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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    "Two ways this will get resolved". That was his words. His next words were "I'd prefer it to be you, but I'll fuck your wife if you prefer".
    We were in the middle of nowhere, it was a pitch black night and raining, and our car had broken down. I desperately needed to get to a venue for my job and he'd found then towed us to his garage. Our/my problem was, in my rush I'd left my wallet and cell phone back at the hotel, and my wife's phone was next to useless for reception.
    Letting my wife sit in a grubby waiting room, I followed him to the gents bathroom. Watching him strip half naked, I saw he had a smallish but super fat cock which was already erect. I sank down and went to suck on it for him as that's what I expected he wanted, but he told me to drop my trousers and to lean onto the sink basin. Doing as he asked, I felt him pull my as cheeks apart, then felt his hot wet tongue lapping at my hole. It felt utterly awesome and soon had my dick rising. Yet even that was too slow for him, and without putting on a condom or using a lube, he stood up and rammed his hard fat cock right up my rear hole.
    It hurt, boy did it hurt. Yet it also felt strangely good too. And that good feeling grew the more he fucked me. So much so, within minutes I was backing onto him. His cock fucking my asshole, had mine straining and way too soon for me, my dick exploded without me even touching it. I came all over the floor beneath me and then felt him bucking harder inside of me. Seconds later he came inside my ass and that was it. It was all over as quickly as it had started.
    We got ourselves together and I asked him about the car. Sat with my wife telling her nothing about what we'd just done, we both watched him take about five minutes to have our car running again. Five minutes after that, we were on the outskirts of the city we'd been heading for.
    Lots of lessons were learned that night. Take your wallet and phone wherever you're going. Check the route to understand if and when you break down, you might only be a few miles from a place to get help. But mostly I learned I love being fucked, and have since that night begun a sexual relationship with a guy I sometimes work with. He's much older than me, married like myself, but loves a younger mans asshole to fuck. And most definitely I've come to understand, he absolutely loves fucking mine.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I am married cock sucking bottom. I am in the closet cross dresser to. For the past year in a half my next door nrighbor Jim has his way with me. Jim is in his 30's married to. When ever our wife's are not around I am his sissy bitch. He is very lean well built 6 ft tall with a hot thick uncut 7 in cock I can't get enough of. His staying power is unbelieveable. Last week he fucked me for a hour. He fucks me bare back and cums deep in me. I am dressed when he fucks me. He loves me in stockings heels garter belt bra and a dress no panties. Last week he had me standing bent over my kitchen table fucking me from behind. I moan like a bitch in heat as he pounds my boy pussy. My cock is only 4 ins when hard and rarely gets hard have E.D. He can make me cum when I am soft. When our wifes are around and don't have much time I am more than happy to suck him off. I love sticking my tongue under his fore-skin licking the goodness. I keep his hairy balls well drained for him. I am a faggot and am happy being one. Thats my confession.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Transsexual Female / 50

    When I was 18 I met a girl who said I was handsome and that she could make me not want to be a girl anymore. I said no way. She did not stop. She wanted sex with me.

    I stood up and dropped my pants and she saw my pink panties and she laughed. Then she pulled my panties down and she began to uncontrollably laugh and point. She finally was able to say that her tampons are bigger and they are regular.

    She said that her 3 year old son is bigger than me. I begged her to tell all her friends about it. She pulled a tampon from her purse and took it out of the inserter and told me to hold it next to my penis for a picture. That tampon made my penis look small. She took a few pics and showed her girlfriends.

    The next day people were pointing and laughing saying, "You look small next to that tampon of yours". I said, "How did you know that was my tampon"? They said that I was to comfortable holding it, plus Bev told us you had it in your pocket. I said, "No I keep my tampons in my purse and I only use super tampons that was a regular and it was huge next to my tiny penis.

    I am so lucky my penis is so small and women probably would not feel it in them. Like when I insert a super tampon it is almost like it is not there. I am so small that if someone tried to suck it they would have a hard time keeping lips on it because it is so short.

    I was young when I had my first sexual experience and discovered, much to my pleasure, that guys are a lot bigger than me. He kept pushing my head down gagging me over and over before I tasted this wonderful flavor. He filled my mouth and asked how I like his cum? I finally swallowed and said, "I want to do it again". He said, "It takes awhile before a man can get hard again". I took it in my mouth to try to get him hard again.

    He said, "What about after you jack off and go soft". I said, "I don't jack off and even if I was able to get hard I would not do that, I would love to jack you off".

