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    Straight Female / 22

    All started at a Christmas party when I was 19. The whole family was there. When I went to the kitchen to find some snacks I bumped with this cute guy. He said sorry and smile. I never saw him before. I ask my mother who was him and she told me that he is her cousin. I always had been shy but I try to talk to him. His name was Isaac, he was 23 years old. I don't know why but I started to felt something for him. He was cute, tall, funny...but why I'm thinking of him? He is part of my family!

    Later that night I invited him to play some Street Fighter on my PS3 in my room. He looked at me and smile "You play Street Fighter?" he ask. Obviously I said yes...but I wanted something more. We went upstairs and start playing. I don't know if he suck at that game or he don't play videogames but I bet him many times with my favorite character C. Viper. Then I stare at him for some seconds he noticed it and his face turned red bit I didn't stop. I taked off my shirt and bite my lips. He was amazed but scared at the same time, I could told it by just looking at his eyes. He grabbed a boob and gently press it, then he went naked. His dick wasn't that big but it was hot. I started with a blow job. Feeling his dick in my mouth was amazing. Then he pushed my face more deep. I was coughing and breathing was hard so I jumped to him.

    His dick slowly penetrated me, sticking more and more deep. I kissed him and licked his chest. It was so hot. Then he fuck me harder and faster. He grabbed my head and push it on the floor, fucking me harder and calling me dirty things. I loved it. He cummed inside me but I didn't care. Best experience ever. I kiss him and whispher to his ear "Merry Christmas" After cleaning the mess I went down to the kitchen to find my snack.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 36

    8 years ago, I was in a relationship with an older married man, his wife had discovered us, and we were enemies. Still, I stayed in the relationship, and when we had to meet or talk, we suffered though the awkwardness and anger. I did tell her every time that I saw her that I loved him, I wanted her to know that.

    Then I found out I was pregnant. For several weeks I kept it to myself, but it was eating away at me and I had to tell someone. She was the only person I could tell, so I went to see her and told her about the pregnancy. She reacted pretty much like I expected, but I was prepared to tell her that there was nothing I could do about it. But her solution was different, and she argued and convinced me to have an abortion.

    She went with me and paid for the procedure. It was the worst day of my life. The minute it was done, I knew I had done the worst thing ever. When she came in to get me to take me home, we fell apart. I don't know if she lifted me or me her, we just could not stand up. The instant regret, the knowledge of what we had done together, the fact that we had not told him about my pregnancy, all these things became unbearable burdens.

    This was the beginning of a new relationship, she and I got closer and closer, mother/daughter, sisters, best friends, two becoming one, we became inseparable. Our secret became our bond, and we shared it with no one. When I was fully recovered and the doctor told me that I was healthy we moved to get pregnant again, this time a joint decision, and together we sat down with him and told him that as we were in this mixed up relationship, that we should just bite the bullet and I should have at least one child of my own.

    My child started school this year, she spent all of her pre-school days growing up with her, while I worked. She is picked up after school and she is loved too much. This mixed up relationship is stronger today than ever. The secret of what we did is just between us, it does not haunt me as much as it used to, but it still hurts, especially on that day.

    We are not weirdoes, we are just in a situation where loving someone brought us together. We made a huge mistake that will be with us until we die. To live together, we have a schedule and an arrangement to manage our day to day, it is not hard or difficult, mostly we share everything, we talk every day, our lives are lived with everyone in mind.

