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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 34

    So here goes nothing. I am a lesbian or sorts, my sexual life is primarily with lesbians except for my current situation. I am 34 and I have had several jobs, teaching school, working for a theater group, as a flight attendant for a year and half, as a waitress back in my college days. But up until now I never had a relationship with a man.

    I won't claim that I had wonderful relationships, most were one night stands or maybe two night stands. Most of the women I met were on a different wave length and we never did get along long enough to have a true relationship. I did date off and on a woman who is paralegal for a law firm, but the sex was pretty sketchy, she was more of a let's hang out together, sure lets get a kiss in, but in the sack it was pretty much lets cuddle up and go to sleep.

    So when this man came around I was already horny. He touched me, my arm, my back, my shoulder. And then he gave me a small swat on the ass. I turned to him meaning to yell at him but he caught me first and kissed me before I could talk. He was up front with me, he told me he liked me and he was looking for a woman to roll around in the hay and have some fun, he would do the in and out thing, and the woman would do the open legs thing. No ceremony, just let him fuck his balls off and that is all he wanted.

    I had never had my legs spread open by a man, I was 31 and horny that afternoon and he 'bent' me backwards over the counter at the store and shoved his hips into mine and said 'how about it'. He waited until I got off work and he took me to dinner first and then up to his place, he showed me around, stood me at the kitchen stove and asked me how I liked being at the wheel of the ship, then sat down at the table and called me over to him and slowly undressed me, piece by piece, revealing my legs or my chest, my butt, until I was totally naked standing there in his kitchen and he held me firmly by the butt and kissed me right up between my legs, forcing my legs to open while I tried to stay standing up.

    Considering it was my first time getting dick, it felt good, good in a way that I had never felt before. There is no comparison to having the real thing, I ended up having my own orgasm and letting him empty his soul into me. I had sex, the old fashioned way, man fucking woman. And I enjoyed it.

    I haven't had anything to do with another woman since that evening. I am strictly his lay, he does the fucking and I do the splaying. I like having my legs open with him in the middle. I like being bent over and having him up behind me sliding his cock in and out, in and out and getting me real hot, before throwing me on my back to fuck me. I love being fucked on my back.

    I can't really say what my feelings are for him, but they are not insignificant, any more than his feelings for me. I am trying to see myself in a more formal relationship with him, thinking ahead ten years, wondering if there are going to be kids. To have kids I will need an airtight clause, I can't really go off and have kids and he just walks away when he finds someone else. I can't say that I am a lesbian anymore. Sure I was, at least I thought I was, but today I don't think lesbian. I am thinking getting a house with a yard and a dog (and maybe more).

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  • — Out of the Closet —
    Gay Male / 55

    Back in my early twenties I experimented fooling around with my college roommate. He came out as gay after college and moved to New York to be around other gay men. I fooled around, pretty much tried it all with him except for kissing, it was purely sex. I do enjoy holding a hard cock and sucking on it, I like to make the man cum and if I am in the mood I will taste it and swallow some for his pleasure. I will allow myself to be mounted, but I have to be in the right mood and I suppose it absolutely has to be the right man.

    I streamed through my twenties and thirties, stepping out once in a while, I may have gone downtown to one of the major hotels and hooked up with some man from out of town, but that was just once in a while. All through this time I have been romantically and physically associated with a woman I met on my first job. She knows nothing of my dalliances, and I have no intentions of sharing them with her.

    Now comes the part that this confession is about. In her apartment block I met a man who is recently retired from Delta airlines, a Captain. He is adjusting to retirement and looking for things to do. I invited him to go with me to this opening of a restaurant, to mingle. I did not think of it or consider it that he might be gay or at least enjoy a bit of fun time with me. I asked him purely out of interest in helping him.

    We talked about his life as a pilot, all the places he has been. He told me about his trips hunting for bear in Alaska, or big game hunting in Africa. He also enjoyed going offshore for Marlin. He is a gym sort of man, in his early sixties but very fit and very presentable. He is comfortably well off and is looking into motorcycles, as he has a friend who is a Harley nut. I listened, I don't hung, I don't fish and I don't ride Harleys.

