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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 49

    In my early 20's, I knew a girl named Mary. She had an uncanny resemblance to Lauren Bacall. I met her one evening as she was walking by my apartment building. She stopped to talk for minute and invited herself in. Within minutes, she told me that she loves to suck cock, and that she has seen me around, and was waiting for the chance to meet me. She wasn't the least bit shy about what she wanted, and was pretty aggressive. It wasn't long before she was wrapped around me French Kissing, and rubbing my stiff cock through my jeans. Needless to say, any inhibitions I might have had, dissipated pretty quickly, and she was on her knees pulling my jeans down to get at my cock. She went at it ravenously. She was uncontrollable in her lust for cock. I was almost in disbelief about what was happening. One minute I'm getting ready to walk into my apartment building, and in a flash I'm in my apartment with a really attractive girl sucking my cock like she would die if she didn't. Damn that girl was addicted to sucking cock! When she finished, she just got up, kissed me, and said she'd see me again soon. Then just turned and walked out. I looked down at my limp dick, and back at the door that she had just passed through, and thought, "What The Fuck Just Happened?" A couple of days later, I saw her in town again. She flagged me down, and jumped in my car with me and said, "Drive!" I drove out of town, and she leaned over and started pulling at my jeans, and got my cock out and gave me road head. Then we pulled into a secluded place and made out. Then we went back into town, and she got out and was gone again. It became a regular thing for that whole summer. I did manage to get her to let me eat her pussy several times, which she loved. I was actually starting to like her, but she had no intention of getting into a relationship. I eventually found out that she was sucking a number of other guys off also. I still kept on meeting her until I found out that she was seeing a guy about 15 years older than her. They eventually got married and moved away. I sometimes wonder if he knew about her just meeting guys, and sucking all those cocks at the drop of a hat. No dating. No meeting the family. Just meeting guys, and sucking their cocks. Now here's a weird twist. I eventually got married. Had a bad marriage, got divorced. Spent a few years single, and eventually met a really sweet girl, who also loved to suck cock. She had a thing for meeting guys and giving them head just like Mary. I eventually married this girl knowing about her past. Neither of them looked like that type of girl, but damn they both loved to suck cock. Now the REAL twist. I found out that one of the guys my new wife had been sucking off before we met, was Mary's older brother.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    This all started as an 11yr old boy.

