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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 41

    When I was 14 years old there was a sports complex that my family belonged to. One day over spring break I had decided to go for 30 minutes before it closed. After I finished playing basketball I went to the locker room to shower. I got done started drying off. I thought I was the only one there seeing no one through my workout. Anyway as I was drying off my legs I was bent over and when I stood up someone grabbed my mouth and whispered in my ear that he would beat me up if I screamed. I nodded and he told me to bend over, I said no way.

    He then put his fist up in that threading way and I said ok Iâll do it just donât hit me. I then felt his wet finger enter my anus. It wasnât to bad. Then I heard him spit and cover my mouth again. I felt his dick push against the opening of my hole and I squeezed it shut. He hit me in the back and told me that if I did that again he would beat me to death. I just let everything loose and let him squeeze in. The pain was so much. His cocktail finally got all the way in and my ass started to stretch. But still so much pain. He started going out and back in each time I felt more and more friction down there. Then I felt ripping and the wet warm substance started to drip in my ass and down my legs. My blood became our lube. He fucked me for no more than 7 minutes before he came in my ass. He then called me his slut and that I was a faggot queer. I was crying in pain and in embarrassment. He started to put his pants on and I said I was going to call the police. I immediately felt scared as he came over to me and hit me in the head. I fell to the ground and he punched me again. I was knocked out. When I woke up he had his dick in my mouth. I tried to scream but it was muffled as his cock was in my mouth. He told me that this was my punishment for threatening to tell. He told me if I did it again he would take me to his house and fuck me every day.

    I submitted and took his cock down my throat I felt it twitching and then his load dripping on my tongue. I laid there as he got up spit on me and told me next time I was to not struggle and to enjoy it. This happens twice more until my dad got new job offer and said we where moving I was so happy to be away from this man. Now as I think about it, it is probably the reason Iâm gay and love to get fucked. Wow this feels good to finally get off my chest.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I have candid videos of my wife, and my teenage daughter. Most of them are in the shower some are when they're getting dressed. I even have a few of them shaving themselves. I show them to men I have met down by the river in the trails. I suck these guys off as they watch the videos and comment on my wife and or daughter. I do this at least once a week. I find it to be a huge turn on to hear men saying degrading things about my family as they cum in my mouth.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    It was 6 months ago I met this slim attractive 50 yr old brunette with perky tits at a speed dating event.We hit it off and started dating.Carrie Ann has long curly brown hair some freckles and looks about 20 yrs younger than her age.She is very sweet and flirty and has a house which she shares with her father Gordon who is 73 balding chubby and shorter than her about 5 ft 8 while she is 5 ft 10.I had no idea at first there was something going on between her and her father as I though a divorced woman living back with her father was no big deal.One night while drinking we played a truth of dare game.She asked me for one truth and one dare and she surprised me by going first.She said one truth was that she still shares a bed with her father as he has been lonely for years after their mother died.I thought this was quite weird and with a hollow feeling inside me feared the worst, that hanky panky was going on.After this bombshell I did not expect a bigger one but she delivered.Carrie Anne said I think you are very understanding Eugene and you have secrets too.I dare you to watch me and my Dad cuddle.My heart was pounding and at first I thought oh gross then The idea of it stiffened my cock.She smiled and slowly massaged my rock hard penis.Tell me your secrets Mark I will not judge you.I was so horny I felt my inhibitions dissolving.Well one truth for me is that I have fantasized about old men for years sexually but would never act on it.She looked at me and smiled and said why not if it turns you on? My heart kept pounding.My voice grew hoarse and hesitant. My dare is for you to describe your father's cock to me right now.She laughed and said that is easy I know it so well.It is fairly short and chubby about 5 inches cut with a big mushroom head on it.Gets pretty hard though.Oh God i moaned and felt my cock straining against my underwear.That excited you baby didn't it? She then proceeded to take my cock out of my underwear in the bed and gave me a very deep throated slippery blowjob.After she was done she said you are bigger than Daddy and delicious in a different way.

