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    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    To start, don't misunderstand my sex preference listed above to the right. You will discover as I write this why I state this, although I do love sex with the same gender on the right occasions but I am not addicted to it and can stop a any time.

    Now, my husband, Tate, and I attend the same schools including college. We dated often but sex was never the cause. After graduation Tate went on the attend AFROTC and graduated as a 2nd Lt. I returned to my home and got a job as a secretary for a well known company making good wages. Well, as it goes, after Tate's graduation from ROTC he returned home for a short leave before reporting to his then home station. We dated nearly every night while he was home. We fell ,in love and I surrendered to him for my very first time. He took my virginity. And he proposed to me and I accepted. We had a speedy marriage and he left 1 week later for his new and first assignment. Afterward he learned that I could join him and live in on base housing. I was hesitant at first from leaving my current high paying job but he promised me that I could get a like job on base or in the near by town, which I did.

    Tate was assigned to base headguarters as an assistant adviser to lower grade airmen. I later got a job as a secretary in a downtown financial business.

    Tate and I enjoyed our quiet evening alone in our two bedroom home on base. Each time we had sex he would use a condom because we did not want to take a chance of me getting pregnant and he get orders for an overseas assignment. We played it safe but still enjoyed our sex life. After a short while we began experimenting with different positions and began day dreaming about sex with other men. That was fun but it never happened, at least at that time.
    Soon he did received an assignment for Afghanistan, naturally because I could not accompany him. I had to move off base so we rented a small apartment as he would only be deployed for one year or less.

    Now, on the few days he had prior to departure we made to best of our sex. He kept hinting that I should get me a lover while he was gone to help with my expenses. I figured he was only teasing just to get my reaction. It backfired on him because I started teasing him that since there would be no, or a very few, females there he might have to adapt to another man for his sex. And I laughed. He asked how I would react if he did. I just, "Hummmm, I don't know." He asked if I'd love to watch him suck another mans dick. Again, "Hummmm, I don't know." But I did think about it and when we would be fucking I'd some times place my finger in his mouth and see him suck on it. I imagined him sucking a dick and I really got turned on.

    So, soon afterward I drove him to the airport for his deployment. It didn't take long afterward until we were writing sex stories, I mean wild stories, about us having threesomes and foursomes, to each other and then came naked photos. This was during a time when Polaroid was still available. I'd send Polaroid's of me in every conceivable position I could muster. He would follow up likewise.

    At my employment there was another girl who lived near me and whose husband was also deployed. We traded off driving to and from work. One day when I was driving she asked me to stop by this book store, she wanted to look for a book she wanted. I did, I was lucky to find a parking place near so I entered with her. Immediately upon entering I noted there was no one but men in there sitting over by the wall chatting and looking, staring, at us. Lib went into the back room and I left and returned to the car. Soon she returned. As we were driving home she turned the book she had bought for me to see. On the cover was two naked women all hugged up and kissing. She laid her hand on my thigh and said, "This really turns me on. What about you?" I replied, "It has no effect on me." Well, we continued on and I dropped her off at her apartment. Nothing was said for a few days until one afternoon, her time to drive, she mentioned that she and her husband exchanged naked pictures to each other. I said, "What a coincidence, so do my husband and I".She suggested that we get together and make some pictures of each other to send. I said "Not of each other together and I refuse to send my pictures to your husband." She laughed and said, " No, neither. Just pictures for our own husbands. They don't have to know they were made by another person". I agreed so the next afternoon we stopped at a photo shop and each bought 3 packs of film. We then went straight to my home, poured us each a glass of soda and went into the bedroom. We began undressing, afterward I took pictures of her first. Different poses. She would even lay back on the bed, spread her legs, and with her hands she would spread the lips of her pussy. Them she would get on her knees, spread her legs and begin fingering herself. She would throw her head back and make expressions that she was enjoying this. She asked me to make pictures of this also. I was something new to me, I mean seeing someone else do it. I after did it to my self.

