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    how about this one...
    my neighbor was almost 70 years old, and had a stroke. after a few years of being taken care of by his live-in-health aide, he married her.
    i know they arent having sex or anything.. thats gross anyways..
    and then she moved her brother-in-law in ... and another friend of hers in (a male also)...
    wow.. what a house.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    I live with a lovely sexy woman who has a severely retarded 14 year old daughter, Our lives are great and her daughter accepts me as her dad often cuddling up on my lap which my girlfreind says is cute, Well one day she went shopping leaving me to watch over her daughter and what happened shocked me so much, As soon as her mother had left she got up off the floor where she was playing with her toys walked over to where i sat and straddled my leg sat down on it and started to hump it urgently i was too shocked to stop her and after a few seconds i could feel i was getting hard watching her as she humped her eyes closed and a smile on her face she got faster and faster humping and grinding down on my leg until she gasped a whimpered sat still shuuddering her thighs gripping my leg tightly, Then she got her breath back and climbed off and went back to her toys as if nothing has happened leaving a wet patch on my jeans, This happens everytime her mother goes out i dont touch her or encourage it she just dies it, I know it's wrong but i cant tell her no as she looks so happy doing it, But now i have staeted masturbating afterwards in the toilet as i get so turned on that i never want it to stop, She still cuddles up to me when her mom is around but once alone she's a different girl, I'd never touch or fuck her but this situation is just so erotic i cant stop it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    Since my marriage broke down 2 years ago,I have moved back to my mother's house,she is 62 and a widow.She never really liked my ex wife and when she found out that Ann my ex had cheated on me,she didn't try to hide her feelings and told me she thought it was only a matter of time. Anyway about 2 months after moving back we were sitting watching a program about cheating husbands and wives and she asked me how I had found out about Ann and how I had felt,I reluctantly told her that I caught her naked in our bed with a man we had known for years,she then asked how I had felt seeing her with another man,when I told her I felt sick in my stomach but also strangely aroused,she immediately said "I knew it,you are just the same as your father,he was into other men going with me" "and did you??" I asked nervously,as my cock began to stiffen with the conversation.Mum lowered her head and with a look of embarrassment,nodded "yes on numerous occasions,right up until your father's sudden death," "and did you enjoy it??"I asked getting more excited by the minute,"of course I enjoyed it,I have always enjoyed sex and miss it so much"and with that she rose from her chair and said "I'm going to bed" As I sat there alone going over mum's confession and imagining her and my dad in a threesome I felt my cock once again getting hard and decided to turn in and have a wank in my room,as I passed mum's bedroom I heard muffled sighs and thought she was crying I opened her door ready to comfort her,but what I saw was mum her knees bent and nightdress around her waist pussy exposed and her fingers rubbing her swollen lips I quickly said sorry but not before feasting my eyes on her open c**t.she made no move to cover herself she did in fact open her legs wider,which was too much for me,I began throwing my clothes to the floor,not taking my eyes off her pussy and then I was on the bed with her pulling her nightdress over her head so we were both naked then for the first time in my life I entered my mum,as my cock slid into her it felt so natural and as our lips met and our thrusting became more urgent I heard mum say the magic words "fuck me Tony" and my sperm shot deep inside of her.As we lay in each others arms mum was the first to speak "that was beautiful I needed that so much" "me too "I replied then we drifted into a satisfied sleep. When I woke in the morning the realization hit me,I had fucked my own mother but before any feelings of guilt could overwhelm me,mum stirred and before I knew it I was once again buried deep inside of her filling her with my hot sperm.Since that night we are to the outside world mother and son but indoors we are lovers and long may it last.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Igot my wife to tell me her secret fantasies. Ithink that most of us married guys know that our wives think about other sexual situations when their having sex with us.
    My wife likes me to do her when she's tied up. Her fantasies are that I open the curtains so people can see in. She imagines me leaving her alone like that and some guy or guys seeing in the window come in and fuck her mercilessly.
    I made me wonder what she would do if her fantasy came true? That thought ended up becoming my fantasy but if it ever did happen I wanted to watch.
    It began to come together when I went on a hunting trip with a couple of my buddies. The subject about women and their faking orgasms came up. Then we tallked about what they think about and then I told them about my wifes fantasies and that I wouldn't mind watching her getting the hell fucked out of her. That's when Mike said, "hell I'd fuck her." Chuck, whose my wifes brother in law said he wanted to be in on it too. It wasn't too surprising because we're all in our forties and their wives had gotten fat but mine kept her figure, besides I knew that Mike was hot for her even before he got married.
