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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Tonight was going to be a night I would remember…I don't know how I knew it, I just did. I was really nervous too, tonight I was going to meet my boyfriends brother and friends. The last time I had peed was about noon, and it was already after supper, and I still didn't feel the need to go. So far so good! I wanted to wait as long as possible….from experience ive found out that the longer it takes you to have to go, the more you will end up peeing. So off we went to the bar to meet the brother. I grabbed a dr pepper at the bar, and made the pleasantries, and we decided to play some darts. After about an hour of playing darts, I lean over to my lover and whispered to him that I ‘needed' to go. After a quick peck I take my turn up at the dart board. Just before I throw my last dart, I get a naughty glint in my eyes. I cross one leg over the other, and peer over my shoulder at my love and give him a wink. I throw my last dart….bulls eye! Turning around to cheers and hollars I walk to my lover……..i can see that boyish grin on his face as I walk closer…….how was that one honey???? The look in his eyes tells me all I need to know. We quickly make our escape into the cold night, the cold shocking my filling bladder. I slide my hand down and clutch myself as we walk to the car, thankful that its late at night, and no one is around. I don't want to lose it now, I have to wait till we get home. In the car, I lean over and give my lover a long passionate kiss….grabbing him through his tight levi's. despite the fridged cold, I can feel his shaft hard under my hands, each pulse he has I can feel him growing harder and harder. Breaking away I gasp out, lets go home my love. I drive just under the speed limit, wanting to wait as long as possible. The warming car making the need to go lessen. At home, I jump out quickly and head for the house hoping I make it inside before the cold attacks my bladder. I fall into the house my lover right behind me. I take off my coat and shoes, hopping from one foot to the other. Out of the corner of my eye I see my lover sittin on his chair, taking off his shoes. I think to myself, this is perfect! I pretend to be flipping through some papers on the table but out of the corner of my eye, im waiting for the perfect moment. And there it is….he has his coat and shoes off, and sitting there looking at me. I walk over to him, the burning hunger in my eyes is too hard to ignore. Not a word is said as I cross the room, with us no words are needed. I climb into his lap, adjusting my legs one on each side of him. I kiss him lightly at first, but the urge to pee is too great. That feeling gets me excited that I kiss him hungerly. Lacing my hands behind his head, forcing him closer to me. I moan loudly into his hot mouth as I relax my aching muscles. I feel the first glorious spurt shoot into my jeans, and I moan again, this time I slow my kissing down, and within seconds I hear him gasp and moan out in pleasure as he feels my hot piss falling into his lap. Breaking my lips from him I whisper my love for him, fighting the urge to go wild on him. When he tells me he loves me too, I move back and forth, grinding my pissing pussing on his jeans. Its time, I cant hold back the raw hunger anymore. I kiss him frantically, moving in circles on his lap. After a few long seconds I stop the flow and break away from his lips……..i lean back to survey the damage. My jeans are soaked and my shirt is wet, but the sexiest vision is his jeans. His whole lap is drenched from my piss. I lean back looking at him, then lower my eyes to my wet jeans. I relax again, and watch some more piss shot out of my jeans onto his lap. The sight is unbelievable and erotic. I reach down, and rub my hands up and down on my jeans. I can feel my hot pee falling on my shaking hands. I lean back farther, giving him a better vision of the piss escaping my jeans. When I am done, and I have no more to give I stand up, and grab his hands and pull him to his feet. I beg him to pee for me…..please, baby pee for me… a matter of seconds he moans and I can feel his already cooling jeans getting warm. I rub him frantically, right on the spot where it's the hottest. I kiss him hungerly. I love it when he pees for me, drives me crazy! When he is done I grab his hand and lead him into the bedroom, where I push him onto the bed and lay on top of him. We are kissing passionately, or still wet bodies grinding on each other, the sexual tension is too much to bear, and I explode in my wet jeans. We rip off our wet clothes, and make love like two love struck rabbits in mating season. One of the hottest fuck's we've had to date

