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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 53

    A few years ago I was driving through a part of the city that I lived in at the time that was famous or rather infamous as a spot to pick up hookers. From time to time the cops would "clean-up" the neighborhood which means they would do a sweep taking the hookers and pimps off the street, get their pics in the paper for doing it then go back to taking bribes and getting free blow jobs from the hookers in exchange for "protection." In other words I was fairly safe from the law when I spotted a cute little whore in a ludicrously short pair of spandex shorts and a halter that was skimpier than a bikini top, pigtails that looked impossibly long and a face that looked like it belonged on a milk carton. I rolled down the window and she asked me if I wanted a date. I flashed her a fifty and she hopped in and suggested the ally around the corner. I knew better than to fall for that one and suggested a hotel down the street I knew was safe and whose manager I was a friend of. We agreed upon the hotel and in a flash we were up in the room sitting on the ratty old mattress that was about a decade past due for replacement. I then got a really good look at her. I had figured her for about 15 when I saw her on the street but now I had doubts she was even that old. "how old are you kid??" I asked and she said "16." "It's OK, I'm not going to tell anyone, besides, I like 'm a bit younger. So how old are you really??" "12" she said reluctantly. Cool, I never did a little kid before. "So, been doing this long I asked??" and she said she had just begun a couple of weeks ago and had only lost her virginity a week a go and had been fucked five times since. I got up and stripped naked eager to get started. I just said "suck" and she hopped off the bed with her sexy clothes still on and took me in her sexy preteen mouth. I fucked her throat for a while and then pulled her up onto the bed and ripped off her clothes. without a word I raped that sweet kunt of hers. She grunted and whined a little and I came inside her and pulled out and thanked her for being such a hot fuck hole. She put her clothes back on and graciously took the fifty and another twenty on top of that. I asked if she had a pimp and she said no that she and two other girls were working together and shared an apartment. She was the youngest and the other two were 15 and 17. I didn't know if I should believe her or not but I didn't care. I asked if she would like to give up what she was doing and move in with me and be my personal fuck hole. I told her I would do her a couple of times a week, give her an allowance and a free place to stay, clothes, food and whatever she would need as long as she agreed I would be her only fuck. She said yes so I moved her in with me.

    Two months went by and she got pregnant. I never did like fucking kids while wearing a condom. I knew a doctor who knew how to keep his mouth shut so I took her to him and he became her doctor. He knew the baby was mine and that I had been fucking her for a while.

    Two weeks before the baby was due she got dressed, walked to the bus stop, took a bus to the train station, walked into the station and down to the tracks and laid down with her head on the rail. The engineer never saw her. I didn't know what happened at first. I got home and there was a note on the table "gone to catch a train." I read about the suicide in the paper a few weeks later. The paper and the cops didn't want to announce her death until they found the family but they never did so they just published the story anyway. If they only knew the rest of the story.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 45

    Three years ago I was working in a factory running machinery and had an asshole for a boss. You know the kind, they hover over you and constantly point out all the flaws they perceive you have and make you want to slug them but you don't because you want to stay employed and out of jail. But Peter, my boss had a mad temper. It didn't take much to set him off. Peter also was the proud papa of a brood of little brats whose portraits hung on the walls of his office. So one day three years ago after enduring yet another infuriating tirade by Peter the asshole I was fed up. I got up and calmly walked into his office. Wow!, you children are so sexy, they are going to make some horny phile excellent fuck holes! It was the most bizarre and insulting thing I could think of to say. I was out of earshot of the rest of the crew but not out of site. Five of my co-workers could easily see both of us through the glass windows of Peter's office. The bait was set, the line was cast, all that was needed was a nibble. I got more than a nibble. Peter jumped to his feet, too the two steps needed to close the gap, pulled back and then thrust his fist into my face knocking me to the floor. Three witnesses ran to his office and pulled pummeling peter off me but not before he broke my nose and knocked out two of my teeth and me unconscious. It was a bit more than I had planned and hurt like hell but I didn't find out how much until I woke up in the hospital the next day. I don't remember my co-workers running to my rescue. In fact I don't remember anything between the punch and waking up in the hospital. It took a while to heal up and I had a couple of scars as a result. But I succeeded brilliantly in my plan. Peter was fired, arrested, charged with assault and battery, convicted and upon discovering that he had a prior conviction for beating his wife and breaking two of her ribs, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The company paid my medical bills, then the settlement which included enough to fix my teeth and face back the way it was and a little better as well as a couple of hundred thousand for pain and suffering. I also got a raise when I got back along with a year of light duty and a few more paid sick days than is company policy.

