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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    My dad left my mom when I was 13 and for the longest time I would hear her crying in her bed at night and she became like a zombie as she never got enough sleep.
    2 days after my 14th birthday I came home from school and mom was not in the kitchen as usual, I went upstairs to my room and as I passed moms room I saw her naked gagged and handcuffed spread eagled on her bed. My first though was that she had been attacked and raped, I ran in and took the gag out of her mouth and I could see the key to the handcuffs on the floor I grabbed it and said don't worry mom I will get these off.
    This was where it got weird, Mom said well yes you could set me free but I am cuffed and vulnerable now and i cuffed myself like this 30 minutes ago. God was I shocked as the implications got through to me and despite everything I developed a raging hard on. Within 5 minutes I was pounding away between my mothers legs and pumping the first of many loads of cum deep inside her hot c**t.
    Turns out my mom has always been a sub and losing dad meant that not only did she lose her husband but also her master. Gradualy over the next few weeks I found out what moms deepest darkest secrets were she loved being humiliated (she told me she had been dripping wet at the thought of me finding her on that bed after she had cuffed herself there and deliberately left the key out of reach so she couldnt change her mind. Sh loves being caned spanked and whipped even to the point of drawing blood, she adores having her pussy lips clit and nipples tortured, and me well I have learned how to be a VERY severe master, mom makes a great punch bag and I love her on her knees begging for my cock.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I need help...

    Its very embarrassing I am a boy at school being bullied by a girl two years older than me. On Friday during our food break, she pinned me in the corridor and punched me in the gut, she then dragged me into the girls changing rooms where a mate of hers was waiting, they stripped my to my underpants and she cupped my boy-hood and said to her friend lets she it in the flesh, she yanked them down took them into the toilet and dropped them into an unflushed cubicle where the toilet was full of piss. She came back and stood me up, she played with my dick told me to look at her mate and that I wasn't allowed to blow my load, so her friend flashed her tits and did everything to make me cum. I couldn't hold any longer and let it go into her hands. She wasn't very impresed and got her mate to pin me while she poured it into my mouth. I was nearly sick. She took my underpants out of the loo and put them into my mouth, kicked me and slapped me. She said you have a choice she told me I could either wear my smelly damp piss soaked ones or a spare pair of hers. It was a small red thong, she said if I chose that option I gave her the right to pants me at any point. Luckly for me there was a sudden noise, they ran and left me to get re-dressed and escape myself.

    Now the problem is I want to get revenge incase it escalates as her parents are very good friends with mine and she is my older sisters best friend and of course if I said anything no-one would believe me. She comes around our house all the time even when my sister is out and my mother tells us to go upstairs and play on the computer or something now on Tuesday night she is coming over at 18.00 but my sister wont be in until 20.00 after her swimming lesson. I know my sister will help her and I have two hours to fight back...

    Ideas please... I thought may be some nudity because after all she has saw me naked. I had the idea of pretending I have to do a piece of work on hypnotism and ask her if I can use her as an test, and have her be at my total control, but that won't work will it, is it a total lame idea and is it even true that you can hypnotise someone to do stuff like that??..

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    When I was young I spent summers at my grandmothers lakehouse. Relatives would come & go and at times the house would be crowded so we'd have to share beds with cousins or siblings. One time I was sharing a bed with my grandmother, a widow probably in her early sixties, this was 1960 or 62 making me 8 or ten yrs. old.
    Being younger the kids would go to bed earlier than the adults. I would be sleeping when grandma came into change for bed. She put on a small lamp to see in the dark, she thought I was sleeping, but I had woken up and watched as she took off her house dress trying not to be obvious. She stood there in her large bra covering he matronly breasts and her big white cotton granny panties. She was not fat but matronly. She turned away from me to unhook her bra but I could see her reflection in the mirror as she let the bra fall off. Her large breasts were also visible on the sides. The sight of them excited me. She then pushed her panties down & off and stood straight up to grab her nightgown off the hook on back of the door which gave me a quick view of her hairy grey bush in the mirror, I watched as she put her nightgown over her head and let it fall to cover her. The show was over.
    I kept thinking of this over and over. The same routine happened for several nights and I watched at every chance, I was hooked on large breasts and a full bush. The guests left later in the week and I was moved to sleep on a couch.
    We did share a bed on several other occasions and I remember looking forward to her unknown exhibitionist show.

