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    Straight Male / 51

    I have enjoyed a 42 year old mother of two today. In her bed we had a nice 69, she sure can suck a nice cock. From there I laid her on the bed, placed a pillow under her butt. This jacked her into position for a good stroking. I gave her this good stroking. She was nice and tight, after the second orgasm she was soaked. Could feel the velvet soft G spot as the head of my cock went in and out of her.
    With my hands on her spread and pulled up legs, I could bounce her making my cock pop in and out of her like a jack hammer.
    I tore her up, she made sounds and moans like she was under a spell.
    I let her legs go, she worked her body pushing the sweet juicy pussy up to me with each stroke. she wrapped her arms around me tight. her legs forcing her sweet box to me for my enjoyment.

    Changed positions and she got on top of me. Could feel the bones of her pelvis around the shaft of my cock. forcing in to the front of me. I had all I could give her buried deep inside her. She rocked her head back and her body forward. I held her arms as she dripped me shirt. She had a massive orgasm and juice ran out of her an on me.
    She nearly fell off me as she had this orgasm. Pulled her down and she rocked her ass popping meat in and out of her again. The motion made the DD rock tits shake front to back and side to side. In the mirror I could see the plump pussy lips and my shaft running in and out of her. She had the last orgasm of this session. Falling nearly limp on me. I wrapped my arms around her and my feet flat on the bed. I thrust upward in and out of her. I could see this in the mirror and feel the juice run with the strokes. Shortly I forced me self to finish, the shaft color soon changed to a white thick cream. She gave a sweet moan as the hot cum sprayed her insides.
    She kissed me gently giving a satisfying coo sound.

    Your amazing my husband, I love her dearly.
    this woman is my wife and mother of my children.
    She is an amazing sex partner and has been for 24 years.
    Everyone should be this lucky,

