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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 32

    Walking around the house with no bra today, he hasn't commented, even though it's a new shirt and tits look fabulous in it. It's black, silky and thin. I'm wet as hell, and I'm pretending that he's pretending not to notice to dominate me. He's really not, he's not that into me lately, but fuck it, why shouldn't I enjoy the fantasy.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Right now I'm in the departure lounge of my local airport. My wife is sat slumped asleep nearby, and has been asleep for over half an hour.
    Our flight has been delayed for two hours, which gave her the opportunity to sleep. It also gave me the opportunity to say yes to a young guy who's dealing with our flight. He asked me at check in if I required absolutely anything else, to let him know. At the gate he approached me and enquired if my wife was a heavy sleeper. When I told him she can sleep on clothes line, he smiled, winked and asked me to follow him.
    In a small side room next to the gate, he immediately sank down opened my trousers and took out my cock. Not wasting any time, he sucked in my growing cock, and began to give me one hell of a blow job.
    With my cock pulsing in his mouth after a few minutes, he released my cock, stood up and slid down his trousers and boxers. Looking at his tight looking arse as he bent right over, I knew perfectly well what he wanted.
    Fucking him without a condom at that time didn't even cross my mind. I'd already sunk my cock deep up his arsehole, before I thought about protection. And by then I would have fucked my gran, as his fuck hole was so nice.
    There wasn't any chance sexually to deny what we both wanted, so I just went for it. Knowing it was a free fuck I absolutely hammered his arse. Every thrust, from the first to the moment he begged me to cum inside him, I sank every inch of my cock up his boy pussy.
    Not caring about him and his orgasm however, didn't stop him from cumming in a series of shallow jerks, which sent me over the sexual edge, making me cum hard up his sweet bum.
    Still coupled, he turned to me, smiled and asked me what date I was due home. Telling him, we separated and we both got ourselves together.
    He's stood now only ten feet from where we're sat. He took himself off to the gents after we'd finished fucking, and I discovered my wife still fast asleep.
    She's still asleep now, but won't be for long as our flight has just been announced.
    In a few moments time we'll go through the gate and board our flight, but not before I let Daniel know when we'll be back. How else will our next door neighbours son know when to call by to receive my cock up his arsehole again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    I think of perverts as being active and passive - my Uncle Bill was an active pervert, as he cought out lovers to practice his perversions on. My mother and I are passive perverts - we don't seek out our perversions, but we enjoy them when others use us for them.

    My parents divorced when I was a kid. I don't know whether my mother became a drunk before or after the divorce, but after it I saw her drunk a lot. Enough that she lost her job and had trouble keeping one.

    When I was 8, Mom began visiting Uncle Bill (her uncle, my great-uncle) a couple of tuimes a week and now she had money. All I know was that she would go there dressed real fancy and I wouldn't see her until the next morning.

    Just before my 9th birthday, she dressed me up nice and told me that I'd be going with her from now on. She got money doing "favors" for Uncle Bill and he wanted to train me to do the same "favors". She said he promised to pay our rent on top of paying her, so it was all good. I was just excited at being able to help pay the bills.

    We spent a whole night with Uncle Bill, who fucked Mom right in front of me. He wanted me to see everything, and he kept telling me how it would be me doing these things soon. He also mentioned how much Mom enjoyed it and that his sister, my grandmother, had enjoyed being fucked by him when she was my age. Mom made a great show of enjoying everything.

    We stayed the night, and when we went home, Mom told me that while Uncle Bill was "pretty good", she had been done by better, and all guys like girls to be dirty-talking and excited when they fuck. I spent the rest of that week in training, Mom teaching me to use a vibrator on my pussy and ass and make myself cum, how to talk dirty, and how to french-kiss and give and receive rimjobs (Uncle Bill loved those).

    When we went to Uncle Bill's the next week all the sex training had gotten me worked up and my pussy was dripping. Mom fucked a friend of Uncle Bill's while Uncle Bill "taught" me all about sex. We spent the night again and I also fucked Uncle Bill's friend, whose name I never learned. I actually enjoyed it a lot.

