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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't know if it is my building or what, but I have constant pounding on my ceiling from my fatass bitch upstairs neighbor's 2 little fucking brats running around all the time. Even my damn cat has turned wild because he constantly thinks the ceiling is going to fall down on him. I have complained to the woman and to the apartment manager about not letting the kids race around and fall down for hours because it makes my entire fucking apartment shake. The apt manager told the fat worthless loser of a mother to take her kids outside to play or something. Did that happen? Of course not. Now after the demonic brats race around and pound on my goddamn ceiling for half an hour, the piece of shit mother screams at them to knock it off. Then they go to their room and SCREAM and cry for another half hour. I can hear every little thing those fucking people do. I'm moving in a month and I'm sure the next people to have this apartment are going to complain about the constant noise too. Maybe THEN the fatass whore and her evil brats will get evicted. And I am NEVER living in an apartment with someone above me again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    When I was a kid (No this does not belong in the "when I was a kid" category, read on and you will see why) I ran away from home. I was 12. My parents suspected I was gay (I was) and started to abuse the hell out of me. My dad figured he could beat the gay out of me and my mother would simply make me read the bible out loud for hours on end. They had caught me in my underwear with my best friend who was also in his underwear. I had used the lame excuse that it was hot but it wasn't really that hot and we were fooling around. Things just got way too hard to handle and so I snuck into my parents bedroom one day and cleaned them out of all the money I could find which came to about $122 (a lot of money in 1961) and I took off. I had one suitcase packed with my few possessions and some clothes and I headed to the big city where I had heard a child could make his way if he doesn't mind doing naughty things with men. Since I liked men I didn't care. Now that is the beginning and I am not going to write a book about all that transpired from then to the point where this story actually begins. I just wanted you to have an idea how I got to be where I did in 1982 when I was 33.

    I was working for a brothel in a big city. Mostly my job was sort of nurse maid to the boys that had been recruited. I was also gopher, janitor, driver etc. I had worked there as a child and the proprietor and I got along quite well. I had been one of his pretty boys which meant I had made him a lot of money. I also liked doing what I did mostly. I suppose I had been born a pervert. The proprietor not only ran a brothel but he was also in the business of procuring young boys to be sold into slavery. We had just gotten in a shipment from the Midwest, a half dozen sweet young things, 4 blonds, a redhead and a brunette, all lovely and ranging in age from 10 to 13. My job was to clean them up and make them look as pretty as possible for the clients and also to stand watch. I was sort of guard, babysitter as well. A fringe benefit was I got to sample the wares as long as I didn't bust their little anal cherries. Our clientele was mostly men but occasionally a female client would be shopping for a young boy.

    On this particular occasion, Mrs. X, a woman in her 40s who was the wife of an extremely prominent politition and the heiress to a huge fortune was looking for a "house boy" a euphemism for slave boy. We had our fresh recruits line up along with some existing inventory and all together we had 11 boys line up. She was looking for "an adorable angel that would look cute in pigtails and a dress" So I had all the boys put on dresses, got a touch of make-up on some of them and those with long hair went into pigtails and those without just got pretty ribbons. She came in and inspected the merchandise and zeroed in on the 10 year old fresh recruit that had just arrived. He had long pretty blond hair that came mid way down his back. In pigtails and lipstick and a short pink dress you would not have mistaken him for a boy. Her mind was made up and so she went to the office and I packed up the boy for shipping which meant I gave him some drugs that put him to sleep and gave him a bath and freshly did his hair and make-up, put on some pretty lingerie and boxed him up in a crate with an oxygen tank and had him shipped to her home overseas. I don't know how he got to where he was going. I don't even know what country he ended up in. I just know we never saw him again. The front office took care of those details. This was typical of how the place operated.

    A couple of days later I was instructed to get ready two of the boys for a VIP client. By this point I am sure the parents of these boys were all quite frantic. It would be at this point where the FBI would have been involved and the all points bulletins had gone out. But unlike today where they have Amber alerts and in minutes a notice can go out to the entire country, in those days it was rare that anyone outside the immediate area where a kidnapping took place would ever find out unless the victim was famous. None of ours were. My boss made sure to never procure anyone who came from within 500 miles of our city. In fact he preferred boys from rural or Midwestern areas since at the time they tended to be less worldly and more trusting. Not to mention boys who are totally innocent in all ways are a hotter commodity. So our VIP client was quite prominent. The sort of person whose photo and name appeared in the Washington Post at least once a week. He was elected and sent to Washington to do a job and every now and then he would visit our city, not in his district, and have himself a little fun. I don't know if his wife ever found out but I know I never read anything about it in the paper. Not only was he a client but given his position of power he was a sort of co-conspirator. He was on a committee that gave him some power over the FBI and so we were never investigated by them or any other federal agency. I have no idea what sort of discount he might have gotten. All I know is we did anything he wanted to and he tipped well, VERY WELL. I got two boys ready, a newly arrived 12 year old blond with longish hair and an incredibly pretty face and a 7 year old who had been with us for a while. Most of the time he just went into a suite alone and had fun and I had to go in an clean up after. This particular occasion he wanted an audience. He wanted the boys dressed like typical boys. The younger one was dressed as a cub scout and the older one just had jeans and a t-shirt on and was carrying a canvas bag for newspapers. We even put in some newspapers to make it look more real. I helped him tie up the boys and he took some pictures for souvenirs then I was instructed to watch and critique his technique while jerking off. He then systematically molested, tortured, raped and tortured both boys going back and forth. He wanted to finish up by having me rape the 12 year old while he did the 7 year old. The 12 year old was a virgin and I thought he would have wanted to deflower him but he had the hots for the little one so I took the 12 year old from behind and shot my load deep inside him while twisting his nipples practically off his chest as per instructed. After I had to clean up while he settled accounts with the front office. A few weeks later he returned for another go, this time he wanted the 7 year old again along with a newly acquired 9 year old and he was quite rough on the 7 year old who didn't survive the festivities. I did my best to clean up after that mess but they had a pro come in and dispose of the body. We had to put the 9 year old in diapers for a month after that as he couldn't hold in his shit. I don't think it was the ass fucking that did it. It think he had the shit scared out of him literally. After that I lost a taste for that kind of work.

