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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    When I was in high school, I took the virginity of my 1st wife when we were 15. We actually took each other's opposite sex virginity as I had sucked a few guys off and had let a couple of them ass fuck me when I was 13 and she and her best friend had been eating each other out at 13 too. I was lucky enough to end up living at her parents house although I had to sleep on the couch but we would fuck and suck like rabbits as soon as her parents were gone to work in the mornings or whenever they went shopping at night or on weekends. But my confession is about her sister.
    When I started seeing my future ex wife, her sister was a 13 year old brat built like a boy and would run and tell her parents if we even so much as kissed but that all changed shortly after she turned 15. She went from nothing to I later found out 34DD,22,36 in what seemed a month! And yes, my young cock noticed as I was getting a hard on whenever she was around and I would fantasize about her when I was fucking her sister. I would even spy on her when she was in the bathroom, seeing her nude in the shower or getting ready for bed at night. Then, one Saturday as I was doing the laundry, she came down to the basement wearing a wife beater and her panties and looking so damn fuckable that I sprouted a major hard on even after fucking her sister who was still laying in bed and she asked if I needed help. I tried to act all hard and told her I could do it when she said she knew I was spying on her all the time and asked if I would like to see her naked body as she pulled the wife beater off and pushed her panties down. I tried to stay in control but she smiled and said she had seen her sister sucking me and she wouldn't say anything as she undid my pants and knelt down to start sucking my cock! I could barely breathe as she sucked away and played with my balls there with both of us naked in the basement. She sucked on me for a few minutes then, pulling my cock from her mouth, she asked if I would like to eat her pussy.
    I pulled her to her feet then buried my face in her firm young tits and sucked both her nipples before sitting her on the dryer, spreading her legs and licking and sucking that fine young c**t until she came then stood up and pushed my cock into her wet slimy puss and fucked her until I shot my wad into her tight c**t.
    We realized what had happened and she ran to the bathroom and I heard the water run as I hoped she was busy washing out her fuck hole as I was worrying if her sister had heard anything and felt as if the whole world knew what we had done.
    Later that day as I had my cock buried in my girlfriends mouth, her kid sister looked in and showed me her big tits and mouthed that she would do me later as I came.
    We did continue to suck and fuck each other and, even after my ex and I divorced, we continued to have sex whenever we could. I'm just sorry I never got the chance to fuck their mother!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't expect you to like me. If this story generates a ton of "That's Lame" votes I could really care less. I'm here to confess my secret. Not to make friends.
    My father owns a lot of rental properties in low income areas of our home town. His tenants tend to be Welfare moms, people getting by on government assistance, immigrants (illegal and otherwise), young married couples just starting out in life and older people collecting Social Security or small pensions.
    Black, Hispanic, White, Asian. These people all have certain things in common. Most of them are one paycheck or one stroke of bad luck removed from being homeless and living on the streets. And despite the fact that my father has always been what is commonly referred to as a "Slum Lord", they just can't afford to lose their apartments. Because even a drafty roach infested shoebox sized apartment is better than the street.
    Just after my sixteenth birthday my father entrusted me with collecting rents for him and being his right hand man. I was a big kid. At sixteen I already stood about 6 feet and weighed a solid 235 pounds. I was muscular and cocky. I had money and a nice car (a birthday gift) and a sense of entitlement. I was better than other people and I knew it.
    Every first of the month, just like clockwork I'd pull up in front of the various rows of apartment buildings and individual homes and collect rents. If anyone was short or late, they got a notice to vacate. If some guy tried to intimidate me, I stood my ground. Maybe I should have been intimidated by some of them. But I wasn't. Eventually, even the toughest of them backed down and begged me to reconsider evicting them. I never did.
    Never that is, unless there was a piece of ass involved.
    Over the years I fucked more women than I can remember in exchange for just a little more time on the rent. So many front seat blowjobs and trips to local motels. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers. Once even the cute gay teen son of a lady in arears. A nice piece of ass is a nice piece of ass regardless of gender.
    My father passed away in 2008. Since then I've owned all those properties and I still rent to the poorest of the poor. When you rent from me, I own you. That's the way it is. Don't like it, hit the streets. I'm looking forward to many more years of ghetto pussy.