    Afte r that, Mom would drop me off at Uncle Bill's on Saturday's and whenever he called, while she was "turned out". We made a nice living, and I really liked what we did. After a couple of years I got the idea about Mom and me being whores for Uncle Bill and all, but I didn't mind because Uncle Bill treated me like a princess and gave me orgasmxs and presents, and I loved having a secret.

    When I was 12, Mom got pregnant by some guy and Uncle Bill resumed fucking her because he had a preggy fetish. I got jealous and actually tried to get pregnant. Uncle Bill loved the idea nd he knocked me my and I had his baby just a month after Mom had hers. Mom needed to stay in the hospital and mine was a bit premature, so we passed them off as her twins. So I had a half-brother and a daughter/cousin who I treated like a little sister.

    Uncle Bill loved the whole i****t thing, and when I was 19 he paid me extra to give the "Twins" rimjobs and oral sex in front of him. After ten years of doing everything Uncle Bill said, I didn't hesitate. I also stood back while Uncle Bill ass-fucked them both. Mom died around that time from a drug overdose.

    In 2003, Uncle Bill's money went away thanks to stupid investments. He couldn't pay for fucking me or the "Twins" anymore. Luckily I had a nice home and some savings. I considered getting myself a boyfriend - I was just 24 and pretty nice looking - but the "Twins" were just entering puberty and had spent five years as whores, and they didn't have any inhibitions about fucking each other, fucking me, or fucking complete strangers if it struck thier fancy. So I kind of had to spend all my spare time keeping them under control.

    for some reason my little girl decided to have a i****t baby, so I got myself knocked up to cover for her. We did a good job of timing it because we had our babies in two weeks of each other, and we passed them off as twin boys.

    The "Twins" now pass themselves off as a married couple, instead of siblings like they were raised (or uncle and niece, which they really are) and are complete perverts. While I've had a number of one-night stands over the years, the "Twins" have only had i****t. The Twin Boys are just as perverted, which I don't mind. I'm a very passive pervert, and don't resist at all when any of my boys decide to have a go with me.

    I probably could use a lot of therapy, but it doesn't seem very urgent.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 37

    Last week, I loaded up the wife and kids and headed out of state for a well deserved ski vacation. The stress of last months happenings was taking it's toll on Linda , my wife and on me. Our house was burglarized while we were at her parents. The feeling of violation and helplessness is indescribable, all of our personal belongings and effects were gone through and almost all of our valuables are gone forever. Insurance helps, but not everything can be replaced. We discussed alarm systems or a dog but we already have a salt water fish tank and Pickles the Guinea Pig ( my daughter Megan's pet). We decided against a dog due to my son's allergies.

    I booked a suite at a resort in New England, with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and bath and my wife Linda asked Paige, the kids babysitter to watch the pets and bring in the mail while we were gone. Paige is a High school senior who has been watching the kids for the last 2 years, has always been trustworthy and the kids like her. Although a little thick, she's very pretty but very shy. We gave Paige a key and a note with basic directions Sunday night and left on Monday.

    Apparently, we neglected to tell Paige about the motion activated wi-fi cameras we had installed after the break in. If you're unfamiliar with them, they send a text to your phone if activated allowing you to see, hear and respond to anyone in proximity. Every day around 3, I would get texts as Paige would enter the house, and go to the den and feed the fish and into Megan's room to feed Pickles. On Thursday, I didn't get the text until after 7pm so I checked the camera's. After feeding the fish, Paige went into Megan's room, fed the Guinea Pig and sat on the bed. She had earbuds into her phone and the dance music she was listening to was loud enough for me to hear it on the camera. I was shocked to see Paige open a window, and take out a pipe and rip a few hits! She went back to the bed and laid back, just looking at the ceiling and my daughter's posters on the wall. I wasn't really paying attention, but when I looked back at the phone she had her hand between her legs rubbing her crotch! The babysitter was jilling in my daughter's room!

