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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I was in Prep school when my dad took on an older partner, a man with a business that made my dad's business more successful. I will call him Mr. B. He could be my own grandfather. Home on vacation, I took daily strolls by myself and one day Mr. B was in the office on the second floor of my large home. He asked if he could join me for at least part way and I agreed.

    After 20 minutes Mr. B pointed out a quiet bench and asked if we could sit for a few minutes. I agreed. After answering idle, boring questions, Mr. B unzipped his pants and took out his penis and smiled at me. I said, "So what?" He asked if I liked it and I said, it was inappropriate on the walk so he laughed. Actually, I liked the strong, big cock but would not say so and I was not a virgin and would not say that either since I was only 17.

    I took his penis in my hand and felt it surge to a harder, larger size, which made me take notice. I had little experience and certainly had not see that before. I jerked him off like I found myself doing for most dates. He liked it and as he was getting close to coming I stopped. He was shocked and said, "Wait a minute," I said, "I'll finish and not tell a soul for $100. He laughed and agreed so I finished him off.

    In future strolls that summer I was gathering a nice nest egg for college in the fall. Mt. B tried to make fuck and suck deals but I told him I was having none of it. He had to settle for the hand jobs. He could go and fuck himself.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    After we were married, eight years ago, my husband, Jon, and I moved into a building known to have a lot of airline people, mostly the younger, attractive ones. We both formerly worked for airlines and have a lot in common. Some of the people here are far out. We were quickly approached, for example, by a good looking couple, Nan and Ted, that wanted mixed sex with us. At first, we declined.

    After some time they seemed regular and we decided to party with them. That was before they both found out that Jon has an exceptional tool. In fact, he posted it on Craigslist once to see a reaction and people began to steal the photo and use it for their own ads, apparently not realizing that at one point their proper equipment will have to be seen.

    Ted, as it turned out, was strongly bisexual and all he wanted was to suck Jon off. Nan loves to suck cock herself so they both worked on Jon while I sat there, naked with nothing to do but watch and wank. We soon moved on to others but this is to tell you that finding the right couple to fuck with is far more difficult than you can imagine. Age is not as important to us as attractiveness and hygiene. Both are hard to find.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 22

    In my late teens, I was working as a server in a roadside restaurant on the bypass. A customer came in a couple of times a week and whether I served him or not he would put a 20 in my hand when he left. He told me that when he was a young guy he worked as a server and knew just how hard the job was. Sometimes he would hold my hand after he gave me the 20. He would look for my station and sit there and when I served him he would ask me how things were going.

    One day while he was talking to me, he put his hand on my thigh, I didn't even notice until his hand went over my butt. I moved and he grabbed my hand and said that I needed to be nice, to let him touch me and he would be nice to me. He didn't let go of my hand, he pulled me closer and he put his hand on my thigh and told me to stand still and he ran his hand all over my butt, he told me to bend over and give him a kiss.

    I got fired. He said he wanted me to get fired, because how he could take care of me. He wanted me to hold his hand when I was with him, he liked kisses, spontaneous kisses on the cheek, to let him hold my butt, to press my breasts into him when he put his arms around me. To give him nipple peeks. He didn't want the little girl look, to let myself go natural, to just shape and trim a little. To surprise him by going without panties now and then. To flash him.

    He paid for my apartment, my car, gave me money, called me by pet names, he started to spend almost every night with me. He started to kid me at first, but then got more and more insistent that I needed to start thinking about how I wanted to live. Apartment living was OK because I was young, but a man needed more than that. To ask him when I wanted a baby. I was 20 by then, having kids was not something I was even thinking about.

    For my 21st birthday he gave me an engagement ring and told me that he felt I was now old enough to get married.

    I returned the ring to him after a few weeks and told him I had to break it off. I went back to waiting tables and living on what I earned. I moved to a dump apartment, I cried at night. From the frustration of being in love with him. From the frustration of living in a two dollar dump. For a while he called or texted but I wouldn't answer.

    After a year I went to him. But he was with another girl, totally different than me, except for the age. I told him that I was sorry, that I got scared and that I was ready to be with him. But I had my chance, and he was over me and that was that. He told me that I had to grow up, and live with the consequences of my rash decisions. He said he wished me well, but he didn't eat leftovers.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 47

    I have always had an interest in vintage cars. I bought and refurbished a 1968 Mustang and belong to a club of vintage cars. It is more than a hobby. At the club I met a man who also refurbished a period Mustang. We got along well, when we went to shows for the cars (nothing national, these are regional shows) we went together and showed both cars side by side. We got close and shared other times together, like watching the Super Bowl.

    I was at his house, he has a much better set up for watching the game. We had a friendly bet for a sizable amount of money, and I lost. He told me that I could settle the bet by sucking his cock. He wasn't kidding. He took his cock out of his pants and got himself an erection and offered his cock to me. He kept saying "you know you want to, all you want to do is suck this cock, you want this cock more than anything, come on now do yourself a favor and do what you really want to do". I gave in and sucked his cock. He got me to use my hand and suck him to completion.

    When it was over I was embarrassed, he told me it was our secret, and that anytime I wanted to suck cock to let him know, because he knew I was cocksucker the day he met me. I had never sucked cock before. I have sucked his cock like a dozen times since the game. I can't resist.

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  • — Gross —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I just shit my pants, which gave me a boner so I masturbated while sitting in my shit filled pants

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Lesbian Female / 19

    My roommate and I started cuddling during movies in our room. Cuddling became feeling each other, kissing and eventually oral sex on each other. We never thought it was more than having fun until one night we turned away from the movie and just faced each other and kissed. I mean really kissed with a great big hug. We slept together that night.

