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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    straight male here, i use to dress in womens clothing and fuck. it all started with my older sister dressing me in her clothes when i was a child and then we would play, she would see me naked when i changed from my clothes into hers. i started getting a boner and she started playing with it and one thing led to another and we started fucking. we don't anymore as we are live on opposite coasts of the country and rarely if ever see each other any more. i did it with a few women as an adult, but i kinda grew out of it, i guess. it also takes a certain level of trust and a certain kind of woman to be cool with it, too.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    My wife occasionally travels for business and is away three or four nights a month. We are a happy couple with no mortgage and the kids out of college. She doesn't have to work, but she help found the company and she is very good at what she does. About three years ago I scaled business back quite a bit to pursue other interests. One of those interests is a sweetheart bear of a man with a great golf game and beautiful big cock. As my sex life with Kim dwindled I stumbled across my new friend James at the country club. One day after a round of golf we went back to his place. His wife and kids were away and after a few drinks I was nursing a sore jaw from sucking his cock as he relentlessly pounded my ass. The pressure was intense as he breached me at first. He took his time and after a while I began to love his big body hulking over me as he drove his cock deep into my ass. He grunted hard collapsed on top of me driving deep and moaning as he unleashed his torrent of hot cum in my bowels. We get together at my place whenever Kim is on the road.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 46

    Okay, Im 46 now, but this particular night occured when I was 23.
    I know this one particular lady Ill refer to her as Elizabeth. She and her late husband were good friends with my parents, and as such, ive known them almost all of my life.
    Elizabeths husband passed away about 5 years before this event happened.
    Well Elizabeth then afterwards being a widow, and she had some friends that also were widows.

    Shes calls me up one day and asks me for a favor. She tells me that on saturday evening she is having some lady friends over to her house for a night of playing cards, and she asks me to serve as bartender/waiter for the night. I actually agreed to do so, why im still not sure.
    Anyway, saturday night comes, i arrive a little earlier than was expected of me. She shows me where she keeps all of the wine and hard liquor is kept. Those ladies like to drink.
    The guests arrive later, a d Elizabeth introduces me, the ladies were actually not bad looking, and kept up their appearances well.
    So fast foward up about 3 hours, theyve all each had several mixed drinks snd wine by this time. Some of them are attempting to flirt with me whitch i flirted back. So i take another order for drinks back to tge kitchen and prepare them. I was thinking about thier flirting attempts and i decided to test how serious or not. So... when im bringing back the tray of drinks, i stop and remove my tshirt and jeans. Just entering thier game room in my underwear.
    As i pass out tge drinks all of them are just staring at me in my black low rise undies. Elizabeth says "whoa hoe". The lady sitting right next to where i was standing asks me "can we touch you too?"
    I reply any or all of you ladies are free to touch,fondle, or tickle me anywhere you want, you dont have to ask first, just do whatever you ladies want to do, and yes ladies i love being tickled.
    The next 2 hours each of them has touched, tickled me everywhere, and i mean everywhere. At the end of the night, everyone has gone home, just myself and Elizabeth are the only ones still there, for whitch Elizabeth sits in front of me,pulls down my undies and gives me one hell of a good blow job. True Story.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I was first around a lot of guys in boy scouts. Later I went to a military school for high school. I went on to college on an ROTC scholarship. I served in the Navy for eight years. I am a sheriffs deputy on a large force. I have sucked cock from the time I was in boy scouts and suck cock now that I am cop. You have to be discreet, but I have never been without. Everywhere I have been there are guys hungry to have their cocks sucked and I am happy to oblige.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 31

