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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I was fucking this very old lady, a widow who is 73 and believe it or not she is the one who relieved me of my virginity at 17. Her niece had a husband who refused to get her pregnant. I evidently look like her husband, and after many months the woman talked her niece into having me get her pregnant and saying that the rubbers she and her husband used must have failed. She even changed the brand she bought during this time. She came by the old ladys house once a day, to cover her fertile time we did it for 14 days, her fertile time in the middle of that. It was weird, my old friend in the house, her niece (who is in her late 30s a bit chubby, and not really attractive) and I in the bedroom. I must admit it was a big turn-on knowing that I was actually trying to impregnate someone. I must admit to a bit of a turn-on because of fucking a married woman, knowing her husband would be fucking her the night before and that night also. . . AFTER ME.

    The woman told me upfront that there was to be no intimacy, no kissing, no playing around, just get hard and fuck. I eventually got her playing with my cock to get hard but she wouldn't even suck it hard. I'd rub her pussy for a few minutes to lube her up, then just stick it in and fuck her. I didn't even try to last or please her, just fucked for 5 to 10 minutes (as little as I could) then shoot inside her pussy. Honestly; it was very hard not to try to kiss her as I was fucking, and especially when I was cumming. I stopped fucking my girlfriend and the older woman, though I did keep getting fucked by an older male friend. She would then lay on the bed after I got up, and she'd pull up her legs, I guess to keep the sperm inside and on her cervix.

    I did make one stipulation. From 6 months on I get to fuck her once a month if she gets pregnant, and I get to nurse on her boobs after. She agreed, she got pregnant, her husband has come around, thinks it's his and I get to fuck a big pregnant belly. No kissing, no foreplay, it's actually a teen boys dream fuck. I can already get some liquid out of her tits, I'm looking forward to draining them totally after the baby.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    Hi all.
    I want to help a mature single mom who is struggling financially and loves cum in her.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I am in my late teens, I live in a major city going to a university. I live in a dorm and have a boyfriend who is 26 and lives in a great house near campus. He is very dominant, and though I was inexperienced sexually before I met him last year, he and I are very compatible and I do whatever he needs sexually to keep him happy. I guess I should say that I am a fatty, I think I have a pretty face, but I do have a really big belly, and happily for my BF I have DDD boobs. He is very dominant when I am with him, and I am very subservient sexually. I like it, I'm very happy to please him. He has had me do things I never thought I'd ever do, but he likes seeing me do things that please him.

    Yesterday I went to the store with his credit card, and his permission, but I bought too many clothes and he got angry at me. I had to spend the day and night nude, am missing school today because he won't let me wear any clothes for 2 more days. I have to stay nude. This morning he made me answer the door totally naked and the fed ex driver gave me a box and I had to sign for it. He wrote on my belly "Cum Pig" and on my butt he wrote "Fuck my ass for free", and the driver saw it all. He also saw the welt marks on my bottom. I had my first caning last night. My BF spanks me a lot for sex thrills, and uses his belt, sometimes he gets carried away and some blood will show from my butt, then he makes love to me and it feels so warm. Last night I had to take 20 swats with a thin wooden switch. Then first thing this morning after his having anal sex with me, I had to take 5 swats across my boobs.

    I know I am sick, I actually like it. I like being at his disposal, I like being his slave, I live being ridiculed. He will even make me strut around naked in front of people and he criticizes me for being so fat and calls me names. Since we did it the first time, at his bidding I've had sex in all forms with 28 other boys and men. He says that makes me a total slut and cum pig. I am, and I like it.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 18

    I caught my neighbours wife useing a dildo and allthough she is really nice, she was so mad at me for walking in on her with her legs wide apart pushing this dildo up her,that there was no chance she`d have a mad moment and let me take over,so i left rather rapid and said nothink to no one,After a few hours she caught up with me and said sorry as it was her who had left the door open ,i assured her her secret was safe and said you looked lovely.which brought a smile to her face ,i wanted her even though she was nearly fifty and im 18 and knew her husband would batter me if it went wrong but i tried my luck and she tried to laugh it but after a few days i managed to get round her and ended up in her bed fucking her ,i knew her husbands job took him away weeks on end but her gasps ,and moans made it clear she wanted it as much as me,when he`s home she acts as if butter woundn`t melt in her mouth ,but after he`s gone a couple of weeks im back fucking her,its not easy with my parents about but sinking my cock into her is heaven,

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 47

    I took a summer job during college working for the highway department. At first my job was working in the warehouse. The foreman of the warehouse kept knocking up against me and one day he grabbed me from behind and just humped the hell out of my ass while he grabbed my dick. We sort of walked until he had me against the work table and he told me to get my pants down so he could get some sweet ass.