    The lesson to learn is DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE BOSS TO YOUR EMPLOYEES!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 22

    I just moved from my dad's place into my own room. It's one bedroom in a huge house occupied by a mother, her kids, and two other students as well as me. My classes started last week. I didn't go to them. All I do is sit in my darkened bedroom alone and watch movies on my laptop, drinking wine, occasioanlly stepping outside to smoke. That is all I have done for the past two weeks, only leaving to walk to the liquor store a few blocks away. I feel like I am not progressing at all in my life, I am only moving backwards, have not done anything worthwhile since I left the school of my dreams because of an eating disorder last year. I am an utter failure of a person.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    Emma was my cousin and she was only fourteen but when I tell you she was hot, man I mean smoking hot.
    Emma was about 5'1'', not too thin, not too fat but the perfect medium. She had dyed her naturally brown hair platinum blonde and it hung down to the small of her back. She had two big brown doe eyes and a splash of freckles across her nose. And she had tits for days. The biggest natural set of tits I'd ever seen on a girl her age and an ass so perfect Michelangelo couldn't have sculpted one better. Her legs were long and toned with gorgeous calves. She had a little girl's face, all innocent and carefree and a whore's body. The second I saw her I had to fuck her. It wasn't even a question.

    She and her parents were visiting California from Australia for our big family reunion. Initially I hadn't wanted to go, I was twenty and had better things to do than hang out with a bunch of relatives I didn't give a shit about and hadn't seen since I'd been a child (if ever). But my mom badgered me into it.
    The second I saw Emma I walked over and introduced myself. Her Aussie accent just killed me. As if she couldn't get any cuter. I asked her how long she and her folks would be in town, she said only for the Reunion. Well, that sucked. I told her I really wish they were staying longer. I wanted to get to know her better. She said she wished they'd stay too, she liked California. Did I want to talk a walk and get away from the crowd?? We could talk away from all the noise. I told her that sounded like a great idea.

