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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have known my husband has been cheating on me for a couple of months now. But the strange thing is it really turns me on for some reason. I had followed him a couple times and watched them through the window of her place as they fucked and even found myself fingering myself as I watched. And knowing every time he gets done with her he comes home and fucks me which makes me feel dirty knowing that his dick was just in the other girl but I loved every moment of it. Finally unable to take it anymore I confronted him about it and told him I knew and that he Didnt have to hide it anymore and if he could talk her into it I wanted to have a threesome so tonight he is bringing her home and I am going to have a threesome with the girl he has been cheating on me with and I feel absolutely horrible and demeaned but I am so turned on by that I can't wait.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a 20 yr old female. I've been in a relationship for five years now. Everything has been great. He is a great guy, we have an amazing sex life, couldn't and wouldn't ask for more; but lately I have been feeling a bit adventurous but don't want my bf to get the impression that I am a slut.

    I live in a duplex with my bf next door to us, she is a single mom (milf) and has two sons. One of her sons is in his teens. The only thing I find attractive about him is his obvious attraction to me. Every time I go outside to throw the trash or get the mail or to just leave to work we seem to cross paths and lock eyes. Me= I am 5'4" a buck thirty, long brown hair, 36/24/34, hazel eyes, light complexion. Him= shoulder length black curly hair always in a pony tail, about 5'2", very thin, skater look, dark Mexican complexion with the accent to go with.

    I find myself acting like a teenager trying to get attention. I often wear very very revealing clothes when I know he will be seeing me. Example-I go to check the mail when I know his school bus will be dropping him off at exactly 4:10 wearing booty shorts with my g string showing and a muscle shirt with my bra showing. Every time without a doubt I manage to get his attention but never anything more than just his cute boyish smile and goofy stare. The fact that this is all I am able to get makes me want to seduce him even more the next day. I have gone as far as even opening my curtains and masturbating in hopes that he would see me because he seems to always be hanging outside on his porch. One time I can recall he had several friends over and I went outside in a short skirt to vacuum my car. I could feel their eyes on me as I bent over as far as I could in my black six inch heels and I absolutely loved it.

    I can't stop fantasizing about this young boy getting off to me, getting his first blow job from me and blowing his load in my mouth as I let it drip down my chin and onto my tits. The worst part is that my fascination with him has even come into my sex life with my bf. I do all of these positions and think of him the whole time. Something about him drives me wild and I don't even know his name. I would be willing to do anything he wanted to try just to please him. I hope that he is a virgin just so I can claim it. Sometimes I even begin to want his mom. I know twisted right! Someday I will have my way with him and his naughty mom someday!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My GF and I were seniors in high school this year. My birthday was a few days before the last day of school. She had been joking around for quite a while about her giving me a birthday spanking and how red my bottom was going to be after 18 good hard smacks. She'd make comments like that in front of her friends and other members of the cheerleading squad and liked the way it made me blush, I guess.

    Two days before my birthday, we had been gathering up books and other stuff that had to be turned into the school before we could graduate. I said that it was too bad she had to return the cheerleading uniform because if I was going to get a bare-assed spanking from her, I'd like her to wear her uniform with the short skirt. She just looked at me with an odd smile.

    We were going out to dinner on my birthday and she said I should come by a little early to pick her up because it wasn't a real birthday without a birthday spanking. I wasn't sure what to expect - we haven't been going out for very long (about a year) and she sounded way more into this spanking thing than I expected. After all, it was all a joke, right?

    I got to her house and she opened the door wearing her uniform. Our school had gone a little retro and the girls' uniforms had pleated skirts and short sleeve sweaters. She stood in the door way wearing this short pleated skirt and holding a ping pong paddle. "Welcome, birthday boy. Happy Birthday!".

