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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Male, 25. I have a recurring dream that freaks me out. It plays out the same way - I get dressed in my moms clothes, full makeup and wig. I walk 4 blocks in 5 inch spike heels that are a size too small, to my neighbors house, a totally hot woman who I have a crush on. She knows it and rejects my advances, plus teases me, especially since she knows I crossdress behind my mothers back. Once at her house, she ties me up. She is always wearing Fredricks of Hollywood stuff to intice and frustrate me.

    Here's where it get weird. While I'm hogtied on my knees and gagged, 3 13 yo girls arrive and strip to their panties, flashing their tits at me. I'm no pedophile, but in the dream my cock is as hard as it's ever going to get as the girls torment me. Then my neighbor rubs her bare feet in my face as the girls laugh at me. They pull up my dress and cut off my panties. I feel I cant hold back from coming and then my neighbor says if I come, she will cut my balls off with piano wire. The girls are chanting "Cut his balls off" and I cant hold it anymore and come. My neighbor wipes my jizz from the floor and wipes it on my face.

    Then they tie me to a pole in her basement. My legs are spread apart, the spike heels by now killing my feet. I cant move a muscle. I'm sobbing as my neighbor stuffs her panties in my mouth, puts a ball gag on me, and secures it with duct tape. As the girls watch on laugh, my neighbor puts the piano wire around the base of my balls and says Its time for me to really be a girl, and snaps the wire..... At this point I wake up in a sweat. I know I've had a few close calls as mom has almost caught me in her clothes, but I cant shake the dream. I just wish I could crossdress without having to hide it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    Grandma, a true story
    I am 44 now but when I was a teenager, I suppose as every boy, I dreamed about older woman. I lived with my mother, she divorced my dad when I was 5. She never married again, never really wanted another real relationship, but there was always some man, showing at our apartment occasionally. We lived in a small flat, one bedroom and small kitchen, so when my mom had a guest they were staying in kitchen until she was sure asleep. I was sleeping on a small bed and mum on sofa that turns into a large bed. Of course I wasn't always asleep, so few times I saw mom having sex. I was turned on despite of feeling shame at the same time. I guess that feeling of shame was too strong so I never really fantasised about her, in my head I always pictured some other woman in a situation I was watching. Most of the times it was my Grandma.
    She was 60 at that time, I remember that during the summer this happened we celebrated her birthday. I was 16. She was short, black hair, pale skin, you couldn't say she was fat but she definitely had some extra weight. She was my Dad's mother and Grandpa was more than 20years older than her. They didn't go along very well, two of them, from what I've heard from my parents talking not aware that I can hear them, Grandpa was quite a man in his days, women loved him and he didn't miss any chance to cheat on Grandma. I spent all my childhood summers in their house at small town on coast, where my father was born.
    It was a big, two floors old and beautiful house and during the summer house was full of tourists. Usually when I was kid I would spend most of the time outside house, playing with my friends on a beach, but that summer I would often return soon, without grandma knowing it I would sneak into house hoping to see Grandma naked or I would jerking holding her bra or panties while I would listen her move in next room. One day I entered house and I could hear her voice from upstairs, where guests where staying. That wasn't unusual, grandma was cleaning their rooms, changing towels. Grandpa never helped her, he was spending his days with his friends playing cards in a park. I went upstairs sneaking. Voices were coming from one of the bedrooms that was connected with door to kitchen. I entered kitchen and then I could clearly hear them...I noticed at once that it wasn't a conversation, but moaning. That apartment was rented by our regular guests, a couple late 40s with no kids and they were staying for 2 or 3 weeks every summer. Door to a room was opened for a few inches, so I sneaked next to them. First I saw my grandmas pale ass and hairy pussy. She was on her knees,next to bed, her head deep into woman pussy. Woman was laying on her back, legs wide open, grandma was touching and licking her clitoris with one hand pushing her fingers into pussy.
    I wasn't able to watch them all the time, I was afraid that some of them might turn and see me, so I was sitting on the floor and peaking through the door from time to time. Man was standing behind grandma, at first I couldn't see him because of the door, but I saw his hand on grandmas ass and his fingers inside her pussy and asshole. Later on his wife change position, she was then under grandma in 69 position, they were eating each other, while the man fucked grandma in ass. Soon he came, I heard him started moaning, I was scared of being seen but I looked at one moment and saw that he pulled his cock out of grandmas ass and put it in his wife's mouth.
