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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    This past weekend I stopped by my buddy's house to check on things while they were away, as they had requested. It didn't seem that either of the boys were home so I decided to snoop around and went upstairs. I happened upon my best friend's youngest son wearing his mother's lingerie, in full makeup, wig and all. He was watching porn on his laptop and nearly fainted when he finally noticed me watching him masturbate to a video of a crossdresser sucking cock. He was very frightened until I assured him his secret was safe with me. I complimented him on his appearance and asked him if he was interested in sucking my cock. His eyes went wide and he became quite nervous. I assured him that he didn't have to unless he wanted to suck me.

    I decided to try and seduce him, I wanted his painted lips around my cock. I went across the hall into his parent's room and selected a little black dress his Mom was wearing when she sucked my cock one very drunk night. My plan was to have her son wear it while my cock was in his mouth. He sheepishly agreed and looked cute as hell as he slipped on the tight dress. I had him model it for me and after I had him turn slowly on his heels, I pulled out my stiff cock and reached for his arm, gently guiding him to his knees before me. Any apprehension seemed to disappear as he willingly wrapped his ruby red lips softly around the head of my cock. Slowly at first he took my hard dick in his mouth. Then he pulled off and licked up and down the length of my rod, teasing the tip with his tongue. I took his head in my hands and forced my cock deep and made him gag a bit as I skull fucked him just like his Mom.

    I relaxed my grip and let him take my cock as he wanted. He lovingly licked and sucked my cock as if he been doing it all his life. My first spurt of cum startled him and he gagged and pulled off as it hit the back of his throat. I came again across his chin and he opened his mouth and I finished on his tongue. He got very anxious and almost ripped off his mother's dress. He was scared and full of remorse. I calmed him down with soft kisses and began massaging his tight hole. I lightly penetrated his pulsing asshole with a finger and he came violently all over his mother's dress and stockings. I gave him a deep kiss and we both agreed to do it again. I'm looking forward to him getting his first driver's license next month.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 37

    I was just at my sister in laws place and found the used pair of panties she'd just been wearing in the washing machine.
    I smelt the residue she'd left behind.
    I tasted it...

    I stole a pair of her panties... and I'm wearing them now.

    I plan to cum inside them, and return them tomorrow.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    So here I am, 30 years of age and everyday I wake and ask myself why, it all started when I was a child more or less still a toddler. I am the youngest of four, and the youngest of two brothers, I came from a family who had their children taken away by child services, for me this was when I was 2 years of age. I stayed in care from 2 years old until I was almost 13, I spent my life never knowing my family in fact I was allowed visitation only 8 times in the whole time I was in child services. So as an overview, my oldest sister who couldn't follow the rules nor did she like them decided that she and the younger of my two sisters were going to hatch a plan to make my parents life living hell, and they did . they called child services and told them my father was beating them and that my parents were drug addicts, they came and took all four of us children into care....keep in mind that during the 80's someones word was enough to have a child taken away, no investigation was needed in most cases and back then if they looked in your pantry and it lacked anything more than normal it was considered neglect.

    So here I am taken to a foster home full of strangers at the age of two, and my first foster mother would hit my for using my diaper "I should have used the potty" quoted from court papers. there was an investigation held and I was moved to a new home within three months of arriving at my first one, apparently these foster parents had a history of abuse, so on to the new home I go at this point I have turned 3 years old, and I remember this. at my new home the people where nice well my new foster mother was, my foster father was a trucker and I rarely spoke or seen him, she was a caring wonderful women who as a child you could never ask for more. then after six months no warning I was moved again, this time with a relative my aunt, she was a some what kind women when her partner wasn't around , you see she was a lesbian and her partner was a manly angry women. In fact she absolutely hated children all children, my aunts partner would kick and slap me when I would talk during her TV shows when my aunt was at work or just not around.

    She would threaten me with violence and pain if I ever told anyone, what pain you may ask ? if I were watching TV laying on the floor she would intentionally step on me, not just me but most times my genitals afterwards saying why can't you move for people why do you have to be so ******* rude.I didn't know I was doing something wrong I was only four, I had bed wetting issues at this point and things got worse much worse. When I would wet the bed I would call for my aunt for help, instead my aunts partner would say to here all nice like " oh don't worry I can get it" she would come in and give me a look of death, followed by shutting the door behind her. She would ask me to remove my wet clothing I learned quickly my cloths were coming off no matter what , either I would take them off or she would forcefully . what followed was beyond my understanding she would tel me to lay naked on the bed with my legs spread, as I did this she would proceed to undress and what I know now is pleasure herself while touching me.

