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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I've spoken about ongoings with my hot older sister, and have another confession. She used to throw a lot of house parties, and, get stinking drunk most of the time. Male attendees knew it, and used it to their advantage. Her body was frequently used as a grab-cushion as the evenings wore on. Some would simply grab her ass or tits, but others were more sly. On more than one occasion, guys would dump beer on her ass and "wipe that off for you", thus getting in several grabs and gropes of her.

    My confession is this: Almost as soon as I noticed how that worked, I started doing it myself, including a few times on her top, resulting in a wet t-shirt effect on her. I remember standing behind her at the basement door as she talked/slurred to someone downstairs, dumping my beer onto her ass, and squeezing so hard the beer wrang out of her short, cotton shorts. The only reaction I got from her was a "Ahh! That's cold!", and still don't think she knew who did it to her (I also got very good at grabbing and exiting, leaving her to blame someone else).

    That same party, by the way, included a late-night swim and my handling her all throughout. She drank a beer by the poolside while still in the water, and my hands roamed about her like crazy. Call it willingness, drunkeness, or her being so comfy with her body, but I got away with tons that particular party!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Im a bi guy that has a lot of sexual issues even though I have normal crushes on women. I have had a giant crush on one of my muscular friends. It's kinda hard not to get a boner in the locker room with his big thing and muscles... One time when he was my place I sniffed and masturbated where he laid. I could still smell him. Another time he fell on top of me and I thought I was going to orgasm. I LOVE being dominated and big time pain during sex. I watch cartoon porn more than normal porn and also have a serious fetish for Brian Griffin. I used to feel like I was connected to him deeply. Another think I've never told anybody is that I'm an atheist. I almost feel like there's 2 sides to me. The normal one and the sexually crazy one. I'm not a nut or anything, I just don't know...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    When I answered the phone, a slightly drunk male voice said "You need to be tied up and wanked to death! Whaddya think about THAT?" I said carefully "That sounds awful good, really! You want to? I'll try anything once!" Silence, then a surly voice "This some kinda trap?" I said "No! No! Honestly - I'm just desperate! I'm horny as all hell, love to be tied up, and I dream of being forcibly wanked when I can't resist in any way! Listen I got an idea! I'm not a minor, and there's no offense in coming to the wrong door, looking for someone who lives in the building....knock on the door, which will come open, and you'll find me helpless inside. Go from there, depending on how it looks to can that go wrong? I'm desperate enough to suggest this!" Silence, then "What's the address? Maybe I'll check it out!" I told him, and he said that was just around the corner! I hung up and rushed to get ready. I chained the old body-bag round my neck, and let it slip down to the floor, enclosing me completely. Then I laid the key on the end-table, and sat down, with my hold-all open, and half-emptied, giving him all kinds of stuff to check out. Ten minutes or so later, there came a knock on the front door, which slowly swung open, as promised. The same gravelly voice said "Fuck me! It's for real! You did it!" and the door closed and locked. I could smell the alcohol, even inside the bag, and he studied me, it seemed, then pulled me to my feet, and tied a length of rope round my waist, trapping my arms above it. Then he slid open the zipper where my erection thrust into the material, and my goodies burst out into the open. He snugged the zipper tight round the roots, leaving me exposed and vulnerable. Cold fingers caressed my swollen testicles, making me gasp. He slid shut the small nylon zipper across my mouth, sealing me into silence, with just enough air through the tiny holes at my nostrils, to keep me alive and well. Then, as promised he started wanking me with casual expertise, bringing me easily to the edge of orgasm, then stopping, as I thrashed and writhed in frustration, moaning with frustration. He laughed, evilly. "You're fucking in for it now, mate! I can do ANYTHING I want now, and you can't do a fucking thing to stop me! You are my plaything now! Maybe for EVER! I will torture everything about you, out of you, and then exploit it, until you think you're gonna die! Maybe I won't ever let you out of there! It's up to me, and me alone! You haven't the faintest idea what I look like, and I won't let you get a look at me! You couldn't recognize me if we bumped into each other outside! All I am is the hand that's gonna drive you fucking insane! You seem to live alone - maybe I'll just move in here, and torment you endlessly! So, that's the way I see things happening! What do you think? "Mmmmmmmmffffff!" was all I could do, which amused him enormously. I was in trouble, of my own making, and I was torn between fear and the most incredible arousal I had ever even imagined!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    On a business trip I had a long layover in Amsterdam. Once I got home I would be tied down again. Business had been busy and I had not been able to get away. I usually use these trips to get some stuff on the side. I love to suck cock and stranger cock is the best cock, no strings, no follow up, just good hard cock. I went to the business lounge and sat there looking around at prospects, nor really expecting to have any luck.

