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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One time I went over to my friends house to spend the night. Well her mom just bought some really good cherry sodas so we dranks almost all of them. Yumm...... they were good!! Then we stayed up watching some TV. My friend fell asleep during the movie and so did I. Some time during the she went to the bathroom while I still slept. Most of the time I wake up to go to the bathroom.....but boy was I tired! Then I woke up feeling something warm infront of me. Uh Oh......I started to freak. My friend was still asleep and I didn't know what to do. My side of the bed was soked and yellow. I ran to the bathrrom and looked around and I found a towel. I tried to clean it up on me and the bed but it was no use. Then her mom came in the see what was all the noise. She came in and whispered "What's wrong?". She then noticed the huge yellow spot and whispered "Honey, did you have an actcident?" I slowly nodded my head in shame. She was nice and understood that I was embarressed. Then my friend woke up.....God is she lazy, she did'nt even care! She was so tired she left the room and slept on the couch. Thank God she is that lazy and tired she just wanted sleep. Her mom went and cleaned the sheets while i kept saying "I am soooooooo sorry, about that." She said it was ok. What a nice mom!!!! The bad news is the next time i came over for a sleep over she asked if i needed diapers....and said i should put them on!!! Well she was sooooo nice before i thought she would'nt want another messy bed so i did!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    When I was a kid I masturbated heavily, the earliest I remember was when I was about 6 or 7. My mother found me
    pillow fucking and tried to stop me. Of course I couldn't stop and as I grew up daily masturbation was a part of my
    life, often several times a day and night. I managed to keep my habit secret, often going into the woods near my home to play with my little prick. I went to a private school and then to boarding school at the age of 13.

    Leaving home at 13 to go to a new school is always daunting for a child and boarding school is a strange experience.
    On my first day the house master helped me to find my way around and was very friendly, so much so that I lost my fear of my new surroundings. He told me that he was always ready to help me with any problems I might have and that I could visit him in his office at any time. I didn't think that his interest in me was in any way sexual, but I did enjoy his company. He was a lot warmer that my father, willing to put his arm round my shoulders and give me a gentle hug.

    At home finding privacy to indulge in my frequent masturbation was easy, but in school it was quite difficult. I could go into the toilets but I would have to be careful not to make any noise. At night it was easier s I could pillow fuck as much as I liked after all the other boys had fallen asleep. There was a rule that boys must not visit the dormitories during the day, but my need to feel the soft pillow underneath me and to masturbate was overwhelming. So I found that I could get to my room without being seen if I was careful.

    For some time I got away with my little excursions upstairs but one day my housemaster, Bob, heard me. He had his room on the same floor and near mine. While I was lying on my bed, pants down, gently rubbing myself into paradise, he quietly came into the room. I didn't hear him and the first thing I knew was a hand on my bare bottom, gently feeling and pressing me against the pillow. I looked up and saw him smiling at me. He said 'you are a lovely boy'. I saw him undo his trousers and drop them, followed by his underpants.

    He started to fondle his cock. I had never seen grown man's cock before. It looked huge, with all that hair and his big balls, so much bigger than my little thing. I was shocked and stunned my the sight. He kept stroking my bare bottom and than got onto the bed next to me, pressing his very warm penis against my smooth young body. He said ' I dream about you all the time, you are lovely'. He kissed my neck and back and gently rubbed himself against the tight crack between my arse cheeks. His rubbing became more uncontrolled and the inevitable happened, flooding my back with his warm cum. I thought he was peeing over me. I hadn't seen cum before. There was a lot of it. Some ran down on the pillow and some found its way under my bottom, making my little balls wet and slippery. When he had stopped coming he pulled up his pants and trousers and proceeded to wipe up the cum with his handkerchief.

    I was overcome with a mixture of shock and fascination, and a strange feeling of fulfilment and pride. It made me masturbate even more and daydream about it, remembering every detail of his lovely big cock and the pulsing feeling as he emptied himself over me.

    That night I hardly slept having climax after climax.

    The next day he came and found me after school and expressed his guilt about what had happened. He was very sorry and said that it was all wrong and mustn't happen again. If anyone found out he would be in very serious trouble. I tried to reassure him, telling him that I liked it, but it didn't seem to make any difference. After that he avoided me, and when we met he hardly wanted to look at me. He was obviously feeling very guilty that he had had a sex experience with a boy.

    Several weeks went by, but nothing changed. I dreamt about him and masturbated too much, wanting to feel that big hot thing against my sensitive body.

    One day when I was showering after games, he came into the changing room and was passing my shower cubicle. He stopped and looked at me with the water pouring over my naked young body. Seeing him there made me stiff and I started to masturbate, smiling at him as I did so. The look on his face showed the depth of lust he had for me. He quickly walked away. As I was changing back into my clothes, I took my time so that I was the last boy to leave. He came up to me and said 'would you like to visit me after school?' My head was swimming and I stuttered 'yes'.

