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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 33

    I started going to the gym. Iâm not out of shape and have always been rather muscular, but after being married for 5 years and getting for lazier, I thought it was a good idea. For the first few eeeks it was just hitting the weights after work and going home. I eventually met a few of the other regulars and built a few good friendships. One day while working out, one of the guys asked why I donât use the locker room? I just said I never really thought about it, I just go home in my workout clothes and change and showers there. Nothing was really mentioned after that for a few days. Then one day one the guys mentioned his âpost-workoutâ routine. Another guy laughed but didnât go into details. The next day, my wife took the kids to her moms for the week up in Michigan. I knew I was going to hit the gym after work, but this time before I left home I packed a gym bag with some clean clothes. Thinking maybe is just shower after working out and go out for food since I hate cooking and my wife wasnât going to be home to cook. My gym buddies showed up later than usual and had no idea I changed at the gym. After I finished my routine, I went to the locker room. I was just stepping into the showers stall when two of the gym guys walked in laughing. A few minutes later, both stepped into the shower stall, one with an obvious boner! I didnât say anything at first but the both guys started shaping up their cocks and started jacking off. They asked if I was going to join them for the âpost-workoutâ and I wasnât sure how to answer. I shook my head no and left as quickly as I could. When I got home I could stop thinking about it. Iâd never jacked off with another guy before. Iâve thought about it but never did it. After seeing them I knew my dick was bigger so that was cool. The next day I decided if they were there again, Iâd join in.
    I did and Iâve been jacking off with a few different guys every time I go to the gym. I even played with one other guy and let a couple guys jack me off. Been great and Iâm in the best shape of my life right now!

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 44

    I really don't know why I enjoy it so much but being seen naked, embarrassed, teased humiliated, dominated by girls is my biggest turn on. I started by telling a girl about this and she said she would make me suffer. She was correct. Probably thousands of girls have seen my pics or seen me naked. Also I'm usually ordered to remain in panties etc at all times so most pics involve that. So many of the girls I knew before all this, have learned about my fantasies and have dominated me. For example, one girl knows I'm not gay but almost daily she sends me cock pics and makes me look them over just so it embarrasses me. She also posts my pics all over and doesn't care who sees them.
    I love it when some girl I don't know, sends me a text or email and says it's so and so, send me pics of.... Whatever... Now. Anyways, had to share that. Keep it up girls.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    She was my first girlfriend I've ever had, although I've had a few girls crush on me I never started dating them (despite how two of those girls may have seemed). When I was 15 I met a girl online over a game and later on we started dating after some... arguing annoyances with my best friend of the time.

    Me and her started off great, one might say I fell head over heels for her... and they'd be correct. Our relasonship was constantly in a on and off state, like someone flipping a light switch repeatedly.

    Nearly a year after we first started dating I ended up downloading the Kik app. I met a girl on the app that later deceived, fooled, and tricked me. Most of them were ridicoulous and others were so bullshit that I should've seen through them.

    One of which being from her ex boyfriend, who claimed hed kill me if I hurt her. She built it up to say he was a mercenary or something around the lines. Another being how she was r**ed, one time she fooled me by making it seem like she was being r**ed. In reality it was most likely her fooling me, to get my pity, or some guy who was actually having sex with her. I should've known from these two things alone, to n9t trust her.

    Being young and dumb I believed it and told my first girlfriend how they essentially had a gun to my head and were forcing me to.

    That girl lied and made me believe she was Taylor Marie Mangan, truth be told I had never heard the name in my life up till then. At first she didn't say that was her name, despite her using images of the woman.

    When she told me her name was in fact not who I thought she was (which she claimed her name was similar to my first girlfriend), but the aforementioned woman... I felt betrayed, yet I continued believing her.

    Worse part is, that was months after I broke up with my first girlfriend. When I did I was a mess and immediately began regretting my decision... it got to the point where I could've get off my ass and go to school.

    However, on that same day which I can never forget, the girl from Kik said for me to ask if she wanted to do a three way relasonship and share me. I figured because she just might be Bi it'd be worth the shot. I asked her, and she hesitantly agreed to it... only for the next day or so to break it off with me.

    Looking back I completely understand why she did. At the time though, I didn't take it well.

    Eventually I stopped speaking to her and deleted the app from my phone... only to receive an email from Kik saying "your friends miss you, and so do we" I hesitantly redownloaded the app and saw her message.

    The girl I was lied to, multiple times, ended up telling me in a message how she doubted I'd see the message and said her real name. I forgave her and took the entirety of the blame onto myself.

    That was early last year, which I continued taking to her and whatnot.i still talked to my first girlfriend and played together with her.

    This January I've finally gotten rid of her for good, and I'm setting my sights on righting the wrongs I've done to my first girlfriend... who I still love.

    There's plenty of other information I've left out that I see as useless info, and this is a true confession.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    My last story ended when Sue had come out of work after finding someone had been wanking over her boots at work, well she left that job and went back to being a housewife, to be honest I was happier with her at home anyway.

