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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Growing up, i lived next door to a gilr called Donna, she was very nice and beutiful, we use to get naked in my room and just touch each other, as she grew up her breasts became big and she became premiscuious, i wish i had of told her that i would love to have sex with her as i know she would have. i would have loved to have licked her vagina... Donna if u ever read this, know that i would still love to have sex with you anytime.... Love your next door lover...

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    selena is a bitch, and i wish she would die.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    post a coment on how you would fuck a girl that has blue eyes

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My wish is for a girl to touch suck rub lick jerk and kiss my cock:) who volunteers ladies?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Six most beautiful words I ever heard? Last night, as I was peeling the last few pieces of clothing off another man's wife. At that akward part where "protection" comes up? She says "It's O.K. - I want more babies."

    I've never cum so hard in my life! Or as often. Wish my little guys luck.

    Best part? Her family has one side of a duplex, I have the other. He drives truck. Plenty of opportunity for more fun. I'm guessing I'll be able to outbaste him 2 to 1. Odds are in my favor.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 40

    I have been with a woman for over half my life. And I have to say that our sex life is not that good. We work different shifts and I am alone most of the time. I met another man in the area who was younger then me. He was nearly thirty and had just moved here with his family. We met by chance when I was outside my house smoking and he walked by and asked for a smoke. Before I knew it, he had sat down next to me. He offered to share his bottle of booze with me, but I wasn't drinking. I was actually just outside to smoke before I went in the house to jack off before bed. I had been watching porn in the house and still had it on the TV when I came outside. I just had some soft silky shorts on me with nothing underneath. I had a half hard dick when John ( Not his real name ) came walking up. I made some small talk with him and shared my smoke, but I really wanted him to go. John wasn't much to look at and he seemed to be a little weird to me. He was even a little impolite and was slurring a bit. Not a good first impression.

    After a second or third smoke, he asked me if he could use my bathroom. I allowed him in and headed in after him. I had forgotten about the TV being paused and walked right by the living room to show him the bathroom. After I did, I went into my room and did some drugs. I won't say what and I am not proud that I did it. I had a problem with that stuff for years, but I figured my night was ruined and it didn't matter now anyway. I did it and knew that I wasn't going to be able to get myself off now, even if John left and went home. By the time I opened up my door and came back out, John had helped himself into the living room and was watching my porn. I have a thing for watching cumshots. So he was now aware that I was watching huge dicks explode just before he stopped by. I sat down on the opisite end of my "L" shaped sofa. That was when he hit me with it.

    "Wow man. You ever fuck around guys before?" John asked like he wasn't even a little scared about my answer. I was quiet for a few seconds trying to think of something to say. I could hardly even think with the sounds of men shooting their big loads in front of us. Hot women covered in sperm. And me, nearly drooling over the hot dicks on the screen. It was hard to act like I wasn't totally turned on by this.

    "No. I guess I never have. But I used to think about it. I used to think about it a lot. In fact I think I am what they call BI Curious." I couldn't even look at him after saying it. In fact, the spit in my mouth vanished and I got up to get a beer and offer John one. As I left the room I looked back at him and say he was rubbing his dick through his short. I decided to have a shot of boozed in the kitchen while I compossed myself.

    "I have." John said from the other room.
    "Really?" I answered back.
    "Yea, really. Say man, you don't mind if I make myself at home do you?" I walked into the room with our beers in hand just in time to see John drop his shorts all the way to the floor. I was about to speak when I looked up and seen his cock. After that I couldn't even get a sound out. I just stopped and starred at him as he sat back down. I had to take several deep breaths to compose myself. I couldn't believe it. I watched his big dick become fully hard and was shocked at how huge he was. He had an amazing cock. Just then I saw him looking into my eyes which were focused on his prick. He shook it like he waving a steak in front of a hungry dog. I think he knew I was drooling over it. Finally I made a sound.

    "Oh my God John. Your fucking huge." I paused again and say him smile and look back at the TV.
    "Thanks buddy. I am really fucking horny. I hope you don't mind."
    "I don't think I've ever seen a cock that big before man. You could be a porn star." Finally I sat down and set the beers down. I sat on the far end of the sofa again, but I never looked back at the TV. I just watched him jacking off. I was so turned on.

    "Your fucking amazing John." He looked at me again and smiled.
    "You can touch it if you want to. Or you can just jerk off with me if you like. I'm cool with whatever you want to do."

