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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 43

    My wife and I moved to Spain 12 months ago after selling up the UK. We are able to live quite comfortably but a little extra cash never goes amiss. Joe my wife is 35 and around 5/11 tall with a great body. After a great deal of nagging from me she took up nude modelling for a lady that lives near us and runs art classes for holiday makers. The art teacher is a lady called June. She rings up when she needs Joe which is sometime once a week or on the odd time twice depending on the number of holiday maker and her regulars in the class. Before Joe started modelling we met up with June at her home studio. June is single and a little older than Joe. June took us into her studio and straight off asked Joe to strip. I was already getting an erection on hearing that. Joe took off her cloths and place them on a chair near by. June looked at Joe and sort of ordered her to turn facing the wall. Joe then return to face us after Junes appraisal. Without looking at Joe, June remarked to me she thought Joe would make a good model. I like my models to be completely nude she pointed to Joes shaved c**t. later over a glass of wine June mentioned Joe was pierced. I like that too she said it gives my class something to talk on. Joe was still nude as June pointed out it gets the model used to her nudity. I have to say Joe looked great I could see her nipples were hard and her smooth slit looked a little damp. June asked me as we were leaving If would allow Joe to do some soft porn work for a friend who publishes a mag for the Japanese market. The Japanese are into western nude culture. Joe must have heard us talking. she surprised me by telling Joe. "I will work for your friend but I will want to be well paid for it. June told us she would arrange a shoot next week and I will tell her that the only cock Joe would allow was mine. Joe looked at June and me. You!! said soft porn POSES not actual sex and who is she. June interrupted the lady in question is my friend Ellen and you will not be required to fuck only shots of Tom placing his cock in your mouth or your pussy that type of thing and the odd posing with Ellen herself in lesbian positions. Well just as long as Toms around and I get well paid. Well that's sorted out then June said with a smile. As we left June shouted "Ring you in a couple of days". On the way home I stopped the car and went for walk in a pine forest near the beach. As we walked Joe said to me we should rush back home and go to bed she was so horny after meeting June. I took her by the hand led her onto the wood and found a nice spot away from preying eyes and lifted her dress up. She was nude no bra no g string nothing. I will show you what that lady Ellen will want from you I said. I put the tip of my cock near her c**t ring then slipped it into her c**t just the tip. Oh darling fuck me came a quite pleading almost begging reply. You will have to take my cock up your arse to for Ellen. June told me the Japs love to see that. Yes yes anything just fuck me. We had a wonderful fuck. We got home ate then went to bed and we had Joes favourite once in a while treat an arse fucking session.

    TO CON.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 18

    I'm a 15 year old girl and I had an embarrassing accident in my knickers this afternoon. I hadn't been able to poo all week and as I was walking home from school I had a stomach ache and I knew I had a stomach upset. I thought I'd be able to wait until I got home from school but after a few minutes it got so bad I had to look for a bush or somewhere to relieve myself as I was going to poo myself. The trouble was there was nowhere to hide and I was panicking at the thought of doing it in my knickers and in public. I clenched hard and it worked for a while but after about 10 minutes my stomach ache got worse and so did my need to empty my bowels. I was bursting for a poo and with nowhere to go it looked like I was about to ruin yet another pair of knickers. I tried to clench but my bowels weren't having any of it and I leaked some diarrhoea into my knickers. My stomach was killing me and I knew I was out of time. I absolutely had to go now and I gave up trying to hold it and relaxed. It poured out of me and I filled my knickers so badly it ran down my legs and up my back. Then the pee started and I emptied a full bladder as another wave of diarrhoea added to the mess. When I got home my mum saw what bad happened and she sent me straight up to the bathroom I cleaned up in the shower. After my shower I was drying myself when I felt the need to go again so I sat naked on the toilet and blasted out another load of diarrhoea. I felt much better after that and I wiped and flushed the toilet and got dressed. When I went downstairs my mum told me not to worry about what happened as it was an accident and no one needed to know about it.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 41

