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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    I'm 4 years older than my sister. She is the girl who was drop dead gorgeous and I was average. She married a hunk. I love my husband but he is very vanilla, and cums quick. We have been trying for a baby two years but nothing yet. One day my sister and her husband were in their car, I was talking on my cell to my husband. My breast was inside the window, when my sister rolled the window up almost pinching my breast. We all had a little laugh. We were at our parents for a hangout. All had drank to much except me, so I could drive my husband home. I went to the toilet and was closing the door when my brother-in-law entered and closed the door. His line was he was worried about my breast and needed to check it out. I don't know why but I let him lift my shirt and let him fondle and suck my breast. I got very worked up quick having never been with another man much less a hunk of any woman's dreams. I had on loose shorts so he had his thumb inside me before I realized I didn't stop him. I had an orgasm and then I noticed my shorts and panties were off and he was naked. He has such a fine penis not to long but had a shape I loved. I was going to give him a blow job when he leaned me back on the vanity and lifted my legs over his arms. He was inside me and I didn't care my husband, sister, and parents were located on the other end of the house. I was so hornie and almost passed out when he finally cum inside me. He got dressed and about to exit and I told him we were wrong and not to do it again. About 2 weeks later I was at Home Depot when he came up and spoke, helped me with my purchase. After checkout we were in his truck making out like high school kids. I could barely walk to my car being paralized from my orgasms. I did get pregnant but my son is no doubt my husband's. My daughter could be fathered by my brother-in-law, I can't determine yet. We aren't often meeting up now days, but my husband gives me sex buzz and my dildo and brother-in-law gives me body knumbing orgasms. I feel guilty often for what I do but when I feel slutty I am open for the opportunity.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    About three years ago, I moved back to where I grew up to help take care of my family when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I had just gone through a messy divorce and was trying to figure out how to rebuild my life, so I left a nice job in the city, sold as much as I could let go of, and loaded up for middle of nowhere, USA. My roots. It's one of those towns where, when you get out of high school (if you finish at all) you go to work in a factory or go to a technical school nearby and hopefully make it. A lot of people don't get out of there, I did, and I've always been proud of that fact. It changes you, though, and this was apparent from day one back home from the lack of good food to the topics of conversation to even what people wear. Everything's about five to ten years behind, it seems.

    So settling into a small house, I started my usual routines in town; go to the grocery store, get gas, pay bills, all that. One day I ran into Misty, a girl I briefly dated in High School, coming out of the post office. And I actually ran into her, no joke, moving a little too fast. Misty has green eyes, blonde hair that she always seems to wear in a pony tail, decent skin, skinny body with small tits (my favorite). She was wearing a camo jacket that day, not even joking, with jeans tucked into ugg-style boots. She has a strong accent, even for the area, and talks one step above calling everyone "honey," you know the type. We talked for a bit, exchanged numbers, agreed to get together for coffee soon (Waffle House, only place for coffee in town...).

    We met about a week later, and I'm pleased by what she wore. She put some makeup, although a little too much around the eyes and there was glitter involved; she's wearing a tight t-shirt like a baseball tee, jeans (the ones with the designs on the pockets), boots, ponytail as usual. We catch up-she's divorced as well, has a nearly ten-year-old daughter who wants to play softball next year, and is working her ass off trying to be a single mom. Pretty much everything I went to college to avoid, to a tee. As we talk, I can tell she's really into my city experiences-I tell he about the parks, and the food, and all the events I got to go to, all the different kind of people I meet. It sounds wonderful, she says. I'm being a bit of an ass, it really is, I say.

    As we are finishing up, she says let's go for a ride, let me show you what's new in town. Okay, I say, my car or yours? Your's, she says quickly, then says I'll be right back. She walks out and I watch her head toward her car-an old beater SUV, at least ten years old, and grab something out of it. Looks like cigarettes (I hate smoking personally). I pay and meet her outside, she lights up. I didn't want to smoke in your car, she says. I look over at my car, the Mazda RX8 I managed to keep in the divorce, and thank her for that. No one smokes in my car.