    Shortly after that the area really started to go downhill and we began to think about moving, our mind was made up for us one night when after being out for the day we returned home to find we'd been broken into, several houses in the street had been done that week and I suppose we were expecting it, still it didn't do her any good when we returned home to fine our valuables had been stolen and her underwear scattered all over the bedroom floor.
    A couple of days later and we were still fed up over the break in, although the insurance was sorting things out and we'd more or less found a new place to move to which was in a village closer to where we originally came from, this suited me fine because, although I hadn't said anything to Sue, I'd been offered a new job, and as it happened it was within walking distance of where she'd seen the new house.
    I had decided to invite a couple of the lads round for drinks on Friday night,if things moved as fast as I hoped we'd be leaving the next week and that would probably be the last I'd see of them, yes they were friends, but we weren't that close that I could see us staying in touch when we moved away.
    Friday night came, Sue had been shopping and got plenty of beer and spirits in for the evening,she was still upset about the events of the previous week but seemed to be getting over it, in fact knowing that a move was imminent she seemed positively excited about things. She had done her hair and makeup and was wearing her trademark beige jodhpurs and a white T shirt along with a pair of black knee high boots when I arrived home.
    The lads arrived at about 7 pm and she brought everyone a drink and we sat down and began chatting, the lads seemed to enjoy looking at Sue, and who could blame them, she looked stunning, her tight top clearly showing the outline of the skimpy white bra beneath it and I knew that at some point during the evening that if she got aroused it wouldn't take long before her prominent nipples would also be showing, still I didn't mind, it was good to see her getting back to her old self.
    Several drinks later and she was getting quite giggly, I noticed that she'd stopped drinking the beers with us and had gone on the shorts,and she was knocking them back! She'd gone into the kitchen for another round of drinks, clearly enjoying playing the hostess, she called from the kitchen asking me to help her open something. I went in and she was stood there with a tray of drinks, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, "I want to be very naughty, will you spank my bottom if I wee in my pants" she whispered. I shook my head, "no Susan, not now, the lads are in the front room, behave yourself" she looked at me, "but I want a wee" she whispered seductivley. I told her to go upstairs and use the toilet, any fun would have to wait until later.
    She headed off to the bathroom and I took the tray of drinks into the lounge, she returned a few minutes later, "oops, I dropped something"she giggled, bending over, it was at this point I realised she was no longer wearing her panties, the look on one of the lads faces said it all. I looked at her, "Sue, give me a hand in the kitchen will you?" I told her, she followed me inside, "what the hell are you doing" I asked in a low voice, "what happened to your underwear?" She leaned close and giggled, " I had a little wee in them, so I had to take them off" she replied obviously she was getting quite drunk.
    we took some crisps and stuff into the lounge and sat back down, she was sat next to me and kept whispering in my ear, her suggestions were getting more and more rude, finally she got up, " must go to the loo, or I'll wee in my pants" she giggled, heading off up the stairs. She returned a short while later, minus her bra, and she'd changed into her other boots, black knee highs with brown tops, typically horsey style, the lads could hardly fail to notice the change, especially since her nipples were quite prominent through the tight top.
    By now I was becoming quite concerned about her behaviour, I didn't want the lads to think we were going to end up having some kind of orgy, but to be honest at this point I think if I'd suggested it she wouldn't have minded, but being as how she was quite drunk that wasn't going to happen.Once more she headed off to the kitchen for another round of drinks,"ooh, I really want to wee in my pants, can I?" she pleaded, I shook my head, "no, you can't" I replied, "go on, just a little" she went on, I shook my head, "no, in those pants the lads will spot it straight away" I continued. she sighed and headed back into the lounge with yet more drinks.
    About half an hour later she began to squirm in her seat, she got up and headed toward the kitchen, "I'll get some more drinks" she giggled, swaying slightly as she went. I got up and followed her she leant against the cupboard, "I nearly wee'd myself just" she laughed, adding coyly, "go on, just a little one, you like it when I wee in these" I shook my head, "no, wait 'til the lads have gone". I took the drinks into the lounge and she headed off upstairs, she returned about 5 minutes later and again she'd changed her boots, this time she was wearing her riding boots. I could see the lads looking at each other wondering what the hell was going on. By now it was getting late, it was almost time to wrap this little gathering up before things got out of hand.
    " I think we'll have one more and then call it a night lads, it's getting late and it's been a rough week" I said, the lads nodded, but said nothing. I asked Sue to come into the kithen with me, "what the hell's going on?" I asked, she looked at me and giggled " well, I wanted to be naughty and wee in my pants but you wouldn't let me, so I thought I'd wee in my riding boots instead" she whispered, she shook her leg and I could hear a sloshing sound, she'd really done it!
    We finished our drinks and the lads got up to leave, I went to see them off and Sue got up too, "OOPS, NEARLY" she giggled, then added, "nearly wet my pants then, naughty girl", everyones eyes turned to look at Sue, nearly, that was an understatement, a small damp patch was clearly visible on the crotch of the tight jodhpurs. The lads looked in disbelief, smiled and left. I closed the front door before turning around to look at Sue,Before I could say anything she giggled, "now can I wee in my pants?". I shook my head, "in a moment, now take those boots off and squat", she slipped off her long black riding boots and went into a squat in the middle of the lounge, I knelt down and taking hold of one of her boots began to rub her crotch with the top of the boot, she squirmed with pleasure, finally I held the boot in between her legs, "now piss, and make sure it all goes into the boot". She relaxed a little and a stream of warm piss poured through the crotch or her jodhpurs into her boot, when she'd finished she stood up, there was a large wet patch on her crotch and up over her shapely arse. I stood back up and walked over to the couch, undid my jeans and pulled them down, she smiled as she saw my erection. "now put those boots back on and come here", she slipped her feet back into the piss filled boots and came towards me, "over my knee, pissy pants" I told her, she bent over my knee and I began to spank her on her wet jodhpurs, she was squirming as I did it, when I'd finished I told her to stand up and lower her wet jodhpurs, she lowered them to her boot tops and I told her to ride my hard cock, she happily complied then after we'd both cum she got off, "need the toilet before bed" she laughed, I shook my head, "no, piss in your boots, and put them back on". She took off one of the boots, did what she had to and stepped back into it. I led her to the bedroom and made her get into bed, still wearing her damp jodhpurs and piss filled boots, she gave me a blow job before falling asleep.
    The following morning although some of it had come out of her boots there was still quite a lot inside them, I told her to shower and get dressed, she could wear clean clothes but had to spend the day in her pissy boots! It ended up another day of kinky wet sex and she loved every minute of it.

    More to come

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    OK, so I told you about how I met my first wife and how after a while we'd got our own place and got married, she was the one who always wore riding clothes and boots remember, well here's another episode of our time together, by now we'd been together about a year and she'd really gotten into experimenting with sex, she'd decided she liked watersports, and had learned how to tease other men with what she wore and how she wore it. It was great fun at the time, she'd gone from a plain jane to something quite sexy, although one night after a few drinks she almost went too far.

