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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 22

    Around this time last year I became friends with a guy when we both began studying for the same degree. Throughout the weeks and months we'd hang around together after our study classes, he'd sometimes mention this older woman he fucked every now and then. He said she was in her late thirties and was one hell of a dirty bitch. When I asked him why he didn't make her his woman permanently, he said he liked to fuck her, when he felt like fucking her.
    I never got to meet this woman, as we'd always meet up at the university. Then in November last year, I got invited to a party his mother was holding for her fortieth. The night went well, but I couldn't help but notice his mum checking me out. It wouldn't have been a problem if she wasn't so good looking and so fit.
    I'd been in the toilet and was about to walk back downstairs, passing a couple who were practically having sex at the bottom, when my friends mum asked me if I liked older women. When I didn't answer straight away, she took me by the hand and lead me back upstairs. Entering her bedroom she let her dress fall to the floor to reveal she was naked underneath.
    I went to say she was my friends mum and I couldn't, but she dropped to her knees undid my trousers and took out my already erect cock. She smiled opened her mouth and began to suck on my dick. Taking off my clothes as she continued to suck on my cock, I asked her if she had any condoms. Pointing at the draws next to the bed we got onto the bed and she took a condom. Kneeling down putting her arse in the air she asked me to fuck her. With the condom on, I got behind her and rammed my cock into her snatch.
    I fucked my friends mother, doggy missionary and then had her fuck me as I lay on my back. It was as I was fucking her this way, the door opened. In walked my friend totally naked sporting an erection and without saying a word, he climbed onto the bed, got up behind his mum and thrust his cock up his own mothers arse. It didn't take me long to realize he'd been talking about his mum, when he'd been mentioning the dirty bitch he fucked.
    Telling me to fuck her good and hard, myself and my friend fucked his mother for the next twenty minutes, until I couldn't last any longer. Busting my nut up her pussy, filling the condom, I was soon followed by my friend cumming deep inside his mothers arse. She got us to lay back on the bed and then one after the other, she sucked our cocks clean.
    I hadn't realized the time when we'd entered the bedroom, but as my friend got up to go the toilet, he asked me if I'd stay over.
    Once he returned I went to the toilet and noticed everyone had gone. He'd asked them to leave, before entering the bedroom with us. Once back in the room I saw my friends mum lay on her back with her legs wide apart. Between them licking out his own mothers pussy was my friend and she was moaning at him to lick her clitty harder. Seeing him tonguing his own mothers c**t, got my cock hard instantly and I offered her my cock to suck.
    I'm not surprised he called his mother one hell of a dirty bitch, because over the next hour or so, we licked sucked and fucked with her in every way you can. It didn't even matter to me it was a good friend who fucking his own mothers arsehole, when we were both up their together, double fucking her rear hole.
    The next morning (late morning) I woke up to the feeling of having my cock sucked. It was my friends mums way of waking me up. I fucked her again without him being there and enjoyed the slower more loving style of fuck we had. I'd not long cum up her pussy when we heard him shout up, he'd made breakfast. Sat around the breakfast table, he asked his mother if she liked her birthday present from him. Looking at me she said "Oh yeh! he's going to be so good for us".
    I've continued to be good for my friends mum over the last couple of months, and have even begun to have sex with her alone without him knowing. I now understand they've had sex together since he was seventeen and she'd caught him wanking using her knickers.
    We still study together and we've had sex with his mum as a threesome once more, but more often than not nowadays, I find myself fucking my friends unbelievably horny mother on my own. Every time I fuck her beautiful face, pussy and arsehole now, I wonder why she doesn't get a guy her age to be with permanently. But then I realize why would she when she can have young cock whenever she wants it.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    It was sometime in October of 2004 when I woke up in the morning feeling the need to pee. However, my mother told me that school started in 10 minutes. Checking out the clock, I realized that it was almost 8:50. I really slept in. I needed to use the washroom, but not desperately, so I chose to run downstairs, grab my stuff and ride to school on my bike. It was only a 5 minute ride.
    I arrived at math class just in time. My teacher told everyone to sit down and take out their homework. Crap! I had forgot my homework. The teacher told me that I would lose those marks for ever, and I shouldn't be so irresponsible. Anyways, half an hour into class while we're learning about algebra and stuff, I realized that my urge to relieve myself had grown twice as strong since this morning. But then I thought, half an hour, I can make it.
    15 minutes left to, I really needed to pee. I raised my hand and the teacher stopped mid-sentence, asking me "What do you need, Mr. Jameson?" I told him I needed to use the washroom, but to my horror, he replied, "Maybe if you had handed in your homework, I would have been more leniant. 13 minutes left until break. You can hold it." By now I was desperate. 13 minutes seemed like an eternity, and I was holding onto my crotch for dear life. 7 minutes left, and I knew that if I didn't go right now, I would have an accident. I asked the teacher again and he retorted with another denial. Tears started welling in the corners of my eyes. I was not about to have an accident in front of everybody, so I held everything back as much as I could for all it was worth. I checked the clock, and there was only a minute to go. Those last 60 or so seconds were hell. RING!!! "Class dismissed," said the math teacher. Everyone left as I slowly hobbled out of the classroom, one hand holding my binder, the other holding my crotch. When I came to the boys washroom, I almost lost everything right there. 'Out of Order.' There were two boys restrooms, and the other was in the next hall. But when I got halfway there, I felt this weird sensation in my groin, and my bladder contracted, releasing a spurt of hot urine into my white briefs. I was wearing beige khaki's at the time, and a white shirt. As I took another step, another spurt of urine shot into my underwear. I noticed two girls who were chatting by their locker look over at me. I looked down and noticed that a quarter sized wet spot had formed over the frontal region of my pants. I held my hand over it and tried to keep going, but I knew right there and then all hope was lost. My hand came to my eyes as I started to cry; more people stopped to stare at me. The dam had broken, as a surge of hot piss rushed into my tightey-whities. A dark stain grew over the front of my pants as I stood there, soiling myself. I cold hear whispers, giggles. The steaming urine was running down my leg, soaking my pants along the way. My underwear was drenched, so were my beige khakis. I could feel warmth seep into my socks and pour into my shoes. A puddle began to form on the floor, and the pee kept coming. Some jock yelled out, "Look at this loser pissing himself!!" It was still coming, I hoped for the end, to no avail. Finally, the last droplets of yellow liquid emptied themselves into my soaked pants. People giggled, some laughed and even pointed at me, and others just walked away. I had lost all of my dignity right there and then, as I trudged to the nurses office, crying. I told her, "I had an accident," and she sent me home in a pair of black sweatpants that were a size to big. I didn't have to let my mom know, but the next week, I had told her because it was the reason I wanted to switch schools. Everyone just kept making fun of me. So I switched schools, and everything worked out fine.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 23

