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    Straight Male / 29

    We were driving 580 miles North to visit some of her family my young wife of 19 and I (30 years old)in the back seat covered with a blanket her mother was driving and her father was riding shotgun.
    I was bored so I felt down found the pussy of my sleeping new bride of only a few weeks and started rub the out line of her panty through the yoga pants she wore to be comfortable throughout the grueling 8 hour ride I didn't want to wake her I just wanted to play so I barely moving my hand over that sweet spot ever so lightly.

    I kept rubbing and teasing that young pussy ever so softly, she moved and I thought she had awaken but she only rolled over which made it a little more comfortable for me to molest this sleeping beauty. I managed to get my hand down the yoga pants and left my hand there just resting on her twat I didn't want to wake her,. and besides her mother would peek in the rearview mirror every now and again. when everyone seem pre occupied with the road I would start to move my fingers again just feeling that swollen bud so gently and softly as possible.

    I kept my fingers out of her panties as I did not want to penetrate her lotus blossom that would wake her for sure,. Needles to say my fingers could feel the soaking wet panties she started to feel her move so I stopped moving and just held my hand still over that wet juicy pussy. Yeah! she was moving alright right against my fingers pumping her swollen hot clit against my fingers I kept my fingers still and just let her rub that pouty little pussy against my fingers feeling those soaking wet panties become more and more wet by the moment.

    Then she drew in a deep sigh of release and stopped moving against me, so I let her lay there,. My hand holding her wet pussy no movement at all I was certain she had climaxed. Just in time too as we were pulling into a rest stop I no sooner got my hand back to my self the car came to a stop. After we used the rest room we were checking out the vending machines she says to me as innocent tone,. Honey I awoke all soaking wet down there my panties were absolutely soaked. Really! I pulled her into me and kissed her with a passion embraced her and whispered in her ear "I Love You"

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Im a male in his 40's, when I was 13/14 I was constantly in trouble at school. Talking in class, smoking, not doing homework etc. I would often end up with detention, sometimes at lunch sometimes after school.

    One Week I had gotten in trouble and been given detention after school on the Friday. I had sport last thing so stayed in my pe kit for detention. It turned out to be a female teacher who was taking detention, and I was the only kid there that day.

    Afterwards the teacher told me to pack up and she'd give me a lift home. I ended up dropping my bag and swore. To my surprise the teacher came over, bent me over my desk pulled my shorts and pants down and spanked me. I stood up afterwards and noticed her looking at the hardon I had gotten.

    On the way home she took a detour to her place and told me to follow her inside. Once in the front room she kissed me on the lips and told me she fancied me. I couldn't believe my luck and replied I fancied her to. She then stripped me and sucked my cock. I had to promise not to tell anyone and if I behaved we could have more fun sometime.

    I readily agreed and ended up going round at weekends with the excuse of mowing the lawn for her, which I did, it's just that we also ended up having sex. Then one week while she sucked my cock she fingered my bum. Noticing how much I enjoyed it, she took me upstairs bent me over the bed and fucked me with a strap-on.

    They were some of the best times I've had. I now live elsewhere but still fondly remember those days and all the different things we did.

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    Straight Female / 27

    The first time I remember my mother having sex with a man I was around four. He got off of her real fast, but he was naked and so was she. I didn't know what they were doing but I have a very clear memory of him getting off from between my mother's legs.

    My mother had lots of boyfriends, and she had sex a lot. Mostly I could hear her because my room was right against hers and she would talk to the man and asked him if he liked it this way or that way, if he wanted tits or just ass, or if he wanted a blow job, she had a price for each, blow job and a fuck was so much, just a blow job was half the price. She only accepted cash.

    I was eleven when she died of an overdose and I was sent to live with her sister. Her sister had five kids, she would have another one later, and I was sent to sleep with the girls in the girls' room. None of these girls had heard about sex and I got in trouble telling them about it. I had never done it, but I had seen it and heard about it, but I did have a penis rubbed across my face once. My aunt decided that I was going to be trouble and she made arrangements for me to go live with a cousin of hers who didn't have any kids.

    Although this aunt was single and didn't have any kids, she was nice and she talked openly about sex. She was interested to know what I knew and she had this matter of fact way of talking about it. She had known about my mother, and she was sad that she had died. I went through puberty there.

