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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    When i was 11 i was staying with my uncle and aunt whilst my parents were out of town. The first night, they gave me a few shots of vodka and put on a porn dvd. My aunt stripped me naked and my uncle fucked me whilst my aunt kissed and sucked my breasts. After my uncle had cum my aunt ate his cum out of my pussy. They did things to me all weekend and we carried on until they moved to another town. They acted like it was normal, i've never told anyone not even my husband. I still think about it when i masturbate. They taught me everything i know about sex.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 32

    I have known my husband has been cheating on me for a couple of months now. But the strange thing is it really turns me on for some reason. I had followed him a couple times and watched them through the window of her place as they fucked and even found myself fingering myself as I watched. And knowing every time he gets done with her he comes home and fucks me which makes me feel dirty knowing that his dick was just in the other girl but I loved every moment of it. Finally unable to take it anymore I confronted him about it and told him I knew and that he Didnt have to hide it anymore and if he could talk her into it I wanted to have a threesome so tonight he is bringing her home and I am going to have a threesome with the girl he has been cheating on me with and I feel absolutely horrible and demeaned but I am so turned on by that I can't wait.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 38

    I'm married and have 2 kids and what I'm about to confess is not only immoral but dispicable, yet I continue to visit my neighbor Franklin for a rub down twice a week. My husband is at work, the kids in school and I allow Franklin to rub me down and masturbate me. Its been going on for a little over 2 years now and it began innocently enough in the beginning but has turned into a fetish for me. The thing is, Franklin is a 74 year old widower who was a physical therapist until he retired. I never met his wife and he became friendly with my family 5 years ago when we moved into the neighborhood. I would cook him a meal occassionally and my husband always cuts his grass and shoveles snow for him. I always ask if he needs anything when I go to the store and often have coffee with him once my husband and kids leave. I had fallen and hurt my back and tail bone when this began and Franklin asked me to take a look at it. I really did like him and he was and is a very nice man and easy to talk to. I was bruised slightly and all I did was lift the back of my blouse up and lower my slacks a little. He asked me to rub my back and it felt very good and that night I even tolds my husband about it. My husband also likes Franklin so the last thing he could find out is what I selfishly let Franlin do. It took several months but each time Franklin rubbed me down I felt more at ease with him. He began giving me a full massage and would suggest I wear shorts and short top or even come over in a bathing suit. I know how stupid this sounds but I began doing exactly that and within 6 months was letting him massage me while only in my bra and panties. During that time he had never toched my breasts or behind but did massage me everywhere else. When he did my legs I his hands were pretty far up and although he never touched my vagina I would often become aroused both by the massage and by the way I was exposed to him. He was always flattering to me and we always talked while he was rubbing me down. We talked about everything and I knew after awhile he was impotent. I never had any thoughts of sex with Franklin and if you saw him you would know why. He looks every bit of his age and is not the least bit handsome. Nevertheless I enjoyed being with him and talking to him. I think he knew I was aroused at times and one day asked if I was. I think it embarrassed me when he asked but I told him the truth that I was. He asked me if I wanted him to stop but I said no and that I liked him massaging me. With that he began asking where I liked to be touched and if it would be ok to massage my buttocks. I laughed because I couldn't remember the last time I ever heard a butt referred to as a buttocks. I just told him to go ahead but I said ass. That was the first time he ever actually saw my rear and gradually over the next month or so I began letting him massage me naked and allwed him to touch my breasts. We did talk about my husband finding out but promised each other he never would. It took almost a year but he finally began masturbating me and I look forward to it each and every time. This all sounds sick but I even like Franklin looking at me when I undress with no modesty at all. I orgasm so much its rediculous and he makes my body tingle to point where I get goose bumps. He uses warm oil all the time and I am totally turned on long before he begins masturbating me and aloow him to penitrate my anus as well. My husband and I have great sex but the few times my husband massaged me cannot compare to the way Franklin does. As much as I am ashamed of myself for letting this continue I desire it more than ever.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 34 year old woman and I have never cheated on my husband. Last summer, we hired student painters to come and paint our master bedroom and I took a couple of days off from work to stay home and supervise the job.

    The student painter was a young jock, he was tall and had a tatoo on his arm. He had a scruffy look that just seemed so different then my organized ordinary life. He was so polite and nice that I wish I was 21 again.