    We had moved out of the area, to a town about 10 miles from her original home, once away from her mother she really seemed to blossom, personally I always thought her mother held her back, didn't want her to leave home, but hey, we'd got married and were now living far enough away that she didn't see her mum too often.
    I worked all day while Sue ran the house, the town centre was only about half a mile away and she took to walking down there for shopping which saved me doing it at weekends. she began to chat to our neighbours, and more surprisingly started to go out and buy clothes on her own!
    I came home one day and she asked me if I would drive to the equestrian store as it was too far away to walk to and it meant getting several buses which took a long time as it was in the next town. I agreed to take her, but wondered what she wanted, she'd given up the horses a few months ago, and there was nowhere nearby where she could ride as we lived in a town.
    The following day, being a Saturday I was off work and as promised took her to the equestrian store, I waited in the car while she went in and it wasn't long before she returned carrying what looked like a rather large shoe box, she placed it in the car and said nothing. When we got home I asked her what it was and she said she'd bought a new pair of riding boots, now I really was puzzled. She opened the box and proudly showed me her new boots, they were long and black like her old ones had been but that was were the similarity ended, these were very smart and shiny like those I'd seen the posh girls wear on the riding schools.
    She put them back in the box and that was the end of that, or so I thought! The following week I went back to work, I came home one night and as I was eating dinner she told me that she'd been out shopping that day and found a new clothing store on the far side of town, she'd seen some really nice clothes in there and one or two items that she really liked. I asked her what she'd bought and she said she'd not bought anything, she wanted to ask me first. I told her it was fine, we could afford it and if she wanted to go back the following day and buy something then go for it.
    The following night I arrived home from work, Sue wasn't in the lounge like normal, "I'm in the kitchen" she called out, hearing me enter the room, I headed to the kitchen, she had her back towards me as I entered, bloody hell, what was going on! She was wearing the new riding boots, not only that but she had a pair of really tight beige jodhpurs on and a black see through blouse, beneath this I could clearly see a skimpy black bra, and judging by the panty line under the jodhpurs, she was probably wearing black panties too!
    She turned to face me and for the first time I saw the front view, and what a view, the top was indeed see thru and beneath it was a small half-cup bra, this was see thru also, and the jodhpurs were so tight that even with the panties she still had an obvious camel toe! I had been hungry when I landed home, but after seeing this I suddenly lost all interest in food, I wanted something else, but no, she'd cooked my dinner anything else would have to wait, "besides, you can't have your dessert until after your main course" she giggled.
    I ate my dinner rather quickly wondering what my 'dessert' would be, it was well worth waiting for believe me, it didn't take long before her top was off and her bra, we kissed and cuddled over a few drinks then just as I thought I was going to get into those sexy jodhpurs she began to squirm and pull away, she got up and stood in front of me, me eyes were level with her crotch, I took hold of her hand and went to pull her back down, she let out a little squeal, "ooh, you've made me wee my new pants" she giggled as a dark patch began to spread across the front of her jodhpurs and down her thighs to those shiny sexy boots, she didn't try and rush off to the bathroom, she just carried on. When she'd finished her jodhpurs were soaking and as she moved it was obvious quite a bit had ran into those sexy black boots.
    "Well, I suppose you'd better spank me for being a naughty girl and wetting my new jodhpurs" she giggled, bending over in front of me, I pulled her onto my knee and gave her several playful slaps across the seat of her wet jodhpurs, I then rubbed my hand across her wet bottom and slid it between her thighs, rubbing her wet crotch, "best take them down I think", I told her, she stood up, unfastened them and lowered them as far as her long boots would allow. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my erect cock, spun her around and slipping her wet panties to one side, guided her onto it, "well, if you're going to wear riding clothes then you can ride this" I laughed, she rode me like a wild thing and it didn't take long before I shot my load inside her, she continued long after she'd cum and by the time she'd finished my cum was dripping out of her panties, wow, that was worth coming home for.

    Over the next few weeks she bought several more outfits and I fucked her in each one, one day she told me she wanted a pair of black crotch length leather boots, I readily agreed and we bought a pair, by now she'd got loads of tight revealing clothes and several pairs of boots. She was also getting well into wetting herself and most of our sessions either started or ended with her wetting her pants, things started to get more and more extreme and there were two occasions when things nearly got out of hand.

    The first one happened in our local off-licence, it was run by this randy old bloke and it was always busy, there was always a load of teenagers outside hanging around too, at this point the area had started to go down hill and I began to feel nervous about letting Sue go out alone after dark. It was one of those area's where a lot of people knew each other and we were outsiders really, so when it started to go downhill I felt we were really out of the 'click' as it were. There was one girl who went in the shop, a bit scruffy and she used to flirt with the randy old sod, quite often she'd wear a see through top with a scruffy looking bra beneath it, she never wore a coat and always let him have a good look at her, she always got served first, and I often wondered what else she got off him, this annoyed Sue especially when we'd been waiting to be served and she'd just waltz in and get served straight away.

    One night after dinner Sue said that she wanted to go down to the off licence for some beers, I said I'd go with her as it was dark, she was wearing her tight beige jodhpurs and a baggy top but no shoes. She said she'd just pop upstairs and put something on her feet while I was putting my coat on. She came down a few minutes later wearing her coat, and her thigh length boots, talk about attracting attention, thigh lengths to walk to the shop!

    She attracted quite a few stares from the teenage lads outside the shop, plus a few crude comments, mostly about what they'd like to do to her in those boots, she just ignored them. We went into the shop and as usual it was quite busy, there was a queue, that was when Sue did the most outrageous thing ever, she walked up to the counter and as we waited to be served she slowly unzipped her coat, the randy old sod was over in seconds, "right love, what can I get you?" he asked, Sue told him what she wanted and he stood staring at her for a few seconds before getting her what she'd asked for, he placed them on the counter and she handed over the money, he seemed to take a long time over giving her the change, checking it over several times to make sure it was correct.
    "there we go gorgeous, see you soon" he leered as he handed her the change, "thanks, bye" she said smiling, then she turned around to me, "carry this will you love", she said handing me the bag, I nearly died with shock, Her jacket was wide open and under it she was wearing her black chifon blouse, the see thru one, and she wasn't wearing a bra, well that explained the randy old sod taking his time to serve her.

    We came out of the shop as Sue slowly fastened up her jacket, "did you see the look on the randy old sods face?" she laughed, "anyone would think he'd never seen a pair of tits before". I know she found it funny, but I couldn't help feel a little concerned, it would only take one of those little scrotes outside to see her on her own and she could end up in real trouble. She got a job in a local factory and it was while working there that she did find out how dangerous it could get if people got the wrong idea, she worked on a production line and there was a guy there, a line supervisor who was a bit of a pervert. The girls couldn't just leave the line to go to the toilet, they had to raise their hand and he'd get someone to cover for them while they went, one day he kept one of the young girls waiting for so long that she actually wet herself on the line.

    Sue's problems started that winter, they wore their own clothes for work, but had to change their footwear for wellington boots when on the line, most of the girls wore jeans, but some, like Sue wore tight black leggings. The incident with her happened one cold snowy winters day, I was in work early so instead of dropping her off as usual she'd had to take the bus. Because it was snowing she'd decided to wear her thigh boots, the lads had obviously seen her arriving and she'd gone into the locker room, hung up her coat and changed into her wellingtons, leaving her thigh boots in her locker.

