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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Straight Male / 50

    i am a 60 year old man that likes to watch guys jerking off.... not sure what this makes me, but i think about it a lot ..... i love to dreaa in panties too

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 50

    I really want to meet a woman who loves to suck cock, and swallow. But I don't want to stop there. I want a woman who loves to come up from draining my cock into her mouth, and kiss me passionately with the taste and scent of my cum on her breath. And I wouldn't mind at all if she still had cum in her mouth, and on her lips. All of this would make my cock hard as nails again in no time at all. Then she could lower her wet juicy pussy down onto my cock, and fuck me until we both cum. After that I want her to climb up and lower her pussy onto my mouth, and grind it on my lips and tongue, and make me eat my own cream pie. Then maybe a nice 69 to round things out. I guess you can tell I love oral sex, both giving, and getting. And I love a woman who loves to taste her own juices, as much as I love to taste mine.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 18

    I often think about having sex with my own father. I know it sounds gross that's why I'm here to confess- so I can get it off my chest. He's really atractive and I get turned on/wet when we do everyday father-daughter things. Ex: the other day he was having a tickle fight with me and my siblings, and when he finally went to my room to tickle me, and had me pinned down at some point and I swear I wanted him so badly in that moment. But it's wrong and I shouldn't think of him in that way. He doesn't like me like that and he doesn't know I like him like that. Any advice??

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 38

    I want to tell someone that I’m gay. I’ve sneeked around and sucked a friend off. I wasn’t sure until he came in my mouth, now I know that I love sucking. I would love being in the center of a circle sucking every one, and swallowing.

    I want to be called a Faggot by a girl watching me suck dick. Then made to confess it out loud.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 20

    family knows about my tiny dick

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 18

    One of my kinks is I really enjoy sexting and sending/receiving nudes, the problem is I have a girlfriend that’s not into it so I usually sneakily add and seduce girls just so we can sext and snap nudes to each other. But it takes too long and I’d rather add someone who’s up for it straight away

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 48

    I have been reading this site for fun and erotic stories for over 6 months. This is the first time I decided to actually write something myself because I want to get it out.

    My husband and I live in Indonesia. I am Indonesian and my husband is American. We retired early with plans to move here from the US. We have been here for almost 4 years now. Everything was going really well until a week ago. Here is what happened.

    We go to restaurants for lunch maybe 4 days a week. One particular place at a mall in our city sees us once or twice a week. It is one of our favorite places. A week ago we went to lunch at our favorite place like normal, had a nice lunch, and then did a bit of shopping. We travel with Grab so once we get where we like to be picked up, we schedule them. We like to meet up with Grab in the underground parking area because there are less people standing around waiting for some type of transportation like in the main doors.

    Just as we went out the parking door, phone in hand ready to schedule a Grab we were approached by 4 Indonesian males that I would guess were in their late 20s. Our city isn't known for hard arm crime so we thought nothing of it. I guess we should have because as soon as they got to us one jumped behind my husband and held a s throat. One got right in my face and demanded all my money. Another got right in front of my husband and started going through his pockets. They made us move around the corner of the entrance and back into a darker area that had some cardboard stacked up. The one in front of me grabbed my phone and my purse forcefully. I told my husband to just stay calm and let them have their money. He isn't very small and he likes to think of himself as my defender so I knew I needed to tell him to just stay still so he didn't get hurt. One guy who wasn't up close to us seemed to be the leader and was telling the others what to grab. Besides my phone, they grabbed my husband's phone, his cash, his debit cards, my cash, and my debit cards. I speak Indonesian so I was trying to communicate with them and to just take the cash and go. I guess that wasn't enough. My purse was thrown to the side and they started in on the big brave Bule (foreigner)that thinks he can come in and just take their Women. I am 58 years old and while I may look like late 30s, I tried to explain how we have been married for 34 years. Then they just started in on me and how I must hate Indonesian dick and just want some Bule dick.

