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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 45

    my wifes a bitch she used to be this super foxie beautiful chic that everyboby was chasin . i got her and married her yrs later anyhow now she a fat lazy retarded bitch drinks and pops pills . we live far from our old town now 200 miles away she calls this c**t bitch Karen who has a dyke sister who seems to be her only other friend this c**ts a real asshole trys to stir up trouble and start shit. i used to think she was ok . she married a little baby boy guy 25 yrs younger than her man who marries a old bitch his mothers age?? she told my old lady she hates sex .she tried starting shit over my son living here at my house hes 20yrs old i thought hey bitch aint none ya business who lives underroof you paying the bills ?? hes my wifes step id so c**t Karen would really push to fire my fat drunk assed wife up over it. once i picked up the phone and she on it my old lady says ya hes all pissed off and bitchin good c**t Karen says hopefully he'll give his self a heartattack and die . i layed into her you nasty ugly little bitch fucking drop dead you pile of dog shit i said . my old lady later saw she wasnt a great friend but still calls the skank at times .id like to grab her up and ass fuck her sooo hard and g really humiliate that nasty bitch id beat her and tie her ass up in a prominent place in town naked so shed be seen by many . just a fantasy id never do it or even go to that town no more but it nice to dream anyhow

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 18

    i took a dare and ran about 700 ft from the house totally naked except my tennis shoes on . i was to circle the mail boxa and run back it was about noon time . theres usually no one around out here where our farm sits but as i got close a car was coming i hid behind a tree then waited then ran out in the road to my shock another car about 100 ft away i just ran stark naked away into the field no place to hide the car drove past no one yelled it didn't stop nothing there was no way they hadn't seen me, my little naked butt fleeing away i was really embarrassed my lady friend who dared me laughed and laughed at me . she was to do it next but didn't

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 38

    i have a compulsion to go naked out in the moon lite during each full moon its like something is controlling me. i cant stop doing it . ive done it since i was in grade school i stand in a clearing and let the full moon lite cover my nude body i turn and bend my butt over toward the lite and let it shine on my cock and all over me. why i do this i have no clue

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 40

    this cute little blonde whore at work is a big n****r lover . she lives with a n****r guy and has a nig daughter with him . he beats the hell out of her cuz shes got such a smart mouth on her shes a pretty bitch from a upscale white family she could be with a white guy not this women beating ape. any way i had to train her on a new job . i acted all nice and shit i said I'm going to get some sodas want one ??sure she said i took it in the bathroom and stuck my cock in it and stirred it up with my big dong i wanted to cum in it but couldn't get to that climax so i pissed in it and gave it to her she drank about half of it . little nasty skank drank my piss ha ha ha i thought got ya c**t.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife carol had a friend a fine looking brunet come over one night .i was laying on the couch naked under a blanket.i waited till carol went in the kitchen the girl was sitting just across from me. i have a very big 9 inch cock . i rolled over like i was asleep and let it hang out in front of her. figured she may see something she likes. carol came out and saw me . she said i know your awake Gregg your such a pervert.i guess she busted me .

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I grew up in a well to do suburb of Dallas, my parents were both doctors. Pre teen I had a crush on this girl who went to school with me and one afternoon while she was at my house I got between her legs and humped her as hard as I could. We both got aroused because I could really feel her mound under me as I rubbed my mound on her. After a while of humping on her and getting nowhere I took her panties off to examine her.

    Post puberty, I was fifteen a girl moved in next door, she was twelve and she had just started to bloom but she wasn't menstruating yet. I was and I showed her my menstruation and how much blood there was. I examined her pussy real close to see if there was any signs that she was going to menstruate and when I was looking at her I was overcome with an urge to eat her and I did. It was my first pussy and I ate her until it hurt to continue. I'm afraid I wasn't gentle and she was always hesitant to let me eat her again, but with time we got to the point where I could eat her really well and we had figured out how to make her really enjoy it and ask me.

    We went way past eating pussy, we got to the point of making love, lots of kissing and breast play and lots of 69, getting in the shower together and getting naked in bed. I didn't really know the meaning of slut then, but I guess we were both little sluts, we had to have sex and we had to be together. Until we got caught. We were naked in bed and I was doing what I liked best which was nosing around in her when my mother came in unexpectedly. It was a mess, never ending interrogation, her parents were called over, we were both yelled at and screamed at and told we were filthy and when they found out we had been at it for over a year all kinds of shit came out of her mother and they decided to accuse me of doing things to a minor because she was twelve.

    The end result, was that we were both sent to counseling, we were prohibited from seeing each other and they moved to another part of town and I got sent to my grandparents house to cool off and think about what I was doing and if this was something I thought was appropriate for a girl. My mother told me in a moment of reason that if I was a lesbian I would break my father's heart.

    At my grandparents' there was a house on the block with a college student. He was back in town for the summer and he fucked me the first day he met me. The next day I got my first mouthful of penis and got fucked again. Getting fucked felt good, I liked him on top of me and I liked it even more when he fucked me on my knees and elbows. I really liked sucking him off, so we fucked and fucked like crazy, and after a couple of months I realized that I was not only late I was real late and I was feeling nauseous in the morning and it was confirmed I was pregnant. We had never used any kind of birth control, no condoms, no pill, nothing, we had just fucked to fuck.