    Don't get me wrong, I still loved boinking little boys. I had been doing them since I was one. But I just don't get off on being in a room while one is fucked to death. I had been working there for about a decade and since I was also living there (the place had been an old transient hotel before the new owner turned it into a brothel) free of charge and didn't even pay for my meals or clothing, my expenses were kind of low. I had been able to save up a lot of money in 10 years. So in late 1982 I packed my bags and my $62,000 cash life savings and the $244,000 I stole from the front office and took off in their "company truck." I knew I would have to get rid of the truck soon. I had about a 3 hours window of opportunity to get out of the area and ditch the truck. I got about 150 miles away and into another city and hopped a greyhound bus and went the rest of the distance. Since I knew where most of the procured boys came from and where my employer operated from within the U.S. I knew the parts of the country to settle into. I arrived in a medium size city a couple thousand miles away a few days later with my suitcase and over $300k and never looked back.

    I did a little research and found out where the hookers hung out and befriended a couple of under aged drag queens. They hooked me up with a guy who does fake I.D.s. I got a fake birth certificate and social security card which got me an apartment and a drivers license which in turn got me a bank account. I stayed off the radar for a while then enrolled in school and graduated and got a legitimate job. I met a girl and fell in love and got married and have kids. I have never touched my own kids. But I have visited certain places where one can for a fee arrange to be made love to by a sweet little child. My wife I should tell you, is very young looking. When I married her she was 15, I got her an I.D. that said she was 18 and we got married a few weeks later. She is 4 feet tall, weighs about 65lbs and is flat chested and looks like a 10 year old which is part of the appeal. The other part is she knows all about everything I have ever done and just lays there masturbating while I tell her a story of my past. She calls me Daddy and asks me to molest her and it gets pretty hot. But I still yearn for little boys from time to time.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 33

    My mother recently embarrassed me but telling everyone I tried to sleep with her only thing is, is that I have already slept with her we had a relationship for an entire year I am 33 and very happily married to my wife and I have three kids my life is good I had been getting to know my mom better and came to terms with out relationship we had 15 years ago.

    I thought it was all in the past everything was great then one night I hung out with my mom just me and her then boom my mom starts talking about the sex we used to have and how she misses it. I told her it was all in the past I have a family now but I really did love it when it was going on back then my mom never got along with my wife because I stopped our strange sexual relationship to be with my wife but mom wanted more but I thought she had gotten over it but she hasn't at all she professed her love for me an obsession to say the least she been trying to start problems in my marriage but it doesn't work I'm s good man and love my family my wife knows that my mom is obsessed with me but doesn't no why occasionally my wife will tell me to fuck her so she'll just leave us alone but little does she know that's what my mom wants.

    After my mother told the whole world I tried sleeping with her to make me out to be a pervert why I don't know but the thing is I also currently sleep with one of my sisters know one knows but my wife we had a threesome one night and when my wife has the craving for another women we call my sister so her where my plan of revenge starts I have two older sisters I already sleep with one of them and the other sister I have has tried to seduce me I told her if she helps with my revenge plan against my mother I will invite her to bed with my wife she said yes be for she even knew what it was so my plan is simple my two aunts want me my two sisters want me then my three nieces over the age of eighteen want me as well so I'm going to fuck all of them and let my mom catch us so she knows I'm fucking every women in my family but her.

    So that was my plan of revenge,it worked but didn't because now I'm doing my two aunts full time and my sisters when ever possible and my nieces keep coming around acting weird around me and my wife I should have kept it in my pants I'm now letting my mom give me blow jobs so I can come in her face and call her my whore she going to be mad when she finds out I'm leaving my wife and kids to move in and be with my aunts I used to be s good man and have s soul but not after the month straight of i****t with the women in my family i don't want my kids experiencing it ever in there life it's worse then drugs I swear so my wife was mad when I told her I haven't moved out yet she won't let me until I have a valid reason she even tried to have my sister move in so we could have threesomes more often so this up coming Sunday I've arranged for her to come over to my aunts house so she can walk in on us I want to be eating my aunt carol and fucking my aunt Julie when she walks in ill let everyone know how it goes

    Just to make this clear yes at the start of the year I was a good man but now I am not my ship sunk when I gave into i****t and the depravity I am a sick man and I want my wife and kids to leave far away from me and my twisted family