    Hello my name is [url==facebook/cecile.cornille.1]CÃ& copy;cile[/url], i really love sex. please send me a message. You can find my photos [url==motherless/GI3CC0995??page==2 ]here[/url].

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    I use to sleep with my bedroom door cracked and I would be wearing very loose shorts so that my younger sisters and mother could walk past the room and see my penis and I would pull the shorts to the side so I would be completely exposed. Early morning I would have a big hard on and I would make sure that all of my penis was on display for them. My sister's would always stop and peek into my bedroom looking at me and they thought I was sleeping but I was always awake and watching them with my eyes cracked open just a bit too see how they would react. My youngest sister would touch herself while spying on me so I time I started to rub myself trying not to make like I was sleeping until I would cum with my sister watching me

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 29

    I am straight guy who has never had trouble picking up girls or really even thought about anything else. I'm s smaller guy but very fit and lean. Anyway I broke up with a woman that I had dated for a while. She was beautiful and sexy but very jealous and really the sex was just not that great. She did not take the break up very well and I found out soon afterwards that she was talking badly about me and checking out what I was doing with mutual friends. I hooked up with this very cute bartender in my neighborhood several times and she told me that my ex had sent her threatening messages subtlety through people that hung out in the bar.

    Finally, I confronted my ex and she freaked out and asked me if I had fucked the bartender girl or anyone else. She was being so crazy that I lied and told her no. Unbeknownst to me she had overheard the bartender telling someone how good the sex was with me. I told her if she didn't calm down I was never going to talk to her again and would report her. She said that she would if I promised her that I would not start fucking anyone else in our neighborhood for a while until she got a chance to move away. Trying to keep her calm I agreed and she asked me if I would come by her place a couple of days later to get the rest of my things so she wouldn't have to see them. I agreed and two days later I called her and she said she would be home after 9pm.

    I went to her house about 9:30 and she let me in and had my stuff sitting on a box on her counter. She seemed very calm and friendly but I just wanted to get my stuff and leave. She said " C'mon babe lets have one glass of wine to celebrate what we had and make a clean break" It sounded very reasonable and so I said I'd have one but a had an early day the next day. I should have been more suspicious as she had two glasses of wine already poured and handed me one. We clinked glasses and took a drank. The wine may have tasted just a bit off but it didn't occur to me at the time that it might be a problem. So I drank most of the wine and started to get up to begin to excuse myself and get my stuff and leave.

    As soon as I stood up though I felt very lightheaded and my legs felt very heavy. I sat back down in her lounge chair and a feeling of numbness came over me. I was aware and could see and hear everything but felt like my whole body was in jello and I couldn't get words to form in my mouth. I looked over at her and she was watching me and got up and came over and pushed my forehead with her open palm. She moved her face right near mine and said "You think I don't know you fucked that tattooed whore from the bar?? You lying motherfucker! I sat there and listened to here talk on the phone to one of her whore friends about how nice your cock is and how much you dug her shaved pussy. You fucking pig! I can't believe you were fucking that whore a week after you broke up with me. How long have you really been fucking her you son of a bitch! Did she swallow your cum?? Did she let you fuck her ass that fucking whore?? All those things I wouldn't let you do she probably loves, tramp that she looks like".

