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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 28

    My Valentines Day was ruined after I was set up on a Blind Date and let's just stay say it was the Blind Date from Hell. I went inside Olive Garden and went to my reserved table and told my Blind Date was in the bathroom I was kind of nervous but then I ended up completly disgusted when I saw a an overweight man wearing a bowtie, a black thong with hearts and was barefoot in the restaurant and he actually walked out of the restroom barefoot. Then he approahed my table and said how would you like to go all night with me as the man stood on top of the table and began singing this song. "Spent all day working hard on the go but the hands on the clock keep spinning too slow, cause I can't wait to be alone with you baby tonight." Like hell if a slob like you has any chance with me. As soon as I was about to call a waiter and take my order home as he then started to smell his fucking feet in the restaurant. Me and every other diner was getting really annoyed with this idiot as he grabbed salad dressing poured it all over himself and then started to rub his fucking nipples and I was becoming more and more revolted, then he put his foot on the table and poured Salad dressing on his foot and started sucking his toes as yelled at him this date is totally off. then he grabs me by my wrist and holds me on the table and shoves his disgusting foot in my face while removing my shoes and then started to suck my toes in the restaurant.

    I screamed for help and thank god some guy and restaurant staff got this asshole the hell off of me and hauled his ass out of the restaurant and as a lesson for this year's St. Valentines Day Massacre for me; I am so done with Blind Dating.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 35

    I have been having sex with my ex. My wife has no idea. I get off on it. My ex says some nasty shit and makes fun of my wife and I cum so hard. I love my wife, and I would hate to hurt her, but sometimes I want her to walk in on us. I think the sound of her crying would push me over the edge. I know my ex would try and make her watch what I real pussy can do to a dick.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    I had sex with my wifes cousin during our family vacation.

    So we're staying at this vacation resort. I spend my time relaxing by the pool. My wifes cousin comes by in her bikini. She has a great body with full breasts and an ass to boot. She's 24 years old and knows how to "do her thing".

    She gives me this weird look before jumping in the pool. She swims about and tries to catch my attention. I try to avoid eyecontact, however it is hard not to look at her wet body.

    Later that evening, after finishing dinner, i retire to a private spa. I deside to sit naked in the spa. After some time the cousin walks in only wearing a towel. She drops it and shows me her naked body. My cock responds immediadly. We start rubbing and grinding, until i am fucking her tight pussy right there in the spa.

    Next day we carry on as if nothing happend.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I was always staying at my cousins house back then, because I didn't have any fun at home. My cousins (I'll call Bill, and Ted not their real names) Bill was a few years younger than me about 12 or 13, and Ted was a few years older about 15 no older than that, I'm a little foggy on our ages, but we were at that age where we wanted sex but wasn't getting any.

    Bill and Ted slept in the same room in twin beds, on separate sides of the room. I slept with Bill on the most part, because Ted had his friends and didn't hang with us on the most part. So I was closer to Bill.

    One weekend night I woke up because someone is playing with my d*ck, and I have a massive hard on. It was Bill of course he wanted us to suck each other, we have jacked one another off before. He wanted to feel what a BJ was like, what was I to say, hell I already had a raging boner.

    It was his idea to get into the 69 position he was on top, and I lay on the bottom. He was sucking me, and in the meantime he was fcuking my mouth really like he was gonna get this over as quickly as possible. His d*ck wasn't to big and not I'd done that before, because I haven't.

    His c0ck slid easily in and out my mouth not really down my throat he just wasn't that big like I say. It wasn't very long before he busted a but in my mouth. YUK! I spit it out at once. And he rolled off of me I'm like I didn't get off yet keep sucking me. He said he was done, and asked me what it tasted like? I told him raw chicken it was gross.

    I told him if he didn't get my d*ck to cum I wouldn't trust him again, and we would not be doing this again. He jacked me off until I got my nut. We were playing with each other since then on a regular basis. It was something fun to do at night, and it helped getting over the frustration of seeing some of the neighborhood girls that day.

    On another night Ted put up a big stink that I never sleep in his bed, so I ended up sleeping with him that night. I woke up feeling something sliding in between my leg's and @@$$ cheeks, OH MY! I didn't see this coming. Ted is rubbing his d*ck against my @@$$ and I'm enjoying it.

