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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 32

    About a week ago I shared a story about a coworker calling me up in the middle of the night after a fight with her boyfriend and ended up blowing me in her car while she finger blasted herself to orgasm. Well, due to poor timing and an even poorer grab at my phone when a text came in, my fiancee Aimee found out and now we're done. She moved out, even had her dad come down and help pack her up. I really thought I might die - ever been around someone for four hours of angry silence that seems to intensify every thirty minutes? Yep, that was my experience, culminating in the last thing she said to me in the house, "I'm keeping the ring." Great, still paying on that. I'm less angry at most of this, mostly heartbroken and wishing I'd never met Chloe (girl at work). But I let her blow me, didn't stop her, completely enjoyed it and did nothing to block further advances and texts. She and her boyfriend split up over it, ultimately, though she cited the fact that he wasn't interested in marrying her. Nothing physical happened, just a lot of innuendo and conversations about what it would be like to be together. So I've been drinking a lot lately and playing a lot of Battlefield 1. Fuck it.

    Flash forward to last Friday. I've been pretty cold toward Chloe since Aimee left, even downright rude to her on several occasions. Our supervisor pulled me aside after our morning meeting and said I needed to knock it off, has no idea what has happened between us. I got a text from Aimee asking me to meet her outside our office, that she had something to return to me. This can't end well. Sure enough, Aimee has nothing to return at all and proceeds to berate me on the sidewalk in front of where I work. She starts off saying she needs closure, and that turns into shouting, crying, and at one point she just grabs me and kind of claws at me while messing up my shirt. At that exact moment, who comes out of the building but Chloe and our supervisor, getting ready to leave for lunch. How can this scene be any worse for my masculinity? My supervisor (also female, though a bit older) asks if everything is okay and Chloe of all people steps in between us and says, forcefully, "Aimee, you need to leave."

    Time stops. I'm flat-out convinced we're all dead. The look on Aimee's face, contorted like some kind of dying demon in a video game, then the clomp of heels on the sidewalk as she storms off. Wow. Chloe, bad hair, too skinny, ugly crying Chloe just saved my ass from whatever in the hell that was. My fucking hero. She invited me to lunch and the two of them tried to cheer me up.

    Things have taken a weird turn that night and over the weekend. I met up with Chloe at her request, we had some drinks, and ended up fucking each other senseless at her sister's place (where she's been staying since separating from her guy). And it's actually been fun since. She used to annoy me so much, I kind of thought of her as the unwanted little sister. Now she's my personal fucking post, and she's been doing crazy stuff like making me shout "Aimee's a fucking c**twhore" while nailing her. She wrote on my chest with lipstick "Chloe's cock," with an arrow that landed on my shaft. Last night we burned pictures of Aimee in the firepit she and I built out back behind the house, then went inside for another round on my couch that started with a lapdance and ended with her in nothing but her panties pulled aside getting her pussy absolutely filled with my cum. I was trying to not creampie her but when a woman shouts "your cock is mine" while wiggling sideways and barking like a small dog and digging her nails into your thighs, something's gotta happen. I've never had a girl so into me like this before. It's unnerving.

    As I'm writing this, she sent me a picture of her humping her pillow, naked save for some knee high Fallout 4 socks she's wearing. She's got that bad haircut all splayed over her face, head cocked to one side, mouth open, free hand covering her small tits. Caption reads "Can't sleep, this smells like you so I'm fucking it. Get over here and give me cum." I'll see you guys later.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 27

