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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 26

    To make a long story short I ended up moving in with Harry who is a 76 year old friend of my grandfather who died 2 years ago. I knew Harry fairly well since he and my grandfather were very close friends. When my husband of 15 months and I split up Harry took me in. That was this past January when I also lost my job only getting unemployment comp. I began drinking to much, smoking weed along with popping pills. The first few times I didn't remember much but woke up naked in bed some mornings. It really didn't occur to me right away that Harry was undressing me when I past out and a few times probably carried me up to my room. I only weigh a little over 100 lbs. and didn't have any memory of it. I woke up one morning back in March and knew I had orgasms but didn't remember masturbating. About a week after that, I don't know what time it was, I sort of woke up feeling myself becoming aroused. I just laid there not sure if I was dreaming and did orgasm twice that I remember. In the morning things became more clear and I was convinced then that Harry must have masturbated me. He often reminded me how I past out sometimes telling me to be careful of the pills I took. He did tell me he carried me to my room sometimes but never said anything about undressing me. It was the following month that I actually was awake enough to relies Harry was fingering me and I was naked. I felt him hold my breasts and lick them while rubbing my G spot at the same time. I was completely aroused and remember having several orgasms never saying anything to Harry. It was around 2 or 3 am and I just went back to sleep when he left my room. The next day and since then I still have never confronted Harry about it. A few nights after that I had a buzz from the vodka and weed and decided to test Harry. I was sitting on the sofa and pretended I fell asleep which I had done many times unintentionally. I almost gave up at one point because about 30 minutes had past. All the sudden Harry came back into the living room and carried me up to my room. He only turned on the light on my night table after laying me in bed. He left the room but came back a few minutes later and began taking my clothes off. I thought about saying something but was buzzed enough to let him continue and within a few minutes he had me laying naked with my legs spread open. He left the room again and about 5 minutes went by when he came back in only in underwear. He turned the light off and began by slowly fingering me then fondling my breasts. I couldn't believe how easily I got aroused by it and before I knew it he was giving me oral sex which he must have done before without me knowing it. Each time I had an orgasm I let out a moan and wondered if I did that every time he did this. It was dark in the room but before he left he put his penis in my hand for a few minutes. It was sort of a hard on but still soft and I'm not sure why but think because of his age. I don't take the pills as often as I used to but I do still drink to much at times and smoke weed often. Harry thinks he knows when I am high enough for him to come in my room and I just let it continue. It happens at least once every weekend and normally once in the middle of the week. Its always around 2 AM when he comes in and most of the time he gives me oral sex and he always has me hold his penis for a short time. He sometimes touches my breasts with his penis and kind of jerks off but I never saw him cum and wonder if he can. The only time he ever mentions me in bed is to say when he carried me up to my room. I never tell him about being naked in the mornings and even when I go to bed by myself he always takes my PJs off. He either thinks I am stupid or to drunk or high to remember anything. He has never tried to have intercourse with me and I think its because he is not hard enough. He must like giving me oral sex though because he licks me everywhere sometimes even on my anus. I get so aroused from him that I will probably never tell him I know what he is doing. He might be a dirty old man but I'm just as bad for letting him. I started dating a guy last month but I still don't deny Harry coming in my room and often fake being buzzed hoping he will.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I want to find another man who lives close to me who wants to wear panties with me. Seeing a nice cock bulging in some sexy panties (limp or hard) drives me crazy! A cock bulging in panties makes my mouth water. I always get sooo turned on and sooo horny whenever I wear panties. I'd love to find another panty wearing man close by to get together with at his place on a very regular basis. Playing with other as we're both wearing panties all day long. Taking turns reaching into each other's panties, giving each other slow and intense handjobs making each other soak our panties. Taking turns teasing each other's cock with our finger tips. Watching and feeling each other's cock growing harder and harder in our panties. Then slowly pull each other's panties down and sensually suck each other off. Take turns fucking each other while both of us are wearing our panties. Modeling our panties for each other, playing with each other all day long! Changing panties and make each other cum hard over and over, again and again all day long! Now if I could only find someone...

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Gay Male / 48

    I dropped out of college and went from restaurant to restaurant working as a waiter. I got this job at a bar that served food and we got off at 2 a.m. The bartender had been there forever and he ran the floor from the bar. One night he asked me to stay and help him clean up, he would pay for the extra hour. He was gay and he gave me the choice of becoming gay or losing my job. I didn't care about the job, I wanted to suck his naked cock. He kept telling me I wanted it and I stood there not being able to leave. He started to masturbate until I just had to suck his cock. I went gay that night, I sucked him off and let him fuck me.

