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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    My wife just old me that her friends are taking her to see some strippers for her upcoming birthday, and am I ok with it? I said sure go for it. She has never been to see any strippers, but has told me all about her past. I know that she was a really big cocksucker before we met, and has had more than thirty guys cocks shoved down her willing slut throat. Most of them many times over for each guy. So what's the harm in letting her have a few lap dances on her birthday? I don't have a problem with it at all. I actually became aroused at the thought of a good looking guy with a big cock, dancing for her, with his (Hopefully) Huge, stiff cock, right directly in front of her hot little mouth. Now if I know my wife, weather she does or not, she will be wanting to suck his, or their cocks. And I actually kind of hope she can manage to slip away long enough to met one or even a couple of them, and suck them both off. I want her to CUM home with cock on her breath, and to climb on top of me and start making out and ask me if I notice anything different? But since I want this to happen, it never will. But I can dream. Any thoughts?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 55

    Wow I posted a few days ago how much it makes me horny to watch men and suck and fuck each other. I JUST WATCHED A SHORT VIDEO PREVIEW OF A GUY SUCKING HIS OWN COCK WHILE ANOTHER GUY HELPED HIM AND WAS SUCKING HIS BALLS WHAT A FREAKIN TURN ON .. Am I weird or does anyone else find this horny? For some reason women in sex videos do not have the passion and enjoyable expressions as the men do. The men look like they are really into the sucking or fucking. I just enjoy and get horny watching men. The women are ok but the men know how to suck and fuck. :) 3/23/2017

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 32

    I was on a red eye flight last month and I sat next to an elderly man.It was just me and him on a 3 seater.We had small chats that lead to very interesting stories of his life, family and background.

    He turns 70 next year.He spoke well, told me about his wife of 40 years and had never been apart.This was the first time ever, in their lives that he was on his own.He said that he had an argument with his son, and his wife decided to stay back to tale care of her grandson (Asian families sound so complicated).

    We had some wine together and I was really attracted to him.I laughed at his jokes,touched his arm and he too, moved in closer when he told about his wild days in the 60's.I don't know what came over me, I touched his hand and twirled my fingers on his palm.I asked him did he miss sex,if being impotent saddened him.He confessed that he did miss it,but on some occasion he have taken Viagra for old time sake anniversary, his birthday

    When I imagined him fucking his wrinkly old wife and possibly needed tubes of kY gel,I felt a twitch in my pussy.I felt the dampness on my panties. I was still holding his hand then. I took it and placed it on my chest. I had no bra on, never wear them when I fly.My nipples were hard. He let out a moan as he massaged my firm C cups.The lights were dim and we seemed to be the only ones awake,I pulled down my collar,and let out a nipple. The old timer sucked on it without second thoughts.That surprise sent a shock down my hole.

    The old timer was very good. His tongue flickered on my nipples, circling them, teased them. He then reached inside my sweatpants and slipped his finger into my wet pussy.I swear I came within minutes when he fingerfucked me. His thick finger was glistening with my cum,He smelled it and licked my juice.He winked "so young, so sweet".

    At this point, I wasn't sure if I should touch his dick or what to do.Like he read my mind,he apologised that he wouldn't be able to give me pleasure in anyway with his retired member.He said he could fingerfuck me more if I wanted to.

    I nodded and he must have made me cum two more times.My clit was swollen and a little stingy when we were done. My inner thighs ached.I must have dozed off. Before we landed,he passed me his phone number and address.He stayed about 2 hours away from my city.He said only if I was sure and wanted to.

    I haven't called him but after this,I will.Sharing this brought back memories and I definitely want to experince fucking a 70 year old senior.

    ps.I am so wet right now

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    I know this is wrong and I should not have done it but my male testosterone took over. My mom told me she been sick lately so I went over to the house to check on her. She didn't answer the door bell so I went in using my key she had given it to me. When I walk into the house yelling mom where are you she didn't answer. I went into her bedroom she was out cold. I though oh no is she breathing. She was so sound asleep when I touch her shoulder she didn't move at all. She must of just taking the medication she was given.

    I always has a crush on mom. She is a aerobic instructor at the gym. She keep herself looking good. Here she is laying on the bed with her nightie with no bra and panties on. I couldn't help myself but to slowly touching her legs to see if she was going to wake up. She didn't move at all. Then I got brave enough to touch her pussy. It was so warm, nice feeling and she kept it shaved. I slowly massage her pussy and suddenly she woke up and push my hand away.