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 28

    It was one of those things where I had always told myself that I would never do that to make money but there I now was thinking about doing it. I was laid off months ago from a well paying job and now working a minimum wage job. My savings were almost gone, my bills were more than my income and I could see no possibility of getting a job in my profession in the near future. There was a club opening in town and they were looking for male erotic dancers. I was very fit, muscular and good looking and thought it was an opportunity for me to make some money for awhile until a job in my profession came along. I didn't really want to parade my body around in a G-string but I went down to the club and applied for one of the dancer jobs. I was greeted by an older woman who was the manager. She immediately said I looked good and asked if I had ever danced before. I told her I hadn't and asked if that was a problem. She said it wasn't and told me so far I was a great candidate. She told me it was time to strip down and let her see my full body. I stripped down to my underwear and stopped there. She asked why I stopped there and if I had a problem with nudity. I told her I thought the guys wore G-strings and didn't go fully nude. She said they usually do but once you get on stage or do a private dance everything comes off. She added if I wasn't willing to put everything out there for all to see she couldn't hire me. I wasn't prepared to show my cock off to everyone and I think she sensed my reluctance to do it. She told me most guys that do this need money and that is most likely the reason I am there. She said not to let my fear of taking my bottoms off and letting myself be seen be the difference between having my money woes be solved or continue. She told me I would be a great addition and told me I could easily make about $1000 a night. I heard what she said and began to think about it. She told me to just pull them down and show her my money maker. I knew my options were limited and knew if I didn't I would lose out on this job so down and off they came. There I stood fully exposed to her as she came over for a close-up look. She was putting her hands on me seeing how I would react telling me that the patrons of the club will try to do this and really shouldn't and I will need to nicely tell them not to. She pulled out a contract I had to sign which basically outlined what was required of me and how basically I was fine with being nude. I signed it and it required pictures of me be taken. She took numerous pictures of me which was a little worrying as she now had nude images of me that she could do with as she pleased. The club had a website and I found out later my pictures were added to it with my cock blacked out in most of them but in a few I was full frontal and everything showing. My first night was also opening night for the club. It was a life altering night. I was in a G-string most of the time but when I got on stage and did private dances it came off. There were quite a few women in the club that I knew, including a friend of my mothers and ex-coworkers, who were witnessing me bare it all for them. Some I did private dances for and they got a very close-up view of me including my mothers friend. I told her not to touch and she asked if my mother knew I was doing this, which she didn't, and I told her this. She said if I didn't want her to find out to let her touch me. She had her hand on me, squeezing me, watching me respond to how she was playing with me. It never entered my mind until now but I never thought about my family when I took this job. I didn't think she would tell my mother especially how she was grabbing my cock and making it stiffen. I made more than $1000 that night and the more I worked the more comfortable I became with being on display for everyone to see. Unfortunately, when word got around this club had opened the city closed them down just 4 weeks after they opened because they were not properly licensed. Each night I worked I made a minimum of $1000 and during those 4 weeks it totaled more than $25,000 which was a hell of a lot more than any minimum wage job would pay.
    Shortly after the club closed I managed to find a job in my profession but I missed the easy money of the club.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Let me introduce myself: I'm Stephanie, 22 years old, and female.

    When I was about 9 years old, I knew how to properly masturbate. I had seen porn videos before, but I was really curious about sex. At the time, my female cousin was 8 years old. We were both alone in my bedroom playing with Barbie dolls because our parents went out to celebrate something without us. They figured that we would be fine with each other. And so, I told her that I wanted to play "Doctor" with her.

    We abandoned the toys on the floor and moved on to a "Doctor's Kit". She was the patient and I was the doctor. First it was innocent: I checked her ears, mouth, knees-- you know -- like a regular checkup. Then I told her, "I think you have a very strange disease." She acted scared for a moment and played along.

    "Oh, really? What is it?"

    "I don't know for sure, but I can make sure if you take off your clothes so I can get a better view."

    So, she stripped down, a little confused, but I knew exactly what I was going to do. I checked her nipples and teased them. I flicked them with my fingers and sucked on them a little. She moaned, but allowed me to continue. I traced my tongue along her flat stomach, like I saw the man doing to the girl in the porn video. I went to her bellybutton and kissed it. I then sucked a bit harder as I moved downwards, all the way to her clitoris.

    I looked up, only to see her drooling. I took this as my chance and started to lick her vagina while she was still standing up. She moaned.

    I told her to sit down so I could also undress. I took off my clothes and glanced at her legs, which were slightly spread apart, then back to the dolls we had on the floor.

    "Actually, you should lay down on my bed and get comfortable." She did so. I got in between her legs and kissed her lips. It was very awkward, since it was our first kiss. I put one finger in her vagina while sucking on her clit. She moaned and peed a little. She was embarrassed, but I told her it was okay. I grabbed the Barbie doll and thrust her legs into her. She told me to stop, because it hurt, so I dropped the doll and started to eat her out.

    We did this to each other quite a few times. After a couple of weeks, we started using vegetables, and by the time I was 12 and she was 11, we used an electric toothbrush.

    An event I remember a LOT is that we found her mother's dildos when I was 15 (and she was 14). She blushed, not knowing that her mother used those things. We washed them while her parents were out and used them. There were a couple of small vibrators and then a vibrating dildo. We used EACH and EVERY single one in a matter of days. The double dildo was used the most: purple, one end spiky and one end smooth.

