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  • — Men Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I got my wife a little drunk one night and asked her to describe the "wildest" thing she had ever done sexually. She told me about when she was getting married the first time. Her girl friends took her out to celebrate two days before the wedding. None of them were of legal drinking age so one girl stole a bottle of "Jack" from her Father's cabinet and they sat in the car passing around this bottle until it was gone. Five young girls finishing a bottle straight, needless to say they were pretty shit faced. They ended up at a Fast food place just giggling and laughing and having a good time. One of her friends asked her if Ron, her future husband, was a good lover. Her response was "I guess so". They asked her, compared to her other lovers how he rated. She admitted that Ron had been her one and only. She told me her friends were in shock. They just could not believe that she had never had any other sexual experiences. She told them it was a little late now, but the alcohol started to kick in and a plan started to form.

    Linda, my wife's Maid of Honor, goes over to the "kid" working the counter and asks him if he has a break coming up. When he asks why she tells him that one of the girls at the table wants to have sex with him, but he can't know which one. He checks out our table and says that we are all "babes" and he would have no problem "doing" any of us. Linda explains that he has to play by her rules and if he does he is in for a good time. She asks him if he has a car and a condom. He says yes to both and she hands him her scarf and tells him to go sit in the passenger seat of his car. She tells him to put the condom on his dick and the scarf over his eyes and he ready for a "good time."

    Now she comes back to the table and tells my wife of her plan. Even in my wife's drunken condition she tells Linda that she is crazy, that this will never work. The other girls are all over my wife asking if she wants to live the rest of her life having only "experienced" one man? They all swear a vow of secrecy, that no one will ever know, even the kid will be blind folded and never know which girl he had sex with.

    As stupid as it sounded the next thing my wife remembered was standing next to the car window, looking in at this teenage boy with his pants down to his ankles, a condom on his erection, and a scarf over his eyes. She told me she hiked up her skirt and removed her panties and climbed on to the front seat facing him. She put his hand between her legs and told him to "finger" her until she was moist. She stroked his erection a few times and noticed he was bigger both in length and width than her boyfriend Ron. She was a little concerned about making him "fit", but her juices were starting to flow and she was going to make every effort. She told me it was tight but that it felt really, really good. She said she was surprised the kid lasted as long as he did considering how excited he was and she was able to cum twice before he did. She climbed off of him, open the door and walked away, back into the restaurant and sat down with her friends. The giggling and laughter had stopped and the girls sat in silence wanting to know how it felt. Just then the kid came back from break and walked over to the table. Looked each girl in the eyes and said he had no idea who it was but that he wanted to thank who ever it was for the most exciting night of his life. He said I'm going to return the scarf but I'm going to keep the panties that he found on the floor.

    Two days later, on her Wedding night, Ron, her new Husband, took about three minutes before he came and then rolled over and went to sleep. My wife told me she just laid there thinking about her "Fast food Lover". The marriage to Ron didn't last eighteen months.

    After telling me this story we got up out of bed and went out to the car (it was in the garage, but it was still kind of kinky). I sat in the passenger seat and she crawled on top of me. I reached down to play with her pussy and she was already dripping. I had my face planted right between those 38 D's and that little five foot frame of hers was bouncing up and down like it was the end of the world. Now our sex life is usually right between Good and very good. That night it was right between Awesome and Holy shit.

    Now my problem, I can't get her to talk anymore. She thinks it's perverted. I've tried booze, grass and begging and nothing works. Now this is my plan. I'm going to post this on the web site and I hope you guys (and girls) will read it and respond in a positive manner. Please try to convince her that there is nothing wrong with her exciting stories and if it adds to the enjoyment of our sex life than this is a good thing. Now to be fair if you guys (and girls) think that I should respect her wishes and don't ask her any more questions, then I will be disappointed but will give in.

    Come on everyone, don't let me down.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Every Saturday night, my husband has some of his buddies from the firehouse over for poker. I play sometimes when there's an open seat but I'm not very good and actually prefer to play bartender. Now, as fire fighters tend to do, they get pretty drunk and a little rowdy but don't ever tear the place up too bad.

