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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 48

    I met her at a party. She was quiet, well she was stuck up, did not feel like she needed to talk to me. I saw her go into the bathroom, I waited until she opened the door and I pushed her back in and locked the door behind us. She became angry, called me names, my plan to talk with her fell apart. I restrained her physically, things got out of hand and I fucked her against the sink.

    Once fucked she was ruined. She believed she was as good as pregnant. I married her three weeks later.

    She was totally cold, sex was always against her will. The children were forced upon her. Finally after four years I left.

    Those four years were the worst of my life. Took a long time to meet a normal woman. One that liked sex and knew where she stood in the marriage.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Letting other students in high school know your birthday date, could lead to getting spanked half naked. At least that's the way the poor boy celebrate his 16th birthday. He went threw the embarrassment of getting stripped from his waist down while everyone watched his bare butt slapped. It was great fun for the boys that put him threw it and sexy for girls watching he penis totally exposed for the viewing. Ofcoure what girl would be willing to miss out on something like that.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 24

    My boss is always bringing in his fancy play toys right, he has some of the guys clean them or makes me work on them while he just gets rich.

    well, he brought in his camper to get ready to obviously go camping and wanted me to work on it.
    he walked away, i was all alone and hmmmmm

    I went inside the camper, started thinking about his wife and blew my load on the table.

    he went camping with my load!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am going to try and wank now with my nose full and my alcohol limit exceeded... I kmow the DEVIL has defeated me but he /she did it in style id=289157514530859&set=a.2 88112111302066.65977.287546881 358589&type=1&permPage =1

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 50

    So where do I begin? I'm a black gay poper head
    So I have three regular fuck buddies
    One black, one Brazilian and one Mexican
    The Mexican is a hard worker used to be a chollo'but a total bottom
    Tattoed to the max and if u see him on the the street with his dark skin you would cross the street.
    I just love nailing him doggy style and make him shoot his nut right after he has nailed his wife before she leaves for work.

    The Brazilian dudé is slightly swishy but I have fun nailin him cause I have found his erotica spotz early on and love to mercilessly nail his ass and cover his mouth as I bring him to orgasum

    The black dude loves to play out a r**e fantasy. So I come over to his place like I am delivering pizza or chicken wings and he plays the role like he is not gonna tip. Then I pretend to get mad and throw the food on the carpet and rip his clothes off and play the thug role and nail him hard and raw. He gets off when I go verbal " yo cheap ass butch I'm gonna take my damn tip out dat azz huh. I have done this in front of his friends and not realize it until l I looked up to see someone watching me nail him. Saw a video of our play ones on peep my porn.

    So as u can tell I mostly top. Like 99% of the time. What I hate is that I could be dead asleep but if one of my buddies day they got po per I am down like a puppy and am down for whatever.

    One night after a long afternoon and evening of the three different fuck session I bounces to my favorite freak spot (bathhouse ).
    Laying on my back in nothing but a towel in the dry sauna and south of two fourloco's came this very dark like a black crayon man.
    He was very muscular and stared deep in to my eyes which scared the fuck out of me. His towel was on the floor and he was packing a major tool. So I say in my slurred alcoholic voice damn you got a third fucking leg.

    First he looked away and then he turn back and says" itz'da ting dat make dem' moan me batty fool."

    I was excited and nervous all at once. His smile was like a cat that just ate a bird and I am neXt on the MENU.


    I can feel his body heat and his thick member is brick hard
    He began to rub my chest with his open hand down to my crotch and notices I am precuming. Then he sayin a deep Jamaican accent "damn mon you start without me I must ream'ma'dee dat! He deep throats my man hood an I can't stand it nor do I believe it.His big hands around my waist were firm but not vise like. He looked at me and said mind yo flow mon tiz not da tyme
    I am about to bust because I am turn up.
    Then he stands up an holding me up in mid air an eats my ass like men eating pussy.

    My face was directly against his dick and all my drunk ass could do was to suck his dick.

    I hear his baritone moan as he says Tyme to Stir It Up Mon.

    He puts me on my belly on the wood surface of the dry sauna eats my ass again with passion.

