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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't know where to catergorize this confession. I am married to a wonderful woman, but I am a bit of a sexual animal. I want sex all the time and I want some kinky stuff. Nothing outragous, just not the boring run of the mill kiss touch slip it in, cum you're done. I want mutual masturbation, anal, role playing etc. So to get my fix, I chat on sex chat sites. Well there is one girl,that I have been chatting with for a while now, that is into all these things. The biggest thing that she has said she would let me do is to fuck her up the ass. I have always wanted that, and never have. We have sent each other pictures and even done some skype fun. She is a sexy young thing. She is 20 and looks that age at the most. She said she would love my cock in her ass. She wants to role play (some daddy stuff) and she has come up with her own fantasies that sound like a lot of fun. She has asked me to meet up with her for some 'discrete' fun. I have put her off because 'I'm busy' and other excuses. She has made it easy for me too. She's invited me to her job (she's a vet technician) for a 'nooner'. I want to so badly, but I just can't bring myself to cheat. The problem is, my self control is slipping. She is persistant and keeps sweetening the deal with offers of more fantasies. I'm horny as hell for this goddess. What do I do?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 19

    I'm from a very conservative Irish family and they do not know I am gay. My family has been trying to set me up with just about any Irish girl in the area, so for my senior prom last year, I invited a very nice girl that I know to go with me--by the way she is black. She knows I'm gay and I told her right off that I just wanted her to go with me to get my parents off my back. I also told her that my dad would probably have a heart attack because she was black. She said she was OK with that as long as I didn't blame her for killing my father.

    Well, my parents wanted me to bring her by before the dance so they could meet her, I did not tell them she was black. When I got her back to the house, my mom and sisters where all--ummmm, ok, ummmm and didn't know what to say, but they were as polite as they possibly could be, but my father took one look at her and said: "I'd have wished you were gay before I saw yas bringing home the likes of one like her." I just looked back at him and said: "Good! I'm glad you understand. I am gay."

    My mom passed out on the floor, my dad had a panic attack and had to have the paramedics come, and my sisters grabbed their phones and told all their friends.

    I'm out now, and nobody gives me any grief about it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    As a teenager I would often take myself off on walks during the summer. I had lots of friends who I hung around with, but I also enjoyed the solitude and the countryside close to my home.
    On one of my walks I was making my way past a farm I'd walked past many many times before. I'd seen the farmer about twenty minutes earlier using a digger to clean out a ditch, getting it ready I later learned for the winter rains. Walking further up the path between the farm and lots of fields, I noticed movement to my left and saw a woman lay in a field playing with herself. Totally shocked I just stood there and watched her finger her own pussy.
    It was after about two to three minutes before she noticed me, but even then she still carried on playing with herself. Shouting at me, I thought she was telling me to fuck off. She wasn't as I listened to her again. She was asking me to climb over the fence and to go to her.

    Seconds later I was stood over her, staring at her beautiful looking pussy. I'd seen lots of womens pussy's in porn mags, but I'd never seen a womans pussy for real. Looking up at me, she smiled and said "kiss it for me". I obviously now know what she wanted, but back then I was clueless. Sitting up a little, she took hold of my hands pulled me down and placed my head between her legs. With my mouth only inches from her soaking wet pussy, she told me to lick her.
    Sticking out my tongue I began to lick her pussy like it was a lollipop. That was until she began to tell me how she liked to be licked and what to do.

    I'm not too sure how long I stayed with my face in between her legs, possibly over quarter of an hour. What I do know is I became erect and I also found myself really enjoying giving her what I later learned was called cunnilingus. I licked, kissed, tongued and sucked away on her pussy lips, her labia's and when she taught me, also her love bud, her clitoris. With her holding my head often and grinding my face into her wet folds, I made her orgasm three times making her juices flow all over my face each time.

    As soon as her last orgasm settled down, she got up, had me remove my jeans and t-shirt and then told me lay back. My dick was rock solid and pointing straight up. She lowered herself and took hold of my cock, and for the very first time in my life my cock entered a womans pussy, as she impaled herself on my fifteen year old dick.
    I'm not going to say I was the worlds best lover, because I wasn't. I was fifteen, in a field on a boiling hot day, with a woman I didn't even know the name off, and she was fucking me. Again I can't remember how long I lasted. I know it wasn't too long before I told her I was ready to cum. As quick as you like, she climbed off my cock spun around and took every inch of my dick down her throat. That was that for me as I came like I'd never cum before. It felt like my whole body was having an orgasm, as I bucked my hips up and down fucking her mouth.

    Lettin g my cock fall from her mouth, she told me her name and told me her husband was working at the other end of the farm, widening a ditch for drainage. I'd just had sex with the farmers wife and I couldn't have been more happy to have lost my virginity to her.

    Rachel wasn't and isn't the best looking woman, but she does have a superb figure and a sex drive to match. She's just recently turned fifty and all these years later I'm still fucking her whenever we get the chance. They still live on the same farm, albeit a smaller farm. And from our first fuck in that field, to last week when I fucked her in her land rover, we've had sex at least once a week.

