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  • — Revenge —
    Straight Male / 48

    My wife has been getting more and more bitchy. After 20 years of marriage I think I have to put her back in the straight and narrow.

    Will wait a couple of months but, she is going to get woken up but a cock being jammed in her ass.

    I will live up enough, get her panties off, and force that fat cock up her shitter.

    My hand will be over her mouth, so she wonât be heard by the kids, then I can tell her with each hard stroke what a bitch she is turning into. Why she is derserving a load of cum up her unwilling asshole.

    I think that might buy me a few more months of good behaviour.UwL19ve1

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  • — Gross —
    Straight Male / 43

    My wife and I have done anal play since we were dating.
    A few years back we were feeling frisky, and after some teasing and resisting, between us.
    My cock head was parting her shitter, lubed up dick working her asshole.
    She was sideways on the bed, on her back, ass hanging over, Iâm leaning in stroking slowly, going balls deep with each stroke, her hands on my shoulders fingernails digging in.

    We had the lights off, she was grunting a bit as I slid in ass pipe, and I realized I problably should apply more lube. One thing over the years of ass fucks, tearing her shitter would get me banned!

    Suddenly it got slippery again, I continue my assault on her asshole, sheâs moaning and grabbing my shoulders. With the new slipperiness my cock slides out, I canât see where to aim so I reach over and turn in the lights.
    The sight and smell hit me right away, her asshole, ass cheeks and pussy are covered in shit!
    I look down and see a shit coated cock and balls, shit matting my pubes.

    She had no idea, I had no idea! I literally fuck the shit out of her. Now the bedroom smells of shit, I run over and open our window, never mind thatâs is the middle of winter. We jump in the shower both embarrassed.

    W orst of all, Iâve got to give my cock a really good clean, which is still raging hard.

    She wad so embarrassed there wasnât even a consoling hand job to release the pressure....

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    This a true mark of my life at this present time.
    In one day last month, I received five men's cocks up my asshole. Every now and then I go through a phase of needing to feel dominated and fucked. And it's been this way since I was fifteen. More of that later.
    Last months sexual adventure had been nearly two months since I was last fucked by a business man in a hotel I was staying in. He was a salesman traveling through our state and I was there to finish off some work I'd been doing for the hotel. It was a chance meeting and one which only lasted an hour. In a room I was putting the last changes to, he fucked me on the bed and I allowed him to cum deep up my ass. But I digress.
    This time last month it was a motel I was working at. I knew the owner well and he had in the past indulged in my multi person fucks. But he was in the Caribbean as I put out my notice on a hook up site. Eight men answered and said they'd love to pay me a visit. So before lunch, I set up the room, showered and got myself ready.
    The first man, a man in his sixties, took no more than a minute to cum all over my asshole, removing the condom, after he'd had me first suck his small, but fat dick. It was a good prelude to what was to come.
    The second and third arrived together. Normally I'd make one wait, but both men I'd entertained before and knew they didn't mind sporting my asshole together. Sucking one off as I took the others condomed cock up my asshole, they swapped a few times before I let them both cum inside of me, filling the condoms I always make my session guys wear. I had the youngest of the two squeeze the semen from the condoms over my asshole, then had the older guy lick it off. They both left soon after there was a polite knock at the door.
    The fourth man, someone who I'll not say to much about personally, has fucked me many times before. He was the second man in my life to fuck me, and someone I knew would contact me and be there for the open door session. His cock isn't the biggest, yet he can fuck for an age some days, and that was the case that day. Usually it's a suck, fuck and cum dump in my mouth, then he's gone. He stayed for nearly an hour that day and fucked me all over the room, in the shower and then before he came all over my face, he was fucking me facing an open window. It was his way of getting off, as most of his days, he leads a very private life.
    The fifth and last man, is someone I'd not had sex with before, but someone I knew from the website. He's a well hung individual, and has a fetish, other than fucking married men, and that is fucking a well fucked, well used guys asshole. In other words he likes to be last in a gay gang bang, or an open door day like my own.
    Having him fuck me like he did, reminded me of my first ever fuck. It was relatively short, brutal in its use of my body and he absolutely got everything out himself and me in those fifteen minutes.
    I came with him literally hammering my asshole on the bed and was still reeling from that orgasm when his cock erupted up my ass. Pulling out of me, he told me he was sorry as the condom had burst when he'd cum. He'd not fucked me before, but said from then on he most definitely would put that right.
    The day after I got myself checked out. Three days after that, I learned my new fuck friend was a safe clean guy.
    Back to when I was fifteen.
    I'd often had gay thoughts, not overly so, but enough to know gay sex intrigued me. I began visiting a local area where I knew men met up for sex, but never dared go right to the place they fucked. Then one sunny afternoon I got into a conversation with a guy who I found profoundly attractive. We walked and talked and I soon realized he was there doing the same as me, scoping out the place to see if he could and would indulge his desires. We ended up in the opposite direction to the place most men visiting the place for sex would go. So it was quiet and it was a beautiful spot. We sat, chatted and then in a perfect motion together, we kissed.
    The kiss lead to us somehow being totally naked. I felt a little vulnerable, yet so excited. Then without any cock sucking or fondling in any major way, he turned me over, spat on my rear hole and I received my first anal gay welcome. It was hard, it was furiously rough and it was utterly delightful. Yes it hurt, initially, and yes I was a little scared. But he took me completely. His first ever gay fuck, was my first EVER fuck and I couldn't have wished for a more indulgent experience. With him destroying my asshole with his huge cock, I didn't cum once, I actually came twice. Pounding me like a rag doll, he eventually made a lot of grunting noises and I felt the rush of his semen fill my bowels.
    He stayed in me for quite some time as he kissed the back of my neck. Telling me I was the perfect fuck, he asked if I'd meet him again. I'm still having sex with him to this day. And that man, that beautiful amazing man just so happens to be my brother in law.
    The question you might ask, is does his little sister know he's fucking her husband. The answer to that, is my wife visits her girlfriend and they go shopping on the nights he stays over. She knows and accepts I met and have had sex with her older brother since I was fifteen. But then why shouldn't she accept my extra marital indulgences. After all, her shopping trips are a euphemism for her having lesbian sex all night with her girlfriend.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 47

