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    Posted by Anonymous

    hi im19 and my name is amanda. when i was in work i needed the toilet so bad for some reason i needed a shit and a piss and i could'nt leave my seat so i peed in my water bottle and i shat in my role.then the boss comes along and i ask him if i could go to have my lunch he said eat your lunch there or ill eat it and if he eat it i would be fired so i started to eat my role with my shit in it meanwhile hes watching me eat it. i finally finish the role and hes says drink up so i drank half of my piss it was the most disgusting thing ever.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    While walking with my husband we both wanted to pee. We went into an almost empty bar and straight to the toilets. The women's toilets were out of order and I was in si much hurry that I said to hubby that O was going to the men's toilets with him. The only cubicle was occupied and I could hardly hold my pee. After a moment's hesitation, I dropped my pants and my underwear down to my ankles, abd held my lips open to pee standing up next to husband. It was a bliss! Suddenly, the toilet door opens and two men came in and saw me peeing with my pants down! I couldn't stop peeing and had to hold my lips wide open because it started dripping down my legs. It took me a minute or so to finish, it seemed an eternity. They obviously enjoyed the show because they came to stand next to me and looked straight on my exposed genitals. Finally, hubby gave me toilet paper and I wiped myself in front of everubody. I was all red in the face, it was the most embarassing moment in my life.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hello Everyone.
    I have never posted here before so I'll introduce myself. My name's Abbey-Lee, I have medium-length brownhair and blue eyes. Almost 14. I live in Australia. This is my story.
    Afew weeks ago I hadn't been feeling well all day and it was 8.30pm and I was watching TV with my family. (2 brothers, mum, dad). All of a sudden a sharp cramp hit me and I ran to the bathroom. Instantly I had 3 waves of mushy brown diarrhea. It smelt really bad. Afte 10 minutes of it I went back to the lounge room where I had this conversation.
    MUM: "You OK sweetie?"
    ME: "Not really just had diarrhea..."
    MUM: "What caused that?"
    ME: "Ummmm dunno maybe its a virus..."
    MUM: "Maybe you shouldn't go to school tomorrow"
    ME: "No, don't worry, it'll pass trust me!"
    After having afew ways of diarrhea through the night I was confident that it was over but skipped brekkie and went to school. In Period5 (of a 5period day) I excused myself to go to the bathroom. My boyfried had noticed I wasn't well and excused himself to go to the bathroom aswell. But instead of going he came into the girls bathroom as I sat there *moan*fart*diarrhea*moan*fart*diarrhea* he comforted me.
    Mum had noticed I still had diarrhea and made me stay at home where it lasted all day.
    Still at home with Mum, shitting constantly. She brought me medicine but it didn't help.
    Went to doctors he told us that "It'll Pass, Dont't worry"
    It's Tuesday now and I'm still at home, I don't really eat anything but still shit a tonne....Can anyone explain??? Thanks....

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well i worked at this paint shop during the summer and theres this nice guy there named Marcus and that day i decided to wear my favorite shorts and so one day i was in the middle of painting i had to go really bad!! But i thought why risk looking stupid in front of my paint shop partner so i held it. When i reached the top of the house and i am short so i asked marcus to give me a boost so i was painting the top f the house while he was giving me a boost and all of a sudden i started peeing uncontrolobly! It drenched my favorite shorts dripped down my legs and right on his face!!! TOTALLY EMBARRASSING! well lets just say for the reat of that summer i hung up my paint brush and started working at a convienience store with these stuck up snobs that are stupid compared to marcus!!!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When we were kids my cousin came over to go trick or treating and spend the night with me. We ate a bunch of candy and we both went to bed in my double bed. She kept on rolling from side to side like she couldn't get comfortable. Then she let out a moan and was like "OOOOOh, my stomach". I asked what was wrong and she said she had eaten too much candy and had a tummyache. I had heard at school that toothpaste would help a tummyache so I took her in the bathroom and fed her some toothpaste. We got back in the bed but a few minutes later she started to cry. I was about to go and get my mom when suddenly she sat up in bed, grabbed her belly, leaned forward, and BLLLEEECH, puked all over my white eyelet comforter. It was soooo gross. I am not sure to this day if it was the candy or the toothpaste she ate that made her barf!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    In high school, my stomach got very upset one day during French class. I had diarrhea. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. So I went and relieved myself and my stomach was feeling much better. So I went back to class and sat down but then the cramps came back. My stomach hurt so bad I was doubled over and had big tears running down my face. The teacher had to have someone help me to the bathroom and I had more diarrhea. But the girl told everyone what had happened. I was so embarrassed.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I eat boogers and they are so tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I even pick the noes of my 21 month old daughter! There so salty and yummy!
    When I have a cold, I slerp the snot out of my noes and damn is it like I'm in heaven.
    Once when I was 13 I saved all the boogers and snot for like 3 months and one day when I was feeling crappy, I took out the container and ate it all. It took like 2 or 3 hours.

    Damn it was good!

    NE other noes pickers out there? Post if u r!!!!!!!11

    --Ti ffanny

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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is super gross.
    Me and My boyfriend were making out on the couch....he was putting his hands allover and I had to shit really bad but I didnt want to stop the makeout I was an idiot and shit in my pants and umm then my boyfriend put his hands down my pants and felt all the squishy shit and he started freaking out now everytime we go to make out he asks me do u have to take a shit before we start??

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    Posted by Anonymous

    As the age of 12 I used to work on a Friday night at my Uncle's fishmonger shop to get the stock prepared for the next day. My job was to gut and prepare the fish for counter display and it did not take me long to notice a particular type of fish which had sex organs almost exactly the same us humans. The male species had a dick with two nuts hanging and the female had a pussy but hairless of course. One night when my uncle went to buy sandwiches I took the opportunity and fucked the largest fish pussy on the worktop. I enjoyed the experience so much that I did it as much as I could when I had the chance. Yeah the meat was cold but it sure beat the hell out of hand pumping my rod. Gross uh?

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend and I did something different.

    He soaped up his hands and washed his dick, balls and between his ass cheeks. Then before he rinsed his hands, he washed his face with his soapy hands that he used to wash his dick, balls and between his ass cheeks with.

    I did the same thing with my pussy and between my ass cheeks.

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