    It was planned to be on my wifes birthday. It would be her big surprise. Sex on her birthday was easy to get her to do. Suggesting our tie up game and getting her to agree was easy too.
    Her dream was to be, "Utterly and completely helpless", that's an actual quote. I would make sure to do that. It was weird how excited I was. She had no idea as I tied her down naked and gagged her about what was about to happen but when I was done she looked as utterly and completly helpless as anyone could look. Then I pulled the curtains open and I heard her take in a bunch of air through her nostrils. It was weird to see her like that with the sun shining in through the window onto her bare ass. She was looking pretty nervous but if that was the case it was going to get a lot worse.
    Outside a car pulled up and then another. Car doors slammed and voices were getting louder. Chucks voice is very distinctive. I could tell when she heard it and knew that they were coming to our house. She was pulling on the ropes. She was trying to say something but it was all muffled. Then they knocked on the door and I looked at her, her eyes were really wide like if she saw a ghost, then I opened the door and let them in. From the door I could see what they saw, my naked wife, her sunshiny ass and down below was her pussy. I said, "Happy birthday dear. Your dreams are about to come true."
    I was nice. I told the guys to give her plenty of foreplay because it was her birthday. It was weird seeing another guy playing with her private parts.
    I saw the change, at first when they came in she was all nervous and shaking and her face and neck were blushed like how she gets when she's really embarassed. Then slowly her body gave in and I saw her pussy turn dark pink.
    We had all agreed that to give her the merciless fucking she dreamed about would be best accomplished with the aid of viagra. It really did the trick for staying power. I'd say that half an hour of constant fucking is pretty merciless.
    She didn't like her birthday surprise. After they left and I untied her she yelled at me and cried. She said that I should have known that some dreams should stay as dreams only. She said that she hated it. That she'd never been so humiliated and degraded in all her life especially with those guys. I said, "but I saw you getting off on it. I saw your pussy get all pink. I heard you moaning like you do and it looked like you tightened and shuddered like for your orgasm." She said that she couldn't help it and that it made it even more degrading cause it made them think she liked it. I know that she hates Mike and Chuck and it seemed that she hated me too but I convinced her that I really thought she would be happy. I never did tell her that I liked watching, that would be another big mistake.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Why, in God's name, are my African American neighbors always the loud trashy ones??? Well they can be trashy, but why are THEY ALWAYS so fucking LOUD??? Whether it's loud music, loud screaming and laughing, loud arguments, their loud brats screaming and yelling....EVERY motherfucking goddamn time I look out my balcony to see where the fucking NOISE is coming from, I see other balconies full of nice QUIET little WHITE kids or couples, and the noise is always coming from the several African American families here at these shit apartments!!!!!!! And I am black so don't anyone accuse me of being racist or shit like that!!!!!! I just wish they could have some fucking DIGNITY and respect for all their poor QUIET WHITE neighbors who have to listen to their shit!!!!!!!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 36, I don't know why I did it, but I was at a party with my wife sister-in-law, brother-in-law and a whole lot of other family. My 22 year old niece had too much to drink and was about to pass out. My brother-in-law was out in the back yard somwhere and I was asked by my sister-in-law to help her daughter to the upstairs bedroom so she didn't drop on the floor. I was helping her up the stairs when she passed out and went limp. I got her to the room and laid her on the bed. As I stood back, I was overcome with a feeling of raw lust and she was just laying there. I feel ashamed but I undid her zipper, pulled her panties aside and started eating her pussy while she was passed out. I stoked myself at the same time and was about to come then stopped. I had to feel her. I rubbed her pussy l;ips with my cock for a second and then pushed in. MY GOD IT FELT SO GOOD. I fucked her until I was about to cum and pulled out and sprayed it on her pussy. I felt like a rapist when I realizeed what I just just done. I neede3d to clean her up so I ran into the bathroom but ther was no TP. I walked back to the bedroom and was immediatelly overwhelmed again with this crazy lustfull feeling. I licked her pussy clean of my own cum and went back into the bathroom and spit it out. It was so fucking hot just knowing that I just licked, fucked and then licked again, my nieces pussy. It's been 2 weeks and I ain't seen her yet since but I get so hard just thinking of what I did. I feel like a rapist but at the same time feel like I own the world after doing that.