    We were at a local park in my hometown. It was pretty big, so in no time we'd left the reunion far behind and were talking our heads off about Emma's home town Ballarat and the differences between school there as opposed to here. I fished a joint out of my pocket and asked Emma if she wanted to share it. She said absolutely, so we fired it up and were passing it back and forth.
    We finally came to a little World War II display for local veterans. It was a big Sherman tank sitting beside a stone monument inscribed with the names of about 200 local vets that had served and died during the conflict. There was a little building behind it, bathrooms. Emma wanted to sit on the tank so I grabbed her by the hips and gave her a boost. She was wearing black shorts and a blue tank top that didn't leave a whole lot to my imagination.
    She asked if I was into athletics of any kind. I told her I'd played football in high school. She loved American football. Told me she liked the Cowboys. I didn't bother telling her I hated that particular team. She said she figured I played some kind of sport, because I looked fit. I guess I didn't look too bad. I stood 6'2'', weighed about 220 pounds and had a flat tummy. I had the dark hair and eyes that ran on my mother's side of the family.
    After we'd finished the joint Emma asked me to help her back down, she slid into my arms and smiled prettily. Guess we'd better go back I told her.
    Well we could do that she agreed, or she suggested we could have sex. She laughed after she said it and that laugh was so natural and her smile and twinkling eyes so mesmerizing I had to laugh too. Are you serious, I asked her. She nodded. We can use the bathrooms she said. There was no one around.
    I told her I didn't have any condoms on me. She didn't care. She told me she'd been using birth control for a year already. She took my hand and pulled me toward the public restrooms. We went into the mens.
    I pushed her up against the wall and we started making out the second we'd made sure the room was empty. In no time her top was pushed up and her bra was off. I licked, sucked and nibbled on her breasts hungrily. After a while she slipped down, squatting in front of me and undid my pants, pushing them down slightly and freeing my cock from my tighty whities. She began sucking me off, massaging my balls with her hand while she did it. Before I could shoot off in her mouth, she stood back up and pulled her shorts and panties down. She faced the wall and stuck her round little ass out. I pushed her legs apart slightly and used a hand to guide my cock into her warm wet pussy. I started pumping my hips and she pushed back against me. In no time we achieved a good rhythm together. She whimpered and moaned. I held onto her tits and kept slamming into her over and over again. Far too soon I exploded inside of her. For long moments after ward we stayed locked together, my cock deep inside of her, my hands griping her tits and my forehead resting against her back, panting, overwhelmed.
    Finally we separated and righted our clothes. She smiled at me, now I really do wish I was staying a while longer she said, that gleam once again in her eyes. I smiled at her and we left the bathroom and headed back for the reunion. We spent the rest of the day side by side. She went home the next morning and to this date we haven't seen one another again.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    I was raised by my grandparents who were Jehovah Witnesses. Even though I was raised in this faith, I don't believe in what they believe which you will understand after reading this. I don't believe in Jesus and from reading the Bible know he wasn't an angel. I don't believe in an afterlife or a paradise earth. What I do know is that my grandfather, who was an elder, was a phile. And his best friend, who was black and also an elder, was a phile also. His name was Ted. Ted's daughter, Cassie, was my age and we were best friends. To begin with the reason I was living with my grandparents was because my mom killed herself and my dad didn't want me. My mom's parents did especially granddad. Grandmother was really sweet to me and very devoted to her faith. But of course she didn't know about granddad. I was six when I came to live with them. Grandmother would take me to all the meetings at the Kingdom Hall and let me tag along when she went out into field service. And granddad was just waiting for the opportunity to diddle me and I knew this since he had been in my little panties before I came to live there. I don't know how many times it happened before then, but I think I was maybe three or four. The last time I do remember was about six months before mom killed herself. I was five then. Mom and dad were fighting a lot so granddad came to check on us. We lived several states away. When granddad got there dad had left, so he wanted mom and me to go back home with him. Mom didn't want to, so granddad stayed a few days with us. I remember all three of us naked on mom's bed with mom lying beside me reading me a Bible story. Granddad's face was between my legs where he was eating my pussy. So now you can see my granddad had been molesting my mom since she was little and now she let him molest me. I'm not complaining because I loved his tongue down there and really loved the tingling feelings he would give me. And mom loved watching because she would reach down and rub her pussy and move my leg wider apart so she could see better. And before he left I watched him fuck her several times. Sometimes I wonder if he's both my dad and granddad. It's certainly possible. I also wonder if dad knew about them and maybe even me and that's why they fought all the time. I think that's why he didn't want me, and maybe even why mom eventually killed herself. Or maybe dad killed her. Who knows...Anyway it happened and I came to live with them. I started first grade and met Cassie who was in my class. We were both witnesses so becoming close was easy. I would see her at the Kingdom Hall too, and, of course, her dad, Ted. Granddad was very careful about touching me at home because grandmother was always there and hovering over me all the time. Not because she suspected him of being a child molester but I think she was really concerned about my mental state since my mother's death. One afternoon granddad went up into the attic for some reason. I tagged along. I remember grandmother telling me not to get my new school dress dirty. Granddad knew grandmother wouldn't come up because she couldn't climb the small narrow stairs. The attic was dark and dusty with just a small amount of filtering light from the two dingy small high windows. It was creepy to me so I stayed close to him. I followed him to a trunk where he took an envelope out of it. He sit on the trunk and pulled me up on his lap. He took a stack of photos from the envelope and showed me one. I know my mouth fell open. It was Cassie and her dad. He was naked and Cassie was in just her underpants. They were standing and Cassie's hand was holding onto his cock. Then he showed me another photo. This one granddad was naked and Cassie in her panties and she was sucking granddad's cock. He showed me all the photos but I can't remember in what order. I still have those photos today and I will tell you how I ended up with them later. I do know he showed me many photos of himself and Ted eating and rubbing their cocks on her pussy and cumming all over her. He told me he and Ted liked to do stuff to little girls and that Ted wanted to do stuff with me. He told me that he would be there and Cassie would be there too, so I said okay. Then he stood me between his legs pulled down my panties and tickled my little clitoris until I couldn't stand it anymore. PART TWO TO BE CONTINUED LATER

