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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Married but frequently sexually frustrated, that's me in a nut shell. Or it was, until I began to fuck very eager and willing young men. One such occasion happened only recently when visiting a pal of mine in hospital.
    On the way in to his ward, I had eye to eye contact with a young male nurse. The look we gave each other was "That" look. The one you give when you want sex. His backward glance and me turning around all said "Lets fuck".
    He called into my friends private room after about twenty minutes, apparently to see if he was okay, but slipped me a piece of paper. It read "Toilets, ten minutes, far end of the ward". Excusing myself saying I had to get back home and I'd be back tomorrow, I walked down the ward and into the gents. He was already waiting and immediately entered one of the three stalls.
    Dropping his trousers and boxers, leaning onto the toilet bowl and then smearing what looked like hand cream all over his arsehole, he then passed me a condom. Whipping out my already fully erect cock, I donned the sheath quickly and placed the tip of my cock to his fuckhole.
    We both knew we didn't have long, so I drove my cock straight into his arse and instantly began to fuck him. He made all kinds of low moaning and grunting sounds, as I gripped his hips and pounded his arsehole, pulling him onto my cock.
    Within four to five minutes he shook like a leaf and I saw his cum sprt out all over the toilet seat. Seeing him cum added to my lust and I too began to shake as my orgasm rose. Then like an explosion, my cock pulsed and my semen flew into the condom deep up his shit box. Collapsing onto his back, I pumped a few more times until my balls were empty, then withdrew.
    A few minutes later cleaned up, I walked back out of the ward and drove home.
    The following evening I waited until everyone had gone, then followed the young male nurse into a side room. We took our time the second evening, as I had him suck me off first. Then I fucked him on the bed firstly in the missionary position, before screwing him doggy style, cumming up his delicious tight white bum.
    Walking out, a senior nurse looked hard at me, but didn't say anything. However the young male nurse mentioned the next night, we'd better not risk fucking in the hospital again.
    Not a chance. I fucked him again up against a filing cabinet in an office, this time without a condom. You should have seen the cum stain on the back of his trousers as I left.
    He gave me his mobile number before I went home, telling me he was clean and safe. I've since met him quite a few times for amazingly hard and rough sex. Fucking him once at home on our bed, then in the shower. He's just as horny for sex as I am, only I now get to empty my balls up his fuck hole each time, without having to use a Johny.

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  • — My Family —
    Lesbian Female / 30

    I have a degree in Art Appreciation from a small New England College. I moved to Boston to look for work. I couldn't get anything in my field so I was working as a waitress at a chain restaurant. A woman in her early thirties came by with two young girls. The restaurant was pretty empty so she and I had a conversation, she told me about her life and I told her about mine, and she offered to help and get me a better job. I got a job working for her husband as his personal assistant downtown. I was taken in by her and she insisted that I live with them so that I wouldn't have rent hanging over my head. She let me in on her whole life, she shared her jewelry with me so that I could look professional, she bought me shoes and clothes and sent me to her hair stylist. One day she kissed me. It was a straight on the lips kiss and she told me that what she wanted more than anything was for me to kiss her back.

    Every time I started to talk about how I was doing better and now that I had a regular job I could find a place of my own she got real defensive and guilted me into staying. The hugs and kisses continued, with touching of private parts. I gave up trying to stop her, she asked that when I kissed her to put my hand on her boob and kiss her and let my heart out. There was a lot more, her husband traveled quite a bit and when he did she would ask me to come and sleep with her to keep her company. There was lots of lovemaking in bed, to the point where I would lay awake in my room wanting to go down and sleep with her when her husband was home. I didn't want to move out anymore.

    We got more and more careless until one day her husband caught us kissing in the kitchen. It was early on a Sunday morning and it was Spring outside and she took me in her arms like she always did and we were kissing when he walked in. We had been living together for two years, me working for him during the day, eating dinner together, driving in with him, and he had never caught on that she and I were having an affair right under his nose in his house.

    He put a stop to it. He told me that I needed to find another job and find another place to live. He sent her and the girls to live in Colorado where he is from. He put me out on the street. She begged him to look after me and he paid the rent on this small apartment for me until I got another job earning a whole lot less. I kept in touch with her, almost every day. She begged him almost everyday to let me come out to Colorado with them. I spoke to him almost everyday. I begged him to send me to Colorado and not to punish me like he was.

