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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I have a confession to make, and I can't just tell anyone I know. When I was a teenager, the summer I turned 16, I had an unusual experience with the woman I worked for as a babysitter.
    I babysat for a few people, but she was the coolest by far. I think it was because she was sophisticated, and was the nicest to me. Renee was a friend of my mom's, the wife of one of her coworkers. I worked for her and her husband off and on for a few years, but not too often since she was a stay at home mom. She was sophisticated, and very glamorous, very tall and thin, and full of flattery. She always told me I was adorable, haha, probably the main reason I liked her so much.
    The unusual thing happened during the summer, so I was quite happy to not only hang out with her but make some cash. She had to take her husband to the airport, a couple hours away, so it would be a quick night. But the flight was delayed in its takeoff, and she did not get back until a lot later than she thought. She looked so tired, I felt so bad for her, told her it was no big deal when she kept apologizing. She was not only tired, she said, but the kids were asleep and since her youngest was just a baby she was still breastfeeding him, and she was so tender and full she was wiped out. She liked having the temporarily big breasts, but felt far from sexy when she was ready and they were asleep. She usually had a breast pump for times like this, but her bottles were full, and was leaking like a stuck water balloon. "If only I were one of the kids," she said.
    She seemed so sad I told her I could do it, but she said "noooo, I wish you could sweetheart, your mother would kill me if she knew."
    I didn't see it as a sexual thing, but a natural one, and didn't see what the problem was. We talked a bit about other things, and she was so sore, she almost cried. She then said, "what the hell, no big deal right honey???? If you're still willing, I mean. No one has to know, but its not like I'll be doing my little babysitter."
    I was sitting on the couch, and she walked over and straddled my lap, facing me. "This will work best like this, I think," she said, and opened her robe. My eyes bugged out when I saw her bare breasts in my face, they were engorged, with a drop of fluid hanging from one of her huge nipples. I was not a lesbian (as far as I knew, yet)but they looked amazing. I said "wow," and she answered, "yeah, i know, I love them right now," and we giggled. Then I took one nipple into her mouth.
    She gasped out loud, and leaned her head back, almost crying. Instantly my mouth was full, and I started sucking. She fidgeted all over my lap, moaning and telling me how wonderful it felt to release, and I was way too good to her, etc. I was not sure how to do this, but I seemed to be doing it right. I kept sucking, with her hands around my head, playing with my blonde ponytail. When I would come up for air, her nipples would poke my cheeks, and though I never thought about sex with a girl before, I was getting very hot about it. Then I would switch to the other, she would gasp again, fidget in my lap some more, moan, coo, etc. She kept fidgeting in my lap, and her crotch went up against my knee. She was grinding against it, and I thought "oh-oh,here we go," but it didn't seem to be doing any harm, and besides, she seemed so happy, not beastly or sexual at all. I lifted my knee into her, and she pushed back, then fidgeted again so she was across my lap. I happened to look down, and saw that her fingers were between her pussy lips. She was fingering herself! She saw me looking and told me "not to look, don't worry about that, just keep sucking, I'm almost done I think."
    So I did. She had me lie down to be more comfortable, and leaned over me, her breasts like fruit hanging down. I squeezed both of them, and got her warm, sweet milk on my face and my tshirt. She reached down and pulled my tshirt off so I "wouldn't get any more on me," and pulled my shorts off too. By then, I knew we had crossed a line, but it still felt natural and right, so I didn't mind. I took a nipple into my mouth again, and she went back to fingering herself. I was squirming all over the couch by now, and she took my mouth off of her. I felt the milk drip on my breasts and tummy, and her head lowered.
    "Does it taste good????" she asked, and I nodded. Her tongue licked it from where it landed, and she moved her head lower, sucking my nipple, asking me if I like it. I did, and she moved her head lower, licking my tummy, then lower until she she was between my legs. She pulled my panties off, saying something about how people would freak if they walked in right now, but kissed my damp blonde bush anyway. Her tongue slid into me, and I jumped. Nothing had ever felt so good!
