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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    I'm a 53 yr. Old white male, 200lbs.
    I don't consider myself gay or bi. I really don't know how to describe myself. I don't find men attractive, just their cocks.

    Recently I discovered the M4M section of Craigslist, and enjoy viewing photo's of men showing their cock. I fantasize about them as I stroke my cock from time to time.

    I created an account with CL and on occasion write to "mystery men". We sometimes discuss meeting but usually one of us chickens out when it comes down to actually meeting, but this changed and this is my story.

    I work out of town, and where I work, puts us in trailer homes for our hours off. My room is in the front of the trailer. It's separated by the living room, the kitchen then in the back there are 2 other bedrooms. Some guys work at night and other's like myself,work days, so there are always someone in the house at all times.

    One Friday night I had quite a few beers, and when I got home, I went and showered, then got in my bed to watch some TV. I turned on the porn channel and the scene was of a hot chick down on her knees, pulling out a porn sized cock and sucking it.

    Instead of getting turned on wishing that slut was sucking me. I began wishing I could trade places with her and wrap my lips around that big fat cock.

    As I laid there watching,I had the idea of making a CL post which I titled, " Cock Curious ", and explained I was a 1st timer curious in sucking a cock. I received a couple of replies, but nothing that interested me, so I fell asleep.

    The next morning, I woke and got dressed and headed to work. As I was driving, I heard a email alert on my smartphone.

    When I pulled into work, I opened my mail and noticed I had 5 new messages and began opening them. None excited me, and I finally got to the email I heard the alert from.

    I read it and his response was he had a cock he'd let me try and attached 2 photos. I opened the first and it was his cock soft and nothing too special, so I opened the second attachment.

    It was a photo of his hard cock out of his jeans. It was long and it had a big bell shaped head on it. His balls were shaved, and he had a patch of reddish blonde pubes and it looked nasty!

    I became horny and wrote him back that his cock looked tastey. Shorty I got a reply from him. " I bet it is, you want to taste it"?

    "Sounds tempting, but I'm not sure" I replied back.
    "What's the problem? It's here if you're really considering sucking a cock" he replied.

    The more we emailed and me more I stared at his nasty cock photo the hornier I became, and he finally asked if I had a place to host. I told him it would be tricky, because there was someone where I stayed and I couldn't get caught.

    He then asked me what turned me on?
    I thought for a second and replied back."I'd like to sneak a man into my bathroom and cut a hole in my shower curtain, and have him stick his cock thru for me to wash and suck!"

    He replied back that it sounded like a great idea. He had never had another man wash his cock for him.
    He then told me he had errands to run and he'd get in touch with me later to wash his cock for him,if I could make it happen.

    Next thing I knew, I was telling my boss, I wasn't feeling good and getting in my pickup and driving to my trailer. I stopped at a discount store in town, and bought a shower curtain and 2 candles and went to my house.

    I walked in and checked for any coworkers that might be awake. The only guy there was in his room, and the hallway door was closed. I found a pair of scissors and went in my bathroom and hung the new curtain. I measured where I wanted the hole cut and snipped it out and placed the candles on the lavatory and waited.

    I thought in the back of my mind, that the chances of him coming over and me having the courage to suck his cock where slim, but I couldn't help but think about his nice nasty cock.

    As I sat in my room, my phone alert went off. It was him, and he told me he was in town. My mind began to race with all kinds of thoughts, and my heart began to pound. I could ignore him and nothing would ever happen, but I began typing. "Come to the liquor store and email me when you get there"

    I am trying to ask myself, if I'm going to go thru with this when my email goes off again. "I'm here, what next?"

    I still had one more chance to call it all off at this point, but the visual of his cock was planted firmly in my head. Next thing I knew I typed. "Walk across the street to the 3rd trailer, I'll check for my housemate and if the coast is clear, I'll leave the front door unlocked and wait for you in my bathroom, also I have some candles lit so turn the lights off and I'll guide you to the hole with my fingers." There was no turning back now!

