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    Lesbian Female / 30

    My neighbor was a man much older than me. I used to kid around a lot with him. One day I said some naughty things in front of him and he told me he was going to give me a licking. I thought it would be fun to get spanked, so when he told me to bend over and put my butt out I didn't expect him to pull my pants down and put his tongue in my butt. I tried to move away, but he grabbed me hard and my pants were around my legs and he stuck his face and tongue in me. It felt so good, I had never even had a guy touch my butt and his mouth and tongue were slobbering up my butt and then he put his hand up into my genitals and started to rub my clit and push his thumb into my vagina and I fell forward on to the couch until he made me have this huge orgasm. He licked and sucked on my vagina after my orgasm.

    After that I got my butt licked a lot and I got masturbated into orgasms. I was a freshman in high school.

    In the eleventh grade I got a volley ball teacher. She was totally Nordic, blond, blue eyed, tanned, very athletic, I fell in love with her, she was my first real hard crush. I did everything to be around her. I was obvious, real obvious, I was so crushed on her, all I dreamt about was her. I started to masturbate by myself in addition to seeing my neighbor. I told him about her. He told me to stay away from her, that what I needed was to get fucked by him, but I was not old enough yet and I would have to wait. In the meantime, I would have to just accept what he gave me, so I continued to be butt licked and fingered and taken to orgasm that way.

    It was November and we were going to break for Thanksgiving when I got the chance to kiss her. We were in the equipment room, and I put my arms around her neck and kissed her on the mouth. She tried to push me away, but I grabbed on tight and kissed her until she kissed me back. She told me to not do that, that she liked me too, but if she got involved with me she would be fired. I told her I loved her.

    I went home and walked next door and told my neighbor what I had done and he got angry with me. He really punished me and I had to sit in a chair for the rest of the afternoon thinking about the whole situation.

    On the Friday after Thanksgiving he called my teacher and told her to come over to his house so we could talk about my infatuation and set some ground rules. When she showed up dressed in weekend clothes I ran into her arms and told her to hold me because I loved her. My neighbor took me aside and sat me down, and told my teacher that this was a problem, because I was impetuous and if she kept teaching I would become a problem.

    Somehow the conversation switched to her becoming a housewife. He would make her a housewife. She would quit work and become a housewife. She left and he ate me out from the front, he ate me out so hard that he caused me to have an orgasm that way. No fingers, no butt licking, just ate out my pussy until I had an orgasm. He told me that when I turned 18 he was going to fuck me.

    On the 13rh of December he married my teacher and she quit work and became a housewife. She was pregnant by February and I was around her during the whole pregnancy. I wanted to be in the delivery room, but they didn't let me, I had to wait until she was cleaned up and all to go in and hold the baby. I helped her breast feed and care for the baby, change the baby, bathe the baby. I spent every minute after school with her and the baby.

    In the 12 grade I turned 18 and I got my reward for waiting. His penis inside of me was like nothing I had ever felt. I totally did not expect it to feel that way, I got my usual doses of fingering and licking, but I also got my first penis inside of me. That was my 18th birthday gift. I guess I had lost my crush for my teacher and I became totally focused on my neighbor. I got a lot of sex after that, and I liked missionary sex the best. I was treated to the all around experience, front and back and down my throat, but missionary sex was my favorite. I still liked to be played with having my butt licked, but it became foreplay to the real thing.

    In the next three years she had two more babies and one day when we were fooling around with the new baby, she lifted my chin and kissed me on the lips. We held the baby between us and we kissed for a long time. We cooed the baby and she put her arm around me and held me tight. I told her I loved her and she told me she loved me too.

    When my neighbor got home from work I told him about us, and that I wanted to move in. What I got out of it was my first pregnancy. I slept with him, close and tight, and she slept in the other bed. For several months there was sex all the time, fist with me and after she was recovered from the baby, sex with her. She and I mostly kissed and laid down together, but we weren't sure that he would approve of us having full sex.

    Where am I today, I am fully involved with her, I sleep with her and I have sex with her, I have two kids, and she has four. He gets what he wants, but as he is older now, he mostly wants stuff once in a while, almost always with me. If I shower with him I get a good long butt treatment and I have these amazing long orgasms. Sometimes it leads to good missionary sex, long and slow, I have to keep myself really moist for him, until he orgasms and gets off. With her, it is mostly me, well it is now all me. We are deeply involved and total lovers. If he wants he can watch, we never pretend to do anything away from him. After I have a good time with her, I will go to his bed and lay with him until I know he is sound asleep.

