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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    I am an exhibitionist. It all started when I was in eighth standard. We used to live in a three storey building. I had just found out the pleasures of masturbation. I didn't have access to the internet so I had to rely on FTV and other English channels for my sexual entertainment. I used to patiently wait for my parents to go out on some errands. Once I was sure that they won't be back for an hour or two, I would get naked and switch on the TV and tune in to the English channels. I used to be so horny that even I could get off on even a kissing or partially nude scene. I used to roam the entire length and breadth of the house stark naked. After a while, when this started getting boring, I decided to take the thrill up a notch by trying to get out of my house naked. I would first wear something and then go outside to check if my neighbors were at home. When I was sure that they weren't, I would slowly sneak out in the hallway in just my towel. After spending a few minutes getting confident, I would remove my towel and walk around naked. Slowly I expanded my area and started to access the terrace and stood there naked for few minutes before returning back to my room. This went on for a while, before we moved to a new place. The new house was an independent one with proper boundaries surrounding it. I spent the first few days surveying the neighborhood and studying my neighbors. Once I got the first chance alone, I restarted my activities; standing stark naked in my verandah or terrace, all the while feeling nervous as well as excited. The experience and the tension was pure magic. The feeling that someone might be watching you in your naked glory was what got me excited and horny. After standing outside for a while, I would come inside and quickly jerk off. Sometimes when I was very horny, I would eat my cum. I was thin at that time and bit flexible too; once or maybe twice I even managed to lick and suck my own dick. It was one of the most awesome moment of my life. These activities however slowly dwindled as I grew older. Now I live in a different city away from my parents. Once or twice, when I am alone in a deserted area, I would make sure to strip and jerk off and sometimes if I am lucky, I would be caught in my act my unsuspecting strangers who would quickly turn away and pretend that they didn't see anything. I know what I do is wrong but still....

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 31

    I work in an insurance claims office. There are eight of us, three gals and four guys mostly in our late twenties and early thirties, except an older lady (Edna) who's been there for years. On Friday after a long week,we usually go to a neighborhood bar and have a few drinks.
    Edna, being older and quite shy, never joined us, except for one particular afternoon. She said she just wanted to see what us younger people did on Fridays. That afternoon, we stayed a little too long and got a little drunk. We were all teasing one another about being single.Somehow I mentioned having a foot fetish. The galls has a good laugh any guys have me crap.
    Edna only had a couple glasses of wine, but listened and laughed at our escapades. We all bid goodnight and went on to the rest of our weekends.
    Monday, I noticed a subtle change in Edna. Our desks are across from one another and I noticed she kept her shoes dangling from one foot and then the other. For some reason I never noticed how attractive her feet were. As the week went on, she wore sandals, open toes heels and began showing more and more of her beautiful tiny feet. When Friday came along, she asked if she could join us again. Of coarse we said yes.
    When it got time to leave, she saked if I would have 'just one more' with her. We sat across from each other a talked up a storm. In the meantime, she rested her feet on my lap. Looking down, I became aroused and offered her a foot rub. I was in heaven. Here was the young guy running the feet of a sixty year old lady. Out if the blue she asked me if I would like to join her at her house where she could be more comfortable and I could continue admiring those pretty peds.
    To make a long story short, I ended up worshiping Edna's feet and toes most of the evening. She just leaned back on the couch and allowed me the pleasure of kissing, sucking and licking her toes and feet.
    Well, it's been about ten weeks and our Friday routine is drinks with our co-workers followed by me worshiping her feet and toes.
    I'll add to my story as things progress. All I can say is "Edna, you have the most beautiful feet and toes" I have ever seen.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 29

    I took a job in customer relations (phone center) for a large retail company. My supervisor was a 40 year old single woman who lorded it over me, and the other women working there. She had a reputation and many people thought she was a lesbian. One day after work she asked me if I wanted to get a drink, I don't drink. On another day after work she asked me if I wanted to eat Vietnamese, I couldn't say no because she knew I ate Vietnamese and I had no choice but to go. At the restaurant I excused myself for the restroom and she followed me, it was a one toilet facility but she followed me in anyways. She asked me if I wanted to go first, she pushed her pants down and sat on the toilet to pee. She got up and pulled her pants up, not trying to hide anything and told me it was my turn. I stood there and she asked me if I was ashamed of my kitty, to let her see me, she started to help me get my pants down and I hurried to sit down to pee. When I stood up again, she stopped me and looked at me, it wasn't like she was forcing me to show her everything, she just looked and asked me to show her my breasts. I told her it had gone far enough, but she reached for my blouse and she told me to show her, that she wanted a good look.

