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    Straight Female / 18

    I'm a 47 year old mother of a 19 year old daughter who is home for the summer from her first year of school. What I want to confess is something that started out innocent enough on my part but evolved into something much more.

    My daughter and I were talking at dinner and she said something I found quite surprising. This was the conversation.

    "Mom, you know my friend at school right????"

    "Well, you have told me about her yes."

    "She told me that she saw her mom naked and that she has like this big triangle of dark hair on her pussy."

    "I 've never heard you say that word before, but yes, many women our age don't shave."

    "Are you hairy????"

    "Yes, quite."

    "Really???? "

    " Yes."

    &q uot;Mom, do you know that I have never seen any girl or anyone with hair in my life????"

    "O.K . , and why is that news????"

    "Mo m, I'm 19 and never have seen a hairy pussy????"

    "There's that word again. So, you feel you should have seen this to make your life whole????"

    "Come on Mom, you know what I mean."

    "Did your friend Kim get fulfilled when she saw her mom????"

    "Mom, its not being fulfilled, its just that Kim said it was amazing and that I should really see it."

    " So, I assume she asked you if you had seen me."

    "Yea, she did, but I told her no."

    "Was that so bad????"

    "No, but she make its sound like it's no big deal and she didn't just see her mom once like by , she sees her a lot."

    &quo t;Her mom purposely let's her daughter see her naked????"

    "Yea, Kim just goes into her room if her mom is like getting out of the shower and her mom stands there and down cover up or anything."

    "Do Kim and her mom talk about it while she is standing there????"

    "No, not all the time, but they did once and then her mom lets her see now."

    "Wel l, how did that go the first time they talked about it????"

    "Ki m said that her mom was in the kitchen once and her bathrobe like opened a little and Kim saw her hair and asked her mom if she could really see it because she never had,"

    "What did her mom do????"

    "Well, nothing right then but later that night, she said her mom was in the living room on the couch and Kim went in and laid on the floor and her mom she had her knees up and her robe didn't cover anything and Kim got to just lay there and look. While they watched TV her mom would like reach to the end table to get a drink of water her robe would open up even more. Kim said that she looked her mom right in the eye and her mom just smiled. Kim said that she wanted to make sure that her mom like really knew so she put down her IPhone and just looked and her mom let her."

    "Oh, I see. So, what you're telling me is that this excites Kim????"

    "Oh yea. Mom, please, you can't tell anyone. Kim told me she masturbates about it."


    "Yea, but don't ever ever tell anyone."

    " ;You can be sure I won't. What do you think about that????"

    " At first, I kind of thought it was weird like its your mother ya know, but when Kim said that it felt taboo and how she describes her moms pussy, I started like getting excited myself."

    &qu ot;Oh, I see. So I suppose the next question is whether or not I'm going to let you see me, right????"

    "Well, kind of I guess. Can I????"

    " This is sexual in nature you know."

    "How's that????"

    &quo t;You told me that Kim masturbates about her mom. Isn't that sexual????"

    "Well, she doesn't do it in front of her."

    "Well, you have a point, but have you really thought about this???? What happens if you get excited???? Are you going to masturbate about me????"

    "Well, what if I did, you wouldn't know it."

    "well , that's my point. If you masturbate about me, that means that you will be fantasizing about your mother and more importantly about my pussy."

    "Well, what if I did, would it bother you you to know about it????"

    "Let me ask you this. What If I go into my room right now and tell you that I'm going to masturbate about you and picture your pussy????"

    "Mom, you know what we could do????"


    "Don't get mad. If we did it together, we could look at each other."

    "Y ou want us, as mother daughter, to masturbate in front of each other????"

    "Who would ever know????"

    & quot;Kim would know because you would tell her."

    "Yea, but I know about her and her mom????"

    "We ll, you have a point."

    We ended our conversation because my sister showed up at the door. I will write again and share what happened.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    There is a sign in my town that reads:

    "Lawsuits and Lottery tickets - who really wins?"

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am so PLEASED!!!!! to tell you, it was comfirmed Thursaday at 11:28 am...My case is being settled, by Mar. 2004 I should have $613,028.67 dollors in my Bank account after my Lawyers and Doctors get their percentages. To think this only to a year and a half to settle.

    My message to all who have been wronged at work etc... Do not just sit there and let things go unpunished. If you feel you have a case, get legal counsel. Please, I was going to walk away from this situation. At the time I was even going to quit my job due to the frustration and stress. I might add this is a high paying beneficial job that I worked hard for. But after I was fired out of retaliation because I seeked legal counsel, that did it. I was going to stand up for myself and future employees to come.

    Bitch #2 has now resigned and Bitch #1 has pending leagal actions against her because of her violence at the work place and on the outside.
    Some cases go longer but don't gave up hang in there.
    I did not do this alone I had great people on my side and I am very greatful.
    I am so glad I found this website. Thanks

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    Hard confession for me to make, but I need to get this off my chest..

