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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 41

    Dor starters my daughter is 19 and atttacrive. She has always been a pretty girl since puberty and enjoys the attention. She dresses to show off her full bodied attributes..36C breasts and teardrop ass that geys comstamt stairs. i have always known she was sexy but never thought aboit it, umtil recently. You aee her new boyfriend has an 18 ur old sister who is thin bit still sexy. She an my daughter spens a lot of time together, espexially at our house. After gettng comfortable with jer being there she wore less and less clothing arouund me. I felt guilty but she turned me on and i emjoyed seeimg her amd my in panties and a tshirt. Then came the day i came home early amd found my daughter nude amd riding jer boyfriend. I will never forget how she moaned. She turned amd saw me, said nothimg amd continiued. A few days later her girlfriend sropped by and asked me if what i saw bothered me. i rold her no, but then she asked if i liked seeing it. i stared amoment amd said im good as long as ahe is happy. But that was a nice way of sayong after the initial shock, fantasized about seeing her gerring her pussy fucked. in fact maybe im sick but i want to see her worh other man and women. It is just the strangest sensation. I want ro share my. daughter with certain friends and even strangers. I donr know if i could do her my self, but i love rhe though of her being used and watchinf her round ass bounce up and down another mans dick

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 28

    Today I went to a sporting event and everytime I went to the restroom, it was like a gay fantasy for me. There was no real separation for the urinals and a few stalls.

    I have a thing for older men and they were everywhere. Dicks hanging out of their pants all in plain view. It was so hard not to stare and enjoy the sights.

    All I wanted to do was whip my cock out and start stroking it leading to a hot circle jerk and dixks in my mouth.

    I made extra trips to the restroom just so I had an excuse to catch glimpses on the way in and out and then eyeball the men as they walked out later, acting casual watching the sporting event but secretly checking out these men and wishing I had their cock in my mouth.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 30

    Have to think ð¤ a little

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 41

    I belong to a small group of men who meet most weekends and dress up in sexy lingerie; stockings, garter belts, panties, chemises and teddies, baby dolls and wigs ,even apply some lipstick and makeup and then have sex. I love pulling their black lacy gstrings down and sucking their cocks. We all give and take anal.

    Numbers vary, guys come and go but there's always a minimum of 4 or 5 of us. We allow some regular looking guys to join us if they're willing to give us a good fucking.

    Lately one of the new guys has been bringing his wife. She's about 45, black hair and glasses and a wide sexy looking mouth. She's not overweight but her body is soft and round, nice big tits and wide hips. She dresses up too, crotchless panties and fishnet stockings.

    I was one of those who were against her coming, I felt it would spoil the mood, but she joined in without holding back or showing any disgust with us or anything like that. She was willing to suck and fuck who ever wanted it and was happy to watch us play with each other, even her husband with me or some other.

    She asked me to fuck her so I did. I've been with women so it was no big deal. I was excited by the fact she been fucked by other men who had creampied her pussy and told her so. She whispered she loved my cock.

    I've fucked her a few times and she's always whispered something to me, how she likes me, how I fuck her real nice, the way I lick her pussy and arse.

    One guy gave her anal and after she said to me I could do it to her any time I wanted, here at the party or in private, whatever I liked. She said her husband wouldn't mind but we won't tell him anyway.

    I'm reading her loud and clear but don't want to get into it too deep, even though she understands about my dressing up and having gay sex. I prefer things the way they were before she came.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 48