    Do I wish that I had never made that mistake, every single day of my life. The only way I can try to make that right is by living my life every day.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    if i can talk about a long long time ago, before we were fully grown, then i can tell you of the how i discovered my life long obsession.

    i had a friend a couple of yeas older who had a comic book collection. even at that age he was bossy and loud. me, i was quite and somewhat shy, but i liked comic books. so any excuse to go to my friends house, was a good enough excuse.

    he had his own bathroom off his room, and one day he had to pee. he caught me watching him, which i liked to do. i liked to look at his dick, which was bigger than mine and already sported abundant pubes. he asked me what i was looking at, and turned around and shook his dick at me. although i could not answer he could read it in my eyes.

    he walked over quiet like, with his dick in his hand, and confronted me 'you like it, don't you?'. i was out of breath, i could only stare. 'how about a kiss?', and he put it right up to my mouth. 'come on, open up', and he rubbed my lips with his dick. i slowly opened my mouth and in he slipped. 'now that's a boy, just suck it up and down'. it felt so good, it had gotten so hard.

    he pulled it out and moved to his bed, and pulled down his pants so i could have it all. 'come on, suck it some more', and i went over over and took back into my mouth. how can i explain what i felt, the taste knocked me around, i couldn't get enough. the texture of the skin, so smooth. the firmness was out of this world. and when he began to buck, i just looked at him and put my whole mouth around his shaft.

    i felt myself wetting my pants, my dick was so hard it hurt. he had his hand on my head and bucked and bucked, until i began to taste his precum, so slick and sweet. i sucked, or tried, and he pushed and pushed, and then he shot his load. he got the first shot in my mouth, and as i pulled off he shot my face. i tried to spit it out, but some got away. i was full of it, and he just laughed.

    i used my shirt to clean up, and he just looked at me 'like it, don't you'. i did, like nothing i had experienced before. and right there in front of me i could see his dick. i loved it. and so began, a long and fruitful friendship with my friend.

    i was able to go over every afternoon, and i would suck him, and he would let me read comic books. he and i would sit naked on his bed, and he liked to play with my dick and get me hard. he would masturbate me until i came, and i would suck him back. a couple of times he sucked me too, but i was the cocksucker there.

    about six months into our game, he started to poke his dick up against my ass. he wold make me squeeze my cheeks together, until one day he brought up his mother's vasline jar. he lubed his dick, and made me lube my ass, and he put me against the bed and pushed right through. oh, when i was stuck, i felt a feeling like nothing could explain, he fucked and fucked, until he came. he pulled out and i stood up. oh what a feeling his ghost left in me, i squeezed my butt real hard to see if i could still feel him.

    for two more years he fucked me and i sucked him, and he would play with my dick. i was his bitch, and enjoyed every minute of it. i got the taste of my obsession, i love cocksucking and feeling one in me. that is how it all got started.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    We are a normal family with 5 kids and my parents love each other very much. I never told anyone that when my parents met, my father was a Priest and my mother was a Chatholic Nun.

    They had instant chemistry when they met and after the desires, the flirting and the denying, they finally started having sex. They both left the Clergy and got married.

    I never told anyone and my parents are so much in love.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    It was pretty good. Her mother was right there watching us. All she said was "Baaaaa, baaaaaa."

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 18

    I am afraid to be naked in my own house. I live with my mom and my stepdad and that's the problem. I have caught my stepdad many times watching me naked and jerking off. One night I was sleeping in the nude when I woke up the next morning I caught him smelling my pussy and playing with himself. I called him a fucking pervert and ran into the bathroom and I was crying my eyes out. Also one time I was looking under my moms sink for some cleaning supplies and I got up my stepdad tried to force me to suck his penis and tried to r**e me. I never felt so ashamed in my life I was crying even more after I ran. What made things even worse was that when I told my mother about it she took his side over mine and told me to stop lying. I don't know what to do I feel very violated and used. So now everyday I would go to my girlfriends house to shower and hangout but would never go home. Can someone please give me some advise on what to do the very fact that he did this to me makes me sick and very r**ed.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have had sex with my dad for many years. I don't feel abused. I don't feel regret.

    To explain, my parents divorced when I was very young. My mother made both of us miserable and she was such a total bitch that the judge had no problem giving full custody to my dad. I stepped right up to being lady of the house and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I didn't jump into his bed right away. That came gradually. Looking back it just seemed so natural, and still does. You can't put males and females together in such close quarters and not expect them to do it. I was young and full of hormones. Dad was lonely and stressed. He didn't r**e me or anything like that. If anything, I was the one who started it all. I knew what I wanted and went after it. I admit that I teased my dad mercilessly once I knew that I wanted him. I'd sunbathe topless when I knew he was home. I walked in on him in the shower. I let him get 'accidental' peeks up my skirts.

