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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    you know your bored when you start reading rubbish like what is posted on this message board. but boredom got the best of me as well. i sadly found myself loving these pathetic stories, even adding to the insanity and putting my own confessions and secrets up. but now it has come to an end, i am no longer getting thrilled with the thought of the sex stories or reading about your confessions. i am sickened by most of them...not really the ones with the legitimate problems or secrets but the ones that are about sneaking a peak at their mothers getting dressed or the one that just stated, i wanna smell yout panties. the replies on this are stupid too. i am asking myself how i became so addicted to such a lie! i am sickend by all of you and even by myself

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Last week I attended the funeral of a man I truely love and adore above all others I've ever met. He was my step father and my secret lover for over twenty seven years. It was me who seduced him all those years back, as I wanted to sexually experiment with gay sex, and with a man who I knew to have a large cock. I'd seen my mom and him fucking on many ocassions as they never closed their bedroom door, so I knew his dick was huge. Probably seeing his cock slide up my moms asshole, was the catalist to me wanting it up mine.
    One morning after she went to work, I climbed into bed with him and before he woke up properly, I was sucking on his awsome cock. That was the start, even though he stopped me the first time. The following week he didn't and I got him to gently fuck my ass for the first time too. From then on when we were alone I'd either suck him off to completion swallowing his salty cum, or have him fuck me mercilessly making me cum from his fucking my asshole alone, depending on the time we had.
    When I married my wife, We'd make time and meet at various motels. Always having the most wonderful intimate sex. And I always left with his cum deep inside my ass.
    I'm going to miss my step father dearly, in more ways than my wife and mother will ever know.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'M a married woman and my x sister in law is now seeing my best friend. There is nothing going on between us just really good friends. But it hurts me so cause I know what she did to my brother in law. How can I get through this? I want to tell him, but he has been so unhappy since his wife left him months ago.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 23

