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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have been married 12 years. I have two daughters and appear to live a normal married life. I had my tubes tied after the birth of my second daughter. I started working after the birth of my second daughter to help pay bills. I work with two men both in their mid 30âs. One man does road trips constantly. The other is my lover. We worked together 6 months and the sexual tensions got the best of us. We both are married and have a good family life. His wife doesnât want any more children so he seldom gets to ejaculate with her. He gets her off with toys and fondling. He tells her he will masturbate in the shower. He uses me to relieve his stress and I him. We put a closed for lunch sign on the door and go into the back and have sex. He ejaculates so much and has a big load the next day. I love the feel of him filling me up. My husband just gives me a little squirt compared to my lover. We donât get paid much but we make our workday worthwhile. My lover fondles me when we have no customers. Sometime we do a quickly in the bathroom with me leaning over the sink. I enjoy keeping two men sexually satisfied.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 43

    I am in farm equipment sales and I travel pretty much all over the state. In my job I have come to realize that there are all kinds of men who want their cock sucked. Farmers, bankers, cops. I won't say that you just show up and suck their cock, usually it is a round about conversation with sexual overtones.

    I am not even some young guy, I am a veteran road warrior. Motels? Sometimes, but they don't want their cars seen there. Usually it is more of a bar thing, you strike up a conversation. You drive because you have the rental car.

    Farmers, you would not believe how many horny farmers are out there. Lots of cock sucking out in the barn. Some are just into a cock sucking, hurry up before someone might come by. Others are into making you suck their cocks if you want the sale. Either way I don't care. Farmers though, a whole lot of them want you to fuck.

    Bankers, what can I say? They all think they are the boss. But they have their zippers open and a stranger is sucking their cock. Bankers like to be sucked dry. I carry some lube with me, and I suck a banker and run a lubed finger up their ass and surprise, it makes them cum. Usually with a warning afterwards, don't do that, let them know first. They like to be in control.

    Other outside sales types, those you meet in bars, driving through just like you, usually end up in the same motel getting it on all night.

    Truckers, a few. The truth is that if the trucker wants it he usually has to make the first move. Again, if you are alone eating at the counter, or having a beer, they strike up a conversation about how lonely it is out on the road, and you have to offer, let me suck your cock. Maybe I will suck you again in the morning when we wake up.

    I don't do faggots or bar queers. They are a lot of out of balance types.

    Last night, I met a guy in the bar at the hotel. An outside salesman for a hardware company, calling on local factories. He is married with a family, got his cock sucked and his ass reamed and he wanted to bottom so he got fucked. He felt very bad about doing it, especially letting himself get fucked. He is gay, I kissed him after sucking his cock. I am not a top, I prefer to bottom myself. I am a cock sucker, but last night he needed a top.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 48

    After I got laid off from the company I had been with for over twenty years I floated from one job to another without finding success. Along the way, at this medium sized trucking company, I took a job as Controller. The office staff was small, although the company itself had over 100 employees.

    The office manager was a lady in her mid fifties. She was still very good looking, a bit heavy in the caboose and she obviously had big breasts. She wore open shirts and her charms on her necklace would slide down her cleavage and had the habit of fishing them out. She and I got along fine. Like me, she was working where she could get a job and a job that paid well enough.

    We had lunch and she asked me to come over on Saturday for dinner. Her apartment was nice, in a well maintained complex. Her ex-husband paid alimony and with her job she lived decently well. We had wine, she had music on, we had conversation, but it was hard to get away from work. She had dinner in the oven, a casserole. Our conversation had died down and she came over to me and said for me to let her see my dick. That we had time, maybe I would like a blow job before dinner.

    I was stunned, in spite of not being exactly innocent, I had never been propositioned directly. She was insistent and she got down on the carpet and she gave me a blow job. She told me that she was going to tease me because she wanted the mother load for after dinner. For those twenty minutes until the casserole was ready she sat on the carpet and stroked and would suck my dick on and off.

    Dinner was good, we talked and she took my hand from time to time and told me that the hardest thing about being single again was not getting any and that she was looking forward to just getting a good fuck and then we could watch a movie. She didn't let me help clean up, she was quick, she had put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher and she grabbed my hand and said come and eat my pussy.

    Her bedroom was pretty much a woman's bedroom, no television and heavy curtains. I was still looking around the room and she had gotten on the bed and laid back and opened her legs. See, no panties, she said, you could have fucked me anytime. Truthfully, right then I didn't know what to do. She was working her hands between her legs, not touching her pussy, but all around her thighs. I got on the end of the bed and I went down. Her pussy was wet, it was very wet, and after a few moments I was into it and she let me eat her while she played with her clit.

    She grabbed me by the hair and told me to go ahead and fuck her. She wasn't even undressed, and neither was I, I just got my pants far enough down with my shoes still on and I fucked her. Too much excitement and I finished pretty quickly, before she was able to have an orgasm. She took my clothes off, and took all of her clothes off, and we got in the bed and while she sucked on my dick she fingered herself into an orgasm.

