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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 40

    Bridesmaid this past Sat and no date. I called and everyone tied up somewhere. Mom suggested I call my cousin, he might help me out.

    He not only agreed, he was happy I ask. We have always been close (kissing cousins) since kids. At the wedding dance he took the place of my date and made me feel pretty. We danced many times and had a good time talking. Open bar was nice as well.

    I danced with my friends brother in law and he ask for my number. I found out later he is married and have 3 kids. What a shit.

    Last dance was a slow on and Bill pulled me close. I gave him the old, is that a banana in your pocket story and he laughed. No its a hard on. As I rubbed him closer I could feel it. Not bad at all. He had a big one years back. Has been over 20 years since I saw it. We all skinny dipped at the pond. was funny as it jiggled while he ran into the water. When others shrunk up, he walked out with a nice one.

    He drove me to the family beach house, when we got there It became clear, I was tipsy. My dress hoop exposed my panty hose and everything. He told me how good It looks, I told; you can have some if you can get to it. I am horny as hell.

    I hear a click and he has a knife, she cuts my panty hose and cuts the crotch off my panties. I feel air and a tongue.

    My clit feels like a tongue monster has it, feel his finger in me at the same time. I spread and lift my legs. This feels wonderful and hot. He makes me 0 and just killing me with his tongue. Not sure how he does this, but he sucks my clit and feeling is strange but exciting.

    I pull his head up and feel his sliding inside me. Dress covers my head and he starts to groan. Not had this feeling before, I am full and good full. I feel his massive head hitting me inside. I jump with each stroke. Not had sex like this before, not had a dick like this before.

    Not much longer and he is gone. I pull my dress down and ask, where did you go?? I see him bent over jerking. I can not allow this. I take over. Get the head in and bend to the top of my mouth and suck. Found the cum splash makes me gag. if it sprays in the roof of my mouth its easier to take.

    He yells, spit it out in this rag. I did, and I give his head little more tongue work. he stands outside the car and I sit on the seat. I have not seen a cock like this in my life. Not in porn nor in a book.

    In the beach house we find swim suits and open the bar. We talk and he feels guilty, gets worried he might get me pregnant. Soon let him know its not possible. I can not have children. That helps greatly.

    he told me his ex had problems sexually. Not sure what, might be the dick her sports. She sure is missing out on a good one. He sure worked me out and in. He still would not shoot inside me. I guess he had trust issues. I sure enjoyed the sex, found the cutting of my hose and panties to be super hot. he sure gives great oral as well. He can make it last a long time and knows what I like.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 18

    It began one Halloween. I had nothing to do, so my mom and I were just going to pass out treats at home. We talked about dressing up. Mom was going to be a witch, and I didn't know what I should be. For fun, she suggested that I get dressed up as a girl. So she painted my finger nails and toenails, help me put on makeup, and combed my hair (which was sort of longish) into a girl-style. It was great, the only thing was, that nobody thought that I was wearing a costume. They all just thought that I was a girl. Anyway, the next morning I got up, and I still had the nail polish on, and my mother thought that was quite amusing, and commented on what a nice girl I made. She said that since I still had the polish on, that maybe I should enjoy being a girl for a day. I figured what the heck - it sounded like fun. So I spent the day being a girl. I thought that it was kind of interesting getting to be the opposit gender. Mom actually liked seeing me that way, and teased me about being the dauhgter she never had.
    Anyway, it was maybe a week or so later, when my mom asked me one day if I was going to dress as a girl aqgain, just for fun. So we did the whole makeup and polish bit, and I dressed like a girl. I did this several times over the next month. Mom then thought that it would be fun if we went out together that way, with me dressed like a girl. So we did, and we got away with it. No one even looked at me twice. I have to admit that I really started to like how it felt to be a girl sometimes. It was sexy and fun, and since my mother had no problem with it, and like it, I figured why not just enjoy doing that from time to time???????? That all got started two years ago, and my mom nows says that she enjoys having a son who is also a daughter.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    i can't stand my brother, all of the little things he's does just pisses me off. The thing that got me this time was the fact that the fat ass likes to walk around my mother's house in a pair of boxers with a big hole right in the middle, making them into a type of mini skirt, showing all of the world too much. And then he has the nerve to talk about me when i happen to walk around the house without a bra, um hello i have a fucking shirt on, it shouldn't matter as long as i'm covered, right. and the fat ass stared me up and down like i was some damn common ho he was trying to pick up on the street. Creeped me the fuck out thinking my brother was having thoughts like that about me.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I frequently see stories of students whose teacher wouldn't let them go, and then oopss. Well it happens to adults too! I work in maintenance of a large (public) shcool system. During the summer months we might have to spend a whole day at one school repairing things, painting, etc. My specialty is office equipment and moving/installing it. During summer we're allowed to dress down but many times the A/C is being repaired or there is no A/C. Therefore we sometimes dress even less. Of course, we're not supposed to be too revealing, but a guy can get away with more. This one day it was particularly hot and the office A/C was of course on the fritz. The guys on our staff might not be "hot" studs, but with the work we do our bodies get a good workout. In the summer this is especially true because we all have to assist in moving and lifting furniture, especially if a new teacher or Administrator comes in. Point is, I had lose shorts on, regular boxers and a hybrid shirt that was a cross between a muscle and tank top.

