Adult Confessions: Random Share stories, secrets, or confessions anonymously. If you ever need to get something off your chest, this is the place to go! en-us [email protected] 5 1/29/2014 at 1:36 PM I had an embarrassing situation happen not too long ago. I've entered a few bikini contests at bars, on spring break, etc because they're fun and some have nice prizes. Well I was in one and I was strutting around and showing off when it was my turn, and I saw that one of the judges was my dad! I couldn't believe it. I was feeling so embarrassed but I had to keep on being sexy even in front of him through a couple more rounds of the contest. In the last round it was me and 2 other girls still left in it and we had to all give what was basically a lap dance for each of the 3 judges. I thought this is gonna be so weird, but I did it, including for my dad. I was in a really tiny bikini and dancing my sexiest and I could tell the other judges were really liking me, but I could tell my dad was too! I ended up getting 2nd place in the contest. I talked to my dad after it and he said I might have won but he didn't think it was fair if he rated me 1st so he rated me 2nd. He said having me dance for him was so weird but admitted it was really thrilling too. I told him it was both of those for me too. We had a good conversation about it all and he asked me to set him up with one of the other girls. LOL Which I did. :) Wed, 29 Jan 2014 13:36:17 -0600 4/18/2013 at 7:01 PM I'll start when i was in the forth grade that's when I started to masturbate 'I known about sex for a long time having watched lesbian gay and straight porn when younger and doing things with my cousin only got as far as a quick peck on her pussy' but my friend's J. and C. we were talking about sex and masturbating when J. asked what about it do we like. Like do we like to just touch our dicks or think about someone else when doing it. He said his brother told him your gay if you like touching your self 'now i know he was teasing him saying that' but that's when i first started to think about it. Then some time after that maybe in fifth grade I had a my first wet dream about a girl Child movie star but having a dick instead of a pussy. After that I thought she was still hot and I don't care if she's got a dick or not I'd still would have sex with her if the chance came. So I started to think to my self "What if I'm gay??" I never even kissed anyone besides my cousin and it's not like I ever talked about what her and I did it was a secret and we know even when we did what we did that it was not right. So I made it my mission to find out what I want more a girl or a boy?? So I started to date a lot was getting close to my first kiss with this girl, but, my asshole friend C. lied to me and said she was cheating on me with him. Telling me that only because she really liked me but he was the ladies man in our grade and wanted to get with her on the rebound. So I freaked out like insanely freaked out on her and fucked every chance I'd ever have to even hold hands with someone. Then sixth, seventh, and eighth grade went by and nothing ever happened NOTHING. But that summer going to high school was when my life changed not for the better in the long run but anyways my friends and I always hung out and smoke cigarettes and pot together. J. and C. lived closer to each other then I did to them but I was Always the one with the stuff or the money for it so they'd meet me somewhere in between and ride our bikes to C. house. He only lived with his mom, brother, and sister so it was chill over there. Well one night C. and I where at his place in his future car talking with J. over the phone. And we asked whats your darkest secret, well I know for sure now C. and I where lying I said the story about my cousin J. said he had a crush on some unpopular girl at school and C. said he'd caught his two friends form another town having gay sex and that they offered for him to join he told us he said no. The night went on and we went back inside and his brother was away with friends or something for the summer so just his younger sis and mom where there but they went to be so we watched movies and he passed out on the couch 'I think' and I was sure a this point in my life I was Bi. So i looked over and he was just wearing a T and boxers and i could see his cock though the hole and I just had to say in a very quiet whisper, "I want you so bad." After a few days of being back at my house using a make-shift dildo I had for a few years C. calls me and invites me over. So I went and he asked if we wanted to sleep in the back yard in a tent so we could hand out and smoke freely if we wanted. I said yes and we set-up his tent and got blankets and pillows ready then went inside to watch a movie and eat dinner. Then after all that his mom and sis went to bed and C. and I started talking about sexual past. I had none and was always straight up about that with anyone who'd cared to ask so we started talking about fantasies instead. I said