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    Straight Male / 45

    When I was younger, my wifes brother was shipped overseas. I love my wife, but my sister-in-law needed to have some work done on her bathroom. As I was a plumber, my wife sent me over to take caree of this, and after fixing the shower, I turned the water on to check it out. Rosie came in and said I need to try it out, stripped and got into the shower. As she turned on the water, she asked me to join her, and show her how the new shower worked. I said ok, but no sex. As we showered, one thing led to another, and we now fuck at least twice a week, and I will regret it when her husband comes home, and then no more pussy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    During the school year when I was 16 My life was school, work, homework, and helping my mother around the house. Her vision is real bad. She can't find her glasses without her glasses. My mom may be almost blind but all my friends wanted to do her. A few even teased me about it. I had free time early in the morning and at the end of the day. Almost every morning I would sit in my computer chair facing the door. I would turn off the light in my room and masturbate. As I did this I hoped that eventually my mom would walk by and see me. Only once did she walk by. That was it she walked by my door. I got so excited I came. I didn't plan on it but she was right there. What I usually did was wait a while and then when I was real hard I would go out to the kitchen with my erection bulging on the front of my pajamas. I would help her with breakfast and every chance I got I would turn toward her. I wanted so bad for her to know I was hard. Sometimes at breakfast I wanted to just yell at her to notice how hard I was.
    One morning I was sitting there, stroking and waiting for her She come to my door. When she stood in the doorway I thought she saw what I was doing. I tried to cover myself and noticed she didn't have her glasses on. She asked me if I could help her find them. They weren't in any of the places she usually put them. She was almost panicing. I instantly felt myself get harder. She could'nt see me. All she saw was a blur. I snapped just the top one on my pajamas so they would stay up and went to help her. As I turned on lights I followed her to her room. I rubbed myself and followed her. As soon as I turned on the light in her room I saw them. They were under her vanity chair. I put them in my pocket and asked here where in here she would put them. I stood there facing her and masturbated. I pretended to look around and then said they weren't there. She sat down on her bed then. I stood in the doorway facing her pumping myself and wishing she was really watching me. I was oozing juice real fast and whenever I pulled my hand up over the head there was a little squishing sound. She noticed and asked me if I knew what it was. I told her that I had gotten wet earlier and it was slippery now. She seemed confused so, I quickly said we should look in the bathroom. We went through the whole house (it's actually really small) with her glasses safely in my pocket. When we got to the kitchen she sat in her chair. She kept talking about her glasses and I stood in the middle of the kitchen masturbating. As she kept guessing at place they might be I sort of tuned her out. I was determined to stand right there and cum in front of her.
    She always used the same coffee cup. So I got it down and told her to sit right there. I would make some coffee and I would find them, not to worry. I put on the coffee and held her cup. While the coffee was brewing I stood there right in front of her and came in it. I held it under the stream then and put it down in front of her with my still dripping cock hanging out of my pants. Then I left to find her glasses.
    When I got back with her glasses I handed them to her and she put them on and immediately stood and kissed me on the cheek. While she did this I looked down and noticed a big white glob in the center if her coffee. I almost panicked. She didn't even notice she just sat back down and drank it.
    It was on my mind all day, at school, at work. I could barely do my homework. When I finally did finish it I walked through the living room and saw mom in her robe. I told her I would be right back and went to my room and stripped. I put on my pajamas and made myself hard. When I got back mom was already sitting on the floor waiting for me to sit behind her. So, I sat down and the first thing she did was put her hand up on my knee and thank me again for finding her glasses that morning. As I told her she was welcome I unsnapped my pajamas and took out my cock. As she watched her dance program I rubbed the slick juice at the tip of my cock in her hair. Worked out some more and did it again. the lamp was on right behind my shoulder so I could see everything I was doing to her. She had no idea what I was doing. That night I came right in my hand and rubbed in in her hair. It was amazing. I had never gotten off when she was in the same room, now I had done it twice in on day.
    She thanked me for watching her program with her. She new I didn't really care for it. Then trying to be nasty I told Thank You too, for everthing mommy. She likes it when I call her mommy.
    The next morning was saturday. I had no work and no homework left to do. So I made myself hard and went to the kitchen. I walked passed her in the living room just sitting there on the sofa. She had on a t shirt that said Just Do It on it. I had almost lost it by the time I got to my chair and sat down. When she came and sat down there was that t shirt. And her bare legs. I was aching to cum.
    She sat down and immediately asked how her hair could have gotten wet and sticky the night before. She said she noticed it when she went to bed. She knew what I had done.
    Did you do something to me last night, honey. Now don't lie. I told her everything. You actually ejaculated in your own mothes hair? She asked me. I told her that I need to masturbate real bad but I knew how much she liked me to watch tv with her. I did lie a little I told her I hadn't intended to squirt it all over her. I just got so excited doing it with her sitting right there that I just went off.
