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    Straight Female / 18

    I never thought of myself as being Gay nor attracted at all to other guys. But, thanks to my mom, I actually was encouraged to have a Gay experience with my best friend. I was living with my mom, and we had just moved to a new house about a mile away, on the edge of the country. My best friend was coming over to see me and the new house. My mom was heading out to work, and she mentioned with the privacy that we had now, how my friend and I could turn up our music as loud as we wanted, and that we wouldn't bother anybody. Then, being teasing about it, she laughed and said how the two of us could run around naked, and we didn't have to worry about nosy neighbors. Well, of course I didn't think anything about it. Anyway, Josh came over, and we had a good time getting together that day. When my mother came home from work, she asked if the two of us had had a good time, and I said that we did. Then, just to get back at her, I teasingly remarked on how we hadn't taken off our clothes. Mom remembered her having teased me about that. She just smirked good naturedly, and said how that was up to us, mentioning how it was summer and warm, and who knew ... maybe that would be nice. Then she also said how she didn't see anything wrong with two friends doing something like that if they felt like it. She also said how she wouldn't be shocked if she came home and we did happen to be naked, although she pointed out that we did know when she was going to be home, and could have our clothes back on before then.

    Well, a few days went by, and Josh came over again. I thought that my mom's remarks had been kind of funny, and I mentioned to him what she had said. Josh thought that it was kind of funny, too. We joked about it, and agreed that since it was so warm, that maybe we should try having our clothes off and be naked just for the fun of it. Feeling daring, we got undressed. We had never been naked together before, and it was fun. After a few minutes, Josh started to get and erection and so did I. It was kind of turn on being nude, and it just happened. Although, as we both discovered, it felt pretty good aving our dicks hard with each other like that - and not having to worry about looking all Gay because of it. In a chummy mood, we tried feeling each oither erection a little bit. While we were doing that, it was easy and nice to feel this close guy-chemistry between the two of us. It was actually kind of romantic. We did a kiss and then we started kissing some more and getting pretty amorous. We went and laid down on my bed and stretched out, kissing and hugging and fondling each other's erection. Finally, feeling curious and brave enough, we tried sucking on each other dick. We were both so turned on and loving being that way with each other. Kind of cautiously, Josh asked if I wanted to stick my erection into his butt and do it with him. I got some lomething to use as lubrication, and eased my hard penis into his butt and I started fucking him. It was terrific! I ended up ejaculating in him, and he ejaculated. We both had the absolute best time doing this together!

    Later, when my mom came home, I grinned and mentioned how Josh and I had decided to have some fun and be naked together. Mom smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed it, and I said, yeah, it was a good way to be a with a friend. After that, Josh and I started having a really nice Gay-friendship which we both really have enjoyed since.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 36