    I was in may late teens, I had developed and had a good sized rack and had good hips. My aunt would say to me that I was ready built to take a good ramming and spit out kids.

    One day when I got back from my job there was a man visiting my aunt. He was a friend of hers, a big man with a bushy beard and a large belly. His hands were large, twice as big as mine. My aunt told me that he was there to see if he liked me because I needed to be set up with the right man, a man who could give me lots of kids and keep a reign on me. She wanted to get all this sorted out early because if I got out in public I was going to end up under some good for nothing who was just looking for a piece of ass.

    She figured I would do good for him and he seemed to like me so she gave me to him for the night to see if I satisfied him. She told me not to worry, he was going to take me anyway, so not to hold back, to make sure that I was all woman and that I could take a good ramming (she never said fuck) and that I was ready to have kids.

    He got his message across loud and clear. I knew all about sex but I knew nothing about sex. I found out about sex. I found out that he was going to get his piece and then some. He sealed the deal with my aunt and we went to see the preacher and I was married, less than 24 hours after meeting my husband.

    As my aunt promised I would have kids, I was nothing but fertile, I got pregnant at the drop of a hat. My husband was nothing but an ordinary man who couldn't keep his hands to himself and couldn't keep his pecker in his pants. I remembered all those things my mother used to say to those men that came to see her, and my husband was all ears as I offered up a blow job and a fuck or just a blow job, or would put myself out and tell him to come and get some pussy. Although he was a man of the street, being told to bring his pecker over for a good suck, brought him to his knees.

    I don't know if my mother ever enjoyed sex, maybe not, but deep inside I think she did, because when she told her boyfriends to come over to her so she could suck their dick and then they could get some pussy, I think she meant it. She just got paid for it. Something I do for free. Because I enjoy sex, I look forward to sex, I want that man to know that he can have sex anytime he wants. If nothing else, I learned from my mother was how to keep a man happy.

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Sometimes I look at my girlfriend and cannot for the life of me figure out why she is with me. I am 46 yrs old, while moderately successful financially, I am well overweight, and even in my prime, was not the best looking guy out there. While she on the other hand is a Goddess, she is young, 22, beautiful smoking hot body, 5'3" 105lbs, petite and absolutely loves sex. Sex with men, sex with women, and most importantly sex with me! She tells me she loves me and amazingly I believe her, I just can't believe my own eyes.
    How we ended up together is even stranger, it was ultimately by my helping her get revenge by sleeping with someone else!
    It all started about 2 years ago when she came to work for me. I own a small grocery store in a rural southwestern farm town. The first time I remembered seeing her she was 19, I know this because I had to ID her so she could buy some smokes. I felt like a complete pervert since she was younger than my daughter and I had been lusting after her. But she would come in every so often with who I thought were her parents, they became regular customers that I enjoyed visiting with. Eventually one day Stacy came in and asked for a job. She had always presented herself well and even though I generally don't hire really pretty women as it seems they inevitably get by on their looks and are horrible workers, but I decided to hire her anyway. I put her on the evening shift and working in the sandwich shop. After a while I started getting complaints about her from my other employees, that she never did anything, so after about 6-7 months of her working for me I switched her over to days to work with my best clerk and myself, it was sink or swim for Stacy.