    We ride around a bit and she's chatting to me about every store that's moved in, every new feature and building, who's died, what's moved, you get the idea. She's touching my arm a lot to get my attention, and giving me directions like a little redneck GPS. It's cute, really cute, she's actually more animated doing this than our conversation over coffee. She points out flying hawks and even spots some deer. She asks if I hunt, I don't.

    At one intersection, the only red light in town, our hands kind of fell on top of one another's and I gave her hand a squeeze. She was looking out the window, so it was completely accidental, but she looks back at me and squeezes me back, smiling. A few wrinkles around the eyes, but there's the girl I remember dating. Kind of a neat moment.

    She directs me to a parking lot by the ball fields and has me park. We go and play on the swings, full adults swinging and talking, completely absurd. We walk around more, hold hands a bit more and she leans into me, taking my hand in both of hers. Her hands are strong, not rough, but definitely not super soft like my ex-wife's. She's worked in the factories here in town, not surprising. She kisses my cheek playfully. We head back to the car and just before we get in, I kiss her mouth long and gently, tasting those cigarettes but not caring. I take her face in my hands, and just let her have it. Her hands drop to her sides, her eyes closed, and she's in a daze. I took her back to her car after that. I knew she was ready to fuck, as she was rubbing my leg getting closer to my crotch the whole time, nibbling my ears, playing with my hair. It was nice.

    Two weeks later, after a few more of these kinds of encounters, she invites me to a BBQ hosted by some folks we went to school with. It's dreadful - bad burgers, bad beer, bad conversation about how much everyone hates Obama (I voted for him, so I kept my mouth shut). Horseshoes was the only activity other than walking around the park, so she and I take a walk and find ourselves in a secluded spot that cuts through a small wood. We're not an item by any means (I had met her daughter about a week before), but she was holding my hand in front of everyone and introducing me to her friends and everyone I'd forgotten, so proud that I she was on my arm. She actually wore a dress that day, too, surprised me. Anyway, she made her move here, pushing me off the path behind a tree and kissing me passionately. She tasted like cherry Chap Stick, of course, and smelled like Bath & Body Works, overpowering and slightly cheap. Her hand was down my pants, too. I need you so bad, she said, you can't keep doing this to me. Just like that, she was down and blowing me, sucking me so hard it hurt. I took hold of her pony tail and mouth fucked her, I didn't care at this point about trying to keep distance. She didn't stop until my balls were completely emptied into her mouth, she swallowed every drop. She came back up, surprisingly spry in a dress and cowboy boots with one hand on my cock, and kissed me, hard. I expected to taste cum, didn't. Then I heard giggling, and Misty hollered at them and they took off. Anna, she says, rolling her eyes (her best friend). I told her I was going to get you today, she says, guess she saw us walk off and wanted to see. With that, Misty takes my hand and puts it up her dress, under her panties, to a sopping wet pussy, completely hairless. Take me home now, she says in my ear, I want your dick. I pull my hand out of her panties, press those fingers into her mouth and she sucks them clean. How do you taste, I ask. You're about to find out, her reply.

    I take her home, not the nicest place, but her place, and old house probably about the size of most apartments. The whole house is clean, though, and again smells like Bath & Body Works. No indoor dogs, thank God. Her bedroom has dim lighting and an OLD bed that's saggy, but it's made and the sheets are decent, a pale pink set. I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me, those boots hitting my back. Sorry, she says. I lay her on the bed and pull them off delicately, then go for those tiny panties, pulling them down fast while she pulls her dress over her head to expose those puffy little milf tits. That body lotion is EVERYWHERE, even her crotch as I go in to lick her pussy, which is glistening from being wet earlier. Looking down, her panties are wet. I push her legs up in the air, and go to work and she wiggles and cums in just a couple of minutes, grabbing my hair while she grinds her sex into my face. I get up off the floor and move her off the edge of the bed, she sits up and grabs my crotch, unzipping my pants and going straight for my balls, licking and sucking like it's her favorite ice cream. I pull her pony tail and push her back on the bed, roll her over, and enter her prone bone style from behind. It is a heavenly feeling as I pound her into the bed. Keeping fucking me baby, she says several times, I'm gonna cum. That accent makes every syllable deliciously long and slow. She tenses up and starts squeezing my cock with her pussy, she's yelling into her pillows. I pull them aside so she rings out loud and clear. With my own grunt and a shove, I cum inside her and moan in her ear how good she is, saying her name a few times as I spurt into her. I bite on her neck a few times, then turn over and pull out of her. Initially, no cum slides out of her, but with a little rubbing, it starts to show. That's mine, she says, oh my God that was good. She's sweaty, flushed, and her makeup is smeared, especially her eye makeup. Her ponytail is messy. Such a good fuck.

