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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Female / 42

    I wrote this story before this version is a little more improve. Please be advice that I'm not an author. The story kind lacks dialogue. Enjoy

    This story happen to me about two years ago. Before that I was consider a conservative woman. I grew up in a very conservative household. I been married to my husband for 18 years been faithful to him all that time. We have 4 children together. We have a 18 year old son, a 16 year old daughter, a 12 year old daughter and just recently our new addition to the family our baby boy who's 3 years old. Basically we are the typical suburban family. I used to be the soccer mom type back when my son played soccer. I was a home stay mom but eventually i began running my very own internet home based business. My husband use to be a carpenter and eventually became a contractor he bought 3 houses. We never had any financial problems. My husband is a loving father and a good provider.

    The sex life i had with my husband wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I never been with another man so there was no one I could have compare him too. Most of the time when me and my husband had sex was just missionary except that time we did in the car. I given him hand jobs before and he has given me oral sex. At first I was reluctant to accept it but I gave in later after experiencing it. My husband sex past is also limited. He slept with two girls before he met me but they were just passive. He also said they weren't as beautiful as me. At 16 I had my first boyfriend but all we did was kiss or hold hands. When I was 18 I had another boyfriend he was the first guy I touch inappropriately. He told me to masturbate him. I never seen his penis but I did grab it underneath his pants. He only felt about 4.5 so when me and my husband had sex for the first time I thought that 6 in penis was more than enough and anything bigger was just a deformity.

    My name is Patricia and I was 40 years old when this story happen and I can say
    proudly that I pass as 30. Over the years I gained a little bit of weight but I lost it. My breasts are 36D i lost all the fat around my waist and it went to my butt and tights. I have green eyes and very light skin but I usually get a golden tan when I'm out in the sun. I'm a brunette but I been greying recently so I cover my roots making it seems like I have streams of blonde in my hair. I dress modest, appropriately for a women my age. I refuse to dress provocative. My husband name is Mike and he has insisted on me dressing a little more sexy. I'm usually wear blouses, slacks, or dresses that are above my knees. The most sexy dress clothes I put is a skirt that's a little above my knee caps and expose a little cleavage. Some guys have tried talking me but I turn everyone down. Is not that I don't find other guys attractive is that I don't feel the urge of being with another man. My husband is 44 years old now just two years older than me and I can assure you that he's always been faithful. He's good looking too. He has dark brown hair with a receding hairline only to his temples. He's body is average with a little bit of a belly but he has the most amazing blue eyes I seen, a great smile with a strong jawline.

    Things change when our new neighbors move in. They were a young married white couple in their mid 20's. Their names were Alexa and John. Alexa is a very good looking red head girl. She was shocked when she knew that I wasn't 30. Little by little we developed a friendship Alexa and John.

    One Halloween night the young couple invited us to a party. Our kids were away with their cousins. It was the first time I have gone to a party in a long time. I was a little concern though that we were going to a party full of young adults. So me and my husband invited some long time
    friends. Steve and Dawn, Steve was 45 years old and Dawn was my age. A couple who was our neighbors that are close to our age also came to the party which was good because now me and Mike didn't felt a little out of place being in a party full of young people. John and Alexa seem to have lots of non white friends. They're friends consisted of another young white couple and a young Mexican American couple. The Mexican couple seem quite popular most of the guests came from them than from Alexa and John. The Mexican girl seem kind of chubby but her fat went to right places. I was little kind of jealous for a moment because Mike had a thing for Latina women. This couple invited an Asian couple, and for an Asian lady she had huge boobs. There lots of girls with nice costumes that show their bodies. Most of the party guests were young Hispanics.

    Three girls that stand out from the party were a young blonde girl who seem easy with all of the guys and two really hot Hispanic girls. These girls invited 4 other girls, Some black girls who were very good looking who appear to be mixed with Mexican or Indian. Dawn my friend, was getting a little annoyed that Steve and Mike eyes were focus on all this young girls. I tried not to show that it bother me. I kept telling Dawn that I could get that attention too. But I was dressed in a witch costume with green make up. I went up to Alexa and told her that I was willing to put on that costume she recommended me to wear earlier but that i politely rejected. I grab the costume and put it on. It was a sexier witch costume, Typical Halloween sexy costumes girls wear. I was a little worried though because I was breastfeeding and I had more Milk than a women should.

