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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Transsexual Male / 52

    Dear Santa
    I am wishing for my 36C tits to be a D cup. I am ok with both my ass and dick. When you come I will not only have sugar cookies with chocolate milk out for you but will also be nude for you. Feel free to give my ass a good fucking and would like to have your fat cock in my mouth before you stick it in.
    Yes I have been a very bad âgirlâ according to my dad and will be a bad "girl" for you too!!!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I was 19, and a very sheltered shy person from the south. I grew up in Christian conservative values. So struggling with my feminine side always made me feel guilty. I had a camera, and a personal computer, and took pictures of myself mostly bent over in a doggy position. I loved receiving praise online over my fat bubble butt.

    Craigslist m-m personals was something I engaged in for over a year. Until I finally decided to meet up with a man I been talking to a while. He was 6'4 48 years old with a huge mushroom, and girthy cock. It was like a soda can in circumference. I was a virgin at the time.

    It was a Wednesday afternoon, and I drove to his house. He answered the door naked, and immediately started grooming, and complimenting me. I removed my pants at his request, and sat on the couch. Gay porno was playing on his T.V. he jacked off... I tried to but couldn't erect. I was very timid, and nervous. Though I somehow managed to ask him if we could do our business in the bedroom.

    He laid down on his back, and I tried to blow him. He couldn't fit in my mouth, so I turned around in doggy position. He left the room to get his lube, and came back. My head was at the edge of the bed, so he stood at my face, and slid his cock in my mouth. I opened as wide as I could to accommodate his wide circumference. His cock sat in my mouth, as he grabbed a handful of my hair. I moaned, and rubbed his cock with my tongue. He entered, and exited my mouth a few times before going around to my rear.

    Liking cock in my mouth was a surprising revelation. At that point I knew I was now gay.

    I was equally surprised by a flick of his tongue against my taint, and hole. He fingered me with a lot of lube to stretch me out. He was massive in every way. Tall, fat, huge cock. I was the opposite. A short twink at 5'3 and 130 lbs.

    His cock pressed against my taint for a few minutes. He had trouble finding my hole. My butt was really big, and his gut was really fat. I looked over my shoulder, and felt dread he was going to do this raw... I was too shy, and timid to speak up for myself..

    After a couple tries his cock slid in stretching my tight hole to a gaping "0"

    I moaned to every thrust, and was turned on by the sounds of squeaky bed springs, and my ass clapping against his thighs, and hips.

    I was both... Fearful that I was now a homosexual subject to Gods wrath. But in bliss over getting my prostate milked by a fat cock.

    After he came in me he rubbed my butt, and thighs with a warmly damp towel, and dried me up with a clean towel.

    He was so big, and the sex lasted so long I felt his cock still inside me for days. Even a week.

    That was my first time

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    Out of every month that went by after mom died, my uncle Joe would invite three or four men each month to enjoy my young body. He said it helped to pay the bills, and for him to enjoy his favorite whiskey. All I knew, was the men's cocks seemed enormous in comparison to my own. It was the same men each month who frequented our home, yet each of them enjoyed different sexual fun. One of them only liked me to lick his asshole and jerk him off, which he did very quickly. Another only wanted me sucking on his cock as he played with his won nipples. After a while he had me bite his nipples for him before I sucked him off. The oldest man, a farmer from the next farm, liked to lick and suck on my small cock, he also liked to tongue my asshole jerking himself off the whole time. The man who only visited every so often, but paid by far the most money to my uncle, wanted my asshole for his cock. My uncle wouldn't allow him at first, saying I was too young. So I sucked on his fat dick for almost a year before he upped his offer and my uncle said yes. It was painful for quite some time. Even so he carried on fucking me all night long it seemed. Then like my prayers had been answered, the pain went and I began to feel so wonderful. Before I knew it, my cock exploded and I had my first real orgasm. After that first time, he visited more often and I began to enjoy him fucking me. So much so, I'd often stay all night in bed with him, often with me mounting his cock when I'd sucked him to full hardness.
    My uncle never once touched me, saying I was tainted. I know for sure he liked fucking boys, but he didn't ever have sex with me. Not that he knew of anyway. One night he got himself as drunk as a skunk, and bizarrely became erect when I touched his cock through his boxers. He was passed out by then, so knowing he had a stiffy, I moved him around and backed onto his cock. I know he didn't wake up, but he did buck somewhat as I fucked him, enjoying his cock for the only time. The next morning he mentioned something about me watching him toss himself off, and I denied having seen him do it. I was seventeen when I moved out, and by then I'd decided I could fuck men and make my own money. Using what little monsy I'd saved, I moved into a rented room. My first client was a doctor who's wife he said didn't like sex anymore. He paid me double what I asked and told me I should charge much more because I was good. The owner of the house began using my services too. His wife was disabled and before long I was living there rent free.
    From there I earned enough to move over to my own apartment, and then onto a place I put a deposit down on. By the age of twenty I had bought my own house and was servicing some very wealthy and powerful men. Each of them paid for my cock sucking skills and my ability to fuck them all night if they needed and wanted it. Before long I began to vet who I had sex with and only with those who could afford my prices. Doctors, Dentist, lawyers, politicians and wealthy business men were my main clients and the vast majority were married. All the same the all enjoyed just how much I made them feel special. And they were.
    The I met Hanah and in a little over a month, my days selling my mouth and asshole were over ???. A real job and marriage ensued and we loved one another ???. But as I grew to know, Hanah loved the money I had more. Once she couldn't spend the way she had when we first met, it all came crashing down. Throughout our marriage, her father Eric, a very respected businessman, sought to find out if I was the young man who used to help some of his co businessmen sexually. When I found out why, I knew he wanted me for himself. It was his decision that I stay married to his daughter when we both argued for divorce. And the reason why. So he could fuck me at the drop of a hat. He still does to this day, and to this day I'm still married to his daughter. We no longer live together as Eric did and does want me for himself, buying his daughter a place for herself. Only he doesn't have me to himself anymore, as his co businessmen have become my clients once again. And once again my finances are my own. It's an agreement Eric's lawyers made up and Hanah signed. She now spends daddies money again, and daddy gets to fuck her estranged husband, even sometimes with his wife in the same house.
    It's a long long way from my days in my uncles place. And sometimes I wish it was as simple as it was back then. But then I wouldn't have my wonderful home, my money and lots of wealthy well endowed older men who adore fucking a beautiful young man like me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    when my sister gets drunk and passes out I per in a cup then pour it on her crotch then I undress her

