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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I'm 26 and was having trouble making ends meet for college so I became a sugar baby for a old wealthy man in Dallas TX, he owned a ranch with lots of animals on it. One particular night he had friends come over after dinner and several hrs of drinks and small talk beastiality came up. The men placed an envelope full of money on the table and asked me if I'd fuck one of the dogs as they watched. I was hesitant until I saw how much was in the envelope....I'll admit that when they brought the dog in I was disgusted with myself and almost decided against. I was shocked to find out how much I enjoyed it, first off the dogs penis was much warmer than a man's going in and also he fucked me with a vigor that no man ever has and lastly when his penis started to swell in me I immediately came uncontrollably. Ever since that night I visit every weekend, I've had a sexual experience with nearly every animal on his ranch. They even few me to a ranch in mexico where these men paid me to get gangbanged by their pet chimpanzees. I'm not ashamed to say that the sex I've had with animals is without a doubt some of the best sex I've had.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 23

    I've been conflicted. Like my mind is arguing with itself over right and wrong. But I'm being a lil dramatic, let me start at the beginning.

    I've always prided myself of being a good man. A man of moral authority. I believe that when you find the right woman, she it is your moral obligation to love and cherish her. That's where I'm at with my gf. She is my life. I love her to hell and back. But I've had conflicting thoughts.

    We've been together for six months. (May seem a lil soon to call her my life but when you know, you know.) something about me is that I use to look up r**e scenarios on porn. I never wanted to actually r**e anyone. I want to dedicate my life to stopping this kind of crime. So why do I get hard over it in porn? Especially if my gf is a r**e victim? (I haven't had the heart to watch any since she told me. About it.) is it normal? Some subconscious desire? Will I eventually want to take it further then just watching it? One thing I've learned is that good men spend alot of time questioning whether they're a good man or not.

    I also enjoy other questionable genres of porn. Cheating wives/husbands ect. When I hit the clubs I cant help but look at other girls dressed in skimpy outfits with their ass and tits out. I think about fucking them. Does this reflect who I am? I don't know. I don't want it too. I want to be a good man and a better bf.

    My gf often tells me that I'm the sweetest guy or the best bf. And I know I put alot of time, effort and money into our relationship. But I don't feel like a great bf. I just feel like a man doing the things he should for his woman.

    I love my girl more then anything but these things have me doubting and questioning my status as a good man and by extension a good boyfriend. Any advice from a neutral party would be appreciated as I don't feel worthy of this amazing woman.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 24

    When I left home for Afghanistan I had everything in the world to look forward to. My parents had just retired early, moving from the city into a little gingerbread style home in the country. My two older sibs were both doing great and raising families of their own. And my girlfriend was pregnant with what I hoped would be the first of at least three children for the two of us. All that stood between me and coming back to enjoy it all was a thirteen month deployment.

    But things went straight to hell almost from the moment I touched Afghan soil. My parents were involved in a really bad auto accident on their way home from a weekend of gaming at a local Indian Casino. A woman who was several times over the legal limit of alcohol ploughed right into them at speed. My dad died almost instantly. Mom lingered for a few weeks in the hospital before joining him. While the news was certainly devastating, I still had my girl and our baby to think about returning home to.
    At least until she e-mailed me ten days before I was scheduled to rotate back to the States and told me she had lost the baby early on, but had kept it from me so as not to further depress me. Not only that, but she was now seeing her male friend Brad, because after the loss he was there for her while I wasn't. She said she understood why I couldn't be there, but she had still needed comfort and support and Brad had given it to her. Fucking right, I fumed. I wondered what else the fat, rich little prick had been giving her.
    I destroyed the laptop in front of me and walked out into the Afghan night in a world of pain. I felt like throwing up. I felt like raging up at god in his heaven, asking him if he was enjoying destroying my life. I felt like killing someone. Anyone. Finally I just sat there on my ass, my arms wrapped around my knees blubbering like a fucking baby.