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    I had lost my job a few months ago and as a last resort I went to my father-in-law to borrow some money. He was never very fond of me and told my daughter I would amount to no good. Anyway I went over to his house to ask for his help. He said he would help me if I would be his bitch for the day. I figured he meant cleaning the house, laundry, things like that. "We will start upstairs." he said, and we went into his bedroom. He told me to stand near the bed and went into the closet. He came out and tossed a couple of dresses on the bed. His wife had died a few years ago and he still had all her things. Then he went to a chest of drawers and tossed panties, bras, and pantyhose next to the dresses. "Now pick an outfit, get dressed and meet me in the room next door." I put on a pair of panties and bra, and pulled on some pantyhose. After struggling into a tight black dress I walked next door. He immediately started taking pictures and I knew my goose was cooked. "Get on your knees and suck my cock." he commanded. And I did. Over the next few months I learned to use makeup, wore wigs, and heels. He even took me out to the mall one day. I have become his bitch.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 45

    I'm 46, a mother and have a 20 year old daughter. She comes from college occasionally and stays with me. I noticed one day that she seem to be around anytime I was getting changed or getting out of the shower. At first I thought it was just by chance, but the more time went on, the more it happened. I don't think its too uncommon for a younger girl to have an interest or be inquisitive about an older woman and her body for the simple fact that they are both female and sometimes there is fantasy component of some nature at that age.

    In the beginning, I would cover up or go into the bath to change when she would appear. This past month it was fairly late and I had just returned from a company Christmas party. My friend drove so I had a several glasses of wine. When I got home, my daughter was there and when I went into my room, I saw her passing by and standing in the hallway. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I called into my room to talk and see how her night was. She sat on my bed and instead of me undressing for bed away from her, I did it right in my room in front of her. Normally when I get ready for bed, I remove my bra but not my panties and throw on a T-shirt. This night, I undressed and stood completely naked in front of her.

    I wondered if she would leave or turn away but she didn't. I didn't get dressed right away. I pretended to fumble through my draws and then over to my make up table. It was strange. I felt a little nervous but in an odd way, sexual. I think it was the idea that she really wanted to see me naked. I told her that I was going to hop in and take a quick shower. I assumed she would be gone when I got out.

    I left the bath in my towel and went to my room and Annie was still sitting on my bed. I dropped my towel, went over to my make up table and put one leg up on the chair to dry myself. I was facing her and I knew that when I lifted my leg, Annie would be able to see my pussy. The voice in mt head said, "what are you doing!" It didn't stop me. I lifted mt other leg and spread open to dry myself. I had just let my daughter see my open pussy. I then sat in the chair still facing her and started to towel dry my hair. I sat there with my legs open.

