Adult Confessions: Random Share stories, secrets, or confessions anonymously. If you ever need to get something off your chest, this is the place to go! en-us [email protected] 5 7/17/2007 at 12:15 PM I am doing laundry and having dinner with my husband...afterwards we wanted to try to fuck on the excercise ball I just bought. Last night while I was sitting on it and bouncing while watching tv, I caught him looking over with a smirk from ear to ear...He said he loved the way my tits bounced and I better knock it off or he was gonna fuck me right there. Then he showed me his cock and yes it was hard. I should have just gone for it and fucked him but I wasn't that into it just then...Can't wait for tonight though...been wet all day at work thinking about it. I will let you know how it was and maybe suggest to try it out...the ball not Tue, 17 Jul 2007 12:15:59 -0500 2/21/2013 at 4:57 PM My girlfriend and I have been long-distance for several years. I am in the US, and she is in London. We met when she studied abroad over in the States. She is a very kind, honest person, and couldn't hurt a fly. We plan on getting married and having a family together as soon as I'm done with med school. I've always been faithful to her, and I know she's been faithful to me. However, I secretly wish she weren't. I like the idea of her having rendezvous with random men. She's told me that she often gets hit on at clubs and stuff. They'll grab her ass or grind up on her, and she'll get mad and yell at them. For that reason, she rarely goes out to clubs. She's also told me that black immigrants who go to her university and live in her housing complex hit on her a lot. I hope she's lying to me, and that when she goes out to clubs, she invites several men back to her flat to fuck her. She's a very petite woman, and was a virgin when she met me, so she's very tight. I love to think about her getting gangbanged by young men from the clubs. I want her to suck off one, while taking another's cock in her tight asshole. It'd be even better if several men would line up, fuck, and cum in her asshole. However, I'd like it if she'd save her white English pussy for me. They can use her asshole all they want. For all I know, she's done things like this. After all, we're thousands of miles apart from each other for months at a time, and I'm sure she gets horny. Especially when she goes to clubs. Despite being petite, she has pretty big breasts, and always wear's skimpy things out. She has several lacy bras and crotchless thongs. Usually she saves those for when I visit, but I bet she wears them out. Eventually I'd like to convince her to get fucked in the ass by several men while I watch. That would be so sexy. I'd also like to swap with one of her friends, Kelly, and Kelly's boyfriend. I'd have my girlfriend face me while she got fucked hard in the ass by Kelly's boyfriend. One step at a time. Thu, 21 Feb 2013 16:57:42 -0600 1/29/2017 at 5:04 PM This evening, my husband of 9 years let me fuck him in the ass with my fingers. I oiled him up, kissed, licked, and tongued his ass, and then while he was on all fours masturbating, I was using two well-lubed up fingers to massage his prostate. We've never done this before, though we regularly engage in anal sex with me receiving, so this was special. He came so, so hard. I think he'll like the toy I bought him that arrives next week. Sun, 29 Jan 2017 17:04:46 -0600 1/1/2014 at 2:26 PM SO I am 21 and I mess around with hookers all the time. I am not stupid I am nothing but careful when doing this. I am a member of this website where other men in your city share info on good spots and reviews escorts and streetwalkers. I started when I was 19 by going to Asian Massage Parlors in the Chinatown section of my city. How this worked is I go up to the 2nd floor of a sketchy building and enter the massage parlor. I pay about 40 bucks for the massage and I am told to undress and lay on the table. A (hopefully) young asian girl comes in usually wearing something to excite the mind, and begins to massage you. There is a lot of teasing on the butt and balls region before she says the magic words, "Turn over". I am usually hard as a rock by this time and it doesn't take her long to realize what I want. She grabs the dick and asks if you want and if you tip nice she will give you a nice handjob. Well this was nice as a teen getting jerked off by some asian women who were older than me, but I outgrew that and was interested in some booty. After many attempts at the parlor to get some fucking, my only success was having a couple girls get butt naked and fuck me with there tits. I switched my attention to a different section of this forum website, The Streetwalker section. It give you locations of where streetwalkers lurk in the city. Now these parts of the city are not the best but whatever. I cruise these sections at night and when I see a potential walker I pull over near here and she if she comes over. Usually a black or latina gets in and i drive off. It is about 20 or 30 dollars for some head (sometimes with a condom) and