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  • — Gay Stories —
    Lesbian Female / 25

    By accident my older brother gave me a pussy rub. I mean by accident he grabbed me by the pussy and it felt good and he could see in my eyes that it felt good so he kept grabbing me and he started to rub me and he could see that I liked it and that I had opened my legs so he gave me a pussy rub with his hand. I can't say how old I was in part because it is embarrassing but also because he would get in trouble. The only thing I can say is that I liked it.

    I had a girlfriend and we spent a lot of afternoons together and I told her about it and I offered to show her and she liked it and opened her legs to let me rub her pussy. Of course we started when she had her pants on but we took her pants off and rubbed her pussy with her panties on. I am pretty sure she came when she grabbed my wrist and wouldn't let me rub her pussy any more. Her pussy was wet I could feel it with my hand, she kept making these faces while I grabbed her pussy and what caused me to put my face in her pussy I don't know but started to bite her and blow on her pussy and push my tongue in against her panties in her vagina area. Her legs kept opening and closing around my head. I pulled her panties off and I put my mouth on her naked pussy and I am pretty sure that I ate her out. I loved eating her out and ate her pretty much every week.

    All this happened with her when we were in the fifth grade so we still had pretty pussies. It took her a long time before she ate me but she finally did and I love having my pussy ate. All I can say is that we ate pussy and rubbed pussy and fingered pussy and made out tongue to tongue and when our titties got older we sucked our titties, we were full time regular lesbo girls. We grew hairy pussies and we tried everything, no one ever looked in on us because we were girls. We could hold a kiss for several minutes, and of course we could eat pussy for several minutes. We are grown up now but you have to go back to when you are like fourteen and your pussy is getting licked to know what it feels like and why we did it so often.

    In high school this boy tried to get me to suck his dick. It was after a basketball game in his car when he was giving us a ride home. We didn't do it, when I said no he asked her and she said no. We went straight upstairs to her room and she got on her bed and opened her legs and I went into her pussy like I had never eaten pussy. She was wet, real wet and her pussy smelled different and her vagina was open and I could stick my tongue way up in her vagina. I guess maybe she got hot for a dick or something because she kept humping up to my face until she came. That is the day we consider the day we had real sex, fuck sex like because you want to get fucked. But we never fucked with a guy.

    We went to college and all and it is no different than today, we lived together and made out and slept together every night, but then we were pretty much full blown lesbo queers. It is that sometimes and I don't know how it happens her pussy gets real wet, her vagina opens up so that my tongue can slide in and out and she fucks my face while I eat her. Like I said we call that fuck sex. By now you know that we are lesbo queers.

    It is important that we started eating pussy so young because that is what we remember when we eat pussy, just how good her pussy was when we were in the fifth grade. We have tried shaving and waxing but really it is a waste of time, we use a pair of scissor and trim down to where we have short pussy hair but we don't shave or wax. It is more for the look than for eating pussy, I like looking at her pussy. She has great tits, I have sports tits nothing that hangs out, they are like two mounds of fat flesh on my chest but no hanging or swinging tits like she has. When we were going through puberty and her tits came out I loved to have her sit in front of me and show me her tits.

    In any event, not to bore you to tears, we are two lesbo queers living in New Orleans working for the Saints in the office, still eating pussy and sucking tits after ten years.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 27

    So I'm almost drunk while I'm writing this. I don't care about spelling mistakes. A short story of mine is that I'm (almost) 27 years old from Eastern Europe, and I have never had a girlfriend, and I have never had s*x. But my friends don't know this. I've told them that I was a bit older than 18 years old when I've lost my virginity, and since then I f*cked about 10-15 girls. But that's all lie. And the reason is very simple. I'm fat and I have a small p*nis. From now on you can calculate the rest.

    So it all started with a thing that when I was about 18 years old, and I heard that almost all of my closest friends already lost their virginity (they are/were younger than me1-2 years) and I know they didn't lie, because they had girlfriends at that time, and since I am (or better say I was) a pharmacist (chemist) they were buying condoms from me. And back then I was about 85-90kg (just for reference, now I am over 120kg, height was/is still about 173-174cm and my "tool was/is still just under 12cm") I had some doubt that I can ever give a girl an orgasm with my "tool" size. So I started making up stories about my first s*x, and after that how many girls I had. Luckily I know how to tell stories, I almost never use the same word twice, and I honestly believe, storytelling is one of my stronger sides.

    So I made up a story about my first time, lies followed after that. I have a good memory, and I know to who I said what and when and how, so if I had to tell again a story, I knew what I said before, and honestly, nobody knew I was lying, and a bit I started to believe in them as well. It seemed so believeable.