    Weeks went by and she never mentioned the topic again until one night her father who usually was never around when I was there suddenly appeared.He came into her bedroom smoking a Belmont mild.He had a white undershirt on and track pants and I could look at him more closely.He was not terribly attractive but quietly manly in that older man manner.he had glasses on and a belly hanging over the waistband of his pants.Carrie Anne asked her Dad for a drag off his cigarette and she took it from him. She took a long sensual pull on it and exhaled the smoke slowly towards the ceiling.She then knowingly moved face to face with her father standing up and proceeded to give him a deep long welcoming slow kiss.I could not believe it.They started french kissing in front of me as if she was his wife.She had her arms around him and would pull away to take a deep drag on his cigarette.She then pulled down his pants and out popped his stiff 5 inch cut cock with the knob on the end.I could see some pre cum leaking from the tip of his head.She then dropped to her knees.Eugene wants to see me worship Daddy's cock now she said.She then took his cock into her mouth and gave him a long loving blowjob which I am sure she has given him many times before.Before he came in her mouth she pulled away and stubbed out the cigarette.Come here Eugene and show Daddy what you have fantasized about for years.I came over and her Dad faced me with his still stiff stubby cock.Carrie Anne was now lying on the bed with her legs spread and wetness glistening on her naked shaved pussy.Suck him Eugene get him ready for me.I dropped to my knees shaking all over.I faced his cock and gently guided into my mouth. It felt so slippery and right in my mouth.I sucked his cock like I had watched Carrie Anne do.Slowly and lovingly.After a few minutes I decided to stop as I felt intense lust in myself and was shaking still.her father then slowly walked to the bed and mounted his daughter. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and clung to him. He began fucking her like it was second nature.Soon her moaned and his cries missed with each other as he let loose his load in her.After he was dome they kissed. lovingly.They both lit up Belmonts and he offered me one.As I smoked and tried to take in the whole crazy experience her father looked at me and said.Now you and my daughter know how to please me I will expect you to satisfy me whenever I need it. like she does.I took a deep drag and thought soon I am going to be on that bed with my legs wrapped around her daddy feeling exactly what she just had.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Female / 32

    I am 32 and single, several failed relationships. The last one hurt a lot, I really felt that I was going to get married. I guess I am in morning about it. I got sent to training on the new system and I was given a new girl to go with me. She is 24 and just recently finished college. She is like the little spoiled sister I never had. I have to do everything for her, she hogs the bathroom so I have to get on her to hurry up, she changes over and over before we finally go to the training center. She and I share a room at the Holiday Inn next to the training center.

    After several days, this has been a month long training session, she got comfortable enough to walk around in her underwear before getting dressed, and putting on her make up which she now does over the dresser in the room instead of hogging the bathroom. Watching her, so young really, her legs are firm and so is her butt, and not because she works out. I sit on the bed pretending to get myself ready and watch her put her make up in her underwear. Yesterday she bent over and I got a full on view of her pussy in her panties. I got wet, not slowly, just from ok to wet. I have never gotten wet like that with any of the guys I have dated.

    In any event, when she was done I grabbed her, I was sitting on the bed and I grabbed her by the hips and told her to stand still. I put my hands around her butt and pulled her towards me and pushed my mouth into her panties, smelling her and breathing hard into her panties. My tongue went down her slit and she was wet, pushing my head away saying nonsense things, I held on tight until I fell to the floor and eating at her as hard as I could.

    If she turned I don't know, but I was now eating her with her back to the bed and she fell on the bed and I spread her legs and pushed my face and mouth into her panties as hard as I could, her hands grabbing my hair. I am stronger and I pulled on her panties until I got them off and ate her bare pussy. Something I have never done and had never desired to do. She was so wet I had her pussy all over my face, my tongue digging into her vagina, eventually working up to suck hard on her clit and grabbing her tits while I sucked she went into an orgasm.

    I apologized, she said stupid things, she put on her panties angry at what had happened. I apologized again, turning her to face me. I honestly told her that nothing like that had ever happened. I straightened myself out, helped comb her hair, forced her to let me dress her and button up her blouse. Once she was totally dressed and presentable I kissed her mouth.