    The coworkers were wrong, she kicked ass, she was an excellent cashier and the customers loved her and she was even faster and better in the sandwich shop than my deli manager.
    My deli manager was planning to retire, so I eased Stacy into her position. This meant her and I worked together everyday Monday thru Friday. Over time we got to know each other and surprisingly, even with our age difference, we had a lot in common, we had similar views on politics, society, religion (both of us are non-Western in our belief structure), and sex. The only difference was I am generally pretty open sexually in my relationships and she was with a guy who was, well.. trailer trash, he was a non-working, pot smoking, control freak. He was a momma’s boy in and out of bed. She would complain all the time that she likes it rough/dirty and he wouldn't even spank her, forget talking or getting down n dirty. I would joke that I was willing to help spank her slutty little ass, she would laugh but made it clear she was committed to him and that she would never cheat on him. But she would joke and flirt with me on occasion, when I would tease her about me spanking her she would respond by biting her finger and calling me daddy. But there was never any physical contact. Eventually I got to know her boyfriend and the rest of the family. The people who I thought were her parents were actually her boyfriend’s mother and stepfather. They all lived on the same property. Mom, step dad, 2 brothers, 1 sister and Stacy. The Mom and Stacy where the only ones it seemed with regular paychecks, the step dad maybe sometimes.
    She went thru her ups and downs in her relationship with her boyfriend and during one of these times she had gotten extremely frustrated with his inability to keep a job, inability to move out of mommies house, he was 24, and to top it off the bad sex life. The boyfriends Mother was always mean to her, telling her over and over she was stupid and Jack deserved better, (even though she had much better family background), the stepfather was constantly hitting on her, propositioning her for sex or blowjobs. All the while the entire family would guilt her into going to church and getting baptized into something she didn't believe.
    While this was going on we had gotten very close, she had told me intimate personal things and I had shared the same. Not just sexual, but about our lives in general. Issues while growing up, our dreams and aspirations. We had become good friends and one day she even admitted that she had thought about leaving Jack and moving in with me. One day we were in my office and while we are talking I made a comment about the unusual nature of her boyfriend’s relationship with his mother. She shared with me that Jack and his mom would walk into each others rooms without notice no matter if the other was undressed or not and that one time she had walked into moms room and she was completely nude sitting in a chair with Jack half dressed sitting on floor in front of her. While I had nudist friends, and that their entire family walked around naked inside their own home, these people weren't nudist. We agreed it was unusual. She told me that she thought something weird was going on and his Mother had an abnormal strong hold over him. His mom btw, while close to my age, was a very attractive woman.
    But Stacy thought something was going on, so I suggested a course of action, the next time she and Jack, were drinking together, she should plant an idea in his head that she was unhappy about his relationship with his mother and then the next morning when he was hung over, act like she "knew the truth". Bluff and bullshit. Well, the following week it happened. She told him he said weird things about his mother after he was drunk and while he was sleeping, (that he was talking in his sleep was nothing new), and she even told him he said his Mother was great in bed. He then got real quiet, softly denied it, then went upstairs and had a long talk with his mom. Nobody spoke about it again. She thought she was just seeing something that wasn't there. Her boyfriend even started talking about them moving out.
    Then about 8-9 weeks later, Stacy was doing laundry and going around the house looking for dirty clothes. She went into Moms room, and found a shirt of Jacks on the side of the bed. The one he was wearing when she left for work earlier that day. She then pulled back the blankets on the bed and found her boyfriends boxers and what had to be a fresh sex stain on the bed lining. Stacy left every day for work at 530 am, the stepfather leaves at 430am, Jack was not working again and Mom was working in the late afternoon. The other siblings had actually gotten jobs. Jack and Mom were the only ones there all day.
    Stacy was furious. She knew the truth. Her boyfriend was screwing his mom. She kept a level head and didn't tell anyone what she knew. She passively interrogated her boyfriend and asked where his clothes were that he was wearing that morning, she said he played dumb. But that evening when his Mother came home he again disappeared into her bedroom to talk for nearly a half n hour.
