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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 36

    Me and my wife were over at her sisters place. We were having drinks and I had a little too much. It was late and her sister suggested we just stay the night. My wife and her sister stripped me down to my underwear and threw me into bed. I was drunk but still sort of aware of what was going on. Her sister did ask my wife about my underwear coming off but my wife told her she wasn't going to allow her to see that much of her husband. My wife said she needed to use the washroom and left the room. With my wife out of the room and my sister still there I felt her pull down my underwear. She was looking at my cock and mumbling to herself about what my wife had said about "not seeing that much of her husband". She was now mumbling about seeing all of her husband. I do remember her hands touching me and when I heard a toilet flush is when my underwear quickly got pulled back up. My wife returned and asked how I was. Her sister said I was just sleeping and made mention that I would probably be more comfortable if my underwear came off. My wife told her if they were going to come off it would be when she wasn't around as she wasn't going to have her see me like that. She left the room and we went to sleep.

    During the night I needed to use the bathroom and went down the hall in just my underwear. After I was done I opened the bathroom door to see her standing there in a robe. However, the robe was untied and slightly opened exposing her pussy and part of her breasts. She pushed me back into the bathroom and closed the door. She sat up on the bathroom counter which caused her robe to open fully exposing her breasts and with her legs spread exposing her pussy fully. She told me to come closer and pulled my underwear down. She grabbed my cock and began to stroke it until it was hard. She then told me to fuck here. I did as she asked and there we were in the bathroom fucking as my wife slept in a room down the hall. Once done we quickly cleaned up and went back to bed.

    In the morning my wife began telling me how her sister wanted my underwear off last night but she told her they were staying on. My wife told me that me being naked was only for her to see and not her sisters. She then went on to say her sister is family but she also is a slut and didn't want me to become one of her hundreds of guys. She said it was unlikely it would happen, but also mentioned she just didn't want her sister seeing me naked.

    I didn't say anything and hoped her sister wouldn't about our bathroom meeting last night.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    This happened back when I was 13 years old. I had a porn magazine that my mom found and she wasn't too pleased. She said I shouldn't be looking at naked women at my age and told me if she ever found me doing so again I would be in big trouble. It was a few months later when she had a woman friend of hers staying with us for the week. The first morning after she arrived I came down for breakfast and there was this woman in the kitchen wearing absolutely nothing. I didn't know exactly what to do so when she told me to sit down and offered to make me something to eat I did. A few minutes later my mother walks in like she never had before. She was naked too. I had never seen her like that before and she acted like it was no big deal. Months earlier I was told never to look at naked women and now there she and her friend were. I was getting turned on seeing them walking around without concern I was seeing them. Even though she was my mother she had nice breasts as did her friend. Her friend had very little hair below and my mom had a lot more. They were talking about going out tanning but her friend said she needed to clean and tidy herself up first. My mom said she needed to as well. I went to do some other stuff and figured that was my excitement until tomorrow morning which I hoped would have them be the same way. They came down an hour later and there was something different about them. It wasn't that they were dressed, because they still weren't, but that they had no hair below now. They went out back and literally could have been seen by a couple of neighboring houses if someone from them looked this way. This was much better than the porn magazine I had. They were changing their positions regularly to tan evenly and one pose had both their legs open and themselves very exposed. I went out and sat with them and they didn't seem to mind. It was her friend that did something that clearly has stuck in my mind. She sat up, put lotion in her hand and she was rubbing it between her legs. Where I was sitting I had a very clear view of what she was doing. Then came the ultimate view for me. She stopped and pulled her lips apart checking herself out. I was intently watching and she caught me doing so. She just smiled and quickly stopped but not before I saw in real life what I saw in the magazine. My mom said the sun was getting to her and she had to go in and laydown for a while. Her friend said I would keep her company and invited me to tan with her instead of just sitting there. Her friend told me to get undressed. I wasn't expecting this and how my mom would react. When my mom told me to come inside to undress and get a towel to lay on I knew she was fine with it. I remember taking my clothes off and standing there in front of her naked. It was weird since I hadn't done that in years. My mom handed me a towel and told me to go out now. I was getting cold feet but I did it. Her friend asked me to put suntan lotion on her back which I did. She said I better get some on me too and proceeded to rub it on me. She was putting it everywhere except on my privates. I did my privates myself and gave myself a hard on which caused her to chuckle and told me it was normal for that to happen. She began to tell me she felt a little irritated below but not from the sun. Once again she pulls her lips open in plain view of me and begins looking at herself. She then asks me if I can see anything red or irritated. I was knowingly looking inside her open pussy now. It looked fine to me and told her so.