    I did not really supervise but spent the entire day watching him on his ladder and somehow found myself trying to entertain him.

    On the second day I wore shorts and a T and tied my hair. The only thing left was the trim and the work was done by noon and I offered to make him lunch. We sat around eating our turkey sandwiches and somehow the conversation turned to sex (and the lack of sex and opportunities on campus).

    We spent the rest of the afteroon in bed in the guestroom and the sex was incredible. This guy was horny and very much in need. He had a nice toned body, very muscular legs and butt and a nice thick knobby cock. I thought "I had died and gone to heaven".

    This boy was a good lover and a giver; he spent an hour licking every part of my body and did not miss a beat. He was intense, sweet and tasted totally delicious.

    He left around 5:00pm and I changed the bed sheets and opened the windows to air out the room. My husband came home and was delighted with the colour of the master bedroom.

    He suggested we hire the student painters again and get the living room and dining room done. I agreed and volunteered to supervise.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My GF and I were seniors in high school this year. My birthday was a few days before the last day of school. She had been joking around for quite a while about her giving me a birthday spanking and how red my bottom was going to be after 18 good hard smacks. She'd make comments like that in front of her friends and other members of the cheerleading squad and liked the way it made me blush, I guess.

    Two days before my birthday, we had been gathering up books and other stuff that had to be turned into the school before we could graduate. I said that it was too bad she had to return the cheerleading uniform because if I was going to get a bare-assed spanking from her, I'd like her to wear her uniform with the short skirt. She just looked at me with an odd smile.

    We were going out to dinner on my birthday and she said I should come by a little early to pick her up because it wasn't a real birthday without a birthday spanking. I wasn't sure what to expect - we haven't been going out for very long (about a year) and she sounded way more into this spanking thing than I expected. After all, it was all a joke, right?

    I got to her house and she opened the door wearing her uniform. Our school had gone a little retro and the girls' uniforms had pleated skirts and short sleeve sweaters. She stood in the door way wearing this short pleated skirt and holding a ping pong paddle. "Welcome, birthday boy. Happy Birthday!".

    I went inside and followed her into the living room. Seated on the sofa were three other girls from the squad - also in their uniforms. They sang Happy Birthday to me and each one of them pulled out a ping pong paddle. I guess it looked like I was going to bolt because my GF grabbed my arm as another grabbed my other arm. "Not so fast" a third one said as she unhooked my belt and pulled down my pants. A second later I was face down on the sofa across my GF's lap. She stroked and patted my ass as she told the other girls that I had asked to get my birthday spanking from a group of cheerleaders. I hadn't, but this didn't seem to be time to say anything. I got a boner immediately which my GF thought was quite funny. "You can't see it girls, but he's getting pretty excited." She reached between my legs and stroked my cock and balls a few times. "I don't think these little underpants are fitting too well. We ought to get rid of them." Then a moment later, she pulled them down to my knees.

    After telling me to hold still, she began spanking me with her hand. The girls in the room counted each smack out loud, giggling and laughing the whole time. When she got to 11 or 12, she said "Oh my, I forgot the paddle. Let's just start over." Her hand spanking didn't really hurt much but the paddle certainly did. All the wiggling and squirming around on her lap made all of the girls laugh. Rubbing my cock around on my GF's lap made me cum all over her legs. She stopped (at spank 16, I think) and made me get up. "It's a good thing you missed my skirt, you naughty boy.". Someone got a tissue, my GF wiped us both off and I laid back over her lap. We had to start over again.

    When the spanking was over, each of the others took a turn on the sofa and I got 19 (one to grow on!) from each of the other 3. Somewhere along the way my underpants had come off completely. I got hard again during the second round of paddling and stayed hard through the end of the last spanking. In all, I guess I got over a hundred swats from these girls. When the last one finished, my GF put her hand on my ass and teasingly rubbed it back and forth while she scolded me for making such a mess. She asked me if I thought the girls should help her punish me for almost squirting all over her uniform skirt or if we should take care of it privately. I don't think I said anything coherent. She smacked me again with the paddle and said she'd talk it over with the girls and let me know.