    Waking up naked beside him the next day was like having a hangover. We worked nights, so it was around eleven when I woke up. He was on his back, a fifty year old man naked man with a huge beer belly snoring and he had fucked me the night before. I was naked and I got up looking for my underwear which I found out in the living room. Most of his clothes were there too. I was confused I didn't remember getting undressed there. I went to the bathroom and took some toilet paper to touch my ass and I had blood on it. Not a lot, just a couple of small spots. I used his toothpaste and my finger to brush my teeth.

    My idea was to get dressed and leave. But he woke up and told me to stay. After we showered and he made some eggs and bacon we sat down to listen to music. I was sitting quietly on the couch he came over and picked up my face and kissed me. To me that is the memory that I was in fact gay. I was till in the same clothes from the night before but that didn't matter to him. He wanted to fuck one more time before we went to work that night. I became his boy at the bar and he made it clear to everyone that I was his boy. Everyone that worked there knew he was gay, but no one had told me. Now every one there knew I was his boy and I was gay too.

    The old man was into fucking. But he also liked getting his cock sucked. I preferred to suck his cock than to fuck, but he wanted to fuck so I let him. I worked there for a year and then I registered and went back to college.

    In college I hooked up with a security guard that worked nights patrolling the campus. In those days there were not any cameras to worry about, the eyes and ears was the security and we would get in his car and I would give him blowjobs. I really preferred giving head than fucking, but like the bartender he had to fuck too so we did, usually behind the Biology building which had a very secluded back entrance. He would go in first and turn the light bulb until it went out and then we would get together and fuck in the dark.

    I never got together with some guy who wanted a relationship. I wasn't interested. My preferences were always with older men and it was pure sex. I can list them, I have a perfect memory of them and their cocks. I never stayed with a man with a small cock, or a skinny cock, I like thick cocks. When I sucked them I would size them up knowing that sooner or later I was going to get fucked by that cock. I never sucked a man off that didn't fuck me.

    I live in Arizona now around a lot of retired types. I don't mess around in my community but I do sneak away and get together with a man who is driving an Uber. He is a couple of years older than me and he likes getting a blowjob and he will fuck me if I ask nicely. We take our time, we have our sexual aids, we get hard. We work up the energy to fuck and we have a great time. I've been accused of thinking with my asshole. What can I say? I have always loved it.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am telling this because it happens all the time. My father, our father as we are five sisters, ran off with another woman and we never spoke or saw him after that, to this day. Our mother has very little education and cannot really read or write and she doesn't speak English. She has this job working for a cleaning company which primarily cleans offices at night. I am the fourth of five. My older sisters all got sexually active very early. When I was seven or so my sisters were having sex with some guy in my mother's room or on the couch. They were still in high school but these men came and had sex with them. All of the men were Mexican or Central Americans like us and worked construction or yard work. They all got pregnant and had kids. They all dropped out of high school.

    I turned fourteen and a man came to see my mother and they talked about me and the man asked me to come over to him and he grabbed my tit. He grabbed it really hard holding me by wrist. He stuck his hand down my pants and pushed his finger into me. He agreed with my mother and he told me that he would be sending some men over and that I had to have sex with them. He asked me when my periods were and told me that he was sending a woman over to put me on the pill. He told me that these men did not like to use rubbers, so no matter what I was told by the other girls at school he didn't want any complaints about rubbers.

    My first man was so ugly, fat and drunk. He hit me and I ran away. I got beat up later by the pimp. He sent this older woman to my house so that when the man came I would behave. I didn't wait, I went to the bathroom and jumped out the window and ran away and never went back to my mother's house. I got picked up in the driveway of the McDonalds by a woman and she took me to a shelter. At the shelter I was told to tell them what happened, but I didn't. I wasn't going to tell on my mother or my sisters. They knew but stopped asking. I went to live with a foster family who put me into another school, I was dropped a grade and they got me a teacher after school to help.

    I graduated from high school. I also got into college. My foster parents paid the tuition and I lived at home.

    I don't speak Spanish, I know some words but I don't use it. I am a white girl now, I am not that dark so maybe my father wasn't my father. I pass as white and went to Presbyterian Church. I know about my sisters and about my mother, they live their life which I would never want to live. I never go see them and if I did they would not want to see me. I know the difference. I am a white girl now with a college education and I work for a large employer in a professional job.

