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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 28

    I received an email from one of my mother friends a couple of years ago. In it she said she wanted me to look at the attached pictures and let her know what I wanted to do to her. I looked at the pictures and it was her nude and in some very explicit poses. There was no longer anything that I could leave to my imagination with her. I read the email a little further and she mentions in it that it was coming up to our 27th year wedding anniversary. I knew exactly what had happened. Me and her husband have the same first name which is Tom. She sent the email to the wrong Tom. I replied to the email and told her she most likely sent this email to the wrong Tom. I then added if she didn't I could think of a lot of things to do to her. I attached a few naked pictures of me mentioning I figured I would return some pictures of me and what looking at her pictures did to me. A couple of the pictures had me with a hard on. She replied and said the email was intended for her husband. She asked that I delete the email and the pictures. She then said it was funny me sending her pictures and added hey were very nice and tempting but her husband would not approve. She said we better not let him know that we send each other pictures or he will be very pissed off.

    Next time I saw her which was a few months later we had a laugh over what happened but still had never told anyone. She did ask if her pictures did really have an arousing effect on me. I told her it did. She told me she hadn't deleted my pictures and takes a look at them at times. I admitted I still had her naked pictures. All she had to say was that I keep them to myself and that maybe sometime we can do a little more than just send pictures. I asked what she meant and she said if I was interested in an older woman she was more open to the idea now than she was before but only if we kept it discreet. We went into a room together and she locked the door. She told me to strip and I did. I waited for her to do the same but she didn't. She said there was no way we could ever have sex and she just said that to see how interested I really was and to see me naked first hand. She left the room and left the door wide open as I stood there naked.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    I thought I got away with it