    through my teens and early 20's with all the porn I was watching due to a nonexistant sex life untill I met my gf at 24 I watched so much that vanilla porn got borning and I got bored of of jerking off so I watched more and more hardcore porn and it all got boring as well then one day I stumbled upon hypnosis and brainwashing and I read warngings that said to becareful and to be sure you want the effects of a hypno file before listening or watching. I didn't entirely believe that hypnosis would work but on the off chance that it did work the idea of ignoring the warings and listening with out reading more than the title and sometimes picking titles that I specifecally did not want because I wanted to be made to want it was the biggest turnon. I still don't know if any of it worked or if I simply developed my fetishes through repeated exposure e.g. find a file to induce and obession with small penis humiliation I googled it and was sure I was not interested, it was weird and unplesant and so I got off to the idea that I would listen to this file and wake up with a deepseated obssession for it. to try and help the programing I would watch sph videos and jerk off hoping to condition myself further. I would back slide tell myself this hypnosis thing it was weird, unusual or wrong but I always got bored and always came back to it. Now here I am years later obsessed being a mistress' panty wearing bitch fuck toy to be pegged and used in anyway and she sees fit. I almost exclusivley watch femdom humiliation porn and listen to hypnosis and brainwashing videos to drive my fetishes deeper and expand on them. as I type this it occurs to me that recently I was lisening to a hypno file on youtube that told me to confess my fetishes to the mistress. I didn't but since then I've found myself going around the internet getting off on posting my story and further she told me to wear panties for her. I don't own panties and never had the balls to buy them but I went and ordered some online and can't stop thinking about them arriving.

    It is great that things are turing out this way before hypnosis I never wanted and even a little disgusted at the idea of bending over and getting spanked and fucked in the ass, wearing panties, taking golden showers, I never wanted to be humiliated and degraded, and now I want nothing more than to do these things and more everyday. but it also sucks for the most giant of reasons. My girlfriend. She is as vanilla as you can get. I tricked her in to making me wear panties by suggesting a bet where the loser had to wear underwear of the opposite sex choosen by the winner, and surprise I lost and got to wear panties for a week. the only time i ever had. but then not thinking about my own point of view before I began all this, I pushed too hard on the subject telling how i've never been so horny wrongly thinking the idea of having me so turned on all the time would turn her on and during this week I also talked about the subject of pegging and what she thinks of people who do it without letting on that I wanted it. She shutdown to the idea of me ever wearing panties again and said she was worried men who wear panties and like pegging must be gay and are hiding it, she said she doesn't believe there could be any other possible explination other denial or sacred to come out as gay, and anyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves. If there's one thing I'm not or ever will be it's gay it's one of a recently expanding list of things i've descovered that go against the core of who I am and don't want to use hypnosis, conditioning ,and brainwashing to make me want it.

    So, hear I am with the love of my life and the only person i've ever been with sexually, my love with who the vanilla sex is amazing and still gets me going, but unable to ever share this part of me with her, and so desprate to explore it I almost cheated on her while she was away so that just once I could both finally fully explore my submissive panty boy side. However, the idea of doing that to her just left a pit in my stomache,because it would mean what we have is nothing to me, but it is everything and I would never beable look her in the eye again, and because I know that if I didn't it once it wouldn't be just once. so while she is away I'm going to try and satisify myself by just reliving that week in panties and throw them away before she gets back.

    And, just incase all that isn't I'm scared I'm starting to resent her for shutting down any possibility of experimenting as strongley as she did last time, and I'm scared she will leave if I bring it up again. I should clarify I never mentioned my more extreem interests only the panties and pegging.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 50

    As an older man I have not had much sex lately. I was in a motel room looking over craigslist. First M4W but as usual, only spam.Then I went to M4M and found tons of ads. I saw one that was willing to travel, close to my hotel so not too. I invited him over for since I need a release and women weren't doing it for me. He came over and while we were having a beer on the bed, he began rubbing my cock. It felt so good so I started rubbing his. Then I unzipped my pants while he did the same. I was amazed by his cock, hard, head was amazing. I couldn't help but begin to kiss and lick his dick. Had my mouth completely over it, sucking and licking his head. Never sucked a cock before but it felt so good. He didn't even have to touch my didn't and I began oozing cum, hoping he would soon cum in my mouth. He did and it tasted so good. I had condoms so I asked him if I could fuck him and he agreed. Can't wait for my next gay experience. I hoe to find a regular old gent like my self.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 31

    When I was 16 my friend and I were doing a project on my dads computer for school. I never got too nosy on his computer, but when I came back from using the bathroom my friend had found some interesting pictures. It didn't take long to discover it was my dad. She went through the pictures and we seen his HUGE cock. Since that day I have wanted nothing more than to have his hot cum dripping from my mouth, pussy and asshole. 15 years later and I've never got to feel my daddy's cock, but I still think about it all the time.

