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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 20

    Cousine me Amore ( part three )

    I hadn't seen my cousin in a couple of weeks. One day I got a call from her with the mysterious message to meet her near the pond in the state park between our homes.

    So after supper I started out alone to the park. It was about half a mile away. The night was balmy and it was just after the sun set.

    I walked through the trail surrounded by the trees and bushes. Near the pond was a small glade of soft wild grass. It was a deserted circle of flat green ground.

    I heard a soft voice and looked to the side. My cousin was crouching in the shadows. She grabbed my hand and led me to the center of the glade.

    I asked her what was up and she told me I knew what was up. She said she was aching for me in the weeks since we had last seen each other.

    I recalled our last time together alone in her bedroom. We had done it in her closet with our parents unaware of our play. I smiled as the event returned to my mind.

    She reached her arms out and pulled my head against her's. We kissed briefly and when our lips parted she stared into my eyes. She asked me if I wanted her.

    I nodded my head and she removed her blouse and pants. She stood before me barefoot in her underclothes. The glade was dusky in the early summer night.

    We kissed again for a long time. When we finally parted she undid her bra and slid it off her body. Her small breasts shone in the moonlight.

    She asked me what I was waiting for. I kicked off my shoes and shed my shirt and pants. We kissed again as I stood in my underwear.

    When we parted this time she backed away a few feet and pushed down her panties. A second later I pushed my own underwear off and we stood nude facing each other.

    She made no attempt to hide her nudity. As I gazed on her body she ran her eyes over my own nakedness. We both got super serious as we stared at each other.

    She watched my hands as I ran them over those small light breasts that jutted out and hung gently to the sides of her body. Her skin glistened with a thin film of sweat in the night.

    She reached down and grabbed my penis. She squeezed it hard and I grimaced. It was soon red and erect and sticking out like a flag pole.

    I leaned into her and she fell backwards. I looked at her inviting vagina with its small frame of pubic hair. She threw her arms over her head and let them rest aside her head. Then she spread her legs.

    Now I wanted her and nothing could stop that urge but satisfaction. As I bent forward to cover her body with mine her lips parted in anticipation. Our naked bodies pressed upon each other in erotic pleasure.

    We kissed hard and she guided my penis into her vagina. I felt her closed tightly upon me. It was warm and moist within her and it greased my entry.

    As I worked my penis in and out she moaned in pleasure. Her legs spread and wrapped around me. Over and over I came upon her. Then I felt the burst of my orgasm like electric fire throughout my loins.

    A few seconds later she started moaning loudly as her vagina became orgasmic. She clutched the grass about her head and ground her thighs against mine. We were like wild beasts in the forest.

    After the eventual descent from the heights of our passion I rolled off her and we lay face up beside each other. She whispered that this was the best ever. It was better than chocolate candy - better than anything.

    We were silent then as the dark settled upon our small glade. A crescent moon arose in the night sky and the grass about us seemed to glow. The skin of our bodies shone like white marble.

    We both fell asleep as we rested in the aftermath of our union. Eventually we came to and dressed. As we stood we looked into each other's eyes. We swore secrecy and our eternal love.

    I walked her to her block and she kissed me a parting kiss. After watching her figure disappear from sight I turned to head home. When I reached my house and went inside my head was filled with pleasant memories.

    We knew we were violating a taboo but we were too young to care. Our bodies called to each other and we answered its call.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    im a 14 year old boy is the a better feeling of an orgasm than just with your hand and that doesnt involve sex that doesnt cost anything that u should have in a house