    They let me up and handed me my clothes. Instead of my briefs, they gave me a pair of the uniform panties they wear under their skirts. "Your ass is pretty sore and we thought you'd prefer these instead of your scratchy cotton briefs." I said I'd prefer my own underwear. My GF said that if I didn't take the panties, they'd put them on me anyway and I could go to dinner wearing her uniform.

    School is out, graduation was last weekend and when I see any of the three girls now, they giggle, ask me how I enjoyed my birthday and one will sometimes give me a quick pat on the ass. My GF still hasn't said much about "punishing" me for my accident while over her lap except that she hasn't forgotten.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 27 year old female. When I was 13 and just getting into masturbation I went to the beach with a few friends, guys and girls. I started feeling a little horny from the boys looking at me in my new bikini (the first time I had owned one) and to my intense embarrassment began to feel a little dampness between my legs. I quickly excused myself, saying I was needed the bathroom, and ran back up into the dunes. I knew we were the only people on the beach and everyone else was down by the sea so I quickly pulled off my bikini, lay back and began rubbing tits and pussy, hoping to get it out of my system. I began to feel a need to pee but thought I could hold it as I was getting really into my 'bathroom break'. The next thing I knew all my friends, guys and girls, were coming over the top of the dunes and stopped, staring at me (I later found out I'd been gone 20 minutes and they came looking for me). The combination of the shock and humiliation of being caught masturbating must have pushed me over the edge and I simultaneously came and wet myself right in front of my friends. Everyone was very quiet around me the rest of the day and I've never lived it down to this day.

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  • — Women Only —
    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years ago I got married and things are still going great but I still need to tell my husband something. We were married at a where we were going to have our honeymoon so we had our cabin on the lake that I used to get ready. Before the wedding my bridesmaid and I were hanging out, and one thing lead to another and I ended up having lesbian sex with my bridesmaid like 20mins before the wedding started. I still haven't told him, I don't think he'll be mad but I'm still not sure if I should tell him.

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  • — My Family —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My wife and I are in our early 40s we started young and have been together all our adult lives, and have always been faithful.

    Our 2 daughters are grown, our oldest, Tammy is 23 and our youngest kaylee is 21. Tammy is married to a young soldier named tim
    Who is also 23 and kaylee is engaged to a 19 year old college football player named Jake.

    Over memorial day weekend we invited the girls and their mates to go up north and stay at a campground with us. They would each have a small cabin, however the shower and bathroom facilities were shared.

    The weekend was going great, we were all laughing and joking and just having a great time. Our first night was a late one, but we all had so much fun.

    The next morning I wanted to make breakfast for everyone but reized I'd forgotten to get eggs in town. Everyone was still snoozing so I figured by the time i made the 20 mike riund trip, everyone would be ready for breakfast.

    When I got back, I looked in the cabin to see if my wife Julie was still sleeping. The bed was empty so I figured she went to shower...

    I grinned with naughty anticipation as ivaporoached tge facilities. I'd sneak in and have a fun time in the shower with her....

    But as I slowly opened the door I heard a rhythmic "oghhhh oghhh oghhh, accompanied by a slapping sound... "smack, smack, smack"

    I was puzzled and alarmed, as I stepped in the shower room, my heart stopped, I was frozen and not sure if I should be angry, or if I should join in...

    I was nervous, yet so utterly fascinated as I watched my two sons in law bring my sexy wife, twice their age, to several orgasms. Damn they really put it to her good... She stifled her moans so as not to wake our sleeping daughters who's men she was enjoying so immensely.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 43

    When I was about 12 or 13 my family had planned a vacation to Florida to a theme park. We were going to take one of our cousins with us so she stayed the night before at our house. Because she was there my parents let us all sleep in their bedroom and they took my room. My sister and I slept on the bed with my brother and cousin in the floor. We had been in bed for about an hour when I needed to go to the bathroom. When I got up I noticed my cousin had wiggled around and he night shirt had rode up enough to see her panties. There wasn't much light coming through the window so I bent over to get a better look. She's a year younger than I am and didn't have much if any at all hair on her pussy. I could clearly see her lips and man did that get me hard. I eased to the bathroom and took a leak before hurrying back to the room. When I got back she was still lying there in the same pose.