    "Now let me thank you for doing that for me," she said. "If you think that felt good, just wait a second," and began flicking her tongue inside me. I felt her find my clitoris, and then felt her suck it into her mouth. My legs were over her shoulder by now, and I pushed myself into her. She kept sucking on my button, and she was so right, I never felt anything so good. I was rocking my hips to match her rhythm, and when I exploded I yelled out loud. She looked up at me, winking at me and kissing my wet pussy, licking it all over, telling me how sweet I was. She then crawled up and kissed me, her tongue just barely inside my lips, so I could taste for myself. I was still shaking from my first orgasm, and sucked her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a bit longer, and I liked how her skin felt on mine.
    That was my first experience with a woman, but I have kept it a secret, for obvious reasons, but also because Renee and my mom are still friends. We even hook up on occasion, not too often since she's still married and her kids are all ten years older and sleep less soundly. I am not sure I would even tell a therapist, because I don't think it was a bad thing. It was a natural experience, and opened up a new realm of happy experiences that I would never have otherwise known.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 27 year old currently single female and I live alone in an very old home that was made into a duplex. I'm going to be very straight forward I masturbate alot. I have alot of toys, dildos of all kinds, vibrators, etc. I most of the times like to watch porn while I masturbate as well. I am a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital. My shifts just changed and I now work mornings 3-12 hour shifts a week. I get home about the time my hot neighbor across the street gets home. Everybody else on the block, his wife included, is at work till after 5:00. About a month ago I came home and needed to relax. I picked out a dildo, popped a porn in the dvd player and made myself cum 2-3 times. After I was done I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. The porn was stll on and my dildo was still on the coffee table. I went back in there completely naked and my neighbor was standing watching the porn. I gasped and ran to put something on. When I came back in he said he had knocked and could hear voices and the door wasn't locked so he came in. Said he yelled for me but guess I didn't hear him. He was looking at the dildo and then back at the porn. I went to turn it off and he said he liked it alot and wondered if he could borrow it for the afternoon. He said it looked like I had enjoyed it as much as he thought he would. When he said that he was looking at my dildo still sitting on the table all slick with my pussy juice. He was smiling and winking every now and then. I was just humilated that he knew what I was up to in there. When I handed him the porn he said he would bring it back in just a bit. He trotted off across the street and I immediately started cleaning up my masturbation mess. About 30 minutes later he was back with the porn. He went into detail with me what his favorite parts were and why and how he shot a load of cum. I was getting a little turned on. I was thinking of the part he watched and how I liked it too and envisioning his hand on his cock. Thinking of him stroking it. He was adorable too. He asked me which parts I came to. I just sat at my kitchen table and told him. I was turned on that he was so open with me about it. I have never in all my 27 years talked to anyone about my masturbation. I was getting turned on maybe it was obivious? He said he was going to leave and go home and take a shower before his wife got home. He paused at the front door and asked me if I was going to maybe watch some more porn that night or tomorrow after I got home from work. I just shrugged my shoulders and said I was off the next day. He said smiled and winked and said he'd be over. Later that night I was on my front porch reading a magazine by my tiki torch and he ran over. He asked me if I was going to give myself any kind of pleasure and relaxation that night. I shrugged my shoulders again. He said he was planning on it because he was hard as a rock thinking about me using that dildo watching porn. I blushed. I am not one easily talked into things AT ALL. Something about him standing there in that tiki torch light grinning and seeing the bulge in his pants really turned me on. He asked me if I got horny at all thinking about his hard cock and how he was going to stroke it thinking about me. I was like jelly in his hands at this point. I don't know why. I said yes, yes I was horny thinking about it. He said good he was glad to hear that. He wanted me to masturbate with my dildo again and think of him. He was going home to do the same. He then unzipped his pants and put his hand in the fly. My heart was pounding. He said he wanted to jerk it right there in front of me. He asked me if I would like that. I said yes. He asked me to touch myself for him right there. I looked around slid my hand in my shorts. We just stared he was rubbing in his pants and I was rubbing in mine. I was so wet. The night air and how naughty and hot it was. He said we could do it together sometime. I just nodded yes. He said tomorrow morning then. I just