    Last night she slept with me, at first she was reluctant to come over to me, but I insisted and held the covers up for her. As soon as she was in bed I reached under her nightgown to take off her panties and took off mine. I ate her, she ate me more or less, I fingered her and had her finger me, more or less. I kissed her several times, I sucked on her tits, I told her that I wanted her pussy like in the morning, and I got on my knees between her legs and ate her again, tonguing her vagina and sucking and twisting her clit until she had another orgasm. Twice in the same day, her first orgasms not being alone. I took her hand and had her finger me and rub my clit hard while I kissed her and managed to have my own orgasm.

    She is a virgin, never been fucked. We have a week to go on our training. She is sitting on the bed while I write this, I want her to know that I just loved eating her and making her have an orgasm. I want more, and I want her to eat me and give me an orgasm. I want that, now it is her turn to make me feel like she got the chance to feel, totally consumed. She has really nice tits and her skin is soft and warm and her pussy is so eatable, I won't say fuckable because I don't want her fucked. Her nipples are hard right now, her mouth is closed tight and she is breathing through her mouth. I just told her to slip her panties off but she is staring at me so I better go there and help her.

    I am straight and believe she is too, but not right now.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 48

    I moved several months ago into a friendlier neighborhood. I am 68 and lived most of my life on the south side of town, very straight, very middle class, very family oriented. I moved here to a mixed community, lots of Hispanics, some blacks, bohemian, and a healthy mixture of older gay men. At least to me, I guess I overlook the younger crowd.

    I am not out, as the saying goes. I have an ex wife, three kids, grandkids, my mother is still alive. I have been a closeted bottom for all of my life. I am a love maker, kissing, touching, hugging, certainly cock sucking and mounting, I do have a thing for being mounted. I lean heavily towards confident, empowered gay males. I have never had any type of a relationship with a passive bottom like myself. I need a hard cock, I don't care if it is hard because it is on Viagra, as long as it is hard and owned by a man who intents to fuck.

    My slip into my perversion started early. At the time my father had a photo business, weddings, portraits, birth's, family pictures, nothing commercial. He had an assistant Karl. Karl was from Germany, had survived the war and had come over married to a nurse he had met in Stuttgart after the war. Karl like boys, naked boys. Karl started jerking me off, and sucking my cock. Sometimes Karl kissed me. I loved his hot lips, being held tight in his arms as he kissed me and jerked off my cock. I was much older when I first got to hold his cock, I guess at that time he was in his forties, my hand went around his staff, his staff got hard. I started kissing his cock and eventually he had me suck him holding my head hard between his hands. After I sucked him he would kiss me, sometimes his bristles tickled my face. Many times I came in my pants.

    I was going into the eleventh grade when Karl first fucked me. I leaned over the table where the photographs were lined up, it was dark in the room that afternoon, he grabbed my cock under my legs and squeezed my cock really hard and he licked and tongued my hole and then got behind me and push by push he inserted his cock until he had was slamming his hips against me as he fucked. I don't remember any pain, all I remember is pleasure, a high. He came and slipped his cock out of my ass and wiped my ass clean with a Kleenex. I was always available to get fucked.

    Once I left home to college I only had contact with Karl when I came home for holidays and during the summers when I worked at my fathers photography business. I was Karl's boyfriend in all senses. Karl was a full blown gay man and I was his sissy boyfriend. I loved laying naked and Karl running his hands all over me, kissing me, jerking on my cock, cock sucking me, feeling me up and fingering me, lifting my legs up and leaning over me to fuck me. As always after he was done fucking he would fall on me and after a minute kiss me hard on the mouth. I am very much the sissy when it comes to sex.

    After I got married to the daughter of my mother's best friend, had children, went to work as an Engineer in the aircraft business I had to stop and hide, suppressed my feelings and desires. I jerked off a lot, I am afraid I didn't' fuck my wife as much as she needed. She was very much a frustrated housewife, who eventually got into an affair with a man who owned an Air Conditioning business and we got divorced. I have been divorced and single ever since, bouncing from man to man, most all of them strangers I meet at bars over on the bad side of town. I got blackmailed a couple of times, but that went away as well.