    I suppose all of this would be O.K. if were not for the fact that I masturbated about it that night and got incredibly wet. That too might be all right except that Annie became a part of my fantasizing. I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that she wanted to watch me and it wasn't my imagination. Today, I still do it every time she comes home to visit. Its almost like a ritual and is never talked about. We pretty much know the first night she arrives, we will be in my room talking and I will be naked letting Annie take it all in. It is very obvious and there certainly is no question in either of our minds what is happening. This last visit, I stayed naked for nearly a half hour while we talked. Part of this is always taking a quick shower and coming out and drying off for her.

    I don't know how long this will last, but I have to say that I enjoy it every time and each time this occurs, my masturbation session that night is incredible. Each time our little session ends Annie goes right to her room and I assume she is masturbating about it. So, to end this confession, I masturbate about my daughter and she ( I assume) masturbates about me. I don't see it ending soon and sometimes I wonder if anything else might occur. The reason I felt compelled to confess this is, this past week, my fantasy while masturbating has evolved into me masturbating in front of Annie. The fantasy seems so real because I wouldn't be surprised if Annie actually would like to watch me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 27

    I'm having unprotected sex with my father-in-law. He is a much better lover than my husband. He has mentioned the last few times we fucked that he would like me to fuck some of his friends. I've already had a threesome with him and one of his buddies,who I made wear a condom, but now he's talking about a 10-man gangbang. I used to be a shy dutiful housewife. My husband works for his father and travels a lot. He has turned me into a whore.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 19

    My little sister was stealing money out of mom's purse. I had suspected it for a while, but until now I never had any proof. Mom had always been a little absent minded. But lately, at the rate she'd been misplacing a $20 here and $10 there, well I think even she knew the truth. One of her kids was ripping her off. She just couldn't bring herself to actually say it. I knew it wasn't me, so that didn't leave a whole lot of other suspects.

    I'd been sneaking around trying to catch sis for a few days. I'll admit, she was pretty damn good at evasion. But I'd finally caught her red handed and had the proof on my phone. A fifteen second long video of her rummaging through our mother's massive purse, fishing out the wallet and then plucking a crisp new twenty out of the small wad of cash inside, before tucking it all back in place and slipping the money in her hip pocket.

    That night after mom went to work and we were alone at home, I left a note stuck to the fridge with a magnet. I knew she'd read it sooner or later. She always got the munchies around midnight and needed cookies or ice cream. I just kicked back and waited...

    About half past twelve she pushed my bedroom door open and glared at me. "So what's the note supposed to mean?? Some stupid little red hand and "come see me" scribbled at the bottom."
    I smiled and held up my phone.
    "It means I caught you red handed," I said. "Stealing money from mom's purse. I knew it was you."
    I'll give sis credit she had a great poker face.
    "Oh fuck you," she replied. "You didn't catch me doing shit."
    "Well now, this video says different," I sighed and played it for her.
    "Damn snoop," she muttered under her breath. "So that's why you've been shadowing me. I knew you were up to something."
    "Oh, that's not all," I said, slipping my phone back into my pocket. "Have you checked your stash lately??'
    "My what??" Her poker face finally showed some cracks.
    I opened a drawer and pulled out a sandwich bag full of pot. She snatched it out of my hands, furious.
    "Bastard! So you've been going through my room too??"
    "Oh save the outrage," I replied. "For someone that rips off her own mother on a regular basis I think thou protesteth a little bit much, eh??"
    She started to leave the room.
    "I don't remember saying you could leave."
    "Fuck you," she snapped, but stopped.
    "I recorded finding the pot in your room too," I said. "So I've pretty well got you by the pubes."
    She was red now, hands on her hips, face screwed up in anger. "Now what??"
    I rolled off my bed and sat on the edge. "Now what. Hmm... blackmail I think."
    "You really are a bastard, you know that??"
    "Last time I checked mom wasn't married to your dad either when you were born so yeah," I replied. "Takes one to know one."
    "What do you want??" She asked.
    "Well," I smiled pleasantly and folded my arms across my chest. "Naked pictures of your friend Maegen for starters."
    "How in the hell am I supposed to get those??"
    "Be creative," I dropped the smile and stretched back out on my bed. "You're on a time limit. You've got five days."