    I realize I am being unfaithful to my husband but its his fault for being lazy old and no fun any more.
    The great thing is he's oblivious to it all and so i can carry on enjoying myself.
    I trained to do massage some years ago but never needed to work because my husband has a great job and we dont need the money.
    I use the gym a lot and like a nice massage myself but couldn't get an ideal one.
    Then a new masseur joined and not only did he provide a great massage but told be he was a member of massage exchange.
    This was an online service whereby if you offer services of massage you can exchange with another masseur or masseuse.
    I thought it sounded rather exciting and would provide me with a free massage service and the chance to experience different kinds of massage.
    The masseur at my gym suggested he become my first exchange although of course it would have to be done in private.
    Well as he was a young good looking muscular guy I admit the whole thing excited me. At the gym rules were very strict but on my first visit to his flat he suggested that we were able to strip off completely and get a proper massage.
    I begun on him and frankly soon got very aroused massaging him. What aroused me most was that it became apparent that he had all and i mean all his body hair removed .He said he would give me some tips but might be better to learn more from him to start with . So my fist massage lasted about 30 mins and then he suggested we swap.
    I felt a little nervous stripping off but the next 90 minutes was heaven. He started with me on my front did my back legs and when he asked to do my butt i was never going to say no. Then when i turned he eventually did my breasts and before we finished my pussy. My orgasm was sensational and I forgot any embaressment at all.
    I was hooked from that moment even to the point i decided also to get a full body wax for our next meeting.
    What followed was 3 months of the best sex i have ever had but he also introduced me to some other members and i found myself addicted to it all. By that time i didnt even bother to give a massage. I also had some 4 hand massage sessions and yes sex with 2 men at once for the first time.
    Well that was 2 years ago and while my gym masseur has moved on i have found many others to take his place.
    In fact i never cease to tire of trying new men and sexually am a changed women.
    My husband knows nothing , we are happy in our marriage and have more sex not least because even he likes my waxed pussy. I have become great at acting although i just think of my next massage exchange meeting to get myself going.
    So ladies why not give it a try. Be sure to get the gold membership

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    It is usually fairly difficult to find guys online. The endless e-mail, drop offs, and no-shows can get a bit old. Every once in a while you actually connect. I am a divorced bi-male, I have been enjoying safe sex with men and women since my separation. Sometimes it's easier to hook up with a guy than a nice available woman. I'm not looking to fall in love with a guy, but I do harbor a fetish which can make connecting even tougher. I like to wear women's lingerie and makeup when I have gay sex. I prefer my partner dressed as well, but I have been with straight guys.

    The other day I hooked up with a guy who said he liked wearing stockings and makeup. He actually showed up, in fact he was a little early. I had planned to meet him across from my apartment. Once I determined he appeared safe I climbed into his truck and directed him to a space behind my place.

    We got to my place and I immediately stripped down to my bra, panties, and hose. I stepped in to a pair of heels. He began to dress and I went into the bathroom to do my makeup. When I came out he had on heels,a lace garter, black seamed stockings, sexy lace panties but no bra, I found a black lace bra the complimented his outfit and he gladly put it on.

    He really liked how my make-up looked and asked if I would do his. I'm smart enough not to share make-up, but he had his own. He said he was terrible at applying it. After I finished he looked quite feminine, though no one would ever mistake us for women. We were two masculine guys wearing women's underwear.

    He was sporting a nice hard-on and I went right to my knees and started sucking, after just a few minutes he had me stop so he wouldn't cum so fast. He led me to my bed and laying back he began to suck my dick. He was a fucking cock sucking expert. It took about ten minutes before I blasted a hot load directly down his throat without warning. He gagged and pulled off, my last ropes of cum lashed across his face and chin.

    Neither of us had a condom so no anal, he had a bag of tricks though and produced two identical dildo's. I cleaned them both thoroughly with hot water, soap, and alcohol, and I handed them back to him. He applied lube to both and handing me one, he turned to expose his ass and I worked the dildo in. I was sucking his cock simultaneously as I pumped his ass with the big dildo. He exploded in my mouth this time and I swallowed every drop.

    I asked him to fuck my ass too, so I went to all fours and he positioned himself behind me. I was expecting him to insert the dildo. Instead I felt him nudge his bare cock around my anus. He was a married guy and very clean. I begged him to fuck me bareback and cum in my ass. He slowly inserted his big dick into me and though uncomfortable at first, combined with lots of lube and patience on his part he managed to bury his cock in my ass. He held himself deep in me for a few minutes and then he abruptly pulled it almost out of my ass and then buried it deep, holding it there. After a couple more similar penetrations he began to fuck me in earnest and moaned loudly as he buried a load of semen deep inside me. A first for me!

