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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been my husbands sex slave for several years now. We have a room in th ebsement of out home where we enjoy this. He came up with the idea of blindfolding me and sharing me with his friends. It is extremely exciting. He built me sex swing and he lets all of his friends have sex with me. He some times takes the blind fold off during a sex act to suprise me with who is having sex with me. It has been some suprising men. My brother in law, was one recent friend.

    This past week end I was ordered to the basement. I was told to undress outside the door to our fun room and then I was blindfolded and led into the room. I could tell that there was more men there than usual. I was lead across the room and told to stand still. Then my master raised my hand and put it on another person. I was feeling a female breast. I could feel her hand on my breast. I know what men like so I started feeling her and moved close enough to kiss her and I did. I have never before ever been with a woman. Her hands began exploring my body and I did the same to her Her breast where bigger than mine and I stopped kissing her and started to suck on her breast. This made the men in the room make comments. She started to rub my pussy and it felt so good. We both got hot and really started necking and exploring each others bodies. We were then guided to the bed and we were told to eat each others pussies. We did and that didn't last to long. The men just couldn't atke it any longer. They seperated us and layed us on the bed side by side and began fucking us. Being blind folded I could not tell how many men but it was more than I have ever had sex with before. One right after the other. Then they stared repositioning me. I was sucking one man and getting fucked in the ass or the pussy from behind over and over. Then some one layed on the bed and had me lower my ass ont his cock and they began fucking me again. Changing sex partiners as they got satisfied.

    I have to admit that I loved every minute of it. My husband /master eventually removed my blind fold. As did the master of the other woman. I then seen that there was at least 16 men there and Hubby told me I have has sex with every one of them. But what I will remember most is sex with that other woman. That was wonderful and she told me that she thought so to. I hope huuby invites her and her master again.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One night I went out with my bestfriend and I stayed overnight at his house as we had been drinking. The next morning, his mother caught me masturbating. I was 19, horny and butt naked in bed - she told me to continue with a smile.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 19 year-old Latina, and I guess I'm pretty good looking. All my life boys have wanted me. I'm in college now, and my roommate is a very sexy 24 year-old blond white girl. She has a boyfriend, but I guess she's bisexual, because she's been coming at me pretty strong. She trapped me in the hallway when I was naked and had just showered. She backed me into the corner, trapping me with her arms and said, "where do you think you're going, Sexy!?" This has never happened to me, but I have to admit, I really liked it! I was so taken by surprise that I didn't know what to do. So I tried to push her away, but at first she wouldn't let me go (she's stronger). She finally let me go to my room, but she really got me thinking and excited.

    She's very pretty, but she has a strong, dominance to her, kind of like a boy. She kept doing little things showing that she wanted me, without just coming out and saying it. I pretended not to notice, but there was an unspoken excitement between us that we both knew was there, and was mutual. Two weeks ago I came out of my room in just the simplest, tiny white panties - no top - and pretended like I couldn't decide on what to wear. She was seated at her desk, and she looked up at me with the widest, prettiest eyes. - I KNEW I was looking very hot! We talked for a long while about our day. I put my hand up and leaned against the wall, giving her the fullest view of my front side. She said she was warm, and she took off her sweater and sat there in just her bra. We both KNEW! She has the most beautifully flawless white skin, and gorgeous tits, neck and shoulders. She also kind of has muscles, and her arms a real pretty. I wanted her to hold me! We were just silent for a while, looking at each-other. She finally said, 'You want me to touch you, don't you." I hesitated, and then just nodded slowly, looking at the ground. She got up and moved toward me. I held my arms straight up in submission and she put her arms around me and buried her face in my tits. She slid her fingers through my panties and into my sex, and I said, "NO!" She asked if I wanted her to stop, and Ill I could do was scream "NO! PLEASE! DON"T STOP!" We keep our boyfriends, but she calls me her 'Fuck Buddy' with the most mischievous, sexiest grin. When she comes home at night, I'm always dressed at my sexiest. She always tears my clothes off and holds me all night long. WOW! No boy could touch me like she does!