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    Straight Male / 18

    Is there anything wrong with your mother performing oral sex on you? I mean, is it illegal or something? Is it i****t? I am 18 and my mother is 43 and last weekend she performed oral sex on me. It was done on a dare from me. Okay, what happened is that I was getting ready to go out on a Friday evening with the guys. After leaving the shower, I discovered that I left my robe in my bedroom, which is just down the hall from the bathroom. I didn't think anyone was upstairs, so I walked naked towards my bedroom. Sometimes my sisters are around so I have to be careful. Just then, my mom walked out of the master bedroom and almost bumped into me. Mom and I have a good relationship but we do tease a lot of sexual things. I tease her about her full breasts, calling them her "tits" right to her face. She sees me dressed only in underpants and teases about the "significant" bulge between my legs. I have dared her to feel it on several occasions but she never takes the dare. But this time, nobody else was around and she must have realized that because she made comments like "Wow" out loud. I quickly got a hard-on and with my penis sticking out straight, I dared her to touch it. At first she wouldn't but I kept insisting. Finally, she said,"Okay, but your dad better not find out about this or there will be big trouble for both of us!". At first, she just came up really close to me and put her hands on my penis and balls. She then began masturbating my penis really vigorously. I have never seen her so excited. She knelt down on one knee, took hold of my penis and put it into her mouth. For the next several minutes, she performed oral sex on me. I came after maybe 5 minutes and ejaculated into her mouth. Realizing this, she immediately took off to the bathroom and spit out the semen. When she returned to my bedroom, she again warned me not to say anything of this to my dad. I resumed getting ready for the outing and didn't see her again until the following day. I didn't really know what to expect when I saw her in the morning. In fact, she appeared to be her usual self. But there was this sparkle in her eyes that I see when I tease her about her "tits". I still don't know quite what to make of it. A week has passed now and things are back to normal. I do notice that lately she has been quite "touchy, feely" with me, giving me a hug now and then. Well, anyways, she did perform oral sex on me and I am pretty sure she will do it again. I'll make sure of that. Now I am wondering if this will lead to something more serious like intercourse. Would I like to have sexual intercourse with my mom?. Geez, I haven't thought much about that but I guess that I would. But that would be a long ways off. What does the reader think about this? Am I taking too much for granted, or what? Let me know your views. Thank you in advance.

    A Horny Son.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    My girlfriend and I are the kinkiest couple I know. We both shared some incest fantasies with each other and eventually she asked me to steal a pair of my mom's used panties for us to play with. My mom is fairly young (40's) and in better shape than my girl, still quite attractive. When I was younger I used to spy on her, videotape her showering, shaving her pussy, sniff and jack off into her used panties etc, and my girl knows about this.

