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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 12, amd my brother was 16, I would do things for my brother and in return he would let me play his video games. One day he was being a bit rude about it and refusing to let me play at all. I tried to offer him everything I could think of to get him to let me play games. He refused every offer.

    I got frustrated and went back to my room. As I lay in my bed wondering how to change his mind. Then I had the idea that if I offered to jerk him off, he would change his mind. What guy wouldn't like that deal.

    I went back to his room and made the offer. He turned to me suprised. "How desperate are you to play my video games sis?" He asked me. I said, "I am very desperate."

    He turned completely around and was only wearing his boxers. I could see the buldge of his hard on. He said, "Are you desperate enough to do more than jerk me off?" I looked at him for a minute then answered. "I will do whatever you want me to do."

    He sat on his chair and pulled boxers off, tossing them to the side. He said, "Then suck my dick sis." I was young, naive, and just plain foolish. I knelt down in front of his and gave my first ever blowjob. I probably wasn't very good but he blew a big load and I swallowed most of it. A few minutes later I was happily playing video games.

    That night as I lay in bed thinking about what I had done, I realized that I could probably get anything I wanted from my brother just by sucking his dick. I decided that it was a very good trade. I liked sucking my brother's dick, loved the taste of his cum, and honestly enjoyed the whole idea.

    Now, several years later, he and I are practically fuck buddies. Our relationship developed from brother and sister to trading sexual favors and now we just have sex for the fun of it.

    Almost every day he and I find some time to have sex or at least get some oral sex in. Just yesterday, I had sex with my boyfriend while my brother's cum was still inside me from just 20 minutes earlier. We had almost been caught. My brother shot a massive load in my pussy, then left to go to work and just 2 minutes after he left, my boyfriend pulled in the driveway. I wiped out as much of my brother's cum as I could then went to lay on my bed. My boyfriend walked in to me laying naked on my bed. I immediately seduced him and skipped foreplay to keep him from seeing the cum spilling from my vagina. A short while later he came in me and I was relieved in more than one way.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    I am into my second marriage with an old friend who was more interested in companionship and security, than romance. We had sex regularly at first and then she seemed to lose interest. She had a 24 year old daughter, Jessica, who had come to live with us after she broke up with her live in boyfriend. She was a gorgeous girl with a fantastic body and was very much into exhibitionism. I think she was teasing me and getting a kick out of watching me eye balling her up and down.
    One day while I was drying off from my shower, she walked into the bathroom. She had a big smile on her face and looked me up and down, before she walked out. I told my wife what had happened and that I was very uncomfortable. Surprisingly my wife said, "don't worry about it, you haven't got anything that she hasn't seen before." No more than a week later she walked in on me again, but this time she didn't leave, and struck up a conversation about trivial stuff. I told my wife again, what had happened, and surprisingly she said, "she's probably horny since she hasn't had any sex since she broke up with her boyfriend. She probably is horny and you are turning her on. Do you want to fuck her"? I stammered and stuttered for a moment and said of course not. My wife then said, "I am surprised, since she is a really sexy girl."
    The next few weeks Jessica continued with her exhibitionism but was now throwing in some very suggestive comments. It was very apparent now that Jessica was trying to seduce me, and from my conversations with her mother, mom didn't seem to mind and was actually turned on by the thought of her daughter seducing me.
    One day after my wife returned home from work, she informed me that she was going to visit her sister for the weekend. She was taking Friday off and leaving early in the morning and would be returning Sunday night.I decided to also take off Friday and was going to fix some outdoor lighting and do some new wiring.
    I had breakfast with my wife and Jessica and she was out the door by 8:00.
    When her mother was out of site Jessica walked up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. She then whispered in my ear, "lets crawl back in bed". There was no turning back as she planted a big kiss on my lips with her tongue probing my mouth. She told me that she had wanted to fuck me from the first day she saw me. Initially I was uncomfortable as I had never cheated on any woman I was involved with, but I was getting signals from my wife that she was kind of excited about her daughter trying to seduce me. Jessica and I fucked and sucked each other for the next three days. Jessica was so much better than her mother and she was game for any thing I wanted to do. I had always loved oral sex the most and licking ass and pussy was my favorite turn on. Jessica loved every minute of it.
    When my wife came home she seemed really upbeat. That night in bed she asked me if Jessica fucked me. I stammered and stuttered and would not admit to it, but it became very apparent that the thought of me fucking her daughter turned her on and she was soon climbing all over me and was hornier than i can ever remember. She fucked me like a crazed nymphomaniac and for the next month she couldn't get enough of my cock. She must have known that Jessica and I had fucked and she was so turned on by it. About a month later she once aagain had to go out of town for the weekend and it was Jessica's turn for passionate lovemaking. When my wife got back home her first question to me was, "did you fuck Jessica again." This time I said, yes. With that she turned into an animal and fucked my brains out. Jessica and I hsving sex had done wonders for my wife and my sex life. My Wife even got to the point where she wanted to know everything I did to her daughter.
    Thanks Jessica for giving me back my sex life with my wife. An also thanks for our continued passion when the opportunity arises.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 22