    Growing up I rarely met my aunt kirsty. She was always abroad working, almost it seemed right from being out of school from my moms accounts.
    She came back home with a new fiance Dwayne four years ago and they married two years back. He's a big muscley happy go lucky kind of man, who straight away the family got on with. His outward appearance was of somebody who knew how to look after himself, but never showed it. And his job as a personal trainer only enthasised his manly demeanour.
    I can't be precise, but it was around the start of April last year that my mom came home and was crying. She said her sister was in hospital and she looked real bad. Some sort of accident at home had caused her injuries. As a way of showing support to my mom I went with her the next day to visit Kirsty, fully expecting to see Dwayne there. He wasn't.
    It's weird thinking back now, but it was looking closely at her facial injuries, I first really noticed how good looking she was (maybe it's my age). Not the injuries obviously, but they seemed to highlight just how pretty the unhurt side of her face was. Kirsty caught me staring and I thought she'd think I was only looking at her injured face, but her soft smile said otherwise.
    Four weeks afterwards she came to visit us on her own again, but my mom and dad were out shopping with my younger sister. I thought she was going to leave, but instead she said she wanted to speak to me. Her bruising on her face and her fractured ribs were healing well, in fact her facial injuries had almost gone. I was about to say something about it as we sat in my parents front room, when kirsty said "You know how I got the injuries don't you". I didn't, but I remembered the look she gave me in the hospital, and with her question, I put two and two together and came up with an answer "Dwayne ?".
    Tears flowed and as she began to cry in sobs, I moved over to her and held my aunt closely. She eventually cried herself out and as I went to say something, she looked up at me and kissed me full on the lips. The kiss was unexpected as was her tongue probing into my mouth. I genuinely didn't know what to do, so like a real dick, I just sat there letting her kiss me.
    She stopped kissing me, which gave me the chance to offer her a drink. Sitting drinking our coffee she began to tell me, not my mom or dad, me, what and why she'd been put in hospital. My guess had turned out to be true.
    Kirsty told me, only mnonths after they married she caught Dwayne in their kitchen fucking another young woman. She tried to leave, but he'd hit her and made her stay in the room until he'd finished fucking the young teenager. Apparently it was her fault for not keeping him satisfied.
    There were more occassions when he'd hit her during their short marriage, mostly when he'd been drunk, although she'd not seen or heard of him having sex with any other women after the first time, that was until April this year. Kirsty had come home early from work feeling ill and found Dwayne upstairs fucking a young guy, someone he'd supposed to be personal training in the home gym he'd built.
    There was an argument and once again Dwayne had used his size to beat my aunt, only this time he'd gone to far as Kirsty had threatened to reveal his sexual secrets to us. When she finished I asked the obvious question "Why stay with a guy who not only cheated on you, but also continued to hit you". My aunts answer was short and simple "I loved him, I thought he loved me".
    I didn't want kirsty to go home, but she insisted. Said she needed to face her abuser. That would be fine if he wasn't so big and such a coward, and if she had protection. But even though I told her I'd go along, she insisted she'd face him as if it was a normal day. When I asked what she meant by normal day, My aunt said she was leaving him.
    Over the next few weeks Dwayne tried to find out where she was living. He didn't come round to our home as my father was on the war path (I told my parents about the abuse), but he was asking around. Kirsty was in a small rented apartment, one I'd helped her decorate and one I'd asked her about the kiss.
    My mothers thirty two year old younger sister, told me "Ever since I got back a few years ago, I've seen you grow up into a fine good looking young man, and". Kirsty didn't finish the sentence as I kissed her.
    That afternoon on her unfinished bedroom floor, my aunt Kirsty and I made love. I wasn't a virgin by some way, but Kirsty showed me ways of enjoying sex that were new to me, and has continued to do so since. Each week over the next few months i'd visit a couple of times a week, and each time we'd have such amazing sex all over her apartment, often lasting for hours.
    Our relationship built to the point, Kirsty said she had to speak to her sister about us. A month later I moved in. My dad doesn't know exactly about kirsty and I, nor does my sister. They think I'm just staying with my aunt because of what happened with Dwayne, but they do know we've become close.
    As for that fuckhead. He's moved back to the shithole he came from. My father and some of his friends saw to that. When he left, he was apparently feeling sore all over his body.
    This is a true account of my life over the last few months. I don't know where it will lead, but I do know I love Kirsty, even if society says you can't love your aunt in that way. I also know from what Kirsty's said, she loves me too.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Just over eleven years ago I got married to a young man who got me pregnant. Our marriage lasted for nearly ten years, and during this time we became the parents of two daughters. Our marriage slowly disintegrated over these ten years, and towards the end we lived as total strangers.
    We drifted apart, he became involved with another woman, and I was left with the task of raising our children. It was during this time that my eldest sister's three boys, aged from eleven to fifteen years, became regular visitors to our house, and proving to be the perfect company for my eight and ten year-old daughters.
    I was so glad to have them over as company for my daughters, that I encouraged them to visit as often as possible. Unbeknown to me, the fifteen year old boy had a crush on me which was the real reason why the three of them were always regular visitors to our house.
    There are certain things we do not ask for, and yet these things would seek you out, and effect you. It was by chance that I discovered how my young nephew was feeling about me, and was very flattered at the time that a young man like him would even notice me.
    Over the next couple of months I felt myself becoming strangely attracted to him and tried my best to control these feelings. By then he had grown into a very attractive young man, and I found it almost impossible not to notice him.
    Things came to a head soon afterwards, when, during a birthday party for my mother. My nephew asked me to dance and I greatfully accepted.
    As we danced, I felt my nephew's penis harden and rise against the inside of my thigh. I was so flattered to have such an effect on him, that I turned my body slightly until my vagina came into contact with his erect penis.
    And there, on the dance floor and in front of all our family members - my two daughters, my sister and her children and my mother - I stealthly rubbed myself against my nephew's penis.
    It wasn't long before I was wet and open to him. I wanted to have sex with him right there and then but realised that this was not possible, that I had to control myself.
    Later on, my nephew and I managed to slip outside. As soon as we were alomg the side of the house, he pulled me into a dark corner and we kissed.
    He pulled my skirt up over my hips and slipped his hand inside the leg of my panties. I was so wet and open to him, that when he inserted his finger inside my vagina, I nearly came into his hand.
    I somehow managed to wriggle out of my panties, wanting my nephew to have full access to me. It was then that I heard footstep approaching us. I quickly pushed my skirt down and my nephew picked up my panties which was soaked with my eagerness for him and slipped it into his pocket.
    I steeled myself for the embarrasment of my mother or sister finding us together, but it was my two daughters who had come looking for, and reluctantly my nephew and I had to return to the party.
    I had to go through the rest of the evening without panties as my nephew steadfastly refused to return them.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My husband is driving me nuts. He is convinced we are living in the end times and that Revelation is happening.
    He says that Florida whith 4 hurricanes, Asia with 8 typhoons, worldwide earthquakes, and now volcano activity is signs of the end.
    He says that the November election will be a true showing of things to come... a New World Order will occur, and that martial law will rule. The end will come when we invade Korea, and we go nuclear.
    Is he nuts???