    Last Saturday, however, got a little out of hand. We were hosting four of the guys and the game kept going well past midnight. By that time, everyone, myself included, was getting rather drunk. My husband was too far gone to realize he had lost all of his chips.

    When he tried to get the dealer to deal him in for another hand, he (we'll call him "Bill") asked, "What are you putting in the pot?" My husband replied, "I bet by ass I win the next hand." This was met with much jeering and crass remarks. Bill remarked, "Nobody wants your ass. You're going to have to come up with something else."

    Without a second thought my loving husband blurted out, "Ok, fine. I'll bet my wife's ass instead." At first, everyone seemed a little stunned and then, exploded in uproarious laughter. As it died down, Bill dealt the cards and my husband got a hand. Through my drunken fog, it didn't occur to me that Bill had accepted MY ASS as a bet.

    Of course, my husband lost that hand and came to join me on the couch where I was lounging and started kissing, groping, and fondling me in front of everybody. They didn't seem to pay much attention and I was too drunk to really care anyways, so I went with it. Before I knew it, we were having sex right there on the couch and the game kept going on.

    I lost myself in the drunken passion and got rather vocal about it. I came twice before he did. At that point, he got up and stumbled toward the bedroom and I came to realize that I had become the center of everyone's attention. Normally, I would be mortified but I was anywhere but in my right mind. With a simple "Goodnight boys", I made my own way to the bedroom.

    Expecting to find my husband passed out, I was surprised to find him very much the opposite. He looked at me, got up, to my hands in his and led me to sit with him at the end of the bed. "It's time for us to pay up.", he slurred. I looked at him quizzically before glancing at the nightstand and seeing our bottle of Anal-Eze lubricant.

    My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I couldn't tell if he was joking or serious. Moreover, I didn't know which I wanted him to be. I just sat there stammering and slack-jawed until he looked into my eyes and said, "It's alright." Suddenly, I knew that this was really going to happen. I could only smile and mutter "Okay".

    I lay down on my stomach and reached back with both hands to spread my ass cheeks. Soon, I felt very familiar lubricated fingers tracing tight circles around my anus. One finger slowly slid in, followed my another, and soon another as my husband stretched my asshole to ready it for four other men.

    I hear footsteps coming close on the wood floor followed by the distinct sounds of undressing. My eyes stayed closed and my cheeks remained spread as my husband's fingers vacated my anus. Soon, I felt their replacement. He slid in slowly but without pause. I had another man's cock buried to the hilt in my ass and it felt amazing.

    The first one lasted a good while and came hard inside me. The next was slightly smaller and didn't last quite as long. The third was about on par with my husband which was the biggest that I had ever taken anally.

    Number four was a doozy. Even with the good hour of rectal probing I had already received, he felt a bit uncomfortable upon insertion. He made no hurry of things, though. I was thankful for that. He would squeeze an inch or two in and slowly withdraw, taking it nice and slow. By the time I felt his hot flesh against my ass, I was pretty comfortable with the fullness. He withdrew, almost completely before burying himself again. This time, I was in heaven. I had never experienced anal sex like this.

    The pace increased as did the force of each successive thrust. Eventually he worked up to a fairly vigorous cadence. I could actually hear the slap of flesh against flesh as my gaping hole greedily swallowed up this massive cock. For the first time in my life, I had an orgasm from anal sex. Just as my body was rocked by waves of extasy, I felt the convulsions of round after round of thick white cum being pumped into my bowels. Shortly after, I passed out.

    The next day, my husband refused to talk about it. Since, he has opened up and admitted how much he enjoyed watching his buddies run a train on my caboose and I've expressed a sincere interest in letting it happen again. Perhaps, I'll have another story after this Saturday night... ;)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    This is for Eric who dared me to post this after I told him this story over drinks, sorry if its long.

    When I was seventeen my family moved to the suburbs and the house me and my parents moved into was one of the first built in our development. There were no finished houses around us but there was one house two lots down that was finished. So every day before I got up for school you could hear hammers and saws and all kinds of construction noises. At the time i hated it because they always woke me up an hour or two earlier then i wanted to.

