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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I have been cross dressing every since I was age twelve on and off. The time when I did this the most was over a eight year time with two different girlfriends. Both accepted my cross dressing and would buy me clothing and help me be passable in public. I loved it and dressed full time when at home. The second girl friend of the two insisted that I be cross dress while at home. She would every once in a while make me dress when we went out. A couple of times when we were in a larger city near by, she told me that she expected me to dance with a man and kiss him while we were out. She even said I could take a man back to the room if that was what I wanted. None of this ever happened and I could tell she was not pleased even though she denied it.

    Over the next few years she told me she was the dominate one and that she was going to arrange a sexual encounter for me with a man. She want him to give me anal sex and also have me suck his cock. She told me that I was a sissy and I needed to have sex with a man since sissies like men's cocks. I was to get used to the Idea and she would be getting her sex from real men. She went out several times with other men over the last year we were together. She was setting up a date for her fuck buddy to come up from down south for him to have sex with me. That is when I knew it was going to really happen. I ended the relationship at that point and it never did take place. That next summer I thought about what would have happened if we would have stayed together. I ended up going out several times that year and gave my first, second, and third blow job. The third one actually fucked me analy for my first time. That was the best sex ever! I thought that I maybe could be gay going forward but I really liked females and could not turn into a gay person.

    Over the next ten years I only dressed in the privacy of my home when ever my girlfriends would be gone. She never knew about my pass. Then I got married and only dress when she is gone but most of the time, I do not do it. Which brings me up to where I am today. I dress once in a great while, which is rarely and I do miss it a lot. I have been buying more and more female clothing and have reconsidered the thought of sucking cock again. I do love my wife but have this sissy urge inside of me. My wife knows nothing about my past or that I like being a sissy. I would love to tell her but I am sure she would leave if she knew. So I sit and wonder daily what I should do. Should I take the chance and let her know with the assurance that it would lead to a divorce or start doing it behind her back. The thing keeping me from doing it behind her back is that I do not want to cheat on her. I would rather have her encourage me to do it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 24

    If I were president or was the one to make laws id make it mandatory that;

    Guys are only allowed to have intercourse with the prettiest/sexiest of their first cousins and that no protective, contraceptive or any type of birth control may be used during the intercourse process and that pulling out may be the only, single method to use to avoid pregnancy.

    If the male happens to get his girl lover cousin completely knocked up, pregnant, preggers while having intercourse ..... then evidence must be made in the form of close up photos/videos and made public to records.
    A Jury of 100 will review evidence of photo/video and then judged 1-10 to score how beautiful the cream on the pie looks.

    The girl love cousin related must wear the sexiest/smallest of panties for her cousin whenever intercourse is requested and must dress the same, thongs are highly advisable by the courts. Tuesdays panties must be worn till 12:00am the next morning and not taken off till then and given directly to her guy cousin.

    No other man is allowed to touch the girl love cousin who is now your only lover unless it is to only to lick, smell, touch, rub or look at her feet at the demand of her own desires even if her feet are sweaty,dirty or clean. By no means should any other form of contact be made by forigne male and is punishable by law .

    ------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---------
    Cheating is punishable by harsh penalties and is not accepted.
    Failure to comply brings penalties of male cousin being bottom for another man until only he, the punisher finishes.
    Second offense brings penalties of the guilty to give head to another mail until finish and swallowing all reproductive fluids completely.
    third offense is the harshest, the convicted must not have intercourse for an entire year only to be teased by legal, 18 year old teens in any fashion that they wish, heavy seducing and teasing is HIGHLY advisable by the courts.

    If The girl cousin lover does not comply and cheats she must forfiet 12 of her dirtiest, freshly worn panties to any male who requests them at this time, this is the only situation in which any male can request from a taken, non related female.

    Second offense the girl lover must comply with the dirtiest of sexual acts requested by her cousin lover.

    Third Offense the girl cousin lover must play video games in the nude, no speaking and only heavy moaning is allowed.
    ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ----------------

    HOWEVER ! If the male cousin does find another female that sexually attracts him, the male may ONLY ONCE IN HIS LIFETIME request that she " the non related ",forfeit the underwear she has on at that exact time regardless of how wet, dirty, or strong smelling they may be, she must forfeit them immediately.

    Fai lure to comply by female cousin brings penalties of unlubricated anal til natural lube arises, and oral for a day straight to her cousin lover who must not shower for 3 days in advanced. Reproductive fluids must be held in convicteds mouth for 15 minutes exactly.