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    When I was a teen a best friends big brother m****ted me over the course of 3 nights.

    He use to make this younger guy from the neighborhood suck his cock from time to time.

    The summer I spent the week with NY friend, we were all sitting around in a clubhouse their dad built for us, we were talking about girls and stuff, but at the time I was young and still a virgin.

    The older brother had his licenses and bought beer for us minors and drove us around from time to time, but anyhow, we were sitting around bullshitting and drinking beer, when the younger weird kid walked in.

    After some more shit talking my friends big brother said he needed his cock sucked, and looked over at the weird kid. He told us he was going to make the kid suck his cock.

    We laughed, and stuff, thinking he was kidding, but then he told weirdo to strip. Weirdo told him no, but the big brother threatened to kick his ass, so he began stripping.

    Then big brother unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was huge! A lot bigger than mine, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

    He told weirdo to come over and get busy. Weirdo reluctantly walked over naked and got between my best friends brothers legs and after another threat began sucking him. We all watched as weirdo bobbed up and down on that huge cock but trying to keep his lips from touching his cock.

    I popped off to the weirdo to wrap his lips around that cock and really suck it. Weirdo told me if I didn't like the way he was doing it to get down in his place and suck it myself.

    Big bro said yeah would I like to suck it next, or he could have weirdo suck me after he was done, and I told him " oh hell no to both ideas".

    We heard my friends mother drive up and weirdo began to get his clothes back on in case she came in to check on us, before big brother finished.

    Later me and my best friend were talking about what we just saw. He told me weirdo was always coming over and sucking big brothers dick and had even been in his big brothers room one time and their Mom had walked in them both in bed together.

    I freaked out a little because my best friends room only had a single bed in it so I always slept in the big brothers room when I was over. We were all friends and I'd slept in there before and nothing ever happened like that, but still, I was uncomfortable since watching what just happened. My buddy assured me that big brother wouldn't try anything with me, we were all too close of friends.

    Well at bedtime,big brother was out and after my friend and I got tired, we went to our bedrooms to go to sleep. I laid in bed alone and I heard big brothers car come in and park. I don't know why but my dick got hard as I heard him come thru the door and enter his bedroom.

    I had turned my back to the door and pretended to be asleep. He undressed and got in bed. He laided in bed for awhile and then he shifted next to me. I could smell beer from his breath, and all of a sudden I felt him brush his hand across my ass. He paused and waited to see if I made a move, but I was frozen and continued to pretend to be asleep.

    After a few moments I felt the covers move and his hand began rubbing my ass. He stopped and waited to see if it woke me but I laid there still pretending to sleep.

    I felt him move and I knew what he was doing. He was taking his underwear off and turned and leaned next to me and gently put his arm around me and moved closer to me. I could feel his cock against my ass thru my underwear. He gently brushed his hand against the front of my underwear and brushed his hand against my cock

    He paused to see if I'd move or "wake up" and protest but I was too scared to move. He seemed surprised that my cock was hard, and when I didn't move I felt his arm move and he softly gripped my hard on thru my underwear. He squeezed it and then waited for a response.

    When I didn't move I felt his hand move and he gently moved his hand under the band of my underwear until he had ahold of my cock. He kept gently squeezing it, and it felt good having his hand on my rock hard cock.

    Then he gently turned me where I was laying on my back. He then started slowly working my underwear down. After he had them where he wanted, and I still pretended to be asleep I felt him move and he laid his head on my stomach. Then he moved again all of a sudden I felt a hot wet warmness as he put me in his mouth. I could feel his tongue swirling around the head of my dick. It almost stung as he kept working on my sensitive cockhead.

    He kept doing this until I felt this uncontrollable pain that started deep in my balls, soon I felt my dick spasm and something working its way from the inside of my shaft. Then he started coughing and gagging as for the first time I'd came and it was inside another guys mouth. I didn't even know I could cum, but he swallowed it all and then fell on his back and was panting and smacking his lips.

    He moved my underwear back in place and we both laid there. I pretended to wake up suddenly so I could go pee. He kind of snickered because of my pretending to be asleep act but we fell asleep without the any more experiences.

    The next night I laid in bed thinking about how good it felt to be sucked even tho it was from another guy. I tried rationalizing he was the fag, not me for allowing him to suck me.

