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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I had a dream my mother and i were having sex and my best friend joined in.... what does this mean?

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    My mother has just left the house, she's going to catch a flight over to visit my auntie for a few days. My step father has just as I type this, waved her off. He knows when he gets back in the house, I'll be almost naked on my bed with a soaking wet pussy and ass and I'll be waiting for him to visit my bedroom. It's not the first time he'll have spent the night fucking my pussy and ass and it most definately won't be the last. I just love to feel his big cock fucking my holes and by the way he's been talking to me today, I know I'm in for a awsome fucking. I can hear him climbing the stairs now, have to go now and get myself ready for him.......

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    Continued from #23967. I woke in the morning with Grandma standing by my bed. I see your ready for me. She climbed on the bed and pulled up her nightie and said we can't have you walking around all morning with a boner. Much like last night I soon unloaded in her. I'll teach you how to take your time and satisfy your partner as we go along and you will also enjoy it more. Now let's clean up and have breakfast and get some work done.

    We finished about 3pm and went for a swim. Grandma brought her wine in an ice bucket and sat chatting while she sipped on her wine. She got up and walked to the deep end of the pool dropped her bath robe and dived in swimming to the other end and back. I realized she was completely nude. She came to the edge and asked, aren't you coming in. I went over and jumped in beside her. I like to swim in the nude so get rid of your swim shorts. I took them off and threw them on the deck. She grabbed my cock saying we'll do something about that later, meanwhile I'll race you to the other end.

    We swam for a while and I got out and got a towel and sat on a chaise lounge in the sun. As she emerged from the pool I couldn't help admiring her tanned body with no straps or panty lines as the water ran down her body, dripping from her nipples and sparkling in the sun on her wet pussy bush. Her tits were still firm and a nice handful about the size of Sue's with darker nipples and I imagined sucking them and getting a taste of her pussy as my erection grew under my towel. She dried off and sat beside me and filled her wine glass with cold white wine. She drank some wine and sat on the foot of my lounge and said now we'll do something about that thing sticking up and removed the towel.

    She put poured a bit of wine on her hand and wrapped it around my cock and slowly started to masturbated me. I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of he hand moving up and down. I realized her hand felt a lot wetter and opened my eyes as she lowered her mouth engulfing my pulsing member. She lifted her head, looking at me and said, I haven't done this for a while, but enjoy as she went back down and slowly moved her lips up and down my shaft. It was the most amazing feeling with her hand squeezing my cock just above my testicles and her sopping to lick the head I soon yelled, Grandma I'm cumming. She kept sucking and I let go in her mouth as she gagged a little, swallowing some and spitting most out on a towel. She took a drink of wine, swished it around a bit in her mouth and swallowed it. She kissed me and said time to start dinner. I lay there having had my first blow job, hoping I wouldn't wake up from my dream.

    After dinner she went to bed about 10pm to read and said to come to her room in about an hour. I went up with the shorts on I slept in and she put down her book and threw back the cover. She was nude and said drop your shorts and come lay beside me. I lay down facing her and she said pretend I'm your girlfriend and start making love to me, You don't have to kiss me if you feel uncomfortable. I nuzzled her neck and put an arm around her raising up and started kissing her as I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue between her lips and she pated them and accepted my tongue and gave it a little suck. I put a hand on a boob squeezing slightly and pinching her nipple. She said not too hard just lightly. I lowered my head and put my mouth on her other nipple and lightly sucked it, as I continued to massage the other one. I put a hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy and inserted a finger in her.

    She said your doing fine so far. Having never tasted pussy before we'll leave that for another day, so I'm ready for you to fuck me. I got on my knees as she raised her legs and I was easily able to slide into her moist pussy. She said now push in deep and hold it for a bit a slowly move up and down letting your partner get some pleasure as you massage the sides of her pussy lips and can feel your cock deep inside her vagina. I tried to hold back but she started bucking a bit and I couldn't wait as I gushed in her c**t. She said stay in me as she lowered her hand and started massaging her clitoris Until she said OH yes as she orgasmed. We lay there for a while till she said, now go to bed so I can clean up and get some sleep.

    In the morning she dropped in to get rid of my morning erection. We were doing pretty good sorting things out were out by the pool by 4pm. She let me take some nude pictures of her before we went swimming. After a while she sat on the edge of the pool and I swam up to her and put my hands on her knees. She spread her legs as I gazed at her pussy. Her lips were nice and firm and not hanging loose like I imagined an older woman's would be. She asked would you like a taste? I moved my head right in and started licking. She reached down parting her lips so I could lick up to her clitoris as she moaned a little and said yes right there suck it a little. She lay back as I continued licking and sucking and she yelled, I'm cumming and I could taste some juices on my tongue. She said it's been a while since I had my pussy eaten and it was wonderful, especially by my grandson.