    I have a baby daddy that I don't really love and I hate. He is so meam and controling. So cheating is such a thrill and feels great while I do it. This affair I am in now really happened on accident I call and left a v mail on his phone but I really ment to leave it for a younger white guy. Well he text and it seemed flity and so I flirted back and a few naught text later he ask me what did I mean by "let's go have some fun" them mentioning the v mail. I didnt even belive him about the v mail and by then i had basically said yes to fucking him.

    I need to pause and tell some on the details of the differences . Im 22 white women,tall, bbw, college student. He is a 36 year old black man , shorter , skinny, my weedman, and has a bby mama of 18 year and a 18 year old daughter.

    Now, back to the juicy parts, the first time was akward we are both real quite but talk a lot of shit through text. We didn't barley say anything but by the end of the ride I gave him a handjob and he rubed my pussy.

    One week later and a lot of bad text later we hung out again he brought me to his homeboy house...I suck his 10-12 inch huge fat big cock and it don't take long till he comes four huge squirts on my chest .....then he fucks me on the couch with his homeboy asleep in the next room. He put his BBC on my fat pussy and rubs gently near the opening of my pussy until I'm wet and hot and bothered and pushes it slow into my wet pussy. I couldn't even breath. It took my damn breath away he couldn't even put all of it in my pussy. It was the best I have ever been fucked my pissy throbed for hours after I didn't cum BC he didn't last the long but hell what should I expect a man that been with the same women so long and probably hasent been with another women in at least years and now he's getting a 22 year old college student. I was even dick drunk I could barley even walk strait.

    I really thought it would be a one time thing and was trying to get it over with but when I came home all I had was flashes of the sex and head and his BBC pounding my pussy so I keep asking for him to come and he has been. We have fucked 6 times in the past 3 weeks. And the last 4 times he has just fucked my pussy raw OMG he trys to pull out but I know the first squirt the huge first squrit goes in my pussy and the rest lands on my body. I have just got my 3 year birth control changed and I'm worried his massive amount of cum might just blow right by my shit.

    But I just can't stop it feels so good with his huge cock being in my pussy and mouth I want it right after he leave and all day long after it. I have flash backs all through the day of the sex and make fantasys. Even just thinking of his dick makes me wet I have never had such good dick even though he old ....he has got better at lasting long and this last time he came three times in a row. I want it right now god I'm hooked.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 32

    I own and operate a one chair Barber Shop, I have never been with anyone other than a female, nor have I ever desired to be with anyone other than a female, I love woman, One day when I was cutting a mans hair I noticed the hair cape was moving a lot at his mid section, I couldn't tell if he was jacking off, scratching his self or just stroking his cock, I started to pay a little more attention to what he was doing and it was pretty evident that he was playing with his dick, you could tell he had taken it out of his pants because of the imprint that the hair cloth was reveling, you could see his hand slide up and down the shaft of his dick.

    I asked him what he was doing, nothing he replied but I knew better, it made me very mad and at the same time very erect, I hate to admit it but it's true, my dick got so hard it literally hurt from being trapped in my pants,
    I started easing the cape away from him to expose what he was doing to be sure, and I was right I could see his dick in his hand, I watched him play with his dick, it was about 7 inches and fairly thick, I got up enough nerve and asked him if he would like for me to take care of that for him.

