• — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Back when I was still in college, I was at a campus party in the basement playing strip poker with three hot girls and two other guys, and when I thought no one was looking I cheated a bit. I was a bit drunk and I thought what the hell. Two of the girls noticed and cry foul and the next thing I know everyone is yelling at me and saying stuff like "Let's do something to him". All three girls said "Let's strip him!" and because I cheated the guys decided to help them. I was down to my underwear when all of a sudden they stopped and both guys picked me up and brought me outside on the front lawn under a big tree.

    There was a lot of people at this party and a lot of them were still just coming in. There they tied me to the tree facing everyone who was walking in or out of the party. After making sure I was securely tied one of the girls said "You know he has pretty plain underwear, don't you think girls?" where they all started laughing. I was wear regular dark green boxers, when out of nowhere one of the girls is giving me a wedgie. "Let's make it into a thong" they all giggled but it wasn't really working because there was too much material. The girl in front of me is laughing her ass off and starts laughing even harder when her friend whispers something in her ear. Her friend says out loud "I have a pretty thong he can wear" at which point she pulls her panties down from under her skirt. It's a small frilly red thong . There's lace on them and they seemed to be absolutely tiny. In no time my boxers are off and the panties are threaded up my legs. As soon as they were up I got an erection and they very quickly got out there cell phones and started taking pictures. "Enjoy the party" was the last thing they said as they walked back into the party.

    I was untied 4 hours later, by then almost the entire school saw me.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was about 13 my parents went to visit and help my grandmother and left my 16 year old sister in charge for the weekend. She was much bigger and stronger than me and had often bullied me as I was growing up. Earlier that week I had been caught smoking so my parents were really down on me and gave my sister permission to punish me if necessary since I was already grounded. Saturday, my sister's hot 17 year old boyfriend came over. I had a secret crush (at least I thought it was secret) on him and I thought he liked me too because he talked and joked with me a lot and one time he even said he thought I was cuter than my sister and that I would really be hot when I grow up. Anyway, everything seemed fine that day as we played cards, watched TV, and talked and stuff like that. I would jump out and scare and tickle John (her boyfriend) and my sister now and then and sort of teased them a little when they would make out. John chased me down and tickled me a couple times - it was fun. At one point my sister got mad and told me to leave John alone and stop seeking attention. I said I was sorry and was just playing and it didn't seem to bother John. He spoke up and said it was all right and told my sister I was just a little girl trying to have fun. My sister said it did bother her and for me to leave them alone. So I went up to my room and everything was quiet for awhile. Then it was time to fix dinner. She called me to come down and help. I was setting the table when John snuck up behind me and tickled me. I screamed and tried to tickle him back. I guess my sister didn't see him sneak up on me because she grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bathroom and said, "If you don't stop flirting with John I'm gonna make you wish you were never born!" I didn't really know what flirting was so I said "I'm sorry, I won't do it anymore." Dinner went pretty well it seemed, but afterwards when we were washing the dishes I accidently broke one of my mother's nicest plates. My sister started screaming at me and accusing me of breaking it on purpose. I yelled back at one point saying "I didn't mean to!" Then she said, "That does it. You caused trouble all day. You broke one of mom's best plates. You bothered John and me, and now you're yelling at me!" Then she grabbed my arm again and told John, "I want you to watch this to help this little brat learn a lesson." With that she dragged me to a kitchen chair, pulled it out, and sat down pulling me over her knees. She started spanking me and I tried to block her swats with my hand. She grabbed my wrist and pulled my arm up between my shoulders saying, "If you fight anymore, I'll break your arm." It hurt terribly and she seemed so mad I was really scared and stopped struggling. She spanked some more and then started pulling down my pants with the elastic waistbands. I tried to get away and screamed "NO!" but she pulled my wrist up farther and the pain was too horrible. By this time I was sobbing as she kept slapping my bare bottom really hard. Then she finally stopped, but she said, "You want John's attention so bad - let's try this - John, look at this!" Then she pulled my hips open as wide as she could and aimed it right at him so he could see everything. I could see him at this point and he was just staring and he was actually smiling! I felt sick and betrayed and cried more deeply. Then my sister spanked me harder than ever about 5 more times and then she said, "I'll let you up, but only if you do just what I say." I was desperate and said, "Yes, anything, just please stop." She told me to take off all the rest of my clothes and turn around 3 times. I was really embarrassed because I had such tiny titties (AA cup just enough you could clearly tell I was developing) but a lot of untrimmed pubic hair which I planned to cut someday. Then she told me to stay in my room until our parents got home. Later that night she told me that if I told our parents what she did to me in front of John that she would get me alone and hurt me a lot worse the next time. Since my room was right over the living room I could here some of their talking through the heat vent. John was laughing and saying things like, "Wow, I had no idea she had tits and a bush," and "That was really fun. You think we could do that again sometime when your parents are gone?" Then they joked and laughed and imitated some of the "funny" noises and facial expressions I made when she was spanking and exposing me. I never did like my sister, but after this I didn't like John either and I was very embarrassed any time I had to see him.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 52