    What did you think about while you did that to me? she asked. I didn't want to make her mad but I did want her to know how excited and turned on I get all the time. I told her right out then, that I sometimes pretend that she takes her glasses off and lets me get off. All she said was Oh, in a real small voice. There was silence for a moment and then she looked at me real embarrassed like. Her face was real red. Then she took off her glasses and put them on the table. That really silenced me. She had tears on her cheeks and more filling her eyes. If you stand right at the corner of the table I won't be able to see. I stood up then and stepped over there. I didn't take my erection out when she asked if I was doing it. I wanted to know if she was giving me permission to do this. I had already opened my pants and they had fallen to the floor. All she said was. Yes. I told then that I was doing it. I was rubbing myself. I wanted to talk dirty to her. I said that the slippery juice was oozing out and I was smearing it all over my erection. Before I knew it I just had to cum. I pumped slower to hold if off and asked her if it would be alright to finish now. When ever you like was all she said. It was still just a whisper. I leaned ahead a little and started to cum. I told her I was squirting my sperm. And started thanking her. over and over. When I was done I pulled up my pants and went back and sat down.
    The first thing she noticed was my cum all over the table. Are you satisfied now. She asked. Her face was still real red. Her eyes were still wet. All I could say was, Will You let me do it again sometime, Please mommy. I felt a little guilty only being concerned about doing it again and not that she was hurt by it.
    I guess, Was all she said. Then she went to her room. I went and got dressed. I put on sweats, no underwear. When I went back to the kitchen she was standing by the sink, still in that t shirt. I cleaned up your sex juices. After a moment of silence she asked if I was going to thank her. So I did, I didn't know what else to do.
    All morning she kept asking me, real sheepishly if I needed her to take off her glasses. Did I want to make another sex mess for her to clean up. I know she wanted me to feel bad about doing it and sorry for her. What it did was make me excited and hard. I pretended to watch tv. When she wasn't in the room I rubbed myself. I was hard for over an hour when she brought some nitting in the living room, sat in her chair by the big window and was just going to get started when she said it again. I didn't say anything. I just stood up, walked over to her, took off her glasses for her and placed them in her lap. I talked real soft. I told her I was pulling down my pants. I wanted to be kind of mean. It seemed like that's what she was doing all morning. So I described everything I did. First I said, Thank you mommy. I'm rubbing my cock now mommy. It's really hard, just for you mommy. It's starting to ooz the slippery juice now mommy. There's so much. Now I'm rubbing the juice all along my cock. The head of it is all purple now. The juice is oozing faster than I rub it up and down my cock. Then I was right there and said. Mommy, may I cum now. I didn't think she was going to answer when she said in that real small voice. Yes. So I stepped over to her. Right in front of that big window and shot my cum all over her. I don't think she knew what I was doing until I was done. I was still standing there dripping on her lap when she put her glasses on. There was cum on her shoulder, across her breasts and all over the nitting in her lap. I bent over and kissed her on top of her head, pulled up my pants and left.
    When I got to my room my mind was a jumble. I loved it. I knew that if I walked back in there I could do it again right now. I was already half hard. After an hour or so I made a decision. I put the elastic waistband half way up my erection so it would be obvious to her when I walked back in the living room. The first thing the hit me was how much nitting she had gotten done. Then I saw that she was still wearing the t shirt. It was wet and stuck to her just above her breasts. I was just about to talk when she took her glasses off. She was looking right at the bulge. When she started to lay them in her lap I told her no, mommy, put them back on. She watched me then. It was good. I didn't have to describe to her what was happeing. She was seeing it. When I came I leaned over her and spilled my cum as close the the now drying cum just above her breasts. I still use her this way. I get handjobs now too. My next goal is to get it in her mouth.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    Is there anything wrong with your mother performing oral sex on you? I mean, is it illegal or something? Is it i****t? I am 18 and my mother is 43 and last weekend she performed oral sex on me. It was done on a dare from me. Okay, what happened is that I was getting ready to go out on a Friday evening with the guys. After leaving the shower, I discovered that I left my robe in my bedroom, which is just down the hall from the bathroom. I didn't think anyone was upstairs, so I walked naked towards my bedroom. Sometimes my sisters are around so I have to be careful. Just then, my mom walked out of the master bedroom and almost bumped into me. Mom and I have a good relationship but we do tease a lot of sexual things. I tease her about her full breasts, calling them her "tits" right to her face. She sees me dressed only in underpants and teases about the "significant" bulge between my legs. I have dared her to feel it on several occasions but she never takes the dare. But this time, nobody else was around and she must have realized that because she made comments like "Wow" out loud. I quickly got a hard-on and with my penis sticking out straight, I dared her to touch it. At first she wouldn't but I kept insisting. Finally, she said,"Okay, but your dad better not find out about this or there will be big trouble for both of us!". At first, she just came up really close to me and put her hands on my penis and balls. She then began masturbating my penis really vigorously. I have never seen her so excited. She knelt down on one knee, took hold of my penis and put it into her mouth. For the next several minutes, she performed oral sex on me. I came after maybe 5 minutes and ejaculated into her mouth. Realizing this, she immediately took off to the bathroom and spit out the semen. When she returned to my bedroom, she again warned me not to say anything of this to my dad. I resumed getting ready for the outing and didn't see her again until the following day. I didn't really know what to expect when I saw her in the morning. In fact, she appeared to be her usual self. But there was this sparkle in her eyes that I see when I tease her about her "tits". I still don't know quite what to make of it. A week has passed now and things are back to normal. I do notice that lately she has been quite "touchy, feely" with me, giving me a hug now and then. Well, anyways, she did perform oral sex on me and I am pretty sure she will do it again. I'll make sure of that. Now I am wondering if this will lead to something more serious like intercourse. Would I like to have sexual intercourse with my mom?. Geez, I haven't thought much about that but I guess that I would. But that would be a long ways off. What does the reader think about this? Am I taking too much for granted, or what? Let me know your views. Thank you in advance.

