• — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm sorry. I always do this to you. I left myself get down and I bring you down with me. Whenever we talk I always ruin the conversation. I wish I could be as strong and successful as you. I'm glad I met you, but I'm sorry you had to meet me. I'm an idiot. I can't do anything. I have nothing to live for. I don't understand why you think of me. I never had a friendship quite like this.

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  • — Sex —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 36 year old women and last weekend I went to the office Christmas party. I thought, ok another boring party but one must attend to keep the boss happy.

    At one point during the party, a couple of young guys from the accounting department came over and sat at our table. They were funny, entertaining and I noticed that I was drinking and laughing a lot more then I normally do.

    We closed down the place and five of us decided to share a cab as they seemed somewhat unavailable at closing time. Three of my girlfriends and two of the guys jumped into the cab. I was squeezed in the back next to brad (24ish good looking boy) and he had his arm around me and I could feel (and smell) him. It was an enjoyable cab ride.

    Three of us got off downtown including Brad. He did not have a very warm coat on and I invited him to come up for a while. To my surprise he said sure that would be chill. I realized that "chill" is not part of my age group but I thought what the hell. Let's "Chill" !

    Once we got to my condo I lit a few candles, put on some music and made him a double gin & tonic. We chatted and he seemed very comfortable.
    Then he reached to kiss me and he tasted soooo good !

    The kissing got heavier and I began to undress him. He had a nice smooth body and he was not overly muscular but very solid. I wanted to show him how an older more experience woman makes love and kissed his nipples and stomach for a good 10 minutes as he moaned before going to the underwears.

    He was hung, thick and cut and I totally gulp and sucked him and kept him on the edge. I had not felt such a hard (young) cock in so long I was totally mesmorized and I could feel he was totally enjoying it. After licking every inch of him he came in my mouth and it just kept hoozing out - I thought at one point it would not end. I swallowed 5 big gulps and his whole body shivered.

    He then undressed me and licked me and fucked me to no end. He was warm, attentive and very very hard.

    The next morning I made him breakfast, then gave him a towel so he could take a shower. I wanted to feel him some more so when he came out of the shower I had the blind down in the bedroom, a candlelight burning and I offered to give him a massage (well I ordered him to lie down on the bed).

    I massaged him slowly with oil doing his neck, his shoulders, his arms, his hands, his feet, his muscular legs and his cute butt !! We spent the day in bed and to my surprise, once the liquor had warn off, he was actually a very good lover. His hard cock is what dreams are made of.

    I have been sleeping well all week and I invited Brad to come over this weekend. He is very gentle and I just can't get enough of him.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a married teacher who doesn't get much play at home anymore. I have to admit that I spend a good part of my day checking out high school girls and imagining how wonderful it would be to have sex with them, to teach them to suck dick, watch them swallow my loads, and be the first guy to fuck them in the ass.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I used to be with this hot girl from Halifax in England and she was open to just about anything - I've got the pictures and videos to prove it. We even did some live sex cam shows. We created her an account on a Football discussion forum and she was a minor celebrity for a while. I got so hot knowing that all these guys were masturbating over her photo. But we split up. She got bored of it and refused to go on. Sadly, I still log on to the Football site pretending to be her, posting her old photos, chatting to infatuated kids. And I still get hot and masturbate a lot. Some of the guys have sent me naked photos and I look at them while I masturbate. I wish I could get out of the routine, but I've taken on her persona and I love that they adore me. I think I might be gay. Maybe I just want her back.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last year, I went to a conference in Boston. The first night, I answered an ad on C-list that said "Eat My Pussy!". Two hours later, I was driving across town and knocking on the door of a total stranger. There was some awkwardness, but I ended up leaning back on the couch and pulling out my cock, which broke the ice nicely. She sucked like an industrial vacuum cleaner, and I blew my first load right down her throat. Then I remembered the ad, and after smoking some weed, I ate her bald pussy until she came hard and almost broke my neck!

    An hour later, she was stroking my cock in the shower while I sucked her nipples and teased her asshole with my soapy fingers. We ended up on the bathmat, covered in towels and fucking like rabbits. I came deep in her pussy and then played with her for another half-hour while she masturbated. She said she loved creampies, and squishing my cum around got her off more than anything else.

    Just before dawn, I was back between her thighs, fucking away again. I tried to fuck her ass, but she wasn't into it, so I contented myself with her tight snatch. For a finale, I came inside her one last time, and then lay back as she cleaned every drop of pussy juice and cum off me with her tongue. Fucking amazing!

    I was half-asleep all through the next day's conference, but I was smiling in my dazed state. I still smile when I think about her.

    Needless to say, I forgot to mention the unprotected sex with a total stranger to my wife when I went home on Sunday...

    Maybe I'm a sociopath, but I really don't have any regrets about that wonderful night, unless you count not fucking her in the ass.

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  • — Sex —
    Posted by Anonymous

    The neighbors wife asked me to do some handy work around her house. When I brought up that plumbers make $90 an hour, what was it worth to her she showed me her breasts and said there was more after I was done.

    1/2 hour of fixing a leaking faucet and I got a blow job. Best pay ever.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I took advantage of a co-worker...

    I am a married 43 year old man and work in a business where international travel is occasionally required. On a recent trip to China I had to take one of my assistants, Trish, with me.

    Everyone has their own way of trying to fall asleep on the way over to avoid jet lag and kill time (15 hour flight). Me, I take a benadryl and have a few glasses of wine. This was Trish's first overseas trip. I don't know what it was but she told me that she had taking one of her husband's sleeping pills about an hour before we boarded. In the lounge before take off, and again in the first hour or so after take off we both had a few glasses of wine.

