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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 41

    Memories Never Fade
    We were both young,but he is four years my elder. I flirted...and I knew he was interested. It felt so good to be be desired and I knew that he wanted me! I can't remember but I had on some cute underwear that hugged my little light skinned butt so perfectly and I wore them. He actually was supposed to be baby sitting me I guess you could say. But I wasn't a baby and we wasn't going to play innocent games. I had it in my mind to flirt and turn him I rubbed my ass on him. Of I was "bad" he would get to whoop I was BAD!
    God help him...I had my right, tasty little booty wiggling around in his face and I was getting him to go further. He was easy when he eased me across his legs for my "punishment " and I will never forget feeling him pulling my underwear down , exposing my bare asscheeks. I was so fucking horny and he was too....and we were alone....nothing stopping us. My underwear went down around my ankles and he rubbed my light skinned ass cheeks. I held still as he rubbed my ass and smacked it a couple times. My insides where burning with anticipation and eagerness.
    At that moment he should have bent me over but he was too young also. He had to enjoy his power and at that point he had power over me...he's always had power over me. When he unzipped his pants and pulled them down he let his gorgeous black dick fall out. And that was the moment....seeing his big dick getting harder by the second made me burn. O touched it...I wanted to suck it but was afraid. Many years later I pushed through all of my fears. I just want him to know that I love him. I love him sooo much and I wish I could ha e married him. When he reads this I just want him to know this: I come here to confess to you. I've always been submissive to you and I always will be. In your world, I get to be a toy. I love being your toy and I want to get back to that. Please accept me back into your power. Use me please!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 18

    Hey so I just turned 18;) and I really want to see some dick pics, can any guys send me some?
    ‭(720) 230-3421‬, call me or send me pics so that I can ... get off on my first night being an adult ;)

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    Hey so I just turned 18;) and I really want to see some dick pics, can any guys send me some?
    ‭(720) 230-3421‬, call me or send me pics so that I can ... get off on my first night being an adult ;)

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 43

    When I was a rising senior in college a classmate and friend convinced me to go to Florida for the summer, work the bar scene as cocktail waitresses, have some fun in the sun, and get a wild summer out of our systems before real life began after graduation. We ended up in Key West. We rented a small trailer for the summer and settled in.

    Our days were lazy, we worked the evening shift at this Italian place, made enough money to pay the bills, got sun almost every day, slept till noon, it was a very lazy time. The afternoon that changed my life I was sitting on the small couch and my friend was bending and stretching. I looked at her in a totally different way. I looked at her body, and when she stopped I looked into her eyes, all the way to her heart.

    By summers end we had crossed the line, we were getting very personal, very intimate. We told ourselves it was a summer fling, a naughty summer, but we were going back to school, we left and on the plane back to Boston. I held her arm, laid my head on her shoulder and told her I didn't want our summer to end. Our senior year went by fast, we graduated, we got jobs, we moved to Virginia together and let our folks know we were going to live together.

    That was 1998, everyone looked the other way, being women we flew under the radar.

    I told her I loved her that summer. I tell her I love her every day. When you find your special someone don't be scared, they are looking for their special someone too.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I confess I want to be pegged by my wife, I want to be trained to please her in anyway she likes,


    Do women get turned on if they know a man wants them you use a huge strap on in them and take full control of his sex life?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I’m not a guy man, but gay sex is great because ,everyone gets what they want out of it, if you like to fuck a nice ass, bam !

    If you like to suck cock, BAM!

    If you like to get your cock sucked great...

    If you like to suck a cock....

    If you want to taste cum.

    If you like to dominate someone

    If you like to submit...

    If you like to get your ass pounded or just slow fucked..

    If you like your nipples played with...

    If you like to suck nipples or do cock and ball or nipple torture...

    Or even submit to a group of men,,,

    You might get into piss play...

    Or suck cock and give up your ass...

    Bondage play...

    Cum play...

    Cream pies....

    Public sex...

