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  • — Men Only —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    So i have been hooked on sucking strangers cocks for about 3 yrs now, i always fantasized about swallowing hot cum. Then one day i got my liquid balls on aka drunk. And did the deed at a gay bar. From that day on i turned into a cum slut.
    I like to meet random men and just suck to get my thirst quenched.
    Nothing beats a fat dick that explodes and fills your mouth full of hot thick jizz.
    So today i went to adult store went into booth wited for about half hr before someone else came in. I seen a beautiful long fat cock. So i immeadiatly tapped my finger to let him know i wanted his meat.
    He put his fat soft cock in hole. I wasted no time wrapping my mouth on it. I love feeling a cock get hard in my mouth.
    I was excited of the size of it as it kept getting bigger.

    I took it like a pro. I was like a slobbering dog with a treat. I wanted to feel his cock explode in my mouth. His pre cum tasted so good. Eventually i felt his meat start to throb.
    I knew it was not going to be long before i got my treat.
    He let out a loud moan and then it happend he exploded like a volcano. Filling my mouth it was coming out of corner of my mouth i swallowed frantically taking as much as i could.
    Then i did something i never have done before i gave him my number and told him to call me any time he wanted his meat sucked.
    He calls me every couple days, i look forward to his call. It is a lot better when he can fuck my throat like an animal. i wish i could suck his cock all day.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    Going back to when I was 35 I worked for an investment banking firm and I was on a plane in first class to Toronto. Aside me sat a man in his late forties who worked in Corporate America and he insisted on being cordial. I finally, after two hours of flight told him as discreetly as I could that I was not on his radar, I enjoyed the company of this certain woman who was at home waiting for me to return.

    But luck is not always with you and he was staying at the same hotel as I was and he insisted that we share a cab and he insisted on being nice and inviting me to dinner at this Indian restaurant that he knew. That night was the first time I stepped out on my relationship. He was nice, and he talked and he was wise about life and he knew a whole lot about just about everything and he corrected me a lot about some of my beliefs and he tut tutted me for some of the things I said and we walked the eight blocks back to our hotel, his hand on my elbow as we crossed the street, his arm around my shoulders as we got close to the hotel.

    At my door he stood and said he wanted a kiss. I had never kissed a man in that way and his kiss and his arm around my waist made me lose my balance and he held me up and insisted on putting me to bed. I had not been undressed by anyone since I was a child, he delicately took off my clothes one piece at a time, helping me ever so gently with my panties and bra until I was totally naked on the bed and he bent over and kissed me again. I want to say that I was angry and annoyed but right then I put my arms around his neck and he put his hand on my chest. I pulled him so he would fall on me, he was dressed and I had to let him take his clothes off before he got between my legs for the 'act'. It was tremendous, I don't know how else to say it, he took over and before I knew it the act was over and he was holding me looking into my eyes shushing me softly and telling me that I was a good girl and he would want me to be his girl any night any where.

    I slept with him and woke up with him and his arm around me. The clock was telling the truth, I was late I had a meeting. He woke up and held me down and turned the clock around and said they could wait. We talked for a couple of minutes before getting up to use the facilities and brush our teeth and he suggested a morning romp, deliver myself to him, spread out on the bed, just lay back and spread out and deliver myself to him. It was quick and harsh not like the night before. We lay in bed for another hour before we got up to shower.

    I rearranged my meeting, I met him for a late lunch and I spent the afternoon with him. He told me he liked me and me wanted me to visit, or he could make arrangements and come to visit me. But either way, he wanted me to be his girl. I had a hard time after we had to go our ways, I cried to myself on the plane flying home, I had cheated in the worst possible way and I was never able to set it straight at home, I was just not the same person.