nodded yes. He told me to go in my house and play with my pussy till I cum. I just stood up put out my tiki torch and headed for the door. Because I wanted to do it. I wanted to play with it and think of him and that hard cock. He was zipping his pants as I turned around. He said he would be thinking of me again as he worked his cock. My pussy throbbed thinking of it. And I can't believe it I told him that too. He smiled and said thats what he liked. I went my house. Shut the door took my clothes off immediately and made myself cum and cum. He called me late late that night. He saw my bedroom light still on. He asked me how many times I made myself cum. I told him I didn't know. Many. He asked me what all I used. I told him. He asked me what kind of toys I had. I gave a quick run down. I asked him if he came too. He said he did. He said he stroked his cock in a rocking chair on his front porch looking at my house imagining what I was doing in there. That turned me on so much. He said he was out there on the porch right then. It was late really late. Almost three in the morning. He told me to look out my window. I did and I saw him sitting there. He asked me to come out on my porch. I said no. He said he would see me in the morning. And he did. He came over the next morning. I was sitting on my front porch drinking coffee. Feeling pretty bad about the information I had shared with him. I decided as the morning light was shining that I was not getting in to anything with him again. He came running across the street. He made small talk about the weather and how well he slept. He asked me for some coffee. I went in to get it and he followed me. I told him I would be right back if he wanted to wait. He kept following me anyway. We got to the kitchen to the coffee pot. He was standing so close to me. I took a step back and he was smiling with that devilish grin. He asked if I wanted to watch a porn with him. I can't explain it. He made me wet right then. I was wet and my heart was pounding. I just noddded and said sure. He took my hand and we went to the living room. I opened up the closet where the porn was and he picked something out. He put it on went to the front door and shut it and we sat down on the couch. The first ten minutes we talked and talked about what was happening in the porn. What looked good and what must feel good. I didn't have much to say I was nervous. I was horny and nervous. He asked me if I was horny and I said yes. He said he was too. He asked if he could take his clothes off and stroke his cock. I nodded yes. He stood up and started taking his clothes off. He said why don't you do the same. I was frozen. Just frozen. He was naked in seconds stroking that big cock. He kept telling me to take off my clothes and make myself feel good. I agreed. I went in the bathroom took off my clothes and put on a robe. I went back in and he was so hard. I first just rubbed myself through an opening in the robe. I was getting more and more turned on by the words he was saying. By his cock and the porn playing. He reached over and gently pulled one of my legs where I was completely exposed to him. The look on his face and the feeling I had took me over the edge. I took the robe off and began to really work my pussy. I was full out masturbating as if I were alone. He was watching me instead of the porn and I was watching him. I came and he came seconds after. He stayed hard and I stayed horny. We masturbated together most of the day that day. I rode toys for him. He fingered his own ass. We came and came. We masturbated like that together as least once a day since even on my period I masturbated with him. We met in my back yard one night and masturbated in the moonlight together once. Friday morning he fingered me till I came while I was sitting on my kitchen counter. His breath on my tits. It was good. Once I came he licked my pussy tasting my cum. We had never touched each other before. Out of my mouth just came fuck me. Please please please fuck me. His cock was out and in my pussy in seconds. He fucked me like I have never been fucked before. I came on his cock twice. The man can make me orgasm more than any I've met before. I feel comfortable doing anything with him. He can talk me into anything. I fucked him on Saturday twice. And this morning before daylight he called me and talked me into coming out on my back porch naked. I did and we fucked with the sun coming up on my back porch. I don't know what he tells his wife. Or how he get's out of the house. I don't care really. The sex is better than good. It's open and free. He said when he left he would be back later today. I'm looking forward to it. I am ready right now. Wet hot and ready. I have a hot secret lover and I can't wait for the next orgasm he gives me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 31 year old straight dude and I've always been curious about guys. On a late Sunday night, I checked into the Hilton and the hotel seemed quiet - I had noticed the Bellhop when I came in as he seemed to be staring a lot - he brought me up to my room and we started chatting in the elevator.