about 40 to fuck. I only go to get some good head but when the girl is sexy and has a nice butt I bring her in the backseat and fuck that bitch. It is very easy to fuck women anytime I want you just have to know where to look. Wed, 01 Jan 2014 14:26:47 -0600 7/18/2017 at 7:37 PM I am jealous of people with marriages and kids and people with careers and homes and the whole package, I am extremely jealous of the rich and powerful and people who win huge lottery prizes that don't have to work hard for it and life comes to easy for them. they can afford nice things around them, cleaners, and courses, and clothing and weight loss, and beauty and health care, they can afford holidays overseas every few months and big glamour castle/palace mansions, they can afford an ego and to be sexy and loved. they can afford everything I can't. I am alone with no kids no job no man and hate my life with poor health as well. I hate the rich, I hate the beautiful so much. and I hate women who have it all and show off. I hate people who get sex and babies. I hate women who have love and don't deserve it. I hate women with thin sexy bodies and pretty faces and hair. I am jealous of them all. I am jealous of people who have sexy stories to tell and hot fucks all the time with hot men. I am jealous of people with hot jobs and degrees and their gossip and problems and want them coming to me to hear about them and complain to me and hear all their gossip so I can dump on their confidence gradually and be cunning liar condescending like a jasmind. wouldn't it be nice to paid to bully and harm people who have more or less then you who are young sexy and beautiful and ignorant and naive. I am good enough to take people down and break peoples spirit. I want rich people with problems to come to me and pay me to insult them and take their hot men and careers from them. yeh, I am ready to be a winner. Tue, 18 Jul 2017 19:37:03 -0500 7/21/2013 at 8:31 AM sometimes loud noises at night or morning or during the day can really bother me, dogs barking or yelping, cat fights, cars and bikes, people, doors or trains. sometimes I wish it was just 11pm all the time and there is silence and alone. this when I feel the best. listening to complete silence and everyone has gone to bed and its just me and the cats. Sun, 21 Jul 2013 08:31:05 -0500 9/6/2005 at 9:47 PM i would never do anything like that! i'm 11years old but i know i'll never do that! Tue, 06 Sep 2005 21:47:03 -0500 2/2/2013 at 9:21 AM I was 12 yrs old and walking to my Dads. Parents divorced a year earlier. It was around 10 pm and actually warm for mid feb. A man stopped me as I was cutting down a back alley and asked me if I had a light. then BOOM!!! a white light and when I came to I was facedown on the snow and I seen a bit of blood on the snow. So vivid. Then I realized someone was pushing me. Then I felt the pain. I was being raped in my ass by a man. I could feel his cold hand reach under me and squeeze my balls painfully. Then he shot his cum in me and ran off into the night. I never told anyone this. Fast forward to a week ago and I'm on craigslist looking for a car and drift over to "encounters" and peruse. An add looking for a daddy draws my attention because I notice She is a he but dressed up like a girl. Cute actually. On a whim I emailed him. 2 minutes later he responds. I get that he's 15 and a tg. We make a date to meet up and the next day I'm sitting down with him at Timmies. He's nervous but stays with me. I tell him he's very cute. I offer him a ride home. In the van we sip our coffees and talk some more. He keeps flipping his hair out of his eyes. I put my coffee down and reach over and move his hair out of the way. I move over a bit and lean over to kiss him. He responds. We make out for a bit and I place his hand on my bulge. He starts rubbing as we kiss and I feel his nervousness. I unzip my jeans and he kneels down between the seats and stares up at me. Go ahead I tell him and he tentatively licks my shaft. Pretty soon he's taking half my cock in his mouth and I'm loving it. We are still in the Timmies parking lot. I run my hand under his jacket and feel his firm body. I pinch his nipples and he moans. I say lets finish this in the back and he goes willingly. We make out some more and I'm feeling his ass up. I start to push his pants down and I sit him back leaning with his hips just off the seat. I take his little cock in my mouth and start to message his bumhole. I straighten out and kiss him on the mouth and place my cock between his legs and tell him I want to fuck him. He pulls his skinny legs up by his knees and I place my cock at his asshole. I push and push. I'm his first daddy he says. Go easy. My head pops in and he hisses and squirms. I hold him still and push into him. So tight. He's sobbing and mewling and I am in him completely. He looks down between us and smiles a bit. but with tears. I lean forward and kiss him some more and then pull out a bit and drive forward. I am fucking this boy. I last maybe five minutes. I cum deep in his ass. I drive him home while he