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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Lesbian Female / 27

    I am admitting not so much as confessing. I like to kiss and get in bed with another girl. I have been getting in bed with another girl since I was thirteen. I know everything there is to do, I have read about it and I watch lesbian porn. I have never tried it but I would like to get with a girl and use a double dildo and be stuck to her with the dildo in our vaginas. While stuck to her I would like to kiss her and play with her breasts while she plays with mine and I would like a minister who marries lesbian ladies to marry us for time eternal.

    I have the dildo, but I have not me the girl I want to spend my life with. And that makes me sad.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 26

    I spent the last half of new years eve in my thong snorting percs and doing shots with my boss and his friend upstairs in his office when I was supposed to be waitressing downstairs on the floor. I was going back and forth trying to give them lap dances while they sat on the couch fingered me and we made out. I ended up getting bent over his desk and they took turns on me till they came down my throat. my bf picked me up after we closed and we went home I wouldnt let him fuck me cause i was scared he would know so I sucked and jerked him off on my tits and we went to bed

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Gay Male / 55

    Even though I am in my mid fifties I am not an overweight beer belly guy as I am somewhat fit and a pretty flat stomach but not well toned as I don't go to any gyms to work out. Anyways I have a thing for men's underwear and I enjoy wearing thongs and bikini style underwear (Brazilian styles being my favorite) even at 55. I keep my body smooth head to toe and the biggest fetish I have is I love going to men's underwear sites such as Pistol Petes, Joe Snyder and my favorite Mensuas.
    I just love checking out the models and the sexy underwear they wear and Mensuas even has a monthly photo contest where you wear your favorite style underwear and others vote and the top 3 winners each month get either a 100.00 or 50.00 dollar credit for your next order. I get so hard checking out the guys in sexy underwear that for me it's almost as good as watching porn. Plus I get to order new colors and styles (which I really shouldn't be buying them being I have over 200 pairs of underwear but I am addicted to them and with the new materials instead of just the cotton makes them feel much more comfortable to wear and can make you feel so sexy

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    When I was a teen in high school me and two buddies fucked tag teamed a girl in a car on a dirt road. We went one at a time and I was last. She was loose and dripping with cum.i ate her pussy and gobbled up all the cum then I came in her too. When I got done another one got back in to fuck her again. The other buddy said he saw me eat her cum drenched pussy and asked if I would like some more as he pulled his dick out. I dropped down and sucked him off and swallowed his load. That started years of sucking my friends dick. Often we never let anyone know.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 21

    I looked for place to confess and found this site.
    I confess i cheated on my girlfriend sam, it happened and im absolutly proud to say i nailed her mother well.

    Sam my girl is a tidy package i was helping her move into her unit, so were a few people, last week at 4pm she got called to work, i was still bringi g a load, and found out when i unloaded......when the last box was inside her mother sue asked if i wanted a swim, we both got to the pool and striped watching each other comfortably, once naked and very relaxed with each others bodys she rubed sun screne on every part of me, then i returned the fav by covering her in sun lotion, and made sure her pussy was deffenatly covered, it took only the cool of the pool and sue was sucking my cock like a pro, she swollowed me and sucked me so well i ended up sucking her clit and fisting her on the edge of the pool till she cum so hard she nearly fainted, then i got to take her while she was on all fours from behind and i swaped between her arse hole and c**t till i finally blew my load over her back.....she sucked me dry then we swam some more then fucked again then swM then fucked once more. Since then everything has been normal, between us

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 28

    At 19 I was accepted into college in a city far away from home. I wanted to go so bad, but money was tight. After doing some research the college put me in touch with this couple that lived in town who would rent a room to a college student. The price was far more reasonable than the dorm.

    When I arrived it was a middle aged couple who worked at the university. I had a room, with a bathroom down the hall and I had access to the living areas. The woman took me in but I had a more difficult time with the man. He was distant and distant. But she and I got along and we became friends.

    One day we were at the mall and we were walking through the lingerie department and she picked up a pair of sheer panties and she said I should get them, boys liked panties like that, they showed everything but they still had to be taken off to get to the prize. From my look she guessed I was inexperienced and she said she was going to buy the panties for me because it was about time I became a woman. Back at the house she came into my room to talk about my sexual experiences, she drug out of me every date and bad ending. The most I had ever done was hold a penis in the movie theatre, and that ended bad. She told me I was too old for that, it was way past the time that I should have been with a man.

