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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    At the age of only 15 I lost my virginity to a much older guy, a man who was more than double my age. He, his cock and the sex was very dissapointing. Whether it was the whole dissaponting experience with him or I was always going to have a lesbian relationship, I met and fell for a girl I'll call Becky. I was almost 17 when we met and straight away our sexual times together were amazing. It was the kind of sexual experiences I'd expected when I seduced the older guy. Everything was right between us and I soon found how much I loved nothing more than to spend a whole morning, afternoon or evening having sex, and burying my face between her long slender legs.
    Four months ago I started to hear rumours about Becky's father Alan from a few girls I know. One claimed she'd slept with him and told me how big his cock was and how much of a fantastic lover he was. Alan and Becky's mother are divorced and I'd heard it was because of Alan's wayward sexual nature. Then one morning eight weeks ago, after I'd called by her house, Alan answered the door in just a bath towel wrapped around his waist, saying Becky had gone over to her mothers and would be staying the night.
    I was a little annoyed because Becky knew I was calling by. Looking at Alan almost naked and thinking about what I'd been told, knowing there was a large thick cock only inches from me, I instictively put out my right hand and held onto the bulge showing through the towel. As I've said Alan is not behind the door when it comes to sex and how to entice females into bed. Realising the situation he put his hand up to my face and pulled me towards him. In seconds we were kissing just inside his doorway with the door still open.
    Stopping him from kissing me, I held onto the towel looked down and pulled. My face must have been a picture of lust awe and total shock. In front of me I can only describe as a rolling pin sized dick, a dick that an hour later had screwed my pussy to three orgasms. The real horny part was for me, making Alan fuck on Becky's bed, the same bed I'd often licked out his daughters beautiful pussy on.
    I measured Alan's cock last week before he fucked me in his car, it's just under 10 inches long and is nearly seven inches around. He knows I'm still having a relationship with Becky, but we both know its his cock and how wonderfully he fucks me, is the real reason I call by now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    I have gotten into panty sniffing in the last few years. Here is my list:

    17 year old daughter of a co-worker, swim suit bottoms. Not really much smell there. I used the bathroom in the condo they were staying in and there they were.

    Another co-workers 16 year old daughter. went by to pick him up for a business trip. Found panties in the hamper and in her room on the floor while he was on the phone. Sweet young pussy smell!

    20 year old cousin's swim suit bottoms. She was staying with her grandmother and had the suit on all afternoon, but no swimming. Went to the bathroom and there they were on the floor. Delicious!

    19 year old girlfriend of my cousin. Was at the lake house she was staying in. Happened to glance in her bedroom and her panties were on top of her jeans where she had stepped out of them. Best thing is, I got to smell her sweet young pussy before my sissy boy cousin did!

    25 year old house guest at my house, today. Everyone went out and I was ready. Found them on top of her dirty clothes. Took them and put them on my face and jacked off. The best by far! had plenty of time to enjoy them.

    Always on the lookout for opportunities. Going on a business trip in a few weeks with same co-worker again. I hope the panties are available and the opportunity comes up!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 29

    I was reading Hebrews 11 yesterday, reminding myself again of this convicting verse, 11:6: âAnd without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.â

    See that word, IMPOSSIBLE?? It hurts to read it. So much of my life Iâve thought pleasing God meant doing a bunch of things, of being productive. And I honestly havenât thought my incessant worry about money meant anything to the Almighty God. I worked hard, hoped for money, and placed my trust firmly in its ability to rescue me.

    I have trusted money to solve my problems.

    I have run to finances first when I wanted freedom from stress.

    I remember my friend Paul in Ghana who canât run to money when life knocks him down. He canât go to a doctor when heâs sick with malaria (it costs money). He canât buy his way out of trouble. All he can do is run first to God, trusting Him as Provider.

    Sometimes I am jealous of my friend Paul. He has everything stripped away, no props, no crutches. He has to trust God. I, instead, run to what I feel will fill me. I naively (sadly) believe in lesser things. Surrounded (drowning??) in stuff keeps me insulated from trusting Him. I wrongly believe that when a certain amount of provision comes my way, then I will stop worrying.

    But worrying is a terrible disease. Itâs cancer. It cannot stop growing. (Click to tweet this.) Itâs in its nature to multiply despite how much we have. If I cannot be grateful and peaceful RIGHT NOW, I will never be grateful and peaceful with more.

    I love what Ian Morgan Cron writes in his excellent book, Chasing Francis.

    âThere is a law in physics that applies to the soul. No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time; one thing must displace another. If your heartâs crammed tight with material things and a thirst for wealth, thereâs no space left for God.â Ian Morgan Cron. Chasing Francis

    Oh dear.

