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Ahh.. our newly submitted confessions. Take a look through the confessions shared below, and if there are any that are worthy, you can vote them onto the stage (and the font page for all to see) by giving them a positive endorsement - That's Juicy!
  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Straight Male / 40

    I was married at 20 yesrs old my mother in law was a sexy somewhat bbw anywsy i was helping her run wires in her r.v one day she was all bent over with her head in a cabniet she was wearing sweatpants and they were falling down exposing her panties they were nylon grannie panties and they were shiny she ended up getting stuck in the position she was in her sweats slid down the rest of the way she asked me to pull up her pants so i did of course my cock wss iron hard by this time anyway i pulled up her fallen pants and made sure to get a good feel of her soft panties while doing so i ended up getting her unstuck and nothing was said later on when i knew they werent home and my wife was gone i went over there to let out their dogs long story short i found the exact panties she was wearing the day in the r.v and several other pairs took them went home tried them all on and jerked of into all of them and i returned the pink pair back to the drawer man it was a long time ago .but tbe truth is if i had another chance i would do it all again that woman gives off vibes to me i swear there have been timrs thst if i woulda pulled out my.cock and hung it in her face im sure she woulda sucked it and let me fuck her i would guess her age at about 60 but that is my confession .

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 42

    Several months after dating this slim hot Asian it was very very clear she had very little sexual experience. She was 38 and never really had much sex, which was shocking if you seen her body, looked 24. She went on a few dates after her marriage ended. But I won her over easily apparently.

    I was just out of a 15 marriage so I was excited to to hear some of her dating stories. Of course I had to tell her about some of my adventures, it was fun for both of us sharing our stories. I was tracking her position and seen see actually went to one of her old bf place so I figured she cheated. I was going to dump her but I didn’t have the energy to start looking for another woman, and the passion and sex with her was incredible so I decided to play along.
    With full access to her phone, when see was sleeping I would check her phone out. Take pictures of her messages, ect. I found her talking to three different guys. They constantly tried to meet up with her, but from time to time I guess she just couldn’t resist the attention.

    Eventually I confronted her, and she didn’t come clean so I ended the relationship. She was devastated, she did everything possible to win me back, it was very intense week, her calling me, texting me, knocking on my door late at night, she kept calling and was laying on my deck crying. So I opened the door and I could she she was hurting. We we’re both excused but she just would stop so I told her she must sleep so we both had a sleeping pill and 1/2 hour later we both fell asleep in my bed.

    We talked and talked, she confessed she cheated. First time she went to pick up her stuff at Greg’s place, he invited her in but she told him straight up she was seeing me and only there to get her stuff several times but eventually she reluctantly was in his bed.
    Her story actually turned me on and me and her fucked on and off all day.

    Then I asked who is John , John was a guy she wasn’t interested in but he was nice guy and she had business dealings with him and the evening after she fucked Greg she met John for tea the next morning beside her apartment, after her meeting she had to get to work but required to use her printer to copy something for John so they just ran up to her apartment. Where he actually forced himself on her, but after hearing about the three other times they got together it seemed that was their relationship, he was her pet. She played hard to get and even said no but he would force her but she would always give in and then see him again total four times before me. All her stories were a big turn on.
    She made me cum 7 times in 27 hours, it was hot, passion, love and just raw naughty sex exploiters.
    So eventually John would just come over here or there as her pet, and I’d watch, that guy was a fucking machine. I could never do what he could, she actually didn’t enjoy it that much, but the enjoyment of being naughty was a bigger turn on.

    And she could she Greg as long as he took pictures of her, so got some hot pictures but he was actually a pussy, and not a man as I see it. She only went their 4 times. He wasn’t even tankful to me, he constantly tried to steal her.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    During the summer vacation as our second home was vacant and was under

    maintenance. So after lunch I visited the house which is two block apart

    from our residence. When I reached there only one man was just resting

    after his lunch and other were away for lunch at the nearby restaurant. I

    said hello and told him that I am going to the attic above and reaching

    the top had nothing to do and removing my dresses started to play with my

    small penis. Making my penis grow to its maximum length of 2.5 inches I

    started jumping and roaming around with erect cock. I heard some

    shuffling behind and saw this man behind me with his cock erect and

    showing at my face from his shorts down. He was not wearing any

    underwear. He asked wants to play with big cock and spreading a rug on

    the floor he hold my hand and lying down told me to catch his cock. He

    made me sit beside him and guided my hand to his erect 8 inch cock. It

    didnot fit in my small hand so I had to use my both hands. He too touched

    my small penis and slowly pulled back my foreskin and told me to do as he

    did. I too just pulled hack the foreskin of his big cock. He was hairy

    man and his cock seemed to be as big log sticking out of plain dark

    hairs. He told me to stroke his cock which I did. Then he told me to open

    my mouth and such and lick it. As his fingers were stroking my small

    penis I was having uncontrollable pleasure and tingling. I put his cock

    head in to my mouth and it just fitting into my mouth, He had a thick

    cock. It was throbbing in my mouth. Then he got up and told me to stand

    and he put my cock into his mouth and did some wonderful sliding and

    licking sucking and kneading of my balls. Then told me to do the same to

    his cock. I obliged and sucking his cock started to jerk his big cock up

    and down. He too thrust up and down his pelvis. I started to roll my

    tongue around his cock head and into his pee hole. His pre cum was salty.

