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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 35

    I was shopping last Saturday in a local club when I saw this gal looking over some items. She had her back to me and I thought it was a gal I knew so I stood and stared until she turned around. When she did turn it wasn't who I thought so I said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't stalking you, I thought you were Darlene". She smiled and said, "No, I'm not Darlene but I can be Darlene until Darlene comes" and laughed. We struck up a friendly conversation. She was as cute as a bugs ear. I learned she was from out of town and was staying at a motel not far from this store. She was shopping for microwavable items to get her through the weekend. Her room did have a microwave.
    So, since I had nothing in my basket yet I asked if she would be interested in a drink in the stored small concession. She accepted so we went there. She preferred a cold drink so I ordered 2 Dr Peppers. We sat and chatted and as it turned out I did know some people who she also knew from her home town. I used to be a traveling salesperson and had some clients there. I named over a few and when I mentioned this one lady she laughed and asked if I had got any from her, she is known as the town whore. I told her I had not but it opened the door for more sexual talk. She asked if I was married and I said, "Not anymore." She asked what I meant by that and I explained that I was sterile and could not get my wife pregnant but she didn't know that and she wound up pregnant. When I accused her of cheating she got mad and denied it. Of course I knew better, so this led to one fight after another and we ended up divorced. She agreed that was probably the best way to handle it. She admitted she also was divorced but was not from the same problem. She said "she was always a sex addict and he was never in the mood so we divorced. I suspected that he was gay but couldn't prove it other than he constantly hung out late with other guys. I never accused it because I knew it would cause nothing but trouble if he wasn't". She said she had some pictures in her room if I wanted to drop by and see them, maybe I would recognize some.
    So, she checked out and I followed her to her motel. I did prove I was a gentleman and carried her groceries in for her. Once in and with the groceries stowed away in the cabinet by and over the microwave she got the pictures from a suitcase but left the suitcase open on her bed. I sat down and looked at the pictures. I did not recognize anyone but I did notice she had some very revealing, shear, nighties in her suitcase. I laughed and asked, "Did you intentionally leave those in view just for me to see??" She picked up a pair of panties and bra, see through type and smiled and asked if I'd love to see her with them on. I smiled and said I'd much rather see her with them off. She came over, got on her knees beside me on the couch, rubbed the panties in my face, kissed me big time on my lips and said, "That can happen also." She began hugging on me and kissing me and I knew right then she wasn't BS'ing when she said she was a sex addict. She was rubbing her tits in my face and I was trying to bite her nipples through her blouse and bra. She laughed, pulled her tits up out of the bra and with a low cut blouse they were in plain view so I began sucking and kissing them. This was right down her alley because she began moaning and pressing them into my face, almost smothering me. I had on a thin Duke Blue Devils shirt so she slide her hand underneath and began pinching my man tit nipple. When I indicated I liked that although it was hurting me she then slide her hand dow over my crotch and looked at me and smiled and said, "Is that a gun or are you just glad to see me??" An old saying from a TV lady comedienne. I said, "Both, I'm glad to see you plus I can shoot you full with that thing." She liked that and then put a real powerful kiss on my lips with her tongue fighting with my tongue. We began stripping each other down to our birthday suits. I couldn't get over it. All I could think was, "Her ex must have been gay because I thought my ex had the most beautiful body in the world but this gal was running a close second. She wasn't shaven but was clipped very short, no heavy bush. I immediately went to her tits with my mouth and my hand between her legs massaging her clit and fingering her pussy. She was a pain to hold. I thought she was going to escape my man handling. She did suggest we get on the bed. Once there she immediately went down on me and began giving me a