    She started texting on her cell phone and then sat down with her glass of wine across from me. "All I can think about is that tattooed bitch naked underneath you grunting and screaming. She must have been really excited when she saw your big dick you're such a little man. Well, you're going to be sorry you fucked her now."

    A few minutes later I heard a knock on her front door and she went to answer it. When she came back she was followed by two very large, muscular dark skinned men. They look Hispanic or like they were Arab. I remember thinking a matter of factly that I couldn't believe that she was going to have me killed for breaking up with her. They grabbed me and pulled me out of the chair and through me on the floor. One of them pulled my shoes off and the other unbuckled my pants. The one that had taken my shoes off then ripped my t-shirt from my body I was laying naked on the floor and both of them began to undress.

    They were both very big and hairy. One of them said "Go ahead, you first". The other one then began to tear open a condom but I hear her say "No, no condoms. He is clean, just finish inside of him. I want to see it." He threw condom aside and bent down and turned me on my stomach. He spread my legs and I heard him spit. I then felt him pushing his cock against my asshole. I felt the pressure but I was numb enough that it didn't hurt. I heard him grunt loudly and I felt my hole give and his cock enter me. He then begin to pump and I felt my body moving back and forth. He did this for several minutes until finally his pace quickened and he grunted loudly with release. I felt him remove himself from me and his weight lift. The other guy then got behind me and did the same. I remember thinking that the 1st guy must have came in my ass because the 2nd guys cock entered me easily.

    While the second guy was fucking me she leaned down right by my face and said "Who's ass is getting fucked now you pig". It didn't take long and the second guy moaned and released inside of me as well.

    He got off of me and I heard them walk away. After several minutes I noticed that there clothes were still on the floor. Shortly thereafter I heard her say "That is all I have and that is what we agreed too" and then "What are you doing, Stop! Don't touch me!. Seconds later "No, no! Please just get dressed and leave" She was pleading for them to leave when I heard a loud slap and her start crying. I heard one of the men say "Turn over". S I heard her scream frantically "Ok, ok but not there please!" and then a loud animalistic scream followed by her quietly saying "Ow, ow" and the two men laughing.

    At some point I passed out and when I awoke it was daylight. I looked around a realized I was naked laying on her living room floor. I tried to get up but my body ached and when I moved my asshole burned with pain. My butt crack was sticky and I could feel dried cum all over it. I was horrified and completely humbled and embarrassed. I pushed myself up and looked around her place. The front door was wide open. The two guys clothes were gone from the floor but mine lay there crumpled and torn.

    I walked to the bathroom and I saw her lying naked in a fetal position on he bedroom floor. I saw bruises on her rib cage area. I felt a pang of guilt for her and the thought crossed my mind of how beautiful she looked. The searing of my butthole and the memory of the weight of the two men on me snapped me back to reality.

    I walked gingerly back into the front room and closed the door. I sat down in a chair but my ass hurt so badly I immediately goy up. I laid stomach down on her ouch and dozed off again as my body felt completely drained.

    Sometime later I awoke and it was getting dim outside. I got back up and walked back toward her bedroom. She was still lying on in the same position. I went to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth out. I decided that before I got the fuck out of there I should at least make sure she was alive.

    I walked into the bedroom and bent over and pulled her arm. She rolled over and pulled back in fear but seeing it was me she grabbed my arm and pulled me down by her. I saw bite marks on her breasts. She cried "I'm so sorry, baby. I can't believe I did that to you. To us. I am so ashamed I want to die." I replied "You should die you fucking . I fucking hate you". She cried loudly and tried to hug me. I pushed her down and she just laid back and went limp. I looked at her pussy and saw that it was cleanly shaven. I felt a stirring in my loins and anger raised inside. I pushed her legs apart and got between her. She just put her hands on my face and said again, "I'm so sorry". I pushed her hands away and spit on my hand and rubbed it on my hard cock. I put my cock on her pussy lips and shoved and entered her cleanly. She gasped but grabbed my back and said "Yes, baby".

    I had never fucked her without a rubber before and her pussy felt tight and very good. Several deep and violent thrusts later I let go and did the previously unthinkable and shot my hot cum deep inside her tiny . I fucked her two more times that night the last time doggie style where I saw that her tiny asshole was fiercely red and swollen like mine must have been.

    As fucked up as it is I really got turned on by the whole thing. She begged me not to leave her and I have continued to see her. I made it pretty bad for a while. We both got tested and luckily negative for any diseases. I fucked her ass several times until it just wasn't fun because I knew she was doing it just to please me. I made her lick my ass and many other pretty nasty things. Some I think she actually enjoyed haha. One thing she did not enjoy was the time I made her hide in my closet while I brought the tattooed bartender over and fucked her silly.

