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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Ok so let me start out by saying i have an older brother who's 31 and me and him have always been really close. Like bestfriends but a few years ago he betrayed me by fucking a girl i was in love with and hid it from me for a year. Which ruined us. Fast forward to tonight when i was partying with him and his fiance. And he drank only liquor tonight which was a first so he wound up super drunk and passed out early. Well me and his chick kept drinking and chatting out in their garage which was hot as fuck so i took off my shirt and afew minutes later she took off her shirt to. Now I've seen her tits before so it didn't really phase me when her shirt came off and her tits were just hanging out. After awhile i joked saying i wish i could just be naked because it was so hot.

    She simply replied saying i could because she wouldn't tell if i wouldn't either. So i took off my pants sat naked next to her and we kept talking and joking... Eventually she asked she went to the restroom complaining about the temp in the house so i said well then get naked instantly ;she did and sat back down in her spot near me. As we kept talking the conversation - lead to me and her having a super serious convo where she se put her head on my shoulder and we kept talking she slowly started to pass out while we talked and i told her that if she feel asleep she was fair game. She didnt even open her eyes when i asked if i could fuck her and use her and she said of course j baby referring to my borther who already chrashed out. So i sat in slince for about 10 minutes until i heard her snoring. I started playing with her tits first then slowly down to her pussy to finger her. She didn't move at all so i stood up and opened her noutv qns face fudked her good for awhile. When i went to fuck her pussy i spread oped her lefs and pushed my cock against her and asked again if i could keep going and she mummbled yes so i pushed it all the way in and fucked for awhile. Till i came in her pussy. I was still hard so i pulled out and put it against her ass. Without lube i slowly shoved myself into her ass till i hit the base then pulled it out of her ass quickly and rammed it back down her throat for a bit till i went back to fucking her ass. I came in her ass anout three times then helped her to their bed and left.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 55

    I have stolen nude private pictures of my friends wives and girlfriends and my family members. When I go into people's homes I search t closets and dresser draws looking for nude private pictures of the lady of the house. After I'm done pleasuring myself looking at the pictures I will leave some of them where their sons, neighbors and coworker's can find them so everyone can see the private pictures of the nude women. Do they get embarrassed? Does anyone tell them about the private pictures that they have found and seen of them nude? Does their sons jerk off looking at their mothers nude body while jerking off. Do son's now try to see more of Mom nude and want to have sex with her. I always upload the pictures on the internet with real names hoping that their families and friends and coworkers will see them and download them to keep. Do these ladies know that most everyone they know have seen them nude and having sex with guys and dildos with nice up close pussy shots. If you have nude pics of yourself you may already be on the internet and seen by your friends and family members

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 31

    I've been reading these posts, some obvious BS and poorly written and others that I would bet are real, some seemingly sincere. Along with this I read about family and I know the statistics are quite high on INCEST, one out of four women have had the experiences. Some are psychologically injured, some not. I read about "naughty aunts" with their nieces and nephews and that is what I have been thinking of posting on here, naughty or not. My experience with one of my aunts (I have three) has been one of the loveliest parts of my life.

    From childhood, "Skeets" (we all call her, why, don't ask, I don't know but her name is Pamela) took me under her wing. She's athletic, starting with a naturally well-formed body. She was a "five letter" woman in college and went on to be a highly sought after, popular fitness guru. She is a "body builder" but does not compete and believes that competition is not what her work is all about. She has attained "washboard abs" a triumph for any woman. She has the attitude that fitness is the best preventative "medicine" humans can do. This includes the correct diet, nutrition, and so forth. I was her willing student and started working out with weights, running, jogging, etc. in my pre-teen years.

    As a consequence, whenever people saw us together they assumed we were mother and son. I was her helper on many of the health activities she attended and carried bags, pulled carts, etc. for her. She often told me I was indispensable to her. We were very close and despite exceptionally developed bodies, tender toward each other, physically. I could not get enough out of watching her work out and lead groups working out. Her physique is nothing short of sensational. One of her heroes (whom she actually met and proudly knew) was the late Jack Lalanne, who was known as "The Godfather of Modern Fitness."

    On my 21st birthday, Skeets took me to an upscale restaurant and treated me to a great dinner. I went home with her and she made some her from scratch coffee (she considers coffee a health food). While I was enjoying her coffee she excused herself and I heard her in the shower. She came out wearing a cotton robe and I could easily see, completely nude beneath. She asked me to take a shower. This puzzled me but I did not hesitate. When I turned the water off, she was there with a robe for me. She took me by the hand, naked, into her bedroom. I'm not going to attempt to describe all that followed for fear of having this post come off as pornographic or just some i-n-c-e-s-t for wankers.

    Skeets dropped her robe and I lost my breath. Though I had seen her in skimpy outfits for years, never naked. She said, "happy birthday" dear one, I'm giving you a present you won't forget and from the looks of you and my feelings for you, sharing the gift with you." My sexual experience back then was minimal but I did have some.