    I got on the internet and using craigslist I typed in where I was and what I wanted. I posted a pic of my cock, which I keep on my flashdrive and that I liked bears who loved to get sucked. Within 15 minutes I got a hit, a guy in the same lounge, if I sucked he was game. We went back and forth gave some clues about each other and found ourselves across the room.

    He made a make for the men's room, email back with which stall and off I went. Very private, full doors, big man, big cock, I sat on the commode and took his cock and gave him my full attention. He was hungry and needed to be sucked off, I could feel it, his cock was hard, loaded and in a few I would get his full load. But he stopped me, and asked me to stand, he wanted a kiss, I don't kiss I suck cock, but he wanted a kiss and I wasn't really in a position to refuse, he kissed and unzipped me and took my cock out and started to manipulate me and had me manipulate him, our cocks were rock hard, the kissing was new, it made me so hard.

    He stopped, and reached into his jeans pocket and took out some lube and asked if he could, he would appreciate it, man I was not in for that, I had only done it a couple of times and wasn't crazy about that, I told him in a whisper I would finish him off with a blow job. He kissed me again, and used his hands on my shoulders to turn me around and I took the position leaning against the wall and he used the lube, it was cool and took a moment to get to body temperature, I felt him get close to me and then he put his cock right up my rectum, right up there so the only thing you can do is breathe hard and accept it is what it is. He went for broke, hard thrusts, long thrust, bear hug and a series of hard short thrusts and off he went.

    He came out of me and I wasn't ready to turn around. He took some toilet paper to clean himself and put his hand on my back to bend me over further and used some more toilet paper to clean me up.

    One more kiss and a whisper to have a good flight. We waited until we were sure we were alone and he walked out and a few minutes later I walked out and went back to my seat to cruise the internet. After about an hour I saw him get up and leave, with one last look over his shoulder and a quirky smile.

    I am typing this on my flight home and will post it upon arrival. Has to be the single best encounter I have ever had.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 27

    I'm a little embarassed to admit it but I think I am a kind of pervert. I'm always horny, and I'm always ready to fuck.

    I have a girlfriend and I have sex with her about 1-2 times a day, more if is an holiday. Even when we just finished fucking I keep being horny, and my cock keeps staying erected.

    When she is not at home because she is traveling somewhere I always think to fuck here, and I masturbate 1-2 times a day.

    Every time I'm around and I see a nice girl I got an erection and I would like to fuck her.

    I mean all the day I jsut think to sex. Does happen the same to you? I would like to have your opinion and maybe talk about how I can solve my problem.

    See you!