    I spent my seventeenth year pregnant, I went to a private school which had an outreach program for pregnant girls and I managed to graduate from high school, with a baby. My mother thought it best that I learn my lesson real well and that I breast feed, take care of the baby and go to college the next year. Deep down inside she was so relieved I wasn't a lesbian, that she forgave everything, this would make me a woman and teach me responsibility and she was so excited with her grandson. My dad was more reserved, he wasn't aware of the lesbian stuff, but he 'understood' but wasn't pleased with me.

    I went to college, I met a boy there and we got married after graduation and I got pregnant immediately, I had no wish to work, my only wish was to be a mom and take care of the house. We hired a nanny to help, she was from Chile. With her living with us it became really apparent to me that she was a lesbian girl and she was in love with this other girl also from Chile. This is why she was here, she followed the other girl. I won't say she was pretty in the pretty sense but she was very sensual. Around the house she wore jeans and shirts, but more than once I saw her in nightgown and I could see her body flow under her gown. I started to look for the shape of her breasts under her shirts and the flow of her butt under her shorts. I started to get wet looking at her face and desiring her lips, cleavage was all over the place, she wore lose tops and I could see the tops of her breasts.

    I kept silent, until I had to say something to her and complimented her face and her hair and I touched her lips with my finger. She stood there and didn't move and I touched her breast with my hand, she asked me in Spanish if I liked that, if I liked women's breasts. She let me feel her, she didn't move she stood there while I felt her breast until I kissed her on the mouth. She asked me in Spanish again if I liked women, because she was a woman and she thought I was pretty.

    The children were asleep and we stood there and kissed several times and she let me feel her up and she felt my breasts and she undid my top and she leaned over to suck my nipple. I ate her pussy, I didn't want to stop, she pushed my head away, but she kept her legs open, she asked me to get naked and lay on the bed and she at me and I had an orgasm.

    My husband doesn't need to know, and neither does my father. It is just that making love with her feels so good, I love her naked now, she is far less inhibited than I am, while the kids are in school we use the time to be together. We have been making love for a month now.

    I guess I have lesbian tendencies, strong lesbian tendencies. I have always had strong lesbian tendencies.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18


    15 years old and need help figuring out how to be fucked and abused by older guys, and hopefully they know that im underage

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    A couple of months back, maybe more recently, I posted about being worried that I couldn't make my wife cum with just my cock anymore and that she was on the way out the door to other guys. It pissed me off, made me feel super anxious, moody, and she even noticed in the bedroom I was a bit more reserved than usual. We had some conversations, she told me I was being dumb and she was satisfied, but I still couldn't get her there like that so I was still having some trouble. Something has changed in me this past little bit, and, after what I just did to her this afternoon, I don't think I have anything to worry about.

    Lately, I've been talking a lot during sex, telling her what to do and being really forceful and loud about it. While she sucks me, which she loves, I've been grabbing her little pony tail and forcing my cock into her mouth, trying to see how far I could go a few times. She's gagged a little bit, but tries to take it all nonetheless, especially when I tell her "take it, suck it now." Interesting, not the reaction I expected at all, her willingness to be submissive to me.

    I decided I was going to emulate the only male porn performer I've ever seen that I don't mind being in the scenes, this guy named Tony that creampies all these first time girls before they go into regular rotation. He moans a lot and tells them how good a job they are doing, hell he moans like a wildebeest when he unloads in them and you can tell what girls he actually likes I think (we have similar tastes). My wife has been eating that shit up, she sucks harder, faster, and jerks my cock like the little slut she was when we first got together. Again, interesting, very exciting for me. It's hard to keep from cumming all over her when she gets like that.

    Today, I flat out told her "I'm going to fuck you" while I had a handful of her hair and I had just helped her have a manual orgasm (vibrator on her clit, my fingers in her pussy, stroking away). When I slid into her, facedown ass up on her favorite sex pillow, she was soaking wet. Something came over me, and instead of being gentle like I usually am, I ended up fucking her as hard as I could after about three pumps in, the whole time moaning and breathing in her ear.

    Hard. I had ahold of the bed and was giving her everything I had, and I could tell she was loving it. She started losing it and making sounds like some kind of animal, multi-octave stuff that only meant one thing - she was cumming all over my cock. Once she hit those notes, I was over the edge and fired into her hard with a loud yell (I leaned back a bit to saver her hearing). She was still wiggling her ass and moaning, clearly coming down off her orgasm. "So much cum," all she could say while I pushed her hair back from her sweaty red face. She was drooling, not lying one bit here. "Did you get another one?" I asked her, genuinely shocked, but also fairly certain I knew the answer. "Yeah," she breathed out. I pushed that cock just a bit further in and squeezed, feeling a little cum leave me into her.

    We cleaned up, had a good dinner. Feeling pretty damn good about life right now. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much, "fragile male ego" shit for sure here. It does seem the more I focus on how good she's giving it to me instead of trying to make her cum, the better experience we're having. Hmmm...

