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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 32

    One time 4 of us went camping at a campground. It was me, my wife, her sister and her husband. When we got there, me and my brother-in-law were a little sweaty and decided to go have a shower. We went down to the showers and it was one big shower room. It was going to be awkward getting naked in front of him because we had never been naked in front of each other. I began to think how awkward it will be showering in front him and began to worry about what he might think if I suddenly get an erection for some reason because I won’t be able to hide it. We both undressed and began to shower. My worrying was for nothing and it really wasn’t awkward like I thought it might be. It was just the 2 of us in there and we were talking like we normally do. Towards the end of our shower who is at the entrance to the shower room but both our wives. They begin to talk to us as we were showering. They were in clothes but us 2 guys were naked and our wives were looking at each other’s naked husband and not making any effort to quickly leave. It was getting a little awkward now because I wasn’t expecting my sister-in-law to see me this way and for my wife to see her husband the same way. It got even more awkward for me when the thing I worried about happening in front of her husband began to happen. I began to get an erection and decided to ignore it was happening and just kept showering. I think they all noticed but didn’t say anything. Our wives stayed until we were done and all 4 of us walked back to our camp site.
    I never found out if our wives planned this whole shower thing just to see us naked or if it just accidentally happened and they both just decided to take full advantage of the situation.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 31

    So the other day my wife and I were setting each other and she started sending me pictures of lesbians in pantyhose and threesomes of pantyhose. I never really thought about it but it all started turning me on. I asked her why all the pantyhose pictures and lesbian and threesome sex. She said do you remember when we went to that party a few weeks ago and I wore those sexy shiny pantyhose and you said how sexy I looked in them. I said I do, you looked hot! She said for some reason wearing them make me feel so sexy. She then said I have thought about having a threesome for about a year but didn't know how you would feel. As I'm reading this my dick was hard as a rock. I said so what you want to leave me for a woman? She said hell no, I love you more than anything and love our sex life and would never cheat on you but something about when we watch porn once in a while and seeing a woman eat pussy or get eaten while being fucked or sucking dick does something to me. She said wearing a sexy pair of hose and seeing a woman in shiny hose and heels is just so sexy. I told her if you really want to have a threesome I'm in, I just don't want to lose you. She said never.

    She started doing some research on pantyhose parties and we found one that they were having in Florida. We live in North Carolina so it seemed like a bit of a reach but I thought we could make it a three day weekend and we decided to go. We signed up for the party and away we went. We arrived at the hotel and had a few drinks and decided to get ready. I was dressed and ready and decided to go down to the bar for a drink. My wife came down about a half hour later wearing a white short slutty dress with a pair of the silkiest and shines those ever. She had on 4" fuck me heels and my heart about jumped out of my chest. I wanted to bend her over and feel her legs and fuck the shit out of her. I grabbed her ass and started kissing her and rubbing her legs and I was so hard I couldn't stand it. She kissed me back and grabbed my dick and then stopped me. She handed me a pill and said eat this because I want you hard all night. I didn't have problems getting hard but I also knew I didn't want to miss any of the action tonight. It was only about 7:00 and the party didn't start until 9:00 so we had a few more drinks and then headed off. When we got to the party there were sexy women in ahiny pantyhose everywhere. I was kinda of concerned going in that it would be a bunch of freaks and ugly ass people everywhere but it was quite the opposite. There were dr.s, lawyers, you name it. I have to say my wife was the finest one there though. We stood there talking to each other when a woman about 40 came up and said to my wife that you have the sexiest body and legs in here. You should be proud to have her the lady said to me. I said believe me I am and she's my best friend. They lady looked great, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had on a short black skirt that was skin tight with a great set of tits and shiny hoss that looked just like my wife's which she paid about $ 50.00 for. The last asked what brought us here. I said we were just curious and we both love pantyhose so thought why not. My wife was a bit more open and said, honestly he's right but I have been thinking about a threesome for sometime and thought this may be the place to find it. The lady said this really isn't a pick up place but I happen to be bi and both of you are very attractive. She said lets get to know each other and see what happens. I got us some drinks and we sat at the bar with my wife in the middle.