    I said mom I am so sorry I just couldn't help myself seeing you laying on the bed so sexy. She said son, I am your mother and you know better not to do that. I told her I came by to check up on you to see if you were okay. I am so sorry and start crying. She said stop it now and come over to give me a hug. I got on the bed to give her a hug and she felt my cock was hard as a rock. She said are you get arouse by your mother. I said I am mom you are so sexy I just couldn't help myself but to touch you.

    She said you know this is wrong and I said I know but I just couldn't help it. Then out of the blue she said okay just finish where you left off and don't tell anyone about this. She got up to take her nightie off and she was naked. She said go ahead take your time to please your mommy, you know I am sick and can't do to much. I said is okay just lay down and enjoy what I am going to do.

    She spread open her legs, I was eating her pussy and fingering at the same time. She close her eyes and was moaning the whole time. I got her so wet her pussy juice was dripping out and I climb on top of her start fucking slowly. She moan so loud I had to put my fingers in her mouth so she was sucking and licking my fingers. My other hand was squeezing her breasts. She love it so much she was biting and sucking so hard my fingers in her mouth. Then I cum deep inside of her and later I felt her pussy squeezing my cock deep inside and she cum right away. We both felt each other throbbing, it was good.

    We lay there for awhile and I was out of breath. I told mom thank you for letting me have her. She said she kind of miss having sex since she was so sick and couldn't do anything. I said if you ever need anything just let me know I am just a phone call away. She said okay. When we finish having sex we got up clean ourselves and I stay to visit for the rest of the day.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 19

    Since October last year I've listened to and on several occasions, watched my moms new husband fucking her. His cock is massive and his muscular body as he fucks her, turns me on so much I always play with my clitty, making myself orgasm.
    Earlier this month he caught me watching them having sex, as he was drilling my mom from behind on the couch. She couldn't see me as her head was buried below the arm of the sofa. But when he was fucking her so hard, I moved my panties to one side after removing my skirt and let him watch me play with my pussy. It seemed to spur him on as he began to really pound my mom. And after only a short time of him screwing her hard that way, I heard my mom climax and then watched him cum up her. I didn't cum then, but did when I got to my bedroom. We didn't say anything then and haven't really since. But we're now flirting like mad and always putting across sexual innuendos to one another. I know it would be wrong of me to fuck my moms new husband, my step dad. But I really really want to so badly. And taking what he said last night about my body just ripe for a good fucking, I know he wants to slam that huge cock into my pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    My mother is a prostitute. She's been doing it off and on since I was five. It started when my dad left. He basically took anything of value from the house and emptied the bank accounts and left mom with nothing.

    My mother always has been fiercely independent, I have to assume is at least in part why dad left. I don't remember much of him but what hear from other family members he would always try and dominate mom and would fail miserbly. After he left mom couldn't find a job. It was fairly small town so there weren't many jobs to ne had. So we went on welfare. My dad's parents would try to help when needed but my mom would only accept it if things were truly desperate.

    A couple of years go by and I gradually start to notice little things around the house. The refrigerator always seems to have more food in it and such. I'm also getting brand new clothes instead stuff from goodwill. All I knew at the time is my mom seems happier and we're getting nicer stuff around the house.

    Not too long after I notice the changes around the house I start getting teased in school about my mom being a slut and a whore. I was in third grade and I truly didn't understand the true meaning of the insults. All I knew is they were insults, so I started getting into fights at school. When my mom would ask what happened I would just I was being teased. I didn't tell her at the time what I was being tease over, but as I'm writing this I suspect she knew. Things came to a head the last day of school. After school I was walking home and five of my tormentors surrounded me. I managed to bloody a couple of noses before they got me on the ground and start beating on me. A guy driving by stopped them and called my mom from a nearby pay phone. I didn't know him but he knew my mom.

    After a trip to the emergency room she took me home. Nothing broken just lots of bruises and a few cuts. My mom sat me down after supper and point blank asked what those kids were teasing me about. I told her the names they called her and she broke down and started sobbing.

