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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 25

    My boss is a woman who is in her early 40's. We go to the same gym and one time we were both finished about the same time and she offered to give me a ride home. She said she had to have a shower as did I so she said it would take her about 10 minutes before she would be ready and we said we would meet right outside the change room entrances.

    I was done in 10 minutes and was waiting for her. It was now 20 minutes and she still wasn't out so I decided to call into the women's change room to see if she was still in there. I called a few times and didn't get an answer from anyone. It didn't seem like anyone was in there so I decided to go in to check if she was still around. I didn't see anyone and still called out. I walked to the shower area and there she was shampooing her hair. She was facing me but her eyes were closed so she didn't see me looking at her. I saw her tits and pussy and had a quick really good look at her. I did something I shouldn't have which was to snap a few quick pics. She turned away from me to rinse off her shampoo so I got a look and a few pics of her really nice ass. I quickly got out of there before she caught me or someone else came in and did.

    She finally came out and apologized for taking so long. I told her it wasn't a problem. It was hard looking at her now that I had seen her naked body without a smile appearing on my face.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 31

    I started a new job at a very small company. It was basically doing repairs on vehicles and some other equipment. It is a bit of a dirty job as the equipment is oily and covered in dirt and we have to clean the equipment after doing repairs. There are 9 of us working there with 2 women working in the office area and the rest or of us, all guys, doing repairs.
    When I was hired I was told it was a very close knit company and they were like one big happy family. I was surprised how close knit they really are. After work all the guys hit the showers. It is one big shower area so there isn't any privacy when showering. It became apparent on my first day, and one of the other guys told me as well, that the women regularly come in to talk to the guys about the work they had completed that day. The women never showered with us but they regularity came in while we showered asking us questions about the jobs we had worked on that day. We were fully nude and the women saw everything and they didn't think twice about walking in on us while we were nude. The guys didn't seem to care and it appeared that they had become accustom to the women walking in. I was a little shocked when I first started working there but after about a week I just accepted it and became more comfortable with it.
    Other jobs I had worked at always had private showers so this job was clearly the job where I literally had seen all my male coworkers nude and every single coworker had seen me.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 49

    I am divorced, and at the beginning of this past summer, my son – who is over twenty-one and single, and I decided to take a vacation to the beach together. We had a bungalow with two bedrooms, but we shared a common room and the bathroom. Well we arrived that night, and our first morning there we were both still adjusting to arrangements, and he happened to see me naked. It really wasn’t a big deal and I thought that it was sort of funny, and he seemed to enjoy it. And to be honest, I found it to be to be a little unexpectedly thrilling as well as stimulating letting my son see me naked. I teased him and asked if he was going to join me and be naked, too. So he did and once we both got past our initial moment of shyness, never having been naked together before, we both found the situation quite appealing. Without any difficulty this led to our happily having sex. It was playful and fun as well as quite loving. While we were there we made love probably a dozen times.
    When we got home we decided to just continue our mother and son liaison, and we have been thoroughly enjoying letting our relationship have a sexual side to it. I never imagined myself as wanting to have sex with my own son, and saw i****t as something just not done. Now that I have experienced this, though, it has really opened my eyes. Not this is anything that one really talks about or would readily admit to, yet thinking back and judging from what many of friends who also have a son have said, I began to wonder just how many of them have had sexual experiences like this. It would seem quite a few, although of course I don’t now for sure. So I began to look into this and was quite surprised by what research and various reports revealed. It would seem that the incident of sex between a mother and son is much higher than that between a father and daughter. Some reports put mother and son sex at about twenty percent as compared to father and daughter at around ten to twelve per cent. Other reports speculated that sexual relations between a mother and son might well be as high as forty to sixty per cent. Although such figures remain not all together entirely substantiated, either way it would seem that mother and son sex is actually very common. I suppose that I find this to be somewhat reassuring as my son and I have continued to enjoy this and really have no qualms about it whatsoever.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    When I was much younger I went through a gay spell in my life, where I let a number of other boys fuck me. I really enjoyed doing that at the time, although I certainly never became gay because ofthose experiences. I did try it many years later and I did not find it all that pleasing or satisfying. I think that a lot of boys go through a gay spell in their lives when they are younger and that this is just natural. Has anyone else out there had a similar experience?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 28

    Over new year last year, a bunch of friends and their partners and i (with my partner) rented a big place to have a party amd see in the new year together. Everything was well planned and i was tasked with cooking a joint of meat for sandwiches when we arrived. Little does eveyone know, before i cooked the meat i stabbed a large hole in it with a kitchen knife and fucked it while i was wanking for a while before cooking it and taking it with me to share around.

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