the entrance of the city and disappeared so I couldn't talk to the police. I saw them again several days later which would be two weeks before leaving and I thought that if I wanted to find out rather I was a bi or not, this could be my only chance. They tried to run away when they saw me but when I asked them to "use" me again they laughed and "celebrated" their success. Before saying that they were willing to use me I had to accept their black supremacy theory. Since I would disappear two weeks later it didn't matter so I accepted it. "Black cock is the only real cock and white boys are meant to be sissy slaves to serve black masters anytime they needed" and other stuff I had to repeat. They used me the whole day and it was the best day of my life. I enjoyed being their sissy slave.
    When I came back home I tried the same with a guy in the city but it wasn't the same... Guess I'm addicted to big black cock. They actually made me a bbc sissy slave. Any black man in Finnland? I need my ass stuffed badly and I want your cum. Be my master and use me to please your supreme cock!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    I have finally had a cock in my ass. Iâm married and I would have to say Iâm Bi. I have played with a childhood friend of mine for as long as we have known each other. He is married as well and from time to time we text about stuff we have done and what we want to do often sharing pics of our cocks and ass.

    We used to just get naked and rub each others cocks until we came. Eventually we sucked each other until we came and recently I had his cock in my ass.

    The last time we met I had brought some sexy attire which I like wearing. Some panties, leggings , garter belts , wig, and some other clothing. We first took turns stroking each other and sucking butt naked. I then got dressed in some sexy black panties , leggings , and garter belt with a fish net top. I wore a dark wig as well. This always gets me so horned.

    My friend couldnât keep his eyes and hands off me. Rubbing my hard cock and smooth bubble ass. I got on the bed on all fours to give him a view from behind. He walked over and rubbed by hard cock and balls from behind, rubbed my ass cheeks and crack , and gave me a little slap.

    He said I looked very inviting and asked if I wanted him in me. I said yeah letâs try. I lubed up good and pulled my panties to the side. He was rock hard and put lube on his cock.

    He slowly entered me while I was in the doggy position. Letting him know to take it slow. I could feel his cock creep in me inch by inch. He eventually grabbed a pillow to put under my stomach so he could get more leverage. I felt his cock head on my hole again and said thatâs it.

    I was looser at this point and very horny. His cock slipped right in and it felt sooooooo good. I moaned as he gave me his cock deep as he could. I could hear him moaning as well. I asked how it felt and he moaned and said amazing.

    Every time he pumped his cock in me I moaned and my legs would spread open further and I would wrap them around his legs. He said he was getting close and asked if I wanted him to cum in me or on me. I said on me so he pulled out and covered my ass cheeks with his hot cum. I felt like such a good slut and next time I want him to cum in me so I can let it drip out slowly.

    No one knows about us and we love knowing that.

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