    I took the phone into the bathroom and when I looked at it again, she had her pants open with one hand under her shirt and the other in her panties. I was getting hard as she pulled her top and bra up and started squeezing and pinching her nipples. They were hard and a bright pink and I was amazed at how hard she would tug on them. She turned around and I couldn't see her face but she grabbed Megan's pillow and stuffed bear, laid them on the bed and started rocking on them. I could hear the music but her breathing and moans started getting louder. She was bouncing pretty hard, and I had to unzip, I was really uncomfortable in my pants. I dropped them around my ankles and started stroking to Paige's masturbation show. I thought she came, but Paige rolled onto her back, lifted her butt into the air and wiggled her pants down to her knees. When she rolled, all I could see was the top of her head and her playing with her tits, but I could certainly hear her fingers going in and out of her very wet pussy.

    I was mesmerized by watching this shy young girl playing with herself and how hard she would pinch herself. As she got close to orgasm, she opened her hand flat, and started slapping her pussy lips as she raised her hips off the bed. I had to mute the phone because when she did come, she was screaming! I came so hard, I shot across the bathroom and had to take a bath towel to clean up the mess. I was exhausted. I took a hot shower.

    When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Linda on the bed wearing a new teddy and the kids were in their room. She asked I was ok, I was in there a long time, I just told her my body was sore from skiing. She told me to lie down, and she started giving me a massage. It turned into a very personal massage. Thank goodness I had a few Viagra s in my bag. It was starting to be a helluva night. No details about what I did with the wife, but I will say she had very sore tits and I had never slapped her pussy before. In the morning when we woke, she said it was different but enjoyable. I just laid back and imagined Paige as Linda sucked me off.

    There were no more incidents, and when we came home on Sunday, Linda went to pay Paige and I downloaded the camera footage into my personal portable hard drive. I don't think I'll mention the cameras yet, but I do anticipate the next time Paige babysits.

    There were no more experiences in the days that followed. When we came home, Linda paid Paige and I made sure the camera feed was stored on my personal portable hard drive. I will be waiting for the next time she babysits!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I've been going through some ruff financial times (I'm super independent and I will not ask for help from anyone, it's a pride thing) and on top of it my car brakes down, the girl I was dating leaves me, I buy another car and it gets stolen, with only liability insurance it was a total loss, no money from the insurance... So I moved in with my family for few months to get back on my feet.

    Now I don't have privacy, who dates a guy living with his mama, etc... So I started a profile on A4A to meet some gay guys. With the move, New Years, and all the stress, I hadn't masterbated for over a week (most of the time I do it at least once a day), so I was super horney. I wanted some company.

    So I stated contacting some guys talking about what they like, I'm looking to set up something. No luck, Nothing possibly until later. So one guy tells me he's watching porn, so ask if he needs company, he says yes and asks if it's ok if his friend is there and I say yes. In my mind I'm thinking two guys watching porn jerking off I'm in, no biggie, I need to run one out and I can't do it at home...

    So I get there and I'm greeted by a naked dude, I tell him I need to pee but the bathroom is being used, he asks me to walk in to the bedroom and stand there, with out seeing who was in the bathroom, It's now available, I walk in and pee in front of the naked guy. He tells me to stay in the bedroom, porn is playing on the tv and conputer. He tells me there are two guys in the living room fucking and one of them want to be discreet. I'm thinking these guys are about to punk me so I walk into the living room. And to my surprise the hottest looking stud was there but naked with a beautiful hard on. I wanted to get on my knees and suck his long beautiful cock but he declined. He had gotten off, he got dressed and left. I broke the code to follow the host's direction but at least I felt better about these guys, they weren't out to kill me...

