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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 45

    I stripped, got down on my knees and sucked my son's best friend for $300. One of the most shameful and degrading moments in my life ...

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am dating this guy for sex. We don't have much in common, he sometimes gets on my nerves and he is way too much into sports especially watching it on television.

    He has a nice body and an equally large cock ! He gets hard at a touch of a button and he fucks like an angel. Our best moments are spent between the sheets and I sometime feel guilty that I use him as a boy toy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I suspected my wife of fuckin her best friends boyfriend. We held a party at our house recently, so I hid my video camera in the bedroom.

    The next day I watched it, and sure enough at one point during the night the two of them go into our bedroom, she bends over lifts her short dress, he pulls down her g string and he fucks her from behind. He lasted about a minute.

    Its her birthday party soon and its her 30th. Iv said nothing and arranged a party like a good husband should. Iv prepared a video of great and important moments of her life which are gonna be projected onto the wall of the bar we hired. The last clip is gonna be her getting fucked from her best friends guy.

    Lets see who's laughing then.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I was horny and went online and connected with a dude looking to suck; we exchanged a few pics and then made my way to his place.

    I was a bit nervous as I have never done this and the guy was cool and we had a beer and chatted a bit.

    I sat on the couch and he got on his knees between my legs and he sucked me like a pro for a good 45 minutes all the way down to my pubes. I came twice and he never lost a drop.

    Now I text my buddy anytime I want a bj.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I went away for the weekend with my best friend and her family. we were sleeping in the same bed and when we were getting changed we took off our bras and put on tshirts and got into bed, when i got in my best friend started slowly rubbing my ass and thighs moving her fingers up to my pussy. i was so turned on my pussy became very wet my undies were damp. she slid her fingers underneath and pushed them deep into my pussy. the tingles were amazing, i was more turned on then when a guy had done this to me. she started fingering me deep and hard and then she rolled me over and pulled off my underwear. she licked my clit slowly and lightly.. teasing me so well. she then put her fingers inside me again and then started sucking on my clit at the same time, she reached up and squeezed my breasts and then came up and began to suck and lick my nipples. i was moaning so bad and then we started scissoring, it felt amazing.. while we were scissoring her mom walked in on us.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am bi and was recently single and went online on a gay website to see if I could find a fuckbuddy. My gf and I had just broken up and I was in the mood for non-committal fun.

    I noticed one of the guys had taken a self-picture in a mirror of a gym - but not just any gym - the one in my condo building. I recognized the colour of the walls and the equipment.

    So I started chatting him up and he was actually a very nice guy ! He told me that he was bi and just curious and was afraid to meet. I showed him a fake picture so he wouldn't recognize me in the elevators as I was a bit apprehensive as he was my neighbour.

    I started hanging out at the gym and sure enough, on the second day he came in. I chatted him up a bit and he had no idea that I knew he was bi and that he had been on a gay site.

    We went in the changeroom and I purposely got naked in the shower and pranced around the changeroom. I then followed him in the sauna and I let my big cock hang out for him to enjoy. I was purposely getting up and putting water on the oven rocks so he could look at my back and my nice muscular ass.

    Nothing happened but he asked me if I would get together with him for dinner and drinks. We did meet and we have been having amazing sex - this guy told me that I seem to be reading his mind. Well he doesn't know or realize that we chat online and we talk about sex and he tells me all of his desires and fetishes. He even shared that he had met a guy and goes in great details.

    I feel a bit bad because I hid from him because I was shy and not for the intention of being deceitful. But for once I get a lover that indirectly tells me his wants and needs and what he loves in the bedroom everytime we chat online.

    I hope he never finds out that his lover and his internet buddy are the "same" person.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Posted by Anonymous

    when i was younger my bf and i visited his family for the weekend. we had to share with his younger brother but couldnt help it one night after a few glasses of wine so i climber on him and started to ride him slowly and quietly. I look up to notice his brother watching us whilst pretending to sleep but carry on regardless, playing with my tits making eye contact with him throughout whilst bouncing up and down on his brothers big cock. By the look on the brothers face he had his hand on his dick and Im pretty damn sure i made two brothers cum and pretty much the same time which, strangely, im quite proud of.

