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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    In March I was told by text my wife was cheating on me with a guy I fucking hated. I was going to confront her that evening when she got home from work, but first I wanted to confirm what I'd found out. Traveling over to the guys home which is just around the corner form my mother in laws home, I knocked and knocked but no one was home. Deciding to go round to see Marie my mother in law, I walked round and left my car.
    Marie was in the middle of washing a pan facing the sink when I got there. I'd let myself in as I always did and she didn't see me enter. She was messing about with something when I entered and I soon saw the cleaning brush for the pan. Marie was rubbing it on her pussy through her skirt and saying "Oh yeh baby".
    I'd always found her attractive, but she was my mother in law. I knew from certain things said between us, she had soft spot for me. So thinking my marriage was over anyway, I walked up behind her, cupped her left breast with one hand and slid my right hand under her skirt. At the same time I put my mouth to her ear and told her I was going to fuck her.
    She knew straight away who it was, but instead of drawing back or telling me to stop as I was her daughters husband, Marie ground down onto my hand and dropped the cleaning brush into the sink. Pushing back onto me, she told me she'd always wanted me and to get on with it.
    I was rock hard by then and I didn't even wait to have to her suck on my dick as I dropped my shorts and boxers. Pushing her forwards, I lifted her short loose skirt and ripped her panties off in one go. I was that stoked up and that angry, I just thrust into her and began to fuck my mother in law, hard.
    She let out lots of moans and told me I was a dirty bastard. Then as I was slamming into her after about five minutes, her pussy tightened around my dick and my mother in law came on my cock. Still fucking her roughly, I decided to tell her why I was fucking her. I told her I'd gotten a text, and the text had said her daughter was off fucking with a guy I hated. Clamping her mouth shut with one hand as she moaned at me, I thrust into her pussy a few more times, then came filling her hot wet c**t.
    Eventually I released my grip on her mouth and heard her say "You fucking idiot". Pulling out of her I let her turn round and boy did she slap me. Moving back and putting my cock back into my boxers and shorts, she told me to sit down.
    Sitting across from her, as she panted. She finally looked up at me and said "It was me who sent you the text. Look at what it says you fucking tool". Opening my phone I looked at the message and actually read it without anger for the first time. "Darren's fucking off, C**** will be happy now". I'd totally misunderstood and read it in my anger as "Darren's fucking C****, She's happy now".
    Looking at Marie I apologized a dozen times or more and asked her to forgive me for forcing her to have sex. She let me rant on for a while, then said "Look if I didn't want you to have fucked me, I would have screamed and tried to stop you. I didn't because I wanted you to fuck me". To prove the point, my mother in law got up, undid my shorts and squatted down in front of where I sat. She took out my cock and opened her mouth. Sucking in my soft dick, she carried on sucking on my cock until it was fully erect and oozing pre cum.
    As soon as she thought I was good and ready, she held my hand and took me upstairs to her bedroom. I'm twenty eight years old and have had lots of girlfriends. Some have been okay in bed, some have been really horny, but not a one of them including her daughter, could or can match Marie when it comes to being outright dirty and willing to do anything to enjoy sex.
    I was absolutely shattered when I left her home that afternoon. She'd let me know Darren had moved out the week before, but she'd only just found out herself. He'd run into some guys who didn't take too kindly to him fucking one of their wives (He fucked an old girlfriend of mine behind my back. long story). Before I walked out of my wife's moms home, Marie made me promise to keep her daughter happy. She also made me promise it wouldn't be a one off between us.
    Since March Marie and I have fucked on a regular basis. Not as much as I'd like as she really is a sexual goddess in bed, but we have sex at least once a week. There are occasions such as this week, when my wife travels over the Europe with her job (Four days). She knows her mom will stay over with me or vice versa, and she also thinks/knows we look after one another. The fact is, as soon as she leaves we're fucking and have a great time often staying in either home throughout a whole day of sex.
    My mother in law even said to her daughter before my wife left this time "Don't worry honey, I'll take extra good care of him this time". What's baffling was my wife's reply "I bet you will mom. Don't wear him out completely".

