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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 26

    My cousin's wife forced me to have sex with her. It was Friday night, had a few beers with them and ended up staying in their guest room over the weekend. It was around mid night when his wife walked into my room, sat on the edge of my bed, told me she had mixed sleeping pills in my cousin's beer, dropped her nighty, climbed on top me and lowered her wet pussy on my face telling my cousin never did that to her. I remember her pussy juice all over my face as she spread he pussy lips and rubbed it up and down my face, telling me to suck her harder. I was 21, she was four years older and couldn't believe how good she smelled and tasted. I remember thinking what we were doing wasn't right, but kept sucking till she tensed up and had an orgasm. Remember her peeling my fore skin back, her lips sliding down my hard dick and swallowing my hold load of sperm and squeezing the last drop out. The last thing she said was "take a shower" and "tomorrow I'll bring condoms" I left Sunday after noon feeling guilty about fucking my cousin's wife, but figured it was something she would never tell.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Lesbian Female / 24

    I accidentally fell in love with my niece. It started as kids games but in her bedroom it became more and more sexual. She always wanted to play tickle games and every time she wore less clothes till she was asking me to tickle her while she was naked. When I did she didn't wanna stop. Her tiny hands stripped my clothes off too and suddenly I was a grown woman completely naked in a little girls room giggling and fondling each other. If anyone found us I'd be killed. We took our time with baths. I'd get in with her and one day I got carried away washing between her legs and she started panting and squirming. Her little frame was bent over the tub so I kissed her puffy mound. But something made the kiss a lick. Her legs opened more giving me permission to continue and I gave her her first orgasm. She was my angel and she became an obsession. I would take her to my house to babysit and before we were even alone she would get naked and wait for me. She loved taking pictures and soon I had a library of her pouring milk over her or us locked together in forbidden embrace. Her little friend came once and I convinced her into undressing for pictures together. I left to get a new outfit and when I came back there were two girls playing with each others pussies. My husband came home while they girls began to cum. I couldn't stop something so beautiful so I ran upstairs and locked the door. He got in the shower and I ran back to find my beauties still at it. They stopped and focused on me. The two girls had me naked with one on each side of me when the shower turned off. Two little tongues lashed my pussy as I licked one and rubbed the other. My husband was right upstairs and could find us any minute but I didn't care if he did right then. The camera caught my niece's face getting covered in my juice when I came and their tongues kissing half against my vagina. Her little friend came hard and I couldn't believe how much I'd fallen in love with the taste of a young girls cum. I sucked them both dry and kissed both at once letting the girls taste to. I actually came again rubbing my clit kissing them with their own cum the thought alone was enough. My clothes were barely on when the door opened. The two girls were still naked in bed so I ran to greet him before he saw the panties on the ground and his niece with another girl covered in juice still kissing. I had to leave them there but when I watched the video after I left and found they left me a surprise. They changed into school girl outfit and found a vibrator and masturbated. My husband found them sleeping naked in the morning but he assumed they're just being kids. I found a picture my husband must have took of one of the girls butts and I thought about turning it into the police so I could have the girls to myself and we could stop worrying about being caught. But we just continued meeting every chance we could. In the summer the girls loved going to the park and spreading a blanket to lay on. When I got their panties off I'd have them smell them to figure out who's was who's. Sometimes I'd just lay in the sun and watch the girls laugh and fall down and start kissing and lick pussies. An older women found us once in the park I was dressed watching the girls lick honey off their bodies. The woman was stunned to find two girls in the woods locked in a kiss and about to do more. I was frightened at first but i noticed the woman had a hand up her dress touching herself while she watched. The girls were nuzzling pussies and if they saw the woman they didn't care. When my little beauties started moaning the woman pulled her dress up to finger herself. I wanted to see what would happen if the woman tried to join them. An older women and two nymphs making love in the woods. The woman did approach the girls. They saw her watching and seemed to get louder. She went to her knees and caressed their backs like she'd found a treasure. The girls collapsed gasping and the woman leaned to my niece who was still on her hands and knees and shoved her face into her swollen snatch. I stood up and the woman spilled over ready to run. Here beauties I called in unison they said yes mommy. They ran to me each grabbing a leg and lifting my dress over them. When my panties slid off and the woman realized my girls heads were in my crotch she relaxed. She introduced herself as Clara and apologized for the mistake and said she'd love to have my girls come to her studio to be in her film. All they needed to do was what they just did. She explained the movie was women only mostly masturbating. She would compensate us for time. The girls agreed and later that week we drove to a mansion in the middle of nowhere. The girls were put in a room with a clear table in the middle and a crowd of women around. The got going right away with the girls on the table masturbating. Every woman was silent as they came kissing each other. Before they went down on each other two more girls came out. They were older than my beauties and beautiful. They paired up and two more girls came out. Another girl older than mine with a little girl that looked like her sister holding her hand. She had to be two years younger than mine. She stood watching till she was pulled in and lost. My baby's were perfect and when they paired with the youngest girl I could see women filming were fingering themselves. One more girl entered towards the end. Only this one was a fully formed gorgeous blonde woman. She brought out two dildos and two of the older girls shouted when they went inside. My girls sprawled in front and every thrust of the dildo slammed a tongue into their slits. The young girl had her head under the blonde licking. The girls getting slammed were shouting and the blonde joined them. The blonde groaned and drenched the tiny girl below her. Woman filming were cumming to. And when the two girls getting fingered finished my girls grabbed their hair and sunk their faces into their pussies. Everyone was surprised at how aggressive the girls were. They came together and everyone clapped. An attractive woman in her thirties ran to the table and started licking up the left over juices. Another woman took the youngest to the table and went down on her. I grabbed my girls and when we looked back about six men entered and had all the older girls from behind. While some were jacking off on the woman and the baby eating each out. Someone asked us to stay but we left anyways. As time passes the girls got boyfriends and we saw each less and less. Our niece is still close and sometimes we'll watch the video together and make love.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 26

