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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was a teenager in high school, I wasn't popular at all. I was a bit of a book nerd. I wasn't very social. I wasn't really shy, but I could never find the right words.

    Coming from a fundamental religious family in Utah, I was expected to dress modestly. When I grew older into my teens, I was still expected to wear dresses and skirts, but the rules relaxed enough to allow my skirts to be knee length. You have to understand, just that simple adjustment in skirt length was extrememly liberating.

    Just before the end of the school terms first quarter, my Physics teacher felt that I wasn't working to my full potential and had me wait after class to talk about it. I sat at my desk in the second row while he sat at the front, behind his desk, giving me the routine "You can do better" speach.

    I rarely make eye contact when I talk to someone. Part of my social ineptness, I suppose. While he was talking, I glanced up, saw he was looking at my legs and averted my eyes. I saw him looking a few more times and thought, surely he was looking at something else. I never found myself to be attractive, so I had to be mistaken. I left that afternoon confused and with even more self doubt.

    Over the next few weeks, I would occasionally catch him looking at my legs. The first half of his class was lecture. He would go on and on about theory. It rode a fine line between interesting and boring. The second half of his class was book work and study time. The class would quietly read and work while he sat before us at his desk doing whatever teachers do up there.

    It was during that study time that I would catch him looking at me most often. His desk was at the front middle, facing the class. My desk was just off to the side, second row giving him an unobstructed view of me. I never worried about anyone else seeing me since they all faced forward. If the person in front were to turn around, I could quickly correct myself.

    My teacher would turn slightly to the side, hold up a book and pretend to read it, but I could see the angle of his gaze was actually over the book and down at my legs. My whole life I was raised to present modesty and to not tempt others. Tempting him wasn't my intention, but if he was tempted it made me feel pretty and grown up and I wanted him to look.

    As the year went on, I would catch him looking, but would always maintain my modesty by never letting him see anything, but what can be seen below my knees. Occasionally, I would forget myself, put my feet up on the desk ahead of me, allowing the bottom of my dress to fall open. I would catch him looking and put my feet down firmly on the floor. I think we were both embarrassed by that.

    I never thought he could see much of me when I sat like that until I set up an experiment in my room. I sat in a chair and positioned a full length mirror across from me. When I put my feet up in about the same position as I would in class, I could clearly see the tops of my legs and panties. Rather than being embarrassed, it excited me to know I was exposing myself to him.

    As the year went on, I began to think of it as a game. I would unknowingly expose my panties to him, but as the year progressed, I would show him my panties intentionally. From his viewpoint, it would always appear accidental, but I'm sure we both knew the game we were playing.

    After school, I would sit in my room with the mirror and relive the scene. I found that if I pulled my panties up tight and positioned them just right, they would pull into my pussy. My reflection in the mirror showed my pussy clearly outlined.

    I became braver throughout the year keeping my feet up longer. Before class, I would go to the restroom and pull my panties up tight, letting him get a good look at my covered pussy.

    I wish I had a thong to show him, but I wasn't allowed to wear them. I wanted him to look. I wanted him to see more of me. Just before the end of the school year I again went to the restroom to prepare for our game, but I knew I had a long summer ahead of us. I again pulled my panties up tight, but this time I pulled them over a bit. I lifted my skirt and looked down at myself. With my panties positioned like that, they were splitting my pussy.

    I stayed in the restroom until the bell rang debating whether or not I could really expose so much of myself. I was late to class, but in that few extra moments I found the courage to go through with it.

    For the first half of the class I was too scared to show anything more than I already have. The first time I did expose myself that day was completely unintentional. Since it was the last day of school, he let us do what we wanted. I was reading a magazine and hadn't even noticed that my feet were already up on the desk before me. I only noticed when I caught his eyes on me.

    My first reaction was to hide myself and put my feet on the floor, but I froze. At that time, not because I wanted him to see, but because I was too afraid to move. My heart was beating so fast knowing that so much of me can be seen by him.

    Soon, my fear turned to excitement. His looking at me made me feel sexy and I convinced myself that I should thank him for it. I held my knees together, but moved my feet apart. I glanced up at him and saw I had his attention. I let him look at me like that for a few more minutes, then scoot myself forward in my seat. I could feel my panties pulling tighter into my pussy.

    I did my best to avoid eye contact with him, but when I did look up I saw him biting his lip. I felt so appreciated and sexy by that simple act. About ten minutes before class ended, I began to rock my knee back and forth giving him quick flashes of my nearly uncovered pussy.

    As I grew braver, my knee would swing wider before closing again. I could feel the cool air on my inner pussy and realized that when my leg swung open, my panties would pull half of my pussy to the side with it. With my pussy opening up for him like that, I'm sure he was able to see how shiny my pussy was with wetness.

    Just before the closing bell, he got up to give us his "Thanks for a good year" good-byes. He sat on the edge of his desk talking. I scoot forward in my seat so far, my lower half was practically laying down with my feet up. The whole while I stopped rocking my leg and left them open for him to see. My panties were pulling into me so tight, they held my pussy open.

    He tried to address the whole class, but kept looking down at my pussy. When the bell rang, I practically ran out of there.