    A month later my grandfather shows up with a truck and he helps us move to a nearby city. Mom had already found a job as a secretary with a small construction company. Things were great. The apartment we moved into was so much better than the shitty trailer we had been living in.

    Shortly after I turned thirteen my mom had THE sex talk with me. She followed it up with a different sex talk. She told me about her being a prostitute in our old town and that she had stopped until about a month ago. The actual story of how she got back into it is probably to long for this post, but the main part was she missed sex but didn't want a boyfriend, her job paid ok but she could use the extra money. She told me she really enjoys it and she's building up a clientele and will only see them once she's estsblished. She told me this because she didn't want me to find out from anywhere else and that I was old enough I would have figured it out on my own anyway and most of all she just plain didn't want to keep anything from me. She looked really nervous waiting for my reaction. I gave her a hug and told I have no problem with it as long as it makes you happy and it's something you want to do. She hugged me back told me thank you with a few tears in her eyes.

    The next few years would probably be wierd to most people and just plain wrong as well, but for us it was the norm. After awhile mom would show off new lingerie and outfits to me and ask my opinion. Of course my response was always she looks beautiful. I would often go to my room and masturbate after she would model something for me and I'm sure mom knew what I was doing because when I came out of room she would grin at me.

    Well I'm twenty-five now and I've been married to my woderful wife for just over a year now. My wife paid her way through college by being an escort. She tried to hide it from me when first started dating, but I found out through the gr**e vine and asked her about it. She was horrified that I knew. She apologized and got up to leave. I stopped her and told her it's ok. She didn't believe me until I told her about mom. It took a long time for her to truly believe that I was ok with it. Anyway, my mom just lost her job at the construction company. By this point she was in purchasing department. Her company got bought out and they had their own system for that so she was let go. She was at our place for dinner when she gave us the news. My wife asked her what her plans were now. Mom wasn't sure other than look for another job. She joked if she was younger she'd go back to escorting and call it good for the time being. She mentioned she was starting miss it again. (She's been out of it for about 5 years now) My wife just snorted and told her she's a complete knock out and would not have any trouble finding clients. Not to mention there's a huge demand for milfs. My wife is right my mom still looks incredible. She works out and generally takes care of herself. You would never guess she's fourty-five. My wife told mom she still knows some people from her old agency and would be happy to make some calls. Mom looked at me and asked me what thought. I jokingly told her if I wasn't married and you weren't my mom I'd pay extra to be your first client. Mom laughed then looked at me in very serious manner and said don't let societies silly taboos stop you. My wife chimed in I won't stop you and if it's okay with your mom I'd like to join in. I got an instant erection. Nothing happened that night but I think I'll talk to my wife and make absolutely sure she's ok with it. If she is I think I call mom and see If she's busy on Saturday.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 34

    I'm a straight guy but I confess that I have thoughts about having my hands and mouth around a big thick cock. I truly understand why women want a well hung guy, hell it's just great to look at if nothing else. I want to lube that massive cock up and lick, suck, and see those veins appear along the shaft. I want to make that fat cock cum but not in my mouth. I don't want to miss seeing that big cock erupt like a volcano, shooting his hot load up into the air and seeing it everywhere when I have milked the last drop out of his spent cock..........

