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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    Our anniversary is coming up in a few days, and I know what I'm going to do for my husband.

    I found out that my husband has a thing for clit torture. I've gone into his history and it makes up a lot of what he looks at online, pictures and videos of women's clits being, well, tortured. With needles and whips and hot wax and all other kinds of things.

    I have a really high pain threshold, I'm not a masochist but I can withstand a lot of pain, so since I found this out I've been building a little kit. I got a bunch of different kinds of needles and tacks, little birthday candles, a lighter, a little paddle, a little pump I've seen people use on clits and nipples, sandpaper, a stiff toothbrush, a spool of thread, and a little airplane bottle of tabasco sauce.

    On our anniversary, before he comes home I'm going to write him a note telling him that he can take anything in the kit and use it on my clit however he wants, to ignore if I start making noise, then I'm going to gag myself and tie myself to the bed with my legs spread and let him live out his fantasies with my clit.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I must admit to doing some of it but too many of my family members are having too much sex with other family members. Somehow I feel it's not all right. When I was 14, four years ago, I walked in on my aunt and uncle (they are brother and sister) having sex. They seemed to take it in stride then started doing me, both of them, for too many times. It feels good, especially my aunt, but I don't know.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    Anybody from Milwaukee/Madison area and horny?!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    I wasn't sure what category to put this in so I put it here.

    I work in a restaurant and we have a new manager. She is more than twice my age. I'm 23 and she is 49. She's not bad looking but not really the kind of woman I normally date. She has short hair. I prefer long. She is 19 years beyond my normal dating limit of 30 and she is skinny as a rail and I prefer women with some curves, even a little plump is O.K. She's also two inches taller than me. So my point? She's been hitting on me since day one but not to the point where I think I could win a sexual harassment lawsuit, until now. Last week she assigned me to clean the rest rooms and that includes the ladies room. So I was in there cleaning a toilet and she comes in. It was closing time and there were no customers and she was the only female in the building. So there was no danger of anyone coming into the ladies room. She comes into the stall where I was cleaning a toilet and begins flirting with me. Then she asked if I'd ever watched a woman pee. I'll admit I was intrigued by the idea. She didn't wait for an answer. She just pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and sat right down on the toilet I'd just finished cleaning and spread her legs and peed through her massive bush of black pubic hair. It was a fun thing to do but I wasn't really interested in golden showers. She asked me if I'd wipe her so I did. She smelled strongly but not badly. Then she told me to stand up and she began to unzip my pants. I told her i'd never had a blow job before as her mouth encircled my cock. I lied. I had twice before. I'm kind of shy most of the time. It felt really nice, better than the previous two. Then I asked if she minded me making a video of her doing it so I could have something sexy to jerk off to when I wasn't around her. She said "sure." so I got out my cell phone. I now have a 7 minute long video of my boss sucking my cock and then telling me if I kept it up I'd get a raise then a minute later telling me I'd better let her suck my dick regularly if I wanted to keep my job.

    I don't know how she got to be a manager because she's as dumb as rocks. I know have the absolute best video evidence of sexual harassment ever. That night I went home and downloaded off my phone and onto my computer and did a little editing to make it seem like I enjoyed it less than I did. Then I uploaded it back onto my phone and then up to the cloud and I put copies on a couple of zip drives just to make sure.

    The next day I showed her the video and informed her that now I'm her boss. She gulped and asked me what I wanted. Since she has the authority to do so I told her I wanted a promotion to assistant manager. Then I told her I wanted a three dollar an hour raise. That's the most I figure I could get away without the owner thinking something was amiss. Then I told her I was going to be working less hours but she was going to punch my card for me to make it look like I worked over time. I told her that there was no more limit on how much free food I got and that once in a while I was going to bring a group of friends and she was going to comp the entire check. And then I told her that she was going to continue to suck my cock and I was going to continue making more videos of her sucking my cock. After all she's a good cock sucker. She agreed to everything, closed the office door, got on her knees and unzipped my pants. I got out my cell phone again and made another video only this time after I was done cumming down her throat I pissed down her throat and she swallowed every drop and even thanked me for the drink. The day after that I had her licking my dirty asshole.

    If they ever fire me I'm going to own that store.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Here's a confession for you. I'm 47 years old and I just married a 7 year old girl legally in the United States. Recently I discovered that in almost half the states there are loopholes in marriage and age of consent laws that permit adult men under the right circumstances to marry little girls. It doesn't happen often and according to my attorney my wife is the youngest bride in our state in over twenty years. But it is completely legal. The best part is that it was my wife's parent's idea.