    This past weekend we were at my mom's for lunch and I snagged a nice lacy black pair of her used panties. I brought them home and showed them to my girlfriend, who was immediately turned on. We both sniffed the crotch of the panties together (mom's pussy smells great) and eventually ended up licking the pussy juice together. We got interruped by friends coming over but this morning, we fucked and both used the panties again. We made out with the crotch of the panties between our mouths, and later I was fucking her doggy style while she licked and sucked on the crotch of my mother's used panties. It was super hot and I couldn't think straight so I creampied my girl and may have gotten her pregnant. Fuck my life.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    hello, all my life i have been interested in sex, at 5 I had a girl friend that loved to kiss, I my mother and my grandfathers 2nd wife found me one morning wearing my aunts silky underwear, I had put them on during the night just to feel the silk against my skin. Another morning my mother woke me up and I had this giant hard on they called a tent pole. Well it was giant to me at 5. I always seem to have a hard on. When I was 6 or 7 my cousin introduced me to her pussy, she was about 10 I think, then when I was 10 my step sister wanted me to fuck her but I didn't know what that was about, she said all I needed to do was put my dick in her pussy and pee, she said that was the way our uncle did it. Later as I got older I realized that my uncle had sex with her when she was 9 and continued until he moved away she was about 11 at that time. When I was 12 my other uncle and I had to share a bed, it was a small twin bed. He introduced me to my first orgasm. I loved it so much I would jack off as much as 5 times a day. Some times I would jack off on the couch laying next to my sister taking a nape with a blanket over us. One time she asked me what I was doing. I just said nothing. She had felt me shaking while I jacked off.
    There was times in Jr High that I had a girl friend and we would feel each other out. Mostly playing with her pussy. I had a lot of time jacking off. When I was 17 I had my first real sex with a girl that was 15, she had big tits and ass. That was some great pussy, and she loved to give me a blow job and swallow my cum. That was a regular thing for awhile.
    I had the hots for her sister that was 13 and she loved to give blow jobs as well and she would also swallow my cum. One night I asked her not to swallow but to share it with me. She said I was gay and would not do it. So I waited until another time. One day the oldest sister that I had been having sex with wanted me to eat her pussy after I cam in her, well that was wonderful. I had been wanting to know what a guys cum tasted like. I found out that her cum mixed with my cum was awesome tasting stuff and she would go bonkers and have another orgasm while I licked her clean of my cum. During that time a you guy that was had a younger sister, she was 11 and he was her pimp, he asked me for $10 to have sex with her but he had to stay and watch for her safety so I said ok. That was the youngest pussy I had ever had and It felt better than anything I had ever had before.
    Well all good things come to and end and we move on. When I was 18 I had moved back to California and got a girl friend and well sex was a regular thing. That year I got fucked in the ass by a man I had met at the YMCA housing complex that was for low income guys. He first tested me out for a blow job and I gave it to him. I loved the taste of his cum and the texture of his dick in my mouth, He would pump and fuck my mouth like it was a pussy, that felt great, later on another day he asked me to let him fuck my ass and I said ok but I had never done that before, he lubed my ass with spit and fingered me a little to loosen up my ass hole, then he told me to push out like I was going to take a dump but only not that hard, as I pushed as he said he slipped his dick in me, it burned for just a moment and he told me to relax so I did and after the burning stopped he began to fuck my ass really hard, it felt so wonderful and I began to squirt out some cum. That was all great until he tried to saduce my straight friend and that ended our my fucking and sucking that mans dick.
    I found myself looking at the younger girls about 6 years old and get a hard on. I had to stay away from that. I got married at 21 to a good woman that was a vergin and I tought her how to give blow jobs. Her ass was to tight to get a penetration so we left that alone. One day she was angry with me and told me to go suck my own dick, so later when she was not around I tried it and found I could lick the head of my dick but I could not get my lips on it. At that time I would jack off and cum in my mouth, some would go down my chin and cheeks but mostly in my mouth, well I got addicted to that. Later my wife and I were talking about sex and the things we did, I reminded her of her comment to suck my own dick and that I would like for her to help me try that, I did not tell her I had already been trying it. That night with her help I was able to touch the head of my dick with my lips, she got excited and sucked me off. We never tried it again together.
    There would be the occasional guy that I would meat and give him a blow job and get sucked allso but nothing regular.
    Over the years I have had sex with male dogs, been knoted by one, and drank his cum out of my 2nd wifes pussy, she loved to get fucked by him but would not admit it, only do it, I saw her one night getting mounted by our dog through the bathroom door, later that night we had sex with him again, I was in the 69 with my wife and she was on top while he mounted her and I licked all the cum that dripped from her pussy, she was a squirter so that added to the pleasure.
    Now after many years of different kinds of sex and another divorce I am still addicted to jacking off and some times drinking my own piss, that got started when my 3rd wife and I would have 69 she would squirt in my mouth and sometimes it would have pee pixed with it. So now I like the taste of pee also, Yesterday I was reading about urine thereopy and now I am trying that. I am remarried and this wife only wants the old missionary possition and no oral sex.
    Some times I will jack off and lick my cum out of my hand or a glass, one time I jocked off into my coffee cup that was about half full and drank that but it did nothing for me, could not taste the cum other than just knowing it was in there. Some times I will find a large carrot or cucumber to fuck myself in the ass while I jack off.
    I still like to think of a small girl between 6-12 years old and wish I could lick their pussy but I know that will never happen and that I would have to decline the opportunity if it came up. Some things just have to remain undone. There are so many details of all the sex activities that I have done but no time or space here to tell it all. So that will do for now. As of this moment I want a big dick fucking my ass and another one in my mouth so I can eat their cum. I love to suck a dick after it has been in my ass fucking me and I love to eat the cum that comes out of my ass when someone has finished fucking my ass. I am cum hungry!