    After that I wasn't looking anymore because I heard that he also laid on bed, could hear them kiss, talk and laugh, and was too scared to peak because I didn't know if some of them are looking towards the kitchen. I was just about to sneak out when I heard my grandma saying that she will bring some drinks. There wasn't enough time to get out of kitchen so I moved just one step of the door, hide under the table and I could only hope that grandma wouldn't see me. She passed by me, took some wine and water from fridge and went back. While she was passing next to me she stopped for a second and pushed me gently with her leg without looking at me and continued to a room, closing the door after her.
    I went downstairs and out. That day I stayed out longer than usual, I was afraid to face grandma and I was hoping she would already sleeping when I come. Usually I would have my own room on second floor but at that time I was sharing a one bedroom apartment with grandparents because they rented all the rooms, including mine. When I finally came home they were already sleeping on big bed, I went to bathroom and after that to my bed on the other side of the room.
    Next morning when I woke up room was empty. Grandpa already went out as usual and I could hear footsteps upstairs. I didn't hear anyone talking so I was sure that grandma is alone, cleaning the rooms. I wanted to sneak out of house but just when I was leaving grandma came down, asking me if I was hungry. I said no but she insisted that I can't go outside without having some meal first. While I was eating she was sitting next to me at the table. At first she acted like nothing happened, asking me about my friends, are we having good time on the beach, etc. I was relieved, I thought that she would pretend as she know nothing, but at one point she said:
    - I don't have to tell you, you are almost grown man, that it is very rude to sneak on someone.
    I tried to get out of it saying that I went upstairs to look for her and just run into them, but it didn't sound very convincing even to myself. At one point she said that if I ever do something like that again she would send me back to town to my mom and dad and that I would never again come here for summer. Somehow that made me angry, I was thinking, ok, I did something I wasn't suppose to, but what about her???????? She was fucking behind grandmas back and when I catch her she started to threat me. I said that if she send me back to parents I will tell them what happened and no matter what she said they would believe me. She knew that was truth, she knew I had very good relationship with my parents and that they have no reason not to believe me. After that she was silent for a while and then she started to talk, trying to explain why she did that. She said basically what I knew before that she and grandpa have very bad relationship for many years, that he hurt her many times, humiliated her because not only that he cheated on her but he did it without even trying to hide it so at the end whole town knew about it. And it happened many times. While she was talking she started crying. I said that I understand her, that I don't blame her and hug her. She put her head on my shoulder and cried, I pulled her closer to me, I could feel her large saggy tits on my chest, while I caressed her hair, her back. That gave me instant erection that was really impossible to hide because I was wearing just swimming shorts. I don't know if she noticed that on that point but I couldn't care less. I was so turned on just by holding her in my arms that I wasn't even thinking, I just wanted her and I knew I wouldn't let this situation pass without me trying to get her.
    While her head was still on my shoulder I started kissing her, first her head, hair, saying at same time that everything is ok, that there is no need for her to cry. Then I moved to her neck, kissing her gently. She didn't say anything. She lifted her head and started to clean tears of her face. I grabbed her hands and said: let me do that. I cleaned tears of her face with my fingers and after that I kissed her eyes while I put both my hands on her cheeks. She smiled at that which gave me courage to kiss her lips. At first kiss she said nothing, but when I continued kissing her, when I started pushing my tongue into her mouth, trying to open it, she pushed me away. At first gently, acting like my kisses were just accident, but when I pulled her back and started to lick her neck and ear she tried more strongly to push me away, saying at same time: What are you doing???????? You can't do that, I am your grandmother, its a sinâà ;¯Â¿Â& frac12;æ ;I continued to kiss her, I didn't let her go, I was much stronger than her, but when she start to push me really strongly saying that she will scream, that I am crazy - I let her go. I wanted her badly but no matter how badly I wanted her rape was never my fantasy.
    She moved back to her chair, fixing her hair and her dress. She had a white dress down to her knees that had buttons on front, she was closing the upper button that I opened to reach for her tits. First she was yelling at me, saying that I am sick, that I need medical help, that she will said to my parents what I did, that she don't care if I tell them about her affairsâï ;¿Â½&Atild e;¦That really frightened me, idea that my parents would know that I made a move on grandmaâïÂ& iquest;½à ¦I started crying. Not acting, I was really scared at that point. She lowered her voice, asking me if I understand that this is wrong, I shook my head, still cryingâÃ& macr;¿Â&fr ac12;æT hen she put her hand on my head, caressed it gently, saying that she understand that I am at that age when boys become obsessed with sex, that it is all normal, but there is plenty of young girls out there, that I am handsome boy and sure many of them would love to be girlfriends. Still crying, practically without control over me, I replied that I am not interested in them, that I dream about her all the time, that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, etc.