    It was right then that he put his hand on my thigh and leaned over and asked me just what did I do for fun. Did I have a little honey on the side, maybe I liked getting out and watching a girl swing around a pole, because if I did he knew just the place to go. Up until that night I had never been in a strip joint and watching some woman with her tits hanging out swing around on a pole seemed so unnecessary. We watched had a couple of drinks, he invited one of the girls to give us a table dance. It must have been obvious, I didn't get a charge out of it all. He leaned over and put his hand on my thigh again and asked me if I liked boys.

    I sat back and asked him what he meant by that. He was matter of fact, that I just looked like the type of man that liked a naked boy, a bit of man meat, a nice firm ass, maybe a pretty boy, or he whispered, maybe you like a man, this time with his hand firmly on my thigh and starring into my eyes. I couldn't get away, he reaffirmed that he thought I liked getting naked with a man, who wants pussy if you can have a nice hard cock to play with. He scooted over until he was right beside me and put his arm around my shoulders and whispered that he wanted a nice long blow job, he wanted to get naked and get in the hot tub and make out. He took my hand off of my lap and put my hand on his cock and with a kiss on the mouth he said 'lets go fuck'.

    You see, I had never kissed with a man, and I had never gotten naked with a man other than when I was in college, but I went. In his apartment we got naked, he had the heat on so we weren't cold. He put a movie on of two men making out and having sex, I sucked his cock, I had never felt the urge like I did that night. I sucked him and licked him and let him know that I wanted his cock in my mouth. He bent me back and kissed me for a while, holding my hard cock in his hand and he got a tube of lube out of his nightstand and a condom and he fucked me.

    In my 55 years I had never felt something for someone, I had never felt the need to be with a man and make love to his cock so he would fuck me afterwards. This was new to me, he took a picture with his phone of his cock in my mouth, and then showed me a whole library of pictures having his cock sucked. He fucked me on my knees and elbows and recorded me asking him to fuck me. We took selfies naked in bed, he wrote 'Joe likes to fuck' with a marker on my ass and took a picture with his cock in my ass. He set up a camera and filmed us making out and sucking cock and fucking. And then he played it back so we could do it again.

    He has all those pictures and videos of me and him, I see him pretty regularly, so much so that my relationship with my lady friend has been put back quite a bit. Part of me worries that he is going to release the pictures somewhere and part of me just doesn't care. Who cares if Joe Arriola likes cock?

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 29

    A friend who I hadn't seen in 10 years was coming into town. We got together for a few drinks and started talking about past times. A topic came up that we had done back then and he asked about doing it again for old times sake. Beyond my better judgement I agreed. I was getting aroused thinking about doing it again but knew we could get in real trouble if we got caught. Back between the ages 14 to 18 we used to go out at night and streak around. It was always a rush knowing we could be caught and I was feeling the same way now just thinking about doing it again.

    We went to the hotel where he was staying and stripped down. We didn't have have a plan on what exactly we were going to be doing but when we left his room with absolutely nothing but his room key was the beginning of what I felt would be a real big rush of a night. We first went to the hotel pool for a swim. We then decided we were going to leave the hotel and walk through a park located out back. We each took a towel as a safety net and went out a back door. We hid our towels along with the room key and left them behind as we made our way through the park. It hit me a little later how exposed we really were and how much trouble we real could get in if we did get caught but that added to the rush.

    We were at least a 20 minute walk from our towels and the hotel when my friend suggests we masturbate. We had never done this when we were streaking in the past and it was a bit of a surprise he suggested this. I told him I didn't feel comfortable doing it and he asked if I was comfortable if he did it. I told him if he wanted to go ahead. There I was now watching my friend masturbating. I never expected to see a guy do that in front of me especially my friend. Once he finished he tried to convince me to do it but I declined.

    We continued walking further away from the hotel. When we felt we had walked far enough away we took a break and my friend tried again to convince me to masturbate. I declined but this time he decided to grab me. He had his hand around my cock and began stroking it. I was in shock. I didn't say or do anything as he continued stroking me. I just let him continue. There I was letting another guy stroke me until I was cumming. I had never cum in public before let alone let another guy do it for me. Once I ejaculated he said it looked like I really enjoyed it. I felt sort of weird about the whole thing but it did feel good.

