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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    The first time I entertained myself with a young man, I'd not long returned back from serving three years of sexual servitude. I say this because when you've been given the choice of being fucked by one man, or the whole fucking prison, you choose wisely.
    Size, strength and your reputation count for nothing inside. Only who you know and who keeps your back. I had no
    one, I was with no one and I was only one. I was fit, strong and handsome. That I was in prison for violence, mattered not. What mattered when I was approached was my decision, a decision after long hours in my cell, I knew I had to take.
    Sucking his cock was nothing. I'd sucked dick before, but only for a jest. Having seven inches thrust up your virgin arsehole was something totally different. I was in a foreign country with absolutely no one to turn to, and I soon learned it was better to serve one master, then be fucked by everyone who wanted fresh meat.
    As the months passed by, I began not only to enjoy his ways of fucking me, but I was the one seeking out the sexual gratification. Eventually his charge of me was challenged and he had to respond. Unfortunately I thought at first, he lost.
    The man who took on my sexual mantel was everything I feared in prison. A nutter, someone who's mind was completely resigned to his fate, and someone who didn't give a rats arse about anyone or anything. Yet he wanted me, he wanted me more than I ever would have guessed.
    Straight away it wasn't a normal, I fuck you, you take it sexual relationship. From the off he kissed me and wanted kissing. He also wanted long long sessions of sex and I gave him everything he wanted. Our relationship grew and soon it became a two way flip flop when we fucked. Everyone knew I was his and everyone except one man in there kept their distance.
    Stupidly I thought I'd serve my sentence under his wing and only have to take his six inch cock nightly. I was wrong.
    The night my lover was killed, I knew why, power and drugs. And I also knew my arsehole was up for grabs.
    It was nearly five weeks later when everything kind of settled down. Everything and everyone had been on "Watch" and I'd become blase. Then I was given to my new master.
    As crazy as it may seem, the prisoners of a certain ilk ran the prison. The time I'd been given from my last charge, my lover, was only to allow me to think I was safe. Being placed with A taught me who ran that part of the prison, and who held the power right then.
    In his cell I was brutalized by him and his long meaty cock. I was made to service him and his "Boys" every single day, both orally and anally. My arsehole bled for weeks until my body got used to the constant fucking. And then when I thought it couldn't get any worse after almost six months, I was loaned out to a man whom I truly feared. Not for his violence, but his reputation for splitting men's arseholes.
    He'd wanted me since I'd entered the prison, yet he knew he couldn't have me until he was "Passed" me. I was to my last charges, spent. A used up sexual item, and they'd already chosen a new eighteen year old.
    Seeing his fully engorged cock the first time genuinely frightened me. I thought I'd be used to to cock by then, but his erection doesn't fit in the true sense of men's manhoods. I will not describe it here, but let you imagine the sheer size of a man's cock that can and had split other young men's rears. I was in dread and he knew it, yet he still had me strip naked for him. It was then he smiled and I knew maybe just maybe I'd be ok.
    It hurt, by Christ it hurt. Yet my arsehole stretched and stretched some more. I was kneeling on his bunk and he'd plied my arsehole with lots of lube, which in there was hair conditioner. That alone told me I wasn't there just to satisfy him the once, but to become his.
    The very depths of my body was where his enormous cock sought to be, and eventually after long long minutes of urging his cock inside of me, he reached. I was fucked like never before and he carried on fucking me way past his first orgasm. His cum already filled my bowels when his cock released again and he finally withdrew. I'd by lying to say I'd enjoyed any part of our initial fuck, but then I was physically ok, and afterwards he had us kiss.
    Some prisoners fuck you, some have you suck them off. Not many, if hardly any ever kiss you. Those who do want you for their wive's, their prison "other halves". And once you become theirs, they'll fight to keep you.
    Over the rest of my time inside that corrupt and violent place, he made me his and I became untouchable. Everyone who was anyone knew not to bother me, and that's how I grew to love that man. In time I even began to take his cock fully,and orgasm every time he fucked me.
    My release came, and we fucked the last night of my sentence. We both knew we'd never see each other again, so we were still having sex (I was sucking him off) when they came to release me.
    Back home in England it took time to settle back into being a "normal" human being again. And I found having sex with the women I did, totally alien at first. I knew why and I also knew it would probably take some time to readjust. Then out walking my new puppy, I was approached in a park by a young lad. He wanted to know if I wanted some fun. He wanted to know if I had reason for him to suck on my cock, and if I really wanted to, to fuck him.
    Choices choices.
    You know the rest. Or do you ?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    Having a boyfriend I took the responsible route and got on the pill. Which the purpose of is being defeated because I'm just not as easily insanely aero used as I once was. Missionary is so old and it seems like its just never hard enough for me to slip into that insane orgasm that last forever anymore... I love him so much and he's the only guy I dream of taking my clothes off for anymore but I've lost the intensity on my end.

