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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 31

    I enjoy doing housework. It relaxes me. I enjoy cooking and setting the table. I don't mind cleaning up. I like to iron. I am a lab director. I have a PhD. in Microbiology. Coming home to housework gives me a taste of reality. I am young, 31, and I want to make more kids. I like being a sex object. It is flattering and pleasurable. I like getting naked for my man. I like his gaze, I like him getting hungry for me. I could do with a bit more spontaneity. I miss being dragged across the living room floor. I miss being humped in the kitchen. I am not a fan of anal sex, but I want to feel him in my ass.

    I hired our nanny because she is an amazing nanny. Because of what I do I get paid very well. My husband gets paid very well. We can easily afford our nanny. And my husband wants her. I want him to have her. I want to know what he does with her. I don't want him to tell me, I want her to tell me. I like it when she complains that he won't leave her alone. I want her to want him. I want to watch. I want to watch her with him. I want to wake up with her in bed with us. I wish she would come and sleep with us.

    I am not a ten, or an eight, maybe a six. My husband can well afford a ten. But he likes me. And I have his kids. An he likes what I cook. He likes wearing ironed shirts. He likes having kids. He likes his house, his wife and his kids.

    I would really like for him to bring our nanny to bed and make love to us. I want her to watch me and I want to watch her. That is what I really want right now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    iâm only 17 lol not yet 18, this is more of a want than a confession. iâm latina, 5â10, iâve been told i have pretty nice fat ass (: but guys my age donât know how to appreciate it and honestly iâm just super into older men. i want an older guy to just treat me like a total slut and degrade me while fucking me, it makes me sooooo wet just thinking about it! but iâm too scared to see if any older men want to fuck me

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    So I grew up on my families ranch it had three houses, my grandparents house, my aunt and uncle's, and ours I was the youngest kid on there and my only female cousin was the oldest and usually wound up babysitting me and her youngest brother who was only a couple months older than me. She was the first girl I ever saw naked because one day while babysitting me and her brother she taught us truth and dare which started out innocent but after awhile it instantly wasn't anymore. She dared me to let her put something up my butt which wound up being the end of a hair brush. Well after that when I got the chance to dare her I wanted to see her naked but she wouldn't let her brother see it to so me and her went into the bathroom and she stripped down and showed me everything... And after that day I always desired her and would spy on her through the window but nothing more.... Fast forward to a couple years ago me and her went out drinking together and by the end of the night we had somehow ended up talking about old times and what not, which lead to us talking about the truth or dare game. She mentioned how she wishes she would of used something bigger. And I said I would of made her do more than show me her naked body. Which eventually got me to tell her about the desire and peeping I use to do on her and she laughed and went to the restroom and left her phone at the table. Well I picked it up and snooped and found a recent picture of her bare skinned looking amazing well I was staring hard at the pic and didn't notice her coming back so she caught me red handed but surprisingly said she did that on purpose to see if I would Snoop. Well after the bar closed we walked out to the parking lot and when we got to her car she looked me in the eyes and said for snooping I owed her so she dared me to show her how I've grown, after a quick look around I undid my pants and pulled out my cock and she looked at it with a smirk and lightly touched it which instantly got me hard and I said that was unfair and she said "oh well what am I going to do about it" so I laughed said alright I dare you to bend over onto her hood. Well I was shocked when she actually did it and as I stood there looking at her legs going up to the bottom of her dress I went for it and quickly got behind her and lifted her dress pushing my cock against her. When she looked back at me while gently pushing her hips into I pulled her thong from her ass crack out to the side and fucked her right there till I came in her.. we didn't talk for months after that night at all until the next family function

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 47

    i play with my tits and pussy all day everyday for the past 30 years and so ugly can't get a man. fuck you world. you gone and cop a punching face full soon. very soon! for this.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 30

    I'm angry at my wife.

    For fifteen years she has controlled my life, and my sex life. She wouldn't even want me to go down on her, even though the times that I did, she very much enjoyed it. To paraphrase her, she didn't think it was fair that I'd do that for her when she didn't, and wouldn't, reciprocate.

    Everything has to be about her. It's bullshit.

    The other night, after work, I went to a bar and got half-crocked. I came home with a full bladder to a cold fish of a wife who had already gone to bed, and I decided I needed a shower.

    I pissed on everything. I pissed on her loofa, on her face scrubbing brush. I opened the bottles of her shampoo, and conditioner, and body wash, and topped them all off with my piss. I grabbed her toothbrush and soaked it in my urine, and put it back. I sprayed her towel with my stream. She keeps a bar of soap in a cup in the shower, and I filled that too.

    Now I do it every night, and every day she goes off to work with my piss in her mouth from her toothbrush, and every night she goes to bed after lathering herself with my urine. She deserves it for being a c**t and controlling my life.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I love seeing and talking with trans people it gets me so hard I want to have a secret email buddy to always talk to and fall in love,show me your body I'm at madmcurie@@@@g***l hit me up and have an online love

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 50

    once more I am back.looking for the women who answer my post number3964. wish we could meet.

    if you read this, your email would help. looking for a female that loves to fuck as

    much as me. that love to suck a lean black cock and get fucking nasty with your words.

    here is what I love about a woman. tits big or small it's all the same to me will suck

    them dry. so you can have a breast orgasm which is a great happen, so many women have

    not ever had one. the size and shape of all women are great because every woman is

    diffrent then the other. I never judge you by the way you look. some guys say, man,

    she not good looking but i say bring it on to me. I have fuck many women big, small,

    the every day women, the ones who get a no but i sais yes. all female will get wet and

    ask for more. to all the young men who read my posting. try eatig that pussy out , she

    will come back for more. one last thing, i don.t fuck with children, no fucking my mom

    and other things like tha. . pov from a older black male who love fucking women of all

    colors .