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    Growing up as a young boy living way out in the country was a great experience. I had a lot of land to run around on and it was always my favorite thing to do was jack off in the woods. I liked going to several very private spots getting naked and playing with my young hard dick often. Being very curious I tasted my cum many times and even got in to fingering my tight ass when I was jacking off.
    As time went by I started to experiment with different things in my ass and loved it. I couldn`t do it enough and it made me cum like crazy. I have a cousin and we are still very close to this day. He was always at our house and he and I were no strangers to pleasing each other by jacking each other off or even sucking each others dicks as often as we could.
    One day He and I were down in the woods and were about to suck each other off when I told him I liked sticking things in my ass. He seemed interested and asked a few questions about it and then asked if I wanted to see how his dick might feel in my ass since I liked it so much. Right away I said sure lets try it. Not long after that I found myself face down on the ground laying on my clothes my legs spread with my cousin on top of me sticking his big hard dick up my asshole. Right away I knew I liked it and he told me he liked it too so he started to fuck me and it felt so good he fucked me harder for a few seconds then said he was going to cum.
    It felt so good I quickly asked him to go ahead and cum in me just so I could see how it felt. Man am I ever glad I did. His dick swelled up inside of me and he shoved it as far up my ass as he could and I felt his balls jerk each time he shot his warm cum up my tight ass. we spent several hours there that day and tried fucking in a few different positions and him just sticking his dick in my ass and he came in me 4 times that first day and one time while he was laying on his back with me sitting on his dick facing him.
    I watched his facial expressions as he shot his cum up my ass and it was pretty exciting and he didn`t mind much when I jacked off on his chest with his dick still in my ass. we both enjoyed it and had a lot of fun that day and we did it often. I liked getting fucked and he liked fucking me so we always got along very well.
    One day after he just fucked me in the woods he started telling me about his best two friends at school and after talking about them for quite awhile he slowly began to tell me how he had told them about what we were doing and I got mad as hell and we got into a huge argument over it. About an hour later I calmed down and we were back to getting along again and I started asking him questions about his two friends. we had a good conversation and he told me they wouldn`t mind hanging out with us some time. I was OK with that then later he told me they wouldn`t mind watching if we were OK with it.
    We talked about it several times and he kept asking me to do it with him in front of his two friends. It took me awhile to agree to do it but I finally said I would. The next weekend they all came out to the house to stay the night and we were all going to camp out in the woods. Way after dark my cousin started asking me if I wanted to do it and his two friends were pretty anxious to watch and I guess we all got pretty horny and a little while later we all went in to the tent and they watched my cousin and I take off our clothes and once I was on my hands and knees my cousin spit on his dick a few times as they both got up real close and watched him put his dick in my ass.
    He didn`t fuck me long at all before both of the other boys had their pants down playing with their dicks and I couldn`t help but notice both were bigger than my cousin and one of them was a lot bigger. My cousin was fucking me good and was just about ready to cum when both of the other boys started asking me if they could be next. Don`t think I hadn`t thought about it but I really didn`t know if I could really go thru with it but I wanted to. After my cousin shot his load up my ass I thought a minute and asked the other boys if they really wanted to fuck me and they said if I would let them they really wanted to.
    I told them to go ahead but asked that the bigger one go last. Right away I could tell his dick was a little bigger but he didn`t last long at all before he asked if he could cum in me and I told him he could then he came a few seconds later. The last one got behind me and started to enter me but it was a little painful. My ass had been fucked twice already and there was plenty of cum leaking out of me but he was pretty thick so he had to go very slow and he had me moaning and groaning before he got all of it up my ass. He didn`t last a minute before he shot a huge load deep in my ass.
    He wasn`t finished at all and kept his hard on and started to fuck me good and before long I was face down in the floor of the tent with him on top of me pounding my ass until he finally came up my ass again. By that time my cousin was ready to go again and before we stopped all three of them fucked me twice and it was the best and hottest sex I have ever had. We didn`t sleep at all that night as they took turns fucking me until the sun came up. We all swam in the creek and got all cleaned up then went for a walk thru the woods and we stopped in one of my other private spots and since every one was ready to do something we got them to try oral sex and we all took turns sucking each other a little. The one with the big dick really wanted to fuck me again so I let him and while he was fucking me from behind my cousin got on his knees in front of me and I started to suck his dick and the other one was jacking me off then slid under me on his back to suck my dick. Damn it was too much and we all were enjoying every second of it and when the one in my ass came my cousin came in my mouth and I came on the guys chest under me as I jacked him off and he came on himself.
    We stayed there awhile until we had all came again and two of them came in my mouth and in my ass. Earlier I had sucked the big dick of that that one boy and really liked it so after a long swim I got in the tent with him and really sucked his big dick good as the other two kept looking in on us to watch. I tried a few times to get his dick all the way in my mouth but it made me gag every time but I really wanted to let him shoot his big thick load in my mouth and loved sucking his big long fat dick. It took awhile but he finally came and there was no way I could swallow all of it but I tried.
    The rest of that day and all that night was nothing but sex , sex and more sex and I don`t even know how many times I got fucked but it was a lot and it was very good. For years we had a very private little group and had all the wild sex you could ever imagine. The other two have since moved away and we lost track of them but 20 years later my cousin and I still sneak off from time to time just so he can fuck me with his big dick and cum in my ass a couple of times. We are both married and no one even suspects us of doing anything sexual together but we still do. My cousin is very well hung and shoots a lot of cum so it feels good to be fucked by such a big dick and take a couple of his big thick warm loads up my ass when ever we get a chance to fuck. He still likes to pound me hard face down with my legs spread and even likes a little dirty talk some times. he is over 8" and very thick so it feels very good balls deep in my ass when he fucks me. I am always ready when we sneak off to fuck.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 22

