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    Posted by Anonymous

    True Story: Twenty years ago, a buddy of mine goes to Brazil on a business trip. Every night he sees this stunning girl in the clubs. Tall, slender but very curvy in the right places, black curly hair down to her ass, golden brown skin, beestung lips. The works in other words. It takes him a week to work up the nerve to try his limited Portuguese on her and even then, he has to down six of those rum, sugar, and lime cocktails before he does. They dance and then go up to his hotel room. He knows they have sex, but the details are a little fuzzy because he passes out. He wakes up the next morning alone. His wallet is on the bed, but all the money is still in it. Weird right?

    Now, this was before AIDS was a big worry in Brazil, so he just is a little worried about taking home herpes, the clap, or something. But he goes back to the States and is clean as a whistle. Couple months go by and he gets a letter from the girl. Actually, she has a lawyer friend who speaks good English write it. Turns out, she swiped his business card from his wallet. The letter says she's pregnant and underage. If he doesn't pay up, she'll send a letter to his company which does a lot of business in Brazil. Worse still, his father-in-law is on the board of the company. They'll fire him. And he'll pay a fortune in alimony.

    Well, my buddy is half-horrified, half-elated. He was getting older (38 then) and his wife was showing no signs of ever getting pregnant or wanting to adopt. So he gladly writes a generous annual check and in return only asks for monthly pictures and that the kid is named after his dad if a boy or his mom if a girl.

    This goes on for many years. It's the big secret of his life. He even has a separate bank account and rented mailbox set up so his wife never finds out. Then, his wife is suddenly killed in an auto accident. After a decent period of time, he figures he'll go down to Brazil, see his kid, and if the mom is still as good looking maybe he'll marry her.

    He goes down to Brazil and finds the kid and mom. Only, no surprise, the kid is actually the youngest brother of the girl and the girl is actually a guy. That's right, he slept with a transvestite and never knew it. Plus, he gave her about $50,000 over the years to support a kid that wasn't his.

    Now, you'd think any red-blooded American male would turn to violence. Only my buddy is so attached to the idea of the kid and the mom that he pays for her sex change operation, marries her, adopts the kid, and moves to Brazil!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 23

    My uncle had a huge koi pond in the backyard, with a small bridge over it.. imagine a Japanese garden. I loved to hang out with my uncle. I was 13.

    Those days I always wore a denim short skirt with singlet which showed off my full B-cups. One weekend, I was squatted by the pond when I caught my Uncle looking at my crotch. When he looked away and pretended to feed the fishes, I didn't think too much about it.

    The following weekend, my parents dropped me at my Uncle's again because they had some event. I was standing on the bridge when my Uncle joined me. He pointed out a few new kois he had brought in 2 days ago.

    At this point, I felt his hand on my back, slowly moved to my waist. My uncle leaned in closer. I didn't budge. Maybe that was the signal of an okay because his hand went under my akirt. He was massaging my clit and my pussy was pulsating. I could feel my wetness as he rubbed harder.

    We stood there, my Uncle's hand under my skirt and I really don't know what overcame me. I place my right hand on his crotch. His hard on was solid. I spreaded my legs apart. His finger pushed my panty to the side.. and there I was.. being fingered by my mother's younger brother.

    His thick finger alternate between my hole and clit. I unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I kneeled in front of him and gave him a blowjob.

    He moaned, obviously loved the fact that his niece is sucking on his dick. He lifted me up, pulled down my panties and inserted his cock into my pussy. He eased it in slowly but once it was in, he fucked my brains out. I came twice, trembling and whimpering away.

    My uncle continued fucking me for about 20 minutes, he was going to cum but got me again on my knees and he came inside my mouth.

    It's been 10 years now. We would meet frequently in our "Secret Garden". My Uncle takes me doggy style alot and we have done anal a couple of times. I hope we continue to have this relationship. I enjoy being fucked by my Uncle. Front and back.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    For the past 6 months I have been having sex with my 75 year-old widowed neighbor. I can't begin to tell you all the countless loads I've emptied inside this horny old woman over the last 6 months day after day.