    The abuse continued until I was 5 and I was moved to a new home , this time I had no clue I was not to be so lucky as I was at my aunts. I was at my new home not more than four weeks and just started school when it began, I had no idea what was to come , the home i was moved to was highly religious and vary traditional dutch german , I was to attend church 3 times a week sundays wensdays and friday nights, when I arrived at this home I had to give up everything I had toys clothing photos of anyone I ever knew and wasn't allowed to play with other children at home or school, my new foster parents had a long history with the school staff and were community friends, it was a small town with a population less than 3,000 people in the middle of amish country.I was born on halloween and this didn't sit well with this family, I was locked in my room for the entire day even kept home from school, I had 4 older foster brothers who would routinely beat me.

    Not beat up but beat as in draw blood and even as far as being knocked unconscious many times, they would gather around me while kicking me and punching me in the head chest and back while calling me my nick name, which was given to me by they're father "duivel kind" I didn't know what it meant until I was older. If I was bad I would be locked in the basement of the 200 year old farm house they lived in, yes in the dark and alone, if I couldn't eat all of what was given to me at meals I would be screamed at by my foster father with the words "ondankbaar varken" and than he would grab me by the arm and take me to the hall closet push me in at say "je zult brand in de hel, net alsof je vuile moeder" .He would leave me there for the night and come get me in the morning before he left for work, as he opened the door he would ask now are you ready for you're punishment ?, I could only look at him and say what did I do ? he would respond by saying you have **** and pissed yourself you filthy "kakkerlak".

    This home was an english speaking family on the outside but at home it was dutch, and he would ask again are you ready for you're punishment? I gave in and said yes not even knowing why I was even in trouble, he continued and pulled me out of the closet and told me to go get cleaned up, when I came back to him he threw me on the floor and began beating me with his belt buckle end first,after about 10 minutes of the routine belt I was told to pray that god will forgive me for being so evil, this was my existence from arrival at age 6 until age be continued

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45


    this all started a couple of years ago when the wife and I discussed fantasies one night and i explained to her that i wanted her to fuck another or other men and let me watch them fuck her..

    well, she said it made her hot and she had a male friend she had known for a very long time and had fucked him before in the past before her and i ever met so she said she would approach him about the subject and see how he reacted.

    a couple days later she told me that she had talked with him and explained to him that i wanted to see her with another man and watch him fuck her and that he said he would love to do it and that they had already discussed it in detail and that he was coming over Saturday night. she told me that in the past that the two of them had been fuck buddies and they had awesome fuck chemistry and i was in for a show because he always fucked her good and made her cum numerous times. i of course had to ask her if he had a big cock and all she would say was that he was bigger than me and that i would have to wait and see for myself.

    that night we discussed what was going to happen Saturday night and she wanted to make sure i could handle seeing him fuck her, she told me that he was a very passionate lover and a very good lover and he would for sure be kissing her passionately and he used to really fuck her good in the past and really make her cum. i told her i was pretty sure i could handle it and we agreed that if i could not handle it that i would simply just leave the room until they were done and he left and i would not cause a scene and that we would discuss it after he left.

    what she neglected to tell me was that he was a state law enforcement officer in the state we live in and when the night arrived and when she answered the door to let him in i almost passed out when i saw him step in the door with his full uniform and gun belt and all on, she was dressed in some very sexy black stockings and a tiny black thong and a very sheer bra that showed her very nice tits and nipples thru the fabric, she did have on a short robe that barely covered her ass.

    i almost passed out because here was this law enforcement officer coming in my front door and my wife dressed the way she was and i had no idea it was her friend, i got so incredibly nervous and for an instant was freaking out wondering why the law was here. it took just about as long to clear my brain and to actually get excited when she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss and said, "hello sexy", it was then i figured out it was her friend and even though i started to relax a bit i was still feeling intimidated by this 6 foot something well built officer of the law running his hands all over my wife.

    she untied her robe and let it fall to the floor and they kissed again while i watched his hands go straight to her sweet ass and as he felt her up i saw her rub his cock thru his pants.. i was sitting on our loveseat on one side of the living room and she took him over in front of the couch on the other side of the living room and she went down to her knees and was sure to turn where i could see his cock and as she unzipped his pants and he pulled out his cock, i was amazed, it was the largest cock i had ever seen in person, she told me later that he was 9 inches and that he was the biggest one she had ever had, i noticed he was very thick also..