    Well, after the pictures we began dressing, but, yeah, but, Lib gave me a push back on the bed and then fell down beside me. She attempted to kiss me but I turned away. No way, I thought. So she kinda layed on top of me so I could not nove and she began playing with my tits, pinching my nipples and then licking and sucking on my nipples. OMG, what is happening, I was beginning to enjoy it. I felt her hand sliding down my belly and she remained sucking my nipples. Her hand, reaching my pussy began massaging my clit and sliding her fingers up and down on the lips of my pussy. I admit, that felt good and I just completely forgot who was doing this. I spread my legs to give her more freedom. She then stuck a couple fingers inside my pussy and began massaging my GSpot. I can't even think of the number of times I creamed on her fingers. Soon she was wiggling around and had her lips against my pussy lips and her fingers still working out. Not really realizing it she had removed her fingers and were sliding them into mu own mouth. Needless to say,I sucked all my pussy juices off as she was sucking my pussy, sliding her tongue in and out and now has her fingers, now wet from my sucking on them, back and and assisting her tongue and lips. That is exactly when and where I learned that sucking pussy was such a wonderful feeling. Men can never compete. As I said, she had wiggled around so she could suck my wet pussy which placed her pussy right near my face. I reached up and pulled her legs straddle my face with her pussy right there in perfect view and I thought, I have never even thought of this prior but right now I am ready so I reached under, spread the lips of her pussy and began, at first, just licking and sucking her clit. She was humping and pushing her pussy closer to my lips and I began sucking her pussy and fingering
    it and she was acting like she was having a seizure. The taste of her pussy was nothing like I had imagined it would be, neither was the taste of my own when I sucked my juices off her fingers. This must have gone on, as it seemed, a full hour.

    We did this many times afterward until her husband returned from deployment to pick her up and move to another base for his new assignment. I have not seen nor heard from her since.

    Shortl y afterward my husband returned but was lucky enough to get reassigned to the same base, therefore all we had to do was move back on base, an option, but we accepted.

    And this is where the good part starts but that will have to be in a different story as this is getting to long. If you care to hear the rest, let me know. Who knows, if you are military, Air Force, we may be at the same base.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 30

    Very straight acting married masculine white male with children. Always had a huge anal fetish that my wife also enjoys with her strap on when we get privacy for her to fuck me in the ass. We both share our fantasies often and we get turned on talking about them. She wants to watch other men fuck me and I want to watch other men fuck her too. So we have acted out our fantasies with sex toys but I have shared my wildest fantasy with her and she says she wants to be a fly on the wall if it ever happens. I have this huge desire to be taken to a remote cabin way out in the mountains and be used by a group of 10 or 12 men with huge dicks and be forced to take their dicks in any way they want to use them on me. Be tied up and r**ed over and over gagged with their huge dicks forced to suck and swallow have my asshole r**ed over and over and DPed in the ass until I scream. Cum running out of my ass all the time being treated very rough big huge dicks shoved up my ass all hours of the day and night never being able to wear clothes forced to use toys on myself while they watch and to be gang r**ed by all of them around the clock and let them shove toys and butt plugs up my ass. Take me out in the woods and r**e me choke me and throat fuck me and use me hard for days. Slap and spank my ass cum on e and in me make me do all kinds of dirty nasty things and shove their big monster dicks in me every minute of ever day and night and make me wear slutty clothes when they fuck me.
    I want their huge dicks shoved down my throat up my ass cum in me around the clock and force me to please all of them then keep me tied up with my ass exposed and all of them fuck me up the ass and film it with my asshole wide open dripping cum and be treated like a slut by all of them. Ever time we share this fantasy she gets out the strap on and fucks me hard.
    I tell her about my dirtiest fantasy but she hasn`t agreed to fuck our big bulldog yet. I would love to see her take his huge dick while I fuck her in the mouth. I have talked her in to letting him lick her shaved pussy twice but she hasn`t let him fuck her just yet.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    Boy next door in Jr, High it was summer school was out and we were at his house looking at his Dads dirty magazine like always and he shocked the hell out of me when he asked if I was horny. When I said sure who wouldn`t be after looking at the magazines then he asked if I would take my clothes off with him. He had to talk ne into it but we ended up naked and once the clothes were off and we saw each others hard dicks we couldn`t stand it and went back to his room and were soon sucking each others dicks and having a lot of fun going down on each other and he said lets make each other cum with our mouths and so we did and tasted each others cum.

