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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    About 3am this morning my stupid car horn starts blowing wide open.It had happened before,so I thought I knew how to stop it.Anyway at that hour no one is awake to see me,right?So I go running out in my driveway in a t shirt and boxer briefs trying to shut the horn off!Well I couldn't stop it and the interior light doesn't work,so I couldn't see the fusebox to pull the fuse.Meanwhile every dog in the neighborhood is barking,all the lights are coming on and people are coming out to see what's going on!Finally after about ten or fifteen minutes,I got the right fuse and stopped it.Just in time to see the patrol car pull up!Two deputies,a man and a woman,got out.They'd gotten a call about the noise.They had to confirm from a neighbor that I live here.Then I explained everything to them.They left,but not before telling me to get the horn fixed and to not be outside my house in my underwear!
    About half the neighborhood is mad at me,and saw me in my underwear too!
    It was very embarrassing.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 25

    When I was 14 my 84 year old grand mother fell ill. My parents had to travel up state on week ends to look after her and left this college girl looking after me. I remember doing everything to make her leave and keep my friends from finding out I had a baby sitter. I admit doing horrible things to her to get rid of her and threatened to tell my parents about her bringing in her girl friends into our house. But then my plans fell through when she caught me rubbing my dick in the bathroom. I used to masturbate twice a day, forgot to lock the door and she walked in. Having her tell my parents horrified me. "Maybe know you'll stop being a pest" knowing that the world had just caved inn on me. She knew I was scared and embarrassed and a way to get even with me. She had her girl friends over the next day, told me to take a shower and go to bed. I did it without making any fuss about it and them walked in, removed my towel and clothing, told her girl friend if the wanted to see me naked and dragged me out in front of them. "He likes to jerk off thinking of naked girls" and humiliated me bye sexually arousing me in front of. Turns out what they were watching on TV was much more boring than looking at a naked boy with a hard on that wouldn't quit. The feeling of being watched naked with my penis stiff as a rock, proofed to be the must horribly humiliating experience of my life. She exposed me stark naked, enjoyed the hell out of it, knew I wouldn't dare say anything about it and then made the long walked up the stairs naked to my room. Couldn't sleep a wink that night thinking her girl friends would be there the next day and probably end up the same way. Embarrassing moments and forced to keep them secret.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My husband for years has gotten a kick out of cleverly exposing me by cleverly lifting my skirt or tugging my bikini top while swimming. Well I finally had enough. We were at Myrtle Beach on vacation with another couple and while swimming he tried his usual tugging of my top. My girlfriend knew I was sick of it. I told her I wanted to teach him a lesson and wanted her help. Well during the evening I had my friend hide on the patio while I got hubby in the mood. I had all of the lights on. It was dark outside. I seduced him out of his clothes and got him horny. Well I pulled the drapes open with him standing there naked. I said come on letís live dangerously. Besides nobody will see at this time of night.

    Letís say I got him in excellent camera shot. My girlfriend took so many photos of him. I felt it only far that we get him from his best angles. We definitely wanted to be sure we did justice to his penis. We got it in the early soft stages to it standing to attention. We took the film to the local C.V.S. to be developed. We didnít want to mess up the developing of these photos. We were thinking of him. He deserves nothing but the best. We did have five sets made so he knows how highly we think of him.

    After picking up the photos, my girlfriend could not wait to see her work as a skilled photographer. We sat and howled when we looked at the photos. We got a few more of my friends and made a deck of cards out of 52 of the photos. I told you, we made a lot of copies. My friends picked out their favorites and I gave them to them.

    You see, I was going to tell him about the photos, but he once again gave the paperboy a thrill at my expense, so I decided use them every time he does this. Oh, I am so air-headed at times. I accidentally had four of his prime photos mixed in with photos that my daughter had taken with her girlfriends while camping. I begged her friends not to tell. and gave them the photos to hide. I am sure that sixteen-year old girls will know what to do with the photos.