    I know for sure that her husband knows about us, but he's not in the least bit bothered as they stopped having sex years ago. He's more involved with his dogs than he is with Rachel, which suits me just fine as she's a horny bitch who still loves taking my cock in any hole I now wish to fuck.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 23

    i broke up with my bf 3 months ago and have not been out since. last week i was watching a movie on PPV and it had a group sex scene. the scene was not explicit, just basically the hint or lead in to show there was going to be an orgy, but ever since i've been thinking about having sex with multiple partners at the same time, and even being the fun in a group of guys. these thoughts have even invaded my dreams.

    my dreams of usually start out with me just getting out of the shower, and when i get to my room, there is my ex. he comes over to me and embraces me in the middle of the floor, and starts kissing me and letting his hands roam all over my body. he pulls my towel off, and i realize there are a second pair of hands caressing me.

    i turn to find a naked, older black man feeling me up. he starts kissing me and i feel his very large, hard cock pressing against me. all this time my ex is continuing to caress and kiss my body.

    they guide me over to my bed, and we all 3 get in. the black man climbs between my legs and presses his hard cock deep into me and starts slowing fucking me bareback. my ex eases his cock into my mouth, and the next thing i realize is that there are 2 more huge cocks laying in my hands. i start to jack these 2 very nice, hard cocks.

    the black cock in my pussy has me stretched tighter than i've ever been, and i'm all but gagging on my ex's large cock down my throat (he really does have a nice sized cock), and the cocks in my hands are feeling so wonderful. i start really enjoying getting fucked by this huge black cock, and i start to feel like i'm going to orgasm.

    the cocks in my hands start to throb and cum. at the same time my ex explodes in my mouth, and the black guy starts to pump me full of his hot cum. i wake up in the best screaming orgasms i've ever had.

    the only variation of this dream is that the black man stretches my ass with his huge cock, my ex is the one between my legs, and another very well endowed guy shoves his cock down my throat, the nice cocks in my hand always show up as i'm getting penetrated to give me something to hold onto as i'm stretched by black man's monster sized cock.

    all of them always start to cum at the same time, and as i'm being filled and covered with loads of hot cum, i wake and scream into my pillow through my orgasm.

    this always gives me such an intense orgasm, i really want to try it. i'm on the pill so bareback with a clean guy is fine, my ex used to ride me bare all the time and i love the feeling of cum shooting in me, and his cock almost gagging me as i used to suck him.

    i'm not a slut, but i really, really want to do these 5 guys.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 48

    I'm a straight male what was seduced when sleeping.

    A friend of mine owned a semi and need some help. I just started a two week vacation. So I tell him I would help him.

    It seemed aver hotel only had a double beds.

    Just to let you know I'm a heavy sleeper. When I'm out it takes alot to wake me up.

    The first night was I was sleeping on my back. My friend is jacking me off. I awaken to a hard cock that was about to cum.

    I was totally shock, but to scared to let him know I was awake. I could hold back anymore and shot a big load will over my naked stomach. He licked all my cum off my stomach.

    The next day I just played dumb.

    The next night I was sound to sleep.. I was having a wet dearm ( or I thought I was.) My friend was fucking me bareback.

    I was jacking off as him was fucking my ass hard and heavy.

    I woke up to the best sexual satisfaction I aver felt. I told him to fuck me hard baby...

    Then his cum shot deep in my ass. He then licked the cum coming out of my ass.

    For the next two days of the trip. He fucked me each night.

    This was when I was in my 20's and that was the last time I had male on male sex.

    For the last two weeks in have been watching gay porn and now I want to do it again.

    If you live in Denver, CO and horny and like to show me what hot nasty sweaty male on male sex fells like. chipparmstrong@@h*****l.**m

    Maybe we could flip flop each other ð

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I lost my virginity in a car by a 41 year old guy. I was 15. He was cruising the mall, and he called me and a friend over and offered to buy us something to eat. After going to eat he took us to this park and while she watched he fucked me in the back seat. I had gotten it over with and with a man not a boy from school.

    We were 19 when I watched her lose her virginity to a man that we let pick us up by a motel.

    We lived near a college and we decided to get married to a college guy so we took jobs there. None of the college guys asked us out. The man who was head of maintenance on campus asked us out and we went to his house and had a threesome. His wife was out of town visiting relatives. He let the word out that if you wanted a threesome we were available. We got popular, but after a couple of years we decided to get out of town and go somewhere nice.

    We are in our mid twenties and we have jobs working as cocktail waitresses in South Carolina at a resort. For safety our rule is to never have sex alone. Sometimes we give the guy a threesome, and sometimes we just watch. We both agree that watching is better. The sex is much better afterwards, we can then take care of each other.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 23

    I support women's rights and all that, but if I knew that all women were about to be enslaved (sexually and otherwise) by men across the globe and I was the only one who could stop it, I would lay down and let it happen.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    My gf is bi and I've gotten two of her gf's cherries. She wanted them to know what it was like to fuck a man. She got them drunk on different occasions and invited me over and told them if they wanted to keep getting her pussy they would have to give me theirs.
    One is real skinny and took a lot of persuading but finnaly spread her legs for me. I get to fuck her while she eats out my gf. She has even started sucking me off while my gf eats her.
    The other was more willing and enjoys fucking while my gf watches and then joins in. My gf doesn't know it but we've started seeing meeting occasionally for a twosome. She has hinted she has another virgin gf she would like me to deflower.
    I'm all for helping rid the world of virginity. Bring them on.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 31

    For some reason, since around the time I got married, I haven't been able to cum from normal sex. I've tried everything, I've even tried having sex with women because I thought I might have been a lesbian. The only way I can cum anymore is taking it in the ass. Dildos, real penis, doesn't matter as long as it's in my ass. My husband certainly isn't complaining.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was about 9 years old and i was at my best friend Erins house.We were haning out, outside and i really had to go pee, since we were in a tree i held it in.Eventually it really started to hurt, alot! I finally said oh erin i gotta go really bad and she said me too!Seeing as how she was a better tree climber she got down first and to the bathroom first.Erin took her time to go, meanwhile i was crouched down on the floor ready to cry.By the time she came out i was about to go!When i got in the bathroom i went in pants over the toilet,because i couldnt hold it in long enough so i ended up with wet pants.My dad came and got me and i took 2 showers one with my cloths another normal.HOW EMBARRESING!?

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