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 19

    Around Christmas 2012, my boyfriend invited me to his and his fathers house (His mom died some years back). It was a small get together with some of his Aunts, Uncles and their kids. I enjoyed myself immensley and was getting along just fine with everyone present. Most of the day I didn't drink, but as it started to get dark I decided to have some wine.
    By 9 o'clock at night I was bodering on being drunk and needing to go and pee I climbed the stairs. When I reached the top I heard at first, then as I moved forwards I saw my boyfriends father. He was stood leant against the door which I presumed lead to his bedroom, on her knees in front of him was his brothers wife and she was taking his very long thick cock into her mouth.
    They didn't notice me at first and I just kept on watching her suck his fat cock down her throat. Only when her husband, his brother came up next to me, did I even think to move. I thought all hell would let loose, that never happened and far from it. Maybe my boyfriends uncle's presence made them look round, maybe it was my gasp, but his wife just kept on sucking her brother in laws cock.
    As I turned to look at her husband he said "I'm not surprised your oggling his dick. He got to the front of the queue in our family, when cock size was being given out". Walking past me and into the bathroom, he closed the door and re-emerged a few minutes later, before walking calmly down the stairs as if nothing had happened. By that time my boyfriends father had unloaded his cum down his brothers wife's throat and I'd watched every horny second of it.
    Walking back downstairs myself after going to the bathroom, I asked my boyfriend if he'd take me home.
    We stopped off half way to my parents address, not because my boyfriend was especially horny, it was because I was. Getting out of the car I made him drop his jeans and boxer shorts before I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him clean, the first time I'd ever swallowed his load. All the time I was sucking on his cock I was thinking about his father and how much bigger he was.
    A month ago today I called by my boyfriends house, wrongly thinking he'd be home. I'd totally forgotten he was taking football practice. It was only the third time I'd seen his father after Christmas and those times my boyfriend had been present. I'd not asked my boyfriend why his uncle allowed his father to have sex with his wife, thinking it might cause trouble or maybe he didn't know. When my boyfriends father answered the door and told me he was out, I instantly thought I'm going to ask him.
    I'd asked him if I could wait and as he sat down after getting me a drink I plucked up the courage and asked, saying "Hey Mr ....... how come you get to have sex with your brothers wife and he don't mind one bit". Not flinching or looking away, he grabbed the bulge in his shorts and said "he ain't got a 9 & 1/2 inch dick and his wife was my girlfriend along time ago. Still loves a big cock to suck every now and then". Still keeping his eyes on me he added "Why, you want some".
    I was shocked, I mean it was my boyfriends father. I've never asked if he felt or feels guilty, so I don't know, but as I smiled back at him nervously he stood up, looped his hands inside his shorts and released his enormous cock. It was just as I remebered, very long and so thick. The difference was, we were both sober and I was the person being offered his length to suck.
    Moving over to where I was sat, he held his cock out in front of me and said "He won't be home for another hour at least, it's all yours if you want it". Closing my eyes slightly and reaching out, I took a hold of his meaty cock and guided it towards my open mouth, letting it slide inch by inch over my tongue until it filled my mouth.
    It wasn't as difficult as at first thought it would be to get it in. It seemed I was a natural at sucking large cock and soon had him gasping and holding my head as he began to fuck my mouth.
    His cock was awsome and I was soon playing with myself, reaching under my short flowing skirt and rubbing my pussy through my panties. With his dick taking all of my attention I didn't hear him at frist, I did when he repeated himself "Would you like to feel it deep up your pussy".
    He might have been my boyfriends father and almost twice my age, but I knew straight away I wanted him and it fucking me. With him asking me with my mouth full of his cock I could only grunt and gently nod.
    I was knelt up on the couch, my panties wrapped around one of my ankles and my boyfriends father's tongue lapping at my open wet pussy, when I came for the first time. He'd put two fingers inside my pussy and was licking my clit when I felt another wet finger enter my ass. It was that, that made me cum so violently. No one had done that to me before.
    My second orgasm happened when he'd been fucking from behind for about five minutes. My pussy felt as though it was being fucked by a rolling pin and I was loving every thrust of his thick cock. Hw wasn't wearing a condom as I'm taking birth control and I could feel his fore skin sliding up inside me, as it slid over his cock head.
    We changed positions after a few more minutes with him sitting down and me mounting him. I let his cock slide up into me and once again fill every inch of my c**t. Lifting my top over my head and unclipping my bra, he took a hold of my sensetive breasts and guided me with them to fuck him. I rode his cock as though my life depended on it and losing any shred of decency, I asked him to finger my ass.
    This time when my orgasm began to reach it's climax, my boyfriends father, filled my soaking pussy hole with his seed. It was only then when I fully took all of his long swollen length into me, making his pubes squash as I bottomed out on his pussy juiced soaked cock.
    Lifting me off him I thought that would be it, I was wrong. When he lifted me, he made me straddle his face and he then began to lick out my dripping pussy. He sucked out all my juices and his cum before finally letting me relax as he lay me down next to him.
    I'd only been dressed 10 minutes when my boyfriend walked in and kissed my cheek. His father was in the shower washing off the scent of our sexual liason. I'd covered any sexual scent by putting on some perfume.
    In making the decission to fuck my boyfriends father, I'd gone past the point of no return. So I decided it wasn't to be the first and only time. I've slept with him on a few occasions since and each and every time I become sluttier and dirtier. I'm now considering letting him have my ass and seeing if I'd enjoy having him fill me that way.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 33

    I was 6 when my mother left home, just old enough to really understand that my mother had abandoned us. She tried to apologize twenty years later, and I told her to go to hell and stay away from my children.

    That's when I started getting close to Papa. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I understood he had been grooming me for sex. I don't feel bad about it, because he really did love me and never went all the way. But by my 7th birthday, I was accustomed to mutual masturbation and watching my father ejaculate on me. By my 8th birthday, I was used to fingers inside me, watching pornography, stripping and lap-dancing, fellatio, cunnilingus, and analingus. I couldn't get to sleep without a climax and Papa enjoyed feeding me his cum.

    Then Papa met Helena. He got a relationship with her, and he told me of the sex acts they had committed. I was a bit jealous at first, but she was okay. I was happy that Papa had someone to fuck since I was too little.

    Then I met Liam, Helena's son. He was 3 1/3 years older than me and incredibly cute. I had my first crush, and I tried to flirt when we would wait up together when Helena and Papa would date. The flirting was unsuccessful. And Liam hated Papa and Helena wouldn't marry Papa while he objected.

    Then Papa got a brilliant idea. With his help, I made my first porno, playing with myself for the camera, describing my sexual fantasies about Liam and cumming on film. Papa took it to show Liam and basically sold me to Liam in return for his approval of the marriage. The next time I saw Liam after that, I whispered filthy sex things to him at every opportunity, and I felt his hard-on.

