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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 27

    I work in a building where there are literally hundreds of hot girls. It seems I have an erection almost all day. I just figured out some relief.

    There is a private room on each floor called a "wellness room". You go in and the door automatically locks, then only opens from the inside--private! Mostly these hot bodied women go in there and do yoga. It even has a widescreen so they can play video from their phones.

    Well, it's my wellness pleasure room after they are done now. I take pics of them all day, I have hundreds of pics now, from my phone in my shirt pocket. I go in the room and put the slideshow on the widescreen, then wank. I can still smell the women that were doing yoga moments earlier.

    I imagine they are in there doing naked lesbian yoga, and by the time they are out, I am ready for my wellness time.

    Wanker Perv

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    It was my first few months of college in 2014. The money my mom gave me to last until Christmas had dried up. Meals were paid for, but if I wanted to buy a single other thing that last month, I needed some cash. I didn't think it would be good to get an actual job so close to leaving for a month, but I did answer an ad in the school newspaper for a "life model" for an advanced art class.

    Now I knew what I was getting into, but it paid $300 for one three-hour session. If I saw anyone I knew I could just back out, so I figured I could get naked for a bunch of strangers for that kind of money, and artsy creative types would probably be respectful anyway.

    I psyched myself up and did it. Stood up on the small stage with everything exposed, hands on my hips, in front of 20 people painting me for three hours. Turns out I was the only one to answer the ad, too. It went pretty well actually, that's not the embarrassing part.

    A few months ago we were hanging out with a new guy (Derek?) one of my male friends (Mike) brought along. They're both in a fraternity I won't name. Over dinner I overheard Derek say to Mike, "Dude, doesn't she look like the Hair Queen?" Mike just laughed and said, "Yeah, a little I guess."

    I asked them who that was, thinking I must resemble some rock star. They tried to dismiss it as nothing, but I pressed Derek to tell us.

    "Well, a while ago these three [greek]s took an art class together as a senior blow-off. I guess they had some random girl come in and pose for nude paintings. They called her the Hair Queen because her fucking jungle of pubes was hard to paint. They're on the wall of stuff at our House now, the guys donated them with a plaque and everything."

    Holy shit, right? For the past two and a half years, a full frontal portrait of me has unknowingly been up on display at a frat house, prominently enough that it's known by nickname! And looked at often enough that they can compare girls to it! And yeah I didn't shave for the job since I thought it would be inappropriate, but I hardly had enough to be called Hair Queen!

    I don't think Mike ever put it together that it was me. I'm a lot more conservative since freshman year, he probably thinks there's no way I could do something like that. If that, I mean he's not even that close a friend. But that doesn't change the fact that he and all the others can look at nude paintings of me whenever they want. Most of them have probably jerked off to me without knowing it.

    Even though I know they're there, I can't do anything about it. Trying to get them taken down would be admitting that it's me in them, and at least if I let it go it's "some girl". I'm the good girl now, I can't have all my friends knowing that I sold out the image of my naked body for only $300.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    My wife's biggest fantasy is to be r**ed by a gang of well hung young men while I watch. She says she wants to be dominated by a huge cock, something I can't do. Is it just a fantasy if she flashes in the car, tits AND pussy? She admits to loving going outside our house in just a long shirt and no panties, hoping to be taken. She teases me about big black coworkers who must have big cocks because they are huge men. Recently while on vacation, she pulled me out of our hot tub to have sex on our deck close to where some frat boys were partying. While making love she will often tell me to take her ass (something I'm just not into) and if I don't she will get a black man to do it for me! She says I need a tight hole because my cock bounces from side to side of her pussy like a ping pong match. Sometimes I get the feeling she is cheating on me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    First off you need to know a few things about this confession.

    1. I am a piece of shit so that is out of the way.
    2. Been married to my wife for 14 years and she was very wild as a young adult and in her first marriage and it was one of the reasons I married her.
    3. As of last month we have had sex maybe 5 times in the past two years. She is always tired from working her 40 hour a week job, or she blames the stress of the teens in the house but usually she just goes to bed, rolls over and passes out or some times I catch her pretending to be asleep.
    4. I KNOW SHE LOVES ME, she is not cheating I just think she has become very content in her part of the relationship that she has totally became so used to it that she just dont want to do anything anymore.