what any virgin would that I would just like to fuck someone and make out with them while I do it. He went into detail about what he'd do with one particular person. So after all this talk I was horny as hell thinking of my real fantasies with him. And then he grabbed his brothers box of condoms and said we should try them on and see if they would even fit. So we headed out to the tent, got in and got ready to try them on. I was still very hard and noticed my dick has never been this big but though I'm just extra horny thinking about this naked boy that was going to be next to me here soon. So he said to get hard and just try one one to see how it fits. And I couldn't even barely get it on it was to tight. So after breaking a few I got to one that did fit and C. then asked if we'd compare sizes being boys it was a normal thing. So we did and I had the bigger one mine was 6" and thick. His was 5.5" and had a upward curve to it he tried to argue his was bigger because the curve so I just was like whatever I'll agree don't want to start an argument. Then we started to talk about who can we call to come over and have sex with us. I thought for sure he'd have someone he claims he was a pimp with the ladies. But after some time no one answered, So I said being serious but making it seem like I could be joking, "Dude I'm so horny that your looking hot." And he said back to me, "are you serious??" Thinking he was joking I said, "Yeah." "No, are you serious??" he said again. And again I say 'Yes' he asked once more then I thought it's now or never so preparing my self to risk getting beat up I said Yes again. So then he Said, "OK, let me take a piss first. Get ready for when I come back." and out the tent he went. I instantly ripped the condom off because he had to, so he could pee. And he came back in and asked if i could move to his spot in the tent so he could us his right hand and after I did he reached under and stopped and we said, "what happens in the tent stays here." So he continued to inch his hand closer asking my how far it is from time to time and with my dick pointing straight up all he had to do was close his hand and he'd be jacking me off. Then he did very slowly at first but eventually went up to the most perfect speed. We both agreed we'd let the other know before cumming and after 2 minutes I was on the brink. I told him to stop not wanting to cum just yet and then it was my turn to give him one. I really thought I was dreaming so I immediately took his dick in my hand and after a few seconds I jumped up so I could use my right hand and have him rub me. After one minute not sure if this was real I told myself I'd better get this mouth to work before i wake. "Can I... try tasting it??" "Yes." he replied and without hesitating I went all the way down his dick using my tongue and twisting my head trying to copy all the porn I seen. OH it was so soooo good for me, I didn't even care if he'd suck me as long an i could whack it while i did him. But Feeling his cock throbbing he lifted my head and so gently set me down to taste my dick he to did not even waste a second and liked the pre-cum up and went on sucking. I had to make him stop three times because it was so good. Then he said that he wants to cum but before i let him I sucked him again. Then we both just whacked it till he came and I helped clean him up. We left the tent to go down the street to smoke a cig and both were giggling at what we just did. "After this lets get some food and finish you off." he said. We went inside and ate then he passed out. Me still being so horny I went back to the scene where it happened just 30 minutes ago to finish myself off, but passed out before i could. The next day was the weirdest day ever since I was in the tent and he inside this caused confusion with everyone. We said nothing to each other for 4 days, and that's when I was strongly considering offing my-self because i thought it was my fault for the awkwardness that followed. But he called and asked if I wanted to go on a camping trip with his mom sis and him. And I cried right after because I knew it happen again. So after getting the OK from my parents I packed up and brought my dildo so we could try fucking this time. Then that night I was to scared to make a move so I turned my back to him and waited for the right time. But he beat me there he reached over and rubbed my chest and asked if I wanted too. And he said it was my turn to go first, so I asked him if I could get my First ever kiss while I was pulling his pants off and he replied, "What like this." and put his hand on the side of my face and made out with me for a minute. Till he pushed my away and I started to suck him. But this time I Said, "Don't tell me when your going to cum I want to take it." But he to wanted this to last forever so when he was close he started to suck me off, then I wanted to 69 him for a while and we did. then remembering my TOY, I got it out and started to use it on my self and asked him if he could play with me