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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 40

    I love feeding my daughter and best friend my men's cock she loves it too, been doing it as long as I can remember and believe me men become your slaves

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    I'm just one of the many lucky girls out there that have a mutual father daughter secret crush.
    We act normal but when we're alone I'm constantly with my mouth on his excellent cock note of we have time which we rarely do we get amped up and really forget who we are if you know what I mean

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 30

    When I was about to finish my masters I went to a university sponsored get together with prospective employers. At the get together I met this woman (Grace) who was around 35 I thought, she said she worked for a large privately held company and they were looking for a recent grad to help with financial analysis.

    We chatted all evening, had some wine, and along the way she held my hand while we talked and she broke the ice and said she really liked me, and whether a job materialized or not, she really wanted to get in bed with me. I had broken up with my girl friend and was both a little tipsy and quite lonely and I liked her and said why not? I needed some strong loving and she seemed like she would give it to me.

    We went to her house and tip toed in, all the time telling me to be quiet, she took me to her room and she kicked off her clothes and jumped in bed and called me in, helping me out of everything down to my panties and she put me down hard on the bed and fingered me completely. We made love in the dark under the covers quietly with the bedroom door open. We stopped after a couple of orgasms and we slept tight, both of us with our heads on the same pillow.

    Around 11 her husband walked in, (I didn't know she was married) and he got in bed with us. We both woke up and she pushed me into his arms and said something like that is what I had been born for and in less than two minutes he had gotten on me and had me and ejaculated in me and gotten off of me and returned me to her.

    She had three boys, ages 10 to 6, a husband of 12 years, she was 32, she was the most attractive woman I knew, she kept me as a girl friend, and shared me with her husband from time to time which somehow I didn't mind, and three years later I had my own baby, a girl.

    She has always been a lesbian, but married while still in denial and had three boys one right after the other and she didn't really accept herself until she was around thirty and I am her first real girl friend. Her husband has sex with me, and no longer has sex with her, like I said I don't mind, it feels good to get some every once in a while.

    I am now the 'wife' to him in that sense.

    I got a job at another firm for obvious reasons.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 40

    I love it when my beautiful lady massages my feet while I stroke my dick hard for her. We have started confessing to personal erotic experiences from our past with each other and I can't tell ya how arousing this is for me. She is bottomless with only a t-shirt on and since we have been sharing stories, she plays with herself for me now too especially when she talks about some of the thing SHE did with more then one person. When I am ready to explode she plays with my nuts and the feeling is undescribable when I make myself cum.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    For 10 years I've been keeping a secret from everyone that I need to tell. Its about me and my wife's niece in her side of the family. Anyway when she was sixteen her parents were moving away and she wanted to finish iug high school so my wife and I agreed she could come and stay with us.

    Even at 16 this girl was gorgeous. Her name was Brandi. Since she was a baby she always seemed to have that crush on me girls get for their uncles. But it seemed the older she got it never went away. I don't even know how to explain the way she looked at 16,

    Anyway my wife worked night for the post office which left us alone all the time. Wed go places like iut for food or rent a movie a lot and it always seemed the evening would end with her sitting right next to me or on my lap as its always been.

    Until one night while on my lap mother nature took over and all of a sudden my dick started getting hard by just looking at her young tight little body . her top slightly open enough to catch the old side view of one of the most perfect 34c fits ever. And she noticed it right away and squirmed a little. I knew and she knew but nothing was said.

    She got up and went to her room it was bedtime. I went in my room and fell asleep. About two hours later I awoke and heard a muffling sound. I got up to check it out and when I entered the hall I could tell it was from her room. The door was left slightly opened and it was dark except for a ray of moon light shining on her bed.

    What I seen next I will never forget. She was laying on top of the covers with her nightgown off and laying next to her. She was all naked with two fingers inside herself and her other hand on her breast in a furious pace and saying deeper uncle rick faster uncle. I could do nothing but grab my dick and follow her pace. I think I blew my load watching her before she did.

    Her shaven pussy was glistening by the moon light she was so wet. I could believe her mastrrbating to thoughts of me. I only dreamed of ever seeing that. I went back toy room and couldn't sleep the rest of the night. But I jacked off for hours. I thought two can play that game so about a week later after watching her all night at home and being turned on I went to bed first. Leaving my door open this time.on purpose. After she went to bed I waited about a half hour AMD started stroking with everything I had. Making sure I made just enough noise so she'd hear.