    That was tough for her to except but she remained quiet about it even after sucking my cock while it still smelled like the bartender's pussy. After that I settled down and got over most of it figuring we were pretty much even.

    Now we are have gotten into a groove and she wants to have a baby. Maybe.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 49

    I have always wanted to be engulfed inside a pink female blob, and have her slowly drain me of my sexual juices, and then slowly suffocate me, digest me, and absorb me at the same time. I want to struggle inside her, squirming, kicking,, scratching and clawing within her heavenly soft pinkness, totally helpless, as she dominates me, and keeps me as her helpless adult baby, before beginning the suffocation process. I want all that she does to me to last a very long time!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    Mom, you went a bit too far this time but it's okay. I forgive you. I guess you just needed to do it to me and my recent birthday seemed to be the opportune time to do it. I'll just take it as a birthday gift "that cannot be returned".

    Okay, so what gives?? Well, my old mom (she is 48) and I have always had a warm and loving relationship ever since I can remember. She always has and she continues to dote to me. In return, I have always been a good son, helping here whenever she needs help. Our relationship is in stark contrast to the relationship she has to my dad. She seems to act towards him in a "cold" manner for reasons that I do not understand. From what I can ascertain, their love life must be non-existent. In any case, Dad and Mom threw a party for me on my 19th birthday and quite a few relatives and friends showed up. Many brought alcoholic beverages along, mostly beer and wine, but also some hard liquor. By the time the party was over near midnight, I could tell that Mom had been drinking a lot and she acted a bit drunk. She doesn't usually drink much and it affect her disposition and her speech. Dad, who didn't drink much, offered to drive home any of the guests who did not feel confident that they should be driving. Several guests accepted the offer and Dad announced to Mom and I that he would return in about an hour or two. I, meanwhile, took a shower and prepared for bed as it was well after midnight. Lying in bed, I heard a knock on my door and Mom entered. She sat on the edge of my bed and began talking about ow mature that I had become, how handsome that I had become and so forth. Mom is very emotional and tends to get carried away easily. Before I knew it, I felt her hand slip under the blankets and curl around my penis, which was limp at the time. She kept squeezing it and I began to get an erection. I was very surprised and didn't know what to do. She uttered something about wanting to do something for me, about wanting to give me something, and before I knew it, she started to masturbate my penis vigorously. Instructing me to lie down flat on the bed, she pulled my blankets off and began performing oral sex on me. This was pretty indecent and normally I would have immediately have stopped her if she had been sober. But since she was a bit drunk and might not even remember doing it when she sobers up, I just let her do it. The more she did, the better it felt, the more I liked it and the less I was inclined to stop her. This was in spite of the fact that this was my own mother who was performing a sex act on me.

    She continued performing oral sex on me for at least fifteen minutes and then stopped as abruptly as when she had begun. I had become very sexually aroused and she clearly sensed it. She looked at me in a pecular way as if deciding something and then stood up and began undressing. She removed her slacks and underclothes first and then her bra. I haven't seem Mom completely naked like this for a long time and I could feel my penis regain its hardness. She took hold of it, masturbated it vigorously and then got onto my bed and crawled directly on top of me. Mom is quite a big woman, very busty, and now with both of us on the edge of the bed, it somehow seemed kind of riduclous. I could feel her breath on my face as she forced her body up so she could stuff my penis into her vagina. Then slowly she began this rhythmic rocking motion forward and backwards as she began to have intercourse with me. The stopped briefly to stuff a pillow behind my back, so that I could lean forward far enough to suck her breasts, but otherwise she continued with this for several minutes. For the most part, she just closed her eyes and moaned every time my penis pushed deep into her. She seemed to sense when I was about to finish because just as I was about to ejaculate into her, she stopped the rocking motion, sat straight up with her legs bent on either side of me and waited for me to inseminate her. With the release of my semen deep into her and a moan of acknowledgement, she "flopped" down beside me and laid there motionless. We were both exhausted from the events of the day, as well as from having intercourse, and we fell asleep after a few minutes.

    When I woke up the next morning, Mom had already left the bed. For a moment, I thought the whole event might have been a dream but I could see and feel dried semen on the sheets and I knew it was for real. I got up and after dad left for work, Mom explained that she had gotten carried away last night and that we should keep it a secret from Dad and everyone else. She used words like "i****t" and "forbidden" when describing what happened. I just agree and that it where it stands now. Weeks have past and things are pretty well back to normal. Another secret that I am keeping from Mom is how easily I could have stopped her sexual advances. I didn't BECAUSE I saw her as being a bit drunk and that sort of made it OKAY, because it wasn't her normal self. I also thought, or perhaps hoped, that she wouldn't remember what took place. In any event, they say that sexual intimacy is the ultimate expression of love for someone, so I guess that my mother loves me as much as I love her. And that is just fine with me.