    well she looked over at me with her eyes and took his cock in her hand and put it to her mouth and opened her mouth and took him in and started to suck on him, very slowly at first and every few times going a little farther down on him, i was amazed when she took almost the entire cock in her mouth and throat, she had no problem taking my 5 and a half inch cock completely in her mouth but this cock was way longer and thicker than mine and before i knew what was happening she went down on him until her nose touched his abdomen, i could not believe my eyes and he looked down and said " god i miss how you suck my cock".

    he started taking his gun belt off and she stopped sucking him long enough for him to lay it in the chair next to the couch and he took off his pants and his shirt and he sat down on the couch and spread his legs and she moved between them with her back to me now and went back to sucking his cock and he put his hands on her head and she sucked him for quite a while before she finally stopped and stood up and straddled him on the couch and unfastened her bra and threw it on the floor and he went to town licking and sucking on her tits and they kissed very passionately as she started moaning softly and i heard her tell him how badly she wanted his cock inside her, how she wanted him to fuck her married pussy like he used too and fill it up with his cum for her husband while he watched, well my eyes were glued on them and my cock was hard as steel and i was rubbing it thru my shorts as i saw her raise up and slide her thong over and take his cock and guide it in her pussy and she sat down on him until he was completely in her and she moaned very loudly.

    he wrapped his arms around her and she slowly rode up and down on his cock and i could see it going in and out of her as she rode him, they were kissing very passionately again and in between kisses i heard him tell her that he really missed fucking her and that it was so nice to be fucking her again and she was telling him that she loved how his cock felt inside her and how she had missed having his big cock in her pussy.

    i was beginning to feel like they were a couple in love, i mean she was intensely passionate with him and just kept telling him how much she missed his cock, almost like i was not even in the room, they were doing more than fucking, they were making passionate love to each other. i heard her tell him that she was going to cum and she started grinding her hips on his cock and she cried out and whimpered she was cumming and i began to notice that his cock was glistening with her juices and she was cumming all over his cock.

    i was so intensely turned on but yet so jealous at the same time, i wanted it to stop but i did not want it to stop, she had never ever once been that passionate with me, i mean you can tell when someone is passionate about someone else and these two were oblivious to me or anything else in the room, i had never seen my wife like this before or so focused on fucking, or making love, i felt the jealously in my gut, it almost was making me sick i was so jealous but i did not want to leave the room nor did i want to let my jealously show, after all this was my idea but i was now thinking it was a bad idea, i mean when i brought it up that night she immediately brought him up and said she would do it with him and i now knew why and i was beginning to think that she was doing this for her own selfish reasons..

    well she stood up and moved over and took her panties off and dropped them on the floor and he stood up and she got on the couch sideways to me and on her knees and put her forearms on the arm of the couch and he got behind her and his cock looked huge to me and it was glistening with her pussy juice and he took it in his hand and guided it in her pussy and i knew this was her favorite position to be fucked in and he pushed his cock balls deep in her and she started almost screaming saying things like, "fuck my married pussy" "show my husband how i like to be fucked" " fuck me and cum in my married pussy" she looked over at me and her eyes were glassed over and she stared at me repeatedly screaming those things to him and this man started fucking my wife like a jackhammer. her tits were bouncing like crazy and she was pushing back on his cock as he slammed his cock in her and i could actually hear their bodies making contact, he grabbed her hips and was pounding on her and she was screaming i am cumming and suddenly he groaned out loud and slammed his cock balls deep in her and she cried out "oh god yes, cum in my pussy, cum in my married pussy, god that feels so good!"

    when he took his cock out of her, it was covered in his cum and their combined juices, she stood up and walked right over in front of me and spread her legs and put her hand on her pussy and spread her lips open and the cum just ran out of her and down her leg and dripped on the floor, she stuck her fingers in her pussy and took them out and asked me if i liked what i had seen and did i like seeing her pussy with his cum running out of it and i told her it was the most incredible thing i had ever seen..

    she asked me if i would mind if he stayed for a while and we could all go to the bedroom and play, i told her i guess that was ok and she said not to worry that i would have plenty of fun too..

    she went back to the couch and sat beside him and they kissed again and she told him thanks for the awesome fuck and for fucking her like he used to.

