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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 55

    Revenge is probably the correct title for this. I wrote this earlier but AC refused to post it for some reason. They kept saying I should ebter the Caaptcia but they refuse to post one for me to copy. Finally they just delted the whole thing. But, this is really a non-sexual comfession, more of a plea for help!
    You see, my wife is currently in a Nursing home because of mistakes the medical profession made. In the late 70's she was in an auto accident and was paralized from the neck down. She regain her feelings after about 4 weeks in the hospital. But, she became Epileptic and was having grand mal seizures as many as 5 and 6 daily. Sometimes I diden't think she could live through them. Her doctor placed her on 3000 mg depakote daily and for 30 plus years you would never know she was epileptic. Then we lost our daughter to an over dose of perscription drugs. She could not grieve openly, her grief built up inside until she had a stroke and then right back into the hospital. After improvement there she was transfered to a Nursing Home. There she began having seizures again. After learning they had cut her depakote levet to 1000 mg dailey I, excuse the language, raised pure hell until they finally raised it back to 2000 mg.
    Then after improvement she was discharge and came home. All this time at home I was giving her 2 500 mg in the AM and 2 in the PM. She was doing well and stopped gaining weight.
    Okay, last fall she had a relapse and instead of the hospital they had in home care three days a week. She began declining so they brought Hospice nurses in. Immediately they transfered her from Home Care to Hospice, telling me she had less than 6 months to live. I freaked out. My grand daughter and I were looking at her mediaction one evening aand she said, Garndpa, these aren't 500 mg, they are 250 mg. So, again the shit hit the fan, I raised hell and they raised the level back to 2000 daily and they discharged her from Hospice and placed her in Aa Nursing Home. They never admitted that she was getting better, only that she had deceased declining.
    Now the big shock. The nursing home charges $225 per day for semi private room but said they wsere doing me a favor and only charging me $180 per day for, as they call it, room and board.
    Okay, I am Air Force Retired after 30 years active service including Korea and Vietnam. I have many decorations to prove my services which include the Airmans Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, amoung others. Let me confess here and now. I am not seeking a pat on the back. I did this because I refused to take my discharge and have to go to work. LOL.
    Okay, upon retirement I was promised FREE MEDICAL for me and my dependents for the remainder of our life. My wife is my only remaining dependent but $180 a day does not sound FREE to me. I appealed and protested but no one wants to listen. They showd me a law that went into effect in 2007. My argument is that this only effects thos who retire on or after that date. I should come under the grand father clause which holds me to the old law from my retirement date.
    Since last November I have paid this Nursing Home $56,000.00 plus from my own pocket. How much longer before I am in the poor house or insane ward??
    Now, has anyone any suggestions before I loose my mind completely??
    THANKS for any info and THANKS for taking your time to read this.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 27

    I was having sex with my boyfriend about a week ago, and a few things he had said recently were bothering me. We were taking a break, and when we were about to start again I stopped him for a moment and I asked him "What am I to you?? Be completely honest." After thinking for a few moments, he answered. He said "My personal fuck toy.", and we went back to having sex.

    I probably should have hated him, but I'm actually more turned on when I'm around him. We've had sex since then, and it's been more intense. At one point while we were doing it I slipped into a mindset like I was literally just a toy being used. I kept that up and, while I didn't orgasm, it made me feel so good and it turned me on even more. I probably sound insane, but I want to stay with him as long as possible, I WANT to just be his fuck toy and nothing more.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    I went to a family reunion out of state and my boyfriend could not attend as he was working all weekend. I thought that I was going to be stuck to hang out with my parents but turns out that one of my young cousin was at the reunion and he was pretty cool.

    We partied it up and drank tequila shooters all night. My cousin is 24ish, he has red hair and he has the ginger scruff thing going...he is quite sexy.

    We went back to my motel room and I sneaked him in - I undressed him all night with my eyes and it was even better to do it in person...he had a nice ginger bush and a big white thick cock - I also love his little muscular ass - he was HOT !

    He was a great lover and we had raw unhibitied sex all night. That boy must have licked every single inch of me.

    The next morning I had brunch with my parents and my mom commented on how nice Jeffrey was....if only she knew ;)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am an Anonymous Coward and I want to say ...

    I'm a married 31 year old man with a HUGE crush on my 23 year old sister in-law. We have been close for many years and we both share a LOT of info back and forth. We are very open with each other and probably to the point that it's not healthy. Well, I finally admitted to her the other day that I had a crush and asked her if she felt the same way. After a bit she finally admitted she did. Since then I haven't been able to get her out of my head(s). I know it's horrible and I know I can't go there, but the temptation is HUGE.