    As Helena and Papa went out, we had something like a date. We watched a porno together, and I did a strip-tease for him like Papa taught me. We fucked each other and it was marvelous. After that, he gave his permission, and Papa and Helena were married just after Liam's 12th birthday.

    Helena wanted to object to Liam and me sharing a bedroom but Papa wouldn't let her. Helena was always submissive to Papa, even being spanked by him. Liam and I were just as much newlyweds as they were. It was obvious that everyone knew what everyone else was doing, but no one mentioned it. I didn't do things with Papa as much anymore, but I had my own man to replace him. I got pregnant when I was 14 but lost it. Helen got pregnant twice and my half-siblings were 12 and 14 years younger than me. Over the years, a crush with lust became love.

    When Liam turned 19, he wanted to move out. I wanted to go with him, but I was only 16. We discussed it, got written permission from Helena and Papa, and got legally married. We became somewhat sexually adventurous during this time and did a bit of swinging and group sex. But when I was 19 I got pregnant again, this time having my first daughter Leia. Three years later I had twins, daughter Lana and son Leonard.

    In a couple of years my half-sister and half-brother were babysitting our children. when I caught them "playing around", I sat them down and told them about the Facts of Life, including what happened between our father and me. I cautioned them against forcing someone to play with them. My brother Isaac was 12 and my sister Ivy was 10 when they began screwing. Papa thought it was great, and Helena objected at first but Papa made her go along. Leia and Lana were getting played with, too, and everyone was happy.

    Liam and I are still committed to each other after 24 years as lovers. My children and half-siblings all love each other dearly and frequently have their own little orgies. We don't participate but we have watched, and it's quite exciting. I still regret that I never actually had sex with Papa and we've discussed it, but Helena objects to that. Helena won't even consider having sex with Liam, which everyone thinks would be hot.