    I'm an only child and was born a week after my parents 7th wedding anniversary. Dad was 8 years older than mom and was the youngest of 9. When my paternal grandmother lost her last leg mom and dad moved into the home where dad grew up so mom could care for my grandmother. I barely remember when my grandmother passed but vividly remember when my papa passed a few year later. Dad inherited the home place and 5 surrounding acres and the rest of the old farm was sold to a developer. When I turned 12 mom went to work at the Mall some 45 minutes away and had to work every other Saturday. Dad worked the second shift at a foundry an hour from the house, seldom getting home before 1am. Friday nights he had a few beers with his co workers so it was real late getting home.
    The summer before I turned 14 in the Fall, my parents sold the house and moved into town. I had mixed emotions but was anticipating being where there with kids my age. On Saturday mornings mom was up early as she had to be at the beauty salon in town by 7am for her appointment so she could be at the mall by opening. It was a hot Saturday morning when mom left and she told me to go upstairs and get in bed with dad and take a nap because the big fan was blowing in their bedroom. I remember looking into their open bedroom door and seeing dad in his white jockeys with his back to me and the sheet on the floor as the fan was blowing over his body. My dad is 6'4", 220# of solid muscle, with sky blue eyes, olive complexion, wavy black hair and hairy legs and chest. Dad is a good looking man and women were always hitting on him. I inherited my mom's blond but have dad's complexion and blue eyes.
    I'd been playing "show me yours and I'll show you mine" as far back as I could remember; I had some horny older cousins who taught me well, and often, on their visits to the old home place. The first time I beat off and cum was in the loft at the barn and I screamed so loud the dog came running the barn barking - he thought I was in trouble. Ha Ha Ha.
    I slide off my shorts and lay beside dad and tried to sleep. Dad was breathing heavy and I knew he was asleep. I kept looking at his ass in his white jockeys and his hairy legs and I was boned big time. For some reason, I turned to so my chest as to dads back laying my hand to his thigh right where his under wear leg was; fingers on his hairy thigh and thumb on his tidy whiteys. He continued to breath deep, so I slide my hand around over the front of his jockey's and touched his soft cock. This memory is so vivid its as though it just happened.
    I began to rub on dad's cock through his jockeys and it began to grow, and grow and grow. The head was pushing at the jockey's elastic band and I lifted the band up loosening his cock head as the head popped out from under the elastic. One of my cousins had the hot's for dad and would talk about how he wanted to blow my dad when we had jerk off sessions. I continued to move my hand up and down dad's hard cock from the head down over his jockeys. I was so turned on I took my other hand pulling my cock out aiming it at dad's jockeys right over his ass and I began to hunch like I did when I fucked my cousins (I also inherited my dad's big dick).
    I was working my dad's cock and hunching my cock at his ass and the head of my cock was hitting between his ass cheeks...through his jockeys. Pre cum was dripping out of dad's cock all over my fingers as my hand could barely hold the bottom of his cock as I jerked his cock. Suddenly, I realized dad was no longer breathing heavy, so I got sacred taking my shorts and tip toeing out the bedroom downstairs. I was so hard I remember standing in the kitchen stroking a few times and I shot half way across the floor.
    While I was cleaning up the cum I heard dad walking toward the upstairs bathroom, so I knew he was awake and not knowing what to expect I ran to the barn. About an hour later dad came out calling me to breakfast. The second time he called he said, "get you ass in here your eggs are getting cold and we have errands sin town." Dad never mentioned anything all day, so I decided he as asleep when I left his room and had no idea I was jacking him off through his under wear.
    That entire summer the same activity repeated itself many times: me jacking my dad's dick through his jockey,, hunching my cock between his ass cheeks through his jockeys, until the last Saturday before we moved the Monday when dad shot all over my hand and the bed. He acted like he was waking up and I was out the door in 2 seconds and down the stairs. The first week in our new home mom was there on Saturday and the next Saturday dad began a part time job and left for work with mom on Saturdays, so nothing ever happened again on Saturday morning's.
    My second year in college I was home for the Christmas break and dad and I were alone after mom left for work. We had finished breakfast and was sitting in the den watching the TV when said, "are you still jacking off guys and hunching fucking their asses through their jockeys, or have you graduated to sucking and real ass fucking." I was speechless that this came from dad and come out of the unexpected. I had settled in my mind he knew nothing and now was faced with the truth. Then dad said, "the first time I thought you were just experimenting, but when you came back I knew you wanted some cock." I was speechless and dropped my head. Then dad said. "it's okay what you did, and okay if you still do it. Your not the first man to grab my cock or give me a hand job." I looked across to dad and he was smiling the biggest smile as he asked , "do you lick sucking cock and ass fucking?" I looked right at him and said, "yours was not the first cock I jerked on, or the first ass I hunched. I had already been sucking and fucking when I played with your those mornings." Dad looked at me and said, "and I have had some great blows jobs from men and some strange pussy and since you played with me. I've never had a woman suck me as good as a man. Is there anyone special in your life". I said, "No, but I suck my share of cock and get pussy too. Why didn't you let me know then you were really awake?" Dad said, "Was waiting on your 18th and an appropriate time."
    My dad slide to the edge of his recliner, spread his legs and put his hands over his cock. I was on my knees between his legs and unzipping his pants before you could blink an eye. It was a mouthful and a hand full and I sucked as his rubbed his hands all in my hair and talked nasty to me. I was so turned on I took his cock, looked up and asked, "how did you know I like nasty talk?" He responded, "you my son, and we are just alike. Lets take this to my bedroom."
    I laid on the bed with my head handing off (his instructions) dad stood on the floor and fucked my face ramming his cock all the way down my throat. He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and licked my balls and ass. he was talking some nasty stuff to me as he fucked my face. He took a picture of me laying on my back on the bed, him sitting on my chest and his cock in my mouth. When dad cum the first time in my mouth it was s big load and as I swallowed I blew my load all over dad's ass and back. For the entire day we sucked and fucked in every possible position and in every room. Every morning we had a fuck fest and I learned my mom had lost interest in sex but dad didn't do without. Saturday when eating breakfast we heard someone pull in the yard and dad said, "it's J_ _ _ _ my bi, married friend. If you like him and the chemistry is there, give me a node and we'll have a 3 way.
    We cleared the breakfast dishes as they laid me on my back hanging my head off the side as they took turns fucking my throat. Then J _ _ _ got in my ass and I blew dad; they split roasted me on the kitchen table and alternated positions. Dad and I D/P 'd J _ _ _ 's married ass and he loved it.
    That night dad and I went to play pool, then a strip club and a bar where we both shared some pussy. Dad took a detour on the way home where we sucked each other again. Dad came to visit me for a football game the next year and we took a 19yo for her fist 3 way. We used her ass and pussy as the same time and she was a moaning as she has orgasm after orgasm. After we dropped her back at her dorm I called a bud and told him to get his ass douched and ready for his first real dad and son tag team.

