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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I thought my daughter was at college 300 miles away. I showered and slipped into a skimpy nightgown and anxiously awaited the arrival of a special someone. I greeted her with a sexy smile and a big kiss once my front door was closed knowing it was going to be an afternoon of romance and passion.

    My daughter had no idea that I had been intimate with a friend of her's from high school. Since having her baby out of wedlock, Deborah and I had been together on numerous occasions. With and without the baby, we'd gone lots of places together and really enjoyed each other's company. We're both very playful and love to cut up and have fun.

    That afternoon, Deborah stripped down to her birthday suit right there in the living room. Her low-hanging tits were heavy with mother's milk and her nipples were unusually swollen. I winked and whispered, "Got milk?" Deborah lifted her heavy breasts and jokingly replied, "Mommy's got lots of milk - for mommy."

    La ughing all the way, I ran into the bathroom and behind the shower curtain with Deborah in close pursuit. She pulled back the curtain and yelled, It's time for a milk down, take that evil witch." Suddenly her breastmilk was spraying everywhere and covering my gown. I reached out and squeezed Deborah's lactating tits and pulled her close to me. "My knobs need a hard sucking from an evil witch," she snickered. I smiled and replied in a convincing tone, "It's your lucky day, I'm the evilest of witches."

    Pushing Deborah down the hallway and to the sofa, I crawled beneath her and guided her distended nipple to my mouth. It was so ready for a good sucking. I wrapped my legs around her waist to hold her tight and she trembled as her milk released. "Hmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmm," I cried out. "Oh fuck yessss, suck," Deborah screamed digging her nails into my arms. I was so aroused and I loved milking her big tits and arousing her in this manner.

    Suddenly Deborah yelled, "Oh, shit, oh my god, no." She quickly pulled away and attempted to cover her breasts with my gown. There staring through the window with a look of horror across her face was my daughter. My gown was soaked and I have never been so embarrassed in my life. My daughter is finally talking to both of us now but she didn't for months.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 47

    I have been married since 1981, I have had lovers since 1982. I have also helped make my husband a man who feels that he should have died march 22 1985. He had been in the Navy and gone since the day we married three and a half years earlier, by this time I had my first lover.

    Before he was discharged I moved to his fathers home six months prior to his discharge. He had so many hopes of coming home taking a little time off before returning to his civilian job and having a much delayed honeymoon with me.

    Three months before discharge he return to his command from Washington and another patrol out of there. The morning he returned he arrived on board at 330 am they let him pick his rack and get an hours sleep before he went on duty the next morning. That was the last sleep he had until Sunday morning 106 hrs latter, the base psychologist recommended he be discharged then but the command said he had to make the patrol.

    Before he was discharged we received a report on his condition which stated he suffered from a condition called exhaustive paranoia, I was told at the VA this is now called PTSD. He was never treated until this year. He arranged to get the things I left in storage from the apartment he never saw move to where we were going to live, he wanted to fly home but he was put on standby for the next week so he rented a car for a one way trip from hertz just a little horizon that used two tanks of gas to get back home.

    He arrived early on another Monday morning after a sixteen hour drive. I was going to meet him but his father yelled at me two get to bed and lock the door, His mother met him after a very heated argument about just leaving the door open, She handed Him sheets and a pillow and said the sofa was his tonight. I heard my husband say my wife is in one of these rooms I am going to go to her, His mother said his father expressly did not want that, he said what is wrong. his mother said we will talk tomorrow. I wanted to go out and get him but had been told that if I did I would regret it.

    I just caught a glimpse of my husband as he was pushed out the door to go see HR at his civilian job with his discharge and orders. He had not even got to change into civilian cloths.

    His father said if he got his way he would cause so much trouble so I had to be strong and do as instructed, I asked how he would stop us after we had our own apartment, His son was not under his thumb then, I was told then If you become pregnant, If my husband started using senority to get jobs and shif
    ts, if he was not controlled and made to keep his mouth shut and do as he was told then both of us would be guests of the state for the next twenty years where control was mandatory. He said my friends have kids with their own families that need the shifts and jobs my son would take, he can't expect not to work the extra hours and holidays or take his vactions. He should never have married that's not why he was born, he is to work.

    So instead of having sex with my husband. I had sex with lovers, many were his supervisors or coworkers. This worked for sixteen years.

    He suffered major headaches hat made him ill. One day he threw up all over a supervisor and passed out, he had a cyst on his brainstem that caused brain swelling, they cleared it. And his will stared to make itself felt. Two months after the surgery he bid on a job the son of the county council president wanted the job to but my husband had 12 years on him, everyone tried to get husband to back down. That night the young man showed up in front of our house and told my husband he was taking his name down. Husband had a two word answer for him, all four tried to jump him, all four ended up in trauma center, his father showed up and saw the ambulance being loaded and saw who it was, and the police were taking statements from witnesses, they told my husband good by and started to walk away when his father said he caused this carnage how come he is not in cuffs the officer said he was jump he just protected himself there are nine witness statement.