    She asked me to model the panties for her. They were sheer and transparent and she gently touched me and told me she was going to ask her husband to take care of my problem and that way I could go on and get on with my life. At dinner she was straight forward and told Jack that I was going to be sleeping with them from now on. He looked at me and asked me if I was ok with that and she told him I didn't need to be sleeping alone.

    When it was bedtime she came to my room and got me and told me she wasn't kidding, I was going to sleep with them and to wear a nightgown because taking off pants was a problem, she wanted Jack to get on and get his business done. In her room, she opened the bed and told me to get in the middle, and to make sure I got close to Jack. He came to the bed and asked me again if that is what I wanted, the most I was able to do was nod, and he took the covers off to look at me and asked me how old I was, and to take off my nightgown. He stood at the end of the bed for a while looking at me before he went and turned off the light and came to the bed. He took off his clothes and laid down and put his hand between my legs.

    I could feel his penis against my leg, he used his hands for a while and pushed one and then two fingers into me and when he felt I was sufficiently wet he got on me and thrust his penis in. Once he got it in he asked me if I was ok, and slowly got to moving and thrusting in and out and as I relaxed he got more and more active and asked me to hold my legs more open. It was a long time before he came and rolled off. His wife reached over and gave me a towel and told me to get in his arms, it felt better that way.

    I slept with them a whole lot after that and they taught me a lot about sex, sometimes she would show me and other times she would tell me and coach me. I was taken to Jack and during the time I lived with them I never dated anyone. After I had graduated and gone on to live on my own, I went to visit them and it was like walking into your own home. We didn't sleep together but she and I stayed up late and caught up on everything. I told her I was ok, life was good and although I had not met my prince charming, I had met and gotten to know a couple of guys real well, thanks to her.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 30

    I'm a guy and straight but for some reason dogs cocks turn me on and I want to be fucked by one does can any girl tell me what they feel like and so on

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    I've just been sent home to confess. My gf left with a black man and came back with him and spunk in her mouth and all over her face. 'You want to kiss me don't you loser', she said. I nodded my head and began. She tasted salty and didn't order me home until every last drop was in my belly. All the time her lover was fondling her tits and c**t. I'm here writing and wanking and she's, who knows where. I'm turned on thinking of her riding his tool to completion and bringing home my suppa. I think I've lost her sexually except as a clean up junky. He's her master now and I suppose he owns us both.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 25

    When I was 15 years old, I went to visit my cousins, but when I got there, my aunt told me that they were out and that only she and my uncle were left in the house. She then told me she was going to the store to get some groceries and that I could wait for my cousins inside the house. I told her thanks and went inside. Then when she drove of, I realized that I was home alone with my uncle. Now, my uncle isn't good looking in the clean-cut way, more like good looking in the disheveled and at times dirty way, since he was a car mechanic. When I got the room my aunt and uncle slept in, the first thing I saw were his feet. His feet were size 13 and delicious to look at. Whenever he'd visit my dad at our house, I would always pray that my uncle was in flip flops. Anyway, I slowly walked into the room and peeped at my uncle to see if he was awake or asleep. Luckily, he was asleep on his stomach. I then gently poked him on the shoulder to see if he would wake up. After 3 to 5 pokes, I knew he was in a deep sleep. Seeing this as my chance, I then went and knelt at the foot of the bed and just stared at his bare feet. Then, I pressed my face against his feet and took a big whiff. After smelling his feet, I sucked on each of his toes one by one until all ten toes were dripping with saliva. I continued sucking his toes with different techniques, first by trying to fit all 5 toes of 1 foot in my mouth, and when I couldn't, I ended up sucking on 4 toes of each foot, then sucked on his 2 big toes at the same time. After sucking his toes, I then started licking his feet. I licked for about 10 minutes, then I stopped and left the room to check whether or not my aunt or cousins were back. When all was clear, I went back to the room and knelt again at his feet. I looked to see whether or not he was awake. He was softly snoring. After checking to make sure he was still asleep, I removed my shorts and underwear, and pressed my cock against his soles. The feeling of finally getting to rub my cock against his rough soles is something I would never forget. The way my cock slid up and down his feet were too much for me, and I felt like cumming, but I didn't want to stop and end it so soon. So I gathered enough strength left in me, and slowly rubbed my cock all over his feet. First the left foot, then the right foot, then in-between both feet, then in-between his big toes, then in-between his other toes. Then I lay down at his feet and worshiped one foot while humping the other one. I was so horny at this point that I couldn't resist the thought, so I sucked one big toe to lube it up, then slowly inserted said toe into my ass. I was on the verge of cumming, but wanted this to last, so I rode his big toe while rubbing my cock on the other foot. Then I came so hard that I saw white. When I was finally able to collect my thoughts, I brought his foot up and licked the cum off, then I went to the bathroom to get hand-towel ti wipe the saliva off. When I was putting on my underwear and shorts, I thought I was gonna be able to get away with what just happened, but when I was about to close the door, I looked up and saw that my uncle's eyes were open and he was staring right at me! I froze right then and there, but then he smiled and winked at me, then closed his eyes and went back to sleep! I couldn't believe what just happened! I had to pinch myself a few times just to convince myself that it wasn't a dream. And that memorable incident wasn't the last time I got to play with my uncle ;)