    she got up and got a cigarette and lit it and i decided that was a good idea so i smoked one too, they talked about old times and old fucks and i just pretty much listened to them. after we were done smoking she got up and took his hand and told him lets got to the bedroom, when we got in the bedroom she told me that i could get naked and get on the bed with them and i did and she kissed me and him and i licked her tits and felt of her soaking wet pussy and my cock was so hard and she started to rub his cock and he was still pretty hard, she then floored me with her next sentence, she was holding his cock and looked right at me and said, " i think it would be so hot to see you suck his cock honey", i was dumbfounded, i had never even ever touched another mans cock, she told me that it was ok with him and that they had already talked about it and it would really turn her on if i would do it and no one would ever find out. i stammered and did not know what to say and she looked at me and said "come on baby do it for me ok, i want to see you do it so bad, lets have some fun tonight like we have never had, well i leaned down and could not believe what i was about to do but i opened my mouth and she guided the head of his cock in my mouth and i gently and slowly started to suck it and she started saying that it was the hottest thing she could ever imagine to see her husband suck the cock of the man that just fucked her. i could taste his cum and her pussy and their sex juices and it wasn't so bad tasting, it tasted a lot like her pussy when i have eaten her out after i fuck her, well she kept encouraging me to take a little more in my mouth and i felt it touch my throat and i almost gagged and i did gag a little bit, but she told me to take my time and relax, i sucked his cock for a few minutes and then raised up and she kissed me very passionately and said she was so fucking turned on and she wanted me to fuck her right now.

    she laid back on the bed and spread her legs and i got between them and my much smaller cock slid right in her soaked pussy all the way and she pulled her legs up and asked me how it felt to fuck her dirty used pussy and i told her it felt great, well he moved up by her head and she turned her head and started sucking his cock while i was fucking her, well i only lasted a few minutes and i came harder than i ever have and she stopped sucking him and looked at me and said "you must really like fucking my used pussy, that was quick" my cock went soft as it usually does after i cum but he was hard as a rock and he moved between her legs and started fucking her and i could hear his cock sloshing in her pussy, i laid beside them and kissed her while he fucked her and licked her tits and told her how awesome this was to share her with someone, she told me that she loved fucking him and that we could all fuck together if i wanted too and i said sure.

    well as i laid beside them he put her legs on his shoulders and once again he began to fuck her like a jackhammer and she started screaming and cumming again and she has never come that much or that hard with me, they fucked for a while and i could see his sweat dripping all over her tits, they continued to kiss very passionately and he once again groaned that he was going to cum again and she again said "oh god yes cum in my married pussy".

    when he pulled out of her and laid beside her she looked over at me and told me she wanted me to eat her pussy right now, well i did not hesitate i was so turned on, i got between her legs and there was a huge wet spot on the sheets and i could smell her pussy and it smelled like cum and sweat and cock and i just buried my tongue in her and ate her out like i have never eaten her before and she started screaming and cumming and grabbed my head and held my face tightly in her pussy as her hips came up off the bed and i felt her pussy cum against my mouth and felt her cum and all of mine and his cum as her pussy contracted and pushed it into my mouth, i just swallowed and kept eating her out until she stopped cumming and i crawled up beside her and we all laid there and she told us what an incredible night it was and she got up to smoke another cigarette and he said he had to be going and we went in the living room and he got dressed and i got dressed and she kissed him goodbye and she told him she would be in touch to do it again and he left..

    well her and i talked aobut it and how hot it was and i told her how at first i was so jealous seeing her with him and she told me that she had no feelings for him other than she loved his cock and loved how he fucks her and she could not believe it when i told her i wanted her to fuck another man and she wanted it to be him. we talked about how hot she got watching me suck his cock and how i ate her pussy out after she was fucked by both of us, we decided that we would do it again.

    well, we are still doing it, they are doing it most of the time, sometimes i watch, sometimes i join in, sometimes i am not even around, sometimes she will go to his place and when she does she always comes home with soaking wet panties and her pussy full of his cum and i will eat her out and make her cum and then fuck her sloppy used pussy and that is what i now enjoy the most, eating her out after he fucks her and she still gets off hard when i do it.

    i have sucked his cock a few times, i have sucked him with her and have actually let him cum in my mouth, i have gotten over the jealously and realized that my wife needs him and his cock and the way he fucks her, he fucks her in ways that i can not and makes her cum like i can not, and i realize this and am ok with her fucking him for those reasons and she loves me so much for understanding why she needs him, she has never denied me her pussy but i have come to realize that i now enjoy fucking her more if he has fucked her first, i love when she comes home smelling and looking like she has been fucked and smelling her sweaty cum filled panties and then removing them to eat her out.

    i guess you could say that he is her primary lover now and i get his leftovers, but she treats me like a king because i understand her needs as a woman that i can not give her but she loves me anyway..

