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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy and I really, really, really love licking pussy, long slow tender deep tongue strokes, then having the juice run down my mouth mmmm soo soo sweet, love my GF

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My gf and I were playing truth or dare one night with another couple and we had a drunk naked good time. At one point my gf was sucking my friend and it was HOT to watch for some reason - I also got a bj from his girlfriend and she was good. Everyone ended up naked and it was fun !

    The boys and girls also got to lick some pussy that night and we all had a good laugh the next morning about our little sex adventure.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i have rode on and sucked more dick than my wife has.I have kissed her goodnight with another mans cum buried deep in my ass.Should i tell her so i can be free to be the true dick slut i am

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is about a fetish I indulged in some years ago, and how I discovered it. It's weird, so you may not want to read... You've been warned.

    One day, as I was alone at home, I was sitting on the living room couch, watching TV. It was during the summer, I was lightly dressed, and we had several windows open in the house and no screens on the windows.

    I kept being bothered by a house fly landing on my leg. I would swat at it with my hand, and it would land at the exact same spot seconds later. This went on for a while, over and over, the fly would land back at the same place on my leg. I was rather annoyed about all this useless swatting. I thought "Well, let's see what it'll do if I let it. Maybe it'll go away". So the fly came back and, after a few seconds of hesitation, started walking up my leg. It walked, and then would stop and taste the flavor of my skin here and there. It tingled... both the walking and the tasting. When the fly got up to my inner thigh, I pulled my panties aside slowly. The fly flew off but came right back again, landing at exactly the same spot it took off from. During the few seconds the fly was gone, I had pulled my panties off. After its safe landing, feeling bolder by then, the fly started walking again, exploring, going left a bit, going right, tasting... and it eventually walked onto my hand, which was holding my pussy lips open. Without hesitation, the fly walked over my hand and arrived on one side of my clit, tasting, tasting. It walked some more, climbed my swollen clit, tasted the spot right there under the hood for a while -- I could feel every single time its trunk touched it -- then off to the sides, where it's so sensitive for me. Then it hopped onto my labia and down to my hole, which was starting to juice up. The fly camped there for a while, walking and drinking all around my hole -- tick tick tick-- stepping over it, getting in better position and closer to the source of all that sudden wetness, stepping a bit further towards the dripping bottom of the hole. I could feel this tiny tingling moving around, finding and tasting the most sensitive spots around and on my clit, my hole, my asshole, everywhere. I became incredibly aroused. I could feel the fly drinking my pussy juices around the hole, then walking back up to my clit, my labia, back down. Wow. I absolutely loved it.
    I stayed there with that laborious fly eating my pussy for a long time, trying to make it last as long as possible, and enjoying every second of it. In the end I couldn't hold it anymore and had a huge orgasm -- the contractions were so strong that the fly flew off my pussy.

    After that first time, I did it again... and again. Sometimes I was even lucky enough to end up with more than just one fly on my pussy at the same time. The more the merrier. I counted 7 one day on my outdoor patio -- what a trip!

    I found out later that this had a name: Entomophilia. Aside from that, most bugs creep me out though.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    So I am 24 and living in California but currently writing from Florida. I am currently engaged and about to get married in 3 months. We have been together for about 5 years. I have only been faithful for 1 of those years even though I love him more than anything!

    I don't know why I cheat but I do and will continue to do so even after we are married. Actually my pussy is full of another man's cum right now 3 to be exact.

    I have family in Florida so I visit often and I have a "friend" that satisfies me when I am here. Actually he uses me when ever he wants.

    Last year he even came out to the house that me and my fiance live in and fucked me in the bathroom while my husband was grilling out side. Later that night he fucked me again in the garage.

    Like I said he uses me. Two years ago he bet two of his good friends that he could get me to suck their cocks. While I was on my knee's with his cock buried deep in side my soaking wet pussy, one of his friends came in and started to watch. He sat and watched for a bit. I was worried but there wasn't much I could do my body was out of control. He was pulling my hair, spanking me, and rubbing my clit. I was cumming like a whore. That is what I am I guess, at least its what he calls me.