    Go ahead, tell me that I'm the worlds wost human being. I probablly deserve it...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I lived with my mother, after my father left us, when I was eleven. She was only in her mid-thirties then, and I thought she was pretty, though she never made the most of herself, and didn't seem to have any interest in meeting anyone else pulled the . One day I found a magazine in the street, and it was all about women tying men up and doing stuff to them. It fascinated me, and I studied and restudied it, and longed to emulate some of the action. When I was fourteen, one day I asked my Mom if she'd tie me up. She looked surprised and said 'no way young man! What's wrong with you????" By now I had this picture in my mind, and I kept pestering her, and promising never to tell anybody. After several more rebuffs, she finally said "Okay, if this is what it takes to get some peace around here!" and pulled the sash out of her bathrobe. spun me around and tied my wrists behind my back with surprising ease. "There! Happy now??" she demanded, with rather more anger in her voice than I had expected. "Well, pictures I've seen, thy often have something tied over their heads..." I began. She broke in "What pictures??" she demanded. When I mentioned the magazine, she went off and fetched it from my room, then sat down and studied it carefully, muttering "unbelievable!" as she turned the pages. "Yes Ma'am, if it's not too much trouble!" I tried. She said she didn't have stuff like this, but she thought she could accommodate me..and left the room. When she came back she had her old gardening trenchcoat over her arm, which usually hung behind the back door. She threw it over my head, and knotted the sleeves round my neck, tightly. I can't describe the feelings that washed through me, as I realized I was truly helpless, senses dulled or cancelled out. I began to get the biggest erection I had ever had, jutting out in my sweatpants. "Oh God!" muttered my Mom. "What are you DOING woman??" Then she spoke to me "Okay, you had enough yet?? Have you come to your senses yet??" "Keep me like this!" I mumbled in the stifling material of the old coat. "Well, you.re a pain in the ass, young man, and I think you should go to your room, like that, and just think about what you're making me do here!" She led me stumbling blindly to my room, pushed me onto the bed, and left, shutting the door firmly, angrily, even. I lay there, in heaven, my arousal seeming more and more permanent. Eventually she came back, asking "Had enough yet, you dummy??" as she came in. "No way! I wanna stay like this!" I mumbled under the heavy material. "Oh God!" she groaned, then came and sat beside me on the bed. " Look, kiddo, things are getting out of control here! If we don't quit this nonsense NOW, we're going to end up in a situation we'll both regret! I loved you father, and it's been so long, and you are so like him, I'm just plain losing it here! Now for Chrissake let's stop right here!" "No! I like this! I want lots and lots more of it!" Silence, then "Well, fuck it I tried!" and she yanked my sweatpants down and off. Then her cool fingers were caressing me, and I almost screamed with the intensity of it. "Oh God Yes! Do that! Do it more! Please please please!" I babbled. "You tell ANYONE about this, I go to jail! You hear me, you manipulative little pig!" "I'll never tell! Just make it go on forever!" I moaned. Then she was fumbling at my sheathed head, and the belt suddenly cut deep into my mouth, silencing me totally. Now all I could do was make a faint 'mmmfff' sound. Then she was on top of me, and my massive erection was slowy engulfed in tight hot wet, while it felt so good I almost fainted. Time passed deliciously, and the delightful torture went on and on, seemingly endlessly, with peaks of bliss that caused her to stop instantly and wait until they died away, to my chagrin. I had come before while playing with myself, but nothing like this! Eventually she screamed and collapsed on top of me, and we lay like that for ages. She was crying, and that really disturbed me. "I hate myself! So weak-willed, I should never have done this! You're going to hate me when you get out of there! "Mm-mm!" I went, shaking my head, and just wanting it to go on for ever! She untied my wrists and left the room, and I lay there stunned, but still horny, and played with myself, leaving the old coat where she'd put it. It nearly killed me when I came, it was so intense. I went to find her and she was locked in the bathroom. I could hear her crying. Later we talked, and I told her I loved her, I loved what she'd done to me, and please could we do it again real soon?? I would never tell a soul, I promised over and over. To cut a long story short we did this and variations, for several years, until she got sick and died, and life as I knew it came to a screeching end. Met an older dominant woman eventually, and married her, and that's where we are now.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    I'm not sure if this is the right category for this but it is the closest I could find that fits my experience. It started when I was 15 and continued on past 18 and for some years afterward.

