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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 23


    I hated doing a poo school so I held it untill after school. I walked home with my best friend Emma and as we walked she said she was desperate for the loo. I said I was too but I had no idea just how desperate Emma was. She was walking stiffly and slowly and by look on her face I knew she wasn't going to make it home I time. She had tears in her eyes as the smell of poo hit my nose. A puddle formed between her legs as she peed herself at the same time. Emma was very upset at having totally pood and yet herself at fourteen years old. I felt bad for her and as I needed to go myself I pood myself as well, to make her feel better. We went back to my house as there was no-one home and cleaned up and we decided it would be our secret.

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    one day, my best friend had a beach party(at the beach of course)
    I didnt bring my bathing suit,I didnt feel like swimming because of all the crabs and jellyfish,yuck!but i still came.i was wearing a tight wite shirt with no bra and some short shorts,because my crush was there.I had to pee really badly,but the bathroom was locked,because the beach had just opened.i jumped around and decided to pee behind the bathrooms.i took off my shorts and slid off my under ware and took one last look for people.i stared to pee,then i hered talking coming closer.i wanted to run but i couldnt stop peeing.suddenly a whole group of people from the party walked over,my crush included,they all saw my pussy and my gushing yellow pee,and laughed.The worst part is,i didnt stop for atlest another 15 seconds and they all stayed and watched.everyone in school knew about in on they call me puddles.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    You are such a whining bitch boy. I want to hold onto my love for you, but your flip outs over little things just makes you so un-fucking-appealing to me. I'm thinking I'm pretty much over your whining chicken little BULLSHIT, little boy. Grow a pair of balls and deal with shit like an adult. I'm sick of your whining baby unable to deal with traffic, unable to deal with someone disagreeing with you, unable to deal with anyone being unlike you bullshit. SUFFER with your insecurities and drama-mongering if you must, but I'm sooo over it! PEACE. MERRY FUCKING CHRSTIMAS BITCH BOY!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 43

    My wife had a "toy" party to help her friend out. The women arrived to drinks and snacks. The three women who run this party/selling rig are not bad looking.
    I wanted to see the party, I am told to be some place else. So we played poker at a friends house. Friend placed cameras around the rooms for me; feed to my lap top. He picked up his cameras the next day. I opened the video to view only. I am floored to see what I did. Things from sex toys to undies and tops. Friends wife was one of the models and used the den to get dressed. I now know what she looks like. She has very flat ass but cute little tits.

    Changing clothes and modeling for the other women. One of the women used sex toys one after the other. other friends wife laid on our sofa and let this women work her out with a toy. One of the three women licked her pussy to get it wet, stuck a huge vibrater in her. She moaned like hell. Finally taken in the den and this same women tore her pussy up. Got her dressed and sent back.

    Each woman except for one got a turn in the den. From getting to giving oral sex to the other girls, to being fucked with special toys. The one woman got upset and started to leave. Women worried she might tell others what happened. So they held her down and fucked her with a dildo. Took some pictures of her spread and being tongued. She was very upset when she left.

    my wife did as she did in collage and me a few times. She will suck a pussy in a second. Now I am told this 3 women want to do a party for the men. Wife tells me she is worried some of the men will have sex of some type with the women. I promise not to, she has arranged one of them to do a 3 some with us this weekend. Should I have the party?? should I show my wife the video?? She is VERY understanding.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm an exhibitonis I'm not into indecent exposure. When I can, I like to set up situation that allows me to show off and perhaps arouse some excitement in others.

    I live in a one story house. The gentleman next door lives in a two story house. His upsatirs bedroom window overlooks my kitchen and backporch door and window. My windows in these two rooms are not covered.

    Every morning I arise early before the sun comes up. I take a shower and then enjoy the early mornig hours in the nude and while my wife sleeps. In the kitchen, I mkae my lunch and stand at the stove reading the morning paper and enjoying my nudity sand freedom. Most mornings, my neighbor has has blinds drawn. Frequently he gets up and opens his blinds. On the mornings he does that, he has a clear view into my kitchen and back porch area.

    The thought that he might glance into the kitchen and see my penis is a turn on. Anticipating that he will see me cuases enough arousal to increase the blood supply to my penis which leaves me looking well endoed and thick. I hope he enjoys the view.

    It also arouses me to think that he might desire to have my penis in his mouth. Or perhaps that he might be pleasuring himself.

    He is a bit older, gay and very quiet and shy.
    My wife and I are quiet and friendly.

    As I side note, I frequently enjoy strolling around in the nude in my backyard. My neighbor is the only one who can see into that area.

    I wanted to tell someone about this pleasuable and erotic activity.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Transsexual Female / 55

    I shoved my cock up my ass it felt great taking my own Virginity.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am 15 and I think about boys all the time. I dont mean just about how handsome they are I mean about thinking of them without any clothes on and I want to touch them.
    I wished that I could hypnotize any boy that I like who would do what ever I wanted. I would like to touch him and get him hard and that when he woke he would not remember.
    PLease tell me if I am normal or not as I told my best friend and she says that I am a perv.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 34

    I currently broke up with my girlfriend, I loved her but she was not anything I wanted to spend my life with. She is quick jumping into bed with the other guys. I don't have a child as of yet but she has got 1. Apparently she was pregnant with my child but I dont know how she destroyed the it.....I just dont know how I get to love someone so out of line....I dont work with fashion & she is a style lady.....I choose to let her go despite that I loved her very much....she doesnt take me anywhere in life,so goodbye bby (so I called her)...I will get over you & all will be nothing but just memories!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 35

    I was walking along the lake shore with my girlfriend once when she said she needed to have a really big shit. She said she'd been holding it a few days and she really had to go. I told her it was a bad idea to hold your poo for too long as it can cause health problems. She said there weren't any toilets out here so she'd hold it untill we got back but I insisted she went in the woods. She refused to do that and tried to hold it in spite of her desperation. Half an hour later she stopped walking and said she couldn't hold it any longer and moved her legs apart. A wet patch formed in her jeans as she pissed herself and then I smelled her poo. The back of her jeans swelled out as she loaded her knickers with a lot of poo and the bulge grew at the front as well where she'd held it so long. The look of relief on her face was a picture but it must have been very embarrassing for her. I needed to poo as well so to make her feel better I started to go in my pants and wet myself too. She gave me a big hug for that and when we got back we had the most amazing sex.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 23

    The policeman that lives in my apartment complex is a little chubby, not too tall and overall pretty average. Last night, I saw him as he was coming home. He parked his car, yeah, its a cruiser, and got out. I smiled, but he ignored big deal, really. I don't like to be nice to people at the end of my day either, but then, for some reason, the glint of light that shone from his cuffs on his belt sent a surge of lust through me. I had an intense fantasy where he cuffed me like a criminal in his car and proceeded to fuck me with his big billyclub and his big dick, and really worked me over hard.

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