    When he shoved himself inside of me it hurt to the point that I had tears in my eyes but I kept my mouth shut and just took it. It was a cross between the best damn thing and knowing that I was getting my ass fucked like a queer. That man fucked me a lot that summer, I knew exactly where to go where we couldn't be found and he gave me a mile of dick by the time the summer was up.

    Back in college I sucked the store manager of the local A&P in the stockroom. I didn't flirt around or anything, he was back there and I went up to him and offered to suck him off. He sat in a chair, I got down in front of him and I just sucked him until I couldn't keep going. I told him he could fuck me if he wanted to, but that was too much for him.

    I sucked the A&P Manager a lot, he introduced me to the driver of the produce delivery service and he liked to fuck and I got it whenever we managed to be at the A&P on the same day. Once you break the ice and you get into the right group, there was more dick than I could handle. College was good to me, I learned a lot, how to navigate the underworld and improve on my technique. All lessons I have managed to use all my life.

    Queer is good.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 54

    I went to Rome to study a masters in early Roman history. The girls, wow, sensual, made your dick get hard just watching them walk. So much pussy, everywhere. I masturbated every night, with a different girl. The sad thing was that you are a foreigner and the girls blew you off, never wanted anything to do with you. Masturbation.

    I went on a trip to Pompeii with these two Italian guys that were in the program with me. Lots of fun, we ate at local places, they ordered and I ate. We spent the day walking around the ruins, they were so slim, and the girls smiled at them. In the restroom, he dropped his pants down to smooth out his shirt and his dick was right there for me to see. I had never seen an Italian dick, I was embarrassed of my dick, side by side he had a dick. That night I imagined what his dick would look like when he had a hard on. I masturbated thinking about his dick, wondering what his dick would feel like when he fucked a girl, or when he fucked me. I actually thought that, how would he fuck me.

    I didn't think about girls anymore, I hung around him and his friends, they let me hang with them, and they got girls, they had money, and they were young and they got girls and I got what was left over. I saw his penis many times, because I moved in with him and another Italian friend, and they didn't have an issue with being naked, and at night I could dream of his penis, of being able to stroke his penis, of being able to suck his penis, of having him fuck me with his penis. It was during our time living together that I dreamed of kissing with him, of having him run his hands all over my body as we kissed and he would grab my penis and stroke me and I would hold his penis and stroke him. I masturbated almost every day.

    But he fucked girls, and I got what was left over, some not so pretty, usually older girl, and she let me fuck her because her pretty friend was being fucked by him, she let me fuck her. I got the leftovers and she got the leftovers.

    Part of my coursework required me to work with this professor. He was a fat Italian man in his forties, knowledgeable, but fat and he liked to eat, so it seemed that every time I had to have a conference with him we went to some restaurant. One day, we were in small restaurant and he was explaining something to me and he put his hand on my thigh and he rubbed my thigh and he talked to me and he rubbed my thigh and he rubbed my thigh, and I got an erection he passed his hand over my erection and he gently squeezed my erection and when we walked out of the little restaurant he ran his hand over my rear end.

    We walked to his apartment and he offered me some wine and he got naked and laid back on his bed and invited me to come over and get naked with him. He sucked my dick, my first man sucking my dick, and he put my hand on his dick, the first dick I touched and he got hard and he got me naked just like him and he had me suck his dick, and then he laid me back on his bed and he kissed me while he played with my dick. He licked my asshole and pushed my legs up over my head and took his dick and put it up against my asshole and he dropped spit on his dick and he slowly, shoved his dick in my asshole and when he got it in he leaned over me and kissed me and fucked me.

    For the rest of my program in Italy he was my lover, I didn't fuck girls anymore, no more left overs, I sucked his dick, I kissed with him until my dick was so hard I would cum all over him, I would lay back on the bed and he would fuck me, and he would kiss me while he fucked me. I didn't masturbate any more, I sucked his dick instead, I loved sucking his dick, he was always so hard, and I loved getting ready for him, waiting for him to fuck me.