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 21

    Last summer, I went on a cruise with my family. My boyfriend and I (we are both 21) and my brother and his best friend (who are both 19) stayed in the same room together to save money. I have always had a crush on my brother's friend and we have casually flirted with each other in the past. The first night of the cruise my boyfriend and I had sex while my bro and his friend were out at the night club on the ship. The next morning my brother and bf went to the gym while the friend and I hung back in the room. He told me he was going to have blue balls all trip if he was going to see me walking around in my bikini and underwear the entire time. I felt sorry for him and told him I could help him out if he promised not to tell. I also was really horny and wanted him anyway. He thought I was joking until I pulled down his shorts and started to stroke his dick. I had him lay down on his bed and got some lotion. I then gave him a nice handjob until he came all over his stomach. I told him if he was good I might give him something more during the next few days. He was very quiet and discrete about the whole thing and so every night my boyfriend and I would fuck and in the morning when he went to the gym with my brother, I would have fun with the friend. The cruise was 7 days, so the next two mornings I gave the friend blowjobs and let him cum in my mouth while I had my shirt off so he could see my big tits. The rest of the mornings I fucked him bareback and let him cum in my pussy. We had to be quiet and fairly quick in case anyone came back, but it made it more exciting and I came so much. He loved watching me bounce up and down on his dick. The friend and I have not fucked since because he went away to the navy but I still get wet thinking about this trip. I am still with my boyfriend and he has no clue what a slut I was.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend and me were taking the scenic route, just out for a drive.
    We had stopped earlier for lunch, and had two 64 ounce sodas.
    We were cruising along, and I knew we would have to stop for a potty break.
    We drove on, looking for a gas station, store, or something...but we were in the middle of nowhere.
    We finally found a little picnic area off the road. I jumped out, really needing to pee at that point.
    I started to pull my pants down when Gary told me to wait.He pulled me up, and started kissing me. I could tell by his bulge he was feeling frisky!
    I told him I couldn't wait, but he kept kissing me, then slid his hand under my sweatshirt and squeezed my boob.
    He propped me on the hood of the car, and put his cock in.
    I told him I really had to pee. He was fucking me good. It felt soo good, but every thrust felt like the head of his cock was hitting my bladder.
    Finally, he came (so did I). He stood there holding me, and I could feel his cock going soft. I couldn't wait anymore; I felt the warm fluid leave, and my bladder giving a sigh of relief. Gary just looked at me for a moment, then grinned as the warm pee sprayed on his cock, balls, legs, and on the ground.
    We both started laughing. He grabbed his gym clothes out of the trunk and continued on. Finally, we found a convenient store. Gary got out, and said, "would like a big soda?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    So i am 13.
    This happened when i was 12 and came to beieve i was somewhat gay. SO my two closest friends are straight be we all act somewhat gay. So one day me and donovan(my bestfriend) we laying down on my bed. And i said lets fool around a little and grabbed his dick. And he laughed so i just sat on top of him. And let his errected dick dry fuck me a little. And than i layed my head on his chest. I pulled his shirt up and licked his nipples. And than shoved my face on his dick through his pants. Than he said alright enough and stood up. I went over to where he stood. I shoved my hand down his pants and fingered his ass through his boxers.
    After that he said that it was his turn and pushed me onto my bed. He layed ontop of me and started to finger me. And than that was it.

    This is by jcgold and if u want to talk and are 13 or younger email me at musicplusownergmail(just a name i came up with) send a pic of u so i know ur age and this is to talk. ;)

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a confession to make, I have a bad case of acne, mostly because I pick my face constantly. I force a blackhead, whitehead etc and after it pops on my finger I smear it all over my top lip, that way I can feel the texture of it better. I have been doing this for years now what is wrong with me?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my name is chris and my girlfriends is amanda ok so me and my girlfriend are 19 and we were at the mall one day. now she has had a bladder disease since she was twelve the day i became her boyfriend .well we were watching a performance when she really had to go but the bathrooms were on the other side of the i said for her to just to come with me to my car and if she has to go she can go there she got in and went but on the ride home for speedin 1 km i got pulled over by a cop he saw amanda had a wet crotch and pants he must have for some reason thought she crotched some beer or something so he had her exit the car and she told him the story but there were houndreds of people at the school beside my car so they all looked at her in digust as she began to cry so i told the officer gimme the ticket already. i need to take her home he nodded and put away the ticket saying ill give u a warning so we got home and 2 kids from the school were there and they were laughing histaricly amanda started crying even harder i punched both of the sods and they started crying as they ran home. we went in and i sat down with her and told her i loved her very much and wont let anything happen to her as we hugged eachother get back to me

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I just moved into the building four months ago and I pay a buttload of rent. The woman who lives above me is very nice and quiet but three weeks ago she left town and now TOTAL ASSHOLES are housesitting for her. This is fucking death. They park in our designated spaces, they stomp around all night, they have 4am fights in the carport, they steal stuff from off my porch. Of course the landlord could give a shit. I've spoken to them but it never stops. I prefer to keep to myself but I can't take much more. ADVICE PLEASE BEFORE I MURDER THESE DICKS!!!!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 51