    So now, I am retired, I have some funds and I bought this place in this up and coming section of town. I met John, he is a retired fireman with a pension, like me spent a lot of years married and is now living the way he wants. Of course it isn't like Karl, may he rest in peace, John is not as dominant and he much prefers to fuck doggy style. He does like to have his cock sucked and stroked and likes having his asshole reamed which I have learned to like, anything to please him. I go over to his place, do his laundry, I wear lively panties for him, I suck his cock, watch some television, and we go upstairs to make out, kiss and touch, until he is ready to fuck. I am always ready to fuck, it takes about a half hour for his Viagra to work and we spend that half hour doing what I like, touching, kissing, reaming, playing cat and mouse.

    He is not Karl, not close, but he is all I have right now.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 43

    After a near death accident around 5 year's ago , my husband has changed. He has become overly religious and act's like sex is the devil. I feel obligated to stay with him because he's partially handicapped and needs help with certain things. With that being said , he is still more than able to have sex but just refuses to do it most of the time. Approximately a year after his accident a year with out sex for me , I simply could not take it any longer. I began lying about my whereabouts when I would sneak off to find random men to fool around with. I am writing this now because I have what I believe is become addicted to sex with strange men. I keep sexy revealing clothes hidden out side of the house at different locations. I go to bars, parks,the mall and many other places to partially expose myself to strangers. In the last year and a half I haven't turned down one single man's advances on me. I constantly think of new and exciting ways to make a man hit on me. I have no restrictions to speak of , when it comes to age, weight color or sexual possition. The other reason I'm writing this is because lately my husband has been wanting sex at night and has been trying to please me with oral sex. I lay there and think about the men I have been with while he is trying to become the husband he should have been all along.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 22

    I once had sex with a girl I met in college. I had never done anything sexual with another female but have had many fantasies about it. Always wondered if I was biosexual because of my attaction towards other females and if I would go as far as actually doing it. With Sandra it was obvious there was more than just friendship. She was always tuching me, telling me how sexy I was till she just came and bluntly told she had sexual feeling towards me. She was good enough to let me know I didn't have to do it, but we both knew it would happen. I remember telling her I had never had an affair with another female and she just looked at me saying it would make things even more romantic. I remember we were both sitting naked in her living room sipping wien, when she nelt between my thighs and began giving me oral sex. She seemed to injoy licking the wetness of my pussy that had been soaked since before we walked into her apartment. She did things that a man had never done to me she knew exactly how to make me wild and horny. Found out sex with another female is far less inhibited than with a guy. It justs brings out the wild side in you.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 28

    We very nearly got caught yesterday, and that's because my wife said her golf comp wasn't going to finish until around dinner time.
    I'd literally just pulled out of her mums arsehole after cumming, when we heard my wife's car pull onto the drive. By the time she entered, we were sat talking about an upcoming holiday I'd just arranged for Jane my mother in law, to come on with us.
    My wife couldn't have been happier that i'd relented and kissed my lips. The very lips that had been sucking on her mum's pussy and clit earlier. She said it'll be great and I shouldn't have doubted her intentions about having her mother holiday with us. What my wife doesn't know, is I'd always planned on having Jane with us. After all I've been fucking her mother even before we got married.
    It's a simple equation for me. Jane is cock mad and loves my eight inches in all of her well fucked holes. Her daughter is a prude and now that she's become a born again god squadder, the sex is all but gone.
    You might ask why I married my wife in the first place. Well a council kid like myself doesn't normally get to marry into top society, and besides being a groundsman, it would have been totally remiss of me not to service a wealthy client on the fifteenth green when she obviously wanted me to fuck her forty five year old pussy and arse.
    The fact I later met her daughter and began to have sex with them both, is irrelevant.
    As far as I'm concerned, i'm going to ride this pussy train as far as I can. And hopefully the station I might have to get off on, will be one where I dictate my future.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 30

