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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    Because my husband cannot keep me happy sexually anyn==more (We've been married three years), I cheat on him often, having quickies with work contractors who are building a new roadway close to our home. There's a mobile food van which parks only fifty yards from our home, so it's easy to attract young willing guys to have sex with me. But it's the older married ones who fuck me the way I like. Rough, hard and extremely spontaneous. They're never long drawn out sessions, as I prefer to suck them hard, and then have them fuck me as they wish to orgasm. In the last eight months since they started, I've been fucked by nine different men. With on one occasion, two guys taking turns to fuck me during their lunch break. I know I'm known amongst the workers for sex and being a slut, so I play on it to get what I want, when I want. And that's horny anything goes hard and dirty sex. Just how I like it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 22

    I love watching my mom masturbate ! I noticed a couple of months ago that a couple of my porn DVDs were missing, I ended up finding one in our Blu Ray player in our family room, me, my mom & dad are the only ones living in the house now and my father works quite a bit or is out of town working so I kind of figured it was my mom. I hid my camcorder in our family room and started turning it on every morning before I would leave for work then check it when I got home. Nothing happened the first 2 times I did it but the 3rd time was the charm ! I seen my mom come into the family room with a DVD in one hand and a dildo in the other, she had on a pair of cutoff sweat pants shorts and a bra, she put the DVD in and started playing it and sat on the couch, her hand instantly went down inside her shorts, I could tell she was finger fucking herself, that lasted about 5 minutes then she pulled the crotch of her shorts to one side and started fucking herself with the dildo, I seen her cum 2 times, it was a total fucking rush the first time I seen this unbelievable ! I have now seen her do this 8 or 9 times and it is some serious jacking off material to watch, better than watching any porno flick by far, maybe because it's real & it's my mom,it's so fucking hot watching her get into it, I can tell she must definitely still like to fuck, not into the i****t thing but OMG her pussy looks good, I have wondered if I could get into her panties if I tried, I think I would definitely eat her out if I had the chance, that pussy looks awesome, I think if I tried hard enough I could fuck her, but don't think I have the balls to try that.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 33

    I don't think my life is normal at all. I live with two other girls. We pretty much sleep together in a king size bed. We are small so we all fit on the bed. We are not experimenting, we are now in our early thirties and we have lived together for seven years. We have two way and three way sex together all the time. We have all had boyfriends from time to time, but nothing sticks. None of us are virgins in that sense, we have all had intercourse with men.

    We aren't confused, we know we are lesbians. Getting together with guys is more about going places with them, and sometimes we have sex with them, but it is over as soon as he is done. We go home where we belong. For me I could go with never having sex with a man. Intercourse bothers me. I would say that we have all gotten over having sex with a man.

    We have dogs, but no children. I guess that is the one thing that we have not fully agreed on. When and who. Straight couples never have that discussion, who should be the one to get pregnant. The idea of being pregnant is easier for me to accept now than it was when I was 25. We have some girlfriends that got pregnant with an anonymous donor service. I'm not saying that is the way we would go, what we have discussed, we agree that any children will be from a known and involved baby father. Plus I don't think I would ever go to a service, that seems pretty cold to me.

