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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have the clerk in the adult bookstore a blowjob and recorded it on video. My mistress was mad at me and told me she wanted me to take a video of me down on my knee's sucking of the clerk in the adult bookstore for using the F word with her. The clerk had hit on me before when I go in there to meet men. I am a closet queer but love to let loose and tease the gay men with my smothering tight jeans hiked so far up my ass you can see my panty lines and garterbelt. OK I am a real fag and need a cock. I have met plenty of hot men starting out by sucking each others dicks through a glory hole. The clerk opened up my door to my gay porn viewing booth and started to grab my cock. I also grabbed his rock hard cock through his jeans and dropped to my knees. I unzipped him and started sucking him right on the floor. He had locked the front door so we were all alone. I stripped down into my lingerie bra, panties, stocking and garterbelt so he could see I was a slut. it was so freeing for me to please a man sexually like this I so needed that. I keep my pussy always ready to fuck and well lubed. He mounted me doggy style and pounded away. He did use a condom since we never met. Anyway he fuck my ass real good and made me feel like the slut that I am. Now that was the first time. The next time I went up to the counter and said my mistress told me to ask if I can give you a blowjob and record it? He said no but then locked the door and pulled his cock out. He was about 7 inches and thick so was fun for me. I had him hold the camera while I went to town. He made 3 one minute clips so I could easily mail them. My mistress was so happy and loved the last clip afterwards when he spanked me.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 29

    MOTHER NEVER KNEW.... EVER SINCE i was 8 years old i was instinctively drawn to boys/men and at home would often hug my father,uncles and grandfather when they visited awaiting the customary kiss on the cheek and time it just right so that the side of my lips gently touched father of course was first to notice this odd behavior and soon after the men in my family would only ruffle my hair and pinch my nose.right before my parents divorced my mother had to find a new place to live and though it was in a basement towards the back of the building i liked it because i could play in the backyard while my mother cleaned,talked on the phone etc....she did of course check on me from time to time and called me from a side window when it was time to eat or go inside.and though the basement was a private area the tenants would walk down a flight of stairs to throw out the garbage in some large round pails located behind the stairs.they'ed usually wave hello at me and smile. i always played right across from that area and apart from them no one ever came back there,then just before i turned 10 the buildings management had hired a new super and finally i learned the secret behind the locked red metal door near where i always play with my dolls and swing-sets when several men in business suits and a nice lady who said hello to me opened it.with them was a young man about in his mid 30's dressed in jeans/sky blue shirt and clean shaved wearing a yankees baseball cap.being nosy i sneaked up behind the door as they were inside talking and notice a huge compactor,brooms,mops etc...everything was new and nicely arranged and right behind me there was an office chair beside a desk and computer with pencils and pens inside a side drawer.just as i was getting ready to leave the lady turned and saw me while the men kept talking as she walked over so did the young man...HI SWEETHEART WHAT'S YOUR NAME she asked and though i told her i couldn't stop looking up at the young man's light green eyes,of course they already knew who i was but adults tend to be friendly like that.she introduced him as the new super and his name was anthony antonio peluzzi from italy [not his real name]... since he worked until 8 pm and was on call in case of an emergency in the building,after school when i got home he'd usually be there with the door open listening to funny italian music while doing some work on his computer.the first few days it was hectic for him because their were always complaints from tenants regarding the plumbing,mice etc...MADHOUSE he often said ANIMALES [ANIMALS] while i stood by the door laughing at the way he talked.he often asked me if i ever played the game super mario saying that he was luigi and that his father owned a nice italian restaurant back in italy.and talked about a will and inheritance his father decided not to leave him and when he came to america to live with his mother when he was 15 years he hated working in this or that pizzeria growing up,my mother really liked him and didn't mind us being friends and i hated when she called me to go inside at 6pm. though i played outdoors i always wore my pretty dress'es because he always complimented me saying things like...MAMA MIA MI LOVELY,LIKE THE ROSE OF SANTA MARIA ETC...the touching began much later when he felt more secure in knowing that somehow i wouldn't mind,he'd touch my arm and momentarily hold my hand and eventually my small breast...NICE,NICE YOU LIKE IF NO I NO DO AGAIN...but i didn't mind..the cameras above the stairs and around the corner where i lived clearly showed anyone nearby on his computer,though i didn't mind him touching me i was always nervous my mother or someone would catch us.he had already tried for several days to pull my panties down and always repeated that...BOY LIKE VERY MUCH TASTE GIRL...of course at the time i had no idea what he was talking about and nervously pushed him away when he tried to touch and smell my pussy.he was never demanding,forceful or upset saying...PLEASE NO TAKE ME WRONG WAY IF NO YOU SAY THEN THIS OKAY...and he meant it.several days would pass without incident and i'd bring him coffee my mother prepared for him before calling me to go inside,but one night she sent me past the half hour of my daily curfew and i was stunned and unprepared to find him as if asleep on his office chair and openly touching himself.his THING as i used to call it back then wasn't exactly big but it was thick and looked like a strange pale mushroom that he yanked,pulled and squeezed.momentarily opening his eyes and seeing me standing there he practically jumped out of his chair and pulled up his pants,taking the coffee from my hand he seemed more nervous and embarrassed than me...the next few days seemed different and somehow more interesting when he began touching me,pulling down my panties and letting me see his never went beyond that and right before i turned 11 years old we moved away,back when i was 15 i confided in my best friend and she convinced me that we should go see if he was still working there.i was somewhat curious and disappointed to learn he no longer worked there and the feeling of having felt as if i had walk through a strange mental time machine to relive the past made it seem creepy,so me and my friend ran laughing back all the way to the train station and i have never gone back since....THE END