    Misty and I had a handful of good fucks like this while we were together. Ultimately, we didn't make it. We got into a pretty nasty argument one day and she says you think you're better than me. I didn't say otherwise, so that was pretty much it. I wanted to move her to the city, she wouldn't hear of it. My mother got better, our relationship started to fizzle and get rocky, so we cut ties and I moved on. I'll never forget my little romance, though, with my little white trash princess. She didn't ask for my money like I expected; she didn't have an STD like I would have figured; she did stop smoking while we were together, which was nice. Truthfully, we had nothing in common, but she was trying. I caught her reading news articles on my laptop a few times when we were together - they made her really mad and we talked about why that was the case. She was talking about going back to school, though I don't think she really wanted to but was trying to please me in some way. The more I think about it, there could have been something real there, but instead, she kind of broke my heart and I ran away instead of trying to build something more with her. Rather than try, I just let it (and her) go.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    I could never forget my first time. My best friend and I were at his house and his Parents were at work. We were just in our underwear fooling around and some how ended up laying on the bed talking and we started to roll around and cutting up a bit. He got on top of me holding me face down on his bed and it felt good so I just laid there. He started to hump my ass and both of us got hard pretty fast and it was pretty hot and exciting for both of us.
    We never really talked much but he managed to get his shorts down then pulled mine down enough to expose my ass. His dick touched my ass and once he started humping my ass we both liked it too much and we were both getting all worked up and he held on to me really tight and humped my ass like he was fucking me and soon came all over my ass and up my back and when he did that I came too.
    We caught our breath and began to talk with him still on top of me. I let him know he could do it again if he wanted to and he told me he was ready if I was. I was pretty anxious so we took off our shorts and got naked and he got back on top of me and started to hump me again and he was trying to put his dick in my ass. At first I tried to move my ass around to stop him from sticking it in my ass but after a while it started to feel pretty good so I just laid there and let him do whatever he wanted to do and then I felt the head of his dick go in my ass then he pushed and it went in deeper and it hurt but felt good at the same time and I pushed my ass up towards him and he was all the way in and then he began to fuck my ass.
    We were both 13 at the time and horny as hell so what we were doing excited both of us and felt damn good to say the least. He fucked me good but not for very long and tightened his grip around me and between his grunting and groaning told me he was going to cum. I figured he would pull out but he didn`t and he came in my ass and it felt so good I came again while he was shooting his cum up my ass.
    The rest of the day we tried to see how much we could fuck and it just got better each time he stuck his dick in me. Feeling his cum shoot up my ass felt great and it really felt great when he fucked me. Shortly after we started fucking we tried oral sex. We were in the shower one day and he laughed and said "Would you suck my dick?" I said sure if you will suck mine. We made a deal and soon I was on my knees sucking his dick and had both my hands on his ass squeezing his cheeks as he fucked my mouth.
    I already knew I was going to let him cum in my mouth because what we were doing felt too good to stop. He grabbed my head and held on tight and shot my mouth full of cum and I had to swallow it. I didn`t plan to swallow but once I did it wasn`t bad at all. I took my time licking and sucking on his dick and sucking on his nuts. Once I stood up he was anxious to keep his end of the deal and he sucked my dick good and swallowed my cum then took his time on me as I had done to him.
    He and I had sex for over 10 years and it was pretty often. It was always very good and if we didn`t have time for a lot we would squeeze in a quickie. About twice a year we still see each other because we live far apart but while the wives are out shopping and doing their thing we are some where private doing our thing and his dick is pretty damn big and feels great when he empties his nuts deep in my ass. We both like to swallow after a very long hot 69 and like always the sex is better than great.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 20

