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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    hi im craig. im 14. lats yaer i have to go to docter for a rash on my leg and the nurse make me strip naked. she wayed me on the skale and when i was on the skale door opens with another nurse and molly rivers who i go to school wit. molly started giggles and says hello craig, nice little weiner you have there. the nurse said that not nice molly and said sorry to me cuz she opened wrong room door.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One day in high school, I was the last guy left showering late after PE practice one afternoon (the coach sent me on an errand and everyone was gone by the time I finished).

    I'm standing in the (completely) open shower area (no stalls), washing out all the dirt and soap out of my hair. Then, I look up and see four girls from our cheerleader squad standing about 10 feet away in the doorway between the showers and the lockers (and, hence, my towel and clothing) facing me!

    They had been walking thru what they THOUGHT was an empty clubhouse on the way to the attached gym building for their practice. When I foolishly tried to cover myself (after already having been seen totally exposed for a couple minutes, it seems like a mute point?), that's when they finally broke out into laughter.

    One of the girls, Maria, had known me from our grade school years. She had also had accidentally saw me naked from the waist down in 4th grade, when she walked into the first aid room where I was already embarrassingly being treated by our school nurse.

    As embarrassed as I was to be seen naked in front of four of school's cheerleaders, by far the most humiliating part of it all was when Maria started telling the others that I hadn't ''grown much at all'' since the 4th grade.

    Why? Why do girls get such a thrill from teasing a guy about his small p3nis!?

    Then you hear things like on CBS News about how this one popular, beautiful high school senior girl, Leslie Shorb, decided to shower with five boys!

    I think to myself, instead of my humiliating experiences over the years, why couldn't Leslie have been going to my high school? I'd sure as heck rather have had a pretty, NUDE female classmate showering with me than have had four pretty CLOTHED female classmates observe me in the shower and forever tease me about how small my p3nis is!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was bored as hell last night, and decided to roll some ecstasy that I had saved up for a special occasion. Now, ecstasy isn't something that I do on a regular basis, maybe once every 6 months or so, I don't want to cheapen the effect of it. Anyways, I had a very vivid fantasy of giving a male friend of mine a full body massage, no sex, just giving him some TLC. His girlfriend cheated on him and left a few weeks ago, that bitch. He works on an oil rig so he is very tense. Now, my little massage fantasy is something I have had for a long time, I'm not sure where it came from, I think it has something to do with wanting to make someone feel better. I've given a few females a massage and they said that I am great at it. Anyways, now I have this fantasy raging through my brain, with no way of getting it to come true. I decide to call him and tell him that a female friend of mine and I went to a weekend massage class and that she needs a guy to practice on (yeah, I know it sounds corny.) He said that he would love to get a massage, and to hook him up. I told him that my friend is a small girl and she may need my help on some parts like his back and feet, he said he has no problem with that (paydirt!). So this week, he will be coming over to my house for a massage from a woman that doesn't exist. I figure that after a few shots of whiskey, we will probably be loosened up enough and I'll get to give him that massage. I will post on here after it happens, to let everyone know how it went. If anyone has a suggestion or even a flame, all comments are welcome.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    Out of high school I applied to the collage for a job in security. had to be 21 to carry a gun and be certified. We worked out the academy to coincide with my 21st birthday. I worked for three months uncertified and got my side arm after my 21st birthday.
    Found many of the girls were in my age group and this made things tough. I had many flirt with me and make offers. An older guy there told me pussy is everywhere, hell I get some at times. just be off duty and off campus.
    The housing was off campus but in our district, so I could date there all I wanted.
    Being a big guy the campus security liked this, I could handle the football players and others out of hand. I replaced a guy who got hurt in an attempt to arrest a player.
    My size youth and looks got me dates.
    I dated a black as coal girl from S. Africa. She and her twin sister were very excited about white guys. Most did not want to date them. Were the daughters of some royal king.
    I did her on the first date in her room.. her sister came in and found us in the act. She told me not to stop, her sister would leave the room. She did not and watched us. She had a book but I could see her eyes not leave us under the covers.
    Her dad found she was pregnant by a white guy and took her home. Her sister picked up right where she left off. She did take her BC pills. Her sister forgot to take them for weeks and all at once. No more pregnancies and very good sex. she was trained in the art in no time. She enjoyed treating me as if she was a servant. She should know, she had servants all her life.
    She gave me massage, showered me with gifts and sex when and where I wanted. She told me it could never be anything beyond the US. She had an arranged marriage after she finished school. She told her sister was flown to India for an abortion and reconstruction of her virginity. She would have the same operation when she was finished.

    She left school her Sr year, war had made the family move. I picked up with a girl From NJ. She was daughter of a banker there. She accepted me being with the African girls and found it hot. Had her in bed stroking on the second date. She got serious with me, met the parents and visited for holidays. She and I slept in separate rooms, but she came in my room after the parents went to bed. her mom said she knew we had sex in the room. could hear her moaning and knew she was not masturbating.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Here's a story of lovely lady who was bringing up three very horny girls, the youngest wanted thrills. Here's a story of a man named brady, he was eyeing down this easy scenario,
    Then one day when this lady met this fellow and he impreganated all of the girls, and that's how they became the brady bunch...