    P.S. My uncle is not related to me by blood. He is the husband of my mom's sister.

    P.P.S. Our numerous "play times" never went beyond his feet. Ergo, I never once played with his "crown jewels" :)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I'm an truck driver who drives cross country so I see a lot of things , so I was traveling south on I-65 in Kentucky when this black Corvette came out of know where and got right beside my truck and slowed down and I started to get a little pissed off thinking come on asshole I'm coming up to the back of this truck in front of me and need to pass just then I glanced down and there sat a beautiful blonde headed woman naked in the passenger seat , MY EYES GOT HUGE !

    She motioned for me to follow and they sped up , I jumped out in the hammer lane with my 550 hp Detroit , 13speed and mashed the fuel trying to catch up to them and finally I was able to get behind them and followed for like 20 to 30 minutes when they exited at a very familiar exit at Horse Cave , Ky and turned right and pulled into the truckstop on the left I pulled in behind them and got parked walked up to the Vette and she was laughing and buttoning up her skirt . They ask if I would care to join them for a night of hot sex , cause she was horny and her old man was bi and loved watching her get fucked ! I said sure they said to meet them at the adult book store .

    I then drove to the book store which is just next door and parked behind the building , they got parked and walk to my truck and climbed in . She went to the bunk and he sat in the passenger seat , I looked in the bunk and she sat there with her short skirt on legs spread and that nice shaven pussy exposed . I couldn't help it I looked and said would you mind if I licked that for a bit and she motioned me back . I licked her pussy for probably 15 minutes when her old man finally said com'on lets go inside .

    We got ready and move inside to the adult video store , WOW the price had increased to $20.00 from what I remembered , OH WELL . In we went he looked around and said she loves to suck and fuck through glory holes and told me to go into the booth next to them so I did , I looked thru the hole and she was already naked with her pussy close to the hole so I reached thru the hole and started finger fucking her shaved pussy , she was enjoying it but pulled away and said stick your cock through so I dropped my pants and stuck my cock thru the hole and she started sucking my cock and she quit and I felt her wet pussy mount my hard cock !

    She was fucking my cock so good for about 20 minutes and damn I was going to cum pretty soon so I pulled out and knelt down to ask her if she could slow down and not move so fast cause I wanted to fuck for a while and she said please just stick my cock through and let her continue to pleasure my cock so I did and she then again mounted it , DAMN I felt the head of my cock go in her hole so deep that I could feel her cervix probing my head OMG it felt so good and she was push me in her even further and moaning , It felt like my cock slid into her cervix past the ridge of my head and I couldn't take it ! I said OMG I'm going to cum just then she dismounted and started sucking me and all of a sudden I come to realize it wasn't her , it was her old man sucking my cock and right then I gave him my load .

    I pulled up my pants and open the door to my booth and she was right there , she grabbed my hand and said it was very nice fucking my cock and me feeding her old man . I laughed and said thank you for that hot pussy and for getting me to the point of cumming . She ask if I still wanted to hang out for the rest of the night and I couldn't help it , I said HELL YES ! She laughed as she took my hand and her old mans hand and we walked to the movie room where straight porn is playing we sat down on the couch and she took her clothes off so I got down and started licking her nice pussy again !

    He was sucking her tits and she was enjoying my face and I looked up and there must of been a dozen guys watching and rubbing their cocks I was turned on by the thought of being watched and had never done anything in front of anybody before but damn this was hot being watched ! I moved up and dropped my pants to the floor and she moved towards me and started sucking my cock and shared it with her old man they both was taking turns sucking my pulsating cock then she leaned back and I started fucking that pussy as hard as I could , she then said don't forget he gets all your cum .