    I started feeling her legs and rubbing on her kissing her neck. The beautiful lady came and stood between us and kisses my wife and started rubbing my dick. She then kissed me and said maybe we should go. I had my hand in her crotch rubbing her pussy and I could feel the wetness through her pantyhose. We went back to our room and my wife and her started making out. I dropped my pants and started rubbing my dick. I have an average dick, nothing special but my wife likes it. The girl looked at it and said that's the perfect size. I sat on the bed while they kissed as she undressed my wife. She left in only her hose and heels. She the sat my wife on the bed and grabbed a pair of scissors cutting out the gusset of her hose. She laid my wife back and put her fingers in my wife and started fingering her and eating her pussy. My dick was so hard it hurt. She then started sucking my dick which I thought would piss my wife off but she was being fingered at the same time and seemed to enjoy watching her suck her man off. She was going back and forth between my dick and my wife's pussy. My wife said to her I need to taste your pussy. My wife told me to undress her so I did down to her hose and heels and my wife cut a small hole in her crotch. My wife started eating her pussy and told me me to put my dick in her! I sunk my dick into my wife's pussy and started fucking her while she ate our new friends pussy. Our new friend had her feet on my shoulders while I fucked my wife and my wife ate her. My wife's ass looked fantastic in her hose and our friends legs and feet looked so so sexy. I was feeling both of their legs which was driving me nuts. My wife told me to now fuck the girl while she sat in her face! I was pounding her wet pussy while she ate my wife out. My wife was kissing me during this and it was so fucking hot. They then went into the 69 position and I went back and forth between fucking them. My wife came and then our new friend came. They continued eating each other and cumming a few times each. I was now about to cum and wanted to cum on the girls face and have my wife lick it off. I told them to both go to their knees that I was gonna cum! I actually shot my load on both their faces and they locked and kissed it off each other. We went at it for the next couple hours then fell asleep. I woke up around 8:00 am to our new found friend eating my wife's pussy. I shoved my dick in my wife while she was being eaten and she had her biggest orgasm ever. I sucked their pantyhose feet and ate their pussies all morning. my wife and I got dressed and went to the beach. Before we left our new friend asked if we wanted to see her tonight. My wife said leave your number if you want but not tonight! It's all about my husband and I tonight. What a wife I have

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 23

    This could also be in the category "when I was a kid" but due to the embarrassment factor I put it here.

    I was a bed wetter. My parents did not like bed wetters. I peed in my sleep several times a week from my earliest memories. My parents seemed to think I did it deliberately since they treated it as a disciplinary issue. Alternately my father would spank or whip me and my mother would make me hold pee soaked sheets to my face. When I got to about 5 years old they made me wear diapers. If the diapers were wet in the morning I would be punished. I would be forced to stand with wet diapers while my parents and younger siblings ridiculed me viciously. Sometimes I was even forced to hold my wet diapers against my face and sniff them while being lectured on how evil I was for deliberately pissing my diapers like a baby. My nick name was Baby Billy.

    Then when I was ten my parents were killed in a car crash. My little brother and sister were each sent to live with aunts. There was one aunt left. She was the widow of my father's brother. My uncle had been about ten years older than my father and his wife was five years older than he had been which made her almost as old as my grandmother would be if she was still alive. If you do the math, she was in her mid fifties when I was sent to live with her.

    More accurately, she came to our house and after my siblings and other aunts had left with all of my parents possessions that they wanted, which thankfully were not much, the aunt who took me took me around the house and had me pick out everything that I wanted. Mostly it was stuff in my room though there were a few things around the house that I liked and wanted. Then she went around and gathered up some things she thought I might like to have sometime in the future, like family photo albums, some genealogical records and some family heirlooms. Then she arranged for the house and contents to be liquidated. But on that day when we gathered up my stuff, among my stuff was a box of diapers. My aunt was confused when she saw them and that is when I told her my real name was Baby Billy and that I was a baby because I deliberately wet my diapers. She asked if I was wearing diapers at the moment and I said I was required to wear diapers all the time. That was the day before the funeral. I had changed my own diapers that morning since my parents were dead and my aunts did't know about me yet.

    My aunt asked if she could change my diaper and I just bowed my head in embarrassment and nodded silently. I told her where the changing table was in the spare bedroom. She had not recognized it because it wasn't really a changing table but an old desk my parents used for one. I got up on it and laid on the pad. My aunt looked down at me and gently brushed my long blond hair from my face. I was on the verge of tears. This was a dirty secret only my parents and siblings knew about. She shushed me gently and leaned down and kissed my forehead and told me it was alright. Then she undid the diapers and lifted my legs up and took them off. She immediately had me roll over on my stomach. I heard her start to cry and she ran her hand up my back under my shirt and rubbed my back softly and whispered into my ear that everything was going to be OK and that nobody was every going to hurt me again. Then she asked me if I ever peed my diaper during the day. Through my tears I told her no that it was only at night. She then took away the diapers that I had worn all the time for years and said I didn't need them. I explained that I wore them as punishment. She told me that it was wrong to punish children for accidents beyond their control. She then leaned down and kissed my bruised welt covered butt and told me it would be better.