    From then on, I've become somewhat of an exhibitionist. I'm married now and have always been faithful, but I can't fight the impulse to discreetly expose myself to strange men.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 25

    **TRUE STORY, NO FABRICATION** Well this isn't really about when "I" was a kid, but actually my wife. You see, we have been together a long time though we have only been married a little while and we have really kinky sex (lots of toys, age play, role play, threesomes etc.) during which it was/is a fetish of mine to have her tell me about how her past lays have treated her. My wife is smoking hot mind you. 5'4 brunette with D tits and thick (not fat) thighs and a wonderfully curvy ass. So I like to know all of the nasty details about how men used her holes and she obliges. She has been gang-banged multiple times (a couple of those were forced -- seriously hot stories for another post) and overall just really treated like a whore by everyone she has ever fucked and I love it.

    The reason I got on here to confess is as follows. A couple of years ago, while my wife (back then she was still my girlfriend) and I were fucking, she told me she had something to tell me that she never had before. While I was pumping her I felt my cock instantly get a little harder as I pried and tried to get her to divulge this new information. She started by saying she first got fucked in junior high which damn near made me loose my load right there. Then, as I struggled to keep myself from finishing I asked her by who; and she just sort of turned her head to the side and continued to let me use her holes any way I pleased as was usual, but I knew from her silence that when I pulled the answer from her it was going to be good... Little did I know.

    So I started by simple elimination. I asked "was it a student?" and when she shook her head no I was seriously struggling and trying hard not not to cum thinking of her 12/13 year old self being curious about cock and being shown the ropes by a teacher at her school! So I had to confirm it with her. I asked "so it was a teacher baby?" while I was slowly pushing my shaft all the way into her tight pussy and she gave me these ashamed and pouty eyes and nodded her head yes. At that moment I let out an involuntary groan and told her she was such a little slut (she likes that sort of thing) and then I could NOT wait to get the details. I had to know everything right there.

    I said "ohh god baby, was it just one time he fucked you?" and she said no... If you are reading this you have to understand how fucking hard it was not to cum listening to her recount her sexual experience with her teacher in junior high.. But I held on. And I continued to probe. As it turns out her account was fucking unbelievable, the kind of thing fantasies are made of (if your into that sort of thing). Her teacher (I found out later her was her math tutor) had his fucking way with her.

    She told me that every day after school she would walk to his class for tutoring and he would make it so that she was the only one. Oh I forgot to mention how he was even able to get away with this. Her mom was a teacher at a neighboring school and he knew that and took advantage of the fact he KNEW no one would be there to pick her up until at least 2 hours after school let out. I cannot stress how lucky that guy was. He had one of the classrooms with a bathroom in it and thats where they started getting nasty. It all started one day when she arrived and sat down and noticed she was the only one there. He called her over to his desk and literally, no bullshit, stood up and walked behind her and got to it. It was pajama day at school and he pulled her pants down to look at her ass and panties (words cannot describe my envy). She got scared but he told her to keep quiet and she obeyed. My wife is a really submissive person and its very apparent so I'm sure it was total cake to get her the way her wanted her. This guy did everything, lucky motherfucker..

    She said the first day he did not actually fuck her. I guess he was feeling out his new territory and what he could get away with. When he had her ass out on pajama day he pulled her panties to the side and sniffed and started licking her ass and pussy (I was a fan of this guy from the beginning). She said it mainly just felt weird, but she knew she didn't have a choice.. so hot. Anyway, then he walks her to the bathroom and takes her pants completely off. I asked my wife what her pussy looked like back then. She said she hadn't shaved yet (my fucking favorite ever) and she was hairy. I have seen pictures of her from junior high and its no wonder her tutor wanted to suck and fuck her brains out; she was thick with tits since twelve!! SO FUCKING HOT. Continuing on, scene: bathroom with pants down. Her tutor is sucking her pussy and ass and she is just taking it with no resistance. Then he stands up and takes his cock out.

    I asked my wife if she like his cock and how big it was. She said she like looking at it as it made her excited and she liked holding it. Also that she couldnt wrap her hand around it.. He taught her how to hold it and stroke it like a good girl. And he taught her what cum is. He told her to open her mouth and he blew his load into her mouth and she gagged on his cum. it ran down her face and chin. At 12/13 with hot cum on her face. Dear God. Then she said that he cleaned her up, which was something that he always did even in their later encounters.

    This was the beginning of a new era for my wife in school. Every day she would finish class and head to her math tutors room where he would be waiting for her. She said that literally any position you can think of he did to her. He would slowly strip her and have her model in her panties or in something special he would bring her to wear and take pictures of her both in panties and naked in all kinds of sexy positions. The crazy thing is how submissive she said she was. Just did whatever he fucking wanted. He would smell her thongs and jack off in front of her, 69 her, suck her ass, fat tits, and pussy and have naughty nasty sex with her somkin hot 12/13 year old body. I literally still masturbate to the thought of it and I've known for years now. I love to get out one of our big dildos and make her show me how she treated his cock when she was 13.

    FYI the reason I keep on with the "/" age is because he fucked her alll through 7th grade, then FOUND her at the start of 8th and made sure she did the same thing the WHOLE next year. literally had her body 3 to 5 times a week for nearly two fucking years. No wonder my wife is such a dirty whore in bed. I seriously owe this guy lol.