    I was about 25 years old, when the first time I have left Eastern Europe, and went to live and work in the UK, in London. I thought there will be a new life, new opportunities and I will finally lose my virginity. Btw I was 24 when I first kissed an overweight girl (and I kinda have a kink for bigger girls like myself, so I'm not saying because I have anything against them, on the contrary) and since that was my first time, and at that time I was drunk, she kinda noticed I was unexperienced, she didn't say anything, jsut told me that she feels kinda I kissed someone a long time ago... if she knew that she was the first one... maybe she felt it... I don't know. I've never spoke with her again.

    So I am working in London, and I became a night porter in a hostel. This company had 6 hostels in London, and their policy was that you can't live in the same hostel where you live and work at the same time. And my room rent went up after 2 months when I was already working in a hostel, so I thought it would be a good idea to live in a hostel for a while until I figure out what should I do next, or where should I look for my next room. So I was living in a hostel in the same company's hostel, but obviously not where I was working. It was about 20 minutes by walk between the 2 hostels. It was easy to get to the work by walk, and it was easy to go back to the hostel where I was living and where I had a good day's sleep. If you were wondering: i was working from 11PM to 9-10AM. The check-out time to the guests were until 11AM. So about 10-10.30AM when I got back to the hostel where I was living, almost everyone checked out, and who were still staying in their rooms went out to explore London, so I had every day a "good night sleep".

    Anyway, one day a group of younger girls arrived (between 18-23) from The Netherlands, from Spain, and from Germany (they didn't know each other) but we were staying in the same room (24-bed mixed dorm) and almost all of them were staying over 1 week in this hostel, and since we were the "youngers" in the room, we got along quite well, like sitting down on the floor and telling stories for 5-6 hours straight. It was like getting us know each other and we became friends quite fast after the 2nd night (I was working 4 nights and had 3 days off, so I was there a few days/nights with them and participated in these conversations)

    So after the 3rd or 4th day there was this very beautiful dutch girl. Let's call her Rebecca for the time being (not her real name). She recently broke up with her boyfriend, and she came to London alone to explore. She wanted to become an English teacher in The Netherlands in her local elementary school. So on this morning we were speaking about our plans. I told her that I will sleep, because I will work that night, so I need to catch up with my sleep. She went to the city centre to explore. Ok. Nothing special. I've slept during the day. She was away. I went to work about 10PM, she came back about 9PM and we had a little time to chat, she told me what she had visited that day. She asked me what was my plan for the following day. I said I will work that night, so I will arrive back around 10-10.30AM, will eat something and will go to sleep. She said OK. She went to sleep when I left for work.

    Finished about 9.30AM at work, arrived back to the hostel where I was living about 10AM. She was still there getting ready to go out. She asked me what was my plan again. I said to her that I wanted to go to sleep, because I had a busy night. She almost begged me to go with her for a walk, and since I was living in London I could show her a few places she didn't know about (at that time I was only at the Buckingham Palace and at the Chelsea Stadium at Stamford Bridge, I didn't explore London even I was living there about 4 months or so)

    So I said OK, I will go out with her for a small walk, but I have to get back to the hostel about 2PM-ish so I can have a good sleep for next night's shift. She said that's absolutely fine, she will continue her exploration without me after that. I agreed. So sleepy and tired me went out with her for a walk.

    I showed her a few of local amenities, like night clubs, bars, restaurants, a smaller museum etc. She was paying attention to everything I said. I was surprised. But who cares, I am tired and sleepy. So about 1PM she says she wants an ice cream. There was an Italian gelato shop with amazing ice creams. I said OK, we can go in there, buy whatever she wants, I'll pay, and I slowly wanted to go back to sleep to the hostel. She said that's fine.

    If I was embarrassed in my life, that was that moment. I've opened my wallet, and only £5 is in my wallet. I didn't bring my debit card with myself (because why should I bring, it was in a safe place, and I didn't plan to go out). So she had to pay for my and for her ice cream. I f*cked up. I will never apologize that to myself. But it happened. Not because I didn't have money, I just didn't have it with myself.

    So after she paid for both of us (I'm still sitting at the table embarrassed) I told her I will go back to the hostel, and told her if she wants to visit other places, she should go without me, so i quickly recommended a few places for her. She said she will come back with me, it's almost an hour walk, she would be bored alone. So we were walking on Baker Street, and of course she had to check out all the shop windows, and dreaming about all the stuff she can't/won't buy, but it's a feeling to walk through there. Anyway, about 3.30PM we've arrived back to the hostel. I said I want to go to sleep, but I still have to take a shower etc, but then I've decided to go straight to the bed, and I will take a shower just before I go to work. So she comes in to the room with me, she puts down her stuff like me, she stretches, and said she wants to take a break before she continues her walk. I can't stress this enough, we were in a 24-BED SHARED DORM, which means there are 22 other people in the same room with us. And all of them are OUT! Nobody is in the room! I was living in that hostel almost a month, and NEVER happened this that nobody is in the room at 3.30PM!!! So I lie down in my bed (it was the very bottom one, the beds are aligned like 3 on top of each other)

    So I took down my clothes, I lied down to my bed, and she starts to change as well to her "sleeping clothes" and I'm kinda surprised, but whatever, it's none of my business.