    Partway through the morning she'd needed to use the toilet and had raised her hand, fortunately she only needed a wee, because the guy kept her waiting so long that she'd actually started to go in her leggings( I think he was trying to make her wet herself), anyway, he finally let her go and as she reached the locker room she started to wet herself, she ran into the toilet hoping to make it before she lost control completely and as she opened the cubicle door a shocking sight awaited her. There sat in the bowl of the toilet was a pair of long black boots, thigh boots, and they were hers, the outside of them was covered in a white sticky fluid! The shock caused her to wet her pants completely when she realised what the white liquid was, someone had took her boots out of her locker and gone into the toilet and wanked over them!

    She pulled them from the bowl, cleaed them as best she could and put them on, grabbed her coat and rang me at work. I went down right away to sort it out, there she was stood outside work in her wet leggings with dried spunk stains all down the front of her leather boots. I went into the works and raised hell over it, threatening to wait outside and give the bloke a good hiding, they never found out who it was that had wanked over her boots, but the line supervisor was sacked after several of the younger women complained about him keeping them waiting so long they'd wet themselves too.

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 53

    I met my first wife Susan after I'd just come out of another relationship, I met her at a disco in town, she was a bit quiet and not very outgoing, she wasn't what you'd call a stunner, but attractive in a sort of girl next door kind of way, I say met her at the disco, that wasn't strictly true, I'd first seen her at a local riding stables where I was doing some work, but hadn't spoken to her until the night at the disco.
    She was about 18 years old, very slim with shoulder length blonde hair, and small tits,34B if I remember correctly. She wasn't a flashy dresser, that night she was wearing a dress, but every other time I'd seen her she had the same clothes on, a polo necked jumper, a pair of brown jodhpurs and a pair of dirty black rubber riding boots. Judging by the way she dressed I figured she didn't really have much money, most of the other girls at the stables seemed to own several different pairs of jodhpurs and the more expensive leather riding boots.
    Now before we go any further perhaps I should say that being honest I had a bit of a thing for girls in tight jodhpurs and long black boots, I think it came from growing up in a rural area where most of the girls rode horses and seeing a pert bottom encased in tight jodhpurs was pretty common.
    We started dating and I used to go to her house several nights a week after work, she still lived with her mother in a terraced house on the other side of town in a rundown area, it was a far contrast from where I lived with my parents, their house was a small 3 bedroom one with a back yard and looked rather tired, Our house on the other hand was worth almost a quarter of a million pounds, a very smart large bungalow with 4 bedrooms a large garden and parking for 4 cars, it was on the other side of town, high on a hill overlooking the town, in summer it was only a short walk to the fields and woods nearby.

    We began with the usual kissing and cuddling on the settee, usually after we'd been out for a drink, her mother worked a late shift in a restaurant, so we were usually on our own until around 1am. By the end of the first week I'd managed to get a bit more intimate with her, well, I'd managed to get my hand inside her jumper, put it that way, one night we were on the settee, I'd actually got her top off, as usual she was wearing her riding outfit, her underwear was quite plain, a little white bra, I removed this and began to play with her nipples, she was loving it, so the following night I decided to go a bit further and after getting her top off I made a move on her jodhpurs. I unfastened them with very little resistance and slipped my hand into her panties, again these were more functional than attractive, plain pink cotton with a full cut.

    I stroked her soft blonde pubic hair, then gently slipped a finger inside her, almost instantly she became wet, later I was to find out that I was the first bloke to get her bra off, let alone get into her pants! We didn't go any further than this for a few nights, we'd kiss and cuddle, I'd take her top off, then her bra, play with her small pert tits for a while, then slowly work my way down into her panties, I'd finger her for a while, then she'd want to stop, rush off to the toilet, and that would be it for the evening.

    One night we began as usual, I'd actually managed to get her jodhpurs off completely this time, she lay on the settee naked except for a pair of pink cotton panties. I was kissing her and had one hand fondling her nipple, the other hand was inside her panties playing with her moist slit, it was going great, suddenly she pushed me off, pulled on her boots and ran off to the bathroom.

    When she came back she sat alongside me, I was feeling pretty pissed off, at this rate I'd never get to have sex with her, what was her problem? I poured a couple of drinks and lit a cigarette, I took a deep swallow of my drink, a long drag on my cigarette, and asked her what the problem was, the answer surprised me.

    She told me that before she met me she'd only ever kissed a bloke before, one lad at school had groped her tits over her jumper, but that was about it, she had spent almost all her free time at the stable with her horse, she'd never had a lot to do with lads and that basically was that. she went on to tell me that she liked doing what we did, but there was a problem, every time I got into her panties she was just starting to enjoy what I was doing but then she began to feel like she needed a wee, she had, she continued, got these feelings once or twice while riding her horse and had stopped before she wet her panties, poor girl, she really had no idea what it was all about!

    We didn't go any further that night, but I told her I'd see her the night after and I wanted to ask her to do something for me. The following night I arrived at her house just after her mother had left for work, as usual she was wearing her riding gear. We had a couple of drinks and chatted about this and that, then we began to get down to things, we ended up on the settee as usual, she had her top off and her bra, eventually her jodhpurs came off too leaving her in just her boots and panties, she always wore her boots for some reason.

    I was stroking her mound over her panties and they started to become quite damp, then as usual she made to get up to go to the toilet, I asked her what was wrong and she said that if she didn't go she was going to wet her panties and she was worried about doing it in front of me. I got her to stand in front of me and continued to stroke her over her panties, she began to squirm, so I slipped a finger inside and carried on, she told me that if she didn't go now she really would wet herself. I removed my finger from her panties and looked at her, "I want you to wet your panties for me" I told her, she looked at me in a puzzled way, "you want me to wee in my pants, why? she asked. "Because I do, you have to if we're going to go any further" I replied," but I can't do it here, on the carpet" she exclaimed. I reached out and took hold of one of her boots, "lets have this off, it'll do perfectly for what I have in mind" I told her, she raised her leg and I slid the long rubber boot off her foot. I parted her legs slightly and began to rub the crotch of her panties with the top of her boot, "go on, wet your panties" I encouraged.

