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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 33

    In my case my landlady wanted fucking and I had to do it daily. Sometimes (rarely) the husband wanted to watch. I got used to it. Fortunately, she loved riding me in an armchair so my energy was rarely required. I was in my early 20's she in her late 50's. They were honest about the deal from day one. It started sporadically but soon went to daily, sometimes more. Eventually, I liked it just as much as she did so it was not bad. She loved to fuck and was insatiable...probably addicted. A part I liked was her continuously obscene rantings while she rode hard.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 55

    SO I was married to a beautiful woman for years. She was very open minded. We even were swingers and I have many fetishes. One being feet. My wife would put her feet on my face wish was great since she had beautiful feet, but I had to have more, the one thing I have never seen in porn or heard of from other people is this. She would cover my eyes with her toes and wiggle them. One day while fucking her she wiggleed her toes and one little sexy toe hit my eye ball. It drove me crazy. So I told her to keep doing it. I loved it when her toes would touch the eye just where her toe nale would rub then softly. I would cum so hard

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife likes me to dress as a sissy whilst we have sex. It started a couple of years ago when I confronted her about my suspicions she was having an affair. She didn't deny it but said she would stop if I played out her fantasy. Well the other day I was waiting for her to come home, I was horny and dressed to please. A blonde wig, makeup, a pink and white frilly dress, white frilly panties, white stockings and 6'' heels. I left the door ajar and waited. My wifes friend knocked and entered. His name is Barry and I suspected he had been her lover. 'Well what do we have here', he said smiling. By the time my wife got home I was kneeling before him sucking his hard cock as he was blackmailing me. 'What a lovely welcome home how did you know I'd like this', she squealed. I soon found myself sucking as they kissed and he fondled her tits. He pulled away and carried my wife to the bedroom and stripped her. 'Come here fluffer'. I sucked him hard again and then under orders from my wife guided his unsheathed shaft to her wet hole. I sat there and watched as he bred her and whilst they lay spent in my bed I was ordered to clean her slot with my tong. When they'd recovered the took snaps of me in my outfit and fitted a cock cage to me.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Transsexual Female / 30

    When I was 17 and still in the closet as transgender I met an 18 year old girl. She was flirting with me but I was not flirting back. She then reached out and began to rub my pants but couldn't find my penis. She put her hand down my pants and felt my panties and then she grabbed my penis with her finger and thumb. It is too small for anymore fingers.

    She laughed and then she told me she would help me pick out something sexy from her clothes and get dressed she had plans for me.

    When dressed she found a pair of high heels to put on my stocking covered feet. Then came make up.

    We got in her car and she drove telling me that we were going to the truck stop and I would be asking the male truck drivers if I could keep them company for $50 anything they want.

    I walked to the first truck and the driver said, "$50 for me and my partner sure". The passenger got out and helped me in and fondled me like a girl as I giggled.

    I had to suck both cocks going from one to the other and back. It took a while but I was loving those big cocks in my mouth. When the first man came he pulled out and shot his large load all over my face. The other man filled my mouth. I felt the warm cum then I had this wonderful flavor of cum. The first man took his fingers and pushed his cum in my mouth and I sucked them clean of spern.

    They said I would wait for a short time feel the same cocks in my ass that gagged me so much. I began to play with their cocks and sucked on them until they got hard.

    I was told to get on my back and he put my legs on his shoulders and then I felt pain as he pushed in like I was loose. I screamed and then it began to feel like the best thing ever and I moaned like a real prostitute. He said, "That's a good girl I knew you would love this. I was holding him tight begging him to go deeper, and he did.

    I went on to make $600 dollars that night. I also gave the men my number and they call at least twice a week.

    I thank Sheri for helping me become the truck driver pleasure toy. My penis is less than an inch and a half when fully hard. I can only shoot one tiny drop of cum and only with a big cock in my ass.

    My second night I had been with 6 different men before I was arrested for prostitution. I have been arrested a total of 5 times all for prostitution.

    I want a sex correction surgery but the doctor said my penis might be too tiny to make it a girls thing. I have curves and boobs like other girls though. Being on estrogen has made me unable to get an erection, thank God. My DD boobs make up for that. I just love getting so much big hard cock and cum.