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    I went to a small college in Appalachia. There were very few dorm rooms and I decided to live off campus and through the college I found a roommate. She was living in a small two bedroom one bath house about a mile from campus, and she needed a roommate to split the rent and utilities. The arrangement would work for me, I had a car and she seemed nice and we got together.

    We were good roommates. Then one night she came home and a boy was with her so I left them and went into my room. Things got quiet and I got in bed. Then things exploded, she was yelling at the top of her voice, he was calling her a bitch and other bad words, the door slammed and I got up to see what the problem was. She was breathing real hard and she was very upset so I put my arms around her and held her. She told me he had tried to get fresh with her and had gotten on top of her on the couch and she was just lucky that she was able to kick him off. Right then the last thing I wanted to do was let her go, I held onto her and asked her if she wanted to come sleep with me and I would hold her.

    The next night and the next night after that she slept with me. Her room was made up, she made the bed and picked up her stuff and she never slept in that bed again. My room became our room and we cuddled, I mean cuddled, did everything short of making out and having sex. You couldn't have put a knife between us we slept so close. She swore of boys forever and she made me swear with her, not that I had a bad experience. The semester passed, we went home for Christmas, and when we got back she unpacked in my room, putting all her things in the dresser with mine, she got onto me as soon as we got into bed and told me that she had been cold all Christmas break and she wanted me to hold her until she got warm again.

    I guess I thought it was funny or something, she didn't appreciate me laughing at her. I held her alright, I held her real close, I put her in my arms and I stopped laughing and asked her how she thought we should do it. She asked what I meant and I told her if we were going to do it, we needed to do it. We started with a couple of kisses and gentle touching, making sure we touched everything we shouldn't touch and I asked her if she was ready because I was ready and we did it. And so we fell into a very long and intense and cuddled relationship.

    After college we set up house and we didn't tell anyone and didn't not tell anyone, if they asked we were honest if they didn't ask we didn't tell. And then when I was thirty I met this man and things got hot and one night he came over and he tore into me and destroyed any illusions of what sex with a man was like. I had sex on our bed, or rather he had sex with me on our bed, at that time I did not have sex with him. He did not leave me alone, not even close, sex was a constant on his mind and he only came to see me to have sex.

    If he was over at our apartment he was there to have sex with me. And I opened the door for him, I let him in, I set a place for him when we had dinner and I went with him into our room for him to have sex. He didn't spend the night, it wasn't one of those relationships, he came to visit, to have dinner, to take me out or us out, and to have sex. It was a sexual relationship. Until he had sex with her. If one was good for him, then two was better. Like me, she gave in and delivered herself up. He was going to have sex and she wasn't going to stop him. He deserved to have us both.

    Things got hotter and hotter and soon we were having sex all together, we sucked his dick together. We were aggressive and demanding, we wanted sex and we didn't want toys, we wanted the real thing. We went dick crazy, I gave him a blowjob with his coffee after dinner. We served him pussy on the table. For months we had sex, he slept over now and then, we joked that he should start to pay his part of the rent. He moved in. The days of cuddling in bed, soft kisses and just spooning were over. You don't spoon with a guy, there are no soft kisses, he fucks you. That was the difference, no matter how much we made love, kissed and hugged, we never fucked. He fucks. And we want to get fucked. That is the difference with a man. That's why you need a man in the house. You can't fuck with your girlfriend.

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  • — Women Only —
    Lesbian Female / 53

    Growing up I was indifferent to boys. I always had a super girlfriend. When I was going off to college my mother talked to me, it was one of those talks where you go into her room and she wants to talk about something she doesn't want to talk about. She told me that I would be meeting lots of guys in college, some would be nice guys but some would not be nice guys. I had to learn to pick them apart, falling into the hands of a guy who was only interested in what was up my skirt was going to lead to lots of pain.