    I heard his car pull up and I waited for my blow job with the sane plan, I'd pretend to be asleep. He came in took off his clothes and got in bed.

    Things moved faster tonight. He spooned close to me and immediately stuck his hands inside my underwear and began playing with my hard on.
    He worked my underwear down and eased me over on my back. He grabbed my cock with his right hand and I felt the covers move as he reached inside his underwear and began playing with his cock.

    Then he began jacking us both off in unison all while I played to be asleep. Then suddenly he grabbed my left arm and moved it until it rubbed against his cock. I let him do it but didn't help. So he grabbed my hand and started using my hand to rub his cock and even his balls. Then he moved my hand over his cock, and with his hand squeezed it until my hand was around his cock.

    It felt so weird. It was hot and when he squeezed my hand with his I could feel a layer of softness and then his massive hard on. He continued squeezing my hand, and then with his free hand he began jacking me off again. Then he grabbed my hand again and with his, he began using me to jack his cock off. His pace sped up and suddenly he was breathing hard and stopped. He was cumming but it was going all over his hand.when he was done he moved his hand and brushed his cum covered fingers across my cheek. I panicked and prayed he didn't try to shove his fingers in my mouth and he didn't. He moved my hand from his cock and moved down in the bed and began sucking my dick under the covers until I came in his mouth again.

    The last night I stayed he cane home while I pretended (to myself to be asleep), he got in bed and immediately grabbed my hand and stuff it in his underwear. I had my limp hand on his dick. He became frustrated that I wasn't grabbing him so he turned in bed laying on his stomach and laid his cock on my out stretched hand. He began humping it rubbing his big cock and balls over my hand.

    Then he reached for my underwear and completely removed them, and I didn't understand why. He moved me on my side and moved close to me until I felt his cock on my ass. He began to push his cock in me but I flinched my ass cheeks as tight as I could and that stopped him.

    Next he flipped around in bed and grabbed my hips and picked me up. He laid me down inside his open mouth and began sucking me. He grabbed my hips and lifted me up and down so I was fucking his mouth. Then he stopped and all of a sudden he pulled my hair and shoved my face on to his dick. He grabbed his dick and searched for my lips and when he found them he tried putting his big dick in my mouth. I gripped my teeth as his dick was on my lips. He got his hands and tried to force my jaws open but I fought hard to keep my teeth clinched.

    Just when I thought he'd given up he reached for my nose and pinched my nostrils closed so I couldn't breathe. When I ran out of breath, I gasped for air and he had his cock in my mouth. I folded my lips over my teeth and did my best to avoid touching my tongue against his cock.
    He began fucking my lips and mouth while on the other end he sucked mine.

    My mouth finally failed me from soreness and my tongue finally was against his cock. When he felt my wet mouth he really began pumping that cock in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth and he gripped my hips and started lifting me like he was bench pressing weights. He was fucking my mouth and helping me to fuck his. He was deep throating my smaller cock and it felt so good that I came down his throat for the 3rd time. I was able to move off his awful tasting cock and thankfully before he came in my mouth.

    I got up and looked for anything to get his cock taste out of my mouth. I've felt different from that point and as time has gone by I find myself turned on by thinking of sucking cock.
    As a matter of fact I recently found out that all cock's don't taste as bad as his did, if you know what I mean. I'm dying to suck a nice clean cock again. I wish it was safer so I suck them all the time!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous



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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    In 7th grade during our Spring break, I was shoved and locked out of the boy's community pool shower room totally naked by four of five roudy older teenage boys for no reason at all (I didn't even know them; guess they just thought it would be funny, I was the only one around who was already naked, having just finishing up my shower). As I tried to make my way back around to the locker room through corridors and hallways I was unfamiliar with, I made a wrong turn or two and got briefly lost. Then, all of a sudden, I felt two, hard sharp, stinging, bare-hand spanks on my butt.

    As first, I rubbed myself in pain and shock, but was soon face-to-face with the mid-30ish mother of my classmate, Jenny. The woman scolded me for 'prancing aroung exposing myself'.

    Worse, before I was able to cover my, well, 'equipment', I realized that Jenny was standing on the other side of me, grinning from ear to ear before bursting out into laughter!

