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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    has any ladies ever took a poop while you are working and like it

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 19

    Hii ,guys i m aaryan ,i m 19 years old . . . Mai apne family ke sath(mummy ,papa ,mai ,ek behen) ek chhote seher me rhta hu . . . Hmare pados me sinha uncle ki family hai ,hmare families me kafi closnes hai . . Sinha uncle ki family me uncle aunty aur unke 3 bache hai . . Ek ladki avi 13ki hai ,ladka 18 ,aur badi wali 21 . . Ye kahani 4 sal phle ki hai jb mai 10th me tha aur mur neha di(sinha uncle ki badi wali) entr me thi aur bio ki stdnt thi . . . Mai unse kbi kbi padhai me help lene chale jata . . . Ek din mjhe reprdctn chaptr me prblm tha ,mai gya to unke pas bt jhijhak rha tha . . Bole didi kaise puchu . . Didi boli kya tm v ,pucho jaldi . . Fir maine pucha ,unhone ache se samjhaya aur us waqt sex ki prcs k bard me sunkar mera lund kada ho gya, di ne uski taraf dkha . . Fir hm dono ek dusre k taraf dkh kar muskura diye ,fir mai chla gya . . . Fir uske bad hm dono ek dusre ko ajib najar se dkhne lage . . Ek din unke mama ki shadi thi , unke family me sb chale gye bt wo xam ki wajah se ni ja payi . . Usi din sham ko unke yaha bulb fuse ho gya ,to unhone lgane ko bulaya . . Mai gya ,wo t-sirt & skirt me thi ,aur saf lag rha tha ki bra nhi phni hai . . Fir bulb lgane k bad hm bate krne lge . . Fir wo boli jara pair daba do ,thak gyi hu kam kar ke . . . Mai dabane lga aur dhire dhire sehlane lga aur dhire skirt upar krne lga , unki siskiya nikalne lgi ,mtlb unhe v maja aane laga . . Fir mai hath skirt k andar dala ,wo kch ni boli ,fir mai panty utar di . . Fir kya .wo bolh chalo aaj ache se reprdctn padhati hu . . Fir kahi tm nange ho jao . .mai ho gya aur wo bhi . . Fir usne mera lund chusa ,fir maine lund dala chut me , ja hi ni rha tha bt wo boli maro dhakka . . Fir kya Aa a aah h uhh Jannat pahuch gya ,fir aadhe ghante sex kiye aur jhad gye ,usne mera lund pakad kar muth mar diya . .

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    There aint a gay bone in my body but I love to play with a dildo In my ass and suck it but I dont look at men that way at all. I was molested by 3 different men at different times in my life over a dozen times and by my female cousin once. So being with a male disgusts me. Im confused I love women and only women anybody got any ideas?

