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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 35

    My long-term girlfriend had just finished buckling me into our horrendously expensive heavy-leather strait-jacket, with the latex lining, and was just knotting the draw-cords of the hood, tight around my neck, leaving me just the two tiny air-holes at my nostrils, plus the near-airtight nylon zipper across my mouth, presently tight shut, when the front doorbell chimed. If I'd been able to speak, I would have said 'ignore it' but left the bedroom, and closed the door. A minute later, I heard faintly, raised voices, followed by the slam of the front door. The voices came nearer, then the bedroom door burst open, and a harsh voice said "What the fuck??" and came closer. "Don't hurt him! He didn't know about you!" Emily cried, and I cringed, waiting for blows....she went on "I needed some control, some power, and this guy gave it to me! You were always so damned bossy! What are you doing out of prison anyway? I thought you had another year to go!" He snorted "Long story, WIFE!You do remember that, don't you? What's this fucker's story, anyhow?" She babbled, obviously terrified of this guy. "He..he likes to be tied up, and submissive! He helps with the bills! That's all it is, Rick, I swear!" He grunted, then said in a slightly milder tone "So you're not fucking him, huh babe? Just letting him help with the bills, huh? In return for what? This? Is that it?" She spoke hurriedly "That's all it is, honey, I swear! Just this and the bag!" Yawning, he said "Bag? What bag?" She answered in subservient tones "He's got this big ol' rubber-lined bag he likes to be tied up in - here I'll show you!" and I heard her open the closet. Rustling rubbery canvas sounds, and he said "Wow! You put him in that, huh? Does he really like it?" She snorted "Oh you have no idea! He rambles on about being made to stay in the bag - some kind of fantasy, I guess...." He yawned again, and said "Damn I'm tired! I'm gonna stuff him in this little closet, then you come to bed with me!" So saying he pulled me off the bed, and forced me into the little closet, stuffed full of her coats and other garments, and locked the door. Silence fell, and time passed in an agony of arousal, fear, in about equal amounts. This unseen guy had just got out of prison, and I knew what went on there! The odds were good he was going to make full use of me, and Emily, making up for lost time! I was half-terrified, half excited at the idea, especially if he decided to tie me up in the big rubberized canvas bag! I knew he would show no mercy, and a thrill ran through me at the prospect! I slumped down on the floor, and soon fell asleep myself.
    When I awoke, he was pulling me out of the closet, and still in the dark, he transferred me from the strait-jacket to the rubber-lined bag, effortlessly, with immense strength. I still never got a proper look at him! Emily showed him how it was usually tied, then I was on the bed, tied at the neck, waist and under my feet, now utterly unable to escape! They had long lazy sex, right beside me, and the sounds made me come erect, making a tent in the bag, tight under the lower zipper! Then it was open, and rough fingers grabbed me by the balls, and yanked the whole package outside, tightening the zipper round the roots. "Nice piece!" he sn****red, and effortlessly made me fully erect! "Tell you what, Em - we're gonna keep his ass, right here, and he can go on paying the bills, and since I love having my cock sucked, and you don't like that, well, that's a bonus! He looks happy enough, judging by this weapon, right here!" She giggled, and said dutifully "Whatever you say, Rick! It's so good to have you home!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 34

    I spent years until obtaining a law degree then realized I hated jurisprudence and all that it hopes to be, so I quit the career path and ended up tending bar at an upscale hotel. I'm making enough to open my own bar soon, and my plans are to do it near a large university where I can concentrate on beer and beef snacks for students.

    I meet amazing people here and one of them is Veronica, a thoroughly wealthy prostitute. She is also an activist and trying to get the U.S. to rise up to the level of Amsterdam, for example, where the oldest profession in the world is legal. We got our heads together and I drew up for her a plan to engage politics into the mix. I also explained I want nothing to do with the plan or politics.

    What Veronica did for ME is detail how her sexual desire died while fucking so many people through the years. I told her that if sex became totally free, folks would lose interest in it. She said, "Not while the last man on Earth can get a boner, they won't." I think she's right. When I asked her how she got into the trade, she said, "like the frog in water that eventually boils and kills the frog without it realizing it, slowly, and surely. It's all about the money and what you believe it will do for you.

    With me, sex interests me greatly only when I'm cheating someone with it. We all have our downsides.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    As far as I know I became a ward of the government at a very young age. I was in three different foster homes from my earliest years and although I became curious about my parents I was never able to find out anything. In two out of three of those foster homes were neurotics. One of the things was open sexuality by the parents and something inside me rebelled. I was forced to become sexually engaged with them and I never liked it.