    I am not confessing to anything, I guess I am writing because we are on the next doorstep in our lives, being parents.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    Growing up my two Cousins and I were very close and still are today. As young boys we were always together and it was bound to happen since we saw each other naked so often we had to experiment. The 3 of us jacked off in front of each other we jacked each other off all the time before any of us could even cum.
    Sucking each other was pretty easy and we all enjoyed it and liked to watch each other suck a dick. Not long after we started sucking dick the oldest one fucked me for the first time in front of his younger brother. Of course he had to be next so he fucked me right after his older brother did. I enjoyed it as much as they did so the next time I asked them to fuck me and it was even better than the firs time. We all grew up out in the country so it wasn`t hard at all to find places to have sex and not get caught.
    On my Parents land there was an old farm house quite a ways from our house. We went there quite often to suck each others dicks and it was my favorite thing to do back then. I really liked taking off all my clothes and letting both of them fuck me as many times as they could. I liked being naked and being used by my two horny hung cousins and I really enjoyed having them cum inside of me and nothing felt so good as their big hard dicks going off deep in my ass and the more they got off in my ass the more I wanted it.
    As we got older they fucked me all the time and on weekends we would fuck as much as possible. Once we got old enough to drive we went to a lot of different places outdoors so they could fuck me in the ass. I can still remember driving down the road in our pick up trucks and me in the middle rubbing their crotches while they talked about fucking me. Many times I had one in my ass and sucking on the other one anxious for both of them to cum in me at both ends.
    When I was 16 we tried our first DP and it was not easy a little painful but once both their dicks was in my ass it felt great and they both came in my ass in the middle of the night in our tent. I liked having their cum in me and having so much of it inside me it would drip out of me for hours. There was something that excited me letting my cousins fuck me in the ass. No one ever suspected a thing because we all grew up together and were all very close. None of us even acted gay and we were all 3 rough outdoors type hard working country boys and I liked getting fucked and they both liked fucking me back then.
    The oldest one asked me one day if I wanted to meet his friend from school and he came right out and told me he had told him everything and he wanted to fuck me too. A few days later while my cousin was still on top of me with his dick in my ass after he had just got off in my ass I told him to bring his friend on our camp out that weekend. After I met him and we all talked awhile I felt comfortable and the 3 of them fucked me for hours that night and he had a fairly big dick and I was a fuck toy for 3 very horny hard dicked boys all weekend and many weekends after that.
    For some reason it just turned me on and excited me very much knowing they were going to fuck me and taking my clothes off for them to use me shove their dicks in me fuck me cum in me talk dirty to me and any other ting they wanted to do to me excited me. We stopped doing it eventually as we got older and married but I have let both of them fuck me a few times over the years when they just wanted to do it. Both of them came to me when they were having problems with their wives and just needed to get off. Just two weeks ago me and my oldest cousin wet fishing and wound up way back up in the woods with him fucking the hell out of me and he came really hard in my ass two times and it felt good. I wished they wanted to fuck me more often but we are all married and stay pretty busy most of the time but I am never too busy for my well hung cousins.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Lesbian Female / 29

    After college I moved to Oregon to teach at elementary school. I rented a garage apartment from a couple in their fifties. I was in her kitchen in my mind visiting, when she told me that what she and her husband had in common is that they both liked pussy. I didn't know how to respond and the next thing she grabbed my breast and asked if I had ever thought about getting together in a little menage a troi. By the time she finished her sentence she had pushed me back into the corner of the kitchen and she had both hands on my breasts and she was trying to kiss me.

    I told her she was a freak, to let me go and she just answered that she was going to eat my pussy and Franck was going to fuck my pussy. I kept fighting off her face, she had her arms around me and her hands on my butt and I saw Franck standing there, I felt her kiss on my cheek and lips and she fell to her knees and grabbing my butt she shoved her face into my pussy. Franck came over and touched my face and breasts and told her to let me go and took me to their bedroom.

    On my back on the bed she worked and got my pants off and just went down on me while he took his clothes off. He opened my shirt and worked my shirt and bra off over my head and pushed her away and he fucked me. When he got off she went back to eating me. After a few minutes I got off and she lay with her head on my stomach playing with my breasts.