    She was trying to calm me, hugged me, saying to calm down. Crying and shaking I knelt in front of her, putting my head in her lap and my arms around her. She continued to comfort me, saying that I don't need to worry, that she won't say anything to my parents. When I put my head in her lap her dress lifted a bit over her knees, so with my cheeks I was touching her thighs. I couldn't help myself, I started kissing them. She put her hands on my shoulder and started pushing me away but not very strongly, saying: Stop it, you know that this is wrong. I didn't stop, saying to her that I can't control myself. She squeezed her legs but she stopped pushing me, still holding my shoulders, so I continued to kiss her, pushing my head as much closer to her pussy as I could. She started to laugh at one point, saying that I am stubborn just like my father (her son) was at his age. I smiled back and said: That are your genes Grandma. Then she asked me why her???????? What it is I find so attractive on her???????? I said I love her smile, her eyes, her black hair, pale skin, her scentâ&Atil de;¯Â¿Â ;½ÃÂ&brvb ar;while I was talking I continued to kiss her and at one point I could feel that her legs are not so squeezed anymore, so I started to push my head between them gently kissing her tights, licking them. She was listening what I was saying, she didnt reply so I continued talking, kissing and gently pushing my head closer to pussy. Then she started gently to caress my shoulders and back which was a sign for me to continue. I pushed my head little bit stronger and I could feel that her legs opened wider not only by my push. I was touching her panties with my lips and tongue, smelling her pussy, scent that I remembered well jerking with her dirty panties in my hand.
    I pulled one of my hands under her dress and pulled her panties away. She had very hairy pussy, black long hairs that were looking even more dark on her pale skin. I would see later that her ass was also full of short dark hairs, that would became longer closer to her asshole. She was already totally wet, juices were floating out of her pussy. I started licking her pussy, then pushed one after another my fingers into her, later on also two fingers in her ass. She was breathing deeper and deeper, saying: We shouldn't do this, we will go to hell, this is sin. But she didn't try to stop me, as I was pushing my fingers harder and faster she pressed my head to her clitoris, and started moving her pelvis faster and faster.
    - I'm coming, she screamed pushed my head strong to her pussy so for a few seconds I couldn't breathe.
    After she calm down she lifted my head and gave me a gentle kiss, caressing my shoulders at the same time.
    - This is very wrong, you know that.
    I nodded.
    - We should both pray to God to forgive us and try to forget that this ever happened.
    - I will never forget this, I don't want to, I replied.
    - Don't say that, you know also this is wrong and that it should never happen again.
    I said that I know that everyone would say this is wrong but that I can't say that because it feels so right.
    - Don't tell me it wasn't nice for you, I am sure, I saw you enjoy.
    - I did butâï¿& Acirc;½Ã ¦
    I interrupted her.
    - No but, it can't be wrong if it feels so good. But ok, I understand that you don't want this to happened again, I will not force you to something you don't want. Can I at least enjoy a little more in you body since it won't happened again????????
    While I was talking I started touching her tits and unbutton her.
    She said that she have to go clean the rooms, that guests would be here any minute, but she didn't stop me or leave. I lifted her up and let dress fall down. She opened her bra and took it off, so I saw her huge white tits. They were very big and saggy, falling over her belly button, her nipples dark purple, almost black, with large circles and two large buttons at the end. I sat on a table holding and squeezing that huge tits, sucking those large nipples. I pulled her panties all the way down and started licking that clitoris again while holding tits in my hand. After a while she stopped me, lifted me up and kissed hard. She was turned on by tasting her own juices. Then she pulled my shorts off, pulled me back to chair and knelt before me. She started stroking my cock with one hand and squeezing my balls with other while she licked top of my cock. I came instantly all over her face and mouth. When she realised that I was coming she pushed my cock deep into her mouth started sucking it hard, taking every drop. When it was done my cock was still hard as rock as I didn't come at all. She smiled, gave me a kiss with her mouth full of my cum that I tasted for the first time. She continued kissing me and stroking my cock while she cleaned drops from her face with other hand and then pushed that fingers in her and my mouth. She sat on a table and pulled me closer holding my cock, touched her clitoris with it and then pushed it inside. She was holding my ass with both hands and forced me that way to fuck her as fast and strong she wanted. I can't say how long I fucked her before I came again, but I do remember it to be one of the strongest orgasms I ever had in my lifeâï ;¿½ ;æ
    Sorry about my poor English. If you like this story I will post some more.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 42