    Anyone ever had sex with their dad? I really want to pursue him, I just don't know how.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I want to let out something that my neighbour and I did when we were younger (nearly ten years ago). Excuse me if my English is poor, I'm from Argentina. I don't know if I'm bi or not, so it's a bit weird to write this (but still, it turns me on everytime I think about this little chapter in my life...)
    First of all, I don't want anyone to think that this is some kind of p**ophilia or something like that; I may be an adult now, but it ONLY turns me on this single thing regarding "kids" (it was me who had the experience, after all).

    Well, we were 9 or 10 years old, and I was totally immature regarding sex. On a Friday night, we're having a sleepover in his house, and around midnight everybody in the place were asleep except us. So, with no volume at all, he switch the channel of the TV to one that was broadcasting an erotic movie. I remember that there was a woman in black lingerie and a guy who was fucking her, nothing out of the ordinary.
    But then, my friend took off his clothes and I saw his erect cock: it was bigger than mine, but seeing it amazed me. I didn't understand why he did that, or what was he doing with his dick.

    Then, while jerking off, he told me to do the same, and I was completely lost. I tried to follow his steps: I stripped, then pulled out my little cock that wasn't even erect. I repeat, I was immature, with no idea of what we were doing.
    He was looking at me, and I got nervous. "I don't know..." was the only thing I managed to say, and he laughed.
    "Alright, I'll help" he told me, and he jumped into my bed (well, it was his big brother bed, but he wasn't in the house). He kneeled behind me, and took my cock with his little hot and sticky hand... I remember that sensation very well.
    I wasn't feeling embarrased or ashamed...I was, again, amazed. When he began to masturbate me, I felt really strange... His body was literally stick to mine, and I felt his erect little dick on my back and his lips on my neck.

    Thinking of it right now, it surprise that he knew what he was doing. He was masturbating me and kissing my neck while being so young (you don't know yet what happened after that...keep reading). Maybe its because of his family's surrounding, maybe he saw his older brothers or his sister having sex or something like that. I don't know.

    Well, continuing with the event, I remember that one moment I began to moan when my dick felt strange and it hurt (today, that feeling is pleasure), and my friend moved a bit to the right and said next to my ear: "Do it to me too".
    Again, I tried to simulate him, but I could not see it: I hardly took his cock with my left hand (it was a bit difficult because he was BEHIND ME), and began to stroke it slowly. I only could hear his breathing incresing... My mind was blank, I don't know if it was because I could not interpret what was happening, or if it was because of the strange sensation (pleasure) that was reaching a new peak.

    When I felt that something was coming (I was abut to cum, clearly), he stopped and said: "Wait, let's try this".
    Then we changed positions: we kneeled in front of each other and stick our bodies. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to put our two dicks against each other, and then he grabbed them with both his hands. I remember so well how hot it felt the contact of his sticky little balls tickled, and I felt that I was so close of reaching something I did not know.
    While stroking both of us, he began to lick my neck again, and I could not do anything more than moan and drool. I repeat, clearly he knew what he was doing, because no 10 years-old kid know how to do something like that.

    In the end I eyaculated, and he continued to stroke our dicks covered with my first-ever cum until he came too. We both lay on his brother's bed, in somekind of an embrace. I was completely knock out, both mentally and physically. I don't even remember what happened then, because after that, I can only recall walking down to eat some breakfast with he and his family.
    I don't know if I took a shower, or if we cleaned all the cum in the sheets or in our own dicks.

