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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last night my girl went over and she told me that she started her rag. I said that's alright but then she said that she wanted me to fuck her while she was on her rag. I didn't want to but I said fuck it. It felt better than before but I wasn't going to tell her nothing. Laterz.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    Last year at a Sydney nudist beach I was asleep on the sand when a couple approached and the guy wanted some guy on guy action- I laughed it off and let them know I was cool with bits touching while I was enjoying pussy - well he got pushy and demanded I fuck him. So I got up with an upper cut which landed and he folded into a heap.. I packed my gear up and picked him up and put him over my shoulder then escorted his lovely wife to her car.

    When he woke up he was tied to the Chair at the foot of my bed where he could see me and his wife. I kept him their for 4 days

    He's been our slave ever since I untied him

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  • — Gross —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I just wanted to remind you all that you are a bunch of nasty freaks.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 31

    Never spoken about but this is only but one confession,

    I was 14 and I was seeing a girl a few years older. We had been caught by her parents, they tried to have me charged through the courts, this failed, I was how ever sent to a sexual therapist for a 12 month reporting period instead...

    Dr Dan had me in the lounge as he for the first few sessions asked questions about my sexual expirences.. On the third session he introduce his wife into the mix--- she walked in they kissed she sat at the end of the lounge-- he stated that he wished to watch me physically exercise my sexual preferences with his wife--- she was smiling and just sitting there....

    He asked her to undress and for me to begin when ready, for the next 2hrs he intently watched me as I indeed did exercise my physical being and left his wife a dripping mess in the corner- she had my cum leaking out of every possible part - with a smile firmly stamped on her face- after a number of the same style sessions dr dan was also ready to join --- at first he found it hard to keep an erect penis while I pleasured myself with his wife's body....

    once he became comfortable with her expressions, moans and screams of sexual satisfaction dr dan found himself enjoying the threesome experience--- by the end of the year I had made an easy 4K from these sessions and used my new expireance to further my sexual lust... also at the end of that yr dr dans wife had offered me the chance to move in with her as her pure sex toy... I felt it was in our best interest to explore this offer and did accept

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I burned myself with a cigarette because I couldn't sleep.. And I wanted my boyfriend to feel bad about it passing out and leaving me at a party full of people I don't know .... Except I lied and said I was bitten by a spider.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 35

    I confess I have a perversion for looking up young girls school dresses, seen one sat on a wall got full view up to panties

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I've been friend's with this guy named Mike since high school. Mike has two kids and a wife, and they've had many marriage problems, as she's been caught nearly cheating twice and he's threatened divorce on her both times. Mike loves to hang out, but I get the feeling his wife wants me. We were all at a club last night watching a local musician we know, and at one point, the guy said some lyrics along the lines of "if I wasn't fucking them I'd be fucking with you", at which point Mike's wife started to stare me down for three minutes until I walked off to go smoke. When we got back home, Mike put their inflatable mattress in the living room (where I usually sleep), and I can only assume he knew something was going on. After they went to sleep, I did something really fucked up. I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower when I noticed her outfit lying on the ground (a sort of halter top with a bra built into it). Now, I'm a 19 year old virgin, and when I saw that, something took over me and I picked up the outfit off the ground, rubbed the bra area, and started masturbating, but I made sure not to get anything on the top. That night I couldn't get to sleep and I started shaking and shit (my buzz only made it worse), cuz I don't normally do shit like that, I always have a grip and I've touched bras before with ex girlfriends. Now though, I'm sitting here sobering up feeling guilty about what I did. Like I'm trying to rationalize it, I didn't do anything with her directly and never will (cuz of the kids), but if I could something that fucked up, how can I trust myself if she did come on to me? On one hand, Mike treats her like shit, so that curbs some of the guilt. On the other hand, I think I should say something, like let him know what happened and tell him I'm staying away for a while till I find a girl or something, but I know either way, he'll go nuts. I'm not saying I blame him though, I readily admit it was kind of fucked up. But I don't know, maybe it was normal. Maybe it was just all that sexual tension refusing to stay locked in. The only thing calming me down is the fact that she's gotten close to me before in the past at least three times (when Mike was gone), but I've left the house everytime. Yeah, my morals are really fucked, I know, I leave when it can break up a family but I masturbate when it's just her clothes with no consequences. Idk. I wanna face this but not at the risk of making more problems in their marriage. I'm not gonna be the one that leads to them splitting. But maybe someone on here has some better advice, I sure as hell don't know what to think.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I had a affair with a irish queen he was good at fucking me
    the only thing he was stealing from me that ended.
    now there is this black guy I have not seen him for a while
    on my estate.
    he would always say hello to me.
    now just lately this guy is I believe to be a scaffold driver
    I am hoping to see him he keeps saying hello to me.
    not seen him lately.
    I feel so frustrated.
    if I meet even one of them.
    I want him to love me.
    I am so desperate for sex.
    I now go out early mornings on my estate.
    I think this black guy works.
    I have nighties and a few skirts
    I am desperate to wear for either of them.
    I think this driver maybe bisexual.
    I have 2 wide belts a strap and a cane
    plus loads of sex toys.
    last bit.
    I have a note saying bi William sir
    and my flat number.
    if I meet one of them I will come back to this website.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    my sister has moved out. i can't wear her panties and thongs anymore, which was half of why i put up with being the younger bro i could pick on. what now?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 32

    Some time back I was invited to a dinner, ostensibly, for animal humane purposes. I love animals and knew the name of the charity so I accepted. At dinner I sat at a large table and noticed everyone else there was above average in attractiveness. As the dinner continued I came to realize it was not for a humane group or purpose so I started to get up and leave.

    A tall, exceptionally handsome man came up to me, seeing that I was a bit pissed. He asked me to please stay and hear the pitch for "Our Purpose." In short order, a lovely young woman got up and knocked her empty wine glass with a spoon, called us to attention. She introduced their club, "On Demand" as a social effort for attractive people to become friends. I had never heard of anything like it.

    After two additional invitations to consecutively smaller dinners I had full information on what it was, just an upscale sex club. The entire club was being sponsored by two unnamed wealthy people, supposedly a married couple with more money than they knew what to do with and who wanted to know and fuck good looking people.

    After the third dinner I said, "Fuck it" and signed up. The rules said that whoever received a call for sex must respond within three days, must be free of disease, must not have sex with ANYONE not in the club, etc. My only question remained, "How do we quit" and it was simple but the rule was, once quitting no return to membership.

    Since I have known myself to be bisexual since college when several of my sorority sisters introduced me to womanly sex, I thought I would benefit. I spent the next two years having sex with mostly strangers but all were good looking and intelligent. I thought I had found Valhalla.

    However, I kept meeting really hot people outside the club who really came on strong and I wanted them equally. I quit the club. Sometimes, when I am without a bed-mate (of either sex) I miss the club. Mostly I don't regret quitting it. I love to fuck strangers, some who are not terribly physically attractive but that are amazing lovers. "On Demand" might work for some, not for me.

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