    Well on labor day my parents left the house to go buy a new car (my dad was promoted that was why we moved and everything in case your wondering) and I knew how long that was going to take, pretty much all day, so i just settled in at first. Well the construction workers didn't take the day off, there definitely weren't as many of them around the neighborhood but i could hear them working.

    I knew I had the house all to myself and i was young, single, and well, horny. So I went to my room and spent about an hour digging through my clothes for something skimpy to wear.

    Looking back i obsessed over it way too much, but I finally decided to wear a black bikini top with a black sheer g string that my parents had no idea i owned.

    I remember being really nervous, and when i opened the blinds to my room i did it from the side of the window so if anyone was looking in they couldn't see me.

    I quickly got out of my room and started opening all the blinds in my house, in fact our house was still so new that we didn't have blinds on the windows in the kitchen or our family room where the front door was, but i opened the blinds to our back patio door and slid them completely open.

    Now you have to understand that the wall around our house is only about 6 feet tall and our backyard is like a sardine can, they packed as many houses into as little space as they could, and we didn't even have landscaping yet so there was nothing blocking anyone from seeing me other than the dinky wall.

    The only thing in my backyard was a concrete slab extending from our back sliding patio door and dirt. We didn't even have the canopy over the concrete slab like we do know so there was nothing blocking the view into my house.

    Also not only were they building a house right behind me but to the right and left of that house as well and the three houses on the street behind me were all going to be two stories, they had just started and were just skeletons with no walls or anything yet.

    I remember not really knowing what to do and just walking around the house a lot and making up excuses to be in the kitchen, dining room, and near my patio door which were all at the back of the house and near the large windows the workers could easily see through. I was so dumb, i remember reading the comics in the newspaper at the kitchen table. I also remember wanting to look out and see if anyone was watching me so bad but i was too scared to.

    Anyway that went on for a while and it was a rush at first since the neighborhood and my yard was so barren that even a car going down the street, which was rare, could see right through my front windows and into my back yard. I got bored pretty fast mainly because i had no idea if they were watching me, I didn't know what to expect to happen but i could still hear them working so i figured they hadn't noticed.

    I found my moms stretching mat or yoga mat or whatever in the garage packed away. I decided to actually go out back. I remember my heart pounding when i slid open the back door, it was really hot outside and the concrete was really hot too and i wasn't wearing shoes so i laid the mat down quickly to step on it and before i even got it rolled out I heard someone yell 'hey' and all of the sounds stopped.

    I got down on the mat and started stretching. I had no idea what I was doing and in retrospect it must have been obvious, but after a few minutes I ran out of stretches that I only knew from gym class and watching TV, so I decided to start tanning, it was the only thing i could think of to do.

    I was REALLY turned on, if i would have let myself look i easily could have made eye contact and carried on a conversation with one of the workers in the houses without even raising my voice, thats how small and close together the houses yards were.

    I remember being really nervous but turned on at the same time and when one of the workers yelled "take it off" after I had laid down I didn't even acknowledge him I acted as if i had headphones on or something but I could hear them talking about me, and one of them said something like "she is just teasing", I couldn't quite make it out, so I sat up and took my bra off and tossed it near the door and laid back down.

    When i did that i heard three or four guys cheer, i hadn't looked but from listening i guessed that there were about 3-4 guys in each of the three houses. I loved the attention i wont lie, but i was just as nervous as i was horny and i was so scared to look. I think i thought if i somehow made eye contact they would expect more from me, you know physically.

    Anyway I laid there getting sun topless for what seemed like a while but i had no idea because i didn't have a watch or anything, but the entire time i didn't hear anyone working. After what seemed like forever but must have been only a minute or two i heard a different voice yell "show us more".

    I wasn't sure at first, but I decided to keep my legs closed and I sat up and slipped my g string off without even looking in their direction and tossed it towards my bra and then laid back down.