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When i turned 18 i went out with my friends for the night. when i came back from a movie i came in to my parent's room and my mom was squatting over my dad and proceeding to take a dump on his chest and face. when they saw me open the door they didnt panic, and my father asked me to come in and join him as it is part of becoming a man. I did it unknowingly, my mother shat on my face a chest too and me and my dad rubbed it on ourselves. I kinda got aroused. Is this really part of being a man? did i do anything wrong?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 41

    As a teen my mother got a new boyfriend. He worked with her and he would come over and she would cook for him. He was older than her and liked to touch her. Most of evenings were her smacking his hand as he would reach for her butt or her breast or he would take a kiss while she was cooking. The apartment we were in was a one bedroom, which I shared with my mother and all the action took place out in the kitchen or the living room on the couch.

    On this one occasion forever in my memory he took ahold of my mother while they were on the couch, until he was behind her and he pushed her pants down and opened his pants and took out his dick and maneuvered himself over her and just fucked her right there on the couch in front of me. He was going to fuck her for all the times she had refused him, she kept saying nonsense things and he kept fucking her, he just fucked her until he finished and sat back on the couch with his dick out. My mother quickly turned and covered him up and looked at me like I was the enemy.

    That night when we were getting ready for bed she told me not to be judgmental that one day a man was going to fuck me too.

    It was a long time coming, the day I got fucked, but that day as I was getting it for the first time all I could do was remember that evening at our apartment when my mother got her fucking from that boyfriend she had.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 22

    So for a while now (since before she was 18) i have been tenporarily stealing my sister in laws panties and doing all sorts of delicious things with them. I like to sneak in when ahe is sleeping so i can get the freah out of the laundry pile. She stands about 5ft2 and is a stoner blonde redneck chick, and god damn does her pussy taste awesome. I like to lick them firat an then breath hot air from my nostrils so while they are stretched around my head they cover my nose at the pantilining part. After i have jacked some and smelled it good i really tongue it hard and suck all those girlie all-day juices out.. They are almost always salty and cummy :).. I love when theres a white film on them.. Anyways when im done i cum right where i have dejuices and bitten and make sure it doesnt get rubbed in too much in case she finds it. I wish i could fuck her.. Soon.. :)

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 22

    Continued from #23967. I woke in the morning with Grandma standing by my bed. I see your ready for me. She climbed on the bed and pulled up her nightie and said we can't have you walking around all morning with a boner. Much like last night I soon unloaded in her. I'll teach you how to take your time and satisfy your partner as we go along and you will also enjoy it more. Now let's clean up and have breakfast and get some work done.

    We finished about 3pm and went for a swim. Grandma brought her wine in an ice bucket and sat chatting while she sipped on her wine. She got up and walked to the deep end of the pool dropped her bath robe and dived in swimming to the other end and back. I realized she was completely nude. She came to the edge and asked, aren't you coming in. I went over and jumped in beside her. I like to swim in the nude so get rid of your swim shorts. I took them off and threw them on the deck. She grabbed my cock saying we'll do something about that later, meanwhile I'll race you to the other end.

    We swam for a while and I got out and got a towel and sat on a chaise lounge in the sun. As she emerged from the pool I couldn't help admiring her tanned body with no straps or panty lines as the water ran down her body, dripping from her nipples and sparkling in the sun on her wet pussy bush. Her tits were still firm and a nice handful about the size of Sue's with darker nipples and I imagined sucking them and getting a taste of her pussy as my erection grew under my towel. She dried off and sat beside me and filled her wine glass with cold white wine. She drank some wine and sat on the foot of my lounge and said now we'll do something about that thing sticking up and removed the towel.