    Now you need to know that although my wife has put on 30 lbs since we was married she is still very attractive and only weights 145lbs so were good there, and my friends tell me all the time that she is still hot as hell. For fucks sake she tells me when the guys at work comment on her ass or how hot she looks.

    I have told her of my issues and concerns with this she says she will try harder and then nothing, she refuses counseling as she says there is nothing wrong with her. Well after months of going back and forth I ended up having surgery and the Doctor did some biopsies to make sure nothing was wrong with me and everything was working right.

    I again admit I am a piece of shit but I let a friend convince me in telling her a lie!

    I told her that one of the test came back as positive and that I needed more testing to confirm, I told her it was XXXX condition (Leaving out the name) But when she asked her Dr as we use different providers she said oh my god I am so sorry and explained that their was only a 15% survival rate. My wife was distraught and I told her the Dr was very confident that the outcome would be high on success rate.

    She then did it! She asked if their was anything I wanted her to do or that she could do to help me. I said well you could start by more sex, I mean if I am going to die at least let me get laid more then 5 times right.. She agreed and we have had sex four times this week and it is totally awesome.
    However when I told my friend it worked he suggested I use the whole thing to my advantage because after the Dr office makes a diagnosis that the condition is no longer life threatening the sex will most likely stop again. SO....

    I told her I wanted to do a threesome with my friend and her, something that I fantasied about for a long time like many men do. Said NO! Never happening and to never bring it up again. Well she came into my study a hour ago and said that she was sorry, and she was only thinking about herself and if it is something I really wanted to do then she would not stop me and we could set it up.

    I was shocked that she agreed on her own to do it and I told my friend about her answer and he is on his way over, I know he finds her attractive and she is, I just have to go get condoms because that is a must she said.

    Again I am a piece of shit, but I am getting more sex now and she is willing to allow my friend to enjoy her with me and that is a huge milestone. Sucks it will have to end.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    When I was four years old, at preschool, a man pulled me into the closet and kissed me in the dark. It excited me.

    When I was eight, the neighbor began to "groom" me by very slowly seducing me. At first he showed interest in me and it excited me because I wanted to be touched. I would sit on his lap and watch tv in the afternoons. It started slowly, he would caress my leg and rub on me, talking softly. Seducing me.

    I was just a little girl and he wanted me. He would take it farther and farther each day. He kissed me, fondled me, played with me. He brought me along beautifully so I totally enjoyed the attention. I liked it.

    This went on for a few years until he was penetrating me. I was maybe 10. I was always aware that I was young and that this was secret, and not normal but I wanted it and I liked it. At night at home, in bed, I would think about him and play with myself, wishing he was there.

    As I got older I wanted that grooming process and the feelings of being taken advantage of by a grown man. I want edto be m****ted. I wanted it to happen to me.

    I want to be brought along, be taught, be m****ted. I want to be used for a grown man,s pleasure. I want a grown man to crawl into my child's bed when I sleep and fondle me. I want him to masturbate and squirt his cum on me.

    I want his attention and love while he does it. I want him to be imaginative and come up with things I have never thought of like I see on the internet.

    Anyhow that's my confession.


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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    A few weeks ago my 13 year old son approached me and told me he had a serious conversation he wanted to have with me and his mom. So we went up with him to his room and he closed the door. My wife and I sat down on his bed and he took the chair at his desk. It took a few minutes of mumbling and stammering and trying to work up the courage. My wife and I sat patiently there having a pretty good idea what he was going to say. Finally he just says it.

    Mom, Dad, I'm gay.

    Yep that's what we both thought he was going to say. We'd known he was gay since he was about 4 years old. I mean how many 4 year old boys put that much time and effort into making their bedrooms neat as a pin. Neither one of us ever had to tell him to clean up his room. In fact he goes around cleaning the whole house arranging everything just so. He insisted on a sewing machine for his tenth birthday and goes shopping with my wife to pick out clothes for her to wear. Yep we've known he was gay forever.

    So we just sat there stone faced waiting for him to finish. He was staring at us for a moment and then

    "You're awfully quiet. Are you mad? pissed off? disappointed?"