    Our newish neighbours John and Michelle are a little odd, but then Michelle who's forty one is very attractive and very fit. They'd only been living next door around two months when John asked me if I'd call by later on when Michelle got home. Thinking it was something purely innocent I called round twenty minutes after she arrived home. John asked me to wait in the hallway for a minute and shouted out, telling Michelle I was there. Ushering me into their lounge I immediately saw a very naked Michelle lay on their large leather couch playing with herself. Turning to John he smiled at me and said "I'd like you to fuck her" before I could say anything Michelle added "And so would I".
    Over the hour and a half I spent in their home, I licked, was sucked and fucked with Michelle three times, cumming each time. Twice over her tongue and face and once with John's very insistent encouragement, up her arsehole. The whole time John sat or lay naked close to us having sex, and watched whilst stroking his little cock.
    Once I'd cum the third time, Michelle got up, bent over to kiss my forehead and said she was going for a bath. Before she left the room, she smiled at me and said "Call by anytime, John loves watching me being fucked". The very next day I fucked Michelle again, but it was a relative quickie, as I had college to go to. Again John watched me fuck his wife, and again he masturbated his tiny cock until he came.
    As the months have gone by, I've fucked Michelle four or five times a week. Sometimes it's the full on lick suck and fuck session with John present. Other times it's a quick fuck with him beating his meat furiously. But more frequently of late, I've been fucking Michelle alone, as John's new job takes him over to Spain for days at a time.
    There's been a twist to our sexual times together, which happened only last week. As I was fucking Michelle from behind on their bed, I felt John get up behind me, open my arse cheeks and begin to lick my arsehole. I was going to stop him, but it felt so fucking good. Letting him carry on encouraged him to probe deeper with his tongue and believe me it was amazing. When I shot my load up his wife's arse with him still tonguing mine, Michelle said "Maybe next time you could fuck John's arse".
    That next time was two days later. I didn't fuck John as Michelle and myself were enjoying ourselves too much. But with Michelle watching on I did allow john to lick and suck my dick clean after I'd finished cumming up his wife's pussy. It felt and looked weird at first, but John is a very very good cock sucker and I soon got into fucking his face. Michelle was shouting for me to cum down his throat, so after some considerable time with John taking most of my cock into his mouth, I came for second time, this time having Michelle watch her husband take my load.
    John's away at the moment, and I've just got back from fucking Michelle. It was a quick fuck as she's going out shopping with her sister. But then she's asked me if I'd stay over tonight. She also asked me as she mounted my cock on their stairs, if I'd consider fucking John when he got back. Telling me it's something they'd both like to happen. Pumping my cock hard up into her arsehole, I told her I would.
    John's home in two days time. I'm definitely thinking of fucking him as it means I can still fuck his wife. But it will mean my description of myself will change. It will obviously mean I'll become a bisexual man. But a very happy one, if it means I get to carry on fucking such a horny bitch as Michelle.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 23

    A few yrs back at my mates 18th, after a full night of getting hammered i found myself still drinking with my mates mother at 4am in a bar, it was just us and she made a big point of telling me this as she unzipped me and flopped out my cock for a wank at the bar.....

    Well we made it to the back street and she asked for it up against the wall,,, so i showed off a bit and held her against the wall and i licked her c**t and arse hole deep and long enough for her to cum...