    For some time I have been taking adjunct courses in business and marketing. I usually get to class earlier than most so I can grab a seat in the front row where I find it easier to focus on the instructor. One day I had a terrible time locating a parking spot so I was a bit late and the entire front row was gone. I decided just to sit in the back row that was, that day, with only one seat taken by a woman.

    Sitting in the right side of the row, she sat in the middle. I noticed that she was very tall. I estimated that she was well over six feet tall. I'm 5'10" not short but I was not as tall as she and it was easy to notice that. She was not heavy nor gaunt, just inordinately tall. She was not unattractive but her height removed her from the Playmate list, in my view. The instructor was talking about promotion of different products and services, something I knew about since I worked in that particular field. I heard a rustling sound coming from the young, tall woman. Glancing over, it seemed to me that she was actually masturbating. She had her right hand between her legs and her entire arm moved steadily, in a sort of cadence.

    Then it dawned on me that she might be trying to ease some kind of injury. I moved toward her leaving only one seat between us. I asked if she was all right. She continued moving her hand and just said, "Be calm, I'm just relieving myself. It comes on now and then and I have to do something about it." I had to take a few minutes to absorb and digest what was happening and then my entire disposition changed and I started becoming horny. I did not want to move back to my seat and just sat there. I could not believe the effect her masturbation had on me
    and I found that suddenly, I was sitting with a large boner between my legs.

    I said, "Forgive me but what you are doing is very hot to me and I'k afraid I have to join you." She calmly
    said, "Go ahead, I don't mind." Looking around at the entire class I realized the two of us were quite alone so I pulled out my now erect cock and started stroking it. The instructor's words seemed to fade away and there was just the two of us pleasuring ourselves. Then, thoughtlessly, and just driven by lust I said, "I want to fuck you, would you mind?" She eased up and stopped stroking herself and then I thought, "Shit, now I've done it.." Then she said in almost a whisper. "Can you fuck me right after class?" "GAHHHD! Game still on," I thought, saying. "Absolutely." We sat there like two fired up nerves and the class finally let out.

    Outside in the hallway we looked around and she took my hand as we walked. I felt like her little brother as she towered over me. Starting to ask, I blurted out..."How tall a..." She said, quickly, "6'3" mind?" I took a deep breath and for the first time wondered when and where will this take place? Other classes resumed and we spotted the woman's toilet. We rushed in there and into a booth then closed the booth door. I dropped my trousers and out jumped my hard cock. She breathed loudly, reaching under her skirt, pulling off her panties. I sat on the bowl and she straddled me, saying, "I'll be careful. I know I weigh more than a canary."