    A white man with blue eyes from church has asked me to marry him. I told him that I don't know much about my family because I was in foster care. True and not true. My foster parents will stand in for me, they don't know why I ran away. Only I know why I ran away. I ran around in high school and college and had sex with various guys. I went boy crazy for white guys. I don't want to ever have sex with a Mexican. I want a nice white boy with blue eyes. Like the man that asked me to marry him. The only thing is that he is studying to be a minister and I have lied to him about saving myself for marriage. I haven't answered him, I told him I wasn't sure.

    I am really not a good girl, I have sex with guys all the time. We just date to go out and have sex later. I like sex and tend to like guys who are aggressive and dominant. The man from church is not aggressive and he is definitely not dominant. I guess I am saying I am going to say no to him. I am currently dating an engineer who is an a ex-marine and he makes me want to pee for him. He is always ready and I like that. He is white but he knows how to make you want to be woman.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 23

    I have only told 3 people this, but when I was 20, I fucked my marketing professor for the first time. We are now friends with benefits. I would guess she was in her mid to late 40s. A tiny German woman with graying black hair. Her face was like a 6/10, but her tits were massive and her ass was hypnotic.

    I had noticed her staring at me every now and then, but I didn't think she was honestly checking me out.

    Well, one day the only clean boxers I had were way too small and the only jeans I could wear had holes in the crotch because I had been lazy with laundry. I went to my classes, not really thinking much of it other than my balls were uncomfortable that day because of the boxers.

    All of my classes had desks with coverings on the front except for her class which was in an older building. I sat down on the front row and started moving my legs around, trying to get rid of the pinched feeling in my testicles. About 20 minutes into the class, she suddenly just stopped talking and drawing on the dry erase board. Her cheeks became red and it took her about a minute or two to regain her composure. I wasnt sure, but it looked like she had been staring at my groin. I looked down and, to my horror, my balls had somehow slipped out underneath my boxers and were being pushed out of the two holes on my jean's groin area. I immediately got up, went to the bathroom, readjusted, and came back, making sure to sit with my legs close together.

    At the end of class, she asked me to stay. I was so scared. I started apologizing and tried to explain that I didn't mean for that to happen. I was afraid I would be expelled. She interrupted my explanation and told me firmly we were going to her office. My heart pounding, I gathered my things and walked with her to the elevator. Inside the elevator, I apologized the entire way up, saying the truth, that it was an accident, but she didn't respond. The class got out at 5 so there wasn't many faculty members left, and her office door was covered with pictures, which I dont think they're supposed to be, but they were. We got to her office and my heart was throbbing. She shut the door, locked it, and I was shaking as I sat down and waited for her to call the dean.

    She didn't.

    She quickly pulled down her panty hose, sat on her desk in front of me, pulling up her skirt and spreading her legs, revealing plain white panties that were noticeably darker were I guessed her pussy was. I was shocked.

    She told me to scoot the chair closer. I was in such shock, I didn't move. She slid off her desk, undid her skirt and let it fall, got back on the desk and started rubbing herself through her panties, telling me again to scoot up closer. I did this time, my cock beginning to twitch. I looked in her eyes and saw nothing but lust.

    I tentatively reached a hand out and rubbed the wet spot on her panties, feeling her lips and clit. She nodded and told me to stick them in, her breathing becoming ragged. I did as I was told, using my other hand to pull her panties aside and stuck two fingers in. They went in easily and she was soaking wet. It wasn't the tightest pussy I had ever felt, but it was so hot that it was actually happening. My brain had caught up to my cock at this point and I was committed.

    I slid out of my chair and got on my knees in front of her as she scooted to the edge of her desk. I then proceeded to eat out my marketing teacher, alternating between writing things with my tongue and rubbing her clit while fingering her g-spot. Professor was quiet for most of the time, only giving a soft gasp every now and then, but she bucked her hips against my face or hands the entire time. She came rather quickly, and squirted all over the desk.

    She then pushed my face away, stood up, and slid her panties off while I unbuttoned and slid down my pants and boxers. I only got one leg out of them when she swiveled me around and had me sit on the desk. She then looked at me and told me to be quiet as I then received some of the most amazing head I have ever had. This little German woman knew how to gobble a cock. I laid on her desk while I gasped as I felt my cock head literally reach the end of her mouth, then take a downward angle as she swallowed me. Soft, wet gagging sounds filled my ears as she just gobbled my cock for the next 5 or so minutes. I've never met a girl that could do what she did to me. She let me throat fuck her until I told her I was about to cum.