    She put poured a bit of wine on her hand and wrapped it around my cock and slowly started to masturbated me. I closed my eyes enjoying the feel of he hand moving up and down. I realized her hand felt a lot wetter and opened my eyes as she lowered her mouth engulfing my pulsing member. She lifted her head, looking at me and said, I haven't done this for a while, but enjoy as she went back down and slowly moved her lips up and down my shaft. It was the most amazing feeling with her hand squeezing my cock just above my testicles and her sopping to lick the head I soon yelled, Grandma I'm cumming. She kept sucking and I let go in her mouth as she gagged a little, swallowing some and spitting most out on a towel. She took a drink of wine, swished it around a bit in her mouth and swallowed it. She kissed me and said time to start dinner. I lay there having had my first blow job, hoping I wouldn't wake up from my dream.

    After dinner she went to bed about 10pm to read and said to come to her room in about an hour. I went up with the shorts on I slept in and she put down her book and threw back the cover. She was nude and said drop your shorts and come lay beside me. I lay down facing her and she said pretend I'm your girlfriend and start making love to me, You don't have to kiss me if you feel uncomfortable. I nuzzled her neck and put an arm around her raising up and started kissing her as I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue between her lips and she pated them and accepted my tongue and gave it a little suck. I put a hand on a boob squeezing slightly and pinching her nipple. She said not too hard just lightly. I lowered my head and put my mouth on her other nipple and lightly sucked it, as I continued to massage the other one. I put a hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy and inserted a finger in her.

    She said your doing fine so far. Having never tasted pussy before we'll leave that for another day, so I'm ready for you to fuck me. I got on my knees as she raised her legs and I was easily able to slide into her moist pussy. She said now push in deep and hold it for a bit a slowly move up and down letting your partner get some pleasure as you massage the sides of her pussy lips and can feel your cock deep inside her vagina. I tried to hold back but she started bucking a bit and I couldn't wait as I gushed in her c**t. She said stay in me as she lowered her hand and started massaging her clitoris Until she said OH yes as she orgasmed. We lay there for a while till she said, now go to bed so I can clean up and get some sleep.

    In the morning she dropped in to get rid of my morning erection. We were doing pretty good sorting things out were out by the pool by 4pm. She let me take some nude pictures of her before we went swimming. After a while she sat on the edge of the pool and I swam up to her and put my hands on her knees. She spread her legs as I gazed at her pussy. Her lips were nice and firm and not hanging loose like I imagined an older woman's would be. She asked would you like a taste? I moved my head right in and started licking. She reached down parting her lips so I could lick up to her clitoris as she moaned a little and said yes right there suck it a little. She lay back as I continued licking and sucking and she yelled, I'm cumming and I could taste some juices on my tongue. She said it's been a while since I had my pussy eaten and it was wonderful, especially by my grandson.

    I realized I had given my Grandmother an orgasm as I helped her up and we went and sat down with my cock standing up straight. She drank some wine and said I'm too tired to help you out so just stand there and masturbate and shoot your cum all over my body. Having eaten my first pussy it never took me long as I covered her boobs and stomach.
    That night was much the same as the previous night as she helped herself to an orgasm. In the morning another quick fuck before breakfast. We had most things ready that she wasn't keeping and a truck was picking them up on Friday. She had to go out for a few hours in the afternoon to finalize things for her Condo and make sure it was ready for her to move into.

