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    Straight Male / 29

    Three months ago, I came home from work early. My mother was sitting on the sofa with here eyes shut and her legs wide apart. She was moaning audibly as she plunged a dildo in and out of he gaping pussy. I went quietly to my room.
    That evening, when mum went to her room, I I waited a minute or two before following her. I was naked and had wank myself to a stiff erection. Mum stared at me and said,"What do you think you're doing like that? Go away." I noticed that despite her protests, she kept eying my erection. I pushed her onto the bed, pulled up her nitie, and rammed my cock up her. I fucked her hard and fast. When I had finished, I beganlicking her out. It wasn't long before mum had a cum. I fucked her twice more that night, and I now give her a regular fucking. Mum sometimes gives me a blowjob, and swallows my creamy spunk. She says its salty taste is a real turn-on.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Female / 44

    louise doonan dudley tried to run me over at ALP party they gate crashed ... in 1978 because her c**t was one fire for nick van eede and pr charles...she takes everything out on me since i was a child of 2 or 3.

    she undermined my confidence in everyway and has never showed me enough love or help she used me

    getting her man to do terrible sexual abusive things to me... i was told i didn't do enough to help her mother get a man when she had cancer

    what was i expected to do i was only 7.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    ok well on my dads there is this:

    my grandad-------his brother
    my dads sister---his son

    my auntie married my uncle there cousins do you think that thats weird?
    ___________________________________ ______________________
    also my aunties daughter is going out with my uncle(my moms brother) there not blood related but is this weird if they got married my cousin would be my auntie in law

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 35

    I spent the first part of my childhood in an abusive home with a whipping-post of a mother and a drunk rage-monster of a father. The only comfort I had was "Mike" my little brother who was 7 years younger than me. Whem my mother died as a result of a beating my little brother and I were finally taken away and put in foster care but were separated. He was only 18 months old and was easily adopted, and I spent 9 years in foster care, learning to get along with blow-jobs for my foster family of the month. By the time I was 13 I'd been so sexualized I needed spankings to get off.

    I managed to get jobs and a bot of an education and even bought a house so I could say I had my own place. Then I invested in a detective to find "mikey". He succeeded and I was reunited with my little brother after 13 years.

    "Mikey's" adopted family was very Christian and constantly bragging how they had "rescued" him and reminding him that he owed them everything. In other words, they used him to demonstrate how virtuous they were while grinding his self-respect down into the dirt. It didn't take long for him to break into tears while I held him. And I didn't even think as I exposed one tit and let him suckle it.

    From that time on I was determined to bring him home. His adopted family, in a determined effort to demonstrate how Cristian they were, didn't dare stop us from seeing each other three or four times a week. On our 2nd visit we were making out, and on our 3rd I blew him and swallowed every delicious drop. I gave him instructions on how rough I liked to be treated and safety-words and during our 4th visit he used all that anger he had at his adopted family and gave me a glorious fucking that made us husband and wife as much as brother and sister.

    It only took us 6 months to get him free - the "Good Christian Family" had a meth lab in a shed and I had no trouble getting custody after "Mikey" narked on them. We had a lovely honeymoon and adopted a semi-nudist/DomSub lifestyle. A year later we were expecting a child and we debated an abortion (against) and changing our lifestyle (moderated but not given up). Fraternal twins - boy-girl - were given us.

    Suburbs are wonderful - I've lived in the same house for 14 years and I don't think I've met 2 neighbors who still live here. No one's even noticed the 20-something woman living with her teenage brother suddenly having kids. We have 4 of them now, and we've allowed our oldest 2 to join our lifestyle. They switch between Dom and Sub easily, and are aware of their perverse origins.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 38

