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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 18

    I am here in Amsterdam with a much older man who is married and 52 years old. He has the largest cock I've ever had and I've been having sex since I was 13 and have been with 22 guys besides him. He took me out to eat and drink last night, wouldn't let me go to the toilet and we went for a walk to our hotel. I had to go something awful. He had me stand on a bridge over one of the canals, and standing up, I spread my legs for him, and peed then let go a poop of several pieces on the bridge. I don't wear panties except when I get my period, so I just opened my legs and out it came from under my mini-skirt. Then we walked to the hotel and in our room bent me over the couch and used my poo as lube and stuck it in my butt and had sex that way. He wants me to do it again but during the day.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    Last april 1 st my wife said she had a surprise for me. She stripped me down blindfolded me and tied me to the bed and said shes been doin exercise to tighten her pussy. She started giving me a blow job until i got hard and then i felt her climb on the bed and grab my cock and felt it slide into a really tight pussy. Tightest ive ever had. It felt great but after i pumped my cum into her pussy she said april fools and took the blindfold off. And our 12 year old daughter was the one that i came inside.

    Luckly she didnt get pregnant. But eversince then she keeps asking if we can do it again.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 10 my mom got a new boyfriend "Ron". The first time I met him I told my mom " we should put him in a time caplsule". We became close over the next 6 years. He would pick me up from school when my mom couldn't. He would take me and my friends to the mall on weekends. He put up with our girlish bullshit. He was totally cool. The first time I noticed his cock underneath his jeans I was about 15. Once I noticed it I always looked for it. I could sometimes see the outline of his head and it was way bigger than the boys in school. I told my friends about it and then it became a game.
    He would always be working around my moms house wheather she was home or not. My friends and I would bug him and call him to my bedroom. He generally would just stand at the door. One of us would distract him and the other would take pictures of his crotch. His cock was always on the same side and easy to spot. We had lots of pictures in no time.
    One year during Christmas I was decorating the tree. I was barefoot, wearing a tank top and tiny yoga shorts. I was standing on a barstool trying to pretend I was off balance. He walked into the room and I asked him to hold the barstool. I leaned forward as far as I could. My ass was right in his face. I knew that he had to be staring at me. I asked him to hold me so I could reach higher. When he did I rubbed my ass against him. He told me to get down and he finished the top of the tree.

    When he and my mom would be sitting on the couch I would always try to sit next to him. My mom would get pissed because I would be bugging him. She would make me sit on the other side of her. Once we all had blanket across our laps. I was on the other side of my mom and wanted to see if I could touch his cock. I stretched my legs over my mom and had my feet on Rons lap. My plan was just beginning. I asked him to crack my toes. We always cracked each others knuckles. He started to crack my toes and I started to wiggle my feet trying to find his cock with my foot. I rolled over and stuck my foot right between his legs. Jackpot, my foot was pressed on his cock and I was determined to let him know I knew it. I pushed my foot and wiggled my toes on his dick. He casually grabbed my feet and moved them. My mom had no idea I just rubbed her boyfriend cock with my foot.

    One summer day my friend "Rox" and I were hanging out and Ron was working on my moms sprinklers. I was bringing him beers and watching him through the window. I have 3 brothers so I know the boys pee behind the barn. Ron started to head for the barn and I raced out of the house and headed to the barn. I went around the other side of the barn and there it was, his cock in his hand and he was pissing. I stared at it and watched him finish, shake it and stuff it back into his shorts. As soon as he was done I walked around the corner and asked him if he wanted a beer. He looked startled and a little embarrased. I couldn't wait to tell Rox I saw his cock!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last week I was helping my 7 year old son put together a model plane. My husband called and said he was coming home for lunch and wanted me for dessert. When he got home I put in a Pokemon DVD for our son and we went to our bedroom. After he left I went back to help put together the model plane. My son asked me if daddy put glue in my hair? I told him of course not. He grabbed a piece of my hair and asked what was this sticky stuff? Apparently while I was give oral sex to my husband, part of my facial got in my hair.I looked at my son and said daddy must have put glue in my hair when I wasn't looking. I went and washed my hair. When I told my husband what happen he thought it was hillarious.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 31

    My four female colleagues and I consider ourselves to be very similar, young, liberal and horny women. We wanted to fuck each other's husbands/boyfriends and also believed in gender equality as well. We created this fortnight competition among us where there are two winning couples across 2 rounds. The 3 losing couples will each be locked into a full metal chastity cage with the keys given to the winning couples till the next contest. Prizes for the best 2 couples will be a chance to fuck each other's partners or an orgy between them. No cage for 2 weeks as well. Couples suffer and enjoy the benefits together.