    I checked once more for my housemate, unlocked the front door and rushed to my bedroom to take off my clothes. Then I walked into my bathroom turned
    On the shower and walked in after the water warmed.

    I hid behind the curtain, my heart was about to explode. My whole body was shaking and then I heard the front door open then close. I peeked out the curtain as I heard his footsteps get closer. I saw his shadow under the door. I saw the doorknob turn. I closed the curtain and hid behind it as he walked in and the bathroom door closed.

    I stuck my fingers thru the hole and invited him closer. He didn't turn out the lights like I'd hoped and as he approached I could see his silhouette thru the curtain. Then I heard him undo his belt and unzip his fly.

    I stared at the hole and he grabbed the curtain to pull it tight. He pushed his soft cock thru the hole. I stared at that fat bell shaped cockhead. I didn't quite make the hole big enough because he couldn't get his shaved balls thru too.

    I dropped to my knees and reached up and touched his fat stubby cock and began playing with it. Then I grabbed my wash cloth and squeezed soap on it and began gently washing his nasty cock. I felt so pathetic as I was down anonymously washing another mans cock.

    His cock was still soft and he groaned. "The hole isn't big enough!" I almosted panicked and whispered," shush not so loud, you'll wake my housemate up." I tried helping him get his balls thru the hole and wash them too. Then I laid the cloth down and stared at his cock.

    I moved close and kissed his dick. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked his cum slit. He moaned and I opened my mouth and watched as his fat soft cock entered my mouth and my lips sealed around it. My tongue had his fat cockhead resting on it and I began to work my tongue tasting a cock for the first time.

    I again tried getting his balls thru the curtain. I managed one and gave it a lick. Suddenly he grabbed the curtain and said,"fuck this" and slid the curtain open exposing me naked on my knees.

    I felt so humiliated as our eyes met. He was rough looking and I was on my knees like a woman. I stared back at his cock and it was now hard. It was long and fat and that bell shaped head was pulsing.

    He told me to wash it, so I picked up my washcloth and began washing his nasty cock and balls for him. Then I moved to it and opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his fat cock and began sucking on it.

    I began bobbing back and forth wetting his cock with my saliva. I nursed on that fat nasty head and worshipped it like a porn slut.

    He moaned more and more as I did my best to pleasure him. He reached for his cock and moved it towards his belly and grabbed the back of my head and forced me into his balls. I licked his balls for him like a good little cock sucker. He rubbed his cock over my face and I helped by moving my face from side to side, until I had his cock smeared all over my entire face.

    I opened my hungry mouth again ready to taste that cock I'd cleaned so well for him. I loved the feel of his fat cockhead. It felt so spongie in my mouth. My tongue was working back in forth savoring that cock.

    Soon he moaned and told me he was ready to cum. He asked if I wanted it in my mouth or on my face. I asked for it on my face and reached up and grabbed his cock and began jacking him off.

    Then strings of cum began spurting, covering my face, as I stroked him for all he had. When he was done cumming on me I opened my mouth again and gave his cock a final taste telling him how big his cock was.

    He laughed as he grabbed my towel and wiped his cock off and stuck it back in his pants. He then dropped the towel for me to wipe his cum off my face and dry off.

    He said thanks as I wrapped the towel around me and hurried him out the door before my housemate woke.

    I still have his email, and sometimes I'm tempted to contact him and see if I can suck his cock again for him. I think I'd like to eat his cum this time. And that's how I became a Craigslist Cock Sucker

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My wife has this friend who I have known since I was in high school; She is so sexy and one day my wife brought her to stay the night and my wife's sister called her for a little family emergency. About half an hour later she was laying down so close to me on the couch, she later went in the kitchen and she called me and she said that she has been attracted to me and even masturbated to some of my Facebook pictures! She told me that she was done being curious and wanted me to "plug those three holes" she unzipped my pants and gave me one of the best blowjob's I've ever experienced and she had me cumming after 5 minutes she later stripped and told me that she was ready for me to plug her up without a condom. I'm kinda worried I got her pregnant.. what should I do?