    I have a cousin who is five years older. She was a beautiful young girl who jut got her license and her car. She would drive on the date with her boyfriend that night. Reports say she ran a stop sign and got hit by a large truck that drug her and the car down the road doing a lot of damage.

    She laid in a coma to help her take the pain of broken bones. The head swelling to keep her from permanent brain damage. Shaved her head and her face and body covered in stitches and staples. She was hurt by this and cried she would never look the same. She went through counseling and her boyfriend made a full recovery. After this he moved on, he ended up married to someone else.

    She came to live with us and my mother helped her get to and from therapy. She and I became much closer in this time. She told me no man would ever want her now. he did not look talk nor walk as she did before. Men might think of her as a freak of some type. She liked it when I hugged her and held her. She put my hand between her legs and told me to rub it. I rubbed as he rocked and orgasmed. She said thank you for that.

    We talked and agreed to have sex together. Would be when no one was around and I needed to get some condoms.

    That day came and in my room I got her undressed, I gave her oral sex and she gave it to me. She had problems as her jaw had been put back together and not working the best. But she tired.

    I talked her into letting me enter with out a condom for a bit, and after would put one one and finish that way.
    She had put on a lot of weight by then, but not the biggest I had been with. the sex was very memorable for me, very memorable for her. It became a regular thing for us. We stopped using condoms and just pulling out before.

    She got better at sex and it sure did not hurt me. When her therapy was finished five months later she went back home. We would visit and I would take her walking. Each time was an excuse for her and I to have sex. She lost her dad the next year and moved with her mom to a development. he met a widow man there years older than she was. She and he fell in love and moved in together.

    I had guilt feelings for doing this for years. First for having sex with my own cousin, second for having sex with her in that mental condition. Today I feel fine, think it may have helped her accept this man she has today.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 20

    My Mom died when I was toddler. My Dad started to molest me before I can remember. He got me pregnant when I was 12. When I was 15 I found out that my Mom was my Dad's first daughter and that her mother was my Dad's baby sister. By the time I was 17 I had my third daughter.

    We lived out in the woods so far away from anyone place or anyone that I thought that was our whole world and nobody knew we lived there. We didn't have a radio or television or telephone or internet or anything and the only books we had were old kiddy porn magazines my Dad had collected. Every time I got pregnant or sick Dad had a doctor he knew look in on me and to pay the bill he had me give the doctor a blow job. I think I was probably 3 or 4 the first time I drank that doctor's sperm.

    When I was 17 I caught my Dad raping my oldest daughter who was 4 at the time. I snapped and ran into the cellar and grabbed my dad's shotgun and blew his balls off. Then, while he was laying on the floor in a fetal position bleeding between his legs I shoved the barrel of the gun up his ass and shot him a second time. I took my three babies and walked all night until I reached a house. It was the first time I ever saw an adult other than my Dad, aunt or that doctor. It was the first time I had ever seen another house besides mine. That is also when I found out that females are not in fact always naked. I had never worn clothes before and neither had my daughters. We were all four of us naked when we got to that neighbor's house. I was terrified when the neighbor told me they were calling the police. I had been taught that the police came and ate little girls. I grabbed my babies and ran from that place afraid of being eaten. We were stopped half an hour later by the police. Since I couldn't read I didn't know that the symbols on his car spelled out the word "police." I had never seen a car before. Dad had an old ford truck which was the only vehicle I had ever seen. The nice man got out and went to his trunk and pulled out two blankets and wrapped one around me and another around my two oldest girls. I held the baby to my breast. The neighbor who had called the police had told them that I had escaped captivity but didn't elaborate since I hadn't told them much. The police were very nice to me and my babies and put us in the back of his car until the EMS got there which was another 15 minutes. He gave us teddy bears and some chocolate which we had never had before. During that 15 minutes I explained what happened. Normally I would have been to frightened to say anything but he was so nice to us I couldn't help myself. First one then two more EMS came and I got scared because I thought they were taking my babies away from me so it was decided that we would all ride together since we were not all seriously injured except my oldest baby who was bleeding a little from between her legs.

    We spent a week at the hospital. It took a while for me to stop being scares since we really hadn't seen a lot of people before. We got a room together. Finally a nice woman from children's services came along to tell me that she found a family who would take all four of us until I turned 18 which would be in a few months. She told me all about all the services that they had and about school which I had never even heard of before.