    I went inside and followed her into the living room. Seated on the sofa were three other girls from the squad - also in their uniforms. They sang Happy Birthday to me and each one of them pulled out a ping pong paddle. I guess it looked like I was going to bolt because my GF grabbed my arm as another grabbed my other arm. "Not so fast" a third one said as she unhooked my belt and pulled down my pants. A second later I was face down on the sofa across my GF's lap. She stroked and patted my ass as she told the other girls that I had asked to get my birthday spanking from a group of cheerleaders. I hadn't, but this didn't seem to be time to say anything. I got a boner immediately which my GF thought was quite funny. "You can't see it girls, but he's getting pretty excited." She reached between my legs and stroked my cock and balls a few times. "I don't think these little underpants are fitting too well. We ought to get rid of them." Then a moment later, she pulled them down to my knees.

    After telling me to hold still, she began spanking me with her hand. The girls in the room counted each smack out loud, giggling and laughing the whole time. When she got to 11 or 12, she said "Oh my, I forgot the paddle. Let's just start over." Her hand spanking didn't really hurt much but the paddle certainly did. All the wiggling and squirming around on her lap made all of the girls laugh. Rubbing my cock around on my GF's lap made me cum all over her legs. She stopped (at spank 16, I think) and made me get up. "It's a good thing you missed my skirt, you naughty boy.". Someone got a tissue, my GF wiped us both off and I laid back over her lap. We had to start over again.

    When the spanking was over, each of the others took a turn on the sofa and I got 19 (one to grow on!) from each of the other 3. Somewhere along the way my underpants had come off completely. I got hard again during the second round of paddling and stayed hard through the end of the last spanking. In all, I guess I got over a hundred swats from these girls. When the last one finished, my GF put her hand on my ass and teasingly rubbed it back and forth while she scolded me for making such a mess. She asked me if I thought the girls should help her punish me for almost squirting all over her uniform skirt or if we should take care of it privately. I don't think I said anything coherent. She smacked me again with the paddle and said she'd talk it over with the girls and let me know.

    They let me up and handed me my clothes. Instead of my briefs, they gave me a pair of the uniform panties they wear under their skirts. "Your ass is pretty sore and we thought you'd prefer these instead of your scratchy cotton briefs." I said I'd prefer my own underwear. My GF said that if I didn't take the panties, they'd put them on me anyway and I could go to dinner wearing her uniform.

    School is out, graduation was last weekend and when I see any of the three girls now, they giggle, ask me how I enjoyed my birthday and one will sometimes give me a quick pat on the ass. My GF still hasn't said much about "punishing" me for my accident while over her lap except that she hasn't forgotten.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 54