    She showed me her breasts, the bathroom felt so small, we had been in there for a long time. Finally I let her open my blouse and I undid my bra strap and let her look at my breasts. She told me it was 'nice' and she let me get dressed and we went back to the table. The food was served and we ate slowly. She said I was a bit hung up, that there was nothing wrong with having T&A, I was perfect as far as she was concerned.

    She asked if I was into playing, she had a boyfriend who she thought would really like me. That he was 'good' and he could take me to new places, if I was into it. I was pretty clear that I was not someone who did things for 'fun' like that. She went on to tell me that she would be there, and it would be fun, she guaranteed it, I would never regret taking a walk with her on the wild side. Nothing was going to happen that I didn't want and anything he did with me he did with her and she was OK, she just knew that when she was with him she was the woman she wanted to be, and that from time to time she met a woman that she wanted to share what she had come to enjoy.

    I said no, well I said NO Thank You.

    Several weeks later she came by and asked me if wanted to go get something to eat. She wanted me to meet her boyfriend, she had spoken to him about me and she felt that the least I could do is meet him, he wasn't a monster or anything like that, he was just a man who happened to like being with women. I went, he was nice enough man in his late forties, not anywhere near someone you would look at twice. She told him I was still deciding, but that she felt I wanted to get to know him, which wasn't true at all, I had never said anything like that.

    We went back to his house, he showed me around and when I turned around she was taking her top off, she got down and opened his pants and started to give him a bj and held his penis out to me and told me that I should show him some respect and get down and suck him and let him know he was the man of the house. I hesitated, but she was insistent, her voice was not easy, when I got down she told me that when he looked down he wanted to see tits, to show him respect and to always give him tits when I sucked him, and to always suck him when he came into the house.

    After sucking him, she showed me what he liked, she showed me how he liked his bed made, how he liked to have his towel hung in the bathroom, how he wanted his refrigerator organized, to pay attention because he was the man of the house and I needed to work hard to make sure that his clothes were folded right, that his food was prepared right, that I cleaned his bathroom right, that he would never regret taking me in to be woman in his house.

    I got a list of things to do, when to do them, that she would supervise me for a while but that I had to learn to do everything right, to always show him respect. I was given a uniform to wear when I was in the house, to always keep it neat and clean and iron it every day, to keep my hair back, no jewelry, no make up, no underwear. I was told how to groom myself down there, to make sure I was always clean and fresh. During my bad time to keep myself away, to wear this other uniform of ugly cotton, to scrub by hand, and to keep my eyes down in shame.

    I moved in that night, and after the hardest sex I had ever experienced I said I would do what I was told and I would respect him always. Anything to be released, anything. I slept at the foot of the bed on a mat with a small blanket, I wore my uniform and I started my life with them. I learned that they were my Mistress and my Master. I learned how to respect, how to serve, how to obey, to always keep myself fresh and available, to never deny my Master's wishes, to never deny my Mistress' wishes.