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I've always had this dream/wish. First off, I'm 6'1 tan, light brown and red hair, athletic build, blue eyes, I have a mans bubble butt and I've always had a VERY large cock, especially in the ways of girth and dick tip. I've been able to pick up girls just by flaunting my cock. I've fucked girls and guys alike. When my very young mother discovered my tool, she even began trying to seduce me. I eventually gave in and she screamed and cried in pleasure. That's beside the point. I've gotten very bored with sex in general and started looking for new outlets.
    I had this dream once that I couldn't ever let go. In this dream my body began changing. I became significantly more feminine. I changed to be this really cute and sexy woman. My hair turned mainly red and grew length to my back, I had a chest with perky DDs, a rounder bubble but, I dressed seductively and spoke softly and had my huge cock tuck in panties. I would seduce guys with bigger cocks than me only for them to discover I have a cock and then use me as their fuck toy and cum in my ass. I wanted to be used like a slut. All I wanted were big dicks in my holes and hands and for as many big dicks guys as possible to cum their huge loads in my ass.
    I don't know why but I've becomed obsessed with this dream and thoughts. I want to be the one looking pretty getting massively dicked and screamin in pleasure.
    As of this last week, I've began finding woman's clothes that fit and look sexy. My gay friend is h losing me with the look. Thankfully I've always had soft facial features and flawless skin. Tonight he and I did my whole get up with a wig and fake tits and I became hard seeing me dress as a convincing woman. My dream and wishes is to become that slut that the men use and hopefully I can fuck a big masculine black guys ass while dressed as a woman and make him swallow all of my load.