    I was trying to play it cool, i still don't know to this day if they knew how nervous i was or if they thought i was an experienced exhibitionist (i am now). But as i was pulling my g string down my legs i heard a couple gasps and it somehow got even quieter.

    I was loving it big time and I really wanted to rub my clit or just touch myself in anyway. I could still hear them whispering things, I knew about me but I could only make out every couple of words. I turned onto my front at one point and when I did i caught in my peripheral vision a guy sitting on top of a beam at the back of the house right behind me, he must have been less then 20 feet away, i had no idea they were that close. This turned me on even more, and i felt so sexy with them all staring at me.

    I remember trying to act cute or sexy but in a casual way, but you neve can when you know your being watched. I remember turning my face away and laughing at the fact that i was butt naked in front of a bunch of construction workers.

    I really wanted to masturbate, and one of the workers started calling to me, he kept saying 'hey', over and over, finally to a point to where I had to acknowledge him. I finally turned over and looked up and had to squint since he was above me and it was bright out and i said "Whats up?" and he asked me how old i was and i told him I was seventeen.

    At that i heard a lot of mixed reactions someone said jailbait or something and the guy that asked seemed to be getting made fun of because i guess he thought he was gonna come down and hook up with me or something. It was hard to tell because half of them spoke spanish and half didn't.

    I stood up while they argued with each other about my age, and they all stopped and watched me, I picked up my clothes and went inside but it didn't really stop them from seeing me cuz all the blinds were open. I got a drink of water and then i went to the back patio door and sat down with my legs closed.

    I didn't look up to see if they were watching but i spread my legs and put each foot flat on the patio door and then started to masturbate. It was INTENSE, I lost count of how many orgasms i had because i started having wave after wave of them almost as soon as i started, its all really blurry but it was one of the most amazing experiences knowing they were all watching me. I had to force myself to stop because it actually started to hurt after a while. So after i was done I got up and just shut the blinds and then went around closing all the blinds still naked.

    Problem was that word got out and all the workers now knew who i was, so every day when i walked to school at 7:30 in the morning i got whistled at and they would bring up what i had done, i didn't mind at first because literally no one was around but as more houses got built over the next several months other kids my age moved in and they started to ask me questions about it. I just told them that they were perverted and had seen me tanning one day with my clothes on but were just mad that i hadn't shown them more so they were trying to embarrass me. Some bought it some didn't.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 22 year old student and almost everyday, I shower with my roomate and give him incredible head. He has a beautiful cock and I get a total thrill getting on my knees and sucking every last drop out of him. It just feels wrong, naughty and amazing !!!

    We are both in relationships but I can't stop !

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My boyfriend when we have sex takes his hard dick and spanks my clit with it. Does anyone else like this ?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My confession is that i cum like a horse - yes my cock is a good size and my balls are somewhat normal but instead of a spoonful, I shoot and can fill a 6 to 8oz glass full. Girls would freak out a bit when I would cum on their tits and my ex-girlfriend would bring a towel to bed lol.

    I told this to a friend of mine casually one day, and he told me that he is bi and would love to see me cum. He told me that this would be desirable in the "gay" world as a lot of guys love cum.

    After a bit of coaxing, I let my friend suck my cock and he nearly drowned in my cum ;p Since then, he has had a few other gay friends over and I have let them suck me while he watches and I find this a huge turn on.

    One of his particular friend sucked me really well and really deep and he had me balls deep down his throat when I counted at least 8 huge shots of cum and maybe 5 small ones and he just kept me downn his throat and I was nearly shocked when I pulled out my cock and it was clean and he had swallowed the whole lot.

    It felt amazing, my legs were shaking and I had never had an orgasm without the huge mess.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I went to a conference and had to share a room with another person from our company and it turned out to be a complete stranger as he was from our Head Office 500 miles away.

    He was a nice young guy and I could tell he was "coming on" to me. I decided to purposely tease him and run around the room at night in my boxer briefs; I watched his eyes wander as he was checking out every inch of me.

    We had amazing sex all week; on the bed, in the shower, on the bathroom counter, on the sofa, on the floor, on the window sill, etc.. We even missed some of the teaching sessions as we stayed in bed cuddling to our naked bodies.