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    Straight Male / 45

    This happened many years ago. I would find my mother drunk and passed out cold. At first I would just look at her body and maybe open her clothing for a better look. It wasn't long before I would completely undress my mom and jerk off while looking at her. I would take some pictures of her passed out drunk and completely nude. I started to touch her breasts and suck on her nipples. I then tried fingerings moms pussy and licking her down there. I finally got up the nerve to have sex with my mother. The first time I ever had sex was with my mom. The feeling was something I will never forget. Warm and wet so I didn't last long before I came in side of mom's pussy. This is all very true ð.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My name is Margie 21 on my first year of college. I thought all those stories about initiations were just a bunch of bull shit. I think I got sigled out by some girls because I din't get along with them. The used the excuse of initiation just for revenge. It turned out to be the most horrible humiliating moment of my life. These six bitches yanked me out of the shower and carried me outside totally nude. They carried me clear across the lawn and left me naked in front of a bunch a guys. I had to run all the way back with guys chacing me and whistling at me. I was so humiliated I dropped out of college.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    Reference #24782
    Alrighty, hope my guest don't show up early. I promised a continuation to my marriage to Tonya Jones. Meantime my friends promised me dinner out and would pick me up around 8 PM.
    So, let's get started.
    Our honeymoon lasted only the one night because we had a family reunion (my side of the family)and they all expected us there. Things went well there. We were to return to my base where I had previously rented an apartment.
    That night we spent at her mom's home. An older home, built back in the days when they had no indoor bath/toilet but her mom had added one. The only thing was, anyone from the front of the house needing to use the bath needed to come right through the bedroom we were sleeping in. She was all cuddled to me and due to the situation I was reluctant to respond. She thought I was angry about something. I tried to convince he I wasn't. She thought that I thought she was holding out but it was me. She begged me to roll over and fuck her. I was scared but she had me excited so I did and lucky no one had to use the bath.
    The following morning we had breakfast with her family, bid them good bye but made a fast stop by my families home and bid them good bye also. Then we are on the road again, going places where she had never been before. 500 miles but we made it, even after all the cuddling, just before midnight. We only unpacked enough of her baggage to do her overnight and into the next day. I had no groceries so after preparing ourselves for the day, back to bed, the second time already in the same bed within 9 hours. Then out to breakfast and a little grocery shopping. Upon returning we had to make time for some short visitation with our neighbors across the hall and our landlords who lived down stairs.
    That started a long loving and sex life together. Sex every day, most times multi times. 3 months after marriage Tonya began feeling short spells of illness. We worries so we made an appointment with one of the base doctors. I was working that day and after her appointment she drove by my work, I stepped outside and she looked at me kinds embarrassed but smiling and said, "I'm pregnant." So, the times without condoms were mistakes I suppose but no worry for a while afterward.
    I don't know but I am convinced that being pregnant put more enjoyment into our sex because we never had to worry about getting pregnant.
    So, after the baby was born I was on orders for overseas again. She was to stay with her family while I was gone but that never lasted. We both became lonely so I put in for her and the baby to join me. I arranged for my car to be shipped also. It came by boat but Tonya and the baby flew over. And, even the first night you'd believe we had been separated for years rather that months. Sex was the only thing on our mine. I'd tell people that when I got up each morning for work she's always ask, "What do you want for breakfast?" and my answer was always, "You know what I want." and back to bed for a quickie. At noon when I'd come home for lunch it was the same, "What do you want for lunch?" my answer the same, "You know what I want." so off to bed we would go. Then, that evening after work I'd come home and this one day I caught her sliding down the stairway banister. I asked, "What are you doing?" She replied, "Warming up your dinner." Joke. But be managed through just under 4 years there and if it was known I'll bet the number of times we had sex during that time would balance out to be more that just once daily, lots of days, including her days off for her periods.