    I love pussy and cock, only can not stand to kiss a man. Strange right?

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    This takes place last night at my grandmother's birthday party. So things start off innocent with my third cousin (who looked damn sexy in his suit) and I dancing to "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra. At some point, I follow him outside. There were a lot of people outside smoking so we couldn't do anything other than me standing next to him while he smoked (I don't smoke). We go outside again. His jacket is over my shoulders and I think his dad made fun of him for that.

    Once his dad goes back inside, we do a little naughty fun. I'm slowly pressing my groin against his and he returns the gesture (a little more forcefully than when I pressed up against him months prior on my birthday). He also slides his hand down the top of my strapless gown, finds my nipple, and rubs it a bit. I moan a little, but only loud enough for him to hear me. Don't worry, no one was outside.

    Cue us going outside AGAIN! I'm always the one making him go outside. This time, I used the excuse that I couldn't hear him talking over the loud music. So here I am with my cousin's jacket on my shoulders again. It's quite warm. I like it. He knows what I want. Blahbity blah, our foreheads and noses are touching. Then he kisses me. Finally! The cousin I've found attractive since late July 2014 finally kissed me! Sure, it was a quick peck, but a kiss is a kiss! I wanted to do it again, but he didn't want to. He said "Another time".

    Hot cousin, if you happen to see this, 1) There better be another time that we kiss and hopefully it'll be more than a peck on the lips. 2) I better not have to wait 5 months to see you in-person ever again!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 55

    My wife and I were visiting family out of state, we live in AZ, and family in Washington. We were staying at her sisters place, and being normally horney, I wanted to fuck. She would have none of it, her sister might hear us. I asked her where do you think her little 5 year old daughter came from. She still said no, so I rolled over trying to go to sleep. An hour later, still awake, she was sound asleep, so I got up and went to the living room. After about 5 minutes, in walked Ruth, my wifes sister. She set down beside me, and said softly, I heard the agurment, and I think,she is wrong. We talked for awhile, and then out of the blue she said, if you were mine, you could fuck me any time you wanted. My response, where did that come from. She then told me that when she was still a kid, staying over with us on weekends, she would crawl down the hall, and peak in as we were fucking, and watch us. She said, I have always wondered what it would be like to fuck you ant that 8 inch dick you have. My boy friend was only about 5 inches, and he is the only person I'v had. Now he is gone, and it's been almost a year with no dick inside me. I took her in my arms, and kissed her, and soon she found out what my dick felt like. Two months later, she moved to Arizona, and stayed with us until she could find work. My house is kinda large, and above the garage is a small apartment. When Ruth found work, it was only a few miles from us, and I said just stay in the Apt. and we will rent it to you. Two years later, my wife had a heart attack, and was gone. Ruth has moved into the guest bedroom, and her 8 year old daughter, Kristen is in another bedroom down the hall. At least once each week, one or the other of us takes a little walk to the others bedroom, and spends the night. Last night, Ruth came into my room, and I have this night light thing, it is to keep mice away, even though I have never had mioce, but there was enough light to see Kristen, on her knees, watching me and her mother fucking. All I could think of was, like mother, like daughter. This morning, I had off work, and so I let Kristen know I saw her, and she said OK, just please don't tell mommy. I said ok, but when you are older, it might cost you. With a big smile she said OK by me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I imagine I am not the only one that has gone down my path. I was always in the in crowd, a cheerleader in High School, dated the 'jocks', had my cherry popped on an 11th grade field trip along with several other girls, was the chose one for Mr. Big Man on Campus, I was duty bound to him, my parents knew he was doing me, and they were fully supportive of me having a guy like him, the son of a doctor, accepted in to a top university, with my grades and if I did well on the SAT I was bound to get a full ride at a top university, they really didn't care that he was having sex with me.

