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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 28

    This is a tale of two cities. The dark city and the city of lights. I am from the suburbs, good schools, college, nice home, car at 16. She is from the inner city, Hispanic, half Puerto Rican, half Mexican. Bad schools, no college, pregnant at 15, her child went into foster care and later adoption. What we have in common is that we work together and we are the same age.

    I gave her some advise, to get an education, better herself. My boss, who does not mind his own business, told me I had rich girl syndrome. She had made it as far as she was going to go. Her man wasn't going to let her get an education and if she tried he would put her in her place. It upsets me, she has a three year old child with her man, and the little girl sleeps in the same room with them. She had told me that she tells her daughter to turn off her ears and not to watch when her man wants to have sex with her.

    I have a man in my life too. The same man who won't mind his own business. He made me, I am supposed to say encouraged me, get a masters, he paid for it and hired tutors so that I graduated with honors. He watches over me like a hawk. He has my career plan in mind all the time, and my life plan too. He minds how I dress and present myself, he treats me to the theater so that I can navigate around refined people. He treated me and my mother to a trip to France so that I could see the Mona Lisa and the Eifel Tower in person. I have been given classes on how to entertain, how to choose a menu for a dinner party, how to represent him when I am hosting his events. I had a diction coach, a dancing coach, even a lady who taught me how to apply make up and do my hair. I am currently in a class on identifying fine antiques. I am going on a three week museum tour of Europe later this summer.

    When he is with me in my apartment outside the bedroom there is a living room and large kitchen/dining room, two guest rooms, fine furniture and paintings, the kitchen has fine china and cutlery, all selected by me with the help of a decorator. I have a car that picks me up and takes me to work and home again. I live at a very exclusive address overlooking the park. She lives in a rent controlled part of town. No car.

    She is very smart and she understands me more than anyone. She has helped me deal with my role, she has softened me, helped me woman this man in my life. She knows about taking care of a man, things I never learned growing up. I have learned so many things from her, she is gentle and sure of herself. All my education, but no one ever told me about being that woman for a man. Please the man and you please yourself she says. I want her to get educated and she wants me to get pregnant, to have a baby before I turn 30.

    We come from two cities, side by side, and meet at work every day and I look after her and she looks after me. She is my best friend. I have never been to where she lives and she has never been where I live. I mentioned to my man that I want her as my maid of honor. My man stares at me and asks me not to embarrass her, if I care for her, then recognize where she comes from. The wedding wont be for her people.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    This confession involves me and my cousin who is a girl, im a guy.
    We are both good looking people, and keep good hygiene and much older today than we were then but still come froma wealthy family.

    Everything that happened was years ago, was willing/consented curiosity experimentation on both ends.

    She has light sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and is pretty tall, nice body, has a cute face.
    Im Average weight, green eyes, tall, long stylish brown hair and good looking too,

    When we were younger she and eye did our experimenting on one another and we did this for a long time.
    Eye played around with her body parts and areas, and she played with mine.
    We played doctor all the time, and house too, we were always the parents.

    Eye remember, she actually peed on my "you know what" one time and my mom almost caught on to the smell.
    We'd pretend to play " tag " chase her around the house and downstairs where wed stop, kiss and try a few things.
    we came close to trying to date for our first bf and gf thing.... but we didnt date and if we did things could have gone much further so thank gosh it didnt.

    last thing eye remember is that eye took her "back door virginity" on my bed, willingly and this time of legal age.

    Somehow everything between us stopped, eye was still attracted to her and she wasnt which led into dirty panty/sock thieving for personal pleasure and taste. sometimes getting dressed in her complete outfits while laying in her bed...

    Eve rything is over now,
    its just a messed up event in my life that I want to let go of.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 37

    During a very hot time with my lover I let him tattoo me with his name. I have been his lover for a while now, I see his name every day reminding me who I need to be with.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was 24, I was engaged to a 40 year old man. He was the best sex I had ever had. (He still holds that title 5 years later...) He was romantic, thoughtful, selfless, had a GREAT body, was hot as hell and really knew what he was doing. I didn't think that sex could get any better....when the relationship ended, I went to a MUCH younger guy and it was the worst experience ever! I cringe just thinking about it again. He was young and horny and full of energy, but he did not know how to please a woman. He just tried to jump right in there and go for his end result without thinking of what I wanted or needed to enjoy it too.