    Then back to the states along with the car on a boat. Tonya flew over and enjoyed that experience but wasted a change so she wanted to return on a boat, she wanted the whole experience. We boarded the boat, slept in our bunk bed suite? down below , still in dock the first night. Tonya was already sick as a dog from seasickness. She asked me how much farther we had to go. I laughed and said, "We haven't left the dock yet." and I think she got sicker. That left me to take care of our son who at the times was 4 years old. He enjoyed the trip. We were a couple weeks out at sea before Tonya got to feeling better. The last part of the trip was an enjoyment. Ever make mad love in a bunk bed? It can be done, we are proof.
    So, upon docking in San Francisco we has a few hours to shop around while they unloaded our car. Then we headed east. After spending one night in a motel (yeah, sex was part of the stay) we finally arrived at our new assignment tale that evening. Out first night was in a motel because of non availability of base housing. The next day we rented an apartment where we stayed about 2 months before a base quarters was available. Yeah, if the military had paid us for sex we could have retired many moon early. As I said, the only time I ever heard Tonya say NO was when I asked if she has had enough.
    At this base, like others where we had been, I was the NCO of Security Police. I was happy with that job because I had enough rank that others with less did the work and those with more did the thinking. That left me full time for sex. I also held an addition title of NCOIC of the base NCO Club. There the Board of Directors got the wild idea that we should have a STAG night once a month and I was responsible for locating some PORNO film. Not knowing to much about this town I contacted the owner of the only theater in town. He recommended a fellow salesman from another town that came here twice a month. He arranges to get me some but back then they were 16mm film but we had access to a projector. So, this one night after closing time I took the film and projector home. Tonya was still up and awake waiting. I set all this up in the bedroom, our son was sound asleep in an adjoining room. We went to bed, naked, and I started the movie. It did not take long until we were both ready and in the mood. I rolled over on top and began fucking and she was responding, enjoying it. All of a sudden she pushed me aside, got down and began giving me head, and I mean a wonderful job. Not this was not anything new, just a surprise that it happened the way it did. She claimed that she just wanted to. So I suppose we copied everything they did in that movie. We were both beat so we turned the machine off, the movie was finished, and went to sleep embracing each other.
    But as much as she loved sex I don't believe she ever considered someone else. Now, we had and enjoyed sex up until the very end which I'll scan over but not get too involved. I still have lawsuits in the mills.
    Tonya was in an auto accident shortly after my retirement, she was the passenger. They were rear ended while parked at a red light. The police asked if she was okay and she claimed she was but when they got to where they were going she was paralyzed from her neck down. She lay flat on her back for 30 days but then gradually got her feelings back but became epileptic and would have grand maul seizures, as many as 5 daily. I could not see how she lived through this. A doctor put her on a medication that soon had her complete cured and you would never suspect epilepsy. She died about a year ago in a hospital and that is the other story and the reason for the lawsuit.
    Sorry I never got deep into our sex relations but use your imagination.
    And I still have depression and anxiety. I look for them to put me in the NUT HOUSE any day. lol.
    I might even come back sometime soon with some good ole down to earth pure sex and tell about my lawsuit.
    Until later, ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 48