    All the names have been changed, and the ages are a year or so off either way.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    My mom asked me last autumn if I'd babysit for some friends of hers and my fathers, called Kelly and Scott, so they could all go out together. I said yes, but also added I'd probably have to stay there as I wanted to out with friends the next day. Friends that lived close by to their friends house. My mom and dad droped me off and they all went out.
    Snooping around a little, it wasn't hard for me to find some dvd's at the back of a collection of dvd's. They were marked up with dates and funny titles. The first one said "Scott and Jim, Christmas 2011". The second one I picked up had "Joanne, Kelly and Scott, Fall 2011". The third and most interesting just had "Kelly being fucked by lots of strangers". with no date on it.
    Flipping the dvd out of the case, I put it in the machine and let it play. Straight away it showed Kelly sucking on a guys cock, then another guy broke in and had Kelly suck on him too. I could hear Scott directing things from behind the camera. The camera panned out and in the picture was five different men, other than the one being sucked off at the time. Kelly sucked each guy off one after another, only one guy cumming in her mouth.
    I got tmy first look at Kelly properly when I heard Scott saying "It's time for Kelly to have her pussy and ass filled". She looked beautiful and sexy and for the next half an hour I watched, as each guy eiher fucked and came in her pussy or ass. By this time I was well and truely turned on and had begun to play with myself, gently rubbing my clit through my panties.
    The dvd finished abruptly, so I decided to play the others. Firstly playing the one marked "Scott and Jim, Christmas 2011".
    This time the camera was rolling from the point of everyone being dressed and having a drink. Then a guy I presumed to be Jim, sat next to Scott and they started kissing. I watched transfixed as my mother and fathers friend, Scott was having gay sex with the guy in the film. It was Kelly this time who was instructing them, telling them what she wanted them to do, asking them to suck each others cock as they 69'nd. She stayed apart from them nearly the whole time, but got herself naked and began to use a black dildo on herself. She watched just as I was doing, taking pleasure from viewing her husband, as she instruted him to fuck Jim from behind. Only when Jim and Scott changed positions after Kelly told thenm to. Jim sitting on Scotts cock facing out towards the camera, did she join in. As Jim bounced up and down on Scott's large cock, Kelly took Jims cock into her mouth.
    I orgasmed round about the time Scott filled Jim's ass with his seed and then Jim spurted his cum all over Kelly's face.
    I sat on their couch still recovering from my orgasm, when I noticed there were more dvd's at the side of the others in the tv cabinet. Pulling my panties back up I went to look.
    Straight away I noticed the title on first one, it said "....... and ...., my parents names and then a date". The date was the last time they'd all gone out together, two months previous.
    It took me an hour to pluck up the courage to put it on. I kept on telling myself I didn't want or need to see it. I put it eventually anyway.
    Almost looking through my pussy scented fingers, I began to watch as they entered a hotel room. There was no waiting, no pretense to what they were there for. Immediately both my mom and Kelly started kissing. My father came into view and started to undress Kelly from behind, so it must have been Scott holding the camera. Only a few minutes after, Kelly and my mom were naked. Then I watched my father strip down until he released his cock from his boxers. My fathers cock was huge, no wonder I used to hear my mom moaning loudly when they fucked.
    With my mom now lay on the bed, Kelly bent over and began to lick out her pussy. My father walked up to Kelly as she bent over, spat on her pussy and ass and then rammed his cock into her.
    Scott was telling my dad to fuck his wife hard, telling her she loved my dads big hard cock. My father didn't let him or Kelly down, he began to thrust into Kelly real hard, so hard, he was making Kelly's face bury itself up my moms c**t.
    I'd realised my panties were to one side and I was fingering myself again. I might have been shy watching my parents fuck at the start, but now I couldn't get enough and I was frigging my clit furiously. I came like I'd never cum before. The orgasm that went right from my toes, up through my clit and into my brain, was so intense I nearly passed out.
    My fathers sperm flew out of his dick and onto Kelly's back as my mom came all over her face. The camera was put dowen and I could hear but not see Scott joining in. It was just sound for the next half an hour, but in that sound I knew both my parents had sex with both Kelly and Scott.
    My parents were bisexual and I'd just found out.
    Looking up at the clock, it was nearly time for them to get back. Putting the dvd's back in their cases, I tried to remember exactly where they'd come from. My parents, Scott and Kelly rolled back in only thirty minutes later. I pretended to watching some tv show. After kissing my parents goodbye, Kelly showed me to the room I'd be staying in. We chatted for a while and all the time she spoke to me, I just wanted to ask if they'd just fucked my parents.
    I went to sleep that night with a devilment mind on me, hoping Scott and Kelly would come into the room and have sex with me. They didn't and I slept very well.
    My answer to whether they'd all fucked each other came the following morning, as I walked into the kitchen. They were both up already and Kelly was seeing to their son. Scott however walked into the lounge picked up a dvd and asked me to give it to my parents, when I got home later. It was plain and had no title on it. The one I saw him put in the cabinet had the previous nights date on it.
    I've not said anything about what I've seen on the dvd's, maybe because I'd be embarressed, but mostly because it's none of my business if my parents are bisexual and are having fun with another couple, after all I'm bisexual myself.
    If I ever got the chance to play with Kelly and Scott, I honestly think I'd let them fuck me stupid, I might even consider letting them film it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    When I was a child, under the age of eight, I was being babysat by my uncle on my father’s side, and a niece on my mother’s side. And he molested both me and my brother, while she watched. We told no one, until it accidentally came out a couple years later. When he was confronted about it, they also had to talk to my father’s larger extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins to see who else might have been victimized.
    When all was said and done, half the family believed me, and the others felt I was lying. And of those that did believe, the majority felt that I should have kept quiet. This fractured a very large family, and I was made to feel responsible for this division. Because of this response, I never told about my mother’s niece’s involvement.
    As a result, I pulled away from all family, learned to keep things to myself, and shut off from people emotionally. I’m nearly 50 now, have never been genuinely in love, and don’t think I ever will be, and have accepted that I will probably live the rest of my emotional life alone.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    Okay, I promised to write this story and since I am sitting here remembering the past I find no better time to write it.