    We stayed naked and he got on top of me humping my ass and it felt so good and his pre cum was in the crack of my ass and I don`t know why but I asked him if he would fuck me. He was very anxious to do so and with the help of his slick pre cum his dick was in my tight ass pretty fast and he slowly put it all the way in me until his nuts were touching mine and he started to fuck me as I moaned out loud and squirmed around pulling at the sheets as his dick fucked my tight asshole and he held on to me grunting groaning and moaning then asked if he could cum in me. I really wanted him to and told him yes right away then told him a couple of times to fuck me harder and to cum in me. That excited him so much that he shoved his dick up my ass really hard and shot my asshole full of cum as I almost begged to be fucked again.

    He as able to stay hard and fuck me again as his cum ran over my nuts he fucked me hard and came in my ass again. We showered after that and sucked each other a little in the shower but all I could talk about was him fucking me again. He wanted to and told me he wanted to fuck me in his parents room so we took a blanket in there spread t out on the floor in front of this huge mirror standing in the corner and we watched in the mirror as he fucked my asshole and I got turned in a position that I could actually see his dick in my asshole and it was great. I came on myself and watched his nuts flinch each time his cum went up my ass. What was the hottest thing was seeing his dick slip out of my asshole and seeing his cum run out of my ass.

    I almost begged him to fuck me again and together we go his dick hard enough to stick in my ass and he fucked me hard face down in the floor in front of the mirror and it took him for ever to cum again and he really gave it to me good and made me cum and I was laying in my own cum when he flooded my ass with his cum. After that ever day I went back to his house so he could fuck me as much as possible and just before the summer ended his two cousins came to visit from Oklahoma and he told them what we were doing and when I showed up the next day he told me his cousin wanted to fuck me too. I was a little pissed but they soon had me calmed down and they started to take their clothes off and there they were all naked three very hard dicks and the oldest cousin had a very big thick dick and all of them had ideas about fucking my ass and the longer I looked at their naked bodies and hard dicks the more clothes I took off and then the fucking started my friend fucked me first then his youngest cousin then they both held me down as the oldest one forced his big dick up my ass and fucked me while I was kicking and screaming and he shot a huge load in my ass then they took me to the back bedroom and took turns on me the rest of the day and it was hard to walk after they fucked me so many times that day but I went right back every day that whole week his cousin were there to get my ass fucked and filled with cum and they even fucked me in the ass and mouth at the same time more times than I could count. It was a great summer and one I will never forget.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 50

    When I was younger I met Sue,she rode horses at a stable I'd been working at and seemed to do nothing else exept spend time at the stable.Now like a lot of blokes I have a thing for women in tight jodhpurs and long riding boots,Sue always wore jodhpurs and boots,I never saw her in anything else,one day I asked her out and we went for a drink,we ended up back at her house,it was empty,her mother was at work.

    We ended up seeing a lot of each other,she was around 19 years old and I was a little older,we were sat on the couch getting intimate but every time we got to a certain point she'd rush off to the loo.One night we were messing around,I had my hand in her jodhpurs and was fingering her,suddenly she went to get up to pee,I was getting fed up with this by now,it was spoiling the fun so I had an idea.I stripped her down to her panties and boots and got her to stand in front of me,I kept stroking her through her pants and she began to moan and squirm,she didn't know anything about sex and when she got aroused she thought she was going to pee herself.I carried on rubbing and she carried on squirming,eventually I told her to pee in her pants,she tried but coudn't do it.Eventually she relaxed and peed into her white panties and it ran down into the boots.