    As I walked to his room my pulse was racing and I was almost breathless with anticipation, my little prick was rigid in my underpants. When I got to his room he was already half naked. He had taken off his pants and his cock was rigid. I had dreamt of getting my hand round his cock and squeezing it and playing with it. Now it was there waiting for me. He slowly undressed me, kissing my face and lips and whispering that he loved me. When I was completely naked he cuddled me against his hairy body, crushing his thick penis against me. He held me so tight I could hardly breathe. I managed to loosen his clutch and while he was still kissing my face got my hand round his cock. I squeezed it and felt its lovely shape and heaviness. He let me play with it for what seemed to be ages but was probably only a minute or two. Then he cuddled me between his legs and rolled over onto his bed. I was crushed beneath him into the bed clothes as he gently rubbed his lovely thing against my body, engaging my prick in the process.

    When he started to cum he was convulsed with uncontrollable passion, warm spunk squirted out of his throbbing cock drenching my chest, even reaching my face in great spurts. He went completely limp and exhausted, repressing his tears and out of his mind with carnal satisfaction. I was covered in cum, and he took some of it and dr**ed it around my little prick and balls. He then held me against him again , gently masturbating me to yet another breathtaking climax. We cuddled for a long time with his slippery warm cum between our bodies. He came again, telling me how much he needed me. I kissed him, and he pushed his tongue into my mouth to be eagerly sucked.

    After that second event there was no point in apologies and pretence. I went to his room as often as I could, making sure no-one saw me. We became ever more intimate. His hands were all over me, feeling me in the most intimate way possible. I had no illusions about what he wanted. His fingers eagerly explored my anus, pressing into me and thrilling me in a way that I could never have anticipated. It would only be a matter of a short time before his eager fingers would be replaced by an eager cock. Until then he knew he had to be gentle and tender with me. I had a tight lovely bottom and his cock was big and hard. I thought it would be best to stretch my tight anus with something suitable, and I found a small bottle with a round cap that I could insert into my virgin bottom to prepare myself for that first wonderful fuck. It wasn't as big as his gorgeous thing but it was a start. At night I would push it in and out of my anus as I masturbated.

    He had restrained himself during our encounters, not wanting to enter me before I was ready. He was very patient, gently encouraging me into new discoveries with long kissing and cuddling sessions. I had learnt to be very clean and well washed before visiting him. He soon took to tonguing my anus and pushing it into me, overwhelming me with sexual pleasure. He wanted to enter me and fuck me filling me with his wonderful warm cum. I was very impatient to be his eager little fuck. So when he put lubricant into my anus I new the time had come. He pushed his big cut knob against my virgin c**t and gently but firmly pushed against the weak resistance of my inexperienced bottom. I relaxed and suddenly he was inside me for the first time. It hurt slightly but the joy and sensuality overcame any pain. He slowly fucked me, in and out, deeper each time. He was far too far gone to contain himself and after a few thrusts my virginity was swept away in a flood of warm cum.

    He always had a big cum load, and he filled my bottom that first time with a massive one. I have a very sensual g spot inside my anus. When I'm fucked a man's knob pushed against it makes me climax uncontrollably. The climax makes my anus tighten round the cock, much to the satisfaction of the guy. He soon discovered that and he knew that I was always going to be his eager slave, never saying no and always ready for him.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 25