    And then the surprise came, she wants to lie down next to me, sits down next to me, and the she lays down, covers herself with my blanket, and wants to "fall asleep" next to me even when she had her own bed.

    I said to myself OK whatever, I want to sleep a bit, because I'll be f*cked at the job if I don't catch up with my sleep.

    So she lays next to me and slowly starts to push her back side toward my crotch. Of course I immediately went full hard, because I'm still a virgin and this was the closest ever encounter with a girl I've ever had. So she moves herself closer to my boner, she feels that I'm hard, but I still don't react, I just let her know I have a boner and poke her a bit, but honestly still want to fall asleep as fast as I can. She notices this, and pushed herself totally to me... This was the moment I knew I won't have any sleep, but I need to do something with her...

    So to show her I got her sign (yeah, she wants me to do something with her, I didn't want by myself, because I still don't know what and how to do), I hugged her, and slowly I was moving my right hand closer to her hip, then slowly to her panties, and started to slowly tease her p*ssy through her clothes. I heard she started to breath faster and I knew she was aroused, even if I've never experienced it before. So after a few minutes I move my hands up, and put 2 fingers on her clit directly in her panties. She screams up from joy. I slowly started to massage her clit, stimulate, sometimes put my finger in and out. She moans. She is enjoying it. I can feel on the bed that it is shaking a bit, but she doesn't want to be loud because in any second somebody can come into the room, and we have to cancel everything. But nobody knocks, nobody comes in. I am fingering her for about 15-20 minutes, the beds are shaking, she moans louder and louder but still not enough to be heard outside of the room, just between us. Her p*ssy was so wet, it slipped in and out so smoothly I never thought it can happen to girls, I always thought that's a myth. So I'm using my right arm to finger her, and I'm balancing myself half-sit half-laying on the bed on my left arm. So after 15 minutes I lye down on the bed, and with my left arm I touch her cheeks. Dude, if you heard that scream of joy, you wouldn't believe. She was literally shaking because of that touch, she stretched all her body, it was unbelieveable. I've never felt before nor experienced when a girl came, but at that exact moment I knew she came... her fast breathing, the way her body moved, the way her p*ssy tightened then relaxed... I just can't describe it, it was unbelieveable for me. I never knew that I can make a girl come... I pull out my right hand out of her panties, and dude, honestly I thought that's it, she came, she will go the bathroom to freshen herself up and she will leave. I still had a bit time left to catch up with a sleep, so I can survive that night's shift.

    How silly I was. After she became conscious again, she slowly reaches towards my p*nis, and wants to give me back the same. Once her hands reached, she felt something is wrong. I was still hard of course, but she felt that it's not as big as she would've expected. She took away her hand. She turned around, looked in my eyes (I've only saw 2 times in my life that staring, and this was one of them. When you don't stare to see his/her face, but stares through your soul, to see everything what's beyond those eyes. I only did once in my life that staring, and I knew she did the same, and I saw in her eyes that she UNDERSTOOD what's happening, that I don't have a big p*nis and what's holding me back)

    After 2 minutes (still nobody is in the room, which almost seems impossible because it is a 24-bed dorm and after 4PM... no way that this is happening on this very day) she's whispering me, but I can't hear her. I've asked her 3 times when I finally understood what she was saying. She said: "I will go to take a shower, do whatever you want to do with me"

    My dear friends... At that time I'm about 23 years old virgin... Never had a girlfriend... Never had s*x... Only kissed once in a lifetime, which was horrible for the girl... And she says this... Even when she felt and knew I had a small "tool"... Yet she said this... Against all odds in the universe... A 23 years old fat and ugly guy like me... It's finally happening... I can lose my virginity... With an 8/10 girl (for me at least, but maybe she was 9/10)... No way...