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a young lady who works for an Inspection company. I was doing a walk through Inspection in the Lady's bathroom the other day. My feet hurt so I decided to sit in the one of the stalls for a moment to take down some notes. Well I didn't notice my skirt was hanging so loosely around my waste and as soon as I walked inside the stall my skirt suddenly fell to my ankles. Since I was standing there more than half Naked I figured I would just close the door and lock it while my skirt was down. So anyways, I thought nothing of it and sat down on the toilet while I wrote caught up on some note taking. Then it caught me totally off guard, A Long FART hissed out my butt crack followed immediately by a sudden unexpected Pee. I was rather surprised....I had no idea I was going to start Peeing or let along even Fart but needless to say. I sat there Peeing uncontrollably for what seemed like forever, it just kept on coming out. So I had no choice but to sit there and try to finish Peeing while I took down some more notes. Another 5 minutes passed and I was still sitting there Peeing. It was the longest Pee I've ever had in my life I think. I eventually finished with another LOUD FART or two but good thing nobody ever walked in there because I really would have been Embarrassed. But I was still Embarrassed anyways to have been caught by surprise not expecting it to happen like it did.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    Im a latin male 40 years old very sexual not shy i always practiced safe sex i enjoy men and ladies and couples i was born and raised in los angeles California...and still live..all my topics are 100 percent true and not made up are fantasy..hope you enjoy and reply coment

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I dont like myself, I dont know myself, I dont know how to change, and I dont know how to become what I want to be. I hate being insecure, and I hate not having the willpower to change. If I cant change what I hate about myself, I dont think I will ever have any kids, even though one day I really want to.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    i used to cut the pockets outta my pants so i could masturbate in public..lots of good stories,but my fave is when i was talking to a chick that just walked up to me starting a convo..i vaguely kept up,myattention was on her camel toe.She was wearing yoga pants with no panties and i could see her pussy clearly.She just stood there talking pussy twitching as i burned my eyes into her pussy,furiously jacked off..i told her sorry im going to cum,and she said i did!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    o.k. my bf got me a swim suit. he said this 1 was the hottest. well we went to a manmade beach and when i got out of the water his face went red. i asked him whats wrong. he said go to to the bathroom and look. i couldnt believe it. what he got me was so tight that you could see every nook and cranny. and when it got wet it turned see through. even worse i never shaved. man now he tells it was for the 2 of us. geesh

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 18 years old, I went to the mall to do some shopping with my mom. We stopped at a store restroom to pee, and when done, proceeded out of the store and down the rest of the mall. People all around were staring at me. of course mom says "it's just cuz you're so cute", and I'm thinkin (yeah-right!) when all of a sudden some guy I'd never seen comes running up behind me swatting at my ass....he was saying "miss you're purse is caught in your skirt", when I turned around, I was mortified. I realized that when I was done using the restroom, I had inadvertantly tucked the bottom of my skirt into the top of my panty hose, and I was wearing a thong, so I was walking through the mall practically bare-assed.....alongside my mom.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 35

    About two years ago my mother had a surgery and had to stay at my place for about for months while she healed up and did her physical therapy. Her and I got really close I never thought of my mom in s sexual way ever I do admit I slept with my sisters growing up I loved it so did they I'm not sick it just happened. Back to my mom though I've always hated her she wasn't around much which is how my sisters had full control of me growing up.

    But since my mom stayed at our house I saw her naked so many times my mom starting sleeping naked when she was at my place why i don't know I don't think she does it much at home she's normally in a night gown but it's my mom I wasn't turned on by it at the time

    Two weeks after she left and went back to her house I was hanging out with her and she asked me for a massage I have massaged my mom since I was a kid no big deal just back and shoulder rubs sometimes foot rubs well on this night I was sitting on the floor in front of the recliner my mom was sitting on the floor in front of me she had her shirt covering her breasts and her back and shoulders were exposed to me I knew my mom was really soar from all the psychical therapy she had been doing lately so I rubbed her back and shoulders hard and deep for a really super long time over two hours it was strange I got really into giving the massage and she was totally relaxed and loving it after the two in a half hours my mom was puddy in my hands I looked down and noticed my mom was barely covering her breasts now and yes her breasts are enormous I could see almost all of her breasts except her nipples and I got rock hard but ignored it I didn't even think about it because truthfully it had happened be for and if just brush it off she's my mother anyways I started to rub her shoulders really good and she was relaxed moaning she leaned back on me she had my hard dick pressed in between me and her I know she felt it it startled her and me but she leaned more into it as I rubbed her shoulders she was moving kinda squirming enjoying the way my cock felt on her back at one point she reached back and grabbed my cock and said her exact words holy shit this cock is fucking huge biggest I've ever seen how did I not know this about you she looked up and back at me she got shy and moved her hand and leaned back I kept massaging her we were in a weird dry hump rhythm we kissed I started to rub the sides of her breasts very gently I didn't know where it was going I was liking it and she was loving it.