    The next day she came into work and told me what she had found and asked how she could get evidence as she wanted to "destroy her" speaking of the boyfriends mother. So I gave her a gift, a very small digital audio recording device with an excellent microphone and a 24 hour recording limit. I suggested she place it in Moms bedroom somewhere above line of sight. So she did and in a couple of days she had audio of them talking and fucking. So again she came to me and we talked about what she should do. At first she wanted to play the recording in front of everyone in the family. I listened to the recording and it was not as clear to me as she described it. While I believed her, I told her that I could see them both convincing everyone you made it up or were just plain wrong and since it was something that people don't want to believe that they would take the easy way out and belive whatever Jack and his Mom said. So, I suggested another course of action.
    I suggested that she take the stepfather up on his request for sex. Screw the hell out of him for a few days, then play the audio for him. So she knew the stepfather got up around 3am and sometimes he would sit and watch porn in his office and jerk off before taking a shower. She had seen him doing in once, but walked away without him knowing.
    This is how it happened as she told me.
    A few nights later she waited in hallway spying until he was jerking it pretty good then walked in "Whatch watching Bud"?? She walked in wearing a small white tshirt and some very sexy panties. His cock was tightly gripped in his hand, he tried to first hide the cock and then the porn. She played like she didnt see what he was doing and just asked if he was watching porn and that she wouldn't tell as she didn't want to get him into trouble again. He admitted he was watching porn, so she asked what kind, and added that her favorite kind is blowjob videos. He said thats what he was watching, so she told him to turn it back on so she could watch too. So as he restarted the video she sat down on her knees next to him on the floor making the occasional noise of approval. After a couple of minutes he asked her what watching it makes her think about, she laughed and said that it makes her think about how much she likes sucking cock. He asked her if she wanted to suck some cock right now and she nodded yes and he pulled it out and she worked all of it into her mouth and sucked him dry.
    When she got to work she told me what she had done, every little detail, both action and words. My 8 inches got harder and harder the whole time she told me the story. I know she saw my tent-pole, I tried to be discreet at first, but eventually I was not evening trying to hide it. She didn't say a word about my hard-on, but she stared at it when she left to make a sandwich. I had to leave early that day so we didn't get to talk about it again. Around 4am the next morning I did recieve a text from her, simply stating "got fucked hard".
    When I got to work, I called her into my office. I had told my night manager that I was mad at Stacy and need to have a talk with her. As I pulled her in and locked the office door, she happily started telling me how he was up and waiting for her when she walked in his office and that he fucked her hard and made her cum more than once and that she was going to have him fuck her ass the next morning. She said she was a little disappointed as he was not very big, but he tried hard.
    I asked her if she liked big cocks. She said no, too big hurts. I asked her if 8 inches was too big and she said no 7 or 8 inches is a perfect fit. So, I pulled my cock out and asked her if she really wanted to wait until tomorrow to get fucked in her ass or if she would like to get 8 inches inside her right now. She literaly jumped on me, kissing me over and over, telling me, Now! I want you now!
    So I told that dirty little slut to turn around and I yanked down her pants and panties. I began smacking her ass with my hand, while pulling my belt off with my other hand. When I pulled it all the way off, I folded my belt and began smacking her ass hard. Leaving welt after welt on her ass and thighs. Each time I smacked her she would wimper a little and say quietly "again please daddy". After spanking her probably twenty times I ordered her to spread her legs and pushed her down hard onto my desk. As I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole I began pulling back hard on her shoulder with my free hand. Pulling her small tight little body onto my cock as I began slowly sliding it in. Each thrust allowed my cock to go deeper and deeper into her eventually allowing me to use both my hands to press both her shoulders down everytime I would thrust upwards. Soon my entire cock was inside her and my hands were gripped tightly onto her hips. I began pounding that tight little 22 year old ass, fucking harder and faster than I had done it what seemed a lifetime. As I got closer I began telling her that I was going to blow my load up her ass. This must of turned her out because when I shot my first load into her a few seconds later she shook and squirmed violently in what obviously was a nice orgasm.
    After we finished I called in another employee to work for Stacy and took her home with me and I put my cock and cum into every hole in her body.