    I said ok and just kept slamming my cock in her pussy , just then her old man dropped his pants and oh my goodness she's about to get more cock than I can give her for I'm about 7.25 inches and average thickness . Her old man has to be every bit of 9.5 inches long and maybe 7.0 inches in circumference . WOW I was thinking I'm going to enjoy watching this big piece of meat open her pussy really good and about that time he stuck that thick piece of meat right in my face . Now at this time I had never sucked on a guy before but looking at this nice thick meat in my face I thought there would never be a better time than now to start , besides that he was really good looking too !

    So here goes I reached out and grabbed his nice cock and stuck it right in my mouth hoping I didn't drag my teeth on him as thick as he is and also thinking I hope he don't cum in my mouth cause it will gag me cause I've never done it before . I was actually sucking his cock and getting harder and hornier as I sucked him and still have my cock sliding in and out of her she was watching me suck on him and she was mmmmmMmmmm MMMMMMMMM which made me hornier , she was enjoying watching his big cock pumping my mouth even though I could only get about 6 inches in my mouth .

    He started moaning and pumping my mouth a little faster and for some reason I didn't want to stop , I could feel the underneath of his cock pulsating on my tongue and knew he was getting closer to cumming so I grabbed his shaft and started slurping on his cock and jacking at the same time , I thought to myself she loves to watch him suck a guy off so wonder if she would like to see me suck him off and just then she said come on suck that big cock I want to see you please my old man ! So I continued to suck as to how I seen others suck cock in porn movies and all of I felt was 2 hands grab on my ass .

    Wow who grabbed my naked ass while I'm sucking cock and got my cock in her ? Dam it was both of them she grabbed my left ass cheek as he grabbed my right cheek , they were both pulling my ass cheeks apart exposing my man pussy ! That's right I'm a total bottom slut and all of a sudden someone started licking my ass , I started moaning in pleasure for I have never been rimmed before and this guy was eating my ass like he was eating prime rib ! Now apparently my mind drifted away from the pussy my cock was buried in and the cock that was buried in my mouth .

    I did regain my ability to slurp on this nice thick cock but it wasn't easy with my ass being licked , oh how I was enjoying everything that was happening and he started pumping that cock in and out at a rapid pace now and I was thinking I have to do it for them and all of a sudden he was cumming in my mouth , I didn't even have time to let it run out of my mouth do to how thick his cock was , it was a huge load that filled my mouth and with every pump he gave me more and more squirted out of the corners of each side of my mouth with every pump !

    I thought to myself that it wasn't terrible but don't think I could grow accustomed to giving head to completion but who knows , maybe I could again with a nice cock like his and just then she came up and said that was hot in my ear and started licking his cum off the corners of my mouth and kissing me which made it a little easier as beautiful as she is ... OMG just then he stood up and squirted more cum right between my ass cheeks and the guy that was rimming me stood up and took out his cock and wanted to fuck my cum covered hole when her old man said no , LATER this ass is mine !

    He slowly slid his thick 9.5 inch cock in my man pussy and once his cock was buried in me he started pumping again like he did my mouth , she was still kissing on me and she slid down and took my cock in her mouth and just then the guy that was rimming me was in front of me with his cock dangling in my face , damn another long thick cock he must of been 9.0 inches long and 8 inches in circumference . He looked at me and softly said please suck on it for awhile PLEASE ! So now my ass is getting hammered my cock is getting sucked by a beautiful woman and now I have another huge cock pumping in and out of my ass .

    In my mind I'm just wondering how long this can go on ? I have been fucked before but have never sucked a cock and now I've got 2 pounding my mouth in 1 night , which is fine with me and just then I blew my nut again and she swallowed every last drop and kept sucking till she got it all out of my shaft ! She then came up and ask the guy that had his cock buried in my mouth where here sister was , OMG this must be her brother in law and she joined me in sucking his cock . I thought OMG how kinky ! He then said she was in the store getting anal ease and some lube .

    I thought to myself well the fun probably just about over for me now that they are here ! And in walked this hot little brunette and I mean hotter than the blonde that I have been having fun with all night . She came over and sat down running her fingers thru my hair and asking if I'm having fun and I then said yes and I would like to eat her pussy , she then said ok as soon as you get done sucking his dick ! She started jacking on my cock and OMG here we go again I was so turned on I started sucking that cock fast like I wanted fed , and that's just what I got a mouth full of cum and my face covered with the rest of it !

    She looked at me and said I seem to be a very fun guy that they could all have fun with and I said I can be and I'm a little ass slut . She responded , well it looks to me like you're a nice little cocksucker ! I said OKAY that too.

