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    Posted by Anonymous

    My best friend always wants me to rub her feet. I don't have a problem with this, in an of itself. The problem is, that lately while I'm rubbing her feet I keep imagining what it would be like to kiss them, or lick them, or suck on them. Yesterday when she asked me to rub her feet she propped them up on my breasts, right up in my face.

    More than that, I feel like I want to have sex with her, but... I mean I don't think I'm a lesbian.. How would she even react? We've been friends since kindergarten, so if I'm a lesbian I believe she'd be fine with that, but if I tell her what I've been thinking about lately would she be grossed out?

    What should I do?

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a woman and I had sex tonight for the first time with my secretary, and it was absolutely incredible. I've been lusting after her for two years now. I'm 48 and she's only 21, and I know that her attraction to me is due to the fact that I'm in a position of power, and she is not attracted to me physically. I've gotten to the point where I'm OK with that, in fact I enjoy our understanding. For her part, she is stunningly beautiful, and I lost count of how many orgasms she gave me.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 29 year old woman, married less than a year to a man I love. I also love my best friend like the sister I never had. She's also married.

    Last night at her new years party I was outside having a smoke when her husband joined me to keep my company.

    I complained about how cold it was and he stood behind me, wrapped his arms about me and hugged me close. It was nice.

    As we talked, he commented on my perfume and started kissing my neck. Rather than stop him I just tilted my head away to give him better access.

    In between kisses on my neck he commented on how lovely my boobs looked from that angle, how beautiful I was, how good my skin tasted and how much he wished he could take me upstairs right there and then.

    I could feel his erection pressing into my ass and it gave me a little thrill to be turning on this guy so much, when my husband and his wife were about 10 feet away, indoors.

    As the night went on, he joined me outside each time I went for a smoke (more often than I normally would) and each time he wrapped his arms about me, kissed my neck, told me in lovely detail about what he'd like to do to me. Each time it got us so turned on!

    Then after the bells and I was out for my first smoke of the new year, he went a little further and slid his hands up under my top and started playing with my boobs. Pinching my nipples and massaging the breasts. It felt amazing!

    I rubbed my ass back and forth in his crotch, feeling his hard cock pressing against me, enjoying his groans. A mix of pleasure and frustration.

    The next time he played with my boobs some before turning me to face him, lifting my top up to expose them and buried his face in my cleavage. Then he started sucking my nipples (so hard and sensitive through arousal and the cold), while sliding a hand up my skirt and rubbing me through the satin thong I was wearing.

    I begged him to move the thong aside and slide into me. So he complied. First with his fingers, commenting on how hot and wet my pussy was, then he knelt down to lick my pussy for a bit, then he led me round the side of the garage, bent me over and slid his large cock into me.

    It didn't take long for either of us. Due to a mix of the risk of being caught, the rush of cheating on our partners who were so close and the state of arousal we'd got ourselves into.

    When I climaxed and could feel his cum pouring into me, his hands roughly grasping at my breasts, it was amazing! Best orgasm I've had in a long time.

    When he pulled out of me, I squatted down and licked his cock clean, while his cum dripped out of my pussy. Then he had me stand, bend over again and he knelt behind me, to lick me clean.

    I've never had a guy lick his cum from me before and I have to say I like it a lot!

    He's promised to lick me clean after every time if I'm willing to meet up with him for more.

    Part of me is very tempted, despite being married.