    So she gets out of the bed, and slowly collecting her stuff for the shower. So I get up as well, stare at her ass (I'm an ass guy) and I can't believe what will happen in the next few minutes, so I collect my stuff as well for shower, and I went forward and told to her in which cabin I will be in and won't lock the door, so she can come in. I went in the cabin, and quickly washed my private parts so it wouldn't stink because of the long walk and the work before... About a minute pass, I hear she comes in, locks the door and starts to undress. Dude, Now I say she was a 9/10 girl... Small tits, probably A cup, slim, like 50-55kg and about 180cm tall, but her ass is big as I don't know... She covers herself with her hands like she is unsecure about her body. No way she is not confident. Then she finally shows herself. Shaved everywhere, just a bit of stubble at her p*ssy... Dude... No way she is that beautiful, fully naked in front of me. And she WANTS ME! Like this is some kind of fairy tale...

    "This is the day I will lose my virginity..." My brain tells me... My heart tells me... My senses tell me... The UNIVERSE tells me...

    So to warm up again, I slowly start to massage her clit like I did before... She moans up louder because the water is flowing from the shower and she won't be heard that easily... Another 10 minutes pass. I lay down on my knees. I start to lick her clit. It tastes like I don't know... A bit acidly, a bit sour, a bit bitter, but I can see (and hear) that she enjoys it. She is moaning, grabbing my hair, and pushes my head against her... She enjoys it. She want me... Maybe because I was there at that time. But it doesn't matter why, she wants me... When I thought she had another orgasm (and basically felt, because she was tearing out my short hair and moaned like in the bed) she collapses in the shower, can't stand on her legs... So I stand up. She stays down for a few more moment... Then she finally go to her knees, looks at my p*nis.

    I don't know, and I will never know what she thought about it's size, about anything... But I believe she was kinda disappointed. But she must somehow return me the favour. Or at least that's what I thought. So she was lying on her knees, and started to s*ck my p*nis...

    I've never felt that feeling before. Honestly I don't know if she was good or bad. I have no experience. But at that moment I felt I'm in heaven. I saw on her that she was trying her best. She REALLY wanted to give me a "good time". She meant it. She wanted to show me how good and greatfull she can/want to be.

    I don't have to tell you, I didn't last more than 2 minutes, and I came on her face. I warned her, and told me to come on her face. Now she is on her knees covered in my cum, and I saw on her face the disappointment. Not because I finished so fast, but because I think (again this is just a guess) that she wanted me to enjoy everything for at least as long as I did to her (compared to 20-ish minutes to my 2 minutes or less)... But she did it... She blew me...

    Now again, since I need to recover, I need a few minutes... And what to do in the meantime?

    So I again started to finger her. Nothing else came to my mind. If I don't do anything, she will leave the shower unsatisfied. I don't want that. But I felt that this time she didn't enjoy as much as before. So I started to lick her again. Not the same effect... She needed something else. She needed that hard f*ck so she can't get up from the floor 2 days... She needed the ultimate satisfaction.

    And I couldn't deliver. I couldn't f*ck her brain out. Finally when I regained strength, and I was hard again as a mountain (who wouldn't be at that sight), I tried to put it in. And I didn't reach it... We tried a few other poses, but somehow it didn't work out, it didn't go in.

    I couldn't f*ck her... She deserved at least a 20cm, to f*ck her brain out, all I had is half of that, and even that didn't go in. Doesn't matter how hard we've tried it.

    If you have some sort of self-confidence, this eliminates it. This destroys it, and will never come back. And it didn't come back for me since then (in "sexual life" of course). I am still a virgin. With no dignity. And it will never come back.

    Since then I didn't kiss, I just jerk it off 3x a day, and this is how it is going in the last 3 years... I won't ever forgive for myself what I did (or didn't do) then. And will never be the same again. And I still need to keep up the image I built up during the years. And I will keep it that way. Just now when I'm 27 years old, I know at least why I won't have any relationship. Because if you want a happy and healthy relationship, you need a good s*xual life, which with me won't be possible. It doesn't matter how good person you are, how they will fall in love with your personality and behaviour, if you can't deliver in s*xual life what you need to bring, sooner or later someone will cheat on the partner. And I don't want that. If once I will have a wife, I want her to be satisfied with everything I have to offer. And it doesn't matter if I can provide for her/for us 99/100 stuff, if that part is missing, there will always be a doubt about cheating, because it doesn't matter if I can give her 99% she deserves, if she will find someone who can provide that 1% in s*xual life, probably will cheat on me... And I don't need that sh*t in my life. I want to provide 100% to my other half, but if I can't deliever, it's better not bother with that...

    Well, that's my confession, but not for today, but for this millennium... I know nobody will read this whole article, but if you did, thank you. I hope you feel better about yourself. Believe me, you can do better than me.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Lesbian Female / 36

    I went looking for an easy job while I was sorting out my life and found this job working as the Personal Assistance to this wealthy widow. The lady was in her 80s and she had a large estate but she didn't have the energy to look after all her paperwork. For background I have a degree in Communications but I am lazy and don't want a full time job working for some corporation, been there and done that and I got turned off. So this job was 10 to 4 and was at her house where she had an office, there was also a full time housekeeper and a man who drove her and fixed things.