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a mother of two teenagers, 16 yr. Old boy and 17yr. Girl!! Also I've been having sex w my brother since we were 13&15 we still have wonderful sex when the time allows!! Last week I caught my kids having sex w each other, I was furious, then they pointed out That they only masturbated together until a year ago when they peeked me and my brother(their uncle) having sex!! The were not stupid they know its wrong and plan to keep it a secret and learn from me and my brother how to do it undetected for so long!!! I agreed as long as nobody knows not even my brother!! I Reluctantly agreed, and they've since become the most honest kids in the world, telling me everything, and last night I woke up w my son spooning me and his throbbing hard on nestled on my pussy I asked what he was doing and he replied "loving my mom" and he moved his hips just right so just the head was in my wet pussy he took the next deep stroke and came!! We had great sex the rest of the night!! I'm fixing him breakfast and wondering what I'm going to do w such good kids!!

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    In college I was on a sports scholarship for soccer. I played forward on the women's soccer team and was in very good shape. A guy, who will call Phil, got a hold of me and knocked me up. No one supported me with an abortion, especially Phil and my parents. "Have the baby and then decide', 'a baby is a gift from God'. 'you messed around now live with the consequences', 'once the baby is here you will see how wonderful it is to be a mother', 'you don't have to marry him, but you have to respect him, after all he is the father of your child'.

    In the end I was the one that had the child, I lost my scholarship. I should add for the sake of full disclosure that I have some lesbian tendencies, and I was in a relationship with another girl on the team when Phil knocked me up. I broke off my relationship and I half dated Phil while I was pregnant. Bottom line the baby was born and I wasn't married.

    I am a stay at home mom, but Phil has taken the opportunity to make a family with me and I have three children now. I am still not married because I can't just walk away from how I feel. Right now I am with another girl, she works at an insurance agency, she is 25.

    I get 1800 a month in child support, plus what I make teaching Yoga, so I get about 3100 a month and my girlfriend makes about 2400 a month so together we are doing ok. But Phil wants me to move in with him and just quit my girlfriend and focus on him and out kids and have another one. I stay at home full time. And I can finish my college degree.

    I have confessed this to him, I am all for giving him my full attention and having another kid and becoming his wife full time. But what I cannot promise is that I can successfully break up with my girlfriend. When I was in college my relationship was for the most part physical, we slept together. But this relationship is not, it is more than real, on both our parts.

    I know for the sake of the kids I should just hang it up and do what Phil wants, get married have another child. But I don't know if I can bring myself to breaking up with my girlfriend and I do not what Phil to do it for me. I know it is not supposed to be possible but I love Phil, I didn't when I first got involved with him, but I do now. The thing is it is like a quiet love, deep and personal, but not at all like the love I have for my girlfriend, and I love her too.

    I wish I wasn't confused, but I am. It is my mess and I have to sleep in it, but that doesn't make it any less confusing and anxious. I don't think I can ever say to my girlfriend that we have to break up, I could never say those words.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi, My name is Kareen. My mother was a fanatic about public toilets. As a little girl, she'd bring me in the stall, teach me to wad up toilet paper and wipe the seat. Then, she'd carefully lay strips of toilet paper to cover the seat. Finally, she'd instruct, "Never, never sit on a public toilet seat." And she'd demonstrate"The Stance," which consisted of balancing over the toilet in a sitting position without actually letting any of your flesh make contact with the toilet seat. But by this time, I'd have peed down my leg. And we'd go home.

    That was a long time ago. I've had lots of experience with public toilets since then, but I'm still not particularly fond of public toilets, especially those with powerful, red-eye sensors. Those toilets know when you want them to flush. They are psychic toilets. But I always confuse their psychic ability by following my mother's advice and assuming The Stance. The Stance is excruciatingly difficult to maintain when one's bladder is especially full and the pee is burning to be released. This is most likely to occur after watching a full-length feature film. During the "movie pee," it is nearly impossible to hold The Stance. You know what I mean. You drink a two liter cup of Diet Coke, then sit still through a three-hour saga because, for God's sake, even if you didn't wipe or wash your hands in the bathroom, you'd still miss the pivotal part of the movie or the second scene, in which they flash the leading man's naked butt. So, you cross your legs and you hold it and you might even cover your lap with a sweater to hide the hand you have down there pushing as much pressure as it can on your aching pee hole. And you hold it until that first credit rolls and you sprint to the bathroom,somewhat already wet and about to totally explode all over your internal organs. And at the bathroom, you find a line of women that makes you think there's a half-price sale on Mel Gibson's underwear in there. So, you wait and smile politely at all the other ladies, also crossing their legs and smiling politely.