    The rest of the week was pretty boring except for the mornings where they both did come down naked. My mom and her went out most days so I didn't see as much as I did that first day.
    After she left my mom told me that her friend was a nudist and that her friend convinced her to give it a try. My mom said it was rather relaxing not wearing clothes. She said she liked it when I gave it a try that first day too and suggested we continue. We began to do it regularly and I am glad we did. I did ask her about the differences about the porn magazine and seeing them naked. She said the magazine exploits women but being a nudist is just people naked in a nonsexual way.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    My department at work consists of a groups of just 6 of us. It is 4 women, a gay guy and me. We are a close group and even go out drinking after work together at each other places. Rumor is that the gay guy likes taking his clothes off and dances when drunk. Well I have witnessed this first hand a few times now. The women appear to enjoy it and it appears he likes to direct his dancing towards me a lot probably because he is gay and I am the only other guy in the room. Well one night he tried to convince me to dance with him. He was already naked and was trying to get me that way too. He knew I wasn't willing to so he said I didn't need to go all the way. He managed to get me to take my shirt off which was embarrassing at first but the women didn't mind it. He wanted my pants off too but I refused. I was getting drunker like he was and he managed to convince me to take my pants off. There I was in just socks and underwear and the women didn't seem mind. I thought I looked stupid with socks on so off they came leaving me in just underwear. We began dancing in front of everyone and a song came on that was very quick paced. I danced around so much and fast that with all the drinks I had I got light headed and dizzy. I got back up and danced more and I think what must have been happening is all the movement was making the alcohol get absorbed quicker and making me drunker. I wasn't thinking straight and didn't really know what I was doing so I was just copying what he was doing. There he was naked stroking himself so I pulled off my underwear and did the same. The women were cheering us on now. He came over and grabbed my cock. I then grabbed his. We stopped dancing and I just sat down and passed out for a while. When I woke up I was still naked and sort of realized what I did. The women didn't have much to say other than it wasn't expected from me but was very much liked.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife, me and a married couple, who we had been friends with for a couple of years, went out to a bar. Everyone had a little more to drink than they should have. Once the bar closed they invited us back to their place. We had more to drink and the husband eventually passed out. His wife had me bring him into their bedroom and began to undress him for bed. His wife was pretty drunk too. My wife was in the room as the husband was slowly being stripped down. When he was down to just his underwear his wife told my wife to stick around to see a nice big cock and just after saying that removed his underwear. My wife was checking him out and was giving me looks to see if I approved of her looking at him. His wife made mention of how he isn't as big as usual and began to suck him off. My wife and me were looking at each other not knowing how to react so we both just watched. His wife gave up and said it was no use and that she was too tired so we left the bedroom and went back out to their living room. We all had more drinks and finally his wife began to pass out. My wife suggested we put her to bed. My wife began to remove the wife's clothes and once down to her bra and panties stopped. She looked at me, paused, and then said she shouldn't be doing this and took the bra off. She said I got to see her husband so it was only fair. My wife looked at the bra and laughed when she saw the size and realized it was padded. I realized the bra really enhanced her as without it she had very small breasts. My wife took off the panties now and we were surprised by what we saw. She had tattoos that were not what we would ever expect someone to have. The word “FUCK ME” was tattooed across the top of her pussy in rather large letters. Down the sides of her pussy was tattooed “EVERYONE” on one side and “WELCUM” on the other. It looked like “Welcome” was intentionally spelled “WELCUM”. She never talked or made mention of sex ever when she was with us and seemed so conservative but seeing this now made us have a different opinion of her. I think we may have revealed more that we wanted to about her. The couple was now passed out naked on their bed with me and my wife seeing them. I think me and my wife both found it a little arousing. It may have been the alcohol but my wife and I began to make out on their bed with them naked beside us. We took all our clothes off and were fucking right beside them. It was a good fuck and we took a break after we finished. We didn’t intent to but we fell asleep. It was a few hours later when the husband woke up which woke me. He saw all of us naked on the bed and immediately took interest in my wife. He grabbed one of her breasts which woke her up. My wife saw who it was and then glanced over at me. She didn’t stop him and when he then ran his hand down between her closed legs she closed her eyes and spread them. He looked at me and pointed to his wife. I then began to run my hands over her breasts. Her nipples got hard very quickly and she now awoke. She was taken back with what I was doing but when she glanced over at