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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    i love to watch female porn stars esp. the ones with heavy boobs and i am a girl

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 5 my dad left my mum and moved in with my mum's best friend. She had three children. A daughter who was older than me, a son the same age as me and another son the same age as my little brother (three years younger than me)

    I would stay at my Dad's for the weekend and I would have to share a bed with one of my step-brothers.

    I can't remember how it started but I do remember, when I was around 7, whoever I was sharing a bed with I would have oral sex with for almost two whole hours before we fell asleep. Neither of my step-brothers knew that I did it to both of them and the youngest one never usually went down on me. But I always made the step-brother that was the same age as me go down there for ages. I am not in contact with them or my father anymore so I haven't spoken to them in years. We all stopped seeing eachother before we were all old enough to realise what we were doing was actually rather wrong.

    When I think about it I sometimes feel really bad about myself for doing that and letting them do that to me and at such a young age. But at the same time we were kids, we had no idea how much of a big deal our actions were and all we knew was it was fun and felt really good.

    I think this has contributed to the fact I'm a sex addict now.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One day some friends and I were Drinking and having fun you know all the normal things people do to have fun... Well as time flew by my friend (lets call him Duce) Duce has drinking I guess he wanted to show off... We all decided to drink... It was on of those nights well I was the most sober one of them all... My friend Duce became so drunk he started to say all these Weird and different things... he kept saying all this stuff to my other friends(girls) about how hot they were and what not... Then He wanted to go out and get some food... During all this everyone was laughing at his Slured words and enability to walk straight he kept wanting to go outside... and so we(duce and I) went outside... as this occured... he couldn't walk down the stairs... He ended up stumbbling down and FINally after god knows how many tries we got to the bottom... we walked down a block.... JUST so he can sit at the sheltered bus stop(mind you time was around 2 in the morning duce wanted to head to McDonalds) well as we sat he told me about how horny he was....
    WHAM>>> >>>>
    He then said You're gay right...? as I answered he said man I want to F*ck you up the ass really hard... I want to do you in the back room of Mickey D's ...(mcdonalds) and all this weird stuff... I Get freaked out...
    As I get to thinking I thought... well I might as well just do it so I can get laid....(mind you this is what I haven't told people when I told them this part of the story) So I said so you would let me suck you off then right...? he was so drunk he dind't know what that ment.... so he said sure then I Thought well I might as well touch him.... SO i made the....
    Seconds later I was touching his swin suit area.... NOT KNOWING what I was touching he giggled and said "that feels good" "do it some more I like that" so i continued....
    i started feeling him up more and more... "I like that... DO it more... I like it when you touch my balls..." duce was saying....
    I liked it.. I did it more... I felt him up more and more he started to get a hard on then the moment came...

    should I jack him off or shouldn't I????

    Then it hit me WHY NOT HE'S NOT GONNA REMEMBER.... then it was clearly obvious .... that WE WERE OUTSIDE.... AT A BUS STOP..... then... well We got up and went back upstairs to my apartment...

    THanks for reading this tell me what you think.... and if this has ever happend to you...

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 19

    I love fucking my bosses wife,she has has a thing about young lads and i didn`t` hesitate,The lad who`s job i took over had warned me about her but you would never have guessed ,Her husband wasn`t very nice so i enjoyed it even more,It took a while but as trust grew she let me fuck her,im sure she did those thigh things as she was lovely and tight and if you had to do overtime you knew hafe of it would be spent between her legs,but because he was a slave driver it didn`t often happen,for me a mere 18 at the time id look at those legs and know one day id be between them ,and sure enough i am,the outher lad said she took a long time to come and our age were able to harden on demard ,it turned out to be true,she really took some fucking, and her husband didn`t seem able so im glad im able to help her out

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 51

    I have made big mistakes in my life. Snap decisions and strong willed confident man. I married the third time at age 34. I found a gem of a girl and we are still married and still in love. She has given me two wonderful children I would not trade for anything.
    In the last 24 years I have thought of my ex wife many time. many times I wake and think of old times. Thought she and I are different people today, I wish I had given our marriage more work. I will not say I made a mistake, I am happy. I would not make a change and would not want her back today.
    Just think of my story when you may have an argument or problem. Calling it quits is easy, it can last a life time.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a girl and i was hanging on the monkey bars at school by my friends when they decided to embarrass me a little. When some guys came around i was hanging by my knees but making sure my shirt didn't come down. My friends held my hands together under my head and my shirt fell down showing my red bra! All the guys saw me and laughed!