    After getting an orientation from her lawyer, also a woman, and meeting her tax accountant, also a woman the job felt comfortable to me. Things got a little dicey when going through her mail I found this bill for a club that specialized in providing assistance during travel. Yes she traveled a lot but I had never heard of this and the bill was for 15 thousand dollars. I started to investigate and I didn't get very far, the name and address matched up and the bill was from a corporation, but I was curious. So I found the moment when I was able to ask her what this was for so that I could record it properly.

    Well that is when it got interesting, she laughed when she told me. This was for an escort service when she felt like going out. This 80 year old widow was paying some 50 year old man to take her out and give her a good time, to use her words, she was old but not worn out and she needed company now and then. I sat in silence and she asked me if I had a problem with that, she needed to have a man fuck her and did that bother me?

    Well, it didn't bother me as much as it scared me, this old woman in the hands of some man who could rip her off, 15 thousand dollars and after researching she had paid him over 100 thousand in the last year. I was looking at it from the point of view of fraud, but she looked at it as cheap entertainment. He took her out, they went to dinner, or the theater, or on a weekend in the country, he had sex with her and returned her home. Money well spent.

    I decided to confront her and just put it all out there and told her that I was gay and I preferred the company of other women and frankly I could not see how she could let some man fuck her. Any man, any time, any circumstance, letting a man fuck you is unacceptable. Personal opinion. I was being over dramatic and she came back with the old tried and true, don't knock till you tried it. I assured her that I had never tried it (not true but that is what I told her).

    In spite of our spat we got along well and she told me many times that I was wasting away and that one day I was going to realize that women were fine but men were better and that I needed to get over my hang up and give myself up and find out what I was missing. When things got heavy or things got on my nerves she would tell me that what I needed was a good fuck. If I argued or went back to her with the fact that I had a satisfying sex life with my girlfriend, she would answer that no dick meant no sex, pussy maybe fine but dick was better so 'get on the stick'. Like I said, we got along fine.

    She came to me and told me that she was planning a weekend at this resort in Canada and she wanted me to come with her, to be aware that most of the guests were ladies with their lap dogs to keep them company and she would get me a lap dog too, she wanted me to try, to find out what I was missing. What did I like? Anything special, young like a boy, or veteran like her escort a man of the world. She didn't like the idea of young women getting with men of the lower classes, she wanted a well educated man to teach me, a man of the world. In spite of my refusal she booked a weekend for the two of us and our lap dogs, both men coming from this escort service. For her, her faithful lap dog and for me a man of foreign birth but a spec****st for ladies on their first adventure. An Austrian man, an Architect by profession.

    My lap dog was kind and generous with his time, he was attentive to a fault and he spoke English like a native with only a slight accent, very handsome and well dressed, after all these men got paid 15 thousand a pop, excuse the expression. We had dinner, we had conversation, both men had been around the world, very well educated and very attentive. But I told my lap dog that there would be no lap, I had a preference for something less intrusive if he could understand me. But he had been paid to push and to accomplish his mandate and in spite of my stated preferences he was going to accomplish his mandate and if that meant tying me down he would tie me down, if meant outright domination then that is what it would be. How did I want it? I didn't want it, but I had no choice and I decided to just surrender to him. Maybe a totally limp uninterested woman would turn him off. It didn't, he didn't care, he had been told to complete his task in me and he meant to do just that. As I lay there totally passive without any resistance to his efforts it dawned on me that I was totally unprotected and in the middle of the act I asked him if he had a vasectomy.

    He withdrew and stared at me and asked why I would think that he had a vasectomy? The answer was no, and I had to tell him that I was vulnerable right then as I had no protection of my own, never having been on the pill or using any other form of birth control. Well then, lay back and let him decided, he was back at it in a flash, this time I was wide awake and hyperaware of what he was doing, he had practice and in spite of my feelings he was getting the better of me and I was going down the route of an uncontrolled orgasm which caught me off guard and sent him into his moment of climax and his complete domination of the moment releasing all his sperm into me.

    I spent a troubled night and the next morning looking for a pharmacy to buy the morning after pill, which fortunately in Canada is widely available. It worked, but I have never been the same since. My employer insists on company, the cost of the lap dogs is indifferent to her, whether it is for an evening at the Opera or a week in the South of France. She absolutely refuses that I bring my girlfriend along, she thinks it is much ado about nothing. She does ensure that I have one and only one lap dog, my Austrian Architect friend who now presumes I am protected because is his world that is not his concern. I remind him that I am not my mistress, I am not 80, I am healthy and I am 36 years old and every time he insists of carrying out his mandate he is playing with fire, even if I have come to accept him and his advances and be his toy for the evening he has no way of knowing whether or not I am a soft target.