    I am a divorced mother with a fifteen year old son. The two of us get along quite well and always have. Recently, I happened to see him naked with an erection. I could not believe my eyes, to see this handsome and exceptionally well endowed young man, and think that he was my son. Since that time, I have found myself becoming increasingly taken with the idea of how nice it would to enjoy having sex with him. I have told myself that I should not even be thinking things like that as a mother. At the same time, though, I find myself thinking that I have been fixed and can't get pregnant, and that would there really be anything wrong with it, so long as nobody ever found out?? Although outrageous, the very idea is quite an appealing turn on. I have found myself becoming playfully uninhibited and doing things like wearing a short silky robe with nothing on beneath in the mornings in front of him, and I have taken up being barefoot all the time around the house, because my son commented on he thought that was quite sexy. I keep wondering if maybe I shouldn't try to bring up the subject just to see what he would think, and I agonize if this would spoil our relationship if we did have sexual moments together. Of course, I really don't know anyone that I can talk to about this, but I would like to know if other mothers have found themselves in the same situation, and what they did.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I let a group of men fuck me, it was at a kiss weekender on a holiday camp I was with a group of friends we were dressed in skimpy school girl outfits, I was drunk and dirty dancing with a couple of lads they had there hands all over me I wasn't the only 1 being naughty we all we avin a laugh but back at a table I was kissing this lad and his mate started fingering me it felt sooo good, he whipped my knickers off, we went dancing again and lads kept lifting my skirt up flashing my arse I agreed to go back to a caravan with the 2 lads for a party my mates were supposed to come too, at the caravan I started drinking with the 2 lads they stripped off I was laughing and dancing with them that had me naked in seconds and.I was being spit roasted, I'd had a 3some b4 and ur was awesome but I wasn't prepared for what followed loads of lads turned up with none of my mates they all took turns on me, I couldn't Dario them, I swallowed lots of spunk and took cock after cock up my arse its a good job I was drunk cause some were rough and banged ne really hard, the bruises ate un real, they took pics and vids, I look like a porn star being gangbanged, they held my hair, came in my hair, my face everywhere, I did a few in the morning including plenty if dp, I can't believe I was such a slut, my sister went nuts when she saw the video, I'm in trouble if the vid hits the net, I'm a Secretary for a law firm who won't be impressed lesson is don't get so drunk u may do things u regret

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 23

    Guilt. That is what I want to feel. Guilt. I could have done something or said something but I didn't and she got pregnant and she was too young for that.

    Our mother had a new boyfriend, a nice man, who invited us all to go to Cancun. My mother and her boyfriend had one room and my sister and I had another. On that trip I was 19 and my sister was 14. Our mother was distracted, she and her boyfriend were honeymooning. My sister and I spent the day at the pool and the hot tub. At the hot tub that night we met a guy, he was there with some buddies, but he started hitting on my sister. He was 27. There was just the three of us. He held her in the hot tub, and started to feel her up. His hands were on her breasts, he was kissing her neck, she was sitting on his lap and she was having her rub his erection and he was totally aroused and he was going to fuck her right there.

    I watched, mesmerized as how he was getting her hot, she was ready to be fucked, he was pushing her bottoms down, his erection was visible under the water, he was kissing her on the mouth, he kept his hands on her breasts. He lifted her and she was on his erection and he pulled her down on him and she looked at me with eyes that I will never forget. She was never going to be a virgin again, he lifted her and laid her over the edge and fucked her and came inside of her. Only after he was done fucking her and he left her holding on the edge of the hot tub did I go over to her, I found her bottoms and helped her pull them back on.

    I told her we were going back to our room. We got out and went up to the room. He followed us and when we got to the room I told him to leave. It wasn't as strong as I wanted and he was in the room before we could do anything. He talked to me and asked me when the last time I had been fucked. I tried to say it was nothing of his business, but he had gotten on top of me on the bed. He was pushing my bottoms down, he was on top of me, he was kissing my neck and face and mouth. He got off and took off his swimming trunks. His erection was in front of me, he put his hands on my bottoms and pushed them down until he got them off.

    When he faced me I let my legs fall open and he climbed on top and he fucked me. My sister had watched the whole thing, we had both been fucked in a matter of half an hour. He stayed in the room with us, sleeping with my sister. In the morning he laid her on her back and got on her open legs and fucked her again.

    We let him take us to the Mayan ruins, and he ate dinner with us with my mother and her boyfriend. He came to our room after midnight and he fucked my sister again.

    It was two months later when I told my mother what had happened, my sister was pregnant. I was blamed for not stopping him in the hot tub. For letting him into our room. I should have stopped him, but I couldn't. My sister was going to be fucked that night, that was her fate. I do feel guilty, mostly because she got pregnant and had a baby so young. The only thing I could have done was give myself to him, but he wanted to fuck her, even if I had given myself to him in the hot tub, he would have still fucked her. It was just her time.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 23