    He was a young 19ish year old skinny blonde kid and the uniform did wonders for his ass - I found myself peaking whenever I could. I had just came in from a long flight and was feeling horny.

    He seemed to be hanging around the room a bit longer and we were chatting about the city and the attractions - somehow the conversation switched to local bars, then to strip clubs and then where to get laid in the City.

    Ten minutes later I was sitting in the hotel chair with my pants down to my ankle and twinky bellhop boy was between my legs on his knees sucking my big cut cock. I had never been sucked by a guy before and I had never been sucked with such enthusiasm - he was taking my cock so deep that I could feel his throat deep wrap around my knob. This boy was edging me to perfection and he was getting total pleasure from being submissive and pleasing every inch of me.

    After a good 30 minute of BJ Olympics, I finally came and I think he emptied my balls - I came so hard that it almost hurt. I had never had any girl swallow my cum and this boy did not loose a drop - my legs were shaking.

    He eventally went back to work and I went into the shower and then watched a bit of tv. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a knock on the door. It was twinky bellhop boy again - he came in the room and stripped off his uniform and got naked and was lying on the bed. He was lying on his stomach exposing his round little ass up in the air and wanted me to fuck him - he brought up some hand lotion with him which he gave me.

    He had a tiny white bum and I could see his little pink hole - I got hard just looking at him and started jerking off with the lotion. At one point I pushed my cock against his pink hole and eventually I was inside - he was moist, warm and very tight. I could feel his ass muscles contracting against my shaft and it was heavenly - I fucked him slowly, deeply and in an erotic way - I could smell his sweet ass and it drove me crazy.

    Everytime I would go balls deep into his ass he would twitched and this would rub the head of my cock and send shivers down my entire body. He was moaning in pleasre with every thrust and after a good 10 minute session we both came hard and I fell exhausted on the bed.

    We cuddled for a while then his pager went off and he got dressed and had to go downstairs - probably an arrival he told me. I woke up the next morning with a huge boner and a smile on my face. This was definitely a sensual and fun experience.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a young Landlord (32) and I own a 10-plex building near the University Campus. I only rent to young jock guys 18 to 22 of age and during the semester, there are at least 25 guys living in the building.

    A few years ago, I set up a Glory Hole inside one of the basement 1- bedroom appartment and I wrote a telephone number on the laundry room wall to call for a blowjob.

    Every year I get 6 to 7 horny resident guys that text or call me and that come regularly. Lat in the evenings, it's as busy as a McDonald's drive thru.

    I love sucking cock and I think I've probably sucked enough to last me a lifetime.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 22 year old student and almost everyday, I shower with my roomate and give him incredible head. He has a beautiful cock and I get a total thrill getting on my knees and sucking every last drop out of him. It just feels wrong, naughty and amazing !!!

    We are both in relationships but I can't stop !

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    This is for Eric who dared me to post this after I told him this story over drinks, sorry if its long.

    When I was seventeen my family moved to the suburbs and the house me and my parents moved into was one of the first built in our development. There were no finished houses around us but there was one house two lots down that was finished. So every day before I got up for school you could hear hammers and saws and all kinds of construction noises. At the time i hated it because they always woke me up an hour or two earlier then i wanted to.

    Well on labor day my parents left the house to go buy a new car (my dad was promoted that was why we moved and everything in case your wondering) and I knew how long that was going to take, pretty much all day, so i just settled in at first. Well the construction workers didn't take the day off, there definitely weren't as many of them around the neighborhood but i could hear them working.

