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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    After serving in the air force for four years I was discharged and tried to go to college. I was not happy and I got hooked up with this woman reporter. In the air force I had a couple of woman/woman relationships and I fell into this one. She was much more dominant than either of my other relationships, but I felt I needed a strong mom at the time and she made me go to college.

    One night I got out late from a lab and I took the bus. The bus was pretty empty except for this one man. He came over and sat beside me and started talking and putting his hand on my leg. He had me trapped up against the window and he was breathing on me and he had his hand all the way up to my crotch. He told me he hadn't fucked anyone in a long time I looked like I needed to be fucked.

    His kiss almost made me gag, his breath smelled really bad and when he stuck his tongue down my throat I came close to losing it again. He had his hand in my crotch and was grabbing me really hard. He said his dick war really hard and he needed some pussy. He rang for the bus to stop and he grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bus through the back door and we walked behind a building. He took his dick and out and told me to suck him and to suck him really hard and get my pussy ready.

    I got fucked on the cement behind a dumpster in an alley. His tongue was all over inside my mouth and his mouth started to taste sweet to me and I kept kissing him really hard while he fucked me. He kept telling me I liked it and I kept saying yes and if he was going to fuck me then to fuck me really hard.

    He became my full time male lover. He had a job down by the docks working at a warehouse. He didn't make much money and he was an alcoholic and we fucked at his run down place. I took money from the woman I was living with and gave it to him. One day she challenged me on where all the money was going, asked me if I was doing drugs or something. I denied everything but I had taken over a thousand dollars and she accused me of stealing and I had to leave.

    I never finished college. I had to get a job and I stopped seeing 'Joe' and I am in a casual relationship with a policeman. I like male sex but it is not like those months with Joe. I also miss the closeness with a woman, closeness like I had when I was in the air force.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 23


    I was waiting in the bus shelter today when a young girl of around 17 or 18 came over to me and asked me if there was a toilet around here. I told her there wasn't and she said she had a stomach ache and she was desperate for a poo. I suggested she went behind the bus shelter but she said she'd rather not do that. The girl was hopping around and crossing and uncrossing her legs so it was pretty obvious she was desperate. She stopped after a while and she said she couldn't take any more of this. I watched the girl moved her feet apart and she started peeing down her legs. The smell of poo filled the air and I saw a bulge growing in the back of her leggings. She looked relieved as the bulge continued to grow and her leggings sagged down so much the girl had to hitch them back up. When the girl finished relieving herself the bus turned up and I got on but the girl walked off.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 34

    It's easy to criticize other people if their lifestyles don't fit "the norm". My neighbor being one of those.
    Since she found out I'm my wife's cuckold, and that I allow my wife to fuck other men, with myself present. She's been hell bent on trying to mess with our lives, in negative ways. I'm not going to go into what she's doing, but needless to say, she's a nosey bitch who has rightly got her just deserts.
    I say that because once she found out and told her husband, he's been more than accommodating to our special arrangement. Over the last three months, Eric who's fifty two, has been calling round each time his nosey stuck up frigid wife works her late shifts. His large eight inch cock not only gets to fuck my wife's mouth, pussy and ass, but also now we know like myself Eric's bisexual, he's been fucking me too. As my wife now allows me the pleasure of his cock once a week up my very eager asshole.
    And recently after fucking my wife first, then recovering with a long slow blow job from me, my wife had Eric fuck my ass bareback but didn't allow him to cum. Instead my wife told him to go home and wait for his wife. When he text "ok" we knew he was about to have his wife blow him. At the same time I went down on my wife and licked out Eric's gooey mess from her well fucked pussy.
    Our lifestyle isn't for everyone, but as we weren't hurting anyone, why did the nosey bitch want to mess with our lives. Well its rebounded on her big style.......

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  • — Revenge —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    In 1968 I was r*ped by a Roman Catholic priest.

    I was ten years old. My Mom volunteered me to be an alter boy. That meant I had no choice. In those days parents were a bit too trusting and thought nothing of sending a child that age to walk many blocks to go to a church to train with a man in his 30's who has never married, was supposed to be a virgin and lived with other men.

