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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    Went to the local watering hole last weekend for a few beers. I knew most of the people there, a bunch of regulars and 2 older women sitting at a table. Me and some of the guys were playing pool and after a game or two, the ladies put some money up for next game. Joey and I had the table so we played them a few times, and they were playing for drinks so we were all getting a little fucked up. One of the ladies named Linda was ok looking so we all sat at her table and bullshitted a while. Well, after a shot of Jose, Linda blurts out " you know what I miss the most about High School? Blowjobs under the bleachers!" I almost spit my beer out!

    I asked her if she was serious, and she said she was as serious as a heart attack. So I said, go out back by the park and wait. Me, Joey and 2 other guys came out a few minutes later and there was Linda sitting on the park bench. I walked up and opened my pants and said " go ahead". She was fucking great! In no time she was going deep, swirling her head and using her hand. All of a sudden she stopped and took a hair band off her wrist, tied her hair in a pony tail and really went at it. I grabbed her head and pushed deep when I came and she swallowed it all. One of the other guys, Mark stepped right up and she went to work on him.

    I went back into the bar and sat at the table, her friend Shelly said this happens alot, and 20 minutes later, Linda and Joey came in. He bought her a drink and Linda looked around and said, I'm done Shelly, let's go home.

    I hope they come back again!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife and I have been married for 22 years and have had 2 fb's since early in our marriage, not much lately but everything ends eventually. The first was a single buddy of mine that hung out with us often, my wife is hot with big tits and always thought he was cute. One night during sex I kidded her about fucking him and she said she always wanted to so one night we were at his house having a few beers on his deck, I went to pee and get more beer and when I came back she was giving him a blowjob. He was embarrassed when I came back. I was hoping for a threesome but she convinced me to give them some time so they went inside and when I finally came in they were naked on the couch, she got up and we went home. She told me he had a hard time staying hard and they gave up. He came over one night after I was in bed and they fucked for a couple hours. There were more sessions after that, sometimes I was in the house and got seconds and sometimes I was gone and she told me about it later when we had great sex. He had a long thin dick with big balls that slapped her ass which turned her on. He had huge loads so seconds in her soaked pussy were great, one night he thought I was asleep so I could make out there movements in dim light and heard his balls slapping her before he filled her.
    Our 2nd FBI was a married friend of ours who was a lot more open, we were all comfortable with each other and had great sex together. He didn't have big loads but a big head on his dick that stretched her out some so seconds were still great. I'm not gay but when he was done and was in bed with us kissing her or playing with her body while I was fucking her turned me on, her soaked pussy felt great, he was naked moving around her even playing with her clit sometimes while I was inside her making her cum harder. One night we had enough alcohol and convinced her to take both of us in her pussy. I was underneath and he was between our legs on top with a great view. Our dicks were falling out at first, I would get back in first then him, after a few times I felt his hand around both our dicks to keep them in. I had never been touched by another guy but it worked and felt good. It must have for him too because he held on as we were getting some rhythm when I felt him tensing up and then felt his cum gushing around me. It felt so good I said don't let go and came too. Between her pussy around us and his hand I never had a bigger load. As his dick went limp and slipped out I had cum running around my balls and down my ass. It was the only time we did it but was awesome.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35

