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  • — Men Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    hello,i am a 61 year old man,i am virile and have a ridiculously high sex drive,i have a nice 8 inch cock my wife loves and i am proud of,my whole life as long as i can recall i wanted to love another mans cock,kiss it suck it etc,i have looked in chat rooms and other sites hoping to connect with someone,today about 3 hours ago i was chatting with a man who as it happened lives in my town,he was 39 and wanted a blow job,he assured me great discretion so i got his address and told him i would be over in ten minutes,i was shaking terribly with excitement,i told my wife i was going to gas up the car.He lives in a high rise apartment building,i entered and rang the buzzer,he said hellp and i replied and he said come in,i went down the hall to his door and he was waiting with it open,he had on a pair of track pants and i couldnt really see his cock,he asked me if he could have a look at mine and i was rock hard when i pulled it out and the head immediately hit my belly,he stroked it for a bit and said it was beautiful,i reminded him that i was there only to suck his cock,he smiled and said yes and your anxious,i agreed so he said come into the bedroom,i sat on the bed and he closed the door but turned lights on,he simply walked up to me and i reached out,he said wait,and then turned his back to me and pulled off his pants,when he turned i was in awe!!! i have a big cock but his was amazing thick as my wrist uncut and 11 inches long,i lifted it with my hand and worked the foreskin over the head and back,then i opened my mouth and put it around the head,i sucked it for a long time but kept stopping so it would last he began to finger my ass and i loved it,i was moaning and sucking and he said he wanted to fuck me,i asked if he had a rubber and he said yes,it was a magnum but his cock was so big and thick it barely fit just past the head,i didnt care,he screwed me until i shot wads out my own meaty cockthen he came! he pulled out and wow! gusher after gusher shooting out until most of the bedspread was soaking wet with sperm,we talked after and i am going to be his new piece of ass,im so happy mmmmm.i cant wait to fuck my wife and think of his huge

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 25

    My wife agreed to do whatever I want whenever I want, for a two week period.

    Those two weeks weeks of sex whenever I wanted were initiated during a conversation between her and I.

    I told her I was unsatisfied with the level of sex in our relationship. There was a period of about six months after our son's birth where we did not have any sex at all. Of course, there was physical recover on her part for the first three, but...

    It's been about a year now and sex was barely ever happening and I was meeting rejection more often than not.

    Nothing kills a man's confidence more than a woman who repeatedly turns him down. Nothing hurts more to a husband than a wife who becomes physically distant and sexually uninterested.

    And she was rejecting me so often I just wanted to stop asking all together, which left me sexually frustrated. There were many times where I asked her to make love, and she told me "Just go masturbate." In a voice that said she couldn't be bothered. I explained there were to things I craved, physical orgasm and physical intimacy, and that her suggestion didn't satisfy both.

    Well, I told her if she couldn't keep up with my sexuality- if she couldn't adjust hers to my level: I'd adjust mine to hers. I'd rather be asexual than masturbating and getting rejected all the time.

    --She begged me not to do that-- I asked her why. She said a sexless marriage was no marriage at all.

    I told her, "our marriage is already sexless. It's extremely unfair that you'd ask me to maintain a high sex drive, without fulfilling it."

    Anyway, I told her I couldn't keep putting up with rejection, and that the obvious solution was to let my high sex drive peter out and atrophy. It wasn't doing us any good.

    I was constantly asking her and being rejected, both of us were quite frustrated with the whole thing.

    We'd both be happy that way, because I wouldn't be disappointed and she wouldn't be nagged.

    ----So she said---- "What if I match your sexuality?" She offered to do a 2 week trial run, and have sex anytime, anywhere, at my whim.

    We made love that night, and it was the best we've had in a long long time.

    I didn't want to go overboard, so I didn't ask her to do anything at all the next day and waited till the following night to ask for a blowjob.

    She granted my request, as per our agreement.

    The next night, I told her I wanted to eat some pussy. She said no. I said you have no choice and forced her to recall her promise. She showered and I ate until she came, then we made love.

    The next day I asked her to have sex again. She said "No, but I'll do something else." That blowjob was the beginning of the end.

    The next day, having already been rejected for intercourse once (but still physically satisfied) I asked for a blowjob.

    She said no.