    For the next four years I lived with my Mistress and Master. When the day came that my Mistress told me that it was time to go, that my Master had become bored with me, I felt my world end. Pleading did no good and I was shown the door. I have never felt so alone.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    I guess the idea of having sex with a man began to intrigue me in my teens. I spend my teens in San Pedro, California. San Pedro is a seaport town and as such has a lot man oriented occupations.It was a small enough town that when I went out at night I'd walk everywhere. A lot of times one of these extremely masculine men would stop to ask directions. Almost always they would eventually ask me other questions. Usually ask if i needed a ride. I always said no. They would then ask if I worked out, because I looked like I did. I told them no I didn't work out. Almost every time they would hand me some sort of business card and tell me to call them sometime. It was like they all had the same routine. When I told one of my older buddies about these encounters, he laughed and told me they were probably trying to pick me up for sex. I couldn't believe it. I was naive and wasn't the least bit familiar with this kind of thing.
    I began reliving some of these encounters in my head and I found myself getting curious about a possible hook up with one of these guys. I would fantasize every kind of scenario. Sometimes I would imagine getting in the car with one of them. He would then drive us to a very dark side street. Once parked he would simply pull his cock out and gently push my head down to suck him off. Another would be to have him take me back to his apartment and we would both undress and feel each others body and he would tell me how nice I felt and then push me to my knees to suck his cock.
    But the fantasy that made me the hardest and horniest was the one where one of the men became a regular sex partner and would have me stay with him for a weekend or longer and make me perform sexual acts with him. Eventually making me wear women's clothes for him whenever I spent the weekend. I fantasized about him making me wear everything from high heels and nylons. Nightgowns and teddies. But one of my favorites was him making me wear heels and a sundress with nothing on underneath. He would make stand on his balcony and watch me. The sun would shine through the dress and he could easily see my little cock and young ass through the dress. This with the thought that anybody outside could see me was a tremendous turn on. I think it all boiled down to me enjoying be submissive to such a masculine man.
    I found myself walking through town a lot hoping somebody would ask me for directions. I t happened quite a few more times, but I never had the courage to hook up. I did however start to lean in the car windows and check out their crotches. They knew of course and would really try to convince me to go with them. I didn't mind talking to them about the possibility of getting together for sex sometime, but I never had the courage to actually do it.
    I eventually got married very young and stayed married for about three years. Even though I very much enjoyed sex with my wife, I never got those fantasies of other men out of my head. After I left my wife, I moved to a gay section of Long Beach, California. I didn't think I actually wanted to gay, but I knew for sure I wanted to try gay sex.
    Not being familiar with the gay life style and unsure of myself I did not approach men for fair of being wrong about him. So I just put myself in positions where other man could hit on me. It worked and it worked well. I was young enough that I was still attractive to other men. I also liked it because If he was picking me up,in my mind he was by default the aggressive one and I was the submissive one.
    For a period of 4 or 5 years I had a lot of sex with a lot of men. I really learned to enjoy it. It felt natural to me. I was even able to live out my fantasy of dressing as a woman for a tall gorgeous black man. His name was James and we had a 1 1/2 year relationship. He liked me being submissive to him and an occasional buddy of his. Yes he shared me once in a while. He always had me wear women's things not just for him, but for his buddies to. I really loved "belonging" to James.
    One night he called me and told me to come over to his place for a little romp. He instructed me to wear my "lady things" under my clothes. I happily complied. When I entered his apartment there were four other black guys sitting at the table playing poker. I looked at James with that what the fuck look. He quickly came to me and led me into the bedroom. He told me he had promised his buddies a poker game they wouldn't forget. Because of my fetish for women's clothes James always kept a few dresses in his closet for me. He asked if I had worn my panties and nylons like instructed. Yes, I said. James then instructed me to put on one of the dresses and to wear heels. I was to come out to the table dressed as a woman and provide whatever his friends wanted. Everything from drinks to blowjobs.
    I walked out from the bedroom and every guy at the table turned to look. One of them blurt out "damn, she's got pretty legs". I had actually put lipstick on so another guy commented about my nice mouth. Another guy was rubbing his crotch and I could see how big he was even through his jeans.
    I walked over to James leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and said "Baby, can I get you anything"? He looked up and said "no, just find out what the boys want".
    "Gentleman, can I get you anything?" I asked. With that, the guy that had rubbing his crotch pulled his huge cock out and said "I think you know what I need". He slid his chair back from the table, I got on my knees and slid his magnificent cock in my mouth. He was huge , but because of my time with James, who was also huge, I had no problem taking him all the way down my throat to his balls. He let out a gasp and then told James no wonder you keep this bitch around. I would to.
    That's how the evening started and finished. I sucked the cum out of each and every one of them. After they all left James took me to bed and had his way with me. He thanked me for taking care of his buddies, but I told him I should be thanking him.
    James and I eventually went our separate ways. I kept having gay sex for a couple of more years, but I never found anyone that let me enjoy it as much as James did.
    Eventually I went back to dating women, but I still like the idea of sex with men. I love sex with women, but with the right guy I can really feel submissive.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22