    They left and his father said his father is a friend of mine, why could you not just back down, my husband said he will no longer back down and went in to get to his bed. I was left alone with his father and he told me I had been warned and left, we had a wind storm the next day that bought down braches by the load. my husband wend and bundled the branches in 18 inch lengths and put them in a 55 gallon drum the he cut the top out of. I asked what was going on. he said screaming probably and went out and put what I thought was news paper in and took a match and burned the branches, the next morning the police were back with a search warrant and a few minutes later his father show up again the even bought a drug dog. they even looked at the ash in the can and walked away saying dad tip, they left and I could tell his father was furious, he said what did you do with six grand worth of crystal meth. My husband said follow him, the thing I thought was newspaper was a package that had been planted on the property and my husband had found it and burned it then poured clorox in to and mixing the ash. that's why the dogs did not alert.

    His father left saying my husband needed the state hospital and he looked at me and said you will regret this. My husband said that I was going to have sex with him that weekend because he had worked all he was going to, he was still forced for fighting with another employee, Husband said they started it the union said you finished it, just consider that you should be fired. so he worked 12 both days. But became increasingly hard to get along with. It became very hard to keep him away from me, I had a lover, and he resented my own husband trying to have sex with me.

    Eventually they asked for him to put in for retirement after he told the Govener of our state that he would not obey a direct order from his office. It was graphic. husband thought he was an ass. Had thirty one years senority at the time. He took another job in a city 60 miles south for FedEx. working at their hub. Two years later he was again having life saving surgery, on his spine, he had a MRSA abcess developed and caused his spinal cord to be crushed, he lost all feeling in his legs. that was 3 years ago, I was by this time afraid to make love to my husband, he hated me, he would say sex and I would say no. I also went without.

    I got a message on FB that someone wanted me to write him, It was a BF from before I was married, I left the house before my husband woke up and spent the day with him, then went to his room and spent the night, When I returned home I was thankful the car was gone but counted chickens to fast because we ended up trapped. I asked to take this into the house, My husband followed very slowly because he had to use a cane, he walked by BF and BF thought he would get funny and kicked the cane out from husbands hand putting him on floor, BF laughed and said pathetic, I tried to rush him out the door but he was just laughing to hard, Saw my husband sit up grab his cane and draw his arm back, The cane fractured BFs scull dropping him to husbands level, were husband crawled over and beat the blazes out of him, yelling who is pathetic now.

    Two weeks later husband came home after being in stress center, I was going to get him to take me out to a nice dinner, and we would repair what it was before that day, I had already got him to say there wasn't going to be a divorce, he said no he was going to grill that night. I was happy that there was just a sort of flat tone. nothing sounded angry, then he said tonight you will be my wife and I said I will get the nice dinnerware out and we will talk about it, He said no, now I said no, and he said there was a owed contract that was not fulfilled, I started to run but even crippled he is long armed and he grabbed me and said why not. I said that there were others to think of, again he sad no, I started hitting him then, he ripped my cloths off and took what he wanted. I called the police afterwards, they said that as long as there wasn't a restraining order or divorce the right of sex was implied. And left. In the last year my husband has read my private journals, he is causing all kinds of problems. Even has people coming with lawyers to ask to settle out of court, and please leave their wives and families from gaining to much knowledge, as for myself he got the DA to dust off some laws that I thought went out the window in the fiftys, they are on the books still, marital extortion and fraud. I asked him if he ever loved me how could he do this. He said you my father and others tried to enslave me because you wanted me under your thumb, everyone did. It is done now and many owe me mostly you and the note is due.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    This past Saturday night my six-year-old son had the late flag football game. It was 7:00 pm and it was cold and I didn't really want to go but my husband sort of quilted me into going by reminding me this was his last game. Just after halftime I was freezing and I suggested to hubby that we return to the car just to warm up for a bit. He said it was just a few more minutes and we should tough it out. All of a sudden I told him if he went to the car that I'd give him a blow and he could cum anywhere he wanted to.

    Of course the game wasn't so important all of the sudden and we went back to the car. I won't lie to you and claim that I cum just by sucking cock and it's my favorite thing in the world to do. I will admit that I enjoy how much pleasure sucking cock gives my partner and I also like to power it gives me. I could have made him cum in just a few minutes but because the heater was going full blast I took him to the brink a few times before I let him cum.