    I stood there and looked at her and rubbed my cock until she rolled over. When she did I eased back into the bed and tried to forget. I wasn't having any luck forgetting and my cock was throbbing and jumping around. My sister rolled over and brushed her ass up against my hard on. It felt amazing to me but it must have startled her as she jumped a little and asked what that was. I didn't say a word hoping she would let it go. She didn't, she slid her hand behind her back and felt around for what ever had poked her in the ass. When she found it she gave it a squeeze which almost made me cum. I moaned a little which made her let go of it. She rolled over and asked me what had my thing so hard. I didn't want to tell her it was our cousin so I just said it happens.

    She asked if it hurt and I told her of course not. She wanted to touch it again. I told her to have at it, to do what ever she wanted to it. She softly grabbed the shaft and gave it a squeeze. It felt amazing. The fact that my sister was the first girl to touch it only made me harder. She began pinching the tip and sliding her hand up and down my shaft. I was in a state of bliss when she asked if I wanted to see her tits. I had seen them many times but as far as I knew she didn't know that. Of course I said yes and helped her with her gown. There I was face to nipple with her tits. She had stopped moving her hand and was only holding onto my cock when I leaned in and sucked her right nipple into my mouth. She took a deep breath and said how good that felt. I ask her if I could take her panties off and touch her down there. She didn't know at first but gave in when I started sucking her nipples again.

    I got her panties off and slid my hand between her legs and felt the most awesome thing I had ever touched. I touched it and slid my fingers along the lips, not knowing what I was supposed to do so I just kept it up. After a few minutes I noticed she was getting wet so I asked her if she had to pee, She said no and not to stop. I kept on and eventually found that I could slip a finger inside her. She was holding her pillow over her mouth as I slid my finger in and out of her wet hole. I asked her if I could get on top of her like on the movies and she said yes. I eased up on top of her trying not to make any noise. When I got on top of her I moved around until I felt her wetness on my cock. She said that felt good so I kept it up until I felt her open up and my cock slid in. I froze at first as she did but after a second or two I slipped it back out. She said to put it back in so I did. She was wet and warm and felt like satin on my cock. I eased more of me into her until I felt what I though was the bottom. She was enjoying herself and I was about to blow my load so I eased out and thrust back in as deep as I could. She nearly screamed as I tore through her virginity. I just held tight for a while until she relaxed a little and then I went back to fucking her. She was really into in when I started to feel that feeling I got when I played with myself. I knew I was about to orgasm. I buried myself as deep inside her as I could get and boy did it feel great to orgasm inside her. We laid there for a while until I went soft still inside her. I eased back off her and we fell asleep. The next morning I woke up terrified that I had made her pregnant. More about that later!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    Ok...I know this is beyond kinky for many, but I totally did not plan this.
    In fact, I have never even considered anything like this in my 26 years, it was totally spontaneous.

    I am happily married and almost 7 months pregnant.
    I am 5'10, and normally weigh around 130-135 for perspective sake.
    My Husband is a great man and an excellent provider.
    However I am often lonely as he works on an offshore oil platform and is gone for long periods.
    Just over 3 months ago my 19 year old Brother moved in with us after he transferred to a college close to where we recently bought a home.

    Matt (not his real name) is a very cool guy. He is handsome, smart and very athletic. Much like my husband.
    My Brother started advertising in craigslist as an unlicensed masseuse, and gives massages to men and woman for $35.00 for a half hour, and $45.00 for an hour.
    He does fairly well, and is a self starter. He's never any trouble and I love having him around for company, security, and conversation.

    My Brother has been attending Lamaze classes with me and helping me around the house a lot. We have two dogs, and I am a clean freak, so they get bathed every 10 days or so in our large master shower.
    Now that my baby bump is now more then just a bump, My Bro has been washing the dogs. The other day he washed the dogs, and I just assumed he would be wearing trunks, boxers, or something. Matt finished washing Travis, our ridgeback, and called for Pooka, our 1 year old Lab. When I brought him in, Matt was standing there ready to hand off Travis for me to dry.
    As I turned the corner, I could see Matt was naked, and he made no attempt to cover up. He has a beautiful body...around 6 feet tall, dark hair like me, his eyes are blue, mine are green.
    I'm a terrible judge of weight, but he is an athlete, and is fairy muscular so he looked great. What got my attention though was his simi erect penis. I have seen a fair amount of penises in my life, but Matt's was so thick. I mean.....I know he is my Brother, but a penis is a penis, and Matt's was impressive!