    I asked him if he would stop by when he needed a
    blowjob and if I am asleep just slip your cock in my mouth. That first week I was busy sucking his cock 3 - 4 times a day. After that it was anywhere from 2 - 5 times a day. I like to suck him before eating so my food tasted like cum.

    My parents did not believe that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body, so I was allowed to have boy's in my room with the door shut. Even though they did not believe it they did buy me the dolls and dresses I wanted for my birthday and Christmas. I had pink wallpaper with pretty flowers. My room was a girl's room.

    I took full advantage of the closed door and sexy guys. I even had a mini fridge and I was masturbating guys into a glass and froze it. I kept adding to it over time. When it was full I thawed it and slowly drank it. I stopped when I decide to eat a bowl of cereal using the cum for milk and sugar. I loved it.

    I was worried so much sperm might upset my tummy, it did not. I was burping and every burp was like getting a mouthful of cum. I always keep some frozen but I really love it warm and sticky. I love to look a man in the eyes while I suck. When I
    feel the pulsing cock I only keep the head in to get as much cum as I can get.

    I am so glad that I have a penis so small and usless except to potty and I always sit for that. Men are so much fun to be with. I also spoil my man. I do all housework and cooking and any "women's work" is for me to do. While he relaxes after a hard day at work. When he wants a beer I get it. Sometimes I have a glass of wine with him.

    I am a waitress and yes I wear a dress and heels. I am on estrogen and my body is becoming nice and curvy and my breasts are sore and growing. I am hoping to have "DD" cups or bigger and apply to Hooters. I have always wanted to be a Hooters girl.

    I am happy I am not attracted to women, I am lucky that I am turned on by sexy manly men. If you have never made love to a sexy manly man then you are missing a wonderful experience that you should try.

    I started just sucking cock and said I would not take it in the ass. 2 weeks later he was thrusting hard and deep as I moaned with extreme pleasure. I did not want it to end.

    Now I love it in the ass. I love feeling balls slapping my ass. I love men so much.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Male / 53

    Older Straight Male
    Here are a couple of questions for the ladies.

    Have you ever taken cum loads in your pussy from two different guys, each unaware that the any of the other came in you the same day?

    Have you ever taken multiple cum loads in your pussy from different guys at the same time?

    If yes to either question then:

    How many guys ?
    What were their ethnicity ?
    What was the biggest or most interesting cock you recall out of all ?

    Thanks for you output (no pun intended)

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Female / 50

    I am transgender mtf. I was married to a woman for 29 years.

    2 weeks after our 10th anniversary I came out to her. So she came clean too. She admitted that she has been cheating since our 2nd date.

    She said that she was cheating because of my tiny penis and that I only want sex 2 to 3 times a year.

    My penis is a little less than half the size of a bic lighter and the same diameter as a regular tampon. I thought all cocks were that small until my first time with a guy. His was 7 inches long and thick.

    My ex said good I don't have to go through faking to feel you in me. I was relived because the smell of a pussy makes me sick.

    The first boyfriend after our wedding was with the one that hurt the most. For a year before we married I shared a one bedroom apartment and full size bed with John. I bought the full size bed to make sure we had lots of body contact.

    He drank a lot and I was like a perfect little maid/girlfriend. I did not let him do any housework and all he had to do is say "can you get me a beer"? And I was up getting it. In bed he would frequently put his arm around me and I would work my ass so his 8 inch cock was pressed hard at it.

    One night I thought he was coming on to me when he asked me to suck his cock. I took my time and when he filled my mouth with cum he woke up. He asked if I had sucked him? I said, "Yes and thank you for finally asking me to". That became a few times a week.

    I met my ex because family pressure. Before I would go see her I would always asked if he wanted a blowjob and he always said yes. I never did anything to cover up the cum on my breath. I would kiss her and she always said that my mouth tasted funny but she knew the taste just can't place it.

    I was totally in love ⤠by this time and he was all I could think of. I even called her John a few times. I wanted to marry John so much, he was the man of my dreams.

    After that year John met a girl. I was so heartbroken I married my ex. Then John broke up with that bitch that stole him from me. I asked him to move back hoping for more fun with my man.

    While I was at work, I am a beautician but she thought I was a barber, she made her move and he was missing his ex so they hooked up. I was getting turned down for blowjobs I even offered my ass but no. My ex turned me down on her birthday and my birthday saying she was not turned on.

    Then John moved out suddenly. My ex forced me to have sex. A month later she was pregnant telling me I was going to be a dad. One problem I knew it was John's because, all though I can get small erections I am unable to shoot anything out except pee per. I was checked at 19 and my body does not produce any sperm and I can't cum.