    My older brother was going through puberty and was always walking around with his cock hard showing me what it looked like. Mum and dad both worked so we were home alone a lot.
    One afternoon after school my brother came into my room and pulled his pants down to show me his cock yet again but his time he had other plans. He walked up to me and said suck it. I wasn’t sure what he meant so he said open your mouth so I can put it in. Reluctantly I agreed and that was the start of a daily ritual that went on for years. He was about 14 at the time and was always horny. From that day on every afternoon I would suck his cock. I was a quick learner and he would cum down my throat. He would make me swallow it all. Things progressed over the next year to him asking me if he could put it in my ass. Once again like a good little brother I agreed and he started to slowly ease his cock into my ass. He would grab the vasoline on the way to my room to make it easier to slide in then he would “practice “ fucking me. Most afternoons we had about an hour before our parents would get home and he would spend most of that time fucking me. At first he would cum really quick, after a while he would last longer and longer til eventually he could fuck me for up to an hour before he came inside me.
    He would get me to suck him clean after.
    This however wasn’t enough for him as he approached 16yrs old. At night he would want to cum again before he went to sleep. So he would come into my room after everyone went to bed and stick his cock in my mouth for a quick blowjob before bed.
    So that became the new routine. Fucking in the the afternoon and a blowjob at night. I was happy to oblige. It was really the only time my brother paid any attention to me so I would do just about anything he wanted.
    I finished school at 15 my parents divorced and my father,brother and I moved to a new house to live with my Uncle who was divorced as well.
    My brother was working and I just started a job as well. The house was quite small and we had to share a room together. That just meant easier access for him to fuck me. On the outside we looked like just the average brothers but as soon as the door shut he was naked and fucking me within seconds.
    My uncle soon discovered our little secret and demanded one night that I perform for him as well, or he would tell my father what has been happening behind closed doors.
    So I had to do to him what I’d been doing to my brother all these years. My brother quickly lost interest in me then. He didn’t want to get caught and got his own room built. That left most nights with my uncle fucking me alone in my room.
    My father and brother would go away for weekends leaving me at home with my uncle. He would tie me to the coffee table and fuck me whenever he wanted. He had the whole weekend to do whatever he wanted. He would invite his mates around and they would enjoy my 16yr old ass and mouth. Repeatedly getting fucked and having cum all over me for 2 days straight. I would be allowed up at night to sleep but that was it. Tied back to the table the next morning, hosed off occasionally or pissed on. Whatever they wanted to do to me.
    We moved away from my uncle 2 years later and it all stopped I was 18 and moved into my own place.
    I miss my childhood.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I have never told anyone this before
    When I was in highschool, three of us guys always hung out on the weekends and drank beers.
    Well one of my friends ended up getting a girlfriend named Virginia and wasn’t always free to hang out anymnore. When I met her, she was the hottest girl I had ever seen. I used to jerk off thinking of her and what I would do to her but it was only a fantasy, she wasn’t interested in me.
    One weekend my parents were away so I had my 2 friends come over and Virginia came too. I couldn’t believe this girl was in my house. I was rock hard just thinking of what I would be doing to her.
    The three of were drinking beer all night but she only drank iced tea.
    The more I drank, the more I couldn’t stop thinking about doing things to her but knew it would never be. Everytime I made her a glass of iced tea, I wished I could have her.
    At some point, I guess the beers took over, I was going to have her taste me.
    When she asked for an iced tea, I put in the mix and instead of water, I filled the glass with piss. I added ice and handed her the glass. I was shaking knowing that she would notice and go ballistic and I had no idea what I was going to say or do.
    I sat there and watched her drink the glass and say that is actually very good and asked for another one. My cock got rock hard, I thought I couldn’t do this again to her could I?? So I went to the kitchen, made another one, again with piss instead of water and was so horny at this point, this time I jerked off in the glass as well stirred it good to make sure see didn’t notice anything.
    I watched her drink the tea and she never noticed anything. I made her two more iced teas with piss and cum.
    In all, I saw her drink 4 teas made of piss and three I came in. My cock was so hard for days thinking of this hot chick drinking my juices and not knowing it.

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 21

    This is so weird I have to post it here. I consider myself just a kid out of school. I went to work for an importer and for some reason, I became the "golden girl" of the office that "everybody wants." I bleach my hair, not fake looking, metallic blonde, but honey blonde with light streaks, in short, still fake looking, but nice.
    My teats are held up by my bra.

    One of my bosses's two lawyers, the older, fatter one, hit on me. I basically told him to fuck off. He continued for months. Finally, I said, "One fuck will cost you 1,000 dollars." just to get him off my back. He pulled out a fat wallet and pealed off 10 100 dollar bills. I was shocked. However, there I was. I told him he definitely needed a condom. He walked off and 20 minutes later, showed me a pack of condoms. We went into the supply room and he dropped his pants. Under his fat belly, his cock was weird and he was only the fifth man I ever fucked, all kids before him, actually. His cock was sort of large, circumcised, and hooked to his left.

    He put on the condom and slid into me and fucked me. He went less than two minutes and then gasped and came hard into his condom. I could feel his hooked cock churning and popping inside me as he filled the condom. He pulled of the condom, then threw it in the waste bin and left the supply room first, then I brushed off, wiped my pussy with paper towels and left the room, $1,000 for less than five minutes altogether. I mean, all the years working at fast food drive through windows for peanuts and all this time I was sitting on a goldmine.

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  • — Men Only —
    Gay Male / 34

    I was asked to drive a car from California to southern Mexico for a man who was transferred there. It was a summer thing, I was going to be a senior in college, being of Mexican origin I spoke pretty good Spanish, and I could use the trip to stop and visit with some relatives of my mother's.