    With nothing to do I lay by the pool getting some sun when I heard someone approaching. I looked up thinking it was Grandma. When I realized it wasn't I grabbed my towel and covered myself. She said don't cover yourself on my account as she walked over and stood beside. In case you don't remember me I'm your Aunt Irene, Your Grandma's sister so I guess I'm really your great Aunt, Although some may not think I'm so great. It's been a while since I saw you and you sure have grown in more ways than one. She had on shorts and halter top as I gazed at her sizable breasts. She had a few more pounds on her then Grandma and it was well distributed. She told me you were here where is she? I said she had to go out. She said well you better take care of that tent in your towel and I'll give her a call tonight. As she walked away in high heels I thought she had great legs as my hand reached for my cock. More to cum.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    My sister, Lori, is 8 years older than me. Its her, our 2 brothers, and then me.
    Lori always tried to be our 2nd mom - she was always very bossy and tried to make rules for us. I was never real close to her because she was so controlling.
    When I was 16, Lori started to date Mike. He was probably the first guy I had a serious crush on. I found myself laughing and giggling all the time around him. And when Lori was not around, Mike would flirt right back at me.

    One day just before I turned 17 (Mike was 27), I was home alone. My dad had taken my brothers to a baseball game, and Lori and my mom were shopping. Mike came over to see Lori, and when I told him she was not home, he said that he would just visit with me instead for awhile. It was so exciting to be alone in the house with him...omg. Somehow we got on a conversation about any boyfriends of mine, and I joked to him about how my last boyfriend was the worse kisser ever. Mike asked what I considered a good kiss, so I offered to give him a demonstration.
    That first kiss, was just in fun for me to show him what I meant. But that led to several kisses, and pretty soon we were making out on the couch. I felt so grown-up! I was a little girl making out with a man. His hands were all over me - so I went ahead and started to rub him, too. I had only let a guy see my breasts and rubbed a guy through his pants up until that point, but had never gone any farther.
    Mike kept telling me how pretty I was, and how I was so much prettier than Lori. Wow - I loved hearing that. He said he wanted to show me how turned on I made him, and soon I hear him unzipping himself. I was a virgin, and his was the first cock I had ever seen up close. And it looked scary to
    Mike had me put my hand on it, and soon I was stroking him as we kissed. He asked if I was on the pill, and I said no. Mike asked if I would still "take care of him" (I will always remember those words)
    I ended up on my knees in front of him, and he instructed me how to put his cock into my mouth, and what to do with it after that. I knew about guys ejaculating, and I thought I was ready for it when it happened, but I was not. So much of his cum went out of my mouth, onto my shirt, and onto the couch. I dont know why, but I apologized to him for making such a mess. Mike laughed and said that he would work on it with me, so it would not be that messy again. After we cleaned up, we kept kissing in the kitchen until we hear my mom and Lori pull into the garage. I felt so alive!
    That was the start of our affair.
    For the entire year when I was 17, he would sometimes pick me up at school and we would fool around in his car, or I would let him know when I was home alone. I was still not on the pill, so it was me just giving him blowjobs every time we got together. But I loved doing it - I was doing something better than my older sister was doing for her man.
    When I was just about to turn 18, my mother finally went in with me and got me on birth control.
    Mike promised to make my 18th birthday special, and he got a hotel room for us. He was my first, and he and I made love for over 2 hours that day. He kept telling me over and over how I was so much better than Lori, how my body was nicer, my tits were better - everything an 18 year old girl loved to hear. I felt so smug, but he came to our house that same night to take my sister out on a date. He was with ME first, though.

    I purposely did not go away to college, just so I could continue my affair with Mike. THere was one time where he had sex with me 6 days in a row, while still dating Lori. I loved having that secret.

    When I was 19, I introduced him to a friend of mine. I knew his ultimate fantasy was to have sex with 2 girls at the same time, and that is something my sister would never, ever do with him. Even though my friend and I did not really do much with each other, I was so happy to give him that experience. He was 29, having sex with two 19 year olds. Mike was in heaven, and I loved taking him there.

    When I was 20, he proposed to Lori. Part of me felt bad - in some ways I thought he and I would somehow end up together, even though he was 10 years older than me. But there is still a part of me that is so excited at being the "other woman" to my sister.

    They got married last year, and Lori has no idea that he spent the entire night before their wedding making love to me over and over. I was a bridesmaid at the wedding, and every now and then Mike and I would glance at each other and just smile. My sister has no idea that he probably loves me just as much, if not more, than he loves her.