    My bf and I broke up a couple of years later and since then i have bumped into his brother a couple of times.... both times have resulted in me being bent over and having his dick slipped into me.... to my delight as he's a good inch or two bigger than his brother. :)

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    Question ... Would you fuck someone you know if you saw them working at a brothel?

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 19

    Around Christmas 2012, my boyfriend invited me to his and his fathers house (His mom died some years back). It was a small get together with some of his Aunts, Uncles and their kids. I enjoyed myself immensley and was getting along just fine with everyone present. Most of the day I didn't drink, but as it started to get dark I decided to have some wine.
    By 9 o'clock at night I was bodering on being drunk and needing to go and pee I climbed the stairs. When I reached the top I heard at first, then as I moved forwards I saw my boyfriends father. He was stood leant against the door which I presumed lead to his bedroom, on her knees in front of him was his brothers wife and she was taking his very long thick cock into her mouth.
    They didn't notice me at first and I just kept on watching her suck his fat cock down her throat. Only when her husband, his brother came up next to me, did I even think to move. I thought all hell would let loose, that never happened and far from it. Maybe my boyfriends uncle's presence made them look round, maybe it was my gasp, but his wife just kept on sucking her brother in laws cock.
    As I turned to look at her husband he said "I'm not surprised your oggling his dick. He got to the front of the queue in our family, when cock size was being given out". Walking past me and into the bathroom, he closed the door and re-emerged a few minutes later, before walking calmly down the stairs as if nothing had happened. By that time my boyfriends father had unloaded his cum down his brothers wife's throat and I'd watched every horny second of it.
    Walking back downstairs myself after going to the bathroom, I asked my boyfriend if he'd take me home.
    We stopped off half way to my parents address, not because my boyfriend was especially horny, it was because I was. Getting out of the car I made him drop his jeans and boxer shorts before I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him clean, the first time I'd ever swallowed his load. All the time I was sucking on his cock I was thinking about his father and how much bigger he was.
    A month ago today I called by my boyfriends house, wrongly thinking he'd be home. I'd totally forgotten he was taking football practice. It was only the third time I'd seen his father after Christmas and those times my boyfriend had been present. I'd not asked my boyfriend why his uncle allowed his father to have sex with his wife, thinking it might cause trouble or maybe he didn't know. When my boyfriends father answered the door and told me he was out, I instantly thought I'm going to ask him.
    I'd asked him if I could wait and as he sat down after getting me a drink I plucked up the courage and asked, saying "Hey Mr ....... how come you get to have sex with your brothers wife and he don't mind one bit". Not flinching or looking away, he grabbed the bulge in his shorts and said "he ain't got a 9 & 1/2 inch dick and his wife was my girlfriend along time ago. Still loves a big cock to suck every now and then". Still keeping his eyes on me he added "Why, you want some".
    I was shocked, I mean it was my boyfriends father. I've never asked if he felt or feels guilty, so I don't know, but as I smiled back at him nervously he stood up, looped his hands inside his shorts and released his enormous cock. It was just as I remebered, very long and so thick. The difference was, we were both sober and I was the person being offered his length to suck.
    Moving over to where I was sat, he held his cock out in front of me and said "He won't be home for another hour at least, it's all yours if you want it". Closing my eyes slightly and reaching out, I took a hold of his meaty cock and guided it towards my open mouth, letting it slide inch by inch over my tongue until it filled my mouth.
    It wasn't as difficult as at first thought it would be to get it in. It seemed I was a natural at sucking large cock and soon had him gasping and holding my head as he began to fuck my mouth.
    His cock was awsome and I was soon playing with myself, reaching under my short flowing skirt and rubbing my pussy through my panties. With his dick taking all of my attention I didn't hear him at frist, I did when he repeated himself "Would you like to feel it deep up your pussy".
    He might have been my boyfriends father and almost twice my age, but I knew straight away I wanted him and it fucking me. With him asking me with my mouth full of his cock I could only grunt and gently nod.
    I was knelt up on the couch, my panties wrapped around one of my ankles and my boyfriends father's tongue lapping at my open wet pussy, when I came for the first time. He'd put two fingers inside my pussy and was licking my clit when I felt another wet finger enter my ass. It was that, that made me cum so violently. No one had done that to me before.
    My second orgasm happened when he'd been fucking from behind for about five minutes. My pussy felt as though it was being fucked by a rolling pin and I was loving every thrust of his thick cock. Hw wasn't wearing a condom as I'm taking birth control and I could feel his fore skin sliding up inside me, as it slid over his cock head.
    We changed positions after a few more minutes with him sitting down and me mounting him. I let his cock slide up into me and once again fill every inch of my c**t. Lifting my top over my head and unclipping my bra, he took a hold of my sensetive breasts and guided me with them to fuck him. I rode his cock as though my life depended on it and losing any shred of decency, I asked him to finger my ass.
    This time when my orgasm began to reach it's climax, my boyfriends father, filled my soaking pussy hole with his seed. It was only then when I fully took all of his long swollen length into me, making his pubes squash as I bottomed out on his pussy juiced soaked cock.
    Lifting me off him I thought that would be it, I was wrong. When he lifted me, he made me straddle his face and he then began to lick out my dripping pussy. He sucked out all my juices and his cum before finally letting me relax as he lay me down next to him.
    I'd only been dressed 10 minutes when my boyfriend walked in and kissed my cheek. His father was in the shower washing off the scent of our sexual liason. I'd covered any sexual scent by putting on some perfume.
    In making the decission to fuck my boyfriends father, I'd gone past the point of no return. So I decided it wasn't to be the first and only time. I've slept with him on a few occasions since and each and every time I become sluttier and dirtier. I'm now considering letting him have my ass and seeing if I'd enjoy having him fill me that way.