    She helped me off the desk and whispered in my ear only two words "fuck me," before she switched places with me and laid herself tits down on her desk. As I put my head to her pussy lips, she shook her head and said "no, my ass." I reluctantly pulled back and adjusted to the other hole. I had never been that into anal with girls, but I wasnt going to turn her down. Her ass looked amazing, and parting her cheeks and staring at her tiny hole, knowing I was about to be in there, turned me on in a carnal kind of way. To be honest though, I still was in shock at what was happening.

    I pressed the head against her surprisingly tight ass. As I mentioned before, she was a tiny woman. The top of her head only came to the middle of my chest, so maybe that had something to do with it. Either way, as I started to push in, I went very slowly. She wasnt having it. She put her hands on the edges of the desk and immediately pulled so that she impaled herself on my cock. She let out a grunt as I was about 3 quarters of the way in her instantly. She wiggled as I pushed and we got me all the way in. I began fucking her ass slowly, then picking up the pace as she adjusted. I began fucking her hard, but she reached back and slowed me down by putting a hand on my abdomen. The slapping of our hips was too loud. So I was forced to slowly push in and out of her amazing hole. It felt like her ass was milking my cock to be completely honest. We fucked like that for a while, me desperately trying not to blow my load and just savor the pleasure as I began to realize I was balls deep in the ass of my marketing professor. This was an ass I had stared at all semester. I felt like I was in a porno.

    I reached up and groped her tits. They were at least C's. Once I started feeling her tits, something in me broke loose and I pulled her off the desk. My dick popped out of her ass, but I laid down on the floor and pulled her down with me, immediately repositioning my cock at her asshole. She plopped right down, her ass greedily swallowing me back in while I reached up her shirt, sliding my hand underneath her bra and groping her tits. I began bucking my hips. Between the bouncing, she managed to unbutton her bottom three buttons and then reached up and undid her bra. She then tried to slow me down because the snacking was loud, but I just kept fucking her hard. Her pussy juices were running down her legs and onto me. Watching my cock slide in and out of her and feeling her soft tits in my hands made me want to just fuck her like an animal, so I kept fucking her hard.

    She grunted "too...loud..." between snacks, but I just grunted back "just take my dick." Right at that moment she squirted again. I will never forget this. Where we were laying positioned her face to be reflected in a little glass frame on a small table in the corner. The way the sun was coming into the room, I couldn't see the picture, but I could see her face perfectly as she squirted again. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her mouth gaped open as her pussy started spewing juice all over my legs while her ass tightened it vice-like grip as I plunged my dick balls deep in and out of her precum coated ass. Right at that moment, I came so hard that my vision got black around the edges. I have only ever came that much a few times in my life. I shot load after load into her ass. So much cum that it began leaking around my still thrusting cock onto my stomach like a water pipe with too much pressure. Her ass came off my cock with an audible plop and I shot two more loads onto the back of her shirt.

    She shakily turned around and bent down, managing to catch the last little spurts of my cum in her mouth. She sucked my dick clean until it was soft again, then licked my stomach clean of cum.

    She then crawled up and collapsed on top of me, slowly rubbing one of her legs against mine while we caught our breath. I began French kissing her which she didn't really kiss me back too eagerly. After a few minutes she told me "get dressed and get out. Get dressed and dont you dare fucking tell anyone" her voice cracked on the last three words. I guess now that her horniness was gone, what we had just done had began to sink in.

    Right as I was about to leave, she begged me not to tell anyone, much nicer than before I got dressed. I told her I wouldn't.

    I ended up getting an A in the class, and gave the teacher my number. We fucked two more times that year once I finished her class. Im about to graduate, but we now fuck more frequently than sporadically. I'll usually text her when I'm looking for an easy booty call.
    I have cum in that her so much, and she loves French kissing me now that she knows I won't tell, but I've never came as hard as that time when we were fucking on her office floor.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    When I was 11 my Dad snuck into my room and put his hand inside my panties when he thought I was asleep. I was scared. But I also liked it a little. He started doing that almost every night. Then he pulled my panties off one night and licked me down there. His stubble burned a little but the tongue felt really good. I had been taught about good touching and bad touching in first grade. I finally got to find out what they meant by bad touching. I liked it, a lot. but I wished it was one of the cute boys in school doing it and not by Dad. That summer he started putting his dick in my mouth and on the Saturday right after the first week of sixth grade my Dad stopped caring if I was asleep or not and shoved his dick past my hymen and right up inside me. I was grateful he was only five inches long and not too thick. I would guess that he did not satisfy my mom who was ten years older than he was and had a total of six children. She must have been rather stretched out by then.

    I found out I was pregnant shortly after turning twelve. I lied and said it was some boy I went to a party with. I was grounded until I turned 18. Ironically it was my Dad who did the grounding knowing full well the twins were his.