    Later we drove back to my store to pick up her car and drove back to her place to pick up her stuff and her cats. Her boyfriend was crying like a bitch asking "why, why" and even the step dad was crying "don't leave". Fucking pathetic. After we loaded up her stuff Stacy drove off, I was securing the last of her stuff in the back of my truck. When her now ex-boyfriend, mom n step dad walked up and Jack got in my face, yelling at me that he would kick my old ass. I reminded him that I was twice his size and an ex Marine and that he was nothing more than a little boy who likes to fuck his mother and that Stacy knew. Then I told Mom that maybe she should fuck her husband instead of her son and then maybe her husband wouldn't of been chasing Stacy and that Stacy wouldn't of fucked him after she found out.
    We've been together now six months, I'm putting my Goddess thru college and yet every night I treat her just the way she likes... just the way this dirty little slut likes it.

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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    It all started one day when I accidently walked in the bathroom at my wife's mothers house and saw her cousin drying off in the shower, and seen the man meat her 26 year old cousin had. He is a slow person and thinks like a boy of about 10 he doesn't work and get's SSI so one day I was running to a town about 45 min west of here and asked him to go along to help out loading some flooring and earn a buck or two. As we drove down the highway I pretended to be rummaging through the glove compartment I kept putting my hand on his thigh near his crotch making sure to bump and rub his dick a little, he didn't seem to be upset with it, so I got a little brave and just started to strumming my fingers and nail tips over his cock through his jeans and to my pleasure he got a hard on pretty quickly,. I asked if it was ok if I continue to rub his dick?? No answer so I took that as a yes! After I got him good and hard I told him to lay the seat back and relax and open you're pants, to my surprise he did it and I played with his cock down the highway I couldn't believe he was going along with it. When we arrived at the hardware store I parked away from all the other cars and told him get back here with me and lay down in the back of the van I had taken the seats out earlier and had a blanket I told him to keep down because the van had tinted widows and could be seen into easily. He pulled down his pants just a little for me., but said don't I didn't want to hear that at this point so I just started rubbing his beautiful cock as softly and smoothly admiring the thickness of this young man's meat It wasn't as long as I had thought but it was thick and had a fat head. I took that fat dick in my wet mouth and working that cock as deep into my throat as I could, I banged it on the back of my throat it was to fat to get down. He was moaning and I could tell he was going to bust a nut soon he moaned and would whisper stop, I'm not stopping now I thought... I want that nut! I slurped and sucked up and down on that sweet dick. I hadn't sucked a cock since I had a suck buddy over 20 years ago. Man I needed cock today. He moaned and lurched between begging me to stop I sucked his sweet cock as best I could to shut him up, when he did explode I had it to the back of my throat as far as I could and all most gaged on it, I couldn't swallow yet so I backed it up a bit as he continued filling my mouth with that sweet nectar he busted the biggest nut I ever had, again and again he came. I had to swallow to keep from spilling that sweet juice I slurped every last drop off that sweet candy cock... That was a few years ago Now whenever we can get away from the family, my wife is at work, I will find little odd jobs for him to do so to be alone with him after a little work I bring him in the house ask him what he would like to do. I introduced him to porn and he enjoys girl on girl I'll sit him on my chair and set up what he likes to watch and he will sit there and rub himself till he gets a hard on then I'll suck him off he has even asked to suck me but he doesn't stick with it long. His cock has gotten longer and a bit thinner not as fat as it was, but the good thing is I can get it down my throat. It's great to have a suck buddy again