    He said take care of what? I told him I could see his dick, and his hand playing with it and then I pulled the cape off of him, he tried to cover his dick with his hands, I put my hand over his hand and told him to move his hand and he did, I took a hold of his dick and jacked it a few times, he asked me to suck it so I locked the door and closed the shop and sucked his dick, he told me to take my dick out so he could hold it so I did and it's a good thing I did too, because when he cum in my mouth I shot cum for a minute, all over the place, I have never cum like that in my life, we both cleaned up and he left.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 19

    I'd had a crush on my uncle Joey since I was around fifteen. Mainly because I witnessed him fucking another young woman (Twenty) when I called by his home to pick up so stuff he'd borrowed off of my mom.
    His cock looked huge as I watched him fucking her asshole and right there and then, I knew I wanted him to fuck me. But my crush remained my secret of a sorts, because as soon as he saw me staring at his ass bucking too and thro, slamming his cock into her rear hole, he shouted at me to get out.
    He called by a few days later and apologized to me, and also told me he'd shouted because he didn't want his best niece to see him that way. Things and life moved on, but I always kept a light in my heart and my pussy for Joey, yet we never seemed to get any time alone.
    Turning nineteen two months ago, he attended my birthday party and I saw the look on his face. I and he knew I'd changed a whole lot since he'd last seen me nearly a year previously, and I could see the lust in his eyes. And the thing was seeing him, even though my boyfriend was right there, I knew I still wanted him and his cock inside me.
    Joey pulled me to one side later in the evening and told me just how good I looked. He also told me ever since I'd seen him fucking that girl, he'd fantasized about having sex with me. It was like sexual music to my ears. Turning to him I couldn't help myself, I kissed my uncle with passion and with undeniable sexuality. Moving apart, I told him if he wanted to, I'd meet him at his new apartment, and that he could show me just how much he'd dreamed of fucking me.
    Three days later I was knelt up on his bed with awesome cock sliding up my asshole. And Joeys cock has been fucking almost every day since. Every chance we get to have sex we take it. And I just cannot get enough of him and his enormous cock fucking everyone of my holes.
    It's taboo I know. And many people would frown on us for having sex as uncle and niece, but my thirty nine year old uncle to me, is the best lover I think I will ever have. Certainly each time we fuck together now, it just keeps on getting better and hornier.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    While reading porn stories on line I showed one to my wife as it had a long description about one of our fantasies. Since then she reads more than I do. On Sunday mornings I play golf, I leave her in bed with breakfast and her tablet. When I return four or five hours later, she's still in bed. There's a tube of KY, often some used batteries and her favourite rabbit vibrator. I always ask her how many times (she's cum). Usually between five and seven, once it was nine. Her legs are spread open and her shaved pussy lips are red and swollen. I always lick her very gently, sometimes she lets me fuck her, if she's too sore she sucks me off. By late afternoon she's ready for more, she starts masturbating as she knows it turns me on, and we fuck at least twice during the evening. We hardly have sex in the week as we both have demanding jobs.
    I consider I'm very lucky, but is this amount of masturbation normal?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 24

    It was a few of us at the end of a party. It was 8 of us in total (2 guys, 6 women). The women tried encouraging me and the other guy to show a little bit. We were both drunk and had snorted a little coke so we were a little out of it but not too much. After a few more drinks and a little more coke we took our shirts off and were flexing our pecs and biceps for the women. With the women cheering and encouraging us further the other guy took his pants off and I decided to follow. I took my pants off too and even took my socks off which he did too now. We were literally in just our underwear in front of these women. We snorted a little more coke and next I found myself naked and the other guy sucking me off in front of everyone. His underwear were still on. He finally stopped after he made me cum. The women were cheering louder now and I guess being that I felt embarrassed by what the women saw happen I pulled his underwear off and began sucking him. Not exactly the best way to get back at him but being drunk and high made sense at the time. I wasn't gay but now had done this in front of everyone who may now think I was. Once I made him cum the women cheered even louder. They must have enjoyed us getting naked and going as far as we did in front of them. Soon after, we got dressed and left.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I run some posts, and answer a few on Craigslist from time to time here in my area under my pet name of "Grandpa" --- usually with nice results. Enough so that some people wonder how old Grandpa became such an avid cocksucker.