    I'm a mid-level manager at a software company and manage a group of 8 programers. We're so cheap we prefer to hire right form the local community college - kids with 2-year degrees and no experience. Because of the high workload, long hours, and low pay for entry-level we tend to have a high turnover.

    That is, until I got wise and started hiring single mothers. These are girls who worked their way through college as waitresses, cleaning people houses, whatever and imagine a great life of prosperity in the software field. I know that once they're working for me, earning 2.5-3x what they used to (along with great benefits) that they will do ANYTHING to keep their job and to have to go back to their mom's single wide.

    More than half my group are young girls, all under 26 or so. Not so great in the looks department, but experienced and willing to do what I tell them to.

    Just last week I had to discipline one young lady for the poor quality of work she had been turning in. I really gave it to her, telling her she could be fired, held financially liable, even go to jail if someone died due to her negligence. She broke down and cried, begged me not to sack her, said she would do anything to keep her job.

    Anything?? I asked. Yes, she said - anything. Work longer days?? Yes. Come in on the weekend?? Yes. Log in remotely from home?? Yes. Suck my cock?? Yes she replied.

    30-minutes later she walked out of my office with a mouth full of my cum, and I (as the benevolent boss I am) shuffled most of her workload on to other people, made sure she knew she had the next 2-weekends off with her son, and decided the company should cover 50% of her child day care expense through the week.

    Maye I'm a shit. Maybe I need to be fired, or go to jail myself. But frankly, I don't give a shit. I'm 52 years old and get more 20-year old pussy on a weekly basis than most guys half my life get in a year. Fuck off.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I was six when my mom got a live in boyfriend. He was a nice guy and I got along with him great. My mother, having him around, was all over him, lots of displays of affection. Lots and lots of kissing and she always grabbed his penis when she kissed him. I guess I was starved for male affection as well, because I quickly found his lap to sit in and would wrap his arms around me. I also stole mouth kisses.

    Then one day we worked in the yard, it was a project and when we got done we were all real sweaty. We went into the house and my mom took me to the bathroom where she stripped me totally naked in front of him, and told me to get in the shower because she was going to wash my hair. She ran the water until it was the right temperature and in I went, while she grabbed on to him and kissed him. She took his penis out of his pants and got down on her knees and gave him a hand job and a blowjob. She left him with a huge erection, stripped naked and got in the shower with me and made the comment to me "doesn't he just have the most beautiful penis, I can't get enough of it, I just love it". Those words were forever imprinted on my brain.

    She invited her sweetie to join us in the shower. And there I was, six years old with a my naked mom and her boyfriend and their totally naked sex organs right in my face. She lathered up my hair, and then lathered and stoked his penis, she masturbated him into an erection. She rinsed my hair out, lathered herself up and asked him to lather her pussy and her butt. And then she told him to lather me up and wash me good.

    We got out of the shower, after drying my hair with a towel and putting on my panties she brushed her teeth, walked out totally naked threw back the covers on the bed and laid back in all her glory and called her boyfriend to come and 'make mommy happy'. I sat in the chair and watched my mom have sex. If that doesn't wake up your primal feeling, nothing will.