    Another knife came out and this time it was pointed directly at my face. I was scared. Really scarred. They already had our cash and cards. The leader states that they will make me appreciate Indonesian dick and hate the Bule dicks. My husband didn't understand what they were saying but I seen a look in his eyes like he was about to come to my rescue at any cost when he seen that knife pointed at me. I told him to just stay still and added that I think they want to r**e me. He wasn't liking that at all and started to move towards me. The guy with the knife to his neck showed him immediately he was serious and cut his neck slightly. Enough to be able to see some blood dripping down his neck. I told him to stop. Stay still no matter what. I told him I would be OK.

    The leader came up to me and reached between my legs and grabbed my crotch. Take off your pants he told me. I undid my pants and slipped them down. Your underwear too he commanded. I did as he said. His hand reached again between my legs and said something about how I must really want Indonesian dick. I just stayed quiet looking towards my husband slightly shaking my head no. The leader grabbed my shoulders and led me a few steps and turned me towards my husband face to face. Bend over he commanded me. I did as told. All this time I was thinking that someone would have to hear us and check what was going on but no one did. I could feel him push his dick in me and work it back and forth. I looked up at my husband and could see a tear run down his face even with his look of frozen rage. I didn't look at him again. I couldn't. Finally the first gets finished with me and pulls out to cum. Immediately the second start his turn. All the while they are r****g me they keep taunting my husband with "you like Bule?" "You like?" One by one the fuck me. All the time telling me how great Indonesian dick is. Telling me to say that Indonesian dick is the greatest in the world. I did not say it ever. It wasn't great, it was disgusting. Only one of them had any size to it where I thought it would somewhat measure up to a Western dick. The other 3 including the leader were micro dicks. No wonder they had to r**e people to get some.

    Finally they finished and while laughing, left together. My husband immediately grabbed and hugged me asking if I was OK? I assured him I wasn't hurt in any way. I looked at his neck and was worried about that. What should we do I asked him? We should call the police he told me. I explained that he knew as well as I that nothing would happen, especially with a white guy. No he said, we have to. You were assaulted and we at least have to try and get justice. I was really crying now and I agreed. He told me to stay right here and he would go inside and tell someone to call the police. He did that and of course someone asked why and he told them his wife was assaulted. They could see the blood on his neck and while someone was calling the police he returned to me along with another three people who wanted to see what happened. 2 ladies and 1 guy. The ladies immediately came up to me because I hadn't thought of putting my pants back on so they hid me so I could. They all wanted to know what happened and I somewhat explained it. The guy immediately asked how they were dressed. He was going to see if he could find them. My husband was hoping he could because Indonesian justice would have been calling them out for their actions and a mob would serve them their punishment.

    The police finally arrived. I told them what happened, described them the best I could and told them I didn't know which way they exited. I pointed out the cum splattered on the cement to the police. They instructed us to go to the hospital where I would be tested and my husband's neck looked at and treated. We did that and I had a humiliating exam. We left with instructions to return to the police station the next morning. We did that and filled out the police reports in writing then. We received guarantees that the police would work hard on finding these criminals and of course, it would help if we could donate some coffee and cigarette money to the investigators. We gave them 1 juta Rupiah which is equivalent to about 80 US Dollars. We still know not a thing will be done or even looked into unless they catch these guys in the act someplace. They they will probably be forced to apologize and be on their way. That is just the norm.

    A week later and I have pretty much gotten over the ape part except for the feeling I have about being forced. The problem is my husband. He feels like he is a complete failure since he couldn't protect me. He just can't get past the fact that their was really not anything he could have done without great injury or worse coming to him. He has become depressed and has even suggested I divorce him since he failed me. I of course said I would never divorce him and that he never failed me. He followed my directions is all. I tell him that I know that he would have kicked everyone's asses if I would have just said so but I didn't want him to. Nothing seems to be helping yet and I can just hope that time will help. I just hope we never run into one of those guys because it will be my husband in prison I'm afraid. Not really sure what else I can do.

