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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I have been married to my wife for 30 years. She was 18 and a virgin when we met and she has never had sex with another guy.
    Over the years I have fantasized constantly about watching her being fucked really roughly by other men.
    Guys are constantly trying to chat her up at social events. She is a very attractive woman. 48 years yound, blonde, blue eyes, 34DD breasts, 5'5, slim....great legs.
    I have told her that I don't think its fair on her that I have had other women...before we married (and a few during our marriage that she doesn't know about) where as she has only ever had the pleasure of one cock...mine.
    She says that she's not interested in having sex with other men, even though I have made it quite clear that she has my permission - not that she needs it.
    I was talking with a friend - work mate of mine who now knows of my fantasy and has offered to try to seduce my wife. I have seen his cock.....don't ask.....and it's a good solid 8 inches and quite thick. Mine is 6 inches and thinner and I know that given a chance my wife will love the way he fills her with it.
    He told me that my wife has kissed him and allowed him to fondle her breasts....with clothes on, allowed him to slide a hand up her skirt and rub the front of her panties....making them quite wet, but stopped him when he tried to slip a finger into her. He seems confident that maybe sje'll go all the way next time.
    Do you think I am making a mistake?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    My mother used to be an addict and may still be however, I wouldn't know because I have seen her in 12 years. For the longest time I didn't know why she wasn't around. When I was mature enough, my dad told me what had happened. He caught her doing some sort of drugs in the house with various people (men and women). It was a drug/sex party. Not only were people doing it in their room but also mine. Long story short...that was the last time she was in that house and the last time I saw or spoke to her.

    I would normally end up in my dads bed over the next couple of years. A thunderstorm, scary dream etc. I then started to go thru the change. My boobs started to come in and so did my bush. I started feeling funny feelings towards him. As I would lay near him on some nights I would move around so I could be touching him. His body felt good touching mine. My friends told me about masturbation. I tried it and it felt great. Especially on the nights in his bed.

    I didn't know really what an Orgasm was. When my girlfriends would say "did you cum", I would just answer yes not really knowing what it meant. Until one night while in his bed I was doing it and came. I guess I was too loud and he woke up. He knew from one look what I was doing and what had just happened. He held me tight telling me it was OK and to enjoy the feeling. I fell asleep almost immediately.

    I now knew what the prize was and masturbated almost daily. I remember thinking I wonder if it feels this good if someone else does it for you. Then it finally happened. I was doing it in his bed when he spoke up and asked me if I was enjoying myself. I pulled my hand away from myself. I guess he couldn't take it any longer and grabbed my hand and brought it to his face. He was rubbing it all over and smelling my scent. He asked if I wanted to see a boy do what you were doing. I said yes and he took off his covers...he was already naked. I watched him masturbate. I'd never seen this and was totally overtaken by my senses. Now I understand that it was the sights, sounds and smells that were driving me crazy. He reached out and stroked my breasts and then came.

    This was something we shared over the next few months. He eventually ask me if I wanted to feel something really good. I said yes and it was the first time someone has went down on me. The feeling of a warm, soft tongue on your clit is amazing and you never forgot the first time it happens. I figured out that I could cum twice as fast that way and more than once.

    He eventually introduced my to soft-core porn. Now I know it was so I could learn how to give a handjob and eventually a blowjob. This went on for a few years. At 15 I had the body of a women and was ready to make the move to the next level. We talked about it and finally made love. I maybe hurt some but, from masturbating with objects, I was used to things being inside me. When I came it was the warmests feeling ever. He held me tight as always then started moving again and then a came on my belly.

    My sex life was perfect. Now I'm in college and the quality of "dick" out there is no comparison to those 10 years.

    From time to time when I'm back home during breaks we will still make love however, now that I'm older and wiser when it comes to that stuff, I prefer a good fucking doggie style. Now when he cums and shakes all over and breathes heavy, I finally get to hold and comfort him.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I had an entirely random fling...don't remember the guys name, age, face, anything...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 49

    Bored with my life and my wife, I managed to chat up a local girl. She's borderline uneducated, no real social skills, just a fat lazy girl who sits indoors watching soaps and eating junk. An easy target for a man with some disposable cash on hand to score. She's not good looking, just bland and dull, common and dresses from the local cheap stores on the basis that if she can cram her wide arse into it, it fits.

    What do we do ? I rim her. Not just a quick lick, but proper full on tongue in deep arse worship. I eat her arse for hours.. Eat it till my tongue is cramping and my jaw is stuck open. I get her to fart on me while I do it. When we kiss, I get her to drink fizzy drinks and burp in my face, in my mouth, spit at me, in my mouth too, and spit on my cock and balls.

    How do we get along ? I pay the odd utility bill, pay for the weeks shopping maybe, and in return she stays out of the shower for me for a few days before I visit so I get proper womans sweaty arse, pussy and armpits to smell and lick and suck and kiss and tongue.

    Where do I cum though ? Every time, I insist that she cums first, and then I cum on her fat belly after fucking her I pull out and wank myself the last few strokes off and spurt it up over the great soft white globe of her belly so I can lick it clean afterwards.