    For the next few days I'd get her to wet herself every time we met,sometimes in her pants,sometimes in her jodhpurs,she soon lost the hang up and I could get down to teaching her to enjoy sex,although she now knew that when she got aroused she was going to orgasm rather than pee she still liked to pee in her pants,we got married and moved into a place of our own and the fun really began then.

    I used to buy her different outfits and lots of boots,one night we were at home and I had a couple of mates round for drinks,Sue was drinking as well and she was wearing a pair of tight beige jodhpurs and long riding boots,she had a tight T shirt on and no underwear,the lads couldn't take their eyes off her,later on she went to use the loo and when she came back into the room she'd changed her boots,she now had black knee highs with brown tops,when she went into the kitchen to get more beers I followed her and groped her crotch,she now had a distinct damp patch between her legs,later on she went to the loo again and this time returned wearing thighboots,the lads noticed this and were having a good look,she'd had more beer and went to get more from the kitchen,I followed her and told her that next time she needed to piss she could do it in her boots,she nodded and shortly after went upstairs,she came back into the room sat beside me and whispered "done it",I felt her leg and could feel the warmth in her boot!

    When the lads left I took her upstairs and told her to remove her top,she stood in front of me wearing only the boots and jodhpurs. "now I want you to piss into those long black boots" she nodded and went to remove the boots, "no keep them on" she looked at me puzzled, "piss slowly into your pants" she began to piss and it ran down her thighs,soaking the beige jodhpurs and pouring into her boots,when she's finished I pulled the jodhpurs down and hammered away at her wet pussy,I pulled them back up and made her sleep in them.

    She really liked to wet herself and I enjoyed creating situations where she'd almost lose it in public.One day I bought her some pixie boots and a black catsuit,I took her to a quiet pub several miles from home and bought her several drinks,I had her on lager as it made her need to go more often and she wasn't too bothered about what she drank.She'd had about 3 pints and began to squirm in her seat,then it dawned on her that to use the toilet she'd have to remove the suit almost completely,I slid my hand under the table and rubbed her crotch,she jumped slightly and I felt a slight dampness between her legs, "I nearly wee'd myself then,I'm getting desperate" she whispered.I bought her another pint and by the time she'd drank it she was really struggling to stay dry,I led her from the pub and into the car,then I drove to a quiet car park by the woods down the lane,at this point she thought she was going to wet herself in the car,we parked up and got out and she struggled to follow my into the woods,she went to take off the suit but I stopped her "fill the boots" she looked at me,"but they're brand new" she sobbed "I'll ruin them", "tough,stand up straight and fill them Sue" she stood up with her feet slightly apart and before she knew what was happening she was pissing really hard,it poured through the crotch of the thin material,cascaded down her thighs and into her new black boots! She stood there for a moment before I took her back to the car and we drove home.

    Once I managed to get hold of some leather trouser fairly cheaply and she really liked them,she could pee into them and nothing showed outside.One day I came home from work and she was wearing the black leathers with knee boots and a tight black lycra top,she made my tea then said she was going to walk to the shop and get some beers,she came back with a naughty look on her face and feeling very horny,she shook her leg and I could hear liquid sloshing around in her boots. "I've just wee'd in my pants" she giggled "and no one knew", "oh yes,and when was this?" I asked, "in the shop" she replied "I was at the checkout and there was a man stood behind me,I wanted a wee so I just did it in my pants" It had clearly made her horny and I pulled them down and shagged her over the arm of the couch.