    I had an accident in my knickers this afternoon. Well I say an accident but it wasn't exactly an accident but I was certainly desperate to go. I held it for three days and I walked into town to get some things I'd run out of. I was busting for a poo and I didn't bother going to the toilet before I left the house. When I got into town I was really feeling the need to go but I ignored it and got the stuff I wanted and walked home again. I passed the public toilets at top of the high street and I thought about going in there but I was enjoying the desperate feeling so much I decided to keep walking even though there was a risk I might have an accident in my knickers. It didn't take long before I was getting desperate and I was wishing I'd used the toilets in town, but confusingly I was glad I hadn't because the thought of doing it in my knickers exited me and I was creaming my knickers at the thought of it. I clenched to keep control but I didn't make too much of an effort as I imagined how it might feel to be filling my knickers. I was so horny and I was as desperate to cum just as much as I was desperate for a poo. I also had to pee and the combined pressure in my bladder was making it worse. Man I had to so bad and I couldn't see anyone around that was close enough to see what was happening so I relaxed a little bit. I started to pee down my legs and it felt so good I just let it happen and a few seconds later I was pooing myself as well. I pushed and I did about six inches of poo in my knickers before I stopped as I didn't want to make a noticeable bulge in my jeans even though they were completely soaked in pee. I walked for a few minutes when I thought "what the hell" and I pushed again. This time I totally filled my knickers and I peed some more at the same time. The relief of it was so good I almost had an orgasm and I couldn't wait to get home to pleasure myself before the big cleanup.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 50

    My wife is a classy sexy blond haired MILF mid 50's that passes for 40. She is so easy and a pleasure to live with each day of my life. It elevates a guy to make sure your as good to live with her and not be a male acting pig in anyway. That being said
    I came down with an intestinal infection that irritated my bowels greatly. I had count them 30 seconds to make it to the toilet before the shat came without control. This would occur a dozen times before lunch and another 6 times in the afternoon.

    We live with all doors open in the house and normally no need for clothing being just us except I will not shat in front of her. Now I don't get what some peoples fetish is about the love of pooping their pants but hey more power to them but I don't care too. At work which I do work with my wife in the office suddenly without even a 30 second warning I shat my pants. I did not like the feel as described in these confessions at all! My butt hole is on raw from all the pooping and wiping over the past several days anyway. Now it is a raw burning fire trapped with this mucus laced poo.

    I told my wife I am going home. What a great ride that was sitting in my truck. I got home cleaned up and felt good to be naked airing out my flaming hole. My wife came home later on, stripped off her clothes, poured herself a glass of wine and sat on the couch next to me chatting and watching TV. It came so quick without warning liquid shit shot out my ass. I just shat the couch with her sitting next to me. Thank god I followed nudist periodical and was sitting on a towel.

    I did not move or act as if anything was wrong. I carried on chatting as normal as she didn't hear it squirt out. I just sat there in my diarrhea. A few minuets later she got up to go to the kitchen and I grabbed the towel and made a move to the bathroom. By now it was running down both legs and with a completely shit covered arse. I cleaned up, dumped the soiled towel down the laundry chute, got a new towel and returned to the couch. She was still in the kitchen so she didn't see me with a fresh towel.

    I wish I understood this fetish with poo or I might have had a great 3 days as many times as I filled my pants.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I am putting this in the dreams and wishes category as there is a specific reason as to how all of this got started and is something I can not seem to stop, I wish and dream that things could be different in a way that would probably shock most people. if you feel you want to know how all this got started for me and why I do what I do, I will be glad to tell the entire story for you readers, and just so you know, this is one hundred percent true, it is not made up and it has consumed every minute of my time that I have when the wife and I are separated for any length of time and we are just that pretty often as she travels with her job sometimes, and sometimes to the point of being gone for extended periods of time with trips home on the weekends.