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 33

    when I was a kid I always loved to steal my Mom's panties and feeel how different my body felt with the soft satin and velvet fabric wrapping up my little dick and I loved the way they made my ass feel and I was addicted to playing dress up from age 7 on. When I was 11 my neighbor was babysitting me and he was about 17 or 18. One night he started to rub my little dick and put it in his mouth and then he stuffed his big cock in my mouth and I dont remember much else except that I blocked it out till recently and it has made me a bit of a strange man now 33 years old. My cock never grew with my body and it is literally about 2 inches, about the same size as when I was 11. I have always thought I was totally straight because I love women and have fucked hot girls since 15 and a sophomore in high school, and I started doing drugs and getting urges beyond belief to be a girl and want to know what it is like to have a pretty pussy and get pounded by fat gorgeous white cocks. I started to wear panties and shave my cock like a woman shaves a pussy and i have a heart shaped landing strip above my pathetic cock. My wife tells me my cock is very pretty but that I am a little prissy boy with a fake dick and she calls me a sissy while she tells me how she has to fuck real men to stay married to me. I dont really care because she treats my body like I need to be treated and she fucks me with her foot up my ass and chokes me with panties and chews my cock. Recently I had her bring home some of her friends so I could see her cum with a real man and I almost cried when 3 of them pulled their absolutely perfect and huge fat cocks and my wife began sucking them and looking at me smiling. She asked me if my cock was hard and teased me that I loved the cocks and took a look under my nightgown and pulled my gstring to the side and gave me a rough blow job and told me that I was a girly little sissy and I couldnt help grabbing a couple cocks and feeling the balls and I went crazy and started sucking all of them until my wife put one in her pussy and told me how she wasnt going to fuck my ass anymore so I needed to learn how to get over my fear of being gay and enjoy some nice cock. I sat on 1 and it just made me so happy I couldnt believe the deeper it went inside me the happier I became never wanting it to stop. I was screaming and fucking this dude like a woman and I fucking begged to get my mouth full of dick while this guy railed me in front of my wife and she was cheering for my pussy to be finally broken in. I just became a real young woman and i now have tits and a sweet pussy that I show off all the time to young men and every day I feel hard dicks tear my ass up and dominate me while i make them wear lingerie. My wife and I have ganfbang parties amd we love to get used like we are nothing but holes. I am a total fag and I worship my pussy and am a whore with a shaved pussy who walks around in lingerie and panties everywhere I go.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I work in a well known national chicken restaraunt.
    One night it was me and Cindy left to close up.
    We had sex on the back table. We used frozen chicken legs in each others pussy, then put them back when we finished.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I have been secretly having sex with men for money since I was 12. The first one was our middle school gym teacher. He offered me a hundred dollars to let him suck my cock. I'd never had a blow job before and heard they felt good so I let him and it felt better than I imagined. In fact it was the best thing in the whole world and he paid ME to do it. We did that once a week until I graduated from middle school. He was the only one until I got to high school.

    When I was a freshman, a senior offered me twenty to blow him. He was cute and I'd have done it for free but what the hell so I took his money and sucked cock for the first time and loved it almost as much as getting sucked and I got the money on top of it. After that I kind of got a reputation for being a gay whore and it kind of got around town so now pretty much every day somebody offers me money to have sex with them. Mostly it's older guys but occasionally kids from my high school. Last week a really cute freshman asked if I'd have sex with him for $5. I'd have paid him he's that cute so I let him fuck my ass while we made out. I charge the principal a lot more than that being he's in his sixties and fat and nasty. He pays me $500 for half an hour.

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  • — Gross —
    Transsexual Male / 22

    I'm gonna burn ya arse, I'm gonna fuck ya like a dog
    I'm gonna burn ya hair and shit on ya. shit on ya. shit on ya.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 47

    This morning I am walking about in a little terry towelling nappy. 2 weeks ago, she embarrassed me. She said that she had done the washing and seen pee dribble stains in my underpants. She suggested that she ought to put me in a nappy and I laughed it off.
    This morning, we were fooling around in bed and she started rubbing me with baby lotion and then she pinned me into a fluffy white nappy, so soft and comfy. It feels wonderful and for some reason I got immensely aroused. We made love and I have the nappy on again.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    It took me a little longer to post this than I expected. Below is "Part III" of the events with Erin (my wife), Kim (her sister) and Jim (Kim's husband). This story involves Jim, Erin and I and was loads of fun. Please see my other stories (TRUE STORIES) titled ("The Three-Way!" 10-11-03) and "One Touch Zoom" 12-21-03). Happy reading. Let me know what you think.

    Our garbage disposal recently failed and we had to replace it. Unfortunately, when I began installing it, I found out that the drain piping would have to be re-done to get the new garbage disposal to fit. Jim (Kim's husband) is a pipe-fitter and really enjoys doing this kind of stuff (and I hate it). I called and asked if Jim could come over to help and he quickly agreed since Kim wasn't home at the time. I told Erin Jim was coming and Erin suggested that she would have to "reward" Jim for his help since she just can't do without a garbage disposal. Erin went upstairs and came back downstairs with a short denim skirt and a short, lightweight white sweater. I had a good idea of what Erin had in mind. It seemed like the perfect outfit to wear around the kitchen with two guys lying on the floor under the sink.