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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 28

    My most embarrassing moment isn't really mine. It was one of my college teachers. Because of my name Eddie, and that my school friends found out I had a larger than average cock, my nick name in school was Long Shanks........
    At college it carried on and one of the supply teachers, a very fit and good looking girls sports teachers who was only eleven years older than me, asked me at lunch time one day if the rumour was true when we were having a laugh together. Never being shy myself, I cheekily told her I'd show her, not for one minute thinking she'd say ok. She did say ok and later after college had finished with a growing feeling of excitement, I met her in the small office attatched to the gym. I was already hard when I dropped my trousers and my teacher who I'll call Hayley dropped to the floor on her knees and took my nine inch cock into her mouth. Almost every week after that for nearly four months we found time to have sex. It was Hayley who took my virginity. During one of our sessions after college I was fucking her from behind as she was stood up against some lockers. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of somebody. It was one of the colleges cleaners and he got a good view of whom I was fucking. Hayley blew her lid when she knew he'd seen us, she also blew up again when he told her and me, he'd seen us fucking over a dozen times. Talk about being embarrassed she almost died on the spot. Hayley left not long afterwards and I got myself a girlfriend my age. Three years later I met Hayley again, this time she was married to a guy who I sort of knew. He was known for being a bit of a hard man. It didn't stop me and Hayley having a two year affair or her eventually leaving him. We're now married and have two kids together. I couldn't be happier, even if she is eleven years older than me she still floats my boat and we still have spontaneous sex when ever we can. I'll be showing my wife this confession when she gets back in, it will bring back memories of her embarrassment and maybe it will get her juices flowing.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    How long am I going to wait? How long am I going to deal with the same stories and excuses? How long are you going to make me wait to hear from you? I am ready.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm Alex when I was 12 years old I was in swimming traing since
    I was 9 years old.I had a tone body with a big bubble
    butt, sometimes my family and friends would call me bubbles. When I had turn
    12 I had a new swimming coach that was in his 30 or 40. As time when on I
    Started to build feeling for my coach and some time my coach would see that
    My penis would get hard when I was in the pool near him. Then one day he had
    ask me he wanted to take an extra hour class with him private. After we were
    done he told me not to go to the public shower he told me that I can shared
    the trainer shower room.So as was in the shower room
    my coach had step in naked I was really shock to see that he was nude in front on me
    he came up to me an said do u need me to help u I was like well can u put some soap
    in your hand an rub it on my back I told so as I turn around him standing
    completely naked behind me a few feet away I heird him walk up to me an he
    put the soap in his hand and began to rub it on my back he then started slowly
    pulling my trunks off until I was naked in front of him . I ask him what he was doing
    he told me not to be shy that I had such a nice body that he wanted to examen
    my body for health . So he started massaging my back then he walked a little closer up to
    my body so he can be right up against me I pause for a min to notice that
    he had his hard penis pressed up right between my crack were the soap had ran
    down.I had looked at him wanting to know what he was going to say he just look at me an said
    "I love u kid.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My first wife was a tall (5'9") strawberry blonde. We were married for several years before my 1st daughter was born. Just before our daughter's 4th birthday my wife died in her sleep from a heart attack. I was left to raise our daughter by myself, feeding, bathing, everything. A year after my wife's death I began dating a lady who was 11 years my junior. The sex was fantastic & we moved in together. My daughter (who was over 5 at the time) fell asleep in a chair in our room one night, & my girl & I began to fool around. After a long session of eating her pussy, we ended up naked & banging. The next day my girlfriend told me that she saw my daughter watching us the night before. I was shocked!
    The relationship only lasted 3 years & I was again alone at home with my (now 8 yr old) daughter. She was old enough now to bathe herself, so I would run her bath for her & watch her undress & get in the tub before I left the room. Even at such a young age she had the cutest bottom & pussy!
    One night I started to draw her bath & she said she wanted to take a shower instead. I said "ok" & turned the shower on as she took her clothes off. But she just stood there after I had adjusted the water temperature, so I said "well? get in." She said she didn't know HOW to shower & asked me if I would show her how. I said "how am I going to do that?" Her reply was "shower with me Daddy!"
    I was reluctant at first, but she insisted that I teach her how to shower. So while my little girl watched I slipped out of my t-shirt & jeans, then told her to get in the shower. As she stepped in I slid my boxers off & went in behind her. She was staring at me as I climbed in & I couldn't seem to contain the boner that began to grow as I looked at her naked body! I did my best to remain the "good dad" & show her how to stand under the running water. I then grabbed the washcloth & soap & began soaping myself as she stood under the warm running water.