    Leaving Rome to return to Ohio for my Phd was like tearing out my fingernails. I am a tenured professor in History now, and I have a young lover now, a grad student of my own, he has a nice dick which I like to suck and he fucks me, I fuck him too, but he is willing to fuck me, and I need to get fucked, I need it, and when he is fucking me I imagine my Italian friend from my studies in Rome, I imagine his dick, what would it have been like to have his dick fucking me.

    One thing I did get from my studies in Rome, a deep appreciation of the phallus, I love dick, I can't live without it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 51

    When I was about 15, I learned something that completely changed the way that I looked at my Mom and Dad. Since Mother's Day was this past weekend, I figured why not share it.

    Growing up, compared to a lot of my friends my Mom and Dad were very much in love. You could see it in the way they acted around each other. When they fought, they would go to another room for a little while or go for a walk around the block in our neighborhood, then come back and continue on, usually jovially. This is something I do with my wife now, and it has helped us stay married for almost 30 year successfully.

    One time, though, things got a little rough, and I ended up going over to our neighbor's house for a little while so they could cool down. It was about money, Dad had made a big miscalculation and bought something he shouldn't have (can't remember what now) as a "gift" for Mom and it ended up in a shouting match in the living room rather than the usual take it elsewhere and come back strong approach. So I went over to Pat's house, the woman who would later take my virginity at around age 15.

    Pat and her husband Paul were probably about 10 years older than my Mom and Dad, and had been really good to us over the years. They had no children of their own, so they were kind of like an aunt and uncle to me and my sister when we lived in the neighborhood. Sometimes they took the two of us to baseball games, the zoo, even camping once. So this particular situation, when Mom and Dad were fighting hard and my sis wasn't home, it wasn't unnatural for me to head over there and hang out. Pat was an attractive, slim brunette who never wore a bra that I can remember, and her perfectly sloped tits not only enticed my teenage self, but really set a standard for what I wanted in a woman thereafter. So again, not unpleasant to go and visit her and Paul one bit.

    Paul was out that day, and Pat knew something was wrong immediately. I told her Mom and Dad were fighting, and Pat had me come on inside, made us a couple of glasses of lemonade, and sat on her couch. She sat with her feet tucked up under her and for some reason I remember that image most clearly from that day.

    She told me right away that my Mom and Dad REALLY love each other, and that this would blow over and not to worry. I asked her how she knew that and she said she had seen how connected they are compared to other couples she'd been around. After a brief explanation of what I already knew about them - how they flirted with each other, touched often, complimented each other, and took on hobbies together - Pat was making me feel a lot better and pretty hopeful that this wasn't anything serious. Pat sighed and said she wished she had that with her husband, that Mom and Dad made that look so effortless.

    Plus, Pat said, my Dad apparently has a nice cock and my Mom absolutely loves it. I was in shock and tried to sink into the couch. Pat laughed, and said it's okay this is adult talk. This is where things got a little crazy.

    Pat proceeded to tell me how she and Paul had been "swinging" with my Mom and Dad for years, but not like you would think. Apparently, one night they got a little tipsy while at Pat and Paul's place, and some things were said that resulted in the wives having a blowjob contest, who could make their husband cum first. The girls got topless and dropped down in front of their guys right there in the living room. Pat won, and she and Paul watched as my Mom blew the daylights out of my Dad for nearly a half hour. Pat might have won the contest, but according to her my Mom made fellatio into an art form. Pat and Paul were trying to get a swap going with my Mom and Dad, but ended up watching an amazing scene unfold in front of them that evening. After my Dad blew the biggest load Pat had ever seen all over my Mom's tits with a loud moan, everyone had a good laugh and relaxed a little while longer. Pat and my Mom then told their men that it was their turn, and essentially proceeded to ride their individual husbands into the couch. Pat said she couldn't keep her eyes off of my Dad and wished that my Mom would give up his cock for her. She never did, and the two of them really never even paid that much attention to Pat and Paul that night other than giving them a show. Over the years, this continued, and essentially the formula was unchanged every time. My Mom and Dad never touched the other couple, they were into each other and just enjoyed the company. They might talk during, give each other pointers or encouragement, but these two couples were having monogamous sex next to each other for close to a decade and still going pretty regularly. Pat said hell, your mom most likely got pregnant with you over here rather than in your house. I was stunned, and weirdly turned on.