    During my college years I worked off and on as a server in a moderately nice restaurant in my college town. We used to joke that it was the only restaurant in town with starched linen tablecloths. I had customer who came in from time to time when I was working the lunch crowed and one day he gives me his business card and tells me there is an address on the back and there was going to be a party and if I wanted to come he was looking forward to seeing me there.

    College was boring, I was studying Political Science and it was easy for me and my life was boring so I went to the party. When I got there I was met by a man who said he owned the house and I asked for my lunch customer and he told me to go right in. My customer was there, he asked me to please call him Rick and introduced me to several other men as his friend. It was my first gay group sex orgy. Everyone naked, in the living room, out by the pool, any cock, and if you can mount any ass, the more cock the better, the more mounting the better, everything out in the open. No one had a last name, everyone was known as Rick. I sucked Rick, I fucked Rick, Rick sucked me and Rick fucked me. It was the hottest thing I had ever done.

    My new friend made sure that I was a regular, being young and in college it was part of our job to mount some of the older guys, suck their cocks and make them feel young again. Just don't be surprised if one of those old fucker got it hard enough and crawled on your back. I was young and I enjoyed the parties, I wanted to be mounted, I wanted to suck cock, I was young with a hard cock but I was more fairy than the other way around.

    Move forward a whole lot of years and I am working for a bank and I am hanging out with my friend who runs a so called antique store and the truth be told his cock is not up to snuff and I come across this thirty something guy who is looking for a loan. He has good credit and he has a small business he wants to expand and he is single and I get the feeling and when I give him my business card we lock eyes. I ask him if he likes so and so restaurant and he agrees to meet me there at the end of the week. And so began our two man club.

    First and foremost he had a streak in him and he let it out on me that afternoon. His libido is high and he likes men of my age and he is more than willing to give me a good time. I learn bit by bit that he worked as on call when he lived in L.A. and served more than one reputable name and now he was serving me. I paid. He left L.A. over a reputation thing, not his but one of his clients. I didn't care, I had money and I wanted his expertise, he got the loan and I got what I had been missing for some time.

