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  • — Women Only —
    Lesbian Female / 29

    I am a fifth grade teacher at a private Christian school. My 'dream job' isn't what I dreamt it to be. I have also developed strong feelings for another female teacher. I keep my mouth shut, but it feels like a crush. I decided to resign at the end of the semester and I am looking for another job.

    This crush is not my first crush like this. What I don't understand is that my crush is always directed to the same type of woman. It's almost like I can predict it. My religious beliefs are a big part of my life. My mother just wants me to be happy and not get hurt. Since high school I have talked with her about these crushes. This is a thing, she seems to get it right, for some reason I crush on superficial 'hot' Anglo women. I am not superficial and I'm not hot, far from it, I am of Hispanic heritage and I am solid.

    On a senior trip with my class I had my one and only physical encounter. She is a girl I grew up with, also from the 'hood', thick like me, but bossy which is why we never could be friends. My mother warned me about her, we still run into each other but the friendship is not there.

    I don't advertise my feelings, other than my mother no one really knows about my feelings. I am now 29 and single.

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  • — Women Only —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 37

    I don't feel lesbian because I've never fell in love with another woman but I've done stuff with other naked women only for the sexual pleasure I get. I like to repay the orgasms I've received by going down on my partners. I don't mind this, or the kissing, it makes for a good time. I feel warmth and friendship, indeed I quite like them , but love, no it's never happened.

    My first experience was when I was 20 and shared a house with two lesbians. They had the master bedroom and I was in the spare and we all got on well. One friday night we drank some wine and they got me pissed. They dragged me into their bedroom , stripped me naked and opened my legs. We had sex. One sucked on my clit and the other sat on my face. Both of them fucked me with a strap on.

    Next day I was hung over but still remembered what had happened. Despite feelings of anger and resentment I still had that sore feeling from a good fuck.

    Some one said this shaped my feelings towards other women. I want the sexual fun but I don't want to get emotionally close to them because of this resentment. Sounds like it might be right but I can't say for sure.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 48

    This is my favorite site. I check it every day which means I run out of stories to read. I like dirtyconfession also but it has fewer new confessions. Are there any other sites I can supplement my needs with?

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Lesbian Female / 28

    I have been in the closet all my life. I first felt something for a girl in the sixth grade, she also went with me to church. Her name was Stephanie, she was pretty and smart. I crushed on her, and my crush lasted until well after the ninth grade. I just sort of had to move on, Stephanie liked boys, not me.

    In the twelfth grade I joined the Spanish club, I have always been good at languages, and our teacher was just that some one that I fell in love with at first site. I wanted to be around her and she let me, I became her helper, preparing class lessons, handing out papers, helping her grade papers after class. Her hands through my hair sent electric shocks through me, her hand on my cheek, her smile, and that day she touched my boob with her hand and told me that I had nice tits and that was going to get me some nice boy one day.

    One night I ran into her at the mall and split off from my mother and went shopping with her. In the dressing room she let me into the stall with her trying on a blouse she took off her bra and asked me how it looked, if I thought it would turn heads. She put her bra back on, put her arm around my neck and told me that I had to keep that a secret, things like that had to stay secret. I just looked at her and put my hands on her boobs and she let me, when I put my arms down she said it was her turn and she felt up my boobs and she kissed me with one long kiss and told me that after graduation we could be friends.

    When I met her at this restaurant about fifteen miles from our town, she was dressed pretty casual, not like in school. She didn't look as old, she had her hair down and she wasn't wearing work makeup and we sat and had dinner, she found my hand and plaid with my hand at the table. She asked me if I wanted desert. She suggested that we go back to her apartment and we could share in some pussy pie with whipped cream.

    Her pussy was totally shaved, she told me she shaved for me, and she shaved me that night, and after I was shaved she laid me back on the bed on a towel and got the whipped cream out and lathered my pussy up and ate it all, licking it out of my slit. She then put whipped cream on my nipples and ate that too. She straddled me and worked her self up until her pussy was over my face and lowered herself and rubbed her pussy back and forth over my mouth, I kept trying to lick her as best I could. After several minutes of that she turned around and straddled my head and lowered her pussy back into my mouth and leaned over and ate my pussy, holding my legs in her hands. From where I lay, with my head on the pillow I could see her pussy, wide open, her vagina and her asshole. That night when I got back home I took my drawing pad and drew her vagina and asshole, I still have that drawing.