    And you finally your next. You check for feet under the stall doors. Every one is still occupied. You hope no one is doing frivolous things behind those stall doors, like blowing her nose or checking the contents of her wallet because despite how hard your clinching every muscle below your belt your pussy is on fire and its definately leaking. Finally, a stall door opens and you dash, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch but now it doesn't matter. You hang your handbag on the door hook, yank down your pants and assume The Stance.

    Relief, relief, and more relief as your floodgates totally opened allowing the Mississippi to flow. Then your thighs begin to shake. You'd love to sit down but you certainly hadn't taken time to wipe the seat or lay toilet paper on it, so you hold The Stance as your thighs experience a quake that would register an eight on the Richter scale. To take your mind off it, you reach for the toilet paper. Might as well be ready when you are done but the river gushing from your pee hole and washing through your lips just won't end. The toilet paper dispenser is empty. Your thighs shake more. You remember the tiny napkin you wiped your fingers on after eating buttered popcorn. It would have to do. You crumble it in the puffiest way possible. It is still smaller than your thumbnail. Someone pushes open your stall door because the latch doesn't work and your pocketbook whams you in the head. "Occupied!" you scream as you reach out for the door, dropping your buttered popcorn napkin in a puddle and falling backward, directly onto the toilet seat as a burst of pee shoots over the front of the toilet onto your clothing and the floor. You get up quickly, but it's too late. Your bare bottom has made contact with all the germs and life forms on the bare seat because YOU never laid down toilet paper, not that there was any, even if you had enough time to. And your mother would be utterly ashamed of you if she knew, because her bare bottom never touched a public toilet seat because, frankly, "You don't know what kind of diseases you could get." And by this time, the automatic sensor on the back of the toilet is so confused that it flushes, sending up a stream of water akin to a fountain and then it suddenly sucks everything down with such force that you grab onto the toilet paper dispenser for fear of being dragged to China. At that point, you give up. You're finished peeing. You're soaked by the splashing water. You're exhausted. You try to wipe with a Chicklet wrapper you found in your pocket, then slink out inconspicuously to the sinks. You can't figure out how to operate the sinks with the automatic sensors, so you wipe your hands with spit and a dry paper towel and walk past a line of women, still waiting, cross-legged and unable to smile politely at this point. One kind soul at the very end of the line points out that you are trailing a piece of toilet paper on your shoe as long! as the Mississippi River. You yank the paper from your shoe, plunk it in the woman's hand and say warmly, "Here. You might need this."

    At this time, you see your spouse, who has entered, used and exited his bathroom and read a copy of War and Peace while waiting for you. "What took you so long?" he asks, annoyed. This is when you kick him sharply in the shin and go home.

    This is dedicated to all women everywhere who have ever had to deal with a public toilet. And it finally explains to all you men what takes us so long. And yes I realize it might be considered yet another pee story but if you have a problem with them piss off and don't read them; I for one like them.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 44

    I never told anyone about the years I spent when my mother married Brian when I was 10 years old. They lived together when I was 9 and things got so intimate and secretive with me and Brian up until I was 14. Thats when they broke up and got divorced, and I never saw Brian after that. My mother died recently and in some ways I wish I had told her what went on but at the same time am glad I never did. I believe I never told anyone because of guilt, embarrassment and possibly even my stupidity and the fact I was so naive I let things continue for years. My mother was a flight attendant and often away for days at a time and even longer for international flights. Even before they married Brian had me convinced it was ok that we saw each other naked and each time promised each other we wouldn't tell my mother about it. She evidently fully trusted Brian to take care of me when she was away and I was perfectly comfortable with him. He spoiled me even before they married and it continued until they broke up. I was never afraid or fearful of him and oddly never felt embarrassed when he did see me naked. I can honestly say during those years I enjoyed it when my mother was away. I do realize now and have for many years known that Brian did a good job of manipulation on me. He had me convinced our closeness (as he put it) was a good thing and not immodest or immoral but a bonding experience bringing us closer together and appreciating each other. It all started with me getting a bath where he would always be present in the bathroom. Naturally I was always naked but Brian would be in underwear. As time went on he introduced me to the shower and thats when the nudity of both of us began. I was probably 10 the first time we both showered together and as time went on we began washing each other and using the hand held shower head to rinse each other. I wasn't stupid at the time and knew what a penis was but I also admit I enjoyed seeing Brian naked. He would soap his entire body and have me use the shower head to rinse him. Thats when I got the best view of his genitals and his anus since he would open his legs wide and turn and bend over as I sprayed the water over him. He did the same for me and always washed my hair the only difference was he also washed my body for me which should have been humiliating but wasn't at all for me. He always got an erection and I did ask him about it in the beginning but all he said was it was a man thing. Many months went by before he began masturbating in front of me and was bold enough to tell me watch him which again I liked seeing him do. I'm not sure how old I was but when he washed me he began spending much more time washing between my legs and started just using his soapy hands rather than a wash cloth. It was the beginning of my sexual feelings and even though I didn't have orgasms at first was still pleasurable to me. Months again went by and I continued watching him masturbate and he washing me. All the sudden it became mutual masturbation until I was a little over 14 and to my utter astonishment he and my mother parted ways. The incredible thing is that I not only never told anyone but I missed Brian for a long time.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    During my senior year of high school I started to branch out my friend group. I met this guy who had brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. We were both athletes and began to work out together and then hang out after. This increase in getting sweat and shirtless during work outs led to a lot of sexual tension between the two of us.