    Four nights later I was opening an e-mail with several attachments. Good ol' sis, I smiled. There was her best friend Maegen in all her bare assed charm. Tall, leggy brown eyed Maegen with possibly the world's greatest set of tits. Not a bad little ass either.
    "I don't need to know how you pulled that off," I said, sticking my head into my sister's room later that same night. "But congratulations. Well done."
    "I did what you asked," she said. "Delete the videos."
    "Oh noooo," I laughed. "We're not even close to being finished. I want more out of you than a few naked pics of Maegen."
    She shook her head, no longer staring at me.
    "What now," she finally breathed.
    "What now, see I love that question," I told her. "You should ask that after you complete the next task too."
    She barked a short laugh, it wasn't the least bit humorous. "the next task ...."
    "You know it's been a while since I've had a steady girlfriend," I said. "Almost a year."
    "I can't imagine why," she replied sarcastically.
    "Being that I'm a healthy young man in the prime of my life, and being that I'm just full of strong hetero urges," I cracked my knuckles. "I think I'd like a blowjob."
    She stared at me.
    "You're out of your fucking mind!"
    "Maybe," I shrugged. "But I still want one and since you happen to be the only female here, I guess that means..."
    "It means you can go to hell," she stormed over to the door and slammed it in my face.
    I stood there a moment. "Is that a no??"
    Then, grinning I walked back to my room. Knowing full well she'd change her mind eventually.
    It was two hours later and I'd started to think, wow she really means to hold out and let me show mom the videos when she came to my room.
    "I hate you," she muttered.
    "Yeah you've been telling me that since we were in diapers practically," I stood up and unzipped my jeans, working my flaccid cock out.
    Sis was no Maegen, but she wasn't bad. She was fifteen, jet black hair cut short, big blue eyes, short, slender, small perky tits, cute little round butt. She started to get down on her knees. I stopped her.
    "You know what, I really like that yellow bikini you wore last summer when we went to the beach," I said. "I want you to put that on and do it."
    She didn't argue this time, just did it. She came back in after changing and got on her knees, taking my cock in one hand and stroking it until it hardened. She then proceeded to give me a world class blowjob. She didn't even flinch when I blew my load in her mouth.
    "Something tells me you've done that before," I sighed, lying back on my bed afterward and relaxing.
    She didn't say a word just left the room.

    I guess I could have stopped with that. I mean, I'd busted her doing 2 things she shouldn't have been doing and now she'd done me 2 favors. But I couldn't resist asking for one more thing.
    "Ok, this is the last thing I swear," I told her one night. "Do this and I'll let you delete the videos personally."
    "What??" She asked.
    "I want to fuck Maegen," I said.
    "Oh please," she rolled her eyes. "Getting pictures is one thing, getting her to do that is another!"
    "I never said it would be easy," I told her.
    "Try impossible," she replied. "Try never happening. Maegen is a lesbian. I had to convince her I liked her and make out with her to get those pictures."
    "Whoa, wait what," I held up my hands. "Go back, you did what now??"
    "Maegen's always had a crush on me," she said. "But I like guys. Well, mostly anyway... I lied to her and told her I'd been thinking about it and I wanted to experiment with a girl. So we made out and then I asked for nudie pics. At first she was all, why you can see me anytime. But I finally badgered her into it."
    "No shit," I laughed. "So my little sis went all bush pilot to get me those pics."
    "More like little sis scored with the girl you dream of," she shot back. "Hows it feel to know I can have Maegen anytime I feel like it while you never can??"
    "Sounds about like how my life goes," I shrugged. "But its whatever. I guess I have to ask for something else."
    "Oh shit .... what??"
    "I want to fuck you then," I said.
    "No way," she said. "A blowjob is one thing, this... no. Go ahead show mom the videos. I don't give a damn."
    "K then," I said and walked away.
    She came to my room early the next morning before mom got home from work.
    "I'll talk to Maegen," she said and went away.