    I'm 74 years old. A white, married cocksucker. I love sucking nice, clean cock. White, black, cut, uncut -- even tho' I do especially enjoy uncut black cock maybe just a little bit more. I've only been sucking cock about 2 1/2 years now and have honestly lost count of how many cocks I have sucked. Some really stand out in my mind -- but most don't. I still have a few that I enjoy sucking from time to time. One of my favored is about 3 to 4 inches and never gets real hard; but I enjoy him. One is a young black man with an 8" cock "hard as blue steel, cat couldn't scratch it" as the movie stated. Nice guy, smart and easy. Great cock.

    Anyway -- My dad was a high school football cock and I sort of remember looking at all the fine cocks the fellows had in the locker room. Many years later -- when my wife and I still engaged in sex she would give me blow jobs to the best of her ability. Not real good -- but enough to make me wonder each time how nice it must feel to lay there with a nice cock in my mouth --- gently sucking the cum out of a set of balls. It would be quite some time before I found out.

    About the time I turned 71, I looked at a lot of porn, graduating to great fantasies of sex with shemales. Then, it was on to gay porn and ohh how I loved looking at some of those great blow jobs. Then one day I picked up my imaginary bucket to examine my imaginary bucket list ... and discovered that I had never sucked a mans cock --- in spite of very much wanting to do so. Soon after that, I placed my first post on Craigslist notifying readers that I wanted to suck my first cock.

    I got lucky. My first choice turned out to be the nice size uncut cock of a man who I still suck about once or twice a year these days. Would do some more often if it were more convenient. I used to use Adam4Adam, but found the site is so screwed up -- I dropped them and rely on CL -- Craigslist. I would honestly suck cock every day if I could do so without getting caught. Love my wife and she remains my best friend. 'Course I sort of wish she liked to lick pussy so we could suck cock and eat c**t side by side. I don't see that happening, tho.

    Anyway -- that's how old Grandpa got on his cocksucking binge. If you see one of my posts on CL -- drop me a not and say hello. Thanks for your time and patience.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    I was giving this guys wife a length in his bed when the door opened and he walked in. He forced me to the floor on my belly and fucked my ass. I felt all sorts of guilt and confusion and went back to apologise. He pushed me onto the couch and did me again, as he used me he wanked my cock. I felt humiliated as I orgasmed with his shaft in my arse. As he filled me with spunk he said that if I came back I'd better be wearing a little skirt and lingery. I don't know why but I've bought them.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 42