    I'm all grown up now,

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    I often have dreams about a period in my life that started when I was 6 or 7, can't really say what my exact age was, may have even been 5. My parents often used to go out on a Saturday night and would leave me with the old women who lived next door, who I called Nan. She wasn't actually my nan but it was the way I thought of her I guess. Well on Saturday nights at Nan's it would be bath night and we would bath together and if my parents were off for the weekend I would sleep in the same bed as Nan. We would just dry each off and get into bed and cuddle up until we fell asleep.
    I can remember bath time because she always used to wash me and she would wash me all over, including my little dingus. I can also remember that the little fella would go hard and Nam would giggle when that happened but carry on washing it for a good while. The washing consisted of soaping the little guy up and pulling the foreskin back and forward, I used to get so worked up I couldn't move.
    This went on for years until lovely old Nan got too weak and poorly for me to stay with her. But by this time I was 13 or 14 and the bath nights and sleep overs towards the end got more and more serious and my dingus was a lot bigger and would be hard before Nan got anywhere near it.
    One night my dingus was by then clean as were Nan's breasts and pussy, in fact they were spotlessly clean and I was beginning to feel a bit strange or different, I dunno just a feeling I had never had. Well we got into bed and we always slept naked and Nan carried on 'washing' my dingus and this strange feeling became more and more powerful and I had my first ever orgasm. I was facing Nan so my seed had mainly gone onto her. She pulled the bed clothes back and I thought she was going to be very angry but no she gave me a big proper kiss on the lips and rubbed my seed into her belly and breasts. We then cuddled and fell asleep and when we woke up Nan did it again.
    After that weeked all my visits were educational, she showed what a women has downstairs and how it all worked. She showed me how to give her orgasm with my tongue and fingers. She showed when the right time to enter my dingus into her pussy and the use of creams to put it up her arse.
    Each session would usually end with me cumming over Nan's belly and tits and her rubbing it in, occasionally some would go into her mouthe and she would just lick her lips and swallow it. Sometimes she would get me to cum into her mouth and then she would swill it around her mouth and swallow. I remember that because of the taste of cum when I kissed her afterwards, I had never tasted ny cum before then.
    This wonderful series of experiences did have a downside in that when I was a few years older and dating girls of my own age I was little bit too adventurous for any of them until I realised I had to rein back what I wanted to do. That was very frustrating.
    But I will never forget Nan!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    Two days ago, I fucked my teenage niece in our bathroom. I had never done anything so dirty and nasty like that in my life.

    I've never had sex with someone under about 25. But she'd been flirting with me, she came onto me, I was super fucking horny, and she's really cute, young and had a nice little body.

    When she asked me if I'd ever fucked a girl her age, I told her no. And told her I was hesitating to do it, because I didn't want to get in trouble. She just said she'd never tell anyone, and as long as we kept it between us, she was OK with it.

    We ended up fucking on the floor. God she was so much fun. Really skinny, nice big round boobs, and her pussy was shaved. She told me she'd shaved it since she was 14. When I was going to cum, I was ready to pull out. She pulled me up against her, and kissed me, and said "you can. It's ok"

    I came inside her. It was amazing. I was going and going, and she was moaning and grunting and making noises. When we finished, we just laid there, and she said "You're the first guy your age I've ever had sex with. That was really fun"

    When we went out of the bathroom and she went to go upstairs, she stopped and said "I wanna do it again. Can we hook up another time?" I said yeah. She told me today she'll be back at my house this coming weekend to spend the night with my daughter.

    I can't wait.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    A couple of months ago I went to a gay bath house for the first time. I've always had fantasies about doing it with another man, especially a day dream about undressing a woman only to find out she had a cock, and being so horny I had to go through with it. I also enjoyed reading stories of men together, many on here.

    I had never acted on these urges and they've become stronger over the years, so I decided to find out once and for all.

    Walking around in the dark wearing only a towel I saw what I expected to see, men getting hot and personal. I was aroused but didn't fancy the glory holes or the dark room. I spent a fair bit of time in the sauna and steam. It felt nice in the heat watching things I'd only seen on video .

    I refused many advances. I was beginning to wonder if I could go through with it. So much male flesh and nothing enticed me, I was so choosey.

    After 2 hours, I was thinking it was time to go when some one sat next to me on this wooden bench. My heart started to thump. He was slim and blond and good looking. Casually he rested a hand on my knee. I felt a bit dizzy. After a few long seconds I opened my towel and his hand reached up and stroked my raging hard on, the first male hand to do so.

    I put my hand on his lap and he guided it in to his cock. Another first. It was solid as well but the skin was soft and smooth. We kissed and I was impressed by how gentle and loving it was.

    He invited me to go into a cubicle with him and I agreed. Now I was naked with another naked man in a tiny room with the door locked. He gave me a beautiful blow job. I didn't blow but I wanted to experience other things so we laid down.

    I wanted to suck him and knew this was the moment. I was unsure, would I like it or be disgusted by it. I was very anxious about taking his cock in my mouth but I did it slowly. Oddly I didn't feel an electric shock of pleasure or revulsion either. It just seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do, no different from kissing lips. I enjoyed that smooth skin on my tongue.

    He shot his semen onto his stomach. I was fascinated, watching it for real. I touched it, it felt so warm. Then licked it, tasting a bit funny. I knew I could do this, suck off a cock.

    We talked a bit and I confessed. Maybe he was sceptical but didn't show it. I was married and in my late twenties and this was my first ever gay encounter. He seemed a bit disappointed I wasn't single. He was the one to ask me about anal and I said I'd love to try it with him, he being the bottom, and he agreed.