    It's now the 3 of us, naked dude that invited me over to watch porn, his blond friend (which I found out was having multiple guys come in and fuck him) and me in the room, porn is playing. I get naked and start strocking my cock getting hard. When the blond guy asks if it's ok if he sucks my dick, I say it cool and he stars giving me a great blowjob, he stopped and checks his phone, he's probably talking to another guy who may come fuck him.. But I tell him not to stop and keep going.

    Now I'm hard, Blond dude is sucking my cock. I asked him if he wanted to get fucked and he said yes. I put a condom on. Ask him to lay on his back and stating fucking him good misonary style. Nice long strokes deep in his warn hole. I pounded that ass. He loved it. He tells me I'm fucking him better than the guy who had just fucked him minutes before, it's a total compliment (because that guy was a stud. Great body, nice cock, great face) I keep pounding his ass, he's Moaning uhhm ahh... His naked friend is having a total first had experience of real life porn right in front of him. I feel like I'm going to blow and I do right up his ass. I hand him the condom in case he wanted to eat the cum, he didn't, I flush it down the toilet. He tells me he enjoyed how I took control and pounded that ass, and how glad he was I came over.

    Porn still playing in the tv and computer, I'm laying naked on the bed with the blond dude. I'm getting hard again, I ask him if he's ready for round two? blond guy starts sucking my dick, I put a condom on and he gets on all for doggie style, I'm kind of short so I asked him to lay on this stomach and push out his ass, he does and I enter him. Start pounding him hard again, at this point naked guy leaves the room to the living room (I think upset he invited me over and I'm fucking his friend) I fucking him good, pounding deep in that ass. I grabbed his small waist as he lifted his ass up and I pounded my cock in his ass. I lay over him same position my arm around his neck, asking him if he likes getting fucked. His response uhmmm ahh yes uhmm. I'm nibbling on his hear. I reposition myself while I got him pineed down on the edge of the bed with his hands on the ground, stamack on bed and ass pushing up with my cock pounding it and slap that ass so hard I left a hand print, do you like that? Uhmm yes I do, he tells me. He manages to get his whole body back on the bed. I close his legs and move them to the side, exposing his beautiful ass and whole for my dick. I slide back in and grab him by the hairs, and start pounding his ass hard. You like it? Yes! pull my hair. I pulled his hair hard and fucked him just as hard. We changed possition she rode me, changed postions again to missionary and I could feel myself about to blow and I do right up his ass.

    Wow! blond guy tells me. I started to have a good time, when you got here. I told him I could go a few rounds, that everytime I masterbate I would do it multiple times at a
    time... We start chatting for a bit. Blond guy seems to want more.

    By this time I'm comfortable, and I'm hard again. Blond guy notices and gets back to sucking my dick, talking it all down to his troat. I grab a condom and it's round 3! He layed on his back against the head board his legs on my arms. I start pounding him gently this time. We were face to face. I gave him soft kissed on the lips and on his neck. Caressing him letting him now I appreciated his hot hole. I keep pounding his hole with my raging hard cock, gently and continuously. I think I was hitting his prostate, he was moaning in a different way. Ohh fuck, ahh, uhh. He loved it. I'm getting supper hard and ready to blow. I pull out take my comdom off and he possitions himself to eat my load some of it drops on. The towel (he had under his add to lift it up higher so I could give him a good fucking) but he takes most of it in his mouth and sucks my cock clean, I tell him he missed some and he likes it off the towel.

    For some reason I'm still hard, all the fucking, the porn, the thought of the stud I've seen earlier, I don't know but I was up for one more. I'm laying in bed stroking my cock, naked guy is still in the living room, blond guy is in the bathroom.

    Blond guy comes out of the bathroom, right to sucking my dick, I'm hard and ready to give it to him for the fourth time. I asked him what he was doing and he responded that he was cleaning himself again. He continues to suck mu cock and grabs a condom and puts it on him with his mouth as his sucking my cock. He gets on all fours I ask him to lowes his as spread his leads more and he does. I start fucking him, I'm grabbing firmly to his thies and pushing his ass against me as I pound my cock deep in his ass. He's moaning, ahh yea, fuck my ass, yes daddy. I don't know what he did to his ass but it felt hot and it was tight as hell (maybe the soft gentle fuck and carresing I had given him minutes before made him want to service me well), it was so hot I came quickly right up his ass.