    Thanks for ready
    Big Dick Crossdresser

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 50

    i am billy and i am a cocksucking slave

    Because my family moved around so much i was a lonely kid, never really making any friends. i was smoking pot a lot by the time i was eleven and doing things like sneaking out at night and wandering the neighborhood naked when i was stoned. i would leave my clothes behind a bush on the side of the garage and then see how far i could go... i loved the riskiness of it. i would peek into windows it there was a light on and more than once watched my neighbors undressing or bathing or even having sex. i shot a lot of cum on the walls under their windows...
    One day i was at a another kid's house and we were looking at some Hustler's he had stolen from his older brother and i saw an ad for gay porn movies.. there was a picture of a guy getting fucked in the ass and it got me really hot... i found a bunch more and when the other kid went to the bathroom i tore out the pages and put them in my pocket. i got home, smoked a joint and took out the pages and was jacking off to them when i noticed one that really turned me on... it was a picture of a naked guy wearing a dog collar being whipped with a belt across his ass... i shot a huge load looking at it... another page had a part of a story and that gave me the idea to write my own. It wasn't long before i had discovered a new way to jerk off... i would smoke a joint, lay naked on my bed and write a sex story while i rubbed my hard dick on the mattress... i started to keep an spiral note book just for that and filed it with stories of me sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass and being spanked and whipped...
    When 7th grade started i had a problem... shower time in gym class... i was getting hard-ons and always had to rush back to my locker and get dressed. A few weeks in the gym teacher came to me and made me the towelboy and equipment manager, which, luckily for me meant i didn't have to suit up or shower... i think now he may have suspected... thankfully i stood behind a counter because seeing all those swinging dicks always made me rock hard. It was my last class so i always raced to lock myself in my room and rub one out.
    To get home i always cut through this small field of rolling hills then would jump a neighbors fence and go through his yard to get home. This neighbor was an older guy who lived alone and kept to himself... no one ever saw him much except when he was doing yardwork in his front yard... i did this every day.
    One day i got home, undressed and smoked a joint then went to get my notebook out of my bookbag and discovered it was missing! i panicked and searched my room until i remembered i had checked before reaching the neighbors yard and knew i had it then... i threw on a pair of shorts, tee short and sandals and retraced my steps, sneaking into the neighbors yard and looking everywhere. i was looking through the bushes where i jumped the fence when suddenly i was grabbed by the back of the neck and forced across the yard and into the house where i was confronted by the neighbor, a tall, lean reddish gray haired man named Rusty. He yelled at me for being on his property and for ruining his tomato plants and threatened to call my parents... i was scared of getting in trouble and telling him i would never do it again when he got a weird look on his face.
    "I believe this is yours..." he said and i looked in horror to see my notebook in his hand!
    Frantic and terrified my notebook would be found by anyone i broke into tears, trying to think of an explanation but unable to... all i could hope was he hadn't read it... that hope was shattered instantly.
    "And, yes... I have read it, well, some of it" he said
    i began to cry hysterically, blubbering it was just stories i made up for fun. i was desperate, filled with fear of what my parents would say or do when they saw it. i blurted out between my tears..."it's just pretend... i never did any of it!"... which brought an odd smile from him...
    "Maybe not" he said "but I bet you want to"
    i looked at him, not knowing how to respond, tears running down my cheeks. i knew it didn't matter whether i had or not, it was there in black and white and in my had writing, that's all that mattered.
    "you're in luck" he said " because now you get to"
    i didn't realize what he was saying until he walked over and grabbed me by the back of the neck again.
    "unless you want your friends and parents to see this you will do what I say' Rusty growled..."take your clothes off!"
    At first i wasn't sure i heard him right, but then he slapped me across the face hard and yelled at me to take my clothes off. Scared i quickly did as he said, stripping naked right there, covering my self with both hands, which seemed to piss him off. He knocked my hands away and shook me hard.
    "You better listen up, boy!" he snarled in my face" don't you ever cover up in front of me again... you belong to me now unless you want every one to read your little book there... you hear me????!" he shook me again and slapped me on my bare ass, making me yelp.
    'Now get on yer fucking knees, boy!" He forced me to obey, pushing me down. As i got down on my knees he opened the short black kimono style robe he wore and i sat that what i thought were leather pants were in fact chaps and that he was naked under them. i found myself staring at the biggest cock and pair of balls i had ever seen.
    "Suck my cock, boy" He demanded lifting the huge head of his cock to my lips. i could smell his hot earthy musk as he shoved it against my lips and forced it into my mouth. Tears rolled down my cheek at my first taste of cock... i knew right then and there i wanted it, that there was no denying i was a cocksucker. i began to suck his cock, no easy task as he was huge and i had never done it before... i worked my tongue and lips all over his long thick shaft as he moaned and grew bigger and harder.
    "Damn, boy, you like that don't you???? you like sucking cock" he laughed.
    It was impossible to deny, especially being naked since my cock was now rock hard. i loved the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth. Since there was no point in denying it i began to suck him eagerly which he obviously enjoyed. i couldn't take all of it down my throat but i did my best to take as much as i could, gagging repeatedly on it.
    "Yeah, you love sucking my cock boy????" he asked again and this time nodded and took my mouth off him to whisper a 'yes' before filling my mouth again. i couldn't get enough! It was the most exciting thing i had ever experienced.
    We moved to the sofa and i got on my hands and knees next to him, pumping my lips up and down his long thick shaft, while he ran a hand over my naked body, making me shiver at his touch, especially when he squeezed my bare asscheeks.