    He made me swear it was true I'd never done it before, which I was glad to do, then agreed to do bareback, saying it was only right we make it a special occasion.

    I don't know what I thought or expected about anal. I had dreams of it being somehow different. It was a pleasurable shock to find it was just a great fuck. I could close my eyes and think it was a pussy I was doing.

    I liked it when he was on his back and I was on top, fucking him and feeling his hard cock against my stomach , so hard and hard. It excited me so much.

    We were in there so long, slow fucking, another 2 hours I guess. So I had to hurry then to get home, something I was embarrassed about, leaving my new lover like that.

    My problem now is, instead of satisfying my curiosity it has now left me wanting more.

    I've read some hot stories on here. Mine is not one of them but I felt I had something to say.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    IM A 16 year old male and i want to be able to feel a cock slide into my ass but i have no way of making it happen. BUT the problem is im a closet bisexual. So it mkkes it really difficult anyone have any ideas?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I'm female & I sometimes get off watching gay porn.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am a submissive, I get off on being treated roughly. Spanked, slapped, throat fucked, called names(slut, whore) and used for men's pleasure.

    I was with a couple of men who played at being Dom before I met my true Master. He's opened up my eyes and shown me how contented and complete I can be with the proper balance of a firm, confident and loving Master.

    I proudly wear his collar and loyally obey, serve and worship him.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I am a bi male with a girlfriend who knows I'm bi. What she doesn't know is that every day at work I've been fucking my gay boss. On breaks and lunch I can't get enough of him. In the bathroom, in his office even in his car we fuck anywhere we get a chance. I'm addicted and I don't feel bad

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 44

    outTo start with im in no way a writer, but all that i write here will be the true, so please excuse the plenty of mistakes im bound to make lol!!
    I have just turned home from a small break of a few days by a beech, nothing fancy, the wife my kids 19, 17 and 14...we rented a house within walking distance to the beech, nice. I for one do not like the beech, however my wife does and the kids do as well (any names used will NOT be their real names)
    My wife wendy is a lovely woman very family thinking and will do anything for the kids, my eldest is john fit strong lad, and like going to the gym, i started him with the fittness thing but after a sport of ill health i have had to stop. Ann my only daughter is a very clever girlloves to read, and mark my last child is a good lad and a real joker.
    Anyways we were alldoing the family stuff seeing the sites and playing games are the differnt places, though i wasnt doing the walks thats weliked to do,cos of my health, my wife never complained but i knew she was worried, about me. One day as we were walking upthe town, i just had to stop,i tried to pretend that i was looking at something in the shopwindow, but i was i just sheer pain, that when i sat down and told themtogo on.of course wendy said no, but imanage to covince her to go on, then john put his arm around her and said in anice way hes ok mum come on, and they walked of togather. i made my way back to the house,and the other two kids came in about an hour later, they had been on the beech.
    Wendy text me a few times asking if i were ok, andd i was...........they came back sometime later all smiles and asking me if i was ok. Next day john asks if its okif he and wendy can go to the market, i said u mean you mun and u, he just smiled yea what ever dad. i said sure and he and her heads of her wearing a summer dress again the other two go to the beech.
    so im alone for a few hours and i decide to have a nap, when i wake ann and mark are home and my wife and john just coming in. Now what ever way i have lay down i woke up with an awful pain in my back,( very comman with problem))
    So when they ask if i want to dine out i say nothanks imnot hungery when in fact i am...anyways all four head of and before long ann and mark come home to the house, i ask where the other 2 are, and they went of to a over 18 nite club, fuck this i think and pour myself a whisky now the meds im on i shouldnt drink, moreso not on an empty tummy, knocks me out big time.
    when i wake i think isaw my wfe bend over with my son fucking her, cant be sure if its true or was i dreaming or some shit, but looked fuckinmg real to me. and since then now 2 days later both are over nice to me, and very friend with each other when they think i do see them.
    being honest i cant blame her, i cant really do much in bed, but with our son
    any thoughts, or advice all welcome. cheers steve

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    My wife knows that my number 1 fantasy would be for me to watch her having sex with another guy. We talk about it all the time, we roleplay about it, but she has never agreed to actually go through with it.
    The other night, we were about to have sex, and I needed her to talk about some guy she met or some guy she would love to have sex with. I can tell she is etting sick of that whole routine we have, though.
    Finally she said - "I will have sex with another guy, but you have to suck his cock".
    Which pretty much ended the conversation for

    My confession is - I am now considering agreeing to her terms.
    I have never had any contct with a guy ever, nor did it ever cross my mind.
    But if that means I get my ultimate fantasy fulfilled, and see my wife and another guy make love right here in my own house and in my own bed - then I might just do it.

    The question is, would a guy allow that if he is 100% straight and just wants to bang my wife?

    And another question to the guys out there - if your wife/girlfriend agreed to fulfil your wildest fantasy (her and her girlfriend? or her and her sister maybe? lol), but you would have to suck a guys cock for her, would you do it?

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