    I am a lover of vintage nylon layered chiffon babydoll nighties and peignoirs/negligee's. I have heeps of these nighties all sorts of colors styles etc. I just LOVE love the ones that are sexy,sassy,sissy sourcey,. I love to play with my hard cock in these nighties and peignoirs with nice long long wide nylon ribbons and bows.I have styles of nighties that have the chiffon pretty well gathered at or over the bust,and giving me lots of chiffon at the hem.
    I am constantly playing with myself in them,as I am at the moment of writing this,I stop and have a nice play, then I love to take off the nightie, and pull it back and forth using the outer chiffon,on the underside of my penis and balls,I love to include the long nylon ribbons too then when I'm worked up,enough,I LOVE cum into the chiffon and nylon ribbons, and then coat my shaft and balls with as much CUM as possible
    I love to sleep to in these babydoll nighties and play with the nylon ribbons before going to sleep.I love it

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I know you are all aware of the term "Sharting"....To most of us, it is something that happens to other people. I. am one of those people...and this is a regular occurance, that I am not proud of, but know that there are others like me who share the same curse. Laugh if you must, but know that this can happen to anyone at any given moment.
    It was Monday morning at the office, I had an extremely festive weekend, filled with lots of liquor and spicy food. I knew I was due for a good one, but prayed that I could controll it, or at least contain it until I was in a private location. Throwing caution to the wind (no pun inteneded), I decided to endulge in a cup of coffee with my co-workers and brag about our weekend encounters. We all decided that Ralph had the most fun chasing his Girlfriend down the street naked, as she was swinging his secret pair of womens underwear...determined to let everyone know he was a FREAK! We all started to laugh uncontrollably, and wouldn't you know it......IT HAPPENED! Benny, my assistant, pointed out that I cut the biggest fart.....little did he know, it was liquid gas, flowing rapidly down my legs. What was I to do. I thought to myself quickly, spill your coffee on yourself...that may disguise the puddle growing around my shoes, If I'm lucky! Unfortunately, those extra large coffee grounds were unexplainable.....I was up shit creek, literally! Suddenly, the laughter stopped, and all I could see was the shock in peoples faces. Benny blurted out, Dude, what the hell was that? You Sharted again? I collapsed to my knees in total I did it, up to my knees in shit in front of the entire office. This was not the first time it had happened in front of people, but it was the first time in my work place. Sally, the office Geek, kindly threw me some napkins, then ran out of the coffee room. Then, one by one.....everyone followed her, except for Benny. For an instant, I almost thought he would help me out.....that's just not Benny! All he could say was...Dude, what the fuck did you eat this weekend? This coffee room will never be the same.....get some help! I went home that day, and never went back to work! Could you blame me? This is the 6th job I've lost in 2 years due to the inability to determine whether its natural or liquid gas. Not to mention the numerous pairs of underwear I've ruined. I considered going commando, but at least with underwear, there is a slight delay in puddling...for whatever thats worth!
    Laugh, if you must.......but remember, This could always happen to you, or the person next to you! There, I feel better......and above all, DRY!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 31

    The first time I was 13 and lived in a housing project with my mother who at the time had an awful drinking problem. Her boyfriend Carl moved in with us and a few nights a week I was left alone with him while my mother was working at the diner. We were very poor and to me $20 was a lot of money and Carl knew it and began taking advantage of my greed for the money. He was smart enough to make me promise not to mention it to my mother and I was so eager to get it I went along with it. Prior to me making the money I had seen Carl naked many times and that seemed to be the starting point. It all started with him saying he knew how I saw him naked lots of times anyway and asked if I would mind putting lotions on his privates mentioning the money first. He claimed it was just to sooth his genitals but it was really having me masturbate him. It wasn't even a lotion it was baby oil and vasaline that he had me put on his penis and scrotum and all up his butt crack. He would just lay there with his legs wide open and his knees bent up and it was amazing to me that it didn't embarrass him by me seeing him that way. The very first time I did this, as soon as he got an erection, he instructed me how to jerk him off. For close to 2 years I masturbated him once or twice a week and was always willing to make the $20. When I think of it now Carl had me trained how he wanted me to pleasure him and it sometimes took more than half an hour before he would ejaculate. He more or less would have me just play with his genitals and had me semi penetrate his anal area with my fingers. Many times I just thought of him as a hog but the money was always the most important thing to me. He never tried to touch me or have sex with me but he had me touch him in ways that were revolting especially when he had me touching his anus. There were other times he tried to talk me into giving him oral sex but I always refused doing that. There were many times when he had me masturbate him from behind which I didn't like but went along with his wishes. It was just the way he positioned himself to me by kneeling down with me behind him and holding the cheeks of his butt open as he had me put the oil all over his butt and genitals. He always had an erection while I was doing this and he always told me when he was ready to be jerked off. I didn't really like Carl but the money meant a lot to me. When he and my mother broke up it all ended and as much as I didn't miss masturbating Carl I did miss the money.

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