    Wife Seduces Her 14 Year Old Nephew

    Now that the kids are out of the house we keep a couple of really sexy pictures of my wife displayed in the bedroom, nice see-thru tops and short skirts. I like to see the reaction when new friends see them for the first time. We keep our Mac in the bedroom so it is easier for Mary to use the video cam when she performs for her friends on the internet.

    Her sister and hubby had a trip planned abroad and asked if Clayton their youngest son could stay with us for a few days as he still had had a couple of days left at school and a friend of theirs would drop him at our abode. I told Mike it would be fine and that we would take good care of him seeing that he was Mary's favorite nephew, he in joking manner said he is sure she will.

    Now that put the idea into my head, that maybe i should introduce the young man to some adult pleasures of life.

    Mary told me the day before he arrived that we should make the house Clayton proof and remove her pictures and toys in the bedroom and from the bar area (i keep a photo album that contains lots of pictures of Mary nude and having sex with lots of guys, cream pie and facials )We like to look at it when friends and us visit in the bar and joke about our escapades.

    I suggested to her that she maybe, we could have a little fun with him and that she could show off a little. She said that i am mad, just because she has fucked his father does not mean she should fuck his sons as well, she gave me a hard time about what her sister would do if she found out.

    I left it at that, later in the evening we had a few beers and i got her a little drunk and started playing with pussy once she is turned on she can not say no to anything. I convinced her that it would be fun and that it is all innocent, she agreed on the condition that we should at least hide her large dildos and toys from the boy, and that all the explicit sex pictures should be removed from view.

    She told me that she would not have sex with him, but would play along and be a tease. (I wanted to see how far i could get her to go)
    I told her put him in the room opposite ours and to move the sleeper so that could look directly onto our bed via the corner mirror drawers.(We have used this setup before when we wanted visitors to watch us having sex) just in case she wanted to show a little more i said, she arranged his room as requested.

    Mary always dresses very sexy and Clayton grew up with that , i told her to turn it up as he has not seen her about seven months and it would be nice to see his reaction when she came home looked really sexy(Like a slut is what i had in mind) we chose her red tight fitting chiffon blouse and short black skirt with boots , she would wear a light sweater to work and remove on the way home, we giggled like horny teenagers that night and made little plans to make it all look normal.

    Clayton arrived at about three and i helped him with his luggage to his room , we went downstairs and chatted a bit , i had a beer and offered him one , he declined and said his father checks him drink all the time , i told him i won't tell and that he must enjoy himself while he is here. He wanted to phone his mother to let her know he has arrived safely and wanted to use his world call card , i told him to use the phone in my bedroom , what a luck i thought he would go into my bedroom and see the photos of Mary we had left there for him to see , we had left some really nice ones showing her tits and plump nipples clearly , it does not matter where he sat he would get a good look at his slut aunts tits. i heard him talk upstairs so i phoned Mary from my mobile and told her that he was in the bedroom and looking at her photos , she said in is wrong but see is getting a little exited by all of this.