    The other very vivid memory of my mother having sex with her boyfriend, I was thirteen, and we had rented a house on the beach. By then I had seen most everything, and I still hugged her boyfriend and sat on his lap and I still stole kisses on the lips. Naked wasn't a word in the house because my mom was always naked or topless and she encouraged me to go topless as well. She was right about the feeling of having your breasts unencumbered and free, but I digress. We came up from the beach and her boyfriend was sitting on the stool by the kitchen bar, she served him a drink and then walked around to him to give him some 'attention', she unzipped his shorts and took out his penis and proceeded to give him a blowjob. These were not in themselves rare, and his penis was as much a part of the household as were our naked breasts. But that day, she was very aggressive and intense, she untied the bottoms of her bikini and straddled him on the stool and lowered herself on to his penis.

    Maybe it was the day, or maybe I just needed to watch, but I watched. I watched her lower herself on to his penis, then begin to grind on him while he held her by the butt. She took off her top, and really went on strong. This was no longer petting sex, she was driving for an orgasm and soon he took over and laid her on the couch. He fucked her this time, a pure self centered fuck. He didn't care if she liked it, or if she was getting pleasure out of it, he fucked her until he came. I found that I had masturbated the whole time, I was sore from rubbing myself, it was probably my first real orgasm.

    They are still a couple, and I have long since moved out of the house. I have my own boyfriend with my own penis to pay attention to. I really understand my mother, a penis is a terrible thing to waste.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I like to go to the mall and check out all the hot young asses. Once in a while I will even get enough guts to walk up behind one and give it a nice grab I always turn and run the other way after I do this. Usually I leave the mall after I have grabbed one. That was until the other day. I was walking behind one of the nicest asses I've ever seen in my life. I walked right up behind her grabbed her ass and said nice ass and turned and walked away. She was with a friend and they both looked back and yelled "what the fuck asshole who do you think you are." I just kept walking the other way I should of left but was walking fast and lost them. I decided to go to the bathroom for a few min. so they wouldn't see me. I was in the bathroom for about 10 min. when I decided to leave and hit the food court on my way out. I walked thru the food court and seen a lot of asses I wanted to grab but thought that I should just look and keep walking. As I got to one of the mall entrances I hear a female voice behind me saying that's him. I looked back to see the two girls and a guy. The girl that I had grab was walking full force towards me and yelling "your a fucken pervert and your going to get the shit kicked out of you." I tried to keep walking but she got louder and louder. I had gotten outside the entransc when she and her two friends caught up to me so I stopped and figured I would try and play it off like they had the wrong person. When I turned and said I don't know what your talking about she started yelling at the top of her lungs that I was a pervert and had touched her. There was now a crowd forming and I still tried to just play it off like she had the wrong person. Someone asked if they should call security and she was like yes call because this mother fucker is going to jail. I then started to walk away and the girl yelled "where the fuck do you thing your going your not going anywhere asshole." She then tried to push me back towards the doors to the entrance. That when it happened I tried to walk around her and the next thing I knew was I was laying on the ground trying to catch my breath she kicked me in the balls so hard that I couldn't breath and I was crying it hurt so bad. I tried to get up but she then kicked me in the stomach and face. The last kick she got in was one more to the nuts. Security showed up and pulled her off everyone that was standing around heard what I had done to her because she kept yelling that I had grabbed her ass in the mall. I couldn't get up the police and ambulance were called. I went to the hospital and was treated and released. I had the police at the hospital waiting for me. Yes I was arrested for battery I was placed in handcuffs and taken to the police station where the two girls were signing a complaint against me. Ireceived 200 hours community service most was spent cleaning out houses. Not only did I get caught playing my ass grabbing game I got me ass kicked by a girl and was arrested and was stuck doing community service. I haven't grabbed an ass since.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was once alone at my sister in laws house and wanked twice over a topless bathroom photo,which was hard to find.Then i stripped naked,wore a g-string of hers and rubbed myself over the top again.I gave it a quick wipe and put it back.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have odeipus rex complex. i love my mother and she loves me too. We're both married to other people but we've been secretly seeing each other for the past year. We had sex for the first time like 2 moths ago but she was going through menopause so I didn't use protection. Today she told me that she was preganant with my brother or sister/son or daughter. What should i do?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 20

    Mother Love

    I'll never forget the day I first remember seeing a woman's body naked. My age was ten, and the woman was my mother. I suppose it shouldn't have been surprising when you consider how closely family members live to each other. My mom had been a young bride and was widowed at an early age. I was an only child, and she transferred her affection toward me.