    So ladies, don't blow them off just because you feel that they are too old. You may miss out on the best sex of your life!!!!!

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have two older brothers. The oldest is a bit of a dumb ass, but my middle brother was my hero growing up. Everything he got into I got into and we were always pretty close because of this.
    Iâm two years younger than my brother, so we used to hang out all the time and had all the same friends.
    When he was 26, he met a girl. Now my brother was sad to say the better looking out of the two of us, but everyone used to say we looked like twins. Anyway he always managed to score hot babes, and this chick was no different. Except weâre Irish and this chick was black.
    Now a hot chick is a hot chick, but in the past weâd always had similar taste in girls. White, blonde, blue eyes. Needless to say him turning up with her was something else.
    She was a really cool chick, a year younger than my brother. Iâd been with the same girl since I was 22, so in a relationship for two years. The girl I was with, I was convinced I was going to marry her.
    So this chick my brother is seeing, is his complete opposite, they donât share the same taste in music, movies even tv. However they stayed together for four years, and in that time we all got to be really close friends, double dating and that stuff.
    Needless to say my gf loved her and they became best friends.
    Being that my gf and her are best friends, of course theyâd talk about sex all the time. Especially comparing me and my brother, which my gf would tell me about afterwards. My gf isnât bi, but sheâd always say if sheâd go lesbo for a chick it would be my brothers gf.
    My brother and her always had a rocky relationship, so when he told me it was really over, I didnât believe him.
    When it finally sunk in three months later that my brother and her were quite finished, my gf eventually cut ties with her, choosing my brother in the break up.
    Six months have passed and my gf and I are out at our local pub having some beers when my brothers ex walks in with some friends.
    We greeted like old friends, and she ended up spending the night hanging out with us. Around midnight when it was time to go, my gf jokingly said she had one regret from my brotherâs break up and that was that she never got to have her threesome.
    Weâd joked in the past about it, and being a bit drunk, I said âwe can always fuck nowâ. So yeah I guess you can imagine how the story went.
    Back at my gf and Iâs place, and the three of us fucked liked crazy. My brothers ex gf was everything and more than I had ever thought and fantasized about, and when she sucked my cock, I knew my brother didnât exaggerate on telling me she gave the best head heâs ever had.
    We fucked all night. I kept the girls up, refusing to let them sleep worried that Iâd wake up and it was a dream and not to mention the awkward morning after buzz.
    I watched my gf eat out my brothers ex gf and if I could freeze a moment in time that would be it.
    However all good things come to an end, and at 5am my brothers ex called a cab. We promised to keep in touch, but I know we all lied, and it was just a nice sort of thing to say.
    Afterwards I walked around with the biggest shit eating grin on my face.
    Two weeks after, I get a text, from my brothers ex, saying she had fun, and if I would be up for some one on one action. Now of course at this stage, Iâm thinking sheâs joking around like old times. So I text her back âfuck yeah, name the place and the timeâ. She replied with her address and an hour from then.
    Now I could lie and say it was easy to arrange, cause my gf was at work. But she wasnât. She was in the lounge watching tv. I had to think fast. I couldnât take a shower and then take off, thatâs the biggest give away ever. Ten minutes spent in the room trying to think of a way out, I came up with probably the lamest idea ever.
    I told my gf, a mate texted and needed help with his computer. She shrugged not really caring and I was out of the house. I still wanted to shower though, so I did the next shittest thing. I went around to my brothers house, told him I needed to have a shower and borrow some clothes because my gf wasnât home and I didnât have my house keys. He didnât question a thing.
    I felt like shit, but not that bad, I didnât go through with it. I beat off in my brothers shower, imagining all the things I was going to do to his ex, and because I didnât want to blow my load as soon as I got to her place.
    So my confession is, Iâve been fucking my brothers ex gf for three months now and cheating on my gf. Last weekend while out drinking with my brother, he got drunk and started going on about how he let the best thing in his life slip through his fingersâ¦his ex gf.
    I spent that whole night telling him heâd done the right thing and she wasnât the right girl for him. Hell I even tried to hook him up with some girls. He didnât take the bait, but Iâm pretty sure by the end of the night, he didnât want her back.
    The truth is, I think Iâm falling in love with her. It will tear my family apart if we came out and told people. Sometimes I wish we could just run away. Iâm chicken shit, but everyone is expecting me to propose to my gf, and I know Iâm going to have to make a choice sooner or later. Iâm just praying itâs later. Much later.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 31