    My Husband has a great's pretty big, but I always wished it was just a little thicker.
    So....I made like I did not really notice, or care that Matt was naked. I handed off Pooka, and took Travis and dried him.

    While Matt began washing Pooka, I felt a bit flushed, so I went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine, and had my allowable single glass of Merlot.
    I changed into a leotard that accentuated my full breast, and what I considered to be a still pretty good body for a preggo girl.
    I really had no intentions other then I was horny as hell and there was a man in my shower with a great body and hell of a thick penis. I was not attempting to seduce Matt as much as I was attempting to look as attractive as he did. We were both good athlete's, and both very competitive.
    Soon Matt called my name again. I walked in with a fresh towel in my hand and grabbed pooka. Instead of leaving though, I sat down and began to dry Pooka.
    As I did so, I looked up and Matt stood in the shower looking at me. This time though his dick was fully stood up with a pronounced upward curve, and t was so damn thick with a very large reddish purple head. OMG....It was so hot.

    I kinda starred at it...I mean...I could not help it. Matt looked at me and could not judge what I was thinking and started to apologize, and began to cover it.
    I told him it was ok....I mean...I told him I thought it was the nicest penis I had ever seen.
    Matt turned so did I. We both started laughing.

    Pooka was dry, and I let her run off. So..matt began to wash his hair as we made small talk. His hard dick stayed might have even gotten a little harder even.

    As we talked I was nervously rubbing my neck, that was constantly bothering me due to my weighty preggo tits. Matt asked if my neck was hurting and I said usual.
    He said that hot steam and a good rub would make me feel like new. I said I was not too sure if that was such a great idea, and Matt told me I was being foolish and to just get naked and get in the shower with him. He said..."Its not like were gonna do anything"

    I was taking the last few sips out of my rather large glass of wine, and said...ok...what the heck.
    I stood up and pulled my leotard to the ground and stepped out of it in one full motion.
    My boobs that are normally a perfect 34C were now more like a 36 D.

    My only embarrassing aspect was that I usually trim my bush pretty tightly but have let it go a bit so although my black pubes were not out of control, I had a fairly thick pelt of pubic hair.
    I walked in clutching my favorite bath towel, and Matt slowly took the towel from me and hung it over the shower glass. We stood there for a sec, just facing each other. His stiff dick pointing straight out at me. I began to laugh, as he had shampoo on the tip of his nose and his hair was sort of pointing up with shampoo in it. He laughed and this broke the ice. He had a bottle of bath gel in his hand. He squeezed some into his hand and told me to turn around.

    I did and he began to massage my neck. And felt so good. My pain began to subside almost immediately.
    As he worked my neck, I commented how good it felt, and that what if our Mother, or my husband walked in....what would they think??
    He said it did not matter...he was just making me feel good. He said...I mean, I'm making you feel better"
    Just as he said that...that big cock of his poked me in the right but cheek. Neither of us said a word. His cock remained in contact with my ass, and I told him that everything feels so good.
    Matt began to sort of gyrate or thrust ever so slightly as he worked my neck. I began to push back (not so slightly) in an obvious sign of approval and continued my moans.
    Matt then did something that would alter our relationship forever.
    He slid his hands down my sides, reached forward with soapy hands and began to massage my boobs.
    It felt so good. Both from a massage point of view...(My boobs were pent up inside a bra that was too small, and from a sexual point of view.
    His big fat penis was now firmly pressed against my bubble butt, now sorta on the bibber side, and I all I could think about now was getting my hands on it and sucking it.

    I know it was so wrong, but I wanted to fuck my Brother. Or rather, I wanted to see what it would feel like to have that double wide dick inside my vagina!
    I moaned, then reached back and gripped my Brothers dick. Oh...Oh...It was so nice. I mean, it was like a perfect penis. I reached back with my other hand and grabbed my Brothers muscular ass. Wow.....I thought to myself......Gee, my Brother is going to make some lucky girl very happy with his perfectly muscular butt and beautifully large thick dick.
    He throbbed in my hand. At first I just gripped it as I marveled at how my hand was so small wrapped partially around it.
    Matt began to moan as he slid his hand down and began to rub my unusually hairy vagina.
    I blushed with embarrassment and told him I usually shave it almost smooth.
    Matt told me he thought it was extra sexy...and that he likes a pussy with a little extra hair. That made me feel better...he began to rub my clit and finger me slightly as he thrusted his big dick in and out of my hand.