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 40

    I will never forget that first time I sucked my best friends dick. We had been friends for years and had tried a few things together like jacking off together and even enjoyed stroking each other a few times to watch each other cum. We were 12 when he dared me to suck on his dick. I agreed to suck his dick f he would suck mine.
    we made the deal and were both pretty excited and horny young boys. We went out in back of his house to their big storage building and went inside and shut the door then turned on the light. He had his pants down in a flash begging me to suck his dick while he shook it and stroked it looking at me as I got to my knees in front of him. By now both of us just wanted something to happen and I had already talked myself in to going thru with it and wasn`t sure how far I would take it but I was anxious to try sucking my friends nice hard dick now that it was just inches from my face and he was begging me to suck on it.
    My lips touched the head and he pushed it towards me and it pressed against my teeth and slipped off to the side and was in my mouth between my teeth and skin. He got excited and started to beg me again so I opened my mouth and saw him looking down at me as he stuck his dick all the way in to my mouth and made me gag a bit as tears came to my eyes.
    I guess he liked the way it felt because he made me gag each time he pushed his dick in to my mouth. He got carried away and grabbed my head with both hands then threw his head back and sucked some air in between his teeth and told me to suck his dick then begged me not to stop. Things got pretty hot after that and my hands were on his ass pulling squeezing tugging and grabbing as my best friend stood in front of me in that hot storage shed fucking my mouth like we did it all the time.
    I closed my lips tight around his hard dick sucking like crazy enjoying every second of what we were doing knowing I wasn`t about to stop because I liked the way it felt on my knees taking my friends dick in the mouth. Pretty soon I discovered what it felt like to have a hard dick gagging me and a set of bloated nuts pressed to my chin as warm cum shot down my throat as big tears came to my eyes from trying to swallow while gagging on his dick and cum. My nose was buried in his stomach as he thrust his dick in to my mouth breathing hard begging me not to stop. Hearing him all excited saying things like "Oh yea suck it buddy ! Suck my dick good!" Then once he started to cum we both lost it and it seemed only natural to swallow his cum and not put a stop to all the excitement.
    I stayed on my knees awhile licking and sucking all over his dick then began to lick his nuts and had both his nuts in my mouth together as I stroked his dick and went right back to sucking him off again. This time before he came my jaw began to hurt from sucking his dick for so long and I made him cum again but this time I couldn`t wait to gag on his dick as he shot his cum down my throat. Once I finally stood up he was too exhausted to suck my dick so I pulled up my pants thinking he was going to back out on his end of the deal.
    Once we came out of the storage building we went and sat in the shade where we began to talk about our experience from both his position and mine. He asked questions like I did and just talking about it had both of us all worked up again so he said he wanted to try it. I was glad to know he was going to return the favor and this time we walked down the street to this wooded lot and got way back in the bushes out of sight and he got on his knees and let me stick my dick right in his mouth. It felt so good and I made him gag quite a few times myself and he never tried to back away when I came in his throat and held onto his head watching him swallow my cum with watery eyes. I kept talking to him and he licked and sucked my dick and balls and sucked me off a second time.
    After that day we were really good friends and sucked each other off all the time sometimes several times a day if we could. 69 was the hottest thing ever and we both liked sucking dick in a 69. Weeks later I let him try fucking me in the ass after I asked him to several times. It felt great and we both liked it a lot so he fucked me up the ass a lot but always pulled out to cum. Then one day he was fucking me in the ass and I knew he was about to cum and I asked him to cum in my ass just so I could see what it felt like. He never took his dick out of my ass again to cum and he came in my ass 1.000`s of times back then.
    In High school we shared our secret with our closest friend and he didn`t believe us but found out pretty quick we were telling him the truth. He wanted to watch us going at it but once we started sucking each other he had his dick out and was right in the middle of the action. His dick was quite a bit larger than my other friends and really great to suck on. Later on he watch me get fucked and saw how excited my friend got when I let him cum in my ass so he wanted to fuck me and I told him to go ahead. For the next two hours or so I let both of them take turns on me and it was even better for me having two buddies to fuck my ass and the more they got off in my ass the more I wanted it.
    The three of us continued to have sex all thru High school and for a few years after we graduated and our girlfriends never knew a damn thing. We are all in our late 40`s now but still manage to sneak around when we can so we can all enjoy me getting fucked up the ass. We all suck each other off but we all like fucking my ass better than anything we do. Plenty of times I have one fucking my ass while I suck the other one off and it feels great if I make both of them cum at the same time. It is the wildest feeling ever to have a big hard dick balls deep in your ass filling you with warn cum while the other is making you gag on his thick warm cum. I like being a slut for my best friends and they know it and are very glad that I enjoy it.