    She watched me, & when I was covered in soap I handed her the washcloth & then we traded places again. As I rinsed I watched her bathe herself. When she got to her little pussy, she used her bare soapy fingers instead of the washcloth...& her hand lingered there for a long time! Then she asked me to wash her back as she handed me the washcloth. I took it & she turned around & leaned against the wall. I soaped up her back with the washcloth, & as I got to her pretty little bottom my hard on was intense! Having watched her finger herself with soapy hands, my next decision was very UNfatherly! I dropped the washcloth & began soaping up her bottom with my bare soapy hands!She poked her bottom out & spread her legs as if she WANTED my hand there! Her ass & pussy have never been so clean! I couldn't seem to take my hand from between her legs & my cock was screaming to cum!
    After several minutes(which she evidently enjoyed as much as me)we swapped places again & she began to rinse off. While she was rinsing with her back to me I put my hands on her bottom again & slowly caressed her! She didn't object or act like she didn't want this, so I continued! Again she poked her bottom out & spread her legs a bit. I had full access to her naked pussy! This was just too much!
    I dropped to my knees & began kissing & licking her bottom as I slowly fingered her little virgin pussy! She leaned over further as I slid my tongue up & down her butt crack, & I teased her asshole with the tip of my tongue!
    She stayed bent over, so I slid my tongue down between her legs & started licking her pussy! Her hips moved back & forth as my tongue slid up & down her virgin slit & the shower water poured down her young body! I found her clit with the tip of my tongue & began licking it! Her hips began moving back & forth wildly as I believe she began to have her first orgasm! After several minutes of this, I stood back up & she turned around & took my cock in her hand & began to slowly stroke it as she stared wide~eyed at it! I fought the urge to spew my cum in her hand, & after a few minutes she turned her back to me again, leaning over into the running water, & spread her legs wide! My resistance was gone! I reached around her & put my hand between her legs, spread her pussy lips with my fingers & slid my throbbing cock under her, fucking her slit & clit with the upper part of my shaft! Again she offered no complaints, no resistance. A few minutes later I fingered her pussy as I slid my boner up & down her butt crack, essentially fucking her ass crack (no penetration) until I shot my wad on her back!
    We got out of the shower & she put on her panties & nightie as I pulled my boxers back on. It was now bedtime. So I tucked her in as usual. (Nothing was ever mentioned about what had just happened!) But as I tucked her in she asked for a back rub. I began to massage her upper back & shoulders through her nightie, but she pulled the nightie down off her shoulders & I started massaging some of her bare skin. I slowly worked my way down her back, & as I reached her lower back she pulled her nightie up over her panties so I could reach her bare back. I continued massaging her lower & lower until my hands were on the curve of her lower back, & I gradually lowered her panties as I massaged the top of her ass...then a bit lower still...lower, until I had her panties completely off of her bottom! I could see it in the moonlight, & I just had to lean over & kiss it! As I kissed & licked her naked bottom again, she rolled over on her back; & her panties only barely covered her bald pussy! My mouth was poised just above her lowered panties, so I kissed & licked my way down into the front of her panties, pulled them down & off, & began eating my 8 year old daughter's pussy! I shot my wad on her bed between her feet while my tongue was in her slit & my hands were on her little ass!
    From that point on, every night when I tucked her in, I kissed her lips & snuggled with her, letting my hands slowly roam her young body & slipping inside her nightie & panties; eventually removing at least her panties & sometimes her nightie also! My hands & mouth explored every inch of her tender body!
    One night I had resisted the urge to shoot my cum on her bed, & after having licked & kissed her pussy for a half hour or so, I moved my lips up her belly, across her flat chest, & sucked on her nipples before moving on up & kissing her lips, sharing the taste of her pussy with her! After several minutes of French kissing I rolled over onto my back, & she began kissing her way down my belly! As her lips got closer to my throbbing cock, she wrapped her little hands around my shaft & began licking & kissing the head of my cock!! I put my hands on her head & told her to open her mouth. When she did I pushed the head of my dick between her lips & fucked her mouth until I spewed my cum down her throat! This became our nightly ritual, growing in intensity & becoming more & more sensual; & one night she sat up on top of me cowgirl style & let her bare pussy slide up & down my shaft as I stared at her nakedness!! Watching that sweet bald pussy nearly suck my cock into it drove me over the edge, & I shot my load between her pussy lips! This carried on every night for over a year & 1/2...shooting my cum on her ass & lower belly or just in her slit or down her throat, until I met my 2nd wife. At that point I didn't touch my daughter for several years, (having fathered 2 more children, a son & another daughter) until my marriage was on the rocks. I separated from my (now) ex, & once again I was at home with my 1st born, only now she was 14 & looking a lot more grown up!
    One night after her shower, as she was heading for bed she asked me for a back rub, saying "Daddy you give the best back rubs!" I knew better, but I did it anyway. Only this time she had some boobs! After slipping my hands inside her tank top & massaging her back for several minutes, I slid my hands down around her hips & slowly dragged my hands back up her sides, cupping her boobs & letting my fingers slide over her erect nipples! I lightly pinched her nipples & tugged on them, then pulled her panties down & kissed her ass! Once more my tongue had its' way with her pussy & ass! When I was done licking & kissing her ass & pussy, I moved up over the top of her & fucked her ass crack until I shot my cum on her back!
    That was the last time I nearly fucked my daughter! I never pushed my cock inside her, although the urge was definitely there! I have since apologized to her for being a bad father, & she said "it's ok Daddy, i know you're human with urges just like anybody else." I have not molested her since that day, & I never laid a hand on my youngest daughter! My youngest is now 14.

