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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 34

    My next door neighbor asked me to hold her key to let in a serviceman who was going to replace her water heater. None of our business but, she is a lesbian. With her key in hand I went over and went through her house top to bottom, her drawers, her hamper, her photo albums, under her mattress and bed, in her bookshelves, her fridge. I wanted to see how a lesbian lived, what underwear she wore, what she ate and drank. I found nothing, I never found any sex toys, or questionable pictures or videos, no sexy underwear. She was more normal than I am.

    Her water heater was delivered and installed and when I saw she was home I took her key back. She confronted me, did I find anything I wanted, was I satisfied, just what was it that I was looking for? She has a camera security system and she watched me remotely while I searched her house. Bottom line I got told it was none of my beeswax. Embarrassed beyond control she gave me the key back. In case I needed to open her house, and she asked for my key.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 53

    Thirty years ago I was at the end of my student visa and without a job offer, I was facing having to return to Manchester to a dreary life. Plus I was going to have to leave my secret love. We had exhausted all options, I had extended my stay with a Masters but I could not get a job. The lawyer walked me to the elevator and held my arm and said 'get married'.

    Me married? I loved someone I couldn't marry. Depression, desperation, my secret love told me to do it, get pregnant and do it, we would still be together. So twenty three I asked this guy I had gone to graduate school with to marry me. He had a lot of affection for me and knowing this was for the right to stay here, and I had told him who I loved. His serious face disillusioned me, but he said he would do it if it made me happy.

    My lawyer refused to answer me about needing to get pregnant, he would only say it had to be legitimate. My lover and I were scared we would be discovered and the marriage would be ignored so we decided the safe thing to do was to get pregnant. I got married without my parent's knowledge, became pregnant immediately. My husband slept on the couch, I slept in the bedroom and my lover had permission to spend the night. He relented when we kissed in front of him so he could see for himself.

    We never got divorced, when it was time to grow the family I did, and he decided that we would share the bedroom, children talk. My lover continued to be a deep secret, but we always had his permission. I went back to school and got a degree in nursing as my lover is a hospital administrator. My husband wanted a son and I tried one more time and that time our son was born, he is ten years old. Our day to day is all American, our nights not so much. We have perfected the legitimacy of a marriage and preserved our secret love life.

    To my husband we owe a debt of love, he has been my husband, the father of my children, my best friend, and the chief architect of a secret life unknown to anyone but the three of us.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 29

    My sister says she is a lesbian, she's not. She met our new neighbor, I'm in love, lust, love with this girl. This girl is everyman's dream girl. Now my sister says she is lesbian so my sister's going lesbian. For once she is getting the girl. I know my sister and she ain't no lesbian.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Gay Male / 48

    Working in Detroit for the auto industry with a mid size supplier I had a job as a designer for door hinges. That's what I did, this was before CADCAM was used in the company we worked for. I made hundreds of drawings of door hinges, varying by the most miniscule sizes and orientations. My job was pretty much eight to five and Monday to Friday. On weekends I took care of errands, laundry and stuff. My life was normal.

    A new designer was hired and he was put into our drafting room and he was given the job or designing door latches. That's all he did and all I did was hinges. We became friends and after several weeks he suggested that we go see the new movie that was out, Jaws. In the packed movie theater, between all the screaming girls, he kept trying to grab my hand. At one such grab he missed my hand and grabbed my pants and he did not let go. He maneuvered his hand until he had my dick in his hand and as much as I tried to pry his hand off my dick I couldn't. So I sat quietly with my hands over his hands and his hand on my dick playing with it. During a particularly dark scene he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

    After the movie we got up and I had to go the men's room and he followed and stood beside me as we peed into the urinal looking over the urinal to get a look at my dick. In the car, he was driving that night and we were up on the fourth floor of the parking garage, he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me over to him and kissed my mouth. He let me go but not by much and said he was horny and he wanted a blow job and he undid his pants and got his dick out which was fully erect and bent my head down until his dick was touching my face telling me to open up and suck his dick. I sucked him as best I knew how.

    We went to his apartment that he shared with another guy and he told his roommate to get lost he wanted to be alone. He stood me against the refrigerator and kissed me while he put his hands down my pants. He pulled me and we went into his room and got undressed, I didn't resist and when he was totally naked on the bed with his hard dick I got on the bed and sucked him until he grabbed me and pulled me up to kiss and ground his dick against mine. He put me on my stomach and got some KY Jelly off his nightstand and he buttered me up and got on and I was his boyfriend.