    We were seated next to each other on the side of the plane where there were only our two seats side by side. The middle row was 3-4 acrosss, and then another row of two together on the opposite side of the plane.

    Trish has always stimulated fantasies in my mind at work. Like me, she is married so they never went anywhere. She is tall and thin, I'd guess about 5'9" and probbaly only about 130 lbs, but she also had what appeared to be very large breasts. She dresses pretty conservatively at work, but I had spent enough time checking her out to noice. Long curly blond hair, brown eyes, and a reasonably pretty face. Milf-a-licious!

    After about 2 hours we each opened up our blankets, propped up our pillows and began relxing ready to sleep. I had a nice buzz on and presume she did as well. While I was tired, the combination of the wine and her sleeping pill mmust have really kicked in because she fell asleep pretty fast, and by her breathing i could tell pretty deeply.

    At one point she rolled her head over and changed her body position so that she was leaning toward me but still in her own seat. I started looking at her and once again began fantasizing about having sex with her. I started getting hard; I guess from looking at her and the viibration of the plane.

    Here's where I went bad... most lights were out in the cabin so people could sleep. I adjusted our blankets so that they overlapped.
    Then I leaned toward her and gently touched he hip with my hand, thinking if she woke it owuld look like an accident. She did not stir. She was out. I then made a series of progressively more bold light touches on her thigh and stomach. She was wearing jeans and a tshirt. Eventually, I actually cupped and felt her tits. She was so deeply asleep she did not move. Her tits were so nice. I wish she did not have a bra on but I was not going to try to reach under or unclasp it as she would know for sure something happened. I also rubbed around her pussy lips a few times to see if she responded. I was hoping she would hump my fingers in her sleep, but she did not.

    My heart was pounding now, and my cock was so hard. At this point I unzipped my jeans and pulled my hard cock out. Remeber, all of this was under our blankets and she was still soundly asleep. Islowly moved her hand from her side while rotating my hips until I got her fingers to touch my cock. I rubbed them together for a few minutes before finally deciding that maybe I was pressing my luck too much. So, I stroked myself off into a napking and and used some wet-nes to clean up.

    I fell asleep after baout another hour and we both woke up about 2 hours before touchdown in China. She was completely unaware of what happened.

    Now I see her in the office everyday and think to myself "yes, I felt your tits, rubbed your pussy through your jeans, and had your hand on my exposed cock". And she does not even know...

    I should be so ashamed...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I create a topic. And wait. And wait. All I want is a response. I get hard thinking about a reply. I don't get one :( I wait and frantically hit f5. I wait. Hit f5. Nothing happens. No awooga, no 1st. My cock gets softer. I wait, and wait. Look at some Rule 1 threads to reclaim my erection. Then it happens! A post. It says "this thread is shit" but thats enough. I put my finger in my japs eye and try and turn it inside out, Chip posts next! I insert my fist into my bumhole and pull out with the force of a plane on a treadmill. I have prolapsed. Someone posts a :poundit: and I fire my white thick sickly cum all over my monitor. Then I rule 1 and create a topic. And wait. And wait. All I want is a response. I get hard thinking about a reply. I don't get one :( I wait....................

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  • — Sex —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 33 year old very happily married woman and mother of two kids. What my husband doesn't know is that I am obsessed with black cock and have been since our honeymoon!

    We went to Antigua on honeymoon and went on one of these cruises round the island and over to Barbuda. Me in a tiny bikini drinking rum punch at 10am surrounded by some mighty fine specimens. It was a couple of hours into the cruise and we were both really, really drunk. We'd stopped in this beautiful bay for some lunch. I'd been flirting with the guys on board pretty much non stop and during one 'comfort break' I was followed into the bathroom by one of them. Without a word he came up behind me (I could see him in the mirror so didn't freak out) and started to play with my tits. I'll admit I was very wet and think was obvious when he slid his hand into my bikini bottoms!

    He bent me over the sink, pulled out his very impressive cock untied my bikini bottoms and slid into my pussy. He was big, a very thick cock that made me gasp with astonishment! He took it slowly at first but after a few minutes my pussy was being hammered by his black meat. The sight of me in the mirror, bent over for a complete stranger made me so horny and within minutes we were both cumming. He pulled up his shorts and left as quietly as he arrived, I had to go for a swim afterwards to tidy myself up.

    Since then I have had a lot of black cock in me, I'm lucky in that we live in a big city so have plenty of fresh meat every year when the universities go back. My husband is oblivious to all of this and I hope that lasts as I love my 'dark' secret!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was a bad girl in many ways, this is about the only girl I ever loved.

    I new from being 9/10 that I liked to kiss other boys and girls I wasn't bothered which I would get a exited rush down bellow that made me want to do something but I didn't know what back then. I played dirty with boys from a young age, I was 11 the first time I properly kissed a girl we played in bed together as I was at a sleep over. the same girl i often sheared pleasure with but wasn't the girl I loved.

    I met the girl in high school and we snuck a a bottle of wine in our tent whilst on holiday with my parents and after having a giggly moment we had amazing sex. From that day we together all day, we had boyfriends but would openly flirt with one another. we would kiss our boyfriends goodnight and sleep over at my house and play all night.
    over 5 years we slept together and had fun in between boyfriends it was amazing.

    The best moment we snuck down a field at the side of the river were no one could see us, we had amazing sex undressed in the sun her body felt warm and lovely to touch lick and fuck I miss her so so much.
    I often walk by the spot with my husband and memories come flooding back.

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