    I left and crossed the border without any problems. The owner of the car had all the papers in order including insurance. I had used a road atlas to map my route similar to Triple AAA, I had memorized the route and had my stations selected. Confident that I would be at my mother's aunts house in two days.

    I made good time, the car was in great condition, the roads were clear, nearing the end of the day I had a flat and destroyed the tire. I worked on getting the spare out when a mid sized truck stopped and the driver offered to help. He could tell that I was an American, as hard as I tried my accent wasn't perfect. He helped me change the tire and offered to follow me into the next town where I could buy another spare tire. When I got into the car he swatted me on the ass and said let's go and we will see each other when we get to town.

    We got to this small town and we stopped near the center of town and he went to find a shop where I could get a new tire. They didn't have a new one for that size rim, and they wanted way too much money for a used tire. But continuing without a spare wasn't an option. My friend, he was my friend now, put his arm around my shoulder and said there was nothing to do, leave the car and they would get the tire on and we should go get a beer and something to eat.

    We left the shop and the car and truck there and walked to this restaurant. It wasn't full. We sat down and the waitress brought a menu and we ordered a couple of beers. When she left the beers with us, my friend leaned forward and grabbed my hand and asked me in Spanish if I liked to fuck. He said we could fuck real well in that town, and anyway it was getting dark and I shouldn't be on the road at night. We had dinner with him sitting way to close to me, speaking in whispers in Spanish, he asked me if I had a Gringo dick, if I had been cut when I was born.

    Too much was going on and his questions were getting very weird and he put his hand on my thigh and grabbed my dick in his hand and said tonight I will fuck you, tonight you are going to suck my dick, tonight you are going to be mine you little son of a bitch. All of this was in whispered Spanish, he had his hand tight on my dick, and he said that tonight he was going to give me his Mexican dick.

    He called over the waitress and asked where we could stay that night and gave her some money to make a reservation for us. We left the restaurant, his arm around my shoulder, whispering what he was going to do that night. When I got to the repair shop, I paid for the tire and they put it in the trunk. He said to follow him, the hotel was a three blocks away. I was in the drivers seat and he leaned down and told me to follow him, he was going to fuck me that night. He stared at me and said that I wanted his dick, didn't I? I said yes, and I followed him to the hotel.

    Only once before had I been with a man, and that was when I was in high school with the owner of the local hamburger joint that we went to in high school. As I drove behind the truck I kept asking myself what I was doing, I had to be crazy, but I followed and parked and got out of the car and he got the room and we took our bags into the room and he grabbed me from behind and humped me a couple of times.

    He had me undress and he played with my dick, he sucked my dick, he played with my ass, he sucked my nipples. He got undressed, his dick was dark, almost black. He got hard fast and he offered me his dick and I sucked him. I sucked him, it wasn't a faint or a half assed effort, I sucked him. It all came up from inside of me, holding his dick and sucking him with my eyes closed. He kept calling me gringo, I was Mexican but American Mexican, I wasn't gringo, but he called me gringo.

    We spent a good amount of time playing with our dicks, sucking dick, he fingered me for a while, gently to heat me up. He told me I was going to enjoy it. I laid back on the bed and he raised my legs and I felt his dick against my ass and soon he was in, fucking me, I tried to jack off while he fucked me but it was no use, I just laid back and enjoyed it. After he was done, he leaned down and sucked my dick with a long hard suck. He used his hand to get me hard and sucked me and using his hand he got me to get off. That night we slept naked on the bed, he let me play with his dick and he played with mine.