    My best friend and I are both very masculine straight acting men in our 40`s. We both like to fish off shore on weekends and drink a lot of beer. Of course we both like to talk openly about our sexy wives and even talk about us all 4 having an orgy sometime. It`s no secrete we know we would love to fuck each others wife and we talk about it often.
    Both of us are fairly well hung men because we have seen each others dicks at times and know how big each other is. Well we are both cut about 8" and thick with low hanging balls. We talk openly the entire time we are together and we both get horny as hell an the more we drink the worse it gets. Both our wives like sex and are in to anal sex and we talk about fantasies between us and our wives.
    We share our fantasies also and some times if we drink enough we get pretty kinky thoughts. Over a year ago now he and I were fishing and had drank quite a bit of cold beer and were just talking and he asked if I had every been curious. I said of course aren`t most men. We laughed then he asked if I had ever done anything with a guy. I thought a minute and told him I had many years ago with a few friends when I was in school. He said "No shit! man that's wild! So did I" Well we began to swap stories from back then and really started to drink a lot and both of us were very horny and we could tell there was a chance we just might do something together if things kept going the way they were.
    Out of the blue he said "Let`s fish naked today" I said "OK what the hell lets do it! We both started to strip down and were standing fairly close to each other fishing with huge erections drinking our beer still talking about our younger days. Later on I asked him if we got naked for a reason or was it just something different we wanted to do. He was slow to answer but said "I like being naked and it just feels good why?"
    I went on to tell him being naked felt good to me to but I had drank a lot of beer and all that talk about sex with other boys years ago had me pretty damn horny. He said "Me too man I`m horny as hell!" I told him I needed to get off and asked if we could go below to the cabin and jack off together" He just looked at me and said "Damn I thought you would never get around to that! Hell yes let`s go now!"
    Like two young horny boys we hurried down to the cabin and got on the bed side by side and were stroking our hard cocks when he said "You want to go back a few years?" Before I could say yes his hand was around my cock and mine was around his and we were stroking each other like crazy and got each other off with our hands around each others long fat dicks. We stroked each other with cum on our hands and just looked at each other with a big smile knowing we wanted more and he beat me to it when he asked if I might like to try a 69 since we had gone this far.
    I said sure why not lets do it and as we were getting in to position he asked "Do we stop spit or swallow?" I said "I don`t know lets see how it goes" We started licking on each others dicks and balls stroking each other then put our mouth on each others hard dick and started to suck one another rolling around on the bed moaning as we really sucked each other good. Both of us gagged a few times trying to see just how much we could take and both of us got carried away trying to take each other balls deep but we couldn`t.
    By the time we were both about to cum we had already tasted so much pre cum I think we both knew we wanted to cum in each others mouths so we never stopped and just let it happen. Both of us came more than the other could handle and what we didn`t swallow ran out of our mouths as we rolled around for a long time sucking licking slurping and sucking each others big nuts and we both took each others nuts in our mouth while we continued to stroke each other.
    When we stopped we were both laying on our backs looking up still holding on to each others limp dick. He broke the silence with a laugh and said "Damn you think the wives would like watching us do that?" We both laughed and got up to go back to fishing. We drank more beer still talking and talked so much about how we had just sucked each other off we went back in the cabin for round two and another very long hot as hell 69 to completion.
    Weekend fishing trips were never the same after that. Both of us very anxious to get back out on the water and back in the cabin to suck each others dicks and drink beer. We both fell asleep one afternoon after the best 69 ever. When I woke up he was behind me rubbing his big hard dick on my naked ass. It felt so good I let him keep doing it and thought back to the days when I let both my friends fuck me quite a few times and my dick got hard and he reached around and started to stroke my dick as he humped my naked ass and I could feel his pre cum on my ass and I started having thoughts about him fucking me but didn`t want to ask at the time.
    The longer he humped my ass the hotter I got then I turned my head and laughed a little then said "Damn man if I didn`t know any better I would think you wanted to fuck me" He pulled me up against him and rubbed his hard dick on my ass really hard and said "Shit you don`t even have a clue how bad I want to do that!" I said "Really you want to fuck me in the ass!" He said "Really bad I have been dreaming about that for weeks and would enjoy it if you want to!" I said "You must have been reading my mind buddy" He said "To be very honest I was fucking my wife in the ass the other night and thought about you when I shot my load deep in her ass" Then he said You going to want me to pull out or can I put my load in your ass?" I didn`t think long at all and told him if it`s going to feel as good as I think it will you better not pull out. He said Oh shit man let me fuck you! I really want my big cock in that tight fucking ass of yours. By then it was all I could think about so I told him to look in the night stand by the bed and get the tube of KY out that the wife and I keep handy when she wants it in the ass.