    Years after that, when I changed school, my friend and I did not speak anymore. I'm not sure if it is because of what we did... After all, I repressed this event until, when I was 14 or so, began to jerk off with porn.
    Nowadays, I even jerk off or have sex with my gf while thinking about that...

    Well, I think that's all, so...thanks for reading this kind of confession!

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 40

    I been living by myself as long as I can remember. I like the freedom and no one to report to. I have girlfriends off and on but never got marry. My dad had just passed and mom doesn't like to live by herself where she has no one to turn to. She wants to move in with me and begging me every time I call her to check up on her to make sure she is okay. I kept telling her I live in a very private life and need my space. She promise me she will do just that when she move it. I have giving it a try and she is living with me.

    I didn't tell her much about my private life before she moved it. I like to walk around nude in my own house, she was shock at first but got used to it. The next thing I like to do before bed time is to watch porn movies in my room so I can relax and fall a sleep. She was surprise I was doing that and left it alone. She has her own room and so do I. A week later she figure I was walking around nude so she decided to do the same. I just though she can do whatever she want and pay no attention to it. Then one night I was watching porn in my room she decided to come in and sit next to my bed and watch it with me. I said mom what are you doing aren't you suppose to be in bed. She said, son you watch porn to relax before bed I though I will give it a try. I said do what you want and I continue watching the porn movie. There was couple shots in the movie got really hot and I start to play with my cock. My mom was looking at me and said son you have a big cock. I said yes mom I do. She said can I play with it. I said if you like. She grab hold of my cock and start stroking it then she put it in her mouth. I said mom what are you doing. She said I am giving you blowjob what the hell you think I am doing. I shut the fuck up, lend back and enjoy her sucking my cock. While she was sucking my cock she was also rubbing her own pussy. She got to the point she was wet enough she climb on top of me and rode my cock. I said mom that feel so fucking good and is so fucking deep inside of your pussy. She said yes I know and it feel so fucking good to. She rode me so hard and we both cum together. She said I want to sleep in your bed tonight can I do that. I said sure if you let me leave my cock in your pussy while we sleep. She said fine. We didn't even clean up. She turn around and I spoon her with my cock inside of her and we both fell asleep.

    Next morning we got up she want to take a shower together and I agree to it. While we were in the shower we have more sex. After we finish shower we dry each other off and we walk around the house nude. I told her if she ever need sex just let me know and she said the same thing to me. Now whenever we need sex we just walk up to each other start kissing and touching then we end up fucking or sucking wherever we are at in the house. Some time in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or garage, is being great.

    I didn't want her to move it at first now is not that bad after all...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I'ma straight guy whore likes to drive around and try to pick up transgender whores. There's theee in particular that I like. One is a spic bitch. Sexy as fuck. Sucks a good cock. But I haven't fucked yet. Sound like a fem. I want that. The other one is a tall white bitch. No tits but I don't know what it is, but I want to fuck her. Last is this one whitenbitch. Petite and no tits but something about her I want to fuck her. Does this make me gay?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 30