    We must have been out for almost 1.5 hours now and started making our way back to the hotel when we took another break. He said it was my turn to stroke him. I told him I wouldn't. He said it might not be a good idea to refuse and asked who had the key to my clothes. He was serious and I now had my hand around his cock stroking him. He was getting hard and told me to stop which was a relief. The relief was short lived as he told me to use my mouth and I adamantly refused. Once again he reminded me about who had the key to my clothes. I couldn't believe what I was about to do but I figured it was better than walking home naked. I began to suck him off. He positioned me differently which had us in a 69 position and we were now sucking each other off. He blew his load down my throat and had me gag. I had tasted my own sperm before but never anyone else's and swallowing quite a bit of his at that.

    We got back to our towels and made our way back to the hotel. Very little was said on our walk back. I got back to his room and he said I could stay the night. I declined. He said I probably had a very tight ass and wanted to experience it first hand. I quickly got dressed and left. He made comments while I dressed. He was asking if I was his first guy. Asked how it felt sucking my first cock. Asked how it felt knowing I was gay or at least bi. He told me to pull my pants down again and grab my ankles so he could give me something.

    When I was leaving the hotel the woman at the front desk stopped me. She said she wanted to make me aware that the hotel has security camera's and that nudity in the pool is not allowed. She added for safety purposes she wouldn't recommend leaving the hotel nude either. I assumed this woman had seen us naked and I just got out of there quickly.

    My friend had changed since I saw him last and had me do some things that I didn't really want to.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 31

    I was sixteen and a virgin when I got married. My family agreed that I get married and go to New York with him when he went to his residency. He liked me, but I was a kid and he was a man and I was in the tenth grade. I went away to college, he stayed in New York after residency and I went to Evanston. I graduated with my masters when I was 23, still a virgin.

    I went back to New York and went to work for Fossil in their Marketing department. I had my room, he had his room, we lived like brother and sister. He worked long hours and I was alone a lot. When I was 25 I asked him if I was going to die a virgin. I decided to live my life, I hung out with a friend at this pickup bar, left my wedding bands at home, she helped me get picked up, I lost my virginity to some guy I never saw again.

    My husband didn't care, so I didn't care. My son is not his son. I run around, he works 80 hour weeks, my son got his name, even though he has never had a moment with me. He is not interested, at least he has no interest in me.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 52

    I am a 62 year old ENT MD who went to Las Vegas with a friend for some R&R and came home with a 32 year old stripper and cocktail waitress. First instinct is an annulment, pay her off and get rid of her. However, I had to face her, across the kitchen table to kick her out. I had a ten thousand dollar check, some legal papers agreeing to an annulment and full satisfaction with the ten grand.

    Her first answer was 'you don't even know me?' OK, true. Very pretty in the morning sun, the last thing crossing my mind is she was a stripper. Her second comment was 'I will be a good wife, I promise. Please don't send me back'.

    Three years later she is still here, she is a 'good' wife, considering our age difference. Some friends drifted away, others stood by me. So what's the difference, my friend said, some young nurse trying to get into your pockets? True.

    I did get a prenup signed, technically a postnup, but who's looking. Reaffirmed the marriage in my home state. Bought a new place for her, let her get what she wanted, loved spoiling her. Three years of wedded bliss.

    What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 31

    When mom got divorced there always was a short of money. I was eight then.

    Mom send me twice a week to a wealthy ‘aunt’ in our neighborhood, on Wednesday and Saturday. The ‘aunt’ was a widow, I think about sixty years old because she already had gray hair.
    Mom told me whenever I had to go to the 'aunt', that I had to behave properly and always do whatever the 'aunt' said.

    ‘Aunt’ was very nice to me and always had a bite of food ready. After that I always had to help her clean up, take a shower with her and then with 'aunt' to her bedroom to take a nap. For the sake of convenience I had to put on a t-shirt and 'aunt' also put on a t-shirt that just didn't fit over her thick buttocks. In the beginning I thought it was strange but I quickly got used to it.

    In bed 'aunt' always pulled me tightly against her and I also thought that it was strange at first but later nice because with her thick body she felt nice and soft and warm. She always took a hand from me and then placed it on one of her heavy breasts or sometimes on the spot between her legs where I then cuddled my fingers between her hair because she always liked it. She encouraged to explore there I then got a special feeling and then got a stiff one; 'aunt' grabbed my cock which gave me an even better feeling. I learned to do my best from 'aunt' so that after a while she began to pant and moan. When she was satisfied she pulled me tightly against her again and told me to lie down and sleep. And I felt good because ‘aunt’ was pleased with me.