    I was still twelve the second time I got pregnant. My parents theorized that I must have snuck out of the house to see the boy and collectively declared me a slut. That was when they started to lock me in my room. Ironic since it was in my own bed that I got pregnant. Two weeks before turning 14 I learned yet again that I was pregnant. That was when my mother finally figured out that someone living in our home was fucking me under her nose. At first she thought it might be my 11 year old brother but he would have been 8 when I first got pregnant so she decided that it must have been two boys from school as I originally claimed and that out of slutty desperation I must have forced myself on my little brother. When confronted my little brother said only "I wish!"

    That was when I was kept locked in my room 24/7 never being let out for any reason except to use the bathroom. My mother escorted me to the bathroom when I needed to use it and then she stood there and watched me. Six security cameras were installed in my bedroom, two outside my bedroom window, two outside my bedroom door and bars were put on the window. I ate my meals in my room away from the family. The only time I ever left the house was to go to the doctor and I was under escort by both parents.

    A few weeks after I turned 15 I got pregnant again. This was when my mother ended her self deluded denial and realized my Dad was fucking me. Though she still thought I had forced myself on my father not the other way around. After all she was all he needed to be satisfied with.

    That was when I was sent to live with my aunt. That summer my brother talked my parents into letting him spend the summer at another aunt's house which happened to be three miles away from the first aunt. So the first chance he got he snuck out, got onto a bicycle and rode to the aunt where I was staying. There he found me masturbating to some hot internet porn on my aunt's computer. He asked if he could fuck me and I said "what the hell."

    so I let my little brother have his way with me but I was still pregnant from my Dad so he couldn't get me pregnant. In August I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and my brother was there holding my hand the whole time. He didn't even pass out when he saw the after birth. As for me, this was my forth pregnancy and fifth child and to me it was no more difficult than taking a dump. It wasn't even painful any more.

    My babies and I stayed with my aunt for the next several years and every chance my brother got he came and fucked me. My mother continued to believe I was just a slut who slept around with any male I could find but of course I only ever had sex with my Dad and brother and I only ever enjoyed it truly with my brother. With my father even though I was aroused and after a while it didn't hurt any more, I never really wanted to fuck my Dad. I did however desperately want to fuck my gorgeous little brother. In total I had five kids with my Dad and four with my brother. I'm 23 now and he's 20. My parents don't know he is the father of my four youngest. My aunt knows. My cousin Anne is actually my father's daughter. He forced himself on my aunt when he was a teenager. She didn't tell anyone it was him because she loves him and didn't want him to get into trouble, is glad she got pregnant and according to her, loved it every time except the first.

    My brother is going to school to be an engineer. As soon as he graduates he is moving us to Rhode Island where i****t has been decriminalized and we can be open about who the father of our kids are and maybe have some more. But now that we are both over 18 we have to be careful where we live.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 53

    I grew up in what could best be described as a cult. I knew of no other existence until I was in my 20's. I had no knowledge that an outside world even existed until I was in my late teens. We were nearly self sufficient. There were about three hundred of us all living in a very remote isolated village. We were miles from any other property or people. Our village consisted of a temple in the middle. Various offices and store rooms and work shops and then about sixty little cottages. We also had a school and a "hospital." We called it a hospital but it was more like a tiny clinic. Our village was in the middle of a property of about 30,000 acres and there were three concentric fences around the property. There was the inner fence where all the children (anyone under 30) had to remain inside. That was about 1500 acres. Then there was a middle fence around that. Only elders and above could venture between the inner and middle fence and then there was the outer fence and only the elders knew it existed. It was 24 feet tall, topped with razor wire and was electrified. There was a short six foot warning fence about ten feet along inside of it but I'm counting both of those as one fence. There was one gate going in and out. From that gate it was about 15 miles to the nearest road.

    We all went to temple three times a day, once in the morning before school, then in the afternoon after school and then just before bed. Temple lasted for an hour except on Saturday when it lasted for twelve hours. The temple itself was a cinder block building with a steel commercial style roof and twenty foot tall walls. Most people would not consider it to be a religious building by appearance. But I had nothing to compare it to until I escaped when I was in my twenties. Until then, I thought the total human population of the world was around 300.

    I won't go into every esoteric bizarre practice that went on. But I will tell you about a few.