    For the first time in years I walked around without diapers. I didn't own underwear since I was always in diapers. My aunt took me to the store and bought me a dozen pairs of underwear and new pants and short since I was wearing a size too big to accommodate the bulk of the diapers. She had me put on a pair of jeans and my new underwear in the store while she stood guard at the dressing room. I finally wore normally fitting clothes. I finally was without diapers.

    That first night my aunt put took all the bedding off my bed. She put a plastic sheet down and then remade the bed with fresh sheets. Then she sat me down and and very kindly told me that I had a choice. If I liked wearing diapers I could wear the diapers to bed. But if I preferred I could wear pajamas without diapers or I could go naked, my choice. She informed me that I would NOT be punished if I peed in my sleep. She said that I would NEVER be punished for peeing unless I peed on her favorite book. I actually felt comfortable enough to laugh at her joke.

    That night, for the first time in a week, I did not pee in my sleep. Also, for the first time in memory, I was not forced to drink four glasses of water immediately before bed. I don't know why I never associated drinking a quart of water before bed as the cause of my bed wetting.

    The next day I woke up in my pajamas and felt around and found the bed dry.

    Right after the funeral my aunt took me home with her. I had become very comfortable with her. We got to her place and she gave me what had until been her guest room. It was actually bigger than he room. She had a bungalow with one bedroom and full bath on the first floor which she used because she didn't like climbing stairs. The upstairs bedroom was the actual master bedroom, it was about twice as big as the downstairs bedroom and had it's own bath and a huge walk in closet as well as a sort of alcove that we later added a desk to.

    Aunt Anna told me that the house rules were no yelling (except if I was injured in pain in which case I could yell all I wanted until the pain went away), no breaking her stuff, no being mean to people, be as polite as possible in all occasions and do my homework and study hard and I could read any book in her library. I enjoyed reading but rarely got to read since my parents didn't like books and thought them dangerous as a fire hazard. I was just barely allowed to keep school books at home.

    My first night in my new home my aunt told me that if I accidentally wet anything that I should just remove it, bedding or my clothes and put it in the downstairs hamper next to the washing machine. She told me that if I chose to wear diapers that I should just toss them in the trash. When she came upstairs to tuck me in bed I was in the middle of changing into my pajamas. She came over and had me lay on the bed face down and inspected my butt. She told me my wounds were healing and soon they would all be healed up. I don't remember ever not having some bruises or welts on my butt or thighs or back. She had me lay on the bed bed and then gave me a back rub. She avoided my wounds but managed to find places on my butt that were not covered in wounds and softly rubbed those places. She then worked on my legs for a while and finally my feet. I felt very relaxed. She then had me turn over on my back. I was a little uncomfortable laying on my wounds but it wasn't too bad and she then rubbed my belly while I lay there naked. I was always shy with my body. My aunt's treatment made me forget about that and I totally relaxed and completely trusted her. She kept repeatedly whispered to me that I was a good boy and not a baby and that I never did anything wrong and that it was OK to pee in my sleep and that she didn't mind if I did and that I was even welcome to deliberately pee in my bed if I wanted to and that I would not be punished if I did. She then told me that even if I confessed to her that I deliberately peed my bed I would not be punished for it. I was more relaxed than I had ever been in my life. I felt completely secured. Her last words I remember her whispering to me was that if I wanted to I could pee right there in front of her and that the only thing she would do would be clean me up and sing me to sleep. I vaguely remember her singing before I fell asleep naked while she softly rubbed my belly in pleasant circles.

    I woke up the next morning in my dry pajamas feeling completely rested with the best night of sleep I had ever had. What woke me up was my aunt singing to me that breakfast was served. There on a tray next to my bed was all my favorite breakfast foods. Waffles, lucky charms, chocolate donuts, chocolate milk, bacon and eggs. It was enough for four kids to fill up on let alone one slightly under size ten year old. I pretty much sampled breakfast eating less than half of anything other than the bacon. While I ate my aunt fetched a little 13 inch TV from the closet and hooked it up to the cable line and told me it was mine. I spent the rest of the morning nibbling and watching cartoons. A while later Aunt Anna came by and took away my tray leaving some juice and chocolate milk. I was sitting in my bed watching cartoons still when she came back and sat down next to me. She put her arm around me and asked how I had slept. I told her it was the best night I had ever had. She then gave me a very long back rub while I continued to watch TV. Eventually my back rub turned into a heavy duty tickling session and after a while of my squirming around squealing trying to escape the tickling attack my aunt confessed that she was trying to make me pee myself. It didn't work, that time.