    Just read a local story about a young boy being abused by foster parents. It didn't go into specific details but I can only surmise what that 16 year old went through for many years. I was raised by my mother's cousin Fay from 8 up until I was 14. That year I was sent to child services because Fay went to prison for drug distribution. It ended up being the best thing for me. Fay was brutal to me from start to finish and even though she has been dead for many years I still despise every year I was with her. Aside from selling drugs she also used them and I still today question why the courts let her have custody of me. The first two years her husband was still there but they divorced when I was 10. He was also on drugs and I was honestly glad he left since it was not only Fay who beat me but he did also. It was him who first started stripping me and eventually beat my rear naked and Fay went along with it and continued doing it after he left. Once gone she spanked me often always making me undress in front of her. At ten or 11 the spanking was the worse but as I go older the humiliation was more dreaded. I was so intimidated and afraid of her I was like a helpless wimp. If she was really high she made me strip and spanked me for no reason I can think of. Her friend Sonya was there and a few other of her female druggies some nights during the week and more so on weekends. Fay had no problem forcing me to strip naked in front of any one of them and spank me with her hand and most times with a belt. It was so demoralizing for me I don't even remember how many of those drug addicts saw me naked over those years. I don't know if I felt this way back then but am certain today she did these things to embarrass me in front of those women. They were all in their 30's and 40's and I can't recall their names. Sometimes Fay wouldn't let me get dressed having me stand in the corner in the living room and at times 2 or3 of those women were there the whole time. Even when I was 13 and 14 I'd stand there naked crying from embarrassment. They all made remarks about my red ass and often said things pertaining to my genitals as they laughed. There were some nights she beat me so bad with the belt I had welts on my ass for days. She put me over her lap sometimes but also dr**e me over the back of the chair. She pushed my legs apart many times and there were times the belt hit my scrotum cause a lot of pain. Aside from the pain the way she had me bent over was still more humiliating in front of her druggie friends. The best day was a Saturday when the cops came with a warrant. The locked up Fay, Sonya and one other woman and took me to juvenile hall. I later went to a group home and was never treated badly again. I'm not sure how many years Fay was in prison but I never saw her again and found out she died 12 or more years ago.

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  • — Men Only —
    Transsexual Female / 19

    Is it weird that I want to suck my girlfriend's breasts all the time? I mean, even when I'm not wanting anything sexual in return? I feel like I could spend hours just sucking on her breasts. She lets me do it from time to time, but it really doesn't last long since she has things to do. She usually doesn't mind it, but I still feel weird how much I want to do it.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 46

    My wife Ann, is one lazy fat bitch, there I've said it. She never used to be and I would say she was considered extremely good looking. But only months after we got married, she began piling on the weight, and her exercise regime went out of the window. She's so fat and lazy now, she barely and only if I and her daughter ask her to, cleans up after herself. I don't even think to ask her for sex nowadays, as she's always too tired or quite frankly, too fat to turn me on.

    It would be a problem, and it was for a while, if her daughter Beth wasn't sucking on my cock most days, and having me fuck her pussy and sweet ass. My step daughter is always around our home, or more often these days I'm at her apartment. And we're both into as I've found out, long slow sensual sex.

    For me with her mom, (when she was slim enough to have sex) Ann always wanted hard fast fucking. Which was ok, but it was all over far too quickly for me.
    With Beth like this morning, it's taking our time to kiss, caress enjoying each others athletic bodies before we give each oral pleasure. The positions we fuck in are varied and feel amazing. And Beth adores anal just as much if not more than vaginal sex. Something her mom refrained from mostly.

    It's been nearly five years now that we've secretly been enjoying one another. And considering her husband Chris is becoming a carbon copy of his mother in law, fat and even more lazy. Then I don't see us stopping anytime soon.

    My last confession in all of this, is only months before Beth seduced me, that's correct SHE seduced me, I had a very brief and very sexual relationship with Ann's sister. It began at a party we held, and again it was my sister in law who came onto me. She's a very highly sexed woman and loves nothing more than to be fucked as roughly as you can give it to her. I was doing just that a week after she sucked me off at the party, when Beth walked in and caught me fucking her aunts asshole. I thought my marriage was over, but instead of
    telling her mom, Beth calmly walked out, but not before saying "If only".
    Three months later Beth called by our home with her mom out shopping, and told me she couldn't hold off anymore. We kissed a lot, then Beth had me go down on her for nearly an hour. Something her porky husband no longer did. And that was the start of a very beautiful relationship.
    We've spoken about being together permanently, yet there are two little complications.

    We'll see over the next couple of months. But one things for sure, we've both decided we're not going to stop having sex, and we're not going back sexually or emotionally with our respective partners.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 26