    She took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy, already quite wet. It felt amazing. We both sighed relief and began a serious fucking session. After a few minutes she lifted off and faced away from me, lowering her posterior on me as my cock slipped in again. We made only a rustling sound accented by the slurping effect as my stiff rod slipped in and out of her. I said, "That's indescribably hot." She said, "Yes, yes, and kept fucking me
    putting all her weight on her legs and balancing herself with her hands on the booth wall.

    In that position her ass seemed much larger than it was and I started feeling it and embracing it, reaching to her and kissing where I could find some naked skin. I slipped my thumb into her asshole as she fucked me. She moaned, saying. "Oh...c.c.c..c.c commminggg." I felt her tight, glove-like vagina closing and opening, pulsating on my hardness. She said, "you can come inside" which automatically switched my orgasm to "on" position and I came inside her shooting threads of sperm into her. We stood up and I realized I had not even kissed her so I began kissing her, first with an open mouth on hers then I slowly pulled what clothing was still hanging off her from our fucking and kissed ever spot of naked skin I could find. She wiped herself with toilet paper and started to kiss me back.

    I hugged and embraced her tall body, kissing and hugging then slowly went down on her and began to concentrate on her Venus mound, licking and sucking all over it as I began to suck on her clit. She pushed my head into it and I did it with more ferocity. She came again and trembled like a reed in a windstorm. We then heard someone come in, pee in a nearby booth and hit some water in a sink and leave, while I sucked on her boobs as she stifled her moans.

    After that day, we became ardent lovers and in time she confessed that she had been watching me in the classroom for some time and determined to hit on me in some way. The day I was forced to sit in the back row, near her, was the day she said to herself..."Fantastic, now. how do I wake this kid up?" She made a good selection from her crazy ideas. She caught me like a wild hare in a toothy snare.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 26

    Not all sexual experiences between adults and children are bad. I was raised by just my grandfather unto he died when I was 15. He took great care of me in every way. But I especially remember how well be took care of my little pussy. We shared a big bed my whole life so we got very close.

    It began when I was 3 or 4, just potty trained but still wearing diapers at night in case of an accident. One night just after he put me to bed I slipped up and peed myself. I called him back in, "papa I peepeed my diaper!" So he came back to change me. He unsnapped the tabs and pulled the diaper open, but then stopped and didn't pull it put from under me. He looked at me for a minute, then carefully brushed his finger up and down my bald little slit. I liked it a lot. I just laid there mesmerized. When he finally stopped I asked him to do it more.

    " do you like that?" He asked. I nodded and called me a naughty girl and changed my diaper and told me to go to sleep. But I needed more. My little pussy had a taste of pleasure and it was hungry. So the next day I held my peepee all day. It was so hard I almost couldn't keep it in. At night when papa put me in my diaper I almost lost control. He me to bed and I tried to hold it for a couple more minutes. I finally let loose and let it squirt out into my diaper. That alone felt so good and I was already horny in a way that a little girl can be. I called papa in to change me. As soon as he opened my diaper I asked him to rub my . he hesitated but after enough prompting he gave in and told me to spread my legs. This time he rubbed inside of my lips, up and down my inner lips and finally up to my little clit. As soon as he touched that glory spot it felt like electricity through my entire little body and he just rubbed it and teased it relentlessly. I was unashamed and told him how good that was as begged him to keep going.

    This became a regular ritual to us. Even when I didn't need diapers anymore, he would slip his have down my panties and go to town. I didn't have an orgasm until I was about 6 but I still enjoyed it thoroughly.

    My most earth shattering orgasms didn't start until I was about 8 or 9. By that point I would randomly get really horny and ask papa to pleasure me. One day I was really feeling horny after I peed and wiped a little too hard and made my own pussy feel good. I ran into the living room and climbed over him on the sofa. I stood with naked pussy in front of his face and asked him to play with me. He spread my lips and quickly flicked his tongue over my clit. I was stunned at how amazing it felt. I thrust my pussy at him and begged for him to do it again. He didn't at first but I started to get desperate. He laid me down and spread my legs. My clit was throbbing and bulging. I wanted to feel it again. He slowly started to lap his tongue over my clit. It felt so warm and wet but strong and so good. He transitioned back and forth between massaging it in circles with his tongue and flicking it rapidly. Every time he changed motions, a new wave of intense pleasure shot through my body. When he finally started to suck on my clit I almost lost it. My tires curled and I quieted in ecstasy. I whined and cried out over and over as the amazing sensation increased, feeling stronger and better. My legs were kicking unable to hold still and my body bucked and shook as the orgasmic wave washed over me. He continued to lick my sensitive clit clean. After that I only wanted him to eat me...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 19