    On the day of the event, I was very busy and hadn't really thought about a bathroom break. This school was my favorite because the ladies, if they knew I would be there, would bake stuff and bring extra food for me in exchange for extra work that no one else would do. I would finish my assigned work first, and then do the extra work, sometimes off the clock.

    After lunch I had to go bad both ways (1,2) but it wasn't an emergency at that point, or so I thought. This school had Summer school and the students were still in session, and they discourage us strongly from using the student toilets, especially in this lawsuit happy age. The only bad thing about this school is there were few staff toilets, and they were spread all over the school. I knew I wouldn't make it to the far end of the school. The only one nearby was occupied. One woman, sensing my discomfort, told me another woman had gone in to change and make up, etc for an important meeting she was going to, and that it would be several minutes. She jokingly told me keep working and move some furnt. I decided to be a showoff, and lifted a small but heavy table in the air, forgetting I had a revealing shirt on. Some women are turned on by underarms, but some arn't. Luckily these were, and I turned red when I realized what had hapened. As if that wasn't enough, in the straining, I farted, which was actually the #2 on it's way out, and leaked a small amount of urine at the same time, but with the thin boxers on, it was enough to show a wet spot. Thankfully, the lady came out of the toilet and I nearly knocked her down to get in. Just as I got in, the #2, luckily solid, slipped down my boxers and onto the floor. At least I was able to clean it up without having to call a custodian, who no doubt would have cussed me out! I finished my business; fortunately the staff toilet is off on a small hallway with an exit door. I slid out the door and went home to change. I called the dispatcher and told him I got sick and had to go home.

    I returned the next day, but it was even busier as Summer school was coming to an end and parents were rushing in and out with last minute paperwork, and others were coming to register their children for the new year and so on. No one said anything and of course I didn't have a major accident in front of anyone. I know that is no consolation to the hundreds of students who have had wet themselves in class, but I have seen teachers in my travels have accidents too, especially female teachers who wait too long (or can't) to change their pad or tampon. Keep in mind that especially in the lower grades, many school districts do not allow teachers to leave a classroom until they can get an aide to take over. I have never met a teacher that would be mean or sick enough to get a pleasure out of students wetting themselves. It's a shame, but there are many students who claim they have to go bad, then go off and smoke or skip class or pick a fight with another student.

    I have learned from this too. I now only wear underwear with a full seat, such as boxer briefs or the old stanby, "tighty whiteties." These types of underwear are far more absorbent and forgiving than lose boxers. It also helps to pay attention to your body's needs and not try to be a hero and go for hours, unless it just can't be helped, such as being in a car stuck in a traffic jam!

