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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 27

    I cheated on my husband with a guy from work and several of his friends at the same time. It was a big gang bang. I was invited by my coworker to what was suppose to just be a small party with other people from work. When I showed up to the place I knew something was odd because he was the only coworker there but I stayed thinking that maybe I was early.

    If anyone has ever told you not to drink the punch at a party, it is good advice. I assumed I was in the company of honest people but soon after arriving I felt a little bit strange. Idk what drug was in the punch, or maybe the soda, but it had me super horny and unable to think properly.

    It didn't take long for ten guys to have me naked and less time after that until I was ontop of one guy with another behind me and a third in front. All three of my holes were filled and stretching around their larger than average cocks.

    I was a total slut that day. I sucked and fucked like a wild whore. I did things that I have never done with any man before, including my husband.

    I don't so much feel guilty about cheating because I was drugged. What I feel guilty about is that I enjoyed it very, very much. I enjoyed it so much actually, that I scheduled another "party" with the same coworker and his friends again. I love feeling like a slut surrounded by all those men with cocks ranging from bigger than normal to huge.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 33

    This is my first confession on here and the first website I found while looking for some where to post this so here goes.

    Two weeks ago we had some warm weather here in the UK. My girlfriend was working the weekend and its was my turn to watch the her kid she is almost 13 and I wanted a quiet weekend catching up on work and chill with a drink on my game console.

    Her friend from around the corner knocked on our door and asked if my step daughter she was ready to go swimming, I was not told about this and send my GF a message asking if this was already arranged, she messaged me back saying it had been arranged weeks ago, so I let them go.

    Hours later she message me asking if she could stay at her friends tonight, I had no problem with it, I just wanted the house to myself. I texted my step daughter telling her she could stay but more noticed next time and that the fact she never had any fresh clothing. She texted me saying she had already packed clothing for after swimming and didn't think much else.

    Later around 7pm I texted her and asked if she was okay she replied later I asked what she was doing and her messages were becoming unreadable, around 11.30 that night I received a call from her phone when I answered it was not my step daughter but her friend I asked if everything was okay and she said nothing to worry about but they needed picking up, I asked were my step daughter was and she told me she was not feeling well and had been sick and they needed collecting from town.

    I was pissed off and had been drinking myself I found my step daughter and her friend at a travel lodge in town centre I meet her friend outside and went into the room to get her, I found her on the sofa and I could not believe want I had seen there was alcohol bottles on the table, the bed was trashed up, they were both dressed trashy like dressed like a prostitute they had managed to buy black ankle strap block heels and both had this black min skirts on that were belts more or less.

    I told her friend I was taking them home, and my step daughters friend started crying saying how much shit she was going to get in, So I decided to risk letting her stay with us overnight until the morning util GF came home. I put my step daughter to bed and she felt asleep, I threw her shoes out before I would have to explain were they came from. I spoke to her friend and asked what had been going on...

    She said when they went swimming they met some guys who where much older and there chatted them up and asked them to go into town, they got some clothing from town and then went to this travel lodge had a few drinks then into town and thats it.

    I didn't believe her and asked her want happened after or I would march her home now, She told me they both ended up kissing these guys until they all were thrown out because of one of the guys fighting. She said my step daughter went back to the room and ended up just kissing on the bed until they left.

    anyway I told her I had been drinking and told her to self in space room, she tried asked if I wanted a drink and said no.

    The next morning while my step daughter was in the shower, I managed to get all her clothing to the wash but I found an unopened condom in her skirts zip pocket, but on the inside of her skirt had weird texture marks down.
    she had to wear clothing covering her neck because there was red marks all around it.

    I know this is wrong but I had to go to the toilet and relief myself over this.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 29

    My Uncle

    I was my mums thirtieth birthday party at our house, I was only young, my uncle sat me on his knee I was a wriggler I could feel something on my bottom, mum came over and took me off his knee and said you must not sit on your uncles knee again why I said he is a nice man, mum said no he's not he is what is called a dirty old man, I watched my talking to him I could tell she was angry with him, years passed by and I new what a dirty old man was, I have always been a teaser, at the next party I sat opposite him without my underwear on I was just starting to grow pubic hairs, I repeatedly crossed and uncrossed my legs making he sure he saw everything he was getting hot and bothered I could see his erection he was trying to hide, I sat with my legs open for a while this really got him going, my mum came over to me and whispered in my ear you've had you tease and fun now go and put your knickers on,
    and smiled at me.
    Not much of a story hope you all enjoyed, if there is any more stories similar I would love to read them.


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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 47

    In my youth and a couple of times in college I sucked a guy off. Both men I sucked off when I was in college were older men who worked nights, one at a gas station and another at a motel.

