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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I lay beneath the sink, fixing a leaky sink when Lance, (the plumber) comes in and stands beside my up side, as I pull my head up out from under the sink cupboardit is met with the Surprise of Lance's unbelievable large uncut hung Lance he unleashed for my evident inspection ....
    At first I gentle grasp it's long thick shaft, but b4 long I'm thrusting it deeply within, deep throating his thrusting hipped cock almost all the way to his low hung testies. Face fucking me savagely ! I gurgle in loads of deep gagging throat spital and pretend cun.
    Finally, he eases back telling me he don't want to spill his 4 moth load just yet, he says he needs some c**t & ass b4 finishing, but he Thanks me for showing him where his cum goes when he is ready ... His fingers are undoing all my clothing as he throats me, then he dives over me in a 69 possision so he can lick my acheing wet pussu, acheing to be filled as I know his Big Cock will.
    .......... Oh Shit, here comes the nose Supervisor! " FUCK "

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 19

    As a rising sophomore college student I spent the summer in Rome. While I was there I met a guy, also from the States, and we hit it off. I feel he took advantage of my vulnerability and took my virginity. He not only took my virginity but he also took advantage of the situation and took me anal. When I returned home I came home pregnant, which is half the problem, but the other half is that I feel totally given to him seeing as he had sex with me like that. My girlfriend who was there with me thinks that I am out of luck, we were not here, I am over 18, getting a butt f!!!! is not supposed to be that big of deal, but it is to me.

    I think he should deal with the consequences of his actions and marry me. How am I supposed to go to my parents and tell them I am pregnant with no man to show for it?

    Am I wrong here? A man takes a vulnerable woman, takes her virginity, takes her in anal sex, gets her pregnant and she is on her own? Is this fair? How am I supposed to go on? What kind of a future am I supposed to have? How can I possibly go forward with another man? I am going on four months pregnant now and all he says is send him pictures of the baby and when he comes back after finishing his degree he will come see the baby. I can't hide this from my parents any more. I can't believe I don't have any say in this.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 50

    I like to be punished as in severely abused, humiliated and embarrassed. I'm a Detroit Lions fan.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 45

    My wife Tanya is 34 tall and very slim and has removed all her body hair and her own hair is also cropped very short.
    We moved to Spain a few months ago to a lovely villa on the coast. Tanya fell in love with the place straight off.
    The only problem was our neighbours on our first day the two folk next door charge up to us demanding that we would not be going round in the garden nude. As the last owner did. Tanya is normally very shy with new people.Tanya Turned to the couple and thanked them for their warm welcome. And asked how they could possibly see into the garden as the wall between us was about 8ft high. The lady sharply replied from our bedroom windows. In that case don't look Tanya said. As we started to walk away Tanya turned to the couple and told them. If I want to be nude in my garden I will not seek your permission. We went indoors and I told ! no demanded "Tanya I want you in the garden now nude". Just a sec I am coming I heard her shout. Tanya appeared after a short while completely nude. Tanya smiled and pointed to her slave ring which she had been pieced just before we left. Her c**t is just a smooth slit no awful c**t lips. It looked beautiful. You slave is ready for you my master. Tanya enjoys the roll of my slave. We went into the garden both naked and fucked up by the wall so the terrors next door wouldn't see us. We had a long slow fuck unfortunately Tanya get very vocal we just hope no one heard us. I not sure what their would make of Tanya telling me. Oh master fuck me I love you long thick cock let me cum master. Then getting louder "Oh my master your cock is making me cum". We later went onto the terrace to enjoy a drink Tanya was still nude and to our surprise the lady on the other side of us walked into the garden with some cakes she had made. She wanted to welcome us to our new home. Tanya stood up and thanked the lady for her kind gesture and asked her to join us in a glass of wine. My name is Ann I live here on my own since my husband died she told us. All the while Tanya was still nude and made no attempt to cover up. Ann was early forty I guess and very attractive. She didn't seem bothered about Tanya being nude. Ann settle down with a glass of wine then asked if we had met couple up the lane. Tanya explained to Ann WHAT THEY HAD SAID. Ann told us that no one likes them and its best to ignore them. Tanya then made the point that she enjoys being nude. Ann spoke up "ME TOO" . There are some good sandy coves around here popular with the nudist she added. Then with a grin she also added that you can come across couples that you may say get carried away. Tanya smiled and asked Ann. "You mean they are having it off" I am afraid so came the reply. just as Ann was leaving Tanya suggested "Why don't we all go to the beach tomorrow. Great I will make us a picnic you bring the wine Ann said with a smile. Tanya walked Ann to the gate at the bottom of the garden. Ann turned to Tanya as she left. Just leave your cloths off tomorrow you can walk from here to the coves or the beach nude most people are naked anyway. The following day we met up and all three of us walked out nude. Ann had a great body big firm tits and big trim thighs Seeing these two lovely ladies had its effect. When we reached the cove I had an almighty erection. Tanya turned to Ann look at my lord and master. Ann smiled and said if we needed to relieve ourselves she would keep watch. I was as horny as Tanya so we fucked as Ann looked out. I noticed she was watching us more than anything else. When we finished Tanya asked Ann to pass a tissue and dried my cock. Tanya then made a joke. Ann why don't you become my slave sister because my master can fuck more than one slave. Ann stood there her shaved c**t looking a little swollen. I would love that she was almost in tears. I was already erect again and just wanting to fuck again. Ann spoke up will you want Tanya and I to fuck for your entertainment also. Tanya stepped in of course we are his slaves . Tanya ask Ann do you like anal sex . She blushed and nodded. Tanya watched us and not what was going on around us. As I fucked Ann I DEMAND she only cum when I allowed her. She became like a woman possessed. Tanya!!!!! asked our master to let his slave cum. She let out a loud cry. Oh forgive me my master I aaammmmmmmmmmm CUMMING. She was one great fuck. I punished both THAT NIGHT with a plastic fly swot six lashes each for failing to kiss my cock after I used them. Ann stayed the night and I ordered her to fuck with Tanya and tomorrow we would buy a strap on for them. Ann would be the cock slave and Tanya the c**t slave.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    First time coming out with this,

