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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 33

    I want my wife to completely dominate me sexually. Make me do the dirtiest and most depraved things imaginable..... Lick her feet and asshole, get spAnked and totally degraded. I wish she would take such control and order me to be her sex slave in the dirties way. Is that wrong

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 38

    when i was a child i was wild doing sexual fun stuff or perverse stuff and happily dry humping my way through childhood wherever, then i was like this sweetest little thing shy and demour and oh so lady like then as my life and dreams were breaking down i just became a rebel. i have done terrible things to men as a child and i have hurt a few guys deliberately. sometimes i want to thrash them and fuck them the way i have been fucked and raped and bashed, but i try not to do that physically but i do more verbally now.

    i used to be this sweet little thing that would hardly ever express a feeling at all. so shy... but i feel like i am more how i was a kid now. i am more mean and spunky mouthed and bitchy.

    as a child i had a wild but fragile ego and not much has changed, where i would be out with my cousin with half my jacket falling off walking around with a spunky cheeky mouth dry humping him in public places, and wanting to fuck all these cute guys, and i think i would have fucked them all if i had not been so held back. my parents deliberately kept me apart from my cousins and i think that was wrong in a way. i wish i had lost my virginity to someone i at least knew better like a friend or a relative like a cousin or someone close to do the job that at least i had some feelings for.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 21

    I'm a21 year old male
    Living in Yorkshire , unfortunately
    I'm still a virgin , I go to the gym on a regular basis between 2/3 times per week , in decent shape . I have soo many sexual fantasies it's unreal . The most frequent is ....
    After I have worked out I usually go for a swim and then in the sauna and jacuzzi , I'd love to start chatting to a random lady in the sauna around 30+ to start flirting with me in the sauna moving closer feeling my arms and chest , then when I go in the jacuzzi I want her to follow and sit across from me ... Then start rubbing my leg with her feet sliding it right up placing her foot over my crotch in my swim shorts start pushing against my cock untill it's hard . Then move around to sit next to me then slowly slide her hand up the inside of my swim shorts and start grabbing and squeezing my throbbing cock ! Grab my hand and place it on her thigh where I slowly move it up to the top of her thigh and start massaging her pussy through her bakini bottoms ,

    Any ladies fancy a chat kik or Skype send your names and I'd love to chat ;)

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 42

    I put on panties and lipstick and get in my bed in front of window hoping somedick will cum in and fuck me

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was growing up I lived with 4 step-sisters all older then me. None of us got along. I would always get grounded or spanked because they would make up stories or strech the truth. I remember one time in the summer my step-sister that was the oldest (17) had a few of her friends over to go swimming in our pool. All of her friends were very hot. I was showing off in front of them and my other step-sisters kept telling me to stop. I kept it up and ran to the pool when they all went to the pool. Sarah (the oldest step-sister) had grabbed my arm as I ran past her. She then slapped me on my ass two or three times hard and told me that if I kept it up I would be going over her knee and she would tell my parents when they got home. My face turned every color of red and everyone was laughing at me because I was being corrected. One of Sarah's friends told me to stop acting like a babby and to start acting my age. I said ok and jumpped in the pool. We all started to splash and push each other under the water. One of Sarah's friends tried to push me under the water but I was able to get away from her. By accident I grabbed her by the waist and tried to push her under. Well she went under and didn't want to go under so when she came up she started to yell at me. She then told Sarah that I tried to take her bottoms off. Sarah grabbed my arm and puled me out of the pool. She found a chair close by and sat down. Befor I could do or say anything I felt my swimming trunks being pulled down. Sarah pulled me over her knee and gave me the hardest and longest spanking I had ever gotten. Everyone stood around Sarah watching and laughing at me. When the spanking was finnaly over she pulled me up and sent me over to the deck door. She said "Seeing that you think it's ok to take peoples clothes off and see them nude you can stand and face the wall with nothing on until mom comes home and then explain to her why you are nude with a red ass facing the wall. Well as soon as my step-mom came home and found me the way Sarah left me she demanded to be told what had happened. I told her and I was spanked again this time with a wooden paddle almost as long as the first.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 27


    Angelic a and me were walking though the woods with a desperate need to use a toilet. I was dying for a wee so I quickly pulled my knickers to one side and had a long and very relieving pee. Angelica just stood there watching me and didn't go herself which surprised me and when I asked her why she didn't go she admitted she had to do a poo but didn't want to do it unless she was on the toilet. I could tell by the strained look on her face that she was desperate to go and I told her she was being silly because pooing herself would be far worse. Angelica said it really wasn't that bad but I knew it was. We left the woods and walked to my car but when we got there, Angelica stood all stiffly and said she really had to go. She held her bum as she said was going to do it in...... There was a pause and she finished her sentence....with her knickers as the smell of poo filled the air. A wet patch spread across her jeans as a lump formed at the back. She spread her legs and pushed more poo into her jeans while she peed down her legs untill her jeans were soaked in a mixture of urine and feces. Angelica gave one final push and she was done. She asked me to check her bum to see he it noticed and me you couldn't fail to notice she'd totally shit and pissed herself. I pulled the back of her jeans away from her and it had gone everywhere. It was all over her bum, and s her back and she had poo in the front as well. Angelica was very upset and crying so to make her feel better I pushed a turd into my knickers and peed a little. Now we were even we ended up making love across the bonnet of my car getting poo all over it.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    How many females would let me kiss your bare ass all over and lick your asshole if were in your presence.