    A son

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 19

    Well. lets see I was 14 years old. My parents had gotten divorced 2 years back and my dad brought his girlfriend that he had started dating two months after the divorce was official. I had never met her though saying he didn't know how I'd react since it was so soon. I wasn't really upset truthfully. Anyways, we did the normal new person greeting "hi I'm Ellie! it's nice to finally meet you." was my first words to the woman. she was pretty no doubt and she definitely was younger than my 42 year old father. she was 29. Brunette, tall, skinny, and obviously has amazing skin care products. Her names Rebecca, who definitely changed my life. About 3 months after I had met her she moved into our house. She was keeping me company while dad was working at the hospital. We were watching random movies that I really couldn't care less about. I didn't really hide the fact that I was bi-sexual to the world, even though I was told at the time I was to young to decide that yet, but I knew for sure. Hell, i even told dad about it and he for sure had told her about it, she even talked tk me about it saying no matter waht she'd accept me even if dad didnt. And to a tennage gurl who felt the world was against her it felt amazing that someone would accept you. anyways,So her sitting
    «there in a oversized Tshirt not bothering to cover her golden and quite shiny legs, it was bit of a distraction. "Hey Rebecca??" I asked. "Yeah??"
    "Aren't you cold?? Y'know since you don't have any pj pants on??"
    "Nah I'm comfy like this"
    "mmkay" whih ended our conversation. "Hey El??" She asked when it was about 2 am. "what??" I replied " can you sleep in my room tonight?? I'm used to yor dad being here so it's wired that he's working from 9 PM to 9 AM Y'know.. and this house is big and kinda creepy at night." she asked. "sure as long as I get the right side!" I joked. So we walked up the stairs. About an hour later I was awaken to the sound of a whimper. I barely opened my eyes half asleep to find Rebecca touching herself. Her shirt was at the foot of the bed her lace panties by her side, and her bra still on. I couldn't help it, I reached down under the covers and started to masturbate at the sight of her perfect body having shudders of pleasure and getting slight louder with each moan. When I accidentally moaned from my own personal pleasure, she snapped her head in my direction. "El??" she whispered. "yeah??" I whispered back. "havin' fun over there??" she asked half vjoking. "sure am, ya look like your havi some fun yourself." I relplied. "It'd be even more fun if you'd help me..." she whispered sunddenly a lot closer. "fine by me" I whispered. she then proceeded to kiss me. Our tounges wrestling and massaging one another's. Her hands found themselves lifting up my night shirt, me helping with the sleeves. she leaned down and licked the top of my breast. "damn, Ellie got nice set don't you??" I giggled and jumped when she unhooked the bak of my bra and took it off. Instead of playing with my breasts she pushed me down slightly and took my pj pants off. I was very turned on and so I reached around and unhooked her bra and started to massage her breast in one hand and suck on the other. Her moans made me want more. She took lead and took off my panties. "Time for the best part Ellie." she said. she rubbed around my clit and on my thighs not once touching the spots I really wanted her to. She smiled when I whimpered. Then she leaned down and started licking my throbbing pussy. "Ahhh!" I yelled. "Like that I see." she mumbled and put a finger in. that continued for a little while. then I said,"your turn." And I started licking and fingering her. we started to scissor next which felt anazing but was kind of difficult at first. She obviously had done this before.Then my favorite part happened, she had a vibrator in the third drawer of her nightstand. She started it up,"ready el?? I'll try to go slow." I don't think I've felt so much pleasure before in my life. I then took it from her and repeated the procedures to her not going as slow since it was obvious she wasn't a little virgin like I was at the time. After that, we sat there for a little while relaxing. "Rebecca??" "yeah??"
    "wanna go shower??" I was being bold I know . but hey, how else would I get an excellent shower two minutes later?? Well that was just one of many times I had fun with my soon to be step mother.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 39

    I'm a divorced mother of two. A daughter who's now left to live with her father and my son who's nineteen. We've always been close, as has my daughter really. She only left last spring to live with her father, as her college is only half a mile from his home.

    It's left myself and my son at home alone, often falling asleep together at night watching tv. It was one such night three weeks ago, when I'd drunk wine. I awoke to find my sons cock inside my pussy as he lay behind me on the couch. At first it didn't register in my mind it could be my son. Then I looked at the tv to see a porn film showing and his clothing in front on my couch.

    At first I tried to make out I was asleep, but his cock was getting me ultra turned on. Trying so hard not to move or make a sound, I couldn't help myself and told him to fuck me harder. The moment he heard my voice say what it did, my own son began to fuck me for real. His cock felt so good inside my pussy, it had been almost two years since i'd had sex and to feel his cock sending me closer and closer to orgasm was amazing.