    There it is in black and white. Canât serve two masters. Canât trust two masters.

    Money isnât the answer to my stress. Jesus is. But my heartâs been so full of my own schemes for provision that Iâve neglected to trust God for His provision.

    I bow before the cross, the beautiful, terrible cross. That place where my desires are crucified and I am undone, stripped, bare. Where I realize that I took nothing into this world and I will take NOTHING from it. Money is small. Itâs a tool for the kingdom, but it is not my savior. It cannot make my heart right. It cannot ultimately solve my issues, curb my stress, or love me. It simply is. But God is the Great I Am.

    Without trust, I cannot please God.

    So I surrender right now, as I type this, asking for forgiveness. I choose right now to shift my heart away from worry, from believing money solves everything, from materialism, from striving like a crazy woman. I place my gaze on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my wavering faith.

    The fact is I have stopped worrying and just asked god for what I want and trust... money is the start of worries that I know I can handle with god's light. I do not fear materialism or poverty, and I do not strive crazed but simply ask and wait to hear the word from the lord, trust that his love is so divine that all my prays and dreams are answered and my worries will be easy to bare in the lords name!


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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Three weeks back my sisters husband called by my apartment, something he usually never does on his own. He's always known I'm a bisexual guy and that was the reason he'd called by. He quite simply asked me if I'd consider having sex with him. More to the point, he wanted to know what it was like to be fucked by another guy.
    He went on to tell me he and my sister had had sex which involved her using a dildo up his ass, and now he wanted to know what it felt like for real.
    I was extremely reticent at first, but his insistance and my hardening cock, my libido got the better of my head and after showering together, we ended up on my bed naked.
    Over the next two hours I had an incredible time wit my brother in law. It was obvious his ass had been fucked by something before, because thrusting my eight and half inches up his rear really wasn't too tight. By the time he left to return home, I'd fucked him three times, the last time as he leant over the balcony of my apartment over looking the night sky and the streets below.
    He's been back four times since and each time we've gone further with our sexual expressions together. He's a real out and out bottom and I have to admit, he's probably the most sexually erotic guy I've had sex with.
    My dilema now, is how do we carry on knowing he's my sisters husband and should we be fucking one another at all??