    I am a lucky girl to get so much cock. I am happy to be a prostitute with so many customers.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    I come into the room and now what is about to happen. these guys are masculine, have decent bodied, and are all well hung. I know these men because we are part of the same church and social clubs. I see them at the gym, grocery store, and other places around town. we greet each other like good friends and continue on with out day. today is my turn. I get to be submissive for three well hung men. I come in clean, fresh out of the shower. one man grabs me and begins to french kiss me passionately, stops for a minute and looks into my eyes. he puts a blind fold on me. all i see is darkness. my senses heighten soon after... i can hear the other two men come closer and i start to fell hands all over my body, i can feel touching on my cock and ball (not erect due to the nervousness), another hand gently caressing my asshole, and my body being caressed. I feel a tug on my shoulders and i instantly knew i need to get on my knees. i can sense they are close to me. i fell my jaw grabbed by a hand and lifted up and something pressing against my lips, instinct tells me to open my mouth, and i feel one of the men's penis enter my mouth, i gently suck on his penis, tasting hes deliciousness. my hands now holding on to his legs to help guide me as i suck his penis. thinking of who's penis i am sucking i feels my hands being directed to two hard cocks. two hands are on my head and i can feel the thrusting and the penis coming deeper and deeper into my mouth. I cough and shoke up as huge load of cum is released into my mouth, unaware he was about to come all i head was a groan and my mouth was full. he released my head and i swallow what was still in my mouth after leaving some of the cum to drip of the sides on my mouth. i catch my breath for a minute, I release the cocks in my hands to try and wipe my self off, as i do my right hand gets grabbed and redirected to a cock as if to continue to masturbate his penis. i use my left to gather the cum around my lips and redirect into my mouth, as i feel a cock on my chin sliding the cum up towards my mouth, he repeats it a few times. his cock goes from around my lips to my mouth, and he enters my mouth. i being to gently suck on his cock. not knowing if he is the same guy or not, i continue and inside me i feel a burning of passion and lust. I can feel me ass being caressed and plaid with, a finger gently pressed on and around my asshole, i can hear him spit on his fingers and feel the wetness as he is playing with my ass. i feel my head get grabbed, the penis out of my mouth and suddenly can smell the musky smell of a ball sack, "suck on the them!" i hear him tell me, I lick, tongue, and play with the ball sack in my mouth. i feel the warmness of sweet cum him my forehead and face. my right had is freed and i suddenly feel a penis introduced into my mouth, with a had in the back of my head i can feel how much rougher he is thrusting into my mouth. as i'm there struggling to not choke as that penis is thrusting deep into my throat, i feel a finger slide in to my ass, nice and smooth i can feel that finger slide in and out, with a bit of a curve applying pressure to my prostate, my senses are going crazy with excitements and fear at the same time not knowing who is who. he releases my head pulls out his penis and grabs my arm in a gesture to stand im directed a few step and thrown on a couch gently. i feel the back board of the couch as my knees feel the edge. my waist is being grabbed and i feel pressure on my ass. i take a deep breath and relax, i can feel a penis slide into me. "its so hot and tight" im concentrating, relaxing my muscles, so that the sting turns into pleasure. I'm getting filled up, he is trusting, god it feels amazing. im breathing heavy , hmmm im moaning. oh dang ohhh, o my god i feel like im going to cum, ohh yes i can feel that through out my whole body, ohhhh! oh. i can feel precum dripping from my semi erect cock. he pulls out prepositions me to be doggy on the couch and reenters me. i feel a cock on my lips and i open my mouth. i being filled on both ends."im enjoying the show" i hear from a short distance. ah hh ohh i feel a hard cock thrusting harder into me...

    dang story to be continued, I better get to showering, im geting fucked in a few...

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 47

    My wife hates sex anymore, we haven't had vaginal intercourse in over two years. I miss it yes but I was okay with jerking off till she got back into the mood for it. But it seems she never will be.

    So about 4 months ago we talked about sex one night in bed and she straight up told me she wasn't going to have sex probably for a while, she's just not into it. She has hormone problems. She now has a hairy bush and it does t bother me, she was always shaved before. But she has been giving me daily handjobs over these last four months which pleases me very well!

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 50

    I been having ED for a long time and my penis start getting softer and smaller. I found wearing women panties make me feel good. I even put on pantie liners or pads. It made me feel so flat in the front and girly. I wear bras, panties and pantyhose all day long. I don't like men, women only. I don't know why I'm into dressing the way I'm. I have spoken to several of my female friends about my fetish. They seem to be fine with it. I'm not sure if I'm getting myself being a female or what? I love women. Maybe I'm a lesbian or transgender? Does that sound right? I don't want to have surgery to remove my penis. I just like dressing up as female.

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Male / 29

    fuck off!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 43

    so bored seeing the same old therapists and just need more free ones that will be reliable, the group I see and the group let me phone are ruthlessly harsh saying "and he won't" speaking for the future and about relations making it all negative and they don't have a crystal ball. should I complain more about the lack of sex and intimacy ?i see a psychologist named mel and I am sick of her we get on so-so but i need someone who will let me have longer time like a 2 hour session and let out anger and hurt and the dirty gritty stuff. I really need a young male hands on literally sex therapist for my problems with sessions of a few hours of sexual intimacy training. I am willing to pay for some of it. I don't feel its bad. I think most women want this now. there should be more ads in the paper for young men willing to do this stuff and be paid.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 46

    so she gets her friends to drive past her house with loud music so everyone can notice and she yells "leave me alone go away or I will call police" and you can tell she is scamming a game up for attention seeking. these girls have constantly got themselves into trouble with men and are nuts as the sex obsessed mother who calls herself "bored horny housewife with kids husband allows me to have sex with other men to keep my sexual cravings under control" but mean while she honesty sees herself as some "sex police" deciding who is worthy of marriage in the street other then her and her kids. yeh its weird alright. twisted bullies. so its donna the sex judge sex police sex jury planning everyones future and lack of love or sex life. is that a nutter or what? she stole a few men from me and so did her kids. utterly a sex patrol sex domination of the neighborhood, which people are allowed to marry and reproduce and which are not allowed to by this one dirty ugly old fat witch of 55.

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