    #13921 — Comments (2) — Mar 20, 2013 at 12:27 PM — That's Juicy! (71) Remove It. ( *** )
  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 20

    I grew up in a small town with my mom & step dad, life was pretty good & pretty normal. Dad had left when I was only a baby so I never new him. As far as I was concerned my step dad was my only father, he even adopted me legally when he & mom got married. I lost mom when I was 13 but my step dad was there to look after me but things started to change. He started drinking ALOT, but was still just dad.

    One night when I was taking a bath, dad got home from the local bar & came into the bathroom. I felt awkward but he started talking like everything was normal & after a while I felt quite comfortable. This happened every time I had a bath after that but it felt ok coz it was just dad. After all he'd seen me naked plenty when I was little.

    Then one night while I was bathing dad asked has any woman shown you how to wash properly?? I was taken off guard so didn't answer then dad said coz moms not here I'll have to teach you what a woman should know. He then started instructing me on how to wash my body "the right way" & then how to wash my pussy. He told me to wash inside my pussy with my fingers. He didn't touch me, he just sat there & instructed.

    This went on a while & became quite normal. After all he was only teaching me what mom would have, right??

    Then one night he said mom always believed woman should be clean shaven for cleanliness. This worried me because I had no idea how to shave my pussy & was afraid of cutting myself with the razor. Dad could tell I was afraid & said "I could do it for you" He said not to worry coz he knew what he was doing because he'd always done it for mom.

    So he had me lay down in the bathroom, lathered me up and carefully shaved my pussy. It felt so weird but at the same time really nice. I felt guilty because i felt good when dad shaved me. My body would tingle in a way it had not done before.

    After that Dad started getting stricter with me to teach me how a woman should behave. He made me dress diferantly at home, "the way a woman should dress". I had to come straight home after school & have me change into short dresses & cook dinner for him & his friends. I was late home a couple of times so dad put me over his knee & spanked me in front of his friends. This wasnt too unusual as id always got a spanking if i didnt listen, this was a little differant however beacause dad had done it in front of his friends. He said that women had to be punished in a way that embarresed them in order to learn.

    The last time I came home late, I had found that all my underwear had dissapeared. Dad said that if I wanted to wear pretty womens things I had to learn to behave like one.

    One evening dad came home really drunk with his friends. I was so angry at being woken up to let them in that I back chatted a little out of frustration.

    I have never seen my dad get that angry! He took me over his knee, i closed my eyes tight, lifted my nighty & spanked me so hard. All dads friends went silent all of a sudden. I opened my eyes & saw them all staring at my bare behind. I was so embarrassed! To make matters worse, one of dads idiot friends whispers 'she shaves her pussy'.