    I usually finish him off with a hand job but because I gave him the choice I knew I was swallowing his load. By the time we made ourselves presentable and went back to the game there was less than one minute left. It was the best blowjob that I've ever given.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 34

    I was out walking today with my husband pat in the country side close to where we live. I desperately needed to pee, so I asked Pat to keep a look out as I went behind a broken dry stone wall. As I began to pee I saw Pat watching me, I also saw him begin to rub his cock through his walking shorts. Finished with my knickers still around my ankles I asked Pat to come over. When he reached me I was at the perfect height to undo his shorts, whip out his semi hard cock and begin to suck on it. It felt amazing to be sucking my husbands cock outdoors with the sun beating down on us. He became really hard very quickly. I'd begun to play with my wet pussy and wanted to feel his harness inside me, so Standing up I turned and leant up against the wall. It didn't take me to ask Pat twice, as he stood up to me pushed me down slightly and rammed his cock straight into my juicey pussy. Within seconds of his cock entering me I was cumming. It had never happened before and I wanted more. It was then I turned to ask him to fuck me harder, when I saw a couple of older men watching us. One had his cock out and was wanking, the other just stood and watched. I told Pat, but he didn't give a shit, he was too far gone fucking me to care and when I felt his finger push up my arsehole I came again. My orgasm was very closely followed by Pat, who filled my pussy. When I tuned around to look at the two men, both were now wanking and Pat and I turned to watch them. I stood and leant against the wall as Pat got himself together, I however continued to play with my pussy until the two men unloaded all over the floor in front of them. Pulling my knickers and shorts up we picked up our ruck sacs and walked past the two men. The only comment came form one of them, he cheekily said "Same time next week". We smiled back but didn't say anything. When we got in our car to drive home, I felt Pats cum oozing out. Not wanting to have a creamy seat on the drive home I put my hand inside my knickers, scooped up his cum and put my hand to my mouth. I ate the the lot, letting pat see me swallow his cum. Back at home Pat told me that was the horniest he'd been in years, I could only agree and secretly hoped he'd say we'd try it again. Here's hopeing we get a good dry weekend next week.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 22

    I usually jog early in the mourning around a sport complex and end doing a few laps on the track. Like to do it early because it's not crowded and girl's showers are usually empty. Never liked showering in an open shower with women walking in and out. I do it because have to get to work and not time to make the trip home. That mourning I had to call in sick because some rowdy teenaged boys walked to caught me naked in the shower. Thought there were girls walking in and discovered they were sitting on the bench looking at me. That mourning I had to finish my shower in front of them stuck in that shower, towel removed from the hook, clothes on the other side of them totally humiliated and basically the only thing I could do. I remember being forced to spread my legs and watching them making degrading comments about my pussy and the size of my breasts. The touching, grabbing and fingering was far more degrading and had to comply in order to have my clothes stolen. Think I got them back to avoid having to explain why I ended up naked in the showers. All I know is that it would have been terribly embarrassing and the talk of the whole town and would have been able to show my face anywhere. I went home, called in sick and spent that day convincing myself it never happed, but never happed was something I never managed to forget and don't do much jogging anymore.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My friend went to Canada's Wonderland a few summer's ago and there was when she had the most embarassing thing happened to her. She's 12. Anyways, she was on the drop zone and when the drop zone went down her shirt went all the way up to her neck and she wasn't wearing a bra! Then a man beside my friend Carolyn started laughing hysterically. The worst part of it all was at the end she couldn't get her shirt down because the strap was in the way. She had to wait until she got off the ride!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm 19 & I really want an older man to fuck me 40 year old man would be great. Older men are the best lovers.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 25

    Two weeks into my freshman year I met a guy from graduate school who took my v card in my apartment on the couch. My roommate came out of the bedroom when we were talking afterwards, sitting on the couch (I was in my panties only). She threw a fit and told me that I was not welcome to live with her. So I lived with him and we didn't have to do it on the couch any more.

    On graduation day, she had never met anyone, never been laid, never had any fun.

    I ran into her a year later, still untouched by wandering hands.

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  • — Revenge —
    Transsexual Female / 26

    My father was a complete and total asshole. I moved out when I was 18, and shortly after that I told my family that I was trans. My father went ballistic, he sent me a ton of messages yelling at me, disowned me, and he started treating my siblings like shit if they did anything he thought was "wrong" for their gender.

    Now, on top of being a homophobic, transphobic asshole, he's also incredibly racist. After my youngest sibling moved out a few months ago, I had a one night stand, and I took pictures making sure my face was in it. Since he won't accept that I'm his daughter, I sent him pictures of his "faggot son" getting fucked by a big black guy.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 13 year-old girl and once again came home late last night (3 hours)I can also have a really smart mouth. As all girls and boys my age I understand that when I behave like this I need to be punished and believe me I am punished above and beyond. When asked why I was late my mouth started and I said to my mother "It's none of your business!!!!" She stated that at 15 years-old it was and I was going to learn that it was her business. So I had to pull my jeans and panties down and was spanked with a belt for sometime. I then had to stand facing a wall with a bar of soap in my mouth. I really don't think being spanked on the bare butt with a belt or wodden paddle is really fair at the age of 13. Are there any other girls or boys my age or close to my age that still get spanked??????

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