    He had rented a small home with a swimming pool and a hot tub and he lived alone, he was inventive and he never intended for me to spend my money and not get my money's worth. I was always serviced, once on the diving board, always naked, he liked naked and he had reason to show off, he kept in shape and wasn't ashamed to get some help from a pill and when we got together and I got as much sex as I could handle. Little by little it started to dawn on me that he wasn't only servicing me, he had a stable of well to do clients in town and he was making the rounds. One afternoon I asked him if he had ever been in a group sort of thing. I told him about my college days and suggested that he was in position to bring some of us together, in secret of course. To poll his stable and see what they thought.

    Our two man club grew until we had a dozen or so, his house was the meeting point, the parties went on and on, so much cock in town and who knew, you could get it all right there. We just needed someone to bring it together. I've sucked several clients now, and several clients have mounted me, I mount from time to time, I know that it is something that needs to be done, there just aren't enough cowboys to ramrod so many needy boys. So we have to make do, and thanks to our new man in town we got our club up and running and have more fun than we are entitled to. I didn't forget to make sure that everyone had the same name, Rick. For me a blast from the past but for them a nice way to set aside any form of rank or privilege.

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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Let me set the stage. Our company formed a new division and I was sent to be the Controller. My wife and I have been separated for a many years but not divorced (religious thing). The new Operations Manager is a man in his early fifties, black. There are not many black me who are Operations Managers in my industry. So at that office we were the top of the management and our roles dictate that we work together, few if any major decisions can be implemented without a dual consensus, a control sort of thing.

    Well time goes on, the operations are started up, we hire staff, a couple of engineers, an HR rep, secretaries, accountants, clerical staff, QA control, and a boat load of line personnel. Things are humming and right on budget we get our first run out the door. My Ops Manager and I work well together.

    Then the shoe drops. It was a late night getting out quarterly reports which we both have to sign. We got to this small restaurant to get a bite and we order a bottle of wine. The place is small, maybe fifteen tables and we are in the back, I just never like sitting by the door. And quiet, the waiter is up front and my Ops Manager says he wants to say something and for me not to lose it. I brace myself that he is going to quit. But he reaches over and puts his hand on my mine and says "I Love YOU".

    He comes out, totally and tells me that since he was in college he has always had a thing for white men, he has never gone black, he likes white men that are intelligent and cultured, soft. His hand is still on mine and he wants to know if I have feelings. All I can say is that I have never thought about it, it had never crossed my mind, except he still had my hand in his. He caresses my hand and repeats his statement about being in love and asks me to consider it. When we leave the restaurant and are walking back to our cars he puts his arm around my shoulder and says quite loud that he has been in love with me since we first met for this project.

    At our cars, he is at my car door and I am standing there and he is asking me to go home with him, to follow him, he wants to follow through, to show me that he isn't saying things. He is holding my hand again and then starts to rub my arm, just one quick kiss and soft "I love you". Like a moth drawn to the light I follow him home. He is nice and polite, he shows me around, it is a small three bedroom with a nice master, not new but close to it. He has pictures of his family, of his days at Notre Dame, he shows me a picture of his grandmother with his arm around my shoulder telling me that I would like her, but she has a problem with white folks. Then the kiss, this time a real kiss and strong hug, two large men in their fifties kissing with his grandmother's picture in his hand.

    He has a horse cock, what a massive thing, he is gentle with my cock, so small and white in his hand, his short kisses and long sucks, his horse cock large and in my hand, my white lips on his black skin. He promises to be gentle, he apologizes that he was born with it and he just has to make sure that I am ready for him. He is well prepared, he says that usually you only go with a condom on your first date but he was 100% sure that this was my very first date so no need for that, he puts some of the lube in my hand and asks me to lube up his cock and to kiss and lick off his precum, he reaches under me and starts to lube me up, he suggests that for my first time I lay forward and hold on to the pillow and hold my hips up and open, he promises again to be gentle.

    His cock is huge and it feels like an hour for him to get it all the way in, talking to me bit by bit letting me know about his progress asking about my comfort, what do you say with a horse cock in your ass. There was no pain, just pressure and discomfort but pleasant pressure and the more the better, the further he went the better it felt. When he topped out and began his motions it felt good with every stroke, an amazing feeling really considering what was going on. He was gentle, I would remember from later occasions when he put on a full court press. He was gentle but insistent and I was compliant and enthralled, enjoying the feeling, the moment.