    He had an amazing thick cock and I sucked him so much that my mouth muscles were soar on the way home. I never saw him or speak to him again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Several years ago when I was in high school I used to dress really slutty, i was going through a rebel phase, i would wear crazy outfits, but i took 'pride' in being different, i altered all my clothes and mix and matched, i thought i was edgy. I used to wear school girl outfits, not like the ones you see in the catalogs, if you have ever seen a teenage girl walking down the street in knee high boots and a short plaid skirt with a skimpy top, and a dog collar with a heart on it, and wondered who let their daughter out dressed like that, that was me, i was that kid.

    I obviously thought i was a rebel, so i didn't have a job, i was too good for working, i was a brat. My parents wouldn't drive me anywhere dressed the way i was so i constantly had to get rides, and I didn't have a lot of friends, don't get me wrong I was and am very attractive which made it worse for my parents to watch me dress and act that way, but girls didn't really like me and i stayed away from guys for the most part because they just wanted to fuck me.

    I wanted to go to the mall on a Saturday but i had on a short black and grey plaid mini skirt, with a long sleeve black crop top (sans bra) that only came down just below my breasts and had a lot of cleavage. I was also wearing white thigh high socks with black skull and cross bones on the cusp that kept them up, and knee high black boots with like 4 inch heels. I paid for everything with their credit card over the net with out permissions, they would change the number and i would just steal the new one too. I wanted to go to the mall, my mom wouldn't let me leave so i snuck out and stole money from her wallet before i left. Anyway I had to take the bus as usual.

    I got on the bus and it was packed, i had to stand in the back, there was a couple black guys sitting in front that whistled at me, and I just smiled at them and nodded, and they were like "damn". I made my way to the back and i could feel everyones eyes on me at first but I was used to it and besides if you have ever ridden the bus you know people just sort of keep to themselves.

    The only time people talk to each other is if they know each other, or if some guy wants to hit on some girl, or they are just crazy and talk to anyone.

    One of the taller black guys stood up and gave his seat to an older man and moved to the back of the bus and grabbed the handle behind mine, my boobs were already bouncing in the crop top, and my skirt was bouncing up too, but i had to hold the handle on the ceiling or i would get bounced around like a ping pong ball.

    I was going far too, the mall was a 25 minute drive, and with the bus it made it about an hour because of all the stops. Whenever we stopped I could feel the tall black guy behind me push his weight into me and i could feel his dick more each time. I was shocked at how bold he was but I was anything but shy at the time so I didn't stop it.

    In fact it got me wet knowing that he was doing that in front of all those people and no one was going to say anything, besides most probably couldn't tell but i could feel his cock push into my ass when ever the bus slowed down quickly.

    The next time i knew the bus was gonna come to a sudden stop i stuck my ass out a bit enough so that when he moved forward more contact was made. And then when the weight of the bus shifted back i went farther than before and rubbed my ass up against his dick.

    The bus had to stop at a light less than a minute after the last one and I did it again, but this time i could feel that his dick had gotten really hard and a lot larger. It felt like a soft steel rod. It was so fucking hot. I wasn't nearly as slutty as i dressed but I had given head to several guys and fucked a guy or two but this guy was huge.

    Anyway we kept up our little game and i was beginning to wonder if he might actually cum in his pants. A few times he put his hand on my waist to steady himself, I almost grabbed his hand a few times to move it to my breast or crotch because i was so turned on.

    Finally as we got closer to the mall he leaned in and asked my name. So i told him and then he asked where i was going, and he said that was where he was going too. I thought "yeah right", but I really didn't care.

    We kept grinding on each other at every stop and a few people noticed but when they did they made sure not to look again as it was obvious i wanted it. One lady kept looking until i glared at her.

    We got to the mall and got out. I felt his hand grab mine firmly and he pulled me towards the mall. We walked up to the mall holding hands. I'm only 5'2" and he was well over 6 feet tall. I never felt more feminine than I did at that point, it's hard to explain.