    She told me that he is John's son when I came out. I told her about me and John. Then she said you had cum on your breath all those times. She said, "John always said the person before his ex gave better bj's than anyone". I have been trying to give a better blowjob than my husband".

    She said I have to call my man and tell him you are a woman". I gave her the phone she told him and handed me the phone. As soon as he said one word I knew him, my best friend asking if my penis is tiny. I said yes, in a feminine voice.

    He came over and they took me shopping for dresses and everything else to be a girl. All traces of guy things of mine were gone I would only wear dresses. My wife said that since I was a beautician she needed a new hairdo, she did.

    I was out to work doing housework and cooking. It helped me learn to be a good girlfriend/wife. I told her how much it hurt when she took John from me. She set me up on a blind date with a "super sexy man" tomorrow. She said that he has a 9 inch long and very thick cock, she said let's see how good you are. She said he loves to do Anil sex on women. She said good luck with that.

    I am a little scared but hey I'm a girl right. I Will take what I can.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 19

    Okay so the basics: I am 19, white British twink, I am slim with no real body hair, 5ft4 with a small penis. I live in a small town in southern England and work part time.

    I've followed and used this site for a while and wanted to tell of my experience in being a leather bondage sub, you can skip the biography bit if you want and go straight to the bondage a bit further down.

    I met and got to know Frank, he is 52 and owns his own business; I worked part time at his shop and started there when I left upper school at 16, it's a simple shop selling tools, DIY and electrical and I work the sales counter.

    We got on very well and one day when the store closed up and Frank was locking the cash away I looked at the ropes and chains and as always I imagined me tied up in them; I took hold of one of the chains and not really paying attention I wrapped my wrist up to see what it felt like and to be honest I am can be a bit of an exhibitionist at times.

    Frank was stood watching me as I touched myself with my free hand, he coughed and I leapt in shock quickly unwrapping my wrist, I turned and tried to apologise and make an excuse when Frank told me to shut up; he knew what I was doing so told me to not deny it.

    HE told me he knew I was gay as I had come out towards the end of school and he was waiting for me to open up to him, he told me he was gay and liked teaching his employees a trade; he told me that I would like to learn what he had to offer and that I would enjoy it.

    I found myself enjoying being ordered what to do and Frank said to finish locking up and join him in his flat upstairs.

    I quickly finished what I was doing and helped lock up the store before following Frank to his flat, where he quickly said to ring my mom and tell her I was working late and was offered overtime to help finish inventory.

    I rang and mom being mom was not bothered as she knew I needed the money and told me to be quiet when I got home as she was going to have an early night.

    Frank told me to follow him and he led me to his "playroom", a fully kitted out fucking dungeon of sex toys and apparel.

    On the wall there were pictures of other conquests over the years and all had one thing in common, they were all twinks and all dressed in leather.

    Frank told me how he was into leather bondage and domination and liked to teach his boy how to serve him, he showed me round and pointed out things and said what they were used for.

    I was lost in the smell of the room as he showed me the leather outfits, the trousers, tops, shorts and cat suits.

    Over the next hour nothing really happened, we sat down and we talked, about how I came out not that I have ever hidden it from anyone, the first person I told was my mom and she just said she had known for a while and just said she would be happy if I was happy.

    Despite telling me in the shop how I would like and enjoy it Frank was quite understanding and was very comfortable to be around, we chatted away and I ask a lot of questions about the how's and the whys of why he told me and he explained that he found me very cute and sexy.

    Now that first evening all I tried on was a collar and some cuffs, nothing too much and I did enjoy my first taste of daddy dick and his cum was so juicy.

    Over the next few weeks we played more and Frank introduced me to the room and the toys quite intimately, I found I really enjoyed the look, feel and taste of leather and quickly took to wearing it whenever I could.

    My little cock was under lock and key, kept nicely in my chastity device which I wore a lot.

    The main experience I want to tell about bondage is when I experienced the straitjacket and leather sleepsack; to say it was intense is an understatement, I had told mom I was crashing at a friends and she told me to be safe and call her in the morning so I had no need to rush this and Frank was happy to have me all night.

    I had showered and cleaned my boy hole thoroughly and had made sure not to overdo it on food, Frank gave me some anti-diarrhoea meds which he said helped to stop the urge to poo during a long session.