    A Horny Son.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    My boyfriend is 26 years old and he still claims that girls dont poop or fart. It annoyed me because as a girl nothing feels better than letting out a long one. I was sick of his crap (no pun intended) so when I was at his house I took a nice hefty dump. I made sure to eat lots of tacos and chilli before arriving. I think scooped up some of it in a tissue and called him into the bathroom. He face curled and twitched and he looked so upset. Right away the powerful aroma suffocated him. He didn't even see it yet. Then I stepped aside. I still had one hand behind my back hidden. A surprise awaited him. He peered into the toilet and saw my brown log hanging out. Just chillin. I had a big brown dog barkin at my backdoor and the pup needed to be let out. I then smiled wide. I probably looked like The Joker. I then slowly revealed what I had hiding behind my back. A little brown gnome sitting atop some tissue. I shouted "Its mine!" as I flung it at him. It smacked against his cheek making a loud wet smacking noise. Some of it got in his eyes. I admit this is a fetish of mine. I always wanted my poop to grace his skin. He let out a horrible yell unlike anything I've heard before and I could swear I saw tears streaming down his cheeks. It made me feel so hot to see him like that. I then told him to eat it. He yelled at me. Called me crazy. Called me all sorts of names. Said I was sick. I yelled back how can you say you love me if you wont even eat my poop????! He then grabbed me by my shirt and flung me outside onto his lawn. It was the middle of the night. What a gentleman am I right???? It's been close to a week. He hasn't contacted me since. I'm afraid it might be over. Perhaps I should have introduced him more slowly. My heart feels a little broken. If he could have just gave it a lick and give it a chance. How does he know he wont like it if he wont try it???? Guys expect women to lick their smelly cum stained long johnsons and if you refuse they say you are a prude and should at least try it. So why not try my little brown dog???? It wont bite. ;_;

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I had a small office in a kind of a strip mall type building. I only had one employee. She was a single mother about 23 years old and very, very hot. She viewed me and the semi well to do 25 year old who probably wanted to marry me for my money at the time. Anyways, she would suck me off daily at the office. We were always careful and would lock the door and do into the bathroom.

    On this day, we didnt lock the door. There we were, she was sucking away and I hear noise in the office. Before I could get my cock out of her mouth, the bathroom door opens and it was my mother.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    I am new to this site.

    It all started when i was 15 I had all the usual teen hormones etc and masturbated on a daily basis.
    This developed into exploring my family home when everyone was out.

    I lived with my parents,older brother and younger sister at this time.

    We lived in a tenement/ multi story block on the top floor which was the third floor.

    My curiosity began with snooping about my brother's stuff looking for porn not managing to find any I looked in my dad's cupboard in his bedroom I found German hardcore porn on a video tape. This was an eye opener as it had golden showers,anal sex and great cum facials. This was risky as i always had to rewind it back to where it had been stopped by my dad..always worrying the tape would get stuck in the machine as it looked like an old tape.