    The final place I went to live in was o.k. and normal. The man was a retired marine colonel and his wife was decent. He suggested I call him dad and I did. They finally adopted me. I never told him what I faced in the two earlier homes. They could not afford to send me to college so I joined the Navy right out of high school. After four years I got out and went to college. At first, I majored in psychology to go on to graduate school and become a clinical psychologist in order to fight the kind of victimization I faced as a young boy in sick foster homes.

    As I grew older I realized that I wanted to just forget all of my painful childhood.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    As a college student I met a guy from Latin America who was in his graduate program. Tall dark and handsome. I was overwhelmed by him and on the second date he had me over to his place and he had sex with me. It was quick, and I felt very bad afterwards, I wanted to go home but he kept me there and told me he would take me home in the morning. It was the first time I actually slept with a guy. In the morning he had morning sex, to get his day started.

    I learned that to be the girlfriend I had to accept certain things. When he was thru listening to me would say 'ok' and slice the air with his hand, which meant shut up. When he wanted something and I had not done it I got the finger in my face, with a 'you know that is what I like', or 'you know I don't want you to do that'. If I resisted I got the two hands in front of my face with 'enough'. The best thing to do was not do what he didn't like, to do what he did like, and not argue or refuse. Sex was every time he got the chance. And not always romantic, sometimes we only had time for a quick fuck bent over, but either way he got his dick in me. That way I was his girlfriend.

    For his graduation his parents and two of his sisters came up. His parents are distinguished doctors and his sisters were still in high school. In the morning at his apartment, that night I did not spend the night there, but that morning I got into a conversation with his fourteen year old sister. Smart, and worldly for a fourteen year old. But when we got to the part of how he demanded that I do what he wanted her answer was along the lines that he was a man and I wasn't. She emphasized, 'he is the man', it is your job to be the woman. That's what American women don't understand.

    Throu gh the ceremony I sat with his parents and his two sisters. So well dressed, so poised, I couldn't believe that they were all so passive. It was so hard on me, it made the relationship difficult because I ended up having to back down all the time.

    He asked me to marry him. I said yes, but inside I wasn't sure. I knew that I had a good chance of having to move to his country where he would work in the family business. But I didn't ask, I just said yes. I got engaged while his parents were there, and I sat in the room while his parents spoke to the other siblings and their siblings and friends announcing his intentions to come home with a wife. The wedding had to be quick, he would leave and come back for the ceremony, but first I needed to go and meet his extended family. Approval was still necessary.

    His sister is an Ophthalmologist. Her husband is a general surgeon. We went to their house for a breakfast reception. She was all over the place, serving people, and especially serving her husband. My soon to be husband told me that it didn't look good if the wife doesn't serve the husband, so watch how his sister looked after him.

    Later that day I found myself in a sitting room with all three of his sisters. The fourteen year old, the seventeen year old who I had not really spoken to and his eldest sister who is the doctor. I asked them if I would fit in. What did they think of their brother marrying a girl from Nebraska, who's only claim to fame was being a junior high cheerleader. The fourteen year old said 'your pretty' and you will have pretty babies. The doctor told me to relax, things were different that in the States, you just had to learn how to be the wife of a man like him. American men were used to doing for themselves, but in their society it was a pleasure to serve their men. To show them they were special. Here, you had to be a woman, all day and to let the men do what the men do. Don't interfere and everything was going to be all right.

    In spite of it all I got married and moved to his hometown, he took the job of running their automobile dealership business, I took the job of being his wife and having kids. As his sister told me, I had pretty babies. I learned Spanish, and get along with my sister's in law, especially the youngest who is now in college. Unlike me she will return as virgin as when she left, there is not much acceptance in their family of a girl getting married who is not a virgin. And she would never think of having sex before marriage. Even so, I counseled her about birth control and that boys in the US expected the girls to have sex. I gave her a box of condoms just in case, and told her to get on birth control at the university medical clinic. She would just be another one of the thousands of girls on birth control.

    I don't get the correction gestures very often, I do get the shut up signal a lot. I need to say what I need to say, and his enough gesture, or his sister's looks don't stop me. He married an American girl, he got his pretty babies, I've fulfilled that part of the bargain. Now he is learning to accommodate his wife. I am not his daughter, I am his wife.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 50

    I'm a straight male but I LOVE to wear a Woman's Shirt. This is my sexual clothing fetish and I LOVE it! The Woman's Shirt is styled with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. My confession is the Fetish Name by which I call this style of Woman's Shirt. I call a Woman's Shirt styled with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Shirt Pockets a TICKET SHIRT. Knowing that the TICKET SHIRT I'm wearing is a Woman's "Shirt," turns me on sexually! Knowing that the Ticket Shirt I wear is an article of Women's Clothing intended to be worn by a Woman but worn by me, a MALE, really arouses me sexually!