    I was supposed to attend an alter boy training class at the parish office next door to the church. There were supposed to be other alter boys there. There weren't It was me alone with Fr. O. Fr. O. had me sit down in a chair and began by telling me I looked nervous and tense and offered to give me a massage. I'd never had a massage so didn't know what to make of the offer so I shrugged my shoulders. I confess it felt good. It felt really good. His hands undoing my shirt felt good. His hands massaging my bare back, neck, shoulders all felt really good. His fingers combing through my long blond hair felt good. His fingers massaging my scalp felt good. Standing up while he undid my pants felt strange but up to that point everything felt good.

    Keep in mind it was the 1960's and ten year old boys were not educated in the ways of the world. I hadn't a clue about sex or where babies came from. I'd also been indoctrinated into believing that Roman Catholic priests were virtually sin free and were holy men whose mission was to lead everyone else spiritually. One obeyed one's priest because priests were God's representative here on Earth. So when a priest slips his hand in your underwear and tickles your pee pee while he massages your butt with the other hand and it feels good, you don't question it. Up to that point, I was O.K. with everything he did. Had he sucked my dick I'd been very O.K. with that as well.

    He didn't. What he did was undo his own pants, take out his big hairy cock and shove it in my face and order me to suck on it. I was scared and panicked but obedient. If you disobeyed a priest you went to hell or at least purgatory where you spent a lot of time screaming in agony apologizing to God for disobeying the priest. His cock was disgusting. Now I want to clarify. I am bisexual. Today, I'd have gladly sucked it down my throat and enjoyed doing so. But at ten, I found it disgusting, hideously disgusting and it was all I could do to keep from puking with that thing shoved down my throat. After a while he took it out and bent me over and shoved it all in one unbearable stroke, all he way up my ass. Filling my ass with gasoline and lighting it on fire would have felt as a relief compared to having that monster up my ass.

    My mother found my blood stained underwear the next day. I was taken to the emergency room. After some vicious interrogation it was determined that I had been sodomized. I'd not heard of that word but apparently in those days if you'd been fucked in the ass that was all the evidence needed to prove that you must surely know what the sin of Sodomy was and so I was duly punished. My father was furious with me. My mother was more furious with me for lying to her about what the priest did. At first I wasn't going to say anything at all I was very scared of going to hell but then my parent's interrogation took over and I was afraid of them so I confessed to the horrible sin of being r*ped by a priest. My father accused me of choosing to become a faggot (I'd never heard the word but anyone who has been ass fucked is obligated to know what a faggot is automatically) I was whipped by my father for roughly a hundred strokes give or take. I passed out some where around counting off the 75th stroke and when I came too it was over and I had a few more strokes so I think I got around a hundred total and that makes sense as my father was very methodical and liked round numbers ending in zero. My mother was hysterical as now that I was no longer pure I was no longer eligible to become a priest and that was something she promised God before I was born.

    After interrogating me regarding every conceivable sexual partner I could have seduced my parents finally settled on assuming I was actually r*ped and that there may very well have been a distantly remote chance that I may have actually told them the truth to begin with. Of course there was no apology for the whipping. If I wasn't guilty of that I was probably guilty of something equally horrible. The assumption was that little boys were in a perpetual state of being guilty of some horrible sin for which he was never caught so a good periodic whipping was always in order.

    By this point it was a couple of days later and now I had scars, bruise and still bleeding welts from the whipping but lots of parents whipped their kids in those days so it was no big deal taking me down to the police station and the cop who examined my asshole seemed completely unphased by what my father did. He did tell me what a horrible sin it was to take a dick up my ass but other than that and sticking a bare finger up my ass for whatever reason he did and said nothing else. He suggested my parents take the complaint to the church. I don't think they ever wrote a report.

    So we went to the cardinal's office, got the run around and two weeks later my mother and I got letters informing us we had been excommunicated. So we moved to another diocese.

    My mother wasn't going to let a little thing like excommunication get in the way of her going to church and they really didn't do a back ground check on new members of a parish. So we pretty much picked up where we left off in our spiritual life though I really didn't want to be an alter boy any more.