    This woman was from California, and she told me about her wild days before she met her husband, and her wild days while she was married. She wasn't a sex addict, she was just a woman who enjoyed sex and had very few inhibitions. She was pretty much into anything that spiced things up. She liked being naked, and she liked having her breast played with. She gave me permission to do anal, but that is not my thing. We bathed together, and we had sex together, we went to the movies and we had dinner out and she prepared dinner in. She had toys, which she showed me one day, but said that as long as she had a live one, she wasn't really in need of playing with her toys.

    All in all, for many months we got along fine. At work people knew we were seeing each other, but no one cared.

    Time worked against us and after a while the steam went out of the balloon, we remained friends, but the sex came to an end. She was not going to get into a new relationship that put her alimony in jeopardy and I didn't want a commitment. I made friends with another woman, and she joked about me bringing her over for some fun together, but that never happened.

    All in all, she helped me more than anything to get my sense of being back. This helped me with my job performance and it helped me get back on track with my life. I have told her that she is good therapy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 51

    Quick confession...

    My husband who's a year older than me, is a relatively reserved individual. Who just so happens to have a huge cock. Now I love all ten inches it in my mouth, up my pussy or occasionally deep up my asshole. But over the last year or so I've had visions, daydreams, or just plain thoughts about him fucking a very pretty nubile young teenager.
    I told him about those thoughts and he laughed them off. Yet three weeks back it became a reality. A young nineteen year old girl contacted us through an add I'd put on a sex website. I did it as a kind of "Lets see if anything happens" And boy did it happen.
    I spent two wonderful hours watching my husband licking on her sweet looking pussy, and watched her enjoying his massive member, sucking away on it as if it was the last cock on earth. I then got a little closer to them as he inserted his cock up her tight pussy and marveled at them having sex together. They changed position lots of times and each time I got a thrill from seeing her gaping quim. The ultimate though, was seeing her asshole stretch to take his full length. My husband who's normally not adventurous giving anal, went all animal on her ass. And I was astounded to see just how much he wanted to be fucking her asshole.
    They swapped over positions anally too and I just had to masturbate when she mounted his cock. I climaxed easily and then watched her have what turned out to be her eighth orgasm. Afterwards my husband was all sheepish about what he'd done with the girl, but I couldn't have been happier. As for her, she told us it's the best sex she's had and wanted to know if she could visit again. This coming weekend she's staying over and I've arranged for my husband to buy a digital film camera. We're going to film them fucking and I'm thinking of maybe joining them.
    It's easily one of the best things sexually I've ever experienced. Only wish we'd have done it years ago.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    I am female, 17 (not 18 like it says) and I had my first sex about 4 months ago. The first time wasn't that great, but still towards the end (a rousing 5 minutes with a 16 year old boy) it was feeling much better. The thing is, I LOVE having sex. I really don't care about the kissing and sucking, I love having a guys cock pushed in between my legs and up inside me then moved in and out. I love it, I can't get enough of it. I like a guy spurting inside me when he's finishing, how they push in so hard and full, I feel it spurting in me, and when they pull out, and I'm lying or sitting after and feel it all squishy inside me, is the best. In four months I've become a slut and a whore, I've let 14 different boys/men do it to me. I know it, all my friends know it, and the boys all know it. I've even let a 28 year old married man do it to me. He was the only one who has put it in my butt. I just can't get enough of cocks pushing inside me. I love cock!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    It all started out as innocent flirting. Heâs married, Iâm going through a divorce. He called me on Friday night to meet him at the bowling alley. We sat in my car for hours and just talked. We ended up just going to my house. That evening we only kissed. But it was like fireworks.

    The next time we met up was after work at a horse trail. We started making out. I ended up letting him have me. We meet up almost daily to fuck.

    I love to suck his cock and let him cum in my mouth so I can swallow his juice.

    But now Iâm pregnant and still not divorced and heâs still with his wife. Not sure where we go from here.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    Switching sides.

    I no longer identify myself as a lesbian. I had many friends, maybe they were really not friends, who have iced me out because I went over to the other side. I don't know what happened. I don't know, I can't explain it.

    He kisses me differently. When he kisses me I fall apart. The first time he kissed me was a stolen kiss, actually a brutal stolen kiss. He kissed me, and I started to fall apart. A minute and I was no longer able to push him away. It was my first kiss by a man.

    Before he drilled me, he fingered me. I had been fingered a thousand times. But he fingered me and when he got on me I wanted him to drill me so bad. I never tried to push him away, to the contrary. I did hit him afterwards, and I cried that he had done that to me. I was angry and I yelled at him. But I didn't not leave the bed, I ran out of energy and laid back down with my arms over my chest crying, or maybe sobbing is the right word.

    I hated seeing his penis. But I loved seeing his penis. And when I had to hold his penis in my hand I felt very strange inside, and he has this habit of kissing me when I feel strange inside. I don't fight his penis anymore, or his hands, or his kisses, or his words, I don't fight anymore.