    Now you know why gay sex is awesome and it’s just sex, I’m str8 but gay sex is great

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 32

    My husband feels responsible for his little sister. She has a college degree, wants to be a designer, she spends money, lives in a high rent apartment, she has all these tastes my husband pays for.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 45

    Two years ago, my niece and her three sorority sisters needed a ride from their college to an out of state event (I can't remember exactly what the event was). I was asked to drive them as I was going to that city anyway on business with my passenger van and I agreed. My niece always was a pretty girl, but at this point in her life, I observed that she had blossomed into a beautiful sexy young woman of 20. When I visited her family as she was developing, I think she noticed me checking her out an awful lot.

    Her three friends were pretty, but the one that got my attention was the nerdy looking one. The others, imcluding my niece, were outgoing, but she was quiet, shy and reserved. I found myself glancing and smiling at her repeatedly through the rear view mirror, with her smiling back at me. My niece seemed to notice this, giving me a strange look, so I tried not to overdo it.

    As the drive was about 500 miles, we stopped along the way at a hotel for the night. I got two adjoining rooms (one for them with 2 large beds and one for me) with a common door between the two rooms. Before retiring, I took them all to a nice restaurant where they all drank several alcoholic beverages. I didn't really care whether they were of "legal" age or not and no one at the restaurant asked, so I let them drink as much as they wanted to. As the night went on, they got drunk and quite boisterous, talking and commenting about each other's sex lives. One of them even asked me how I was in bed. I said something like "there's only one way to find out" and they giggled uncontrollably. I looked at the nerdy girl as I said that and she smiled back at me, embarassed. My niece noticed that exchange and she gave me that look again.

    Back at the hotel, I left my niece and her friends in their room and I went to mine. When I told them that I was leaving the common door unlocked "just in case" (I really meant that in an innocent way!) -- they laughed and giggled. In my room, I got undressed and took a shower. As I showered, I jacked off, thinking of the nerdy girl. She was really cute, with her glasses, dirty blonde hair and pert little titties. At first I thought of her sucking my cock and my fuckIng her as her sorority sisters slept in the other room, but then I thought of doing my niece instead. Those images turned me on more.

    As I lay I bed naked watching tv, playing on and off with my cock, I could hear the girls in the next room, jumping around, squealing with laughter when one of them said something (I couldn't hear what). I figured they would calm down at some point, so I just let them do their thing. After a while, as I tried to doze off with the lights off and the tv on with the volume very low, I noticed that the girls were suddenly very quiet. Then I heard the common door open. I pretended to be asleep but watched through squinted eyes as one of the girls, totally naked, approached my bed. She quietly pulled up the bed cover and gently wrapped her hand around my cock. It was the nerdy girl! I couldn't believe it! She seemed to study my cock as it grew in her hand. She slowly stroked it and lowered her head onto it, taking it into her mouth. As she sucked it, I put my hands on her head. She looked up at me, a bit startled to see me awake. I told her to keep going and she did. At that point, the other girls came in through the common door. They were wearing tee-shirts and pajamas. As they were obviously aware of what was going on, I asked them what was going on. One of the other girls told me that the nerdy girl was the newest member of their sorority and that she was told to have full sex with me as part of her initiation. They were there to watch and make sure that she really did it. Feeling bold, I said that it was okay with me, but that they would all have to strip naked if they wanted to watch.

    Without hesitating, the two other girls stripped. My niece gave me a hard look, but because everyone else was naked, she was compelled to do the same. She slowly removed her pajama top and bottoms, looking me in the eye the whole time. I enjoyed her discomfort. My fully naked niece was even more beautiful to me at that moment, with her perfect breasts and dark patch of pubic hair. To help the nerdy girl with her initiation (and myself), I opened her legs and began eating her out. She was soon hyper-ventilating as I licked and sucked her pussy, running her fingers through my hair, thrusting her hips at my face. The other girls were giggling and as they whispered to each other. When I got up to position myself to fuck her, I saw that the other girls, including my niece, were touching their pussies. With the nerdy girl's legs wide open, I gently pushed my hard cock into her. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in. We started slow, but were soon fucking like wild animals. As we fucked, I kept looking at my niece, who locked eyes with me. I imagined that it was HER I was fucking. She masturbated as she watched me go, discretely licking her lips and wiggling her tongue at me. That really turned me on!