wonderful blow job. I couldn't wait, I reciprocated by burrowing my face between her legs and my tongue went inside her pussy while my fingers were massaging her clit. I soon reversed this, sticking my fingers insde her puss and massaging her G-Spot while licking and sucking her clit. I knew this was well satisfying her as she was moaning, wiggling, squirmind and taking amy hard dick as deep inside her mouth as she could. Let me tell you, er were in hogs heaven. I know she had many orgasms but I kept trying to hold off, wanting to fuck her wonderful tasting pussy although it was hard to make that decision. I think she was happy for me to pull out of her mouth, not because I didn't like her lips and tongue giving it a work out, but because she has had so my orgasms she was almost ready to call it quits. So when I did pull out, change positions, she threw her legs way up, almost over my shoulders and guided my dick between her pussy lips and I stuck it as far in as I could get it. She just shivered and pulled my head down so our lips met and we received each others love juices in our mouth. It was exciting. She would french kiss me and tell me to fuck her hard. She wanted me to shoot my warm cum deep inside her because I had already told her that I was sterile and no danger of impregnating her. Even after I did cum deep inside her she continued to lay there and milk all the cum, my last drop, out.
    Now, after this we lay together side by side all hugged up. She asked me if I could come back the next morning, Sunday, and I confessed that she had just fucked a real christian and I must attend church or they would send a search party out looking for me, thinking I had to be lying somewhere dead or a serious injury. She did ask me which church I attend.
    Now, she got up, went into the bathroom and returned with a wet wash cloth and a towel. She did a wonderful job cleaning me and would kiss the head periodically. I thought surely I would get another erection but also knew I had to get out of there. I had shopping to do and other chores to do. Remember, it was Saturday, one of my days of rest. LOL.
    Okay, so yesterday I arose a little early, did my 5 S's, Shit, Shave, Shower, Shine my shoes and Snack. Then I was off to church.
    I couldn't get my mind off the afternoon before but let's face it, I was on my way to church. After arriving, receiving the morning program and sayin GOD BLESS YOU to most of my friends, I took my seat on the rear pew. Seems everyone knew and would reserve that back pew for me. I sat, looked threw my program at who is celebrating anniversaries and/or birthdays, plus what songs we will be singing, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and, surprise, there stood the gal I spent the afternoon with the day prior. She smiled, I stood and allowed her to be seated by me. Let me see, what was the sermon about?? I don't remember. My mind was on this gal by my side. So the services began. After one hymn the pastor welcomed all and allowed us to turn and shake hands with fellow attendants. Everyone was curious at who the doll was with my. I lied (Forgive me Lord) that it was my sister visiting me. Most smiled as though they were thinking, "You lying mother fucker." lol. So, as services continued, she took a note pad and starting writing. I though she was making notes of the books, chapter, and verses the pastor was quoting. When she finished she handed the note to me. I read it, she didn't ask, she told me that after the services were were to have a quick snack at some restaurant and then we were spending the rest of the day in her motel room repeating the day before. Just thinking about that I guess I was beginning to show mu new erection. She grabbed a song book, smiled and laid it on my lap, covering my showcase.
    So, we did, after the sermon, went to a fast food restaurant for a snack and then to her motel room. I'm not going to get involved here. I'll let you use your imagination but it went lots farther than the afternoon before. I know as she awakened this AM she thanked her GOD for the weekend, she was really well satisfied. I know it was exactly that way for me this morning.
    I did get her address and I'll assure you, If I feel like it and she doesn't show in my town soon she will hear my knock on her door. I don't know what kind of work she does, if any, but I have already started dreaming of her selling her home, quiting her job and moving in with me. I'm sure I can get her employment in the company I work for. But, things, sex wise, will have to slow down. I'm sure neither of us can live through many weekends like we just had. LOL.