    Somedays when he puts his finger on my lips to keep my thoughts to myself, sometimes when he shushes me, or when he tut tuts me my heart races but I know I have to be quiet. It is hard on many fronts, he is older and he is used to having his way. Sometimes he wants a girl and sometimes he wants a woman. Because I have an MBA he has given me the keys to the kingdom. Managing other peoples money is easy, managing his money is hard. I don't work anymore, well I work for him full time, both at the office and at home. He likes to take weekend trips, three days on a whim, someplace to show me that I have never been. Last trip was to Mexico City. There are times when I try to remember what I was doing when I met him, I was in a relationship with someone I cared for, I was working on a career.

    I tell myself that you can't stop love. I sit and watch him read the paper and I don't want to leave the table. He looks up at me when he turns the page and all I can do is give him a stupid smile.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 22

    Wow. My name is (fake name) Sky. It seems like it was yesterday, but I know it was a while ago. Where to start?? Like a lot of you I was sexually active early. I have just read a few post and I was not as early as many of you having sex before you were 10. Being female my puss is out of sight and out of mind and I never played with it. It was the last thing on my mind and I had no brothers or cousins trying to peek at me.
    I loved the flowers and the great out doors being a big city girl but longing for the country. Mom and Dad saved up when I was 12 and sent me to Kids camp in upper New England.(fake names in this story) My friend Lou who was Asian came with me. I am half latino and half white not that it matters, just stating the facts. So camp was just for girls and That was fine but that is where I learned about sex. Every girl had a story or lied about a sexual adventure. Even seeing a boy naked was a story. I had no stories but I had ears. Now my curiosity was awakened about what hidden power that I had that I sat on every day. e The stuff you learn at camp. The fun of swimming and canoeing and tree climbing was what I told my parents about. The bed time whispered stories of Daddy or brother climbing in bed . Well those would make you dream for sure. I whispered to Lou that I new nothing about sex. Lou admitted she was a virgin but she did have three brothers and one bathroom and she saw them naked more than she wanted to. If I spent the night and she left the bedroom door open I could see them pee as they never shut the door. So the evening stories were all about sex. Oral ,anal you name it. I was upset in the public shower as a few girls were more endowed with everything and I was flat chested , had no Hips ,and had no Hair down there. A few of us flat chested girls went topless at the beach and no one cared. I was so tan! When camp was over I didn't want to go home.
    Mom and Dad said I grew a foot taller when they saw me. I was home a day when I asked her about boys. Mom said she thought I knew everything and gave me the birds and bees talk. Dad came in from work and saw our smiles. Whats Up he asked. Mom gave me the talk on sex I said. Tell me you didn't know at 12 years old? I didn't I swear. The kids at camp were talking about having sex with neighbors and brothers and Uncles. Is that all Lies? I'm sure some of It is lies but some of it is true. How old were you two when you had sex I asked? I'm not telling said Dad. Sky Your dad lived up two apartments from me in the same building. Do you have to tell her my Dad said with a red face? My sister had your Dad well trained in the dance of fornication at age 14. Then your dad wanted to have sex with me. My sister wouldn't let him until I turned 13 because she wanted him for her self. So what happened? I locked her sister in the closet and your Mom and I took a blanket to the park. Your Dads back was sunburned that day. I was younger than you Mom said. We confessed to our parents and got in big trouble. Did you like it Mom? I liked being close to your Dad. She cried and cried silently Dad added. I didn't let him go and never asked him to stop. The first time was very awkward said Mom but you Dad was a pro. How about you Dad? I was in love and I still am. I liked having Sex with your aunt but I loved your Mom and never had sex with any one else after that first time. You love birds. Is there a boy you met at camp or here? No Dad ! I was swimming topless with all girls. I whipped off my T-shirt . What a tan they said! I look like a boy not even big nipples. Mom felt my chest not a bump under your nipple either. Just like you at her age said Dad. I had something Mom replied. You had nothing Dad said walking to the kitchen. A knock on the door and Dad opened to his co-workers voice. Forgetting my top was off I stood there in the living room. I'm sorry this is my son Skyler this is my co-worker Elizabeth I shook her hand. You didn't get that tan in this City. I went to camp Poco Daisy. Your fibbing thats a girls only camp. You got me on that one and I left the room.