    curre ntly, she is working as a full time nanny for a couple that live a couple of hours from here and she stays there during the week and travels home only on the weekends leaving me home alone during the week, she has been doing this for over two years now and what I am about to tell you has consumed a tremendous amount of my time during the time that she is not here. this is a huge confession for me and there is something that happened in my life that caused me to now be obsessed with what I do, if I get good reviews from the readers then I will share the rest of the story background to tell you about how what I do all came about and that one night in my life that actually started it all.

    basically what I am obsessed with and what I enjoy doing to the point of craving it all the time is,

    I get so incredibly turned on by putting on and wearing a pair of my wifes very sexy panties and inviting a man over or meeting one in a hotel room that either I or he gets, and I crave to be down on my knees in her panties and have his cock in my mouth and sucking him until he is nice and hard and then standing up and turning around and offering him my ass as he knows he is getting it as the entire reason he is here. I love to feel a mans hands on my panty covered ass, playing with it, squeezing it and fondling it just like he would do to a woman, I love to bend over my bed or a bed or a couch and feel him fondle my ass and when he slides his fingers underneath the waistband of the panties to pull them down, I get a rush of euphoria, my knees get weak, I get so incredibly turned on as I feel her panties or my panties being pulled down and knowing that he is about to fuck me like he would fuck a woman, It is an intense overwhelming feeling that I can not explain.

    when he pulls my panties down, the next thing I usually feel is him applying lubricant to me and he will begin to finger my very tight hole, maybe a slap or two on my ass, but then I feel the head of his incredibly hard 9 inch cock bump against my opening and feel him slowly push and begin to spread me open and feel his hands go to my hips as he holds me firm and pulls me back as he thrusts forward and sinks his cock to his balls and makes me moan and cry out with intense pleasure, my knees get so weak that I almost collapse and sometimes do collapse down on the bed.

    he will start to thrust in and out, slowly at first, then faster, and the intense feeling of being penetrated and fucked like a woman is overwhelming for me, my little cock does not get hard but remains very soft and limp and as he starts to pound me like a woman, I feel the intensity build as he is pounding on my prostrate and the feeling gets so intense and so strong, I can feel the cum swelling up in my balls, the sensation of the intense and constant pounding of my male g spot takes over as I cry out that I am going to cum, he fucks me faster and harder, he is grunting and groaning and I moan and squeal with delight as I feel the cum start to pour from my little limp cock as it twitches and jerks, and then I feel the cycle starting all over again and I feel another orgasm building, moaning, panting, screaming, begging him to fuck me as he now slams his rock hard cock balls deep in my sissy little ass and I know this must be what it felt like that one night I was not supposed to see my wife and her friend fucking but I did, she has no idea that I not only know but I secretly watched as a man with a large cock had her bent over our bed and he was pounding her ass as she screamed and begged him to fuck her ass, begged him to fuck her ass harder, begged him to cum in her ass, screamed out that she was cumming, and as I feel his cock explode in me and feel his cum gush out around his cock and run down my balls as his cock is pulsing and jerking and he is holding that cock balls deep and filling me up with his hot load, all I can think about is what I witnessed that night that I secretly watched a complete stranger to me fuck my wifes ass as she begged him to do so and she was someone totally different than the wife that I loved and lived with everyday, she was like a complete whore for him, he fucked her like a ragdoll, we had or never have came close to fucking like that, but after seeing what I saw I was so incredibly and secretly turned on that I sought out to find out what it must be like to be fucked like that, I mean sex with a pussy, a man can never understand that, but the way I see it is anal sex with a woman and anal sex with a man is anal sex, either way, I wanted to know if a man could feel what a woman felt and if a man could cum from being anally fucked by another man.

    what I learned in my search and through some trials and some let downs, I found a man with a nice thick rock hard nine inch cock that does not judge me, he enjoys pulling my panties down and fucking me as much or more than I love him doing it, yet it is completely no strings, he has been fucking me for over a year now and I have never seen his face except in a dark room, we have a mutual respect and understanding, we are both married, we get together when have the time and we both know what is going to happen and we do what we do and we go our separate ways until next time.