    I'm 20 now and my daughters are 7, 5 and 3. As you can see I have learned to read and write and use a computer. I am going to have my GED by the end of the year. My two oldest girls are in school. I found out that my Dad had been wanted by police for the last 25 years. They said he had murdered several people. I also found out that he owned about 900 acres which we had lived on but I had only explored about 10 of those acres. I didn't want to go back so I sold that land and now have my own house and am going to use some of the money for my college education and some for my girl's college. The only good thing my Dad did was die and leave us some money so I may not have to work to take care of my girls. It took some time to break myself of the habit of licking my daughter's pussies. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that but I didn't get into any trouble for it. I just stopped doing it when they told me it was wrong. I also didn't get into any trouble for killing my Dad. I am sad that I had to kill him but I couldn't stand the thought of him doing to my babies what he did to me. I also learned that the police don't eat children. In fact they turned out to be some of the nicest people there are. They have been very protective of us and didn't even file a report about me killing my Dad. The official report says he committed suicide. I guess we are very lucky that we are not deformed or diseased since they told me that children of incest usually turn out badly.

    I know I can't ever be completely normal. I grew up as my Dad's sex slave and baby maker. I grew up naked thinking that having lesbian sex with your own babies is normal. I grew up thinking police ate babies and doctors were paid in blow jobs. I grew up thinking my name was Kunt Hore. Imagine having a 17 year old naked girl show up on your door step one day holding three naked babies introducing herself as "Kunt Hore" and telling you she just escaped her Dad who she had just killed because he was raping her baby. I grew up thinking the world's total population was around 10 people and that the name of the country I lived in was the "You-Es-Of-Fucking-A" I grew up thinking that urine was a beverage that made teen aged girls grow up healthy.

    I think I have come a long way in three years. Children's services sends a nurse over twice a week to check on us. I have psychological sessions three times a week and a nice woman comes over five days a week to help me with my girls. I even have a boyfriend, a cop.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    Now that I'm done with college I want to move back to be near my family. The problem is, it's a small town and I have a reputation there for being a whore. Literally. Not just a slut. I mean that I was an underage prostitute.

    Times were hard growing up. The electric was always at risk of being shut off. Sometimes mom couldn't buy groceries. She was a single mother trying to bring up me and my younger brother and she had health problems that limited her ability to work. We lived in the house that my grandparents left her so at least we didn't have rent, but the taxes were a struggle to pay year after year. It was a really tough time.

    Well, every town has at least one pervert and the one in my town found me. I was old enough to know about sex and to be curious about it. The guy was a neighbor and he started out exposing himself to me. When I didn't tell anyone he got bolder and before long he would jerk off in front of me and then give me a few dollars in reward. That's when I got the idea of selling myself.

    I started out with boys in school. I gave my first blowjob at the age of fourteen. By fifteen I'd had sex with half the guys at my school and with a couple of their dads as well. As long as they paid me, I didn't care. Eventually I started bringing them home. I'd take them up to my room and we'd have sex right there with my mother in the house. It wasn't that she didn't care, she just didn't have much choice. I was bringing in enough money to keep the electric on at least.

    I stopped prostituting in college and can now support myself legally. I want to go home but I dread it because the whole town knows what I used to do and I'm not sure I'll ever fit in there. I'm not sure what to do.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    Do you have to tell your real age?? See both my parents are decease. My parents had me late in life, I have older married sister age 37??,anyway I was always problem child,I didn't finish school drugs boy's men the works.I have a 2yr old son,We have been living in a shelter,I called sis she said to move in with her and husband ,she would watch my son and I would work until I was able to leave on my own.There very good to my son they love him and good to me as well.They have a very large ranch home ,one part is private apt where I stay.I've been trying to find work and only job I could find is in a dinner for minium wage. Anyway her husband said he like to go to strip clubs I was a beautiful young girl I could get a job there,and I did.He comes to club every time Im working to watch me strip. I don't know if my sister knows where he is,and I feel uncomfortable,he paid for 5 lap dances with me!Last Saturday was his birthday,my sister gave him big bar-b-que and I helped,we were all having a great time.My sister is strange she loves children but I don't she her with bob her husband in loving way.She wanted me to have a good time she kept giving me drinks and told me she wanted me to have a good time and I was.After everyone left we were cleaning up and Bob gave me a joint,I haven't smoked pot since I had my son. I was feeling really good and very high and I couldn't clean up anymore my sister told bob to take me to bed and he did. I remember him taking off my clothes and then he grabbed my hair and you fucking bitch I know you want this and he put his dick in my mouth he made me suck him,he used and abused me and I was too high to fight back,I thought the guy was a sadist1 Don't remember when I passed out. When I awoke next day Bob was drinking coffee and he hand one of his fingers in my pussy,he said Oh your up now good I want my birthday present,I said come again he said I was his birthday present.I told him he was crazy and with that he slap my face so hard I told him hes going to jail for that and he really got mad he tried to choke me now I was afraid of him,i wanted to use the bathroom he said we go together ,he took a shower with me and said you want breakfast first before I fuck you ,I asked if I could have some pot first,he said good that what I like now your listening to me I like that and I love you and the way you fuck I wanted to fuck you for a long time.I asked him wheres my sister what does she have to say ,he said it was her ideariana,she doesn't like sex and you were easy.I couldn't believe what I was hearing I asked him if I could see my son first and talk to my sis,I had to promise him I would do a great job on him.My sister said don't worry I'll take care of tony my son,and jan it's not like you haven't done this before,she also said look he's really into you and since I had my ovarian cancer I don't enjoy it and it hurts her,and you want to do him otherwise he's going to start to charge you rent.I knew my sister would take care of my son so I didn't have to worry about that,what I had to do was to fuck her husband.I went back to him and I didn't mention this fuck had some cock slong what ever they call dick now and he was a good looking muscular big guy. He got so excited with me that's why he was so demanding and rough with me earlier .I smoked the joint and he fucked my pussy so many times he likes for me to give him head first look Im no angel but this man is to big to put halfway in my mouth. He loves for me to ride him he tried to put his dick in my ass but like my mouth I cant handle it all he said he'll get my ass in a couple of weeks breaking me in.I think I like fucking him but he wears me down,that Saturday & Sunday was my fuck fest with my brother in-law we fucked all weekend .Monday he went to work and I worked night shift,he came to club and wanted a lap dance I had to my job he waited for me and he had bought me a expensive bracelet he gave me on way home,he can't get enough of me and now he doesn't want me stripping he wants me to quit,He said he would divorce my sister for me!I started to fall in love with him and his sex got to me especially how he sucks my pussy dry.Don't know what to do than my sister suggestion bob should get me pregnant for them?? Any advice people please I need help,he moved all his clothes in my room we sleep together and sis is okay??