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My cousin Emma* (i changed her name) and I have always been very open with each other about our personal business. THere's one incident that I remember very well. At the time, I was 9 and she was 7.

    Emma and I were playing house in the bathroom. (My room was being renovated at the time, and my toy box was stashed in the bathroom) I was the mother, she was the daughter. We were having a lot of fun, and suddenly she stopped laughing. She looked like she was about to cry.

    Thinking this was part of the game, I pulled her close, but her on my lap, and said, "Oh, what's the matter with baby?"

    And she said, "No, I really have to go pee pee BAD!" So I realized she was being serious, and I said, oh okay, go ahead. I mean we WERE playing on the bathroom floor. So she said, "no, it's okay, I'm better now."

    So we resumed our game, and I was "feeding baby" on my lap. and so she stopped and she just started ticking me. It was random, and we were young, you know it was just one of those THINGS. I started tickling her back, and she grabbed herself "down there" real tight, and I said "EMMA, GO PEE PEE NOW!"

    She looked up at me, and said with a worried look, "I'm going, I'm going!" That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. She wasn't going to get up. She had to pee pee right then and there, and oh boy, she did. I felt a warm sensation on my leg where she was sitting, and I felt every muscle in Emma's body relax. (she was still sitting on my lap) When she was done, she looked at me and said, "Oops." And I got her cleaned up, and she was fine. Untill an hour later when she said, "I need to pee pee again. Not bad, but I have to go on the potty this time 'cause I'm doin a poopy, this time."

    I just smiled and said, "Thank you." Even though, later on, we would have more fun with this than you could ever imagine

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    When I was around 13 I discovered these novels that my mom had, they were raunchy, real raunchy, especially for me. They described sex in detail, and I ate them up. I pretended I was the girl in the barn, or the girl on the train, or the girl alone in the house, and he would come and get me and I would get fucked. I masturbated to those novels, re-reading whole sections, pinching my nipples and rubbing myself silly. I can't list all the things I stuck in myself, all kinds of things.

    13 became 14 and 14 became 15 and I read those novels every night, I didn't care if they were repeats, I new the parts I wanted to read. One day my mom got this new novel, and I snuck it upstairs, and it had this passage of this girl on a trip that got r**** by this servant in this house. I read that passage so many times that I left the book marked up, the pages where I held them, while I read over and over again of how he r**** her. How she tried to get away, how he trapped her and held her down, how he tore off her pants and how he penetrated her flesh with his dick, which she described as a monster that tore her open. This scene, where she is still on the floor looking up at him, with his dick staring down at her and his cum dripping on the floor.

    I tore myself open with this large hair brush, I tore my vagina wall and I bled on the sheets. I got infected, because I didn't take care of it, and I ended up having to explain to my mother how I had cut myself there. After the doctor and the antibiotics and everything, my mother bought me a real dildo, she took me to this store called 'Luv', and she helped me pick out a dildo, she told me to get one that was bigger than I though, because once I started using it, I was going to want it to feel big, but to remember that when a guy actually does it, his dick was smaller, and she showed me a dildo which she said was realistic in size to a man's dick.

    We shared the novels after that, and I could tell the parts that she liked because of the way the pages opened to them, something I had not paid attention to before. She ordered the novels on line, and after she had gotten her fill with them, she would give them to me, she noticed that I liked r*** fantasies, and I got lots of r*** novels to read. She was right, when you are using a dildo, bigger is what you want, the one she bought me was long, like 12 inches so I could hold it and do myself, and thick and dark purple with large veins on it.

    I was 17 when I got my first real experience, it was after prom and we went to this party, and this guy fucked me. He was from another school, I didn't know him, he fucked me behind the couch, he fucked me with my prom dress on pulling off my panties and staining the skirt. My first time was a real fuck job. No kissing, no how do you do, no introductions, just a fucking behind the couch. Not up to my fantasies, but close enough for a first fuck. The thing is, I was used to my dildo, and really when I saw his dick, and it was fully erect and everything, I almost laughed at him, and when he stuck it in me, I felt like I had been fucked a thousand times, I did not have that first time experience. The only first time part, was when he shot his stuff and it dripped out of my pussy on to my dress.