    One day I sat in his lap and started sort of rubbing against him. He closed his eyes and let me do it. I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed...until he came inside his own pants. That was how it began. Rubbing led to masturbating which led to oral. Then when I turned fifteen I begged him to make love to me and he did.

    Over the years we have each had other lovers, but we always come back to each other. No one suspects a thing. The sex is good and we make sure I won't get pregnant. No regrets at all.

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    Posted by Anonymous

    Age 20, gender male.

    When I was 10, I found a videotape in my mother's bedroom. I played it and it was my parent's honeymoon video - mom and dad in hardcore sex including two other guys and another woman. It was my first wank material. Then I accidentally left it in the VCR. When I went to look at it it was gone and I never saw it again. I panicked for awhile but Mom said nothing, so I assumed that she hadn't connected it to me.

    When I was 12 or so, I had this notebook that I wrote down all my most elaborate sexual fantasies. Most of them were about my mother and they were really elaborate, more like porn novels. I hid it under my mattress. One day it disappeared. My mom had cleaned my room, so I assumed she had found it. She said nothing, so I figured she threw it away unread or something.

    When I was 16 I was looking for my mom's cigarettes and I opened her nightstand. There were several vibrators and dildos of various kinds, my old notebook of handwritten incest porn stories with post-it notes as bookmarks and passages highlighted, and a couple of dozen pictures of me taken with our digital camera, all of me masturbating (I never figured out how she got them). Then my mom came in the room. I slammed the drawer shut, but we were both red-faced and embarrassed. We didn't speak about it but I found the long-lost honeymoon videotape in my room the next day.

    When I was 18 I went to college and me and mom were e-mailing and IMing each other and it eventually evolved into really hot graphic cybersex and porn pics and webcaming. We planned out this really hot sexual encounter for when I went home for spring break. When I actually went home for spring break, though, we were both so embarrassed that we were beet red whenever we even looked at each other. A very awkward time.

    When I went back to school, we resumed writing to each other, and soon it was back to hot cybersex. We moved up to phone-sex and we got this really steamy master-slave fantasy going. And when I went home on Christmas Break, we finally consummated our passion.

    We aren't mother and son anymore. Everyone remarks how we act like teenagers on a date or something. It's pretty damn good sex too.
    That's as far as anything ever went.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    I was driving home late last night and as usual passed by my in-law's home. Parked in the driveway was the parish priest's car. Thinking something was wrong I parked my car next to his and made my way to the door. I passed by an open bedroom window and heard some curious sounds, if you know what I mean. I went up to the window and was stunned to see my macho father-in-law on all fours getting fucked in the ass by Father Murray. He was really putting the wood to him. I watched for a while and was further amazed when he suddenly pulled out and shoved his cock into dad's mouth. My father-in-law swallowed his cum and then they kissed passionately. Stunned and amazed I took a quick picture with my phone then hurried to my car and drove home.

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    Straight Male / 50

    When I was 28 I was fucking a 16 year old girl who lived in the apartment directly across from mine. Her divorced mother gave me permission, telling me how she herself was sexually active at that age and got pregnant. So knowing the girl also wanted sex, but not wanting her to get pregnant, she put the girl on birth control when she was 15 and became sexually active. She said she trusted me with her daughter and did not consider me to be too old for her. And she appreciated that I was mature as opposed to the younger guys who acted like jerks and were into drinking and drugs, which I stayed away from. So the girl started comming over nearly every day for sex. We did alot of 69, and took turns going down on each other. She swallowed every load of sperm I pumped into her mouth, and we fucked in all positions in every room in the apartment. Sometimes we would go out to a heavily wooded area near the Interstate at night with a blanket. We would undress and suck and fuck, hearing all the traffic going by.

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