    Sue got more and more daring over the next few months and one day when I came home her mum had come over and was sat in the chair,I went into the kitchen to get a drink and Sue was stood talking to her mum,as was usual she was wearing her favourite boots and leathers,she wore them almost constantly now. She came into the kitchen to get something and whispered in my ear "I've been ever so naughty,I've just had a wee in my pants."what now?" I asked "no while I was talking to my mum" she giggled,I put my hand on the crotch and could feel the warmth from the damp leather. A few months later and I'd changed jobs and was working just up the road from home,as I was coming out one night I heard a couple of the lads talking "bloody hell,look at that", I looked up the road and stood just up from the factory gates was a woman with a tight spandex top,tight leather trousers,high heeled black knee high boots and blonde shoulder length hair. "look at the arse on it" one of the lads said as he stared at the woman who was facing the other way.We walked up the street and as we got level with her I gave her arse a squeeze,she turned and smiled, "you haven't met my wife have you lads?" their faces were a picture,we started to walk off and after we'd got a few hundred yards away she stopped and looked down at her boots, "what do you think of these?" she asked "lovely" I replied "they make you look so sexy",she smiled "yes and the best thing is they are waterproof too" I gave her a puzzled look "waterproof? but it isn't raining" "true" she smiled "but I had a few drinks before coming to meet you,and I've wee'd in my pants twice and the boots don't leak" I gave her leather covered arse a playful slap and we headed home.

    We'd been over to see my boss one day and on the way back she decided she needed to pee,I was a bit annoyed this day as I planned to go to the supermarket on the way back,as we'd been to the bosses house she wasn't wearing her usual leather gear,she had a white silk blouse,tight pale blue jeans and a new pair of beige boots with white silk undies,by the time I got to the walmart she was squeezing her legs shut and bouncing slightly in her seat,I pulled into a quiet part of the car park away from the store and slid her car seat as far back as it would go, "ok Sue take the boots off" she leaned forward and slowly pulled them off placing them in the footwell of the car. "now the jeans" she went to say something but I shook my head "the jeans Sue,take them off" she wriggled out of the tight denim and I placed them on the dashboard."now I want you to turn around and squat in the footwell" she nodded and with some difficulty managed the move,I could see a slight dampness on the crotch of her silk panties. I took one of her boots and placed it between her legs "piss in the boot Susan" her hand went toward the crotch of her panties "no"piss in them" she moved her hand and I held the boot tight to her crotch,within seconds she was pissing like a racehorse.When she'd finished I took the boot and it was almost half full,I tipped part of it into the other boot and sloshed it around,both boots were now soaking,I told her to get dressed and she wriggled her way back into the tight jeans,then she put the boots on.We got out of the car and headed into Walmart,luckily the boots didn't leak and nobody knew anything.
    We had loads of fun and she went through quite a lot of boots over the years,they don't last long when they're constantly being pee'd in,some days I'd get in from work and shed be wearing the boots and leathers and the boots would be nearly full,her having used them as a toilet all day,some nights I'd make her pee in her long boots and keep them on in bed,I love a girl in thighboots!
    We moved area and she decided that she wanted to get a job,she worked in a meat processing plant and they wore white wellingtons and an overall,one day I dropped her off at work and we were going out after work that night,she wore a pair of jeans and her thighboots,it didn't matter as she'd be putting them in her locker when she got to work.That afternoon when I picked her up she was a bit late coming out of work,apparently someone had broken into her locker and stolen her boots,they were found in a toilet covered in white stains,luckily the insides hadn't got wet and after cleaning she was able to wear them.She never wore boots to work after that.