    I went to lou's house and I saw her brothers all pee and her Mom and Dad. See I told you no one cares to shut the door. My hair was under my ball cap and Lou started to call me skyler after hearing my Dads story. We ran around in the park getting dirty having fun. Back at her house she showered in this huge shower and she got out first and went to get a towel for me. Two of her brothers ran in. Is that you showering Skyler? Yep its me I said hearing them come in. Just making sure my sister wasn't in there. Soon all three boys could be heard undressing. A hand reached in and turned on a second shower head. A little privacy here boys. No way buddy said the oldest jumping In. You shared a bed with my sister last night. I had no Idea you was a dude. Then there was two then three in that shower Including me four. I was facing the shower afraid to turn around. You slept with my sister said the youngest boy I think he was 10. Were just friends I said turning my head. Did I get an eye full. Are you in the shower with my brothers Skyler? said my friend Lou? Yes I am. Well OK she said thats what makes good camp stories. Lou did this dude touch you last night said the oldest brother. Sky you have to turn around for a second before you get out of the shower or they will never let this go. So boldly I turned around. No worries about your sisters virginity is there. It was dead silence as I opened the shower door to exit. Lou and I giggled.
    That evening two of her brothers brushed our hair as we studied our homework. Why is it your custom to have someone brush your hair. Dicipline said Lou. Every evening its a different brother. When the timer buzzed he stopped and put the brush down. He stood in front of me and bowed with hands on his knees. What is it your doing? I want to say I am sorry I called you a boy. You have a beautiful face he said. And the body of a boy I said. You do not have what it takes to be a boy he replied bowing once more. I missed out on that I guess. Thank you for the compliment I replied.
    A week later I was with Lou when one of the boys came in on a scooter. Everyone ran to him. It was red and perfect for the big city Everyone rode it and Lou took me for a ride. We zipped through stopped traffic and went all over the park. I wish I knew how to drive it. Lim can teach you Lou said. Besides He is liking you. I grinned,OK. The next day with Dads permission and a scooter permit test I was ready to be taught. Helmet on and Lou's middle brother Lim behind me I struggled and wobbled in the big parking lot. Just take a deep breath he said with both hands on my chest. I breathed and blew out slowly. I kept practicing but wasn't getting that good. I got comfortable with Lim and I began to understand his humor. I began to solo ride and I was doing well then hit a pot hole and hit my knee on the scooter as I almost list control. Lim ran and put the kickstand down as hobbled around . I sat in the tall grass at he end of the big abandoned parking holding my knee. I cried a little as he walked circles around me. There is a first aid kit in the seat that Mom put in there. Lim opened it up and low and behold a chemical I bag. Lets clean it up first. Im only wearing tights Lim. Its bleeding and needs to bee cleaned out. Im only wearing tights I repeated. He removed my shoe and tried to pull them over my knee . I stood up and pulled down my tights to my ankle and then sat and removed them. He looked at my bare puss and then cleaned my knee with wipes and the antiseptic cream. He put the Ice on my knee and looked. I spread my Knees. You still don't have any hair down there. No tits either I replied. You definitely are growing tits Ive been feeling them. I felt my chest and my nothing had something. You mind if I stare at your puss ? I sure cant see it you might as well look. I'm too shy to do this. Please touch me I want you to. I grabbed his hand and put it on my puss. I put his finger on my clit. figure it out I wont break. His face was so curious and he was so gentle. I want to make love to you he said. I want a boyfriend that will hold my hand and kiss me and protect me. His finger easily slid up my vagina. He pulled it out and smelled it . I'm afraid if I keep going I wont stop he said. Ive heard its very difficult to pull your penis out before I cum. No worries you cant knock me up. Don't you dare love me and leave me. My parents want me to marry an Asian. They will have to get over it Lim said. We kissed and he stripped me naked. There on the grass he entered me . Did it hurt. Popping through my cherry no fun. Then it took a while to get my insides stretched for his length. I felt him fill me. He said I took his heart. He couldn't stop looking in my eyes. The sex sealed his love