    One of my wifes hottest fantasies is to have me pimp her out. She loves when I encourage her to be a slut. Sometimes she tells me she wants me to just beat off in the corner and sometimes she tells me to get involved and fuck her ass because her pussy is too loose now its like a pongpong match with my penis bouncing from side to side. Although she wants me to be her pimp, it also turns her on to have a really well endowed, large muscular black man dominate her pussy, take her to POUNDTOWN and own her. He would tell her what to do and he could stop by anytime to fuck her pussy. He would also tell her to fuck his friends whenever he wanted.
    We also talk about an old black friend of hers who actually dry-humped her in a bar right in front of me! At the time I was pissed, but I also in the back of my mind thought maybe this is the kind of black cock slut I could marry. He grinded against my wife right in front of our friends and strangers and said that your girl and I go way back. I didnt do anything, but thought about it later that night and jerk off! Sometime we talk about how hot that was now that we discuss cuckolding. He even has a child with her sister! And my wife thinks it would be hot to get pregnant by him!
    My wifes black friend was planning on stopping over to drop off something. I dared her to remove her bra and panties, wearing tight yoga pant no less, and see if he would notice. Not thinking she would, I was shocked as she came back from the bedroom and flashed me. Unfortunately, he ended up just parking and she only went out for a minute. She later told me how much it got her wet thinking about how dirty she was being. Although it was my idea and it got me pretty hot, somehow I think this might be too slutty. If he had come in the house, who knows what could have happened or how wet my wife would have gotten!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 39

    Not really a confession (yet) just not sure where else to go to write about this.

    I will start off by saying that my husband and I have a great marriage (married 12 years)
    and have 2 children. We are very happy.

    He will sometimes joke about me sleeping with another guy, or we will roleplay about it for
    fun. He insists the most exciting night for him was the very first year after we were married,
    I made out with another guy on New Years Eve as he watched (the guy got my top off, but that's
    where I stopped things).

    We have guys at our house this week doing a complete kitchen remodel. Of course for the past
    week and especially this past weekend my husband and I have talked about how "convenient" it
    would be for me to have guys actually here at our house already. Both he and I got pretty
    turned on about the possibilities, and we had more sex over the weekend than we had in the past
    couple months! lol

    So - here I am , with young strong guys in the other room (and one of them, Paul, is super cute)
    with my husband's permission to pursue things if I wanted.
    This is funny - he already called me once and asked if there were any "updates" so far. Its
    only been a couple hours!

    I know our marriage is sound enough and secure enough. Its not like I would leave my husband
    and my family for a guy I was having sex with just for fun. I am just so nervous about it.

    I certainly cant talk to family and friends about it, so here I am..

    I am excited at the idea of being intimate with someone new. And if just TALKING about me
    doing it has been so exciting for us, I am hoping if I went through with it, it would be
    something special my husband and I would have as a memory for years.

    My husband would NOT want Paul to know that he gave me permission. Nor does he want a 3some
    to happen or anything like that.
    He thinks it would be more exciting if Paul thinks he is just helping me cheat on my spouse.
    We both laugh about at the end of the week, and my husband paying
    Imagine what Paul would be thinking!

    And one other thing we discussed was that my husband can NEVER expect the same kind of "free
    pass" from me. But he assures he would not care about that - he would just be so turned on
    thinking about me at home, possibly in our own bed, with another guy.

    My kids are at a friends house now, so today would be risky. But with them at
    school for the next 4 days, and me alone with the men here...omg...I am pretty excited about
    I would be SO happy to be able to call my husband at work and just say "it happened".
    He would leave early to get home to me probably I bet! lol

    Its down to the whole should I/shouldn't I situation.
    The big downside I guess is that I sometimes worry if my husband would look at me different after it happens....or will he still be as in love with me as always.

    I know there are "swingers" out there, but this would be nothing like that. An affair for a few days with my husbands approval. Would that be so bad???

    I am already trying to time my trips to the kitchen area to when Paul is there by himself.
    Its kind of nice that it's warm out, I can get away with wearing less.
    I guess the first step is to flirt a little.....
    Did I tell you I am so nervous just thinking about this?????

    Its to the point where I will feel bad for NOT doing it for my husband, I think about how disappointed he would be.

