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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    My aunt Susan knows all she has to do is text me and I'll be round in not time. It's an arrangement we've had now for eighteen months, ever since I found her masturbating to porn on her lap top. I'd gone round to return a ladder my mother had borrowed off Susan's knobhead husband. Catching her using her fingers to frantically frig her clit, I made sure I watched for a while before I let her know I was there. By then I was hard and horny. Susan saw my cock bulge and the rest was a formality.
    I'd fancied Susan for some time, so finding her playing with herself was like offering up chocolate to kid. I didn't even have to ask her if she wanted fucking. Calling me over my aunt looked down at her wet pussy and smiled. It was an open invite and I took it. Stripping in seconds, I let my cock spring from my boxers and saw the joyful look on Susan's face. No condom needed, I knelt down, lifted her legs and buried my cock up my aunts hot wet snatch.
    It wasn't a long fuck, but it was a very hard intense one. My aunt came with me having only being in her, sliding my cock in and out for only a few minutes. Her pussy clamped down on my dick when she climaxed and that was that. I came flooding her quim and collapsed on top of her.
    We were talking about when we could fuck next when her husband walked in twenty minutes later. And minutes after that I was on my way walking the five hundred yards to my parents home.
    The reason I say Susan's husband is a knobhead, is over the past two years they've only had sex once. He's a overweight fat drunkard who from Susan's words, can't get it up any longer. Believe me, I'm not just saying this because she's my aunt and I'm now fucking her, but my aunt really is a very good looking extremely fit older woman. She's also as I've found out over the past eighteen months a nympho slut.
    We fuck at least four or five a week, and most times its the type of sex you'd have with a genuine dirty bitch. Susan says it's because she's had no where near enough sex for years and she's making up for it. And aren't I glad she hasn't. Tonight knobhead will be at the pub with his dickhead mates playing pool. I'll be round at his house fucking his wife on his bed and making sure my aunt gets all the cock she needs in her mouth, pussy and arsehole.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 31

    I have never written about or told anyone my experience of losing my virginity, I only now decided to write this confession after reading a news article last month. I was 12 in 1995 and just finished primary school and every Easter my school would have a Easter themed fair this would be put on by the school in order to additional funds for the school, The stalls would be ran by parents and their children and many people would turn up. I had volunteered to help out that year and they asked me to help with handing out food from the kitchens, I was excited about doing this because I would get to go around the playground and talk to everyone and out free food.

    That Easter I was asked by one of the Organizers of the fair if I would dress up in a Easter wear like everyone one else, I didn't have anything like that so a mother who sometimes helped out at school plays found a black one piece swimsuit and some fluffy bunny ears, so I changed into the swimsuit and I came out of the changing room and the parent who helped me told me to put my tights back on but under it because at the time said would be a little inappropriate so more or less I looked like a play bunny when I left the changing room.

    I started helping out in the food preparation area after and started serving free food to people in the playground and hall and while I was going back and forth between serving people and getting more supplies this guy who stood in the hall with his camera started talking to me and asked if I minded if he could take a picture of me for a newsletter and local event paper I said okay and he snapped away. Later he asked if I would be okay with him taking more pictures and he said I looked like a model and asked if I was interested in that sorta thing, I told him I never done anything like that but sounded fun. He asked me If I wanted to try some after I finished here, I told him I was going to be going home soon after and he told me he would only be around for awhile and then asked me if I would do some now I asked him here? and he said he knew a good place nearby a quick drive away, he showed me his press pass and we got in the car and left the school fair.

    We arrived at this place and it was abandoned factory, he parked his car around the back and showed me in the back entrance he told me to stand where the light was shining though the sky window to get some good shots, he then asked me to sit on this old mattress that had been dumped there. He continued to take pictures and I remember him asking me if I would be interested in glamour? I didn't even know what that was at the time and when he told me I said no, he asked me to roll down the top part of my outfit.

    He tried it a couple more times and I just said no, he told me I looked stunning and It would be a shame to let this opportunity go to waste and that he knew someone who would keep the pictures safe and nobody would find out like my parents.