    For all of you who want sex with your mothers, sisters and family.Here is a true story that might make you think about long term results.
    A play mate of mine lived with his mom alone five houses from me. His mother would drink almost every day and night. She was under control with her drinking, but still needed it. I had seen her shake when she ran out a few times. I got some from a friend to help her out. She liked me and treated me well.
    One day while looking at a tit book he ask how i thought about his mom? I said she was nice; NO how you you feel about my mom? She is nice, why? No does she look hot? I said she was nice looking. He ask would i fuck her? I dont know about that, she is your mom. NO, if she was not my mom? If she was not your mom, sure I would do her. She is a fine looking woman.
    He ask if I wanted to see her nude? I was a bit weary answering, HOW I said? He pulled out some nude pictures of her. She was on the sofa with her panties down and legs spread. Some on her bed with nothing on.
    Where did you get them?
    I took them when she was passed out.

    He went on to tell me how he did this. But he mixed her drinks and found he could make her black out. While she was blacked out, he would undress her and take pictures. Then he told me he had sex with her SO many times.

    It bothered me some, but for a teen boy I must admit I got turned on by the look of her nude body.

    Then he ask me if I wanted to try this with him. It made me uncomfortable, having sex with a passed out woman. So i told him no. He told me he was doing her tonight, I could see her, and If I wanted I could do her to. But i could watch if i wanted. She ask him to mix her drinks, and she told him this taste strange, he told her you say that a lot. Its the same stuff I mix, I just used the cheep soda. Then she said how tired she was, was going to bed. he waited about an hour and we went in. He tired wot wake her, but she slept. Then he undressed her. Turned on the lamp so i could see her, he told me to touch her, and I did that. He ask if I wanted to go first? I wanted no part of that. So he fingered her a bit then he spread her legs and got in position. Once he got it in, he looked like a rabbit humping her. It did not take long and he had finished.

    He offered me a turn, but i passed on it. I did feel her breast and look between her legs with a light. I wanted to so bad, but I just had a bad feeling about this.
    Some time later he told me I had missed out, he was getting real pussy while i was jerking off. I wanted to say: but your fucking your own mother, but I did not. He was a strange kid who later had major drug problems.

    Two years later he told me he was still doing this with her, when she woke up. She ask him what he was doing, and she told him to stop. He stopped after he had finished. She was upset with him. She told him that she had not finished the drinks he had made for her, thinking he was possibly drugging her drinks. She knew that someone was having sex with her, but did not think it was him. He found her in the bath tub a few months later. She had slit her wrist while he was in school. It was clear later why. She was five months pregnant and you can guess who the dad might be.

    He told me after the funeral that he was worried he may have made her do this. I did not make it worse, and at that moment, I had a horrible feeling for touching her passed out body, but was So glad I did not have sex with her as well.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    High Im a 19 yr old girl. My name is Kalya Im 5 foot 7 Long blonde hair and Im 115 pounds.Ive never ever had a problem getting attention from guys young or old I catch them checking me out every where I go.I really dont mind.A while back I was driving in my car and it was early about 9 in the morning I got up and needed to make a quick run so I threw on some jogging pants and a tee shirt.I didnt care what i looked like because I only had two stops to make and both were drive thru windows.On my way there when I was stopped at a light I noticed a man stopped next to me . He kept looking over at me I didnt think much of it.When I got to my first stop and was waiting in line I looked down and noticed my seat belt going across my chest was making my tee shirt tight againt my boobs and with no bra it made my nipples pop threw my tee shirt. I was thinking that was why that man at the light was stareing at me. There wasnt much I could do about it its the law to ware a seat belt in NY so I had to deal with it .When I got up to the window there was a kid about 18 or so waiting on me .A little embarrased I pulled up to the window and told him what I needed. I can tell he noticed my nipples right away.The whole time I sat there he stared at my nipples. I can tell he was taking his time waiting on me so he could enjoy seeing my braless boobs.The funny thing about it is the more I thought about being caught with my nipples showing the harder my nipples got. By the time he gave me my change my nipples were like sticking right out like I wasnt wareing a shirt at all. This made me kinda horney so on my way home I took my shirt off and drove topless down the two lane and every light I stopped at the person can see my boobs.Guys were waveing and trying to stay next to me . I was so horney I didnt care I just wanted everybody to see my boobs.My nippled were so hard . The next light ther were a line of cars so I got stuck in line so some boys next to me got a real good look a my boobs.I stuck my hand down my jogging pants and started fingering my pussy.My boobs arent that big but they sure caused quite a lot of guys to drive recklessly.After driving the long way home and showing half the guys in the city my tits I masterbated and had the best orgasem I have ever had. I do this once a week now.It great