    I don't know how other women discovered their attraction to another woman. Our situation started because being together felt so good, experimenting but telling ourselves we were just playing around, until our kiss was magic, and the hug eternal.

    For women only, how did you know it was 'real' and not a game? How did you say I love you and mean it? I am still learning, and honestly asking if I could ever love someone else like I love 'my' girlfriend. It still feels unreal that my love focus is another woman.

    I know we are young, but we feel like we have always been together. When we first arrived in our dorm and shook hands and she showed me her list of does and don'ts, I laughed a little and agreed without one modification, I would have written pretty much the same list. Fortunately she didn't have anything on there about cuddling, kissing or sleeping together.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 47

    As a teen I witnessed a situation that traumatized me at the time. This put me in a relationship with an older man and he settled me down by masturbating me. To comfort me, he held me and took my penis and masturbated me using both his hands and mouth.

    Whenever it was possible he would masturbate me again by using his hand or by using his mouth and hand. It was a long time before I started to hold his penis and put his penis in my mouth. As I grew up, and I went away to college, whenever I was back home I would go spend time with him and we had complete sex, with penetration.

    I am a grown man now and he is a much older gentleman now. We do not have sexual contact any more, we are just friends. He has never married and owns several businesses in town. He asked me to join him and his lawyer and he told me that as he did not have a family of his own he was leaving his estate to me, knowing that I would take care of it and help it grow. For me, it was thing of youth, as I have grown up and now have a wife and family and would never expect anything like this. Certainly I would not want anything to come out.

    I am at a loss to explain why he would leave his estate to me. Not only to myself, but how can I explain this to everyone else.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Female / 45

    beware of the "serial d***-chic" , "bride addict" or "mummy hustler". Recently I experienced a relative doing that scam on everyone, she was at a reunion of her old workplace and they were all making fun of someone they used to work with who drank like a pig and was pregnant again. Did she workout they were talking about her? I knew she would be pregnant soon to this new man to hold on to him. Well it does hurt seeing others getting all you need when its just a want for them-beware the mummy hustler is upsetting. they don't need it that is why they get it. where as the person who needs it to sustain life, it will always move away from you. So I notice a lot of my family and friends lying to make it sound like they don't need they just want. they will say "Oh I don't need a man" "I hate my kids I hate parenthood" then next month they are with a new man and pregnant. so I am learning. I am waking up to others games. I should try it. I have needs like any human and wants. I live ok with out a man and kids but I am sickened by two faced liars who are just mummy hustlers. beware the serial d***-chick or bride addict and mummy hustler. I am saying "I thought you just said YOU DON'T NEED A MAN FOR ANYTHING A NOW YOUR WITH A NEW MAN AFTER LEAVING YOUR EX JUST A WEEK AGO AND PREGNANT PLANNING A NEW BABY AND YOU SAID YOU DON'T LIKE MOTHERHOOD OR THE IDEA OF ANOTHER BABY" LIKE ARE YOU SCHIZOPHRENIC? OR YOU JUST ALWAYS DO THIS CHANGE YOUR MIND LIKE A FIRE BALL RUNNING ? CUZ YOUR ALWAYS SO OUT OF CONTROL.
    People say to me like healers and counsellors "tell the universe what you want" the church say "make it clear to god what you want" and it will come then I read others like Dr phil and others say "never reveal what you want cuz others will take it from you" this is a mixed up world that is gonna get even more crazy. I mean what I say and do what I mean. I knew i wanted to try new career and work towards that.I don't change like the wind. therapy tells me "don't jump into things" but the people who do win" the liars get jobs over the honest. well one day their lies are just gonna get bigger and bigger til it stabs them in the back. I am so sick of serial d*** chicks and "love addicts and bride addicts" like on the soaps always wearing a new wedding dress and when does it stop? cuz it never does. within no time they are married they are on the hunt again. its just the nature of the beast within. you can't save people from themselves. like drug addicts and the love addict bride addict will go to all lying and all efforts to wear a new wedding dress and when the drama of that is over they need a new lie and dopamine fix and new conquest and new wedding to be bride again with the new next best thing. same with baby mill mothers the mummy hustler. I fear how insane these schizophrenics are. no wonder people avoid them. you can't believe a word they say. like narcissistic its the new schizophrenia like compulsive defiant personality disorders etc I am my mid 40s and still single and un-childed and unmarried and focus on education to get a career to go to the next level or affording marriage and motherhood but a lot of these schizophrenic women just start out on welfare young and unemployed work as prostitutes and get around having multiple sex partners with every relationship and know how to lie and win over stupid mindless men.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    Jamesy * a nick name to remain anonymous "
    I wish you would leave your boyfriend.
    He does not want anything in life, he does not have a job
    nor a car, no goal in life, no plan, he cant help pay bills
    he literally does nothing for you and i know that gets at you deep inside but your
    comfort for him keeps you there

    IF you were mine, wed have a great life.
    When you showed me my bi sexuality, how close i was with you
    how comfortable, the trust, the intimacy and the fire in our sex
    my goals and drive to achieve the best, your goals and ethic...
    we could have it all..

    i wished youd leave him
    for me, but that's selfish
    but im in love, is that to much to wish for from above?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    I love feeling horny, especially when others make me horny. Even more so when others let me make them horny. I don't really even care if I cum. There's just something about feeling so excited, foggy headed, and hard. I never want it to stop. The horniness itself. Of course, I do eventually finish the deed either by myself or by someone I'm with. I just hate how cumming just crashes it all down.

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