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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 31

    I am a senior boss of my company and girls who work remotely are very much inclined to get overseas travel as it pays alot

    One such girl has been sleeping with me only to ensure she stays abroad.
    She is freaking hot sl8m and sexy.

    Fyi : i am married

    But the sex is amazing. i just have to text her that i wanna fuck and she is at my door step when i am alone.

    She was a virgin when i took her .and now she is my slave . And there are many young girls in 20s who are willing to fuck me .

    I am just scared if its worth the risk.

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  • — Sex Confessions —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    So I had take trip to las vegas over the weekend for a convention of a multi level marketing organization in part of

    5:00 AM I get up walk over the gym down the block take a swim. Finish and on my way back I stop at Walgreens and buy a large pack of condoms (expensive better price at Walmart). I have nothing planned but needed them. With all the available gay boys around wanting sex, I want to be ready.

    6:00 AM I'm home make myself a pineapple, ginger, banana, vanilla Kiefer smoothie and some eggs over easy for breakfast

    7:00 AM I get a message from a good looking blond gay man in his 30s who is wanting to blow me. I respond and set it up to meet in 20 minutes. I meet him in a hotel parking lot and he jumps in my truck. We park a take my pants down and he starts to suck my uncut Mexican cock. He's doing a great job. I stroke myself a few time and I'm getting there he continues to blow me and I feel it coming, I'm going to cum. I grab the back of his head and I blow my load up his throat. He chocked on the load hitting the back of his throat but he swallows most of it. There some left on my cock, he hands me a small tissue and I clean it up. We chat I drive him back to the his car, we talk on the way I get to know about him a bit. He's good looking, educated and really nice, I like the guy.

    8:30 AM I'm driving to work but I have been messaging a taller 6'2" gay bottom that really wants to get fucked. I'm not opposed to it because I have condoms. He send me his location and I drive to his house. I get there and he has me wait 20 mins which is frustrating the crap out of me sense I got some things at the office to do and I have to be leaving to Vegas soon.
    He finally responds and opens the door naked and gets on his knees right away saying fuck me. This guy is also a rally good looking white man. Young probably 24 he's tall, brown hair, beautiful brown/green eyes, a pair of glasses giving him a super sofisticated, needy look, and wearing some leader sex belts around his body covering his bulge but exposing his ass (it was hot)
    I take my clothes of and have him suck my cock to get me hard. I ask him if he can taste the saliva of the guy before who had just sucked my uncut cock... He keeps cuking my cock I'm hard and he takes my cock in his ass. I start f using him. He says that's a nice cock. And makes moaning sex noises. I get him on his back and go to town fucking him really good. I can see his penis is pre cumming a lot. I finish, shower and have to head to work. He tells me he wants to meet again and and later send me a message that I fucked him great.

    10:00 AM I get to work work gets done, later I have some lunch with my coworkers and leave work early.

    12:30 I get picked up we drive to Vegas. I think the friends I'm with suspect I like to play with guys. So he makes a comment and I tell him I'm the kind of gay the will fuck him in the ass, if his looking for something and he shuts up quick. These two guys are super religious men. One a devout Mormon (ironically the one commenting about my gay sex life, he assumes I have) and the other a Mexican Christian pastor guy who is all about the family.

    While in Vegas I wanted to get together with a beautiful African American bud I have. But didn't have the chance to because I was with religious conservative friend. Dam this black guy is a cutie.

    We get to the convention. Everything goes well, we head back. But while on the road and then discussing religion and I sitting in the back without them knowing, I was chatting on a gay web site. Meet a really good looking, blond, blue eyes stud who really wanted me to stop at his town for some fun, but couldn't... (Now I got a friend to have fun sex with next time I drive past that town)

    I make it back home. Look at my messages and there is a guy asking me to come over so h can suck my cock and so he can watch me fuck another gay guy he is having come over. Ironically their all blond, blue eyes men.

