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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I fucked the snot out of my wife on Saturday night. Filled every hole she has with cum. But now, on Monday, I was already horny again.

    It was a slow morning so I left my office and went to a local video parlor, hoping for some action. I went out back and sure enough, one of the booths had a red light on - indicating it was taken. I tried the knob and it wasn't locked.

    Inside was a guy, maybe 10 years younger than me, cock out, sitting in the chair watching some gay porn. Closing the door behind me, I unzipped and took out my already throbbing cock. Without saying a word, he turned, took me balls deep in his mouth and starting giving me the best head I've gotten in a while.

    I heard the door in the next booth open. These booths have opaque viewing windows where if both lights are on you can see though. I saw another guy watching us, stroking himself.

    I pulled my guy up and bent over, taking his 7" uncut dick into my mouth. I sucked with everything I had, all the while watching the guy in the next booth furiously masturbate. I like the sight of cum more than the taste, so I stood up and began stroking my guy to finish him off, one hand on his cock and one on his ass. He began to moan loudly and then shot his load -- all over the viewing window. I milked every last drop out of cock, he did up his pants and stumbled out.

    As soon as he left, the guy from the next booth was coming in. I had never had two cocks in such a short time before and immediately took him into my mouth, hands on his ass, pulling his cock deep into my throat, tongue working the underside of his shaft. As good as it felt to suck him and hear his moans, I needed to cum and I wanted it to be in a mouth. I stood up and he couched down. I pushed my cock into his mouth and he sucked it eagerly. I know it wouldn't be long and sure enough, I came hard and fast, filling his mouth. He stood and I stroked him hard, watching his hot, white spunk shoot out.

    Two guys, three orgasms, 15 minutes. That was 20 minutes ago. I am back in my office, writing this. Already hard and horny again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Are you more likely to have sex with a guy who is sexually persuasive/seductive,smooth talker,discrete about his own intentions, or would you be more likely to have sex with a guy who can come right out and politely&confidently tell you that he wants to take you to bed? Any examples? (lets assume here that he's attractive either way)

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    Hi! I guess you could say I'm a crossdressing bisexual guy. It's become an obsession of mine to strut around the house in 5-6 inch high heels and a dress that you would find on a stripper. I seem to get very excited and aroused when I'm dressed in the sluttiest clothes and I guess I don't really know why I'm like that. I'm married to a beautiful lady, and she's cool with it, so that's awesome and I'm totaly in love with her, but I think my "alter ego" messes with her head sometimes. Sometimes she will wear a strap-on and fuck ME, and I love it!
    I never thought I'd be a person that would be into being a girly little slut. I just love to flip my blonde hair and get on my knees and suck her strap on before she puts it all the way inside me. Sometimes we will whip out the 9"long x 2.5" girth
    And it hurts me because its so big, but I get used to it. Does all this make me gay or just really slutty??

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 49

    I am a bi curious MWM that would like to find a married couple with a bi husband to be friends with and help me with this. Like to find some new friend in the N.W. Pa. & N.E .Oh. for this and may consider a married guy.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 48

    I quit school at 17 and within a year regretted it. I got a job at a fast food restaurant and worked there for a year and a half. Then I started to have financial problems. They paid minimum wage and in the time I worked there I got a ten cent raise. It was like pulling teeth to get them just to give me enough hours to live off of. Then real estate prices went crazy and my landlord doubled rent. Oil prices went up so my electric bill and heat almost doubled. I had no benefits with my job. Then they changed the meal policy. We used to get free meals but then they made us pay for our meals full price and we were not permitted to bring food to work and it was ludicrously expensive. So. I did the only thing I could think of. I robbed the place. I was stupid. I got caught of course. They all recognized me despite my pathetic disguise. I had a lousy lawyer so I did ten years in prison. When I got out I moved far away to another state. Now it is many years later, I'm in my fifties and recently got laid off from my factory job. So, desperate for a job I applied everywhere and guess what, the place I worked at and robbed many years ago hired me! Now I work there doing basically the same job. The menu and procedures have updated but it's the same job. They don't know. The restaurant has exchanged hands several times in all those years and the last person I knew there left or retired or died many years ago. The most senior employee there was hired twenty years after I robbed the place. They don't keep records very long and even though they supposedly did a background check it didn't come up that I robbed the place. Nobody knows. I find it ironic and a little amusing. What I also find interesting is that because of my robbing the place they changed some security procedures. They still follow those same security procedures. I had to sit through the training that included my new boss explaining those procedures and why, due to a robbery decades ago at that very restaurant that the security procedure was in place. I didn't have the heart to tell him I was responsible.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Although this happened many years ago, I am still obsessed by it, when I was 15, my brother in law use to pick me up, and drive me to my friends house, where we would have a three some, me my friend and my brother in law, I got to admit, it was the highlight of my sexual life, since after that ended, I never enjoyed sex much, even though Ive been married 25 years.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a geek boy - somewhat skinny, glasses, gamer and I don't socialize that easily (I hate jocks). I had sex with this girl at a party and she must have told her friends of my big 11" cock because now I seem to be getting attention from other girls.