    Her son came by a few weeks ago, and he thanked me for looking after his mom since both him and his sister live out of state and don't get to see their mom often. If he only knew for the last 6 months I have been using his mother as my personal sperm sepository, he would have probably killed me on the spot.

    As we talked, I couldn't help but think how less than a day before, I was balls deep in his mother while she moaned like a whore as I flooded her womb for the 3rd time that day. How she usally walks around her house half naked so I can fuck her like some sex slave to be used and discarded, until her services were needed again.

    Oh, if only they knew.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 26

    I was a first semester freshman in college. I was invited to an out of town wedding for one of my older cousins. At the party I met one of the friends of the groom. He was a hard ass and all around jerk and he got his dick up inside of me in one of the closets in the hall by the ballroom. I had never had a dick inside of me and I didn't know what to do. He tried fucking me standing up but his dick kept slipping out so he made me bend over and lean on the wall and he fucked me up until he came. I would not have known that he was coming except that he said it out loud and told me to hold still until he filled me up.

    We went back to the ballroom and he held me by the wrist and told me to stay close to him because he wasn't done with me. We chit chatted with on of his friends, and after a while he put my hand on his pants and he told me to get his dick hard. When his dick got hard he said he was ready and he took me with him to his room. He helped me get undressed and he got undressed and he got on me and was inside once again, this time fucking me on top. After a while of fucking on me, he got on his knees and had me get on my hands and knees and he fingered me and he put his dick up against my ass and told me to hold still and tell him if it hurt. His dick went inside of me, it did hurt but I kept my mouth shut, I just bit my lip until he was all the way in and he could fuck me.

    I stayed with him in his room the entire night and the next morning he went into the hall to see if the coast was clear and then sent me down to my room, where my mother was sleeping. My mother woke up when I went in and asked me what time it was and where had I been. I told her I had gone to a private party after the reception. She turned over and went back to sleep.

    Back in college I was in pain over him. He would not answer me. It took me a long time to realize that I was a one night stand for him.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 52

    My sister in law is single for years all of her kids grown and moved away. She lived nearby and I have always go over to help her whatever she need help with. The other day she needed to get her oil change in her car, normally she would take it in for the service but money was short for the month. She called me if I can come over to change the oil in her car. I said okay no big deal I went on over.

    As I was getting ready to change the oil I have to use the bathroom. I ask her if I can use her bathroom and she said fine just don't mine the mess inside. I didn't know what she was talking about until I walk in and saw she had just done laundry. She has her pantyhose, bras, panties and all the women intimate wear hanging to be dry. I guess most of them is line dry. When I saw that I got arouse right away seeing all her intimate wear hanging to be dry.

    I pull off several pairs of her panties and smell them. It smell sooooooo good. I was in the bathroom for a good 15 minutes or more. She walked by the bathroom and ask if everything was okay. I said yes everything is fine. If she only knew I was smelling her panties inside. After I got done I went back outside the garage to change the oil in her car. As I was underneath the car I felt something keep kicking my legs.

    I pull myself out underneath the car just to be find my sister in law was standing over between my legs. She didn't have any panties on underneath of her skirt. As I was pulling myself out my head was right under her skirt seeing everything. I was shock and she said you like what you see. I said yes. She said I know you being smelling my panties in the bathroom when you were in there. I said no I have not. She said yes you have, because the panties was not on the line the same way I had put it. I was caught and I had to tell her the truth.

    I told her yes I did smell her panties and couldn't resist seeing all her intimate wear hanging on the line. She said, since you like smelling my panties then you probably like to taste my pussy. As I was still laying on the garage floor with her standing over me seeing her pussy right in my face. I couldn't help it but to say yes I would love to taste your pussy.

    She got down lift her skirt up sit on my face I was licking, sucking her clitoris of her sweet pussy. After good 10 minutes of more I told her my cock is hard needed some attention. She turn around pull out my cock and we were doing 69 for long time. She was sucking my cock and I am getting so horny and I sucked her clitoris hard then we both cum. I ask if I can fuck her and she said I though you would never ask. I was doing doggie, then I put her in the backseat of the car and fuck some more. She like to ride my hard cock, because she was rocking back and forth. She was moaning as I was sucking her tits as she continue riding my cock. We were at it for a good hours or more.

