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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Female / 44

    My husband and I have 2 small kids. I was always saying go ask daddy, go sit with daddy. After a while I started calling him daddy.
    One day he said ya know when the kids are bad they get their asses whacked.
    You call me daddy maybe I should try that on you when you get that shitty attitude of yours going.
    I said no you shouldn't.
    He seemed to think I should. I was thinking he was just kidding.
    I slowed down on calling him daddy but by now it was so natural.
    After a couple of days went by and a couple of attitudes floated through hubby offered to help me do laundry in the basement after the boys were sleeping for the night. I thought it was wierd that he wanted to help but I'll take whatever help I can get.
    After the washer was loaded he hugged me from behind and said you've been a bad girl. You need to be punished.
    I said what are you talking about.
    He said daddy is gonna get that attitude out of you.
    I was a lil worried, waiting to see what was going to happen.
    I was guided to a chair, he sat down and told me to lay over his lap.
    I was kinda excited and scared at the same time.
    After being told three times I finally placed myself over his lap. He raised my night shirt and started rubbing my butt cheeks. He said daddy is tired of your attitude. You need a reminder why that attitude is a bad idea. Do you understand. I said yes.
    He instructs me to stay still.
    Slaps start. Lightly at first then it gets harder. My ass is burning. I'm finding it harder and harder to stay still.
    Finally he stops. He says stand up. I do and he asks how do you feel. I explain that my butt is burning. He says how's your attitude. I say I think I can control it now. He tells me to go check the laundry. I get to the washer and he is behind me pushing me forward and slamming his hard rod right into my wetness. That was the best sex we have ever had. After we both cum he whispers in my ear You can definitely expect more trips down here.
    It's been 6 months and at least twice a month hubby "helps" me do laundry. Over time the slaps have gotten harder but it feels so good.

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  • — My Family —
    Gay Male / 27

    My Uncle had to leave the county, and was going to be gone for a month, but he needed someone to care for his farm. My Daddy told him Iâd take care of it for him. DAMN MY DADDY!

