• — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Iím a 23-year-old woman and Iíve just completed my first year teaching - 5th grade in a suburban elementary school. Iím a very energetic, creative and loving teacher and mid year I promised my students if they read a certain number of books they could tape me with duct tape on the last day of school. They read the books so at 1:00 on the final school day I bravely sat down, put my arms behind the chair and let my enthusiastic kids start taping. They did a very thorough job and after about 10 minutes had me completely taped from my shoulders to my ankles. (I would not have been able to free myself). When they promised to behave and not make a lot of noise I allowed them to put a strip of tape over my mouth. The deal was for thirty minutes and they were really good. They sang, recited some poetry we had learned and went through our daily exercise routine. I had told a teacher friend from next door what we were going to do so when, after fifteen minutes, I heard the door knob click I thought it was her checking up. Nope!
    To my utter embarrassment in strode my principal, superintendent and two school board members on a routine visit to the school. My gut response was to explain but I got out one "mmphf" before realizing it wouldn't work. One of my young lady students then stood up and very clearly expressed to our visitors what was going on while I sat there feeling more embarrassed by the second. Our guests smiled and quickly left while I attempted to mumble "thank you, Janie" to the young lady. I sat there (what else could I do?) for the remaining fifteen minutes feeling very self-conscious but determined to be a good sport. At one minute past the agreed upon moment (they wanted to be a little mischievous) two girls came forward and began unwinding the tape, slowly. A short time later school was finished for the summer.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my girlfriends sister lives with us. every morning her alarm wakes me up. on her way to the bathroom she passes my room so i leave the door open and leave myself exposed. the other night i was on Vicodin and i liked how my dick was feeling. she walked by and saw me we made eye contact but she didn't say anything she just stared. i took a few more strokes and my g/f started to move. i looked down and then back up to her sister was gone. now every time i see her she blushes.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have an illicit affair with my cousin. You see, this cousin happens to be a priest and his dad and my dad are first cousins which make us second-degree blood related.

    The moment we met, there was an instant chemistry. I didn't expect him to be tall, with well-chiseled features and disturbingly hot for a guy working at the church. He could pass off as a CK underwear model. When he came over to bid me and my partner goodbye, we casually kissed on the cheek and there I felt a most unnerving sexual tension but I brushed it off on the premise that he is a priest and we are cousins.

    We still continued to see each other until one time I had to sleep over at his place because of a problem with my live-in partner. It was already late and I didn't bring my car so he told me he'd drive me home the next day.

    I lay there beside him on his bed. He turned down the lights and I pretended to be asleep. He kept on turning in the bed and hugged me tight. I still pretended to be asleep. In the dark, he fumbled his way around me and kissed me. I wasn't able to hold it much longer anymore so I kissed him back. He slid his hands inside my shirt, licked my nipples and I was so wet that time but I pretended to be just dreaming. My self control was slipping out and I gave in. I sucked his cock in the dark and I could feel him arch beneath every move and flick of my tongue. He threw me on my back and entered my wet pussy. He was so hard and big I slipped into pure bliss as we shuddered together in ecstasy.

    The morning after, we pretended that nothing happened. I searched for the condom he used the previous night if really everything we did were true, and I found the used rubber in his trash. He drove me home and said goodbye.

    But it didn't stop there.

    We continue exchanging text messages that border on seduction and we kept on teasing each other that somehow turned us both on. The next occasion that we got to hang out, he invited me over to sleep again at his place. I played along and we went to have a few rounds of drinks. Then we had insane sex again, this time more delicious than the first one. The morning when we woke up, we pretend again that nothing happened.

    There were few other instances that happened. I suddenly found myself somehow hooked by the thought and the act of doing it with him. It felt so rascal and dangerous, the mere fact that I am fucking with a hot priest and a cousin, that is.

    The sexual chemistry that we have is electrifying... but we both know it's not right. I don't know just how to stop it.

    The very last time we did it was when we had dinner over some chic resto near his place. Then he invited to have a few round of drinks and coffee. We felt the urge again. Whenever we are together, he acts as of though he is my boyfriend and my lover which really drives me nuts coz it increases whatever confusion and lust I have for him.