    Discovering your husband enjoys being fucked hard up his cute asshole is one thing. Discovering that you get incredibly turned on, and find the sight of him taking a long thick cock deep up his rear hole, sometimes more sexually rewarding than being fucked yourself, is quite another.
    That's the situation I find myself in, after walking in on him being fucked by a neighbor of ours. I didn't become jealous or angry. Instead I was totally turned on and found that my pussy was soaking wet with lust watching what him taking a damn rough fucking. Only after they'd changed position did they notice me, and by then I had my skirt up and my panties down, playing with my clitty.
    They did jump, but I told them to carry on. So within minutes, not only did I watch my husband take a full load of cum up his ass, but I had one of the best orgasms I can remember having.
    And his passion for getting fucked by men with large cocks has also become one of my fetishes and sexual passions. I've now been present many many times over the last eighteen months, and if anything watching him being fucked only gets better and better for me. He's a year older than me, has an athletic build and apparently attracts men who like the look of his super cute ass.
    Only last week he had a huge cocked around to fuck him, whilst I sat on the opposite chair and masturbated. It was an amazing thing to see and I climaxed over half a dozen times whilst they fucked.
    I cannot be the only woman/wife out there who enjoys this kind of sexual kink. I'd love to hear back from any women who's men entertain them by being fucked. Or from men who's wives allow them to seek out sexual satisfaction from gay sex.
    A very happy wife.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I am mainly into men, but I'm a 22 year old female and want to lose my virginity to a woman, or a dominate older man, but preferable woman. I want to eat a girl's pussy, suck her tits, explore her body. I don't want to date a woman, but I want to have a hook up with a woman. Preferably a dominate woman, no matter the age. Make me submit, make me be your bitch. I am craving sex. I like to finger myself and watch lesbian porn.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    Four months back (Before Christmas) I had a six day long sexual relationship with a thirty nine year old man. He was in town to visit his older brother, someone he'd not seen in over eighteen years. The sex we had together was mind blowingly awesome sex and some of the dirtiest sex you can probably imagine. I knew when we first went to bed together it was only going to be a short term thing, so everything he wanted to try sexually with me, I went with it and it turned out to be fantastic sex. Throughout he wouldn't see me during the early afternoons, so I called by his hotel room most evenings and into the night.
    When he left to go back north, he told me he and his brother had made up for old times, and he'd probably be back in late March. My father who'd been very hyper around that time, told me last week his little brother (Nine years between them) was coming to stay at the end of the month. He got his phone out to show me a picture/selfie he'd taken of them just before Christmas. It turns out my uncle Jamie is a sexual god, and it was he who had fucked me for six days.
    I've not told my dad anything. But in a few days from now the man who was so dirty with me sexually and had me orgasming all over the place from oral, vaginal and anal sex, is going to be in our home. And I don't know what to say or do.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 34

    How Spanking Saved My Marriage and Helped Me Stop Being a Stuck Up Bitch

    When I got married, everything seemed perfect, as I guess it does for everyone in the beginning. It took a few years but we started to have problems. He didn't think I was sexual enough for him and complained that I had no respect for him either. In my mind, everything was fine until he started blowing up randomly, running me down, being horrible for no reason I could see. It would happen every few months or so, but no big deal.

    Time went by. We started a family. Having the baby seemed to escalate things. He wasn't getting enough sex, I talked and bothered him when he was busy, stupid things like the smell of the product I cleaned the house with were causing him to just explode at me. It was getting more frequent and I began to seriously think of leaving. I did not, because I had come from a broken home and didn't want my child growing up like that. I was a Christian and didn't believe in divorce unless physical abuse was a factor, which it wasn't. Besides, I was a stay at home mom with no money and a car that didn't run anymore. How the heck was I going to support a child? I had nothing to start with. So for all these reasons, I stayed.

    I wasn't afraid of him, but I didn't trust him. I didn't trust him to stay faithful. I didnt trust him not to snap at me for oddball reasons. I started to hide things from him if I thought it might set him off. Really, this is no way to live.

    Finally things came to a head. I don't even remember what set it off, but he threw a fit, spilling an entire coffee pot all over the kitchen floor before storming off in a rage. The next day he sat down with me and talked about leaving. I was devastated. In my mind, I was a perfect wife. I stayed home, took care of the house, made sure everything was neat and clean and pretty and wholesome. I couldn't understand how it could have come to this. I couldn't understand what was wrong with him.

    Which he said was part of the problem. He accused me of thinking I was perfect. He said I refused to admit mistakes or accept criticism or make changes. Though I privately disgreed, I promised to change, though I wasn't sure that that would entail.

    He said I didn't respect him. He felt that our male-female roles were askew. Again, I disagreed, though privately. I asked what I could do to make him feel otherwise. His answer surprised and angered me. He wanted to assert his authority he said, by being allowed to spank me if he felt justified. This would reassert our household roles and help me learn to treat him with more respect. We came very close to having another fight, but I was determined he was not going to walk out and leave our baby without a dad. Like my dad had done. (And maybe that's the source of my apparent lack of respect for my husband --- not having had a dad to teach me better as a child).