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I know I brought this whole situation on myself but the fact of the matter is that Helen has a big mouth. Two years ago I moved into a apartment building and lived on my own for the first time. I was 22 and the youngest in the entire building. Helen is my next door neighbor and just turned 56 three weeks ago. She was always kind to me right from the start but also pushy and at times obnoxious. She is extremely heavy and always wears those ugly house coats. For some reason she seemed to like me right away more than I wanted her to. I work everyday during the week and she soon began fixing me meals and snooping into my personal life. She gave me a key to her apartment and insisted I give her my key which I reluctantly did. One day I came home from work and all my dirty clothes were washed and stacked on my bed. I thanked Helen for doing it then also realized she cleaned and vacummed my apartment. I told her it wasn't necessary but she claimed it gave her something to do since was alone and on SS disability. To an extent she began to spoil me. I never had dirty dishes or dirty clothes and my apartment was always clean. She would bring me a dinner a few nights a week or leave me a note that she put a platter in my fridge. She made cookies, cake and pie and treated me better than my mother ever did. After only a few months she began coming into my apartment in the evenings. At first she would knock before unlocking my door but before I knew it would just walk in on me, several times while in my underware and once when I was naked. I guess I was embarrased about it but she would just grin at me encouraging me to feel comfortable around her. She knew my girlfriend and I had broken up and kept asking me questions about it even asking me how our sex life was. I didn't want to talk about it but Helen was relentless and I did begin telling her personal things she had no right asking me about. Things not only about my x girlfriend but also about my family. She is the type of woman who can be intimadating and since she is so much older than me I think I let her intimadate me to an extent. She would just walk in on me once or twice a week to bring me things and got to where I never knew when she would come into my apartment. I wanted to get my key off of her but she treated me so well I think I felt to bad to ask her. She was sweet and kind but also became very dominating and careing for me as though I were a child. Aside from doing my wash she even ironed my work shirts and I no longer had socks with holes. The only times I didn't see her was on weekends when she went to her sisters house.

    Seven months or more had gone by and by that time she saw me in my underware so many times it didn't bother me anymore. I thought to myself a few times and worried that she wanted me like a boyfriend which she didn't. She rarely walked in on me two nights in a row but one night she walked in and I was in my bedroom masturbating. I didn't hear her come in and I had just ejaculated and realized she was standing in my doorway. Now I was completely embarrassed even more than the time she saw me naked. She only grined at me and said she would take the platter to the kitchen for me. I put shorts on and didn't know what to do or say to her. When I walked into the kitchen I found myself starting to apoligize to her, when it really wasn't my fault she saw me jerking off. Then she half heartedly apoligized to me but also telling me it was ok for me to do that since I didn't have a girlfriend. She then went on to say she hoped I didn't mind her coming in and being her friend. She went on a long speal telling me of her loneliness and that the only other friends she had was her sister and the people in our building. She sheepishly told me she like seeing me undressed and that she had no sex life at all and only masturbated herself. Not leaving very much alone she also said she enjoyed seeing my penis and especially liked watching me masturbate. She had been standing watching me longer than I had relized at the time. I admit I was speechless and she just kept talking, finally asking me if I objected to her coming in my apartment as often as she did. Helen was giving me an opening to say I did object but without thinking about it I told her she was always welcome. Thats all she needed to hear and her visits became even more frequent.