    He wore me down I pulled down my one piece alittle and he snapped some pictures, he kept saying a little more down and I continued to my belly button and stopped he said something like I was doing good and was a natural and his manager would definitely be interested.

    He asked me what else I would do?, didn't quite understand the question he asked me back then, I was young and all I remember saying to him is I don't know. He asked if I was interested in dancing and other stuff then asked if I would strip. I said no and he said he would pay me but I still said no its okay.
    I remember him saying he had other models to see and he would go soon and he asked me again to strip and I didn't really say yes or no but he showed me a stack of money and put it into my hand I've never seen or felt so that much before and I was overwhelmed. He said It would be only the one photo and that's it
    I gave it some thought but kinda frozen not knowing what I should do I was nervous at the time and said okay he told me to put the money away and not show anyone it.

    I removed the swimsuit and asked him if that was okay, he said and the tights please, I had to sit down on the mattress remove my strap heels and take me tights off for this guy I turned around and he snapped my photo a couple of times. I covered up quickly and and said I'm going to get changed now, He said I looked nice and when I get a BF he would be lucky, he show me the snapped Polaroids and said look you look amazing or something like that I didn't agree with him I hated my pictures being taken I never feel like they are nice pictures and I was getting cold.

    He said if I wanted a job to let him know. He started touching me on the shoulder and out of no where gave me a kiss on the cheek I frozen he said don't worry photographers say good bye with a kiss on the cheek I was naive and just believed it he kissed me again on the lips and I didn't know what I was doing. I can only assume now he had taken that as a come on because he was kissing me and I could feel his tongue keep touching my lips.

    Before I knew what was actually happening we were both on the mattress with him on top and he was kissing my neck, I do remember him saying I tasted nice and he started kissing my body on my tits which were not that developed and he licked my bellybutton and I felt his spike touching it. I looked down and he was kissing my tights. When he came back up he had his hands on trousers and I knew what he was doing, Things now happening so fast I felt for the first time this weakness in my vagina and he went really weird and my head went light and I knew this guy had unzipped his cock and got it out I don't know what had came over me I believe I had a orgasm then because I felt the cold on me and I was wet down there. I ended up pulling down the tight and before I knew it, I was in pain he was slow and we had sex on that mattress and he was moaning and I felt him orgasm he was quick and asked if I was okay... well I was not It really hurt downstairs and I was confused I could changed and he dropped me off by the school at the top of the road, a teacher asked me where I had been I said I was not well in the toilets.

    I went back to the changing room and inside the swimsuit was all his cum and there were loads the swimsuit had been stained, I got changed and put it back inside the cupboard when I was leaving the parent who choice it out for me was looking at it with this really weird look on her face, she looked at me and I walked off.

    I cried that night, my parents never knew or did anyone. well I read in that same paper that guy who I had sex with died... for some reason i felt weird after reading it.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    My mother breast fed me for three weeks before she went back to school. She dropped me off with a woman close by. She had children and a baby I grew up with. She did not drop off any food for me, no pumped milk, nothing. Then a few weeks later she ask mom sally what I ate in the day time, she had forgot to drop off formula. Mom sally told that she had nothing, so when she fed James, she put me on the other breast and fed me. Mom told hr I did not like the formula at home, so mom sally told her to breast feed me. Mom said she tried but she was drying up by then.

    I never got formula at mom Sally's house, she breast fed me. She told me that she would feed James and he would go to sleep. She would put him down and I would keep feeding. I could drain the one breast and then work on what james left. She thought I was part of the reason her right breast was so big. I had her working like a milk cow. She was a sweet woman and I loved her like a mom. James who has been my life long friend, told me that I was her favorite child and her only white child.

    I dated both black and white girls and my mom told me to please marry a white girl, and not to accidentally get one of the black girls pregnant. I think I had some in te back of the mind thoughts about the black girls and the feelings i had for mom sally. I remember one black girl I dated who had real large breast tell me, You act like you like those nipples, you tore them up. She was one of the best I ever had sex with. We clicked together so well. Her parents were about like my mother, would kill her if she had a white guy as a husband,

    thanks for hearing my crazy mind ramblings.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 32

    I was a high school senior when this happened.