    The whole scene was out of this world, the movie theater, being kissed in the car and sucking his dick in the car, making out in the kitchen and getting naked and ending up becoming his boyfriend. To tell the truth I dreaded the moment that I was going to become a boyfriend, the whole thing scared me no end. I thought about it, I dreamt about it but when the day it happened came I surrendered to the most erotic thing there could be. I was totally overcome and he and I became lovers and roommates and I reveled in being his boyfriend, I enjoyed being his boy Friday vacuuming and washing our clothes, wearing those small tight underwear he bought for me, making out to all hours of the night, and anything and everything to do with his dick. That was a long time ago now but just thinking about it makes me want to get dicked right now. It's in my blood. He was my first and in many ways he is who I think of most often.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 52

    As a freshman I moved into a men's dorm, guys and girls lived in separate dorms and curfew was nine o'clock, opposite sex in your dorm room after curfew was grounds for expulsion. Girls from the same floor in their dorm came by every room to sign up to do our laundry for the semester. My girl also cleaned my bathroom and my side of the room, folded and put my clothes away and most days stopped by to make my bed. In return they had a fixed date arrangement, for football season, Friday nights. If you thought you would date another girl then the new girl did your laundry, cleaned and made your bed. I maybe knew two guys who dated a girl from another dorm, you basically were paired off from your freshman year. My girl finally gave me sex in my junior year when I moved off campus, in return for a ring. Sex meant you were getting married. We married the summer we graduated and settled down to have a family. Three kids before we were 28. These girls were serious girls, you better be serious too. Being in love was automatic, she was your girlfriend from day one in the dorm and you fell in love because you were tied at the hip. By the time you got sex you had begged for a year, and you bought her a ring, or as in my case she got my grandmother's engagement ring. Sex was serious business, the pill was unavailable and pregnancies were very likely, she played a high stakes poker game giving you sex. You married her. You stayed married. Those were the conditions.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 42

    I got caught up in an embezzlement scheme, not as the perpetrator but for not reporting what I had found out. I was fired, and the word was out that it was for ethical violations. In addition my professional license was taken away. I did avoid a legal proceeding but only in return for my testimony. My career opportunities dried up and I drifted until I ran out of money and ended up as a manager of a trailer park in return for minimum wage and a place to stay. I collected rent, which was a chore, evicted tenants, cleaned up the place which wasn't much because it was a dump.

    I got to know Herb, a retired steelworker with a bad back. He drank and I gave him cheap liquor in return for company. Herb asked me if I had ever thought about sucking him off. His question left me speechless. That night, alone in my bed I thought about what he said. How low can you go? I sucked his cock, not just once, I sucked his cock.

    Time passed slowly, every week that passed I was worse off, poorer, more depressed and Herb's cocksucker. My desperation drove me to get out, I sold my TV and bed and caught a bus out of town. I'm working in a small town in northern California as a night clerk. It's boring and I find myself thinking about Herb, right now I really want to suck his cock.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    *WARNIMG! There's an over-abundance of TRIGGERS in the text that follows.

    I've been having sex with guys since I was 12 or so, girls since 14. My last year of high school, 1988, I was introduced to meth and the PNP scene in the SF Bay Area. Being bi and adventurous, I was soon exploring the video booths on Polk St in San Francisco and Oakland. This was when The Bay Way Social Club was operating in Downtown Oakland. For 10 years, until 1998, I was tweakin', streakin' and freakin' with just about any penised human who showed interest.

    I still use meth, but not daily. I prefer to slam my dope. There's no geel8ng like that from shooting a 1/4g of pure Crystal. Over the years, I've indulged in a fetish for shooting others up (with crystal meth) for the first time. Men, lasies, & Tgirls I've met and played with over the last 31 years. I've never forced anyone and only did it with people already using. I never exploited them in any way, except for sexual gratification, while at the same time, I allowed myself to be turned out as a party boy escort because I thought it would be fun. It was.

    What I HAVE done is; ruined a couple of marriages/relationships of others and myself, caused a couple of careers to crash & burn, chased a totally naked, over amped, perma-grin wearing 19yr old boy through a park full of families enjoying their Sunday afternoon, because he thought Interpol was after him and his hooker girlfriend.

    I'd still do it, if the situation presented itself. I do slam still, but mostly with my dealer & his man, when I go to pick up. My wife doesn't care, as long as I don't put my dick anywhere else. I don't, usually. But if I do hook up with a lady, will hunt. And she doesnt know about her sisters fiancee, who meets me in a nearby outdoor spot to get his cock drained 2-3x a week.