    I am probably over thinking all of this.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 41

    Three years ago my then nineteen year old son Sean came in drunk from a night out. I was in bed at the time masturbating to porn on my lap top. My husband was on his night shift, so when I heard the thud at the top of the stairs, I guessed it was Sean. Slipping on my short silk night robe over my naked body, I walked out of my bedroom to find Sean semi naked, lay at the top of the stairs. His trousers and boxers were around his kness, and it looked like he'd peed all over the carpet. But it wasn't the pee that held my attention, it was my sons huge hard on.
    Maybe if I'd not been masturbating, it might never have happened. But looking at his beautiful hard young cock, I found myself kneeling down beside him, taking hold of his penis, and then sliding it over my tongue as I went down on my own son.
    His cock responded by pulsing in my mouth. It felt amazing to have a hard thick cock in my mouth after so many years of my husband's ever softening dick.
    Once I'd gone past that taboo point, there was no stopping me. I removed my robe and began to stroke my my pussy and clit and soon got myself into a fervor of lust. Then Sean moved. I thought he'd come round, but he was still relatively out. Looking down on him, I had nothing but love for my son, yet also something else. I'd crossed that boundary, that rule that says we can't have sex with our own. Well that taboo was shattered when I straddled his slim athletic body, gripped his long thick cock shaft and guided it to my pussy opening. Looking at my sons face, I sank down impaling myself on his wonderful cock.
    Riding him slowly at first, letting his cock, his awesome young cock reach inside my love hole was just perfect. Every nerve ending inside my pussy was firing and it only took a few more strokes of my sons cock to have me climaxing.
    It was then that Sean came round. I looked down to see a puzzled and confused look on his face, but I continued to grind down onto the most delicious phallic part of my sons anatomy, making his cock bottom out up my pussy over and over.
    As his mind focused, I could tell he found the situation not completely out there, not totally beyond his desires. And registering that within myself, I went for it. Taking his hands I placed them on my breasts as I made him squeeze them. At the same time I quickened my rhythm forcing his cock ever deeper inside of me.
    His mouth opened as if he was going to say something, yet instead of intelligent words spilling out of his mouth, only a long low groan came out, as my own son ejaculated up his mother's extremely needy pussy.
    Sean orgasmed, spurting his hot sticky cum so deep inside me, that I felt it inside my stomach. And on and on he bucked upwards to empty his balls. Once fully drained he settled back, but I wasn't finished. Pumping away on his dick, really grinding all the way down onto his thick length, I squeezed my pussy walls around his cock, and again felt a rising need to climax.
    It was Sean saying "Fuck yeh", that had my whole body shaking with the massive orgasm the tore through me. I couldn't control my actions or my pussy, and I found myself squirting ball over my son's cock, balls and stomach.
    Leaning forwards I kissed my son full on the lips. Holding the kiss for a few seconds before letting his cock slip from my pussy. Rising I stared down at my one true love, and swore to myself I would and will do anything to make sure Sean's happy.
    It took some getting him to bed, but I achieved it. Undressing him so he was naked, I couldn't resist another sneaky suck on his cock. It tasted of his cum and my love juices, and once again I told myself from then on I'd make sure his gorgeous cock was cleaned, if and when we had sex again.
    At breakfast the conversation was simple. My husband had already gone to bed, so it left us alone. Sean told me he remembered some of what happened between us and added he'd love to have sex with me again, being sober. Passing him one cup of coffee after another, I then tested his and my sexual resolve, by spreading myself naked over the table and inviting my son to enjoy his mother's sex. Sean not only fucked his mother for the second time within twenty four hours, he also had me suck off every drop of his cum and my cream from his beautiful dick.
    Now three years on, Sean and I still have sex, amazing horny sex that his father just can't match. We're both aware it's not socially pc for us to be enjoying one another's bodies, but then we figure as I can no longer become pregnant, and that we're not hurting anyone, who cares.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 29

