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    There is a sign in my town that reads:

    "Lawsuits and Lottery tickets - who really wins?"

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    2 years ago, my husband and I were attacked and abused/humiliated by local police officers.

    Amazing as it is the room were they abused me (right in front of my husband) had to camera in it, no windows, nothing, I was handcuffed to the wall and told by a police officer to shit in my pants, they poured water down my shirt and kept staring/drooling in a pig-like fashion at my chest.

    There is no law in this state that says a camera needs to be in that room, wonder how many other women have been abused in that filthy pig room!

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    Straight Male / 31

    We have "Family Day" every month at work where you are invited to bring your kids to work with you. We work Tuesday though Saturday so this gives us a day with the kids where normally you'd only see them one day a week.

    I don't have any kids and a lot of times when the others bring their kids in I find a quiet office and do my work there. One weekend my boss was looking for me and found me in the copy room. I was sitting in a chair and using a couple of boxes as a desk. She said she was going to run out and get everyone lunch and asked if I would watch her daughter while she was out. Her daughter was a really cute girl, I guessed about 10 or 11. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight t-shirt that let you see her budding breasts.

    I told my manager that I'd watch her daughter, but only if she promised to let me get my work done. She promised and jumped up on the copier, sitting on the corner with her legs spread right in front of me. After her mom left she started telling me how her mom talks about everyone in the office all the time and wanted to know what her mom said about me. I said sure, but was really trying to concentrate on my work and not glance up between this young girls legs.

    She told me that her mom thought I was gay because I never talked about girlfriends and I never hit on any of the women in the office like the other guys did.

    I told her I wasn't gay, I just didn't want to get into an office romance. She asked me if I thought her mom was pretty and I said her mom was really pretty, but she was also my boss. She asked me if I ever thought about banging her mom and told her she was being cute and I wasn't going to answer that question. This got her asking lots of personal questions that I wasn't going to answer. Then she started asking if I thought she was as pretty as her mom. I told her she'd be prettier if she sat like a lady instead of sitting like a logger and flashing the world with her underwear.

    This got her started even more. She spread her legs really wide and pulled her skirt up and asked if I liked looking at her panties, and that I probably didn't because I was probably really gay like her mother thought. I told her she should behave herself. She told me she didn't have to because her mom was my boss and that made her my boss too.

    Then she said, prove that you're not gay, kiss me. I said I'd kiss her if it would get her to stop bothering me and let me work. I kissed her on the lips and sat back down. She said No, a real kiss. So I kissed her like I meant it and when I was done she was panting for breath. She put her arms around me and laid her head on my chest and said no one ever kissed her like that before...and would I do it again??

    So while her mom was getting lunch for the office I was making out with my bosses young daughter in the break room. I had my hand down her panties and was rubbing her pussy and she was getting off on it like crazy. I told her I wanted to eat her out and she said softly, Anything, anything you want. I pulled off her panties and dove between her legs and ate her out until she said she couldn't stand it anymore it felt too good. I used the liquid hand sanitizer to clean up my face and her inner thighs. Her pussy was so wet I had to wipe off the top of the photo copier.

    When lunch arrived my bosses daughter sat next to me in the break room and kept touching my knee under the table. My boss noticed how quiet her daughter was and asked what my secret was because her little girl was usually a terror. I shrugged my shoulders and said all we did was talk and we seemed to make a connection, which was weird because I usually don't get along with kids her age. My boss said she's not as young as she looks, she's just small for her age, and that she was going to start her second year of high school in the fall.

    That made her daughter 16, which made me feel a lot better since 16 is legal here, and 11 means jail.

    When we finished lunch some of the parents got the kids to clean everything up. I started to head back to the supply closet and my bosses daughter said to her mom, We're not going to be here much longer, why can't he work in your office until the end of the day?? My boss said sure and her daughter helped me move my laptop and papers to her mom's office. My boss said goodbye for the day and her daughter gave me a hug and whispered for me to text her. When I opened my laptop there were the panties my bosses daughter was wearing along with a slip of paper with a phone number on it.

    I've been texting her since then but we haven't had the chance to hook up again. The next Family Day is the Saturday after memorial day weekend.