    "You sure you never sucked dick before, boy????' he groaned.
    i raised my head and answered 'no, i never' and he laughed and said i was really good at it which made me very happy. i attacked his cock with vigor, wanting to please him.
    After a really long time he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me off his cock and kissed me hard on the mouth. i moaned as his tongue explored my mouth, grabbing his hard cock and stroking him. He reached between my legs and grabbed my dick, began stroking me.
    "You're my boy now... you like that????' he asked and i nodded, knowing it was true... He laughed and pushed my over on my back and engulfed my cock with his mouth. i had never experienced anything like that before and almost came immediately but he must have guessed because he sat up. He looked at me and grabbed my sparse pubes, pulled them hard and said "these have to go" then he reached into a drawer in the endtable and took out a strip of black leather which he then put around my neck, buckling it on. i realized it was a dog collar as he took out a short leather leash and attached it to the collar. i felt a weird thrill as he stood up and tugged on the leash, making me get up. He then led me down the hallway to a bathroom and made me get up on the counter, leaning back on my elbows and spreading my legs. He then took out a can of shaving cream and a razor and i watched as he shaved off all my pubic hair, then shaved my legs and underarms, telling me i had to keep myself smooth for him from now on or i would be punished. wearing that collar, being led by a leash and being shaved, told to keep it that way, being so controlled thrilled me beyond belief. when he jerked on the leash and led me down the hall i was ready to shot my load.
    He led me down the hall to the Master bedroom. It was a big room with a huge four poster bed and there were whips and straps on every wall. He pushed me to my knees again and i immediately began sucking his huge engorged cock. i was really getting into it when he pulled me up to my feet and then had me get upon the bed, on my back with my legs over the edge. He picked up several objects from the dresser top and buckled them on my wrists and ankles, black leather cuffs with snaphooks and d====rings on them. Then he made me stand up and buckled a leather studded belt around my waist. He pushed me back onto the bed again and strapped on me a cockstrap that also forced my balls apart and made then jut out. i watched with a huge smile as he did this, loving the way all these straps made me feel, especially the collar.
    Once he was done he made me suck his cock some more, which i did, greedily slurping and sucking every inch of that huge swollen downward arching shaft. i sucked and licked his huge swollen balls, gobbled his cock, totally into it.. as i did it i suddenly had a thought... i stopped and looked at him, lying there next to me and asked "are you going to cum in my mouth????" He laughed and said "Of course I am, why suck a cock if you aren't going to swallow a lot of cum... you want me to cum in your mouth????" i didn't hesitate "Y-yes... please" i said which made him laugh again.
    i continued to suck him off unable to think of anything but what his cum would taste like and eager to swallow my first load. i slid my lips up and down that rock hard cock wanting to make him cum. Finally he gave a moan and grabbed my hair, holding my head in place he shot his load... flooding my mouth with his salty thick jism. i had never tasted anything so delicious and swallowed every drop i could, gulping it down loudly. When he was done i was disappointed, i wanted more though i eventually discovered he shot bigger than normal loads.
    We rested for a while, me with his cock on my mouth, gently sucking until he started to get hard again. I was excited at the thought of another load of cum to drink but he had other plans. After he was once more fully erect he put me on all fours and began eating my ass! i never felt anything so good as his tongue up my butt... until he forced a finger into me and began fingerbanging me. i was soon groaning and moaning from his finger and tongue. He got up after a while and took out a tube from the nightstand and told me to sit up. i did as he said and he handed me a tube of KY jelly telling me to 'grease up' his cock which i did. i loved stroking that dick of his and gave a sigh when he stopped me. but the he put me back on all fours, facing away from him and got up on his knees n[behind me... i instantly knew what he was going to do but it was exciting.. i didn't resist as he began rubbing the fat head of his cock against my asshole.
    He pushed that head against my hole, told me to relax and i felt my asshole being forced open as he inched his cock into me. it was a tight fit and hurt but i didn't try to stop him. He got the head in but i was so tight. He slowly ran his hands over my naked body then grabbed both my nipples with his fingers and pinched them hard and twisted them. It was so fast i was taken off guard and automatically tried to pull away and instead impaled myself on the entire length of his cock. i gasped at the feel of an ass full of hard cock and he let me feel that fullness for a while before grabbing my hips and slowly began working his cock in and out of my butt. He did it slowly at first but then began doing it faster and harder, shoving my face into the pillows. i lost all control, all i could do was take that cock, take the hard merciless pounding. /everything vanished except the feel of his cock reaming my tight young asshole. Bigger, heavier, his massive balls swung up between my thighs and slapped hard against my bound and shaved balls and cock as he plunged his huge cock in and out of me upraised ass. He slapped my ass, giving me an extra thrill of pleasure and kept pinching my nipples roughly until he growled he was about to cum. i pressed back against his thrusts ready to take his load deep in my ass when he suddenly jerked his cock from my well-reamed asshole, spun me to a sitting position and thrust his cock at my lips. Realizing what he intended i grabbed his prick and aimed it at my lips as i opened my mouth. A second to slow a stream of white fluid jetted from the head of his cock and splattered on my lips and cheeks before i could get my lips around that fat spurting cockhead. the rest of his load i managed to swallow, then wiped off what was on my face and licked my finger clean.
    For the next 4 years i spent every minute i could with Rusty, sucking his cock and getting my ass pounded. Our relationship became a Master/slave one and i lived to please him as he introduced me to BDSM, and taught me to be his sex slave. i worshipped him and obeyed his every command.... more on that later