    Except that I ate pussy. Not a little bit of pussy, a lot of pussy, like almost every day. I slept with her too, I would sneak out of bed and go and crawl in bed with her and she would get me naked and she would get naked and she would have me eat her pussy, and then pull me up and put the squeeze on me and that I how I would go to sleep, naked in bed with Marta our maid from El Salvador.

    Mar ta was dark brown, she was not pretty at all, she had large breasts, which I enjoyed putting me face between, she had a dark and very hairy pussy. When I ate her, she got very wet, my face was always very wet, she would kiss my wet face and smell me. For me, being naked with her is what I liked, I got extremely aroused, especially after I had sex with my boyfriend, she would force me to bend backwards and open my legs and put her finger in me and suck his cum off her finger.

    One day I got careless, I was very horny, and I went to Marta's room, and was kneeling on the bed eating her pussy, and my mother heard us and came by to see what was going on and caught us. It was the only time I was whipped by my father. I was whipped until I couldn't cry any more, my legs and my butt and my back were sore for several days. Marta was fired. I was sent to a 'therapy' and was enrolled in the Catholic 'convent'. I was supposed to get rid of my feelings.

    Whatever chance I had with my boyfriend also died when I was sent away, he found another girl to be his girlfriend and I went into depression.

    I graduated High School from this 'convent'.

    Eventually I graduated from College, from a state college because I blew my SAT, and got a degree in accounting. The work was more than we could process and I worked late lots of nights. One night, the cleaning crew came early, one of the women reminded me of Marta, she was younger, but she had the same personality. I began to fantasize about her, I stayed late and struck up a conversation with her, she would stand in front of me to talk, I was sitting down and I would stare at her pussy. It had been a long time since Marta left and one day I just fell on my knees in front of her and buried my face between her legs. I grabbed hard on to her legs and pushed my face hard into her, smelling her, kissing her pants, she was speaking Spanish but I could not hear anything.

    When she finally got me to stop and helped me let go she asked in Spanish what I was doing. And I told her what Marta had taught me, I knew just how to say it, I told her I wanted her pussy in Spanish, she was from El Salvador and I used the right word for pussy in El Salvador.

    I told her that if she gave me her pussy I would give her my pussy, I opened my pants and showed her my pussy, I was speaking English, with words in Spanish, I knew the words because Marta had taught me. I took her hand and put in in my pants and told her again that my pussy was hers.

    She got serious, but she wrote down her cell number and her name and told me that I was crazy.

    It took so many phone calls and text messages for her to finally agree to see me. We met at the supermarket parking lot, she was dressed nicely, not in her work clothes, she agreed to get in the car with me and we went to my apartment, where I fell on my knees and pushed my face into her crotch. I sat her down on the sofa, and opened her legs and pushed my head as deep as I could into her. Her smell was all around my head, I stood up and pushed my pants down and offered her my pussy, but she just looked at me.

    I got back down on my knees in front of her and pulled her pants off, she was very hesitant, but little by little she let me pull them off, her pussy was dark and matted, just like Marta's with an intoxicating smell, when I got my mouth on her, and put my tongue in her, she slowly let me open her legs all the way. We got naked, she was brown, with smaller breasts than Marta's but with the same dark nipples, and her heavy mat between her legs. On my bed, I ate her pussy, she had her legs opened and she let me eat until I had to stop. Then, I laid back and she ate me.