    I think I need to get rid of my gay social media, I'll be a sex addict before I know it, if I don't. It's incredible the amount of sex available out there.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Gay Male / 52

    Most Mondays are my day off. When I can I'll drive to the railway station an hour and fifteen minutes away, to catch the train to the city. I'm there after midday, and there are various places I like to go.

    This particular time I went to an adult shop, and paid to enter the video lounge. At the rear there are glory holes, so I hang around there to suck a few cocks. There was a young man that day who looked absolutely beautiful, honey skinned and black haired. Far too good for an oldie like me, yet I watched him in hopes of him putting his cock through a glory hole to be blown.

    He noticed me looking and smiled so I returned the smile. He came and stood next to me. I said to him,"I would really love to suck your cock." Meaning only that he would go to a glory hole, but he touched my hand and walked to a private cubicle. There were three of these tiny rooms, each with a narrow bed covered with a vinyl mattress. I followed him into one and he bolted the door shut.

    I sat on the bed, he stood before me and I unzipped his jeans and uncovered his stiffened cock. It was as beautiful as he was. I took hold of it, licked it, rubbed it against my face, ran my lips down the shaft and took it into my mouth. I was loving every second of it and was eager to taste his hot cum when he ejaculated.

    As I was doing this he removed his coat, then his shirt. Then he dropped his jeans, stepping out of them. I saw him and he was naked. He took my hands and I stood up. Now he was undressing me. "You don't have to do this. I'm happy just to suck you off."

    He said,"I want to make it good for you."

    When we were both naked,he said,"Do you kiss?" So I embraced him, felt his gorgeous body against mine and his soft lips on mine.

    After we had lain down and he had sucked me for a while we prepared for sex. There were condoms in a small container on the wall. I reached for one and he said,"No. We can do it without. I want you to enjoy this." I replied this was far more than I expected and was more than grateful for all the pleasure he had already given me.

    But he guided me in and I felt the sweetness of a tight fuck without a condom. I was so excited it wasn't a long fuck. As instructed I let him know when I was climaxing so he could clench his muscles and give me a happy ending.

    For the finale he sat on my chest and blew his orgasmic cum over my face. I couldn't believe my good luck. I'll never forget how he then leant down and kissed me, so soft and gentle. I have to say it was lovingly done. But how could he love me ? and there was no chance because of my job of having a relationship with him.

    We dressed slowly. I felt a pang of remorse seeing his naked loveliness disappearing beneath his clothes.

    And then the goodbye. He hugged me. I said "You have made me so happy."

    He said, "You're more than welcome, father."

    Although I had no recollection of him he had recognised me as a priest. Indeed, he must have sat in my congregation at one time.

    Yet I'd felt his love for me so I have never felt the slightest fear he would turn up and expose me. No, he had only love for me, and I'll always miss him.