    After we got done fucking and having fun I did finish changing the oil in her car. She offer me to use her shower to clean up but this time she had removed all her intimate wear in the bathroom. I took her offer and came to find out she wanted to take a shower together and we did. We continue our little sex play in the shower. I can't believe she was so horny that day. She did say she haven't had any sex for a long time. I told her from now on if she need to have sex just let me know I will fulfill your needs. She smile and said fine just don't let your wife know about it.

    Tell this day we still having our little fun time together whenever I go over to her house. My wife did mention I get along with my sister in law a lot better than the past. I didn't say anything just smile and walk away.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 26

    When I was a young kid, I was mute. It was because of child abuse from a mentally unstable mother, but I'm not going to go into detail about that. I don't like to think about it at all. I speak now after therapy when I was 9 and living with my dad. When I was 6 or 7, a horny teenage girl took advantage of the fact I was mute and couldn't tell on her. I don't feel traumatized or anything, nor am I angry. The memory isn't painful. It's just strange.

    She followed me into the bathroom one day when no one else was home and when I looked at her confused, she just said she "wanted to see it." I got self conscious and turned my body away so I covered my dick as much as I could while I peed standing up, also covering as much of it as I could with my hands. When I finished, she walked up behind me and reached around me to grab it. I froze, not because I liked it, but more so because I was thinking "what is she doing?."

    She managed to get it stiff after fumbling with it a little while and tried to put my hand on her vagina, but I yanked my hand away as soon as I felt it. The erection was a physical response only and I wasn't sexually turned on. It started to feel nice, but then I looked down and saw my dick stiff in her hand, and freaked out before she could finish, managed to get out of her grip, and ran off. I was completely innocent and clueless about sex at that age, so it was all confusing. Later after she saw me act scared around her, she never tried anything again.

    I was 6 or 7, so my memory of what she looked like is super vague. All I remember is she was white trash, had dirty blond hair, a southern accent, and she had a SEGA. (It's funny that my young brain picked THAT detail to remember).

    The incident showed me how to get it hard and I would often play with it in the bathtub, sometimes to dry orgasm. I was doing it wrong though and was basically rhythmically squeezing instead of stroking. I'm kinda embarrassed about that because my grandmother saw me doing it a couple times and I made no attempt to hide it because I didn't know any better. She was responsible about it and didn't ever comment on it, since doing so would probably make me ask questions.