    She gave me a pamphlet, how not to get pregnant. It had a couple of paragraphs on male reproduction and female reproduction. Nothing about sex. She had me read back to her the paragraphs on intercourse and semen and sperm and ovum and ovulation and menstruation. She asked me if I had been kissed. If I didn't want to tell her it was fine, but being kissed was the first step. The steps didn't have to be one right after the other, the boy would get me to kiss with him and then one day get me to let him get his hand under my skirt or under my shirt and then one day, he would push me over and he would push his penis into me. It was that easy, and then I would probably be pregnant. Kissing was fine, hands under my shirt maybe but a hand up under my skirt was not fine. There is a reason why girls wait until marriage, respect that.

    I got up and went to the door to leave and she called me back. She held my hands and looked at me and said that sometimes girls preferred to have girlfriends. Having a girlfriend was a blessing as we all knew, but sometimes the girlfriend was like a boyfriend. Some girls liked to kiss other girls, yes kiss them the same way boys kissed girls. Some girls even liked to put their hands up under your shirt. Some girls put their hands up your skirt. These things happened. She didn't know much about it but she had asked her doctor about it and her doctor had given her some ideas to talk about with me.

    She asked me again if I had been kissed. If a girl had touched my breast. If a girl had put her hand up under my skirt and felt me up. She wanted to know. To tell her now. Had I kissed a girl? Had I kissed Missy when we were in the seventh grade? Had we touched each other. Did we kiss? Did I let Missy touch me down there? What all did we do, to tell her because she didn't want to hear anything more from Missy's mother.

    I told my mother that Missy and I were friends.

    Missy was seventeen the day I went off to college. My parents took me, but the night before I snuck out of my room again, I went over to Missy's house and tapped on the garage door like always and she came out in her nightgown and we kissed so hard. Missy was crying, I told her I loved her and I would be back for her, but we had to be careful my mother was asking questions and her mother was telling my mother stuff. We kissed again and I went home and the next day I was driven off to college.

    Missy was my best friend, we saw each other during the holidays and during the summers until we were both done with college. During those college years, during those long summer breaks, we kissed, and we touched our breasts and we touched our thing down there and stuck our tongue in our mouths and we stuck our tongue down there. When she finished college we said we wanted to go live in the city. Missy and I remained best friends and have lived together for a very long time, long after our parents passed. We got married last year just because. Not really any other reason. We don't call ourselves wives, it really isn't a term that works. She is my lover, my friend, my girlfriend, my life partner.

    We bought burial plots side by side. We want to spend the rest of eternity together. Maybe in the next life we won't have to answer so many stupid questions.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    Blonde British amature porn model looking to please.

    Add my snapchat!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    The pastor at the church I go too has been using my ass for a while. Bends me over his desk, drops his pants around his ankles, pulls his tighty whities down and fucks me till he cums in my ass. At first I hated it, my ass was sore, my hole felt funny, I would leak cum but I started to enjoy it. That made me realize Iâm bisexual. Pastor has a 7â uncut cock with a decent thickness. Natural pubes too so itâs hairy. Compared to my pubic area and butt that is always shaved smooth, I donât like pubic hair on my body. Iâm a briefs wearer too which he thinks is such a turn on, thought I havenât worn white briefs since I was 12. Iâve only seen him wear white briefs and I just say he fills them up! Huge balls!

    My mom thinks Iâm really close to the pastor and he helps me. But she doesnât know that Iâm in his office after church every church night so he can fuck my ass and cum in it! This has been going on since my 18th birthday. 18 birthday was on a school night too, I remember that night. The next morning I went to school with a sore asshole! My mom is single and Iâm sure sheâd love to have his big cock to play with, I told the pastor he could probably get in her panties.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    When I was 15 I was walking over to visit a friend and a guy pulled up and asked me if I wanted a ride. This was the first time I was offered a ride and I thought for a few seconds and said âsureâ. He was really nice to talk to and we ended up at a marina parking lot. I was dressing in my motherâs lingerie and dresses for about two years so my kinky side was already established. He got a hard on and it turned me on. He pulled it out and started stroking it and I couldnât take my eyes off it. I automatically started touching it and after one minute went down on him. It was the most exciting thing I ever did ( up until then anyway). I sucked his cock for over an hour, stopping here and their when he wanted to kiss and fondle me. I finally made him cum in my mouth. When I felt his cum squirting in my mouth, I came in his hand. He dropped me off near my friends hous and gave me a fifty dollar bill. Every time I am walking somewhere I remember this time and wish it would happen again. Not until I was in my twenties did they need return. I started cross dressing in gay bars. I dress sexy to tease men into inviting me to the parking lot. 0qqt