    We met when her family moved in next door. I became friends with the family and not long after I was asked to baby sit. Now I know what you're thinking. You think I did bad things to the girl. Unless you count ordering pizza and brushing her hair as bad, you're wrong. A few months later we were all sitting around the dinner table together and Brit tells me she wished I was her husband. After a few seconds of awkward silence her mom said that was a wonderful idea. Then her Dad said he couldn't think of a better husband for his little princess. I was stunned and confused but after a few phone calls to attorneys and a family court I found myself standing in front of a judge explaining why I would be a good husband for a seven year old child. It was surreal. At any moment I expected to be led away in hand cuffs but my attorney assured me it was perfectly legal as long as we went through all the hoops. Brit spent an hour in the judge's chambers alone with the judge. Then we all went back into the courtroom together and the judge issued an order that Brit and I obtain a marriage license at city hall. We went down there with her parents. The city clerk didn't even bat an eye. She just looked at the order, read it to herself, photocopied it and put that in a file then got out some forms for us to fill out. I asked the city clerk if they had many child brides and she told me that Brit was NOT the youngest in her memory and that over thirty years ago she was court ordered to issue a marriage license to a couple where the boy was five and the woman was in her forties.

    After filling out the paperwork and paying the fees we were issued a marriage license and a few days later we were back in the courtroom and the judge married us. When the judge said that I may kiss the bride I was going to just peck her on the cheek but Brit had other ideas and kissed me full on the lips in front of everyone who then clapped.

    Our honeymoon was at Disney World. We spent ten days there and saw and did everything. That too was Brit's idea though I had told her I couldn't afford that but then surprised her with the trip. We registered at the hotel as Mrs. and Mr. ********. I know you probably think I took that opportunity to do bad things to my bride. I didn't. We've been married for a few weeks now and we still have not consummated our marriage. I told her before we got married that sex was something that for us could be optional since she is so young. I explained everything about sex and reproduction that her parents hadn't yet told her that I thought a married woman ought to have at least some knowledge of. Turns out that wasn't much as her parents were pretty thorough. So far today the only things we have done is kiss. She's a good kisser. But it is more important that I'm a good kisser. It's more like I just softly caress her lips with mine. No tongue yet. There won't be until she decides she wants to. I haven't been naked in front of her yet and I won't be until she asks to see my body which might be never. I have seen her naked because she likes me to bathe her. That was her idea. The closest we have come to fucking is we cuddle together both of us wearing pajamas. Yes I get a hard-on. She is a beautiful child and I am sexually attracted to little kids. Am I grooming her? I suppose in a sense. Grooming implies an agenda that leads to sex. I would like to have sex with my wife some day. I could legally do it today if I wanted to. She has offered to let me try and even said she probably could take some pain. I don't ever want to cause her pain, especially not that kind. But the other day she warned me that one day she will be big enough and strong enough to rip my clothes off and force me to have sex with her. I told her that when that day comes she will be old enough to fuck. Personally I can't wait. Meanwhile I jerk off alone every night reliving bath time together.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    1 / 35

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    <a href==>Oblire biodask SCIELO</a>
    <a href==>quah toomescomy ric</a>
    Greedscreari frofrooky Alusty

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I did something supremely stupid a few months ago, but at the time it turned me on so much.

    I'd been suicidal for a while (I'm not anymore, I think doing this might actually have helped that.)

    So, my roommate is kind of an asshole who will just open my door without even knocking first, that's important. What I did was, I have a fucking machine. If you don't know what that is it's a little machine that uses a motor to make a dildo thrust, so I could set it up to fuck me.

    I taped a long steak knife to the end of mine. I tied a rope (I know what you're thinking, why not just hang yourself? Well that didn't seem like much fun at the time, this seemed like more of a game, a bet with myself as to whether or not I would die) to the controls so that if it was pulled it would yank the speed the whole way up. I set it up in the middle of my bed. The plan was to tie myself to the bed, legs spread, fucking machine ready to go off and turn my pussy into hamburger, but I needed a way to let myself out after however long. Not just because it wouldn't be as fun if I was guaranteed to just die, but because if it went wrong I'd just be stuck tied to my bed for however long.

    I figured out that these candles I had for hot wax play take about 2 hours to burn the whole way out. So, I set it up so that once the candle burned down far enough it would drop my handcuff keys. I only had one set of cuffs, so once I unlocked that one I'd have to untie myself the rest of the way, but the setup worked.

    So I get the rope tied from the switch to the doorknob of my room, tie my ankles to the bed and position the tip of the knife just about half an inch inside me, light the candle, tie my wrist to the bedpost, and cuff my other wrist to the other bedpost.