    My life had taken a bit of a bad turn. I had lost my job and to make ends meet I took a job as a sales clerk in the mall. My lunch break was around six and I went to the food court. I met the man who sold suits at the same store and we started to arrange having our lunch break together. He was a professional salesman and had been selling men's suits pretty much his whole career. His resume included most of the big department stores.

    We became friends, actually at that time he was the only person I talked to other than across the sales counter. He knew that where they had me there just wasn't going to be any commissions to speak about. Those jobs were for guys like me, down on their luck, just happy to get minimum wage. He told me the bigger dollars were in shoes, men's suits, and handbags.

    One day he told me that selling required me to have very nice hands. He held my hand in his, he showed me how his were manicured and he told me he used transparent polish. He told me that I had nice hands, and that he could make arrangements for his manicurist to take care of me. It was forty bucks, plus tip, and he could tell that was a strain, so he offered to pay it himself.

    We went together on our day off, Thursday. It was funny him not being in a suit. The place we went was where only someone who knew about it went. The manicurist was very gay acting. He was quite disgusted with my hands, but he told me that for his friend's sake, he would take care of me. I had never had my hands held so long by another man, much less a gay man. My friend sat quietly beside me while his manicurist did his magic. As he worked he sought approval of my friend, he would say, you want his hands nice and soft and no hangnails, so he can treat you right.

    When he was done, and my friend approved, he asked the gay man to give me a facial, his treat. To lay back and enjoy being pampered. I had hot towels on my face, a neck massage, a chest massage, a face massage, and when I had the hot towel on my face removed, my friend was standing over me and asked me how I liked it, his hands on either side of my face, and he leaned over and kissed me. He whispered that we all needed to stay together. The gay manicurist, just laughed and said I was in good hands.

    He was very meticulous when he undressed, he was obviously not someone who spent any time outside. He took my penis in his hands and gently massaged me into an erection and he gave me my first ever man blow job, gently, thorough, not like anything I had experienced. He didn't let me complete, he lay back on the bed and asked me to come over and show him what I could do. To start by holding his penis in my hand, get used to the wonderful feeling, to use my imagination and get an erection out of him, to think where I wanted his penis to be after he became erect.

    To use my mouth, to savor it, to think of all the penises that had gone by and not a one that I had the courage to suck. He gave me instructions and recommendations and guidance, and he would lean over from time to time and suck me, always keeping my penis in his hand. He said that before making love, we needed to kiss. To feel it in my toes. He whispered to me what he was going to do with his penis and he promised I was going to enjoy it.

    He suggested that for my first time I lay on my back, missionary style. He used lots and lots of lubricant, he used one and then two fingers, he would lean over and suck on my penis for a short minute, and then he managed himself into an erection and he laid down on me using his hand to place his penis where he wanted it. It did not hurt, it went in smooth and fast, he told me I was doing a good job, to lay back and really enjoy it. He pinched my nipples, he bent far over for a kiss, it just did not last long enough, soon he was done, his face showed it all. He asked for a few minutes to recover and he would help me with his hand and his mouth. He was going to give me a real blow job.

    It was strange seeing his mouth on my penis, but he did what he promised, he quickly got me up to a full erection and using his strong hands and his mouth I soon had an ejaculation, which he cleaned up with some Kleenex he had by the bed.