    It was during first period when our classroom turned really cold. The teacher in third period had just called the attendance role when the principle came to announce the boiler for the senior classes was down. The entire senior class was dismissed for the day and should tune into the 5pm news regarding classes the next day. I am full Italian so needless to say I grew up in a predominantly Italian community in a major city. I walked the 12 blocks home stopping first at the corner grocery store my grandmother owned. Then around the corner to the barber shop Papa owned and operated. My dad worked 11 - 7 as supervisors for a parcel delivery company but is also a barber who works "the morning rush" and all days Friday and Saturday with papa. Dad's brother operates a garage which is separated from the barber shop by a parking lot (for the store, shop and his garage). That uncle is a also a barber who works in the shop from 6 - 9 until at night. My aunt and her daughter help my grandmother in the store. When we aren't in school, studying, sleeping or eating we are all in one or the other of the businesses working. My dad's older brother owns the parcel franchise where dads works at night and is there 16 hours a day. My grandparents live on the main level of the house next door to their store. My parents live on the 2nd and 3rd floors giving the 2 upper bedrooms for me and my two brothers (sisters and brothers away at college). The uncle who runs the garage is gay and lives in the basement apartment with his partner. My aunt and uncle live in the same house two door past the garage. Yep, we are a family affair.
    I walked the 11 blocks home from school stopping to see my grandmother and aunt, Then to the barber shop to let dad know I was home early. Papa was cutting a man with several other chatting (no unusual) telling me dad was at the garage. I went to the garage where those guys told me dad and my uncle were not there. I cut across the parking lot into our back yard where I saw a light from my uncles apartment, but no one came to the door. I go up the back steps to the 3rd floor and just as I unlocked the door I heard moans. I froze thinking some one had broken in but when the moans became audible it was my uncle's voice. I tip-toed just inside the kitchen and that's when I saw my uncle on his hands and knees (face on our sofa) and my dad was threading him a new ass hole. I mean it was a rough, hard fucking dad was laying on his brother who was moaning, cursing and talking dirty.
    My masculine uncle and his masculine partner were as much a part of our family and anyone. I had never considered my uncle or dad in a sexual manner until I witnessed their hard core sex in our living room. Was I gay? Yes. Had I confided in anyone about my sexuality? Not family. Did I have experience with men older than me? Oh hell yeah. However, this was a new experience for me observing my dad so aggressive at his brothers ass. Dad was slapping that ass, slapping the tops of the back of my uncles head, calling him a mother fuck, cock sucking, piss drinking, jock ass faggot , bitch whore who likes ATM (Ass To Mouth - later learned). They were both talking some shit when I heard dad scream, here comes my baby making batter, brother. He held my uncle by the hair on the back of his head with his pubs against his ass as he unloaded. Dad pulled out to a fuck-fart, ripping off his condom holding it as my uncle drank dads cum out of the end. My dad who was already on his knees and bent down taking my uncles cock into his mouth.
    Sitting on the floor with his back to the sofa, my uncle held dad by the side of his head, cursing some nasty shit as he hunch fucked my dad in the mouth. Reality hit me, so I slipped out the door while they were still loud and quietly down the steps to the main landing. I slipped out the door to the yard where I turned under the steps where I took out my cock and, in about 2 strokes, blew a huge wad all over the wall. I had just enough time to calm down and clean of my cum when I head them coming down the steps. I ran to the yard and was putting a foot on the first step when they came out the door.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 19

    plx dont mind i have no one to discuss to so here i go... first of all is tht i am attracted towrds my mother not sexually its not like i want to have s.. but its kinda anothr story it all begin when i saw my mom giving me blowjob in my dream so aftr tht all the things all the respect completly vanished i still love her as my mother but i am so fraustrated with myself why why did this happen ....

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    We have just returned from the funeral of my wife's grandmother and I have something to admit. For the past eight years I have had the best erotic and kinky sex with the woman that was in the casket. She was a beautiful and charming woman. She could suck cock like a 100 dollar hooker, and loved to fuck. We managed to get together every few months and just a week before she died I fucked her in the ass while everyone else was at church. I will miss her.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    This is not about sex or anything like that. It is about my mother and my step mother.