    Today, I'm gay and have a healthy sex life. I'm only attracted to men my age and much older, even playing with a man the same age as my dad once. I have a bit of an i****t fetish, but I've never do it in real life. I'm not attracted to my dad and honestly he intimidates me; he's the authoritarian military guy type. I'm very certain that the incident as a kid had nothing to do with me being gay, but I suppose it's remotely possible. I never told anyone about it because I don't consider it that big of a deal, and I don't want people who care about me to worry about me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I found out that my brother in law was stealing money from where he works. For what he did he could go to jail for sure. Since I've hated him from even before he married my sister it was pure delight for me to give him my ultimatum. Either I report him to the police or he lets me take the spunk out of him.
    Lets just say that now Ken doesn't have a drop of spunk left in him. He's a very good boy now thanks to me.
    The way it works is that on the last Saturday of every month he comes to my house for his treatment. He dreads it but I love it. I make him take his pants off and lay over my lazy boy and then I tie him in place. Out comes the battery charger and I set it down where he can see it and then I tell him how much I'll enjoy electocuting his nuts for another months worth of seeing him act like a little ball less pansy.
    I learned my electic secret from veterinary school. I'ts for the purpose of artificial insemination. It milks them dry with out any pleasure whatsoever. After the milking your supposed to stop but if you keep it going then the electricity begins to slowly cook his nuts, that's when the taming happens. So far I've cooked Kens goose 9 times now. Poor Ken, he completely stopped producing sperm last June but now I keep cooking his goose just for the fun of it.
    My sister told me that she can't understand why Ken doesn't want sex anymore but she also said that she likes how nice he's become and she can't understand that either. She also said that it seems like everybody likes his new mild temperment.
    Truth is I never intended to report him to the police. My sister needs his money. Don't tell him that, especially since he'll be painting my living room this weekend. Oh yeah I always like a helper just so long as he's been fixed.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Ron, my best guy friend in the whole worl was at my house one day to talk. We were in my bedroom and he asked me about my first orgasm. I just stared at him and laughed. Ron you do have a sick mind i told him. He asked me again. I said " well i dont know if i have ever even had one ya know? " Lol well anyway he just looked at me and smiled. We talked some more about school when he then asked me have i ver had sex. " no. I am a virgin. " " well i am not. " he said.
    "ok....." Thats when he touched my breasts .
    I jumped up. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
    well.... i just thought you and i .... since... ya know? "
    " no i dont know! you are my best friend how could you?"
    " well i have liked you for a long long time!!"
    " well ok."
    "really? OK!" So I laid next to him and we sat there still talking when he said do you wanna have sex or not?
    I said no not now and so he just held me. Thats when he put his hand up my shirt and sqeezed my breasts hard. I didnt say anything and he stuck his toungein my mouth and I about choked.
    Thats when he undid my pants.
    " I said no... i dont want to have sex Ron!!"
    " COME ON! every one in school asked why we arent. I told them i would lay you tonie! THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT!"
    I started to cry and tried oushing him away. STOP!
    He threw my hands behind my head and started to lick my stomach. That when he held me in my privates and stuck his finger in me.
    " feels great huh?"
    ' no!"
    well oh well he said and he just kept on doing i when he was dont he said " ok now lets get back to studying.
    I hadnt told anyone except for my best friend and i think she told my mother but since this site is anonymous i can post it right?

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Female / 21

    I was born a male but I am female now. I had my corrective surgery to make me the girl I am inside when I was 15.

    I had defective testicals that were unable to produce any testosterone. Because of that wonderful defect I never developed any guy traits. I was started on estrogen and I developed hips, breasts and curves.

    I am 5'2" and I wear size 4 dresses and size 6 in high heels. My arms and legs are smaller around than any of my sisters and most girls I went to school with. I have never been mistaken for a guy. My small size and natural femininity has always been more than enough to be accepted as a girl.

    In high school I had to change clothes for pe in a separate room from the other girls until my surgery took my worthless penis and testicals. Then I was a girl and I was treated like the other girls. My first time in high school PE I wore my pantyhose. I got I trouble for it. I tried to tell her that I wore a dress and didn't have time after pe to put them back on. During the Cold months I wore Pantyhose under my sweat pants and I put socks on to hide my pantyhose. When I got a run in them one day and I stopped wearing them to PE. It took me longer putting them back on but it was right before lunch so I had time.

    My corrective surgery was just over 6 years ago. I have met the man of my dreams and have been dating for 2 years in May. I am deeply in love with this man, Bill. He is such a wonderful man. He was talking about me having 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. I am not able to get pregnant (unfortunately) and I felt that I must tell him that I was not born a little girl. I feared that I would lose Bill forever. I had no choice.

    I have met his entire family and they all love me and I love them. I was so afraid to lose Bill and his family that treated me like one of their own daughters. I was risking everything. I sat Bill down and told him that I had to tell him something and I was deathly afraid that I would lose him and his wonderful family.

    I told him that I really love him and I hoped that we can get through this. He asked if I cheated on him. I said, "No I have no desire to be with any other men but you". I took his hand and said, "I was born a man and I can't have children". I did not expect it but I was crying like a baby. He stood up and helped me up then he hugged me and held me tight and kissed my forehead. He said that we are going to work this out together.

    The next day he said that we have to tell his family. I put on my prettiest dress and since it was warm no pantyhose just some cute sandles that matched my dress. We arrived and he small talked while I helped the other women in the kitchen. I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. We went out where the men were. Bill said that we had to tell them something and hoped they would be OK with it.