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    After all the year of being in denial, about 5 years ago I finely came to terms who I am. I sucked my first cock at a very young age and felt so guilty about it. Not because of the act but because I loved it. But went back for more. This was in 1972 when it wasn't good to be a male that loved to suck cock. It was just me and mom, mom worked second shift I started wearing her sexy things. I loved wearing her many stockings she had. In the 7th grade gym class had a eye opener with all the cocks hanging. I was the smallest one there and believe me everyone let me know. In high school I was cubby had man boobs a small cock and was embarrassed about the size of my cock. I dated a couple of girls but wanted cock. After high school started going to adult movie theaters and learned guys wanted to get sucked. In my 20's lived alone and cross dressed to my hearts content. Had a few guys over to fuck me while dressed but still in denial about me being a sissy. I married had kids was str8 acting till about 5 years ago. My wife went though menopause and lost interest in sex. With the kids in school I worked nights wife work days and the internet I would dress and met guys. About 2 years ago came to terms I loved being a sissy faggot and came out to the wife. As you can expected it didn't go over well. We are still together but she goes out on dates and I go with men. Of course we don't have sex.

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 42

    I had a couple of best friends in HS, one of them went to my school, played basketball and was pretty good. Decent looking and a really nice guy, all the girls were in love with him and the guys thought he was cool, I never met anyone that didnt like him. He had kind of a charmed life, at least with relationships. Girls would throw themselves at him, which was pretty disgusting, lol. We were jocks too, and successful, but no one was the ladies man he was.

    He married the head cheerleader and homecoming queen of course, she was a hottie who was crazy about him. He married her, and I got married too, we ended up a couple of streets from each other, not by design, it just worked out that way.
    We live in Florida, they had a pool and I'd go over and go swimming, or we'd hang out and watch TV or shoot hoops.

    His wife was a hottie, all the guys were always after her, but he had a strange control over her and she thought he could do no wrong. She always was small up top, but after she had her second kid, all of a sudden her boobs exploded in size. Yeah her tits were full of milk, but not that extreme, she had clearly had a huge boob job, like FF cup size.

    Maybe this was her way of getting attention too, whatever the reason, it worked, because he tits were huge now and not going down. Guys would gawk at her wherever she went. One night I went over about sundown to see my friend, and while I was walking up, I noticed a back bedroom light on and the blinds open. She was in there changing tops, and with it getting dark she couldn't see out and didnt think anyone was there.

    I just froze, watching her unleash those big perfect tits. I'm not a fake tits fan, but wow.

    So later one day I go over during the Summer and she comes to the door, she had been out swimming and she's in a bikini with her tits jutting out, and I say "hey &&&&&&&&&&&& ; is &&&&&&&&& here?" and she's "no but come on in". So we're sorta friends too, so I go back in the back and she's laying on a lounge chair sunning and my friend isn't home. Turns out, I found out later, he's cheating on her and out of town with some chick. I didn't know it at the time and I'm not sure she did either, but thinking of this later, she must have suspected.

    She says "would you rub some lotion on me?". So yeah this hot babe is laying there on her stomach with these huge tits that are showing side boob out to the side, she has her top untied and only has on tiny bikini bottoms and she's asking me to rub oil on her. So I do, and of course I know nothing about the cheating or thinking she's wanting to get back at him, which I figured out later, and I'm doing all I can to think "bro code, I can't fuck one of my best friend's wife".