    After a year he finally relented and moved me to Colorado to live with his wife and daughters. He lives in Boston and comes out several times a year. When he comes we have to make room for him and keep up appearances. In Colorado I am employed as the family bookkeeper and secretary. It is a real job, they let the bookkeeper they had go. That is how I pay my way. After I moved out her, n the street behind our back, I was called the filly. People want to believe what they need to believe.

    We are sure that he does not have a lover. He put the ranch and house in a Trust for the benefit of his daughters with rights for his wife to live here. Our life has gone on for over eight years now, and the girls are very much aware that their mother and I are in a relationship. They don't want their parents to get divorced and a divorce is nowhere on the horizon. No one would win in a divorce. I feel that one day he is going try and make he his lover. I feel that when he is here. I have lived in his house for eight years, except for that year in that small apartment he got for me. I take care of everything for them. I know most everything about them, and their family. He keeps adding things for me to look after because he only trusts me. He tells me he trusts me, that everyone else tries to feather their own nest.

    I didn't know the day I met her that she and I would end up together. I don't think she knew that either. The feeling developed because we lived together. But the feelings are real, this is who we are. A couple of years ago we sat down with the girls and admitted our relationship to them. They knew, I'm sure they knew before we ever admitted it to ourselves.

    I never thought that I would live out West. People here are more conservative but a whole lot less judgmental.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Female / 29

    I hate my job. I am an artist but I can't make a living at it. I work for a large non descript company in the accounts payable department. Day in and day out. It pays the rent.

    I think I am sexually frustrated. I want to feel a man in me. At the same time I want to kiss this girl. There is a girl at work, she is in the marketing department. I would love to kiss her and suck her tits. At the same time there is this man that works in management. I would love to have him fuck me. I fantasize him fucking me at my desk. I sit with my back to the hall, I rub myself while I work daydreaming about him coming up behind me.

    Last night, I woke up and I was pretty wet. I had one of my pillows between my legs. I was dreaming of the girl at work. I was kissing her, we were on vacation at the beach, we were just kissing away while she felt me up. But it was just my pillow between my legs.

    I need something to happen. I will give myself to the man in management first. I need a man right now. I can always dream about the girl in marketing, maybe while he is taking care of me. I don't kid myself, I am not good at being without a man.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 29

    I am one of five sisters. My oldest sister went to college and changed her major and changed her school and went to college in Oregon. I was 16 and she asked me to come out and see her. She was a junior at the time. I got permission and my grandparents paid for the air ticket and I went to see my sister. She picked me up at the airport with a friend of hers, another girl. Both she and her friend were dressed like hippies. When we got in the car, I got in the back seat, she leaned over and her friend kissed her on the mouth. She turned to me and said yes, she ate pussy now.

    At their apartment they had one big round bed and they told me I could sleep with them or they could fix me a camp out on the floor. I elected a camp out on the floor. That first night when we were getting ready for bed I went into the small bathroom to brush my teeth and change for bed. I went out into the room and they were both naked, they were 'all natural', they didn't shave their legs or their underarms or their bush. They told me that they slept naked and if I heard anything to never mind because they were having fun.

    As soon as the light was turned off, my sister's roommate laid back on the bed and my sister went down on her. After she got done she got on her knees and asked me if I wanted to try, there was nothing better than pussy.

    I spent four days with them. All their friends were the same type. There was a lot of pot, and sex everywhere. It was all about quick sex hookups, a guy would grab a girl and screw her and then they would continue doing what they were doing. A guy would take another guy and suck him off. Girls would sit in the couch and kiss. And they smoked pot. They had this open sex lifestyle with lots of pot.

    Fast forward to today. I live with my husband in a small community in Western North Carolina. I have three kids, teach school and am active in our church. My older sister lives in the same community with us. She met a coworker and friend of my husband's and they hit it off and she works for the State. She has two kids who are the same age as mine and she is more conservative than I am. She is super mom, her kids are always dressed right and her house is immaculate. My husband really likes her, and he gets along really well with her husband, so we spend a lot of time together. I am sometimes a little liberal when it comes to allowing the kids to be kids. My sister takes over and finds things for the kids to do that are either educational or she takes them outside to get exercise. She brought back with her from college the love of the woods and she takes them for hikes.

    We don't talk about that week I spent with her in Oregon. She put it to bed one day telling me that she was experimenting, but that she is glad I never experimented like that. She was there for me now and we were going to make sure that nothing like that happened again.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 34

    I spent years until obtaining a law degree then realized I hated jurisprudence and all that it hopes to be, so I quit the career path and ended up tending bar at an upscale hotel. I'm making enough to open my own bar soon, and my plans are to do it near a large university where I can concentrate on beer and beef snacks for students.