    I had sex with 7 guys in less than 4 hours last week :/

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 55

    My husband is very into the church and helping people and allhough iv tried iv never had the same passion for it as he does,im 55 and allthough i love him i do get lonely,as all our friends are from the church and most bore me,recently he tried to help a young man in his late teens and was soon bringing him home and paying him to do small jobs,we got on and he`d make me laugh but alone one day he came up behind me and cupped my boobs,carressing my nipples,its strange at my age that i never just fought him of but with my boobs right out and my panties being pushed down i was to aroused and leaned over the table,taking his cock fully up me,he was very rough yet i come like iv never come before and got him to turn me round where i lay back and felt him come up me, He pushed me down on his limp cock which i sucked and sucked at untill he had me again on the floor my skirt up round my waist, before taking me from behind,zipping up he smiled and i didn`t want him to leave but iv never seen him since.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    Only got married nine weeks ago, yet already I've cheated with two different men. One of them was on our honeymoon, when my husband got himself totally drunk. I was merry too, but more than able to understand when a gorgeous hunk was giving me the eye. We ended up at the rear of the bar that my husband and I were in. I sucked on his dick, then had him fuck me as I leaned over his motorcycle. He fucked me making me orgasm twice, then came all over my asshole after pulling out. We both then joined my husband who propping up the bar, trying to stand up straight.

    The other person, is someone my husband knows only too well. He should do, it's his nineteen year old nephew. He overheard me chatting to one of my girlfriends over the phone about my honeymoon fuck, and basically blackmailed me. And I'm certainly not now complaining he did. He might just be nineteen, but he's got the biggest cock I've ever had sex with, and he can fuck for hours. Last night for instance with my husband working until almost midnight, his nephew and I spent three hours having the most awesome sex. And by the time he'd licked, sucked and fucked me to over a dozen orgasms, he was still wanting more. It was only a matter of minutes before my husband got home, that he filled my ass with his third load of the evening.

    When my husband got in, I was showering as his nephew no doubt was still riding home on his motorcycle. Having sex with my husband in bed a little later, only lasted ten minutes with him falling asleep after cumming inside my pussy. A pussy which had already taken his nephew's semen not too long before.

    I might not be able to stop my husband's nephew from wanting sex with me now. But then I don't want to stop either.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I had a similar experience were a mate was sleeping over, it was only a few weeks after a new friend helped Himself to my cock after we got stoned and shitfaced, he completely drained my balls, that was my first gay experience. So I was in my bed he was up the other end of my room, I was stroking my hard Cock, and started saying I wish there was a chick here to suck my cock, & Hey Glen can I suck your Cock, he kept saying No, shut the Fuck up Or I'm going home, I kept pushing as I stroked closer to cumming, then I heard him jump out of his bed, I remember saying No I'm only shitting you don't go home, next thing he's standing next to me stroking his limp must've been 5# Cock when, He let go of his cock & grabbed my head with both hands & forcefully started to pull my head towards his cock, I tried to hold myself away, I don't know why, but right before the head of his cock got to my lips, my mouth opened & his cock slid right in. Right when I should have been pissed off, I found myself giving in, my dignity was gone I accepted the hands on my head & the cock in my mouth. It fit completely inside my mouth with his balls resting on my chin. As I felt his cock grow & get harder I thought how different but good his cock felt as it was filling my mouth. He held my head still as he slowly began to fuck my mouth. By now I wasn't resisting, I even started to like the feeling that my mouth was relegated to being Glens fuck toy. I tried to use the back of my tongue to keep his pounding knob from making me gag. Even though I no longer resisted he still held my head & fucked my mouth with increasing speed. He was probably fucking my mouth for 3 or 4 minutes when he stopped, put it back in his pants & walked back to his bed without saying a word, I just sat there in shock wonderng what had just happened. So many thoughts raced through my head. Why did I let him do that? Why did I seem to like it? Why did he stop Was I doing something wrong? When he got back to his bed he said if you want more come and get it. I looked over at him and he was sitting with his back against the wall stroking his now hard 7# Cock with this cheeky grin, I was on my knees in front of him in less than 15 seconds, I took him straight in my mouth, and sucked his cock as if I had done it all my life, he was saying yeah that's it suck it bitch, then he held my head again and started pounding my mouth he was now moaning real load, I started thinking what if mum or dad walked in now, when he said shit man your so Fucken good at sucking Cock, I, I, I'm gunna cum, he let go of my head again and fell back against the wall as I took over, his Cock was soon pumping warm salty juice in my mouth. I did not hesitate for a second and swallowed it all. I knew how good it felt from the blow job I got from Michael. I was still bobbing my head up and down even when he deflated, he had to grab my head and stop me. He said I'm not going to suck your Cock, but you can suck me off anytime you want. He sleeps over at least 5 times a week now, and 5 times a week I get a belly full of his warm sperm, I slurp it like I'm drinking thru a straw. Fuck I love his Cock in my mouth.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 39

