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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 29

    I recently broke up wit my gf as a result I had 2 find other ways of release sexual tension. So I termed 2 mastubation, after a couple of weeks it wasn't as fun as it use 2 be so i google ways and tips 2 enjoy it even more. Porn was also in the list. I have 2 say this. Porn has thought me so much i ddnt know bfre. But the funny thing is am having fantasy witch I think a very strang. Number 1 fucking a woman wit a strap on or vibrater. Number 2 fucking a gay guy and a gal at the sametime. Number 3 being submissive hve 2 or more woman cuff me and fuck me as they please. Number 4 Anal sex Number 5 being filmed when am mastubating. Is this normal plz advice. Or U can get me on watsapp.081 899 8918. Am not slpy yet am horny and browsering porn

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 26

    I have a fetish for women's knickers, I love to sniff dirty wet knickers, I love to wear knickers and dress like a total slut. I just wish more women love that sort of thing as well. I want more kinky minded women to leave knickers in public places for us to find, sniff and take home to fantasize over

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 38

    I am a 38 yo male who enjoys being teased and humiliated by woman for my penis size. I first discovered this, when I was in my early 20s, on y***o, when they used to have chat rooms. I was on webcam with a girl and when she asked me to show her my dick, I showed her. I wasn't fully hard. The girl put her hand over her mouth and type "OMG you are so tiny!!!" and continued to laugh. I got fully hard while she did this, and from then on, I used the y***o chats to be laughed at and I did whatever I was told to do to make them laugh. In case anyone is wondering, I am about 3.5 inches when fully erect. I miss those days of the y***o chats heh.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I have been having sex with Tranny's for almost a year now. The first time I was a large party with a almost a hundred people there. I was so wasted when I started hitting on this sexy Asian chick, I didn't pick up on anything different until we were in bed making out.

    She had sucked my dick and had me throbbing within a few minutes. When I went to return the favor, I lifted her short skirt to find her panties filled with a rather large cock. She quickly pulled her panties down and out popped this 7in curved cock.

    She began to stroke it and within seconds it just stood straight out in front of me. She told me to touch it but i couldn't, she told me to suck it but I wouldn't. She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me, her hand taking our hard cocks together. She began to jerk us off together, our cocks rubbing against each others hardness. I wanted to deny I didn't enjoy it but the truth was I did.

    The sensation was truly overwhelming, my cock ached with pleasure within a few moments. She laughed we she saw the precum ooze from the tip of my cock. She tasted it and said "yum!" Soon I could see the precum at the tip of her engorged cock now, she took the precum on the tip of her finger and just pushed it in my mouth. "No so bad is it?"

    Suddenly she rolled off me and lay on her back. "You're turn now." I knelt between her legs and looked at her hard cock, she made it twitch and laughed. Kneeling closer it took me a moment to gather the courage to wrap my hand around her cock and when I finally did she squirmed with pleasure and moaned.

    I began to jerk her cock slowly, feeling the warmth of her cock in my hand. Moments later I could feel her throb in my hand, and this strange feeling of excitement raced through me. I took my own cock and gathered us together and did us they was she had done only minutes ago.

    The precum glistened on the tip of my cock once again, and her's did as well. I began to jerk us off faster, both of us moaning with erotic pleasure. She squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples as my hand worked our cocks in unison as I felt my arousal increasing by the second.

    She told me to jerk us faster and I did, my hand moving like a piston up and down. My cock began to secrete more than just precum now, it was slick and I used it as lubricant. I watched her tease her breasts, squeezing them hard and moaning much louder.

    The sensation of jerking us off together was more than I could stand, my cock pulsated against her engorged cock and I began to shoot a stream of cum out like a rope. The first shot hit the roundness of her breasts and she massaged the cum over and around her nipples. The next two spasms sprayed her stomach easily, and she began to cum as well.

    She swatted my hand away and I watched in awe and her cum jetted into the air, it went on me, her, and the bed. She jerked her cock feverishly and squirmed under me moaning very loudly now. She milked her cock to the last drop, her hand literally squeezing the very last drop of cum from the tip.

    We lay there for a while before we got cleaned up and returned to the party downstairs. Before the party was over she gave me her number and told me she had some friends, we could have our own party sometime if I was interested? Trust me I was interested and she knew it.......

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 18

    Well, so far this is not embarrassing, but it has the potential to be the worst! My mom and I have the same name, and recently I got a very explicit text from my step dad. I know he thought it was my mom he sent it to, because of what he talked about and to her. I hear them having sex at night, but I used to be able to put it out of my mind, but now after that text, I just lay there thinking of them, and I start caressing myself, and much more.

    My mom had me young, so she is less than 40, and my step dad is a little younger, so he's maybe mid 30's? And he it totally hot. I am between BF right now and since I hear them almost every night, I have been thinking of him a lot.

    He's a businessman and wears a suit almost every day, but I have been able to catch a glimps of two of the outline of his "bulge", and he appears to be very well off in that respect. He has my mom moaning all the time when they have sex.