    As to my mistress, I don't disappoint her, she is totally of the belief that she has shown me the light, maybe it is only a night light but a light never the less.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    18 year old male from london, looking for a fuck.
    [email protected]@@@g***l.**m

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    I lived in Dublin for a semester. I roomed with a guy from Germany and we hung out together. He came onto me and on a Saturday night after going out for beers he came over to my bed and said he wanted to give me head. I was drunk and I hardly got hard and he never got me off but after that night we gave head to each other a whole lot and he could certainly make me unload my sexual frustrations. We stuck to head and didn't go further than that.

    I am back home, I finished college and he contacted me and asked me if I wanted to go with him to Thailand. I managed to save the money and I went with him and the first thing he did was empty me of all my worries and this time we slept in the same bed and late that night we got it on. We slept together for the whole week, we had sex of one kind or another every day, going out to eat, short walk around the shops and back to the room for more sex.

    We hired a couple of Thai ladyboys and that turned out to be fun. We used condoms with them and made them use condoms but in the heat of the moment I took off the ladyboy's condom to suck him, the condom just got in the way. The short of it is that it was a sex holiday and we flew back to Frankfurt with my friend and I stayed with him for a couple of nights and then I had to come home to go back to work.

    I know that I am not gay, I am only into the bisex for sex, I recognize that the holiday was a sex holiday, only with another guy and a couple of ladyboys. I certainly don't talk about the details of the holiday in Thailand. I started to get symptoms of an unwanted reminder of my trip and ss a precaution I had myself checked. It must have been when I took off the condom of the ladyboy that I got syphilis. Fortunately I have been sexually silent since my return. I have a girlfriend but she is still in college so I haven't seen her since I got back. I did contact my friend and let him know and he has not reported back to me if he got syphilis from me.

    I don't want to belabor the point, gay sex is fun sex for me and the ladyboys capped off the holiday. It is a bummer to come home with reminder like this. I have a definite appetite for it, but the unwanted surprise has cooled me down to cold for now.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Female / 29

    Around a month ago, my husband Tony confided in me that a month before we met, he spent the night in a hotel room with two older men. They all had sex with each other, but it was my husband who was the one that was fucked repeatedly both both guys.

    He said it had been a fantasy of his, and that he'd met them online. The hotel just so hapens to be one of the ones my company services, and I actually know one of the men who fed my husband his cock and fucked him.
    At first I was shocked, as my husband is a athletic muscular man who in no way appears or seems gay. He's never mentioned anything remotely gay before and has always been a fantastic lover with me.

    Previously to his confession, we'd been taking our sexual enjoyment of each other further and further. With one relatively new addition to our love making being when I sucked on his cock and bals, I'd also tongue his asshole. He loved it when I first did it, so I began to spend longer and longer tonguing his hole and he became ultra turned on, fucking me with a passion I adored.

    It wasn't just a one way thing either, as I had Tony tongue my asshole, before and sometimes after he'd fucked me. More and more often after he'd fucked me in the ass and cum, I'd have him tongue out his cream and feed it to me as we kissed.

    The moment he confessed to having sex with the men, everything seemed to click into place and I understood his liking of anal sex both ways. What I didn't understand was my reponse. I thought I'd be a little defensive about it. Almost as if him freeing up his sexual fantasy to me, would make me think he'd run off with a guy. Instead all I could and still do think about, is just horny it would be to see him taking a large cock up his asshole.

    I've not said anything yet, but I have begun during sex when I tonguing his ass, to insert a finger or two up his butt. I know from the noises he makes he enjoys it, yet I still hold back from actually thrusting too hard.
    And again with my introduction of penetration up his ass with my fingers, his response sexually has been so awesome. We've always had a fantastic sex life, but now it's just ultra ultra horny.

    I'm dying to ask him if he'd like to invlve another guy into the mix. Not for me to have sex with, but for him to be fucked by. I've even begun to day dream about someone fucking him over and over and I get so wet, often having to masturbate if he's not around.

    However I do have a slight worry, it could lead to him wanting to take on a gay lifestyle. I know he loves me, and we do have some really amazing sex. It's just that I have new doubts about why he confided in me. Maybe I'm just being stupid.