    Then flipped her so she was face first against the wall and roughly rammed my hard prick straight up her ass till i cum,,,,,,after which she took ky hand and we stumbled around till we got a cab back to her place, and by the time we got there it was about 7am, her husband was heading off for work,,,,,,,she had been sucking the cum from cock the whole ride home, and when she gave her husband a big sloppy paash on his way out i cracked a massive hard on,,,,,,and i was pumping it into her as she stood side on in the door way to wave goodbye to him, lol

    And he left and i kept pumping till she cum, infact i kept pumping for almost an hour, and just before i cum my mate walked out into the kitchen

    He was still smashed from his 18th party and took one look and said "hi mum" and weent back to bed, again lol

    We sucked and fucked all over her house for a few more hoirs then parted ,,,,nothing has been said since and we have never spoke or hooked up since

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    When my brother and I reached out mid-teens (I am just a bit less than two years older)
    we started giving each other long glances and also argued more than ever, probably a way
    for us to stop thinking the taboo shit that filled our hormone driven brains.

    When I was 18 and just out of High School a heavy winter storm stranded our parents in
    the city and we had to fend for ourselves. I knew immediately what we both started
    thinking about. My sexual experience was minimal but always on my, mind. My brother
    was now taller than me and with a fantastic body. I kept looking at his crotch and
    the obvious hunky package. He caught me glancing several times.

    I made sandwiches for us. We ate them with chocolate milk he loved. Then, I went
    to my bedroom and locked the door, got into bed and started masturbating wildly.

    My entire sexual region was on fire when I heard a light rapping on my door. Breathlessly,
    I stupidly asked, "Who is it?" He said, "The Canterbury Ghost." I said, "What's up"
    and he said, "You know fucking well what's up." I told him to take a cold shower
    and go to bed.

    There was silence, then the rapping came again. He said, "At least let me show you
    what I have here. We won't get another chance like this." I thought he was right,
    besides, a little peek was not going to end the world. I cracked the door open and
    there, standing in the hallway was my brother holding this monster cock. It was
    as thick as a beer can with a round, shiny, bulbous head. He held it with both
    hands wrapped around it like a sock. He said, "Just hold it a minute, it won't bite."

    Taking it in one hand proved a mistake. Our bodies clashed together and we
    kissed open mouthed, tongues flying into each other's mouths. The thought
    that I was with my kid brother just made me hotter. I felt like screaming. I was
    going nuts. My hips began to have involuntary thrusting movement.

    I said, "We'd better not fuck, you'll come in me. You'll fill me to the brim with cum
    with that tool of yours." He groaned, and we started humping each other through our clothes,
    standing up. Then, I pulled my panties off and kneeled on the bed edge. My pussy area was soaked,
    leaking into my asshole. Pushing my ass up in the air, I said, "Take my asshole."

    He slid the monster into my posterior and momentarily we both started coming like
    two starved animals finally given food. He fucked my ass hard and fast and we both came
    over and over. He said, while fucking, "I can't believe my cock does not
    wimp out after I cum. When I jerk off a single cum knocks me out."

    We became exhausted and fell on top of the bed, then fell asleep in each other's arms.
    When we woke up in the morning, he fucked my twitching asshole once again, came deep into my rectum
    and I rubbed my clit and came, my asshole twitching like mad, while he shot eight strong jets into me.

    Late in the morning, we were all cleaned up and our parents came home. We never had sex again but one
    never knows. I know we both still think about it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    My parents were nudists, we went to alot of nude retreats

    At 9 i had sex,,intercourse
    At 10 i had experanced group sex
    And at 11 i was into milf's and was dating one with my parents blessing
    Well the truth was she was paying me to work at her place on the weekends and after the only the first 3 hrs i was banging her and did such a good job of keeping her cumming she paid for yrs after that,

    She was 52 i was 11

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Over the last nine months I've been allowing my landlord to fuck me, instead of paying him rent. His wife knows all about it and actively encourages me to keep him sexually happy, as she doesn't enjoy sex anymore. She even cooks me meals every evening now. He's overweight, in his early fifties and slightly balding. Yet he has a really thick eight inch cock, which he loves having sucked and then uses it to fuck me deep up my arsehole. Even my girlfriend knows I'm living there rent free, and suspects I'm at least sucking him off, but says nothing as she knows I don't have hardly any money left from my college grant each month. And if I'm being totally honest, after the first few times, I've grown to really enjoy having his cock fucking my mouth and arse. I must do as I cum every time he screws me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 41