    I oiled up her back, but I so much wanted to oil up those huge sweet tits and that nice little ass and those long firm legs, but I didnt. I was loyal to my friend, but I found out later she found someone else's panties in their car, and she just about divorced him, and actually asked me talk to him about his actions. WTF?!?!?!

    I should have fucked her brains out to pay him back for screwing around on her, but it's probably for the best I didn't. They are back together and (I guess) happy, so I sorta saved their marriage, but geez they should have let me fuck her just for the hassle (blue balls) they put me through!!!!! Lol.

    Missed oppportunity I guess, but it was probably for the best it didn't happen. Damn friends.

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  • — Embarrassing Moments —
    Straight Female / 22

    A close friend of mine convinced me to go to South Africa on a mini Safari over Spring Break. Forget about the long flight, we arrived dead tired. We have to fly to the camp, jet lag is making me sick. We ate something that gave us the shits. We get one day on the safari and we see this idiot get out and try to get a close up of some lions. The guide goes ape shit and he barely gets back in the vehicle. I am shitting my pants, literally, I am so embarrassed but watching him get out panicked me. We get back to camp, my pants are all shit, my friend walks me quickly to the tent where we are staying and takes my pants off and puts me in the shower. I am standing in the shower bare naked and she is washing my behind, inside my butt crack.

    After I manage to dry off and she has already put my soiled clothes in the washbasin to wash with soap I asked her why she was so nice to me. She says right back, if she shit her pants she would expect me to do the same. She finished washing my pants and panties and hung them on the shower rod and we went to the main dining area. No one said anything but everyone is watching me and thinks that I shit my pants because I was scared. I am so embarrassed that I can't stay for dinner and we go back to our tent and go to bed. She decided that I need to be comforted so she gets in my small bed with me until we are together spooning side by side.

    Yes she ended up feeling me up and ended up making love to me and ended up telling me that she doesn't know what came over her. Yes it was my first intimate moment with a girl, yes I am no longer able to say that I have never kissed a girl, much less say that I never made love with a girl. Yes we are still friends and more than friends and this time we are planning a more sensible trip to Italy when we graduate. We are not just friends anymore, you can't be after experiencing what I went through on the safari in South Africa. We don't live together but we spend most of our free time together but we have not been intimate again but it is on my mind 24/7.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Straight Male / 54

    One last time

    Her name was Teresa and we met one nite on Yahoo chat ( miss the good ol-days ) . I was searching and chatting with any woman that would talk to me ( this was back in " 95 " ) . After days of chatting , she wanted to step it up a bit . She opened up a web-cam ( when it was FREE to do so ) and she started showing up nude every nite . She wasn't the most beautiful woman ( sorry , just being honest ) I ever met online , but she had a great figure .

    We got into the cyber-sex craze ( it was very popular back then ) , and my desire to meet her for real was really sending me over the top . Her big boobs , plump-ass , and her always tempting wet pussy flashing at my face as I kept getting closer to the desk-top screen , just kept driving hornier and hornier every damn nite .

    I'll admit that I got all caught-up into the cyber-sex scene back then , and there was plenty available . But , after each time I logged-off from jacking-off , I had a guilty feeling that followed afterwards . You just can't beat the real deal .

    I decided that I want it real from then on . The only trouble about Teresa and I meeting and enjoying the " real " sex , she lived more than 8hr drive from me and she was recently fired from her last job ( got caught fucking an customer on the job , she worked at a assisted-living care ) . Teresa , as she confided with me , has always been an extremely horny woman . When we weren't cyber-sexing , we both told stories about our sex-life ( she had me beat ) .
    She had a fuck-buddy that she was living with , instead of paying rent , she fucked for it .

    We shared our cell-phone numbers , so she could call or text me anytime . Then , one day , I got her call and she sounded very upset . Her living arrangements was coming to an end , her fuck-buddy was moving out and she had to leave . After I got her to calm down , I discovered that she has a sister that lived just 2hrs from me . I told her that I would meet her there and we could try to work-out some arrangements . I wasn't really ready for her ( or any other woman ) to move-in with me at that time . Before meeting Teresa thru Yahoo , I had a bad ( very bad ) relationship with another woman , that moved in with me .

