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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Lesbian Female / 37

    I am 37 and I am getting married to a 'friend'. He is 52, divorced. It is a convenience thing, I get insurance, a house and car, and money. He gets an understanding wife who won't give him shit because he likes strippers, hell I like strippers, and some sweet young thing as an overnighter. He just likes me a lot.

    I also agreed to give him sex. Not that I have never had man sex, but not my first preference. I would like permission for a sweet young thing for an overnighter, but for now it is him, not some young thing. It is a money thing, he supports me, I am a nice younger wife, a couple of kids, and too dumb to see that he goes to strip joints. Yes, kids are my thing, I am getting married so I can have my kids. The clock is ticking louder and louder so it's now or never.

    My first sex with him was like your dentist appointment but that's where kids come from.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 25

    I always have this thing for women in tight spandex specially gym clothes. I love the way that they look and the way that the fabric feels. My friend went on vacation and I was taking her of the house. She works out a lot and has this huge cute collection of gym clothes. So one day I decided to give it a try. I remember my hard was pumping like crazy went I opened her closet I was amazed by her collection almost every brand and color. I undressed my self my cock had a huge erection probably the biggest and hardest that I ever have. I went on I tried this gorgeous black thighs with zipper in the ankles. Oh my the sensation of the spandex against my body then I combined with a cute little jacket and very girly tennis shoes . I turned around and I felt so girly, hot and sexy . My butt looked amazing I posed in the mirror while touching my self. My cock about to explode was huge. I wanted to go out and exercise in public with this beautiful outfit. I went for a quick jog . I was so nervous that someone makes fun of me but seems that nobody cares. I felt like supergirl I could feel the spandex holding my muscles while running. I went back home and I tried every single outfit. I had the most amazing orgasms ever . I love how strong, girly and sexy this outfits make me feel is like supergirl.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 30

    I have a porn addiction and I want to deepen it until it takes over my entire life, I definitely have feelings for it, you could go as far as to say I am in love with porn the way people can love each other.

    I'm here to tell you how I got to this point, and why I want this.

    I started out like any normal kid discovering the pleasure of masturbation, quickly followed by masturbation to porn. I think my first step down this road was exclusively watching lesbian porn I didn't want to see another guys dick while jerking off.
    This set several principles in the mind of a young boy who had no comparison for normal sex. To begin with there is always a woman on top, initiating sex, and take control in role play scenes never a man. Add to that, I wanted feel like i could relate to what I was watching, but how can I relate to the woman wearing the strapon they are always so much bigger than my dick that I felt like I wasn't a real man and my dick was tiny, so noone is going to want me to fuck them. however, the woman getting fucked wasn't wearing one, men and women with strapons penetrate, even though i'm male i'm not a man, others get penetrated. I don't have a pussy though so I can fully relate to the woman getting fucked.

    Cue lesbian anal sex, what is one thing men and women both have? I've finally found porn I can relate to people who are not men getting fucked in the ass. even before I got to this point I would always time my orgasm to match the woman getting fucked.

    I was a virgin as well so my favorite to watch was always innocent/reluctant virgins being taken advantage of by a female authority, where the virgin ends up begging for more.(1)
    I continued watching this for many years fantasizing about strong women taking advantage and fucking my ass before I decided to try it on myself, but I lived at home and couldn't very well buy myself a dildo, candles are just not meant for this.

    (1) this instilled a fetish that laid the foundation of my porn addiction, a fetish for being forced to go out of your mind desperate for something you were adamantly against. (2)

    at this point I decidedto look at options for how I could go about getting a dildo (i never did :'( ) which led me to discover the world of femdom especially sph (this helped reinforce the idea that men should just be women's sex toys, that my dick really is small (andto wish it was smaller because I got off to the humiliation and the smaller you are the more humiliating it is the more arosing it is), and finally that if there is this much out there with so many views it must be normal and good.