    Pat finished her story by telling me just how bad she wanted my Dad, and always had. She was incredibly frustrated that he wouldn't swap, but she did value their friendship enough to take what she could get. She also didn't want to hurt my Mom, they were really good friends and she had learned a few things from her incredible devotion to sex with my Dad. They love each other, she concluded, and they've helped me and Paul get closer.

    The phone rang, I jumped out of my skin. It was my Mom, asking if I was over there with Pat. Pat told her I was on the way back, and with a wink at me started making plans for that Friday night to "play cards." She smiled really big and made a motion like she was giving a blowjob, then held her hand over the phone and told me to go on home and that she would see me Saturday for the movie she was taking me and my sister to. When I got home and saw my Mom on the phone with Pat, and noticed she and Dad looked a little sweaty and red-faced, I couldn't help but grin. Whatever they were arguing about, they fucked it out. I noticed that from then on, ANY time they went over to Pat and Paul's, they would come back in that same way, hand in hand, Dad letting Mom come into the front door first like a gentleman while he snuck a peek at her backside. My Mom and Dad really love each other, and have always shown it.

    As I stated earlier, Pat would later invite me into her incredible body while Paul cheered me on, but that's another story for another time. Happy belated Mother's Day!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 45

    This has to be over 30 years ago or so. I don't know if they still have them now but I had a paper route and for some time, would toss two copies, at the customer's request, over the short chain link fence of a house that looked like a one family home. After doing this for almost a year my curiosity won out and I took the two papers to the door. A pleasant woman wearing jeans and a crumpled flannel shirt answered and I asked if leaving two papers is still o.k.? I was invited in and saw another woman there, dressed similarly. They said they were magazine and periodical writers. At the time I had no real idea what that meant. They were trim and easily my mother's age.

    They were also twins but not identical twins. They said that neither likes to wait for the paper so they open it and read it at the same time. One of the twins looked at me up and down then said, "Min, look at this kid's hands." "Yes, huge." "How old are you?" one asked. "I just turned 15," I answered, quickly. The other one, Dina, said, "You cannot be 15, you look over six feet tall." Yes, I said, "15." Dina came up to me and her face almost touched my chin. She said, "Big hands, do you know what that means?" I said, "No." She then reached for my crotch and grabbed and rubbed it, "Let's see if the story is true."

    Too amazed to stop her, I stood there like a scarecrow while she rubbed by growing cock under my pants. Min said, "Dina, you'd better not." "Too late, she said, check this out." She unzipped my khaki pants and pulled my now erect cock out." Min said, "Good heavens, it's true." Dina stroked my cock a bit then tucked it back in my pants and zipped me up." They both laughed a lot and I left.

    That was it for a year and then I was leaving my paper route so I knocked on all the doors of my route and informed all my customers in person. The two sisters were home and glad to see me. "Hi, Mr. Big" Dina said. Min sat back and smiled at me. When they heard I was leaving the paper route they told me they would cook a nice dinner for me and I accepted for later that week. When I turned 18 and told them I was going off to college they both fucked me for the first, long awaited time that had me frustrated half to death for years. They did me half the night and kept asking me what I had imagined about them in the last few years then proceeded to make it happen. I even came up with things I had not thought about.

    After college in Seattle, I fell in love with the city and remained there but memories of the sisters sourced for me a lot of images and feelings for my selfie sessions.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    Okay, my name is Rachel, I am in my mid twentyâs and this is a confession about me and my Dom who is Matt. We are not âin a relationshipâ, we started out as fwb but now I think of him as my pimp although I absolutely must say, I/we are never paid for the things we do.

    There is a lot of previous that bought me to the start of this story, some of which I have confessed before which I wonât go into now, youâll just have to accept. Iâd been to Mattâs house like two times before for pretty straight sex, but this time heâd texted me and invited me round Sunday afternoon for âsome hot sexâ. Yeah I was up for that.
    It was a rainy day, so I got my Dad to give me a lift there and sent a text to say I was on my way. Matt replied and said I would also have some âobedience trainingâ I just replied with a smiley face and winking emoji.