    She taught Spanish at school and I went to college and we stayed lovers until after I graduated. By then I wasn't a school girl anymore, and she wasn't a young college type. I have gotten used to eating her pussy and paying attention to her asshole when I do. When I am having sex that is the view I want, with my legs open and her mouth between my legs. But in the daylight, we dress for our jobs, we get together for movies and plays and concerts, in our town we are seen together a lot. She comes to my parent's house, it doesn't seem like we are so far apart, really she is five years older than me.

    I have been asked out but I never go. She has been asked but she never goes. I guess we stay in the closet because it is a good place to be. And being gay is not a thing for high school teachers in the South. We are sure that my parents have figured it out, and probably people at work and about the town. But we are not officially gay, we are nice young respectable members of our town.

    There is one more thing, we have a tattoo, in case we end up at the hospital or are found dead, it's a tattoo between our legs, high up and it has her name and her tattoo has mine.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 48

    This really embarrassing moment happened when i was 20 years old and still living at home.My parents never practiced nudity around the house,and my mum who was in her 60's, hadn't seen me naked since i was about 10 years old.

    I awoke this particular Sunday morning and could tell she was already downstairs having breakfast.I felt i wanted to have a poo,so went into our small bathroom which has no lock,and sat on the toilet.I was still trying to do my business about 5-10 minutes later,when suddenly the door opened and my mum walked right in and was stood facing me about 2 feet away.

    There was an awkward silence until she said she was so sorry and had no idea i was in there,and she wanted to have a wee.I was in a panic,but told her not to worry,and as i was talking i noticed she had a quick look down at my willy,and i as i had awoke with morning wood,i still had an erection (i am quite small at about 4 1/2 inches erect).
    I should have tried to cover it up but it was too late by then.She didn't say anything,although she looked embarrassed,and left me to continue.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 49

    I suppose that at some point you want to tell your story. I am retired now, not so much because I wanted to but because the University suggested it in the strongest way. I have a Ph.D. in Biology and have taught at the University level most of my career. But of course I didn't start there, I started when I went to Belize to teach science at an English school.

    I came of age, 18, during the draft for Viet Nam and one of the ways to avoid the draft was to be in college. I was the first one in my family to go to college and I had no choice but to stay in. I ended up with a degree in education, not with any major in mind and with a degree like this I had opportunities in grade school, but not high school. I did not want to teach grade school. A friend of mine, from college told me that to avoid that, and to stay in college because even if it was 1972, the Viet Nam thing was still going on, to apply for grad school and get a degree in a science so at least I could teach science in high school. That's how I got my Masters in Biology.

    It's those years of grad school that marked my life. I finished in 1975 and the Viet Nam story was now in the past and I applied to various schools for a teaching position but had not gotten an answer, or an invitation really and I took a job on campus working for Ph.D. candidate in a lab. He told me about this place he had been, Belize, and how much fun he had. He was a regular outdoors type and he had gone there for the fishing and he told me if I got a chance I should go. I talked to another man on campus and he told me that sometimes you can get jobs as teachers in third world countries and maybe I should apply. That's how I got a job teaching in Belize.

    Being an expat I rented an apartment and walked to the English School where I taught Science to the eight and ninth grade. The principal was an old man, at least to me at the time, an Englishman who had served during the real war and had taught school after the war and that's how after retirement he ended up in Belize as the Principal for the small English School. He and I were to become friends.

    Bit by bit I got to know him, he invited me to his house where his maid prepared dinner for us and he gave her the night off after dinner was done. We sat in his living room listening to records and talking about my education and why I had come to Belize. The night was warm and he took of his shirt, he was really a rather large man, in his early sixties, heavy set with a salt and pepper hair all over his chest. He sat down and licked his lips, I remember that like yesterday, he licked his lips and asked me to take my shirt off. I was a slender man at that time I have never had any body hair and he said I looked fine and went to get another beer and when he gave it to me he ran his fingers through my hair.

    His next question should have told me what was going on but I missed it completely, "What does a fine young man like yourself do for fun?" Well, I started to tell him that I liked to play tennis, but he cut me off and said "after hours, before going to bed". He moved over to sit beside me and said he thought I was going to make a good teacher and he put his hand on my knee, but now I was in Belize and I needed to relax and slow down and take things easy, he leaned over and in a flash he moved his hand down my leg and grabbed my crotch.

    His hand was strong and I was caught by surprise, his whispered request for us to have fun sent a shiver down my spine, his hand was hot and he grabbed me hard and he told me he wanted to teach me something, something that every young man should know, he wanted to teach me how to be a man when being a man was required, and right then I needed to be a man and have some fun. He had gotten on the ground between my legs and was massaging my cock with his hands and he told me that now was the time and I was going on a trip that I would remember for the rest of my life.