    Of course, I knew that I had a shrucken cock from doing my shit. I wasn't about to take my dick out right now. I regreted doing it to. I was feeling like I was going to explode inside. But I could not get it up no matter what happened for at least eight hours or so. I motioned to him to come over to me and he sat right next to me. I reached over and grabbed his big tool and squeezed it. He had to be all of ten inches long. I tugged it a few times before John asked me to suck his big cock. I didn't wait for him to ask me twice. I knew this was likely the last chance in my life to try this. I went down into his lap in a hurry and took him all the way down.

    "Oh, fuck man. Yea, that's it. You got a hot mouth buddy. Taste that dick. " He let me go on my own for a few seconds. I took him into my throat and gagged a little and then spit out his cock and covered it in my spit. I took him back down again, all the way. He grabbed my head and push me down on it. I didn't even gag a little. He moaned. I felt his hips bounce like he was fucking my head. Then he let me up and came up for air.

    "Dude. You like fucking my face? I think you should stand up and cock slap the shit out of me with that donkey dick." He took off his shirt and stood up in front of me. I got on the floor in front of him and started getting his cock so wet it was running off of it. Giant gobs of drool running onto the floor. He slapped me across the face with it. I moaned like I was having an orgasm.

    "Do it man. Fuck my face. Treat me like I'm your slut." He shoved his dick back into my mouth and pumped it hard. The sounds of sucking filled the air. I wrapped my lips at the base of his cock and tightened my grip. I felt him tensing up. Several times I thought he was about to cum, but he just kept right on fucking my hole.

    "Take you dick out dude. I want to see it." I couldn't tell him no. I just did what I was told. I took my shirt off and then quickly removed my shorts. He pushed up close to my naked body and did something I am not comfortable with at all. He kissed me. We were making out. Him standing there with a giant hard cock and me standing there with a soft little thing. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it into mine. I loved the way he felt to me. I started getting hard and he pulled me closer to him. He dry humped me, cock to cock until I was standing straight up and fully hard. Almost six inches and showing nearly no balls. I was so tense. So nervous. And yet so fucking horny. He pushed me back down again and I took him back into my mouth. I reached down and started tugging my cock fast and hard. He pulled out and slapped with his his horse dick again.

    "Do it man! Shoot your fucking cum on the floor if you want me to fuck your slut hole." I looked up at him and moaned.

    "Slap me John. I am going to cum so hard. Your so fucking hot!" I kept going as fast as I could. I just starred at that dick until I couldn't take it anymore and I started shooting it out. One after another, I couldn't count how many times I shot. They just kept coming and coming. Hitting the floor almost five feet away from me. Some on his legs and some on up on his cock. I moaned like a whore and started shaking when I was spent. It was the most intense orgasm of my life. And John was more than impressed. He shoved his huge manhood back in my watering mouth and started pumping me hard.

    "That's it. Take it. Tighten those lips down and suck like the whore you are. Make me fucking cum." He teased up and started grunting.
    "Here I cum man!" He pulled out of my mouth and started tugging it fast. He gripped down and I looked up as the first shot went over my head and missed me. Then he moved closer and I opened my mouth wide. He shot down my throat two more times. He paused for a second and then started tugging it again.

    "Oh shit. More!" I opened up again as the next two shots hit my face. I tried to put the cock back in my mouth, but he wouldn't let me. Instead he slapped his messy cum with his big cock and tried to catch his breath. I savored the taste and cleaned the wasted cum off of my face and licked it all up. I watched him get dressed and before long the night had ended.

    To this day, I still can hardly believe I let that happen. I felt ashamed for a while. And then I thought to myself that it was just a one time thing. Every once in a while, when I am alone, I get on my knees and remember what an amazing experience that was. I think I am going to go and do that now. I have to let it out somehow. I just wish he still lived here. I miss having a friend.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 19

    I'm a 19 y/o crossdresser. I've been wearing my mom's clothes since I was 11, and since 16 with her consent. We are the same size dress and shoes, which is totally awesome. Everyday after school, and much of the time on weekends, I'm in my mom's clothes. We are close. About 2 years ago, we started doing lingerie Sundays, where we both dress in sexy lingerie and I'm in full female makeup with a wig and polished nails. Mom also knew I had a foot fetish, as I would always stare at her bare feet and offer to massage them. One day massaging mom's feet I went for it and started kissing them. She pulled away and I was then begging her to let me kiss her feet.