    He was gentle and competent, and he knew what he wanted from me and soon it was a weekly and then daily affair. He introduced me to his friends, his arm around my shoulder. He dressed me, being into men's clothes, he always made sure I was well dressed, my hands manicured, my hair properly styled. he doesn't like me to go out embarrassing him by the way I look. I am sure that it is obvious to the men stopping buy to get some lotion and cologne thought I am probably gay. I am gay, but I believe it is the manicured hands that gives it away. He has tenure at the store, which makes it better for me. It will be a while before I get a better station, where I can make more money. But I like my job, and I like my hands. I can't believe I had never had a manicure.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 30

    Going back to when I was sixteen I became the girlfriend of one of my guy friend's father. I am thirty now and I am still his girlfriend. My parents have become good friends with him. It's not that I am a secret, everyone knows I am his girlfriend. I just got back from a dinner party, five old ladies and me talking about our men, kids and grandkids, and when am I going to bless my parents with the pitter patter of grandbabies.

    I need a drink, I am just not ready for diaper duty.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45


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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 50

    I'm a straight male but I LOVE to wear a Woman's Shirt. This is my sexual clothing fetish and I LOVE it! The Woman's Shirt is styled with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. My confession is the Fetish Name by which I call this style of Woman's Shirt. I call a Woman's Shirt styled with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Shirt Pockets a TICKET SHIRT. Knowing that the TICKET SHIRT I'm wearing is a Woman's "Shirt," turns me on sexually! Knowing that the Ticket Shirt I wear is an article of Women's Clothing intended to be worn by a Woman but worn by me, a MALE, really arouses me sexually!

    I also have Fetish Names for the Notched Collar, Collar Tags and the Shirt Pockets. The Notched Collar is called a "Ticket Shirt Collar," the Collar Tags are called "Ticket Shirt Collar Tags," and the Shirt Pockets are called "Ticket Shirt Pockets." I also have Fetish Names for my small, 4 inch penis and the sperm I spurt from my penis. My penis is called a "Ticket pp" or a "little Ticket pp," and my sperm is called "Ticket sperm."

    In my "Ticket Shirt Fetish" I have three "types" of Ticket Shirts. There are Ticket Shirts, pp Ticket Shirts and sperm Ticket Shirts. Ticket Shirts are for me to wear. My pp Ticket Shirts are for me to look at and jerk off to and for sexual Ticket pp to pp Ticket Shirt sexual touching contact. My sperm Ticket Shirts are for me to use when I jerk off and spurt my Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp. I spurt Ticket sperm on a sperm Ticket Shirt. I have exposed my Ticket Shirt Fetish on Flickr under the name "Women's Shirt Fetish."

    I LOVE to wear a Woman's Ticket Shirt and watch myself jerk off while standing in front of a large mirror. Seeing myself wearing a Ticket Shirt turns me on sexually. Looking at the Ticket Shirt Collar and the Ticket Shirt Pockets of the Ticket Shirt I'm wearing is a sexual turn on for me! I get so turned on seeing myself wearing a Ticket Shirt and watching myself jerking off that I spurt Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp!

    I also LOVE to have Women sexually humiliate me for wearing a Ticket Shirt and having a little Ticket pp. I LOVE to have a Woman watch me wearing a Ticket Shirt, jerking off, and spurting Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp! I know that my Ticket Shirt Fetish is weird, but I LOVE my Ticket Shirts and I LOVE jerking off while I wear a Ticket Shirt!

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 34

    Sorry to disappoint you, this is not about sex.

    Over the New Year's holiday a friend of mine and I decided that we should go to Thailand for a week. She had been before and talked it up and told me all about the fun we would have. We found a holiday condo on AirBnB and flew into Bangkok on the 25th of December. We caught transportation down to the coast, found our condo and moved in. The weather was so good, and we were soon out walking and getting to know the place in shorts and tops and sandals.

    We met some people at the pool of the condo, they were from Kiev, a man and his girlfriend in their thirties. We made friends and started to hang with them. Then one morning the cops were there, they were asking us all sorts of questions, if we had been with them the night before. It turned out that the girl was dead, she had been suffocated the night before and found by the maid. The man had disappeared. The lady police officer told us that things like that happened, another senseless death of a girl playing a deadly game with a man. It was some sort of sex game gone wrong.

    It was my worst ever holiday. We left early and spent New Year's at home.

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