    To those still reading, it gets more awesome. My wife told me that sometimes she would have to take more than one and I could not believe it. I asked her to clarify and she said that he (her tutor) would bring in this guy to fucking double team her or so that he could watch her fuck this other guy and jack off on her. She said they made her ride them both all the time and jack them both and the same time and they would even cum in her pussy. I guess he must have been snipped or something. But these lucky bastards made her their little sex slut for the whole damn school year. I LOVE thinking about my 13 year old wife in a lacy thong he bought her pulled to the side riding one older man and sucking on the other. Jesus it still gets me hard just thinking about it.

    Anyway I had to share this as Ive known for almost 4 years and I still get off to all the shit she did for those teachers in school. And in regards to the naked pics he took, I have seriously thought to try and find the guy because I know he still has them on some thumb drive probably and I would pay good money to see my 13 year old wife with her unshaved pussy in sexy panties with her tits out or sucking a dick or whatever he made her do. First post on here, but it wont be the last. She has told me many hot as fuck stories about junior high while we fucked and I will share them with you all.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I have a confession to make, and I can't just tell anyone I know. When I was a teenager, the summer I turned 16, I had an unusual experience with the woman I worked for as a babysitter.
    I babysat for a few people, but she was the coolest by far. I think it was because she was sophisticated, and was the nicest to me. Renee was a friend of my mom's, the wife of one of her coworkers. I worked for her and her husband off and on for a few years, but not too often since she was a stay at home mom. She was sophisticated, and very glamorous, very tall and thin, and full of flattery. She always told me I was adorable, haha, probably the main reason I liked her so much.
    The unusual thing happened during the summer, so I was quite happy to not only hang out with her but make some cash. She had to take her husband to the airport, a couple hours away, so it would be a quick night. But the flight was delayed in its takeoff, and she did not get back until a lot later than she thought. She looked so tired, I felt so bad for her, told her it was no big deal when she kept apologizing. She was not only tired, she said, but the kids were asleep and since her youngest was just a baby she was still breastfeeding him, and she was so tender and full she was wiped out. She liked having the temporarily big breasts, but felt far from sexy when she was ready and they were asleep. She usually had a breast pump for times like this, but her bottles were full, and was leaking like a stuck water balloon. "If only I were one of the kids," she said.
    She seemed so sad I told her I could do it, but she said "noooo, I wish you could sweetheart, your mother would kill me if she knew."
    I didn't see it as a sexual thing, but a natural one, and didn't see what the problem was. We talked a bit about other things, and she was so sore, she almost cried. She then said, "what the hell, no big deal right honey???? If you're still willing, I mean. No one has to know, but its not like I'll be doing my little babysitter."
    I was sitting on the couch, and she walked over and straddled my lap, facing me. "This will work best like this, I think," she said, and opened her robe. My eyes bugged out when I saw her bare breasts in my face, they were engorged, with a drop of fluid hanging from one of her huge nipples. I was not a lesbian (as far as I knew, yet)but they looked amazing. I said "wow," and she answered, "yeah, i know, I love them right now," and we giggled. Then I took one nipple into her mouth.
    She gasped out loud, and leaned her head back, almost crying. Instantly my mouth was full, and I started sucking. She fidgeted all over my lap, moaning and telling me how wonderful it felt to release, and I was way too good to her, etc. I was not sure how to do this, but I seemed to be doing it right. I kept sucking, with her hands around my head, playing with my blonde ponytail. When I would come up for air, her nipples would poke my cheeks, and though I never thought about sex with a girl before, I was getting very hot about it. Then I would switch to the other, she would gasp again, fidget in my lap some more, moan, coo, etc. She kept fidgeting in my lap, and her crotch went up against my knee. She was grinding against it, and I thought "oh-oh,here we go," but it didn't seem to be doing any harm, and besides, she seemed so happy, not beastly or sexual at all. I lifted my knee into her, and she pushed back, then fidgeted again so she was across my lap. I happened to look down, and saw that her fingers were between her pussy lips. She was fingering herself! She saw me looking and told me "not to look, don't worry about that, just keep sucking, I'm almost done I think."
    So I did. She had me lie down to be more comfortable, and leaned over me, her breasts like fruit hanging down. I squeezed both of them, and got her warm, sweet milk on my face and my tshirt. She reached down and pulled my tshirt off so I "wouldn't get any more on me," and pulled my shorts off too. By then, I knew we had crossed a line, but it still felt natural and right, so I didn't mind. I took a nipple into my mouth again, and she went back to fingering herself. I was squirming all over the couch by now, and she took my mouth off of her. I felt the milk drip on my breasts and tummy, and her head lowered.
    "Does it taste good????" she asked, and I nodded. Her tongue licked it from where it landed, and she moved her head lower, sucking my nipple, asking me if I like it. I did, and she moved her head lower, licking my tummy, then lower until she she was between my legs. She pulled my panties off, saying something about how people would freak if they walked in right now, but kissed my damp blonde bush anyway. Her tongue slid into me, and I jumped. Nothing had ever felt so good!
    "Now let me thank you for doing that for me," she said. "If you think that felt good, just wait a second," and began flicking her tongue inside me. I felt her find my clitoris, and then felt her suck it into her mouth. My legs were over her shoulder by now, and I pushed myself into her. She kept sucking on my button, and she was so right, I never felt anything so good. I was rocking my hips to match her rhythm, and when I exploded I yelled out loud. She looked up at me, winking at me and kissing my wet pussy, licking it all over, telling me how sweet I was. She then crawled up and kissed me, her tongue just barely inside my lips, so I could taste for myself. I was still shaking from my first orgasm, and sucked her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a bit longer, and I liked how her skin felt on mine.
    That was my first experience with a woman, but I have kept it a secret, for obvious reasons, but also because Renee and my mom are still friends. We even hook up on occasion, not too often since she's still married and her kids are all ten years older and sleep less soundly. I am not sure I would even tell a therapist, because I don't think it was a bad thing. It was a natural experience, and opened up a new realm of happy experiences that I would never have otherwise known.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 21 year old grad student and during the holidays, my roomate Josh had a buddy over and we were drinking heavily and having fun. We decided to play cards and at one point (not sure how) we got into strip poker.