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    I almost lost my virginity.
    It all started when one of the guys in the same program as me, asked if I wanted to get stoned with him.
    We currently reside in a dormitory on its highest floor (3rd floor) and discovered that the 2nd floor dorm rooms are all unlocked, so we decided to get stoned in one of those rooms, locking the door of course.
    Before we even get started, he somehow manages to catch his hair on fire for a brief moment. After that, we started. In between sessions, he always brought up bits of our past, hinting with questions he wanted answers. In addition, he started getting touchy feely with me - first, by leaning his head on my arm and then resting his head in my lap and passed me the bong to take a hit hit. Then out of now where, he sits up and touches my leg and asks if I still like white boys (I'm black and I recall on several occasions that I said white guys are more of my forte) and I said yes. This led to him asking if I still liked him - which I said yes.
    Next thing I know, he's leaning forward slowly - I'm caught off guard as his kips meet mine - this was my first kiss! We make out for several minutes until he takes me to the other bed and begins kissing all over my body. He lifted my shirt and started sucking on my boobs, down my stomach. When he tried pulling down my pants, I spazzed for a brief moment because of my self consciousness of my body. I admitted how I'm a bit more bushy down there and he didn't seem to mind. He pulled my pants completely to my ankles and starts eating me out. He kept his face down there for lord knows how long before he decided to kiss back up my chest and kiss me. I tasted myself on his lips and tongue.
    Next, he started grinding himself on me, causing me to stir in a hormonal mess. And he asks if it's okay to have sex. I reluctantly answer that oral sex is as far as we could go. And when he appeared as though he wanted an explanation after stating that he has condoms, I tell him that I'm a virgin and I made a pact with my mother to tell her before I'm ready to have sex to confide in her first. Basically, she'll be the first to know if I'm ready for sex and promised to give me the needed materials. My openness with my mom started when I told her I masturbated and in that same day, she bought me a vibrator bullet and said that shed rather me masturbate than sleep around and possibly get pregnant before freshman year of college.
    So, he nodded in understanding and climbed on top of me, rubbing my v-area and pulled his junk out in my face. I give my first blowjob ever and the first thing he says is, "Careful with the teeth." I giggled and continued. In the middle of me doing that, he gets off and tells me to sit up and suck him off, which I do. A few minutes later, he tells me to basically sit on his face, which k do and suck him off. This was my first ever 69.
    We sucked each other for several minutes, moaning with mutual pleasure and before I know it, he starts jerking himself and comes. I was able to taste a bit since his hand was in the way of me engorging him. We lied by one another for a few minutes and then I broke the silence, saying how we should head back to our dorm rooms to our (probably) sleeping roommates before they get suspicious.
    For some odd reason,the kept voicing his concern of me never talking to him again, since I was silent during our oral exchange - I said that I'm a bit shy when it comes to these things and that it was my first time ever doing anything like that.
    I'm actually surprised that I was able to utter out that we can't go all the way because I was horny as hell and would've screwed any living thing at that moment. And I'm also surprised that I knew a stopping point of our actions. It was like, I was very conscious of what we were doing, however, I still thought of consequences such as pregnancy (which was one of the reasons he understood my dilemma with not losing my virginity).
    Anyways, not certain if we'll talk after what happened but we'll see I suppose.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    When I was fourteen, my mother was seeing a guy who seemed like a real b*stard to me. Then one day I heard him slam out of the house, and drive away screeching tires. I went to check on my Mom, and found her chained to the wall of her walk-in closet. I asked her how I get her free, where were the keys, but she had this heavy leather hood over her head, and could only make 'mmmmmffff' noises under it. I asked her if he took the keys with him, and she nodded emphatically. Now, I was pretty bright for my age, and I thought either this stuff was hers, or he had just abandoned it, and some of it looked pretty expensive. So I asked if he was coming back. Emphatic shake of the head. So all this stuff is yours, I asked. Reluctant nod. Her nakedness, and her dripping sex, was affecting me strangely. I mean I had played with a stiffie during the night, and it had felt good, and here I was getting one right now. She was squirming against the wall, which made things even more urgent. Her legs were spread wide apart, and before I knew what I was doing, my fingers were on and in, her dripping sex. She screamed faintly in the heavy hood, and bucked and writhed, and I found I couldn't stop touching her, learning quickly what really worked, and using that enthusiastically, enjoying her intense pleasure reaction. After a while, I asked her if she wanted me to stop, and she shook her head wildly, so I didn't. Not then, not later when she spurted, and not even after the third time this happened. I discovered the hood was only tied round her neck, so I untied it, and lifted it off, revealing her wet hair, flushed face, and a square of duct-tape over her mouth, which I eased off as painlessly as I could. She drew in some long shuddering breaths, and gasped red-faced "this is wrong! You have to stop!" "Why?" I demanded. "You are obviously enjoying it, I am obviously enjoying it, I don't know how to release you, so I might as well make it as pleasant for you as I can, until we figure out an answer" I went back to teasing her purple, distended sex, just a little embarrassed at her familiar much-loved features, distorted in the intense agony of over-stimulation, as I now realize, alrghough not then. So I tied the hood back over her head once more, and I tink we were both less embarrassed. She kept gasping at me to stop, that it was wrong, but I was really enjoying it, especially since she was once more a helpless stranger, nothing more. I knew the principles of sex, and gradually persuaded myself it was okay, and worked my swollen whatsit into her, and pumped in and out a few times, realizing quickly that this felt so fantastic, I knew I was going to do a lot of it! She was mumbling 'oh please!' over and over, and I decided she meant keep going. It turned out that I was insatiable, and not only able to last forever, but repeat in no time flat. After my third awesome eruption, I stopped, realizing she was crying. I took off the hood, and asked her what was wrong? "Nothing!"she said, "I'm so happy, and I shouldn't be! This is wrong, wrong, wrong!" "How can anything that feels so good, be wrong?" I demanded. "Who is it hurting? Not me, that's for damned sure, and you say you're happy enough to cry, so where's the harm?" She sighed, and said "You can NOT tell ANYONE about this! NOBODY! Do you understand?" I agreed that it would be our secret, and promised never to say anything to anyone. "Well, in that case, young man, you have absolute power! Total control! You can do ANYTHING you want to me. Just don't hurt me! Well, maybe just a little....if you want you think I'm crazy? To enjoy this? I can't help it - I've always needed this since I was your age! Your father was comfortable with it before the accident....that guy that left with the keys wanted to go further - much further, and I didn't trust him. He got mad, and now here we are...." "Mom, I'm happy too! I really love all this, and I'm going to keep you tied up all the time, some way or another, 24/7/365! We have plenty of money after the settlement, and I'll be done with school for the summer, in a week or two. Meanwhile I just have to make you comfortable but helpless during my absence, so you can't change your mind. Meantime, you don't look too uncomfortable like that, while I go find up a pair of bolt-cutters and some new padlocks with keys. Might stop at he Army Surplus store too, see what they've got! Back soon, Mom, don't go anywhere, you hear?" When I got back, she was back to being crazy horny, and so I hooded and gagged her with a thin strap buckled over her mouth, holding the heavy leather hard between her lips, and away we went again, for the next delightful hour or three. "I found a great way to keep you comfortably helpless It's an old Vietnam-era bodybag, and I can zip you up in it with plenty of air, and you won't get cramped or anything. When I get back from school,depending on my mood, you can either stay in it, or maybe go back like you are now. I'll make an opening at your mouth, and groin, glue in small zippers, and your every need can be met! Sound good? Ten years down the road, it still sounds good, and ahe's still only fifty, and as horny as ever!