    My last romance took advantage of me ( I'm always weak around big-breasted women ) , and nearly stoled every bit of my furniture and personal belongings from my home , while I was at work . She had it planned all too good , had her boy-friend arrive with a big U-Haul truck at my home ( after I left for work , another 12hr. shift ) , backed-up to the front door and the 2 grabbed everything that wasn't nailed down broad day-light . The neighbors watched and thought I was moving , they were very embarrassed when I got home and discovered what really happened ( one neighbor offered to help them load the truck ) .

    As much as I wanted to try to trust women again , there was something about Teresa that hinted to me to be very careful around her . I've always felt that she wasn't confiding with me about everything .

    But , our burning desire to finally meet and see what would really happen was getting to both of us . We would chat about what we would actually do , if we ever got the chance . That " chance " was going to happen for real . After her sister offered her to come and live with her ( until she got another job and a place of her own ) , we made plans for a 3-day weekend .

    I reserved a room at a nearby motel , sent her some money for gas ( a sign of good-faith ) and eats for the long 12hr drive . She kept sending me nude-pics whenever she stopped for gas and/or eats , on her drive up here . I never thought a man's cock would get so hard , that it hurts . But , she had that effect on me and I never met another that could do the same .

    We had it timed just perfect , we both drove up to the motel at the same exact time . We practically jumped onto each other , in my truck . Kissing and groping each other , I had her boobs out and enjoyed sucking on them . She was really working my hard cock thru my pants , when we noticed people ( with kids ) were walking by and enjoying the " free " show . We composed ourselves and got checked into our room . And as soon as the door slammed shut behind me , we went right back at it . Embracing each other , kissing and groping ( again ) . I managed to hold her tight and forced her to back-up to a wall , where I really became a sex-starved animal . I kept pressing my throbbing hard cock against her , as she slowly spread her legs .

    I worked my arms under each thigh and lifted her a bit off the floor , and she nervously unzipped my jeans and reached for my cock ( underwear ) . And I too , was surprised to see ( and feel ) that she wasn't wearing any underwear . I wanted to fuck her , play with her big boobs ( and jugg-fuck them too ) , drive my cock deep down her throat , fuck that plump ass until I couldn't get hard again . I never met a woman that had that effect on me , never turned me into a sex-crazed animal , but she did .

    I held her up against the wall , as I undressed her completely . I can see that she was no longer nervous , but was wanting what we both wanted , for a long time . She smiled has she pulled my t-shirt up-over me and tossed it away . Our breathing was heavy , as if we already fucked hard .

    After more passionate kissing and feeling her huge rack pressed against my naked chest , I couldn't wait any longer . I looked deep into her eyes as I slowly drove my cock into her already moist and very inviting pussy . This is not my 1st time I nailed a woman , up against a wall . But , Teresa made it felt like it was . Her pussy was perfect for my 9inch long and 2inch thick cock . Her eyes twinkling and then widening as I began a slow drive into her . I was almost all in , when she let out a very pleasing moan of delight . Her mouth opened to let out a heavy breath and I quickly filled it with my tongue . I did a sudden push to complete my drive . She tighten her arms around me and her legs did the same . I was holding her up off of the floor and humping her against the wall , as if I was trying to push her thru it .

    With me , I always cum fast at first , but , every other time will last longer and longer ( that's why I can go for an all-niter more often ) . When I felt my cock was about to explode inside her , she quickly added " don't stop...don't pull-out...PLEASE " . I'm never been like that , to pull-out and cum all-over their boobs or ass . I can feel her tense-up as I filled her pussy with my cum .