    How he got my cock out of my pants, I have a hard time remembering how, his hot lips were on my cock, he grabbed my cock tight in his hand, he put as much of my cock into his mouth as he could and he sucked one long suck pulling his hand down my cock as he did. I sat in that chair, in the warm night and he sucked my cock. I was surprised when he sat beside me on the small couch and still grabbing my naked cock he kissed me on the lips. He was aggressive, he wanted to kiss and it felt good in the most horrible way, his hand grabbing and stroking my cock as he did. He released me and told me he wanted me to meet Sam.

    He stood and dropped his pants and was completely naked in the light of the small table lamp, his cock hard and thick staring at me and he told me Sam wanted me to kiss him, to show him love and respect and to reach out with my hand and say hello to Sam and kiss him right on the tip. His cock in my hand scared me and he pulled my head forward to kiss his cock and I did, and he held my head and shoved his cock in my mouth and I sucked him, and sucked him, and sucked him, I couldn't stop.

    He had me undress there in the small living room and he ran his hands over me from head to hip, grabbing me by the butt and pulling me towards him to kiss, rubbing his cock against me, finding my cock and rubbing our cocks together. He said something about being a good boy, he took me over to window overlooking the small lagoon and stood behind me and he spit into his hand and rubbed my anus and told me to bend over a little, it might hurt he said, but I would never regret it.

    His cock was hot, hard and hot and he pushed up against me and leaned in and held me down with his chest and it hurt, it was scary it hurt but felt good and he worked his cock in bit by bit, telling me in my ear that there were so many inches left for him to get in. With his cock all the way in he fucked.

    I am a Biologist and I know about the birds and bees but I didn't really understand how a man could like that, kissing another man, sucking another man's cock, enjoy having another man stick his cock in his ass. I didn't understand, but I enjoyed it and the Principal and I became good friends, after dinner when the maid was sent home, waking up in the morning heat, with his arms around me, shoving my back against him to wake up his cock. The best fuck for me was early in the morning, with the sun up and the birds making noises, I loved to get fucked.

    I returned to the University, registered and got accepted for my Ph.D. program and went on to teach at the University level at the same small college that I graduated from. Those years, the late seventies and eighties were interesting years, I avoided much of the problems as I was in a long term relationship with the head of the History department, an older gray haired man, with a salt and pepper hair on his chest, who loved to have his cock sucked and fuck all night. There is a big advantage to being the younger member of faculty, I missed that as I grew older and it was my turn to find a younger man who wanted to fuck a senior member of faculty.

    I vacation in Belize, it is a nice place to go, there is a small restaurant and bar where backpacking expats go, and from time to time I invite one over to my place to party, to suck cock, to fuck, until the sun rises. I am retired, and this is what I have been looking forward to for quite some time. Thanks for listening, letting me tell my story, I love telling the story of my first cock, while I'm spending time with a young man, who isn't so sure that he wants to get fucked.

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 46

    Well, who would have thunk it? Me, fisherman, carpenter, 46, married, volunteer firefighter, and avid cocksucker. I am not gay, I'm a cocksucker. I got started as a shy recruit out of high school. My teacher and coach in cocksucking was my bunkmate in boot camp. I didn't suck his cock on base, he taught me to suck his cock at the movies. it was a fun place, other recruits were sucking cock, that's how he convinced me, that and his hard cock. Really, he first had me hold his hot hard cock in my hand, then get down and suck him. I don't recall being turned off by it, his cock was hot in my hand, and hard and his voice in my ear 'go ahead, suck my cock', so I did.

    I have my ways, I scope the kid out, watch him, invite him to talk, tell him I like him, watch his reaction, if he asks to go to the bathroom I go with him. I look, look at his cock, when he looks at me I tell him he has a nice cock, nice enough to suck. You have to accept rejection, told to fuck off, but once in a while he lets me take his cock in my hand, I hold his cock, jerk him a little, talk to him, tell him I am going to suck his cock and walk him into a stall and I suck him to completion. Of course if someone else is in the bathroom I forget the routine. I like Young hard cock.

    I will. If the opportunity presents itself, suck an older man's cock, like the banker I talked to at a bar one night. He was nervous, scared, his cock was hard and got harder. i don't think he expected to give up his load, milky, thick, hot cum. After I was done he called me a faggot, I laughed, who is the faggot? Similar opportunities have come my way, but I want a Young man, young hard cock, big thick load, I don't swallow as such, I play with his cum in my mouth and then spot it out. And a young man just venturing out is always a good cock to suck.

    I won't even call myself bi, I'm straight, a straight cocksucker.

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