    He's still getting off with no problems and I am feeling the need that I need more intense, kinky, dirty, border line abusive sex.

    Before me and him got back together when I was having great sex the problem was I was so damn pissed all the time because I was being used and couldn't shake the need for an emotionally unavailable asshole who was amazing in bed. It sucked! But without being used as a live sex doll with ties on my legs and feet I'm just not feeling that intense electric "you have to fuck me now or I'll make you but I only like it when you make me" feeling anymore...
    Idk... I love him but I just don't think he has that twisted little bone in him that's needed to provoke that in me...
    Maybe those times are over... But that just fucking sucks...
    I know I'm rambling but who the hell can I tell this to?? Anyone I talk to about it will just tell me to try hair pulling or some shit... And that is part of it but what creates that feeling is the random sex with this one older male when I don't have to ask for it, when there's no questions or prior suggestions just every moves flows and feels so fucking wrong you can't get enough.
    Shit... I need a really fucking good orgasm... Or different birth control.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Middle Eastern Cabbie

    The first of the month I was in NYC four days on business. My second night I had taken 2 business clients to a late dinner. Around 11pm they took a cab in one direction and I took the second because my hotel was in the opposite direction. As soon as I got in the cab a handsome and young looking middle eastern cabbie asked "where are you going?" I asked him if there were any adult book stores or adult theaters in a safe area? He replied: "There are books stores and theaters all over town. It all depends on what your looking for as to where we go." I told him, "I want to go to a safe someplace where I can get a blow job." He said, "do you want a women, man, or drag to blow you?" I said, "I've never had a women give me a blow job like a man and it's been months since a man has blown me." He told me where he was taking me and that it was safe as he called in the location and we drove off.

    For 15 minutes we talked about our wives and families and then he told me, "I'm like you, I prefer a man suck my cock." I could see his eyes in the rear view mirror and the sexual chemistry was thick. At the red light before the book store he said, "I am ready for a break, I'll suck you if you suck me?" I told him, "whip that dick out" and I leaned over the seat. As he passed the adult book store he turned off his meter and called in a lunch break. A few blocks away we were in an alley way behind a building where we sucked each other.

    He called back in, gave them my hotel location and off we went. I paid both tabs and gave him a tip. He told. "my sift ends at 6am." At 6:30am we were having breakfast in the hotel restaurant and spent the next hour in my room fucking. That night he took his break at my hotel and he was back the next morning. My departing flight was 11am so we had another couple of hours before I checked out. As I rode off in the hotel shuttle toward the airport he was heading down into the subway and like me we were both heading home to ours wives and kids.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 32

    Yesterday I came home and caught my husband wearing my lingerie, stockings and heels jerking off to shemale porn. After we both got over the initial shock of it all we had the most mind-blowing sex ever. It was in my dreams last night and I can't stop thinking about it today. I always felt like shemales were disgusting until I saw two of them screwing a man and woman. Now I can't get it out of my head!! When he gets home from work today I think he will "catch" me masturbating to shemale porn!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 39