    The next day he went along his route and I took my route and made it to my mother's aunt's house late in the afternoon, just as planned.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 39

    I'm 39 years old and happily married with a great family and I couldn't ask for better in-laws. My mother in law is 63 years old, 5'2, chubby with blonde hair. She has small C cup tits but would probably have an A cup if she wasnt so chubby. Her ass is wide and basically flat. Her legs are glow in the dark white. She is not a sexy woman by any means and no man would glance at her twice on the street much less jack off thinking about pounding her in her ass. Except for me. She is not a looker but she is possible the sweetest person I have ever meet. She is always smiling and always so happy. I've never seen her in bad mood nor have I ever seen her be rude to anyone, even when she should have. As sweet and as kind as she is, I can't help but want to fuck the shit outta her. I'm at her house a few times a month and I always dump at least one load of cum in her panties every time im there. I love looking her in her eyes as she talks to me about work, kids, church, etc.. and picturing her gagging on my cock like a whore. I know she would never ever do anything with a man other than her husband sexually. I've jacked off in her almond milk several times when I'm left in her house. Just knowing that the sweetest woman I know drinks my cum unknowingly gets me rock hard. I've never wanted to fuck someone so bad before. Not just fuck her, fuck her face and fuck her ass. I don't want soft and slow with her, I want to pound that bitch and make her do disgusting things. Like suck my dick clean and i cum up her fat ass.

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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 39

    Due to my job there's never any set time I can get home, especially if we get an emergency. One day I had called home announcing that I would have to come late, around two or three hours. Half hour later I was told the
    situation had been cleared so I was free to leave for the day.

    I had the habit of entering my house in the back door where the sidewalk is raised several feet due to the terrain. From the sidewalk one can see the part of the kitchen through a high window. One cannot see out of the window but easily inside from the sidewalk. Glancing in the window I saw my wife, Tess, bent over the kitchen table as my neighbor, Stan, was helping himself, banging Tess doggy style. I felt humiliated and pissed. I hopped to the side of the sidewalk, went back to my car than waited half an hour. By that time it was dusk and sitting across the street inside my car, slouched down, I saw Stan rapidly tip-toeing it out my front door.

    Walking back and using the back door, I saw Tess cleaning up the kitchen, She had not cooked because she had no idea when I would return. I said, "Let's go out and have a light dinner." She agreed and explained that she wanted to shower first. This was unusual but I said nothing.

    Two weeks later on a Sunday I ran into Fran, Stan's wife, at the drug store and asked her to have some coffee with me, I then told her exactly what I had seen. She said, "Well, that's too bad but Stan is a known pig with women and grabs off as much as he can. Mostly, he ignores me and I stopped giving him blow jobs because I don't know who or what he has been doing lately. Do you find me attractive? I find you attractive."

    Before I could answer, she said, "Wanna fuck up a storm with me?" I finally took a good up and down look at Fran and for the first time was glad I had seen Stan fucking Tess. That was a year ago and Fran and I are still at it whenever we get the chance, a number of times during the week. We do it a lot in her car since she often comes to my office for nooners. There's a university near my office and we always go to the largest parking lot, park in the middle of the lot buried in cars, where we fuck madly, like crazed mice, usually in the back seat. It takes her no time to climb on top of me and ride since she never wears anything under her skirts for our nooners.

    Than k you, Stan and Tess.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 50

    My first time cheating

    I got married at 19 to a girl my age. We were both virgins when we met. Fast forward 20 years later...

    My wife had always been very conservative in the bedroom, and as the years went by, our frequency for sex really dropped. Once a month became typical. And when I say conservative, I mean to say that she never wanted me to give her oral sex, and the thought of her giving me head was utterly disgusting in her mind. Sex toys? Hell no. And missionary was the only position allowed. Yeah, pretty fucking conservative.

    I worked in a law office. There was a woman that I often worked closely with, and we would sometimes travel together for work. On occasion, those were overnight trips. I'd been lightly flirting with Chris for a while. She was my age, with nice legs, large breasts and beautiful eyes.

    We often talked about love, relationships, sex, etc. I knew she was adventurous in the bedroom. She knew that my wife was odd and conservative.

