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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 42

    My Asian gf and her 19 year old son moved in 11 months ago. Within no time I could tell her son was a bit crazy when she wasnât around. He is in college and a good kid but his sexual energy doesnât seem to have a release. Heâll get out of the shower and walk around in his boxers, couple times he was popping a tent and trying to get my attention. At first I was like this kid is messed up but itâs entertaining to me know.
    I guess heâs bi, or something.

    One day about a month ago, im Just getting out of the shower and he walks in, yet I know I locked the door because I know when heâs coming home. Whatever I think, and just cover up, he said sorry and went to the other bathroom.

    Two hours later Iâm having couple drinks watching TV laying on the couch relaxing and he comes into the den and asked if I could get up so he could sit down, Iâm like no sit somewhere else.

    15 minutes later heâs lays on my back, i thought it was a joke and Iâm like wtf is this fool doing on me,

    Iâm just about to flip out on him, then just took a deep breath and relaxed for a few sec, and he is actually dry humping me, and I could feel his cock right between my ass, and it felt really good. So good I just pulled my shorts down for him, he pulled his down and slowly worked it in, now he is always pounding on my man pussy.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 21

    This isnât much of a confession but here goes. So I really love masturbating lol. I have a few dildos and a vibrator and Iâm planning on getting a hitachi wand vibrator soon. I house sit for my best friendâs mom when she goes out of town and Iâm going to be there for a week next month. I donât really want to go that long without my toys (mostly my vibrator lol) and since Iâll be all alone for a week and kinda seems like a great time for some playtime. Should I take my toys (the hitachi vibrator and dildos) with me?

    A little background which is a bit of a confession I guess lol since no one knows I do this stuff.

    Iâve been house sitting for her for years. Iâve masturbated in almost every room. Iâm also a little bit of a show off. I like to be naked and show off Iâm masturbating so Iâve walked around the house naked multiple times. I also really love the idea of pushing my limits so I'm leaning towards bringing my toys and seeing what all I can do lol.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 23

    I know p**ophillia is not accetable and nobody even talk or wonder how sex is with children. I am not p**ophlile but can you image if boys around 8-9-10 years old or 11-12-13 years old had the size of penis like the adults? Everyone know kids are more pretty than adults. Even someone who is not p**ophlile knows it. I just wonder. If the pleasure was the same then i wouldn't mind. I care for my sexual pleasure. Anyone who can give it to me i accept it. I don't care who or what gave it to me. I don't have moral barriers.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 54

    When me and my sister were 8 & 7 we would strip of and run through the huge bushland that was part of and around our parents property, I can't remember how it started but it always felt natural to do, Until one day we stumbled onto dads huge porn stash in one of the chicken barns, we both sat there reading the stories and looking at all the pictures. It became a regular thing for us after school and All weekend, eventually of course we started to re enact some of the stories with the help of the pictures, this included her stroking my cock then sucking it, and i would lick her nipples and pussy, we tried fucking but it never worked out right. Love my sister, for years after we would do the same things when left alone. We eventually Fucked when she lost her virginity to a guy in high school. It all ended sadly when we woke up one night to mums hysterical screams as we'd nodded off in sis"s bed after a good Fucking, As we were still naked it was hard to get out of it. Busted..

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 50

    I was the secretary to this department head who one day told me that when he was in Vietnam a landmine exploded nearby and he got hit by shrapnel and he had his package torn off, balls and all. He had reconstructive surgery and he has a penile implant but he said he had no feelings. Quite a head trip for a 26 year old. I did feel sorry for him but I could not understand it. I guess I still don't understand it because I still keep thinking of him. I don't think a woman could ever understand what it is to have your package torn off. He must have been a very young man then, because this was in the nineties when he told me about it.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 52

    Back in the early eighties when I was sixteen I was with my mother in a store and these two men came in and threw me on the floor and ripped my menstrual pad off me and took it with them.