    billy the cocksucking slave

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    My Uncle Ed pays me to dress in his wife's clothes. My Aunt Peg passed away a few years ago and left closets full of wonderful clothes and shoes. Her lingerie and accessories is any woman's dream. It started soon after she died, he said that I had always reminded him of his wife. I had her facial features and I am slight of build, just 5'6" and 130 lbs. I am blessed with a big thick cock which is problematic in panties. Nonetheless, I have become proficient at makeup and Peg had left several wigs. The very first time he saw me he was in a state of shock. He kissed me softly on the lips and caressed my face. Then he abruptly placed his hands on my shoulders and forced me to my knees. He unleashed his huge cock and it slapped me on the cheek. I instinctively found his cock head with my lips and took him into my mouth. I could feel the heat and pulse as his cock stiffened in my mouth. With each thrust he forced his dick down my throat. I choked several times but he continued and as I was able to relax my throat he found purchase and went balls deep in my throat. Just as I thought I would pass out he withdrew and wiped his spent dick on my face. He helped me to my feet and led me to the bathroom and told me to get cleaned up and meet him downstairs.

    Un cle Ed handed me five one-hundred dollar bills. I was shocked but sure needed the money. When he fucks me which is three or four times a month I get a grand, cash.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I visited a South East Asian country recently and managed to meet up with a ladyboy to score some "smoke", i though she meant weed but apparently it was something else.

    So after a few puffs, i was freaking horny. I was sucking off the ladyboy while her room mate (also a ladyboy) was pounding my ass. This is my first experience of being such a slut. All i wanted was to get fucked and suck cock at the same time.

    They took turns fucking me and one came in my ass (protected of course) and one came in my mouth.

    After that i read that "smoking" can lower my inhibitions and make me really hyper sexual.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 31

    I took a job as a dispatcher at a trucking company. I was used to working in the trucking industry and this offered a better position. I have a wife and she had just delivered a third baby and we needed the money.

    One of the truck drivers, who delivered material for construction projects around town became friendly with me and I started to hand out with him. He was typical of the men who drive for a living and I didn't think anything of it. One afternoon he asked me to have a beer, and I felt that I needed to go home and help my wife, but I also needed some time off, so I agreed. We went to an out of the way beer joint and had a couple of beers and talked about his job and how long he had been woth the company and he complimented me on my job and how much better things were since i had started to work there. Time passed me noticing and the next thing I knew we were ordering burgers and fries and more beers.

    I hadn't noticed, but he was sitting really close to me, I thought so we could hear each other better. His knee was against mine and from time to time he would touch my arm or my hand to get my attention. He would whisper in my ear, the conversation turned to being married and if with my wife just having had a third kid, if i had been left out in the cold. It was now well after dark and he asked me if I wanted to check out his truck. We paid and left the beer joint and walked out to his truck in the parking lot.