    It was at that moment my wife and I both at the exact same time burst out laughing. We didn't mean to. We weren't laughing at him or his being gay. We were laughing because he actually thought it was a big secret. I don't think anyone who has ever met our son thought he was straight. He's about the most flamboyant 13 year old boy you'd ever meet.

    So we both apologized for laughing and hugged our little gay son and told him we loved him and then burst his bubble by telling him we'd known since he was 4.

    He had a speech prepared and memorized but couldn't quite deliver it. He was already to defend his orientation with a list of successful famous gay people. We didn't need convincing. We hadn't told him we were both bi and had more than one sexual encounter with the same gender ourselves and we shouldn't have needed to remind him that he has a gay uncle whose wedding to another man we all attended five years ago or that his cousin is a lesbian and just enlisted in the Navy along with her wife.

    I know there are horror stories out there of gay kids coming out to their parents. But his mother and I just found it amusing that he had to work himself up to tell us something that he should have known we would have accepted effortlessly and how could he not know that everyone already knew.

    Of course like the good parents we are we keep pestering him about when he's going to bring home a nice boy to meet his parents.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Six feet three, a muscular athletic build, a eight and half inch thick cock. With a half correct reputation for lets say looking after myself. Many many fights in and out of a boxing ring, and a few tales with regards to spending time in police cells.
    So you'd think being married with two kids, I'd be a dominant hetrosexual man. At home with my wife and kids I am.
    When I'm with one of two guys I secretly see, I couldn't be further from that person. As it's them, with their even larger cocks, that fuck me.
    And it's been this way since I was fourteen. With women I'm the man, I'm the top. But with my dominant bulls, I take on a very different role and cannot wait to be fucked hard.
    Life, sex and how I react to the world changed for me when I met an ex con. He was fifty one, into body building and fucking young guys like myself back then.
    Today, I find males who enjoy extremely physical rough and dirty sex, and know how to annihilate a mans rear hole. If the outside world, my wife, family or colleagues knew just how subservient I am with them, they's think you were off your head. Yet only yesterday I was fucked for over an hour and took an anal battering, one my arsehole is still recovering from today.
    So it's true, never judge a book by it's cover.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 36

    My wife's libido went thru the rook a few years ago and she started becoming far more sexually overt. She'd want to suck me off constantly and would complain after I came that she wanted more, wished there were more cocks there to suck on. She'd tell me she was horny all day and masturbated half the day away. She tell how how a stranger who look her over or make some sexual comment towards her and how she would want to surprise the guy by sucking him off or just fucking him in his car. First of this was surprising. My wife is a girl next door type who had never been with anyone but me. She's a cute blond with a nice athletic body. If you like huge boobs she's not your type but if you like thin and fit she's right up your alley.

    Now her personality change was exciting to me and got me thinking a lot about us maybe fucking other people or maybe letting her find out what another guy's cock would be like. I brought it up one of the times I had come and she kept sucking bummed she was finished. I asked her what she would do if there was another guy here. Without hesitations she said she suck him off and a few of his friends too and laughed. I asked her a few more times and she said she was serious as long as I was ok with it.

    It took me awhile but I finally talked with a guy I work with who claims he and his ex-wife used to swing. I asked him for advice and eventually he volunteered to be the guy. I was like yeah some sacrifice but decided to go for it. I had him wait outside my house one Friday night then got my wife going. She sucked me off sitting on the floor while I sat on the couch. After I came I texted my friend and he walked in the back door. He walked right into the living with his cock out and already hard, walked right over to my wife who looked with shock from him to me and back to him. Without a word he grabbed her head and popped his cock right in her mouth. He pumped away while her eyes darted around in shock then slowly her shock wore off and she was sucking his cock. He sat down and she took over, holding his balls, deep throating him, sucking him, he would occasionally reach down to play with her nipples and she was obviously enjoying herself.

    Even though I had already cum, I was enjoying watching her enjoy her first cock other than mine. She sucked him for what seemed forever then she changed her motion, disengaged and walked over to me to whisper in my ear "thank you I finally got to swallow another man's cum." I didn't even realize the guy came. Neither of them gave a signal he was coming.

    Then my smiling wife asked "Are you ready for another one I want more." My friend immediately said "I know plenty of guys take a break and I'll get a few over here." My wife was saying "Really??? OK OK" and I wasn't saying anything trying to process it all.