    I return to the party and Dawn Steve, and Mike jaws dropped. The dress push my boobs up and firm. Since I was breastfeeding my boobs look double than how they usually do. The costume cover my stomach but it showed lot of legs. I was little flattered when I got the attention of this cute young blonde guy and a Lebanese guy that had the
    biggest brown eyes with long curly eyelashes. They were one of the few guys that were not all 5'7 5'9 Hispanics. But then a group of 7 black guys arrived at the party. It seem like if those pretty black girls invited them. My friend Dawn was terrified of black guys I told her to relax. I assure her that Alexa and John knew what they were doing. We started drinking more and getting more into the party vibe.

    One black guy in particular stand out. He was 6'4 buff and dark as charcoal black. A lot of the girls seem to throw themselves at him. Next thing you know I saw him whispering with the pretty blonde girl Dawn's husband, Steve kept drooling all over for. She came up to me and told me that he wanted me to meet me. I wasn't really interested. I was happily married and never had an interest in black men. One time in the street a black guy gave me a compliment but I found him unattractive.

    The black guy at the party introduced
    himself to me
    he's name was Leroy. He tower over
    my 5'6 height even my husband who is 5'10 look small compare to him. He's attention towards me seem to get one of the pretty light skin black girls mad.

    I told Leroy that he should probably go back to his gf. He told me not to worry and not to get jealous. Gosh he was so full of himself. Leroy seem to feel as if I can automatically fall for him. He look handsome for a black man but he was clearly barking at the wrong tree. I dismiss myself and told him I was going back to my husband who was on the other side of the party. By this time I was feeling the alcohol. Leroy insisted that he would leave me alone under one condition. That I dance with him 2 songs I didn't see
    no harm so I accepted the offer. Leroy then told one of his friends to distract my husband with a girl from the party. Me and Leroy moved to a more crowded area surrounded by lots of young couples dancing. Leroy told me that he was trying to be a Sheriff but was previously locked up so it was hard for him to get in the academy. He was 28 years old I told him a little bit of myself. The small dance floor started getting more crowded and Leroy began to dance more closer to me. The music, the alcohol also started loosing me up. I wanted to stop so I turn around and look for a way out. I guess that gesture gave Leroy the wrong idea because he puts his crotch behind me and put his hands on my hips.

    That's when I felt his penis. I was in disbelief. It seem surreal for someone to have monstrous thing. Curiousity kill the cat, I was curious to feel more so I push back to meet his thrust. He had his hands on my hips then close to my lap and slowly started teasing my pussy lips with the tips of his finger. I couldn't believe it, this black stranger was touching me while my husband was just a couple of yards away from us. "Omg my husband!" I quickly step way from Leroy and went to look for my husband. He was talking to John. I lean towards the small bar Alexa had. Leroy came and apologized i told him it was ok. Next thing you know all this guests started asking me and Leroy for some drinks. I guess us hanging out in the bar area made them think we were bartenders. It seem fun so me and Leroy began working we bump into each other while we made the guests drinks.

    While doing that Leroy began to caress my ass and my pussy again slowly. I tried to move away because I notice Mike was watching from the other side. I was going to grab a beer when I drop it. I kneel down to pick it up but when I look up, I saw Leroy sticking his penis out in front of
    me. No one seem to notice and I peek
    from the bottom side of the bar to look for Mike. I saw him wandering around probably looking for me. "You caused this you know that right," Said Leroy as he stick his penis proudly to me. I was mad what was he thinking? I was married, he was black? "Why don't you go and let a whore handle that for you," I said. "Well if you don't want to suck it why don't you jerk me off?" I told Leroy I didn't know what to do. He told me to grab it and give it a few strokes. I stop and so many thoughts came through mind. How big was his penis? I sympathize with his penis being swollen just like my boobs were at the moment. If I didn't do this perhaps he would have bother me the whole party and cause problems with my husband. I had to make a quick decision. "Fine I'll do it!!" I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of my mouth. So I kneel down and proceeded. It had pass 20 minutes and my hands were getting tired. "Why don't you get naked yourself?" Said Leroy. "I'm not taking my dress period", I answered mad. "Well then let me see this tittys", reply Leroy. Without my permission Leroy pull my top down exposing my breasts to him. I was flushed with embarrassment when this happen. He began pinching my nipple giving me an inch of pleasure. "Kiss it", Leroy said. Without thinking I gave it a long deep kiss. It didn't taste bad so I began licking it. Before you know it I was sucking his penis hungrily. I was on my knees when Leroy began putting his penis inbetween my
    tits. I began playing with myself.
    Nothing was more important right there right now than to please my sexy stranger.