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  • — Men Only —
    Gay Male / 49

    Hi. i'm a 49 year old fag. i have an odd fetish. i perfer Men that i have sex with to be ugly. i don't care if they are old, young, Black, long as they are ugly.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    For a long time i´ve know im attracted to guys and girls but i had only had sexual expiriences in real life with girls, and jack off on webcams w males and watched gay porn but never something with another guy one on one more than parents don´t know i like men too, so this is key to the story im about to tell.

    One day at a meal my parents organized with their workers and their families the son of one of them kept staring at me, i had never spoken to him but knew him from our parents work relathionship, at almost the end of the meal he sended his little brother as a messenger for me to go talk to him, he asked for my phone number, i could see he was into me, but didin´t looked like the type of guy that was completely gay, we texted while being on the same room full of people but without doing it in person, that was on a wednesday, we talked thursday and on friday both of my brothers had gotten out w their friends and i stayed home bored, told him about it and asked me if i wanted to go out w him, i almost said no because i didin´t told my parents i had plans and already stayed in, but somehow i make up a story on how i was making new friends of their workers and it was a good chance for me to socialize, so they let me go out.

    We agreed to see each other one block away from my house since he knew it would be so weird if he came by cuz my parents had never talked to him other than seeing him, i got out of my house, we akwardly decided to go to a soccer field just one block away where they don´t turn on the field´s lights at night cuz almost anyone goes at that time.
    when we got there the sexual tension was at its highest, we is bisexual as well, so he did the first move and kissed me, then we make up, and went to a even darker area of the field.

    i was so nervous because even if it was dark it was apublic place, someone might catch us, we got so horny i told him i was versatil like him, and i got on my knees and unziped his pants, he had a 7inch cut dark like skin curvy cock like most of latin cocks do, i licked the tip and started sucking him off, it was my firts time ever doing something like that but i knew how to from al the porn and homemade videos i had seen over the years, it was nice and hard, a bit difficult to deepthroat because of the curve to the left and i gagged while trying but keept going, we got so horny he asked me if i wanted him to fuck my virgin ass, he was not a virgin like me, and without thinking much about it i turned around spitted on my hand and got my asshole ready, he did the same w his dick, it was hard for him to enter me cuz i was so tight but once he did he pounded me slowly and then hard, grabbed my hips and shove it even harder, i had to stop him multiple times because the pain was too much, but i liked it and my cock felt amazing like i was gonna bust without even touching myself, he fucked me for over 30 minutes and came 3 times bareback inside me.
    then he sucked my cock and since it was late and i didin´t wanted my parents to asked me, or called me, we jerked together and came.

    i retourned home with my ass and mouth fucked, 3 loads deep inside me, he is 18yo, im looking foward to fuck him now, he have seen each other 2 other times, those are others confessions for me to post, i followed this paged and never thought i would be a part of it, i basically lost all my gay virginity to a guy in 48hours of knowing each other, but i don´t regret it, it´s our little secret and i know this is only the beggining. i hope u liked it, and if there´s some grammar mistake i´m sorry, spanish is my firts language. more to cum guys...