    My wife is almost old enough to be my mother, not very attractive, but she has always been willing to enable my addiction to really extreme total enclosure bondage, even sometimes coming up with something new and scary! Since humiliation is also part of my addiction, I have encouraged her to treat me like shit too, and really unload all her hostilities, her frustrations, her true feelings, on me, when I am more helpless than most people could even imagine possible! This she really seems to enjoy, and sometimes her anger and fervor scares me rigid! Her "mind games" are wicked, and I'm never sure how much of it she really means. She works at a psych hospital/nursing home, with real mental patients, and has stories from work, about the inmates. She loves telling me about this guy Karl, who has the mind of a five year-old, and the body and appetites of an eighteen year-old. He gets in trouble for fondling other patients who for some reason or another are unable or unwilling to stop him. He has a crush on my wife, and is as jealous as hell of me! One Friday night, she signed him out and brought him home for the weekend. The first I knew about it, already locked up in my heavy rubberized canvas bag, chained at the neck, and hanging loose to the floor, was when she brought him into the bedroom, and said "My husband has been VERY bad, Karl! He has been really nasty to me, and I would like you to help me punish him! Will you do that for me?" Well, of course he would! "I want him to stay in there the whole weekend, Karl, and you can do ANYTHING you want to him! Just don't produce any blood, and he needs to stay alive, but other than that, I'm giving you TOTAL control over him! That okay with you, Karl?" A deep gurgling laugh, and his slurred voice "Oh Yessss, Ms Kaylie! I'll teach him a lesson, for being bad! I really don't like him, anyways!" She said soothingly "Oh he's not so bad, but he DOES need a lesson, and I'm relying on you to give it to him! Will you do that for me, Karl? I'd be very grateful! Now I'm going to leave you two guys alone, so play nice!" and she left the room. He began by running his big hands all over me, then he told me to lift my arms up, and tied a length of rope round my waist, trapping my arms in a loose folded position. Another length from my holdall, and he tied the neck of the bag, under my feet, and I was utterly trapped, helpless, and totally at his mercy! He clumsily opened the zipper at my crotch, and my goodies burst out in the open, causing him to laugh evilly. "Oooooh I liiiike!" he whispered, and very carefully pulled them way outside, then snugged the zipper tight round the roots, leaving me fully exposed, and vulnerable. "Better!" he crooned happily."Now Karl punish!" He began to slap my swollen testicles, back and forward, hard enough to ache, as I writhed helplessly, and went "Mmmmmmmmfffff!" which was all I could do with the small nylon zipper across my lips, tightly sealed shut. His clumsy paws were all over me, stroking, squeezing, tugging, slapping, and I got harder and harder, helplessly, to his great amusement. Time passed slowly, as I got ever more frantic with the need to come. He was onviously very used to all this, because he had no trouble knowing when I was about to explode, and stopping abruptly, leaving me moaning and bucking and writhing, while he chuckled evilly. "Karl punish GOOD!" he muttered. Soon I was so desperate my muffled screams were constant, to his evident delight. "NO stop!" he laughed. "No stop ever! Make you crazy! Then more crazy! Okay?!" Kaylie came back eventually, and praised him lavishly, ending up with "You know what you would REALLY like, Karl? Kneel over him, and put your pee-pee in his mouth! It will feel amazing! And you can do that as much or as long as you want! I promise! As much or as often as you want! Just you! You decide! See you later!" and she left again. Two minutes later, my mouth was full of his hard, swollen cock, and he thrust it in and out slowly, reveling in the new experience and sensations! So the weekend passed, and I had never in my wildest dreams ever imagined being so aroused for so long, and never able to do ANYTHING about it! When it was finally over, and she took him back to the nursing home, he said very anxiously "Karl did good? Come back again, do more?" My wife laughed malevolently, and said "OH yes, Karl, you betcha! I'm going to see if I can start a program where you come live with us, like for 90 days, and then I write a report, and maybe it's renewed another 90'd like that, huh? Live here with me, and punish this nasty man all the time, huh? "Oh Yessssss Ms Kaylie! Oh please yesssss!" he babbled happily.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    First before i tell my story i would like to discribe myself. I am 18 years old. I am a brunette (long hair) I have a great body and alot of men seem to like me.
    Ok so anyways.
    I had this really big crush on this guy named Dean who is 19 but i could go out with him because his mother and my father were getting married so i always had to keep my emotions locked up.
    My father soon married Deans mother and we all moved into this huge house over looking the beach. Dean and I always flirted with each other. (I am a born flirter).
    Well one week my father and Deans mother went away on a trip to New York City. So Dean and I were left alone. (This happened in may when it was the beging of are summer vacation away from college)
    Well for the first couple of days Dean and I just sat around watching movies and just goofing around.
    So it on Friday night I came home from a friends house and saw dean on the couch with some blonde bimbo and they were having sex. I got all horny inside because he has like a huge dick. I wanted to be that blonde girl so i could ride him. But i left them alone and snuck back out the door before anyone could see me.
    On sunday night i was suppost to go to my best friends families cocktail party so i bought this really cute black dress that showed "Some" of my chest. (Wanted to look sexy).
    Well i didnt wear a bra with the dress and i wore a white lacey thong.
    So i walked down stairs and i noticed i had 20 more minutes until i really had to leave so i went to go sit on the couch with Dean. I sat down right next to him and he turned off the T.V and just staired at me.
    He said "Damn your looking sexy tonight. Where you going?"
    So i told him that i was going to my friends house and then he just kept staring at my breast so i pushed him and told him to stop. He then did somthing that just changed everything. He grabbed my head and kissed me. We started making out and I was getting hotter and hotter. He unlaced my dress and started kissing my whole body. I then took off all of his clothes and started giving him a blow job. After that he took off my thong and we started humping. I could tell he was really into it because he was moaning and sweating. (This wasnt the first time that I had sex but it was the best). Well after about 15 minutes of the same postion i decided i wanted to do it a little differently. I got up and leaned over the couch and he got behind me and started f***ing me like crazy. It felt so good i just could stand it any more. I later started sucking his dick again and he cummed all over me and that was the end of it.
    Dean and I now secretly sleep together when my parents are gone or are just to busy to notice. We are both seeing other people and i am sleeping with my boyfriend Richard too but he doesnt give it to me like Dean does.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 46