    My father was married to my step mother when he got my mother pregnant. My mother worked for my father and he was messing around with her behind my mother's back. But my mother got pregnant and everything changed.

    My mother was four months when he brought her to my step mother and confessed to her that my mother was pregnant. My mother says that nothing was said, it was just a real long silence after that. My step mom finally spoke and told my father what a jerk he was and that he had a real problem because she was pregnant too, about two months.

    Somehow, because my mom and my step mom don't recall or won't say, after a long set of arguments my dad was thrown out and he went to my mom's apartment and my mom stayed with my step mom. At first there was lots of getting used to each other but after both me and my half sister were born, my mom and step mom started to sleep together. Not just sleep, but they began to have an affair. My dad had moved out and lived in my mom's apartment and my mom and step mom began to live together, to sleep together and to be together. They slowly figured out that they were more than just comfortable with each other, they were willing to have sex together and to become a couple.

    My sister and I grew up living with my mom and step mom. My dad and step mom never divorced, they just lived apart and my dad came over pretty often and as we grew older it was obvious that he would spend some personal time with my mom or step mom. For whatever reason, my mom was his favorite and she spent a lot of time with him, but he also spent time with my step mom. My mom got pregnant again when I was seven

    My sister and I are in college and we room together, we are very close to each other. We date, but to tell the truth I think I am more like my mom. I think that really I am more into other women than I am into guys. My sister is not that way. I still haven't met someone that I can become close to, but I would like to. At least to know for sure if I am more like my mom.

    I'm going to say I am bisexual like my mom, but I really don't know.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27

    I just want to say one thing.

    I got married because I need to be supported. I am embarrassed to say that I cannot support myself. When my parents got fed up with me and finally pushed me out, I landed on the couch of a friend. She was nice enough, but after three months, I was still unable to support myself, I couldn't keep a job and the only paycheck I got I spent on clothes. I was thrown out and ended up back with my parents.

    I have a college education, but I don't like to work. I want to be a stay at home mother. That is what I want. That is why I got married. I don't love him, and I don't like having sex with him at all. I actually suffer, it gives me the feeling of having to vomit when he gets on me, and I have vomited several times after he has sex. I never get naked for him, ever. I lock the door to shower and I go to bed in the dark and when he grabs me the most I do is take off my panties. No nakedness ever. I know I have to let him have sex with me if I want to have a child.

    I can't imagine why a woman would let a man get on her. I know that I am the one that is not normal, but to save my life I can't imagine actually wanting a man to get on you and have sex with you. If it wasn't the only way to get pregnant it wouldn't happen, at least I would not let him.

    I just want a child and I need to be supported. I don't know why it is taking me so long to get pregnant. My doctors says I am healthy and fertile as far as she can tell. That I should have sex more often, but I can't. He is 42 and he is from Lebanon and he insists on having sex even if he knows why I got married. I keep myself away from him as much as I can, I just want a child. Otherwise I wouldn't let him touch me.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    My wife's mother has Altzeimers, she is only 65, as it got worse she started masturbating in public, she got arrested but let off with a warning when a doctor explained that it often happens with this terrible illness.
    My wife insisted that her mother moved in with us, it works ok as if she masturbates we take her to her room and give her a dildo we bought for her. I must admit that sometimes I stayed and watched longer than I should have. She's quite good looking for her age.
    Recently my wife had to go out at 4 am to help her sister. At around 6.30 I was awakened by M-in-L's mouth around my hardening cock. She'd very quietly got into our bed and gone straight down on me. I didn't know what to do. I touched her back and realised she was naked. I slid my hand down to a very wet pussy, for a 65 year old. As I fingered her I realised her pussy was moving as she was masturbating her clit while sucking me. I came surprisingly quickly, as I did, she is obviously experienced in this area, as she slipped my cock out enough to swallow and then very gently started sucking again. It's a sort of painful pleasure. When I was hard again she mounted me. She rubbed her clit to orgasm, she trembled strongly, her pelvic floor muscles are very strong and really gripped my cock. She fucked me for some time until I was close to cumming, how she knew I've no idea as she rarely speaks. She got off me and sucked me off again. She then got off and went back to her room. All this without a word. She now acts as if it didn't happen. I'm sure she had no memory of it.
    My problem is should I tell my wife?