    We split up after several years and I thought that part of my life was finished,however I met another girl with a similar fetish,though not quite as fond of it as Sue was.Anyway she had a sister who wanted to go to the midlands to visit a friend,by now I was working as a service engineer travelling all over the UK.I offered her a lift as I was working in that area later on the following day,it was to prove very interesting.
    We were driving from job to job and mid morning we'd stopped in a quiet layby while I made some phonecalls she'd gotten out of the van to stretch her legs,when she got back in I noticed that one of her ankle boots was wet,I asked where she'd found a puddle as it was a hot sunny day.She came straight out with it and said that she'd been having a wee behind the van when she'd heard a car approaching,in her hast she'd wee'd on her boot,I just laughed.
    Now being a hot day I kept buying us drinks,at each job I'd use the client's toilet, I didn't think about her sat in the van. A couple of hours later we were stuck in a jam and he said she needed to pee,a few minutes went by and she said she couldn't hold it and thought she was going to wet herself,not a good idea in a new company van,I didn't think the boss would be impressed! I reached into the back and found my wellingtons,she'd have to pee in one of them,She tore down her jeans and panties,giving me a good look at her soft blonde pubic hair and pissed loudly for several minutes,she pulledup her panties and jeans and sat back down, "what about the boot?" she asked "tip it out of the window when we get a quiet bit of road" I replied. We drove on for about an hour then got stuck in a real bad jam,the traffic was solid and I suddenly realised that I needed a piss too!There was no way out of the traffic and I began to sweat,I had visions of me pissing myself and being sat in it for hours,I couldn't use the wellington as that would have meant kneeling up on the drivers seat and the other drivers would have seen me.I asked her to look around the van,for a bottle or something but there wasn't anything,I was seriously panicking now and looking out of the window to try and take my mind off the situation, "here use this" in desperation I turned to face her and she was holding one of her boots, "I can't pee in that,it's your boot" she held it out towards me "got any better ideas then" I shook my head and took it from her,I managed to get into a position where I could do the deed without being seen and undid my zip,my cock was stiff like an iron bar such was my need to pee.She took the boot from me and slipped the shaft over my rigid cock,the feel of the leather against it made it twitch,"oops" she giggled,after what seemed like an age I began to piss into her black leather ankle boot,whisps of steam came out of the top,when i'd finished she put it on the floor and I zipped myself up.Then she did a very strange thing,with a dirty smile on her face she slipped her foot back into the boot,you could hear the squelching noise,"that's better isn't it?" I nodded,not knowing whether she meant me having relieved myself of the fact that she was now wearing a boot full of my hot piss.I often wonder about her and if I should have tried to shag her,oh well we'll never know

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 23

    I'm reading stories and it's making me horny, I'm gonna watch gay porn and get my dildo out.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I am 57 and getting non stop continual sex from a super hot 22 year old. It is the best time of my life! I can't believe how easy this is. She is a Flipina illegal who is desperate for a green card and thinks i am her ticket. We met when when i was looking for a maid and Jenny started to get to know each other when she'd clean my house. cleaning my house she knew i was single (divorced), and had a nice home and money, and knew i watched porn and such.

    Understand, i was not looking for this, nor did i try to make it happen. I am 57, have a good job, and have dated and got laid plenty in my own age range that I am not desperate. But this girl is 22 and smoking hot so when she started subtlety hinting she'd do more then my laundry i paid attention and before i knew it this girl was fucking the hell out of me with Asian cowgirl and sucking me off like a vaccum. Then she start to talk and beg me to help with a green card and I suddenly understood the hook. She is likely not into me at all, she is into a green card, she is using me and I am ok with that, i am using her too. In the end it is not going to work for her, there is no way they will buy this as a real marriage, and if they start too i'll just say something stupid and blow the interview.

    In the meantime this girl is letting me do anything i want to to her and much as i want. I can be rough, aggressive, fuck her dirty mouth like a pussy, cal her slutty dirty names, she licks balls and more below them, i make her always eat my cum (she hates it but does it) and for the first time in my life i am getting anal and fuck it is so tight in her tiny Asian asshole. I honestly don't know how she takes it. I always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass but never had the guts to ask, but with Jenny i don't ask, i just take because i don't have to nor does she expect me to, and she never says no to anything i try. It is like a literally have a willing sex slave and she wants me to use her however i want because she thinks i'll get her what she wants. she is even open to being with another girl for me if i find one. This is the best time of my life. She will dutifully cook and clean for me and not expect me to do "relationship" stuff unless i want to. she is there to serve me and as long as she thinks there might be a rare shot at a green card she is good with it.

    When this does not work, i'll miss Jenny, but no i know the secret and i'll go get another, maybe try another type a girl a hispanic or something. Fuck i love my life!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 30

    Finally did it. For years in private I have been shoving things up my ass fucking myself and acting out my wild anal fantasies without even my wife knowing about this. It all started years ago in high school when I got one of my good friends to fuck me in the ass one Saturday out in the country while we were drinking beer. I had mentioned it top him a few times but he didn`t take me serious until that day when we got drunk together and I took my jeans down and let him see my naked ass. I almost had to beg him to fuck me but since we were so drunk he did it.