    The guy wasn't lying. Within a half hour my wife was sucking on some stranger's dick and before that guy came two more were in our living room watching her swallow the stranger's cum. This time I knew he came because he wasn't shy about letting us know he was cumming in her mouth.

    My friend asked if John from work could join us and my wife said Oh yes I like him. I felt odd about it because I worked with him closely but didn't say anything. My wife sucked off the two other guys one after the other. All three strangers were gone before John showed up. Once he did, my wife greeted him with a hug and thanked him for coming over. He pulled his dick out and she sucked it hard. He was a pretty big guy. She was on her knees and he was standing over her and she was sucking and having trouble getting it all in her mouth he was so thick. He was about 8 or 9 inches long and really thick but thicker at the base which is where she was getting stuck but she kept at it until she deep throated him and there she was smiling and happy.

    She was drooling like crazy on John's dick and working it with a steady sucking motion mingled with deep throating. She was so into his dick she was moaning then my other work friend pointed down and there she was rubbing her pussy through her pants as she sucked. He went behind her and started rubbing her through her pants. She was squirming and moaning, grinding against his hand while still sucking on John's cock. She obviously came hard just a little bit before john came. When he did her mouth was open and we saw streams of his cum squirting into her mouth before she sucked the rest of his load out of him.

    After they left, she was really happy and asking if she could do me again and I was horny so yeah I got my second blow job of the night. After that she was talking about meeting guys and asking if she could fuck another guy sometime and talking about swinging so I could fuck a different woman too.

    Well since then, she's blow probably fifty different guys, plus John and my other work buddy. She also started fucking other guys. She loves it and has never been happier. The work guys have been going to our place to get suck and to fuck her now for over a year. They go by whether I'm there or not. I'll get home and find her getting fucked or can tell that she was just fucked.

    She started meeting men on-line and through apps that she randomly blows and fucks most of the time then come over while I'm at work. She always tells me about it and it's also a strange mixture of jealously and lust I feel. On one hand I want her to myself and on the other her sexual activities turn me on like you wouldn't believe. She recently had someone in the bedroom with her when I got home. I didn't bother her, just let her have her fun and stayed downstairs to make dinner.

    A little while later three men came downstairs, saw me and said "oh hey sorry buddy, but hey your wife is fucking hot," and off they went. I still haven't done anything with another girl to date and wouldn't even know where to start. I usually fuck my wife after the other guys which is nice but smelling and tasting them on her is weird and there are times I'd rather wait til the next day to fuck her.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    There is no denying who or what I am anymore. At first I tried to lay off any guilt by telling myself, if it wasn't for my husband being so drunk and abusive to other people that night, I'd still be his faithful wife. The truth of the matter is, when Lindon the bar manager in our hotel gave me a lift with my husband getting him back to our room, we'd already flirted heavily.
    I'd never been with a black man before, and I'd certainly not had sex with a guy in his late forties. Yet hearing from another guest of the hotel earlier in the week, telling her friend that Lindon's cock was massive, I became lustful and we began to flirt.
    Lindon was already erect when I lead him into the room next to where my husband lay asleep. And I'd already let him know I wanted to taste black cock. Licking and Sucking on what is by a long long way the biggest penis I've ever seen, let alone had fuck my mouth pussy and arse, was such a massive turn on for me.
    In the two hours we had such amazing sex together, I orgasmed over a dozen times. Taking Lindon's huge length deep inside my extremely wet pussy and creamed up arsehole, over and over again. I knew he saw me as just another little rich white bitch, but then by the time I'd cum from his tonguing alone, I would have done anything for him. And I did.
    By the time he walked out of our hotel room, I'd taken two loads of his beautiful cum. One all over my face, breasts and stomach, and one hot and sticky load up my sweet arsehole. An arsehole which had only had one other mans cock enter it. And that was when I was at finishing school.
    My husband is destined for a very highly paid career very soon. From now on, I think I'm destined to allow my desire for a huge black cock to overcome me. I'll know for sure next week when one of the stable hands visits our home. He's nineteen, black, very athletic, and from my gentle enquiries, I've found out he enjoys fucking fit white sluts. As his employer, I think I'm going to take advantage of that little bit of information.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 52

    hi what was your best i****t experience ????
    if you tell me something good I will tell you all about me.

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