    I knew I had the house all to myself and i was young, single, and well, horny. So I went to my room and spent about an hour digging through my clothes for something skimpy to wear.

    Looking back i obsessed over it way too much, but I finally decided to wear a black bikini top with a black sheer g string that my parents had no idea i owned.

    I remember being really nervous, and when i opened the blinds to my room i did it from the side of the window so if anyone was looking in they couldn't see me.

    I quickly got out of my room and started opening all the blinds in my house, in fact our house was still so new that we didn't have blinds on the windows in the kitchen or our family room where the front door was, but i opened the blinds to our back patio door and slid them completely open.

    Now you have to understand that the wall around our house is only about 6 feet tall and our backyard is like a sardine can, they packed as many houses into as little space as they could, and we didn't even have landscaping yet so there was nothing blocking anyone from seeing me other than the dinky wall.

    The only thing in my backyard was a concrete slab extending from our back sliding patio door and dirt. We didn't even have the canopy over the concrete slab like we do know so there was nothing blocking the view into my house.

    Also not only were they building a house right behind me but to the right and left of that house as well and the three houses on the street behind me were all going to be two stories, they had just started and were just skeletons with no walls or anything yet.

    I remember not really knowing what to do and just walking around the house a lot and making up excuses to be in the kitchen, dining room, and near my patio door which were all at the back of the house and near the large windows the workers could easily see through. I was so dumb, i remember reading the comics in the newspaper at the kitchen table. I also remember wanting to look out and see if anyone was watching me so bad but i was too scared to.

    Anyway that went on for a while and it was a rush at first since the neighborhood and my yard was so barren that even a car going down the street, which was rare, could see right through my front windows and into my back yard. I got bored pretty fast mainly because i had no idea if they were watching me, I didn't know what to expect to happen but i could still hear them working so i figured they hadn't noticed.

    I found my moms stretching mat or yoga mat or whatever in the garage packed away. I decided to actually go out back. I remember my heart pounding when i slid open the back door, it was really hot outside and the concrete was really hot too and i wasn't wearing shoes so i laid the mat down quickly to step on it and before i even got it rolled out I heard someone yell 'hey' and all of the sounds stopped.

    I got down on the mat and started stretching. I had no idea what I was doing and in retrospect it must have been obvious, but after a few minutes I ran out of stretches that I only knew from gym class and watching TV, so I decided to start tanning, it was the only thing i could think of to do.

    I was REALLY turned on, if i would have let myself look i easily could have made eye contact and carried on a conversation with one of the workers in the houses without even raising my voice, thats how small and close together the houses yards were.

    I remember being really nervous but turned on at the same time and when one of the workers yelled "take it off" after I had laid down I didn't even acknowledge him I acted as if i had headphones on or something but I could hear them talking about me, and one of them said something like "she is just teasing", I couldn't quite make it out, so I sat up and took my bra off and tossed it near the door and laid back down.

    When i did that i heard three or four guys cheer, i hadn't looked but from listening i guessed that there were about 3-4 guys in each of the three houses. I loved the attention i wont lie, but i was just as nervous as i was horny and i was so scared to look. I think i thought if i somehow made eye contact they would expect more from me, you know physically.

    Anyway I laid there getting sun topless for what seemed like a while but i had no idea because i didn't have a watch or anything, but the entire time i didn't hear anyone working. After what seemed like forever but must have been only a minute or two i heard a different voice yell "show us more".

    I wasn't sure at first, but I decided to keep my legs closed and I sat up and slipped my g string off without even looking in their direction and tossed it towards my bra and then laid back down.

    I was trying to play it cool, i still don't know to this day if they knew how nervous i was or if they thought i was an experienced exhibitionist (i am now). But as i was pulling my g string down my legs i heard a couple gasps and it somehow got even quieter.