    Jim got to our house and we got to work right away. We had the old garbage disposal out and the new garbage disposal mounted. Erin walked into the kitchen needing water from the faucet. She asked if she could fill a pitcher with water and Jim was quick to point out that she couldn't let any water run down the drain since the drain piping wasn't connected yet. Erin stepped up to the sink and straddled Jim who was lying on the floor under the sink. She filled the whole pitcher with water and as she began to step back, she exclaimed to Jim "All, this is good. I'm standing over the top of you with a skirt on. You didn't look up my skirt did you?" Jim looked out from under the sink and just smiled.

    Erin stayed in the kitchen and did a few things that needed to be done. She wandered close enough to the sink several times to give Jim and I a peek up her skirt at her nylon mint green hi-cut briefs. Soon, the work was done. Jim and I stood up and started cleaning up the mess. I came up behind Erin and put my arms around her waist. Erin turned to Jim and asked if he really could see up her skirt while he was working on the garbage disposal (acting a little concerned although it seemed intentional to me!). Jim glanced away and started to turn a little red. Jim glanced back to Erin and Erin assured him that it was ok.

    "It was my fault", she explained. "I wasn't paying any attention and didn't think about you lying on the floor under the sink." Jim didn't say anything and looked down at the floor.

    "What color of panties do I have on", she asked? Jim looked back at Erin and quietly muttered out "Light green. I'm sorry." "It's ok. It was all my fault", Erin replied. After a moment of silence, Erin asked, "Do you want to see some more?"

    Jim's eyes darted up at Erin. He seemed to feel uncomfortable with this. I reached around Erin's front and un-zipped her skirt. Jim stared into Erin's eyes not really knowing what was going to happen next. I unfastened and pulled Erin's skirt open to expose her panties without pulling her skirt down. Jim tried to look straight ahead but kept glancing down to look at Erin's panties without moving his head.

    "You're allowed to look if you want", Erin assured him. Jim leaned back and looked straight down to get a better view of Erin's underwear and then looked back up. He kept looking between my eyes and Erin's eyes not really knowing what was going on. Erin reached forward and began to lightly fondle Jim's dick. Jim responded quickly by reaching forward and grabbed her tits with both hands. I pulled Erin's skirt down to the floor.

    After a couple of minutes, Erin grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it out a little. "You can reach under here if you want", she suggested. I've noticed from time to time in the past that Jim seems to have had an interest in Erin's tits and didn't hesitate at the opportunity to reach both hands all the way up her sweater. I thought I would be helpful and slowly raised her sweater all the way up. Erin raised her arms straight up and I took her sweater off as Erin stepped out of her skirt and kicked it aside. I wish I could have read Jim's mind. Jim stepped back and took a good look at Erin standing there in her bra and panties. Erin turned a full circle to give him the full view. The excitement was almost more than I could stand. Here we were in the kitchen with my wife stripped down to her bra and underwear in front of Jim. I thought I was going to explode in my pants.

    Jim reached forward again and continued to squeeze and rub Erin's tits (vigorously at times) through her bra. Erin returned to fondling Jim's dick and unzipped and un-fastened his pants. I had one hand down the front of Erin's underwear and the other on her shoulder. Erin pulled Jim's dick all the way out of his pants. She slowly lowered herself to her knees and put his whole dick in her mouth and slowly when up and down on his throbbing shaft. Jim put his hands on the top of her head to keep her from retreating and I had both hands on her shoulders to keep her from escaping.

    After a minute or two, Erin stood up and continued fondling Jim's dick. Jim's hands returned to rubbing her tits through her bra. "They'll feel better if you unhook my bra", she suggested. Jim didn't need any more encouragement than that and immediately unhooked her front hook bra and pulled it open to expose her tits. He went right back to rubbing her tits and I returned my hand down the front of her underwear. This continued for several minutes.

    "We better go upstairs before this goes too much further", Erin suggested. Jim, who had been staring at Erin's tits since he unhooked her bra, now looked right into my eyes. His excitement was obvious. Erin stepped away and pulled her bra off as she started walking towards the steps. Jim hesitated a little and then slowly followed. I followed right behind Jim.