    No one ever offered a good explanation for why they would do that.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 32

    My MIL I fantasize about her walking into the bathroom again and catching me as I was stepped out of the shower, She did it before and just stopped stareng at my Hard 8# slab that I had given a pounding while in the shower. I just froze I hadn't locked the door as no one was supposed to be home for a few hours, We'd had a few awkward moments in the past but this was a highlight. I didn't try to cover up and eventually I dropped the towel I had reached for as she walked in, She never looked me in the eye, She was fixated to my Cock, I finally said are you OK Lorraine ?. Nothing, so I stepped closer to her until her hand was touching my throbbing Cock, She tried wrapping her cold fingers around it and whispered OMG it's so big and warm. Then there was a noise outside she let go spun around and bolted for her room. I closed the door and started drying myself off. Turned out it was nothing, She Never said a thing about it since. Damn it.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 53

    When we were growing up we had a park that was a block away from our house. After school we would go ride our bikes and we would end up at the park to catch up and drink from the water fountain. That afternoon there was a little girl all by herself, swinging with no adult nearby. The swing went up and so did her dress and you could see her white panties up between her legs, we sat on the bench and watched as she flashed us.

    When she got off the swing we went over to talk to her and she told us her mother had left her there because she was going to a meeting. She had a sandwich in a paper bag in case she was late. We stayed with her and it got late and then dark and the mother didn't come back. Finally we knew we were so late that we were going to get in trouble and my friend took off to go home. I convinced the little girl to walk home with me, she couldn't stay out all night.

    That is how we ended up taking her in. She lived with us as a throw away child and my mother made me look after her. I had to walk her to school and go to school to walk her home. I had to play with her after school and not go bike riding with my friend. She was good at puzzles and stuff. I guess I never paid attention to her clothes but my Mom bought her real nice things and fixed her hair every day and she got a fattened up as my Mom would say. As to age, she was six when we took her in. And she was now my little sister and I made sure she never flashed her panties to anyone.

    When she got to that age when everything changes she turned into a beautiful swan, every stupid boy within ten blocks was after her, I had this baseball bat that I kept in the car and I would stand outside on our driveway with the baseball bat. Everyone knew that getting close to her was a death wish. Seventeen and she was the talk of the town, by then she was adopted and she was my sister and no one really knew she as adopted. She was a stunner, smart like smart and so damn pretty that she stopped cars. Watching over her was hell, except that she was real obedient to me. If I said no, it meant no.

    I got done with college and what was I going to do? Let her go by herself to some college where there would be nothing but vultures? No way, so I convinced my parents that the best thing for her was to come live with me and go to the city college. That is where we committed adultery, committed i****t between brother and sister. Sure it was glorious, sure it was like a gift from heaven, sure I lost my virginity and so did she. But it was adultery and I guess i****t, making love like that with your adopted sister. But we could not stop, I don't doubt that I was filthy horny about her but so was she.

    If I thought that a little bit of play got me somewhere we did it, but she always took it up three levels, nothing stopped her from wanting more and more. She wanted sex all the time and I felt guilty about it but she didn't. She was born to have sex with me and she intended to make her birthright known. Outside in the open world we were two loving siblings who took care of each other, she cooked for me and took care of the house and went to college and I worked and paid the bills, but at night she was a sex machine, a beautiful sex machine. It isn't very manly to say that I could not keep up and lots of time she sat looking at me with a big lip because I just had to take a break.

    The day came when we had to tell my parents that we were active and that we wanted to get married. The legal world got easier when she was adopted but not easy by any means. The adoption had to be reversed they said, the state just did not let a brother marry his sister. In the meantime we had sex. Finally the adoption was annulled and we were able to get married. Lots of problems in the neighborhood, and with some of our extended family but in the end it was accepted, I had found her she was mine to keep.

    Been forty years now, still the brightest star in my sky, still beautiful, she will never not be beautiful, still has an engine that won't slow down. One thing for sure, I never had enough gas to mess around, she emptied my tank.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    I am 55 and I quit my job to go on a world tour. I travel with minimum cost adventures, I enjoy backpacking, hiking, trekking, site seeing in nature the natural way, away from tour buses and picture mad people. I want to sit on the rock over the ledge enjoying the view for myself.