    While I was sucking his penis a drunk girl approach us for a drink. Before she saw what we were doing I got up as fast as possible. I fix her drink and fix more drinks for other guests too. I lean toward the bar table to hear what one of the guests was telling me. That's when Leroy began shoving his cock slowly into my pussy. "Stop you're too big", I said. It was so painful I was trying to get away. I let out a loud groan that made Mike look our way. I kept it discreet the bar area was crowded and Leroy blended with the darkness
    behind me. "You been teasing me all night you going to find out what real fucking is girl", said Leroy. Leroy began grabbing me from the hips and started fucking me harder. His penis was so deep it felt as it was touching my womb. Pain started tuning into pleasure I couldn't take it anymore I let it take a hold of me. "Fuck me with that if black cock", I said. For some moment Mike was in the conversation and he look at me with an odd look on his face. The place was too crowded i smile to my husband while I was getting fucked from behind. "You're body was made to fuck black cock, girl" Leroy was now fucking harder pulling my hair.

    I didn't care about anything right there. I didn't care who saw, didn't care if I got caught all I care was that this black guy was fucking my brains out. We stop for a bit and walk outside in the back. Leroy had already his pants unzipped and sat down on a bench. I got on top of him and put my tits all over his face as he began sucking on them. I started riding him as he slap my ass wth both of his hands. That's when I look to my left and I saw Mike watching me with a confused look on his face. I couldn't tell if he was sad or mad but what I did saw a huge bulge he had in his pants. I ignored my husband and went back to animal fucking with Leroy.

    Ever since that me and Leroy fuck wherever we at. I have done more things with Leroy that I had never done with Mike. At first Mike was upset but later confess to me that If it make me happy he would allowed me to get fuck by Leroy because it turns him on.

    I still dress modest, I'm take good care of my children, my business but when ever Leroy calls me I'm right there ready to please him.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    My wife started traveling with two other women. Money is no problem for any of them, and these trips have become a repeated pastime. Usually they go for two weeks. When they are gone I fantasize about having sex with another man. It all started when I was at a jewelry store looking for something for my daughter's birthday. The salesman, clean cut, older man, touched my hand several times while he showed me the bracelet. He asked me lots of questions and I told him that my wife was out of town again. He said that sucked being alone, especially for dinner. He got off at six, and we went to dinner at this seafood restaurant he liked and he touched my hand and held it several times. He invited me to his place and we had sex. He definitely took the lead and helped me through everything and I ended up letting him give me the ride of my life. He is large, and has a full size penis, and sucking him and letting him ride me to completion was one of the best experiences I had ever had.

    After several other meetings with him he told me he was moving on, he was going to move to Florida where he had a couple of buddies from the old days and they were going to start a business catering to gay travelers. I was always welcome, if I wanted to use their services.

    Since getting hooked up with him I have not been able to hook up with another man like him. I fantasize about having sex with a man, sucking cock. When my wife travels I use Craigslist and drive into Chicago to meet up. Most of the time it is a no show, which is frustrating because I am usually past the point of needing to get together. Other times it is all fake, not real. It is hard to get a guy to get off when he acts like that, I need some more encouragement not just shoving their penis down my throat.

    I have gone out to Florida, but he is with his buddy now, which means I am set off with some guy I don't know. We have done a foursome aboard a boat, which was exhilarating, but I just don't get off to fucking a guy, I want to be the one fucked, and I prefer getting fucked missionary style. I guess what I am saying is that I want my friend to be the one that fucks me, it feels so good to have him do it. I also really get off to sucking him and letting him unload in my mouth. But he is with his buddy, so that he does it to give me pleasure.