her husband and saw what he was doing to my wife that she just relaxed and put up no resistance. We took turns watching and doing things to each other which were very arousing to watch. When the husband tried to fuck my wife she put up resistance to it. He had performed oral on her as well as fingered her with no problem but when he tried to put his cock in her she stopped him. It was the last and only thing left that none of us had done yet. I didn’t know if I should try it with the woman I was with so I held off. The husband kept trying to do it with my wife and finally my wife gave in. When his wife lay back and spread her legs I knew it was our turn to do the same. We were now fucking each other’s wives and one thing I noticed which I thought was very cute. The woman I was fucking reached over and grabbed my wife’s hand and they held hands while we fucked them. My wife felt very embarrassed and ashamed afterwards that not only did she do sexual things in front of others but that she let another man inside her. Apparently the shame didn’t last too long because she had already invited them over to our place for the night explicitly for the purpose of another spouse swap.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    I usually tell people that i lost my virginity at 13yrs old, which is not entirely true. I got my first taste of sweet, blonde, big tittied, sweet pink pussy at 13, she was 15. But I had already been having sex for years before I got that first tight pussy. I started to become very sexually curious at a very young age. Ya know, the whole "you show me yours, and I'll show you mine" thing. I guess it all started at the little country church that I grew up in. I had known him all my life and we had "accidentally" rubbed against each others cocks a couple times so naturally we had to see them. I am tall and thin, and my guy was shorter and thicker. One day,I was around 9, and he was 10, while the folks were all doing something else inside, he and I proceded to sneak out around behind the shed at the preachers house. It was a good spot, no one could see:) He unzipped my pants and pulled them down, note that we had rubbed each other only through our pants at this point, never had skin on skin contact before this moment, until now it had just been looking at each others dicks, but now he was pulling mine out. He pulled my pants and underwear all the way down and touched my cock. Holy shit it felt so fucking good when he wrapped his hand around my throbbing rock-hard bare dick. My whole body twitched as he stroked my cock. I loved it! Now it was my turn:) I reached over and unbuttoned his sexy buttonfly jeans to reveal a bulge of white cotton tighty-whiteys. Excited as hell, I grabbed the elastic waistband and yanked it down so hard and fast that I almost tore them. His dick was as thick as mine but not as long and where my cock is long, thick, and straight, his shorter, and curved upwards(a trait that I learned to love dearly). I slid my hand over his cock a few times and i just couldnt take anymore. He still had my dick in his hand as I leaned over and kissed his sexy mushroom cap. He moaned and that really turned me on so I stuck out my tounge and ran it down the length of his twitching shaft, licked all the way back to the head, and ran my tounge round and round his cockhead. I pushed my tounge into his peehole, he moaned with pleasure again and louder. I truly got horny at that point and I went for it and plunged his quivering cock as deep into my mouth as it would go. His cock seemed enourmous, but mine was bigger;) I licked and sucked his pretty boy-cock for a while, really enjoying myself btw, ran my tounge down and licked and sucked on his balls. His sexy moans of delight made me so fucking horny, and I LOVED it. Now it was my turn, by now we were both buck naked little boys, throbbing hard dicks and no real idea what to do about it other than keep playing. He got down on his knees and I leaned back against an old mower and spread my legs. He grasped my dick and stuck his head between my legs to lick me from my taint, slowly working his way up to lick and suck on my hairless balls. It felt sooo fucking great!! I never wanted it to stop! He ran his tounge around my balls and licked his way up my shaft. My dick was so hard I thought something might be wrong with it, until he stuck it in his mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. He gagged on my dick!! It felt amazing!! I laid back and just enjoyed my young dick being sucked on by my little buddy. He started back down, licking and sucking my balls again, and put them both in his hot young mouth. I was on sheer bliss and thought there could never be anything better than this, and I propped up my leg, giving my boi-lover better access to my spot and he took it to a whole other level. He pushed my legs back and a little wider apart, ran his tounge down past my taint and licked my asshole. He was actually eating my tight young pink boi-pussy. If I could have came, it would have been right then, his tounge slipping into my ass felt better than anything I had ever experienced to that point. We laid down on the shed floor and 69'd for what seemed like an eternity. Sucking each other dicks, eating each others asses. One of my favorite experiences still to this day. We continued to explore with each other from about 9-10yrs old till around 5yrs ago. I miss my lover, he moved away. I wish i could see him right now, we would fuck like sluts and fill each others holes full of hot sticky man-made love juice. Miss you Jason, where ever you are I still ache for us to fuck. I havent had a dick other than my own to play with in close to a decade:( Good thing my wife has the fire pussy;)