    When I was 14 my mother married a man who had two kids, a boy and girl twins. They were 15, but we were in the same grade.

    I had to room with the girl, my new 'sister' and he had his own room. Things got off to a quick start and my mother got pregnant right away. My new 'sister' and I shared a big bed and she was a hugger and from just about the first night she was going to spoon me and hug me. At first I thought it was weird but being hugged like that felt good and I let her.

    One night we were all hugged up and she asked me if I had ever touched a boy. She clarified and asked if I had ever touched a penis or sucked one. I told her no, I had not done that, and she said if I wanted to I could touch her brother.

    That led to the conversation of how much sexual experience I had, and she cupped my boobs and asked me if I liked that. I told her no, but I did, I liked her hugging me and putting her arms around me, I liked feeling her tight against my back and having her put her leg over me to sleep. I didn't take her hands off my boobs and she put her hands under my top and really felt me up while she hugged me real tight. She asked me if I was getting wet, because when you got felt up you got wet, and she put her hand down between my legs and asked me to open my legs and she felt me up and fingered me. I was wet. She stopped suddenly and just hugged me real tight and said she was real happy to have a sister of her own.

    I found a lot about what I liked, for the next several weeks we experimented with all sorts of things, and we started to make out and kiss. We brought each other to orgasm and then would just lay together and hold each other real tight. Sometimes late at night she would wake me up to ask me if I was happy that our parents had decided to get married so we could be together. I didn't know it at the time, but I was falling in love with her.

    We started to dress alike and we had our hair cut the same way and we told everyone we were sisters, we ate lunch at school together, we did homework together, we set the table together, we made the bed together, we showered together, and we slept and made love together. And every night she would put her arms around me and I would get as close as I could to her. That year while my mother was pregnant was the best year for me. The new baby brought us even closer, and when my mother announced that she was pregnant again, we knew we would be together forever.

    For my 16th birthday we were bought a car, for the two of us. It was our car and we used it to go to school and to run around. She liked to drive and I liked to ride, I only drove when I had to. Freedom was a great feeling, we were so in charge of our lives.

    We were getting ready for school and she asked me I had ever thought about having sex with a boy. I told her no, it had never crossed my mind. She thought for a while and then said that maybe we should, to see what it was like. She went to her brother and asked him and he agreed, and at the age of 17 I laid on the bed while he got on top of me and I lost my virginity to him. It felt good, because it really did feel good. She followed later and she lost her virginity. It didn't change how we felt about each other. It was just something for us to remember and talk about.