    My latest hook up was with a Mexican house painter. He had a normal penis, but he was uncut, my first time with a man like that. He fucked me hard, but only from behind, I sucked him and reamed him, and I wanted to kiss with him, but he didn't want to and he left me in the motel room for the night. I really want to hook up with a man that wants to kiss and foreplay, maybe take a shower together, let me suck him and show him how much I like to suck his penis, lay on my back and have him show me his hard penis and get on and fuck me and then watch a movie together and just enjoy being naked together.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    So i was out of money and had bills to pay and i havent had sex with another man for 15 years. So i found this black guy with a nice cock and he payed me to let him fuck my ass. So finally i talked my girl into watching me suck his cock and get fucked in the ass and it was so hott. Then i got her to take off her clothes and let me fuck her while he fucked me. Then finally he came all over her face at the same time as i did. Man i would love to do that again.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 53

    I have been married to my lovely wife for over 25 years. Ours has been a very vanilla relationship sexually.
    Sometimes if my wife doesn't feel like having sex with me or if she's on her period, she gives me handjobs.
    Recently when wanking me off, as she was kissing me she plunged her tongue in and out of my mouth as though mouth fucking me with a small hard penis. My reaction was for my penis to become extra hard and big.
    "Oooh" she said. "Someone likes his mouth fucking".
    It was true. It was like being fucked in the mouth, I imagine. I have always been hetro and never strayed.
    But I was very very excited about my mouth being used in this way.
    The next time she was giving me a hand job she immediately started to tongue fuck my mouth again. And again I got instantly harder and bigger.
    She then started to pull and twist on my nipples. It hurt a lot! But also excited me sexually.
    Once she realized I was turned onby this she started hurting me more. I loved the intense intimate pain and almost ejaculated even though she'd only just started with the hand job. The combination of the tongue in the mouth and the punishment she was dealing out to my nipples was almost enough to make me cum without even touching my cock.
    She started to call me names and talk really dirty to me...tugging on my nipples and puling my cock. I asked her to touch me ear my anus. Her reply
    "how many hands do you think I have?" Then she added "why dont you finger your own arse you little cock sucker".
    I diodn't need any more encouragement. I licked a finger and slid it into my ass as the wife pulled on my cock and twisted my left nipple extremely hard. She called me a cock sucking pervert and plunged her tongue in and out of my mouth repeatedly. I shot a huge load of cum all over her tits and overmyself within about 3 minutes.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39


    Im a late 30s male from uk.

    I need to ask is having a fantasy about watching my wife with a guy or woman normal?

    Happy to talk about it.


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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 38

    Write, to express bounus for those of us who xhoose to confess

    Today, for no reason i confess from a life of either sexual abuse or pyhisical

    At the time i was seeing for sex a bird who was cock hungry,,i asked her to find a target for a sub to introduce into our relationship and she came back a week later with a guy so wound up for sex he had druged his Aunty, so i fucked his aunty in the arse and let him eat my cum out of her while my girl pushed his fsce in it.

    I had several mistresses while i was married, every one used to collect my cum and find away to put it something my wife owned, i also liked watching them all insert her toothbrush in there arse holes everytime i allowed them to visit at the home.

    I have fucked a one night stand infront of her kids,,, they were watching tv, but i drilled this bitch all over her house while they were there

    When i was 21, i had started seeing a woman,
    After 6 months of dateing she introduced me to her parents, i was in the spa with just her mother with in two hours,
    The father and my girlfriend were finishing there game of darts before they were due to join on my end i had the mother of my girl footrubing my hard cock with her foot,,,,,amd after discovering the size with her foot, her hand found my cock,,,,,,she batted me off and we waitedmfor everyone to join us in our sperm bath after i cum hard.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 37

    When I was seven we moved to a new house. Across the street was a family with four boys. I played outside or rode my bike and the boys watched me. Sometimes I would see them at the mall or a restaurant. My mother made a comment one night that one of those boys was going to fuck me and knowing I was going to get fucked upset her. She would pick this or that one, tell me that it was not going to hurt, to just open my legs and think about Jesus.

    I was fifteen when I was taken upstairs, I did what my mother said I opened my legs and thought about Jesus. It was the third boy. I told my mother and she took me to a doctor when I missed my period. With the pregnancy confirmed she took me to their house to point out the boy. We got married when I turned sixteen.