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    WOW! Not able to satisfy everyone I suppose. I started this earlier, got almost to the end, and it just up and disappeared. So, her goes my 2nd try.
    Many of you may have read this earlier. Yeah, way earlier. I confessed this just after it happened but that was one long time ago.
    Okay, my mom and dad divorced when I was too young to remember what was happening. My sister was about 2 years younger. The way things were split up were, dad got me (lucky thing, lol) and mon kept sis. Dad was a contractor so he moved his business to Oklahoma. Mom and sis, I learned when I was old enough to comprehend, remained in southern Oregon. I mspent most of my younger life in child care centers, until I grew old enough to be left alone. Now, dad was killed in a construction accident. I was a senior in high school when this happened. Mom and sis came to the funeral held in Oklahoma. Burial was held in Oregon in the family plot. I returned to Oregon to live with my mom and sis. Dad did own the construction business as I said, also lots of property, equipment, and a really nice home in the out skirts of town. Mom acted as my guide and obtained a realtor to handle selling the business. It went for big bucks. Enough that sis and I will probably never need to work if we handle our share properly.
    All right now, as I said, I moved in with mom and sis. This was the same house that dad gave to her with the divorce. Sis and I slept upstairs, different bedrooms. As I said, sis is about 2 years younger than me, making her nearly 17 because I will turn 19 in December. One day I was showering, forgot to lock the door as when I lived with dad we never locked the door. As I finisher my shower and was about to get out and dry off I got a big shock, sis was standing before the bathroom mirror applying makeup and all she had on was a night gown. All I could see in the mirror was my naked body standing there and sis facing the mirror with the front of her gown unbuttoned. I could see most of 2 beautiful tits and a nice patch of bush. She looked at me in the mirror and smiled. I had a semi hard on from the shower spraying on my body. Sis turned and said, "WOW, can I feel that??" And I replied, "You can if I can feel you pretty tits." She opened her gown and let it fall to the floor. We both were baked. As I grabbed her tits I could them getting tight and he nipples where growing also and sticking straight out. She took my dick into both hands and began playing with it. I got a monstrous hard and I began licking and sucking her nipples. She leaned back on the counter top and spread her legs. I then started playing with her pussy and she started moaning. She directed my hard dick to the lips of her pussy and I spread the lips and helped direct my dick into her pussy. She started fucking while leaning on the counter. She was really moaning and I suppose I was doing my share too. I could tell that she was cuming without her telling me. She would moan and force herself toward me so that she could feel the entire length of my dick. As I began to cum I pulled out and shot my load into the wash bowl. We then got a warm soapy face towel and cleaned my dick and her pussy and she cleaned the cum from the bowl by washing it down with water.
    Okay, that evening sis had a date so mom and I ordered in our dinner. After we finished eating I offered to help clean up the little mess we made but mom insisted that she could do it alone so I retired to the den and started flipping through the channels hoping to find something educational like a cartoon. heehee. Mom came in soon and sat beside me on the couch. She asked what I was searching for and I told her, "Nothing in particular, just looking." Soon I came upon an adult movie, I suppose HBO, so I hurriedly flipped off that. Mom said, "Wait, return to that channel, it's educational." and smiled. She told me that she was upstairs this afternoon and heard me and Beth (sis) in the bathroom. You really must have had a good time from the noise you were making. Kinda embarrassed me so I didn't say anything. She kept talking, said that she paused and listened for a while and it got her all excited because she has surrendered to sex toy all since her divorce but admitted that she had dated a few times but never took anyone serious enough to submit to them. She asked if I had dated many girls and if I had gotten serious with any of them. She was picky as any mother I suppose. I did confess that I had dated several girls and if she meant if I took any serious about sex I said, "Yes, I did have sex with a few." She asked if I took it serious enough to want to continue, maybe for life, like maybe marriage??" I told her that I had not ever thought of marriage at my age. About then a scene came on TV of this boy and girl romancing, hugging and kissing. She stared at this scene and placed her hand on my leg and more than not intentionally picked the spot near my dick. I tried to forget my thoughts but I still began to get an erection. She knew this because she kept glancing down. She asked, "Is this film doing that or is my hand there doing it??" And I said, "Both I suppose." And she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and smiled. The girl on TV was beginning to run her hands all over the boy, nothing explicit, just enough to make your thoughts wonder. Mom leaned against me and began running her hand all over me with special emphasis on my belly just above my growing hard dick. She liked that and took my hand and placed it on her leg just under her skirt. As she kept rubbing me I began to rub her legs and sge leaned back on the couch and began moaning and told me, "Take advantage of me. Do what ever you want. I can tell by that thing throbbing that you want more." and she patted my dick to indicate "that thing." I slid my hand up farther only to discover that she was not wearing and panties. I looked a her and she said, "Yeah, after hearing you and Beth I had to go to my bedroom and use one of my toys and I just never put them back on." She asked if I wanted to take her to her bedroom. And I said, "Okay!" And off we go. It was early so she turned back the covers and we removed our cloths and lay side by side, playing with each other. We did not engage on oral sex this first time. We simply had missionary sex and made it last as long as we could. Mom did cum several times to my once. I suggested that I pull out because I felt I was about to cum. Mom told me that she has had a hysterectomy and could not get pregnant and besides, she loves the feel of warm cum inside of her.
    So, I slept in her bed with her all night. The next day sis asked where I stayed last night because after she got home from her date she came to my room and I wasn't there. I kinda laughed and said, "Don't you wish yo knew??" And she said, "I think I do." and that is all that was said, at that time.
    I am married now but mom and I and even sis and I are still close and sometimes that closeness gets too close. I just hope my wife nor sis' husband ever learn.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 34

    I am a thirty four year old woman who has recently made a most interesting discovery about her mother and father. They were out of town for a few days and I was watching their house. Well, right there on the book shelf - there was no snooping involved, I found an envelope with half a dozen photgraphs. And, very kuch to my surprise, it was mom and dad - nude! Appaerently it was taken at the beach. There mom was, completely bare, and there dad was, the same way, and with a hard on! I could scarely believe my eyes! I had no idea that they ever did anything like that, but I saw the proof. It was very interesting getting to see my parents like this, I can tell you! Well, of course I never mentioned my discovery to either of them, but I sure do have a smile on my face that they will never know why it's there!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    My mother and father divorced when I was fifteen. My mom and I had always been close, altough after I turned eighteen the two of us started to become sort of romantically playful. Discretely, of course, and just when we were at home. Well, this went on for a year and the two of became quite comfortable enjoying having a relationship like this. Then one afternoon we sort of let ourselves get carried away and we got naked in bed together and made love. The only problem was that we really had not been planning on doing this, so we didn't take any precautions. My mom was not worried about this, and I went all the way with her. Not once, but twice that afternoon. Afterwards, we admittedly were a little regretting about this. Two weeks later, though, she had her period as normal and everything was thankfully all right, and I had not gotten her pregnant. Since then, she has gotten back on the pill and we have continued to enjoy being intimate and with no worries or regrets.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    This summer a friend and I were feeling bored. We were over at his house that morning, and a bottle of mother's nail polish was sitting there on the coffee table. We were both barefoot, and just for laugghs, we decided to paint our toenails. It was quite a kick doing that and pretty neat. It was also something of a turn. We both enjoyed that, so we did it a few more times over the next week. Then we wndered what we would look like as gilrs. So we put on some eye makeup and combed our hair into a femenine style as best we could, and we were both surprised that we actually made pretty passable girls. We laughed about it, and a few days later we decided to get made up as girs and go out to see how people reacted. It was kind of disappointing, because nobody looked at us strangely. They just thought that we were girls.
    It was a blast getting to be a girl, so the two of began dressing and going out and having fun. Of course nobody knows about our secret, but we had a blast doing that all summer long.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 41