    Later that day, while we were outside by her pool and I was wearing my underwear (I had never had a bathing suit before and Aunt Anna hadn't thought to ask if I had one) as a substitute bathing suit and after she had all but force fed me nearly half a gallon of fluid she tickle attacked me again. Again she stated her mission was to get me to pee myself. Then finally I did. The flood gates opened and I peed my underwear so hard that a stream squirted up from my dick like a mini garden hose. I then got really embarrassed and started to cry from embarrassment. My aunt then cuddled me before I stopped peeing and told me it was OK and that it wasn't my fault that she made me pee. She said I should never be embarrassed about a bad thing someone else did. My tighty whities were completely yellow and soaking wet. Aunt Anna took my soaking wet underwear down and stood me in front of her naked. She then reached down and picked me up and carried me into the pool. It was summer and so the water was pleasantly warm. She told me I could pee in the pool and not worry about it. Then she sat me in her lap at the shallow end of the pool by the steps and she gave me another long back rub which was also a neck and shoulder rub.

    After a while of both of us just playing in the pool, me skinny dipping, she led me out of the pool and grabbed a towel and sat me down naked in a chair and wrapped a dry towel around me and told me to sit there while she got a snack. She took my wet underwear with her. A few minutes later she had a tall pitcher of ice tea, two glasses and some pretzels, popcorn, corn chips and potato chips and some dip and finger sandwiches and had me sit there naked on the towel and eat and drink my fill. She kept pouring glasses of ice tea for me. I didn't need much encouragement with all the salty snacks I was eating.

    A short while after I had my fill, Aunt Anna picked me up off of the towel covered chair and carried me naked over to the pool. She said something about not swimming right after a meal and we just sat on the edge of the pool while we dangled our feet in the water and she talked about all sorts of distracting topics like the hummingbirds and butterflies that frequently visited the yard and what kind of weather we could expect over the next week and about going to the beach and then she started to talk about the ocean. At about then she went and poured me another glass of ice tea. I sipped it while she talked about the ocean some more and then about a river nearby and how she loved the sound of water running. The whole time she kept dipping her hand in the pool and pouring water over my leg. Pretty soon I was needing to pee. I started to get up to go to the bathroom to pee and my aunt held onto me then she got up and picked me up and carried me into the pool again. She then sat me down on the first step which meant that my dick was just peeking above the water line. She then told me she was going to force me to pee and that I should not be embarrassed. She held onto me tightly in a hugging embrace and reached down and tickled my butt. With her other hand she tickled my belly and sides. She was gentle and it would have felt pretty nice but it made me have to pee really badly. The whole time she whispered about rivers running and trickling brooks and how nice the warm water must feel on my bladder and then I lost control and a yellow fountain gushed upward and I sprayed my belly and legs and her legs and the whole time Aunt Anna whispered in my ears in a soothing tone telling me to pee away and enjoy the sensation and that she made me pee and there was nothing wrong with peeing. I was still a bit embarrassed but not as much as I was before. When I was out of pee she picked me up and carried me to a deeper part of the pool and washed the pee off of both of us. I started to relax again.

    I forgot to put my clothes on and ended up being naked the rest of the day. When it came time for bed I took a shower and after drying off I climbed into bed naked. Clothes seemed unnessery at that point. My aunt came into my room to tuck me in for my second night and she had with her a tall pitcher of lemonade. She popped a disc into the disc player and it was a recording of a babbling brook intended to relax people. She told me that I didn't have to drink the lemonade but she said she would like me to pee my bed that night and that the pill she put on the dresser next to the lemonade would make me pee really bad. She placed three fresh sets of sheets and a few towels on the chair next to my bed and told me that she would like me to pee the bed as much as possible and the lemonade and the pill would help. She said if I got uncomfortable with pee in the bed that was what the towels and sheets were for. Then she told me that if I peed myself in my sleep and I woke up I was welcome to come get her and she would clean up for me and remake the bed with fresh sheets but I was also welcome to do that myself if I wanted to. I worked myself up to being brave enough to drink the lemonade. It was actually quite good and so I found it easy to drink about half the pitcher. I also took the pill and just laid back on the bed. Aunt Anna came back a while later just as I was drifting off to sleep. She rolled me over to my side and gave me a back and belly rub and added to that some soft butt tickling and continuously whispered how wonderful it would be or me to pee in the bed. I relaxed and drifted off to sleep. I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that I was standing in front of my aunt peeing on her while she laughed and giggle and told me what a good boy I was for peeing for her.