    My friendship with him developed and we became fast friends and spent whole afternoons in the hot tub, he gives a great massage, over time I became totally uninhibited asking for special treatment, his horse cock becoming something to admire, to hold and to master, to face him while he showed me his feelings. It was easier to divorce my wife but I haven't been able to let myself move in with him. And of course, there is a control problem, if our special friendship is discovered one of us, or both us will have to leave.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Female / 26

    I am 26 and I feel I have lived forever. I was sexually active at 12, my mother's boyfriend who later got shot and killed over a girl in a bar. Everyone wants me to feel bad about it but I enjoyed it, it felt good, good like I can't describe. But since he was killed I have not been able to want to have sex with a man. I am in a same sex relationship with a girl I met in my first semester at community college. She got knocked up by the man she worked for and had to drop out but he ended up paying all my tuition and books so that I completed my college education. Then he knocked me up.

    He knows we are in a relationship but he doesn't care. He has sex with us and sometimes he sleeps with us. We see him three or four times a week. Because of him having sex with us our sex drive for each other goes down until it is exploding and we can't hold back and have our own sex. We won't have sex for him and we have told him a hundred times. When he is having sex we have sex with him.

    My son is 22 months old and I want to have another baby, I don't want my kids to be five years apart. Mia's daughter is 7 and she is thinking about having another baby. It is because of this, having the babies that we decided that I should get married to him. I have sex with him but I don't love him. He is just the man of the house to me. I never feel like having sex with him, if he wants it I don't refuse him. Mia feels different and she says does want to have sex with him and she is very affectionate while I am not. The only sex I feel like having is with Mia but that is something that takes a long time to happen, sometimes weeks or a month or longer but once I want to have sex with her nothing makes it better until we do.

    I don't feel like I am in love, it is more like I can't stand being alone or apart from Mia. I got married three weeks ago like we agreed, just Mia and one of the court people as witnesses and the judge and us. Sign sealed and delivered. I have very deep feelings for my son and for Mia's daughter but I can't seem to have feelings for my son's father. Like I said, Mia is my life, I live for her and because of her. She is in my mind all day, I wish I could be more affectionate and tell her I love her but it just won't come out.

    In spite of living together and all we consider ourselves straight, we don't identify with any of the LGBT stuff. We are straight with a man of the house.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    This all happened a long time ago so chances are the person involved is long dead now, I was 13 and a keen swimmer and I spent a lot of time at my local Lido either with freinds or on my own, This one particular day despite it being sunny and warm not a lot of people were there so I eagerly got changed in the small changing booth into my blue swimming trunks the fashionableones for those days, I swam a length or two then became aware of being watched I looked around and there was a man in his 30's or so watching me he smiled and I smiled back and carried on swimming , Eventually he waved me over to the side of the pool where we chatted he complimented me on my swimming and my physique saying that I looked very athletic for my age, I went back to swimming feeling very flattered that a grown up thought I was that good, After a while it was time to get out dry off and go home for dinner, As I got into the changing booth the door was pushed open and the man stepped in and locked the door he told me to be quiet aggressively and pushed me up against the wall of the booth he told me to keep still "or else!" , Feeling scared I just stood there as he yanked my trunks down hard then his hands were all over me my skin still slick with water from the pool, His hands roamed from my chest and nipples to my bum cheeks and of course my dick and balls making me hard which as a hormonal teen boy wasn't hard to do is been wanking for the last year and cumming too so it was no mystery to me but being touched like this was, I started to enjoy whay he was doing as he squatted down and started to lick and suck me as he held onto my thighs my balls got sucked and licked too a thing I'd never thought about, He must have heard me moan as he chuckled to himself, He stood up dropped his trunks releasing his hard dick while not huge was nice to look at he pushed me down telling me to suck it and I did my best although it felt odd and tasted sort of nice, He was moaning and telling me what a gorgeous boy I was, Suddenly he pulled me up kissed me deeply then stood back wanking himself furiously and came shooting all over my belly and dick he told me to wank hard I did and soon came for him hard, He pulled up his trunks smiled and kissed me and said "See you gorgeous" and left quickly, I locked the door and sat on the little bench seat gathering my breath and thoughts amazed at what had happened it was all over so quickly and I thought about how I'd enjoyed what had just happened, I cleaned his cum off me with my wet trunks and got dried and dressed, As I left I looked out for the man but he wasn't there he'd long gone, I went to the Lido many times afterwards but I never saw him again and yes I was hoping I would as I wanted more of what he did to me but he never did show up again,My next guy wasn't until i was 15 but I still remember my first fondly.