    4months ago I lost my job and to move to my mom's with my lives husband's or boyfriend that I know of.she has a small 2 bedroom.she works the night shift.we have the place to ourselves at night most of the time.i would find some side jobs now and then.3 weeks ago my wife and I came home from the bar.our neighbor Dee was wife told her to come in and hang out with us.dee said ok I have to lock my door and I will be right in.we were sitting drinking and playing cards.i had a nice size bag of coke.i asked Dee if she wants any.she said ok I do lines every now and then.after about 2 wife may said we are playing a new game.we each get 1 card.the lowest loses the highest wins.wohever has the high card that person tells the low card what ever you want and the low card has to do it.dee said what do you mean.mau said if I have the high card and you have a low card. you have to do what I want.if I win and tell you to take off your shirt. you have you want to play still Dee. I am not sure.oh well wife delt and I lost my wife may won.she told me to take off my pants.i stood up took off my sneakers then undid and took off my pants. I didn't sit down right away.i let dee and may see me in my underwear.dee looked and said.ok now I know you weren't dee lost I won.i said take off your shirt.sje said ok but I don't have a bra on. Nevermind the shirt. Take off your pants.30 minutes later me my wife may and our neighbor Dee were naked at the table. we all did 1 more blast.i stood up and started playing with my self. can you send dee sit on the wife may said why.i can only see half of you and dee naked.i can't see through the table.i will play with my self as long as you girls want me to if I can see all of you both naked.we went to the couch and I was jerking off for them.within 10 minutes we in a full blown threesome.i was laying under dee.she was bent forward.i was looking at her wife may said she wanted to see me licking her pussy.dee said oh ya I will let your husband do that as long as you don't get mad.may said no way I am fine.thats how I wound up under wife and our neighbor are both blowing me.i am licking dee.all the sudden.a scream.what the is going on are you 3 fuckin crazy.may and Dee jump up then I get up.we try to cover up but our clothes are in the dining room.with no where to go.i stood up and why aren't you at work. I am off tonight stupid.why didn't you go upstairs in your room and do that.i said it's to small for what all 3of us to do what we want without it being we stayed down here.we obviously thought you were at mom said now what are you going to do.i said Mom if you go back upstairs until we are done that would be great.oh really.i already seen what you 3 are doing and you are standing there with a full hard on still.i said hold on mom.i turned to my wife and Dee and said.sje has a mom saw everything already.we should let her watch the rest. you are insane may answered.dee said now I know you are nuts. I said may dee think about it we will sweat our asses off upstairs.she seen us and Dee blowing me and me licking let's continue having real good sex.tjen I asked my mom if she wants to stay or go back said I will stay if you keep doing it.befpre my wife or Dee could say anything I began jerking is this ok with you or do you want said it's more than ok.l looked at my wife and Dee and I went over and grabbed one of their tits with each hand and asked if they were still in the mom came over and put her hand on my dick and she said now you 2girls can watch me.she began stroking it up and down.dee saw that and said holy cow I can't believe I am watching my neighbor playing with her son's dick in front of his asked may if you and Dee have sex for a few minutes each.i will do whatever you wife may said your on.she went first and we fucked about 10 minutes then Dee and I went at it about the same.may said stop.i don't want you to cum until we decide what your mom is going to have to do.i said don't I get a wife and Dee said said what we decide.ok but make it fast if I go limp it will take a while.ok mom we want to get naked now then lay down and spread was naked in a flash and on the floor spread open.ahe said now wife said you can have his cock in your mouth or in your pussy.which 1 do you prefer.i couldn't believe it when my own mother said both.i want his cock in both.dee and may laughed and said go ahead. I then turned around and said Mom please 1 or the other please not both.ahe said come on Jay let's go while you are still hard.just think in 10 minutes you get a blowjob.during all the debate I am keeping my self stiff.i asked Dee and 2 want to see me do this.they both said oh ya.alright Mom rub your self for me.she reached down and rubbed her pussy and opened the lips and I got down and pushed in slow.half way in she said now pound it all the way in and keep pushing as hard as you can.the whole 10 minutes wasn't done yet but I pulled said yo not yet.i had to mom I was very close