    To make a long story short I ended up moving in with Harry who is a 76 year old friend of my grandfather who died 2 years ago. I knew Harry fairly well since he and my grandfather were very close friends. When my husband of 15 months and I split up Harry took me in. That was this past January when I also lost my job only getting unemployment comp. I began drinking to much, smoking weed along with popping pills. The first few times I didn't remember much but woke up naked in bed some mornings. It really didn't occur to me right away that Harry was undressing me when I past out and a few times probably carried me up to my room. I only weigh a little over 100 lbs. and didn't have any memory of it. I woke up one morning back in March and knew I had orgasms but didn't remember masturbating. About a week after that, I don't know what time it was, I sort of woke up feeling myself becoming aroused. I just laid there not sure if I was dreaming and did orgasm twice that I remember. In the morning things became more clear and I was convinced then that Harry must have masturbated me. He often reminded me how I past out sometimes telling me to be careful of the pills I took. He did tell me he carried me to my room sometimes but never said anything about undressing me. It was the following month that I actually was awake enough to relies Harry was fingering me and I was naked. I felt him hold my breasts and lick them while rubbing my G spot at the same time. I was completely aroused and remember having several orgasms never saying anything to Harry. It was around 2 or 3 am and I just went back to sleep when he left my room. The next day and since then I still have never confronted Harry about it. A few nights after that I had a buzz from the vodka and weed and decided to test Harry. I was sitting on the sofa and pretended I fell asleep which I had done many times unintentionally. I almost gave up at one point because about 30 minutes had past. All the sudden Harry came back into the living room and carried me up to my room. He only turned on the light on my night table after laying me in bed. He left the room but came back a few minutes later and began taking my clothes off. I thought about saying something but was buzzed enough to let him continue and within a few minutes he had me laying naked with my legs spread open. He left the room again and about 5 minutes went by when he came back in only in underwear. He turned the light off and began by slowly fingering me then fondling my breasts. I couldn't believe how easily I got aroused by it and before I knew it he was giving me oral sex which he must have done before without me knowing it. Each time I had an orgasm I let out a moan and wondered if I did that every time he did this. It was dark in the room but before he left he put his penis in my hand for a few minutes. It was sort of a hard on but still soft and I'm not sure why but think because of his age. I don't take the pills as often as I used to but I do still drink to much at times and smoke weed often. Harry thinks he knows when I am high enough for him to come in my room and I just let it continue. It happens at least once every weekend and normally once in the middle of the week. Its always around 2 AM when he comes in and most of the time he gives me oral sex and he always has me hold his penis for a short time. He sometimes touches my breasts with his penis and kind of jerks off but I never saw him cum and wonder if he can. The only time he ever mentions me in bed is to say when he carried me up to my room. I never tell him about being naked in the mornings and even when I go to bed by myself he always takes my PJs off. He either thinks I am stupid or to drunk or high to remember anything. He has never tried to have intercourse with me and I think its because he is not hard enough. He must like giving me oral sex though because he licks me everywhere sometimes even on my anus. I get so aroused from him that I will probably never tell him I know what he is doing. He might be a dirty old man but I'm just as bad for letting him. I started dating a guy last month but I still don't deny Harry coming in my room and often fake being buzzed hoping he will.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am telling this because it happens all the time. My father, our father as we are five sisters, ran off with another woman and we never spoke or saw him after that, to this day. Our mother has very little education and cannot really read or write and she doesn't speak English. She has this job working for a cleaning company which primarily cleans offices at night. I am the fourth of five. My older sisters all got sexually active very early. When I was seven or so my sisters were having sex with some guy in my mother's room or on the couch. They were still in high school but these men came and had sex with them. All of the men were Mexican or Central Americans like us and worked construction or yard work. They all got pregnant and had kids. They all dropped out of high school.

    I turned fourteen and a man came to see my mother and they talked about me and the man asked me to come over to him and he grabbed my tit. He grabbed it really hard holding me by wrist. He stuck his hand down my pants and pushed his finger into me. He agreed with my mother and he told me that he would be sending some men over and that I had to have sex with them. He asked me when my periods were and told me that he was sending a woman over to put me on the pill. He told me that these men did not like to use rubbers, so no matter what I was told by the other girls at school he didn't want any complaints about rubbers.

    My first man was so ugly, fat and drunk. He hit me and I ran away. I got beat up later by the pimp. He sent this older woman to my house so that when the man came I would behave. I didn't wait, I went to the bathroom and jumped out the window and ran away and never went back to my mother's house. I got picked up in the driveway of the McDonalds by a woman and she took me to a shelter. At the shelter I was told to tell them what happened, but I didn't. I wasn't going to tell on my mother or my sisters. They knew but stopped asking. I went to live with a foster family who put me into another school, I was dropped a grade and they got me a teacher after school to help.

    I graduated from high school. I also got into college. My foster parents paid the tuition and I lived at home.