for a while. He did, then i asked if he could try fucking me. But at first it hurt way to much so we stopped. And he offered me to fuck him and i was so ready to, he pointed his cute ass in the air and stuck it out perfect for my dick. I was about to fuck him then stopped and said, "I want this more then I want pussy a 1000x more, but I want your dick first since you gave me a hand-job first." "OK, you sure??" "Yes but first let me give you something special first." "What??" "Something you might not ever get with a girl." Then with his ass still in the air I put my head down and started to lick his cute tight little pink hole. Licking and moving down to give him a good suck too and going back up to licking. And when he was about to cum like that I took it all and swallowed every last drop. But that wasn't the end for him he still wanted to Fuck my ass. And he put all the pillows under my butt so i could lay on my back and jack-off for him while he fucked me. Then after I shoot my load he pulled out put his hand over my neck and squirted his second load on my face. Then came down on top of me so are dicks were rubbing together and was kissing me he looked into my eyes and said in the sweetest voice ever, "I Love You." We fucked four more times that night till 6A.M. when finally we fell asleep trying to get his fist in my butt and me trying to get four fingers in his. We had lots more sex all summer long then both decided to stop, because the sex did ruin our friendship because we became lovers and we are Bi and want a family one day and thought it be better if we ended now. We talked about it for a long time about why we should stop and both TRULY do feel the same. It was Love, but with our love we knew it wouldn't work in long term. Wanting a family with both parents mother and father there for our kids. So on September 1, 2001 we kissed good bye. And still remained friends but never again would we sleep over and still talked about it for a while wondering if we made the right dissension till January 2002 we knew that life was not for us. Let me end by saying we've recently talked about it and both agree that we still have fantasies about it and that we don't regret anything we did. C. I still love you but remember fate will do it's part to keep us together but it was lust that brought us to that point and loved followed. But everyone Love it's something no one who truly is in love can fully enplane but you just know. Thu, 18 Apr 2013 19:01:32 -0500 7/27/2013 at 5:28 AM sarah watson sarahwatsonpp I enjoy wearing nappies, desperation, and having accidents, wetting and messing my pants. oxfordshire, UK love to poo my pants on purpose and sometimes I do it in public. I wear a pullup under a long flowing skirt so no one can tell I've messed myself and it makes me super horny to be totally filling my pants while in walking in the park. I try to find a fit guy and start talking to him while I push out a huge crap into my pullup. It makes me so horny that I have to find a public toilet to masturbate in and I have the most intense orgasm. It all started as a genuine accident when I was 14. I hadn't pood all weekend and as I was walking to school I felt my tummy aching and I had to fart. I was on my own so I let rip but I got more than just a fart. I shit my pants a little bit but managed to hold while I ran back home and made it to the toilet. My parents had left for work by now and my brother had gone to school so I was alone. I really had to go and the thought of shitting myself was such a turn on I decided to try it. I took off my school uniform except for my pants and sat on the toilet. Then I pushed out a load of semi solid diarrhoea into my pants, filling them completely. It felt so good it made me really horny but I wasn't finished. I fingered my pussy getting poo all over my fingers untill a came hard. I pushed as I came which intensified my orgasm and poo fell out of the legs of my pants into the toilet. I came again while I finished off my poo and it was so good I nearly fainted. By the time I recovered I was sweating so I took a shower and changed my pants and got dressed. I went to school and arrived an hour late which I blamed on the bus being late. Sat, 27 Jul 2013 05:28:02 -0500 9/6/2017 at 12:31 PM I had to stay in the hospital for a week due to a health problem. I couldn't last that long with out cumming so I was jerking off one night at 1 in the morning and the nurse walked in on me! Wed, 06 Sep 2017 12:31:36 -0500 3/4/2017 at 1:17 PM When I was 4 I told everyone that I was a girl. They thought I would outgrow this, but I never will. I told them that I wanted to be called Sarah. I was always a lot smaller nñ than the boys in school. I never had any interest in any boy toys. I did have lots of fun playing with the girls and dolls. By high school my parents finally saw that I was totally feminine and had no masculinity. I am so submissive and non confrontational. Which is a good thing for me. I am 5'3" and I wear a size 4 dress and my feet are a