to the end.that is not in the agreement remember.ok got up and sat on the couch and said bring it dick still wet from her juices.without touching me at all took my whole cock in and sucked on was only a few quick minutes then .I am ready to go.ou came my cock and she pointed it right at her face and mouth and let it fly shot after shot it kept least 5 strong loads all over her face and mouth.when I was wife may and our neighbor Dee both said.that was insane to watch but at the same time I am horny all over mom looked up at me and I will go back sperm still on her.she let go of my dick.i sat down on the couch and may came over with tissues and wiped off my now just about soft penis. we waited until she went upstairs.had a beer and a fat blast.a half hour later and my wife Dee and I went at it again 1 more time.we made it last 2 hours by taking a short break when I was ready to cum.we never did it again with Dee .a few times after that we did it in front of mom. 1 time before the very wife may and I went in mom's room for her.we were going at mom was watching and rubbing herself when she asked us to stop just for a second.she went in one of her dwares and we couldn't see what she had.she kept it in front of her to surprise us.close your eyes you 2.we did . we could hear her get back into the bed.not yet.almost ok open your eyes and check out what I have. we looked at her.her legs wide open and the biggest, fattest and longest dildo we ever seen.may said oh my God do you see that.ya I see said now we can watch each other. we changed position so we can both watch.we didn't really know how big it was.she had a lot in her already.may and I were playing with ourselves so we can pushed even more inside her.i then asked.let us see how big that rubber Dick is.ok here it is.ahe pulled it all the way is giant.did you have it in as far as you it will go in said you or may can do it if you want to.i told my wife to go put the giant dildo in her.she held it right to the Mom said you are right there spread my lips apart and push in.may stopped and left the dildo do it.i can' may can't do it.ok. I will do it myself unless you want to.ya .I sat down between her legs and opened her pussy and began pushing,it just went in and kept going and going.i went back and forth a few times and she said oh ya that's good.i pushed as far as it would go and finally Mom said that is the end.only a few inches were left out.i was so horny by then.i went back and forth again and again.i couldn't take it anymore I learned forward and began licking her mom let out a moan.may looked over and Saw me licking my mom's pussy.hey mom does that feel good.ya don't stop I am very close to cumming.after she came.i asked may to use the rubber dick so we can see.ok I will.she laid down and started putting it in her, began going in and out.her head back she didn't and I were both at my wife's feet watching.may didn't realize who began licking her surprise her I went up beside her and put my Dick on her lips and tongue.just then it hit her.she pulled herself back away from my mom, looking down at her and are sick.licking me that way.i said hold on dear.did it feel good.ya because I thought it was you not your what,lay back down and keep wife may said if I keep going with your mom eating me.rhen you have to have sex with her again so I can see.i said Mom do you want to do it again with me or do you want to stop.lets keep going.wjen she came.i laid down and mom got on me facing may,so she can see my cock going in and out.when I was just about to cum, I stopped and got out from under my mom and got between her legs right on top of her clit.i stroked until I shot my sperm all in her public hair and her clit.may watched as it oozed down and between her lips and fell in her pussy that didn't close all the way yet. we only did that 1time after that and never mom and my wife and I have a few pictures of that mom let me take a few pictures, and we let my mom take a few. we look at them from time to time and go wild remembering it all

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 22

    Last year I went on vacation to the shore with my entire family, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. The one day the water and under toe was really rough but we were having a great time fighting the waves. I guess I went out a little to far and got hit by a high wave I didn't see coming. It tossed me up and down and around all the wayto knee deep water. As I stood up I was choking on salt water but soon realized my bathing trunks were down at my ankles. Aside from my entire family seeing me nude there were hundreds of people on the beach. Tons of girls but also families with kids. To make the embarrassment worse as I tried to pull my bathing suit up I fell backwards and had to stand back up again a struggle to cover myself. Even now I still get teased about it by my entire family.

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