    I woke up a while later to find my bed completely soaked with pee. I decided to test my aunt by finding out just how she really would react to finding I had peed my bed. While she made me incredibly comfortable being in her home, I still had some trust issues and did not completely believe that she would be angry. So I got up out of my pee soaked bed intent on going down stairs to tell her I wet the bed when I realized she was already in my bed sitting in the rocking chair in the corner. I could see in the moonlight that she was awake. She asked in the gentlest voice if I had peed the bed. I said I had and she said that was wonderful and got up and turned on the light and pulled off my sheets, dried the plastic sheet with a towel and put down fresh sheets and offered me some more lemonade and another pill and then tucked me in to the clean bedding and shut off the light and gave me another wonderful back and belly rub. She whispered again telling me how wonderful it was that I peed the bed and how proud she was that I had honored her request to pee in my bed and how much she hoped I would pee the bed again. I drifted off to sleep and had another weird dream. this time I dreamed that I was standing naked in school at the front of my class and was peeing in front of my teacher and the whole class who were cheering me on and clapping and then when I was done they gave me a standing ovation. The teacher then gave me a certificate as an award for being a champion at peeing. That was the weirdest dream I ever had.

    I woke up again in he morning to find my bed was wet again. The sun was up and my aunt was not in the room. So I got out of bed and pulled all my sheets off and carried them downstairs to the laundry room where I found Aunt Anna doing laundry. She saw me with the sheets and took them from me. "Excellent! I am so proud of you for peeing your bed for me. Thank you so much!" Had those words come from anyone else I would have thought them sarcasm and very mean sarcasm at that. Her words rung sincerely and were spoken in the kindest tone of voice. I realized I was still naked when she reached down and hugged me and gave me a little shoulder rub for a minute before suggesting I go take a shower before breakfast.

    At breakfast that morning there was a lot of fruit and fruit juice and ice tea. Aunt Anna suggested that I would need to drink a lot of fluids if I expected to go around peeing. I was a little confused. That is when she told me that I had her permission to pee anywhere outdoors except the front yard where the neighbors could watch and anywhere in the house where the floors were tile or linoleum or wood but not on carpets or rugs. She told me I could pee while sitting in any outdoor furniture and I could stand on an outdoor chair and pee on the outdoor table even while she was sitting there eating food off the table. She told me I could pee while sitting on the kitchen table, I could pee on the kitchen table but not on the dining room furniture. She told me I could pee on the kitchen counter or in the kitchen sink but not on appliances or any fabric that she could not put in the laundry. She then told me I could go in her room and pee on her bed if I wanted to. In other words, I would not get in trouble if I peed on any of those places. She then told me I could even pee in the car but if I intended to do that I should bring a change of clothes unless I wanted people to see me in pee soaked clothes.

    So while we were sitting there in the kitchen eating breakfast and me guzzling as much fluid as I could, I relaxed my bladder and peed. I squirted my stream up and onto the underside of the kitchen table. Aunt Anna sat across from me and as I was about half way through peeing she looked up at me and smiled and said "That's a good boy, than you for peeing on my furniture." With that she reached across the table and affectionately squeezed my hand. I dribbled a little more pee towards the end of breakfast.

    Later that day, after we had finished eating lunch out on the patio I had to pee really bad. I had drank a lot of ice tea and took another of those pills and instead of going to the bathroom I just stood up on the chair and peed onto the middle of the patio table. I waited until my aunt was done with her lunch as I didn't want to spoil it. I just peed all over the table deliberately aiming for the whole table and I even deliberately aimed it so it would splash on my aunt and even got some on her face. I really wanted to test her and I figured that would be the ultimate test of her compassion. If I could get her mad by doing that she was not going to get mad. Before I was done she looked up at me, a couple of drops on her chin and she smiled up at me and just said "that's a good boy, let it all out. I know you are deliberately trying to make me angry by doing that because I told you that you can and I am not mad. I am very happy. You are a very good boy and I still won't be angry with you. After all I told you that you could pee on the table and by the way you have excellent aim. When I was done she swept me off the table and carried me to the pool and into the pool and washed me and her off. Then she gave me a very nice back and belly rub while telling me what a good boy I was for peeing all over the patio table. Then she told me she loved me so much for just being me and told me not to try to be anything other than the best pisser she ever met.

    Another week of peeing naked in front of my aunt and a few times on her and I started to get bored with it. The extra beverages and pee pills stopped after a while when my aunt realized I was not taking them any more. I peed my bed a few times over the next few weeks. But I stopped altogether before it was time to go back to school. From time to time I had those weird dreams where I dreamed I was pissing in front of an audience while naked but I never woke up to a wet bed again after that. I still walked around naked in front of my aunt a lot until I got to be around 13. I got shy in my teen years but every once in a while my aunt would accidentally see me naked and she would simply compliment me. I never really felt embarrassed about being nude I simply lost interest in exhibiting myself.