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 30

    My wife Hazel and I have separated and are now going through the final stages of divorce. The reason we split in the first place was she had, and this is her description, a drunken fuck with a neighbour. I found them fucking nearly a year ago in his lounge after I'd suspected her of cheating on me. He no longer lives in the same town as me and left in a hurry. It's funny how he doesn't walk particulary well now.
    Anyway back to why I'm here confessing.
    Three months ago I met Janette, my nearly to be ex wife's mother, in the local swimming baths where I work. I'd only just changed my shift times the week before and normally I wouldn't have been there at that time. I saw her walking towards me in her swimming costume and I at first didn't recognise her, but I did think she was very attractive all the same.
    When she said hello and I realised who she was, I noticed how physically fit she'd become. We started chatting mainly about myself and her daughter and all the time I couldn't help but look over her stunning figure. She knew I was checking her out and didn't shy away from my obvious attentions. As she walked away to get changed she caught me staring at her tight arse, turning to me she asked me to call by her house when I was next free.
    Two days later I saw her again in the swimming baths, she asked me why I hadn't called round. When I told her it was because of her daughter, she told me she was an adult and could take responsibility for who she invited into her home or bed. It was an invitation I thought I would never hear and before my split with her daughter and her weight loss, plus her looking so damn good, I never would have entertained it. Asking my boss if I could take an hour off the end of my shift, I left with Janette.
    We both knew why I was at her house and we both understood, whatever happened it would have to remain secret. Hazel is only eighteen years younger than Janette, but in terms of sexual knowledge there is a huge gulf between them. Janette and I spent the whole afternoon and early evening having sex, and sex which I learned a lot about myself too. Janette told me as I was fucking her arsehole for the second time, how much she'd wanted to get me into bed when I was with her daughter, often listening to us fuck when we stayed over at her house. In a sureal moment as I was about to answer her, I looked over at the dresser on the other side of the room, and saw a picture of Hazel and Janette together, taken I now know only a few months earlier on hoilday. Pulling her mothers hair, using it to control our fucking whilst at the same time ramming my seven inch cock into her arsehole, I carried on looking at the picture until I came hard up her tight hole.
    When Janette was sucking my cock a little later, I told her about looking at the picture. I'm not sure if was me telling her about it, or that my cock had become rock hard. Janette stopped sucking me, climbed up my body and mounted my cock. Kissing me real hard, she rode me like a common slut until she climaxed all over my cock and balls.
    It's not the only time we've spent together. It's not like we get together every few days or something, we usually only see each other when Hazels dad is working away, but when we do get together the sex is always horny, dirty and often lasts throughout the day.
    I've come to terms with losing my wife, did so a long time ago. I don't think she'd ever come to terms with the fact I'm fucking her mother and with how downright sexually filthy we are together. After all finding your mum being fisted in her arse, would I think shock anyone.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Female / 32

    The night out wasn't planned and my wife asked me to stay out, if I was going to get as drunk as I did the last time my mates and I were out.
    I remember saying yes to Tony when he asked me if he could share my taxi. I also, I think remember agreeing to stay over at his flat, changing the direction of the taxi.
    Waking up the next morning with the mother of all hangovers wasn't my main concern. It was the fact I was in his double bed. He wasn't there but there was a note stuck onto the door of the bedroom, one I only noticed after I'd realised my arsehole was wet, sticky and a little sore.
    After dressing very unsteadilly, I looked at the longish note still feeling as though I needed to go to the toilet and not only for a pee. I'm sat here now at home looking at the note and this is exactly what it says.

    "Hey Rick, Thanks for last night. Never knew you could be such a horny lover. Guess you knew I'd fancied you and you're sweet arse for a while. Before I left for work if you can remember, I did suck you off as you asked me to do last night. Once again thanks for such a wonderful and sexy night. Ps I've already sent the attatchment to the email address you gave me, hope you enjoy watching it all again. Hope to see you again Tony x"

    I've watched the attatched film three times now. Each time I've watched it I can't believe the person in the film being fucked is me, but it is. The reason I can't get my head around it, is because I'm obviously enjoying every single thrust of Tony massive cock. Just before he cums all over my arsehole, I can see I'm begging him to fuck me harder, backing onto his dick as he thrusts forwards. The film only lasts a couple of minutes and from the angle it's taken from, it appears he took it on his phone. That isn't the strangest part though, when Tony's finished cumming all over me, he offers me his drooping cock to suck and I greedily take his dick into my mouth, a few seconds of me sucking away and the film abruptly finishes.

    I'm now at a loss as to what it all implies. Does it make a bisexual man. Am I now to think of myself as a gay man or have I as I think, just enjoyed a one off night with a guy who took advantage of my very drunken state. In the sober light of day, that's what I think. But and it's a very cautious but, looking at the film, I clearly am enjoying the gay sex with Tony. I'll admit it now, I did get an hard on watching myself being fucked and my arsehole started twitching seeing his huge cock banging away at my rear hole.