    I remeber once a stomach ailment went through the house causing everyone to throw up off and on without warning. I was sleeping on the living room floor in a sleeping bag and woke up with a nausous sick feeling. I got up and ran to the bathroom not realizing anyone was in there. I pushed open the door and there was grandma peeing on the toilet with her nightgown bunched up around her waist. I was trying not to thow up but realized as I stood waiting for her to finish that I was staring directly at he large grey bush, she hurredly wiped herself & stood up to move out of the way and non too soon. I was in a cold sweat from being sick, but very aware as she bent down to wipe my forhead with a cloth as I sat on the toilet seat, that I was staring at her large breasts down the top of her gown and all the way down to her belly & bush. Funny the things you remember.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    A friend of mine was over at the house and asked if I would let him look at some hot girls on my computer since my wife was not at home and he doesn't have one. So I set him up on some tumbler with some fine ass looking bitches and showed him how to scroll and surf around I guess I should mention he is sort of shelterd and lives with his grandmother who will never buy one,. So I piddled around the house awhile checking on him from time to time and seen him sort of squeezing him self and stop when I walked in.

    So I walked over and sat next to him and just started to rub his cock is this OK I asked?? he said Yes,. Next I asked him to un-zip and he did I rubbed him softly for a moment and the started sucking his dick for him he layed his head back and let it happen MMmmm he had a nice long cock and thin at the head and thick at the base I slobberd all over that sweet meat and took it as deep as I could, it felt so good deep in my throat I loved every inch of that sweet cock,. And slurped up his cum like the little whore that I am MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm I cant wait to suck his cock again or any cock as far as that is, I only wish my wife were a whore like me and would suck on some pussy while I suck on dick and get pounded in the ass. I wish she were as kinky as me and would try all sorts of crazy shit.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    Do you have to tell your real age?? See both my parents are decease. My parents had me late in life, I have older married sister age 37??,anyway I was always problem child,I didn't finish school drugs boy's men the works.I have a 2yr old son,We have been living in a shelter,I called sis she said to move in with her and husband ,she would watch my son and I would work until I was able to leave on my own.There very good to my son they love him and good to me as well.They have a very large ranch home ,one part is private apt where I stay.I've been trying to find work and only job I could find is in a dinner for minium wage. Anyway her husband said he like to go to strip clubs I was a beautiful young girl I could get a job there,and I did.He comes to club every time Im working to watch me strip. I don't know if my sister knows where he is,and I feel uncomfortable,he paid for 5 lap dances with me!Last Saturday was his birthday,my sister gave him big bar-b-que and I helped,we were all having a great time.My sister is strange she loves children but I don't she her with bob her husband in loving way.She wanted me to have a good time she kept giving me drinks and told me she wanted me to have a good time and I was.After everyone left we were cleaning up and Bob gave me a joint,I haven't smoked pot since I had my son. I was feeling really good and very high and I couldn't clean up anymore my sister told bob to take me to bed and he did. I remember him taking off my clothes and then he grabbed my hair and you fucking bitch I know you want this and he put his dick in my mouth he made me suck him,he used and abused me and I was too high to fight back,I thought the guy was a sadist1 Don't remember when I passed out. When I awoke next day Bob was drinking coffee and he hand one of his fingers in my pussy,he said Oh your up now good I want my birthday present,I said come again he said I was his birthday present.I told him he was crazy and with that he slap my face so hard I told him hes going to jail for that and he really got mad he tried to choke me now I was afraid of him,i wanted to use the bathroom he said we go together ,he took a shower with me and said you want breakfast first before I fuck you ,I asked if I could have some pot first,he said good that what I like now your listening to me I like that and I love you and the way you fuck I wanted to fuck you for a long time.I asked him wheres my sister what does she have to say ,he said it was her ideariana,she doesn't like sex and you were easy.I couldn't believe what I was hearing I asked him if I could see my son first and talk to my sis,I had to promise him I would do a great job on him.My sister said don't worry I'll take care of tony my son,and jan it's not like you haven't done this before,she also said look he's really into you and since I had my ovarian cancer I don't enjoy it and it hurts her,and you want to do him otherwise he's going to start to charge you rent.I knew my sister would take care of my son so I didn't have to worry about that,what I had to do was to fuck her husband.I went back to him and I didn't mention this fuck had some cock slong what ever they call dick now and he was a good looking muscular big guy. He got so excited with me that's why he was so demanding and rough with me earlier .I smoked the joint and he fucked my pussy so many times he likes for me to give him head first look Im no angel but this man is to big to put halfway in my mouth. He loves for me to ride him he tried to put his dick in my ass but like my mouth I cant handle it all he said he'll get my ass in a couple of weeks breaking me in.I think I like fucking him but he wears me down,that Saturday & Sunday was my fuck fest with my brother in-law we fucked all weekend .Monday he went to work and I worked night shift,he came to club and wanted a lap dance I had to my job he waited for me and he had bought me a expensive bracelet he gave me on way home,he can't get enough of me and now he doesn't want me stripping he wants me to quit,He said he would divorce my sister for me!I started to fall in love with him and his sex got to me especially how he sucks my pussy dry.Don't know what to do than my sister suggestion bob should get me pregnant for them?? Any advice people please I need help,he moved all his clothes in my room we sleep together and sis is okay??