    I was getting in alot of trouble so my mom sent me to live with my aunt lynn.lynn in the country i didnt like it at first i left my friends familiar places amd my girl.lynn is 10 years older then I am.she's a very pretty woman very sexy with a huge collection of porn which he kept in the then for anybody to see and I noticed right away DVD had two girls on the I what's the only one up so I put the DVD in and pushed play. The first he had an older woman seducing a girl my cock with her instantly throbbing emoji in the front of my pants so I took it hadn't started stroking it slowly watching the DVD I wanted to get more capable of so I set back in my aunt Lynns recliner take me to use all the way off the table right next to the reclinerhave a droid that was partially open i got distracted by it so i opened the drawer and saw a small sex toy i took it out and rubbed my cock with it it was unbelievably good I reallyuse my cock and my balls I was watching the movie playing with the toy romantic with it with my own eyes closed and that was it I heard .my aunt say excuse me that I interrupt I started study trying to get my jeans to cover up my cock you have a toy that was playing with and lan said no way too late I was busted then she get down in front of me between my knees tell me to keep going I felt nervous but my cock was still hard so I started stroking it real slow I look down I can see my aunt licking her lips at first I thought you was going to take me in her mouth but she didn't instead she started licking my balls I'm still stroking your hard cock watching the DVD when Morristown little southern sticks her tongue against my ass and she pushes it inside it felt so good with her tongue in my ass I never felt anything like it I'm stroking my cock faster let me to set beside man gets a sex toy cheap it's in the Mouth walking back and forth then she starts rubbing up against my ass after couple seconds you push it inside me starts pushing it in and out how I'm jacking my cock it starts springtime I love you stomach and chest Atlanta's many that she wants me jack off for her more often and I still do to this day

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    It started in my early twenties as a taboo-breaking thrill: forcing myself to view and masturbate to gay porn even though I found it, frankly, disgusting. The images of nude men and the things they did to one another did not arouse me at all except in that I knew I wasn't supposed to be looking at them, and certainly wasn't supposed to be stroking my cock to them. Being naughty was the arousing part -- and especially the dark anti-fantasy that such actions might make me gay or lead to my becoming gay. I thought that fantasy silly at the time, in the sobriety that follows ejaculation. But it wasn't so silly. I was starting down a rabbit hole that I'm deep into and still descending years later.

    Back at the start, I couldn't bring myself to ejaculate to the gay porn; it wasn't arousing enough. So I got myself to the point of no return and then switched the pic to one of a man's cock or a man giving another man a blow job. It wasn't so great, and I wasn't sure I'd ever do it again. But I did, some time later. I did it rarely in the early years, but looking back, I can see that I did it more and more frequently as the years went on. At some point in there, the gay porn stopped being gross. I remember realizing one day that things had changed: I now got erect at the sight of another man's cock or more explicit gay porn. No need to prime myself with straight porn; I could get aroused, erect, stroke myself with pleasure, and shoot my load in ecstasy purely on gay porn. I always felt like crap afterward. It didn't feel right. I wasn't attracted to any of the men I knew, and I was attracted to plenty of women. But gay porn was hot despite that.