    The mall parking lot was sloped and long and we made light conversation but he wasn't much of talker, about half way up he let go of my hand and put his hand up the back of my skirt and looked at my ass and made an "Ooooo" sound, I was wearing a black g string. He smacked my butt and I just laughed and smiled at him and then looked back almost as an afterthought to see if anyone had seen, I didn't care anyway.

    He must have noticed that I didn't give a shit so he stopped and pulled me between two cars and started playing with my breasts through my top. I had to bite my lip, and my head kept lulling backwards, i pulled him towards me several times but he kept pushing me back and played with my hard nipples. It was so fucking sexy, i wanted him so bad. I rubbed his dick through his jeans and told him how big his dick was and he just said "I know". I told him that i wanted him to fuck me and he called me a slut. I didn't care, it actually turned me on.

    He grabbed me by the hand and we started walking to the mall again. He lifted up my skirt a few more times, and smacked my ass and a lot of people saw but I didn't care, they gave me evil looks, they thought i was a whore but i wanted them to see.

    They were just jealous of my body and this sexy black guy i had all to myself i thought. We went straight to the bathroom and he pushed me onto my knees and I gave him head. I wanted his cock in my mouth so bad. It was hard to suck him off because I couldn't relax my jaw but i tried my hardest i used every trick i knew at the time, i spit up on myself a few times but i just shook it off and kept going. He told me he was going to cum and grabbed me by my lower jaw and shot his load all over my face.

    I started to reach up for the toilet paper but he told me not to and grabbed my hand and led me out with all the cum dripping off my face. I had never been so turned on as i was when i walked out of the mens room like that.

    Sucking his dick had just made me hornier. People were staring and the adrenaline kept me from getting too scared about security being called, not that i cared.

    I had been kicked out of the mall before for wearing a see through shirt and no bra and once for wearing a skirt that was too short with no panties. I really didn't care I wanted people to see.

    He walked me through the packed food court and all kinds of people saw me, high school, little kids, grand parents, everyone was there on a Saturday. He took me to hot topic and said he would buy me something for 'being good'.

    It sounds so dumb now but when he said it i wanted to mount him right there in the mall. I know it sounds stupid but i actually felt like we were going to be together. He took me in and people were freaking out, the outfit I could get away with, it was just an attention grabber, but my cum covered face was way overboard.

    He told me he wanted me to change into a red pleated mini skirt, and a black hello kitty shirt. I was pretty sure the clerks were calling security on us. But he told me to go in and try it on so I did.

    When I went in and looked in the mirror, i laughed when i saw the way i looked with all the cum on my face. It was hanging off my chin and some was in my cleavage. I started to try on the skirt but started to feel weird like something was wrong, I don't know what it was but I freaked out put my own skirt back on quickly and got out.

    My feelings had been right he had left me there, he was nowhere to be found, it was just then that I realized he hadn't even told me his name, I had never even thought about it because i was so horny. I was so humiliated, the horniness was gone so I just felt like a slut now.

    I walked quickly out of the mall and cried. I had to go to a trash can and use dirty napkins to wipe my face and chest off. I went home on the bus and after that I slowly grew out of that phase. But I won't lie I still think about that day and get turned on, my current boyfriend doesn't know about this, he's seen pictures of me dressed the way I used to and I am great in bed so he knows I'm a freak but I can't tell him about that day but I'm dying to ask him to relive it.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 25

    It all started last weekend. I went out with my husband of 5 years (age 29) and got drunk, he was the DD. When we got to the bar my husband's nephew (age 22 And we will call him B) was there. I know B has always had a thing for me, but it never went farther than talk. My husband knew about that, but never really cared because as he says, "he knows who I'm going home with."

    Anyways that night was different. I got beyond wasted and thanks to B a little stoned. During the time we were smoking (or slaying dragons) B kissed me. I stopped him, but honestly my interest was a little peeked. He was also being a smooth talker.