    We made our way up to our room. Erin crawled onto the bed and onto her hands and knees. She turned around to face Jim as he came into the room. "Which end do you want, Big Boy", she asked Jim?

    Jim quickly replied, "I want the business end." He quickly walked around the bed and climbed onto the bed behind Erin. Jim grabbed hold of her underwear with both hands, drove them down to her knees and gave her bare ass a good, hard, firm smack.

    I stepped in front of Erin and pulled my dick out of my pants. "Where do you want it?" I asked Erin.

    "Stick it in my mouth", Erin replied enthusiastically. I obliged and stuck my dick in her mouth. She went right to work.

    Jim was behind Erin and he pulled his pants down. Jim grabbed Erin's hips with both hands and stuffed his dick as far into her pussy as it would go. Jim starting rocking her slowly and my dick went in and out of her mouth as Jim rocked her.

    After several minutes of pounding Erin's pussy, Jim said, "We just have to do this to Kim" and reached up to give me a high five. Jim smacked Erin's ass again with both hands and then started rocking her faster and faster as he poured the meat to her. As Jim rocked her faster, my dick went in and out of her mouth faster and faster. Jim was drilling Erin so hard, his balls were smacking against her ass.

    It wasn't long before Jim thrust his dick as deep inside of Erin's pussy as it would go and held it there. I slid my dick as far into her mouth as it would go and held it there. I knew what was about to happen. Erin was about to get creamed at both ends. Jim held back a little and exploded with quite a bit of force as he began cumming inside Erin. As soon as he started, I began coming in her mouth. Erin tried to swallow as she arched her back in an intense orgasm and just froze there while Jim and I both released our entire loads.

    Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. Erin relaxed as the orgasm subsided. Jim slowly pulled his dick out of her and I did too. Erin collapsed on the bed and lay flat on her stomach for a minute as Jim and I began gathering ourselves together. Erin crawled off the bed and dropped her underwear to the floor as she headed to the bathroom. When she came back to the bedroom, Jim and I were already dressed and talking about our experiences.

    Erin walked over to the dresser and bent over to get a clean pair of underwear out of the drawer. She held up a pair of white hi-cut briefs and asked Jim if he would like to see her in these. Jim shook his head yes in delight. "You always see Kim in white. Would you rather see me in these", she asked as she held up a pair of light blue underwear? "How about pink", she asked as she held up a pair of pink hi-cut briefs? "Or lavender", she asked? "How about bikini panties?", she asked as she held up an old pair of light blue bikini panties. "Let's see what else I have in here", she suggested as she bent over again to rummage through her panty drawer.

    I guess it was too much for Jim to stand. He walked over behind her, smacked her bare ass lightly and held his hand on her ass. Erin looked up at him in the mirror, wiggled her ass for him and put her hands on the edge of dresser to prop herself up. Jim unfastened his pants again and managed to slide his dick inside her pussy again while I sat on the bed and watched. Jim pumped her pretty vigorously for a minute or two and then thrust his dick in as deep as it would go as he came again. Jim held his position for a short time while his dick went limp and then he slid out and backed away from her.

    I had been sitting on the bed the whole time really enjoying watching Jim fuck my wife. My excitement was obvious by the bulge that was forming in my pants. Erin walked over to me and asked, "Do you want another turn too?" I nodded in the affirmative. Erin laid on the bed on her stomach next to me with her legs spread slightly apart. I unfastened my pants, climbed on top of her and stuffed my swollen and throbbing cock all the way inside of her pussy. I poured the meat to her like I was on a mission. I pounded her pussy like never before and then thrust my cock all the way in before exploding inside of her. I slid out of her and climbed off the bed.

    "Are you two both done now", Erin asked? "Or should I wait a while before getting cleaned up and dressed?" She really didn't look like she could take anymore and I don't think Jim or I were in any condition to give her any more right now anyway. Erin turned and walked back to the bathroom and started the shower. I could see the cum running down the inside of her leg and started getting excited again. After a short 10 minute shower, she came back out of the bathroom and stood in front of the dresser again.