    The very first time I sucked cock was my brother. I am four years older than he is so at sixteen. it all started when I found a real hard core porno mag, I use to take in my bedroom and beat off to it while looking at the mans erections. So one day after school my brother was in my room looking at the porno which means he found my hiding place, I turned white that he would tell on me to our mother about the porno(it was a really good mag) so I said not to tell and I would anything he wanted, he was like anything???? I could see his little boner in his pants, so I turned and locked the bedroom door and told him to take his pants down, I knealt next to the bed and started to suck his cock and within minutes he cock started to dry cum. I stood up and told him not to tell anyone or he would never get a second cock sucking from me again and with that I took the porno and left. Later that night he sneaked naked into my bedroom and woke me up so he could get his cock sucked again, this time I started to lick his little asshole knowing he would love it after a few minutes I rolled him onto his back and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him until he dry cum again. I sucked his cock for two weeks atleast once a day or more, I started to really like sucking his cock and I didn't care if he wanted to suck me off. that is when he asked to see my cock I always had shorts or undies on when I sucked him, so when he wanted to see my dick I stood up next to the bed and dropped my shorts and my seven inch boner poops out right at his face and with that I put my hand behind his head and pulled it towards my boner and into his mouth. He sucked my cock like he was born to suck cock after a few minutes I shot a huge load into his mouth and it was all swallowed. We use to suck each other until I went to college and found girls and dating etc.

    This past christmas we as a family would gather at different brothers or sisters houses every year for dinner. This past year my brother who is married and has two kids asks me to help him bring some items up from the basement. His basement is just full of stuff so I follow him over to a group of boxes with a wooden chair in the middle of all these boxes. I figure he wants me to take it up stairs for the dinner instead he sits down and asks me for his present, I haven't had him suck my cock in twenty years and so I said this present and pulled on my semi hard cock he nods and not even looked up at me but instead eyes focused on my crouch I take out my rock hard cock now eight and half inches and pretty thick cock for my little brother to suck on, I started to pump in and out of his mouth while his wife is right above us, so close you can hear the conversations, my little brother had learned to inhale my entire cock down his throat and with a nice burst of cum into his mouth. And with that I sat on the chair and helped pull his pants and undies down and with a nice six incher I started to suck his cock, it felt great having a man size cock to suck again.

    We went up stair like nothing happened and had a great time.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 42