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 44

    I've been in a love/hate, off and on relationship with Hanna for more than 5 years. She is 47 and an admitted bisexual with her present female lover being Ann. After a separation from Hanna for several months she moved back in with me last December and openly continued her interaction with Ann. Ann is also bisexual and is married with 2 kids but since January has spent many weekends in my house. It used to bother me when I first learned Hanna was bisexual but since her female lover Anna started coming around I actual enjoy it. Ann is 52 and in the beginning of February I came home early on a Friday night walking in on her and Hanna having sex with each other. Instead of ether of them being upset or embarrassed they continued fully aware of me watching them. I was dumbfounded at first but soon became aroused seeing the two of naked together. I don't know how Ann gets away from her husband on weekends so often but she is here almost every weekend since then and often a night during the week. The following weekend in February was the first time I was invited to join them and of all things its was Ann's idea. Hanna didn't mind and both are willing to have intercourse with me and we perform oral sex on each other. The second night I was with the two of them was when I saw the pink briefcase the held the most sophisticated sex toys I ever saw and some I had no knowledge of. I began arousing them with the vibrators and vibration beads and balls penetrating them not only vaginally but with anal stimulators. It is incredible how many times they are able to orgasm and obvious how experienced Ann is with the use of these sex toys. Within a few weeks at Ann's insistence they began using these on me. It has gradually gotten to me being submissive to them and more so to Ann than Hanna. I am sure Ann has a deep desire to humiliate me and has succeeded in many ways over the last 5 months which also seems to please Hanna. It began with Ann insuring my pleasure back in March when she was giving me oral sex. Without warning I felt her penetrate me annually with her finger and then slowly insert a vibrator into my rectum. I never felt anything like it before and ejaculated almost immediately. Each time Ann and Hanna began using more of the sex toys one of which is a small round ball connected to a wire that makes it vibrate after they insert it into my anus. I am being jerked off or one of them giving me oral sex as the other is having me eat them. To humiliated me Ann started screwing me anally with a strap on dildo and now Hanna also does. Ann has even brought over a padded saw horse and they have me bend over it at times simulating intercourse into me only to humiliate me I think. They tie clamps around my scrotum and months ago began spanking me which I somehow put up with. There are times when Ann gets violent when using the strap on telling me she loves to fuck me. As much as it hurts sometimes I just never admit it. Hanna has become more aggressive also especially when she spanks me with the paddle. There are things I don't like that are humiliating but the sex I get from these two is more than satisfying. Both of them are attractive women but I feel Ann has a deep hatred for men just by some of the things she says and the way she talks about her husband. When Ann is not here Hanna and I rarely have sex although she does jerk me off or blow me a couple times a week. I am sure now that Hanna is more aroused with Ann being with us. I enjoy most of it with the two but fear when the strap on comes out. I don't mind at all when they penetrate me with the vibrator, ball or vibrating beads but when they use the strap on its like a punishment. I wonder how many other guys would submit to the things I let them do and knowing they enjoy humiliating me whenever they can.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Recognizing you're gay or bisexual, as opposed to fighting your true sexuality, is a beautiful and fundamental way of accepting who you really are. Feeling his cock slowly slide up my asshole, then hear him tell me just how much he loves me, was one of those moments in life, you cherish forever.
    The who in this, is myself obviously and another man, a man who I'd secretly wanted to fuck me for years. He'd always as long as I'd known him, denied his true self. Yet I knew from my mothers own words before she died, he'd in his younger days had a sexual relationship with another college boy.
    It was nine months after the death of my mother I first let him know bout what she'd told me. At first he denied everything and even shunned me for some time. Then like a man who's life needed the cogs to turn in the right direction to live, he text me and told me to visit his home.
    It was freezing and it was snowing when I walked to his front door. He welcomed me in, gave me a brandy and told me he was sorry. Within seconds of the brandy warming my inside, his mouth was on mine and we kissed.
    Our hands were searching each others bodies and I let him undress me. Naked along with him, I marveled at his physique and knew for a man in his forties, he was probably fitter than most guys my age. His cock stood proud and erect and I wondered only for a second, if I could take all of it.
    Kissing again we sank down and so began the long winding duel of sexual exploration between us. Oral, kissing, oral, rimming, oral, more longer deeper rimming and then with him lying on top of me, he slid his cock into my backside. He knew I wasn't a virgin, and I knew he was going to satisfy me in every way.
    The pressure of his cock penetrating my hole, only lasted a few strokes and then...... and then.
    My world changed, everything I had been told was wrong. Everything was perfect as he fucked me into sexual oblivion. We shared moments that I'd never experienced before, and he carried on giving me new chapters in my sexual world. It was the best sex I'd ever had, and he wasn't supposed to be giving me anything.
    Like two lovers who'd shared a lifetime, we moved and changed from one carnal position to another. And each time his member delved deeper into my sexual soul. I was his and within those walls he knew it.
    Hearing his voice through the delight of my own building orgasm, I heard him whisper in my ear, he was cumming, he was about to ejaculate inside of me and I couldn't have been more delighted.
    His sperm oozed out of me as we spooned. His words were all the words I wanted and needed to hear. His penis rubbed on my buttocks and i knew he was becoming erect again. I knew within minutes I was going to be mounting his shaft and I also knew as I looked down on him, I would call him for who he was.
    I would tell my uncle, I would tell the man I'd loved with all my heart for years, I was his and he could be and do whatever he wanted with me.
    I am the person who this dictates to, I am the nephew who's life is now surrounded by love and a wonderful man who has always secretly loved me too. We're not fake, we're not anything wrong or false. What we are, are two adults who share a growing and perfect love. And we'll share our passion, with or without societies say so.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    My fantasy is to be a slave used by my master at night.