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    My exwife comes from a fucked up family. Her sister is a meth addict and has a daughter named Sabrina. She is the sweetest girl ever. Innocent, no! But she is sweet.

    She came to live with my wife and me a few years ago because her mom od'd and I took her in as her legal guardian. She no longer has contact with her mother and I think that had been weighing on her psychologically. She had started to act out. Talking back, skipping school, talking to boys...

    Last year, my wife decided that the pressure was too much for her and she left me and Sabrina, to fend for ourselves. Not a clue where she went. Just a note on my night stand that reads: "I love you but I'm sorry. Take good care of her". After twelve years of marriage, that's all I get.

    I lost the house because I became depressed and couldn't make the payments. Sabrina and I live comfortably in an apartment down town now. She is now eighteen and works part time at the grocery store to help with bills and stuff. She started college and has class every weekday morning at 7am and takes the bus to work every afternoon. I only see her at night and on weekends.

    She no longer acts out like she used to but I sense her resentment toward family. Everyone she loved has abandoned her.

    A few nights ago, she got home from work exhausted. I was grading papers on the dinner table and told her I made spaghetti... Again... She complained about her sore neck and aching feet and asked if I'd give her a massage.

    I agreed with the condition I get one too. With those terms, we moved to the livingroom and she took her shirt off leaving her bra on but unclasped. I rubbed lotion into her neck and shoulders and saw her big squishy boobs peek out side ways every time I put pressure on her upper back. I began to get hard. I struggled to maintain composure as I finished her massage but then came time for mine. One problem though. I was stiff as a board and couldn't lay on my stomach if they paid me. I declined her massage but she insisted. We kept playfully going back and forth, lightly wrestling like we usually did but this time, she had no shirt. Just a loose bra covering her big tits.

    In playful frustration, she pushed me backwards and as I caught myself, my boner came to light. She stared at it in disbelief. "We're you getting off while rubbing my back? You big pervert!" She exclaimed playfully yet flirtatiously. I confessed to being turned on by her young,hot body and apologized for being a creep. "Its okay" she said. "Aunt Debra left and I know you're lonely. How long has it been since you felt the warmth of a woman?" She asked. I refused to answer at first but she brought it out of me. "A year and none months" I said.
    She told me to relax and just sit back and enjoy. She stood up and popped a CD in the stereo. She began dancing, slowly taking off clothing. Piece by piece. I saw her jugs bounce as she took off her bra. Her sweet asscheeks as she bent over to slip her panties off.

    What's going on? Why an I looking at this? I thought. She's basically your niece! I felt dirty but I hadn't had sex in a long time. Plus, Sabrina and I developed a connection over the last few years. I convinced myself it just felt right.

    She had this amazing big ass similar to that of most porn stars. I had her sit on my face as I ate her ass and pussycat out. She loved being dirty. She was calling me daddy and saying she's daddy's little slut.

    She straddled me and I sucked her nipples as she lowered herself onto my cock. Her jaw dropped open and her eyes went wide as my penis reached her cervix. She began riding me. Faster and faster. I could feel the friction of our crotches rubbing together at such high velocity.

    I pulled it out and she proved she knew how to deep throat. This girl's gag reflex was as absent as her mother.

    She asked if I'd ever done anal with any of the girls I've fucked before. I told her that her aunt Deb was the only woman I'd been with. Ever! And her aunt never liked sex, much less anal.

    She spit on my cock and bent over. Her beautiful pussy and ass on display for me. I spit on her asshole and guided my cock inside her tight, pink ass. As I came close to cumming, she did this thing with her muscles down there. Kinda clenching her abs and butt muscles but it felt like a massage for my dick. I came deep in her ass and watched it ooze out afterwards.

    We fucked several times that night and a few more times after that. We seem to have a weird couple thing going. Just the other day, she called me her honey and said we'll be together forever.

    That's actually fine by me. I think I love this girl.

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