ladies size 6. I can't wear guys shoes even if I wanted to but I don't because guys shoes are to wide. I have very feminine body except my tiny penis. I have pretty curves and my ass is a girls ass and men love it. I almost got beat up in school. I was 15 and in my favorite pink dress and I was afraid he would ruin it. He was getting ready and I started crying. I said that I'm a girl and scared of him. He laughed at me and said that I was just a boy in a dress. I told him stop being mean to me. Then a 17 yr old guy stepped up and said, "Leave her alone or else". His name is George, and I instantly fell for him. George was big and strong and so manly. He is very confident and so sweet. He always made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world. I was so excited and happy that he came to my rescue. I ran home and told my family what happened. They were upset someone tried to hurt me, but happy that I met George. My mom said I should invite him to come over. I said I would. The next day at school George came up behind me when all of us girls were talking about guys and hugged me from behind and told I was beautiful. I turned around hoping for a kiss but no. I asked him if he would walk me home and meet my family. He said yes. At home I father asked George if he liked me. George said, "She is a very nice girl and so polite. Then I heard something that gave me butterflies. George asked, "Sir if it is alright with you and your wife I would love to ask Sarah out on a date". My mom, "My little girl has a date I am so happy for her". Mom came to me and asked if I heard. I was so excited I couldn't contain my self. On our date the car made a noise. I asked what it was. He did not know. He asked if I know anything about cars. I said Yes you turn the key and go shopping. I told him I don't know how to put gas in a car. I told him about mom and I had a flat tire. A man stopped and got this long funny looking thingy and took off those things that hold the tire on. He said, "You are such a girl". I thanked him with a kiss. He opened the cover for the engine and fixed it. He told me what it was but I had no idea what he was saying it was all Greek to me. He asked what I knew about. I said shopping cooking fashion shoes. I told him I could even find a dress that would look good on him. He said he didn't know about that. He is still dating me but I can't get him to ask me to marry him. I have been dropping hints forever. My girlfriends are hinting about me needing to marry and take care of my husband. With any luck he will ask me today. I have been saying that for over a year now. I will keep on until he asks me to be his loving wife. I am totally in love with George and would do anything for him. I even gave him the first of many blowjobs on our second date while he drove. When I came up I had mouthful of his cum. It was so good then I swallowed. He said I was great at it. I hope soon to have the wedding I have been planning since I was a little girl. He will love the wedding gown my mom and I picked out. I can't wait to be his loving wife. Sarah Sat, 04 Mar 2017 13:17:49 -0600 12/24/2006 at 9:15 AM I was just getting out of the shower when I heard a knock at the door. I was expecting a parcel arriving so I quickly wrapped a towel around me and hurried to answer the door. Unfortunately, just as I was busy signing for the parcel my towel slipped off leaving me standing in the doorway stark naked and totally exposing my boobs and fanny to the shocked delivery guy! I was soooo humiliated - I just screamed, thrust the clipboard back at the man and slammed the door in his face - I wanted the ground to swallow me up! I was so embarrassed! Sun, 24 Dec 2006 09:15:09 -0600 3/7/2017 at 6:56 PM I have an older female friend Gloria, who was my first sex at 17. She was 54. As a favor to her I agreed to fuck her friend Jill. Jill is fat, old, gray hair on her pussy, reddish dyed on her head, and 71 years old. My older friend taught me everything about pleasing women, and now I do date women my age and still have a lot of sex with Gloria too. I actually walked outside Glorias apartment across the outside hallway, and down two doors and knocked totally naked on Jills door. She answered and with a hungry look let me inside. He grabbed my cock immediately and started jacking me, I got hard and she pulled off her blouse and bra revealing B cup saggies which I proceeded to stroke and get her nipples erect. Then I sucked on her boobs as she sat down on the couch, me beside her. She pulled up her skirt revealing a hairy gray bush with no panties. I said that she was expecting me, and she asked if I was as good as Gloria says. Jill is 71, saggy, is about 5ft. 6in. and weighs about 175 or so I'd guess. She has a belly, and wide hips (she's had 6 kids) so that is to be expected I guess. She was jacking my fairly long cock all the time, then pushed my head away from her nipples and bent over sucking my cock. After a few moments she took out her teeth and gave me my first gumjob. It was an incredible feeling having her gums put pressure on my dick while she stroked up and down. I was max hard in a minute. She said they'd be more of that later, and moved my head to her pussy. I ate her and she orgasmed several times, then pulled up her legs so that her asshole was at my mouth. She looked and smelled like she'd just washed and as a favor to Gloria, I went at it. She was moaning so much while I was licking her old pucker. I asked her if she'd done anal in her sex life and she said she always preferred it that way because it was less chance of getting pregnant. For some reason she couldn't do the pill, thus . . . 