    My wife has recently asked me to do something for her and her mom. My wife's mom Lisa is really hot, a damn fine good looking woman. But unfortunately at her relatively youthful age of forty six, she's "apparently" been told she's only got at the most, six months to live. At the moment she says she's in reasonable health, but tells us/me that will fail. So my wife being the person she is, recently spent a lot of time with her on vacation. After their break, my wife whilst we were fucking in bed asked me something. She asked me if I'd be her mothers lover for as long as she can maintain her health, knowing I have a very high libido. Lisa is divorced and I know from what my wife says, a very sexually needy person.
    Five days ago at Lisa's home, my wife went out only for a brief time, but in that time her mom asked me if her daughter had spoken to me. I told her she had, and Lisa asked me if I'd seriously consider her request. As she said it, she reached into my shorts and gripped my rising cock. Smiling at me she asked me to take it out. I did, and then watched my mother in law take my cock into her mouth. She'd been sucking on my cock for about a minute when my wife walked back in. The look on her face was mixed. It was one of lust, surprise, a touch of jealousy and also one of love. But her comment was only support for her mother as she told us both she'd take a walk. Her mom resumed sucking on my dick until I could hold off no more, and came in her mouth. Lisa swallowed me cum and then rose up to kiss me. It was the kiss that to me at least, seemed totally weird. Moments later my wife walked back in again as if she'd not been away at all.
    Back at home my wife asked me if her mom was a good cock sucker. I didn't want to lie, but I also didn't want to upset my wife, so I told her she was okay. When in fact Lisa was far far better at giving head than my wife.
    My wife has told me she's invited her mom over to stay this week, as she's going out with a female colleague and might stay overnight. Looking directly at me, my wife asked me to let her know what we get up to and how her mom reacts to having sex with me.
    I'm definitely up for having sex with Lisa, but found out yesterday, Lisa hasn't been to a hospital recently (In the past six months) and isn't on any medication at all. Plus one of Lisa's work colleagues, someone I've known for a long time, told me she and Lisa have just booked a vacation for this time next year, WHY ?. Now I'm wondering if this all a great big con, to have me fucking my wife's mom. And if it is, and my wife knows about it, why the fuck haven't they just asked me to fuck her without all the side issues. I'm confused, TOTALLY!!!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 51

    Half a year ago I went to a car dealer to look for a new car to replace mine, now ten years old and o.k. but I worry about it breaking down. I was in the dealer's for a few minutes when a cheap-looking young man came up to me and identified himself as the "used car manager." He talked so fast I had a difficult time understanding him. I was amused by his checked blazer and shiny, plastic clip on bow tie. He reminded me of a ventriloquist's marionette. He was also shorter than I am. I tried walking away from him but he followed me.

    Also, I was turned off by his familiarity and touching and holding my shoulder while delivering his rapid, semi-incoherent speech. I'm over 50 years of age, for God's sake. He followed me half way around the sales floor, making me feel uneasy. The young man had to be 25 years younger than I am, a shorter man, yet he frightened me.

    Deciding to go to the woman's toilet, I was shocked when he followed me in there, continuing his non-stop nonsense. I went into a stall, horrified by this terrible troll. He followed me into the stall and suddenly, started to breathe hard. He was all over me, creasing my dress. He whispered, "Don't be frightened by this, it will look very large but it will feel good," and pulled out of his cheap polyester pants what I first took for some kind of silicone hose. I realized it was this man's penis. It was so large I thought it was fake, but soon enough, he pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties aside and started sliding his over-sized thing into me. I was shocked and also puzzled that I was just taking it.

    I was amazed, also, by how quickly he got it into me. Soon, he turned me around, bent me over and plunged his gigantic thing into me from behind. His strong thrusts shook me down to my heels. Despite my horror, I felt myself becoming wet and excited. I decided to just deal with it and allow it to take place to avoid further embarrassment. Pumping me steadily and strongly for around ten minutes, without asking, he just started ejaculating. I could feel the large pulses spurting as his his sperm fired into me, his large instrument vibrating and shivering inside my vagina.

    Them he pulled out the thick penis with a sucking, sloshing noise and I said, "ARE YOU QUITE FINISHED YOUNG MAN?" All the fight seemed to have flowed out of him and he said, meekly, "Thank you, Ma'm, sorry, I just found you so hard to resist." He sneaked out of the women's toilet and I followed him minutes later, after sponging his leavings out of my female privates.