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Lesbian Female / 32

    With my girlfriend we moved into a quiet house in the suburbs, tired of the noise and commotion of downtown. Obviously getting old at the ripe old age of 31. Next door lived a couple, he was on his second marriage, but it was her first, he was an older successful manager and she was the girl next door, he met her when she was selling real estate, and left his wife to marry her. She was 36 and hot hot hot, I got the hots for her, an unexpected infatuation, she was the stay at home wife and I was the stay at home wife and all I could think about was getting it on with her. My partner told me to keep my nose out what was none of my business, but I couldn't.

    We shopped together and went to the nail salon together, we became best friends. I didn't hold back about my relationship with my partner and told her everything, how we met and the whole story. She was curious about how we got it on and I told her rather explicitly. How she was not able to see that I wanted to get it on with her frustrated me, my partner told me to cool it and get my nose back where it belonged and to stop trying to get it up her skirt.

    One afternoon I was at my neighbor's house and she wore just the wrong sweater, I just couldn't resist her boobs and I asked her if I could touch them, not answering me I took that as a yes and I felt her up and grabbed her and kissed her. She pulled away, and I told her she couldn't do that to me, to dress like that, to be close with me and not give herself to me. I asked her to let me make love to her, if she didn't like it I would understand, but God her husband was ancient, and I was young and I knew what to do to make her feel good. It ended with me taking her clothes off and getting on her and giving her everything I could think of. I finally got the rhythm with her clit and took her into an orgasm. I then masturbated myself into an orgasm because she wouldn't do it.

    I told my partner everything, every little detail, until she was too hot to care and we made love until we both had orgasms. But I got a talking too and she told me I had crossed a line and that sticking my nose in her business was going to come back to haunt me, women like that once they discovered the hidden zone they would not back off.

    My partner was right, for the next several months, my neighbor and I spent a lot of time with nothing but raw sex, she was unable to keep her boundaries and she was unable to stop once she got started. Her husband who should have been giving it to her stopped because she had lost interest with him and she took it all out with me. My partner told me I had started it and I had to finish it, to tell her no more, it was just sex, and that it was ruining her relationship with her husband and it was putting a burden on my relationship with my partner.