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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    So i have been hooked on sucking strangers cocks for about 3 yrs now, i always fantasized about swallowing hot cum. Then one day i got my liquid balls on aka drunk. And did the deed at a gay bar. From that day on i turned into a cum slut.
    I like to meet random men and just suck to get my thirst quenched.
    Nothing beats a fat dick that explodes and fills your mouth full of hot thick jizz.
    So today i went to adult store went into booth wited for about half hr before someone else came in. I seen a beautiful long fat cock. So i immeadiatly tapped my finger to let him know i wanted his meat.
    He put his fat soft cock in hole. I wasted no time wrapping my mouth on it. I love feeling a cock get hard in my mouth.
    I was excited of the size of it as it kept getting bigger.

    I took it like a pro. I was like a slobbering dog with a treat. I wanted to feel his cock explode in my mouth. His pre cum tasted so good. Eventually i felt his meat start to throb.
    I knew it was not going to be long before i got my treat.
    He let out a loud moan and then it happend he exploded like a volcano. Filling my mouth it was coming out of corner of my mouth i swallowed frantically taking as much as i could.
    Then i did something i never have done before i gave him my number and told him to call me any time he wanted his meat sucked.
    He calls me every couple days, i look forward to his call. It is a lot better when he can fuck my throat like an animal. i wish i could suck his cock all day.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    Going back to when I was 35 I worked for an investment banking firm and I was on a plane in first class to Toronto. Aside me sat a man in his late forties who worked in Corporate America and he insisted on being cordial. I finally, after two hours of flight told him as discreetly as I could that I was not on his radar, I enjoyed the company of this certain woman who was at home waiting for me to return.

    But luck is not always with you and he was staying at the same hotel as I was and he insisted that we share a cab and he insisted on being nice and inviting me to dinner at this Indian restaurant that he knew. That night was the first time I stepped out on my relationship. He was nice, and he talked and he was wise about life and he knew a whole lot about just about everything and he corrected me a lot about some of my beliefs and he tut tutted me for some of the things I said and we walked the eight blocks back to our hotel, his hand on my elbow as we crossed the street, his arm around my shoulders as we got close to the hotel.

    At my door he stood and said he wanted a kiss. I had never kissed a man in that way and his kiss and his arm around my waist made me lose my balance and he held me up and insisted on putting me to bed. I had not been undressed by anyone since I was a child, he delicately took off my clothes one piece at a time, helping me ever so gently with my panties and bra until I was totally naked on the bed and he bent over and kissed me again. I want to say that I was angry and annoyed but right then I put my arms around his neck and he put his hand on my chest. I pulled him so he would fall on me, he was dressed and I had to let him take his clothes off before he got between my legs for the 'act'. It was tremendous, I don't know how else to say it, he took over and before I knew it the act was over and he was holding me looking into my eyes shushing me softly and telling me that I was a good girl and he would want me to be his girl any night any where.

    I slept with him and woke up with him and his arm around me. The clock was telling the truth, I was late I had a meeting. He woke up and held me down and turned the clock around and said they could wait. We talked for a couple of minutes before getting up to use the facilities and brush our teeth and he suggested a morning romp, deliver myself to him, spread out on the bed, just lay back and spread out and deliver myself to him. It was quick and harsh not like the night before. We lay in bed for another hour before we got up to shower.

    I rearranged my meeting, I met him for a late lunch and I spent the afternoon with him. He told me he liked me and me wanted me to visit, or he could make arrangements and come to visit me. But either way, he wanted me to be his girl. I had a hard time after we had to go our ways, I cried to myself on the plane flying home, I had cheated in the worst possible way and I was never able to set it straight at home, I was just not the same person.

