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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    My best friend Ashley, her boyfriend Matt and I were traveling last summer abroad. We were going to take a bus from one destination city to the next. Between the two is alot of unpaved dirt roads and a very crowded and bumpy bus ride. We board the bus and it is packed. Matt and Ashley sit on the last seat which leaves me in someones lap. I offer to take the seat so she can sit in Matt's lap. "No way I am not sitting on his lap because his bony knees kill my ass". So I sit in his lap but further back. My ass is right over Matt's crotch. For about the first five minutes of the 6 hour bus ride we talk about what we want to do when we get to the next destination.

    The bus is bouncing all over everywhere. I have on a skirt, tank top and a thong. I can feel growing interest down below but I try to focus on what Ashley is pointing at even thou Matt is growing harder by the minute. It is now rock hard and my ass without even trying is bouncing around on it. I slide (somewhat on purpose up and down) He tells me he needs to adjust his postion but he just unbuttoned and unzipped. His cock is now free ranging under my skirt. Ashley is talking away. Matt's hand slides over my thigh and begins to rub my pussy thru my panties. Ashley cannot see any of it.

    My panties are now moist and he pushes them to the side, we hit a bump in the road and Matt slips the head inside. I cry out and Ashley said "its his damn bony knees. They got you" I respond with yep they got me all right. The bouncing of the bus actually helps us with the fucking. His hand is rubbing my ass on the side furthest away from Ashley. I bounce up and down purposefully to let my pussy rise up so only the tip of his cock is in and then I slide down hard. We climax just as the bus hits a pothole. We did it a second time about a half hour later.

    We arrive at our destination. Check in to where we are staying. Ashley has no idea what just happen. She goes to shower and I get a knock on my door. I just got out of the shower. Matt enters my room and rips my towel down. "Hey we have time for a quickie she is in the shower. He throws me on the bed and he fucks me hard. "i think it goes without saying Ashley can never find out," he says. I agree with him.

    We fucked (just fucking no foreplay) 6 more times on that trip, oral twice and one night we made out once at Ashley's urging. We are all drunk and Ashely is insisting we make out and we did.

    Matt and I have never had sex again since we got back to the states. Bony knees has become our inside joke. And we are planning a trip for all 3 of us to New Zealand but that would be another confession (if there is anything to confess) :-)

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Transsexual Male / 40

    I dream of meeting a older dom women who will hire me as her personal slave, use my mouth as her toilet and force feminise me, make me dress everyday and love in as a slave and be used on cam forget pleasure and public humiliated and degraded, verbally abused, spat on and tied up while her make friends fuck me and shitabd piss over me. Made to clean her toilet and use my tongue as her toilet paper and put on show so the neighbours can see her sissy

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    I confessed awhile back about spending the last 5 years cross-dressing for a guy who had recently p****d me out to a truck driver buddy of his....Last night things got a little crazier. I got a motel room as usual, got dressed up and texted Billy.

    He showed up, kissed me and pushed me to my knees... I pretended not to be anxious but I love sucking him! Soon I was really going at it. He answered his phone as I sucked said the room number and hung up. I got a little nervous but so far he has been trustworthy. Someone knocked on the door and he went to let them in, I stayed on my knees.

    I was a bit surprised to see a women, nice looking about 50. Billy says "this is the slut I told you about." Her name was Linda, she asked us to continue what we were doing so Billy came over and stuffed his dick in my mouth. We both watched her undress and sit in the chair,she started masturbating. Soon Billy was unloading in my mouth!!

    Linda asked me to stay put,took her purse and went to the bathroom. She reappeared with a strap on cock! Ordered me on my knees,started licking my man pussy then stuffing the "cock" in me, riding me just like a real man!! Soon Billy had his cock back in my mouth as Linda fucked me. Watching Billy fuck my mouth made Linda cum as she fucked me and she pulled her "cock" out...Billy quickly came around and fucked me till he came in my ass. They were both spent and we parted ways... I of course had not cum and was still horny!!

    I did something I had only fantasized about after they left....I got dressed(normally) went to a adult bookstore nearby, found a booth with a hole...Soon I had a strange cock in my mouth. I jacked off as he started cumming down my throat. mmmmmmm satisfied I went home with a smile to my unsuspecting wife.....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    My sister Dani and I were always close, best buddies. She had an emotional collapse back in June when her boyfriend left her and she lost her job. So I brought her in to live with me and my 10-year-old son Jake.

    I treated Dani like I always did, including playful swats to her ass and mutual kissing on the lips, which we did since we were kids. Jake began doing the same to her. Her 29th birthday was at the beginning of June, and we joked about her "birthday spankings" which we used to do when we were kids. Dani joked right back and bent over in her shorts and dared us. So we both gave her twenty-eight swats on her ass with our bare hands.

