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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I am a switch which means I love being dominated but I also love to dominate.
    I love being dominated by older women but I love to dominate men and LGs.
    I recently met a couple on FetLife she was a mid 30s dominatrix married to a 30yo man. Both very good looking.
    We agree to play and meet up at their place.
    She orders us both naked and I am to do what she says to her sub while she watches.
    She tells me to shove my cock in his mouth and orders him to suck me and make me hard. He is clumsy but sucks me pretty well. She takes off her outer clothes and is wearing sexy dominatrix style underwear, garter etc.
    When I'm hard enough she comes over and ties her sub to the bed. He watches as her and I make out she has me suck her tits and makes him feel how wet her pussy is getting. He starts to get hard his cock is rather small but I'm a few mins it's rock hard and about 5in long. Next she lubes up his ass hole and my cock and tells me to fuck her sub. I slide my cock in slowly and begin to fuck his hole. She sits in a chair and masturbates with a vibrator giving the odd instruction as she does. She makes me jerk him off as I'm pumping his ass and the two of them have an orgasm at the same time. She tells him off for cumming and makes me lick it all up off his chest.
    She said now his cock is soft her pussy will have to take my cock.
    She puts her ass in the air and her pussy directly above her subs face and orders me to fuck her on Top of him. We fuck doggy style for about 10 mins and she cums in my cock. She tells me I'm not allowed to cum in her pussy so I can finish in her ass. Her ass is amazing best hole I've ever been in. Doesn't take long and I fill it up with my hot sticky cum. She stays there as I pull out.
    Next her sub has to clean us both up. First my cock is cleaned by him mouth and I actually get hard again. Next he is licking all of my seed from her ass hole. After that they both share my cock in their mouths I cum again in his mouth. We leave him tied to the bed and go upstairs to get drinks. I get dressed and leave we will be playing again soon!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    This all started around the time I was in the 6th grade. My best friend and I used to give the older kids blowjobs in return to hang out with them. They always said it was our duty as the younger generation to get them off when we hung out. So my friend and Iâd would reach into their pants and pull their dicks out they fly of their boxers and suck them off. We never swallowed the cum, weâd spit that out. This went on till we were in the 8th grade. By that time I had been regular taking the one older guys dick up my ass. My friend took one too. We thought nothing of it really, it was just something we did when hanging out. My friend and I would be bent over with out jeans and briefs around our ankles, the older guys would have their jeans and boxers around their ankles fucking our asses till they cummed. They would cum in us, weâd pull our pants back up and then hang out the rest of the day.

    But once my friend I got in the 9th grade we stopped doing that. We realized that was no way to have friends. We each are kinda embarrassed we did it because we both are very straight and now have booth had the same girlfriend since we were in the 10th grade.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 32

    I guess I can post it here just to get it off my chest. I'm 32 years old and desperately in lust (not love) with my nephew, Mark. He's about half a foot taller than me at 23 years of age, has a perfect, muscular, athletic body and is hung. His cock is not massive or long but meaty and thick, easily around seven inches or more. I've seen him only briefly in the shower or through a half open door in his bedroom. Passing by outside his room, I've seen him at his laptop, jerking off a few times to porn. Maybe that's what has turned me on like this. I know he's noticed me. I wanted to tall me sister all about it for months and finally did, last week.

    She looked at me and smiled, then hugged me. She said, "Don't feel like you are the only one lusting after my son."
    GOD it felt so good to tell her. She said she would never sleep with her own son but since he is of age, she said, "go for it." I'm going to, somehow. It's driving me nuts. The next time I see him yanking on it, I'm going to walk in and go down on him without a word. If we get it on, I'll post all about it here.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 25

    I was with my girlfriend visiting her parents in Texas. The own a nice big ranch there and we stayed a week with them. That was the first time I meet them in person. Surprisingly they let me sleep with her in her bedroom. At first I was like Iâll sleep in the guest room to be polite but they said donât worry weâre not that strict.

    During the dad when her dad was at work Iâd get some of his work done around the property and help him in the evening. I seemed to get along great with them.