    At any rate, I agreed. I figured he'd probably get over the idea anyway. In my mind, there was still no reason for his behavior --- the fault was not mine. He'd get over this idiotic idea. So I thought. I was dismayed to find out that he went online and ordered himself a paddle like the kind they'd use back when I was a kid in a private, religous based school. But still, he wasn't serious?

    Time went by. For a few weeks or so things were fine, before trouble began to brew again. It started, as it often did, with my trying to tell him something during the news. I don't remember what it was, but while I was talking, he jumped to his feet, cursed, and stormed out the back door. I had glared at him in shock and fury. How could tv be more important than your own family?

    He stayed out until I had bathed the baby and put him to bed. I had showered myself and just come out of the bathroom dressed in my nightgown when I found him sitting on the bed with a serious expression and the paddle resting on his lap.

    "You have got to be kidding me," I told him.

    "You said you were willing to save this marriage."

    &qu ot;Over what -- the news? Seriously?"

    "I was trying to listen to a story. You were being disrespectful and rude by interrupting."

    "But I thought you would want to know ----"

    "I wanted to watch the news, which was why it was on."

    We stared at each other in silence for a few moments.

    "If you dont' want me to leave right now, you need to bend over the bed," he said at last.

    I stared at him in horror and fury, heart pounding.

    He stared back at me evenly.

    "Fine," I snapped. "Asshole," I added as I stepped up to the bed and bent over like the teacher used to make me do at school when I was sent to the office.

    He stood up and lifted the back of my nightgown up over my back. I was bare underneath.

    "Are you going to give me a good talking to?" I asked sarcastically, trying to hang onto my dignity.

    His answer was a hard swat square across my backside that made me reflexively stand straight. "Bend over," he said coldly.

    "That freaking hurt!"

    "That's the idea. Bend over."

    Furious, I did as he asked. He pushed my nightgown up and began again.

    I half laid over the bed, clutching the sheets, in a state of disbelief. My husband was spanking me. I was not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me react. I held tight to the sheets and laid there as passively as I could, while he swatted me with the paddle again and again.

    I could not believe this was happening. This was a totally different person than the person I thought I'd married. Mentally I shouted curses and invectives at him as my skin got hotter and hotter. The paddling hot harder and harder and I realized that he'd begun softly. Geez, when was it going to stop? Honestly, I wasn't sure I could hold out much longer. WHat did he want from me? When did he turn so freaky? He really was losing his mind.

    The paddling continued with constant ferocity. I had lost count of how many swats he'd given me and couldn't help but squirm. Surely it wouldn't be much longer? I could feel my will beginning to break. His paddle against heart against my ribcage...tears beginning to flow down my cheeks. I let out a sob I'd been holding back. He gave me about five more swats, hard, and then stopped.

    Then he walked away and just left me there in my own humiliation.

    That was the worst might of my life. A night of humiliation and reckoning. It was like the spanking had peeled back scales from my eyes, like the humiliation had made me see what a spoiled little bitch I really was. What a selfish little bitch. What a spoiled, egotistical, ungrateful little ngaging bitch. And I made some decisions last night to change some things. After today it would be better.

    And it was. We didn't talk about the spanking, but went on mostly as though it hadn't happened. Only I made some changes to my behavior. And you know, things got better. Weeks went by before I made a slip up. I saw that look of anger in his eye, felt it like a punch to the gut, knowing I had done it again. But he never said a word, probably because things had gone so well since...that night.

    I admitted things had gotten better since then. So that night after the baby was in bed, I did a brave thing. I retrieved the paddle and approached my husband who was on the couch watching the news. He looked at me in complete surprise.

    "I'll wait til a commercial," I told him. And I sat down in a chair with the paddle in my lap.

    When the commercial break came, I told him. "I think that I needed a refresher. I made a mistake earlier and..." I hesitated blushing, "I know I was wrong..." (Words I had never said to him in my life!) "...and that I need a spanking. So when the news is over ---?" I couldn't bring myself to finish.

    He picked up the remote control and turned off the tv. "Our marriage comes first. If this is what you need, then we'll take care of it right now. I'm glad that you asked."

    I nodded, staring at the floor.

    "Come bend over the arm of the couch," he said, standing up.

    Trembling, I stood in the indicated spot, and pulled down my jeans and panties. Then I bent over, burying my scarlet face in the couch seat cushion.