    As I said, there were about 300 people who lived there. There were thirteen adult males. They were the elders. there where about a two dozen teenage boys and about three dozen younger boys and baby boys. There were about three dozen adult women. There were about 75 teenage girls and there were a little over a hundred little girls and baby girls. From my observations boy babies tended to be still born quite frequently in our village though girl babies were hardly ever still born. Likewise, young boys were much more disease and accident prone then young girls were. There was an extremely high suicide rate among the teenage boys but teenage girls never committed suicide. The adult women were almost entirely under forty but most of the adult men were over forty. The oldest man, the high priest, was in his 80's and was the grandson of the founder. The youngest adult male, that is, the youngest male over 18 was in his late thirties and then the rest were over forty like I said. There seemed to be some sort of plague that killed women as they approached forty. Oddly there just were no men between 18 and late thirties, ever. Every time a guy turned 18 he would wander off to "find his manhood" and never return. We never heard from them again. We were simply told they never found their manhood and had to leave the world. That is what we called our village "The World."

    I was born in The World and grew up there. My parents had both been born in The World. I don't know which of the elders is my father. Collectively they performed the fatherly duties of impregnating the wives sitting judgement and teaching and handing out discipline. Every child from the age of two got their daily 12 stroke bare bottomed whipping with a long leather whip.

    The school had a wall doing down the middle to keep boys separate from girls. We girls attended school wearing a shear white gown that went from shoulder to knees. We wore sandals. We learned rudimentary math, reading and writing. We learned "The Book." We had to memorized all 87,654 words in order to graduate by the time we were ten. That is where the girl's education ended. We also learned to sing praise songs to the elders for bringing The World into existence and for watching over us and taking care of us and teaching and ruling us. We sang songs of apology first for existing, then for committing the sins of eating, breathing and worst of all, the sin of thinking. Our fathers did the thinking for us. They commanded and we obeyed.

    The boys learned math, reading, writing and tech. Tech was men's work like how to drive a tractor, how to build a house and so on. We women then learned how to cook, clean, sew etc, all home arts.

    When I was ten I was taken to the alter in the temple. I was to be "sacrificed" to the elders. The first time is always the worst. I was taken to the alter and stripped of my gown. It was the first time I'd been naked in front of any male. I was picked up and placed on the alter and shackled down with my legs spread wide. I was scared. The high priest opened up his robe and took out what I was told was his penis. That was how I found out that there was an anatomical difference between men and women between the legs. Only mothers could see boy children naked and not after the boy turns ten.

    I was unable to move. I was told to kiss his penis and ask his penis to make a baby in me. I was commanded to recite vows of obedience, chastity and worship to the high priest. Then he got on top of me and I thought he was killing me with his penis. It wasn't even the biggest one I later found out. It was the most unbearable agony I could imagine. Even worse then when my clitorus was cut off at seven. He fucked me. Actually he did something else that starts with "R." They did it in order of age starting with the oldest. Every elder, including my father fucked me. I still don't know which one that was.

    Every month they all fucked me on the alter until they pronounced me pregnant. There is a one in 13 chance that my daughter is also my sister. I was 12 when I gave birth.

    After that, exactly three months after each time I gave birth, they all started fucking me again every month on the alter. By the time I was 15 it finally stopped hurting. Some of the smaller ones stopped hurting sooner.

    I was 23 when I learned there was another world outside that one. I was 23 when I learned that those shiny silver things that roared across the sky leaving a trail of smoke weren't angels paroling the skies in search of disobedient children to carry off to hell to burn for eternity. I was 23 when I heard that it wasn't normal for ten year old girls to marry 13 elders and to be "sacrificed" to them. I was 23 when I heard that some of the boys who went off in search of their manhood upon turning 18 were driven to the gate and told to leave having no knowledge of the other world or that it even existed and they they were given the clothes on their back, the shoes on their feet and nothing else and told that if they ever told anyone what went on in The World their mothers, sisters, little brothers etc would be smoted and eaten alive over and over again at the lake of fire. We actually had a lake of fire near the village. They lit it on fire periodically and threatened to putty naughty little girls and boys and wives into the fire and they would burn there forever. Sometimes they threw in sick animals and made us watch while the animal screamed until it's last breath. Then an elder would show mercy by using his magic put the poor creature to sleep so it would stop feeling pain. We didn't know that the animal would have died anyways. We were taught that without the elder's intervention the animal would keep screaming in agony for eternity.

    So my little brother was three years younger than me. I was 21 when he was taken to the gate. In the two years he was gone he obtained his G.E.D. trained to be an electrician and figured out that the elders and high priest did not have magic powers and that they were victimizing the entire village.