    They all stood up and I wondered what they were doing , they said they wanted to move to the other movie room to the back of the building where they have gay movies playing , don't worry you're coming with us . I said oh ok !
    By the time we got to the other room we were all naked and touching each other we went in and there was a few guys in there watching gay movies . I ask if I could eat the brunettes pussy now and she said yes and sit down in the only chair in the room I walk to her and she grabbed my cock and said in my ear , you eat me my husband fucks your ass for as long as he wants ! OH JEEZ I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT , LOL . OKAY !

    So I got on my knees and started licking that hot shaved pussy when all of a sudden I felt like I was being filled full from behind , it was her husband the 1 that was 9 inch by 8 inch in circumference ... It's a good thing the other guy fucked my man pussy and loosened it up cause this guy probably would of hurt me , real good ! I had been licking her for probably 10 minutes when he ask her what she done with the lube and anal ease she bought from the store , she said oh shit left it in the other room and got up and went to go get it .

    Her and her sister returned with the bag and she handed it to him and he open the anal ease and rubbed it on his cock and started fucking me again really good , oh he was thick and filled me up nice . And then he motion for the 1st guy to come over he laid on his back and had me sit down on his cock which I did without hesitation and he coated my ass with lube and anal ease and then he knelt down and OMG he pushed his thick cock in me along with the other thick cock . It felt like they were going to rip me apart but felt incredibly good all at the same time , I was being Double penetrated by 2 nice long thick cocks I said to them PLEASE go slow and the thickest guy said we will .

    With him behind me on his knees he was slowly pumping his cock in my ass as the other 1 was just in my ass making it tight he just kept fucking my man hole while the 2 woman were watching from behind , I could hear them saying that's hot look at them 2 big cocks buried deep in his ass and then both guys started pumping me as fast as they could . OMG how good it was I felt really stretched out and super full of nice cock , I felt like my cock was going to explode and my toes were curled , this was the best I ever had ! They were putting on 1 hell of a show , the room had filled up with people and I hadn't even noticed !

    It was maybe 3 or 4 more minutes which seemed like and hour with those huge cocks slamming in and out of my ass when both guys started pumping even faster and both were moaning so I was soooo turned on knowing that they were feeling so awesome that I started relentlessly bucking on them which made me cum with no one even touching my cock and I just collapsed forward on the bottom guy while they kept slamming their cocks deep in and out of me then all of a sudden the guy on the bottom said he was cumming and then both girls started saying fill him up with cum baby come on baby cum really good , and then the guy with the thickest cock said he was cumming and they both shot their loads in me . I was full of lube , anal ease and cum in both ends I felt like a whore !

    The guy in the back got up smacked my ass said that was great and I crawled off the other guy and kind of leaned over the chair resting on my knees where I started licking the brunettes pussy when all of a sudden I felt a hand rubbing my man hole so I moaned with enjoyment and then I started getting fingered by the brunette , Oh she's hot and I could handle her playing with my hole and then 1 by 1 she was inserting more fingers , OMG I felt her knuckles and knew just then she was fisting my hungry hole , she started pumping her fist in and out of my ass like a piston in a engine cylinder .

    This woman enjoys fisting just my type of woman , she was slamming her fist in and out of my ass and I was loving it , she ask me several times if I was ok with her working my ass over . I finally told her that it seemed to me that both couples owned my ass and they could use it as they wish , although I wasn't sure how much more I could take I just didn't want it to end ! LMAO She slowed down and I felt her second hand on my hole then like she held her hands together like she was about to pray I felt all 8 of her fingers enter my hole and she started pumping .

    The blonde was with her and she was pouring the lube in my hole as the brunette was pumping her fingers in and out then 1 hand went all the way in my ass and then oOOOHHHH the second hand was all the way in too ! OMG she was double fisting my hole she was working it around in half circle loosening me up for probably 10 minutes she did this motion and then she pulled them both all the way out and slammed them right back in and she did this in and out maybe 15 times . I felt like my ass looked like a street manhole . LoL then she pulled her hands back out and it took a couple seconds and I heard the girls laughing then her hands were right back in my hole , well it ended up being a hand from each girl !

    I told them I needed a short break so I could pee and they stopped and told me to hurry back , which of course I did I wanted more of these horny women fisting me . I came back and the blonde said it was her turn to open my ass so I knelt down ass up in the air and she began right away with both hands double fisting me and she probably slammed both her hands in my ass as many times as the brunette did I felt my ass was being destroyed but was actually enjoying it . The blonde pulled her hands out and started to put them back in when I realized it wasn't her it was the brunettes husband who put his huge fist in my hole and I mean huge . His fist was probably 11.5 inches in circumference !