    I have never told my wife about the night I saw her and that guy fucking, she has no idea that I know, but in a way I want her to know, I want her to know how much it turned me on, I wish and dream it could be different so maybe we could both share a man with a big thick hard cock so I could watch him fuck her and she could watch him fuck me, but yet, having my secret life and craving to be fucked like her while wearing her panties is what drives this new world I have discovered, I don't consider myself gay, yes I do now consider myself bi sexual, but I would never be in a relationship with a man, I would love to see her ass fucked again like that night I saw her and that guy, she was a complete different person than when she was with me, it was such a turn on and made me so jealous, but yet so raging hard at the same time, gave me the jitters, every time my friend fucks me I am reliving what I saw that night in my mind and imagining that I am her, I just wish and dream she would open up and release her inner whore for me, she has no idea what I would do for her!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 25

    Nylons and panties.

    I was about 15 when I first discovered my sisters Amy's nylons. She was 18 at the time. She would hang her nylons in the basement to dry. At first I thought they were just annoying.

    But after running into them several times, I realized that they had an abrasive quality, almost like soft sandpaper.

    Just becoming aware of my sexuality at the time, it wasn't long before I began to start experimenting with them, and started to drag her panties gently across my cock.

    This was just the correct mixture of pain and pleasure to cause my cock to get greatly aroused. It also probably didn't hurt that I would fantasize about Amy wearing the nylons at the same time.

    I didn't dare masturbate in the nylons, as I did not want to leave any evidence of my self-abuse. I just used the nylons to bring my cock to a quick erection, and then would masturbate separately.

    About the same time, I also discovered Amy's panties. Some of them were soft cotton or silk with lacey edging. They were in various colors, mostly white, some pink and pale yellow, and one black and red pair each. I tried to arouse my cock with these, but they were too soft and not as stimulating as the nylons.

    Then one day I discovered another use for the panties. My mom had asked me to put a load of laundry into the washing machine. I came across one of Amy's yellow panties that had a dark stain in the crotch area. Not knowing what to expect, I tentatively took a whiff. I was in instant heaven.

    I detected a hint of some urine, mixed with some sweat, and some other scent that I couldn't place but that just made me heady. I had discovered another way to help me develop a boner.

    I was suddenly volunteering to do the laundry much more for my mom. At first I would use Amy's nylons to stimulate my cock, and sniff her used panties at the same time to heighten my arousal. Then I got real daring and began to suck on the crotch area of her used panties, imagining at the same time that I was licking Amy's clit and sucking her pussy juices. I know that it sounds disgusting, but do not knock it until you try it yourself.

    I also decided now that it was safe to masturbate with Amy's panties, after all they were going into the washing machine anyway.

    This went on for a few glorious weeks. And then the inevitable happened and Amy caught me in one of my full-blown masturbation sessions.

    And I mean she saw everything! At first she quietly observed me taking my cock out of my pants and then gently dragging her nylons across it. Then she saw me sniffing a pair of her pink panties and sucking her pussy juices out of it. Finally she saw me beating my meat with her panties and shooting a big load of my cum into them.

    I did not notice that she had been watching me until she screamed out "What the hell!" Then she called me every dirty name in the book and told me what a disgusting pervert I was. She said she was going to tell our parents and even called out for our "Mom!"

    Fortunately, our mom was out of the house at that time or I would have really been in big trouble. Amy, who is 3 years older than me and use to
    bossing me around, then dragged me by my ear up into my bedroom and told me to wait inside until she figured out an appropriate punishment.

    As I waited in my bedroom, I imagined all manners of punishments that she could inflict upon me. The worse would be if she told our parents.

    Finally after about 10-15 minutes Amy called me into her room. I went in and was surprised to see her dressed in her bathrobe. Amy explained that I had to do everything that she said or she was going to tell our parents.

    Basically she was going to make me her "bitch"! She told me to take off my t-shirt and pants and to lay on my back on her bed. I eould never believe what was going to happen next.

    She removed her robe and revealed a sight that would be every teenage boy's wet dream. Amy was dressed in natural colored pull-on nylons, with her black panties underneath, and a matching bra. She also had on a black garter belt that was really just for show. Her bra was the push-up type that highlighted the cleavage of her ample 36C bosom.

    Amy said that the best punishment that she could think of for me was to make me her slave. She gruffly pulled down my tighty-whiteys. She said that if I was going to play with her undies that she wanted to be in control. I could tell the Amy was going to be the dominate one in our relationship from now on.

