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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    Britni you are so damn sexy I am masturbating now to your picture on Facebook. I love your ass wish I could lick your tight ousdy and fuck you right now.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 28

    A few years ago I had a casual gay frinedship. I was surprised by this because I had never felt any attraction towards other guys, and I was even more surprised by how easy and enjoyable it was. He was my age and single too, and we had started to become friends. It wasn't like we immediately bonded, but there was this interesting chemistry between us. I guess you would call it a mutual attraction that was sort of enticingly suggestive. At first we were both a little unsure about this, yet it was quite appealing and nice, and we started to be encouraging of it. We managed to have a few affectionate moments which confirmed our interest, and then one afternoon at his place we became lovers. Like I said, it was so easy to do. We ended up naked in bed, and I had anal sex with him. I can hardly describe how good it felt to come in him as another guy. It was like I was hooked, and even more when a few days later he had sex with me.
    We were quite discrete about it, but we quickly settled into being boyfriends and lovers, and it was quite beautiful. Our affair lasted for ten months before he moved away. We remained in a contact for a while, but them we drifted apart. Awkwardly, I tried on two occasions to have an affair with another guy, and both times it turned out terribly disappointing. My heart and interest just wasn't in it, and I had to realize that I was not gay. Still, I have some very good memories of that one time.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 19

    Okay so I LOVE CHEATING not physically with another woman but virtually it's just my thing I guess but i'll kik them go on a dating site or sex forum and talk to these other women get naked pictures send them nude pictures as well. So if you would like to help me with my little fantasy you can kik me at Averagedik

    Leave your kik below if you'd like people to kik you!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 30

    I finally read the book 50 Shades Of Grey and I LOVED it!!! Writing was not the best but the storyline was GREAT!!!
    I'm engaged to get married this year and my DF is not as sexually as hungry as I am. Its frustrating and I don't know what to do anymore. So in my desperate need I decided to act on finding someone who an fully satisfy me. I found my Mr. Grey and he's everything I want in a Dom. I've never been the Sub before and he's introducing me to new levels of letting go of control. I'm extremely happy and satisfied!!!

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 43

    I have a crush on a porn star. I am not lesbian but I just wish I had this girls body and cute face... what a cutie! to be young and find a real love and do all the things I wanted to sexually but never got the chance to. I idolize you leslie...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    The amount of times I seriously consider killing myself is unreal.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 20

    Ok, so i have a very big obsession with wearing womens panties, i just love the feeling against my shaven cock and balls when i slip them on and lately i just cant get enough. I live in a student house with 4 girls and 1 other guy, now despite what you may think im completely straight. Anyway, 2 of the girls are taken with partners and they weren't that sexy anyway but the other two... Wow are they hot!!! I know for a fact that one of the girls emma (not her real name) masturbates frequently, because my room is right next to hers and i can hear her watching porn at night and also i walked in onher masturbating in the bath once and promised i wouldn't tell anyone. This doesnt bother me really because i watch porn near enough every night too!
    Back to the point, one day whilst everyone was out (i tend to be left in the flat alone alot as i am the only one who works and i work nights whereas the rest are students) i decided to take a sneaky peak in emma's pantie draw... She had some of the sexiest panties i have ever seen, thongs, g-strings, silk you name it she had it. So i took a pair from the bottom so she wouldn't notice they were gone for a while. I took them back in to my room stripped completely naked and slipped into them, it was a sexy silk thong with a red love heart on the front, just seeing the bulge of my dick through the panties turned me on and i got a hard-on straight away. I pulled my computer out and watched porn whilst i masturbated in these sexy panties.
    I started to do this nearly every day, changing the panties every couple of days, it was great!
    Eventually i wanted to do something more thrilling something that would turn me on even more... So one day i got a pair of panties out... A pair i knew she wore all of the time took them in to my room and did what i usually did, but this time i cummed inside them, right in the middle where her pussy sits... Then i rubbed in the cum a little and stuck them in to her draw.
    That night i listened to her masturbate as i do sometimes whilst jacking myself off and i fantisised about her wearing tye panties i had cummed in and having my cum rub up against her pussy i came so hard and shot it all up myself it was so amazing, then i listened to her orgasm and went to bed.
    The next day as i went in to her room to get another pair of panties i spotted the same pair that i had cummed into the day before lying on her bed i picked them up and i was shocked when i looked the panties were soaked with pussy juice and cum... She must have known about the cum because why else would she change panties halfway through the day just to masturbate. This made me want to do something even more sexy and way more risky.
    That afternoon whilst she was making a cup if coffee i snuck into her room and saw a pair of worn panties on the floor she must have wonn earlier that day... I felt them and they were soaked. So i stole them sneaked back into my room and tried them on, the feeling was intense yer wet juices rubbing against my cock felt so great. As soon as i had slipped my joggers over the panties i went down to emma and had a conversation with her whilst i was wearing her panties it felt so great. When she walked upstairs i knew she would notice they had gone and i wanted her to notice because i had a plan.
    Seeing as that was my last week at the house because me and james (not his real name) were moving down south. I decided this plan would be a make or break moment.
    When i heard her start to masturbate that night, i slipped into those lovely, still slightly damp panties and walked to her door with nothing else on (mine and emma's rooms were on the 3rd floor so the chance of anyone from downstairs coming up and seeing me were slim... I listened to her pleasure herself for a few minutes then i knocked. All of a sudden the beautiful cries of pleasure stopped, all was silent apart from some russling. She shouted my name to check if it was me and the. Invited me in. I walked in with my hard cock hanging out and the panties still wrapped around my balls. To my surprise emma was lying on her bed completely naked with her legs spread wide open to welcome me in. 'I knew you had my panties' she said 'why not come and join me'. I accepted the offer and sat down beside her sye began to stroke my dick and forced my fingers into her soaking wet pussy, then she progressed to climb on top of me and stuck her pussy in my face whilst she sucked me off... After that we fucked, and it was good. We were fucking for at least an 2 hours, we played porn whilst we did and stopped every now and again to give one another oral. It was fantastic.
    Since i left i had never had sex like that again but i always wear panties on long jouneys out shopping it turns me on so much. And im always looking for a girl to share my interests with so please if you would like to get in touch... Tell me ;)

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 53

    It was 1973 and i was 13 and i had a huge crush on a boy in my class, He was a natural red head and his long shoulder length hair gave him a girlish appearance, I had often sneaked looks at him in the communal shower after sports his slim pink nippled body fascinated me he was gorgeous to me,One day he caught me looking at him and he smiled at me and i noticed his penis was getting hard as he did quickly he got out and wrapped a towel round himself before anyone else had noticed, I had fantasied about him several times as i masturbated being able to cum since i was 11 was no problem my orgasms were intense thinking about him, As we left the showers he slipped a note into my hand asking to meet up after school and go to his place, We did talking on the way he said he liked me a lot and liked looking at me in the shower too, His parents were out so we went to his room where we stripped and kissed my first boy kiss it was so hot that we both came quickly as we masturbated each other on his bed, After that time we lasted longer progressing to oral sex i loved sucking his cock it was a six inch cut piece of heaven, We would be together as much as we could right up till we left school when he moved away.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 21

    Sometimes I actually miss being abused, because at least then I had someone acknowledge that I was alive.. I left, but now.. I have no one.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I've just cheated on my girlfriend with my ex. The thing is, I love my girlfriend, but I know that if I see my ex again I'll probably cheat again. I hate myself for breaking my rule. I hope my girlfriend never finds out.

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