    "I just want you to know I think you're a fucking scumbag for blackmailing your own sister," Maegen told me a few days later. She had agreed to a sleepover with sis, a little cover for agreeing to do what sis had somehow talked her into doing. "If I didn't love her this wouldn't be happening. As a matter of fact I might just have a couple guys I know kick your ass for this."
    "Ok," I replied, not caring a bit. "So you want to be on top or bottom??"
    Maegen just gaped at me "Unbe fucking leavable. Is he for real??"
    "He's retarded," my sister said. "Look at his room. I mean how old is he and look at this shit. Star Trek toys, comic books, action figures."
    "Hey, those are collectibles," I said. "They're an investment."
    Both girls rolled there eyes.
    My sister left the room and Maegen undressed, so did I. I tried to kiss her, she shoved me aside. "No kissing. Just do what you asked to do and get it over with."
    "But if I don't get a kiss I won't feel loved," I made a pouty face.
    "I totally understand why she wants you dead," Maegen told me.
    She lie down on my bed and I put on a condom and climbed on top. I imagine the sex would have been a lot better if she'd actually moved and not just lie there like a corpse. I finished up and got dressed.
    "Well that wasn't as amazing as I thought," I smirked.
    "Good," she picked her clothes up and left the room.

    A minute later my sister walked in smiling from ear to ear.
    "I wonder how long you'll get for raping Maegen," she said. "Poor kid comes over to spend some time with me and my brother forces himself on her. Jeez... a few years at least."
    "Huh??&quo t; I blinked.
    Maegen joined her, smiling. "Blackmail time. Let's start off by you giving us that phone...."
    "We can talk about this right," I asked. "Right.... girls??"

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 19

    I was about twelve years old when one day, while I was taking a shower, I thought that I heard the bathroom door open and close. I stopped washing and listened, but heard nothing expect the running water of the shower head. Satisfied that the sound I heard was simply my imagination I continued on with my shower.

    Suddenly the shower curtain opened and my mother quickly stepped inside and joined me. I nearly jumped out of my skin with fright, and before I could do anything my mother grabbed hold of me and pulled me next to her naked body. I struggled to free myself but my mom was surprisingly stronger and held me in check. I began to scream but she covered my mouth with her hand and begged me to be quiet.

    I don't know how much time passed before I calmed down long enough for me to notice that my face was buried between my mother's tits. Frightened beyond belief, I recall very little of what my mother said as she tried to explain why she was doing what she was doing to me. What I do remember is that she said that I couldn't tell anyone about what she was going to do to me because if anyone found out they would put her in jail and that I would never see her again.

    I remember that I finally nodded yes when she asked me to promise that I would never tell anyone. My mother then smiled, told me that I was a good boy, and then she knelt down in front of me and proceeded to suck on my cock. In seconds my cock got hard and my mother didn't stop until I came in her mouth.

    She then made me wash her entire body, not allowing me to use a washcloth but making me use my hands. She made me wash her crotch last, forcing me to rub my hand between her legs until she came. When we were finished she made me promise once again to tell no one of what had happened.

    The next day, after my father had gone to work, my mother took me into the bathroom shower and proceeded to blow me again. This went on for the rest of my summer vacation, barely missing a day. Needless to say I quickly began to enjoy our bathroom encounters, and I was highly disappointed when they suddenly stopped one week before school resumed.

    I anxiously waited for my mother to suck on my cock again but she never did. Sometimes she will give me a look that seems to say that she misses our encounters too, but she seems unsure if it would be the right thing to do. I'm old enough now to know that I would love to fuck her, but I can't bring myself to ask.

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