    I found a box in my wife's dresser. It was a home pregnancy test. One of the tests was missing. It hadn't expired yet so I knew it wasn't all that old. Here's the problem. I had a vasectomy 13 years ago after our last child was born.

    At first I convinced myself that there was some reasonable explanation but the only one that made sense was that she was cheating. It took awhile but I slowly got her laptop and phone passwords by carefully watching her enter it. it was the last four numbers of her mother's phone number. I purposely stayed up late a few times to sneak off with her phone and laptop.

    Well she's cheating all right with two different guys (Mike & Derek) and her two best friends, who I thought were friends of mine too, not only know but both of them encourage her to do it.

    Both of her friends knew of the pregnancy scare. One wanted her to get an abortion, the other wanted her to have it even though it would obviously not be mine. I'm a little unsure if she was really pregnant or not because one of the emails to the pro-abortion friend said that if she got an abortion she would tell the other friend it was a false alarm.

    As far as I can tell she's been meeting these guys for awhile and I've been in the dark. I am out of town frequently and she goes out for a lot of girl's nights out which now is obviously a cover for her cheating. Nothing in the email explains why or how this happened but some of her friends comments include things like "you deserve this", "He's (me!) never going to find out", "it was a mistake, either make them wear condoms or get the damn shot" (which I assume is a birth control thing."

    There was also some references to me which were rather unflattering like "he's a nice guy but....." type things. "He's a great husband but your still young and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do". "Stop worrying about him. He doesn't know, he's not gonna know and in ten years it won't matter, it's just sex." And the killer "lol, every woman I know would love to be fucking two guys with huge dicks and you're complaining about it." to which she replied "Ha ha ha...I know right"

    I love my wife and family and honestly, I probably would have been happy if I never found out but unfortunately I have. I have to confront her but I really don't want to lose her. I'm kinda lost.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 33

    I'm a single father. My wife is long gone. My daughter is the focus of my life, even though trying to bring up a daughter can be troublesome. Especially when I had to get her first training bra this past summer.

    On Halloween she went to a party with her friends.

    On Saturday I heard strange noises from her bedroom and peeked in. There she was, in just a t-shirt, working on her pussy with a dildo while she watched something on her computer. I have no idea where she got a dildo. Like any man, seeing a girl work on herself with a dildo made me hard, and I whacked off while she moaned and said vulgar fucking things. She came with the same sounds as her mother and I shot a load on her door frame. She had no idea I had watched her.

    When she went out with some friends yesterday, I looked at her computer. It was easy to find the video she had been watching. It was the Halloween party she had been at on Thursday, just a couple of days ago. She fucked four boys and had lesbian sex with a girl. I found four other videos of her having sex with boys, girls, men, and a dog. I also found a bunch of videos of her friends having sex.

    My daughter's a slut. And it makes me hard. I copied her videos for my own computer. Then I burned a disk.

    I went out this morning and bought her a vibrator kit with all the attachments. When she got back from school, I told her that someone had mailed me the disk. She was afraid until I took out the kit and gave it to her. She was so happy she hugged me and told me I was the best Daddy ever. Then she asked me if I wanted to "play".

    We watched the disk together. She played with me while she commented on the sex acts she had performed, how she had lost her virginity last year, how much she enjoyed getting off. She made me use the vibrator and all it's attachments on her. Then she demanded my cock inside her. God she's a vulgar bossy demanding little c**t. She squeezed three loads out of me.

    She's out like a light now. I'd like to say I wore her out, but she's a catnapper, she takes little naps all the time. I expect her to get up and demand more. I'm going to like this.

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