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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I chose "Bi-Sexual Male" because it was the closest option to the truth. I've been suffering from extreme depression, existential crisis, dysphoria, just overall feeling horrible and desperately seeking an end to it, and while I feel like I want to finally just be myself and stop trying to be the person that other people want or expect me to be, I can't override my psychological fear of finally doing it.

    I am genderfluid and pansexual. Sometimes I feel male, or at least don't feel female, but other times I feel very female, and it bothers me because while I've told some people, or hinted it to them, their resistance to the idea has scared me back into keeping it a secret. I am attracted to both men and women, preferably fat people, I love big asses, hips, thick legs, bellies, big titties. I am fat myself and believe I have gynecomastia, because my breasts are very feminine, arguably the most feminine natural breasts I've ever seen on a biological male. I also think I have low testosterone, but this is being said without a clinical diagnosis, these are just theories I've considered.

    I guess I've always been this way, but didn't understand it at first until gender identity and sexual preference became a more talked about topic. At first I just thought I was either bi, or gay in denial, but I know I am attracted to women, so I settled on bi, but I was terrified to admit it to anyone because I felt confident they'd see me as a freak and not like me anymore.

    Over the years, I've taken photographs of myself in women's clothing, or nude, and experimented with men, and dildos. I really enjoy giving blowjobs more than anything, even more than getting them, more than vaginal sex, and more than giving or receiving anal. I'm not even sure what about it I like so much, I just feel so appreciated and attractive while sucking a man's cock and hearing him moan and compliment how well I am pleasing him. I always swallow when they let me, as I love feeling them cum in my mouth and love swallowing their cum.

    I've strongly considered painting my nails regularly, shaving my whole body and wearing more feminine clothes, but I am under so much pressure not to do it that it's crippling me. I am horribly depressed and contemplate suicide every so often. I work at a job I hate that expects me to work myself go death for less than 10 bucks an hour. I have foot and ankle injuries that I can't heal because I never get enough time off my feet and can't take a vacation or I wont be able to pay the bills.

    Because I am so unhappy, one of the only things that makes me feel good is when I am feeling feminine, when I am naked, when I take a shower, when I look at my own tits, when I touch myself. I masturbate imagining having sex with a man who treats me like a real woman, or imagine myself receiving a blowjob from someone who is actually attracted to me and enjoys making me feel good.

    I am married, to a women, and our sex life has died down over the last 8 years (we've been together almost 11), she used to suck my dick all the time, willingly (I thought), but one day she just decided she didn't like it anymore and told me she only ever did it to make me happy, so apparently, I don't deserve such a luxury anymore. I've struggled with that too, because not having a regular sex life with my wife fueled my depression and self-hatred because I assumed it was my fault. That I wasn't good enough for her anymore, that I was unattractive and gross. Losing the feeling that I was worthy of intimacy really fucked me up. I found myself craving the feeling of being loved regularly.

    I have worked the entire time we've been married and I give her literally all of my money to pay the bills and do whatever she wants with it. I do whatever she tells/asks me to do. I've always spoiled her as much as I could, because I thought that was the right thing to do, but now that it's too late, I see that I fucked up. Because I didn't make her earn anything, from my love, to my time, to my money, she doesn't appreciate any of it and just expects to have it all without giving anything in return. She's never had a real job as long as we've been together.

    I used to literally be addicted to her, because I was so lonely and depressed before I met her, I thought she was the answer to all of my problems, I was unhealthily infatuated with her, and at first she was also infatuated with me, but her infatuation wore off, and mine stayed for years longer, so me wanting her so badly made her denying me so painful emotionally.

    Eventually, I focused on other things in an attempt to try to overcome my sadness, and practiced not even being sexually attracted to her, I am still attracted to her, I just started to not expect sex ever again, because every time I'd ask her, she'd either straight up reject me or agree out of frustration and make it seem like a chore. But then, once I stopped showing interest in her, eventually she expressed to me that I don't touch her anymore and acted sad about it. How can she expect me to want to be intimate with her when she makes me feel disgusting?

    I' m writing this all out of chronological order, sorry. Before I even met her, I was already fasting to try to lose weight because I hated myself and thought if I could starve myself skinny enough maybe someone might give me a chance. She fell in love with me while I was 260lbs and made me feel like the most attractive man on the planet. It was literally a dream come true, until it ended.