straightens out. We kiss a block from his place and he jumps out and heads home. This is my first time with a guy too. Just so happens he's a boy. Sat, 02 Feb 2013 09:21:33 -0600 6/14/2018 at 10:02 AM I'm a bi man, in my early 40s, and live alone. One day surfing porn I came across an ad for a nudist park, so intrested I called the place up, and they said they didn't rent the trailers, you had to buy them. They were cheap, so I told her I was interested, and she told me I have to go through a screening process. WTF? So I setup a time to see a trailer they had for sale, submit an application if interested, and than go through this screening process, WTF that was about I had no clue. I go there, the place was way out in the country, and I was met at the gate by a woman. We chat about the trailer, then I'm like okay can I see it. She says sure, but we have to get nude before we go into the park, and of course I say that's fine. We get nude, she was rather chunky, so nothing to look at, we go around the park, and she shows me the clubhouse, fire pit, and then the trailer. Well I was interested because it was only 10K, we get back, as I'm filling out the paperwork, we're talking about the people in the park, and she asks me how am I with children, and then do I have any kids that will be coming with me. I tell her no kids and I'm fine with kids, they don't bother me, and she says there's a few kids from 5 to 10 that live here all the time, but mostly people bring their kids on the weekends, and then they do special things on holidays. She then makes a call, sounded like she was talking to her husband, and I hear her say, yeah you can send her up, and minutes later in walks a little girl about 6 I'd guess. Now mind you, we're still naked, and she introduced me to the little girl who was her daughter. The little girl is setting in a chair across from me, legs spread, then starts asking questions, as I'm answering her, the whole time she's staring at my dick, and she notices a tattoo on me. As her mother is looking over the paperwork, the little girl gets up, walks over to me so she can see the tattoo better, she reaches out, and puts her hand on my leg. Her mother was asking me questions and her little girl slid her hand up my leg, and then wrapped her hands around my dick causing me to jump a little. Her mother told her don't do that it's not nice, I say it's okay she was just curious, and her mother said, Yeah me too but she (her daughter) could have at least asked first. We kind of laughed, then her daughter turns to her, and asks well can I mommy? Her mother told her she has to ask me, and she turned to me saying, can I touch your dick. I looked up at her mother and she jokingly said, I don't care if you don't. So I'm like OKAY if you want to I don't care, she takes my cock in her hand, and went right to jacking it. My cock cock sprung to life, I looked back up at her mother, she has a big smile on her face, then her little girl bent down, and started sucking the head of my cock! As I'm looking down, I catch moment from her mother, I look back up, her mother had put her leg on the desk, and I can tell she rubbing her pussy, but can't see it. Then her little girl stops sucking my rock hard, looks up at me, and asks if I want to put my dick inside her. Again I look back up at her mother who is clearly fingering her pussy, she looks down at her daughter, then says, why don't you hop up on his lap baby, her got between my legs facing me, and I said, no turn around sweetie so mommy can watch. She around, spit in her hand, rubbing it on her pussy, and that fucking little girl sat all the way down on my cock. I'm not huge or anything, but I am 7", then this little girl starts riding my dick, she's bent over forward, so with my cock buried in her, I stand her up, grab her behind her knees, and kind of roll her on my lap. I could feel she been fucked a lot, she was tight, but nothing what I expected from a pussy that young, and I only lasted maybe two or three minutes, but it was the hardest I ever came. Come to find out, the nudist park was just a front for p**ophiles, and ran for years. Well I bought that trailer and lived in the park. The couple that lived next to me came only on weekends, they was in their early 30s, they had two kids, a 2 year old girl, and 4 year old boy. The guy's wife loved drinking piss, because I seen them a lot outside in the back, with their daughter laying on the picnic table, legs spread wide pissing in her mother's mouth, as the guy was fucking the woman from behind. Then one day I seen him out back, his son was on the picnic table, on his back, legs in the air, and his dad was just drilling his ass. So later that day I introduced myself and within hours I was fucking that little boys butt. Thu, 14 Jun 2018 10:02:30 -0500 7/6/2008 at 9:20 PM Okay so I had sex with only one guy before. I'm kinda scared about doing it with another guy.. should I be nervous when the time comes ?? how can I get over this ?? And I guess I'm just thinking that "what if it's not good enough??" Sun, 06 Jul 2008 21:20:28 -0500