    Deciding to leave the auto dealer, while walking out I heard the little man in his silly, checked blazer and plastic bow tie say, "I guess a nice used car is out of the question."

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 45

    Wife and I have been married 20 years now, and she's been very patient with my addiction to really kinky, severe bondage, although I think she stopped getting anything out of it a while ago. I mean I was still available at either end to satisfy her while helpless, but I think she always longed for the conventional man-on-top "loving" sort of encounter. Then a man moved into the house next door, younger, good-looking, friendly, and - single! Didn't think much of it, other than my wife seemed to look at him a little too intently when we met. Then one day she had me buckled up tightly in my leather strait-jacket, with a heavy leather hood too. Two tiny metal-ringed holes over my nostrils, and a rarely-opened two-inch zipper across my mouth. That was it. I faintly heard the doorbell chime, and her go to answer it, leaving me lying on the bed. Again, thought nothing of it until I became aware of voices coming closer, then the door opened, and Emily said all giggly "Whaddya think, Rick?" The slightly-familiar voice of the new neighbor replied "Oh wow, Em, that is so COOL! He's built, isn't he? That thing must be eight inches, maybe more!" She responded rather bitterly that size wasn't everything, then went on "Anyway, you want to fuck me, it's going to have to be right here, with him like that!" No prob, babe!" he chuckled, and they began to undress each other, from the faint sounds. Soon the bed was bouncing up and down as they went at it, and from Emily's vocalizations she was really enjoying it! When they finished, this Rick said "Hey babe, you know....I'm sort of bi...would it be okay if I tormented him some?" She laughed and said amiably "You do whatever you want, lover! He probably deserves it anyway! Hasn't been very interested in MY pleasure for some time now!" She got off the bed, and said "I'm gonna go take a shower, then I'm off to meet the guys play nice together!" and she left! "Well now," said Rick "Who could refuse an invitation like that!" and began masturbating me, slowly and intensely. Repelled by this intimate but unavoidable contact, I squirmed and bucked helplessly, but nothing I could do made any difference, and gradually the pleasure began to overwhelm my inhibitions, and I had no choice but to accept my 'fate' which became easier and easier to endure, as my arousal built and built to a level I had never experienced before, in my wildest dreams! "You like that, do you? Me too, bud! Always been a fantasy of mine to do this to a helpless guy, and just not quit! Never let him come, never let him stop! And you, you can't even scream and yell! Just that faint 'mmmmmffff!' you keep making! Kinda cute! Keep doing it, will you?" By the time Emily returned, I was insane with the need to come, and this excited her instantly, and away they went again! Later, spent, they lay and discussed me like some kind of object. "You know, Ricky, you could re-let your place, and move in with me - us, that is! Whaddya think?" He laughed and said "I could sure find a use for the rent money, I admit! What about him though?" She snorted, and said "He doesn't seem to be hating this too much! Anyway, the house is mine! In my name. So I decide, not him!" They embraced, and she whispered in his ear, right beside my head - "we can keep him tied up some way or another, and you can do whatever you want with him, as long or as often as you want, if you keep me satisfied! Deal?" He laughed long, and said "Deal!" Wasn't long until he decided he would face-fuck me while she was at work, hour after endless hour! That was the price of his insanity-producing masturbation, and quite quickly I grew so addicted to this that I would have done anything for more of both of his favorite activities! Now we live as a threesome, only I spend an average of 12 hours a day in all kinds of total enclosure bondage, all of us in the same King-size bed. All my inhibitions went away fairly quickly, and I enjoy being their sex-slave and housekeeper!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 24

    I admit, I have a 'oedipus' complex. I prefer older women who are big and plump. True matrons.
    Luckily I noticed that women, as described, who likes to have mercy on me.