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I went shopping with my girlfriends and some of her friends and they were having fun dressing me up and such. We went to a store and they wanted me to try on a pair of swimming trunks so I went into the dressing room and stripped. I put them on and then came out and showed them to the group who all thought I looked so cute. Then I went back in the dressing room and dropped my pants when my girlfriend opens the curtain and tries to hand me a shirt to try. Yet there I am 16 and butt naked in front on my gf and her 4 friends. I covered my butt which was facing them but then realized my dick was in full view in the three mirrors in front of me. For the rest of the day, the girls were coming in the dressing room with me as they said they had already seen me. That night I got my first three-way!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My high school baseball team made the division playoffs last spring when I was a junior. After one game, I had showered and was walking over to locker (still nude) when a teammate said a reporter for the local paper wanted to interview me. So I walked over to my locker as the reporter was finishing up interviewing another teammate. The reporter steps into view just as I put out my hand to shake hands with him.

    I stood opened mouthed like an idiot because it was a girl. I was so fucking embarrassed! She shakes my hand as I yelled, 'Hey! You're a girl!'. While still shaking my hand, she smiles, looks down at my dick and answers, 'Let me see. And you're a boy.' Fuck! I felt like an idiot!

    She starts right into asking me questions about the game, but I was like, 'What are you doing in here?'

    From then on, it went something like this.

    She says, 'Interviewing you.'

    'But you're a girl!'

    'Thank you for noticing.'

    'But I'm not dressed!'

    'I see that.'

    'But you're a girl!'

    'That's the third time you said that. Haven't you ever seen a girl before?'

    Like I said, I felt almost as embarrassed afterwards about what an idiot I was than about being nude.

    When I protested to an assistant coach that walked by (big mistake, as it showed her how embarrassed I was), he was like, 'If you ever want to make it to the show, deal with it. Equal rights means equal access.' or something like that he said.

    From that point on, I sucked in my gut and did the interview, which went on like forever, with her taking glances at my dick and smirking at my embarrassment. When it was over, she shook my hand again, thanked me and said, 'Curt, it was a pleasure interviewing you. Nice time, if you feel embarrassed being interview by a WOMAN (she was mocking me for addressing her as a girl), just grab a towel.'

    What a fucking idiot I was. I was so shocked by her being in there and being told by the coach to 'deal with it' that I didn't even think to grab a towel.

    I mumbled an apology to her, but she was like

    'Oh, that's o.k., Curt. I didn't mind' Then another smirk.

    Worst of it was that I found out later she was just interning at the paper and was a sophmore in college! Fuck. She was only like 20! The shoe then really fell when one of the girls in a couple of my classes told me the next week, Suzie, said to me 'I heard my sister SAW YOU last week.' Her older sister was the reporter! I would have hit on her (Suzie) before I knew that. But after finding that out that it was her sister who saw my dick, no way, man!

    I wouldn't mind being a reporter and getting to interview cute naked female athletes, but no way in hell do they ever let male reporters into girls locker rooms.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 46

    I am a cum swallower.First time I tried it the taste was amazing.The salty flavour lingered all day and yes precum tastes best.The taste kept me horny all day.I never told my wife but occasionally after sex I would eat her out for that.Anyway later on I thought my wife was having an affair so one day I rang saying I would be home really early.I got home and asked for oral.I knew she would resist but gave in.And yes it tasted amazing this other guys cum.This made me nearly daily jerk off slowly and wipe the precum and drink it.I was still curious and I knew who the guy was so I confronted him and told him what I had done.He was married too so I threatened him.He agreed to me giving him a blowjob which turned out amazing to him.I milked every last drop 4 times that day and then jerked off in front of him and drank mine.This led to us having regular cum drinking sessions where we would cum swapp.We also did prostate milking.One day my wife caught us in the act in 69.I had stuff all on my face being on the bottom with the guy having a candle in him.I am sure she was standing there watching me gulp it and lick it.She left me.Didn't turn out too bad as the guy and his brother have moved in since his wife left him too.His cousin is moving in too soon.I get a daily dose from these guys who by the way taste different but still love it when I lay on my back and they milk me into my mouth.I dont consider myself gay as I like women and dont feel sexually attracted to these guys but I cant understand why I love cum so much.Now I think I am being used as some days I can give up to 10 headjobs.Not only that but one party night when I was drunk I know I had a lot of blowjobs but I cant believe I blew a group of school kids ie minors.I found out when 2 came around for more a week later.I loved their cum so much.Now I cant control it I think as friends of friends turn up and I gobble it up.One guy was a grandfather in his 80's.Not only at home but at the shops,weddings etc.Dont get me wrong these guys make me cum too and some are gay as they will suck me and then cum swap or give me anal and then blow in my mouth.Now every day is a salty day lol.I want to stop but cant resist .Maybe if I got a tranny GF it might work.I am afraid my family might find out or work.My dick is raw and sore and so is my butthole , I am always tired and I dont get much sleep.I have also though of sex with animals.At first it disgusted me but now I am starting to turn.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I got up this morning with an aching back, so my wife put on some of that "mentholating creame".
    I got to work this morning and was talking to the boss. He started sniffing and said "Ben Gay?"
    And I said, "no, it was just an innocent kiss in the men's room."
    He did not find that funny.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Went to Galveston TX with some frat buddies last year. When we got to the motel, find out the room only has a double bed. Wasnt that big of a deal, but the first morning, I feel Jake's dick poking my thigh. I yelled at him t ostop it, and he acts like he has been sleeping. I said stop humping me! And he is like what are you talking about? Next morning same thing, except this time I act like Im sleeping. Soon he curls up closer to me and I can feel his dick skin to skin on thigh, going up my boxer leg opening. I started to get hard, then I flipped over facing him. He had this look of shock on his face. I pushed my dick against his, and soon we were grinding away. We shed our boxers and just rubbed our dicks, until we both came. It was truly awesome.

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