    We are two 'sisters' that live together and are quite happy with how we are. College is behind us and we are building our careers, and living together and sleeping together, still hugged very tight, and I am still being awakened at odd hours for her to ask me crazy things, we still set the table together and make the bed together. The day my mother got married I found my 'sister', the love of my life.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 36

    Lets say im in a decent marriage. I love my wife, but i do not love her in the sexual way. Nor does she even want sex. I go on dryspells for months, only to fuck for 5 mins on my birthdays and holidays. Anyways, since I work at home, and my wife works as a teacher, our income wasnt that big. After my mother who used to live with us passed, we decided to run a bed and breakfast in the ensuit. Technically I run it since im the one whos home most the time. I dont mind it especially with my side activities.

    Im not cheating on my wife, but I guess I sorta am in a sense. Anyways, I have 3 hidden cameras in the ensuit. One in the alarm clock facing the bed, one in the airvent in the bathroom, and one against the wall, showing a nice view of the entire bathroom. When ever a hot girl stays, wether alone or with her husband/bf. I can remotely turn on the camera. My schedule usually looks like this.

    Catch them changing as soon as they check in the room and jerk off.
    During night at around 8pm-10pm I check for any masturbation/sex they are having.
    2 am I sneak in and steal the dirty panties that I watched them change out of.
    Jerk off with panties watching their morning routine.

    So far I have 14 panties, 30 recorded videos, and one large picture collection

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 34

    I want to fuck my preachers wife. She not smoking hot but defently Fuckable. She looks pretty good for having 4 kids. She has small B-cup tits and nice ass. A few weeks ago she had a low cut shirts in and bent over in front of me,I could see her tits. When she looked up she busted me looking at her. She just smiled and made some small talk. I just want to bend her over in church and fuck her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    My wife was a slut before we were married. The first time we fucked she fucked my friend later that evening.
    One of the things that attracted me to her was her reputation. She was known for sucking everybody's dick and always swallowed. She was always the life of the party.
    Two weeks after we were married she let her best friend suck my dick til I came in her mouth.
    Not long after that we invited my younger brother over to watch porn and she sucked his dick and I fucked her doggy style. We would have sex with him every time I could talk her into it or if she was horny for threesome sex. Sometimes she would suck his dick and I would masturbate and watch. She would look me in the eye while she was sucking him and that would really turn me on.
    I really got off to her fucking and sucking him while I watched.
    She and I had talked about doing a double pussy penetration but we never got to do it because she decided to stop doing kinky sex with my brother.
    Now all she'll do is normal sex. I've hinted around but she's not interested anymore. I fantasize about her sucking other guys, sometimes black guys. I like to watch cuckold sex videos on the internet but that's the closest I get to kinky sex anymore. I'm a pretty much anything goes guy and need kinky sex to get off. For a while I went to the adult arcade and would leave the door unlocked, I've lost count how many anonymous blowjobs I've gotten from guys, but I've quit doing that too now.
    Now I just eat her pussy before we fuck and think about all the dicks that have cum in it before and that gets me off. I also get off kissing her and thinking about all the different guys dicks that have cum in her mouth while I'm French kissing her.
    My wife's mouth and pussy have had hundreds of dicks cum in them and she has given pleasure to countless men and now I have to be content with fantasizing about those glory days while I fuck her.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 36

    My one experience with something I would never do on my own.

    I was in sales at the time for an equipment manufacturer and I was asked to attend a trade show and man the booth. This was my first opportunity for an overseas trip and I was excited. The company paid for me to get a passport, and I was off to see new things.

    At the trade show there were lots of people from all over the world, and this one man came back several times to talk to me. He asked me to dinner, which I declined, asked me for my hotel, and I told him where I was staying. When I got back to the hotel that evening after the show, he was there in the lobby and pestered me to have dinner with him. I had been told by a couple of the salesmen to stay close to the hotel because getting lost in a big city was a problem. But I didn't pay attention to their advise and I agreed to have dinner with him.

    Everything during dinner was great, he was a great conversationalist, he had been in business for over 30 years, he had so many experiences, and I was captured by his stories. After dinner we walked by the sea shore and we arrived at his hotel and he asked me in. I hesitated, I said no, but he had my hand and walked me in and I followed. When he opened the door to his room, I felt a cold feeling in my stomach, but I was in his room before I could react.

    He was very tender in his speech still holding my hand, he left me for a moment, and came back and asked me to wear something for him, and before I could say anything he had put a collar on me and then a leash, and he pulled me up to him and told me that for one night I was going to be his.