    She does know about my collection of 9 dildoes, bondage gear, e-stim equipment, jock-straps, poppers, and various cock play paraphanelia. Two years ago, she got me a RealDoll sex doll, a female form and a strap-on dildo harness for it. My wife is 10 years older than I and lost interest in sex after menopausa.

    I've been back & firth on a popular gay hookup app while writing this, and it seems I'm having company in about 45 m8nutes. A married pastor from a nearby town who's on the DL. We played once before. Nice uncut cock, likes getting head, little experience with men. But eager & horny.

    I probably won't try to shoot him up though. Not today, anyway. lol

    But I willðand I have to get ready.

    Later, freaks & ho's!ð

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 18

    When I was 18 years old, I had an online inappropriate relationship with a teacher. Not too long ago, I sat in complete boredom in my room with nothing to do and decided on downloading one of those chat rooms apps to meet and talk with new people. Of course I shouldâve figured that a majority of the time, the big reason why people do these chat rooms is because they want to initiate and engage in sex or sexual behaviors, but since there was nothing to do and I was desperate, I decided hell Iâll go for it and see if I can actually get a decent conversation with someone. I went through those first few people and began to talk to them but once I realized what they wanted, I ended the conversation and moved on to someone else. I then finally met someone. Letâs call him Rick for times sake. So Rick and I began talking about everything and anything to our hobbies, interests,favorite foods,etc. Diving deeper into the conversation, I found out that he is not from the country that I live in and that Rick is 27 years old and a music teacher. I was kind of shocked that he was nine years older than me as I was 18 when this happened and still am. I then asked him if he had a problem with me being 18 and younger than him and he said he was cool with it and has no problem. We then chatted some more and exchanged our Snapchat information.

    We then started talking on Snapchat about more personal stuff such as our families and our goals in life and the outcomes that we want in the long run. When we first started talking, it started out as a very friendly, platonic way. We exchanged pictures of ourselves and he responded in a polite, respectful way and vice versa. A couple of days later into our late conversations, it then goes to a little bit of flirting with Rick saying things like âyouâre prettyâ and âcome to (his country) and I will buy you drinks and weâll have a good timeâ. I didnât think this was a problem and I actually liked that he was taking an interest in me. It then goes to more intense flirting with a lot of heart eyes, heart emojiâs and that he even wrote a song for me. I will admit, I started getting a little excited because an older man was interested in me and that he thought I was attractive, emotionally and sexually wise. Ultimately, we then start exchanging sexual comments and pictures. It started out with talking about what we like to do and sex toys to then him describing what he wants to do to me. I would then strip down to my bra and underwear and sent him provocative pictures and videos of me doing what he is telling me to do such as taking off my panties and fingering myself and him sending me videos of him jerking off and calling me provocative things and more sexual comments as well as asking me if I have done sexual acts and I havenât because I am still a virgin and have not been with anybody. Prior to this event starting, I kind of figured that we will eventually lead to doing this and I was eager to do so but as we begin to initiate, I then started getting a little bit uncomfortable and was debating whether or not to block him. During our rendezvous, he even suggested that we either call or video chat so that he can have an easier time explaining what he wants me to do and so he can watch me masturbate. I began to panic and realized that I didnât want to continue on so I blocked him and I have not seen or have been in contact with him ever since.

    After this, I began to realize that he probably of course had no real interest in me and that he only wanted to sext, and me being my naïve young self, I did exactly that. Another thing that I found interesting was that during our conversations when he would describe his job, he told me he taught students between the ages of 8 and 16 years old. I begin to think since I am only two years older than the oldest set of students he teaches, he has probably done this or has had a sexual attraction to his own pupils. I felt really disgusted in myself because even though I am the age of consent, I let this happen and gave in but I needed to get this off my chest because itâs been in my subconscious for a while and I canât stop thinking negatively about myself.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 45

    First let me say it was an accident . My brother and I were young, he was two years younger and I won't say how young to not break any laws if there are any. So we had no house shower only a large claw foot tub. The bathroom was on the top floor of a two century home. The view was three sided from in the tub and the only taller building was the court house clock. There was only a tub sink and toilet were on the first floor. I pulled down the window shades to get in and lifted them for the view when soaking. get the Idea! stay low in the tub while the shades are up.