    Second offense brings penalties of foots jobs and mandatory golden showers to her lover cousin.

    Third offense brings harsh penalties of being punished to make intimate, deep passionate love in front of their family and friends and for their enjoyment. Only loud, obnoxious, feels so good its painful type moans must be made for everyone to enjoy.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Last summer I went to the beach with my friend Karen. We are both 23 year old single girls and became good friends. Last summer we were at the beach and saw the horniest thing happen to boy right in front of us. He was one of a group of teenaged boys sitting a few feet away from us. We both had bikinis on and were looking at us the whole time we were there. It was obvious that they were talking about us and trying to get our attention. It seemed like they were pushing this boy to come over and talk to us. As they got out of the water we were sure this boy was heading right towards us. He just came right up to us and din't even get a chance to say a word, when his friends came up behind him and yanked his bathing suit right down to his feet. Sundently he found himself totally nude right in front of us and everyone else on the beach, trying to work up that tangled wet suit back up. We were as embarrassed as he was, but the truth is we enjoyed every minute of it. It's not every day you get to see a bare naked guy, with his dick exposed right in front of you. It was the best flash we ever saw.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Hi,I'm a 19 year old in Ghana,Africa who desperately needs money and I'm ready to do anything to get money,whether gay sex or normal sex.

    I'm bi so there's nothing to be scared of.Contact me as soon as possible on [email protected]@@@g***l.**m

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Do other people find that certain actions or places sometimes trigger you wetting your pants? For me, putting a key in the door if I have to pee relatively badly often causes me to start to pee right then and there, even if I'm not completely desperate and could hold it a little longer. I think it's my body's reaction to the many times I have come home absolutely urgent and almost peeing my pants - my body has learned that relief is a few seconds away. I often went from my front door to the toilet with a big wet patch in my pants. Now I try to go before I leave for home so this won't happen.
    However, I didn't realize this extended to any key. I'm currently doing a show and I was given a key for the elevator in the opera house to get from the rehearsal space to my dressing room. This past weekend, my husband was visiting and we went out to lunch. I had to pee at the restaurant but decided to hold it until I got back to my dressing room. I could definitely feel that I had to go, but I didn't think I was that urgent. We came back and I took out the key for the elevator. The minute I put it in the lock, a rush of pee wet the crotch of my panties. I was forced to grab my crotch and dance to avoid soaking myself. I hadn't even told my husband I had to go since I wasn't in desperate need. He asked me if I was OK and I admitted that I was wetting my pants. He was shocked. The trickle stopped and we got in the elevator. By now, the urge had receded and I went upstairs, checked my schedule and put my stuff in the green room, feeling totally in control of my bladder, before going to pee and deal with the wet spot I'd made.
    The next day, I was by myself and had to pee and as I stood by the elevator, I was hunting in my purse for the key and couldn't find it. As I began to panic, I began to pee my pants. I dumped everything from my purse onto the ground, squatted down on my heel and rocked as I finally picked up the key, then had to shove everything back into my bag and key the elevator.
    A couple of days later, I was coming out of rehearsal and had been drinking water and was uncomfortable with a bursting bladder, but there was no reason I couldn't hold it for a few minutes more. I was with a group of other singers and we all headed for the elevator. I mentioned that I was dying to pee and keyed the elevator. Almost instantly I felt a trickle of pee in my pants. Because I had company, I couldn't dance and hold like I needed to and all I could do was shift about and cross my legs a bit and tell everyone I had to pee. So it kept coming for quite a while before I finally was able to mentally shut it off. We got out of the elevator and before I could rush to my dressing room (I had no idea if people could see how wet I was), the director cornered me. I felt bursting while I was talking to him, but didn't lose any more pee and was able to hold it. When I finally got to my dressing room, my underwear were completely soaking and so was the crotch of my pants. Then I lost more pee in another way that I sometimes do - while by the toilet undressing. Often if I have to go badly I'll hold it fine until that point and then as I'm unzipping, have to cross my legs and squirm and hold myself as pee pours out in my underwear. Once when that started to happen, I left the bathroom and held it for another fifteen minutes with no further wetting, then went back to the bathroom and peed. If I don't rush, undress slowly and breathe calmly even when desperate, it's not as bad, but I don't always remember that.
    As to the elevator key situation, I'm realizing I can't go to the elevator having to pee, so I've started using the crappy downstairs bathrooms before getting on.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    I would have written this a few days ago when my desires were still fresh, but I didn't have time until now.