    His house is nice, he inherited some money which he used to buy the house and he lets a couple of rooms out to students at the university to pay the mortgage. When I rang the bell he answered pretty quickly, ha good to see he was keen. Soon as went in he took my coat but then immediately said âAnd your dressâ I opened my mouth to question but he reminded me that my obedience was being tested, so I complied without question. Although I was in the entrance hallway, everything was quiet so I wasnât bothered. He then pointed to my bra, âAnd thatâ and in a moment that was on the floor with my dress.

    He had me stand on the bottom stair and came and cuddled me and kissed me, he pushed down his jogging pants and slid his cock inside my panties between my legs and humped me outside. When I was really wet he pulled back and pushed inside my pussy and tucked his balls inside my panties. I realised I could see through the frosted glass around the front door into the street and wondered if anyone walking by could see in Ah what the hell, I donât live there. Remember I have now been in the house about four minutes and I am being fucked nearly naked on the stairs.

    Almost as soon as he started, he pulled out and pulled my panties off and put them with the other pile of my clothes by the front door. He offered me a cup of tea to take âupstairsâ and I declined as would make me want to pee. He said okay then and went to the kitchen to make himself one. I followed him to the kitchen and stood in the doorway while he reheated the kettle and poured the drink. He had his back to me and I couldnât see what he was doing so was surprised when he turned around and handed me two cups. I told him I said I didnât want one, he just smiled and said âThey are for my two house mates in the lounge, Please take them in for meâ I hesitated and he glared at me. I was being disobedient again. So I said âOkay, if that is what you wantâ. I opened the door and the two guys were sitting on the sofa reading quietly, but clearly expecting my arrival. I put their drinks by them and stepped back, they looked at me but said nothing. Matt sat with them and they started chatting and having a laugh, mostly about me and my predicament, clearly there had been some bet as to whether he could get me to do it. I went and sat in an armchair but he called me back saying, they didnât often get naked girls in the house so they all wanted to enjoy and have a good look at me. I just stood in front of them while they talked drank and stared, I acted embarrassed, but didnât cover myself.

    Matt told them about my puffy nipples and they wanted to see so they had me squeeze them with my fingers but they didnât swell right up and I said that it only really happens when they are sucked on. They told me to move closer, so I stood with a leg between each of the house mateâs knees, and then leaned forwards with my hands on the top of the sofa back kind of offering a tittie to both of them. They latched on and started to suck, but both differently, it was amazing. Matt went behind me and started to lick and tongue my pussy and I just kind of melted and after a few minutes of that had an incredible orgasm. Matt asked the others to take over with my pussy and he left the room, soon the two guys were all over me and tbh I wanted them as much as they wanted me. I sucked two cocks and got fucked by both of them too, then I licked two dicks clean.

    Matt came back into the room, and said he was pleased they had finished because I was supposed to be his entertainment for the afternoon, not theirs. He took my hand and led me up the stairs to his room. I got cleaned up in his en-suite and when I came out, we were both naked and got into the bed. We kissed and cuddled and made out like nothing had happened downstairs. He put his bare cock inside me and fucked me hard, he pulled my legs up so my ankles were by his shoulders and pushed his cock in me so deep and banged hard, in between he ground against me and my clitty and made me cum again.

    When we were laying and cuddling after I had cleaned him up he asked me if I had a good time, I replied âYeah, of courseâ and he said âGood because thatâs what youâre going to do every Sunday afternoon from now onâ And I did, he was very pleased with me. It went on most weekends for around a year.

    After a bit he fucked me again, but long and slow the second time. As soon as we finished, we texted my Dad to come collect me and we went downstairs, I said goodbye to the house mates and got dressed in the hallway with his cum still leaking from me, âtil I got my ride home. I hated lying to my Dad about what Iâd been doing, he is not stupid, but I doubt he guessed that I fucked all three guys.

    Please please leave a comment if you enjoyed my confession, it makes it all worthwhile. Questions welcome judgement, not so much <3

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 30

    I owe a guy a shit load of cash and he wants to collect, I am not working but my wife is and the bills are stretched so I can't pay him back.

    His solution is to drop my wife off at a motel just outside of town and have her picked back up in three hours. He said he would call my debt paid if I allowed him to f**k her in return for what Imowed him.

    She said no way, but he sent someone to my house to collect today. My wife called and told me her car would not start and was getting a ride home which is normal it needs work.

    However the guy who is a friend of the family messaged me and said your debt is paid in full when I get your wife into the hotel room..

    She left with him knowing he wanted to screw her and after saying no, I am glad my debt is paid.

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