    That day, in the evening, I had put on my pajamas and had wandered past my mom's bedroom. The door was half open, and I slowly pushed it wider and looked in. Standing near the large mirror above the bureau, my mom had just removed her bra and was about to put on her pajama top when she spotted me in the mirror watching her. I was standing there, eyes wide open, staring at her body reflected in the mirror. She had a young, beautiful body, with generous sized breasts and pretty pink nipples. She was naked from the waist up and had only her panties on. She started to storm at me half naked, with an annoyed look on her face, and I felt like I had done something wrong, without fully knowing why. Suddenly, she pulled herself up short and calmed herself down. She took a deep breath, and forced a smile at me. She beckoned me over to sit on the bed with her. I walked slowly toward her as she patted the bed beside her. She was sitting there topless, and I glanced at her body as I sat next to her. 

    She started to explain to me that our bodies were nothing to be ashamed of, and she wasn't angry at me, only startled at seeing me there. She told me to look at her, while explaining how men and women looked different than each other. She slipped her hand onto my neck, then calmly undid my pajama top and slid it off. She let me look at her without flinching or hiding her breasts, wanting to convey the natural state of our bodies. She rubbed my neck and back and told me to feel her body. She guided my hand onto her back, and I felt her soft white skin. Then she brought my hand around to the front of her body, onto her breasts. They were firm and well proportioned, and I felt them without restraining the touch of my hand. I stopped, and she let me look at them without any shame in doing so. 

    Sh e explained how women use their breasts to feed their babies. Then she asked me if I knew where babies came out of a woman's body. I shook my head no. She stood up and quickly slid her panties down to her feet and stepped out of them, then motioned for me to stand up in front of her. My eyes were fixed upon her vagina as she slid my pajama bottoms down off my body. She explained to me how a woman's vagina opened during labor to let newborn infants out of their bodies, and how a man's penis entered the vagina to impregnate a woman. I stared at her vagina, with the tuft of black hair around it. She took my hand and placed it upon her there, and I gently felt it. As I did so, she softly took my penis in her hand and squeezed it, bringing up an erection. She slid the back of her hand against it. Between the touch of her hand and the sight of her naked body, I felt closer to her physically than I could ever remember. But it was a different closeness, a mixture of desire snd secrecy, something to be shared but not spoken of. 

    She asked me if I liked looking at her, and I nodded my head. She asked if I liked her touching my penis, and I nodded my head again. She explained that this was all very normal, that males and females were naturally attracted to each other and derived pleasure from this attraction. I just kept looking at her nude body, and she seemed aroused by mine. Looking at her, the thing that most surprised me was the hair over her vagina. I touched her there, felt the softness of it, ran my fingers through it. She smiled and told me that I seemed to like that very much. Then she told me to look at myself, and I glanced down and saw that my penis was red and stiff, pointing straight at her. She said this was all very normal, and asked if I'd like to lie down next to her. I felt I should say yes, so I nodded.

     She patted the bed behind us, and I lied down and kept watching her. As she lied next to me, I noticed her breasts swing from side to side, and she smiled at my attention to them. She rolled to her side and pulled me over gently, facing her. I couldn't stop looking at her. She was still a very attractive woman, young and firm bodied. Looking down at my naked body, she whispered that it had been so long, so very long. She looked like she was struggling with conflicting thoughts in her mind.

    Suddenly, she asked me if I'd like to see what intercourse was like. I didn't understand, so she told me it was two people sharing their bodies intimately, that it was sex. I wanted to know this, wanted to experience this intimacy. I was beginning to understand what it might be, and the longer I looked at her, the more aroused I became. I told her yes, and asked what I should do. She asked me if I was sure, because we didn't have to do it if I didn't want. I asked her if she wanted to do it. She seemed taken aback by my question, and absent mindedly ran her fingers over the skin of my chest. She told me I had a nice body, and that, gazing at me lying there, she felt a physical attraction to me. Hearing that, I told her that I wanted to do it. She took a deep breath, like there was one final barrier she needed to overcome in her mind. Then she said OK.

