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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I am actually only 16 years old, and recently I decided to stream my self on a sex cam site. I started of with me sitting in a chair with the webcam pointed at my crotch in order to conceal my face. I was wearing only a pair of losse fitting boxer shorts and a shirt. Then with much anticipation I hit the broadcast button.

    I wait for five minutes when I then see another user join the chat. My erection visibly pops up. There sunddenly 5 more users join the chat. This gets me excited. So much so that I pull my boxers down to show them my throbbing underage shaft. The begin complimenting me, if only they knew. I then decide to pull my boxers off completely, showing my full illegal cock for them all to see. I then rub out a load and end the broadcast.

    That was one of the greatest sexual experiences if my life.

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  • — Fetishes and Kinky Sex —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    My girlfriend likes to dominate me by refusing to let me go to the toilet until I'm desperate to go. Yesterday she made me hold my poo all day and by around ten o'clock I was busting to go. I asked her if I could go to the toilet as I was getting desperate but she said no and if I had an accident in my pants I'd be in big trouble. She said we were going out for a walk and I begged her to let me go to the toilet first but she refused to let me go and I was forced to hold it while we walked around the local streets. I was soon bursting for a poo and I pleaded with her to turn back home as I was about to poo myself. She got mad at me and warned me not to even think about doing it in my pants. As we walked she said she was desperate for a poo and she was going to go in some bushes that were nearby. I asked her if I could join her but she said no and I had to watch her relieve herself while I tried desperately not to go in my pants. She teased me with her sighs of relief knowing how desperate I was and I begged her to let me go when she finished. She just smiled at me but she didn't answer me. By the time she finished I was fighting a battle with my bowels to keep my pants clean and my girlfriend took her knickers off and wiped her bum with them before dropping them onto the pile of poo she'd made on the ground. I couldn't hold my poo any longer and when I told her I was going to poo myself she called me a dirty little boy and if I would have to be punished for it. I totally filled my pants and it was such a relief I didn't care about the consequences.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Chasing the young man across the fields at the back of our cottage in late August, I eventually caught him as he entered Mill woods. He'd was walking through our kitchen when I first saw him, holding my camera and some money I'd put on the kitchen table. My wife was at work and I'd decided to catch up on some design work I'd been doing all month.
    He bolted once he caught sight of me, and he was quick. But having kept fit all my life and having had served in the armed forces I was used to pressure running. Once I caught him he cowered immediately and dropped down. Before I could say anything he said he'd suck me off if I didn't get the police involved, but more importantly, if I didn't kick the shit out of him.
    Any other time during our marriage, I would have told the little shit where to go. And I probably would have hit him. Yet the previous four months of our marriage, my wife had abstained from sex, all sex including sucking me off. Because she was having a fitness and body purge. In other words, she was cleansing herself for a period of six really difficult months for me..
    And that's where my life was. I had a hard on even a blind man from a mile away would have noticed. And all my cock wanted to do, was to be released and have him pay for his indiscretion in our home.
    It was absolutely bliss. The best fucking blow job I'd ever experienced bar none, and I just kept on fucking his beautiful mouth. I'd already orgasmed once making him swallow my cum, even though he tried to pull away. My dick remained ultra hard and I carried on shoving my cock as far down his throat as the young man could take.
    It wasn't I can assure you, forced. But it wasn't I expect what he was expecting, nor me. All the same when my dick was pulsing again in his mouth, I decided I was going to teach him a real lesson in life. Practically ripping his clothing off, He got a glint in his eyes and instead of protesting, he knelt back down, gripped his arse cheeks and pulled them apart. He knew what was next for him, and so did I.
    No lube, no easing my dick into him. Just lots of spit and my hard on forcing its way past his sphincter muscles. It hurt him I know, as he moaned loudly. Yet he didn't cry or try to get me to stop. Once my cock had slid in and out for about ten to fifteen times, he began to back onto me, telling me to fuck him. And so I did.
    It was my first time but I later found out, it wasn't his even at his age.
    I'd already cum once, so I just pounded that kid with everything I wanted to. And to his credit, he took it. It was the most intense fuck I can ever remember having, and it was with a young male in some woods not too far from the cottage I shared with my wife.
    Gripping his shaggy hair getting close again, he screamed out something I didn't quite catch, and I blew my load up his arsehole. Pulling out after a minute or so, I watched my cum leak out and sank down. He could have easily ran away as I was knackered, but he just sat there with my cum oozing from his rear fuck hole. Looking over at me, the cheeky bastard said "I guess you're not going to call the police or hit me then. If not, I'd like you fuck me again sometime".
    That sometime has been every chance we've had since August. My wife's abstinence from sex is over, even so I've found I much prefer fucking my eighteen year old little cheeky shit. He's still a rogue, yet he's also a fantastic dirty little fuck.
    I'd even go as far as to say, the best fantastic little fuck I've ever had.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Male / 35