    When I got bored of the tape my curiosity kicked in again, I would walk around naked,I looked in my mum's stuff to see if she had any naughty secrets she didn't but i did discover her underwear which I sniffed (even though it was clean).
    The underwear sniffing progressed to me wearing them even masturbating as I wore them or as I sniffed them.

    I masturbated about my mother,aunts, and teachers.

    this stopped when i was roughly 19 I am proud to say i was never caught.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    I born in 1960 and so, grew up in the 60's and 70's. We didn't have the internet back then. Heck, VCR's hadn't even been invented yet as far as I knew, so the only real access we had to porn was through magazines. There were peep show movies available at some of the downtown sex shops, but that wasn't something I made much use of at all. Mainly it was books and magazines that fueled my fantasies. I would have to admit that by today's standards, those fantasies would be pretty tame. My sexual experience came primarily from masturbation. I remember the first time I ejaculated, I was in the bath tub rubbing my soaped-up dick and was quite surprised when a load of jizz shot our from the end of my little dick. I thought I had made some great discovery there, and soon, rubbing my cock to orgasm became a regular routine. That couldn't have been very much before grade six, where my discovery was shared with a classmate and buddy from the neighbourhood.
    My mother worked afternoons, and everyday after school, I had about a two hour window before my dad got home from work. Though I wasn't supposed to have friends over during that time, my buddy and I would rush home to my house, spread out a few magazines and play with each other's cocks until he had to get home. I don't remember how often we did this, but I'll bet it was several times a week. Over the course of that year, we did pretty much everything we could think of doing sexually. We didn't know what gay was, and had no idea what homosexual sex was. And though we knew what we were doing needed to be kept quiet, we were just exploring our curiosities and doing what felt good. We tried anal sex a few times, but my favourite thing to do was what I later learned is called the 69 position. I loved the feeling of my mouth full of his cock while experiencing the rise to orgasm. It must have been dumb luck that most times we would cum within seconds of each other, so it always felt so damn good! His dick was different from mine, uncut, and a fair bit bigger. I liked how the head of his cock was a different color from the shaft, and that it was quite bit larger than my own dick head. Sometimes, when we were rubbing dicks, he would cover the head of my cock with his foreskin, and we would cum together inside there. I guess we were pretty creative for our time.
    During the summer following grade six, my buddyâs parents put their house up for sale. I remember meeting him in the laneway behind his house on his moving day, where we sucked each otherâs dick for what would be the last time. Both of us sucked with suck hunger that day! It remains one of my best memories.
    His familyâs move made it almost impossible for us to remain friends. Though we did keep in touch by telephone every so often, soon our teen years came along, and we went our own ways. Both of us eventually married and had families of our own, like we were supposed to do. Though we spoke periodically up until our mid twenties, we never again discussed our childhood experimentation. We have long since lost touch. Neither one of us turned out to be gay, but Iâm sure that both of us look back at our little adventure with fondness. I wish I could relive some of those times!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I got drunk last night with my brother in-law and we ended up feeling each other out. It was like a sexual massage. We both feel truly disgusted by this and it was one of those curiosity moments... I feel sick and guilty thinking about it. I don't know what to do. I definitely will never drink rum and vodka again.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    me and my wife had my brother inlaws 20y/o girlfreind spend
    the night becouse my wife was going away the next day and
    she was watching my kids well that night she got in bed with us just joking around I thought next thing I knew she had a hold of my cock and my fingers were in her while my wife was sleeping the next day I came home early and we had sex 5 times now she lives in another state .But my neighbors
    wife told me yesterday she wants to have a affair and I think I would love it but not sure if I will

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    family trip to an indoor pool for winter break. We rented a large van and traveled together. My sister in law and I dated before I fell in love with her younger sister. My wife is hot as hell and has a much better pussy. Has a higher sex drive and always willing. Her sister is married but treats her husband like shit.
    I am sleeping in the back and my SIL laying by me. Blanket covering me and I am wearing sweat pants for comfort. I wake up and feel her hand on my cock. Her husband and my wife in the seat in front of us.
    She goes on to jerk me off and I motioned for her to stop. I did not want to cum in my pants. She did not stop, she dumped a load in my pants. She licked her fingers clean and rolled over.

    We stopped and I had to tell my wife I had a wet dream. What a bitch she is. just like when we dated. She did childish shit like this. The final date she tried something like this and I held her down and fucked her. The following weekend I picked her sister up. We were married two years later. No childish shit from her.

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