    As a good Christian I am inclined to agree partially with those who object to INCEST. But this happened long before I became a christian but I don'r regret it at all mainly because it all began with my mothers teachings. To start, I was rained in the country, on a farm but the farm was leased to someone else but as a kid I did love to play in the dirt. I knew nothing about sex except what I had heard from the boys my age in school. Sure, I would play with myself until I'd get a hard on and then I would stroke it because it felt good. When the pre-cum showed up I thought that was all there was to it but, yes, but, a friend of mine, a year or so older, told me that was pre-cum and when I did cum I would definitely know it. And I confess that I did. I was jacking off it the bathtub one day when I cumed for my first time. At first it scared the hell out of me, "what is happening?" I thought I was dying but then it came to me what my friend had said and he was right, I decided I was cuming for my first time and it felt so good I never quit afterward. I did note there was a little blood in it but learned later that was normal, something inside had to break in order to release the cum but I've never found blood since. I still do when my wife is at work and I read some of these stories. She knows it too!
    Okay, on with the best part of the story. I think I was about 12 at the time and as I said I loved to play in the dirt therefor mom would never let me go to bed before I bathed and as a 12 year old when I bathed I'd end up making a mess. This particular night my mom ran the bath water and called me in. I was really a mess I suppose therefore mom decided to bath me herself to insure I was clean. As she soaped me and bathed me she had me to stand. She used the soap on my limber dick but it didn't remain that way long. I got a hard on put she said nothing, just kept on scrubbing me with emphasis on my hard dick. I couldn't take it, I knew I was cuming so I turned facing the wall and I shot my load. All mom said was, "My baby has become a man." She did get her hands soapy again and was cleaning my dick of the cum by squeezing it and forcing all the cum out. She knew what she was doing.
    Okay, a few years afterward, nothing had been said about what had happened. My dad owned his own business in town therefor he felt he had to be present each minute it was open. But living in the country and my mom never worked, never had to, but she would take an afternoon nap. She didn't trust me, after all, I was only 14 and subject to get into all kinds of mischief, therefore she always made me lay down with her for a nap. This one particular day I guess I was having weird thoughts so, laying there I kept unconsciously flopping my feet back and forth. Mom turned lightly slapped me across my belly and told me to knock it off, she couldn't sleep. But the light slap ended right on my hard dick. She slid her hand back over me to see what she had hit. She found out. She asked me if I was thinking of the bath she had given me. I wasn't but for some reason I mumbled, yessss! That opened the door. She asked if I ever played with it. I had. If I had ever seen a girl necked? I had not. She asked if I knew anything about sex and said, "Nothing but what the boys at school tell." Then she said that I was old enough to learn about it before I started dating girls and having to learn the hard way. She asked if I was aware of why and how babies are born. I did slightly from hearing the boys talk. I knew that a man cums inside the woman causing her to get present but I don't remember ever being told about condoms. Mom explained the condom and thought all teenagers who were aggressive in sex should use them because sometimes it's so good you can't pull out to prevent getting her pregnant. I could tell she was getting hot because she was breathing hard and often touched my dick. She asked if I wanted to see a naked girl and learn about sex. I was so hard and I wanted anything. She stood, removed he house coat and dress and stood there in just her panties and bra. She told me to remove my clothing. I did and I lay there with my dick sticking straight up. She then lay in the bed beside me and why I don't know but I asked her to get naked also. She did and grabbed me and squeezed me. She took my dick into her hand and stated that it seemed big for a 14 year old. Then she asked if I wanted to see what it's like to make love or I just wanted to lay there naked and play around. I wanted to experience sex. She rolled back on her back and told me to get on top, face down. She reached down, took my hard dick and placed the head against her pussy and told me to push it in slowly. I did and it felt so wet and warm. She began humping to meet me and instructing me on what to do. I remembered the condom explanation and asked her about it. She said there no problem, she was almost due for her period and could not get pregnant but I could pull out if I wanted. Well, we didn't last to long because this was new to me so I shot my load inside her. She commented that the warm cum felt so good shooting into her stomach. It really felt good so we lay there awhile until I went soft. She said she would need to take a douche but I didn't understand so she let me go with her to the bathroom and watch. She made me promise to never tell my friends about this because lots disagree with it and condone it.
    Well, that was only the beginning. Later she taught me to suck pussy which I was hesitant at first but the taste was lots better than I expected. She would suck my dick and make me cum, sometimes in her mouth but sometimes when she realized I was cuming she would jack me off and make me cum but she would catch it in her hand.
    We did this together, not as frequent, for several years. We loved it. She did admit that she loved it and dad was often reluctant because of working long hours plus he was 5 years older than she.
    I appreciate her teachings because as I got older I could fuck one of my school mates and I believe she would tell other girls how good I was which had them flirting with me. I'll confess, I was never without pussy, thank's to mom.
    Just after high school I joined the military, went overseas and went home on leave after having spent 4 years. My old buddies told me I should meet this high school senior, she is a hottie. So I began searching for her. Finally one day I was sitting in a local cafe sipping coffee and chatting with my cousin, the waitress. I looked over my shoulder and there sat 6 girls in a booth, school had just let out. This one cute girl, I noticed, was looking at me each time I'd turn for another look. Soon she got up and left. I asked my cousin who she was and she told me, it was the same girl my buddies had told me about. My cousin said, "You should go and make a date with her." I did, I jumped up, went out, got in my car and headed down the street. There she was walking alone. I pulled to the curb and asked if she needed a ride,she did. I still kid her that I hadn't even got the window down and she was in the car already. Anyway, I drove her home and made a date with her for the following night to attend a school basketball game. I dated her every night for the rest of my leave time. I never proposed to her, I did tell her I'd come home in August after she graduated and we would get married. Now, let me explain, what ever my buddies meant by hottie is different than what I interpret it. She loved necking, kissing, and even playing around some but I'll guarantee you, she was 100% virgin on out wedding night. But OMG, she hasn't made any changed since. I tell people that during out marriage I have never heard her say NO but one time and that was once I asked her if she had had enough.
    Now, we were married only 2 1/2 years when our second child was born. I got orders for overseas again and we were at home, mom's home, on delay in route. My mom had just undergone female surgery but seemed to be doing well. We visited her one night and she enjoyed our two babies. We left, the next morning about 6 AM the phone rang. I answered and it was Dad. "Son, your Mom died this morning." What a shock. It appeared she had a blood clot and it broke loose, hit her heart and killed her. She was only 42 years old, meaning she was only 18 when I was born. I loved her and Still love and miss her, but I have a beautiful young lady for a wife, and she understands her duty.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 19