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 25

    Someone finally answered my ad on Craigslist! It said "We have what you need, if you are serious, but only if you are truly serious, and not some kind of crybaby wimp. We offer long-term fulfillment of your fantasy, so be sure this is really what you want! Remember the old saying - be careful what you wish might just get it!" Sot it was that I found myself in an expensive room in an even more expensive house, with a group of wealthy-looking older males, in armchairs, watching me with great interest, as I stripped. I felt hungry eyes on my athletic body, before I pulled the long rubber-lined bag over my head, letting it rest, wadded up, on my shoulders, while I wound a length of strong chain round my neck, tightly, and padlocked it, then laid the keys blindly on the nearby side-table. Then I shrugged the length of the bag off my shoulders, and allowed it to fall all the way to the floor, where it pooled around my feet. That was as far as I could go, on my own, and I stood submissively and waited. What seemed to be two people laid me on the floor, gently, and tied the bag tightly round my waist, trapping my arms in a loose folded position, then tied the neck of the bag, tightly, under my feet, making the confinement totally inescapable. Lastly, I was placed carefully in a kneeling position, a pillow or cushion under my knees, and the "games" commenced! As I was slowly, remorselessly, face-fucked, through the small zippered opening over my mouth, I found out that my fantasy was everything I hoped it would be! Cocks of all sizes and shapes thrust deep into my mouth, in different speeds, depths, and duration. This was my only contact with reality, in my state of total sensory deprivation, otherwise! I gulped down ejaculation after ejaculation, encouraged by the wicked orgasm-delay tactics being visited upon me through the other zippered opening, by plump warm experienced fingers, that played me like a musical instrument A delicious eternity passed, and by my count there were thirty-plus spurts of hot semen into my mouth, while I despaired of reaching my first. Finally they were apparently all sated, as the zipper over my mouth was sealed tight shut, leaving me only enough air through the two tiny nostril holes. I was rearranged on the sort of massage table I had seen earlier, and then the real torture began, as they took turns taking me to the edge of orgasm, but never letting me go over. I became frantic with need, making all kinds of muffled "mmmmmmffff" sounds to their audible amusement. Time passed like this, and I guess Viagra was reconsumed, because we went back to square one, at some point, and the demanding cocks once more filled my mouth! I knew my "contract" was for seven days, but I was in such a rush to sign and get on with it, I didn't notice then, that they had an infinite option to renew, and I had no such safety clause!

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  • — Dreams and Wishes —
    Straight Male / 27

    through my teens and early 20's with all the porn I was watching due to a nonexistant sex life untill I met my gf at 24 I watched so much that vanilla porn got borning and I got bored of of jerking off so I watched more and more hardcore porn and it all got boring as well then one day I stumbled upon hypnosis and brainwashing and I read warngings that said to becareful and to be sure you want the effects of a hypno file before listening or watching. I didn't entirely believe that hypnosis would work but on the off chance that it did work the idea of ignoring the warings and listening with out reading more than the title and sometimes picking titles that I specifecally did not want because I wanted to be made to want it was the biggest turnon. I still don't know if any of it worked or if I simply developed my fetishes through repeated exposure e.g. find a file to induce and obession with small penis humiliation I googled it and was sure I was not interested, it was weird and unplesant and so I got off to the idea that I would listen to this file and wake up with a deepseated obssession for it. to try and help the programing I would watch sph videos and jerk off hoping to condition myself further. I would back slide tell myself this hypnosis thing it was weird, unusual or wrong but I always got bored and always came back to it. Now here I am years later obsessed being a mistress' panty wearing bitch fuck toy to be pegged and used in anyway and she sees fit. I almost exclusivley watch femdom humiliation porn and listen to hypnosis and brainwashing videos to drive my fetishes deeper and expand on them. as I type this it occurs to me that recently I was lisening to a hypno file on youtube that told me to confess my fetishes to the mistress. I didn't but since then I've found myself going around the internet getting off on posting my story and further she told me to wear panties for her. I don't own panties and never had the balls to buy them but I went and ordered some online and can't stop thinking about them arriving.

    It is great that things are turing out this way before hypnosis I never wanted and even a little disgusted at the idea of bending over and getting spanked and fucked in the ass, wearing panties, taking golden showers, I never wanted to be humiliated and degraded, and now I want nothing more than to do these things and more everyday. but it also sucks for the most giant of reasons. My girlfriend. She is as vanilla as you can get. I tricked her in to making me wear panties by suggesting a bet where the loser had to wear underwear of the opposite sex choosen by the winner, and surprise I lost and got to wear panties for a week. the only time i ever had. but then not thinking about my own point of view before I began all this, I pushed too hard on the subject telling how i've never been so horny wrongly thinking the idea of having me so turned on all the time would turn her on and during this week I also talked about the subject of pegging and what she thinks of people who do it without letting on that I wanted it. She shutdown to the idea of me ever wearing panties again and said she was worried men who wear panties and like pegging must be gay and are hiding it, she said she doesn't believe there could be any other possible explination other denial or sacred to come out as gay, and anyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves. If there's one thing I'm not or ever will be it's gay it's one of a recently expanding list of things i've descovered that go against the core of who I am and don't want to use hypnosis, conditioning ,and brainwashing to make me want it.