    Reaching behind me, I held his ass cheeks and pressed for him to fuck me faster. My son soon got the message and pounded into me from behind. Knowing he himself was close to cumming from the noises he was making, I climaxed hard on his cock, squeezing his cock shaft as I came. It had the desired effect as moments later his cock flooded my pussy with his sperm.

    It felt so good, so right to have him plesure me, I turned around and kissed him as I'd often kissed his father. Passionately and with lust. Moving his hands up to my breasts he massaged them whilst rubbing his semi erect cock against my pubic area. Still kissing, my son soon became erect again and facing each other, I guided his cock back into me. The sex we had over the next hour was just as good, if not better than any man I'd ever had sex with. We did everything you can think of and maybe more, as my son taught me new and exciting ways to orgasm. We finished having sex before going to bed together, by having him use his hand to fist my asshole. I came for the forth time that way, squirting all over his arm.

    His father's and my bed has now become his and mine. We'll have to separate this weekend as his sister is staying , but you can be damn sure, as soon as she travels back Monday afternoon, I'll be taking my son back into my bed Monday night.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 41

    My parents separated when I was eight. From that point on I began spending summers with my mother, and the rest of the year with my father. I would have preferred the arrangement the other way around, but I don't remember the family court judge giving me any choice in the matter.
    I was sixteen the summer of 1989 and packed my bags for Ohio. My mom had hooked up with some guy that taught Civil War history at a private college there. He was nice enough, but I could tell he didn't want me around. So I did my best to oblige him and spent a lot of time walking around the town. It was just a little college town. Ohio must have a dozen just like it. Lots of greenery, lots of middle class neighborhoods, Norman Rockwell-esque downtown. Nothing much ever happens.
    I was out one day on my hours long walks, listening to my Walkman and not paying much attention to what I was doing when I bumped into this lady. She had been carrying a big portfolio and all of her papers scattered everywhere.
    "Shit!" she yelled "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"
    She glared at me. She was kind of cute, I thought. Early 30s maybe, about my height, a BBW with brownish-red hair, big green eyes and huge tits. A light breeze had caught her papers and began blowing them around. I rushed to gather them up.
    "Sorry," I said. "I didn't see you there."
    She jerked her papers back and frowned. "Obviously."
    I had noticed the papers were all drawings. Pencil sketches mostly.
    "Are those yours??" I asked. "The drawings I mean, did you draw them yourself??"
    "Who else's would they be??" She asked, packing them back into the portfolio.
    "They're really good." I said.
    "And you'd be an experienced critic of art, huh??" She muttered, still pissed at me.
    "Not especially," I said. "But I draw myself."
    "Nice," she frowned. "Let me guess, superheroes, robots and monsters?? I bet you and your friends do your own graphic novels right??"
    I briefly considered telling her to go fuck herself. Instead I just stared at her. "Damn, why are you so pissed at me?? I apologized for knocking your papers out of your hand."
    The look in her eyes softened and she sighed. "Sorry. Its been a long day."
    "I don't draw superheroes or make comics by the way," I smiled. "I do Pencil portraits, oil paintings. I have a few works featured back in Oregon. My hometown's creative arts center. Student section."
    "Nice," the ghost of a smile finally touched her lips. "So you really liked my work??"
    "What I saw of it, yeah," I nodded.
    "So what are you doing here, oregon??"
    "I spend summers with my mother."
    "Ah, gotcha," she said. "Well, I've got to go. Was nice meeting you."
    "Ryan." I said.
    "Ryan, right," she nodded. "Kim."
    We shook briefly, and then I watched her leave. She had a really nice ass.