    I watched him rub it all over his huge cock then asked him how he wanted to fuck me. He said in my favorite position when I fuck my wife in the ass face down' I rolled over anxious to feel his long fat cock balls deep in my tight willing ass. He put some lube around my asshole then asked me to spread my ass open for him. I put both hands on my ass then spread my ass cheeks open nice and wide then I felt the big mushroom head of his big dick poking at my asshole and I told him "I can`t believe we are doing this" He said "Me either but I really want this to happen" I said "Me too I hope it don`t hurt too bad because I really do want you to fuck me good and take your warm thick load as deep in my ass as you can put it" With that said he pushed hard enough to get the head of his dick in my ass and it really stung pretty bad and I let out a yelp and pulled at the sheets as he waited for me to give him the OK to put it in some more.
    I have to be honest it hurt but felt damn good at the same time and it took a few minutes for me to take the whole thing up my ass. His manly muscular body on top of mine with his long fat dick dripping pre cum deep in my ass felt so good I started squeezing his fat cock with my asshole as he laid on top of me shoving his dick in to my asshole breathing hard on the back of my neck waiting to fuck me. In a minute or so I asked him to fuck me but to go slow at first. Damn what a wonderful feeling when he slowly pulled out all the way leaving the head in my ass pulling on it to tug on my asshole making it feel like he was pulling my asshole inside out then slowly all the way back up my ass. He did that over and over for awhile and I came all over the bed sheets and he started going faster then harder both of us moaning and groaning out loud until I couldn`t take it any longer and started begging him to fuck me> I said things to him I only said to my wife when we were really having great sex. I was out of my mind telling him all sorts of shit like Oh man fuck my ass! Come on buddy fuck me hard! Oh man stick it in my ass deeper! Oh fuck give me that big hard dick! I love it man fuck my ass hard! I was out of control wanting him to pound me hard and he knew I was wanting it because I kept shoving my ass up to him telling him to fuck my ass hard give me that big hard dick up my ass. I came again and had never touched my dick and I was squeezing his dick hard with my asshole then begged him to cum deep in my ass.
    He must have liked hearing me talk like that and my asshole squeezing his long fat dick because he yelled out "I am going to cum deep in your tight ass man! Oh shit I`m going to cum then he rammed his big dick up my asshole and held me tight as his dick swelled even more deep in my ass then he began to empty his bloated nuts deep in my asshole shaking all over ramming his cock up my ass hard moaning out OH fuck man take my load! Oh shit man take my cum in your tight ass! Oh fuck man I`m shooting my big load up your ass buddy! Oh shit take it take! Take my cum in your ass. Oh fuck! He came like a water hose stuck in my ass and it felt so good I was screaming for him to cum in my ass.
    He rolled off of me later and I just laid there with globs of his slick heavy cum running out of my asshole as his hand rubbed my ass and we both tried to catch our breath. It was queit for awhile then he said "Fuck that was good! I hope you liked it as much as I did buddy" I said I damn sure did! Hope you are ready to go again later on. We both fell asleep for a short while and when I woke up there was a lot of cum between my legs so I got up to go shower then he went to shower.
    We never got dressed and stayed in the cabin drinking and talking playing around even sucking each other a little talking about how it felt to both of us while we were fucking earlier. Later on we fucked again changing positions several times and he really fucked me good and some times I could see him fucking me in the mirror on the wall by the bed. Watching his big dick fuck in and out of my ass and feeling a little cum on my nuts and on my inner thighs made me feel like a nasty little whore and it felt very good when he emptied his big nuts deep in my ass a second time.
    Now on weekends our fishing trips consist of a lot of nudity sucking and swallowing cum and my asshole getting pounded very hard 3 or 4 times a day taking his warm thick cum deep in my ass and we both love it. When no boats are in sight we both love to fuck out on the deck and 69 out in the open. Just last weekend I got him to help me with this wild fantasy I have came up with since he has been fucking me so much. I got him to tie me up to the table with my ankles tied far apart and my hands tied together to the other end of the table and told him to r**e my ass hard and to really fuck me as hard as he could and slap my ass with his dick deep in my ass and cum in me hard and talk very nasty to me. I guess we both liked it because it was the first time eve he came in my ass two times before he finished fucking me. I had him leave mme tied up with his cum running down my legs and dripping off my nuts and had him take a couple of pictures of me like that and told him not to untie me until he fucked me again. He said I was one kinky ass friend and couldn`t believe I wanted him to do all those things to me then he said he was very glad to be my friend because he was enjoying every minute of it then he left for awhile and when he came back he asked if I would object to him doing something he wanted to do. I said no go ahead I trust you. He had a long neck beer bottle in his hand and he used it to fuck my ass while he slapped my ass hard and talked very nasty to me and made me cum all over the table then something I never expected him to do was he tried to put all of his finger up my ass stretching my asshole then he fucked me up the ass hard and came deep inside of me before untying me.
    On the way home he asked if it was OK if he bought a few toys to use on me next time and I told him it would be fine then he asked if I would wear his wife`s panties next weekend. I told him I was OK with what ever he wanted to do on the boat. He said you really mean that? I said sure why not and he just smiled and said you might regret that someday.
    I am anxious to see what happens in the future but I can tell you this if you like your ass fucked and toyed he is the best friend I could ever have.

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