    My wife is a great woman, but our sex life is almost non-existant - maybe once a month and nothing but straight up boring sex. That just makes it tougher because I've talked to my sister in-law about it and it just makes me want her more.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    in seventh grade i fell off of my bike and fractured my leg my doctor told me i needed to have a cast for six weeks which meant i had to use crutches my friend helped me carry my books and she was walking behind me and as i was going to the next step i must have slipped on something and i fell down to the bottom of the steps even though i had a cast on it still hurt my leg and my teacher had to carry me to the nurses office it was so enbarrasing.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    First there was the guy who picked me up off the street somewhere my home. I was about 4. He took me to a hidden place and played with my little peter and got me to touch his. I finally got scared or mad, not sure which but demanded as much as a 4 year can, that he take me home. I actually could not tell him where I lived so he took me to a police station that turned out to be about two blocks from my house and let me out at the curb. MY parents found me there. I never told them where I had been or what I had done.
    Next My older cousin came to my house when I was 9 and got me on the sofa looing at adult magazines. He persuaded me to let him play with my little dick and then got me to play with his We then graduated to sucking. My first time tasting cum even though he pulled out at the last minute and finished himself with my hand and his over it.
    Next I wanted to share my new found thing with my buddies. I got one of them in my tent in my back yard nd got him to suck me and me suck him.
    Then a buddy, same age, invited me home with him at about age 12. We got in the basement and he, step by step got me to the point where we were laying in bunk beds and jerking off. He then introduced his dog into the act. He got the dog to lick his dick while he jerked and cummed. I passed on the dog and never cummed either.
    Next I was picked up, again, off the street by an old man in a dirty old car when I was around 14. He talked me into letting him play with y dick and suck me. It didn't take much talk. Next the band instructor at school kept me after practice for "additional" practice. I wore short pants in those days nd I still remember the first time he slid his hand up the leg of y shorts an touched my penis. He sucked me off a dozen times during that school year. He also got me to play with his dick nd then suck him too. First time getting full load of cum in my mouth. I spit most of it out. We were just getting to the point where he was playing with my ass and trying to finger it. I wasn't really into that and I resisted. School ended and I never got my ass fucked which I am sure what he had in mind.
    28 years old married with two very young daughter. Traveled for a living and went to a glory hole. Picked up a young guy, took hi to my motel room and sucked his dick. I was perfectly satisfied but he insisted on sucking me off. He really knew what he was doing. I can't real the exact feelings but I remember the intensity of it all.
    Last time I experienced bi sex.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    My brother Mark is 3 years older than me, and he began climbing into bed with me and fondling me when I was 7. Our parents always paid attention to our oldest sister Candace, who was 9 years older than me, whose shit didn't stink, and who got all the love and affection. Mark and me were simply "there" and not a good as our spoiled sister. So when Mark popped my cherry when I was 8 and he was 11, I not only didn't mind, I was glad someone loved me. Our parents were so self-obsessed they didn't notice we were fucking under their roof, or just didn't care.

    When I was 10, Mark was 13, and Candace was 19, our parents decided to have a "Second Honeymoon" for their 20th anniversary and left me and Mark in Candace's care for three weeks. As soon as they pulled out, Candace took off to party, leaving me and Mark alone. We had a good time screwing in every room of the house.

    Then Candace came pack after three days. We found her on the toilet passed out with vomit on her dress. She was helpless, and we both had a lifetime of resentment at the golden girl whom we never measured up to. So Mark shoved her off the toilet, poured rubbing alcohol all over her ass, and fucked her asshole, making her wake up and scream and cry.

    We kept doing her for the rest of our parents' vacation. We screwed her and made her go down on us and pissed on her and hit her with belts. All the while she was going through DT's with no drink or pills. We demeaned her and disgraced her in every way we could think of. By the end of the week, we didn't need to tie her up, she was broken to the yoke. And when our parents came back, she never said a word.

    Three months later, Candace was pregnant and kicked out of the house. We figured Mark was the father. Our parents tried to transfer the Golden Child title to Mark, but after years of being told he wasn't worth it, he didn't give them the satisfaction. They never even thought of doing that with me. Mark moved out when he was 18 and I was 15. We had a daughter when I was 17 named Naomi.

    5 years ago, Candace appeared on our doorstep with a 9 year old son named Hank. She was only 29 but looked 40. She asked for a loan and we offered her a job as our housekeeper. Mark took his dick out when he offered her the job. The former golden girl who had lorded it over us all our childhoods got on her knees and sucked his dick in front of her son. I was teaching Hank how to have fun with a woman before she was finished.

    Candace has been a good housekeeper and a good sex-toy for everyone. Hank has started fucking Naomi, and they both think it's great. Mark is a great husband, and Hank is a great lover.