    She tensed slightly then ever so slowly the front of her panties began to get wet, it ran through them and into her rubber boot, when she'd finished she stood there wearing her wet panties and one long rubber boot. I placed the boot that she'd had a wee in on the fireplace and removed her other boot before pulling off her wet panties, "there, now I've seen you wet your panties, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about now is there?" she nodded, "I suppose not, what happens now?" I laid her back on the settee and began to finger her, I rubbed her clit and pretty soon she began to moan softly, then it happened, "Oh no, I'm going to wet myself" she said trying to get up, I pushed her gently back down, "just lie there and relax, I've seen you wet yourself already haven't I " she nodded, and laid back. I carried on fingering her and after a few minutes she began to moan and then went stiff, she let out a loud gasp and went limp. "what was that?" she asked panting heavily, "I thought I was going to wee myself, but I didn't".

    I explained to her that it was an orgasm, I couldn't believe how little she knew about sex, I then asked her if she'd like to try it again tomorrow, but this time we'd actually have full sex. She quickly agreed and after another drink I showed her how to wank me off, which she seemed to enjoy. I left shortly after, telling her I'd be round about the same time tomorrow.

    The following night when I arrived there was no preamble, she offered me a drink and as I was drinking it she quickly stripped down to her boots and a pair of little white panties, they already had a damp patch on the crotch, but I didn't mention it, neither did I ask why she kept the boots on. We kissed and cuddled for a short while before she slipped out of her panties and laid back on the settee, "ready when you are" she said with a smile. I dropped my jeans and undies and laid on top of her telling her to relax before gently sliding my hard cock inside her wet hole, she winced slightly as I eased my full length inside her, pausing for a moment to let her get used to it. I rode her gently for a few minutes before she came to a loud orgasm, I shot my load into the condom, then slid out of her, she just laid there with a huge smile on her face.

    Sue had an insatiable appetite for sex and later on developed a kinky side, helped I think by the fact that she was always wearing her riding clothes, later on we got a place of our own and got married, she gave up the horses but still wore her riding boots and jodhpurs at every opportunity, eventually she began to buy other tight clothes and a variety of boots, one time I bought her some leather trousers and high heeled tall boots, we really had some kinky fun with those, but that's another story.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    A fond memory of a confession. This fun took place between 1976 and 1979. I left the military and instead of heading back home, I stayed and lived where I was. An Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that happened to be a favorite honeymoon spot for the newlywed Japanese. I mean, they as well as Japanese vacationers were pretty much everywhere. Especially in the big hotels that catered to them.

    Let me tell you, the Japanese can not drink. They get drunk rather easily. Due to that the bars knew they either had to under-pour the drinks or lose the customer after one drink. They chose to under-pour and the new Japanese husband could show their new bride their strengths. As the men acted macho, their new brides wanted then done so they could get back to the rooms and get it on. It was their honeymoon after all.

    There were a few of us that hung around the hotels regularly. We would strike up conversations with some couples and listen to him brag and her encourage him to go to the room with her. The bartenders we knew well and when it seemed the Women were getting pretty horny, we would order a drink for the guy. By us ordering, the bartender knew to over-pour the next drink. Before the guy could finish that drink he was fall down drunk. We would offer the wife help with getting him back to the room. We would suggest we come in and help get him in bed. They always seemed to accept the assistance. Most times we would help her get him undressed and tucked in bed. Some times we would point to his dick and tell her it's a shame he won't be able to use that with her tonight or just mention that it is really too bad her first night of her honeymoon with end with loneliness. 3 out of 5 times they wanted nothing to do with a drunk dick or loneliness and which ever one of us helped her to the room made sure that the lovely new wife got what she wanted on her honeymoon. Every time with Mr. Drunk, passed out husband laying snoring right next to us.

    So, if you are Japanese and in your early 60s that had honeymooned on a tropical Pacific Island and can't remember your honeymoon first night, I might. Oh, and if your wondering why your kid looks half white. Ooops, never thought about protection then. Hope you raised them well.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Ok, this is about my neighbor across the street he's been there since he was 4 and now he's 47

    His mom and dad passed but don't want him there,so yesterday his brother came up to me and asked if I'd seen him then started to tell me he was in the backyard wearing a dress I think his brother is a homophobe I almost told him I always wear nice women's thongs and a couple of vibrating eggs and a nice butt plug also black high stockings

    So when I perform music I'm thinking do they know? But I do turn them low when I'm off stage and back on when I play but I want to let him know that it's ok I don't want to push him too fast but I've seen his package and it's big!!

    I wouldn't mind telling him if he ever wants to drain come on over but you gotta do my ass if you're going to cum maybe I won't say it I just want to tell him he's not alone

    My roommate told me she's seen him and I asked why didn't you tell me? Oh I forgot she's blonde but he's doing the dress nice underware aND stuffing the bra thanks for reading appreciate any comments

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 33

    Basically I trade sex for being supported. I was married for eighteen months but he never manned up and got a real job and Mr. X who I live with told me that he was a screwball and he was living off of me. "Come live with him and see what it was like to live with a man who appreciates a woman", that's what he told me that day. He gave me the key to his house and said move in and make yourself at home.

    After a couple of weeks Mr. X calls me and tells me to "shit or get off the pot", the offer isn't open after that weekend. It pushed me and I packed my clothes and got my birth certificate and showed up at his house. He gives me the tour of the house and 'puts' me in his bedroom and tells me that he is expecting great things from me. After we go out to eat and we are back at his house he gives me the schedule of when to get up and when to go to bed, he sits down and writes out my 'duties', and then asks, no the tells me, "he wants me". There is really no time to get ready, he shoves me onto the bed, rips off what I won't take off and fucks me until he jerks everything into me. "Now that is what you do with a woman, you fuck her".

    The next morning we get up at the time on the schedule and I have my list of morning duties. He tells me that I need to call in and quit my job because I have real responsibilities now and I have lots to do. He doesn't so much as kiss me as he grabs me and shoves his tongue down my throat and tells me that when he gets back he "wants nothing but hot". I quit my job and tell my boss that sorry but no I can't go in, I have things to do. I do everything on the list and get ready for when he comes home. I spend a lot of time getting ready, I want to be "hot" for him when he gets home.

    He pretty much ignores me he just asks what's for dinner and goes into his den and turns of the T.V. and picks up the paper and goes through it while I fix dinner. After dinner I get shoved back onto the bed face down, my pants are torn off of me and I get fucked on my stomach. He gets ready for bed, and it is time to turn off the lights. Everyday is the same thing, ass grab, tongued, duty list, home at six, T.V. and newspaper, fucked before bed time, no kiss, no hug, fucked. Period time comes and I get the week off.