    I realized I had given my Grandmother an orgasm as I helped her up and we went and sat down with my cock standing up straight. She drank some wine and said I'm too tired to help you out so just stand there and masturbate and shoot your cum all over my body. Having eaten my first pussy it never took me long as I covered her boobs and stomach.
    That night was much the same as the previous night as she helped herself to an orgasm. In the morning another quick fuck before breakfast. We had most things ready that she wasn't keeping and a truck was picking them up on Friday. She had to go out for a few hours in the afternoon to finalize things for her Condo and make sure it was ready for her to move into.

    With nothing to do I lay by the pool getting some sun when I heard someone approaching. I looked up thinking it was Grandma. When I realized it wasn't I grabbed my towel and covered myself. She said don't cover yourself on my account as she walked over and stood beside. In case you don't remember me I'm your Aunt Irene, Your Grandma's sister so I guess I'm really your great Aunt, Although some may not think I'm so great. It's been a while since I saw you and you sure have grown in more ways than one. She had on shorts and halter top as I gazed at her sizable breasts. She had a few more pounds on her then Grandma and it was well distributed. She told me you were here where is she? I said she had to go out. She said well you better take care of that tent in your towel and I'll give her a call tonight. As she walked away in high heels I thought she had great legs as my hand reached for my cock. More to cum.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I am living at my parents for the time being thanks to my messy divorse. Being single and not up to dating right now, I have a few women that I like to chat with (sex chat). We swap photos and tell eachother naughty desires etc. Well the lady across the street, is a friend of my mom's. She isn't as old as my mom. I would guess her to be about mid 50's. Anyway, she was over looking at some pictures of a job I had just completed (I am a contractor). I had a few on my phone as well. I was looking through my pics, with her over my shoulder, when up pops a pic of my cock, hard and ready! She says, "oops! bet I wasn't suppossed to see that one eh??" I then said, "no I guess not. Not unless you enjoyed it." and I winked. It was meant in a fun kinding kind of way. She then said, "what's not to enjoy??" We both blushed a little, but continued our chat on the kitchen pictures. I never thought about it after that untill I was chatting with one of my lady friend's and told her of the experience. She said I should do something to let her see it again. Jerk off near a window, answer the door in a towel... She wanted me to see how far I could go with it. Then it got in my head, and I started to plan things. My front porch has about 4 steps. I saw (we'll call the lady Donna) on her front lawn. I sat on the top step, with my cock poking out the leg of my shorts. I waved and said something. She then called back, "hang on I can't hear you, I'll be right there" She came over and I made up some bs about my mom wanting to borrow her steamer. She was standing at the bottom of the steps, eyes flicking between my face and my cock. It was so hot! Then she left. Her ears were quite red. I told my chat friend. She was turned on, but wanted more. I followed through. My mom has told Donna that she can come into our yard and pick from our garden whenever she wants. One time when she was there, I saw and opened the blinds while she was looking in the garden. When she turned around, she could see through the patio doors and saw me on the couch, nude pulling my cock. I had my head turned slightly and eyes mostly closed. She wouldn't have been able to tell I could see her watching. She looked away right away, then peaked back. She waved like you do to see if someone can see through a blindfold. I didn't respond. So she went back to the garden, but had turned so she was facing the house and watched me for about 10 minutes. I guess she got nervous, or wanted to go home and finger herself, but she left. Well, last night, my mom went out, but left instructions that Donna was coming over to pick up a book at around 8. I had a shower at about 7:30 then hung out in my room until the doorbell rang. I ran to washroom, splashed myself with water again and ran down in my towel. I peeked to see who it was. It was her, so I opened the door. SHe looked shocked and said, "oh! I guess I got you out of the shower" I told her I was out but just barely when she rang the bell. I then said, "come in, I'll get the book". She said ok. On my way back toward her i dropped my towel. She said in a very surprised voice "Oh god!" and turned away. I said I was so sorry, blah blah. I picked up the towel, and said, as I was slowly putting it around my but leaving the front open, "well, it's not like you haven't seen it before!" and giggled. She looked back, I wasn't quite covered yet, then she said, "thats right." Then looked away. I added, "but in the picture, I was in a little bit of a different state". She giggled and agreed with a "mmHmm". I said , "I hope I didn't embarrass you too much". She said, "oh no. Thats ok, a free show is always fun". I had her!. I said, "well if you want one just ask, I'll give you one anytime. DO you want one now??" She giggled and said "ya right! Ok". I know it was a challenge like (ya right go ahead I dare you). So I opened my towel. My cock was a little thicker from the excitement. She didn't turn away this time. She reacted with another " oh my god, You did!" I told her ever since she saw the pic, I've had a fantasy of her. If she wants to watch, I would love to give her a much better show. She was stunned then shook her head no. but then smilled and knodded yes!. Right there in the hall, I started jerking off with her 2 feet infront of me. She said a couple, "oh dear gods" and a few, Holy shits". I was really into it, when I asked if she would 'give me a hand'. She just stepped forward, grabbed my cock and stroked it!! No bullshit! I said, "Oh ya Donna, make me cum". She got on her knees and gave me a blow job! No hesitation, not nothing. Sucked me off until I came in her mouth. She didn't swallow it but I couldn't believe she took it in her mouth!! I told her that I would love to do that again. She said, "we'll see, nobody can know!" I said, "no problem" SHe ended up leaving with out the book. I closed the door and the bell rang again. I opened it and she said, "I forgot the bloody book thanks to your cock! " haha. I said, I think it needs one more kiss before you go, She bent over sucked my soft cock in her mouth and made a mmmmm sound. She thank you, then looked at me and said thank you again! lol I'm posting this because I told my chat friend and she said that it would be hot to let others know! She'll be looking at this too. Kristine, here ya go!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 26