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    I hate people who steal, I hate people who only think about "theirs", I hate how self centered everyone is. Where the fuck we all going anyway? We all gonna die, does anything really matter. We American's are fat cats, clawing at absolutely nothing. We have everything we need, yet we steal from others and hate those who "have more"! Who gives a shit. We live in the best nation in this world. Our lifestyles are phenominal - why do people have to steal. Get a fucking job, this is America - jobs are a plenty. If you dont' have something you want either make the means to get it or mayber you were not supposed to get it. Ever think of that. Perhaps the answer to your desire is "no". Prolonged gratification - whaaaaaaa? Ya, people only know instant gratficiation so they steal. FUCK YOU DIRTY SCUM BAG WHO STOLE FROM ME AND MY FAMILY!!!! HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE IN HELL AND FEEL THE AMBERS OF FLAME UP YOUR ASS FOR ETERNITY!

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    I am so PLEASED!!!!! to tell you, it was comfirmed Thursaday at 11:28 am...My case is being settled, by Mar. 2004 I should have $613,028.67 dollors in my Bank account after my Lawyers and Doctors get their percentages. To think this only to a year and a half to settle.

    My message to all who have been wronged at work etc... Do not just sit there and let things go unpunished. If you feel you have a case, get legal counsel. Please, I was going to walk away from this situation. At the time I was even going to quit my job due to the frustration and stress. I might add this is a high paying beneficial job that I worked hard for. But after I was fired out of retaliation because I seeked legal counsel, that did it. I was going to stand up for myself and future employees to come.

    Bitch #2 has now resigned and Bitch #1 has pending leagal actions against her because of her violence at the work place and on the outside.
    Some cases go longer but don't gave up hang in there.
    I did not do this alone I had great people on my side and I am very greatful.
    I am so glad I found this website. Thanks

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    When I was a teenager, about 15, or so, I used to be horny all the time and usually had to jack off at least a couple of times a day. Hell, every teenage boy did, right?
    Anyway, my Mom and Dad got divorced when I was 8, and I lived with my Mom most of the time. My Dad got remarried and lived in another state.
    So when I was 15, I was sent to stay with my dad for awhile, He had a big place, and I had my own room that I stayed in. He worked all day, and it was just me and my step-mom at home in the daytime.
    One day, I was feeling really horny, and needed to beat off really bad (maybe I hadn't done it yet that day, or something...) and I was in my room, laying on my bed, just stroking away...My dick is pretty big, and I was really getting into it...my eyes were closed and I was just fantisizing about sex shit... After a while, I blew my load and lay there relaxing, holding my dick...When I opened my eyes, I looked over by the door, and my stepmother was standing there holding a laundry basket, kinda drooling with a glazed look in her eyes. I said "Shit!", and she just kinda snapped out of it, and quickly turned around and left.
    We have never said a word to each other about that, to this day.

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    Straight Male / 22

    I only pretend to care about you because I know your sister is going to die.

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    I got me a motel room for the weekend and went to gay sex sites and gave out my room number... spent all night on my knees sucking cocks... had nine guys at one time... sucked them all off...got more cummimg today and tonight i plan on more...

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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    For the past five years of my life I've been trapped in an on and off abusive relationship. The reason for this is because I have no family of my own, and when my step-father died when I was seventeen all the people who I had thought were friends had abandoned me. A few of them took me in, but then kicked me out again before I could get my feet on my ground and because of this I ended up with my now soon to be ex-husband, let's call him L.

    As it is, I already come from a nightmarish past full of abuse and thanks to this I'm a total wreck. I suffer from severe depression, I'm schizophrenic, and while I'd never act upon it I fantasize daily about committing mass murder against the people who've tortured me throughout my life.

    For the entirety of our relationship he's been on a hell-bent power trip. He's known all too well that I've had no where to go because I had no one else to rely on to take me in, and I didn't want to end up on the streets. Thanks to this, he's used me and kept me crippled emotionally, financially, and even physically.

    He's used me as a maid, and even a sex slave. He used to beat me when he'd have a bad day at work, and I can't count the times he'd just scare me half to death when he'd go into what I guess I'd call a psychotic episode.