    ***note: writing this is turning me on so much. as i write I'm realising details I didn't previously and I already knew porn had twisted me but to see just how much and know there is still more I can do, further I can take this. it's got me so hot i can't take my hand off my dick.***

    by this point thought I didn't know it at the time i had definitely developed what society would call an unhealthy relationship with porn and if not yet was well on my way to developing a porn addiction.

    (2) add this fetish when searching for femdom porn and you discover hypnosis and brain washing. the idea of being mindlessly obedient was scary and repulsive but I came to realise that hypnosis and brain washing could make me desperate for it to the point where I would beg for it which turned me on and helped me get passed it. I remember how i felt and know that if I could see then what it would lead me to i never would have listened to a single hypnosis file (thankyou issabella valentine, I still think about your breasts dipped in chocolate , you opened my eyes to a whole new world and set me on the path to becoming the pathetic porn addicted sub i am today). It wasn't easy to get here there were several time when I could see how it was affecting my life and i got scared and would stop all hypnosis and brain washing. But the creators of this content were aware that this is a processes and that users may try to resist and added programing so that nomatter what eventually you would come back for more, and every time I did it turned me on to see myself fail, and it turnedme on everytime I saw I would go longer and longer before tring to resist and was able to do so for less and less time untill I stopped resisting completly.

    Up to this point I have tried to write in such away that someone who thinks there is a problem with my relationship with porn could relate, but the thing between my legs is not a dick it is a cute little clitty and the only thing wrong with my relation ship with porn is that I still have clear thoughts of other things and my clitty can unfortunately still get hard when porn is not involved.

    I remember how i felt at the start and know an earlier version of myself would be ashamed and repulsed by this but I know better now. nologer can nor am I willing to ever resist the hypnosis can brainwashing conditioning i've put myself through. ***OH fuck I just came*** thinking about that will do it every time. As I already said I didn't get to this point easily, when I first heard about the following things I was anywhere from not interested to revolted: pegging, being submissive, spanking, feet, sph, watersports, cockcages, panty wearing and more. these all came before my porn addiction as it is now, and they are deeply fixed parts of me. thnaks to porn, hypnosis and brainwashing I've learned the truth about myself, I am inferior to women and exist only to serve, if I could have one wish and I am saving to pay for it, it would be to get gangbanged by a group of women verbally humiliating my clitty while I where panties and a cockcage they promisto let me out of at the end but make it permanent with a padlocked pericing, and give me the honer of drinking their piss.

    It was after reaching the point of this ultimate fantasy that i discovered porn addict hypnosis, and am trying to reach a point where it all that matters to me is watchung porn and working to sustain a comfortable to spen watching porn. (i'm up to 4hrs a day minimum)

    if there are anyother legal fetishes anyone thinks I wouldn't want please reply with it

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 34

    I love knickers, and I always have.

    Noting gets my blood going like a peek up women´s skirts or dress, or that wonderful peek of panties that has gone up over the waistline of a pair of pants.
    It's so fucking sexy and I have thoughts so since I discovered sex.

    My dearest dream/wish is to get my kik flooded with strangers knickers, it would make me so fucking turned on.

    My kik is Meatballsurgery.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 18

    When I was 16 I snuck into an Adult Theater. I went to the theater to watch the porn, jerk off and hopefully a woman or couple would show up. I was wrong. An older guy sat next to me and started jerking off. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. I was kinda into it at the moment. He quided my head down, and I started to suck him off. At this point I was still into it. Then some one pulled down my shorts. I tried to stand up, but a couple of of other guys held me down. So now I'm sucking one cock, getting hit in the head with two or three more, and having one forced in my ass.

    For the next couple of hours I guess about 20 different guys sodomized me, and a lot of others were cumming on my back and head. As soon as one would blow his load in me, another would go in behind him. Eventually I was taking 2 dicks in the ass at a time. It was so painful.

    I could barely walk when they let me go. They gave me my cum soaked clothes and pushed me out the door. I saw blood and cum running down my leg .
    I went to the hospital where I find out that my entire anus was perforated, and detached from my intestines. My asshloe was literally torn to shreds. Now I have a colostomy bag, and a gaping asshole for the rest of my life.
    Stupid naive me.