    When I returned home, it was decided that I could live in my parents country house. Technically it belonged to all three of us kids, but my older sibs didn't mind just letting me have it. They already owned their own homes and knew I needed some solitude. Because of the insurance money, I wouldn't have to look for steady work for a really long time. Years, if I lived frugally and didn't waste it.
    My parents property was almost entirely surrounded by huge vineyards owned and maintained by the Sun Maid Corporation. And the nearest neighbors were more than a quarter mile away, which was fine with me. I hated everyone and didn't want any human interaction. I got rid of the phone, the television and my parents desktop pc. It all went into storage. All I wanted was a radio, my books and a dog for company. I adopted a shepherd mix mutt from the pound and named him Doc. We became bros almost immediately.
    I guess I first noticed the little girl staring at me around the fifth or sixth day I moved in. I could see her hunkered down on her haunches in the vineyard spying on me as I worked in my mother's garden. She looked about eight, had long jet black hair, big dark eyes and skin like cinnamon mixed with brown sugar. Maybe Hispanic, maybe Native American. I wasn't sure. We had plenty of both in my home county. The couple of times I acknowledged her presence by speaking or waving, she'd bolted like a scared rabbit. So I just started ignoring her and decided she was just a weird little kid.
    I didn't think about her much after that until maybe a couple of months after moving in. I'd woken up pretty early as usual and had slogged my sorry ass into the kitchen to put on coffee and stare out the window above the sink and see what kind of a day it was shaping up to be. I was still in the boxers I slept in. That was when I caught movement out in the vineyard and saw the girl running flat out for my place, with a really big dog on her tail. It was a feral. We had all kinds of trouble with ferals out in the boonies. City people had a nasty habit of dumping their unwanted dogs and if they survived, they'd go mean and revert back to their inner wolf. They played hell on the livestock and people's pets. Sometimes on the people themselves.

    I bolted through the pantry and the wash room and out the back door, grabbing the aluminum baseball bat I kept handy for ferals. Doc, sensing something was about to go down ran out with me and we both seemed to have the same idea at the same time. We ran up the dirt service road that zigzagged all through the vineyards to make better time. Doc ended up getting to the girl ahead of me, shooting past her as she dropped to the ground and went into a fetal position arms above her head, and tackling the much bigger dog with a fearlessness I've sense come to admire about him. With the two dogs a snarling, biting blur of motion, I positioned myself above the girl with the bat cocked back waiting for a chance. It finally came when the larger dog, some sort of chow-pitbull hybride, flipped him aside and lunged toward me and the girl. I clocked him upside the muzzle so hard the reverb stung my arms. It yelped and half flipped backwards, where a bloody but thoroughly game for a rematch Doc descended on him, ripping and tearing. With a frustrated yowl that was about as close to "Fuck this shit" as I've ever heard a dog exclaim, the big feral retreated the way he'd come. Doc didn't pursue, he just stood his ground, breathing heavy, hair standing on end, watching him go.
    I looked down at the girl and asked her if she was ok, she nodded and picked herself up. She pointed at her throat and then to her mouth and shook her head. She was mute. Finally getting a good look at her I could see she was Native American. She had the beautiful almond shaped eyes and the fine facial bone structure. I asked her where she lived and she pointed across the vineyard at a little speck of white. A little shack set behind a larger house. I told her I'd better walk her home, because the feral probably hadn't gone too far. I needed to get dressed first.
    I didn't know it then, but I'd made a friend.

    Her name was Breanna Kingbird. She and her mother lived in an old shed that had been poorly (and probably illegally) converted into a house. Their landlord, a fat old Armenian farmer, lived in the huge house in front. Breanna's mother, Jamie worked as a cashier at a Walmart a couple Podunk farm towns over.
    Breanna started showing up on my backsteps every morning, always carrying a Magic Slate, one of those old toys where kids write with a little plastic utensil and then lift the thin sheet of plastic to erase what they'd written or drawn. It was how she communicated. The kid talked a lot. Pretty soon I knew everything about her and her mom. And surprisingly, I discovered she didn't set off my "I hate humanity" triggers. In fact, I looked forward to her visits.
    Over the summer I built a chicken coop and a rabbit hutch, then went to the local auction yard and bought myself some chickens and rabbits. Breanna loved helping me take care of them. I finally met her mother too, when she came by to see who the strange white man was her little girl was spending so much time with. Jamie was really pretty, like her daughter. But I could tell she'd had a pretty hard life. There was a sadness in her eyes.
    Breanna had told me about her mom's boyfriends. Most had been real dirtbags. One of them was responsible for Breanna's not speaking. She had been molested while her mother was at work, and as a result of the trauma she'd just quit speaking. Jamie had called the sheriff when she found out and the child molester was still in prison. Since then she hadn't dated much, but one of her ex's, a big mean redneck trucker had recently returned uninvited and was making life for the girls unpleasant at home. They were both too scared to make him leave.

