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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 18 years old, I went to the mall to do some shopping with my mom. We stopped at a store restroom to pee, and when done, proceeded out of the store and down the rest of the mall. People all around were staring at me. of course mom says "it's just cuz you're so cute", and I'm thinkin (yeah-right!) when all of a sudden some guy I'd never seen comes running up behind me swatting at my ass....he was saying "miss you're purse is caught in your skirt", when I turned around, I was mortified. I realized that when I was done using the restroom, I had inadvertantly tucked the bottom of my skirt into the top of my panty hose, and I was wearing a thong, so I was walking through the mall practically bare-assed.....alongside my mom.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I went to my boyfriends house for the first time, to meet his parents. everything was going great, then i had to go to the bathroom. so i politely asked "where is the bathroom?" so his mother told me where it was, and i went upstairs into the bathroom, and i ended up taking a huuuuge poop. and then, when i tried to flush it wouldnt go down, and i was to embarrassed to ask his mom to help me, so, (this is the gross part)i put my hand in the toilet grabbed the huge log, and threw it out the window, right away i washed my hands for like 5 minutes, and i walked back down stairs to the kitchne table, when i got there everyone was loooking at the cieling, soi thought it was a shooting star or somthing , so i looked up, and there was my poop sitting on the window on the roof, i was soo embarrased!!!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Me and my sister went to cedar point a few years ago and we were in line for the tower of power. We must have been in line for a good two hours or so. This annoying lady was behind us and kept staring at us the whole time. It was really hot that day and i was dehydrated and started to feel really sick. All of a sudden i felt it welling up inthe pit of my stomach...i blew chunks all over the concrete and the poor sister was behind me, and saw what happened and tried to get us up and out of line so i could sit down. The lady behind us must not of been staring at us casue whenshe got up to the chunks on the ground she said "EWWWWWWwww somebody must have gotten sick!!!" then she looked a little closer and said " It looks pretty fresh" I about died...

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    This was a really embarrassing moment that happened to me at a party ...played on my by my ex-boyfriend. After you read this , you will know why ex is the right word.

    I am a cheerleader and into gymnastics and my ex was always impressed how I can really move my bod.

    Well at this party, he says I have a bet for you , lets see if you can accomplish this feat...I said sure..why not.I will try anything once..boy am I a sucker sometimes !!!

    He says..I am going to put a quarter on your forehead and I want to see if u can drop it into a funnel I will put in the front of your pants . You can only use move your head . I say ..sounds like fun. sucker !!!!

    I bend my head completely back and he puts the funnel in my pants and I try and miss . He says no problem..lets try it a couple more times.

    Well I tried two more times..and darn..two more misses.

    I said ..I know I am going to get it this time. one more time...please...

    He has a big smile on and says sure...why not.

    This time I bend my head all the way back..he centers the quarter on my forehead and he says ..on the count of three ready ??? I said yup...definitely

    H e goes 1.....2 ....then he pulls out a pitcher of ice water and pours it into the funnel......soaking my pants completely and all my friends are in hysterics..

    I am drenched...from the waist down..cudda killed him

    You cud see right thruough my pants to my thongs ...

    I cudda died...

    My friend told him that was so mean..and threw him into the pool .....boy did he deserve it !!!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last night, I tried to kiss a man that I have had a crush on for a long time. He flat out refused to kiss me. I was so embarrassed. I work with him, and now I don't know if I can ever face him again.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 10 years old and in the fifth grade we had been working with saws and drills and all kinds of building materials. I had been sanding down something and then I realized that I couldn't find my sandpaper anywhere. I searched around, but when I didn't find it, it wasn't a big deal, and I just asked for another one. Later, when we were cleaning up, this guy beside me started laughing and pointing at my butt. When he saw my puzzled look, he just grinned and grabbed the long lost sandpaper off of my butt! It was sooooo awkward, but luckily the guy moved half way across the country and I never saw him again. But I will never forget the kid who touched my butt and how mortified I was that day!!!!!!!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Anyone ever get caught masturbating with something in your butt?
    Cucumber, broom stick, etc?
    Ever go to the hospital to get something removed from your butt?
    How embarrasing was that?
    please post reply

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Gary and Martin were standing at the urinals in a public lavatory, when Gary glanced over and noticed that Martin's penis was twisted like a corkscrew.
    "Wow," Gary said. "I've never seen one like that before."

    "Like what?" Martin said.

    "All twisted like a pig's tail," Gary said.

    "Well, what's yours like?" Martin said.

    "Straight, like normal," Gary said.

    "I thought mine was normal until I saw yours," Martin said.

    Gary finished what he was doing and started to give his old boy a shakedown prior to putting it back in his pants.

    "What did you do that for?" Martin said.

    "Shaking off the excess drops," Gary said. "Like normal."

    "Cripes," ; Martin said. "And all these years I've been wringing it."

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    The Scene: Several friends and I are drinking at a beach on some rocks. This girl (lets call her "Susan") that I liked is there.

    I some how manage to be holding "Susan's" lighter. She goes to light a cigaratte, "Bob, could I have the lighter?"
    My drunken reply "I'll trade you for a kiss"

    (Now by this time I have had queit a few shots and can barely see straight.)

    Susan's reply "alright"
    I am exicted! Nothing like daring yourself to do something and having it go in your favor. We stand up begin a nice french kiss...

    and the next thing I know I'm face down on the rocks with a throbing head!! I had fallen mid-kiss and slammed my head on the rocks!

    That was embarrassing enough plus all my friends had to witness it!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I once was at this big party for my work, and I must have eaten something wrong, because I rushed to the washroom. They were out of order! I ran around looking for another one, and when I came to the center of the room, I was relieved of all the poop and pee contained within me! Everyone stared and laughed, and the next day, I was fired!!!

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