    My sexual being is most satisfied by my novels, and my dildos (I have a selection now) and my fantasies. A guy fucking me just doesn't have the same feeling, I let the guy fuck me because it makes him feel good, but frankly I masturbate afterwards in order to get off. I still fantasize about the day I am just taken down by some low life dude and properly r****, I mean it, I fantasize all the time about being r****, in an elevator or a parking garage, and left on the garage floor while he shakes his dick at me. It is a fantasy, and I masturbate to it, maybe the real thing will not live up to my dreams.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Two years ago, I accidentally walked in on my son kissing a male friend of his while they were both in their underwear. Since they were both in junior high, I was alarmed since I really didn't think my son had sexual urges yet much less gay ones. I asked a friend of mine for advice and she told me that she had the same problem but it went away when she gave her son a sexual outlet by letting him relieve himself with her. I was shocked and thought she was joking or crazy, but two other friends of mine said they did the same thing with their sons. They told me that boys that age are so horny they'll screw anything and better their mothers than a random diseased slut or another boy. Like an idiot I listened and offered my services to my son. First my mouth, than making out, and finally everything.

    Then I found out that I had been set up. My friends were doing their sons, and the boy I saw with my son had been doing his mother, too. There were ten of these mother-son "couples" and I was number eleven.

    They - or "we" I should say - found candidates among the neighbors for membership. The "candidate" is picked by the boys and mothers, based on whether or not they want to sex them - or in a couple of cases whether or not they had something we wanted like a big house. The boy is approached by one of the mothers first, nd if he's "satisfactory" then they set up the "boy is turning gay" act to scare the boy's mother. The other mothers talk her into "saving" her son with sex. And she isn't aware they're recording it.

    After learning that they had a recording, the only thing I could do was submit. They had a "wedding ceremony" which included me in a wedding dress making love to my son in front of an audience of the other families. The families have a party once a month where they nominate new members and one of the mothers is selected to be a slut for the boys for a week, and the boys have their own meeting to select a stud for the women. And yes I've taken advantage of the stud for my own sexual pleasure, just like I spread myself for the boys when I was selected. The party also includes a sexual free-for-all.

    The membership has grown to thirteen "couples" now, with the boys ranging from 10 to 19. Six of the "couples" have had children. Along with the sex, we also help out each other financially and a couple of our members have been given homes when they lost theirs. And I do consider the other mothers to be friends, and three of them have been lovers outside of our parties.

    I still feel guilty, but I think that if the blackmail tapes and the peer pressure were to disappear tomorrow I would continue to have sex with my son and possibly other young boys as well.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 36