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 34

    My husband has a reasonably large cock, eight and a bit inches long and it's fairly thick also. I suck it and certainly enjoy him fucking me with it, but his cock isn't the only cock I suck.
    You service have this sexual thing for sucking on smaller slimmer cock. Maybe it's because I can easily deep throat them, and that it's much much more comfortable to suck on a smaller cock. Plus for whatever reason they're invariably harder and feel amazing in my mouth.
    My first boyfriend had a five inch dick and believe me if spend sometimes over an hour sucking on his gorgeous cock. But like most people we think we want bigger and better. Eventually meeting my husband, we dated, and five years ago got married.
    But I never lost that sexual lust for smaller cocks.
    Another passion of mine are our two dogs. I'm a professional dog handler in my line of work, so I take our dogs out two to three times a day. Not usually too far, but some days when my husband is working away, we walk for miles. And it was during one of those walks last summer, I caught two fully naked teenagers openly tossing each other off, as I walked through a sunny glade. The dogs startled them but I easily saw what they were doing before they tried to get dressed. Without thinking about it, I told them they had nice cocks. The taller of the two stopped getting dressed and asked me if I'd like to finish him off.
    There are moments in life you make a decision that changes everything. This was one of those moments. I could simply have walked away, but instead I covered the twenty feet or so, took hold of his still pulsating small cock, squatted down and sucked in his delicious little penis.
    Slurping in his cock (4-5 inches maybe) I was taken back to my first boyfriend and I gave that kid the best blow job he's probably still ever had. As I licked and sucked on his dick, the dogs lay down nearby and the other youth slowly tossed his own small penis.
    Holding his balls and gently squeezing them, I felt him ready to cum and when his cock erupted in my mouth, I delighted at swallowing every single delicious drop. Pulling out of my mouth, the only thing he said was "Fucking Wow!".
    Asking the other young man to come over, I took his smaller cock in and suckled on his dick, unfortunately he only lasted a minute or two and his cock dribbled his sperm into my mouth. Like the other teenager, I swallowed his cum too. Standing up I told them I rarely walked as far as I did that day, but would be willing to meet them closer to where I live. I'm still sucking off at the moment, the first and older of the two lads on a weekly basis. He's asked me recently if I'd let him fuck me, but sucking his dick for now is right for us both.
    He's not know the only person with a smallish cock that I meet up with for oral sex. Once I'd gotten my thrill and taste back for smaller cocks, I went online and got chatting to a married man who's wife has regularly cheated on him with larger cocked men. Telling him I'd only suck him off once we'd agreed to meet for sex, we met at a place we both knew of. Again outdoors, I took his beautiful five inch dick into my mouth and savoured sucking on it until he'd cum twice, filling my mouth both times, as he's a very heavy cummer. Swallowing his seed I knew he'd want to meet up again, so we now meet up walking our dogs twice a week. I have to drive over to his valley as he doesn't drive, but believe me sucking on his perfect cock more than makes up for the half hour drive. He's the same age as me and like me loves dogs. In the two months we've been meeting up for oral sex, I've really grown to like him a lot. So much so, last weekend as I leaned over a styal between to lengths of dry stone wall, I allowed him to fuck me from behind. My husband's cock often hurts me in this position, and I have to always make myself orgasm because of the pain. But my smaller cocked lover took me to such an amazing orgasm as he fucked me until he spurted every drop of his hot sticky cum inside my juicy pussy.
    I know now marrying my husband wasn't sexually right for me. Don't get me wrong he's a nice guy, little straight laced, but a really good person. Yet having my new wonderful lover give me the ultimate pleasure he now does, this girl is I think, going to have to end her marriage and live in another valley.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    When I was younger I had a few friends that I hung out with after school and on weekends and we always were betting and daring each other from mild to wild. One of my friends Steve was dared to streak through the park one evening which never really had a lot of people in it but cars were always going by and could easily see in the park. Well he did the dare and for the first time seeing another guy naked like that got me hard and for some reason seeing his cock turned me on.
    I shook that feeling off and tried to put it out of my mind but at night when I was in bed I found myself thinking about him naked and jerking off to the sight of him and his free swinging cock. I don't remember how it happened but a few months later we were partying in the park and I had a pretty good buzz going on and not sure how but I managed the courage to ask him if I could see it again (actually dared him to pull it out. Well one thing lead to another and we went off to the other side of the park away from the others.
    We were talking and I was looking at his cock and the next thing I knew I was on my knees playing with his cock and soon was sucking him just about the time he started cumming the others found us with me on my knees and his cock in my mouth. By the end of the night I ended up sucking off the other 7 guys while the others watched. Being I never did this before it was really embarrassing and after that the word kind of got out and although we never hung out together as a group anymore these guys would secretly find me when no one was around and had me suck them off numerous times until I went off to college.
    I consider myself Bi because every once in a while I will hook up with a woman but I much prefer sucking guys off and I do love the feeling of a cock riding my ass and the best times are when others are watching as I suck or take a pounding

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