    I want to skip into his room in the nights he tells me too, and slip under the covers and suck his huge white cock, while is wife sleeps next to him not knowing.

    I would suck it so well that he wouldn't be able to resist fucking me, and his cock would fill my tiny black pussy, all under the quietly under the covers. But not so quiet because he would be thrusting into me and losing control to lust. And then I would feel the pleasure of his semen filling me.

    And on nights when his wife was gone, he would let his son fuck me while I sucked his cock. But not cum in me, because only he could cum in me. When his son looked close to cumming he would grab me right off his cock, and slam me onto his own and pound me, thtusting his cock up into my pussy and squiriting cum into it right in front of his son.

    I would suck his son's cock after, of course.

    He would also show me to privileged friends at dinner parties, after the all the women left and the men were alone. They would gang bang me, but his cock would be in my pussy the whole time, they could only have my ass.

    These fantasies make me cum over and over.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 50

    In 2007 I was in Europe on assignment. I met a young woman, barely twenty one, my daughter's age. She was like many, wandering, waitressing, maid work, going from Greece to Spain, Copenhagen to Berlin. Broke, undernourished, unhappy, scared, alone. I gave her a place to stay, bought some clothes for her, fed her and fed her and fed her, fattening her up, no more ribs, cheek bones, sunken eye sockets, until she looked full, healthy, happy. During those months I had her see a dentist, a doctor. She cooked, she painted, she laughed, she smiled. I fell in love with her, until I raced back to my apartment to see her, an old man, old enough to be her father, she young enough to be my daughter.

    I brought her back with me, married and pregnant, to the anger and disappointment of my kids and exwife. This woman, believe me she is a woman, is the best thing that has happened to me, she gave me back my youth, my days, two new kids, a reason to live. A diamond in the rough, discarded by society, thrown out to die. Now a healthy mother of two, a young wife to an old man, full of life. Need I say I love her so much, I am so proud of her, she gave me back my life, excuse me if I cry.

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