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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I was 7 years old, went away on a school trip with a mix of kids aged between 7-15.
    There was only about 12 of us in this group, all boys older then me.We were paired up with older partners to help the young ones with activities and challenges during the day.There was an older boy of 15 a family friend of ours there to and he was paired up with me.He was a very nice guy and I really enjoyed playing and spending the day with him.Sleeping arrangements were such that we were 2 to a cabin with single bunk beds.
    I slept on the bottom one and he on the top.This is when things went weird for me.
    I remember waking up and feeling someone was in my bed next to me, he was breathing in my ear and slowly putting his hand down the front of my underwear.I was completely frozen and had no idea of what was going on and what to do,he pulled my underwear off and proceeded to feel me up slowly, I got a little hard by his touching me there and he started to slowly give me a hand job.Nothing happened for me but I pretended to be asleep, once he realised I wasn't awake he put his hand between my legs and slowly parted my ass cheeks apart and I could feel something wet against my hole,he put some spit on his fingers and a slowly started to finger fuck me.I was so shocked by this I tried to move away from him but he held me down and pulled me closer to him, I felt his penis on my back and freaked out not knowing what it was so hard and big.I moved away again and closed my legs he turned me on my stomach and lied down on top of me and put is cock in my ass and proceeded to fuck me.I was in pain and trying to get away from him when suddenly I felt this wet substance against my ass and he stopped and just lay next me.
    He got up and left me and went to bed.I stayed awake worried all night that he would come back and didn't sleep.
    Next day he pretended nothing happened and was acting normal,I said to one of the other boys that I didn't sleep well last night and asked if I could sleep in his room, I just wanted get away from him.This guy said sure no problem,so I slept in his room that night and now this guy does the same thing but actually awakes me and tells me to suck him off and that if I didn't he would tell everyone that I fucked the other guy last night, I was terrified and did as he told me and ended up licking him a bit but he got over it and just made me bend over and put some Vaseline on my ass and fucked me.
    That week all the big boys took turns in fucking me and all of them came in me and on me in many different ways.
    15 year later I have an amazing sexy gf who I have sex with as much as possible and she is kinky and very sexual.
    The other day she asked me to have a threesome with her guy friend from school who she has fucked already before me.
    I said sure why not, he came over and we all got smashed on cocaine and had amazing chem sex all night.At some point we were both fucking her and his balls and mine were touching and he grabbed mine and started feeling me up,I enjoyed it so Much that I pulled out and let him finger my ass while he was fucking my gf ass.
    I now enjoy fucking and getting fucked by girls and guys......
    Thanks for letting me share this with you all.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 18

    I am really (16 F mostly lesbian). I want to confess I am the product of i****t. My mom is living in a poly-family with her brother and his wife. They all are very sexual active together.

    I was raised in a clothing free house. Masturbation and sex are openly practiced. Mom and dad have had a relationship since she was 12. He caught her masturbating to a playboy magazine. Blackmailed her into blowjobs, then sex. Other that him mom has never had another male lover.

    My aunt found out about it about 2 years after she married dad. One night after drinking to much mom confessed she really did like dads cock. My aunt was shock that they had fucked before. But she was kind of turned on too. She dared them to show her how it was done. Mom and dad put on a sex show for her. After they were done fucking my aunt eat dads cum out of mom.

    Before long they had all but moved in together. My aunt got pregnant with my half-brother, and mom got pregnant with me. She wasn't planning to breed. But still. After mom and dads parents both past they all did move in together. Mom dad and my aunt share a huge bed every night. Me and my half brother are lovers now to we share a bed. Him and dad are the only cocks I'm interested in.

    And yes I am going to have children with my half-brother.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Hello Everyone, I am 19, female and going to college while I work and live with my fiance. My confession is that last night, after listening to my boyfriend of 2 years beg and beg for it since like forever. I finally broke down and let him do my butt. He felt sooo huge in there to. It actually hurt quite a bit at first, but then after like 15 minutes during which I thought I might pass out I had the strangest orgasm of my life. It felt like my whole sex was turning inside out and even now 24 hours later I can sort of bring this feeling on by fantasizing about what happened, rubbing myself through my tautly drawn up pantys and then squeezing my butt cheeks together really tightly all at the same time. I must say I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this feeling so much. Not only that, but it was so naughty that the thought of doing it again, makes me deliciously excited! I cannot wait to try it again! Near the end of our lovemaking last night, my boyfriend blurted out, "Oh, Baby, you feel buttery in there!" which made me laugh, but then it was loads of fun and buttery ain't all bad! Hahaha!
    Peace-out, Trix, down dirty and doggie style!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was out today in the mall, and was feeling a touch naughty - in fact, I was 'caught up' in the desire to wet myself so bad that I had to buy a couple of drinks just so I could!

    My plan was simple - get desperate, hold as long as possible, let a little out so I would be damp, and head for somewhere 'safe' to finish letting it all go - as long as I was damp in a real public place!

    Well, all was going to plan - I was in the food hall, just standing around pretending to look at the shops, when i relaxed as little and let go - and to my total suprise, pee splashed around my ankles until I was able to clamp off the flow.


    About 5 or 10 people looked at me, and I turned around and walked away as if nothing had happened - I was now breathing so fast I was out of breath and my heart was in heart attack mode! How did it happen! I had done this plenty of times before, and it just wets, maybe runs a little down the leg, and that is it...