    On one such work trip, I made the room reservations and requested adjoining rooms. After our usual day of work, we grabbed a nice meal and finished off a bottle of wine together. Back at the hotel, I suggested that we maybe watch some TV together, which she agreed to. After a bit, I suggested a game of strip poker (with cards I had packed for just such an idea), but before either of us lost too many clothes, she decided to stop playing. Damn it! So I thought my chances for fun were over. But she grabbed a miniature from the in-room mini-fridge for us to enjoy, and after I proposed cuddling under the covers, we both got comfortable in bed.

    Admittedly, she was horny just like I was but she didn't want to be the first woman I would cheat with. And she told me so. But she was okay with just sleeping together. The bedroom lights went off for us to fall asleep but I couldn't keep my hands from caressing and rubbing her body. I spooned up tightly against her.

    We were both getting really turned on and I tried to roll her over onto her back to get on top, but she said "no, stop. Are you sure you really want to do this?", to which I responded, "yes, very sure."

    She then took control and got on top of me, a position that I immediately came to call a favorite of mine. She reached behind her to guide my anxious cock into her opening. Her hands went on my chest so that she could grind and thrust with ease on my hard cock. And damn, could she ride! I alternated between squeezing and sucking her tits and grabbing her soft plump ass. I was in heaven.

    After several minutes, I really started to fear coming too soon -- especially since this whole thing was truly a first for me. But I managed to muster stamina and I lasted till she cried out in orgasm. Hearing her sweet words of release, I lost control and climaxed just seconds behind her.

    We collapsed back onto the bed. I thanked her and told her that was awesome.

    God it was awesome. And you have to understand. In over 20 years of marriage, my wife NEVER had an orgasm. I wanted so very badly to give her one, but when your wife won't let you finger her, lick her or use toys on her, plain ole intercourse didn't get her there.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    My sister Cheryl and I first started to play with one another's pussies when we were still in our early teens. She's a year older than me and used to get me to insert a finger inside of her as she gyrated about. She'd orgasm, then do the same to me. Although I didn't climax at first, it still felt amazing and I soon learned that I also needed clitoral stimulation to orgasm. That came in the form of Cheryl licking and sucking on my clit as she finger fucked my pussy. From then on we'd sixty nine and give each other the same pleasure.
    Things gradually moved on with us both wanting more and stronger orgasms from our times together. Eventually, now in our late teens, we'd purchased a couple of dildo's and used those along with our growing oral sexual skills. Also by then I'd developed a liking for my sister to stimulate my asshole too, which again moved on to her fucking my pussy and ass with the dildo's.
    Life moved on for us and we both met guys who eventually became our husband's. Yet we still carried on meeting up for lesbian sex every now and then. Our husbands still have no idea we're sexually involved, or that every once in a while we visit a friend of my sisters, one who has lesbian orgies with her set of middle class friends.
    I'm not saying everyone out there is having wild sex outside of their marriages, but for my sister and I, we set our life path with regards to sex very early, and it's been awesome fun along the way.
    You my think it's not right to cheat on our respective husbands, but then we think they're lucky to have such actively sexual women. One's who treat them to extremely horny sex when we're at home. I know this about my sister, because we share absolutely everything, including what we get up to with our men.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    I secretly want to do things with my SD. Probably not sex but I'd love to get a hand job from her. I'd love to finger her and play with her clit. I'd love to lick her pussy until she cums. I don't know if she has ever cum yet. If she has then she must have done it herself. I would super love to feel her warm mouth on my cock. I would cum in her mouth for sure.

    One night my wife was sleeping and I got a text from her that she couldn't sleep. I was awake so I turned off the TV and stroked myself until I has pretty hard. Although our door was closed I could see the lights come on in the hallway and I knew it was her. I pulled the covers off of me exposing my upper body including my cock then closed my eyes. She came in and came to my side of the bed. I pretended to be really out of it. She started trying to talk to me so I said come her I'll rub your back. I put her head on my chest. I rubbed her back and head for a good 5 minutes while she was a good foot or less from my cock and would be had a perfect view of it. I was saying weird stuff like "is it time to get up already". She finally just said I'm going back to bed goodnight.

    I masturbated.

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