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    They are finicky and they don't love you or they pretend not to, nor do they demonstrate their undying love for you like dogs do. Furthermore, I am highly suspect of men who have cats. I am highly suspect of men who have lap dogs. I don't quite know yet what it means, but whatever it means, it can't be good.

    My roommate had a cat, and for the most part, all three of us stayed the hell away from each other.

    I had this dream one night that my teeth were falling out of my head. This always makes me panic because my mother has this superstition that this particular dream means someone close to you is about to die. So what you have to do is take a living thing, like a plant, and bite into it, and whatever bad death karma is lurking in your brain is transferred into the plant, which dies instead of whoever. I know this is silly, as are all of my mother's superstitions, but I confess, I am not a TOTAL nonbeliever.

    So I get this dream, I wake up in a panic, and we don't have a single plant that's living anymore. But I see that frickin cat.

    Okay I bit it on the tail, not hard, but hard enough. The cat whacked me in the face, but I deserved it. But according to my mother's superstition, I might have saved somebody's life.

    So there.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 23

    Now that I'm done with college I want to move back to be near my family. The problem is, it's a small town and I have a reputation there for being a whore. Literally. Not just a slut. I mean that I was an underage prostitute.

    Times were hard growing up. The electric was always at risk of being shut off. Sometimes mom couldn't buy groceries. She was a single mother trying to bring up me and my younger brother and she had health problems that limited her ability to work. We lived in the house that my grandparents left her so at least we didn't have rent, but the taxes were a struggle to pay year after year. It was a really tough time.

    Well, every town has at least one pervert and the one in my town found me. I was old enough to know about sex and to be curious about it. The guy was a neighbor and he started out exposing himself to me. When I didn't tell anyone he got bolder and before long he would jerk off in front of me and then give me a few dollars in reward. That's when I got the idea of selling myself.

    I started out with boys in school. I gave my first blowjob at the age of fourteen. By fifteen I'd had sex with half the guys at my school and with a couple of their dads as well. As long as they paid me, I didn't care. Eventually I started bringing them home. I'd take them up to my room and we'd have sex right there with my mother in the house. It wasn't that she didn't care, she just didn't have much choice. I was bringing in enough money to keep the electric on at least.