    She rolled onto her back and told me to get on top of her, and I got on my hands and knees and crawled over her naked body. As I eased my  body onto her, I felt the beginning of a burning desire to physically love her. She ran her hands over my shoulders and back, and I ran mine over her breasts. Her dark brown hair was splayed against the white sheet, in sharp contrast to her milky white skin. She seemed like she was losing control of any restraint she may have still felt. I ran my fingers over her nipples and felt them stiffen. She moaned a little and grabbed my back harder, digging her fingers into my body. I kept rubbing her, over and over, and she abandoned any remaining control. I asked her if I was doing OK, and she told me, in a fast and husky voice, to do whatever I wanted on her body.

     I abandoned all restraint and brought my mouth down on her breasts, sucking her nipples harder and harder. The blood was rushing through my body, and I could no longer control myself. I started kissing her all over, and she responded by roughly rubbing me all over and moaning. The evening had darkened to a faint light, and I could only see the outline of her nakedness in the remaining light. I brought my face up to hers and kissed her mouth repeatedly. Then she told me to put it in her, and I hesitated. She repeated, in a louder and more insistant voice, that I should put my penis in her vagina. I arched my back, and she grabbed my penis to guide it into her vagina. When I lowered back down she slid it inside her.

    Her vagina felt warm and moist, tight around my penis, which was now big and engorged with blood. She breathlessly told me to go up and down upon her, and I slowly and carefully started doing so. I was afraid I might do something wrong and hurt her, but she hoarsely whispered to go harder on her, much harder. I was somewhat surprised, but I listened and quickened the pace of my movement. I asked if that was right, but she told me to be aggressive and do what I wanted to on her. So I dismissed my inhibitions and forced my penis and my entire body against her, flattening her breasts beneath my chest. As I came down on her harder and harder, she groaned loudly and looked over my shoulder, her mind focused on the force between her legs. She brought her legs up and around me, and I pushed my penis in further than I imagined was possible. As I pushed, she clutched my back with both hands and writhed underneath me.

    Our bodies were bathed in sweat, our animal passions knowing no limits. She took all I could offer, my rock hard penis buried deep inside her vagina. Then it happened. My groin felt like it was exploding. My mother saw the look on my face and quickly whispered in my ear that it was OK , and I should not stop. Something was coming from my penis, and I guessed that this might be was what she had meant when she told me about a man's penis impregnating a woman. I settled into a rhythm, with each thrust of my body shooting semen into her vagina. She had her head back and moaned with each thrust of my body  against her. Her pelvis, between her legs, was shaking as she orgasmed. I continued on until I finally felt spent, and my semen ceased to come. I rolled off her body onto my side and just looked at her. Her chest was heaving, and her body was flushed and red. She turned her head and looked at  me, then rolled onto her side, away from me.

    I gazed at her strong back and her rounded feminine ass. She sat up on the edge of the bed, and I watched her. I loved the sight of her body and thinking back on what we had done. She turned on the bed, lifting her body onto it, and leaned over toward me. I watched her breasts swing as she bent over the bed. She crawled next to me and lay her leg over mine, rubbing it softly against me. By now the room had darkened, although the street lamps shone some light on the ceiling. Her body looked bathed in a phosphoresent glow as I unabashedly looked at her perfect breasts and hair framed vagina. By now I was comfortable seeing her naked, and I felt a great physical love for her. I wanted that moment to last forever. 

    S he just lay on her side smiling, softly caressing my chest. She whispered that I had beautiful skin, and that she had enjoyed making love to me. I told her that she was beautiful, and she looked down away and thanked me. We lay like that for a while, just enjoying the closeness of our bodies. Then she told me to go to bed, and I picked up my pajamas and left. As I left the room I took one final look at her. Her eyes were half closed, and her arms were raised up over her head, stretching her breasts taut upon her body. She gave me a little smile, and I smiled back. When I reached my room I put on my pajamas and got into bed.