    I was almost 11 when my mother suggested that a different parish in a different diocese and with different priests would mean things would be different. They weren't. Despite my taking my excommunication seriously which meant was in total agreement that I should not be a member of the Roman Catholic church, my mother again volunteered my services as alter boy and since I was not fully trained I had to go to training class yet again. this time I rode my bicycle and kept it nearby and if any priest came close I was NOT going to stick around. That was the plan.

    So the alter boy training class of this new parish was in the actual church and I was relieved that there were about ten other boys already there. Everything went as well as could be expected and then we all got dressed in our vestments and the priest said mass. There were only about 20 people who attended besides us, some were parents of some of the other alter boys. Then I went home.

    The following Saturday after serving after noon mass it was just me and the priest (same one who trained me) and he put his had on my shoulder and began to give me a massage. A frightening chill went down my spine. He must have noticed my trembling and asked if someone had hurt me. I told him about the other priest and he hugged me. He told me he too had fucked several alter boys but he always makes sure they feel good when he does. He offered to suck my cock and I was so relieved that he wasn't going to force himself on my that I let him. It felt really good. I liked it a lot. Also it didn't hurt that he was really good looking, had long red hair so he was kind of feminine looking and was fresh out of the seminary at around 27 years old. He was also a really good cock sucker. I was too young to cum but it felt really nice and tingly all over and then when he offered to kiss my ass hole and make it better, how could I refuse. I expected to get a quick lip to ass peck, you know, like the way a parent might kiss a boo boo and make it better. His idea was to tongue kiss my boo boo. He licked my ass hole for over an hour. The sensation was delightfully soothing and I really didn't want him to ever stop. It made me feel really good that he seemed to absolutely adore doing this really naughty dirty thing that felt so good to me.

    So this became a regular thing. Every time I served mass with that particular priest he gave me a blog job and a massage and ended by spending way too much time licking my ass which I felt was no where near enough time. I was nearly in love with him within a few weeks.

    One day that priest asked if he could play a game with me. He wanted to dress me up like a girl, put my hair in pigtails and put some make up on me and nail polish on my nails and pretend I was a girl and pretend to fuck me. He promised not to put it in my ass but rather just rub in between my butt cheeks. I agreed to since he always made me feel so good. So after mass we were alone in his room at the rectory. I was dressed up like a little hooker in bra, panties, stockings, high heals, make up, nails and pigtails. I was bent over his bed and he was naked pretend fucking me. It actually felt kind of good having his erection running between my ass cheeks and the head rubbing against my asshole without actually penetrating while he reached around and jerked me off. He had me say a lot of really dirty things to him while he did this like "Oh yes Daddy r*pe me hard, make it hurt Daddy, oh yes I'm such a sissy faggot!" and other similar things while he continued to pretend r*pe me. Physically it felt good so I didn't mind but the words were a bit of a mind fuck and it felt weird and awkward and a bit humiliating but when someone spends so much time sucking your dick and with there tongue up your ass, you cut them some slack.

    That would have been fine. I'd have agreed to do that weekly for years if he wanted. The only problem is we were about to find out we were not alone. Just as he was squirting his come between my legs and just as I was confessing to enjoying being "r*ped" the door was thrown wide open and there stood the head priest, the pastor and the boy scout leader who knew all the parents and everyone else in the parish AND a boy scout who had accompanied him to the rectory on parish business (in that boy scout council, churches sponsored the boy scouts) who I believe had just earned his eagle badge and whose two younger sisters were both in my school, one in my class.

    The shit hit the fan. I was outed at school. Have you got any idea what it is like to be outed at ten years old in the 4th grade in 1968? So my father's original suspicion that I was a faggot was confirmed. I was whipped a hundred strokes per day for the next ten days and grounded for eternity. Since we were already excommunicated we couldn't complain to the bishop of our new diocese. Since I was a repeat customer I could not file a r*pe report with the police and my father's boss wouldn't let him get yet another transfer and he was already pissed off at me since he lost $2000 selling the first house and had no intention of losing any more. I had no choice but to go to school and face all the kids who instantly knew that I love sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass by men. Of course the fact that none of that would be true for a couple more decades made no difference. I had confessed it to three witnesses while in drag getting butt fucked. The priest in question was transferred and my still devout mother decided to attend mass in yet a different parish twenty miles away. She dragged me along but now she refused to let me be an alter boy because I was unworthy to even approach the alter. Of course she forbid me from taking communion as I was not worthy but she did make me go to confession every Saturday which meant my father had to drive us both ways twice a week and I got whipped for that every week until I was 16.