    So I have to make a decission, do I contact him to ask him to keep it all very quiet, or do I contact him to arrange another time, when I'm sober and ready to recieve his cock back up my arsehole??. I'm still coming to terms with the fact I've had any form of gay sex, let alone having a guy fuck me so hard and then sucking his cock clean afterwards. Everything that goes with the situation at the moment is difficult for me to get my head around and I'm struggling now with my sexuality. It would help to talk to someone, but who the hell would I talk to, certainly not my wife. I suppose I'll have to think about where it leaves me going forwards from now on, and take it from there.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    The moment I met my brother in law Oliver at our wedding, I fancied the pants off of him. He'd been living in Spain and the whirlwind romance and quick marriage to his brother, hadn't given us chance to meet beforehand.
    Because we weren't going on our honeymoon for two days, my new husband asked Oliver to stay with us as their parents had a house full of guests from Germany.
    My husband being the managing director of the company he owns, he decided he had to go in the morning before we took the afternoon flight to St Lucia. His side of the bed was still warm when I heard then felt Oliver enter our bedroom, lift the quilt and get into bed behind me.
    I instictively knew he was naked and hard. I was right as I felt his nakedness press up against me. Putting his hands between my legs, I allowed Oliver to gently stroke his fingers along my pussy slit. Still half asleep I reached backwards, took hold the his rock hard cock and guided him and it towards my soaking opening.
    In one forceful thrust my brother in law entered me. The feeling as his cock drove deep into my pussy made me shout out his name. I was still shouting his name, telling him to fuck me harder ten minutes later as my orgasm built to its full squirting sensation.
    It was Olivers seed I felt dribbling out of my pussy as we sat on the aircraft, listening to the inflight safety demonstration. My husband none the wiser after I'd been to the toilet.
    That night in bed my new ardent full of testorone husband, licked out my pussy before fucking me for over an hour. The remnants of his brothers cum probably still coating my labias and clit.
    It was an amazing hooneymoon with my husband, but it didn't stop me imagining it was Olivers cock fucking me every time we had sex.
    We've been married for over a year and I haven't strayed since, but that doesn't mean when Oliver visits us this christmas, I won't allow him back into our marrital bed.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I travel around the country working at different hospitals for 4-12 weeks at a time.I do this for two reasons; one to see the country, and two to fuck women. In the last 2 1/2 years i have fucked 31 women, all but two were married. It's interesting to hear how they don't suck their husbands dick, because they damn sure suck mine. Three of them told me they would never let their husbands butt fuck them. I have news for their husbands; not only did i butt fuck them but they also let me tongue fuck their ass. Actually, i butt fucked nearly half of them; most don't protest.
    A lot of these women appear very conservative and proper when i first meet them, but it usually doesn't take long to get in their pants. I talk filthy to them, and i have never ever have any of them get to upset.
    I have fucked nurses, lab workers, x-ray techs, ward secretaries, house keepers, respiratory therapists, kitchen workers; you name em and i've fucked em.
    So, husbands of hosptal workers nation wide- you picture your wife as the perfect mother and wife? The one that would never cheat? Those are the women i target over and over. I stay completely away from those women that act "loose", because they generally have big mouths, and i don't want publicity.
    It's a game i'll be playing for years to come, and no, i do not feel bad about fucking some else's wife; as long as there are married women out there willing to spread their legs (and there are plenty) i'll be in between them.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Hi. I'm a 19 year old guy, and when I was 15, DAMN was I lazy! I wouldn't move if a train was about to charge into me.

    Well, one day, I was playing a new video game I had gotten, and I just fell in love with it. I was playing for about... 6 or 7 hours when I suddenly get this urge to pee. It was a semi-full feeling, and I figured I could hold it. Another hour or two passed, and the urge was well beyond semi-full. I swear, I was holding the controller to my dick (which wasn't hard to do, since I was in my tighty whities), to keep from pissing myself. I was on a part of this game where I would NOT move.

    That's when I decided that it's better to be wet than a loser. I lift the controller a little, and piss shoots out like someone pulled a trigger. I immediately try to hold in what I can, but we all know that once you pop, you just cant stop. Well, same goes for this. My briefs quickly go from white to yellow, and from warm to warmer. A puddle soon begins to form on the edge of my bed, and pee is dripping rather swiftly onto the floor. By that point, I'm feeling less full, but I begin to enjoy it.

    By the time I was done, pee was everywhere. Not the subtle, kinda-like-water pee. This is the real stuff. The stuff that stains snow. I was warm and sticky and smelled like urine. A good smell. After savioring this smell a while longer, I notice that I'm standing in an OCEAN of pee. I take off my bed sheet, wipe my bed the best I can, hide the soggy bed sheet behind my bed, and put on my comforter. As for the floor, I lay down my ghetto old floor mat, cross my finger, and move on. As you can imagine, I lost the game because of that. The good news is, I found my fetish, AND I got away with it! Luckily, mother never paid much attention to my room, or she'd catch on.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    This summer a friend and I were feeling bored. We were over at his house that morning, and a bottle of mother's nail polish was sitting there on the coffee table. We were both barefoot, and just for laugghs, we decided to paint our toenails. It was quite a kick doing that and pretty neat. It was also something of a turn. We both enjoyed that, so we did it a few more times over the next week. Then we wndered what we would look like as gilrs. So we put on some eye makeup and combed our hair into a femenine style as best we could, and we were both surprised that we actually made pretty passable girls. We laughed about it, and a few days later we decided to get made up as girs and go out to see how people reacted. It was kind of disappointing, because nobody looked at us strangely. They just thought that we were girls.
    It was a blast getting to be a girl, so the two of began dressing and going out and having fun. Of course nobody knows about our secret, but we had a blast doing that all summer long.

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