    I started crying then. Dad stopped his spanking & with me still on his knee he said he was sorry, he did' nt mean to make me cry. Then he started rubbing my butt to make it feel better. It was such an odd sensation, my skin was so sensitive that I got goose pimples & my whole body started tingling.

    As dad was rubbing my butt his hand started brushing over my pussy. Then I noticed that he was only rubbing my pussy. I then noticed a strange hard pressure under my body. My dad was getting hard! I had never seen this before, didn't even know that it happened to men, much less felt it!

    By this time, all dads friends just watched in stunned drunken silence. I was pretty stunned myself. But the thing that stunned me most was how great it felt.

    Dad was still rubbing & I could feel myself getting wet. Then one of dads fingers slid between my lips. He slid his finger up & down my slit a few times. I couldn't believe how exquisite it felt. Then he slipped his finger inside my pussy. I had never felt anything quite like it.

    I found myself pushing back against his hand. I guess dad knew I was enjoying it because he put two more fingers in after that. He started asking me if I liked it. All I could say was 'yes daddy, yes daddy'. Then he said ' if you're a good girl from now on, this is what you'll get'. He then sent me to bed feeling very confused and extremely frustrated.

    Dad apologized to me the next morning for touching me that way. I know that sounds funny considering he shaved my pussy for me, but you see, he had never touched me in a sexual way. When he shaved me it was just that, he had never put anything inside me or even got a hard on as far as I knew. He was almost in tears, I could tell he felt really guilty. I felt so sorry for him I said " it's okay dad, I liked it". Immediately he seemed to feel better but promised me he would not touch me like that again. I hate to say it but I felt so diss appointed at hearing that.

    Things pretty much went back to normal after that ( well, as normal as our house could be) except dad wouldn't shave me anymore. He did coach me through it and watched me while I did it though. But I don't think he trusted himself to touch me.

    Life went on and I was still wearing what I should, getting home when I should & cooking & cleaning for dad & his drunken friends. Dads friends started acting different around me ever since the spanking. They all new I didn't wear underwear, so they'd drop things for me to pick up when dad wasn't looking & the braver ones would cop a quick feel.

    One night, dad asked one of his particularly touchy feely friends "do you think my daughters been a good girl??". To which of course his drunken friend replied "she's the best". Dad then asked his friend "do you know what she gets if she's a good girl??". I took one look at dads friend & knew he remembered what dad promised to give me if I was a good girl. Dad didn't wait for his friend to answer, instead he told me to get down on all fours in front of his friend. He then told his friend " I think I'll let you do the honors". My heart was pounding, from excitement or fear I couldn't tell. After a little hesitation & encouragement, dads friend started rubbing my pussy and then started finger fucking me. I started moving to meet his hand and as he inserted more fingers & started ramming faster, I started moaning. Nothing had ever felt so good & I think I lost my mind for a little while! It felt so very good and I could feel myself reaching the brink. Then the weirdest thing happened, I looked up at dad, he was smiling at me, well that made me loose it, I came so hard I couldn't believe it!

    The next morning dad explained that he knew I enjoyed being finger fucked the first time and wanted to make sure I still got to enjoy that even if he couldn't give it to me himself. He also said there were other "rewards" for being a good girl and he would make sure I got a taste of it all.

    After that, anytime I did anything good, one of dads friends was always there with a willing set of hands. Anytime I fetched a beer for one of them, anytime I served them dinner, anytime i did anything remotely nice I got my pussy played with! each time it happens I look at my dad who is always smiling at me. I like that every time cum, it's dads face I'm looking into.

    One afternoon when I came home with an A+ for a project I'd done at school, dad asked his friend to eat my pussy. What a revelation!

    I still haven't had sex but love what I've had so far. The only problem is, I think I want my dad. I want his fingers in my pussy or arse, I want his tongue on my clit, I want him sucking my pussy. What I want most of all is to fuck my dad. Help! I can't stop thinking about it!!!!!!

    #16836 — Comments (10) — Sep 14, 2013 at 10:15 AM — That's Juicy! (70) Remove It. ( *** )
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