    In Quito Ecuador I went through this book I have which guides you to inexpensive places to eat and stay. I found this one small hotel hidden on a side street and the only catch is that it was a two man room, the bathroom is shared on the floor. My roommate was Octavio, he spoke broken English and with my broken Spanish we managed to introduce ourselves. He worked for a transportation company and he was in Quito to pick up a truck that had been repaired and drive it back to his home town.

    He came back from the bathroom and stood at the end of my bed and showed me his dick and asked me to show him my dick. He asked me if I liked to fuck and he turned around and dropped his pants and bent over showing me his bare hairy buttocks. He asked me if I liked it and he said that if I wanted to fuck him he would like that and if I wanted he would suck my dick. He came over to the side of the bed with his pants around his ankles and offered me his dick.

    In all of my travels nothing like this had ever happened and in all my days I had never thought about this. His dick was small and brown and uncut and he wanted me to suck it. I pushed myself up and leaned over and sucked his dick. The taste was not what I expected and the texture was not what I expected, his dick got an erection and his hard shaft started go grow in my mouth as I sucked him. After a few minutes, he took my hair in his hand and started to tuck my face, it felt good like nothing I had ever experienced. But after a few seconds he pulled his dick out and held it in his hand to make himself cum, his cum dripped out of his dick on to the floor and his pants around his ankles. He offered me his wet dick and I tried some of his cum the last drops and it tasted dirty and salty and a little bitter.

    He got out of his pants and took his shirt off and laid on his stomach and talked to me telling me to go ahead and get on. His brown naked butt, lifting and releasing, he opened his cheeks and asked for me to go ahead and get on, telling me in broken English to 'you fuck now'. I got on and put my dick up against his hole which opened up as he positioned himself and it went in without much resistance and soon my dick was deep in his hot ass and I was fucking away. He made noises, begged for more, told me I was the first white man to fuck him, and he wanted me to fuck him all the way. I was hard as steel and I fucked him for all it was worth until I reached the point of dropping my load in him and I pumped away. He squeezed me hard with his muscles as I pulled out, wet and I for the first time I smelled his ass as strong as it was it wasn't revolting.

    I lay back on my bed, I used my Tshirt to wipe my dick down and laid back to catch my breath. Octavio stood up after a couple of minutes, his naked dick hanging between his legs, asking me to give him compliments on his dick and his ass. He came over and sat on the bed and sucked my dick telling me I had a nice dick. Octavio snored the night away as I lay on the bed looking at the ceiling thinking about what I had just done, my first ever experience fucking a guy, sucking a guy, having my dick sucked by a guy and he was sleeping next to me, a foot and a half away.

    In the morning as he got dressed he showed off a bit, and asked if I liked him and I said I did, I sucked his dick a little before I got dressed and went down to go find a place to eat. We exchanged names and I gave him a fake number and we went our ways. I took a flight to the Galapagos at noon and never saw Octavio again, but I have never forgotten Octavio and the world of Latin boys he introduced me to. It just feels good to fuck one, to have him fucked in real deep. I don't know but it does. It just feels good.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 40

    I received a call at work one day to find out my wife had been arrested. Public nudity and resisting arrest. My wife and her lover were caught having sex near a school and her lover tried to resist arrest and both were charged and taken to jail. I was totally taken by surprise bur got her out of jail. I had no idea she was cheating on me. She showed great remorse and really hoped for forgiveness. Her lover was a boyfriend she had in high school. They started sex when she was 16. They broke up after he dumped her for other girls. We met in college and got married after we both graduated. I asked for what the situation with him existed if she wanted forgiveness. She promised only love for me and our family. She admitted to having sex with him even before we married. She has sex with only us because we both knew her body. She hated to admit but has sex with him weekly. She promised it would end because the excitement had gone out of it. I no doubt fathered our children because they look like me. She said he wore condom when we started our family. Iâm still trying to work through this. She has been good to me and as I stated earlier I had no idea she was cheating. After a month she still says she has been true to me. I donât want her cheating and I donât want to slit up. It will take time for me to get a grasp on this event.

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