    My initiation that evening was the beginning of four years of being their sex toy. I moved on but I am still very close with them. I have my own initiate now. I met her at a Christian book store. She struggles with having her pussy eaten, with having pussy in her mouth. She doesn't want to be a pussy eater, but she is. She has never been fucked and I don't want her fucked. Fucking isn't necessary, if I had an old man I would let him fuck her, but I don't have an old man, well maybe Franck, maybe for his sixtieth birthday I will give him a birthday present. When she gets fucked I am going to be there. I am going to watch him tear her open and then I am going to eat her.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    Like most young boys growing up I experimented with my best friend. it all started out just play with ourselves in front of each other and eventually playing with each other when we could get away with it. We touched each other a lot and often because it felt very good and excited us both. Once we got old enough to cum things got pretty interesting. We both liked to jack each other off and make each other cum.
    It wasn`t long after that we both admitted to knowing what our cum tasted like and later on we jacked off and on a dare we tasted our own cum in front of each other. I guess we both got excited seeing that because we talked about it often and did it several more times in front of each other and we both knew we were doing it in private almost every time we jacked off. It was bound to happen sooner or later and after we dared each other many times we tried sucking each others dicks one day after school.
    We both wanted to but couldn`t agree on who would suck who first. Finally one day after too much anticipation we drew straws and I was to suck his dick first but he had to suck mine too. After school that day we were walking home and took another trail thru the wooded area we always walked thru to and from school. We knew a spot where no one would see us so we went there and after a few nervous moments we both had our pants down stroking our dicks as he kept asking me if I was really going to do it. Finally after thinking about how much I wanted him to suck my dick knowing it was no going to happen unless I sucked his I stepped up close to him and grabbed his dick and slowly got to my knees. Looking up at him I made him promise again that he would suck mine after I sucked his.
    Once he promised me I slowly put my face even closer to his dick and after looking at my hand around it stroking it I stuck out my tongue and touched it to the head of his dick and before long I was licking it and in a few seconds had his dick in my mouth and it didn`t feel bad at all so I closed my lips around it and began to suck on it. He started to moan out loud right away and I knew it felt good so I kept on sucking his dick and he started talking to me telling me it felt god and asking me not to stop over and over then his hands were on my head and he began to move his hips back and forth moaning and telling me to suck it! Oh yes it feels good! Keep sucking me!
    Just listening to him and seeing how excited he was somehow made me want to try and excite him even more so I put my hands on his naked ass cheeks and began to squeeze his ass cheeks and pull him to me and the way his nuts felt each time they touched my chin and how the head of his dick felt in my mouth made me forget about everything except sucking his dick and making him feel good. I started to get the taste of something familiar in my mouth. It was his pre cum and it tasted much like my own and it excited me even more and in the heat of the moment I squeezed his ass cheeks really hard and pulled him to me as hard as I could as he pulled on my head and just as I was about to gag with his nuts smashed against my chin he started to cum and there was no turning back at that point.
    I had to gag as several warm squirts of his cum went right in my throat and my eyes began to water and it became hard for me to breath because my mouth was full of dick and my nose was buried in his belly as his cum went down my throat. When his nuts were empty he slowly let go of the tight grip he had on my head and I got my breath but he tried to keep his dick in my mouth and I just let him do whatever he wanted to at that point. I ended up sucking and licking around on his dick a bit more and even sucked on his nuts and had them in my mouth also and during all the excitement I came harder than I ever had and when I touched my dick I felt a little bit of cum on the head of my dick.
    I stroked my dick as I finished sucking on his nuts and once I stood up we just looked at each other not saying a word both of us in shock neither of us believing what had just happened and neither of us was expecting it to go that far and both of us knowing his cum was now in my stomach and it wasn`t that bad. As a matter of a fact it was pretty damn good.
    Before we had to leave for home he sucked my dick as he had agreed and returned the favor very well and tried to make me feel just as good as I had made him feel. His efforts were a carbon copy of what I had done to him earlier and now my cum was in his stomach and we had successfully given each other a very good first blow job and swallowed each others cum which neither of us ever expected would happen. I couldn`t stop thinking about it and neither could he so for at least a week or so every day we went down in the woods and sucked each other off and once we figured out what a 69 was we could not suck each other off enough and the first time we came together in a 69 was something neither of us would ever forget and something we did often.
    The real turning point in our friendship came one winter day after we had sucked each other off by the fireplace in my Parents house. They were both at work and would be gone all day so we had a long 69 in front of the fire place and were just sitting there naked talking when he asked me if he could tell me something but asked me no to get mad or think he was crazy. I said go ahead ask me what ever you want to. I could tell it wasn`t easy for him to talk about it and he tried several times to say it then finally he told me. He said that he had wondered about it for awhile and really wanted to try it. When I asked what it was he just looked at me for a few seconds and then said "Would you ever let me screw you in the butt?"