    I lay there for two hours. About half an hour in, a little earlier than I expected, I hear my roommate come home. I hear him walk around the rest of the apartment and any time I hear him get close I imagine him pulling my door open, I imagine the knife plunging into my pussy repeatedly, the tip and the serrated edge of it tearing me up inside. I imagine my roommate freaking out once he realizes what happened, but by the time he'd get to me to do anything that knife would have been inside me who knows how many times.

    But he didn't open the door. At lest not before I freed myself and put away the machine and everything.

    After I got the suicide machine put away I felt, I don't know, warm? Not physically but like, inside. I felt like if I believed in that sort of thing that it was some kind of sign, I felt better about being alive.

    And I felt horny.

    So I gagged myself, I took the handcuffs, cuffed my hands behind my back, dropped the key over by the door, and laid on my bed. I knew he'd do it. I knew he'd open the door without knocking first, it was only a matter of when.

    Sure enough he did. He threw the door open and whatever he was about to say dropped immediately. I stared at him and didn't try to say anything. He stood there for a minute just staring at me and I spread my legs a little bit.

    I think that got him to take the hint. He came in and closed the door behind him, not that there was anyone else in the apartment. I laid there while he stared at me, he looked like he wanted to say something but he didn't. He touched me. He played with my breasts at first then kinda let his hands roam over my body.

    It didn't seem like he was going to make the next leap though so I rolled over onto my belly and put my ass up, hoping he'd get the hint again.

    Next thing I heard him unzip his pants. I feel a hand on my hip and the tip of his cock rubbing my slit before he pushes it in. I feel both hands on my hips while he pushes his cock the rest of the way in. I won't say he filled me up or stretched me out or anything, his dick wasn't huge, just idk, average I guess? But it felt good either way. Without realizing it I had started moaning through my gag. I couldn't get over the edge though, my clit needed some attention for that, but I didn't know how to communicate that to him so I just let enjoy my pussy. He pulled out and came on my back, then helped me out of the handcuffs.

    I didn't tell him about the suicide thing, but I told him I knew he'd open my bedroom door eventually so I thought I'd surprise him.

    I don't live with that roommate anymore, but we had sex a few more times after that while we did still live together.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 23

    I really honestly do prefer a man who doesn't take no for an answer. I don't know how popular that sentiment is really, but I know a couple of my friends have said they prefer that too, even though they'd never admit it to anyone else.

    I tried going out with men who treated me perfectly and everything, but I was bored with them pretty quick. My longest relationships were with men who didn't stop when I pushed them away, didn't ask first, and didn't let me saying no about something stop them from trying.

    The guy I'm with right now is the first guy to fuck my ass. The first time he did it he didn't ask me if he could fuck my ass, he told me he was going to. I told him not to, and while he was fucking me from behind he pushed me down on the bed and put it in my ass.

    Afterward we made out, took a shower, and went to bed. My ass hurt like hell, but I loved it, and he's fucked my ass a few different times since then not all of which I was on board with when he did it.

    But that's what I want in a man. Being with a man like that makes me feel like a woman, and when I think of women, straight women at least, who don't want that I really don't understand their point of view.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    I go jogging everyday to keep in shape. It was a Saturday when I went for a jog and noticed a few guys going down this one path at the park I jog through. On my way back I was curious where the path went to and decided to explore. It took me down to a stream that I didn't even know existed and along this stream were about a dozen guys who were all naked and laying around. I decided to find my own spot and being I was hot and sweaty decided to strip down too. It soon became apparent more that just nudity happened here. I saw a few guys who masturbated and they did it in plain view of the others. I was a little aroused that morning and decided to masturbate as well and did it in plain view of everyone as well. I noticed a guy who began stroking another guy and then began kissing him and then sucking him. I wasn't expecting that and then I see another couple of guys who started to really get into it. These guys started doing some things and then went a lot further. These 2 were having anal sex and all in plain view of everyone. These things happened within half hour of me getting there and then things quieted down. It was almost an hour after I got there when I hear someone begin shouting "people are coming, people are coming". I see all the naked guys just grab their clothes and stuff and begin running away naked and I did the same. Looking back it looked like a policeman at first but it was just a security guard. He began yelling at us to get out of here and was calling us a bunch of dirty perverts and he was going to have us all arrested. I don't know how far I ran before I finally stopped and got dressed. I then decided it be best I just get myself home.