    He drove to a nearby motel and there we had the hottest night ever. He always tells me that he likes my boobs, my pretty face and loves how I lick and suck his cock. He tells me I spin his head crazy when I go down on him, especially that I can do deep throat sucking. We love to experiment with different sexual positions and he is always amazed at how naughty and creative I could get. On the other hand, he fucks me in such a way I always cum and crave for more. Maybe because he's got a bigger package than my husband and he always hits the right spots.

    He excels in foreplay which makes me so wet that every time he enters me he gasps at the slickness of my pussy sliding in and out of him.
    We kissed and fondled each other like the lovers that we are. I am bound to leave abroad for a work-related travel. He whispered in between kisses that he'll miss me. He slowly peeled off our clothes and worked his way around my body. He kissed and nibbled at my breasts, then licked me from my neck and sucked at my toes. He went to slide his finger and open my sopping wet slit and flicked his tongue ever so lavishly on my clit. I was writhing with so much lust at him, amazed at how this man can know so much about pleasing a woman when he is supposed to be chaste and celibate. He fingered me and start to roll his index around my G-spot which nearly drove me crazy.

    I wanted to cum, but he wouldn't let me yet.

    I returned the favor by pulling him out from underneath and riding him on top. This time, I was in control. I caressed and licked him all over until he was begging me to suck his cock. I flicked my tongue along the head of his shaft and sucked it little by little until it reached the back of my throat. I could feel his big, hard cock throbbing against my tongue and my throat. I know he couldn't wait so I stopped teasing him and he gently put me on my back and kissed me while he thrust deep and calculating into my very wet hole.
    I still wasn't content, knowing that this would be our last fuck together. I rode him like a bad ass chick that I was and saw in his face the delight while he was mouthing how hot I was. He was really so big, that I pushed aside everything else, every pound of morality I had left just to have him deep inside me and feel him so good. We tried several positions and more and ended up doing the doggy style which was both our favorite. He pumped me with such enthusiasm I was cumming in multiple rounds. He was calling my name and asking me if I want this, if I'll miss this, and if I want to do this over and over again with him. I said YES as a big bang of orgasm rode me and I was shivering with it. He came with a big bang too and his cum exploded inside my pussy. I could feel its warmth trickling like a hot lava.
    I left the next day with just a simple "goodbye".

    Now that I'm back after a couple of weeks from my working travels, I don't know whether I should give in to the feeling of seeing him once again, or just stay away and be content with what I have.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was 5 i remember playing doctor with my cousin who was the same age. i would see how far i could fit a pen inside her.when i turned 8 my my 13 year old cousin played wrestled with me we ended up sucking each other off. then he fucked me in the ass. i loved it when i was 14 i fucked my 13 year old cousin,and groped a few others. we are one large tight family.i've always loved to flash my dick so i would jack off in front of the window while people walk by acting like i forgot to close the curtain.

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    So I'm a 500lb guy and lonely most of my life.

    Now I was so desperate for sex that a few years ago I started searching the internet and posting ads at every fat person website I could find. Like all those BBW websites you see where big women are looking for a man. Well I ended up going out with a few girls but we were both so damn big that sex was not really possible because our two fat bellys were in the way.

    I got frustrated and stopped looking for about a year and then I found a website that had normal sized women that had a fetish and liked fat guys. They call them FA's(fat admirerers) and I placed a profile of myself there and forgot about it. A month or so later a girl sent me an email and we started talking. She was nice and slim about 110 pounds and normal in almost every way except she like fat guys and said she always had.

    Well I had to travel 5 states away to meet her and when I got there thats when I realized she was a lot weirder than she let on. First night was AWESOME, she wanted me to let her rub my belly and she started unbuttoning my shirt in the hotel room and at first I was embarassed because this girl is normal and I always feel like a fat joke.
    But she started kissing my chest and then my belly and I got turned on and started to squeeze her tits and she just sat up and casually took off her shirt and bra. I had never had sex before so again I was intimidated but soon I got into it and we moved to the bed and she sucked on my dick a little bit and then I ate her pussy for a long time and then she pulled me up and we kissed a while and she licked her own pussy juice off my face and I almost came right there, lol.

