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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    It was my junior year in high school, and we were having our class trip to Magic Mountain. I had spent most of the day with my girl friends, but about the time it was getting dark, we ran into some of the boys, including Donovan, the one of the hottest guys in school. We were standing in line for one of the roller coasters when they came up to us and asked if they could ride with us. Of course we said yes - these were the hottest guys. I ignored my urgent need to pee, because I didn't want to miss out on flirting with Donovan. Besides, it would only be a few more minutes until we were to the front of the line. When we got to the front of the line, Donovan asked if he could sit next to me. I told him, of course you can. I was so excited, but I really needed to pee at this time. We sat down, got strapped in, and the ride started. The car went up to the top of the hill, and as it started down the hill, I lost all bladder control. Not only did I piss all over myself, some of it got onto Donovan. Now some guys are turned on by pee, but unfortunately Donovan was not one of them. He and his friends totally made fun of me until high school was over. They called me "Pee Pee Julie".

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 22

    Reading a similar account here of someone's time in prison has given me the strength to recount my own.
    All I can say is, if you are a young, pretty-boy white guy, do anything you can to avoid going to jail. I got 6 months in prison for a driving offense and it was essentially the end of my life. I used to be a regular, straight guy. But my pretty looks and small frame meant I was immediately taken as a sex toy in prison. I believe there was even a few fights between the larger inmates over who got to have me first.
    To this day, I now cannot get hard without being treated like a girl by guys, with either a cock in my mouth and gulping down sperm with my nipples being played with, or with my ass being fucked like a pussy. I cry every single night going to sleep.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    Is there anything wrong with your mother performing oral sex on you? I mean, is it illegal or something? Is it i****t? I am 18 and my mother is 43 and last weekend she performed oral sex on me. It was done on a dare from me. Okay, what happened is that I was getting ready to go out on a Friday evening with the guys. After leaving the shower, I discovered that I left my robe in my bedroom, which is just down the hall from the bathroom. I didn't think anyone was upstairs, so I walked naked towards my bedroom. Sometimes my sisters are around so I have to be careful. Just then, my mom walked out of the master bedroom and almost bumped into me. Mom and I have a good relationship but we do tease a lot of sexual things. I tease her about her full breasts, calling them her "tits" right to her face. She sees me dressed only in underpants and teases about the "significant" bulge between my legs. I have dared her to feel it on several occasions but she never takes the dare. But this time, nobody else was around and she must have realized that because she made comments like "Wow" out loud. I quickly got a hard-on and with my penis sticking out straight, I dared her to touch it. At first she wouldn't but I kept insisting. Finally, she said,"Okay, but your dad better not find out about this or there will be big trouble for both of us!". At first, she just came up really close to me and put her hands on my penis and balls. She then began masturbating my penis really vigorously. I have never seen her so excited. She knelt down on one knee, took hold of my penis and put it into her mouth. For the next several minutes, she performed oral sex on me. I came after maybe 5 minutes and ejaculated into her mouth. Realizing this, she immediately took off to the bathroom and spit out the semen. When she returned to my bedroom, she again warned me not to say anything of this to my dad. I resumed getting ready for the outing and didn't see her again until the following day. I didn't really know what to expect when I saw her in the morning. In fact, she appeared to be her usual self. But there was this sparkle in her eyes that I see when I tease her about her "tits". I still don't know quite what to make of it. A week has passed now and things are back to normal. I do notice that lately she has been quite "touchy, feely" with me, giving me a hug now and then. Well, anyways, she did perform oral sex on me and I am pretty sure she will do it again. I'll make sure of that. Now I am wondering if this will lead to something more serious like intercourse. Would I like to have sexual intercourse with my mom?. Geez, I haven't thought much about that but I guess that I would. But that would be a long ways off. What does the reader think about this? Am I taking too much for granted, or what? Let me know your views. Thank you in advance.

