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    Posted by Anonymous

    After two years working on him, my therapist finally went for the bait...I slyly would flash him, wink at him, take a long glance at his bulge (i knew he wanted me). One late was about 7 pm...the secretary was gone home. He nailed me just like I fantasized he would. His big hands picked me up out of my chair, and held my head while he thrust his tongue in my mouth. pulled up my skirt and bent me over that fabulous oak desk in the office. Nailed me right to the top with his passion. Fucked my brains out right there where I had spilled my innermost secrets. Damn it was good!!! and just like a good man should, he made sure I had my fill before he was done. He fucked my ass till I almost passed out from the pain and intense pleasure. Next week I hope to get some more Analasis

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Is it normal to masturbate more to naked woman then men? I mean if you are a girl..
    but im not a les... but i lke mastubating to girls more then guys.. am i a les? cuz i dont think i am

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend and I moved into our own place the other night and decided to celebrate by hitting the liquor store on the way home and having a few drinks to relax after a long day of moving. Well after a few drinks I decided to take a shower, and after I got off and dried off, I was bit horny and decided I'd go into our new living room and sit there and play with myself in front of my boyfriend for a little bit.

    Well of course after a bit of watching that he got turned on and decided he was going to take over for me. So he went to finger me and it felt really good at first, but then his finger slipped and the nail on that finger was super sharp on the one edge, and he went to push back in and that finger nail caught on my left labia and he tore some of the skin off! I screamed really loud because it hurt so bad and the next thing I knew I was gushing blood all over the couch. I ran the bathroom, cupping my hands over my crotch not to drip blood everywhere, so I could get some toilet paper to start putting pressure on my tender wound. After I stopped bleeding, he took a look to see what the damage was, and boy did he get me good! It looks like I have a long jagged paper cut about half of an inch long on my left labia.

    So needless to say, I haven't been sitting comfortably at all the last few days, and my boyfriend learned a very important lesson--to cut those finger nails and file them down before he comes anywhere near me again!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When i masturbate i pretend i am a woman and hot guys are having sex with me. does that make me a les? i hate ne thing that has to do with les sex.. and im not into guys.. Ok im not a les lol

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Right now my wife is giving me head as I type. She gives absolutely the best head EVER. If you look up "able to suck a bowling ball thru a garden hose", you'd see her picture.
    I'm about ready to blow. Bye

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My older Sister Shanelle had come home from college for a week to spend the vacation tme with her boyfriend Mark and stay up at her cottage and she asked if I would like to come.... I said yes because I felt special being the younger sister asked to stay with her. We got to the cottage.. ( which I have never been to yet ) i walk out to see the view of the lake and there hot tub outside. Mark pulls up behind us in his blue chevey and we go inside. My sister and I bond for about two days and then she says that she is going to visit her best friend Lily for a day or so and she would be back. Leaving me and Mark at the cottage. She said that since i was 16 i was old enough not to mess around with her boyfriend. I smiled. I would never do that to my sister.
    Well the morning she left and Mark and I played cards and watched television. Night time came and she calls. " Sarah, I will be back tomorrow evening. Lily and I are shopping tomorrow for moms birthday. "
    " ok bye"

    That night I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and thought Mike was asleep because I hadnt heard from him in a while. So I usually sleep in just a t-shirt and no panties. I rushed in and began brushing my teeth. When the door opens and he comes in with his toothbrush. He didnt notice I had no panties and began brushing his teeth. I just scooted over so he wouldnt see and trying to act natural started to brush mine. Then he dropped his toothe brush and bent down to pickit up and he sure notcied then. Because he quickly stood up and acted like he hadnt noticed but it was pretty obvious because he was not good at hiding his.... uh yea....
    I thought he would leave but I didnt want to pass him so I waited for him to leave first. He didnt. He was stalling I knew it!!!
    " Um..... Mike.. can you leave i wan t to take a shower. "
    " Really? Cause I wanted to take a shower to. "
    " Well ok.... i will go first. "
    " Or we could go togethr. "

    How was i to say no to a 20 year old sophmore in college??