    I should leave my wife, I know... I want this big fuckable lump of a woman much harder than I want my wife.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 49

    I am a divorced white female. My HOA requires manecured lawns and garden beds, but I hate gardening and I cannot afford to pay someone to do it, but I have one of the best yards in our neighborhood. My nextdoor neighbor does it for me.

    A black retired military widower, he spends much of the day on Saturday doing my yard, then he spends most of the night doing me. I full fill hid every desire.

    He is not my friend or lover. He knows as long as I am satisfied with the way my yard looks, he will be satisfied sexually.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 53

    I'm a 63 yr. old white male, married for 41 yrs. My wife feels that because I drink & she quit years ago I'm not worthy of her pussy. She has always used with holding sex as a punishment when she feels I've been bad, even though every marriage counselor we've seen said to never do that. Mind you I work every day, make good money & pay 95% of the bills, I'm not a drunk lush, just enjoy my weekend cocktails. We did have a great sex life on & off for about 30 years but have not had sex together for 5 yrs. I've had some hookups she is not aware of. She has always been a Catholic prude, never too adventurous in the sex department. I'd LOVE to find 4 or 5 big black studs to kidnap her & r**e the shit out of her for 2 or 3 days. I'm talking fuck her pussy, ass & throat, spit roast her, make her swallow every drop of cum then clean the cocks with her tongue, degrade her in every way, cum all over her from head to toe. Then I want her to come back crawling & crying about how terrible it was. Of course I'd feign sympathy, ask for the details, then tell her she must have done something to bring it upon herself. I'd be laughing inside. Then we'd get divorced.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Once me and my boyfriend decided to go out one night but i needed to take a shower. So im in the shower and the next thing i know he opens the curtain and takes a picture me. Of course i was totally nude. The worst thing about it is he made doubles, and gave one to his best friend.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    My Husbands Sister Showing her Vagina to Me

    My husbands sister came to stay with us for a week for the first time we were off work for the week as well, we all went out for day trips and meals out and got on very well together, in a morning we had a brew in our night clothes or in bed we didn't rush to get dressed, I couldent help but notice she only had her dressing gown on I could see it flapping open revealing the her pubic hair and the top of her volva, I didn't mind I enjoyed it, I am bisexual, my husband doesn't know that was a previous life, one morning we were up he was still in bed, we were sat in the front room watching morning TV her opposite me, she didn't have her legs crossed considering she was naked beneath her robe her legs open nearly wide I could see everything I didn't mind and tried not to look between her legs but when you try not to look you are drawn to it, I was went very wet it was stirring wonderful old memories, she saw me looking sorry I said, its ok I don't mind if you don't I can tell your a bisexual I've shown you mine now you show me yours I didn't hesitate I put my leg over the chair arm and finger fucked my self while she did the same, that was the beginning of a relationship, there is more but not now.


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  • — Men Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my best mate is 50 i am only 30 and ask him wood he do my house up by painting it he came round day later he had a key as i was a sleep in chair naked he look round the house took all his clothers of got on top of me i start 2 move as my cock was rock hard when i came round is cock was on top of mine he said do u mine no u cam suck me fuck me do what u like he was after my niple move down 2 my cock and start 2 suck it i felt it cumming i told him carry on do more i cum about 10 time he move up so i could have his cock he shot as soon as i had it in my mouth he look down by chair they was stocking belt bra skirt and knicker can u put all on 4 me so can fuck u arse what it worth 2 me 250 and fuck with u wifey that ok she let u i think i hope so she does i bend over 4 him as lift my skirt up pull knicker down he made me wet and put cock in my arse i said put all in he was pumping a way i could feel his cum shot in my arse he said that was nice i ask can i cum in u arse now i move behide him open his legs put my big cock up his arse after about 15 min i cum about 7 times he said if i pay u will u help paint a big house up it only us 2 if leave what u got on i said got be worth 50 pound a day with tips he said u get tips a week later he came round in his car i was only in car 5 min he pull my trousrs downhe when wow u are bare i said wat u got a big cock with hair on it he ask who suck mine a man in east end of london and u brother in law suck me i suck him of he ask was u bi i told he wood not do that he just said that sad he took my cock and when mad 4 the cum that cum out i going round 2 u house every day i just nod we lay in 69 suck each one of

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I worked in a buisness that looked straight onto the main street of town, but we had those windows that you can't look into but can see out of, and i use to be the last one to leave at night, and the girls next door use to stand out side my shop and smoke or have a break, although the last to leave i finished half hour before most buisnesses in town due to the work we did.

    Any way i would stand in the corner of the wall and window and watch the girls and at times they would be just standing at the window adjusting themselves, any way this day one of the girls started to adjust her bra and she didn't realize that i was in the shop and her tits were out, well i started to touch myself and in the end i rubbed my dick on the window where she was and pretended to tit root her, she was standing there for a good minute rearranging her top, it was a quick action but seemed to have lasted a few minutes,,,, but from that day on wards i would ensure i stayed behind after work until the girls finished their break them would leave.... some times i just play with myself while watching the girls out side.

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