    I stopped prostituting in college and can now support myself legally. I want to go home but I dread it because the whole town knows what I used to do and I'm not sure I'll ever fit in there. I'm not sure what to do.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Female / 19

    Ted is my next door neighbor who has been peeping into my room ever since my father and mother seperated. He does it 3 to 5 nights a week and I hate him for it but also hate that he has another man watch me who I don't even know. Another reason I hate him is because I have become an exhibitionist and aside from just letting them see me naked I also masturbate knowing they watch me. He puts a bench next to the house so they can see into my room and I purposely have the shade pulled up and window open enough for them to see inside. The only other guy to see me naked is my boyfriend and I don't really understand why I get so excited when I know Ted is watching me and more so when his friend is with him. Ted and my dad were friendly when my dad lived here and as soon as my dad moved out Ted started the peeping. Its real dark in the driveway but I did see him looking in last year while drying myself after a shower. I turned the light out and saw him carrying the bench back to his yard. I think I was mad about it at first but was aroused by the thought of him seeing me naked. His wife is a 9911 operator and works nights and a couple nights a week his friend is there. I know when the two of them are outside because his friend has a blue pickup in the driveway. I didn't let them see me masturbate right away but each time I knew they were seeing me naked it got me more excited. Just getting undressed made me wet and after a month or two went by I just couldn't control myself anymore and started letting them see me masturbate.

    I'm not sure how old Ted and his friend are but they are around my parents age and Teds wife and my mother are freinds. I see and talk to Ted and his wife a lot every week and don't understand why I am not embarrassed about it. The only time I know Ted won't be out there is when his wifes car is in the driveway. I can usually tell he is peeking in from my makeup mirror on my dresser. Sometimes I just undress and put my pjs on but I also come into my room still wet from my shower and let him and his friend see me dry myself and dry my hair while I remain naked. The first few times I masturbated, knowing they were watching me, I just laid flat on my back with my knees up and legs wide open. Since then I have made a complete fool of myself just by how I expose myself from every angle possible. I have a dildo which my mother doesn't know about but Ted and his friend have watched me use it many times. It seems the more I humiliate myself the more aroused I become and the more orgasms I have. They have watched me satisfy myself and expose myself to them in ways my boyfriend has never seen me. I have fabulous sex with my boyfreind but knowing Ted and often his friend are watching me gets me turned on so much I expose myself to them in ways that should be mortifying. Many times afterwards I ask myself why I let them see me that way but while masturbating have several orgasms. I can't imagine what they think when I am on my knees, bent over, legs open, with my rear facing the window while inserting the dildo in me. Its embarrassing when I think about it but not when I am doing it. Even when I talk to Ted I'm not embarrassed and once asked him what he does at night since his wife isn't home. He just says he watches tv or goes out somewhere which I know he doesn't. I asked who owned the blue pick up and he just said a guy he works with. I think I dispise him because he is a peeping-tom but also because of my reaction to it. Instead of being insulted or angry about him watching me I let myself react instead with arousement and encouraging him to watch me more often and include his friend. It would be simple for me to close the window and pull the shade all the way down but now I am hooked on exposing myself. When I know both Ted and his friend are watching me the satisfaction I get while masturbating is so stimulating I'm totally satisfied at my final climax. So much that I often just lay there awhile letting them see me spent. I masturbate more now than I have at any other time and the fact I'm being observed is the reason for it as shameful as it is.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My sister is dating a black guy. No big deal except for the fact that this guy is what you'd call a "thug". He's been to jail, has corn row and gold teeth. He has two different kids from two different women. He lives at his grandmother's house. No car or job, so naturally he can't pay child support. I refuse to let that loser come over with her to my house. It makes no sence, she has a good job and a bright future. That guy has nothing. He's using her and she doesn't see it. He would be a great Maury Povich guest, but not a good boyfriend for my sister. I have no problem with her dating a black guy. Just get one with some dreams, goals, and education.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 18

    This happened when I was seven years old. My parents invited this couple from Denmark to come to the states, he was a co-worker of my dad's. Looking for various things to do, they mentioned that they would like to go to the beach, which was a four hour drive for us. So my parents made arrangements and rented some motel rooms closer to the beach and we all piled up in the van and went to the coast. They had their room and me and my parents shared a room.