    It was about quarter past two in the morning and raining heavy the night I heard the pounding on my back door. I still snapped wide awake, fully alert at any sound that shouldn't be there. So I rolled out of bed evan as my eyes were opening and I assumed a half crouch, as my waking brain focused on what had woken me. The back door. Doc was awake now too, his ears perked up and head raised as he lay across the foot of the bed. I went to the back door and opened it a crack, peering out into absolute black. I saw Breanna's fingers trying to push the door open and I unlatched it and let her in. She was frantic, gesturing wildly and trying to tell me something, without being able to use her slate. I finally got a napkin and a stub of pencil and had her write it. She wasn't a good speller, but I managed to make out "Help, he's killing mom". Once again, just in my skivvies I told Bree to stay put and lock the door, then started running for her shack in the dark, with cold rain driving down sideways into my face. Neither Bree nor Doc obeyed my "stay here" order. But I wouldn't know that until later.
    I heard Jamie screaming and crying well before I made it to the shack. When I slid into the muddy yard I saw a guy that looked so much like that old wrestler Terry Funk I had to double take. And he was friggin huge. He had a handful of Jamie's long black hair and he was dragging her across the muddy yard. I heard the landlord's wife yell that she had called the sheriff through the screen of her backporch.
    Then he saw me and he stopped dragging Jamie.
    "Who the fuck are you??" he asked, his words slurred with drunkenness.
    Well, I was either going to get my ass kicked or I wouldn't. Either way he wasn't hurting the girls anymore. I did my best Doc impression and without answering his question, I flew into him. He was strong. The guy's muscles were like coiled steel and his fighting technique included a lot of biting and attempts at eye gouging. But I allowed all that hate and murderous rage I'd been feeling since returning home to express itself through an outpouring of sheer physical violence. I actually blanked out, losing the time between colliding into him and falling to the ground and being pulled off his unconscious body by the Highway Patrol officers who just happened to be cruising down the road as the call went into 911.
    I found out in jail that I'd nearly killed the guy. It looked as if I was in some pretty deep shit for a while. But the judge who was no friend of guys who got their rocks off beating women, let me walk.

    Jamie began visiting along with Breanna more and more often after I returned home. I slowly found myself embracing the company of people again. In time, Jamie and I began dating. Now she's my wife and Breanna's my adopted daughter. She's speaking again, by the way. I asked her for permission to marry her mother, but told her I wouldn't do it unless she told me it was ok using her own mouth. It took her a little effort after being quite so long, but she managed it. Now I can't get her or her new little brother to be quiet. Guess I should be careful what I wish for.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 38

    When your boss lays his hand on your shoulder and says I love you and you answer I love you too, you know that you are in trouble. I didn't expect him to say that and I answered before thinking.

    I'm a 38 year old black man and he is a 52 year old white man. I am gay, I didn't know he was gay. My first kiss with him, my first sex with him were so good. I am versatile and love to bottom and he is mostly top and when I found myself totally fucked by him, I cried out free at last, free at last. What a stupid thing to say when the man is filling you with meat, but I felt free, a kind of freedom I have never felt before. Free to be me, free to ask for it, free to give him my best blow job, free to get up close and get kissed, free to get under him and be who I want to be.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 55