    My first sexual experiences were with my girlfriend. We were late bloomers at 15, still a little chubby and awkward,that never got asked out on dates, so on sleepovers we would talk about the studs in our class and what it would like to go out on a date with them. Then we came up with this idea about practicing kissing so we would know what to do. It was pretty non sexual in the beginning as we would kiss and the discuss how it felt and how to avoid awkward or uncomfortable positions, it usually ended up with us giggling about the whole thing and just talking.
    One night we were laying in bed, talking about how we overheard a girl in our class telling her friends about her date. We thought some of the stuff she said sounded sort of gross, especially the part about Frenching and did all boys expect that. Curiosity got the best of the both of us and we started to make out, just lips at first and the our tongues found each other. It felt heavenly, and I kissed her back aggressively my tongue explored hers, around her lips and it seemed natural to put my arms around her. Her hands began to explore my body and cupped my breasts, gently pinching my nipples. I thought oh my goodness this feels great, it seemed so natural as I rolled part way on top of her and began to grind my pussy on her thigh. It didn't take too long before our nighties rode up and our flesh was pressed together, she was grinding against my leg, feeling her wet bush against me made me all that more aroused.
    We paused for a moment to slip off our nighties, it was such natural reaction, as we didn't need to ask each other. Our hands roamed over each other, and we began to finger each other while we kissed. She began breathe deeply and push her pussy so my finger slid in deeper, I picked up on her rhythmic grinding, each time sliding in deeper. I felt her body start to tense as she simultaneously squeezed her legs around my hand, sucked my tongue in her mouth and let out an almost animalist moan. I knew she was having an orgasm, I'd masturbated and recognized that but I had never experienced on that deep and so raw.
    We rested a bit just looking at each other, lost in the quietness of the moment, each waiting for the other to speak. Then she laughed and said that it felt amazing and wondered if it felt that way with a boy. We lay there, now that the silence was broken, talked about what happened and how it made us feel. She asked me if I wanted to have an orgasm, I sort of blushed but she started feel me, working kisses from my breasts to my pussy.
    She got between my legs and started to give me oral, her tongue darted in and out and her fingers massaged my labia. The newness of the sensations had paralyzed in the beginning but soon I moving with her, wiggling and drew my legs back for her. I stated hearing that same grunting I heard when she came, and realized that it was me. I had never given myself such a powerful orgasm as she gave me. We ended up sleeping naked in each other arms.
    We had several other encounters during our high school years but then like I said we bloomed the weight fell off as we both started to play sports, both of us developed really nice breasts, we started to get noticed by boys and then got boyfriends that took all of our time. We maintained our friendship, but our experimentation with each other ended.
    I had grown up thinking that it was just some sort of phase that every goes through. I got married right out of high school and while my husband wasn't my first man, I guess that somewhere in my mind I decided that I liked men. I have had a very happy marriage to him for the past 30 years, that is until last new years eve.
    We attended a party at our neighbors, she had a big blow out. I was feeling no pain, I had been doing shots with my neighbor's sister-in-law. She was perky little blonde about 10 years younger than me. It was after midnight, I was out in the kitchen looking for something to drink and she came in. She said that she hadn't given me a new years kiss, and told me to pucker up. I thought what the hell and prepared to receive her kiss, I thought that it was going to be just a brush on the lips, but oh my she threw her arms around me and gave me a sloppily French kiss. I kissed her back, but what made me so eager is that as her hand brushed my arm if felt like an electrical shock passed between us and those warm memories of high school days flooded into my head. I guess that we kissed a little longer than both of us realized, because when we parted she looked at me slyly and whisper, wow girl I haven't had a kiss like that in years. I guess that I gave her a sheepish confused look because she quickly responded for me not to worry as it was all good.
    I spent months reconciling all of these confusing feeling in my mind. I don't know if it was luck or a curse but my neighbor and her brother are close so I got to see my little blonde friend at least monthly. memorial day was another big party at her house. All day of drinking, volleyball and horseshoes. It was funny as I didn't see much more of her except to say hello. It was night fall, the men were all playing a heated game of horseshoes, and she came up to me and asked if she could use our bathroom, as there house was crowded, I said go ahead, but she didn't want to tramp in a strange house and would I go with her.
    I walked with her, we exchanged small talk about our children along the way, when we finally got in the house and closed the door she threw her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss, shocked as I was, still I kissed her back with equal passion. We were both pretty drunk and while she slurred her words, she blurted out that she'd been waiting all day to kiss me and all she wanted to do right now was rip my clothes off and love me. I being the sober one said that while I wanted her too that someone would probably come looking for us if we were gone too long. We contented ourselves with more passionate kissing, I played with breasts and went straight to my pussy.
    It was very hard to break that embrace and head back to the party. We have since had several hookups, and they have been extremely hot and more than satisfying. I have begun to ponder my own sexuality, I still enjoy sex with my husband, in fact sex with him after she has made love to me is absolutely out of this world. My husband is a very liberal free thinking person, but I am not sure how he would react if it was his wife that was bi. I know that she feels the same way and she is very happy in her marriage, I have to smile because she can be very graphic when she says things, but told me that while she loves our interludes and they meet needs that her husband does not, she couldn't live without cock.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was young (about 16),a neighbor lady (Susan),used to invite me over all the time to eat with the family and watch football games and sometimes movies. There was always beer to drink and on the weekends she would drink brandy ( lots of it). As time went on,I got to know the family really well and they all liked me. She had a daughter,(Jennifer)who was 2 yrs younger than me and a daughter (Rita)who was 4 yrs younger than me. I started going out with Jen in high school and Susan thought it was great. When I graduated,I took a job with a large computer company and eventually decided to get an apt. When Susan heard that,she invited me to rent a room in the lower level of her home. I was thrilled. The rent was cheap and she was a good cook. Can you guess where this is going? I worked the night shift at first for about 2 yrs,so we were both around the house alot during the day. We would talk for hours and hours. We soon became quite comfortable with each other. Her husband (Ed) was a salesman and was gone alot,sometimes for a couple of weeks. During all this time there were a lot of parties at her house. She was outgoing and had a lot of friends. When she would get drunk,she always made a point to come sit on my lap,right in front of her kids,her husband and everybody else. At one point,when only her girlfriends were around,she started reaching around and feeling for my hard-on. It was kinda like a lap dance thing. Well,what with her being a good-looking woman and me a horny young man,we got along quite well. One morning,she came to get the rugs for the wash and she walked right in my room and there I was, buck-naked and jacking-off. She never said a word. She stripped off her pajamas,jumped in bed and proceded to educate me in the art of love-making as only a 40 yr. woman could. From there on,as soon as the girls would leave for school,she would come down and wake me up by sitting on my face and giving me a blow-job. God! That woman was talented. At that point I was having the mother and the daughter both. This is not end of the story. As time went on,I eventually married the daughter and we had a great sex life. After we were married,I never touched the mother again,but she always had a big smile and a hug for me. About 2 yrs after we married the younger sister came to live with us for about a year. She had broken up with her boyfriend and was quite sad and we both consoled her the best we could. Rita and I had always been close.We had known each other for years. My wife Jen was a real risk-taker when it came to sex. She liked the idea of getting caught or almost getting caught having sex,especially in public places. One afternoon,we were on our bed,with the door open and I was performing oral sex on her and Rita caught us. After that,I noticed when Jen wasn't around,Rita was always about half-naked around the house. It didn't take long to get down to it. As soon as Jen would leave the house, she would be all over me. We had a great time for about a yr or so and then she moved out of state. I've been a good boy ever since and no one is the wiser.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    I grew up in a house where nudity was encouraged and practiced all the time, and my older brother, younger sister and I Were told that it was natural and healthy to want to look at each other and our parents's bodies, so nothing was ever hidden.