    I was spent tired ready to take a nap. Naked dude asked me to give blond dude a ride home across town, I did, we talked, now I'm home.

    Never in my mind did I think, I would be involved in sinful like sex that felt so good. I know I have the stamina but it had never crossed my mind. It felt great, I feel good about myself. My conservative Mexican catholic family would flip if they new what kind of sex I've had sometimes. I love me some white men, most of the time they don't realize I'm Mexican because I'm white myself.

    This experience is going to motivate me to eat healthier and exercise
    more because I love fucking that tight ass.

    It's crazy to think that I look so inocent and naive but I've had great sex...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 21

    I don't understand the thrill of using vegetables to pleasure yourself with. I've only tried with cucumbers but they're so bloody cold that any arousal I had just disappears...

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 35

    Maybe wrong but I enjoyed it. Around eleven I got feelings. I liked being hugged and held and I liked having my mouth kissed. I would sit on grandpa's lap while he read the paper. The feeling of his semi hard penis under me was intoxicating. Both my anus and my vagina area were on fire. Feeling his hot breath on my neck made me even hotter. I would take his arm so it was over my nipples and have him squeeze me real tight. He would reach around and kiss my cheek, and I would kiss him on the mouth.

    At times I worked my bottom on his penis until it ran straight along my slit. I wore light panties so I could feel everything. When I did his penis got hard, real hard, and I would ride him until I had my orgasms. I would then turn around in his arms and to be caressed and kissed.

    Later, when I had developed my breasts, I would stand in his arms with his arms over my breasts.

    I love sitting on a lap being held tight and having my vulva and clit rubbed or having my nipples held and pinched. I can reach orgasms from just nipple play, and of course from vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Warm kisses and breathing on my neck drives insanely hot. I love long kisses on my lips while my breasts are being felt up. Intercourse is just an act for him, I will have already had my orgasm.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    I am not sure if we were seduced or my wife set this up. To this day I am uncertain. Ray was a coworker at my wife's work. He nominated here sexiest woman in the office. A title my wife enjoyed for months. Truth is my wife is a former stewardess and a good looking woman. 36D bust and a curvy figure with fantastic legs. She comes home one day and says Ray invited us over. He says he has some wild parties. I am up for something like that so I say do it. Two weeks later on a Saturday nite we go to his place. We pull up and see no cars and the house is dark. I ask my wife if this is the correct house and she says yes. It didn't dawn on me to ask her how she knew it was unless she had been there before.
    We decide to go in. We ring the doorbell and before my finger is off the doorbell the door opens. There stands Ray and his wife Roe. They are Puerto Rican and have darker features. My wife has the hot's for guys like that. He is maybe 5'7" and she 5'2". Both dark hair and eyes. Ray has wrestler build. Roe has small tits and rounded ass. They invite in and Ray puts his arm around my wife's waist and leads her to the living room. Roe takes my arm and leads me in and we all sit on opposite sides of this big party couch. The couch was u shaped. After several beers and small talk we head outside to a party area Ray has set up. Once again Ray and my wife are one side and Roe and I are on the other. I pull out a joint and share it. Roe says she gets horny when she is high. The next thing I know Roe is sitting on my lap grinding her pussy against my dick. My dick gets hard. She leans forward while gyrating against my dick and her blouse falls forward. It is a nylon pajama type top. She is braless. I instinctively put my hands up her blouse and feel her tits and nipples up. I am turned on at this point. I look over Roe should and peek at my wife and Ray. Ray is leaning forward in an odd position with is right hand in what looks like my wife's lap. My wife has this wide eyed glazed look on her face. Ray is fingering my wife's pussy and she is letting it happen.