    Last weekend whilst at a party, I caught my wife Jenny, who's six years younger than me, sucking off a teenage guy I know, outside in the back garden. They didn't know I was there and it was obvious even in the low light, that the young guy had a much larger cock than mine.
    Watching them for some time, Jenny really got into sucking on his large cock, and I got incredibly turned on seeing her swallowing his dick.
    Seeing him fuck her face, then telling her he was cumming, she held his thick cock shaft and pumped the semen out of his dick. She didn't once let his cock go until she'd drained his balls.
    Returning back inside incredibly horny, I waited until she walked up to me, then told her I wanted to go home and fuck.
    I can tell you now, I've never fucked Jenny that hard and for that long. My wife orgasmed twice as I fucked her pussy first, then had her mount my dick anally. She even made a comment about my cock being so ragingly hard.
    When I came up her bum, all I had in my mind was her mouth wrapped around the young man's huge dick. It really had me cumming hard and I had one of the best climaxes I've ever had.
    Still horny, I lay down side by side with Jenny and then had her open her legs as I slid down to lick out her pussy and arsehole.
    Talking about the night before, she told me it was the best sex that she could remember us having together. I wanted to tell her what had been the reason behind my highly sexed state, but instead I told her it was because she's so beautiful.
    Next month and the real reason I'm here, is we're holding a party for my birthday. I already know Jenny has invited the young man, and already I keep becoming massively turned on by the thought of him fucking my wife. My only problem is how do I approach the subject and let her know, the best present she could give me, would be to have the teenager fuck her, and for me to watch ???

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm in the bathroom right now with my laptop. I'm naked on the toilet peeing. I'm about to get in the shower.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    Through out our 26 year marriage, my wife has shared her pussy with several other men, all with my approval. Most were strangers, but some were just casual friends. This post is about something that happened about 12 to 15 years ago and I've never told anyone. Not even my wife.

    My best friend and I (I have known him my entire life) were watching an early Red Sox game one Saturday afternoon and having a few beers. My wife was out some place but I don't remember where. About half way through the game, we heard a car pull up and then leave, and a couple of minutes later, she came stumbling through the door, and I do mean stumbling. She was a mess. We could see through her blouse that one side of her bra was pushed up above one breast, and the back of her short skirt was stuffed inside her panties and pulled the front up so high that we could just see the bottom of her pussy. By the time we got her to the bedroom and on the bed, she was out. My friend didn't know that she put out for other men and was a bit surprised when I pulled her panties aside and said "Yup, she's been fucked".

    We went back and watched a couple more innings, but he kept glancing at the bedroom door. So I told him if he wanted to fuck her, I didn't mind, and he was headed down the hall before I even finished. After a few minutes, I went to have a look, and what a sight it was. He didn't even get his pants off. They were just pushed down below his ass, and her panties were around one ankle. He was balls deep in her pussy and his ass was pumping like a pile driver. A few minutes later, he asked if she was on birth control and I said no but go ahead anyway. After he dumped his load in her, I took a turn and filled her with more cum.

    When the game ended, I went to take a leak, and when I came back out, he was again between her legs, but this time he had her legs pushed up with her knees on her shoulders, and I could see his cock sliding in and out of her.

    The next day I asked her who dropped her off and she said she was with her boss but doesn't remember coming home. A few weeks later, my friend approached her at a bar and later that night, he fucked her in his car. She still thinks that was his first time with her.

    Would you tell her or continue to keep the secret??

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 34

    A close encounter of the forbidden kind. New to town with a new job out of college I went to the Wells Fargo branch to open an account. The cashier behind the counter asked a thousand questions which I attributed to a sort of background check without sounding pushy. I told him where I was staying and he suggested that there were much better places and gave me the name of the complex he was living in. As the months went by and I did my banking I always tried to bank with him and we always had a nice conversation. When my six month lease ran out I went and checked out his apartment complex and rented a one bedroom overlooking one of the pools. I had a job, a little money, a nice place, a not so nice car, but I was doing OK for myself.

    My friend the cashier, I will call him Joe, showed me around the area, a couple of bars, restaurants, shopping. One evening he was over at my place before we were going to go out and he just casually dropped that he was gay. I suppose that I knew that but I had not really focused on that. I sort of said something like so what after which he turned to me and said he wanted to have a relationship with me, to go with me.