    My name's Grace, I'm sixty four and recently my husband arranged and then watched me being fucked anally by a twenty two year old, extremely large cocked young man.
    He did it because his cock will no longer perform and just cannot these days become erect. We've tried everything and nothing now works for us.
    I'm even now a very highly sexed female and have always since my first time at the age of fifteen loved, adored, craved anal sex. If and I always do, orgasm, it's ninety nine times out of a hundred more powerful for me through anal sex. And I missed it dreadfully when my husbands cock gave up the ghost.
    Dildo's, vibrators, sometimes items or vegetables have been used to satisfy my anal fixation. yet I wanted the real thing and my husband knew it all too well.
    Then at the start of April he told me he had a surprise for my birthday, and within hours I had a young mans hard, throbbing thick cock up my rear love hole. My husband watched, briefly became semi erect and had me suck him even though his cock softened. It's now the single most sexiest thing I've ever done and adore my husband even more because of it.
    Since then our home has become an open door for young men who wish and want to fuck an older woman like me. From the beginning of April until now, my husband has arranged for five different young men to fuck me, and especially my arsehole. And what's more, just last week with a nineteen year old dep inside my backside, my husbands cock rose, became hard and stayed like that until they'd both cum up my bum.
    We decided there and then it's going to be our way of life from now on, and I'm so happy to say, I cannot get enough of the young cock cumming my way.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I shouldn't really say this is the right category. My Niece just turned 17 yesterday. Monica is 5"2 and about 100 lbs. Long straight brunette hair and deep brown eyes. the sweetest body you ever laid eyes on. Well... for the past couple of years She has been really cuddly with me. Her family is not the most stable and she says she prefers it here than living with her parents. I get home before the wife and always find the kids and Monica at home doing what they do. one day this past fall I walked in and only found Monica. The other two were out with friends. I do my stuff, make coffee, take out supper... and Monica walks into the kitchen wearing just her panties and a t-shirt. Wow!!! I had never seen her like this and she smiles when she catches me looking and sticks her tongue out. The little peeks and tongue become frequent. One night when she is cuddling with me I notice as she sits on my lap that she has no bra on, and as small as they may be (30b) I enjoyed the show. She has tight erasure size nips. Barely an areola. after our program was over she smiles up at me and stretches. Wow!. Kisses me good night and sticks her tongue out and hops off to go to bed. Her 17th. We let her have her friends and we trust her to go out with them. So at about 11 that night (she had a family party here) I get a call from her friend Callie. Monica is pretty drunk and could I pick her up. half hour later I'm loading her up into the Van. About 10 minutes from home I hear her call out "Uncle" and I think she needs to puke so I pull over. When I get around to her door and open it up She pulls me in and gives me a kiss. Not our regular either. A deep wet kiss I return. Her little tongue on mine. We stop for a moment and look at each other. As we do she starts to lift her t-shirt to show me her tummy. so lean and firm. She starts to undo her jeans and I just watch her. Her little pussy came into view. Clean and so cute. Eat me she says... and I do. Such a sweet thing. I am 6"6 and 260 lbs. With her she is a child and I am a giant. When I eat her to orgasm I stand straight and undo my pants. Pull out my guy and slide it around her little pussy. She is staring up at me and I put the head in her. She hisses and moans "Yessss" her little pussy is so hot and tight. I worry a bit but she hunches up to me and drives a little more in her. I push her shirt up and gaze at those little beauties. I grab them and slide/push my self into her. I am rooted now. Her sheath is spasming around my dick as I lay inside her. So tight and hot and wet. She comes again. I start slow fucking her. soon I build up speed and then blast her full of my juice. She smiles again after composure. We get dressed, not really saying much. "You're mine now" she says. I couldn't disagree.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was younger, my friend susan and I went to summer camp and she was a year older then me and a bit wilder. My parents thought it would be good for me to attend an all-girls camp and it would make me grow up. What my parents did not know is that the boys' camp was really just across the lake and a short hike.

    We spent the summer sneaking around and making out with the boys. There was a lot of heavy petting and my friend susan had convinced me to try giving a blowjob and had taught me how to do it and to pull out before he cums.

    I made terrific friends that summer of 1978 and I often wonder where some of those boys are today.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 36