    The next thing I know Roe swings around and faces me and continues grinding away. She wraps her legs around my waist and is kissing my face. I am kissing her back and bucking my dick against her c**t. She has a hot pussy and I am getting off on this. I look over her should one more time and this time I see my wife looking down at Rays lap and her arm is moving. The table blocks the view but her arm and hand are moving. She is jerking Rays dick off. The next thing that happens is Ray gets up and takes my wife to the edge of the party area. Where the light ends and the dark begins. They are standing up and kissing each other and doing it with lust. I can hear them kissing and moaning. Roe takes me by the hand says lets go with them. So Roe and I are standing there kissing and grinding next to Ray and my wife who are doing the same thing. Out of the corner of my eye I see my wife drop to her knees. In an instant she has pulled Rays shorts down to his knees with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other. She stroked his dick may be two times and then stuffed his dick in her mouth and started sucking. I go OMG! I cannot believe what I am seeing. While Ray was only 5'7" he had a huge dick and my wife was taking it on without any hesitation. Now I am 6'2" and come with a 6" dick. So Rays dick looked like a giant cucumber hanging between his legs. A pleasure my wife enjoyed to the hilt. Roe says first couple inside gets the bed and pulls me away. As we head in doors I turn for one last look and see Ray has his hand on my wife's head with a handful of her hair. He is making her bob up and down on his cock. My wife's arms are down to her side and she is submitting herself completely. Just amazing site to see your wife on her knees sucking another mans dick and it is a big dick indeed.

    Roe and I go inside to the bedroom and we fuck. She has a pussy that my dick fit right into. Like a hand in a golf glove. Not tight just snug and a perfect fit. She liked to fuck. I suspect Rays dick is to big for her pussy and this is why they do this. She gets a dick that fits and he gets a hungry pussy that can handle his massive dick. After we finish we go back to the living room. Ray and my wife have since come back in and went to the bedroom to fuck also. They then come out to join us. Rays dick is massive and sticking straight up. He has been fucking my wife for over an hour or two and he still has not come. I have come once in Roe. My wife sits next Ray on the couch and then slid's over on his lap. She is up on her knees and Has put her hand between her legs and grabbed Rays dick and held it steady. She than lowered herself down on his dick. She moans like I have never heard. She starts bouncing up and down on Rays dick. She is breathing hard. She says she could do this all night. After a while she climbs off Rays dick and comes to me and starts sucking my dick. I am hard as a rock now. Roe is watching to the side. As wife sucks my dick I move parelell to the couch. I tell Ray to get behind my wife and fuck her pussy from behind while she sucks my dick. He does. His thrusts shake my wife to the bone. I see his dick pop up over the crack of my wife s ass. His dick twice as long as mine and three times as thick. No wonder she wanted this to happen. He puts his dick in my wife and continues to fuck her doggy style. I shoot my load into my wife's mouth. I am spent but Ray is still going strong. I pull out and sit on the couch Ray takes me wife on the opposite side of the couch and mounts her missionary style. He just keeps fucking her for the next hour as we sit and watch. With her legs up in the air and her fingers running through his hair he continues to pound my wife. She moans and moans. She gasped as Ray finally came inside her pussy. She said oh my fucking pussy feels so used. You are amazing. I want to do this again. Ray laughed and said their schedule was open for next week if ours was. My wife quickly said we would be there. She didn't even look at me and ask. She wantED that cock again and she was going to get it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 39