    Probably it was just Pavlovian conditioning: my body learning to associate the pleasure of orgasm with the male images. But that doesn't change the fact that today I find gay porn more arousing that straight porn. The sight of a well muscled man naked, with a thick, juicy, veiny cock -- whether it's just hanging there or sticking straight out, ready for business -- always gets me hard and makes my precum flow. I can look at a nude supermodel for 5 minutes with a limp dick and then just think about a gay bodybuilder fucking his friend up the ass and I'm hard as a rock. I still love women, and still get hard for heterosexual sex (I've never been with a man), but I often find myself fantasizing about fucking a man in order to cum inside the woman. Other men's cocks are the hottest thing to me now. I wonder what I would do if an attractive gay man, buck naked, offered himself to me in a hotel room. Could I possibly not suck his dick and love it?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 40

    No one ever knew about the things I did as a young boy. I grew up way out in the country and enjoyed being outside all the time. I discovered at a very young age that I liked sticking things up my ass. I stuck a finger up my ass one day when I was only 8 years old and never stopped and tried many other things as I got older. I had private little places I would go all over our place and up in the hay loft locked in the feed room in our barn and I was always sneaking around either taking my pants down to insert something in my tight young ass or taking all my clothes off down in the woods to really enjoy myself and in the shower I had several things hidden back under the vanity in my bathroom to shove in my ass while I showered and stroked my hard young dick.
    There was another young boy that lived fairly close to us and he came over to our house one day to play with me and my Mom told him I was down by the creek playing. He came looking for me and didn`t tell me for a couple of days later that he saw me naked down by the creek playing with myself and told me he even saw me sticking something up my naked butt. I didn`t know what to as say and was a little embarrassed to say the least and I think he knew it and then I started trying to talk my way out of it but he saw what he saw and I couldn`t do anything about that. He really surprised me a little later on as we talked about it and he said he really didn`t mind watching me at all and eventually got up the courage to ask me if I would do it again so he could watch again.
    I really didn`t want him to watch but was happy to know he wasn`t going to tell anyone so I said I would. We went back to the place he saw me doing that and I slowly removed my pants and underwear and slowly started to play with my ass then he wanted to see me finger my as so I stuck a finger up my ass and let him watch. I had no idea he was going to touch my ass but he did and it caught me a little off guard but felt good so I just let him keep touching my ass then he must have gotten a little excited because he pushed my ass cheeks apart and just kept watching my finger go in and out of my ass. I was getting pretty excited knowing he was behind me watching and later on when I took my finger out of my ass he asked if he could do it and had his finger up my ass before I could answer him.
    I let him finger my asshole for as long as he wanted to and he had two fingers in me going pretty fast and enjoyed it for a long while then really shocked the hell out of me when he asked me to try doing it to him. Before long we were both naked from the waist down and I was on my knees behind him fingering his tight ass with him down on his hands and knees and we stayed there eventually getting naked and took turns fingering each other in the ass and even played with each others dicks too. We had to go but agreed to meet back there the very next day to do it some more and we did. This time we took our clothes off and hide in the bushes naked taking turns fingering each other up the ass and spent a lot more time playing with each others dicks.
    As time passed and we continued to meet up down by the creek to get naked and play around we got other ideas and he rubbed his dick on my ass one day then I did the same to him and the more we did to each other the more we learned and wanted to do more and by the end of the day we both took turns putting our mouths on each others dicks and fingering each other and that really felt good. We were both too young to cum but the sensation was there and it felt so good we couldn`t stop doing it. we experimented each day naked down in the bushes out of sight and tried different things on each other and continued to practice sucking on each other with our fingers up each others tight asshole.
    One day I brought a couple of things I liked sticking up my ass in the shower at home and we took turns using them on each other. It was exciting to let him stick something up my ass from behind then work it in and out of my ass while he played with my dick then me do the same to him over and over. One day he asked if he could stick his dick in me and I said we can try it if you want to. It took several tries but he finally got it in my ass and it felt very good and he worked it in and out until he wanted me to do it to him and then I stuck my dick in his tight young ass. We were both enjoying it way too much to stop so every day we met there to get naked and do what ever felt good to us but mostly we liked sticking our hard little dicks in each others tight assholes and work it in and out until we got that wonderful sensation in our young nuts.
    We played with each others asshole all the time and as we got older and could cum we liked to cum in each others ass and both of us enjoyed taking each others cum in our ass. Of course as we got older our dicks got bigger and the fucking got better so for about 12 years he and I sucked and swallowed a lot of cum and fucked each other up the ass a lot. He is no where around these days but I still enjoy sticking things up my ass. I wonder if he still does.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 30

    Dog cock

    I am a straight male but something that really turns me on is a dogs cock I want to play with one and maybe more is there any girls out there that can give me advice on how they feel and so on?

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