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    Posted by Anonymous

    Reading posts in all sections of this site, it does not take a genius to spot the ones placed by Americans i.e. beginning with ok, a liberal usage of the word like, atrocious spelling & grammar etc. and with the overall impression of being composed by a 7 year old. Are all these posts created by a small group of adolescents in puberty trying to express themselves (which is not an excuse), or are most of you uneducated illiterates?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I think that Ginger Lynn is the hottest porn star EVER. I used to watch her videos a lot.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I sniff my older sisters used panties. She showers every morning before work. I usually wait till she has left for work. But alot of times I get them right after she is in the shower. She leaves the panties in her bedroom before the shower. I wake up early just so I can get her panties while they are still warm and moist. I cant help it I love the strong musky vaginal odor. She really has the strongest vaginal odor I have ever smelled. If it smelled any stronger, it would be bad. It is right on the edge of smelling like bad fish. I always feel like shit after I use her panties, but I cant help it I'm addicted. I have been sniffing them for years.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A question for the ladies.
    You are at the beach and wearing a bikini thong. As you have chosen to wear the thong it means that it's ok for it to be seen by all, agreed? If the same thong was was worn beneath your skirt you will do all that you can to prevent anyone from being able to see it. Why?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    The quiet coolness, the occasional headlights cutting through the darkness, time alone with her thoughts, these were the reasons she loved driving late at night into the early morning hours. It was going to be a long drive but Monet was accustomed to late hours.

    Earlier that evening she dined at a favorite Chinese restaurant and though she knew she would be driving most of the night she drank tea, but the saltiness of the meal required several glasses of water as well, to quench her thirst. She paid the bill and walked past the restroom, deciding the need was not urgent and could wait until time to refuel. Wanting to get on the road was more pressing and there were always rest areas to stop at along the way.

    Monet slid a CD into the player and settled into the leather seat, she felt as if she could drive all night. Slow blues and a low throaty hum were the only sounds occupying space. An hour passed then two, driving along, passing through one small town after another. She felt her bladder filling and expanding but not painfully uncomfortable. The cruise control set, remembering the long open stretch of lonely road before her, she knew she could hold back the urge but she had to get some relief. Fingers fumbled with the zipper of the skirt and as each tooth separated, the binding gave way and she breathed a deep sigh. Soon there would be a rest area and she could at last empty her swollen bladder.

    The miles clicked by and as each glowing marker faded the muscles tightened, curling inward sending surges of waves thru her lower abdomen. Panic was beginning to consume and in a desperately half reassuring voice, that broke the night, she said aloud, "Surely, there will be a rest area soon." One moment her ass slid back against the leather seat, thighs pressed together, her breasts leaned forward and the nipples touched the steering wheel as her hands gripped it tightly. The next moment, her hand slipped gently between her legs, fingers crushing the swollen lips. Afraid to move them, she feared that once those first droplets of pee seeped out she would not be able to stop. However, an intense sense of pleasure overwhelmed her. Her fingers knew the folds caressing her clit sensed the wetness of passion as the heat engulfed her hand through the silky panties. Both needs seeking release, both being realized and her teeth dragged across her bottom lip in agony.

    Suddenly the sign loomed into sight, Rest Area 2 miles. She sighed a false sense of relief; a thumb pressed the cruise off, the car instantly slowed. Her legs eased apart and as she placed her foot on the gas, a pain shot thru her. Instinctively her fingers pressed harder against the folds and she felt her clit throbbing. A warm familiar wetness mingled with the first droplets of pee soaking her panties and she cried out, "Oh no."

    Pulling off the interstate, she hoped for a parking spot close to the entrance but with the urgency, the pains shooting, she didn't care; all she wanted was to hurry inside and feel relief overcome her. Thru clenched teeth she said, "Yes, one not too far away," but the movement of her foot to the brake caused even more excruciating pain. She put the car in park and bent forward, eased her one hand from the wet panties, gripping the other under her knees. She sat there motionless for a second and glanced around to see if anyone was around. Not a soul she saw and the only sounds were low rumbles of the 18-wheelers parked across the way. She opened the door and pulled herself out, legs locked together and not bothering to zip the skirt she gripped it tight. Half standing in a hunched position she started walking briskly in as far apart steps as she dared. "Oh please, let me make it," she repeated to herself and upon reaching the door to the Ladies' restroom, she saw the sign, "Out of Order." Tears of hopelessness welled up inside her; hands crossed one over the other and were shoved between her legs, the sharp pains racking her insides with every movement.

    She knew she would never make it back to the car and gazing over the moonlit grounds she didn't see any bushes to hide behind. As the tears streaked down her cheeks she saw the Men's restroom. Only ten feet away, her determination was as strong as the agony she was in. With each step the trickles ran down her legs. Her skirt hung limply around her hips, held up only by her hands pressing the front of it between her legs, the wetness soaking the silk and quickly chilling in the cool night air. She leaned her shoulder against the door and pushed. The bright starkness of the room blinded her for a second. Then she saw him, standing in the far corner in front of the urinal. His one arm down and the other one raised with his palm against the wall. His head jerked up and their eyes locked. Instantly he saw the desperation on her tear streaked face and slowly his gaze traveled down her body and settled on her hands as she tried to push the stained skirt between her legs. A slight smile cracked at the corners of his mouth and without taking his hand away from his satiny smooth pulsing cock he turned and walked towards her.

    "Please, I'm sorry. The ladies restroom is out of order. I have to pee. There's no place outside," she confessed to him. He stopped short in front of her, facing her. He took his hand away from his cock and placed both of then on her shoulders. Her head dropped forward and she saw the engorged, flushed crimson throbbing head. She raised her head quickly, not daring to speak but the fear shone brightly in her eyes.