    I have got to tell you that I enjoy watching porn where a female is licking another female's asshole after she kisses her ass all over.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 37

    This is. Oncession dont masturbate off of it, i avtar pahal when high on methamphetamine would be full of lust and act as thought high had breasts and wold feel self as if i did, i also acted as tough i had vagina and pretend i was having sex, i masturbated over and iver again, oa few times i put on womens bra and under wear, God bless all

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 20

    I want you to know what happened on a sleep over at my friends house that in the morning everybody had gone to work allowing me to have a long lie with only my friends dad in the house. As i laid their listening to him downstairs i pulled back the covers and began slowly touching and caressing myself feeling my breasts become firmer and my nipples getting harder allowing my other hand to make its way between my legs with my fingers stroking the inside of my thighs as they made their way up to my pussy witch i began stroking through my panties,closing my eyes and starting to slowly pleasure myself that as i was nearing the point of no return on opening my eyes i was taken aback to find my friends dad watching me with a cup of tea in one hand and his cock in the other as he put the cup down and saw him climbing into bed beside me saying you don,t mind if i watch do you,what could i say as he whispered in my ear don,t stop now i want to watch now you,ve got me all excited and turned on so as i sheepishly did as i was told he said i want you to tell me just before you cum and saw me nodding my head that when i told him he lowered his head between my legs and started licking me out that as my hand rested at the back of his head i thrust my pussy into his mouth as i came letting him swallow every drop of my juices and letting him lick me dry.As i laid catching my breath he raised his head and laid on top of me in between my leg and kissed me full on the lips as i tasted my own love juice i felt his cock at the mouth of my pussy hard and erect as he eased himself into me entering me again and again until every last inch of his cock was buried deep inside and gently pinning my hands down above my head he now started to fuck me slowly at first whispering in my ear dose that feel nice before lowering his head licking,sucking each of my breasts gently biting my nipples hard and erect causing me to take a deep breath and bite my lip.As he started to fuck me a little harder i hope you don,t mind if i start talking a little dirty to you you horny sexy bitch you and heard myself saying no,oh you like that do you,yes oh god yes i replied as i heard myself saying fuck me fuck me harder,say please,please you bastard please i gasped as he now began ramming his cock into my pussy all the time talking dirtier and dirtier to me that in less than a couple of minutes he had me cumming again this time all over his cock as i felt his spunk fill my pussy as he came inside me for the first time and had me resting for a minute or two before he gently rolled me over and i found myself on all fours as he entered my pussy and now began to fuck me harder and harder playfully smacking my bottom,then again and again and the more he did it the better and harder i was enjoying it until i explode yet again with the juices just flooding out of me as i collapsed on the bed my whole body quivering and shaking that as i laid their he said have you ever been taken from behind,no i said not ever not like that as he said theirs a first time for everything as i felt him now entering my back passage finding it sore as he did so.I,ve always wanted to fuck you and take you up the arse you,ve got a lovely arse that as he eased into me it became less painful and sore and i soon found myself enjoying it really turned on by being fucked from behind for the first time as i said harder fuck me harder, thats it you naughty bitch as he rammed his cock into me for the next five minutes of so before shooting his load into me leaning on me as he emptied his seed into me before laying beside me taking deep breaths but no missing out i sat astride him and guided his cock into me and started to slowly shag him until i felt his cock becoming firmer getting harder inside me again as i started ride him as e watched me reaching up and squeezing my tits before then telling me he waned to watch me play with my own breasts which turned me on to no end as i did so and him too as i touched,stroked and squeezed my tits lowering my head to lick suck an bite my own nipples that seemed to drive him wild with excitment and find his cock with a new lease of life as i felt it getting harder and harder inside me as i used my other hand to stroke and tease my clit all at the same time and giving myself the ride of my life that as i neared the point of no return before exploding and my whole body shuddering from tip to toe the same time making him cum inside that left me drawing deep breaths of air with my pussy well finger fucked and i opened my eyes knowing it to be one of my many fantasys,but who knows this space..

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 53

    It may seem strange that I am living at home again. But if you have seen my sister you would instantly understand why I do. A bit like the erection I get when she often looks at me. And them tits and her suckable nipples. Along with her tight squeezable bum don't help to keep my erection at bay. One night our parents went to visit some relatives for the weekend. So my sister must of thought it would be fun to tease me. After her getting a shower she came into my room wearing just a short bathrobe. And she started to bend over in front of me. As she stood up again her tits were hanging out of it. And she just laughed at the expression on my face. Then she bent over away from me while drying her hair. And I could see she had not panties on. So instantly I got an erection and I think she happened to see it. Just to confirm the fact she said. While I get dried why don't you just get it out and beat it for a while ???? Then I might give you something to look at while you are doing it. Then she dropped the bathrobe on the floor. And asked if I liked what I see ???? She came over to me and pushed me down on the bed. Then she took me in her hand and mouth. While she slid her body around into a 69 position and asked me to lick her pussy for her ???? After we had a few licks at each other she squatted over me. And then she held my cock up near her pussy. While she lowered herself onto it. To say it was the best sex I have ever had would be an understatement. Soon I could feel my balls tightening and then the rush of sperm as it flowed up my cock. Before she could jump off me. I sqyurted her pussy full of my baby making cream. She went mad with me but I just said you were the one on top. So she forgave me for a while. Though that was a bit short lived because she has missed her period. And now she is going mad with me again. Not only for me making her pregnant but also making a joke of it. When I said to her you will be able to ride me all you want now. If you are already pregnant.

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