    Ever wondered what you'd do if you caught your wife cheating on you. Well I thought like most men, I think, I'd kick the shit of the guy and divorce my wife.
    This has not been the case though for me. On the contrary I've found myself totally turned on, not only knowing she's getting and receiving a larger thicker cock than mine, but also that sometimes after they've fucked and she's not had time to shower or bathe, I've had the chance to lick her out without her knowing I know.
    Finding out was relatively easy. After a neighbor told me there was a guy visiting our home regularly, I placed two readily bought, easy to use mini camera's in our home, and had them linked to my smart phone. Within a week I had my first alert and watched as my wife as she entertained a younger guy, who quite frankly fucked the shit out of her on our sofa with his extremely large penis.
    The reaction I had wasn't what I thought I'd have. I became unbelievably horny and whacked one off as I sat in my office at work. Watching her mount his dick over and iover again in different positions. Driving home with the intention of confronting her, but realizing I'd masturbated to them fucking, I walked in to find her still half dressed. Noticing she'd not been in the bathroom as I took a pee, I went back downstairs and pretty much forced myself on her. Opening her legs, I could smell the sexual aroma of them both and pushed my face into that well fucked pussy. It was a moment of sheer and utter joy to me. I became as erect as I'd ever been in my life, and I took my time to make sure I tongued out every inch of her pussy and asshole. Eventually rising after she'd orgasmed, I stuck my cock inside her pussy and fucked her until I came deep inside her, as though she was a common whore.
    On numerous occasions now I've tasted his cum, and have once fairly recently licked my wife's dripping c**t, only a minute or two after I'd watched from my car, him screwing her asshole. Knowing he was still in our home, was a total turn on as I buried my face into her soaking wet pussy. And knowing when I turned her over to fuck her ass, he could hear her taking my cock, also had me banging her as hard as I'd ever done.
    I'm not sure where it will all lead, but at the moment I'm having way too much fun for it to stop.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    When I was in the seventh grade and 12 years old my English teacher and I had sex. She caught me using my cell phone in class one day and took it from me. While we were taking a test she looked through my pics and that had me nervous since I had a lot of naked selfies I'd sent a girl I liked and I had some of her. After class she gave it back and smiled and winked at me.

    When I was on the bus on the way home I started getting pics sent to me and it was her, my English teacher. They were taken right in the very class I had just come from and she was showing her pussy and naked ass and tits. She texted me that she wanted to have sex with me. I wouldn't have but she was hot and I was horny. I texted back "when & where?" She texted "My place 5pm" She gave me her address which was not far from me. I could bike there in five minutes. She knew my parents both worked and I went home to an empty house. When I got home my phone rang again and it was her live showing me herself masturbating live and she said she needed to make love to me. I said I was on the way. I got out of my school clothes and put on clothes I usually wore when my mom took me to some place important. Then I got on my bike and rode like crazy to her place. I'd seen the house before but didn't know she lived there until now.

    When I got there she opened the door wearing some sexy lingerie and nothing else. I could see her nipples and pussy through the material. She invited me in and grabbed my crotch. I'd never seen a woman naked in person before. I'd never been naked in front of one before. Five minutes later we were both naked on her bed and she was tongue kissing me while holding onto my hard dick. I was playing with her tits and pussy. She sucked my dick and she taught me how to eat her pussy then she had me put my dick in her and she fucked me and made me cum in her. She kept telling me how pretty and sexy I was. I didn't know what to say. I was a nervous scared horny kid and I wanted to keep fucking her forever. When we were done she told me not to tell anyone and I could come back and do it again any time I wanted to. She also told me that I was now an A student in her class. That was major since I'd always been a C student before that. I almost had to repeat 5th grade two years before. Now I didn't have to do hardly anything and I'd get straight A's in her class all for letting her take my virginity and for doing what I'd been fantasizing about.