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  • — My Family —
    Gay Male / 18

    This is not a dirty sex secret, this is not for me to feel kinky about sharing my sex life. This is me telling you what happend. Because no one can know the truth.

    When I was 5 I was mold eyes by my baby sitter. He told me it was a game, ware he was trying to make me make noise by doing uncomfortable and odd things to me, and if I was good and quiet I would typiclly get a treat afterwords normally candy or a happy meal toy.
    He told me he loved me alot.
    Took me many years but I now know this is why it's uncomfortable for me to make noise while having sex. Then when I was 16 I got kicked out and moved in with my mom and stepfather. I can't remember if it was only a few days or a week, but when I first moved in their was an afternoon ware my stepfather an I were the only ones in the house. I came into their room to ask something when I realized my stepdad was asleep. I turnned then he said "close the door an come over here!" I did so and then he grabed me and pulled me under the covers with him and fell back asleep. He was much bigger than me, verry strong and heavy, I could only move my head. He held me for at least 20mim abit longer. Then started kissing my neck. I told him I wasent mom. I said it over an over again till I was shouting, and he didn't stop till I felt something jabbing at my ass crack. I panicked and tryed to squerm free but he was to heavy..
    He pushed my head under the covers and pushed his underware down and shoved his cock down my throat. I could stop gagging I thought I was gonna puke. He was terrifyingly big, honestly the biggest I'd ever seen. If u took a coke can and set it longways ontop if his shaft you would still be able to see his cock on ether side of the can. And about anouther 3 inches past.
    He kept me from moving and gaged me till he came. Then as he started going down I tryed to get away again, but he still had me. I sat their shaking for a long while and then.. A thought poped into my head, if I can't get out of it I might as well enjoy it. So.... I started sucking on him till he got hard again and then until he came again.

    He sat up and asked "is this what u want??" I said "no not really."
    He looked confused. Then I said "u started it" and took my chance to get up off the bed and far from his reach.

    His simy said "shit!"

    Then after he dressed himself and I washed out my mouth and wiped of my face he exsplained to me he has sex in his sleep much like other people sleep walk or get up and eat in their sleep, he can't help it. He said that was why my sisters wernt aloud in the room when he was sleeping. But they never thought to tell me because he normally dosent go after manly gays, he just likes the cross dressers and only on ocation. We agreed to never talk about it after that.
    But. About 2 weeks latter we were wrestling (normal for my family). And he pinned me and... We both got hard, an then he started kissing my neck again and them my lips. Not only the biggest cock I'd ever seen but he was a good kisser too!
    It became sorta a thing for a while. At first every time he and I were alone for more than two hrs we did it. Then as time whent on he kept becoming more agressive and asking me to try new things, handcuffs, coaking, then he would stop carring when I would say stop, then I told him I didn't want to do it anymore, any of it. The fallowing night he forced me with mom right across the house. That was when I knew I was helpless, their was nothing I could do. He kept getting more agressive till he was punching my ribs and coaking me till I almost blacked out and worse...
    It continued like this until one day I told him I'd tell mom, I was shaking and I still don't understand why it was so hard to fight him or say anything, but it took alot just to say that to him.
    He stopped, and about two weeks latter my mother noticed something was wrong (fucking finnnaly!!) and kept pressing for answers till I told her.
    He told hre he had no memory of any of it and acted like he was gonna turn himself in. Mom asked if that was what I wanted and I realized that if he whent to jail he couldn't pay for my sisters collage anymore....