    I have been single for a bit and the thought of seeing a bit of boy skin got me excited. Especially two guys against me.

    Well the cards weren't in my favour and at one point I ended up in my underwears. Then came the bra off and then the g-string. Although the boys were cheering and laughing, I could tell they were blushing just a bit.

    I totally enjoyed loosing and giving the boys a free show. I was standing up and having fun with it all and I could see their eyes taking it all in.

    We kept playing until the boys had to take off their boxers. It was cute, embarassing and fun all into one. I was horny, drunk and in great company - so I suggested that we continue with some dares.

    It began with some kissing and touching but I eventually ended up having to give Josh a blowjob and things escalated from there. We moved over to the couch and dropped the cards and both guys took turns fucking me.

    I shut out the world outside and forgot about all the pre-conceptions of society and just enjoyed the moment. It was an amazing fun time.

    The next day after his buddy left, Josh knocked on my bedroom door and came in sat on my bed and apologized. I lifted the covers, pulled him under. We had a good laugh and I whispered in his ear that I want to do it again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 27 year old currently single female and I live alone in an very old home that was made into a duplex. I'm going to be very straight forward I masturbate alot. I have alot of toys, dildos of all kinds, vibrators, etc. I most of the times like to watch porn while I masturbate as well. I am a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital. My shifts just changed and I now work mornings 3-12 hour shifts a week. I get home about the time my hot neighbor across the street gets home. Everybody else on the block, his wife included, is at work till after 5:00. About a month ago I came home and needed to relax. I picked out a dildo, popped a porn in the dvd player and made myself cum 2-3 times. After I was done I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. The porn was stll on and my dildo was still on the coffee table. I went back in there completely naked and my neighbor was standing watching the porn. I gasped and ran to put something on. When I came back in he said he had knocked and could hear voices and the door wasn't locked so he came in. Said he yelled for me but guess I didn't hear him. He was looking at the dildo and then back at the porn. I went to turn it off and he said he liked it alot and wondered if he could borrow it for the afternoon. He said it looked like I had enjoyed it as much as he thought he would. When he said that he was looking at my dildo still sitting on the table all slick with my pussy juice. He was smiling and winking every now and then. I was just humilated that he knew what I was up to in there. When I handed him the porn he said he would bring it back in just a bit. He trotted off across the street and I immediately started cleaning up my masturbation mess. About 30 minutes later he was back with the porn. He went into detail with me what his favorite parts were and why and how he shot a load of cum. I was getting a little turned on. I was thinking of the part he watched and how I liked it too and envisioning his hand on his cock. Thinking of him stroking it. He was adorable too. He asked me which parts I came to. I just sat at my kitchen table and told him. I was turned on that he was so open with me about it. I have never in all my 27 years talked to anyone about my masturbation. I was getting turned on maybe it was obivious? He said he was going to leave and go home and take a shower before his wife got home. He paused at the front door and asked me if I was going to maybe watch some more porn that night or tomorrow after I got home from work. I just shrugged my shoulders and said I was off the next day. He said smiled and winked and said he'd be over. Later that night I was on my front porch reading a magazine by my tiki torch and he ran over. He asked me if I was going to give myself any kind of pleasure and relaxation that night. I shrugged my shoulders again. He said he was planning on it because he was hard as a rock thinking about me using that dildo watching porn. I blushed. I am not one easily talked into things AT ALL. Something about him standing there in that tiki torch light grinning and seeing the bulge in his pants really turned me on. He asked me if I got horny at all thinking about his hard cock and how he was going to stroke it thinking about me. I was like jelly in his hands at this point. I don't know why. I said yes, yes I was horny thinking about it. He said good he was glad to hear that. He wanted me to masturbate with my dildo again and think of him. He was going home to do the same. He then unzipped his pants and put his hand in the fly. My heart was pounding. He said he wanted to jerk it right there in front of me. He asked me if I would like that. I said yes. He asked me to touch myself for him right there. I looked around slid my hand in my shorts. We just stared he was rubbing in his pants and I was rubbing in mine. I was so wet. The night air and how naughty and hot it was. He said we could do it together sometime. I just nodded yes. He said tomorrow morning then. I just nodded yes. He told me to go in my house and play with my pussy till I cum. I just stood up put out my tiki torch and headed for the door. Because I wanted to do it. I wanted to play with it and think of him and that hard cock. He was zipping his pants as I turned around. He said he would be thinking of me again as he worked his cock. My pussy throbbed thinking of it. And I can't believe it I told him that too. He smiled and said thats what he liked. I went my house. Shut the door took my clothes off immediately and made myself cum and cum. He called me late late that night. He saw my bedroom light still on. He asked me how many times I made myself cum. I told him I