    Even though we still talk to each other, we don't do those things AS OFTEN... but we still do them. I'm married, she has a boyfriend. I know this classifies as cheating, but I just can't help it! I love doing things to my shy and good-looking cousin!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My name is Katt (Katie Jean) Morley. I was molested and raped repeatedly by my mother's boyfriend Joe Konstantino, a massage therapist in McKinney, Texas. It started when I was 12 years old. He would give me weed and alcohol and other drugs to get me intoxicated then he would touch me. He kept my Mom drugged up so she wouldn't pay attention. She was too fucked up to care. He eventually started penetrating me vaginally, taking my virginity. His cock was thick and bent a little, large. He never used condoms with me. He'd had a vasectomy so most times when he fucked me, he came inside me. He taught me how to suck his dick properly and he would have me suck him till he came while he sat in his computer-chair looking at pictures of little girls. I remember when he fucked me in his bed. I remember when he licked my pussy for the first time. I remember how much my little pussy would burn after he would fuck me without getting me wet first. Fucking my dry pussy. Making it hurt. I remember when he rubbed olive oil on his cock and stuffed his big cock in my ass for the first time. It hurt at first but then it felt nice. He was my first for alot. Vaginal, oral, anal. He was my rapist and I am Still a victim. I was a little girl. Joe Konstantino raped me and his own daughter. He is a rapist and a child molester. I am still damaged. I still hurt. my only salvation is the beauty in life and my children. I'm in my 20's now. I want to be better inside. I want justice. I am a mother. To repeat, Joe Konstantino of McKinney, Texas is a Rapist!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    I'm a paedo file (sorry I had to spell it that way since this website filters that word out) I am sexually attracted to children. I never touched one inappropriately. Not once. I have wanted to many many times but never have. Out of fear that I may lose control and harm one I have deliberately avoided children and never had any of my own. I get off on looking at legal photos of children and masturbating while doing so. My fantasies are extreme and illegal to make real and are completely confined to my head. I have shared a small number of these with like minded adults but they have lost interest in such exchanges.

    About a decade ago I had an encounter with a child and found a new outlet for my desires. She was a sweet 10 year old girl who got off on showing herself off to perverts. Her family moved in next door to me and a few weeks later she was in the back yard and started to ask me questions as I was weeding my garden. In such circumstances I usually make up an excuse to end the encounter and go inside but I really did need to complete my task that day and she was very enticing. Occasionally I would glance up during our exchange and that was when I noticed she was wearing a short skirt and no panties. She was standing just outside my short white picket fence that surrounded my garden and was leaning against a post and her skirt was snagged on a post and was pulled up exposing her private parts. It looked to me like she had done it deliberately to get a reaction from me. I gave her none beyond an occasional hungry glance at that sweet little slit. The encounter lasted about 15 minutes and I haven't got a clue what we actually talked about. I think I was mostly grunting incoherently to her words.

    A few weeks later, late one night I glanced out my bedroom window across to the house next door which was less than 20 feet away. She was sitting on her bed naked legs spread and touching herself while looking up at the wall where I assumed she had a TV or a poster of something that made her horny. I had no idea kids her age could even get horny but since she said she was 10 and looked 10 I assumed she was in fact 10 yet there she was naked and obviously masturbating. I shut my light off and approached the window carefully. She made no move to cover herself and acted as though she had no idea I was watching her. I left the room and got my binoculars and pulled up a seat at the window and ripped my clothes off and watched her masturbate while I did myself. I could see by the way she moved and the look on her face that she was close and that got me closer and then she went over the edge and seeing that drove me over the edge and I had the best cum in years. I sat there stunned holding the binoculars to my eyes just staring at her. she glanced casually in my general direction but I didn't think she saw me. I was hiding behind a curtain and it was quite dark in my room in contrast to the several bright lights she had on in her room.

    For many weeks following this I kept spying on her. I spent hours watching her empty room in anticipation and got her schedule down after a while though she was far from predictable. She would come out into the yard from time to time and talk to me while I worked and I still never laid a hand on her but that is as far as it went in the yard. In her bedroom things escalated. A few weeks of repeating the above show for me at least 3-4 times a week one night she changed things up a bit. Her bed had been moved to a slightly better viewing angle. She added some pillows and positioned herself for a better view and looked right at me as though she could see me watching her. She mouthed some things in a sexy way that I couldn't discern since I don't read lips. She was deliberately masturbating and touching herself all over as though she was putting on a show and not just satisfying herself. She held herself open and I zeroed in with the binoculars and got a really good close up view of the inside. I could see her little hymen and count the goose bumps on her arms and legs. I could even see the faint down of blond hair just beginning to develop in the vicinity. Then she started to twist her nipples and pull on them, she tickled her way up and down her thighs and finally concentrated on her pussy. She dipped her finger in and licked the juice off them while looking seductively right at me. Then she just went to town frigging her little preteen pussy. After about 20 minutes of furious masturbating while intently staring at me ( was convinced I was imagining that she could see me given how dark it was in my room) she came convulsively. The look of ecstasy on her face was unbearable. I shot my load and covered my window with cum all the while staring into her eyes. She seemed to react when I came and smiled brighter at me. Of course that was all feeding my fantasy of being in the room with her, the idea that she actually was aware of my presence and deliberately gave me a show fueled my fantasy all the more though I was convinced I was just imagining that she did any of that deliberately.

    As the week went on things got more and more heated up. The shows became more extreme. She moved over to the window and stood at such an angle that one could only see her if they were viewing from my window. I remained in my chair holding up the binoculars. She turned around and bent over and spread her ass cheeks. She danced seductively like a stripper. On another night she wore a school girl uniform (she really did go to a Catholic elementary school) hair in pigtails and stripped naked in front of the window. She always left the curtain open, always kept the light on and always did her show right in front of the window.