    I showed up the day I was sposed to an he was showing me all the chores I was to be takin care of while he was gone.. here I was thinking I'd have to pick me out a dog if I wanted sex,,, hell even a stallion woulda worked. The one thing I knew was I was gonna get real horny. Up the driveway came a pick-up.
    Seems like I was gonna meet a cousin I'd never met. He wasn't what you'd call pretty or even handsome, but he was young and male. (meaning there was a dick tween his legs, not that it showed but Lord there had to be one).
    He was a bit stand offish, maybe shy was the word, but PURE dumb. My Uncle took off telling my cousin he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted, he said he was sure I'd love some company. Ain't no lie to that. And he got his suitcase from the bed of his ol pick-up. My Uncle was a loner, the fact that he was mighta caused me to wonder, though it didn't. The house was a good size but, seein it was just him there was only one bed. Oh it was plenty big, big enough that even with two of us in there, there was nuff room for us two ta sleep and never touch each other. Now you know THAT was never gonna happen. ha, ha
    I had to take things real slow, I didn't want the word out about me yet. But right away I was makin plans to get a lip lock on ANY kind of cock,. and I'd rather have male cock though like I said earlier any cock on the farm woulda worked. Yeah even the dogs. That wasn't my first choice though and now I wouldn't have to even think about the dogs.
    We worked hard at the farmin gettin to know each other, kind of. BUT there was this one thing he would never have guessed. Like I said dumb as a sack of nails, never even had his cherry popped.
    After one hot day workin our ass' off, I suggested the pond for a dip to cool off. We could always swim in our shorts. We got to the pond and after a cool swim we lay on the bank dryin off. I introduced him to his first joint..
    there was another coming. It was his first weed. I never said anything and he took it like it was a Lucky Strike,, takin lots of it on every toke. I was hardly tokin myself. But I wasn't about to seduce me now was I? That was it and we went back to the house, just walkin in our shorts. I never saw much of what was in his shorts, but I couldn't care less. There just HAD to be a dick in there. There sure was what looked like a pretty deep butt crack.
    That night I brought up the topic. SEX. He was all shy about tellin me he'd never had any. So I made up story after story. He was gettin all worked up about it, but making it a point not to let me see. I continued my lies right up to climbing into bed, all about gettin a blow job from all of my partners. The conversation ended up with me sayin.
    "So since you ain't never been had; bet you never had a BJ from a guy."
    "Lord a mercy! Ain't nothin like that, wouldn't be natural!"
    "Oh, it's natural for sure. Cousin were country bumkins, we gotta get it where-ever we can."
    End of that conversation, I rolled over and went to sleep. Bet he had some dreams that night. In the morning at breakfast, he kinda cleared his throat.
    "Last night you said something about BJ's. Have you ever had a guy to that kind of stuff to you?"
    He didn't let it go beyond that. He asked me a couple of times during the day and my answer was always short. But there it was in his head. We went for our swim, though this time we (that is he) smoked most of the joint I'd rolled. Before our dip. I suggested a naked swim, he didn't jump at the chance, bashful and all. But hesitantly he accepted the suggestion.
    His pecker was all pulled up tight, not mine, I was puffing up, which only made it seem like I was bigger than him. As we walked to the water I just like buddy-buddy put my hand on his bare shoulder. That was cool by him, and by me, he was comfortable with a guys hand on him. We swam in the cold water and my cock shrunk up some, well not some; bout the size I saw on him.
    Still, I'm not making any moves. That night after supper we were out on the front porch and he brought up sex, what was it like and all. He seemed to close his end of the conversation with.
    "And you really let a guy do that kind of stuff to you?"
    "FUCK YEAH, guys are the best at it!"
    "Well , ain't they got dicks? So I'm guessin that's why there so much better."
    "I guess that makes some kinda sense, BUT A GUY?"
    That night I went to bed without shorts, waited awhile and beat off.
    It wasn't long after when he thought I was asleep he beat off, in his shorts. Mornin came and clear as daylight his shorts were stained.
    I put my shorts on looked at him directly in the eye and he could see my eyes move down to his stain.
    "Wet dream last night, or'd ya beat off?"
    Shamefully he owned up to beatin off.
    "Ya shoulda taken your shorts off, you didn't see me jerkin off in my shorts."
    Well now he knew I saw him watchin me. He stammered something I couldn't make out.
    "Shit just thinking bout my beatin off has me boned up now."
    I stood and let him see the tent in my shorts.
    "Cousin Roscoe, don't you have any shame?"
    "What's shameful about it, I just have a hard-on. If I had no shame I'd get out there and fuck that brood mare."
    'You'd do something like that?"
    "Might be better than my hand."
    He just sat there flabbergasted, but he moved his hands, I guessed to cover a hard-on.
    We worked in the barn that day and it was hot as hell. So, that surely meant a trip to the pond. We swam till we were cooled off
    and then lay on our bib overalls to dry off, him on his stomach. Me on my back and my cock puffin up again. I could see he was taken peeks at my cock and before long I had a full blown woody. There wasn't any peeking now he was staring at it. He was stoned again.
    "You got a mighty big pecker Roscoe."
    It shocked the shit out of me that he'd say that. But there it was, a lead in to my seduction.
    "Turn over and let me see your woody."