    I was loving it big time and I really wanted to rub my clit or just touch myself in anyway. I could still hear them whispering things, I knew about me but I could only make out every couple of words. I turned onto my front at one point and when I did i caught in my peripheral vision a guy sitting on top of a beam at the back of the house right behind me, he must have been less then 20 feet away, i had no idea they were that close. This turned me on even more, and i felt so sexy with them all staring at me.

    I remember trying to act cute or sexy but in a casual way, but you neve can when you know your being watched. I remember turning my face away and laughing at the fact that i was butt naked in front of a bunch of construction workers.

    I really wanted to masturbate, and one of the workers started calling to me, he kept saying 'hey', over and over, finally to a point to where I had to acknowledge him. I finally turned over and looked up and had to squint since he was above me and it was bright out and i said "Whats up?" and he asked me how old i was and i told him I was seventeen.

    At that i heard a lot of mixed reactions someone said jailbait or something and the guy that asked seemed to be getting made fun of because i guess he thought he was gonna come down and hook up with me or something. It was hard to tell because half of them spoke spanish and half didn't.

    I stood up while they argued with each other about my age, and they all stopped and watched me, I picked up my clothes and went inside but it didn't really stop them from seeing me cuz all the blinds were open. I got a drink of water and then i went to the back patio door and sat down with my legs closed.

    I didn't look up to see if they were watching but i spread my legs and put each foot flat on the patio door and then started to masturbate. It was INTENSE, I lost count of how many orgasms i had because i started having wave after wave of them almost as soon as i started, its all really blurry but it was one of the most amazing experiences knowing they were all watching me. I had to force myself to stop because it actually started to hurt after a while. So after i was done I got up and just shut the blinds and then went around closing all the blinds still naked.

    Problem was that word got out and all the workers now knew who i was, so every day when i walked to school at 7:30 in the morning i got whistled at and they would bring up what i had done, i didn't mind at first because literally no one was around but as more houses got built over the next several months other kids my age moved in and they started to ask me questions about it. I just told them that they were perverted and had seen me tanning one day with my clothes on but were just mad that i hadn't shown them more so they were trying to embarrass me. Some bought it some didn't.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend when we have sex takes his hard dick and spanks my clit with it. Does anyone else like this ?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My confession is that i cum like a horse - yes my cock is a good size and my balls are somewhat normal but instead of a spoonful, I shoot and can fill a 6 to 8oz glass full. Girls would freak out a bit when I would cum on their tits and my ex-girlfriend would bring a towel to bed lol.

    I told this to a friend of mine casually one day, and he told me that he is bi and would love to see me cum. He told me that this would be desirable in the "gay" world as a lot of guys love cum.

    After a bit of coaxing, I let my friend suck my cock and he nearly drowned in my cum ;p Since then, he has had a few other gay friends over and I have let them suck me while he watches and I find this a huge turn on.

    One of his particular friend sucked me really well and really deep and he had me balls deep down his throat when I counted at least 8 huge shots of cum and maybe 5 small ones and he just kept me downn his throat and I was nearly shocked when I pulled out my cock and it was clean and he had swallowed the whole lot.

    It felt amazing, my legs were shaking and I had never had an orgasm without the huge mess.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 42

    I'm 42 years old, I'm married and I have 3 children. But a few weekends ago, I was a slut.
    Last month on one of the weekends my whole family was home and we were doing some chores. My husband was mowing the yard and my children (the oldest is 18, my youngest is 13) were all cleaning their rooms. I took a break from vacuuming and doing the laundry to check my email and noticed that my husband and left his email open. I wasn't trying to snoop but one of his most recent emails was titled "let's meet up again????" I couldn't help myself, I knew what I was about to find. Sure enough, he had been having an affair with some girl from his office. She had sent him some revealing pictures and he'd sent her some back. One of his emails said that he loved how deep she could take him in her mouth.
    I faked a headache and "took a nap" while my family kept working. I cried for hours, in bed and in the shower and anywhere I could get a little privacy. I couldn't look at my husband, I couldn't believe he had done this to me. I try to stay fit, and I'm definitely not out of shape. I try to do every sexual thing my husband wants, I was crushed.