    The next day we went to the beach, as was our custom we put on our bathing suits under our clothes, and got our stuff together (towels, sun screen, etc.), and when they came out we assumed that they had done the same. We picked a spot, set up our area, and I sat down on the towel while I took of my shirt and shorts. And I looked up, and there right beside me was this man totally naked, with his European style penis six inches away from my nose. The moment lasted a couple of seconds, he reached down and picked up his trunks, and lifted his leg to put them on and I got the biggest eye full of a man's underside. The moment passed, and I settled down (I guess) to get ready to go into the ocean.

    My mother who had witnessed it all came to sit beside me and explain that in Europe people go to beaches and not everyone wears swimsuits, and that for them being naked is not a problem. That I had seen her naked many times, that was a grown female, and now I had seen a grown male, except that daddy's penis was a lot prettier because he was circumcised.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Once years ago, after a holiday dinner, I got a BJ from my mothers best friend
    I went with her to pick something up at her house, knowing that it was a three hour drive, was told it was ok to stay and sleeP over.
    When I heard that I got instant hard and had to rub one off in the bathroom before we left.
    Michelle was in her forties I was a teenager
    She was mothers best friend and she was hot!
    She always wore dark mail polish and had long nails, and wore these chunky shoes or heels that just drove me up the wall
    I jerked thinking of her often
    I was so excited, we finally settled in and on the drive overi told her how sexy she was and how much she excited me
    She gave me a BJ as soon as we got inside her door
    We surfed online and I showed her pics and videos of some kinky stuff and we then tried to follow what we saw
    I showed her an ass licking video and at first she hesitated, but he k I was 19i told her, please lick me and she did for 40 minutes!
    Michelle is the hottest moms best friend anyone can ask for
    We did it up until I got married
    Now it's been 4 years, I'm getting bored, so I called her up. Said hello asked if I could visit
    She still has a golden tongue, after all these years
    Still dresses kinky too
    I bought here these chunky boots to wear while she tossed my salad.
    Michelle is the best
    Thanks mom!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    If you harm a fetus, you can go to jail.
    However, abortion is legal.
    If you depend on Aid or Social Security, you worry about benefits getting cut.
    However, if you commit a crime, you get all free benefits while you're incarcerated.
    The death penalty is considered "cruel and unusual punishment."
    However, starving a woman that is in a vegetative state in ethical.
    Putting an ailing animal down is humane.
    However, we cannot have a national euthanasia law for humans.
    What is wrong here?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 42

    I am a 42 year old woman who is a top human resource executive in a major company with a house hold name. Even though this is suppose to be confidential i don't want to risk losing my job or even getting anyone in trouble so won't name the company but trust me you know it.

    What i want to confess is that is i make a strong six figure salary and i fucked my way to the top and i am not at all shamed of it. I know they say we are suppose to equals these days but in corporate america that is bull. Men rule the top ranks and any women there are token figures or their like me... they fucked their way up that ladder.

    For me it started in college flirting with teachers and doing small sexual favors for grades. I graduated with a basic business psychology degree and no experience. I was way under qualified even for the entry level position. I got it by flirting and teasing the hell out of the interviewer and showing some cleavage. Once I got in and figured out who was who I quickly started fucking a few married supervisors above me and it was not long before i was climbing the ladder.