    So, hear I am with the love of my life and the only person i've ever been with sexually, my love with who the vanilla sex is amazing and still gets me going, but unable to ever share this part of me with her, and so desprate to explore it I almost cheated on her while she was away so that just once I could both finally fully explore my submissive panty boy side. However, the idea of doing that to her just left a pit in my stomache,because it would mean what we have is nothing to me, but it is everything and I would never beable look her in the eye again, and because I know that if I didn't it once it wouldn't be just once. so while she is away I'm going to try and satisify myself by just reliving that week in panties and throw them away before she gets back.

    And, just incase all that isn't I'm scared I'm starting to resent her for shutting down any possibility of experimenting as strongley as she did last time, and I'm scared she will leave if I bring it up again. I should clarify I never mentioned my more extreem interests only the panties and pegging.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Straight Male / 40

    I'ma straight guy whore likes to drive around and try to pick up transgender whores. There's theee in particular that I like. One is a spic bitch. Sexy as fuck. Sucks a good cock. But I haven't fucked yet. Sound like a fem. I want that. The other one is a tall white bitch. No tits but I don't know what it is, but I want to fuck her. Last is this one whitenbitch. Petite and no tits but something about her I want to fuck her. Does this make me gay?

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  • — Wet Stories —
    Straight Male / 50

    I found this web site not to long ago, and have enjoyed reading some of the stories. I have to say, I enjoy wetting my pants. I was at a party the other night, not wearing my adult diapers, and got up to go to the bathroom, and let's say I didn't make it. I soaked myself in front of several people. Since most of us werem of the same age, it was 8understood and blamed on the amount of alcohol I had conseumed and I really enjoyed the feelingumed. Little did hey know, it felt so good and actually pleased me.
    I usually wear adult diapers at night, and this morning I woke up arount two AM and was soaked, It felt good and I laid there for awhile just enjoying the feeling. Finally I got up, cleaned myself and put a dry diaper on and went babk to bed. Several hours later I woke up and had to pee again, so I rolled over on my back and just let it go. Again, the feeling so so nice, and it almost brought me to an orgasm. I just basked in that feeling until I decided to get some coffee..
    I am so sorry that I didn't know about this feeling until I was so old. I am enjoying it to the fullist. I know it now, and I would just like to know if there are any other folks out there who enjoy this wetting fetish as much as i do, and wonder if I am just gettintg old an senile, and should have myself committed.

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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 55

    I just had an incedent in my town where the parents of a 14 yesr girl were arrested for abuse. Evidently the step father was the more aggressive one and repeatedly spanked his stepdaughter often and when he did he made her undress completely. There was also talk of him sexually m****ting her and the mother knew what was going on for years. It refreshed my momory of my childhood and of my stepfather who my mother married when I was 9. I have a sister who was 11 at the time and a brother who was 7. My siblings and I don't talk about it much anymore but back in the late 1960's and 70's lots of kids were spanked. For a long time now child abuse is more out in the open and talked about much more than back then. Unfortunatly for me and my siblings my mother was a sneeky drinker and kept a bottle of whiskey in several rooms in the house. Our step father Richard didn't hide the fact he drank everyday and in a short period of time became the ruler of the house. The first one of us he spanked was my brother and both my sister and I witnessed it when he spanked him with his pants pulled down. We only had one bathroom in the house and we were all told we were not allowed to lock the door. At first it didn't bother me much if I was in the shower and someone came in to use the bathroom but it bothered my sister right away and was the beginning of us losing all privacy and modesty around each other. My mother complied just as the rest of us did and she to was intimadated by Richard. I think that was one of the reasons she began to drink more than ever even before she met him. At home after work and on weekends he was always in underware and a few times a week me and my siblings would see him naked. He often came in the bathroom while my sister or I were in the shower and stand there and pee in front of us. There were many times over those years he came in naked telling me or my sister not to turn off the shower. As soon as we got out he would get into the shower. He spanked us most of the time because of school grades but often found other reasons. He always bared our bottoms to spank us that first year but as time went on he would make us strip naked and even did this with my brother. My sister was always the timid type and as humiliated as it was she only cried and never said much. I was the one more outspoken and believe me I paid the price for it. My mother never came upstairs when he spanked us but had to know he was. I told my mother he spanked me with nothing on a few times but to little help. She argued with him quite a few times but it never detered him. Things stayed the same except he began spanking us in front of each other making me watch my brother and sister being spanked naked as they saw me many times. It just added to the embarrassment of it as I got older and my sister was in tears the minute he tokd her to undress. She was developing and it was pathetic how she would try to hide her breasts from us and Richard. My mother would hollar from downstairs telling Richard to stop but she never had the courage to come up and see what he was putting us through.