    She went back on her agreement.

    Within the first week she rejected me twice. Then once more on the first day of the second week. And again on the second.

    I stopped asking, and the rest of the week went by without her initiating a single time.

    She agreed to have sex with me whenever I wanted for two weeks, and we only had sex twice. She blew me a few of times. She rejected me as many times as we had sex in that period.

    She can go fuck herself, because I'm sure as hell not going to be doing that ever again.

    It's clear to me now that she wanted me to maintain my sexuality so that she wouldn't have to feel the pain of rejection like I have all year long.

    I don't want her to feel that pain but I'm tired of feeling it myself. So we are going to have an officially sexless marriage.

    Until we get divorced.

    Because I think that will be coming along soon enough. She is rude, insulting and not supportive of me at all.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 34

    It is a complicated back story. I was 24 at my first real job and I worked for this woman who had just turned 30. There was way too much information from her about her problems with her husband. She complained incessantly about his sex problem, always wanting sex from her. I listened, and my more or less answer was always the same, she was his wife and part of that deal was having sex with him. She didn't want to hear that, she wanted me to agree that he should sleep in another room.

    During that time my apartment complex had a fire and my apartment was damaged and I pretty much lost everything to smoke and water damage. She offered for me to come stay with her until I found another place. When I moved in her husband was really nice to me, and the three of us went shopping for clothes, he paid for everything. He just paid for everything, never charged me rent, he loaned me his car and drove mine, which he eventually sold and bought another car for me.

    The house wasn't that big that I didn't hear her complain when he wanted to be with her. The next morning she was always a mess, she would cook, that is what she did after he had sex with her, she would cook. We always had these great meals after he had sex with her. The cooked and she complained.

    I had been there six months, we had never gone to look for another place, she got a weekly allowance from him and I got the same allowance, money we got to spend for ourselves, because girls need to have money to buy little things for themselves without having to justify it. I didn't spend any of the money I was earning, I didn't have rent, I didn't have a car note, I didn't pay for groceries, or clothes, or going out, or vacation. If I needed something or wanted something he would buy it for me. The same with his wife, we were pampered and supported, we were totally spoiled.

    One of the many nights when she had problems, she left her bed and came and got in bed with me. He came looking for her, he told me to unlock the door. His voice was different, so I got up to unlock the door. She didn't want to have sex and I told him that maybe if she didn't want sex he should give her a pass. It was her or me, I took my pants off and got on the bed and told him to get on me. I was screwed in a minute. He was pumping so hard, and I got scared that I might get pregnant, so he turned me around and he was completely up my rectum. He told me I had a tight ass, and to milk him with my butt, he wanted to feel me squeeze the milk out of him.

    When he started to ejaculate, he pulled me up really tight against him and told me I was going to be a real good wife for him. My whole body just went limp as he hugged me and came. He fell off my back, I managed to turn over and he put me in a head lock and held me against his chest. He told his wife to go get a wash cloth and wash us.

    He went back to his room and she and I slept in my bed. The next morning she told me that she could never do that, let him get in her like that. I asked her if that is what she didn't like, she said that she just didn't like sex. She asked me if I was ok with him having sex with me like that. I told her it was my first time, but that I liked it, it didn't hurt and I felt really intimate with him. we left it at that and got ready for work.

    I never moved out, it has been ten years. She is more allowing with him now, but he has sex more often with me. I try to make sure that he has sex with her at least twice a month, nothing kinky, just regular loving. I let him have his kinky side, and I have come to really enjoy anal sex with him. We always start vaginally, and if I am really horny we go anal to finish. I am not oral at all, and neither is she. That is not our thing. What makes me feel good is being fully penetrated and held hard against him until he finishes. I like the feeling of him finishing, vaginally it is harder for me to tell when he starts, but with anal sex I can always tell when he is going to cum.