    Anyone know how to get his out of my head? I started listening to my MP3 when they are going it, but I still know they are going at it, so it doesn't really help, I still think of them, especially him, doing it. And I find I am wishing it was me he was doing it with!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 20

    My racist dad would be so pissed if he found out that I'm fucking n***as when I am away at college. I can't get enough of their thick black dicks. I love how they fuck me rough and make me their bitch. I have never told anyone this is the reason I still don't have a boyfriend.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 33

    I train jujitsu for several years game pretty proficient. My work took me to Miami Beach for a month while I was there I found a jujitsu school to train. Pretty cool place but not high level so I pretty will dominated everyone in the class with the exception of one small younger Filipino kid was about 22 years old and was small probably 5 foot 7, 125 pounds. He was pretty talented and we would have some good battles even though I weighed him by 75 or 80 pounds. He would often get very flustered when he could not submit me and I would catch him in a submission. I was certain that he didn't like me being there didn't like me at all one day after class he asked me if I want to go have a beer and I agreed.

    He asked me to go with him to his place so He could shower, even though I have not, before we went to a bar so we did at his place he gave me a beer and we smoked a little weed. I was in his living room on his couch looking at a bunch of his jujitsu trophies when I call him walk in the room on the corner of My eye.

    He was naked in the first obvious thing to notice about him was his dick was huge especially in comparison to a small lean body. He said come on let's roll for real. I said what are you talking about. He said let's roll whoever taps gets fucked. I'm not gay and you haven't tapped me once. He said he was willing to risk it and took a tube of lube and squeeze it got up start to rub it all over his cock started to get hard. He said Cmon take your clothes off prove it to me once you don't have to fuck me I won't bother you again. He was Such an angry evil bastard I decided to teach them a lesson I stripped off my clothes and he immediately approached me in his big living room area. As soon as he grabbed me I took him down and rolled over on top but I quickly caught him in a triangle choke. I had a pretty deep and I knew he was in trouble but it was a mistake because in stead of trying to fight it he just lifted up and placed his greasy cock on my ass and try to push it in. Realizing that I I had made a mistake I quickly let the triangle go and turned to try to sneak out underneath. But when I did I took my back and he immediately took my back and sunk in a rear naked choke. He had his arm deep under my chin around my throat and would have choked me out of it except instead of locking with his other hand he was trying to place his cock in my ass again I could that fat shaft of his cock pushing into my ass. I made another mistake though and try to lower my hips at which time he quickly locked the choke and in just a couple seconds I passed out. I woke up just a couple seconds later and he was deep inside of me fucking me from behind. The pain was intense but he was deep inside of me and my legs were spread. I said stop stop and he said just a couple more seconds baby and I said do not come inside of me. He then leaned over near my ear and said who's better jujitsu you or me? I said you are you are just pull it out.

    He pumped a couple more times and then quickly pulled himself out I felt a great release and the pressure my ass was gone. I rolled over on my back to try and catch my breath then he quickly moved up for one leg my arm and the other much just started jacking his cock off before I could really grasping you started shooting come all over my face. I got angry and shove him off and he got up use laughing. He then went to touch the come on my face and I punched him hard on the chin and sent him flying back onto the couch completely unconscious. I was so angry so I'm laying there on his stomach over the couch I decided to get even I walked over and got the lube rubbing on my dick. I work just come off of my face put it on my time and then found his ass hold my cock and shove them in. Even unconscious he grunted when I entered him though I was angry just tired around my cock fuck him and fuck him he finally woke up and he was whimpering as I was pounding his ass but he didn't say anything and I finally shot my come inside of him. I got off I was still pissed so I punched him hard in the ribs. When I did my cum start flowing out of his ass. He didn't even turn around and look at me just laid there I got up and got dressed and walked out and never went back to the jujitsu school.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    My stepsis is one hot bitch. She walks around the house in those tight clothes and with no underwear, always giving me a hard on.

    I jack off with her panties and cum in them when she is out.
    I also jack off to the noise of her getting fucked by her boyfriend next door. She moans like a slut.
    I once found some naked pics of her while secretly going through her phone.

    I wanna fuck her so bad. I would fuck the shit out of that bitch.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 39

    My landlady the thought of it is turn in me wild. I can dress all the time around her, hope she sees my bulge and I'm going to wear very revealing clothes and lesve y toys on display, I want her cute bum in my face. She mentioned lesbian relationship and she's up for it. I'm going to have scat in the shower as well. Want her to catch me wsnking over her panties. Am going to tease her until she gives in. I get them jeans down and lick her till she screams the house down. Me licking all her cum up, thennmy tongue Is going up her bum taste her, soon turn her in to s toilet fan and someone to whip my nsughty bum

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Transsexual Male / 39

    I just showed s young girl my cock, so wanted to put it in her pussy. I took her legging down and her pink psnties, I put my tongue up her number, she tasted yummy, I want her shit in my mouth the

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