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 31

    Twelve years ago I was serving tables at a college pizza parlor and a college kid parked with his BMW and walked in. He ordered and he had his pizza and asked a couple of questions. At the end of the meal I asked him if that was his car and he said it was, he had a trust. I didn't know what a trust was so I asked and he spent a couple of minutes explaining to me what it was like to have so much money that you would never have to work, the money was in a TRUST, so he got a distribution once a month while he was in college which was more than either one of my parent's ever made in their life. The whole explanation from him took less than five minutes.

    He asked me to step out and look at his car, maybe it was slow or I was stupid I don't know but I went outside to look at his car. What can I say it was a BMW with everything you wanted and he told me it was the M3 model which meant nothing to me. He told me to get in he would take me for a ride, I told him I was working, he told me working was for poor people, he told me to get in and he would take me for a ride. He opened the door and I had to get in, he got in and we left.

    The short story is that he took me for a ride, my boss told me one more stunt like that and I would be fired. He said that was my problem, being poor and he gave me five hundred dollars in cash and told me to go tell my boss I quit. We got in his car, we went to my apartment and got some clothes and we set off on a road trip. We stopped at several motels and he had fun with me, we kept on driving and we ended up in Nevada and in Reno he just said that we should get married, he might as well marry me and get that over with and anyway I shouldn't have to work I wasn't made for that.

    We got married at this court house, we stopped at a store in California and he bought me a ring to wear, we drove to LA and we dipped our toes in the Pacific Ocean in Ventura and we got in the car and went back to my hometown to finish college only I didn't have to work at the pizza parlor anymore. I don't work, I have a college degree but I don't work.

    He works for his family's business and we live in this big house on the Delaware coast, and I have my own BMW X5 and he is driving a new M series X5. I know a lot about BMWs now, not that it is real useful information but he likes BMWs so I have had to learn. I don't work, that is the part that is still strange. So I had a couple of kids, they are 10 and 7 and I am so bored I want to have another one.

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    Straight Female / 38

    I guess if there was a section for Regrets this would be where I would write this.

    I am 38, divorced with a one year old child. I sell real estate and sometimes things go well but most of the time I barely make enough. The highest paying year for me I earned 83K, last year I earned 66K. Why regret?

    I was showing houses to a man who wanted to buy a house for his little girl who just finished college. He had his list, size, rooms, location, he wanted that special house for his little girl. We looked at several properties, the prices were secondary, he was looking for the right house. I found him looking at me more than the houses. We went on several expeditions, and on the third one he gave me a necklace when we were looking at this house. He said he saw the necklace and he thought of me so he bought me the necklace. Simple, very fine work, 5K dollar necklace from Saks. I knew better but the necklace was just so nice that I accepted it as a nice gift.

    When we got back to the kitchen of the house he put his arms on my shoulders and pushed himself against me trapping me against the island of the kitchen. Maybe a second or less than a second and he had his hands on my boobs and he was pressing himself hard against me so that I felt his erection against my behind. I got fucked in that house. Now everyone knows that as a realtor that is one of the things you are trained for, always keep your distance, always. But that time I did something I should never have done.

    I went out with him, he bought a house for his little girl, he fucked me on the deck of his house overlooking the canyon below, he fucked me in his bed with the large picture window and the moon over the mountain, he fucked me in the kitchen, he fucked me everywhere in his house, every room including the bathroom. Six week he fucked me and then he got tired of me. I have the necklace, I ended up with my son, child support is no big deal to him, he pays it and never says anything negative about it. He sends me business, his little girl loves her house, a house no 23 year old should ever own much less live in.

    I stand in my little kitchen with my baby in his playpen and I can feel his hands on my boobs and his hips against me, but he isn't there, it is just my imagination. I wear the necklace when I show houses, it is the nicest piece of jewelry I have, I feel it helps me sell houses but that is also my imagination.

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    Straight Female / 28

    Southern Germany, January 2016. It's cold, thick snow and we're staying in a guesthouse in a quite village in the mountains. My husband had a sexual vision in his mind of me having outdoor sex with other men in front of him. That's why we're away. Only I don't want to be there and I certainly don't, I think, want to have sex with other men. We argue in hushed tones and I leave him in the bar we've been in.

    Back at the guesthouse, I drink a lot of mulled wine supplied by the wonderful hosts we have, and sit in the warm fire lit lounge area. My husband eventually comes in, moans at me for walking away, when he'd arranged for two men to have sex with me. Then abruptly and drunkenly says he's going to bed. Half an hour later the owner of the guest house comes into the warm cozy room, tells me he's sorry I've got an idiot of husband and passes me some more mulled wine. We sit, chat and I begin to feel completely comfortable with him, talking about our sex life. The owner tells me my husband is stupid to to want to share me with other men, as he thinks I'm beautiful and if I was his wife, he'd satisfy me all by himself.