    Anyway his friend got up and pulled his cock out. I don't know how it happened but while I was cumming he stuck his cock in my mouth. The guy in my mouth didn't take long to cum. Right before he did he blurted out that he was "cumming" and to "tell the slut to swallow" My friend smacked my ass really hard and said swallow slut. It was the first time I had been called that. Needless to say I swallowed every drop.

    His friend buttoned up and left without even saying thank you. I was still getting fucked and coming up on another great orgasm. I started to complain, and say what the hell was that about. He pulled my hair and yell out to his out friend to come in and shut the slut up. At that moment I cam really hard. I sucked his other friend off and this time I didn't need to be told to swallow. Although his friend called me a slut the whole time.

    15 Minutes later after another orgasm and him shooting his hot sticky cum in side of me, he got dressed and started to leave. I was in haven and could barley move, so I just Layed there naked. As he was leaving i heard him tell his friends that the cunt was free. My pussy got soaked all over again at that moment. His friends came in and took turns with me for the next 2 hours. I have never been called so many names in my life nor have I swallowed so much cum.

    This has pretty much become my life. I go to visit him every 3 months and the same thing happens. He will fuck me and then let friends of his have their way with me. He's even taken me to swinger clubs. He makes me dress in dresses and high heals when we go out. I never wear panties when I am with him. The dresses I wear are at least one size to small, and they never cover my pussy completely.

    We just came from a swingers club. It was our first time at the club. He makes sure to have me wear my engagement ring. At the bar today one of the men that cam in me, his wife asked if he was my fiance. He replied no. She is just a slut I use for my entertainment. I got fucked by the Woman's husband while she sucked his cock and I watched. After her husband came in me which was like 5 minutes. My friend fucked his wife, and made me eat the cum out of her. It was my first taste of pussy ever. Later he let some old guy fuck me, he must have been 53. He came in two minutes.

    On the drive home their cum ran out of me on to his leather seats. Once we were in the garage he made me get on my knees and lick all the cum of his seat. I know that's only two men that came in me at the club.

    He had fucked me earlier in his garage before we left. I had just told him that I was pregnant. It is most certainly his. All he did was slap my ass, and call me a slut.

    I told my Fiance it was his. My friend from Florida is in my wedding party. He already told me that he is bringing a friend and that they are going to fuck me before my husband does. I am so excited.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This started as a fantasy, then became guilty obsession, then a reality, and is now my secret lifestyle.

    When I was a little girl my parents took our Shepherd Big Boy to a stud farm. I saw him mate with several other dogs and overheard the adult jokes I didn't quite understand. Wandering around the place I even saw a dog being "milked" and the woman doing it sneaking a taste. That was my introduction to the physical act of sex.

    As I hit puberty my fantasies sometimes included beastiality but they mostly revolved around being an animal on a leash. I ended up losing my virginity to Big Boy when I was in junior high but that was my only act of actual beastiality and I never had that urge again.

    I developed a secret fetish for animal roleplaying and even bought a collar and leash to wear while I played with myself. I filled notebooks with elaborate sexual fantasies of a girl being broken to a man's or woman's will as a sexualized housepet. When I was married I was secretly subscribed to kitten-play and puppy-play websites - I couldn't even tell my husband about my fetish and I was terrified to actually try to live it out.

    My husband left me eventually leaving me and my son alone and I kept my secret. Then my son found my old notebooks. He asked me about the fantasies in them and I tried to brush them off. When he asked me point blank if I was a "sex weirdo" I admitted it out loud for the first time in my life and cried.

    When I stopped crying, he said those beautiful words I've never forgotten ... "Get off the furniture, girl." I obeyed and brought him my leash in my mouth and barked and he stripped away my clothes and made me his Bitch. That first night was everything I ever wanted with a loving master. That was one year ago at the first of May.

    Since I still have to earn a living, we can't do it full time. But we've made Friday "Pet Night" where I strip down to being a Good Dog and playing with my master. The only other concession I make to being a Bitch the rest of the week is that my Master no longer plays with himself because my mouth and hands are available instead.