    Again, no preamble, but this time he was softer than he had been before. I stood there in an uncomfortable suspense. Something wasn't the same as before. There was something off. Something was missing that we'd had last time, and it took a moment or two to realize what it was.

    "No. Give me a real spanking. You're being too gentle. I was wrong and I need be set right," I faltered, lifting my head.

    "All right," he answered softly.

    He placed a hand on the small of my back to steady me----and then proceeded to whale the tar out of me. I was immediately sorry for asking him to give me what I deserved. But it didn't last that long. This time I didn't hold back. My tears came quickly and freely and once he was satisfied of my contrition, he stopped the paddling.

    Humiliated, I pulled up my pants and went to our room to calm down. I never did hear the news come back on. About five minutes later, he walked into the room, looking at me with concern. And somehow he had never looked more male or more attractive than at that moment. And I did something I never do. I walked up to him, got on my knees, and undid his pants. I looked up at him and said, "I want you to finish in my mouth."

    If he looked surprised, that's understandable because I never let him do that in the past. He was immediately stiff as a board, and I went about my work eagerly. This act of giving, of submission, gave me a heady feeling. I thought it must be like being high. I found myself trying to take him as deep as I could, choking a little, but going right back for more.

    He was at least kind enough to warn me first. And like a good girl, I worked hard to swallow all that he had to give.

    So this is how our marriage was saved. This is how I came to see myself for the rotten little bitch I was and to make the necessary corrections. This may not work for everyone, but this has worked for us. He wears the pants and I let him. Simple. If I cross the line, I get spanked. What concept. I think more couples should give it a try because there is too much divorce in the world. Five years later we are together and happy. That's more than most people have.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 22

    okay this is my confession I'm a 22 year old male living in the North of England, last year around November I started a beginner salsa course. Many of people who attended are actual partners but does have an minority of single people mainly females, I was paired up with one girl for a couple of weeks then she decided It was not for her and quit.

    I found a new partner 2 months ago to a girl who Is 27, her dance partner was not her (Fiancé, I found out she was engaged later) he was a guy who was involved In a car accident and was no longer able to attend. Well this girl at didn't put much into her appearance for class but was an good dancer she's been doing it for 5 years.

    Last week at salsa class It was an event party fund raiser fancy dress the theme was clergy, nuns and bunny girls.
    She came as a bunny girl and looked amazing her black hair was down and curled, purple eye liner and mascara, her outfit was one of the most daring I've see there a strapless playboy bunny with no tights or fishnets(amazing natural legs on display)and could she the side of her but alittle from behind and black strap heels she is 5'7 but easy another 4 inches from them.

    so the question is she is engaged, looks hot when she dresses up how do I get to sleep with her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 30

    This a question to both sexes and I'll ask it at the end of my short confession.

    My husband and I are both thirty. Our birthdays are exactly a fortnight apart in Juky, so for our thirtieth birthdays he said he'd arranged something special. Before I go on, I will say we're both highly sexed individuals, but I'm definitely more so.
    The special arrangements was was four of his friends and he, to take me to a woodland area and have sex for as long as I wanted as the summer sun set. It had always been a fantasy of mine, so I was super excited when the sex began. Only I stayed unbelievably turned on after over an hours sex, with the four men and my husband all fucking my mouth pussy and arsehole. I was so turned on, when we agreed to go back to our house, I got in the back of my husbands car and had sex with two of the men who'd all agreed to come back to ours.
    The sex continued pretty much all night aftet that, with each of the men taking turns to fuck me, and sometimes two or three of them enjoying me at the same time. My husband had stopped by then and seemed to be in a mood. By the time they all left, I was well and truly exhausted, but so sexually exhilarated.
    The morning after my husband ripped into me for enjoying myself, he said, too much. He also said that we would never do anything like it again. We then went almost six weeks without talking and no sex. All because he couldn't handle the fact I was more sexually charged than him.

    Now to my question... He still insists we'll never have that type of sex again. And he's now insisting we only have sex once a week, so he can give me what I need, when he's ready.
    The question is...... Do I let him have his way and suffer on in silence. Or do I as two of his friends have suggested, visit them at their flat and have as much hard and horny sex as I want ???.

    I don't want to lose my husband, but he now absolutely refuses to have sex more than once a week. And to me it's about as exciting as booking myself in for a gym session.

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