    We have a big day planned this Saturday out at the hunting cabin. We are going to act out my favorite fantasy once again. They are both goin to r**e me and have rough hard hot forced sex with me all day long and tie me up and fuck my ass and turn my ass cheeks red slapping and spanking me talking dirty to me with their cum running out of my well fucked slutty ass. I am bringing several pair of panties because they like to rip them off of me before they fuck me at both ends and treat me like a slut for hours. When we drink it really gets wild and I like it a lot.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    My best friend and I tried anal sex one day. We had seen dirty magazines quite a few times and even spent some time on occasions playing with and stroking each other and had seen each other cum more than once. I never told him but I wanted us to suck each other off and I kept thinking about getting on my knees and sucking his dick. What I really couldn`t tell him is how often I thought about letting him cum in my mouth. I ate my own cum quite often so getting a taste of his seemed OK with me.
    We were at my house one day just the two of us. My Parents were at work and like always we were naked in the house jacking each other off looking at my Dads dirty magazines. I had seen so many pictures of women with a dick in their ass and read the hot stories about how they enjoyed getting fucked up the ass and the part that really was exciting is how they described how it felt to get fucked up the ass and take a mans cum up their ass.
    I was curious enough about that and many times I had fingered my asshole and jacked myself off then fingered my own cum up my ass and it really made my young curious asshole nice and slick and easier to get my fingers up my ass. One night I was in my bedroom and it was late. My parents were sound asleep so with the lights off in the darkness I got naked and jacked off and shot my cum in my hand and put most of my cum up my ass then reached in to my dresser drawers for my tube of tooth paste I had hidden that night in my dresser. I was going to see if it would fit in my ass.
    It took a few minutes and I had to go very slow and it hurt a little but I got it in my ass and it felt great. I took it in as far as I could then jacked myself off and licked my cum off my hand. When I took the tube out of my ass it felt even better than when it went in. I had stuck enough things in my ass to know it felt good and I liked it so on that day while we were naked at my house I just had to ask my friend if he would fuck me in the ass. At first he thought I was joking but he soon found out I really wanted him to fuck me.
    He wanted it as bad as I did I think because it wasn`t long at all after I mentioned it that I was getting fucked from behind by my horny best friend in the floor of our living room. It felt good and I told him it did more than once and he told me it felt good to him too and when he told me he wanted to cum really bad I looked back over my shoulder at him and told him to keep going and that I really wanted him to cum in my ass.
    I grabbed my dick and jacked myself off and just as his cum was shooting up my ass I shot a huge load on to the carpet and he and I fell flat out on the floor and his dick was still in my ass. We caught our breath and all we could talk about was doing it again and his dick got nice and hard in my ass and he started to fuck me again. It really felt good the second time and it took him a long time to cum and I told him to cum in me that time too.
    We fucked as much as we could that day and many times after that. He had to move away with his Parents a couple of years later but eventually we got around to sucking each others dicks and once he watched me swallow his cum the first time he began to swallow mine. Mostly what we did was he fucked my ass all the time and on days we were around each other all day long we used to see how much cum he could put in my ass. He could never fuck me enough. I wanted it all the time and it was always so damn good.
    My favorite was when we could both be naked when we fucked but there were a lot of times he fucked me up the ass with my jeans down enough for him to stick it in me. One of the wildest things we ever did and we tried it several times during that year at school. There was this big storage room down stairs at our school and at times the Teacher would ask for volunteers to go down there and get something to use in the classroom and he and I always went down there when ever she needed something. It was dark in that room even with the lights on and while we were down there looking for what she sent us down there for I was back in a dark corner looking around and just took my jeans down and called for him to come help me. When he got over to where I was he saw my naked ass and knew what I wanted and we had to do it very fast but he fucked me hard and fast and came in me then we went back to the classroom with his cum in my ass. We did that a few times and it was even more exciting knowing we might get caught.
    I hated it when he left and it took me a long time to stop missing getting my ass fucked so often. I still fuck myself in the ass and eat my cum but I like to use my cum for lube when I fuck myself but these days I can get my dick in my own ass a ways and can get myself off and cum in my ass and it feels very good. When my wife is away I fuck myself in the ass all the time and I can even get the head of my dick in my mouth so I keep myself happy with our sex toys and my hard dick these days. It feels great to cum in myself at both ends when I have the privacy.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 55

    Wow I posted a few days ago how much it makes me horny to watch men and suck and fuck each other. I JUST WATCHED A SHORT VIDEO PREVIEW OF A GUY SUCKING HIS OWN COCK WHILE ANOTHER GUY HELPED HIM AND WAS SUCKING HIS BALLS WHAT A FREAKIN TURN ON .. Am I weird or does anyone else find this horny? For some reason women in sex videos do not have the passion and enjoyable expressions as the men do. The men look like they are really into the sucking or fucking. I just enjoy and get horny watching men. The women are ok but the men know how to suck and fuck. :) 3/23/2017

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