    I also have Fetish Names for the Notched Collar, Collar Tags and the Shirt Pockets. The Notched Collar is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar," the Collar Tags are called "Ticket Shirt Collar Tags," and the Shirt Pockets are called "Ticket Shirt Pockets." I also have Fetish Names for my small, 4 inch penis and the sperm I spurt from my penis. My penis is called a "Ticket pp" or a "little Ticket pp," and my sperm is called "Ticket sperm."

    I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt and watch myself jerk off while standing in front of a large mirror. Seeing myself wearing a Ticket Shirt turns me on sexually. Looking at the Ticket Shirt Collar and the Ticket Shirt Pockets of the Ticket Shirt I'm wearing is a sexual turn on for me! I get so turned on seeing myself wearing a Ticket Shirt and watching myself jerking off that I spurt Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp!

    I also LOVE to have Women sexually humiliate me for wearing a Ticket Shirt and having a little Ticket pp. I LOVE to have a Woman watch me wearing a Ticket Shirt, jerking off, and spurting Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp! I know that my Ticket Shirt Fetish is weird, but I LOVE my Ticket Shirts and I LOVE jerking off while I wear a Ticket Shirt!

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 31

    I was 26 at the time. I got into a sexual relationship with my boss, actually my boss' boss. This caused a lot of problems at work because he didn't care and everyone knew that he was having an affair with me. We never did anything at work, but after work he took me out to places in town and it was an open relationship. His car was at my apartment in the morning. At that time the affair was very active with sex of one kind or another almost every day. I couldn't get enough and he couldn't get enough. Really it was out of hand and much of what I did in those days still causes me embarrassment. But nothing was off limits to him.

    He reconciled with his wife and one of her conditions was that I be set aside. I wasn't, he and I stayed in our affair. We just didn't go out in public. I had moved to this house with a garage, he had a garage door opener and would hide his car in the garage. That doesn't mean that my neighbors didn't see him come and go.

    One day his wife came to my house. She didn't pretend that it was a surprise, she found all kinds of stuff that belonged to him. She didn't take anything, she left it where she found it. She asked me how many years our affair had gone on, not counting, but how many years? She said she remembered when he first started seeing me, but now I was 30 and he was 55. Was I going to be there when he was 89?

    We talked about a lot of things, some about sex. She told me of their youth, when he was on her all the time. Sort of what it was like when he and I first started seeing each other. We had that in common. Those memories. We shared those memories, laughed at those memories. She is all ok with me. That is what she came to tell me. She is ok with me. Life would be less fun. We have that in common, a dirty old man.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 42

    I dropped out of college after my freshman year and was living in this dump of a duplex. It was old and there were no washer and dryers, so laundry meant carrying my dirty clothes a couple of blocks to this dingy laundry room. It was dark and damp in the basement of this old building. I was working as a desk clerk in this motel. Life was at a low ebb.

    The day I got into trouble was late November before Thanksgiving, I went to the laundromat room late at night, around 12 because there would not be anyone there. I was alone, there was nowhere to sit while the clothes were being washed so I sat on the floor. The doorframe got dark and I looked up and there was a man standing there. He asked me for money. I didn't have any. He said if I didn't have any money then I had to give him pussy.

    He sat down in front of the door and told me to drop my pants and lean over the dryer. If I behaved it wouldn't hurt. I held on tight and felt him come up behind me and stick his dick in me start fucking. He asked me my name while he fucked me. He told me he knew where I lived. He said to call him Joe and that he always wanted some college pussy. He apologized for not being able to finish and he kept on fucking. He said he was going to have to fuck me hard. He leaned down on me and fucked me real hard and then he finished.

    He asked me if I liked it. He stood there with his pants down and told me he hadn't had a blow job in a long time and if I would suck him. Right then, when I turned to get on my knees and suck him I felt cold. I sucked him for a while, he didn't get very hard and he apologized again. He said that he used to get really hard and he wanted to get really hard and fuck my face. I kept on sucking him until he told me that if I couldn't get him to get off then I should stop.

    He stayed with me while I changed my clothes from the washer to the dryer and walked back with me to my duplex. He asked me if had any food. In the light of the kitchen he looked old, he was filthy, I fixed him some soup and a sandwich. When he left he asked if I liked the fucking, he always wanted a girl to tell him that he fucked real good.

    I told him the truth, I liked it when he fucked me real hard and that I didn't like it when he couldn't cum.