    Jim was standing near the door and I was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Did you want to stick around to watch me get dressed", Erin asked Jim as she reached into the dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of nylon light blue hi-cut briefs. Jim did make any move to change his position and leave the room. Erin slid her underwear on and walked around the room picking out the rest of her clothes to put on. She pulled out a front hook bra (36C) from the dresser and put it while facing Jim the whole time. Erin put on a white sweater and a pair of jeans. With everything now covered up, I stood up and Jim and I walked back downstairs.

    Jim began putting all of his tools away (plumbing tools that is) and gathering his things up to get ready to go home. Kim was going to be home soon. As soon as Jim left and Erin closed the door, I came up to Erin and gave her the biggest hug and kiss on her lips that I have ever given her. I was well pleased with our adventure and Erin seemed to be too (although she was walking a little slowly at the time). I guess the next things on the agenda will be a three-way with Kim, Jim and Erin and Kim getting sandwiched between Jim and me. I'll tell you all about anything else that happens to either of us.

    Before I close, Erin asked me to include a couple pieces of her advice for you girls out there. Erin was shy and reserved once and never thought she would ever do anything like this (much less enjoy it as much as she did). If you girls ever get a chance to get sandwiched, take it without giving it a moment's thought. It's fun to show off your goods to someone else. If you fell funny about having another man pouring his meat to you, let your husband have the "business end" and give the blow job to someone else. If you as lucky as Erin was, both men will explode in you at the same time. Erin says there is nothing more exciting and invigorating than being the middle of a three-way and having someone come in your mouth the same time someone is coming in your pussy. It will cause you to have the most intense orgasm you can ever imagine. Good luck to you all. I hope to have something to tell you all about soon.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    I guess this is where this goes. I have been married for four years and I have a three year old and a new born. I got married to have a family and chose my husband because he is a good provider and is settled in his career and a good Christian man with strong family values, the kind of man you want for a husband.

    I am not 'true' to him, I never have. I have a real true secret love, another person. She is a woman. We have been in love since late high school, we went to college together and lived together, as a couple. One bedroom, one bed, one house, one life. We promised ourselves to each other at a sort of ceremony with other women like us. We went to a very progressive school, so our lifestyle was very open and accepted.

    But, when we graduated we both knew that to get going in life we needed to get married and have families. That fooling around in college and having pretend couple life had to come to an end. Hard as it was, we had to find a husband and submit to that if we wanted to have the families we both dreamed about. I found the right man, and now have the family we talked about.

    But, my true love has not, she just cannot submit herself to a man. Not for lack of trying, believe me I have introduced lots of good prospects, but she just can't She gets close, but the act of submission just won't let her go forward, and without submission well there just won't be a marriage proposal.

    I have tried to help her over this matter, to just submit her body, she doesn't have to submit her soul at first, just her body. The man wants her body, and with time, she will come to accept him and she will submit her soul to him, and she will be off and running and soon will have a family and she will find her given purpose.

    She and I continue to have intimate relations, we sleep together and give ourselves as always. As we are friends, no one suspects our behind the curtain affair. That is why I say I am cheating on my husband, because I am sleeping with and having sexual relations with another person, a woman, no penetration or anything like that which is prohibited, but none the less I have sexual relations with another woman.

    But, back to my one true love, would it be possible, that as we continue to love with each other, that she is not yet able to submit herself to a man?? What if we just had a platonic relationship, and stop all intimate contact?? Would that help?? I won't say it will be easy, but I am submitted to a man, and he does provide intimate relations to me. If she were to find herself without an intimate outlet, would that help her?? She is going to be 29 and she is still without children, time is running out for her, and we promised each other to have children at the same time, so that we would share this part of our lives.

    We need help.

    #21403 — Comments (0) — Sep 21, 2014 at 9:43 AM — That's Juicy! (2) Remove This.
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