    Skeets took me to her bed and lovingly whispered a regimen of lovemaking to me that made me feel pangs of jealousy with the thought that she had been with others before me. Of course, this was a childish reaction, especially since she was 18 years older then me but I quickly dismissed it. t this point she was beyond the level of just "my aunt" but just a beautiful woman inside and out, with whom I was physically intimate. It felt like an event from Providence that heightened my life experience.

    As an example of the type of things we did, at one point she wanted me to plunge my cock as deeply as possible into her anus and I did. She then began to open and close her anal sphincter on the stem of my cock that was right at my testicles. It felt as if I was being jerked off by her anus. The feeling was indescribable and soon enough she asked me to stay deep and to cum into her. We continued to share our sex until after midnight. Then, we fell asleep in her bed.

    In the morning I had the strong urge to call my mum and others and rave about Skeets and me but obviously, I could do no such thing. We had a long talk about what had happened and she told me that she was seriously involved with a man who was deeply in love with her. She told him that she had planned to spend an evening fucking me, why, etc. and he thanked her for sharing the information with him. Immediately, I knew this must be the right man. Curiously, I could not pick him out of her friends and acquaintances known to me.

    That same spring I graduated from college and went on with my career. A year later I attended Skeet's wedding and met the groom. Although I had mixed feelings and emotions, I did nothing to make Skeets regret our past choices or our relationship in any way. We never duplicated the sexual experience but from the beginning I knew it was a one time event. It's a great memory.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 50

    My niece is a little early 20s hottie with a perfect body. Size 32DD tits, I checked her bra while they were out shopping, that stand up firm when she doesnt wear a bra. We went out on our lake boat, she had on this tiny little bikini, her big jiggly tits bouncing around the boat all day. Its just a good thing I was sitting down driving, because I spent most of the day hard.

    Other than watching her occasionally and one time seeing her nude and masturbating in our bathroom tub, I dont think much about it. Nothing would ever happen because they are extremely conservative and she would rat me out, so I thought thats the best it will ever be.

    I was looking through one of the porn sites in the youmg girls masturbating section and a picture caught my eye. First it sort of looked like her, but I thought nah she wouldnt do that and what are the odds of me coming across it on some random site with all the millions of videos out there.

    I watched it a few times, zoomed in to try to pick up some clues. The room looked exactly like hers that we stayed in when we visited. The bed had the same railings. The ceiling was one of those low slanted ones. Then she had on these bracelets. I went back and looked at some old family photos and sure enough they were exactly the same with the same number on both wrists. She looked like she even had the same necklace.

    In the video it looks like she is camming with a bf. I know she used to do that and take her phone in the bathroom when bathing, I always wondered if she was letting him watch.

    She starts by rubbing herself, then pulls off her top and the bra looks like one of her VS ones, then starts rubbing her pussy and fingering her ass, then fucks herself with some kind of little flashlight thing till she cums.

    She used to date a bunch of losers, I'm wondering if he recorded one of their sessions and uploaded and she has no clue its there. Part of me wants to tell her, but she'd be devistated if she didnt know already.

    Its kind of weird watching it, erotic but naughty. But it is hot watching her cum...just makes me wonder what other secrets does she have?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Hi I am a married man looking to be email buddys with a passable transexual to talk and share with each other,I have never been with a guy before. Madmcurie@@@@g***l

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 55

    In the summer of 67 I had a job at the marina on the lake. These rich guys had their boats there and part of my job was to help get them out and in the water. The other part of my job is that I liked hanging out in the men's room. The men's room had a trough, and I would stand there and pretend to pee, I put my hands on my hips and stood there with my dick hanging out. The feeling inside of having a man look at my dick made me horny as hell. This one man, he was a retired airline pilot, stood there and stared at my dick while he held his dick in his hand.

    I went into a stall and left it unlocked. I saw his shoes walk back and forth in front of the stall several times. When the men's room was empty he knocked and said not here, to follow him out to his boat. He had a nice boat, with a cabin that slept two and small galley. He was on the boat and smiled at me and I smiled back and pretended to go help him with his lines. I told him that I didn't get my lunch break until 12:30, and I usually went around back to have my lunch.

    He came around back, in his white pants and blue shirt, he was tanned, with white hair. I got up and went into the shed where the cleaning supplies were kept and he followed in. I got on my knees and took his dick and just swallowed it. He got away and checked the door to see if it was locked and walked back over to me and I got on his dick. I had sucked off some guys before, but this time I wanted it bad, and I wanted him to fuck me.

    I took my shoes and pants off and leaned against a shelf. He used his fingers and spit on me and then he got behind me and I got it all, I could feel his dick, he felt huge and I got tears in my eyes, I kept wiping my eyes, he asked me what was going on and I told him to keep going, to just bitch me and not to stop.

    That was the high light of that summer, I posed for him, and he took tons of pictures, mostly on his boat. I spent as much time as I could with him, I got to know his dick, I dreamt of his dick and I can still bring up that memory. We fucked a lot on board his boat, he liked me to lay down on the bunk and he would lay on me and work his dick into me and he would reach around and pinch my nipples while he fucked me. It just couldn't get better than that.