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    Anything Goes — Bi-Sexual Male / 47
    I got my first blow job from a guy when i was 15 he late 20's best blowjob I've ever had to this day, i just kept pumping my sperm into his mouth as he kept fisting and sucking my cock, i was able to push it out of my head for 15 years until one day i saw a picture of a chick on her knees holding a beautifully sculptured 8# cut Cock it looked like she was kissing his knob or sucking the cum out of it like a straw, but it set something off in my head, within a week I was sucked off by another guy also went to a porn shop with a gay back room, i so wanted to be Fucked, wanted to feel a mans hands on my waist, as he positions his big Cock before deflowering me taking my virginity, i eventually got taken into a room by a short old Italian man, he pulled out his 8# cut cock which did not fit his small frame at all, i immediately dropped to my knees in lust for that Cock it so reminded me of the picture that started it all for me, i was hungry for his Cock, wanted it so bad wrapped my hand around it and went apeshit thought I was Linda Lovelace, i was actually trying to gag on it ramming my mouth down over his Fucken Huge Cock, was only sucking him for about 2 minutes when he pushed me back holding my head and said me Fuck you now, i was dizzy with lust I let him pick me up off my knees he pushed me over the end of the bed on my stomach next thing I knew he was smearing some goo on my hole and forced 1 then 2fingers inside me withdrew them then said I Fuck you now, you ready, yes please Fuck me Fuck me I remember pleading, he held my waist as his knob was pressing against my hole then pushed popped his big knob in and continued pushing slowly in then he stopped backed up a little then again pushed and repeated this until i felt his big old saggy ball sac slapping against mine, i was in heaven no stories or being told about the good and bad by others on chat lines hsd prepared me for the feeling I was having I didn't want him to stop, I found myself begging him to Fuck me harder, even though I knew he had his whole Cock inside me I wanted more, i started pushing back as he thrusted into me, i could hear him breathing faster like he was having a heart attack, then he began moaning Real load, then I felt all warm inside my hole and felt something running down the
    insides of my thighs. Fuck yeah that was awesome he just tucked his monster Cock back into his old man shorts and left me there, as soon as he stepped out another man walked in and calmly pulled out his smaller 6#cock and said ready for more, i was undecided whether I could handle another cock in my hole which was feeling a bit open, i could almost feel a breeze in my gaping hole he just pushed me back down said times up and shoved his slightly fatter Cock all the way in me and held it there, oh he dumped a big load in you for an old guy didn't he then he started fucking me in and out getting faster and faster all i could hear was a sloppy wet noise as he Fucked me for about a minute then said I'm Gunna cum inside you now bitch, then I got the same warm feeling as before but the sloshing sounds made me horny for more as he continued sliding his Cock in and out of me as I felt it getting smaller until he fell out of me I turned around expecting to see his Cock covered in my shit but all i could see was a cum soaked, dripping shriveled up Cock I dropped to my knees pulled him close and began licking his Cock like it was a dripping I've cream cone, Fuck I was so hot for Cock and Cum right then I would have stayed all night if i could have, he ended up getting hard again and i finally had a Cock in my mouth as it grew fatter and spurted in my mouth it wasn't the big load I was hoping for but i did lick him clean before sucking him. Hope you enjoyed my first time story as much as I did..Yummy, if your thinking about sucking a Cock you have to try it at least once.

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    Blondes - 2
    Adult Confessions
    — Anything Goes — Bi-Sexual Male / 19
    Real quick(since I have a shit phone), heres a retelling of how I lost my virginity.

    I was walking to meet my friend at night when I was called over by a guy who thought I was his friend, he realized he was wrong but we got to talking and became quick friends. He and I where both furries with particular interest in the porn. The conversion left us both heated, so we ducked into a field and his in an open track booth.

    My pants where barely down before he was in my ass with no help but spit and cum. Of course, before mine came off I was gagging on his cock, lubing it up for when; he forced his cock inside me, prompting me to moan which only got him harder as he realized he found a cockslut.

    From that point on shits a crazy blur, I remember being facefucked (gagging on the taste mostly), I remember being forced to face the road while cars drive by as he jerked me off from behind until I came, only to have him bend me over and start fucking my ass again.

    I ended the night laying on the damp wood,underwear and pants laying on the steps, one thigh high sock still on, the other he took to jerk off in later I didn't mind at the time, but it was a damn good sock, hope its still getting use to this day. I still use the other for the same purpose. Still havent fucked a girl yet, but I'm happy with what I've got. Now I just need more~

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    Adult Confessions
    — Sex Confessions — Straight Female / 38
    I got carried away while I was drunk with my daughter and her boyfriend and we ended doing striptease for him and sex.