    I didn't see Kim again until about a week later. I'd come into town with my mom, and had decided to stay a while after she finished shopping. I told her I'd walk back home. As I was passing a little shop called "The Muse" I saw Kim inside, behind the register. I walked in, tinkling the bell above the door.
    She smiled when she saw me. "Hey, Oregon."
    "Hey, Ohio." I smiled back. "You work here."
    "You ask a lot of dumb questions kid," she said, teasing. "Neh, I'm robbing the place. I was about to open the register and steal all the money when you walked in."
    "Want to split it??" I asked.
    She laughed. "What can I do you for??"
    "This is a nice place," I said, looking around at all the art on display. "You do these??"
    "Some of them," she said. "But I won't tell you which. That'll keep you honest. Which ones do you like??"
    I was attracted to some of the art with darker themes. Particularly one painting that showed a sobbing little girl sitting in a high chair with legs about ten feet tall, all by herself in a house where the walls were cracking and peeling, and the floor looked covered in about a century's worth of dust. It was called Lizzie's Nightmare. Price tag: $40.
    "I want that," I said, pointing at it. "That's amazing."
    Kim brightened. "I did that. It was an actual dream of mine, when I was a little girl."
    I opened my wallet and pulled out a couple of twenties. Kim rang up the sale. "I'd just give it to you, but I'm not rich enough to be that generous. I will forget the sales tax though."
    "So, you need to show me some of your stuff," she told me. "I want to see your work."
    "Its back in Oregon." I told her.
    "Do something here then," she said. "I have a small studio in back. Go get creative."
    "I can't just turn it on like that," I explained. "I have to be in a certain frame of mind. The mood has to be right."
    "I knew you were bullshitting me," she waved a hand.
    "Your putting me on the spot, huh??" I laughed.
    "An artist makes art," she said. "If your an artist, go make art."
    "Ok then," I sighed, still grinning. "In the back??"
    "In the back." she repeated.
    I vanished behind the green bead curtain into the backroom and plugged my headphones into my Walkman. I needed inspiration. I flipped off the cassette player and went to radio, scanning until I found the local classical station. Hector Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique, Dream of a Witches Sabbath. Perfect. I started working. I reemerged about an hour later with a fantasy drawing. It was Kim, looking absolutely stunning as a witch stirring a huge cauldron inside her forest home, her familiar (a black cat, of course) curled happily at her feet.
    "Oh.... my.... God." Her mouth hung open as she starred at the flimsy piece of paper.
    "Its not that great," I told her. "It was rushed."
    "This is incredible," she said. "What do you mean it isn't that great?? Can I buy it off you??"
    "No," I said. "You can have it."
    She started to open the till and give me back my forty. I refused, taking my small framed drawing of Lizzie's Nightmare and heading for the door. "Hey wait!'
    I stopped.
    "You want a summer job??" She asked. "I can't pay you a salary, but you can make art and sell it up front. You keep 100% of the profits."
    I thought about it. "Yeah, sure. That'd be great."
    "Start tomorrow??" She asked.
    "Tomorrow." I nodded.
    "Bye, Oregon!"
    "Bye, Ohio."

    Mom and her guy were both pretty jazzed over the news. Mom was proud and her guy was thrilled I wouldn't be around much between breakfast and dinner.
    So I started working with Kim six days a week, and then saw her every Sunday too, when we'd usually go out someplace like a cemetery where we'd do gravestone rubbings or out to some podunk area where we'd sit and do pencil sketches of old barns, rusting farm equipment abandoned in overgrown fields, or just anything. Kim was my muse though, so she figured prominently in a lot of my drawings.
    I didn't think she received much attention from the opposite sex, at least not in a long time because she was starved for the little ego boosts my attention provided. I personally wasn't sure why guys didn't like her. Sure she was a little heavy, but she wasn't anywhere near sloppy fat and she was really pretty.
    I began to notice her flirting a little from time to time, blushing a lot, and laughing a little too loud and for a little too long at all my terrible jokes. And the one time I complained of a sore neck from sleeping in a bad position the night before, she insisted on my leaning back against her while she gently massaged my shoulders. We just sat like that in an old field most of that summer day, with her kneading the soreness away and something unspoken but very much felt, passing between us.
    She began calling me at night when I'd go home. My mom asked if it was Kim, because she thought that was a little inappropriate, but I lied and told her I'd met a girl my age. Well, she sounds pretty old to me, my mom said. I didn't care.
    "I miss you," Kim purred over the phone one night. I was lying on my bed in the dark, it was about a quarter til 1 a.m.
    "Do you??" I asked.
    "Mhmm," she sighed. "Do you miss me??"
    "Whenever we aren't together," I told her, smiling.
    She made an awww sound and giggled. "Wish you were here."
    "Why's that??" I asked.
    "My pussy's so wet," she said. "I've been lying here thinking about you."
    "You just made me so hard," I told her.
    A giggle. "Did I??"
    "Very hard." I said.
    "How big is your cock??" She asked.
    I told her. "Mmmmm," she sighed again. "I wish it was inside me right now. Come see me baby. Please??"
    I thought about it. Kim's place was no easy walk from my mom's.
    "I'll let you do anything you want to me if you come over," Kim promised.
    I slid my legs out of bed and picked up my shoes.

    "And where do you think you're going??" My mom asked.
    "My friend's house." I said.
    "At this time of night??"
    "Aw, let him go," the professor said. "He's young, its summer time. Young Love."
    Mom frowned.
    "Just remember to use protection kiddo," the professor said, winking. "Your mom's way too young to be a grandmother."
    "I can't believe your encouraging him!" I heard my mom mutter as I left the house, shutting the door behind me. Her guy didn't care if I was going to set fires or sacrifice babies in some pagan ritual, he just wanted me out of the house. Which was fine by me.