    I raced to the ladies (now panicked at peeing in front of about 50 people, plus struggling to hold back the most extreme urgent ever need to pee) and let the rest of it out, when I realised - I had got a pair of new panties and was 'breaking them in' - they are the new nylon ones that are soooo very soft, they almost turn me on wearing them....

    They are also (now I know) soooo thin that any pee goes straight through - they were damp, but hadn;t held or diverted a thing...

    My heart is still beating fast thinking about it - I know i was trying to wet publically, but to pee on the floor like that! oh my. Think I will avoid the food hall for a while...

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    My name is Barry and I have confessed my embarrassing moments on here before, usually having to do with my extensive cock-sucking. There is some cock-sucking in this confession too. The neighbor couple come over to my place to "play" with me sometimes. They came over this past weekend and started with the girl asking me to strip down to my panties. As a side note, I have been wearing panties for several years. The details of why and what could be a different confession.
    When I stripped down to my panties for her, I happened to be wearing a tiger-print thong. She thought it was really cute and wanted me to do some tiger imitations before we got started. So, I prowled around on my hands and knees making growling sounds and clawing at the air. She then told me to freeze and pouch my ass in the air. That is when she began to spank me and her boyfriend approached me from the front and shoved his cock in my mouth. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, she panty-pounding me into oblivion and he face-fucked me into total mindmush. This little tiger really enjoyed that cock-gagging and my poor little tushie was so sore. YIKES-A-RAMA!!!

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 24

    I was 15 when my 17 year old brother exposed me naked in front of his friends. Living in the same house he had seen me nude as many times that I had seen him. Of course we were both little kids and things like this were bound to happed but began to feel embarrassed about it when I turned 15. Pubic hair began to grow on my pussy, my breasts were almost fully developed, hips got curvier and my brother began playing jokes to see me naked. He once picked the bathroom lock when my parent were out of the house, came in and grabbed my tits while I was showering. He just stood there laughing, telling me what a sexy sister he had while looking down between my legs. Couldn't do anything else but rinse the soap off, step out and walked back to my bedroom rapped in a towel. I exposed every inch of myself in front of him and felt so humiliated, I never had the courage to mention it to my parents. Not telling was a mistake, because he knew I was embarrassed and could do it any time he wanted. I was totally unaware about him talking about it with his friends and one day he carried me out in my underwear to expose me in front of them. I remember him picking me off the floor by my wait, carrying me outside in my underwear and stripping me in front of his friends. Obviously my parent were out and got my tits and pussy paraded in front of them and the freedom of no one around to stop them. I remember them squeezing my breasts and ducking down to look at my pussy, enjoying themselves doing it and so humiliated I didn't even scream. Just hung there looking at them getting sexually getting turned on by the naked female in front of them and taking full advantage of it. Never felt so naked and humiliated in my whole life and still never said a word about it. It was done and no used embarrassing myself having everyone knowing about it, so I kept it a secret and swallowed the shame and considered myself lucky my neighbors didn't see it.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Female / 20

    Today was a great day! Got to finally see oldest teen daughter of lady upstairs in tight blue jeans!this allowed mr to see how well defined her buns are.they looked fantastic!the fantasy of enjoying those buns literally came over and over.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a girl, and I was hanging out with some of my friends the other day. There is this one girl who I have a crush on, but haven't told anyone in my circle of friends about it (and don't plan to, either). I was kind of looking at her pretty blonde hair, and got turned on by her, and all of the sudden I realized that a different friend sitting nearby had noticed! So between a couple of comments I made to her, and her noticing this little situation, I am pretty sure that she now realizes that I have feelings for this other girl. I was not planning on telling her, and now I feel so humiliated that she knows.

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  • — Men Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Guys tell me how you would FUCK my sexy wife! If you could pound her right now

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    A few years ago I met a woman online in Calgary who offered to give me head and let me cum on her face for $100, and met her at her house. I got her high on coke and we had the best porn sex ever all afternoon. After that she would come over to my place to party, but never stayed late and was always secreting about her life. One Friday she asked me to come stay the nigh and we fucked like bunnies for hours, no matter how high I got her she wouldn't do anal sex.

    While she was showering I looked in her closet and found all kinds of evidence that she was married, and by then I was totally in love with her. I was crushed, and when she came out and I pulled the rope off her robe and tied her hands to her bed post, she was really excited until I rolled her over and mounted her ass. She was mortified and begged me to stop, and I asked her if her husband liked to pound it up her ass, and she shut right up.

    I spent the whole day with her getting her to do whatever I wanted, and taking pictures of all of it with my phone. She admitted she was married and her husband was at a stag party in Edmonton for the weekend, and I took us to go hook up with a coke dealer I knew and we used her all night, fucking her holes, cumming in her mouth, getting her to suck her ass off our cocks. By the time we finished with her and took her home, she knew she was my bitch and I blackmailed her to be my sex slave for months, even pimped her out a few times. I was the only guy who ever came inside her, and she got pregnant, and I tried everything to get her to leave him and come be with me. She threatened me with getting an abortion if I didn't leave her alone, and I disappeared from her life.

    I drive by her place and sometimes see my daughter playing in the yard, she's about 4 now I think.

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