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  • — Gross —
    Gay Male / 19

    I came 4 times within the past hour to gay diaper pissing furry porn. 4 fucking times. How did I get to such a low point? How the fuck did my life get to the point where I like to watch gay animals shit and piss themselves? What the fuck is wrong with me? I don't know.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 42

    When I was younger I got mixed up with a guy that use to fucke and lete suck his cock. I was still at school and for some reason loved it I use to go to his every day and he use to fuck me in my school clothes. I know now it was wrong but I loved it and now fantasize about it. I think half the reason I'm such a perv now is cos of it. He taught me to suck cock and rim him, he use to watch me in the shower and use to let me wank anytime. Now I get off over it wishing he was here fucking me. Now I love dressing as a woman and letting complete strangers fuck me bareback, I've met lots and been fucked lots. I'm going out with a guy later in my see through leggings he loves taking me to the woods then fucking me he also loves to shit in my panties as that's my favourite fetish now I love shit smeared a over me

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    I got a fetish for dirty panties dirtyer the better. Love them with shit and piss stains, I have a women I buy off she smells yummy after a couple of days in them. I've just received some more with a picture of her fucking her shitty arse. She use to shit and piss over me every Friday night until her husband found out. I still see her at her parents and always gives me a view up her skirt. I use to love licking her arse hole as she shit I use to suck it as it slipped out and use to drink her piss from her pussy. I'm now dressed up as a sissy for her she's coming round for a fucking whilst on her period, she loves me sucking on her dirty tampon as I fuck her, gonna try to get some shit out of her to eat and smear all over myself

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 55

    Anyone that has been following my stories , knows that I have grown-up in a horny family of women ( VERY horny ) .

    I've been fucking damn near every relative I got , from my mother to my grandmother , and any relative in between . Let's not forget my oldest daughter too ( and as you are reading this , I'll be fucking her this weekend...again ) , she loves her father .

    Just when I thought I got enough action from all of them , a new one comes up . Introducing... my granddaughter . Before all of you start to think that I'm just hooked on family only , you're wrong . When I fell in love with the girl next door ( while I was still fucking my mom and sister ), jealousy among them came up . Both of them thought that our fuck-sessions would end , how wrong they found out .

    After marrying the only one non-relative ( bad humor there ) , and after 3 children later , my wife lost her sex-drive . And since I still have my sex-drive going strong , I had to find some relief . Thank god for my family , ALL of them . I can travel all over this country and find a horny relative ( aunts , cousins , and any in-laws , step-mother ) . From Washington to Florida , California to New York , I was never without any sex .

    Not only did my wife lose her sex-drive , but her love for me slowly disappeared too . Soon , we didn't even vacation together ( which proved to be my advantage ) . I could travel to " visit " any relative and not have to hide our secret .

    When my oldest son returned from the Army , he met and married another soon to be " sex-hungry " family member that I would eventually satisfy . He fathered a daughter ( and a very beautiful one at that ) , and I watched her grow-up to be one of ( if not the BEST ever ) the most beautiful young woman I ever seen ( and I thought my aunt Joy was the best ever ) .

    By now , you're probably wondering as to how and why I enjoyed sex with all ( well , most of them , anyway...still got a few cousins that I haven't done yet ) my family members . Simple , their husbands either lost their sex-drive , got caught cheating , got divorced , and have passed away ( and NO , I never forced myself on any of them ) . they all came to me on their own free will . And I just can't say " no " to any of them .

    Now , back to my granddaughter . As I watched her grow , she really turned into a very attractive young woman . But , I could see ( during her high school days ) , she became depressed . Something was bothering her , but she wouldn't open-up to any of us . She was very athletic ( takes after her all-time , worlds greatest grandfather...ME ) , was popular with everyone , made friends where-ever she went . But , when she came to stay with us for a few weeks ( summer and winter breaks ) , she would just lounge around and mope alot . I would try to cheer her up by playing some sports with her ( she always loved competing with me in any sports ) . After she beat me in every sport ( yeah , yeah...I played the good grandfather and " let " her win...sort-of ) , that would only serve as a short fix to her boredom .