    That night was our little secret for all the years after, and we would smile at each other when the conversation sometimes turned in that direction, whether we were alone or with others.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    Two years ago I started dating a senior at my high school. He was in a band, was good looking, and all the girl's wanted him. I didn't know the first thing about being a girlfriend, but I knew it was special that he wanted me of all of them. Of course, I was short, cute, and had huge tits, so that most likely was the allure.

    My parents didn't know how old he was, so they let him come over on weekends and hang out. After a month, they started to really like him. He spent a lot of time talking with my mom and dad, and they approved of us dating. We didn't fool around much because I was a virgin and scared, and plus we didn't have a lot of time or privacy at that point. I knew he wanted me to put out, but he wasn't too pushy, so we mostly just made out, dry humped, and I'd occasionally give him a handjob and let him cum on my tits.

    I worked a part time job at a supermarket, and worked an open shift one Saturday. When I made it home a little after noon, my boyfriend's car was in the drive. I was so excited to see him that I thought I'd surprise him, so I snuck through the garage and into the side door. As I was putting down my purse and work apron, I could hear a strange sound from the living room. Now, you don't have to believe a word of this, since the site says it's all bullshit, but this is true.

    When I peeked around the corner, my mother was sucking my boyfriend's cock. I was immediately shocked and heart broken, but speechless. I tried to sort out what the hell I should say or do, tried to sort out where my father had went, how he didn't know, and tried to keep from crying. I sat and watched her suck his dick for a solid minute before I just crept back out to the garage, collapsed on the ground, and cried my eyes out.

    I didn't know what to say, who to say it to, or who would believe me. I also didn't want my father to leave. So I broke it off my boyfriend that night, pretending to know nothing. I told everyone he tried to force himself on me. I eventually told my mother off, and she begged me not to tell my father. It was a year before I got the courage to tell my father.

    It didn't turn me on. I didn't masturbate while watching like you pretend fuckers. It screwed me up, and I still don't trust me, and don't talk to my mother at all. I can't even give head without thinking about it.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    Driving home from school today I saw an older black woman, she was pushing a bike with a flat tire, had bags of food. Picked her up and put her bike and things In the back of the truck.

    She hugged me and thanked me many times. She was fifteen miles from home when the tire went. Not many travel this road and she worried she might not make it. What can I do for you she ask?? Its ok you don't owe me anything.
    Can I give you some money?? No I can take you home. You got a girl fiend?? told her not right now. How about a blow job?? some sex?? I could not answer her, I just choked on the words. I always wanted to see w black womans nude body. getting sex and or a blow job would be amazing.

    Ah where could we go and talk about this?? No my house she said: I have kids and my mother there. We could go parking, have sex in this truck. I pulled onto a dirt road and found a spot in the woods. As soon as I stopped she got her top off, told me lets get with it honey. I just looked at her dark breast and the nipples. She told me, Get those pants out the way. Tossed my clothes and shoes in the floor very quickly. She laid across the seat and put my cock in her mouth. I enjoyed the skin and the plump ass she exposed. I wanted to fuck her bad, not a single condom. I guess a blow job would be enough, let me take a picture and feel her up.

    She stopped and turned over on the seat, spread her legs and her pussy lips. She smiled as I looked at what I had always wanted to see. What you waiting for?? just enjoying the view. I ask if I could take a picture, she covered her face with her panties, go ahead and take it. I took several shots of her.

    Are you finished?? Yes I have what I want. I mounted her and she guided my cock in her. I must admit the excitement may have made it feel better, but she gave me some nice pussy. Don't cum in me now, you hear?? I will not I promise. When you ready to cum pull It out and I will take care of it. With her working her body and the feel of her insides, I did not last long. Pulled out and she bent forward and sucked it.

    Before you get dressed can I feel those tits of your?? sure honey, do what you want. I touched sucked and took more pictures. When I dropped her off she gave me her phone number. I can call her for a hook up when I like. She told me I could have had some ride or not, she things I am a nice looking man.

    I am calling her tonight, see if I can pick her up tomorrow after school.

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