didn't know. Many. He asked me what all I used. I told him. He asked me what kind of toys I had. I gave a quick run down. I asked him if he came too. He said he did. He said he stroked his cock in a rocking chair on his front porch looking at my house imagining what I was doing in there. That turned me on so much. He said he was out there on the porch right then. It was late really late. Almost three in the morning. He told me to look out my window. I did and I saw him sitting there. He asked me to come out on my porch. I said no. He said he would see me in the morning. And he did. He came over the next morning. I was sitting on my front porch drinking coffee. Feeling pretty bad about the information I had shared with him. I decided as the morning light was shining that I was not getting in to anything with him again. He came running across the street. He made small talk about the weather and how well he slept. He asked me for some coffee. I went in to get it and he followed me. I told him I would be right back if he wanted to wait. He kept following me anyway. We got to the kitchen to the coffee pot. He was standing so close to me. I took a step back and he was smiling with that devilish grin. He asked if I wanted to watch a porn with him. I can't explain it. He made me wet right then. I was wet and my heart was pounding. I just noddded and said sure. He took my hand and we went to the living room. I opened up the closet where the porn was and he picked something out. He put it on went to the front door and shut it and we sat down on the couch. The first ten minutes we talked and talked about what was happening in the porn. What looked good and what must feel good. I didn't have much to say I was nervous. I was horny and nervous. He asked me if I was horny and I said yes. He said he was too. He asked if he could take his clothes off and stroke his cock. I nodded yes. He stood up and started taking his clothes off. He said why don't you do the same. I was frozen. Just frozen. He was naked in seconds stroking that big cock. He kept telling me to take off my clothes and make myself feel good. I agreed. I went in the bathroom took off my clothes and put on a robe. I went back in and he was so hard. I first just rubbed myself through an opening in the robe. I was getting more and more turned on by the words he was saying. By his cock and the porn playing. He reached over and gently pulled one of my legs where I was completely exposed to him. The look on his face and the feeling I had took me over the edge. I took the robe off and began to really work my pussy. I was full out masturbating as if I were alone. He was watching me instead of the porn and I was watching him. I came and he came seconds after. He stayed hard and I stayed horny. We masturbated together most of the day that day. I rode toys for him. He fingered his own ass. We came and came. We masturbated like that together as least once a day since even on my period I masturbated with him. We met in my back yard one night and masturbated in the moonlight together once. Friday morning he fingered me till I came while I was sitting on my kitchen counter. His breath on my tits. It was good. Once I came he licked my pussy tasting my cum. We had never touched each other before. Out of my mouth just came fuck me. Please please please fuck me. His cock was out and in my pussy in seconds. He fucked me like I have never been fucked before. I came on his cock twice. The man can make me orgasm more than any I've met before. I feel comfortable doing anything with him. He can talk me into anything. I fucked him on Saturday twice. And this morning before daylight he called me and talked me into coming out on my back porch naked. I did and we fucked with the sun coming up on my back porch. I don't know what he tells his wife. Or how he get's out of the house. I don't care really. The sex is better than good. It's open and free. He said when he left he would be back later today. I'm looking forward to it. I am ready right now. Wet hot and ready. I have a hot secret lover and I can't wait for the next orgasm he gives me.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 31 year old straight dude and I've always been curious about guys. On a late Sunday night, I checked into the Hilton and the hotel seemed quiet - I had noticed the Bellhop when I came in as he seemed to be staring a lot - he brought me up to my room and we started chatting in the elevator.

    He was a young 19ish year old skinny blonde kid and the uniform did wonders for his ass - I found myself peaking whenever I could. I had just came in from a long flight and was feeling horny.

    He seemed to be hanging around the room a bit longer and we were chatting about the city and the attractions - somehow the conversation switched to local bars, then to strip clubs and then where to get laid in the City.

    Ten minutes later I was sitting in the hotel chair with my pants down to my ankle and twinky bellhop boy was between my legs on his knees sucking my big cut cock. I had never been sucked by a guy before and I had never been sucked with such enthusiasm - he was taking my cock so deep that I could feel his throat deep wrap around my knob. This boy was edging me to perfection and he was getting total pleasure from being submissive and pleasing every inch of me.

    After a good 30 minute of BJ Olympics, I finally came and I think he emptied my balls - I came so hard that it almost hurt. I had never had any girl swallow my cum and this boy did not loose a drop - my legs were shaking.

    He eventally went back to work and I went into the shower and then watched a bit of tv. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a knock on the door. It was twinky bellhop boy again - he came in the room and stripped off his uniform and got naked and was lying on the bed. He was lying on his stomach exposing his round little ass up in the air and wanted me to fuck him - he brought up some hand lotion with him which he gave me.