    When I was 15 I started to have an affair with one of my teachers. She was sexy and looked a lot younger than her 42 years. I was of course a typical horny teenage boy who would fuck pretty much anything that couldn't outrun me. I was pretty much average in the looks dept as well. Miss Davenport was my English teacher and started to pay a lot more attention to me than the other kids. By October she had invited me back to her place for some "studying." By Thanksgiving we were lovers. I turned 16 in December and in January Miss Davenport quit her teaching job. At first I was devastated but then she explained it was so we could continue our affair more safely. Some weeks later she came to me with exciting news. Neither of us really looked into it until then but after some enquiry she learned that if I became an emancipated minor we could get married right away. We contrived a lame excuse for my emancipation that the judge bought and only a few weeks later that spring we got married.

    That's when things changed. All of a sudden Miss Davenport became Miss Bitch. I suddenly realized I had made a mistake. I let my dick do my thinking for me but now it was too late. In our state at that time if a couple got divorced the husband was required by law to support the ex wife until she remarried. Divorce was out of the question. I would have to quit high school and get a job. I was seriously thinking about just running away.

    Then after one particularly nasty fight she stormed off into the night and I almost thought she wouldn't come back. But then a few hours later, without explanation all of a sudden she was really nice. She offered me a nice long relaxing blow job as amends and I of course being a horny teenager accepted. She had me lay back on the sofa naked and she got started. Within minutes she was doing something she never did before. She licked my asshole. I don't mean she just gave it a few quick licks. I mean she was tongue kissing my asshole. Her face was buried between my ass cheeks and she was drilling my ass with her tongue which was a bit longer than average to begin with. It was the most awesome sensation I ever experienced. She just licked and licked and went on for hours. I didn't want her to ever stop and she didn't seem to want to stop either though after a few hours she did. We went to bed both exhausted and fell asleep. I woke up the next day to her licking my ass again.

    She offered no explanation as to her new found interest in licking my colon clean and I wasn't going to question her choice of new hobbies either.

    Oddly, she has continued to be a bitch through out our marriage. She is always picking fights and I have never figured out why. In fact it continues almost daily. But pretty much by 7pm every night she loses interest in fighting and just flips 180 degrees and yanks down my pants and shoves her tongue up my ass and eats it out for a few hours, usually tiring around midnight.

    So I am 36 now and she is 63 and to this day she still spends hours every day licking my ass. I have long since stopped trying to figure my wife out. I have pretty much grown numb to her provocations during the day and just luxuriate every night in the wonderful sensation of my bitch, er, I mean wife worshiping my anus with that magical tongue of hers.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I slowly touched my ****. Well I think you like to touch your self! Then she called my sister into the room who I think had been watching all along. She asked her what she saw me doing. My sister said that my **** was stiff and she was pulling on it fast. I was standing in the middle of the room being looked at by my mother and sister with nothing on. Mom said for me to come over to her which I did not wanting any thing more to happen to me. I was shocked when she started to play with my **** and telling my sister this is what gets young girls like her in trouble as she pulled softly on it and caressed my balls with the other hand until I was hard. Thinking she was done when she let it go, as it bobbed up and down with each heart beat. Then she said for my sister to cove over and touch it. she wrapped her hand around it. i was close now to ********. how does it feel my mom asked .good i said as i cummed all over. my sister aske i want to see it again. My mom said okay. But this time she tied me on the chair and jacked me off with my sister for hours and they would laugh and take pics of me shaking my head and moaning.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i really need to vent so i'm glad i found this site.

    I hate my self righteous neighbor. She is a teacher in an elementary school run by the metropolitan church in our neighborhood. She seems nice enough and helpful, but it turns out she's one of those people who hide the fact that she can also be a total *****. You make a mistake and she helps you get around it, but then once your back is (almost) turned, bam!!!!, she knifes you in the back by criticizing you to your mother and neighbors. Yes, makes herself look good and me to be further humiliated. What a good friend i once thought she would be!
    A friend once told me some teachers can't help it but be tyrants, so yeah, she's a tyrant who sugarcoats her words when she wants her way and then when she feels threatened by you, she gets back by being a self righteous *****!!! She is one big reason why i am never going back to her church. How can a house of worship include that snake??

    Well, i am staying away from her as much as possible. A good Christian woman? I don't think so!! A gossipy viper? Yes and i hope she gets trapped in a snake pit one day of her own making.

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