    He came in with two other lost boys who had left earlier. They came in with two pickup trucks and a van and disabled the electric fence cut open the gate and drove straight to my cottage. He got me and my 7 daughters including the twin babies and then went next door to the boy's cottage and got my 4 sons and then to two of our sisters and their children before the elders discovered us and started shooting at us so we drove out of there like bats out of hell.

    My brother taught me the ways of the other world. I fell in love with both of his friends. They were both already married but I didn't know that having sex with them was frowned upon being that they were married. In my world all the wives were the collective wives of the 12 elders and the high priest. We were shared. I assumed that it was my duty to pleasure them. Talk about awkward. I also didn't know anything about the prohibition against insest since we were kept physically separate from all males except the elders. I tried to kiss my brother but he gently explained that it was considered wrong. Finally I was introduced to a really cute guy. I was shocked to learn that even though he was thirty he had no children and had never married. We got married and had two children. But I am getting ahead of myself.

    The day after I escaped, or rather, rescued, an army of police descended upon The World. There was a gun fight, half the elders died. Those who did not die were arrested and taken to jail and eventually were imprisoned. Some were executed. The high priest died of a heart attack before he could be executed. They found on the other side of the lake of fire a mass grave where the bodies of teenage boys, older women and baby boys were buried, many had been burned or cremated.

    The above events happened decades ago. All of the bodies were removed by the government. We never found out where they took them. Some of the wives disappeared. I never saw my mother again after that and never found out where they took her. Most of the children were adopted out. I was very lucky that I got to keep mine. Only few of the wives got to keep their children. My children all grew up believing their father was a brave man who died saving others. The younger ones believed that more than my older children but time fades memories.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 27

    My name is Suzanne and I am a young widow. I recently had sex with a married man who is my former co-worker. We met at a hotel near a shopping galleria. I told him that I have been in love with him for several years, and that I am willing to be his sex slave in a discreet way so as not to harm his marriage. When we met in the hotel room, he asked me to remove my clothes and to lie on my back on the bed. He tied my wrists to the headboard of the bed. Without lubrication, he then had sex with me for four hours. He fucked me anally and vaginally, going back and forth between my holes. He managed to cum several times in each hole. It was extremely painful for me, especially the anal sex, because his erect penis was 11 inches long and remained rock hard throughout, despite multiple ejaculations each hour. And yet, I did not complain or object in any way. I just moaned with each painful thrust into my rectum or vagina, as if I were in pleasure, but the truth waa that I found it satusfying to sacrifice my body and to endure painful anal and vaginal thrusting because I realized that it all gave him tremendous pleasure and satisfaction. By the time the four hours were over, he had managed to cum 16 times, including 8 times in my asshole and 8 times in my vagina. I got dressed, with his cum still inside me, and drove home. That was yesterday, and I still crave being fucked in this way. I called him an hour ago and plan to meet him at the hotel again tomorrow. This time, he said that he will ask me to submit to being throat-fucked to the point of repeatedly puking more than a dozen times. I admitted to him that I have never been throat-fucked, but I'm willing to do so and to puke as many times as needed during our four-hour session.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Gay Male / 49

    As kids we grew up in Toronto. My parents weren't rich, but they were well enough off that we had a lake cabin for the summers. In late spring we went up with our father to get the place in order for the summer. Once school was out we went up with our mother and spent the summer at the cabin, my father came up every other weekend. It was a glorious time, lots of good memories.

    Right around the time I turned thirteen a family bought the cabin next door. I say next door but really it was about a half a mile away. They had a couple of boys and we soon found ourselves spending time together. The older boy was sullen, withdrawn but he paid attention to me and whenever he was sent to do something he had me tag along. The afternoon when he had me suck him the first time we were in the boat house. He had to pee and he got his dick out and stood there beside me and peed into the lake from the slip. He asked me to pee, I took out my little dick and peed. After I peed he took my dick in his hand and asked me if I liked that. He told me to hold his dick and to jerk him. He jerked me too and we both got erections. He pulled my swim trunks down to my ankles and had me kick them off and got behind me and humped me and asked me if I liked that, because I was never going to find something better than that. He poked up into my ass and pushed against me butt hole.

    He then got his swim trunks off and bent over the container that held the boat cushions and asked me to poke him with my dick. While I poked he jerked himself, asking me to poke hard, harder and I got passed and he said to poke it all the way in. More he said, more and more. I ejaculated, I came inside of him, and I pulled out my dick, it came out and it was sensitive. He had not been able to jerk himself off and asked me to jerk him and suck him, but to do it hard and fast. After a minute he ejaculated I tasted my first cum. He told me would do it again, only the next time he was going to fuck me.