    My girlfriend told me before we went down there we werenât going to have sex at her parents house. As much as I wanted sex I was like okay I can respect that. But on the fourth night there I couldnât last much longer, I needed sex. That evening after eating dinner we were back in her room and I told her I need pussy, ass or a blowjob bad. She said I do t know about any of that. Finally I said okay Iâll just masturbate after everyone goes to sleep.

    So it was around 1 am. I was sure everyone was asleep. I walked down the the bathroom and looked for something I could lube my dick up with. Looking around all I could find was some albolene. So that was gonna have to do.

    I let my pajama pants fall to the floor, push my underwear down around my knees and started beating away. I left the lights off to try to hide that I was in the bathroom at 1 am.

    There was no lock on the door so in walks my girlfriends mom! My dick was in my hand and she noticed. I pulled my underwear up after her seeing me standing there beating off and I was wearing briefs so that didnât hide much. She looked at me and said what are you doing! I was like reliving myself. She said donât use the hand towel for that either! Use the toilet when you cum. I about shit she told me that. She shut the door and I finished.

    The next night my girlfriend tells me her mom told her she saw me jerking in the bathroom. My girlfriend thought it was funny. Her mom said I had a nice uncut cock and thought it was cute I shaved for her! I was embarrassed though. Finally that night my girlfriend had sex with me!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Transsexual Female / 24

    When I was 18 I met a very charming and so sexy masculine man.

    I was still a virgin down there and scared to have anul sex because it would hurt.

    He was very confident and dominant and as soon as I met him I became his very submissive and horny girl right away. I did everything he said and I was hoped he noticed, he did.

    He took me to a bedroom and he turned to face me and I got on my knees and opened his pants and out popped a very big cock. He stopped me from sucking it after a couple of minutes and turned me around and took my skirt and panties off.

    I said, "I'm afraid that it will hurt can I just finish the blowjob"? He told me that it is going to hurt and that he is going to fuck me and screaming or crying makes him hornier and then it goes deeper.

    I knew I had to make him proud of me so I decided to scream and cry as much as I can. It was real at first but I kept screaming and crying until I began to push back and begged him to make it hurt more. He seemed to get bigger inside me and was the best time I had with a man ever.

    When he shot his warm cum inside me he grabbed my sholders and pulled me and forced his awesome cock so deep I shot cum for the first time. I have been lucky with my small penis she had never been able to get hard and still didn't she just shot a few little tiny drops that I licked up.

    I wish it would have went on forever so I could keep his big hard cock thrusting in and out.

    I had my head on his chest and his arm around me making me feel so safe. I asked him if he wanted me to cook him something for dinner. He did and I made chicken breasts angle hair pasta and corn on the cob. He loved it. I loved looking at him as we ate and him looking back so sexy. I became his roommate who always shares his bed and sometimes the shower.

    I am a stay at home girlfriend and I keep our home clean and I always feed him very well. I was lucky to find a man who can so easily make me feel loved very deeply.

    I hope he never finds out how wonderful it feels to suck big cock or take it in the ass and get his sperm in my mouth and ass. I am lucky to so attracted to men and get to enjoy big hard cock. I love my man so much.

    We are saving up for my sex correction surgery to finally get rid of my very tiny penis and have a pretty body for him to make sweet love to.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I live in a college town. Itâs a small town but a great college is here. Itâs in Ohio.

    Iâve been bisexual for all of my life. Iâve never been married and very rarely hook up with a woman for sex.

    Now my thing is to get the new college freshman that are 18 or 19 in my bed. Most are easy to get via a gay sex app or craigslist or chatting with them. Youâd be surprised how many arenât virgins. Almost everyone Iâd got in my bed to fuck has admitted that they tried anal sex once or twice during high school.

    The one I had tonight was 19 and a virgin. He was so tight and my thick hairy cock stretched that hole out nicely! Iâm sure this one guy will return for more sex. Seeing him sitting there on my bed in his tight white briefs is so sexy. His smooth shaved body too! He told me his is gay and was always nervous about sex. Glad I could help him out. Heâs gonna be here the next 4 years and for the first time Iâd like to keep him as a regular. Heck Iâd let him move in!