    Every time he got on me I thought about Jesus. I spent a lot of time thinking about Jesus.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 34

    I was named Eva Danielle when I was born. Growing up I was Dani. Dani was a tomboy, small for his age. He played with the other boys at school, was good at little league and soccer. When Dani went through puberty things got difficult for him. Try as he might, he could not hide the fact that puberty had betrayed him and there were things that the other boys did not have. It was in the seventh grade when Dani first fell in love. Her name was Stephanie, she was cute and smart. She was Dani's favorite person, and try as he might, Stephanie did not return his love. One day, Dani asked Stephanie to go steady with him and Stephanie told Dani that he wasn't a boy. Stephanie pointed out the obvious, Dani had things that boys did not have, and Dani did not have what boys had.

    Dani's love for Stephanie did not diminish, Dani suffered in silence.

    When Dani got to college, Dani met Joan. Joan was from a small town and Joan liked Dani just the way he was. Even, or as Dani would find out, especially because of the parts that Dani did not have. Joan liked Dani a lot, she really liked Dani and Dani found out what it realty meant to have a girlfriend. Joan liked to tell Dani what to do, where they were going, how to dress, how she liked Dani to cut his hair. One day Dani got fed up with being told what to do and he and Joan broke up.

    When Dani decided to go to nursing school, everyone in Dani's family was surprised. Why not become a doctor, or for that matter why not stay in business school and become a CPA. But Dani wanted to become a nurse. His feelings were for a girl named Eileen. Eileen, like Stephanie was very pretty and petite, she was very feminine and liked to dress nice and was soft and pretty. Eileen liked Dani and she accepted Dani the way he was and Dani and Eileen went through nursing school together. When they graduated Dani and Eileen moved in together. No one was surprised they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    At work Dani met a doctor. And through this doctor Dani met Joe. Joe was an engineer working for a large company and he liked Dani, and Dani found out what Joe liked and Joe wanted to meet Eva. When Joe was with Dani, he would take all of Dani's clothes off and he would see Eva. He liked Eva and insisted that Eva be his girlfriend. He bought things for Eva. Delicate jewelry, delicate underwear, delicate dresses, and he had Eva dress up for him. Whenever he was with Eva he wanted Eva to be his dream girl.

    Dani's haircut was too short, and Dani never wore a bra, and Dani was too bossy. Eva on the other hand was Joe's girlfriend, and Eva started to wear her hair longer and to wear delicate underwear and to wear a bra and to listen to Joe and do what Joe wanted her to do. When Joe got an assignment to move to Singapore Joe told Eve he wanted her to go with him, to be his wife and he wanted Eva to promise him that while they were in Singapore she would have some babies for Joe. Eva had to decide, if she went with Joe, Dani could not go.

    Joe made Eva's body pregnant. Joe put his world around her. Joe made Eva change her name to his. Joe made Eva wear married women's jewelry. Joe made Eva wear a bra every day. Joe made Eva have woman sex with him. Joe told Eva to leave Dani behind.

    By the time Joe's assignment in Singapore was complete, Joe had made Eva's body pregnant three times and he had Eva be the mother and he insisted on being the father. There were three little Eva's and Eva had to teach them how to be little girls. But Eva didn't know how, but daddy Joe insisted and Eva had to try. Eva cried a lot, she missed Dani but Dani couldn't live with her any more and anyway Joe only wanted Eva.

    When Eva returned to the states, she no longer shopped for Dani, she only shopped for Eva and the three little Evas. Joe loved Eva, and he loved his little Evas and Joe bought a big house for Eva so she could take care of the little ones. Joe decided to make Eva's body pregnant again, lest Eva would go and look for Dani.

    Dani would visit Eva from time to time, and Eva bought Dani some clothes. She hid the clothes, she did not want Joe to see Dani. But one day Joe found Dani's clothes and he became very upset and mad and told Eva once and for all that she could never see Dani again.

    Eva loves Joe and Eva loves all the little ones and Eva no longer looks for Dani. Eva only shops for Eva, and Eva likes to wear delicate dresses for Joe, and delicate shoes and delicate jewelry, and Eva never takes off her married woman's jewelry and Eva always wears a bra for Joe. And so, even if Dani did not want it to happen, Eva had to come out and play so she could live with Joe and make Joe happy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    I live with a female roommate. She is out with her boyfriend tonight so i took the oppertunity and i am currently wearing her bra and panties. It turns me on so much!

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 34

    My boss said he wanted to be my mentor. To help me develop my career. I stood there and said I would rather be his wife. I'm serious, as his wife he can still mentor me, but I want more than that. I want to be married. I hate being single. And I want kids. And he is the man for it. He needs to act and take me to the altar.

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