    After fucking for a while (I purposely held off coming), I disengaged from the nerdy girl to take a break. She laid back on the bed. I told the other girls that before I could come, they would each have to suck my cock. I didn't really expect them to go for this, but I gave it a shot anyway, mainly because I wanted my niece right there and then. Laughing and giggling, the two girls took turns sucking me off. Then it was my niece's turn. Looking at me straight in the eye with that look again, she took my cock and sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. I could see her hand between her legs as she sucked me. One of the girls commented on how hot it was that she was sucking her uncle's cock! The sight of my beautiful niece naked before me sucking me off was a fantasy come true, but I wanted more of her. I then told them that before I could come, I would have to lick their pussies. More laughing and giggling, but the two girls got into position and I ate them out for just a few minutes each. It was my niece that I wanted! Looking deep into my eyes, she slowly laid back as I dove in. At first, she pushed my head away as I licked, though she was writhing with her head moving left and right, deep breathing. She seemed conflicted, enjoying something that she shouldn't be doing, but that made me want to keep going. Soon, she was pulling my head onto her thrusting pussy. She was digging it as much as I was!

    At that point, I didn't care about going through the charade of doing the other girls first. I climbed on top of my niece, my cock shaft rubbing against her pussy. We tongue kissed passionately and I licked and sucked her neck and face, nibbling on her ears. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding my ass as my cock was finding it's way to her slit. I didn't push it in -- I wanted her to make it happen. She reached down and guided my cock into her wet pussy, looking deep into my eyes. It was pure heaven! The other girls were gasping. They couldn't believe that we were actually fucking each other in front of them! Finally, I was ready to explode and I said so. As I was about to come, I pulled out. My niece quickly sat up and jerked my cock, catching it all on her mouth and face. Then she licked the come off my cock and put it in her mouth. That erotic sight made my orgasm more intense.

    [freelover290 at aol dot com]

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 46

    He and I had a course together in our senior year at college. He graduated with a degree in History and became a high school teacher and tennis coach. I went to work for the banking business, and got my MBA. We saw each other again at our ten years reunion, his demeanor was different, well his hair was really different, it was made up like a woman's. We talked, he told me he had quit teaching and had become a hair dresser. I asked him what brought up the change, and he whispered to me that he felt he was more of a woman than a man, and he was living as a woman. He showed me a picture he kept in his wallet, the same hair, but earrings and makeup. With noticeable red lips. I asked him if he was from the other team, his answer was easy telling me he had always been on the other team.

    And so I spoke to my first confirmed homosexual.

    Several years later, I was then working with the investment arm of the bank, after two weeks on the road promoting a new financing for a client I got into a conversation with a man in the hotel bar. Too many drinks, he invited me to his room, he offered me his cock and I sucked a cock for the first time. He sucked my cock and jerked me off. I went to my room and woke up with a bad hangover. It was several years later that I sucked another man's cock in Hamburg. I spent the night with him and let him fuck me. From then on I was always open to propositions, I was traveling a lot and lost my inhibitions, I proposed if they turned me down there was someone else to approach.

    I divorced my wife, met a cop and became his boyfriend. He liked s bit more feminization, I started wearing lingerie, being more feminine in my role. I remembered my college friend one day when I was at a lingerie store that stocked ladies wear for men. I tried on a dress, the assistant helped find the right one, and lingerie, some hoops, and shoes and she asked me if I wanted to wear out. With a wig, and a purse I stepped out into the sun light. That night I enjoyed mt boyfriend with a new frame of mind, from that day till now I am the woman in the house.

    I am not transgender, or even a cross dresser, I am a gay man who takes the role of the woman, both in our day to day life and when it comes to our sexual life as well.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 31

    Skinny or full bodied. I am not the first, I have struggled with my weight all my life. My boss told me liked full bodied women, he said Rubinesque. Our first intimate moment was in the dark under the covers. He wants the full visual, me waiting for him in the nude on the bed, legs open because he wants a full view of his 'pussy'.

    I spend the minimum time in front of a mirror, now I meet a man who wants 'meat' on the bone. I am truly embarrassed when he opens my legs. The word beautiful is not what I think when my legs are open.

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