    I was 16 at the time my girlfriend was 14. We were walking home from school and Claire kept complaining that she was desperate for a poo and it turned me on. I had a hard on and when she noticed the bulge in my trousers she called me a pervert for getting off on her being desperate for a poo. We kept walking slowly as Claire was to desperate to walk any faster and I realised she might not be able to make it home in time. I was super horny and when Claire stopped walking I knew she was losing control and I could smell poo as she pood and wet herself. I got so excited I came in my pants in a series of powerful spurts. I had a big sticky wet patch in my trousers and my pants were swimming with my cum. When we got to Claires house there was no one home and she asked me to help her clean up and I couldn't say no to that!

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    My name is Caroline. I'm 27 years old and I love having a really good poo after I've been holding it for a long time. Sometimes when I'm alone I like to do it in my knickers and I did it last night. I hadn't been in three days and I went to work busting for a poo. I held it all day and by the time I finished my shift I was getting desperate for a poo. My girlfriend Lucy was supposed to be working a late shift so I thought I'd have the flat to myself for the evening and as I was walking home from work I pushed gently until I felt my poo trying to come out and I clenched at the last moment. I kept doing it and each time it got more and more difficult to hold it. By the time I got to the main entrance door to the flats I was losing control of my bowels and I started to feel it coming out and I couldn't stop it. I walked up the two flights of stairs to get to the flat still pooing myself and when I walked in the flat Lucy was watching TV. I tried to get to the bathroom before she noticed I'd totally pood myself but she could smell it and I couldn't hide my accident from her. I was so embarrassed but Lucy was so cool about it and she admitted that she once had an accident at school when she had really bad diarrhoea.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 53

    This is how I went about and got in trouble.

    We had a neighbor, a bachelor who managed the hotel in town. He had a pool in his backyard and one day a statue of David appeared at the end of the pool away from his house. It was big, human size, a naked David statue. I was fourteen and I just had to go see it, up close. The man was not home and I went around his back gate into his yard and started admiring David. I couldn't stop myself and I started running my fingers over David's penis, I got feelings running through me. And I got this feeling inside of me a I sucked David's penis.

    I stood there at the marble statue by the pool and sucked on that marble penis with all desire I could put into it. I was interrupted by a voice, scared me stiff, our neighbor was standing behind me. He asked 'you like that don't you?'. I stood there trembling as he stroked my face as he assured me there was nothing wrong with it, when he was a boy he would have loved to have had David to practice on. His hand on my shoulder he walked me into the house, he stood me in the kitchen asking how old I was, did I have good friend that I liked, not to be embarrassed, embarrassed would have been my mother watching me show David how much I liked him.

    He helped me sit on the kitchen chair and rubbed my shoulders, caressed my face, told me how good looking I was, and how I was learning what I liked. With his finger on my lips he told me to close my eyes and he kissed my lips. Several more kisses interrupted by ShSh and telling me to settle down. He got on his knees and helped me get my pants open and he sucked my penis for a long time, his hot mouth sucking, his tongue licking, his hand holding my penis. 'Do you like that? I hope you like it? I want you to feel good'.