    It lies just how you look at it, what's wrong being sexual pampered by an old woman?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    I have two confessions to be honest. One is an accident . The other is my first consensual first time . So here we go . My mother took me screaming in to the bathroom by my ear . I was muddy because I was mad at her and stomped her flowers. I was seven almost eight . My sister who was in the bubble bath was nine almost ten and she always picked on me . Honestly it was more like torture. She held me down and made me eat bugs . She always twisted my arm behind my back. So mom stripped me and dropped me in the bath tub. She held my head under for a while and then she said I was going to get a spanking when I was all washed up. The phone rang and my sister grabbed me as I tried to get away when mom left to answer the phone. I was no match for my bigger stronger sister . She scrubbed my private area with a lot of zeal which made me poke out . I cried stop I can't take any more. Then she wrapped her legs around me to crush my guts as she always did. It was a killer then she re-adjusted and wanted to head lock me when she had her legs around me . Well we were soapy and slippery and she slid right down on my you know what . She grabbed the sides of the tub and screamed don't move to me. Well mom had been listening to us yell for five minutes do you think she heard my sister? Heck No! Tears ran down my sisters face and let me tell you I know I was hurt but had no idea what happened it was so fast. I can't get up she said it hurts bad. I looked and saw blood in the tub water . Get off I said and squirmed . You move and I'll slash your face she said . Mom came in and my sister said lift me off of him very slowly. I mean it slowly she repeated. Good grief Mom said as she took her hands . Is it inside you? That's when I realized what happened. When Mom picked her up I saw more blood and said you really hurt me. Mom answered that isn't your blood. Then mom looked at sis who was horrified . If you were nicer to your brother you wouldn't of popped your cherry.

    I was 15 when my aunt and I fixed up an old motorcycle of hers . Now she was twenty one and my moms sister but she was an auto mechanic want to be . When it got running after three weeks of work we cheered and decided to take it on a ride on the dusty back roads because we had no way to get tags for it. Since I didn't know how to ride she drove it with me on back. After a few minutes she stopped and asked me to hold her breast because she wasn't wearing a bra and her breast were bouncing . She was serious they were hurting from bouncing so I was more than happy to help. So the machine got hot and stopped. We couldn't get it running. So we sat in the grass beside the long road . We could see four miles in both directions and we decided to let it cool. Man My aunt exclaimed why didn't I wear a bra she said feeling her self up. Can I see them I asked? She smiled, no one has really seen them, but your family so it's OK. Wow they are really nice and they were nice to hold too. I reach out to the bare breast and she said go ahead. Are you a virgin I asked? You know I've had a couple boyfriends. Are you she asked me? I blushed , do I have to say? Come on tell me she asked . Well I popped my sisters cherry ! ( I didn't say I was seven and it was an accident) You did nottttt. She said you did I know your honest look. So level with me aunt who was your cherry popper? She rolled her eyes. No one ! I still have my cherry I think , honestly I never looked. But I know no boys have had their hands down there. Aren't you curious about sex? Look at you so pretty and Shapley. I want to have sex with you. You do she said suprised? Heck I sure do and I grabbed my wallet look I have a rubber your sister my mom put in here. At least let me kiss your lips and dry hump you. So she let me and I was passionate and she kissed me back. When she was all bothered and arching her back I pulled her and my pants down. Then I kissed her down there and she liked it so much she took her panty off. There I was looking at the real thing. I had health class I knew the parts and functions. Careful nothing has ever been in there she warned. I kissed and licked and played in her folds and touched her cherry but she held me back. So I went to her lips and she rubbed my manhood up and down her wet crevice. I've got to give it up she said to her self. I pushed it in and she winched a little. I exploded right away I was so excited. We forgot the rubber she said as soon as I was in. In thirty seconds I was flat limp. Wait don't go any where she said your limp but your in so just grind and kiss me. So I did and didn't stay limp for long. Dang was my first real sex nice. My aunt didn't orgasm but she liked it after a while. She liked it better fast than slow too. Well we dressed and the motorcycle started and we drove up to one mile from home when it stopped. So we pushed it home and made out in the garage when Mom caught us. We never stopped kissing like lovers when ever we meet.

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