    Then just when I thought things could not go better one night when the show was complete and we both had cum she holds up a cardboard sign in the window: "DID YOU LIKE TONIGHT'S SHOW??" Scared I kept motionless and kept the light off and pretended not to be there. I was caught and scared and didn't know what to do. Next thing she does is puts up another sign: "I know you're watching me!" but puts a ":)" at the end of the sign. I pulled up my pants and got up and turned on the light and walked over to the window. I stared across looking at her. She was still naked and dropped the second sign and held up the first sign again and smiled. I just gave her a thumbs up.

    For the next 6 years, almost nightly she gave me a show. Her parents and I got to be kind of friendly over the years and we accepted each others occasional invitations to dinner. We worked on joint landscaping projects to make our mutual back yard space a little more cohesive and occasionally talked politics. Melanie never brought a boy over and her parents rarely entered her room at night. So our little shows were never interrupted or interfered with. Melonie and I would occasionally talk but never about what we shared at night. Then she had her sweet 16 birthday party. I was invited since practically everyone they knew was invited. There were probably a hundred people in the back yard and much of that spilled over into my yard but I certainly didn't mind. While there had to be more than 50 kids from school she didn't spend much time with any of the boys. I spent most of my time hanging out with my neighbors though truth be told I spent half the party next door in my living room watching TV. While I was bringing over a bag of ice I was keeping in my fridge for them Melanie came over to me and just started to hang out with me. We found a secluded spot in the back yard and sat down together. As I said our conversations over the years were completely devoid of any mention of the nightly shows so I expected nothing in that topic to be discussed at the party. "You know, now that I'm 16, you can't get in trouble for having sex with me, you know, in case you ever wanted to do something other than watch me put on shows for you." I was stunned. After the party I did look into the legality of it. She was right, in our state a 16 year old girl can consent to having sex with a 50 year old man. I had mistakenly thought it was 18. She then went on to tell me that she had secretly wished she could have come over to lose her virginity but knew I would not want to get into trouble. She said she wished I would have put on shows so she could see me but understands why I didn't want to. "So were you always a paedo file or did I turn you into one??" was the next shocking thing that came out of her mouth. I was still recovering from her first remark. I took a deep breath and told her I was since I could remember but never touched a little girl before. "Do you want to touch one now??" I guess my drooling and panting was obvious. "More than you can know" was my response.

    There were too many people around during the party so we had to wait. She didn't even put on a show that night which was unusual but considering the circumstances not surprising. The next night she put on a show but this time she called me up from her cell phone. I watched her dial but didn't realize she was calling me until my phone rang. "Put the lights on I want to watch you too." So I got up and flipped the switch and showed her my erection. She picked up her own pair of binoculars and we watched each other masturbate. She told me all the sexual fantasies she had over the years and told me she knew the first night that I was watching. She told me that she deliberately pulled the curtains open and left the lights open. She knew she had my attention that first day when we were at my garden together and I kept looking at her bare pussy that she was deliberately showing me to find out if I liked little girls. While we mutually masturbated she told me how she wished I had snuck over and kidnapped her when she first moved there and how she wished I had raped her and kept her as a sex slave. She was even telling me more extreme things that were far beyond any of the mild fantasies I had. Then before I had a chance to think about it she invited herself over right that minute reminding me of her newly legal status and before I realized it I invited her over. She closed the curtains and shut off the light and 20 minutes later she appeared at my back door dressed in pigtails and school girl uniform and smelling like a freshly bathed 7 year old.

    "Daddy, I've been a very naughty little girl, would you like to punish me??" Without waiting for my reply she had my fly unzipped and was on her knees being naughty. I moved the festivities to my bedroom and "raped" my "victim" and that is when I found out she had been saving her virginity for me. Later she told me that all her sexual fantasies for the last 6 years revolved around me. Now I suppose would be a good time to tell you that I am not much to look at. I'm in my 50s, bald, overweight. Not rich and my dick is average, perhaps slightly below average. For some inexplicable reason Melanie had fallen in love with me. Why I fell in love with her needs no explanation except to further say she was a perfect vision of teenaged beauty. Blond hair down to her waist, slender with perfect curves, small but prominent breasts. If you saw just her body you might think she was a shapely 13 year old not a 16 year old and that combined with her outfit enhanced her little girl persona. Her mother is short and slender so I see what I would have to look forward to if we stayed together.

    Melanie and I got married two years later and we are now expecting our second child. Her parents were surprisingly accepting of the whole affair and even know now about our 6 years of secret shows.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 26

    I recently attended a university convocation where my youngest sister, Vanessa, graduated with a degree. My mother and my other siblings were in attendance to applaud her success but not my father. I hadnât seen him in years since he and my mother are estranged. While watching Vanessa walk down the aisle with her diploma in hand, I remembered an incident that happened in our family some ten years earlier. I was 16-years old at the time and had returned home from school earlier than usual because of an impromptu teacherâs meeting. As I entered the house, I could hear familiar noises coming from my parentâs bedroom. It sounded like my parents were having sex because there were moaning sounds as well as recurrent creaking sounds coming from the bed. I didnât want to disturb them but I decided to peek in and see them in action. I had never actually seen them having sex before. As I peeked in, I could see my father on top of my mother, vigorously having sex with her. Her legs were spread wide apart and raised high. Seeing this was a bit embarrassing, so I immediately left and went down the basement to my bedroom. Even there, I could hear out the constant creaking sounds from their bed. This went on for quite a while but eventually the sounds stopped and I knew they had finished having sex.

