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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 26

    We all have different history of how we started having sex. I started dating at 16. My first few dates no effort was made to get past first base with me. I got a steady boyfriend my senior year. He was a sweet guy. He started fondling me some which I loved. If I touched him he would climax in his pants. He fingered me a lot and I quess I can say he was my first. Three times we had the condom and he would climax before he got in me. Other issues we parted relationship. The next summer an older married guy charmed me so I got experienced at real sex. He started not pulling out sometimes. I realized I needed to end this relationship so I did. I then met my husband in college. We really fell for each other. The things we do are comparable to porn movies. I told him about my first boyfriend but not the married lover. We have two young children and thinking about a third. If we decide on a third I know my husband will do his part.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    My younger brothers wife and I have been having sex for at least 10 years now. I had only had sex with my wife so to try another seemed exciting. The situation I have is my sister-in-law is totally in love with me. She wanted to have a baby by me so I got clipped. Our family do a lot together so we get opportunity often. I know it would be bad results if our families found out. She and I are the main parents for our kids. Our spouses wonât put much time in our kids. We take our kids together places and then have sex in her minivan. Her pussy gets so much hotter than my wifeâs. We have had sex in change rooms, bathrooms, her work office, and many more places. My wife has sex with me once or twice a month. My brotherâs wife keeps my brother satisfied. I think some women have naturally more hormone than others. My brothers wife is loaded. When we get to have sex in a bed she is an animal. Be careful, affairs have a lot of drama.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 27

    After I got out of the service I moved home before deciding what to do. My father suggested that I take some courses at the junior college and get at least an associates degree and I could live at home as long as I was working towards a certification or degree. I had some savings and I had a car so I got a part time job waiting tables and enrolled towards some sort of business degree.

    There were maybe twenty five people in class, men and women. One guy came on to me in the beginning finance class and he broke the ice and we talked every Tuesday and Thursday night when we met. He told me he burned hair. We went to eat after class a couple of times and he invited me to his apartment. His apartment wasn't like any other one I had seen, it was fully decorated and on the side hutch in the dining area was an 8X10 black and white photo of an erect penis. As I looked closer you could see the precum drop. He saw me looking and he told me it was him and he just loved the picture it was taken by a close friend of his who did erotic photography.

    He offered me a beer and we sat on this overstuffed love seat, he sat beside me and put his hand on my knee and welcomed me to his house. To break the silence he told me he had binder with some more pictures if I wanted to see them and before I answered he got up and went into the bedroom and came out with this binder. Each picture was an 8X10, each in its individual sleeve. Each picture was a penis picture, from soft to hard, to fully erect, to a fully erect penis with an asshole under it, moving on to pictures of a naked ass, hairy and each capturing the asshole with several close ups. All him, he was proud of them. He had his arm around my shoulder and his other hand on my crotch as I was going trough the binder, he had me in an erection and after he put the binder down on the coffee table he undid my pants and zipper and took out my cock and leaned over and sucked me.

    He was very experienced not like the guys in the Army, he helped me get my shoes off and my pants and he undid his pants and took them off and his erect cock shone in the light, my hand reaching for it and my mouth starving for it. I hadn't sucked a cock in a long time, since I was discharged. The last cock I had sucked was a Sergeant who was a known mother fucker. His cock pictures didn't do him justice, he really had a picture perfect cock. By then we were totally nude and we went into the bedroom and he offered for us to take a hot shower and in the shower we lathered each other down and he paid a lot of attention to his anus, asking me to wash him carefully because he wanted me to enjoy myself and he did the same.

    He said he was a rimmer, he really enjoyed having his ass rimmed and enjoyed reciprocating. It had been some time since I had rimmed a guy, going back to my first month in the Army and it wasn't pleasant and it wasn't my choice, but now it was my choice and he had a sweet ass and I rimmed him for a while and he returned the favor. We went back to sucking cock, and then to full body contact, making out and getting ready to fuck. He offered to fuck me and I accepted, I was so hot right then that I really didn't want to miss out. He had a nice selection of lubes and after discussing it a little we settled on one he recommended and it was so nice, he glided in and I was back in heaven. During my stay in the Army I had this one fellow who really knew his business and my new friend was living up to that reputation. We laid back afterwards and told stories of prior encounters going back to our first time in our early teens. He liked my story of my friends Dad who did me in, and he told me about his first time with the track coach in school.