    Obviously he knew what we were doing across the room, and he wanted to get his kink. I kept my mouth quiet and positioned myself so as to make it easier for him. I pulled my knees up a bit and reached behind myself and pulled on an @@$$ cheek to spread it wider he seemed not to notice, and seemed not to want to wake me.

    He was pushing against my @@$$ in a gentle way, man it felt good, I never felt this good before it was better than getting my d*ck sucked, I was craving for that d*ck in my bung hole. I wanted to he fcuked now, so I told him very quietly stick it in me.

    He wasn't giving me all that I wanted so I told him to lay on his back, and I got on top of him and lower myself on his much bigger d*ck than Bill had. Once I managed to get past the pain of the insertion of that meat, it felt fantastic, and I rode that c0ck for a good Long slow fcuk it was amazing unlike anything I've ever done.

    I couldn't help my self, I was moaning and my c0ck was leaking cum. I was riding up and down on his fat d*ck what seemed all night. Finally I heard him grunt, moan, and started filling full of hot cum, it was so good "I LOVED IT" and knew I would always let him fcuk me any chance we got.

    Now I am married, and live a straight life. But I'm always craving c0ck, and would love to have a fcuk buddy but its not easy for me to meet someone because I live in a small town. I bought a couple if dildos for my wife and I to play with but their really for me when she's not around, I suck and deep throat one as I ride the other, I call them my n****r buddies because their so big....

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    From a very early age I discovered my dads girly magazines, I started playing with myself after I was coming back from a walk in the woods to a local pond and on the trail meet an older boy from our street, we talked a moment, I was about 10 and he was maybe 17... I donât remember how we got to the point were he pull his cock out ,but he did,
    He ask if I wanted to touch it? I did and it felt nice, much better than my small cock...

    I got scared and went home, but it started something in me, I would look at dads mags and play other myself,
    While camping in the back yard with two other friends I snuck two of dads mags out to the tent , and you know we all had to look at them, I got to see two more cocks that night, but still no play.

    Then I got to explore just a little with my cousin and touched my first un-cut cock as well as got tho taste my first cock ummmmm

    By the age of 14 I had a few more chances ,my dad was devoted from mom and he was dating a nice lady with an only teenaged son 17 yo, we looked at dads mags and I really got a good look at a nice bigger cock but he wouldnât let me suck it but I ask him to let me!!,

    Then my best friend and I were fooling around and during some changing cloths he taunted me with a really beautiful cock, really nice cock, he was a small guy with a huge cock, and I was to shy but really wanted his cocktail, again
    I was not given what I needed!!!

    It wasnât till I was 18 that I found my way into an adult book store and men would suck my cock that I came in contact with other men with gay sex on their minds, but I was still to shy to get cocky myself...

    Final ly one day a black man made me please him and he took me from the ABS to a motel and I got my chance to suck and take his nice black cock in my holes????

    Iâm , married, sr8 acting ,masculine, and would love to serve a big cock even today, I think Iâm addicted ð