    A short while later, I came upstairs to the kitchen and encountered my father wearing a bathrobe. His face was red and he seemed to be exhausted. He was surprised to see me home so early and asked how long I had been home. When I told him, he became agitated and nervous. Then, when I asked him if mom was starting supper soon, he became extremely anxious and said she wasnât home. Surprised, I immediately said, âBut I just sawâ¦â I stopped myself short of finishing the sentence because I knew something wasnât right. His face turned even redder and he said, âYour sister, Vanessa, is home. She was let out of school earlier, too.â With that comment, he fled the kitchen and I didnât see him again for the rest of the day. Shortly after, my mother returned home and things went back to normal again. However, Vanessa stayed in her room and had supper brought to her there.

    Later, in the privacy of my bedroom, I came to the unmistakable conclusion that what I had witnessed earlier that day, was that my 45-year-old father was having sexual intercourse with my 11-year-old sister Vanessa. I didnât recognize that it was her, because she was physically large for her age. And whether or not the sex act was consensual is irrelevant given her tender age. Vanessa was a particularly beautiful preteen girl and I guess my father just found that too much to resist.


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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    When I was ten our family moved to a new town. Our only next door neighbor was this nice old guy in his sixties who had the most beautiful house and gardens. That was part of the reason my parents moved in.

    One day my parents wanted to go off for the weekend and be by themselves and couldn't find a baby sitter until Mr. Crowly next door offered to baby sit me. Mostly we worked in his garden until supper time. I didn't mind, I had my own little vegetable garden though not much had grown yet. Dinner wasn't fancy, mac and cheese with chocolate chip cookies and milk afterwards. Then we had popcorn and watched a movie. Half way through the movie he asked if I wanted a foot massage. My cousin gave me one once and I liked it so I said yes.

    So Mr. Crowly took my feet in his lap and spent the rest of the movie and all the next movie massaging my feet while I watched, ate popcorn and sucked down soda. It felt wonderful getting my feet massaged by Mr. Crowly. It was much better than my cousin doing it. She did it for maybe five minutes. Mr. Crowly did it for over three hours and it felt really really good. After that it was time for bed. Mr. Crowly took me up stairs to the bathroom and drew a bath. He had me strip naked and got me in the tub and told me to turn with my back to him and he washed my back. I didn't really need anyone to do it for me but it felt so good when he massaged my feet I just wanted him to touch me more. He soaped up my neck, shoulders and back and just kept massaging the soap in. It felt almost as good as the foot massage and he took about half an hour to do it. He kept the hot water running to keep the bath water warm so it was all very pleasant and relaxing. When he offered to wash my feet I said "sure" and laid back in the tub and he washed my feet but didn't stop with them. He washed up my legs and thighs coming within an inch of my balls. Then he washed my chest and belly and really low on my belly almost touching my dick. He finished with my arms and hands and asked if I wanted my butt washed and I thought about it for a second. My mom had said that if someone touched my butt it was "bad touching" but just then I didn't care. I stood up and turned around with my ass facing Mr. Crowly and he spent the next half hour massaging my butt with his soapy hands. That felt even better than having my feet massaged. I especially liked when he kept slipping his fingers in the crack of my ass tickling my butt hole with his fingers. The only thing he didn't wash was my dick and balls. The whole thing took an hour and a half. He could have done it all night and I wouldn't have minded.

    He rinsed me off and wrapped me in a towel and carried me to the guest bedroom. There he dried me off. I kind of felt almost like a baby or toddler being cared for by his parent. It was all very nurturing and comfortable. He laid me out on the bed naked and dried off and just started to caress me all over very softly. I tingled everywhere. That's when he asked me if I would like to have my dick and balls licked clean. I don't know if it was the fact that he was so gentle and everything felt so good or if it was the tone of his voice or just those words, "would you like me to lick your dick and balls clean?" I think maybe it was all of it. I was well and thoroughly seduced. I said "yes!"

    He bent down and started licking my balls. Nobody had ever touched me like that. He licked all over swirling his tongue all around my balls and sucking them into his mouth and gently sucked on them then he licked up my hard little dick and took it in his mouth and sucked on it then he got my balls and dick in his mouth and just licked all around them and it was the most heavenly experience of my life. Had he asked if he could fuck me I would probably have said yes if it meant he would suck me some more. As it was he didn't. I drifted off to sleep and had dreams all night of Mr. Crowly sucking and licking my dick and balls. I woke up naked under the covers the next morning. Mr. Crowly was asleep under the covers with my dick and balls in his mouth still sucking in his sleep. I pulled away and he woke up and I told him I had to pee and he said "so pee" and put his mouth back on my dick. I relaxed and peed down his throat.

    He made me waffles for breakfast and I sat there at the kitchen table eating breakfast while he sucked my dick.

    After breakfast we went for a swim in his pool. He had on a T shirt and swim trunks but I went skinny dipping for the first time in my life. He suggested I would like swimming naked better and he was right. Especially when every once in a while he swam up under me and took my dick in his mouth underwater.

    We did some gardening with me naked. Then after that he fixed me lunch and I ate it while he sucked my dick. After lunch we went for another swim and he spent the whole time chasing me around the pool grabbing my dick with his mouth.