    Thinking about them together on their honeymoon was aweful - probably the longest nights of my life. But the day after they got back, Lori went to work and Mike was due back until the following day. Since he was alone, I went to their house, and had sex with sisters new husband in her house, and in her own bed. Mike said he thought about me all the time on the honeymoon, and I am sure he did. He was VERY happy to see me.

    I know I should feel more guilt - but I dont.
    I have been having sex with my sisters husband for 6 years now - and neither of us seem to want it to end.
    My sister may be older and wiser, but Mike wants me more.
    If only she knew.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 33

    Topic: Family and sex

    Wanting to understand my mother. She dates men like they are going out of style. My mom is in her early 60's and she does love her sex. My husband is 50 years old as well as a known sex addict accept he is faithful. My marriage is going strong and yes we both wish that we were closer in age. My mother offered my husband a blow job when him and i were having issues, he shut her down and later told me about it.

    What could drive a mother to offer her daughters husband a blow job behind her daughters back? I confronted my mother and told her that my husband thinks that she is nasty, i later learned that he called her a slut over that. Was she trying to hurt me or was she possibly testing him?? Her and i are otherwise have a great bond.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 34

    My very first experience with flashing was inadvertently to a cousin. At first it was an accident and later on purpose. I was 17 and spent a lot of time in the summer at my aunt and uncles house where they had a pool. I remember sitting on the edge of the pool when my cousin who was a year younger swam up and was staring at my groin intently. I was wearing baggy loose shorts and hadn't realized a good few inches of my cock was hanging due to the way I was sitting. A few of her friends were there and they also swam nearby and began to giggle so I didn't move to allow them to continue gawking. From there after I made sure that I packed these shorts anytime there was a chance to swim and had flashed them throughout the summer.

    When I visited anytime after where no swimming was involved I made sure I wore pants with no underwear that had a missing button, hole in the crotch or a broken zipper. I had flashed her on a number of occasions prior just to see the reaction and it was always positive judging by the remarks. The first time time I wore pants with a broken button which I kept in my pocket. I secured them with a safety pin which I removed while she went to grab a drink. When she returned I dropped the button and declared that my button popped and asked her to help look for it. I pretended to fumble with the zipper so my cock would remain in my pants. Of course while looking for the button my zipper would loosen and my cock would fall out. I made a fuss so she would look at my groin and see me hanging out. I had pretended to be embarrassed but she didn't seem to mind at all or say anything.

    She found the button and I struggled to zip up when she offered to try and place it back on my pants. She knelt down in front of me while I did little to contain myself and the. my cock jutted out to meet her. She let out an Oh my god" but she continued on. While she attempted to attach the button it was twitching with every heartbeat and mere inches from her face. Her hand brushed against it as she tried to attach the button and it was then I noticed a huge gob of precum dripping from the tip which ended up on her hand. Right then I had the biggest body shudder.

    Minut es later she gave up and said she could fix it but I'd have to remove my pants. She grabbed me a towel and I went to the bathroom to remove them as she followed closely. I wrapped the towel around myself and could feel her staring at me so I'd asked if she had ever seen and touched a cock before. She said she had seen a few before and had even given blow jobs to two guys at once on several occasions. I was surprised but I still asked if she wanted to touch it and she nodded in agreement.

    I sat on the couch and opened the towel to reveal my cock which now looked like a melting candle with the amount of precum running down it. She reached out wrapping her hand around it but she was amazed at how small her hand looked as I'm above average at about 8.5" and pretty thick. She was like "Wow this is pretty big" and she then began to jerk it slowly while playing with my balls. She told me that even though she knew this was wrong as cousins she couldn't help herself. Being a horny 17 year old I tried rationalizing by agreeing with her but then said
    "It's not like we're fucking." She swathed her tongue over the head as she continued pulling it. She continued to jerk me off for several minutes and then began to tongue my balls and then to the top of my shaft.

    Within minutes I warned her that I was going to cum and that I should do so on the towel but she continued jerking me off and moved her face closer. Finally a thick rope of cum shot forth hitting her right in the eye. She reached for eye so I grabbed my cock and jerked it myself and four more thick ropes of cum shot out hitting her in the chest, throat and she then pulled me closer to take the two remaining in her mouth. She had a look of pleasure on her face as cum dripped down her face to her chin and then wiped it in to her mouth. I was like Wow my cousin is a cum fiend!