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    When me and my wife went on vacation her mother offered to keep an eye on our house. When we came back I was looking at the video surveillance footage. I guess her mother didn't know we had it installed. I figured she would just quickly pop by and see that everything was okay and leave. She spent hours there, walked around naked most of the time, tanned naked out back and took it upon herself to take care of herself so to speak. I have video footage of her naked with some very explicit footage of her masturbating. The camera caught her doing some things I never thought I would see her do. The video quality was excellent and the zoom feature allowed some very detailed looks at her intimate body parts. My wife doesn't know about this and I have kept it all to myself.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    I went to live with my aunt when I was 10, my 2 male cousins were twins Dan and Tim (14). After I had been there about a week they started touching my butt and would pinch my nipples, I kinda liked it. One day I was changing my clothes to put on my swimsuit when they came in my room, I covered up my naked body, they said I didnât have anything they havenât already seen, I was still embarrassed. Dan asked if I wanted to hang out with them in their secret clubhouse, I said I guess so, I went ahead and put my swimsuit on while they watched, I put my shorts on and we headed to the clubhouse. When we got there Tim pulled out his cellphone and showed me a video of a girl sucking a penis, I was getting scared and told them I wanted to leave, Dan told me to take off my clothes, I did as he said. I was standing there naked and Dan started rubbing my pussy area, it was tingling and I felt scared and excited, he took his clothes off and had me sit in a chair with my legs spread open. His dick was hard , it reminded me of a jumbo hotdog, he said to open my mouth, I didnât try to refuse, I opened my mouth and he put his dick in it, I naturally closed my lips around it and just held it in my mouth, Tim got naked to started stroking himself, he said suck Dan like I was sucking a popsicle, I did and he grabbed me by my head and started pumping his dick in my mouth, after a minute or so he cum in my mouth and said I had to swallow it, I did and I actually liked it, Tim said my turn, and this time I was enjoying my little mouth being used by them, after he came we sat there and talked about what had just happened and said I couldnât tell anybody or they would send me away. Dan asked me if I wanted to suck him again and I said yes, this time they had me lay on a table with my head turned, as Dan put his dick in my mouth I felt Tim playing with my pussy, he slid his finger in me , it hurt a little but felt good too, next I felt his dick rubbing my wet slit and he pushed it in me hard, I tried to scream but it was muffled by the dick in my mouth, I was crying now and he was fucking me hard then I felt him cum inside me, Dan pulled his dick out of my mouth, Timâs dick was covered in blood, Iâm still crying and Dan plunged his dick in me , I just laid there and let him finish. After that they both fucked my ass. This happened several times a week and after a while I was loving it. About a year later I was going through puberty and we knew I might get pregnant, so I asked my aunt to get me on birth control, she did no questions asked. I let Tim and Dan invite a friend to fuck me, he was 16 and had a much bigger dick, they took turns fucking me in every hole, I took a total of 8 loads of cum in my ass mouth and pussy that day. A few months later Tim and Dan was caught r****g a young girl and went to juvenile prison, I never said a word of what they had done to me, I lived with my aunt until I turned 18, then I join the army and havenât spoken to her since.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 30

    I became sexually active when I was 11, I lost my virginity to a 14yo boy down the street, my mom did the right thing by putting me on birth control. Over the next year I had sex with 3 more boys, all had average size penis, yet none of them got me off, none of them would eat my pussy even though I sucked their cocks. I know my pussy was clean and I didnât need to shave yet because I had not started puberty yet. I was frustrated that the only way I could get off was to do it myself. One night I was rubbing my little clit when I heard moaning and grunting noises coming from my momâs room, I was completely naked and snuck to see what was going on, my stepdad(Jeff)was fucking my mom doggie style, his cock was big(8.5inches and thick) I was rubbing my clit and almost cum instantly, my stepdad pulled out and shot a huge load on my momâs back, I hurried back to my room. The next day my mom has to go out of town for a few days leaving me and my stepdad alone. I decided I wanted to seduce him and have his big cock in my mouth and pussy. I waited for mom to leave and went to my room, stripped down to my underwear and a skimpy T-shirt, I went to the living room where Jeff was sitting wearing sweatpants, I walked in front of him, I bent over the arm of the couch to show him my little puffy pussy, I looked over at him and sure enough he was eyeing my little c**t, I smiled at him and asked what he was staring at, he said he was sorry and wouldnât do it again, I rolled on my back spread my legs and pulled my panties to the side so he could see my hairless pussy, he was definitely liking what he saw, I could see his dick was getting hard, I said, I thought you said you wouldnât look at my crotch again, I guess I made him nervous because he was trying to get up and hide his erection, I jumped up and pushed him back on the couch, pulled the front of his sweatpants down and his big cock sprung up at my face, I grabbed it and my hand couldnât fit all the way around it, I put his dick in my mouth and looked into his eyes as I stroked and sucked his dick, I did this for a few minutes knowing he was about to cum, I stopped stood up and removed what clothes I had on, my pussy was dripping wet, I told him he had to make me cum first, he laid me back on the couch and started kissing my lips and neck and worked his way down my stomach until he got to my little slit, he kissed and sucked my clit while he fingered my little pussy, I was shaking and cumming over and over, after that I begged him to fuck my little pussy, which he did, his dick hurt when he pushed it in, after a minute or so he was as deep in my pussy as he could be, I made him pull out and got on my hands and knees presented my little love box to him, he slid inside me and I started having a major orgasm, my pussy gripped down on his big dick I knew he was about to cum, I told him to cum in my pussy, buried his cock in me and started grunting hard and I felt a explosion inside my little c**t that felt like my pussy was being filled with a lot of cum, when I stood up I was dripping like a leaky faucet, I left a trail all the way to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and it felt like I was peeing but it just his cum flowing from my pussy. We fucked a lot that week and long after that too. After that I never messed with guys my age, they had to be at least 10 years older than me.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 36