    I have lived with Mr. X for a long time now, years. I don't work, I have duties, I am fucked, he likes me face down but sometimes he turns me over. I have a week off every month, it's on the schedule.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 35

    We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout.

    Ha, ha. I couldn't resist. It's true though. We were animals for each other when we married and nothing else mattered. He had just graduated from college and signed on to an entry level management position. We had a small one bedroom apartment and it was sparsely furnished but none if that mattered. It was a start.

    We lived in that apartment very happy for the next two years before I started wanting something bigger with better furniture and maybe replace the old car with something more new or add a car so we both had one. Still, with my husband in the same position as when he started, there was little chance if any of that.

    When November came around the company always had their Christmas party for management. We had not gone to the 2 previous ones due to hubby working during the time it was held. This would be our first and my first opportunity to meet people he worked with. I went out and spent money we really couldn't afford for a dress, shoes, make up, and had my hair done. Hubby understood my eagerness to make a good impression on his behalf so didn't really complain. After I finally was ready to go, he wanted to tear it all off me because I looked so damn sexy. Yeah, I did but sexy with taste. I told him he would have to wait this time. He agreed but made me promise he gets me as soon as we get home. I told him that if all went well at the party, he may get a surprise on the way home. With that thought in his head we took off for the 45 minute drive to the hotel with the banquet hall.

    Upon our arrival I mentioned that most of the women were dressed very nicely. Party dresses galore were sweeping in and out if the crowd if maybe 300 people. I asked my husband if half the people there were all management? He told me most but he was sure some were working like he had been in the past but there were also the company officers and a few local business people that we did business with plus a few employees that have won company awards.

    We went up to the bar and got us a couple cocktails and then went to find a table to sit at along with other attendies. We found a table with others my husband worked directly with and grabbed 2 chairs together. My husband introduced me to everyone and they introduced their spouses to us. Seemed a nice bunch if people. One of then was up for a company award so we were all rooting for him. He had no idea what the award may be but knew they were always pretty nice. That would come later though. We all went through the banquet line together and ate at the same time. They held back no expenses by the looks of all the delicious offerings for us. Everyone said the company was a very generous company when it came to it's employees but it seems with the 2 meager raises my husband had received, they were not as generous as I woukd have bragged about. After eating everyone started to mingle again. A band played on stage but no one was dancing. We met some middle management and some even higher. When my husband introduced me to one of the VPs I found him very cordial. It was at this time a man walked up to us and greeted my husband and the VP. The VP asked if I have met Mr.CEO yet. I said no and held out my hand to greet him. He was 45 years old. His father who founded the company was in poor health and turned the company over to him 3 years prior. He put his hand out and took mine in his and started patting it with his other hand. It's so nice to have such a refreshing sight at these things, he announced. I could see he was trying to discreetly look me over. I just smiled and thanked him for the compliment. I asked if Mrs. CEO was here with him. The VPs eyes and face got a strange look on it, my husband softly elbows my ribs. The CEO say, sorry, my wife passed away a little over a year ago. OMG, did I just swallow my foot or what? Nothing like bringing a chill over the world. Of course, I was cussing my husband for not informing me of this sad event under my breath. All I could do was tell him how sorry I was. He said not to worry about it. Time is passing and he has nice memories. I think I sighed loud enough for everyone to hear. The CEO then excused himself and walked away.

    I looked at the VP and told him I was really sorry. I did not know. He told me it would be all right and that the CEO has been getting better and better in that regards as he gets through the mourning time. That he was more and more getting back to his old self every day that passes. I felt I had dodged a bullet. The VP excused himself and I turned to my husband. He was straight faced and I looked right into it and told him thanks for keeping me informed. He said he was sorry. Then the ass added, I suppose the surprise on the way home is a no go now. I answered that, he made good deductions. We were empty on cocktails so hubby told me to mingle and he would get us a couple more. I agreed and set out to meet some people on my own but keep any personal 1uestions to myself.

    When I seen interesting looking people I would introduce myself. Almost all I had to tell them who my husband was and what department he worked in. It dawned on me that he may go nowhere if nobody knows him. As I mingled some more I again ran into the CEO. I immediately appologized again for being out of line. We were face to face, just the 2 of us then. He again told me that no appologies were necessary. Then he told me that he was sorry. I asked why and he told me that he was sure I noticed him looking me over and that he wanted to assure me that he wasn't being a pervert or anything. It was just that I reminded him if his wife when she was in her 20s. I told him jokingly that I was flattered. He asked were my husband was so I informed him that he was getting sone drinks. CEO replies, niw, not too many, you never know who the horny guys are around here that would take advantage of someone as pretty as you. Don't ask me why, I don't know but I think we were in the joking around mood when I answered with, hopefully, you will come to my rescue if that happens. I will keep an eye on you all evening to be there if you need rescuing, he told me. I replied that I know feel much safer knowing that and just to be sure, I would keep my eye on him to make sure he keeps his eye on me. Fun ended when hubby showed up with our drinks saying sorry, there was a line. CEO tells hubby his wife is very pleasant to speak with and then excuses himself because the awards ceremony was going to start. We made our way back to the table and sat with the others.

    The CEO got on stage and thanked everyone for being there. Thanked everyone for another profitable year. Saud it was nice seeing old and new faces in attendence. On to the awards. I really didn't know what the awards were actually for with the technical words associated with them meant. I mean I understand marketing and sales but the engineering, production, and logistical terms went over my head. Still, when they mentioned the award prises, I stayed interested. I mean the least amount if cash award was 45 hundred dollars. Damn, that coukd sure help us. The guy at the table actually was one of two people that won brand new cars. A couple people got 10 thousand dollars each. Why is my husband not getting any of these? Some of the others were young managers so it wasn't a matter of time but I did figure it was a matter of performance and for some reason my husband's performance wasn't being recognized. Or, was he just not performing at a level the others were? Finally the awards stuff ended. We all sat around for a bit and celebrated the co worker for his new car. Lucky stiff.