    I was alone for a week when my wife went to spend some time with her mother. I went out for a ride down the freeway to pass the time and stopped to eat at a fast food restaurant around 11:00 p.m., and then stopped for gas. They guy who was managing the register was Pakistani, I went in to buy some gum and got to talking. We talked for over an hour. I got to talking about how lonely it was and how once in a while you just needed company.

    Exactly what words exchanged I don't remember, but I told him how when I was in college I had sucked off this guy at a gas station. He asked me if I had enjoyed it, and I said yes. He asked if I wanted to do it again. He locked the front door and went into the restroom and told me to follow. He had his cock out, it seemed bigger than mine, it was dark and when he pulled his foreskin back it glistened in the lights of the bathroom.

    He told me to sit on the toilet and he stood in front of me and I sucked his cock. He ran his hand through my hair as I sucked, he fucked against my face, he used his hand to help himself get up and he told me to close my mouth tight around his cock as he came in several spurts. I hadn't tasted cum since college, it was both musky and salty and thick. I swallowed and finished sucking him until he had me stop.

    He left first and unlocked the front door and I followed several minutes later and got in my car and drove home and beat off until I couldn't come any more.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 46

    Back in my college days I was trying to date a girl who room with a married lady in her late 20's. The married lady was finishing her college degree to be a teacher. She stayed in the dorm 4 nights a week then stayed weekends with her family. Those days men weren't allowed in female dorms but it was easy to get in and out. I ranked the girl I was chasing a tease. I had only sucked her tits but not allowed below the waist. The married roommate would fake sleeping when we were necking. One night when I went to the room my girlfriend had gone home and wouldn't return that night. I talked with the married woman for a while. She would bring up the topic of sex often. She had me hard just talking. She finally offered for us the have sex. After two children she had her tubes tied so I could bareback her. I'm not hung like a horse but she said she liked my big dick. She didn't like being on top because she did it all the time with her husband. She liked kissing and fucking at the same time. She bit my toung hard one time when I was coming in her. I had fucked two girls before her and have been married 24 years and the married women is the best pussy I ever had. I crossed paths with her a few times through the years and we just speak and smile and remember the sex we had that year.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    Typing from mobile so may be errors.

    Extrem ely upset at myself. I'm a married mother of 2 and have a great husband but lately for some reason have befriended a young man(college age) from work. It began with just lunch and chat and a bit of might flirting. Friday night they changed. Told my gdad stand I had to work late and instead went out to a small pool hall with my friend. We both got drunk and I didn't stop him from putting his hand on my knee then my butt and then eventfully his hand up my dress. We would up in the back seat of his car with me sucking him off and then him fucking me from behind not oncce, or twice but three times. I returned home with my head stand and kids asleep as if nothing ever happened.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    My wife and I had another couple, similar age, who engaged in "mate swapping" with us. Turned out they were heavily into bondage, really advanced, and they were determined to teach us all about it. Now the main reason this came about, was that both wives were very dominant in nature, and both husbands submissive. One Friday evening, we ate dinner at their place, got drunk, and as it turned out later, they fed we men TWO Viagra each, hidden in the meal! An hour later we were frantic! Then the women produced this rubber body-bag, apparently purchased from Army Surplus, and a remnant from the Vietnam War era. "Undress and lie down in it. Naked!" they ordered, and reluctantly we did so, me on my back, him prone on top of me. Then they carefully zipped up the bag, all the way, and wound something round our necks, and knotted it. There were a few tiny holes in the bag, allowing enough air in to let us stay conscious. The zipper tag was above the neck, and totally out of reach! We were absolutely helpless! "Goodnight!" they called, and went to the other bedroom. Held mouth-to-mouth by the tightly bound rubber, and our Viagra-enhanced arousal almost unbearable, we relaxed into the repulsive intimacy of the kiss, and began playing with each other. This was my first ever sexual contact with another man, and boy, was I thrown in at the deep end! Our arousal was so enormous that I gave in to it, and just went with the flow, so to speak. He seemed quite at home with the arrangement, and I let him have complete control. The night passed in a welter of sweat and semen, and I know I came at least five times, each one more devastating than the last. We tickled each other's asshole, mauled testicles, and just plain maintained one long masturbation event, as our tongues fought for dominance, and I realized I would never be quite the same, after this happening. It was almost disappointing when they released us in the morning! Our erections showed no signs of waning, and they decided one of us had to stay in the bag, the other got to fuck both of them. I lost the coin toss, and quickly was trussed up again in the dripping wet hot rubber, arranged differently this time, so I had a small zipper right over my mouth, and two small air-holes right above it. Turned out there was another zippered opening which allowed my massive erection and swollen balls to protrude, while the zipper was snugged tight round the roots, holding all my goodies outside, exposed and vulnerable. The bag was tied tight round the waist, trapping my arms in a loose folded position, and my hands utterly unable to play with myself in any form. What seemed hours later, they were finished, showered, and informed me they, the girls, were going into town for a movie and a meal. "Tony, you're in charge! You will not let him out, or we will be extremely upset with you, and the punishment will be even worse than the last time! Other than that, you may do ANYTHING you want, with, or to him! I want you to be utterly merciless, or I will be with you!" On that happy note they left! One minute later, my mouth was full of his cock, another repellent 'first' and he was torturing my swollen balls mercilessly. He came several times in my mouth which made me feel like throwing up, but I knew that could be dangerous, and fought it off. He sealed me into silence again, and began slowly and wickedly fondling and stroking me, into even more arousal, somehow! "I LOVE doing this! I'm sort of addicted to it! I just never want to stop!" he giggled. After a while, I felt the same way! and would have promised anything for an assurance that he wasn't going to stop! Now all I wanted in my life, was more and more of this, and I was going to buy the other bag they had purchased originally, and bribe Loretta to keep me in it, as close to permanently as was practical! She was really enjoying my confinement, and I knew she'd be just as merciless, on our own! She was a very horny woman, almost to the point of clinical nymphomania, and she would really savor having absolute power, total control, and the ability to direct our sex in any direction that appealed to her. Life was going to be so wonderful, and we would have foursomes, twosomes, mate-swaps, pretty much endlessly!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    I am straight and have been married for 36 years, but my first experiences with sex involved other males. In my early teens, another boy heard me curse and threatened to tell my parents. They were very strict and I was afraid of how they would react. He eventually caught me alone and told me to suck his dick or he would tell. We were under the curved end of a camper trailer and he pulled his pants down to his knees and sat on the ground. I leaned over and began sucking and he then told me just to slide my mouth up and down on him. I did this for quite a while (until my jaws ached) and he kept saying, “don’t quit”. He eventually shoved me away and jerked his pants up. I guess he was on the verge and possibly cum in his underwear. He never mentioned it again, nor did he ask me to do it again.