    One night he invited me over to his place to just hang our because we both had big competitions coming up and could go partying and his father and mother were out of town. We planned on staying up late because it was still the weekend and we wanted to enjoy it, so I convinced my parents to let me spend the night. It was very typical in the beginning, we played video games, watched some stupid videos, and then he decided to go for a late night swim.

    We both put on our suits and jumped in the pool. After sometime of splashing around we started wrestling. Having his body against mine was so hot and I started to get a huge boner. So I suggest me stop and just go back inside so I don't embarrass myself. He had just ended his relationship with his girlfriend so I knew he wouldn't be interested. When we got inside we dropped his shorts immediately and started to walk around with his beautiful cock swinging freely between his legs. He went and got us both towels but he simply dr**ed his over his shoulders while he dried his hair.

    This was the first time I really notice his body. He had amazing abs and you could see his arms and pecs we really beginning to become defined. He was a runner so his legs and butt were also incredibly tones. As a swimmer I had always has the swimmer physique so I was somewhat more built in the upper body and my core more defined. As he began to dry off I realized I'd been staring at him and his dick for an extended period and broke my gaze. We made eye contact and he smiled and laughed at me. He said "What? Never seen a dick before dude?" I rolled my eyes and managed to get out "Not like this one." Oh no fuck that's not what I meant. I scramble " I meant like not like in this situation. You know like no ones ever so..." He cuts me off " Yeah I'm sure" grabbing his dick at the base and shaking it "if you're really so interested come get it" then he walks away laughing. I hope he hadn't notice my erection poking through my shorts. While is back is turned I really stare at his pale muscular cheeks and it makes my erection strain.

    We return to the living room to resume our game and decide to watch a movie. While the movie is going he dozes off and I look at him and think of how horny I am and how hard he made me that day. I start to miss the sight of his dick and decide I'll have a quick peek at it while he's asleep. I pull his pajama bottoms down and before I know what I'm doing I'm running him through his boxer briefs. I feel him stiffening under my strokes and I get turned on at feeling his warmth and firmness. I work his underwear of and I'm in awe at his member that is pointing right at me. He's a solid 6 inches with an average width. I grasp his tool and start to jerk him. I'm really working it before I look and see his open eyes staring at me with a grin. I'm sure he was never actually asleep in the first place "I think it's time you put this thing in your mouth" he says to me.

    I get on the floor and kneel in front of him. I cup his balls with my left hand, grip his base with the right and then lean forward. At first I just place my lips over his tip and use the tip of my tongue and lick the pre cum that is pouring out. I work my way down to half of his shaft, making sure to give him some long full length licks and suck on his balls. Once I'm half way I feel his hands on the back of my head, he grabs my hair and thrusts his hips. I feel him hit the back of my throat. He gives me a second to recover before he simply fucks my face. He is incredibly vocal "mmmmm yes, take it deep bitch" "you love sucking this dick don't you?" His thrusts are so violent and he has such a hold on my all I can do it try not to throw up.

    I grab his ass and squeeze his beautiful cheeks.
    I feel his ass tighten and I know before he says it. His final thrust is followed by "fuck fuck fuck FUCK!" He pull halfway out of my mouth and delivers a mouthful of cum. I fight to swallow it, I wasn't ready for the taste, temperature, or texture of this new fluid. But once I get it down I go back to his semi-erect member and give it a few more licks and bobb my head a few more times. The reality of what just happened starts to creep into my mind, "did he call me a bitch?" "Why'd I swallow he didn't even tell me to" and I look up at him. " Dude that was so fucking awesome! Holyshit, I've been so horny ever since the break up that was so needed." These words of encouragement only made me more uncomfortable and he could tell.