    Time to get up and move around. Only an hour left before it all comes to an end. I went by myself as my husband stayed at the table rejoycing someone elses good fortune. I started at the bar figuring one more before it all ends. Standing there waiting for my drink to be prepared I am joined again by the CEO. He was back in line but you know, he does have privileges to cut ahead. Is that the one that will be the too many, he ask? Maybe, I replied. Maybe I should stay close to protect you from any perverts wanting to take advantage of your condition he replied. I laughed and asked who would protect me from him? Hopefully, he says, no one. Oh my, should I me concerned, I asked? Yes, maybe so he answers. We laughed and started a normal conversation when he asked how I liked my first banquet. I told him it was a lot of fun meeting everyone but I added the awards made me a little sad. When he asked why I just told him because my husband didn't win any. He told me, maybe next year, maybe next year. I was feeling my drinks a little and miss really sexy from head to toe with her tipsy mouth just came out and asked if there was any way I could help my husband start winning some awards. He looks at me and tells me it seems that I am ready to be rescued. Sure am I told him. He grabs my hand and we slip around the corner. He leads me into an empty room and starts kissing me. I didn't resist. Actually, at the time, I was enjoying it. So much so that when his hand slipped into the top of my dress which was all there was between my breast and air, my hand went right to his crotch. He was as hard as a rock. He stopped kissing me and told me to take it out. I just did as he said. Then he tells me he hasn't had a woman since his wife passed and when he seen me he knew it was the time to change that. He didn't ask but I got on my knees and took him into my mouth. It must have been a good feeling for him since it only took a couple minutes and he was exploding in my mouth. I had to empty him in my mouth because I didn't need cum on my dress. When he finally finished, I removed my mouth and leaned over and spit it out on the floor. He raised me up and kissed me again then told me how much he appreciated it. I told him we would wait and see just how much he did. He asked if he could see me again. I told him that was risky but we shall see what some time brings. He agreed but added that he would see me again.

    I left the room first and went back out to the crowd. Almost immediately my husband meets up with me and tells me he's been looking for me and nobody he asked said they seen me. Sorry I said, was in line in the bathroom for I don't know how long. You know women and their bathroom usage. He told me he knew and asked if I wanted one more drink before the bar closed. I declined and told him I was ready to go home. We said our good bys and again ran into the CEO who told us he was happy we had met and how he hoped we could all meet again. With that, we left
    Once in the car my husband tried to pull me close and kiss me but geeseh, I just had a mouth full of cum and he would know if we kissed. Thinking quickly, I lowered my head to his lap and started unzipping his fly. I told him he better drive if he didn't want everyone watching his wife give him a blow job. He drove. I sucked him off until he finally came. The drinks I sure made it take a little longer but still, success. Now I had the second mouth full if cum for the evening. That's the problem in the car, no place to spit it so only thing left was to swallow it. Not a fan if that at all but I guess when you are stuck, you're stuck. Now I leaned over and kissed him. He may have tasted cum but he if course would think it was his own.

    We finally got home and were both pretty tired so we went directly to bed. He fell asleep 8nstantly. I layed there, the alcohol wearing off and bringing on the guilt. What the hell did I do tonight? Why would I do that? What does his CEO think of me know? Will anyone hear of the lower management's guys easy wife? Should I confess to my husband in the morning. It would be such a betrayal to him and our marriage. Would he kick me to the street or storm out? I finally fell asleep. When I awoke, my husband was still sleeping. I got up and my guilt was right there to keep me company. I decided I woukd wait but I owed my husband the truth. Just not now. That was a Sunday and we just mainly hung around the apartment. Too cool to use the complex pool or hang around it so we mostly just watched movies. Monday came and hubby was back at work for the week.

    Monday evening hubby cones home and us all excited. He gas an announcement for me. Tells me to sit down at the dinner table which has our meal prepared on it. I sit and ask him what us going on. I got a raise he blurts out, a raise and not just the run of the mill raise. What us it, I asked. A thousand fucking dollars more a month, he shouts. No shit, I say. Why? Who knows, is his reply. A thousand dollars a month. It starts next week. We can get you that bigger apartment now. Wow, I tell him. I'm so proud of you. We celebrated in bed. Tomorrow is another work day and probably woukdn't be good to be late right after getting a raise. We both slept well that night.

    I get hubby off to work first thing in the morning and go about my daily routine. An hour into it someone ringed our apartment bell. I answered the intercom and the voice at the other end told me he had a delivery for my name. I buzzed him in and waited at my door figuring my husband sent me flowers or something because of his raise. A man approached my door with an envelope in hand. He wore a black suit jacket with jeans and had a funny hat. He asked if I was me, I said yes and he handed me an envelope. He turned without another word and walked away. I went back in the apartment, sat down on the sofa and opened the envelope and read the following.
    Last night was the greatest experience I have had in a long long time.
    I am excited that it was with someone like you.
    You are a thrilling Woman and exactly what I needed.
    I am hoping and wishing that we can meet again and continue a relationship.
    I know it will have to be something that is discreet and I promise that if you agree, I will assure you your privacy from all other besides myself.
    I am hoping you accept my offer to meet again.
    If so, my private number is xxxxxxxxxx

    ps: I hope you have something useful to use that raise on. Would be nice to see your husband acheive great success within XXX corp.

    Shit, a blowjob got my husband a thousand dollar raise. Now I am being propositioned with what looks like advancement for my husband and our future. Damn, I never imagined something like this, ever. Betrayal of my marriage or a more better future for both of us. Damn, damn, damn. I know, it is supposed to be an easy dicission. Of course I would choose being faithful to my husband. That shoukd be the only option a woman would take. But, I couldn't help but thinking of that better future. This was going to take some thought I guess. The week continued on and I went back and forth with myself. I even increased our sex thinking it would make me lean towards my marriage. Actually, I leaned towards more sex. I was getting into that and worse yet, Mr. CEO was entering my head when I was actively having sex with my husband. A week goes by and I make my decision. I called the number. CEO picked answered immediately with hi, you don't know how happy I am you called. I asked how he knew it was me. He told me he had gotten a new phone and I was the only one with the number. I sighed, OK, how do we do this, I asked? This is all new to me. He asked if I would be available for lunch. I said I was but I didn't think it would be good to meet in public. No public he told me, we can have lunch at my home. I told him that woukd work and he asked if I could drive over to it. I told him sorry, we were a one car family so I didn't have a car available. How about I have my driver pick you up he suggested. Not at your front door but maybe a discreet place where you will feel safer. Your driver, I asked? Yeah, you met him when he delivered my envelope to you, he tells me. Oh, OK. I said. What time? How about I have him pick you up at 11 and we will have lunch around 12, he instructed me. OK, you can tell him to pick me up in front of the antique store on 8th and Jefferson. I will be there by 11. Great he says. I will be anxiously waiting your arrival.