    A couple of years later, I would look at “girly” magazines with two friends. We became so comfortable with each other that we began playing with out penises in front of each other. On one occasion, there was only me and one friend and we decided to play with each other. He mentioned a boy who had been caught in a side room off the school gym sucking another guy’s dick. He said we should try. I told him I was game if he was. He briefly took my penis in his mouth and told me it was my turn. I already had experience in this and really did him a favor. He eventually said, "look out" and pulled out just in time. He felt weird about it at that point and didn’t want to return the favor. I was fine with that and would occasionally do him favors later when we were alone. On another occasion, I was alone with the other friend, and we got the bright idea for one to get on all fours and the other to slide his dick in between that one's legs to simulate sex with a female (which neither had done). We took turns and found that talcum powder really worked well too. At one point I was on the bottom and he tried to push his penis into my butt, but it wouldn’t go. He said he had to pee and went into the bathroom. I was feeling so good, I laid there with my ass in the air waiting for him to come back. He returned and got behind me and put his penis to my butt and this time, it slid all the way in. I moaned, “how did you do that?” He said he had greased it up with A&D ointment. I indicated it felt good and told him to continue. Again, when he and I were alone he usually asked to repeat this activity and I was willing. Not long after that, I moved out of state with my family. I didn't have any male friends with a long comfortable bond and I begin dating girls. I never had an encounter with another male.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 43

    Back in high school I was on the swim team. Seeing some of the pictures recently showed how exposed we were. We wore Speedos and they were a little snug. We weren't naked but you could clearly see the outline and size of our junk through the speedos. At the time I didn't even think about it but now I wonder what others thought about seeing us like that.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    My Husbands Sister Showing her Vagina to Me

    My husbands sister came to stay with us for a week for the first time we were off work for the week as well, we all went out for day trips and meals out and got on very well together, in a morning we had a brew in our night clothes or in bed we didn't rush to get dressed, I couldent help but notice she only had her dressing gown on I could see it flapping open revealing the her pubic hair and the top of her volva, I didn't mind I enjoyed it, I am bisexual, my husband doesn't know that was a previous life, one morning we were up he was still in bed, we were sat in the front room watching morning TV her opposite me, she didn't have her legs crossed considering she was naked beneath her robe her legs open nearly wide I could see everything I didn't mind and tried not to look between her legs but when you try not to look you are drawn to it, I was went very wet it was stirring wonderful old memories, she saw me looking sorry I said, its ok I don't mind if you don't I can tell your a bisexual I've shown you mine now you show me yours I didn't hesitate I put my leg over the chair arm and finger fucked my self while she did the same, that was the beginning of a relationship, there is more but not now.


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