    As my might guess, the next several years were a continuous living hell. I was bullied beyond belief on a daily basis. Every guy who wanted a blow job or to fuck an ass assumed I was obsessed with taking their particular cock up my ass and down my throat. Before my 11th birthday I'd been fucked more than a fifty year old two dollar whore. You can't report a r*pe when it has happened so many times because the cops won't believe you. All you can do is take it and either hope to survive or pray for death.

    So by this point you may be wondering why this is in the revenge category of stories.

    The summer I was 17 and just before what should have been my senior year in high school, my father was transferred. I was actually giddy when I heard the news. It meant my torment would be over. The problem was, he was transferred right back to that original town in the first parish in the first diocese where all my trouble began. But, at least nobody there knew how much I adored being r*ped by priests. I had changed physically a lot since I was ten and absolutely no one recognized me or remembered me at all, not even when I told them my name. I must have not been a very memorable child at ten. I turned 18 at the end of September. My mother registered us again at the parish as one does but this time under a different last name. I was surprised that neither of the two priests who were there before recognized my mom. But I suppose seven years does a lot to a person's looks and memory. The priest who originally r*ped me was still there and so was one of the other priests but the pastor and three other priests who were there before were transferred out and replaced by yet more.

    I remember that first Sunday when my mom and I attended mass together and found that the priest who r*ped me was saying mass. Fr. O. had gained some weight and had a beard but it was the same fr. O. I felt empowered when I realized that I towered over him by at least six inches. I was six feet tall and he was around five and a half. I was no longer afraid of him. In fact, I was toying with the idea of catching him on his way out of the church headed for the rectory and giving him a taste of his own medicine.

    Now you probably noticed that despite everything that happened, I still went to mass. My mother was responsible for that. Had it been up to me, I'd never had stepped foot in a church again. I was by then long converted to atheism. But one does things for one's mother when asked and often without much question. I would never admit to her in those days that I was a devout atheist.

    On our way out the door of the church after mass, that priest was asking nearly everyone as they exited if they would like to volunteer for bingo. When my Mom and I got to the exit he made the same request of us but then threw in "we feed our volunteers quite well." To my mom, that was all that was needed. She signed us both up. That meant she didn't have to fix dinner Friday nights. That meant for the conceivable future, my Friday nights were ruined. My Dad had let off a bit on the eternal grounding since I had turned 16 and gotten a job. So I had over the summer regained some semblance of a personal and even social life. I had met a few people over the summer and by the time the first day of school came I was already acquainted with some of my classmates. None remembered me of course and that was fine. I got to start over and I was happy even though it was in the very place where my troubles started. But having my Friday's ruined was NOT on my agenda.

    I was still only 17 for a couple more weeks when I started at the bingo hall. So I was assigned to the kitchen mostly to wash dishes and do cleaning. I couldn't cook any food until I turned 18. After three hours I could stuff my face with whatever I wanted and even take some home. My mother did the same and that meant we had leftovers on Saturday and she did't have to cook then either. To her, that was reward enough.

    My 18th birthday landed on a Friday. No party for me. My Friday night was spoken for. I couldn't even hang out with my new friends. My Mom promised that Saturday I would get cake and presents. despite that I was in a foul mood.