    But we were careless and stupid and one afternoon her husband came home and found us together. After that he was very demanding of me and he asked for me, he wanted me, but I did not want him. I just have a hard time with guys, and an old man gave me the creeps. But things were not going to go my way, one night we were all having dinner at their house and after too much wine he grabbed me and told me that I had to share myself with him. He took his pill and he got incredibly hard and I put up with him and he did his thing with me. After that he did his thing with me a several more occasions, and I liked it, he would take his pill and he would get really hard and maybe because it was so out in the open, or whatever, I enjoyed the sex with him. My partner put up with it for several months until one day she told me that we had to break off the relationship with our neighbors, playing around was one thing, but this had gone to far.

    Breaking up was hard, it wasn't emotional, it was a sex thing, she was a sex thing to me, but I had tired of her and he was a sex thing to me and I was getting hooked on it, but we ended it and agreed to keep our noses out of the other's businesses. All in all that year when we moved in and got it on with our neighbor was the most extroverted sex that I have had. I miss it, I miss it a lot but I have to respect my partner. Sex with her is wholesome, and fulfilling, it just isn't exciting. I hate to say it but I miss his hard dick. And I miss her too, I could let loose with her, something I have a hard time doing with my partner.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 44

    I love to pleasure my wife. Before I fuck her I love to play with her clit. I rub, I lick, I suck on it until she cums and cums again. I actually think that getting her to cum 5 or 6 times before I actually fuck her turns me on more than the actual penetration. Am I weird, or do other guys get off as much as I do on going down on my wife?

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 24

    You are so cute Mekki.

    I want to suck that big cock of yours and gabble up all of your sweet cum. You know where to find me handsome.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 53

    I love to cam while wearing a short dress or a mini skirt.
    And being watched is a turn on.
    But be nice to meet any gay or secret crossdressers in the UK of Cornwall.
    And occasionally meet late Saturday nights and to play sexually with each other.
    I would like a slave too and for him to do whatever I say.
    cornish11@@outlook.c o m
    . c o m

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 40

    A few weeks ago my wife went out shopping with two of her friends. They left early and I knew they would be gone until way after dark so I had planned to have a little private fun that I rarely get to enjoy. My wife and I have quite a few sex toys but she doesn`t know I enjoy them too. Or at least she didn`t know.
    Not long after they left I showered got out our box of toys lubed up and started playing around and had one in my ass in no time at all. I got very turned on so I put on some really hot gay porn and continued to fuck my ass and get myself off. When I get really turned on I like to eat my big thick load and even get my dick in my ass and like to shoot a few loads up my ass. Not to mention that I can suck my own cock and swallow my cum right out of the head of my big hard cock.
    I had a great time and knew I had hours to spend taking care of my urges so I was acting out a few of my hottest fantasies with our collection of toys and it was late in the afternoon. I had a couple of my favorite dildos stuck to the end of the coffee table and was switching from one to the other on my hands and knees backing up to them and really fucking myself good. I had the volume up on the TV watching porn and fucking my ass when my wife and her best friend walk in on me from behind.
    When I got myself off with this fairly large dildo balls deep in my ass I calmed down and slowly eased forward to let it slip out of my asshole and when I stood up and turned to go wash up there stood my wife and her best friend looking at me. I ran to our bedroom got in the bathroom and my wife came in right after me and started asking questions but wasn`t pissed at all. as a matter of a fact she seemed to be a bit turned on and grabbed my dick while she was talking to me and stroked it as she began telling me how she enjoyed watching me and her friend really got in to it too.
    Then she started to tell me that she wanted to see more of it and I was OK with that but then she said her friend was going to sit in with her. I refused but she kept squeezing my cock and pulling on it really hard telling me that I was going to do this or else. It was a long afternoon but I had the bet time once it got started and all 3 of us ended up naked having the hottest sex ever and both of them fucked me with our toys sat on my face they had sex with each other and gave me some of the best oral sex ever and my wife let me fuck her ass while she ate her friends pussy.
    There wasn`t much we didn`t do that night and we have got together a few times since then and now they both have a strap on that they fuck me with and the sex is the best ever. It was a very embarrassing moment at first but it has turned in to the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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