    As a young boy who was curious about sexuality, I was in heaven. My favorite things to do were, sitting on the bathroom floor and watch my mother when she showered and she would always make sure I could see everything as she washed herself slowly.

    My other favorite thing was when my dad would stand in front of me while we talked and I had his much bigger dick was right in front of my face only inches away.

    I know now that they both wanted us to look at them because dad would often stand in front of us kids talking when his dick was hard and mom would often sit with her legs wide open and her pussy spread open.

    I used to go into their rooms when they slept and lick and play with mums pussy and suck my dads dick. Nothing was ever said to discourage me when they woke up and caught me playing with them. The only time they said anything was when they found me licking my sisters pussy.

    To this day my biggest fantasy is to have a orgy with my whole family and fuck and suck them all until no one has the energy to get out of bed.

    I am thankful every day for the way that we were raised, I only wish that we could have all fucked each other all the time. And that we still fucked today.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    she sent me a text on my bday, happy bday hope you got your reply no the only sex i get now is when im alone. her reply thats the best sex you get what you want. me i love forplay too how about you. her a good tongue i i have one. this went on for a week or so then the wife and i had reason to visit our daughter who lived close to her. ilet her know of our trip she text to say we must meet up.
    as soon as we arrived i was told tess had call her had asked if i could help her with a plumbing problem she had. wife and daughter droped me off at tess place next day said theay would pick me up later in the day . tess had a tracksuit on and as soon as we were alone led me to her bedroom striped naked so i did the same she sat on the bed laid back and smiled. i knelt between her legs spreed her c**tlips and tongued her eventually she had the most violent climax ive ever seen,it took a while for her to calm down i lay holding her till she did . she gave me the best headjob ive had.when i asked about the plumbing job she said that was it. whenever we can we meet in between we sext or have pnone sex if we are alone. i love my niece 73 she 45

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    reprimanded from breaking the order & letting me see my grandchild who is very close to me to no avail , the law just does not fucking care it is a JOKE OUR LAWS ARE A JOKE no wonder immigrants make fun of everything aussie,they can get away with murder here just like my daughter & get paid for it!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    Well actually I'm 17 and I am a bit of a self-centred prick and one that has tickets stuck all over himself, so I am really not confessing but bragging. Both my parents are specialists, my mother a gynaecologist and father neurosurgeon. I go to an elite school and have a photographic memory. My parents are very particular about what I eat and always have been and my mornings I go to the gym early with my father. I fit the perfect description, over 6 foot tall, fit, muscular and very competitive especially when it comes to sports and yes I have it all the looks as well.
    I was an early developer and by the age of 12 I was around 5 foot ten and filling out nicely.
    Letís face it unless you had money you would not get into this school and we had a lot of yummy mommies dropping their kids off until we all got a own cars.
    As you could imagine our homes matched the income of our parents and all my friends had spectacular homes.
    We would hang out at each of our homes from time to time and once I was hanging out at one of my friend place whose Father was a movie producer and mother an A grade actor and a real hot woman. I canít remember why my friend had to go with his father that day but it left his mother and me alone. It happened quickly but she ended up giving my first head job and from that I would go around and lose my virginity to her and continue to have regular sex with her today.
    By the time I was 13 I was having regular sex with 4 of my friendís mothers and still do today. One of the dads knows but he does not care and has his own women on the side and I also fuck the principal of our school whose son attends it, all hot women!
    I do have a girlfriend but she is a virgin and a real hot young babe but I donít need to push it because I have regular sex with some hot mothers.
    Our school has special days like fates and charity events and I like to see those mothers helping and working together not knowing that I am fucking all of them and trying to act straight when I come to their stalls. Once I even fucked the principal in her office during school time and all she did was lock the door behind us.
    In no way am I ever going to divulge these women because I love it too much but donít tell me men are p***ophiles because as far as Iím concerned women are too and I love it!

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