    After about 10 min he came down and said all is well with the family and it would be nice to see aunty Mary again (i thought really) i offered him a beer again and sheepishly accepted. We chatted and had another beer each, when i heard Mary at the door; she came in looking absolutely fantastic no bra tits swinging nipples rock hard in a very see-thru red top. She did not give him change to get up , she opened her arms and smothered is face between her tits and hugged him for awhile telling him how much she had missed him , then held him at arms length to see how much he had grown and to give him the opportunity to see her tits real close-up. I thought i was going to come in my pants. I could see that he could not believe his luck, he stammered a little trying to greet is aunt, Mary played the game perfectly and asked all the right family questions moving just right to get her tits swinging (she is a pro after all) the boy never knew what had hit him, he was glued to her every word and movement.

    She said to him that she sees he is a big boy now referring to the beer in his hand , and that he must be careful of me as i will corrupt him , she smiled at me and told me to refresh our drinks and to pour her a glass wine. She left us to remove her boots and to freshen up a little.

    Clayton told me how nice it was to see us again and how glad he was that he could stay with us. Mary came downstairs still in her skirt and red top and hugged him again. She led us outside to the patio as it was nice and bright (as put it) outside, in the afternoon sun even i could not keep my eyes of her tits. She chatted nonstop, until i said that we should get ready as we are going out for supper.

    I could see the third beer was a bit much for Clayton and suggested we all have a little rest before supper.
    When we got to our room she closed the door and told me that she did not realize how much this turned her on but it is wrong as it her nephew. I tried to get her to open the door and show a bit more flesh but she would have none of it , we did however have very loud sex and she asked me if i think she made an impression on him , I said i am sure he was jerking off in the opposite room.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    my mother lives w/ me & my bf & four children.we used to be able to shoo the kids off w/gramma & have orgies our place, but then moms landlord evicted her & she needed a temporary place.....that was six months ago ! My gf's think I'm shunning them & my ol'man & I hardly even been getting any.Yesturday my moms mutt even bit one of my youngest and instead of an apolegy she blames it on my kid ! i miss our sex life, hell - i miss our plain life...;to make matters even more worse, i think my bf is doing the neighbor's 17 year old daughter & i'm the only one getting all stressed out, my mom works out w/a dildo every other night - i hear her through the wall moaning & groaning, besides the hum of her vibrator !

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I realize now why I promised myself not to get emotionally involved with humans other than my family.

    Who would think that 30 and 40 somethings would be so damn clique-y.

    One girl on our competing gymnastics team is clearly head and shoulders above most.When this poor girl and her family were out of sight, they bashed her high scores saying she didnt deserve them.This girls mother rarely comes into the gym, and only to pick her daughter up when practice is over.
    This poor woman gets bashed for that also. Secretly, I think she probably has the right idea(not trying to include herself in the "in" crowd.

    At the last meet we had, these women would not save a seat for this girls parents either. I made eye contact with the parents of this girl and told another mother who had a better veiw of the parents to call them over. She would not..and another lady chimed in "Im not calling her over".

    No sooner had she said that when the parents found and made their way toward us to sit.Naturally the others "let" them sit and soon started chatting away as though they were pals.

    I am sure they must talk about me as well. It is a shame as some of the girls have become friends.However when the group gets together, my daughter is usualy odd man out usually because she is more quiet and reserved than most of the girls.

    Although my daughter and I are accepted in the 'clique' I can't help but wonder what is said about us when we leave the room. I am starting to not enjoy this group very much, but there are no other gyms in the area and am sure all gyms are alike having their cliques and "In" crowds.