    My husband had been offshore for almost three weeks, and even before he left, this last time, we did not have sex cuz his back is messed up.
    I gave him 3 blowjobs while he was home which he loves, but I have not had a real penis inside of me for nearly 2 months.
    I was not sure exactly how this was going to go, But I knew something was going to happen. I wont lie, I wanted my Brother to fuck me, and to fuck me good.
    I turned to him and faced Matt. He said he thought I was beautiful and the fact that I was pregnant turned him on like crazy.
    I kissed my Brother lightly on the lips while stroking his penis. He started to suck on my large nipples as if I was nursing him.
    I then sat down on the shower bench and took the head of my Brothers penis into my mouth.
    It was so thick. I took my time and slowly tried to get as much into my mouth as pussy was flowing and aching to be filled.
    I began to suck my Brother using mostly my hand and mouth.. Only maybe 3-4 inches fit in.
    Soon he asked me if I wanted to "do it" ......I looked at him sort of confused for a sec, and he said, "You you want to fuck"??
    I did not say anything, but stood up and turned away from him. I bent slightly and told him to go ahead and stick it in, but to go slow cuz he was bigger then what I am use to.
    I felt him guide the tip of his engorged cock to the entrance of my vag. He then stopped, dropped to his knees, and began to lick me and tongue me.
    He then slowly began to enter me. It's strange....but I really did not feel as though I was cheating on Michael (my Husband), rather I felt so excited that I was going to screw a man I have known all my life, I loved, and that I trusted.
    Matt slowly pushed his dick into me until I felt his rather large sack resting against my vag/bush. He did not move at first. I felt so incredibly full...I MEAN I WAS COMPLETLY STUFFED FULL!
    It felt so good. I asked him if something was wrong because he was not moving, and he said he almost ejaculated as he entered me and he wanted to control it.
    He then began to withdraw and re-enter as we began to screw.
    Matt reached around with soapy hands and massaged my pregnant utters as he thrusted very powerfully in and out. Pumping me as my entire body shook with each thrust.
    I reached behind us and was so turned on as I grabbed at his powerful ass as he pumped me. I then reached down between our legs and rubbed his large sack as he moved in and out of me.
    I could feel my Brothers balls slapping my swollen vag and inner thighs as he pumped me harder.
    Within 30 thrusts or so I began to feel something I have never felt....a vaginal orgasm was building. Don't get me wrong...I have had orgasms for years. Starting when I was 13 or 14 years old. however THIS WAS DIFFERENT!
    All of my orgasms to this point have been due to clitoral stimulation. My Brothers thick penis was hitting all the right places, and the amazing upward bend in Matts penis was rubbing me in a place I never new I had.....I began to weaken and shake. Then...OMG...I started to cum like never in my life.
    Thank goodness we live on a flag lot and no neighbors to close cuz I screamed like I have never done before. I always thought screamers were full of it.
    Well....I was completely full of my Brothers big dick and I was almost paralyzed with pleasure.
    As my 30 or 45 second blast of pleasure began to subside, I felt Matt grow even bigger inside of me, and as his balls slapped up against me in a frantic pace. Matt began to grown and he started to slow and spasm as he released inside of me.
    When this started I was going to tell Matt not to cum inside me just because.
    But now, I wanted to feel my Brother squirt inside me. Normally I cant actually feel a man cum in me.
    But this was different. I could not only feel Matts powerful contractions, but I could also feel his semen flood my vag. There was just so much...and as he continued to grown, he continued to flood my swollen Vag with semen.....As his moans subsided, and we slowed, I knew we just completed one of the major taboos.
    Strangely, Matt did not really shrink much, but as he pulled out of me, I could see the seminal fluid drain onto the shower was like watching horses breed(I have seen that at a friends stable) there was so much semen draining from me. He came like a pony.
    Matt then turned me to face him and said he was so sorry for cumming inside me. I kissed him lightly on the lips and told him it was okay.
    He promised me that he was sure he had no diseases or illnesses, and that if we ever do it again he would pull out.
    To be continued...we ended up doing it a lot in the coming days and months.


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