    I still consider fasting again to lose weight, because I hate myself so much sometimes, I think if I lose weight she'll either be attracted to me again or at least someone else will be and she'll show me affection out of jealousy because she feels threatened by other people being interested in me. It's sad I even have to think about trying to make her jealous just so she'll appreciate me.

    Anyway... I don't need to tell you my whole life story.

    TL;DR I am a biologically male, genderfluid, pansexual who is married to a woman who isn't too attracted to me anymore, I fantasize about being a sissy slut for men who will actually appreciate me, I am living a lie by still presenting myself as a straight male to most people, I want to just relax and be myself, but the crippling fear of losing everyone in my life and being criticized and harassed by others keeps me from doing it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 46

    I am a 46yr old married man and I love a good ass cleaning and stretching. My wife doesn't know but I use her large dildo on my ass and I love it. I can also fist my own ass after a good cleaning and loosening up.
    I was introduced to genital play by my step sister when I was 5yr old. Since then I started playing with my self often. I identify as straight but I have had a couple guys blow me, I sucked one cock and loved it, and I have been ass fucked two or three times. I am not attracted to mean at all but I will suck a cock if I get the chance. Does that even make sense?
    I have often went to work with a butt plug or other object in my ass. After a good ass cleaning and dildo session I will sometimes put a tampon in my ass to soak up the natural ass lube that starts flowing. If I go to work it sometimes would soak my underwear. I can can even fist myself. All this is solo play except the few times I mentioned. I would love to have some one fuck and fist me but I don't know how to go about finding a willing partner. Am I bi or gay even though I'm not attracted to men at all. Only cock.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 41

    I shave my balls to make my small cock look bigger.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 21

    I'm basically just an ordinary 21 year old girl. But after losing my first boyfriend, I felt like my world was ending.

    I have never have sex with my ex but reached third base. Losing him was a big blow (pun intended).

    Our relationship ended because he couldn't hold on to family circumstances that stopped us from being together. I felt so betrayed that he just left so coldly. As a form of revenge, I made a huge decision. And that was to fuck all of his friends.

    Back then, I was technically still a virgin as I never had penetrative vaginal sexual intercourse. But so were all of my ex's friends.

    They were boys that were otakus that had their own waifus (2d anime girls they proclaimed as their wives). Introverted and awkward virgins ripe for the picking.

    The first one was a guy called C. He was quite romantic but pretty flat broke. At first, we just met up for a movie and ended up making out in the couple seats. I thought he was gonna be a temporary rebound for me until we had sex. Of course, the sex was nice but it basically ended in less than 10 minutes and he just went back to his computer game. Overall, he was a douchebag. But never mind, I FUCKED HIM.

    The second one was a guy called M. He was in a twisted friendship with C which fell out. He was a lot dirtier and he wanted to go to a hotel with me as soon as we started getting frisky. However, he ended the fwb relationship because he heard his friend was trying to chase me. STILL FUCKED HIM.

    The third one was a one night stand, or rather one day stand with a random friend that dared me to have sex with him. FUCKED AND DONE.

    The fourth one is interesting. I somehow became a couple with him because of M. He was the geeky and nerdy fat guy. Still, he is a really sweet guy but doesn't know how to please me in bed. Neither will he bother to make me feel good when he isn't playing World of Warcraft. But he still doesn't know what is to come~ FUCKED AND STILL FUCKING

    Finally, my latest addition~ As of Sep 2016, I have a new fuckboy. He is the cutest and probably the one that I feel so sexually content from. He was really kinky and I was so happy to to pop his cherry. MY NEWEST FUCK ♡

    Of course~ I still have more boys to fuck on the list. But I have made sure I'm free of STDs. Thanks of my ex, I have now awaken as a nympho that loves to suck dicks and drink cum. Now I shall be on my way to eat more virgin boys. ♡

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 41

    Have had a fantasy to sleep with a guy with HIV so gonna do it, have never used condoms anyway and recently started poo eating do must have something but don't care love filth

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous


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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 20

    I just met up with a girl purely for aex. Had no physical attraction to her whatsoever. Had sex with her and now I feel shit. Like why did I do that. Feel so cheap and wish i never did it

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I want to hear gross stories from people who work or have worked in any type of food place. I used to run a grill when I was a teenager. One day this lady pissed me off real bad by giving me a bad attitude. She said she'd be back in a few. So I made her burger. When I went to put the cheese on it I spit a big wad on the beef and let the cheese melt over it. Needless to say, I served her with a smile!