    It was that phrase that got me horny. I'm not sure even now why. All the same it did and I found myself telling him I'd be more than happy to have a real man to look after me that way. More wine and a little more chat, his wife pops her head in, tells us both she's off to bed and winks at him. A few minutes later with the small talk still going, he stands up passes me yet another glass of mulle wine and I see the huge bulge in his loose fitting lounge pants. He smiles down at me, says sorry, but holds his obviously stiff cock through the cloth. That was the final straw so to speak.

    Reaching forward, I took hold of his cock through the material and knew instantly he had a really large cock. He puts his hand over mine and has me massaging his hard on. Stroking his cock that way for about a minute, he tells me we should get comfortable, and I watch as he releases the biggest thickest cock I've ever seen. At the same time I remove my pants, my knickers and my top leaving on my bra. Sitting next to me, he puts both hands to my breasts, moves one behind me and undoes my bra. It falls to the floor and we kiss. As he puts a hand in between my legs sliding a finger straight into my soaking wet pussy, I grip his cock shaft and gasp at just how thick and hard it is. His fingers move from inside of me to my clit, circling around and around until as we begin to kiss again, I orgasm hard. Still shaking from my climax, he moves us and I sink down onto his cock. He's unsheathed, but I don't care by then as his cock feels enormous inside of me. He guides me to bounce up and down on his cock, using my arse cheeks and me right breast. Already my second orgasm is beginning to build, when he slips a finger up my arsehole.

    It sends me over the edge and I orgasm again. Clinging onto him pushing my breasts into his face, he fucks me as I grind downwards onto his cock. It's a wonderful fuck, an amazing fuck and one I will never ever forget. We fuck in unison and throughout he finegr fucks my arsehole. I orgasm again and still he fucks me. Then as if I'm a twig, he lifts me up, lays on my back on the warm leather couch and re enters me. Telling me he's going to wet his cock, I don't quite understand what he wants. Sliding out my pussy, he takes hold of his cock, lifts me up some and then slides his cock up my rear.

    There's initial pain, but only briefly before he starts to fuck my arsehole for real. It's such an unusual feeling, it takes some getting used to, until my arse kind of gives, and I instantly begin to feel euphoria flowing right through my entire being. Fucking me in long slow thrusts, he tells me if I want to we could stop. Gripping his arse cheeks, I pull him into me and tell him "Don't you dare stop". On and on we fucked like that with ripples of sensations going right around my body like never before. And then wham, his face changes, he thrusts down deep into my arsehole and I feel his cock pulse hard inside of me. His cock lets go and I experience for the first time, a mans cum flying up my arsehole. We remain locked for a while as his orgasm subsides, then he pulls out, I think it's over, but he's not finished. Lifting my legs right up and over my German host puts his face to my arsehole and I feel his tongue lapping away at my rear hole. It's such an amazing feeling, I orgasm in mini shudders before he lets my legs down and kisses me.

    Telling me I can enjoy myself with him anytime I want during our stay. I ask him what his wife will think. he smiles at me, then says "It's my wife who told me to come in here with you".

    That was our only occasion having full on sex. However I did after breakfast two days later, offer to, then give him a blow job in the dining room as my husband slept off a hangover from the night before. When he came which wasn't for some time, I noticed movement to my left as I swallowed his semen.

    My husband has no idea any of what happened took place, and still wants me to satisfy his fantasy. Telling him I might, if we go back to that beautiful place in Germany again, we've gone and booked the same guest house. Our host emailed back yesterday "Looking forward to your second visit with us. Hope you'll be as comfortable and well looked after as the first time". I know perfectly well what that meant and why our hosts wife sent it.

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    Straight Male / 32

    One day our grandma wanted to take us to see the first pirates of the Caribbean. It had just came out after the movie. Our grandma had to make a stop before we got some food. Well we got there me and my sister stayed in the van while GM went in. She came back and told us there was a 45 minute wait we said ok we will just stay in here. After she went back I asked my sister to flash me. She made sure nobody could see since we was right in front of the shopping center then showed me her tits. I climbed out of the front into the seat next to her and pulled my hard dick out of my basketball shorts. My sister immediately leaned across and sucked my dick until I came in her mouth. She had a skirt on so I reached out and took her panties off fingered her a mini until I got hard again. We didn't have a condom but she got up set in my lap balls deep and she just set there a minute with me in her. Then she started really bouncing up and down. I told her I was about to cum and my little sister said I'm not stopping. I went in as deep as I could and blew my load as deep In her tight young pussy as I could. Then not long after our GM came out to a van I know smelled like sex and my sister had my cum running out of her young pussy.

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