    I was shocked but had wondered about it myself many times but never talked to him about it. After we talked about it awhile I admitted to putting a finger in my ass several times while jacking off and it felt great and even told him I used Vaseline the last few times and it was much easier to get my finger in my ass and I tried taking two fingers and it felt god once I got used to it. He told me he tried fingering his ass too but didn`t like it much and that's what go him to thinking about wanting to screw me in the butt.
    By then we were both hard as a rock and had our hands around each others dicks and he was really waning to try to screw me. I really wanted to try it so I finally said we could try it only if he would stop if I asked him to. He agreed and I went to get the Vaseline and a towel for me to lay on in the floor by the fire place. It was not that easy to do at first and I wasn`t that comfortable letting him see me stick the Vaseline in my asshole but he seemed to enjoy watching it. We talked about how we were going to do it and after me getting in to several different positions I ended up face down on the towel with my feet wide apart and we both agreed that it looked like the best way to try it for our first time.
    By then I was just as excited as he was and my asshole had begun to tingle in anticipation of him trying to put his dick inside of me. I felt him kneel between my legs then lay on top of me and his dick was harder than ever as he humped on my ass breathing on the back of me neck as I laid there quietly waiting to see what he was going to do next. He asked me if I was ready to try it and I just said I think so. I can still remember how it felt for me to lay there naked with him on top of me naked as he raised up bracing his upper body on hos left arm and his right hand on his dick as he rubbed it up and down the crack of my ass pushing down a little harder each time he rubbed the head of his dick across my asshole.
    Then I got too excited and really wanted to feel him penetrate my young tight 13 year old ass so I reached back wit both hands and spread my ass cheeks for him to try and help him enter me and I even told him at that point to "Go head and see if you can stick it in me" He put the head of his dick right on my asshole then pushed and I began to wonder if I was going to be able to take it then I felt my tiny hole begin to open up slowly as he kept pushing and I felt a little stinging sensation around my asshole as I felt the hard of his dick go inside of me and I told him to go slow as it hurt quite a bit and he had to take it out three different times before I was able to let him put it all the way in my ass.
    I was laying there with my eyes closed my best friend on top of my naked body with his hard dick nuts deep in my asshole as the stinging continued. His nuts touching mine and I could feel his pulse beating in my ass as his dick twitched inside of me and then he told me it felt good to him and asked if it felt good to me. I told him it was starting to feel better then he lightly thrust his dick in to me a few times as we both grunted and groaned and a lot of moaning then he told me he was going to cum. I said Already! He said it just felt too good and he couldn`t stop and before I could say anything he started to cum in my ass and really shove it in me hard and during all the excitement I came all over myself and we both went crazy as he really shoved his dick up my ass hard and I squeezed his dick with my asshole as I laid there in my own cum as my best friend put his cum deep in my ass.
    Right away we both wanted to do it some more and I asked him not to take it out of me and he said he didn`t want to either and what happened next was very good for both of us. He was able to fuck me that time and it took him a long time to cum the second time and just before he did I was telling him to do it harder! Go faster! and then I asked him several times to cum in me and he did. He came a lot and kept grinding his dick around in my ass until it went soft and slipped out and his cum covered dick was between my legs as he held me tight humping me telling me how much he liked it and we just laid thee talking as he humped on my and we talked about what we both enjoyed most screwing and I felt his cum start to leak out of my ass. At that point I just had to ask him if he would ever want to do it again and he said sure any time I would let him. Then I told him I lied it and it felt very good and then I told him really liked the way I felt when he came inside of me and I wanted him to cum in me a lot more.
    We took a shower together after that and as we talked and soaped up washing our young naked horny bodies I rubbed my ass on him a few times and then asked him to stick it in me again which he was more than happy to do. I leaned forward and from behind he easily put his dick in me and I just stood there as the warm water ran over my naked body and my best friend fucked me in the ass and put a third warm load up my asshole. When his came out of my ass I felt his cum run down my leg. We showered and put on a pair of shorts and hung around the house talking and about an hour or so before I knew my Mom would be home I told him I wanted him to screw me again an we did it in my room with me bent over the end of my bed with him standing behind me fucking me. At one point I turned my head to the side and could see him fucking me in the mirror on the back of my bedroom door and watched until he came in my ass for the forth time that day. We barely got cleaned up and were sitting watching TV when my Mom got home.
    That was when we were 13. We are both in our mid to late 50`s now. Both happily married with kids and grandkids and no one person even knows that we are sill doing it together. We hunt and fish together all the time. Both of us are very straight acting muscular masculine men that no one would ever suspect of being anything but best friends. He really gets off sucking my big hard dick and we bot still like to 69 to completion very much when ever we can but my favorite thing is taking his extra thick 9" dick balls deep in my ass. He really fucks me good and shoots huge thick loads in to me and it just feels good.