    She giggled like a young school girl , and looked at me with more delight , her eyes almost crying with joy . I felt like the world's strongest man , as I slowly carried her away from the wall ( with my semi-hard cock still inside her ) and fell onto the bed . As soon as we stopped bouncing on the bed , I began humping her again . " Damn , you're ready for more ? " , she asked surprisingly . " oh fuck yeah ...we are going to fuck all nite " , I replied with very confidence .

    I really don't remember as to how long we fucked that nite , but I did fuck her all-over ( 69 , anal , deep-throat , jugg-fuck ) several times . The rest of the weekend went like that . We took a few " times-out " , went to town for dinner , saw a movie , drove around to sight-see , spent some time at a local park and just talked . But , as soon as we got back to the motel , the fucking began again , and again , and again .

    If you remember the title I gave this story , " One Last Time " , there is a reason for it .

    Teresa was a diabetic , and she wasn't taking care of herself . She smoked every chance she got it , she drank every bit of booze as I offered her ( she never told me about her being a diabetic ) , and she ate anything and everything as I did .

    We never got back together , as she tried to focus on getting herself another job ( and she never got one ) and getting her life back on track . We just stayed in touch by phone and on Yahoo chat . My job took a turn on me as the company did a huge push for production and demanded all of us on mandatory overtime , doing 12hr shifts thru-out the week , all thru the month of December . I barely had time to Xmas shop for my kids , and put-up any holiday decorations .

    Her sister called me on Teresa's phone , after the following New Years . She told me that Teresa passed away from her continuing poor health habits . I felt heart-broken and shocked to find out from her that Teresa was a diabetic , she just never told anyone , except her sister . She told me that Teresa always talked ( and bragged ) about me to her .

    Teresa was a special woman that I'll never forget . I just wish she was totally more open and honest with me . I still miss her .

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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 25

    I met this girl at the bar and with some Alkohol we had a pretty good time together making it out and touching each other. She was all over me and I was horny because of her. She invited me to go with her to her house noting that her bf was away. I didn't care at the moment, I just wanted to fuck her nice ass and play with her tits. We had oral sex, 69 and then I took her doggy... While she was moaning I heard the door open and a guy, who was her bf, was at the door. He went crazy and started to throw things around the house and asked her what was going on. She seemed afraid and told him that I actually blackmailed her into doing this. He wouldn't listen a word I said. He came to me and hit me with all he had until I couldn't stand anymore... The worse was yet to come. He took his trousers down letting his bbc out and made me suck it. I gaged all the time and really felt the pain. He came in my mouth. I spitted all out but he forced me to lick it and eat it. I was hopeless. He took a condom and fucked my ass as well. He was a fucking monster. It hurt so much I wanted to cry. I felt ashamed when I came while getting fucked in my ass. I was forced to eat my own cum and drink his cum out of the condom. Then he told her to do what she wanted with me... She peed on my head and sitted on my face making my eat both of her holes. I was destroyed. I was thrown out of their place with only a T-Shirt. Worst day of my life

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  • — Women Only —
    Straight Female / 21

    Out and Out. I do not deny my awkwardness. I am unfortunately small, petite, and cursed with a pretty face. I hide behind bad clothes, dress mostly in baggy clothes, shirts shoes and jeans. I tried smoking and that is what got me in trouble. Next door to me lives the father figure, parent of the block. He is in his fifties and treats me like a little girl daughter, half of what he tells me is parenting stuff, and when he caught me smoking all hell broke loose.

    I got a lecture, forced to sit and take the lecture. I had the cigarettes torn from my hand and tossed in the bin. I had my hair pushed off my face, I had my hand steadied on the table, I had the hand on my chin forcing me to look into his eyes. Then I went cold, I froze, I felt more than knew that this wasn't going to end well for me, he wasn't going to just let me walk away, I started to cry because I knew I was going to loose my virginity to him. It was inevitable so I just asked him with my eyes to please be gentle with me. The undressing part felt like it was going to last forever. I don't know why I have always worn very delicate underthings, I don't know why I felt at that moment like I was twelve. Baring my private parts to him, observing his private part, that thick nasty thing, having him put my hand on it, laying back on the bed and having him get on me was like an out of body experience.

