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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 45

    onslow calle here again. everyone is embarrsed by me because they let me down and abused me. hahahahaha. good one. see you hurt even more yet silly sex violent agro bastards! we don't want to know you. your father is a smell old bum he won't want to know you. their grandkiddies don't know them. you say. "oh our gramparents are dead and smelly and our aunty is fat ugly onslow calle dog everyones kicking dog! ; but that won't save ya!

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  • — Women Only —
    1 / 37

    Bfhuwe fwbihfwei wbfeihfiw jbfiwfv iwefibwe 87ty439hgg

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 40

    I wish you would see me as a good friend matt, and talk to me. I wish you would take me away from here and come on a tropical holiday but I know your rich and you earn more money then me, I am just a single woman in a small business not making much money and I am not as educated as you with your Phd. but... maybe in another lifetime.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 45

    Ladies, I'd like your opinion on something. My wife and I have been married for 20+ years. We have what I'd call a good sex life. Which means very vanilla. She doesn't have much of an adventurous side. I've recently gotten to wonder about something. Growing up, she never got into masturbation. I still do from time to time. Is that where your sexual adventurous side comes from -- because you've stimulated your brain so much during personal pleasure that that it is at the root of every sexual fantasy? I'd love to hear a females perspective. From those that did masturbate at a young age and from those that never got into it. Jerry.breedlove@@y***o.**m Please put Personal Pleasure in subject line. I'd love to hear all thoughts.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 24

    ID love to come across a really attractive random girl in public and somehow end up having random sex with her but do incredibly intimate nasty things

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Male / 25

    Just a few things that I absolutely love that some females do or traits they may have that may be " different" to some

    First id like to admit that I've always been a huge fan of all natural females.

    I love girls that have a little hair in their armpits or sometimes more. For some reason that has been one of the biggest turn ons for me especially if she wears no deodorant and has armpits smells and pays no mind to it. It's very alluring.

    The next thing I love is a girl who also loves natural body scents and smells just as much as I do and is open about it and care free with it herself, even if the person she is attracted to is sweaty she still loves "getting in there" and taking a big smell or sweet kiss in the pit. Something about this seems so right, primitive and seductive.

    Something that is not so natural but something that gets my engine cranking Iver hard are girls with dreads-locks and if she has the entire package that's massive to me.
    Dreads on a girl show creative,artistic and seductive expression and personality.

    Next, this is something I've never been comfortable with telling anybody because it sounds weird and may make me seem like a creep but its one of my biggest sexual desires and fantasies and this is a place to PUT it ALL ON THE LINE.

    That is having a girl with all or some of the alike traits"or any attractive girl at all "that I mentioned above wearing a cute butt plug, one with a cute diamond all day long without removing.

    At the end of the day she would slowly remove it from her booty hole and from under her cute panties that helped hold the plug in " preferably a thong" and then she would putting her sweaty, smelly buttplug directly in my mouth while getting undressed down to her panties and then put those into my mouth.

    Is that really nasty or creepy of me?

    These are my all time favorite things I'd love to have in a girl if I were dating a girl even if she just " tried " it out for a few days and went back to doing her normal thing.

    If I were single right now I'd love to meet and eventually date a girl with natural traits like listed but have no idea where to look for a girl like that, I see girls that are punkish with dreads but want a girl with hippie style and personality and actually live out my biggest sexual fantasy. I only came close once at a EDM festival and met her once again a few days after at the gas station. :(

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I am a bi curious guy and would love to meet some married bi/cd guys and maybe there wives to be friends with.Love to find some new friends in the 440 area in N.E. Ohio for this and enjoy my first time.Would like to chat with some guys and couples about this.
    , joness147at the Y.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 43

    I am wanting sex a lot and feel ashamed that I am so ugly and fat and every man I have asked out in the past 5 years has knocked me back but for one that I knocked back, and backed out of the date planned as he didn't sound right for me and it was clear he was not interested in children and babies at all.

    right now I am really shitoff about life. I want more from life and I have put in a lot but got not much back in return.

    I am always having masturbation sessions to porn and long for a good sex night out.

    I feel like I have lost the art of attracting and dating. not sure how it works these days.

    I need a lot of committment from a man and also someone with some motivation and get up and go to move things when we move in together and be able to lift furniture or pay someone to.

    I am considering paying someone to just come in and help me do some cleaning and if he is good looking get some sex from him too, as there are a lot of handy man young guys who can't get work that I could sure use for cleaning and sex and pay them for it.

    so many of my former female friends were getting men online to pay for their house bills and for nude pictures and sex chats and paid for holidays and all for them to go visit them.

    so I should too. other wise I won't look in vogue as them.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    Last year at a Sydney nudist beach I was asleep on the sand when a couple approached and the guy wanted some guy on guy action- I laughed it off and let them know I was cool with bits touching while I was enjoying pussy - well he got pushy and demanded I fuck him. So I got up with an upper cut which landed and he folded into a heap.. I packed my gear up and picked him up and put him over my shoulder then escorted his lovely wife to her car.

    When he woke up he was tied to the Chair at the foot of my bed where he could see me and his wife. I kept him their for 4 days

    He's been our slave ever since I untied him

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 31

    Never spoken about but this is only but one confession,

    I was 14 and I was seeing a girl a few years older. We had been caught by her parents, they tried to have me charged through the courts, this failed, I was how ever sent to a sexual therapist for a 12 month reporting period instead...

    Dr Dan had me in the lounge as he for the first few sessions asked questions about my sexual expirences.. On the third session he introduce his wife into the mix--- she walked in they kissed she sat at the end of the lounge-- he stated that he wished to watch me physically exercise my sexual preferences with his wife--- she was smiling and just sitting there....

    He asked her to undress and for me to begin when ready, for the next 2hrs he intently watched me as I indeed did exercise my physical being and left his wife a dripping mess in the corner- she had my cum leaking out of every possible part - with a smile firmly stamped on her face- after a number of the same style sessions dr dan was also ready to join --- at first he found it hard to keep an erect penis while I pleasured myself with his wife's body....

    once he became comfortable with her expressions, moans and screams of sexual satisfaction dr dan found himself enjoying the threesome experience--- by the end of the year I had made an easy 4K from these sessions and used my new expireance to further my sexual lust... also at the end of that yr dr dans wife had offered me the chance to move in with her as her pure sex toy... I felt it was in our best interest to explore this offer and did accept

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