    "I ain't got no woody!"
    "Jeb, you had a woody for long before I got mine, now roll over and let me see. It's only fair, you seen mine."
    He rolled over, and he had a decent pecker for his age, just turned 16 or so.
    I knew this was my time. If I stroked his ego I could make some moves.
    "Jeb I don't know why you been hiding that thing, or where but that's a piece of meat for sure and at your age it's gonna get way bigger."
    "You're joshin me right?"
    "Fuck no! You're bout big as I am, and I got 5 years on you! You just stay right where you are, I'm gonna come over there and measure us side by side."
    The kid was panicked but there was excitement in it as well. I stood up, first kind of over his shoulders so from where he lay looking up at me made me look bigger. I kneeled down just under his arm pits, my dick hitting his chin. And slowly I slide my butt down along his chest and belly. He was definitely enjoying the skin to skin contact. When the crack of my ass hit the head of his dick he moaned.
    "Don't get no ideas Jeb ya ain't fuckin me."
    I just laughed and moved down so we were pecker to pecker and when I moved my hand to hold both of them together he moaned again.
    "Feels good to have someone other than your hand holding it huh?"
    His eyes were closed by he was shakin his head 'yes'.
    I had grabbed his hand and put it round both our cocks. It was plain to see he was enjoying that, though he'da denied it if asked; I didn't.
    "You're only about an inch shorter than I am , hummmm maybe even less than that."
    And with that I got off him, figuring that was plenty of lead in to my final step. That night after supper we were going to go out on the porch. I figured what the hell and I go naked.
    "Roscoe, you goin out there nekkid?"
    Now ya'll know the difference between naked and nekkid. Nekkid is when you got a dirty mind.
    "Why not we've seen each other nekkid, heck even with boners"
    It made sense to him now and he stripped right down. And I headed to the small porch swing and as he came out of the doorway I just patted the spot next to me. And, just as natural as the full moon he sat next to me. Skin to skin, and I put my arm around his shoulders. We were both on our way to woodies. My hand slid down to his nipple and sort of absentmindedly I played with his nipple, it hardened at my touch. Now there was no more 'on our way' we both had hard ons. I moved my hand to the back of his neck and began massaging it, NOW was the time! With my other hand I took hold of his cock, first he moaned and then followed suit. Just holding each other, no stroking or anything.
    "You wanna jerk off together? Just like this."
    I began to stroke his fresh pink rod, and be damned if he didn't do the same thing. He shot off right away and covered my hand with his cum. I just moved his hand off my cock and used it for lube. He seemed shocked, but when he heard me moanin the shock was replaced with joy like a little kid realizing that he had done something good. We both got our rocks off and just sat there neither one of us going soft, nor speaking.
    He was the first to speak.
    "You said you had guys suck on your dick, huh?"
    &quo t;Did you ever suck a dick?"
    "Till now, to be honest with you, never thought I'd enjoy it."
    "Till now? You mean your thinkin of it now?"
    "Ah, yeah. Never seen a dick as pretty as yours. Are you thinkin you'd like me to suck on you? I might but you could never tell anyone. In fact if you just put my dick in your mouth, now not to suck on it, but I'd be sure you'd never say nothin."
    That' s when he put my cock in his mouth, it just kinda lay there on his tongue. I guess simply instinct took over and I felt his start to suck. So I pulled out of his mouth, stood him up and sucked that pecker as deep into my mouth as I could.
    GAWD! I was hungry for some suckin. My hands worked his ass as I sucked, when I pulled off his cock so's I could suck on his balls, he almost whined, that is till his balls were in my mouth. I licked a little behind his balls. Got back on to suckin his cock and when I thought he was getting close I made out like I need a breather, I was edging him. All of a sudden he had me by the hair pulling me back on his cock. I sucked him to completion and he howled like a coon dog. He literally fell to the floor.
    "Should I do that to you?"
    "Nah, I'm good but you could hold my balls while I jerk off, would you do that?"
    I was seated by now and his hand cupped my nutts as I beat off. When I came I licked a bit off my fingers and closed my eyes.
    I felt his finger in one of my cum puddles and I barely opened my eyes to see him taste of it. We sat there for some time before going into the bedroom. He walked in front of me and I thought he had such a cute ass. He must have guessed it, cuz he said.
    "You ain't fuckin me either."
    It was so funny I just grabbed a handful of butt cheek. We climbed into bed on our own sides... hell this wasn't supposed to be a 'lovin' just a 'sexin' so I sure didn't expect any affection. I did however wake in the middle of the night with him suckin on my pecker.
    "What cha doin Jeb?"
    "Well, you done it to me, an I sneaked a bit of your cum while you was passed out. So I recon two things; one, I owed you and two, I thought I might like some more of that cum, is that ok?"
    "FUCK YEAH! and if you want I'll teach you how to make love. OK?"
    He mumbled a yeah with a mouth full of my cock. I hurried my climax so as not to let him feel tired of suckin though I could have let him suck me all night. Not that he was good, but he sure was trying.
    The next morning I woke him by French kissing him, it was passive on his part but he quickly got into it. He was an eager student when it came to love making. And we damn near didn't get anything done around the farm that day.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    To Amy and Maisie.
    This is Doug.