    I was in a car accident four years ago which damaged my back pretty badly, as well as my hip. However, I didn't find out about this damage until a couple years later when it finally started to cause problems.

    I've always had back problems before the accident because I've always been extremely busty, for some unbeknownst reason, but now it's escalated to back problems, hip problems, and weight problems. L has known all this time that I've had problems that needed fixing, and has refused to take me to the hospital or even a chiropractor to get checked out.
    Instead, he's forced me to stay inside basically becoming a house pet, or house slave. Thanks to my step-father dying before I'd had the chance to get my driver's license, I was unable to just drive myself and L refused to take me either. He wouldn't even so much as give me a simple means of transportation like a bus pass or a bike, and in doing this has inhibited me from getting a job since we've been together.

    He ended up joining the military which has dragged me across the states and made my life even harder. It wasn't until after we've already been together for four years that I was finally able to get a driver's license because he deployed and I had the car. During the time of his first deployment I was trying to find a job that I could work without putting too much stress on my back, but to no avail.

    Thanks to L raping me when he knew I had no birth control left, I got pregnant and he left for deployment before we'd even confirmed it. He'd just gotten off of his first deployment and got to stay home for a month where I then found out that he'd contracted HPV because his pubic area was covered with warts. When he impregnated me, I'd also contracted it.
    He was gone for the entire pregnancy and his parents, who've always fervently hated me for reasons unknown, were the only support group I had during the pregnancy which was my first.

    The pregnancy was hell.

    I'd developed polyhydramnios, which is a condition where too much amniotic fluids form. This made my pregnancy very rough because I was as big as if I were carrying twins, but there was only one. My breasts have grown to a ridiculous size that makes me look absolutely cartoonish as I'm now wearing a LL cup, but I'm positive that the cup size is too small but finding bras that fit me is next to impossible.

    Now L and I are going through a pretty rough divorce, right now we're still waiting to even separate. I will be taking our daughter with me when I move because I'm too terrified to leave her with him alone, under any circumstances. He's flat out told me that he had a discussion with one of his military friends where he'd actually said that being around a baby would stress him out too much and he'd more than likely snap and kill her. He's even gone as far as saying to my face that he doesn't want to be in my daughters life until she's at least five years old, but ideally wants to be around just for her teenage years.

    Keep in mind I see him as nothing but a sperm donor to my daughter, especially after the terrible things I've heard him say about her. I also just found out yesterday that he'd gotten the tax return back, and he claimed my daughter as his dependent. Because of this he got over four thousand dollars back on the return whereas without her he'd have only gotten three hundred. Words from his own mouth.

    My daughter and I didn't see a cent of that money, and he's already spent it.

    In just over two weeks now, I'm going to be moving back down to where I grew up. I'm going to be living with an ex of mine, let's call him M. He and I never left on bad terms, we'd just decided it wasn't our time and decided to part ways. It was a healthy and mutual decision, grant it, we regret it now. He knows everything that has gone on up until now, and even through everything I've been put through insists on being by my side. He's even in love with my daughter and can't wait to be able to raise her as his own flesh and blood. His love gives me courage and hope.

    When I finally get there I'm going to start looking into what I have to do to file for full custody of my daughter because L has made it very clear that he only wants to see her, and not raise her. I'm livid at what he's done with the money that should have gone towards me and my daughter, and I don't want him benefiting off of her in any way shape or form in the future.

    On top of that I don't want to have to fight with it should M and I end up getting married several years from now, because M has already said that should we get married he wants to adopt my daughter officially.

    I've always been incredibly pessimistic because of everything I've been through in my life, but now I have two reasons to look forward and no reason to look back. I'm so close to attaining my freedom that I've craved ever since I was caged by L, that I can taste it and it tastes sweet.

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    My husband introduced interracial pornography into our relationship and I LOVE IT! He wants to watch it alot too but I feel a little guilty. I have started to watch his DVDs on my own though and use our 10 inch dildo when he is not around! i even tell him to clean my pussy after black men try to get me pregnant! it so hot! he tells me to say this to him! i ve come to learn that many men like this. i love it too but i feel guilty! if my husband knew how much i want to do it for real now, he would be pissed!

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