    While Aunt Anna's techniques might be unorthodox, she totally cured me of bed wetting and more importantly my anxiety about wetting my bed. She cured me of my feelings of self consciousness and she built up my self confidence. I went from being a C student to an A student. When I got to dating age, 12 in my aunt's opinion, she gave me all kinds of information about how to attract girls and how to treat them. She gave me a whole slew of dating tips and even fixed me up with some girls she knew, daughters of friends mostly. She was very subtle about it careful not to bruise my ego. Going through back channels she covertly discovered which girls found me attractive and dateable and arranged for us to have close interactions allowing me to get to know them. When it came time for prom I asked out a girl who I had been dating and she said yes and I told my aunt and she hired a limo, rented my tux, bought the corsage and paid for the entire weekend at a hotel. When I told her afterwards that my girlfriend and I had given each other our virginities she broke out a bottle of champagne and poured us both a glass to celebrate. She told me that I had been a man for a few years but that having sex for the first time makes one actually feel like an adult. I thanked her for all the sex tips she had given me and how my girlfriend told me it was way better than she thought it would be. I don't know what I would have done without my aunt educating me on so many topics about life, sex and human nature.

    My girlfriend and I went to the same university. I studied accounting she studied art and we both graduated near the top of the class. We got married a month after graduation. My aunt paid for our two week honeymoon in Hawaii. A few months later we announced that My bride was pregnant. It was a girl and we were going to name her Anna. Aunt Anna was bursting with pride.

    Then that fall Aunt Anna told me that she was sick. As it turned out she was very sick. She was dying. There was no cure. One of the symptoms of her illness was the lost of control of bodily functions. We moved my aunt in with us so we could take care of her. I had years earlier told my wife about how my aunt had cured me of bed wetting. Now it was my turn to take care of her. The first time she wet her bed I found her crying. I told her not to be embarrassed and that she didn't do anything wrong. I cleaned her up and changed the sheets and told her I don't mind cleaning up after her and if she was too weak or tired to get up to pee that she should just relax and let it go and just ring the bell when she was done and I would come and clean her up. I told her I was glad that I got to finally repay her for her kindness from years past. A week later I found her crying again. She had shit herself. I soothed her and told her it was OK and I cleaned her up and told her I don't mind and that loved her no matter how much she pooped herself. She cried again but not from embarrassment. Her condition persisted for about two months. My wife and I took turns caring for Aunt Anna. In the end she was helpless as a baby. She died in my arms in November with my wife holding her hand. We cleaned her up before calling the doctor. I didn't mind. I owed her that much.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My sister in law is moving in with us in one week. Every since I heard the news I've been having fantasies about her sucking my dick and me eating her pussy! I know for a fact the she loves to swallow cum! So I'm hoping she swallows a couple of my loads! She is petite Asian woman with a nice ass! I need advice on how can get her to suck my dick?

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My dumb ass pimple face douchebag of a neighbors BOYFRIEND has really pissed me off. I first of all did NOT call the cops on your STUPID ass girlfriends truck which by the way is ALWAYS parked the WRONG damn way. Someone ELSE did. I just happen to walk outside to see why the cops where in YOUR girlfriends drive way. THEY happen to ask ME if i called them and of course I told them NO since I didn't. How DARE you make a threatening jester at ME when the cops where yelling at YOU. And YES I have the right to stand on the sidewalk with OTHER neighbors to see what the hell was going on. You want to threaten me little punk ass bitch then you had BETTER be ready to handle MY rath. I am the homeowner in this neighborhood NOT you. You just loaf off your girlfriend and her skanky ass mother. I PAY taxes to HAVE the right to live here. YOU just bother everyone here with your shitty ass Volkswagon which by the way is a turd with wheels. Get it fixed pecker head. If you try and fuck with me again I WILL kick your fucking teeth down your throat THEN I will have my brother and his friends make you wish you had NEVER come to MY neighborhood that I SO VERY MUCH LOVE. The neighbors and I are SICK to death of YOU and your friends and you fucking girlfriend and her MOTHER. FUCK YOU DEBRA CRAWFORD for having kids because your skanky ass daughter and her twat squad is pissing EVERYONE off in the neighborhood. Be warned the COPS are totaly on OUR side and WE can't wait for the day when either YOU or your daughter and her boyfriend fuck up and get arrested. Fucking dope heads. I hate all of you in that god damn house. I wish nothing but bad things on you and your family for making this beautiful new neighborhood a not so nice place to live. We all work so damn hard to have our nice houses and pay the high taxes to stay here just so you and your fucking rats can fuck it up for everyone. And YOU pimple faced douchebag may your testicals get SUPER infected and fall off. After dating April I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't ALREADY got an STD.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 28