    It was long before I heard her stepping in the hall and stopping at my door. I knew she was watching me this time and as far as I know it was the first time actually seeing my cock in the raw
    I gave quite a performance for her
    Just knowungvshe was watching seed toakevme harder and longer that ever
    I wanted her to come in so bad I was going crazy.when o was ready to explode I returned thevfabor and called out " oh fuck brandi fuck daddy good". As I said that I turned my head toward the door and she was standing right in plain sight with a hand in her soaked panties. I started wiping up my cum from everywhere and she went back to her room knowing I seen her.

    Well nothing was said but the next week was here 18th birthday. And as always the wife had to work. As she left that evening I was standing at the window watching her pull away. All of a sudden I felt brandi behind me giving me a big hug. She said uncle rick I know what I want for my birthday. I said what's that dear and she said she wanted my big cock inside of her. I was shocked to here that although its what I wanted as well. I then turned around and their she was completely naked and the mist beautiful woman I had ever seen.

    She put her arms around my neck and started to kiss me in a whole different way than ever before. Her tongue was instsintly in my mouth. And I could do nothing but return the favor. Once our lips parted she said its something she has wanted for a long time. And I admired that I feel bad but it's a fantasy I've had forever. With that we made our way into the bedroom peeling off all my clothes on the way. Once on the bed she gave me the most intense blow job I've ever had. Waiting so long for her it didn't take long to cumbin her mouth. Then I returned the favor and ate that young pussy till she came three times.

    Then we fucked each other the entire night till almost sunrise. Neither could stop cause we wanted it also badly. That was the greatest might I'll never forget. To this day ten years later she has moved out of my town but when the family gathers for certain occasions we still find time to please each other still. Ull never forget fucking brandi my little princess

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I was madly in love with this one guy, I spent all my time with him when we were together. That was 3 years ago. On my 16th birthday he dumped me. I started sleeping around with all his friends. Today I met up with his sister, whose 20, and we went to her house and he was there. I ended up eating her out just making her cum nonstop. When I went to leave my ex stopped me. He asked me why I was sleeping around so much and I looked him dead in the eyes and said "because I have no love to give but I do have my body" I left and right now I realized all this time I wanted all these people to be him.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am a 16 year old who lives in a nice suburban neighborhood. My neighbors are great people and the mom is sexy as hell. She teaches dance and once in a while I get to see her in shiny tights and a leotard. She will come out to get the mail and show off her sexy legs. One early afternoon this past summer we had gotten some of their mail so I decided to take it over about a half hour before I knew she would leave for work. I thought this would give me a great chance to check out her legs and ass in those tights and leotard. She is 42 years old and about 5'4", nice thick legs and average tits and a decent ass. I knocked on her door and told her I had some of their mail and she invited me in. She was standing there in her silky shiny tan tights and she had the top of her leotard around her waist with a t shirt on with no bra. I could see her nipples sticking out hard as a rock. I stepped in the doorway and she said come all the way in. She said I'll be right back and went around the corner and pulled her leotard up over her shoulders and took off the t shirt. She said to me I am getting too old to wear this stuff anymore. It just blurted out of my mouth. I said no way you look sexy as hell wearing that but I didn't stop. I said I would kiss and lick your legs from your feet to your pussy if I had the chance. I then froze because I realized what I said and I started to apologize. She just looked ate and walked over and said do you want to touch me and my legs, my wet pussy in this leotard? I about lost it but wasn't about to pass this up. I started rubbing her pussy through her leotard and she let out a faint moan. She said kiss my neck! I started kissing her neck and touching her every where. She felt so good in the spandex and those tights. She then said do you want to fuck me in or out of my leotard and tights? I was shocked but said in please. She went to the drawer and cut a hole in her leotard and then her tights. I started to put my dick in her and she said I can't believe how big you are for 16. I p****d her as hard as I could for about 10 pumps as she screamed out in pleasure and then I came inside her. She looked at me and said we will have to work on that. I want the full pleasure of that big cock. She said come over every weekday at 1:00 and I will have something special on for you and we are gonna fuck until you learn to fuck me the right way. It has been fantastic and I am in love with her and her shiny tights and leotard.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 40

    Is this irony?
    After telling the wife all week that i need more sex (she works days I work nights) knew i was on for some every night at the weekend so while playing 9 holes I decided if I made par on this hole(192 yds par3) I would try and get in the backdoor that night. So played 2 ok shots in the wind and chipped in for 15ft and missed it by an inch!!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 32