    Which was okay with me because everything I had endured so far whats a little more fist from a huge man fist , LoL and he did he fisted me but he wanted to go deep and I thought I was going to pass out when he shoved his fist thru my second spincter . OH man it felt incredible with his fist balled up that far in me , he literally made me shoot another load of cum without even touching my cock again ! He started doing the piston pumping like his wife did in and out and faster and faster and I heard 1 of the women say that is awesome , he is punch fisting his huge fist in and out of his poor little hole and the other woman laughed and said it ain't little no more but it sure is hot !

    I begged him that he had to stop and he said he had 1 more thing for me to enjoy once he quit fisting me , I said okay WHAT and then I felt it . They had lined up the guys that were in the room watching us and had each 1 of them stick their cocks in me and pump my ass really quick ! There was like 13 of them and I know like 4 or 5 loaded my ass with their hot loads of cum because the women were jacking them off prior to them fucking my man pussy and a few of the men once they pulled out even shoved their fist in me and push it in and out real quick .

    1 of the guys was a younger guy and he kinda impressed me he fucked my ass pulled out and stuck his hand in me and then stuck his cock back in with his hand still in me and he basically jacked on his cock in my ass until he came and he pulled out and squirted all over my hole and then fucked me some more , the next guy was older and couldn't get it up so he covered his hands with lots of lube and fisted me , he would shove his right fist in pull out and shove his left fist in and out and continued this like he was boxing my hole till I finally couldn't take anymore !

    I told the couple I went there with that I had to go to bathroom and clean up and they said they would wait on me , I came out and headed to my rig and they were standing there waiting on me . They ask if I wanted to go to their hotel and get cleaned up better by getting a shower and get a bite to eat . I responded with a yes because no way could I get all the cum and lube off of my body in the restroom , they said there was truck parking and to just follow them so I did just that . On the drive there which was at the same exit I said to myself that my ass feels like it could swallow a football.

    We arrived at the hotel and I took my bag in and we all got showers , I took mine 1st and while he took his I ate some more awesome pussy and acted all innocent when he came out then she took hers we , myself and her man ended up in a 69 sucking each others cock . His thick 9.5 inch cock running in and out of my mouth was such a turn on I was really enjoying sucking his cock when all of a sudden the bathroom door open and I went to roll off his face and held me on him and his woman ' the blonde ' walked to the bed and just said come on you 2 suck those cocks really good and just then felt him go from holding me down on his face to sticking his fingers in my ass .

    With me laying on top of him in a 69 and my cock buried in his mouth and his fingers invading my hole and banging it I started going crazy I was soooooo fucking horny again that I went crazy sucking his cock , he shot a huge load in my mouth and I just said to myself just keep sucking , once again with each squirt of his cum and me pumping up and down wildly on his cock his cum was just streaming out of the corners of my mouth . I was enjoying the hell out of sucking my very first cock that I just kept sucking him so I know thru all the sucking that I did that I must of swallowed quite a bit of his cum and it never even bothered me .

    All of a sudden still sucking him and him sucking me I felt something warm run down the crack of my ass , It was lube that she warmed up and then him finger banging my ass changed now he was still sucking my cock and fisting my ass at the same time . My ass was actually really sore but he said he was the only 1 that didn't get to fist me before so I let him do it which turned him on so much that he blew another load of cum deep in my throat and filled my mouth but I just continued sucking that cock as he continued fisting my hole and sucking my cock , about 10 minutes later I finally shot my load of cum in his mouth and he moaned with enjoyment as he sucked every last dropped from my cock .

    I definitely returned the favor as I continued to suck his incredibly awesome cock , it was the biggest and best looking cock I had ever seen and it was nice to suck . I must of let him cum in my mouth 3 or 4 time during the night of fun that we all had and let me tell you now , I would definitely suck him off every time I see him and probably the brunettes husband too. They both had wonderful cocks and women and they all owned my ass that night !

    I still have their e-mail address and keep in touch with them and they said they wished I could make it to Tennessee to visit with them for a week because they had an incredible time with me and they say her sister and her husband agreed it was the best because I just did what ever they wanted to do . Well of course I would I'm a horny perverted man who is a bi-sexual and loves all kind of sex ! And now I've been trained to suck the cum right out of a big beautiful cock !!!
    Been used and cock trained

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