    If you are reading this you know who you are.

    I responded to your initial post because you seemed sincere.
    And because I honestly wanted to help you and believed I could.

    In your case, and in your post you specifically asked for input to help you solve your problem.
    You got the usual pompous criticisms typical to the smoke and mirror comments found on this site.

    But I don't do that.
    I never criticized or condemned your particular kinks.

    If I post a comment, it's positive and supportive and based on experience.
    If you choose to apply it, it might work.
    In your case it did work.

    I usually post my email because I truly want to be friends.
    We traded a few and then you dissed me.

    It's happened before.
    Fuck it.
    Glad I could help you and I wish you the best.

    Kiss my ass too :))

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 47

    I've noticed this really hot younger woman with a group I volunteer with.
    At first I ignored her (way to young). But over the past couple of years, she's gotten more curves.

    This weekend I was watching her struggle to adjust her tight jeans, she's trying to pull them up, fighting her ass to get the jeans higher, wiggling her hips the way women do.
    Watching her wiggle, seeing that inch strip of bare dark skin above her waste, then looking up to she her round firm and big tits just swaying with her hips. Gave me a semi right there.

    The next day as i am eating out my wife's asshole, face between her cheeks, all I could imagine is this young woman's ass, hoping to feel her large cheeks spread and pressing against my face. Wondering how her asshole must taste like, listening to her squeals as I bury my tounge up her dark black shitter.

    I can imagine her heavy black breasts pressing against my face as she sits on my cock. Her sighing as my thick cock parts her creamy pussy. Her laughing as she buries my face in her tits. I look up and kiss her, slipping her the tounge, just as I reach around and massage her ample ass with one hand, and slipping a finger into her asshole.

    I'm thrusting in her and can feel my dick in her with my finger, she kisses back and purrs "you can have my ass if you want." Into my ear, "Fuck! I yell" as the very thought of stuffing that perfectly shaped Ass makes me blow load after load into her pussy!

    I bury my face in those huge tits, sucking on her dark, erect nipple.
    I wait a bit, then slowly withdraw my cock, I ask her to stay above me. I look Down to see those brown pussy lips, streaked with cum, her bush matted with her white cream my cock brought forth. I eagerly await the drops of cum to slowly ooze out of her freshly fucked pussy.

    Maybe next time her ass I think.

    Where was I? Oh, yes, eating out my wife's asshole......

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    I am a mid twenties television anchor in a semi large market. I go under my mother's maiden name, it helps because I am Hispanic. I am married, my husband is twenty four years older than me and very wealthy. I got my job because he influenced the station to put me on the air. My ratings are pretty good, in fact very good. I happen to be very good at this. It is just that I didn't spend all those years on the street reporting plus my husband doesn't want me out there, he wants me safe and sound in the station.

    I love my husband very much, much more than I ever thought I would. I went out with him in L.A. when I was in college because of his connections and what he could buy me. He was big on gifts, nice gifts, car, clothes and jewelry. I was a little gold digger at the time. Coming from where I came from giving it up to him in return for getting ahead was on everyone's mind. Just get him to promote me and I would have it made. I fell in love with him over time. Maybe because I fell in love with him he fell in love with me? I do believe he loves me, he married me, prenup and all, but he married me.

    I moved markets so my street past is in the past. He has a core business in this market and he keeps a home here for me. Either way, he travels a lot, so L.A. or N.Y., or right here doesn't matter. This is where I live and I keep a home for him here. I had some make up surgery, nose, chin and cheek bones. Better for the camera. No boobs, he likes what he has. No butt implants either, he likes what he has. But I am far more camera friendly than before my make up surgery.

    I have become quite the homebody. I met a girl here who is into home decorating and she has helped me really find a comfortable look for my home. She is a little gold digger too, because she has gotten me to spend quite a bit of money. But she has good taste and we became friends after spending the money. And my husband likes what I have done with the house. I didn't know how to tell him about my number one, so I had her help me with a reveal party just for him, revealing to him that he is going to be a father again, of a son. I prepared myself for a bad moment if it was a girl, but he told me that it was ok either way, but he is happy I am going to give him a son. Hispanics always want sons. I learned that on the streets of East L.A.