    Somedays when he puts his finger on my lips to keep my thoughts to myself, sometimes when he shushes me, or when he tut tuts me my heart races but I know I have to be quiet. It is hard on many fronts, he is older and he is used to having his way. Sometimes he wants a girl and sometimes he wants a woman. Because I have an MBA he has given me the keys to the kingdom. Managing other peoples money is easy, managing his money is hard. I don't work anymore, well I work for him full time, both at the office and at home. He likes to take weekend trips, three days on a whim, someplace to show me that I have never been. Last trip was to Mexico City. There are times when I try to remember what I was doing when I met him, I was in a relationship with someone I cared for, I was working on a career.

    I tell myself that you can't stop love. I sit and watch him read the paper and I don't want to leave the table. He looks up at me when he turns the page and all I can do is give him a stupid smile.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 22

    Wow. My name is (fake name) Sky. It seems like it was yesterday, but I know it was a while ago. Where to start?? Like a lot of you I was sexually active early. I have just read a few post and I was not as early as many of you having sex before you were 10. Being female my puss is out of sight and out of mind and I never played with it. It was the last thing on my mind and I had no brothers or cousins trying to peek at me.
    I loved the flowers and the great out doors being a big city girl but longing for the country. Mom and Dad saved up when I was 12 and sent me to Kids camp in upper New England.(fake names in this story) My friend Lou who was Asian came with me. I am half latino and half white not that it matters, just stating the facts. So camp was just for girls and That was fine but that is where I learned about sex. Every girl had a story or lied about a sexual adventure. Even seeing a boy naked was a story. I had no stories but I had ears. Now my curiosity was awakened about what hidden power that I had that I sat on every day. e The stuff you learn at camp. The fun of swimming and canoeing and tree climbing was what I told my parents about. The bed time whispered stories of Daddy or brother climbing in bed . Well those would make you dream for sure. I whispered to Lou that I new nothing about sex. Lou admitted she was a virgin but she did have three brothers and one bathroom and she saw them naked more than she wanted to. If I spent the night and she left the bedroom door open I could see them pee as they never shut the door. So the evening stories were all about sex. Oral ,anal you name it. I was upset in the public shower as a few girls were more endowed with everything and I was flat chested , had no Hips ,and had no Hair down there. A few of us flat chested girls went topless at the beach and no one cared. I was so tan! When camp was over I didn't want to go home.
    Mom and Dad said I grew a foot taller when they saw me. I was home a day when I asked her about boys. Mom said she thought I knew everything and gave me the birds and bees talk. Dad came in from work and saw our smiles. Whats Up he asked. Mom gave me the talk on sex I said. Tell me you didn't know at 12 years old? I didn't I swear. The kids at camp were talking about having sex with neighbors and brothers and Uncles. Is that all Lies? I'm sure some of It is lies but some of it is true. How old were you two when you had sex I asked? I'm not telling said Dad. Sky Your dad lived up two apartments from me in the same building. Do you have to tell her my Dad said with a red face? My sister had your Dad well trained in the dance of fornication at age 14. Then your dad wanted to have sex with me. My sister wouldn't let him until I turned 13 because she wanted him for her self. So what happened? I locked her sister in the closet and your Mom and I took a blanket to the park. Your Dads back was sunburned that day. I was younger than you Mom said. We confessed to our parents and got in big trouble. Did you like it Mom? I liked being close to your Dad. She cried and cried silently Dad added. I didn't let him go and never asked him to stop. The first time was very awkward said Mom but you Dad was a pro. How about you Dad? I was in love and I still am. I liked having Sex with your aunt but I loved your Mom and never had sex with any one else after that first time. You love birds. Is there a boy you met at camp or here? No Dad ! I was swimming topless with all girls. I whipped off my T-shirt . What a tan they said! I look like a boy not even big nipples. Mom felt my chest not a bump under your nipple either. Just like you at her age said Dad. I had something Mom replied. You had nothing Dad said walking to the kitchen. A knock on the door and Dad opened to his co-workers voice. Forgetting my top was off I stood there in the living room. I'm sorry this is my son Skyler this is my co-worker Elizabeth I shook her hand. You didn't get that tan in this City. I went to camp Poco Daisy. Your fibbing thats a girls only camp. You got me on that one and I left the room.