    After dinner, which Mr. crowly spent under the table again, we watched three hours worth of movies. These were different. They all showed little boys getting blow job from men and teenage boys. That lasted for maybe five or six hours while he spent the whole time sucking my dick and balls while I ate popcorn and drank soda and ate pizza.

    Mr. Crowly gave me another bath, this time he didn't skip my dick and balls and he also added licking my butt hole. After the bath he gave me a nice long massage all over including my feet and then finished by sucking me until I fell asleep.

    Mr. Crowly promised my parents he would take me church that Sunday but I didn't have much interest in that. The whole time we sat there in the pew listening to the sermon all I could think of was putting my dick back in Mr. Crowly's mouth.

    I didn't have to wait long, as soon as we got back he stripped me naked and took me out to the pool and laid me on a floating air mattress and sucked me until I fell asleep again. I woke up to the sensation of his tongue digging into my asshole. Next to me was a floating table with a sandwich and soda and chips. I must have slept longer than I thought.

    My parents were supposed to get back Sunday night so we spent until then watching movies of little boys getting their dicks sucked by guys while he sucked my dick.

    That night in my own bed all I could think about was Mr. Crowly sucking my dick and those movies of little boys getting their dicks sucked. I started to wonder what it might be like to suck on a dick. Not a big old one like Mr. Crowly probably had or like the ones the men had in those videos but one like mine or the boys in the videos had.

    My friend Benny was coming over for a visit. He still lived in the town my family moved away from. We had been friends since kindergarten and my parents were very nice about making sure we got to visit each other. When it came to bed time we shared my single bed and after my parents had said their good nites I turned to Benny and asked if anyone ever sucked his dick before and he said yes and it was supposed to be a secret but we were friends so he told me. He said it was one of the nurses in the hospital when he had his tonsils out. He said the nurse had drawn the curtain and pulled back the covers and sucked him for a few minutes then kissed him on the mouth and said not to tell anyone. He was 7 at the time. I was a year older than him and so that meant he was 9 when he slept over that time. I asked if he liked it and he said he liked it a lot. I told him about Mr. Crowly sucking me and he thought it was nasty to get sucked by an old man but I told him it felt really good so I didn't care if he was gross looking. I just closed my eyes or looked at something else. then I told him about the movies Mr. Crowly showed me of boys sucking little boys dicks and he got excited at that.

    Then I got brave and asked if he would like me to suck him. He said yes and started to breath hard. It wasn't gross or anything like I half expected. In fat it was nice and warm and soft yet hard at the same time and actually tasted really nice and felt nice in my mouth. Now I know why Mr. Crowly liked doing it. I looked up and Benny had a serene smile on his face and it was so beautiful that I just had to keep sucking. But I also wanted my dick sucked. Even though I thought it would only be fair if he sucked my dick since I had been sucking his for an hour I ask him to. It's one thing to offer to suck a boy's dick but asking him to suck yours I thought was rude so I didn't but when I stopped sucking and sat up he asked if I wanted him to suck mine. I said "if you want to that would be cool." He didn't say anything and pulled down my bottom and bent over and started sucking. His mouth was way different than Mr. Crowly's. Mr. Crowly's mouth was huge but Benny's mouth was small so I could only fit my dick in but it was softer though he was not as careful with his teeth. It still felt really nice and then I wanted to suck him again but I didn't want him to stop so I just moved around until I found his dick and i na moment we were sixty nining and I had never even seen it or heard of it before. It just came natural. We sucked each other until we both fell asleep.

    My mom found us like that the next day. I was really scared but she wasn't mad at all. She just sat us both down and gently told us that it was ok that we were doing that and we were not in trouble. She explained what gay meant and bisexual was and it was ok if we were either of those and it was OK if we were not just friends but were boyfriends but that we didn't have to be boyfriends. She explained that sometimes friends have sex together and that was ok as long as anything we did we both wanted to do and nobody was forcing anyone. Then she really surprised me by telling me that she and my aunt had explored each other's bodies when she was 11 and my aunt was 13. Then she left and came back with a sex education book that showed all kinds of sexual things including to my shock, photographs of little boys having sex together. It was in English and two other languages that I didn't know but Benny said one was French. I don't know where my Mom got that book because I think it's illegal. Anyways Benny and I got all kinds of ideas from that book. It really showed all sorts of things like women shitting in teenage boy's mouths and old women tied up and being whipped bloody by teenage girls and shemales gang banging teenage boys and fathers having sex with their sons and foot worshiping and all kinds of stuff.

    Benny and I tried a lot of different things in the book that day. We went into my bathroom and took a shower together and he said he had to pee and I thought of the picture of the little boy peeing into his mother's mouth and I sat down and told him to pee into my mouth. It tasted gross but not too gross. I swallowed a little but spit out most of it. Then I sucked him some. I stood up and played with his balls and he played with mine and we looked into each other's eyes and our mouths just came together by themselves and before we knew it we were licking around inside each other's mouths. It was at that moment that I knew I was in love with Benny. He later told me he had been in love with me for a couple of years but was afraid to tell me. Mom stuck her head in the shower catching us kissing and she just smiled at me and said brunch was ready and then she surprised me again by reaching down and up her skirt and into her panties and playing with herself while she spent a few minutes watching Benny and me jerk each other off while we made out. It was very exciting watching my mom frig herself while she watched us kissing and jerking each other off.

    Since Mom told me that I was no longer required to wear clothes at home Benny and I ate brunch naked. The whole time mom's hand was between her legs while she ate.