    I got together with him for the money, I won't lie. I was 19 when I met him. I never dreamt I would end up being an anchor on television, or that I would be married to him.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 18


    I'm a cleaner in a large office complex and there are a lot of empty parts of the building that are being renovated. I love having a really good poo but it has to be in private so I never go in the occupied areas of the complex. The trouble is the area being renovated is out of bounds as its pretty much a building site but occasionally I get asked to clean the toilets for the contractors.

    Well on Friday I was busting for a poo all morning and I was asked to clean the toilets on the first floor. There was one contractor working in the room opposite the toilets I was cleaning and I really had to poo very badly. I felt embarrassed to go as he was right outside but I was about to poo myself so I had no choice. I sat on the toilet and relaxed when I hear him walk into the toilets. He was having a really long wee and I tried to hold it until he left but I was so desperate I couldn't hold it and I dropped a big turd into the toilet making a plop. It was followed by six more and I was so embarrassed. The relief of it was worth it though and when I left the toilets he was painting the wall outside the toilets. He must have heard everything and when he asked me if I felt better I felt my face burning red with embarrassment but I found the situation quite erotic and by the bulge in his trousers I think he did too!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I can't stop thinking about it. I want this to happen so badly and will do anything to have it happen. It's simple,I want a girl or several girls even, to take me to the beach and walk around first to check out who's there and show me how crowded it is that day. Then they take me to the women's change room, they strip me completely and make me watch as they cut my clothes to shreds. Then they just walk away and leave me like that. I asked a few girls to do this and they said they would love to but never have. One girl even said she would help me our even more and tie my hands behind my back so I couldn't get dressed even if I did find clothes. She has at least taken pics of me naked and passed them around but I still can't get her to leave me naked somewhere. I could do it myself but it's not the same.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 44

    My wife cheated on me but we worked it out. My wife lead me to believe she was masterbating for years. I finally picked up that on Thursday she had a half day at work that she was off limits for affection from me. She would wash the bed sheets and have the house cleaned up some. I set up the cam recorder in the closet. I hope to get a good recording of her masterbating with her toys. Her toy turned out to be her boss. They had foreplay and sex for an hour. They licked fondled and did most sex positions. He really used her pussy. I really was surprised when she let him cum inside her. I understood she we never had used birth control. We have 1 child. I always pulled out and cum in my hand. This really hurt me to catch what she was doing. I planned my discussion with her and it went well. Our son was at in-laws we both were watching tv. I asked her how she keeps from getting pregnant by her boss. This really caught her off guard. She finally replied why I asked her such a question. I didnât reveal how I knew but I told her she has been having sex on Thursday with her boss a long time. After crying and losing her emotions we discussed it all afternoon. I agreed to lose about 50 pounds and have sex more than a couple times a month. We never mention divorce. My wife said she got on birth control after a couple of pregnancy scares. She said she would stop the affair and admitted to having sex with him for two years and most weeks 2 to 4 times a week. She was worried about losing her job which paid well for her qualifications. We decided she would try to end it without telling him I knew. After a month she admitted to continuing sex with him and said her boss had no intentions of quitting sex with her. The affair stopped when her boss was promoted to another state. This was a difficult situation to work through but we did. I ended up losing 70 pounds and am staying fit. We have sex often now. We even joke about the affair. She comments sometimes and says letâs go to bed and screw me like her boss. This affairs still bothers me sometimes but I think it also made us stronger. I am glad it is ended.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I VIGOROUSLY MASTURBATE 24/7 AND I DONT KNOW WHY . any help ? or advice ?

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 40

    I turned forty last week. At twentysix I fell into a relationship with a man at work. A much older married man. I felt grown up. And one day he was getting divorced and I was supposed to move in with him, live with him. I was twentyeight, living with a fiftyone year old man.

    In the end his wife saved me by going back to him, but not before I had a child. I am forty, my relationship, my child mean that I am never going to fully move on. I am forever going to be his girlfriend, I have to be, for my son.

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