    After my husband of just over eighteen months, finally admitted he'd put on lots of weight and had become lazy sexually boring bastard. I'll finally admit to sucking off and letting my father in law Phil, go down on me two days before we got married.
    I'd had some drink, but not enough to not know what I was doing. Phil was being his usual flirty self, but with one difference, he'd dropped his shorts to reveal something his son hadn't inherited. A very fat eight inch cock. One inuendo and one touch lead another and before long we were both naked on the rug in front of his lounge fire. I got on top of phil swallowing his fat cock, as he began to stick his hot wet tongue up my soaking wet pussy.
    I don't remember how long we gave each other oral pleasure for, but I had two orgasms with Phils amazing oral technique, licking and sucking away on my labias, pussy hole and clitty. Because of his cocks thickness, I could only manage to get about three inches of his dick into my mouth, but it didn't stop him from forcing me to gag as he came flooding my mouth and making me swallow his seed.
    We said we'd never ever let it happen again. Two days later I got married to Phils youngest son.
    So the reason I'm confessing now after eighteen months of marriage. My husband told me a month ago, and bare in mind I'm only twenty eight, physically fit and considered good looking, that he was becoming less and less interested in sex. So much so when I was sucking his cock, or trying to, his cock just wouldn't get hard.
    Phils cock on the hand, after calling by his home, got as hard as iron when I stripped in front of him and told him all about why I was there. He told me his son was an idiot, just before he slipped his awsomely thick cock into my pussy on his brand new rug, in front of his fire.
    I'm not saying we're going to build a relationship, but I have told Phil, I'm more than prepared to visit him when he wants a young sexually virile woman to fuck. I was beginning to think it was me, but I now realise, some men just cannot keep up with their wives sexual needs. It's not something Phil has a problem with, especially when he's fucking my mouth, pussy or recently a new found love of mine, him fucking my asshole.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    ...there are things in your life you wish you could put right but cant .........this is 1 of those times was the late 60s...early 70s ..we have always lived rural ....part of my dayly routine was to go to the grand parents house after school where my nan an grandad do house work etc an assist my grand mother with house hold duting ......because at her time in life she had caterax on her eyes due to her condition, she was going slowly blind.. .she never really ventured far from the house ....this 1 day ...i asked where grandad was she told me he was splitting fire wood in the i was hanging out the sheets & towels, on the cloths line,.,..i heard the chpping sounds in the barn ,.about 20 minutes later as i took the wheelbarrow to collect the first load of wood for the nights fire.....i didnt hear the axe chpping had stopped i got closer to the shed i could hear talking ...some one (a mans voice) laughed i stopped at the corner of the shed before getting to the doorway entrance...& listened again ..silence .....then i heard talking again ....i thought ..whos he talking to only nan an gramps lived there one else ....the closest neighbour was approx 3..4 kms away ...i edged my way thru the vegie patch growing next to the shed see if i could find a nail hole in the corragated tin cladding which covered the make shift looking the building ..when i found a hole that i could see thru .....i peered around into the semi darkness of the damp lookin building saw the back of my grandfather ..back on to where i was standing ...leaning slightly forward .....with his pants down around his ankles ......thrusting his ass in & out at a very fast speed ..i couldnt see who or what was with him his unbuttoned shirt was wide open,,..& blocked my view .as his out stretched arms supported himself against the wall of the building ,.. as he did his thrusting ..this went on for about 4..6 minutes ...then he stopped .....he took a step back ...then turned toward the door with his pants still around his ankles i could see the girth of his cock it swung to an fro as he moved about glissened in the light from the doorway .it was wet ,..thick .longish .an big about the head area , by this time hanging limpish between his legs it swung back & forth as he stooped to collect his pants from the ground ....i immediatly looked back to see who he had just had sex with to my shock was the girl from down the road from their place,.(approx 14 yrs old) she had just had sex with my grandad..she was able to take that man sized cock ..they use to come down from their place,.. to collect the mail from the cluster of mailboxs that stood outside my grandparents house to my total horror...about 5 ft away..there was her younger brother sitting in the pushchair not far from where the sex act took place,.. ...hopfully he was too young to know what had just happened ....that mental picture has riveted itself into my memory all this time to this day i feel a type of guilt about what i had seen ..about what went on .an what had happened .....& that he could do that behind my grandmothers back .......what else was he doing that she didnt know about .....personally .i dont think she cared .... .i still cant bring myself to look at his photograhps...because of the shame i feel ......the memory of his cock ..the shape, the size .....the act ...the whole event..........uuuuuuggggghhhhhh