    I went to lou's house and I saw her brothers all pee and her Mom and Dad. See I told you no one cares to shut the door. My hair was under my ball cap and Lou started to call me skyler after hearing my Dads story. We ran around in the park getting dirty having fun. Back at her house she showered in this huge shower and she got out first and went to get a towel for me. Two of her brothers ran in. Is that you showering Skyler? Yep its me I said hearing them come in. Just making sure my sister wasn't in there. Soon all three boys could be heard undressing. A hand reached in and turned on a second shower head. A little privacy here boys. No way buddy said the oldest jumping In. You shared a bed with my sister last night. I had no Idea you was a dude. Then there was two then three in that shower Including me four. I was facing the shower afraid to turn around. You slept with my sister said the youngest boy I think he was 10. Were just friends I said turning my head. Did I get an eye full. Are you in the shower with my brothers Skyler? said my friend Lou? Yes I am. Well OK she said thats what makes good camp stories. Lou did this dude touch you last night said the oldest brother. Sky you have to turn around for a second before you get out of the shower or they will never let this go. So boldly I turned around. No worries about your sisters virginity is there. It was dead silence as I opened the shower door to exit. Lou and I giggled.
    That evening two of her brothers brushed our hair as we studied our homework. Why is it your custom to have someone brush your hair. Dicipline said Lou. Every evening its a different brother. When the timer buzzed he stopped and put the brush down. He stood in front of me and bowed with hands on his knees. What is it your doing? I want to say I am sorry I called you a boy. You have a beautiful face he said. And the body of a boy I said. You do not have what it takes to be a boy he replied bowing once more. I missed out on that I guess. Thank you for the compliment I replied.
    A week later I was with Lou when one of the boys came in on a scooter. Everyone ran to him. It was red and perfect for the big city Everyone rode it and Lou took me for a ride. We zipped through stopped traffic and went all over the park. I wish I knew how to drive it. Lim can teach you Lou said. Besides He is liking you. I grinned,OK. The next day with Dads permission and a scooter permit test I was ready to be taught. Helmet on and Lou's middle brother Lim behind me I struggled and wobbled in the big parking lot. Just take a deep breath he said with both hands on my chest. I breathed and blew out slowly. I kept practicing but wasn't getting that good. I got comfortable with Lim and I began to understand his humor. I began to solo ride and I was doing well then hit a pot hole and hit my knee on the scooter as I almost list control. Lim ran and put the kickstand down as hobbled around . I sat in the tall grass at he end of the big abandoned parking holding my knee. I cried a little as he walked circles around me. There is a first aid kit in the seat that Mom put in there. Lim opened it up and low and behold a chemical I bag. Lets clean it up first. Im only wearing tights Lim. Its bleeding and needs to bee cleaned out. Im only wearing tights I repeated. He removed my shoe and tried to pull them over my knee . I stood up and pulled down my tights to my ankle and then sat and removed them. He looked at my bare puss and then cleaned my knee with wipes and the antiseptic cream. He put the Ice on my knee and looked. I spread my Knees. You still don't have any hair down there. No tits either I replied. You definitely are growing tits Ive been feeling them. I felt my chest and my nothing had something. You mind if I stare at your puss ? I sure cant see it you might as well look. I'm too shy to do this. Please touch me I want you to. I grabbed his hand and put it on my puss. I put his finger on my clit. figure it out I wont break. His face was so curious and he was so gentle. I want to make love to you he said. I want a boyfriend that will hold my hand and kiss me and protect me. His finger easily slid up my vagina. He pulled it out and smelled it . I'm afraid if I keep going I wont stop he said. Ive heard its very difficult to pull your penis out before I cum. No worries you cant knock me up. Don't you dare love me and leave me. My parents want me to marry an Asian. They will have to get over it Lim said. We kissed and he stripped me naked. There on the grass he entered me . Did it hurt. Popping through my cherry no fun. Then it took a while to get my insides stretched for his length. I felt him fill me. He said I took his heart. He couldn't stop looking in my eyes. The sex sealed his love

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