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    Straight Female / 19

    I have never had anal sex before, I need to say. I'm such an anal virgin that it hurts when I take a moderately large shit.

    I want my first time having anal sex to be intense. I want to find a few guys with huge dicks and find like a motel room or something. No lube except for precum and cum, I want these guys to hold me down and ram my ass relentlessly without letting me up no matter how loud I scream or what I say. Then after they're finished with my ass, before they leave I want them to make me suck their cocks clean.

    It'll probably never happen, but god thinking about it makes me hot.

    If I never make an effort to make that happen, I guarantee you I'll find the largest buttplug I can afford and force it in. I might end up needing to go to the emergency room to get it out, but it'll be worth it. I'll be fingering myself the whole time I'm on my way to the hospital.

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  • — Sex —
    Posted by Anonymous

    A few months ago, i took up Yoga with my sister at our local sports centre. I'm 26 and my sister is 28, she's married and i have a boyfriend who i live with. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, we attanded a 2 day Yoga meditation class in London. We stayed in the same hotel, were the classes where being held. One of the instructors was a Indian Gentleman in his late sixties. After the first days session, my sister and my self got talking to our instructor in the hotel that evening. Around 10pm, he offered to give us two girls a mssage, in our room. Before we knew it, the three of us were in our bedroom.
    All 3 of us, naked on the bed, both having the most fantastic massage possible. That was followed by some of the most erotic sex ever.

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  • — Sex —
    Straight Female / 28

    I'm in an open relationship with my husband, and I've given him control over my use of birth control or condoms. Basically, we can have sex with whoever but he gets to decide whether I risk getting pregnant or whether I'm supposed to actively try to get pregnant. I'm pregnant right now with our 3rd child (we've been married for 3 years) and this time I was impregnated at an orgy. I came home that night with so many different men's cum in me there's no way to tell who the father is.

    I've asked him to go bareback with other women as much as possible too. He likes to time it so he finishes around the time I get home, so his dick still tastes like her pussy/ass when I get home. (We both work but he gets home a few hours before me.) If I get home before they're finished I'll see if she wants me to join in. I'm not exactly into women but if she wants it I'll give it to her anyway.

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