    I have a thing for bad dragon dildos. They're incredibly expensive, but I often fantasize about having a thick, knobbly dragon cock in my ass or pussy. After I saw the site my fascination with dragons and other mythical beasts grew, until I often caught myself masturbating to the idea of being taken by a full grown beast. To this day, the idea of paws of claws roughly massaging my breasts is enough to get me going. I just know as soon as I get the money, I'm going to rush out and buy a heap of animal cocks to pleasure myself with. I don't know if that makes me a furry, because I have no desire to be an animal myself, but I definitely want to be fucked by one.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    I have always wanted to be engulfed inside a pink female blob, and have her slowly drain me of my sexual juices, and then slowly suffocate me, digest me, and absorb me at the same time. I want to struggle inside her, squirming, kicking,, scratching and clawing within her heavenly soft pinkness, totally helpless, as she dominates me, and keeps me as her helpless adult baby, before beginning the suffocation process. I want all that she does to me to last a very long time!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 50

    I had separated from my wife and on the way to divorce. A friend allowed me to stay at his place for a while. This guy had a girl Diane living with him, plus he was out screwing other females in the neighborhood. And on weekends he went to see some girl who lived 30 miles away. So one weekend while he was gone Diane told me she asked him for a committment, but he rejected that. So she decided to move out and asked me to help. We moved her stuff into her mother's apartment, then she said she needed to go back to make sure she got everything. When we went back, she said she wanted sex and said her girlfriend Debbie (who I fucked before I was married) told her I was good at eating pussy.
    I knew this request for sex was to get revenge on the guy, but it didn't matter as I had always wanted to fuck her.
    We went to bed in the bedroom she had shared with him. After sucking and fucking for a whle, I took her home. When the guy returned he was not fazed at all that she moved out, as he still had all those other females to fuck. But I don't think he ever knew I had started fucking Diane.

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    Straight Male / 33

    When in graduate school I was married and worked in a deli and became assistant manager. My wife had gone to vist her mother for the weekend. I was closing on Sat. night and doing paper work in the office when the only employee left, a 19 year old college student, came in and reported everything was cleaned up and ready to go. I thanked her and told her she could go. She asked if she could stay and talk while I finished up. Fine with me. She seemed lonely, admitting she had nothing to do for the evening and just wanted some company. I was sitting and she standing as we talked. She came over and sat on my knee and thanked me for being so understanding and friendly to her. I put my hand on her knee and squeezed slightly, saying I was glade to give her some comfort. She looked at me and asked if I would be her boyfriend for the night (she knew my wife was gone). Being a little hesitant,she initiated a kiss. I soon had my hand under her shirt massaging her tiny tits. She slid off my knee to the floor, undid my pants and sucked me expertly. I undressed her and laid her on the food preperation table and explored every inch of her body giving her two orgasims with my fingers and mouth. I then bent her over the meat slicing table and split her juicy hole with my salomy stick. We went to my apartment where she remained until Sunday afternoon. She had fucked and sucked me till I was sore. That was the only time we were together but we shared many knowing glances as long as she worked there.

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