    So when we got to the bingo hall an hour before bingo started, the priest in charge, yes, you guessed it, the same one who originally r*ped me, informed me that since I had just turned 18 that night I was now eligible to sell lucky tickets. Nobody wanted to do that for whatever reason. I could care less one way or another, my birthday and Fridays in general were ruined so six of one half dozen of the other. He handed me a pocket apron and grabbed a big pile of lucky tickets, gave me some change to make change with and told me to go out and sell as many as I could at 25 cents each or five for a dollar or thirty for five dollars. Despite having done one or two dumb things, I'm not a dummy. Very quickly I discovered that there was absolutely no oversight. They didn't count the tickets when they gave them to me. They didn't count the money when I gave it to them. All the money went into a big box and was counted at the end of the night. There were five of us wandering around the bingo hall selling the lucky tickets to thousands of bingo players. There was no way to determine how much cash the team should have at the end of the night let alone how much each individual volunteer should have. After the first hour I had to take a leak and walked back into the office and was about to take off my apron and turn it in temporarily to go take a leak and the priest, yes that same one, just told me to go take a piss and not bother taking the apron off and just go back out to the hall as they were losing money every second I left the hall and next time to use the men's room closer to the hall entrance. So I went to the men's room, entered a stall and looked down into the big pile of money in my apron as I sat pissing.

    That was when I began skimming off the lucky ticket sales. I pocketed a hundred dollars that night. Five twenties. They didn't miss it. They had no way of knowing how much I should have turned in so they didn't miss it. I know I turned in thousands of dollars that night. At one point I had about seven thousand dollars in my apron.

    Happy Birthday To Me!

    In 1976 $100 was a lot of money. That was enough to buy a really nice Bicycle. That was enough to buy a really nice used black and white TV or a half way decent new stereo. It was enough to buy a new suit though I didn't wear suits. It was enough to buy some nice clothes. It was enough to take my friends out to dinner and a movie. It was also enough to buy a junk car. After giving it some thought, I decided to hold onto it and combine it with more that I planned on taking.

    The next Friday I was very eager to start my volunteer services. I also had to piss a lot. I grabbed a total of twenty five twenty dollar bills and stuffed them into my wallet. In 1976 that was what my Dad made in two weeks and he worked for the government. I went about my business selling lucky tickets to the throngs of bingo players and got to know some of them. It is funny how gamblers go through their routines or have their particular superstitions. One guy wanted to count out every 7th ticket and buy it. Another counted every 13th ticket. Most wanted only to buy from fresh blocks of tickets. So every ten minutes or so I had to take my box back to the back room and make it look like I got all fresh tickets. You learn thing like that when selling gambling tickets. About the tickets. They were folded and sealed. The prizes were a fresh new ticket, or a dollar or five dollars, or twenty dollars, or fifty dollars or a hundred dollars of five hundred dollars. I literally had people buying blocks of five hundred tickets who expected to win thousands by doing so. Who was I to judge. All I knew was I was making a killing.

    By the third week, after confirming that there was no oversight and no accounting methods used at all, I got bolder and began skimming around twenty percent. Today, casinos have very sophisticated accounting techniques that will tell if someone is skimming the take. For example, they actually count the money from each dealer and they know how to determine statistically, how much money each gambler is going to spend at a time and how much per square foot they can expect to take in on a given night and they even calculate in such things as the weather or how well a football team did that night. They have it down to a science. But in those days, church bingo was very unscientific and so was book keeping. I figured out quickly that the better I was at selling the tickets the more I was going to take home that night. I got to where I was selling over ten thousand dollars worth and that meant I was taking two grand a week. That's what my Dad earned in two months. This was better than dealing drugs or pimping. There was no chance of getting caught.

    As of the day I graduated from high school I had skimmed $75,000 from the bingo receipts. I had eaten over 75 free meals. I had taken home over a hundred bottles of liquor from the parish liquor room (we sold liquor, beer and wine to bingo players) and I had swiped a variety of equipment, tools etc. It seems the more you volunteer the more they trust you. Nobody ever suspected anything when I quit my $2.50 an hour job. Nobody suspected when I bought my brand new Van and paid cash. Nobody suspected when I had nice clothes and nobody suspected when I bought myself a brand new 25" color TV, a new hifi and other nifty toys. My father didn't look a gift horse in the mouth when I offered to start paying room and board before my 18th birthday and at a rate of $50 a week. In those days that was a huge amount.