    When I get home from work on Fridays I slip out on my clothes and put on my furry paws and ears and tail and get on all fours and become my Master's Bitch. He's a Good Master to me and we play fetch and romp. He disciplines me when I need it and rewards me for proper behavior and when I do tricks. And when he mounts me or gets out a special toy or restrains me for special games I'm very happy.

    I'm anxious for the day when he's a full grown Master and I can become a Bitch full time. He talks to me about renting me out to horny breeders but I'm just a Bitch and can't understand master talk so I just lick him and wag my tail.

    My son is very strong and confident and has a girlfriend who adores him. He used to be shy but now he's the leader of his pack. I feel proud of him.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Let me set the stage - on a two week vacation in Costa Rica with my girlfriend and her daughter. I was 40, the girlfriend was 35 and her daughter was 16. The daughter and I had spent a lot of time together over the years and were very close - so it was not unusual to be dressing in the same room, showering with the door open, etc. My girlfriend was pretty open - walking around naked with us in the room and very open about sexuality with her daughter.

    Anywa y, in the middle of the night the daughter slid into our bed next to me. She curled up against me and fell asleep. I liked having her near and holding her. I was naked, she had shorts and a t-shirt on. I fell asleep as well. Later in the night, I woke up - remembering that she was next to me, I reached over and touched her back (she was facing away)... it was bare. My heart started racing - unsure of how to respond. She seemed to be completely asleep so I turned towards her and slid my hand further down her back to find that she was completely naked. I slowly moved my hand up and over her - grabbing her arm near her chest. When I did that the rest of my body followed and I felt the heat of her skin from my chest to my stomach.
    Slowly moving my legs, I felt her ass barely contact my upper thighs then her thighs on mine.

    At that point, my penis was getting harder, moving and touched her skin for the first time. I was scared to move, and just stayed in that position for what seemed to be hours. Finally, my hips began a slow thrusting that pushed my cock between her cheeks. Precum oozed from the head. It felt fantastic. The lubrication enticed me and I began moving more deliberately until I was sliding the length of her thighs and ass.

    I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to - telling myself that this was wrong, that I would be discovered by my girlfriend or that her daughter would wake and scream - but I couldn't. I pushed the head to the top of her thighs - and she pressed back towards me. I was stunned. I froze. She froze. The pressure of my pushing and her pressing back forced us closer together until my head was pressing up against her lips. We both froze for a moment again - unsure of what to do. She was incredibly wet and hot. I could hear her taking deep breaths. The pressure between us built again and I could feel agonizingly slow movement as my head pushed further between her wet lips. Finally, I felt my head slide inside of her body - almost as if the resistance was gone. My head slid in and I could feel her lips wrapped around my shaft. Again, we froze. Her pussy was squeezing my cock, rhythmically. She came. I pushed inside and held her close. And then, unexpectedly and without considering the consequences, I came. Flooding her body with my semen. I could feel is surging out of my cock in gush after gush. After a minute or so, I slid out. She slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. Cleaned up, dressed and curled up next to me until morning.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I discovered that I like to be wet about a month ago. I have always liked to hold my pee until I'm about to burst,and all the desperation that goes with it,but I never really tried wetting until one day.
    I was on my way to work. I had dressed nicely in a black pleated skirt,heels and a white blouse. I stopped and got a bottle of water,and was drinking it. I had balanced the bottle on the stearing wheel.(I know,pretty stupid) Anyway,I was putting in a cd into my cd player,when a car suddenly stopped in front of me. I slammed on brakes and the water spilled right in my lap. Before I could get the bottle,it had emptied between my legs,soaking my skirt and panties.

    I was a little pissed at the fact that I was going to be sitting at work all day with a wet ass.

    By the time I got to work,the wetness had start to feel really good! I got to my desk,and started rubbing between my legs. I pulled up my skirt and begain to finger myself. OMG it felt sooooo good. I could not take it anymore! I had to finish,where I would not get caught by a co-worker. I got up,and went to the bathroom,where I slipped my fingers in the front of my panties and fingered myself,until I came. My panties were soaked again,but this time,with my own juices.