    That night, I heard the squeaking-bedsprings sounds from my son's bedroom that I normally heard, but this time there were little cries. I went to look and there was Dani naked with Jake on top, thrusting into her. She saw me and could just stare at me as she got fucked. I couldn't help jerking off and when he finished I managed to get off, then I winked at her and went to bed.

    I thought about it and I found the thought of Dani and Jake - or Dani and me - to be pretty hot. There was no woman in the house, and Jake obviously had no problem with her behavior.

    The next morning, I talked with both of them, and Dani was terrified. But Jake caught on that I didn't mind. I asked him if he wanted his aunt to move into his bedroom, and he said sure. I asked if he minded if I fucked her sometimes, and Jake said sure. Then I asked Dani what she felt, and she just shrugged and said it was entirely up to us. The thought of Dani just handing herself over to us was so hot I was hard as steel. I ordered her to fuck me reverse-cowgirl right at the table, and she did it without hesitation.

    I t's been that way ever since July, and now it's January. Dani says she's happy being our woman. We screw her and spank her and make her do things, and she submits to our desires. She only occasionally thinks of the incest thing but since I had a vasectomy it's really only Jake she has to worry about, and not yet anyway but he does like practicing.

    Jake loves Dani, I enjoy taking care of her, and Dani is happy that she doesn't have to worry or think about things and that she has a place to belong.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    Slowly but surely I'm hating my mother since I was 20. I'm almost at the point I can't stand her at all, that having a conversation with her would be just a waste of breath.The 'perfect life' to her would be if everyone behaved like what she wished they would be.But when in reality, nothing is, isn't it?? So she'll have a routine breakdown and whining about everything at once.I'm at my wit's end, enduring her for the last six years.

    And my father, I just can't stand him being two-faced personality. Looking all great and shit in front of his friends, being oh-so-religious and pious when speaking, but all of his daily life, he;ll constantly nag, whine,and feel smart over everyone, while he's not.

    To my own perfidy, I'll be damned for saying those about my own parents even I sound like a spoiled brat, but I'm just as tired and sick as people with far more serious issues with their parents feel.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I wish I could meet a guy who I could fond over. A guy who would just enjoy the attention and go on adventures with. I wish I could take him into the bathroom of a Chucky Cheese and Fuck over and over until a mother and her child come in to the sounds of our moans echoing all around; triggering the mother to quickly prod the child out of the bathroom in hopes of avoiding the precocious young mind from asking what nature intends to teach them later on anyways. I want so badly to run mindlessly into a field or forest like a sprite only to be caught up into his arms like as if he caught the most valued and rare creature that has ever eluded man. I want to believe in the magic of Love, and I want to live it first hand. Love is the last of my deities that need to be nailed to a cross.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    The secrets of my sister Anna were so amazing. I mean, i read her diary. I spy on her. When she is alone. I watch her from the keyhold in the attic. You can see into her room. ONce I saw her get naked. She straddled her stupped puppy dog and started to hump it. She stroked herself over and over. As she yelped with pleasre. I couldnt help myslef. I wanted to be touched at that right then. One time she said in her diary that she wished that a man would sneak in in the middle of the night and strip her naked and rape her. She said she would enjoy it. She also wrote how she wanted to have breast implants. THe worst and most amazing was when she wished that her father would have touched her as a child and if he could just come lick her * pussy * right now she would feel better. The twisted mind of my sister Anna.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    I am currently a 32 year old woman. I am single, divorced a few years ago from a marriage that started when we were both far too young. Since the divorce I have been a bit more wild than before, wanting to enjoy the single life and explore myself, things that I may have missed out on when I was young.

    My parents also divorced years ago, but both very much involved in my life. My father works in remote construction camps, but we catch up whenever possible. One set of his days off he was coming with some work friends to the city where I live. One of his friends had a place there they were all staying. We made plans to get together and have dinner and catch up. I went to meet him and we had a nice meal. One of his friends came by the restaurant we were at. My dad was a bit upset that he was there, but he joined us for a few minutes. H invited me back to the house for a party that night. My dad was uncomfortable with it so we popped outside to talk. He said he didn't trust his work friends. He said there were always girls at these parties and lots of sex. I reminded him of my age.. But I said I wouldn't come if he didn't want me to.

    We parted ways, I declined the party invite and I went home. A couple hours later he texted me with an address. He said I should come if I wanted to. I was a bit nervous to either see him or him see me getting frisky but what the hell..why not?

    I arrived and there were about 20 people there. His friend was happy to see me, grabbing my hand and showing me around. There was a lot of drinking, flirting and carrying on going on. Seemed like a good party. I found my dad and asked him if he was sure that it was ok with me being there. He was pretty drunk and open minded. He had a young woman with him who was clearly looking for some fun. I left them to it. As the party went on, there was a lot of sex, people going off with each other, moaning coming from different rooms. I didn't see my dad for a while so I assume he was having fun.