    We grew up in a sick family. We grew up to be a sick family. We aren't hurting anyone

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 32

    My wife and I both love clamping cloths pegs on our nipples, first we take it in turns to cuff the other behind while they are nude then on go the cloths pegs, even though we are very experienced it does not take long before the pain starts (we use plastic pegs with tight metal springs}
    The pain is a nice erotic pain and we can have them on for up to 25 minutes each however we never wear them for any longer
    Always after each session we have sex maily anal it is so good

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my first kiss- in her bed in her room
    sex-the 17th of january.2007. in her bed. in her room. with her.
    shower- in my bathroom. in my house
    first time on the floor- my room
    first time she hit on me insted of me hitting on her- her basement, playing vidiogames. then my room also playing vidio games.
    first date(that we didnt really know was a date)- yakima.the zone. i stole her purse. actually i caried it for her
    first thing stolen from her- her pink studded belt, before i even liked her. i just took hers off and put mine on her
    first time i didnt want to go to band- when i went to portland and left her for three days, then winfest. i just wanted to lay there with her.
    first car accident-with he. into a 10ft ditch. it balanced out her hormones.
    first real break up- 3 months 2 days
    she has a boyfriend now. she straight. she regrets it. she hates me. i pushed her away. i want her back so bad. but i cant have her. she just wanted to know what it was like. just like so many other people. i feel like theres never going to be anyone as good. her kisses were so pure. they were so great. they made my heart jump. and all i ever wanted to do when she kissed me was hold her. she smelled so good. theres no one in this world who loves the smell of cherry vanilla more than i do. it makes me sick to my stomach now. just like so many other things do. vidio games. green apple shampoo. my pillows. rainbows. converse. soy milk. the shower. art. my hats. jones soda. belts. skating. holding hands. hands. hugs. mike n ikes. jack. disney land. hint jeans. metallica. backstreet boys. the duke of earl. beetles. hair. calender. she says that she doesnt remember dates now. i think its because she rememberd ever one of them with us. the 9th.the 23rd.17th. that entire week that i dont remember. another 9th and 23rd. 25th. 26th. 9th. 23rd. 25th for good. then one more 9th bescause she wasnt sure. and no more than that. that was it for us. all of it. three months that felt like a lifetime. i loved her. i love her still. but i cant do anything about it. nothing but wait for it to go away.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I have just read a story on here by a girl who found DVDs of her parents having sex with each other and with others, both straight and gay.

    I had a similar experience but long before the days of DVDs. I was 16 or so at the time. I was in the attic looking though boxes for some particular books when I found a box of photographs of my parents naked and having sex with each other. I was horrified and at the same time fascinated. There were other boxes also of my parents having sex but with different people - and there were lots of them having gay sex.

    It is a shock to see your parents having sex but to see pictures of your mother licking out another woman or of your father being fucked by another man is a real shock. There was nothing left to the imagination. There were photos of my father being sucked off and of him ejaculating.

    I am embarrassed to say that they turned me on hugely. Even more embarrassed to say that i wanked off looking at them.

    I had thought that i had cleaned up and had put them away properly but apparently not. A week or so later, during which it was really difficult to behave the same with my parents, my father knocked on my door and asked if i had been in the attic and had I been looking at private photos. He obviously knew I had so there was no point in lying so i said that I had. he asked if I had masturbated looking at them and again I said that I had.

    He said that he had taken the photos of mum having sex with another woman and she had taken photos of him with another man.

    He asked which ones I had looked at when wanking off and I said truthfully, I preferred the pictures of him with the other man. He simply smiled and said that was ok, he was flattered.

    A few days later my mother asked if i would like to see more of the photographs i had found. i said i would and she gave me an envelope of photos she said had been taken recently. She told me to take them out which i did. They were like the others but close ups of my dad's cock in her pussy, ass and mouth. There were also photos of him with a man's cock in his mouth and up his ass. There were photos of him covered in spunk from the other man.

    I was mortified but at the same time I was really aroused. She asked if I had an erection. I said i did. she told me to show her. I was mesmerized and i undressed and stood in front oh her naked with an erection.

    She said that i had a great body and a great cock. She asked if she could touch me on my cock - i couldn't speak, which she took as a yes. No sooner had she touched my cock than I just erupted in her hand and on the floor. It was the most powerful orgasm i had ever had. I was mortified and tried to cover up but she said it was ok, perfectly ok.

    She told me to go have a shower and she would speak to me later.

    Later that evening, my dad asked me about what had happened, and told me to describe it in detail which i did. i could see that he was aroused by it. I have to say that i was beginning to get a real buzz out of this power that i seemed to have to arouse my parents.

    From then they asked if i would like to take part in their games by photographing them which i did, to begin with clothed and shortly after than naked. It wasn't a big step to getting to play with them both sexually.

    This went of for a couple of years until i went away to university.

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