    My oldest brother Ray had a serious auto accident two years ago and suffered a serious back injury. He has made progress with physical therapy and is able to walk and get around to some extent.
    His wife Marie has been by his side and very supportive of his rehab but has literally run her self ragged trying to keep up her schedule as a full time teacher and care giver. They have one son who quit school and joined the Navy, so he is out of the house and no help in Ray's care.
    Marie is 42 years old and has always taken good care of her self. She goes to the gym 3 days a week and actually has the same weight and figure that she had in high school. To say the least she is still a beautiful and desirable woman.
    Marie and I had always been close friends as we both taught in the same school. As a matter of fact I am the one who introduced her to my brother. I am divorced and have very liberal visitation rights with my kids, but I also have time and the flexibility to be there for my brother to help him keep up the house and do chores for him.
    One weekend i was at the house doing chores and fixing their lawnmower, which needed maintenence. Marie came out in the yard with a glass of ice tea and told me to take a break and sit on the patio with her. We sat for a while and talked about our jobs, Rays physical problems and generally small talk. Marie then asked me if I had a girl on the side and was I dating anyone. I told her that my kids, golf, school work and helping Ray pretty much took up all my time. I then told her that outside of being horny, i was pretty content with my life. She then told me that it had been over 2 years since she had any sex and that she was horny too. Jokingly, I said, wow, we have got two horny people here who probably should do something about it. I thought I was just being cute and wasn't suggesting anything. Marie then said that before she met my brother that she had always hoped that I would put a move on her. She then said, "I am so horny and I would gladly hook up with you any time you want." I always found her physically desirable and I came right out and told her that I would fuck her in a heart beat.
    With that I suggested that we make plans for a hook up. The opportunity presented itself when Ray had to go into the city for a series of tests and minor surgery on his back. Because he was going to be in the hospital for 4 days
    (Monday to Friday) he suggested that I drive him down to the hospital and leave him as Marie and I had our teaching committments to be concerned with. He said, don't bother coming to the hospital to visit as it was too far to come down and go back in the same day with our teaching responsibilities. He had a couple of good books and reading material so he would be just fine.
    When I got back from dropping him off, Marie was waiting for me. She said, I just took a shower and will be waiting for you in the guest room. I jumped in the shower quickly and then ran to the guest room naked and with a raging hard on. Marie was laying on the bed nude and rubbing her clit. She was already soaking wet and ready for action.The first thing she said was, nothing is off limits, you can do any thing you want to me, and I expect to have the same privilages. I laid down on the bed next to her and our lips met in a passionate kiss with our tongues probing each others mouths. We started with passionate kissing that soon led to her going down on me and sucking my cock. Within minutes I was in a 69 with her and we werre like two frustrated animals devouring each others bodies. It only took about 3 minutes before Marie started having spasms as she erupted into the most intense orgasm that I had ever seen a woman have. I then rolled her over on her back and buried my cock in her c**t. Marie then said, I love you and want you to fill me up with your cum. We began kissing passionately as i pumped my cock in and out of her pussy. I only took about 2 minutes before I erupted with stream after stream of my cum in her.
    We both laid there on the bed for about 5 minutes while we caught our breath. Marie then asked me if I heard her say that she loved me. I did and I told her that I also loved her, but it was obvious that our relationship wasn't going to go beyond sexual pleasures when we could pull it off. Over the next four days Marie and I literally sucked and fucked each other in every position standing up, lying down, on our knees, with our tongues in each others asses and other orifices. I have always been adventurous and nothing was off limits as far as I was concerned, Marie was the same way. After having tried just about everything we began experimenting with new things. The one thing that Marie and I hadn't discussed was me cumming in her mouth. She is the one who suggested it and said that she wanted to swallow my cum. I had never had a sex partner who wanted to swallow my cum and I was pretty excited to do it. Marie and I got in a 69 and started sucking each other. After about 10 minutes of sucking each other, Marie said that she was ready to cum. With that, I worked myself into a frame of mind where I was ready to cum. She started to cum first and with 15 seconds i shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of my cum. As we lay there she said that she didn't know that I had that much cum, but that although it tasted a little different than what she expected, she loved it, because she loved me.
    Ray has been going down hill a little more each year and interestingly he approached me recently and told me that he has so much nerve damage that he will never be able to have sex again. He then suggested that if Marie and I wanted to have sex together that he would understand and it would be okay with him. To be honest, I think he was suspecting that we were already having sex and he wanted us to feel more comfortable and not feel like we had to sneak around.
    Marie and I really have bonded and I have never been more satisfied.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    One of my friends from work, a girl named Chloe who've I've known for a few years, sent me a text asking if she could come over to my place. She and her bf had a fight and she was pretty upset. I missed the text initially, so she called and she sounded pretty broken up, crying, voice really strained. I asked her where she was and if she was safe, fully intending to chat with her later (I'm not too interested in being someone's relationship counselor, especially at 11:30 at night). She pauses and says she's sitting in her car outside my house. Grumbling a little bit, I get up and try to find some clothes in the dark. My gf stirred next to me, but didn't wake up. I'm not too happy with Chloe at this point, as my gf has expressed some concerns about her being clingy with me and that's rattling around in my head as I go outside. Nonetheless, I compose myself and go check on her.