    He got up after that and said he had to go. I sat in a comfortable chair, smoking a joint with cum in my ass, down my throat, and all over my face. I watched him undress and carefully put his girlie things into his overnight bag. He mumbled thanks and something about doing it again and hurried out the door. I just smiled and sat there with an oncoming buzz the amazement at what had just happened. I had just had sex as a woman and I felt warm all over.

    We haven't spoken since, but I'm sure we will hook up again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 52

    The other day I was cleaning up my son's bedroom and I found three used condoms filled with sperm. My son often has his girlfriend over and I know that they are having sex. I couldn't help myself but I opened up one of the condoms so I could taste my son's sperm. I loved the taste of his sperm and took the rest back to my bedroom and used my son's sperm to masturbate with rubbing his sperm onto my clit and getting as much as I could inside of my vagina while swallowing the rest of my son's sperm. I've never had such an amazing orgasm in my life

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    The medium sized town we live in was and still is a hard place to find a job. So when I got chosen to attend an interview for the last three applicants, after being unemployed for over a year, I told myself I was prepared to do almost anything to get the job.
    The interview went very well and I was confident, but I'd been confident before and had remained unemployed. The phone call from one of the directors was out of the blue and at first I didn't know who it was. He asked me if we could meet someplace to discuss my possible recruitment. My fiancee was at work, so I asked him if he'd like to call by our apartment.
    Kevin is in his early fifties and for a man his age he's in fantastic shape, mainly because he's into weight and gym training. He arrived after half an hour and we chatted about the company, my prospects and what I thought I could bring to their organisation. I had a suspicion as we chatted that Kevin was a gay man, or at least his demeanour and speech lead me to that thought.
    Once again out of the blue, he threw me a curve ball, by asking me if I'd ever had sex with a man. Trying to give him the right answer, as you do. I lied and told him I'd played around when I was in college. Telling him I'd mutually masturbated with a guy a few times and had once sucked his cock for a brief moment.
    Five minutes later I was on my own, wondering why I'd said what I did. Kevin had left and told me he'd be in touch.
    Five days later I got another call from Kevin, this time he asked me if I could call by his office after their office closing hours.
    Sat looking at him as he explained he liked me, really liked me. But there was a guy who was slightly more qualified for the role I'd interviewed for, he asked if there was anything I could add/do to persuade him to offer me the job. I was desperate and we both knew it, so taking a leaf out of his book, I asked him if he'd ever had sex with a guy.
    The smile that crossed his face will live with me forever. As will the first time a mans semi erect cock slid over my tongue.
    I was on my knees as Kevin stood in front of his desk, his large strong hands holding my head tightly as his cock bobbed up and down in front of my face. He only said one thing to me and that was "Show me how much you want the job and show me what you can personally bring to our company".
    It sounded like it had come from a script, or maybe something he himself had had it said to him. Everything inside me told me to tell him to fuckoff. I'm glad now i didn't listen to my own thoughts, for as I now know I love sucking on his impressively large cock.
    He made me roll my tongue over every inch of his rapidly growing veiny cock, as he began to force his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat. It was a whole new sensation for me and something I'll admit I disliked at first. The more he fucked my mouth and the more I took control of his actions by holding his bare ass, I began to enjoy the feeling of his dick and the taste of his pre cum.
    Just as soon as i started to cup his balls in my right hand, he began to buck faster and harder. I knew I liked it when my fiancee did it, so I carried on gently squeezing and playing with his balls and sucking his cock in with longer harder intakes.
    Kevins semen was awsome and I do mean that in every way. He's such a heavy cummer and never having tasted anything like it in my life, I immediately knew i loved it. It shot out from his cocks purple head as I offerd him my my mouth and throat to cum into. Some squirted onto my face and some went all over my hair, but by then I didn't care. All I knew was I'd found a new pleasure in life, plus I'd hopefully gained employment.
    I didn't have to wait to find out, once I'd cleaned up Kevin gave me one of two envelopes. He asked me to open it in front of him. The wording was brief and to the point.... "Application sucessful".
    Almost every week from then on, I've been to see him twice a week to thank him for the job. Each time I take his eight inches down my thraot and each time I get better and better at pleasuring his wonderfully thick cock.
    Five months on and he's asked me to attend a four day seminar with him, which would entail staying in a hotel. He's also asked me to bring condoms and lube. I only hope I enjoy his cock deep up my ass, as much as I do down my throat.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    You can call me Mando. It isn't my name, but it's good enough. I was the second oldest of seven kids growing up. My parents were originally from Sinaloa. They came to America for work and better lives. I and most of my brothers and sisters were born here. Only my oldest brother Caesar had been born in Mexico.
