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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years ago, my husband kept the kids while I went for a visit with my best friend from college. Sunni is the sexiest woman I know and not surprisingly she is often involved in polyamorous relationships. I knew when I planned the trip that she was living with two men and another woman, but I didn't care. Little did I know that it would come to matter very much.

    I arrived on a Friday night, planning to leave a week later. When I pulled up outside the house, the first thing I was struck by was how small it was for four people living there. Imagine my shock when I learned that there were actually five in residence!

    Sunni came out wrapped in a sarong, a glass of sangria in one hand. She was followed by three of the hunkiest guys I've even seen and two equally good lucking women. New Mexico might be a retirement mecca, but evidently there was a shortage of young flesh. Certainly, it was on display that night.

    Clearly I had overpacked since Sunni's housemate and lover, Claris handed me a not so large rectangle of silk as a sarong with instructons to change. Since the desert heat was searing and my luggage had disappeared I obeyed, dressing in a tiny bathroom off the living room.

    When I came out, Sunni hugged me. I could feel her strong but slim body through the thin layers of fabric between us. The scent of jasmine wafted from her hair and a subtler female odor and I was suddenly curious about how often she shared her body with the gorgeous people she lived with.

    Did they have a rotating schedule? Were there threesome, foursomes, or (with the new addition of Leilani)moresomes? It would have taken a huge bed if they did because the guys were all above 6 feet. The smaller two must have weighed between 225 and 250 lbs. The third, a guy who looked a lot like the Black and Samoan wrestler The Rock was 6'7"probably weighed 280. There wasn't a spare ounce of fat on any of them.

    Suddenly I was curious about the sleeping arrrangements. All of the house I'd seen so far was a tiny bathroom and a small all-purpose area with a couple couches, a refrigerator, sink, and stove. Neither couch looked like a pull out and the house wasn't large enough for a guest bedroom.

    "Whe re's my bed?" I blurted

    I must have blushed because Sunni laughed and said that she guessed that I was tired and would appreciate a lie down. She said that a siesta was customary and not to worry. Everyone was about to take a pre-dinner nap.

    My thoughts went from where I'd be sleeping to with whom!

    (to be continued...)

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was at the store when I saw this guy we started talking. Then he asked me over for dinner. I said ok. Then I we started makeing out. He got butt naked so I did the same we layyed in bed and when i said I had to go to the restroom he came with me!! After that He started sucking on my brest so t layed there and went with it. i guesse we both fell asleep because when i woke up he was asleep still sucking on my brest!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I think it sucks how society is so hung up on some of the most beautiful things, like cunnilingus.I'm a bit shy about offering it to the fine college girls I meet everyday.(I'm a guy) Sad to see that I'm poluted with some of the same shame as the rest of our uptight society.I think I can fix all that nonsense.I think I'll make up a T-Shirt that says"Smile love the beauty of cunnilingus" and just go around wearing it to start conversations about it,and break the barrier of shame.Albert Ellis,(a famous psychologist once said"if your ashamed of your sexuality,just get a copy of Hustler and go ride on the subway while checking out the pictures".)I think that I can help some of the lovely ladies out there to come to terms with it to,and help them give themselves the permission that they need to feel inside in order to enjoy it better.And yes,of course,set myself up with a sweet select supply.What do you think?? Dare me??

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    Posted by Anonymous

    It might be hard for some of you to believe but their are seemingly normal guys who actually want to be sexually abused. i'm serious. there is a whole part of the sex industry devoted to this. Most of these guys are like totally guilt ridden and have this inner feeling that they deserve to be punished. Well someones got to do it right? I mean why not? I can get money and I can get drugs. I don't mind it at all. I don't even have to take my clothes off because it's all about them. there are so many of those kind of guys out there that I'm sure that some people reading this have secret fantasies about it so i wrote you this little poem. It's about mean and a former teacher of mine.

    The fool comes in and takes off his clothes
    not kknowing that guys are something I loathe

    I tie him up tight, no getting away
    The fool won't like me by the end of the day.

    it's hanging all out for me to abuse
    it's too late to stop me from doing what I choose.

    i squeeze his soft nuts till his erect dick shrinks.
    i whip his bare ass till it's crisscrossed with pink.

    i roto root his butt hole till his eyes are all bugged.
    i give a hot enema and stick in a plug.

    his dick head gets heated with a candle so hot.
    his balls on a charger get electrically shocked

    he begs me for mercy because I'm so mean
    he kisses my feet and calls me his queen

    with balls between scissors he learns whose the boss
    and he never forgets me for what nearly he lost

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend wants me to give him a blow job and I guess I want to give him one. But I dont when and where to do it at. He was going to come over a couple weeks ago when my family was out of town, but he did not have a ride. He has also done things to me but we have not had sex though. He comes over tommorrow should I do it?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Has anyone been drenched in cum from a lot of guys?
    How was it?
    please post reply

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Hey girls,since your totally anonymous,please tell me about the panties that you have on right now.What color are they? Style? .... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend and me started having anal sex awhile back. This may sound stupid, but after he cums he has to wait a bit for it to get softer before taking it out. This doesn't happen with my pussy. Is this normal for anal?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Have you ever played this game? It's called flinch. The object of the game is to flirt with or physically arouse a friend (not someone you are involved with, even as a friend with fringe benefits) to the point where he or she either loses control or backs off (flinches).

    Here's an example:

    Tammy enters a party. She spots Peter sit on a couch, bber in hand. She sits next to him and places her hand on his uper thigh. If Peter gets a hard-on or removes her hand he automatically loses. But if he doesn't react, he is winning and she must escalate her behavior. She might stroke his neck or actually sit on his lap.

    A guy can play with a girl, too. He can breathe on her ear, run his fingers down her spine. If her knees buckle or she pushes him away she loses.

    My friends and I played this game extensively my first year in college. I just learned that a coworker and her friends played it at her college. I know one adult woman who plays this game now with a guy friend. I would never play it now, but my husband is freaked out by the very concept of the game.

    Does anyone else have experience with this game? If so, please share.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a curvy black girl with a love of all things Irish --not surprising given that my dad's last name is Reilly and my mom's maiden name is Callahan. The fact is that back in the Old South, the Irish overseers went a bit mad for the dark lasses and sired a lot of half-African, half Gaelic kids. My great grandmother on my dad's side had brick red hair, freckles, and green eyes. I think she would have fit right in on any farm in County Cork.

    Anyways, recently, there was this holiday you may have heard of --Saint Patrick's Day. Some friends and I went to a bar and whooped it up. After my third Irish Car bomb, I found myself on the dance floor with a guy who looked a lot like Colin Farrell. Yummy accent to boot. He was quite flirtacious and well, I was drunk which is why I ended up going home with him. Well not home exactly, but to his motel room which looked as if the IRA had bombed it recently.

    I didn't care. I'd had 5 star hotels. I'd never had an Irishman. And I said as much.

    He said he'd never had a black girl before and lavished a shameful amount of oral attention on my booty. Which is why I shrugged when I felt his rather substantial Irish banger at my virgin back door.

    I can't describe how exciting it was. He pulled out at the end and I came just feeling his thick Irish cream spurt onto my coffee colored ass.

    We're meeting up tonight and I'll see if he tastes as yummy as the foam on Guinness.

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