    At 32 I worked a trade show in Manzanillo. At night I went to this bar where other people from the trade show said they were going to hang out. I woke up the next day naked in an empty field. A man found me and loaned me his shirt and he went to get his truck and drove me to my motel.

    During the afternoon, this girl from my booth and said there was a guy showing a video of a gang bang from the night before. I went with her and saw the video of four guys taking turns fucking me in the field and dropping spit wads in my mouth.

    I went back to my booth, told the supervisor I was leaving, went and checked out at the motel and caught the first flight I could back to my home town. I was fired for leaving the show, I changed jobs and work a safe job that doesn't require me to travel.

    The only other person who knows it was me in the video is my then coworker. She has a copy of the video and sometimes we get together and watch it over and over again with our hands in our pants until we get off. Pretty sick, isn't it, masturbating together to something like that.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I went to college in the nineties. I got in trouble financially and I started to suck guys off for money. I was in the corp of cadets, and lots of these guys were in line for commissions when they graduated. For a military school having your cock sucked off by a guy was not a problem. It was just sucking off and neither them nor I used the word gay. I just liked to suck off guys and guys liked getting sucked off. I liked sucking off guys, and if I got paid for it, so much the better.

    One afternoon in the communal shower I let this upperclassman fuck my ass and we got caught. Fucking was gay and I was expelled. Of course the fuckor of the two of us was just getting a piece of ass and nothing happened to him. He went on to get his commission and god knows how many soldiers on the line he has fucked.

    Without money and without any hope of getting any, I moved to New York. I got on the circuit. I was good looking enough, I suited up to fit in, and I sucked off a bunch of Wall Street types. And some of them wanted to fuck, and I let them fuck me all they wanted. The price for a fuck was way more than a blowjob, but money was not object to these guys and I got tips and referrals and I got into the party circuit. I have to say, there were a lot of girls on the party circuit too, some of them fucking the same guys that were fucking me.

    By the time I was forty, I was doing primarily rich men in their fifties and sixties, I was versatile and fucked and sucked and sucked and got fucked, and if necessary I would fuck a girl, if that is what the man wanted. There are men that want you to be fucking a girl while they fuck you. To each there own. I did it for the money and so did the others on the circuit. I had made enough money to own my place, I had a Mercedes, clothes, watches, art. Being 40s and in shape I had a long list of clients, I always played the salesman.

    At 45 I gave myself a birthday present and went to Iceland to relax, to get off the circuit. In Iceland I met a man, in his sixties, a ship owner. We got to talking and this time I let him pick me up. He beat me up, beat the shit out of me with a rubber pipe. Broke a tooth, and I needed stitches for a cut on the head. He was a shithead who couldn't get it up.

    After that experience I decided enough was enough. I had money, I owned a place, I hooked up with a girl who also worked the circuit, told her that it was time to bail out. We sold our condos, got married and moved to a small town in Vermont and opened a small café, breakfast and lunch only. She is a fantastic cook and I handle the main room and the place pays for itself and we don't have to touch our savings. She is 35, so I had her hold on to the bed post and knocked her up. I think that was the very first time I really fucked a woman, fucked her with purpose and it was probably the first time she really got fucked, fucked with purpose. I love her pregnant, walking around with her big ass and belly, watching her try and do her yoga, holding her by the hips and fucking her while she is bent over. She does have a big ass, it is just that when you aren't that close and personal with her you don't notice.

    We are blending into the town, our story is that we are successful traders from New York, we made our money and we are retired. I will be 50, she is 35, and we are going to have a kid.

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