    I am still worried about his size as he enters his blue black 'shroom' into my tight spinster.
    His low soothing voice relax mon.
    I was running from the dick at this point cause the pain was like a ring of fire.
    Then he stopped .looked at me again and his toung seemed to engulfy mouth as he lifts me in the air with his hands aND his sword now throb in an puts my back on the wall and lowers me on his dick until I was nuts deep.
    Then a slow deliberate stroke overwhelmed me. I came so very quickly that all u could do is screem fuck.
    He was disappointed that I came so quickly. As he goes "no mon no!!!!
    I leave the dry sauna to go to the shower and he I right be hind me
    I turn on the shower and he come be hind me and put me in a full Nelson. And begins nailing again but there is no tendeNess .
    Now he is fucking me brutally rough and some one start giving me head
    He grab mr around my waist as he nuts a huge load I cum and the cock sucker cums. This was the first time I bottomed

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I was an 18 year old white boy, my school buddy was a 17 year old black kid. I was small for my age, he was at least 6 inches taller, and around 40 lbs heavier, well toned for his age. The frist time we met was his frist day at my school, he sat with me at lunch, and for some reason I was drawn to him.

    I found out that he had moved into a house just a block from me, so we walked home from school that day. His house was first, and he invited me in, his parents were not there, and we went to his room. I'm not sure just how it started, but within 30 minutes I was on my back on his bed, my legs around his waist, and his black cock was buried to his nuts in my white ass.

    It was my first time, but it didn't hurt, in fact I was loving what he was doing to me, and when he asked if I liked it I stammered yeah. It wasn't much longer till he got right down on me thrusting hard, he asked if I was ready to get fucked, and I said yyeeessss. And then he was grunting and thrusting harder, and then I felt him cum. When he got off I felt so embarrassed about what I'd let him do, but at the same time I felt I was in love with him.

    We heard his parents come in, so we quickly dressed and walked to the kitchen, he said this is my friend from school, he lives a block over, so we walked home togather. They both greeted me, then his dad said, well I hope you boys get to know eachother and have some fun. I was standing there knowing my friends dick had been in my ass, and that his cum was still in me, and was still kinda feeling what he'd done to me, when he told his dad that we had gotten pretty well aquainted all ready. My face got red and hot instantly, and they both looked at me kind of funny, I said I had to go, they said come back anytime, I felt so embarrassed as I walked out.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 21

    I recently lived with my boyfriend and I love him very much and he loves me endlessly. Beside from his extreme anger issues everything was fine. I mean it turns me on when he gets mad and starts throwing things around, pinning me down and that sorta thing. But I also like to be loved and after a while that was impossible for the two of us. I then started an online relationship with a person in another state, just to have someone to talk to. As strange as it is I began to have feelings for this person. I would talk to the online guy while I was out and about during the day. At some point my boyfriend's jealous ass ex told him that she always sees me on the phone and after being questioned about it I finally told my boyfriend what had been going on for the past year. He flipped out.

    I kinda miss the online guy

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 32

    I imagine other men have experienced this when they were teens. I would go to my friend, Tony's when we were both 15 or so and shoot basketball hoops in front of his garage. One day I noticed he had a large boner and I took a grab at it, kiddingly. He said, "Do that again and I'll fire off a huge load." Just for fun, I said, "let's go in the garage and you can show me." We went in his garage and closed the door. Tony pulled out a cock as large and as thick as my own and I eagerly started to jerk him off. He wrapped his big hand around mine, not quite reaching around with his fingers and we began to beat each other off, our hands both filled with large, hot and hard cocks. We were both quickly heating up. We were both cut, with large heads.

    Soon, facing each other, our hard, throbbing cocks were clustered together and we took turns jerking off our cocks together, clutching the bundle of cocks in one or two hands. In a few minutes, we blew off our nuts, firing cum all over each other almost simultaneously. When I saw him coming, I immediately started to shoot off as well. As much as we both enjoyed it, it never happened again as we were both admittedly starved for pussy. A year later we talked about doing it again, but soon after our plans, my family moved out of town and of course, I with them.

    I did think of Tony's hard, meaty cock long after that. It was the twin of mine so a perfect mutual wanking.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Female / 19

    I am attracted to slim females (who look or are over 18) in leather pants, leather leggings, latex or jeans. every time I come across females wearing these type of clothing, I cannot help but look at them every chance I get without being obvious about it.