    Silence took over, he apologized and told me he thought maybe he had misread the singles but he thought that maybe I liked him. I answered telling him that yes I liked him, he was my only friend in town. He asked me straight out if I was gay and I had to answer no. That ended my relationship with him, we didn't go out together again.

    Two years later I am out with a guy from work and he suggested we got to this bar that he knew about. We went in, it was obviously a gay bar, he stood me against a wall and went over to the bar to get us a beer. We stood there drinking our beer in silence until he stepped in front of me and said he wanted to dance. I let him walk me onto the dance floor and started to dance with him, he got into it and he was a good dancer but I just couldn't do it. A slow dance came on and he put his arm around my neck and pulled me up to him and he told me to ease up because we were going to have sex that night. The kiss felt like it lasted forever.

    After going from one gay bar to another we went back to his apartment and he pushed me to take my clothes off and get on the bed. Everything that happened from that moment on was him, I hardly responded, when he wanted sex he put me in the position he wanted me to be in and he a couple of minutes later he was having sex with me. We spent the night, spent part of the day the next day together, we had lunch at this obviously gay pizza parlor, he introduced me to some of his gay friends.

    Several months into my new life I decided to see if I could find Joe from Wells Fargo. A cashier from the branch where I used to live told me where he was working so one day I went over there. He recognized me and in the short half a minute I had with him I told him he was right, he had not misread the signals. Seeing Joe was hard, whatever there was has gone away but remembering hasn't. Deep down I haven't let go of him, not even after these ten years.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Okay, so I haven't even been married one year yet and my husband & I never have sex! We don't see eye-to-eye on much & we are intellectually, two different people!

    He goes out of town occasionally and this last time, he was gone for about 2.5 weeks. Well one night I got really bored & drunk all by myself & called up my friend and talked her into going to a local bar!
    We meet up there & she had her friend (guy) who also brought along a friend (guy) that was fine wth problem, right!?

    We all had drinks, shot pool, talked and laughed. As the night progressed, I found myself highly attracted to one of the men, not only physically but emotionally & intellectually as well.. In fact, I wanted him...right then & there! I didn't care if anyone saw or not! The chemstry was undeniable! I fed him olives with my mouth, which I hear is very pouty, full & sexy! And imagined what it would feel like to feel his cock inside my mouth & pussy! We continued to flirt & play for the rest of the time we were at the bar. Turns out, I end up having to take him to his car, which I was more than happy to do!

    Well as you probably guessed, I didn't go home, after taking him to his car, I totally went to his place..happily!!!! We had an amazing night of foreplay & sex.. not that I haven't had good sex before, but it was just totally different with him! I felt more!!!! I was more stimulated than I'd ever been in my whole life! I think because he stimulated my mind as well as my body! Every inch of my skin adored his every lick, touch, kiss.. my body had never wanted or appreciated another human being like that before then!! I liked, no, *loved everything he did to me! To put it mildly, he turned me out! We had sex from 2:30 am until the sun came up.. 3 times to be exact! It was amazing!

    So, the next morning...awkward right?! Wrong! We acted as if we had known each other for years! As I was about to leave, I wrote his name on his glass storm door and as soon as it disappeared, I said, "awe, it's gone!" and he blew on it, pauses for a slight moment and says, "no it's not!" and just looks at me with this look that I cannot put into words, but it made me feel safe, calm, happy, sexy and amazing! So I am basically walking out of his door and I turn to say, "I will be back!" Little did I know~

    We met up that next weekend during the day, at his apartment! We just talked and casually flirted and enjoyed each other's company! But no sex, I couldn't stay long! BUT, that night, I txt'd him and long story short..I ended up at his apartment, once again! We had amazingly great sex, again!

    I started developing strong feelings for him and I am pretty sure he had strong feelings for me as well! I couldn't imagine not being able to have him in my life! Scary!! But we both have morals & knew that what we had done/been doing, had to come to an end! The boundaries our 'situation' created were very hard to deal with! I wanted to be with him & only him as much as possible! Which was a problem!