    I forced myself on my hot ass sexy step Cousin when she was 16. I was 15 and had wanted to have sex with her since we were young kids. I was at her house one day while My Aunt was gone shopping and I stopped by just to visit. She had on a pair of silk loose fitting shorts and an old tee shirt and my dick got hard as soon as I figured out my Aunt was gone and in our earlier conversation my step Cousin said she would be gone all day.
    I followed her back to their spare bedroom as we were talking and when she bent over with her ass to me to get something from one of the dresser drawers I lost it. I couldn`t stop myself and then grabbed her and threw her on the bed and got on top of her as fast as I could and held her down while she was screaming at me to get off of her. My dick was hard as a rock and I wanted to fuck her and at that moment I really didn`t care if I got in trouble for doing it I wanted her naked.
    I got her shorts down to her knees and she was crying kicking and screaming when my hand went inside of her silk panties and my finger went in her dripping wet pussy. I fingered her hard and had my hand on her huge tits and she was mad as hell but getting wetter by the second then she screamed out loud "Oh my God!!" and shook all over and her pussy really got wet and she started to calm down a little as I got two fingers deep in her pussy and she had another orgasm right after her first one and after that she just laid still on the bed breathing hard and I stood up and got out of my clothes real quick and put my face right between her legs and started to eat her sweet pussy and she raised her knees up and let them fall apart then grabbed my head and shoved it hard in to her pussy and started to move her hips and moan out a lot letting me have my way with her and it was getting good.
    She got off twice with my face between her legs then pulled me up on top of her and she started to kiss me and got a good taste of her juices off my lips then she rolled me off of her and got on top of me and went down my body pretty fast and started to suck my dick. She said her boyfriend liked it when she did this to him and went right back to sucking my dick as I pushed her head down making her gag a couple of times before I came in her mouth without any warning. She tried to back away but I forced her head down with both hands and made her take my cum in her mouth. I know she had to swallow some of it but a bunch of it came out of her mouth and was all around my dick and on my nuts but she licked it up a little at a time and continued to suck on my dick for awhile then she rolled on to her back spread her legs pulled her tee shirt and bra off and was laying there naked looking at me then said "Is this what you been wanting for so long?" I got on top of her fast and was rubbing my dick on her soaking wet pussy as she reached down grabbed my hard dick and just when it touched her juicy slit she said " I think this is a lot bigger than my boyfriends And we were looking right in to each others eyes as I stuck my dick in her tight juicy pussy and she began to moan out loud and when my dick was about halfway up her pussy she closed her eyes and took the rest of it until my nuts were tight against her and her juices were all over my nuts. I started to fuck her slowly and she put her lags around me and started moving her hips and playing with her big firm tits and even sucked her nipples as she was looking right at me and told me "Don`t worry I`m on the pill!" I knew what she meant but I was going to cum in her anyway. We fucked for a good long while and she came two times very hard and I was looking right in her eyes as I shoved my dick in her as hard and as deep as I could and shot my huge load inside of her and watched her take it and claw at my back as she forced her hips up towards me and pulled me to her with her legs and she was moaning out "Oh yes! Cum in me baby! Give it to me! Cum in me! I want it all! fuck me baby!"
    I wanted to hear her say those words over and over as my cum filled her juicy pussy. She pulled my head down and stuck her tongue in my mouth and we kissed for a long time with our tongues in each others mouths as she squeezed my dick with her pussy and we were both in another world and I wanted to fuck her all day long. I pulled my dick out of her and turned her over face down on the bed and shoved her legs apart then put my dick right back in her pussy then laid on top of her slowly working it in and out of her as it got hard again inside of her and I started to fuck her again. She was enjoying as much as I was and our cum was between her legs on the sheets and she was working her hips to take me as deep as she could and reached back and pulled her ass cheeks open while I fucked her and it felt great.
    I got this wild idea and eased my dick out of her and she quickly asked me to put it back in her but I rubbed it on her ass then touched it to her asshole and started to push it a little and she didn`t try to stop me so I kept going trying to get it in her wonderful tight ass that I had dreamed about all those years. It wasn`t easy and she told me to stop several times but told me her and her boyfriend tried it a few times before she started taking the pill. She finally took all of it in her tight ass and let me fuck her good in the ass and she came several times before I came hard as far up her ass as possible. After awhile my dick came out of her asshole and I rolled off of her and she went to the bathroom then came back. She laid next to me rubbing my chest never saying a word and fell asleep naked right next to me.
    I got up to go wash up and came back to bed and she never moved. I laid there thinking about how I had finally fucked the girl of my dreams and my dick started to get hard again. I rolled her over and she was still sound asleep and I got another wild idea and got up to look thru her dresser and found her panty hose. I got out four pair and slowly began to tie her wrist to the head of the bed then tied her ankles to the foot of the bed with her spread out face down on the bed I looked between her legs and watched my cum leaking out of her pussy and ass and got back on the bed between her legs and held my upper body up on one arm as I held my hard dick to her asshole and just as the head went in her ass she woke up and was tied to the bed with my big dick going up her cum filled ass. She wanted me to untie her but I wouldn`t and by the time my big dick was balls deep in her ass she didn`t mind being tied up that much and I fucked her sweet ass hard for a very long time stopping pulling it out ten sticking it back in all the way fucking her some more then came in her ass again.
    Once I got off of her I got to my knees and watched my cum run out of her asshole and noticed a Polaroid camera on the dresser. I got up to get it and it had 4 pictures left on it so I took two of my cum running out of her pussy and ass one of her sucking my dick then untied her legs turned her over and stuck my dick in her pussy and took the last picture. I tied her legs to the bed and when my dick got hard I fucked her and came in her pussy. We showered together after that and I had to go. We said goodbye and I figured that would be the only time I would ever get to fuck the hottest girl on planet earth.
    About two weeks later she called the house looking for me and I was gone. My Mom told her where I had went so she called over to my friends house and said she really needed to talk to me. I went over to her house and my Aunt was gone again. She told me she wouldn`t mind to have a little fun again if I wanted to and we were in bed naked going at it again and after we both got off and her pussy was full of cum once again she asked if I would do something for her and I said sure. She asked me to tie her up again and told me she got wet just thinking about that and wanted to do it again so I did and fucked her hot little ass again and filled her ass with my cum not once but two times before I ha to get to work.
    You know that was over 20 years ago and to this day every once in a while she and I will meet in some nice hotel away from home and she still likes for me to tie her up and take that hot sweet ass and she goes home with her ass full of my cum. She tells me her husband will not do anal with her. I can`t even imagine not wanting t fuck her sweet little perfect ass. I hope that is my job for he rest of my life because I love it and love letting her go home with my cum in her stomach pussy and asshole. He knows nothing about our kinky private meetings and my sexy wife knows and wants to join in with us but I don`t know how to tell my Step cousin that my wife has the hot`s for her too.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    I read somewhere that it is a very fortunate mother indeed who at least once in her life has been privaleged by having her son's sperm inside her. Well, if that is the case, then last night I made my mom is one of those fortunate woman.