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 43

    I had been fucking this palm beach trophy wife milf for over 5 years. We had progressed so far with playtime texn to listen to her everyday masterbations sessions and only to add in my enhancements. Infant I would often stimulate her more the more she talk of fucking other men or her husband bringing home business associates. I would often fuck her after her husband did. We both new it we had better sex after she had been ducked earlier. She was able to squirt for the first time as we pulled into a new hotel an more cocks seemed to be out by the pool .we pick re this hotel for that reason of couples and single men would hang out . She would act more slutty the further we went from palm beach. After her squatting she got embarrassed and ran out and I stayed and before long three guys came in with one lady . Ad we tooled turns fucking her they committed on how hot the lady was and why she leave . I told them about her being embarrassed that she squirted and formed a puddle as we discussed this a huge puddle field the floor and I licked it up as I did not think about there gum but my milf and my cum there together... the lady said they would keep an eye out for us again and I should let her show off in front of the window and feel freedom and other dicks through the open window. We tried that place again and since went back 1r times. All times my milf took multiple cocks , swallowed gum and eat pussy . She even talked her husband into by saying a mother milf and her gusband,had tried it out. I was so blessed that late afternoon as she strolled in not thinking I would be there. As a group plus the women I ducked the first day and practically every day since work her way and had to follow the husband ofcmt milf said condoms as she new I was in the group and my other daily fuck partner started to fuck him I mounted my milf with such a fiery pace I came deep an hard and my regular fuck mare took his manhood an let him soak her pussy with his cum . As it is custom the mate of the cummmeee ears the fun out of the fuckeee .. My milf snuck all her husbanda,cum out of her pussy and my other fuck mate are my milf pussy troll she came. My milf then told her husband to fuck her with both my dick an his dock in her pussy. As we both worked it or open wider than I ever saw said here him say this is how you. Take it at home I lost it an came three times. I new he took her to dirty places but now I knew it was at her house too. From that point on anytime I foykd have other dicks in her pussy as well as mine I would. I would arrange guys to show up at hotels,on out of town visit to daughters cilleges. Even had bar tender do her multiple times to the point he got her to gum to poke her night all guys 12 and her she got gang bang so hard the night she came to panamacm city beach her pussy was complete sagging down an puffy . After the first fuck my attention went to blowing her pussy open to all cocos and filming her talking about fucking college guys. Over and over I got her ducked but the all time beat was when she thought we were done for the night I had seasoned men not collegecbous show up and as she drank her margaretta with meth instead of salt and a tone of you could get in so much trouble and nobody knows,your here. As the first group of 4 guys made her callout mames,as they came in her she was egg on to pleaded for two cocos in each hole as the first 4 finish all on her pussy she was made to lick it up saying her college pledge songs. The next 4 stuck sovmany cocos in her add hole the deformity was,beyond understanding the kept her so motivated telling her every class her 12cyear old and,the teacher she bucked weild ducked them lights out. By now the first group re entered as the second finished and we joined into the two black guys as a could down period for the first two groupscbut a stretch both holes,same time dp. Before long they forgot the scr8pt entering both black Vicks in the same hole I saw a wreckedcpissy the a,wrecked add hole. With the guys cheering u atecjer pissycas she faced ducked me harder than she ever did fuming so much I nearly drowned as more guys joined an burst of meth hit her she ducked for 4 more hours every dock came 5 times or more

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 27

    Lucy guy

    I was waiting for the bus yesterday and there was a young girl of around 16 or 17 in front of me and she was hopping and fidgeting like she needs the toilet very badly. I thought she only had to pee but after a while she froze as she peed down her legs and in her trainers. The smell of poo filled the air and I watched the bulge growing in the back of her jeans. It was huge and she apologised and explained she'd been holding it all day and she just couldn't wait any longer. When the bus arrived I took the seat behind her so I could watch her gingerly sit into the pile of poo that had filled her knickers. It was a real turn on to see her grimace as the poo got mashed up around her bum and and I masturbated through my jeans under my coat until I came in my pants.

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