    I weight around 170 and he only weighs 120! Damn he makes a great bottom! Iâll be calling him tomorrow for sure

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 18

    I lost my virginity tonight to a older guy. I meet him on Grindr. My parents were away at my grandmas house for the day. After I got out of school I went to meet the older guy I meet on Grindr

    We chatted at first. Then his cloths came off, he instructed me how to suck him.

    Then my cloths came off, well most of them. I was on my knees in only my red fruit of the loom briefs sucking him.

    Finally he pushed me off his cock, took me to his bed, he pulled my underwear off and started sucking my cock. I cummed so fast it wasnât funny. He then moved to licking my asshole.

    Then he walked over to his dresser, grabbed a condom and some lube. He rolled the condom on and lubed up his clock then started fingering my ass with lube

    Finally he told me to breath slowly and he pushed his cock in. At first it hurt really bad and I put my hand out to stop him. He moved my hand as kept pushing in. Finally after his head popped in he left his cock set. After a few minutes I felt my hole relax and he pushed his cock in farther.

    After 10 minutes of playing with my hole he started to move in and out faster. Finally I was getting fucked. And it actually fairly good. I was moaning a bit and he was too. We must have had sex for 30 minutes till he finally came in the condom. He pulled out slowly and I could tell my hole was stretched. He told me itâd tighten back up in a little bit.

    As I was getting dressed I was standing there in my red briefs and he said how sexy those are. I kinda laughed and said they are just underwear.

    I drove home and have been laying in my underwear all night and my ass is a little sore but Iâm so glad I lost my virginity finally. Iâm definitely wanting to have sex again with that guy so I plan on texting him tomorrow to see when we can have sex again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 37

    My wife and I share the same fantasy. A group of men dominate us both. It all started with us watching a gangbang video that was on a porn dvd. A woman was kept in cage as a Ho Ho bird and taken out to be used. Now we roleplay cuckold scenarios and she does a few public dares. She recently came while telling me she wanted us both to get fucked in the ass at the same time. I added that we should also be sucking a big cock together.

    I eat my cum from her all the time and she asks me if I can taste other men too. I love the look on her face while she pushes it out of her pussy into my mouth. Her tubes are tied, but she loves impregnation fantasies. Her nickname for my penis is Feather because it tickles her pussy when I fuck her. Its embarrassing but it gets us both off she says. We browse cocks on Craigslist to fuck her, but just for fun but I think if I brought a man home, she would fuck him if I asked. On a recent trip she walked bottomless in the hotel hallway to tease me hoping a man would come out and take her to poundtown. Iâve been feeling pressure lately to set something up. She wants me get a man without her knowing and have him waiting when she gets home from work. I donât think she would cheat if I donât do it, but who knows.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Completing a job for a client three days ago, I'd just taken another job from my wife phoning me the address. Cleaning up as I took the call a young lad walked into the kitchen totally naked with his cock was fully erect. Trying not to look putting my tools away and finishing the call, I couldn't help myself and asked him if he was looking for sex. Smiling down at me, he told me his mom was in the shower and if we were quick, I could fuck him. It had been over twenty years since I'd last had sex with another male and that was only mutual blow jobs.
    Watching him bend over the kitchen table, then pull his ass cheeks apart, I stood up lubed up his rear hole with some olive oil which was on the counter, yanked my work shorts and boxers down and sank my cock up his young ass. The fuck wasn't a long drawn out thing, but it was intense and forceful enough to have him cumming in no time. Hearing movement upstairs, I busted my nut up his ass and quickly got dressed. With my cum leaking out of his ass, he grabbed a bathrobe off the kitchen door and walked upstairs. Moments later his mom came down and paid me what I was due for my work. Her smile when she goodbye was such a knowing smile. But all she said was "You will be back next week won't you". I'd already agreed to fix the connections on her shower, so I said yes. She smiled again and said "I might not be home, but Kyle will let you CUM in" Stressing the word "CUM". It's one job next week I'm definitely going back to.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 19

    I have a strange obsession. First off, I'm a virgin and waiting to lose it, but I still do stuff like make out and masturbate... and I have this fetish. I absolutely love to jerk thick cocks that shoot lots of cum. I love the way it bursts out and flows over my hands. I love the way it twitches in my hands that seem tiny compared to the length and girth I'm holding. I have given handies to a few older guys with big members in the past few months since I've really discovered this.

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