    Joe, if that was his name left and I never saw him again. I laid in bed that night, still full of him. I lay on my back and put the pillow under my hips so that the sperm would not come out. Of course a lot had come out, it was all in my panties. I fell asleep and dreamed of his sperm. I dreamed that his sperm had found my egg and had to fuck real hard to get in. I dreamed the animation that we saw in health class.

    I didn't wash myself out for several weeks. I was very careful not wash myself out. My time came and went and I dreamed about his sperm. I started to believe that I had gotten knocked up. My period didn't come and then one day I had this terrible pain and I miscarried. I know that it was best, being pregnant at nineteen from a homeless guy was stupid. But I felt really bad, I had spent the Holidays with my secret and now it was gone.

    I tried going back to school but I never made it. I moved to Dallas and got a job working for American Airlines as a reservations agent.

    I was back in Kansas City and went to see the old place and the laundromat is still there, in the basement. It is still a dark place. I wonder how many other girls or guys had sex in there. I imagine quite a few. In the winter it was warmer than the outside.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 35


    So my wife and I have really slowed down sexually in the past couple years. It has made things a little tense. We decided to talk about it and figure things out.

    Our conversation was good, both of us realized our sex drives were the same. We just ran into time problems, and that sex has to be a higher priority.

    We talked about maybe living out sone fantasies we have kept hidden. I told her one of my big ones was to watch and film her peeing in her panties. I was embarassed, but we were telling all. She told me she wants to maybe peg me with a strap on dildo. Im into trying it also.

    So, some future stories maybe brewing soon.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 24

    I need to accept this after fighting it for long - I am not a real man but a gay femmed out sissy crossdresser. I fought it hard but my gay girlish urges just don't go away. Now I can't even masturbate without imagining myself being taken by a big masculine hunk man like a girlish queer and being cuddled and kissed and ultimately fucked in my ass. I confess it - I want to be a gay sissy wife of a alpha hunk man and swoon in his arms,kiss him,blush like a girlish fag and get my ass fucked like the pathetic impotent girlish queer that I really am. And I am not even ashamed to write this because I have been spoiled completely by my gay sissy queer urges.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 44

    My story is about crossing over. I was divorced, living in a an apartment complex, nursing my ruined life. The guy next door said hello when we ran into each other and one day he stopped and asked my name and introduced himself. He was a medical sales rep, around fifty, and he was assigned to open up the territory in our city. We said hello and such and one day he asked if I needed company.

    He was a life long gay man. He wasn't pushy, just insistent. He was alone I was alone so why not become friends. He was open about being gay. He knew I was divorced from a fifteen year marriage. One night, he came over almost every night, he said why not let him suck me. That I could probably use a good blow job. I got my first guy blow job on my second hand couch. He knew what to do, and he wouldn't stop until he got me to come. He said that after a good blow job it was customary to give a kiss.

    He didn't leave that night, once you start you have to go all in. Get naked, a full body massage, feel a hard dick against your leg, hold a hard dick in your hand, suck a hard dick. Sucking him was more than ever thought I would do. He offered to help me go all in, but he saw me hesitate and told me that would wait for another night. Right then I needed to get used his dick and having him handle my dick. At night, just to try, he got on my back and humped me.

    I tried to avoid him the next day, but he came over late and said that a relationship had to be cemented and he wanted to give me another blow job, and he needed for me to hold his dick. That night he said was the night, he came prepared, he had the tube and he said we could go bare or if I felt I needed it he would use a condom. But he wanted bare, it just felt better.

    That it felt good it felt good. He used his lube and he kept it slow and easy, he gave me time to adjust. He liked to fuck, said he always had, since he was a kid. He had taken it several times, mostly in the heat of the moment, but he was the guy on top. He told me this was also about roles, someone had to be the wife. It would really be nice if I had something planned for dinner, we could go out, or I could have something for him when he got back from work. And he wanted a kiss, always a kiss, show him I was happy to see him.

    We went out, to gay bars and clubs, to gay restaurants, held hands, he kissed me in public, mostly he said for me to get used to the fact that he was going to kiss me and I was going to kiss him back. We had sex a lot, two three times a week. He gave me the tube and told me to be ready, he shouldn't have to get me dressed up, I should be ready for him.

    I don't know if I was always gay, or for that matter if I am truly gay. I am definitely in the zone, I am definitely the one that looks after things in the house, he likes that his shirts are home ironed, why take them to the cleaners if I can iron them for him. We live together in a townhouse, he makes much more money than I do, and most of what I make goes for child support. Coming out to my kids and ex wife was not as hard as I imagined. My ex wife claims that she always knew.

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