    He and I have stayed together now for two years, I finished my certification and am in college working on a degree in Finance. He opened his hair salon where he burns hair all day and sucks cock all night. Our joke but not far from reality. Meeting up with him helped me transition out of the Army where I had been lucky to find lots of guys who liked the adventure. I keep that picture of his penis on my nightstand, it is such a great picture to wake up to even if he is laying right beside me. I never had a boyfriend before, in the Army everyone is out for themselves, no one expects to wake up next to the same guy every day.

    One funny thing, at least to me. Before my boyfriend became a hairdresser he worked as horse groomer at this horse farm where he grew up. We joke about horse cock, but he knows what he is talking about.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 39

    I cheated on my husband. I regret it but I don't. I was at a conference and across from me was a man who seemed to be plugged into the whole conversation. I ended up paying attention to him for the whole conference, he just grabbed me in a way I did not expect. I am a stable person, mature in most everything, a mother with three kids, a 17 year marriage so it surprised me that I was so taken by him and I hadn't even spoken to him. I guess it was like a school girl crush. At lunch he sat at one table and I was at another I felt left out. After lunch he was in line for coffee and I stepped up and broke the ice and he gave me a minute if that much of his time. I felt rejected and for the whole afternoon I stewed but I couldn't stop looking at him. The cocktails after the conference were typical, and spoke to a couple of people and was surprised when he came up to me and asked me what I thought about the conference.

    I spoke so quietly he asked me to speak louder. He reached over and patted my chin with a napkin. Next thing I know he is walking me off to one side holding my elbow. We were over by a window and he said we needed to start over again, name, age, school, company, tenure, I half expected him to ask me for dress and shoe size. He told me about himself and suggested I join him for dinner, we could either stay at the hotel or we could go out we just needed to get a recommendation from the concierge. I suggested going out, it was San Francisco so maybe Chinese food in Chinatown. We went to this place in the basement of the building, it was bustling and we had to wait for the table. We had to stand close and whether by accident or on purpose his hand went over my butt several times. Then his had took my butt opened palmed and he pulled me up to him, he said he couldn't hear me and wanted to hear everything I said. When I slipped away he pulled me to him, he kept his hand on my butt and kissed my cheek and told me I smelled good to him the way a woman should smell.

    When we got our table it was in a small booth and he suggested I sit beside him where he could protect me. We had wine and ordered dinner. I kept my head on his shoulder all night long with my arm under his arm, his hands were everywhere, I kissed his cheek, he kissed my lips, I was so ready it hurt to just sit through dinner. On the way back to the hotel I hung on him, he kept his arm around my waist and I must have kissed his cheek three or four times. Under the portico of the hotel he stopped me and kissed me solidly on the lips and then slipped his hands under my butt and pulled me up on tip toes to his height. Nothing mattered, nothing. I went up to his room, I admired the view of the harbor while he undressed me, I felt a bit awkward once I was down to nothing but my panties but he sat on the bed and kissed my stomach down to mound as he pulled my panties down. His kiss to my pussy was hot and hard and he laid me on the bed and he undressed and the rest was just moments of clarity through long moments of shadows. I don't really remember when he penetrated me, I remember him fucking me and I remember when he came.

    He asked me to stay the night, I made excuses and we dressed and he walked me to my room. He told me to get my toothbrush and come back with him so he didn't have to sleep alone. I got some things and went back with him. It was a one night stand, the conference ended at noon the next day and he was gracious and sent me to the airport in a limo, with one last kiss getting into the back seat.