    By the time I was ten, 'aunt' had taught me how to spoil her with my tongue, I liked that because 'aunt' always tasted exciting when she moaned and got very wet, but the best thing was that 'aunt' also started to pleasure me with her mouth. ‘Aunt’ was shocked when I was twelve and that first time with her when my sticky stuff shot a huge load into ‘aunts’ mouth, I was shocked myself but it gave me a great feeling. Then ‘aunt’ got used to it and often said, "Good, boy"; 'aunt' never called me by name but always said boy to me.

    In fact, 'aunt' trained me for the real thing because when I was about thirteen or fourteen, 'aunt' pulled me on top of her and gasped for me to do exactly what she told me. I lay on top of her soft, round belly with a hard on; and "aunt" began to move her belly back and forth a bit and spread her legs up and far to the side. I felt my hard on beating against her hairy pussy and spluttering, when 'aunt' pushed her ass up and grabbed my ass, my hard one slipped into the most delicious, warm, moist hole I could imagine.

    'Aunt’ layed still for a short moment and then began to move gently with her round belly and asked me to move with her at the same time. But can you imagine the first time what kind of feeling that gives? I think I moved back and forth two or three times before I shot my full load into her round belly with a hard thrust and a moan for the first time, it scared me.
    "Stay in, boy," ’aunt’ whispered to me, "Lie down, boy." I did what 'aunt' said and to my surprise my cock remained hard. ‘Auntie’ stayed like that for about a minute or two and then began to move her big round belly very gently again and whispered to me: "Come on, boy, you can do it again, but join in slowly."

    This time I kept it up for longer but the third time 'aunt' was the most satisfied, I think I had lasted ten minutes and 'aunt' panted and moaned that it was a pleasure. "Go on, boy, go on, don't stop boy!" I felt a lot and I had to because 'aunt' still held me tight so I almost automatically went along with the ever faster rhythm of the opening of 'aunts' round belly. Now that I know how it goes I can say that 'aunt' came noisily at the end. She was holding on to me so tightly that I was almost thrilled by her. But I still had a stiffness, and when she let me loose, I bumped into her enthusiastically a few times and filled her belly for the third time. 'Aunt' rubbed both hands over my head, sighed and said softly to me: "Well you are a man boy, now that you know what it is like we will do this often. If you want you can come more often in the week!"

    I did that and I was always welcome at 'aunt', whenever it was. How busy I was for school, I always found some time for sex with ‘aunt’.

    'Aunt' always told good things to mom about me and I only know afterwards that 'aunt' gave mom money every week so that we had no poverty.
    'Aunt' also financed my training, when I was seventeen I went to another city to study vehicle engineering. ‘Aunt’ never knew that I was in a room in the house of an elderly woman (who was a bit like ‘aunt’) and would also like to use my sexual services. Whenever I was at home for a weekend or holiday, I was always sent by mom to 'aunt' and then we also had extensive sex again.

    But in the end I graduated and I was offered work in another state. I was so busy with my new environment and work that I barely got home, after a while I heard that 'aunt' had died and that she had left me a nice amount of money.

    I still think back to 'aunt' with a few feelings, I don't feel at all used for her sexual desires because I have always enjoyed it a lot.

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  • — Women Only —
    Lesbian Female / 29

    I am a fifth grade teacher at a private Christian school. My 'dream job' isn't what I dreamt it to be. I have also developed strong feelings for another female teacher. I keep my mouth shut, but it feels like a crush. I decided to resign at the end of the semester and I am looking for another job.

    This crush is not my first crush like this. What I don't understand is that my crush is always directed to the same type of woman. It's almost like I can predict it. My religious beliefs are a big part of my life. My mother just wants me to be happy and not get hurt. Since high school I have talked with her about these crushes. This is a thing, she seems to get it right, for some reason I crush on superficial 'hot' Anglo women. I am not superficial and I'm not hot, far from it, I am of Hispanic heritage and I am solid.

    On a senior trip with my class I had my one and only physical encounter. She is a girl I grew up with, also from the 'hood', thick like me, but bossy which is why we never could be friends. My mother warned me about her, we still run into each other but the friendship is not there.