    I used to mow lawns for coin, every time my dad & his mate would go fishing his mate used to get me to do his lawns, which I loved, cause I could have a perv at his honey of a wife, she was an ex surfer, in her 40's but still bleach blonde tanned & tiny, she was always flirty and hands on, she gave me a mad hard on and a top show every time I was around, I'd do the lawns and she would clean her house with the curtains open in only her g-string and all most see through flimsy white top, fuck it made me hard seeing her body...on the 5th time I was their, I noticed the lawns had been done, the house was closed up except the back door which was open, the back lead into their lounge room where I found her on a large rug in the center of the room filming herself masterbate, arching her back showing her perfect tits off as she smashed her pussy with both hands turning her head slightly towards me, I could just make out the face through her hair, so erotic to hear the words " hey wanna be my new sex toy" I was only 14 but very sexually developed, "yep" was all I could say at the time.. Then she asked in a moan for me to wank a load onto her head while she just finished off, I forgot about the camera filming & just striped & stood over her head watching her ten finger herself into a massive cumming fit, casual chatting to me about our new relationship as I finished wanking that 1st hot load onto her, it relaxed me. We really hit it off, even with a age diff of 14-43 we had so much in common & after letting her do what she wanted with me I found myself in the position of a Dom with a fucking hot ass slave, I was told I had control of her body & mind, at the time it felt right, (we were living together within 2 days) my first act as master, was too have her instruct me how to make her cum by way of analy tounge fucking her arse hole, she absolutely loved it & got off hard,, next I had her finger & suck my arsehole as she swaped to deep throating herself till she gaged on my cock she craved, it started their and lead to many more confessions I'd like to get off my chest, as a male slut

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 49

    Living the plural life.

    Ten years ago I found myself sitting across the table from the 'other woman'. She was younger than me, by 10 years, pretty in her own way, and very ashamed. She could not make eye contact with me. I was angry, angry not hurt. My husband had told me about her, and that he wasn't going to leave her. It wasn't just the sex, he had become attached to her and felt responsible for her. He didn't give me an ultimatum, but it felt like an ultimatum. So there I was across from her confronting her.

    I asked her 'why?' why was she involved with a married man? It was a nowhere street, was it the sex? I wanted to know if she was doing it for the sex, it would have made me feel better. But no, she wouldn't admit to that, she said something else, she said she was in love with him and she just couldn't break away, that maybe I could understand. That is why I was there that afternoon, because I loved him and I couldn't break away, even if he had another woman in his life. I was fighting to stay with my man. That sunk in, hard but it sunk in. She was in love with him, I could see that, actually I already knew that, I knew she loved him and I knew he loved her too.

    Silence followed, until I reached across the table and took her hand in mine and I told her I loved him too and were both fools for loving the same man. I didn't let go of her hand, I twisted her fingers in mine, I held her hand tight, I would not let her hand go, I said to her that if she loved him to love him with all her heart because I loved him with all my heart. She cried and then I cried, and we held hands.

    When we left the restaurant, we hugged deeply and I held her close to me, she was hurting and she needed to be comforted and I held her tight to me, I told her that she was lucky because she had found a man to love that loved her back and that if life had told us to love the same man, then we would love him together.

    After that, we did things together, girl things, shopping, talking, giving our souls to each other. We spent time together, and she got to know my kids and they knew she as their daddy's girlfriend and that their daddy and me wanted them to know her and love her, she was part of 'our' family. We shared the Holidays together, and she and I each sat at his side, across the table from each other and we prayed together. During our Holiday prayer, we looked into each other's eyes, I can't ever forget that moment, as we prayed for our family and we prayed for all that was right, and we held hands and prayed for each other and I asked God to accept her into my heart.

    For these ten years we have shared our lives together, we live together and we have added to our family. We have grown close, closer than I am with any other human being. She is my soul mate, my fulfilling half, I can't imagine today how empty my life was before she came into our home and our family. We share a deep devotion to our husband and to our family and to each other.

    I have learned that where we find love is not always in the conventional way. Love is around us, if we open our hearts to it. For me, when she joined our family, my relationship with my husband grew like it had never grown before, on all fronts. For her joining our family took away shame and gave her light to blossom and to become the wonderful woman she is and a wonderful mother. I believe we were destined to become one with each other, in our home we two are 'one' woman, 'one' wife, 'one' mother.

    We are celebrating our ten year 'anniversary' together.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Ugh! Thanksgiving is at our house this year! I have the inlaws are coming and I have to sit and listen to that old gas bag rant about everything while she wishes she was somewhere else. Let me tell ya! I wish she were somewhere else too! I wish I had the brass ones to put some exlax in the brownies, maybe then she won't overstay her welcome!

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