    When we got there we got inside and he was showing the equipment and everything and then he said he had something he wanted to show me. He unzipped his pants and took out his penis, which was pretty hard. He told me to suck him. I got angry but he held me by the wrist and told me to suck him. He held my wrist real tight and said 'come on boy, give old Jim the best loving you got in you'. And he grabbed my neck and pulled down my head. I don't know what came over me, but I took his cock in my mouth and I did what I hadn't done since I was in high school. It all came back to me, the days when the guys would have me treat them after the football game. The smell, the taste, the excitement. The feeling was overwhelming and gave in to my desires and filled my mouth with everything I could take.

    After a bit, he pulled my head up and kissed me squarely on the lips. By then I had totally given up and I just delivered myself to him. He unzipped my pants and grabbed me by my cock which was rock hard and he told me he was going to fuck me. All I could say was 'I know, I know', and I went down on him again. I was so hungry, his cock was so good. I helped him push pants down and he rubbed my cheeks and fingered me, and I felt a cold liquid as he lubed me up and fingered me. By then, I was totally lost in the moment, I saw him take some lube and lube his cock and he pulled me around got behind me and I felt something that I had almost forgotten. The feeling of him penetrating me was so great, it had been so long. I just gave myeself to him and I fealt the teers on my cheeks as he thrust until I knew he had reached orgasm.

    Oh, God. I just laid back agains the seat pulling my pants up and looking at him. He told me that he knew from the day I went to work there that he was going to have me. Now he had and all those feelings of so long ago had come back. I had surpressed them, but he woke them up again. God it felt so good. When I got home that night I could not even look at my wife. All I could do was think about what had happened in that truck.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    .this was back in the 70s,...we were traveling to a family car .my 2 parents 2 sisters an an other brother ,.we stopped at a road side dinner truckstop place,to have a break an something to eat an a pitstop,the family were all in the dinning room ordering a meal so i scarpered off to the toilet for a pee an to see if there was a gloryhole or anything interesting going on ...much to my suprise there was a hole in the last 2 stalls ...i went into the stall that had a latch on the door sat down an started to rub my cock as i read the enteries on the walls in there ..i was in there for about 4 minutes,,an the outside door gave its loadish scweal as it opened some one came in ..who ever it was went over to the urinal an started to pee,. it was a heavy load flow as he pissed ,.then silence,. i heard a few footsteps an the tile floor,.then the tap came on, an water flowed load ,..then silence again this time ..i had my cock out an was stroking it as i listened to the movment out in the the footsteps came closer then he entered the stall next to mine,..i sat there waiting, an listening to the movement in the next stall..then i leaned forward to see what as going on in there ,as i leaned toward the hole to look , it was then that this brown ,thickish cut cock came thru the hole was pulpy looking, still semi soft not quite hard an not soft ,,,as its full lenght came thru the hole an flopped down in front of me,..i put my hand up to take hold of it , it was clammy to touch as if it had been washed an partically dryed, smelt musty yet sort of warm ..i took it into my hand an squeezed it slightly could feel it growing in my hand, as i slowly pulled on it,..i gave it a tug, to pull its full lenght thru the hole so the balls could be partcially seen,..with that,he moved about a few times,. as if to get it thru the hole a matter of minutes it was totally precumming to my touching an licking was then that i went down on it an started to suck it..taking as much of it, as i could get into my mouth,..i sucked the hard head,.an wanked it really started to swell ..i let it go for a moment, an looked at it bobbing up an down, as it pulsated away,i sucked it yet again ..i then stood up, spat on my hand, an rubbed the spit into my ass crack an turned around an slowly moved backward on to the thick thobbing cock, i wanted the thickness in me, .i felt the wet head touch the opening to my ass, an i slowly leaned backward onto the cock, with slow ease as i felt the head break its way ito me .....i stopped for the moment as it entered .cause it hurt like hell ...then i heard a grunt from the next he started a slow long thrust,in & out.. in & out, with that i started again , to lean entered deeper,then he gave one big thrust an he was in all the way ,it must have been about a minute,. that he in me, then he went tense an started to shoot .......i pulled off his cock just in time to see the blobbs of cum, fall to the floor,there were about 4 or 5 good sized globs on the floor ....then with that , the cock pulled back into its own cubical , i sat down again .an my ass felt like it was on fire with pain, from the tearing an stretching done by that oversized cock, that had just fucked me,.i could hear all the shuffling going on in the next stall, as he re,dressed himself..then his stall door opened an he went out ,.by this time i thought i bettr get back or they would think i was lost or something , with that , i pulled up my pants, an opened the door to my stall ...just as the outside door slammed shut ,.i hurried to the outside door to make my way back into the dinner. an as i went out into the parking lot, an toward the dinner, there in front of me, walking away from the toilet, ahead of me ,was my father, it was him that had just fucked me in there , it was his cock that was in me right up to his balls an his cum all over the floor in there ,.i dived out of sight so he didnt see me waited till he was reseated in the dinner before i went in this day, i have never told a soul of this till now...but i often think of that day in that stall an him not knowing it was me he seeded an raped not some other ass but mine .......memories huh ........