    He told me to do the sucking and jerking faster and as I did he started

    pump his cum. He told not to spit and swallow the cum as it is good for

    small penis to grow big as it is the vitamin for cock growing. My mouth

    was full and had to swallow without any thought. He told me to knead his

    balls also which I did. He was stroking my small cock also and I too had

    a dry climax and could not stand further strokes so I moved away licking

    my mouth clean of his cum. He smiled and thanking me told Good Boy. Such
    incidents being first in life gets embossed in ones mind never to forget.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    At the age of 9 I was in the bathroom bathing. Being small kid the door

    was kept open and my cousin sister aged 3 years came into bathroom and

    was watching me bathing nude. When I was drying with the towel she came

    too close and just touch my small unerect penis and spoke in her own

    language saying dirty shame and started to pull and shake. To my surprise

    I had an erection and astonished to see it growing with much tingling in

    the loins. Feeling good I did not stop her and she played with my erect

    penis and was laughing. Later hearing someone noise I shooed her away and

    got dressed left the bath. In the night I thought such and event and

    could not sleep. I slowly touched my penis while under the bed sheet and

    immediately I could see my penis growing with that same tingling and I

    started to shake it. After some enjoyment somewhere I fell asleep. Since

    then onward I have been masturbating regularly. But I could dare not

    touch my little cousin.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    While one of my Wife's friend had to stay back at our residence to attend

    an interview the next day in our city I too chanced upon peeping her bath

    and had a good view of her pussy at a closeup range. My wife was in the

    kitchen cooking and our guest room had no attached bath, so this gorgeous

    friend had to use the bathroom of the drawing room which is not visible

    from the kitchen side. As this friend entered the bathroom and closed the

    door I was ready at the keyhole. The view was just from the belly button

    to loins. Removing her panty and wearing the panty after bath was clearly

    visible. Her downside was little plumy and had small hairs around her

    belly also. Interesting the pubic hair was running in a straight line up

    to her belly button. Seems she had slightly pruned her pubic hair. The

    clit was thick with cubic hair and in wet condition the clitoris area had

    good key hole size depression. That thinking of her I had to literally

    r**e my wife.

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    My colleague have some collection of porn in his office computer and at

    times shows me few of them during the spare time. While my friend is not

    around I used to drop my wife's nude photos and our fucking videos, our

    faces blocked / blurred in his computer. Then casually I will approach

    him asking to show any fresh porn he has downloaded and I would open my

    photos and videos and myself pass some dirty comments. He astonished

    would say some dirty comments wondering how he had not seen such one

    earlier and how it was downloaded.

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  • — My Family —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    While growing up I have always googled by younger sister who had big

    boobs and bulging bottoms. I have always dreamt of having sex with her.

    One day during her afternoon sleep I chanced upon her skirt slightly

    falling away from the edge of the bed due the wind of the fan. Being too

    horny I slowly tip toed near and slowly lifted the half skirt aside over

    her back. To my surprise she was not wearing panties and the white

    buttocks protruding and as her legs were slightly upwards, her vagina

    lips and labia were clearly visible as there were only less pubic hair at

    the downside. But I had no courage to touch her as she was 18 years of

    age and myself 20 years of age at that time. Just googled enough and went

    to my room and jerked off with a lot of cum.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    While our hen was laying the egg and hearing coking sound as no one was

    at home I went the the backyard shed and caught hold of her and put my

    cock inside her shit hole and fucked her. It was too hot inside and that

    thrilled me. It was smooth also as just she had laid the egg and I came

    inside her shit hole. While letting her go, she just walked forward and

    just shitted my cum, shrugged and walked away.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    When I was 14 years of age our Cat used to sleep on my Cot and while I

    masturbates he licks and licks and make me cum. I hold my cum within the

    foreskin and let it come out little by little and our Cat wipes it clean

    and he used to drink the whole lot of cum and the after cum. He likes to

    wipe the head of my penis clean. This I continued for the next day also

    and enjoyed the fun. But the third day as I saw the pale skin of the

    forehead seems to wearing off my prick head, I had to sadly stop the


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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 45

    While joining a new job had to stay with my cousin's quarters for two

    months before moving to Paying Guest accommodation. The quarters had a

    little backyard and the bathroom and toilet were separate and build at

    the corner of the backyard. While my stay in their quarters, they had too

    leave the city for two weeks and I had to manage myself. After having

    dinner around 10.00 in the night I went to pee and while peeing could

    hear the voice of neighbors from their backyard adjacent to ours. I just

    peeped through the ventilator above and saw the young girls waiting

    outside their toilet for relieving themselves before going to bed. They

    were a total of five sisters. The toilet door opened and the third one

    came out of the toilet. Then the youngest one got inside without closing

    the door and lifting her skirt up downed her panty. She being too young

    around 12 years had a little pubic hair near the clits only. After her

    the fourth young girl got inside and she too didnot close the door and

    she had more pubic hairs but not that dark. After that the second one

    who is around 20 years of age got inside the toilet but closed the door.

    Suprisingly the eldest of all who was the last to pee didnot close the

    door and her pussy had thick dark pubic hair and as I was masturbating

    viewing all that girls came with great cum.

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