    I was 11 at the time this happened and had no idea what i was about to experience.
    There was some wasteland that had a few trees and a track that was fun to ride your bike round. Part had a steep drop that if you peddled like crazy you could climb up the otherside of the hill. We called it the devils nose and for young lads it was about the only excitement we had. This particular day i rode my bike over and as i hit the drop peddling as fast as i could my chain came off and i was thrown off my bike landing at the bottom cutting my leg and was laying in a heap. I was hurt but more shook up than anything when i heard this dog barking and running towards me. His owner quickly followed it and called out are you ok. I began to get up all covered in mud and my pride hurt. The man said that cut needs attention do you live very far away. He suggested we go to his bungalow which was a short distance away and he picked up my bike and i hobbled over to his home. We walked into the kitchen and he cleaned up my cut and put a couple of plasters on it. I was dripping wet and mud everywhere so he told me to climb out my clothes and pop in the shower. He gathered up my clothes as i washed and he returned with a towel. He began washing me soaping my back and bum then told me to turn round. He lathered up his hands and began washing my stomach and moved down to my penis stroking it and cupping my balls. Thats better he said as i climbed out the bath and wrapped the towel round me. We went into the lounge and he said your clothes are washing so they will be a while. He knelt down infront of me to take a look at that cut he said. His hands began rubbing my legs and the towel opened exposing my cock. He began rubbing my cock and asked if it was a nice feeling. I nodded as he smiled at me before taking me into his mouth. Id never felt a sensation like it my heart was beating and my cock hard. He was licking and sucking me telling me i was fucking gorgeous. I had this urge to pee but nothing came out except my whole body shook. I had dry orgasmed he told me. He sat next to me pulling out his cock and told me it was my turn to suck him. I tried to refuse but he sternly told me to do it. I sucked him and wanked him as he instructed me what to do. He shot his load over my naked body as he again called me fucking gorgeous. We went back and showered together with him kissing me. He told me we need to keep this secret or both of us will be in trouble. Eventually with my clothes dry and bike mended i rode home. A few days later i was riding past his home when i stopped outside i hadnt said anything about what had happened and found myself knocking his door. He opened it smiling asking how i was and did i want to come in. He took me to bed sucking me and making me feel amazing as i orgasmed once again. Over the next couple of years id visit him and he took my first load as i orgasmed fully. We never did anal sex that would happen with a school friend when i was 15.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 50