    She finally allowed, it, but on lingerie Sunday, it's impossible to hide my erection bulge in my panties. I also went to licking her feet and sucking her toes. Nothing was more of a turn on, and mom knew it. That's when mom started tying me up, but that turned me on more. When I'm doing her feet, she has ruled that my cock must stay in my panties, and I'm not allowed to come. The frustration is tough, but I crave it. Now that schools out for the semester, I said I want to dress female everyday all day. She says she'll allow it, but she will lock up all my male clothes, and have to be in heels and full makeup every day. No exceptions. And I have to be the maid-servant AND run errands. If I punk out and cant handle being a woman 24/7, then I wont be allowed to dress for a month.

    It's a bit over a week, and I am still good as a woman, tho the thing I hadn't figured on is that all the neighbors know. I prey I don't run into any of my friends. But this is the opportunity of my life so far to dress female 24/7.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Hello I am about to tell you a very true story about a younger brother who has had sex with one of his older brothers his NAME is David and the oldest brother name is Jesse David was. JUST 4 years old when his older brother Jesse forced him to suck his cock one night while their mother and father was setting at the table playing a game of triple Yates and David and his two other brothers had to share the same bed room David had to Share a bed with his older brother Jesse. AND his other brother had his own bed and David also had a younger sister and one of his older sisters there were 9 children in David's family as I was saying David's brother had forced him to suck his cock and swallow his cum. BUT after David tasted his brothers cum. He didn't like it so David went to. The bathroom to spit it out. AND when David went back to bed. Jesse had promised David that he would suck David's cock So Jesse pulled out David's. Cock and started to suck it. Then Jesse bit David's cock leaving teeth marks and making David bleed. David then god crying to his MOTHER and Mother Doesn't beleave David and she MAKES him go. Back to bed As David gets older and he goes to be in. The 5th grade David's brother has sex with David again while he is at school. Awe days later. When David is at school his Brother and his Brothers friends. Has sex with David This time one of his brothers friends makes David suck him While David's brother puts his cock inside of David's buttwhole. AND this goes on till David's brother graduated from High school I have some more to till you later about David's older sister and David's older sisters daughter

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    A hard dick has no conscience.