    I meet amazing people here and one of them is Veronica, a thoroughly wealthy prostitute. She is also an activist and trying to get the U.S. to rise up to the level of Amsterdam, for example, where the oldest profession in the world is legal. We got our heads together and I drew up for her a plan to engage politics into the mix. I also explained I want nothing to do with the plan or politics.

    What Veronica did for ME is detail how her sexual desire died while fucking so many people through the years. I told her that if sex became totally free, folks would lose interest in it. She said, "Not while the last man on Earth can get a boner, they won't." I think she's right. When I asked her how she got into the trade, she said, "like the frog in water that eventually boils and kills the frog without it realizing it, slowly, and surely. It's all about the money and what you believe it will do for you.

    With me, sex interests me greatly only when I'm cheating someone with it. We all have our downsides.

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  • — Men Only —
    Gay Male / 27

    Camp cum time
    I work as a camp counselor for my near by team building campgrounds. It was built for highschool/college students to come as a class to learn helpful life lessons in working together etc. I myself and a highschooler and only work in the summers. Thats when they have a camp invite for the ages of 16-21. I spend the summer up there so I dont get to do my nightly activities of porn and a wank. So i bought 2 "helpful items" last summer. 2 masturbatory aids. 1 was a simple fleshlight, very nice and easy to use, 2 a big bundle of condoms, lube, and some magazines. Soon enough i got bored of the magazines, so one night, I was thinking about these two hot sisters that were camping here. With no success of cumming, I decided to venture out to do my deeds. Right outside of her cabin windows, I jerked off. In the quiet night u can hear the slapping and the squishy sounds. Looking at the 6 girls in the cabin sleeping, I cam so hard. I took the pussy part out of the holder and dumped the cum through the window slit, leaving drops of my cum on the floor. I did this daily with whatever how girls there were. Eventually i needed more. During the day I would steal some nice panties or bras to masturbatew with, and jerk off outside with them. I would return them the next day filled with cum and swap for something new.

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  • — My Family —
    Transsexual Male / 24

    Want to fuck my wife's sister
    My wifes sister is staying at our house for a few weeks. Shes 29 lean, single and attractive. Sometimes shes walks around the house barefoot and with her nightrobe on, its not a "sexy nightie", but still its a nightrobe that Im sure many women wear to get fucked.

    Sometimes she sits on the living room sofa, puts her feet on top of the sofa and god I just want to FUCK HER. The thing is I dont know if I could, I mean shes not seeing anybody at the moment, and I imagine a woman like that has to get fucked from time to time right. We play around but Im not sure if its flirting, I just dont know, but Im this close to make a move on her because I literally cannot stop thinking about putting my big cock in that pussy and fuck the shit out of her!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Desire at work
    I'm old enough to be her father but she turns me on so much. Alabaster skin, full breasts, round bottom. I went into the office today, Saturday, and she was there doing month end collections. She was wearing an athletic tshirt and yoga pants. Yoga pants, God's gift to lonely old men. I had a hard time standing up from my desk.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 18

    if you got any sense you will get out of that relationship with daren and her wild kids who are exactly like her. they drink and do drugs and hang out at heavy metal shows and all the family have been in jail. get out now pedro while you can. I pray some other quality woman beats daren to alter with you and she learns hurt and how it feels to be rejected for being such a bitch. my friend said " he looks like a Jehovah witness and in that case he may have heaps of wives and give her aids or something". but it won't last and daren is going to end up in a bad way drinking all the time with her female friends who live rough lives like karma and daren are so alike its not funny its just that each are walking the other way, one out of shit and one into shit. daren is not the right woman for pedro, his mother can see that. his friends told him after her daughter assaulted him then made out it was him attacking her. I mean its all part of the family game. I would say, pedro. that is the way that family flow her old man did similar to me and my sister, he assaulted us and went around telling everyone we sex assaulted his daughter daren and we didn't, he was the one m****ting us and they are cunning like that. you deserve better I told him after the sisters wedding was over ! tell them go get after her calling the police, he can't afford to have a ruined reputation on Folks he has worked too hard for that. daren is trouble all the family have a mental illness and alcoholic and drug problems and I had to warn him in private.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 28

    I got out of control with money. We didn't have money for the rent. He got mad at me, spanked me, took away my credit cards, I slapped him, he took me, used his dick on me. Best sex I ever had.

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