    My younger not smaller brother was all boy . He loved sports , the outside , fighting , and just recently girls. Now throw me in this mix. I dominated him in everything and I was very competitive. I was now smaller as he just grew 10 inches taller than me , but in his mind I could take him in any battle. When ever I said something he obeyed right away. He complained in a mutter to him self so I wouldn't hear him.

    So brother is in the tub and I run in from roller skating all sweaty. Bounding three flights of stairs I enter the tub room and pull the shades. Hay get out says my brother. a little bath history here. We all shared the bath tub water in the house Dad, my older sister, my brother and some times my Aunt who was actually younger than me. Never more than two of us in the tub at a time as it just wasn't that big the older we got. I saw Dads baby making tool many times wondering and guessing about it. So picture a busy school morning as each of us dipped and quickly washed conveyor like to get ready dashing in and out in towels. Most bathing took two or three minutes unless we were soaking. My brother was soaking under the bubbles.

    I'll be quick I said. tossing my clothing off. Pull the shade every one in town can see you he said. I stepped in the tub ignoring him and then decided on a long reach to the shade. I lost balance slipped and rotated and landed in my brothers lap facing away from him. His erect penis went right up my vagina. My brother grabbed my hips and tossed his head back smacking his head on the tub. In one second my sister opened the door. I heard some one fall. I was stunned and held tight by my brother who still hadn't taken a breath. I turned and his head was still back and mouth was wide open and his eyes were closed tight. Here it comes said my sister as by brother let out one of his I'm wounded loud cry's. You hurt him agin my sister said as she headed for work. She had no Idea his dick was in me. I looked down and blood was in the tub. My brother held tight stopped then wailing and neither of us moved. It hurts he said don't move. I am sure it was a minute or less when he let go a little and then re grabbed me. Don't move he said in real pain. I turned my head around and he cringed hold still. I think my dick is up your poop hole and you broke it there. The tears rolled down his face, I felt terrible. I can call for Dad I said. Oh God I don't want to loose my Dick he cried.

    We called and called but Dad must of been out side. Its like its broke right in the middle he said. Its not in my poop hole, its in my pussy for your information. Does it feel broke off to you he asked? Thinking about it now that is a stupid question. I was a virgin two minutes ago and I landed hard on a stiff penis with my tight virgin puss. What did I know about any thing. I can't tell I said . I can tell something is in me thats all. Dad will come In I know it he said crying. My brother reached his right hand over my leg to touch where his shaft was in me. checking me and him out. This went on a minute or two. It was awkward and weird. I was tense as heck thinking my brothers dick was broken and Inside me. Sis are you scared he asked. I said choked up a little that I broke his dick. Try to take deep breaths and relax so you get loose. Thats when I realized my puss was clamping down on him big time.

    I took deep breaths and got dizzy. Then I slowed my breathing and felt my puss stop cramping on him. Is that better I asked. Yes its a lot better but it still feels broken in the middle. I can't feel the end of my dick any more he said. I slowly lifted up. Easy he said Easy!! I lifted and looked down as he popped out of me . Looking down I was horrified at his deformed man unit. Then I realized his tight foreskin was now back on his shaft strangling his penis. Hold still I said I'm going to fix it . WHAT NO DONT TOUCH IT HE SAID. I sat on his belly and grabbed his shaft tight as I could and pulled up . He screamed like heck . It was working so then I used two hands and got the foreskin up at last. Oh thats good he said. So I lowered on it slowly to make sure it worked. Its functional Sis you should get off now before I.. Too late , he said might as well soak now.

    I sat still as he relaxed leaning back. Aren't you supposed to get a soft penis and fall out I asked him. I don't know , Your older you should know this stuff. I'm a virgin how should I know. We aren't virgins Sis. oh I guess your right. Am I sexy I asked my brother who still has is boner in me. I got off of him turned around and lowered back on his penis. We can't do this he said. Your sexy but not to me he said. I didn't listen and started some hip action . He resisted but then responded getting harder and closing his eyes. I put his hands on my budding little breast. My tender virgin pussy hurt a little but loved it. It was a few minutes and still awkward for him and he resisted . I rocked hard on him and he gave me what he had. Are you happy now ? Can you get off of me he said. I stood up and he said Do you know your bleeding? Well you popped my cherry of course I am. No you popped your own cherry falling on me he said finally inspecting his penis with his own hands.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 28

    There's nothing like drinking pee directly out of a girl's vagina. Just sayin.

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