    let me start out by saying i got married right out of high school then had two kids within 3 years of getting married. many of you will think this was the problem however, there are many others that i will try to sum up. my father was in jail most of my childhood for drugs and my clinically depressed mother raised me. shes my hero for raising three kids on her own. my dad is till involved in drugs and my mom abuses pills off and on. recently two of my grandmothers died. all the while i've felt like something is going to give. my son has adhd and my daughter enjoys getting him into trouble. i dont want to blame them tho and i truely love them. my wife has always been times i dont see any life in her eyes. i wonder if i'm to blame or if it was ever really there. i wouldnt say i have an additive personallity but i do go all in. the years of back and forth may have taken their toll on her.

    my question is. is she just weak or am i being foolish?? im almost scared by how easy i forgive. i'll over react and be mad about something serious but she only sees me being mad. should i expect her to comfort me?? either way i forgive within hours or days while she holds onto it.

    i've always put on this persona of toughness but if only people knew what a mess i was inside. i'd appreciate if any females would comment. im sure males would call only me ghey. also dont think telling my wife this will make it better. i have poured my heart out and she just stomps on it.

    i put this in "dreams and wishes" because i dream and wish about a love that is more powerful, if not with her then someone. someone that could look me in the eye and call me a fucking asshole and then say they love me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    A month ago I was a straight guy with a fiancee. Now I'm a bisexual man with a wife.
    This confession could have been put in two sections, this and "My Family". Because the man who took my oral and anal cherry, is my new father in law Jim (James). And our first sexual encounter actually happened at the wedding reception.
    I went to get changed at the same time Jim decided to, before heading back down to the celebrations downstairs. We decided to change in his hotel room, as my new wife was getting changed in the marital suite we were in.
    I couldn't help but look at Jims huge cock when he took off his trousers. He wore no underwear and it was obvious he was sexually aroused. Jim saw me looking and simply asked me if I liked cock. It was a qustion I'd never been asked and I definitely didn't think I'd hear it from the father of my wife.
    I'm going to make excuses about the amount of alcohol I'd drunk, because I hadn't touched a drop (Not wanting to waste my wedding night). I'm not going to say I'd had previous gay relations when younger, as I hadn't. All I can say, is Jim's erect cock, strangely looked beautiful to me. Still staring at his manhood I heard Jim say "You know I'm bisexual right, you can suck me if you want". He paused before he added "....... won't find out".
    As I've mentioned I'd not had any alcohol, so finding myself on my knees in front of Jim. Taking hold of his long heavily veined cock and opening my mouth, was done in what I believe, a purely natural way. Jim held my head gently at first, as I let inch by heavy inch slide over my tongue. The heat from his cock and his cocks girth took me by surprise. As did the feel of his cock. It was fully erect and hard, yet it also felt soft in my mouth.
    Trying not to gag, and to suck his cock the way his daughter sucks on mine, I began to give my father in law oral pleasure. Jim began to thrust into my mouth, as I became more accustomed to his length and girth. He started to pull me onto him and I in turn gripped his buttocks tightly, slipping a finger over his arsehole. As soon as my finger touched his rear hole, Jim fucked my mouth with real purpose.
    I'd not been sucking on his cock for more than five minutes, when Jim pulled my hair and began grunting loudly. I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and knew from my own experiances, he was close to orgasm. Not wanting to spoil his moment, I tried to deep throat him, letting him know it was ok to cum in my mouth.
    The explosion of hot cum hitting the back of my throat and flooding my mouth was for me, the best single sexual sensation of my life. I was instantly hooked on cum and more over Jim's cum. Jim cntinued to fuck my mouth as each and every drop flowed from his still hard dick. Not once did I take my mouth away and because of that, I had to swallow, I wanted to swallow his seed.