    I've never really dated much and I'm not sure how to handle this attention.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    What is there to say, i started having sex when i was a jr high. i had a bf, sort of, who was cute and was in a band. we hung out at various houses, and i got into bjs pretty quickly. i would get real horny and blow him in front of anyone and everyone. most of the other girls would do the same.

    it did not take a huge leap to get into the full act. one night when i was blowing my bf his friends egged him on to just go ahead and fuck me. i was kind of caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, and when he stood up with his hard on and told me to lay back, i pretty much did what i was told. he reached down and pulled off my pants and undies, and right there on the floor in the game room in front of his friends he got on me and popped me.

    after that, it was all the way all the time. we got condoms, but we really didn't like them. i was pretty lucky i didn't get knocked up. our sex was pretty conventional, intercourse, lots of kissing and petting, and a good amount of exhibition for the others. by the end of that jr high none of the girls were virgins.

    as we went into highschool we gravitated to other groups, but i was pretty much used to going out and getting laid. more than one boy lost his virginity with me, which i thought was fair. i really was very promiscous all through high school. i don't know really how many bfs i had, but there were a few. and most, if not all, of the girls we hung around with also put out quite a bit.

    by the time i was in college i was on the pill, and very worldly about boys and sex, and stuff. i didn't do drugs, which other girls did, but i did drink. for me a date wasn't a date if i didn't get laid. my roommate learned not to walk in without knocking, beacause more than once she caught me with a guy on me.

    then one day, it is always one day, i met a guy. he was way older than me, way older. he took an interest in me, and guided me about school and my degree and stuff. he never said anything, but i knew he was pretty much not in favor of my behavior. that one day he sat me down on a bench in the main court yard and told me to just sit there and hold his hand. he told me that in nature all animals fucked, that was animal nature. but fucking didn't make me a woman, it made me a bitch, and any bitch could fuck, all she had to do was raise her tail.

    i got pissed, but i sat there and held his hand. i mean we sat there for a couple of hours, just holding hands. then he asked me to join him for coffee at the student union. and he walked me there holding my hand. he told me to cover up my belly, and that it was no ones business what my bosom looked like. we talked, just talked, about anything other than my behavior, we talked and talked.

    then he walked me back to my dorm. he told me that i was to sleep alone. no boys. no booze. no party. and not to disobey him. i slept alone and asked myself all night why i was obeying him. who was he that he could tell me what to do. but i obeyed him.

    he came for me the next day and took me shopping. new clothes, girl clothes, not slut clothes. he made me model everything for him. he paid.

    for the next many many weeks, he came for me and walked me to class, made me dress in casual but not slutty clothes, got rid of my make up, i didn't have a drink. i walked with him and held his hand. i don't know if i was drying out or so horny from being denied sex, but i would get nervous as hell, and he would sit with me and hold my hand.

    he broke me of my habits, i got along well in school and graduated with honors. i went two whole years without as much as a grope. everyday, he walked me and held my hand. when i graduated, after my parents went back to the hotel (who were pretty dumbfounded about my change), he told me i was going to be his wife. and then i was going to be his woman. mind you, he did not ask me to marry him, he told me i was going to marry him. i obeyed.

    today i celebrate my 30th anniversary, my husband is a much older gentleman now, and for all those many years i have had the best sex a woman could ask for. i have remained faithful to him. my kids would never ever guess what kind of girl i was in highschool and my first years of college. my husband was right, i became a wife and then a woman. his woman.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I love to masturbate and I do it a lot. I also have a foot fetish; I LOVE women with sexy feet. However, I like the whole package. I enjoy masturbating to a woman if I can see all of her. A sexy smile and pretty feet are such a turn-on for me. I will give you an example. I have this mid-40's MILF friend I will call "Jolie" (because she is so pretty). She's about 5'2", brunette, nice, firm breasts, beautiful blue eyes, terrific legs, pretty smile, and very pretty and sexy feet! Last night I saw her and she had on these very bare, black sandals. Her feet looked so good. She looked at me with that sexy smile! Ever since I have been masturbating to Jolie and those pretty feet, thinking about that pretty smile and cute figure. mmmmm...this feels so good!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i just got my first period at school and i didnt know what to do so i went in the washroom and took my panties off and kept them off. i was wearing a black tight fake leather mini skirt. You know the ones that are around 6 inches from your waist. Well the whole day i tried keeping my legs crossed. Then at the end of the day the person i dont like pushed me over. So my boyfrien 2 of his friends and 3 of mine all saw my somewhat hairy vagina

    GOD KILL ME!!!!!!!!

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