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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 34

    Every once in awhile I like to get drunk and high on coke and usually alone so I can be naked and silly and watch porn, fantasize and masterbate creativly multiple times. I've partied a few times with other people but never had enough balls to get freaky, or even naked for that matter and spent my buzz uncompfortably geeked wanting to. One time I was so high though that I got naked in front of a couple I just met and a guy I know that took me there. Problem was that no one joined in and I freaked the girls husband out by following her around nude and suggestivly smoking with her. It was late and all were mega high, but I kept spending my money and sharing, leaving the perterbed but controlled husband and my apoligizing friend in the kitchen with some dope and taking the bulk down the hall coaxing his clothed spouse with me. I smoked like a fiend and geeked as my regularly well endowed smooth shaved cock disappeard into a nub like a scared turtle head peeking out of my large shaved chock full o goo nut sack. Stil excited by my exibitionism and horney as hell we sat on the bed and rapidly consumed more. Going back and forth delivering morsles to the kitchen table to appease her grumpy mate and show she was still clothed, she quickly returned obviously aroused but rejecting my constant request for every or any form of sex, stating we'd have to hook up when he was gone. She gawked at my tall tone Completely shaved and tan skinny body keeping my many various advances in check. This routine went on for hours and we smoked till I was broke. I was a perfect nude horney gentleman she said as she kept her man at bay, convinced and controlled, satisfied with free morsles, spending most time keeping my nude ass company and I stayed soo high with her unimbarassed at my own invisible dick and at one point dancing like a dirty bitchboy at her request. Being a hot summer night, arriving in only a pair of thin dirty short cut off slacks and flip flops, I accidently on purpose ripped then up to the point of unusability and threw them away to stay naked. I spent hundreds and the shit was soo good I was never that high. The excitment of my exibiton and the teasing knowing that's all I could do and assuming i'd be driving home naked at some point kept all 7in.of me effortlessly hidden. But for a half in.nub which could have passed for a hard fucked nympho sluts swollen clit, I could have taped my balls up to my ass hole and passed for a huney. Especially from behind with my freshly fully shaved body, no tan line, and long flowing locks down my back complimenting my small full firm feminane ass. I'll never forget that feeling. I was so high, aroused, and horney. I would have done anything to her and wanted to devour her body completely, but my ass hole was twitchy and my perky nipples tingling euphorically. I danced wildly rubbing myself all over and shaking my ass while she doused me with water finally spanking my ass with a thin leather sex whip all the way to the kitchen where she ordered me into a spinning jirating asswhipping for the guys. As she tickled my balls with a feather duster the guys heckling and spitting on me, i droped to all fours and said IM BROKE. They threw a twenty on the floor and I said that'll get u a hour and I proceeded to take them on nastily. Just then 3 guys showed up and paid me 100 bucks to make a gay porn. It was amazing. I was brutalized and manhandled for 2 days. I go back regularly and suck cocks for money and fun.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    (i am female)ok so the other day i was with my boyfriend (we were in the car on the interstate) and he was squirming. i asked him "hey what's wrong?" and he told me nothing but i noticed his legs were locked tight. so i then asked him again what was wrong. he told me he really had to pee. he said he could hold it till we got home. (home is 15min away)
    2 minutes later we became stuck in traffic. i told him to just pull over. he said "no its to embarrassing people will see me." about 4 more min later her was holding himself. he said "honey hurry i am going to wet myself NOW! my bladder is just bursting and i am about to pee!" i told him hold on for a few more seconds while i looked around the car for an old cup for him to pee into. when i told him i found a big glug coke cup he told me that i was going to have to unzip his pants and pull his masculinity out because he couldn't let go or he would pee plus he was the one driving so he had to hold onto himself with one hand while trying to manage this super slow traffic withe the other hand. this sort of turned me on because he was so cute when he was in this state. i quickly unzipped his pants and put the cup up to him and almost immediatly he started to pee. he was just a few drops from spilling over! he really had to pee! well when we got home we made out.i hope you enjoyed my experience last week! post some more desperation male stories for me!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 24

    I don't know why I get so sexually turned on by exposing my boyfriend naked to other girls. I've tricked him into getting caught a few times and he never complained about it. I think is watching the embarrassing expression on his face of being seen naked. I know he likes because his ends up getting an erection. Is this normal?? Do I need a shrink?? Or do other women do things like this?? I just know that it turns me on and makes sex that much better.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    does anyone else think monday night wrestling is boring? I mean, i know it's fake, but it used to be better. Like, hulk hogan is washed up, brett heart is gone, and it has no good stories anymore.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    this goes beyound mere sibling squables. i hate her and would happily dance on her grave, for years she has been fat and ugly and now she has lost a bit of weight she goes out clubbing (with my mums money "muuuum can i have £40 to go out clubbing and get wasted so i can strut aroun like a prostitute offering it around?") she has her own tv in her room yet goes downstairs to watch and will sit there making obnoxious comments on everything to diliberatly wind me up. and my mum has a the guts to call me jealous of that fat slut who left education for a shit end job with shit pay and live just leeching off mum and dad, everyone sees how she walks all over my mum but mum herself!!!! she makes me sick and i have only just scratched the surface of how bad she is, i hav actually considered killing myself and blaming it on her, maybe then my mum will realise how unhappy my so called sster makes me!