    Our son said he inherited his mother's brain and my looks. I disagree because he looks a lot more like his mom than me. After the dumb stunt I pulled Friday night my intellect and judgement is n question. Chandler, our son (named for my wife's family) is extremely intelligent (not a nerd)) very active in sports (not a school athlete) and exudes confidence and charism. He began college (full academic scholarship) 8 days after graduating high school graduating in 3 years. He knocked the socks off us when he announced he had joined the military and his basic training was beginning 3 weeks after graduation. Proud, excited and terrified at the thoughts of him being deployed into a war zone cost his mother and I lots of sleep, but we supported his decision.
    Just as he promised when he graduated basic training he was sent to school for computers which thrilled us beyond words. That was 2 years ago and he has advanced fast and far - even serving 9 months in Japan. Now he is stationed a couple of hours from home so we see him often. He is still our oldest son, but he has become one hell of a man - in appearance, actions and deeds. Friday he came home and brought one is his buddies who had visited in our home before. When our son was 16 he moved into the lower level bedroom where there is a media room, a small kitchen, I turned the game room into an office and of course we have a 2 car garage. Our Master bedroom is 2 floors up where the other 2 bedrooms are located. When Chandler comes home he sleeps in his room which my wife has re decorated more like a man's not a teen boys room. Our daughter is in her last year of college on the west coast, so my wife and I are now empty nesters.
    Chandler and Darren came in Friday just in time for dinner and around 8pm decided to go bar hopping. I got a call around midnight from Darren asking me to come pick them up as they were both too drunk to drive. I left my wife in bed to pick up 2 drunken military dudes. They begged me to stop at one last bar for one last drink which I did and I had my one drink for the night. Then they had to have one more, so by the time we got in the car Chandler dove in the back seat on his side and Darren set in the front with me. Darren thinks the car was at the second bar they went to as they had got a ride to the bar where I picked them up. He couldn't remember its name but did say its the gay bar with the drag shows. I said, the gay bar? He said, yes, sir, the gay bar. I said why did you go to a gay bar? He said, best place on earth if you want a good blow job. I asked, is that from experience? He said, yes, sir. But no luck tonight there were too many screamers there so we left with someone Chandler knew and went to the Titty bar where you picked us up.
    I'm trying to wrap myself around all this new information being dropped on me so I was quiet and Darren feel asleep sitting up in the passenger seat. I'm in the garage trying to get Darren out of the seat so I reach to release his seat belt when he reached over and kissed the side of my face. I pull him out of the car standing him on his feet as I try to get his arm around my shoulder and neck to get him into the house. I laid him on one side of the bed and took off his shoes. Now I am back trying to pull my drunk son out of the back seat where he was laying. I slide his ass to the edge of the seat (laying on his back now). I reach around his back with both hands as I began to maneuver him upright. I was having difficulty getting his dead weight out of the car and upright so I put my head to his left side half way from his arm pit and pulled his arm over my head as I was pulling him to his feet. I felt his
    other hand on the back of my neck as he was now pushing my head to his crotch and said, suck me Darren.
    I finally got him inside the house and on his bed beside Darren and took off his shoes. I was exhausted so I went out into kitchen for a beer and sit down to catch my breath - Darren is my size and my son is 2 inches taller and 20 more pounds that me. I turned on the TV for a minute which muted the sounds from the bedroom. Then I heard talking so I decided to check on them and throw a blanket over them. When I got to the bedroom door Darren was sucking my sons dick and his hands were all over Darren's head and back. I stepped back so as not to be seen as I listened to Darren slobber all over Chandler's dick.
    I was hard as a rock and as I peeped around the door to watch Darren suck my son. Chandler never opened his eyes, he just moaned and rubber Darren's head. I knew there was not way that Darren was to drunk that he didn't know what he was doing because he was too good at sucking dick - he was into it big time. I heard a zipper and knew Darren was unzipping so I peeped just as he pulled it out. He got on his knees on the bed beside Chandler's face and rubbed his dick on my son's lips and they parted as 1/2 of Darren's dick went into Chandler's mouth. I could tell my son was getting into it and I could tell when he was out again too. Darren pulled out and reached for Chandler's dick with his hand. That is when He turned back to the doorway and looked at me. He had seen my reflection in the mirror. We were like Deer in head lights - neither of us could move.
    Darren got on his knees and began to suck Chandler's dick and occasionally look at my to see if I were still there, and I was. Then he held out his right hand, with an open fist, motioning me in the room. I knew Chandler was out so I stepped to the foot of the bed as Darren took my dick in his hand while sucking my son, who was passed out drunk. Then he took my dick in his mouth and his other hand was jacking Chandler. he has the hottest mouth my cock had ever been in and he was definitely a talented cock sucked. Now he gets on his knees and ask me to fuck his mouth really hard while he jacked my son's dick.
    It was evident to me that he had sobered it fast because he gave me the best blow job of my entire life. He held me by my hips while I filled his mouth with my cum. When I pulled out he got up and showed me my cum all in his mouth and then he bent down and took Chandlers dick in his mouth filled with my cum. I was hard as a rock in 2 minutes and hoping he would get the drunk off and I could put my cock in Chandler's cum. Chandler was too drunk even thou he had a hard on. So, he turned back to me and sucked me some more. Then he stood up and looked me in the face and stuck out his tongue and I leaned forward taking his tongue into my mouth. Darren reached for my hand and placed it on his cock and began to jack into my fist. He whispered, have you ever sucked a dick? I said. No. He said its time to try it, don't you think? I was hesitant as he put his hand on the back of my head and began to pull me down. I pulled away even thought I was no on my knees at the foot of the bed. He talked me into kissing his dick and placing the head on my lips... then I stood up. I was hard as stone and he said, put your dick in Chandler's mouth. I said, No. He said at least play with it and I reached over and grabbed my sons semi hard cock as Darren sucked me off again.
    He said watch this as he jerked a few times blowing into his hand. Then he takes and rubs it all over his dick and moves up and puts his dick in Chandler's mouth. He told me, your son and I eat each others loads every day. I looked and Chandlers cock was getting had again with Darren's dick in his mouth. For the life of me I do not know why, but I reached down and grabber my sons hardening dick and began to jack it while he nursed on Darren's limp dick. When I went to leave the room I took a blanket out and when I turned to throw it over then as Darren was putting Chandler's head on his arm.
    I told him this never happened and tomorrow you borrow my car to go to the gay bar for Chandler's. No one can never know this happened or that I know your secret. That was early Saturday morning and I have jacked off a dozen times and boned again. I have been sucked my men all my life but never touched one of their dicks, let one touch my mouth much less rest on my lips. However, I have come to the conclusion I want to try more. I love pussy and I fuck a lot of different women - I LOVE M/M/F action and M/M/M/F action, but I think I am ready to move to a different dimension and try some M/M or M/M/M action.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 24

    I am a male guy into wet sports and I been interested in going to aa public restroom and sneaking into a girls bathroom to listen to them pee and jerk to them

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