    Amy stared at my cock and said that I had a limp dick. Her intention was to humiliate me and it was working. Then she pinned my arms downed. Next she climbed up onto my crotch area and began to grind her nylons and panties onto my bare cock with her full weight.

    She began to lighten up the pressure a bit until the stimulation was to her own satisfaction. She started to be more gentle in her grinding to get herself aroused. Needless to say I was also getting aroused, especially with her bra and tits hanging in my face.

    Amy and I began to breath more heavily, almost in unison. I wanted to grab Amy's tits or at least suck on them, but I didn't dare. Then Amy began to quicken the pace of her grinding and began to moan, as did I.

    Amy began to call me her "dirty l'il man whore" and I could only grunt in response. Then I figured I better give Amy a warning, and called out "I am going to cum" as I shot another hot load all over the front of her nylons.

    But Amy kept grinding away at my cock, which was now super-sensitive making it even painful. She kept riding my crotch and massaging her tits with both hands as she did. She arched her her back and then began bucking wildly as she had her own orgasm. Her pussy juices flooded all over my cock as she did.

    It took a few moments for Amy to recover and then she finally climbed off of my soaking crotch. I could see the glistening mixture of my cum and her pussy juices on the front of her nylons and panties.

    Amy grabbed my now limp dick and said it was useless. She then said that I owed her some new nylons and panties, which I gladly paid for.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 24

    I've always considered myself straight, but for a long time, the thought of dick made me very horny. Specifically, wrapping my lips around a hard cock and sucking it off. I tried some butt stuff by myself, but could never make it feel very good.

    Anyway, a few months ago I decided to experiment. I joined a fetish site that lets you make posts and put it out there: 24 y/o man looking to explore, want to suck a dick," or something to that effect. After a day or two, I got a reply and started corresponding with some guy. He was a bit older than me, but in the same boat, wanting to experiment, but looking for something discreet since he was married. We talked back and forth, got comfortable with each other, and finally decided to give it a shot.

    The day finally arrived, and he took time off work to come over to my place. We talked a little more, trying to get comfortable, but I was really nervous, and I could tell he was too. We'd previously agreed that he would go first, and he started by reaching over and rubbing my cock through my pants. It felt pretty good, and I let out a little groan. He pulled down my pants and started to jerk me. Again, I liked it, but I was so nervous I only got about half-hard.

    We moved to the bed, and I sat on the edge while he got on his knees. He jerked my a little longer, then finally leaned down and took me in his mouth. At that point, I'd only had a few blowjobs before, and his mouth felt great, so I relaxed a little as he started to suck me, leaning back on my elbows and moaning. He would take me deep for a few strokes, then pull off to lick my balls and shaft, then go back to throating me. I felt his teeth a few times, but I didn't mind that much. After a few minutes, I felt myself starting to cum. I let him know, and he sucked me deep again until I blew my load in his mouth.

    I took a few seconds to recover, then we switched positions: he sat on the edge of my bed, and I knelt down between his legs. I felt nervous again, my hands shaking. I started slow, jerking him lightly at first. He wasn't very hard either, but he grunted in approval. I just kinda stared at his cock for a while, really trying to convince myself that this was happening, then thought, Fuck it, and went for it. I sucked him into my mouth and, because he was a bit smaller than me and semi-flaccid to boot, went all the way to his balls.

    It really felt weird, having a cock in my mouth. I'd tried with dildos, but it couldn't compare to having a live, warm, pulsing piece of meat laying on my tongue. I started to suck him, like he'd done. It was pretty easy, since, again, he was kinda small. I licked him like he'd done, along the outside and his ballsack. He started grunting (apparently blowjobs weren't a common occurrence with his wife) and he started thrusting up into my mouth. I felt him get harder in my mouth, and taking him deep became a little harder. He stopped me a few times, letting himself back off before letting me start again, but eventually he told me he was about to cum. I'd told him earlier I wasn't comfortable swallowing his cum, so instead I let him stand over me and plaster my face. That, surprisingly, felt pretty good. I loved feeling his warm, sticky goo trickling down my face.