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    take a dump on my face?

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    Straight Male / 45

    My step-daughter and her boyfriend broke up the other day they have a baby together. He left her raising the baby by herself. She worked full time he was home with the baby. Now she has no one to turn to but us (my wife and I) she know I took a medical retirement and stay home dad. She ask if I can watch the baby when she go's to work for the time being until she can get her things together. I agree for a short time beside baby sleep most of the time anyway.

    The first couple days baby sitting was fine until I got bore and decided to snoop around her bedroom. She has some sexy lingerie and I can tell she has good taste and know how to pick them. I took them off the hanger and smell them and even play with them. I then went over to her dirty clothes basket and pull out some of her sexy panties she had wore. I smell them and even tasted the crotch area and it tasted good. That white crusty spot she left on her panties. I licked and sucking clean then I put it back. I was doing that every time I baby sit.

    She told me she have baby milk bottles in the refrigerator from her breasts for the baby. I said I will feed the baby don't worry and I did feed the baby. But she has so many bottles in the refrigerator I though I will try a bottle of her milk. It wasn't bad at all so I finish the whole bottle. When she came home and said wow the baby must be hungry and I said yes. Little does she know I drank a bottle.

    This went on longer than I wanted to baby sit but I wasn't going to complaint about it because I started to like it. She start to get comfortable with me watching the baby. She got home early one day because she has so much milk in her breasts it start to hurt and she needed to pump it out. I was surprise to see her using the breasts pump in front of me. I kind of look dumb at first then she said oh daddy is not that you haven't seem woman breasts before. I rolled my eyes and said you are correct as she is pumping away.

    Then she said damn it I run out of empty bottles and I said can I help and do anything. She laugh out loud and said yes if you could suck the rest of the milk out of my breasts that would release my pain. I said if you want me to. She said I was joking but if you really want to I will let you. I didn't wast any time but to suck her breasts with all that milk in my mouth. I didn't want her to change her mind. She was sitting down on the couch and I was laying across her lap with her breast in my mouth. I suck each one of her breasts until is all gone.

    She realize my cock was getting hard when I was sucking her breasts. She unzip my pants and pull my cock out and start to stroking it then suddenly I shot my load of cum up in the air. She said daddy you just wasted a good cum. I said what do you mean. She said I would of suck your cock and you could of cum in my mouth. I said really and she said that is the least I can do for you since you are watching my baby. We end up having sex every day when she come home from work.

    After that day I was looking forward to baby sit and my wife though I was being a good grandpa for the baby. Her daughter never told her about us and I am not about to tell her, not knowing what will happen.

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