    She wanted me to get on top of her and this is where it started to get weird. She was small enough that I could fuck her on top but I was scared to put my weight on her. Well thats what she wanted come to find out. She wanted me to basically put my weight on her and fuck her. She said in her fantasies she gets turned on by all the fat pressing down on her and the softness of the fat rolls smothering her.

    I did as she asked and she was so turned on by the whole thing that she was screaming really loud that I was scared someone next door would hear us. She started having multiple orgasms and they were coming one after the other and I could feel her pussy contracting around my dick each time. By her 6th or 7th orgasm I came inside her then started to roll off but she grabbed me and told me to please stay on her.

    She had one more orgasm and then went limp and started crying. I thought she was feeling disgusted she had just fucked a fat guy and I told her I was sorry but she tried to speak and couldn't get the words out for a minute and she kept crying and she was holding me so tight I didnt dare move. Finally she loosened up and I rolled off to the side and asked her if she was ok. She told me she was crying because it was the most intense pleasure she had ever felt in her life and that she almost passed out having so many orgasms because they were so intense.

    I didn't know what to say so i just held her and we went to sleep. the next day she wanted me to come to her house and when I got there we fucked again in her room but this time we just sort of fucked normally. After that she went into the kitchen and started cooking and I took a shower. When I got out she had all this stuff cooked and had a shit load of sweets she had bought at the store and had it all laid out on the table like a big ass buffet.

    She told me she wanted me to sit on the couch with my head in her lap and she wanted to feed me. Again I found out that she was kind of weird and haddnt mentioned this stuff while we had talked before I left to go see her.

    I felt like I should let her and I went into the living room and we sat there with my head on her lap and she started feeding me cookies, cake, candy and shit like that. She started rubbing her crotch with one hand while feeding me with the other. She fingered herself and finally she came while watching me eat food.

    I was feeling strange about the whole deal but it got a lot weirder. A day later I was back in my hotel packing to go back home and she was there too. We had spent almost every minute together for the 3 days I was there.
    This was my last night and I had to leave at 4a.m. but she wanted to stay with me until I left and we fucked again that night like we had the first night. She came so much she started crying and thats when she whispered that she loved me. I was scared and didnt say anything and we fell asleep.
    Woke up at 4 and said our goodbyes and kissed for a very long time before I had to pull away and say I needed to get going.

    Well, when I finally got home I sat down at my computer after unpacking and checked my emails. She had written me an email after I had left. It said that she was sorry for saying she loved me and she was just so caught up with emotion that she didnt want to make me feel uncomfortable. Then she said that she did have strong feelings and could imagine us married one day and she could stay at home and bake for me all day long and feed me and shit like that.
    Weirdest part of all was that she actually said she could imagine us having a couple of kids one day and she wanted them to be fat like me. YES, she actually said that she wanted any kids we have to be fat, lol.

    Well I was so scared that I fucking panicked and ignored her emails and blocked her phone number. I was thinking this lady is insane and I thought wanting fat kids was pretty bad.

    Fast forward a couple of years and I'm fucking lonely as hell and I actually miss her. I tried to find her or contact her but her emails get returned immediately so Im certain that email account is no longer in use. Also her old number is now someone elses number and that guy said hes had that number for about a year now.

    I know its a long shot but if She happens to read this please email me at Swgfanforlife@gmail.com

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I (a guy) had a drunk threesome with my girlfriend and my best friend (a guy). His penis turned out to be huge. My girlfriend was a virgin when we met; all she knew was my dick. She blew me while he fucked her hard from behind. I couldn't help orgasming quickly, and so I sort of slumped down after wards and held her while he she was pounded for what seemed a long, long time. She kept telling me the whole time how good it was and that it felt so right and perfect and that sort of thing. I was so grateful to him.

    The next day she was sorry and crying and said she felt guilty, even though I was cool with it. And my friend has never mentioned it to me since, like it never happened.