    I never planned on it going any farther than that, I already felt bad as was. And then we went to Waffle house (what is drinking without a little waffle house lol). My husband took some drunk people home while B and I stayed at the Waffle House. While there B was playing with my crotch under the table. It was fun. Then I had to use the restroom and B said he had to as well.

    We walked back towards the restrooms and instead of Continuing on to the boy bathroom he came into the girls room with me and locked the door. He pushed me to the wall and kissed me like a guy had never kissed a girl before. It had been a while since I had a guy take control like that. I gave in. He spun me around and bent me over a shelf in front of a mirror and before I knew it my pants we on the floor and he was pounding me from behind. His cock was so thick, and it felt amazing. Just before he blew his load he pushed me to the floor and released his cum down my throat. I swallowed every last drop.

    Latter that night or morning my husband and I went to B's house to slay some dragons. We had our dog with us at this point, and every time the dog had to go outside my husband would take her and B would push my mouth down around his cock. It was exciting. However, I never had time to make him cum again.

    The next week I felt bad and guilty, but it was short lived.

    Last night we all went out to celebrate B's 22 birthday, and the DJ called out all birthday people to the dance floor for a birthday lap dance. My husband was okay with me dancing for B. While dancing for B in front of everyone he secretly played with my pussy it was fun knowing we could be caught. After the dance B bluntly asked me if I wanted to go fuck. As much as I would like to deny it I wanted it. I told my husband we were going to go slay some dragons. We found a dark place under the trees.

    He grabbed my head to push me to his cock, but I forced a kiss first. Then went down on him. I deep thoated him. Which was a hard to do with my small mouth, but he loved every second of it. He turned me around and I embraced the tree that hid us and again he pounded me with his massive cock from behind. In pure enjoyment into my ear he whispered, "I'm taking your ass tonight." He went for it, but with each thrust into my ass the level of my arousel increased and I just wanted more of him.

    He stopped pounding my ass and I dropped to my own knees this time and placed his cock in my mouth to take his sweet load down my mouth. He kissed me.

    I went home and fucked the shit out of my husband. He enjoyed it and so did I.

    As of now that is all I have to tell who knows maybe I'll have more to say next weekend, but for now just call me the confused.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 15, I started working at American Eagle. My manager was kinda cute and always like tried to play coy, flirting and what not and for awhile, I would just laugh and not really do anything, being as he was 31. One day, It was really slow and quiet and he and I were at the register folding clothes and he started asking me if I had a bf, if I liked older guys, what I thought of him. We talked for like an hour and it was getting pretty naughty the things we talked about. He asked if there was any way a guy like him could ever get a girl like me. I laughed and looked away kinda, and said,"like maybe if you took all the money in both registers and bought someone. He smiled and ask if that'd work on me? I was already pretty turned on and asked if he was serious. he pulled out his wallet and handed me his atm card and wrote his pin on a sticky note, then said only after, you can go and take up to $400 dollars if I'd let him have me in the changing room. I thought about it for a long while but finally said screw it, ok.
    He took me back and closed the door. He said if we did this, I couldn't tell anyone, and I said ok. He steped up to me and kissed my neck. he tried to kiss me, but I said no. He just laughed and unzipped his pants and said, Ahh, buisness only I see. lol. He was already hard and it looked pretty big. He turned me around and unzipped my pants. Then he leaned me over the bench in the room and slid my pants down. I was turning around to look back when he quickly pushed into me. I had to bit my lip to keep quiet. He went really fast, and hard until we heard someone asking 'hello?' we paused and he said quietly shhh. We waited for like a minute not moving, him deep in me. Finally i started rolling my hips and looked back at him, he was shacking his head no. Then I felt it. He didn't even try to pull out like he said he was going too. i felt him like jumping and twitching in me, then the rush of warm. It made me cum thinking that my boss, a guy 17 years older than me just unloaded himself into me. I came hard. He pulled out and kept whispering sorry, i'm sorry, i didn't mean too. He said to take out 450 and get that plan b pill.
    Lol, I did, but I waited 4 days to take it. It was so hot. We wound up doing it like 7 more times before i left. He always gave me free stuff or money. I loved it, made me feel so used.

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