    In July our parish decided to expand Bingo to three nights. Other parishes were holding bingo on Wednesday or Saturday night so we added both. I had thought it would reduce total sales but I was shocked when it actually tripled our weekly take which meant I tripled mine. That summer I skimmed an additional $75,000. By the first day of college I had a nest egg of over $125k. That was three times what my parent's house was worth and ten times what my Dad earned in a year. For the next four years I continued what I was doing and ended up taking $1.5 million +. That was when I graduated from college with my degree. I paid cash for my education and owed not a single cent. I literally had moving boxes stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

    Then one day, after I had moved from there and was being a lazy bum basically a well educated 22 year old retired bum living in the beach house I bought 1500 miles away, my mom calls me up to tell me about the priest who was arrested for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars in parish funds and how he refused to tell the authorities where he hid his loot. Yes, that priest. They found a huge stash of illegal porn in the closet of his room in the rectory, all depicting little boys. Once that happened the victims all came crawling out of the woodwork. There were law suits. Some were settled. That priest was defrocked. The last I heard he died in prison. That diocese was sued for millions of dollars. Some of the victims got more than I did. I figure I'm even as far as that is concerned. The priest got a piece of ass and I got an education and nifty retirement fund.

    Meanwhile, had that priest been a little more patient, I'd have let him do all that to me and more by the time I was 13. Even though middle school and high school were a living hell from a social standpoint, I really did enjoy sucking cock and getting it up the ass by then. But the priests didn't turn me into a sissy faggot. They simply recognized me as one already. The first one was a jerk and got what was coming. The second one I liked but he was stupid.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    Earlier this year I had to go for an extended cardiac exam and machines
    were used to listen to my heart, etc. There was one where I was on
    an examining table under a light blanket, wearing only a clinical
    gown, the type that ties from the back but can easily fall away.

    Examining me was a tiny East Indian lady. She was no taller than
    five feet or so (a foot shorter than me) and around 60 or so, with
    a little, dark, pruny face. She had an Indian accent, that for
    some reason I find interesting and musical in East Indians.

    Being short, she had to partially hop on the table to clamp on
    devices on my skin, I assumed, to detect my heartbeat at
    subtle levels. I felt her tiny, warm body next to mine, where all
    I wore was the cotton gown and was surprised to feel that
    my cock suddenly erected. In placing the last clamp, she
    inadvertently felt my hard on and I apologized.

    She said, "Not a problem, no need to apologize, this has
    happened before." However, I suddenly felt her finger
    tips on my cock, moving and sliding up and down the length of it and
    then she made a few movements under the blanket and
    I suddenly felt my cock entering her pussy. I was shocked
    and amazed by this but it felt awesome. The word, 'delicious:
    comes to mind.

    She quickly fucked me with nice, solid strokes of her little hips
    all under the blanket and soon, I heard her moan
    and say, "Oooohh, there it is," and she began to
    quiver. She seemed to clamp onto by cock with her wet pussy and
    said, "Go ahead" I felt my cock pulsing around eight
    times, knowing that my cum was injecting into her, but
    I knew at 60 or so she must be safe.

    She hopped off the table, asking, "Can I count on
    your discretion?" I said, "Yes, yes." When I left
    the clinic I had the feeling I had dreamed it all but
    could feel that my cock was still moist and not completely

    I'm still amazed by the incident...totally unexpected
    and from out of nowhere.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 37

    Spending an empty weekend in Houston I went cruising the Galleria. I stopped to get some lunch at the food court and a Hispanic guy started up a conversation. I wasn't in a hurry about anything so we kept on talking, he moved and sat across from me. After a while he asked me where I was staying and I told him I was just down the street at the Double Tree Inn. We went back to my hotel and we fucked. We fucked until we couldn't fuck any more. We spent the rest of the weekend together, took in a movie at the IPIC, had dinner at a Vietnamese place, and we went back to fuck some more.

    I have never made it back to Houston.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 27

    when I was 23 my company sent me to New York for several months. I was put up in an efficiency apartment in mid-town. I went around looking for a place to eat and I walked into this Italian/Pizza place. I sat alone in a booth. It was evident that there were no women there and soon I noticed the body language of the guys. I was in a totally gay place. This one couple, held hands and looked like a couple of teens from back home who could not keep their hands off each other. The server was gay, and the manager was gay. I went home nervous but excited.

    I went back several nights, always ordering the same thing and took 'my place' in my booth. One night a I left the manager asked me if everything was ok. He complimented my ring, from my grandfather. Small talk and he asked me if I wanted to go to a party later that night, maybe I could meet someone.