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    I am a Jewish, 31 year old female lawyer. Being Jewish is important to me. However, out of some sort of lost focus, I married a gentile. We have three daughters, the oldest is nine. I want my daughters to be Jewish, thru and thru. We took them to Israel, a bit young for that, but I want them to know that I took them to see where the Jewish State is. If our funds permit, I will take them back over and over again.

    Although, out of respect for his family, my children have been to 'church', it is the Temple that is where they find their allegiance to God.

    Why is this important? This week is Easter, for the Christians an important date. My daughters, and me, we went along with my husband and his family to 'church'. I know my husband's family does not believe that the Jews killed Christ. They don't, it was the Romans and the Romans did not believe in God, they were pagans. But sitting in 'church', with my little ones, all dressed in Easter dresses just doesn't seem right. We are Jewish women, not gentiles.

    I will say I can never turn my back on my husband. First and foremost, he is the HEAD of my house and the FATHER of my daughters, and he is in God's commandments the MAN on earth to whom we must give our allegiance. My daughters, as with myself, we follow that commandment. He is HUSBAND and FATHER. He is the HEAD of our HOUSE. Jewish women do not disobey this commandment. EVER.

    I am accused of being passive. Whatever that means. I am a lawyer, I am not passive. Do not mistake our allegiance to our husband or father as being passive. We know the difference. We are not passive, we are respectful and obedient, there is a huge difference.

    I am proud that I am Jewish, and that my daughters are Jewish. It is our RACE, our belief, our destiny in life. To be Jewish, and as a Jewish woman to bear Jewish children. Bearing children is, without doubt, the single most important act a Jewish woman can do. I bore these children, first and foremost for my husband, as he is head of my house, and secondly I bore Jewish daughters, to grow up and be Jewish women.

    Every year, we have two conflicts, one is on Christmas and one is on Easter. My daughters and I are Jewish, we respect my husband's gentile beliefs, we attend 'church' with him out of respect for his religion and his family. He is the HUSBAND and FATHER and we are the WIFE and DAUGHTERS.

    I am teaching my daughters that on Easter we must pay homage to the Christians. My father taught me, the Christians fought for and saved the Jews. I know, my daughters know. We will not forget. I married a Christian MAN. I am his JEWISH wife. I am the mother of his JEWISH daughters, for it is our destiny, from mother to daughter, to keep the JEWISH race alive.

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  • — My Family —
    Transsexual Male / 24

    Want to fuck my wife's sister
    My wifes sister is staying at our house for a few weeks. Shes 29 lean, single and attractive. Sometimes shes walks around the house barefoot and with her nightrobe on, its not a "sexy nightie", but still its a nightrobe that Im sure many women wear to get fucked.

    Sometimes she sits on the living room sofa, puts her feet on top of the sofa and god I just want to FUCK HER. The thing is I dont know if I could, I mean shes not seeing anybody at the moment, and I imagine a woman like that has to get fucked from time to time right. We play around but Im not sure if its flirting, I just dont know, but Im this close to make a move on her because I literally cannot stop thinking about putting my big cock in that pussy and fuck the shit out of her!

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 43

    I have been married to my husband for about 7 years, he's amazing and sweet and a really good step-father to my kids. I have a 17 year old son and a 15 almost 16 year old daughter. Since me and my husband first started dating he showed me how to be a Dom/sub and I obey him, after a few months of dating we developed more into master/ slave role. The sex as been amazing ever since. I love being owned by him. Now the reason I came to this site was to get something off my chest that happened recently. Me and him hosted a party with a few couples and other swingers and the kids stayed at the neighbors house. Well towards the end of the night as we're cleaning up and everyone is leaving our kids come home and go to their rooms. Well me and hubby are on the back patio cleaning when he walks up behind me and tells me to immediately strip, so I did he bent me over the table in front of me. He told me not to move till he says otherwise. Well he starts fucking me with his fingers using 4 at once it didn't take long for me to squirt everywhere. My son came into the backyard as I was missing orgasm. This was the first time my son ever "walked in on us" my husband greeted him and told me not to speak or move. As I laid on the table motionless I hear my son walk closer towards my husband and then they whispered. Finally hubby smacked my ass and told me to stand up so I did. Then he had me stand in front of them and get on my knees, he told me to open my mouth till a cock goes in then I could suck. My son pulled out his cock and made me beg to suck it, I hesitated a little while till my head got shoved on it I had to talk dirty as much as possible. My son degradingly face fucked me for awhile till he had me go hands and knees so he could really fuck me.

    My son is hung like his father. So when he rammed every inch in me I came hard and loud. Once every inch vanished inside me I begged more for him to fill me with his cum which he did abruptly after starting. After my son came in me I cleaned his cock off and he walked inside. After we cleaned my daughter finally came outside herself and my husband made me eat her out after he creampied her .

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