    I remember it because I have to remember it. I don't call him, I want to but I don't. I have a home and I have a husband and it was a one night stand and I am sure he finds other women to seduce, I am sure he rarely sleeps alone. But for one night I was his date, and he asked me to sleep with him and that's what I don't want to ever forget. He chose me that night with so many other women available in San Francisco.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 29

    Everyone in the company seemed to know, or thought they did, that I'd had an orgy with the directors, and a junior manager. Not because I'd said anything. I couldn't as my husband would have found out. No they knew because the junior manager, a married man himself, couldn't keep his mouth shut about supposedly fucking the ex beauty queen.
    It was he and three other older men I had sex with in the hotel room, and I was to be paid a lot of money to allow them to do anything they wanted for two hours with me. Oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex and double penetration. Nothing other than extreme pain and excreta were off limits. I even had two of the men pee on me in the shower before they fucked me all over again. Some of the sex, like with the junior manager, was boring and not very satisfying. But most of the time I have to admit I really enjoyed the three older men fucking me. As all three of them had much larger cocks than my husband. In total I actually spent three and half hours with them, getting paid much more than I'd originally agreed.

    The money I earned with my mouth, pussy and asshole, all went to pay for the treatment our son needed. No one in my company knew, other than the junior manager, and they still don't. I can't tell my husband why and how I got the extra money. He just knows our son is now recovered almost fully from his six months of sheer misery. I'm not saying our son might not have had the same results otherwise. What I am saying is, I made damn sure he received every bit of help he possibly could have. And if that meant his mom had to fuck some very wealthy men to achieve those goals, then so be it.

    A few weeks ago I would have put here, I wish the junior manager hadn't been involved at all. And that he hadn't opened his stupid mouth. But he's now been moved as far as I've been lead to believe, onto another section of the company in another state. I'm not sure who, but someone put out he's gone because he's made out a solicitous story about some of the directors, which is totally untrue. What I do know is his wife is bizarrely happy he's not around much in his new role, and she's now a personal assistant to one of the three older directors who were involved.
    My husband and I couldn't be happier now. I just hope the junior manager begins to love the new job and state he's living in.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Gay Male / 31

    There's not much to say. I was a sophomore in college and we shared a room with a small bathroom. There was no privacy, no door to the bathroom, the shower was right there and the toilet behind the shower but no door. My roommate, the boy that slept in the room with me was from small town USA. He was obsessed with me, he spent all his time hanging out with me, he literally would come and stand in the stall with me when I took a dump. He got hard ons all the time, he was always with a hard on and he was always in some form of getting undressed. His hard ons gave me a hard on, I tried to cover it up but he saw my hard on and he liked to look at my hard on. We sword fought, and whoever was stronger got the other one down on the bed and held him down until our hard ons subsided. Why the idiot kissed me I don't know but he did. He kissed me while he had me pinned down on my back. It wasn't a short kiss it was a long kiss on the mouth. I liked it and from then on when we wrestled and ended up on the bed it always ended with a kiss with him on top. I started holding his cock when he kissed me and he would lean over me and I would jerk him off. It felt good to have his hot cum land on me I really liked that. That and the kissing and holding his hard cock. I was sitting on my bed and he was standing there naked and he asked me to hold his cock and he asked me to put his cock in my mouth. His cock got hard and I liked that and after that I didn't only hold his hard cock I put his hard cock in my mouth and I let him kiss me whenever he wanted to. It wasn't long before he was giving me his cock and I was either under him or he was over my back as I bent over the bed and held myself up with my hands. I won't say that was my first love, who knows about that, but he was my first heat. We stayed roommates for two years before the heat went down and it was a long while before I found another hot guy to want me, not that I wasn't always wanting hot guys. But this was all after college and it was not the same, not that my first guy was everything but it was everything I still have a very soft spot for him.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 46

    I am South African and often wonder if there are SA women who read this site. If you it there, I'd love to hear from you