    It is simple, every time he tries to expose me, I share his good side with others. I am amazed as to how many women and girls can keep a secret when there are a lot of good penis shots!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    Went home with a black girl from school and spent last night. She had made passes at me all through school. She told me her house would be empty for three days and nights. Per parents and family were at a Funeral in Ga. She stuck around to take her exam. if I would take her home, I could park in the garage and be spoiled all night long. She warmed up some food and opened a bottle of her moms wine. She insisted we take a bath before, wanted her self clean and ready. That was very nice and sexual. No sex but very close.
    She is a very dark black girl, nice tits and a jingly plump ass. She is 5-6 and nice build, no fat. She wears her hair normal, no weaves and no wigs.
    She told me she had loved me since third grade. This was no strings attacked experience for her and I. After the bath into her room, she pulled out her birth control pills and pointed out, UP to date. So no protection required. I know I have nothing to give, I would take the chance with you. I assured her I had nothing to give either.

    She got on her bed and ask me to kiss her. We kissed for a long time, She got on top of me and let me see those tits. The black nipples and the jiggle feel was nice. as I sucked on them she worked my hard cock in her. Must confess that was nice as she slid down on it. she seemed to be having a good time, I sure enjoyed it. She ride me and soon left the room mentally, she came so hard her body shook, arms locked around her and then fell on me. I wrapped around her and started to drive it in her. NO, just let me lay here.

    After a while she got off and laid beside me. Hold me please; I did and looked at her body. Soon worked my hands to her ass. not like any girls I had grabbed, was soft and fairly large. like a water balloon some. Laid her flat and got on top of her. put it in her and wrapped my arms under her body, ass cheeks in my hand as I fucked her. she had anther orgasm like before and I stopped as she ask. Got off her and wanted to try some oral sex on her. She invited this with her legs open and her hands guiding my head.

    Back on her and gave her my first cum. She enjoyed that part and told me something she wanted very much. Wanted me to want her as much as she wanted me. She laid with me while the music played. We talked and had sex again. we did this most of the night. We had time for a quick one this morning before school. I got off half day for work, I pick her up at 4 today. We are going back. I like this, just eat and fuck.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm having an affair. Absolutely no one knows except the two of us involved. I love my husband - seriously - but I'm much more interested in sex than he is... so I kind of saw this coming. My attempt to keep all emotions out of the affair (to remain simply "friends with benefits") is failing. I think about "Other" far too often. I even get a little jealous if he talks about other women. Absurd! To be fair, I think Other has a similar problem. He misses me when we're apart for three days and talks about how much he enjoys spending time with me (even sans sex). Part of my fascination with Other is based on his slightly deviant sexual habits; I'm both turned on by him and consumed with a desire to "fix" him.

    I cheated on all my past significant others, too. I guess that's just who I am. How depressing. I justify my transgressions by citing my Atheist wedding vows (which didn't include anything about being faithful) and by blaming my husband for not fucking me enough. I don't think I will ever tell my husband about this, and I doubt he'll find out elsewhere. But I could be wrong. I may eventually have a nervous breakdown and throw this shit on the fan myself. I hope I can remain dishonest (ha)... I truly don't want to break up with my husband but I also don't have the willpower to ignore this Other. Needless to say, I hate myself at the moment.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Lesbian Female / 45

    I am a 45 yo closet lesbian. I am married to a man and have three children of my own and two step children. I live in a very anti-gay society, especially for lesbians. Today there is some more acceptance of gay men, if you don't know them, but of lesbians there is no acceptance.

    I first participated in a lesbian relationship in high school with a teacher. I had a very hard crush on her and we were very active. She showed me most everything I know about lesbian love making. I went to college to an all girls school on the east coast of the united states. I met and became emotionally involved with a fellow classmate, she is an American. I invited her to come with me and spend part of the summer in my country. No one suspected that we were lesbians so I shared my room with me. I had a large bed and no one thought any different about us sharing a bed. Until one morning my mother came into the room and found us embraced and kissing.