    I was almost school girl giddy. I had a date planned and was being picked up in a driven limo or something. I know, I should be ashamed but no, I was giddy. Anxious. I showered and got ready. I put on a pretty skirt and blouse but not sexy. I smelt very nice and my make up was just right. The blouse what a bit thin so this time I had to wear a bra. Normally I don't but it was just too see through. Screw it, I removed the bra and found a different shirt. Much more comfortable and I wasn't sure what was actually going to take place there. I made it to the antique store with 5 minutes to spare. There was a big black sporty Lincoln setting there with the front passenger window down. I looked in and it was the same guy. I started to open the passenger door when the driver asked me to please get in the back. I did what he said. In the car he introduced himself and the rest of the way we drove in silence except for some soft music coming from the rear speakers. We arrived at 11:45 and and the car stopped at the front entrance. I got out and was staring at a mansion. Never in my life have I been in a mansion. CEO came out the front door to greet me. He came next to me and placed his arm around my shoulders and guided me inside. We entered a big room and we then went off to the side to a room to sit in. He told me to have a seat and asked if I would like a drink. I figured I better and asked if he could make something for me. No problem he tells me and calls another guy who enters the room. CEO tells him to make my drink and he rushes off. Servant, I ask? Yes, has been with the family for years. Don't worry, your presence here is totally confidential. You can be at ease with anyone you come across employed by my family. They are all loyal. That helped me to relax a little more. He brought my drink and gently set it on the table next to me. He then asked CEO if there was anything else? CEO said no and the servant said that lunch would be served in 5 minutes and asked if we would like to go to the dining room now. CEO said yes and servant picked up my drink and we all went to the dining room.

    Now, this isn't a mansion like you see on TV with the French furniture and stuffed with antiques. No, all the furnishings were modern and the antiques were replaced with an assortment if more modern art work. In the dining room we sat at what I guessed was a solid oak table that seated 8 or 10 maybe. It was impressive. I learned later it was a slice if solid teak wood from Asia. That had to be one big tree. We sat down and mr servant started bringing in dishes. We had a small bowl of soup and then a salad made with lobster. It was delicious. I passed on desert. We chatted during lunch and CEO made me feel very comfortable. No personal talk, just life in general but he did seem to take an interest in what I wanted out of life into my future. I explained that I was hoping for bigger and better things for myself and my husband.

    CEO asked me if I loved my husband. I told him I did, very much. He then asked why I would come here and I answered because I love my husband and want him to succeed. I guess he liked that reply because his smile widened. CEO asked if I would like a tour of the house and grounds. I said sure. We left the house and walked through the gardens. He told me the gardens were his wife's pride and joy and worked them daily. That as the weather warms more the color is just fantastic. I told him that I hoped I could see everything in bloom. He assured me that if I wanted to, I would. We walked back into the house and after the bigger front main rooms and dining room, we entered the kitchen. A lady stood there doing dishes. She was introduced as the cook. Another who has been with the family for years. She was very nice. We continued to the upstairs. There were 5 bedrooms and the library/study. He told me he moved it there after his wife took ill to make sure he was closer at all times. We opened all the doors and he he somewhat described each one. We made it to the master bedroom. It was gigantic with a bed that had to be bigger than a king size. We moved on from there to the 5th bedroom. We entered and it was here he placed his hand on my shoulder and turned me towards him. He pulled me close and got no resistance from me. We kissed. We kissed deep and long. Our tongues intertwined sucking in each others energy. His hand reached my breast, I lowered my hands and unbuttoned it for him. He gently now caressed both my breast and played with my hard nipples. I admit, I wanted him. At this moment, I was drunk again. Drunk with him. I undid my skirt and it dropped to the floor. I was in panties only know. His right hand made it's way down my stomach, over my mound and reached my now soaking wet vagina. He grabbed the side of my pantie and side by side slipped them down. When they reached my knees I could kick them off the rest if my legs. I was now fully naked in front if this fully clothed man who was now standing there looking over my body. Admiring my body. I wanted him and he knew it now. I reached over and opened his belt. Undid his slacks,, unzipped his zipper and let them slip off. He was wearing boxers. I undid his shirt buttons and removed his shirt. The tee shirt followed and then I got on my knees and lowered his boxers and he kicked them off. At the banquet I never actually looked at his tool so this was the first time I actually seen it in plain sight. It was lovely. Close to the same size as my husband but I really wasn't thinking about that then. I just knew I wanted it. I started sucking it. I mean seriously. He must have felt it quickly because he stopped me and raised me up. Gently he laid me back on the thick quilted bed and placed his head between my legs. His mouth moved in on my wet hole and he seemed to try and reach and take in every drop of me. The feeling was incredible and I orgasmed. He looked up at me and told me he owned me that one from last week. I kind of giggled.

    We did a lot if touchy feely stuff and just got to the point where I pulled him on top of me and he drove what I wanted home. It felt so good. I mean that. He was pumping and I did what I could to keep in time with him whike my legs got tighter and tighter around his back. I kept trying to pull him deeper and deeper. He kept repeating how great it felt and wanted to keep going on and on. I was having small orgasms, one after another. That was new for me. He
    called out, he was cumming. He pulled out and started immediately shooting all over my stomach and one shot even hit my left breast. It was warm. I reached down and started milking his dick to get it all out. I used my other hand to rub his cum into me. I was feeling really good.

    We layed side by side and and just remained silent until we both came down from our sexual high. He thanked me for making him feel better than he has in years. I told him I really enjoyed it. He asked if I was feeling guilty and I confessed that maybe not right at this minute but I wasn't sure about later. CEO told me that I was welcomed in his home any time but he would understand if I were to say I couldn't keep this up. I asked outright if he meant what he said about ensuring my husbands success to better our lives and our future and he assured me he would make sure and definately make sure my husband thought he deserved every bit if success. I told him in that case, I probably will not feel guilt and would love to keep seeing him. He told me that the bedroom I was in will be maintained if I ever needed one and that I could come and go here as I pleased. The staff will be informed and they will keep secrets to their graves. We got dressed and kissed some more. His driver took me back to the antique store and I had dinner on the table for my husbands return home in the evening.

    All that was quite some years ago. My affair continues until this day. The mansion is like a second home to me. It started out as twice a week but over time has reduced to around twice a month now for sex. I still see CEO regularly. Did my husband ever find out? I don't think so but if he did he has never said a word or acted differently. He has received a number of promotions since the start of this and his income is five fold what he was getting at the start too. We have our own big house, three cars with one being a BMW sports car my husband just loves. We now go on annual vacations to places all over the world. In a few months my husband will be up for a VP position. I better get to work.

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