    My day now, after work, is to go 'home' and take care of things there so that we can have dinner. I have different people I see now, and some of the old people I used to see. A lot of people know about my past. In my circle and my family it was pretty well known because I was a loud mouth activist, which I just can't get the energy to do anymore. I hear it, but I don't want to be a part of it anymore. I should say so that you can understand I went to college at Berkley.

    He put it out there. Get married and settle down. I didn't say no. Everyone is a little skeptical about helping me with a wedding. I understand. No one believes I will go through with it. But I will, I am on a different boat now, with a different captain in my life. My best friend gave me an apron, a symbol she said of what I have become. She is happy for me, it was a joke, but it isn't really a joke. I put it on one morning and I asked him if this is what he wanted, he said yes, and more. Maybe I am now ready for an apron.

    So I am coming out of the closet. I am straight.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My boss is a thirty eight year old woman who adores having her pussy, clit and asshole tongued. She's funnily enough not that bothered about being fucked (Not that I could), but she loves me licking her enormous clit. It's easily an inch and half long and looks like a small cock, which protrudes from her very large labia's. Most days she now has me visit her in the afternoons, to get between her legs as she lays on her office couch.
    It came about when she offered me promotion out of the blue. All she said was "There's a new position available, I'd like you to have it, but there's a proviso". As she's married and her husband owns the company, I had no idea what she was going to say next, but she added "Give me oral sex whenever I want it, and along with the large increase in pay, your main job is to keep me and my pussy happy".
    She's not the first woman I've had sex with, as I had sex with three girls in college and I've spent time with my boyfriends mom in bed. But she is by far the most demanding, making sure I pleasure her pussy, enormous clit and her beautiful ass.
    Things changed recently though, as she took me over to her home. I thought we were alone, but after we'd had sex in what I thought was her and her husbands bed, he appeared, said hello and walked into another bedroom. It appears they no longer have sex as he's more into fucking young males. Their marriage I've now learned, is one of convenience. So she gets to have sex with who and when she likes.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 29

    I got roped into helping our neighbor rebuild his garage. He was a recently retired man who had purchased the property as a rental. No pay, this was one of those things where you agree but never wanted to agree. He was our neighbor. We lived in an older neighborhood, built up in the thirties, with small wooden houses and a few had stand alone one car garages. His was one of these houses. My roommate and I lived next door, in a house with no garage so we parked in the street.

    Anyway, he wanted to rebuild his garage, get it into condition so he could park a car in there. The structure was pretty bad, and even though I had agreed to help him I felt it was a waste of time. We had already emptied out everything in the garage, most of it was trash, should have been thrown out a long time ago. I won't say we were sweaty, but we were a little.

    He pulled the garage door down and I turned around to see what was going on and he had lowered his pants. He was standing there with his pants around his ankles. He looked at me, standing there, and all he said was something like when you want it you want it. As he stood there he was able to move his penis with his stomach muscles, his penis moved up and down and up and down. Minutes passed, I would look up into his eyes, but I focused mostly on his penis.

    I broke down and went over and got on my knees and put his penis in my mouth and I sucked him and sucked him. He ran his fingers through my hair, keeping my head focused on him. He got large and hard and was using my hand to hold his penis. After a while, who can count time, I felt him start to react and he held my head with both hands and he released himself in my face and when he was done he put his penis on my lips and I sucked him a bit more.

    When you want something you want something.

    That experience more than any other sticks in my mind. That is the day that I walked across the line and I could no longer tell myself that it was just my imagination. That afternoon I knew I was a cock sucker.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 22

    I set up elaborate scenerios that never come to fruition because, along the line, I realize I would never be confident or sexy enough to counterbalance the "weirdo" aspects. So, humour me as a faceless entity. I hope someone out there thought me at least a bit interesting.

    I would love to suck someone off in a ranked match of Overwatch or DotA 2. Voice chat on, mandatory. Hearing him trying to communicate to complete strangers in a strained, breathy voice would be just delectable.

    I would love to manipulate the game by matching the intensity. Deepthroating at the vigorous tapping of a team fight. Pausing, just licking the tip when his keystrokes cease, waiting for the timer. Though, as much as I'd enjoy feeling the struggling flesh against my tongue, I think I fantasize most about a flawless Invoker taking the challenge full on; face fucking me as a reward for a team wipe, and bobbing me up and down nonchalant as he builds his items...that general vein, and then teasing me to a much better effect.

    Similarly, getting a steamer to do a Dark Souls run as I bother them thoroughly. It would never work logistically, but here I am with a savefile with all the right bonefires lit and more ascetic than I can use. Gah, even I find it a bit odd that a savefile plays catalyst to one of my fantasies.

    Dark Souls 2 DLC. Fume Knight, Ivory King, Elena the Squalid Queen. Viewer participation, hopefully humiliating someone who could beat the game with half a piano and a pineapple.

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