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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 21

    I'm 21 and untill yesterday I hadn't been able to poo for six days. I was walking home from college when I felt a very big and really urgent urge to have a poo. That happens when I havent been for a while but I usually make it to the toilet. This time I didn't. I lost my bus pass and had to walk six miles to get home. I was bursting and knew if I didn't find a bush to go behind, my pants would be my toilet! I didn't want to do that but I was so desperate I couldn't wait any longer and began to poo myself. I wanted to stop it but the relief was so good and no one was around so I just let go and filled my pants so bad it leaked into my jeans and down my legs. Man it felt so good. I totally relieved myself in my pants and I even wet myself too. When I got home my mother looked horrified when she saw the state me my clothes and she told me to get cleaned up in the bathroom. I was so embarrassed.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Four days ago I woke up in a strange bedroom. I was naked from what I could tell and I had the mother of all hangovers.
    Lay behind me with his huge muscular arm around me, also naked, was a guy I could not remember talking to in the bar I'd been in, never mind agreeing to be in his bed. He woke after I moved his arm and I'd turned over. He smiled, leaned into me and kissed my lips. He spoke in a rough sounding voice to say thank you for such an awesome night of sex and hoped I'd agree to see him again.
    When I told him I really didn't remember much about the night before, he said "It's ok you got me to film it on your phone". Getting my phone from the bedside table, I quickly flipped through to the video section and tapped on the film icon. It showed me naked on the bed and taking what looked like the guys cock in my mouth.

    The video started with that scene and went further to show me apparently enjoying him fucking me from behind. After some shaking and movement, I was filmed riding the muscular guys cock and shouting my love for him. He'd filmed me cumming all over his chest and then I watched my face as he said in the background, he was about to cum. My mouth moved and the words that came out were "Cum deep inside me". Not only could I believe it was me being fucked, but also I'd say what I did.

    The last shot was of me sucking his cum covered cock and showing him, I was swallowing my own cum. I turned to see the guy stroking what I knew from the filming to be an impressive cock. I was about to tell him it must have been a mistake, when he gripped my hair and moved my head down to his dick. Not remembering what I'd done the night before, I instinctively opened my mouth and allowed him over the next five to ten minutes to fuck my face. With my previous knowledge, I took another load of cum in my mouth and swallowed the lot.

    After showering and getting dressed some things did start to come back to e and I remembered going into the bar with my girlfriend. I remembered her challenging me to a drinking game, and then being dared to ask anyone she choose to have sex. The memory of the older muscular man who was sat on his own by the window, appeared. And that's all I could remember. Until a flash of a memory of my girlfriend laughing with the guy and him calling her his niece.