    I found this web site not to long ago, and have enjoyed reading some of the stories. I have to say, I enjoy wetting my pants. I was at a party the other night, not wearing my adult diapers, and got up to go to the bathroom, and let's say I didn't make it. I soaked myself in front of several people. Since most of us werem of the same age, it was 8understood and blamed on the amount of alcohol I had conseumed and I really enjoyed the feelingumed. Little did hey know, it felt so good and actually pleased me.
    I usually wear adult diapers at night, and this morning I woke up arount two AM and was soaked, It felt good and I laid there for awhile just enjoying the feeling. Finally I got up, cleaned myself and put a dry diaper on and went babk to bed. Several hours later I woke up and had to pee again, so I rolled over on my back and just let it go. Again, the feeling so so nice, and it almost brought me to an orgasm. I just basked in that feeling until I decided to get some coffee..
    I am so sorry that I didn't know about this feeling until I was so old. I am enjoying it to the fullist. I know it now, and I would just like to know if there are any other folks out there who enjoy this wetting fetish as much as i do, and wonder if I am just gettintg old an senile, and should have myself committed.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I had some experiences with other boys back in my school days. Several of my young horny friends just wanted to play around at times so we did. In the 5th grade my friend and I played with each other after we watched each other stroke our dicks a few minutes. We went out behind this old vacant house almost every day to jack each other off.
    We both tried oral sex eventually and it was pretty hot to get sucked and take turns sucking each others dicks. At first we didn`t swallow the cum but it wasn`t very long before we did and it was great. In the 6th grade me and my favorite cousin were down at the creek swimming and we were just sitting there talking after our swim and he began to tell me about he and his friend at school and what they were doing in private. His story got me excited so I told him my story and we ended up naked back out of sight in the bushes sucking each others dicks and swallowed each others cum which didn`t take long at all.
    My cousin asked if I would do something else with him and I was curious enough to ask what he wanted to do. He told me his friend from school liked screwing. My cousin told me he wanted to try screwing me so we tried it and I am glad we did. I couldn`t believe how much I liked it once I got used to him in my ass. He fucked me and came in me twice before he pulled his dick out of my ass.
    Hours later I almost begged him to fuck me again and we found a private spot in the woods and he fucked me again. We are in our early 40`s both married but still sneak around so he can fuck me in the ass. I also had sex with a couple of Mexican friends in school. They were curious and after we sucked each others dicks a couple of times I offered to let them screw me and they both liked it so well that they wanted to screw me every day after school. Both of them were at home alone after school for several hours so it was pretty easy to stop off at one house or the other to let them fuck me in the ass. Both were long thick and uncut and came a lot.
    In High school my Senior year I got very drunk at a party and so did every one else. I got ready to leave and one of my friends I played football with needed a ride home and he was pretty drunk too. He was a black guy and I sew him naked in the showers after practice all the time and he caught me watching him a few times because I couldn`t believe how long his dick was and how black it was. Since we were both drunk we talked about sex and how we wanted to fuck the girls we liked at school.
    I was shocked when he started to talk about sex with a friend of his and he told me all about it. I listened and asked questions and got very horny right away so being drunk I told him I might want to try it with him if he wanted to. He said he wanted to try it with a white guy so we tried to think of a place we could go and not get caught. I decided to drive out to my parents place in the country. We had some land and there was a barn there and an old house that was about to fall down.
    He and I got out and went in the barn and he couldn`t wait to get my pants down and was on his knees sucking my dick right away and stopped just long enough to let me know he wanted me to cum so he could taste my white cum. He sucked my dick really good and just before I came he shoved his finger up my ass and I shot a huge load down his throat with his lips closed tightly around my dick and my hands pulling his mouth down hard over my cock as he gulped down my cum.
    He swallowed every drop then spun me around and bent me forward then spread my ass cheeks and started to lick and suck on my asshole and tell me how he really wanted to fuck my white ass. He had me very wet with his spit when he stood up behind me and started to rub the head of his dick on my asshole then told me to grab my ass and spread it open for him. I did as he asked and soon was screaming yelling out loud as he stretched my tight asshole and once his dick was all the way in my ass it felt like it was up in my stomach and it felt weird as hell. He started to fuck me but told me he had to cum and shot a huge load in me but started to fuck the hell out of me right after he came and it got pretty hot for awhile as he really fucked me hard and he kept talking to me and that was a huge turn on for me. He kept saying how hot and tight my white ass was then tell me he liked having his big black dick in my ass. He would tell me to take it over and over and tell me how he wanted to cum deep in my white asshole again.
    We ended up on the ground in the hay with me face down with him on top of me really fucking the hell out of me then he began to moan and his dick got even bigger in my ass then he said "Oh fuck oh fuck!! I`m going to cum in your tight white asshole again!!" And he did. Damn he came for a very long time and he filled my insides with hot thick cum and thrashed around on top of me like a wild man shoving his dick up my cum filled ass as he kept shooting his cum deep in my ass.
    When he finally stopped he let his dick slip right out of my asshole then as his cum poured out of me he laughed and rubbed his dick around on my ass asking me if I was goin to want some more black dick any time soon. I laid there for a long time with cum dripping out of my ass then got up slowly. We got dressed and I dropped him off at his house then I went home. The very next weekend he and I were at his house while his parents were gone and things got pretty wild. We both sucked each other but he didn`t cum in my mouth because he said he wanted to put it up my ass again but he swallowed my load then fucked me so long and so hard and came up my ass two times and I could hardly get up and walk to the bathroom.
    After that about once a week I took that black dick in the ass but he always sucked me off good and said he liked my white boy cum. It was about 9 months or so he and I had sex pretty often then he had to move with his parents because his Dad got a better job. That was my one and only black dick and it was very good. I think about it often and sometimes watch Bi or Gay interracial porn and think back on my experience with my black friend in high school.
    I don`t have a lot of anal sex these days except with my cousin. I use a few toys and my wife loves to fuck me with our collection of strap on toys. Neither of our wife`s know that m cousin fucks my ass. My wife tells me it is her wildest fantasy to watch a man fuck me in the ass. She tells me all the details and how she would like to watch and join in. I asked my cousin to try this with my wife and I but he always says no. I have always enjoyed anal sex and it feels very nice and makes me cum like crazy when I am getting fucked up the ass. I hope it never stops.

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