    We only had a few more encounters before it was over. Each time we had sex it got better & better! I can only IMAGINE how great the sex would be now! MMMMMM!!!!!

    It's been 3 weeks since we have seen each other. He is now in a 'relationship' with some troll looking chick... cannot understand how he went from this to that! Oh well! I just cannot imagine him enjoying someone else (completey) like he did me! Personality wise, physically, mentally, etc... I am pretty sure I rocked his socks as much as he rocked mine ;)

    3 weeks have passed and I am still very upset & sad about losing him..which is odd for me, considering I only knew him for a month! I have the ability to cut off emotonal ties to people-- like turning off a light, it's that easy for me..usually! I cannot make sense out of any of this! The only thing I know 100% is that I felt ALIVE with him. He could make me happy just by looking at me! Regardless of what happens, I will eternally be grateful, to him, for showing me how life really could be, when you are with the right person!

    I am in the process of deciding if I should divorce my husband or not! Obviously, I am not happy with my marraige, but it could be a 'phase'! Who knows??? But like I said, I do know that my lover made me feel better than any other person has ever made me feel in my entire life! That has to mean something!?!?

    I still have a lot of love left in my heart for him and always will!!

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 18

    I have a secret I am not suppose to tell but I can't keep it bottled up anymore. A couple of weeks ago I had a threesome with my own mother. Now my mother is a Milf, I have grown up hearing that all of my life. She got pregnant when she was 15 and bam here I am 18 years later.

    Now she hasn't always been the best mom,a string of bad boyfriends, drinking problems, and she is pretty much a slut. So when I came home to a bunch of cars at the house I wasn't surprised that she had some sort of party going since she had a new biker boyfriend who of course has a whole bunch of biker friends and they had all decided to hang out at my house.

    Now I am use to this kind of atmosphere, the parting the drinking. But there was a lot more going on this time. I usually never partake but when I found my mom and her boyfriend they were already pretty toasted and were playing a drinking game. Where my mother and her friend were losing pretty bad. So after they lost my mother asked me to be on her team. The other guy had taken off with her friend so it was us against her boyfriend. So he decided to spice it up since it was two on one if we lost a round we had to take off a piece of clothing along with a shot, I wasn't sure but my mom was game( She was already pretty trashed. )

    So we ended up losing the first few rounds. I didn't undress at first but she did and then I finally got drunk enough a d with her raging on me being lame I ended up stripping as well when we lost a round. And we ended up nake and pretty toasty. I was getting ready to go to bed when biker boyfriend made a proposal.

    If I would have sex with my mom and let him watch he said he would take me out shopping the next day and buy me anything I wanted. I already have a job and have to buy my own cloths so this offer was an interesting one. I wouldn't at first but more alcohol and his coexing by showing me some cash and credit cards I said fuck it.

    Going to the bedroom it started slow. Kissing each at first, it felt weird but I was drunk enough not to care. But once he commanded my mother to go down on me I was sold. Drunk and strangely turned on I was lost as she ate me out. I had been ate out before but not like this. She had my head spinning. But soon it got even better. Looking down I found to mouths on me. My mothers and her boyfriends. I wanted to stop him but didn't have the strength from how good it felt and once I came I lost my mind.

    He asked if I wanted to continue or be left alone now. If I continued he would make the shopping trip even better tommorrow. In ecstasy and intoxicated I said yes. soon I was eating her out while she was sucking him off. Soon bringing me up to join her where he soon came into both our mouths. I really didn't think guys could come so much.

    From there he fucked us both in various positions. Him playing with me while I played with her, me playing with him while she played with me. It was ridiculous and by the time it was all over I felt like a dirty whore and I didn't sleep much that night from how guilty I felt, but something sick is I actually enjoyed it.

    The next day he kept his promise though. Handed me all the money in his wallet and a credit card and told me to get anything I wanted. I feel like a slut. But I am tempted to do it again for another hefty payday. What is wrong with me??

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