    First round, the last man who stands at attention wins. Second round, the man who has not cum last wins. Winning both rounds nets the guy and his girl the chance to fuck anyone over the next 2 weeks. Better than leaving 4 horny couples for a fortnight.

    If a guy has yet to get erect after the first guy cums, he wins both rounds immediately and gets a bonus on top. The bonus gets him an extra fivesome with the other girls and no cage for him and his partner for an additional 2 weeks. Although this bonus benefits the man more, we girls agree our man deserves a reward for his valiant efforts. After all, he managed to resist the pure sexual advances of other women for so long. Since this is so rare and occurs fast, couples are allowed to get each other off by hand or mouth only if they have yet to climax. So far, this has only occurred thrice, twice by my husband as you will see why.

    We strip them naked, legs and chests bound to the chair in the 4 corners of the room facing each other with a lucky guy in the middle. We then proceed to get our own partner hard but not cum to prove the uncaged guys have not cum just prior to the contest. Then we leave them blindfolded and ice packs on their members for about half hour to fully cool down.

    After they are all limp, we play hot music, enter the room lightly clothed and try to get another randomly chosen guy erect and cum as fast as possible. The minimum wardrobe we agreed upon was a hairband, bra, panties, pantyhose, heels, spaghetti strap and a mini skirt. The women are not allowed to use anything including clothes other than their body in this contest. Closing eyes for the men is an instant forfeit. Anything goes, it usually starts with a striptease then once we are naked, french kisses, handjobs, blowjobs and lapdances being the staple. Each man can see what my colleagues were doing so it turns them on even more. Since their hands are free, we force them to fondle our tits, finger our wet privates, squeeze our butts. Come on, the caged girls are horny and need to get off too.

    Only sex and violence is disallowed. Violence was added later as one of my colleagues grabbed my husband's erect dick with 2 hands and threatened to fracture his erection if he didn't cum within the next minute. My husband screamed for me and upon understanding the situation, I gave this girl a tight slap and walked to her husband and pretended to do the same. Both of them screamed for mercy and that was when I told her, now you are in my shoes, you realize having an impotent husband is worse then being caged for 2 more weeks. Despite her plead for forgiveness and even offering my husband the time of his life, we later decided to kick this couple out of the contest. Although I didn't fault him, I told my husband later that night that this couldn't have happened if he didn't get erect in the first place. This was when I hit upon the idea of a training program for my husband later.

    Now you may ask, what drives us to quickly turn on and make the other guy cum fast?? If this guy gets erect and cums first, he loses, higher chances our own man will win. If our own guy wins one or both rounds or even gets the bonus, we get to enjoy it too. :)

    This is where my similarities with my girl buddies end. The guy I get usually is the first to be erect, almost always faster than even by their own partners. Most of the time too, my victim is the first to shoot his load of failure. I attribute that to my DDD busts, cleanly shaven crotch and the face of an innocent schoolgirl with a ponytail on a petite frame. Moonlighting as a stripper, lapdancer and being a cheerleader during my college days certainly helped too. Blessed with the ability to get very wet very quickly, I gather my slick juices and spread them around the rock hard cock of my victim and work my magic. I hold two records which still stands today, no guy that is under me has ever won any round. I'm the only woman that has made my victim cum first without removing a single item of clothing. My girl friends secretly hate me for that.

    As for my husband, he wins about half the time and he is the only guy that has managed to win both rounds so far. Unlike the other girls I have a slight ballbusting fetish too, whenever we are unlocked I train him by inflicting slight pain on his genitals but not too much that he has permanent damage. After all, I want to have kids with him. I give him a few light kicks and taps to his balls with my palm then attempt to arouse him so he can get past the first stage. I find the sweet spot to be about 2 light kicks followed by 4 taps just before the contest. If we are locked, then I do 3 hard kicks. Just enough for me to get him up, but makes him a lot harder (pun intended) to get hard or cum by my colleagues. If we are unlocked, I mercilessly drain him dry 2 days before each contest. One day to recover and the pain from the kicks is just right for him not to totally lose his desire to rise for me.