    Ok so here it goes. This is a long confession and I hope not overly verbose. My name is Carly and I am married to a wonderful husband Neil and we have two beautiful daughters, Anna (9) and Olivia (7) Neil and I met during my third year of college and have been together ever since. We got married the summer I graduated with my nursing degree and I was 23 at the time. Neil had graduated the year before and worked for his fathers business. Before I met Neil I had only been with 3 other men. The first was my boyfriend in high school during my junior year. We had sex a total of 3 times before he cheated on me at a party. I must add that the sex was just not very good. The second guy I had sex with was at a party my freshman year of college and I was from what little I remember of it not all that special. The third guy was during my second year of school and we dated for a few months before he left. I enjoyed the sex and we did it as often as possible but it was not toe curling nor was it earth shattering. Then I met Neil and after a few dates we went back to his place. The sex that night was good, not great, but good. What was great was the fact that he took his time and really wanted to make me orgasm. I used his tongue to do this several times and he was the first guy to really wanted to be all about me. Needless to say I was hooked. We started dating and we haven't looked back.
    The first few years of our marriage was all about us. He made a substantial income working for his father and my income helped. We travelled and explored as much the world as possible. We new we wanted a family but we wanted to wait a few years. When I was 26 we decided that I would go off birth control and "see what happens" We were both excited and looking forward to starting a family. We thought our lives were perfect until we got the news that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    My mom and dad had retired and I know it sounds cliche, but the now lived in Florida. My sisters and I quickly went out there to spend time with her and my dad. Both my sisters and I live on the west coast. The cancer was terminal and aggressive. My mother passed away just 2 short months after she was diagnosed. My family took it hard but non so hard as my dad. He went into a depression and we were very worried about him. My sisters and I would take turns visiting him but they had families of their own and couldn't be away all the time. After a few months we decided it would be best if dad moved out west. We decided he would move to Portland where I lived and be between my sisters who lived in Seattle and Sacramento.
    As I didn't have a family it fell upon me to help him with the move. So Neil and I flew out to help my dad pack and then Neil would fly back for work and I would help drive the rental truck across the country. My dad had always been in good shape and he worked tirelessly packing boxes and loading furniture. Neil had a hard time keeping up with him and I realized that my dad was very fit for a man is age. We got the truck loaded and were ready to leave the next morning. We spent the night in a hotel and I was hoping to have some fun with Neil before we parted for few days but he was too tired from moving furniture and passed out leaving me frustrated. What Neil didn't know was that according to my last cycle I was entering my most fertile period.
    The next morning we got an early start and Neil caught a cab to the airport. Our first stop was to be Nashville and we had booked a room at hotel online. After about 10 hours in the truck we arrived tired and ready for dinner and some sleep. The hotel had made a mistake and there was only a room with a king bed available. We argued with them and showed our reservation. The manager apologized and offered 100.00 food voucher for the hotel restaurant. We were tired and just accepted the vouchers and headed to our room. We both took quick showers and then headed down the eat. While my dad was in the shower I called Neil and let him know we were safe and would be calling it an early night after dinner. At dinner my dad and I talked and drank a few bottles of wine. Needless to say the early night became later and we were both drunk by the time we made it back to the room.
    The king bed was spacious enough that neither or us thought anything about sharing the bed. We both took turns chasing in the bathroom. I changed into a t-shirt I liked wearing to bed and a pair of cotton shorts while my dad went to bed in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt as well. We turned out the lights and both of us fell quickly into the sleep that only drunk people a truly capable of. It was later in the night that I woke up to someone snuggled up behind me while I slept on my side. I felt a comforting arm wrapped over me and slowly drifted off again. I am not sure how long we slept like that. My drunk sleepy mind didn't process that it was my dads arm wrapped around me nor did it process that it was his hardness poking me from behind. I felt safe and secure and more than a little horny so I pushed back against the hard rod that was nestled against my bottom and I was rewarded by a firm thrust. I remember smiling and perhaps moaning a bit as I ground my ass into what felt like a steel rod. The hand that was attached to the arm holding me began to rub my arms and belly then slowly began to massage my breast. When then hand moved lower and began to explore my sex a spread my leg to give it access. God was I wet! I couldn't believe how hot I was. I still hadn't processed who was making my body feel this way but I was sure I didn't want to stop. I reached behind me, slipping my hand between us and felt the hard object of my desire. It felt so hard and hot and my hand couldn't fit around the whole thing. God I wanted this I thought to myself. The his hand left my sex and started pushing down my shorts I lifted my hips to help and when he pulled back to line himself up I instinctively bent forward to give him better