    To this day I can still remember the first time I had the greatest sex ever in my life. Nothing has ever came close to it.
    I remember like it was yesterday. I was 14. We lived in the country. Dad Mom my step sis, ( same age as me) and myself. I knew for the last couple years I was Ectreamly different. My cock was growing much faster and larger than normal.
    I knew that by one day during gym class was over we had to take showers and the other guys were making fun of me cause my cock was so Hugh. It was already almost 6 1/2 inches long hard and Ectreamly thick. I guess cause it was growing so fast and large it was always staying hard.
    I found myself jacking off 6-10 times a day cause it felt good. But it would stay hard for many hrs. Anyway I spent most of my time laying in bed naked reading porn, getting high, and jacking off. Mom and Dad never home. My step sis was at summer camp. She was a gourgous girl. 4ft6in tall. 90lbs, and had the most gourgous Hugh firm 36DD tits u ever seen. Hugh for her age. She loved to dress to show what She had. At home she would wear a tiny tube top that only covered the bottom of her Hugh tits. Her nipples were uncovered mist of the time. And her min I skirts so short, her ads cheeks would show And if she would walk by if I was sitting in a chair, or in tbefloirsitting She was very proud of her looks and her body.
    I had seen her naked cause our bedroom a were straight across from , or in my bed, I could see her tiny shaved puyy plain as day cause she didn't wear under wear. And when ever she sat , her legs were always spread a little showing her pussy.
    Our bed rooms faced each other. No doors and our beds we in open view of each other. Only about 6 ft from each other. I had seen her naked when she takes a shower and goes to her room my light will be off and she has only a towel over her heaef and no clothes on. I can see her naked plain as day.
    She stands at the edge of her bed brushing her hair facing towards me. Her tiny shaved pussy is gourgous.
    Then she'll lay on her bed her feet
    pointing toeards me, spreads her
    legs, and plays with herself.
    Sometimes I think she did this on purpose cause at times she would look
    toward me to see if I'm watching. Any wau, I'm home alone jacking off she
    was suppose to be home today. I'm
    getting really stoned. Thinking about
    my step sis pussy. Then I hear a car
    pull up. Yep she's home, her friends
    dropping her off. I hear them yell
    her, u gonna be ok? Your really
    stoned. She says yea. I'm really hard thinking about seeing her naked. I hear the door shut, I have a night light on in my room. I grab the phone like I'm talking to some one. She'll be able to see me easily. I'm jacking off and I hear her conning up the steps. Then suddenly , nothing.
    I don't hear her going in her room. The top of the steps is right beside our rooms. I look in my small mirrow on my nightstand and I'm able to see her standing at my doorway looking at me while I'm jacking off.
    She's really stoned. She has a small towel wrapped her bottom but open in the front letting her tiny g string bikini bottoms show. Just a strung running up between her tiny pussy lips. And her tiny bikini top only covers her bottom if her tips,half of her Hugh nipples were showing. I'm really horny now. Jacking off really hard. I pretend I'm talking to one if my friends saying yea my step sis is suppose to come home today but not sure if she will come. Then I say, no I didn't mean cum like sex fun. And laugh. I then said. Oh fuck yes, I'd fyvk her in a heart beat. She's got a gourgous tiny shaved pussy and great high tits. I'd eat her pussy in a min if I had the chance. But I dougjr if I could even get my Hugh cock head in her. But I'd love to try. I want to fuck her so bad. Uve thought about going in her room one night when she's stoned and goes to sleep cause she sleeps naked and gently put my face in her pussy and luck her and stick my tounge in her. If she starts to wake up ill go back to my room.
    I can still see her in my door way. She's getting horny listening to me. She has her towel off, playing with her pussy, and I can tell she's cumming from the way she's looking.
    I then say on the phone I think I heard a car come. She must be getting home. I hope so, maybe tinihjt ill get my chance to sneak in her room and eat her pussy and maybe try to rub my Hugh cock in her pussy lips. Then I said ok bye, talk later. She stomps on the floor a little to let me hear she going in her room. She turns on her light beside her bed and takes her top and bottom off almost fallen down from being so stoned. Man
    Then she lays on her bed naked saying to herself, Man I'm so stoned and tired. Shuts her light off and I can hear her moan. Oh yea, that feels good. I'm so fucking horny. Then I hear her say oh God Oh god. She's masterbating. Then I hear nothing. I wait 15 min. I go in her roim, looks like she's asleep. Her legs spread wide open. I gently lean down between her legs pressing my lips between her tiny wet pussy lips. I stick my tounge in her, slowly. Her pussy hole is so small hard to get my tounge in her. I lick her clot gently. After a few min I can feel her gently moving her hips up and down just a little. She moans and moans.
    Then she starts cumming and cumming. Moving her hips higher and higher. Then suddenly she has both of her hands behind my head pressing my oface in her pussy. Every time she would cum she would press my face in her pussy harder. Then she started saying, Yes Yes eat my pussy" Eat my pussy. I ate her pussy for over an hr.
    She was so fucking horny she said to me, I wNt you to fuck me now I want that gigantic cock in me. I said I want you to fuck me. U played in my back and she straddled me. Grabbing my Hugh cock rubbing its hugh head bbetween her wrt lips while pressing down on it. She says oh my god, its to big it won't go in. I can tell her pussy us stretched open all the way and half I'd my cock head is going in. I tell her jeep rubbing it and keep cumming. She having mutalabe org Adams lime crazy. I put my hands in her hips and move up and down gently. I wait till she has another one and then ill pull her down causeinf my cock to go in her.
    Then she starts cumming telling oh yea fuck me fuck me. I then pull her hips down. My Hugh cock head pops in her. She yells, oh my god. It hurts it hurts. I keep moving up and down slowly and she starts fucking me back. Her pussy is Do right around my cock um pulling her pussy in and out as I fuck her. She's feeling really good now. Starts saying oh yea fuck after me fuck me. We fuck for hrs. We lay there for a while my cock still hard she doesn't want me to take it out. She falls aslerp" and afree about a hr I'm still hard and horny. I start slowly fucking her and she us getting horny slowly fucking me back half asleep. Then we start fucking really hard all day. We end up fucking each other 4-8 times a day for a few years. She would teach me how to eat pussy. Today my cock is 9 1/2 Ectreamly thick inches. Every woman ask me where did I learn to eat pussy so well.