    My husband and I were known as the unbeatable couple. A forfeit required both members of the couple to agree. Once, a colleague and her husband were assigned to my husband and I respectively, the lady forfeited after barely 5 minutes when she couldn't get my husband to rise little. She didn't want to waste any more of her efforts on my husband and her man agreed with her as he knew he would cum fast under me anyway. That was how the bonus was technically won by my husband the first time. This lady approached me privately how could my husband resist her and not me. She had said her past lovers always rose to attention way before her clothes came off. I winked and hinted her by pretending to kick her groin then left. Guess till today, she doesn't understand what I was hinting at.

    If our guy loses 3 times in a row, we get uncaged for 2 weeks so we can satisfy our pent up desires. After all, a caged guy will most likely lose the next round and so on. The most we go without sex is a month although at least, everyone does get off during the session. We created this escape as one man ended this arrangement and relationship when he lost 3 times and could not stand the idea of being locked up for another 2 more weeks.
    Side note: All 3 times, he was unlucky enough to be teased by me.

    This went on for about a year before our firm closed down and we went our separate ways. Damn! Miss those times when the men hold back as much as possible and the women tease as best they can. Men vs women for benefits between man and wife/gf. I became closer to my husband as never before as we went through thick and thin together.

    I think I just gave some very naughty ideas to the women reading this. Men, if your wife/gf suggests this, go ahead and give it shot. It makes your relationship closer.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    I've always been a "regular" straight man to all my girlfriends, but I'm anything but.

    I never told C about the time I met an actor about screwing his wife with him, how his wife wasn't even there at his place but I let him go down on me anyway. I never told her that after he let me come in his mouth, I wrapped my hand around his big cock and stroked him until he came all over himself. Never saw him again or screwed his wife.

    I never told K about the time I got drunk and went to an older man's apartment for oral sex, about how he answered the door dressed in women's clothes and a wig, about how he sucked me off and swallowed every last drop of my come. I never told her how turned on I was by how pretty he looked.

    I never told S about the time I met another older man at his condo and his was the first cock I ever sucked. I never told her that it was so big that I gagged when I sucked him off. I never told her about how good his tongue felt in my ass and how much it hurt when he tried to put his dick in me. I never told her how hard I came while I stroked myself, how much he came all over my stomach, standing over me,

    I never told A about the cross dresser I had over once to blow me. I never told her the cross dresser wouldn't lick my balls but fit my entire shaft in her mouth. I never told her that the cross dresser made me come all over myself and then laid next to me and came all over herself. I never told her how I cleaned up both of our messes and walked her out.

    I never told A about the married couple I met and fucked. I never told her how amazing it felt to have him suck my cock and her suck my balls. I never told her about how I took the wife from behind while she sucked her husband off. I never told her about massaging the husband's balls while he fucked his wife. I never told her how the husband's come tasted when I licked it off her face or how he licked mine off her ass.

    I never told anyone any of that.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    I have always been straight and never even thought about sex with another man all my life. I had gotten divorced and about a year later ended up with kind of a crazy girlfriend for about six months. She was very sexual and would often pick up other women at clubs we went to and they would come back to our place and have sex. I was very happy with her and often told her that she was more like a man with her sexual attitude then a woman. She had taken me to a few places where they had booths to sit and watch porn, most of the booths had holes in the wall and you could look through and often feel up other people. I had watched her lick women, suck off men and had a great time with the whole thing. She did not last however and I found myself alone again not having had sex in a few months, suddenly I had a crazy thought about going to one of the places with a booth and getting a bj, feeling up some women and having a great time by myself. I went in and it did not take long and a woman was looking through the hole at me then putting her hand through bending her finger for me to come over to her. She grabbed my cock and I stiffened right up from her massage, soon she was sucking me off like a pro and I laid my head back sighing as she worked her mouth on me. After a few minutes I felt a rubber go on me and she had me going in and out of her pounding her rear end into the wall. I was able to last a while which surprised me a bit and she dismounted and went back to sucking me off swallowing my load like it was nothing. I sat down in my chair with a huge smile on my face feeling very satisfied when a few feet from my face a cock came through the hole. He was pretty large and had pushed it all the way through with his balls partly bulging through as well. I kind of looked at it and thought no way but the next thing I knew I had reached out and pulled on him a few times then wrapped the head tightly jerking him completely hard. I put my other hand up and grabbed the base of his shaft and began stroking him but things were not to lubed up so I then did the most unthinkable thing in my brain, I opened my mouth and sucked him in as deep as I could. My mind was full of thoughts as I was almost feeling like someone else with a hand wrapped around the base and my mouth sucking his head in and out. I definitely came to my senses and just started stroking him off knowing that I really did not want to swallow him at all. So I just sort of got to the side and stroked him until he came on the floor, I was amazed at myself for doing that and decided that I was going to stay in the booth for a while.
    In the last few months I have given head to at least six guys but always with a woman blowing me first and I have know idea why I enjoy it so much.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    I've been dating my bf for a while now and I've never done anything sexual before. Last night I let him finger me for the first time ever and I loved it! I was so horny I wanted him to rip my panties off and just start fucking me.