    She quickly cleaned up with the towel as our mother's would surely be back from shopping shortly. Her eye was red and her vision now blurred as she hurriedly took the towel to the laundry room and went to flush her eye out. I grabbed my unfixed pants and put them on using the safety pin once again.

    Minutes later the door was opened and our mom's appeared with groceries so I helped them with the bags. They asked where my cousin was and I said "I think the bathroom but I'm not sure as I was watching TV" A short time after she emerged from her room and my Aunt asked her what she had done to her eye as it was red. My cousin gave some excuse and nothing was mentioned further.

    After that day there was no longer a need for the pants with a broken button, holes or broken zipper. Now she was the one asking for my cock every time I was over and even while our families were around. This continued in to our early 20's even though we were both seeing people and although there was never intercourse she did like anal but that's another story.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    A month ago I was a straight guy with a fiancee. Now I'm a bisexual man with a wife.
    This confession could have been put in two sections, this and "My Family". Because the man who took my oral and anal cherry, is my new father in law Jim (James). And our first sexual encounter actually happened at the wedding reception.
    I went to get changed at the same time Jim decided to, before heading back down to the celebrations downstairs. We decided to change in his hotel room, as my new wife was getting changed in the marital suite we were in.
    I couldn't help but look at Jims huge cock when he took off his trousers. He wore no underwear and it was obvious he was sexually aroused. Jim saw me looking and simply asked me if I liked cock. It was a qustion I'd never been asked and I definitely didn't think I'd hear it from the father of my wife.
    I'm going to make excuses about the amount of alcohol I'd drunk, because I hadn't touched a drop (Not wanting to waste my wedding night). I'm not going to say I'd had previous gay relations when younger, as I hadn't. All I can say, is Jim's erect cock, strangely looked beautiful to me. Still staring at his manhood I heard Jim say "You know I'm bisexual right, you can suck me if you want". He paused before he added "....... won't find out".
    As I've mentioned I'd not had any alcohol, so finding myself on my knees in front of Jim. Taking hold of his long heavily veined cock and opening my mouth, was done in what I believe, a purely natural way. Jim held my head gently at first, as I let inch by heavy inch slide over my tongue. The heat from his cock and his cocks girth took me by surprise. As did the feel of his cock. It was fully erect and hard, yet it also felt soft in my mouth.
    Trying not to gag, and to suck his cock the way his daughter sucks on mine, I began to give my father in law oral pleasure. Jim began to thrust into my mouth, as I became more accustomed to his length and girth. He started to pull me onto him and I in turn gripped his buttocks tightly, slipping a finger over his arsehole. As soon as my finger touched his rear hole, Jim fucked my mouth with real purpose.
    I'd not been sucking on his cock for more than five minutes, when Jim pulled my hair and began grunting loudly. I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and knew from my own experiances, he was close to orgasm. Not wanting to spoil his moment, I tried to deep throat him, letting him know it was ok to cum in my mouth.
    The explosion of hot cum hitting the back of my throat and flooding my mouth was for me, the best single sexual sensation of my life. I was instantly hooked on cum and more over Jim's cum. Jim cntinued to fuck my mouth as each and every drop flowed from his still hard dick. Not once did I take my mouth away and because of that, I had to swallow, I wanted to swallow his seed.
    Shaking from his orgasm, Jim pulled his cock from my mouth and jokingly said "Now you're definitely part of the family".
    I've been improving my status in the family, not only with his daughter, who I love. But also weekly with her father who's cock I'm becoming very familiar with.
    Jim has asked if he can fuck me sometime. I'm not sure if my arsehole could take his large cock, but in a few weeks from now, when my wife takes a two day trip away with her company, I'm going to fnd out. Jim's staying over and even if I can't take his cock anally (We'll give it a damn good go), I'm sure going to take it orally as many times as I can.

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