    Finally my mother and Richard got into a bang out arguement one night with her saying he spanked us to much for rediculous things. That did stop him to an extent where the spankings became less often and mostly only when we got in trouble at school or bad grades. He still came in the bathroom whenever my sister or I were in there and we continued seeing him naked several times a week, aside from seeing him in his underware most of the time. He always wore boxer shorts and many times the fly was open enough to see portions of his penis and pubic hair. As I got older he had an uncanny sense of when me and my sister were in the shower and try to get us into a conversation. He continued coming in naked once a week or more telling us to leave the shower on so he could shower. He never did this with my brother but still spanked my brother naked. By the time I was 14 he stopped spanking any of us but the bathroom situation continued. Unlike my sister I began objecting to him about it and he just continued repeating it was his house and reminded me we only have one bathroom all the time. Just the way he looked at my body was humiliating and I'm sure he did the same to my sister. There were many occassions when he would have an erection when he talked to us in the shower and even noticed it when he had his boxer shorts on. As embarrassing as it was with him seeing me naked so often to a degree I became unfazed by it but my sister was always quite about it. We talked to each other about it and my sister just went alog with it telling me we couldn't do anything. We never told anybody not even friends because back in those days you just didn't discuss that type of thing going on in your house. When my sister graduated high school she joined the Air Force and made a career out of it serving 24 years. Even today she would say the reason she joined was to get away from Richard. I started dating Matt when I was 17 and just before my 19th birthday married him. It didn't work out and we parted after a year and a half and when I was 26 married Harry who is the love of my life and I have 2 great kids. I'm sure the reason I married Matt was the same reason my sister joined the Air Force. One thing about Richard was that he never touch my sister and I except for the spankings. We were never m****ted by him but neither of us will ever forget the humiliating years we spent with Richard.

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  • — Gay Stories —
    Straight Male / 26

    14 and Horny

    I was 14 and horny. I hadn't quite entered puberty yet. I had been camping out the warm summer night before, and a neighborhood boy who was about 10 years old came over to my campsite just to check out where I had camped out. I got to talking with him, and I took a chance by asking him if he'd ever been curious about seeing another guy's Dick before. Fast Forward, we walked to his house which was close by, there was nobody home, so I was getting excited to go through with my perverted plan. I told him how big my Dick got, and how it stuck straight out, bending upward, when I know someone is staring at it. I was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts no underwear, and a t-shirt only.

    He sat down on a couch in the living room. I told him we would play a little game. I'd pick a number between 1 and 10, he'd get 2 guesses. If he picked the right number, I would have to remove my shorts from the next room, toss them to him from around the corner, then parade into the living room from the next room without any pants on, if I wanted to get my shorts back from him. I made sure he guessed the right number on his 2nd try, then I acted reluctantly embarrassed that he won. Excited and shaking I walked around the corner sporting my young hard on, and 'Scott'(the 10 year old boy, began to laugh). That just added to my excited humiliation as my young Dick bounced up, down, and flopping around, as I glanced over at Scott to watch his focus on my stiff Dick, which I remember at the time was probably about 5 to 6 inches long, with a particularly fat circumference, and a large protruding well defined head(helmet). I paraded back and forth, to make sure he got a good show in profile. I pretended to be gazing into the distance as if I was unaware I was naked from the waste down flaunting my stiff Dick pointing up toward the ceiling for my young neighbor boy's eyes only.