    Canât believe we didnât get caught.

    Iâve been a naughty wife fucking our neighbors son regularly.
    When my husband heads to work early to go to the gym first David sneaks over and fucks me.
    This particular morning David was pounding me and I was about to cum when I heard my husbands car lock you know the beep.
    I through David off and told him to hide under the bed. I grabbed my toys and started fucking myself. My husband walked in ruining my orgasm yet again. I was on the edge quivering. He walked in stinking of the gym fuck it turns me on. I know itâs gross but everyone has their thing right. He dropped to his knees and put his mouth on my c**t and started eating me out. My head was spinning.
    My husband was eating my freshly fucked hole. Trembling he brought me over the edge I was just letting it al out. He dropped his sweats and freeing his cock I swear it was bigger than normal. He face fucked me I was getting all the stink I was in heaven. He picked me up flipped me over and slammed into he didnât last long it had been a while due to life. He blew his load in me. Kissed me showered. As he left he said he needs to come home after the gym more often. I could just agree and. He fingered me for a moment as we made out but I knew he had to leave. I wanted his cock in me again. I even begged something I never do. He was getting hard again I could see. He kissed me and headed out the door licking his fingers. I heard him pull away.
    David whom Iâd forgotten about came out stroking.
    âFuck that was hot. Can I have sloppy.... thirds I guess?â
    I just spread legs and he fucked me into oblivion.
    I fucking hope this happens again.
    When my husband returned from work I was still in bed and cum filled.
    Heâs eaten his cum out of me before and just went down on me. And fucked me again.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 54

    I am going to go back to 1975. Some of you remember those days, we were young then weren't we? In any event I attended a small college in a big city and we were later day hippies. I had met a girl at college and we got a long fine and we had landed on this thing of kissing on the lips when we saw each other. The women's movement was in full swing and there was a gathering that weekend in front of City Hall. I asked her if we should go and she said yes so we asked our neighbor, a guy in his late twenties if he would give us a ride and drop us off and pick us up.

    He heard what we were doing and said no way, he wasn't going to take us there, not to a meeting of whackos. He would take us out if we wanted, but not there. Well, we went anyway, we caught the bus even if it was an hour ride. He heard about us going from another neighbor and he went after us, we were in the middle of this crowd of pretty much whacko women, some of them taking off their bras and everything, speeches by whacko women and all that and he drives up, he stops across the street and walks into the crowd, the crowd splits around him like Moses parting the seas, he come up to us and says he was taking us home.

    The crowd froze, one woman shouted, another one asked if I darned his socks. He turned and told us to come and we locked arms and with our heads up high we followed ten feet behind him, the crowd melted together behind us as we followed him to his truck, he held the door open and we got in. We got bawled out in the truck for coming down after he had told us not to, as far as he was concerned that was once and it wasn't going to happen again.

    Back at our apartment we listened to another hour of his anger. We did not know it that day, but we now had a man in our life and our lives would change forever.

    For 45 years we lived together, he was the man in our life for all these years, we had a large family and we have many grandchildren. We dedicated ourselves to family and our home and to him. He passed away late last year and we are still going through all of the stuff in his room, most of which is in boxes now but we can't quite come to give it away. He left us well off, we never worked and will not have to work, although we were never apart we have never really been alone, not until now. To our children there is nothing hidden, we never did lie to them, he asked us to keep it to our bedroom and we did, but our children were never kept in the dark.

    Now that he is gone, now that things are different and with our children's permission and blessing we have decided to marry, for legal reasons to protect what he left us, but also because we have always been married and now is the time to make it official.

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