6 kids. Think how many if she didn't do anal. She wanted to get fucked now, and her old pussy was pretty darn wet (Even at now 57 years old Gloria has told me that older women after menopause take a lot longer and more stimulation to get wet enough to fuck). She wanted it from behind but in her pussy the first time. She bent over the couch and reached back and spread her ass and pussy lips. I went in and I couldn't believe how tight she was. This 71 year old with a wet pussy who had 6 kids was actually tighter than the 1 virgin girl I'd fucked a few months ago. I actually enjoyed it, she came several times and asked if she could feel me shoot inside her. I did and came buckets in that old wrinkled pussy. After than, things got less frantic, and over the next couple of hours I got a full gumjob, fucked her pussy again, only this time towards the finish she wanted it up her butt. Anal being my favorite kind of sex, I went for it. 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It wasn't too long until it was fully erect and I felt his hands on the back of my head, forcing me to take in more of his beautiful dick. Licking sucking and slurping in his cock, I fully enjoyed every inch of his prick. Playing with my pussy and clit as I sucked in his cock I brought myself to orgasm, just before he unloaded in my mouth. He kept on fucking my face until every single drop had left his balls and I'd swallowed the lot. Releasing his cock, I lifted my head and smiled at him, he smiled back and said "Been wanting you to do that for two years now". Hearing his dad moving upstairs, we both sorted ourselves out, and I went to get my drink. Stood facing the sink, he walked up behind me, put his hands around my body and felt my bra-less breasts through the cotton robe I had on. Putting his mouth to my ear he whispered moments before his dad walked into the kitchen "Next time I'm going to fuck you". That next time could be as little as three days away, as his father will be working away for two nights. Now all I have to decide is am I going to cheat on my husband with his son, and allow him to fuck me. Sat, 27 Aug 2016 05:30:59 -0500 2/20/2015 at 2:52 AM About 5 years ago, a friend of mine and I decided that, after talking about it a long time, we wanted to fuck. Our kids grew up together, we knew everyone, all the same friends, great social circle and everything. She was married at the time, and her husband wasn't the nicest guy. She came over one night, after watching one of my kids. Brought her to the house, and I put her to bed. When I came downstairs, my friend was in my living room. We had talked, joked, and even made references about fucking When she was getting ready to leave, I don't know why on impulse I did it, but I pushed her against the wall, shoved my tongue inside her mouth, and started kissing her. Not 2 minutes later, she's unzipping and unbuttoning my pants. 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But I gotta get" She told me the next day when we talked, she got home, and her husband was being a fucking asshole. She said that she convinced him to fuck her that night after we were done. And hse told me the grossest thing. That literally an hour after I came inside her for an eternity, he ate her pussy. Full of my cum. Fri, 20 Feb 2015 02:52:59 -0600 1/23/2013 at 1:08 AM I'm a phile. Not by the legal definition which is someone who has been convicted of sexually assaulting or raping a child. But rather by the clinical definition which means that I am sexually attracted to children. The thing is that I am not interested in hurting children and have never layed a hand on a child in an inappropriate manner. My interest is that I want children to harm me. That is what I get off on. I want some sweet gorgious little toddler to tie me up and smash my balls with a hammer while telling me I am a naughty phile. Ok so I know I am never going to do that but lately I am getting turned on by the idea of a woman catching me molesting her baby daughter and then tying me up and taking a hammer and smashing my balls while telling me I am a naughty phile. No I'm not going to hurt an innocent child just to get my jollies but I am wondering if there are any women out there who would like to play a game of pretend. That is lets pretend I did that to your daughter and then you punish the naughty predophile. Wed, 23 Jan 2013 01:08:47 -0600