    We did that for a few weeks. Every day I'd go to her place and fuck and then go home.

    Then one day I was watching TV and saw a cop show that had a boy around my age doing the same thing with his teacher and he was black mailing her and that gave me an idea. So I set up my phone and lap top in her place (she'd been helping me with homework in my other classes) and got lots of video of her and me having sex together. When I got home I made copies and then sent copies to her and told her I wanted some money. I knew she wasn't rich but I wanted money anyways. The next day when I came over she asked me what I was doing. I very boldly said: "I'm blackmailing you." Then I demanded $100 per week allowance and told her how to figure out how I'm going to get straight A's in all my other classes. I told her I'd made copies of the videos and gave them to people who were told that if anything happened to me they were to give them to my parents and the police. It was a lie of course but she didn't know that. There was no way I wanted to fuck this up by actually telling anyone about it. I just wanted her scared enough to be my sex slave and give me money. By Christmas I had $700 saved up and had been fucking her almost every day.

    I got really brave one day in December and started going through her dresser. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was exploring. She told me to stop and I told her that it was O.K. and I would just give some videos of us to my Mom. She then said O.K. and started to cry while I went through her dresser. I found a bunch of old CD-Roms with labels that said things like "Jason age 11" and "Micheal age 13" written on them and I asked and she said it was videos of her having sex with other boys before me. I demanded to see them and then while I was on her computer browsing her home made kiddie porn I sent copies to myself on her account. I knew I was sending myself evidence. While I was on her computer I found she had thousands of kiddie porn pics and videos on it.

    I told her my price just went up. Now I wanted $200 a week. She wasn't happy at all but she gave me the two one hundred dollar bills anyways then finished my blow job.

    I told her that I wanted a Play Station and Nintendo and a new bicycle for Christmas and while she was at it a new 50 inch TV to play them on. I told her I wanted a high speed internet connection and cable TV too. She tried to explain why none of that could happen because my parents would become suspicious. I didn't really think about it much though and just demanded she make it all happen or I'd show our videos to my mom, the principal and the police. Christmas was only a week away.

    The last Monday before Christmas she called me over after class. She reached into my jeans and grabbed my balls and held onto them. She gave them a little squeeze and started talking about how easy it is to destroy delicate little balls. Her hand had felt nice but now my balls started to hurt a little. I smiled though and reminded her that if ANYTHING happened to me everyone would see our videos. She went back to just feeling my balls and it stopped hurting. She got out her purse and took out ten one hundred dollar bills and gave them to me. She said it was all she could give me until February. To me, it was close enough so I told her to give me the rest in February. Then she took out my dick and gave it a quick suck before tucking it back in and zipping me up. She said "see you at my place in an hour." I then ran off to the bus.

    I biked over to her place and found her naked on her bed as usual. We fucked and I went on her computer to collect more kiddie porn which I sent to my self. I noticed in her closet both a Nintendo and Play Station she hadn't wrapped yet. the closet door was almost but not quite closed. I don't think she had intended for me to see them. I decided not to spoil the surprise.