    I still remember his dick going up my ass and how it felt to be fucked and his cum shooting up my tight ass. He fucked me twice that first day and every once in a while after that I got him to fuck me. All these years I have really wanted to be fucked again and have several dildos hidden around the house that I love to use when the wife is gone or when I have to travel for work and stay in hotels. I enjoy fucking myself in front of a big mirror and watching something fairly large long and thick fuck my ass.

    After many years of being too scared to actually do this with a man I gave in to my huge craving to be fucked by a big hard dick and I started looking on the computer at different sites until I found the perfect guy to do this with. He was my age married with children like myself but a Bisexual TOP with a very long 9" cock that was very thick. Cut clean very discrete looking for a hot tight married bottom that needed a good hard deep pounding and a bottom that would take his load up their ass. We exchanged many e-mails and swapped photos. Talked about what we both wanted then we met in my Hotel room on my travels with my job. I took a long hot shower making sure that I was very clean inside and out lubed my ass very well and waited for him to come to my room.

    Once he got there we got naked on my bed had a nice 69 then he asked me to lay face down and spread my legs so he could fuck me. I quickly turned over like he asked and couldn`t wait for him to shove his big dick up my ass and he knew I wanted to be penetrated and fucked very hard and that's just what he gave me. All 9 thick inches up my ass in one hard push as I pulled at the sheets and moaned like a bitch. He started to fuck me hard and deep right away and I started begging him to fuck me harder and pound my ass good. He fucked me good for a long time then started to tell me how he was going to cum deep in my tight hot asshole. I begged him over and over to cum in my ass and when he did he shot a huge thick load balls deep in my asshole and it felt even better than I imagined that it would.

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    I just had to ask and he asked if I had any objections to a little bondage and said he wanted to fuck my ass some more with my hands tied behind my back and wanted to tie me to the table there in my room. I told him I had no objections what so ever and told him to do whatever he wanted to do to my ass as long as he fucked me hard and deep and kept shooting his cum up my ass. He stayed for several hours and abused my ass the whole time he was there and left me face down on my bed with globs of cum running out of my ass. I felt used and abused once he lefty and it was the perfect meeting. I got just what I had been craving for years and he got what he wanted. That was 6 months ago and now when I e-mail him he never responds. That's OK I really would enjoy meeting him again but I got what I wanted but would sure enjoy it again.

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    I am a Drill Instructor in Parris Island and even after a long exhausting day of drive these recruits... I still love reading your confessions and stories. It's crazy to think the animal I am in front of the recruits and the level of professionalism I uphold then come right back to this community. I love all you sexy individuals. KILL!

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    Last summer my wife and i jumped in the car and drove to a very remote area of woodland and fields and during are walk found a little area where the bales of hay were stacked up,no one was about and we were just laying on a blanket with just the sound of the birds, her head was on my stomach and id got such a hard on which eventully she unzipped and was sucking it id found her clit and then my cock was up her from behind and then she was on top all her blouse open and her tits out
    After a lovely fuck we went on are way and met a group of people with cameras and big smiles and all the men were looking at my wife the women were smiling at me, turns out we were in a nature reserve and had just fucked in front of a whole load of bird wacthers and i could tell in the mens minds my wife was naked with there cock up her

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    I dream of being placed in really severe total enclosure rubber bondage, and forced to suck cock, pretty much endlessly, maybe by several guys, taking turns. My goodies would be hauled out into the open through a small zipper that would tighten around the roots, keeping me exposed and utterly vulnerable, as they tormented me with orgasm delay and denial, milking, cbt, etc. day in day out! They would be pleasantly firm, and quite merciless, and I would lose track of time, and be kept in absolute sensory deprivation, except where they were making use of me! Submissive to start with, I would soon become their complete and utter slave, pretty much permanently! I keep looking but I can't find anyone interested in this.

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