    At the end of the summer season I continued with school. I kept up with him for several years. Eventually time took him and I had to move on emotionally. Summer of 67 is the feeling, that summer I thought I was just getting banged, but it was my first real relationship.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Never done anything like this before, but here goes.

    About three hours ago I was in a shop buying my husband and something for our evening meal. My husband has had problems with his health of late, so I've tried to get him to eat healthy. His health has affected his sex drive so over the last year I've resorted to masturbation. In the shop I had prolonged eye contact from a younger man, a very good looking fit young man. At the check out he stood behind me, then whispered towards me "Do you want to come to mine for a fuck". At any other time, I would have told him where to go. The fact was, I'd begun to play with myself just before my husband asked me about tea. still horny, I found myself turning around and asking him where.

    His flat was only two minutes from the shop, and only a few minutes after entering his home, I had his face between my legs licking out my pussy and arse, and had his hard young cock in my mouth. This is't a confession about a long drawn out fuck session. Not at all. I'd orgasmed once from his tonguing before he had me kneel up in front of him. then he slid his unsheathed cock into me from behind. It felt so good to have his cock inside me, to have any cock inside of me after so long, I came again almost immediately.

    He didn't last too much longer after I'd cum, shagging me as hard as he could. But by then I was already building up to another orgasm. As his cum exploded up my pussy, I had another climax clamping my pussy down onto his cock, which milked out any remaining cum.

    We lay on his floor carpet panting before he got up and made us a drink. It was only then I found out his name and he mine. Chatting for only twenty minutes, I told him I had to go, but passed on my number, taking his.
    I know I've cheated on my husband and I know tomorrow I'll be walking the quarter mile around to Kevin's flat again. And tomorrow I'm sure the confession will be much much longer, if I make one that is.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I put bi-sexual female above but I do a cock very rarely. I have searched for a long time and not yet found a woman as horny for pussy as I am. I can't get enough. When I see a large clit, I freak out. I see the hunger in gay boys but not in my peer Sapphoholics.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 45

    In the past my wife or now xwife use to get horny and we would invite or anticipate the people we had over r at 3:00a.m. probably had the same ideas we had and that was to have sex . For me I particularly enjoyed watching a guy that has a big dick fuck Donna . Steve was a favorite of mine and Donna as well. Steve possesesd a rather thick dig that stood rock hard and he didn't know how to take it easy he was going to pound it hard Everytime . That was years ago and I have since divorced and my sex life is a bit dull until a couple nights go . I was at a female friends house and she wanted to meet Steve maybe I had nudged her with stories of his heroic cock and hard pounding skills ,later that night see came by we talked and everything was going as I thought it would until I went to the restroom usually this is when I hear either the noise of dick sucking or moa s of a pussy being harshly treated but it was silent as a mouse as I returned to the living room. Only Steve was present and he was stroking his dick staring at me and kinda motioning me to come closer it was unclear then he stood and walked up positioning his dick right in my face I was puzzled but as bis hand pushed my head towards him I found myself opening my mouth letting him start pumping it down to my throat and I gasped for air I wrapped my hand around his fat cock and began running my tongue up and down over his head then I opened my mouth wide he started ramming it down my throat holding my face pulled me up and bent me over face down I almost fainted as his dick rammed deep in me then furiously he fucked me so hard that I couldn't think my body shuttered I lost since of reality I couldn't imagine if it was pain or pleasure erupting from me but I know it felt crazy all the way up to his cock shooting hot cum on my back

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 23

    I am here because I have no where else to say how I feel.

    I don't want to be pregnant. I would never have an abortion. The father does not know, he is a casual acquaintance, it was just sex with no meaning. The stupid part is that I had sex to shut him up and stop whining.

    I have a job, at my work coming out pregnant on my own is going to go over really bad. My company is family owned and very Christian, the reason I took the job to begin with. Yes I am a Christian girl who has needs and went down the wrong path into oblivion and now I am pregnant. I am five months, and not showing if I wear the right clothes.

    I don't earn enough to provide a good life for a child. I am still dependent on my family, car, insurance, phone, bail out after bail out. I have moved back and forth to live with my parents since I got out of college. I am currently living alone in a garage apartment of some of my parent's friends. I got pregnant in this apartment. When my hosts find out that I had a man up here and he had sex with me, I will be asked to leave. Our church is not forgiving, especially when it comes to moral failures.

    Of all my relatives I feel that only my grandmother will accept my situation. I will start with her, she will be past angry and disappointed, but she loves me and I am hoping that she will help me talk to my parents.

    It is my fault for failing. I will not go down the path of total oblivion by contemplating an abortion, and I will not surrender a child to adoption. I don't know what my sentence will be, but if I have to go into poverty to keep this child I will. It is going to be a girl. I have chosen her name, Rebeca.

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