    I didn't confront him about it, I didn't know how to do it or what to say. Thankfully a few weekends ago he had to go out of town for a conference. I couldn't stop thinking about how he could be cheating on me right now, I felt so full of rage and sexual energy that I ended up taking a long shower with a toy of mine. I remembered about this "bookstore" that one of my coworkers mentioned to me once. She said they had a huge selection of adult books, movies, toys, and in the backroom they had these booths with "glory holes". She told me that men would go in there and put themselve through a hole in the wall into another booth and that someone else would service them through that hole. I kept thinking about it, and decided that I wanted to cheat on my husband. It was the only way that I could stay in the marriage. I had to even it up and get my revenge.

    I know it sounds stupid and selfish, which is why this is the only time I'm going to tell anyone this story and it's anonymous. While my husband was out of town I told my children that if they wanted to spend the night with friends tonight would be good because I was going to have a few friends from work come over for some wine and some chat (not uncommon for me)
    They all lined up plans for the evening and when I dropped off my last kid at their friend's house I headed back home to shower and get dressed up. I was gonna get my revenge tonight. I started getting wet even when I was just getting ready, washing myself, shaving my legs and underarms and between my legs. I put on some lingerie that my husband had gotten for me a few years back, put on a dress over it, did my hair and makeup and left the house.

    When I got to the "bookstore" the overweight guy behind the counter told me that I wasn't allowed to go back into the booths alone, for my own safety. I panicked, there wasn't anyone I could tell about what I was doing. There were a few guys in the shop, staring at my legs and ass. eyeing me up and down and I started feeling uncomfortable but I thought about my husband fucking that girl and I started getting so mad that I just had to have my revenge immediately. I asked the guy behind the counter if there wasn't something we could work out and gave him a good peek at my cleavage. He told me to hang on a minute and went in the employees only room and I started looking around at the guys in the store, some were cute but most were kinda gross. It didn't matter, I was steaming mad and starting to get really wet thinking about how bad I wanted revenge. The employee came back out with another guy that worked there and he told me that the other guy would watch the counter and he'd take me in the back. I was so nervous my legs were starting to shake a little in my heels.

    He showed me to the backroom and it was dark and you could hear porno movies from behind the doors. He opened up one of the booth doors and followed me in, locked the door and told me to sit down in the chair. He put on a porno movie and told me to touch myself. I started running my hands over my body and up my thighs. He put his hand down his pants and started touching himself. I stood up and took my dress off, standing there in the lingerie my husband bought, a stranger touching himself right in front of me, I felt so dirty and slutty. He pulled his dick out and put it in my face, I opened my mouth and let him slide it in. Oh my god, the feeling of having another man's dick in my mouth almost made me cum right then. I hadn't touched another man in almost 20 years and running my tongue over this guy's dick and letting him hold the back of my head and push himself down my throat made me wetter than I could ever remember being.

    I sucked him for a few minutes and then he jerked himself off onto my chest. I was practically dripping between my legs and then he pointed out that there was a guy watching me through the hole in the wall. It was like my brain got turned off, all I could think about was how much I wanted to be used. I wanted to know that I had let men use me and degrade me all behind my cheating husband's back.