    " um..... are you sure? what about my sister?"
    " shes not here and no one will know. "
    " ok." I started the shower and he finished brushing his teeth. He slipped of his jeans. I looks as i could see his package through his boxers. He said now you take off an article of clotheing.
    " thats not fair. I only have a tshirt on. You have all your clothes on."
    "ok/" So he took off his shirt and sox. He was in his boxers and he slipped them off. i was amazed to se he was pretty big. Being he was quite a small guy. So I slipped off my shirt and he just looked at me as i blushed. i got into the shower and he followed me helping me in. As I got in the floor of the shower was wet and i slipped he caught me and pulled me to him.
    " Sarah you are a beautiful girl. More beautiful then Shanelle. "
    I just smiled and stood there while he stroked the back of my thighs with his penis,
    I had to admit. Mark was hott and all the girls in my class used to have a crush on hinm when he was a senior and we were in 8th grade. Then knew my sister had him. I was enjoying this. Thats when he turned me around and stroked my breasts with his hands and I rubbed his chest. He kssed me and soon we were outside in the hot tub making love to eachother. My sister came home the next day and never knew a thing.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a young gay dude and I met this guy online. He was much older than I but he still sounded hot. I told my parents I was going to spend the weekend with some friends and instead I went to this guy's house. When I got there I discovered there were three men instead of one. And these men were big and strong. No sooner did the door close behind me then they had my fucking clothes off and they had their way with me repeatedly over the course of two days.. I don't think I've been screwed up the ass as many times as I was that weekend nor have I sucked as much dick, and I loved ever fucking minute of it! I guess this make me a whore but fuck if I didn't have fun!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    there are lots and lots of people who want videos of college students in the act and there are lots of college students who want to do the wild thing.
    Well there you go supply and demand.

    i'm an expert at this along with my unnamed fiend.. We can easily get into dorm rooms and place our tiny little cameras.

    I can sell a video for $200 easy. Should I feel evil? Maybe but I don't.

    Besides our over seas market we can also do well locally. we call a guy and tell him that we have a video of a girl who cruelly turned him away. For $200 we give him good views of her breasts, her pussy her ass, everything. He takes it and gets to masturbate while he watches her getting fucked.

    the highest price ever paid for one of our videos was $500. three guys who knew the girl from back when they were in high school pooled their money to get the video. No one knew that she was masochistic till we saw the video for ourselves, that's when we connected with her old high school friends. what they liked about it was watching her get her ass paddled till she cried and then get herself massively fucked by the dude using a huge knobby penis extender. Well they liked it a lot but i'm not sure about her.

    Most of our good videos get sold on the black market, so Who knows when some of you porno freaks check out a video on the internet you just may get surprised and see someone you know. It is of course far more fun to watch our videos if you actually know the person unless of course it's your sister.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well guys, I've been telling you about my hot wife ("right now" & continued 1 & 2"), and how sexual she is.
    Let me tell you about her. We're both 24, been married 2 years, right out of college. We both have great jobs we love.
    She is 5' 5" tall, mid back length red hair, thin waist, great ass, & natural 40D breasts with an angel's face. She is a little pack of dynamite!
    Katie has never had a lesbian experiance, but we'll discuss it during sex. She gets so hot talking about what she would like to do with a woman, or have that woman do to her.
    Well, tomorrow is her birthday, and we've planned a night out. We're going to her favorite place for dinner, then drinks and dancing at the hotel, and back to the room later.
    What she DOES'NT know is that I've hired a stripper/"escort" for her! I hired one that pretty much matches her ideal of a female partner- mocha colored black woman, long legs, & small breasts.
    I'm sure that Katie will be happy, I know I will, as I hope to watch for a little bit before heading back to the bar to give them some alone time.

    Those are my plans- I'll keep you posted!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was having sex with my girlfriend and then my boss walked in my office to tel me some news and he saw me fucking my girl

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