    Sometimes at home I have a temptation to look up porn involving woman in leather pants, jeans or picture of them on the internet when I am bored. The thing is, I feel guilt talking to female friends or family members after doing this. Deep inside me it feels wrong. At times I do try to convince myself that it is normal and that a lot of people probably do the same. Often when I do this I have an urge to talk to someone over the internet that go through similar situation as me.

    There have been times when I either wanted to meet the women in the porn videos that I watch and talk to them, or suicide due to suicidal thoughts that occur.

    I have learnt about the fact that I seem to be attracted to women who are older than me.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 26

    I am 26 years old and am a software engineer. I am from India, may be here some people will think that it's a fake story, but being honest with you guys it's my story and it depends upon you whether you accept or not. In 2009 I started my BE and when I joined college I saw one girl, SHE was short in height perfect add and somehow good looking and I proposed her, she nearly took 1 year just to test me that whether I am good or bad and eventually after 1 year she did accept my love. I was so happy at that time and gradually as the days passed the different things came to my mind like all kinds of sex then I told her even she agreed but I don't why I missed the first chance and the thinking came to my mind that I will have sex only after the marriage with me and I denied her. But I was a 19 years guy then so still I had those things so I told her to do sex chat and sex over phone and she agreed. I asked her many questions like what is your tits size, how wide is your vagina, do fingering while on phone so that I can hear your moaning , is your vagina hairy or not and sex role play. In 2012 we had Linux lab session and she forgot to bring her lab note inside lab and I was outside then so she made a phone call to me to bring her lab note from her bag and I did that but while entering my hand inside her I felt something very soft clothe at first I thought it was her top but due to curiosity I pulled it and it was a Gray color panty of her at that time I was alone outside so I smelled that panty and trust me it was smelling good because it was clean hahaha don't mind guys but it was a string panty and I love to see that And on the same night I told her that and requested to show herself in that but she denied so I did not force her. In 2013 my last year of engineering we had a major project class and in that maximum people do not come to class so there were Me, SHE and 2 of her friends. One day may be due to good luck only one of her friend came so we were only 3 of them and in my class room there were another changing room so I took the real advantage on that day. I told her friend that "listen last night we both had fight so I am taking her to the changing room so that I can talk with her and you please stay here until we come outside else if you will come to that room then she will not listen to me and the fighting will still continue" her friend assured me and started watching some Hindi movie. My girlfriend knew that I was going to take theadvantage and she denied after requesting a lot finally she agreed.... The main thing is about to start now.

    First I entered to that changing room and after calling her like 5-6 times she came I still remembe4 she was wearing a kurta and a leggings. First I talked her properly but I was really felling horny inside so I pulled her near to me and told her to close her eyes and she did that. First I kissed her forehead, then eyes and I was litterllay getting scared to kiss her lips but I kissed her lips and I was feeling the warmth and softness of her lips. I was enjoying her lips and I felt slightly that she is pushing her vagina on my penis then I stopped but she grabbed me and star5ed kissing me so then I got fully recharged and did not stop. I kissed her lips and neck 5hen I grabbed her tits pressed all Good and told her to show but she did show only the nipples that was light brown and when I touched that she was feeling tickleness in her body. Then I again started kissing her and grabbed her hand inside my pant to hold my penis and give me a hand job she was continuously pushing her vagina on me so I took my hand inside her leggings and touched it on her panty it was little wet but warm. First I rubbed on panty for little bit and then slightly removed the panty and touched it in real it was little bit hairy but wet when I started fingering her she stopped kissing me and hug me tightly I told her to turn and bend down so that I can luck it and she agreed cuz she also turned horny. I pulled her leggings down and then panty and I still remember her wide big ass. I lickedit properly and finger her ass like wise I did for 10 minutes and then I told her to give me blow job she did that and after 5 minutes I did cum. I still regret that wish I could have a condom that so I could have done more but I could not.

    You guys must be thinking why I am sharing this after 4 years of completing my BE it's because she cheated on me. I want to tell this to all but I can't so I am telling this anonymously.

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