    After we were done, we said goodbye, he left, and I never saw him again. Overall, it felt really weird to me, but I think it was mostly the "stranger" thing. I won't say that I'm not open to suck more dick in the future, but maybe someone I'm closer to/more comfortable with.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I was at the local swimming pool wearing my new one piece bathingsuit.
    At one point I suddenly noticed a rather strong urge to poop come up.
    I was having too much fun in the water to leave for the toilet right now, so I decided to hold it in just a little longer. But this urgent need didn't go away.

    Finally when it started to get painful, I decided to go to the bathroom. I needed to go so bad by now that I doubted I would make it on time.
    When I got out of the water the urge even intesified. I pressed both of my hands on my bum and made my way to the bathroom as fast as I could without running as I didn't eant to slip and fall because I would surely lose it then.

    However. I made it to the womens restroom without any accident but there was some creepy guy in it, doing some kind of plumbing job, or so. I was almost in tears by now. Though I didn't dare to do my business while he was in there. So I turned and made my way towards the only other womens restroom at the opposite end of the venue, hoping against hope I would make it.

    I had already made it half the way when suddenly the poop decided that I wanted to come out. I managed to stop it but not before I had little ball of poop settling in my butt crack. Sweat and tears were running down my face by now.

    I made it to the other restroom without any further accidents.
    Just as I entered the poop started coming out again. Dumb as I was, I stood still and tried to regain control. But I couldn't get it to stop.
    And there was a lot as I hadn't been for a poop in over a week.
    I felt how the warm mass filled my entire ass crack and began to spread over my butt cheeks. Then it started to creep on forward between my legs

    I suddenly heard voices aproaching. So I went into the farthest stall - still pooping - and locked the door. By now my poop was starting to spread upwards front and back in my bathingsuit.

    Three girls entered the restroom and I could emediately tell that they where up to something. One girls asked the others if they had their "spare bikinis". Both replied with a "yes". They all entered the stall right next to me. According to their voices I thought they must have been about 15 to 17, or so.
    My curiosity let me completely forget about my messy predicament. I went down on my knees to watch them under the wall.
    All while still pooping in my one piece.
    They stood in this stall facing eachother when one of the asked "So who's to start".
    Without any warning the girl standing with her back towards me started pooping into her panties. I could clearly hear the typical crackling sound and she was grunting a little bit. Then the next one did exactly the same thing. While the third was filling her bikini panties, the first crouched down right in front of my eyes and began pushing onto the bulge in her panties with her bare hands. Even shoving it forward between her legs. In the end her mess was seeping through the fabric.
    "Ew, what are you doing there, Megan?", her friends shouted out.
    She told them to stay cool.
    Then she stood up pulled the dirty panties down and crouched down again.

    I still can't believe what happened next. She peed in her right hand and began to "wash" her filthy butt with it. Repeating the procedure until she was sure she was clean - wich she was definately not. They all put their panties on the groun in the middle of them and emptied their bladders on them.

    Then they put on their spare bikinis and left.
    As soon as they were out of sight I entered their stall and examined what they had done. The whole stall stunk like hell. I took up each pair of panties to have a closer look and a whif in them. Then somebody else entered the bathroom.

    Now I became aware of my own state. My bathingsuit was filled up to the level of my navel front and back. And all around the sides, too. It was awfull. I knew I would be caught, if I'd attempt cleaning up right there. So I went to the lockers - luckily unseen - got my skirt and blouse on, took my shoes and stuff and left.

    I got my bike and went for the walk home. I didn't dare to ride it because... you know. Half an hour later I finally arrived home.
    I went straight to the bathroom and locked the door. I took of everything but my bathingsuit and stepped into the shower. Just as I wanted to turn on the water I felt a need to pee come on so I just let it flow. I felt the warmth spread on my skin again and how the pee was mushing up the poop. There was so much poop that not even a single drop of my pee leaked through.

    Then I began peeling myself out of my messy suit. The lower half of the inside was smeared with poop, but worse was my body. It was caked in shit. About half an inch thick from my navel down till between my legs.
    I began peeling off chunks of poop from my skin and tried pushing them down the drain with my feet, wich did not really work as it should.
    It went better when I turned on the water. And then it still took one hour to get myself and my bathingsuit clean again.


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