    Twice a year once in the winter we take a week to go hunting and a week together in the summer to fish and we both enjoy it very much. Sex between us is very casual and relaxed and very normal and neither of us plan to stop doing it any time soon. Just two very good life long friends having some very good private sex together.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    When I was a young boy I discovered that I liked to finger my ass. Once I did it I wanted to do it all the time and it felt damn good. I liked it so much I tried different tings that looked like they might feel good in my ass and I discovered Vaseline and Baby oil which made it much easier to put things in my ass and it sure felt better with a little lube. Just sticking things in my ass wasn`t enough so I figured out how to fuck myself and it really felt good. I was very curious so in the bathroom when I would be taking a shower I would bend over in front of the mirror and watch as I stuck different things up my asshole.
    I always liked jacking off and with something up my ass it just felt so much better and once I got old enough to cum I really liked it and being so curious I just had to taste my cum and didn`t mind licking it off my fingers almost every time. Being such a horny curious young boy I figured out how to lay on my back with my knees up close to my head and shoot my cum in my mouth and wishing I could suck my own dick. I have a younger cousin that I used to suck when he came to our house. I told him he could never tell no one and he never did and I got him to suck me quite few times but he didn`t like for me to cum in his mouth. We never talk about it these days but I know he still remembers it like I do.
    Once I got old enough to stay home alone during the summer when school was out I had all day to play with myself and I stayed naked all day long figuring out many different ways to excite myself and kept something stuck up my ass all the time. There were several things around the house that were not that easy to put in my ass but once I got them in they would stay and not slip out. I liked walking around naked with them stuck up my ass and if I left them in long enough it would make me cum without touching myself.
    When my friends would come over I always thought about what it might be like to let them screw me in the ass and how it would feel with the real thing. I thought about it often and by the time I was in the 8th grade I had this one very good friend that I thought I might be able to talk to about this. It took me a good long while to get up the courage to talk to him about it and once I did not only was he shocked and didn`t believe me he said I was crazy.
    A few days later he actually brought it up and asked me a ton of questions about it wanting to know all about it. The longer we talked the more excited we both got and out of the blue he really shocked me when he told me he really didn`t believe that I stuck things up my butt and then he dared me to do it in front of him. I thought about it a few minutes as he continued to dare me so I said would do it then told him to come with me to the bathroom. We got in the bathroom and I locked the door. No one was home but I locked it any way. Once we were in there I slowly got my shorts off then my underwear and his eyes got pretty big as he checked me out and looked at how hard my dick was then I turned around and let him check out my ass which he was still very anxious to see if I would really stick something in it.
    He was rubbing his crotch thru his shorts telling me he wanted to see me do it. I let him watch as I put a finger in my ass with Vaseline on it then reach way back in the back of the cabinet and pull out this little plastic tube that used to hold my toothbrush. I turned my ass to him and with one foot up on the toilet I reached between my legs and stuck the tube all the way up my ass then let him watch me fuck myself as he stood behind me in shock. I could see him in the mirror rubbing his crotch getting excited then when he couldn`t take it any longer he took his pants down and began to jack off standing behind me and in just a few seconds he lost it and got real close in behind me threw his head back and started to cum and it went all over my ass and he was moaning and stroking his dick like crazy an I could feel his warm slick cum run down over my ass cheeks.
    He touched my ass with his hands several times and even touched the tube in my ass then once I pulled it out he left and I washed my ass off then went back in the Living room where he was. He admitted that it excited him more than he thought it would and we talked about it a long time before he asked if I would do it again. I a few minutes we were back in the bathroom doing the same thing and he took my hand away and he worked the tube in and out of my ass while we both jacked off and this time his dick was touching my ass when he came and I came on the floor.
    He asked me if I could keep the tube in my ass awhile so did and he kept wanting to look at it until he had to leave. After that first day he came to my house often and he liked t stick things in my ass and seemed to get off fucking me in the as with a lot of different tings that I always used and he really got off shooting his cum on my ass. One day I jacked him off and he liked it so I jacked him off a lot. One day I tricked him in to letting me tie him up and watch me do it to myself. Once I had him tied up to the end of my bed I took off my clothes and then took his jeans and underwear down around his ankles. He got worried about what I was going t do knowing he couldn`t stop me I went to my knees and stated to jack him off then put his dick in my mouth and sucked him off. He didn`t want me to at first and told me to stop a few times then he began to moan and move his hips then not long after that he came in my mouth and I played with his dick with his cum all over it then backed my ass up to him and rubbed my naked ass all over his dick getting him hard again.
    He asked me to tie him up again over the next few days and I sucked him off each time then one da I had him tied to the end of my bed on his knees and after sucking him off I backed up to him rubbing my ass around on his dick until he was nice ad hard then I reached back and grabbed his dick and held it to my asshole and pushed back until it went in my ass then I pushed until it was all the way in and I fucked him until he came in my asshole. When untied him he wanted to do it again and as soon as he could get hard he fucked me and he continued to fuck me until we got out of High School.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Sixty years young here. Last night is sucked cock for the first time in a long time. I sucked him to completion and swallowed some of his cum.