    It was a few weeks later when she caught me masturbating again, only this time I was already finished but still naked. Like I said before she saw me in my underware almost all the time but that was only the third time she had seen me naked. She only gave me a grin again and said she was sorry she didn't come in sooner. I just looked at her in amazement and then asked her if she liked seeing me naked and liked watching me masturbate. I put a towel around me and we went into the kitchen. As soon as we sat down she told me I was a slim handsome guy and that she never gets a chance to see a man naked or especially see a man playing with himself. She said she wishes I would be naked more often and then asked to see my penis again. Now I know this makes me sound like an exibitionist but I stood up and took the towel away letting her see me nude. All she said then was thank you. I have never had any sexual interest in her and still don't but find it fascinating that a woman like her could be so bold as to ask me to expose myself. Before she left she asked if she I could be naked sometimes when she comes over and for whatever reason, I agreed to it. I no longer felt embarrassed about her seeing me nude and perhaps thought of it as a compliment as rediculous as that may sound. I seldom went out during the work week and began being naked almost every evening even when Helen didn't come in. When she did it was obvious she was pleased when I was naked. It did feel strange for a month or so but I began enjoying her looking at me. My penis is only average at best and I guess it made me feel more confident of myself by the way she kept looking at me. At first I didn't get erections often but after a short time I started getting them often. I said things to her referring to my penis size and she always reassured me that I was normal. She no longer left platters in my fridge but would bring them in and heat them up for me. I even eat naked sometimes and she would sit talking to me as I did. It was last December the first time she asked me to masturbate in front of her. She did see me twice before but not when I knew she would be watching me. The first time I knowingly jerked off in front of her I was standing up but after that I would lay on my bed and do it. With no sexual feelings for her it did stimulate me just having her watch me. What I thought would be humiliating has become more of a turn on for me. Thursday evening February 3, 2011 is the first time she mastubated me and simply asked me if she could. I don't know how much experience she has had but I have never been jerked off as well as she does it. She put baby oil on her hands and not only held my penis but also held my scrotum and brush her finger along my anus up to the bottom of my testicals. She masturbates me once or twice a week now always asking my permission. Other times she just likes watching me masturbate myself. She never touches herself and has never taken her clothes off or exposed herself in any way. I know she is embarrassed about her body and has told me so many times. The only sexual interest I have in her is the fact that she masturbates me. If you ever saw her you would know why. The only problem is that I found out she has told some of the other women in the building that she sees me naked. The husband of one of the married women told me he overheard a few of them talking about me. Evidently she never tells them she masturbates me but has told them she saw me doing it. I confronted her about it last month and all she could do is apologize and said she wouldn't do it anymore. The looks I get from three of these women are like daggers and I am not sure how much Helen has told them about me. I know for sure Helen has told those three differnt things about me but don't know how many others she said things to. I have been dating a girl for 4 months but still let Helen masturbate me every chance I get and let her see me naked most of the time she comes over. I'm just glad she visits her sister every weekend and am apprehensive to let her meet my girlfriend.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 34

    I was sixteen and looking for work, and this man told me that I could mow his lawn if I wanted to, but that he didn't have any work at his shop right then.

    I went to his house on the weekend, and he showed me where he kept the lawn tools, walked me around and told me what he wanted, and we agreed on the price.

    After I mowed and cleaned up, I went to the door to get paid, and he invited me in for a drink. He took me to the kitchen and gave me a glass of water, and when I turned around he was standing with his dick in his hand stroking it, and he asked me if I wanted a tip. His dick was hard, and kept pulling hard on it so the head was staring at me.

    He sat down on the kitchen chair and told me to come over and get my reward for a job well done. I guess he knew I was new to all this, he told me that he would be gentle with me and that once I got used to it, I would work for free.

    It took a lot of talking, including reaching over and grabbing me by my crotch and pulling me over before he got my head bent down and on my knees and sucking his dick. He showed me what he wanted, and pulled my shirt off and took off his, and then walked me back to his bedroom. Over the bed was a large pencil drawing of a reclining naked man, it was a drawing of himself.

    He showed me, and he was truthful, he was gentle but he got what he wanted. And after that I got paid for working his lawn, but really I worked for free.

    He had many pencil drawings of naked men, and especially pencil drawings of dicks. He did a pencil drawing of his dick and mine side by side, from a picture we took. The drawing over the bed was his, made from a picture as well.

    I have never seen such work again, he kept it all to himself, they were drawings of all the guys he got together with, he gave me one drawing of me presenting myself to him, I still keep it folded up and refer to it from time to time, it has an extreme erotic feeling for me. He was my first.

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