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 52

    Dear Santa
    I am wishing for my 36C tits to be a D cup. I am ok with both my ass and dick. When you come I will not only have sugar cookies with chocolate milk out for you but will also be nude for you. Feel free to give my ass a good fucking and would like to have your fat cock in my mouth before you stick it in.
    Yes I have been a very bad âgirlâ according to my dad and will be a bad "girl" for you too!!!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Out of every month that went by after mom died, my uncle Joe would invite three or four men each month to enjoy my young body. He said it helped to pay the bills, and for him to enjoy his favorite whiskey. All I knew, was the men's cocks seemed enormous in comparison to my own. It was the same men each month who frequented our home, yet each of them enjoyed different sexual fun. One of them only liked me to lick his asshole and jerk him off, which he did very quickly. Another only wanted me sucking on his cock as he played with his won nipples. After a while he had me bite his nipples for him before I sucked him off. The oldest man, a farmer from the next farm, liked to lick and suck on my small cock, he also liked to tongue my asshole jerking himself off the whole time. The man who only visited every so often, but paid by far the most money to my uncle, wanted my asshole for his cock. My uncle wouldn't allow him at first, saying I was too young. So I sucked on his fat dick for almost a year before he upped his offer and my uncle said yes. It was painful for quite some time. Even so he carried on fucking me all night long it seemed. Then like my prayers had been answered, the pain went and I began to feel so wonderful. Before I knew it, my cock exploded and I had my first real orgasm. After that first time, he visited more often and I began to enjoy him fucking me. So much so, I'd often stay all night in bed with him, often with me mounting his cock when I'd sucked him to full hardness.
    My uncle never once touched me, saying I was tainted. I know for sure he liked fucking boys, but he didn't ever have sex with me. Not that he knew of anyway. One night he got himself as drunk as a skunk, and bizarrely became erect when I touched his cock through his boxers. He was passed out by then, so knowing he had a stiffy, I moved him around and backed onto his cock. I know he didn't wake up, but he did buck somewhat as I fucked him, enjoying his cock for the only time. The next morning he mentioned something about me watching him toss himself off, and I denied having seen him do it. I was seventeen when I moved out, and by then I'd decided I could fuck men and make my own money. Using what little monsy I'd saved, I moved into a rented room. My first client was a doctor who's wife he said didn't like sex anymore. He paid me double what I asked and told me I should charge much more because I was good. The owner of the house began using my services too. His wife was disabled and before long I was living there rent free.
    From there I earned enough to move over to my own apartment, and then onto a place I put a deposit down on. By the age of twenty I had bought my own house and was servicing some very wealthy and powerful men. Each of them paid for my cock sucking skills and my ability to fuck them all night if they needed and wanted it. Before long I began to vet who I had sex with and only with those who could afford my prices. Doctors, Dentist, lawyers, politicians and wealthy business men were my main clients and the vast majority were married. All the same the all enjoyed just how much I made them feel special. And they were.
    The I met Hanah and in a little over a month, my days selling my mouth and asshole were over ???. A real job and marriage ensued and we loved one another ???. But as I grew to know, Hanah loved the money I had more. Once she couldn't spend the way she had when we first met, it all came crashing down. Throughout our marriage, her father Eric, a very respected businessman, sought to find out if I was the young man who used to help some of his co businessmen sexually. When I found out why, I knew he wanted me for himself. It was his decision that I stay married to his daughter when we both argued for divorce. And the reason why. So he could fuck me at the drop of a hat. He still does to this day, and to this day I'm still married to his daughter. We no longer live together as Eric did and does want me for himself, buying his daughter a place for herself. Only he doesn't have me to himself anymore, as his co businessmen have become my clients once again. And once again my finances are my own. It's an agreement Eric's lawyers made up and Hanah signed. She now spends daddies money again, and daddy gets to fuck her estranged husband, even sometimes with his wife in the same house.
    It's a long long way from my days in my uncles place. And sometimes I wish it was as simple as it was back then. But then I wouldn't have my wonderful home, my money and lots of wealthy well endowed older men who adore fucking a beautiful young man like me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    when my sister gets drunk and passes out I per in a cup then pour it on her crotch then I undress her

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