    He had a tiny white bum and I could see his little pink hole - I got hard just looking at him and started jerking off with the lotion. At one point I pushed my cock against his pink hole and eventually I was inside - he was moist, warm and very tight. I could feel his ass muscles contracting against my shaft and it was heavenly - I fucked him slowly, deeply and in an erotic way - I could smell his sweet ass and it drove me crazy.

    Everytime I would go balls deep into his ass he would twitched and this would rub the head of my cock and send shivers down my entire body. He was moaning in pleasre with every thrust and after a good 10 minute session we both came hard and I fell exhausted on the bed.

    We cuddled for a while then his pager went off and he got dressed and had to go downstairs - probably an arrival he told me. I woke up the next morning with a huge boner and a smile on my face. This was definitely a sensual and fun experience.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a young Landlord (32) and I own a 10-plex building near the University Campus. I only rent to young jock guys 18 to 22 of age and during the semester, there are at least 25 guys living in the building.

    A few years ago, I set up a Glory Hole inside one of the basement 1- bedroom appartment and I wrote a telephone number on the laundry room wall to call for a blowjob.

    Every year I get 6 to 7 horny resident guys that text or call me and that come regularly. Lat in the evenings, it's as busy as a McDonald's drive thru.

    I love sucking cock and I think I've probably sucked enough to last me a lifetime.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Every Saturday night, my husband has some of his buddies from the firehouse over for poker. I play sometimes when there's an open seat but I'm not very good and actually prefer to play bartender. Now, as fire fighters tend to do, they get pretty drunk and a little rowdy but don't ever tear the place up too bad.

    Last Saturday, however, got a little out of hand. We were hosting four of the guys and the game kept going well past midnight. By that time, everyone, myself included, was getting rather drunk. My husband was too far gone to realize he had lost all of his chips.

    When he tried to get the dealer to deal him in for another hand, he (we'll call him "Bill") asked, "What are you putting in the pot?" My husband replied, "I bet by ass I win the next hand." This was met with much jeering and crass remarks. Bill remarked, "Nobody wants your ass. You're going to have to come up with something else."

    Without a second thought my loving husband blurted out, "Ok, fine. I'll bet my wife's ass instead." At first, everyone seemed a little stunned and then, exploded in uproarious laughter. As it died down, Bill dealt the cards and my husband got a hand. Through my drunken fog, it didn't occur to me that Bill had accepted MY ASS as a bet.

    Of course, my husband lost that hand and came to join me on the couch where I was lounging and started kissing, groping, and fondling me in front of everybody. They didn't seem to pay much attention and I was too drunk to really care anyways, so I went with it. Before I knew it, we were having sex right there on the couch and the game kept going on.

    I lost myself in the drunken passion and got rather vocal about it. I came twice before he did. At that point, he got up and stumbled toward the bedroom and I came to realize that I had become the center of everyone's attention. Normally, I would be mortified but I was anywhere but in my right mind. With a simple "Goodnight boys", I made my own way to the bedroom.

    Expecting to find my husband passed out, I was surprised to find him very much the opposite. He looked at me, got up, to my hands in his and led me to sit with him at the end of the bed. "It's time for us to pay up.", he slurred. I looked at him quizzically before glancing at the nightstand and seeing our bottle of Anal-Eze lubricant.

    My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I couldn't tell if he was joking or serious. Moreover, I didn't know which I wanted him to be. I just sat there stammering and slack-jawed until he looked into my eyes and said, "It's alright." Suddenly, I knew that this was really going to happen. I could only smile and mutter "Okay".

    I lay down on my stomach and reached back with both hands to spread my ass cheeks. Soon, I felt very familiar lubricated fingers tracing tight circles around my anus. One finger slowly slid in, followed my another, and soon another as my husband stretched my asshole to ready it for four other men.

    I hear footsteps coming close on the wood floor followed by the distinct sounds of undressing. My eyes stayed closed and my cheeks remained spread as my husband's fingers vacated my anus. Soon, I felt their replacement. He slid in slowly but without pause. I had another man's cock buried to the hilt in my ass and it felt amazing.

    The first one lasted a good while and came hard inside me. The next was slightly smaller and didn't last quite as long. The third was about on par with my husband which was the biggest that I had ever taken anally.

    Number four was a doozy. Even with the good hour of rectal probing I had already received, he felt a bit uncomfortable upon insertion. He made no hurry of things, though. I was thankful for that. He would squeeze an inch or two in and slowly withdraw, taking it nice and slow. By the time I felt his hot flesh against my ass, I was pretty comfortable with the fullness. He withdrew, almost completely before burying himself again. This time, I was in heaven. I had never experienced anal sex like this.

    The pace increased as did the force of each successive thrust. Eventually he worked up to a fairly vigorous cadence. I could actually hear the slap of flesh against flesh as my gaping hole greedily swallowed up this massive cock. For the first time in my life, I had an orgasm from anal sex. Just as my body was rocked by waves of extasy, I felt the convulsions of round after round of thick white cum being pumped into my bowels. Shortly after, I passed out.