    The penetration part wasn't so much weird as it was relief, it didn't hurt, if entered without any objection on my part, it was in and my body responded without any of my control. When he was done he wrapped me up in his arms in a bear hug and I turned in his arms so that I was facing out, with my head on a small part of the pillow. So much for moving there, so much for trying to be independent, so much for thinking I could smoke. So much for being a free soul, so much for thinking that I was never going to fall. It happened.

    I don't even resent it, I don't know why. When he talks to me now I listen, I of course never smoked a cigarette again. When he calls me I answer, when he straightens out my clothes I sit there, I go get my hair cut every three weeks, I do my nails now, I buy nicer clothes in the girl's section mostly because I am too small to buy clothes in the women's section. I hardly have any cosmetics, I don't need them but if he takes me out to some play or something like that I wear a little, for him I don't care what any one else thinks.

    I am well aware the age thing, of the daddy/daughter thing, of the arm candy thing, not that he is rich or anything but none of his friends has their little girl with them, they all have matronly wives. I don't need a pep talk to sleep with him, I know that it is part of being with him and I don't mind it at all. I am not scared anymore and I know what to do. It was just that day all because I had started smoking that it caught me by surprise, I never thought that day would come but it did. With my old man, that is what I call him, he calls me Lizette, before I started smoking I was Lizzy.

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  • — My Family —
    Straight Male / 35

    "What are you doing?" My mother's voice was angry. I crawled back out of the bag I'd unearthed in the attic, muttering "nothing" and stood up under her penetrating gaze. She ordered me out of the attic, and after a while I thought nothing more about it.

    I couldn't stop thinking about the bag in the attic though. It had a smell that really appealed to me, and a smooth cool feel against my bare arms and legs. Inevitably I returned to it, and eventually spirited it downstairs, and secreted it under my bed. I began sleeping in it, and discovered erections soon after. I came to associate the two. and it just seemed that they went together, as I explored these delicious new feelings.

    One night Mom caught me in the bag, in bed, and she quickly and viciously tied me inside it, with something under my feet, trapping me inescapably. "I'm going to cure you of this, whatever it takes!" she snapped. "However I don't want you to die!" she snipped a pair of tiny air-holes right at my nose, then tied something round my neck, pulling the heavy rubberized material tight to my face and head. Panic subsided as I discovered I could breathe, after a fashion. "Sleep tight!" she hissed angrily, and slammed the door on her way out.

    I had my first true orgasm that night. More than one. In the morning she came to let me out, for breakfast and school. "Learned your lesson, have you? No more bag?" My answer shocked her rigid. "Can I just stay in here, today?" maybe just a little rude..."Okay, smart-ass! I'll call you in sick, and we're going to talk, later! Have fun!" and she slammed out of the room again.

    That evening, I showered all the sweat, piss and come off, and ate with her, then she said brusquely "So talk!"

    "Ma ke you a deal, Mom..." I said. "I'll be the perfect son, housework, chores, all "A"s at school, if you'll just tied me up in the bag, like today, every night, and all weekend, once my chores are done.! Whaddya say? Deal?"

    She sat back and looked at me strangely. "Gawd, you're just like your fucking father! What did I do to deserve this, I wonder! You know that's why he left me, right? Because I wouldn't do that to HIM? Or at least not enough! And now this! Well, I'm not about to lose you too, so, okay, yeah, deal! But be careful what you wish for, young man, because God help me, I enjoy doing shit like that! This HAS to be our secret, and NOBODY - I mean NOBODY ever hears about it! Do you understand me, asshole?" I assured her hastily of my complete discretion, and we came to an agreement, reluctantly on her part, happily on mine.

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