    "Shhhhhh, I'm not going to hurt you" he whispered and began to walk backwards to the stall guiding her along. All she could think of was reaching that toilet, relief from these agonizing pains and not what might occur.

    When the back of his calf hit the toilet, he brought his hand down and undid his jeans, struggling with one hand to get them down, his other hand gripped into her shoulder. "Oh God, no. Please, just let me pee first," she begged. Without a word, he removed his hand from her shoulder and with his thumb tenderly wiped away a tear. As quick as the fear arose it disappeared but the excruciating fullness clenched every nerve.

    As he lowered himself down, his hands reached back to the wet panties meshed on the cheeks of her ass. He pulled her towards him, her skirt hiked up and his knees fought against her locked legs. Her legs snapped open and a piercing cry caught in her throat.

    "Take your hands away," he said in a soothing voice.

    "Oh no," she whimpered, but nevertheless hesitantly obeyed him. Her hands moved ever so slowly to the tops of her thighs, nails dug into her flesh. As he watched the intensity spread across her face, his fingers curled around his throbbing hardness and slipped underneath her wet panties. He guided the head the length of her, the slick wetness and the drops of pee slowly leaking out clinging onto the head. Her body so tense, the neck of her bladder shut so tight that now she could not pee if she wanted without straining. Each stroke precisely guided by his hand, the glistening head parted her lips, and met the slick passion of desire caressing her clit. With burning anticipation and hunger he thrust deep inside her, his cock clutched like a velvet glove, wedged between her full bladder and the soaked walls. His hands reached under her skirt, grasped at the sides of her hips and pulled her downward. Her arms shot up, palms slammed against the sides of the stall and her head tilted backwards as her back arched. The scream, a cry to heaven ricocheted off the ceiling and fell like a whisper. Painful shocks of pleasure surged thru her body. Spilling over, slow spurts began to trickle down, a warmness that pooled at the root of his manhood; rivulets ran between his legs, over his balls and splattered on the cold tile. He raised her up and let her drop hard, the spurts turned to a fine dribbling, she bore down, the yellow heat flowed in a constant steady stream and covered him like a blanket. Her body finally consumed with relief was overtaken by passion. Fingers tore at the silk panties; ripped and discarded they laid in a spreading golden puddle. His hands then slid under her shirt, he cupped her breasts and nipples peaked against his palms. He jerked up hard deep inside her, with her legs wrapped tight around him she rode him. The hot velvet walls caressed his cock, engulfing him inside her as she reached that edge of bliss. Effervescent waves of ecstasy washed over her and she floated in that moment of frozen white. He moaned in fiery desire and wished to end this exquisite torture. His sword like cock impaled her one last time, and filled her with his seed.

    Her need, his hunger, their desires met, they embraced like lovers not strangers, their hearts racing and open mouths gasping for air. Slowly he reached up under her arms, her legs released and fell to the side as he pulled her up and off of him. Her legs trembled as she stood and she steadied herself in the corner of the stall, the creamy clumps of forbidden passion oozing out. He gaze seared into her eyes, daring her to speak and nonchalantly reached down, seizing the silk panties. With a quick wringing, he stood and fastened his jeans. She stood paralyzed, he leaned in close and his breath nuzzled her neck. He placed the soaked panties on the side of her face, brought his lips to them and kissed her cheek thru the bunched silk, the fetid aroma encircling them.

    She watched him walk away, tuck the panties into his pocket and he never glanced back. She slipped out door, overwhelmed with sated pleasure and as she walked back to her car, spied a water fountain and wondered how far to the next rest area.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm such a horrible girl.Ever since I turned 14,I have been a brat.I'm mean and rude to people I dont like ,or that are lesser than me.I have also been stealing for a long time.I used to just steal from stores,but now I steal money from people.I also use people,and pretend to be there friends.I cheat on homework and tests or just dont do it.
    Now I even skip classes.I atleast skip 2 periods a day.I'm a brat!But my friends dont care.I'm trying to stop doing such bad things,but its sooo hard.I pray,that some how I can become a better person.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is too close to jail for comfort.
    I was sleeping on the couch in only my robe on a weekend and my sister stuck her head in the door and asked if I could watch Annie for a couple of hours (5 year old niece).
    I was half asleep but was able to utter out a "sure!"

    When ever little Annie wants to nap she always climbs on old Uncle Jack and falls asleep, she's always done that.
    She climbed up on me this time and fell right asleep. I don't remember her doing that but I was so used to it.

    Well I'm embarassed to say this, but I woke up and discovered my robe was open and my niece was asleep between my legs and hugging my....whole it was a doll or something. Holy shit, I gingerly got up and laid her on the couch and ran in my room to get dressed. I was shaking like a leaf. No one ever knew that...and if I was ever caught I'd be a goner.
    This note to all ass holes - no I didnt enjoy was sick to me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    ...and the sooner the better. In the mean time everyone should stop buying his poor excuse for music. Without his steady supply of money, with all his debt, he'll lose everything.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    A guy I worked with got fired for failing a drug test...twice. He has two babies and his wife has cancer.
    Another guy got fired after driving a fork lift through a wall...and failing the mandatory accident drug test. He had been here awhile.
    One guy cheated on his wife, she found out and cheated, then he did it again because she did, then she did it again because he did...
    people are just stupid!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 14, my mom is 40, and quite a lass.
    Often times, she'll go to the pub and have a pint too many.
    She goes to her room, takes her clothes off, and naps on the bed.
    I find myself looking at her, and getting a bloody erection. Sometimes I masterbate.
    Is this really wrong?

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