    Shaking from his orgasm, Jim pulled his cock from my mouth and jokingly said "Now you're definitely part of the family".
    I've been improving my status in the family, not only with his daughter, who I love. But also weekly with her father who's cock I'm becoming very familiar with.
    Jim has asked if he can fuck me sometime. I'm not sure if my arsehole could take his large cock, but in a few weeks from now, when my wife takes a two day trip away with her company, I'm going to fnd out. Jim's staying over and even if I can't take his cock anally (We'll give it a damn good go), I'm sure going to take it orally as many times as I can.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was a junior in college and was assigned to a roommate who was a sophomore. He was a good looking kid, wore A&E and Hollister, etc. He got drunk several times and made huge messes in our room. He'd pass out on the puke-covered floor and pee his pants while passed out. He was cute and so I forgave him. He always wore boxers from A&E and freely walked around in them often. One day he asked me to borrow a pair of boxers, all his were dirty. I had seen he had a package of Fruit of the Loom white briefs in his drawer before, and I suggested he wear those. He replied that his mom had bought them and he hadn't wore those since 10th grade. I tried to stall because I wanted to see him in those briefs, but he went over and grabbed a pair of my jockey briefs.

    A couple months into school, his parents came to visit. He begged me to not tell them about his drinking. I agreed. His parents took him to a nearby water park and he had an accident. He fell down and broke one arm and the other wrist. He couldn't do anything for himself. He lived several states away, so his parents stayed several nights to help him recover. I gave him the lower bunk and helped him though the night when his parents were at the hotel. Each morning, his mom would help him stand up, and then change his shirt. Then she'd remove his pants and boxers with me in the room and redress him. He sat around and did little for several days, then his parents asked if I could care for him. I agreed again.

    The morning his parents were to leave, his mother changed him again. I was sitting in the corner having a conversation with him and his mother takes off his pants and boxers. He looked extremely embarrassed standing there with his penis hanging out with only a wifebeater on. We had individual showers, so I had never seen him naked from the front before. He stood there a while as his mom looked for underwear. He was out of boxers and she opened those briefs I mentioned earlier. He yelled at her ‘no!', but she continued. She pulled the briefs up and he turned red and kept persisting to take them off. He looked so good standing there in just his briefs and wifebeater. He was so embarrassed, however, and I got such a rush from this embarrassment. His mother finished dressing him and they soon took off.

    I couldn't stop thinking about seeing him embarrassed naked and in those briefs in front of me. I got such a rush from that. A friend of his came by and they went to class and I masterbated. Best I'd had in months.

    Later that night, he had to use the restroom. I took him into the stall and removed his pants and briefs. He sat there on the toilet extremely embarrassed, but he did talk to me. I had to wipe his beautiful behind, then pull up his briefs and pants. When it was time for bed, I removed both his shirts and pants. He told me to put some boxers on him. I said that his mom didn't want him to wear them because they were dirty. I told him ‘Go to bed," and he got an attitude. I pretended really upset at the way he was treating me, and said "if you are going to be a jerk, I'm telling your parents about the drinking." He laid down on the bed in his briefs...and only his briefs.

    The next morning, I woke up before him, but he still had covers over the briefs that I had put on the night before. I pulled them off as to wake him up. "I have to get to class, lets get going," I said. He stood up and I opened the door. He got an attitude again, yelling that he needed clothes before going to the bathroom. Ususally he walked down the hall in his boxers to the bathroom in the morning. I snapped back that I didn't have time and to remember that he had to cooperate through this or I was telling. You could tell he was pissed and walked quickly down the hall aside me in only his briefs. Several people passed and he was shaking. He thought briefs were the most embarrassing thing a guy could wear, and there he was in them only.