    When I tried to cover myself with my hands, Jenny's mom said something like, <b>''Keep your hands at your side, young man. If you didn't want to be seen, you wouldn't be out here in the hall. Now, explain to me just what you think you're doing walking around her like that!''</b>

    I tried to plead, <b>''But, Jenny's looking at me.''</b>

    Tha t response got something like, <b>''She's got two younger brothers. You don't have anything she hasn't seen already. Now, start explaining yourself.''</b>

    [Next week, back at school, that comment by her mom was wickedly twisted by Jenny, who said to the other girls, <b>''Yeah. And what Billy has isn't any bigger than theirs, either.''</b>]

    I then explained the situation (which seemed like it took forever, even though it was probably no more than three or four minutes, with my hands at my side as per instructed (probably just out of a reflective respect for a classmate's mom), much to Jenny's lasting amusement.

    Afterwards, Jenny's mom apologized to me for the surprising spanking she had given me (but not for forcing me to stay and stand there nude in front of Jenny). The apology in no way lessened my embarrassment; in fact, having to explain the situation with details and answer her questions about who pushed me out in the hall, when, etc., simply meant I was standing there totally nude, totally exposed in front of Jenny even longer. [Totally humiliating, too - especially since having just taken a cold shower there was a certain part of me that had shrunk even smaller than it normally was!]

    Jenny's mom then sent Jenny to get me a towel. She naturally came back with something that couldn't even wrap completely around me and several other girls (who thankfully I did NOT know) saw the foolish site of me trying to keep as much as me covered (without total success) as possible as Jenny and her mom then walked me back towards the hall leading to the boy's locker room.

    Jenny even wanted to take the towel away from me to return it to the front desk! But, her mom said smirking that, no, I could manage do that later when I left. The rowdy boys were by then, long gone and never, to my knowledge got punished; I never saw them again and never found out who they were. Jenny's mom said they'd wait in the hall until I got safety dressed. (Jenny sarcastically asked if I needed any help; her mom even laughed a bit at that).

    But, I think that just as or even more embarrassing than being totally nude in front of my female classmate and the swats I got on my bare butt by her mom, was the following week back at school when Jenny teased me in front of the other girls at school about the incident and how she was now comparing notes with another girl who had also briefly seen me accidentally nude on an earlier occasion.

    Believe me, it wasn't fun when yet another girl in my class asked them to her what she saw and Jenny answered, <b>''Well, there really wasn't much to see.''</b>


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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I want to kill myself but I can't. For the past 2 years or so, my life has been getting worse and worse. It all started when I got carjacked at gunpoint in the parking lot where I work. 3 guys with guns took my car and my wallet... not to mention my courage, and my dignity. I've never before had to come face to face with my own mortality. It really messed up my head. Soon I started having problems at work. I think it was because I was afraid to go back there. About 9 mos. later I got laid off. I almost wish they had fired me because once I got on unemployment, I pretty much stopped leaving the house altogether. I had always been a recreational drug user, but things got a lot more serious. I was either high, drunk, or coked up pretty much every waking moment for a long time. Before I realized it my unemployment ran out and I knew I had to get a job, but I had a problem: I couldn't! It's not that I didn't want to work, I just would get so anxious that I'd make myself sick every time I thought about getting a job. My wife was working still and she tried to pick up all the slack. We got way behind on bills and eventually my wife started drinking a lot to cope with the stress. I had finally quit doing drugs and drinking and now she was doing it all the time. I felt terrible... but I was still afraid to get a job. Then my wife had a nervous breakdown. She spent about a month in the mental ward at the hospital. But I was still afraid to get a job. I felt like such a piece of shit, but I was paralyzed with fear and anxiety. On the day she got released from the hospital she came home and told me she wanted us to separate. I cried and cried for days, but before I knew it I was living back home with my parents, and she was living with hers. Now my stepdad is badgering me all the time about getting a job, and my mom is stressed from having to mediate between us. Even my little brother and sister are having a hard time because of all of this. And it's all my fault! I feel so guilty and depressed and anxious. My in-laws whom I used to love now hate me. My wife took our pets with her because my mom is allergic and I miss them so much. I'm trying really hard just to keep going and now I have to try and find a job after being out of work almost a year and a half. Being sober makes it worse, because then I can't stop thinking about what a mess I've made of my life. I keep thinking about killing myself. I know that it's selfish and it would hurt the few people left who still love me, but I hate my life so much. There are so many times that I think about it every day. I told my mom and now she's worried all the time. So I told her I don't think about it anymore, but the truth is I think about it more than ever. I've even been trying to think of how to make it look like an accident. I hate myself and want to die but I don't want to hurt the people I love anymore than I already have! Every night I wish that I won't wake up in the morning, and when I do it disappoints me every time. I want to kill myself and I can't.

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