    Before we were married, my wife and I were pretty bold sexually. She was my first, and although I was familiar with porn and the like, she rocked my world.
    There's something incredibly sexy about new experiences. My wife, who was then my new girlfriend, could be incredibly kinky. We had been sexually active for about a month, and on this paticular occasion, we had been making love, fucking each other, and drinking wine for hours in our hotel. At this point, things were beginning to wind down. She was slowly blowing me as I declined on the headboard of the bed.
    Now, my wife has had many sexual partners in the past. It doesn't bother me, as I am not worried about being inadequate. In fact, I think I could get off by hearing some of her past encounters, though I've never heard them. Anyways, she used to be quite the slut. She could take my 7" cock down her throat with ease.
    As I watched my dick disappear down her throat, she gently started to nudge my legs further apart. She lifted her head up and my dick popped out of her mouth. With her eyes locked on mine she began to lick my balls, on the side, then back up to my dick. A couple of times she slid my cock down her throat and then sucked my balls into her mouth. Spit came out of her nose as she gagged, but then she wiped it over my balls.
    She moved a little bit lower and began licking the underside of my balls, never breaking her gaze. "Mhmm?" She asked. "Yeah," I respond, unsure of where she would stop. She licked even lower, just grazing the base of my scrotum. "Mhmm?" She asked again, her eyes watching for my reaction. Understanding where she may be headed, I lift up my hips and groan. I didn't want to ask for it, and I didn't know if I wanted it; but then, something inside of me did, as my heart was racing with anticipation.
    Her tongue dwindled just above my ass, and she playfully kicked around. I gasped sharply several times as she grazed my ass with her tongue. I knew for sure I wanted this, and I fully lifted myself to show her what I wanted. At the same time she fully licked my asshole for the first time. "GOD!" I cried out, as she aggressively dances her tongue on my hole, moaning loudly. Her hand grasped my cock, and she began pumping it hard. Precum drooled down her hand and onto my stomach. Despite the fact I had already cum multiple times, within seconds I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Semi clear semen shot all over me as she plunged her tongue into me. I *LOVED* it.
    Since then, she has blindfolded me and slid a finger inside, blown me with a finger, and I even got her to use a small bullet vibrator on me. However, since then, we have gotten married. Our sex life isn't gone, but it's not what it once was. Fingering my ass has become a special birthday present, but nothing more. I always keep myself clean just in case, but even hinting at it now causes her to go "nuh-uh."
    So, that was my first confession. I love getting rimmed, and having a finger up my ass. But there's more. I want several things, but I don't know if my wife will ever want them. First, I want to try anal. I know she's taken it up the ass before, and that she didn't mind it, but I want a chance to feel her tight hole too.
    I also want us to mastrubate in front of each other. I peticularly want to see her use a dildo. I want to see her have an orgasm by herself. And then I want her to use the dildo on me. I want to feel more than a finger.
    Finally, I want her to put on a strap on and peg my ass. Even if just to experience that "new" feeling again. I know I love the sensation; but what I really crave is that sense of exploration that we once had.
    Writing this, I wanted to use this as a vent for my apparently stalling sex life. Now, I see that I just want to feel that excitement again, that spark of vulnerability and trust with the woman that I love. That sense of newness, where we take a leap of faith and try something taboo together.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    He's an asshole. I can't stand his personality and his holier than anyone else demeanor. He can kiss my ass. Yeah, the one he checks out everytime I see him...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I really wish I was being used by a dirty old man in his mid to late 70's, I would want him to be as perverted as he wanted with me tie me up fuck me force his old cock down my throat dress me as a woman anything he wanted, Make me worshipped his cock fuck me whenever he wanted to make me lick his ass and balls piss on me spank me in fact take complete control of me use me as his fuck toy share me with his old buddies of a weekend making sure I suck all of their cocks and offer them my ass to fuck while he watches and waits for his turn to fuck me, I want him to slobber all over me to hear him grunt and snort when he cums inside of my ass or mouth treat me like his own personal cum slut, If only I could find a really dirty perverted old man to please.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Licking a girl's asshole just excites me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 48

    My husband and I live in an upscale area in a large home with surrounding area that always needs attention. He hires young men, selecting them for their physiques, demeanor and appearances. After they work for a time and he sizes them up, he shows them photos he has taken of other youngsters eating me out and fucking me in many positions, and so forth. The deal is they can get some if they allow him to photograph them while sexing me up.

    Usually, I find him wanking to these photos and I take my clothes off. He then gets hot and fucks me like crazy. He has an excellent cock and I love it in my ass as well. We've kept our sex life alive for some 25 years doing stuff like this. I love it. I've had a lot of young cock in me and my husband's cock never seems to age.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 36

    Here it goes i want to rape my older
    sister in law but it dont stop there i also
    want to impregnate all 3 of her
    daughters. so back to the sister here is
    a lil bit bot her she is 44 5'7 has a farm
    girl body which means she not fat but thick would say maybe 165 pounds she
    has a great set of tits would have to say
    38c to atleast a d cup and a big ass that
    looks great in a pair of jeans. she is
    smart as hell to boot which turns me on
    to . i would take and catch her in the old barn tie her up and proceed to tear her
    cloths off and take her body from all
    positions i would slam my cock in her
    and cum her pussy full and take her
    from behind and fill he ass full to and
    after several hours cut her free and let her take it freely as she would want it
    and turn her into my regular cum dump
    for my pleasure. now for the daughers
    one is 22 one is 20 and the youngest
    just turned 18. the 22 yr old is bot 5'6 130
    34 d cup tits with big firm nipples i know this i have seen them perfect hr glass
    figure and a ass that is amazing and
    damn can she dance love to see her
    strip. the 20 yr old is very smart bot 5'4
    same figure as her older sister but i
    would guess 32 0r 34c cup though and a baby doll face and a soft voice and
    amazing green eyes the 18 yr old
    basically her mom twin just a lil bigger
    but a total knock out. the thought of my
    big thick 7 inch cock diving deep into
    their pussy just kick starts me and for sure the 18 yr old as she is still a virgin
    and getting her knocked up her first time
    what a rush and thinking how beautiful
    my kids would be from them and
    knowing they are pregnant at the same
    time by me drives me wild and filling their mom full of my baby seed to is what
    i can just dream for

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    How did the act of sucking cock and licking pussy begin?

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  • — Men Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    A friend of mine have been invited to us to sleepover to there ant house,cause his ant went a vacation.after that we watched a porn,until we got horny thing.we closed the light and start jerking with our own dick,but its funny cause my one frien had a small dick.and i knew it cause he is freaking fat.haha with a 4inches dick.waaah but i got some hard with my other friend.and after that we got laugh each other so embarrased.but it's fun and pretty cool.

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