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have to confess that I enjoy having sex with my brother. We're both in our 20's, and started this about 3 years ago.
    I came home one night after a huge fight with my then crush.
    Jason (my brother) held me close & comforted me. We kissed, but it felt good so we continued. One thing led to another and we were having sex in my bedroom.
    It just seems so gentle and a closeness that I've not had with another partner.
    Some may say it's wrong or gross, and I may burn in hell. It's the chance I'll take as neither of us want to stop.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    What are some names for a guy's penis?

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 26

    With every beat of my lonely heart, the image of your beautiful face graces itself upon my everyday thoughts�;¦ The jokes and cute laugh you once blessed me with is now more of a long lost memory. The times I knew you were feeling down and out, being able to pick your spirits up and see that gorgeous smile was a blissful and grateful feeling deep down inside. I know that you shun me away anytime I contact you and I see things from not only my side but yours as well so I try my best to take your thoughts, your feelings, and your heart into consideration when contacting you. I pour my heart out to you and tell you how you were a blessing to me and how you mean the world to me to this very day. Life goes on and I accept that but who forgets their first love????

    I never thought that I could feel the way I do� ; And now I want to spend the rest of my life with youâ� ¦ youtube/w******====CC-mx-qP6Mw â�ï& iquest;½HeavenÃ& cent;�&iu ml;¿½ by Nu FlavorÃ¢ï¿ ½Â¦ I love and miss you Debbie!


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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 31

    I was not a good girl growing up. I hung around a group of pot heads and I was passed around. I didn't have any money for my share so I got it by being nice to guys and in more than one occasion being nice to his girl by going down on her.

    At 19 I met a guy who did me anal. He put his stamp on me and I became his girlfriend. He gave me a lot of anal sex, it was his way of keeping me in line. The more he did the less I cared if he did it, I stopped doing what I was told and just took my medicine when he dished it out.

    When he moved I went with him and we lived in a trailer park and I started having kids.

    One afternoon he came home with a skinny girl. She was pretty high and he screwed her in front of me and the kids. He just screwed her right there in the living area of the trailer. He also took her to bed with us and wanted me to go down on her. I did, because that is what I did, do as I was told. But, I decided that he was a shit head and wanted to leave.

    It took four months before my mother finally agreed to come and get me and the kids. All this time this girl lived with us.

    The condition of moving home was cleaning up. I guess I was older, because I cleaned up. Of course there wasn't that influence any more and I had stopped doing pot a long time ago. I also finished my GED and my mom got me a job at the company where she worked. I think that was the bravest thing she did, trust me.

    At her work I met a man, he was nice and all, and even though we dated he wouldn't do sex. Sure I was living with my mom, but he could have taken me to a motel or something. Later I found out he was married.

    I am still single, and I live with my mother, my kids are doing ok. I haven't heard from their father, and I don't want to. I know I have a reputation as a slut and I won't ever live that down. Not in this small town. I haven't had sex in three years, not since I moved here and I am desperate for some. Maybe I will get lucky, some guy passing through town.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 32

    I was around 13 and on a camping trip with my family. The campsite was surrounded by woods and whilst i was there i would spend most of my time playing in the woods when my family where at the tent. There were other families staying on the site to. On one of the days I was in the woods on a rope swing when two boys aged around fifteen turned up. We all played together on the rope swing and had alot of fun. The next day I went back to the woods hoping to see the boys again. In the afternoon they turned up. We played again for a while until one of the boys dared me to flash my pants. I didnt really mind so I pulled my skirt up and showed them my pink pants underneath. One of the boys asked if i had ever seen a penis before I said no but i wanted to see it so asked them to show me. they both got them out and they were both hard all tho one was bigger than the other boys. They told me to lift my shirt and they both licked my nipples for a while. It felt amazing. i had never felt my pussy tingle like that. They asked if i liked it. One of the boys lifted up my skirt again and my panties were all wet. they told me to sit on a tree trunk and pull up my shirt and skirt. I sat with my little tits out my skirt pulled up and my legs apart. The two boys stood in front of me and rubbed there dicks. one of the boys came really quickly and it dribbled down my leg. a short while later the second boy came but this time it hit me in the face and my tits. they both ran off out of the woods. the next day i was hoping we would do more things but they had left that night.

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