    A Horny Son.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 37

    Up until nine weeks ago I was a lonely, bored and sexually frustrated housewife and mom. Frustrated because my husband James now thinks vanilla sex once a month is enough.
    Waiting in for a delivery to arrive. Another golf club James had ordered. I answered the door expecting to see the delivery driver. It wasn't, it was a young guy who looked like he'd just gotten out of prison, the ID badge confirmed it. He was selling household goods and looked as though he'd been told "No" more than once that morning.
    I'm not using this as an excuse, but seeing his face as the rain poured of it, I felt sorry for him and strangely hornily attracted. Not thinking of what I was about to say, I asked him what else he could offer me. The look between us told us both what I certainly was implying. When he answered he said "Depends if you like it in all your holes honey".
    My first orgasm was lay on the hallway floor. My short skirt had been lifted and my panties ripped off. Only after I'd cum from his tonging did I fully close the front door. My second orgasm was as he sat on the bottom step of the stairs and I bounced up and down on his rock hard young cock. It was if I'd lost my inhabitions, because when he asked me if I took it in the ass I let him follow me into the kitchen. Bent over the table I had my very first squirting orgasm as he slammed his cock deep inside my ass.
    My cum sprayed everywhere as he hammered his cock into me time after time. I even ignored the door bell knowing it was my husbands golf club being delivered. The more he drove his cock deeper into my ass, the more I moaned and yelled for him to fuck me harder and the more it drove me totally wild for his cock. My last orgasm wasn't like anything I'd had before, not that squirting wasn't a first. With my young offenders cum spurting deep up into my rear hole, I began to shake slowly at first then with a feeling of pure joy, my whole body seemed to shudder and I found myself spent as I lay on the wooden table top.
    I was stood in the shower washing away smell of sex when the kids got home from school. The eldest asked me why our neighbor wanted to speak to me. I found out just before James got home. The golf club was at his house (He's divorced), he'd signed for it knowing I was in. He knew I was in because he'd heard me being fucked, he also knew my husband was at work.
    I'm not not just having once a month vanilla sex anymore, and the neighbor doesn't need to listen in, as he's the one now making me yell out.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Female / 18

    message me on kik for a good time :) must be younger then 20 killingstones

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    How did the words CUNT and PUSSY come about?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 37

    Anybody who wants to help me be taboo text me 9549019582

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 24

    RAPE ME AGAIN..... back when i was 12 one single man place me on an emotional journey of pain,confusion,desire and truth. in a certain park in our hometown just before dark he waited and watched while i played on the swings and casually walked around for a's a quite and often isolated park and i was bored but enjoyed the peace and solitude it provided.the whole reality of what had happened was done in such a brutal way and without one single word being said,of course his intentions were not meant to be polite as he boldly came up from behind me as i walked through a path lined with i realize that back then i must have been an american sex fantasy come true for him,because later in life my friends would talk about tall rugged black males that loved to r**e white american woman/ friends would laugh telling tales of male black studs proudly exposing their huge anacondas while some trembling white female stared in shock and disbelief knowing what they intended to do to her. that day at the mercy of my own rapist who was tall,rugged and negro i was unprepared by his aggression,it certainly was easy for him to pull down my panties and play with my pussy.there was a desperateness about the act as if he somehow knew there was no time to waste.with my back turned towards him i was unable to see his face.everything he did leading up to the actual r**e was done with experience and knowledge of the female vagina.being 12 years old with no experience i certainly didn't know that oral sex if done right can be pleasant and stimulation of the clitoris can cause's strange because even though he was initially raping me my body was responding to the rapid movements of his tongue and thick strong's funny how the mind works because though i was aware that what he was doing was wrong and illegal i kept worrying that he might think i smell and taste nasty.i do remember thinking oh shit i peed on his face when after several minutes i felt light and dizziness,it was an amazing feeling there i was being r**ed to my very first orgasm and my pussy was extremely some point he must have easily pulled his massive dick out and was poking it's erect hugeness around my pussy to get it lubricated.still weak from my orgasm i was unable to register what he was trying to do and though i was a virgin he shoved that huge dick in my pussy,it felt as if he had ripped my vagina because he had gone past the limit to stretch me around his hard black meat.i could barely breath from the shock and pain and of course he wasted no time to move,thrust and repeatedly pound that enormous snake into me.i felt like raggedy anne literally dancing a ballet on tippy-toes as he fucked the shit out of me....we could't have been in that park less than several minutes when i suddenly had another orgasm at which point i was biting my lower lip and could feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head.being that young the only way to describe it was i peed on him again and he peed in was over and soon he was gone.surprisingly though i was sore and walked home slow and in pain i had stopped bleeding,the only excuse i could tell my mother was i was menstruating as most young girls do around that age.the thought of telling her or anyone i was r**ed was too embarrassing and there was just too many emotions and thoughts going around in circles in my mind. several days passed and though i wasn't completely healed i returned to that park and he was there,he was watching some girls on the swings and playing frisbee.he didn't seem worried or concerned that i was there,instincts not racism was what led me to believe it was him.he looked like a granpa out for a walk in the park..i walked over to a bench not too far from where he was sitting and i could see him watching me intently as if wondering what i was thinking.though my pussy still hurt but not too sore he seemed to enjoy watching me sit and move around may seem strange to adults that here was this young girl unconcerned that she was sitting within a near distance of her rapist and far more strange was that beneath my dress that day i had no emotional journey had oddly drawn me to him...not with hate but a need,though i was only 12 years old i was a well fucked young girl and he was the reason why.i didn't understand what was happening,why it happened but as crazy as this may sound...i wanted more.he must have known or at the very least sensed it because we kept looking at each other and at one point i even smiled.though there were others girls and boys in the park the path were he had r**ed me was further out and i was hoping he would just get up and start walking in that direction because i would have casually followed but he didn' i imagine he may have thought it was a sting operation to catch him in the act of r**e because after that day i never saw him in that park.growing up i never had anymore sexual encounter with black males and even married a canadian,i live in a small town and the black males here...well some do have sex with friends of mine but strangely it doesn't interest me today.perhaps because back then it was risky and taboo..a sense of excitement and curiosity.i would never tell my husband because he just wouldn't understand maybe no one can...back then it was just different.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One of the most embarrassing things that happed to me when I was 13, happed when my parents left for work one mourning. My sister Sherry was 16 and always playing jokes at my expence. She had two of her girl friends that had spend the night in our home, and as soon as our parents left she was in her joking mood again. She knew I sleept naked so she opened the door of my bedroom with a pinn and came in with her friends. They sat at the edge of my bed with smiling faces and I knew what they were about to do. I wasn't shure but I held on to my sheet just in case. They began pulling the sheet teasingly as I was holding it up. I was blushing with embarrassment and had gotten a hard on in the struggle. They pulled for every side as i struggled to not let them exposed me but at the end, with one big tough managed to yank it completly off. I tried to run to my closet but they were all pushing me back so I couldn't get some thing to cover up. They had the laughf of their life watching who I struggled with my hard dick waving in mid air.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 30