    When I was still young my father died quite suddenly and unexpectedly while working in the fields. Whether it was the heat or a bad heart or some combination of both, I'll never know. But I remember the day clearly and how distraught my mother was.
    A bunch of guys tried to take advantage of the situation and take my father's place, but Caesar would have none of it. He'd chase them all off when they'd come to sweet talk my mother. Sometimes even throwing chingasos with men twice his size. Caesar was tough though, and he'd fight dirty if he had to. Before too long, men stopped coming around. "I'm going to go into the fields and work," he promised our mother. "Don't worry about anything."
    And so he did, at age sixteen. He quit school and worked every single day. Some days coming home so dark from the sun, he almost looked like a mayate. And when there was no work in the fields and orchards, he'd find odd jobs in the neighborhood. Nothing was too menial. Money was money.
    But the fields would take Caesar too. Maybe it was the pesticides or something else. He got cancer in his stomach and died after three years. Leaving me as next oldest. I was seventeen.
    I was more Americanized than Caesar. I wasn't going to break my back in any fields picking grapes or melons for pennies. Fuck that. I wasn't a wetback and I wouldn't be a slave for some fat old Armenian farmer. I told my mother I was staying in school. We could get by on the Welfare until I graduated and started to work a real job that paid real money. Our days of just getting by were nearly over. She accepted that.
    As the head male in the house I asserted my dominance. I was king of the castle. And even my mother had better acknowledge the fact. If my younger brothers and sisters did something wrong I whipped them. They needed discipline. I made sure they went to school everyday. I made sure they did chores around the house so our mother wasn't doing everything by herself. And if I was hard, it was because a man should run his home with a firm hand.
    Of course, as the man of the house I expected to receive every benefit of being the man. That included sex. At first when I'd go into my mother's room and come onto her, she'd resist. She slapped and cussed and said no. But a few good slaps and my insistence that she respect me as the man of the house, not just her son and she eventually accepted the new situation. She even came to enjoy it. It had been a long time for her and no doubt, it felt good to have a man inside of her again.
    I knew she'd come to accept and even appreciate her new role and responsibilities when I started coming home from school and seeing her in the kitchen, I'd come up behind her and give her ass a nice hard smack and push my face into her neck and give her a few tender nibbles. She'd laugh and give a squeal and push me away playfully. I'd always sniff the bubbling pot and ask what was for dinner, then after being told I'd disagree and say her pussy was for dinner and I was very hungry.
    I took full advantage of the fact that I had sisters as well. The oldest, Juanita was eleven. She was good for massages. I'd sit in the biggest chair in the house and kick off my shoes and call her. She'd rub my feet and toes, popping each one with skilled hands. If I wanted more, we'd retire to my bedroom where I'd strip down to my underwear and lay on my stomach so she could walk across my back and massage my shoulders and neck. If I wanted a happy ending, she'd do that too. I told her it was the least she could do, considering I alone kept the house safe and I would one day have a good job and bring in plenty of money. Mother was aware of it all and said nothing. She knew not to defy my will.
    I am a king. So say of me as you wish, but it means nothing. I live a life many men only dream of.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My name is Zara. I'm 19 years old and I love having a really good poo after I've held it all day. Sometimes I get so desperate I'm nearly pooing myself and last night I it happened. I was constipated for 3 days and I took a laxative the night before. I was doing my paper round the next morning when I felt the biggest urge to poo I'd ever had. I still had a lot of papers to deliver so I clenched but my bowels had other ideas. I had to hold my bum and if anyone saw me I must have looked pretty silly. I managed to regain some degree of control and I let go of my bum and carried on delivering papers but 5 minutes later there urge got worse and I had to use both hands to keep my poo in. This time the urge didn't go away and I felt a hot sticky feeling between my bum cheeks and I gave up the fight and placed my hands on my knees and bent my legs slightly and relaxed. It came out quickly and the relief of it was incredible. I peed myself as well and when it was over I felt 3 pound lighter apart from my knickers of course.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    Battle for dominance

    I like the idea of rough housing with a guy for foreplay. We would struggle to pin each other down. Scratching, biting, kicking and tripping is all fair game. I want him to grope me and try to take my clothes off. I catch him off guard by kissing him and rolling him over on his back. I try to undo his belt but he slaps my hand away. We continue to wrestle like this until exhaustion or broken will determines the dominant partner for the night.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    I came from a broken home and no real guidance. I lived with neighbors and grand parents off and on through most of my teen years. I lived with good people and bad, but I some how managed not to go down the wrong road. I lied about my age to get a job at a movie theater because you had to be 17yo and I was only 16 at the time.