    After his initial laughing, he said something like 'Woe! that is a Big Dick!' 'Walk that Big Dick over here so I can get a closer look at it'. I was anxious to comply. When I strutted over to the couch, I was now close enough for him to notice a couple of small tufts of pubic hair that were growing exclusively on both sides of the base of my Dick. He instinctively reached up with his thumb and forefinger to tweak a number of my long red pubic hairs, as he said 'Ewwww, Little Hairs! I was so excitingly humiliated, I felt like I was going to come for the first time. But it didn't happen. As he continued to stroke with fascination my long reddish orange pubes, I suggested he take his other hand, and with his palm, run it along the length of my stiffened Dick, over the top, underneath, and along each side, then wait about 10 seconds before repeating each rub of his palm, 'just to see what happens'. He was only to eager to do so. As soon as his palm brushed over the top length of my teen cock, my Dick jumped noticeably to an even stiffer stand at attention, pointing even more towards the ceiling, while also causing me to quite involuntarily, buck my hips back and forth, almost in slow motion with each stroke of his hand. I heard myself sighing out loud with a long drawn out Ooooooooo! Because I couldn't believe how good that felt.

    Scott began to recognize that with each delayed stroke of his flattened palm, he was in control of making my hips involuntarily thrust and buck back and forth by his touch. He laughed aloud with each thrust of my hard on. Once when he brushed his palm under the length of my Cock, I bucked forward and almost hit him in the face with my Cock Knob, but he just chuckled and ducked out of the way. Whenever he laughed or chuckled, I felt my face burn red with humiliation. This was new to him too, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. From his sitting position on the couch, he inspected me closely as I stood there bottomless. He then pointed out my Dick was actually quivering, which it was. Just then I suddenly became ashamed, and said ok, that's enough. I grabbed my shorts which he had set down next to him off the couch, quickly put them back on, then left his house hoping he wouldn't tell anyone about the little game we just played. I told him if he ever wanted to do something like that again, he could just say to me 'want a banana?' the next time I saw Scott playing in a field near my house, I was shocked when after a short conversation he asked 'Want a banana'? I told him 'nah, that's nasty', and that we weren't going to do that anymore. I lost touch with Scott after that. That was my only homosexual experience in my life. As humiliating as it was.

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  • — Anything Goes —
    Transsexual Male / 51

    I am a mentally retarded piece of worthless garbage, filth to humanity. I like to eat shit off dogs asses and them come on adult confessions and write nonsense in all type of categories to ruin the site because I have no life, I'm bitter. My mama messed me up in the head. I feel lonely and want it ruin the word. I line to eat rat from the sewers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like to penetrate myself with a large baseball ball till is all the way in my ass them I shit on it and like it clean. I'm a loser. I'm tuning Adult confessions for everyone because I fucking hate myself. I can't even commit suicide because I'm sick a sussy bitch I have to hide behind a computer to ruin others peoples website. I hate myself. I must die. I must be a total mental case because I'm crazy. I like to eat cats shit did I mentioned that. Ohhh I been busy writing non sense this last few days because I have nothing to do but be a bitter nobody loser who is better dead. I hate myself. I like to ruin people's fun. I like to lick the scum stuck to public toilets in truckers stops specially the really dirty one. I'm mentally fucked up. Can someone please lock in up in a mental institution before I write more nonsense on this site. Can someone please let the zoo pull a sex train on my ass. Can I just die. Please someone Find me and hurt me tontj point in can't move for years. I hate myself did I mention that....

    I ncoming I think I just wrote what the looser who keeps writing nonsense on this site is truly saying.

    Fuck off asshole!

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