    I wish they would've seen it positively. The two people I care about most making each other feel good. I don't really understand why it had to become something awkward and buried.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i was talking to this girl named jessica her dad was a scary biker dude. after a couple of days i got her in bed for one freaky ass night i fucked her in the ass while she filled her pussy with a big fucking dildo.it was so hot i ended up nutting all in her ass. she had cum filled ass juices and pussy juices running out of her and onto the sheets and blanket. one of the best fucks of my life. i ended up falling asleep naked with the dildo sitting on the night stand. the next morning her dad walked in woke us up for breakfast. i was so fucking scared but he didnt give a fuck after breakfest we went back to her room and i fucked her again knowing her dad could hear us. after i was done she jumped in the shower i went sat down next to him and watched the football game he looked over at me and smiled as he said "she's good aint she" i havent been back since(true story)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last night i wnet cruising for a dirty hooker. I wanted a cleveland steamer on my chest. Thinking about hot pile of shit roasting on my chest still gives me wood. Anyways i finally found a raunchy little slut that would do it for $100. I took her to the nearest motel and made her strip for me. Then i told her to pop a squat over me. Watching her asshole get bigger and smaller as that hot smelly shit came out made me blow my load. I then proceded to rub that dookie all over my johnson.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I would hoard junk food hiding it in my room and by thr time I was 12 I weighed 140 lbs and got even heavier as a teen. The fact that friends and relitives told me I had a pretty face had little effect on my self esteem. I envied other girls and desperatly wanted to be able to wear clothes like them and be attractive to the boys, which I never was. I was probably 19 by the time I decided to do anything about it and it took years for me to get into the shape I am now. I am so happy with myself today I can't explain why I let myself get so out of control when I was younger. Other kids avoided me and I would avoid talking to the kids in school. I was teased and ridiculed often and became very introverted because of it. I kept to myself most of the time and had very few friends.

    Down the street from my house was a small convenience store where I bought all my candy and junk food. Mel owned the store and his sister worked there along with two or three other people at different times.I would purposely wait until one of the others took over so they wouldn't know how much candy and junk I actually got. I didn't want any of them to tell my mom about all the candy I would buy. My mom and dad knew Mel for many years and even though I was heavy, I was always helpful with my mom cleaning the house and doing the laundry. Mel was older than my parents and lived alone on the second floor of the store. He was in the store sometimes but the other people worked it most of the time.

    When I was 13 Mel asked me if I would like to clean up for him in the store and his apartment upstairs. He told me how much my mom would tell him how I helped her at home. My mom said it was ok so when it started I just went everyday after school and swept the store out and then go up to his apartment and do dishes or wash for him. Every Saturday I cleaned his apartment and did his wash for him. I didn't make very much money but I was thrilled that I was able to buy more junk to hide in my room and even stole some candy bars from time to time. Mel didn't pay much attention to me but I began to see him in his underware all the time and would get glimpses of him naked coming out of the bathroom.

    I never said anything to him and after a short while he was always in his underware when I went upstairs. He wore boxer shorts all the time and many times the fly would be open enough for me to see his penis. As much as I know now that he intentionally did this, at the time I didn't think he was doing it on purpose. One day he just said to me that he hopes I don't mind him being dressed like that. I guess I told him I didn't mind and he just told me he likes to be comfortable when he is at home. I really didn't mind seeing him like that and admit I liked seeing his penis and did like seeing him naked. I saw my cousins penis before but never saw a mans penis and certainly never saw a naked man. Mel was a nice looking man and although I considered him old he was probably only about 40 at the time and was not fat like I was and had a nice build.

    On Saturdays I was always there for three or four hours and would sweep the store first and dust the shelves. I spent most of the time in his apartment where there was always dishes and laundry to do. When I was in his apartment he was always there but we didn't talk to much. He mostly just told me what he wanted me to do that day and it was generally very easy because things were never real messy there. Before I went up to his apartment I always opened the door from the store first and tell him I was on my way up. Months had gone by and one Saturday he told me not to hollar up to him in case he was sleeping or taking a nap. He said if he was still asleep on Saturdays not to wake him and that I could just go in his bedroom to get his dirty clothes from the hamper. The following week when I went into hs room he was totally naked on his bed with the door wide open. I just stood there looking at him for awhile and finally went in and got his dirty clothes. I went about the apartment cleaning up and tried to be real quiet about it. I do admit going to his doorway many times just to look at him. After an hour or so he got up and went into the shower just saying hello to me. When he came out of the batroom he was still naked and asked me if I did his laundry yet, just standing in front of me with the towel over his shoulder. I think it embarrassed me when he did that but I never said anything.