    We met aboard a long distance flight, he was a copilot who was getting some rest. We talked during dinner and had a drink and kept on talking. After landing I went to my hotel and I saw him arrive with the rest of the flight crew and check in. We met up after he checked in and he asked me if I was staying in the hotel. He asked if I wanted to go and get some real Italian food, he new a restaurant about a 15 minute cab ride. He wanted to go shower and get into civilian clothes and we agreed to meet in an hour.

    We caught the cab, he spoke some Italian and the driver got us the restaurant with out a problem. It was early for Milan, we had the place to ourselves. He ordered some wine for us, we talked, he asked to see my watch, he held my wrist while he examined it. We drank a half of the bottle, we ordered some appetizers, we talked politics and disagreed, the place started to fill and we ordered dinner.

    After dinner we decided to walk back, it was about a 45 minute walk. Along the way we came to a corner with a light. He asked out loud how many lovers had stood there and kissed. He took my hand and pulled me back, he leaned against the light pole and I kissed him. We walked the rest of the way arm in arm.

    At the hotel he suggested that we go to my room, because his crew was on the same floor as his room. We talked, and he got undressed and invited me to join him. Naked we lay on the bed and kissed and mutually handled our cocks. He leaned down first and sucked on me, he then laid back on the bed with his arms behind his back and gave me his cock to suck. It was electric, it had been a long time, his cock was nice, not too large or too small, his erect cock was a pleasure to hold and suck. My hunger grew until I sucked him to completion. He came partially in my mouth and showed him that I swallowed his cum.

    We lay there with the window open to the Italian moon, soon he was back on my cock giving me a full blow job, I was erect like I hadn't been for a long time, more erect than you can get masturbating. He sais he was ok if we got to know each other in a boyfriend way, he said he wanted it missionary, he wanted to look at me while I fucked him. He used some of his spit on himself and reached out for me to get on. He lined up my cock and I pressed against him, he said to just do it, just use power to do it, he wanted to feel it. He flinched and pulled back a little but I was in and we had a real good fuck.

    After we had recovered and we were laying naked again on the bed, he asked me who and when was my last fuck. I confessed it was a long time ago, I hadn't had sex with a man for over 30 years. He welcomed me back.