    I don't speak Spanish, I know some words but I don't use it. I am a white girl now, I am not that dark so maybe my father wasn't my father. I pass as white and went to Presbyterian Church. I know about my sisters and about my mother, they live their life which I would never want to live. I never go see them and if I did they would not want to see me. I know the difference. I am a white girl now with a college education and I work for a large employer in a professional job.

    A white man with blue eyes from church has asked me to marry him. I told him that I don't know much about my family because I was in foster care. True and not true. My foster parents will stand in for me, they don't know why I ran away. Only I know why I ran away. I ran around in high school and college and had sex with various guys. I went boy crazy for white guys. I don't want to ever have sex with a Mexican. I want a nice white boy with blue eyes. Like the man that asked me to marry him. The only thing is that he is studying to be a minister and I have lied to him about saving myself for marriage. I haven't answered him, I told him I wasn't sure.

    I am really not a good girl, I have sex with guys all the time. We just date to go out and have sex later. I like sex and tend to like guys who are aggressive and dominant. The man from church is not aggressive and he is definitely not dominant. I guess I am saying I am going to say no to him. I am currently dating an engineer who is an a ex-marine and he makes me want to pee for him. He is always ready and I like that. He is white but he knows how to make you want to be woman.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 23

    I have only told 3 people this, but when I was 20, I fucked my marketing professor for the first time. We are now friends with benefits. I would guess she was in her mid to late 40s. A tiny German woman with graying black hair. Her face was like a 6/10, but her tits were massive and her ass was hypnotic.

    I had noticed her staring at me every now and then, but I didn't think she was honestly checking me out.

    Well, one day the only clean boxers I had were way too small and the only jeans I could wear had holes in the crotch because I had been lazy with laundry. I went to my classes, not really thinking much of it other than my balls were uncomfortable that day because of the boxers.

    All of my classes had desks with coverings on the front except for her class which was in an older building. I sat down on the front row and started moving my legs around, trying to get rid of the pinched feeling in my testicles. About 20 minutes into the class, she suddenly just stopped talking and drawing on the dry erase board. Her cheeks became red and it took her about a minute or two to regain her composure. I wasnt sure, but it looked like she had been staring at my groin. I looked down and, to my horror, my balls had somehow slipped out underneath my boxers and were being pushed out of the two holes on my jean's groin area. I immediately got up, went to the bathroom, readjusted, and came back, making sure to sit with my legs close together.

    At the end of class, she asked me to stay. I was so scared. I started apologizing and tried to explain that I didn't mean for that to happen. I was afraid I would be expelled. She interrupted my explanation and told me firmly we were going to her office. My heart pounding, I gathered my things and walked with her to the elevator. Inside the elevator, I apologized the entire way up, saying the truth, that it was an accident, but she didn't respond. The class got out at 5 so there wasn't many faculty members left, and her office door was covered with pictures, which I dont think they're supposed to be, but they were. We got to her office and my heart was throbbing. She shut the door, locked it, and I was shaking as I sat down and waited for her to call the dean.

    She didn't.

    She quickly pulled down her panty hose, sat on her desk in front of me, pulling up her skirt and spreading her legs, revealing plain white panties that were noticeably darker were I guessed her pussy was. I was shocked.

    She told me to scoot the chair closer. I was in such shock, I didn't move. She slid off her desk, undid her skirt and let it fall, got back on the desk and started rubbing herself through her panties, telling me again to scoot up closer. I did this time, my cock beginning to twitch. I looked in her eyes and saw nothing but lust.

    I tentatively reached a hand out and rubbed the wet spot on her panties, feeling her lips and clit. She nodded and told me to stick them in, her breathing becoming ragged. I did as I was told, using my other hand to pull her panties aside and stuck two fingers in. They went in easily and she was soaking wet. It wasn't the tightest pussy I had ever felt, but it was so hot that it was actually happening. My brain had caught up to my cock at this point and I was committed.

    I slid out of my chair and got on my knees in front of her as she scooted to the edge of her desk. I then proceeded to eat out my marketing teacher, alternating between writing things with my tongue and rubbing her clit while fingering her g-spot. Professor was quiet for most of the time, only giving a soft gasp every now and then, but she bucked her hips against my face or hands the entire time. She came rather quickly, and squirted all over the desk.