    We walked into the bathroom, and there were 4 guys at the sinks and 2 at the urinals. I thought he would walk into a stall, but he walked up to a urinal. Instead of just pulling them down far enough so he could get his penis out, I lowered the pair to several inches before his butt. There he is standing in a bathroom with 6 or so guys, with briefs on and his naked ass exposed. I was getting very excited. He peed all over the wall because he couldn't hold his junk. The whole room was laughing. I pulled up his briefs, washed my hands and helped him back to the room. He was royally pissed and embarrassed.

    Back in the room, I took off his briefs and he stood there naked. He still wasn't used to be naked in front of me and made an excuse that it was cold (and something was small because of it). I pulled out another pair of briefs and he started his screaming. I got angry again and he finally let me put them on him. He was dressed and I changed just down to my boxers.

    He hadn't had a shower in several days, so the next morning, I suggested it. His dad had apparently washed him the last time. He said it was a must, and after letting him crap again, I got his towel and soap. He had walked down the hall in briefs again and was standing alone in the bathroom waiting for me to get back. The bathroom is a square with a wide open area in the middle, sinks on one side, toilets on one, urinals on one, and showers on the other. The showers are individual and usually you'd get in, close the door and remove your underwear. I couldn't get in with him, so, with the door open, I pulled off his briefs and washed him. I didn't get near his private parts, as I'm not that brave. After a few minuets he wanted to "get the hell out" and so I stopped the shower. Another guy was waiting for the shower, so I took advantage of that. "Come out and let him use it," I said as I pulled on sholder. He was now butt naked in a bathroom with 8 other guys. I kind of moved him a little closer to the middle and started drying him off, starting with his head. The guys started laughing at this. Picture it, him standing there wet, helpless, and butt naked as I dry off his hair. The guys were actually watching and cracking jokes, and pretty soon a couple more came in or out of the shower. I had totally exposed him naked to about half the guys on our floor.

    Then, the best thing happened, he popped a boner. The minuet this happened, all eyes were on it. He started to run, and I held him back, pulling on his injured arm by mistake. With the pain, he stopped long enough that I could get his briefs started up. All the guys would now see him be dressed in briefs, what he was so embarrassed to wear.

    He was so pissed and depressed when we returned to the room, I felt bad that I had exposed him like that. Everyone on the floor would know that he had got a boner and wore briefs. I dressed him in a pair of my boxer briefs, and did his laundry that day. The rest of the time, I put him in boxers and tried not to let others see him naked. I had my fun and everyone made fun of him for that.

    The best part of the tale: it made him less embarrassed of nakedness or briefs. Once he was back in shape, he would get naked while changing in our room, and wore briefs from time to time.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm from a Democratic family. My in laws are Democrats.
    I voted Republican!
    As much as I want to, I can't say anything about it to family members.
    I just don't want to hear the arguments.


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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 22

    where i live, we had laws that put restrictions on certain things that employers could require as far as like office attire and.. such. well, a bunch of people got together and motivated people to overturn these laws. so now if i or any of the girls i work with want to keep our jobs we have to wear skirts that dont cover anything and give our boss.. sexual favors. he already fired all the women who were overweight or too old, not pretty enough...

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Has anyone been seen naked by someone who really wasn't supposed to see you?

    When I was a girl in 7th grade my dad invited my English teacher, Mr. Craig, over for dinner. They were sort of buddies when they were in high school. Anyway, I was a little late getting ready and had just finished taking my shower. It was winter and dark outside as I turned the light on in my bedroom very hurriedly looking for the right clothes to put on. My bedroom happened to be right next to the front porch and in my hurry I forgot to pull the blind or curtains. I was hurrying so much I didn't think about it when the doorbell rang and Mr. Craig was at the front door. I finally got on clothes that seemed right and was about to leave the bedroom when I realized he could have seen me naked as I was laying out clothes and he was at the front door. I just hoped and prayed that he didn't notice. He looked at me a little funny when I came out and acted a little bit weird when he would talk to me, but the meal and conversation basically went all right and toward the end I sort of enjoyed it. However, after Mr. Craig left, my mother got me alone and told me that he had talked to her privately after dinner and told her that she might want to make sure the window is covered when I undress in my bedroom. He had seen me! Then, to make it even worse, my mother asked me if I did it on purpose and saying to me "Did you want Mr. Craig to see you naked?"

    Please tell me any stories you have of someone seeing you naked who really wasn't supposed to.

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