    Outside of his very nice apartment, I text my girlfriend. Her reply to my text asking what had happened was "Your fantasy fulfilled I hope". Quickly followed by "I hope my uncle gave you everything you've told me about". (I've kept the texts) My answer to her was "I'll show you".

    We sat and talked whilst we watched the film on my phone, and I realized the fantasy/dream I'd only mentioned once to her, had been made to come true. As we finished watching, she got a text from her uncle, a guy I learned was called Neil. He'd asked her if I'd enjoyed the night, and if she'd consider letting him have me again. Before I could get a word in, she responded by telling him, he could fuck me whenever he wanted.

    I didn't say anything, not because I was angry at my girlfriend (We have a loose, live and let fuck sexual relationship). It was because of my sudden realization that I was fully prepared to let him fuck me again, which meant something else. That I was bisexual.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 28

    I confess--- Amanda was a faithful wife, not the best looker but proud, over time she sorta let herself get comfortable in routine and went a few dress sizes up.....Jill her mother was like me into life and enjoyed moving and grooving, in fact we found ourselves either working out or parting a family functions and we would go all night, we even started going to after parties----- we went clubbing together after family get togethers cause everyone else would pike it lol........then it hPpened one hot summers night, she sparked up the spa and asked me to get some drinks when we got home from the New Year's Eve pub crawl, I stumbled out the back with the drinks as she was entering the spa----- she was but naked and it was clear her nips were up in the dawn light, she in she faced me standing up showing off her ripe tits just smiling I happily passed her drink then striped off,,,,,,even I was impressed at how I was hanging, so with that conferdence I got on in, and she tonsil bashed my knob end till my hot creamy spunk came out of her ears,,,,,she just kept sucking that load, and my knob till I was hard again, then spun around pulling her arse cheeks apart, well I was smashed and just rammed my fully hard cock into a hole.

    At first I even thought she was a bit ducking tight, cause she was holding back a scream, the horny bitch was moaning, I finally got the head of my dick inside wondering how she kept so tight after three kids, but she was moaning so loudly I decided to think about that later and went back to hammering my cock up her,,,,I went for a record 70mins straight pounding the fuck out of her hole,,,,,I cum bare back up her and pulled out mid jizz to wank the rest over back when I resized their was a ring of shit around the base of my cock ---- she was my first anal angle

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    Straight Male / 51

    I have enjoyed a 42 year old mother of two today. In her bed we had a nice 69, she sure can suck a nice cock. From there I laid her on the bed, placed a pillow under her butt. This jacked her into position for a good stroking. I gave her this good stroking. She was nice and tight, after the second orgasm she was soaked. Could feel the velvet soft G spot as the head of my cock went in and out of her.
    With my hands on her spread and pulled up legs, I could bounce her making my cock pop in and out of her like a jack hammer.
    I tore her up, she made sounds and moans like she was under a spell.
    I let her legs go, she worked her body pushing the sweet juicy pussy up to me with each stroke. she wrapped her arms around me tight. her legs forcing her sweet box to me for my enjoyment.

    Changed positions and she got on top of me. Could feel the bones of her pelvis around the shaft of my cock. forcing in to the front of me. I had all I could give her buried deep inside her. She rocked her head back and her body forward. I held her arms as she dripped me shirt. She had a massive orgasm and juice ran out of her an on me.
    She nearly fell off me as she had this orgasm. Pulled her down and she rocked her ass popping meat in and out of her again. The motion made the DD rock tits shake front to back and side to side. In the mirror I could see the plump pussy lips and my shaft running in and out of her. She had the last orgasm of this session. Falling nearly limp on me. I wrapped my arms around her and my feet flat on the bed. I thrust upward in and out of her. I could see this in the mirror and feel the juice run with the strokes. Shortly I forced me self to finish, the shaft color soon changed to a white thick cream. She gave a sweet moan as the hot cum sprayed her insides.
    She kissed me gently giving a satisfying coo sound.

    Your amazing my husband, I love her dearly.
    this woman is my wife and mother of my children.
    She is an amazing sex partner and has been for 24 years.
    Everyone should be this lucky,

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