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    The Stone Part Two of 20910

    Canna, Israel - May 11, 2009 (3:10pm)
    St. Mary's Elementary


    Tom's second grade classroom is empty now. He sits quietly at his desk thinking of the events from two days previous when he had raped Eli's 11-year-old granddaughter. Legally, it would have been classified as rape, but Tom knows better. This pretty child had loved every minute of it. From his tongue lapping the sap from her juicy pussy-slit to his hard cock pounding her wet, well-stretched, hole. Not stretched by his small cock, but the cock of her grandfather and others. Yes, Eli had told him in detail how he had fucked Hanna for the first time when she was just eight. Eight! Christ! But to add to the horror, he told how he had began molesting Hanna when she was just a toddler. A 3-year-old! Yes, tonguing and fingering her little pussy-slit every chance she got, preparing her for the day he would fuck her. And then their were the others. Some were hardcore philes who Eli caught drooling over Hanna's carelessly exposed panties and these Eli approached openly offering them exactly what they wanted. Motels, secluded areas, anywhere he could conceal his vile behavior, Eli would take Hanna and the s and let them molest her. Many times Eli told how he sat in motel rooms or the front seat of a car peering over the seat watching some stranger tongue Hanna's little pussy or fuck her mouth full of hot cum. But then their were the others like Tom where Eli had actually used the stone to seduce innocent men and women to violate Hanna's willing little body.

    The stone. It is there, deep in his pocket. The evil of evils. And there wasn't anything Tom could do about it. He couldn't discard it, because the stone wouldn't allow it. Not until the stone released him of its burdens, could he pass it on. Exactly like Eli has done to him. And Eli warned him. Before the stone is finished, it will turn you into a child sex lover. Before the stone, Eli wasn't a phile. He adored children, but not in a sexual way. But then an Arab man, whose hatred of Jewish people was only outweighed by his hatred of Rabbis, placed the stone in Eli's hand. Not as a gift, but as a curse that Eli had no power or will to resist. Then the Arab had taken Eli to an abandoned building where a Jewish woman and her girl-child waited both under the spell of the stone. There, Eli had willingly tongue-raped the little girl, who was no more than four or five, again and again. Then mesmerized by the stone the mother had grasped Eli's erect cock and rubbed it up and down the child's pussy until he spilled his seed on her little cunny and belly.

    The sound of Kay Anderson's voice brings Father O'Malley from his fog.

    "Father, were you sleeping??"

    "No, daydreaming I suppose." He gathers himself and sees the young woman and her 7-year-old daughter standing in front of his desk. He casts a friendly smile at little Polly who is still clad in her uniform. A light blue jumper and white blouse. She's a little beauty. Enormous blue eyes and long, silky black hair.

    "Would you mind if Polly spends the evening with you while I attend a business meeting, Father?? I know this is sudden but I really don't know anyone else to turn to...not that I can trust, you see."

    Tom smiles, his gaze still fixed on the little girl. "I don't mind at all, Mrs. Anderson." Already, he's thinking how delicious her little nude body would be lying spread eagled on his small bed. Her pudgy, bald, pussy, open and completely exposed for his enjoyment.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I have just read a story on here by a girl who found DVDs of her parents having sex with each other and with others, both straight and gay.

    I had a similar experience but long before the days of DVDs. I was 16 or so at the time. I was in the attic looking though boxes for some particular books when I found a box of photographs of my parents naked and having sex with each other. I was horrified and at the same time fascinated. There were other boxes also of my parents having sex but with different people - and there were lots of them having gay sex.

    It is a shock to see your parents having sex but to see pictures of your mother licking out another woman or of your father being fucked by another man is a real shock. There was nothing left to the imagination. There were photos of my father being sucked off and of him ejaculating.

    I am embarrassed to say that they turned me on hugely. Even more embarrassed to say that i wanked off looking at them.

    I had thought that i had cleaned up and had put them away properly but apparently not. A week or so later, during which it was really difficult to behave the same with my parents, my father knocked on my door and asked if i had been in the attic and had I been looking at private photos. He obviously knew I had so there was no point in lying so i said that I had. he asked if I had masturbated looking at them and again I said that I had.

    He said that he had taken the photos of mum having sex with another woman and she had taken photos of him with another man.