    My Boss was an older lady named Mary, and she was 49yo I heard her telling another employee one day. Mary was nice but she didn't take any shit. Most of the people that worked there were teenagers except one guy that was gay. We didn't really know what being gay was back then, but everyone liked Dave regardless.

    As I said Mary was 49yo. She was short, most likely 5'2" and always wore high heels to work. She was curvy but not bad at all. What Mary did have was a "Rack" how she carried those Breasts around was beyond me. She always wore make up and many a Movie goer took notice of Mary when she was out in the lobby.

    Anyway with most of the employees being teenagers attendance was always a problem. When you are that age the idea of parties and having fun beats out going to work anytime! I was told I may not get many hours when I started, but we had so many kids not showing up for work Mary was always calling me into work even when I was supposed to be off.

    One night after the theater was closed and I was sweeping the theater Mary came in and sat down in a chair near the door to the lobby. Row after row I had my little broom and dustpan sweeping up the popcorn until I got to the row she was sitting in.

    When I was done I just pulled the seat down and sat next to Mary without a thought. I was tired it was way after midnight and I was ready to go home. Back in the day we had to wear those stupid little bowties and Mary reached over and unclipped mine without a thought.

    For the next 30min Mary asked me all kinds of questions about my personal life. The reason she asked was the fact me and the gay guy Dave were the only two employees she could count on showing up for work. Since Dave was older he obviously understood responsibility but she wanted to know more about me. So I told her pretty much everything in the time we talked. No girlfriends and I was living with people that had family problems of their own. It was just better me being there at work than it was anywhere else.

    Now the theater was as old school as the bowties we wore. Two levels with a balcony and a huge lobby upstairs with cushioned wingback chairs and sofas. Things had got a bit bad where I was staying and one night after we closed I asked Mary if I could spend the night in the theater. At first Mary said no way she could let me stay, but she would give me money for a motel and I thanked her but said no. As we were leaving Mary told me to follow her home and I could sleep at her house if I wanted?

    I didn't notice the mileage but Mary lived in the middle of nowhere it seemed. We got to her house about 1:30am and there wasn't anything around her house that resembled another home for quite a distance. We walked inside and the house was fixed very nicely. Mary led me to the kitchen and opened the Fridge and had two beers in her hand. She sat them on the table and told me to open them while she got us something to eat. Mary had cold cuts and we each made a sandwich and talked for a bit.

    We each had another beer and finished our sandwiches. The beer had soaked in before the food had a chance and I was feeling really tired suddenly. I think Mary saw that I was done and showed me where the bedroom was and flopped on the bed and was asleep in no time.

    The next morning I woke up and went out to my car to get my toiletries so I could get cleaned up a bit. Without thinking I opened the bathroom door to see Mary standing there basically with her bra and panties on doing her makeup and hair. So embarrassed I went back outside and lit up and cigarette until Mary came outside a short time later. She asked for a cigarette, I didn't even know she smoked. Mary was smiling and asked me if it was the first time I had seen a woman only partially dressed. I suddenly thought about those large breasts that were spilling over the top of her bra just before leaving so quickly.

    I had to think about it for a moment, and after some thought I guess it was the first time really. We finished our cigarettes and went back inside her house. Got a shower and brushed my teeth and Mary had some breakfast ready on the table when I came out. We had a nice talk as I enjoyed a meal that didn't come out of a box for once. Mary got up and I realized how short she looked without her heels on and I almost started to laugh.

    The day was going by and Mary had things to do before going to work that night. I gave Mary a hug that lingered a bit too long maybe, but she didn't seem to mind. I kissed her cheek and she raised up on her toes to kiss me on the lips. I made a joke now about her being short and she said she could remedy that as she turned and walked back to her house. I went back to where I was staying and nobody questioned where I had been all night. I went to my room and hung out until it was time to leave for work.