    She spends time with me now, away from her work friends because if they knew she was seeing me she would be in trouble. We meet at the supermarket and then go to my apartment. She is a lot more comfortable now, and gives me her pussy and eats my pussy. I don't want to leave the impression that all we do is eat pussy, we also play with each other and she has some Salvadoran animal penis dildos, which provide a new dimension to making out with her, she has what she says is a bull penis dildo, which is my favorite.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 27

    The only way my boss will even hire a woman is if they blow him. I did it in the interview. None of us make nearly as much as the men in our office, and the only way to get a promotion or a raise is to have sex with him. I thought it was just me but I've seen him with a few of the others. The other girls won't even talk about it, they pretend it's not happening and drop the subject. Most of the women who work for him have been promoted higher than most of the men, but they still make less. We don't have laws or programs that allow us to report these kinds of things like in america, so we just have to deal with it.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I've always had a liking for both sexes and have had fun with both sexes, until I met and then married my wife Jessica.
    Her father Frank is the antipathy of a masculine muscular dominant male. So after being married to his daughter for two years (Fourteen months back) Imagine my surprise to hear him ask me at a family party, if I still liked sex with men and if I did, and get this, would I consider fucking him.

    Me, his son in law, the person who's married to his youngest daughter. I must tell you I got all defensive telling him that was all in the past, until he literally dragged me into the bathroom and kissed me hard full on the lips. I was still in shock when his tongue entered my mouth and his hand reached down to play with my growing cock, through my shorts.

    Thinking any minute he's going to start telling me it was a test of my faithfulness to his daughter, I tried to back away. It only had Frank drop to his knees, open my shorts and pull out my now fully erect cock. Not saying a word, my father in law, who's six foot three and two hundred plus pounds, took my cock into his mouth. As he sucked on my dick oh so expertly, he undid his shorts and with my cock still being sucked, he took them and his boxers off.

    My dick was throbbing by the time he stood up, leant over the tub and told me to feed him my cock. Not wanting to disapoint a man who could easily crush me. I gripped his ass cheeks and then in one long movement, I entered a mans asshole, who I never thought in a billion years I get to fuck.

    It was obvious I wasn't the first to fuck Frank, but it was also obvious, no one had fucked him in some time as his ass was so tight wrapped around my seven and half inch dick. In a out of body experience almost, I fucked my father in law for over ten minutes. Each time someone wanted to use the bathroom, he'd bellow out he was using it. When they went away, he'd tell me to carry on fucking him. Telling Frank I wanted to cum after about ten minutes, he said "Good, so do I" As I was about to pull out Frank said "Don't you fucking dare boy, I want your seed in me". No sooner than I'd begun to come, Franks cock let go without him touching himself. He came all over the tub in front of him, as I came filling his asshole.

    Once we'd gotten dressed, he told me he wanted more of the same sometime. Walking out of the bathroom with my cum still deep up his ass, Frank turned to me and said "Oh yeh boy, this never happened, you hear".

    It still never happens fourteen months on. Each time he visits our home and his daughters not in, he asks, or tells me more to the point, to fuck him, or has me fuck his mouth. Only last week when my wife was at her gym class, Frank turned up and had me fuck him, which I did for over an hour. I came once up his asshole as he lay his back. Then after sucking on my flaccid cock for about twenty minutes, he had me fuck him in our shower. We'd not long gone downstairs and dressed before his daughter walked in all sweaty. The shower I'd only just fucked her father in, saw his daughter wash away her exercise class sweat.

    When she wanted some fun late that night, I made out I was tired, which I was. And took my time giving her a long slow pussy licking. Franks asshole is devine don't get me wrong, but I'm going to have to slow him down. Either that or start using dildo's to satisfy a man who loves me fucking his ass.

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