    The next day, my husband refused to talk about it. Since, he has opened up and admitted how much he enjoyed watching his buddies run a train on my caboose and I've expressed a sincere interest in letting it happen again. Perhaps, I'll have another story after this Saturday night... ;)

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  • — Men Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I got my wife a little drunk one night and asked her to describe the "wildest" thing she had ever done sexually. She told me about when she was getting married the first time. Her girl friends took her out to celebrate two days before the wedding. None of them were of legal drinking age so one girl stole a bottle of "Jack" from her Father's cabinet and they sat in the car passing around this bottle until it was gone. Five young girls finishing a bottle straight, needless to say they were pretty shit faced. They ended up at a Fast food place just giggling and laughing and having a good time. One of her friends asked her if Ron, her future husband, was a good lover. Her response was "I guess so". They asked her, compared to her other lovers how he rated. She admitted that Ron had been her one and only. She told me her friends were in shock. They just could not believe that she had never had any other sexual experiences. She told them it was a little late now, but the alcohol started to kick in and a plan started to form.

    Linda, my wife's Maid of Honor, goes over to the "kid" working the counter and asks him if he has a break coming up. When he asks why she tells him that one of the girls at the table wants to have sex with him, but he can't know which one. He checks out our table and says that we are all "babes" and he would have no problem "doing" any of us. Linda explains that he has to play by her rules and if he does he is in for a good time. She asks him if he has a car and a condom. He says yes to both and she hands him her scarf and tells him to go sit in the passenger seat of his car. She tells him to put the condom on his dick and the scarf over his eyes and he ready for a "good time."

    Now she comes back to the table and tells my wife of her plan. Even in my wife's drunken condition she tells Linda that she is crazy, that this will never work. The other girls are all over my wife asking if she wants to live the rest of her life having only "experienced" one man? They all swear a vow of secrecy, that no one will ever know, even the kid will be blind folded and never know which girl he had sex with.

    As stupid as it sounded the next thing my wife remembered was standing next to the car window, looking in at this teenage boy with his pants down to his ankles, a condom on his erection, and a scarf over his eyes. She told me she hiked up her skirt and removed her panties and climbed on to the front seat facing him. She put his hand between her legs and told him to "finger" her until she was moist. She stroked his erection a few times and noticed he was bigger both in length and width than her boyfriend Ron. She was a little concerned about making him "fit", but her juices were starting to flow and she was going to make every effort. She told me it was tight but that it felt really, really good. She said she was surprised the kid lasted as long as he did considering how excited he was and she was able to cum twice before he did. She climbed off of him, open the door and walked away, back into the restaurant and sat down with her friends. The giggling and laughter had stopped and the girls sat in silence wanting to know how it felt. Just then the kid came back from break and walked over to the table. Looked each girl in the eyes and said he had no idea who it was but that he wanted to thank who ever it was for the most exciting night of his life. He said I'm going to return the scarf but I'm going to keep the panties that he found on the floor.

    Two days later, on her Wedding night, Ron, her new Husband, took about three minutes before he came and then rolled over and went to sleep. My wife told me she just laid there thinking about her "Fast food Lover". The marriage to Ron didn't last eighteen months.

    After telling me this story we got up out of bed and went out to the car (it was in the garage, but it was still kind of kinky). I sat in the passenger seat and she crawled on top of me. I reached down to play with her pussy and she was already dripping. I had my face planted right between those 38 D's and that little five foot frame of hers was bouncing up and down like it was the end of the world. Now our sex life is usually right between Good and very good. That night it was right between Awesome and Holy shit.

    Now my problem, I can't get her to talk anymore. She thinks it's perverted. I've tried booze, grass and begging and nothing works. Now this is my plan. I'm going to post this on the web site and I hope you guys (and girls) will read it and respond in a positive manner. Please try to convince her that there is nothing wrong with her exciting stories and if it adds to the enjoyment of our sex life than this is a good thing. Now to be fair if you guys (and girls) think that I should respect her wishes and don't ask her any more questions, then I will be disappointed but will give in.

    Come on everyone, don't let me down.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    This is for Eric who dared me to post this after I told him this story over drinks, sorry if its long.

    When I was seventeen my family moved to the suburbs and the house me and my parents moved into was one of the first built in our development. There were no finished houses around us but there was one house two lots down that was finished. So every day before I got up for school you could hear hammers and saws and all kinds of construction noises. At the time i hated it because they always woke me up an hour or two earlier then i wanted to.

    Well on labor day my parents left the house to go buy a new car (my dad was promoted that was why we moved and everything in case your wondering) and I knew how long that was going to take, pretty much all day, so i just settled in at first. Well the construction workers didn't take the day off, there definitely weren't as many of them around the neighborhood but i could hear them working.

    I knew I had the house all to myself and i was young, single, and well, horny. So I went to my room and spent about an hour digging through my clothes for something skimpy to wear.

    Looking back i obsessed over it way too much, but I finally decided to wear a black bikini top with a black sheer g string that my parents had no idea i owned.

    I remember being really nervous, and when i opened the blinds to my room i did it from the side of the window so if anyone was looking in they couldn't see me.

    I quickly got out of my room and started opening all the blinds in my house, in fact our house was still so new that we didn't have blinds on the windows in the kitchen or our family room where the front door was, but i opened the blinds to our back patio door and slid them completely open.