    Right when my mom dropped her shirt and turned towards me to kiss me exposing her beautiful enormous breasts my brother walks in the door luckily my mom has a chime on the front door and we heard him right be for he came in or we would have been caught in a bad position my mom had that split second be for he came in and covered up he acted weird I thought he asked what we were doing I said what's it look like I'm giving mom a shoulder rub to relax but he meant what are we doing for the day.

    He left after five minutes of talking mom got up and went into the bathroom so many thoughts ran through my head I didn't know what to think she came out of the bathroom and smiled she was in a good mood but she was being weird she just showed me away basically we talked about it kind of a week later she said she enjoyed the massage but next time we would have to control ourselves but she wanted another massage I thought this all to be awesome we started flirting and hanging out more my wife started getting mad about me being at my moms all the time I wanted more to happen with my mom but it was a weird flirt stand off thing we both wanted it to happen but neither one of us would make our move it was going along just fine.

    Then there was drama in my family and I got caught up into all of it I stood up for my mom and my brothers wife started more drama snooping around making comments to everyone that my mom and I were to close something weird was going on my sister in law was mad because she tried to sleep with me one night and I turned her down to give my mom a back rub and that's was the start of drama for me she caused a lot of problems and pressure between my mother and me so everything went back to normal I stopped going to see my mom as much. But I was obsessed by this time to be with my mother I can honestly say I fell in love with her and she fell for me as well you could tell everyone including my wife noticed the change in our relationship so it got put on the back burner whatever is was that was going on.

    My mom had to turn her back on me and stop talking to me because her and I we're flirt texting no sex talk just flirting and we would send each other long emails about pass life stories,hopes,dreams and there would be flirting as well but mostly just how bad we wanted to see each other and hangout. One day my brother and sister in law were using my moms computer or helping her with something on it they found and read all the emails I had sent to her it was obvious that my mom and I pretty much were having an online relationship together my brother and sister in law flipped out told the whole world I'm a pervert I can't show my face around now been all of it my mom had ereased all the emails she sent me when they had only saw mine to her she lied to them said I had a problem but she was just dealing with me and didn't know what to do. I let my mom say whatever about me and the situation she wanted my whole extended family dis owns me now my mom explained everything to me and I rather everyone hate me and not her but like she told me last time we talked that she intends to find away for us to continue what we had going she misses the attention and flirting I miss someone being excited to talk to me my home life with my wife and kids is awesome but I long for my mothers attention I don't know why but the longer time has went on it seems that my mom has put me on a back burner for now until the smoke settles the best part of all of this is my wife told me if it was all true then she knows I'm not the one to blame because my mother asked my wife strange things all the time about our sex life and they way she asked was like an x girlfriend not a mom.

    I am getting tired of everyone thinking I'm guilty of all of this and my moms innocent I want to set the record clear but don't know how without exposing everything completely I'm not going to wait much longer though my mom the I ereased all the emails but I saved them all I have proof but she doesn't know I do so the rest of this year should be interesting for all involed

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Every morning, I have to take a crap and I always get to the bathroom before my sister does. When I am finished taking a crap, I never flush the toilet. When my sister goes into the bathroom, the toilet seat is up and there is shitty toilet paper and a couple of big turds in the toilet.
    My sister screams and calls me an asshole. I told her to shut up and flush the toilet. She hates when I don't flush the toilet because she sees my shit and the bathroom reeks of shit. I love it when I do this.

    Does anybody else do this to her sister?

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