    Then it happened … I got caught in the act with my daughter . It happened when my daughter came home while my granddaughter was doing her bi-annually visit . It was late one nite , and my daughter was really feeling the need for loving father ( and yes , I'm always feeling the need for her too ). We both thought everyone was sound asleep , as I joined her in her old-bedroom . Apparently , not everyone was sound asleep . My granddaughter heard us going at it , my daughter moans loudly .

    But she kept it to herself for most of that summer weekend . While the 2 were swimming in our pool , they both decided to sun-bathe on the deck . Neither of them knew the screen door was open and I could easily hear them talking . " Is he really that good ? " my granddaughter asked . " At what ? " replied my daughter . Granddaughter sat-up and said " FUCKING " , to my daughter . " You heard us , last nite ? " . " Fuck're kind of loud " . My daughter quickly sat-up " you can't tell anyone else'll totally destroy this family " . " Take a chill-pill...I won't tell anyone...will he do me too ? "

    After hearing that , I decided that when they come back in , to play dumb and pretend like I didn't hear a thing . I already got a hard-on from their conversation , plus seeing them both in their bikinis ( daughter still showing her 40dd's...and my granddaughter's boobs were even bigger ) , big boobs run deep in the family .

    Granddaughter wanted to have a campfire that nite , so I lit it up . We made smores , and I drank my usual whiskey . One by one , the women started feeling sleepy and went to bed ( my daughter winking at me , our usual signal for some good fucking ) . My granddaughter and I was the only ones left outside . It got real hot that day , about 105 , and I felt a need to cool-off with a late nite swim . It was over-casted that nite , no full-moon to lite up the night sky . It was perfect for any couple to fuck outdoors and not be seen by the nosy neighbors .

    I went in to change into my swim-suit and to my surprise , so did my granddaughter . " mind if I join you ? " . " nope " , as I kept the talk brief and simple . The water was still warm when I dove in . Granddaughter acted like it was a bit too cold for her , as she slowly entered the water...taking big deep breathes , thrusting her big boobs out further . And then it happened , my cock acting with it's onw brain and grew hard and long quickly . Now I had to try to hide it from her .

    When she finally got all in the water , I kept my distance from her . When she swam to me , I swam away . " what's the matter ? " , she finally figured something was " up " . She finally fooled me , when she tried swimming to me and I tried keeping away from her , she quickly spun around in mid-stride and reached to " tag " me . Damn , her hand " tagged " my hard-on , in her attempt to get me . " SORRY ...hope I didn't hit you hard there " , she quickly stood up in the middle of the pool .

    " Can you yell any louder " , I said with some sarcasm . She crept closer to me , with her smirky smile . " I know about what you did the other nite " , she spoke softer . I can see that she wasn't joking , as she kept gazing at my crotch . She just looked into my eyes and took quick glances to my crotch , as she slowly crept closer to me . I wanted to stop her ( no , REALLY ) , but her fine shapely figure ( her plump and firm ass , and her even more plump and firm boobs ) just over-powered me .

    When she got close enough to touch me , she reached for my near throbbing cock . I just got weak the instant she touched it , slowly gripping it a bit firmer and started gauging it's length by finding the base of my shaft and slowly gliding her hand up the whole length , to it's head . She kept gazing into my eyes , and smiling , until she neared the head of my cock , the whole 9 inches . " damn , you're huge " , as she once again gawked at my hard cock thru my swimsuit .

    I've never thought of myself as " huge " , just the right size for most women ( never got a complaint from any of them ) . She kept fondling it thru my swimsuit as I just stood there , gazing at her , wanting her badly . She finally wanted to see it , up close and personal . She untied the drawstring and slowly pulled down my suit , and she slowly dropped to her knees in the shallow end of the pool . The very instant my cock was free from the suit , my cock sprung up and nearly slapped her face . " God-damn " she whispered . Then she became totally entranced by it's size , as I stood there with the water just below my waist .