    She looks like she's in shock.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    For a couple years, my older brother and I were in the same college. We rented out an apartment together near the campus. One day, I got home earlier than my brother expected, and I found him having sex with his girlfriend on the couch. I told them they could continue as I walked to my room. Not that it did much good for me as I could still hear them. My brother and his girlfriend came by to apologize which I didn't think was necessary. She was flattered when I told her what a nice rack she had.

    She came by to see me later that night. According to my brother, he was willing to share his girlfriend with me. If she wanted to fuck me, she was allowed to do so. It was all private, so my brother wasn't idly watching it happen. Boy did we fuck so much. Usually, it was after my brother had sex. It only lasted a couple terms, but I could not be more thankful for my brother and his girlfriend.

    The only difficult part about all of it was how much she loved teasing me. She would strip tease, rub my crotch, and do what ever she could to turn me the hell on. Then she would just leave me hanging to have sex with my brother, and she never came back to me. Those days drove me crazy.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 28

    A little over a year ago I asked my boss if he had a thumb drive, he reached for one out of the drawer and gave it to me. I used it for my presentation and was going to return it when I got curious of a sub folder that looked like it was part of the thumb drive software. It had various excel files, a couple of word documents and some pictures. I looked at the pictures first, my coworker a girl from Puerto Rico, but younger like early twenties. A few were pictures of her topless or nude. The excel files were year by year registers of payments to her, several thousand dollars per year. The word documents were agreements, if she received the money she would accept that as fair support. The second document a formal agreement giving up parental rights to a child, a girl born to her and she gave the girl up for adoption to my boss and his wife.

    The child is now seven, my coworker works in government relations for the company, she is not married, the excel files detail payments up to four years ago. And the pictures a pure innocence, a girl very uncomfortable at being photographed like that. I deleted my files and returned the thumb drive to my boss, he said for me to keep it. I have the thumb drive, I still look at one photograph in particular. When I see her with him I imagine what she is feeling, he is very gentle with her in an intimate way. Does he love her? Does she love him? What about her daughter, does she know who her mother really is? How often does she see her daughter? Does he still support her?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 40

    I'm 40. I got married at 22 to my husband, who I hardly knew at the time, because I was pregnant and a waitress and I didn't have any money and he got real pissed because I got pregnant and told me that he would marry me but he wasn't going to support me, just the baby, and he didn't want any shit out of me, not to get any fancy ideas, not to plan on living with him. married for the baby and the insurance and to keep my trap shut and not tell anybody because he didn't want anybody knowing that he had knocked up a waitress.

    on my wedding night, not that we had a wedding, we went downtown to the court house with two people who worked there as witnesses, but on my wedding night he took me out to dinner and told me not to get any ideas. that once the baby was born it was goodbye and sayonara and he would give me child support but I was on my own.