    Bill started to tell them and I stopped him and said that I had to tell it. I told them about my childhood and not having any testosterone in my body. When it was all out Bill's mom hugged me and said that I was a woman as far as they were concerned. His father tried to say something bad but Bill's mom stopped him and said, "She is like your daughter already and she makes Bill so happy. She also is a great woman. She cooks and cleans like a woman not a man and she is a woman". I was crying from telling them and then more after hearing what Bill's mom said.

    Then she said that she would be very proud and happy to have me be her daughter. Not daughter-in-law, daughter. Bill said that was good because he was going to marry me even if they did not accept me. I was so happy. I told them that I wanted to cook dinner as a thank you. His mom, April, told me that was not necessary. I said that it was a very special meal and I really wanted to. I made them my own recipe for lemon chicken, homemade stuffing and peas for dinner. Everyone had seconds except me I have to watch my wieght so I can fit the wedding gown I picked out.

    I am so lucky to be marrying into such a wonderful family. His mom was wondering about my childhood. I told her about knowing that I was a girl when I was 3. She felt sorry for me growing up like that. I told her about my parents understanding and that I was allowed to dress up and be the girl that I am. I was 3 and dressed as a boy trying on girls clothes in Walmart. I was Enjoying it but some lady said that I should not be put in dresses. I asked if I was not supposed to wear dresses and my mom said, "Sarah you can wear dresses anytime you want". I asked, "I only want to wear dresses". I took home 5 dresses and 2 skirts and 4 cute tops. At home I saw my best friend and she said that she really liked my skirt and top and shoes.

    I asked her if I could come over and play with Barbie dolls. She said yes. When I knocked on the door her mom answered and said that my skirt and top were so cute. She asked if I was always going to dress as a girl. I told her that I was a girl and my parents just bought me dresses and skirts and tops. She was proud of me being so honest. I was treated like a girl there. They knew that I was feminine and not masculine at all. I was always at their house playing with Barbie dolls and baby dolls. I told them that I was Sarah 2 weeks before I told my parents.

    In 8th grade I reached my full hieght of 5'2" and I never got facial and or muscles. I was checked by a doctor and was told that my severally deformed testicals are not producing any testosterone, not even the small amount found in normal females. He said that I would be hyper feminine because of it. I was started on estrogen and when I 16 my name came up for my sexual reassignment surgery to make me the girl that I was supposed to be. After that I was able to get changed into gym clothes in front of the other girls instead of in a private room. They were curious about my surgery and asked if they could see. I showed them and they asked how big I was down there. When I showed them with my fingers how small it was and they laughed and said that none of them have ever seen one so small one and together they have seen a lot. I did not get upset about being laughed at.

    They said sorry for laughing about being so small. I said that I am a girl and my little penis was because of my nonworking testicals which made me so feminine and I am happy about that. The girls began to try to find a guy that would take me out on a date. Everyone at school knew I was born a boy. One of my best friends, Beth, said that she knew a few boys from another school. She asked me if I would like to date a guy? I said that I would love to but that the guy has to meet my parents and then they would say yes or no.

    After school Beth had me go to her house. She dialed the phone and asked for Bobby. He came to the phone and she said that her girlfriend wanted to talk to him and gave me the phone. He was nice and sweet and Beth said that he was so cute. He was 16 and asked me to go on a date with him. I told him that he had to meet my parents and they would decide if I could go.

    The next day he met my parents. He was drug and alcohol free, did not smoke and was on the honor roll. My parents approved and said that I could go out with Bob.

    On Friday night he picked me up. He took me out to eat and to a movie. He began to kiss me and sexually played with me. I was very into what he was doing to me. My hand found its way to his dick. I was playing with it and it quickly became hard. We left the movie early and went to his house. Only his sister was home. She did not care he had a girl over. We went to his room and did more of what we did at the movies. He slowly lifted my dress over my head. Then he unhooked my bra and pulled my panties down. Then he began to undress. I had never seen a guy without clothes on before. His dick was a lot bigger than my old penis. I took his dick in my mouth and began to try my first blowjob. I did like the other girls told me to do. He said that I was the best blowjob he ever had. After about a half an hour he gently got ontop of me and slid his dick inside me. It felt so wonderful to have him over me and in me. I knew he was in charge of things and I was more than ready to be submissive to his strong personality.