    After brunch she told us that Mr. Crowly had some chores he would like to pay me to do if I was interested. I said yes and she said to go next door. When I started to go upstairs she said "Mr. Crowly's place is that way" pointing to the back door. I said I had to put clothes on and she said I would not be needing clothes to do the chores Mr. Crowly needed doing. So Benny and I ran next door naked as Jay birds very curious about what was going on. Mr. Crowly was working in the back yard in his garden and when he saw us he smiled and invited us inside. We went down to his basement where he had a kids bedroom set up with toys and stuffed animals and three video cameras on tripods and a lot of light. There was also an older boy there naked looking at dirty magazines of men having gay sex. Max was 12 and very good looking. Mr. Crowly asked Benny and me if we'd like to make movies like I saw the previous weekend and to do it together and with Max. I looked at Benny and he looked at me and we both looked at Max and I just walked over to Max, got on my knees and started to suck his dick. Benny found my dick and and before we knew it we were in what Mr. Crowly called a "daisy chain." We spent the whole day having our little gay orgy while Mr. Crowly ran the three cameras. When we were done he gave each of us $100. I had never seen that much money before. I couldn't believe we got paid to have that much fun.

    When we got back Mom had dinner on the table. It was meatloaf and potatoes. Mom was also naked. I had never seen my Mom naked before. Dad was naked too and I had seen him naked but only a couple of times. So the four of us sat around and ate dinner naked together. That was when Mom and Dad explained some things to us. They said that they had been friends with Mr. Crowly for years and that Dad had lived in this town when he was a kid and that Mr. Crowly had given him a lot of massages and blow jobs when he was a little kid and that he made a lot of movies of my Dad getting blow jobs and that some of the movies Mr. Crowly showed me were of him sucking dick. He then told me that Mom and him hadn't gone that far, they were having an orgy with Benny's parents and older sister. Benny and I were in shock. we thought our parents were prudes. He asked if I liked working for Mr. Crowly making dirty movies for $100 a day. I said yes and so did Benny. That's when he said that Mr. Crowly wanted us to make movies all summer long and that would mean we would both get more than six thousand dollars by the end of the summer and could continue on weekends during the school year. Benny and I looked at each other and we both said we wanted to do that both for the money and to have sex with each other. Then after dinner my Mom and Dad surprised us even more by inviting us to join them for sex in their room.

    That night I put my dick in a pussy for the first time ever. My mom had a very hairy pussy and it smelled very strange but very nice. It was also very wet. My dick was virtually lost in her huge gaping pussy but I didn't mind. It was warm and soft and slippery and felt nice and mom could squeeze it so it wasn't always loose. I didn't think I would like it but when I got a good look at my Dad's dick I wanted to suck on it so I did and he came in my mouth. that would have surprised me but in the book Mom gave me it explained that would happen so I was prepared. I liked the taste so I swallowed it. Mom taught me to eat her out and she had an orgasm while I did that. Then Dad had Benny put his dick in my ass and it felt really good then I took a turn doing it to Benny and I think he liked it even more. Then Benny and I made out while we watched my Dad ass fuck my Mom.

    So Benny and I made kid porn all summer and we both ended up with a lot more than my parents said we would. We both got ten grand and had great fun counting up the big stack of hundred dollar bills. Eventually we both took Max's bigger cock up our asses and even a few teenage boys, one as old as 19. His dick was really big but Benny and I had practiced a lot so by the end of the summer we could both take grown up dicks including my Dad's and his Dad's.

    We continued doing making the movies for the rest of middle school and all of high school except when we were in high school we were fucking little boys instead of getting fucked and that was cook. Benny and I fucked each other all the time so we both got to have our asses filled with cum but we also fell in love with fucking little boys for Mr. Crowly.

    Benny and I got married a couple of weeks after he turned 19. We tossed a coin to see if we would both wear a tux or both wear wedding gowns. We ended up both wearing wedding gowns and our mothers were delighted to do us up in drag. We had been experimenting in cross dressing for a couple of years so we were comfortable with the idea and we had by then came out to all our friends and family though we weren't completely gay. We were simply bi with very strong leanings towards liking cute boys and we both think the other is cute. His parents and my parents and his little sister joined us at our honeymoon in Hawaii. We shared a huge suite and all fucked like bunnies.

    Benny and I are still married. Mr. Crowly died a couple of years ago so we don't make movies any more. But we both made enough to put us through college. We were astonished to learn that Mr. Crowly left us the house and a seven figure investment account. So most of the money he made from us we ended up inheriting. It took the edge off of our missing him.

    Were we exploited? Sure. But we loved every moment and in the end we got back most of what we generated in revenue. So we both felt it was worthwhile. We invited the three boys we regularly fucked to move in with us and we share our good fortune with them. The youngest is now fifteen. And yes, we have an orgy every night.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Do any of you out there have your family for neighbors or am I the only unlucky one. About a year ago my husband and I saved up and bought our "dream" home. It was great, on the water, which is what we always wanted. So my sister found out where it was and visited. Big mistake. She found out that the house next door was for sale, and just had to have it, even though it was just a shore home, no heating system, termites all kinds of things wrong with it.
    Now don't get me wrong, I love my family, well most of them, but I don't want them living next door.
    Last summer everytime we went outside to the water, My brother in law would have to come outside and share whatever family gossip he had to tell. It really gets on our nerves. All we wanted was peace and quiet, so this year we are going to put up a 6 foot fence and hope that that helps.

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