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my neighbors are rude and have no consideration for other peoples property or beings, their half spic grandkid who lives there most of the time because their fat ass spic fucking mom never takes them home spit in my daughters face while she was inside her own yard and then they call me the bitch he is a little fucking ass, of course it isn't any wonder with who is attempting to raise the little beaner!They were obviously not raised to respect people....the little beaner turned on my hose while i was at work and left it on so then i had an extra months water bill, do you think any one offered any money to help pay it? well hell no, now they put their fucking wood, trash, lawnmower and anything else they can think of at different times out behind my house for me to look at, well karma is a bitch and i believe they will get it in the end, god will get them.....

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Lesbian Female / 45

    I am a 45 yo closet lesbian. I am married to a man and have three children of my own and two step children. I live in a very anti-gay society, especially for lesbians. Today there is some more acceptance of gay men, if you don't know them, but of lesbians there is no acceptance.

    I first participated in a lesbian relationship in high school with a teacher. I had a very hard crush on her and we were very active. She showed me most everything I know about lesbian love making. I went to college to an all girls school on the east coast of the united states. I met and became emotionally involved with a fellow classmate, she is an American. I invited her to come with me and spend part of the summer in my country. No one suspected that we were lesbians so I shared my room with me. I had a large bed and no one thought any different about us sharing a bed. Until one morning my mother came into the room and found us embraced and kissing.

    My friend was sent home that day. I was engaged that next week to my current husband. He was a widower at the time with two small children. My engagement was short and we had a small wedding. In delivering me to my husband my father washed his hands of me. He is dead now and never forgave me for being a lesbian.

    My husband took me to live at his house and for the next three years I delivered a child, one each year. After that I was to be a housewife and a mother to my children and my step children. We had separate bedrooms, and he had a lover who he kept on our farm. As custom dictated I never went to the farm, and his lover never came to town.

    From time to time my husband would come see me and I would have him in bed, but as I had my tubes tied after my third child I was safe from any further pregnancies. I can't say that intercourse bothered me, it really didn't. If he wanted to have intercourse, I was ok with that. What did bother me was when he wanted to kiss my mouth. For some reason having my mouth kissed and worse still having his tongue in my mouth, that really bothered me, but with his penis he could do whatever he wanted and I responded to him in any position he wanted to try. It is just that I was never romantic to him, something his lover always was. So over time we just settled down to being married and having a house and raising the children, we became more like a much older brother and a young sister than man and wife.

    When my oldest natural daughter was 15 I volunteered for a program with her at her school and there I met a young teacher from Puerto Rico. She was just like me, except 10 years younger. I recognized immediately that she was a lesbian, she did not display any interest in men what so ever. I befriended her and one afternoon when she was at my house for dinner, I took her up to my room and kissed her and told her I knew she was a lesbian and so was I and that I liked her from the day I first met her. She was very hesitant, but I was not and I took advantage of being alone with her and all my frustrations and desires came out and we were very reckless making love.

    Once the ice was broken, we have our meetings and our love encounters. We are very careful as we could not let anyone know about our affair. Our life is in a closet, although my husband knows about our being lesbians. He likes her and has become very attached to her.

    Fortunately for me my husband accepted me from the day he agreed to marry me, I was raised to be a good wife and manage a home and raise children, all of which were important to him. And that in my mid life I have found a sweet and beautiful woman who makes my life happy. Maybe one day my country may accept gay and lesbians, but as of today that is not the case. For our families and our children in particular we remain in the closet. It is not a bad life for us, but I can see where I am fortunate in having the resources to live well and maintain my lifestyle without exposing us to the criticism of society.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I got to know these people that lived across the street from me through a friend of my Dad's named Sergio. As my story goes on i'm a lonely person and therefore was easy prey. I went that year to Mr.Larios birthday party at first his wife and him seemed like ok people and his daughters seemed kind of cute. It was a very sad dissappointment that i ever got to know these people knowing that they were only using me. I went one evening to their house to give Mrs.Larios nice a book to study english being since she was from Mexico. So went there that evening and he just bluntly told me he didn't want me around anymore and i told him what did i do? And he started acting like a real jackass and came over the next day to fight with me. He started accusing me of doing damage to his truck not to mention his wife was going to hit my Mother. And one evening i was walking on my side of the street and he assulted me the Police came but did nothing i should have sued him for injuries he caused when he attacked me to pay for medical bills. I was pretty damn nice enough not to have taken legal action against him. And whoever else is out there beware of these people they are very very very bad people!

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