    My friend was sent home that day. I was engaged that next week to my current husband. He was a widower at the time with two small children. My engagement was short and we had a small wedding. In delivering me to my husband my father washed his hands of me. He is dead now and never forgave me for being a lesbian.

    My husband took me to live at his house and for the next three years I delivered a child, one each year. After that I was to be a housewife and a mother to my children and my step children. We had separate bedrooms, and he had a lover who he kept on our farm. As custom dictated I never went to the farm, and his lover never came to town.

    From time to time my husband would come see me and I would have him in bed, but as I had my tubes tied after my third child I was safe from any further pregnancies. I can't say that intercourse bothered me, it really didn't. If he wanted to have intercourse, I was ok with that. What did bother me was when he wanted to kiss my mouth. For some reason having my mouth kissed and worse still having his tongue in my mouth, that really bothered me, but with his penis he could do whatever he wanted and I responded to him in any position he wanted to try. It is just that I was never romantic to him, something his lover always was. So over time we just settled down to being married and having a house and raising the children, we became more like a much older brother and a young sister than man and wife.

    When my oldest natural daughter was 15 I volunteered for a program with her at her school and there I met a young teacher from Puerto Rico. She was just like me, except 10 years younger. I recognized immediately that she was a lesbian, she did not display any interest in men what so ever. I befriended her and one afternoon when she was at my house for dinner, I took her up to my room and kissed her and told her I knew she was a lesbian and so was I and that I liked her from the day I first met her. She was very hesitant, but I was not and I took advantage of being alone with her and all my frustrations and desires came out and we were very reckless making love.

    Once the ice was broken, we have our meetings and our love encounters. We are very careful as we could not let anyone know about our affair. Our life is in a closet, although my husband knows about our being lesbians. He likes her and has become very attached to her.

    Fortunately for me my husband accepted me from the day he agreed to marry me, I was raised to be a good wife and manage a home and raise children, all of which were important to him. And that in my mid life I have found a sweet and beautiful woman who makes my life happy. Maybe one day my country may accept gay and lesbians, but as of today that is not the case. For our families and our children in particular we remain in the closet. It is not a bad life for us, but I can see where I am fortunate in having the resources to live well and maintain my lifestyle without exposing us to the criticism of society.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Since I was 9 or so I had strong desires to wear pantyhose/tights as I liked it when I seen girls wearing them.When I was 14 I was at the mall and went into a boutique which sold feminine Items such as hosiery,dresses,skirts,wigs,makeup,fas hion heels.I walked by the pantyhose rack and thought how fun it would be to wear a pair of those silky black pantyhose..I was then caught looking by a salesgirl who was in her mid 20's as her mother owned the boutique,she said (awh..I think u would look cute in a pair of these white floral pantyhose)I tried to leave but she grabbed my wrist tight and told me to come with her or she would say I tried to steal some panties.i had no choice but to go with her to the back room where she ordered me to put on the floral white pantyhose as she then handed me a white short dress and told me to put it on as i did so (In private) she returned with her mother as they put a long blonde wig on me, makeup, and white strappy mary jane shoes.I now looked like a 14 yr old girl in a white dress.They took pictures as they had me pose like a girl as I began enjoying it until they told me "the fun is was over now leave the store little missy". I asked for my clothes back but they refused as I had no choice but to leave the store dressed as a girl.I was at the mall with my two sisters so I went looking for them as I seen them as when I got there attention and they realized it was me ,their brother in a white dress they began giggling as they were in on the whole thing.They took me to a salon and had them paint my fingernails bright pink as they told me if I wasn't wearing pantyhose they woulda had them do my toenails as well. I spent the rest of that day walkign around the mall dressed as a girl in the white dress as alot of people stared at me saying "omg look at that pretty little girl" ohhh. her dress is sooo cute". My sisters had me wear that same dress on halloween that year.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 27