    Three times a week, I go to the gym. After three months, all I have to show for it is a bigger booty and a crush/sexual attraction to a guy twice my age. I have never liked someone who is in their late 40's or their 40's for that matter. Mr. Not-So-Tall (but taller than I am), definite tan, nearly-white teeth (because I only know one person with teeth whiter than his) that are noticeable due to his tan, and defined biceps that are almost as big as my head. I have had four dreams about him. The third dream involved him fondling my C-cup breasts and me on his lap grinding against him.

    Despite him being unaware of my attraction to him (or he keeps his mouth shut about it), five other people in the group exercise class could easily notice I have a crush on him. Hey, subtlety was never my forte.

    But since this is supposed to be about dreams and wishes, I have many desires that I want fulfilled. I want to tie him up on a chair and sit on his lap while kissing him. I want to lick and suck on his neck while doing a body shot on him. I want him to host a housewarming party so I can show up and we can sneak off to make out. I want to give him hickeys. Heck, I even want him on top of me and inside of me.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    do guys find it sexy for a girl to be desperate for a pee?

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Female / 45

    an evil omen is being encouraged by dark bad forces. a counsellor was saying things to me that my great grandfather used to say to the man who m****ted half my family including me. I didn't like it and it has been feeling like a evil spirit and evil omen around me. I am nothing like that predator in my personality and I don't abuse children and I don't put my hands in children's pants all day long like he did to me and must have done to my family. and sure he had some good points to him but no one else in the family was like him and we feel someone is doing witchcraft on us and its been going on for some time now in the name of nick, and others deceased. how can I protect myself and my family from this evil omen and bad wicca, we can't get any more broken then this, we have none no wrong ourselves and just want it to go away. we just want the good things to happen to us. has anyone else experienced this sort of thing were demonic words and voices are coming through others and remind you of the abuser and trying to accuse you of what they did to you when you you never did those things and never would do those things? does anyone know how I can help from a light-worker to stop the dark abusive forces hurting my family? so only goodness and light and the good things come in? I don't know about black magic I am a christian, but I can sense a evil spirit talking through the living and doing things that are bad. how low can a frenemy get to do this? opposites all the time rotating the fraud on fraud, how much playing with your head can a demonic sicko go, reversing anti turn complete 180 and flip. you sure show your low to the world abusing people with witcraft. how much more can they mess with our heads di? and lilbeater?

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a cheerleader for basket ball. Well... at one game, i decided to throw some popcorn at one of my team members. well instead it accidently hit my coach and she made me go down in front of EVERYONE and clean it up. So i said i wasnt going to. One of my team members got a broom and handed it to me and then the janitor came and said that he can do it. My coach then said, "no she can do it! She did it!" I was so embarrassed and to this day I laugh about it!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 40

    I've always loved the female ass, and the bigger the better. My wife is a BBW who has a great big, round ass. Shapely, soft, and that boumce when I'm fucking her from behind.

    I also love licking ass; I'll admit, I eat her ass like I'm starving. Don't get me wrong, I love her pussy and eat it every time we have sex, but that ass just kills me.

    But I found I am obsessed with her scent; I love to sniff my wife's ass. It's never a foul smell, but her musk. That all day walking around, sweat and natural odor just makes me go crazy.

    Some mornings when I get up before her, and she is sleeping in panties or spandex, I'll go near her ass and take a big sniff, instant hard-on.

    One night in the summer, we got into an argument. We both made up and she started rubbing my crotch. She had on these skin tight spandex leggings and through them I saw her microfiber tight panties. I turned her around, bent her over the bed, spanked her, and buried my face in her ass.

    The sweat and scent of her made me feel like an animal. I pulled them down and sniffed her ass through her panties. Pulled them down and pressed my nose deep in her ass crack. I buried my tougne in her ass and was near ecstasy.

    She said if you like the smell and the taste, you'll love it gripping your cock. I got lubed and slowly entered her BBW ass. She would not let me cum though. Not till she knew I was getting enough of her ass.

    An hour later, I blew in her ass. Now, I still get my sniffing in, when she's sleeping, or bent over and wearing sweats, spandex or yoga pants. And I'll swipe her panties and run to the bathroom and sniff her pussy and ass and jack off.

    One time I was eating her ass and she slipped a fart. Did the smell, but it got me so hot I fucked her very hard that night. I wish she would just sit on my face for hours one night, just rubbing that precious ass all over me. Better get her a nice gift to her her in the mood;-)

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