    My daughter is fairly talented, and is a strong team member.
    We dont really want to leave, but now that we have emotional ties to these other mothers and kids, it will be hard to distance myself from them.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 51

    I have been a Science Teacher for over twenty years, and every year my students drive me to drink; it's like they don't want to learn Science they want to make noises, talk about fights, and make my life miserable as can be. You won't believe all of the foolishness I half to deal with when it comes to the students no matter what Class Period it is, they all drive me crazy. First there's my fifth period students, and they get on my nerves so much, they constantly make noises, talk excessively, one young man does nothing in class, I don't understand why he even comes to school, then there's the Three Stooges at the front of the class. They constantly make noises like animal sounds, they bang on the desks, one time out in the hall they made so much noise, that I thought a fight broke out; two of them were yelling and creaming loud enough to be heard all the way down to the Office where i sent them both, and they were Wrestling in my Class almost thrashing the entire Class with their Horsing around.

    I can also tell you some of the stuff they do that really makes me angry, for some reason everybody in the School called me "Mr. Skittles" I hate that name, and if you call me that, I will send you straight to the Office. Do I look like some kind of candy to you, i'm a Science Teacher, now why don't you study about physics and spend less time acting like children. Also I can tell you the type of language I've heard in my class, from students dropping F bombs, one calling another Young Man a "Freakin Queer" I don't want to hear that type of language this is a School, do you all kiss your mothers with moths that dirty.

    Let's not forget the damages These Students have done to my class, one Young Man, Fell through a broken patch on the floor and going through the floor. Then one times some numskull in a Gorilla Suit came outside when I was on Outside Activity Duty, and started to chase me all over the School grounds. Than I believe the same numskull actually Jumped through the floor in a Gorilla Suit to chase me all over the School.I think i'm going to retire because I don't think I can take another year with these students of mine, not to mention the time one of them dumped water on me and after that I reached my breaking point; don't come to my class to disrupt, you come to learn Science and that's it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 35

    i just read about the woman and her son with his gf in the hot tub, whoever posted that thank you so much! i thought i was just a terrible deviant. thank you!

    i'm also a divorce mother and have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. i work 2 jobs, one full time and one part time to make ends meet and put a little away so at some point i can actually retire. i have no social life because i am always at work or home with my beautiful children.

    pleas e excuse my saying so and my vulgarity, but momma needs to fuck!

    there are countless times my since my husband left, that i've gone to bed longing to feel intimate with a man. i ache to feel a man's warm body in bed with me, his weight on top of me, spreading me open for his use, to feel my most private parts stretched by his hardness, to feel that rhythmic pounding of his flesh into me, and being filled with his warm cum.

    i lay in bed letting my desires build getting ready to indulge myself with my toys, and more times than not now i find my fantasies turning to being seduced by my two boys. i've even named my toys after them--a big veined rubber cock i call Brian, my older boy, and the smooth thick toy i call Allen, my younger boy. i fill myself with both toys, one in front and one in back, and orgasm screaming into my pillow. many times i've had to play a second or more times, as my fantasies turn to them opening my bedroom door and making me their willing sex slave.

    They both go off to college next year, and then i'll be all alone, but it would not take much to make me bend over the bed, and be their wanton whore.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Male 24. I was home alone last spring so I did what I usually do when home alone - I dressed up in my mothers clothes. Bra, pantyhose, high heels, jewelry, lipstick and wig. This time, after putting the garbage in the chute on our floor [we live in a apartment building], I realized I locked myself out of the apartment. Panic struck me hard, because my mother doesnt know I crossdress. And she would be home in less than an hour. Then to my horror, my next door neighbor came into the hallway. Reacting in a loud voice she managed to get 2 other neighbors to open their doors. I wanted to die as they mocked me. Then my mom got home, and she freaked when she saw me. She ordered me inside, and the interrogation began. Turns out she suspected all along I was raiding her closet. She was very vocal about her disappointment, and grounded me for a month, and forbidden from crossdressing. Later on she said she'd give me a choice The one month grounding, or 3 month grounding but I could continue crossdressing, and had to do all the chores and housework. 3 months was brutal, but the thought of not dressing up for a month was worse, so I took the 3 months. She handed me a few dresses and a pair of spike heels she didnt wear and said they were mine. Then she made me shave my legs, chest and underarms. It was totally weird dressing up in front of my mom, but I was glad she was letting me. One catch - I had to do the housework dressed in her clothes and in those spike heels, tight pointy toe pumps with almost 5 inch heels. Anytime I showed discomfort, she would say Thats what I wanted. Oh BTW its 7 months and tho I'm not grounded, I'm dressing up more than ever, still doing housework, wearing makeup, and everyday I have to massage my mothers feet. And she insists I'm a sissy-fairy and a poor excuse for a male.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 22

    My mother and father seperated when I was just two years old. They weren't married and I apparently only saw my father once more at the age of four, but I don't remember it. At the time of my birth my mother was nineteen, my father was only seventeen. He moved away and as far as I was aware, I'd not seen him since.