    Another long kiss and he walked me to his room where we got naked, he had me stand on the bed while he sucked me wile caressing my buttocks, all the time talking to himself. After several long minutes he asked me to sit beside him and touch his penis, and then he asked me to be nice to him like I had been nice to David. I wanted to suck him so bad at that moment and he had to slow me down, to slurp on him, keep my spit coming so I could suck him and make him feel good. He used his hand to make me cum, he held my hand while I jacked him off.

    I went back home after a long kiss and an invitation to come over anytime I felt like getting my penis sucked or sucking his penis.

    That naked David embarrassed me but I went over to his house a lot over the years, became a full fledged queer with him. Still sometimes when I get the urge I pull up a picture of David's statue, close my eyes and suck on David's penis. Still the fastest way to get in the mood, for a warm hard penis.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 26

    So ive always been curious snd have tried things with guys ive posted on here a few times, sucks craigslist casual encounters went down, i finally realized its not gay if your a girl.... or at least dressed like one and believe if while a dick is in your mouth or ass....its so hard to find a guy who can keep a secret in denver...

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 52

    I wanna sext with someone my NUM. 2672303508

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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 37

    When I was 19 I sucked a guys cock and let him fuck my ass for a deal on a truck I was looking to buy. Guy was hung too I swear!

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  • — Men Only —
    Straight Male / 34

    Yeah, this is kind of really bad. At the time my family and my mother's sister family lived next door. I was fourteen and my girl cousin was twelve. We were kidding around and I just wanted to see her tits. She didn't want to show me so I got on top of her and worked until I got her top off over her head and pushed her baby bra off her tits. They were milky white little tits with big brown nipples that stood out. I got to feeling the need and I pulled her pants off until I got to her pussy. I had never seen a pussy and she had stopped fighting me. I got my pants down and put my dick against her pussy and after getting on her I got her fucked with her legs open. It was my first real ejaculation and I couldn't get enough of it in her.

    She had a baby and her mother adopted the baby as her own and we went on with our lives, but she was always my girlfriend. For the first several years I wasn't allowed to be with her but when we were seventeen and fifteen, we were watching our girl and she just looked so good I got on her back and after fighting her got my dick in her from behind. After I got off she turned to me and put her finger in my face and told me that I couldn't do that because we weren't married. But we did it anyway, after that we did it anyway, all the time.

    Getting married was a huge thing, everyone had an opinion, from one of my uncles saying it was wrong and that is why we should have been separated after she got pregnant to our grandmother that said we were married anyway and no one can stop two people from coming together. She voted to go ahead and get the judge to give permission and let us get married. Her vote counted more than anyone else's and we had this private ceremony, not in the church but at her house and we got married, I was eighteen and she was sixteen.

    We are now totally on our own, our daughter is going to go to college and we have another couple of kids. She says she doesn't remember all that stuff of when I first got her naked but I do. I remember her little tits and her naked pussy when I pulled her pants off laying on the carpet on the living room floor. I can feel fucking her that day. She doesn't like getting stripped and exposed but I like to expose her for me, stripping her naked and just looking at her on the bed. Her tits are bigger now and she has three kids, but her nipples just wants to make me suck them and her pussy is right there under her light brown hair. She has never been a girl with a heavy bush, her pubes are light and soft and I can see her pussy, especially when I make her open her legs a little.

    My cousin, who is my wife, was the prettiest of all the girl cousins and still is. I get this urge to get on her, to strip her and look at her, I have to do it. She doesn't understand as if having looked at her yesterday takes away the need to look at her today. I get her wagging finger and she threatens me with my daughter but I told my daughter, one guy looks at her like that and I am going to make sure he never looks at her again.

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