    I figure I should just leave sand head home but as I'm getting up he stops me, "Hey wait it's your turn" I don't remember the exact look I gave him but it must have been a wild expression because he follows up with "No, dude seriously that was great I gotta help you out to" "But you're straight, why would you suck me off?" I say kind of annoyed "Because we're friends and friends help each other out" he answers. I'm already standing up so I pull my pants down and he scoots to the edge of the couch and starts to manipulate my already hard dick. I'm a little longer than him but the same girth. He dives right in and starts to blow me like a pro. He keeps his tongue going constantly and handles my balls. I feel him take me to the back of his throats over and over again. The sensation is amazing and I move my hands from his shoulders to the back of his head. I start to hold him down longer when he deep throats, I love the sound of him gagging on me. I get an idea and I stop him. I say "I want to fuck you in the ass" he looks up at me with his piercing blue eyes, that look alone almost makes me cum all over him. " So bend over" I command.

    He is still in somewhat of a shock when he leans over the couch. I'd taken my ex's virgunity the previous summer so I assumed it was almost the same thing. My cock was plenty wet from his spit so I positioned myself and started to press in. His head shot back as my head passed his opening and he grunted before biting one of the cushions. I got a bit further and placed my hands on his hips. I got my rhythm and started to pick up the pace. It felt amazing, I loved my dick bouncing between his firm ass cheeks. I felt myself beginning to climax to I pulled out and pumped my cum on his back and crack. I'd hit his spot as well and he'd cum again on the couch and floor. After we had taken showers and cleaned up we both went to bed. In the morning we ate breakfast and talked normally. There was some awkwardness between us for a while but after a few weeks he texted me and asked if I'd sleep over again. Now we jerk, suck, and fuck each other regularly and are as close of friends as ever.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 32

    I am the youngest of four sisters. All of us are petite and small just like our mom.

    When I was 10 my dad passed away suddenly and left us in the lurch. The man next door came to my mother's aid, and he took over caring for the family. My mother told me that he was the type of man I should look for in a husband.

    I became very attached to him, I hugged him and sat on his lap, or up against him on the couch, and would squeeze in between him and the chair arm. All I wanted was for him to hold me and hug me. When I saw him he always lifted me up and kissed me on the lips. I fell asleep in his arms many times and he put me to bed. It just became normal for me to be with him. No one said anything, except that my sisters called me his little girlfriend.

    Since he lived next door, and my mom cooked, he would come over for dinner. I started to go back to his house with him, and I started to sleep with him all night. By the time I was eleven I slept at his house and I did most of the housekeeping for him. About that time I got my first period and I bloodied up the sheets. When he got up in the morning and found the sheets stained with blood, he called my oldest sister and told her to come over and take care of the mess. When my sister came over, and she saw what it was, she helped me clean up the sheets, and she taught me about my period and how to take care of it. She also talked to me about the birds and bees.

    When I turned 16 I did end up pregnant, and my mother and my husband decided that getting married was a better plan, so I was married a week after I found out I was pregnant. By then I had been living with my husband for more than four years. No one that we knew, my sisters, my mother, at our church, in school, were surprised that I was pregnant. I was now his official wife and I had the baby and my mother and sisters helped so that I could stay in school.

    In my senior year of high school I had my second baby, and I had another one my freshman year of college, and my fourth my junior year of college, all girls, and like my mother and all of my sisters all of my daughters are petite and small. The female genes dominated, although my husband is a regular sized American man.

    I am 32, I have been married half my life, and more if you count from when I first became attached to him.

    I don't really remember not being married to my husband. I work with him at his insurance agency part time, I take the afternoon off so I can be home with the girls. My mother still lives next door, although all of my sisters are married now and have families of their own.

    The only complaint, and it isn't much of a complaint, is that my husband for some things still doesn't treat me like an adult. Some things, and sometimes that does get on my last nerve. Otherwise I have a good marriage, I have good kids and we live in a nice neighborhood. Sure I am a little young for being the mother of a 15 year old, but she doesn't see it that way, and she is totally involved with helping with her sisters.

    One more thing, when my father died, my mother was left penniless, and only because my husband took pity on us were we able to finish growing up and get a college education, and my mom was able to keep her home. Was I the price that my family paid? Only God knows about that. If it was, it is a very small price to pay and I did what my mother told me, to find a man like my husband to marry. I just married early.

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