    She then pushed my face away, stood up, and slid her panties off while I unbuttoned and slid down my pants and boxers. I only got one leg out of them when she swiveled me around and had me sit on the desk. She then looked at me and told me to be quiet as I then received some of the most amazing head I have ever had. This little German woman knew how to gobble a cock. I laid on her desk while I gasped as I felt my cock head literally reach the end of her mouth, then take a downward angle as she swallowed me. Soft, wet gagging sounds filled my ears as she just gobbled my cock for the next 5 or so minutes. I've never met a girl that could do what she did to me. She let me throat fuck her until I told her I was about to cum.

    She helped me off the desk and whispered in my ear only two words "fuck me," before she switched places with me and laid herself tits down on her desk. As I put my head to her pussy lips, she shook her head and said "no, my ass." I reluctantly pulled back and adjusted to the other hole. I had never been that into anal with girls, but I wasnt going to turn her down. Her ass looked amazing, and parting her cheeks and staring at her tiny hole, knowing I was about to be in there, turned me on in a carnal kind of way. To be honest though, I still was in shock at what was happening.

    I pressed the head against her surprisingly tight ass. As I mentioned before, she was a tiny woman. The top of her head only came to the middle of my chest, so maybe that had something to do with it. Either way, as I started to push in, I went very slowly. She wasnt having it. She put her hands on the edges of the desk and immediately pulled so that she impaled herself on my cock. She let out a grunt as I was about 3 quarters of the way in her instantly. She wiggled as I pushed and we got me all the way in. I began fucking her ass slowly, then picking up the pace as she adjusted. I began fucking her hard, but she reached back and slowed me down by putting a hand on my abdomen. The slapping of our hips was too loud. So I was forced to slowly push in and out of her amazing hole. It felt like her ass was milking my cock to be completely honest. We fucked like that for a while, me desperately trying not to blow my load and just savor the pleasure as I began to realize I was balls deep in the ass of my marketing professor. This was an ass I had stared at all semester. I felt like I was in a porno.

    I reached up and groped her tits. They were at least C's. Once I started feeling her tits, something in me broke loose and I pulled her off the desk. My dick popped out of her ass, but I laid down on the floor and pulled her down with me, immediately repositioning my cock at her asshole. She plopped right down, her ass greedily swallowing me back in while I reached up her shirt, sliding my hand underneath her bra and groping her tits. I began bucking my hips. Between the bouncing, she managed to unbutton her bottom three buttons and then reached up and undid her bra. She then tried to slow me down because the snacking was loud, but I just kept fucking her hard. Her pussy juices were running down her legs and onto me. Watching my cock slide in and out of her and feeling her soft tits in my hands made me want to just fuck her like an animal, so I kept fucking her hard.

    She grunted "too...loud..." between snacks, but I just grunted back "just take my dick." Right at that moment she squirted again. I will never forget this. Where we were laying positioned her face to be reflected in a little glass frame on a small table in the corner. The way the sun was coming into the room, I couldn't see the picture, but I could see her face perfectly as she squirted again. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her mouth gaped open as her pussy started spewing juice all over my legs while her ass tightened it vice-like grip as I plunged my dick balls deep in and out of her precum coated ass. Right at that moment, I came so hard that my vision got black around the edges. I have only ever came that much a few times in my life. I shot load after load into her ass. So much cum that it began leaking around my still thrusting cock onto my stomach like a water pipe with too much pressure. Her ass came off my cock with an audible plop and I shot two more loads onto the back of her shirt.

    She shakily turned around and bent down, managing to catch the last little spurts of my cum in her mouth. She sucked my dick clean until it was soft again, then licked my stomach clean of cum.

    She then crawled up and collapsed on top of me, slowly rubbing one of her legs against mine while we caught our breath. I began French kissing her which she didn't really kiss me back too eagerly. After a few minutes she told me "get dressed and get out. Get dressed and dont you dare fucking tell anyone" her voice cracked on the last three words. I guess now that her horniness was gone, what we had just done had began to sink in.

    Right as I was about to leave, she begged me not to tell anyone, much nicer than before I got dressed. I told her I wouldn't.

    I ended up getting an A in the class, and gave the teacher my number. We fucked two more times that year once I finished her class. Im about to graduate, but we now fuck more frequently than sporadically. I'll usually text her when I'm looking for an easy booty call.
    I have cum in that her so much, and she loves French kissing me now that she knows I won't tell, but I've never came as hard as that time when we were fucking on her office floor.

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