    I stood naked in the room waiting as Frank got the items he wanted to use out, first was the remote controlled butt plug; this was pushed into me quite hard and it took a little while to settle into it as Frank made sure it was in good and tight.

    now came the leather straitjacket, this was quite heavy and very secure, it had two heavy zips one over the other with the outer one being locked so you couldn't undo it. the collar kept my head nice and straight as Frank worked the straps tighter, now the sound of zips and buckles is quite a turn on as you slowly become more and more secured, the lock clicking shut with a small snap as everything is sealed onto you.

    the straps running under my crotch and up my arse were tightened and the leather dug in quite nicely.

    now at this stage there is nothing I could really do accept be a good boy and follow orders, as Frank pulled me along to the bed where the sleep sack was laid out, With franks help I managed to lie down in it and he zipped up the bottom zip enclosing my legs but leaving enough room for him to manoeuvre me into the top half as he pulled the bag up and secure the inside strap through my arms and over my chest pulling it tight.

    Finall y he pulled the zip all the way up to the collar, I was sealed in and completely helpless as Frank put the final padlock on, telling me I was a good boy and that he would like me to be quiet whilst he had a shower and with that he slipped a blindfold on me and told me to be patient.

    I lost track of time as I had no concept of anything bar the smell of leather and the ggood aching of your muscles after a long workout.

    I laid there enjoying the experience when I felt a weight on the bed and knew Frank had come back, I felt a weight on my chest as he sat on top of me and told me to open my mouth, without question I knew what to do and willingly let him fuck my mouth silly.

    IT was so good as he came over and over filling my mouth and tummy with his juice, my tongue lapping up all the lovely semen from his thick cock as I licked it clean.

    Frank told me I was a good boy and turned the butt plug on as my reward, this happened again and again when Frank felt the need to fuck me through the night, he would wake me up and start again.

    I loved every bit of that amazing evening and it has become my favourite way to spend the night

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Hi me again I wrote a post a while back about being m****ted by older boys in my neighborhood but I assumed that was the norm and never told anyone but it never failed I went back to the fort of bushes and he had 4 more friends with him they took of my clothes plugged my ass with cock and my mouth they did me twice each that day and it went on for a year and a half they told me if I told my folks theyd kill me only problem is after I was used to it I liked having them shoot their cum in my ass I looked forward to well the only problem was I loved cock and was always looking at it in the gym showers the swimming pool locker room
    Because it was open to the public I saw some beautiful cock but wouldnt say abything well the only way I get cock now is at the gory hole but if they see a 65 year old they don't visit my holes so I try to get there early I strip down suck cock and have them shoot it in my ass

    Everyone I've sucked or had fuck me were extremely clean but ya can't take chances so I bought a fuck machine and different dildos so I could do it in the comfort of my home even got a dildo that you fill up and when you squeeze the balls it shoots right in your butt and feels great and I don't have to hear that guys too old I might be old but I've been sucking cock since I was 7 years old and do it pretty damn good! ! I fell asleep with the machine on I guess too much fire ball lol it was as if I had a marathon but it was good anyone with questions can text me at ultimatekeys at MSN you know the rest
    have a great weekend

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Female / 40

    I found some emails my man sent while out of town (because he took off for mini-vacation by himself) to two different Craigslist whores ( in the same town he travelled to, on the one night he was away). He swore he was hacked, but we both know he's lying. Since this time, I've snooped in all the ways I can think of but haven't found a shred of evidence. He's become a regular expert at deleting search histories and text messages, and doesn't even have email active on his phone anymore. This was almost a year ago. Since then, he's accused me of flirting with his friend and having an affair while away business. I've done neither. I want revenge. Never so much in my whole life did I think I'd be sticking it out, but here I am, in marriage trying to make it work while he's never even apologized to me. When did I become so controlled? When did I lose my spirit?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 18

    i'm looking for a confesssion that talks about a boy getting sex from a family friend for his birthday

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 30

    This is not a confession but getting piss off people starring at my legs.

    What I am talking about is I wear "active support" pantyhose 24/7 because of my poor blood circulation on my legs. Is summer time I put on a pair of pantyhose under my shorts to go out in public and people won't stop looking at my legs. I do shaved my legs so it doesn't look bad. Some give a smart ass remark, he is gay or faggot. What's wrong with these fucking people. Some will come up to me asking me stupid question like you must like to suck cock because you are wearing pantyhose. Why can't people understand is for my medical reason. Do I need to wear a sign saying I am wearing pantyhose is because I have poor blood circulation for my legs. I can't wear the compression hose because is way to tight for my legs. Doctor suggest I give these pantyhose a try and it seem to work just fine. What do I say to these people next time when someone approach me with stupid question. If I can get people stop treating me like I am gay or some thing. Just airing my frustration. I am okay now.

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