    I don't advertise my feelings, other than my mother no one really knows about my feelings. I am now 29 and single.

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I don't feel lesbian because I've never fell in love with another woman but I've done stuff with other naked women only for the sexual pleasure I get. I like to repay the orgasms I've received by going down on my partners. I don't mind this, or the kissing, it makes for a good time. I feel warmth and friendship, indeed I quite like them , but love, no it's never happened.

    My first experience was when I was 20 and shared a house with two lesbians. They had the master bedroom and I was in the spare and we all got on well. One friday night we drank some wine and they got me pissed. They dragged me into their bedroom , stripped me naked and opened my legs. We had sex. One sucked on my clit and the other sat on my face. Both of them fucked me with a strap on.

    Next day I was hung over but still remembered what had happened. Despite feelings of anger and resentment I still had that sore feeling from a good fuck.

    Some one said this shaped my feelings towards other women. I want the sexual fun but I don't want to get emotionally close to them because of this resentment. Sounds like it might be right but I can't say for sure.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    This is my favorite site. I check it every day which means I run out of stories to read. I like dirtyconfession also but it has fewer new confessions. Are there any other sites I can supplement my needs with?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    I have been in the closet all my life. I first felt something for a girl in the sixth grade, she also went with me to church. Her name was Stephanie, she was pretty and smart. I crushed on her, and my crush lasted until well after the ninth grade. I just sort of had to move on, Stephanie liked boys, not me.

    In the twelfth grade I joined the Spanish club, I have always been good at languages, and our teacher was just that some one that I fell in love with at first site. I wanted to be around her and she let me, I became her helper, preparing class lessons, handing out papers, helping her grade papers after class. Her hands through my hair sent electric shocks through me, her hand on my cheek, her smile, and that day she touched my boob with her hand and told me that I had nice tits and that was going to get me some nice boy one day.

    One night I ran into her at the mall and split off from my mother and went shopping with her. In the dressing room she let me into the stall with her trying on a blouse she took off her bra and asked me how it looked, if I thought it would turn heads. She put her bra back on, put her arm around my neck and told me that I had to keep that a secret, things like that had to stay secret. I just looked at her and put my hands on her boobs and she let me, when I put my arms down she said it was her turn and she felt up my boobs and she kissed me with one long kiss and told me that after graduation we could be friends.

    When I met her at this restaurant about fifteen miles from our town, she was dressed pretty casual, not like in school. She didn't look as old, she had her hair down and she wasn't wearing work makeup and we sat and had dinner, she found my hand and plaid with my hand at the table. She asked me if I wanted desert. She suggested that we go back to her apartment and we could share in some pussy pie with whipped cream.

    Her pussy was totally shaved, she told me she shaved for me, and she shaved me that night, and after I was shaved she laid me back on the bed on a towel and got the whipped cream out and lathered my pussy up and ate it all, licking it out of my slit. She then put whipped cream on my nipples and ate that too. She straddled me and worked her self up until her pussy was over my face and lowered herself and rubbed her pussy back and forth over my mouth, I kept trying to lick her as best I could. After several minutes of that she turned around and straddled my head and lowered her pussy back into my mouth and leaned over and ate my pussy, holding my legs in her hands. From where I lay, with my head on the pillow I could see her pussy, wide open, her vagina and her asshole. That night when I got back home I took my drawing pad and drew her vagina and asshole, I still have that drawing.

    She taught Spanish at school and I went to college and we stayed lovers until after I graduated. By then I wasn't a school girl anymore, and she wasn't a young college type. I have gotten used to eating her pussy and paying attention to her asshole when I do. When I am having sex that is the view I want, with my legs open and her mouth between my legs. But in the daylight, we dress for our jobs, we get together for movies and plays and concerts, in our town we are seen together a lot. She comes to my parent's house, it doesn't seem like we are so far apart, really she is five years older than me.

    I have been asked out but I never go. She has been asked but she never goes. I guess we stay in the closet because it is a good place to be. And being gay is not a thing for high school teachers in the South. We are sure that my parents have figured it out, and probably people at work and about the town. But we are not officially gay, we are nice young respectable members of our town.

    There is one more thing, we have a tattoo, in case we end up at the hospital or are found dead, it's a tattoo between our legs, high up and it has her name and her tattoo has mine.

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