    It was hot in the apartment, the window were open and the music was loud. The kissing and grabbing was everywhere. A man in his 50s stopped to talk to me, soon he was touching my shoulder and he told me he was looking for something young. We talked, what was I doing in New York. Did I leave someone behind. He ran his hand over the bulge in my pants. He asked me where I lived. He offered to take me on a trip around the world. We walked back to my efficiency apartment. At the pharmacy he stopped and went in and came out with a small bag, to make me feel better.

    At my apartment, he turned on the lights and opened the curtains, in case someone wanted to watch. He got naked, he was tanned all over, his chest hair was silver, he was completely shaved, his cock was hard and he told me to get undressed and show the world what I was going to learn in New York.

    Sucking him was totally new to me, he sucked me a little but put me back to sucking him. He took me and bent me over the back of the small sofa so the neighbors across the street could watch, he used the tube he purchased to run his finger up inside of me. When he leaned into me I could imagine all the people across the street watching us. It never hurt, it just felt good, he was strong. After we were done he took me into the shower and we kissed and fucked again.

    New York. I moved there. My place at the Italian/Pizza joint is still there. My friend the manager is still there. And I go to lots of parties.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 53

    This story is about a woman I work with. She's 53 and has worked at the Nursing home since she finished high school. I'm a man age 48 who works in the maintenance department. A job I had to take last year when my plant closed down.

    She's head of the best floor in the nursing home, the rich part. I found out she gives some of the old men blow jobs for money. She gave me a few for free to keep me quiet. She tells me in the past she has done things for both men and women. From setting things up to preforming oral on both, to getting in bed with men having sex any way they like.

    Started early for her and it never stopped. She said a man paid her to show him her naked body, then from there it went to anything, giving satisfaction to some rich lesbians. One of those lesbians left her a bit of money in her will. Said she liked how she treated her in the final years.

    Her hair's pure white, the platinum blond she calls it. What pubic hair she has is thin and perfectly white. She said some men liked to see if the curtains matched the carpet.

    I plan to say nothing, Nothing good will come from me talking.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 50

    My first sex experience was with my cousin who is 2 years younger then me. I was 12 and he 10. I was well into puberty but found out my cousin was as well when we were changing back into our clothes after swimming at a local pool. I observed that he had pubic hair. He was sleeping over at my house in my bedroom where we shared a double bed.

    After closing the bedroom door, we got into bed to go to sleep, I suggested to him that we play "doctor" (this was the first time) and he quickly agreed. I was the doctor and he the patient. We took off our pj pants. The patient complained that his groin area hurt. As the doctor, I examined him his groin area by putting him in different positions and feeling and touching his cock and balls. For example, one position was for him to get onto his hands and knees and I would examine his groin area from behind him. I used my fingers to touch and feel his cock and balls. He had the hardest bonor I had ever felt.

    I told him that I was going to do something that would make him feel better. I then got on my back behind him moved forward until my head was between his knees. Then I began to suck his cock and balls. At the same time, I stuck my finger into his ass and wiggled it around. He started to grown and then he shot a load of cum into my mouth which I swallowed. We then switched rolls ending with me cumming in his mouth. We would rotate sleeping at each others house (actually our parents houses) every few weeks. The doctor game continued well into our late teen years until I went off to college.

    We never played again and eventually we each got married and had children.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 34

    A woman I work with ask me how to edit video from her camera. She game me the memory stick to edit, it was useless. The camera placed on a chair as she and her lesbian friend munched each other.

    Before the video I just thought of her as the older woman at work, after I found she loved giving and getting oral. Her partner was not so good, I bet that woman was 70. Her body was trim, but nothing to look at.

    The old woman wanted to send the video to a friend of hers, but that was not happening. I shot a video for them using a light and a better camera.

    When they finished the old woman left, I got offered a blow job. She sucked my cock the way she had that old woman's pussy. I ask if she had ever been with a man, She smiled and told me sure. She was bi and if I wanted we could have sex. I spent the night and gave her a sound fuck. She gave me a few sound rides, I enjoyed her.

    I sent the lesbian vid to the friend as she wanted.

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