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 37

    I live in the West Midlands area of England and here is a little of what it was like to be me not too long ago.
    When i was a teenager i had a breakdown before i had the chance to get much education and was stuck living at home right through my 20s.

    My life has been very embarrassing and sexually frustrating.
    I am a reasonably good looking guy but not very tall and with no education and mental illness my late teens and 20s were no fun.

    My social life consisted of following my mum around and i had to get pocket money to buy anything and was too unwell to go on benefits and for many years did not want to speak to the doctors about my problems.
    On occassions i would become violent and this is why my mum made me admit that i had mental problems to her and she tok me to the hospital where i was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    I spent all of my time around the house and had mental nurses come and chat to me occassionally.
    My brother and sister moved out and went to uni and my friends all moved away and went to university also.
    I remember that i preferred winter to summer because i got hot really easily and in the summer time my mum would wear low tops and short skirts and this was frustating because she had a large chest and did not always wear underwear.
    Also to add to my sexual frustration my mother loved to gave my bottom a good feel when she was walking near me or after giving me a hug but i never made too much of a fuss even though it annoyed me. I suppose it was her way of saying that 'my ass belonged to her' for want of a better phrase, to be fair she was right and i was in no position to leave home or deal with any changes at all. I spent my time watching tv and playing video games like a teeneager and hardly ever left the house. I was quiet, lonely and couldnt really concentrate properly, i didnt want to do any chores, and liked aggressive music and the louder the better. I was pretty scared that even in my 20s my mom was going to start spanking me if i did anything really bad but tried to avoid doing anything to upset my parents. The last thing i needed to worry about on top of everything else was getting a sore bum at my age. The feel of mums hand on my clothed butt was disturbing enough without anything more than that and the thought that my bare butt was going to end up over her knee was a serious worry to say the least.

    Anyway this is a brief synopsis of my late teens and my 20s. I would be interested to know if anyone else could relate to my fears and struggles as unusual as they were.

    Yours sincerely,


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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 23

    I work at value village and during those drop off days, i saw this hot mother walk in with a box. She looked around 30, she donated her box and left. I took it to the back to open. Inside shocked me. It was a bunch of her clothes but then there was a small bag. Itlooked like one of those traveling toiletries bags. I opened it up to my surprise, was her sex toys. I dont know if this was accidental or not but they seemed expensive and quite clean. There was 6 toys inside. 1 rabbit vibrator, a realistic dildo, anal beads that went up to 1 inch diameter, 2 buttplugs, and this vobrator with a curve on the end. Surely i kept these and the 5 pairs of panties she donated. I wear her panties daily and i ise her toys everyday. Even tho im a guy, im able to fit the toys up my ass.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 24

    my brother invited me to his wifes family house. Mothers day was a big dinner party. His wifes aunt made a pass at me, I took her up on it. We went for a drive in her car, we parked and I got her big ass spread. I bounced up and down on her till she ask me to finish up. I had her moaning and groaning. She gave me her number and her address.
    When we got back she told what we did to brothers wife. Said her husband must be fun in bed. His brother was.
    Now she is pissed at me. That's not right. Hell that woman is almost 50 and horny as hell.

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