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  • — Men Only —
    1 / 41

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    Slalryrete Phexendofef waMi

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My neighbors are two four alcoholics from hell. I'll start with the downstairs one who is also the landlord and owner. They are both retired same sex couple. They drink until late into the night and play music until 1 in the morning four nights out of the week. I gave my notice and I'm moving in three days so excited. The drunker they get the more they slam things and turn up the volume.

    Then theirs the iron maiden upstairs with her pregnant beer belly walking as hard as possible. The couple upstairs is friends with the idiots downstairs. They get drunk and stomp around above me. Mind you it's a attic "apartment" so I never really understood why she needed to walk back and forth so much.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last week my cousin asked me if i ever heard someone say, " Go fuck yourself." I said yes and she said that she knows someone who fucks herself and that I knew her too. Then she told me that it was Amy and asked me how I'd like to see for myself how she does it? Then my cousin told me that when Amy pleasures herself and gets herself into her "cat in heat mentality" that her fantasy is for a guy to be watching her. My cousin said that when Amy is in her normal mind that she would never let that happen because she knows how embarrassed she would be if it actually happened. but my cousin also said that she decided to help make Amy's fanatsy come true because Amy had one time embarrassed her by taking pictures of her at a sleep over and showing them off.
    My cousin said that once she figured out how to use Amy's weakness against her it was easy to set up her plan. My cousins plan was simple.
    1. She knew that Amy does herself on Saturday mornings.
    2. After a bit Amy would get into her cat heat mode and start imagining her fantasy.
    3.Kirsten persuaded Amy to put her phone close by.
    4. Kirsten told Amy to set the voice command to "call kirsten" and to know that if she calls that her fantasy will come true.
    5. Have me and Byron ready to go to Amy's house Saturday morning.

    I had just seen Amy and her friends a week before at the fair. I wondered to myself what it would be like to see her fucking herself. Both Byron and I decided to go along with Kirsten's plan.

    No phone calls for Kirsten that first Saturday and I was disappointed, especially on Monday when I saw Amy with her softball team.

    The next Saturday Byron and I were at Kirsten's at 9 am. At 10:47 Kirstens phone started playing and it was Amy. I heard Kirsten say,"Is the kitty in heat?" and then Kirsten put her phone on speaker so we could hear and I heard a breathy Amy say "Yes", which got us excited.
    We all got into Kirsten's car and headed for Amy's apt. Amy's door was unlocked and I told Kirsten that Amy was going to chicken out and Kirsten said, "She can't because she got Amy to agree to put on her hiking boots and tie the laces to the bed frame. Kirsten said that the harder she pulls the tighter the boots will get on her feet, so she'd be waiting there no matter if she changed her mind or not.

    When we walked into Amy's bedroom I saw her on the floor, on her hands and knees totally naked except for the boots. I liked seeing that sight a lot. She had a big rubber penis stuck up her pussy, which was mounted onto a wooden rod, which was connected to a little plastic electric piston motor. It piston basically shoved the rod back and forth and mechanically fucked her.
    So there she was looking all embarrased while we gawked at her getting herself fucked in front of us.
    The best part came when Kirsten found the remote for the motor. It controlled 2 actions, one was for the speed and the other was for the length of the push. Amy had it on the low settings for both. Kirsten nmotioned to let us know that she was going to turn the settings to the highest positions and just like that I saw the piston going about 3 times faster and then I heard Amy yell out "No, don't turn it up. but it was too late for that." It was definately going deeper too because her last words turned into grunting noises over and over sounding kind of like Uhh! uhh! uhh! uhh! uhh! with each shove of the piston rod. Then I saw Amy's legs trying to pull forward and I saw the laces on her boots tighten just like Kisrsten said, so she couldn't get away from the machine.
    I thought about her fantasy and that right then and there it was happening whether she liked it or not, and all because of her being like a cat in heat and that it resulted in her making that phone call and the three of us watching her little machine fucking her non-stop, at full speed and full length and her making her grunting noises and looking all embarrased.
    We saw her get her orgasms, her back and neck arching, her butt cheeks going tight, her fingers grabbing the carpet but there was no rest time in between because her automatic fuck machine wouldn't stop for anything.
    we could have turned it off sooner but from watching her we were so hard that we could die. The agreement was that she would suck our dicks first and then we would turn off the machine. I never dreamed I would take down my pants in front of Kirsten but she wouldn't
    leave so she watched Amy suck our dicks.
    After it was over Byron and I walked home and Kirsten stayed to torment Amy with what just happened.
    I'd have to say that I liked that day a lot.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I don't know what you were suppose to mean

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