    He asked which ones I had looked at when wanking off and I said truthfully, I preferred the pictures of him with the other man. He simply smiled and said that was ok, he was flattered.

    A few days later my mother asked if i would like to see more of the photographs i had found. i said i would and she gave me an envelope of photos she said had been taken recently. She told me to take them out which i did. They were like the others but close ups of my dad's cock in her pussy, ass and mouth. There were also photos of him with a man's cock in his mouth and up his ass. There were photos of him covered in spunk from the other man.

    I was mortified but at the same time I was really aroused. She asked if I had an erection. I said i did. she told me to show her. I was mesmerized and i undressed and stood in front oh her naked with an erection.

    She said that i had a great body and a great cock. She asked if she could touch me on my cock - i couldn't speak, which she took as a yes. No sooner had she touched my cock than I just erupted in her hand and on the floor. It was the most powerful orgasm i had ever had. I was mortified and tried to cover up but she said it was ok, perfectly ok.

    She told me to go have a shower and she would speak to me later.

    Later that evening, my dad asked me about what had happened, and told me to describe it in detail which i did. i could see that he was aroused by it. I have to say that i was beginning to get a real buzz out of this power that i seemed to have to arouse my parents.

    From then they asked if i would like to take part in their games by photographing them which i did, to begin with clothed and shortly after than naked. It wasn't a big step to getting to play with them both sexually.

    This went of for a couple of years until i went away to university.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    They are finicky and they don't love you or they pretend not to, nor do they demonstrate their undying love for you like dogs do. Furthermore, I am highly suspect of men who have cats. I am highly suspect of men who have lap dogs. I don't quite know yet what it means, but whatever it means, it can't be good.

    My roommate had a cat, and for the most part, all three of us stayed the hell away from each other.

    I had this dream one night that my teeth were falling out of my head. This always makes me panic because my mother has this superstition that this particular dream means someone close to you is about to die. So what you have to do is take a living thing, like a plant, and bite into it, and whatever bad death karma is lurking in your brain is transferred into the plant, which dies instead of whoever. I know this is silly, as are all of my mother's superstitions, but I confess, I am not a TOTAL nonbeliever.

    So I get this dream, I wake up in a panic, and we don't have a single plant that's living anymore. But I see that frickin cat.

    Okay I bit it on the tail, not hard, but hard enough. The cat whacked me in the face, but I deserved it. But according to my mother's superstition, I might have saved somebody's life.

    So there.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 50

    While waiting for my two sons to visit me on Mother's Day, reminded me of three years ago when they were 32 and 34, both married with children and they asked me what I wanted them to do for Mother's Day. I smiled and said I want to watch you give each other a blowjob. They both looked shocked and said we can't do that. I proceeded to tell them I knew they were masturbating and sucking each other's cock when they were teenagers. Mothers know more about what their children are up to then they give them credit for. I decided I was going to put a stop to that, because I wanted them to get married and give me some grandchildren. So when they both past their 16th Birthday I moved them in to separate rooms and took turns visiting them when their father was away and let them fuck me. They soon left each other alone and started dating girls. They still come over and fuck me once in a while even though I'm a sixty year old widow. They insisted they weren't going to do it, but I said there might be repercussions if you don't. (They knew what I meant). They looked at each other and shrugged and decided they better satisfy me. They removed their pants and underwear and sat beside each other. They reached for each other's cock and began stroking them. As their erections began to grow I looked in their faces and could tell they were starting to get turned on. Mike bent down slowly and began to suck Roy's now fully hard cock as Roy pumped away on Mike. As Mike got tired (not used to sucking cocks) they switched places and Roy engulfed Mike's cock in his mouth as Mike pumped on Roy's. My hand was stroking my pussy as I watched my two adult sons enjoying each other's cock. They looked like they were about to cum and I told them to get in into a sixty-nine and finish each other off and swallow each other's semen. They did as asked, put their pants on, and shook hands with a smile on their faces. I said now give me a kiss and go home to your families.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    In the early 1970's, I was a kid and read comic books. Back then they advertised all sorts of stuff in comic books that you could get by mail order. One of these things was a bullet-shaped vibrating "massaging muscle relaxer". Being a naive young boy, I thought "What a great gift for Mom's Birthday!" So I saved up the five bucks and ordered it. You should have seen Mom's face when she opened it. I did not understand why my uncle thought it was so funny though.

    It was almost thirty years later when one of my own kids showed me a similar ad on the internet and we had a laugh when I suddenly realized that, as a young boy of eight, I had given my mother a sex toy for her birthday.

    I've been trying to work up the nerve to apologize for five years now.

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