    I was so turned on by him and he made it such a magical moment I was in heaven. I had never been with a guy but I was sure that Bobby was very good in bed.

    We dated for 2 years and he was so good. We broke up for about a year and we both dated. I had one boyfriend and he was not as big as Bobby and was not as passionate or as good in bed. Bobby had 2 girlfriends. He told me that I sucked dick dick better and was tighter down there than they were. We began to date again. My family was happy that we got back together. Not as much as I was to be getting back the dick that gave me so much pleasure.

    I was now a junior and he was a senior. He took me to his prom and I took him to my Junior prom and senior prom. My mom made sure I had 2 prom dresses for his senior prom and my Junior prom. I could not wear the same dress twice. I had a pink dress for his prom and a baby blue dress for my Junior prom. I had a great time at the proms. This was only our 4 time dancing together. He says I'm a natural dancer.

    I had to tell him that I was born wrong. I sat him down and cried while telling him. He said that he didn't care, he loves me. Then we told his family and they were fine with it. His sisters and mom said that they would have to see it sometime. Well I told the girls to follow me. We went to the bedroom and I showed them. They were surprised how real it is. I explained about my very deformed testicals and not having any testosterone at all. I explained about that making me hyper feminine. I was always helping his mom and sister do the "women's work" and cooking. They asked how I got so good at it. I said that I had to learn so that I could take care of my man.

    It has been dating for 4 years and engaged for 2 years. We are going to be married in Hawaii on Sunday June 4, 2017. I have my wedding gown picked out and it is so beautiful. Bobby is going to love it when he sees me in it. I am so happy to be marrying the man of my dreams. My father can't wait to walk me down the isle and give me away. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Soon to be Mrs Bobby Belmont or Sarah Belmont. We plan to adopt so that we can be parents. I can't wait to be a mommy and Bobby will be a great father.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 43

    I love going to motorcycle rallies, nothing better than a wild party with plenty of women showing off their bodies. When my wife Ann decided she wanted to go to a 4 day rally with me I was not thrilled to say the least, she is not a big party-er and I figured she would stifle my partying.

    Wednesday and Thursday went pretty much as I expected but I got lucky enough to have a great group of guys camped next to us that put up a big sign "SHOW US YOUR TITS". To my surprise, Ann didn't complain about me drinking with the guys or even checking out the women flashing their tits as they went by. I tried to get her to join in the partying but she mostly sat under the camper awning in her lawn chair reading.

    Friday started out pretty much the same, by midday I was half crocked with the guys standing out by their sign & checking out the biker babes. After a while Ann walked over & drank a couple of beers with us and the guys started badgering her to show her tits. Ann has a great little body with a really nice pair of tits She laughed it off and said they had plenty to look at already.

    Friday night we headed up to the main stage area to listen to the band. I was pleasantly surprised when Ann chose to not wear bra, not that she was exposed but she was at least showing a little more of the rally spirit. While up at the stage area we ran into our camping neighbors, they immediately took notice of the fact Ann was not wearing a bra and started complimenting her and encouraging her to show more. Unfortunately they go nowhere, she was not that much in the rally spirit.

    Saturday morning we had a great time on the poker run cruise that ended with a good lunch, then it was back to the campground for more beer and babe watching. When Ann walked over for a beer we all noticed there was no bra under her thin tank top. The guys once again started with the compliments and one of them said it was time to celebrate, he went into their camper & came out with a big jug of what he called "Apple Pie Drink". The stuff tasted just like you were eating an apple pie and you would never know it was loaded with alcohol, Ann loved the stuff.

    A couple hours later Ann was still drinking apple pie and it was obvious she was pretty well smashed. All 5 of the guys were trying everything they could to get her to flash her tits for them, they made sure her glass was never empty. I finally walked up to her, patted her on the but and said show me your tits. She got a funny look on her face & said but they'll see-em too, I said that's the whole idea. She handed me her glass, lifted her tank top and turned a complete circle. The guys all cheered and showered her with compliments again. I could hardly believe she really did it. Ann was only 18 when we got together and I'm pretty certain no other man had seen her tits in the last 19 years.