    Using the flashlight I keep in the house, I go to her old as hell volvo and see her sitting with both hands on the wheel and her head pressed against it. She looks pitiful, doesn't even look up. I tap on the window and crack a joke (ma'am, do you know why I pulled you over), and that little face pops up from the steering wheel laughing like an idiot, ruined mascara and tears all over the place, her dark hair a mess. She actually looks like she was made up for a date. She rolls down the window and says to get in. Sighing, I turn off the flashlight and hop in the passenger seat.

    We drive to Waffle House and she tells me the whole thing over greasy breakfast food. Her bf and her got in a huge row while on a date because she wants him to pop the question and she messed up and mentioned me and my gf (we got engaged over the holidays). He went off and basically accused her of fucking me on the side and just wanting him for his money. I tell her that was a dumb call to bring me up and she stops and says yeah, bad move. Turns out a few months back they were a little drunk and talking candidly about work crushes, she let it slip to him that I was her work crush. Probably part of the reason he got so mad.

    We finish up and I ask her where she should go-back to the apartment with her bf or somewhere else for the night. She's going to stay at her sister's place while all this calms down. Sounds like a plan. I'm fully ready to go back to bed at this point, it's nearly 3 am after all the talking and food. She asks me to drive us back to my place, says she needs to text her sister and straighten up a bit. Fine. We get on the road, about 15 minute drive.

    It takes all of about 3 minutes for her tongue to be all over my ear and her hand on my crotch once we get moving. Now, Chloe is not bad looking. She's super skinny, and can't seem to style her hair, but she's at least above average. Thing is I find her kind of annoying, so I'm fighting a serious urge to push her off versus natural urge to let her continue. She's got me incredibly hard considering the situation, and I'm not very convincing in my efforts at all and she knows it. She undoes my workout pants and pulls out my cock and there's her mouth, sucking and jerking me vigorously, noisily. She's grunting or moaning, not even sure which, and having a pretty good time. I look down and her free hand is up her black dress and she is finger banging the daylights of out herself, black panties pushed to the side, those little blue fingernails popping out of her pussy every now and then (she's three fingers deep!). I pull over, nevermind that I was only going 20 mph on the highway, and find a parking lot. I shut the lights off and kill the engine, enjoy the show. She starts barking - that's the only way I can describe it - with my cock in her mouth and she's kind of biting down on it. That's when I realize she had made herself cum and was riding it out while she blew me. I lost it and exploded into her mouth, and she gobbled it down, even licking up the few drops that missed her mouth from her hand and my balls. And then, just to make it that much hotter, those fingers that were blasting her pussy, straight to her mouth where she sucked them clean. Her eyes are glassy and she's clearly exhausted, but very pleased with herself.

    I had her take me home immediately. We didn't say a word on the car ride back, but she sure seemed pleased with herself. She told me goodnight, stud, and left just like that. I snuck back in and washed up, went to bed, and slept the best sleep I've had in years.

    I'm at a real impasse here; I don't like her all that much, but she outperformed my fiance 100%. I haven't told her yet, not really sure what to do. Bad thing is now that we are back at work, I see Chloe everywhere AND I'm told she's single (I've been avoiding her so I got that from other people). Also feel like I was taken advantage of a little bit, but that might just be rationalization.

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