    He pulled me by the collar to the bed and tied the leash to the bedpost and started to undress me. As I resisted, he pulled the leash tighter until my head was against the bed post and he took off my clothes. He took my wrists and tied my hands to the sides of the bed and then released the leash so I could move my head. I was naked tied to a bed in the room of a man who's last name I couldn't remember.

    He played with me, barely touching me, blowing on me, kisses across my lips that barely touched, kisses across my nipples that barely touched, his nose and kisses on my vulva, blowing on me, he took his penis out and laid it on my face, then on my breasts, then he straddled me and went down hard on me with his back side and penis in my face. His penis grew in front of me, until it was rubbing against my chest, as he devoured me. I wanted to take his penis in my mouth but I couldn't get there, all I could do was look at it, as it hit my chest.

    Then he quit. Just stopped and got completely naked and told me what he was going to do with his penis. He took a small tube out of his suitcase and came over and put his finger inside my anus and maneuvered it around and around, I tried to keep my legs together, to squeeze his finger with my anus, as he slowly pushed it in and out. He got in front of me and pushed my legs up high in the air and pushed them apart and got in front of me and lowered himself until his penis was against my anus and in one great shove he penetrated me. He kept my legs high, until he came inside of me and let my legs down.

    He left me there and went to the bathroom to wash up and came back out and put sat on the side of the bed and pinched my nipples until I had tears in my eyes. He then put two fingers in me and reached down with his mouth and bit my clitoris until he drew blood and showed it to me on the tip of his finger. He exposed my clitoris with his fingers and blew on it, the air going across created a pain I can't describe, and in one sudden move he rammed his fingers into my vagina and I had this gross orgasm. While he had his fingers in me he bit on my nipples, hard, like to break the skin, he really bit hard and I kept begging him not to bite off my nipples. He bit down hard, using the teeth in the back of his mouth, he bit down so hard that the pain made me lose awareness.

    When he stopped I could feel my nipple was hurt, really hurt, and he got on top of me and penetrated me vaginally and fucked me so hard while he held my face from moving. All I wanted him to do was to come, to just come and get it over with, when he came it was hard and he thrust me with each ejaculation.

    I spent the night there, still tied by my leash to the bed, in the morning he walked me to the bathroom to relieve myself. When I wiped my clitoris screamed in pain, I broke the scab and it hurt so much, my nipple was dark blue, and he pushed me up against the washbasin and fingered my anus again. I was allowed to dress but he didn't take off the leash until we walked down to breakfast.

    For the remainder of the show I was so uncomfortable, my clitoris stung and hurt and my nipple was in constant pain. I went back to England a different girl than when I left, I was no longer innocent. My clitoris is far more sensitive than it ever was, and it takes very little for it to become painful so I have to be very careful when having sex. Masturbation is the only way I can get pleasure from it, a form of pain that just drives me crazy, until I manage to have an orgasm. It is for me only, because I can't let someone else touch me like that.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    My affair with her began when I was new to my job. A girl that worked there was helping me find a descent place to live and offered that I could stay with her and her husband while I found a place. I got fucked by him the first night I was there and the second and the third. He fucked me and she watched and masturbated.

    On the third night after he fucked me he kept me down on my back with his hand on my chest and she went for me and buried her face between my legs and ate me into an orgasm. She is a small woman, maybe five one, and he is a big man, over two twenty, so when he fucked her that night after eating me out it was like watching a grown man fucking a child. It was almost obscene, she was so small compared to him.

    We became a three party sex machine, he would fuck me and she would eat me and then he would fuck her, this was the routine. One Saturday afternoon while he was playing golf she just wanted to eat me, just the two of us. We started on the couch as she kept burying her head in my crotch until I let her take my pants off. We both got naked in the living room, she had me eat her for the first time. She was very aggressive, almost too aggressive, she wanted to be naked and sixty nine and suck nipples, she wanted me to make love to her.

    I finally said I needed to find a place of my own, I was in so deep, I was getting fucked every which way by him and I was making love with her. She had no boundaries, she wanted me to make love to her every day. She would let him fuck her, but she wanted me to be the one to make love to her. It wasn't in me, I wanted to be the one that got fucked and made love to. So we had to break it off.

    It has been three years and I confess that I make love with her, just the two of us. I can't quit it, I tried, I tried to just not see her, but I can't. I changed jobs, but when the days go by I go see her and we get it on until we are exhausted. It is not normal. Sometimes I just push my tongue down her throat until she gags. I can't get her out of my mind.

    Relief comes when he takes over and puts us both down, when he does I get peace, something I can't get with her, I always stay turned on with her, no matter what we do.

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