    Ann seemed very comfortable with the idea of flashing after that first time, I'm sure it had everything to do with the booze and she was still drinking. The guys had her flashing her tits every 5 minutes it seemed. One of the guys walked up behind her and asked if her could lift her shirt for her, when she said sure he didn't hesitate. He slid his hands up her body and lifted her top with his wrists getting a good feel of her tits in the process.

    All of the guys cheered and told her she couldn't discriminate that they should all get the same treatment. She let them all do the same as the first guy then I said it was my turn. I gave her tits a long massage and tweaked her nipples making them hard as little rocks. The guys were cheering again and as soon as I moved one of them took my place and did the same as me. That started another round for all of them go give her titties a nice massage.

    Ann by this point was so drunk she had to lean against someone or something to stay on her feet. The guys were not even asking anymore, they were just playing with her tits at will and she was protesting at all. I got behind Ann and this time I lifted her top completely off. Two of the guys immediately bent over and started working on her nipples with their mouths. Ann leaned back hard against me and moaned.

    That was all it took, another guy got on his knees in front of her, pulled her shorts down and started licking her pussy. Now she was really moaning, I had never seen her like that before. She looked like an erotic goddess and I loved it. Since we were standing in plain view of anyone that cared to watch we picked her up and carried her into their camper.

    As soon as we laid her on the bed she had 3 mouths working on her again. One of the guys asked me if we had any rules. I told him we had never done anything like this before so I would make it simple, don't cause her any harm or pain at all and if she says stop you stop.

    The 3 guys not working on her started undressing and I began wondering if she was coherent enough to even know what was going on or going to go on. I sat at the head of the bed and leaned over and gave her a long deep kiss then asked if she was okay with this, she just moaned and pulled my head down & kissed me long and deep. She broke the kiss abruptly with a loud moan, when I looked up one of the guys had buried his dick in her wet pussy.

    Another of the guys knelt by her head and was trying to get her to suck on him. I thought she was to out of it for that but she finally wrapped her hand around his dick and started sucking like she needed it. The guy between her legs exploded and another one immediately replaced him. The guy she was sucking looked like he was about to explode. I started to tell him she doesn't swallow but he exploded in her mouth before I could say anything. I was glad I didn't get the words out because she would have made a liar out of me, she took it all.

    I gave her my dick to suck next, it had been a long time since I had a blowjob to completion. I was looking down at her when I exploded in her mouth and I could hardly believe that was really my beautiful wife swallowing everything I could give her while she was getting fucked by a stranger.

    For the next hour or so she continued to fuck and suck all 6 of us, by then we all needed a break. Ann was with it enough to sit up and ask for a drink. Of course someone gave her more booze and she always had 2 or 3 pairs of hands on her keeping her heated up.

    After a very brief break in action one of the guys rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her up an her hands & knees and entered her doggie style. Another sat on the bed in front of her and presented his dick to her waiting mouth and round 2 was underway.

    Ann continued to be the center of attention of all 6 of us for the next few hours, I think some new sex positions were invented. There were longer more frequent breaks and I told them no more alcohol for her. Fortunately everyone was average in size, I don't think her body could have handled much more.

    Ann was finally sobering up a little, she looked at me & said I think I need a shower. All the guys gave her a kiss and we walked over to our camper, she didn't even bother getting dressed.

    We both got showered up and laid back on the bed. By then Ann had sobered up a lot more. She laid her head on my chest and looked up at me & said I can't believe you let them do that to me. I told her she appeared to be having the time of her life and I didn't want to stop her from having fun. I asked her if she wanted to try it again sometime. She said she could not imagine why I would want to see groups of men fucking her for hours. I told her I had the time of my life and asked her again if she want to do it again sometime.

    Ann slid her head down my belly, took my dick in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob I've ever had. She then looked me in the eyes and said; I'll do that again anytime you want with anyone you want, just give me some time to heal up in-between because I'm really sore.

    Ann now goes to all the motorcycle rallies with me and I have far more fun than I ever did going without her. I think she is having far more fun than she's ever had in her life. Our relationship and sex life has never been better.

    Who would have thought a drink called Apple Pie could make your life happier than ever before!

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