    I thought about telling my mom but never did because I was afraid she wouldn't let me clean for him anymore. After that I began seeing him naked sometimes even after school when I just went up to do the dishes or some other small thing. I saw him naked every Saturday and it usually started with him being naked in bed. For the longest time I actually believed he was really asleep even when I could see him getting erections. He always got up after I was there for about an hour and would always go naked to the bathroom to shower. He began coming out with a short bathrobe on with no underware and never had it tied. I think I should have been fearful of him now that I think about it but I never was. He never tried to touch me or do anything to me sexually and never even spoke of anything sexual. The only times I didn't see him naked on Saturdays were if I was away or at a school event. As soon as I went into his apartment he was always in bed sleeping naked. Over the first year or so I would continually look in at him while I was there. I realized later he was puposely exposing himself to me but must admit I took advantage of seeing him like that. He would roll over in different positions while I was there even exposing himself from the rear with his legs wide apart. I could clearly see his scrotum and anus most of the time and he would more often get erections. There were very few conversations between us and he began to wear the bathrobe without underware even during the week. He did things around the apartment as though I wasn't even there. He never seemed to look at me directly in my eyes and it seemed he just went around like he was alone all the time.

    I didn't ever tell any of my few friends about it and Mel seemed like me seeing him naked all the time was just the way things were. The longer I kept coming into his apartment the more unconcered he seemed to be about being naked in front of me and would sometimes be in the kitchen getting someting with only a towel over his shoulder. It seemed like he was ingnoring my presance even though he would have erections more and more. The first time I saw him masturbating I was probably 15. I was cleaning up the kitchen and he just sat in the living room on the chair. He never looked towards me the whole time and I just stood and watched him cum. I just turned around to the sink when he got up and went into the bathroom. A short time later he came out in his boxer shorts. All he said to me was that he had to relieve himself sometimes and hopes it doesn't offend me. I don't think I even said anything and just shook my head or shrugged my shoulders. I knew what masturbation was by that time but never thought I would see him do that.

    From then on I not only saw him naked but many times watched him masturbate both on the chair in the living room and also while he was in his bed. That year he sold the store and moved out and I never saw him again. The new people that owned the store hired me and I worked there part time all through college. I started to diet when I was 19 and it took me 3 years before I was able to wear decent clothes. I'm engaged now and am getting married this coming year. I have many friends now and am no longer self concious about my appearance. I laugh about the time with Mel now and have told many of my friends about it even my future husband, but still never told my mom. He obviously had no sexual interest in me during those years and was only interseted in exposing himself. As odd as it sounds I was never afraid of Mel and even today don't understand how he never showed any signs of embarrassment when I saw him naked and especially when he knew I was watching him masturbate. I assume he was a pervert to a degree but mostly just an exibitionist. I don't admit this to my boyfriend or any of my friends but I did like seeing him naked. I also looked forward to watching him masturbate and wonder sometimes if he knew I enjoyed it. Not one time over those years did either of us mention his nudity or the fact that he always exposed himself to me. I think now that my silence about it encourage Mel to behave the way he did even though I could never admit that to anyone. The last year or so of it I knew he was aroused by me watching him all the time but still said or did nothing to discourage him.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my girlfriend asked me to pick her up for work. so i did when she left her house her dog ran out i was able to catch him down the street she asked me to bring him back after i dropped her off so i did.when i got to her house her younger valley girl sister that is in the chastity club was laying on the coach fingering herself i could see her through the window so i figured the closest neighbor was about 100 yards away i figure i could get one off really quick so i did watching her i cummed in my hand and wiped it off on the dog and knocked on the door she came to it i told her i could see her she blushed then called me a perve and reached out for her dog putting her hand right in my jizz it was fucking awesome

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