    When I unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick he started breathing hard and shaking. As soon as his dick rubbed against my panty he came.

    I acted like everything was okay, but when he left I finished masturbating. I am ready for sex, just not sure it will be with him.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    just a through, looking for a women who is horny as me, let me just suck those tits out and fuck you slow and deep. pussy and tit,s is all i need today.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    It all started when I was 9years of age, I was sexually frustrated in a sence that I had some idea where a boy must penetrate me, I used to play with myself inserting my little finger and it burn like hell butin time I got the hang of that and enjoyed it, their was no cum but that prickling sensation travel through out your body.
    I was desprate for a boy, at school, the boy whom sat next to me was willing so was I untill one day I knew I would be home alone and invited him over, we both in the same mind set.
    Not alot of kissing happened but alot of touching like I wanked him and he fingered me, I prepare myself and lubricate with vaseline. Hot on top of me and got of like a speed train, I stopped him and ask him to take it very slow which he did, for the first time on the age of 9 my virgin was taken and because it was my choice it felt awesome. I felt that tinkling sensation 3 times in a half hour before he suddenly said with a very dry voice "iam done" got up get dressed not even thanx and ran home, I on the other hand was happy.
    I tried to get the boy again to follow up but he was not interested and I just stop asking, I played with my pussy from there onwards on a regular basis.
    When I turned 11 it was the start of my puberty, small breasts, My dads friend came for a visit one day but my dad went away for business and my mom invited him in, I was in my room doing school work, when I needed to go to the loo, on my way to the loo I could hear my mom mouning I looked through the opening at the door and my dafs friend was all over my mom, I was shocked. Quickly went to the loo and take my time to focus what they are upto I notice his penis penetrate my mom I was dripping wet at that time. It took them 1 hour and a half to finish. I disappeared into my room with 2 fingers in my fun valley thinking of my moms lover I was so frustrated needing sex and only from a man I needed a large one.
    As time goes by my dad back home and one saturday night at a braai at our home they inviteded their friends including my moms lover. I thoughtthis is it this is my turn I cornered mr lover and I walked straight into him with the loud music I said in his ear to please follow me to our garage which he did not knowing that I knew about him and my mom. I ask him to get into the back seat of mu dads car, I told him what I knew and he was surprised I also notices his package and I needed him I then told him I will not say anything for a kiss and agreed and gave me n grang mother kiss on my cheek, I wipe it of and demand a propper kiss he replied by saying that iam to young and blah blah blah. I got put of the and told well deal.with my dad then, he was like a flash at me grabbed me and kissed me like meant it I took that advantage pf thrust his dick with my hand he pulled away looked at me and ask you are too small it will notfit. I ask him to try we got back in my dads car and he kissed me and fingered me and I for the first time know how a real penis felt like my pussy was poundingy clothes was of in a flash and he was naked he pulled me ontop of him I felt his huge dick between my legs and I thrusting his dick with my pussy before he slowly penetrated me his dick was as hard as a rock I dont kwow what part was inside of me and what waa not I also felt to cum for the first time and for many of times he continues kissed me, cum.inside of me I could felt it but for some miracle I did not get pregnant. Well me and him where fuck buddies till today, iam 14 now and he is 45.

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