    The next day I went to my business appointments and he flew back to the states. It had been a long time, but like riding a bike, you don't forget. I'm glad we got together. I needed that.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 35

    My wife Niki and I responded to an add in a contact mag. Bi female 40 years old wishing to contact couple willing to help run a small holiday caravan park in rural France. We emailed the lady (Jane) back and she replied quite quickly on seeing our photos. But added that she catered for nudists and would expect us to be able to cope with this. And she would expect me to manage the site as she would run the small café. She was willing to cover the cost of our travel providing we agreed to post on a nude photos of Niki. And I would agree that Niki would act as a slave for the two of us. The night before we agree to reply to her request we hardly slept. Niki was unsure about it. We made love and Niki was really horny. And she was very vocal. During our shag Niki told me " I will pose for you in the nude get the camera". I said you realise want this means. She told me that being nude and having a master and a mistress felt right. I added you will have to allow Jane to fuck you. Niki left the bedroom and returned with a slave collar and lead. Will it please my master to but on my collar on. I asked when did you get that. Niki told me she had it for some time just waiting for the right time introduce it. And now seemed the time. The collar was a thin steel collar which clipped at the back and once closed was difficult to remove. Then Niki explained the end of the lead could be used as a lash. Niki stood there collar on and bollock naked. She looked fAB long slim legs small tit with large nipple and shaved pussy with a small gold pierced ring. She went down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth stopping now and then to tell me. "I am a slave to be used by you and my mistress I love being" I stopped her you love being fucked now say it. Niki has never used that f word. Yes master I love being fucked. And you will have to get used to being fucked by a woman wearing a strap on cock. I reminded her. We could hardly hold back as we fucked again. The following morning I got Niki to email Jane with the nude photo and addressing her as mistress and agreeing to come over to France. Within 10 minutes Jane replied thanking me and said she was happy to see her slave was shave and ringed. She asked me to pass on to her slave that she was looking forward to examining body on arrival. And that she must address all my horny nudist guests as master or mistress. We let our house to my cousin and this wife and we departed for France. Niki went in a cotton mini dress no bra as she really didn't need one with small tits but also no knickers. Once in the airport out of view I fingered her juicy c**t. On arrival in France Jane was there to meet us. She was far more attractive than I had hope for. She kissed me then walked over to Niki and kissed her long and hard and one hand on her arse. I told Jane our slave is nude under that dress. Jane smiled. I could tell and so must everyone else here. Niki blushed. You will get used to it as my slave. I will often show off you in the nude Jane said with some authority.

    TO CON.

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    Straight Female / 19

    Starting when I was in the sixth grade I started to dress with boys clothes. I didn't have much of anything so boys clothes fit. My hips did get a little bit bigger and my boobs did get a little bit bigger, so I wore loser fitting pants and lose shirts. I didn't like wearing a bra, but I had to use bandaids over my nipples. By the time I was fifteen I was totally boy, I wore my hair in boy's cut and I used a nickname Sam.

    I didn't have any facial hair and I guess I walked wrong or something. At a party for one of my cousins a friend of hers kept hitting on me and calling me all sorts of names, he kept grabbing me by the crotch looking for evidence that I had a set of balls. He kissed me all over my face because my face was soft. He eventually got his hands down my pants and 'proved' I was a girl. He said he wanted to fuck me because he had never fucked a boy/girl.

    He ate me until all I wanted was for him to get on me and get it over with. Fucking was so good. He knew it and we have been in a relationship with each other for the last two years.

    I went to Berkley and at Berkley I met a girl who liked my look and in a quiet moment she whispered what she was dreaming of doing with me. I don't know why but I went along with her play and found myself being kissed and kissing her back. We ended up making girl love and liking it. I hadn't been with anyone since I went to college, and maybe I wanted the physical human contact. Or maybe she made me horny.

    We hung out, I wont say dated, but we hung out and did a lot of things together and we had girl sex.

    My boyfriend came out to see me and it was non stop sex. We talked about staying together and agreed. I even told him that yes I would have children, but after I graduated.

    I think I am basically heterosexual, at least with my boyfriend I am. My playing around feels like a game, a just for fun thing. I do really enjoy the sex, and I don't feel at all uncomfortable being with her. I know it is a loaded question, but what am I? I am indicating I am straight, but can I be straight and like getting it on with a girl?

    Also, for full disclosure, I have only had straight sex with my boyfriend, and girl sex with this one girl at college.

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