    I said no... Then the three of us agreed not to say anything about it again.. Worst part is mom really believed that he dosent remember.

    Begenni ng to end it lasted two years the first year was willing and exsperimental the second was torcher and constant fear.

    He hasent touched me sence but I still live with him, and sometimes it's hard. Especially when mom dosent understand why and then If I tell her she acts like I hit her or something.

    I move out hopefully sometime after June. A friend is coming down and were gonna get a place together.

    I hate him and wish him dead every day. Yet I still love my mom and wish her no harm. My sister ended up taking care if her own collage. And now the only reason I haven't said anything is because Inlove her and I know that if I put him in jail Cort will find out she knew and did nothing and she will go to jail too, and then the only family I will have left I'd my sisters if they wish to speak to me afterwords.

    And now u see. I can never tell and I don't know if I can ever truly recover.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    My Mother Does Not Like the Taste of Semen

    Well, I learnt something about my mother recently. She doesn't like the taste of semen. What happened is that I am an 18-year-old athelete and I was injured in a sporting accident last month. After returning home from the hospital for recuperation, my mother looked after my needs (all of them, as you will find out). We cannot afford a private nurse. Initially, while at home, I was on my back much of the time and Mom gave me a daily sponge bath. Later, when I was standing better, she helped me in and out of the shower. A couple of times she washed me in the shower. This was a bit tricky because I was naked and she tried to keep dry in her work clothes. She washed every part of my body, including my penis and balls. I thought nothing of it because she is my MOTHER. But recently, when I was on my back on the bed, her hands seemed to migrate over to my genital area. As I recall, she asked how things are going with my girlfriend and if I miss the "sexual interaction" (her words). She didn't use the word "sex". I said that I sure do. Well, guess what? Mom put one hand on my penis and the other on my balls and said, "I can help, but let's keep this to ourselves as your nosy dad would have a fit if he knew what I'm doing." Over the next several minutes she gave me a blowjob - my own mother! At one point, I thought that she would gag as she inserted my penis so far into her mouth. Up and down, she went with her lips on my penis, over and over until finally, I ejaculated. She seemed to be shocked as she hurried to the bathroom and spat out the semen. When she returned, she said that she dislikes the taste of semen and wished that I had called out to her that I was about to "come". This would have given her time to remove my penis from her mouth and reposition it tightly between her hands. I would then ejaculate into her hands. She doesn't seem to mind that. So that's it. Mom doesn't like the taste of semen, INCLUDING MINE.
    BN (older son)

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My landlord is my neighbor. She likes to use and take advantage of people. If you help her out, she says she'll pay you or take you to lunch, but doesn't. She charges an exorbitant amount of rent for a run down cat pissy trailer. She pulls up to the trailer and beeps her horn (how rude) because she doesn't think she should have to get her fat butt out of the car and knock on the door like a civil person would. She's not handicapped, but uses the handicap parking tag in her car so she can park close to the stores. When people move out, she tells them they can't take any of the flowers they planted, then she comes down and digs them up for her own yard. She allows the freakass neighbors to harass me and do whatever they want. They all get lawn services done but I'm told I have to do my own all of a sudden and I pay $100.00 more than anyone else for this stupid brown panelling 1960's Brady Bunch trailer that direly needs the heat vents cleaned because everyday everything gets covered with dust when we use the heat. That would cost about $250 to clean. She should pay for it. I used to clean her house and she would have diarreah squirts on the toilet seat. She's so cheap I bet she gives out leftover Easter and Valentine's candy to Halloween trick or treaters. Either that or she gives them a spoon of peanut butter, tells them to hurry up and lick it because she wants her plastic spoon back. She went to Europe with a bunch of people and they were the only fat ones there. They must have looked like a herd of buffalo amongst gazelles. I hope that was a humbling experience. For the amount of rent I pay, I should at least have a washing machine. The service people she hires are horndog assholes and hit on me. She also has dandruff all over her glasses. It's most unnerving when you talk to her, makes you want to tell her to get some windshield wipers for her spectacles. She pisses me off- when I went on vacation she found a "reason" to go into my trailer even though I told her I had someone to look after the place. She was nosy and wanted to snoop.

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