    It's been six weeks since my mother in law rang my mobile and asked/ordered me to call at her house. I had an idea what it was about, as the night before i'd been out with two friends and ended up shagging the village bike, a girl called Fiona behind the pub we were in. It seems I was the only guy around who hadn't fucked her, so when she asked me if the rumours were true about me and my large cock. In front of everyone who cared to watch us go outside, I stupidly and drunkenly took Fiona outside and let her see for herself.
    My wifes uncle caught us in the headlights of his car as he went to park up. I tried to make out we were just having a laugh, but the fact my cock was hanging out of her pussy at the time, pretty much gave the game away.
    I was resigned to my mother in law giving me an ultimatum, but the one I got completely gobsmacked even me. After asking me to sit down, she asked me if it was true that I'd fucked Fiona. Not really being able to deny it, I said yes. Then the question and statement that totally threw me and one I'll never forget.
    "I've heard it was Fiona, who asked you if you had large cock and you took her outside to show her. Made her suck it, then you fucked her, Is that right". Before I could answer she just came right out and said "If it is true and you have got a big cock then I want to see it too".
    I don't know if anyone out there has been in a similar position, but I froze and my hearing stopped working because I asked her to repeat herself. With a very calm self assured demeanour, she crossed the room, put her hand on my shoulder and asked me to get my cock out, so she could see for herself.
    My mother in law is no beauty, but she has got as I now know, a fantastic figure. She's also got the biggest pair of labias ive ever had the pleasure of sucking on ans sliding my eight and three quarter cock between.
    From the moment my cock was released from my underwear, she pounced on me and it. Taking all of it nearly in one go down her throat. It was the start of a two hour episode in my life I'll always remember. At forty seven she's easilly the best fuck I've ever had and for woman her age, she fucks like a teenager.
    This last six weeks has been a blur of secret meets, dirty sex and lots of juices flowing both ways. It wasn't what I expected when I went round to her house, but it's what I get every time we're alone now.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    Two days ago, I fucked my teenage niece in our bathroom. I had never done anything so dirty and nasty like that in my life.

    I've never had sex with someone under about 25. But she'd been flirting with me, she came onto me, I was super fucking horny, and she's really cute, young and had a nice little body.

    When she asked me if I'd ever fucked a girl her age, I told her no. And told her I was hesitating to do it, because I didn't want to get in trouble. She just said she'd never tell anyone, and as long as we kept it between us, she was OK with it.

    We ended up fucking on the floor. God she was so much fun. Really skinny, nice big round boobs, and her pussy was shaved. She told me she'd shaved it since she was 14. When I was going to cum, I was ready to pull out. She pulled me up against her, and kissed me, and said "you can. It's ok"

    I came inside her. It was amazing. I was going and going, and she was moaning and grunting and making noises. When we finished, we just laid there, and she said "You're the first guy your age I've ever had sex with. That was really fun"

    When we went out of the bathroom and she went to go upstairs, she stopped and said "I wanna do it again. Can we hook up another time?" I said yeah. She told me today she'll be back at my house this coming weekend to spend the night with my daughter.

    I can't wait.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 52

    I am horny all the time, always touching and stroking my penis when I can. I even lick my own cum.

    It first started when my wife and I were having sex I would wipe the precum onto her tits or ass and lick it off. She thought that was gross so now I just do it by myself.

    When i play with my penis and I see the precum starting I will wipe it with my finger then lick it, which turns me on even more. Sometimes in the shower I will jerkoff and catch it in my hand. I then will swish it around with my tongue and even stick my tongue out and let it run off my hand onto my awaiting tongue and swallow it or let it run down my chin.

    Writing this is making me hard. I have to see if I am leaking precum so that I can lick it up.

    I mention it to my wife, usually when IâÄôve been drinking,to see if she wants to watch or help, but she isnâÄôt interested. Too bad.

    Has anyone done anything like this with there gf or wife?

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