    I am not a model, but i am pretty and have nice full 34c boobs and i keep in shape. Even so, i am only average or maybe a bit better then average but i am not a knock out by any means. But what works for me is that i am easy and not ashamed of it. If you are on my level or below me i'll not even notice you, but if you are in a position of power over me or a position to advance me or influence to advance me i'll start flirting with you and hinting, and talking about my ideas of no strings attached dating, and i'll make it clear i am open for your business if your able to help me up the ladder. I admit when i first started 15 years ago it was easier but now everyone is afraid of law suits and harassment charges but one fact remains true; men are always horny and married men always want a new pussy to try out. Usually, what i do is be flirty, let a button slip on my blouse, mention how i plan to never settle down, if we have a late meeting together or dinner meeting i'll never wear my bra and you will see lots of cleavage and either a nipple slip or hard nipples pressed through my blouse all dinner long lol! I might even depending on our vibe mention other guys at the company or outside the company i am causally screwing but you will come to understand i screw casually not for romance. I'll put it out there with you slowly, cautiously, and gradually, that i am easy and i am not going to be upset if you try something. And my new thing is to work into conversation that i think all these law suits of sexual discrimination and harassment are pure bull, unfounded, and i have never saw one with merit. Since i am in human resources i can work those conversations in. Usually, after that the guy is all go and all over me and at that point i make it clear this is all about advancement not love and then i open wide and do what i do best at work.

    To My fellow sister out there, i will be honest, most of your husbands do it. Be in denial all you want but even the most faithful who when they realize they can get it without strings, nobody knowing, and not getting caught, they can't get enough of it. And remember, i am not all that super hot, i am just average, big titted and willing. Do you remember in school joking, "Guys will fuck anything with two tits and a hole"?? Well the truth in corporate America is guys will fuck anything with two tits and a hole and understands confidentiality. I have went to bed with men who have been faithful for 20 or 30 years of marriage but now suddenly there is a fail proof way to get it and not get caught and they are all in. Screwing first time cheaters has an extra rush, there is extra excitement and nervousness. I feel like i am ushering him into a new world of naughtiness and it makes me so wet and it one of the more rare times i orgasm from direct penetration even without clit work.

    I won't tell you how many guys i have done on my way up the ladder but it is a lot, a lot more then you'd think. Not every guy can get you the promotion sometimes all one guy gets you it the interview, or invited to an important project, or placed on the right team, those kinds of advancements are very important and very worth fucking for. You can't be greedy and demand a promotion everytime you fuck someone. Sometimes it is more like you are fucking the right guy who will pass you off to the next right guy you fuck to get ahead. It takes time but i now make a high six figure salary and i am only 42, i never work weekends and i work as much or little as i like. I am currently trying to get on the board, which would be a huge deal, and i am sleeping with 2 people on the board and one high shareholder. I'll get there but in the meantime i really enjoy the sex. One of the perks at this level is you are getting fucked by very rich men, millionaires and billionaires maybe too so you get taken to incredible hotels and suites, and even fly on jets and see places i never dream of as a poor girl from New Mexico. The list of people i did at this corporation is long but swear i don't regret a single person and i have not forgot a single one. Sometimes at home in bed, or in the shower, or often at my desk during working hours with my panties down around my ankles i masterbate thinking about them, picturing their faces, especially the early ones or the married ones, oh and yes remembering the first time cheaters makes me cum the most and everytime.

    My last advise is this, if you are a cute girl starting out, you may be the last of this generation to get away with this, remember you degree may never pay off, it lis likely wasted debt that will follow you for decades but your pussy will always pay, take care of your debt, and send you on your way. You don't have to be hot, beautiful, or a model, i am far from it. You just have to be not totally ugly and willing to fuck without discrimination on looks and age if it gets you ahead. And if you're a guy in corporate America don't give up your dream of fucking the secretary because if you can get her a better job or pay rate she just still might do it. Be cautious, but never stop looking for the chance. And as you already know we are more venerable and willing in interviews of evaluations meetings. I hope you get "some" and i hope i am the "some" you get, as long as you can help me get what i want.

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