    She didn't waste any time , as she really got engrossed and started using both hands on it...gripping it like a baseball bat . After stroking it and still wouldn't ( or couldn't ) take her eyes off of it , " well , are you going to play with it all nite...or what ? " I said with a bit of sarcasm . " God-damn poppy ( that's what my grandkids call me ) , I've never seen one this big " , she said still gawking at it . " stop it , or you'll give me a SWELLED head " saying jokingly , and she finally looked up . " oh poppy " smiling at me .

    As I stared down at her , I couldn't take my eyes off of her " huge " boobs ( I do love to jugg-fuck a big pair of boobs ) , and she noticed that I was staring at her cleavage . Without a single word spoken , she reached around behind her and unhooked her top . She tossed it aside and moved in closer , with her boobs bobbing in the water and gently rubbing my cock . I couldn't help myself when I just guided my cock between her melons . She smiled and cupped her boobs firmly around my cock , I began pumping them .

    Soon I was fully stroking her cleavage , with the head of my cock poking thru and nearly entering her mouth . She picked up on that right away and tried taking it in with each thrust forward . I wanted to deep-throat her so bad , I decided I couldn't wait any longer , as I pulled away from her boobs ( I'll get back them later ) , and held the head of my cock close to he inviting mouth . She just looked up at me with a bit of a scared look " what if I can't take it all in ? " , she asked . " I won't hurt you ... just take what you can...most can't take it all in'll be ok " , I assured her .

    She opened her mouth slowly as I took advantage and slowly entered it into her . To my surprise , she took more than most . With every stroke , it when in deeper ...and deeper . I had to stop myself from getting too excited about her taking it all in , when I heard her gagging . I pulled out " You ok ? " , I whispered so not to arouse anyone in the house . " Almost had it , can cum in mouth ...if you want to...I like the taste of cum " , she informed me . Then it hit me , she's 19 , a high school graduate , and some lucky kid had to get " lucky " with her , at least once . So , without any hesitation , I let her take it back in her mouth . I grabbed her head with both hands and started pumping her mouth , wanting to cum . Still unable to find that elusive " full deep-throat " action I've been longing to find , I just kept pumping her mouth , feeling the head reaching the throat and backing off . Finally I came , and she wasn't kidding , she quickly reached around my bare ass and held my cock as deep as she could take in , filling her mouth with warm cum . She swallowed every bit ( what other surprises does she have ? ) .

    After she wiped away any left-overs that was dribbling from her mouth , she thrusted her huge boobs up at me , inviting for some more jugg-fucking . " nah , I want the rest of you now " , I said , as I reached down for her hands and pulled her up . When she stood completely up , my cock was between her soft thighs and rubbing her bikini bottom . She reached down and grabbed my semi-erect cock and helped guide it near her pussy , teasing it , letting me dry hump her . " come on , don't stop now " I said . She smiled and giggled a bit , as she pulled off her panty . My strong desire to fuck her was really over-powering me , I had to have her that nite ...wanting to fuck every option she would let me .


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  • — Gross —
    Transsexual Male / 42

    This maybe gross to some but I love being a human toilet. Have done with lots of guys and most of the time I've eaten. I love the taste o eat mine slot or make milkshakes or brownies with it. My fetish is so good I go farming at local toilets for it and shove down my panties and take home, love the feeling of it as I smear all over me. I'm currently covered from head to toe on some I saved in the freezer, I love to fuck myself with it until it defrost, I even have a couple of regular guys who love feeding me in my bed. Is the best feeling knowing some are complet strangers. My last one the other day we swapped our dirty nappys and I sucked his dirty cock clean and licked him clean then gave him a piss enema that he squirted in my mouth, was some of his piss and some of mine but still drank it. I also love scat fun with my sex doll. Hopefully I get my panties filled tonight up the local dogging site I normally do also had a couple of women fill them aswell and women's shit tastes the best

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