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    Horny Housewives
    Adult Confessions
    — Embarrassing Moments — Bi-Sexual Male / 36
    I really love to suck black men's cocks and am getting pretty good at it. I think I found my next full time job in applying for, I just hope my wife don't find out.

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    Adult Confessions
    — Fetishes and Kinky Sex — Straight Female / 18
    I'm only here to promote my feet pictures I'm selling come to check me out at @@@@mclovinfeet on Instagram so we can chat. I take request for pictures and videos.

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    Blonde Babes Confess Live On Cam!
    Adult Confessions
    — Sex Confessions — Straight Male / 25
    I was 15 years old when I got bully stripped in a summer school camp. I hardly knew any of the kids that were there, felt like fish out of water and mostly kept to myself. I took a shower in the boys dorms to avoid the crowd of boys showing up later from the swimming pool. I remember walking out in my bathrobe and bumping into a group of boys and four girls. that began laughing about my bathrobe. I knew they were up to no good when they called it baby blue, lifted it up and heard girls saying "look at that baby dick" I couldn't have done anything to prevent them from stripping my robe off and embarrassing me by giving those girl a cheap thrill flicking my penis. I had never felt so naked and ashamed and so embarrassed, I could never tell anyone what they did. I just picked up my bathrobe, walned away, got dressed and never said a word about.

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    Adult Confessions
    — Anything Goes — Straight Male / 25
    Well... I did together with a guy for a hookup. Thought I was bi, now I know Iâ�ï&iq uest;½m straight. He sucked me good, then switched and I sucked him, switched again couldnâ�ï¿&fr ac12;t get hard again then felt disgusted. I had to pull an asshole move and leave him high and dry, felt a bit guilty but I felt more grossed out. Got home and took a hot shower to get his taste and smell off of me water so hot it caused my skin to turn red. Now in bed knees still weak and feeling sick to my stomach. One thing is for sure Iâ�ï&ique st;½m going for pussy all the way ugh can still smell his cologne on my hands alcohol not working very well. One thing is fore sure when I get a girl to go down on me, Iâï¿&frac1 2;�m definitely showering like 20 minutes before the hookup ugh you women deserve metals lol. My mind is a curse I can remember useless information... I can still remember his touch taste and smell UUUGGGHHH!

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    Adult Confessions
    — Sex Confessions — Bi-Sexual Female / 19
    I have a big slave/brainwash/petplay fetish that I always hide in my room and only shared with my girlfriend, yesterday I was doing some petplay alone (being naked acting as a cat) when the door opened (yes I FORGOT TO CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR) and I saw my younger step brother staring at me, I think he was spying me for a while... I tried as fast as I could to close the door but he began to pet me and I could resist, so I was his pet for the rest of the day, the most erotic thing that has happened to my so far and I am wondering if I should tell me girlfriend since she is also into petplay.

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    Adult Confessions
    — Embarrassing Moments — Straight Male / 45
    I have a young mistress who know I enjoy being embarrassed by her. She knows I like to be teased and also that I like it when she exposes me publically. She called me tonight and gave me some unusual orders. Something I've never had to do before. I had to shave my body from head to toe. Put on her bra panties top and jeans. Then I have to print off a picture of her that I have, of her tits. Turn on my video camera and record myself pulling my pants and panties down, then jerk off to her pic. She said to send her the video so she can show some of our friends. She will show everyone, I know. But I can't say no.. Wish me luck.

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    Brunette Babes Confess Thier Juiciest Secrets On WebCam!
    Adult Confessions
    — Anything Goes — Transsexual Male / 21
    So IÃ¢ï¿½ï¿ ;½m a 21 year old trans guy house sitting for a middle age woman for five days. Iâï¿&fra c12;�m constantly horny af and I just bought a hitachi wand so of course I had to bring it with me lol. Last night I was laying in this womanâ�ï&iques t;½s bed and I was so horny. I rubbed my clit through the sheets and then made myself cum with my vibrator. I came so hard and loud. It was amazing. Definitely planning on doing it again lol

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