    My husband, Jay, has a drinking problem. I have talked to him about it for years, and he says he will do better, but when the weekend comes nothing changes. He does not drink during the week, but Friday night and Saturday night he makes up for it. He has a good job, we are very happy together, but sometimes I dread the weekends just because I dont know what to expect. He will have beers to start with and be fun, and honestly beer makes him silly in a good way. But then he decides to do shots, and thats when he gets bad. Never mean or abusive, but he gets to the point where he cant talk coherently, and then usually passes out.
    My affair was not meant to get back at him, but it started out as a game and kind of took off from there.
    In January, we had a party here at our house. Jay does have a very nice "man cave" as he calls it in our basement, so many parties in the neighborhood happen here. Of course my husband was fine to start with, but then he started the shots, and by 11pm he was passed out in the living room.
    Even though it was kind of early, people started to leave and it ended up just being this guy Randy as the only one there. We were talking for a bit, and he went upstairs at one point to go to the bathroom. He came back downstairs laughing so hard - he said I had to go up and check out my husband. Randy said he was snoring SO loud. Sure enough, by the time I was 1/2 up the stairway, I could hear Jay. Randy was with me as I went into the living room and yelled out Jays name and clapped my hands. Nothing. He was super passed out.
    Randy is only in his early 20s, and a bit immature, but he had the idea for me to "flash" my tits to him right there in front of Jay. I was so disgusted with my husband, I went ahead and did it. And I will admit, it was kind of exciting to expose myself to another guy with my husband right there.
    A couple weeks later, at the next party we had, Randy was more than willing to give my husband shots, since he knew my husband would probably pass out again. And of course he did.
    This time I let Randy take things farther, and he sucked on my breasts for a few minutes there in front of my husbamd. Again - it was really knd of exciting, and I did not see any harm in it. I told Randy never to expect anything more than a little fun like that, and that I had no interest in leaving my husband or even cheating on him. the months passed...and more and more parties, and my husband kept up his routine of passing out - Randy and I got more and more bold.
    At one point, Randy stood behind my husbands lazy-boy, and I got on my knees and gave him a blowjob. Randy would be able to tell if my husband woke up - but so far we have never had to worry about that. Ever.
    Randy willl leave a party early, and then come back later so other people dont notice that its always just him with me when everyone else leaves.
    About 2 months ago, we finally had intercourse. I guess I should have know it would happen at some point. We were in the kitchen, I was against the island, and Randy took me from behind. Not romantic at all, but we could both see Jay in the other room sound asleep, which made it so exciting.
    We have had sex 4 times since then. Randy does not even bother coming to our parties anymore - to make it look better I will just call him when everyone leaves and my huaband is passed out. Randy will come over, we will have sex, then he will leave. There is no emotional connection at all - its more a "lets see what we can get away with" kind of thing. Randy is a lot bigger size-wise than my husband, which is kind of nice for me. There have been a couple times where if Jay would have opened his eyes, he would have seen my hands wrapped around Randy's cock right there next to him.

    Maybe I am secretly hoping to get caught - maybe then Jay will realize he has a drinking problem. But then again, I find myslef buying him his favorite brand of whiskey, just so he can have more of the shots he wants. I am torn between wanting my husband to get better, but enjoying this "secret" life I have when he has had too much to drink.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    Recently I spent three days trying to get back home after a trip over to Greece with some friends. I wanted to stop on for a few more days after they left, but then like an idiot lost all of my remaining money pissed up one night.
    I'd not thought about the flight back home, and having no money I knew I was stuck. Call it fate, or call it just blind luck, but I got talking to a guy after three days. He was working and driving a truck all the way through to northern France. He asked me if I wanted a lift, but then told me there would be a charge. When I went to tell him I had no money, he told me, the charge would be my mouth and arsehole.
    On the four day trip with him picking up and dropping supplies along the way, I sucked on his fat cut cock over a dozen times and let him fuck me five times. At first I was almost sick sucking on his cock, but once I relaxed and got used to it being in my mouth, I began to enjoy making him feel good. Bizzarely the first time he fucked me, I completely loved the feeling of his cock filling my arsehole. It had my cock throbbing straight away and had me cumming within minutes without having to masturbate. He withdrew from my arsehole and made me eat his cum as it flew from his cock.
    It became a pattern as we slept in the cab, and I even began to offer to suck his dick. On the final evening just outside of Calais, where he dropped me off with some euro's, we had our most erotic fuck in a wheat field. We both got totally naked and I had him fuck me in kinds of positions, the last of which was me mounting him as he wanked my dick.
    I came all over his face and let him cum inside of my arsehole. On the train that night travelling through the channel tunnel, I felt his cum leak out of my arse. Finding the toilet, I scooped it up and swallowed the lot.
    Back home after a long tiring journey, I text him to say I was ok and got this reply "See you in October, can't wait to pick you up, Yannis x".
    I've already let my parents and girlfriend know I'm going away again. What they and everyone else doesn't know, is I'm meeting Yannis and staying at his place for the week. It will be one long dirty week of sucking and fucking, and I just can't wait.

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