    Both she and I have changed jobs from where we met. We don't work together, it just got to be too much togetherness. We have enough togetherness at home.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 38

    I am 38. My wife is 35.
    Her sister is 38 and her sister's husband is 42.
    I did not know until recently, after 9 years of marriage, that my wife had been in a relationship with her brother-in-law before we met.
    A friend of my wife's and her sister, that they'd had a falling out with recently, posted a series of throwback pictures on social media recently that all of our friends saw.
    They were of my wife grabbing her brother-in-laws (then her boyfriend) crotch while they were making out, as he was fondling her bare breasts on a beach in Cancun. Him cupping my wife's bare breasts in a hot tub, my wife straddling him with her bikini top unhooked, and several of my wife performing oral sex on him with another woman, and a few of her and him in sexually explicit poses, some jokingly and others kind of flauntingly..
    Her sister is embarrassed, my wife is embarrassed and I'm embarrassed.
    You see, I'm a minister.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my wife and i watched another black gang bang dvd while i ate her pussy and fucked her with a 10 inch dildo. she came all over it talking about them taking her away for a week and using her white holes. after she came on it she beat me off telling me how i'd have to clean up her cum and their cum when they dropped her home. i dont know if she really wants to be gangbanged by hung black penis, but i think she does! im only 6 inches long and she takes 9 inches of the dildo while i lick her clit.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I'm actually 17, almost 18. Last month I met a guy off the internet, our flirting was mainly lead by me after he sent me pics of his amazingly thick cock. I chose the place, a local park where I've fucked my girlfriend a few times. I wasn't attracted to him per say, as we met near to the wooded area, but I knew what he had in his shorts. Unleashing his fat cock and taking my first ever hardening dick into my mouth was just awsome. The pictures didn't do his thick meaty cock justice as I struggled at first to take it in. Once I relaxed a little though, I soon began to give him, my 46 year old new friend, a much better blow job, not unlike my girlfriend gives me. Holding my head after a few minutes I felt his cock throbbing and soon after he filled my mouth with his sweet tasting cum. I thought I might not like it, but I truely loved the taste and feel of it in my mouth and sliding down my throat. I've met him twice more and on both ocassions my cock sucking skills have gotten better each time. He's asked me if I'd think about letting him fuck my ass. I don't know yet if I will (I want to), but I will certainly keep on sucking his gorgeous cock dry.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 54

    This isn't about me.

    This is about someone famous that I have unpublished information on.

    A number of years ago my father had a small auction house. He was also involved in real estate investing. While on vacation in another country, he had the opportunity to purchase an apartment once owned by the Duchess of Windsor. The place was a mess, neglected and rented out to the wrong sort so he had it renovated. Before doing so he went through and gathered up any and all furnishings and items that he deemed salable and shipped the more valuable items back to his auction house. As the workmen began demolishing portions of the apartment they discovered a hidden compartment in the cabinetry there. In the compartment was an assortment of hand written notes, letters and ramblings in French. He didn't think much of it but kept them anyways wondering if they might turn out to be interesting. I remember him showing them to me once and telling me where he got them from.

    Years later when my Dad died I found those handwritten items in a box describing the provenance and remembered my Dad having shown them to me years earlier. I don't read French so I had them translated. Upon further investigation I found that three of them were in the hand of the Duke of Windsor.

    One was a romantic love letter from him to the Duchess, nothing especially interesting, typical of someone smitten. Another was a short note telling her of a change in travel plans, again nothing especially interesting. But several pages read like a bawdy diary.

    Translated is one:

    "I licked deeply savoring the sweet stench filled hole that has become the center of my world. The sweet hair bathed in her piss surrounding the hole only serves to enhance. My sweet, sweet source of all I crave, allowed me to partake of her holy communion as it passed out of her sacred hole and onto my tongue. I would trade one mouthful of her excrement for a thousand crowns."

    Later it reads:

    "Oh how delightfully dreadful the sweet agony of her nails bite deeply into my scrotum. I would eagerly surrender them to the slaughter were it not for the fact that their demise would end my hunger for the pain."