    So the rest of the week was more of the same and then Christmas vacation came and finally Christmas. She had promised I'd get all I asked for but to let her worry how she would get it done. I already knew about the game consoles so I was confident it would be a good Christmas. So on Christmas morning when I got up of course I went right to the tree. I was shocked. I hadn't really expected everything. There was a 60" TV, not the 50" I'd asked for. There was the Nintendo and Play Station consoles. there was a brand new lap top and printer/scanner and web cam. there was a new phone all for me. There was a huge box with 48 brand new games some just recently released. There was a blue ray player and a stack of DVDs of a bunch of different movies that had been released that year. There was my bike, a nicer one than what I asked for. There was a brand new suit and winter coat and boots and hat and gloves. And there was a little box with a note that said "open in private in your bedroom, Mrs. Claus." So I did and found it was a pair of her used panties and a memory stick with a bunch of videos of her from when she was a kid and it was all her naked and some showed her having sex with other girls. I'd hit the friggen jackpot! Also there was a Christmas card with another ten hundreds in it. My little sister was jealous. I gave her a hundred and told her I'd share. I told her that I was going to give her my old TV and DVD player and old laptop and old phone later that day and that made her very happy. I had no idea what my English teacher had said to my parents to explain the gifts and I didn't care. When our parents came down and found us opening gifts they told me I should give my old stuff to my sister and she said I'd already said I would. They were very happy. I did notice that Santa didn't give me any gifts that year. I didn't care. I got everything I wanted and enough cash to buy what I hadn't thought of. I didn't care if we pretended any more that I got gifts from Santa.

    After Christmas vacation one day my Math teacher called me over after class. I was a C student in his class. He simply informed me that he had changed all my grades for that semester to A's and that I didn't need to do homework or take tests any more. He said I could thank my English teacher for that. Wow! That was my two hardest classes that I didn't like, English and Math. The rest of my classes I got mostly B's and I got A in art so I didn't have anything to worry about for the rest of the year.

    When February came I got greedy. My English teacher finally caught up in my allowance when I told her I wanted $500 a week now. She said she couldn't do that and make mortgage payments at the same time. I told her fuck the mortgage, I wanted my money. The following week a "for sale" sign went up in front of her house. At the end of March she moved out and into a little cottage that happened to be two doors down from my house which made it more convenient to fuck her. My birthday came along in April and she gave me $10,000 in hundreds in a birthday card, more video games, a 42" TV that I could give to my sister because my old 25" TV that I had given her at Christmas was too heavy to hang on her wall and I got some more clothes from her and three different pairs of Nike's. That was when I told her my new allowance was $1000 a week. She said her take-home pay was only $900 a week. That was when I realized that teachers are horribly underpaid. So I let her re-negotiate and she agreed to get a part time job and she could pay me $600 a week. But then we had no time to fuck together and I missed that so I told her she could go back to paying me $500 a week and we went back to fucking again.

    So we kept doing that for the rest of the school year, the rest of 7th grade. I ended up getting an A for the last three semesters and an A- average for the year in English and the exact same grades in Math. In Social studies I kept up my grade of B and the same in gym, health and music. I got my usual A in art. I ended up with a final average of A- and my parents were elated. I got a lot of praise from them. I spent nearly the entire summer fucking my English teacher.

    8th grade was no where near as good as 7th. I was completely lost in math and English but especially math. I was in serious danger of failing both. My old English teacher was no longer my English teacher and my old math teacher no longer taught at that school and nobody would tell me why. So I told my old English teacher who was still having sex with me to fix the problem. She couldn't. I had a temper tantrum and like an idiot, I emailed copies of her and me having sex from her account to my parents, the principal and the police. I was pissed that she couldn't fix it.

    The shit hit the fan the next day. My parents took me out of school and took me to a psychologist. My old English teacher was arrested in the middle of 2nd period and was fired before the end of the day. It was all over the news. The next day the police came over our house to interview me but I was reluctant and by then regretted what I did. I didn't regret the sex. I regretted my temper tantrum.

    In the end my parents took me out of that school permanently. We moved to another town where people didn't know us. My old English teacher was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Rumors went around about how she had been having sex with kids for years. The police found over 20 thousand kiddie porn pics and thousands of videos in her place. Her assets were seized and ordered liquidated to pay me restitution which ended up as $127k in my college fund.

    I'm a freshman in college now. My old English teacher wasn't supposed to have any contact with me but through her attorney she apologized for all the bad things she did to me and asked for forgiveness. I'm the one who should have apologized. Now that I'm 18 and going to turn 19 soon I am no longer bound by the court order that we have no contact. I miss her. She is scheduled to be released early in June. I'm going to be waiting at the gate at the prison and I hope she isn't too made at me. I really miss fucking her.

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