    The guy on the other side of the wall put his dick through the hole and I started stroking it. The guy in the booth with me pulled out a flask and offered me some vodka, I took a shot or two and started feeling really crazy. I started slurping this anonymous dick through a hole in the wall. I took it as deep down my throat as I could, pushing my nose flat up against the wall. The guy on the other side started thrusting into my mouth and soon after I felt his load shoot into the back of my throat. The guy in the booth with me gave me a cigarette and another shot of vodka, told me that another guy would come by soon. Before I could even finish my cigarette there was another dick coming through the hole in the wall. I got on my knees in front of the wall and started stroking and slurping it, I felt the guy in the booth with me put his hand between my legs from behind me and start to play with my pussy. I came almost as soon as he pushed my panties to the side and touched my clit. I was starting to get a little bit frantic, I was sucking my 3rd dick of the night and I was really into it. I licked and sucked and deepthroated and let him thrust into my mouth as hard and deep as he could. Aside from a little gagging here and there I thought I was doing a good job. The guy in the booth with me was now full on finger fucking me and the guy on the other side of the wall was shooting his load into my mouth. I swallowed some and let some drip out onto the floor.

    Time for more vodka and the guy in the booth with me now had my panties off and was playing with my ass. Another dick came through the hole a few minutes later, this time it was a really big black one. The first black dick that I'd ever seen in person and I was so horny, I immediately started sucking it, trying my hardest to get it all in. At the same time the guy in the booth with me slipped a finger into my ass and started rubbing my clit as well. I came really hard and frantically slurped the dick through the hole in the wall. The guy in the booth with me got right up behind me and started rubbing the tip of his dick against my asshole, I was so wet he just rubbed some of my own juice on my asshole and slid his dick inside. I came again, immediately. Moaning really loudly now I kept sucking the black guy while the other guy just pounded my ass. The guy in the booth with me suggested that I let that black guy fuck me so I turned around and put my ass up against the wall, I felt the black guy's dick pushing around trying to find my pussy so I reached back and guided it into my pussy while i let the guy in the booth with me smack me in the face with his dick until he pushed it down my throat again. I'd never been fucked by such a huge dick before and he filled me up completely and then stretched it more. I was practically screaming and cumming multiple times. I tried to tell the black guy not to cum inside me but with a dick down my throat I couldn't really do anything but moan. I felt his hot cum shooting deep inside my pussy, it started leaking out of me as he continued to pound me through the wall. The guy in the booth with me shot his load on my face. When the black guy was done we took a little break for more vodka and a cigarette, he told me I was such a good whore and I was welcome to come any time I wanted.

    After about 2 hours I left the "bookstore". I sat in my car in the parking lot and had a cigarette. In almost 20 years I had been with only one man. In 2 hours at the bookstore I had sucked about 10 dicks and been fucked by 5 of them, 2 of them in my ass. My jaw was sore, my face was still a little sticky, there was cum all over my lingerie top, my panties were drenched from the cum that was still leaking out of both of my holes. I don't really remember driving home but when I woke up the next morning I was still wearing those same panties and they were still wet. Feeling the cold and wet of those panties up against me made me wet again and I touched myself, rubbing the wet panties up against my clit til I came.

    I showered, cleaned my clothes, picked my children up from their friend's houses and never mentioned it to anyone until just now. My husband doesn't know what a horrible wife I've been to him, but an std test showed me that as long as I'm not pregnant he doesn't have to know about it because I'm clean.
    Sorry this is such a long story, if anyone even bothered to read it. Hope I didn't waste anyone's time but I just had to tell someone. Here's hoping for my monthly friend soon, I really don't want to be pregnant..

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    Posted by Anonymous

    I went to a conference and had to share a room with another person from our company and it turned out to be a complete stranger as he was from our Head Office 500 miles away.

    He was a nice young guy and I could tell he was "coming on" to me. I decided to purposely tease him and run around the room at night in my boxer briefs; I watched his eyes wander as he was checking out every inch of me.

    We had amazing sex all week; on the bed, in the shower, on the bathroom counter, on the sofa, on the floor, on the window sill, etc.. We even missed some of the teaching sessions as we stayed in bed cuddling to our naked bodies.

    He had an amazing thick cock and I sucked him so much that my mouth muscles were soar on the way home. I never saw him or speak to him again.

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