access. When I felt the head of his member at the opening of my sex I pushed back impaling myself. The feeling was amazing. Never Had I been so full. I must have orgasmed immediately and blacked out because the next thing I know he is thrust into me from behind with hand on my hip pulling all the way onto him. I was making noises I had never made as he filled me again and again. The pace was frantic and I was in heaven. I couldn't believe sex could be this good. Then he pulled out all the way and I actually said NOOOOO! It was the first words spoken and I reached back to pull him back into me to be filled again, but he grabbed me and rolled me onto my back. He just placed me wear he wanted and climbed between my legs. I looked down and his cock and was amazed at its size. I couldn't believe that it had been inside of me. It was easier 3 or 4 inches longer than Neils and much thicker. I wanted it back! I reached down and guided it back to my waiting pussy. Before he entered me again I looked up into his eyes. He was consumed with lust and I wanted him so badly. I smiled and said "I Love you Dad" He just smiled and buried himself into me deeper than any man had ever been before. I don't know how many times I came that night but I do know that the most intense and amazing orgasm of my life happened when he thrust deep into me and I felt him erupt inside of me.
    After he came, I slowly pulled out of me. I felt so empty when he was gone. He laid down next to me and said "Wow" I laughed out loud to that and just said "Wow! indeed" He asked if I was upset or sorry it happened. I guess he was feeling guilty. I assured him that I wasn't upset or sorry it had happened and then I kissed him I told him that I hope it happens a lot more on this trip.
    I can tell you more about our trip if you anyone is interested. We had three more nights on the road not to mention some fun while driving. I will also answer any questions you may have.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 25 year old guy, last saturday me and three good friends that I work with went on a hiking trip. Two of them are married, me and the other one are single, but he's engaged, and to be married in april. We each had our own pup tents, and after hiking to the camping spot we'ed picke out, got came set up. It had been a good day, and after supper we just sat around the fire and shot the bull till about 10:30 when we turned in. About 30 minutes later I heard somebody come into my tent, I was laying on my stomach, and hadn't went to sleep yet. Then I felt the blanket being raised up, then a hand was on my ass, I prentended to be asleep, then his fingers were under the leg band of the bikini panties I wear. And then I was feeling his finger probing my ass, and a few seconds later he was finger fucking me. I had no idea who it was, but I was liking what he was doing, and I responded to it by spreading my legs. He knew then that I wasn't asleep, but never said anything. A little while later he had my panties off, got on top of me, I felt the tip of his cock between my cheeks, and then his cock was buried in my ass. His face was right next to mine, and as he started stroking, he started kissing my neck and ear. I pushed up to him letting him know that I liked what he was doing, and aslo knew that he was making me his bitch. And he responded by pounding me harder, and it wasn't very long till he was pumping his load in me. He got off and quickly left, I found my undies, put them back on, and then spent the next hour trying to figure out who I'd just let fuck me. It hadn't been the first time, but I'd never even thought about any of the guys I was with, But one of them must have heard, or felt something and took a chance, and he ended up hitting a home run. The next morning was kind of ackward at first, but none of them acted any different than the day before, as we started hiking that morning I was a little embarrassed wondering which one I'd let fuck me last night, and wondering what they were thinking. But the day went well, and when I was dropped off at my house I still had no idea which one of them had introduced his cock to my ass and made me his bitch.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 34 year old woman and I have never cheated on my husband. Last summer, we hired student painters to come and paint our master bedroom and I took a couple of days off from work to stay home and supervise the job.

    The student painter was a young jock, he was tall and had a tatoo on his arm. He had a scruffy look that just seemed so different then my organized ordinary life. He was so polite and nice that I wish I was 21 again.

    I did not really supervise but spent the entire day watching him on his ladder and somehow found myself trying to entertain him.

    On the second day I wore shorts and a T and tied my hair. The only thing left was the trim and the work was done by noon and I offered to make him lunch. We sat around eating our turkey sandwiches and somehow the conversation turned to sex (and the lack of sex and opportunities on campus).

    We spent the rest of the afteroon in bed in the guestroom and the sex was incredible. This guy was horny and very much in need. He had a nice toned body, very muscular legs and butt and a nice thick knobby cock. I thought "I had died and gone to heaven".

    This boy was a good lover and a giver; he spent an hour licking every part of my body and did not miss a beat. He was intense, sweet and tasted totally delicious.

    He left around 5:00pm and I changed the bed sheets and opened the windows to air out the room. My husband came home and was delighted with the colour of the master bedroom.

    He suggested we hire the student painters again and get the living room and dining room done. I agreed and volunteered to supervise.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 18

    High on cocaine ... I watched my best friend's mother suck off her son. YES HER OWN SON !!!

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