    We spent a lot of time together. We found this secluded place and would lay there and jerk our dicks. He liked being sucked and jerked and I sucked and jerked. From the very beginning I liked the taste of his cum, I ate it all, off my face, off his pants, off his dick. We fucked out there, he was right, I liked it, I liked getting fucked more than I liked fucking him, but he liked getting fucked so we did both. And we jerked and sucked off each other.

    The summer went fast and soon we all left and went back to school, the winter and growing up. We saw each other during the summer, no one ever found our place, we got naked and had great sex. He brought along some cream from his mother's makeup kit and we buried it and left it out there. It made fucking that much easier. I didn't fear his dick, I loved his dick, I loved jerking him off and getting my mouth and face up close. We peed together, crossing streams, and I started to let him pee in my mouth. At first it was take it a little bit, but I went ahead and got down on my hands and knees and he paid straight into my mouth. I swallowed what I could and the rest just poured out of my mouth onto the ground or down my chin and chest.

    We grew up and he went off to work for the summers and couldn't get together. I stared working a summer job and the days of getting together at the lake became a memory. I had a job delivering packages for a while and I met a banker who liked me and that is how I broke into the gay scene in Toronto. He took me, I was his boyfriend. I got a full time job at another bank on his recommendation and I moved out and lived with a couple of other boyfriends. It was the life. The parties, the good times. Everything as underground. I heard about boyfriends getting together for sex parties, but I also heard of all the breakups and fights. I stayed out of that, and it was good that I stayed out of that, you wanted to be sure of your partner. My banker partner also kept himself away from others and we stayed clean and didn't mess around. Not thinking about it, but I stayed with that one man for over thirty years.

    I have a lover now, a boyfriend that I look after, a guy who grew up in the nineties, I tell him about the times in the sixties when I was a new teen and my times at the lake. He disbelieves me, that we fucked all those years through our teens. I tell him about all the wild parties of the seventies and having to stay underground. Fortunately I found a career in banking which kept me on the quiet side, the conservative side, and I avoided the party scene with my long time lover. He and I are the same age difference as I was when I was the boyfriend being looked after. I tell him its OK to have someone pay the bills for you, just remember to stay clean and not mess around.

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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 20

    I screwed up big time on my motorcycle 4 1/2 weeks ago hitting the back of a car and going down an embankment. I not only tore the ACL in my left knee but my right leg is fractured in three places and had to be pinned in my thigh area. The cast on my right leg covers my foot up to a few inches past my knee. My right elbow is fractured and I broke 4 ribs. Making matters worse my jaw is wired and I had a concussion causing me to be in the hospital 8 days. I live with my mom and she took off work the first few days I was home. Then without asking me, she arranged to have our neighbor Arlene care for me 4 or 5 hours each day during the week. My mom is real friendly with her but I never liked her much and still don't. I know she is 60 something years old and don't think she is to fond of me either. I still can't chew anything so my meals consist of soft foods and liquids. The problem is I can't get out of bed yet and there is nothing worse than having some old bat helping with a bed pan, wiping my butt and watching me pee. As embarrassing as that is the most humiliating is when she washes me every other day and exposed naked in front of her. I'm so embarrassed I want to cry but never do and think she enjoys humiliating me. I openly blush and as much as she tells me not to let it embarrass me I truly believe she is intentionally humiliating me. She never washes me with her bare hands, always using a wash cloth, but moves me around and opens my legs to wash my genitals and butt. She actually grips my penis when doing this and I never got an erection until last week when she was washing me. It is the ultimate humiliation and it now has happened 4 times so far. She never has said anything about it and I just shut my eyes and try not to let it happen. The last 3 times I think she purposely gripped my penis slowly trying to have me get hard. Then she lets go and wipes my scrotum and anus. She never says a word acting like its no big deal but I know this bitch is deliberately tormenting me. My mom and I moved here 5 years ago so all our real friends and relatives are still in Baltimore. My mom knows I don't like Arlene but thinks she is a nice older lady. Arlene has to know how embarrassed I am but she just doesn't care. I think her intent now is to have me get an erection knowing how humiliating it is for me. I know my mom would be pissed, but how could I tell her I'm getting erections when that old bitch washes me. I'm supposed to get the cast off next week and hope Arlene just stays home. The 8 days in the hospital were bad enough but this is like torture. Its bad enough with her seeing me pee, cleaning up after me and wiping my butt. All I can wear right now are night shirts and by the time Arlene takes it off to wash me I'm laying there naked for almost a half hour at a time. When I get an erection its clear she is trying to shame me and simply wants to humiliate me.

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