    To say I was horney the rest of the day,was an understatement.
    This all gave me the idea that I should start playing with the idea of maybe wetting myself.........

    While driving home that day,I was bursting to pee,so I was enjoying the feeling,and getting more and more horny. So I decided to just let go and see what happens. I released my hand that was jammed between my legs,and let my bladder go. I felt the instant warmth of my pee soaking my panties,and the back of my skirt. I seemed to go on forever. I begain to finger myself again,and again I came all over myself.

    By the time I got back home,I really needed to clean up,and clean my car seat. But it was sooo worth it.

    I am going to keep playing with this,now that I know how great this feels!!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My "summer of love" happened when I was 17 and my cousin spent those months living with us. It'd been several years since I'd seen her last and now at 15; she was a teen boy's wet dream come alive in the flesh. It was the first weekend, when I saw her in her bikini and all I could think of was how beautiful she was. Walking back from the local swimming pool, I playfully grabbed her around the waist and tried to kiss her. Instead of slapping me, she kissed me back and our hands explored each others bodies. Getting back home (thankfully no one was there) we showered together and with our excitement and passion building, explored each other's bodies. Yes, we had sex. Several times that afternoon.
    We fucked liked wild aniimals in heat that entire summer. Every chance we had, we took advantage of. Looking back, I can't believe we never got caught.
    Years later, we still keep in touch but haven't repeated our youthfull pleasures.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i suppose anything can happen, even if you think it can't. i had an out of town seminar and my boss came along. he's older and we never had much to talk to each other about, cause he is the way up boss and i'm a junior member of the staff.

    we arrived the night before the seminar, and after checking in and all we agreed to meet for dinner. we went out to a steak place, and we had some wine. he got friendlier as the night went on, and i got colder and pushed him off. i don't really like overly friendly people. and plus, we are both married and i felt it was innapropriate.

    we walked back to the hotel, and after we got on the elevator, he hit the stop button and told me that i was a real little bitch. i answered back, and told him to stick it, and he grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall and held my face in one hand, and told me i was a bitch and that i needed a real fucking. i challenged him, told him he couldn't even get it up.

    he took me to his floor and grabbed my wrist and took me to his room. i didn't want to go, and dug my heels in but he was too strong and got me in the room and through me on the bed. he told me he was going to fuck me and put me in my place, and told me to get my bottoms off or he would. his eyes told me to do it, and i went silent and obeyed. he dropped his pants and told me to suck him so he could get a hard on. i just looked up at his face and sucked him. at first feebly, but then as he got hard i got more serious about it.

    he asked me if i had ever been fucked in the butt, and told him no. he told me to bend over and put my butt in the air, and he took his finer and wet it with his mouth and poked in my hole. my head told me that i was crazy, but my body wouldn't move. he described to me how he was goint to stick it in me, and to keep my mouth shut. i felt him push against me and he told me to relax or it was going to hurt, and then he pushed it in. it felt like a telephone pole had been shoved up my ass, he told me that i was now his bitch and he wouldn't share me with anyone.

    then i felt him cum in me, and he slipped out. he told me to get a warm wash cloth and clean him, which i did. he told me to clean him real good cause he wanted a warm blow job. by now i was totally without control, i just did what he said.

    he kept me overnight, and fucked me in the morning before we got up. he was very possessive, and very strong, and for the first time in my life i had an orgasm during intercourse. we showered together, and he dressed and took me to my room to dress, and we went down for breakfast. we were walking into the dining room and he told me to hold his hand, i was his now and his woman held his hand.

    i am his woman now, i'm seperated waiting on a divorce. he fucks me all he wants, which sometimes isn't enough. he hasn't done me from behind again, he says he didn't like it, he just needed to put me in my place. i live with him. i am his bitch, although he doesn't call me that now, he just calls me woman. and i call him sir, or sometimes when i am real tight against him, i call him master and tell him i'm his. i gave up asking how or why.

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