    Now you have to understand that the wall around our house is only about 6 feet tall and our backyard is like a sardine can, they packed as many houses into as little space as they could, and we didn't even have landscaping yet so there was nothing blocking anyone from seeing me other than the dinky wall.

    The only thing in my backyard was a concrete slab extending from our back sliding patio door and dirt. We didn't even have the canopy over the concrete slab like we do know so there was nothing blocking the view into my house.

    Also not only were they building a house right behind me but to the right and left of that house as well and the three houses on the street behind me were all going to be two stories, they had just started and were just skeletons with no walls or anything yet.

    I remember not really knowing what to do and just walking around the house a lot and making up excuses to be in the kitchen, dining room, and near my patio door which were all at the back of the house and near the large windows the workers could easily see through. I was so dumb, i remember reading the comics in the newspaper at the kitchen table. I also remember wanting to look out and see if anyone was watching me so bad but i was too scared to.

    Anyway that went on for a while and it was a rush at first since the neighborhood and my yard was so barren that even a car going down the street, which was rare, could see right through my front windows and into my back yard. I got bored pretty fast mainly because i had no idea if they were watching me, I didn't know what to expect to happen but i could still hear them working so i figured they hadn't noticed.

    I found my moms stretching mat or yoga mat or whatever in the garage packed away. I decided to actually go out back. I remember my heart pounding when i slid open the back door, it was really hot outside and the concrete was really hot too and i wasn't wearing shoes so i laid the mat down quickly to step on it and before i even got it rolled out I heard someone yell 'hey' and all of the sounds stopped.

    I got down on the mat and started stretching. I had no idea what I was doing and in retrospect it must have been obvious, but after a few minutes I ran out of stretches that I only knew from gym class and watching TV, so I decided to start tanning, it was the only thing i could think of to do.

    I was REALLY turned on, if i would have let myself look i easily could have made eye contact and carried on a conversation with one of the workers in the houses without even raising my voice, thats how small and close together the houses yards were.

    I remember being really nervous but turned on at the same time and when one of the workers yelled "take it off" after I had laid down I didn't even acknowledge him I acted as if i had headphones on or something but I could hear them talking about me, and one of them said something like "she is just teasing", I couldn't quite make it out, so I sat up and took my bra off and tossed it near the door and laid back down.

    When i did that i heard three or four guys cheer, i hadn't looked but from listening i guessed that there were about 3-4 guys in each of the three houses. I loved the attention i wont lie, but i was just as nervous as i was horny and i was so scared to look. I think i thought if i somehow made eye contact they would expect more from me, you know physically.

    Anyway I laid there getting sun topless for what seemed like a while but i had no idea because i didn't have a watch or anything, but the entire time i didn't hear anyone working. After what seemed like forever but must have been only a minute or two i heard a different voice yell "show us more".

    I wasn't sure at first, but I decided to keep my legs closed and I sat up and slipped my g string off without even looking in their direction and tossed it towards my bra and then laid back down.

    I was trying to play it cool, i still don't know to this day if they knew how nervous i was or if they thought i was an experienced exhibitionist (i am now). But as i was pulling my g string down my legs i heard a couple gasps and it somehow got even quieter.

    I was loving it big time and I really wanted to rub my clit or just touch myself in anyway. I could still hear them whispering things, I knew about me but I could only make out every couple of words. I turned onto my front at one point and when I did i caught in my peripheral vision a guy sitting on top of a beam at the back of the house right behind me, he must have been less then 20 feet away, i had no idea they were that close. This turned me on even more, and i felt so sexy with them all staring at me.

    I remember trying to act cute or sexy but in a casual way, but you neve can when you know your being watched. I remember turning my face away and laughing at the fact that i was butt naked in front of a bunch of construction workers.

    I really wanted to masturbate, and one of the workers started calling to me, he kept saying 'hey', over and over, finally to a point to where I had to acknowledge him. I finally turned over and looked up and had to squint since he was above me and it was bright out and i said "Whats up?" and he asked me how old i was and i told him I was seventeen.

    At that i heard a lot of mixed reactions someone said jailbait or something and the guy that asked seemed to be getting made fun of because i guess he thought he was gonna come down and hook up with me or something. It was hard to tell because half of them spoke spanish and half didn't.

    I stood up while they argued with each other about my age, and they all stopped and watched me, I picked up my clothes and went inside but it didn't really stop them from seeing me cuz all the blinds were open. I got a drink of water and then i went to the back patio door and sat down with my legs closed.

    I didn't look up to see if they were watching but i spread my legs and put each foot flat on the patio door and then started to masturbate. It was INTENSE, I lost count of how many orgasms i had because i started having wave after wave of them almost as soon as i started, its all really blurry but it was one of the most amazing experiences knowing they were all watching me. I had to force myself to stop because it actually started to hurt after a while. So after i was done I got up and just shut the blinds and then went around closing all the blinds still naked.

    Problem was that word got out and all the workers now knew who i was, so every day when i walked to school at 7:30 in the morning i got whistled at and they would bring up what i had done, i didn't mind at first because literally no one was around but as more houses got built over the next several months other kids my age moved in and they started to ask me questions about it. I just told them that they were perverted and had seen me tanning one day with my clothes on but were just mad that i hadn't shown them more so they were trying to embarrass me. Some bought it some didn't.

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