    That night we were busy, all three shows were packed. Other than seeing Mary before we opened the doors we didn't have any conversation. After closing I was upstairs with Dave cleaning up and he would be leaving before me. He had another full time job and had to be up early, so I usually was the last to leave besides Mary since she had to lock the doors at night.

    I was just stacking cases of Candy that had come in during the day in the storage room when suddenly I felt hands around my waist. I quickly turned and there was Mary behind me. Before I could say anything she put her red lips to mine and kissed me. I could taste the color on her lips as her tongue slipped into my mouth. I don't know how long it took me to react but at some point I followed her lead. The kiss stirred me almost at once and the blood pumped into my cock and within moments I was rock hard.

    Mary must have sensed my excitement, the next thing I felt was her hand rubbing my hardness up and down. I kissed her harder and my breathing quickened. My hands found their way to her ample breasts and I nervously squeezed them in unison. Mary's voice was subdued with my mouth on her own, but I knew she liked what I was doing to her breasts.

    Finally she pulled away and took a small step back, her breasts heaved with every breath she took. Mary's face and neck was flushed with excitement. She then made a comment about the remedy for her being short and I followed her gaze down to the heels she was wearing now.

    She led me out of the storage room into the lobby with chairs and sofas. Mary began to unzip my pants and when her warm hand wrapped around my cock the room began to spin it seemed. I was so hard when she let my cock go for an instant it slapped against my stomach. Mary kneeled in front of me and took my cock into her hot mouth a moment
    later. I had to put my hands on her shoulders to keep from falling over, the pleasure was overwhelming. Within a few seconds my cock began to throb and twitch as Mary's mouth slid back and forth over my shaft. A sensation of pleasure washed over me and I began to ejaculate. Mary made a sound of sorts, her right hand clawed at my waist as my hot cum jetted into her Mouth. I remember hearing my voice as if I were shouting, my head thrown back as the release took me away. Mary's nails dug into my waist as she tried to swallow my cum as it pumped into her mouth.

    Thankfully there was a sofa behind me and I collapsed onto it a moment later. Mary had quickly kneeled up between my legs and I watched her painted lips go to work on cleaning the cum from my cock. I was so mad because only after a few moments I could feel that "hardness" begin to abate. Mary noticed it too but she didn't seem to mind, she worked her mouth until every drop of cum was gone. She leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue blasting it's way into my mouth instantly. The taste of my cum was in her mouth and I reached outwards and squeezed her ample breasts very hard and she moaned with pleasure.

    Mary stood up and reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She took my hand and guided it between her legs that were slightly apart now. Mary was soaking wet and she guided my fingers into her wetness. I didn't know exactly what to do, I had never done this to a woman before. Mary took my wrist and I moved my fingers within her wetness. Her eyes were shut tightly and she moaned with pleasure as I felt more wetness coating my fingers inside of her.

    I had Mary lay on the sofa and I pushed her skirt up above her waist. I put three fingers inside of Mary and she took hold of my arm in a death drip. I don't know how many times Mary came but each time she dug her heels into the cushions and climaxed again. I leaned over and kissed Mary as she lay there trying to catch her breath, I could still taste myself when her tongue slithered into my mouth again. My began to feel the hardness returning to my cock a few minutes after our mouths joined. I stripped and Mary pulled me down onto her and into her a moment later.

    My cock entered her wetness and the heat from her loins would make me cum again rather quickly. Mary dug her heels into the backs of my legs and her red nails clawed at my back as she arched her hips upwards and came all over my cock that was buried inside of her.

    I followed her home that night and we showered together. I soaped her breasts and made her cum in the shower without touching her below the waist. That would be later in her bed, and she would show me how to please a woman and how to take my time doing so. Mary got me a cock ring so I wouldn't cum so quickly and showed me things that she liked to do as well.

    We were lovers for almost two years before it ended. Mary told me she was going to resign and take some time off and do something else. She said it was time that I got on with my life and I needed to move on and be with people my own age. I didn't want to move on, I was in love with Mary. Obviously when you are a teenager your mind doesn't see the big picture and I was devastated. Ashamed to admit this but I stalked her for a while. I would go at night and park my car down the road and walk to her house. I was sure there was another guy, probably older and he was the reason Mary wanted to part ways with me. The times I did go I never saw another vehicle in the driveway besides Mary's car.

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