    I made the trip to Kim's place in record time, only hiding from the local cops once (a curfew was enforced). I pressed the buzzer and a moment later I heard her walking toward the door, she opened it a crack, saw me and smiled.
    "You came!'
    "Not yet," I joked.
    She didn't get it at first, then started laughing. "Oh you."
    I walked into the house and she shut the door behind me. She was wearing a sheer negligee of some sort. I could see her tits and pubic hair, it formed a perfect, trimmed delta between her legs.
    "You like??"
    "Oh yeah," I nodded, my cock concurring with the sentiment by growing rapidly in my pants.
    She came to me and we kissed. She was starved for affection. She mashed her lips against mine and her tongue probed my mouth. I reached behind her and grabbed two handfuls of ass and held tight.
    We stumbled more than walked, without ever breaking the kiss to a couch and collapsed onto it. I shifted around until I had the dominant position. She opened her legs and wrapped them around me, while we kept kissing. I started grinding against her and she moaned.
    "Take off your clothes," she said breathlessly. "I need to be fucked now. I can't wait another second."
    I undressed and re-mounted her, pushing my almost painfully erect cock deep inside her wet pussy. I started pumping my hips, really slamming it inside her and she moaned louder and louder, her hands roaming across my back. In-between her moans she kept repeating "Oh, fuck me...fuck me...fuck me..."
    I felt her belly and tits rolling in soft waves beneath me with each thrust. I lost myself in the moment, the feel of her soft, warm skin, the smell of the floral scented shampoo she'd used on her hair, the sound of her lusty moans, the wetness and grip of her vagina, the sound of the couch rocking back and forth, the smell of our sex. Finally I exploded inside of her and my body went totally rigid as I groaned with release. I finally slumped down, relaxed as little tremors continued to travel up and down my body for a few moments.
    "Don't pull out yet," she pleaded. "Please. Leave it in."
    I lay there, still inside of her, now kissing her again. "Maybe," I suggested between kissing," we should take this to bed. I'm staying the night."
    "Really??" She brightened. "All night??"
    "Mhmm," our lips smacked as we kissed. "My mom and her ol' man think I'm seeing some little bimbo. They're totally cool with it."
    Kim laughed. "Nice."

    In bed, Kim slicked her hands with massage oil and gave me a full body massage as I recovered from that first big orgasm. She took her time, slowly sliding her baby soft hands over every contour of my body from the bottoms of my feet, to the back of my neck, belly and back. By the time she was nearing completion I told her I could go again, so she leaned down and began kissing and running her long pink tongue along the head and shaft of my cock. She even sucked my balls, then began giving me a blowjob. It felt amazing. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip as she sent a steady stream of electric sensation coursing through my body. She stopped once, to rub her huge tits all over my cock, then sandwich it between them, tit fucking me before going back to her talented mouth and finishing me off. I blew my second load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
    Cuddling afterwards, she planted little kisses on my neck.
    "Where have you been all my life baby??"
    I nuzzled her neck with my face.
    "Eat my pussy??" She asked. "I'd love that so much."
    "I've never done it before," I told her. "I might suck at it."
    "You learn by doing baby," she kissed me.
    I crawled down between her thighs, kissing the milky white flesh and then eating her pussy as best I could. She kept me down there a really long time, until her body was wracked with a series of spasms. Our sex had made the bed very wet in spots.
    I thought I could cum again by the time I finished, so I mounted her and rode her pussy again. Fast and rough, just the way we both liked it. My third ejaculation was just as intense as the first two, but not nearly as much of a gusher. We fell asleep in each others arms afterwards.

    I woke up the next morning to the sound of birds chirping and sunshine coming through the mostly closed blinds. I was still nude and in bed. Kim wasn't there. I yawned and slid my legs out of bed, picking my underwear up off the floor.
    I found Kim in a second bedroom she'd converted into a little studio, she was working on something. When she saw me she smiled.
    "Morning baby."
    "Hey," I smiled back, wrapping my arms around her and nuzzling her neck.
    "What do you think??" She asked.
    I looked at her drawing. It was a rough of me sleeping.
    "I sketched it really quick in the room earlier," she said. "I'm going to do a reverse sleeping beauty. You, Sleeping Beauty, and I, the fair lady knight, waking her one true love with a kiss."
    "Am I your one true love, sugar bear??" I asked.
    We kissed. "You know it, lover."
    "What happens when I have to go back to Oregon??" I asked.
    "Don't bring that up, please," she frowned. "I'm trying not to think about that."
    "Its ok," she sighed. "You want breakfast??"
    I was hard. Morning wood. "I want more of what I had last night."
    She smiled. "Me too."
    We went back to bed and fucked all morning.

    The summer of 1989 did eventually come to an end, and I did return to Oregon. Kim and I kept in contact for a while, through phone calls and letter writing. But eventually I fell for a girl my own age at school, and I felt increasingly guilty continuing my long distance affair with Kim. I broke things off, and she said she understood. She didn't think we should speak again, and when I returned to Ohio the next summer I wouldn't find her there. She was moving back to Pennsylvania to take care of her sick mother. I never heard from her again. But I did see her again. Just a few nights ago I found her Facebook by Googling her full name. She's older, of course, and a lot heavier than she once was. But she's still one of the prettiest women I've ever seen. I decided not to message her. We've been done a long time now. Its best I keep it that way.

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