    When I was at the stream I did talk to a couple of guys and they mentioned they found out about the place on the internet. I told them I just stumbled upon it by accident. They mentioned I should check out the website because it mentioned this place and other places where you can go to be naked. It was later that night when I decided to check out the website. It listed many places to go naked but I looked at the one I was at. There was mention that a security guard chased everyone away today. There was also photos of the days events. I recognized all the guys in the photos including me. There were also some videos. The videos were of guys masturbating and having sex at the stream including a video of me masturbating. I decided it would be best to just leave it all alone and hope it all goes away. I have sunglasses on in the video so I am not too recognizable but if people who know me do somehow recognize me it would be so embarrassing. Months went by and the video is still up on the site but views of the video hasn't increase much anymore.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 47

    Hi my name is naked boy. I am a closet freak and im totally obsessed with my fantasy of being a naked dancing bitchboy crack ho anal/oral doggystyle gangbang slave.

    I want to smoke like a fiend after getting drunk all day then get naked and dance on atage for strangers while they throw change at my shaved oiled hot nude ass.

    I am soo stupid, every time i smoke the shit i power smoke it untill its gone and i become a total freak.
    The shit makes me crazy. I get nude and my shaved cock practically disappears but idont care cause i feel euphoric, like a bitch whore.
    I have such a sexy body and hot little tight shaved ass and my long blonde flowing hair reaches the small of my back, from behind i look like a fuckin hottie and feel like one too when im high and have a turtle head scared pecker.

    I want to be gangbanged and id love to rub oil on myself head to toe while dancing nude on stage untill being manhandled and publicly humiliated like a piece of meat twink by some well hung studs in front of people i know as they heckle me and taunt the men to do me voilently pulling my hair and slapping my ass cheeks beet red as they pull a train on my cocked up gaping ass and drooling gulping mouth.
    Mmmmm mmmm mmm.
    #please baby please!
    Weird huh? Across my chest"I love 2 suck cocks", and "goo guzzlin fool".
    "Nude dancer"and naked slave" also on my belly.
    "Fuck me",Anal Slave,and Sperm bank"across my shaved ass cheeks.
    Ha ha is that queer or what!?!
    I have put up to 50 temp tats all over me at once on top of that also.
    They were sissy glitter ones like faries, hearts, flowers, ect. Anything feminane and i stuck them provocivatly in between the degrading phrases. The few craziest times i was completly covered, shaved neck to ankels and even had shit like "prison bitch, throw me to the n****rs, soak me in jizz, and please gangr**e me".
    I love the taste of balls, ream my pussy, manhandle me, ect, basically any and everything nasty i could think of. I would doll up with hlush, masscara, eye shawdow ,lip gloss and nail polish too.
    Looking like a total slut then add costume jewelery.
    Necklace, waist chain, ankel braclets, Imagine the euphoria i felt looking that way covered like a slutty punk bitch!
    So i would do shots and small hit for hours dancing in mirrors shaking and spanking my ass raw and filming myself.
    Id get soo high and numb i would usually ride the fuck outta a fat wooden shovel handle for hours.
    Sometimes id set up a cucumber system on rotissararie spines, front and back where id get on all fours and simulate throat ass r**e, but willingly. Id down a shot, do a blast, then deep throat that veggie gagging and slurp sucking, wishing it was a juicy cock while riding the hard pickle behind me eventually making it dissappear.
    Oooh it felt soo good and i would get wild crazy fast wanting it to be real.
    I never have acted on my freakis desires beyond that i suppose out of shame and embarrassment, but since the smart phone age have watched lots of porn while humping my memory foam pillow with my ass spread wide and hiked up high.
    I mean Jesus!!!,some of that shit is unreal. I know i love women, but i must be bi cause when i see a petite lil small tit clean shaved tight ass honey, like sasha grey in gangbang brunette for example, taking and loving a dozen or so smooth cocks in every hole and every position being passed around like a piece of raw meat for the beat red pounding and she loves it soo much that she degrades herself and the punishing studs as they are brutally ruining all her delicious holes, i just want to be her tag team partner and do EVERYTHING, and have anything done to me.
    What im saying is that i desperatly want to be her in a remake of "Gangbang brunette" as a nympho naked bitchboy twink dolled up excessively as i stated earlier and call the remake "Gangbang blonde naked bitchboy" duplicating the long version precisally substituting the DP scenes with double anal. FUUUUCK MAN, TIE ME UP AND RAPE MY HOT TIGHT VIRGIN ASS AND GAGGING THROAT TILL IM TOO SORE TO WALK BURPING UP CUM AND BEGGING FOR MORE JUICY SALTY DELICIOS MEAT LOGS AND CREAM!!!! MAKE SURE U DONT FORGET TO SLAP MY ASS CHEEKS RAW AND LEAVES HAND PRINTS ON THEM BOTH AS U SPREAD THEM APART TO THURST ME VIOLENTLY,AND FOR GODS SAKE, PULL MY HAIR WHILE YOUR NUTTING IN MY BITCHBOY HOLE FOOL!!!!!!!!

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