    I had been taken to a hot tub by his friend. We were kissing and touching each other. We stripped naked and got in the tub, He was about my dads age, but was very fit, handome, and as I discovered had a great cock! He stood in the water and I took him in my mouth. I was sucking him as I felt someone else get in the hot tub. Another man started touching my little breaststroke legs mm==, tummy and my pussy. I stood up, kissed the stranger and both men felt me up, fingered me. One knelt down and ate my pussy. He stood up, the bent me over and one slid into my pussy and one into my mouth. They both fucked me for a while, then switched. As they were switching, I looked into a window and saw my dad! I had forgotten about him being there in all the excitement! I was forced over and fucked again, I looked up and still saw his silhouette there..watching his work friends using my holes. I felt one man explode and fill my pussy.. He was done.. The man fucking my mouth stopped and pulled me out of the hot tub, He took me to his room.

    He laid me on the bed and fucked my pussy more. He pulled out and I sucked all the cum from the other man off his cock. He came in my mouth at the same time, We laid there exhausted.. I couldn't stop thinking about my dad watching me. Once I composed myself, I put on a shirt and went for a drink. There were still people partying, fucking all over the house. I was getting some water and my dad came out. We couldn't look at each other right away.. Then we laughed awkwardly. I asked if we could talk so we went into a room. I apologized to him. He asked why.. I told him I saw him watching me. He blushed and didn't know what to say. I looked at him and noticed his hard cock in his shorts. I asked him f he enjoyed it..again blushing.

    What happened next was definitely helped by liquor.. But I stripped my shirt off, completely naked in front of him. I asked again if he liked watching. I got on my knees and grabbed his cock.. Pulling his shorts down I put him in my mouth. He moaned loudly. I was sucking my dads cock...and I was loving it. He grabbed my hair, and started forcing my mouth onto him. I was so horny. He pulled me up and we kissed deeply. He was pinching and pulling at my hard nipples as I stroked his cock. He pushed me on the bed.. He was going for my pussy.. I warned him that his friend came in me.. He looked at me, called me a slut, and dove into my pussy, licking away. It felt so good,, he sucked my clit and fingered me till I almost came. He stood up, pulled me to the edge of the bed.. My legs were spread wide open. I moaned "fuck me daddy" and he plunged deep inside me. We fucked for just a few minutes, it was so intense.. He whispered in my ear asking where I wanted his cum.. I begged him to fill my pussy. I felt him pulse and fill me up. We both laid there breathless and shocked of what just happened..

    I didn't really realize that I had fantasies about him, but I do now, and we continue to play together whenever he comes to visit. He loves hearing about my sex life while we fuck.. It has added a very interesting dynamic to our relationship. ;)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    I encouraged my beautiful Christian wife to forgo her believes and our vows... She spent last night at a co-workers house, in his bed. I never thought Id be okay with her having an affair, let alone an affair with a coworker who happens to be friends with some other folks we know at our church. I know she's made out with him, licked his dick till he came. She said she hasn't had sex and is t ready to with him, but I'm still home alone and she still at his our as I type. I haven't heard from her since about 130 this morning when she said she was going to sleep... Most likely in his bed.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my cousin would always cock block on the girls i brought around running them off. talking about they wasn't good. we are best friends and grew up together hanging out all the time. she's only 3 months younger than me. on her 21st birthday i took here out drinking like always but this time was legal. at the end of the night a bunch of my friends was having a little after party at my apartment and sam said she was getting tired and was going to go sleep in my bed. not a big deal we always shared a bed when a bunch of guys stayed over it made her feel safe i thought. after a few games of beer pong i stated to get tired went and jumped in bed. about 5 minute of laying sam rolled over and body press up against mine and through her arm over me. it woke me straight up. my heart started pumping faster and faster. i could feel her bare naked body against my back. i've seen her naked a few times before and thought nothing of it. her hand right infont of my face started to tremble and shakes started to go up her arm and down her body. i got to my knees and saw her eyes closed layin naked in my bed. but i could tell she was awake so i called her out on it. "you want me dont you?" her eyes opened as i bent down and kissed her. starting at the mouth and working my way down the crevasses of her body. down in between her thighs warm and wet i started my way back to her breast as i slid my dick inside her. i heard a cry as i thrusted inside her. looked at her and asked if everything was ok she just nodded we messed around for a while. after we was done we laid there talking and she confessed she'd been in love with me since she was 16 and had never been with anybody else. we're still together keeping it a secret. we are moving in a month to florida from ohio to be in a open relationship in public and not worry about running into family

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