    I grabbed his dick and slid under the table and sucked him off. When I came up he was pissed that I had done that in a restaurant, I told him I was his wife and if I wanted to suck him off I would. We went back to my place and he decided to fuck me because it was our wedding night and it didn't matter anyway because I was pregnant.

    He had gotten me all naked and was going down on me and I must have been really wet because he commented on it and he was slurping up and giving me long kisses with a mouthful of my juice and pushing it in to my mouth with his saliva. His face was wet all over and he asked me to clean it with my mouth and tongue. It sounds gross, but when you are so hot you don't care.

    He asked me point blank if he owned my pussy. I said that he didn't own me and he asked again if he owned my pussy. He didn't want to hear if any other dude had gotten his dick inside of me. He wanted to own my pussy. I told him as a matter of fact he did own my pussy, I had done a lot of things, but the truth was he owned my pussy. And he asked me what about my ass, and I told him no one owned my ass and he said he was going to own my ass.

    That is why instead of fucking me in my vagina he fucked me in the ass on my wedding night.

    He stayed all night and the next night and the next night. On the fourth night he took me to his place. I never slept in my place again. I never slept outside his bed again (except for obvious times like having babies or when I visit my mother). I have sucked him off at the kitchen table, in the shower, in the bedroom, at my mother's house, in the car waiting on traffic to clear after a wreck, on a plane late at night, at Denny's in a booth, on the sun deck at a resort in Bermuda, I suck him off and I let him know that the only woman who is going to suck him off is me, because he may own my pussy and my ass, but I own his dick.

    I love my husband and I love my kids and I love my life. I know I am lucky because this could have turned out real bad. I didn't know my husband the night he got me pregnant. I didn't know him, I had barely talked to him three times, the day I got married to him. I never dreamt that I would be married to him and have his kids and have this life.

    We celebrated our fifteen years together by having a renewal of our vows. He bought me a huge diamond ring, because the other one he gave me out of embarrassment of what people would think that his wife didn't even have a ring was a beginner's ring. This one is a real ring. I am celebrating my 40th birthday by getting pregnant again and trying one more time for a boy (three girls isn't enough for him). If I have another girl he agrees to call it quits, but if was younger I would never call it quits.

    For our 20th anniversary we are taking the kids and going to Hawaii. If all works out ok the baby will be here when we go.

    When we go I told him that I was going to suck him off at sunrise, and he can pick where.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Girls I want to hear your first times I might even tell you mine

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 33

    My wife is in the full swing of being a milf sexually speaking. We've been together since we were kids and are the same age, just a few months apart. She didn't start having regular orgasms until around 27, and it's been fun to try all kinds of different positions, toys, and play to help her cum. All those years she was screwing me and not having orgasms, the least I could do was try to please her. I think we peaked about two years ago, when our work schedules were much more flexible and we were happier overall. Now, sex has to be a scheduled thing and we're lucky if we get a few good ones in between her periods. "Having it all" certainly kills your free time, to say the very least. She's always been of the mindset that if we don't have mind-blowing sex "we can try again tomorrow. That's the good thing about sex!"

    What makes this embarrassing for me is, well, me. Like I said, she's in full bloom it would seem and our routine - where we play, she blows me for awhile, then I finger her g-spot while she vibes to an orgasm before she rides my cock or I take her from behind - has the unfortunate side effect that I can't last for shit. Not but a couple of years ago, I could drill this girl into the bed and have her moaning like a farm animal and cumming all over my cock. Now we're lucky to get a ten minute experience and I feel pathetic. I joke that she's just better than me, and has me so wound up for her I can't last, but that's the language of a guy who's going to lose his wife to some other guy very soon. Especially given what I'm seeing on this site, it's only a matter of time till I'm cucked, and goddammit that idea hurts like hell. I don't find it arousing at all and don't want to share her.

    I don't know what to do; I'm in the best shape of my life (seriously, I've finally conquered YEARS of weight and other health issues in the past three years). I'm still attractive, I get attention from other women (some who blatantly want to try out my wife's favorite toy themselves). My wife makes me feel like an absolute king in the bedroom, even though her cock riding skills are sub-par I'm still perfectly satisfied, just guilty that she isn't having the mind-blowing, multi-orgasmic sex I used to be able to give her.

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