    Out with some friends at a baseball game, I met an older guy after bumping into him, spilling his beer. He was a complete gentleman telling me it was his fault, even if I knew it wasn't. I didn't know why then, but I was immediately attracted to him. Back in my seat after chatting to him for over ten minutes, I saw him sit in front of us a few rows down.

    I found myself looking at him, more than I was watching the game.
    Starting to feel and sense something about him and realising I found him to be very handsome, I followed him down towards the bathrooms a little later. He smiled when he saw me, then walked over asking me if I wanted to leave and join him at a nearby restaurant. A couple of minutes later after I'd let my friends know, I found myself Walking out of the baseball stadium and towards the restaurant.

    Our meal wasn't too good, but I didn't care. I found myself hanging on his every word and agreed to meet him the following day for lunch. Sat in a park across the city from where I lived with my mom, I met Dale for our picnic lunch. The obvious attraction was evident between us, so it was no surprise when he asked me if I wanted to go back to his apartment.

    Taking me by the hand, Dale lead me into his bedroom. Over the next two hours Dale and I had such a special and sexually charged time together. It's never happened to me before with any of my boyfriends, but with Dale I found myself cumming as he kissed my naked body all over. It was such a slow and passionate full on sexual fore play laden time, I found myself sucking his cock as his licked and sucked on my clitoris, and I wanted the orgasms to flow through me and into him, I was that involved emotionally.

    Dale, took his time when he put his cock to my pussies entrance. He was teasing me, slipping it in an inch then withdrawing it again. Looking into his eyes, I begged him to fuck me, I begged the man I found to be the best lover of my short life. And Dale obliged me sending my pussy into a series of the most wonderfully deep and lengthy orgasms. Each thrust of his hips took me to new and better heights. I knew he was an experienced lover, his age and muscular body suggested that, but nothing could have prepared me for the complete and utter joy his love making gave me.

    By the time we lay together relaxing from two hours of thrilling sex, I was sexually exhausted. I'd mounted him, taking every inch of his hard member inside my soaking wet pussy, and had Dale enter me from behind, drilling my hole in long hard strokes. We'd spooned as his cock drove deep up my asshole, which had me cumming in wave after wave of sexual emotions. And we'd shared another long slow sixty nine after he'd emptied his balls up my rear love tube.

    I left his apartment knowing I'd see him again. And we did many many times over the following four months. Each time we had sex, it just got better and better until Dale asked me to move in. I spoke to my mom about it and she said she was happy for me to do so, even if Dale was older than myself. She did however ask if she could meet him, so I arranged for us all to meet at a restaurant.

    Myself and my mom were Sat waiting for Dale with my moms seat facing away from the doorway. When he entered I smiled and called him over. At the same time my mother turned around. The scream that came from mother was terrifying. I didn't know what was happening until she turned to me and said "That's your father".

    D ale had been using his fathers middle name, a name my mom somehow didn't know. My mother and I left the restaurant with Dale crying at the table we'd just vacated. His text message (which I've kept) later that night made me cry too. It reads "So sorry, I honestly didn't know. Now, and I know this will be difficult, I'd like to get to know my daughter as her father, please allow me to discover the beautiful person I know you are, Dale x ".

    My mother finally acceded to my wishes and I now see my father on a weekly basis. Yes it was difficult at first, as I wanted the man who had made love to me for months, but we both knew and know that cannot be the way forward. Or at least that's how I get past wanting him sexually every time we meet. I hope it gets easier, because at the moment I'm finding it hard to resist every sense in my body, that wants Dales cock, my fathers cock inside my pussy and asshole.

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