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 27

    when my sister gets drunk and passes out I per in a cup then pour it on her crotch then I undress her

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 19

    i'm naked and wathcing porn and stroking my cock while my mom is sleeping on the couch right now. i hope i cum before she wakes up or i'm in deep trouble. but its so fucking hot. i kind of want to get caught.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 43

    When I was 19 I married a guy, I didn't know him I had only had sex with him but that was enough reason to get married. We lived together for a while, long enough to have two kids and then we drifted apart. We never divorced. It has been three years since I saw him, for our daughter's 18th birthday. He walks in at ten a.m. on her 21st birthday, our daughter is in the shower and I am in my nightgown. One hug, one kiss and it is over. I managed to lock the door, she starts knocking when things are getting heavy and all I manage to say is that Daddy's here and she went away.

    Three days of nothing but sex, a birthday dinner and a long goodbye. We eloped 24 years ago and it's like yesterday.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 38

    I donât understand why women need to mastuerbate while there is plenty of men to give us what we want. I was sexually active in college. I got pregnant so my husband wanted to marry me so we did. I didnât tell him the baby may not be his. Turn out it was his child. Our parents would keep our son during the day while I finished college. I attended classes and have sex at college guys apartment. I was careful to make sure condoms are used. We both started working after college. We moved to a nice neighborhood. I would come home for lunch and my neighbor would come over for sex. I was worried our second child wouldnât be fathered by my husband but we had another son who was my husbands. I then got my tubes tied so no more children. Some of my college acquaintances lives in our city so I could get with them when opportunity allowed. I got my good figure back. My husband likes me to dress revealing when we go anywhere. He gets aroused seeing men look at me. He doesnât know it charges my sex drive to the point I cheat on him. I keep my husband drained so he stays satisfied. I prefer a dick with a big head over a well hung guy, my husband has both.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Even though Iâm single now, Iâve been a member of a website called TrueSwingers for a few years now. I go on there to chat and occasionally jackoff on camera. I enjoy the chatting and the freedom to talk about anything.
    Anyway, a couple months ago, I was helping my Dad set up his new laptop and he jokingly said he missed watching pornhub! I laughed and blurted out I had a pornhub account too. I mentioned a few other sites I like and then I mentioned the TrueSwingers site.
    The next day, I logged in to have some fun time and I received a friend request from my Dad!! I didnât accept right away, but later that same day, I saw his screen name pop up the TS chatroom and he was broadcasting! I clicked on his camera link and there was my old man, naked playing with his surprisingly big dick. I turned it off quickly, not knowing exactly how to approach this new situation. I was already horny, so I thought what the hell. I accepted his friend request and went back into the chatroom and clicked his broadcast link. I waited to see if he checked to see my name watching and eventually he did. He sent me a DM and we chatted a bit. I was still somewhat dressed , even though my camera was on. I checked who was watching and saw my Dad was
    listed. I acted as casually as I could and stood and shedded the rest of my clothes. This was it. My Dad was seeing my grown cock for the first time. I had a full blown election within a minute. My DM notification came up again. Dad said he liked my cock!! I replied the same.
    So there we were, camming with each other, stroking our dicks.
    Since that night weâve chatted more online than in person. He found me on pornhub too and we exchange messages and our favorite porn on there.
    We still hang out in person like we always have; family dinners and outings and such, but our online relationship is so amazing!

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 50

    Having preferences for sex with other guys created psychological issues for me. I am 60 now, so you can imagine what it must have been like back when I was sixteen and I sucked my friend. He went and told everyone. My father more than my mother cut me off emotionally. After that I had no father. But I was not able to turn off my preferences and I sucked a man who worked at my grandfather's auto dealership. He wasn't mean and he let me suck to my heart's content. He also showed me how good it felt when he played with my penis and he sucked my penis. He also showed me how good it felt when he fucked me. He was nice and he was careful, he knew it was a big step and he fucked me easy, taking his time, letting me enjoy it. And I enjoyed it, I went to see him. Of course that was a long time ago and today you can imagine what the world would do if the same set of circumstances happened. He told me that I was homosexual just like him and that he really liked me and he was sure I was going to grow up and have a good life.

    I am grown up now, I never had a partner in life, just medium term relationships but really no one to share my life with. I became an art teacher, but given that I had my preferences I stayed out of the public school system and taught private art classes and worked at an art supply store. I never got involved with anyone I taught or anyone I worked with. I found my outlets in the underground where homosexuals got together. I suppose in those early years I was promiscuous, I sought out and had sex with many men of all walks of life, men who frequented the underground where the homosexuals lived.

    Today as I say I am grown up, I remember fondly the man I first got together with back in high school. I live alone in a small apartment house and I go to the underground and get together with like minded men who need some company for the evening. I have never lost my preferences, I am very much an oral pleaser and bottom who enjoys to no end having sex with a strong willed man, I do like a man who has one thing on his mind, I work hard to please him and enjoy his company when I have the chance to get together.

    That's my story.

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