    That goes on for three pages. I am certain of their authenticity.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    We both chose the destination, both knowing and understanding what we were getting into. It advertised as a Hedonistic place to stay. And we knew from internet research, both sexes had their opportunity to indulge in extra marital sex. There also was if you required and wanted it, a place further up the coastline, that would cater for purely gay individuals who wanted to experience partner swapping, or a black male that would satisfy your urges to be fucked by a large cocked man.
    The first night on the island, no problems. And we both indulged in sex with other holiday makers. My husband fucked an older woman whilst her husband watched and masturbated, and I had a wonderful time with a teenager who took a bee line to me the moment we got there.
    Each afternoon or evening afterwards, I progressively had more and more sex, as my husband took a kind of back seat. Sometimes it was with other people holidaying on the island, other times it was a black guy who either worked there or associated with someone who worked there.
    Sometimes my husband watched for a short time, other times he'd be gone and I indulged fully then. Taking cock deep up my pussy and arsehole, something my husband didn't like me to do.
    On our last night I invited two black males and one of their girlfriends over to our room. My husband sort of took part for about half an hour, then left saying he'd be back later on. I had a fantastic time licking, sucking and fucking with everyone, then spent the rest of the night with the beautiful female having lesbian sex, as the men went off gambling.
    When my husband got back in, we were licking each others pussies and he kind of joined in for a time, sticking his cock up her pussy as I licked her sweet pussy from below. He only lasted a few minutes though, and almost passed out beside us. It was then I noticed just how "puffy" and red his arsehole looked. Not saying anything as I was too busy enjoying myself, I later kissed my beautiful lover goodbye and joined him in bed.
    The following morning I asked him where he'd been the night before and he got defensive about my question. Not thinking anything of it, I later saw a guy I knew frequented the so called gay section of the resort, and he told me my husband was a cute guy. (My husband is three years younger than me). When I pressed him, he said he and two other black guys, plus an American holiday maker had all fucked my husband the night before, on the beach as a farewell to him for all the good times he'd had with them over the fortnight. He told me as if I already knew my husband was having specifically gay sex. Before he left me, he off the cuff added in his local accent "Great ass your husband has. But boy can he suck cock like no man I've ever known". Smiling his huge black smile, he left kissing me telling me he'd see us next year.
    Because we were, like we always are packing up, hectic and late. I totally forgot about the guy and his comments, but remembered on the flight home. I asked my husband about what he'd said and he told me "It's just Leroy being Leroy, making things up again". I didn't press him, but I knew Leroy would say something like that if it wasn't true.
    Like I've said at the start, we both knew why we were going and what was there. So I didn't and don't understand why my husband hid what he was upto at the resort. After all he knew all about me fucking other guys and women.
    The reason I say all this, is over the last year, he's I believe, been seeing an older guy who he works alongside and I'm sure the guy is fucking him.
    We're going back to the island again soon and I plan on having a great time again. The only difference is, my husband has booked us to be much closer to the "gay" section of the resort. The question i have, is why doesn't he just tell me he enjoys being fucked and why doesn't he trust me to accept it. After all, I am openly having sex with his sister every week, whether he chooses to acknowledge it or not.
    Ps. He knew when we got together I enjoyed and wanted an open marriage. He was only too happy to marry me, believe me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 26

    So my roommate tends to have women over for sex every week or so. Anyway, since they all tend to be one night stands, he's sometimes able to convince the women he's with to give me some head. Perhaps, it's weird I'm getting head from a woman who just had sex with my roommate, but I just cannot turn down a blowjob. I don't know how he convinces them. Unfortunately, I can't do the same for him. I'm terrible with getting with women on my own, haha.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    Derek is my stepbrother, 4 years older than me. We're not directly related. My dad married his mom. When we were young and lived together, he used to sneak into my bedroom and fuck me.

    It started almost as soon as my dad and his mom got married and they moved into our house. I was still in High School and he had just graduated. He'd wait for dad and mom to go to bed and sneak into my room in the middle of the night.

    Derek is a big guy, both in physical shape and his dick. He used to play rugby for our school. He would get into my bed and pin me down. I could not move with his weight on me and just stayed there for him to use. He liked to rub his penis with spit first before pushing it into me. He'd start slow and go deep, burying himself inside me.

    Honestly no girl would find Derek to be unattractive. But he was never gentle. Always such a rough guy.

    It varies but these sessions usually lasted from a few minutes, and up to a couple hours on a few occasions. In the beginning, it felt like eternity and I just closed my eyes and hoped for the abuse to be over. Derek has never considered that he's done anything wrong. He would tell me that he was fucking me as payback for my dad having sex with his mom. To him, it's only fair.

    He eventually moved away to college and I only saw him when he returned for breaks. He never tried it again. He is now married with 2 kids. His wife and children have no idea what a monster he is.

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