    I have been married just over 5 years now, and I do love my husband despite what I did about a year ago.
    I was at a party, he was out of town, 2 guys were saying all the right things and I was in just the right frame of mind, and I ended up going to bed with them both at the same time.
    For an entire night, I was involved in a 3some that up until that point was something I only thought about in my wildest dreams.
    To have 4 hands touching me, two mouths kissing and sucking everywhere on me, and of course two cocks to play with at the same time, was beyond exciting.
    One of the guys works with my husband, and he promised throughout the night that he would never say anything, and I do trust him on that. But he was the "bigger" man of the two guys, and by far a lot bigger than my husband, so that was a treat in itself.
    It almost seemed natural to have one guy penetrating me, while I kept the other one hard inside of my mouth. The three of us joked about how maybe that is why a woman has two breasts - each guy got one! And honestly, my nipples are super sensitive to begin with, so to have them both sucked hard on at the same time, I could not stop squirming.

    The fact that I was married, the fact that I was cheating with two men, none of that mattered. My body was being lit up like it never had been before, and I lost track of how many "rounds" I went with the guys. But I still wanted more.

    The guilt came down on me hard a couple days later when my husband came home. The first time we had sex
    after the 3some night, all I could think of was the 2 guys, the double pleasure, and how my husband's cock did not feel near as good as his coworker's cock did. I realized then that sex would never be the same between us, and that I would always need something "more".

    My husband is very old fashioned, but a few months after I cheated, I got the nerve to suggest buying a nice-size toy for myself. At first my husband wondered if that meant he was not doing enough for me, but I made it sound like it would add TO our sex life, and not take anything away from it. So, my new toy eventually became an exciting addition to our sex life. I could at least pretend it was another man inside of me as I gave oral sex to my husband. But now I want the real thing. And I cannot stop thinking about it.

    I hate to admit it, but one-on-one sex, even with my toy, is simply not exciting for me anymore. Every now and then I will get an email from my husband's coworker asking if I ever want to hang out with he and his friend again, and it is SO tempting. But - I don't want to cheat and have the guilt again.

    How can I tell my husband that I would want another guy with us sometime? Or specifically his co-worker?
    I literally lay awake at night wondering what I could possibly say to him that would make him agree to that.
    I am sorry the 3some happened, I am sorry for cheating....but I cant take back what happened.
    I also feel like I will explode if I don't have another experience like that.
    I want my husband to be a part of it, rather than his coworker just setting it up for me again.
    I don't know what to do.

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